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Peterborough County, 1867

from microfilm MS 248, reel 13, vol 56,

FORMAT: birth place is given before residence


Return 153, Page 73 by Rev. Samuel Wilson, Wesleyan Minister:

Robert SPEIRS, 31, Otonabee, same s/o Alexander and Jeanett SPEIRS married Elizabeth BUSH, 22, Haldimand, same d/o Barnabas and Maria BUSH, witn: Alex SPEIRS of Otonabee, February 17, 1867

Robert McCONNEL, 22, Ireland, Otonabee s/o Robert and Mary McCONNEL married Isabella FIFE, 20, Otonabee, same d/o Alexander and Margaret FIFE, witn: Thomas McCONNEL of Otonabee, October 24, 1867


Return 154, page 73 by James Thomas, Minister of The Canada Presbyterian Church

James C. CARVETH, 42, England, Smith s/o Nicholas and Mary married Jane Anne TAYLOR, 24, Scotland, Smith d/o Jas. and Mary TAYLOR, witn: William DONGIN (?) of Smith, January 2 (or 21), 1867

Alexander MILAGE, 24, St. John's Island, Smith s/o James Christian MILAGE and Mary A. DAVIS married M.A. DAVIS, 21, Cavan, Smith d/o John and Lucinda DAVIS, witn: Mary A. SANDERSON of Smith, January 14, 1867

Henry STEWART, 29, Cavan, Harvey s/o James and Martha married Mary JOHNSTON, 19, Monaghan, Harvey d/o William and Margaret JOHNSTON, witn: Jas. JOHNSTON of Harvey, April 11, 1867

J.B. McWILLIAMS, 21 Norwood, Peterboro s/o James and Sarah Ann married Isabella DAVIDSON, 19, Smith, same d/o Hugh and Amelia Anne DAVIDSON, witn: Jas. HAMILTON of Lindsay, May 15, 1867

Micheal SANDERSON, 21, Smith, same s/o Edmund and Christie married Helena GRAHAM, 18, Smith, same d/o John and Anne GRAHAM, witn: Robert GRAHAM of Smith, October 16, 1867

John FAIRBORNE (Fairbairn?), 26, Smith, same s/o Andrew and Eliza Anne married Mary GAIN, 22, England, Lakefield d/o Stephen and Elizabeth GAIN, witn: Andrew FAIRBORNE (?) of Smith, December 11, 1867


Return 155, page 73 & 74,  by Rev. J.H. Johnson of Wesleyan Methodist Church

John Graham WEIR, 22, Otonabee, same s/o Robert WEIR and Catherine GRAHAM married Lavinia TENNISON, 20, St. Andrew’s, Peterboro d/o George TENNISON and Mary WILMAN (?), witn: George TAYLOR and Eliza CAMPBELL of Otonabee, January 1, 1867

Henry MERRIAM, 28, Percy, Otonabee s/o ?urridge MERRIAM and Elizabeth COLMSTOCK (Comstock?) married Margaret SMYTH, 24, 2S. Monaghan, same d/o Nathan SMYTH and Mary STYLES, witn: John SMYTH of S. Monaghan and Eliza MERRIAM of Otonabee, January 15, 1867

Henry HUTCHINSON, 26, Manvers, same s/o Joseph HUTCHINSON and Jane RUNTE(?) married Ruth MILBURN, 21, Smith, same d/o Isaac MILBURN and Sarah EDGER, witn: Joseph MILBURN and Sarah A. MILBURN both of Smith, January 16, 1867

Thomas CARR, 23, Montreal, Peterborough s/o Andrew and Mary CARR married Rachael A. KINGDON, 21, Peterboro, Peterborough d/o William KINGDON and Theressa CORNEIL, witn: George S. KINGDON and Maria KINGDON both of Peterboro, March 5, 1867

Livingston B. GREGGORY, 24, Pary -  Wyoming Co. N.Y., Peterborough s/o A.B. GREGGORY and Rosetta GOULD married Lucy WOODS, 18, Montreal, Peterborough d/o Anthony WOODS and Clopbie VIO??, witn: Edward CASSIDY and Mary LIVENBRID? (Livingston?) both of Peterboro, March 6, 1867

