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Perth Co., 1893


#009711-93 (Perth Co): George L. ADAMS, 24, yeoman, Logan, Elma, s/o John & Mary, married Lillie ROBSON, 26, York, Trowbridge, d/o John & Mary, witn: Sadie & Nellie L. AMY, 27 March 1893 at Listowel #009706-93 (Perth Co): William AITCHISON, 28, accountant, Nichol twp., Spokane Wash. USA, s/o Andrew & Annie, married Jennie FORREST, 28, Mornington, Almont?, d/o Robert & Susan, witn: Robert & Susan FORREST of Almont, 24 Oct 1893 at Almont, Elma twp
#009849-93 (Perth Co): Henry ALBRIGHT 23, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o Henry ALBRIGHT & Mary STEVER, married Catherine ROTH, 19, Elma twp., same, d/o John ROTH & Barbara BELLER, witn: Christian ALBRIGHT & Minnie ROTH, both of Elma and John ROTH & Nancy KNIFFER, both of Mornington, 12 Dec 1893 at Mornington (Mennonite) #009704-93 (Perth Co): Isaac ANGUS, 23, farmer, Fordwich Ont., Elma twp., s/o George & Sarah Jane, married Eliza Maria PARTRIDGE, 18, Elma twp., Logan twp., d/o Fletcher & Susan, witn: Edgar WAKEFORD of Listowel & Emma PARTRIDGE of Logan, 6 Sept 1893 at Logan twp
  009780-94 (Perth Co) David BLAINE, 34, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o David BLAINE & Margaret KENNEDY married Margaret BLAINE, no age given, South Easthope, South Easthope, spinster, d/o John BLAINE & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: James OGILVIE & Kenneth MCINTOSH (no residence given), 6 September 1893 in South Easthope.
#009850-93 (Perth Co): William J. BRASON, 21, tradesman, Harriston, Listowel, s/o John BRASON & Mary Jane HATTON, married Agnes Elizabeth DONEGAN, 22, Carthage, same, d/o Barney DONAGAN (sic) & Agnes ANDERSON, witn: Hugh BRASON of Listowel & Minnie DONEGAN of Carthage, 25 Dec 1893 at Carthage #009696-93 (Perth Co): George BROWN, 46, widower, farmer, Berwickshire Scotland, Elma, s/o Thomas BROWN & Robina HYSLOP, married Annie MURRAY, 34, Hibbert twp., Elma, d/o David MURRAY & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Andrew & Jane BYERS of Fullarton, 3 May 1893 at Elma
009701-92 (Perth Co.) Jacob BRUNK, 27, Wellesley Twp., same, farmer, s/o Peter BRUNK & Katrine ERNEST, to Catherine LIVINGOOD, 28, North East Hope , Wellesley Twp., d/o Peter LIVINGOOD & Mary STARR, witn: Edith KAY & James L. RAE, both of Milverton, 3 January 1893 at Milverton Remarks: A very likely pair #9721-93 (Perth Co) Charles BURLEIGH, 22, cigar maker, Londen (?London), Listowel, s/o William BURLEIGH & Christina McVINE, married Annie SCHILTROTH, 20, Listowel, Listowel, d/o B. SCHILDTHROTH [sic] & Laura? SCHILDTHROTH, witn Edward SEABACH & Minnie SCHILDTHROTH, not given, 1 Nov 1893, Listowel.
