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Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Co.,  1926 - part 2

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birth place is given before residence

044387-26 John Clarence Preston JONES, 31, Bank Clerk, Smith's Falls, Kitchener, s/o James Gordon JONES (b. Smith's Falls) & Margaret Ann PRESTON; married Illah Rosamond BAKER, 34, Teacher, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Edwin BAKER (b. Winchester) & Martha MORROW; wit Dixon Lloyd BAILEY (MA. PHD), Winnipeg Man & Agnes Helen Clemanze BAKER, Winchester, 7 Sept 1926, Winchester  
44394-26 Louis KING, 33, blacksmith, Glengarry Centre, Greenfield, s/o John KING & Margaret BRENNAN; married Bertha SABOURIN, 22, St. Eugene, Greenfield, d/o Andrew SABOURIN & Julia PHILLIPS; wit Andrew SABOURIN & Charles SABOURIN, both Greenfield, 8 Feb 1926, Greenfield 044417-26 Joseph Louis LASCELLES, 32, Farmer, St. Telesphore Co. Soulanges Quebec, Lancaster Twp, s/o Jean Baptiste LASCELLES & Rachel BRUNET; married Marie Berndette VENDETTE, 23, St. Zotique Co. Soulanges Quebec, d/o Joseph VENDETTE & Adeline AVON; wit Baptiste LASCELLES, Dalhousie Mills Quebec & Joseph VENDETTE, Glen Robertson, 1 Feb 1926, Glen Robertson
044424-26 Omer LEDUC, 21, Labourer, Embrum, Cornwall, s/o Stanslaus LEDUC & Man CARRIERE; married Laurentine MAYER, 25, Mill Hand, Casselman, Cornwall, d/o Octave MAYER & Lumina LEVIE; wit Stanslaus LEDUC & Oct MAYER, both Cornwall, 2 Aug 1926, Cornwall 044627-26 Joseph Dominant Omer LEVIGNE dit TESSIER, 20, Labourer, Hull Quebec, Kenyon, s/o Samuel LEVIGNE dit TESSIER & Marie Louise POIRIER; married Victorine POIRIER, 21, St. Isadore, Kenyon, d/o John POIRIEIR & Alphonsine MENARD; wit Samuel TESSIER, Lemieux & John POIRIER, Apple Hill, 12 Oct 1926, Apple Hill [banns read at St. Anthony's Church in Apple Hill]
044437-26 Russell Edward LINK, 23, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o James LINK (b. Finch) & Ettie DROPPO; married Beatrice M. STRADER, 22, Matilda Twp, Iroquois, d/o Edward STRADER (b. Matilda) & Carrie BANFORD; wit Ross MOORE, Morrisburg & Vera STRADER, Iroquois, 30 Jun 1926, Iroquois 044438-26 John Laurence LISSON, 26, Clerk, Merrickville, Syracuse NY, s/o John LISSON & Agnes PERKINS; married Teresa Mary SERVAGE, 24, School Teacher, Berwick, Chesterville, d/o Maurice SERVAGE & Mary BECHLER; wit Arthur LISSON, Merrickville & Catherine Ann BECHLER, Berwick, 22 Jun 1926, Chesterville
044439-26 Alfred Joseph LITTLE, 30, Clerk, River Beaudette Quebec, Coteau Quebec, s/o Bernard LITTLE (b. Ireland) & (late) Margaret CLEARY; married Mary Julia MACDONALD, 21, Clerk, Cornwall, Coteau Quebec, d/o Frank McDONALD (sic) (b. Cornwall) & Mary GANNON; wit Bernard LITTLE & Ernest McDONALD, both Cornwall, 11 May 1926, Cornwall 044440-26 Alfred LOBB, 20, Farmer, Vankleek Hill, Dalkeith, s/o Napoleon LOBB & Emma LAROQUE; married Mary Lucy Sophia PICHE, 17, Farm Help, Dalkeith, Dalkeith, s/o Alex PICHE & Lucy SAUVE; wit Napoleon LOBB & Alex PICHE, both Dalkeith, 23 Nov 1926, Lochiel
044443-26 Joseph Arthur Emery LORTIE, 24, Labourer, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Arthur LORTIE & Alexina LAVALLEE; married Mary Yvonne LADOUCEUR, 23, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Richard LADOUCEUR & Mary Louise CLEMENT; wit Arthur LORTIE & William PERIARD, both Alexandria, 28 Jun 1926, Alexandria  
044448-26 Alfred MALBOEUF, 49, Farmer, Wid, St. Dominique Quebec, Caledonia Twp, s/o Joseph MALBOEUF (b. St. Dominique Quebec) & Marie DUHAMEL; married Delia DUMAS, 42, Housekeeper, Wid, St. Victor d'Alfred, Cornwall, d/o Godfrois BRISBOIS (b. St. Genevieve? Quebec) & Caroline LAUREL; wit Philias MARION & Louis MENARD, both Cornwall, 1 May 1926, Cornwall 044449-26 Morris Ray MANSON, 22, Machinist, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, s/o Gerard MANSON (b. Ontario) & Ida TYO; married Leila May ANDREWS, 21, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, d/o Charles Edgar ANDREWS (b. Ontario) & Mabel Adelaide MILROY; wit Percy Floyd JOHNSTON & Mabel ANDREWS, both Mille Roches, 1 Sept 1926, Cornwall
044450-26 Arthur MANVILLE, 20, Labourer, Cornwall, Massena NY, s/o Alfred MANVILLE & Emilia CARTIER; married Marguerite LALONDE, 19, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Angus LALONDE & Emilie LAPLANT; wit Alfred MANVILLE & Angus LALONDE, both Cornwall, 4 Oct 1926, Cornwall 044451-26 Winston L. MARGERRISON, 25, Farmer, Roxborough Twp, Gravel Hill, s/o Matthew MARGERRISON (b. Gravel Hill) & Mary TANNER; married Ethel E. CUMMINGS, 20, Monkland, none given, d/o John A. CUMMING (b. Cornwall) & Elizabeth Alice JOHNSTONE; wit Jesse HILL & Willie A. JOHNSTON, both Monkland, 12 May 1926, Monkland
044453-26 Burnet Judson MARTIN, 26, Mill Hand, St. John NB, Cornwall, s/o James MARTIN (b. Co. Antrim Ireland) & Sarah Jane TILTON; married Ruth HUNT, 30, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Edward A. HUNT (b. Cornwall) & Jane KIRKEY; wit Edward Arthur HUNT & Richard Wright TELFORD, both Cornwall, 30 Nov 1926, Cornwall 044454-26 William MARTIN, 24, Time Keeper, Glasgow Scotland, Cornwall, s/o William MARTIN (b. Belfast Ireland) & Elizabeth MORRISON; married Daisy JONES, 22, Textile Worker, New Market England, Cornwall, d/o Thomas JONES (b. England) & Adelaide HUGHES; wit George M. MARLIN, Cornwall & Bessie DENNISON, Carleton Place, 3 Aug 1926, Cornwall
044483-26 Howard John McCALLUM, 31, Farmer, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o John Peter McCALLUM (b. Ontario) & Joanna McVEAN; married Eva May HART, 24, Cornwall Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o Frederick HART (b. United States) & Jennie GRANT; wit Catherine Lavinia LIBBY, Sterlingville NY & Lillian HART, Martintown, 14 Jul 1926, Cornwall 044484-26 William Alfred McCOOYE, 26, Farmer, Osgoode Twp, Hallville, s/o John D. McCOOYE (b. Osgoode) & Victoria JOHNSTON; married Keitha Winfred SCARLETT, 19, Mountain Twp, Hallville, d/o James W. SCARLETT (b. Mountain) & Mae? DOUGLAS; wit David J. McCOOYE & Gladys BROWNLEE, both Osgoode, 4 Aug 1926, Mountain
044485-26 Donald Joseph McCORMICK, 28 (b. 13 Jun 1896), Farmer, Lochiel, Kenyon, s/o John McCORMICK & Catherine McDONALD; married Mabel Ann McLEAN, 25 (b. 5 Jun 1901), Lochiel, Kenyon, d/o Donald Angus McLEAN & Catherine KENNEDY; wit John D. McLEAN & Donald McLEAN, both Greenfield, 29 Jun 1926, Greenfield 044486-26 Alexander Allan McDONALD, 34, Farmer, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o John & Janet McDONALD; married Agnes Lillian Mary WILSON, 21, Milliner, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o George WILSON & Mary FAGAN; wit John A. McDONALD, Williamstown & Loretta FAGAN, Montreal, 11 Jan 1926, Cornwall
044487-26 Angus Allan McDONALD, 48, Carpenter, St. Raphaels, Cornwall, s/o Angus A. (b. Glengarry Co) & Ellen McDONALD; married Mary Azelda RENAUD, 42, Milliner, St. Raphaels, Cornwall, d/o Paul RENAUD (b. Glengarry Co) & Angel VALADE; wit John MACDONALD, St. Raphaels & Joseph RENAUD, Glen Roy, 29 Oct 1926, Cornwall 044488-26 Angus Roderick MACDONALD, 34, Labourer, St. Raphaels, Detroit Mich USA, s/o Hugh P. MACDONALD & Mary Jane McDONALD; married Elizabeth Catherine McDONALD, 29, Housekeeper, St. Raphaels, St. Raphaels, d/o Donald J. McDONELL (sic) & Sarah Jane McDONALD; wit James A. MACDONALD & Dan J. McDONNELL, both Greenvalley, 27 Dec 1926, St. Raphaels
044492-26 George R. McDONALD, 50 Miner, Kenyon Twp, Alexandria, s/o Ronald (b. Kenyon Twp) & Margaret McDONALD; married Isabel McDONALD, 38, Lochiel Twp, Alexandria, d/o Ronald McDONALD (b. Lochiel Twp) & Margaret McGILLIS; wit John J. NOLAN, Montreal & John BOYLE, Alexandria, 5 Apr 1926, Alexandria 044489-26 Archie J. McDONALD, 30, Telegraph Operator, Greenfield, Cornwall, s/o Roderick & Christina MACDONALD; married Flora MACDONALD, 26, Nurse, Greenfield, Greenfield, d/o Donald A & Flora McDONALD (sic); wit Charles A. THOMPSON, Cornwall & A. Catherine MACDONALD, Greenfield, 7 Jun 1926, Greenfield
044493-26 Henry Alexander McDONALD, 24, Farmer, Glen Robertson, Glen Robertson, s/o Archibald McDONALD & Mary Ellen WYLIE; married Jessie CAMERON, 19, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o Angus CAMERON & Mary McDONALD; wit Archibald A. McDONALD, Glen Robertson & Roderick CAMERON, Alexandria, 20 Sept 1926, Alexandria 044494-26 John Angus McDONALD, 53, Labourer, Wid, St. Raphaels West, Montreal Quebec, s/o Arch. Neil McDONALD & Mary McLACHLAN; married Mary McDOUGALD, 47, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o Alexander R. & Sarah McDOUGALD; wit Roderick McLEOD & Alexander McDOUGALD, both Alexandria, 6 Jul 1926, Alexandria
044496-26 John Edward MACDONALD, 25, Farmer, Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg, s/o John K. MACDONALD & Flora MACDONALD; married Jennie Gertrude MACDONALD, 23, Maid, Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg, d/o Alexander A. MACDONALD & Jennie GRANT; wit Kenneth MACDONALD, Williamstown & Mrs. Dan CAMERON, Cornwall, 20 Jun 1926, Williamstown 044497-26 John Leonard McDONALD, 21, Farmer, Kenyon Twp, Apple Hill, s/o Alexander Angus McDONALD & Mary Agnes McDONALD; married Mary Margaret McDONALD, 18, Cornwall Twp, St. Andrews West, d/o Archibald Samuel McDONALD & Catherine McMILLAN; wit George McDONALD, Apple Hill & Irene QUINN, St. Andrews West, 12 Jul 1926, Cornwall
