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Renfrew Co., 1904


16381-04 Ronald ANGUS, 22, farmer, Bromley, same, s/o John ANGUS & Bessie McLEOD, married Mary Bell McLAREN, 22, Bromley, same, d/o Duncan McLAREN & Ida BARR, witn: William ANGUS & Isabella McLEOD, both of Bromley, 24 Aug 1904 at Admaston  
16498-04 Thomas Alfred ARMOUR, 29, blacksmith, Fort Coulonge, same, s/o James ARMOUR & Anna WELSH, married Mary DRISCOLL, 26, Wilberforce, same, d/o James DRISCOLL & Dora SHERIDAN, witn: J. DOONER of Osceola & Katie DRISCOLL of Wilberforce, 5 Sept 1904 at Eganville 16515-04 Oliver AUBREY, no age given, farmer, Perrault Settlement, same, s/o Isadore AUBREY & Julie DECHARME, married Mary LECLAIR, no age given, Block Donald, same, d/o "orphan", witn: Lenleon? LECLAIR of Block Donald & Addie AUBREY of Perrault Settlement, 4 July 1904 at not given
16760-04 - George BAIRD, 26, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Christena McLEAN, 21, Westmeath, same, d/o Daniel McLEAN & Jane DAVIDSON, witn: William BAIRD & Margaret E. WALKER, both of Westmeath, 26 Dec 1904 at Westmeath 16389-04 Peter BARBER, 33, widower, laborer, Braeside Ont., Pembroke, s/o Peter BARBER & Catherine NEAL, married Mary McNEIL, 29, widow, farmer, Germany, Alice, d/o Fred HUBERT & Ernastine STAPHEN, witn: Agnes BLAKELY of Alice & Florinda WHYTE of Pembroke, 3 Oct 1904 at Alice twp
16730-04 - James BARR, 25, farmer, Bromley twp., Westmeath twp., s/o John BARR & Elizabeth MILLER, married Isabella Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 20, Westmeath, same, d/o Daniel ROBERTSON & Isabella McLEAN, witn: John P. ROBERTSON of Beachburg & Iva BARR of Bromley twp., 5 June 1904 at Westmeath twp 16651-04 Ferdinand BERNIER, 26, Gaspe, Petewawa, s/o Francis BERNIER & Marie THIVERGE, married Julie PAQUETTE, 18, servant, Petewawa, same, d/o Oliver PAQUETTE & Olive CHARTRAND, witn: Adelard CHARRETTE of Pembroke & Alesina CHARTRAND of Petewawa, 10 Oct. 1904 at Petewawa
  16514-04 Charles G. BIRTSCH, 22, farmer, Denbigh, same, s/o Henry BIRTSCH & Elsie THOMPSON, married Edith Lilly DRADER, 18, Verona, Denbigh, d/o Jacob DRADER & Catherine ELLERTON, witn: W. J. JOHNSTON of Matawatchan & Minnie BIRTSCH of Denbigh, 12 June 1904 at not given
16508-04 Emile Carl BOLT, 20, farmer, Grattan, same, s/o Fritz BOLT & Ernestine, married Jonnah W. Louise BOCHERT, 20, Wilberforce, same, d/o Carl BOCHERT & Auguste PAPKE, witn: August & Augusta BOCHERT of Grattan, 30 Dec 1904 at Eganville 16506-04 Thomas BONNAH (Bounah?), 29, laborer, Coulonge, Whitney, s/o Joseph BONNAH & Mary WARD, married Tennie DWYER, 21, Grattan, Eganville, d/o Con DWYRE & Katie GREER, witn: William CANNON of Whitney & Katie DWYRE of Eganville, 22 Nov 1904 at Eganville
16443-04 John Edgar BOWEN, 30, millwright, Nepean, Braeside, s/o George BOWEN & Ellen STOREY, married Annie ARNOTT, 25, Darling, Bagot, d/o John ARNOTT & Eliza McDONALD, witn: E. BOWEN of Braeside & Eliza ARNOTT of Calabogie, 23 Nov 1904 at Calabogie 16510-04 Peter McDougall BOX, 32, farmer, Beckwith twp., Admaston twp., s/o James BOX & Annie FERGUSON (spelled Furggson), married Margaret Jane SHARPE, 25, Gratton twp., same, d/o William SHARPE & Jessie DICK, witn: Thomas BOX of White Lake & Mary SHARPE of Gratton, 28 (21?) Dec 1904 at Gratton
16753-04 - Joseph BOYD, 48, widower, farmer, Gloucester Ont., Westmeath, s/o Alexander BOYD & Elizabeth SRATT, married Susanna McCRACKEN, no age given, widow, Westmeath, same, d/o James SMYTH & Ann Jane WATSON, witn: James S. & Annie McDONOUGH of Westmeath, 28 Sept 1904 at Westmeath  
16449-04 Michael BRENNEN, 28?, laborer, Brougham, same, s/o Edward BRENNEN & Catherine FOGERTY, married Mary MULVIHILL, 25, Brougham, same, d/o Michael MULVIHILL & Mary HUNT, witn: Daniel MULVIHILL & Catherine SCULLY, both of Brougham, 22 Aug 1904 at Mt. St. Patrick 16501-04 Allan BRENNAN, 23, farmer, Renfrew, Stafford, s/o John BRENNAN & Mary Ann CROZIER, married Louise Elizabeth SMITH, 21, Wilberforce, Fitzroy, d/o James SMITH & Jane ARNOLD, witn: George PATTERSON of Bromley & Maggie D. LETT of Eganville, 27 Sept 1904

17308-05 (Renfrew Co) John W. BROOME, not given, laborer, Renfrew, Renfrew, s/o James BROOME & Anna MELLY married Margaret BAIRD, age not given, Horton, Ross, d/o Andrew BAIRD & Mary Jane FLOOD, witn: W. S. COLEMAN & Katie BAIRD of Forresters Falls, 28 Dec 1904, in home of Andrew BAIRD, Ross

16390-04 August BUCHHART, 20, farmer, Ontario, Wilberforce, s/o Michael BUCHHART & Maria LANGE, married Augusta BORN, 25, laborer, Alice twp., same, d/o Ernest BORN & Maria GUNTHER, witn: Fred GORE & Gustave GUNTHER, both of Pembroke, Maria KREISMAN of Alice and Minnie BUCHHART of Wilberforce, 14 Sept 1904 at Alice twp
16444-04 William BULGER, 20, farmer, Admaston, same, s/o William BULGER & Bridget HUGHES, married Mary Ann GANNON, 20, Admaston, same, d/o Michael GANNON & Mary McADAMS, witn: Mat BULGER & Margaret GANNON, both of Admaston, 23? June 1904 at Mt. St. Patrick 16747-04 - William John BURGESS, 28, laborer, Westmeath, Pembroke, s/o William H. BURGESS & Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, married Elsie Jane LEACH, 27, Westmeath, same, d/o George LEACH & Fannie PROCTOR, witn: Maggie LEACH & Alice J. SAVAGE, both of Westmeath, 22 June 1904 at Westmeath
  16550-04 Thomas C. BURWELL, 25, farmer, Horton, same, s/o Robert BURWELL & Mary K. COLE, married Phoebe E. McQUILTY, 22, Horton, same, d/o George McQUILTY & Isabella CAMPBELL, witn: Andrew BURWELL & Paul? McQUILTY, both of Horton, 22 June 1904 at Horton twp