#009702-93 (Perth Co): William Waler BURNS, 24, farmer, Richmond - Oxford Co., same, s/o George & Margaret, married Louisa J. MATTHEWS, 20, Breslaw England, Paris Ont., d/o John & Mary, witn: Fred DAVIS & Nellie HUMMASON, both of Elma, 28 June 1893 at Elma #009856-93 (Perth Co): Aaron BUSCHLE (or Birschle), 23, yeoman, Wellington Co., N. Easthope, s/o Peter & Mary, married Sarah INGOLD, 22, N. Easthope, same, d/o Jacob & Margaretta, witn: Christian OTTO of S. Easthope & Sarah BUSCHLE of N. Easthope, 28 Dec 1893 at N. Easthope
#009852-93 (Perth Co): John CAPLING, 33, farmer, North Easthope, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Maggie CORMACK, 22, North Easthope, same, d/o David & Margaret, witn: Elizabeth BECKER & Bertha KRUSPI?, both of N. Easthope, 22 March 1893 at N. Easthope 9719-93 (Perth Co) Paul COLUMBA, 21, flour mill hand, Baden, Listowel, s/o John COLUMBA & Barbara BUCHMANN, married Hannah DAVEY, 20, England, Listowel, d/o Benjamin DAVEY & Edith SIELANT?, witn Fred DAVEY & Rosina STAPLETON both of Listowel, 25 Oct 1893, Listowel
#009698-93 (Perth Co): William Richard CREW, 28, telegraph operator, Columbus - Whitby twp., Detroit USA, s/o John CREW & Eliza HONEY, married Jemima KENNEDY, 22, Elma twp., Monkton - Elma, d/o James FLEETFORD & Betsy KENNEDY, witn: R.S. PELLIN? of Al-(illegible) & Mary RICHMOND of Elma, 20 June 1893 at Monkton  #009855-93 (Perth Co): David CROZIER, 40, widower, yeoman, Lanark Co. Ont, Lockwood Missouri USA, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Martha RUTHERFORD, 29, North Easthope, same, d/o John & Rebecca, witn: William RUTHERFORD & Duncan McDERMID, both of N. Easthope, 5 July 1893 at res of bride's father, N. Easthope
009651-94 (Perth Co) Heinrich DIETZ, 25, farmer, McKillop Twp, McKillop Twp, s/o Conrad & Dorothea married Alvine SIEMON, 21, McKillop Twp, McKillop Twp, d/o Wilhelm & Caroline, witn: Johann BENNEWIES (?) & Louise AMSTEIN both of Logan Twp, 21 December 1893 in Logan #009827-93 (Perth Co): William James DOWD, 23, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o Richard DOWD & Sarah Ann REID, married Eliza Ann MOORE, 24, Mornington, same, d/o Archibald MOORE & Mary Ann PATTERSON, witn: Andrew DOWD & Martha and Nellie MOORE, all of Mornington, 7 Feb 1893 at Carthage, Mornington
#009826-93 (Perth Co): William DUNBAR, 31, carpenter, Mornington, Newton - Mornington, s/o John DUNBAR & Ann McLORY, married Alice WILLOUGHBY, 23, St. George, Millbank, d/o Joseph WILLOUGHBY & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, witn: John DUNBAR of Newton & Eliza WILLOUGHBY, 25 Jan 1893 at the Manse, Millbank #009694-93- George EDWARDS, 28, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o James & Ann, married Mary BOUGHTON, 21, Elma, same, d/o Charles & Lucy, witn: Almina BROUGHTON & Joseph LAMBERT, both of Elma, 8 March 1893 at Elma
#009861-93 (Perth Co): Friedrich EISLER, 26, farmer, Logan twp., same, s/o Gustave EISLER & Dorothea SCHULTZ, married Christine HILLEBRECHT, 23, Logan twp., same, d/o Friedrich HILLEBRECHT & Caroline MEIER, witn: Johann BENNEVOIES & Dorothea EISLER, both of Logan twp., 26 Jan 1893 at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Logan twp #009701-93 (Perth Co): John ELLACOTT, 26, farmer, Elma, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Annie R. STEWART, 22, Elma, same, d/o Samuel & Harrietta, witn: Alexander STEWART of Elma & Elizabeth T. ELLACOTT of Toronto, 29 March 1893 at Elma
