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Prince Edward Co., 1873

birth place is given before residence


11311-73 Leslie ACKERMAN, 23, artist, South Marysburgh, Picton, s/o Adam & Mary, married Mary A. WARD, 22, Kingston, Picton, d/o John F. & Mary, witn: William THOMAS of Picton & J.A. BETTS of South Marysburgh on Feb. 12, 1873 at South Marysburgh. 11397-73 Edwin ACKERMAN, 23, painter, Picton, same, s/o Adam & Mary, married Fanny SMITH, 19, Sussex England, Picton, d/o William & Caroline, witn: Beatrice REDMONDS & William SMITH Junior both of Picton on March 19, 1873 at the residence of the bride’s father Picton
11408-73 Isaac ALLAN, 25, labourer, Frankford Hastings Co., Consecon, s/o John & H. E., married Catharine HENRY, 25, widow, Hillier, Consecon, d/o Solomon & Mary WALDREN, witn: John & H. E. ALLEN both of Hillier on Jan. 20, 1873 at Consecon  
11314-73 William Benjamin ALLISON, 22, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Nelson & Amelia J., married Dorsilla HILL, 22, Wilton Ont., Demorestville, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John FRASER of Haldimand & Anna HILL of Demorestville, 24 Aug 1873 at Demorestville 11298-73 Lemuel ALLISON, 21, mechanic, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Samuel & Sophia, married Phoebe COLE, 23, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Israel & Lucy, witn: Rosa RYAN & Sarah HEATON no residences given on Feb. 20, 1873 at Milford South Marysburgh
11280-73 Ryerson BADGLEY, 24, mechanic, Tyendinaga, Thurlow, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Lavinia LOTT, 18, Frankford, Picton, d/o Charles & Mary Jane, witn: Laura A. RANDOLPH of Belleville & Mary DORETY of Bloomfield on Jan. 29, 1873 at Bloomfield 11339-73 Bidwell BARRANGER, 23, farmer, Rawdon Hastings Co., Maynooth Hastings Co., s/o George & Sally, married Phoeba Ann FARLEY, 22, Hillier, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: Amos HUYCKE of Consecon & Ada A. DINGMAN of Wellington on July 23, 1873 at Wellington
11417-73 Sidney L. BATES, 22, physician, Bowmanville, Picton, s/o James L. & Mary A., married Henriette T. ROBLIN, 21, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Philip & Nancy, witn: Gideon STRICKER of Picton & George H. HAINES of Belleville on April 30, 1873 at Ameliasburgh. 11398-73 Robert BERNARD, 30, shoemaker, Plymouth England, Picton, s/o John & Catherine, married Margaret McLENNAN, 22, South Bay, Picton, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Archibald M. & Gerald McMECHAN both of Picton on March 24, 1873 at The Manse Picton
11296-73 George BLAKELY, 23, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Robert & Sarah A., married Augusta McDONALD, 16, Hallowell, same, d/o Richard & Adeline, witn: Louise LAMBERT & Hiram TRUMPOUR, both of Hallowell, 23 Nov 1873 at Hallowell 11313-73 Cornelius BOWERMAN, 38, widower, Bloomfield, Demorestville, s/o Ichabod & Loina, married Eliza CRONK, 39, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o George & Arvilla, witn: Harmon SIMMONS & Alexander LESLIE, both of North Port, 2 Nov 1873 at North Port
11318-73 James M. BOYD, 30, Minister of the Gospel, Antrim Ireland, Demorestville, s/o A. BOYD & S. MILLER, married C. N. LAZIER, 25, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o John N. LAZIER & Lucinda SPRAGUE, witn: Kate LAZIER of Belleville & Dr. R. H. BOYD of Ogdensburg USA, 30 July 1873 at Sophiasburgh 11384-73 Nelson W. BRADLEY, 21, yeoman, Ontario, Hallowell, s/o Maitland & Rosina, married Sarah J. ROBLIN, 21, Ontario, Picton, d/o Nathan & Abigail, witn: William J. & Sarah PORTE both of Picton on Jan. 8, 1873 at residence of William J. Porte, Picton
11288-73 Reuben B. BRANSCOMBE, 39, farmer, Ontario, Hallowell, s/o Arthur & Branscombe BRANSCOMBE (sic), married Sarah H. PETERSON, 28, Ontario, Hallowell, d/o not given, witn: Sophia & Frances STRATTON of Hallowell, 29 May 1873 at Hallowell 11399-73 William BRIT, 32, labourer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Charles BRIT & mother’s name not known, married Lydia FOUNIER, 26, Adolphustown, same, d/o Andrew & Emmeline, witn: Charles POLLARD of Tyendinaga on April 3, 1873 at The Manse Picton
11312-73 George BROOKS, 28, farmer, England, Sophiasburgh, s/o Henry & Mary Jane, married Lydia VAN WART, 20, Ameliasburgh, Sophiasburgh, d/o Isaac & Sarah Ann, witn: Rynard FOX of Sophiasburgh & John HILL of Demorestville, 20 July 1873 at Sophiasburgh 11284-73 Cornelius BUCKINGHAM (Burlingham?), 52, yeoman, widower, Hallowell, same, s/o Benham & Phebe, married Harriet A. BULL, 38, Bloomfield, same, d/o Corey & Frances, witn: Jacob H. & Mary E. FRALEIGH both of Hallowell on Sept. 15, 1873 at Bloomfield.
