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Simcoe Co., 1906 , part 2

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018353-06 (Simcoe Co.) William E. ABBS, 23, Toronto, same, conductor, s/o Edward ABBS & Ann McLELLAND, married Jennie W. FOX 26, Barrie, Toronto, d/o Robert FOX & Mary Ann HORTON, wtn: Herbert ABBS & Mary PATTELO, both of Toronto, on June 5, 1906, at Vespra 018185-06 - Andrew James ADAM, 25, Rugby, same, Farmer, s/o James B. ADAM & Euphemina B. ROBERTSON, married Laura Catherine JOHNSTON, 21, Rugby, same, d/o Robert JOHNSTON & Susan ROBERTS, wtn: James A. JOHNSTON & Isabella M. ADAM, both of Rugby, on March 7, 1906, at Rugby
018332-06 (Simcoe Co.) Henry ADAMSON, 37, Waverly, Vespra, farmer, widowed, s/o William ADAMSON & Maggie MOODY, married Mary ROBERTSON, 40, Nottawasaga Twp, Stayner, d/o James ROBERTSON & Ann McARTHUR, wtn: Julia RA--? & Agnes L. STEPHENS, both of Glencairn, on July 10, 1906, at Glencairn 018327-06 (Simcoe Co.) Robert J. ANDERSON, 36, Mono, same, farmer, s/o Irwin ANDERSON & Percilla COBEAN, married Elizabeth LYONS, 26, Adjala, Orangeville, school teacher, d/o Hance LYONS & Eleanor SCOTT, wtn: S.J. ANDERSON & Carrie ANDERSON, both of Mono, on March 28, 1906, at Tosorontio
018189-06 (Simcoe Co.) William ANDERSON, 27, farmer, Rugby, Rugby, s/o Richard ANDERSON and Margaret Robertson, married Lillie McKAY, 23, Mitchell Square, Mitchell Square, d/o Finlay McKAY and Elizabeth JERMEY?, witn William ANDERSON of Crossland and Lavinia McKAY of Mitchell Square, 11 April 1906 at bride's home Oro.  
018146-06 - John T. ANDREWS, 23, Arthur, Orillia, Baker, s/o John ANDREWS & Caroline COLON, married Florence M. PARKER, 23, Forest, Orillia, d/o John Q. PARKER & Emiline WILKINS, wtn: Emeline PARKER & J.O. PARKER, both of Orillia, on September 19, 1906, at Orillia 018092-06 - Amos APPLEYARD, 32, Cleethorpes England, Orillia, Carriage Blacksmith, s/o Henry APPLEYARD & Mary Ann AUDAS, married Leona RUSSELL, 22, Orillia, same, d/o George RUSSELL & Annie TUCKER, wtn: Frank McPHADEN & Ethel JARRATT, both of Orillia, on January 30, 1906, at Orillia
018019-06 (Simcoe Cty) Harvey ARCHER, 30, farmer, Elmvale, Twp of Flos, s/o Thom. ARCHER & blank WOODS, married Phillis PRINCE, 19, Newmarket, Wyebridge, d/o William PRINCE & Rilda WOALDS, witn: W.W. WALLACE & Mary H. MAGEE of Midland, July 12, 1906 at Midland 18301-06 Harvey ARTHUR, 26, laborer, Victoria Harbour, same, s/o William ARTHURS (sic) & Sarah SMITH, married Addie CASCINETTE, 17, Victoria Harbour, same, d/o Henry CASCINETTE & Mary GONDREU, witn: Mary Jane LABATT of Midland & Jean BURNETT of Victoria Harbour, 16 Aug 1906 at Victoria Harbour
018191-06 (Simcoe Co.) Jesse AUSMAN, 23, widower, lineman B.T.B., Mount Albert, Newmarket, s/o Peter AUSMAN and Hattie TRAVISS, married Margaret Ann RINEHART, 25, Crown Hill, Crown Hill, d/o Joseph RINEHART and Isabella SINCLAIR, witn Saml. DUNSMORE and Mrs. Saml. DUNSMORE both of Crown Hill, 27 June 1906 at Crown Hill. 017771-06 (Simcoe Co) John William AYERS, 25, bricklayer, Sunnidale Twp, Stayner, s/o George AYERS & Annie WAGNER married Maud ROSE, 21, Penetanguishene, Stayner, d/o William ROE & Mary Ann McKINNON, Wtn: Annie S. McLEOD & Marjory JENKINS both of Barrie, Dec. 27, 1906 at Barrie
018088-06 - Daniel H. BAARS, 23, Liverpool England, Buffalo USA, Mill Wright, s/o John Henry BAARS & Emma HIGH, married Mary WEAVER, 20, Eady, Waubaushene, d/o George WEAVER & Jane SPENCE, wtn; Sophia CAMERON & Kezia CAMERON, both of Orillia, on January 2, 1906, at Orillia 018127-06 - Charles James BALL, 21, Craighurst, Orillia, Teamster, s/o Alfred BALL & Hannah ELSMORE, married Estella Elizabeth ANTICKNAP, 17, Uhthoff, North Orillia, d/o John ANTICKNAP & Hannah SIMONDS, wtn: Rosie RUTHVEN & Joseph H. BALL, both of Orillia, on July 11, 1906, at Orillia
018053-06 (Simcoe Co.) Robert George BARBER, 26, farmer, Lavender, Lavender, parents - Joseph BARBER & Sarah AIKINS married Mary Ellen METHERAL, 19, housekeeper, Dunedin, Dunedin, parents- John METHERAL & Emmelena BARBER, witn; James Henry BARBER of Honeywood & Alvina P. METHERAL of Dunedin, March 21, 1906 at Nottawasaga  
18311-06 Garthorn? J. BARKER, 20, laborer, of Waubaushene, s/o Thomas BARKER & Sarah JOPLING, married Bertha KIDD, 20, of Waubaushene, d/o Thomas KIDD & Mary FLOOD, witn: Phoebe RUSSELL & Renton WHITE, both of Waubaushene, 26 Sept 1906 at Waubaushene 018334-06 (Simcoe Co.) Ernest BARKER, 24, Sunnidale, same, farmer, s/o Thomas BARKER & Hannah BARNES, married Julia RAWN, 30, Mount Forest, Glencairn, d/o Henry RAWN & Margaret ROBINS, wtn: Agnes L. STEPHENS & Agnes RAWN, both of Glencairn, on September 24, 1906, at Glencairn

18199-06 (Simcoe Co) William BASKERVILLE, 31, salesman, Oro twp, Buffalo NY, s/o Silas BASKERVILLE & Sarah BOOTH, married Esthorl BAGSHAW, 24, Oro twp, Orillia, d/o Samuel BAGSHAW & Annie LEGGE, witn: Lydia BASKERVILLE of Orillia & S. BAGSHAW of Hawkestone, 11 Oct 1906 at Hawkestone

018325-06 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas BATES, 33, Mulmur, same, farmer, s/o Thomas BATES & Jane McKEE, married Ann WILSON, 29, Tosorontio, d/o William John WILSON & Margaret J. ANDERSON, wtn: Samuel BATES of Stanton & Mary GALLAUGHER of Mansfield, on February 28, 1906, at Tosorontio
018054-06 (Simcoe Co.) George William BEAUMONT, 33, labourer, France, Nottawasaga, parents - George Edward BEAUMONT & Emma BELBIOR married Annie ANDERSON, 24, housekeeper, Melancthon twp. Nottawasaga, parents - Michael ANDERSON & mother unknown, witn. Edwin POUND & Isaac SCOTT both of Nottawasaga, March 28, 1906 at Nottawasaga 018174-06 - William BEAVER, 24, Orillia, same, Mechanic, s/o Thomas BEAVER & Caroline ROBERTS, married Lettie Jane BROWN, 26, Brock, North Orillia, d/o Thomas BROWN & Eliza HARPER, wtn: Frank A. BURTHWICK & Alice G. SMITH, both of Orillia, on June 20, 1906, at North Orillia
018357-06 (Simcoe Co.) George W. BEETON, 23, Vespra, same, farmer, s/o W.J. BEETON & Margaret PATTON, married Margaret ALEXANDER, 18, Vespra, same, d/o Samuel ALEXANDER & Elizabeth CARSON, wtn: W.J. DICKEY & Edith ALEXANDER, both of Vespra, on September 18, 1906, at Vespra

17688-06 James BELLINGER, 53, widower, lumber inspector, Portsmouth England, Detroit Michigan US, s/o James BELLINGER & not given, married Mary HENDERSON, 33, Rosemont, Alliston, d/o Robert HENDERSON & Ellen HILLOCK, witn: Robert HENDERSON of Alliston & John IRWIN of Adjala, 4 July 1906 at Alliston

18303-06 Joseph BERGER, 22, laborer, Sturgeon Bay, Victoria Harbour, s/o Philomen BERGER & Anna PERREAULT, married Exilda FORTIER, 18, Penetang., Victoria Harbour, d/o Joseph FORTER & Delia VAILLANCOURT, witn: Andy? BERGER & Emma FORTIER, both of Victoria Harbour, 24 Sept 1906 at Victoria Harbour 018103-06 - Henry Oldfield BERGH, 33, London England, Stratford, Engineer, Widowed, s/o Henry BERGH & Mary OLDFIELD, married Maynee Douglas LEACOCK, 25, Sutton, Orillia, d/o Walter Peter LEACOCK & Angus (Agnes) Emma BUTLER, wtn: John F. SINCLAIR & Caroline LEACOCK, both of Orillia, on April 16, 1906, at Orillia
018064-06 (Simcoe Co.) James Watson BLACKBURN, 36, blacksmith, Mulmur twp., Creemore, parents- Samuel BLACKBURN & Esther DITTY married Muriel Ellen MacKAY 23, housekeeper, Clarksburg, Nottawasaga, parents - Edward MacKAY & Elizabeth Ann LEE, witn; D'Arcy CARLETON of Creemore & Ethel BLACKBURN of Nottawasaga, June 20, 1906 at Nottawasaga

17687-06 Samuel BLANCHARD, 45, widower, farmer, Euphrasia, Essa, s/o Nelson BLANCHARD & Eliza PERROTT, married Mary Jane SMALLEY, 39, widow, Mulmur, Essa, d/o William CUNNINGHAM & Sarah Jane LARGE, witn: S.D. FERGUSON & Roy FERGUSON both of Alliston, 11 Dec 1906 at Alliston

018162-06 - Wesley BOTTING, 27 Coldwater, Huntsville, Lawyer, s/o George BOTTING & Elina HAWKE, married Emily GAMMON, 30, Huntsville, same, Widow, d/o George GAMMON & Nancy PHMEHURST?, wtn: Era & J.C. JOHNSTON, both of Toronto, on December 24, 1906, at Orillia 018317-06 (Simcoe Co.) Francois Xavier BOURRE, 73, Quebec, Tiny, farmer, widowed, s/o Henry & Rosalie BOURRE, married Trocille TROTTIER, 41, Tiny, same, widow, d/o Francois TROTTIER & Marie TESSIER, wtn: Theodore LALONDE & Victoria QUESNELLE, both of St. Patrick, on May 27, 1906, at St. Patrick
018339-06 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas E. BOWES, 35, Castledery, Tecumseth, veterinary, s/o William BOWES & Mary HIGHER, married Delilah Madeline HEATON, 32, Tecumseth, same, d/o H. HEATON & Lucy HUGHES, wtn: W.A. BOWES of Castlederg & Christian AMY of Mono, on February 21, 1906, at Tottenham 018320-06 (Simcoe Co.) Clement BOYER, 22, Tiny, Verner, laborer, s/o Pierre BOYER & Olive MARCHILDON, married Maria BRUNELLE, 21, Tiny, same, d/o Eugene BRUNELLE & Malvina DESROCHER, wtn: Celestin BRUNELLE & Mary Ann DUQUETTE, both of Lafontaine, on June 19, 1906, at Lafontaine

