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Peel Co., 1927

birth place is given before residence


017874/27 Melville Howard Arthur ACKROYD, 24, farmer, Chinguacousy, Chinguacousy, s/o John ACKROYD (b. Chinguacousy Ont.) & Sarah Lottie Minora SHEARD, married Vera Mabel McBRIDE, 21, dressmaker, Twp. Toronto, Twp. Toronto, d/o James Albert McBRIDE (b. Toronto Twp. Ont.) & Delina Ester Isabel FARR, witn: Margaret Anne McBRIDE of Malton R.R. #2 & John ACKROYD of Brampton R.R. #4, 19 November 1927, Twp. Toronto

17875-27 Arthur Daniel ADAMS, 25, bridge builder, Glen Williams, Orangeville, s/o Daniel ADAMS & Annie St.CROIX, married Catherine Wilma ORR, 21, seamstress, Manitowaning, Brampton, d/o William ORR & Catherine KENNEDY, witn: James C. HUMBERSTONE of Duncan & Mary J. ORR of Brampton, 19 Oct 1927 at Brampton 17876-27 Nelson William ALDOUS, 59, widower, salesman, Erin twp., Toronto, s/o Benjamin ALDOUS & Catherine ABLESON, married Ellen Elizabeth Irvine TAYLOR, 40, Palgrave, same, d/o Jeremiah TAYLOR & Jane STEWART, witn: Leonard & Mrs. Irene TAYLOR of RR1 Albion, 15 June 1927 at St. Albans Church, Palgrave
17877-27 John Emmerson ALLCOCK, 22, farmer, Toronto, Toronto twp., s/o George ALLCOCK, b. York England & Sadie RYAN, married Mable Alice CROWTHER, 21, North--? England, Toronto twp., d/o Stephen CROWTHER, b. York England & Sarah Ann CLOUGH, witn: Robert DAVIDSON & Louise Marie WATTS, both of Cooksville, 2 April 1927 at Port Credit 17878-27 Thomas ALLEN, 27, gardener, Co. Antrim Ireland, Port Credit, s/o William ALLEN, b. Antrim Ireland & Margaret BELL, married Ruby Ethel PATCHETT, 23, bookkeeper, Lorne Park Toronto, Port Credit, d/o Wesley PATCHETT, b. Lorne Park & Fanny WOODHOUSE, witn: Sam/ ALLEN & Mabel HARRISON, both of Port Credit, 1 June 1927 at Port Credit
17879-27 Roy Robert ARLOW, 30, farmer, Caledon twp., Vaughan twp., s/o Robert ARLOW, b. Simcoe Co & Sarah KIDD, married Margaret Rebecca WILSON, 23, Albion twp., same, d/o David WILSON, b. Albion twp & Rebecca Stuart HUDSON, witn: Annie WILSON of RR2 Bolton & Samuel J. ARLOW of RR1 Balycrow, 22 June 1927 at Albion twp 17880-27 Silas ASH, 26, insurance agent, Grand Falls Newfoundland, Niagara Falls, s/o William ASH, b. Nfld & Margaret GREGORY, married Gladys HUNTER, 24, illegible NB, Niagara Falls, d/o Enoch HUNTER, b. Maine US & Jean MANN, witn: Ernest COURT & Jessie FOSTER, both of Brampton, 20 April 1927 at Peel Co.
17881-27 James Everett McDonald ASHDOWN, 22, lineman, Bellevue Alberta, Notch Hill BC, s/o James William ASHDOWN & Loretta ROBINSON, married Jennie Orr Reid ALLISON, 25, waitress, Glasgow Scotland, Notch Hill BC, d/o Andrew ALLISON, b. Scotland & Mary McALLISTER, witn: Alma FOSTER of Toronto & L.H. HAWTHORNE of Brampton, 22 Dec 1927 at Brampton 17882-27 Henning Volmer Borch ASMUSSEN, 28, mechanical engineer, Denmark, 145 Tyndall Ave in Toronto, s/o Michael Edward ASMUSSEN, b. Denmark & Anna Sophia BORCH, married Svea Esther Regnhild RYDEN, 25, Denmark, 39 Gould St., d/o Ben RYDEN, b . Sweden & Amalie Inga SELCK, witn: Mildred & Cyril EARLE of Port Credit, 17 July 1927 at Port Credit
17883-27 John Ellerington BAILEY, 27, farmer, Toronto twp., same, s/o James BAILEY, b. England & Sarah WILSON, married Ada Evelyn RICHARDSON, 22, shoe factory worker, England, Toronto twp., d/o James RICHARDSON, b. England & Mary FREEMAN, witn: Constance Alice RICHARDSON of Brampton & S. SIMPSON of Acton, 1 June 1927 at Huttonville 17884-27 Emerson Arnold BALDOCK, 31, farmer, Toronto twp., same, s/o Walter BALDOCK, b. Ont & Mary J. WESTLAKE, married Olive Velma BURTON, 21, Toronto twp., same, d/o Haley (Halsy?) BURTON, b. Ont & Helena TRIMBLE, witn: Mrs. Viola REID & Verna BALDOCK, both of Malton, 16 March 1927 at Huttonville
17885-27 Trevor George BENTLEY, 20, teamster, England, Toronto twp., s/o Thomas BENTLEY, b. England & Elizabeth THOMLINSON, married Cora Bell GRIST, 18, Harrisburg Ont., Clarkson, d/o William GRIST, b. England & Edith CRISP (Camp?), witn: William Fred & Rosina GILL of Lorne Park, 11 Oct 1927 at Port Credit 17886-27 William Samuel BLETCHER, 74, widower, collector of National Revenue, Port Hope, same, s/o William BLETCHER, b. Bletchers Corners Ont. & Caroline Mary MARCH, married Agnes Cobban BARBER, 65 widow, Georgetown, Port Credit, d/o William FREEMAN, b. Trafalgar twp & Mary Frances COBBAN, witn: Robert FAIRWEATHER of Toronto & W. Brock BARBER of Port Credit, 19 Oct 1927 at Port Credit
17887-27 Charles Richard BOUGHNER, 36, widower, track foreman, England, Bolton, s/o Walter BOUGHNER, b. Walter England & Elizabeth, married Mary Margaret KERR, 23, Bolton, same, d/o William KERR (deceased), b. Canada & Harriet WALTON, witn: Edward William KERR of Bolton & Annie Elizabeth KERR of Toronto, 26 Feb 1927 at Bolton 17888-27 George Alton BOWES, 28, farmer, Albion twp., same, s/o Alfred BOWES, b. Canada & Catherine MAW, married Annie Elizabeth WILSON, 21, Albion twp., same, d/o David WILSON, b. Canada & Rebecca Stuart HUDSON, witn: Hudson WILSON of Bolton & Jessie McCUTCHEON of Shelburne, 21 Sept 1927 at Albion twp
17890-27 Archie Edward BROWN, 21, duco? sprayer, Shallow Lake Ont., Oshawa, s/o Albert BROWN, b. England & Emeline MASTERSON, married Kate Louise DREW, 18, employee of Goodyear Rubber, Oshawa, Bowmanville, d/o David DREW, b. Oshawa & Laura DAVIDSON, witn: Carson LAKE of Oshawa & Mrs. C. SIMPSON of Brampton, 11 Aug 1927 at Brampton 17891-27 George Albert CAREY, 24, railway man, Churchville Ont., Lakeview Ont., s/o William CAREY, b. Brampton & blank, married Ettie PARK, 26, Toronto, Lakeview, d/o James Gavan PARK, b. Canada & Bella BILLUDER?, witn: S. ANDERSON of Hamilton & Isabel SULLIVAN of Long Branch, 18 June 1927 at Port Credit
17892-27 Arthur Burke CHAPMAN, 27, mechanic, London England, York twp., s/o Arthur B. CHAPMAN, b. Canada & Margaret Agnes BURK, married Eva Leona BRADLEY, 26, Caledon twp., same, d/o Isaac BRADLEY, b. Canada & Emily GRICE, witn: Leonard BRADLEY of Alton & Violet Margaret CHAPMAN of Pinegrove, 15 June 1927 at Caledon twp 17893-27 Herbert Graydon CHESTER, 22, farmer, Toronto twp., Halton Co., [or Toronto twp - both given] s/o Herbert Foster CHESTER, b. Mulmur twp & Alice Annie GRAYDON, married Gladys Lynda TURNEY, 27, teacher, Wellington Co., Halton Co. [or Toronto twp - both given], d/o Holice Byron TURNEY, b. Haldimand Co & Jane SHAW, witn: Douglas DUNTON of RR6 Brampton & Enid Jane TURNEY of Streetsville, 11 June 1927 at Toronto twp
17895-27 Eli CRAWFORD, 34, farmer, Chinguacousy, Lot 7 at 1st Line East in Chinguacousy twp., s/o Eli M. CRAWFORD, b. Canada & Victoria HARRISON, married Margaret Jane GOWLAND, 19, Woodbridge, Lot 7 at 1st Line East in Chinguacousy twp, d/o Thomas GOWLAND, b. Canada & Catherine C. CAMERON, witn: Jean McCLURE of Brampton & Jean GORDON of Toronto, 23 March 1927 at Chinguacousy twp 17896-27 James Wilfred CUMMING, 29, clerk, Lyn, same, s/o Gordon C. CUMMING, b. Lyn Ont & Mary Young BROWN, married Vera Bell ARMSTRONG, 29, teacher, Yonge Front twp.., Lyn, d/o Samuel ARMSTRONG, b. Yonge Front twp & Anna NUNN, witn: Janet McCREA & Elma COUSE, both of Streetsville, 5 Nov 1927 at Streetsville