16736-04 - John R. BYCE, 26, farmer, Ross, same, s/o Norman BYCE & Catherine COBOURN, married Sarah Ann BROOME, 24, Ross, same, d/o James E. BROOME & Ann MELLEY?, witn: Colin BRUCE & E.L. BYCE, both of Foresters Falls, 23 March 1904 at Ross 16438-04 John BYRNE, 32, hotel keeper, McNab, Arnprior, s/o John BYRNE & Ellen O'NEILL, married Mary Elizabeth LEGRIS, 25, Calabogie, same, d/o Samuel LEGRIS & Ellen CORRIGAN, witn: Samuel (Daniel?) BYRNE of Pembroke & Monica McCREA of Renfrew, 27 June 1904 at Calabogie
16505-04 Emmanuel CALDWELL, 26, farmer, Grattan, same, s/o not given & Miss BOURKE, married Lena MINARD, 20, Grattan, same, d/o Lamab? MINARD & Victorine GAUTHIER, witn: J. DONAHUE & Lena MINARD, both of Grattan, 26 Nov 1904 at Eganville 016430-04 (Renfrew Co.) Richard James CARDIFF, 24, laborer, Arnprior, same, s/o William CARDIFF & Jane BLAKELY, married Mary Elizabeth CRAW (Crow?), 24, White Lake, Arnprior, d/o James & Janet CRAW, wtn: Willie CARDIFF & Jeannie WHAB?, on October 26, 1904, at Arnprior
16572-04 John CARMICHAEL, 23, laborer, Castleford - Horton twp., Braeside, s/o James CARMICHAEL & Agnes McLAREN, married Jessie GILMOUR, 21, house maid, Braeside, same, d/o Allan GILMOUR & Margaret BLACK, witn: James McPHERSON & Kate CARMICHAEL, both of Braeside, 23 Nov 1904 at Braeside, McNab twp. 16551-04 Donald Sinclair CARMICHAEL, 24, farmer, McNab, same, s/o James CARMICHAEL & Margaret McNEVIN, married Mary Edith McARTHUR, 19, Horton, same, d/o Archibald McARTHUR & Janet McMILLAN, witn: Alexander CARMICHAEL of McNab & Bertha Ann McARTHUR of Horton, 10 June 1904 at Horton twp
16557-04 Timothy CARRON, 28, farmer, McNab twp., same, s/o Octave CARRON & Kate O'CONNORS, married Mary Elizabeth LEGREE, 27, house maid, McNab twp., same, d/o Joseph LEGREE & Helen McCREA, witn: John Joseph LEGREE & Tibbie CORRON, both of McNab twp., 20 Jan 1904 at Lot 9, Con 5 of McNab twp 16521-04 John CARTY, 40, farmer, Admaston, same, s/o John & blank, married Margaret HALEY, 22, Griffith, same, d/o Cornelius HARTY & Margaret COPPS, witn: John LYONS of Admaston & Maggie ENRIGHT of Douglas, 18 July 1904 at Griffith
017288-05 (Renfrew Co.), George A. CHOUN (Chown?), 26, Stella - Ontario, Kingston, machinist, s/o William CHOUN & Sara LOCKHART, to Ella May SCOTT, 21, Renfrew, same, d/o Charles James SCOTT & Jane W. DICKEY, witn R. D. SCOTT of Renfrew, Pearl CHOUN of Kingston, 28 December 1904 at Renfrew 16450-04 Domnick CLAMAN, 24, farmer, Springtown, same, s/o Louis CLAMAN & Catherine CZOPIEWSKA, married Mary Ann GORA, 20, Bagot, same, d/o Silvester GORA & Mary PESKA, witn: Michael COULAS of Shamrock & Mary CLAMAN of Springtown, 22 Nov 1904 at Mt. St. Patrick
16764-04 - Thomas CLARK, 25, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Jane LEECH, 21, Wilberforce, same, d/o Thomas LEECH & Annie LYONS, witn: John JACKSON of Wilberforce & Annie DAVIS of Eganville, 27 April 1904 at St. Thomas Church, Rankin 16504-04 George CLARKE, 30, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o George CLARKE & Mary Jane SUFFREN, married Josephine MARTIN, 23, Wilberforce, same, d/o John MARTIN & Margaret GRIFFITH, witn: William CLARKE & Emma GRIFFITH, both of Wilberforce, 19 Oct 1904 at Eganville
16522-04 Napoleon CLEMENT, 24, laborer, Matawatchan, same, s/o Napoleon CLEMENT & Amelia JERVAIS, married Clophe BELANGER, 20, Matawatchan, same, d/o Ferdinand BELANGER & Minnie LECLAIRE, witn: Leah & Prosper BELANGER of Matawatchan, 7 Sept 1904 at Griffith  
16392-04 John A. COCHRANE, 32, farmer, Alice twp., same, s/o Alex COCHRANE & Matilda KIDD, married Elizabeth McCLELLAND, 22, farmer, Alice twp., same, d/o Hugh McCLELLAND & Margaret WHYTE, witn: Albert McCLELLAND & Emma COCHRANE, both of Alice, 2 Nov 1904 at Alice twp 16436-04 Charles E. COCHLIN, 23, farmer, Olden twp., Bagot, s/o James COCHLIN & Jane BALLANTYNE, married Annie PULTZ, 23, Admaston, same, d/o Levi & F., witn: Summer NICHOL of Bagot & Emily PULTZ of Admaston, 16 Feb 1904 at Calabogie
16662-04 Thomas COTE, 37, laborer, Combermere, same, s/o Leopard COTE & Catherine PRIAR, married Catherine LAVALLEE, 19, Combermere, same, d/o John LAVALLEE & Ellen FRANCIS?, witn: Eugene GRATTAN & Mary MAHEN, both of Combermere, 20 Sept 1904 at Combermere 16647-04 Hugh Henry COURT, 28, laborer, Fraser, Pembroke, s/o William COURT & Mathilda DABER, married Emma Augusta Fried WELK, 25, servant, Germany, Petewawa, d/o Fred WELK & Friedericke KLATH, witn: Gustav STENSEL of Pembroke & Minnie WELK of Pembroke, 24 Oct. 1904 at Petewawa
16442-04 John Alex CRAIG, 24, farmer, Darling, same, s/o John CRAIG & Mary CAMERON, married Bertha Olive STEWART, 19, Bagot, same, d/o John STEWART & Hannah HEADRICK, witn: James ELLIOTT of Darling & Jessie B. STEWART of Bagot, 28 Sept 1904 at Bagot 16476-04 James Burton CRAYMER, 26, book keeper, England, Cobden, s/o Samuel CRAYMER & Alice PILOT, married Margaret Kearns ARMSTRONG, 25, teacher, Canada, Cobden, d/o James ARMSTRONG & Frances McMULLEN, witn: Joseph McGALL & Winnifred POOLE, both of Cobden, 20 June 1904 at Cobden