17720-06 Joseph James BOYLE, 33, farmer, Everett, same, s/o William BOYLE & Elizabeth HESLOP, married Maria Jane WHITE, 22, Victoria Harbor, same, d/o Isaac WHITE & Annie SALLOWS, witn: Mary A. MOIR of Dunnville & Marion C. LEROY of Barrie, 26 June 1906 at Barrie

018180-06 - John H.G. BRAILEY, 27, North Orillia, same, Farmer, s/o Charles BRAILEY & Harriet CURTIS, married Margaret A. WOOD, 26, North Orillia, same, d/o Harry WOOD & Emily L. ROBINSON, wtn: Earl WOOD & Minnie HEWITT, both of North Orillia, on December 19, 1906, at North Orillia 018336-06 (Simcoe Co.) Fred BRAY, 21, Tecumseth, same, farmer, s/o George BRAY & Esther BELLAMY, married Hannah C. HAY, 21, Haliburton, Tosorontio, d/o George HAY & Mary WRIGHT, wtn: James Allen HAY of Tosorontio & Violet BRAY of Thompsonville, on November 28, 1906, at Lisle

018072-06 (Simcoe Co.) George Elmer BRETT, 23, farmer, Mulmur twp., Mulmur twp., parents - John BRETT & Ann JOHNSTON married Millicent DECKER, 20, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Peter DECKER & Eliza BOWERMAN, witn; Norman DECKER of Nottawasaga & Pearl BRETT of Mulmur, Dec. 5, 1906 at Nottawasaga

17682-06 Enos Melville BRETT, 28, farmer, Mono, same, s/o Richard BRETT & Sarah LITTLE, married Mabel Ethel GALLAGHER, 22, Rosemont, same, d/o Joseph GALLAGHER, farmer & Mary GALLAGHER, witn: A.J. BRETT of Toronto & Mabel GALLAGHER of Rosemont, 14 June 1906 at Rosemont

  18308-06 Patrick BRODEUR, 24, laborer, Waubaushene, same, s/o Jeremie BRODEUR & Louise ROBERTS, married Jennie PARADIS, 21, Pt. Severn, same, d/o Ferdinand PARADIS & Lizzie CADIEU, witn: Stephen BRODEUR & Flora PARADIS, both of Waubaushene, 26 Nov 1906 at Waubaushene
18310-06 Edward James BROWN, 38, laborer, of Waubaushene, s/o James BROWN & Jane JEFFRIES, married Orpha Jane FELLS, 29, spinster, of Waubaushene, d/o James LANERFIELD? & Sarah WASHBURN, witn: Mary & O. LANERFIELD of Waubaushene, 26 Dec 1906 at Waubaushene [as written]

018065-06 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas BROWN, 33, merchant, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Robert BROWN & Mary Jane MADILL married Phoebe Jane STINSON, 26, postmistress, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - John STINSON & Nancy MASTEN, witn; John H. SHIELDS & Mary A. SHIELDS both of Glen Huron, June 27, 1906 at Nottawasaga

017968-06 (Simcoe Co.) Sidney J. BROWNING, 28, Whitchurch, Innisfil, laborer, widowed, s/o Daniel BROWNING & Ellen PRESTON, married Catherine SULLIVAN, 32, England, Innisfil, d/o John & Catherine SULLIVAN, wtn: Percy BROWNING of Aurora & Maud LEFFLER of Lefroy, on December 6, 1906, at Lefroy  
018318-06 (Simcoe Co.) Emery BRUNELLE, 23, Tiny, same, farmer, s/o Louis BRUNELLE & Jane DUSOME, married Nellie LE CAMP, 20, Tiny, same, d/o William LE CAMP & Adile PAIRMENT, wtn: Samuel GIGNAC & Arley LE CAMP, both of Lafontaine, on May 29, 1906, at Lafontaine 018319-06 (Simcoe Co.) Pierre BRUNELLE, 20, Tiny, same, farmer, s/o Eugene BRUNELLE & Malvina DESROCHES married Ida BEAUPRE, 19, Tiny, same, d/o Ovide BEAUPRE & Amanda AUMONT, wtn: Teles GAUTHIER of Penetanguishene & Maria BEAUPRE of Lafontaine, on June 7, 1906, at Lafontaine
018192-06 (Simcoe Co.) Ernest Edward BULLER, 29, Birmingham England, Toronto, s/o George BULLER and Elizabeth GREY, married Priscilla May BEYERS, 19, clerk girl, Midland, East Oro, d/o John BEYERS and Sarah J. HODGES, witn Richard HODGES of Buffalo, Thomas COE of Toronto and Addie PERRYMAN of East Oro, 6 June 1906 at St. Mark's Church, East Oro. 017893-06 -  Thomas V. BURKHOLDER, 33, Canada, Nottawasaga, Farmer, s/o Michael BURKHOLDER & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Hannah E. AIKENS, 30, Canada, Creemore, D/O David AIKENS & Elizabeth  BROOKS, wtn: William BURKHOLDER of Stayner & Mary J. AIKENS of Creemore, on December 19, 1906, at Creemore
018358-06 (Simcoe Co.) Arthur W. BURRIDGE, 34, England, Toronto, laborer, s/o Alexander BURRIDGE & Susan KENDALL, married Selina BURRIDGE, 26, Bell Ewart, Vespra, d/o Robert BURRIDGE & Mary Ann GOODSON, wtn: A.W. BURRIDGE & Lucy BURRIDGE, on August 6, 1906, at Vespra 18298-06 William BUSCH, 25, laborer, of Matchedash twp., s/o John BUSCH & Annie JOHNSON, married Rosana SIMONS, 18, of Honey Harbour, d/o Walter SIMONS & Eva BROOKS, witn: Frank THOMPSON & Mrs. George LONG, both of Coldwater, 21 Dec 1906 at Tay twp

17765-06 John BYRNE, 37, laborer, Muskoka, Barrie, s/o Simon BYRNE & Margaret MYERS, married Mary Agnes MURPHY, 35, seamstress, Vespra, same, d/o John MURPHY & Catherine TYE, witn: Martin MURPHY of Vespra & Agnes HICKEY of Barrie, 29 Oct 1906 at Barrie (RC)

17686-06 James CAIN, 24, Tecumseth, Tottenham, s/o William CAIN & Amelia McGOWAN, married Emma DOWLING, 21, Tecumseth, Tottenham, d/o Francis DOWLING & Charlotte WELLS, witn: Mrs J.J. FERGUSON & Mrs H.A. BROWN both of Alliston, 31 Oct 1906 at Alliston

018176-06 - William John CALVERLY, 21, North Orillia, Hampshire Mills, Farmer, s/o Mickley CALVERLY & Ellen GIBSON, married Evelyn Winnefred HOLMES, 20, North Orillia, Ardtrea, d/o Robert HOLMES & Laura DYER, wtn: Vivian Earle HOLMES of Ardtrea & Margaret B. CLAVERLY of Hampshire Mills, on September 5, 1906, at Ardtrea 018187-06 (Simcoe Co.) James Alexander Robertson CAMERON, 33, farmer, Scotland, Yellow Grass, s/o James Robertson CAMERON and Mary ROBERTSON, married Mary Cameron ROBERTS, 31, Rugby, Rugby, d/o Miller Robert CAMERON and Mary Cameron ANDERSON, witn William PATTERSON of Shanty Bay and Marion M. ROBERTS of Rugby, 28 March 1906 at Rugby.
017965-06 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph CAMPBELL, 38, Manchester England, Toronto Junction, locomotive engineer, s/o Charles CAMPBELL & Margaret Ellen CLARK, married Vina JUDGE, 35, Albion, Toronto Junction, d/o William JUDGE & Elizabeth SMITH, wtn, Thomas GILPIN of Lefroy, on August 20, 1906, at Churchill

18208-06 (Simcoe Co) Edward CAMPBELL, 21, barber, Galt Ontario, Midland, s/o John CAMPBELL & Annie GALLIHER, married Nellie MELIA, 19, Midland, same, d/o Robert MELIA & Annie RUSSEL, witn: Mrs John POWER & Earlby POWER both of Penetanguishene, 21 Feb 1906 at Penetanguishene

18202-06 (Simcoe Co) John Carson CANNING, 30, farmer, Morrison twp, same, s/o Samuel CANNING & Jennie MILLIKIN (Milliken?), married Eva E. LANGMAN, 27, Oro twp, same, d/o John G. LANGMAN & Elizabeth ORMSBY, witn: Beatty CANNING of Morrison twp & Mary LANGMAN of Oro twp, 24 Oct 1906 at Oro twp Bass Lake

017892-06 -  D'arcy CARLTON, 21, Creemore, same, Blacksmith, s/o John CARLTON & Alice MacKAY, married Bertha May OSTRANDER, 23, Melancthon, same, d/o Thomas S. OSTRANDER & Mary CONOVER?, wtn: Duncan & Martha McARTHUR, both of Creemore, on October 17, 1906, at Creemore
018052-06 (Simcoe Co.) Archibald CARMICHAEL, 24, farmer, Nottawasaga, Saskatchewan, parents - Donald CARMICHAEL & Catherine MORRISON married Mary Magdalina HAHN 21, housekeeper, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Henry HAHN & Susannah BAKER, witn; Daniels CARMICHAEL & Annie HAHN both of Nottawasaga, March 21, 1906 at Nottawasaga

17692-06 Hugh John CASSERLY, 26, farmer, Adjala, same, s/o Michael CASSERLY & Ann DUGGAN, married Johanna M. O’HEARN, 21, Tossorontio, Adjala, d/o Edmund O’HEARN & Catharine RYAN, witn: Patrick KING & Josephine O’HEARN both of Adjala, 25 Jan 1906 at Alliston (RC)

