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Prescott & Russell Co., 1892

birth place is given before residence


10257-92 (Russell Co): Edward AMIOTTE, 42, widower, laborer, Quebec, Clarence, s/o not given, married Rachel LEFAIVRE, 24, Clarence, same, d/o Thimote LEFAIVRE & Rachel PLANTE, witn: Thimote LEFAIVRE & Augustin AMIOTTE, both of Clarence, 24 Oct 1892 at The Brook (Rom Cath) 10303-92 Alfred ARCAND, 25, farmer, Papineauville, Alfred, s/o Antoine ARCAND & Rose LAFLAMME, married Rachel KINSLEY, 23, Alfred, same, d/o Albert KINSLEY & Helene LECLAIR, witn: Osias KINSLEY & Amanda ARCAND, both of Alfred, 7 Nov 1892 at Alfred

010427-92 (Prescott Co) Joseph ASSELIN, 25, Farmer, St. Polycarpe, Lochiel, s/o Paul ASSELIN & Caroline DAOUST; married Marie Antoinette HOUBERT, 19, St. Eugene, Ste Anne de Prescott, d/o Antoine HOUBERT & Matilde LANTHIER; wit Paul ASSELIN, Lochiel & Antoine HOUBERT, Ste Anne, 23 Feb 1892, Ste. Anne de Prescott

010423-92 (Prescott Co) Joseph AUBIN, 22, Labourer, Rigaud, St. Eugene, s/o Toussaint AUBIN & Sophie BRUNET; married Madeline LAROCQUE, 27, St. Eugene, St. Eugene, d/o Baptiste LAROCQUE & Henriette GIRENARD; wit Damase AUBIN & Marcelline BEAUDRY, both East Hawkesbury, 4 Oct 1892, St. Eugene

#010336-92 (Russell Co): William AUGE, 20 (or 30), laborer, Papineauville, Rockland, s/o William AUGE & Philomene ROY, married Melanie LAGARIE, 25, Papineauville, Rockland, d/o Janvier LAGARIE & Adelaide CHARRON, witn: William AUGE & Janvier LAGARIE, both of Rockland, 29 Aug 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10380-92 Henry BALDWIN, 28, laborer, Papineauville Que., same, s/o William BALDWIN & Rosalie LANDREVILLE, married Albina FREDETTE, 20, Ste. Marthe Que., Plantagenet, d/o Gedeon FREDETTE & Adeline RONGEAU, witn: Horace BALDWIN of Papineauville & Gedeon FREDETTE of Plantagenet, 15 Aug 1892 at Plantagenet
10466-92 George BARLEY, 55, widower, (with ? ) of Casillon Que., s/o Thomas BARLEY & Mary BURTON, married Mary McKINNON, 38, Point Fortune Que., same, d/o Hugh McKINNON & Margaret McPHEE, witn: Carrie TUFTS & Alice CAMPBELL, 30 May 1892 at Hawkesbury 10330-92 (Russell Co): Baptiste BASTILLE, 26, laborer, L'Isle Verte, Rockland, s/o late Baptiste BASTILLE & Artense BELANGER, married Victoria GRYMUS, 21, Clarence, Rockland, d/o Antoine GRYMUS & late Emilie YON, witn: Bapt. Bourgon & Bapt. LEGARIE, both of Rockland, 22 June 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
10384-92 Joseph BAULNE, 24, clerk, Curran, Chapleau, s/o Isidore BAULNE & Maria Ann HALL, married Helene Henrietta YEON, 25, Plantagenet, same, d/o Peter YEON & Catherine POTTS, witn: Patrick J. POTTS of Plantagenet & Isidore BAULNE of Curran, 26 Sept 1892 at Plantagenet  
10360-92 Lucien BEAUCOU, 27, widower, baker, St. Martin, St. Isidore, s/o Stanislas BEAUCOU & Josephine RENSLIE?, married Vinas BOURGON, 22, St. Isidore, same, d/o Francis BOURGON & Elizabeth RACINE, witn: Francis & George BOURGON of St. Isidore, 10 Jan 1892 at St. Isidore 10413-92 Paschal BEAUDRY, 22, laborer, Embrun, same, s/o Solomon BEAUDRY & Philomene PITRE, married Cordelia LAPENSEE, 20, Embrun, same, d/o Louis LAPENSEE & Philomene EMARD, witn: Louis LAPENSEE & Onesime NODEAU, both of Embrun, 20 June 1892 at RC Church, Embrun
10367-92 (Prescott Co): Lucien BEAUTON, 29, widower, joiner, of St.Isidore, s/o Stanislas BEAUTON & Josephine AMELIN, married Alvina BOURGON, 22, South Plantagenet, St. Isidore, d/o Francis BOURGON & Elizabeth RACIN, witn: Francis & George BOURGON of St. Isidore, 15 Jan 1892 at St. Isidore (Rom Cath) 10459-92 Jean BEDARD, 22, laborer, Canada, Hawkesbury, s/o Louis BEDARD & Georgiana PAYMENT, married Marguerite TROTTIER, 19, Canada, Hawkesbury, d/o Joseph TROTTIER & Louise RICHE (Piche?), witn: Damas COUSINEAU & Mathilde BEDARD, both of Hawkesbury, 17 Oct 1892 at Hawkesbury
  10386-92 Auguste BELAIR, 30, laborer, Ste. Placide Que., Carilonn Que., s/o Jean Baptiste BELAIR & Louise DANIS, married Anne GUINDON, 30, Curran, same, d/o Isaac GUINDON & Aurelie SEGUIN, witn: Zotique ROCHON of Carillon & Arthemise GUINDON of Curran, 5 Sept 1892 at Curran
10346-92 (Prescott Co): Ferdinand BELANGER, 26, farmer, Curran, same, s/o Jean BELANGER & Marie Adele LALONDE, married Ludonea CAMPEAU, 19, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Olivier CAMPEAU & Zoe St. JEAN, witn: Jean B. BELANGER of Curran & Oliver CAMPEAU of South Plantagenet, 10 July 1892 at Fournier (Rom Cath) 10461-92 Edward BELLAIR, 22, laborer, Longuiel (or L'Original?), Hawkesbury, s/o William BELLAIR & Mary TESSIER, married Margaret LARIVIERE, 22, Hawkesbury, same, d/o John LARIVIERE & Eleanor ROCHELOT, witn: Xavier LEGROS & Carrie TUFTS, both of Hawkesbury, 31 Oct 1892 at Hawkesbury

010425-92 (Prescott Co) Olivier BELLEFEUILLE, 37, Farmer, Wid, East Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury, s/o Olivier BELLEFEUILLE & Onezine SAUVE; married Auxille SABOURIN, 27, Rigaud, East Hawkesbury, d/o Alexandre SABOURIN & Zoe CHEVRIER; wit Olivier BELLEFEUILLE (Sr) & Alexandre SABOURIN, 7 Jan 1892, St. Eugene