16735-04 - John CROSKERY, 25, clerk, Bedford Mills, Westmeath, s/o William CROSKERY & Jane TOLE, married Sarah Maria TUCKER, 23, Westmeath, same, d/o George TUCKER & Sarah HOWARD, witn: George & Jessie TUCKER of Westmeath, 16 March 1904 at Westmeath 16454-04 Stephen CUTCHAW, 34, laborer, Wilberforce, same, s/o Peter CUTSHAW & Pauline KNOBOSKIE, married Margaret AMYOT, 23, domestic, Stafford, Bromley, d/o Francis AMYOT & Elizabeth HUDORE, witn: Martin REILLY & Emma AMYOT, both of Bromley, 28 June 1904 at Osceola
16565-04 William John DEWAR, 48, widower, farmer, Bromley twp., same, s/o Donald DEWAR & Jane MORROW, married Bella McDERMAID, 38, house maid, McNab twp., same, d/o Robert McDERMAID & Mary RUSSELL, witn: David CARSWELL & Katie McGREGOR, both of Horton twp., 10 Aug 1904 at McNab twp 16657-04 W.J. DONALDSON, 27, farmer, Bark Lake, same, s/o James DONALDSON & Sarah SKUEL, married Elizabeth LIVINGSTON, 26, Maynooth, same, d/o John LIVINGSTON, farmer, & Margaret WESLEY, witn: Heman & Elizabeth TOWNS of Radcliffe, 10 June 1904 at Combermere
16553-04 James R. EADY, 34, farmer, Horton, same, s/o William B. EADY & Mary Ann ROBERTS, married Louisa WRIGHT, 21, Denbigh, Horton, d/o Samuel R. WRIGHT & Mary Ann THOMPSON, witn: Robert S. & Ethel E. EADY of Horton, 23 Nov 1904 at Horton twp 16554-04 Donald EADY, 24, farmer, Horton, same, s/o Robert B. EADY & Mary McKEDDIE, married Louisa HUMPHRIES, 24, Horton, same, d/o George HUMPHRIES & Catherine MILLER, witn: Robert S. & Bella R. EADY of Horton twp., 14 Dec 1904 at Horton
16440-04 Thomas George EATON, 23, laborer, Liverpool England, Nipissing, s/o George EATON & Mary HUGHES, married Mary BAILEY, 20, Calabogie, Nipissing, d/o John BAILEY & Sarah YUILL, witn: J. L. LEGREE & Amelia YUILL, both of Calabogie, 27 July 1904 at Calabogie  
16650-04 Thomas EDWARDS, 23, farmer, Alice, same, s/o Jacob EDWARDS & Susan KIDD, married Mary IRVING, 22, servant, Alice, same, d/o Patrick IRVING & Mary HOWARD, witn: James PERRY of Pembroke & Mrs. M. KERNEY of Petewawa, 3 Nov 1904 at Petewawa 017286-05 (Renfrew Co.), George EDWARDS, 21, Carleton Place, same, merchant, s/o George EDWARDS & Maria BROWN, to Jean COOK, 21, McNab Twp., Renfrew, d/o Thomas COOK & Janet HART, witn Samuel & Sara COOK, both of Renfrew, 3 February 1904 at Renfrew
016431-04 (Renfrew Co.) Herman Hillgard FALLS, 26, cheese maker, Huntley, Carp, s/o Robert FALLS & Sarah Jane LITTLE, married Millie HANNA, 21, Marathon, Fitzroy, d/o John HA??? (HASSINACK?) & Martha SMITH, wtn: J.W. HUTCHINSON & M.H. MCLEAN, on October 31, 1904, at Arnprior 16437-04 Matthew FARRELL, 37, farmer, widow, Pakenham, same, s/o Thomas FARRELL & Bridget HARMAN, married Maggie McCREA, 41, Springtown, same, d/o James McCREA & Helen OWENS, witn: John LEGREE of Pakenham & Elizabeth McCREA of Springtown, 10 Feb 1904 at Springtown
16746-04 - Ardie Albert FOLEY, 21, painter, Athens Ont., Cobden, s/o Albert FOLEY & Elizabeth KILBURN, married Olga Belle THOMAS, 19, Bryson Quebec, Cobden, d/o Charles Zenas THOMAS & Emma Susanna, witn: William H. DUNN & Mary MENZIES, both of Beachburg, 18 June 1904 at Beachburg 16388-04 Richard FRASER, 42, laborer, Pembroke twp., Alice, s/o Simon FRASER & Maria TENNANT, married Catherine ANDERSON, 34, Alice, same, d/o William ANDERSON & Catherine BROWN, witn: Robert FRASER of Pembroke & A. M. ANDERSON of Alice, 5 July 1904 at Alice
16756-04 - David FRASER, 43, farmer, Pembroke, same, s/o Robert FRASER & Hannah CURRY, married Sarah Ann COXFORD, 26, Pembroke, same, d/o John COXFORD & Sarah ELLIOTT, witn: Alex CARNAGIE & Lillie SNELL, both of Beachburg, 8 Oct 1904 at Beachburg 16755-04 - George GALBRAITH, 23, railroading, Pembroke, Cartier Ont., s/o James S. GALBRAITH & Sarah THRASHER, married Mary ROBERTSON, no age given, Westmeath twp., same, d/o Daniel ROBERTSON & Isabel McLEAN, witn: George THRASHER of Beachburg & Mary McLEAN of Massey, 14 Sept 1904 at Westmeath
16549-04 Lewis GALBRAITH, 30, farmer, Bristol Que., Admaston, s/o David GALBRAITH & Euphemia CULBERTON, married Annie LEITCH, 24, Horton, same, d/o James LEITCH & Catherine AIRTH, witn: Walter GALBRAITH of Admaston & Jennie G. JAMIESON of Horton, 21 June 1904 at Horton twp 16739-04 - Edward GALLAGHER, 26, laborer, Allumette Island, Pembroke, s/o Frank GALLAGHER & Mary Ann LE--Y, married Mary Louisa VEZINA, 22, Westmeath, same, d/o Samuel VEZINA & Bridget LAWLESS, witn: William GALLAGHER of Allumette Island & Ella May VISENEAU of Westmeath, 14 April 1904 at Gower Point (Rom Cath)
16644-04 Albert GERKIE, 24, farmer, Germany, Petewawa, s/o August GERKIE & Emily ACHTENBERG, married Mary Louisa GORR, 17, Alice, Petewawa, d/o Charles GORR, farmer, & Alwine ANTLER, witn: August & Anna GORR and August WEGNER, all of Petewawa, and Ernest CHRISTINK of Chalk River, 6 July 1904 at Petewawa 16738-04 - Felix GERVAIS, 25, farmer, wee, Gower Point, s/o Theophile GERVAIS & Philomene MARION, married Dymas B. LADEROOTE, 19, Westmeath, same, d/o Alexander LADEROOTE & Amanda St.DENIS, witn: Charles LADEROOTE of Westmeath & Rosie DRAPEAU of Gower Point, 12 April 1904 at Gower Point (Rom Cath )
16748-04 - Thomas Alfred GIBSON, 23, farmer, Ross twp., same, s/o Thomas GIBSON & Emily McDONOUGH, married Jenetta THRASHER, 23, Greenwood, Penetton, d/o Philemore THRASHER & Harriet O'BRIEN, witn: Middie THRASHER & Eliza ROBINSON, both of Penetton, 13 July 1904 at Westmeath 16545-04 Peter GRAWBERGER, 22, section man, Petawawa twp., Clara twp., s/o Andrew GRAWBERGER & Sarah Jane TENNANT, married Catherine GARDNER, 19, Alice twp., not given, d/o James GARDNER & Mary WELLINGTON, witn: Daniel STEWART of Petawawa & Mary GARDNER of Clara, 12 April 1904 at Clara twp