17894-27 Joseph CUNNINGHAM, 22, truck driver, Meadowville, Clarkson, s/o Maudy CUNNINGHAM, b. Ireland & Elizabeth ELLIS, married Mary Madeline CRONKRITE, 17, Clarkson, same, d/o J.C. CRONKRITE, b. Madoc Ont & Georgia PEER, witn: J.C. & Georgia CRONKRITE Of Clarkson, 20 (12?) April 1927 at Toronto twp 17897-27 Robert Waldie CUNNINGHAM, 31, farmer, Ontario, Norval, s/o Hugh CUNNINGHAM, b. Ont & Elizabeth BARNES, married Kathleen Dorothy LAMBE, 20, stenographer, Ontario, Meadowvale, d/o William LAMBE, b. Ont & Maud WILLIAMSON, witn: Annie M. & Albert G. LAMBE of Meadowvale, 1 Jan 1927 at Meadowvale
17898-27 Henry Reyburn CUNNINGTON, 33, farmer, Chinguacousy twp., same, s/o George CUNNINGTON, b. Chinguacousy & Mary Jane MALTBY, married Elsie May PARKINSON, 27, Grey Co., Chinguacousy, d/o Elisha PARKINSON, b. Collingwood twp & Frances Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: Beatrice PARKINSON of Malton & Albert CUNNINGTON of Brampton, 5 Oct 1927 at Toronto twp 17899-27 Charles Michael CURRAN, 26, farmer, Erindale, same, s/o Michael CURRAN & Mary HAGEN, married Ethel Aimie Elenor ROBINSON, 26, Cooksville, Brampton, d/o Henry ROBINSON & Hanna BARKER, witn: James & Annie CURRAN of Erindale, 23 Nov 1927 at Port Credit
17900-27 Stanley Durban CURRY, 22, mechanic, Ontario, 332 Lippincott St. in Toronto, s/o D.R. CURRY, b. South Africa & Ellen WHITTLE, married Ruby Victoria WARD, 18, Ontario, Clarkson, d/o Cyrus WARD, b. Ont & Anna CLARK, witn: S? & M. Gladys LYON of Toronto, 2 Nov 1927 at Clarkson 17901-27 Thomas Henry DAVENPORT, 29, glazier, England, Brampton, s/o Thomas H. DAVENPORT, b. England & Annie BRESSLER, married Mary Smith SNOWDON, 24, florist, Scotland, Brampton, d/o James SNOWDON, b. Scotland & Bessie GRAY, witn: Thomas HOOLE & Betty HONSLOW, both of Brampton, 8 June 1927 at Brampton
17902-27 Lloyd Archibald DAVISON, 21, clerk, Everett, Orangeville, s/o Andrew DAVISON, b. Lorne? Ont & Elizabeth VINES, married Myrta Charlotte BRUCE, 17, telephone operator, Glen Allen, Orangeville, d/o John BRUCE, b. Elmore? Ont & Charlotte KINGKADE (Kincade?), witn: Thelma Beulah BRUCE & Morley McLEAN, both of Orangeville, 29 Aug 1927 at Cooksville 17903-27 Andrew Cecil DEATH, 22, farmer, Ontario, Islington, s/o Horace Greasley DEATH, b. Ont & Amanda A. TRENOR, married Rubina GIBBONS, 19, Ontario, Islington, d/o Alexander GIBBONS, b. Ont & Henrietta BARRETT, witn: Emma ARMITAGE & Henry Herbert NICHOLS, both of Malton, 8 Dec 1927 at Malton
17904-27 Michael Anthony DE BLICQUEY, 22, air pilot, Brussels Belgium, Peterborough Ont., s/o Raymond Charles DE BLICQUEY, b. Belgium & Isabel DE CORT, married Lilian Frances A. MacMULLEN, 25, Tullamore Kings Ireland, Dixie Ont., d/o Alex Robert MacMULLEN, b. Ireland & Frances Elizabeth JACOBS, witn: Richard W. MacMULLEN of Dixie & Aileen MacMULLEN of New York, 10 Nov 1927 at Dixie (or Erindale?) 17905-27 Luigi DEONI, 27, laborer, Italy, Port Credit, s/o Peo DEONI & Mary VENTORIN, married Emma Dina Louise VOTTERO, 23, Italy, Port Credit, d/o Eugene VOTTERO & Felishia FORDELLA, witn: Guglielma BASSO of Cooksville & Mary VOTTERO of Port Credit, 22 Jan 1927 at Port Credit
17906-27 Milton Orr DODDS, 29, farmer, Mono twp., same, s/o William John DODDS, b. Mono twp & Sarah Ann PATTERSON, married Lila May STUBBS, 20, Caledon twp., same, d/o Robert Ambrose STUBBS, b. Caledon twp & Sarah Elizabeth MORRISON, witn: James Calvin DODDS of Orangeville & Hannah Florence Irene SHAW of RR3 Bolton, 27 Sept 1927 at Caledon twp 17907-27 Francis Arthur DOUGLAS, 26, farmer, England, Tecumseth twp., s/o Dyas DOUGLAS, b. England & Alice SMITH, married Lillian Rose BERRY, 25, England, Albion twp., d/o William BERRY, b. England & Sarah MORSON, witn: Edith BERRY of 78 Lippincott St. in Toronto & Fred MORSON of Tottenham, 17 Feb 1927 at Albion twp
17908-27 Andrew DUNN, 40, Campsie Scotland, Port Credit, s/o Andre DUNN, b. Scotland & Mary HOURSTON, married Dora Annie CLARKE, 30, Acton Ont., Port Credit, d/o John CLARKE, b. England & Adah STRATTON, witn: Frederick & Mrs. Frederick ALLAN of Mimico Beach, 30 April 1927 at Port Credit 17909-27 Douglas Stewart DUNTON, 25, farmer, Toronto twp., same, s/o Peter DUNTON & Ella STEWART, married Jeanette Ilo STRANGWAYS, 23, Chinguacousy, Toronto twp., d/o Charles Wesley STRANGWAYS, b. Ont & Henrietta PALMER, witn: Edith STRANGWAYS & Fred IRVINE, both of Brampton, 18 June 1927 at Chinguacousy twp
17910-27 Walter Reginald EATON, 26, farmer, England, Chinguacousy twp., s/o Arthur EATON & Annie LEGG, married Katie CARRETT, 22, England, Chinguacousy twp., d/o Walter CARRETT & Lucy CLARKE, witn: John McMEEHIN & Jennie EVANS, both of Mount Pleasant, 30 June 1927 at Brampton 17911-27 Edward James ELLIS, 24, painter, London England, Toronto, s/o George J. ELLIS, b. England & Dora EDGAR, married Annett Violet ARCH, 23, clerk, Streetsville, Toronto, d/o Charles ARCH, b. England & Elizabeth ACTON?, witn: Philip ELLIS of Toronto & Elizabeth A. ARCH of Streetsville, 1 June 1927 at not given [divorced 16/8/50]
17912-27 Thomas John EPPS, 22, laborer, Milton Regis - Kent England, Streetsville, s/o Thomas John EPPS, b. England & Annie Elizabeth KEELER, married Nora Gertrude LEECE, 19, clerk, Streetsville, same, d/o Anthony LEECE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth MacKENZIE, witn: Edward & Caroline LEECE of Streetsville, 11 June 1927 at Streetsville 17913-27 John Elmer FINES, 22, farmer, Amaranth twp., Grand Valley, s/o William FINES, b. Canada & Mary Ellen CRUIKSHANK, married Ida Rosetta WEST, 21, Amaranth twp., Waldemar, d/o Ruben WEST, b. Canada & Ida BATES, witn: Ross FINES of 1 Brock Ave & Marion FINES of 214 High Park Ave, both Toronto, 19 March 1927 at manse, Port Credit
17914-27 Oliver Strong FLEMING, 39, pressman, Peel Co., Brampton, s/o Wilson FLEMING, b. Canada & Ina STRONG, married Hannah Edith MITCHELL, 32, nurse, Peel Co., Brampton, d/o John MITCHELL, b. Canada & Hannah GLAZIER, witn: George FLEMING of Tullamore & Mrs. Garnet? WILSON of Albion twp, 1 Jan 1927 at Chinguacousy twp 17915-94 Nicholas William FOERTER, 32, carpenter, Harriston Ont., Aurora, s/o William Henry FOERTER, b. Ont & Elizabeth FOERTER, married Maud Annie COOK, 24, operator, Weston, Aurora, d/o John COOK, b. Ont & Annie NEY, witn: Edward FOERTER & Verna Adeline JUDGES, both of Aurora, 23 May 1927 at Dixie
17916-94 Richard Wesley FOWLER, 36, widower, laborer, Ontario, 233 Davenport Rd in Toronto, s/o Edward FOWLER, b. Ont & Eliza TENNANT, married Florence Ethel WILSON, 39, widow, operator, Ontario, 233 Davenport Rd., d/o Walter WAUMSLEY, b. England & Sarah BARRETT, witn: Vida M. & Charles STEPHEN of Lakeview, 23 April 1927 at Lakeview 17917-27 Prince FOX, 25, laborer, England, 80 Simcoe St. in Toronto, s/o Francis John FOX, b. England & Rose MELLOR, married Edith Maud HARTLEY, 24, waitress, England, Hotel Waverly - Spadina Ave., d/o Emmanuel HARTLEY, b. England & Maude CURSON, witn: George WREN & Sarah Ann HUTCHISON, both of Lakeview, 25 June 1927 at St. Nicholas Church
17918-27 Cecil Conway GARBUTT, 34, painter, Ontario, Brampton, s/o Stephen GARBUTT, b. Ontario & Susan HAWSTRADT, married Elizabeth Hamilton SIMPSON, 24, domestic, Scotland, Brampton, d/o Peter SIMPSON, b. Scotland & Margaret ABERCROMBIE, witn: James SMITH & Ruth WILSON, both of Brampton, 21 Dec 1927 at Brampton