11329-73 William Albert CADMAN, 30, merchant, Consecon, same, s/o Joshua M. & Maria, married Susannah Adelia JONES, 23, Hillier, same, d/o Samuel & Almira, witn: John James DORLAND of Adolphustown & Amanda JONES of Hillier, Christs Church, Hillier 11336-73 John CAVES (Cares?), 23, farmer, Crowland England, Hillier, s/o John & Fanny, married Louisa AINSWORTH, 24, Brighton Tp., Hillier, d/o Eli & Elizabeth, witn: Emily E. A. DINGMAN & Daniel FERGUSON both of Wellington on Dec. 4, 1873 at Wellington.
11401-73 Walter CHADD, 22, baker, Picton, same, s/o George & Mary, married Elizabeth ADAMS, 18, Picton, same, d/o Henry & Martha, witn: Lizzie WILSON & William BLANCHARD both of Picton on April 24 1873 at residence of bride’s parents

11407-73 Elias CLARK, 23, yeoman, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Elias & Rebecca, married Anna E. HERRINGTON, 20, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Charles & Harriet, witn: George HERRINGTON & James POST both of Ameliasburgh on Feb. 18, 1873 at Ameliasburgh

11327-73 Henry CLARK, 28, farmer, Hillier, Ameliasburgh, s/o John & Sarah, married Sarah Jane MASTRESS, 24, Hillier, same, d/o Benjamin & Nellie, witn: James MASSEY (sic) & Susan CLARK, both of Ameliasburgh, 28 Jan 1873 at Consecon 11330-73 David Emery CLARK, 26, merchant, Hallowell, Picton, s/o David & Sarah Ann, married Melissa Jane JONES, 21, Hillier, same, d/o Samuel & Almira, witn: John ROCKWELL of Picton & Martha SHERIDAN of Fulton USA, 9 June 1873 at Christ Church, Hillier

11395-73 Amos COOPER, 24, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Josiah & Jane, married Lydia Maria TALCOTT, 19, Hallowell, same, d/o Elisha W. Sarah, witn: Dorcas McDONNELL of Picton on Feb. 5, 1873 at The Manse Picton

11290-73 Melvin John CRONK, 19, farmer, Ontario, Hallowell, s/o Philip & Lucy, married Mary Ann WILSON, 19, Ontario, Hallowell, d/o William & Mary, witn: S. S. RANKIN of Athol & N. A. CRONK of Hallowell, 22 Sept 1873 at Hallowell
11363-73 Benjamin DAINARD, 38, farmer, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Peter & Charlotte, married Ellen STEVENS, 35, Cornwall England, South Marysburgh, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: A. M. & G. J. McMECHAN both of Picton on June 14, 1873 at The Manse Picton. 11326-73 Egbert DELONG, 34, farmer, Hillier twp., same, s/o Arra? & Anna, married Mary E. RUTTAN, 20, Tyendinaga twp., North Port, d/o David W. & Nancy, witn: Robert G. DAVIS of Sophiasburgh & Alonzo G. DAVIS of Shannonville, 9 July 1873 at North Port
11279-73 Alfred DEROCHE, 22, yeoman, Trenton, Hallowell, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Rebecca McDONALD, 19, Hallowell, same, d/o Richard & Adeline, witn: Laura A. RANDOLPH of Belleville & Melissa HOWELL of Ameliasburgh on Jan. 4, 1873 at Bloomfield 11351-73 David Smith DEYNARD, not given, farmer, Canada, Chatham Kent Co., s/o parent’s names not given, married Mary Elizabeth TRUMPOUR, not given, Ontario, Athol, d/o parent’s names not given, witn: J. R. TRUMPOUR & Mona N. DEYNARD residences not given on June 16, 1873 at St. Mary Magdaline Church Picton
8362-74 M. W. S. DINGMAN, 22, merchant, Hallowell, Brighton, s/o Jaspar & Hannah Caroline, married May Cordelia PURDY, 24, Cramahe twp., Brighton, d/o Hiram & Vallonia, witn: A. A. A. & Manly DINGMAN of Wellington, 13 April 1873 at Wellington

11354-73 Michael DOYLE, 22, yeoman, Quebec , Tyendinaga, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Eliza VAN WARD, 19, Ontario, Hallowell, d/o Isaac & Sarah Ann, witn: George & Lillie B. BROOKS both of Sophiasburgh on Sept. 23, 1873 at Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage Picton.

