Peterborough 1901

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Peterborough Co., 1901


012185-01 (Peterborough Co.) Jas. L. ANDREWS, 26, clerk, Otonabee, Toronto, s/o Francis ANDREWS D.D. & Margaret LINSYTTO ?, married Della L. ROSE, 25, Angus Ont., Otonabee, d/o J. ROSE & M. LABANTY ?, wtn: William ANDREWS of Otonabee & Ethel McINTYRE of Bobcaygeon, 18 Sept 1901 at Otonabee 14273-01 (Peterborough Co): William Elg BAKER, 26, merchant, Lindsay, same, s/o Charles Leon BAKER & Sarah DIAMENT, married Catherine LYNCH, 27, Peterborough, same, d/o John LYNCH & Bridget RONAN, witn: S.C. KILLEN of Lindsay & Margaret LYNCH of Peterborough, 23 April 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)
14205-01 Stanley George BATES, 22, baker, Peterborough, same, s/o William BATES & Rebecca GEORGE, married Ina McILWAIN, 22, Peterborough Co., Peterborough, d/o Matthew McILWAIN & Sarah GRAHAM, witn: H. E. WILSON & Ella HALES, both of Peterborough, 11 Feb 1901 at Peterborough 14223-01 Frederick William BATES, 31, baker, Peterborough, same, s/o William BATS & Rebecca GEORGE, married Ada FORSYTHE, 22, Manvers, not given, d/o John FORSYTHE & Mary BARNACOTT, witn: Thomas Edward CUNNINGHAM of Peterborough & Mabel BATES of Lakefield, 5 June 1901 at Peterborough
14242-01 (Peterborough Co): William Edwin BAYLIS, 29, janitor at Nicholls Hospital, England, Peterborough, s/o Martin BAYLIS & Susan LINFORD, married Cassie DAVIS, 22, Otonabee twp., Peterborough, d/o William DAVIS & Jane EVANS, witn: L.H. GIDDY of Peterborough & Maud EVANS of Otonabee twp., 3 July 1901 at Peterborough 14243-01 (Peterborough Co): James Allen BECKETT, 33, butcher, Norwood, not given, s/o Hugh BECKETT & Jenett SPEARS, married Ruth McNEIL, 33, Minden, not given, d/o Joseph McNEIL & Mary Jane KES?, witn: Hugh ADAMS & Elizabeth METCALFE, both of Norwood, 30 July 1901 at Peterborough
14277-01 (Peterborough Co): Joseph BEGLEY, 32, wood turner, Bowmanville, Peterborough, s/o Patrick BEGLEY & Mary WARD, married Bridget O'NEIL, 28, Peterborough Co., Peterborough, d/o John O'NEIL & Mary RYAN, witn: Thomas O'NEIL & Mary BEGLEY, both of Peterborough, 8 Jan 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath) 14159-01 (Peterborough Co): Hilbert H. BELL, 25, farmer, Verulam twp., Lakefield, s/o Isaac N. BELL & Eliza J, BRADEN, married Lillie E.J. CLYSDALE, 25, home help, Dummer twp., Norwood, d/o John H. CLYSDALE & Eliza Jane FINLAY, witn: Albert CLYSDALE of S. Dummer & Lillie BELL of Collestor?, 30 April 1901 at Norwood
14214-01 William BELL, 32, farmer, Ops, same, s/o William BELL & Sarah J. THOMPSON, married Sarah OHARA, 27, Cavan, same, d/o James OHARA & Agnes McKNIGHT, witn: W. W. WAGG & Annie CROSSLEY, both of Peterborough, 26 April 1901 at Peterborough  
#014261-01 (Peterborough Co.) Arthur Thomas BISHOP, 26, b. England, of Peterborough, Laborer, s/o William George BISHOP & Annie GOODLAND, married Magdalene Margaret BROWNLEE, 26, b. Owen Sound, of Peterborough, d/o James BROWNLEE & Matilda RAMSAY, witn: Charles JONES of Thomasburg & Margaret BROWNLEE of Peterborough, on 21 October 1901 at Peterborough 14249-01 (Peterborough Co): Frederick Robert BLOSS, 30, S.A. Officer, Streatham? - Surrey England, Peterborough, s/o Frederick Robert BLOSS & Elizabeth M. DICKINSON, married Florence Jane BABINGTON, 33, S.A. Officer, London England, Peterborough, d/o William BABINGTON & Mary Jane PENFOUND?, witn: Thomas BLOSS of Cornwall & Ruth S. CREGO of Gananoque, 9 Sept 1901 at Salv. Army Barracks, Peterborough
#014300-01 (Peterborough Co.) Arthur BOLTON, 25, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mabel STONE, 18, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Giles & Mary, witn: Robert STONE & Eva BOLTON, both of Smith, on 13 February 1901 at Smith Twp 14204-01 William Albert BOWINS, 25, farmer, Manvers twp., same, s/o William BOWINS & Ceclia Victoria PARKINS, married Elizabeth STUART, 19, Cavan twp., Norwood, d/o John STUART & Elizabeth GAINER, witn: H. W. WILSON & Ella HALES, both of Peterborough, 27 Feb 1901 at Peterborough
014105-01 Norman Ward BOYCE, 23, farmer, Smith Tp., same, s/o Charles BOYCE & Nancy BLEWITT, married Lillie May MILES, 20, Dummer, same, d/o John MILES & Mary STINSON, witn: William MILES & Maud ELLIOTT both of Dummer Tp. on Mar. 6, 1901 at Dummer Tp 14295-01 (Peterborough Co): William Louis BRION, 23, baker, Peterborough, Toronto, s/o Thomas BRION & Philomene GORDON, married Ada GUERIN, 27, Peterborough, same, d/o Adolphe GUERIN & Euphemia LA PLANTE, witn: Joe GUERIN of Toronto & Merija BRION of Hamilton, 29 Oct 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)
#014310-01 (Peterborough Co.) William J. BRUMWELL, 22, b. Canada, of Harvey, Machinist, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Ruby NORTHCOTT, 18, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Wesley & Catherine, witn: John J. BLEWETT of Smith & Fanny KEMPT of Otonabee, on 18 September 1901 at Smith Twp #014306-01 (Peterborough Co.) Charles W. BULLOCK, 27, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Josiah & Betsy, married Mary M. TIGHE, 19, b. Canada, of Douro, d/o John & Jane, witn: John C. HURL & Winifred TIGHE, both of Smith, on 10 April 1901 at Smith Twp
14268-01 (Peterborough Co): John William BUTCHER, 23, carpenter, Stratford Ont., Peterborough, s/o Mark Thomas BUTCHER & Mary Jane WILLS, married Florence Elizabeth BACON, 25, Peterborough, same, d/o H.C. BACON & Mary RAWLING, witn: Charles Wilmot PEACOCK & Mildred BACON, both of Peterborough, 26 Nov 1901 at Peterborough 14128-01 Ray E. CAMPANY, 21, blacksmith, Belleville Ont., Havelock, s/o Jesse CAMPANY & Sarah W. MASTERS, married Rhoda W. WING, 18, Lyndhurst, Havelock, d/o Henry WING & Lilly MIDDLETON, witn: Harrison WING & Cath VANORMAN, both of Havelock, 16 Jan 1901 at Havelock
14168-01 (Peterborough Co): Edward CARR, 25, farmer, Belmont twp., same, s/o Edward CARR & Bridget FINARTY, married Susan Jane JOHNSON, no age given, Marmora, Havelock, d/o James JOHNSTON & Pheobe DARRA, witn: John FITZPATRICK of Asphodel & Caroline McDONNELL of Norwood, 4 Nov 1901 at St. Pauls Church Norwood (Rom Cath) #014092/02, (Peterborough Co.), Leslie E. CARROL, 28, farmer, Chandos, Chandos, widower, s/o Stotts CARROL & Sarah PALMATEER, married Maude BERTRAM, 18, Methuen, Chandos, d/o Frank BERTRAM & Fanny CARROL, witn: Maude DINGMAN & Joseph McCAULEY of Chandos, 25 Dec 1901, Chandos