17919-27 Harold Joseph GIBSON, 21, brass maker, Toronto twp, Port Credit, s/o Joseph GIBSON (b. Canada) & Isabel DENIS, married Nora Ethel HILL, 20, housemaid, Amersham England, Port Credit, d/o W.R. HILL (b. England) & Margaret L. RADBOURNE, witn: Adner LOWE & Grace LOWE both of Port Credit, 22 June 1927 at Village of Erindale

17920-27 Norman W. GIFFEN, 27, farmer, Ontario, Inglewood, s/o R.M. GIFFEN (b. Ontario) & Annie HUNTER, married Sarah Elizabeth ANTHONY, 20, Ontario, Norval, d/o James ANTHONY (b. Ontario) & Hannah McMEEKIN, witn: Lillian B. McMEEKIN of Norval & R.G. GIFFEN of Inglewood, 10 Nov 1927 at Brampton

17921-27 Edgar Thomas GILES, 25, farmer, Mono Centre, Orangeville, s/o Thomas GILES (b. Canada) & Mary Ann GRAHAM, married Sadie SMITTEN, 22, factory employee, Grey Co, Orangeville, d/o Benjamin SMITTEN (b. Canada) & Olive WILLSHIRE, witn: Jessie WILSON of Brampton & Colin A. McLEAN of Innerkip, 19 Mar 1927 at Brampton

17922-27 Harold Joseph GLOVER, 21, electrician, Toronto, New Toronto, s/o James Joseph GLOVER & Harriet HILL, married Ivy Elizabeth BLOWER, 18, Port Credit, same, d/o Mark BLOWER & Olive Elizabeth SCHAFER, witn: James David Benson McNEICE of Long Branch & Hilda BLOWER of Port Credit, 16 Nov 1927 at Trinity Church Port Credit

17923-27 Carl Lewis GLOVER, 36, farmer, Canada, Nelson twp Halton Co, s/o William Talbert GLOVER (b. Nelson Halton Co) & Sarah McKOY, married Phyllis RAYNER, 25, stenographer, England, Trafalgar twp, d/o William Henry RAYNER (b. Yorks England) & Fanny CLARK, witn: John CAVELL of Clarkson & William Talbert GLOVER of Freeman, 16 Mar 1927 at Village of Erindale

17924-27 John Harold GOGGIN, 24, electrician, Ontario, Port Credit, s/o William GOGGIN (b. England) & Maria OGDEN, married Myrtle Lorene MILLAR, 20, bookkeeper, Ontario, Port Credit, d/o Wellington Ewart MILLAR (b. Ontario) & Amy Victoria THOMPSON, witn: D.W. GORDON of Port Credit & Leone JAY of 110 Howard Park Toronto, 5 Apr 1927 at Village of Port Credit

17925-27 Harold Westlake GOLLOP, 27, barber, Brampton, same, s/o Robert GOLLOP (b. Canada) & Annie May GARBUTT, married Mary Levina LUMBY, 24, forelady, Cataract, Brampton, d/o James LUMBY (b. England) & Mary H. SCOTT, witn: James T. KNAPMAN & Gladys BAILIE both of Brampton, 5 Oct 1927 at Brampton

17926-27 Milton GRANT, 25, machinist, Ontario, 17 Spencer Ave Toronto, s/o James A. GRANT (b. Ontario) & Dora HARTRICK, married Ella Garland FULLERTON, 28, inspector, Ireland, 197 Dovercourt Rd, d/o David FULLERTON (b. Ireland) & Jennie TRAYES, witn: J.A. WILSON of Toronto & Reta GRANT of Lakeview, 11 June 1927 at Village of Lakeview

17927-27 William Thomas Elroy GRAY, 25, farmer, Caledon twp, same, s/o William Thomas GRAY (b. Caledon) & Margaret Ann HENRY, married Annie May McCALLUM, 20, domestic, Caledon twp, same, d/o John Daniel McCALLUM (b. Caledon) & Sarah Ann CAMPBELL, witn: Bertha MACCALLUM & Okla H. GRAY both of Caledon East, 21 Dec 1927 at Caledon twp

17928-27 Francis Henry GREENHILL, 36, motorman, England, 27 Triller Ave Toronto, s/o Frederick GREENHILL (b. England) & Virtue Greenhill DEACON, married Hildred Harris McCOLL, 32, Ontario, 161 Fern Ave, d/o Alexander McCOLL (b. Ontario) & Margaret VANSTONE, witn: Anne B. STEWART of Port Credit & Jessie A. FOSTER of Toronto, 7 July 1927 at Village of Port Credit

17929-27 Horace Edward GREENSIDES, 27, farmer, Toronto, Streetsville, s/o William GREENSIDES (b. Toronto) & Mary RHODES, married Annie SIMPSON, 22, housekeeper, Newcastle on Tyne England, Streetsville, d/o David SIMPSON & Mary Jane MUSGRAVE, witn: William GREENSIDES of Streetsville & William J. CROZIER & Sarah CROZIER both of Toronto twp, 18 June 1927 at Toronto twp

17930-27 Elmer Frederick GROVES, 21, labourer, Caledon twp, Alton, s/o Frederick GROVES (b. Canada) & Edith BOOTH, married Jean Candlerly WILSON, 18, millhand, Long Island NY USA, Alton, d/o Thomas Peterson WILSON (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Mary Elizabeth FAY, witn: Rebecca Clara WILSON of Alton & Gordon Wilson FOSTER of Erin, 21 Dec 1927 at Village of Alton

17931-27 Ole Olsen HAGEN, 39, miner, Norway, South Porcupine District of Cochrane, s/o Ole Olsen HAGEN (b. Norway) & Kriste KRISTOPHERSON, married Jessie Helena White QUIN, 29, Ontario, Snelgrove, d/o Robert James QUIN (b. Ontario) & Margaret Ann GROAT, witn: Kathleen DODSON & William Leonard DODSON both of 893 Woodbine Rd Toronto, 20 Dec 1927 at Village of Snelgrove

17932-27 George Henry HAMILTON, 51, widower, TTC conductor, Ontario, 62 Churchill Ave Toronto, s/o Alexander HAMILTON (b. Ireland) & Esther HURLBURT, married Betsy ALEXANDER, 40, domestic, Ireland, 382 Armadale Ave Toronto, d/o William ALEXANDER (b. Ireland) & Nancy Jean PAXTON, witn: William John HAMILTON & Sadie MANSON both of Toronto, 9 Feb 1927 at Brampton

17933-27 Thomas Eric HAMMOND, 28, crane driver, Whitby England, Cooksville, s/o John Wright HAMMOND (b. West Kirby Cheshire England) & Elizabeth FRANCIS, married Pauline Alberta HARTSOCK, 22, housekeeper, Paris Illinois USA, Cooksville, d/o James Curtis HARTSOCK (b. Terre Haute Indiana USA) & Laura Geraldine CREWS, witn: Margaret Doris NEWMAN & E.R. NEWMAN both of Lakeview Branch, 10 Sept 19[27] at Village of Cooksville

17934-27 Patrick James HAMPSON, 22, labourer, Ireland, Brampton, s/o Francis HAMPSON (b. Ireland) & Mary O'KANE, married Mary Margaret Louise FISHER, 18, cook, District of Muskoka, Brampton, d/o John FISHER (b. Canada) & Liddie STEELE, witn: Daniel McALLISTER & Margaret HIGGINS both of Brampton, 25 Feb 1927 at Brampton