11405-73 Isaac B. ELLIS, 24, yeoman, Prince Edward Co., same, s/o Marmaduke & Etta, married Mary Ann TEEL, 16, Prince Edward Co., same, d/o C. TEEL & mother unknown, witn: Caleb JOHNSON & Sarah YOUNG both of Hillier on Feb. 11, 1873 at Ameliasburgh

11350-73 Edward EMBURY, 30, farmer, Canada, South Fredericksburgh, s/o Andrew & Margaret, married Beatrice O’CONNOR, 23, Ireland, South Fredericksburgh, d/o Michael & May, witn: Elizabeth M. LEWIN & Henry McDONALD both of Picton on May 24, 1873 at Picton.

11355-73 William EVANS, 23, ship carpenter, Ontario, Mill Point, d/o John & Margaret, married Sarah E. FRIAR, 23, Ontario, Picton, d/o Isaac & Sophia, witn: Mary WARING & Jane BRIGGS both of Picton on Sept. 29, 1873 at Picton 11422-73 Charles EVERETS, 26, yeoman, Ernestown, Ameliasburgh, s/o Louis & Margaret, married Anna CLARK, 27, United States, Oswego New York USA, d/o Solomon & Sarah, witn: Henry BLACK & Abraham BONTER both of Ameliasburgh on Oct. 25, 1873 at Ameliasburgh
008310-74 Thomas Albert FARRINGTON, 21, yeoman, Ontario, S. Marysburgh, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Eliza Jane DULMAGE, 25, Ontario, S. Marysburgh, d/o Philip & Eliza, witn: Frederick HYATT & Sarah J. RABBIE both of S. Marysburgh on Dec. 24, 1873 at Picton 11393-73 Rev. Omar White FOLSOM, 28, clergyman, New Hampshire, Newbury Mass. USA, s/o Jesse & Elizabeth, married Isabella CLARK, 25, Bloomfield, same, d/o Philip & Ella, witn: Amelia CLARK & G. Albert SIMPSON both of Bloomfield on Jan. 27, 1873 at mother’s residence Picton.
11316-73 William James FOSTER, 21, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Samuel William & Sarah, married Phebe Almira FERGUSON, 20, Hallowell, same, d/o Vincent & Elizabeth, witn: Oliver PARKS of Sophiasburgh & Jane BARLTROP of North Port, 10 Nov 1873 at Sophiasburgh #008390-74 (Price Edward Co): John FRIAR, 42, yeoman, Hillier, same, s/o John & Catharine, married Anna BROWN, 22, Hillier, same, d/o Peter & Anna, witnesses were David BENSON of Hillier & William H. WEEKS, Nov 30, 1873 at Hillier
11361-73 James GIBSON, 28, farmer, Athol, same, s/o Edward & Mary, married Eliza JOHNSON, 25, Athol, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: John GIBSON of Picton & Sanford JOHNSON of Northport on May 21, 1873 at The Manse Picton 11340-73 George GIFFORD, 23, cabinet maker, Oswego, Oswego USA, s/o Jackson & Electa, married Sarah E. MABEE, 19, Thurlow Hastings Co., Athol, d/o Isaac & Jemima, witn: Samuel & Josephine WILLIAMS both of Athol on Feb. 26, 1873 at Athol.
