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Perth Co., 1906


16076-06 Isaac AIKEN, 30, miller, Mornington twp., Milverton, s/o John ATKIN (sic) & Janet DRUMMOND, married Ruby Eugene COXON, 23, Elma twp., same, d/o Aaron COXON, farmer, & Margaret RANNEY, witn: George COXON & Edith RANNEY, 14 March 1906 at Milverton  
16111-06 William ANSENT?, 24, laborer, Mornington, same, s/o Joseph ANSENT & Annie KARLEY, married Annie JANES, 20, Mornington, same, d/o Oliver JANES, farmer, & Marion BATTY, witn: M. J. & M.F. CAMERON of Mornington, 15 Jan 1906 at Mornington 16131-06 Albert ARMSTRONG, 21, farmer, Downie twp., same, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Helen McDAVIST? (McDavid?), married Lillie Maud OGGLESBY, 22, Downie twp., St. Marys, d/o James OGGLESBY & Susanna CROSIER, witn: Carrie McCULLOUGH of Blanshard twp, 8 Feb 1906 at St. Marys
16074-06 Samuel George ATTRIDGE, 23, farmer, Mornington twp., same, s/o Thomas ATTRIDGE & Mary DUNLOP, married Lizzie SAGE, 22, Ellice twp., Mornington twp., d/o Henry SAGE, farmer, & Emma MOLLAN?, witn: Minnie & Mary McKINNON, 17 Jan 1906 at Milverton 16141-06 Edwin Alvin BATCHELLER, 25, banker, Bedford Quebec, Norwich, s/o Alvin A. BATCHELLER & Ellen E. CAPSEY, married Beatrice Louise McGOBRICK, 23, St. Marys, same, d/o Thomas McGOBRICK & Annie MOOREHEAD, witn: Homer A. BATCHELLER of Ingersoll & Mabelle McGOBRICK of St. Marys, 6 June 1906 at St. Marys
16082-06 Gideon BIES (Bier?), 21, laborer, Wellesley twp., Milverton, s/o Edward BIES & Veronicka YOST, married Mary A. RITTER, 17, Elma twp., Milverton, d/o Charles RITTER, hotel keeper, & Caroline ROCK, witn: Edward RITTERBORNE & Mrs. K. LIVINGSTON, both of Milverton, 24 July 1906 at Milverton (Lutheran) 16113-06 Joseph BIESINGER, 24, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o Gustaf BIESINGER & Caroline CASSEL, married Almira Beatrice CALDER, 23, Dorking, Wellesley, d/o William CALDER & Mary Ann MEWHINEY, witn: Norman CALDER of Wellesley & Mary BIESINGER of Mornington, 7 Feb 1906 at Hesson
  16124-06 Samuel John BOYD, 29, physician, Mornington, Richmond Hill, s/o James BOYD & Eliza LEITCH, married Maude KERR, 23, Mornington, same, d/o David KERR & Sarah GLENN, witn: Lesley BOYD of Sutton & Mary CAMERON of Mornington, 25 Dec 1906 at Mornington
16081-06 John Wesley BROCK, 44, merchant, of Thamesford, s/o John BROCK & Jane MONTGOMERY, married Sarah Isabella HENDERSON, 27, of Thamesford, d/o Andrew HENDERSON & Jane ASKIN, witn: John KNOX of Thamesford & Jennie CRAWFORD of Hamilton, 3 Oct 1906 at Milverton 16095-06 Andrew J. BROWN, 32, dentist, Fergus, Mitchell, s/o Alexander BROWN & Jean MUNRO, married Dolly WATERHOUSE, 25, Tilsonburg, Mitchell, d/o John H. WATERHOUSE & Eliza DAY, witn: Charlotte FERGUSON of Tilsonburg & J.A.B. MUNRO of Toronto, 18 April 1906 at Mitchell
16121-06 James Edward CAMPBELL, 29, engineer, Mornington, Stratford, s/o William CAMPBELL & Jane REID, married Elizabeth SUTTER, 26, Mornington, same, d/o George SUTTER & Caroline REIBE, witn: David J. & Grace R. FLEMING of Mornington, 6 June 1906 at Millbank 16137-06 William R. CARR, 31, merchant, St. Marys, same, s/o George CARR & Joanna MUIR, married Anna DUNSEITH, 21, St. Marys, same, d/o William DUNSEITH & Barbara St.JOHN, witn: William A. DUNSEITH & Lillian CARR, both of St. Marys, 11 April 1906 at St. Marys
016977-07 (Perth Co) George Lount Pearson CARRUTHERS, 28, farmer, Wallace, Grey Twp Huron Co., s/o George CARRUTHERS & Margaret HUGHEN married Margaret Maud JOHNSTON, 23, Elma, Elma Twp, d/o Richard JOHNSTON & Mary Jane WAKEFIELD, witn: J. H. JOHNSTON of Trowbridge & Idella CARRUTHERS of Monkton, 19 December 1906 in Elma.  