018133-06 - Thomas Robert CHAPMAN, 25, Tay, Flos, Farmer, s/o Robert CHAPMAN & Maria BARKER, married Jane CAMERON, 25, Tay, Flos, d/o David CAMERON & Jemima LANGMAN, wtn: W.A. TRACE of Allanwood & Maggie CAMERON of Orillia, on July 2, 1906, at Orillia 018094-06 - Thomas CLARK, 38, Medonte, Orillia, Carpenter, s/o John CLARK & Janette CAMPBELL, married Sarah E.C. HARTWELL, 30, Santa Cruz, Orillia, d/o William J. HARTWELL & Ada V WEAVER, wtn: W.H. & Mae HAMMOND, both of Orillia, on February 25, 1906, at Orillia
#018111-06 (Simcoe Co) David CLARK, 35, Uxbridge, Orillia, b, furniture dealer, son of John C. CLARK & Jessie URQUHART, married Catharine J. KEAN, 28, Medonte Twp., Orillia, s, dau. of Benjamin Franklin KEAN & Mary McAPLINE, witn: David D. KEAN, Jessie L. WEIR, both Orillia, married 6 June 1906, Orillia 018134-06 - William Andrew CLARK, 25, Havelock, Campbellford, Laborer, s/o William CLARK & Amanda RICE, married Amanda M. IBEY, 22, Meyersbins, Orillia, d/o Andrew IBEY & Amanda BANFIELD, wtn: J.C & Eva JOHNSTON, both of Toronto, on July 2, 1906, at Orillia
018018-06 (Simcoe Cty) Charles Peter CLARKE, 27, brakeman, Levis Que, Allandale, s/o Patrick CLARK (sic) & Jane CONNOLY, married Kathleen E. HEAVENOR, 21 (27?), Orillia, Midland, d/o Harvey HEAVENOR & Matilda McPHEE, witn: Andrew & Mary HEAVENOR of Midland. June 25, 1906 at Midland #018115-06 (Simcoe Co) Patrick John CLARKE, 23, Rama, Utterson, b, bartender, son of Patrick CLARKE & Maria NEWMAN, married Charlotte WATTERS, 21, Penetanguishene, Orillia, s, dau. of John WATTERS & Ellen WALLACE, witn: Francis CLARKE of Utterson, Mabel WATTERS of Orillia, married 13 June 1906, Orillia (Catholic)
  017889-06 -  Robert John CLEARY, 31, Osprey, Melanchton, Farmer, s/o John CLEARY & Elizabeth BELLAMY, married Mary E. LLOYD, 31, Mulmer, same, d/o James LLOYD & Mary DONNER?, wtn: David BELLAMY of Whitfield & Hattie A. GALLAUGHER of Kilgorie, on August 22, 1906, at Crewmore
#018294-1906 (Simcoe Co): Edward CLEMENTS, 36, clerk, Waterloo, Toronto, s/o H CLEMENTS & Eliza ESSON, married Laurna SCHISSLER, 25, teacher, Waubaushene, Vic. Harbor, d/o Phillip SCHISSLER & Margaret HOFFMAN; witnesses were Herbert J SCHISSLER, of Vic Harbor, Margaret HUNT, of Orillia. 25 Apr 1906 at Vic. Harbor 017901-06 -  John James COCHRANE, 30, Baxter, Angus, farmer, s/o Joseph COCHRANE & Margaret McCUTCHEON, married Elizabeth FITZPATRICK, 21, Angus, same, s/o Patrick FITZPATRICK & Isabella RUTHVEN, wtn: N.J. CARSON of Wiarton & Gertrude HANDY of Essa, on October 24, 1906, at Bride's Home near Angus
018123-06 - George Edw CONLEY, 24, not given, Wakerville, Moulder, s/o Thomas CONLEY & Elizabeth HENDERSON, married Winnie E. BLACKWELL, 23, not given, Orillia, d/o Jas Jms, BLACKWELL & Elizabeth Ann QUICK, wtn: S.J. CONLEY of unknown & E.J. BLACKWELL, of Orillia, on October 21, 1906, at Orillia

17731-06 Frank Lile COOPER, 32, laborer, Barrie, same, s/o George Edward COOPER & Elizabeth LILE, married Mabel Moss ROBINSON, 18, domestic, Innisfil, same, d/o Moses ROBINSON & Mary Ann DYER, witn: Leo COOPER & Florence ROBINSON both of Barrie, 4 July 1906 at Barrie

018051-06 (Simcoe Co.) Frank Valentine COPELAND, 33, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - William R. COPELAND & Sarah E. CLIFTON married Elizabeth Mabel BAKER, 24, housekeeper, Nottawasaga, Nottawa, parents - Samuel C. BAKER & Mary SWALM, witn; Martin KLIPPERT & Leva KLIPPERT both of Nottawasaga, March 6, 1906 at Nottawasaga 018322-06 (Simcoe Co.) Archie COPPEGOG, 27, Christian Island, same, farmer, s/o Alfred COPPEGOG & Angeline SMITH, married Charlotte NORTON, 18, Christian Island, same, d/o Louis NORTON & Caroline AHNWOTTIN, wtn; Frank COPPEGOG & Caroline AHNWOTTIN, both of Christian Island, on November 14, 1906, at Lafontaine
018328-06 (Simcoe Co.) Allan COULTER, 23, Glencairn, same, laborer, s/o John COULTER & Margaret GRAVELLE, married Edith SEELER, 19, Glencairn, Sunnidale, d/o David SEELER & Edith WELSH, wtn: Alex COULTER & Stella ALLAN, both of Glencairn, on April 18, 1906, at Glencairn 018129-06 - Andrew L. COULTER, 27, Palgrave, Sterling, Station Master, s/o John COULTER & Margaret McBAGGART (McTaggart?), married Mabel Edith McKEE, 23, Orillia, same, d/o George McKEE & Sarah BALLAGH, wtn: W.F. COULTER of Cheltenham & Margaret McKEE of Orillia, on June 6, 1906, at Orillia

17727-06 William Thomas Howard CRAIG, 26, farmer, Craighurst, same, s/o Arthur CRAIG & Henrietta JOHNSON, married Lillian Louise LOWER, 26, Barrie, same, d/o Frederick J. LOWER & Sarah SMITH, witn: Robert A. CRAIG of Craighurst & Maggie WILLIAMS of Barrie, 30 June 1906 at Trinity Church Barrie [with note: "licence says marriage took place on 6 June 1906"]

18307-06 James CROCKER, 24, laborer, Waubaushene, same, s/o Thomas CROCKER & Jane Ann CHAMBERS, married Rachel TUCKER, 18, Fesserton, Tay twp., d/o Gideon TUCKER & Mary McARTHUR, witn: Jane Ann CROCKER of Waubaushene & W. J. SHEPPARD of Coldwater, 27 Oct 1906 at Waubaushene 18305-06 Angus CROSSEN, 24, laborer, Tay twp., same, s/o William CROSSEN & Lizzie CAMERON, married Ruth MURPHY, 22, Tay twp., Penetang., d/o Ed W. MURPHY & Mary ABBOTT, witn: Mrs. Ada ROBINSON of Midland & Isabel BURNETT of Victoria Harbour, 3 Oct 1906 at Midland

17681-06 Alfred J. CURRAN, 25, architect, Toronto, same, s/o Alfred CURRAN & Louisa SMITH, married Jennie A. GALLAGHER, 25, Rosemont, same, d/o Joseph GALLAGHER, farmer & Mary GALLAGHER, witn: Carl COOK of Toronto & Mabel GALLAGHER of Rosemont, 14 June 1906 at Rosemont

17685-06 Edward J. DARRAGH, 29, printer, Orangeville, Toronto, s/o Alexander DARRAGH & Sarah ELLIS, married Mary Alvina McCOY, 22, Connor, same, d/o John McCOY & Mary RAINEY, witn: George D. WALLACE of Toronto & Margaret McCOY of Connor, 25 Dec 1906 at Connor

018125-06 - Edward DAVIES, 31, Wales, Longford, Laborer, s/o David & Eleanor, married Lydvil Jane JENKINS, 27, Wales, Longford, d/o Rees JENKINS & Rachel MORRIS, wtn: J.B. DUNHAM & Allie ODERY, both of Orillia, on May 7, 1906, at Orillia 018197-06 (Simcoe Co.) Ralph Frederick DAY, 26, blacksmith, Pickering, Shanty Bay, s/o Thomas DAY and Mary Sadler, married Mary Ann GRAHAM, 26, Oro, Oro, d/o William GRAHAM and Isabella CRWAFORD, witn Jas. GRAHAM of Oro Station and Siverena? DAY of Hillsdale, 5 September 1906 at Oro Station.
017970-06 (Simcoe Co.) Charles DEARING, 46, England, Huntsville, school teacher, s/o Richard DEARING & Alice BARNES, married Edith E. WALLACE, 32, Innisfil, Stroud, d/o Andrew C. WALLACE & Ann Jane McCULLOUGH, wtn: William J.C. & Olive BOAKE, both of Thornton, on December 27, 1906, at Stroud 18004-06 (Simcoe Co): Jean DESROCHES, 31, teacher, Lyons France, Lafontaine, s/o Emanuel DESROCHES & Mary LAROCHE, married Mary LAFAIVRE, 28, St. Patrick, Victoria Harbour, d/o Pierre LAFAIVRE & Philomene DUCHARME, witn: Francis LAFAIVRE of St. Patrick & Maria BRUNELLE of Lafontaine, 7 Jan 1906 at Midland (Rom Cath)
018168-06 - William John DONALDSON, 18, Ryde, same, Farmer, s/o Thomas DONALDSON & Jane LOOSHAW, married Alice Maria WORLMAN, 23, Ryde, same, d/o Isaiah WORLMAN & Emma Elizabeth CARGILL, wtn: Leslie WASS & S. FORSYTH, both of Severn Bridge, on March 26, 1906, at Severn Bridge 019143-07 - John George DONALDSON, 34, Laxton, Rama, Carpenter, s/o Benjamin JOHNSTON & Mary J. ARMSTRONG, married Margaret TURNER, 30, Orillia, same, widow, d/o Samuel MEREDITH & Faith HENDLE, wtn: W.H. MEREDITH & Katie McLEAN both of Orillia, on September 17, 1906, at Orillia
17998-06 (Simcoe Co): Lonney DOOGAN, 21, machinist, Fenelon Falls, Midland, s/o William DOOGAN & Jennie BELL, married Berta HAZELTON, 20, Medonte, Midland, d/o George HAZELTON & Elizabeth CROWDER, witn: E. MORROW of Midland & Louisa ORR of Medonte, 7 Nov 1906 at Medonte [with note: licence gives bride's name as Vesta] 018338-06 (Simcoe Co.) W.T. DOWLING, 30, Tecumseth, same, farmer, s/o Duke DOWLING & Martha WEEKS, married Mary A. STOREY, 24, Tecumseth, same, d/o John STOREY & Cath. NORRIS, wtn: George STOREY of Tecumseth & Mrs. LYONS of Albion, on March 8, 1906, at Tottenham
  018177-06 - Charles Herbert DUNCAN, 25, North Orillia, same, Farmer, s/o Robert DUNCAN & Margaret CAIRNS, married Agnes Isobel PHILLIPS, 26, North Orillia, same, d/o James PHILLIPS & Mary McDOUGALL, wtn: James PHILLIPS & Minnie WHITE, both of Hampshire Mills, on November 7, 1906, at North Orillia
018023-06 (Simcoe Cty) Joseph DUSOME, 23, laborer, Victoria Harbour, same, s/o Pierre DUSOME & Rosalie MISSIER, married Melvina LABATT, 21, Victoria Harbour, same, d/o Pierre LABATT & Marie GAUDETTE, witn: Joseph GENDRON & Addie CASCAGNETTE, of Victoria Harbour, August 13, 1906, at Midland. (RC) 018069-06 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Isaac EAGLES, 26, farmer, Caledon twp., Collingwood twp., parents - Samuel EAGLES & Rachel SCOTT married Sarah Catherine GALLAWAY, -, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Samuel GALLAWAY & Annie PAUL, witn; Albert HAMILTON & Miss HOCKLEY both of Collingwood twp., Aug. 15, 1906 at Nottawasaga
018128-06 - Albert Rennie EARL, 28, Brockville, Orillia, Carriage Business, s/o William EARL & M. ARMSTRONG, married Edith WOOD, 19, Orillia, same, d/o Charles WOOD & Sarah WILLIS, wtn: Mr. & Mrs. Alfred M. WOOD, both of Orillia, on June 7, 1906, at Orillia 018057-06 (Simcoe Co.) Herbert Augustus EDWARDS, 22, farmer, Osprey twp., Osprey twp., parents -- William EDWARDS & Ellen CONNOR married Myre Mable NEFF, 24, housekeeper, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Charles Andrew NEFF & Alvina SINCLAIR, witn; Walter G. SHIELDS of Glen Huron & Ellen B. NEFF of Singhampton, Feb. 28, 1906 at Nottawasaga
018330-06 (Simcoe Co.) David F. ELDER, 25, Mono, Mulmur, farmer, s/o John ELDER & Matilda TRIMBLE, married Ruby J. KIDD, 20, Tosorontio, Mulmur, d/o William KIDD & Eliza LEMON, infm Fred J. McNABB of Mulmur & Johmina KIDD of Airlie, on May 16, 1906, at Tosorontio 017772-06 (Simcoe Co) John Joseph ELLISON, 24, thresher, Bond Head Ont, Tecumseth Twp, s/o John Joseph ELLISON & Sarah STEVENSON (s/b Stephenson) married Beatrice IRWIN, 20, Tiny Twp, Elmvale, d/o John IRWIN & Jane STEWART Wtn: Maude McCORMACK of Toronto & L. Pauline OCKLEY of Barrie, Oct. 31, 1906 at Barrie
0191448-07 - Malcolm James ELSON, 29, Oro, same, Work on Railway, s/o John ELSON & Grace ADAM married Mary Elizabeth McARTHUR, 20, Oro, same, d/o Duncan McARTHUR & Mary Ann McKECHNIE, wtn: Mrs. R.N. GRANT & Mary FOUNTAIN both of Orillia, on December 26, 1906, at Orillia 0191446-07 - Thomas ENGLISH, 28, Lorneville, Fenelon Falls, Cook, Widower, s/o Robert ENGLISH & Elizabeth STANDFORD, married Annie Elizabeth HOPKINS, 29, Rama, same, d/o Benjamin HOPKINS & Marianne GARNETT, wtn: Bernard & Eleanor Ann HOPKINS both of Orillia, on October 17, 1906, at Orillia
018036-06 - William John ETHERINGTON, 26, Hamilton, Midland, Laborer, s/o George ETHERINGTON & Mary Ann COOK, married Florence Gertrude SIMPSON, 20, Tay, Midland, d/o Alex SIMPSON & May A. LOVE, wtn: George ETHERINGTON & Bella SIMPSON, both of Midland, on December 25, 1906, at Midland 017989-06 - William EVANS, 27, of Victoria Harbour, Carpenter, s/o William EVANS & E. A. ATKINSON, married Sarah M. McKEOWN, 25, of Vasey, d/o James McKEOWN & Caroline ORSER, wtn; Jas McKEONW & E.A. EVANS, not given, on December 26, 1906, at Medonte