17935-27 Harold George HANBY, 28, driver, England, Brampton, s/o John HANBY (b. England) & Emma POWELL, married Isabella McINTOSH, 24, florist, Scotland, Brampton, d/o Alexander McINTOSH (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth BOWIE, witn: Winnifred FARQUHARSON & George FLETCHER both of Brampton, 26 Dec 1927 at Brampton

17936-27 Otto Johnson HARDWICK, 21, farmer, Ontario, Bolton, s/o William Thomas HARDWICK (b. Ontario) & Elsie S. DOWNEY, married Helen Alberta FORSTER, 21, stenographer, Ontario, Bolton, d/o Edward C. FORSTER (b. Ontario) & Annie S. THOMPSON, witn: Jean E. MOORE of Bolton & Mary HEWITT of Inglewood, 7 Dec 1927 at Village of Bolton

17937-27 Francis Henry HAYWARD, 32, widower, rubber worker, England, Haig Blvd Lakeview, s/o James P. HAYWARD (b. England) & Emma BETTS, married Lena DAWSON, 31, housekeeper, Scotland, Haig Blvd Lakeview, d/o William DAWSON (b. Scotland) & Annie WALKER, witn: Joseph CASTELL & Adelaide COLCLOUGH both of Lakeview, 6 Aug 1927 at Village of Lakeview


17938-27 Clarence Gordon HENRY, 22, farmer, Britannia Ontario, Brampton, s/o Robert Andrew HENRY (b. Caledon twp) & Minnie COOK, married Mildred Elizabeth LIPSETT, 20, Albion twp, same, d/o Lewis Lorne LIPSETT (b. Albion twp) farmer & Anne Bertha Clara CRAWFORD, witn: Catherine LAVERY of Palgrave & Albert PARR of Brampton, 9 June 1927 at Albion twp

17939-27 Herbert Reginald HIBBERT, 23, salesman, Ontario, Mimico York Co, s/o Reginald HIBBERT (b. England) & Phoebe WALLACE, married Dorothy Beatrice LEITCH, 23, saleslady, d/o Mathew LEITCH (b. Scotland) & Sarah GREEN, witn: S. ROBERTSON of 64 Sorauren Ave & E.H. REINHOLD of New Toronto, 29 June 1927 at Village of Cooksville

17940-27 Alexander Donald HICKS, 26, herdsman, England, Brampton, s/o Isaac HICKS (b. England) & Tate CLAPTION, married Mary Evelyn LANGFORD, 24, operator, Brampton, same, d/o John LANGFORD (b. Canada) & Mary CARTER, witn: Harvey CUTHBERT & Charlotte CARTER both of Brampton, 25 May 1927 at Brampton

17941-27 Rowland HILL, 28, grocer, England, Brampton, s/o Thomas G. HILL & Emma CLUTTENHAM, married Gladys Clara COUSINS, 21, shoe factory, England, Brampton, d/o William Thomas COUSINS & Rosie WINTER, witn: Albert John GRAHAM of New Toronto & Kathleen FARNESS of Brampton, 1 June 1927 at Brampton

17942-27 George Homer HILLYARD, 41, farmer, Caledon twp, same, s/o George HILLYARD (b. Ontario) & Sarah MORRISON, married Margaret Idella HILLOCK, 32, Galt, Caledon twp, d/o John R. HILLOCK (b. Ontario) & Mary HAMMOND, witn: May GLASSFORD & Joseph W. NESBITT both of Caledon, 20 June 1927 at Caledon twp

17943-27 Frank HODGSON, 29, farmer, England, Chinguacousy twp, s/o William HODGSON (b. England) & Mary E. VIPOND, married Etta Irene CURTIS, 29, Dufferin Co, Chinguacousy , d/o William CURTIS (b. England) farmer & Etta S. GREENSIDES, witn: William HODGSON of Main St South Brampton & William CURTIS of Toronto, 22 June 1927 at Toronto twp

17944-27 Charles Gould HOOPER, 62, widower, retired, Ontario, Brampton, s/o John HOOPER (b. England) & Sarah Puris GOULD, married Mary Ann HUTCHINSON, 46, widow, housekeeper, Ontario, 119 Atlas Ave Toronto, d/o William Polly GORDON (b. Ontario) & Isabella PATTERSON, witn: Sarah Jane GOLDEN & Harold Gordon HUTCHINSON both of 119 Atlas Ave Toronto, 8 Sept 1927 at Grahamsville Parsonage, Toronto Gore twp

17945-27 Robert Vernon HOTCHKISS, 21, truck driver, Toronto, Islington York Co, s/o Neil HOTCHKISS (b. Scotland) & Mary RENNIE, married Alice Rosetta FLEMING, 17, domestic, England, Islington, d/o Alfred FLEMING (b. England) & Rose ASHFORD, witn: Jean LYRELL & David LYRELL both of Islington, 15 June 1927 at Brampton

17946-27 John Berry HURD, 23, section man, Erin Wellington Co, same, s/o Warren HURD (b. Canada) & Annie BERRY, married Mary Margaret McEACHERN, 19, telephone operator, Caledon, Erin, d/o John McEACHERN (b. Canada) & May PINKNEY, witn: Samuel HERD & Alma McEACHERN both of Erin, 5 Sept 1927 at Brampton

17947-27 Alfred Earl HUTCHINSON, 22 farmer, near Cheltenham Village, same, s/o George HUTCHINSON (b. Canada) & Margaret THOMPSON, married Agnes May SMITH, 18, Terra Cotta, near Cheltenham, d/o John SMITH (b. Canada) farmer & Harriet HISCOCK, witn: Barbara SMITH of Cheltenham & Percy H. FENDLEY of Brampton, 5 Sept 1927 at Brampton

17948-27 Clarke Switzer HUTCHINSON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Mono Road, s/o George D. HUTCHINSON (b. Ontario) & Daisy (deceased), married Christina Elizabeth Thelma CREER, 26, stenographer, Saskatchewan, 78 First St S.W. Medicine Hat Alberta, d/o W.A. CREER (b. England) & Jennie, witn: Bolton HUTCHINSON of Mono Road & Delta HESMAN of Bolton, 19 Nov 1927 at Village of Bolton

17949-27 Robert John JACKSON, 37, chemist, Toronto, Port Credit, s/o John JACKSON (b. Hedley BC) & Mary LINCOLN, married Olive May PEER, 27, housekeeper, Port Credit, same, d/o Charles PEER (b. Port Credit) & Agnes KIVELL, witn: Elizabeth McDUDGEON & Ethel McDUDGEON both of Port Credit, 7 Feb 1927 at Village of Port Credit

17950-27 Carman Gladstone JOHNSTON, 29, farmer, Ontario, Thistletown, s/o Albert D. JOHNSTON (b. Thistletown) & Elsie WATSON, married Annie Irene PARKINSON, 20, Ontario, Malton, d/o Elisha PARKINSON (b. Ontario) Frances ARMSTRONG, witn: Everett W. PARKINSON of Malton & Verna E. JOHNSTON of Thistletown, 14 June 1927 at Toronto twp

17951-27 Melville C. JOHNSTON, 26, moulder, Caledon twp, Toronto, s/o James JOHNSTON (b. Canada) & Mary LANDRY, married Viola Mae McKIM, 23, teacher, Caledon twp, same, d/o Donald J. McKIM (b. Canada) & Agusta MEEK, witn: Eileen JACKSON of Caledon East & Douglas HOGG of Orangeville, 7 Nov 1927 at Caledon twp

17952-27 Russell Stuart JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Bolton, s/o George JOHNSTON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Marion TOWNROW, married Mary Ellen DUFFY, 30, Ontario, Bolton, d/o George DUFFY (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth APPLEBY, witn: Mrs Muriel CHARLTON of Newton Brook & Walker A. DUFFY of Bolton, 23 Feb 1927 at Village of Bolton

17953-27 Cecil William JUDGE, 29, foreman, Albion twp, Brampton, s/o George JUDGE (b. Ontario) & Jane CARBERRY, married Myrtle Isabelle HEWGILL, 26, Chinguacousy twp, Nashville, d/o S. HEWGILL (b. Ontario) & Jane DALE, witn: Jack JUDGE of Brampton & Irene McCALLUM of Burnhamthorpe, 29 Oct 1927 at Toronto Gore

17954-27 John Joseph JULIAN, 27, farmer, Ontario, Toronto Gore twp, s/o John G. JULIAN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GEE, married Bessie Vanellena FIELDHOUSE, 28, teacher, Ontario, 301 Pacific Ave Toronto, d/o Benjamin FIELDHOUSE (b. Ontario) & Annie JEFFERSON, witn: F.D. JULIAN & Laura G. FIELDHOUSE both of Toronto Gore twp, 25 June 1927 at Toronto Gore twp