044498-26 Ranald McDONALD, 41, Labourer, Kenyon Twp, Greenfield, s/o Donald M. (b. Canada) & Flora McDONALD; married Christina McMILLAN, 25, Kenyon Twp, Greenfield, d/o D.J. MACMILLAN (sic) (b. Canada) & Catherine McDONALD; wit John M. McDONALD & D.J. McMILLAN, both Greenfield, 23 May 1926, Greenfield 044490-26 Donald Waldroff McDONALD, 25, Salesman, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Duncan J. McDONALD & Elenor WALDORF; married Margaret Julia TYO, 25, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o William TYO & Julia E. DESBOOM?; wit Duncan J. McDONALD & William TYO, both Cornwall, 17 Jun 1926, Cornwall
044491-26 Dougald D. McDONALD, 46, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o David Dougald McDONALD (b. Cornwall Twp) & Mary Teresa McMILLAN; married Daisy Agnes BEAUCAGE, 15, Domestic, Charlottenburg Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Ovide BEAUCAGE (b. Glengarry Co) & Gertrude LAPLANTE; wit Alexander McMILLAN, Martintown & Anna Janet McDONALD, Northfield, 12 May 1926, St. Andrews West 044495-26 John Duncan MACDONALD, 29, Labourer, St. Andrews West, Cornwall, s/o Archibald MACDONALD & Mary Ann McINTOSH; married Beatrice BOURGON, 25, Maid, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Florant BOURGON & Donald LEVEBRE; wit Herbert MACDONALD & Florant BOURGON, both Cornwall, 12 Oct 1926, Cornwall
044499-26 Angus Joseph MACDONELL, 39, Farmer, St. Anne de Prescott, Lochiel, s/o Alex & Annie MACDONALD; married Margaret HAMMILL, 27, Farmer, Alexandria, Lochiel, d/o Rod. HAMMILL & Mary McMILLAN; wit Joseph MACDONELL, Dalkeith & Annie HAMMILL, Lochiel, 21 Jun 1926, Lochiel 044500-26 Cecil James MACDOUGALL, 21, Clerk, Lancaster, Cornwall, s/o Edward Louis MACDOUGAL (sic) (b. Ontario) & Margaret Elizabeth DAVIDSON; married Eveline Margaret CHEESEMAN, 23, Stenographer, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Thomas CHEESEMAN (b. Kent England) & Catherine Gertrude GALLINGER; wit Thomas CHEESEMAN & Edward Lorne McDOUGAL, both Cornwall, 23 Aug 1926, Cornwall Twp
044501-26 Alexander McDOUGALD, 53, Farmer, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, s/o Alexander A. & Sarah McDOUGALD; married Hanna MUNDY, 49, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o Elias MUNDY & Catherine McRAE; wit Rod McLEOD, Alexandria & Thomas MUNDY, Montreal Quebec, 28 Sept 1926, Alexandria 044502-26 Duncan James McDOUGALL, 22, Farmer, Glen Donald, Glen Donald, s/o John J. & Flora McDOUGALL; married Odea Cecilia LAFLECHE, 19, Mill Employee, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Ernest LAFLECHE & Mary MYERS; wit Michael PURCELL & Edna LAFLECHE, both Cornwall, 24 May 1926, Cornwall
044503-26 Duncan Millan McELHERAN, 26, Farmer, Finch Twp. Chesterville, s/o Robert Charles McELHERAN (b. Finch Twp) & Anna Bell MACMILLAN; married Orma Theresa HUTT, 21, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Donald Gardiner HUTT (b. Winchester Twp) & Emma PERRAULT; wit Angus SMITH & Evelyn GRAY, both Chesterville, 20 Nov 1926, Winchester Twp 044504-26 Ernest A. McEWEN, 43, Farmer, Roxboro Twp, Roxboro Twp, s/o Duncan A. (b. Roxboro Twp) & Christina McEWEN; married Margaret McLAURIN, 29, School Teacher, Roxboro Twp, Roxboro Twp, d/o Alexander MACLAURIN (sic) (b. Roxboro Twp) & Margaret CAMERON; wit Florence MACLAURIN & L.J. MACNAUGHTON, both Maxville, 27 Jan 1926, Maxville
044505-26 William Ambrose Victor McGANNON, 19, Clerk, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, s/o William McGANNON (b. Ontario) & Katherine GORMLEY; married Florence A. OUDERKIRK, 17, Williamsburg Twp, Morrisburg, d/o Harvey OUDERKIRK (b. Ontario) & Clarissa WEEGER; wit Paul GORMLEY & Clara McKINNON, both Morrisburg, 23 Nov 1926 (NOTE; Divorce Decree 10/6/53)  
044507-26 Manson McGREGOR, 20, Labourer, Avonmore, Roxborough, s/o Alexander McGREGOR (b. Roxborough) & Mary PAUPST; married Annie Geneva CAMERON, 19, Avonmore, Roxborough, d/o William J. CAMERON (b. Finch) & Annie McMILLAN; wit Paul SEGUIN, Monkland & Hazel McGREGOR, Avonmore, 27 Jan 1926, Avonmore 044506-26 James Herbert McGREGOR, 40, Farmer, Osgoode Twp, Osgoode Twp, s/o John McGREGOR (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann ANDREW; married Louise E. CINNAMON, 38, Farmer, Osgoode Twp, Osgoode Twp, d/o Thomas CINNAMON (b. Winchester Twp) & Dinah POOLE; wit Robert James CINNAMON & Zella P. CINNAMON, both Ormond, 9 Aug 1926, Winchester
044508-26 John Alfred McGUIRE, 25, Physician, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o N.C. McGUIRE (b. Shawville) & Isabelle McLENNAN; married Edith Isabella BENNETT, 26, Mille Roches, Cornwall, d/o N.G. BENNETT (b. Wales) & Elizabeth CARPENTER; wit Clarence McGUIRE, Cornwall & Eileen BENNETT, Mille Roches, 6 Nov 1926, Mille Roches 044509-26 David Nathaniel McINTOSH, 24, Farmer, Mountain Twp, Inkerman, s/o David Nathaniel McINTOSH (b. Dundela) & Isabel BLACK; married Mary Mabel CROSS, 27, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Inkerman, d/o Silas CROSS (b. Winchester Twp) & Susan BALL; wit Rose CROSS & Jessie CROSS, both Winchester, 10 Jun 1926, Winchester
044511-26 Herbert McINTOSH, 39, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o John McINTOSH (b. Ontario) & Isabella MILLER; married Dorothy MACDIARMID, 28, Jacques Cartier Co. Quebec, Cornwall Twp, d/o Archibald McDIARMID (b. Ontario) & Ellen AIRD; wit John McINTOSH & Mrs. John McINTOSH, both Martintown, 12 Oct 1926, Stormont 044510-26 Ronald or Donald James McINTOSH, 36, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o John Angus McINTOSH & Anne McDONALD; married Mary Margaret O'KEEFE, 24, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Owen O'KEEFE & Catherine VALADE; wit Cecil A. McDONALD & Stella O'KEEFE, both Harrison, 25 Oct 1926, St. Andrews West
044512-26 John McINTOSH, 37, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o W.W. McINTOSH (b. Canada) & Mary J. FERGUSON; married Greta SHAVER, 29, Wid, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o Dan McKINNON (b. Canada) & Dora BUSTARD; wit Herbert McINTOSH, Martintown & Dorothy McDERMOTT, Avonmore, 23 Jun 1926, Cornwall 044513-26 Kenneth McINTOSH, 19, Farmer, Osgoode Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o John McINTOSH (b. Osgoode) & Henrietta McDONALD; married Clarissa Helen DILLABOUGH, 21, Farmer, Morewood, Winchester Twp, d/o Alexander DILLABOUGH (b. Morewood) & Annie L. HUNTER; wit Lillie NEELY & Murray P. DILLABOUGH, both Morewood, 24 Feb 1926, Morewood
044514-26 Andrew Nesbitt McINTYRE, 23, Farmer, Admaston Twp, Admaston Twp, s/o Andrew Nesbitt McINTYRE & Nellie LAROND; married Mary Margery STEWART, 29, School Teacher, Lancaster Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o Peter & Jane STEWART; wit Christie McDONALD, Alexandria & Annie C. STUART, Williamstown, 30 Jun 1926, Williamstown 044515-26 William Malcolm McINTYRE, 31, Farmer, Mountain Twp, Mountain Twp, s/o Malcolm McINTYRE (b. Mountain Twp) & Mary A. CUMMING; married Hazel E. MILL, 31, Mountain Twp, Winchester, d/o James Lennard MILL (b. Mountain Twp) & Anna ROSE; wit Clair R. MILL & Ina L. MILL, both Montreal Quebec, 29 Sept 1926, Winchester
044516-26 Neil George McKEE, 33, Farmer, Mountain Twp, Toys Hill, s/o Cornelius McKEE (b. Mountain Twp) & Teresa GALLAGHER; married Della HARPER, 22, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Toys Hill, d/o Zerney (b. Chesterville) & Maude HARPER; wit Milton FENNELL & Sarah A. FENNELL, both Winchester, 13 Feb 1926, Winchester 044517-26 Donald Duncan MACKENZIE, 28, Farmer, East Hawkesbury Twp, Lochiel Twp, s/o Malcolm McKENZIE (sic) (b. East Hawkesbury) & Sarah DASKALLY?; married Katie Bell Ida MACRAE, 34, Glen Sandfield, Lochiel Twp, d/o Roderic Malcolm MACRAE (b. Glen Sandfield) & Christina MACMILLAN; wit Roderic Malcolm MACRAE & Christina (Macmillan) MACRAE, both Glen Sandfield, 20 Jan 1926, Glen Sandfield
  044518-26 Forbes McKINNON, 32, Farmer, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, s/o Alexander MACKINNON (sic) (b. Lochiel) & Janet FORBES; married Marion Elizabeth MACLEOD, 27, Teacher, Kenyon Twp, Kenyon Twp, d/o John Herman MACLEOD (b. Dunvegan) & Catherine MACRAE; wit H.E. ROI, Alexandria & J.D. McLEOD, Dunvegan, 4 Sept 1926, Dunvegan
044519-26 Glen MACLENNAN, 24, Machine Worker, Apple Hill, Cornwall, s/o Allan McLENNAN (sic) (b. Glengarry) & Janet Ann MACNAMARA; married Florence Gertrude McDERMID, 22, Kenyon Twp, Cornwall, d/o John Angus (b. Glengarry) & Christine Catherine McDERMID; wit John Angus McDERMID & C.J. FLACK, both Cornwall, 11 Jan 1926, Cornwall 044520-26 Neil Alexander McLENNAN, 26, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o William H. McLENNAN (b. South Branch) & Ellen NEILL; married Adda Jennette WERELEY, 24, Osnabruck Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Adam WERELEY (b. Northfield) & Edith MELDRUM; wit Rita WERELEY & Grace WERELEY, both Cornwall, 6 Mar 1926, Cornwall