Richard MOORE, 30, Cavan, same s/o Thomas MOORE and Ann STEWART married Eleanor HUTCHINSON, 22, Cavan, same d/o Jas. HUTCHINSON and Eliza DEYELL, witn: Anne Jane MOORE and Richard RICHARDSON both of Cavan, March 12, 1867

William ROBINSON, 22, S. Monaghan, same s/o Richard ROBINSON and Jane KERR married Elizabeth PERRIN, 21, S. Monaghan, same d/o Josiah PERRIN and Ann MASON, witn: William NURSE and Anne PERRIN both of S. Monaghan, March 27, 1867

John McNAUGHTON, 23, Co. Kerry, Ireland, Peterboro s/o Jas. McNAUGHTON and Mary SULLIVAN married Anne KINGDON, 22, Devon England, Peterboro d/o John KINGDON and Eliza LEAWORTHY, witn: W.F. ARMSTRONG and Matilda ARMSTRONG both of S. Monaghan, April 5, 1867

William W. MILBURN, 30, Smith, same s/o T.W. MILBURN and Eliza EDGER married Louisa A. SCOBLE, 18, Smith, same, d/o William SCOBLE and Sarah BATT, witness W.N MILBURN and Jane W. MILBURN, both of Peterborough, April 11, 1867

William S. TAYLOR, 36, England, Lansing, Michigan U.S., s/o Richard TAYLOR and Elizabeth (?) JONES married Eliza J. McNEIL, 34, New York, Peterboro d/o Alex McNEIL and Susan MORROW, witn: Robert ROWE and Anne McNEIL, both of Peterborough, April 15, 1867

James WILSON, 26, Scotland, Asphodel s/o Henry WILSON and Janet STEWART married Mary FIFE, 25, Otonabee, same d/o David FIFE and Jane BECKETT, witn: Jas. A. FIFE and Margaret CALDER, both of Otonabee, April 18, 1867

John ALEXANDER, 23, N. Monaghan, same s/o Pennington ALEXANDER and Isabella PETRIE married Margaret STONE, 22, Perth, same d/o John STONE an Margaret DOHERTY, witn: Robert WILLSON of N. Monaghan and Rebecca STONE of Peterboro, May 15, 1867

Hugh ROBERTSON, 27, Ashburnham, Peterboro s/o John ROBERTSON and Christan JACKSON married Sophia WELLS, 20, Peterboro, same d/o John WELLS and Eliza LIVINGSTONE, witn: Alex CONNOR and Mary Anne WELLS, both of Peterboro, May 24, 1867

James McINTYRE, 26, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, Douro s/o Jas. McINTYRE and Mary A. McNEIL married Elizabeth TRAVERSE, 26, Dorsetshire England, Douro d/o Samuel TRAVERSE and Susan WAY, witn: Jas. GERRARD and Sarah GERRARD, both of Smith, June 1, 1867

Patrick O’BRIAN, 35, Co. Kerry Ireland, Peterboro s/o Dennis O’BRYAN and Catherine O’CONNOR married Margaret MAY, 27, Kent England, Peterboro d/o George MAY and Sarah CHANDLER, witn: Malcolm MAITLAND and Orvilla McCANN (?), both of Peterboro, June 22, 1867

Henry MASTERS, 26, Percy, Lakefield s/o Celrun MASTERS and Peggy WINDOVER married Eliza McDONALD, 22, Dummer, Lakefield d/o Daniel McDONALD and Ann KIDD, witn: Robert MOORE and Margaret McDONALD, both of Dummer, June 29, 1867

Thomas BRADBURN, 26, Cavan, Peterboro s/o Thomas BRADBURN and Sarah COLLINS married Linda HELM (?), 19, Cobourg, Peterboro d/o William HELM (?) and Sophia MAN?LL, witn: J.H. HELM and Emily M. BELL, both of Port Hope, July 2, 1867