17726-06 Walter H. EVES, 34, merchant, North Gwillimbury, Newmarket, s/o Benjamin EVES & Sarah SMITH, married Emeline M. TANNER, 29, Innisfil twp, Allandale, d/o Walter TANNER & Elizabeth GREENWOOD, witn: F.R. FISHER of Newmarket & Walter E. ANDERSON of Hawkesville, 27 June 1906 at Allandale

018179-06 - George Shaw FAIRES, 26, Draper, same, Farmer, s/o Charles FAIRES & Mary Ann REGAN, married Isabella MORTON, 26, North Orillia, same, d/o Robert MORTON & Elizabeth WILSON, wtn: George WITTLEUFER of Draper & Clara MORTON of North Orillia, on November 28, 1906, at North Orillia 017914-06 -  Clarence Mobeeley FARNEY, 34, Elmvale, Manitoba, Clerk of Anglicans Holy Orders, s/o James FARNEY & Jeanette FYFE, married Sarah Elizabeth BANNISTER, 29, Waverly, same, d/o John BANNISTER & Jeannette TRUAX, wtn: Moses REGINALD & Edith ERREN both of Midland, on January 11, 1906, at Waverley
018147-06 - Andrew H.F. FERGUSON, 26, Clark, not given, Widowed, s/o Duncan FERGUSON & Mary Ann MORRIS, married Ethel Henrietta JELLY, 19, North Orillia, not given, d/o Edward O. JELLY & Sarah SOUTHORA (Southern?), wtn: Edward JELLY of Uhthoff & Martha A. HARTE of Coldwater, on October 24, 1906, at Orillia

17684-06 John Albert FISH, 26, farmer, Adjala, Hockley, s/o William FISH & Rachael WILSON, married Sarah Elizabeth COLE, 26, Hockley, same, d/o John COLE, farmer & Jane PROCTOR, witn: R.J. COLE & Maggie ROBINS both of Hockley, 5 Dec 1906 at Hockley

018070-06 (Simcoe Co.) Albert Edward FISHER, 34, farmer, Barnstable England, Nottawasaga, parents - Richard FISHER & Annie PETHERBRIDGE married Ida May FERGUSON, 22, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - James FERGUSON & Fannie JORDAN, witn; John FERGUSON of Glen Huron & Susannah OPEN of Maple Valley, Sept. 12, 1906 at Nottawasaga 018356-06 (Simcoe Co.) John FLEMMING, 22, Barrie, same, laborer, s/o Mathew FLEMMING & Sarah MULLIN, married Sarah Isabella SANDERS, 19, Ontario, Vespra, d/o George SANDERS & Debora WAGG, wtn: Mary FRALLACK & Mary PLANCA?, both of Vespra on August 22, 1906, at Vespra
18297-06 Isaac W. FOX, 27, harness maker, of Owen Sound, s/o Christopher FOX & Sarah D--?, married Elizabeth PEDEN, 22, of Tay twp., d/o James PEDEN & Isabella McLENNAN, witn: H. FOX of Owen Sound & Mary PEDEN of Tay twp., 19 Dec 1906 at Tay twp 018331-06 (Simcoe Co.) Frank A. GALLAGHER, 27, blank, Everett, farmer, s/o John GALLAGHER & Mary Ann McCRACKEN, married Mary JENKINS, 24, blank, Everett, d/o John JENKINS & Jane PATTON, wtn: Joseph JENKINS & Flossie GALLAGHER, both of Everett, on October 10, 1906, at Everett
018153-06 - Gordon T.U. GARDNER, 22, Galt, Orillia, Clerk, s/o George GARDNER & Emily DUNN, married Emily NEWBURY, 18, Barrie, Orillia, d/o George NEWBURY & Emily GAUBER, wtn: T. NEWBURY & M.E. HIGGERSON, both of Orillia, on November 19, 1906, at Orillia

17762-06 Frederick Dickson GARRY, 23, railway employee, Washago, Barrie, s/o Fred A. GARRY & Ida DICKSON, married Mabel Bertha EMMS, 19, Crown Hill, Barrie, d/o John E. EMMS & Bertha FARRELL, witn: W.B. MIDDLETON of Elmvale & Nancy EMMS of Barrie, 18 July 1906 at Barrie

  018055-06 (Simcoe Co.) William Burnette GIBSON, 22, farmer, Stayner, Stayner, parents - Edward GIBSON & Mary BRENNAN married Margarette CONN, 27, housekeeper, Collingwood twp., Nottawasaga, parents - George CONN & Bella CONNOR, witn; Joseph CONN of Toronto & Jessie CURRIE of Collingwood, April 4, 1906 at Nottawasaga
018142-06 - Ashley E. GOODFELLOW, 26, Euphrasia, Haileybury, Tailor, s/o Samuel GOODFELLOW & Jane McCAUSLAND, married Mary Agatha SMYTH, 24, Nottawasaga, Thornbury, d/o John SMYTH & Sarah LEARY, wtn: Allie ODERY of Orillia & Delia APPLEBE of Toronto, on September 15, 1906, at Orillia 018359-06 (Simcoe Co.) John William GORLING, 29, Vespra, same, farmer, s/o James GORLING & Jane TRAVIS, married Lucy BURRIDGE, 30, Vespra, same, d/o Robert BURRIDGE & Mary Ann GOODSON, wtn: Christy GORLING of Vespra & Emily GOODSON of Barry, on October 10, 1906, at Vespra
018040-06 (Simcoe Co.) William McD. GRANT, 27, of Markham, clergyman, s/o Duncan GRANT & Elizabeth McDONAD, married Grace Mabel CARRUTHERS, 29, of Nottawasaga, d/o George CARRUTHERS & Jane COUTTS, wtn: J. Bruce PROUDFOOT of Guelph & Jessie LOGAN of Niagara Falls, on August 8, 1906, at Avening 018068-06 (Simcoe Co.) William McDonald GRANT, 27, clergyman, Pictou Nova Scotia, Markham twp., parents - Duncan GRANT & Elizabeth McDONALD married Grace Mabel CARRUTHERS, 29, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - George CARRUTHERS & Jane COUTTS, witn; Bruce BROADFOOT of Guelph & Jessie LOGAN of Niagara Falls, Aug. 8, 1906 at Nottawasaga

17766-06 Robert GREENLAW, 45, farmer, Medonte, Elmvale, s/o Thomas GREENLAW & Jane RITCHIE, married Elizabeth DRYSDALE, 34, Hillsdale, Elmvale, d/o John DRYSDALE & Margaret MALCOLM, witn: Annie S. McLEOD of Barrie & Annie LAWRENCE of Buffalo NY, 17 Oct 1906 at Barrie

018329-06 (Simcoe Co.) Charlton GREER, 36, Mulmur, Tosorontio, farmer, s/o Edward GREER & Margaret HAWKING, married Hannah Jane HAMILTON, 31, Tosorontio, Adjala, d/o Alexander HAMILTON & Martha VARY, wtn: Thomas E. GREER of Mulmur & C.A. HAMILTON of Tosorontio, on April 18, 1906, at Everett

17764-06 Charles Fred Arberthnot GREGORY, 25, bank clerk, St John NB, Barrie, s/o Fred Peter Chipman GREGORY & Ann Eliza CHAPMAN, married Irene Mabel DYMENT, 23, Barrie, same, d/o Simon DYMENT & Annie WHITE, witn: Sam S. GREGORY of Winnipeg & K.R. INCHES of St John NB, 24 Oct 1906

017973-06 (Simcoe Co.) William David GRIFFEN, 36, of Sarnia, carpenter, s/o W.A. GRIFFIN & C.V. HENDERSON, married Dilla HERN, 18, of Lefroy, d/o Lewis HERN & R. SPINKS, wtn: L. HERN & Ethel HEWSON, both of Lefroy, on August 2, 1906, at Lefroy 018345-06 (Simcoe Co.) Robert HALL, 20, Everett, Tottenham, laborer, s/o John HALL & Agnes CROSBY, married Mabel CARTON, 19, Orangeville, Tottenham, d/o Terence CARTON & Mary LANGTRY, wtn: E.B. OWENS & Mary PORTER, on June 20, 1906, at Tottenham
18299-06 Peter HARMON, 30, laborer, of Waubaushene, s/o Richard HARMON & Margaret McMILLAN, married Annie SEATON, 19, of Waubaushene, d/o Nelson SEATON & Ellen GRANGER, witn: Robert & Mrs. Robert COX of Waubaushene, 14 Aug 1906 at Waubaushene 018321-06 (Simcoe Co.) Walter Venn HARVEY, 39, Whitby, Toronto, inspector, s/o Henry HARVEY & Sarah VENN, married Mary TRIPP, 39, Allenwood, same, d/o James TRIPP & Matilda RITCHIE, wtn: Mary A. BROWN & Mary BROWN, both of Elmvale, on October 10, 1906, at Wyevale
018067-06 (Simcoe Co.) Samuel Henry HAWKINS, 23, farmer, Mulmur twp. Mulmur twp., parents - John HAWKINS & Isabella FERRIER married Maggie BRYCE, 27, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Arthur BRYCE & Catherine FLYNN, witn; Archibald GREEN of Stanton & Aggie MITCHELL of Lavender, June 27, 1906 at Nottawasaga 017975-06 (Simcoe Co.) Edw B. HESSON, 24, of Port Arthur, banker, s/o W.A. HESSON & Louisa A--?, married L.W. CAMPBELL, 25, d/o William CAMPBELL & Eliza BOYD, wtn: Mr. & Mrs. E.C. ALLAN of Churchill, on June 19, 1906, at Churchill
017915-06 -  Joseph Henry HICKS, 25, Grey, Saskatoon NWT, Implement Agent, s/o William HICKS & Mary McCAULEY, married Cassie LANGMAN, 26, Allenwood, same, d/o William LANGMAN & Sarah H. BOYLE, wtn: N.R. & Rose LANGMAN, both of Allenwood, on January 11, 1906, at Allenwood 018073-06 (Simcoe Co.) John Samuel HISEY, 25, farmer, Ontario, Nottawasaga, parents - John HISEY & Annie DONER married Melissa Jane CUBITT, 23, Ontario, Nottawasaga, parents - Gregory CUBITT & Elizabeth ANDERSON, witn; Norman HISEY & Edna DUNSTAN both of Nottawasaga, Dec. 5, 1906 at Nottawasaga
17675-06 Thomas Sibbald HOEY, 22, farmer, Adjala, same, s/o Andrew HOEY & Mary Jane RILEY, married Inez MURPHY, 19, Tossorontio, same, d/o Thomas MURPHY, farmer & Elizabeth EDWARDS, witn: Joseph MILLIGAN of Adjala & Maud COLWELL of Mono, 8 Jan 1906 at Rosemont 018323-06 (Simcoe Co.) William German HOLT, 29, Essa, same, farmer, s/o Joseph HOLT & Mary SCOTT, married Phoebe Ann GRAHAM, 18, Tosorontio, same, d/o John A. GRAHAM & Margaret MURPHY, wtn: J. GORDON of Essa & M.E. GRAHAM of Tosorontio, on January 17, 1906, at Tosorontio