16574-04 Thomas Andrew GRIFFIN, 33, merchant, Almonte, Sand Point, s/o Thomas GRIFFIN & Margaret MENARY, married Elizabeth Grace YUILL, 20, house maid, Arnprior, Braeside, d/o James YUILL of Braeside & Elizabeth GRIFFIN of Sand Point, 26 Oct. 1904 at McNab twp. 16658-04 Arthur C. HAGGART, 22, farmer, Maynooth, same, s/o Charles HAGGART & Roda BROWN, married Louisa SMIARD, 16, of Whitney, d/o George SMIARD & Annie SHUTLIFFE, witn: M. HAGGARD (sic) of Maynooth & M. SMIARD of Whitney, 28 July 1904 at Combermere
16656-04 Richard HARE Sr., 60, farmer, widower, Wolford, Bangor, s/o Richard HARE & M. EDWARDS, married Elizabeth PATTERSON, 44, widow, Hastings Road, Radcliffe, d/o Hugh ADRAIN & Isabella GELISPIO, witn: John PATTERSON & W.H. GATES, both of Radcliffe, 29 April 1904 at Combermere 16391-04 John HARGRAVES, 25, laborer, Perth Ont, Copper Cliff, s/o Charles HARGRAVES & Sarah KEELAND, married Elizabeth JAMES, 26, laborer, Lake Daris? Ont., Sudbury, d/o John JAMES & Margaret McDONALD, witn: J. B. McEWAN & Catherine COFFIE, both of Pembroke, 26 Oct. 1904 at Alice twp
16563-04 William Harry HARRIS, 30, station agent, Ledford (Medford?) NY, McNab twp., s/o George W. HARRIS & Jennie DAVIDSON, married Mary Drummond ANDERSON, 26, teacher, McNab twp., same, d/o Peter ANDERSON & Lizzie DUFF, witn: Ralph L. HARRIS of Northampton Mass., & Lizzie D. LINDSAY of Horton twp., 15 June 1904 at Lot 20, Con 7 of McNab twp 016429-04 (Renfrew Co.) John HARRIS, 25, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o William HARRIS & Maria PIERCE, married Elizabeth CARR, 14, Fitzroy, same, d/o John CARR & Charlote CUTHBERTSON, wtn: George STYLES & Mary A. HARRIS, on September 28, 1904, at Arnprior
16561-04 William Andrew HAWLEY, 33, widower, laborer, Calabogie, same, s/o William HAWLEY & Mary BAILEY, married Maggie GRAHAM, 24, house maid, Glasgow Scotland, Arnprior, d/o Frank GRAHAM & blank REID, witn: Archibald YUILL of Calabogie & Maddie MACKEY of Arnprior, 20 April 1904 at Lot 4, Con 11 of McNab twp 16759-04 - Austin Masters? HENNESY, 23, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Martin HENNESY & Emily MASTERS?, married Jessie Fraser JACKSON, Westmeath, same, d/o Joseph C. JACKSON & Mary O'BRIEN, witn: Dora McCASKILL & Asa M. ROSS, both of Westmeath, 26 Oct 1904 at Westmeath
16480-04 John Henry HILL, 29, farmer, Ross twp., same, s/o James HILL & Margaret ROSS, married Elizabeth PRICE, 27, Westmeath, Cobden, d/o David PRICE & Isabella JOHNSTON, wtn: David & Mrs. D. TRIPP of Ross twp., 16 Nov 1904 at Cobden 16379-04 August HOFFMAN, 24, farmer, Germany, Admaston, s/o Julius HOFFMAN & Helen KENERTON?, married Jennie CURREY, 23, Admaston, same, d/o John CURREY & Elizabeth BURNS, witn: Herman HOFFMAN & Mrs. Frederick GOKIE, both of Admaston, 26 Jan 1904 at Admaston
16558-04 William HOOD, 25, farmer, Kent Co. Ont, North Dakota, s/o James HOOD & Edith Ann HUDSON, married Margaret Ann CAMERON, 23, house maid, McNab twp., same, d/o Angus CAMERON & Isabell McNAB, witn: Thomas TAYLOR & Catherine Jane CAMERON, both of McNab twp., 20 Jan 1904 at Lot 9, Con 5 of McNab twp 017287-05 (Renfrew Co.), David HULSON, 32, McNab Twp., same, section man, s/o Jas. HULSON & Margaret CARSWELL, to Jane BLACKBURN, 26 Horton Twp., same, d/o John BLACKBURN & Maria PHILLIPS, witn Robert & T. C. HAY, both of Renfrew, 11 May 1904 at Renfrew
16507-04 James JAMIESON, 41, widower, railroading, Grattan, same, s/o James JAMIESON & Annie NEALY, married Maria ROSS, 38, widow, Brudnell, Wilberforce, d/o Joseph HAWKINS & Mary BALDWIN, witn: Annie & Amey WILSON of Eganville, 22 Nov 1904 at Eganville 16571-04 Archibald JAMIESON, 21, farmer, Admaston, Horton twp., s/o John L. JAMIESON & Agnes McLAREN, married Marion GILLESPIE, 21, house maid, McNab twp., same, d/o James GILLESPIE & Jean HAMILTON, witn: James JAMIESON of Horton twp. & Katie GILLESPIE of McNab twp., 16 Nov 1904 at Glasgow Station, McNab twp.
16516-04 William J. JOHNSTON, 28, farmer, Miller, Matawatchan, s/o James W. JOHNSTON & Mary J. MALLORY, married Minnie BARTCH (Burtch?), 20, Denbigh, same, d/o Henry BARTCH & Elsie THOMPSON, witn: Eduard JOHNSTON of Miller & Maggie McPHERSON of Matawatchan, 27 Sept 1904 at Matawatchan 16524-04 Alfred JOURDIN, 29, bricklayer, Renfrew, same, s/o Alfred & blank, married Nora DWYRE, 25, Ireland, Griffith, d/o John DWYRE & Nora MURPHY, witn: Ned HALEY & John DWYRE, both of Griffith, 26 Nov 1904 at Griffith
16445-04 John KELLY, 29, conductor, Ottawa, same, s/o Michael KELLY & Margaret DONOGHUE, married Joanna QUILTY, 25, Admaston, same, d/o John QUILTY, farmer, & Mary WINDLE, witn: William KILEEN of Ottawa & Bridget QUILTY of Admaston, 21 June 1904 at Mt. St. Patrick 16548-04 William John KERR, 35, farmer, widower, Ross, Horton, s/o James KERR & Harriet LAVOIE, married Charlotte WILSON, 21, Bagot, same, d/o Daniel & Ellen, witn: Agnes A. & Ellen TAYLOR of Horton, 23 March 1904 at Horton twp
  16648-04 Frederick Gustav LAABS, 25, laborer, Alice, same, s/o Henry LAABS & Albertine WORMSDORF, married Emma Cardiff BAHR, 18 1/2, servant, Stafford, Alice, d/o Fred BAHR & Marie SCHULZ, witn; Henry BAHR, Marie SCHULZ & Paul LAABS, all of Alice, and Anna PRIEBE of Petewawa, 8 Nov 1904 at Petewawa