16147-06 Isaac Wilbert CLARK, 29, harness maker, Granton, St. Marys, s/o James CLARK & Mary HILL, married Verda BROOKS, 22, of St. Marys, d/o Frank BROOKS & Louisa COOK, witn: Herbert COOK of Granton & Eliza BROOKS of Buffalo NY, 27 Dec 1906 at St. Marys 16077-06 John Ernst COXON, 33, farmer, Elma twp., same, s/o William COXON & Aurora WARE, married Katie Maitland ALLAN, 29, Ellice twp., same, d/o Charles ALLAN, farmer, & Margaret McGARVIE, witn: Thomas A. McKEITH & Fanny BARNBY, 21 March 1906 at Milverton
16122-06 Duncan Alexander DEWAR, 28, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o Peter DEWAR & Mary FLEMING, married Mary FLEMING, 24, Mornington, same, d/o Robert FLEMING & Jean BURNETT, witn: James A. McDONALD of Stratford & Kate FLEMING of Mornington, 26 Sept 1906 at Mornington 16109-06 E. Henry DITTMER, 27, farmer, of Fullarton twp., s/o Angus DITTMER & Maria HALL, married Mary Ann Chris. MICKEL (Wickel?), 21, of Alice twp., d/o Heinrich MICKEL & Dorothea FRAMM, witn: A. & Mrs. H. GOEBEL of Mitchell, 18 Sept 1906 at Mitchell (Lutheran)
16108-06 Arthur DOWN, 23, Middlesex twp (sic), same, s/o Henry DOWN & Mary EDWARDS, married Mary Ann BEER, 25, Mitchell, same, d/o John BEER & Elizabeth Ann ROGERS, witn: James Albert DOWN & Lilian BEER, both of Mitchell, 12 Dec 1906 at Mitchell 16140-06 Edward DUNSEITH, 20, liveryman, Downie twp., St. Marys, s/o James DUNSEITH & Mary Jane DIAMOND, married Etta STEPHENSON, 17, St. Marys, same, d/o Robert STEPHENSON & Sarah CARRICK, witn: George STEPHENSON of St. Marys & Minnie DUNSEITH of Washington US, 23 May 1906 at St. Marys
16116-06 John R. EBERS, 32, widower, thrasher, Lancaster Co. PA, same, s/o David EANSOL? & Esther RIEHL, married Matty SCHMIDT, 33, Mornington, same, d/o Jacob SCHMIDT, farmer, & Barbara REINHART?, witn: Peter SCHMIDT of Mornington & Solomon STEINMAN of Wilmot, 18 March 1906 at Mornington (Mennonite) 16129-06 William ELLACOTT, 28, farmer, Elma twp., same, s/o William ELLACOTT & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Mary A. PRATT, 18, St. Marys, same, d/o William PRATT & Ann Eliza GILLMORE, witn: Daniel & Minnie McPHERSON of St. Marys, 13 Feb 1906 at St. Marys
16101-06 Charles Wesley ELLIOTT, 22, Logan twp., Winnipeg, s/o Simon ELLIOTT & Elizabeth MURPHY, married Gertrude Jean TILLEY, 20, Mitchell, same, d/o John TILLEY & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, witn: Herbert H. & Murtsa TILLEY of Niagara, 15 Aug 1906 at Mitchell 16146-06 Oliver E. ENGLISH, 24, street railway conductor, Toronto, same, s/o Henry ENGLISH & Fanny BRIGGS, married Maud WATSON, 25, St. Marys, same, d/o John WATSON & Louisa HAMMOND, witn: Bert ENGLISH of Toronto & Rachel O'GRADY of St. Marys, 28 June 1906 at St. Marys
16136-06 William F. EVANS, 20, farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o William James EVANS & Emma HALEY, married Annie L. PERRIN, 19, Blanshard twp., same, d/o James PERRIN & Mary Ann HAYES, witn: Mary McRAE & Julia GRANT, both of St. Marys, 21 March 1906 at St. Marys 16114-06 Thomas FAULKNER, 40, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o Thomas FAULKNER & Mary STARK, married Jessie WOOD, 35, Mornington, same, d/o William WOOD, farmer, & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Alexander WOOD & Lizzie FAULKNER, both of Mornington, 21 Feb 1906 at Mornington