14278-01 (Peterborough Co): Donato CASCIANO, 30, laborer, Italy, Bangor Penn USA, s/o Leonardo CASCIANO & Maria RUTICELLE, married Mary MINICOLO, 20, Italy, Peterborough, d/o Philip MINICOLO & Lucia RONCA, witn: Donato MINICOLO & Katherine M. HANLON, both of Peterborough, 7 Jan 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath) 14219-01 William CLARKE, 44, laborer, Ireland, Peterborough, s/o William CLARKE & Margaret BARNES, married Elizabeth EDWARDS, 48, Norwood, Smith twp., d/o John EDWARDS & Ann EARL, witn: Annie LINDSAY & J. M. DAVIDSON, both of Peterborough, 25 March 1901 at Peterborough
14129-01 Jos (Jas?) W. COON, 29, Methodist minister, Manilla, same, s/o John COON & Malinda GROSE, married Emma MARK, 23, Belmont twp., Peterborough, d/o Kenward MARK & Ann CLIXBY, witn: Wesley COON of Manilla & Maggie MARK of Peterborough, 13 June 1901 at Havelock 014150-01 Jonathan Henry CORRY, 22, student of elect. eng., Canada, Ottawa, s/o James Alexander CORRY & Elizabeth WALKER, married Margaret Gertrude LATIMER, 22, Canada, Peterboro, d/o John LATIMER & Mary Elizabeth PORTER, witn: Ada E. WARREN & Maggie GRAHAM both of Lakefield on Sept. 7, 1901 at Lakefield
014115-01 Denis COSGROVE, 44, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o Eugene COSGROVE & Eliza SULLIVAN, married Maggie HOAR, 37, Ennismore, same, d/o Martin HOAR & Mary GRIFFIN, witn: James HOAR & Mary C. O’CONNOR both of Ennismore on Oct. 8, 1901 at Ennismore. (RC)  
14209-01 William COX, 24, farmer, Colborne, Ashburnham, s/o Henry COX & Amelia LANE, married Emily MANLY, 23, Peterborough, same, d/o Henry MANLY & Susan COLON, witn: Harry COX of Ashburnham & Jessie MANLY of Peterborough, 27 March 1901 at Peterborough #014305-01 (Peterborough Co.) James H. CRAPP, 26, b. Canada, of Harvey, Farmer, s/o Robert C. & Sara A., married Jemima A. NORTHEY, 22, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Robert & Eliza J., witn: Dolphus CRAPP & Eva McILMOYLE, both of Smith, on 24 April 1901 at Smith Twp
14158-01 (Peterborough Co): William George CROSS, 21, laborer, Essex England, Norwood, s/o Henry Thomas CROSS & Mary HOSKINS, married Annie M. ROGERS, 20, home help, England, Norwood, d/o Daniel ROGERS & Julia DOWSDELL, witn: James MORROW & Jessie ROGERS, both of Norwood, 6 March 1901 at Norwood #014257-01 (Peterborough Co.) Sidney Wallace CROUTER, 24, b. Millbrook, of Ashburnham, Laborer, s/o Abraham CROUTER & Debora J. CARAWRIGHT, married Luella May BROUGH, 18, b. Seymour, of Ashburnham, d/o Je?ius BROUGH & Amanda J. THOMPSON, witn: Albert CROUTER & Mrs. A. BUTCHER, both of Ashburnham, on 15 October 1901 at Peterborough
014114-01 Thomas John CULLEN, 22, laborer, Bridgenorth, same, s/o Thomas CULLEN & Annie NICHOLLS, married Helena CONWAY, 20, Bridgenorth, Smith, d/o William CONWAY & Mary CURTIN, witn: Samuel McCONKEY of Smith & Annie CONWAY of Bridgenorth on Oct. 2, 1901 at Bridgenorth #014263-01 (Peterborough Co.) Amos B. CUNNINGHAM, 35, b. Trafalgar, of Peterborough, Tool maker, s/o William CUNNINGHAM & Hannah GRIFFITH, married Mary A. ALLIN, 25, b. Peterborough, of same, d/o Samuel ALLIN & Grace YELLAND, witn: John S. MILNE & Annie F. ALLIN, both of Peterborough, on 22 October 1901 at Peterborough
  014421-02 (Peterborough Co) Alexander DARLING, 30, farmer, Dummer, same s/o Richard DARLING and Catherine McINTYRE married Ida CARVETH, 20, Dummer, same d/o William CARVETH and Annie LITTLE, witness – Archie CARVETH and Ethel HUNTER, December 25, 1901, Dummer
14218-01 Jeffrey DINSDALE, 64, widower, stone mason, Yorkshire England, Lang - Otonabee, s/o William DINSDALE & Elizabeth SPENCER, married Mary Ann MITCHELL, no age given, widow, nurse, Ireland, Omemee, d/o John ABERCROMBIE & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Samuel & Catherine ENGLISH of Keene, 3 April 1901 at Peterborough #014311-01 (Peterborough Co.) Fred H. DIXON, 29, b. Canada, of Smith, Accountant, s/o James & Lucy, married Florence DAVIDSON, 28, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Hugh & Jane, witn: Dickson DAVIDSON of Peterborough & Mabel DAVIDSON of Smith, on 16 October 1901 at Smith Twp
14238-01 (Peterborough Co): Edward George DORMER, 31, laborer, Ireland, Peterborough, s/o John DORMER & Hannah IRELAND, married Margaret Etta REVOY, 19, Belmont twp., Ashburnham, d/o Benjamin REVOY & Matilda COOPER, witn: Fred SANDERSON of Peterborough & L. M. REVOY of Ashburnham, 2 July 1901 at Peterborough 14160-01 (Peterborough Co): William DOWDELL, 58, farmer, Co. Down Ireland, Otonabee twp., s/o John DOWDELL & Catherine ROGERS, married Mary MARTIN, 42, home help, Otonabe twp., same, d/o James MARTIN & Catherine DAVIS, witn: John A. McMILLAN of Dummer & Rebecca MARTIN of Norwood, 8 May 1901 at Norwood
014171-01 Lewis S. DOWNER, 22, farmer, Otonobee, same, s/o Lewis DOWNER & Catherine BUCK (Burk?) married Annie EDWARDS, 24, Otonobee, same, d/o Matthew EDWARDS & Annie PETERSON, witn: Frank DOWNER & Janet EDWARDS both of Otonobee on Dec. 26, 1901 at Otonobee 14162-01 (Peterborough Co): Wellington DRAIN, 24, farmer, Dummer twp., same, s/o John DRAIN & Mary E. NIXON, married Amy Florence WILSON, 23, teacher, Dummer twp., Norwood, d/o John WILSON & Mary A. SMITH, witn: Isabella H. & J. Arthur WILSON of Norwood, 16 April 1901 at Norwood
14240-01 (Peterborough Co): Arthur DUNFORD, 23, farmer, Dummer twp., same, s/o Lazarus DUNFORD & Susan BOLTON, married Annie Beattie McCLURE, 18, Smith twp., Dummer twp., d/o Mitchell McCLURE & Mary Jane DARLING, witn: Janet & H.E. WILSON of Peterborough, 24 July 1901 at Peterborough 14230-01 (Peterborough Co): Wellington EDWARDS, 27, dry goods clerk, Carleton Place, Toronto, s/o George EDWARDS & Maria BROWN, married Eva Jane CARLISLE, 27, Peterborough, same, d/o David CARLISLE & Sophia BAKEWELL, witn: Fred D. CARLISLE & Edith BRADBURN, both of Peterborough, 12 June 1901 at Peterborough
014174-01 John ELLIOTT, 37, farmer, Asphodel, same, s/o William ELLIOTT & Ann POHEISON, married Annie M. KIRBEY, 32, Otonobee, same, d/o Henry KIRBY (sic) & Eliza STOWE, witn: John KIRBY of Norwood & Mable ELLIOTT of Asphodel on Mar. 29, 1901 at Otonobee  