10276-92 (Russell Co): Johnny BENSON, over 21, farmer, not given, not given, s/o Anthony BENSON & Angelique BISSON, married Caroline BROUSSEAU, 20, Renfrew, Casselman, d/o John BROUSSEAU & Louisa HILL, witn: Josephat QUESNEL & James BENSON, 31 July 1892 at Casselman (Rom Cath)
10458-92 Delphis BERGERON, 27, tailor, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Delphis BERGERON & Philomene LECOURE?, married Marguerite CHARETTE, 20, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Moise CHARETTE & Mathilde MAILLEUX?, witn: Odilon BELLE ISLE & Joseph ROCHON, both of Hawkesbury, 7 Sept 1892 at Hawkesbury #010252-92 (Russell Co): Hyacinthe BERNARD, 24, laborer, Hawkesbury, Clarence, s/o Francis BERNARD & Zoe GAUTHIER, married Marie DAOUST, 20, Clarence, same, d/o Louis DAOUST & Philomine GUINDON, witn: Louis DAOUST & Francis BERNARD, both of Clarence, 27 June 1892 at Clarence (Rom Cath)
10272-92 (Prescott Co): Henry BERTRAND, 23, cheese maker, St. Eugene, same, s/o Leonard BERTRAND & Mary HANNORAN, married Margaret Ann PILON, 23, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Prosper PILON & Mary Helen FITZSIMMONS, witn: Prosper PILON of Van Kleek Hill & Leonard BERTRAND of St. Eugene, 29 Feb 1892 at Van Kleek Hill (Rom Cath) 10279-92 Jos. BILODEAU, 39, farmer, Montebello, South Indian, s/o Joseph BILODEAU & Marie GUENETE, married Alexandrine COUSINEAU, 16, Embrun, South Indian, d/o Henry COUSINEAU & Marie LEFEBVRE, witn: Joseph BILODEAU & Pierre LEFEBVRE, 5 July 1892 at South Indian
#010251-92 (Russell Co): Alexandre BISSONNETTE, 26, laborer, Clarence, same, s/o Antoine BISSONNETTE & Esther LABONTE, married Georgina MASENGERE, 19, Clarence, same, d/o Jerome MASENGERE & Angele CLOUTIER, witn: Antoine BISSONNETTE & Jerome MASENGERE, both of Clarence, 20 June 1892 at Clarence (Rom Cath) 10354-92 (Prescott Co): Charles BLANEY, 26, farmer, Caledonia, South Plantagenet, s/o George & Agnes, married Louisa SMYTH, 25, South Plantagenet, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: Robert SMYTH of South Plantagenet & Caroline BLANEY of Caledonia, 20 June 1892 at Riceville
  10379-92 Maxime BLONDIN, 28, farmer, widower, Plantagenet, same, s/o Alexandre BLONDIN & Olive BEAUVAIS, married Sophie PEPIN, 27, widow, St. Isidore de Prescott, Plantagenet, d/o "not known", witn: Alex BLONDIN & Xavier CHENIER, both of Plantagenet, 1 Aug 1892 at Plantagenet
10362-92 Harmidas BOILEAU, 21, farmer, Montreal, South Plantagenet, s/o Joseph BOILEAU & Cleophile LAGASSIE, married Jennie LAUZON, 21, Quebec, South Plantagenet, d/o Andre LAUZON & Lucille LATRAILLE, witn: Wesley & Frances J. PICKERING of S. Plantagenet, 22 Feb 1892 at Riceville #010338-92 (Russell Co): Jacques BOILEAU, 28, journey man, Papineauville, Rockland, s/o Jacques BOILEAU & Marie RIOPEL, married Seuphrone TRENCHMONTAGNE, 26, North Nation Mills, Rockland, d/o Xavier TRENCHMONTAGNE & Selephrone LAVALLEE, witn: Jacques BOILLEAU (sic) & Joseph TRENCHMONTAGNE, both of Rockland, 9 Sept 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
10411-92 Francois BOISVERT, 52, widower, travelling agent, Montreal, Embrun, s/o Joseph BOISVERT & Josephine BOIVIN, married Marie GREGOIRE, 49, widow, St. Jacques Que., Embrun, d/o Pierre GREGOIRE & Philomene AUBRY, witn: Solomon FAUBERT of Ottawa & Joseph ROCHON of Embrun, 29 May 1892 at RC Church, Embrun 10306-92 Honore BOSSE, 27, farmer, Kamouraska Que., Alfred, s/o Octave BASSE & Dina LEBEL, married Diana LEVECQUE, 23, St. Palome Que., Alfred, d/o Zacharie LEVECQUE & Dorothee CHAMBERLAND, witn: Octave BASE & Zacharie LEVECQUE, both of Alfred, 1 Feb 1892 at Alfred
10256-92 (Russell Co): Amedie BOUGIS, 24, laborer, Clarence, same, s/o Moise BOUGIS (or Bougie) & Philomene PLOUFFE, married Mathilde ETHIER, 21, Clarence, same, d/o Olivier ETHIER & Emelie ROI, witn: Pierre HAUGE & Olivier ETHIER, both of Clarence, 26 Sept 1892 at The Brook (Rom Cath) 10051-91 Napoleon BOUGIE, 27, farmer, Cedre Que., Caledonia, s/o Julien BOUGIE & Rose SEGUIN, married Albina BESNER, 23, St. Polycarpe Que., Caledonia, d/o Felix BESNER & Zepharine MONTREUIL, witn: F. BESNER & J. BOURGIE, both of Caledonia, 11 Jan 1892 at Fournier (Rom Cath)
10285-92 Eusebe BOULRICE, of Casselman, s/o Moise BOULRICE & Celina CAILLER, married Pomela CLOUTHIER, of Casselman, d/o Etienne CLOUTHIER & Judith GAMACHE, witn: Josephat GRIGNON & Charles LEDUC, 7 Nov 1892 at cal [ missing info] 10350-92 (Prescott Co): Oliver BOURBONNE, 21, farmer, Fournier, same, s/o Olivier BOURBONNE & Anna COUTURE, married Anna BOURGON, 19, Caledonia twp., same, d/o Arterne BOURGON & Felicite CADIEUX, witn: Arterne BOURGON & Joseph GRIEFF, both of South Plantagenet, 24 Oct 1892 at Fournier (Rom Cath)
10412-92 Moise BOURDEAU, 51, widower, farmer, Ste. Melamie? Que., Embrun, s/o Benjamin BOURDEAU & Melanie ROSE, married Hermaline St.Amour BRISSON, 44, widow, Montreal, Embrun, d/o Honore St.Amour BRISSON & Josephine JOHNSON, witn: Benjamin & Ludger BRISSON of Embrun, 13 June 1892 at RC Church, Embrun 10405-92 Paul BOURDEAU, 25, farmer, Embrun, same, s/o Medard BOURDEAU & Esther POUPORE, married Maria CARRIERE, 17, Embrun, same, d/o Benjamin CARRIERE & Alexandrine PATENAUDE, witn: Medard BOURDEAU & Benjamin CARRIERE, both of Embrun, 15 Feb 1892 at Embrun
10387-92 Alphonse BOUTHELLIER?, 45, widower, painter, of Curran, s/o not given, married Maria O'BOYLE, 41, Vaudreuil, Curran, d/o John O'BOYLE & Johannah O'CONNOR, witn: Cyprien LABROSSE & Calixte MONDOUX, both of Curran, 17 Oct 1892 at Curran  
10467-92 Octave Delphis BRAZEAU, 19, laborer, Chatham Que., same, s/o Octave BRAZEAU & Ursule JETTE, married Clarina MENARD, 28, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Augustin MENARD & Marguerite DENNIS, witn: Charles MENARD & Alphonsine BRAZEAU, 31 May 1892 at Hawkesbury 10315-92 (Prescott Co): Julien BRICOT, 26, cheese maker, St. Stanislas de Kastka, St. Thomas d'Alfred, s/o Joseph BRICOT & Vitaline MAYER, married Eugenie PREGENT, 21, St. Louis de Ganzaque, St. Thomas d'Alfred, d/o Francois PREGENT & Josephine LEDUC, witn: Joseph BRICOT & Francois PREGENT, both of St. Thomas, 12 Jan 1892 at St. Thomas d'Alfred (Rom Cath)
10295-92 Joseph BRISEBOIS, 23, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Moise BRISEBOIS & Evelina DICAIRE, married Josephine St.JEAN, 27, Alfred, same, d/o Louis St.JEAN & Onesime DEROUIN, witn: Joseph GRANGER & Zephryne St.JEAN, both of Alfred, 11 July 1892 at Alfred 10220-93 Dosithe BRUNEST, 32, hotel clerk, Cotetau Landing Que., Van Kleek Hill, s/o Eustache BRUNEST & Zoe BESNER, married Mary Isabella McMILLAN, 22, Chateauguay Ont., Van Kleek Hill, d/o James McMILLAN & Hughena McPHEE, witn: Edward KELLY of Van Kleek Hill & Ann McMILLAN of Lochiel, 3 Oct 1892 at Van Kleek Hill
10457-92 (Prescott Co): Joseph BRUNET, 22, laborer, Canada, Hawkesbury, s/o Louis BRUNET & Louise JACOB, married Matilde LADOUCEUR, 21, Canada, Hawkesbury, d/o Gaspard LADOUCEUR & Mathilde MARAUDE (or Masaude), witn: H. MARAUDE of Plantagenet & D. LADOUCEUR of Hawkesbury, 8 Aug 1892 at Hawkesbury (Rom Cath) 10275-92 (Russell Co): Amede BRUNET, 28, farmer, Rigaud Quebec, Alexandria, s/o Xavier BRUNET & Josephine VILLENEUVE, married Arthense PAGE, 16, St. Albert, Casselman, d/o Gilbert PAGE & Aglae BRUNET, witn: Gilbert PAGE & Louis BRUNET, 4 July 1892 at Casselman (Rom Cath)
10475-92 (Prescott Co): William Hudson BURR, 26, banker, Waterloo Iowa, Grand Forks - North Dakota, s/o William & Sarah E., married Elizabeth Beatrice CAMERON, 21, Caledonia Springs, L'Original, d/o John D. CAMERON & Margaret McINTOSH, witn: Daisy McINTOSH of Van Kleek Hill & Colin G. O'BRIAN of L'Original, 12 April 1892 at res of bride's father, L'Original 10055-91 Mederique CADIEUX, 20, farmer, St. Victor Alfred, same, s/o Laurent CADIEUX & Olive LAPORTE, married Rosana BOURDON, 20, St. Philip Que., Fournier, d/o George BOURDON & Sophie HIBERT, witn: Laurent CADIEUX of St. Victor Alfred & G. BOURDON of Fournier, 11 Jan 1892 at Fournier (Rom Cath)

010421-92 (Prescott Co) Alcine CARDINAL, 29, Farmer, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Benjamin CARDINAL & Virginie VACHEON; married Lucie CLERMONT, 20, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Celestin CLERMONT & Delima PILON; wit Hercule LAVALLEE & Celestin CLERMONT, both Ste. Anne de Prescott, 28 Sept 1892, Ste. Anne de Prescott

10372-92 (Prescott Co): Moise CARIERE, 26, laborer, Clarence, same, s/o Israel CARIERE & Sophie L'ECUYER, married Rosalie LAVIGNE, 22, Clarence, Curran, d/o Paul LAVIGNE & Acxilie SEGUIN, witn: Paul LAVIGNE & William LEROUX, both of Curran, 1 March 1892 at Curran (Rom Cath)

010415-92 (Prescott Co) Charles L. CARLSSON, 20, Machinist, Essen Connecticut USA, Argenteuil Quebec, s/o John L. CARLSSON & Charlotte LORENSON (Sorenson?); married Eliza McKINNON, 22, East Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury, d/o John McKINNON & Marrion McPHEE; wit Barbara McGILLIVRAY & Hugh McKINNON, both East Hawkesbury, 16 Jul 1892, East Hawkesbury

010418-92 (Prescott Co) Jean Baptiste CARRIERE, 28, Labourer, St. Marthe Quebec, St. Henri de Montreal, s/o Joseph CARRIER & Zoe MONTPETIT; married Victoria SABOURIN, 21, Ste. Marthe Quebec, Ste Anne de Prescott, d/o Joseph SABOURIN & Melanie JOANNET; wit Joseph CARRIERE & Joseph SABOURIN, both Ste. Anne de Prescott, 12 Sept 1892, Ste. Anne de Prescott