11343-73 Thomas GILMORE, 28, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o John & Nancy, married Parthina SPAFFORD, 21, Athol, Hallowell, d/o Alva & Mary E., witn: John B. HOLT & J. D. R. SPAFFORD both of Hallowell on June 11, 1873 at the residence of the officiating Minister at Picton.  
11414-73 William H. GLENN, 23, yeoman, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Charles & Cynderella, married Sophia BRICKMAN, 27, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Lewis & Margaret Jane, witn: Jacob H. SAGAR & Rinard BRICKMAN both of Ameliasburgh on Jan. 15, 1873 at Consecon Ameliasburgh 11410-73 William GLENN, 22, yeoman, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Robert & Jane, married Sarah C. MICKLE, 20, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: L. F. GOULD & Emma LOVELESS both of Wooler on June 23, 1873 at Ameliasburgh.
11323-73 Abbott Way GORSLINE, 30, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Abram & Drusilla, married Sarah Elizabeth WAY, 28, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Benjamin & Lydia, witn: Francis WAY & Phebe Alice FOX both of Sophiasburgh on April 2, 1873 at Sophiasburgh. 11425-73 William Albert GREY, 24, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o William & Sarah, married Matilda RUSH, 22, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: George ROSEBUSH of 1st Concession Ameliasburgh on April 30, 1873 at The Rectory Carrying Place Ameliasburgh
8363-74 Thomas D. HAIGHT, 65, farmer, widower, Adolphustown, Hillier, s/o Joel & Bathsheba, married Lydia B. LANE, widow, Hillier, same, d/o James & Hannah AUGUSTUS, witn: Ada A. A. DINGMAN & Harriet HOWARD, both of Wellington, 24 May 1873 at Wellington 11391-73 Daniel HARE, 47, yeoman, widower, Ontario, North Marysburgh, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Minerva COLLIER, 30, widow, Ontario, Athol, d/o Philip & Eliza J. COLLIER, witn: George T. & Mary C CLEMENT both of Picton on March 26, 1873 at Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage Picton
11325-73 John HARRIS, 26, laborer, England, Belleville, s/o John & Fanny James HARRIS, married Hannah GAY, 24, Rawdon twp., Sophiasburgh, d/o Thomas & Rebecca Egleston GAY, witn: Marshall B. DOXSEE of Sophiasburgh & Benjamin GRATREAX of Belleville, 12 June 1873 at Sophiasburgh 008308-74 John B. HOLT, 26, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Lewis & Catherine, married Nancy Jane GILMORE, 25, Hallowell, same, d/o John & Nancy GILMORE, witn: Amelia MacMECHAN & Sophia McGILLIVRAY both of Picton on Dec. 24, 1873 at the Manse at Picton.
11359-73 Charles Albert HOWE, 23, yeoman, Ontario, Hillier Tp., s/o Daniel & Mary A., married Mary Emma TOWNSEND, 24, Ontario, Hillier Tp., d/o Aschel & Nancy, witn: George J. HOWE of Hillier & Theresa SOBEY of Picton on Dec. 9, 1873 at Picton  
11420-73 William Emery HUBBS, 29, carpenter, Prince Edw. Co., Cramahe, s/o John & Matilda, married Matilda BABCOCK, 26, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o John & Sophiah, witn: James H. & Mary A. VAN WART both of Ameliasburgh on Oct. 1, 1873 at Ameliasburgh 11423-73 Sandford HUBEL, 20, tailor, Brighton Tp., Murray, s/o James & Mary, married Charlotte A. IRELAND. 19, Murray, same, d/o William J. & Adeline, witn: Mrs. S. M. BAKER of the Rectory Carrying Place no date of marriage given at The Rectory Carrying Place Ameliasburgh
11282-73 Byron HYATT, 30, carriage maker, Hallowell, Ameliasburgh, s/o John J. & Susan, married Jane E. CUNNINGHAM, 26, Hallowell, same, d/o Young & Sarah, witn: John W. HYATT & Rebecca CUNNINGHAM both of Hallowell on March 4, 1873 at Hallowell. 11289-73 John W. HYATT, 27, farmer, Ontario, Hallowell, s/o John & Susan, married Sarah Jane PETTIT, 17, Ontario, Hallowell, d/o Sylvanus & Sarah, witn: Herbert BULL & Ella WILLIAMS, both of Bloomfield, 11 June 1873 at Bloomfield