16083-06 Henry FLEISCHHAUER, 24, farmer, Elma twp., same, s/o Ernst FLEISCHHAUER & Eliza SCHWINDT, married Norine Isabella COXON, 21, Elma twp., same, d/o William COXON, farmer, & Aurora WARE, witn: Minnie & Margaret McKINNON of Milverton, 22 Aug 1906 at Milverton 16119-06 James Neilson GALLAWAY, 23, farmer, Guelph, Mornington, s/o Edward GALLAWAY & Agnes NEILSON, married Elizabeth FAULKNER, 22, Mornington, same, d/o Thomas FAULKNER & Mary STARK, witn: C. T?. & M. F. CAMERON of Mornington, 11 April 1906 at Mornington
16127-06 William John GRAHAM, 29, labourer, Hastings Co., St. Marys, s/o William John GRAHAM & Frances EVANS, married Bertha Jane NEAR, 19, West Nissouri, St. Marys, d/o Wilson NEAR & Margaret Jane LOCKERY, witn: Robert S. & Minnie GRAHAM of St. Marys, 10 Jan 1906 at St. Marys 16135-06 John GRAY, 42, widower, Scotland, St. Marys, same, s/o John GRAY & Margaret McLACHLAN, married Mary A. EASSON, 35, Stratford, same, d/o William EASSON & Margaret McGREGOR, witn: Peter MUNNOCH & Margaret McDONALD, both of St. Marys, 29 March 1906 at St. Marys
16153-06 John HALL, 33, blacksmith, Lakeside Ont., Meaford, s/o William HALL & Amelia MARTIN, married Estella DUNN, 25, Coldwater Ont., Detroit, d/o John DUNN & Rosanna GRISDALE, witn: Jessie DICKSON & Effie MacWILLIAMS, both of St. Marys, 30 June 1906 at St. Marys 16107-06 Samuel HARRIS, 64, widower, Devonshire England, Mitchell, s/o James HARRIS & Elizabeth ROULTEY, married Grace MULHERON, 57, widow, Aytonshire? Scotland, Mitchell, d/o Alexander STEWART & Elizabeth PORTER, witn: Mrs. Thomas ROWEY (Roney?) & Mrs. J. McINTOSH, both of Mitchell, 12 Dec 1906 at Mitchell
16100-06 James HENRY, 27, Elma twp., same, s/o Edward HENRY & Margaret GRAHAM, married Florence BURROUGHS, 29, Logan twp., same, d/o Charles BURROUGHS & Jane PAYNE, witn: Thomas W. & Kathleen P. HART of Mankato? Minn., 8 Aug 1906 at Mitchell 16149-06 Cooper HOWARD, 30, teamster, of Lucan, s/o John HOWARD & Mary Jane HODGINS, married Cora Letitia CULBERT, 25, of Lucan, d/o Joseph CULBERT & Elizabeth DEMPSTER, witn: Ardean & Laura ISAACS of St. Marys, 24 Aug 1906 at St. Marys
16084-06 James B. JOHNSTON, 36, farmer, Mornington twp., same, s/o James JOHNSTON & Jane HOUSTON, married Mary WHALEY, 32, Mornington twp., Milverton, d/o James WHALEY & Mary Ann LOWREY, witn: Mary & Minnie McKINNON of Milverton, 26 Sept 1906 at Milverton 16145-06 William JOHNSTON, 60, widower, farmer, Scotland, Blanshard twp., s/o Alexander JOHNSTON & Mary DEMPSTER, married Maggie OLIVER, 35, St. Marys, same, d/o James OLIVER & Eliza McDERMOTT, witn: William RODGER of Downie twp & John EDWARDS of St. Marys, 26 June 1906 at St. Marys