Robert SANDERSON, 30, Cavan, same s/o Andrew SANDERSON and Sarah HUNTER married Oatte FALLIS, 27, Cavan, same d/o Jas. and Jane FALLIS, witn: Anne BIRD and Maggie BIRD, both of Peterboro, July 12, 1867

John MAY, 23, Hope, Peterboro s/o Arthur MAY and Mary A. ARNES married Maria BESTARD, 20, Peterboro, same d/o Jas. BESTARD and Mary COWLING, witn: George H. MAY and Jannina BESTARD, both of Peterboro, July 14, 1867

George RUSSELL, 22, Napanee, Baltimore Ontario s/o Joseph RUSSELL and Mary SEXSMITH married Phebe BURR, 26, Mud Lake, Baltimore Ontario d/o Henry BURR and Phebe NICHOLLS, witn: Bella JOHNSON and Mary J. GAMBLE, both of Peterboro, August 3, 1867

William BROOKS, 30, England, Clinton - Co. Huron s/o John BROOKS and Ann BALL married Hannah LITTLE, 26, Fitzroy, Peterboro d/o Alvin LITTLE and Mary STEVENS, witn: John LITTLE and Kate CANTLOW, both of Peterboro, September 18, 1867

John Henry McFAULL (McFaul?), 24, Hallowell, Peterboro s/o E.Y. McFAULL and Zalemma M. YOUNG married Ann Eliza NESBITT, 19, Peterboro, same d/o Ezekiel J. NESBITT and Mary SHARIDAN (Sheridan?), witn: Robert HARDIE and Benjamin SHORTLY, both of Peterboro, October 14, 1867

Cornelius CRAPP, 54, England, Otonabee s/o Corn’s CRAPP and Bridget WYATT married Dorothy A. RICE, 27, Co. Stormont, Otonabee d/o Robert CARR and Dorothy HARPER, witn: Samuel BRISBIN and Elizabeth S. BRISBIN, both of Asphodel, November 4, 1867

William H. WIGHTON, 29, Peterboro, same s/o W.H. WIGHTON and M. J. HAZELWOOD married Catherine HUNTER, 19, Lindsay, Peterboro d/o J.D. HUNTER and Cecilia GARDNER, witn: Henry RUSH and Mary THOMPSON, both of Peterboro, November 7, 1867


Return 156, page 74 & 75  by Rev. William Sheridan, Wesleyan Methodist Minister

William IRWIN, 24, Emily, Bobcaygeon s/o Christopher and Catherine married Susan NUPORT (Nugent?), 19, Sydney, Hallsbridge d/o William and Ann NUPORT, witn: William NUPORT of Hallsbridge, July 11, 1867

John GODFREY, 21, Smith, same s/o L???d and O?lary Ann married Jane STINSON, 17, Smith, same d/o Thomas and Catherine STINSON, witn: William GODFREY of Smith, July 13, 1867

Ba?? T. HEAD, 24, England, Monaghan s/o Thomas and Mary H. married Eliza BOLTON, 19, Smith, Douro d/o Jas. and Margaret BOLTON, witn: George BOLTON of Lakefield, August 14, 1867

John BOYD, 42, Ireland, Madoc s/o John and Eliza married Susan PEARSON, 18, Smith, same d/o Jas. and Anna M. PEARSON, witn: Jas. PEARSON of Smith, August 25, 1867

George NICHOLS, 27, England Lakefield s/o William and Mary married Sarah HAMLIN, 19, Douro, Lakefield d/o John and Jane HAMLIN, witn: William COTTON of Lakefield, September 2, 1867

Joseph PAUL, 24, England, Smith s/o Joseph and Alice married Elizabeth CLANCY, Peterboro, Smith d/o William and Elizabeth CLANCY, witn: Rev. W. BURNS of Omemee, September 11, 1867

James TAYLOR, 35, Mud Lake, same s/o George and Eliza married Margaret HENEVER, 27, Ops, Mud Lake d/o Patrick and Bridget HENEVER, witn: Joseph WEETING of Mud Lake, October 6, 1867

So? HISCUTT, 50, England, Douro s/o William and Ann married M. A. DELORY, 26, Belleville, Otonabee d/o Samuel and M.A. EMERSON, witn: William WALLACE of Lakefield, November 4, 1867