14202-01 John EMBERSON, 32, yeoman, South Monaghan, same, s/o William EMBERSON & Margaret ANDERSON, married Mary CREBA, 32, teacher, Benefort, Peterborough, d/o William CREBA & Mary BUCKHAM, witn: Frederick PORTER of Janetville & Hattie CREBA of Peterborough, 15 March 1901 at Peterborough 14161-01 (Peterborough Co): Edward ENGLISH, 28, farmer, Asphodel twp., same, s/o Michael ENGLISH & Catherine RYAN, married Johanna HEFFERMAN, 22, home help, Asphodel twp., same, d/o Thomas HEFFERMAN & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Richard HEFFERMAN & Catherine ENGLISH, both of Asphodel twp., 11 June 1901 at St. Pauls Church, Norwood (Rom Cath)
#014262-01 (Peterborough Co.) William Lewis EVANS, 31, b. Birmingham Eng., of Peterborough, Brass finisher, s/o Richard EVANS & Anna PHILLIPS, married Florence Emma JAMES, 18, b. Peterborough, of same, d/o Charles JAMES & Sarah LOCKE, witn: Richard GILLIES & Emila RUSH, both of Peterborough, on 26 October 1901 at Peterborough 14266-01 (Peterborough Co): Arthur EVERSON, 25, laborer, Victoria Co., Peterborough, s/o Harmon EVERSON & Mary Ann BENTLY, married Hattie JONES, 25, Emily twp., same, d/o Daniel JONES & Letitia ROLAND, witn: Charles W. BAYLER & Maria JONES, both of Peterborough, 6 Nov 1901 at Peterborough
#014304-01 (Peterborough Co.) Richard W. FAIRBAIRN, 27, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Elizabeth C. PEARSON, 20, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Francis & Mary Ann, witn: John A. FAIRBAIRN of Lakefield & Carrie MURDUFF of Smith, on 27 March 1901 at Smith Twp  
012178-01 (Peterborough Co.) Edwin J. FIFE, 25, farmer, Otonabee, Otonabee, s/o Sylvester FIFE & Christina KIDD, married Jane Eva MANLY, 25, Gres Landing, Otonabee, d/o William MANLY & Ellen ROBINSON, wtn: Andrew EVANS & Mable MANLY both of Otonabee, 11 Sept 1901 at Otonabee 14294-01 (Peterborough Co): James FINN, 34, railroad section man, widower, Ireland, Peterborough, s/o Denis FINN & Mary CALNAN, married Charlotte Annie THEOBALD, 38, Peterborough, same, d/o Thomas THEOBALD & Elizabeth WADE, witn: James SIMONS & Annie THEOBALD, both of Peterborough, 29 Oct 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)
14283-01 (Peterborough Co): William FITZGERALD, 28, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o John FITZGERALD & Margaret HANRAHAN, married Catherine HEFFEREN, 20, Otonabee, same, d/o Thomas HEFFEREN & Bridget ALLEN, witn: Thomas HANRAHAN of Peterborough & Mary McMAHON of Otonabee, 10 Sept 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath) 14297-01 (Peterborough Co): John FLEETWOOD, 33, laborer, Guelph, same, s/o John FLEETWOOD & Mary ECKER, married Eliza SMITH, 32, widow, Mariposa twp., not given, d/o Tobias PRINCE & Eliza GOHEEN, witn: T.M. DAVIDSON & Lorne CRISP, both of Peterborough, 26 Nov 1901 at Peterborough
  14208-01 Seymour FORSYTHE, 25, laborer, Manvers twp., Smith twp., s/o John FORSYTHE & Polly BARNACOTT, married Emma WHITE, 18, Peterborough Co., Smith twp., d/o Charles WHITE & Dinah COBBLESTONE, witn: E. H. WILSON & Bertha BARRIE, both of Peterborough, 26 March 1901 at Peterborough
#014264-01 (Peterborough Co.) Edward Bruce FOWLER, 26, b. Monaghan Twp, of Toronto, Bank clerk, s/o John A. FOWLER & Agnes HUGGAN, married Winifred ASNEY(?), 25, b. Morven, of Peterborough, d/o Hiram ASNEY(?) & Louisa DOXEY, witn: J.A. McLEAN of Barrie & Kate J. FOWLER of Peterborough, on 9 October 1901 at Peterborough #014312-01 (Peterborough Co.) William G. FOWLER, 28, b. Canada, of Smith, Clerk, s/o George & Jessie, married Agnes J. TULLY, 29, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o David & Agnes, witn: Jos. W. TULLY of Smith & Annie E. FOWLER of Peterborough, on 23 October 1901 at Smith Twp
#014255-01 (Peterborough Co.) John Wesley FOX, 26, b. Coboconk, of same, Clergyman, s/o Thomas FOX & Margaret Ann BULNAR, married Bertha Laura KIDD, 26, b. Dummer, of Peterborough, d/o A.R. KIDD & Jessie F. RETTIE, witn: John H. MOORE of Richmond Hill & Edith M. KIDD of Warsaw, on 26 September 1901 at Peterborough #014303-01 (Peterborough Co.) William FRANKE, 35, b. Canada, of Moose Jaw, Farmer, s/o William & Sara, married Mary DEYELL, 24, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Samuel & Sara, witn: James FRANKE of Emily & Elith. DEYELL of Otonabee, on 27 March 1901 at Smith Twp
14220-01 Thomas FRANKS, 42, rancher, Emily twp., Moose Jaw Assa., s/o Thomas FRANKS & Mary HICKEY, married Margaret Jane NURSE, 36, Ennismore twp., same, d/o John NURSE & Margaret SMITHSON, witn: F. M. DAVIDSON & Annie LINDSAY, both of Peterborough, 22 March 1901 at Peterborough #014256-01 (Peterborough Co.) Vernon Edjuard FREEBURN, 26, b. Peterborough, of Montreal, Commercial traveller, s/o George FREEBURN & Elizabeth SHACKLETON, married Lillian Eleanor S. RITCHIE, 27, b. Peterborough, of same, d/o John RITCHIE & Dorothea WRIGHT, witn: Mrs. Ryerson RITCHIE of Columbus O. & Mrs. John RITCHIE of Peterborough, on 31 July 1901 at Peterborough
14271-01 (Peterborough Co): William GARRITY, 25, farmer, Peterborough, same, s/o Patrick GARRITY & Ellen HUGHES, married Esther O’LEARY, 19, Douro, Peterborough, d/o William O’LEARY & Mary COLLETOR, witn: Eugene PAQUETTE & Ada DUNN, both of Peterborough, 10 June 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath) 14227-01 Harry GIBBS, 22, livery man, Peterborough, same, s/o John GIBBS & Jane HAWLEY (Hawkey?), married Maud DAWSON, 24, Peterborough, not given, d/o William DAWSON & Elizabeth McCAGUE, witn: E. H. & Janet WILSON of Peterborough, 27 March 1901 at Peterborough
012180-01 (Peterborough Co.) Richard GILLESPIE, 35, melt?, Otonabee, Otonabee, s/o Peter GILLESPIE & Jane THOMPSON, married Jane Sarah WELCH, 33, Otonabee, Otonabee, d/o Jas. WELCH & Jane GUTHRIE, wtn: Joseph WELCH of Otonabee & Jennie GILLESPIE of Peterboro, Nov 10 1901 at Otonabee  
#014251-01 (Peterborough Co.) George GLASS, 21, b. Brantford, of Peterborough, Harness maker, s/o Joseph GLASS & Lucy SCOTT, married Leslie REDMAN, 24, b. Peterborough, of same, d/o Richard REDMAN & Jane MAY, witn: Richard REDMAN & Frances D. REDMAN, both of Peterborough, on 28 September 1901 at Peterborough 14291-01 (Peterborough Co): Michael J. GLYNN, 38, tailor, Ireland, Peterborough, s/o Michael GLYNN & Mary GILMORE, married Eleanor CAMPBELL, 41, Hawley Penn., Scranton Penn., d/o Francis CAMPBELL & Ellen MANSAR, witn: James CURRAN of Peterborough & Anna HAGGARTY of Scranton Penn., 28 Oct 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)