11418-73 Frederick ISLES, 32, yeoman, England, Ameliasburgh, s/o Thomas & Susan, married Sarah E. GEROW, 28, Ameliasburgh, Rednerville, d/o Daniel & Martha, witn: Robert & Helen L. KNOX both of Ameliasburgh on March 27, 1873 at Rednerville. 11357-73 Armstrong JINKS, 20, farmer, Athol Tp., Hallowell Tp., s/o Elijah & Hester, married Elizabeth Jane LEAVENS (Seavens?), 20, Hallowell, same, d/o Titus & Harriet, witn: D. Y. & Mary E. McMULLEN both of Picton on Sept. 23, 1873 at residence of the clergyman at Picton
#008391-74 (Prince Edward Co): Caleb JOHNSON, 41, widower, yeoman, Hallowell, Melleville Hillier, s/o John & Catharine, married Mary MORTON, 27, Hallowell, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witnesses were Oliver PARASALL of Hallowell & Benjamin VANCLIEF, Dec 11, 1873 at Hallowell 11302-73 Samuel James LAROY, 22, public school teacher, Demorestville, Sophiasburgh, s/o James & Rosett, married Joanna OSTRANDER, 17, Athol, same, d/o Peter & Rebecca, witn: A. GIBSON & Melvina OSTRANDER both of Athol on Aug. 4, 1873 at Milford
11322-73 David W. LAZIER, 34, farmer, Hallowell, Nevada USA, s/o Nathaniel & Sarah, married Emma M. ROBINSON, 26, Northport, same d/o John & Mary, witn: William ROBINSON of Port Perry & Lydia CRONK of Picton on March 13, 1873 at Northport 8369-74 Hugh LEATCH, 27, farmer, USA, Sophiasburgh, s/o Hugh & Ann Jane, married Ann Jane DIXON, 20, Brighton Ont., Sophiasburgh, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: W. H. COTTER & Samuel J. BARKER, both of Sophiasburgh, 23 Dec 1873 at Sophiasburgh [Leach?]
11317-73 George LINDSAY, 21, laborer, Tyendinaga, Sophiasburgh, s/o George & M., married Caroline JOHNSTON, 23, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Mordecai & Mary Ann, witn: Carolina POST & Robert WALLACE, both of Sophiasburgh, 9 Sept 1873 at Sophiasburgh  
11368-73 Edward LIVINGSTON, 22, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o John & Nancy, married Elizabeth SMITH, 21, Leicestershire England, Sophiasburgh, d/o William & Mary Ann NEEDHAM (sic), witn: Amelia McMECHAN & Sophia McGILLIVRAY both of Picton on Dec. 3, 1873 at The Manse Picton 11367-73 David LIVINGSTON, 20, farmer, Rawdon Co., Sophiasburgh, s/o John & Nancy, married Rebecca Maria DEMILL, 24, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Anthony & Sarah, witn: Amelia & Archibald M. McMECHAN both of Picton on Nov. 19, 1873 at The Manse Picton
11294-73 Sylvanus P. LONDER, 20, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o John & Margaret E., married Lucinda HUFF, 20, Hallowell, same, d/o Hezekiah & Almira, witn: Samuel NORTON & Hannah LADER?, both of Hallowell, 2 Oct 1873 at Hallowell 11411-73 Washington LOVELESS, 25, yeoman, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Hiram & Ann, married Mary Jane DEMPSEY, 20, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Thomas & Hannah, witn: Charles & Sarah Jane DEMPSEY both of Ameliasburgh on Dec. 10, 1873 at Rednersville
11362-73 Lewis Gilbert LOVELL, 27, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o John & Eliza, married S. Sephronia TERWILLIGER, 27, Hallowell, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Archibald McK. & Gerald J. McMECHAN both of Picton on June 2, 1873 at The Manse Picton. 11415-73 Charles LOYD, 30, yeoman, Rawdon, County Barrie, s/o Frederick & Jane, married Catharine BARAGER, 20, Rawdon, same, d/o Charles J. & Permelia, witn: George FERGUSON of Ameliasburg & Francis YOUNG of Hillier on Jan. 21, 1873 at Ameliasburgh.