16139-06 Joseph Anderson KEIR (Kerr?), 68, widower, GTR agent, Fife Keith Scotland, St. Marys, s/o John KEIR & Margaret ANDERSON, married Annie Dale HOOPER, 48, widow York England, St. Marys, d/o William DALE & Frances STEPHENSON, witn: May KENNEDY of San Francisco Cal., & Lottie GRAHAM of St. Marys, 23 May 1906 at St. Marys 16120-06 Arthur Robinson KERR, 25, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o James R. KERR & Mary ROBINSON, married Sarah Edith BEGGS, 22, Mornington, same, d/o Alexander BEGGS & Clarissa HASKETT, witn: Alwyn BEGGS & Isabel KERR, both of Mornington, 6 June 1906 at Linwood
16123-06 David KNIFFER (Kuepfer?), 27, yeoman, Mornington, same, s/o Andrew KNIFFER & Katie SWITZER, married Katie SCHMIDT, 22, Elma, same, d/o Chs. SCHMIDT & Katie WAGLER, witn: Jacob KNIFFER of Mornington & Chs. SCHMIDT Jr. of Elma, 4 Nov 1906 at Elma (Mennonite) 16128-06 John LEGGE, 34, farmer, West Nissouri, St. Marys, s/o John LEGGE & Christena ROSS, married Margaret C. AMOS, 27, North Carolina, St. Marys, d/o William AMOS & Annie WADDELL, witn: Elizabeth LEGGE & Anna AMOS, both of St. Marys, 31 Jan 1906 at St. Marys
16106-06 Archibald John MALCOLM, 27, farmer, Hibbert, same, s/o Duncan MALCOLM & Charlotte GREEN, married Sophia LOVE, 29, Elma, Mitchell, d/o James LOVE & Annie MURPHY, witn: Edwin & Mrs. E. HANSE (House?) of Mitchell, 12 Dec 1906 at Mitchell 16096-06 Peter McDONALD, 57, widower, gentleman, Scotland, Kincardine, s/o James McDONALD & Catherine CAMERON, married Mrs. Jane McINTOSH, 55, widow, Belleville, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., d/o Alexander VANCE & Rebecca CLARKE, witn: Clarke & Mrs. C. VANCE of Mitchell, 11 June 1906 at Mitchell
16102-06 John McEWAN, 30, Downie twp., same, s/o Robert McEWAN & Harriet HEMSLEY, married Rubina IRVINE, 25, Fullarton twp., same, d/o James IRVINE & Elizabeth SMART, witn: Mrs. W. J. M. ARMSTRONG & Mrs. J. W. McINTOSH, both of Mitchell, 19 Sept 1906 at Mitchell 16115-06 Charles McKENZIE, 30, farmer, Elma, same, s/o James McKENZIE & Margaret SUTHERLAND, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 22, Mornington, same, d/o John MARTIN, farmer, & Margaret illegible HENDERSON, witn: James & M.S. CAMERON of Mornington, 28 Feb 1906 at Mornington
  16125-06 Thomas McLELLAN, 26, farmer, of Elma twp, s/o Peter McLELLAN & Marion CHALMERS, married Mary KIRKLAND, 21, of Mornington twp., d/o George KIRKLAND & Isabella SANDERSON, witn: James A. McLENNAN & Martha KIRKLAND, both of Mornington, 25 Dec 1906 at Mornington
16103-06 W. Melville MERTIN, 30, barrister, Norwich Ont., Regina Sask., s/o William M. MERTIN & Christian JAMIESON, married Violet Florence THOMSON, 25, Mitchell, same, d/o Walter THOMSON & Christena H--? ELDER, witn: J. A. MARTIN (sic) B.A. of Toronto & Mabel V. THOMSON of Mitchell, 26 Sept 1901 at Mitchell #016090-06 (Perth Co): Albert D. MILLER, 29, clerk, Berlin, Waterloo town, s/o William MILLER & Elizabeth WOLF, married Alice BOYD, 25, Mitchell, same, d/o James BOYD & Sarah A. MARTINDALE, witn: Violette F. THOMASON & Effie DAVIDSON, both of Mitchell, 14 Feb 1906 at Mitchell
