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Prescott & Russell Co., 1893

birth place is given before residence


010200-93 Arthur ARMSTRONG, 19, Coachman, Chelsea Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Robert & Eliza Jane ARMSTRONG; married Susan MORRISON, 20, Cumberland, Cumberland, d/o James & Sarah MORRISON; wit Charles ARMSTRONG & Rubina ARMSTRONG, both Vars, 25 Oct 1893, Bearbrook  
10137-93 J. Dinon? ARSENAULT, 22, brick maker, St. Germain Que., Rendash? NY, s/o David ARSENAULT & Angele AUDETTE, married Gayina LARIN, 18, Ste. Dosathie, South Casselman, d/o Thomas LARIN & Philomena BIGRAS, witn: Alphonse PARE? & Ferdinand LARIN, both of Casselman, 10 April 1893 at South Casselman 10309-93 Alfred AUBE, 48, widower, farmer, St. Therese de Blainville, Moose Creek, s/o Leandre AUBE & Euphrosine LAPOINTE, married Delima LAURIN, 38, widow, St. Martin, Casselman, d/o George LAURIN & Celina HOTTE, witn: Gregoire LAURIN & Josephat QUESNEL (Questrel?), both of South Casselman, 20 Sept 1893 at South Casselman
10280-93 Aristide AYOTTE, 24, Embrun, same, s/o Theophile AYOTTE & Rosalie MORISSEAU, married Regina MARION, 16, Embrun, same, d/o Joseph MARION & M. Louise MARION, witn: Romuald CHAUSSE? & Fabien MARION, both of Embrun, 10 Jan 1893 at Embrun RC Church 010199-93 William BAILEY, 27, Carpenter, Ireland, Kenmore, s/o Richard & Maud BAILEY; married Harriett LOWE, 21, Cumberland, Cumberland, d/o Stephen & Eliza LOWE; wit Thomas LOWE & Ellen LOWE, both Cumberland, 6 Aug, Bearbrook
010189-93 Camille BEAULNE, 24, Labourer, Clarence, Clarence, s/o Jean Baptiste BEAULNE & Arthimise LADOUCEUR; married Evelina GERMAIN, 18, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Jean Baptiste GERMAIN & Obeline GUINDON; wit Jean Baptiste BEAULNE & Jean Baptiste GERMAIN, both Clarence, 21 Aug 1893, Clarence 10285-93 Joseph BEAUPRE, 20, farmer's son, Embrun, same, s/o Joseph BEAUPRE & Elise CHARLEBOIS, married Rosa Anna LADOUCEUR, 22, Embrun, same, d/o Pierre LADOUCEUR & Anastasie TREMBLAY, witn: Armand BEAUPRE & Leontine LADOUCEUR, both of Embrun, 15 May 1893 at Embrun
  010258-93 William BEGGS, 35, Farmer, East Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury, s/o James & Margaret BEGGS; married Margaret LAMB, 22, Point Fortune Quebec, East Hawkesbury, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth LAMB; wit john P. HODGSON, Carrillon Quebec & Libbie LAMB, Point Fortune Quebec, 8 Mar 1893, East Hawkesbury
#010388-93 (Prescott Co): Olivier BELLAIRE, 24, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Olivier BELLAIRE & Marcelline DESJARDINS, married Marcelline DESJARDINS, 19, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Edouard DESJARDINS & Marcelle BELLAIRE, witn: Louis BELLAIRE & Odilon illegible, both of Hawkesbury, 24 April 1893 at Hawkesbury (Rom Cath) 10217-93 Thomas BELLAIRE, 26, laborer, Longeuil, same, s/o Levi & Maria R., married Elizabeth DESJARDIN, 21, Lochiel, Longeuil, d/o Edward & Precilla, witn: Baptiste LAVOLETTE & Edward BELLAIRE, both of Longeuil, 16 April 1893 at Van Kleek Hill
010178-93 Martin BENSON, 24, Farmer, Curran, Curran, s/o William BENSON (deceased) & Julie TYO; married Mary Rachael KELLY, 19, Cambridge, Cambridge, d/o John KELLY & Catherine M. JAMES (or McJames?); wit James BENSON, Curran, John KELLY & John P. KELLY, both Cambridge, 9 Oct 1893, The Brook  
010295-93 Eusebe BERGERON, 26, Farmer, Beauharnois, Embrun, s/o Moise BERGERON & Angile LALONDE; married Victorie SEGUIN, 23, Embrun, Embrun, d/o F. Xavier SEGUIN & Adeline CLEMENT; wit Xavier SEGUIN & Napoleon BERGERON, both Embrun, 19 Sept 1893, Embrun 010296-93 Eusebe BERGERON, 26, Farmer’s son, Embrun, Embrun, s/o Charles BERGERON & Rose Ann A. GRAHAM; married Rose A. BRISSON, 26, none given, none given, d/o Benjamin BRISSON & Hermeline SEGUIN; wit David ST. AMOUR & Matilda BRISSON, both Embrun, 24 Oct 1893, Embrun
  10146-93 Louis BERTRAND, 24, cultinateur, of Longeuil, s/o J. Bte. BERTRAND & Edwige KINGSLEY, married Delima LANTHIER, 21, of Longeuil, d/o Joseph LANTHIER & Hermeline TOURANGEAU?, witn: Joseph LANTHIER & J. Bte. BERTRAND, both of Longeuil, 9 Jan at L'Orignal [no year given]
10223-93 Angus D. BETHUNE, 27, farmer, Kenyon, same, s/o Norman BETHUNE & Catherine McCUAIG, married Jessie BARR, 24, Caledonia, same, d/o Alexander BARR & Jane ROWATT, witn: Dan McCUAIG & Christy McCRIMMON, both of Kenyon, 25 April 1893 at Van Kleek Hill 10222-93 Angus N. BETHUNE, 27, farmer, Caledonia, same, s/o Norman BETHUNE & Catherine McCUAIG, married Mary Ann BARR, 22, Caledonia, same, d/o Alexander BARR & Jane ROWATT, witn: Roderick McDONALD of Kenyon & Johanna BETHUNE of Caledonia, 25 April 1893 at Van Kleek Hill
10240-93 William Thomas BLANEY, 23, farmer, Cambridge, same, s/o Chadwalder BLANEY & Jane CALDWELL, married Margaret Ellen HARRIGAN, 19, South Plantagenet, same, d/o John HARRIGAN & Mary McINNIS, witn: William L. & Mary Jane MUIR of S. Plantagenet, 27 Sept 1893 at South Plantagenet #010158-93 (Russell Co): Eustache BOILEAU, 23, journeyman, Clarence Creek, Rockland, s/o Jacques BOILEAU & Marie RIOPEL, married Virginie BOURGON, 19, St. Predore Rockland, same, d/o Baptiste BOURGON & S. CADIEUX, witn: Jacques BOILEAU & Baptiste BOURGON, both of Rockland, 15 May 1893 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
#010386-93 (Prescott Co): Francis BOUDON, 23, mason, Plantagenet Ont., same, s/o George BOURDON & Sophie HEBERT, married Donalda MONETTE, 19, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Dosethe MONETTE & Viofne? FERRAND, witn: Louis LASCELLE & Oline? MONETTE, 15 Jan 1893 at Hawkesbury (Rom Cath) 10316-93 J. B. BOUDRIAS, 23, farmer, St. Philomene, St. Albert, s/o Antoine BOUDRIAS & Nathalie LABERGE, married Marie Annie Helene ROBERT, 20, St. Edouard, South Casselman, d/o Edouard ROBERT & Adeline YELLE, witn: Edouard ROBERT & Antoine BOUDRIAS, 27 Nov 1893 at South Casselman
10206-93 Alexander BOYER, 28, miller, Dalkeith Lochiel, Van Kleek Hill, s/o Alexander BOYER & Marie LALONDE, married Helen DUPUYS (Dupuis?), 18, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Gabriel DUPUYS & Louise LAPENSEE, witn: Alexander BOYER of Dalkeith & Gabriel DUPUYS of Van Kleek Hill, 6 Feb 1893 at Van Kleek Hill 10278-93 Sigefroi BRISSON, 22, wagon maker, Montreal, Crysler Ont, s/o Joseph BRISSON & Heloise LANDREVILLE, married Pamelia DEBONVILLE, 19, Beauharnois Que., Embrun, d/o J. Baptiste DEBONVILLE & Olivine MOREAU, witn: Philibert & Anna BRISSON of Sarsfield, 9 Jan 1893 at Embrun