044521-26 Donald Alexander McLEOD, 27, Farmer, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o John R. McLEOD (b. Lancaster Twp) & Margaret A. McLENNAN; married Mary Catherine McARTHUR, 23, Charlottenburgh Twp, none given, d/o James A. McARTHUR (b. Charlottenburg Twp) & Christy J. MUNRO; wit A.P. McGREGOR, Bainsville & J.R. McLEOD, Lancaster Twp, 18 Jun 1926, Charlottenburgh Twp 044522-26 Donald Norman MACLEOD, 32, Farmer, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, s/o William D. MACLEOD (b. Lochiel) & Elizabeth GRANT; married Bella Mary STEWART, 32, Kenyon Twp, Kenyon Twp, d/o Murdoch W. STEWART (b. Dunvegan) & Annie GRANT; wit A.C. STEWART & W.R. MACLEOD, both Dunvegan, 15 Sept 1926, Dunvegan
044523-26 James McLEOD, 32, Boiler Maker, Dundee Scotland, Montreal, s/o Angus McLEOD (b. Scotland) & Helen O'NEIL; married Sarah Jane NEVILLE, 25, Montreal Quebec, Apple Hill, d/o James NEVILLE (b. Quebec) & Liza SOVA; wit Leslie McLEOD, Maxville & Agnes C. NEVILLE, Apple Hill, 26 Jun 1926, Apple Hill 044524-26 John J. McLEOD, 25, Farmer, Compton Co Quebec, Finch Twp, s/o Peter McLEOD (b. Canada) & Sarah STEVENSON; married Liza OUDERKIRK, 24, Housemaid, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o James T. OUDERKIRK (b. Canada) & Ellen KENNEDY; wit Janston? OUDERKIRK, Berwick & Vera MERKLEY, Chesterville, 13 Apr 1926, Cornwall
044526-26 Donald Angus McMILLAN, 31, Farmer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o Alexander (b. Finch Twp) & Jane McMILLAN; married Lucilla M. DORAN, 18, Housemaid, Osnabruck Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Oscar DORAN (b. Osnabruck Centre) & Mary RUPERT; wit Willis SUMMERS, Berwick & Marjory McMILLAN, Finch, 7 Apr 1926, Finch Twp 044525-26 Arthur McMILLAN, 33, Farmer, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, s/o Allen McMILLAN (b. Lochiel) & Kate BETHUNE; married Christina McMILLAN, 24, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o Dan H. McMILLAN (b. Lochiel) & Mary Jane McLENNEN; wit Muriel MACMILLAN & Gordon MACMILLAN, both Alexandria, 30 Jun 1926, Lochiel
044527-26 Donald Miles McMILLAN, 31, Farmer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o Archibald M. (b. Finch Twp) & Margaret T. McMILLAN; married Inez Margaret WALKER, 18, London, Finch Twp, d/o George WALKER (b. Staffordshire England) & Margaret S. OUDERKIRK; wit Mrs. Charles BENTON & John D. BENTON, both Apple Hill, 29 Apr 1926, Apple Hill 044528-26 Hugh MACMILLAN, 24, Farmer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o John J. MACMILLAN (b. Finch Twp) & Catherine Ann MACLEAN; married Lottie FERGUSON, 19, Finch Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o John FERGUSON (b. Cambridge Twp) & Melisa A. BENTON; wit Alexander FERGUSON, Avonmore & Eva A. MACMILLAN, Finch, 7 Jul 1926, Avonmore
044529-26 Morris Ford McMILLAN, 31, Butcher, Williamsburg Twp, Finch Village, s/o William Hill McMILLAN (b. Ontario) & Margaret BUCKSTEAD; married Elizabeth Ann CAMERON, 31, Bank Clerk, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o John W. CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Janet McNAUGHTON; wit M.E. MUNROE & Margaret MUNROE, both Cornwall, 28 Dec 1926, Cornwall 044530-26 William McMILLAN, 24, Paper Maker, Cornwall Twp, Mille Roches, s/o Donald McMILLAN (b. Ontario) & Jessie RUPERT; married Vera Lillian ALGUIRE, 20, Mill Hand, Cornwall Twp, Mille Roches, d/o Simeon ALGUIRE (b. Ontario) & Bernice DE ROSIE; wit M.E. MUNROE & Margaret C. MUNROE, both Cornwall, 19 Feb 1926, Cornwall
044531-26 Percy MACNAMARA, 19, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Edward MACNAMARA? & Annie HYER (Kyer?); married Regina LABELL, 19, Mill Hand, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o J.B. LABELL & Laura BEAUDRY; wit Edward MACNAMARA & Joseph LABELL, both Cornwall, 7 Jun 1926, Cornwall 044532-26 Donald Andrew McPHEE, 46, Agriculturist, West Hawkesbury Twp, Vankleek Hill, s/o Duncan McPHEE (b. Vankleek Hill) & Christy McCRIMMON; married Margery Mary Smith FRASER, 29, Teacher, Charlottenburg, Williamstown, d/o Duncan S. FRASER (b. Charlottenburg) & Kate McLENNAN; wit Simon B. FRASER, Williamstown & Mrs. Alex. W. FRASER, Dalkeith, 29 Dec 1926, Williamstown
044534-26 John Donald MACRAE, 28, Cashier, Kenyon Twp, Montreal, s/o Murdoch J. MACRAE (b. Kenyon) & Nora MACLEOD; married Catherine Isabel MACKERCHER, 29, Kenyon Twp, Montreal, d/o Daniel MACKERCHER (b. Kenyon) & Jennie MACLEAN; wit Mabel MACKERCHER & Oliver A. MACRAE, both Maxville, 9 Oct 1926, Kenyon Twp 044533-26 Fergus McRAE, 32, Customs, McCrimmon, Alexandria, s/o John McRAE (b. Lochiel) & Sarah McLEOD; married Isabella Catherine McSWEYN, 24, Kenyon Twp, Kenyon Twp, d/o Duncan D. McSWEYN (b. Kenyon) & Christie GRANT; wit Donald N. McLEOD & Elizabeth McMASTER, both Dunvegan, 25 Aug 1926, Kenyon
044535-26 Kenzie Stewart MACRAE, 32, Barber, Wid, Glen Sandfield, Aultsville, s/o John MACRAE (b. Glen Sandfield) & Annie McLEOD; married Winnifred Bernice GOODWIN, 22, Point de Bute NB, Aultsville, d/o Herbert F. GOODWIN (b. Point de Bute NB) & Evelyn CARTER; wit Anetta N. STUART & J.H. BECKSTEAD, both Aultsville, 14 May 1926, Aultsville 044470-26 Joseph Oliver Lorenzo MONTREUIL, 20, Labourer, Valleyfield, Valleyfield Quebec, s/o Moses MONTREUIL & Lodwina McSWEEN; married Mary Alice DAPRATS, 20, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Gilton DAPRATS & Mary Jane LAPIERRE; wit Moses MONTREUIL, Valleyfield Quebec & Frank BROWN, Alexandria, 23 Jun 1926, Alexandria
044471-26 Neil Farish MOORE, 30, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o William MOORE (b. Cornwall) & Margaret Colthart BLACK; married Mary Gertrude GARRY, 31, Teacher, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Thomas GARRY (b. Cobourg) & Catherine H. CARR; wit Henry Weatherby WEAGANT & Grace Aileen GARRY, both Cornwall, 14 Jul 1926, Cornwall 44472-26 Michael MORAN, 22, Farmer's Son, Crysler, Crysler, s/o Charles MORAN & Isabella KNIGHT; married Stella R. BARKLEY, 21, Chesterville, Berwick, d/o Lewis BARKLEY & Mary LYNCH; wit Roy LYNCH, Chesterville & Rosella MORAN, Crysler, 20 Oct 1926, Crysler
044473-26 Glenn Arthur MORGAN, 28, Accountant, Stormont Co, Quebec, s/o John R. MORGAN (b. Stormont Co) & Agnes WALDORF; married Greta Olga BAKER, 28, Nurse, Dundas Co, Quebec, d/o John BAKER (b. Winchester) & Kate DEMPSEY; wit William L. FETTERLEY & Mrs. William L. FETTERLEY, both Iroquois, 12 Oct 1926, Morrisburg 044474-26 William Henry MORPAN, 24, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o John MOREPAN (sic) & Mary Jane ROACH; married Margarite DESAUTEL, 18, Mill Hand, Williamstown, Cornwall, d/o John DESAUTEL & Ellen ABRAMS; wit Garnet MOREPAN & Veronica DESAUTEL, both Cornwall, 16 Aug 1926, Cornwall
044475-26 Sydney MORRIS, 21, Carter, England, Chesterville, s/o Alfred MORRIS (b. England) & Annie BROADLEY; married Gertrude BARCLAY, 20, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Alfred BARKLEY (sic) (b. Dunbar Ont) & Sarah SULLIVAN; wit J.A. MUIR, Chesterville & Ethel BARKLEY, Dunbar, 22 Dec 1926, Williamsburg 044476-26 Archie Alexander MORRISON, 27, Farmer, Lancaster Twp, Osnabruck, s/o Duncan MORRISON (b. Lancaster Twp) & Mary McGILLIVRAY; married Beryl POAPST, 27, Teacher, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Edson POAPST (b. Cornwall Twp) & Mary EAMON; wit Christina E. MORRISON, Wales & G.C. POAPST, Northfield Station, 6 Jul 1926, Northfield Station
044477-26 Robert Ross MORROW, 27, Auctioneer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Robert MORROW (b. Winchester Twp) & Edith BAKER; married Keitha Pearl BAILEY, 22, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Abram BAILEY (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Hattie PATTERSON; wit Johnston W. MORROW, Arnprior & Gladys Ellen BAILEY, Perth, 25 Dec 1926, Williamsburg Twp 044478-26 Adelard MOYNES, 27, Labourer, Hawkesbury, Cornwall, s/o Fabien MOYNES & Rose De Lima LEROUX; married Albertine RACINE, 23, Mill Hand, Casselman, Cornwall, d/o Pierre RACINE & Helene ST. PIERRE; wit John TAILLON, Cornwall & Daniel RACINE, Casselman, 5 Apr 1926, Cornwall
044479-26 William D. MUNROE, 25, Carpenter, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o Alex MONROE (b. Finch) & Christie McLEOD; married Hattie PRICE, 18, Housemaid, Mountain Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o William PRICE (b. Winchester) & Edith EMPEY; wit Mrs. W.E. HAMILTON & Pearl E. HOLMES, both Winchester, 22 Sept 1926, Winchester 044480-26 James Arthur MURPHY, 25, Pittsburg Twp Frontenac Co, Gananoque, s/o John E. MURPHY (b. Pittsburg Twp) & Sarah B. MAXWELL; married Anna May PRIMEAU, 21, Cornwall, Moulinette, d/o William H. PRIMEAU (b. Cornwall) & Ellen M. KYER; wit Carleton R. FORRESTER & Cela Rose BISBEE, both Moulinette, 7 Sept 1926, Cornwall
044481-26 Herbert Wallace MYERS, 20, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Wallace MYERS (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Tina McMILLAN; married Mary Ann SHAVER, 22, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Hugh SHAVER (b. Finch Twp) & Christie MACMILLAN; wit John N. SHAVER & Dorothy SHAVER, both Finch, 25 Sept 1926, Avonmore 044482-26 John Frederick MYERS, 42, Railway Agent, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, s/o George E. MYERS (b. Morrisburg) & Esther RICE; married Amy BANKS, 30, Typist, Liverpool England, Morrisburg, d/o Richard BANKS (b. Liverpool England) & Alice FLETCHER; wit F.A. MORIN, Toronto & Edna CLARK, Morrisburg, 17 Nov 1926, Morrisburg