0172336-05 (Renfrew Co.), Alex LACHANCE, 22, not given, Gowen Point, laborer, s/o Hubert LACHANCE & Henrietta LAMARCHE, to Josephine ROBERT, 20, not given, Gower Point, d/o Alex ROBERT & Sarah BROOKES, witn: Hubert LACHANCE & Delia MARLEAU, both of Gower Point, 5 November 1904, at Gower Point 16731-04 - Alfred LADEROOTE?, 20, laborer, Westmeath, same, s/o Alex LADEROOTE & Amanda St.DENIS, married Philomena DRAPEAU, 20, Westmeath, same, d/o Pierre DRAPEAU & Marion GERVAIS, witn: Joseph LADEROOTE of Westmeath & Philomene GERVAIS of Gower Point, 3 Feb 1904 at Gower Point (Rom Cath)
16496-04 George LAMANCHE, 28, farmer, Grattan, same, s/o George LAMANCHE & Mary DEALARE, married Christiana VAUDETTE, 18, Grattan, same, d/o Onesime VAUDETTE & Olive LABLAC, witn: Joseph LAMANCHE & Lena VAUDETTE, b Sutton, 25 July 1904 at Eganville  
16386-04 George C. LEECH, 32, railroad employee, Alice, Fort Frances, s/o Edward LEECH & Annie HAWKINS, married Elizabeth S. EDWARDS, 21, Alice, same, d/o Jacob EDWARDS, farmer, & Susan KIDD, witn: Thomas CLARK & Mary L. EDWARDS, both of Rankin, 26 Jan 1904 at Alice 16765-04 - Richard LEECH, 24, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o Edward LEECH & Phoebe EDWARDS, married Elizabeth Ann CLARKE, 18, Wilberforce, same, d/o Miles CLARK (sic) & Mary BRADLEY, witn: John Stone HEWITT & Annie Laura MICK, both of Wilberforce, 1 June 1904 at St. Thomas Church, Rankin
16645-04 Fred LINDEMAN, 28, farmer, Petewawa, same, s/o Ferdinand LINDEMAN & Emilie SIEFFERT, married Mathilda MIELKIE, 19, servant, Petewawa, same, d/o Charles MIELKIE & Henrietta SCHNAEKEL, witn: Alvine MIELKIE & Adolf LINDEMAN of Petewawa and Louisa TERMASCH & Fred SCHULZ, both of Pembroke, 14 July 1904 at Petewawa 16512-04 William T. LONEY, 22, farmer, Raglan, same, s/o Thomas LONEY & Ellen SMITHSON, married Martha ADAMS, 24, teacher, Griffith, same, d/o James ADAMS & Jane DOOL, witn: W. H. ADAMS & M. E. TEEPLES, both of Griffith, 19 Jan 1904 at not given
16525-05 Francis LYON, 30, mill owner, Verona, Clarendon, s/o Francis LYON & Lucinda SMITH, married Melissa BROWN, 24, Miller, Abinger, d/o John BROWN & Dora QUACKENBUSH, witn: Demeste LYON of Clarendon & Sarah E. BROWN of Abinger, 14 Dec 1904 at Matawatchan 16745-04 - Herbert LYTTLE, 23, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o William LYTTLE & Jane MENZIES, married Mary GERVAIS, 21, Westmeath, Beachburg, d/o Edward GERVAIS & Mercelline MARION, witn: Peter LYTTLE & Anna GERVAIS, both of Beachburg, 15 June 1904 at Gower Point
16560-04 John MAY, 35, carpenter, Fitzroy twp., same, s/o Richard MAY & Eliza LYTLE, married Florence STEVENSON, 20, house maid, McNab twp., same, d/o Archibald STEVENSON & Annie CAMERON, witn: John SHANNON of Fitzroy & Aggie STEVENSON of McNab twp., 23 March 1904 at Lot 20, Con 11 of McNab twp  
16661-04 Noah MAYHEW, 34, farmer, Radcliffe, same, s/o Peter MAYHEW & Sophia JORDAN, married Matilda MAYHEW, 18, Radcliffe, same, d/o blank, farmer, & Victoria GOYEAU, witn: J. A. GOYEAU & Maggie MAYHEW, both of Radcliffe, 16 July 1904 at Combermere 16382-04 Charles MAYHEW, 22, farmer, Admaston, same, s/o Lewis MAYHEW & Sarah PIERCE, married Maggie S. CHARTRAND, 20, Wilberforce, same, d/o Charles CHARTRAND & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, witn: Freeman GIBBONS of Portage du Fort & Lucy MAYHEW of Admaston, 19 Oct 1904 at Admaston
16568-04 Daniel McAULEY, 22, laborer, Caledon Ont., Galette - Carleton Co., s/o Daniel McAULEY & Margaret McCALLAM, married Emma Sophia GOODSMAN, 18, house maid, Braeside, same, d/o Charles GOODSMAN & Carrie COURTENAY, witn: George SMITH of Sand Point & Clara HOLBEIN of Rockingham, 26 Sept 1904 at McNab twp 16495-04 John Stephen McCANN, 22, agent, Eganville, same, s/o Michael James McCANN & Mary Ann O'BRIAN, married Annie S. GOULETTE, 23, Renfrew, same, d/o Henry GOULETTE & Arbell ROY, witn: Octave GOULETTE of Renfrew & Jessie McCANN of Eganville, 6 July 1904 at Eganville
16481-04 William McCASKELL, 35, widower, farmer, Ross twp., same, s/o George McCASKELL & Margaret BENNIE, married Maggie JAMIESON, 35, Ross twp., same, d/o William JAMIESON & Sarah MELLING, witn: John JAMIESON of Ross twp & Nellie McCASKELL of Cobden, 21 Dec 1904 at Cobden 16455-04 John McDONALD, 49, farmer, Brudenell, Bromley, s/o Angus McDONALD & Margaret McKINNON, married Bridget ROWAN, 25, domestic, Admaston, Bromley, illegitimate d/o Mary ROWAN, witn: William ROWAN & Henrietta FINN, both of Bromley, 27 June 1904 at Douglas
16763-04 - Walter McDONALD, 27, farmer, Admaston, same, s/o Pete McDONALD & Jessie BOWERS, married Jane Agnes BYERS, 23, Wilberforce, same, d/o Robert BYERS & Susan SADLER, witn: Thomas McINTYRE of Bromley & Rebecca BYERS of Wilberforce, 18 Feb 1904 at lot 1, con 1 of Wilberforce 16567-04 Hugh Duncan McGILLVARY, 29, teamster, Van Kleek Hill, Arnprior?, s/o John H. McGILLVARY & Margaret FRASER, married Lizzie DIENER, 23, house maid, McNab twp. ,same, d/o John Gustave DIENER & Matilda PULTZ, witn: Robert F. McGILVARY of Van Kleek Hill & Annie DIENER of McNab twp., 17 Aug 1904 at McNab twp.
16446-04 William McKETCHAN, 23, farmer, of Admaston, s/o Michael McKETCHAN & not known, married Mary DONEY, 26, of Admaston, d/o Theodore DONEY & Mary SHEPHARD, witn: John HASS & Teresa GAGNON, both of Admaston, 11 April 1904 at Mt. St. Patrick 16566-04 Thomas P. McLACHLAN, 29, widower, farmer, McNab twp., same, s/o Peter McLACHLAN & Elizabeth COCHRANE, married Grace FRASER, 26, house maid, McNab twp., same, do Alexander FRASER & Elizabeth McLACHLAN, witn: Thomas FRASER & Nellie COCHRANE, both of McNab twp., 17 Aug 1904 at McNab twp.