#009836-93 (Perth Co): Irwin ELLIOTT, 22, farmer, Turnbury, Wawanosh twp., s/o John ELLIOTT & Annie IRWIN, married Maggie KEITH, 19, Elma twp., same, d/o James KEITH & Priscilla MARSHALL, witn: Mathew ELLIOTT of East Wawanosh & Jessie McLEOD of Howick, 24 May 1893 at Manse, North Mornington #009870-93 (Perth Co): Simon ENGEL, 27, farmer, Wellesley twp., Logan twp., s/o Jost ENGEL & Judith FOERSTER, married Fredercike GEBHARDT, 23, Logan twp., same, d/o August GEBHARDT & Louisa LIESE, witn: Heinrich GEBHARDT & Caroline ENGEL, both of Logan twp., 1 Nov 1893 at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Logan twp
  009652-94 (Perth Co) Jacob GLOOR, 25, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Caspar & Barbara married Christine VOCK, 22, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Wilhelm MORENZ & Friederike EISLER both of Logan, 5 December 1893 in Logan
#009889-93 (Perth Co): Harry GUTTRIDGE, 30, mason, Canada, Seaforth, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Bessie STONEMAN, 27, Canada, Mitchell, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John G. STONEMAN & Minnie J. ELLIOTT, both of Mitchell, 1 Nov 1893 at Mitchell #009847-93 (Perth Co): Michael HANLEY, 30, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o John HANLEY & Mary CONNOLL, married Sarah McMENAMIN, 29, Mornington, same, d/o James McMENAMIN & Mary ADAMS, witn: Thomas McMENAMIN & Mary HANLEY, both of Mornington, 4 Oct 1893 at Hesson, Mornington (Rom Cath)
#009862-93 (Perth Co): John HARVEY, 65, widower, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Monkton, s/o Robert HARVEY & Mary GRANT, married M. Jessie McROBB, 55, widow, Banffshire Scotland, Monkton, d/o Robert BOYNE & Janet SPENCE, witn: Robert & Mrs. Robert KENNEY of Elmly?, 2 Feb 1893 at Monkton #009891-93 (Perth Co): Charles J. HAWKINS, 25, yeoman, Canada, N. Orillia, s/o John & Harriet, married Charlotte Ada STRACHAN, 21, Canada, Mitchell, d/o Thomas & Charlotte, witn: Thomas & Priscilla STRACHAN of Mitchell, 19 Dec 1893 at Mitchell
#009707-93 (Perth Co): Wesley HEATH, 21, farmer, Puslinch, Trowbridge, s/o L--(illegible) & Sarah, married Lavinia ZUBRIGG, 23, Wallace twp., Kurtzville, d/o John & Lydia, witn: Susan ZUBRIGG of Kurtzville & Colonel CONLEY of Trowbridge, 4 Oct 1893 at Trowbridge, Elma twp #009843-93 (Perth Co): Samuel John HENRY, 24, carpenter, Elma, Mornington, s/o William HENRY & Sarah Ann WATSON, married Isabella MEWHINEY, 20, Maryboro, Mornington, d/o John MEWHINEY & Ann DAVIDSON, witn: George HENRY of Elma & Nancy DAVIDSON of Mornington, 26 Sept 1893 at Mornington
#009699-93 (Perth Co): Charles Wesley HERRALL, 31, druggist, Innisfil twp., Neepawa Manitoba, s/o James HERRALL & Mary PATTERSON, married Nina Florence WYNN, 24, Usborne twp., Newry, d/o Arthur Henry WYNN & Annie COULTER, witn: Charles J. WYNN & Kate ROE, both of Elma, 21 June 1893 at Newry, Elma #009869-93 (Perth Co): William E. HOCKING, 40, farmer, England, Hibbert twp., s/o William & Elizabeth, married Margaret ADAIR, 25, Downie twp., Monkton, d/o David & Mary Jane, witn: John W. DALE of Mitchell & Lizzie ADAIR of Monkton, 28 June 1893 at Monkton