10288-92 Samuel CARRIERE, 19, day laborer, Curran Ont., Casselman, so Israel CARRIERE & Sophie LECUYER, married Malvina HOULE, 20, Curran, same, d/o Augustin HOULE & Catherine De REPENTIGNY, witn: Alderic CARON? & Israel CARRIERE, both of Curran and Joseph St. DENYS of Casselman, 30 Jan 1892 at Casselman
10310-92 Alderic CARRIERE, 23, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Pierre CARRIERE & Emelie RICHER, married Agnes POIRIER, 17, Alfred, same, d/o J. Bte. POIRIER & Rose DUFORT, witn: Henry JAMES & Emilie POIRIER, both of Alfred, 31 May 1892 10297-92 Theodule CARRIERE, 21, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Pierre CARRIERE & Emilie RICHER, married Elizabeth BRASSEUR, 19, Alfred, same, d/o Olivier BRASSEUR & Angelique St.JEAN, witn: Ferdinand OUELLETTE & Anna BISSONETTTE, both of Alfred, 25 July 1892 at Alfred
10349-92 (Prescott Co): Joseph CASTONGUAY, 25, farmer, St. Isidore Ont. Same, s/o Joseph CASTONGUAY & Reine PROVOST, married Emelina LEVECQUE, 19, Caledonia, same, d/o Jean Bapte. LEVECQUE & Clarissa LADURANTAYE, witn: Joseph CASTONGUAY of St. Isidore & Jean B. BRAY of St. Amour, 24 Oct 1892 at Fournier (Rom Cath) 10258-92 (Russell Co): Philippe CHABOT, 24, farmer, Cumberland, Clarence, s/o J. Bte. CHABOT & Emelie SENECAL, married Leonore NOEL, 19, Cushing Quebec, Clarence, d/o Alfred NOEL & Provide? ROCHON, witn: J. Bte. CHABOT & Alfred NOEL, both of Clarence, 4 July 1892 at Clarence Creek (Rom Cath)
10377-92 Philias CHAMPAGNE, 23, laborer, Papineauville - Ottawa Co., same, s/o Charles CHAMPAGNE & Helene BOURGEOIS, married Eulalie LEMERY, 18, Plantagenet, same, d/o Pierre LEMERY & Justine CAMPEAU, witn: Pierre LEMERY & Stanislas CHAMPAGNE, both of Plantagenet, 19 July 1892 at Plantagenet 10302-92 Delphis CHARBONNEAU, 25, farmer, St. Jerome Que., Alfred, s/o J. Bte. CHARBONNEAU & Marie CHARTIER, married Alexina GUINDON, 27, St. Hermas Que., Alfred, d/o Hilaire GUINDON & Olive CHENIER, witn: Hubert GUINDON of Alfred & J. Bte. CHARBONNEAU of St. Jerome Que., 11 Oct 1892 at Alfred
10388-92 Stanislas CHARTRAND, 40, farmer, Navan Ont., same, s/o Narcisse CHARTRAND & Anastasie MARCOTTE, married Rose FARRELL, 33, Curran, same, d/o Charles FARRELL & Virginie CHARTRAND, witn: Charles FARRELL & Narcisse CHARTRAND, both of Currran, 24 Oct 1892 at Curran 10312-92 Dominique CHARTRAND, 30, farmer, Papineauville Que., St. Thomas, s/o Joseph CHARTRAND & Henriette VANDETTE, married Leocadie BRISEBOIS, 23, St. Thomas, same, d/o Alfred BRISEBOIS & Angele DAOUST, witn: Joseph CHARTRAND & Alfred BRISEBOIS, both of St. Thomas, 30 June 1892 at St. Thomas
10307-92 John A. CHATELAIN, 24, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Pierre CHATELAIN & Domathilde LEVECQUE, married Anelina SIMARD, 18, Alfred, same, d/o Elie SIMARD & Felien SEGUIN, witn: Osias SEGUIN & Albina SIMARD, both of Alfred, 29 Feb 1892 at Alfred #010250-92 (Russell Co): Joseph Damase CHENE, 22, laborer, Ste. Martha Quebec, Clarence, s/o Damase CHENE & Scholastique VIAU, married Armanda VIAU, 19, Ste. Martha Quebec, Clarence, d/o Hercule VIAU & Christine THAUVETTE, witn: Hercule VIAU & Leandre TESSIER, both of Clarence, 19 June 1892 at Clarence (Rom Cath)
10347-92 (Prescott Co): Joseph Dominique CHENIER, 24, farmer, St. Lazare Quebec, South Plantagenet, s/o Dominique CHENIER & Marie MENARD, married Maria Ema CHARBONNEAU, 22, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Charles CHARBONNEAU & Marie Louise CAMPEAU, witn: Dominique CHENIER & Joseph CHARBONNEAU, both of South Plantagenet, 29 Aug 1892 at Fournier (Rom Cath) 10375-92 Jean Baptiste CHENIER, 37, widower, farmer, St. Andre Avelin Que., Plantagenet, s/o Louis CHENIER & blank, married Alixe LEGAULT, 29, Papineauville Que., Plantagenet, d/o Gabriel LEGAULT & Alixe COUILLARD, witn: Gabriel LEGAULT & Louise CHENIER, both of Plantagenet, 6 June 1892 at Plantagenet
  10401-92 Robert W. CHERRY, 24, yeoman, Russell, same, s/o John & Caroline, married Carrie Jane JACKSON, 18, Edwardsburg Ont., Cambridge, d/o Newton & Agnes, witn: Nathan DODGE of Cambridge & John SCOTT of Russell, 6 July 1892 at South Indian
10472-92 Pierre CLAREMONT, 21, laborer, Canada, Hawkesbury, s/o Robert CLAREMONT & Vitaline REVILLARD, married Marie CRETE, 21, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Francois CRETE & Vitaline LAFRAMBOISE, witn: Odilon BELLE ISLE & Mrs. Elizabeth McFADDEN, 27 June 1892 at Hawkesbury 10468-92 Francois CLAREMONT, 43, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Robert CLAREMONT & Vitaline PERILLARD?, married Angelique DENEARS?, 42, widow, Hawkesbury, same, d/o the late Remi DEMARS?, witn: Leon PORTELANCE & Joseph DUBREUIL, 5 June 1892 at Hawkesbury
10281-92 Clement CLEMENT, over 21, farmer, of South Indian, s/o Clement CLEMENT & Philomene LEDUC, married Felicite MOISE, over 21, of South Indian, d/o Francois MOISE & Adelaide LECUYER, witn: Eugene CLEMENT & Francois MOISE, both of South Indian, 10 Oct 1892 at South Indian 10266-92 [Prescott Co.] Frank CORDARK, 26, railway laborer, Italy, Van Kleek Hill, s/o Charles CORDARK & Thomasina JAGLIANDI, married Louisa Emelia BELLINGER, 24, Mountain – Dundas Co., Van Kleek Hill, d/o William John BELLINGER & Caroline MORRIS, witn: Robert LEE of Chute au Blondin, 1 March 1892 at Van Kleek Hill

010438-92 (Prescott Co) Louis COUTURE, 26, Farmer, Fournier, Caledonia, s/o Joseph COUTURE & Rose SAUVE; married Philomene POIRIER, 18, Newton Quebec, Caledonia, d/o Morile POIRIER & Adelina LALONDE; wit Morile POIRIER & Joseph COUTURE, both Caledonia, 16 May 1892, Fournier

10265-92 (Prescott Co): Samuel CURREN, 35, farmer, West Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury, s/o Samuel CURREN & Sarah BUCKLEY, married Mary Ann ROBERTS, 19, Liverpool England, East Hawkesbury, d/o William ROBERTS & Sarah BROWN, witn: George MOONEY of East Hawkesbury & H.M. PHELP of Van Kleek Hill, 24 Feb 1892 at Van Kleek Hill 10408-92 George DAGINAIS, 24, farmer's son, Montreal, Winchester, s/o Alfred DAGENAIS & Elias LAVERDURE?, married Emilie MARION, 18, Embrun, same, d/o Seraphin MARION & Selina LANDRY, witn: S. & L. MARION of Embrun and Alfred DAGENAIS of Winchester , 28 Feb 1892 at RC Church, Embrun
10359-92 Joseph DAGNEAULT, 23, farmer, St. Anicet, St. Isidore, s/o Moise DAGNEAULT & Virginie LEDUC, married Vitaline MENARD, 25, St. Isidore, same, d/o Alexander MENARD & Vitaline BRUNET, witn: Alexander MENARD & Moise DAGNEAULT, both of St. Isidore, 7 Jan 1892 at St. Isidore (also 10366-92) #010341-92 (Russell Co): Louis DANIS, 23, laborer, St. Andre Avalon, Rockland, s/o Francis DANIS & Cleophile DESPATIE, married Eleanore LALONDE, 18, Clarence Creek, Rockland, d/o Paul LALONDE & Eleanore SEGUIN, witn: Francis DANIS & Paul LALONDE, both of Rockland, 10 Oct 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
10374-92 Antoine DAOUST, 73, widower, gentleman, St. Benoit Que., Curran, s/o Joseph DAOUST & Lizette LAFONTAINE, married Arthemise FILION, 50, widow, St. Hermas Que., Curran, d/o Joseph FILION & Genevieve LABROSSE, witn: Alexis CHARLEBOIS & Cyprien RAYMOND, both of Curran, 3 May 1892 at Curran 10301-92 Arthur DAOUST, 31, farmer, Ste. Eugene, Alfred, s/o Moise DAOUST & Marie QUESNEL, married Eulalie GRATTON, 25, Alfred, same, d/o Charles GRATTON & Justine SEGUIN, witn: Moise DAOUST & F. X. GRATTON, both of Alfred, 26 Sept 1892 at Alfred
10316-92 (Prescott Co): Hyacinthe DEGUIN (Deguire?), 55, widower, laborer, Rigaud, Alfred, s/o Hyacinthe SEGUIN & Sophie MONE—(off page), married Philomene LEMERY, 32, widow, Buckingham, Alfred, d/o Antoine LEMERY & Josephine DUF—(off page), witn: Xavier LAMARCHE & Xavier GAUTHIER, both of Alfred, 24 Jan. 1892 at Alfred (Rom Cath) 10289-92 William DEGUIRE, 17, day laborer, Moose Creek, same, s/o Napoleon DEGUIRE & Marie THERIEN, married Zenarde PAYANT, 19, St. Jacques de Mineur?, Cambridge, d/o Solomon PAYANT & Victorine BOUBRICE, witn: William DEGUIRE of Moose Creek & Ludger GATIEN & Solomon PAYANT, both of Cambridge, 8 Feb 1892 at Casselman
10369-92 (Prescott Co): Dolphis DEMERS, 25, laborer, Plantagenet, Wendover, s/o Benjamin DEMERS & Suzanna BLONDIN, married Clara AUBRY, 19, Ripon Quebec, Wendover, d/o Gregoire AUBRY & Rosalie MODERIE, witn: Benjamin DEMERS of Plantagenet & Gregoire AUBRY of Wendover, 27 June 1892 at Wendover 10332-92 (Russell Co): Pierre DEMERS, 24 (or 21), laborer, Emburn, Rockland, s/o Pierre DEMERS & Justine BRUNET, married Celina MENARD, 14, Rockland, same, d/o Samuel MENARD & Sophie LAPAIGE, witn: Alexander MENARD of Rockland & Victor DEMERS of Buckingham, 14 July 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath)

010432-92 (Prescott Co) Charles DENIS, 27, Farmer, Caledonia, Caledonia, s/o Emelien DENIS & Adelaide LEROUX ; married Azelda LALONDE, 24, Caledonia, Caledonia, d/o France LALONDE & Henriette DENIS; wit Melien DENIS & France LALOND, both Caledonia, 3 Oct 1892, Fournier