16737-04 - John McGregor McLEAN, 24, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o John G. McLEAN & Margaret PRETTY, married Margaret E. CAMERON, 23, Westmeath, same, d/o Malcolm CAMERON & Jane CHENE?, witn: Donald McLEAN & Maggie E. BARR, both of Beachburg, 17 March 1904 at Beachburg 16754-04 - Donald McLEAN, 27, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o John G. McLEAN & Margaret PRETTY, married Margaret Edna BARR, 26, Beachburg, same, d/o John BARR & Mary Ann ROSS, witn: Alexander McLEAN of Pembroke & Katie BARR of Beachburg, 14 Sept 1904 at Westmeath
16387-04 Alex McLEOD, 31, farmer, Alice, same, s/o Alex McLEOD & Amelia LEACH, married Elizabeth CARMICHAEL, 19, Alice, same, d/o Thomas CARMICHAEL Jr., farmer, & Sarah McCLELLAND, witn: M. J. McLEOD & Mary LEITCH, both of Pembroke, 22 June 1904 at Alice 16517-04 William McLEOD, 28, farmer, Bromley, Matawatchan, s/o Norman J. McLEOD & Mary Ann POTTER, married Rharney? McPHERSON, 23, Matawatchan, same, d/o Colin McPHERSON & Cora MORAN, wtn: John McLEOD of Renfrew & Abbie McPHERSON of Matawatchan, 21 Dec 1904 at Matawatchan
16520-04 Philip McMAHON, 24, laborer, Matawatchan, same, s/o Michael McMAHON & Sophia DODGE, married Pauline GODIN, 17, Griffith, same, d/o Isadore GODIN & Sophia BELANGER, witn: John SCULLY & Louise McMAHON, both of Matawatchan, 5 July 1904 at Griffith 16499-04 James McMULLAN, 30, widower, laborer, Brudnell, Hagarty, s/o David McMULLAN & Elizabeth SMITH, married Jessie STEWART, 21, Hagarty, same, d/o Archibald STEWART & Ann McDONALD, witn: Reginald THOMPSON & Annie H. RATTERY, both of Eganville, 15 Sept 1904 at Eganville
16500-04 John McMULLAN, 43, lumber man, of Pembroke, s/o Alexander McMULLAN & Ellen BRADY, married Mary GORMAN, 34, Eganville, same, d/o William GORMAN & Margaret DEVLIN, witn: J. McGREGOR of Pembroke & Maggie GORMAN of Eganville, 27 Sept 1904 at Eganville 16758-04 - David McMULLEN, 26, farmer, Haley Station, Westmeath twp., s/o William McMULLEN & Ann Jane McQUILTY?, married Ida Isabella SPOTSWOOD, 23, Westmeath, same, d/o James SPOTSWOOD & Mary Ann BERMIGER?, witn: George McMULLEN & Laura SPOTSWOOD, both of Westmeath, 3 June 1904 at Beachburg
16518-04 George Gibbon McNAB, 29, teacher, Renfrew, Port Arthur, s/o Colin McNAB & Jane GIBBON, married Jennie McLELLAN, 27, Renfrew, Matawatchan, d/o Adam McLELLAN & Jane CAMPBELL?, witn: J. Young FERGUSON of Kingston & Maude LANE of Denbigh, 28 Dec 1904 at Matawatchan 16740-04 - John McNABB, 36, laborer, Cobden, Westmeath, s/o Allan McNABB & Agnes DAVIS, married Mary Louisa RYAN, 24, servant, Calumette Island, Westmeath, d/o Louis RYAN & Selina ROSE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Joseph CURRY of Westmeath, 26 April 1904 at Westmeath
16569-04 James McPHERSON, 24, clerk, Ottawa, Carleton Place, s/o John McPHERSON & Annie MEWHINNEY, married Janet Stevenson CARMICHAEL, 20, house maid, McNab twp., Braeside, d/o James CARMICHAEL & Agnes McLAREN, witn: Norman McPHERSON of Carleton Place & Kate CARMICHAEL of Braeside, 28 Sept 1904 at Braeside, McNab twp 16479-04 Archibald McQUARRIE, 30, teacher, Peel Co., Beachburg, s/o D. McQUARRIE & Agnes McCONNEL, married Margaret STORMS, 36, Wilton, Ernestown, d/o R. STORMS & M. McEWAN, witn: H. W. FRASER & Mrs. CRAMM, both of Cobden, 4 Nov 1904 at Cobden
16385-04 Nichlas Wilhelm MICHAELIS, 25, farmer, South Algona, same, s/o Ferdinand & Ernestine, married Annie Henrietta FICK, 27, servant, Wilberforce, Eganville, d/o Gustave FICK & Henrietta SLEONSOORF?, witn: Otto MICHAELIS of South Algona & Maria FICK of Eganville, 29 June 1904 at South Algona 016433-04 (Renfrew Co.) William MILLER, 54, laborer, England, Arnprior, s/o Thomas MILLER & Jane PL--??, married Josephine DERBIER, 29, Aylmer, Arnprior, d/o Thomas DERBIER & Nancy CHARTRAND, wtn: M.J. McLEAN & Florence BUCHAN, on November 21, 1904, at Arnprior
16744-04 - Joseph Alexander MOORE, 24, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o William MOORE & Nancy McDONOUGH, married Eliza KENNY, 25, Westmeath, same, d/o John KENNY & Jane LAFLEUR, witn: Michael McDONOUGH & Mildred KENNY, both of Westmeath, 15 June 1904 at Westmeath 16475-04 Francis Harold MORGAN, 23, farmer, London England, Ross twp., s/o J. MORGAN & M. CARDON, married Marion Matilda BRUCE, 25, Ross twp., same, d/o Colin BRUCE & M. HAMMOND, wit: Colin BRUCE of Ross twp & Eliza POUNDER of Foresters Falls, 8 June 1904 at Cobden
16660-04 John E. MOULTON, 30, shoe maker, Innisville, Bangor, s/o William MOULTON & Elizabeth CLARK, married Edith A. JAMES, 21, of Bangor, d/o Enoch JAMES, farmer, & Mary JARDINE, witn: H.D. MOULTON of Lanark & May JONES of Pembroke, 21 Sept 1904 at Combermere 16766-04 - John MUELLER, 20, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o not given, married Mary ZELL, 18, Wilberforce, same, d/o not given, witn: Paul REXIN & Mary KRUEGER, both of Wilberforce, 31 May 1904 at St. Johns Church, Wilberforce (Lutheran)
16441-04 Andrew NAPIER, 25, barber, Darling, same, s/o John NAPIER & Jane CAMERON, married Edith HEADRICK, 25, Bagot, same, d/o David HEADRICK & Annie McFARLANE, witn: Arch YUILL of Calabogie & Minnie HEADRICK of Bagot, 26 Sept 1904 at Calabogie 16752-04 - Hugh NEDDO (s/b Nadeau), 25, farmer, Waltham, Westmeath, s/o La Mat NEDDO & Eliza HANY, married Sarah Ann GIBSON, 25, Ross, Westmeath, d/o Isaac GIBSON & Ann McNAUGHTON, witn: James SCOTT & Maggie GIBSON, both of Westmeath, 27 Sept 1904 at Westmeath
16451-04 John NICHOLSON, 35, farmer, Admaston, same, s/o John NICHOLSON & Catherine McCORMAC, married Alice RANCIER (Raucier?), 21, Calabogie, same, d/o George RANCIER & Julia YONNE, witn: Thomas KILEY & Ann Jane NICHOLSON, both of Admaston, 11 July 1904 at Mt. St. Patrick 16653-04 Mathew NOAK, 29, farmer, Killaloe, same, s/o Mathew NOAK & Minnie SHELKIE, married Anna PETERS, 27?, servant, Petewawa, same, d/o Carl PETERS & Sophia MILLER, witn: John PETERS of Petewawa & Emma NOAK of Killaloe, 14 Dec 1904 at Petewawa