16085-06 Joseph Henry MOORE, 27, saddler, Ellice twp., Sebringville, s/o John MOORE & Mary KUEHNE, married Pearl Florence KASTNER, 21, Rostock, Sebringville, d/o David KASTNER, drover, & Margaret illegible (scratched film), witn: Loretta & Estella MORLOCK of Milverton, 11 Oct 1906 at Milverton 16132-06 Thomas W. MURRAY, 23, farmer, Downie twp., same, s/o George MURRAY & Helen ATCHESON, married Sarah E. ELLAH, 19, Downie twp., St. Marys, d/o George ELLAH & Sarah FERRIS, witn: George ELLAH of Downie twp & Julia GRANT of St. Marys, 28 Feb 1906 at St. Marys
16105-06 Samuel MURRAY, 36, vet. surgeon, Tuckersmith twp., Dublin - Perth, s/o William MURRAY & Elizabeth GIBSON, married Lydia STEISS, 27, Cranbrook Ont., Brod--? Perth, d/o John STEISS & Louisa ZIMMERS, witn: Rose L. McINTOSH of Mitchell & Eleanor F. LUCAS M.D. of Toronto, 10 Sept 1906 at Mitchell 16080-06 Frank NORMAN, 31, farmer, London England, Wellesley, s/o William John NORMAN & Ellen May BRADY, married Maggie M. DEWAR, 29, Wellesley, same, d/o Thomas DEWAR, farmer, & Agnes HUTCHISON, witn: Nellie ROBERTSON & Mary McKINNON, 27 June 1906 at Milverton
16143-06 Russell OLIVER, 21, farmer, West Nissouri, East Nissouri, s/o Daniel OLIVER & Mary WESTON, married Dora St.CLAIR, 21, Galt Ont., St. Marys, d/o Harley St.CLAIR & Mary BOWERS, witn: Andrew LEE of Downie twp & Ada NEAR of East Nissouri, 20 June 1906 at St. Marys 16144-06 Joseph Henry PATTERSON, 35, farmer, Harwich, London twp., s/o David PATTERSON & Elizabeth LATIMER, married Annie McCORD, 31, Exeter Ont., St. Marys, d/o Robert McCORD & Sarah PORTER, witn: John & Jane Evangeline READY of St. Marys, 20 June 1906 at St. Marys
16151-06 Richard H. PECK, 26, music dealer, Bayfield Ont., Seaforth, s/o Henry PECK & Emily CLARK, married Marie A. DALYRYMPLE, 24, Lakeside Ont., same, d/o George DALYRYMPLE & Mary FOTHEN?, witn: Edmund PECK of Toronto & Emma S. PECK of Bayfield, 30 June 1906 at St. Marys  
16133-06 William E. PICKEL, 23, farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o Edward PICKEL & Sarah STAINTON, married Adeline V. JOHNSTON, 19, Dufferin twp - Dufferin Co (sic), East Nissouri, d/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Laura E. HENRY, witn: W. H. KENNEDY & Lottie GRAHAM, both of St. Marys, 28 March 1906 at St. Marys 16142-06 Arthur POPE, 26, instructor at Harvard, Cleveland USA, Cambridge USA, s/o John POPE & Frances WHIPPLE, married Mysie Black BELL, 23, Liddesdale Scotland, St. Marys, d/o Thomas BELL & Mary BLACK, witn: Martin MOORE of Cambridge Mass & Florence LESLIE of St. Marys, 11 June 1906 at St. Marys
16110-06 George Frank POUNDER, 26, carpenter, of Stratford, s/o Thomas POUNDER & Sarah SISSON, married Jessie BAKER, 30, of Stratford, d/o Elijah BAKER & Eliz. GREEN, witn: Georgina & Alberta LEMON?, 21 Feb 1906 at Mitchell #016091-06 (Perth Co): George RONNENBERG, 28, carpenter, Logan twp., Mitchell, s/o Ernest RONNENBERG & Louise KIENE, married Elizabeth GETHKE, 29, Logan twp., same, d/o Fred GETHKE & Elizabeth RATZ, witn: William GETHKE & Mary RONNENBERG, both of Mitchell, 28 Feb 1906 at Logan twp (Lutheran)