10287-92 Ferdinand DEROUIN, 28, farmer, St. Jermome - Terrebonne Co., Cambridge, s/o Regis DEROUIN & Philomene BRISBOIS, married Basilice PAQUETTE, 22, St. Jerome - Terrebonne Co., Cambridge, d/o Francois PAQUETTE & Zoe DENYS, witn: Regis DEROUIN & Francois PAQUETTE, their fathers, both of Cambridge, 10 Jan 1892 at Casselman
10216-93 Arsene? DESJARDIN, 29, widower, laborer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Arsene & Josephine, married Rosanna CAMPEAU, 19, Plantagenet, same, d/o Moise & Palodine, witn: J. & N. E. HALLOWELL of Van Kleek Hill, 18 Aug 1892 at Van Kleek Hill 10298-92 Denis DESJARDINS, 24, laborer, Papineauville, same, s/o Joseph DESJARDINS & Zoe MAISONNEUVE, married Lea PAULIN, 21, St. Thomas, same, d/o Antoine PAULIN & Elmire LEGER, witn: Anthime & Amedee PAULIN of St. Thomas, 15 Aug 1892 at St. Thomas
10390-92 Herminie DESJARDINS, 28, widower, Plantagenet, same, s/o Herminie DESJARDINS & Josephine RICHER, married Rose Anna CAMPEAU, 19, Plantagenet, same, d/o Moise CAMPEAU & Caroline DESROCHERS, witn: Joseph MARTEL & Elzear EMOND, both of Plantagenet, 18 Dec 1892 at Plantagenet 10300-92 Joseph DESJARDINS, 24, farmer, Ste. Scholastique Que., St. Thomas, s/o Mathias DESJARDINS & Mathilde LAUZON, married Fabiana LALONDE, 19, Curran Plantagenet, d/o J. Bte. LALONDE & Louise DUPONT, witn: Mathias DESJARDINS & Israel PREGENT, both of St. Thomas, 13 Sept 1892 at St. Thomas

010422-92 (Prescott Co) Lachlan H. DEWAR, 31, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Hugh DEWAR & Catherine McMILLAN; married Agnes McLENNAN, 33, Wid, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Thomas HISH & Agnes McPHEE; wit Hugh D. McMILLAN & Margery McNab McGILLIVRAY, both Lochiel, 28 Sept 1892, Ste. Anne de Prescott

