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Peterborough Co., 1927

birth place is given before residence


18369-27 Donald Yerex ACKERMAN, 26, bander, Picton, Peterborough, s/o David Edward ACKERMAN, b. Milford & Gertha May YEREX, married Lila Gertrude CURTIS, 19, stenographer, Douro Twp., same, d/o William Edwin CURTIS, b. Douro Twp. & Annie Mabel MCINTYRE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William Edwin CURTIS, both of Peterborough, 18 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18370-27 Alfred Frank ALDER, 46, widower, machinist, Gloucestershire England, Peterborough, s/o George ALDER, b. England & Hannah PRITCHLEY, married Ada Ellen WILTON, 36, housekeeper, Kent England, Peterborough, d/o Thomas Frank WILTON, b. England & Mary Ann MASTERS, witn: Amy WOOD & Agnes ALLAN, both of Peterborough, 12 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18371-27 Stephen Reginald ALFORD, 28, labourer, Somerset England, Lakefield, s/o Thomas ALFORD, b. Canada & Marion GEE, married Clara SMITH, 43, widow, domestic, Birmingham England, Lakefield, d/o John ADAMS, b. Canada & Alma HAGGAL, witn: Mrs. Arthur TIGHE & Mr. Arthur G. TIGHE, both of Lakefield, 11 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18372-27 Henry Darrell ALLEN, 23, draftsman, Peterborough, North Monaghan Twp., s/o Herbert ALLEN, b. England & Sarah Ann HOLLAND, married Kathleen Mary HUBBARD, 24, Paddington England, North Monaghan Twp., d/o Albert HUBBARD, b. England & Caroline MADDEN, witn: Victoria V.M. ALLEN & Albert E. HUTCHINSON, both of Peterborough, 30 Aug 1927 at North Monaghan Twp
18373-27 Edgar Charles ALLUM, 25, labourer, Kenninghall - Norwich England, Peterborough, s/o Samuel ALLUM, b. Norwich England & Alice FROST, married Gertrude Annie FRANCIS, 24, Kenninghall - Norwich England, Peterborough, d/o unknown & Lilian GIBBS, witn: Roland KRAUT & Alice Edith HOWARD, both of Peterborough, 7 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18374 David ANDERSON, 24, labourer, Dundee Scotland, Peterborough, s/o William ANDERSON, b. Forfarshire Scotland & Mary RENNIE, married Georgina Hay INGRAM, 20, Aberdeen Scotland, Peterborough, d/o William INGRAM, b. Aberdeenshire Scotland & Smollett HAY, witn: William ANDERSON & Jane J. INGRAM, both of Peterborough, 24 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18375-27 James Elmer ARMSTRONG, 35, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Charles ARMSTRONG, b. Durham Co. & Sarah PORTER, married Cora Florence SLOAN, 27, Dummer, same, d/o David SLOAN, b. Peterborough Co. & Ellen SEDGWICK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Norris ANDREWS, both of Norwood, 5 Nov 1927 at Peterborough 18376-27 Thomas Henry ARMSTRONG, 37, office clerk, Garden River, Lakefield, s/o Daniel ARMSTRONG & Mary Ellen SNELGROVE, married Mary Catherine MOLONEY, 30, Peterborough, Lakefield, d/o Daniel MOLONEY & Johannah MCCARTHY, witn: Daniel MOLONEY of Lakefield & Mary ARMSTRONG of Trout Creek, 15 Nov 1927 at Lakefield (RC)
18377-27 William Robert ARNOTT, 23, motor mechanic, Peterborough, same, s/o William Thackeray ARNOTT & Hattie TEDFORD, married Margaret Georgina ANDREWS, 19, telephone operator, North Monaghan, same, d/o William Henry ANDREWS & Alice Lancaster CARTER, witn: A.E. HUTCHINSON of Peterborough & Frances Mary ANDREWS of North Monaghan, 1 Jun 1927 at North Monaghan 18378-27 Morgan Leslie ASLING, 21, boat builder, Peterborough, same, s/o Wellington ASLING, b. Greenbank & Elizabeth DAVIES, married Verna Maude CALVERT, 21, Lakefield, Peterborough, d/o Thomas CALVERT, b. Harvey Twp. & Mary TEDFORD, witn: Grace FOX & Thomas J. BLACKWELL, both of Peterborough, 3 Nov 1927 at Peterborough
  18379-27 Thomas Frederick BAGNALL, 21, labourer, England, Peterborough, s/o Norman BAGNALL, b. England & Alice GARDINER, married Lovina Maud SCATES, 21, Peterborough, same, d/o Charles SCATES, b. Peterborough & Edith FISKE, witn: Mary MCCARTHY & Eleanor M. BLAGRANS?, both of Peterborough, 28 Nov 1927 at Peterborough
18380-27 Cecil Norman BANNON, 23. builder, Peterborough, same, s/o Robert John BANNON, b. Ontario & Agnes Jane CUNNINGHAM, married Hazel Elizabeth PATTERSON, 22, clock maker, Peterborough, North Monaghan, d/o Archibald PATTERSON, b. Ontario & Fanny BESBROOKS, witn: Howard Bernard BANNON of Peterborough & Marguerite Muriel PATTERSON of North Monaghan, 23 Mar 1927 at Peterborough 18281-27 Harold Leonard BANNON, 21, drill hand, Manvers, Peterborough, s/o Robert John BANNON, b. Canada & Agnes J. CUNNINGHAM, married Evelyn May WHITNEY, 19, coil worker, Belleville, Peterborough, d/o Jesse WHITNEY, b. Canada & Carrie ELLIS, witn: Lucile Mary SIMMONS & Walter BANNON, both of Peterborough, 5 Nov 1927 at Peterborough (Divorced 17 Apr 1950)
18382-27 Wilbert Oscar BARTON, 22, clerk, Springbrook, Havelock, s/o Charles BARTON, b. Manvers & Henrietta MCMULLEN, married Hilda Doreen ASHBY, 19, Belmont Twp., same, d/o Wilbur ASHBY & Annie CARNRITE, witn: A.C. WAYMARK & Eileen ASHBY, both of Havelock, 1 Oct 1927 at Peterborough 18383-27 Melville Frederick BAYLISS, 24, painter, Lakefield, Peterborough, s/o Edward BAYLISS, b. London England & Acelia ROACHE, married Keitha May LOUCKS, 18, porcelain worker, Barrie Twp., Peterborough, d/o William LOUCKS, b. Harlow & Clara SPICER, witn: Myrtle LOUCKS & C. CHAPMAN, both of Peterborough, 22 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18384-27 Robert McCallum BEACH, 57, widow, dyer, Peterborough, same, s/o William BEACH, b. Ireland & Elizabeth MCCALLUM, married Mary Ann DUNN, 29, widow, waitress, Airy Twp. - Nipissing District, Peterborough, d/o Frank SHARBOTT, b. Canada & Mary Ann NEVALLEY, witn: Margaret LAPAGE & Harry LAPAGE, both of Toronto, 5 Nov 1927 at Peterborough 18385-27 John Mackey BEAMAN, 30, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o George A. BEAMAN, b. North Gower Twp. & Agnes M. MACKEY, married Mary Gladys HUMPHRIES, 28, school teacher, Toronto, Westwood, d/o George A.L. HUMPHRIES, b. Asphodel Twp. & Jessie Taylor MCEWAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W.D. WILSON, both of Westwood, 29 Jun 1927 at Asphodel Twp
18386-27 Charles Joseph BEAUCLERC, 24, copy reader, Peterborough, same, s/o Charles BEAUCLERC & Charlotte BALL, married Sylvia Daisy HOLMES, 20, Peterborough England, Lakefield, d/o Joseph Lewarton HOLMES & Mary Matilda FOSTER, witn: Christopher JAY of Peterborough & Dorothy HOLMES of Lakefield, 11 Jun 1927 at Lakefield 18387-27 Wilbert Newton BEAVIS, 36, drover, Peterborough Co., Hastings, s/o John Wesley BEAVIS, b. Canada & Elizabeth UDAY, married Clarice Irene MCCOLL, 24, Peterborough, Norwood, d/o William Henry MCCOLL, b. Canada & Ida Jane KING, witn: Nina R. TODD & William E. TODD, both of Peterborough, 2 Nov 1927 at Peterborough
18388-27 Robert Henry BEECHER, 27, farmer, Brentford - Middlesex England, Wycombe, s/o George BEECHER, b. England & Ada DOWNING, married Emily May ASHBY, 17, Kentishtown - London England, Peterborough, d/o Walter John ASHBY, b. England & Emily PALWEY, witn: Arleigh Barclay MCKONE & Marian Jean PETHICK, both of Peterborough, 31 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18389-27 William Frederick Francis BELL, 20, salesman, Douro, same, s/o Arthur E. BELL, b. Douro & Annie E. FOX, married Vera Myrtle CALVERT, 20, nurse, Lakefield, Smith, d/o Thomas CALVERT, b. Harvey & Mary TEDFORD, with: Andrew? ALLEN & Agnes H. ALLAN, both of Peterborough, 28 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18390-27 Harold Sidney BENNETT, 24, mechanic, Otonabee Twp., same, s/o Sydney BENNETT, b. Canada & Martha MANN, married Martha Jane HAMILTON, 23, Peterborough, same, d/o Robert HAMILTON, b. Canada & Jennie LITTLE, witn: Myrtle WALDIE & Sherman BLEWETT, both of Peterborough, 24 Nov 1927 at Peterborough 18391-27 Charles Theodore BLEZARD, 42, clerk, Otonabee Twp., Toronto, s/o Thomas BLEZARD & Mary MIEKLE, married Elizabeth Irene THOMPSON, 31, registered nurse, Asphodel Twp., Mount Julian, d/o William THOMPSON & Annie LANG, witn: Roy THOMPSON & Stella SHEARER, both of Peterborough, 18 Apr 1927 at Haultain
18392-27 Arthur John BLODGETT, 25, widower, farmer, Peterborough, North Monaghan, s/o James Arthur BLODGETT, b. Haldimand Co. & Lilian Mary TURNER, married Margaret Jane DORRINGTON, 22, knitter, Inverness NS, Peterborough, d/o William Edward DORRINGTON, b. New Glasgow NS & Emma T. POWELL, witn: Joe DORRINGTON & Hazel BLODGETT, both of Peterborough, 27 Apr 1927 at Peterborough  
18393-27 William John BOLTON, 34, labourer, Peterborough, same, s/o John BOLTON, b. Lakefield & Elma FISHER, married Rose Florence MCGOVARIN, 23, spinner, London England, Peterborough, d/o Alfred MCGOVARIN, b. London England & Nellie ROTONBURG, witn: Ernest FAIER of Aurora & Daisy MCGOVARIN of Peterborough, 11 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18394-27 Thomas Leslie BOOTH, 22, labourer, Victoria Co., Peterborough, s/o Henry BOOTH, b. Canada & Rachael LEVELLEY, married Ella May STARR, 24, sewing machine operator, Mariposa, Peterborough, d/o William F. STARR, b. Canada & Mary LLOYD, witn: H.B. KELLY & Florence B. STARR, both of Peterborough, 9 Dec 1927 at Peterborough
18395-27 Homer BORLAND, 24, druggist, Toronto, Peterborough, s/o Gilbert A. BORLAND, b. Peterborough Co. & Mary M. RABY, married Jennie May FREDERICK, 24, stenographer, Campbellford, Peterborough, d/o Bernard M. FREDERICK b. Trent River & Susan STEEN, witn: Cecil R. WHASSON of Peterborough & Helen STEEN of Middleport NY, 29 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18396-27 Thomas Earl BORLAND, 24, cheese maker, Lakefield, Dummer, s/o Thomas BORLAND, b. Keene & Bertha PARSONS, married Edith Victoria Stevens MCNEELY, 24, divorced, Peterborough, same, d/o George STEVENS, b. Napanee & Maggie ASHLEY, witn: Mrs. A.R. REYNOLDS & George S. STEVENS, both of Peterborough, 23 Apr 1927 at Peterborough
18397-27 Francis BOUGOURD, 24, mechanic, Guernsey - Channel Islands, Peterborough, s/o Eugene BOUGOURD & Emma THOUNE, married Violet BENNETT, 23, mechanical work, Kingston, Peterborough, d/o William BENNETT & Mary FISH, witn: Ray BENNETT & Isabelle FLINT, both of Peterborough, 26 Sep 1927 at Peterborough (RC)

25837-27 John Elbert Sifton BOUNDY, 26, Hamilton twp., Toronto, s/o John BOUNDY, farmer, & Helen Jane TOMS, married Beatrice Jeanette WILLIAMS, 26, Havelock, same, d/o Edward WILLIAMS, locomotive engineer, & Agnes BARLOW, witn: H. WALKER of Toronto & Lanna Beatrice BARLOW? of Toronto, 17 Aug 1927 at St. John the Evangelist, Havelock