17725-06 James Norman HORNE, 37, farmer, Rugby, same, s/o John HORNE & Sarah FELL, married Edith PRINCE, 28, England, Barrie, d/o Isaac PRINCE & Ellen DREDGE, witn: Ernest PRINCE & Janet PRINCE both of Barrie, 28 June 1906 at Barrie

017971-06 (Simcoe Co.) Robert George Alfred HOUGHTON, 25, Ontario, Simcoe Co., farmer, s/o Alfred HOUGHTON & Hellen MEHER, married Sarah Amy BAKER, 29, Ontario, Simcoe Co., d/o James BAKER & Lois BARNETT, wtn: W.T. BAKER of Beeton & M.L. HOUGHTON of Newton Robinson, on December 19, 1906 at Cookstown
018362-06 (Simcoe Co.) Silas HUDGINS, 42, Ontario, Collingwood, ship carpenter, s/o Silas HUDGINS & Harriot BARKER, married Mary Ellen TOTTEN, 35, Essa, Craighurst, d/o Joseph TOTTEN & Hannah McLEAN, wtn: William & Jane WILLIAMS, both of Vespra, on December 5, 1906, at Vespra

18201-06 (Simcoe Co) Edward James HUTCHINSON, 28, farmer, Edgar, same, s/o Thomas HUTCHINSON & Elizabeth ELLIS, married Tennie REID, 25, Edgar, same, d/o John Reid & Marion WOODROW, witn: John REID & Jessie MORRISON both of Oro, 24 Oct 1906 at the bride's home near Edgar

018342-06 (Simcoe Co.) H.B. HUTTON, 30, Canada, Pt. Colborne, M.D., s/o M.A. HUTTON & D.L. HADLY, married Alberta SANFORD, 25, Canada, Tottenham, d/o W.H. SANFORD & O.M. TOWNS, wtn: B.E. LOUGHRIN of Pt. Colborne & Janet SWAILL of Toronto, on April 18, 1906, at Tottenham 017770-06 (Simcoe Co) Fredrick INGHAM, 30, laborer, Essa Twp, same, s/o George INGHAM & Elizabeth KANE married Ethel MAW, 28, Essa Twp, same, d/o John MAW & Mary THOMSON, Wtn: Annie S. McLEOD & Marjory JENKINS both of Barrie, Dec. 26, 1906 at Barrie
018347-06 (Simcoe Co.) John IRELAND, 40, Mulmur, same, farmer, widowed, s/o John IRELAND & Cath. MOOR (c/b MOON), married Bertha JOHNSTON, 22, Mulmur, same, d/o William JOHNSTON & Jane KIRKHOLDER, wtn : Adeline LOWERY & Phoebe WILLIAMS, both of Tottenham, on October 24, 1906, at Tottenham 019101-07 - Robart JACKETT, 23, saw milling, Fenelon Falls, Midland, s/o Robt JACKETT & Harriet KNIGHT, married Annie B. E. WADGE, 22, Midland, Midland, d/o John WADGE & Sarah CHAMPION, witn: P.J. & Emily WADGE of Midland. Oct 25, 1906 at Midland
018062-06 (Simcoe Co.) Percival Alfred JACKSON, 29, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - George JACKSON & Emily Jane NEWELL married Janet Maria McALLISTER, 29, housekeeper, Collingwood twp., Nottawasaga, parents - Donald McALLISTER & Catherine McCOLEMAN, witn; John A. McALLISTER & M. L. JACKSON both of Nottawasaga, April 17, 1906 at Nottawasaga 018060-06 (Simcoe Co.) James Edward JOHNSTON, 25, farmer, Nottawasaga, Notttawasaga, parents - Joseph JOHNSTON & Mary BEST married Mabel Christina COLLINS, 23, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - William Edward COLLINS & Martha ATKINSON, witn; Daniel McEACHERN & Alice Maud COLLINS both of Nottawasaga, March 28 , 1906 at Nottawasaga

18205-06 (Simcoe Co) John JOHNSTON, 42, farmer, Rugby, same, s/o William JOHNSTON & Angus CAMERON, married Jessie McKAY, 27, Mitchell Square, same, d/o Finlay McKAY & Elizabeth JERMEY, witn: Finlay McKAY of Mitchell Square & Maggie JOHNSTON of Rugby, 19 Dec 1906 at the bride's home

018041-06 (Simcoe Co.) Robert John JOHNSTON, 35, Mulmur, Creemore, farmer, s/o William JOHNSTON & Jane LEE, married Mary Jane MILLSAP, 28, Nottawasaga, same, d/o Jacob MILLSAP & Mary Ann LYTLE, wtn; Henry JOHNSTON of Ruskview & Florence MILLSAP of Creemore, on January 2, 1906, at Nottawasaga

17690-06 Thomas KEATING, 32, farmer, Essa, Adjala, s/o James KEATING & Julia McMYLER, married Mary KANE, 30, Ireland, Adjala, d/o Mathew KANE & Hanna SHANETH, witn: Patrick James DONNELLY of Adjala & Bridget KEATING of Tossorontio, 24 Oct 1906 at Alliston

17674-06 Peter A. KEOGH, 27, farmer, Tecumseth, same, s/o Patrick KEOGH & Mary CANNEY, married Mary BERGIN, 24, Adjala, same, d/o Adolphus BERGIN, farmer & Catharine McNAMARRA, witn: George McKEON & Mary LENIHAN both of Adjala, 27 June 1906 at Colgan (RC)

017969-06 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Leslie KEYS, 31, Concord, same, stationary engineeer, s/o John KEYS & M.L. OSTER, married Minnie G. McCULLOUGH, 22, Innisfil, same, d/o David J. McCULLOUGH & M.A. GORDON, wtn: John Sherman HEYS of Toronto & Jean Torez DONNELLY of Lefroy, on November 14, 1906, at Innisfil 018039-06 (Simcoe Co.) John  Lewis KING, 27, of Christian Island, farmer, s/o Louis KING & Mary Jane AUBEY, married Sabrina MONAGUE, 17, of Christian Island, d/o Wesley John MONGUE & Polly BROWNING, wtn: Robert MARSDAN of Alderville & Mrs. Robert MARSDEN of Christian Island, on March 1, 1906, at Christian Island
018326-06 (Simcoe Co.) James Wesley KIRKPATRICK, 32, Mulmur, same, farmer, s/o Thomas KIRKPATRICK & Margaret PENALTON, married Elizabeth Lucinda ANDERSON, 21, Tosorontio, same, d/o Edward ANDERSON & Sarah Jane COWAN, wtn: Herbert KIRKPATRICK  of Mulmur & Maggie ANDERSON of Tosorontio, on March 7, 1906, at Tosorontio 018188-06 (Simcoe Co.) Samuel KISSOCK, 43, farmer, Markham, Oro Station, s/o John KISSOCK and Sarah KELLY, married Mary A. McARTHUR, 40, Oro Station, Oro Station, d/o Donald McARTHUR and Ann McINTYRE, witn John WIGGINS of Guthrie and Rachel McINTYRE of Guthrie, 28 March 1906 at manse
018061-06 (Simcoe Co.) Norman Peter KLINCK, 22, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Abraham KLINCK & Rachel DONER married Ella Gertrude EDMONDS, 33, housekeeper, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - John Emanuel EDMONDS & Mary McMILLAN , witn; John William EDMONDS & Mrs. Arch. McDERMID both of Nottawasaga, April 11, 1906 at Nottawasaga 018056-06 (Simcoe Co.) Herbert KLOPP, 33, shipper, Toronto, Toronto, parents - William KLOPP & Hannah ERNEST married Louisa SIDEY, 32, housekeeper, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - James SIDEY & Cordelia MITCHELL, wits. John CARLETON & Edith ROBINSON both of Creemore, April 17, 1906 at Nottawasaga

17729-06 Victor E. KNIGHT, 26, waiter, England, Barrie, s/o George KNIGHT & Jane RUST, married Sarah Jane GORING, 19, maid , Hamilton, Barrie, d/o Charles GORING & Eliza J. DEVLIN, witn: Herbert WOOLNOUGH of Toronto & Violet WESTNEY of Barrie, 16 Apr 1906 at Barrie

018316-06 (Simcoe Co.) Jean Baptiste LALONDE, 34, Quebec, Penetanguishene, farmer, s/o Jean Baptiste LALONDE & Emelie CHARLEBOIS, married Anastasie MOREAU, 30, Tiny, same, d/o Leon MOREAU & Georgina DESROCHERS, wtn: Arthur MARCHILDON & Elizabeth MOREAU, both of Lafontaine on May 1, 1906, at Lafontaine

17728-06 John LAMBIE, 30, widower, police constable, Elmvale, Barrie, s/o Joseph LAMBIE & Elizabeth PERCY, married Caroline HALBERT, 34, Scarborough York Co, Barrie, d/o Edward HALBERT & Sarah FIFIELD, witn: E.J. ARMSON & Harriet ARMSON both of Barrie, 19 June 1906 at The Rectory Barrie 018346-06 (Simcoe Co.) I. LAMONT, 36, Finch Twp, Tottenham, s/o Hugh LAMONT & Caroline LAMONT, married Ethel L. BROWN, 33, Lloydtown, Tottenham, d/o I.A. BROWN & Caroline POTTER, wtn: Albert BROWN of Tottwnham & Jennie BROWN of Toronto, on August 1, 1906, at Tottenham
18306-06 Joseph LARMOND, 19, laborer, St. Patrick, Victoria Harbour, s/o Fabien LARMOND & Hermina? FOURNIER, married Delia ARBOUR, 20, Waubaushene, Victoria Harbour, d/o Xavier ARBOUR & Attala DESMARIS, witn: Charles ARBOUR & Philomena LARMOND, both of Victoria Harbour, 8 Oct 1906 at Victoria Harbour 017913-06 - Herbert LAVENDER, 26, Brighton England, Flos, Laborer, s/o Thomas LAVENDER & Alice STALEY, married Jessie Miller DOW, 20, Elmvale, Floss, d/o James DOW & CATHERINE Johnston, wtn: Mrs. James DOW & Cassie DOW, both of Craighurst, on January 4, 1906, at Craighurst