16079-06 William Medham ROSAMOND, 36, civil engineer, Almonte Ont., Milverton, s/o James ROSAMOND & Lilly McDONNELL, married Freddie Bell WHITE, 26, Welland Ont., Milverton, d/o Frederick Oliver WHITE & Margaret CARL, witn: Carrie TRIM & Ralph LEDERMANN, 25 April 1906 at Milverton 16087-06 Jacob W. SCHMIDT, 26, farmer, Wallace twp., Waterloo, s/o Martin SCHMIDT & Catherine WAGNER, married Emma DENYER, 25, widow, Milverton, same, d/o Joseph BERGER & Veronicka LUCKHARDT, witn: Peter KUMMER of Erbsville & Anna SCHMIDT of Waterloo, 21 Nov 1906 at Milverton (Lutheran)
16098-06 Benjamin J. SCHNEIDER, 32, merchant, Bornholme? - Perth Co., Mitchell, s/o Adam SCHNEIDER & Mary DOERR, married Luella NUGENT, 20, Berlin, Mitchell, d/o Rev? Francis NUGENT & Annie GRAHAM, witn: Mrs. F. E. NUGENT of Mitchell & Miss Kate SCHNEIDER of Bornholme, 27 June 1906 at Mitchell  
016978-07 (Perth Co) John Henry SEELHOFF, 28, farmer, Elma, Elma, s/o Frederick SEELHOFF & Barbara DECKER married Lizzie Jane McCOURT, 28, Elma, Elma, d/o Samuel McCOURT & Lydia BARTON, witn: Jacob SEELHOFF & Dorcas McCOURT both of Elma, 7 November 1906 in Elma. (also 016008- 1906) 16150-06 Joseph SHARP, 34, farmer, of Toronto, s/o Joseph SHARP, farmer, & Elizabeth ?EIGHTNER, married Elizabeth Rachel KIRKLY, 28, of St. Marys, d/o Robert KIRKLY & Mary Ann PAYNTER, witn: Edgar ROBB of Toronto & Lettie M. KIRKLY of St. Marys, 6 June 1906 at St. Marys
16138-06 William Henry SIMMS, 26, printer, Nyron, Hamilton, s/o Cyrenius SIMMS & Jane S. VINTER, married Hannah Lillian ATKINSON, 25, West Nissouri, St. Marys, d/o William ATKINSON & Elizabeth EDMONSON, witn: John F. SIMMS of Ridgetown & Grace M. ATKINSON of St. Marys, 16 April 1906 at St. Marys 16094-06 Franklin John SKINNER, 24, florist, Mitchell, same, s/o John SKINNER & Rebecca HARPER, married Sarah SEEBACH, 20, woolen worker, Fullarton twp., Mitchell, d/o Constance SEEBACH & Mary SCHNEIDER, witn: Thomas C. SKINNER & Tillie SEEBACH, both of Mitchell, 12 April 1906 at Mitchell
  16078-06 Carson Stuart SLEEMAN, 22, accountant, Palmerston, Kincardine, s/o Samuel SLEEMAN & Anne SCARE?, married Dorothy Margaret SCHAEFER, 20, Milverton, same, d/o Henry SCHAEFER, merchant, & Isabella McKAY, witn: W. S. WHALEY & Joseph KETCHER?, 11 April 1906 at Milverton
16097-06 Henry Guildford SMITH, 23, provision dealer, Hereford England, Montreal, s/o William George SMITH & Charlotte SHARP, married Elizabeth Alice HODGES, 20, Mitchell, same, d/o Joseph Henry HODGES & Caroline CLARKE, witn: David HARDING of Toronto & Teresa KNOTT of Carlingford, 6 June 1906 at Mitchell #016093-06 (Perth Co): Harry SNAZEL, 24, machinist, London England, Startford, s/o George SNAZEL & Harriet SIMPSON, married Myrtle Maud HASKIN, 20, Mitchell, same, d/o William Henry HASKIN & Susan INGRAM, witn: Mabel & Mrs. M.C. HOWSON, both of Mitchell, 12 April 1906 at Mitchell
#016088-06 (Perth Co): Austin STEDMAN, 36, farmer, Ontario, Ducherne? Manitoba, s/o Nathaniel STEDMAN & Mary KELLY, married Elizabeth BROWN, 36, Ontario, Mitchell, d/o John BROWN & Margaret WALSH, witn: Michael D-KSON & Mary BROWN, both of itchell, 10 Jan 1906 at Mitchell (Rom Cath) 16099-06 Jacob Andrew STEWART, 35, carpenter, of Ohio USA, s/o Morrow STEWART & Katherine KLISH, married Mary Louise BORTH, 21, of Mitchell, d/o Christian BORTH & Anna SCHMIDT, witn: Heinrich BORTH & Edward EICKMIER, 26 Dec 1906 at Mitchell