#009693-93 (Perth Co): William A. HONE, 24, farmer, Elma, Britton - Elma, s/o William & Margaret, married Jane GILMER, 23, Elma, same, d/o William Henry & Elizabeth, witn: James H. GILMER & Margaret HONE, both of Elma, 15 March 1893 at Elma twp #009863-93 (Perth Co): Thomas H. HUTSON, 25, engineer, Hay twp., Hensall, s/o William HUTSON & Eliza JAMIESON, married Annie GILL, 23, Elma twp., Hensall, d/o Thomas GILL & Eliza BURNETT, witn: Zaccheus GILL of Elma & Mary Allen PALMER of Hensall, 8 Feb 1893 at Logan twp
#009844-93 (Perth Co): Robert Leslie HYMER, 24, farmer, Wallace, Mornington, s/o John HYMER & Eliza Jane FARRELL, married Mary Elizabeth BUCHANAN, 16, Elma, same, d/o Andrew BUCHANAN & Eliza Jane CURKE, witn: David HYMER & Sarah FEWINGS, both of Mornington, 27 Sept 1893 at Mornington #009887-93 (Perth Co): Simpson IRELAND, 52, gentleman, England, St. Marys, s/o Richard & Mary, married Sara THOMPSON, 40, Canada, St. Marys, d/o Richard & Sarah, witn: Elizabeth WILLIAMS & Emma SAWYER, both of Mitchell, 10 Aug 1893 at Mitchell
#009890-93 (Perth Co): William JACKSON, 26, farmer, Fullarton, same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Ida VOSPER, 21, Logan, same, d/o Edward & Eliza, witn: Mary VOSPER of Logan & James McCLACHERTY of Clinton, 22 Nov 1893 at Logan #009830-93 (Perth Co): Joseph JACOBS, 27, farmer, Wilmot twp., Mornington, s/o Jonas JACOBS & Margaret YOST, married Sarah SANDERSON, 22, Mornington, same, d/o William SANDERSON & Charlotte CAPLING, witn: Thomas SANDERSON of Mornington & Elizabeth Eastin CAPLING of North Easthope, 22 Feb 1893 at Mornington
009785-94 (Perth Co) Henry JACOBS, 21, carpenter, Ontario, Stratford, s/o Elias & Minnie married Emma MCARDLE, 22, Ontario, South Easthope, d/o David & Jane, witn: Edward & Minnie JACOBS both of Stratford, 26 December 1893 in South Easthope 009784-94 (Perth Co) David JACOBS, 22, carpenter, Ontario, Stratford, s/o Peter & Sophia married Minnie MCARDLE, 19, Ontario, South Easthope, d/o David & Jane, witn: Edward & Minnie JACOBS both of Stratford, 26 December 1893 in South Easthope.
#009828-93 (Perth Co): Rudolph JANTZI, 25, farmer, Wellesley, same, s/o Joseph & Matty, married Katy BRINK, 19, Wellesley, Mornington, d/o Christian & Matty, witn: David BRINK & Moses JANTZI, both of Mornington, 2 Feb 1893 at Mornington (Mennonite) #009831-93 (Perth Co): William James JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o William JOHNSTON & Martha PATTERSON, married Jessie Juan? WELSH, 24, Mornington, same, d/o John WELSH & Annie WATSON, witn: David William WELSH & Ellen J. JOHNSTON, both of Mornington, 28 Feb 1893 at Mornington
#009708-93 (Perth Co): Valentine KESO, 26, miller, Wallace twp., Listowel, s/o August & Louisa, married Sarah Elizabeth PARRY, 21, Toronto, Maryboro, d/o William & Sarah, witn: John & Annie C. KESO of Listowel, 25 Jan 1893 at Listowel #009848-93 (Perth Co): James KIDD, 27, farmer, Maryborough, same, s/o George KIDD & Jane STINSON, married Annie O’GRADY, 25, Mornington, same, d/o James O’GRADY & Catherine HYMAN, witn: John CONNOLY of illegible & Mary O’GRADY of Mornington, 21 Nov 1893 at Hesson, Mornington (Rom Cath)