18210-06 (Simcoe Co) Sylvos Joseph LAVIGNE, 21, bartender, unknown, Midland, s/o Joseph LAVIGNE & Philomene MAHER, married Jennie LETHBRIDGE, 18, unknown, Midland, d/o Thomas LETHBRIDGE & Margaret CLICK, witn: Edythe WRIGHT & Maude B. GILMOUR both of Penetanguishene, 24 May 1906 at Penetanguishene

018049-06 (Simcoe Co.) Henry Albert LAWRENCE, 29, Innisfil, Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o Alexander LAWRENCE & Eleanor LEE, married Isabella Jane BLACKBURN, 28, Artemesia, Nottawasaga, d/o James BLACKBURN & Ellen STEWART, wtn: Joseph A. LAWRENCE & Jennie BLACKBURN, both of Nottawasaga, on February 18, 1906, at Nottawasaga 018048-06 (Simcoe Co.) James Charles LEACH, 25, Nottawasaga, same, farmer, s/o James LEACH & Ellen WANLESS, married Mary Ann SULLIVAN, 25, Nottawasaga, same, d/o John SULLIVAN & Annie SAMPSON, wtn: H.A. & Ida M. SAMPSON, both of Duntroon, on March 7, 1906, at Nottawasaga
18300-06 Joseph LEMIKEN?, 27, merchant, Russia, Waubaushene, s/o Berrel LEMIKEN & Marianna TOMONKIE?, married Mary KLEEMAN, 26, Russia, Waubaushene, d/o Isaac KLEEMAN & Tobe Etty GREENBERG, witn: Derris CASS & George SOSKIN, both of Waubaushene, 25 June 1906 at Waubaushene (Jewish) 18304-06 Joseph LEROUX, 19, laborer, Penetang., same, s/o Louis LEROUX & Marie Louise MARCEL, married Ellen LEBLANC, no age given, Port Severn, same, d/o Jean Baptiste LEBLANC & Elizabeth GRISDALE, witn: Joseph LEROUX of Penetang. & Ellen WHITE of Pt. Severn, 4 Sept 1906 at Penetang.
18198-06 (Simcoe Co) Thomas LINTON, 64, widower, postmaster, Goathland England, Hawkestone, s/o Bryan LINTON & Eliza READMAN, married Jane HAYNES, 40, Oakhill Ontario, Hawkestone, d/o Fred HAYNES & Agnes E. DIVENY, witn: Mark LINTON & Ida HAYNES both of Hawkestone, 11 Oct 1906 at Hawkestone

018059-06 (Simcoe Co.) M. A. LIVINGSTON, 28, sailor, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Angus LIVINGSTON & Elizabeth McDERMID married Maud HOLDEN, 19, Collingwood twp., Nottawasaga, parents - Joseph HOLDEN & Mary Ann FREETHY, witn; S. HOLDEN of Collingwood & R. LIVINGSTON of Nottawasaga, May 23, 1906 at Nottawasaga


17695-06 Charles S.W. LOGIE, 27, accountant, unknown, Edinburgh Scotland, s/o blank, married Lilian E. WRIGHT, 23, blank, Bobcaygeon, d/o Hugh L. WRIGHT & blank, witn: Olive BOYD of Bobcaygeon & E.P. HAMILTON, 17 Jan 1906 at Alliston

18207-06 (Simcoe Co) Arthur H. LOWE, 25, carriage builder, Barrie, Hawkestone, s/o David LOWE & Nancy ELLIS, married Annie E. McLEOD, 24, unknown, Hawkestone, d/o John McLEOD & Flora McARTHUR, witn: Sam H. WALKER & Mary McLEOD, 28 Nov 1906 at Hawkestone

018035-06 - Albert Newton LOWES, 26, Brock, Midland, Plumber, s/o Andrew LOWES & Sarah SWITZER, married Ella Elsie HOAG, 20, Hamilton, Midland, d/o Alex HOAG & Lottie HIE, wtn: Fred HODGE & Jean LANG, both of Midland, on December 19, 1906, at Midland
018014-06 (Simcoe Co): Henry W. MACKIE, 27, Goodlands Manitoba, same, Farmer, s/o Benjamin MACKIE & Mary Jane WEBB, married Bernada YORKE, 21, Tiny, same, d/o Alex YORKE & Elizabeth BRENNAN, wtn: L.W. ELLIOTT of Midland, & Jms. HAIG of Jarretts Corners, on January 31, 1906, at Midland 018042-06 (Simcoe Co.) John B. MANNING, 35, Tecumseth, St. Vincent, farmer, widowed, s/o William MANNING & Elizabeth BODY, married Catherine WOODS, 44, Nottawasaga, same, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth WOODS, wtn: Isaac WOODS & Julia M. LANGFORD, both of Creemore, on January 3, 1906, at Nottawasaga
018315-06 (Simcoe Co.) David MARCOTTE, 18, Tiny, same, farmer, s/o Napoleon MARCOTTE & Elizabeth BOURRE, married Josephine FORGET, 21, Tiny, same, d/o Alfred FORGET & Marie Louise DESROCHERS, wtn: George DESROCHERS & Georgina FORGET, both of Lafontaine, on February 26, 1906, at Lafontaine

18200-06 (Simcoe Co) Henry George MARTIN, 31, merchant, Gwillimbury twp, Oro twp, s/o Henry MARTIN & Maria MOORE, married Fanny Lucinda ARMSTRONG, 21, Innisfil twp, Oro, d/o John W. ARMSTRONG & Alice WEBB, witn: Alice SHAW & Henry MARTIN Sr both of Shanty Bay, 18 Oct 1906 at Shanty Bay

018194-06 (Simcoe Co.) Gershom William MASON, 28, barrister, Milbrook, Toronto, s/o William H. MASON and Sarah Jane SING, married Euphemia Pringle ROSS, 30, Guthrie, Guthrie, d/o James ROSS and Euphemia PRINGLE, witn Allan MASON of Parry Sound and Irene SMITH of Cannington, 18 July 1906 at bride's home Guthrie. 017972-06 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph MATTERLEY, 25, Canada, Gilford, general agent, s/o George MATTERLEY & Dora BELL, married Minnie Frances PRYKE, 24, England, Gilford, d/o William PRYKE & Elizabeth WHITE, wtn: Mrs. Rev. T.G. SCOTT & Flossie E. SCOTT, both of Fennells, on November 14, 1906, at Meth. Parsonage, Fennells
  017967-6 (Simcoe Co.) Matthew McCLEAN, 37, Egbert, Thornton, farmer, s/o James McCLEAN & Margaret Jane CUNNINGHAM, married Mary Jane SHAW, 40, Adjala, Thornton, d/o Thomas SHAW & Martha SLOAN, wtn: James & Phoebe CROSSLEY, both of Thornton, on November 28, 1906, at Thornton
17722-06 Dalton Gilbert McCONKEY, 21, carpenter, Innisfil, Barrie, s/o William Duncan McCONKEY & Kate Margaret HAUGHTON, married Edith Burdetta HUDSON, 19, Barrie, same, d/o Harris HUDSON & Adina HOLMES, witn: Lydia McCORMACK & Lavinia OCKLEY both of Barrie, 1 June 1906 at Barrie 017966-06 (Simcoe Co.) Charles V. McCONKEY, 23, Innisfil, same, farmer, s/o E.F. & Mary McCONKEY, married Eva M. WEBB, 21, Innisfil, same, wtn: Lott WEBB & Mary MONTGOMERY, wtn: C.E. McCONKEY of Innisfil & A.E. WEBB of Stroud, on September 19, 1906, at Innisfil

17730-06 Alexander McDONALD, 51, farmer, Mara twp Ontario Co, same, s/o Archibald McDONALD & Mary McDONALD, married Elizabeth CLARK, 25, Mara, same, d/o George CLARK & Annie DOYLE, witn: C.E. WASHINGTON of Barrie & Edith MCCONNELL of Abernethy Saskatchewan, 4 June 1906 at Barrie (RC)

17676-06 David McELWAIN, 25, farmer, Adjala, same, s/o William McELWAIN & Eliza BEGGS, married Susan Ethel GUEST, 21, Connor, same, d/o William GUEST, farmer & Mary Eliza ARDELL, witn: Fred GUEST & Mamie GUEST both of Connor, 21 Feb 1906 at Connor 18209-06 (Simcoe Co) Joseph Sylvanus McGANN, 27, laborer, Uxbridge twp, Penetanguishene, s/o Joseph McGANN & Mary Mahala SCHELL, married Henriette CASCAGNETTE, 19, Riversdale, Penetanguishene, d/o Richard CASCAGNETTE & Olive LORTIE, witn: Jeremiah O'CONNELL & Mary LAFRENIERE both of Penetanguishene, 23 Apr 1906 at Penetanguishene
018324-06 (Simcoe Co.) John J. McGIBBON, 25, Caledon, Lisle, farmer, s/o Dougald McGIBBON & Ann J. HARRISON, married Margaret J. CAMPBELL, 23, Glencairn, same, d/o David CAMPBELL & Margaret MADILL, wtn: Alonzo SNELL of Harkaway & Maggie McGIBBON of Lisle, on January 23, 1906, at Glencairn

018037-06 - William Frank McGILL, 21, Omemee, Midland, Millhand, s/o Henry McGILL & Franceis SHAKEL, married Ruby May SWALES, 18, Sturgeon Bay, Midland, d/o Baptiste SWALES & Lucy WOODS, wtn: May McHAUL of Toronto Junction & Maude SWALES of Midland, on November 29, 1906, at Midland

18204-06 (Simcoe Co) Angus McKAY, 26, lumberman, Oro twp, same, s/o Donald McKAY & Flora GILCHRIST, married Gracie McDOUGALL, 28, Minto Wellington Co, Hawkestone, d/o Alex McDOUGALL & Pemia ROBERTSON, witn: John McDOUGALL of Hawkestone & Mary HUTCHINSON of Toronto, 5 Dec 1906 at the residence of Angus McKAY

17761-06 James McKENZIE, 22, mechanic, Maple Valley, Toronto, s/o James McKENZIE & Sarah WARNER, married Annie STRATFORD, 21, Stayner, same, d/o Fred STRATFORD & Annie MADISON, witn: J. Kent OCKLEY & L. Pauline OCKLEY both of Barrie, 18 Aug 1906 at Barrie

17735-06 (Simcoe Co.) George Brown MCLEAN 27, Craighurst, Midland, Bookkeeper; s/o George MCLEAN and Christiana INGRAM married Matilda CRAIG, 28, Craighurst, Barrie; d/o Arthur CRAIG and Henrietta J. JOHNSON wtn: Robert CRAIG of Craighurst & Kate MORRISON of Guthrie, on July 18th, 1906, at Barrie

018045-06 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander W. McTAGGART, 27, Sunnidale, Nottawasaga, engineer, s/o Alexander McTAGGART & Sarah DONER, married Annie Ruth ROGERS, 24, Nottawasaga, same, d/o James ROGERS & Annie RAE, wtn: John & Ruth HAMMILL, both of Meaford, on January 16, 1906, at Nottawasaga

018071-06 (Simcoe Co.) William Andrew MEARNS (Mearus?), 49, widower, physician, Waterloo County, Hanover, parents - David MEARNS & Jane MATTHEWS married Robena M. WHITE, 32, teacher, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Thomas WHITE & Mary CURRIE, witn; Angus WHITE of Nottawa & Isabella FLETCHER of Collingwood twp. Sept. 26, 1906 at Nottawasaga