10310-93 Simon BROWNRIGG, 28, farmer, Pendleton, same, s/o Michael BROWNRIGG & Rosa BELAIR, married Margaret KELLY, 22, Cambridge, same, d/o John KELLY & Catherine McGINNIS, witn: John BROWNRIGG & William BRADLEY, 3 Oct. 1893 at South Casselman 010257-93 Joseph BRUNET, 24, Farmer, St. Clet Quebec, St. Eugene, s/o J. Baptiste BRUNET & Elmire BISSONETTE; married Julienne DEMERS, 22, St. Eugene, St. Eugene, d/o Francis DEMERS & Julienne JOLICOEUR; wit George PROULX & Isaie BISSONETTE, both St. Eugene, 13 Feb 1893, St. Eugene
10150-93 Philippe CADIEUX, 22, cultinateur, of St. Victor, s/o Michel CADIEUX & Emelie CLAIRMONT, married Marie QUENEL, 19, of Longeuil, d/o Anselme QUENEL & Marie L. VILLEN--?, witn: Anselme QUENEL of Longeuil & Michel CADIEUX of Alfred, 10 April at L'Orignal [no year given] 10276-93 Telesphore CADIEUX, 27, farmer, Rigaud, St. Eugene, s/o Damase CADIEUX & Angelique LABRE, married Vitaline LEVERT, 20, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Alexandre LEVERT & Vitaline POIRIER, witn: Damase CADIEUX of St. Eugene & Alexandre LEVERT of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 30 Oct 1893 at Ste. Anne de Prescott
10270-93 Theodore CAPRON, 30, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o John CAPRON & Anna, married Jennie FORBES, 23, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Duncan FORBES & Georgiana, witn: Rupert VOGAN of West Hawkesbury & Hattie FORBES of East Hawkesbury, 13 Sept 1893 at Van Kleek Hill 010304-93 Stewart CARRUTHERS, 23, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o William CARRUTHERS & Jane STEPHEN; married Jane SMIRL, 21, Hallville, Finch, d/o John SMIRL & Mary FEELY; wit Horatio LOUCKS & Lucretia HEPBURN, both Duncanville, 20 Dec 1893, Duncanville
10250-93 Joseph CHARBONNEAU, 29, widower, farmer, Quebec, Plantagenet, s/o Charles CHARBONNEAU & Mary Louisa CAMPBELL, married Marie Louise Alvina LEVAC, 22, Caledonia, same, d/o Francis LEVAC & Helene CHARLEBOIS, witn: Francois LEVAC of Caledonia & Joseph CHENIER of Plantagenet, 4 July 1893 at Fournier 010191-93 Francois CHARETTE, 36, Farmer, Wid, Montreal Quebec, Clarence, s/o Francis CHARETTE & Marie CLOUTIER; married Martine LACASSE, 22, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Laurent LACASSE & Phebe LAROQUE; wit Laurent LACASSE, Clarence & Robert MARTIN, Rockland, 25 Sept 1893, Clarence
10141-93 Alexandre CHARLEBOIS, 26 (25?), cultinateur, of Papineauville Que., s/o Hilaire CHARLEBOIS & Marguerite PAQUETTE, married Philomene MALETTE, 23, of Longeuil (or L'Orignal ), d/o Amede MALETTE & Josephine PAQUETTE, witn: Amede MALETTE & Julie St.MARTIN, both of Longeuil, 3 Sept at L'Orignal [no year given]  
#010384-93 (Prescott Co): Jean CHATELAIN, 26, farmer, Curran, same, s/o Francois CHATELAIN & Marceline TESSIER, married Josephine MONTPELLIER, 22, Vandreuil Quebec, Curran, d/o Seraphin MONTPELLIER & Celina CHEVRIER, witn: Seraphin MONTPELLIER & Patrick CHATELAIN, both of Curran, 9 Oct 1893 at Curran (Rom Cath) #010381-93 (Prescott Co): Napolean CHATELAIN, 23, farmer, Curran, same, s/o John CHATELAIN & Marceline LANDRY, married Feloinze DUPONT, 18, Curran, same, d/o Octave DUPONT & Julie CHAREST, witn: Octave DUPONT & John CHATELAIN, both of Curran, 23 Oct 1893 at Curran (Rom Cath)
10140-93 Leon CHEFFRE, 23, cultinateur, of Clarence Creek, s/o Telesphore CHEFFRE & Justine BRUNET, married Albina VILLEMARIE, 22, of Longeuil, d/o Pierre VILLEMARIE & Domathilde MONETTE, witn: Joseph VILLEMARIE of Longeuil & Telesphore CHEFFRE of Clarence Creek, 9 Aug at L'Orignal [no year given] 10241-93 Dominique CHENIER, 48, widower, farmer, Les Cedres Que., Fournier, s/o not given, married Selina LEFEBRE, 40, Les Cedres Que., Fournier, d/o Francis Xavier CHENIER & Zoe MOQUIN, witn: Joseph CHENIER & Xavier LEFEBRE, both of S. Plantagenet, 15 Aug 1893 at Fournier
10273-93 Hermas CLEMENT, 23, farmer, Cornwall, East Hawkesbury, s/o Eustache CLEMENT & Zoe St.JACQUES, married Alphonsine BRUNET, 24, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Andre BRUNET & Anastasie SAUVE, witn: Ephrem GIROURD & Joseph BRUNET, both of St. Eugene, 3 Oct. 1893 at St. Eugene  
10256-93 Gregory CONWAY, 30, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Gregory CONWAY & Isabella GOUDY, married Mary BRENNAN, 23, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o James BRENNAN & Ellen McNEIL, witn: Hugh BRENNAN & Mary Ann CONWAY, both of E. Hawkesbury, 10 Jan 1893 at Ste. Eugene 10204-93 Frank Samuel CORDASK (Cordaell?) , 32, widower, railway workman, Italy, Van Kleek Hill, s/o not given, married Mary Ann CONLON, 30, widow, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o not given, witn: Rev. Thomas McGUIRE of S. Gloucester & Nicholas BATHI? of Van Kleek Hill, 31 Jan 1893 at Van Kleek Hill
10233-93 George COUTURE, 18, farmer, Caledonia, same, s/o George COUTURE & Margaret LEGER, married Marie Louise GROULX, 21, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Alexis GROULX & Philomene MARTIN, witn: George COUTURE of Caledonia & Alexis GROULX of S. Plantagenet, 9 Jan 1893 at Fournier 10207-93 Alexander CYR, 25, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o Antoine CYR & Marie POIRIER, married Eliza LAROCQUE, 21, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Baptiste LAROCQUE & Domitien LARMONT, witn: Hyacinthe LOVEA? (Sovea?) & Josephine LAROCQUE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 2 July 1893 at Van Kleek Hill
10152-93 Joseph Alfred DAOUST, 60, widower, torturier?, of Longeuil, s/o "veuf d’Adelaide LEFAIVRE (Bean)", married Marie L. JEANLOUIS, 20, of Longeuil, d/o Charles JEANLOUIS & Louise PROULX (Groulx?), witn: Julien LEDUC & Joseph PROULX , both of Longeuil, 16 May 1893 at L'Orignal [no year given] 10246-93 Louis DAOUST, 25, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Antoine DAOUST & Odile BISSONETTE, married Ozeline GROULX, 18, Alfred, same, d/o Alexis GROULX & Philomene MARTIN, witn: Alexis GROULX & Antoine DAOUST, both of Alfred, 9 Oct 1893 at Fournier
10286-93 Joseph DAZE, 25, farmer's son, Embrun, same, s/o Thomas DAZE & Louise MILLAIRE, married Almanda PAPINEAU, 18, Embrun, same, d/o Louis PAPINEAU & Olias HEBERT, witn: Onesime CHARLEBOIS & Verginie DAZE, both of Embrun, 15 May 1893 at Embrun 10142-93 Noe DECARIE, 20, journalier, of Hawkesbury, s/o Josue DECARIE & O. Beline THOVETTE, married Marguerite LEBLANC, 18, of L'Orignal, d/o Joseph LEBLANC & Marie Anna DUBOIS, witn: Josue DECARIE of Hawkesbury & Joseph LEBLANC of L'Orignal, 29 Aug at L'Orignal [no year given]
010261-93 Adolphe DECOEUR, 26, Farmer, Ste. Justine de Newton, Ste. Justine de Newton, s/o Paul DECOEUR & Sophie CHARTRAND; married Albina TAILLEFER, 18, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Francois Xavier TAILLEFER & Auxilie DECOTTE; wit David DECOEUR, Ste. Justine & Francois Xavier TAILLEFER, Ste. Anne de Prescott, 6 Jun 1893, Ste. Anne de Prescott  