14200-01 Thomas GOACHER, 47, widower, laborer, Cramahe twp., Peterborough, s/o Martin GOACHER & Sarah Ann WILSON, married Minnie ROBINSON, 36, Cramahe tp., Peterborough, d/o William & Amanda Jane, witn: Samuel & Louisa CROCKER of Peterborough, 26 Feb 1901 at Peterborough 14206-01 Lemuel GODFREY, 21, laborer, Smith twp., same, s/o John GODFREY & Jane SMITH, married Bertha McILMOYL, 18, Smith twp., same, d/o John McILMOYL & Maggie JEWEL, witn: Sheldon H. McILMOYL of Smith twp & Mrs. E. HARRAN of Peterborough, 1 Feb 1901 at Peterborough
14216-01 Edward David GOLDEY, 30, painter, Peterborough, Toronto, s/o Thomas GOLDEY & Margaret LILLEY, married Mary Alberta FISKE, 28, Abbotsford Que., Peterborough, d/o Colton FISKE & Naomi JANES, witn: Harley GOLDIE (sic) & Eva L. GOLDEY, both of Peterborough, 1 May 1901 at Peterborough 014152-01 Gordon Gilbert GORDON, 22, boat builder, Canada, Lakefield, s/o Thomas GORDON & Sarah Sophia DOWN, married Minnie Christina GILROY, 20, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Charles GILROY & Janet CHISHOLM, witn: John J. BLEWETT & Mary GORDON both of Lakefield on Nov. 27, 1901 at Lakefield
14282-01 (Peterborough Co): Francis GUERIN, 26, laborer, Douro, Ashburnham, s/o Martin GUERIN & Johanna WELSH, married Amelia KYLIE, 28, Peterborough, Ashburnham, d/o Martin KYLIE & Teresa HANRAHAN, witn: James GUERIN of Ashburnham & Laura LEAHY of Douro, 26 Aug 1901 at Peterborough 14276-01 (Peterborough Co): John GUERIN, 22, laborer, Douro, Ashburnham, s/o Michael GUERIN & Ann COLLETOR, married Anastasia McCAULEY, 19, Douro, Peterborough, d/o Peter McCAULEY & Catherine FOLEY, witn: James GUERIN of Indian River & Catherine McCAULEY of Peterborough, 21 Feb 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)
14225-01 John James GUTHRIE, 26, farmer, Millbrook, same, s/o Robert GUTHRIE & Mary Ann HOWDEN, married Olga O. SANDY, 19, Manvers twp., same, d/o John SANDY & Melinda BARNACOTT, witn: William H. FORSYTHE of Cavan twp & Percy L--? SANDY of Manvers, 14 June 1901 at Peterborough  
14229-01 (Peterborough Co): Henry HALES, 59, widower, farmer, Durham Co - Ont., Mason City Iowa, s/o William HALES & Esther KEELER, married Hanna RAPER (Roper?), 45, Clarke twp., Millbrook, d/o Mark RAPER & Hattie BILLINGS, witn: H.E. & Janet WILSON of Peterborough, 1 May 1901 at Peterborough 14164-01 (Peterborough Co): Allan S. HARRISON, 36, widower, merchant, Stone Mills, Marmora, s/o George A. HARRISON & Rachel SANBORNE, married Mary Annie EATON, 34, milliner, Norwood, same, d/o William EATON & Maggie EASON, witn: William A. & Mrs. W.A. EATON of Norwood, 30 Jan 1901 at Norwood
#014301-01 (Peterborough Co.) Joseph C. HARVEY, 55, b. England, of Smith, Widower, Farmer, s/o Joseph & Amelia, married Mary A. NICHOLLS, 33, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: John NICHOLS & Maggie NICHOLS, both of Smith, on 6 March 1901 at Smith 14292-01 (Peterborough Co): William HAWKEY, 27, farmer, Emily twp., same, s/o Thomas HAWKEY & Elizabeth BARRAGY?, married Elizabeth OWENS, 27, Emily twp., Peterborough, d/o John OWENS & Elizabeth HEMMING, witn: Michael O’NEILL of Emily & Maggie OWENS of Peterborough, 12 Nov 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)
  014148-01 Samuel James HAWTHORNE, 28, farmer, Canada, Clarke Tp., s/o William HAWTHORNE & Agnes COCHRANE, married Annie EDWARDS, 26, Canada, Lakefield, d/o John EDWARDS & Emily ROACH, witn: John & Georgina EDWARDS both of Lakefield on Jan. 9, 1901 at Lakefield
14298-01 (Peterborough Co): Gustavus Lorenzo HAY, 28, accountant, Ireland, Peterborough, s/o Robert Murray HAY & Martha O’MALLEY, married Rose A. FOX, 28, Peterborough, same, d/o James FOX & Rachel SHIELDS, witn: Dr. T.H. BELL of Warsaw & L. FOX of Peterborough, 12 Nov 1901 at Peterborough 14284-01 (Peterborough Co): George HAYES, 22, grocer, Peterborough Co., Peterborough, s/o Edward HAYES & Clara FURMAN, married Mary WELSH, 19, Peterborough Co., Peterborough, d/o Patrick WALSH & Ellen AHERN, witn: John GRISDALE & Daisy O’HERON, both of Peterborough, 23 Sept 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)
14235-01 (Peterborough Co): Clarence Wilton HELLIWELL, 21, traveller, St. Thomas Ont., Toronto, s/o H. HELLIWELL & Isabella CLARKE, married Ida Muriel BOUCHIER, 19, Ceylon, Peterborough, d/o George L. BOUCHIER & Mary C. BOAKE, witn: Alma BOUCHIER & W. Dixon JEWETT, both of Peterborough, 12 May 1901 at Peterborough #014302-01 (Peterborough Co.) William James HELLMAN, 26, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Daniel & Eliza, married Nellie McILMOYLE, 22, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Charles & Maggie, witn: Frank McILMOYLE & Annie M. ELLIOTT, both of Smith, on 28 March 1901 at Smith Twp
14275-01 (Peterborough Co): Henry HEMMER, 38, section man, Lockport NY, same, s/o Henry HEMMER & Anna Maria METZ, married Mary FLAHERTY, 29, Ennismore, Peterborough, d/o Edward FLAHERTY & Catherine SULLIVAN, witn: Frank R. FRILTON (or Fritton?) of Lockport NY & Margaret FLAHERTY of Peterborough, 11 June 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath) 014176-01 John G. HERDILL, 35, grocer, Percy Tp., Peterboro, s/o Thomas & Sarah Ann, married Essie F. SHEARER, 27, Otonobee, same, d/o Matthew SHEARER & Annie J. WALLACE, witn: John G. GEVER of Peterboro & Annie SHEARER of Otonobee on June 8, 1901 at Otonobee
  14281-01 (Peterborough Co): Edward Joseph HICKEY, 30, tailor, Peterborough, same, s/o Thomas HICKEY & Bridget GRIFFIN, married Ellen McMANUS, 28, Northumberland Co., Peterborough, d/o James McMANUS & Bridget ROCHFORD, witn: James J. HICKEY & Annie O'NEIL, both of Peterborough, 30 July 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)
14287-01 (Peterborough Co): John HIGGINS, 21, laborer, Peterborough, Ashburnham, s/o John HIGGINS & Ellen FARRELLY, married Emma THIBAULT, 19, Bobcaygeon, Peterborough, d/o Joseph THIBAULT & A. GOULEY, witn: Georgina & F. TERBO? of Peterborough, 9 Sept 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath) 14290-01 (Peterborough Co): James HOOLIHAN, 23, clerk, Downeyville, Peterborough, s/o James HOOLIHAN & Julia SHIVE?, married Amelia RANGER, 27, Peterborough, same, d/o Moses RANGER & Philomene SAUVE, witn: John HOULIHAN (sic) of Downeyville & Adelaide RANGER of Peterborough, 19 Nov 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)