018151-06 - Charles MIDDLETON, 36, Claremont, Ardtrea, Farmer, s/o George MIDDLETON & Mary Jane PUGH, married Caroline Elizabeth BATES, 39, London England, Orillia, d/o Thomas BATES & Caroline JEFFRIES, wtn: Frederick BATES of Oshawa & Mary Ann SOUTWELL of Hampshire Mills, on December 5, 1906, at Orillia
018046-06 (Simcoe Co.) Samuel MILLS, 26, Lisles, same, farmer, s/o William MILLS & Mary MOORE, married Pearl MORRISON, 18, Avening, same, d/o Joseph MORRISON & Elizabeth Ann MILLSAP, wtn: W.T. MILLS of Airlies & Eva MELVILLE of Avening, on February 7, 1906, at Nottawasaga 018335-06 (Simcoe Co.) John Thomas MILLS, 26, Tosorontio, same, farmer, widowed, s/o Thomas MILLS & Agnes KIDD, married Orline Pearl FREELAND, 23, Tosorontio, Mulmur, d/o Thomas FREELAND & Margaret LEMON, wtn: W.T. MILLER & Ena FREELAND, both of Mulmur, on November 28, 1906, at Lisle
018361-06 (Simcoe Co.) William D. MINNICAN, 26, Vespra, Barrie, mason, s/o Thomas MINNICAN & Susan GIBSON, married Wilhelmina PURVIS, 19, Innisfil, same, d/o William PURVIS & Emily LEONARD, wtn: Ossin MINNICAN of Vespra & Selina WEBB of Innisfil, on June 6, 1906, at Vespra

17732-06 Robert MUGFORD, 23, laborer, Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o Ruben MUGFORD & Mary Anne TAYLOR, married Mary Ellen Elizabeth DENNEY, 19, Essa, Sunnidale, d/o Samuel DENNEY & Annie DENNEY, witn: Robert LEGATE of Sunnidale & C.C. WASHINGTON of Barrie, 11 July 1906 at Barrie

  018038-06 (Simcoe Co.) Elijah MONAGUE, 22, of Christian Island, farmer, s/o John Wesley MONAGUE & Polly BROWNING, married Hannah AUBANG, 16, d/o David AUBANG & Sarah JOHNSON, wtn: Harvy  & Polly JACKSON, both of Christian Island, on February 18, 1906, at Christian Island
018076-06 (Simcoe Co.) Herbert MORLEY, 34, of Milton, shoemaker, s/o James MORLEY & Matilda (illegible), married Minnie BENNETT, 28, of Milton, d/o James H. BENNETT & illegible SAUTLEY, wtn: George H. & Jennie A. ANDERSON, both of Duntroon, on April 18, 1906, at Duntroon 18302-06 Samuel MOREAU, 26, widower, farmer, Penetang., Tiny, s/o Hercule MOREAU & Elise DAUDANEAULT, married Flora St. ARMAND (St.Amand?), 18, St. Patrick, Victoria Harbour, d/o Pierre St. ARMAND & Victoria ROBILLARD, both of Victoria Harbour, 10 Sept 1906 at Victoria Harbour
018149-06 - Patrick Joseph MULVIHILL, 28, Mara, Orillia, Implement Agent, s/o John MULVIHILL & Sarah MORRIS, married Eliza. Laura McSWEENEY, 25, Orillia, same, Typewriter, d/o Patrick McSWEENY & Mary COFFEY, wtn: Daniel MULVIHILL of Rathburn & Julia McSWEENEY of Orillia, on November 27, 1906, at Orillia 018102-06 - Athol Fred. B. MURRAY, 27, Toronto, Fergus, Banker, s/o Huson MURRAY & Eliza Mary HOWARD, married Sybil Tipping SINCLAIR, 29, Orillia, same, d/do Henry Fred SINCLAIR & Emily Sophia TIPPING, wtn: John & Katheleen SINCLAIR, both of Orillia, on March 5, 1906, at Orillia
017891-06 (Simcoe County)  George MUSTARD, 28, Strathaven, Creemore, Carpenter & Builder, s/o George MUSTARD & Catharine MORGAN, married Mabel Florence MacKAY, 23, Creemore, same, d/o Francis MacKAY & Ellen ALLEN, wtn: Ellesworth MUSTARD of Creemore & Agnes ALLEN of Stayner, on October 10, 1906, at Creemore 017742-06 (Simcoe Co.) John Joseph NATTRESS, 27, of Allandale, carpenter, s/o Henry NATTRESS & Margaret BECKETT, married Ida Maud WILLISON, 18, of Allandale, d/o James WILLISON & Alice HAGARD, wtn: Bert GREEN of Trout Creek & Ada WILSON of Barrie, on September 5, 1906, at Allandale (also 17974-06 as Mattrais instead of Nattress)
017736-06 (Simcoe Co.) Harry NAYLOR, 26, Leeds England, Barrie, Fireman; s/o John NAYLOR and Susannah PARKER married Edith BARNES, 21, Leeds England, Barrie; d/o Joseph BARNES and Mary TAYLOR wtn: J. W. BARNES of Barrie & Rosa BARNES of Barrie, on July 18th, 1906 at Allandale.

018050-1906 (Simcoe Co.) John NORRIS, 27, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Thomas NORRIS & Mary Ann RICK married Elizabeth STEWART, 38, housekeeper, York twp., Nottawasaga, parents - Alexander STEWART & Margaret STEWART, witn. Alexander STEWART of Osprey twp. & Sarah STEWART of York twp., March 7, 1906 at Nottawasaga

018195-06 (Simcoe Co.) George O'BEE, miller, 24, Aurora, Toronto, s/o George O'BEE and Eliza KNIGHT, married Mary T. SAMPSON, 24, domestic, Oro, Toronto, d/o Joseph SAMPSON and Mary Ann LAWSON, witn Thomas SAMPSON and Mary Ann SAMPSON both of Oro, 27 June 1906 at Oro. 018075-06 (Simcoe Co.) Robert PALLINTER, 22, of Osprey, farmer, s/o George PALLINTER & Rachel BROWN, married Eliza Ann LOUGHEED, 19, of Osprey, d/o W.J. LOUGHEED & J.A. WINDOW, wtn: J.B. PAAINTER of Maxwell & M. E. LOUGHEED of Singhampton, on December 10, 1906, at Singhampton

17724-06 William John PARKER, 45, general merchant, Quebec City, Waverly, s/o John Henry PARKER & Kate McCARTHY, married Margaret ANDERSON, 37, Georgetown, Waverly, d/o Robert ANDERSON & Jean BRUCE, witn: Robert Bruce ANDERSON & Edith A. CHAPMAN both of Barrie, 12 June 1906 at Barrie

018193-06 (Simcoe Co.) John PERRYMAN, 32, farmer, East Oro, East Oro, s/o William PERRYMAN and Jane STINSON, married Louisa HODGES, 35, nurse, East Oro, East Oro, d/o Richard HODGES and Sarah EVES, witn Thomas COE of Toronto, Richard HODGES of Buffalo and Addie PERRYMAN of East ORO, 6 June 1906 at St. Mark's Church, East Oro. 018354-06 (Simcoe Co.) Samuel S. PETCH, 29, St. Vincent, same, school teacher, s/o Ruben PETCH & Julia SANDERS, married Elizabeth RICHARDSON, 24, Flos, same, d/o Edwd & Mariah RICHARDSON, wtn: Zena RUPERT of Russleton & Mary E. PETCH of Vespra, on July 11, 1906, at Vespra
018348-06 (Simcoe Co.) - C.E. PORTER, 32, Tecumseth, Tottenham, farmer, s/o William PORTER & Ann ARMSTRONG, married Jane BELL, 31, King, Tecumseth, d/o Jas BELL & Jas (sic) BARBER, wtn: H.S. WHITE & Elizabeth BROWN, both of Tottenham on November 28, 1906 018190-06 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph POUND, 23, farmer, Mitchell Square, Mitchell Square, s/o Jesse POUND and Eliza GRANT, married Mary REEVIE, 18, Oro Station, Mitchell Square, d/o Robb REEVIE and Isabella McARTHUR, witn Charles REEVIE of Mitchell Square and Edith A. CAMPBELL of Oro Station, 10 April 1906 at manse
017890-06 -  Duncan PRATT, 25, Scotland, Bellwood, Merchant, s/o John PRATT & Mary ISAAC, married Eleanor SOMERVILLE, 24, Nottawasaga, Creemore, d/o Samuel SOMERVILLE & Emma MARTIN, wtn:  S.J. SOMERVILLE & Lizzie RANKIN, both of Creemore,  October 3, 1906, at Creemore

17677-06 Frank Bismark PREST, 34, carpenter, Tecumseth, same, s/o Thomas PREST & Jane COE, married Elsie Victoria LYONS, 25, Ballycroy, same, d/o John LYONS, farmer & Nancy AUSTIN, witn: J. AGNEW of Toronto & E.J. LYONS of Ballycroy, 7 Mar 1906 at Ballycroy

17683-06 George PRIDHAM, 30, farmer, Tecumseth, same, s/o Thomas PRIDHAM & Mary STEPHENSON, married Ada Jane COLLINS, 22, Nottawasaga, Adjala, d/o George COLLINS, farmer & Sarah WALSH, witn: Ed PRIDHAM & Melissa COLLINS both of Adjala, 20 June 1906 at Adjala

018143-06 - James D. RAYNER, 24, Georgina, Orillia, Blacksmith, s/o Daniel RAYNER & Sarah BRILLINGER, married Olive HIGGINSON, 23, Georgina, Orillia, d/o Herman BRILLINGER & Elizabeth BAKER, wtn: E. HIND & Allie ODERY, both of Orillia, on September 5, 1906, at Orillia
018063-06 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick E. RICHARDSON, 24, merchant, Thornbury, Nipissing Ont., parents - A. F. RICHARDSON & Lilla LORD married Mary Ann Maud BLAIR, 24, teacher, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Donald BLAIR & Janet BUCHANAN, witn; H. M. RICHARDSON of Glen Huron & Mrs. J. W. CAMPBELL of Duntroon, June 13, 1906 at Nottawasaga 018351-06 (Simcoe Co.) Albert E. RICHARDSON, 35, Ontario, Vespra, farmer, s/o Edward RICHARDSON & Marion SHOULDICE, married Maud PARTRIDGE, 23, Ontario, Vespra, d/o John PARTRIDGE & Mary McNABB, wtn: P.W. VALERY of Toronto & M.E. PETSH? of Vespra, on June 13, 1906, at Vespra
017734-06 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Robert ROBERTSON, 37, Flos Tp, Oro Tp, Widower, Farmer; s/o James ROBERTSON, and Eliza MCCONNEL married Emily LOUSLEY, 28, Barrie, Barrie, Widow, d/o John DONALDSON & Jane CODE wtn: George DONALDSON of Barrie and James A BALLANTYNE of Barrie, on July 11th, 1906, at Barrie.  