044536-26 Howard Edburn NELSON, 26, Farmer, Oxford Twp, South Gower, s/o James NELSON (b. Oxford) & Sarah BAKER; married Kathleen Ruth BUCH, 18, London England, Mountain, d/o George BUCH (b. Germany) & Anna DEACON; wit George BUCH & Mrs. Ava BUCH, both Mountain, 18 Aug 1926, St. Andrews  
044537-26 Arthur Frederick NEWELL, 26, Tile Setter, London England, Montreal, s/o Harry NEWELL (b. London England) & Edith RADLEY; married Eunice Lillian GRAY, 27, Bookkeeper, Cornwall, Montreal, d/o William H. GRAY (b. Minnesota USA) & Eliza L. OLIVER; wit Mrs. H. GRAY & Mrs. W.H. GRAY, both Cornwall, 18 Jan 1926, Cornwall 044538-26 Henry Clare NUGENT, 30, Farmer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o Alexander B. NUGENT (b. Finch Twp) & Emma McINTOSH; married Agnes Irene NEPHEW, 22, School Teacher, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o John NEPHEW (b. Finch Twp) & Mary E. CARR; wit J.O. NUGENT, Berwick & E. Gladys NEPHEW, Finch, 1 Sept 1926, Finch Twp
044539-26 Kenneth W. OKLEY?, 28, Machinist, Sangerties? NY, Rochester NY, s/o Henry OKLEY? (b. NY State) & Mary WEIKERT; married Mary Dorothy HUTT, 18, Moose Creek, Rochester NY, d/o William HUTT (b. Moose Creek) & Flora CARDINAL; wit John HUTT, Moose Creek & Flora HUTT, Montreal, 2 Sept 1926, Moose Creek 044540-26 Carl Edward OLSON, 26, Warehouse Superintendent, Jennings Mich, Detroit, s/o Charles K. OLSON (b. Sweden) & Amanda ERICSON; married Jean Pearl BOYD, 26, Alexandria, Moose Creek, d/o Arelie BOYD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth McGREGOR; wit Nelson McREA & Dan McGREGOR, both Moose Creek, 20 Dec 1926, Roxborough
044541-26 Patrick John O'MEARA, 45, Farmer, Pembroke, Pembroke, s/o Patrick O'MEARA & Margaret PHELAN; married Mary Kathryn HALL, 22, Teacher, Kemptville, South Mountain, d/o Martin HALL & Mary EMBERY; wit Wallace O'MEARA, Pembroke & Anna HALL, South Mountain, 19 Oct 1926, South Mountain 044542-26 George C. O'SHAUGHNESSY, 30, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Wesley O'SHAUGHNESSY (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Theresa HENRY; married Ruby Emma HENRY, 21, Williamsburg Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Arthur HENRY (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Martha DEEKS; wit Maud BUCHAN & Anna B. RUSSELL, both Williamsburg, 16 Jul 1926, Williamsburg
044543-26 Donald McMartin OSWALD, 30, farmer, Quebec, Vankleek Hill, s/o John OSWALD (b. Province of Quebec) & Margaret McMARTIN; married Pearl Catherine MACEWEN, 27, Roxborough Twp, Vankleek Hill, d/o S.J. MACEWEN (b. Ontario) & Isabel KENNEDY?; wit Frank O. MILLER, St. Eustache Quebec & Lillian MACEWEN, Maxville, 19 Nov 1926, Roxborough Twp 044544-26 Henry OUDERKIRK, 25, Farmer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o John OUDERKIRK (b. Finch Twp) & Mary LANG; married Hattie Mary McMILLAN, 20, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Alexander McMILLAN (b. Finch Twp) & Mary WEBB; wit Hannah C. STEWART & Lenora C. STEWART, both Finch, 16 Jun 1926, Finch
044545-26 Hector OUIMET, 23, Farmer, St. Albert's, St. Albert's, s/o Joseph OUIMET & Delima LABELLE; married Odila CLOUTHIER, 23, Crysler, Crysler, d/o Adelard CLOUTHIER & Sophronie GENIER; wit Joseph OUIMET, St. Albert's & Adelard CLOUTHIER, Crysler, 24 Jun 1926, Crysler 044546-26 Joseph Florian Rene OUIMET, 22, Farmer, St. Antoine Abbe Quebec, St. Antoine Abbe Quebec, s/o Francois OUIMET & Herminie GERVAIS; married Marie Marcelline Alice CARRIERE, 22, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Philip CARRIERE & Victorine ROUSSIN; wit Philip CARRIERE, Dalhousie Station Quebec & Francois OUIMET, St. Antoine Abbe Quebec, 22 Sept 1926, Glen Nevis
044547-26 Leo Paul PARENT, 22, Mill Hand, St. Isidore de Prescott, Cornwall, s/o Edouard PARENT (b. St. Isidore de Prescott) & Anna ROULEAU; married Marie Doris VILLINEUVE, 19, Mill Hand, Moose Creek, Cornwall, d/o Calixte VILLINEUVE (b. Casselman) & Agnes HURTIBISE; wit Edouard PARENT & Calixte VILLINEUVE, both Cornwall, 31 Oct 1926, Cornwall 044548-26 D'Arcy PATRICK, 19, Cheese Maker, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Thomas PATRICK (b. Leeds) & Mary GORMLEY; married Lillian Ada WARNER, 17, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Elmer WARNER (b. Casselman) & Della CASSLEMAN; wit Donald PATRICK, Spencerville & Kathleen PATRICK, Peterborough, 9 Jun 1926, Dixon's Corners
044549-26 George Andrew PAUL, 31, Manufacturers Agent, Montreal, Montreal, s/o late Walter PAUL (b. Scotland) & Evelyn SNETSINGER; married Mary Yvonne Barrett DUQUETTE, 27, Cornwall, Montreal, d/o Joseph A. DUQUETTE (b. Lachine Quebec) & Margaret HENDERSON; wit John PAUL, Montreal & Mary Daphne DUQUETTE, Cornwall, 14 Apr 1926, Cornwall 044550-26 Floyd A. PEMBERTON, 23, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o William PEMBERTON (b. Williamsburg) & Edith BECKSTEAD; married Eileen M. MERKLEY, 18, Winchester Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Harvey MERKLEY (b. Williamsburg) & Luthera MUNROE; wit Ellen BARKLEY, Bouck's Hill & Alice PEMBERTON, Williamsburg, 15 Sept 1926, Williamsburg
044551-26 Morris PERKINS, 24, C.P.R. Employee, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Joseph PERKINS & Mary Ellen TYO; married Mary Edna LACELLE, 21, Alexandria, Cornwall, d/o John LACELLE & Lucy Jane MICHAUD; wit Joseph PERKINS & John LACELLE, both Cornwall, 4 Oct 1926, Cornwall 044552-26 Jedion PETRE, 25, Mill Hand, Bourget, Cornwall, s/o Eusebe PETRE & Ermaline POTVIN; married Emilie CARRIERE, 28, Mill Hand, St. Isidore de Prescott, Cornwall, d/o Charles CARRIERE & Matilda GEROUX; wit Eusebe PETRE & Charles CARRIERE, both Cornwall, 23 Aug 1926, Cornwall
044553-26 Joseph Leon M. PICHE, 27, Farmer, Bonfield, Esponola, s/o Isidore PICHE & Azilda OUELLETTE; married Regina BRIERE, 32, Crysler, Crysler, d/o Alexandre BRIERE & Irmine GIBEAULT; wit Netholie PICHE, St. Albert & Alexandre BRIERE, Crysler, 29 Jun 1926, Crysler 044554-26 Alexander PILON, 32, Labourer, Williamstown, Cornwall, s/o Joseph PILON & Lumina LEBLANC; married Mary BERGERON, 31, Maid, Williamstown, Cornwall, d/o John BERGERON & Meletine MARTIN; wit Etienne LEBLANC & John BERGERON, both Cornwall, 5 Apr 1926, Cornwall
044555-26 Josiah Esly PITT, 45, Farmer, Wid, Edwardsburg Twp, Edwardsburg Twp, s/o John PITT & Elizabeth ADAMS; married Mary Bell STRADER, 44, Wid, Winchester, Matilda Twp, d/o Guy CUNNINGHAM & Ann Jane ARMSTRONG; wit Mrs. R.E. NEWMAN & Mrs. James LAPIER, both Iroquois, 11 Nov 1926, Matilda Twp 044556-26 William Sidney PLANTZ, 24, Bookkeeper, Bainsville, Cornwall, s/o William PLANTZ (b. Dundas Co) & Eliza A. LOUNT; married Lilian PARKINSON, 22, Stenographer, England, Cornwall, d/o William PARKINSON (b. England) & Rose RUSHTON; wit Mrs. William PARKINSON & William A. PLANTZ, both Cornwall, 8 Sept 1926, Cornwall
044557-26 Dilbert PLAMADON, 22, Labourer, Osnabruck Centre, Moulinette, s/o Sidney PLAMANDON & Edda ALGUIRE; married Lena HARTELL, 16, Cornwall Twp, Moulinette, d/o Willard HARTELL & Mary ALGUIRE; wit Willard HARTELL, Moulinette & Isaac ALGUIRE, Northfield, 17 Feb 1926, Moulinette  
044558-26 Albert POIRIER, 26, Labourer, Williamstown, Cornwall, s/o Daniel POIRIER & Henriette PIGEON; married Emeline LEROUX, 22, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Louis D. LEROUX & Aggie BLANCHETTE; wit Daniel POIRIER, Monkland & Louis D. LEROUX, Cornwall, 23 Oct 1926, Cornwall 044559-26 Charles Alexander POIRIER, 26, Farmer, Moose Creek, Kenyon Twp, s/o Ducher & Antoinette POIRIER; married Mary Jane LALONDE, 26, Cornwall, Kenyon Twp, d/o Joseph LALONDE & Philomene POIRIER; wit William POIRIER, Maxville & Ducher POIRIER, St. Isidore, 10 Aug 1926, Kenyon Twp
044560-26 Adrien PORTERGAIS?, 23, Laborer, Hochelaga Quebec, Hochelaga Quebec, s/o Raoul PORTERGAIS? & Dianna COTE; married Aldea CARON, 24, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Narcisse CARSON & Delia LALONDE; wit Raoul PORTERGAIS, Hochelaga & Narcisse CARON, Cornwall, 14 Jun 1926, Cornwall 044561-26 Alex PRATT, 21, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Frank PRATT & Julia SAUVE; married Evelyn MASSON, 20, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John Kenneth MASSON & Delia LEGAULT; wit Frank PRATT & Mrs. Rose OLIVER, both Cornwall, 22 Feb 1926, Cornwall
044562-26 Howard Allen PROSSER, 24, CPR Employee, South Gower, South Gower, s/o Sam PROSSER (b. South Gower) & Hannah STEWART; married Violet May KENNEDY, 16, Mountain, Mountain, d/o James KENNEDY (b. Mountain) & Catherine Minerva BARKLEY; wit Mrs. Maggie GORDON & Maud PROSSER, both Kemptville, 25 Jun 1926, Mountain 044563-26 Franklin Frederick PUTNAM, 24, Mechanic, Merrickville, Ottawa, s/o Frederick E. PUTNAM (b. Merrickville) & Christina STEINBERG; married Stella Maude MARTIN, 23, Sales Lady, Morewood, Ottawa, d/o A. Judson MARTIN (b. Mountain) & Mary Etta McCAW; wit William Victor HOWARD, Ottawa & Max H. MARTIN, Morewood, 2 Jun 1926, Morewood
044564-26 Adolphus QUENNEVILLE, 21, Carpenter, St. Albert, Cornwall, s/o Napoleon QUENNEVILLE & Celine DESLAURIER; married Corina VIVERAIS, 16, Hawkesbury, Cornwall, d/o Pierre VIVERAIS & M. Louise PAQUETTE; wit Nap QUENNEVILLE, Williamstown & Pierre VIVERAIS, Cornwall, 14 Jun 1926, Cornwall 044565-26 Earnest QUESNEL, 34, Labourer, Wid, Kenyon, Roxboro, s/o Joseph QUESNEL & Margaret ST. JOHN; married Catherine LALONDE, 17, Charlottenburg, Roxboro, d/o Alex LALONDE & Catherine PICHE; wit Lawrence QUESNEL & Alex LALOND, both Monkland, 19 Apr, 1926, Apple Hill