10260-92 (Russell Co): Andre DIOTTE, 24, laborer, Clarence, same, s/o Felix DIOTTE & Laure LAUZON, married Valerie BAZINET, 18, Clarence, same, d/o J. Bte. BAZINET & Delphine MENARD, witn: Felix DIOTTE & Augustin BAZINET, both of Clarence, 22 Aug 1892 at Clarence Creek (Rom Cath)
10344-92 (Russell Co): Andrew DUFFIELDS, no age given, laborer, Scotland, Rockland, s/o not given, married Maggie NEWTON, no age given, Clarence, Rockland, d/o Robert & blank, witn: John GRANT & wife of Rockland, 5 Jan 1892 at Rockland 10321-92 (Russell Co): Alphonse DUGUETTE, 19, day laborer, The Brook, Casselman village, s/o Alphonse DUGUETTE & Lina LONGTIN, married Marie LEDUC, 23, The Brook, Casselman village, d/o Charles LEDUC & Marie DENAULT, witn: Charles LEDUC & Alphonse DUGUETTE ("their fathers"), both of Casselman, 7 Jan 1892 at Casselman village (Rom Cath)
10264-92 (Russell Co): Napolean DUSEREAU, 28, farmer, Clarence, same, s/o Severe DUSEREAU & Catherine DESNOYANT?, married Malvina LABRICHE, 18, Clarence, same, d/o Louis LABRICHE & Julienne ROCHON, witn: Louis DUSEREAU & Moise LABRICHE, both of Clarence, 24 Oct 1892 at Clarence Creek, (Rom Cath) 10053-91 Samuel DUVAL, 25, laborer, Coteau Landing Que., Caledonia, s/o Joseph DUVAL & Zoe LALONDE, married Louise DUVAL, 17, Coteau Landing Que., Caledonia, d/o Moise DUVAL & Henriette BERIAULT, witn: Joseph & Moise DUVAL of Caledonia, 11 Jan 1891 at Fournier (Rom Cath)
10215-93 Carman? Gabriel EASTMAN, 34, widower, civil service, Cornwall Centre, Cornwall Ont., s/o Joel F--? & Margaret A., married Ellen Hannah MALLOY, 30, Caledonia, same, d/o Michel E. & Sarah, witn: J. & N. E. HALLOWELL of Van Kleek Hill, 3 May 1892 at Van Kleek Hill 10274-92 (Prescott Co): William EASTMAN, 34, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o John & Annie, married Mary Ann DEWAR, 19, Caledonia, same, d/o Malcolm & Bella, witn: Henry EASTMAN of Alfred & Kate McGILLIVRAY of West Hawkesbury, 23 June 1892 at Van Kleek Hill
10273-92 (Prescott Co): Joseph FANTEUX (or Fauteux), 20, shantyman, Vaudrueil Quebec, Hawkesbury village, s/o Moise FANTEUX & Elmire TAUSETTE, married Maria Alvina JEANLOUIS, 18, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o John JEAN LOUIS & Caroline SEGUIN, witn: Moise FANTEUX of Hawkesbury & John JEAN LOUIS of Van Kleek Hill, 30 May 1892 at Van Kleek Hill (Rom Cath) 10389-92 Thomas FARRELL, 24, cheese maker, Curran, Alfred, s/o Charles FARRELL & Virginie CHARTRAND, married Caroline ALLARD, 22, Plantagenet, same, d/o Joseph T--? ALLARD & Mary LYNCH, witn: Charles FARRELL & Damase GOUR, both of Curran, 8 Nov 1892 at Curran
#010249-92 (Russell Co): Henry FORGETTE, 24, cheese maker, St. Augustine Quebec, Clarence, s/o Jean FORGETTE & Adele HAMEL, married Catherine DION, 20, St. Andre Avelin Quebec, Clarence, d/o Clement DION & Edessa LARIETON?, witn: Jean FORGETTE & Samuel TH--GE, both of Clarence, 7 June 1892 at Clarence (Rom Cath) 10363-92 Benjamin FRANKLIN, 23, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Benjamin FRANKLIN & Jane SHIELDS, married Polly CLARKE, 21, Clarence, same, d/o Stephen CLARKE & Eliza SIMPSON, witn: James CLARKE of Clarence & Bella FRANKLIN of S. Plantagenet, 31 March 1892 at South Plantagenet
10280-92 Simeon GAGNON, 20, farmer, South Indian, same, s/o Charles GAGNON & Judith DAZE, married Marie Lea POMMAINVILLE, 15, South Indian, same, d/o Janvier POM--VILLE & Vitaline DESABRAIS, witn: Isaie FORGET & Avela DESABRAIS, 22 July 1892 at South Indian 10305-92 Wilfred GAUTHIER, 26, farmer, L'Orignal, same, s/o Narcisse GAUTHIER & Alda THERIEN, married Florence SEGUIN, 25, St. Andre Avelin Que., St. Thomas d'Alfred, d/o Justinien SEGUIN & Henriette LALONDE, witn: Napoleon PARISIEN of St. Thomas & Louisa GAUTHIER of Monte Bello, 25 Jan 1892 at St. Thomas
10371-92 (Prescott Co): Camile GAUTHIER, 22, farmer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Gezippe GAUTHIER & Vitaline SENECAL, married Clara LALONDE, 22, Curran, same, d/o Francois LALONDE & Rose Ann DUCLOS, witn: Gezippe GAUTHIER of Plantagenet & F.X. LALONDE of Curran, 1 Feb 1892 at Curran (Rom Cath) 10283-92 Samuel GELINEAU, of Casselman, s/o Gregoire GELINEAU & Philomene BENOIT, married Emelie LEMELIN, of Casselman, d/o Laurent LEMELIN & Josephine IMBEAU, witn: J. Bte. BOUDRAIS & Gregoire GELINEAU, both of Casselman, 19 Oct. 1892 at Casselman [missing info]
10270-92 (Prescott Co): Joseph GEROUARD, 21, laborer, West Hawkesbury, Van Kleek Hill, s/o Joseph GEROUARD & Agnes SAUVE, married Rosalie Ann DUPUIS, 22, Caledonia, Van Kleek Hill, d/o Jeremie DUPUIS & Zoe CLEMENT, witn: Jean Baptiste SAUVE & Jeremie DUPUIS, both of Van Kleek Hill, 26 Sept 1892 at Van Kleek Hill (Rom Cath) 10402-92 Thomas William GIRARD, 31, yeoman, Osgoode, same, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Sarah Jane WALLACE, 32, Osgoode, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: William SCRIVENS & Lottie WALLACE, both of Osgoode, 20 July 1892 at Osgoode
#010154-93 (Russell Co): Ovile GOUGEON, 25, farmer, Beauharnois, Thurso, s/o Joseph GOUGEON & Adelard DUBOIS, married Elyose BREYIER, 19, Clarence, same, d/o Emerie BREYIER & Rosey Anna MARTIN, witn: Benjamin GOUGEON of Thurso Quebec & Matilda BREYIER of Clarence, 3 April 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10460-92 Daniel Douglas GRANT, 22, fireman, Montreal, Hawkesbury, s/o William GRANT & Rachel GORRIE, married Jessie FAIRBAIRN, 21 (27?), Hawkesbury, same, d/o David FAIRBAIRN & Charity WALKER, witn: Charles W. KENDALL & Annie HEMPHILL, 28 Oct 1892 at Hawkesbury
  10284-92 Jules GRAVEL, of Casselman, s/o Julien GRAVEL & Elizabeth PROULX, married Marie MARTIN, of South Indian, d/o Antoine MARTIN & Marie MONTREUIL, witn: Antoine MARTIN of S. Indian & Julien GRAVEL of Casselman, 7 Nov 1892 at Casselman [missing info]
10470-92 Hormisdas GRAVEL, no age given, laborer, Canada, Hawkesbury, s/o J. Bte. GRAVEL & Frances LAFLEUR, married Julienne St. AMANT, no age given, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Venant St.AMANT & Marie TAILLEUR, witn: Andrew St.AMAND & Olivene RICHER, 27 June 1892 at Hawkesbury 10365-92 Joseph GROULX, 70, widower, rentier, Beauharnois Que., St. Isidore, s/o Joseph GROULX & Marie Louise LABROSSE, married Catherine PREJAN, 58, widow, St. Isidore, same, d/o not given, witn: Pierre LEGER & Joseph PREJAN, both of S. Plantagenet, 7 Jan 1892 at South Plantagenet
10213-93 Robert HARVEY, 35, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Francis & Helen, married Alve Maud NUTTALL, 24, Vaudreuil Co. Que., East Hawkesbury, d/o William NUTTALL & Catherine McCONAHEY, witn: Patrick McCONAHEY of E. Hawkesbury & J. E. HALLOWELL of W. Hawkesbury, 31 March 1892 at Van Kleek Hill 10304-92 Joseph HOULE, 25, farmer, St. Louis de Gonzaque, St. Thomas, s/o Joseph HOULE & Delima PREVOST, married M. Louise MARLEAU, 20, Alfred, same, d/o Joseph MARLEAU & Octavie PILON, witn: Louis BOILEAU & Denise HOULE, both of Alfred, 23 Nov 1892 at Alfred
10364-92 Isaac HUGHES, 50, widower, farmer, Alfred Ont., Dakota USA, s/o Humphrey HUGHES & Mary LANGRILLE, married Ellen Adelia HUGHES, 24, North Plantagenet, same, d/o John R. HUGHES & Sarah McGEOCH, witn: John R. & A. R. HUGHES of N. Plantagenet, 10 June 1892 at North Plantagenet 10452-92 (Russell Co): William JAMES, 22, machinist, Plantagenet, Rockland, s/o William JAMES & Hannah SCOTT, married Lillian SURTEES, 19, Clarence twp., Rockland, d/o James SURTEES & Cynthia DOLE, witn: Enew? KENNEDY & Maggie JAMES of Rockland, 30 Nov 1892 at Cumberland
10261-92 (Russell Co): Pierre JODOIN (or Jodoire), 24, farmer, Aylmer, same, s/o Pierre JODOIN & Domitilde BELLEFEUILLE, married Ida L. EVEQUE (Ida Leveque?), 18, Montreal, Clarence, d/o Joseph L. EVEQUE & Emelie PICOTTE, witn: Joseph L. EVEQUE & Pierre JODOIN, both of Clarence, 22 Aug 1892 at Clarence Creek (Rom Cath) 10263-92 (Russell Co): Israel JUBINVILLE, 50, widower, farmer, Quebec, Clarence, s/o not given, married Marie THIBAULT, 38, Ste. Scholastique Quebec, same, d/o J. Bte. THIBAULT & Celina LABONTE, witn: Marie CLA--? & Louise CARON, both of Clarence, 22 Sept 1892 at Clarence Creek
  10271-92 (Prescott Co): John LACOMBE, 20, day laborer, Caledonia, same, s/o Edward LACOMBE & Maria Louisa LAMOURE?, married Celina AUCLAIRE, 19, Alfred, Caledonia, d/o Antoine AUCLAIRE & Marcelline LEDUC, witn: Antoine AUCLAIRE & Jeremie LACOMBE, 8 Feb 1892 at Van Kleek Hill (Rom Cath)
10370-92 (Prescott Co): Felix LADURANTAYE, 27, laborer, Wendover, same, s/o Louis LADURANTAYE & Sarah DUFORT, married Amanda SIGUOIN (or Seguin?), 22, Wendover, same, d/o Elisee SIGUOIN & Mary O'NEIL, witn: Louis LACARTE & Elisee SIGUOIN, both of Wendover, 9 may 1892 at Wendover (Rom Cath) 10355-92 (Prescott Co): John LAFLEUR, 28, gentleman, Quebec, Riceville, s/o Joseph LAFLEUR & Margaret MASMASE?, married Mary Ann LAROCHES, 26, Quebec, Riceville, d/o Joseph LAROCHES & Zorila LABRANCHE, witn: Mrs. D.B. DARLING of Ottawa & Mrs. G.A. BELL of Riceville, 25 Aug 1892 at Riceville
#010248-92 (Russell Co): J. Bpte LAFONTAINE, 32, widower, laborer, Clarence, same, s/o J. Bte. LAFONTAINE & Louise SCOTT, married Delina BERGERON, 32, Clarence, same, d/o Jerome BERGERON & Louise GUINDON, witn: Fortuna L. HENRIE & Helene DULIE, both of Clarence, 11 May 1892 at Clarence (Rom Cath) 10262-92 (Russell Co): J. Bte. LAFONTAINE, 24 (or 27), farmer, Clarence, same, s/o Pierre LAFONTAINE & Margarite GERMANE, married Angelina TESSIER, 18, Clarence, same, d/o Leandre TESSIER & Zoe VIAU, witn: Pierre LAFONTAINE & Leandre TESSIER, both of Clarence, 19 Sept 1892 at Clarence Creek (Rom Cath)
10323-92 (Russell Co): Jean Bte. LALLERMANS, 25, day laborer, Montreal, Casselman, s/o Charles LALLERMAN & Esther LEVERT, married Marguerite STEPHENS, 18, Lachute Quebec, Casselman, d/o Jean Bte. STEPHENS & Christie LAROQUE, witn: Jean Bte. STEPHENS & Joseph St. DENYS, both of Casselman village, 29 Feb 1892 at Casselman village (Rom Cath) 10348-92 (Prescott Co): Moise LALONDE, 68, widower, laborer, Cedars Quebec, South Plantagenet, s/o Oliver LALONDE & Marie MARTIN, married Therese MARTIN, 58, widow, Quebec, South Plantagenet, d/o not given, witn: Duncan McGREGOR & John M. RYAN, both of Fournier, 5 Sept 1892 at Fournier (Rom Cath)
10054-91 Honore LALONDE, 29, farmer, Coteau Land--? Que., Fournier, s/o J. B. LALONDE & Marie Rose NORMAND, married Amanda TESSIER, 20, Cedres Que., Fournier, d/o Leon TESSIER & Lucie DAOUST, witn: J. B. LALONDE & Leon TESSIER, both of Fournier, 11 Jan 1892 at Fournier (Rom Cath) 10296-92 Damase LALONDE, 23, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o J. B. LALONDE & Nathalie REAULEAU, married Emma CLEMENT, 20, Alfred, same, d/o Joseph CLEMENT & Celina FORTIER, witn: Fabien LALONDE of L'Orignal & Joseph CLEMENT of Alfred, 12 July 1892 at Alfred
10376-92 Joseph Napoleon LALONDE, 25, tailor, North Plantagenet twp., Plantagenet, s/o Francois Xavier LALONDE & Rose Ann DUCLOS, married Marie Caserine WILSON, 17, Isle Bizarre Que., Plantagenet, d/o F.X. WILSON & Zephirine St.PIERRE, witn: F. X. LALONDE of Curran & F. X. WILSON of Plantagenet, 20 June 1892 at Plantagenet 10382-92 Israel LALONDE, 24, carriage maker, Caledonia, Curran, s/o Benjamin LALONDE & Elise DENIS, married Vitaline DEGUIRE, 22, St. Andre Avelin Que., Curran, d/o Olivier DEGUIRE & Emery TOURANGEAU, witn: Benjamin LALONDE of Caledonia & Olivier DEGUIRE of Currran, 8 Aug 1892 at Curran
10320-92 (Russell Co): Isidore LAMOTHE, 20, day laborer, St. Isidore de Prescott, Casselman, s/o Isidore LAMOTHE & Marcelline DESCHAMPS, married Methilda BOUDRIAS, 19, Montreal, Casselman, d/o Benjamin BOUDRIAS & Celanire LEVERNOIS, witn: Laurant LEMELIN & Benjamin BOUDRIAS, both of Casselman, 13 June 1892 at Casselman (Rom Cath) 10308-92 Flavien LANTHIER, 21, farmer, L'Orignal, same, s/o Isidare LANTHIER & Philomene LABROSSE, married Helene KINGSLEY, 24, Alfred, same, d/o Albert KINGSLEY & Helene CLERC, witn: Philippe CADIEUX & Rachel KINGSLEY, both of Alfred, 29 Feb 1892 at Alfred
  10381-92 Hiilaire LAROCQUE, 28, farmer, Rigaud Que., Plantagenet, s/o Elie LAROCQUE & Adeline BRABANT, married Marie Louise JOANNETTE (Joanesse?), 27, Ste. Marthe Que., Plantagenet, d/o Julien & Marie, witn: Gideon FREDETTE & Francois CERE, both of Plantagenet, 22 Aug. 1892 at Plantagenet
10286-92 Joseph LAROSE, of Casselman, s/o Richard LAROSE & Annie CHEVRIER, married Anna GOYER, of Casselman, d/o Pierre GOYER & Clemence VAUDRY, witn: Napoleon GOYER & Charles LEDUC, 7 Nov 1892 at Casselman [missing info] 10400-92 Emilien LAROSE, 25, farmer's son, Montreal, Embrun, s/o Charles LAROSE & Marguerite DORE, married Domitille BOURDEAU, 19, Embrun, same, d/o Amable BOURDEAU & Louise ROSE, witn: Charles LAROSE & Amable BOURDEAU, 31 Oct 1892 at RC Church, Embrun
10290-92 Joseph LAURIN, 23, day laborer, St. Martin Que., Cambridge, s/o Marcel LAURIN & Marie TELISTREAULT?, married Melida ROBERT, 19, St. Martin Que., Cambridge, d/o Olivier ROBERT & Angeline BOUBRICE, witn: Olivier ROBERT & Cleophas LAURIN, both of Cambridge and Joseph St. DENYS & Venance PAYANT, both of Casselman, 29 Feb 1892 at Casselman  
10454-92 (Russell Co): Hilan LAVARNGE, 29, farmer, Cumberland, same, s/o Joseph LAVARGNE & Leocadie LEFEBRE, married Angelina DALYRIMPLE, 21, Epyhams? Quebec, Cumberland, d/o Robert DALYRIMPLE & Virginie W. GERMAN, witn: Alexander DALYRIMPLE & Merceline LAVARGNE, both of Cumberland, 24 Oct 1892 at Sarsfield (Rom Cath) #010253-92 (Russell Co): Emery LAVICTOIRE, 23, Clarence, same, s/o Eloi LAVICTOIRE & Martine MENARD, married Sophia AUGER, 19, Clarence, same, d/o J. Bte. AUGER & Philomene POTVIN, witn: Eloi LAVICTOIRE & J. Bte. AUGER, both of Clarence, 15 Aug at The Brook (Rom Cath)
10328-92 (Russell Co): Orphilat LAVIGNE, 20, laborer, St. Andre Avalin, Rockland, s/o Leon LAVIGNE & Josephine DERRIS, married Emeline ROCHON, 18, Ste. Justine Rigaud, Rockland, d/o Emerie ROCHON & Sophie PORIDIRETE?, witn: Emeri ROCHON & Leon LAVIGNE, both of Rockland, 6 June 1892 at Rockland 10455-92 (Prescott Co): Napoleon LAVIGNE, 19, Canada, Hawkesbury, s/o Hubias? LAVIGNE & Delphine DUFRESNE, married Julie MENARD, 18, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Dominique MENARD & Julie LEROUX, witn: Delphis MENARD & Odelon BELLE ISLE, both of Hawkesbury, 4 July 1892 at Hawkesbury, (Rom Cath)
10214-93 George LAWLOR, 32, widower, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o George & Ellenor, married Margaret PRESTON, 28, widow, Caledonia, Fournier, d/o John McLEOD & Mary, witn: L. E. & C. E. HALLOWELL of Van Kleek Hill, 25 April 1892 at Van Kleek Hill 10309-92 George LAWLOR, 36, widower, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o George LAWLOR & Helene COLLIGAN, married Maggie NICHOLSON, 28, widow, Caledonia twp., Fournierville, d/o John DEWAR & Mary McLEOD, witn: Richard CREGAN & L. E. HALLOWELL, both of Van Kleek Hill, 23 April 1892 at Van Kleek Hill