#009833-93 (Perth Co): Jonathan KIFFER, 23, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o Christian L. KIFFER & Catherine JANTZI, married Catherine WAGLER, 20, Wilmot, Mornington, d/o Joseph WAGLER & Elizabeth SPENLER, witn: John JANTZI & Christian HEREFORD, both of Wellesley and Mary WAGLER & Nancy KIFFER, both of Mornington, 7 March 1893 at Mornington (Mennonite) 009650-94 (Perth Co) Johannes KISTNER, 25, laborer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Johannes & Barbara married Auguste SCHERBARTH, 22, Logan, Logan, d/o Daniel & Emilie, witn: Adam KISTNER & Pauline SHERBARTH both of Logan, 25 November 1893 in Logan
  #009842-93 (Perth Co): William LEDINGHAM, 37, sawyer (or lawyer), Elma, same, s/o James LEDINGHAM & Isabella DURNS?, married Sophia Jane CREERY, 33, Osborne twp., Millbank, d/o Joseph CREERY & Hannah GRIFFIN, witn: John P. GRIFFIN of Milverton & Ellen McKEE of Millbank, 20 Sept 1893 at Mornington
#009871-93 (Perth Co): Jesse LOOKER, 29, yeoman, Canada, Logan, s/o Isaac & Maria, married Mary CLABB, 19, Canada, Logan, d/o Lawrence & Margaret, witn: John C. INGRAM of Logan twp & Annie CLABB of Ellice twp., 8 Nov 1893 at Logan twp #009707-93 (Perth Co): David MARTIN, 30, farmer, Perth Co., Listowel, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Margaret RICHARDSON, 22, Perth Co., Listowel, d/o Hugh & Maria, witn: Hugh MARTIN & Lucy RICHARDSON, both of Listowel, 11 Jan 1893 at Listowel
009679-94 (Perth Co) Angus McDOUGALL, 46, transportation agent, Scotland, West Superior City U.S., widower, s/o Alexander & Ann married Margaret M. RODGERS, 30, Downie, Downie, single, d/o William & Janet RODGERS, witn: James & Joseph B. RODGERS both of Downie, 19 October 1893 in Downie  
#009712-93 (Perth Co): James McKEON, 21, laborer, Mitchell, same, s/o Hugh & Margaret, married Mary Jane WASHBORNE, 22, "Downing Sth Perth", Listowel, d/o Henry & Catherine, witn: Robert WASHBORNE & Rosa CRAWFORD, 12 April 1893 at Listowel #009851-93 (Perth Co): James McTAVISH, 35, farmer, North Easthope, same, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Sarah WILSON, 21, North Easthope, same, d/o George & Frances, witn: P.S. ROBERTSON & R. FREEMAN, both of South Easthope, 4 Jan 1893 at North Easthope
#009834-93 (Perth Co): Louis Charles MINK, 28, carpenter, Mornington, same, s/o Charles & Mary, married Catherine HENNING, 18, Baden Ont., Mornington, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Earnest HENNING of Mornington & Minnie BRIDGMAN of Millbank, 8 March 1893 at Millbank (Mennonite) #009845-93 (Perth Co): Joseph MOSER, 28, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o Carl & Hedwig, married Anna KESSEL (or Kassel), 30, Mornington, same, d/o Henry KESSEL & Anna SCHWARTZ, witn: Thomas KESSEL, Catherine and Margaretta MOSER, & Ludwig MITTELHOTZ, all of Mornington, 30 Oct 1893 at Mornington (Rom Cath)