  044566-26 Leo Paul RACINE, 24, Mill Hand, Casselman, Cornwall, s/o Edmond RACINE & Amanda SAUCHE; married Eve DEROUIN, 23, Mill Hand, Hudson Falls NY, Cornwall, d/o Onesine DEROUIN & Alide BISSONETTE; wit Edmond RACINE & Onesine DEROUIN, both Cornwall, 12 Apr 1926, Cornwall
044567-26 Joseph Robert RAINEY, 51, Farmer, Wid, Roxboro Twp, Roxboro Twp, s/o John RAINEY & Elizabeth HOUGH; married Mary Margaret Isobel NEWMAN, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o John J. WISEMAN & Lucy LOGAN; wit Jane BOURGON & Mrs. D. HOUGH, both Cornwall, 22 Jul 1926, Cornwall 044568-26 Eugene RENAUD, 21, Farmer, Hawkesbury, Breadalbane, s/o Eugene RENAUD & Albine LACOMB; married Lilly ROBINSON, 15, Vankleek Hill, Dalkeith, d/o Joseph ROBINSON & Josephine BARRIE; wit Albert RENAULD, Breadalbane & Joseph ROBINSON, Dalkeith, 12 Oct 1926, Lochiel
044569-26 William B. REYNOLDS, 26, Cheese Maker, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o William REYNOLDS (b. Hastings Co) & Effie Ella ADAMS; married Ethel Marie McQUAIG, 19, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Herbert McQUAIG (b. Dundas Co) & Laura Belle MELLON; wit Florence J. STERLING, Ottawa & Verda K. McQUAIG, Winchester, 10 Sept 1926, Matilda Twp 044570-26 William Leonard REYNOLDS, 20, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o John REYNOLDS & Nellie LAPOINTE; married Gertrude DUPUIS, 18, Mill Hand, Caughnawaga Quebec, Cornwall, d/o Charles DUPUIS & Sarah PARENT, wit John REYNOLDS & Joseph DUPUIS, both Cornwall, 23 Sept 1926, Cornwall
044571-26 Godfrey RIVERS, 63, Blacksmith, Wid, Quebec Province, Massena NY, s/o late Oliver? RIVERS (b. St. Benoit Quebec) & late Melissa ANDREW; married Ellen THOMSON, 57, Wid, Kenyon Twp, Massena NY, d/o late Duncan McKINNON (b. Greenfield) & late Mary CAMERON; wit Louis BRUNET & Mrs. Mary OWEN?, both Cornwall, 16 Feb 1926, Cornwall  
044572-26 George Edward ROBERTSON, 39, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o George ROBERTSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG; married Violet A. MULLIN, 27, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o William MULLIN (b. Canada) & Altha ZERON?; wit Frank ROBERTSON, Valois Quebec & Mrs. Harry SMITH, Dinsdale? Ont, 27 Jun 1926, Morrisburg 044573-26 John C. ROBERTSON, 20, Bookkeeper, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o James A. ROBERTSON (b. Russell Twp) & late Annie CAMPBELL; married Barbara GREY, 20, Scotland, Finch Twp, d/o Henry GREY (b. Scotland) & late Susan SMITH; wit Fred FLEMING & Lillian FLEMING, both Crysler, 17 Mar 1926, Finch Twp
044574-26 Clarence George ROBICHAUD, 29, Labourer, Wid, Cardinal, Cornwall, s/o George ROBICHAUD (b. Prescott) & Anna GALLAGAN (Gillagan?); married Gertrude Mary HENRY, 22, Domestic, De Kalb NY, Cornwall, d/o Nelson HENRY (b. Prescott) & Harriet NEWBERRY; wit Thomas ROBICHAUD & Bertha ROBICHAUD, both Cornwall, 16 Aug 1926, Cornwall 044575-26 Henry ROCHON, 28, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o William ROCHON & Mary CAZA; married Mary Louise PAQUETTE, 27, Lochiel, Cornwall, d/o Cyril PAQUETTE & Mary LALONDE; wit William ROCHON & Cyril PAQUETTE, both St. Andrews West, 12 Jul 1926, Cornwall
044576-26 William Earnest RODFORD, 23, Farmer, Medcalfe Village, Winchester Twp, s/o William James RODFORD (b. Ireland) & Electa FOUZIE; married Myrtle Pearl WARNER, 22, Farmer, Casselman Village, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Elmer WARNER (b. Dundela) & Stella CASSELMAN; wit Lulu E. WADDELL & Mina F. FENNELL, both Winchester, 8 Sept 1926, Winchester 044577-26 Joseph Aime ROSE, 20, Mill Hand, St. Isidore de Prescott, Cornwall, s/o Oliver ROSE & Hermilline PARENT; married Cecile CARRIERE, 26, Maid, St. Isidore de Prescott, Cornwall, d/o Charles CARRIERE & Matilde GEROUX; wit Charles CARRIERE & Oliver ROSE, both Cornwall, 24 Apr 1926, Cornwall
044578-26 Maurice Gordon ROSS, 18, Sailor, Cornwall, Montreal, s/o William ROSS (b. Cornwall) & Margaret OSTLER; married Elda Evelyn BROWN, 17, student, Burritts Rapids, Montreal, d/o William John BROWN (b. Burritts Rapids) & Anna Eliza BURRETT; wit Annie ROSS & Marguerite Kathleen CLINE, both Cornwall, 5 Jul 1926, Cornwall 044579-26 Gerard Adolphus ROUSSEL, 20, Clerk, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o William ROUSSEL & Melvina BERUBE; married Beatrice ROY, 21, Mill Hand, Casselman, Cornwall, d/o Joseph ROY & Asterie GUERTIN; wit William ROUSSEL & Joseph ROY, both Cornwall, 8 Nov 1926, Cornwall
044580-26 Ovilla ROZON, 58, Labourer, Vaudreuil Quebec, Cornwall Twp, s/o Jacques ROZON (b. Vaudreuil Quebec) & Margaret VINCENT; married Margaret AUBIN, 64, Wid, Soulange Co - Quebec, Cornwall Twp, d/o John AUBIN (b. St. Annes Quebec) & Rose LATOUR; wit O?.C. CAMERON & Charles E. BAKER, both Cornwall, 20 May 1926, Cornwall 044581-26 Adrian RUEST, 21, laborer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Elzear RUEST & Lydia BERUBE; married Marie LAPIERRE, 20, Williamstown, Cornwall, d/o Joseph LAPIERRE & Elizabeth MONTROY; wit Elzear RUEST & Joseph LAPIERRE, both Cornwall, 19 Jul 1926, Cornwall
044582-26 Alfred RUNIONS, 69, Retired, Wid, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Stephen RUNIONS (b. Cornwall) & Hannah CLARK; married Annie May ROBERTSON, 42, Stenographer, Williamsburg, Cornwall Twp, d/o Ezra ROBERTSON (b. Williamsburg) & Sarah Ann BURTON; wit Eliza E. BURTON, Cornwall & Edith ROBERTSON, Ottawa, 28 Sept, Cornwall 044583-26 Cecil RUNIONS, 22, Farmer, Inkerman, Osnabruck Twp, s/o Henry A. RUNIONS (b. Northfield) & Bertha RIDDELL; married Leila GRANDAN, 21, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Osborne GRANDAN (b. Newington) & Dollie WOOD; wit Clarence CRYDERMAN, Finch & Lula M. HART, Wales, 30 Jun 1926, Newington
044584-26 Michael Frederick RUSH, 30, Farmer, Tweed, Stoco, s/o Charles RUSH & Winifred SHEERAN; married Mona Matilda LAPLANTE, 27, Cornwall, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o Timothy LAPLANT & Agnes SEGUIN; wit Francis RUSH, Stoco & Pearl LAPLANTE, no place given, 9 Jun 1926, Glen Walter 044585-26 Edward ST. DENIS, 22, Farmer, Van Hill, Dalkeith, s/o Xavier H. DENIS & Adele LACOMPT; married Antoinette HURTUBISE, 17, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Louis HURTUBISE & Louisa GAUTHIER; wit Xavier ST. DENIS, Dalkeith & Louis HURTUBISE, Kenyon, 18 Nov 1926, Lochiel
044586-26 Albert ST. GERMAIN, 23, Labourer, Coteau du Lac, Cornwall, s/o Elie ST. GERMAIN & Alexina MASSIAS; married Marie Alice LAMOUREAUX, 19, Chesterville, Cornwall, d/o Isae LAMOUREAUX & Ovide COUSINEAU; wit William SAMSON & Ovide COUSINEAU, both Cornwall, 3 Jul 1926, Cornwall 044587-26 William ST. JOHN, 28, Labourer, Williamstown, Cornwall, s/o Armand Fred SAINT JOHN & Mary Jane TOVETT; married Marie Ethel RODERICK, 15, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Henry RODERICK & Emma PRIMEAU; wit Henry RODERICK & Elizabeth RODERICK, both Cornwall, 26 Apr 1926, Cornwall
044588-26 Edward Arthur SABOURIN, 31, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o late Joseph SABOURIN (b. Alexandria) & late Vitaline JODOIN; married Leila LASHAWAY, 32, Mill Hand, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, d/o Echron LASHAWAY (b. Moulinette) & Martha ROACH; wit Alburn LASHAWAY & Eunice LASHAWAY, both Cornwall, 15 Apr 1926, Cornwall 044588-26 Joseph Alphonse SABOURIN, 26, Butcher, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Alphonse SABOURIN & Louise LALONDE; married Mary Theresa SAMSON, 25, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Michael SAMSON & Orelie THIBEAULT; wit Alphonse SABOURIN Sr & Alexander SAMSON, both Alexandria, 5 Apr 1926, Alexandria
044590-26 Wilbert H. SAFFORD, 31, Cheese maker, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Robert G. SAFFORD (b. Canada) & Annie SERVICE; married Winnie CROBAR, 25, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Elgin O. CROBAR (b. Canada) & Lulu VAN NATTER; Laura CROBAR, Matilda Twp & Mary MERRILEES, Iroquois, 10 Nov 1926, Iroquois 044591-26 Herbert William SARGINSON, 43, Apiarist, Yorkshire England, Aultsville, s/o John SARGINSON (b. England) & Jennie BARKER; married Margaret McCASKILL, 41, Wid, Lochiel, Aultsville, d/o Alexander CAMERON (b. Scotland) & Jessie MAILER; wit George CAMERON & Mrs. Christine CAMERON, both Cornwall, 9 Nov 1926, Cornwall
044592-26 Aimable SAUCIER, 21, labourer, Charlottenburg Twp, Alexandria, s/o Napoleon SAUCIER & Alina SAUVE; married Catherine Jane ROBSON, 26, Lochiel Twp, Glen Robertson, d/o Edward ROBSON & Victoria ST. JEAN; wit Napoleon SAUCIER, North Lancaster & Clement LALONDE, Glen Robertson, 12 Apr 1926, Glen Robertson 044593-26 Josephus Dolphis SAUVE, 25, Farmer, Glen Nevis, Lancaster Twp, s/o Jean Baptiste SAUVE & Marcelline COUSINEAU; married Anastasie CARRIERE, 19, Glen Nevis, Lancaster, d/o Delphis CARRIERE & Donalda DECAIRE; wit Delphis DECAIRE & Delphis CARRIERE, both Bainsville, 30 Jan 1926, Curry Hill