Garner NICHOLS, 22, Smith, same s/o Stephen and Delilah married Jane McCONKEY, 18, Smith, same d/o Richard and Harriett McCONKEY, witn: Matthew NICHOLS of Smith, November 11, 1867

Joseph MOORE, 22, Dummer, same s/o John and Jane MOORE married M.A. DUNFORD, 18, Dummer, Duoro d/o John and Mary H. DUNSFORD (sic), witn: John CROWE of Dummer, November 13, 1867


Return 157, Page 75 & 76,  by Rev. Samuel C. Philps, Wesleyan Methodist Minister

Samuel SCOTT, 26, Ireland, Asphodel s/o John and Rebecca SCOTT married Ann McGEE, 21, Asphodel, same d/o Andrew and Mary McGEE, witn: Jane SCOTT and Alex McGEE, both of Belmont, January 1, 1867

Charles H. BREAKENRIDGE, 23, Canada, Belmont s/o Jediah and Heather BREAKENRIDGE married Thalia(?) A. SWITZER, 19, Canada, Belmont d/o Micheal and Sarah A. SWITZER, witn: Jonathan WILDE and Catherine DOUPE, both of Belmont, January 1, 1867

Robert LYNN, 27, Ireland, Asphodel s/o William and Ann LYNN married Dolly WASON, 22, Dummer, same d/o John and Alice WASON, witn: Samuel WASON of Dummer and Mary LYNN of Asphodel, March 14, 1867

David LYNN, 22, Ireland, Asphodel s/o William and Ann LYNN married Isabella WASON, 20, Dummer, same d/o John and Alice WASON, witn: William WASON and Margaret WASON both of Dummer, March 14, 1867

James WASON, 29, Dummer, Otonabee s/o John and Alice WASON married Margaret STEPHENSON, 17, Asphodel, same d/o Jas. and Hannah STEPHENSON, witn: Samuel WASON and Margaret WASON, both of Dummer, March 19, 1867

Archibald D. ROBINSON, 25, Dummer, same s/o Duncan and Jannett ROBINSON married Ann SPEARS, 19, Dummer, Asphodel d/o Thomas and Ann SPEARS, witn: Alex KIDD and Isabella ROBINSON, both of Dummer, April 9, 1867

Robert J. COMSTOCK, 27, Asphodel, same s/o John and Eliza COMSTOCK married Agnes McFADDEN, 21, Dummer, same d/o Robert and Mary McFADDEN, witn: John COMSTOCK and Mary CLYSDALE, both of Asphodel, April 24, 1867

William MACKEY, 40, Ireland, Asphodel s/o Robert and Margaret MACKEY married Catherine KING, 24, Ireland, Asphodel d/o John and Angeline THOMPSON, witn: Elizabeth THOMPSON of Asphodel, May 10, 1867

David (?) HANARAN, 24, Canada, Wallace s/o Jacob and Elizabeth HANARAN married Eliza A. MOORE, 24, Fredricksburg, Cramahe d/o Jacob and Catherine MOORE, witn: John HART and Elizabeth McT?ED both of Cramahe, May 29, 1867

William BROWN, 26, Island of Jersey, Westwood s/o Jas. and Jemima BROWN married Isabella ROBINSON, 24, Dummer, same d/o John and Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: John SPENCE and Christ’n ROBINSON, both of Dummer, June 27, 1867

Calvin MURRY, 55, Sophiasburg, Dummer s/o Hiram and Sarah MURRY married Sarah A. CARROL, 34, United States, Jefferson Cy. d/o Lawson and Fanny CARROL, witn: Abraham ELLIOTT and Margaret SCOTT, both of Norwood, July 5, 1867

El ? illegible WESCOTT, 19, Belmont, same s/o Daniel and Eleanor WESTCOTT married Lydia HUBLE, 21, Rawdon, Belmont d/o Elija and Margaret HUBLE, witn: Nathan HUBLE and Eliza NUHOOKE (?), both of Belmont, July 12, 1867