  18398-27 James Roy BROWN, 26, farmer, Peterborough, Asphodel, s/o James E. BROWN, b. Dummer & Ethel BROWN, married Annie Myrtle BUCHANAN, 23, Dummer, same, d/o David BUCHANAN, b. Belmont & Minnie SEDGEWICK, witn: Jean BUCHANAN & Horace BROWN, both of Norwood, 22 Jun 1927 at Dummer Twp.
18399-27 Robert Francis BROWN, 26, labourer, Otonabee, same, s/o Robert John BROWN, b. Keene & Alice Jane CHAPMAN, married Mildred Ada VERNON, 25, clerk, Reach, Otonabee, d/o Nelson VERNON, b. Prince Albert & Ida HOBBS, witn: Hazel BROWN & Peter James MATHER, both of Keene, 21 Sep 1927 at Keene 18400-27 William BROWN, 26, machinist, s/o James BROWN, b. Scotland & Esther NICOL, married Mary Ferguson SCOTT, 29, housekeeper, Port Elizabeth - South Africa, Peterborough, d/o David Ferguson SCOTT, b. Scotland & Ida GIBSON, witn: A.G. WILSON & Mrs. M. STEWART, both of Peterborough, 23 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18401-27 Ernest Henry BRYETT, 23, weaver, London England, Peterborough, s/o John BRYETT, (b. "not known but he was French") & Alice OLIVER?, married Marion Joan WEATHERSTONE, 17, Peterborough, same, d/o William John WEATHERSTONE, b. Ontario & Olive MULLEN, witn: Dorothy RAYNER & Agnes H. ALLAN, both of Peterborough, 19 Jan 1927 at Peterborough 18402-27 Harold Smith BUCHANAN, 22, electrician, Belmont Twp., Toronto, s/o Robert A. BUCHANAN, b. Ontario & Wiletta SMITH, married Mary Velma DAVIDSON, 20, Havelock, same, d/o Carl Carpenter DAVIDSON, b. Ontario & Mary Ellen THOMPSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. C.E. MCMULLEN, both of Belleville, 18 Jun 1927 at Havelock
18403-27 Garfield BURLEY, 27, motor mechanic, Otonabee, same, s/o Larue BURLEY, b. Canada & Laura NELSON, married Lillian Atkinson STAZICKER, 17, Preston - Lancs. England, Peterborough, d/o Matthew Atklnson BURLEY [sic] & Emily HODSON, witn: Thomas STAZICKER & Mrs. G.C. BARRETT, both of Peterborough, 3 Jan 1927 at Peterborough 18404-27 James Henry BURTT, 25, electrical engineer, Fredericton NB, Arvida Quebec, s/o Cecil Henry BURTT, b. New Brunswick & Agnes J. BOYE, married Edith Alice PANTER, 22, Peterborough, same, d/o Fred Wilson PANTER, b. Peterborough & Alice VASS, witn: Susan CUMMING & J.L. WREN, both of Peterborough, 14 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18405-27 Ormond Osbourne Victor CAVANAH, 29, fruit farmer, Medicine Hat Alberta, Peterborough, s/o John Henry CAVANAH & Sarah Emily GREEN, married Lillian Adelaide MORDEN, 26, nurse, West Flamborough Twp., Hamilton, d/o Daniel MORDEN & Matilda Adelaide CORBET, witn: William J. GREEN of Peterborough & Rita FRANK of Grosse Pointe Michigan, 20 Jan 1927 at Peterborough 18406-27 William Ernest CAVANS, 28, garage man, Manvers, same, s/o William David CAVANS, b. Ontario & Ada BEER, married Norma Adeline INGRAM, 22, nurse, Manvers, Peterborough, d/o Joseph INGRAM, b. Ontario & Zillah Rizpah BYERS, witn: Leonard E. CAVANS of Pontypool & Jean Caroline INGRAM of Peterborough, 1 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18407-27 William John CHAMBERS, 27, painter, Otonabee Twp. Peterborough, s/o John CHAMBERS, b. Ontario & Janet CLEGHORN, married Helen Gertrude MADDEN, 26, Windsor, Peterborough, d/o Albert MADDEN, b. Ontario & Mary COLLINS, witn: Margaret Muriel MORRISON & A.V. SHADGETT, 27 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18408-27 William Roswell Gladstone CHAPIN, 29, driver, Deloraine Manitoba, Peterborough, s/o George Roswell CHAPIN, b. Warsaw & Mary Elizabeth REYNOLDS, married Beatrice Elspeth CAMPBELL, 24, Whitby Twp., no residence shown, d/o Archibald CAMPBELL, b. Oshawa & Vera WOODROW, witn: Isabella SUTTON of Lakefield & Garnet JARVIS of Peterborough, 5 Apr 1927 at Lakefield
18409-27 Robert Hedley CHILDERHOSE, 20, mechanic, Fort William, Peterborough, s/o John Robert CHILDERHOSE, b. Pembroke & Mary Ellen HARRIS, married Annie Fleeda HERRON, 16, clerk, Peterborough, same, d/o James Edmund HERRON, b. Cameron & Hazel Della EDGAR, witn: Hazel Dell HERRON & Ileanola BLAGEAN?, both of Peterborough, 18 Nov 1927 at Peterborough 18410-27 David CLARK, 24, coil insulator, Dundee Scotland, Peterborough, s/o David Storton CLARK, b. Dundee Scotland & Ellen ALLEN, married Marjory Croll Davidson WALTERS, 24, weaver, Dundee Scotland, Peterborough, d/o Frank WALTERS, b. Dundee Scotland & Margaret DAVIDSON, witn: James CLARK of Toronto & Margaret PARNELL of Peterborough, 30 Apr 1927 at Peterborough
18411-27 Hector George CLARK, 26, farmer, North Monaghan, same, s/o Matthew CLARK, b. North Monaghan & Martha Jane ATCHISON, married Lila May DOBBIN, 27, Otonabee, North Monaghan, d/o Robert DOBBIN, b. North Monaghan & Jane Hope ELMHIRST, witn: Cecil WOOD of Toronto & Clara DOBBIN of North Monaghan, 30 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18412-27 William James CLARK, 67, widower, retired, South Monaghan, Peterborough. s/o Alexander CLARK, b. Ireland & Margaret GREER, married Ada Valera REYNOLDS, 53, widow, farmer, Murray, same, d/o John TYNDALL, b. Scotland & Hannah STONEBURG, witn: Jean C. MCDONALD & Kathleen MCDONALD, both of Peterborough, 7 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18413-27 James Mason CLARKE, 48, widower, carpenter, Sidney, Stirling, s/o James R. CLARKE, b. Ontario & Harriet COLLINS, married Evelyn Margaret May MCFALL, 19, Blairton, same, d/o Patrick MCFALL, b. Ontario & Emma May FLEMING, witn: William Oscar BARTON & Tillie Vida Laura MCFALL, both of Havelock, 14 Jun 1927 at Havelock 18414-27 Cecil James COLQUHOUN, 27, trainman, Ontario, Havelock, s/o James Bullock COLQUHOUN, b. Scotland & Louisa MCCRACKEN, married Laura May MAHER, 19, Ontario, Tweed, d/o Grant Lansdowne MAHER, b. Ontario & Amelia LATHAM, witn: J.I. MASONORY & Helen RESKS?, both of Peterborough, 17 Dec 1927 at Peterborough
18415-27 Horace CONSTABLE, 21, pattern maker, Toronto, Peterborough, s/o Jim CONSTABLE & Jenny OPENSHAW, married Cecilia VINETTE, 18, Peterborough, same, d/o Edward VINETTE, b. Peterborough & Angeline DAIGNAULT, witn: J. Healey INANLEY & Mrs. J.H. INANLEY, both of Peterborough, 3 Feb 1927 at Peterborough 18416-27 John Leo CONWAY, 36, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o John CONWAY & Mary SULLIVAN, married Margaret Lorette SULLIVAN, 26, clerk, Chicago, same, d/o John SULLIVAN & Mary PURCELL, witn: John CONWAY, Jr. & Emma SULLIVAN, both of Ennismore, 29 Jun 1927 at Ennismore (RC)
18417-27 Bruce COONS, 50, widower, farmer, George W. COONS & Jessie CLIFFORD, married Alice Matilda SHELDRICK, 47, widow, Stanley Twp., Chandos Twp., d/o William HYATT & Alice KEYES, witn: Margaret GILROY & Sadie LEHIGH, both of Coe Hill, 11 Jun 1927 at Chandos Twp 18418-27 Ernest Walter COOPER, 22, switchboard wirer, London England, North Monaghan, s/o Frederick Walter COOPER, b. England & Marian EDNEY, married Gladys May REW, 28, widow, weaver, London England, Peterborough, d/o Edward Joseph COLE, b. England & Annie HOLT, witn: Phyllis Irene COLE of Claraday & William CORDERY of Brownton, 18 Apr 1927 at North Monaghan Twp
18419-27 Jack CORDERY, 23, dyer, Heckfield - Hampshire England, North Monaghan, s/o Arthur CORDERY, b. England & Ruth STACEY, married Bertha Irene JACKSON, 22, wood ruler, Madoc Twp., Peterborough, d/o Joseph JACKSON, b. Otonabee & Maud PEARL, witn: Harry CORDERY & Ida HOOVER, both of Peterborough. 31 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18420-27 Sidney CRAIG, 37, machinist foreman, Surrey England, Peterborough, s/o Alfred CRAIG & Dolly BISHOP, married Florence PRICE, 29, Haliburton, Peterborough, d/o Thomas PRICE & Phoebe MORPAS, witn: Clara PRICE & Harry MILFORD, both of Peterborough, 2 Nov 1927 at Peterborough
18421-27 Delbert Lorn CRAPP, 25, farmer, Harvey Twp., Smith Twp., s/o James H. CRAPP, b. Smith Twp. & Maria NORTHEY, married Olive Maude SWEETING, 24, Smith Twp., same, d/o Frederick Jonathan SWEETING, b. Smith Twp. & Mina MURDUFF, witn: Luella Daisy NORTHEY & Sherman Fred SWEETING, both of Smith Twp., 29 Jun 1927 at Lakefield 18422-27 David Edward CRESWELL, 28, draftsman, Toledo Ohio, Burleigh Falls, s/o Edward John CRESWELL, b. Toledo USA & Elizabeth BURGESS, married Elizabeth Pearl SEXSMITH, 21, waitress, Streetsville, Burleigh Falls, d/o William George SEXSMITH, b. Napanee & Alice Martha MCADAM, witn: Albert WAGNER & Bernice SPENSLEY, both of Burleigh, 14 Sep 1927 at Smith Twp
18424-27 Patrick Clarence CROUGH, 34, farmer, Ennismore Twp., Peterborough, s/o Michael F. CROUGH & Caroline MOHER, married Pearl May KEMPT, 28, clerk, Douro Twp., same, d/o Lance KEMPT & Helen SWEENEY, witn: Lance KEMPT & Mary CROUGH, both of Peterborough, 20 Sep 1927 at Peterborough (RC) 18423-27 Michael Joseph CROUGH, 28, merchant, Ennismore, Detroit, s/o William Henry CROUGH & Elizabeth GALVIN, married Catherine Clara MURPHY, 27, school teacher, Ennismore, same, d/o Eugene MURPHY & Catherine FLOOD, witn: Stafford CROUGH & Eliza Ann MURPHY, both of Ennismore, 18 Oct 1927 at Ennismore (RC)
18425-27 William CROWLEY, 30, farmer, Otonabee Twp., same, s/o Michael Y. CROWLEY & Mary Anne COLLINS, married Mary Loretta MCMAHON, 21, clerk, Peterborough, same, d/o Francis MCMAHON & Loretta CONROY, witn: Hector L. CROWLEY of Otonabee & Helen CLANCY of Peterborough, 21 Jun 1927 at Peterborough (RC) 18426-27 Bolton Glendenning CUNNINGHAM, 23, electrical chemist, Peterborough, Pontiac Michigan, s/o John J. CUNNINGHAM, Percy Twp. & Janet Ann DOUGLAS, married Cora May FINLEY, 24, stenographer, Bobcaygeon, Peterborough, d/o Joseph FINLEY, b. Verulam Twp. & Mary STAN, witn: Andrew BROTHERSTONE of Peterborough & Gladys FINLEY of Toronto, 6 Jun 1927 at Harvey Twp.
18427-27 Donald Archibald CURRIE, 31, baker, Thessalon, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Neil CURRIE & Christina MCALPINE, married Helen Genevieve TOBIN, 28, teacher, Lalerosse Wisconsin, Peterborough, d/o William TOBIN, b. Douro & Margaret SHANKS, witn: Thomas A. TOBIN of Peterborough & Loretta L. CROWLEY of Detroit, 4 Jan 1927 at Peterborough 18428-27 Kenneth Maxwell CURTIS, 19, weaver, Otonabee, Douro, s/o William Edwin CURTIS, b. Canada & Annie Mabel MCINTYRE, married Alice Rhoda WILLS, 15, Sunnyslope Alberta, Peterborough, d/o Bruce Melville WILLS, b. Canada & Mary Elizabeth PRATELY, witn: Alice AUTES of Peterborough & Elizabeth MCINTYRE of Douro Twp., 24 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18429-27 Alvin Hamilton DAVIS, 22, accountant, Saskatchewan, Peterborough, s/o John H. DAVIS, b. Canada & Ann Janette NORTHEY, married Alice Hazel PLUNKETT, 21, stenographer, Ontario, Peterborough, d/o John G. PLUNKETT, b. Canada & Emma Jane NELSON, witn: J.E. PLUNKETT of Peterborough & Ada DAVIS of Lansdowne, 14 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18430-27 Clare Lloyd DAVIS, 19, salesman, Peterborough, same, s/o Albert DAVIS, b. Bruce Co. & Eliza HARRIS, married Thelma Louise TODD, 19, clerk, Montreal, Peterborough, d/o Albert TODD, b. Montreal & Saddie DAVIS, witn: Frank MARINO & Eva M. DAVIS, both of Peterborough, 26 Nov 1927 at Peterborough
18431-27 Arthur Egbert DEAL, 18, truck driver, London England, Peterborough, s/o Arthur DEAL, b. England & Kate BROOKS, married Myrtle FALLIS, 20, cereal packer, Emily, Peterborough, d/o John FALLIS, b. Ontario & Isobel HENRY, witn: C. WOODGATE & Della FALLIS, both of Peterborough, 31 Jan 1927 at Peterborough 18432-27 James Irvine DELINE, 32, widower, farmer, Marmora Twp., Belmont Twp., s/o Nelson DELINE, b. Marmora Twp. & Caroline BATEMAN, married Carrie Olive Elizabeth CLARK, 18, Belmont Twp., same, d/o James CLARK, b. Belmont Twp. & Dinah Jane PACEY, witn: Herbert W. DELINE & Mrs. Herbert DELINE, both of Havelock, 15 Feb 1927 at Havelock
18434-27 Harry Gordon DEMPSEY, 20, farmer, Carrying Place, Belleville, s/o Harry DEMPSEY, b. Carrying Place & Josephine DAKIN, married Florence Myrtle MCINROY, 19, Rawdon Twp., Belleville, d/o Allan MCINROY, b. Springbrook & Emma Rose MUMBY?, witn: Jerusha MCINROY of Springbrook & Louise M. ARCHER of Havelock, 29 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18433-27 Ernest John DETLOR, 19, labourer, Ernestown, North Monaghan, s/o Jordan DETLOR, b. Canada & Nora LOT, married Edith Viola DOIG, 15, Peterborough, North Monaghan, d/o John DOIG, b. Canada & Mary Annie FOSTER, witn: George SHEPHARD & Agnes SHEPHARD, both of Peterborough, 21 Feb 1927 at Peterborough
18435-27 Robert Roland DIXON, 29, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o John DIXON, b. Yorkshire England & Emmaline CHAMBERLAIN, married Verna Adell HATHERLY, 24, Otonabee, North Monaghan, d/o Lewis HATHERLY, b. Wales & Elizabeth ROBB, witn: George CHAMBERLAIN of Otonabee & Ruby MCALLISTER of South Monaghan, 18 Apr 1927 at Otonabee 18436-27 John DOHERTY, 31, farmer, Otonabee Twp., same, s/o Patrick DOHERTY & Elizabeth HEFFERNAN, married Mary Anna V. SPENCER, 17, Smith Twp., Otonabee Twp., d/o John SPENCER & Rose Jane NOLAN, witn: Thomas HEFFERNAN & Catherine SPENCER, both of Otonabee Twp., 5 Jul 1927 at Peterborough (RC)
18437-27 Orville John DONALDSON, 25, porcelain worker, Emily, Peterborough, s/o Joseph DONALDSON, b. Canada & Lottie BEST, married Ruby Martha CROWE, 27, stenographer, Dummer, same, d/o William F. CROWE, b. Canada & Millie WALLEY, witn: Nina C. TODD & Jack A. TODD, both of Peterborough, 1 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18438-27 John DOOGAN, 24, farmer, Smith Twp., Lakehurst, s/o John Robert DOOGAN, b. Smith Twp. & Mary A. GUTHRIE, married Ethel Mary TURNER, 23, England, Peterborough, d/o Herbert TURNER, b. England & Olive May CREESY? (Bessy?), witn: Coleman GUTHRIE of Harvey Twp. & Evelyn TURNER of Peterborough, 21 Mar 1927 at Peterborough
18439-27 Dennis Joseph DUFFY, 52, farmer, Emily Twp., same, s/o Patrick DUFFY & Catharine BAILEY, married Mary Ellen O'CONNOR, 43, Ennismore, Peterborough, d/o John O'CONNOR & Julia HOBAN, witn: Michael O'CONNOR of Peterborough & Mary C. DUFFY of Downeyville, 19 Apr 1927 at Peterborough (RC) 18440-27 John Frederick DUMMITT, 44, widower, contractor, Otonabee, Peterborough, s/o George DUMMITT & Elizabeth SCOGWICK, married Isabella Jane LINTON, 47, widow, Peterborough, same, d/o William Charles TAYLOR & Isabella HALL, witn: J. DUMMITT & Jean DUMMITT, both of Peterborough, 18 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18441-27 Gordon Moffatt DUNDAS, 21, shipper, Fenelon Falls, Peterborough, s/o Robert DUNDAS, b. Canada & Ida MOFFATT, married Bessie May Frances WINDSOR, 20, weaver, Anstruther Twp., Peterborough, d/o Walter WINDSOR & Susan MCCALL, witn: Nina C. TODD & Elizabeth BREARLEY, both of Peterborough, 16 May 1927 at Peterborough 18442-27 Gordon DUNN, 32, railway conductor, Bonfield, Nakina, s/o Thomas DUNN & Adeline PAPPIN, married Marjorie Georgina EDEY, 23, North Bay, Peterborough, d/o Edmund Bruce EDEY & Wilhelmina ROBERTSON, witn: W.B. EDEY of Nakina & Claire MASON OF Peterborough, 20 Jul 1927 at Peterborough (RC)
18443-27 Thomas Marshall DUTTON, 25, sales manager, Stockport England, Peterborough, s/o James DUTTON, b. Redditch England & Effie Ada MARSHALL, married Doris JAMES, 22, clock maker, Enfield England, Peterborough, d/o Charles Henry JAMES, b. England & Alice Maude RICKETTS, witn: Daisy JAMES & James DUTTON, Jr., both of Peterborough, 18 Nov 1927 at Peterborough 18444-27 Wilfred Augustus DYKE, 26, carpenter, Salvage Nfld., Lakefield, s/o Reuben DYKE, b. Nfld. & Sarah Jane SQUIRES, married Myrtle Mary BRAKE, 21, Hindsmouth? Nfld., Lakefield, d/o Walter BRAKE, b. Nfld. & Alice LOVELL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Arthur TIGHE, both of Lakefield, 12 Sep 1927 at Lakefield
18445-27 William EARNSHAW, 27, farmer, Burleigh, same, s/o William EARNSHAW, b. Yorkshire England & Nancy Jane LEAN, married Charlotte Ann TUCKER, 26, Anstruther, same, d/o Zachariah TUCKER, b. Peterborough Co. & Eleanor KILBURN, witn: Lulu KNOX & Gordon EARNSHAW, both of Apsley, 8 Dec 1927 at Anstruther Twp 18446-27 George William EASTON, 21, store clerk, Leeds England, Peterborough, s/o John William EASTON, b. England & Florence THOMAS, married Edna RIPLEY, 19, wire inspector, Leeds England, Peterborough, d/o John RIPLEY, b. England & Ada NORTHEND, witn: George William THOMAS & Ivy WILSON, both of Peterborough, 22 Jan 1927 at Peterborough
18447-27 Cecil Gerald EDWARDS, 29, mechanic, Lang Ont, Peterborough, s/o Charles EDWARDS & Margaret EDWARDS, married Nita Pearl TWIGG, 29, stenographer, Bethany, Peterborough, d/o George Agnew TWIGG & Frances Jane GRAHAM, witn: Winnifred FITZGERALD & Mildred SODEN, both of Peterborough, 3 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18448-27 Earl Dickson EDWARDS, 24, barber, Lang, Lakefield, s/o John EDWARDS & Mary CROSLEY, married Etta Elvina BOLTON, 21, Lakefield, not stated, d/o Frederick BOLTON, b. Douro Twp. & Lizzie JARVIS, witn: Gladys E. BOLTON of Lakefield & Charles R.F. BUSKARD of Montreal, 14 Dec 1927 at Lakefield
18449-27 Oliver Robert EDWARDS, 36, hotel keeper, Oshawa, Norwood, s/o Oliver Robert EDWARDS, b. Ontario & Emma J. SEABURT, married Jean Violet EDWARDS, 27, stenographer, Toronto, Dummer Twp., d/o George James EDWARDS, b. Ontario & Clara CLYSDALE, witn: Kenneth Frederick KEMPT & Eliza Ann Paskin KEMPT, both of Norwood, 17 Oct 1927 at Norwood 18450-27 John Albert EPLETT, 35, banker, Victoria Harbour, Peterborough, s/o John Albert EPLETT, b. Coldwater & Nellie L. CASWELL, married Ada May MACDONALD, 18, stenographer, Peterborough, same, d/o Edward MACDONALD, b. Peterborough Co. & Mary Ellen JACKSON, witn: Edward J.H. VANSTONE & Mrs. E.J.H. VANSTONE, both of Peterborough, 22 Jan 1927 at Peterborough