10148-93 Henry DELONG, 23, bourne clef, of L'Orignal, s/o John DELONG & Marguerite McDONAL, married Elizabeth QUENEL, 20, Pointe au Chene, L'Orignal, d/o Pierre QUENEL & Valmire FOURNIER, witn: Pierre QUENEL of Pointe au Chene & George DELONG of L'Orignal, 22 Jan at L'Orignal [no year given] 10167-93 Victor DELORME, 21, farmer, Ste. Marthe Que., The Lake, s/o Louis DELORME & Henriette ROCHON, marred Valerie THIVERGE, 21, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Alphonse THIVERGE & Elizabeth MENARD, witn: Louis DELORME & Alphonse THIVERGE, both of Clarence Creek, 9 Jan 1893 at Clarence Creek
10188-93 Alfred DESNOYERS, 22, Farmer, Clarence, Clarence, s/o Theophile DESNOYERS & Francoise STAP--? (off page) married Cordelia PAGE, 20, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Honore PAGE & Marguerite GAUTHIER; wit Napoleon DESNOYERS & Honore PAGE, both Clarence, 14 Aug 1893, Clarence 010298-93 Joseph DESROSIERS, 24, Farmers son, Embrun, Embrun, s/o Onesime DESROSIERS & Marie LONGTIN; married Alma PATENAUDE, 18, Embrun, Embrun, d/o Etienne PATENAUDE & M. Helene BARRE; wit Onesime DESROSIERS & Etienne PATENAUDE, both Embrun, 20 Nov 1893, Embrun
  010180-93 Auguste DICAIRE, 21, Farmer, Coteau Landing, The Brook, s/o Jean Baptiste DICAIRE & Audile BRISEBOIS; married Marie Louise DELISLE, 18, Hull Quebec, The Brook, d/o France DELISLE & Degine GAGNIER; wit Louis GAGNIER, Marie DENAULT & France DELISLE, all The Brook, 30 Oct 1893, The Brook
10169-93 Joseph DUMONT dit CARRIERE, 23, farmer, Montreal, Rockland, s/o Francois DUMONT dit CARRIERE & Marie GUERETTE, married Delphine LACASSE, 22, Clarence, same, d/o Felix LACASSE & Delphine DESJARDINS, witn: Felix & Andre LACASSE of Clarence Creek, 29 May 1893 at Clarence Creek 10271-93 Xavier DUROCHER, 22, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, Chute a Blondeau, s/o Charles DUROCHER & Zoe FOURNIER, married Odile DESJARDINS, 18, Chute a Blondeau, same, d/o Louis DESJARDINS & Odile St.AMANT, witn: Louis DESJARDINS of Chute a Blondeau & Antoine DUROCHER of St. Eugene, 26 Sept 1893 at St. Eugene
10229-93 Louis DUVAL, 44, widower, farmer, St. Zotique Que., Caledonia, s/o Etienne DUVAL & Adelaide POULIN, married Marie LAFLAMME, 36, Coteau Que., Caledonia, d/o not given, witn: Moise DUVAL & Joachim LALONDE, both of Caledonia, 30 May 1893 at Fournier 10282-93 Joseph FARLI, 35, widower, farmer, Beauharnois Que., Chesterville - Winchester, s/o Clement FARLI & Genevieve BERARD, married Malvina MAYER, 21, Embrun, same, d/o Dominique MAYER & Hermiline DESROSIERS, witn: Dominique MAYER & Octave MAYER, both of Embrun, 12 Feb 1893 at Embrun
010202-93 David Thomas FARMER, 28, Farmer, Gloucester Twp, Gloucester Twp, s/o John FARMER & Ann MORRISON; married Jane BICKERTON, 28, March Twp, Cumberland Twp, d/o Richard Augustus BICKERTON & Catherine WALL; wit Thomas WALL & Catherine BICKERTON, both Cumberland Twp, 4 Oct 1893, Cumberland Twp 010260-93 John A. FRASER, 27, Carpenter, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Duncan FRASER & Annie McGILLIVRAY; married Jessie Agnes McMILLAN, 21, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Alexander McMILLAN & Margaret McMARTIN; wit James McLEOD, Lochiel & Jessie SMITH, East Hawkesbury, 23 May 1893, East Hawkesbury
10211-93 Duncan FLETCHER, 24, farmer, Kenyon, same, s/o Angus & Margaret, married Catherine McGILLIVRAY, 23, Lochiel, same, d/o Donald & Catherine, witn: Donald FLETCHER of Dunvegan & Maggie McGILLIVRAY of Lochiel, 3 Oct 1893 at Van Kleek Hill 10290-93 John Brewster GARDINER, 23, cheese maker, Lunenburg, Morewood, s/o Edwin GARDINER & Fanny, married Irene WATSON, 27, Osgoode, Russell, d/o Henry WATSON & Mary Jane, witn: Victoria WATSON of Russell & Wesley Ernest McCONNELL of Morewood, 7 Feb 1893 at Russell
10210-93 Martin GARRY, 35, widower, laborer, Ottawa, Osland USA, s/o Peter GARRY & Mary SLOAN, married Elizabeth McCRAE, 24, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o William McCRAE & Lucie BOLDUC, witn: Jennie McCRAE & Minnie HARKIN, both of Van Kleek Hill, 6 Sept 1893 at Van Kleek Hill 10308-93 Auguste GELINEAU, 22, farmer, of Casselman, s/o Gregoire GELINEAU & Philomene BENIOT, married Valerie MARLEAU, 21, of Casselman, d/o Alexandre MARLEAU & Josephte POIREAU, witn: Gregoire GELINEAU & Alexandre MARLEAU, 4 Sept 1893 at South Casselman
10151-93 Dolphis GRATON (Gratton?), 30, cultinateur, of Alfred, s/o Charles GRATON & Justine SEGUIN, married Marie L. MILLET, 27, of Longeuil, d/o Joseph MILLET & Julienne ROULEAU, witn: Joseph MILLET of Longeuil & Xavier GRATON of Alfred, 10 April at L'Orignal [no year given] 10279-93 Pierre GREGOIRE, 25, farmer, St. Martine Que., Embrun, s/o Joseph GREGOIRE & Emelie PATENAUDE, married Scholastique COUSINEAU, 24, Montreal, Embrun, d/o Hermingilde COUSINEAU & Olive LAMOUREUX, witn: H. COUSINEAU & Rev. C.S. DE CARUFEL, both of Embrun, 9 Jan 1893 at Embrun
10237-93 Abraham GROULX, 22, cheese maker, Fournier, same, s/o Joseph GROULX & Eriline LALONDE, married Margaret COUTURE, 21, Fournier, same, d/o Joseph COUTURE & M. Rose SAURE, witn: Joseph GROULX & Louis COUTURE, both of Fournier, 24 April 1893 at Fournier  
010303-93 James HALL, 49, Farmer, Wid, Osgoode, Osgoode Twp, s/o James HALL & Mary LONEY; married Catherine MORROW, 50, Co. Donegal Ireland, Russell, d/o Andrew MORROW & Elizabeth CARSCADDEN; wit William HALL, Osgoode & Mary CARSCADDEN, Russell, 29 Nov 1893, Russell 010197-93 Edmund HALL, 24, Miner, Buckingham Quebec, Cantly Quebec, s/o James HALL & Marrion CUMMINGS; married Elizabeth M. FLEMING, 21, Cantly Quebec, Cantly Quebec, d/o Dominick FLEMING & Elizabeth BIRT; wit Hugh CAMILIN & Leslie CAMELIN, both Cumberland, 5 Jun 1893, Cumberland
010193-93 Edward HENDERSON, 30, Labourer, St. Jerome Quebec, Clarence, s/o Edward HENDERSON & Olivine ROCHON; married Regina DETRISAC, 24, Wid, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Theodule DETRISAC & Celina DAULT; wit Theodule DETRISAC & Edward HENDERSON, both Clarence, 4 Nov 1893, Clarence 10209-93 Thomas HIGGINS, 30, laborer, Ireland, Boston USA, s/o Thomas HIGGINS & Bridget GUINN, married Mary Ellen RYAN, 32, widow, Ireland, Van Kleek Hill, d/o not given, witn: Philip BIGGIN & Nelly LONSDALE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 9 Aug 183 at Van Kleek Hill
10230-93 John A. HILL, 35, widower, farmer, Alfred, North Plantagenet, s/o John & Margaret, married Jane REID, 31, South Plantagenet, North Plantagenet, d/o Jacob & Lydia Jane, witn: Hiram FALKNER of N. Plantagenet & Olive REID of Clarence, 6 Sept 1893 at Fingalvale  