Caleb RYAN, 21, Belmont, same s/o Robert and Dinah RYAN married Catherine BELLUM, 21, Ireland, Belmont d/o John and Isabella BELLUM, witn: William MURRY and Catherine L. BELFORD, both of Belmont, July 12, 1867

William McMASTERS, 21, Asphodel, same s/o Thomas and Margaret McMASTERS married Margaret SCOTT, 20, Dummer, same d/o Thomas and Ann SCOTT, witn: Henry McMASTERS of Asphodel and Jane HANNAH of Dummer, July 30, 1867

Stephen LEE, 22, England, Belmont s/o of Robert and Hannah LEE married Lucinda CARTER, 20, Ameliasburg, Belmont d/o John and Adeline CARTER, witn: Abraham ELLIOTT of Norwood and Emelia SAYERT of Dummer, August 5, 1867

Robert McALPINE, 22, Camden East, Dummer s/o of William and Elizabeth McALPINE married Charlotte JONES, 25, Dummer, same d/o James and Alice JONES, witn: Samuel CLYSDALE and Sarah A. CLYSDALE, both of Dummer, September 2, 1867

Fred HUTCHISON, 40, England, Alnwick s/o Samuel and Sarah HUTCHISON married Sarah REYNOLDS, 38, Prince Edward, Asphodel d/o S (illegible) and Mary A. REYNOLDS, witn: S?illegible BELA?? And Mary A. REYNOLDS, both of Asphodel, October 9, 1867

Philip METCALF, 22, England, Asphodel s/o Robert and Mary METCALF married Mary A. BELFORD, 21, Ireland, Belmont d/o William and Margaret BELFORD, witn: John BESTON and Catherine BELFORD, both of Belmont, October 9, 1867

David McWILLIAMS, 23, Ireland, Norwood s/o Jas. and Margaret McWILLIAMS married Matilda SMALL, 25, Dummer, same d/o Thomas and Ann Jane SMALL, witn: Robert JOHNSTON and Margaret BRADY, both of Dummer, October 23, 1867

David BOUCLE (?), 47, Williamsburg, Belmont s/o Frederick and Betsy BOUCLE married Mary E. HUBLE, 17, Rawdon, Belmont d/o Henry and Hannah HUBLE, witn: Amos W. ROGERS and Eliza HUBLE, both of Dummer, December 10, 1867

Erastus STOREY, 22, Murray, Dummer s/o Amos and Mary STOREY married Hannah HARTIN, 16, Camden East, Dummer d/o John and Mary Ann HARTIN, witness- John HARTIN and Mary WATTERS, both of Dummer, December 23, 1867


Return 158, Page 76 by Rev. William Woodman, Minister of Bible Christian Church

James ROLLEY, 26, Canada, Elderslie s/o William and Jane ROLLEY married Mary PAYNE, 22, Canada, Dummer d/o George and Sarah PAYNE, witn: George PAYNE and Jacob WHITE, both of Dummer, February 12, 1867

William DUGAN, 27, Ireland, Dysart s/o Jas. and Ann DUGAN married Christian KIDD, 30, Canada, Dummer d/o Walter and Elizabeth KIDD, witn: John DUGAN and Elizabeth KIDD, both of Dummer, July 21, 1867

Mark PAYNE, 38, England, Dummer s/o Levi and Sarah PAYNE married Agnes CARRIGAN, 33, Ireland, Dummer d/o Robert and Jane CARRIGAN, witn: Stephen PAYNE and Esther PAYNE, both of Dummer, September 13, 1867

James PAYTON, 21, England, Dummer s/o Edward and Sarah PAYTON married Silvana J. HAMBLIN, 17, Canada, Dummer d/o Simeon and Susan HAMBLIN, witn: Nehemiah HAMBLIN and S (illegible) HAMBLIN, both of Dummer, December 25, 1867


Return 159, Page 76 by Rev. W.H. Schofield, M.A., Minister Wesleyan Methodist Church

Micheal NEWELL, 23, Canada, Snowdon s/o John and Hannah NEWELL married Margaret McCRACKEN, 19, Ireland, Lutterworth d/o Richard and Mary McCRACKEN, witn: Robert McCRACKEN of Lutterworth, April 17, 1867