18451-27 Charles Spencer EVANS, 24, armature winder, Fenelon Falls, Peterborough, s/o John William EVANS, b. Canada & Maria Mable HENDERSON, married Clara Alberta ROBINSON, 19, Smith, Peterborough, d/o Harry ROBINSON, b. Canada & Eva Jane NICHOLLS, witn: Nina C. TODD & Alex NORTHY, both of Peterborough, 7 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18452-27 Lawrence Earl FALLIS, 26, motor mechanic, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Charles Herbert FALLIS, b. Ontario & Ellida WHITE, married Mildred Pearl BROCK, 26, Ontario, Peterborough, d/o James Walter BROCK, b. Ontario & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, witn: Myrtle BROCK of Peterborough & C.W. BANTING of Toronto, 1 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18453-27 Newton Frederick FEE, 32, farmer, Cavan, same, s/o Joseph FEE, b. Canada & Ann WEBSTER, married Jean Esther LEE, 21, clerk, Brock, Peterborough, d/o William LEE, b. Canada & Sarah Jane SUTTON?, witn: Otto LEE of Lindsay & Ada V. LEE of Peterborough, 30 Mar 1927 at Peterborough 18454-27 Ernest Cecil FERGUSON, 23, truck driver, Peterborough, same, s/o Wellington FERGUSON & Bertha NAUPTNAGLE, married Ruth Elliott MARTIN, 18, weaver, Peterborough, same, d/o John MARTIN & Nina DOUGHTY, witn: Ernest George REMNANT & Dorothy HILL, both of Toronto, 27 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18455-27 Ralph Erwin FINLEY, 24, superintendent, Michigan USA, Toronto, s/o Robert E. FINLEY, b. Ontario & Mary M. CURRY, married Gladys Elizabeth Muriel LEWIS, 26, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o David LEWIS, b. Ontario & Elizabeth MCGREGOR, witn: W. Stanley WADLOW of Peterborough & Mary Florence LEWIS of Toronto, 3 Sep 1927 at Smith Twp 18456-27 Charles Roy FITZGERALD, 27, widower, labourer, Percy, Peterborough, s/o Caleb FITZGERALD, b. Ontario & Georgette MARTIN, married Rose DURING, 25, widow, Ottawa, Peterborough, d/o Fred COLBIK, b. Quebec & Minnie NI--?, witn: U.E. O'HALLORAN & Tresa FREDENBURG, both of Peterborough, 12 Mar 1927 at Peterborough
18457-27 William Wordsworth FLOYD, 20, farmer, Kilburn England, Dummer, s/o William FLOYD, Kilburn England & Florence EGGLETON, married Ruby Ellen BOLTON, 22, Peterborough, Douro, d/o Charles BOLTON, b. Douro Twp. & Elise WEBSTER, witn: Fred J. BOLTON of Indian River & Elizabeth RADDON of Norwood, 30 Nov 1927 at Norwood 18458-27 Joseph Stephen FONTAINE, 31, auto livery, Peterborough, same, s/o Francis FONTAINE & Emma TURCOTTE, married Margaret Ellen COLLINS, 21, clock factory worker, Douro, Peterborough, d/o James COLLINS & Elizabeth CONROY, witn: Albert BELANGER of Toronto & Alma FONTAINE of Peterborough, 25 Jan 1927 at Peterborough (RC)
18459-27 Nicholas FRANKS, 29, restaurateur, Greece, Campbellford, s/o James FRANKS, b. Greece & unknown (deceased), married Hazel Rosetta SHANNON, 23, widow, waitress, Marmora, Campbellford, d/o Hiram REVOIR, b. Trent River & Florence LA GRAU, witn: Grace Evelyn MACK & Albert ARMSTRONG, both of Havelock, 1 Jan 1927 at Havelock 18460-27 Lewis Ephriam FREEBURN, 24, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o William FREEBURN, b. Dummer Twp. & Jedidah HARDING, married Mae Irene STEPHENS, 21, Dummer, same, d/o Newton STEPHENS, b. Ontario & Margaret PAGET, witn: Newton STEPHENS & Mauretta FREEBURN, both of Warsaw, 16 Nov 1927 at Dummer Twp.
18461-27 Elwood Garrett GARBUTT, 23, farmer, Dummer Twp., same, s/o Ernest Silas GARBUTT, b. Canada & Alma A. PAYNE, married Doris Edythe HILL, 21, Lakefield, no current residence shown, d/o Albert V.W. HILL, b. Canada & Mary E. DOIDGE, witn: Vera NELSON & David NELSON, both of Warsaw, 8 June 1927 at Peterborough 18462-27 Herbert Clark GARBUTT, 48, farmer, Smith Twp., same, s/o Henry Clarke GARBUTT, b. Smith Twp. & Elizabeth LUMSDEN, married Cora Luella FREEBURN, 26, Smith Twp., same, d/o Robert FREEBURN, b. Smith Twp. & Ella FAIR, witn: Elizabeth GARBUTT of Smith Twp. & Agnes H. ALLAN of Peterborough, 19 Jan 1927 at Peterborough
18463-27 Percy William GARDNER, 27, farmer, Dummer, Asphodel, s/o Frederick GARDNER, b. Dummer Twp. & Sarah STINSON, married Pansy Pearl LONGMUIR, 23, Seymour, Belmont, d/o James LONGMUIR, b. Seymour & Pearl NEVIN, witn: John Toshack SNEDDEN of Almonte & Ruth Mary LONGMUIR of Havelock, 3 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18464-27 Harry Hughes GELLING, 28, widower, miller, Liverpool England, Peterborough, s/o James GELLING, b. England & Harriet Jane HUGHES, married Edith Jessie HODGSON, 17, wool ruler, London England, Peterborough, d/o unknown, b. England, witn: Percy NOBLE & Violet LONGDO, both of Peterborough, 21 May 1927 at Peterborough
18465-27 Lloyd Cecil GILDERS, 25, baker, Bowmanville, Peterborough, s/o William James GILDERS, b. Canada & Caroline TENNANT, married Marion Helen POWELL, 27, Douro, Peterborough, d/o George W. POWELL, b. Canada & Jane Honor BOND, witn: Jean HUNTER of Toronto & Wilbert WESTRAN of Peterborough, 19 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18466-27 Mossom GOLLOHER, 25, farmer, Dummer, Dummer Twp., s/o James GOLLOHER, b. Dummer Twp. & Louisa COOMBS, married Iva Doris WEESE, 21, Norwood, Dummer, d/o Albert WEESE, b. Dummer & Sophronia DAVIS, witn: Harold JONES of Norwood & Mabel GOLLOHER of Dummer Twp., 23 Feb 1927 at Norwood
18467-27 Robert Edward GOODFELLOW, 24, mechanic, Peterborough, same, s/o John R. GOODFELLOW, b. Ontario & Mary Elizabeth HOLLIS, married Catherine Deans BUCHANAN, 24, designer, Glasgow Scotland, Peterborough, d/o James BUCHANAN, b. Scotland & Catherine DEANS, witn: H.C. COIL & Elsie PARKES, both of Peterborough, 11 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18468-27 Lawrence Harvey GOULD, 29, marble dealer, Uxbridge, same, s/o Albert James GOULD, b. Belleville & Minnie BEANER (Beaver?), married Edith Louise SMITH, 28, nurse, Toronto, Peterborough, d/o Manley SMITH, b. Sidney Twp. & Marie Louise BROWN, witn: A.J. GOULD of Uxbridge & Edith J. SMITH of Peterborough, 10 Aug 1927 at Peterborough
18469-27 Geoffrey GRAHAM, 36, machinist, Aberdeen Scotland, Peterborough, s/o John GRAHAM, b. Paisley Scotland & Hannah MCDONALD, married Thelma PURVIS, 24, nurse, Delta, Peterborough, d/o Heber PURVIS, b. Smiths Falls & Martha TACKABERRY, witn: George SNOWDON of Peterborough & Inez GILMOUR of Almonte, 9 Jul 1927 at Peterborough 18470-27 David John GREENLEY, 48, gentleman, Percy Twp., Warkworth, s/o Charles GREENLEY, b. Percy Twp. & Matilda Marie LONG, married Beatrice Maud LISCOMB, 40, bookkeeper, Roseneath, Norwood, d/o Louis LISCOMB, b. Percy Twp. & Abbie Ellen HILL, witn: M.E. LISCUMB [sic] & C.E. DOUGLAS, both of Norwood, 26 Apr 1927 at Norwood
18471-27 Frederick David GREER, 34, garage owner, Cold Springs, Cobourg, s/o George GREER, b. Haldimand Twp. & Jessie Elizabeth DINES, married Anna May FRANCIS, 33, divorced, Sophiasburg Twp., Belleville, d/o Henry ROSSEAU b. Ste. Hyacinthe Quebec & Victoria HINIEMAN, witn: Max J. SWANSTON & Helen B. SWANSTON, both of Peterborough, 18 Apr 1927 at Peterborough 18472-27 Thomas Lois GRIFFIN, 22, clerk, Woolwich England, Peterborough, s/o Thomas Benjamin GRIFFIN & Angelina Elizabeth CALLEGARI, married Margaret KENT, 22, Ottawa, Peterborough, d/o Arthur L. KENT & Isabella SMITH, witn: Frederick Charles John GRIFFIN & Gertrude WILSON, both of Peterborough, 26 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18473-27 Leslie Robert GROOMBRIDGE, 26, tent maker, Ramsgate England, Peterborough, s/o Thomas F. GROOMBRIDGE, b. England & Martha BAILIE, married Gladys Claire Leslie HILL, 21, London England, Peterborough, d/o Albert HILL, b. England & Susan E. RUFFE, witn: George E. GROOMBRIDGE & Lilian M. GROOMBRIDGE, both of Peterborough, 15 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18474-27 Roy Victor HADLEY, 30, jeweller, Frankford, same, s/o Solomon HADLEY, b. Lindsay & Annie Maud ANDERSON, married Mary PATTERSON, 24, no birthplace given, Norwood, d/o Thomas James PATTERSON, b. Asphodel Twp. & Margaret Anne FERGUSON, witn: George MORTON of Norwood & Blanche ELLIS of Madoc, 10 Aug 1927 at Norwood
18475-27 Cecil Rhodes HAGERMAN, 25, salesman, Canton, Peterborough, s/o Alfred HAGERMAN, b. Ontario & Annie BENTON, married Dorothy Louise THOMSON-CURRIE, 24, Peterborough, same, d/o Robert Currie THOMSON-CURRIE, b. Ontario & Caroline HETHERINGTON, witn: Dorothy SIMMONS & R.H. SIMMONS, both of Peterborough, 26 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18476-26 Stanley Livingstone HAGERMAN, 35, widower, inspector, Toronto, Peterborough, s/o Alfred HAGERMAN, b. Canada & Annie BENTON, married Beatrice Iona MEREDITH, 25, bookkeeper, Madoc, Peterborough, d/o Thomas MEREDITH, b. Canada & Sarah COLLINGE, witn: Audrey & C.W. VENTES of Toronto, 12 Oct 1927 at Peterborough
18477-27 James Robert HALL, 21, telegraph operator, Peterborough, same, s/o F.J.A. HALL, b. Peterborough & Gertrude BRADBURN, married Jean Ida MOORE, 22, Peterborough, same, d/o R.C. MOORE, b. Peterborough & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, witn: J.C. WOLFE of Peterborough & Helen HOWE of Lindsay, 30 May at Smith Twp 18478-27 John Darius HALL, 20, fox rancher, Harvey, Esquesing, s/o Darius G. HALL, b. Canada & Margaret MCKINTY, married Louise Irene SANDWICH, 21, school teacher, North Oxford, Harvey, d/o James Ernest SANDWICH, b. Canada & Mary Isabel WEIR, witn: Alex NORTHY & Nina C. TODD, both of Peterborough, 2 Nov 1927 at Peterborough
18479-27 John Howard HALL, 31, manufacturer, Otonabee, Peterborough, s/o Warren HALL, b. Ontario & Elizabeth WILDMAN, married Iva Zillia Rispa May JOHNSTON, 25, telephone operator, South Monaghan, Peterborough, d/o Robert JOHNSTON, b. Ontario & Eliza A. JOHNSTON, witn: Harold George FREEMAN & Margaret BURGESS, both of Peterborough, 21 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18480-27 Stuart George HALL, 30, merchant, Otonabee Twp., Peterborough, s/o George HALL, b. Otonabee Twp. & Ruth Elizabeth LEASON, married Isabel Jean NESBITT, 31, Peterborough, Lakefield, d/o Richard H. NESBITT, b. Peterborough Co. & Sarah Jane FERGUSON, witn: Frederick William HALL of Otonabee & May NESBITT of Lakefield, 25 Aug 1927 at Peterborough
18481-27 Arthur Jones HALLIDAY, 24, toolmaker, England, Peterborough, s/o Arthur Jones HALLIDAY, b. England & Jane Ann METCALFE, married Nellie COTTON, 20, weaver, England, Peterborough, d/o Thomas COTTON, b. England & Alice HEWITT, witn: George R. BUTCHER & Mamie M. COTTON, both of Peterborough, 27 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18482-27 Joseph Bernard HALPIN, 32, butcher, Peterborough, same, s/o Thomas HALPIN, b. Canada & Johanna SULLIVAN, married Elizabeth Grace WOODGATE, 28, wool ruler, London England, Peterborough, d/o William WOODGATE, b. England & Hannah HOOD, witn: Mrs. E. WITHERS of Peterborough & Catharine DOYLE of Peterborough, 29 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18483-27 Melville George HANCOCK, 22, merchant, Port Hope, same, s/o George T. HANCOCK, b. Canada & Clara IRWIN, married Margaret Irene STOREY, 23, Peterborough, same, d/o James R. STOREY, b. Canada & Amelia HOWDEN, witn: Florence ADAMS of Peterborough & E. Errol HANCOCK of Port Hope, 29 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18484-27 Audley Ernest HANSON, 58, widower, superintendent, England, North Monaghan, s/o Edward HANSON, b. England & "not known", married Minerva JOWETT, 54, widow, England, North Monaghan, d/o Joseph MILLETT, b. England & Nancy TINGLE, witn: Edith G. RICHARDSON & J. Howard RICHARDSON, both of Peterborough, 2 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18485-27 Percy James HARRISON, 37, grocer, Gillingham - Kent England, Peterborough, s/o James Charles HARRISON, b. England & Annie Elizabeth KITNEY, married Ida M. Josephine ARTHURS, 18, Peterborough, not stated, d/o John ARTHURS, b. Canada & Ida May BARNARD, witn: Margaret Hilda ARTHUR of Fenella & Cecil ARTHUR of Peterborough, 24 May 1927 at Peterborough 18486-27 Robert Henry HARRISON, 48, farmer, York England, Otonabee, s/o George M. HARRISON, b. England & A. Susanna HOWE, married Alice FARR, 39, widow, wool winder, Stockport England, North Monaghan, d/o Thomas SMITH, b. Kidderminster & Sarah Ann SMITH, witn: Thomas P. MCGARRITY & Mary MCGARRITY, both of Peterborough, 28 Mar 1927 at Peterborough
18487-27 Wallace Wilfred HART, 30, harness maker, Shelburne, Peterborough, s/o John HART, b. Port Burwell & Elizabeth NORTH, married Marion Jean HENRY, 30, nurse, Prescott, same, d/o Robert W. HENRY, b. Ontario & Emily Jane SKELTON, witn: Andrew ALLAN & Agnes H. ALLAN, both of Peterborough, 15 Apr 1927 at Peterborough 18488-27 Raymond Hope HARVEY, 24, engineer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Benjamin F. HARVEY, b. Scotland & Charlotte E. HARVEY, married Gladys May MCCAULEY, 23, operator, Ontario, Apsley, d/o Tallman MCCAULEY, b. Ontario & Martha LISCOMB, witn: Ada C. BALLEY (Baldry?) & Arthur L. GODSON, both of Toronto, 28 Sep 1927 at Chandos Twp.
18489-27 Searle D'Alton HASHILL, 32, checker, Peterborough, same, s/o Frederick HASHILL, b. Port Hope & Jennie SCOTT, married Elise Elizabeth JACKSON, 30, stenographer, Clarke Twp., Peterborough, d/o Robert JACKSON, b. Clarke Twp. & May HANNAH, witn: Dr. A.H. CAMERON & Elsa G. JACKSON, both of Peterborough, 12 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18490-27 William Joseph HATTRICK, 33, lawyer, Peterborough, East Hampton NY, s/o Edward HATTRICK & Mary Jane CROWLEY, married Marian Agnes HAYES, 27, Peterborough, same, d/o John E. HAYES & Ellen HICKEY, witn: Earl TANSEY of Toronto & Alice HAYES of Peterborough, 13 Oct 1927 at Peterborough (RC)
18491-27 Hiram Borden HAWLEY, 22, bridge builder, Ontario, Sharbot Lake, s/o Robert HAWLEY, b. Ontario & Christine MCPHERSON, married Yula Mae SERGEANT, 22, Ontario, Sharbot Lake, d/o Harry SERGEANT, b. Ontario & Beatrice DONNELLY, witn: Grace M. CAMERON & Eleanor M. BLAGRAVE, both of Peterborough, 3 Feb 1927 at Peterborough 18492-27 Morgan Edgar HAYWARD, 22, boat builder, England, Peterborough, s/o Oliver HAYWARD, b. Hampshire England & Kate ASH, married Isabel Mary CALBERY, 20, woollen co. employee, Dummer, Peterborough, d/o Frank CALBERY, b. Dummer & Larina NEWELL, witn: Talmage SMITH & Daisy MCGOVARIN, both of Peterborough, 18 Aug 1927 at Peterborough
18493-27 Charles Hilliard HEASMAN, 21, farmer, Emily Twp., Cavan Twp., s/o Charles HEASMAN, b. Ontario & Leta MCCOLLOGH, married Edith Pearl BANNON, 22, Emily Twp., no current residence given, d/o Edward BANNON, b. Ontario & Constance Ruth BANNON, witn: Agnes H. ALLAN & Mary J. JORDAN, both of Peterborough, 1 Jul 1927 at Peterborough 18494-27 Alvin William HECKMAN, 29, salesman, Coplay USA, Peterborough, s/o Harry HECKMAN, b. USA & Ellen KUNKLE, married Hazel Annie HENRY, 27, stenographer, Millbrook, Peterborough, d/o Thomas HENRY, b. USA & Annie LOCKINGTON, witn: Marjorie MCDONALD & Kathleen MCDONALD, both of Peterborough, 12 Aug 1927 at Peterborough
18495-27 Wilfrid Michael HEFFERNAN, 23, mechanic, Peterborough, same, s/o William Joseph HEFFERNAN & Mary DESLILE, married Violet YOUNG, 19, mechanic, Twickenham England, Peterborough, d/o James YOUNG & Annie GRIFFIN, witn: Alfred COLLINS & Nora HEFFERNAN, both of Peterborough, 24 Aug 1927 at Peterborough (RC) 18496-27 William HEFFERNAN, 48, farmer, Asphodel Twp., Douro Twp., s/o Patrick HEFFERNAN & Jane FITZGERALD, married Louisa SMITH, 47, Otonabee Twp., same, d/o John SMITH & Elizabeth O'GRADY, witn: Ambrose HAWLEY & Ada LONERGAN, both of Indian River, 15 Nov 1927 at Douro (RC)
18497-27 Alfred Thomas HEMPSTEAD, 26, cereal packer, Sudbury - Suffolk England, Smith, s/o Frederick Wallis HEMPSTEAD, b. England & Susana ALBURY, married Florence Alice NORTHCOTT, 21, nurse, Reading England, Smith, d/o Robert Mark NORTHCOTT, b. Marlborough England & Mary Ann HIGHAM, witn: Dorothy NORTHCOTT of Toronto & Maude FIFE of Peterborough, 30 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18498-27 Francis Jacob HENDRICKS, 27, farmer, Murray Twp., same, s/o Smith HENDRICKS, b. Trenton & Sarah E. WIGGINS, married Mary NORTHCOTT, 25, teacher, Lakefield, same, d/o John James NORTHCOTT, b. Broadwood England & Esther McNAUGHTON, witn: Albert Howard MANDER of Peterborough & Eleanor NORTHCOTT of Lakefield, 27 Aug 1927 at Lakefield
18499-27 Lawrence Ray HETHERINGTON, 30, express clerk, Peterborough, same, s/o Isaac HETHERINGTON, b. Peterborough & Caroline ROWE, married Elva McLachlan MORRISON, 25, saleslady, Burks Falls, Peterborough, d/o Archibald MORRISON, b. Peterborough & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, witn: Duncan MORRISON of Stoney Creek & Mrs. A.C. ARMSTRONG of Midland, 20 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18500-27 William George HEWITT, 32, labourer, Stanhope, Peterborough, s/o Thomas John HEWITT, b. Canada & Clara JOHNSON, married Delphine BIDGOOD, 30, saleslady, North Monaghan, Peterborough, d/o George BIDGOOD, b. Canada & Harriett LOCKIE, witn: Thomas FRANKS & Nellie HEWITT, both of Peterborough, 6 Jan 1927 at Peterborough