044594-26 Andrew Broder SCARLETT, 21, Cheese Maker, Hallville, Hallville, s/o J.W. SCARLETT & Mary DOUGLAS; married Jennie Maud THOMPSON, 19, Morewood, Hallville, d/o William THOMPSON & Edith AUBURY; wit Maria M. CLARKE? & Viola SHAW, both Mountain, 2 Feb 1926, Hallville 044595-26 Asa Harold SCOTT, 28, South Mountain, South Mountain, s/o John SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Amelia BERRY; married Wilma May HENDERSON, 18, Farmer, Matilda Twp, South Mountain, d/o Minor HENDERSON (b. Ventnor) & Harriet MARSHALL; wit Lilah B. HENDERSON & Gordon MULHOLLAND, both South Mountain, 23 Jun 1926, Pleasant Valley
044596-26 Joseph Aime Alphonse SECOURS, 27, Mill Hand, St. Isidore de Prescott, Cornwall, s/o Antoine SECOURS & Anne BRUNET; married Rose Alma Ernestine LAMOUREUX, 25, Mill Hand, St. Isidore de Prescott, Cornwall, d/o Joseph LAMOUREU (sic) & Marie LALONDE; wit Antoine SECOURS & Alexandre LAMOUREUX, both St. Isidore de Prescott, 14 Sept 1926, Cornwall 044597-26 Ernest SEGUIN, 60, Merchant, Wid, St. Mark Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Louis SEGUIN & Adeline GOULET; married Sephrine TESSIER, 53, Wid, Embrun, Cornwall, s/o Joseph LANTHIER & Virginie THERIEN; wit Napoleon BURGET & Elmer GERMAIN, both Cornwall, 29 Jun 1926, Cornwall
044598-26 Henri SEGUIN, 24, farmer, St. Ann de Prescott, Lochiel, s/o Theophile SEGUIN & Valentine DECAIRE; married Yvonne LANTHIER, 21, Farmer, St. Eugene, Breadalbane, d/o Baptiste LANTHIER & Nellie? POIRIER; wit Theophile SEGUIN, St. Eugene & Baptiste LANTHIER, Breadalbane, 14 Sept 1926, Lochiel 044599-26 John SEGUIN, 38, Labourer, Moose Creek, St. Andrew's West, s/o Charles SEGUIN & Mary CLEMENT; married Mary Marguerite BISSONNETTE, 20, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Antoine BISSONNETTE & Lena LALONDE; wit Charles SEGUIN, St. Andrew's West & Antoine BISSONNETTE, Alexandria, 12 Oct 1926, Alexandria
044600-26 Donald John SHAVER, 22, Farmer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o Donald Andrew SHAVER (b. Finch Twp) & Laura Adeline ALGUIRE; married Helena Pearl TINKESS, 24, Trained Nurse, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o George R. TINKESS (b. Roxborough Twp) & Alice Flora WALKER; wit Willard RUTLEY & Mrs. Anne RUTLEY, both Avonmore, 2 Oct 1926, Avonmore 044601-26 Frederick Oscar SHAVER, 27, farmer, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o William Edward SHAVER (b. Matilda Twp) & Mary FOSTER; married Edith Geraldine BROWN, 21, Farmer, Mountain Twp, Mountain Twp, d/o James Robert BROWN (b. Mountain Twp) & Jennie McCASLINE; wit William CORDNER & Etta CORDNER, both Greenfield Mass USA, 15 Aug 1926, Winchester
044602-26 Harold Angus SHERWOOD, 21, Labourer, Cornwall, Massena NY, s/o William SHERWOOD & Adie MIRCH; married Maud Pearl LAVIOLETTE, 18, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Massena NY, d/o illegible (smudged) LAVIOLETTE & Mary STONE; wit James LAVIOLETTE & Frank STONE, both Cornwall, 14 Jun 1926, Cornwall 044603-26 Samuel SKUCE, 41, Farmer, Halville, Halville, s/o Thomas SKUCE (b. Ireland) & Sarah Ann EVANS; married Mary BILLINGS, 18, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o William BILLINGS (b. Dundas Co) & Rubina BILOW; wit Nellie Below SHANNON & Lester E. WADDELL, both Winchester, 3 Mar 1926, Winchester
044604-26 Gordon Alexander SMITH, 25, Labourer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Alex SMITH (b. Morrisburg) & Flora HUTT; married Mary O'SHAUGHNESY, 19, Stormont Co, Aultsville, d/o James O'SHAUGHNESSY (b. Williamsburg) & Christina CHELEY; wit Grace JARVIS, Aultsville & Frank BECKSTEAD, Morrisburg, 1 Sept 1926, Moulinette 044605-26 Guy Andrew SMITH, 25, Mechanic, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o A.A. SMITH (b. Cornwall) & Gertrude LAFLAMME; married Marguerite CAIN, 23, Nurse, Charlottenburg Twp, Cornwall, d/o G.B. CAIN (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Catherine A. CLARK; wit Mary A.E. MACARTHUR, Rocky Mountain House Alberta & George J. CAIN, Cornwall, 16 Jun 1926, Charlottenburgh Twp
044606-26 Hugh Ward SMITH, 26, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Ward John SMITH (b. Winchester Twp) & Nellie McMILLAN; married Aula R. BECKSTEAD, 20, Intertype Operator, Williamsburg Twp, Chesterville, d/o Harvey A. BECKSTEAD (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Lilla R. McPHERSON; wit Angus SMITH, Chesterville & Peter E. BECKSTEAD, Ottawa, 16 Oct 1926, Chesterville 044607-26 Thomas Bannerman SMITH, 35, Labourer, Edinburgh Scotland, Copenhagen NY, s/o William (b. Scotland) & Annie SMITH; married Susan MITCHELL, 25, Glasgow Scotland, Copenhagen NY, d/o Richard MITCHELL (b. Scotland) & Everalda HOGG; wit Alex A. McDOUGALL & Helen M. McDOUGALL, both Williamstown, 7 Jul 1926, Williamstown
044608-26 Vivian George SNELL, 48, Division Frt Agent, Nottingham England, Stratford, s/o George W. SNELL (b. Suffolk England) & Susie COX; married Souphranie PREGANT (VILLENEUVE), 42, Prescott Co, Glen Sandfield, d/o France VILLENEUVE (b. Prescott Co) & Olive DESCHAMPS; wit Mrs. Clara DENIS, & F. Xavier DENIS, both Glen Sandfield, 4 Jul 1926, Glen Robertson 044609-26 Mitchel SQUIRE, 18, Labourer, Pelow Island - Cornwall twp, Cornwall Island, s/o David SQUIRE (b. Cornwall Island) & Mary WHITE; married Emma WHITEBEANS, 31, Cornwall Island, Cornwall Island, d/o Jacob WHITEBEANS (b. Cornwall Island) & Nancy SEYMOUR; wit Mrs. Daniel SQUIRE & Annie WHITEBEANS, both Cornwall Island, 13 Mar 1926, Cornwall
044610-26 William Ewart STAPLES, 34, School Teacher, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George STAPLES (b. Ontario) & Eliza WEAVER; married Margaret Ruth LAWSON, 28, Civil Engineer, Ontario, Chesterville, d/o Wesley Byron LAWSON (b. Ontario) & Ada Elizabeth ROSE; wit D.D. CASSELMAN & M. Olive CASSELMAN, both Chesterville, 24 Jul 1926, Chesterville 044611-26 William Thomas STAPLEY, 35, Farmer, Wid, Waterford Co Ireland, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o Thomas STAPLEY & Isabella HALL; married Pearl Lorna May HART, 17, Martintown, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o Arthur HART & Jamesy Ann LALONDE; wit Duncan J. BERGERON Jr & John PARISIEN, both Cornwall, 18 Feb 1926, Glen Walter
044612-26 Malcolm Alvin STEELE, 24, Farmer, Finch Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o William STEELE (b. Finch) & Mary McNEIL; married Della Irene HOLMES, 20, Farmer, Winchester Springs, Matilda Twp, d/o Albert E. HOLMES (b. Winchester Twp) & Louisa F. TURNER; wit Harry H. HOLMES, Winchester Springs & Violet STEELE, Kingston, 8 Sept 1926, Winchester Springs 044613-26 Stanley Oswald STEWART, 26, Farmer, South Gower Twp, South Gower Twp, s/o James STEWART (b. Kemptville) & Helen McCORD; married Priscilla GILMER, 28, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o William John GILMER (b. Matilda) & Mary MILLIGAN; wit Sadie NORTON, Mountain & Melburn MAGEE, Kemptville, 4 Sept 1926, Pleasant Valley
044614-26 Samuel Dudley STINCHCOMBE, 36, Farmer, Olden Twp, Olden Twp, s/o Robert STINCHCOMBE (b. England) & Ellen FRASER; married Wilda Kathleen TENNANT, 21, School Teacher, Matilda Twp, Olden Twp, d/o William TENNANT (b. Matilda Twp) & Myra COUGLER; wit Mrs. William TENNANT & Whitney O. TENNANT, both Iroquois, 10 Apr 1926, Iroquois  
044616-26 Theophile Albert STRUTHERS, 23, Mill Hand, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, s/o William STRUTHERS (b. Beauharnois Quebec) & Amanda BILLET; married Marie Liana LEGER, 20, Mill Hand, St. Isadore de Prescott, Cornwall, d/o Amedee LEGER (b. St. Isidore) & Elizabeth CARRON; wit Leonelle PIQUETTE & John VALLEE, both Cornwall, 28 Jan 1926, Cornwall 044615-26 Edgar STRUTHERS, 29, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o William STRUTHERS & Delia nee BELLETTE; married Mary Della POIRIER, 23, Roxboro, Roxboro, d/o Dan & Henrietta nee PIDGEON; wit Albert POIRIER, Monkland & Viola STRUTHERS, Cornwall, 6 Apr 1926, Apple Hill
044618-26 Stanley SULLIVAN, 29, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Howard SULLIVAN (b. Chesterville) & Elizabeth SMITH; married Elizabeth D. MACGREGOR, 30, Teacher, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Alex MACGREGOR (b. Lanark shire Scotland) & Virtue CARKNER; wit J. Hulbert CROSS & Mrs. Hulbert CROSS, both Chesterville, 22 Sept 1926, Ormond 044617-26 Joseph Henry SULLIVAN, 40, Mechanic, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Charles Henry SULLIVAN (b. Ontario) & Alice Clara FORD; married Jane McCALLUM, 31, Maid, West Calder Midlothian Scotland, Chatham, d/o John McCALLUM (b. Scotland) & Jane WILSON; wit M.I. MUNROE & William F. MACRAE, both Cornwall, 26 Oct 1926, Cornwall Twp
044619-26 Donald SUMMERS, 29, Painter, Berwick, Monkland, s/o Andrew SUMMERS (b. Cornwall Twp) & Sarah MACMILLAN; married Mary Ann CAMERON, 26, Monkland, Monkland, d/o Dan (b. Finch Twp) & Katie CAMERON; wit W.W. BROWNELL & Mrs. A.D. SUTHERLAND, both Avonmore, 15 Sept 1926, Avonmore 044620-26 Edward Alvin SUMMERS, 31, Bee Keeper, Winchester Village, Winchester Twp, s/o Charles A. SUMMERS (b. Winchester) & Mary Ann HOLMES; married Ena Dorcas WEEGAR, 32, School Teacher, Williamsburg Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Henry WEEGAR (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Cecilia CASSELMAN; wit Charles A. SUMMERS, Winchester & Cecilia WEEGAR, Chesterville, 1 Jun 1926, Chesterville