Robert McCRACKEN, 24, Ireland, Lutterworth s/o Richard and Mary McCRACKEN married Ann J. JACKSON, 17, Canada, Minden d/o George and Mary (or Margaret) JACKSON, witn: John McCRACKEN of Lutterworth, May 8, 1867

Thomas TODD, 22, Canada, Lutterworth s/o Hugh and Malina married El(illegible) MOORE, 18, Canada, Lutterworth d/o Henry and Margaret MOORE, witn: Sylvanus MOORE, October 1, 1867

Andrew (illegible), 25, Ireland, Stanhope s/o James and Margaret married Maria McLARTY, 19, Canada, Minden d/o Richard and Mary McLARTY, witn: Thomas CHAMBERS of Minden, October 3, 1867

Francis MASON, 25, Canada, Minden s/o Francis and Belinda married Mary PARKER, 20, Canada, Pakenham d/o George and Abilikaos PARKER, witn: D.P. LAKE of Minden, December 17, 1867


Page 77, Return 160, by Rev. David Cantlon, Bible Christian

Thomas NORTHCOTT, 29, England, Smith, s/o John & Rebecca, married Caroline WATLEY, 25, Douro, Smith, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: James WATLEY & Eliza NORTHCOTT, both of Smith, 15 Jan 1867

R. B. PALMER, 45, Canada, Peterborough, s/o F?. & Hannah, married Jane LEPSIT, 35, Ireland, Peterborough, d/o Arthur & Prudence LEPSIT, witn: John LITTLE & Lizzie CANTLON, both of Peterborough, 3 April 1867

David BREEZE, 23, North Wales, Peterborough, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret LILLY, 23, Otonabee, Peterborough, d/o William & Jessie CONDON, witn: Robert ROWE & Ellen CONDON, both of Peterborough, 29 May 1867

Jacob CUMMING, 43, Canada, Peterborough, s/o Abel & Jerusha CUMMING [the name Garner Nichols has been written above the names of the groom's parents and may be a correction], married Phoebe MANNING, 31, Ireland, Peterborough, d/o Francis MANNING & Phoebe WHITE, witn: Benjamin JEROW & S. FREEMAN, both of Peterborough, 1 June 1867

James PENGELLY, 41, Devonshire, Peterborough, s/o Henry & Mary, married Ellen MILLS, 26, Toronto, Peterborough, d/o Frederick & Catherine, witn: William BROWNSCOMBE & Emma DAY, both of Peterborough, 27 June 1867

Francis FRANKLISH, 30, Yorkshire, Otonabee, s/o Francis & Jane, married Jane? CHAMBERLIN, 23, Peterborough, Otonabee, d/o William & Eleanor, witn: Richard HUDSON of Otonabee & Margaret CHAMBERLIN of Peterborough, 11 July 1867

Johnston COONEY, 45, Ireland, Otonabee, s/o Edward & Ellen, married Eliza MAGILL, 32, Cavan, Otonabee, d/o David & Esther, witn: D. CANTLON of Peterborough & Sarah M. COONEY of Otonabee, 5 Nov 1867

James TREMAIN, 23, Canada, Peterborough, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Cath GREEN, 18, England, Peterborough, d/o William & Jane, witn: John BARRY & Anna M. WALLER, both of Peterborough, 7 Dec 1867


Page 77, Return 161, by Rev. Vincent Clements, Church of England,

Thomas FITZGERALD, 23, Smith, same, s/o Gerald & Agnes, married Jessie LUMSDEN, 23, Otonabee, Lakefield, d/o Andrew & Margaret, witn: L. WALLACE of Smith & Elizabeth LUMSDEN of Lakefield, 19 March

Henry Foljamb MELLOR, 24, India, Douro, s/o James & Anna Maria, married Alice SHERWOOD, 21, Germany, Smith, d/o William & Susan, witn: C. L. SHEPPEE? of Douro & C. A. THOMSON of London, 22 May

Richard G. STRICKLAND, 20, of Douro, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Emily CADDY, 24, Douro, Smith, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Roland STRICKLAND of Douro & Kate TRAILL of Smith, 22 Oct.