010196-93 John Tyson HODGSON, 42, Farmer, Vaudreuil Quebec, Clarence, s/o Joseph HODGSON & Elizabeth AUDE; married Isabella Latimer HODGSON, 32, Wid, Nepean, Clarence, d/o Daniel LATIMER & Eliza M. BOYDIE; wit William McKIE & Jennie BEALT, both Cumberland, 7 Apr 1893, Cumberland 10221-93 William Joseph HOWES, 37, cheese maker, L'Orignal, West Hawkesbury, s/o James Samuel & Mary, married Harriet L. STEELE, 26, East Hawkesbury, Van Kleek Hill, d/o David & Nancy, witn: Samuel Thomas HOWES of Kenny? & Ida L. E. STEELE of Van Kleek Hill, 13 April 1893 at Van Kleek Hill
10208-93 Elie JEANLOUIS, 24, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o Elie JEANLOUIS & Sophia DUPUYS, married Marguerite CRETE, 22, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Louis CRETE & Marguerite DAVIS, witn: Jean JEANLOUIS & Emma CRETE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 7 Aug 1893 at Van Kleek Hill 10174-93 Samuel JOHNS, 30, farmer, Devonshire England, Clarence, s/o Samuel JOHNS & Susan, married Mary MENNIE, 25, Clarence, same, d/o Joseph MENNIE & Eliza, witn: John & Jannette MENNIE of Clarence, 5 April 1893 at Clarence
010181-93 Albert JOHNSON, 24, Carpenter, Prescott, Prescott, s/o Robert & Annie JOHNSON; married Alice J. PRESLEY, 18, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Joseph & Jane PRESLEY; wit Alexander MENNIE & Agnes PRESLEY, both Clarence, 6 Nov 1893, Clarence 10171-93 Athanase JOLY, 22, farmer, St. Hermas Que., Clarence Creek, s/o Jean Baptiste JOLY & Celina LAURIN, married Zepherine BEAUCHAMP, 19, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Jules BEAUCHAMP & Marguerite LAMOU--?, witn: Jean Bte. JOLY & Jules BEAUCHAMP, both of Clarence Creek, 25 June 1893 at Clarence Creek
  010299-93 Christopher JOYNT, 45, Farmer, Lombardy, Osnabruck, s/o Henry & Eleanor JOYNT; married Mary McGIRR, 45, Metcalfe, Metcalfe, d/o William & Mary McGIRR; wit David ORR & Mrs. Charles HEPBURN, both Russell, 7 Jul 1893, Russell
10294-93 Louis LABELLE, 23, farmer's son, Embrun, same, s/o Martin LABELLE & Catherine EMARD, married Melina EMARD, 24, Embrun, same, d/o Pierre EMARD & Marceline BOURDEAU, witn: Adolphe EMARD & Philomene LABELLE, both of Embrun, 31 July 1893 at RC Church, Embrun 10243-93 Louis LABELLE, 24, liveryman, Montreal, same, s/o Jean Baptiste LABELLE & Delima BESNER, married Georgiana LEROUX, 18, Caledonia, same, d/o Damase LEROUX & Zoe LECLERE (Leclerc?), witn: Valerie BESNER & Hormidas St.AMOUR, both of Caledonia, 20 Nov 1893 at South Plantagenet
010259-93 Francois LACELLE?, 21, Cabinet Maker, Lochiel, St. Eugene, s/o Antoine LACELLE? & Josephine LEMAY; married Julienne FAIRFIELD, 21, Fournierville, St. Eugene, d/o Jeremiah FAIRFIELD & Philomene MINE--?(off page); wit Antoine LACELLE & Jeremiah FAIRFIELD, both St. Eugene, 10 Apr 1893, St. Eugene  
#010165-93 (Russell Co): Louis N. LACROIX, 21, journeyman, St. Joachim Ont., Rockland, s/o Moise LACROIX & Antionette LAFRANCE, married Agnes (no surname given), 21, Ottawa, Rockland, d/o "unknown", witn: John MAHONEY & Joseph NEVEU (or Neven), both of Rockland, 22 Oct 1893 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10135-93 Ludger LACROIX, 21, butcher, Ste. Genevieve Que., same, s/o Joseph LACROIX & Deline BRUNET, married Donalda DESROSIERS, 18, Ste. Genevieve Que., Casselman, d/o Damase DESROSIERS & Caroline LIVERSANT, witn: Joseph DENIS & Damase DESROSIERS, both of Casselman, 30 Jan 1893 at Casselman
10251-93 George LADOUCEUR, 20, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o Narcisse LADOUCEUR & Helene LAVIRE?, married Alexina LAFLEUR, 15, Caledonia, same, d/o Jean LAFLEUR & Heolise DUVAL, witn: Narcisse LADOUCEUR of Van Kleek Hill & Moise DUVAL of Caledonia, 27 Nov 183 at Fournier 10166-93 Julien LAFLEUR, 23, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Michel LAFLEUR & Melie MAISONNEUVE, married Eugenie JOLY, 21, St. Hermas Que., Clarence Creek, d/o Jean Baptiste JOLY & Celina LAURIN, witn: Michel LAFLEUR & Jean Baptiste JOLY, both of Clarence Creek, 9 Jan 1893 at Clarence Creek
  010179-93 Ducherre LAGROIS, 26, Farmer, Curran, The Brook, s/o Martin LAGROIS & Margaret DUMINI; married Emelie PLANTE, 18, The Brook, The Brook, d/o Pierre PLANTE & Philomene PILON; wit Martin LAGROIS, Curran & Pierre PLANTE & Petal PLANTE, both The Brook, 23 Oct 1893, The Brook
10147-93 Samuel LALONDE, 24, cultinateur, of Longeuil, s/o Julien LALONDE & Elizabeth HARBIN (Harbic?), married Marie Julienne MILLETTE, 21, of Longeuil, d/o Joseph MILLET (sic) & Julienne P--?, witn: Julien LALONDE & Joseph MILLET, both of Longeuil, 18 Jan at L'Orignal, [no year given] #010382-93 (Prescott Co): Octave LALONDE, 22, farmer, Curran, Casselman, s/o Maxime LALONDE & Odele MONDOUX, married Josephine VALLEE, 21, Curran, same, d/o David VALLEE & Marguerite CLEMENT, witn: Augustin MONDOUX of Casselman & Glephire? VALLEE of Curran, 6 Oct 1893 at Curran (Rom Cath)
10168-93 Emery LALONDE, 22, farmer, The Lake, same, s/o Emery LALONDE & Emelie HOULE, married Alexina GAREAU, 19, The Lake, same, d/o Joachim GAREAU & Henriette HOULE, witn: Emery LALONDE & Joachim GAREAU, both of The Lake, 10 April 1893 at Clarence Creek 010186-93 Mathias LALONDE, 31, Farmer, Clarence, Clarence, s/o Hilaire LALONDE & Julie DESJARDINS; married Delima HOTTE, 17, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Louise HOTTE & Delima POLLIN; wit Rev’d Thomas CARON & Vital PILON (S.D.), Clarence, 7 Aug 1893, Clarence
#010155-93 (Russell Co): Napolean LAMOUREUX, 28, widower, farmer, Clarence Creek, Rockland, s/o Louis LAMOUREUX & Adelard VEGRAN, married Antima? BEDARD, 19, St. Andre Avalin Quebec, Rockland, d/o Antoine BEDARD & Rosa COURSNEAU, witn: Louis LAMOUREUX & Antoine BEDARD, 10 April 1893 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10139-93 Arthur LANDREAULT , 23, commis, Fournierville, L'Orignal, s/o Fabien LANDREAULT & Marie LEMIEUX, married Anne Jane COSTELLO, 24, of L'Orignal, d/o Martin COSTELLO & Ann Jane HUTTON, witn: Francis COSTELLO of L'Orignal & Elizabeth CASZ of Hull Que., 1 Aug at L'Orignal [no year given]
10249-93 Louis LANGEVIN, 33, farmer, widower, Alfred, South Plantagenet, s/o not given, married Asilda LALONDE, 23, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Jean Baptiste LALONDE & Felicitie LAUZON, witn: Jean Baptiste LALONDE & Telesphore MARRIER, both of S. Plantagenet, 16 July 1893 at Fournier 10143-93 Alexandre LANGEVIN dit LECROISE, 29, cultinateur, of St. Victor, s/o Joseph LANGEVIN dit LECROSE & Angelique AGUIN, married Marie Blanche Rose A. CHARBONNEAU, 20, of Longeuil, d/o George CHARBONNEAU & Celdine LONGPRE (Loupre?), witn: George CHARBONNEAU of Longeuil & Noe MAINVILLE of Alfred, 3 Oct at L'Orignal [no year given]