16652-04 Alexandre PAQUETTE, 21, laborer, Petewawa, same, s/o Oliver PAQUETTE & Olive CHARTRAND, married Elise SYLVEST, 18, servant, Petewawa, same, d/o Joseph SYLVEST & Eleanore LAMOTH, witn: Aeme SYLVEST & Alphonsine CHARTIER, both of Petewawa, 14 July 1904 at Petewawa 16502-04 James P. Delong PENNOCK, 22, farmer, Elgin - Leeds Co., Raglan, s/o George W. PENNOCK & Harriet A. DE LONG, married Annie H. GAUTHIER, 20, Raglan, same, d/o John GAUTHIER & Fredericke TROLLEY, witn: Reg THOMPSON & Annie RATTRAY, both of Eganville, 29 Sept 1904
16447-04 William PICKERING, 30, farmer, Renfrew, same, s/o Thomas PICKERING & Mary DUNLOP, married Elizabeth CRUIKSHANKS, 33, Gatineau, Brougham, d/o George CRUIKSHANKS & Susan TEWS, witn: Thomas PICKERING of Renfrew & Harriet CRUIKSHANKS, of Brougham, 8 June 1904 at Mt. St. Patrick 16751-04 - Harvey James PONPORE? (Poupore?), 23, farmer, Grenville Co., Westmeath twp., s/o Andrew PONPORE & Cynthe GILMORE, married Caro Frances ADAMS, 26, Westmeath, same, d/o Gideon ADAMS & Hannah MURPHY, witn: Charles A. ADAMS of Revelstoke BC & Caro Jane PONPORE of Westmeath, 10 Aug 1904 at Westmeath
16384-04 Julius Frederick Carl PORUTH, 36, widower, farmer, Germany, South Algona, s/o Ferdinand PORUTH & Wilhelmine POPP, married Emma SCHMIDTH, 23, Germany, Sebastopol, d/o Wilhelm SCHMIDTH, farmer, & Auguste HEBNER, witn: Robert & Marie GRIESE of South Algona, 5 May 1904 at South Algona 16655-04 George Nelson PRENTISS, 33, farmer, Carlow, same, s/o Michael PRENTISS & Eliza J. CRAM, married Elizabeth HYNES, 33, Carlow, same, d/o William HYNES & Ellen TELFER, witn: Michael PRENTISS & Ellen H. WILSON, both of Carlow, 5 April 1904 at Combermere
16741-04 - Gilbert PRIMEAU, 23, laborer, Westmeath, same, s/o Alexander PRIMEAU & Emeline MARION, married Mary ELWRIGHT, 20, Ottawa, Westmeath, d/o John ELWRIGHT & Julia NOWACK, witn: Ephrem & Celia PRIMEAU of Westmeath, 1 June 1904 at Gower Point (Rom Cath) 16570-04 Albert PROCTOR, 27, farmer, Admaston twp., same, s/o Richard PROCTOR & Annie LEWIS, married Jennie McMILLAN, 23, house maid, McNab twp., same, d/o James McMILLAN & Margaret CARSWELL, witn: Thomas PROCTOR of Admaston & Nellie McMILLAN of McNab twp., 26 Oct. 1904 at McNab twp.
16659-04 William John REID, 28, farmer, of Bangor, s/o Huston REID & Mary WESTERN, married Christiana DUPPE, 23, Bangor, same, d/o Peter DUPEE (sic), farmer, & Julia PERSIEN, witn: J.H. O'BRIEN & Annie BOEHME, both of Combermere, 28 July 1904 at Combermere 16564-04 James Alexander ROBERTSON, 26, farmer, McNab twp., same, s/o Donald ROBERTSON & Ann Gordon TUFF, married Margaret Bertha BARR, 21, house maid, McNab twp., same, d/o James BARR & Janet COCHRANE, witn: Peter J. BARR & Mary L. PHILLIPS, both of McNab twp., 15 June 1904 at Lot 15, Con 8 of McNab twp
16497-04 Ludger ROBITAILLE, 20, farmer, Grattan, same, s/o Joseph ROBITAILLE & Dolime St.LOUIS, married Anna LEBLANC, 23, Grattan, same, d/o Alexander LEBLANC & Delphine GAUTHIER, witn: Hilaire LAFLAMME & Lucy LEBLANC, both of Sutton, 28 Aug 1904 at Eganville  
16478-04 Edward SCHONNOP, 25, tailor, Stafford, Pembroke, s/o Martin SCHONNOP & Annie KELOW, married Jessie McDONALD, 23, Edinburgh, Cobden, d/o Thomas McDONALD & Helen ORR, witn: Samuel J. MAY of Forresters Falls & Mary SCHONNOP of Pembroke, 31 Aug 1904 at Cobden 16743-04 - Francis SCOTT, 19, laborer, Westmeath, Ross twp., s/o Hiram SCOTT & Caroline McLAREN, married Christena CARNAGIE, 18, wee, same, d/o William CARNAGIE & Elizabeth TENNANT, witn: Joseph LARRETT & Ellen SCOTT, both of Ross twp., 1 June 1904 at Westmeath
16562-04 George Ellis SHAW, 38, widower, farmer, Horton twp., Bon Cher Point, s/o John SHAW & Harriet Louisa TAYLOR, married Margaret Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 25, house maid, McNab twp., same, d/o John R. CAMPBELL & Jane CARMICHAEL, witn: George THOMSON of Horton twp. & Mary CAMPBELL of McNab twp., 18 May 1904 at 13th con of McNab twp 16742-04 - William J. SHIELDS, 37, widower, farmer, Carleton Co., Westmeath, s/o Alexander SHIELDS & Mary Ann BURR (or Barr), married Sarah DAVIDSON, 21, Westmeath, same, d/o John DAVIDSON & Catherine DICKSON, witn: John J. & Miney DAVIDSON of Westmeath, 8 June 1904 at Westmeath
  16380-04 Lester H. SMITH, 28, farmer, Ross, McNab, s/o Daniel SMITH & Christena McKENZIE, married Clara Jane PENDER, 20, Gratton, Admaston, d/o William PENDER & Lorenda J. CHAMBERLIN, witn: Alfred SMITH of Admaston & Grace Edith PENDER of McNab, 12 April 1904 at Admaston
16547-04 Lawrence N. SMITH, 24, farmer, Admaston, McNab, s/o Thomas SMITH & Annie NAISMITH, married Katie EADY, 27, Horton, McNab, d/o Robert EADY & Mary CARMICHAEL, witn: George SMITH & Mary Belle EADY, both of McNab, 9 March 1904 at Horton twp 16509-04 Reuben SMITH, 26, farm laborer, Leeds Co., Gratton, s/o John SMITH & Margaret REGLEY, married Mary E. SCULLY, 22, Matawatchan twp., Gratton, d/o John SCULLY & Elizabeth BERGINALL, witn: Arthur HURD & Maggie J. SHARPE, both of Gratton, 25 Feb. 1904 at Douglas
16573-04 Herman SPEIKER, 59, laborer, Germany, Mansfield, s/o Daniel SPEIKER & Louisa NEUSCHON, marred Charlotte SPEIKER, 63, widow, house maid, Germany, Mansfield, d/o Richard NEUMAN Frederika MANTEL, witn: Edward STEILOW & Richard NEUMAN, both of Mansfield, 6 Dec 1904 at Mansfield, McNab twp 16503-04 Arthur SPENCE, 24, farmer, Bromley, same, s/o Alex SPENCE & Annie ANGUS, married Martha Jane WILCOX, 24, Wilberforce, same, d/o John WILCOX & Elizabeth THOMAS, witn: James SPENCE & Jessie V. SUTHERLAND, both of Wilberforce, 19 Oct. 1904 at Eganville