010437-92 (Prescott Co) John LEAVITT, 35, Farmer, Caledonia, Caledonia, s/o John LEAVITT & Janet McNEE; married Christie A. McALPINE, 25, Caledonia, Caledonia, d/o John McALPINE & Annie GRANT; witn Donald McALPINE, Caledonia & Martha HAYES, Hawkesbury, 20 Apr 1892, Caledonia

#010164-93 (Russell Co): Cleophile LEBLANC, 22, journeyman, St. Joseph Orleans, Rockland, s/o Joseph LEBLANC & Marie LOUISUZE, married Diana TRENCHMONTAGNE, 17, North Nation Mills, Rockland, d/o Xavier TRENCHMONTAGNE & Emphosie LAVALLEE, witn: Octave CHARBONNEAU & Joseph TRENCHMONTAGNE, 17 Sept 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10294-92 Charles LEBLANC, 25, farmer, L'Orignal, St. Thomas d'Alfred, s/o Charles LEBLANC & Emilie SAREAU, married Helene HERNAULT, 21, L'Orignal, St. Thomas, d/o Joseph HERNAULT (Hunault?) & M. Louise LANDRIAULT, witn: Charles LEBLANC & Joseph HERNAULT, both of St. Thomas, 11 July 1892 at St. Thomas
10462-92 Antoine LEDUC, 23, farmer, Canada, L'Original, s/o Evangeliste LEDUC & Anastasie VILLENEUVE, married Louise FOURNIER, 19, Van Kleek Hill, same, d/o Joseph FOURNIER & Sophie SEQUIN, witn: Odelon BELLE ISLE & Joseph ROCHON, both of Hawkesbury, 7 Nov 1892 at Hawkesbury 10456-92 (Prescott Co): Thomas Warren LEE, 27, lumberman, Longuiel Ont., Marinette Wis., s/o Thomas Warren LEE & Annie McLEOD, married Annie McSWEYN, 25, Ontario, Hawkesbury, d/o Donald McSWEYN & Catherine McCRIMMON, witn: George S. & John WASON of Hawkesbury, 3 Aug 1892 at Hawkesbury

010417-92 (Prescott Co) Joseph LEFEBVRE, 29, Carpenter, St. Eugene, Hawkesbury, so Pierre LEFEBVRE & Onezine TAILLEUR; married Evelina LEBLANC, 20, St. Eugene, Hawkesbury, d/o Antoine LEBLANC & Matilde PAQUET; wit Francis LEFEBVRE, Hawkesbury & David LEFEBVRE, St. Eugene, 19 Jul 1892, St. Eugene

10385-92 Gabriel LEGAULT, 30, farmer, Papineauville, Plantagenet, s/o Gabriel LEGAULT & Alixe COUILLARD, married Marie Louise LALONDE, 18, Alfred, Plantagenet, d/o Honore LALONDE & Marie PHARAND, witn: Gabriel LEGAULT & Honore LALONDE, both of Plantagenet, 12 Sept 1892 at Plantagenet
10319-92 (Russell Co): Joseph LEMELIN, 23, day laborer, Casselman, Charlevoix Quebec, s/o Laurant LEMELIN & Josephine HERNBAULT, married Josephine BOUDRIAS, 17, Montreal, Casselman, d/o Benjamin BOUDRIAS & Celarine LEVERNOIS, witn: Laurant LEMELIN & Alphonse SICAN, both of Casselman, 13 June 1892 at Casselman (Rom Cath) 10352-92 (Prescott Co): Victor LEMIEUX, 20, cheese maker, Fournier, same, s/o Joseph LEMIEUX & Cloe FAIRFIELD, married Catherine F. SURCH, 18, Fournier, same, d/o Stephen SURCH & Jane McGREGOR, witn: Joseph LEMIEUX & Stephen SURCH, both of Fournier, 14 Nov 1892 at Fournier (Rom Cath)
10255-92 (Russell Co): Pierre L'ORTIE, 23, laborer, Clarence, same, s/o Louis L'ORTIE & Denise VARIN, married Marie Louise POTVIN, 21, Clarence, same, d/o Clement POTVIN & Sophie AUGER, witn: Joseph POTVIN & Louis L'ORTIE, both of Clarence, 22 Aug 1892 at The Brook (Rom Cath) 10361-92 Telesphore MARIER, 26, widower, farmer, Vaudrueil Que., Alfred, s/o Celestin MARRIER (sic) & Maria BOILEAU, married Robertina DENIS, 23, Quebec, South Plantagenet, d/o Pierre DENIS & Julienne LEVAC, witn: Pierre & Jules DENIS of S. Plantagenet, 21 Feb 1892 at Fournier
10399-92 Hormidas MARTEAU, 24, baker, Papineauville Que., Embrun, s/o Godefoy MARTEAU & Vitaline CONSTANT, married Marie Louise POUPORE, 22, Embrun, same, d/o Louis POUPORE & Eulalie ISABELLE (surname?), witn: Louis C. POUPORE & Flavie LATOUR, both of Embrun, 28 Sept 1892 at RC Church, Embrun

010428-92 (Prescott Co) Joseph MARTIN, 26, Farmer, St. Polycarpe Quebec, East Hawkesbury, s/o Gabriel MARTIN & Virginie LEGER; married Corrine BRUNET, 28, East Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury, d/o Andre BRUNET & Eloise SAUVE; wit Xavier SEGUIN, St. Redempteur & Gabriel MARTIN, St. Eugene, 1 Mar 1892, St. Eugene

10278-92 Ovile MARTIN, 23, farmer, St. Jean Chrystome, South Indian, s/o Eusebe MARTIN & Octavie POULIOT, married Emetilde ASSELIN, 25, St. Andrew, South Indian, d/o Pierre ASSELIN & Marie BASTIEN, witn: Eusebe MARTIN & Pierre ASSELIN, both of S. Indian, 24 Dec 1892 at South Indian 10358-92 Olivier MARTIN, 38, widower, farmer, Fournier, same, s/o Oliver MARTIN & Elizabeth St.AMAN, married Vitaline DESFORGES, 37, Cedars Que., Fournier, d/o Amable DESFORGES & Justine LEVECQUE, witn: Ludger MARTIN & Isaie DESFORGES, both of Fournier, 18 Dec 1892 at Fournier

010414-92 (Prescott Co) Archibald McCRIMMON, 30, Farmer, East Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury, s/o Duncan McCRIMMON & Christy McCUAIG; married Christy McLEOD, 25, Lochiel, East Hawkesbury, d/o Murdoch & Catherine McLEOD; wit Roderick McRAE, Lochiel & Penelope McLEOD, Montreal, 14 Jun 1892, East Hawkesbury

10472-92 (Prescott Co): Alexander McDONALD, 40, widower, carpenter, Williamstown, Point Fortune, s/o Andrew McDONALD & Margaret MOWATT, married Elizabeth PALLISER, 20, Carillon Quebec, same, d/o Robert PALLISER & Elizabeth WEBSTER, witn: Alice CAMPBELL & Alice FREEMAN, both of Hawkesbury, 29 June 1892 at Hawkesbury 10269-92 pres Donald McDONALD, 35, local preacher, Glengarry, West Hawkesbury, s/o John & Mary, married Hester BARTON, 30, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Thomas BARTON & Hester HOLMES, witn: Andrew MILNE & Susanna BARTON, both of Van Kleek Hill, 20 Sept 1892 at Van Kleek Hill

010429-92 (Prescott Co) Dougall Alexander McLELLAN, 31, Farmer, Russell Co, Haynes Twp - Alcona Co Michigan, s/o Alexander & Mary McLELLAN; married Mary FORBES, 31, East Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury, d/o James & Jennie FORBES; wit Hugh McKINNON & Amanda McKINNON, both Barb, 20 Apr 1892, East Hawkesbury