014112-01 William HOOLIHAN, 33, saloon keeper, Smith Tp., Cohasset Mine, s/o Daniel HOOLIHAN & Bridget ANGLESEA, married Kate SCOLLARD, 23, Ennismore, same, d/o James SCOLLARD & Mary E. YOUNG, witn: William SCOLLARD of Ennismore & Fannie HOLLIHAN of Peterboro on Oct. 1, 1901 at Ennismore. (RC) #014259-01 (Peterborough Co.) James HUDSON, 34, b. Stellarton Nova Scotia, of Montreal P.Q., Banker, s/o James HUDSON & Margaret MOUNTAIN, married Mary Ruttan BOUCHER, 25, b. Peterborough, of same, d/o Robt. P. BOUCHER M.D. & Helen BURNHAM, witn: F.C.T. O'HARA of Ottawa & Helen BOUCHER of Peterborough, on 14 September 1901 at Peterborough
14194-01 Charles D. HUMBER, 23, weaver, Hiawatha, Peterborough, s/o Orenzo HUMBER & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Emma HOOEY, 19, Cartwright, Peterborough, d/o John HOOEY & Elizabeth DUNLOP, witn: Fred & Mrs. Fred BUNTIN of Peterborough, 9 Jan 1901 at Peterborough 14165-01 (Peterborough Co): Robert P. JACK, 30, farmer, of Havelock, s/o Donald JACK & Jane MURDOCK, married Eliza BUTTERS, 21, home help, of Havelock, d/o Dewar BUTTERS & Christena CRAIG, witn: Frank & Isabella BUTTERS of Havelock, 19 Jan 1901 at Norwood
014147-01 John Nesbitt JOHNSTON, 24, veterinary surgeon, Canada, Lakefield, s/o James JOHNSTON & Mary NESBITT, married Amanda Beatrice FERGUSON, 21, Canada, Lakefield, d/o John FERGUSON & Catherine KIDD, witn: H. G. FITZGERALD & G. J. WALLACE both of Lakefield on June 6, 1901 at Lakefield 14293-01 (Peterborough Co): Benjamin Joseph KENNEDY, 27, Lindsay, Peterborough, s/o William KENNEDY & Mary McDONALD, married Margaret Frances McCARTHY, 28, Peterborough, same, d/o Jeremiah McCARTHY & Margaret O’HARA, witn: Tom HANRAHAN & Annie McCARTHY, both of Peterborough, 20 Nov 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)
014102-01 Archie Ottis KIDD, 34, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o Archie R. KIDD & Jessie RITCHIE, married Winifred SNIDER, 18, Northumberland, Warsaw, d/o Elgin SNIDER & Maggie WANAMAKER, witn: Clarence SNIDER of Warsaw & Maggie KIDD of Peterboro on Jan. 1, 1901 at Warsaw #014260-01 (Peterborough Co.) Francis Joseph KONG, 22, b. Naples N.Y., of same, Laborer, s/o Nicholas KONG & Sarah DIDRICK, married Clara Ann MOORE, 23, b. London Ont, of Rochester N.Y., d/o John F. MOORE & Betsy COLLINS, witn: W.K. DRURY & Mary DRURY, both of Peterborough, on 4 September 1901 at Peterborough
14233-01 (Peterborough Co): Alfred LANCASHIRE, 29, salesman - dry goods, South Monaghan twp., Peterborough, s/o Robert LANCASHIRE & Margaret DEYELL, married Margaret Josephine IRWIN, 25, graduate nurse, Peterborough, same, d/o Thomas Crawford IRWIN & Margaret Victoria WINDRUM, witn: Thomas Crawford IRWIN Margaret Victoria WINDRUM, both of Peterborough 17 April 1901 at Peterborough [as written] 14170-01 (Peterborough Co): Frank LA PORTE, 24, laborer, Percy twp., same, s/o Joseph LA PORTE & Carrie MASSEY, married Sarah E. REYNOLDS, 19, Percy twp., same, d/o George REYNOLDS & Amanda HICKERSON, witn: Edna B. WATERS & Mrs. R. TAYLOR, both of Norwood, 5 Nov 1901 at Norwood
14213-01 Arthur Stewart LAING, 26, teacher, Ashburnham, St. Catharines, s/o Robert LAING & Elizabeth STEWART, married Margaret Ann WATT, 24, Guelph, Peterborough, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Torrance R. LAING of Peterborough & Ida M. WATT of Cobourg, 4 April 1901 at Peterborough 14231-01 (Peterborough Co): William Edward LECH, 38, furrier, Peterborough, same, s/o William LECH & Henrietta KORNKE, married Susan BARNETT, 26, Peterborough, same, d/o William E. BARNETT & Agnes DUNCAN, witn: James A. & M.A. TURNER of Peterborough, 17 June 1901 at Peterborough
14130-01 John LINDEN, 38, farmer, Haldimand twp., same, s/o John & Annie, married Elizabeth McCRACKEN, 34, Havelock, same, d/o Thomas & Rebecca, witn: Robert LEAXL? & Mary BEATTY, both of Rawdon twp., 19 June 1901 at Havelock 014145-01 David Henry LITTLE, 27, farmer, Canada, Dummer Tp., s/o James LITTLE & Jane DARLING, married Christina ALCUMBRAE, 21, Canada, Lakefield, d/o John ALCUMBRAE & Flora DARLING, witn: Herbert PAYNE & Bertha LITTLE both of Dummer Tp. on July 6, 1901 at Lakefield
14197-01 Samuel Irwin LITTLE, 30, widower, laborer, Hamilton, Monaghan, s/o Gilbert LITTLE & Ella BROADSHAW, married Maude Mabel GRAHAM, 25, Hope, Monaghan, d/o Christie GRAHAM & Harriet HURDLEY, witn: William LITTLE of Hamilton & Mrs. Walter TURNER of Peterborough, 7 Feb 1901 at Peterborough 14210-01 Colborne LOSEY, 23, laborer, Cornwall Ont., Peterborough, s/o Aseph LOSEY & Florence BAPTISE, married Margaret HAMILTON, 22, Belmont, Peterborough, d/o Adam HAMILTON & Tamara? SHOLDICE, witn: George & Hattie HAMILTON of Peterborough, 13 march 1901 at Peterborough
14224-01 Edwin Thomas LUSH, 25, baker, Peterborough, same, s/o Nehemiah LUSH & Jane ARNOLD, married Amelia Blanche FOOTE, 24, Peterborough, same, d/o Frederick & blank, witn: Lillie E. FOOTE & Herbert H. LUSH, both of Peterborough, 12 June 1901 at Peterborough 14126-01 Kenneth MACKAY, 22, tailor, L--sville?, Norwood, s/o John & Margaret, married Jessie Alice WATSON, 18, Stirlingshire Scotland, Havelock, d/o John & Janet, witn: W. E. WHITE of Lindsay & Maggie M. WERDEN of Havelock, 1 Jan 1901 at Havelock
#014253-01 (Peterborough Co.) William Stevens MANLEY, 22, b. Hamilton, of Peterborough, Blacksmith, s/o George MANLEY & Frances LITTLE, married Mabel Rosetta DOTEN, 18, b. Markham, of Peterborough, d/o Jas. Simson DOTEN & Maria ANDERSON, witn: Wellington ASLING & Lizzie ASLING, both of Peterborough, on 9 October 1901 at Peterborough 012184-01 (Peterborough Co.) William C. MANLY, 34?, farmer, Plainville, Otonabee, s/o William MANLY & not given, married Emma C. WALKER, 22, Otonabee, Otonabee, d/o Peter WALKER & C. BECKET, wtn: Frank MANLY & Hanna WALKER both of Otonabee, 4 Sept 1901 at Otonabee