  044621-26 Russell H. SWERDFEGER, 31, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o William N. SWERDFEGER (b. Dundas Co) & Mary BICCUM; married Alice Victoria COULTHART, 24, Teacher, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Walter COULTHART (b. Dundas Co) & Josephine BAKER; wit Gladys COULTHART & Milton Robert SWERDFEGER, both Morewood, 18 Sept 1926, Morewood
044622-26 Gabriel George TAILLON, 24, Labourer, Alexandria, Cornwall, s/o Duncan TAILLON & Marguerite MICHAND; married Maria Rose MOQUIN, 22, Mill Hand, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Aime MOQUIN & Eliza BRUYERE; wit Duncan TAILLON & Aime MOQUIN, both Cornwall, 25 Oct 1926, Cornwall 044623-26 Paul Joseph Edwin TAILLON, 21, Farmer's son, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o Charles TAILLON & Mary SIGOUIN; married Alda May LAPLANTE, 21, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o Timothy LAPLANTE & Agnes SIGOUIN; wit Charles TAILLON, Cornwall & Timothy LAPLANTE, Williamstown, 18 May 1926, Glen Walter
044624-26 Wilfred Alfred TAUVET, 35, Farmer, Roxborough, Moose Creek, s/o Joseph TAUVET & Rosina LEGAULT; married Dora Emma ST. DENIS, 23, Kenyon, Apple Hill, d/o Ferdinand ST. DENIS & Lea LEFEBVRE; wit Joseph TAUVET, Moose Creek & Fred ST. DENIS, Apple Hill, 23 Aug 1926, Apple Hill 044625-26 Russell Fred TAYLOR, 24, Salesman, Osgoode, Cornwall, s/o Robert L. TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Sophia MOSES; married Annie Laura McGILLIVRAY, 22, Stenographer, Monckland, Cornwall, d/o Dan McGILLIVRAY (b. Ontario) & Janet CHRISTIE; wit John P. HART & Mrs. John HART, both Cornwall, 29 Oct 1926, Cornwall
044626-26 Hector TESSIER, 24, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Nap TESSIER & Celina PERRAS; married Emelie FORTIER, 20, Mill Hand, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Narcisse FORTIER & Therese GALLAND; wit Nap TESSIER & Narcisse FORTIER, both Cornwall, 22 Nov 1926, at Cornwall  
044628-26 Joseph Norman THEMENS?, 25, Work in paint works, Montreal, Montreal, s/o Joseph Napoleon THEMENS? & Rose Anne CAMPAGNE; married Mary Lila BEAUDETTE, 26, Clerk, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Arthur BEAUDETTE & Sarah LARUE; wit Joseph Napoleon THEMENS?, Montreal & Arthur BEAUDETTE, Cornwall Twp, 20 Oct 1926, St. Andrew's West 044629-26 Orval THOMAS, 25, Painter, Morewood, Winchester Village, s/o Zura SIMSER & none given; married Della SIMON, 16, Farmer, Mountain Twp, Winchester Village, d/o no parents given; wit Ruth DURANT & Leslie SIMSER, both Winchester, 28 May 1926, Hallville
044631-26 William THOMPSON, 23, Mill Hand, North Shields England, Cornwall, s/o Charles THOMPSON (b. Wallsend England) & Emma HUMBLE; married Eleanor MARTIN, 23, North Shields England, Cornwall, d/o Patrick MARTIN (b. Hylton England) & Eleanor JOHNSTON; wit Robert A. PATTERSON & Mrs. Sadie MATHIAS, both Cornwall, 7 Oct 1926, Cornwall 044630-26 Fred Alexander THOMPSON, 37, Labourer, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, s/o Josiah THOMPSON (b. not known) & Elizabeth KING; married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 33, Wid, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Samuel FROATES (b. Winchester) & Eliza COUGHLER; wit Muriel STEWART, Finch & A.G. SCHARFE, Ottawa, 21 Aug 1926, Finch
044632-26 Charles THORPE, 26, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Edwardsburg Twp, s/o William THORPE (b. Matilda Twp) & Louisa Jane HARE; married Florence WARREN, 25, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Edwardsburg Twp, d/o George WARREN (b. Matilda Twp) & Margaret GILMER; wit John WARREN & Luella WARREN, both Matilda Twp, 20 Oct 1926, Iroquois 044633-26 Carl James Denzel TINKESS, 23, Farmer, Roxborough Twp, Osnabruck Twp, s/o James Bergen TINKESS (b. Roxborough Twp) & Margaret NORMAN; married Hazel Pearl EAMER, 19, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Samuel Preston EAMER (b. Wales) & Hattie Minerva MARKELL; wit Clarence A CRYDERMAN, Farran's Point & Lulu M. HART, Wales, 30 Jun 1926, Wales
044634-26 Joachim Michael George TITTLEY, 23, Cheese maker, Lochiel Twp, Glen Robertson, s/o Urgil TITTLEY & Alexina FEX; married Marguerite Odile SPEDDING, 25, Montreal Quebec, Glen Robertson, d/o Dosithe SPEDDING & Marguerite LEFEBVRE; wit Napoleon POIRIER & Dosithe SPEDDING, both Glen Robertson, 11 Jan 1926, Glen Robertson 044635-26 William Albert TOOHEY, 31, Salesman, St. Andrew's West, Cornwall, s/o John TOOHEY & late Catherine MALONEY; married Marcella Maude POWNEY, 20, Farnham Quebec, Cornwall, d/o Arthur POWNEY & Julia BLOCKLEY; wit John W. VETTIE & Florence TOOHEY, both Cornwall, 12 Apr 1926, Cornwall
044636-26 Charles TORRANCE, 23, Tinsmith, Inkerman, Inkerman, s/o George TORRANCE (b. Leeds Co) & Rachael SUFFEL; married Amelia COULTER, 24, Domestic, Iroquois, Inkerman, d/o Albert COULTER (b. Tweed Ontario) & Edith SERVISS; wit Ross MILLER, Ottawa & Millie J. ROBINSON, Iroquois, 9 Nov 1926, Iroquois 044637-26 Bertram H. TOYE, 26, Labourer, Cardinal, Cardinal, s/o Smith TOYE (b. Matilda) & Lydia BASS; married Violet G. THOMPSON, 22, Dicksons Corners, Dicksons Corners, d/o William A. THOMPSON (b. Matilda) & Ethel WEBB; wit Mrs. Fred GILL, Cardinal & Mrs. R.E. NEWMAN, Iroquois, 6 Mar 1926, Dundela
044638-26 Auguste TREMBLAY, 21, Office Work, Content Alberta, Detroit, s/o Julien TREMBLAY & Maria DEROCHER; married Alana? CADIEUX, 21, Farmer, St. Redempteur, Kenyon, d/o Wilfred CADIEUX & Celenia LACROIX; wit Julien TREMBLAY, Detroit Mich & Wilfred CADIEUX, Kenyon, 8 Sept 1926, Lochiel 044639-26 Angus Eliss TRUAX, 31, Cheese Inspector, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Duncan TRUAX, & Mary Jane CAMPBELL; married Mary Margaret McMILLAN, 24, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Peter McMILLAN & Emma WAITE; wit Donald McPHAUL, Northfield & Alexander F McMILLAN, Martintown, 9 Feb 1926, St. Andrew's West
044640-26 Sidney Albert TRUE, 22, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Sidney TRUE (b. England) & Ethel ADAMS; married Gertrude May HERRINGTON, 19, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Henry HERRINGTON (b. England) & Isabel MORRIS; wit Albert HERRINGTON, Cornwall & Viola HERRINGTON, Montreal, 22 Dec 1926, Cornwall 044641-26 France Maurice TYO, 21, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o William TYO & Mary Julia ELDERBROOM; married Mary Bellenesse MARTEL, 22, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Arthur Napoleon MARTEL & Bridget Elizabeth LALONDE; wit William TYO & Arthur Napoleon MARTEL, both Cornwall, 19 Jul 1926, Cornwall
  044642-26 Gordon Kenneth URQUHART, 27, Farmer, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o James URQUHART (b. Martintown) & Belle McMARTIN; married Charlotte Christina SCOTT, 25, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o Robert George SCOTT (b. Martintown) & Mary Jane McARTHUR; wit James H. McCUAIG & K. H. SCOTT, both Martintown, 8 Sept 1926, Martintown
044643-26 John URQUHART, 33, Tire Builder, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John URQUHART (b. Scotland) & Mary Adam RUMMAGE; married Ethel May ARMSTRONG, 43, Secretary, Canada, Iroquois, d/o John Wesley ARMSTRONG (b. Canada) & Eliza RANKIN; wit Bessie A. MILLAR, Spencerville & Alex URQUHART, Iroquois, 3 Apr 1926, Iroquois 044644-26 Leonard URQUHART, 23, Labourer, Kenyon Twp, Maxville, s/o John J. URQUHART (b. Dunvegan) & Anne CAMPBELL; married Grace ADAMS, 15, Kenyon Twp, Maxville, d/o James ADAMS (b. near Liverpool England) & Catherine FAWCETT; wit Duncan A. CAMERON & Ellen M. CAMERON, both Finch, 4 Aug 1926, Finch
044645-26 Etienne VACHON, 34, Butcher, Dalkeith, Alexandria, s/o Regis VACHON (b. Vaudreuil Twp Quebec) & Vitaline CAMPEAU; married Ida HAMELIN, 28yr 6mo, Lancaster Twp, Glen Robertson, d/o Adelard HAMELIN (b. Vaudreuil Soulange Quebec) & Philomene LEFEBVRE; wit Honore RANGER, Alexandria & Adelard HAMELIN, Glen Robertson, 13 Apr 1926, Glen Robertson 044646-26 Henri VACHON, 25, Cheese Maker, Alexandria, Apple Hill, s/o Joseph VACHON & Mathilde RICHER; married Laurette RANGER, 20, Montreal, Lochiel, d/o Omer RANGER & Angeline FAUX? (Faix?); wit Joseph VACHON, Alexandria & Omer RANGER, Lochiel, 29 Jun 1926, Lochiel
044647-26 Louis VALWAY, 45, Farmer, Wid, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o William VALOIS (sic) & Elizabeth AMELL (Arnell?); married Viney Bell CAMPEAU, 16, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Peter CAMPEAU & Rose SARLS? (Seals?), wit Leonard LAWSON & Mrs. Oliver ELLERBROOM, both of St. Andrews West, 10 May 1926, Cornwall Twp 044648-26 Joseph Alphonse Wilfred VANIER, 24, Farmer, Berwick, Berwick, s/o Joseph VANIER & Celina THEORET; married Stella Cecilia READY, 23, Chesterville, Chesterville, d/o John READY & Catharine MORAN; wit Arthur LAFRANCE, Chesterville & Rose Ella MORAN, Crysler, 22 Sept 1926, Crysler
044649-26 Arthur VILLENEUVE, 24, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Pierre VILLENEUVE & Leona LECLAIR; married Lillianne DEROSIER, 23, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Antoine DEROSIER & Helen POIRIER; wit P. VILLENEUVE & Antoine DEROSIER, both Cornwall, 11 Jul 1926, Cornwall 044650-26 Arthur VILLENEUVE, 24, Mill Hand, St. Isidore de Prescott, Cornwall, s/o Alex VILLENEUVE & Odine FOBERT; married Therese SEGUIN, 29, Mill Hand, Moose Creek, Cornwall, d/o John SEGUIN & Donalda LAPIERRE; wit Alex VILLENEUVE & John SEGUIN, both Cornwall, 28 Jun 1926, Cornwall