18501-27 Guy Arthur HIGGINS, 34, sawyer, New Brunswick, Peterborough, s/o Charles HIGGINS, b. Edinburgh Scotland & Cordelia MANZER (MAUZER?), married Ruby Pearl HUDSON, 28, Renfrew, Peterborough, d/o Thomas HUDSON, b. Ontario & Mary L. HUDSON, witn: Agnes H. ALLAN & John ALLAN, both of Peterborough, 15 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18502-27 Delbert Frederick HILLIER, 20, dyer, Kingston, Peterborough, s/o Frederick James HILLIER, b. Odessa Ont & Florence M. COWAN, married Kathleen Beatrice KENT, 21, spinner, Berhamstead England, Peterborough, d/o George KENT, b. London England & Agnes Beatrice COLLINS, witn: Paul M. HILLIER & Freda May SHURELY?, both of Peterborough, 24 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18503-27 Elymer HODGSON, 29, furniture salesman, Mariposa Twp., Peterborough, s/o Alfred HODGSON, b. Canada & Annie SANGUINE, married Hazel THRETHAWEY, 20, merchant, Peterborough, same, d/o Albert THRETHAWEY, b. Canada & Annie DAVIS, witn: Mildred THRETHAWEY & Stewart HAGERMAN, both of Peterborough, 29 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18504-27 James Arthur HOWARD, 22, card expert, London England, Peterborough, s/o William HOWARD & Mary Ann LEE, married Alice Edith TUCKER, 22, London England, Peterborough, d/o Ernest TUCKER & Mabel Jessie VINCE, witn: Kenneth JARVIS & Grace TUCKER, both of Peterborough, 12 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18505-27 Lucius Russell HOWLAND, 34, travelling salesman, Irondale, Toronto, s/o Lucius B. HOWLAND, b. Canada & Virginia PUSEY, married Marjorie Juliet GLADMAN, 30, Parry Sound, Peterborough, d/o George Goodwin GLADMAN, b. Canada & Kate Marie ULLYOT, witn: Muriel I. GLADMAN of Peterborough & Joe M. HOWLAND of Hamilton, 9 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18506-27 Clarence Lemuel HUBEL, 24, train man, Groveton, Havelock, s/o Lemuel Wallace HUBEL, b. Groveton & Lilian Maud SCOTT, married Margaret Hazel MCGEE, 30, school teacher, Asphodel Twp., Havelock, d/o Andrew MCGEE, b. Peterborough & Rebecca SCOTT, witn: Joe HOFFMAN & Minnie WILLIAMS, both of Havelock, 14 Sep 1927 at Havelock
18507-27 Clifford Russel HUDSON, 21, farmer, Manvers Twp., same, s/o William HUDSON, b. Ottawa Valley near Ottawa & Elizabeth MORTON, married Ethel May PATTON, 19, Elnora Alberta, Manvers Twp., d/o David PATTON, b. Bailieboro & Annie BYERS, witn: J.M. WREN & D. Stewart WREN, both of Peterborough 20 Apr 1927 at Peterborough 18508-27 George Alfred HOLLAND, 22, farmer, Lindsay, same, s/o George HOLLAND, b. England & Eliza HENDERSON, married Marion WARBURTON, 20, Cheshire England, Harvey Twp., d/o Joseph WARBURTON, b. England & Jessie ALLEN, witn: Joseph WARBURTON & Luella WINDOVER, both of Rockcroft, 11 May 1927 at Peterborough
18509-27 William Albert HUNT, 21, weaver, Marmora, Peterborough, s/o Jesse HUNT, b. Canada & Emma POST, married Laura Mildred RODGERS, 21, bundler, Tweed, Peterborough, d/o Oakley RODGERS, b. Canada & Alice SINCLAIR, witn: Jessie RODGERS & Joseph BURKE, both of Peterborough, 15 Oct 1927 at Peterborough (Divorced 20 Jun 1953) 18510-27 John Frederick IRELAND, 23, farmer, Harvey Twp., same, s/o George IRELAND, b. England & Maude HILL, married Matilda Jane BOLTON, 18, Harvey Twp., same, d/o Arthur BOLTON, b. Lakefield & Eva STONE, witn: Walter BOLTON & Gertrude BOLTON, both of Harvey Twp., 16 Mar 1927 at Lakefield
18511-27 James Robert JACKSON, 27, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o Robert Butler JACKSON, b. Ontario, & Jane THOMPSON, married Mildred Mary Viola CARL, 20, Cavan, same, d/o James Arthur CARL, b. Ontario & Elizabeth Mary MOORE, witn: Elva Louise JACKSON, of Peterborough & James Henry CARL of Fraserville, 14 Apr 1927 at Peterborough 18512-27 Vivian Raven JACKSON, 35, barber, Sheffield England, Dummer, s/o Frederick Valentine JACKSON, b. Sheffield England & Agnes SMITH, married Doris COATES, 29, laboratory assistant, Rotherham England, Dummer, d/o Harry COATES, b. Rotherham England & Salina MCCARTHY, witn: Rufus Reginald PAYNE & Elizabeth PAYNE, both of Warsaw, 25 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18513-27 Ray Allan JARDINE, 37, salesman, Winnipeg - Man., same, s/o Arbuckle JARDINE, b. Canada & Maria MCKIBBIN, married Anna BRUNTON, 25, Murtil? - Fifeshire Scotland, Peterborough, d/o Ralph BRUNTON, b. Scotland & Andrine MURDOCK, witn: Samuel JARDINE & Alice CLEMENT, both of Toronto, 30 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18514-27 Christopher Henry JAY, 21, mechanic, Norwich England, Peterborough, s/o Christopher Henry JAY & Rosa Helen PLAYFORD, married Mary Monica CAIRNS, 20, factory worker, Liverpool England, Peterborough, d/o John CAIRNS & Mary Eleanor WILLIAMS, witn: Harry GRIFFIN & Violet CREIGHTON, both of Peterborough, 21 Nov 1927 at Peterborough (RC)
18515-27 John JEFFEERSON, 29, machinist, Blackburn England, Peterborough, s/o Thomas JEFFERSON & Alice CONNELL, married Norah Phyllis SIDDALL, 25, Cheadle England, Peterborough, d/o Robert James SIDDALL & Sarah LLOYD, witn: Bert S. REID & Jennie SMITH, both of Peterborough, 10 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18516-27 William Russel JENKINS, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o John JENKINS, b. Douro Twp. & Eliza Jane JONES, married Irene Frances KIDD, 19, Toronto, Dummer, d/o William Walter KIDD, b. Dummer Twp. & Etteline MCMASTER, witn: Howard W. KIDD & Harriet Margaret JENKINS, both of Dummer Twp. 9 Feb 1927 at Dummer Twp
18517-27 Ernest Gordon JOHNSTON, 27, grocer, Otonabee Twp., Peterborough, s/o Thomas Lewis JOHNSTON, b. Ontario & Frances Ann MONCREIFF, married Violet Rosina BUCKHAM, 27, teacher, South Monaghan Twp., North Monaghan, d/o John BUCKHAM, b. Ontario & Mary HUGGINS, witn: W.K. HUGGINS of South Monaghan & Dorothy J. COLLINS of Peterborough, 30 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18518-27 Douglas David JONES, 34, widower, mining contractor, St. Helen's Lancs. England, Peterborough, s/o John JONES, b. Wales & Mary ROBERTS, married Ada CROMPTON, 32, widow, Ealing Surrey England, Peterborough, d/o Arthur LINEGAR, b. England & Emma KEARS, witn: Johnson GALER? & Mary E. GOULD, both of Peterborough, 14 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18519-27 Edwin Ernest JONES, 21, operator, Alameda Sask., Peterborough, s/o Edwin Wilfred JONES, b. Canton & Etta Mina Dora COOPER, married Gladys Lillian MILES, 22, time keeper, Peterborough, same, d/o Horace MILES, b. Reading England & Edith CAITES, witn: Francis William HONOUR & Alice Elsie HONOUR, both of Peterborough, 4 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18520-27 Hayden JONES, 22, farmer, Asphodel Twp., Asphodel, s/o Thomas JONES, b. Dummer Twp. & Estella CLYDESDALE, married Maud A. MACMILLAN, 25, Dummer Twp., same, d/o George MACMILLAN, b. Dummer Twp. & Mabel FERGUSON, witn: Maurice MORRISON & Isobel MACMILLAN, both of Norwood, 5 Mar 1927 at Dummer Twp.
18521-27 William JONES, 33, boiler maker, Carlisle England, Deloro, s/o William JONES, b. Scotland & Elizabeth JONES, married Milwa LESKINEN, 23, Finland, Belmont Twp., d/o Juho LESKINEN, b. Finland & Lina HYVARINEN, witn: Auttan PUAKI & Tola MAKI, both of Havelock, 18 Nov 1927 at Havelock 18522-27 William Edgar JONES, 28, salesman, Hope Twp., Peterborough, s/o Wilbert JONES, b. Ontario & Minnie EVANS, married Ella STAPLES, 21, North Burleigh Twp., Peterborough, d/o Thomas STAPLES, b. Ontario & Effie Maud GERRARD, witn: Walter JONES of Peterborough & Mary STAPLES of Toronto, 25 May 1927 at Peterborough
18523-27 Harold Williams JUNKIN, 23, farmer, Verulam Twp., same, s/o William M. JUNKIN, b. Canada & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Theresa May PEARSON, 20, Smith Twp., same, d/o John PEARSON, b. Canada & Jane BLEWETT, witn: Loreen PEARSON of Lakefield & Clare JUNKIN of Verulam Twp., 23 Apr 1927 at Smith Twp 18524-27 Joseph KEEFE, 48, merchant, Elmira NY, Bobcaygeon, s/o Cornelius KEEFE, b. Ireland & Helen MORAN, married Mary GARBARINO, 33, stenographer, Elmira NY, Bobcaygeon, d/o Vincent Joseph GARBARINO, b. Italy & Margaret LAVOTELLO?, witn: M. MAHER & John J. CARLO, both of Buffalo, 30 Jun 1927 at Peterborough (RC)
18525-27 William Henry KELLS, 23, school teacher, Queensboro, Trenton, s/o William Henry KELLS, b. Canada & Lucy MCCAW, married Helen Dorothy JARVIS, 22, cashier, Peterborough, same, d/o Walter JARVIS, b. Canada & Blanche SOLMES, witn: Hazel TRETHEWEY & Elmer HODGSON, both of Peterborough, 24 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18526-27 Clarence Gratton KEMP, 22, school teacher, Lakefield, same, s/o William H. KEMP, b. Canada & Jane GRIFFIN, married Agnes LACKIE, 24, stenographer, Adrossan Alberta, Peterborough, d/o George McClelland LACKIE, b. Canada & Martha MAHOOD, witn: Janey LACKIE & John HARRYMAN, both of Peterborough, 1 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18527-27 Charles Ralph KENNEDY, 21, creamery inspector, Barriefield, Peterborough, s/o Charles John KENNEDY, b. Athens & Florence Amelia KINCAID, married Verna Rowdella MCCAW, 18, Chandos, Coe Hill, d/o Robert McCAW, b. Stirling & Mary Medland WOODLEY, witn: Ernest COLBY & Viola RUSAW, both of Norwood, 24 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18528-27 John Lloyd KENNEDY, 27, farmer, Smith, same, s/o John KENNEDY, b. Smith Twp. & Elizabeth GILLIS, married Gladys Audrey HARDING, 19, weaver, Douro, Peterborough, d/o Silas (Giles?) E. HARDING, b. Douro Twp. & Gladys WHEELER, witn: Everett COBURN & Phyllis HARDING, both of Peterborough, 28 Dec 1927 at Peterborough
18529-27 Andrew Mather KENT, 71, widower, gentleman, Otonabee, North Monaghan, s/o William KENT, b. Canada & Alice MATHER, married Sarah Jane STENTON, 70, widow, Montreal Que., North Monaghan, d/o James DUNCAN, b. Ireland & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn: Ethel DUDGEON & Elizabeth M. DUDGEON, both of Peterborough, 3 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18530-27 Howard Winfield KIDD, 30, farmer, Dummer Twp., same, s/o William Walter KIDD, b. Dummer Twp. & Etteline MCMASTER, married Harriet Margaret JENKINS, 24, Asphodel, Dummer Twp., d/o John JENKINS, b. Dummer Twp. & Eliza Jane JONES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Russell JENKINS, both of Norwood, 14 Apr 1927 at Peterborough
18531-27 George William KING, 21, watch maker, Peterborough, same, s/o Nelson KING, b. Seymour Twp. & Beatrice PETIFER, married Nellie Alberta HOWARD, 20, England, Peterborough, d/o William HOWARD, b. London England & Mary A. LEE, witn: Nelson William Harry FOY & Edna Irene FOY, both of North Monaghan, 3 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18532-27 Paul KLOSKEY, 45, widower, line man, Russia, Hamilton, s/o Fred KLOSKEY, b. Russia & Annie, married Beatrice MIDDLETON, 34, nurse, Toronto, same, d/o Wellington MIDDLETON, b. Toronto & Mary GLENDENNING, witn: Stella BURGESS & Mrs. R.F. STILLMAN, both of Norwood, 3 Dec 1927 at Norwood
18533-27 Elia KOURI, 35, commercial traveller, Damascus Syria, Montreal Que., s/o Nicola KOURI & Rohma KAZK, married Genevieve ABOUD, 21, Campbellford, Havelock, d/o Abraham ABOUD & Nasima SAID, witn: M. SAID & Selina ABOUD, both of Havelock, 7 Nov 1927 at Havelock (RC) 18534-27 Maxwell Louis LAIDLEY, 20, labourer, Peterborough, Detroit, s/o William Louis LAIDLEY, b. Balsam Lake & Lily OSTRUM, married Minnie Elizabeth HUDSON, 17, waitress, North Monaghan, Peterborough, d/o William Edwin HUDSON, b. Chalk River & Elizabeth SNIDER, witn: Edgar SIMMONS & Clara SCOTT, both of Peterborough, 29 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18535-27 James Tucker LANG, 29, barber, Cavan Twp., Peterborough, s/o John LANG, b. Canada & Elizabeth TUCKER, married Bertha Margaret COWRIE, 27, cashier, Cobourg, Peterborough, d/o James COWRIE, b. Canada & Margaret JOHNSON, witn: Jean M. WHEELER & Jack A. STUART, both of Peterborough, 15 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18536-27 Michael Joseph LEAHY, 31, farmer, Douro Twp., same, s/o William LEAHY & Ellen HEFFERNAN, married Louise CONROY, 34, nurse, Peterborough, same, d/o David CONROY & Catherine ALLEN, witn: Joseph P. LEAHY of Rochester NY & Eleanor CONROY of Peterborough, 21 Sep 1927 at Peterborough (RC)
18537-27 David LEE, 22, labourer, Dummer, same, s/o Calvin LEE, b. Bobcaygeon & Abbie STORMS, married Beatrice RUSAW, 18, Dummer, same, d/o Charles RUSAW, b. Percy Twp. & Nettie CLARK, witn: Walter RUSAW of Dummer Twp. & Mrs. Herbert RICHMOND of Norwood, 24 Oct 1927 at Norwood 18538-27 George Wesley LEE, 20, mechanic, Dummer Twp., Hastings, s/o George David LEE, b. Ontario & Mabel LITTLE, married Sarah Iolia EMMOREY, 15, Belmont Twp., Hastings, d/o Charles EMMOREY, b. Ontario & Maude CLAPPER, witn: George Benjamin CLAPPER & Mandie (Maudie?) EMMOREY, both of Hastings, 18 Aug 1927 at Peterborough
18539-27 Edmond Joseph LEMOIRE, 33, widower, labourer, Hastings, Peterborough, s/o Peter LEMOIRE & Clotilde PELLS, married Kathleen Teresa MAUDSLEY, 24, house servant, England, Peterborough, d/o Robert MAUDSLEY & Elizabeth PENNINGTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Joseph EMORY, both of Peterborough, 1 Mar 1927 at Peterborough (RC) 18540-27 John Harold Walton LEWIS, 29, farmer, Verulam, Smith, s/o David J. LEWIS, b. Bridgenorth & Elizabeth MCGREGOR, married Beatrice Eunice MCGREGOR, 21, Smith, same, d/o John Alexander MCGREGOR, b. Bridgenorth & Ella Margaret MANN, witn: Gordon Ivison MCGREGOR of Peterborough & Gladys Elizabeth M. LEWIS of Toronto, 22 Jun 1927 at Smith Twp
18541-27 David Robert LINDSAY, 57, widower, tank tester, Dumbarton Scotland, East Braintree Mass., s/o William LINDSAY, b. Dumbarton Scotland & Agness LIMPETHAN, married Marjorie Doig EDWARD, 44, domestic, Dundee Scotland, Peterborough, d/o William EDWARD, b. Loch Locheed Scotland & Betsy DAR, witn: James A. GOLDIE & Elizabeth MCKILLOP, both of Peterborough, 20 Jul 1927 at Peterborough 18542-27 Sidney Richard LINSEY, 18, stores keeper, Croydon England, Peterborough, s/o Sidney LINSEY, b. Croydon England & Alice MORRIS, married Violet May LITTLE, 17, wool winder, Belmont, Peterborough, d/o John LITTLE, b. Peterborough Co. & Sarah WHITWORTH, witn: Vivian Henry MILLS & Robert LITTLE, both of Peterborough, 24 Dec 1927 at Peterborough
18543-27 Henry LOFT, 22, labourer, Percy, Peterborough, s/o Frank LOFT, b. Manchester England & Katie E. RIGHTMYER, married Lyda Emily BABCOCK, 24, milliner, Sharbot Lake, Peterborough, d/o Norman X. BABCOCK, b. Kingston & Louisa Bell LEACH, witn: Lillian E. LOFT & Victor GENGE, both of Peterborough, 3 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18544-27 William Gladstone LUNDY, 29, brass finisher, Peterborough, same, s/o William John LUNDY, b. Ontario & Jane WALBROOK, married Lottie Madeline ROBINSON, 22, yarn twister, Smith, Peterborough, d/o Elliott ROBINSON, b. Ontario & Margaret GODFREY, witn: Allen ROBINSON & Vera ROBINSON, both of Peterborough, 6 Mar 1927 at Peterborough
18545-27 Henry Thomas LUSH, 48, gentleman, Peterborough, same, s/o Thomas LUSH, b. Devonshire England & Annie COWARD, married Alice Gough ALLEN, 46, widow, cook, Guelph, Peterborough, d/o Robert Thomas BARD (Borth?), b. England & Harriet ATCHON?, witn: Tom LUSH & Emily A. BURNS, both of Peterborough, 12 Nov 1927 at Peterborough  
18546-27 John Henry MAGEE, 21, upholsterer, 21, England, 259 Sumach St Toronto, s/o Frederick MAGEE & Jessie BULL, married Isabel Violet PARNELL, 18, Quaker Oats Co. employee, Peterboro, 249 Simcoe St Peterboro, d/o Richard Thomas PARNELL & Bertha BULL, witn: Hester & Jean BOUCHER of Peterboro on June 18, 1927 at Peterboro 18547-27 Russell Alexander MARTIN, 27, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o Edward MARTIN (b. Otonabee Tp.) & Eliza ROSS, married Tressa May GALLAHER, 20, Dummer, same, d/o Richard GALLAHER (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth COOMBS, witn: Russell & Beatrice GALLAHER both of R. R. 1 Norwood on Nov. 29, 1927 at Peterboro
18566-27 Lloyd Maxwell McCONKEY, 23, farmer, Smith Tp., same, s/o Frederick McCONKEY (b. Smith) & Annie ELLIOTT, married Velma McILMOYLE, 20, Smith Tp., same, d/o Lewis McILMOYLE (b. Smith Tp.) & Annie McCONKEY, witn: Effie M. SPENCER & W. Arthur BARKER both of Lakefield on May 12, 1927 at Lakefield 18567-27 Orville Herbert McCONKEY, 25, electrician, Smith Tp., Toronto, s/o Richard Herbert McCONKEY (b. Smith Tp.) & Mildred Evelyn FITZGERALD, married Jennie Bell TULLY, 20, Smith Tp., same, d/o James David TULLY (b. Smith Tp.) & Lottie BELL, witn: James D. TULLY & H. McCONKEY both of Smith Tp. on Nov. 9, 1927 at Smith Tp.
18568-27 Chester Henry McCRACKEN, 26, farmer, Dummer Tp., same, s/o James McCRACKEN (b. Canada) & Mary CROWE, married Thurza May ALLEN, 19, Smith Tp., same, d/o William ALLEN (b. Canada) & Mable FAIRBAIRN, witn: Nina C. TODD of Peterboro & W. A. BARKER of Lakefield on April 15, 1927 at Peterboro 18569-27 Melville Roy McDOUGALL, 21, solderer, Renfrew, 478 Sherbrooke St Peterboro, s/o William McDOUGALL (b. Admaston Renfrew Co.,) & Anna MAYHEW, married Helen Clara Mildred COPPERTHWAITE, 18, hair dresser, Dartford, same, d/o Clare COPPERTHWAITE (b. Dartford Ont.) & Elinor LANGFORD, witn: Leonard AGNEW & Mrs. A. C. THORNLEY both of Peterboro on Sept. 3, 1927 at Peterboro
18570-27 John Nelson McEATHRON, 26, barber, Mayo Tp., McArthur Mills, s/o Daniel Melbourne McEATHRON (b. Lanark Co.) & Mary Catherine HENNESSEY, married Vina Eveline DONALDSON, 25, Hastings Co., Norwood, d/o Joseph James DONALDSON (b. Renfrew Co.) & Ella Emma CHAMBERLAIN, witn: Joseph James & Mabel Ethel DONALDSON both of Asphodel Tp. on Nov. 30, 1927 at Norwood 18571-27 Willis Edgar McILMOYL, 25, farmer, Smith Tp., same, s/o William Edgar McILMOYL (b. Canada) & Annie Maria BULLOCH, married Myrtle May PRESTON, 19, Smith Tp., same, d/o William PRESTON (b. Canada) & Kathleen MORRISON, witn: Margaret Jean McILMOYL & Norman PRESTON both of Smith Tp. on June 8, 1927 at Smith Tp.