14247-01 (Peterborough Co): Charles Edward MANNING, 29, clerk, Peterborough, same, s/o Charles F. MANNING & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Lillie Jane LEE, 24, Peterborough, same, d/o William LEE & Mary HAMMOND, witn: George H. DAWSON & Ida LEE, both of Peterborough, 27 Aug 1901 at Peterborough 14279-01 (Peterborough Co): John MARTIN, 27, laborer, Peterborough, same, s/o Richard MARTIN & Catherine CROWLEY, married Pacifique GORDON, 26, Peterborough, same, d/o Clement GORDON & Leonis LEPLANT, witn: Maxwell MARTYN (sic) & Albina GORDON, both of Peterborough, 23 April 1901 at Peterborough
#014313-01 (Peterborough Co.) Samuel McCONKEY, 24, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Eunice E. CROMIE, 18, b. Canada, of Cavan, d/o Charles & Eliza, witn: L. CROMIE & Annie McCONKEY, both of Smith, on 13 November 1901 at Smith Twp 14246-01 (Peterborough Co): William McELWAIN (see McIlwain), 25, laborer, Galway twp., Lakefield, s/o Matthew McELWAIN & Sarah Ann GRAHAM, married Jessie URQUHART, 21, maid servant, Devonshire England, Lakefield, d/o Horatio URQUHART & Louisa SIMONS, witn: Matthew McELWAIN & Mrs. Walter BATES, both of Peterborough, 20 Aug 1901 at Peterborough
14221-01 William Samuel McGEE, 32, miner, Cameron - Victoria Co., Whitehorse Yukon, s/o Joseph McGEE & Ellen McCULLOUGH, married Ruth WARNER, 20, Liverpool England, Harvey twp., d/o James WARNER & Betsy JENKINSON, witn: George WARNER & Mrs. Annie EARL, both of Harvey twp., 5 June 1901 at Peterborough 14163-01 (Peterborough Co): George W. McGILL, 29, conductor, Toronto, Norwood, s/o Robert McGILL & Ann BATEMAN, married Mary P. PENGELLY, 28, teacher, New Lowell, Norwood, d/o James PENGELLY & Eleanor GAWE, witn: Benjamin FIFE & Winifred PENGELLY, both of Norwood, 25 March 1901 at Norwood
14217-01 John McGLYNN, 60, widower, farm laborer, Ireland, Lindsay, s/o Anthony McGLYNN & Mary MAGHEN, married Ann WELSH, 40, Douro Ont., Lindsay, d/o John WELSH & Johanna McCARTY, witn: Alexander BROUGH & F. M. DAVIDSON, both of Peterborough, 24 May 1901 at Peterborough 14237-01 (Peterborough Co): Matthew McILWAIN (see McElwain), 20, laborer, Smith twp., Peterborough, s/o Matthew McILWAIN & Lizzie GRAHAM, married Gertrude FREEBURN, 19, Peterborough, same, d/o George FREEBURN & Elizabeth SHACKLETON, witn: Laura GRAY & H.E. WILSON, both of Peterborough, 26 June 1901 at Peterborough
#014258-01 (Peterborough Co.) Henry Forbes McKEOWN, 30, b. Garden Hill, of Peterborough, Millwright, s/o Albert McKEOWN & Mary McELROY, married Edith HALL, 25(?), b. Buckhorn, of Peterborough, d/o Henry C. HALL & Mary Ann HUNTER, witn: A.P. McLEAN of Peterborough & Ethel WRIGHTON, on 16 October 1901 at Peterborough 14226-01 William Ernest McLAIN, 21, farmer, South Monaghan twp., same, s/o John McLAIN & Rebecca SHOWLESS, married Sarah Ann BOYD, 18, South Monaghan twp., same, d/o James BOYD & Jane HUGHES, witn: John G. BOYD of Monaghan & E. H. WILSON of Peterborough, 26 March 1901 at Peterborough
14167-01 (Peterborough Co): John McMILLAN, 50, widower, carriage maker, Dummer twp., Norwood, s/o Hugh McMILLAN & Jane BRODIE, married M.E. Annie RADDON, 40, Norwood, same, d/o James RADDON & Sophia MOORE, witn: Andrew McMILLAN & Amy JOTCHAM, both of Norwood, 25 Sept 1901 at Norwood 014103-01 George D. McMILLAN, 30, farmer, Dummer Tp., same, s/o James C. McMILLAN & Mary Ann WILSON, married Mabel E. FERGUSON, 20, Dummer Tp., same, d/o Duncan FERGUSON & Elizabeth KIDD, witn: John A. McMILLAN & Jennie E. FERGUSON both of Dummer Tp. on Mar. 13, 1901 at Dummer Tp.
14169-01 (Peterborough Co): William McNEELY, 39, widower, farmer, Donegal Ireland, Norwood, s/o John McNEELY & Jane DEAN, married May HENDERSON, 36, widow, Northumberland Co., Norwood, d/o Isaac BRIMICOMB & Fanny COLBY, witn: William C. DOUGHTY of Norwood & Mabel MANLY of Otonobe, 21 Oct 1901 at Norwood 14280-01 (Peterborough Co): John MEAGHER, 36, moulder, Peterborough, same, s/o Patrick MEAGHER & Mary SABAGE?, married Catherine McGUIRE, 32, Peterborough, same, d/o Bernard McGUIRE & Ellen MAY, witn: M.E. MEAGHER of Peterborough & Susan MOLONEY of Lindsay, 16 July 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath)
014151-01 John Henry MELVILLE, 22, furrier, Canada, Peterboro, s/o Alexander MELVILLE & Sarah DEYELL, married Margaret Ann PORTER, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas PORTER & Margaret A. WILLIAMSON, witn: Joseph J. GUERIN & Margaret A. GREEN both of Peterboro on Oct. 24, 1901 at Lakefield 014527-02 (Peterborough Co) Donald MENZIES, 43, salesman, Peterboro, same s/o John MENZIES and Jane SCRIM married Jennie McBAIN, 43, Cavan, Peterboro d/o William McBAIN and Margaret CLARK, witness – Minnie CLARK and Clara LOWES, December 25, 1901, Peterborough
014173-01 Herbert John MILLER, 22, farmer, Otonobee, same, s/o H. MILLER & Emma RIDKIN, married Maggie M. RUTHERFORD, 27, Otonobee, same, d/o William RUTHERFORD & Annie YOUNG, witn: Harry BURNHAUR (Burnham?) & Bella RUTHERFORD both of Otonobee on Feb. 6, 1901 at Otonobee. 14125-01 Elliott MOORE, 26, farmer, Tudor twp., Belmont twp., s/o Elliott MOORE & Enza? SMITH, married Annie HUBBLE, 20, Belmont twp., same, d/o Nathan HUBBLE & Maggie PARCELS, witn: Fred McMULLAN & Phobe HUBBLE, both of Belmont, 1 Jan 1901 at Havelock
014526-02 (Peterborough Co) William Aldus MOWRY, 21, moulder, Peterboro, same s/o Mortimer B. MOWRY and Margaret LOGAN married Clara Amanda BELL, 21, Peterboro, same d/o William BELL and Mary ROSEBUSH, witness – Reuben and Bertha MOWRY, December 24, 1901, Peterborough 012179-01 (Peterborough Co.) Charles C. MUNROE, 26, driver, Peterboro, Peterboro, s/o dead & Jessie MUNROE , married Louise Helen WILSON, 25, Otonabee, Otonabee, d/o James WILSON & Catherine WILSON, wtn: E. WILSON of Niagara Falls & Catherine WILSON of Otonabee, 9 Oct 1901 at Otonabee
14248-01 (Peterborough Co): John Arthur MURRAY, 22, mill hand, Glasgow, Lindsay, s/o John MURRAY & Helen NELSON, married Eva BUFFARNS, 20, Snow Road - Kingston, not given, d/o Electra? BUFFARNS & blank, witn: Mary CARLTON of Zealand & Mrs. E. B. BEETON of Peterborough, 21 Aug 1901 at Peterborough [Buffam?] 014146-01 William NUGENT, 30, farmer, widower, Canada, Smith Tp., s/o Samuel NUGENT & Elizabeth HUTTON, married Hannah Lena STUBBS, 22, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Joseph STUBBS & Emma E. DOWN, witn: W. F. STUBBS of Peterboro & Ethel M. NUGENT of Lakefield on Apr. 17, 1901 at Lakefield.