#009872-93 (Perth Co): Carl MUEGGE, 26, farmer, Logan twp., same, s/o Carl MUEGGE & Martha AMSLEIN, married Dorothea HASHNEL (or Huehnel), 24, Logan twp., same, s/o Christian HASHNEL & Dorothea SCHROEDER, witn: Friedrich RUDOLPH & Maria AHRENS, both of Logan twp., 19 Dec 1893 at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Logan twp #009865-93 (Perth Co): Julius MUELLER, 22, farmer, Logan twp., same, s/o Johann G. MUELLER & Caroline BAHN, married Emilie SCHERBARTH, 21, Logan twp., same, d/o Daniel & Emilie SCHERBARTH, witn: John KISTNER & Auguste SCHERBARTH, both of Logan twp., 13 April 1893 at Logan twp (Lutheran)
#009710-93 (Perth Co): Edwin NANCE (or Hanse), 30, farmer, Elma, same, s/o Timothy & Anna, married Anny (or Amy) LOVE, 20, Elma, same, d/o John & Jane , witn: William LOVE & Mary RICHMOND, both of Elma, 8 March 1893 at Listowel #009853-93 (Perth Co): John PAGE, 30, carpenter, Blenheim, same, s/o Francis & Lizzy, married Nellie PATERSON, 29, South Easthope, North Easthope, d/o Robert T. & Esther, witn: John STEWART & Robert PATERSON?, both of N. Easthope, 24 May 1893 at N. Easthope
#009837-93 (Perth Co): George PEFFER, 48, widower, section foreman, Brantford, Ellice twp., s/o William PEPPER & Hannah UPTON, married Jane LANGFORD, 36, Biddulph, Mornington, d/o George LANGFORD & Catherine McCROBERT?, witn: Mary Ellen HOLMES of Ellice & Isaac H.L. LANGFORD of Mornington, 24 May 1893 at Mornington #009846-93 (Perth Co): Thomas PEFFERS (or Peppers), 34, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o Alexander PEFFERS & Eleanor LEVICK, married Isabella MacKENZIE, 31, Mornington, same, d/o Duncan MacKENZIE & Margaret FRASER, witn: James PEFFERS & William MacKENZIE, both of Mornington, 14 Nov 1893 at Mornington
#009697-93 (Perth Co): Arnsy? PEPPLER, 23, blacksmith, Peel twp - Waterloo Co (this is what is written, but Peel twp is in Wellington Co), s/o Jacob PEPPLER & Annie BRINK, married Hannah SHERWIN, 21, Monkton, same, d/o Henry SHERWIN & Betsy KIRKNESS, witn: Arthur GEORGE of Listowel & Janet SHERWIN of Monkton, 7 June 1893 at Monkton, Elma twp #009695-93 (Perth Co): William PERRIE, 32, farmer, Lanarkshire, Grey twp., s/o William PERRIE & Jane BROWN, married Elizabeth FORMAN, 25, Elma twp., same, d/o Jabez FORMAN & Margaret INGLIS, witn: Alexander PERRIE of Grey twp & Mary Ann FORMAN of Elma twp., 15 March 1893 at Elma twp
#009700-93 (Perth Co): William PORTERFIELD, 27, farmer, Howick twp., Elma, s/o James PORTERFIELD & Margaret PRENTIS, married Mary Jane PATTERSON, 25, Artemesia, Elma, d/o Richard PATTERSON & Jane WARD, witn: Joseph W. WARD & Clara PORTERFIELD, both of Elma, 28 June 1893 at Elma #009867-93 (Perth Co): Peter SCHROEDER, 28, farmer, Dashwood - Huron Co., same, s/o Peter SCHROEDER & Maria SCHOLLER, married Sophia MORENZ, 20, Logan twp., same, d/o Trangott MORENZ & Anna POMPRIL, witn: Carl STEFFAN of Dashwood & Marie MORENZ of Logan, 27 April 1893 at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Logan twp
#009888-93 (Perth Co): John Lanson SCOTT, 28, merchant, Canada, Toronto, s/o William T. & Margaret, married Katie BUCK, 26, Canada, Mitchell, d/o Aaron & Annie, witn: James T. SCOTT of Toronto & Mary BUCK of Mitchell, 23 Aug 1893 at Mitchell #009892-93 (Perth Co): Silas Nicholas SHIER, 22, yeoman, Canada, Usborne twp., s/o Nicholas & Jemima, married Nellie VICKERS, 21, Canada, Mitchell, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Robert VICKERS of Mitchell & Jessie SHIER of Usborne, 27 Dec 1893 at Mitchell