10451-92 (Russell Co): Alexander McLEOD, 30, farmer, Cambridge, Cumberland, s/o Malcolm McLEOD & Christine McCRIMMON, married Mary Harriett THOMSON, 20, Cumberland, same, d/o George THOMSON & Jennie SIMSON, witn: George SIMSON & Christie McLEOD, both of Grant, 24 Aug 1892 at Cumberland
10463-92 Dominique MENARD, 44, widower, farmer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o the late Augustine MENARD & blank, married Angelina MA—ER?, 40, widow of the late Dominique PROULX, Hawkesbury, same, d/o the late Pierre ME--?, witn: Moise FANTEAUX & Gideon MENARD, both of Hawkesbury, 2 April 1892 at Hawkesbury 10403-92 Joseph G. MICHON, 32, widower, tailor, Montreal, Moose Creek, s/o Gabriel MICHON & Louisa BRUNO?, married Adeline MARION, 30, widow, St. Jacques Majeur Que., Embrun, d/o Seraph MARION & Saline LANDRY, witn: Adelard PAQUETTE & Rev. C. S. De CARUFEL, 14 Jan 1892 at RC Church, Embrun
10469-92 Joseph MONETTE, 21, laborer, Canada, Hawkesbury, s/o Domithe MONETTE & Virginie PHARAND, married Clothilde LASCELLES, 19, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Louis LASCELLES & Julienne TURPIN, witn: Louis LASCELLES & Joseph MONETTE, 6 June 1892 at Hawkesbury 10267-92 (Prescott Co): Daniel MONTPETIT, 21, painter, The Cedars, Van Kleek Hill, s/o Odelon MONTPETIT & Octavie GIRARD, married Anselina MONETTE, 23, Curran, Van Kleek Hill, d/o Pierre MONETTE & Laura ROCHON, witn: Louis MATTE of Van Kleek Hill & Pierre MONETTE of Curran, 18 July 1892 at Van Kleek Hill (Rom Cath)
10409-92 Onesime MOYER, 23, farmer's son, Embrun, same, s/o Dominique MOYER & Emeline DESROSIERS, married Alexina PAPINEAU, 19, Embrun, same, d/o Louis PAPINEAU & Olive HEBERT, witn: Louis PAPINEAU & Dominique MOYER, both of Embrun, 29 Feb 1892 at RC Church, Embrun 10465-92 Basil MYRE, 63, widower, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o not given, married Celina BOILEAU, 59, Canada, Hawkesbury, d/o not given, witn: Odilon BELLE ISLE & Joseph ROCHON, 23 May 1892 at Hawkesbury

010420-92 (Prescott Co) Patrick O'REILLEY, 36, Cheese Maker, St. John NB, East Hawkesbury, s/o Patrick O'REILLEY & Sarah Jane SHERIDAN; married Mary Elizabeth O'REILLEY, 27, East Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury, d/o Philippe O'REILLEY & Margaret CONSTANTINEAU; wit Godfrey O'REILLEY & John CONSTANTINEAU, both St. Eugene, 27 Sept 1892, St. Eugene

010416-92 (Prescott Co) Martin O'ROURKE, 31 Farmer, Wid, South Plantagenet, South Plantagenet, s/o Patrick O'ROURKE & Ellen REID; married Sarah Jane McKILLOP, 25, East Hawkesbury, South Plantagenet, d/o Alexander McKILLOP & Anna KING; wit Patrick SHARP, Caledonia & Rose Ann McKILLOP, East Hawkesbury, 19 Jul 1892, St Eugene

10383-92 Dolphis OUIMET, 24, farmer, Ste. Justine Que., St. Victor d'Alfred, s/o Augustin OUIMET & Mathilde SAUVE, married Catherine LALONDE, 16, Curran, same, d/o Olivier LALONDE & Philomene PEPIN, witn: Joseph LALONDE & Alphonsine CHRETIEN, both of Curran, 15 Aug 1892 at Curran 10317-92 (Russell Co): Judes PAGE, 24, laborer, St. Albert Ont., Casselman, s/o Gilbert PAGE & Oglae BRUNET, married Marie Louise BRUNET, 24, Rigaud, Casselman, d/o Xavier BRUNET & Josephine VILLENEUVE, witn: Gilbert PAGE of Casselman & Louis BRUNET of Moose Creek, 4 July 1892 at Casselman (Rom Cath)
#010340-92 (Russell Co): Paschal PAQUET, 32, harness maker, St. Victor Alfred, Rockland, s/o Paschal PAQUET & Julie LANGLOIS, married Alexima PILON, 28, Clarence Creek, Rockland, d/o Isadore PILON & Adele PEGEON, witn: Bapt. BOURGON & Isadore PILON, both of Rockland, 7 Oct 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10052-91 Fortune PAQUETTE, 29, farmer, N--ton? Que., Caledonia, s/o Francois PAQUETTE & Barbe DUPONT, married Elizabeth CUILLERIER, 20, St. Eugene, Caledonia, d/o Honore CUILLERIER & Emilie BRUNET, witn: F. CADIEUX & Dolphise CUILLERIER, both of Caledonia, 11 Jan 1892 at Fournier (Rom Cath)
10203-93 Frank PAQUETTE, 30, laborer, Longeuil, same, s/o Frank & Mary, married Philmene OUILETTE, 21, Longeuil, same, d/o Joseph & Villence, witn: Emma ANDERSON & Fanny GRACE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 8 Dec 1892 at Van Kleek Hill

010433-92 (Prescott Co) Alex PAQUETTE, 30, Labourer, Caledonia, Caledonia, s/o Francois PAQUETTE & Babee DUPONT; married Hermina LARIVIERE, 36, Caledonia, Caledonia, d/o Joseph LARIVIERE & Matilde LALONDE; wit Joseph LARIVIERE & Fortuna PAQUETTE, both Caledonia, 26 Sept 1892, Fournier

10368-92 (Prescott Co): Philias PARENT, 22, farmer, of St. Isidore, s/o Camelle PARENT & Hevre BOURGON, married Salome CHATELLE, 23, St. Isidore, same, d/o Oliver CHATELLE & Philomene QUENVILLE, witn: Oliver CHATELLE & Camelle PARENT, both of St. Isidore, 11 Jan 1892 at St. Isidore (Rom Cath) 10311-92 Francois L. PARISIEN, 23, farmer, Longeuil, same, s/o Theophile L. PARISIEN & Aurilie MASSE, married Celina CYR, 20, Alfred, same, d/o J. Bte. CYR & Virginie PROULX, witn: Theophile LEGER of L'Orignal & J. Bte. CYR of Alfred, 13 June 1892 at Alfred

010430-92 (Prescott Co) Athanase PHARAND, 28, Farmer, St. Andrews Quebec, St. Andrews Quebec, s/o Joseph PHARAND & Odile FOURNIER; married Angelique DECAIRE, 22, Rigaud, St. Andrews Quebec, d/o Aldegon DECAIRE & Rose BEDARD; wit John BEDARD & Arthur LEFEBVRE, both Point Fortune, 2 May 1892, St. Eugene

10277-92 (Russell Co): Jose PILON, 27, joiner, St. Andrew, Casselman, s/o Antoine PILON & Domitilde PERRIER, married Lumiere LACOSTE dit LANDES, over 21, of Casselman, d/o Francois LACOSTE & Emelie DEMERS, witn: Francois LACOSTE & Prosper PROVOST, 27 Sept 1892 at Casselman (Rom Cath) 10259-92 (Russell Co): Antoine PILON, 25, laborer, Clarence, same, s/o Joseph PILON & Melie DION, married Rose Anna CLEMENT, 19, Clarence, same, d/o Antoine CLEMENT & Octavie ROBILLARD, witn: Napolean & Moise PERRON of Clarence, 19 July 1892 at Clarence Creek, (Rom Cath)
10322-92 (Russell Co): Alphonse PLOUFFE, 23, day laborer, The Brook, Casselman village, s/o Joseph PLOUFFE & Julalie LEFEBVRE, married Celina QUIMET, 17, Alfred, Casselman village, d/o Moise QUIMET & Celina VACHON, witn: Moise QUIMET & Antoine PLOUFFE, both of Casselman village, 22 Feb 1892 at Casselman village (Rom Cath) 10410-92 Alexandre PORRAS, 24, farmer's son, Embrun, same, s/o Francois PORRAS & Malvina LAROSE, married illegible (M.L.?) LAROSE, 19, Embrun, same, d/o Charles LAROSE & Marguerite DORE, witn: Francois PERRAS & Charles LAROSE, both of Embrun, 2 May 1892 at RC Church, Embrun
10373-92 (Prescott Co): Moise PORTELANCE, 29, laborer, Curran, same, s/o Joseph PORTELANCE & Charlotte BROSSEUR, married Adele LAVIGNE, 18, Curran, same, d/o Ephrem LAVIGNE & Odile DAOUST, witn: Joseph PORTELANCE & Jean Baptiste LEROUX, both of Curran, 2 May 1892 at Curran (Rom Cath) 10327-92 (Russell Co): Noe POTRAIS, 21, pilot, Clarence Creek, Rockland, s/o Godfroi POTRAIS & Marie PHARAND, married Emelda QUESNELLE, 17, Ottawa, Rockland, d/o late Hyacinthe QUESNELLE & Julie PORTELANCE, witn: Godfrey POTRAIS & John SCHRYER, both of Rockland, 18 Jan 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
  10299-93 Israel PREGENT, 25, farmer, St. Louis de Gonza--?(off page), St. Thomas, s/o Francois PREGENT & Josephine LEDU--?(off page), married Lea LALONDE, 22, Curran, Plantagenet, d/o J. Bte. LALONDE & Louise DUFR--?(off page), witn: Francois & Moise PREGENT of St. Thomas, 13 Sept 1892 at St. Thomas
10331-92 (Russell Co): Louis QUENVILLE, 19, Ottawa, Rockland, s/o Yacinthe QUENVILLE & Julie PORTELANCE, married Elenore DESERMEAU, 18, Clarence Creek, Rockland, d/o Moyse DESERMEAU & Onesime BARNQUEZ, witn: Augustin DESERMEAU of Rockland & Elenor DESERMEAU of Clarence, 18 July 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10282-92 Arthur RHEAUME, 23, laborer, St. Isidore Que., South Indian, s/o Julien RHEAUME & Salome DESLAURIERS, married Amanda DESJARDINS, 18, St. Thomas d'Alfred, South Indian, d/o Pierre DESJARDINS & Marguerite PROVOST, witn: Delphis RACETTE & Cleophas LAFRAMBOISE, both of S. Indian, 24 Oct 1892 at South Indian
10404-92 Charles RIVET, 22, farmer, St Anicet Que., Embrun, s/o Francois RIVET & Aurelie LAFORTUNE, married Adeline LEFEBVRE, 19, Embrun, same, d/o Francois LEFEBVRE & Marie ROCHON, witn: Stanislas RIVET & J. Bte. DEBROUILLE?, both of Embrun, 19 Jan 1892 at RC Church, Embrun 10398-92 Michel ROCHON, 26, farmer's son, St.Martin, Embrun, s/o Michel ROCHON & Marie GUEL, married Marie DECOSTE, 23, St. Isidore Que., Embrun, d/o L--? DECOSTE & Justine PHENIX, witn: Edmond BISAILLON & Celina DECOSTE, 26 Sept 1892 at RC Church, Embrun
10329-92 (Russell Co): Jean ROCHON, 21, laborer, Rockland, same, s/o Jean ROCHON & Marguerite RIOPEL, married Rosina AUGE, 17, Rockland, same, d/o Benjamin AUGE & Angeline FORGET, witn: Henry AMYOT & Marce? ROCHON, both of Rockland, 5 June 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10342-92 (Russell Co): William ROCHON, 21, laborer, St. illegible Scholastique, Thurso, s/o Antoine & Esther, married Louisa PILON, 19, Plantagenet, Rockland, d/o Isadore PILON & Alexina PEGEON, witn: Isadore PILON & Alexander GOUGNON?, both of Rockland, 20 Oct 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
10357-92 (Prescott Co): William Albert ROSS, 28, farmer, Caledonia, same, s/o Joseph ROSS & Mary GALBRAITH, married Jessie RENWICK, 28, Caledonia, same, d/o James RENWICK & Sarah Jane BLANEY, witn: George RENWICK & Susannah ROSS, both of Caledonia, 23 Nov 1892 at Riceville 10407-92 Isidore St.LOUIS, 45, widower, hotel keeper, Ste. Scholastique Que., Crysler, s/o Francis St.LOUIS & Marie DUPUIS, married Anna GIGNAC, 30, Terrebonne Que., Embrun, d/o Edouard GIGNAC & M. BELANGER, witn: Edouard & F. Xavier GIGNAC of Embrun, 28 Feb 1892 at RC Church Embrun
10254-92 (Russell Co): Napolean SAUVE, 23, carpenter, St. Placide Quebec, Van Kleek Hill, s/o Hyacinthe SAUVE & Marceline RICHER, married Alexina CHARETTE, 19, L'Ange Gardien Quebec, Clarence, d/o Felix CHARETTE & Amelie MALETTE, witn: James CHARETTE of Clarence & Victor MONTPELLIER of Prescott, 22 Aug 1892 at The Brook (Rom Cath) #010339-92 (Russell Co): George SCHRYER, 25, laborer, Papineauville, Rockland, s/o George Hyman SCHRYER & Pauline DESPATIE, married Rose Alba HAINAULT, 20, Valleyfield, Rockland, d/o Joseph HAINAULT & blank DAOUST, witn: Louis GAMACHER & Rose Ann DANIS, both of Rockland, 7 Oct 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath)
10289-93 John O. SCOTT, 27, farmer, Russell, Dickinson - Russell, s/o Archie SCOTT & Ettie, married Jessie M. HENDERSON, 29, Dickinson, same, d/o Walter HENDERSON & Janet, witn: R. HENDERSON of Ottawa & Jennie SCOTT of Russell, 9 Nov 1892 at Dickinson 10268-92 (Prescott Co.) Robert James SCOTT, 23, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o John & Nancy, married Kitty NIXON, 22, Caledonia, same, d/o John & Janet, witn: Robert NIXON & Jessie McLEOD, both of Caledonia, 30 Aug 1892 at Van Kleek Hill
10318-92 (Russell Co): Napolean SEGUIN, 37, widower, day laborer, Alexandria, Moose Creek, s/o Xavier SEGUIN & Angele DOTH, married Cesarine GATIEN, 19, Napierville, Casselman, d/o Euger GATIEN & Rebecca BOUBRICE, witn: Joseph St. DENYS & Euger GATIEN, both of Casselman, 3 May 1892 at Casselman village (Rom Cath)