18572-27 Cyril Herbert McMILLAN, 18, printer, Peterboro, 15 Monaghan Rd North Monaghan, s/o Herbert McMILLAN (b. Otonabee Tp.) & Effie JOHNSON, married Ethel Florence JACOBS, 18, Smith Tp., 330 Water St. Peterboro, d/o Jack JACOBS (b. Smith Tp.) & Edith MARSDEN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Harold RAYNOR both of 284 Rogers St. Peterboro on Nov. 25, 1927 at Peterboro

18573-27 John Francis McMILLAN, 22, labourer, Asphodel Tp., Hastings, s/o William Henry McMILLAN (b. Asphodel Tp.) & Sara E. PRESSICK, married Mary Elizabeth BEAVIS, 23, Hastings, Asphodel Tp., d/o Lewis G. BEAVIS (b. Asphodel Tp.) & Frances WARNER, witn: William McMILLAN & Marjory Ellen BEAVIS both of Hastings on June 20, 1927 at Asphodel Tp.

18574-27 Clarence McMURRAY, 26, farmer, Douro Tp., same, s/o Matthew McMURRAY & Margaret McAULEY, married Mary Ellen SCOTT, 30, Chandos Tp., Douro Tp., d/o Stephen SCOTT & Julia LONG, witn: Lenard McMURRAY of R. R. 4 Lakefield & Margaret SCOTT of R. R. 9 Peterboro on May 2, 1927 at St. Joseph's Church in Douro.

18575-27 William Joseph George McNABB, 21, clock maker, Swan River Manitoba, 533 Elm St Peterboro, s/o William McNABB (b. Allison) & Minnie HYSLOP, married Margaret Helen DRURY, 19, watch maker, Peterboro, 533 Elm Street same, d/o Robert DRURY (b. London England) & Winifred Jane FOX, witn: Robert Sidney & Evelyn Mary DRURY both of 533 Elm St Peterboro on July 29, 1927 at Peterboro

18576-27 Daniel McNAMEE, 53, machinist, divorcee, Manchester England, 545 Murray St. Peterboro, s/o Hugh McNAMEE (b. Glasgow) & Elizabeth GRAYSON, married Elizabeth Ann YOXALL, 46, Crew England, 545 Murray St Peterboro, d/o Thomas (?) YOXALL & Frances (?) THOMPSON, witn: Mrs. J. GEROW of Peterboro & Mrs. William ADAMS of Bowmanville on Nov. 25, 1927 at Peterboro.