014113-01 Maurice O’CONNOR, 22, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o Patrick O’CONNOR & Ellen COSGROVE, married Bridget HARRINGTON, 26, Ennismore, same, d/o James HARRINGTON & Honora HOURAN, witn: William HICKSON & Kate HARRINGTON both of Ennismore on Nov. 12, 1901 at Ennismore. (RC) 14274-01 (Peterborough Co): George O'NEIL, 30, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Michael O'NEIL & Margaret MILLER, married Essie Maud REID, 24, Ontario, Emily, d/o John R. REID & Rhoda WATSON, witn: Margan O'NEIL & Gertie REID, both of Downeyville, 18 June 1901 at Peterborough
14232-01 (Peterborough Co): Wilbert Newton O'NEIL, 23, electrical mechanic, Lakefield, Peterborough, s/o William O’NEILL & Mary BOYCE, married Violet Edna WATT, 20, Cavan twp., Peterborough, d/o Robert WATT & Margaret McNEISH?, witn: John STINER & Gertrude O'NEIL, both of Peterborough, 19 June 1901 at Peterborough 014177-01 William PACY, 23, farmer, Alnwick, same, s/o George PACY & Phobe SMITH, married Sara MENINT (Memint?) 18, Alnwick, same, d/o William MENINT & Mamie LING, witn: Mrs. S. McCAULY & Iva McCAULY both of Otonobee on June 24, 1901 at Otonobee
14195-01 Frederick Wilson PANTER, 23, harness maker, Hamilton Ont., Peterborough, s/o Joseph PANTER & Sarah Ann PHILLIPS, married Alice VASS, 23, Burton-on-Trent England, Peterborough, d/o William VASS & Esther COXON, witn: Arthur VASS & Alice WORBOY, both of Peterborough, 30 Jan 1901 at Peterborough 014104-01 Robert Henry PATTERSON, 19, farmer, Dummer Tp., same, s/o Richard PATTERSON & Elizabeth FERGUSON, married Luella SPENCE, 19, Dummer Tp., same, d/o William SPENCE & Alice STEVENSON, witn: Andrew & Rose SPENCE both of Dummer Tp. on Mar. 26, 1901 at Dummer Tp
014106-01 David Walter PAYNE, 22, farmer, Dummer Tp., same, s/o Fredrick PAYNE & Ruth WHITE, married Effie Charlotte GOW, 20, Peterboro, Dummer Tp., d/o John F. GOW & Jane WOOD, witn: Robert PAYNE & Beattie GOW both of Dummer Tp. on Apr. 10, 1901 at Dummer Tp 14270-01 (Peterborough Co): John Sidney PERRIN, 31, yeoman, South Monaghan, Peterborough, s/o Samuel PERRIN & Margaret GRAHAM, married Charlotte Matilda HALL, 27, South Monaghan, Peterborough, d/o John William HALL & Mary Alice LEICHBURN?, witn: Fred PERRIN & Mabel MOORE, both of S. Monaghan, 24 Dec 1901 at Peterborough
#014309-01 (Peterborough Co.) Austin G. PORTSMOUTH, 26, b. Canada, of Smith, Carpenter, s/o George & Mary, married Margaret J. DAVIS, 20, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o James & Margaret, witn: R.C. PORTSMOUTH & Grace DAVIS, both of Smith, on 28 August 1901 at Smith Twp 14211-01 Talmage Herbert PRIEST, 25, physician, Blackstock Ont., Easton Mich., s/o Richard H. PRIEST & Sarah GRAY, married Mary Lavina BELLEGHAM, 25, Peterborough, same, d/o Daniel BELLEGHAM & Hannah DARLING, witn: M. E. PRIEST of Toronto & Laura BELLEGHAM of Peterborough, 20? March 1901 at Peterborough
14157-01 (Peterborough Co): Wilfred QUINLAN, 26, farmer, Dummer twp., same, s/o Patrick QUINLAN & Ann McHUGHES, married May CHRISTY, 21, home help, Asphodel, same, d/o John CHRISTY & Bridget LYNCH, witn: James QUINLAN of Asphodel twp & Margaret DOODY of Cobourg, 1 Feb 1901 at St. Pauls Church, Norwood (Rom Cath) 14222-01 Joseph REYNOLDS, 23, carbon inspector, Peterborough, same, s/o John REYNOLDS & Margaret DEVININ?, married Mabel SMITH, 23, North Monaghan twp., Peterborough, d/o Arthur SMITH & Ann J. NORTHCOTT, witn: Minnie SMITH of Toronto & Robert COX of Ashburnham, 5 June 1901 at Peterborough
014149-01 James William RIDPATH (Redpath?), 28, publisher, Canada, Lakefield, s/o Samuel RIDATH & Jane ISBISTER, married Charlotte E. SANDERSON, 23, Canada, Lakefield, d/o John SANDERSON & Sara BATES, witn: Lillian MONTGOMERY & Myrtle FITZGERALD both of Lakefield on July 31, 1901 at Lakefield 014172-01 George ROBB, 35, farmer, Hope Tp., Otonobee, s/o John ROBB & J. RUTHERFORD, married Annie M. HATHERLY, 26, Otonobee, same, d/o Samuel HATHERLY & Eliza HERN, witn: W. RUTHERFORD & H. L. RUMNINGS both of Otonobee on Dec. 26, 1901 at Otonobee
  14198-01 John ROBERTSON, 26, moulder, Peterborough, same, s/o John ROBERTSON & Martha STEWART, married Agnes MADILL, 26, Lakefield, Peterborough, d/o Isaiah MADILL & Ann ADAMS, witn: Hugh ROBERTSON of Peterborough & Ethel MADILL of Toronto, 13 Feb 1901 at Peterborough
14245-01 (Peterborough Co): Mark Washington ROBERTSON, 27, brick maker, Dummer twp., Ashburnham, s/o John ROBERTSON & Rebecca PAYNE, married Louisa SIMMONS, 29, London England, Peterborough, d/o Charles SIMMONS & Mary CHILTON, witn: James ROBERTSON of Ashburnham & Elizabeth SIMMONS of Peterborough, 14 Aug 1901 at Peterborough 14228-01 (Peterborough Co): Thomas Levi ROBERTSON, 23, laborer, Dummer twp., Ashburnham, s/o John ROBERTSON & Rebecca PAYNE, married Bertha DUNFORD, 21, Dummer twp., Burleigh twp., d/o Joseph DUNFORD & Rachel TIGHE, witn: Burton LEE of Otonabee twp & Ida L. HEASMAN of Peterborough, 3 April 1901 at Peterborough
14156-01 (Peterborough Co): Thomas ROGERS, 41, widower, miner, Suffolk England, Carolyn? Mines, s/o Charles ROGERS & Louisa SUGHAM, married Amanda MORROW, 22, home help, Norwood, same, d/o Thomas MORROW & Harriet VANSICKLE, witn: J. CANE of Marmora & Ann MORROW of Norwood, 23 Jan 1901 at Norwood 14234-01 (Peterborough Co): George W. ROSE, 35, Presbyterian clergyman, Dummer twp., Mono Centre, s/o David ROSE & Annie ANDERSON, married Jennie RORK, 32, Asphodel, Peterborough, d/o Thomas RORK & Elizabeth BURGESS, witn: J.W. & Jessie RORK of Norwood, 19 June 1901 at Peterborough
#014252-01 (Peterborough Co.) Lewes Harold Brooke RYE, b. New Zealand, of Toronto, Pattern maker, s/o Lewes RYE & Selina BROOKE, married Aileen Howard ROBINSON, 25, b. Peterborough, of N. Monaghan, d/o Jesse(?) ROBINSON & Mary A. CHAMBERLAIN, witn: Arthur H.A. ROBINSON of Peterborough & Muriel RYE of Monaghan Twp, on 2 October 1901 at Peterborough 14236-01 (Peterborough Co): Albert E. SHEA, 29, farmer, Seymour, Godolphin, s/o Francis SHEA & Margaret WHITE, married Elizabeth A. SWEET, 25, Rawdon, Campbellford, d/o David SWEET & Elizabeth Jane CADMAN, witn: George ATKINSON of Campbellford & Agnes SWEET, 26 June 1901 at Peterborough
14272-01 (Peterborough Co): James SHERIDAN, 23, fireman, Ireland, Havelock, s/o Patrick SHERIDAN & Ellen HUGHES, married Florence O'NEIL, 23, Kingston, Havelock, d/o Philip O'NEIL & Johanna McGARVEY, witn: Joseph O'BRIEN of Havelock & Ellen PAYNE of Peterborough, 18 March 1901 at Peterborough (Rom Cath) 14207-01 Victor Peace SHEWLIS, 25, designer, Yorkshire England, Peterborough, s/o James SHEWLIS & Adah PEACE, married Mabel Frances MASON, 25, Peterborough, same, d/o Francis MASON & Eva SHERIN, win: James Albert SUTCLIFFE of Peterborough & Lou? M. CARNEGIE of Port Perry, 1 Jan 1901 at Peterborough