010426-92 (Prescott Co) Pierre SEGUIN, 28, Farmer, Rigaud, Rigaud, s/o Hyacinthe SEGUIN & Olympe VALLEE; married Anne LEGAULT, 24, East Hawkesbury, Rigaud, d/o Alexandre LEGAULT & Mary DOWD; wit Baptiste SEGUIN & Alexandre LEGAULT, both St. Eugene, 25 Jan 1892, St. Eugene

10345-92 (Russell Co): William Henry SMITH, no age given, laborer, of Gore of Lochabar, s/o not given, married Eliza Jane DAVIS, of Gore of Lochabar, d/o not given, witn: Joseph COLLYER of Clarence & Miss WESTON of Gore of Lochabar, 28 Jan 1892 at Clarence

010431-92 (Prescott Co) Oscar SOULIGNY, 31, Farmer, St. Amour, St. Amour, s/o Pierre SOULIGNY & Adelaide DENIS; married Marie LAVAC, 21, St. Amour, St. Amour, d/o Benjamin LAVAC & Ada LEROUX; wit Pierre SOULIGNY & Benjamin LAVAC, both St. Amour, 14 Nov 1892, Fournier

10453-92 (Russell Co): John SPRATT, 27, farmer, Gloucester, Manitoba, s/o John SPRATT & Margaret LEE, married Georgina BYRNES, 27, Cumberland, same, d/o John J. BYRNES & Mary McEACHERN, witn: Charles A. SPRATT of Ottawa & Maria BYRENS of Cumberland, 28 Dec 1892 at Cumberland

010424-92 (Prescott Co) David STEPHENS, 47, Farmer, Lachute Quebec, East Hawkesbury, s/o David & Caroline STEPHENS; married Rosine STEPHENS, 47, Lachute Quebec, East Hawkesbury, d/o Roswell & Abigail STEPHENS; wit David McLAUGHLIN & Mary McLAUGHLIN, both East Hawkesbury, 20 Dec 1892, East Hawkesbury

010419-92 (Prescott Co) Maurice STRASBOURG, 21, Farmer, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Laurent STRASBOURG & Lucie POIRIER; married Alexina CARDINAL, 21, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Benjamin CARDINAL & Virginie VACHON; wit Laurent STRASBOURG, Ste. Anne de Prescott & Emery SABOURIN, St. Redempteur, 13 Sept 1892, Ste. Anne de Prescott

10391-92 Richard STRINGER, 37, farmer, North Plantagenet, East Hawkesbury, s/o Mathew STRINGER & Grace Ann HUGHES, married Maria WRIGHT, 30, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Nathaniel WRIGHT & Ann Jane CAMPBELL, witn: James C. & Miss J. C. WRIGHT of N. Plantagenet, 27 Dec 1892 at North Plantagenet
  10406-92 Magloire TESSIER, 25, laborer, Beauharnois Que., Embrun, s/o Magloire TESSIER & Vitaline LAPENSEE, married Marie D. TESSIER, 23, Embrun, same, d/o Charles TESSIER & Martine PITRE, witn: Willie LALONDE & Pomela POUPORE, both of Embrun, 16 Feb 1892 at RC Church, Embrun
10351-92 (Prescott Co): Amede TESSIER, 24, farmer, Cedars Quebec, Fournier, s/o Leon TESSIER & Lucie DAOUST, married Cleophile LALONDE, 20, Founier, same, d/o Fabien & Odele, witn: Fabien LALONDE & Lucie DAOUST, both of South Plantagenet, 7 Nov 1892 at Fournier (Rom Cath) 10314-92 (Prescott Co): Louis Glorifie THEORET, 29, joiner, Ste. Genevieve Quebec, Alfred, s/o Joseph & Christine, married Annie SMITH, 23, Papineauville Quebec, Alfred, d/o Josiah SMITH & Mary O'BRIEN, witn: Lilias BRADY & John SMITH, both of Alfred, 10 Jan 1892 at Alfred (Rom Cath)
10378-92 Adelmar TOURANGEAU, 25, clerk, Ste. Placide Que., Buckingham Que., s/o Hyacinthe TOURANGEAU & Marie Louise PERRIER, married Josephine ROCHON, 23, Curran, same, d/o Antoine ROCHON & Marie MONETTE, witn: Hyacinthe TOURANGEAU of Buckingham & Antoine ROCHON of Curran, 11 July 1892 at Curran 10353-92 (Prescott Co): Joseph TRACY, 46, widower, laborer, Riceville, same, s/o John & Ann, married Jeanie BELANGER, 38, Martintown, Riceville, d/o Narcisse & F. Virginie, witn: Nelson BELANGER & John M. RYAN, both of Fournier, 29 Nov 1892 at Fournier
10335-92 (Russell Co): Joseph TRELLIER, 28?, laborer, Ste. Anne Bout du L—(off page), Thurso, s/o Andre TRELLIER & Catherine PORTELANCE, married Marie Jeanne BOND, 24, River Renaud Gaspe, Lewiston Maine, d/o Zephiron BOND & Emelie MERON, witn: Andre TRELLIER & Eliza BOND, both of Rockland, 15 Aug 1892 at Rockland (Rom Cath) 10313-92 Delphis VILLEMARIE, 24, farmer, L'Orignal, Longeuil twp., s/o Pierre VILLEMARIE & Domathilde MONETTE, married Pamila CADIEUX, 20, Alfred, same, d/o Michel CADIEUX & Mary MARLEAU, witn: Philias VILLEMARIE of L'Orignal & Emma CADIEUX of Alfred, 27 June 1892 at Alfred
10464-92 Benjamin VILLENEUVE, 24, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Benjamin VILLENEUVE & Sarah Ann BLOOMER, married Melina CARRIERE, 21, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Pierre CARRIERE & Philomene LACOMBE, witn: F. de RIPENTIGNEY & Nissine? CARRIERE, 25 April 1892 at Hawkesbury 10356-92 (Prescott Co): James Campbell WRIGHT, 32, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Nathaniel WRIGHT & Ann Jane CAMPBELL, married Mary Emma EWATT (or Ematt), 28, North Plantagenet, same, d/o William EWATT & Parmelia HUGHES, witn: James D. EWATT & Maria WRIGHT, both of North Plantagenet, 14 Sept 1892 at North Plantagenet
  10473-92 (Prescott Co): Geffle? (Treffle?) ZOLZ, 32, illegible, L'Original, Longueil, s/o Frs. Xavier ZOLZ & Hysalite? LEFAIVRE, married Elizabeth LARIVIERE, 25, of L'Original, d/o Octave LARIVIERE & Mathilde BEDARD, witn: Octave LARIVIERE of L'Original & Moise ZOLZ of Hawkesbury, 29 Feb 1892 at L'Original (Rom Cath)