17955-27 Charles Oliver KAUFMAN, 24, bookkeeper, Desbarats Ontario, Detroit Michigan, s/o John KAUFMAN (b. Listowel Ontario) & Rosetta BERGEY, married Mary Christina BERNEY, 25, clerk, Caledon East, Detroit Michigan, d/o George BERNEY (b. Huron Co) & Agnes STILL, witn: Edward Milton KAUFMAN of Inglewood & Evelyn J. BERNEY of Caledon, 10 Aug 1927 at Village of Caledon East

17956-27 John Michael KELLY, 25, engineer, Port Credit, same, s/o Michael KELLY & Johanna LONG, married Mary Catherine SKELLY, 25, telephone operator, Alliston, Port Credit, d/o Peter SKELLY & Helen CONWAY, witn: Francis KELLY & Josephine SKELLY both of Port Credit, 27 Sept 1927 at Port Credit

17957-27 Abraham Burton KILLABY, 32, plater, Ontario, 21 Averill Ave Rochester NY, s/o Thomas John KILLABY (b. Ontario) & Melissa Henrietta BROOKS, married Myrtle Edith DAVIS, 29, stenographer, Ontario, Brampton, d/o Clinton Dewitt DAVIS (b. Ontario) & Hattie Anne McDOUGALL, witn: Mabel H. DAVIS of RR#2 Brampton & Ray H. KILLABY of 56 Vaughan Rd Toronto, 6 Aug 1927 at Chinguacousy twp

17959-27 Willard Henry LAIDLAW, 25, farmer, Chinguacousy twp, same, s/o Aaron K. LAIDLAW (b. Ontario) & Caroline MERCER, married Martha Vera HEATH, 23, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Thomas HEATH (b. Ontario) & Jennie M. DAVIDSON, witn: Margaret E. HEATH of Chinguacousy & Robert Carman OWENS of Seaforth, 7 Sept 1927 at Chinguacousy twp

17958-27 Henry John LAIDLAW, 26, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o John LAIDLAW (b. Ontario) & Mary A. TOWNROW, married Mary Catherine SMITH, 21, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Fraser SMITH (b. Ontario) farmer & Minnie HILL, witn: Robert TOWNROW of Bolton & Edythe IRWIN of Brampton, 4 June 1927 at Chinguacousy twp

17960-27 Jack Benjamin Thomas LAMB, 23, orchard grower, England, Brampton, s/o George LAMB (b. England) & Lucy ALLEN, married Bessie STEWART, 23, school teacher, Ireland, Brampton, d/o Andrew STEWART (b. Ireland) & Jeannie McKEOWN, witn: Margaret McKAY of Malton & Frank G. LAMB of Detroit, 15 July 1927 at Brampton

17961-27 Leslie LAVER, 33, mechanic, Ontario, Maple, s/o Charles William LAVER (b. Ontario) & Ida Louise MERCER, married Jessie Josephine WEECH, 23, typist, Ontario, Montgomery Ave Islington, d/o James WEECH (b. England) & Sarah Elizabeth PEDDLE, witn: I. LAVER of Weston & Helen TIER of Islington, 29 June 1927 at Village of Malton

17962-27 James LEATHER, 25, labourer, Scotland, Brampton, s/o Louis LEATHER (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth SHAW, married Mary RAFFERTY, 22, domestic, Scotland, Brampton, d/o Joseph RAFFERTY (b. Scotland) & Agnes HENDERSON, witn: Nellie Jane WILDGOOSE of 120 Heath St West Toronto & Wilbert SMITH of Brampton, 7 Oct 1927 at Brampton

17963-27 Albert Lawson LEECE, 23, shoe cutter, Brampton, same, s/o Richard LEECE (b. Canada) & Eliza BAILEY, married Emma Louise LITTLE, 19, fitter, England, Brampton, d/o Joseph LITTLE (b. England) & Medila HOPKINSON, witn: Susie V. LEECE & William LITTLE both of Brampton, 4 June 1927 at Brampton

17964-27 Thomas LEIGH, 35, trimmer, England, 29 Brock East Oshawa, s/o John LEIGH (b. England) & Hannah does not know, married Edith Winnifred HARKNESS, 23, Bruce Co, Teeswater, d/o William HARKNESS (b. Canada) & Lucy MARTIN, witn: F. BATTERSHELL & Mildred BATTERSHELL both of Brampton, 26 Feb 1927 at Brampton

17965-27 Douglas Alexander LEWIS, 24, freight checker, Malton Toronto Gore, Georgetown, s/o William LEWIS (b. Broddytown Ont) & Harriet GRAFTON, married Eva Ann McNALLY, 23, housekeeper, Norval Equesing twp, Terra Cotta, d/o John McNALLY (b. Norval) & Margaret STEWART, witn: John McNALLY & Margaret McNALLY both of Terra Cotta, 14 June 1927 at Chinguacousy twp

17966-27 George Francis LUCAS, 22, farmer, England, Chinguacousy twp, s/o William Henry LUCAS (b. England) & Annie HAYDEN, married Ivy Winnifred POTTER, 21, domestic, England, Chinguacousy, d/o Arthur POTTER (b. England) & Marion WHITE, witn: Frederick PHILLIPS & Mabel PHILLIPS both of Chinguacousy twp, 12 Aug 1927 at Brampton

17967-27 Garth Edward MAYBEE, 25, barrister, Ontario, 161 Inglewood Drive Toronto, s/o James Edward MAYBEE (b. England) & Annie Augusta SHORT, married Phyllis Marion FRYER, 22, clerk, Ontario, Port Credit, d/o John Harry FRYER (b. Ontario) & Ida Marion WOODS, witn: Maria Jessop FRYER of Port Credit & William J. MAYBEE of Toronto, 31 Aug 1927 at Village of Port Credit

17889-27 William McBRATNEY, 30, butcher, Scotland, Churchville, s/o Thomas McBRATNEY, b. Scotland & Grace CLUMPHA?, married Jeannete GOODWIN, 38, Scotland, Churchville, d/o David GOODWIN, b. Glasgow Scotland & Jennet CRAIG, witn: William Thomas & Olive GAULT of Cooksville, 9 Dec 1927 at Cooksville

17975-27 Gordon Alexander McCAFFREY, 25, barber, Caledon East, same, s/o Patrick John McCAFFREY (b. Canada) & Alice McKENNA, married Doris Evelyn TAYLOR, 20, milliner, England, Caledon East, d/o Reginald TAYLOR (b. England) & Kate SHEPHERD, witn: James PROCTOR of Caledon East & Miss Olive TAYLOR of 128 Simpson Ave Toronto, 23 Feb 1927 at Village of Caledon East

17976-27 Howard Glassford McCRACKEN, 37, farmer, Toronto twp, same, s/o James McCRACKEN (b. Canada) & Jemima HUNTER, married Lillie Louise MARTIN, 32, school teacher, Brampton, Toronto twp, d/o Edwin MARTIN (b. England) & Melvina SCOTT, witn: James McCRACKEN & Evaline J. SWITZER both of Brampton, 21 Dec 1927 at Brampton

17977-27 James Wesley Wiggins McCULLOCH, 29, bookbinder, Ontario, Brampton, s/o James Weir McCULLOCH (b. Ontario) & Margaret Elizabeth WIGGINS, married Sylvia Edith COWTAN, 23, bookkeeper, England, Brampton, d/o Ernest COWTAN (b. England) & Lilian Gladys CARDREY, witn: Pauline COWTAN & Wilfred W. SMITH both of Brampton, 20 July 1927 at Brampton

17978-27 Allan MACGILLVARY, 22, woodworker, Whitewood Saskatchewan, Elora, s/o William MACGILLVARY (b. Paisley Ontario) & Annie THOMPSON, married Iris KETT, 18, Norwich England, Inglewood, d/o Peter Mellish KETT (b. Norfolk England) & Ethel WILLIAMS, witn: Peter M. KETT of Washington D.C. & Mrs J. HELLIS of Elora, 28 Apr 1927 at Village of Inglewood

17979-27 Percy Stanley McKAY, 27, brick maker, Cooksville, Lakeview, s/o William McKAY (b. Ireland) & Ann DORSEY, married Mary Elizabeth CONNAGHAN, 26, divorced, housekeeper, Dixie, Lakeview, d/o Manday CONNAGHAN (b. Ireland) & Mary Elizabeth ELLIS, witn: Murray BENCH & Elsie BENCH both of Port Credit, 12 Dec 1927 at Village of Port Credit

17968-27 William John MERRITT, 18, labourer, Georgetown, Brampton, s/o Charles MERRITT (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Bertha May WHITECROFT, 18, factory employee, Dryden, Brampton, d/o Elmer WHITECROFT (b. Canada) & Mary LITTLE, witn: Marjorie COOK & George H. HADDON both of Brampton, 26 Oct 1927 at Brampton