#009864-93 (Perth Co): Carl STEPHAN, 27, farmer, Hay twp., same, s/o Christian STEPHAN & Annie LUMBKE, married Maria MORENZ, 24, Logan twp., same, d/o Trangott MORENZ & Annie PONPRIL?, witn: Johann STEPHAN & Emma EID, both of Hay twp, 24 May 1893 at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Logan twp #009857-93 (Perth Co): William John STINSON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Minto, s/o James & Harriet, married Dora JEWELL, 24, Ontario, Logan, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: Edgar STINSON of Minto & Grace JEWELL of Logan, 11 Jan 1893 at Logan twp
010190-96 (Perth Co) William STOSSKOPF, 24, farmer, Fullarton, Fullarton, s/o Michael & Nancie married Sophie HERRMANN, 21, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Heinrich & Margaret, witn: Andreas & George HERRMANN of South Easthope, 30 March 1893 in Sebastopol  
#009829-93 (Perth Co): Herbert TAYLOR, 25, Sheffield England, Mornington, s/o Joseph & Louisa, married Sarah Margaret ROBINSON, 26, Mornington, same, d/o Alexander ROBINSON & Elizabeth WARREN, witn: Joseph TAYLOR & Wilhelmina ROBINSON, both of Mornington, 1 Feb 1893 at Mornington #9720-93 (Perth Co) David THORNDYKE, 24, farmer, Cavin Tp, Elma, s/o Robert THORNDYKE & Jane STRONG, married Alice HUMMERSON?, 23, King Tp, Elma, d/o James HUMMERSON & Caroline THOMPSON, witn James THORNDYKE, Richard PAYDE (?Pryde) & Nettie HUMMERSON all of Elma, 1 Nov 1893, Listowel.
  #009832-93 (Perth Co): Levi Charles WATSON, 26, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o Samuel WATSON & Ann HANDSFIELD, married Maggie McKENZIE, 27, Mornington, same, d/o Duncan McKENZIE & Margaret FRASER, witn: Donald McKENZIE & Nellie WATSON, both of Mornington, 8 March 1893 at Mornington
#009859-93 (Perth Co): August WICKE, 33, farmer, Ellice twp., same, s/o Friedrich WICKE & Christine LAUTENSCHLAGE, married Catherine GEBHARD, 23, Logan twp., same, d/o August GEBHARD & Louise LIESE, witn: Wilhelm WICKE of Ellice twp & Frederike GEBHARD of Logan twp., 10 Jan 1893 at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Logan twp #009709-93 (Perth Co): Carl Albert WILKEN, 22, farmer, Waterloo, Elmira, s/o Frederick & Frederika, married Emma HETZ (or Hertz), 20, Waterloo, Treecastle, d/o Henrietta & Katherine, witn: George HETZ & Elizabeth WILKEN, 1 March 1893 at Treecastle, Listowel twp (Lutheran)
#009868-93 (Perth Co): John James WOOLACOTT, 25, farmer, Oxford Co., Logan twp., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Lizzie NEAR, 28, Elma twp., same, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: William H. WOOLACOTT & Charlotte LAWSON, both of Logan twp., 12 Sept 1893 at res of Joseph NEAR, Elma twp #009703-93 (Perth Co): Robert John YOUNG, 23, farmer, Elma, same, s/o John YOUNG & Margaret BUCHANAN, married Elizabeth HAMMOND, 27, Elma twp., Sturne?, d/o George HAMMOND & Jane KEATING, witn: James & Sarah Jane HAMMOND of Elma, 3 Aug 1893 at Sturne?, Elma twp
#009835-93 (Perth Co): Peter ZETTEL, 22, laborer, Waterloo Co., Mornington, s/o Joseph ZETTEL & Mary KORBEL, married Mary VEITENHEIMER, 18, Mornington, same, d/o John VEITENHEIMER & Barbara KRAEMER, witn: Michael COOK & Annie VEITENHEIMER, both of Mornington, 24 April 1893 at Hesson, Mornington (Rom Cath)