10287-93 Charles LAPENSEE, 23, salesman, Ste. Martine Que., Ottawa, s/o Charles LAPENSEE & Hermeline DUQUETTE, married Virginie EMARD, 20, Embrun, same, d/o Olivier EMARD & Felicite PITRE, witn: Olivier EMARD of Embrun & Charles LAPENSEE of Ottawa, 26 June 1893 at RC Church, Embrun 010198-93 David LATIMER, 29, Farmer, Nepean Twp, Cumberland, s/o David & Eliza LATIMER; married Sarah WATSON, 27, Cumberland, Cumberland, d/o Benjamin & Margaret WATSON; wit William WATSON & Ellen WATSON, both Cumberland, 4 Jul 1893, Bearbrook
010297-93 Lucien LATOUR, 42, Carpenter, Wid, Montreal, Embrun, s/o Michael LATOUR & Sophie DUGAS; married M. Kelina SARRASIN, 29, Embrun, Embrun, d/o Andre SARRASIN & Flavie TURPIN; wit J.D. SIGOUIN & Joseph MOREAU?, both Embrun, 5 Nov 1893, Embrun 010306-93 Philias LAUZON, 24, Farmer, Curran, Casselman, s/o J.B. LAUZON & Clothilde MARTINEAU; married Lyzie McCRYSTAL, 19, Moose Creek, South Casselman, d/o Hugh McCRYSTAL & Mathilda BLANEY; wit J.B. LAUZON, Curran & Hugh McCRYSTAL, South Casselman, 3 July no year given, South Casselman (also 10136-93)
#010156-93 (Russell Co): Louis LAVAIN, 39, widower, barber, Notre Dame, St. Anne Ottawa, s/o Pierre LAVAIN & Marie CHAMPAGNE, married Euphrosie POTRAIS, 29, St. Andre Avalin, Rockland, d/o Godfrois POTRAIS & Marie THARAND, witn: Augustin VANDETTE & Godfrois POTRAIS, both of Rockland, 5 May 1893 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10172-93 Honore LAVICTOIRE, 22, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Honore LAVICTOIRE & Olevine MELOCHE, married Anna LABRECHE, 19, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Moise LABRECHE & Mathilde MAISONNEUVE, witn: Honore LAVICTOIRE & Moise LABRECHE, both of Clarence Creek, 26 June 1893 at Clarence Creek
10149-93 John LEE, 24, capitaine, of L'Orignal, s/o James LEE & Esther BEGAIS?, married Seraphine CARRIER, 24, of L'Orignal, d/o Nazaire CARRIER & Seraphine GRANIER, witn: Charles LEE & Nazaire CARRIER, both of L'Orignal, 23 Jan at L'Orignal [no year given] 010300-93 William Andrew Dickson LEES, 34, Barrister at Law, Ottawa East, Ottawa East, s/o Robert LEE & Jessie DICKSON; married Elizabeth TURNBULL, 37, Ottawa, Duncanville, d/o James TURNBULL & Janet McNAIR; wit James TURNBULL, Duncanville, & Jessie LEES, Ottawa East, 6 Sept 1893, Duncanville
10272-93 Octave LEFEBVRE, 27, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Xavier LEFEBVRE & Elizabeth DEMERSE, married Ezilda St.DENIS, 22, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Michel St.DENIS & Sophie DAOUST, witn: Damase St.DENIS & Alphonse LEFEBVRE, both of St. Eugene, 2 Oct. 1893 at St. Eugene  
10293-93 Louis LEGAULT, 25, hotel keeper, Montreal, Embrun (5th con of Cambridge), s/o Jean B. LEGAULT & Catherine AUMAIS, married Rose Anna ROBILLARD, 20, Embrun, same, d/o Louis ROBILARD & Virginie MILLAIRE, witn: J. Bte LEGAULT & Louis ROBILLARD & Rev. O. LEMAY, all of Embrun, 3 July 1893 at RC Church, Embrun 10288-93 Louis LEGAULT, 26, hotel keeper, Montreal, Embrun, s/o J. Baptiste LEGAULT & Catherine AUMAIS?, married Rose Anna ROBILLARD, 20, Embrun, same, d/o Louis ROBILLARD & Virginie MILLAIRE, witn: Louis ROBILLARD & J.B. LEGAULT, both of Embrun, 30June 1893 at RC Church, Embrun
#010385-93 [Prescott Co.] Zenon LEGAULT, 23, blacksmith, St. Louis Quebec, Curran, s/o Francois Xavier LEGAULT & Julie BRAULT, married Marie Delia BAULNE, 22, Curran, same, d/o Isidore BAULNE & Mary Ann HALL, witn: Aderie? LEGAULT of St. Isidore de Prescott & Mary BAULNE of Curran, 31 July 1893 at Curran #010387-93 (Prescott Co): Henry LEONARD, 34, widower, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Eduoard LEONARD & Eliza TREPANIER, married Eveline DUSHESNE, 25, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Napoleon DUSHESNE & Natalie BOILEAU, witn: N. LEONARD & illegible PLANTE, both of Hawkesbury, 24 April 1893 at Hawkesbury (Rom Cath)
10228-93 Joseph LEPAGE, 22, laborer, Caledonia, same, s/o Joseph LEPAGE & Elise BLONDIN, married Rose Anna LALONDE, 19, Caledonia, same, d/o France LALONDE & Adele VARIER, witn: Trefle & Ereline LALONDE of Caledonia, 15 May 1893 at Fournier 010176-93 Napoleon LEVERT, 26, Labourer, Clarence Creek, South Indian, s/o Napoleon LEVERT & Louise LAURENT; married Marie Louise LAPLANTE, 34, St. Benoit Quebec, The Brook, d/o Basile LAPLANTE & Marie Louise CLEMENT; wit Casimir BRAZEAU & Jean Baptiste LAMARRE, both The Brook, 12 Jun 1893, The Brook
10205-93 Joseph LIVELY, 23, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o William & Mary, married Mary WILLARD, 23, widow, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Gabriel WILLARD & Mary, witn: Emma & L. K. ANDERSON of Van Kleek Hill, 14 Feb 1893 at Van Kleek Hill 10199-94 James LOCKERBY, 23, laborer, Quebec, Buckingham twp., s/o David LOCKERBY & Jane A. LOCKERBY, married Mary G. McKEE, 21, Cumberland, same, d/o Thomas McKEE & Eliza KINSLEY, witn: William ELLIS & Susan McKEE, both of Cumberland, 27 June 1893 at Cumberland twp
#010157-93 (Russell Co): Dominatexer LONGTIN, 18, journeyman, The Brook, Rockland, s/o Dominetexer LONGTIN & Elise ROY, married Amande PAILLE, 19, Clarence Creek, Rockland, d/o Alexander PAILLE & Octavie MENARD, witn: Frederick PAILLE & Emlie LONGTON, both of Rockland, 8 May 1893 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 010194-93 Wilfrid LONGTIN, 26, Labourer, Clarence, Clarence, s/o Francois LONGTIN & Alexine POIRIER; married Josephine LACHANCE, 30, Wid, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Edward LACHANCE & Aglae MENARD; wit Francois LONGTIN & Edward LACHANCE, both Clarence, 20 Nov 1893, Clarence
10253-93 Napoleon LORRAIN, 27, currier, of St. Isidore, s/o Napoleon LORRAIN & Tharsile RICHER, married Josephine BERTHIAUME, 23, St. Anicet, St. Isidore, d/o Joseph BERTHIAUME & Angeline TANIS, witn: David CADIEUX & Alphonse PLANTE, both of St. Isidore, 28 Sept 1893 at St. Isidore de Prescott  
10277-93 Hormidas LORTIE, 31, widower, carriage maker, St. Polycarpe, Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Francois LORTIE & Hermine PRIEUR, married Elvina POIRIER, 21, Green Bay, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Moise POIRIER & Sophie GOUDREAU, witn: Moise POIRIER & Francois LEFRENIERE, both of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 3 Oct. 1893 at Ste. Anne de Prescott 10292-93 George LOWE, 24, farmer, Bearbrook, same, s/o Nathaniel LOWE & Mary Ann, married Annie WILSON, 25, Russell, same, d/o Thomas WILSON & Jane, witn: Richard WILSON of Russell & Edith G. WILSON of Bearbrook, 17 May 1893 at Russell