17678-06 Louis ROBINS, 18, laborer, Hockley, same, s/o Richard ROBINS & Rachael RHUEBOTTOM, married Sadie GOODEVE, 25, Hockley, same, d/o Robert GOODEVE, farmer & Sarah McCOY, witn: Lawrence COLE & Maggie ROBINS both of Hockley, 25 Apr 1906 at Hockley

017964-06 (Simcoe Co.) Elmer Nelson ROBINS, 23, Stroud, same, farmer, s/o John ROBINS & Sarah Jane BROLEY, married Ethel May HUGHES, 19, Innisfil, Stroud, d/o John W. HUGHES & Nettie BANNERMAN, wtn: Samuel BROLEY & Edna HUGHES, both of Stroud, on July 4, 1906, at Stroud

18203-06 (Simcoe Co) Richard A. ROE, 38, widower, farmer, Oro twp, same, s/o Richard ROE & Emily ARMSTRONG, married Laura J. SHELSWELL, 18, Oro twp, same, d/o Walter SHELSWELL & Matilda MORRIS, witn: Frank SHELSWELL & Blinda HUNTER both of Oro twp, 14 Nov 1906 at the bride's home

17721-06 John Dunbar ROE, 36, widower, farmer, Lanark Co, Vespra, s/o Thomas ROE & Maria DUNBAR, married Christina Scott PRIMROSE, 22, Minesing, Vespra, d/o Alexander PRIMROSE & Eliza JACOBS, witn: Alex PRIMROSE of Vespra & Annie CARSON of Barrie, 21 Mar 1906 at Barrie

018196-06 (Simcoe Co.) Hugh D. ROSS, 30, tradesman, Oro, Oro, s/o Archibald ROSS and Martha A. BELL, married Rachel BURT, 34, Oro, Oro, d/o James BURT and Helen STEWART, witn Alvin ROSS and Lucy BURT both of Oro, 8 August 1906 at bride's home Oro.  
018344-06 (Simcoe Co.) James ROWE (Rawn?), 37, Bradford, Buffalo, plumber, widowed, s/o James ROWE &  Juliana WHALEN, married Ida STEELE, 27, Beaton, Tottenham, d/o W. STEELE & Hulda PENFOLD, wtn: W.G. BODDY of Tottenham & Ann COCKOFT? of Jackson ?, on June 4, 1906, at Tottenham 017758-06 - Charles SAMMONS, 57, farmer, widower, Nassagaya, Sunnidale, s/o Ezra SAMMONS & Hannah GORDON, married Mercy HILTS, 52, widow, Culross Bruce Twp, Sunnidale Twp, d/o Blakeney SMITH & Susannah HILTS, witn; Eli & Mrs. Eli SMITH of Barrie. Oct 16, 1906 at Barrie.

18206-06 (Simcoe Co) William John SCOTT, 25, travelling salesman, Derry West Ontario, Toronto, s/o David SCOTT & Margaret McILLWAIN, married Effie Gertrude BLOOMFIELD, 24, Jarrett's Corners, same, d/o James BLOOMFIELD & Margaret REID, witn: Jean E. HAIG & Tina J. BLOOMFIELD both of Jarrett's Corners, 26 Dec 1906 at Jarrett's Corners

018337-06 (Simcoe Co.) Herbert E. SHEPHERD, 25, Tosorontio, same, farmer, s/o George SHEPHERD & Susan BUNT married Bertha W. REID, 23, blank, Everett, d/o John REID & Isabella LATIMER, wtn: William WILKINSON & Ida McCRAE, both of Everett, on December 12, 1906, at Tosorontio 019385-07 (Simcoe Co.) Herbert Elwood SHEPHERD, 25, farmer, Essa, Tossorontio, parents - George SHEPHERD & Susan BRENT married Bertha M. REID, 23, Tossorontio, Everett, parents - John REID & Isabella LATIMER, witn: William WILKINSON & Flo McCRAE both of Everett, Dec. 12, 1906 at Everett
018058-06 (Simcoe Co.) Walter Newborne SHIELDS, 33, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - John SHIELDS & Jane ROSS married Ellen Beatrice NEFF, 30, housekeeper, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Charles Andrew NEFF & Alvina SINCLAIR, witn. Herbert A. EDWARDS & Mabel NEFF both of Nottawasaga, Feb. 28, 1906

17679-06 John SIRRS, 35, farmer, Connor, same, s/o Thomas SIRRS & Ann ROBINS, married Annie M.J. COLE, 17, Hockley, same, d/o John COLE, farmer & Jane PROCTOR, witn: Lawrence COLE & Maggie ROBINS both of Hockley, 25 Apr 1906 at Hockley, [witn note: "in license name of groom given as John SIRR"]

17723-06 Lesley Joseph SMITH, 25, clerk, Queensville, Barrie, s/o John SMITH & Mary Jane LAZENBY, married May Nelson MAINPRIZE, 22, Barrie, same, d/o John Main prize & Sarah McCANN, witn: Albert MAINPRIZE of Allandale & Mrs James SMITH of Cookstown, 12 June 1906 at Barrie

018360-06 (Simcoe Co.) John SMITH, 28, Vespra, same, farmer, s/o Adam SMITH & Catherine HALCROW, married Dora BONNY, 25, Vespra, same, d/o John BONNY & Mary FARQUHARSON, wtn: Mrs. WESTNEY & Edith WESTNEY, both of Barrie, on October 17, 1906, at Vespra
018066-06 (Simcoe Co.) William John SMYTH, 31, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Robert SMYTH & Agnes McCUTCHEON married Jeanette AIKINS, 24, Quebec, Nottawasaga, parents -William AIKINS & Agnes CRAWFORD, witn; Samuel HAWKINS of Lavender & Georgina AIKINS of Glen Huron, June 27, 1906 at Nottawasaga

018352-06 (Simcoe Co.) Robert W. SPEARS, 24, Ontario, Essa, farmer, s/o William SPEARS & Mary HREGLATE?, married Dora R. DOOR, 24, Ontario, Vespra, d/o Robert DOOR & Rebecca FLETCHER, wtn: A.W. DOOR of Essa & B.M. DOOER? of Vespra, on April 12, 1906, at Vespra

19015-07 (Simcoe Co) Walter Lees? SRIGLEY, blank, farmer, Innisfil Twp., Innisfil Twp., s/o Samuel SRIGLEY & Mary Jane MILLER, married Amy Loella QUANTZ, 21, Innisfil Twp., Innisfil Twp., d/o Fred QUANTZ & Nancy MONTGOMERY, witn: Edward MILLER & Mae QUANTZ both of Innisfil, 19 Dec 1906 at St. Paul's Church Innisfil 018043-06 (Simcoe Co.) Adam STEWART, 28, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, machinist, widowed, s/o Adam STEWART & Euphemia WRIGHT, married Annie McEwen VEITCH*, 24, Nottawasaga, same, d/o Alexander McEWEN & Ann McDONALD, wtn: Mr. & Mrs. Nathan VEITCH, both of Nottawa, on Jan 1, 1906, at Nottawasaga (Note: * The name Veitch was assumed by the bride, that being the name of her foster family.)
018349-06 (Simcoe Co.) Ernest Gordon STEWART, 24, Ontario, Vespra, farmer, s/o Charles STEWART & Catherine FINLAY, married Margaret FERGUSON, 26, Ontario, Vespra, d/o Peter FERGUSON & Mary THOMPSON, wtn: W.J. STEWART & M.M. FERGUSON, both of Midhurst, on February 14, 1906, at Vespra 17693-06 William Paisley STONE, 36, painter, Canada, Alliston, s/o William STONE & Mary Jane WHITELEY, married Charlotte GRIMBLEBY, 26, Canada, Toronto, d/o Henry GRIMBLEBY & Sarah COURTNEY, witn: Matilda LEE & Fred M. KNAPP both of Alliston, 3 Mar 1906 at Alliston

17733-06 William A. SUTHERLAND, 30, laborer, Methven Scotland, Toronto, s/o James SUTHERLAND & Elizabeth FERNIE, married Susan GIBBARD, 25, widow, Minto twp, Toronto, d/o Donald DOUGLAS & Margaret NIVEN, witn: Annie S. McLeod & Maggie D. REID both of Barrie, 14 July 1906 at Barrie

018341-06 (Simcoe Co.) Fred A. TAYLOR, 22, Palgrave, same, farmer, s/o Levy (Jerry?) TAYLOR & Jane STEWART, married Elizabeth McCELLAND, 19, Ballycroy, Palgrave, d/o John?  McCELLAND & Mary GRIST (Guest?), wtn: Mary GREENAWAY & M. illegible, both of Tottenham, on April 4, 1906, at Tottenham
018350-06 (Simcoe Co.) Chester THOMPSON, 26, Ontario, Vespra, liveryman, s/o William THOMPSON & Margaret PLANT, married Saddie WALWIN, 19, Ontario, Vespra, d/o Thomas WALLWIN & Sarah BARR, wtn: George E. WEBB of Allendale & M.F. WALLWIN of Vespra, on February 21, 1906, at Vespra

17694-06 Martin Dunn THOMPSON, 28, farmer, Mulmur, same, s/o William THOMPSON & Margaret MARTIN, married Ethel Mabel BUNT, 26, Mono, Alliston, d/o Mumford BUNT & Margaret McMURRAY, witn: Robert W. THOMPSON of Mansfield & Myrtle BUNT of Alliston, 7 Mar 1906 at Alliston

17763-06 Joseph TILLETT, 28, farmer, North York, Lefroy, s/o Robert TILLETT & Mary TILLETT, married Violet Christina FERRIER, 17, Lefroy, same, d/o John FERRIER & Eunice PLUNKETT, witn: Lydia McCORMACK & Lavinia OCKLEY both of Barrie, 5 July 1906 at Barrie

018033-06 - Raul TREMBLAY, 21, Midland, same, Laborer, s/o William TREMBLAY & Mary NEWTON, married Agnes May LESPERANCE, 20, Trenton, Midland, d/o Oliver LESPERANCE & Ida NICHOLSON, wtn: John TREMBLAY & Maude SWALES, both of Midland, on November 26, 1906, at Midland
018047-06 (Simcoe Co.) Donald Albert VANCISE, 27, Grey Co., Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o Albert VANCISE & Annie McKINNON, married Margaret Ellen Gertrude SLED, 23, Grey Co., Nottawasaga, d/o John T. SLED & Catherine GRAHAM, wtn: James H. VANCISE of Collingwood & Isabel SLED of Batteau, on March 6, 1906, at Nottawasaga 018343-06 (Simcoe Co.) Charles WALLACE, 28, Canada, Albion, farmer, s/o John WALLACE & Mary GARRITY, married Mary Ellen McGOEY, 37, Canada, Tecumseth, T.L. McGOEY & Ellen McCABE, wtn Dan. McCARTHY of Albion & G. McGOEY of Tecumseth, May 8, 1906, at Tottenham
018099-06 - Fred WARNER, 27, Cobourg, Orillia, Laborer, Widowed, s/o Edward WARNER & Cynthia HADERN, married Georgina BARNICOTT, 22, Medonte, Orillia, d/o William BARNICOTT & Mary PARKER, wtn: William BARNICOTT & Alice WARNER, both of Orillia, on February 20, 1906, at Orillia  

17680-06 John Fred WATSON, 44, farmer, Keenansville, same, s/o James WATSON & Ann Jane COTTON, married Isabella Ida SIGSWORTH, 22, Keenansville, same, d/o John SIGSWORTH, farmer & Esther WILSON, witn: George WATSON of Ashton & Lily May SIGSWORTH of Keenansville, 12 June 1906 at Keenansville

018340-06 (Simcoe Co.) Frank WATTS, 24, Parry Sound, same, blacksmith, Jackson WATTS & Arabella McDOUGAL, married May SULLIVAN, 18, Adjala, Albion, d/o Thomas SULLIVAN & Mary CURRAN, wtn: James McKNIGHT of Windham & Nicol MORGAN? of Tottenham, on March 17, 1906, at Tottenham
  018333-06 (Simcoe Co.) Walter Martin Kerr WELLAR, 22, Ontario, Tosorontio, laborer, s/o John WELLAR & Mary Ann HUDSON, married Jennie WILSON, 20, Ontario, Tosorontio, d/o Emma MOORE & William Alfred WILSON, wtn: Robert & Eliza CRAWFORD, bo

17689-06 John Frederick WHITE, 24, woolen mill hand, Nichol, same, s/o James WHITE & Margaret LATCHFORD, married Rose COYLE, 36, Tossorontio, same, d/o Francis COYLE & Ellen CONNELL, witn: Bart COYLE & Mary COYLE both of Tossorontio, 19 Sept 1906 at Alliston (RC)