16075-06 Rufus Earl SWITZER, 24, farmer, Atwood, same, s/o Frederick SWITZER & Margaret PELTON, married Ella M. SMITH, 25, Wellesley twp., same, d/o Alexander SMITH & Levina TANNER, witn: Arthur SMITH & Annie G. SWITZER, 23 Feb 1906 at Milverton 16126-06 Sylvester Leroy TOLL, 35, Methodist clergyman, Raleigh - Kent, South Woodslee, s/o Philip TOLL & Elizabeth SONILEY, married Maude A. ROBERTS, 24, St. Marys, same, d/o Thomas ROBERTS & Elizabeth LOUCH, witn: Wesley W. ROBERTS of St. Marys & Wilhelmina TOLL of Ouvry?, 10 Jan 1906 at St. Marys
16134-06 Charles Robert WANN (or Waun), 21, drug clerk, Belmont, London, s/o William WANN & Sarah BOSWICK, married Irene Elizabeth McROBERTS, 21, London, same, d/o William McROBERTS & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: Amy F. & Alice TAYLOR of St. Marys, 6 April 1906 at St. Marys 16152-06 John M. WEIR, 72, widower, manufacturer, Scotland, St. Marys, s/o William WEIR & Margaret McARTHUR, married Sarah CARTER, 47, Moore twp., St. Marys, d/o William CARTER & Jane PARKER, witn: Gertrude MOYES & Effie MacWILLIAMS, both of St. Marys, 27 June 1906 at St. Marys
16086-06 Joseph Andrew WEIR, 28, farmer, Ellice twp., same, s/o Robert WEIR & Mary DAVIDSON, married Lena Elizabeth SCHENCK, 18, domestic servant, Ellice twp., same, d/o Henry SCHENCK & Catherine HOHMEL, witn: Minnie & Mary McKINNON of Milverton, 24 Oct 1906 at Milverton 16104-06 Eli James WELLS, 27, farmer, Byron - Middlesex Co., same, s/o Barleigh WELLS & Eliza OLDS, married Bertie May THORNE, 21, Mitchell, London, d/o Charles THORNE & Mary SKILLET?, witn: W. F. LEVY of Mitchell & Ida E. WELLS of Byron, 29 Aug 1906 at Mitchell
16112-06 Robert WHITE, 26, carpenter, Mornington, same, s/o William WHITE & Eliza McDONALD, married Sarah Jane Matilda SHARPE, 26, Mornington, same, d/o John SHARPE & Jane FREEBORN, witn: W. R(B?). & E. H. FREEBORN of Mornington, 7 Feb 1906 at Millbank #016092-06 (Perth Co): Christopher William WILKINSON, 25, lumber dealer, Toronto, same, s/o W.C. WILKINSON & Maria JEWEL, married Minnie Jane PEARCE, 25, nurse, Trowbridge, Mitchell, d/o Charles PEARCE & Minnie KLODT, witn: Fred J. & Olive J. PEARCE, both of Mitchell
16117-06 William WILLIAMS, 23, farmer, Wallace, same, s/o David WILLIAMS & Catherine McKAY, married Marguerite DIETERICH, 17, Mornington, same, d/o Ferdinand DIETERICH & Mary STEINUBER?, witn: John & Veronica DIETERICH of Mornington, 26 Feb 1906 at St. Marys Church, Hesson (Rom Cath) 16130-06 William J. WILSON, 42, farmer, widower, Biddulph, Prospect Hill, s/o John WILSON & Sarah CONLAND, married Minnie SPARLING, 40, Blanshard twp., St. Marys, d/o Robert W. SPARLING & Martha WILSON, wtn: E. R. WILSON & Minnie HANLEY, both of London, 14 Feb 1906 at St. Marys
16118-06 Daniel B. ZEHR, 29, farmer, South Easthope, same, s/o Christian ZEHR & Catherine BASENDER, married Matty SCHULTZ, 24, North Easthope, same, d/o Reimar SCHULTZ & Elizabeth LITWILLER, witn: Peter SCHULTZ of N. Easthope & Katie B. ZEHR of S. Easthope, 6 March 1906 at Poole (Mennonite)