  010187-93 Theophile MAISONNEUVE, 36, Farmer, St. Augustin Quebec, Clarence, s/o Eugene MAISONNEUVE & Emelie CHARBONNEAU; married Juvenile PARENT, 26, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Maxime PARENT & Josette CHENIER; wit Alphonse MAISONNEUVE & Maxime PARENT, both Clarence, 13 Aug 1893, Clarence
10236-93 Joseph MALBOUF, 25, harness maker, Quebec, Fournier, s/o Maurile MALBOUF & Marie BISSONETTE, married Anna MENARD, 31, Fournier, same, d/o Charles MENARD & Ostie St.JEAN, witn: Maurile MABOUF & Charles MENARD, both of Fournier, 30 Jan 1893 at Fournier #010160-93 (Russell Co): Mathias MALETTE, 21, journeyman, St. Andre Avalon, Rockland, s/o Mathias MALETTE & Josephine LOUISUZE, married Marie Louise LEBLANC, 16, St. Joseph Orleans, Rockland, d/o Joseph LEBLANC & Marie LOUISEIZE, witn: Damase MALETTE & Amanda CHARBONNEAU, 12 June 1893 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
10265-93 Henry Richie MARK, 30, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o William John MARK & Mary RITCHIE, married Maggie HAY, 24, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o William HAY & Sarah J. DOODS (Dodds?), witn: Peter & Mary MARK of St. Eugene, 3 July 1893 at St. Eugene 10281-93 Alderic MARLEAU, 26, butcher, St. Polycarpe Que., Embrun, s/o Godefroi MARLEAU & Vitaline COUSTANT, married Palmena POUPORE, 19, Embrun, same, d/o Louis POUPORE & Eulalie ISABEL, witn: Louis POUPORE & Godfroi MARLEAU, 7 Feb 1893 at RC Church, Embrun
10248-93 Alfred MARTINEAU, 26, farmer, St. Clet Que., same, s/o Edward MARTINEAU & Martine GROULX, married Adele LEVAC, 22, Caledonia, same, d/o Antoine LEVAC & Catherine COX, witn: Antoine LEVAC of Caledonia & Onesime MARTINEAU of St. Clet, 3 July 1893 at Fournier 10315-93 Gabriel MATTE, 42, widower, farmer, St. Scholastique, St. Albert, s/o Augustin MATTE & Rosalie DROUIN, married Odile DORAIS, 39, St. Louis de Gouzague, South Casselman, d/o Pierre DORAIS & Martine GUIMOND, witn: Pierre DORAIS & Stanislas JONCAS, 14 Nov 1893 at South Casselman
  10212-93 Nehemiah McCALLUM, 48, farmer, East Hawkesbury, West Hawkesbury, s/o Malcolm McCALLUM & Annie CARKNER, married Joanna B. MODE, 31, West Hawkesbury, Van Kleek Hill, d/o James MODE & Ann CAMPBELL, witn: Angus McKENZIE of Lochiel & Maggie McCALLUM of W. Hawkesbury, 31 Oct 1893 at Van Kleek Hill
10247-93 James McCUSKER, 33, farmer, Alfred, Plantagenet, s/o James Thomas McCUSKER & M. Jane HARKIN, married Eliza Ann SURCH, 27, Fournier, same, d/o James SURCH & Margaret MOORE, witn: Thomas McCUSKER of Alfred & James SURCH of Fournier, 14 Aug 1893 at Fournier 10239-93 Edgar McLEAN, 30, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Allan McLEAN & Jeanette GORDON, married Barbara REID, 24, South Plantagenet, Clarence, d/o Jacob REID & Lydia J. PRESLEY, witn: Adam SHEA of S. Plantagenet & Jeannie REID of Clarence, 20 June 1893 at Riceville
10235-93 Joseph MENARD, 26, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Louis MENARD & Denise ROCK, married Exore MARTIN, 27, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Joseph MARTIN & Lenore LAFRAMBOISE, witn: Joseph MARTIN & Louis MENARD, both of S. Plantagenet, 30 Jan 1893 at St. Isidore de Prescott 010182-93 Alexander MENNIE, 31, Farmer, Clarence, Clarence, s/o John & Jane MENNIE; married Agnes PRESLEY, 23, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Joseph & Jane PRESLEY; wit Albert JOHNSON, Prescott & Alice J. PRESLEY, Clarence, 6 Nov 1893, Clarence
10242-93 Emile MICHAUD, 23, laborer, Bai des Chaleurs Que., South Plantagenet, s/o Theophile MICHAUD & Matilda MARTEL, married Josephine PICARD, 18, Riceville, same, d/o Henri PICARD & Delima LARIVIERE, witn: Henri PICARD of Riceville & Joseph LARIVIERE of Alexandria, 6 Nov 1893 at Fournier 010190-93 Alfred MIRON, 20, Farmer, Clarence, Clarence, s/o Joachim MIRON & Salome ROBILLARD; married Sophronie RICHER, 21, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Michel RICHER & Zoe ETHIER; wit Ferdinand LALONDE & Michel RICHER, both Clarence, 4 Sept 1893, Clarence
10224-93 James C. MOONEY, 28, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Charles MOONEY & Mary McNIE, married Eliza M. McINNIS, 26, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o John McINNIS & Mary CURRIE, witn: James PROUDFOOT & Eliza McLEOD, both of Caledonia, 7 June 1893 at Van Kleek Hill 010195-93 Richard MOORE, 37, Carriage Maker, Wid, Gloucester, Cumberland, s/o Alexander MOORE & Helen LONEY; married Laura Emily ALLAN, 36, Wid, Cumberland, Cumberland, d/o David Gregory DUNNING & Hannah Isabella McNALLY; wit Howard Daniel SKUSE & Edith Laura WISSON, both Cumberland, 11 Jan 1893, Cumberland
10219-93 James C. MUNAY?, 23, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Adam & Sarah, married Ethel SHERMAN, 19, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o William & Lucy J., witn: Fred CURRY Of W. Hawkesbury & Maud SHERMAN of E. Hawkesbury, 1 March 1893 at Van Kleek Hill 010201-93 Robert A. NELSON, 26, Fruit Dealer, Cumberland, Deloraine Manitoba, s/o Andrew & Fanny NELSON; married Mary M. OLMSTEAD, 22, Cumberland, Cumberland, d/o Abram & Melia OLMSTEAD; wit W.H. OLMSTEAD, Vars & C. ALEXANDER, Montreal, 26 Jul 1893, Bearbrook
  010177-93 John P. O’BRIAN, 25, Farmer, South Indian, South Indian, s/o Bernard O’BRIAN & Ellen RYAN; married Sophie LARIVIERE, 22, Curran, The Brook, d/o Joseph LARIVIERE & Philomene PICARD; wit Elizabeth O’BRIAN & Bernard O’BRIAN, both South Indian & Joseph LARIVIERE, The Brook, 26 Sept 1893, The Brook
10307-93 Malcolm O'BYRNE, 34, farmer, Ireland, South Indian, s/o Daniel O'BYRNE & Jane McBRIDGE, married Rosa SHANE, 24, Pendleton, same, d/o John SHANE & Anastasie FITZGERALD, witn: John & Barnard O'BYRNE, 24 July 1893 at South Casselman 10275-93 John O'REILY, 30, farmer, Ste. Justine de Newton, Glen Nevis, s/o John O'REILY & Bridget CREIGHAN, married Eliza Ann GLEESON, 20, St. Eugene, Glen Nevis, d/o William GLEESON & Mary DWYER, witn: Flavien SABOURIN & James O'REILY, both of Ste. Justine, 16 Oct 1893 at St. Eugene
010192-93 Wilfrid OUELETTE, 21, Farmer, St. Scholastique Quebec, Clarence, s/o Simon OUELETTE & Aurelie LACROIX; married Delima LAVIOLETTE, 21, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Leon LAVIOLETTE & Emelie DESNOYERS; wit Simon OUELETTE, Clarence & Leon LAVIOLETTE, Clarence, 30 Oct 1893, Clarence 10314-93 Hormidas PAGE, 29, farmer, Clarence, Cambridge, s/o Seraphin PAGE & Claire DESNOYERS, married Estulia LEROUX, 21, St. Clet, Cambridge, d/o J. Bte. LEROUX & Cesarine LALONDE, witn: Seraphin PAGE & J. Bte. LEROUX, 23 Oct. 1893 at South Casselman