17969-27 Douglas Alexander MILNE, 21, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o John A. MILNE (b. Scarborough twp) & Mary KINNEAR, married Jessie Elizabeth FRANCIS, 18, student, Toronto, same, d/o Charles H. FRANCIS (b. Port Rowan Ontario) & Sarah WARIN, witn: Evelyn E. illegible & illegible, 28 June 1927 at Village of Port Credit

17970-27 Walter MOFFAT, 28, farmer, York Co, Chinguacousy, s/o James MOFFAT (b. Scotland) & Margaret BELL, married Margaret Sommerville BRADSHAW, 30, Toronto twp, Chinguacousy, d/o John BRADSHAW (b. Canada) FARMER & Euphemia CAMERON, witn: William Elmer SPIERS & John BRADSHAW both of Brampton, 25 June 1927 at Brampton

17971-27 Harold John MOFFATT, 25, salesman, England, 18 Melbourne Ave Toronto, s/o Arthur MOFFATT (b. Scotland) & Harriett MORTON, married Helen Marion BOCK, 16, waitress, Ontario, Lakeview Park, d/o Henry George BOCK (b. Ontario) & Mary KECHNIE, witn: Edna N. STANSBURY of 152 Woodbine Rd & Albert HIGGINS of Toronto, 27 June 1927 at Village of Port Credit

17972-27 Thomas Lang MOFFAT Jr, 21, advertising manager, Weston, same, s/o Thomas L. MOFFAT (b. Canada) & Ella B. REID, married Marjorie BUNTING, 21, Toronto, Clarkson, d/o Joshua D. BUNTING (b. Ireland) & Fanny DAVIDGE, witn: D.R. MOFFAT of Weston & Fae DUNBAR of 147 Grenadier Rd, 11 Dec 1927 at Village of Clarkson

17973-27 Charles Edward MORDEN, 21, farmer, Ontario, Oakville, s/o E.A. MORDEN (b. Ontario) & Mamie McVITTIE, married Mabel Frances CARPENTER, 23, clerk, Ontario, 161 Earlscourt Ave Toronto, d/o Henry CARPENTER (b. Ontario) & Rebecca BIGGAR, witn: George H. MORDEN of Oakville & Bessie McADAM of Hamilton, 26 Mar 1927 at Village of Erindale

17974-27 Joseph Robert MORRISON, 31, farmer, Ontario, Tullamore, s/o William MORRISON (b. Ontario) & Alice LOUGHEED, married Josephine Almeda McCARTNEY, 19, Ontario, Caledon East, d/o Henry McCARTNEY (b. Caledon East) & Fannie HAWN, witn: Mervin McCARTNEY of Caledon East & Clara MORRISON of Malton RR#1, 20 July 1927 at Albion twp

17980-27 Frank Sharples NELSON, 23, truck driver, England, Brampton, s/o Joseph Lund NELSON (b. Kendal England) & Mary Ellis TURNER, married Nellie Frances MARSDEN, 19, shoe worker, Brampton, same, d/o Frederick MARSDEN (b. England) & Nellie Jane LAING, witn: Violet TEDDER & George MARSDEN both of Brampton, 22 June 1927 at Brampton

17981-27 William James NORTON, 30, paper maker, Glen Williams Halton Co, same, s/o James NORTON (b. Ontario) & Lily BEERMAN, married Hester May McCLEMENTS, 21, housekeeper, Belfast Ireland, Huttonville, d/o James McCLEMENTS (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth McCLEMENTS, witn: Norman L. NORTON of Glen Williams & Alice W. OSTRANDER of Huttonville, 11 May 1927 at Village of Huttonville

17982-27 Frank PARKER, 21, printer, England, 53 Duke St Toronto, s/o R. John PARKER (b. England) & Sarah MORRIS, married Vida Maritza LOWCOCK, 17, stenographer, England, 1818½ Gerrard St East, d/o William LOWCOCK (b. England) & Annie PENNINGTON, witn: John LOWE & Mary PARKER both of Lakeview, 17 May 1927 at Toronto twp

17983-27 John Wallace PEARSON, 26, salesman, Toronto, same, s/o John PEARSON (b. Canada) & Emma WILKINSON, married Ethel Marion JONES, 21, clerk, Toronto, same, d/o William David JONES (b. Canada) & Margaret Knox REDPATH, witn: Arthur Douglas MONEYPENNY of 57 Langley Ave Toronto & Irene Murial WRIGHT of 40 Rosedale Heights Toronto, 3 Dec 1927 at Village of Port Credit

17984-27 Allen Gordon PEER, 25, barber, Port Credit, Toronto twp, s/o John Charles PEER (b. Port Credit) & Agnes Maria KIVELL, married Ethel Lillian DUNFORD, 17, box maker, Toronto, Toronto twp, d/o James F. DUNFORD (b. Burton on Trent England) & Elizabeth DENBY, witn: Earl PEER & Mr Arthur PEER both of Port Credit, 8 June 1927 at Village of Port Credit

17985-27 George Lewis PENGILLEY, 32, fruit grower, Scarborough twp, Toronto twp, s/o James PENGILLEY (b. England) & Eliza SALMON, married Doris Catherine Elizabeth DEFOREST, 20, Niagara Falls USA, Toronto twp, d/o George DEFOREST (b. US) farmer & Agnes GETTY, witn: James PENGILLEY Jr of Clarkson & Mrs H. WALLWORK of Brampton, 22 June 1927 at Village of Churchville

17986-27 Gordon James PETERS, 21, truck driver, Croydon England, Toronto, s/o Fred PETERS (b. Sussex England) & Sarah HARPER, married Elsie Grace MOORES, 18, domestic, Toronto, same, d/o Arthur MOORES (b. Newfoundland) & Clara SCRIDAMORE, witn: Robert Vernon HUTCHINSON & Alice Rosetta HUTCHINSON both of Islington, 1 Aug 1927 at Village of Meadowvale

17987-27 Axel Engelbrecht PETERSEN, 24, farmer, Denmark, Chinguacousy twp, s/o Carl PETERSEN (b. Denmark) & Karen CHRISTENSON, married Annie QUINN, 32, domestic, Ireland, Chinguacousy twp, d/o William QUINN (b. Ireland) & Martha HUTTON, witn: Christina WILLIAMSON & L.A. WILLIAMSON both of Chinguacousy twp, 12 Apr 1927 at Chinguacousy twp

17988-27 Isaac Newton PIERCEY, 33, farmer, Albion twp, same, s/o Thomas PIERCEY (b. Canada) & Sophia Victoria WAINES, married Martha Catherine MORROW, 26, Albion twp, same, d/o Edward MORROW (b. Canada) & Martha Ann GLASSFORD, witn: Edgar PIERCEY of Albion twp & Margaret MORROW of Caledon East, 1 June 1927 at Caledon twp

17989-27 James Alexander POGUE, 27, clerk, Ontario, 62 Fairview Blvd Toronto, s/o Robert POGUE (b. Ireland) & Lilly RUSSELL, married Sadie Myrtle McBRIDE, 26, school teacher, Ontario, Caledon, d/o Edwin James McBRIDE (b. Ontario) & Jane KIDD, witn: Russell POGUE & Florence McBRIDE both of Toronto, 27 Aug 1927 at Caledon twp

17990-27 John James POLLOCK, 29, farmer, Ireland, near Cheltenham, s/o William POLLOCK (b. Co Tyrone Ireland) & Agnes LOVE, married Gladys Gwendolyn CAMPBELL, 23, Chinguacousy twp, near Cheltenham, d/o Donald M. CAMPBELL (b. Cheltenham) farmer & Nancy May CASTOR, witn: Mary Elizabeth ARMSTRONG of Brampton & James Gordon CAMPBELL of Cheltenham, 24 May 1927 at Village of Cheltenham

17991-27 Reginald Charles POTTER, 23, jeweller, Nottingham England, Lakeview, s/o William POTTER & Lilian BROWN, married Catherine Leslie FLETT, 26, telephone operator, Glasgow Scotland, Lakeview, d/o James FLETT & Ina LESLIE, witn: Thomas POTTER of Lakeview & Camilla JONES of Toronto, 30 July 1927

17992-27 George Herbert PRESLEY, 30, farmer, Alton, same, s/o William PRESLEY (b. England) & Margaret NICOLSON, married Margaret Doris JONES, 24, clerk, Inglewood, same, d/o Charles William JONES (b. Simcoe Co) & Emma Rosetta LEIGH, witn: Cecil PRESLEY of Alton & Marion JONES of Inglewood, 2 Mar 1927 at Village of Inglewood

17993-27 Frank PRIOR, 31, sales engineer, England, 153 Harbord St Toronto, s/o Louis PRIOR (b. England) & Caroline HOWARD, married Jane McADAM, 26, clerk, Scotland, Thistletown, d/o James McADAM (b. Scotland) & Mary Jane McREADIE, witn: Adam McADAM of Toronto & Miss G.G. GLOVER of 153 Lyndhurst Ave Toronto, 29 June 1927 at Village of Thistletown