18577-27 Roland McNAUGHTON, 30, electrician, Nassau, 157 Dublin Street Peterboro, s/o Henry McNAUGHTON (b. Canada) & Annie MILLAGE, married Rosella ANDREWS, 34, Peterboro, Clarina Dummer Tp., d/o Christopher (b. Canada) & Rebecca, witn: Beatrice KAVANAGH of Norwood & Clemina LONG of 458 Driscoll Terrace Peterboro on March 9, 1927 at Peterboro

18578-27 Melville Garnet McNEELY, 32, clock maker, Peterboro, 267 Charlotte St same, s/o Benjamin F. McNEELY (b. Ontario) & Nina ENGLISH, married Hannah Foreman CLARKE, 31, yarn winder, Peterboro, 304 Louis St. same, d/o William Thomas CLARKE (b. Ontario) & Martha Louise JONES, witn: William & Jean CLARK both of 204 Louis St. Peterboro on Feb. 5, 1927 at Peterboro

18548-27 Maurice Augustine MEADE, 26, labourer, Douro, Lakefield, s/o John MEADE (b. Douro Tp.) & Mary ALLEN, married Enid Alexandria LEWIS, 21, Smith Tp., same, d/o Arthur David LEWIS (b. Peterboro) & Clair SANDERSON, witn: Mr. David & Mrs. D. CROWLEY both of R. R. 11 Peterboro on Nov. 1, 1927 at Peterboro
18549-27 John Gordon MEIN, 26, Morse operator, Keene, Toronto, s/o William MEIN (b. Keene) & Bella CAMPBELL, married Jean Isobel ERSKINE, 22, Lakefield, not given, d/o Frederick George ERSKINE (b. Otonabee Tp.) & Mary Ann LEONARD, witn: Frederick ERSKINE & Vera BOTTERILL both of Lakefield on Oct. 1, 1927 at Lakefield. 18550-27 William Skelly MERRILL, 63, merchant, widower, Beamsville, 561 Homewood Ave, s/o Robert MERRILL (b. England) & Phedora JOHNSTON, married Catherine Isabel PICARD, 45, widow, Orillia, 321 Frederick Ave, Peterboro, d/o William Joseph OVEREND (b. Orillia) & Lucy HUDSON, witn: Fred & M.M. OVEREND both of Peterboro on Sept. 19, 1927 at Peterboro
18551-27 Stanley MILLAGE, 24, farmer, Verulam Tp. Victoria Co., Smith Tp., s/o Joseph MILLAGE (b. Smith Tp.) & Sarah FAIRBAIRN, married Hazel Isabella May DARLING, 20, Douro Tp., not given, d/o Percy DARLING (b. Douro Tp.) & Isabella TEDFORD, witn: Stanley DARLING of Lakefield & Grace DARLING of Young's Point on June 22, 1927 at Douro Tp 18552-27 James MILLER, 29, electrician, Partick Lanark Scotland, Nicholas Hospital Peterboro, s/o James MILLER (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth WATSON, married Mary CRILLIN, 22, milliner, Blagdon Durham England, 166 Antrim St. Peterboro, d/o William Charles CRILLIN (b. Isle of Man) & Edith WILSON, witn: George LOW & Jennie CLARK both of Peterboro on Sept. 14, 1927 at St. John's Church Peterboro.
18553-27 Thomas Belair MINDLE, 21, farmer, Wollaston Tp., same, s/o Frank MINDLE (b. Ontario) & Martha WATT, married Mary Edith McCOLL, 21, Methuen, same, d/o William McCOLL (b. Ontario) & Annie Margaret PLATT, witn: Arthur McCOLL of Lasswade & Eva FULFORD of Coe Hill on June 1, 1927 at Chandos Tp. 18554-27 Henry MISSEN, 25, labourer, England, 60 Teignmouth Ave. Peterboro, s/o William Henry MISSEN (b. England) & Evelyn LORD, married Annie May WATKINS, 21, silk worker, England, 209 Victor Ave Peterboro, d/o Joe WATKINS (b. England) & Louisa HIGGINS, witn: Horace & Mina WATKINS both of Goodwell Apts. Peterboro on June 11, 1927 at Peterboro
18555-27 Norman James MITCHELL, 28, merchant, Kingston, 112 Stewart St Peterboro, s/o James A. MITCHELL (b. Ontario) & Adelaine STELLART, married Lena May CHARLTON, 23, Harrowsmith, 3 Dunbar St Kingston, d/o Ernest CHARTON (sic) (b. Ontario) & Frankie LEE, witn: John & Mrs. Ellen COPELAND both of 112 Stewart St. Peterboro on Aug. 11, 1927 at Peterboro 18556-27 William Edward MOLONEY, 33, farmer, Douro, Lakefield, s/o Daniel MOLONEY & Johanna McCARTHY, married Catherine Ann SULLIVAN, 23, Otonabee, same, d/o Patrick SULLIVAN & Margaret Ellen RYAN, witn: Josephine MOLONEY of R. R. 9 & Francis SULLIVAN of R. R. 8 both of Peterboro on June 21, 1927 at Peterboro
18557-27 Bert William MONAGUE, 21, labourer, Christian Island Simcoe Co., same, s/o James MONAGUE (b. Canada) & Lucy McGREGOR, married Maria BLAKER, 19, Curve Lake, same, d/o George BLAKER (b. Canada) & Eva BROWN, witn: Dow TAYLOR Jr. of Curve lake & James MONAGUE of Christian Island on Oct. 10, 1927 at Peterboro 18558-27 James MONAGHAN, 18, labourer, North Bay, 131 Sutherland Place Peterboro, s/o James MONAGHAN (b. Tweed) & Mary HUBBEL, married Grace WOODCOCK, 17, cereal packer, Thurlow Hastings Co., 547 Waterford St Peterboro, d/o Thomas WOODCOCK (b. Ireland) & Effie MASTERS, witn: Ellen MONAGHAN of 131 Sutherland Place & Clifford WOODCOCK of 457 Waterford St both of Peterboro on Jan. 19, 1927 at Peterboro
18559-27 Thomas Douglas Campbell MOORE, 20, traveller, Peterboro, 552 Chamberlain St. Peterboro, s/o Bertram Cecil MOORE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Olive Agatha GOSSELIN, 21, stenographer, Peterboro, 269 Perry St. same, d/o Thomas Lewis GOSSELIN (b. Canada) & Catherine Ann CADDREGAN, witn: Charles Thomas & Emma Florence McDERMOTT both of 188 Perry St Peterboro on Nov. 25, 1927 at Smith Tp. 18560-27 William Edwin Vivian MOORE, 27, farmer, Dummer Tp., same, s/o William Henry MOORE (b. Canada) & Annie McCRACKEN, married Clemina ANDREWS, 14, Dummer Tp., same, d/o Joseph ANDREWS (b. Canada) & Fannie SMITH, witn: John HUGHES of 291 Townsend St. Peterborough & Mrs. Fannie DRAIN of Halls Glen on Dec. 9, 1927 at Peterborough.
18561-27 Harold Archibald MORROW, 60, contractor, widower, Peterborough, North Monaghan, s/o Robert Archibald MORROW & Hanna Josephine GILCHRIST, married Dora Mary MULHOLLAND, 49, widow, Ryde Isle of Wight England, 375 Downie St Peterborough, d/o George H. PACK & Frances P. BROCK, witn: Frank Lindsay BRADBURN of Peterborough & Lillian W. COULSON of Toronto on March 12, 1927 at Peterborough 18562-27 Reginald Clarke MULLIGAN, 28, druggist, Ontario, 29 Westminster Ave Toronto, s/o Thomas Edward MULLIGAN (b. Ontario) & Ethel HEARN, married Carrie Estella CROOKSHANK, 30, school teacher, Ontario, 626 George St Peterboro, d/o Simon CROOKSHANK (b. Ontario) & Eliza S. M. HOWARD, witn: Greta M. STINSON of 197 Brock St & John E. CARLISLE of 585 George St. both of Peterboro on Sept. 10, 1927 at Peterboro
18563-27 William Cephas MUNROE, 35, labourer, Belmont, Smith Tp., s/o Dan MUNROE (b. Methuen Tp.,) & Mary McGOWAN, married Sarah Ann CLEMENT, 29, Waterloo Tp. Waterloo Co., Smith Tp., d/o Daniel CLEMENT (b. Illegible) & Julie JOHNSON, witn: Richard Ralph FORD & Eleanor M. BLAGRAVE of Peterboro on March 31, 1927 at Peterboro 18564-27 Harry James MURDUFF, 25, die maker, Peterboro, Detroit, s/o R. J. MURDUFF (b. Lakefield) & Louise SHADGETT, married Madeline Ella PORTER, 24, stenographer, Otonabee, 406 Sheridan Terrace Peterboro, d/o W. J. PORTER (b. Otonabee) & Ellen SHEARER, witn: Ivy L. HOPE of R. R. 7 & George MURDUFF of 135 Dublin St both of Peterboro on June 22, 1927 at the home of W. J. Porter of Peterboro
18565-27 Clarence Donald Henry MURRAY, 21, wool weaver, Mariposa Victoria Co., 464 Park Street Peterboro, s/o Angus George MURRAY (b. Ontario) & Levada ROBINSON, married Lillie MEEKS, 19, wool twister, Peterboro, 549 Elm St same, d/o Fred MEEKS (b. Ontario) & Maude McFARLANE, witn: Harold B. BALL of 108 Aylmer St & Loretta BRADLEY of 299 Sherbrooke St both of Peterboro on June 24, 1927 at Peterboro.

018579-27 Horace Edgar NAISH, 27, Electrical Worker, Reading England, North Monaghan, s/o Henry Walter NAISH (b. England) & Cecilia WILLAN; married Dorothy YARDLEY, 25, Weaver, Garton England, d/o John Alfred YARDLEY (b. England) & Josephine TOREVILLE; wit Ida EAGLESON & John WILSON, 11 Jun 1927, Peterborough

018580-27 Lionel Egbert NELSON, 22, Teacher, Percy Twp, Percy Twp, s/o Wilbert Stephen NELSON (b. Alnwick Twp) & Ida YOUNG; married Marjorie McCONKIE, 22, Clerk, Peterborough Co, Peterborough, d/o Norman McCONKIE (b. Peterborough) & Maud ELLIOT; wit Mrs. James GORDON & Douglas R. GORDON, both Peterborough, 5 Nov 1927, Peterborough

018581-27 Donovan Grant NEWBERRY, 28, Farmer, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, same, s/o Samuel Robert NEWBERRY (b. Canada) & Eretta REYNOLDS; married Effie Pearl WILSON, 25, Wool Operator, Burleigh, Peterborough, d/o Norman A. WILSON (b. Canada) & Flora WHITMORE; wit Flora WILSON, Peterborough & Walter TUCKER, Apsley, 8 Mar 1927, Peterborough

018582-27 Lewis NEWTON, 30, Farmer, Belmont, Belmont, s/o George NEWTON (b. England) & Elizabeth DREWRY; married Margaret CHARD, 22, Belmont Twp, Belmont, d/o William CHARD (b. Belmont Twp) & Mary GROVES; wit Roland E. EDWARDS & Mrs. Bessie EDWARDS, both Havelock, 20 Sept 1927, Norwood

018583-27 Charles NICHOLLS, 24, Mechanic, England, Peterborough, s/o Albert NICHOLLS (b. England) & Jane E. HARRIS; married Jessie LOWE, 19, England, Peterborough, d/o Albert LOWE (b. England) & Annie ROWE; wit Mrs. Alice HAMBLYN & George E. NICHOLLS, both Peterborough, 7 Mar 1927, Peterborough

018584-27 Nicholas O'COIN, 21, Mechanic, Tweed, Peterborough, s/o Truman O'COIN & Elizabeth BASLEY; married Violet CASSIBO, 18, Tweed, Peterborough, d/o Peter CASSIBO & Matilda VISEREAU; wit James YARDLEY, Peterborough & Laura KING, Newburg, 22 Jun 1927, Peterborough Co

018585-27 Daniel James O'RAY, 30, Physician, Chicago, Peterborough, s/o James O'RAY (b. Napanee) & Mary McKEOWN; married Sarah Elizabeth HARTMAN, 32, Stenographer, Wid, Brewers Mills, Kingston, d/o John HEANEY (b. Kingston) & Mary HUNTER; wit W. Stanton FITZPATRICK, Brockville & Irene M. HOGAN, Peterboro, 21 Feb 1927, Peterboro

018586-27 Harry James Alexander PAINTER, 32, Manufacturer, England, Toronto, s/o Walter James PAINTER (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth ORCHARD; married Florence Sydney MERVIN, 26, Graduate Nurse, Ontario, Monaghan, d/o John MERVIN (b. Ontario) & Effie DENOON; wit Ernest PAINTER, Allandale & Jessie G. CONWAY, Toronto, 20 Aug 1927, Monaghan Twp

018587-27 George Armand PALMER, 24, Labourer, Maynooth, Peterboro, s/o Fred PALMER (b. Canada) & unknown; married Evelyn Mary FOX, 23, Teacher, Madoc Twp, Eldorado, d/o John A. FOX (b. Canada) & Nellie McCOY; wit Robert Earle McCOY, Madoc & Pearl E. HARRIS, Peterboro, 21 May 1927, Peterboro

018588-27 John Prosper PAQUETTE, 27, Labourer, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o Eugene PAQUETTE (b. Quebec) & Mary GENETTLEY?; married Kathleen Clara SADLER, 27, Housekeeper, London England, Peterborough, d/o George SADLER (b. New York) & Elizabeth WAGAR; wit John Wilfred SADLER & Ettie Marie FOULGER, both Peterborough, 21 May 1927, Peterborough

018589-27 Lewis Richard PARKS, 28, Photographer, Cannington, Peterborough, s/o Richard S. PARKS (b. Haliburton) & Fannie HARMER; married Laura Jane COLLINS, 22, Dummer, North Monaghan, d/o William J. COLLINS (b. Asphodel) & Martha EVANS; wit Mrs. J.K. BENSON & Mr. J.K. BENSON, both no place given, 1 Mar 1927, Peterborough

018590-27 Bertram PARLIAMENT, 54, Farmer, Wid, Brock Twp, Little Britain, s/o Thomas PARLIAMENT (b. Brock Twp) & Susan JOHNSTON; married Marion Evelina ROSBOROUGH, 36, Housekeeper, Wid, Ennismore Twp, Little Britain, d/o William Parker ROBINSON (b. Peterborough Co) & Isabella YOUNG; wit Mary J. TRENNEM & Effie Mary SPENCER, both Lakefield, 17 Sept 1927, Lakefield

018591-27 Reginald PEARSON, 38 Farmer, Peterborough Co, Peterborough Co, s/o Henry PEARSON (b. Ontario) & Drusilla PENDYGRASS (Pendergast?); married Cora MOONEY, 24, Clerk, Harvey, Harvey, d/o William MOONEY (b. Ontario) & Louise IRWIN; wit Agnes H. ALLAN & Arnold ALLAN, both no place given, 8 Jun 1927, Peterborough

018592-27 James Stanley PENGELLY, 52, Farmer, South Monaghan, South Monaghan, s/o Theodore Robert PENGELLY (b. Bailieboro) & Fanny SWANN; married Mabel Audrey WINTON, 27, Wooler England, South Monaghan, d/o John Thomas WINTON (b. Wooler England) & Maria BOYD; wit J.S. PENGELLY & Marguerite PENGELLY, both Bailieboro, 31 Aug 1927, Peterborough

018593-27 John Murray PERRIN, 25, Electrical Engineer, s/o Daniel PERRIN (b. Nova Scotia) & Jessie ORMISTON; married Lillian Beatrice HOLYMAN, 28, Stenographer, Philadelphia USA, North Monaghan, d/o Thomas HOLYMAN (b. England) & Laura HOLYMAN; wit J.H. YOUNG, Ottawa & I.N. HOLYMAN, North Monaghan, 21 Jun 1927, North Monaghan

018594-27 Richard Henry PERRY, 34, Engineer, Forest Lake England, St. Catharines, s/o Richard Osburn PERRY (b. London England) & Rose FLOWERS; married Gertrude Douglas WOOD, 26, Librarian, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o Robert McGill HOOD (b. Montreal) & Margaret Ellen BROWN; wit Walter H. LOSEY (Lacey?) & Phyllis G. WOOD, Peterborough, 10 Aug 1927, Peterborough