10252-93 Louis PARENT, 27, teacher, of St. Isidore, s/o Narcisse PARENT & Rosalie LONGLAIN, married Menadore LEGAULT, 22, of St. Isidore, d/o Xavier LEGAULT & Julie BRAULT, witn: Narcisse PARENT of Howick & Xavier LEGAULT of St. Isidore, 31 July 1893 at St. Isidore de Prescott 10145-93 Basile PARISIEN, 24, cultinateur, of Longeuil, s/o Michel PARISIEN & Euphrasine LAUTHIER, married Helene BOZER (Boyer?), 23, of L'Orignal, d/o Moise BOZER & Emelie SEGUIN, witn: Moise BOZER of L'Orignal & Michel PARISIEN of Longeuil, 21 Nov at L'Orignal [no year given]
#010153-92 (Russell Co): Napolean PAQUET, 25, laborer, St. Eugene, Cadelac Mich., s/o Moyse PAQUET & Josephine SEGUIN, married Sezarie BEDARD, 21, Wendover, Rockland, d/o Hercule BEDARD & Onesime PEGEON, witn: Pierre LANGEVIN & Hercule MENARD, both of Rockland, 7 Jan 1893 at Rockland (Rom Cath) #010163-93 (Russell Co): Barnabe PAQUET, 23, journeyman, Curran, Rockland, s/o Barnabe PAQUET & Amelia BOILEAU, married Lezina BERGERON, 17, Clarence Creek, Rockland, d/o Elie BERGERON & Olive VEGRAN, witn: Barnabe PAQUET of Rockland & Elie BERGERON of Clarence Creek, 19 June 1893 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
10311-93 Napoleon PIERRE, 24, farmer, St. Jacques Mineur, Cambridge, s/o Gilbert PIERRE & Elizabeth LAVIGNE, married Marie Evelina POULAIN, 21, St. Andre d'Argenteuil, Cambridge, d/o Cyrille POULAIN & Eugenie PERRIER, witn: Gilbert PIERRE & Napoleon PERRIER, 23 Oct. 1893 at South Casselman #010161-93 (Russell Co): Phileas PILON, 22, Journeyman, Curran, Rockland, s/o Isadore PILON & Adel PEGEON (Pigeon?), married Aurelie BOURGAN, 17, St. Isidore, Rockland, d/o J. Bap. BOURGAN & Louise CADIEUX, witn: Isadore PILON of Rockland & J. Bapt. BOURGON of St. Isadore, 19 June 1893 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
  010185-93 Olivier POIRIER, 22, Labourer, Clarence, Thurso Quebec, s/o Pierre POIRIER & Philomene GAUTHIER; married Emilie SABOURIN, 20, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Hercule SABOURIN & Rosalie LALONDE; wit Pierre POIRIER, Thurso & Hercule SABOURIN, Clarence, 31 Jul 1893, Clarence
10274-93 Moise PROULX, 27, laborer, St. Benoit, Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Joseph PROULX & Eliza SUTHERLAND, married Maria GIROURD, 25, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Camille GIROURD (deceased) & Eliza LEFEBVRE, witn: Joseph PROULX of Ste. Anne de Prescott & Fabien VILLENEUVE of St. Eugene, 9 Oct. 1893 at Ste. Anne de Prescott #010383-93 (Prescott Co): Joseph PROVOST, 23, farmer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Camile PROVOST & Emma DEMERS, married Lea LALONDE, 22, Curran, same, d/o Leon LALONDE & Octavie SEGUIN, witn: Isaac PROVOST of Plantagenet & Louise DUFORT of Wendover, 17 July 1893 at Curran (Rom Cath)
10269-93 Charles RAMOND (Raymond?), 40, widower, farmer, St. Eugene, East Hawkesbury, s/o Zavier (Xavier?) RAMOND & Ryan LABIGE, married Doeste LAMOUREUX, 35, widow, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o McGuire LAMOUREUX & Susan DUQUETTE, witn: Moses BARNIKE & Mary A. McEWEN, both of East Hawkesbury, 9 Sept 1893 at Van Kleek Hill  
010262-93 Honore RANGER, 27, Farmer, Rigaud, Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Vincent RANGER & Genevieve TESSIER; married Resina VACHEON, 17, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Emerie VACHON & Philomene CARDINAL; wit Vincent RANGER, Rigaud & Emerie VACHON, Ste. Anne de Prescott, 19 Jun 1893, Ste. Anne de Prescott 10231-93 Fred REID, 25, farmer, Riceville, same, s/o George & Mary, married Jane ROWE, 21, Riceville, same, d/o Thomas & Jane Ann, witn: W. G. ROWE & Jeanie REID, both of Riceville, 19 Sept 1893 at Fingalvale
10312-93 Leon RICHER, 25, farmer, St. Eugene, St. Albert, s/o Cyrille RICHER & Marguerite LAPAN--?(off page), married Malvina PLANTE, 17, Casselman, same, d/o Louis PLANTE & Denis LEDUC, witn: Leon RICHER & Louis PLANTE, 23 Oct. 1893 at Casselman 10144-93 Maxime RICHER, 23, cultinateur, of Clarence Creek, s/o Emile RICHER & Anathalie CHEFFRE, married Angeline VILLEMARIE, 20, of Longeuil, d/o Pierre VILLEMARIE & Domathilde MOU--?(off page), witn: Odile? RIGEMBA--?(off page) of Clarence Creek & Emma VILLEMARIE of Longeuil, 17 Oct at L'Orignal [no year given]
10283-93 Olivier RICHER, 20, farmer's son, Embrun, same, s/o Oliver RICHER & Edesse DAOUST, married Malvina FORTIER, 17, Embrun, same, d/o Moise FORTIER & Hermaline MESNARD, witn: Olivier RICHER & Moise FORTIER, both of Embrun, 13 Feb 1893 at RC Church, Embrun 10284-93 Benoni ROBIDOUX, 27, farmer, Beauharnois Que. Embrun, s/o Louis ROBIDOUX & Marguerite GUAY, married Rose GREGOIRE, 21, Embrun, same, d/o Pierre GREGOIRE & Emelie PATENAUDE, witn: Piere GREGOIRE & Eusatche ROBIDOUX, both of Embrun, 15 May1893 at RC Church, Embrun
#010159-93 (Russell Co): Joseph ROCHON, 25, widower, journeyman, St. Agathe, Rockland, s/o Jean ROCHON & Marguerite RIOPEL, married Pauline AUGE, 16, St. Adele, Rockland, d/o Benjamin AUGE & Pauline FARGIT dit DESPATIES, witn: Jean ROCHON & Benjamin AUGE, both of Rockland, 29 May 1893 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 010183-93 Joseph ROCHON, 21, Farmer, Clarence, Clarence, s/o Andrew ROCHON & Leocadie SARASSIN; married Velantine FORTIER, 17, Wendover, Clarence, d/o Michel FORTIER & Marie GODMER; wit Andre ROCHON & Michel FORTIER, Clarence, 3 Jul 1893, Clarence
  #010390-93 (Prescott Co): Andre St.AMANT, 23, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Andre St.AMANT & Marie TAILLEUR, married Marie Louise BELLE ISLE, 21, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Elie BELLE ISLE & Philomene BOILEAU, witn: Polydor PROULX & Rose Delina BELLE ISLE, both of Hawkesbury, 1 May 1893 at Hawkesbury (Rom Cath)
10254-93 Napoleon St.DENIS, 26, sailor, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Elie St.DENIS & Mary VILLENEUVE, married Rosina VILLENEUVE, 28, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Hilaire VILLENEUVE & Zoe LEVAQUE, witn: John LEVAQUE of Ste. Eugene & Alderic GAUTHIER of Rigaud, 9 Jan 1893 at Ste. Eugene 10267-93 Edward St.DENIS, 27, farmer, St. Eugene, same, s/o Armand St.DENIS & Margaret HOUGHTON, married Julia HOISTED, 20, St. Eugene, same, d/o Daniel HOISTED & Catherine WARD, witn: John BURKE & John HOISTED, both of St. Eugene, 2 Aug 1893 at St. Eugene
10170-93 Joseph SABOURIN, 22, farmer, The Lake, same, s/o Hercule SABOURIN & Rosalie LALONDE, married Marguerite GERMAIN, 21, The Lake, same, d/o Jean Baptiste GERMAIN & Obeline GUINDON, witn: Jean Bte. GERMAIN & Joseph LALONDE, both of The Lake, 5 June 1893 at Clarence Creek 10138-93 Alfred SARASIN, 21, workman, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph SARASIN & Henriette BOURGUIGNON, married Rose LALONDE, 19, Curran, Casselman, d/o Maxime LALONDE & Adele THIANDAUX?, witn: Octave & Etienne LALONDE of Casselman, 15 May 1893 at South Casselman