14190-01 Alexander SMALL, 30, carpenter, Dummer twp., Norwood, s/o Alexander SMALL & Lizzie HORSBRIG, married Agnes LEWIS, 22, Cardiff twp., Norwood, d/o Thomas LEWIS & Mary SLOAN, wit: Annie & Jean POTTER of Peterborough, 2 Jan 1901 at Peterborough 014523-02 (Peterborough Co) George E. SMITH, 25, farmer, Sackets Harbor U.S., same s/o Candelick SMITH and Mary HARRIS married Lizzie FREMAIN, 22, Peterboro, same d/o James FREMAIN and Catherine GREEN, witness – Janet WILSON and Ethel MILLER, November 23, 1901, Peterborough
14193-01 William Harold SNOWDEN, 22, clerk, Bobcaygeon, Peterborough, s/o William SNOWDEN & Jane MILBURN, married Florence Myrtle WALLER, 21, Campbellford, Peterborough, d/o Robert J. WALLER & Hattie RUNNELS, witn: Carlos WALLER of Peterborough & Maggie COBURN of Lindsay, 16 Jan 1901 at Peterborough  
#014307-01 (Peterborough Co.) Frederick STABLER, 27, b. Canada, of Smith, Stock dealer, s/o William & Mary, married Mary J. NICHOLLS, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Stephen & Caroline, witn: Nathan STABLER of Smith & Eva NICHOLS of Burke Falls, on 19 June 1901 at Smith Twp 14241-01 (Peterborough Co): Wesley STACEY, 21, book keeper, Emily twp., Lindsay, s/o Thomas STACEY & Christena ROWAN, married Victoria PAUL, 20, Manvers twp., Janetville, d/o James PAUL & Elizabeth LEES, witn: A. Grundy JACKSON of Peterborough, 10 July 1901 at Peterborough
14215-01 Charles Albert STENTON, 24, laborer, Lindsay, Peterborough, s/o George STENTON & Ollie KINMOUTH, married Mary Sophie SUCEE, 25, Asphodel, Peterborough, d/o Joseph SUCEE & Jennie SANDERS, witn: Herbert STENTON of Peterborough & Clara A. CALDWELL of Sterling, 1 May 1901 at Peterborough 14244-01 (Peterborough Co): Alan Francis STEVENSON, 31, farmer, Cayuga, Niagara Falls, s/o John STEVENSON & Mary GRIFFITH, married Mamie Dannistown? RACKHAM, 24, Peterborough, same, d/o William H. RACKHAM & Emma J. KEENAN?, witn: Eleanor RACKHAM & E.M. POUSSET, both of Peterborough, 24 July 1901 at Peterborough
012181-01 (Peterborough Co.) Edward William STEWART, 29, farmer, Ireland, Otonabee, s/o John STEWART & Irene CURVE, married Sophia Edith SCOLLIE, 27, Alnwick. Otonabee, d/o W.J. SCOLLIE & dead, wtn: W.J. SCOLLIE of Peterboro & Catherine WILSON of Otonabee, 23 Oct 1901 at Otonabee 014111-01 Daniel SULLIVAN, 23, laborer, Ennismore, Peterboro, s/o Denis SULLIVAN & Catherine DORAN, married Sarah HARRINGTON, 22, Emily, Ennismore, d/o Thomas HARRINGTON & Mary HOURAN, witn: Francis & Mary A. SULLIVAN both of Peterboro on Sept. 24, 1901 at Ennismore. (RC)
14196-01 William Bassett TAPSON, 30, widower, piano tuner, Bowmanville, same, s/o Thomas TAPSON & Emma BASSETT, married Emma SHERLOCK, 26, Peterborough, same, d/o Lucius SHERLOCK & Mary Ann WATT, witn: William & Nellie THOMPSON of Peterborough, 30 Jan 1901 at Peterborough #014308-01 (Peterborough Co.) Abram TAYLOR, 21, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o Charles & Mary, married Nellie BLAKIE(?), 23, b. Canada, of Alderville, d/o Joshua & Marie, witn: Chas. TAYLOR Jr. & Marie TAYLOR, both of Smith, on 19 August 1901 at Smith Twp
012183-01 (Peterborough Co.) William THOMPSON, 36, cheese maker, widower, Asphodel, Otonabee, s/o William THOMPSON & Betsy MANN, married Mary LANG, 26, Otonabee, Otonabee, d/o John LANG & Elizabeth SHENES?, wtn: C. SHEARER of Otonabee & Henry MANN of Havelock, 8 Mar 1901 at Otonabee  
14212-01 William THOMPSON, 31, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o Adam THOMPSON & Ann GILLESPIE, married Annie Elizabeth FOOTE, 26, Otonabee, same, d/o John FOOTE & Annie ROWDEN, witn: Minnie BAXTER & Anni POTTER, both of Peterborough, 4 April 1901 at Peterborough 14250-01 (Peterborough Co): Robert Gordon TOMPKINS, 27, thresher, Fenelon twp., same, s/o Robert Charles TOMPKINS & Martha E. BROCK, married Alice Maud TAMLIN, 20, Mariposa, Fenelon twp., d/o Joseph TAMLIN & Lucinda PERRIN, witn: Jesse RICHARDSON & Annie CROSSLEY, both of Peterborough, 11 Sept 1901 at Peterborough
#014254-01 (Peterborough Co.) Thomas George TULLY, 28, b. Smith, of Millbrook, Blacksmith, s/o David TULLY & Agnes PORTER, married Olive DATTRESS(?), 19, b. Millbrook, of same, d/o Henry CAMPBELL & Elizabeth LARMER, witn: Helen G. TORRANCE, on 25 September 1901 at Peterborough 14203-01 Frederick Ellsworth WALDEN, 27, musician, Maple Grove Ont., Peterborough, s/o Richard WALDEN & Jane GODBOLT (Godboth?), married Annie E. BELLEGHAM, 24, Peterborough, same, d/o William BELLEGHAM & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: W. W. WAGG & Clara BELLEGHAM, both of Peterborough, 6 March 1901 at Peterborough
14201-01 John Nicholas WATSON, 33, widower, painter, Hamilton, Peterborough, s/o Hugh William WATSON & Rose LAUDER, married Caroline Maude PANTER, 21, Hamilton, Peterborough, d/o Joseph PANTER & Sarah Ann PHILLIPS, witn: H. PANTER & Emma PLUMMER, both of Peterborough, 5 March 1901 at Peterborough #014299-01 (Peterborough Co.) William WHITING, 28, b. Canada, of Smith, Widower, Farmer, s/o Dan & Elizabeth, married Nellie SISSON, 18, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Arthur & Elizabeth, witn: M.J. NICHOLS of Madoc & M.F. NICKLE of Smith, on 14 January 1901 at Smith Twp
14186-01 George WILLIAMS, 28, railroad engine turner, Glenelg twp., Havelock, s/o Christopher WILLIAMS & Eliza WALKER, married Rosetta QUINN, 25, Reach twp., Myrtle, d/o William QUINN & Rosa McTOMNEY, witn: M.C. & Lizzie TOOLEY of Peterborough, 4 Jan 1901 at Peterborough 14199-01 Robert Baird WILLIAMSON, 28, teacher, Smiths Falls, Seranton, s/o William WILLIAMSON & Rebecca NEWMAN, married Euphemia PATERSON, 28, Peterborough, same, d/o Walter PATERSON & Euphemia MENZIES, witn: John H. CLINCK of Reading Conn., & Grace PARKER of Toronto, 13 Feb 1901 at Peterborough
14267-01 (Peterborough Co): David Henry WILLIAMSON, 32, mining captain, Peterborough, same, s/o John WILLIAMSON & Jessie TULLY, married Emma HUBBLE, 17, of Dummer twp., d/o John HUBBLE, farmer, & Sarah DRAIN, witn: R.G. & Mrs. R.G. WILLIAMSON of Peterborough, 20 Nov 1901 at Peterborough 014175-01 James A. WILSON, 35, farmer, Monaghan Tp., Manitoba, s/o James WILSON & Anna FORD, married Jane HATHERLY, 30, Hamilton Tp., Otonobee, d/o John HATHERLY & Elizabeth VOSEY, witn: Henry HATHERLY of Otonobee & Aurelia EAGLESON of Cobourg on Mar. 20, 1901 at Otonobee
14127-01 William James WISEMAN, 21, telegrapher, Sheffield twp., Havelock, s/o William James WISEMAN & Maria ALLISON, married Emma H. WILLIAMS, 19, Haldimand twp., Havelock, d/o Elial WILLIAMS & Augusta HART, witn: Ward PATTERSON of Havelock & Ethel SCOTT of Belmont, 10 Jan 1901 at Havelock