018595-27 Joseph POUNDER, 32, Carpenter, Peterborough, Rawdon Twp, s/o Charles POUNDER (b. Rawdon) & Mary JOHNSON; married Evelyn STAPLEY, 20, Bannockburn, Peterborough, d/o Fred STAPLEY (b. Marmora) & Ann SANDFORD; wit James POUNDER & Florence POUNDER, both Thomasburg, 14 Dec 1927, Peterborough

018596-27 Frederick Michael PRIMEAU, 30, Lynotyper, Peterboro, Detroit, s/o John PRIMEAU & Mary RYAN; married Mary Louise Bernadette BEAUSOLEIL, 24, Barrington Que, Peterborough, d/o Andrew BEAUSOLEIL & Mary PRENOVOST; wit Arthur PRIMEAU & Georgette BEAUSOLEIL, both Peterboro, 28 Sept 1927, Peterborough

018597-27 Thomas Alexander PRIMEAU, 35, Inspector, Peterboro, Detroit, s/o John PRIMEAU & Mary RYAN; married Minnie Melanise BEAUSOLEIL, 21, Ottawa, Peterboro, d/o Ambrose BEAUSOLEIL & Mary PRENEVOST; wit Arthur J. PRIMEAU & Bernadette BEAUSOLEIL, both Peterboro, 4 Jan 1927, Peterboro