#010389-93 (Prescott Co): Pierre SAUVE, 25, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Pierre SAUVE & Eleise LEFEBVRE, married Nicaline Clement PIERSE?, 22, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Ch-- PIERSE & Celina MENARD, witn: Marele illegible & Delohine MENARD, both of Hawkesbury, 1 May 1893 at Hawkesbury (Rom Cath) 10234-93 Zephirien SECOORS, 22, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Louis SECOORS & Felice LEDUC, married Cordelia GREW, 23, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Eustache GREW & Emelie BRIERE, witn: Eustache GREW & Dolphis SECOORS, both of S. Plantagenet, 9 Jan 1893 at St. Isidore de Prescott
10263-93 George SIMPSON, 29, book keeper, Montreal, same, s/o Benjamin & S.A., married Carrie M. WYMAN, 25, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o D.B. WYMAN & Emma, witn: Ada SIMPSON of Montreal & Henry B. WYMAN of Chute a Blondeau, 2 June 1893 at Chute a Blondeau  
010302-93 Washington Groves SMITH, 30, Farmer, Long Island Carleton Co, Osgoode Twp, s/o James SMITH & Jane PRATT; married Charlotte CARSON, 26, Ottawa, Metcalfe, d/o Archie CARSON & Charlotte GEHAN; wit Sarah GEHAN, Bearbrook, Anna DUNCAN, Russell, Charles CARSON & Cyrus CRAIG, both Metcalfe, 3 Oct 1893, Russell 10232-93 Robert SMITH, 24, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o James & Ann, married Caroline BLANEY, 20, Caledonia, same, d/o George & Agnes, witn: George BLANEY of S. Plantagenet & Maggie BLANEY of Caledonia, 18 Oct 1893 at Fingalvale
010305-93 Christopher Alvah STEPHENS, 28, Farmer, Clarence, Grant Clarence Twp, s/o Alvah STEPHENS & Elizabeth SILMSER; married Anna POIRIER, 27, Darling Ont, Cambridge Twp, d/o Andrew POIRIER & Agnes CREIGHTON; wit Maxime POIRIER, Cambridge Twp & Olive REID, Clarence Twp, 27 Dec 1893, Russell 10218-93 William H. STEVENS, 27, laborer, Caledonia, same, s/o Martin STEVENS & Melissa EATON, married Mary ROBINSON, 26, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o George ROBINSON & Mary GENNOR, witn: Edward ROBINSON of Lochiel & Bertha BEACH of Van Kleek Hill, 10 July 1893 at St. Johns Church, Van Kleek Hill
10238-93 Michael TERRY, 28, farmer, Caledonia, same, s/o Thomas TERRY & M. Ann HICKY, married Ellen RYAN, 20, South Plantagenet, Riceville, d/o Hugh RYAN & Mary McGREGOR, witn: Henry TERRY of Caledonia & Catherine RYAN of South Plantagenet, 24 April 1893 at Fournier 10245-93 William TERRY, 28, farmer, Caledonia, same, s/o Thomas TERRY & Mary Ann HICKY, married Catherine M. OUILLETTE, 24, Maxville, Fournier, d/o Gabriel OUILLETTE & Marie LAVIGNE, witn: Thomas TERRY of Caledonia & Eliphet BAUG--?(off page) of Hawkesbury, 30 Oct 1893 at Fournier
10173-93 Leon TOUCHETTE, 23, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Felix TOUCHETTE & Eloise DESJARDINS, married Leonie PILON, 18, Clarence Creek, same, d/o Delphis PILON & Mathilde LAMOUREUX, witn: Delphis PILON & Felix TOUCHETTE, both of Clarence Creek, 26 June 1893 at Clarence Creek 010184-93 Joseph TREPANIER, 25, Farmer, St. Thomas d’Alfred, St. Thomas d’Alfred, s/o Elie TREPANIER & Salome DUFRESNE; married Philomene LAUZON, 22, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Andrew LAUZON & Melina GUINDON; wit Joseph TREPANIER, St. Thomas & Andrew LAUZON, Clarence, 4 Jul 1893, Clarence
10255-93 Polydore VACHEON, 26, farmer, Rigaud, Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Pierre VACHON (sic) & Apolline GAUTHIER, married Elise RICHER, 18, Ste. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Olivier RICHER & Eloise CLERMONT, witn: Pierre VACHEON & Olivier RICHER, both of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 9 Jan 1893 at Ste. Anne de Prescott 10268-93 Alciene VACHON, 24, farmer, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Emery VACHON & Philomena CARDINAL, married Eva SAUVE, 22, Rigaud, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Noe SAUVE & Emelie VINET, witn: Emery VACHON & Napoleon VINET, both of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 14 Aug 1893 at Ste. Anne de Prescott
10313-93 Louis A. VALIERES, 26, laborer, St. Paulin Que., South Indian, s/o Francois VALIERES & Caroline GUIMOMD, married Celina LABELLE, 21, Embrun, South Indian, d/o Regis LABELLE & Emma GAUTHIER, witn: Francois VALIERES of South Indian & Regis LABELLE of Embrun, 9 Oct. 1893 at South Indian  
10264-93 Thomas VILLENEUVE, 22, farmer, St. Eugene, same, s/o Hilaire VILLENEUVE & Zoe LEVAQUE (Levesque?), married Marie Alma PROULX, 19, Montreal, St. Eugene, d/o Olivier PROULX & Delphine FAUTEUX, witn: Joseph VILLENEUVE of St. Eugene & Alfred PROULX of Montreal, 26 June 1893 at St. Eugene 10244-93 Andre VILLENEUVE, 26, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Oliver VILLENEUVE & Eleanore GALIPEAU, married Angeline BERCIER, 22, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Jean Baptiste BERCIER & Elmire CASAULT, witn: Jean Baptiste BERCIER & Louis GALIPEAU, both of S. Plantagenet, 13 Nov 1893 at Fournier
  010301-93 Andrew WALKER, 26, Farmer, Metcalfe, Metcalfe, s/o George WALKER & Sophia J. LATIMER; married Catherine Ann BOYD, 30, Russell, Russell, d/o Robert BOYD & Ann CARSCADDEN; wit George A. WALKER, Metcalfe & Margaret A. McGREGOR, Felton, 14 Sept 1893, Russell
10291-93 Frncis WILLIAMSON, 42, farmer, Ottawa, Belmont - Rock Lake Manitoba, s/o Henry WILLIAMSON & Anne, married Annie HAYES, 29, Russell, Russell twp., d/o William HAYES & Rebecca, witn: Henry WILLIAMSON of Navan & Annie STEVENSON of Russell, 1 March 1893 at Russell #010391-93 (Prescott Co): Harry WITHE (Wiltse?), 25, railway telegrapher, Otterville, Calumet Quebec, s/o Harry WITHE & Sarah DURKEE, married Carrie LAWLOR, 24, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Richard LAWLOR & Sarah HERSEY, witn: H?.W. & Richard LAWLOR of Hawkesbury, 18 May 1893 at Hawkesbury
010175-93 Richard C. WOODLEY, 31, Clerk, Clarence, Desert Quebec, s/o Richard & Susanna WOODLEY; married Elizabeth McEACHERN, 26, Cumberland, Clarence, d/o Neil & Laura McEACHERN; wit William E. GRAHAM, Norfolk Neb US & Emma McEACHERN, Clarence, 28 Jun 1893, Clarence 10266-93 James WYLEY, 26, farmer, St. Eugene, same, s/o James WYLEY & Eliza SHERMAN, marrie Ellen McENTEE, 23, St. Eugene, same, d/o Patrick McENTEE & Mary HUGHES, witn: Robert WYLEY & Mary McENTEE, both of St. Eugene, 10 July 1893 at St. Eugene
  #016215-03 Peter YOUNG, 35, Brookville, same, longshoreman, s/o John YOUNG & Margaret CLEMENT, married Annie BOVINE, 18, Winchester (?), Embrun, d/o George BOVINE & Elizabeth BURTON (?), witn; N. CLEMENT & George BOVINE both of Embrun, Feb. 13, 1903, Russell