17994-27 Addison Reed PROUT, 59, widower, stage driver, Ontario, Bothwell Kent Co, s/o John PROUT (b. Ontario) & Jane RATHBURN, married Everetta Gertrude BALDOCK, 45, domestic, Ontario, Toronto twp, d/o William BALDOCK (b. Ontario) & Sarah SHAW, witn: Marilla M. SHAW of Weston & Stanley L. BALDOCK of RR#2 Malton, 12 Oct 1927 at Toronto twp

17995-27 William Ross PURVES, 24, advertising manager, Scotland, 111 Soudan Ave Toronto, s/o William Beatie PURVES (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth S. ROSS, married Cornelia Elizabeth MEEK, 27, school teacher, Ontario, Alton, d/o Thomas W. MEEK (b. Ontario) & Harriet J. AYER, witn: A.B. PURVES of 111 Soudan Ave Toronto & Agnes MEEK of Alton, 19 Mar 1927 at Caledon twp

17996-27 James Austin Alexander ROBINSON, 24, gardener, Ontario, Dixie, s/o James Patton ROBINSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah Ann BROOKS, married Margaret Jane IMRIE, 20, domestic, Ontario, 3 Croydon Ave Mt Dennis, d/o William IMRIE (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane ELLIOT, witn: Louise C. GERLTRY of 166 Watson Ave Toronto & Cecil B. ROBINSON of RR#1 Port Credit, 12 Mar 1927 at Village of Dixie

17997-27 Bertram Cecil ROOT, 26, tinsmith, England, Streetsville, s/o Bertram ROOT (b. England) & Alice LAMBERT, married Isabel Todd PETRIE, 33, finisher, Scotland, 1963 Dufferin St Toronto, d/o David PETRIE (b. Scotland) & Anne TODD, witn: Bertram ROOT & Violet ROOT both of Streetsville, 24 May 1927 at Village of Streetsville

17998-27 Frederick Cecil ROWLEY, 26, farmer, Albion twp, same, s/o Richard ROWLEY (b. Albion twp) & Charlotte Anne WALTON, married Dorothy Bessie BAILEY, 19, Trafalgar twp, Albion twp, d/o Philip BAILEY (b. Chinguacousy twp) & Margaret Elsie Jane CAREY, witn: illegible & Gordon HARPER of RR#4 Tottenham, 29 Oct 1927 at Albion twp

17999-27 Henry Tindale RUTHERFORD, 31, farmer, Albion twp, same, s/o Albert Stewart RUTHERFORD (b. Albion) & Hannah R. TINDALE, married Muriel May VERNER, 27, Albion twp, same, d/o Henry VERNER (b. Albion) & Martha Ann ROBB, witn: Jean VERNER of Bolton & Ira M. NOBLE of Maple, 26 Mar 1927 at Albion twp


18000-27 William Edward SALISBURY, 31, farmer, Trafalgar twp., Chinguacousy twp, s/o Edward R. SALISBURY (b. Devonshire England) & Isabella CLARK, married Gladys Muriel BERRY, 23, England, Peel Co, d/o John G. BERRY (b. Worcestershire England) farmer & Mary WILLIAMS, witn: Mrs Wilfred NEWHOUSE of Seagrove & John C. SALISBURY of Brampton, 7 Sept 1927 at Chinguacousy twp

18001-27 Robert Dryden SALMOND, 22, mechanic, Scotland, Alexander Ave - Stop 34 - Lake Shore Rd, s/o Robert SALMOND (b. Scotland) & Jean TAYLOR, married Emma Alice STAPLES, 17, packer, England, Northmount Ave Stop 34½ Lake Shore Rd, d/o Frederick STAPLES (b. England) & Rose BADCOCK, witn: Rose STAPLES & Adelaide COLCLOUGH both of Lakeview, 22 Apr 1927 at Toronto twp

18002-27 Marshall John SANDERS, 26, assistant shipper, Ontario, 1311A Davenport Rd Toronto, s/o John SANDERS (b. England) & Janet MARSHALL, married Violet Mary Muriel HARRIS, 27, Ontario, Cooksville, d/o Samuel Emerson HARRIS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BIRD, witn: A.J. SANDERS of 1311½ Davenport Rd Toronto & Ethel J. HARRIS of Cooksville, 21 Sept 1927 at Village of Cooksville

18003-27 William Garfield SANDERSON, 35, widower, farmer, Chinguacousy twp, Toronto Gore, s/o Thomas SANDERSON (b. England) & Annie ROBSON, married Mary Ellen McKIBBIN, 26, domestic, Ireland, Toronto Gore, d/o Joseph McKIBBIN (b. Ireland) & Ellen FISHER, witn: John ROBSON & Myrtle ROBSON both of Mono Road RR#2, 30 Aug 1927 at Caledon twp

18004-27 Harry SCOTT, 35, widower, millwright, Ontario, Long Branch York Co, s/o Harry SCOTT (b. Ontario) & Haddie FORSTER, married Frances BUDD, 31, housekeeper, England, Long Branch, d/o William BUDD (b. England) & Lydia SMITH, witn: L.E. READMAN & E.I. HUDSON both of Cooksville, 12 Mar 1927 at Toronto twp

18005-27 Raymond Clifford SEAL, 28, manufacturer, Hamilton, 182 Mary St Hamilton, s/o William SEAL (b. England) & Minnie MINION, married Grace Irene DELAVERGN, 21, stenographer, Hamilton, 12 Rosemount Ave Hamilton, d/o Clarence Charles DELAVERGN (b. Ontario) & Etta Mary BRAG, witn: Doris Lowell BRADIE & David Edward JOHNSTON both of Toronto, 8 Jan 1927 at Brampton

18007-27 Thomas Charles SHAW, 36, farmer, Ontario, Bolton RR#5, s/o Thomas SHAW (b. Ontario) & Margaret GOODFELLOW, married Sarah Masel DRUMMOND, 28, Ontario, Bolton RR#5, d/o John James DRUMMOND (b. Ontario) & Sarah LACKEY, witn: Esther Irene KIRK of 398 Clinton St Toronto & Orbrey John Clifford DRUMMOND of Bolton RR#5, 16 Feb 1927 at Caledon twp

18006-27 Archibald Campbell SHAW, 61, widower, farmer, Sunnidale Simcoe Co, Caledon, s/o Donald SHAW (b. Scotland) & Ellen SHAW, married Mary Jane BONHAM, 56, housekeeper, Toronto, Caledon, d/o John BONHAM (b. England) & Mary Jane PINKNEY, witn: James BONHAM & Charles QUENNELL both of Streetsville, 24 Dec 1927 at Village of Streetsville

18008-27 Michael Francis SHORTELL, 39, widower, farmer, York twp, Toronto twp, s/o Robert SHORTELL (b. Canada) & Catherine TRAYNOR, married Charlotte Alexandria BYERS, 22, school teacher, Grey Co, Toronto twp, d/o Thomas BYERS (b. Canada) & Edith HUGHES, witn: Andrew MASTERNAK & Violet SOLO both of Brampton, 16 May 1927 at Brampton

18009-27 Cecil SMITH, 22, butcher, Brampton, same, s/o Richard SMITH (b. Brampton) & Elizabeth Margaret KENWELL, married Margaret Elizabeth KENWELL, 19, shoe operator, Collingwood, Brampton, d/o William KENWELL (b. Collingwood) & Matilda POTTS, witn: Leonard GILL & May GILL both of Brampton, 5 Oct 1927 at Village of Streetsville

18010-27 Elmer Merdith SPEERS, 24, farmer, Caledon twp, Erin twp Wellington Co, s/o Alexander SPEERS (b. Caledon) & Ann Jane ARMSTRONG, married Laurena Victoria JACKSON, 21, domestic, Albion twp, Caledon twp, d/o Robert George JACKSON (b. Caledon) & Cordelia FAGEN, witn: Earl PALMER of Ballycroy & Olive JACKSON of Caledon, 28 Dec 1927 at Caledon twp

18011-27 Gordon Thomas STANFIELD, 31, mechanic, Burnhamthorpe, Islington, s/o William Thomas STANFIELD (b. Toronto twp) & Emily WELLER, married Hazel Louise YOUNG, 23, Palgrave, same, d/o Edward Henry YOUNG (b. Adjala twp) storekeeper & Elizabeth LAVERY, witn: Louise C. SPENCER & illegible YOUNG both of Palgrave, 11 June 1927 at Village of Palgrave

18012-27 Wallace Henry STAPLES, 21, tire maker, Pontypool Ontario, Toronto, s/o John Wesley STAPLES (b. Ontario) & Ida PARKINS, married Evelyn Carrie GOODYEAR, 18, Milton, Brampton, d/o William GOODYEAR (b. England) & Carrie DAVIS, witn: Elsie CLARKE & Charles GOODYEAR both of Brampton, 12 Nov 1927 at Brampton