18598-27 Thomas Stewart RANSON, 36, conductor, Anson Twp., Lindsay, s/o William RANSON, b. Canada & Elizabeth COBURN, married Mary Alma HAZELTON, 35, nurse, Phillipsville, Peterborough, d/o George HAZELTON, b. Canada & Lucy SHANNON, witn: Margaret BALDWIN & J.E. BALDWIN, both of Lindsay, 14 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18599-27 James Hamilton RATCLIFF, 28, electrical engineer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o James Henry RATCLIFF, b. Ontario & Emma HAMILTON, married Greta Olive WALL, 25, stenographer, Ontario, Peterborough, d/o Ernest Mark WALL, b. Ontario & Erva Bedetta GIDNEY, witn: E.T. LEE of Stouffville & Bernice SPAFFORD of Peterborough, 1 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18600-27 John RENSHAW, 29, Salvation Army captain, Liverpool England, Peterborough, s/o Thomas RENSHAW, b. England & Mary ROBINSON, married Winnifred YOUNGS, 21, Salvation Army officer, Norwich - Norfolk England, Peterborough, d/o Abraham YOUNGS, b. England & Ellen SLAUGHTER, witn: Fred C. JASPAR of Port Colborne & Mabel G. SCOTT of Toronto, 7 Oct 1927 at Peterborough 18601-27 Wilfred Ivy ROGERS, 23, trimmer, Peterborough, North Monaghan Twp., s/o Joseph ROGERS, b. England & Lena GAUL, married Ethel Marion REYNOLDS, 21, factory hand, Peterborough, same, d/o Joseph REYNOLDS, b. Canada & Mabel SMITH, witn: J.L. ARMSTRONG & Catherine CORKERY, both of Peterborough, 28 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18602-27 Robert Edgar ROTHWELL, 25, baker, Norwood, same, s/o John ROTHWELL, b. Norwood & Jennie REYNOLDS, married Lilly Annie BRIMACOMBE, 27, printer, Rose Island, Norwood, d/o Isaac BRIMACOMBE, b. Colborne & Cinderella SUMMERFIELD, witn: Jessie F. HOUSFORD & Elsie L. DYER, both of Peterborough, 3 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18603-27 Edwin Adrian ROWE, 24, draftsman, Douro, Peterborough, s/o George H. ROWE, b. Canada & Elizabeth May HURL, married Mary Ethel WOODS, 22, music teacher, Otonabee, North Monaghan, d/o William SARGENT (sic), b. Canada & Edith KENT, witn: Sherman J. ROWE & Jetta L. WOOD, both of Peterborough, 30 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18604-27 Patrick Henry RUDKINS, 25, clerk, Peterborough, same, s/o William RUDKINS, b. Peterborough & Agnes COTE, married Lenore Louise CRARY, 24, Peterborough, same, d/o Herman CRARY, b. Peterborough & Carrie LOUCKS, witn: P.J. SCOLLARD & Fannie DAVIS, both of Peterborough, 29 Sep 1927 at Peterborough (RC) 18605-27 Louis SABATINO, 24, labourer, Lakefield, same, s/o Donato SABATINO & Margaret MINICOLO, married Iva Agath WINDSOR, 22, Lakefield, same, d/o Abner WINDSOR & Catherine PETERS, witn: Peter ASTA of Peterborough & Isobel WHITE of Lakefield, 29 Jul 1927 at Lakefield (RC)
18606-27 Harvey Fred SANDERSON, 28, farmer, Smith, same, s/o Mr. SANDERSON [sic], b. Ontario & Elizabeth TYNDALL, married Mabel Evelyn GILLIS, 26, stenographer, Fenelon Twp., Peterborough, d/o John GILLIS, b. Ontario & Isabell McALE, witn: Arthur GILLIS of Woodville & Lula E. SANDERSON of Peterborough, 1 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18607-27 Victor Joseph Courtney SCOBELL, 29, chauffeur, North Monaghan, Peterborough, s/o Courtney SCOBELL, b. Canada & Margaret WRIGHT, married Cora Marguerite WINDOVER, 27, waitress, Harvey, Peterborough, d/o Alex WINDOVER, b. Canada & Elizabeth BENNETT, witn: Nina C. TODD & William E. TODD, both of Peterborough, 3 May 1927 at Peterborough
18608-27 William SCOLLARD, 61, marine engineer, Ennismore, Peterborough, s/o Cornelius SCOLLARD, b. Canada & Mary Anne BRADY, married Matilda Mabel TAIT, 37, Hamilton, Smith Twp., d/o William TAIT, b. Scotland & Gertrude LOTTRIDGE, witn: Patrick YOUNG of Youngs Point & Ida HAMILTON of Peterborough, 18 Oct 1927 at Peterborough 18609-27 John SEXSMITH, 29, labourer, Belmont Twp., Hiawatha, s/o James SEXSMITH, b. Canada & Harriet PACEY, married Mary Jane NORTHEY, 18, Smith Twp., Peterborough, d/o Whitfield NORTHEY, b. Canada & Bertha BELL, witn: J.A. TODD & Nora C. TODD, both of Peterborough, 4 May 1927 at Peterborough
18610-27 Ormand Lyle SHARPE, 21, mechanic, Peterborough, same, s/o William L. SHARPE, b. Canada & Nellie LYLE, married Jean TAYLOR, 21, stenographer, Toronto, Peterborough, d/o Edward A. TAYLOR, b. Canada & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: Winnie TAYLOR of Sebringville & A.C. SHARPE of Peterborough, 3 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18611-27 Michael SHEEHAN, 34, farmer, Douro Twp., same, s/o Daniel SHEEHAN & Catherine WALSH, married Anastasia SULLIVAN, 30, clerk, Douro Twp., Peterborough, d/o Edward SULLIVAN & Joanna SHEEHAN, witn: Hugh Timothy WALSH of Peterborough & Rosabelle SULLIVAN of Toronto, 24 Oct 1927 at Peterborough (RC)
18612-27 Frank SHEPPARD, 39, farmer, Orono, North Monaghan Twp., s/o Francis J. SHEPPARD, b. Newcastle & Florence MONROE, married Marguerite Alberta FINCH, 28, nurse, Kingston, Campbellford, d/o James F. FINCH, b. Hastings Co. & Jessie TALBOT, witn: Reta Mae FINCH of Campbellford & W. Cecil PARRINGTON of Peterborough, 8 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18613-27 William Herman SICKLE, 29, tinsmith, Westport, Peterborough, s/o Harmonius SICKLE, b. Leeds Co. & Martha Ann BARKER, married May Victoria Nellie JENKINS, 27, England, Peterborough, d/o Charles Robert JENKINS, b. England & Sarah Ann COX, witn: Nigel? (Myral?) SICKLE & Edith JENKINS, both of Peterborough, 30 Jul 1927 at Peterborough
18614-27 Vandal Glen SIMPSON, 27, carpenter, Lakefield, Peterborough, s/o William A. SIMPSON, b. Canada & Julia LILE, married Viola Mary HEATH, 21, Springbank, no current residence shown, d/o David HEATH, b. Canada & Polly Anna KEMP, witn: Nina C. TODD of Peterborough & R.C. CHITTICK of Lakefield, 14 May 1927 at Peterborough 18615-27 William George SIMPSON, 19, labourer, Peterborough, same, s/o George SIMPSON, b. Ontario & Jane SMITH, married Lillian Elizabeth BAILEY, 21, paper company employee, Kingston, Peterborough, d/o John BAILEY, b. Ontario & Mary GARRIGAN, witn: Charles BAILLEY & Laura BAILLEY, both of Peterborough, 18 Apr 1927 at Peterborough (RC)
18616-27 Bertie Ernest SMITH, 21, fitter, England, Peterborough, s/o Thomas SMITH, b. England & Amelia BAKER, married Julia REILLY, 26, operator, England, North Monaghan, d/o Pat REILLY, b. Ireland & Elizabeth KIERAN, witn: Leonard O'TOOLE & Bridget O'BRIEN, both of Peterborough, 28 May 1927 at Peterborough 18617-27 Francis Ernest SMITH, 24, mechanic, Newton in Makerfield - Lancashire England, Kingston, s/o Ernest SMITH, b. Birmingham England & Ellen HUGHES, married Marion Elizabeth HOPCROFT, 24, Quaker Oats Co. employee, England, Peterborough, d/o Marlin HOPCROFT, b. Woodheath England & Katherine SMITH, witn: Dorothy COCKERELL & Alan COCKERELL, both of Peterborough, 11 June 1927 at Peterborough
18618-27 John Arthur SMITH, 36, barber, Hamilton Scotland, Peterborough, s/o John Arthur SMITH, b. Scotland & Margaret RORISON, married Drusilla Mary WILLIAMSON, 25, stenographer, Cavan, same, d/o Western Burleau WILLIAMSON, b. Ontario & Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, witn: Robert HENDRY & Mabel HENDRY, both of Peterborough, 6 Jul 1927 at Peterborough 18619-27 Jonathan Wells SMITH, 22, moulder, Reading England, Peterborough, s/o John SMITH, b. Reading England & Edith WELLS, married Winnifred BRADSHAW, 23, stenographer, Brighton England, Toronto, d/o James Henry BRADSHAW, b. England & Alice HEAD, witn: H.C. WEESE & Olive A. WEESE, both of Belleville, 27 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18620-27 Richard George SMITHSON, 53, widower, carpenter, Huron Co. Michigan, Otonabee, s/o Richard SMITHSON, b. Canada & Anna WALTERS, married Florence Ilona FISHER, 37, Cavan, Otonabee, s/o Joseph FISHER, b. Canada & Mary Ann MANN, witn: Edith G. RICHARDSON & J. Howard RICHARDSON, both of Peterborough, 26 Feb 1927 at Peterborough  
18621-27 Joseph Elliott SPENCLEY, 44, widower, mason, Albany NY, Peterborough, s/o Martin SPENCLEY, b. England & Frances HODGES, married Olga TROTTER, 19, Otonabee Twp., Peterborough, d/o John A. TROTTER, b. Peterborough Co. & Mabel Beatrice LAWSON, witn: Lena GRATTAN & Mrs. A. STEVENSON, both of Peterborough, 7 May 1927 at Peterborough 18622-27 Thomas STARR, 48, widower, moulder, Peterborough, same, s/o Joseph STARR, b. England & Maria SMITH, married Ada WEEKS, 40, widow, Gillingham England, Peterborough, d/o Arthur FIRSON, b. England & Elizabeth DOYLE, witn: Alice CURTIS & Clarence STARR, both of Peterborough, 2 Dec 1927 at Peterborough
18623-27 James Henry STAVE, 22, fireman, Toronto, North Monaghan, s/o Percy STAVE & Amy METABEL, married Freda May Jane DETLOR, 18, wool winder, Adolphustown, North Monaghan, d/o Jordan DETLOR & Nora A. LOTT, witn: Erven DETLOR & Ruth KING, both of Peterborough, 10 Dec 1927 at Peterborough 18624-27 Percival Douglas STENNER, 21, carpenter, Baxton England, Peterborough, s/o Charles Christopher STENNER & Florence HILLS, married Ethel Gwendolyn WILSON, 18, Young's Point, same, d/o Andrew WILSON & Jennie JACKMAN, witn: Roger STENNER of Lakefield & Bess WILSON of Young's Point, 1 Jun 1927 at Young's Point
18625-27 Ralph Frederick STEPHENS, 20, carpet finisher, Seymour, Peterborough, s/o Peter STEPHENS, b. Canada & Lina POTTS, married Ida May HALL, 19, carpet finisher, Campbellford, Peterborough, d/o Alex HALL, b. Canada & Minnie CASSAN, witn: Ella HALL & Alex HALL, both of Campbellford, 18 Nov 1927 at Peterborough 18626-27 Harold Mount STEVENS, 39, widower, horse trainer, Dulverton England, Barrie, s/o Caleb Mount STEVENS, b. Dulverton England & Jane Louise PIPPEN, married Florence May NICHOLLS, 32, school teacher, Tredegal - Wales, Peterborough, d/o Albert NICHOLLS, b. Manchester England & Elizabeth Jane HARRIS, witn: Charlie NICHOLLS & Gwendolyn NICHOLLS, both of Peterborough, 2 Apr 1927 at Peterborough
18627-27 Frank Gerald STENSON, 27, divorced, secretary Chamber of Commerce, Cavan, Peterborough, s/o Samuel W. STENSON, b. Ontario & Frances A. GRAHAM, married Edna Nye BORBRIDGE, 23, Ottawa, Peterborough, d/o Edward W. BORBRIDGE, b. Ontario & Florence NYE, witn: E.F. BORBRIDGE & M.G. BORBRIDGE, both of Peterborough, 5 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18628-27 Lorne STOCKDALE, 34, farmer, Harvey Twp., same, s/o Robert STOCKDALE, b. England & Elizabeth Jane FAUCETT, married Mabel Clara STABLER, 30, domestic, Lakehurst, same, d/o Joseph A. STABLER, b. Smith Twp. & Eliza Jane NICHOLS, witn: Ronald KEMP & Eva M. KEMP, both of Lakefield, 3 Jan 1927 at Lakefield
18629-27 James Henry STRINGER, 33, farmer, Carlow Twp., Fort Stewart, s/o William STRINGER, b. Renfrew Co. & Catherine MCWHIRTER, married Marjorie Irene BATTELLE, 24, school teacher, Camden Twp., Sandy Point, d/o Frank BATTELLE, b. Liverpool England & Eliza PHILLIPS, witn: Annie CAMPBELL & Mabel H. HARTON, both of Peterborough, 24 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18630-27 Peter STUART, 43, miller, Chicago, Peterborough, s/o George STUART, b. Canada & Ellen SHANE, married Muriel Therese SCOTT, 38, clerk, Smith, Peterborough, d/o Robert M. SCOTT, b. Canada & Sarah MILBURN, witn: Gertrude SCOTT of Toronto & Ruth SCOTT of Peterborough, 16 Apr 1927 at Peterborough
18632-27 Elijah TAYLOR, 28, labourer, Smith, Curve Lake, s/o William TAYLOR & "not known", married Margaret MOHR, 29, domestic, Douro, Peterborough, d/o Daniel MOHR & Minnie NOLAN, witn: D. ANDREW & Mabel TUCKER, both of Peterborough, 18 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18631-27 Ashley Lloyd TAYLOR, 22, labourer, Smith, same, s/o George TAYLOR, b. Canada & Amelia HOWARD, married Mary Jane WILLIAMS, 22, Ontario Co., same, d/o Gilbert WILLIAMS, b. Canada & Mary Ann YELLOWHEAD, witn: Mrs. I. TAYLOR of Curve Lake & Nina C. TODD of Peterborough, 3 May 1927 at Peterborough
18633-27 Alfred George THOMPSON, 24, shoemaker, London England, Arthur, s/o William John THOMPSON, b. Newcastle England & Marian Emma COLES, married Elsie Mary RAY, 20, meter assembler, Oldbury England, Peterborough, d/o Ezra RAY, b. Oldbury England & Louisa Emily SEELY, witn: George T. PANTER & Ivy R. YEARSON, both of Peterborough, 2 Jul 1927 at Peterborough 18634-27 Thomas Alphonsus TOBIN, 28, wood dresser, Douro, Peterborough, s/o Thomas TOBIN, b. Peterborough Co. & Johanna RYAN, married Verna Belle HARPER, 19, wood winder, Peterborough, same, d/o Norman HARPER, b. Durham Co. & Sadie DUNLOP, witn: James BUTLER & Kathleen GUERIN, both of Peterborough, 29 Jun 1927 at Peterborough
18635-27 Earl TOMS, 26, farmer, Belmont Twp., same, s/o James TOMS, b. England & Mary MELVILLE, married Sylvia Rose COOK, 19, Trent River, Belmont Twp., d/o Thomas COOK, b. Belmont Twp. & Eliza COOK, witn: Stella BURGESS & Florence M. STILLMAN, both of Norwood, 21 Dec 1927 at Norwood 18636-27 George Henry TRANTER, 24, ministerial student, Peterborough, same, s/o William James TRANTER, b. Birmingham England & Mary Louisa HUDSON, married Jean Alberta STENTON, 20, stenographer, Peterborough, same, d/o George W. STENTON, b. Peterborough & Harriet SMITH, witn: Viola TRANTER & Cecil LAPP, both of Peterborough, 21 May 1927 at Peterborough
18637-27 Herbert Henry TROLLOPE, 23, teamster, Douro Twp., Smith Twp., s/o Henry TROLLOPE, b. Canada & Frances NOYES, married Eileen Yvonna DOUGLAS. 21. Asphodel Twp., North Monaghan, d/o Henry DOUGLAS, b. Canada & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: George KOFF & Carrie DOUGLAS, both of Peterborough, 1 Feb 1927 at Peterborough 18638-27 Walter Billings TUCKER, 29, cook, Anstruther, Apsley, s/o Zachariah TUCKER, b. Canada & Eleanor KILBURN, married Flora WILSON, 20, Burleigh Twp., same, d/o Norman A. WILSON, b. Canada & Flora WHITMORE, witn: Lulu KNOX & Archie WILSON, both of Apsley, 22 Dec 1927 at Peterborough
18639-27 John Vincent TURCOTTE, 25, mechanic, Erinsville, Peterborough, s/o Isaac TURCOTTE & Josephine PROULX, married Mary Irene Teresa GORDON, 21, factory worker, Peterborough, same, d/o Henry GORDON & Virginia VINETTE, witn: Thomas GORDON of Peterborough & Mary RYAN of Sterling, 25 Jun 1927 at Peterborough (RC) 18640-27 Angus TWOMEY, 30, farmer, Emily Twp., same, s/o Thomas TWOMEY & Margaret Annie SULLIVAN, married Bernice Regina SCOLLARD, 27, school teacher, Ennismore, same, d/o William SCOLLARD & Anne STOCKDALE, witn: Fergus UNIEL (O'Neil?) of Lindsay & Anna SCOLLARD of Ennismore, 6 Oct 1927 at Ennismore (RC)
18641-27 Wilbert Grant UNDERHAY, 29, agent, Adelaide, Peterborough, s/o Wilmott UNDERHAY, b. Thedford & Mary CHELFORD, married Reta May ROWE, 22, Otonabee Twp., same, d/o James ROWE, b. Adelaide & Estella BROOKES, witn: Darrell ROWE & Minnie ROWE, both of Peterborough, 11 Oct 1927 at Peterborough 18642-27 Roy VARTY, 24, farmer, Belmont Twp., same, s/o Lewis VARTY & Elizabeth TRANTER, married Sarah Luella ROBERTSON, 18, Havelock, Campbellford, d/o John ROBERTSON & Harriet PHILLIPS, witn: Walter F. ELLIS & Blanche VARTY, both of Havelock, 23 Feb 1927 at Havelock
18643-27 Wesley Shepherd VILNEFF, 23, labourer, Rawdon Twp., Blairton, s/o George VILNEFF, b. Angelsea? Lo--? & Melinda RUPERT, married Tillie Viola Louisa MCFALL, 16, Belmont Twp., Blairton, d/o Patrick MCFALL, b. Marmora Twp. & Emma FLEMING, witn: Elsie Christina Kathleen MCFALL of Havelock & James Gordon VILNEFF of Marmora, 9 Aug 1927 at Havelock 18644-27 Robert Ronald WADDELL, 36, labourer, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o James WADDELL, b. Scotland & Ellen ARMSTRONG, married Ruby Edith HOLLORAN, 25, weaver, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, d/o John HOLLORAN, b. Ontario & Charlotte CHAMBERLAIN, witn: Jean C. MCDONALD & Marjorie MCDONALD, both of Peterborough, 20 Aug 1927 at Peterborough
18646-27 Reginald Edward WALKER, 22, stores keeper, Enfield - Middlesex England, Peterborough, s/o George WALKER, b. England & Marion DUCKERELL, married Alice SCOTT, 22, machinist, Newcastle on Tyne England, Peterborough, d/o Francis SCOTT, b. England & Mary Ann LAWSON, witn: Herbert WALKER & Marie WALKER, both of Peterborough, 6 Jul 1927 at Peterborough 18645-27 Raymond Harold WALKER, 18, labourer, Peterborough, same, s/o William A. WALKER & Sarah GRIER, married Elva Viola TAVERNER, 18, Lewisham - Muskoka, Peterborough, d/o James Edwin TAVERNER & Stella HARVEY, witn: Henry David WESTON & Elizabeth Pearl SEXSMITH, both of Peterborough, 18 Jul 1927 at Peterborough
18647-27 William Gordon WEASE, 30, tanner, Lasswade, same, s/o Austin WEASE, b. Prince Edward Island & Annie PARCEL, married Emma Leona GUNTER, 20, Coe Hill, Lasswade, d/o David GUNTER, b. Ontario & Dora GARSEHL?, witn: Fred C. FISHER & Mrs. Samuel HICKS, both of Kingsville, 12 Oct 1927 at Apsley 18648-27 Armar MacLachlan WEIR, 28, merchant, Havelock, Norwood, s/o John WEIR, b. Madoc & Edith Blanche MACLACHLAN, married Vera Evelyn FINLAY, 31, Norwood, same, d/o John Alfred FINLAY, b. Norwood & Ida Marie BRETHEN, witn: Pauline G. WEIR & J. Alfred FINLAY, both of Norwood, 31 Aug 1927 at Norwood
18649-27 William Frederick WELSH, 22, gardener, Newcastle England, Smith, s/o John W. FOSTER [sic], b. Huron Co. & Mabel J. CHAPMAN, married Thelma Geraldine FOSTER, 18, wool drawer, Peterborough, Smith, d/o William P. WELSH, b. Newcstle England & Mona NELSON, witn: John W. FOSTER & William P. WELSH, both of Peterborough, 22 Sep 1927 at Peterborough 18650-27 John George WEST, 35, widower, labourer, London England, Peterborough, s/o John George WEST, b. England & Victoria NICKOLLS, married Rose May CROUTER, 31, cereal wrapper, Dummer, Peterborough, d/o George CROUTER, b. Trenton & Mary A. BROCK, witn: John HURN & Mrs. L. YORK, both of Peterborough, 12 Jan 1927 at Peterborough
18651-27 Vincent Ephriam WETHERUP, 28, widower, labourer, Port Hope, Peterborough, s/o John WETHERUP, b. Port Hope & Dorcas STAPLES, married Minnie Mildred Irene MCCRACKEN, 27, Otonabee Twp., Smith Twp., d/o Richard MCCRACKEN, b. Roseneath & Minnie Lucinda ROBINSON, witn: James Douglas BAKER of Norwood & Mary SCULLY of Peterborough, 17 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18654-27 William Edward WHITE, 70, widower, retired, Clarke - Durham Co., Peterborough, s/o Joseph WHITE, b. Ireland & Fanny THOMPSON, married Harriet Maria HOWELL, 62, widow, South Monaghan, Montreal Quebec, d/o Samuel PERRIER, b. Canada & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: J.M. WREN & D. Stewart WREN, both of Peterborough, 19 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18652-27 Charles Frederick WHITE, 18, weaver, Campbellford, same, s/o Charles WHITE, b. Seymour Twp. & Alice Maud Mary BAKER, married Thelma Fern May REYNOLDS, 18, drawing in, Campbellford, same, d/o William REYNOLDS, b. Percy Twp. & Hannah BELL, witn: Grant MORRISON of Campbellford & Josephine H. BOUSFIELD of Peterborough, 4 Aug 1927 at Peterborough 18653-27 Samuel Emery WHITE, 52, widower, carpenter, Mariposa, Lakefield, s/o William Henry WHITE, b. England & Maria ELSY, married Charlotte Annie SMITH, 49, Douro, Lakefield, d/o Thomas Henry SMITH, b. Canada & Annie DEAN, witn: H.J. ABBOTT & Lilian ABBOTT, both of Lakefield, 1 Oct 1927 at Lakefield
18655-27 Archie WHITMORE, 53, widower, labourer, Chandos, Chandos Twp., s/o Daniel WHITMORE, b. Grey Co. & Effie MCPHEE, married Ellen Jane STEEN, 49, Chandos, Chandos Twp., d/o Robert STEEN, b. Tyrone Ireland & Ann Jane WILSON, witn: Daniel WHITMORE & Bertha WHITMORE, both of Apsley, 28 Dec 1927 at Apsley 18656-27 Allan Keith WHYTE, 32, compositor, Montreal Quebec, Peterborough, s/o William Keith WHYTE, b. Scotland & Emily TESTER, married Mary Cowan HERD, 23, Kirkaldy Scotland, Peterborough, d/o William HERD, b. Scotland & Mary MOYES, witn: W.A. WATT & Elizabeth HERD, both of Peterborough, 3 Sep 1927 at Peterborough
18657-27 Charles WILLIAMS, 64, labourer, Herefordshire England, Peterborough, s/o William WILLIAMS, b. Herefordshire England & Esther DAVIS, married Caroline Elizabeth EDMUNDS, 65, widow, housekeeper, Cobourg, Peterborough, d/o Thomas FOX, b. Cobourg & Ellen BURKE, witn: J.J. TURNER & Emma J. TURNER, both of Peterborough, 15 Oct 1927 at Peterborough 18658-27 Arthur Hughes WILLMOTT, 32, farmer, Toronto, Arden - Kennebec Twp., s/o John WILLMOTT, b. Wales & Rebecca CLARK, married Mary Malina KELLAR, 21, Arden, same, d/o Fred KELLAR, b. Canada & Margaret CLARK, witn: John NUGENT & Alex NORTHEY, both of Peterborough, 20 Oct 1927 at Peterborough
18659-27 Cecil Alexander WILSON, 20, blacksmith, Anstruther Twp., Coe Hill, s/o George Albert WILSON, b. Ontario & Bertha BULLIED, married Nellie HOARD, 20, Lake Twp., same, d/o Sandford HOARD, b. Ontario & Charlotte CARRALL, witn: Sidney HOARD & Mabel HOARD, both of Oak Lake, 5 Sep 1927 at Havelock 18660-27 Clinton Orin WILSON, 25, bowl balancer, North Monaghan, same, s/o Herman WILSON, b. Ontario & Mary W. TUNEY, married Norma Adaline JOHNSON, 22, watch maker, Montreal Quebec, North Monaghan, d/o Ludwig JOHNSON, b. Sweden & Sally WETCLIND, witn: Ethel JOHNSON & Walter JOHNSON, both of Peterborough, 11 Aug 1927 at Peterborough
18661-27 James Henry WILSON, 20, stock clerk, Coe Hill, Peterborough, s/o Henry WILSON, b. Seymour Twp. & Lucinda TINNY, married Mabel May ALLEN, 19, water dept. employee, Peterborough, North Monaghan, d/o Herbert ALLEN, b. England & Janet HOLLAND, witn: Malcolm FITZSIMMONS & Beatrice FITZSIMMONS, both of Peterborough, 12 Apr 1927 at Peterborough 18662-27 D'Arcy WINDSOR, 24, lumberman, Anstruther, Peterborough, s/o Benjamin WINDSOR, b. Peterborough Co. & Frances BRISSETT, married Doris COOKE, 19, cereal packer, Pelham, Peterborough, d/o John COOKE, b. Manchester England & Clara SUTTON, witn: Austin GORMAN & Lillian GARVEY, both of Peterborough, 13 Jan 1927 at Peterborough
18663-27 William Stanley WOOD, 26, farmer, North Monaghan Twp., Otonabee Twp., s/o William Edgar WOOD, b. Ontario & Agnes LANG, married Verna Jean DONALDSON, 20, Smith Twp., Otonabee Twp., d/o Percy DONALDSON, b. Ontario & Matilda JOHNSTON, witn: Edna Louise DONALDSON of Peterborough & Harry M. GARNETT of Indian River, 1 Jun 1927 at Peterborough 18664-27 Clifford Wellington WOODCOCK, 23, labourer, Tweed, Peterborough, s/o Charles WOODCOCK, b. Tweed & Effie ARHART, married Mary Ellen MONAGHAN, 21, clock maker, Fort Francis, Peterborough, d/o James F. MONAGHAN, b. Texas USA & Mary Ellen HUBBEL, witn: William MARTIN & Ellen May MCCORMICK, both of Peterborough, 7 Aug 1927 at Peterborough
18665-27 Thomas WOODHEAD, 24, cotton operative, Winebank - Sheffield England, Welland, s/o Thomas WOODHEAD & Alice SMITH, married Dorothy May BUTLER, 22, office clerk, Maidenhead - Berks. England, North Monaghan, d/o Reginald William BUTLER & Mabel STRICKLAND, witn: Donald WOODHEAD of Welland & Nellie BUTLER of North Monaghan, 11 Jun 1927 at North Monaghan 18666-27 Robert Dean WOODS, 32, merchant, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George WOODS, b. Ontario & Mary DEAN, married Stella RAE, 30, b. 17 Jan 1896, stenographer, Perth, Peterborough, d/o John RAE, carriage maker, b. Ontario & Mina TAYLOR, witn: Marion RAE & Norman L. ELLIOTT, both of Peterborough, 8 Mar 1927 at Peterborough
18667-27 Leslie Grant WOULD, 24, farmer, Seymour Twp., Asphodel Twp., s/o Charles WOULD, b. Horncastle England & Elizabeth SIMPSON, married Alberta DARLING, 23, Dummer Twp., same, d/o John DARLING, b. Dummer Twp. & Martha BALTEN, witn: Maurine STILLMAN & Ruth STILLMAN, both of Norwood, 20 Apr 1927 at Norwood 18668-27 Charles Robert YOUNG, 19, labourer, Milton, Peterborough, s/o John Robert YOUNG, b. England & Winnifred TIPPING, married Kathleen Loretta FALLON, 18, clerk, Peterborough, same, d/o John FALLON, b. Canada & Agnes YOUARD, witn: John H. BIRD & Mrs. A. BREWER, both of Peterborough, 24 Oct 1927 at Peterborough
18669-27 Douglas Albert YOUNG, 24, fireman, Belmont Twp., Carmichaels PA, s/o J.A.C. YOUNG, b. Belmont Twp. & Ada WHITE, married Ruby Evelyn CHASE, 23, Belmont Twp., same, d/o Hely Case CHASE, b. Prince Edward Co. & Roseanna KELLER, witn: William CHASE of Havelock & Leita CAMPION of Marmora, 28 Sep 1927 at Belmont Twp. 18670-27 Albert ZAZA, 27, artist, Trenton, NJ, Peterborough, s/o Samuel ZAZA, b. Alexandria Egypt & Mary AZAIR, married Florence Mary NICKOLLS, 24, widow, wire inspector, Salford - Sussex England, Peterborough, d/o John Thomas WARNER, b. Whitechapel - London England & Mary MERRITT, witn: Mary WARNER of Orillia & Lizzie HAMILTON of Peterborough, 3 Aug 1927 at Peterborough (groom Hebrew)