044651-26 Lionel VILLENEUVE, 21, Labourer, St. Isidore de Prescott, Cornwall, s/o George VILLENEUVE & Amanda LEGER; married Marie Emeline VILLENEUVE, 17, Mill Hand, Moose Creek, Cornwall, d/o Calixte VILLENEUVE & Agnes HURTIBISE; wit George VILLENEUVE, Cornwall & Caliste VILLENEUVE, Moose Creek, 8 Nov 1926, Cornwall 044652-26 Melvin McLennon VOGAN, 24, Farmer, Hawkesbury, West Hawkesbury, s/o Rupert C. VOGAN (b. West Hawkesbury) & Agnes McLENNON; married Martha Elizabeth BARTON, 23, Lochiel Twp, West Hawkesbury, d/o William BARTON (b. West Hawkesbury) & Mary BARR; wit Roy BARTON & Edna BARTON, both Dalkeith, 22 Dec 1926, Dalkeith
044653-26 William George WAGONER, 21, Mechanic, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o William WAGONER (b. Stormont) & Ethel CAIRNS; married Genevieve BONNEVILLE, 24, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Zephrem BONNEVILLE (b. St. Zotique) & Ida ROBIDOUX; wit W.C. WAGONER & Z. BONNEVILLE, both Cornwall, 19 Jul 1926, Cornwall 044654-26 Oscar R. WALDEN, 28, Salesman, Divorced, Underwood, Toronto, s/o Benjamin H. WALDEN & Jessie COREY; married Thelma Jean RUNIONS, 19, Stenographer, Cornwall Twp, Toronto, d/o John Edwin RUNIONS & Ella Barbara MACDERMID; wit Sadie D. MACINTYRE, Farran's Point & Mildred A. DENMAN, Hamilton, 31 Dec 1926, Stormont Co
044655-26 Thomas WALLACE, 38, Immigration Officer, Seattle Wash, St. John NB, s/o Thomas? WALLACE (b. England) & Margaret HENNESY; married Bessie Florence DREW, 35, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, d/o Albert DREW (b. United States) & Jenny STACY; wit V. Poole BENDER, Aultsville & Grace POOLE, Cornwall, 26 Jun 1926, Aultsville 044656-26 William J. WARNER, 50, Labourer, Osnabruck, Finch, s/o Michael WARNER (b. Canada) & Rose Ann SERON; married Helena CAMERON, 26, Roxborough, Finch, d/o Hugh CAMERON (b. Canada) & Catherine ROMBOUGH; wit Melina DISHAW & Kathleen CAMERON, both Iroquois, 24 Feb 1926, Iroquois
044658-26 James H. WATSON, 26, School Teacher, Osgoode Twp, Osgoode Twp, s/o Hugh A. WATSON (b. Russell) & Lena REID; married Sybil M. CARRUTHERS, 22, School Teacher, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Stewart CARRUTHERS (b. Cannamore) & Jane SMIRLE; wit Keith CARRUTHERS & Amy CARRUTHERS, both Cannamore, 17 Aug 1926, Morewood 044657-26 Charles Edward WATSON, 71, Farmer, Wid, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o John C. WATSON (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Julia Ann CASSELMAN; married Agnes Margaret EMPEY, 61, Wid, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Richard EMPEY (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Polly Ann CAMPBELL; wit Bessie W. COLQUHOUN, Lunenburg & Cecil Elgin EMPEY, Farrans Point, 26 Jan 1926, Farrans Point
  044659-26 Stanley David WATTERS, 20, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o David WATTERS (b. Cornwall Twp) & Margaret Anne McLAREN; married Lillian KYER, 17, Domestic, Cornwall, Cornwall Twp, d/o Carman KYER (b. Cornwall Twp) & Sarah MACNAMARA; wit David A. BEAUDETTE & Mrs. David BEAUDETTE, both Cornwall, 8 Sept 1926, St. Andrews West
044660-26 Cecil Ernest WEAVER, 34, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o late Jacob WEAVER (b. Williamsburg) & Martha ALGUIRE; married Nettie Rachael STEVEN, 28, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Robert STEVEN (b. Finch Twp) & Henrietta COULTHART; wit Orvis K. STEVEN & Jean G. STEVEN, both Finch Twp, 1 Jul 1926, Cannamore 044661-26 Claude Emerson WEEGAR, 25, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o George P. WEEGAR (b. Williamsburg) & Elizabeth BARCLAY; married Gladys Helen MARCELLUS, 18, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Egbert R. MARSELLUS (b. Williamsburg) & Margaret LANE; wit Hilda MARCELLUS, Gallinger Town & Bert WEEGAR, Chesterville, 10 Nov 1926, Morrisburg
044662-26 Charles William WELLS, 33, Clerk, Williamsburg Twp, Syracuse NY, s/o Cornelius WELLS (b. Dundas Co) & Emma A. CASSELMAN; married Cora Ann Sophia MILWARD, 23, Williamsburg Twp, Morrisburg, d/o Alexander MILWARD (b. Dundas Co) & Eliza MONTEITH; wit Ernest MILWARD & Gladys BLACK, both Morrisburg, 6 Oct 1926, Morrisburg Village 044663-26 Kenneth William WELLS, 22, Labourer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Charles WELLS (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Adeline GALLINGER; married Helena Lillian BROWNELL, 22, Finch Twp, Osnabruck, d/o Ezra BROWNELL (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Ida WARNER; wit Willie C. BROWNELL & Mary WATERS, both Wales, 16 Dec 1926, Aultsville
044664-26 John Sutherland WILTON, 38, Civil Servant, none given, Ottawa, s/o James William WILTON (b. Nova Scotia) & Isabella OATKIT?; married Ethelwin MUNRO, 29, School Teacher, Glen Roy, Ottawa, s/o John A. MUNRO (b. Williamston Ont) & Mary Jane JAMESON; wit Sidney MUNRO & Alma MUNRO both Cornwall, 2 Apr 1926, Cornwall  
044665-26 Harold J. WERELEY, 23, Carpenter, Cornwall Twp, Finch, s/o Howard WERELEY (b. Northfield) & Nellie HELMER; married Mildred McMONAGLE, 29, Bank Clerk, Finch Village, Finch, d/o Hiram McMONAGLE (b. Berwick) & Bessie J. McMILLAN; wit Harold McMONAGLE & Hazel WERELEY, both Finch, 19 Jun 1926, Finch 044666-26 William Thomas WERELEY, 22, Police Officer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o William Andrew WERELEY & Mary Ella LYMANN; married Alice Leona BLACKADDER, 19, Mill Hand, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, d/o George BLACKADDER & Ella May MANNER; wit Harold FOLEY, Moulinette & Gladys LALONDE, Cornwall, 19 Jul 1926, Cornwall
044667-26 Percy A. WHITE, 48, Agent, Grenville Co, Matilda Twp, s/o Henry WHITE (b. Brammoth Yorks England) & Anna BARKER; married Mary Etta ARMSTRONG, 37, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o John James ARMSTRONG (b. Matilda Twp) & Christanna McCASLIN; wit Edith G. ARMSTRONG & Cecil WHITE, both Iroquois, 6 Apr 1926, Iroquois 044668-26 George Herbert WHITFORD, 48, Labourer, Wid, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, s/o James Edward WHITFORD (b. Cornwall Twp) & Eliza SPECK; married Anne CROSS, 32, Wid, Charlottenburg Twp, Cornwall, d/o Angus TYO (b. Cornwall Twp) & Elizabeth LAUZON; wit Reuben WHITFORD & Agnes Louise WHITFORD, both Cornwall, 3 Apr 1926, Cornwall
  044669-26 John Thomas Henry WILLIAMS, 26, Farmer, Montreal, Osnabruck Twp, s/o George Thomas WILLIAMS (b. Yorkshire England) & Ada Henrietta COPAS; married Jessie May CRITES, 19, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Alvinzie Elijah CRITES (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Maude BARCKLEY; wit Aden John James BAKER & Alberta Tina GALLINGER, both Aultsville, 3 Jun 1926, Aultsville
044670-26 William Alexander WILSON, 36, Accountant, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o William WILSON (b. Co. Cavan Ireland) & Susanna BELL; married Celena Ann SUGDEN, 30, Ontario, Cornwall, d/o Samuel Hardacre SUGDEN (b. Pudsey Yorkshire England) & Gertrude Melissa SNETSINGER; wit William Emerson SWERDFEGER, Massena NY & Zuelda Marion SUGDEN, Valleyfield Quebec, 4 Sept 1926, Cornwall 044671-26 Burnice Elisha WOOD, 22, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Kenneth WOOD (b. Winchester Twp) & Sadie HESS; married Flora Jessie ROBINSON, 19, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o George ROBINSON (b. Dundela) & Sarah BUCHAN; wit Harold DROPPS, Chesterville & Dorothy BUCHAN, Williamsburg, 16 Jun 1926, Williamsburg
044672-26 Hedley Goldwin WOOD, 27, Farmer, Bancroft, Vineland, s/o Harry WOOD (b. Bancroft) & Mabel VAN KOUGHNETT, married Viola Mary ALLEN, 27, Mountain Station, Mountain Station, d/o William H. ALLEN (b. Mountain Station) & Martha ADAMS; wit Rae ALLEN, Mountain & Emma DERRICK, Burritts Rapids, 11 Sept 1926, Mountain Twp 044673-26 Ruggles James H. WOOD, 31, Train Dispatcher, Cornwall, Lancaster Twp, s/o Ruggles W. WOOD (b. Maitland) & Elizabeth HAWKINS; married Kathleen K. GILLIES, 28, School Teacher, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Hector GILLIES (b. Finch Twp) & Katherine MACMILLAN; wit George W. PENNOCK, Ottawa & Ettie GILLIES, Finch, 1 Sept 1926, Finch
044675-26 John WYLIE, 24, Farmer, Idaho USA, Matilda Twp, s/o William Samuel WYLIE (b. Winchester Springs) & Nettie Margt HITE; married Mary Jane HUNTER, 23, Farmer, Ireland, Matilda Twp, d/o Joseph HUNTER (b. Co. Derry Ireland) & Lucy Adelaide MOORE; wit Joseph HUNTER & Ida WYLIE, both Winchester Springs, 11 Aug 1926, Winchester 44674-26 Glen Kelly WYLIE, 20, farmer, Hallville - Mountain twp.., Mountain twp, s/o Joseph WYLIE, b Mountain twp & Libbie BAXTER, married Evelyn Beatrice ELLIS, 22, Edwardsburgh twp., Mountain twp., d/o Wesley ELLIS, b. Edwardsburgh twp & Caroline GRANT, witn: Ray D. LEVERE of Inkerman & Lulu E. WADDELL of Winchester, 26 May 1926 at Winchester
044676-26 Leonard YOUNG, 26, Engineer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o not known & Mary YOUNG; married Mabel LAROSE, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Henry LAROSE & Emma HANES; wit Charles YOUNG & Henry LAROSE, both Cornwall, 28 Dec 1926, Cornwall