John Cossart GARLAND, 22, England, Philadelphia, s/o John & Mary, married Hanna A. CADDY, 19, Douro, same, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Chas G. BAYLEY & Eliza CADDY, both of Douro, 22 Oct.



Page 77 & 78, Return 162, by Rev. Mark Burnham, Church of England

Newcombe LOUCKS, 30, New York, Peterborough, s/o Samuel & Martha, married Elizabeth GITTENS, 30, England, Peterborough, d/o John & Ann, witn: Robert BUTLER of Peterborough, 8 April 1867

John DUNDAS, 21, Canada West, Emily, s/o Noble & Margaret, married Mary MADDEN, 18, Canada West, Emily, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Catherine McLAUGHLIN, 26 April 1867

Edward COSTELLO, 25, Ennismore, Harvey, s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Frances CONNAL, 21, Emily, same, d/o James & Jane, witn: George STOCKDALE of Harvey, 6 May 1867

John S. BOSWELL, 27, Cobourg, same, s/o John & Mary A., married Elizabeth Sophia BURNHAM, 25, Peterborough, same, d/o Elias & Ann WHITNEY, witn: F. E. BURNHAM of Peterborough, 13 June 1867  [John Sowden Boswell, s/o John Crease Boswell & Mary Ann Sowden]

William FLEMING, 23, Canada, Smith, s/o William & Susanna, married Betsy FITTLE? (Fistle?), 20, Scotland, Peterborough, d/o Walter & Jessie AINSLIE, witn: C. BURNHAM of Ashburnham, 25 Aug 1867

Robert Murray KAY (Hay?), 23, Ireland, Otonabee, s/o William & Ellen, married Bridget MALLOY, 21, Ireland, Otonabee, d/o Peter & Elizabeth, witn: A. INGRAM of Ashburnham, 5 Dec 1867

James GREELY, 26, Canada, Percy, s/o James & Margaret, married Cath. HARMISTON, 22, Canada, Percy, d/o Mark & Jane, witn: C. BURNHAM of Ashburnham, 5 Dec 1867


Page 78, Return 163, by Red. Frederick Burt, Church of England, Minden

Henry BURNS, 32, Ireland, Minden, s/o James & Harriett, married Ann Jane NEWELL, 21, Upper Canada, Snowden, d/o John & Hannah, witn: William NEWELL of Laxton, Victoria Co., 13 Nov 1867


Page 78, Return 164, by Joseph H. Stinson, Wesleyan Methodist,

Joseph DARLING, 22, Dummer, same, s/o James & Ann, married Mary A. LITTLE, 17, Dummer, same, d/o William H. & Mary A., witn: William LITTLE & Elizabeth DARLING, both of Dummer, 25 May 1867

Harrison CHAPIN, 22, Colborne, Warsaw, s/o Rosswell & Eliza, married Martha MOORE, 20, Colborne, same, d/o Samuel & Caroline, witn: William REYNOLDS & R. CAPIN (sic), both of Dummer, 5 Oct. 1867


Page 78, Return 165, by Rev. C. A. Jones, Wesleyan Methodist

George WILSON, 36, of Anstruther, s/o William & Allice, married Elizabeth McNEAL, 16, of Chandos, d/o John & Catherine, witn: May WILSON & William McNEIL, 18 Oct


Page 78, Return 166, by Rev. John M. Roger, Canada Presbyterian Church

James MIDDLETON, 21, Smith twp., same, s/o James MIDDLETON & Ann KELSO, married Eliza A. YOUNG, 20, Smith twp., same, d/o William YOUNG & Mary LESLIE, witn: William LINDSAY of Smith twp., 6 Feb 1867

Walter ROBSON, 34, Monaghan twp., Peterborough, s/o John ROBSON & Christie GRAHAM, married Julia THOMPSON, 24, Hamilton twp., Otonabee, d/o David THOMPSON & Jane BARKLEY, witn: Adam DOUGLASS of Monaghan twp., 27 Feb 1867