18013-27 James Ashbury STEPHENS, 34, stationer, Fergus Ontario, St Marys, s/o James STEPHENS (b. Nichol twp) & Mary Jane ASHBURY, married Gertrude Jean ADAIR, 36, stenographer, Orangeville, Ontario, d/o William E. ADAIR (b. Orangeville) & Sarah BEALL, witn: Mary ROBINSON & Elizabeth LUNDIE both of Port Credit, 29 Oct 1927 at Village of Port Credit

18014-27 Reginald Stanley STEWART, 19, clerk, Alberta, 30 Caroline St West Burlington Wentworth Co, s/o Alexander STEWART (b. Ontario) & Mildred JANCOWSKI, married Sadie KIDD, 19, Ontario, Inglewood, d/o John KIDD (b. Ontario) & Emma LOGAN, witn: Jessie WILSON & James D. SMART both of Brampton, 18 June 1927 at Brampton


18015-27 Earl John TAYLOR, 25, clerk, Sebringville Perth Co, same, s/o John M. TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Lowena CASTNER, married Frances SCHAEFER, 22, school teacher, Monkton Ontario, Bolton, d/o Alexander L. SCHAEFER (b. Canada) & Hannah Renshaw SMITH, witn: Winnie TAYLOR of Sebringville & Robert O. SCHAEFER of Bolton, 10 Aug 1927 at Village of Bolton

19016-27 Louis TEDESCO, 23, brick maker, Italy, Streetsville, s/o Agostino TEDESCO & Mary TOFFALLS, married Mary Amelia BEEHOO, 19, England, Streetsville, d/o James BEEHOO & Sarah DULLER, witn: George BEEHOO & Nellie BEEHOO both of Streetsville, 18 Oct 1927 at Trinity Church Streetsville

18017-27 Bertie William THOMPSON, 34, rubber worker, Norfolk England, Toronto, s/o Thomas THOMPSON (b. England) & Harriet ADCOCK, married Dorothy Margaret BURROWS, 19, factory employee, Brampton, Toronto, d/o Alfred BURROWS (b. Canada) & Mary blank, witn: Lillian BROWN & Charles BURROWS both of Brampton, 12 Mar 1927 at Brampton

18018-27 James THOMPSON, 39, labourer, Ireland, Brampton, s/o John THOMPSON (b. Ireland) & Catherine McGUIRE, married Annie Elizabeth STUBBS, 42, housekeeper, Malton, Brampton, d/o John STUBBS (b. England) & Mary SMITH, witn: Violet NEWSON & Ruth M. WILSON both of Brampton, 24 Dec 1927 at Brampton

18019-27 William Wilfrid THOMPSON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Hornby Halton Co, s/o George H. THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret FORREST, married Mildred Irvina McCAUGHERTY, 31, Ontario, Streetsville, d/o David H. McCAUGHERTY (b. Ontario) & Sarah Irvina HUTTON, witn: G. Frank THOMPSON of Hornby & Sarah Irvina McCAUGHERTY of Streetsville, 3 Dec 1927 at Village of Streetsville

18020-27 Robert THOMSON, 26, farm labourer, Scotland, Cooksville, s/o William THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Jessie ROGERS, married Adeline TOWNSEND, 19, farm domestic, Ontario, Cooksville, d/o Josiah TOWNSEND (b. Canada) & Annie LYONS, witn: Jessie WILSON of Brampton & Colen A. SANDS of Innerkip, 25 Nov 1927 at Brampton

18021-27 William George TURNER, 22, salesman, England, Port Credit, s/o Francis Montague TURNER & Gertrude Alice COX, married Dora Emma DEAN, 20, England, Port Credit, d/o George DEAN & Ellen Maria KING, witn: Georgina Ellen DEAN & George DEAN both of Port Credit, 20 June 1927 at Trinity Church Port Credit

18022-27 John Gordon VANWYCK, 27, clerk, Caledon twp, same, s/o Gilbert VANWYCK (b. Canada) & Sarah HILLOCK, married Edna Bernice SUTTON, 27, telephone operator, Caledon twp, same, d/o William J. SUTTON (b. Canada) & Caroline HEBDEN, witn: Thomas WHITE of Toronto & Kathleen SUTTON of Caledon, 31 Aug 1927 at Caledon twp

18023-27 Frank Cragg WAKELY, 26, farmer, Ontario, Bolton, s/o Francis Joseph WAKELY (b. Ontario) & Clarissa CRAGG, married Hazel Alberta ELLIOTT, 21, Ontario, Bolton, d/o Samuel ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Sarah WILSON, witn: Anna FORD & Edward B. FORD both of Detroit Michigan, 2 Nov 1927 at Village of Bolton

18024-27 Elsworth Risdon Whitney WALKER, 22, farmer, near Kincardine, Toronto twp, s/o Thomas WALKER (b. England) & Linda YEO, married Kate CROSKILL, 17, shoe worker, Brampton, Toronto twp, d/o Robert CROSKILL (b. England) & Nellie RINGER, witn: Thomas Miles WALKER of Toronto twp & Gladys CRAWFORD of Brampton, 29 June 1927 at Brampton - divorced 30 Apr 1953

18025-27 Percy John Henry WATSON, 18, laborer, Oxford England, Toronto twp, s/o Percy John WATSON (b. England) & Minnie LANGFORD, married Marjory May EVANS, 16, housekeeper, Chatham Ontario, Toronto twp, d/o Perciful [Percival?] EVANS (b. Port Credit) & Letitia PEER, witn: Earle DICKS & Rosie DICKS both of New Toronto, 23 Aug 1927 at Port Credit - divorced 29 June 1953

18026-27 George WATT, 24, driver, Scotland, 109 Jones Ave Toronto, s/o George WATT (b. Scotland) & Mary SINTON (Linton?) married Edith MILNE, 27, dressmaker, Scotland, 104 Kippendavie Ave, d/o Alex MILNE (b. Scotland) & Anna BRAND, witn: Laura MILNE & A. Herbert INGRAM both of 104 Kippendavie Ave, 15 Apr 1927 at Brampton

18027-27 Henry Twell WEBSTER, 41, widower, tinsmith, Elora Wellington Co, same, s/o Thomas Henry WEBSTER (b. Elora) & Mary A. TWELL, married Annabel BAUGH, 32, widow, Walkden England, Elora, d/o Moses TUGE (b. Walkden England) & Alice BRUNDRETT, witn: William CURRIE & Mrs C. MUNROE both of Alma, 12 Aug 1927 at Village of Alma

18028-27 Wilfred Robert WEIR, 21, thrasher, King twp, Schomberg York Co, s/o, Robert WEIR (b. Canada) & Elizabeth SNOWDEN, married Jane JACKSON, 18, Monathan Ireland, Albion twp, d/o Edward JACKSON (b. Ireland) & Mary GRAHAM, witn: Madge JACKSON of Bolton Albion twp & J.E. CUTTER of Lloydtown, 12 Jan 1927 at Albion twp

18029-27 Ervan Roy WILKINSON, 34, mechanic, Snelgrove, Bolton, s/o Walker WILKINSON (b. Cheltenham) & Mary DRINKWATER, married Lenna Dell BEAMISH, 24, Bolton, same, d/o Ernest BEAMISH (b. Bolton) & Sarah MORRISON, witn: George WILKINSON of Cheltenham & Mrs A.J. BARRY of Bolton, 22 June 1927 at Village of Bolton

18030-27 George Austin Drinkwater WILKINSON, 25, farmer, Ontario, Cheltenham, s/o Wilson W. WILKINSON (b. Ontario) & Annie DRINKWATER, married Myrtle Jean MACDONALD, 22, Ontario, Inglewood, d/o Hugh MACDONALD (b. Ontario) & Margaret Gertrude McARTHUR, witn: Eldred MACDONALD of Terra Cotta & Clarence ANDERSON of Cheltenham, 14 Sept 1927 at Village of Inglewood

18031-27 Charles Anson WORTHY, 22, accountant, Ontario, Brampton, s/o Robert WORTHY (b. Ontario) & Nettie GIBBONS, married Margaret Helen BRUNDELL, 19, stenographer, Ontario, Brampton, d/o Harry BRUNDELL (b. Ontario) & Helen WOLVERTON, witn: Frank R. WORTHY of 135 Sunnyside Ave Toronto & Kathleen B. MACNAB of Vancouver BC, 13 Sept [1927] at Brampton

18032-27 Albert Thomas WREN, 23, tire builder, England, Lakeview, s/o George WREN & Harriet DOUBLE, married Henrietta HUTCHINSON, 21, domestic, England, Lakeview, d/o Henry HUTCHINSON & Isabella BAYLEY, witn: Arthur JONES of New Toronto & Reta BANKS of Lakeview, 6 Aug 1927 at Lakeview

18033-27 George Harry WREN, 26, laborer, England, Lakeview, s/o George WREN & Harriet DOUBLE, married Sarah Ann HUTCHINSON, 25, domestic, England, Lakeview, d/o Henry HUTCHINSON & Isabella BAYLEY, witn: Albert Edward JONES of Mimico & Florence BANKS of Lakeview, 6 Aug 1927 at Lakeview