16552-04 Peter David STEWART, 24, farmer, Horton, same, s/o Duncan STEWART & Annie BURTON, married Lena BURTON, 24, Cobden, same, d/o Francis BURTON & Adeline SMITH, wtn: Daniel B. STEWART & Jessie A. BURTON, both of Horton, 20 Sept 1904 at Horton twp 16453-04 Patrick SUTHERLAND, 24, laborer, bra, same, s/o George & blank, married Mary AMYOT, 24, domestic, Stafford, Bromley, d/o Francis AMYOT & Elizabeth HUDORE, witn: Thomas AMYOT & Essie DUNLOP, both of Bromley, 22 June 1904 at Osceola
16559-04 Thomas TAYLOR, 42, farmer, McNab twp., same, s/o James TAYLOR & Lency McKAY, married Catherine Jane CAMERON, 27, house maid, McNab twp., same, d/o Angus CAMERON & Isabell McNAB, witn: William HOOD of North Dakota & Margaret Ann CAMERON of McNab twp., 9 March 1904 at Lot 9, Con 5 of McNab twp  
16654-04 John TENNANT, 31, farmer, Petewawa, same, s/o Thomas TENNANT & Mary Ann GROWBERGER, married Charlotte McCAULEY, 20, servant, Petewawa, same, d/o James McCAULEY & Mary Jane LEACH, witn: John McCAULEY & Sophia TENNANT, both of Petewawa, 1 Nov 1904 at Petewawa 16649-04 Robert Cardiff TENNANT, 26, farmer, of Petewawa, s/o Robert TENNANT & Elizabeth GROWBERGER, married Elizabeth TENNANT, 20, servant, of Petewawa, d/o blank & Sarah GROWBERGER, witn: Robert & Sarah TENNANT and Elizabeth GROWBERGER, all of Petewawa, 5 Oct. 1904 at Petewawa
16511-04 Ford TEEPLE, 23, farmer, Kingston, Griffith, s/o John TEEPLES & Martha BARR, married Maggie N. ADAMS, 20, Griffith, same, d/o James ADAMS & Jane DOOL, witn: Moody TEEPLES & Eliza ADAMS, both of Griffith, 19 Jan 1904 at not given 16519-04 Moody TEEPLE, 22, farmer, Griffith, same, s/o John TEEPLE & Martha BARR, married Hannah Jane DOOL, 18, Denbigh, same, d/o Adam DOOL & Annie McDONALD, witn: John T. TEEPLE of Griffith & Agnes LECKIE of Denbigh, 24 (or 26) Dec 1904 at Matawatchan
  16513-04 David THOMPSON, 22, farmer, Matawatchan, same, s/o John THOMPSON & M. A. McPHERSON, married Christiana KELLY, 24, Matawatchan, same, d/o Patrick KELLY & Margaret McPHERSON, witn: Alex KELLEY & M. J. THOMPSON, both of Matawatchan, 4 May 1904 at not given
16546-04 William TOOLEY, 22, trackman, Mackeys, Deux Rivieres, s/o Lemuel TOOLEY & Louisa DURAND, married Mary GARDNER, 16, Chalk River, Deux Rivieres, d/o James GARDNER & Mary WELLINGTON, witn: James STEWART & Sarah JARDINE, both of Deux Rivieres, 1 Sept 1904 at Deux Rivieres 16477-04 David TRIPP, 22, farmer, Fitzroy twp., Ross twp., s/o Josiah TRIPP & Rebecca PORTER, married Mina PRICE, 22, Bromley twp., Cobden, d/o David PRICE & Isabella JOHNSTON, witn: William COOKE of Ross twp & Liza PRICE of Cobden, 6 July 1904 at Cobden
16452-04 William George TROKE, 24, laborer, Newfoundland, Renfrew, s/o Joseph TROKE & Adeline FORCEY, married Ann CRUIKSHANKS, 22, Brougham, same, d/o George CRUIKSHANKS & Susanna TEWS, witn: John McCARDLE of Dacre & Jennette CRUIKSHANKS of Brougham, 31 Aug 1904 at Mt. St. Patrick 16393-04 John N. TWIGGER, 22, railway employee, of Scriber, s/o John TWIGGER & Jane CASHMORE, married Alice MOORE, 20, Alice twp., same, d/o David P. MOORE & Isabella THOMSON, witn: David MOORE & Kate McCAUGHEN, both of Alice, 7 Dec 1904 at Alice
16750-04 - James VALLIANT, 26, widower, farmer, Pontiac Quebec, Westmeath, s/o John VALLIANT & Caroline DUNLOP, married Edna HOWARD, 22, Westmeath, same, d/o Henry HOWARD & Eliza VEZINAU, witn: John & William VALLIANT of Beachburg, 8 Aug 1904 at Beachburg 16757-04 - William VIGGERS, 21, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o William VIGGERS & Alice RICHARDS, married Elizabeth ANDERSON, 16, Westmeath, same, d/o John T. ANDERSON & Annie GANNON, witn: Edward WRIGHT & Mary FROST, both of Westmeath, 17 Aug 1904 at Beachburg
  16523-04 Alfred VINCENT, 25, farmer, Matawatchan, same, s/o Elzard VINCENT & Mary BELANGER, married Rose BOURDIGNON, 25, Matawatchan, same, d/o Narcisse BOURDIGNON & Sophie BOIVIN, witn: John VARRIN? & Georgina VINCENT, both of Matawatchan, 17 Oct 1904 at Griffith
16383-04 Melville R. WARREN, 22, farmer, Wilberforce, same, s/o John M. WARREN & Catherine LETT, married Louisa NAISMITH, 22, Admaston, same, d/o Lawrence NAISMITH & Ellen BAIN, wtn: James NAISMITH of Admaston & Jennie LETT of Wilberforce, 7 Dec 1904 at Admaston 16749-04 - Allan Alexander WATT, 31, farmer, Lanark Ont., Waltham, s/o Alexander WATT & Elizabeth CRAWFORD, married Abigail Marion NELSON, 22, Westmeath twp., same, d/o William NELSON & Mary THRASHER, witn: Thomas MURRAY of Poland Ont. & Margaret A. NELSON of Westmeath, 27 July 1904 at Westmeath
16646-04 Fried August WEGNER, 25, farmer, Petewawa, same, s/o August WEGNER & Mary WAHLFRIED, married Anna W. E. GERKIE, 19, servant, Petewawa, same, d/o blank & Emilie ACHTENBERG, witn: John GORR, Mathilda GERKIE and Adolf & Adela WEGNER, all of Petewawa, 17 Aug 1904 at Petewawa  
016432-04 (Renfrew Co.) William Arthur WILLIS, 23, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Thomas WILLIS & Nansie SMIRLLIE? (Smellie?), married Annie Alice BANNING, 21, Arnprior, same, d/o John BANNING & Ellen MAY, wtn: John W. BANNING & Bessie L. WILLIS, on November 2, 1904, at Arnprior 17007-05 (Renfrew Co) Alexander WOERUEKE (Woerenke?), 22, laborer, Sebastopol, Arnprior, s/o Karl WOERUEKE & Ernestine ISSE--? married Annie REDTMAREN, 19, McNab, Arnprior, d/o Ferdinand REDTMAREN & Ernestine SCHELL, witn: Charles DIVEREUKE of Sebastopol & Ida HAWERSON of Admaston, 7 July 1904, Arnprior
0172335-05 (Renfrew Co.), Joseph WRIGHT, 27, Westmeath Twp., Cochrane Alberta, carpenter, s/o Thomas WRIGHT & Margaret LESLIE, to Jane Rowan ROBINSON, 25, Westmeath, same, d/o James ROBINSON & Margaret McLAUGHLIN, witn: David WRIGHT & Tena(?) ROBINSON, both of Penetton, 28 December 1904, at Penetton 16448-04 Albert WROUBEL, 25, widower, farmer, Germany, Bagot, s/o Joseph WROUBEL & Josephine CHAPENSKIE, married Elizabeth KNOPSKIE, 20, Admaston, same, d/o Charles KNOPSKIE & Margaret PERSHICK, witn: Joseph KNOPSKIE of Admaston & Catherine WARBEL of Springtown, 2 June 1904 at Mt. St. Patrick