11333-73 Larkin LUFFMAN, 26, farmer, Wellington, same, s/o William & Lucy, married Mary Ann SWEENEY, 18, London England, Wellington, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: William MOCKRIDGE of Hillier & Adelaide LUFFMAN of Wellington on Nov. 4, 1873 at Hillier. 11328-73 John MACKSEY, 22, farmer, Prince Edward, Ops twp., s/o Patrick & Ann, married Mary Elizabeth PIERCE, 18, Brighton, Hillier, d/o Reuben & Sophia, witn: Edward & Sarah HORAN of Hillier, 23 Jan 1873 at Consecon
11346-73 William MARTIN, 26, yeoman, Ontario, Athol, s/o Stephen & Catherine, married Margaret CAUGHEY, 23, Ireland, Athol, d/o John & Agnes, witn: William H. P. CLEMENT of Picton & Louisa MARTIN of Belleville on July 24, 1873 at the Wesleyan Parsonage at Picton. 008372 – 74 Charles N. MARTIN, 23, Machinist, Devonshire England, Belleville, s/o Charles MARTIN & Anne Caroline WANNA?, married Nancy Eliza THOMPSON, 21, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o William THOMPSON & Nancy BADGLEY. Witn: Charles MARTIN, Belleville & William THOMPSON, Sophiasburgh. 2 Oct,1873, Sophiasburgh.
11352-73 Hugh McBURNEY, 21, cabinet maker, Ontario, Picton, s/o Hugh & Charlotte, married Sarah MOFFATT, 18, Ontario, Picton, d/o Joseph & Eliza, witn: George MASTIN & Mary MOFFATT both of Picton on Sept. 16, 1873 at the Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage Picton. 11383-73 David McCREADY, 27, merchant tailor, Ontario, Picton, s/o John & Eliza, married Frank (sic) SAWYER, 18, Ontario, Picton, d/o Rufus & Sabra SAWYER, witn: William McDONALD & Nancy M. McMULLEN both of Picton on Jan. 1, 1873 at Wesleyan Methodist Church Picton
11295-73 Robert McDONALD, 43, widower, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Daniel & Catherine, married Martha A. HARRIS, 23, Hallowell, same, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: John & Sarah J. HYATT of Hallowell, 4 Nov 1873 at Hallowell 11337-73 Francis McDONALD, 25, farmer, Hallowell, Hallowell Tp., s/o Charles & Rebecca, married Arlina THOMAS, 20, Hillier Tp., same, d/o Asa & Matilda, witn: Emily E. A. & Ada A. A. DINGMAN both of Wellington on Dec. 25, 1873 at Wellington.
11300-73 Thomas Gordon McGIBBON, 21, agriculturist, Athol, same, s/o Henry & Jane, married Mary KINNEY, 18, North Marysburgh, Athol, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Emerson BURLEY & Mrs RYAN of Milford on July ?, 1873 at Milford. 11315-73 George McGINNIS, 30, widower, farmer, Demorestville, same, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Emily MOON, 21, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o John & Susanna, witn: John & Amelia HILL of Demorestville, 13 Sept 1873 at Demorestville
11360-73 Hiram McGONEGAL, 31, telegraph inspector, USA, New York City, s/o Abraham & Martha, married Mary Temperance SIMONDS, 25, USA, Watertown New York, d/o Solen Cyrus & Martha, witn: John A. RAWDON & Martha WRIGHT both of Picton on Dec. 24, 1873 at Picton 11390-73 Philip McKIBBON, 24, merchant, Ontario, Wingham, s/o John & Margaret, married Elizabeth H, N. CARTER, 23, Ontario, Picton, d/o John & Ann, witn: Robert H. McKIBBON of Athol & Hortense MILLER of Picton on March 17, 1873 at Wesleyan Parsonage Picton
11287-73 J. McMECHAN, 44, minister, widower, Ireland, Picton, s/o Archibald McMECHAN & Mary NELSON, married Amelia CLARK, 35, Bloomfield, same, d/o Philip CLARK & Ella FARLEY, witn: Rev. James CLELAND of Ogdensburg & Martha HOLDEN of Belleville on Sept. 17, 1873 at Bloomfield 11285-73 Richard MILLS, 24, laborer, Prince Edward Co., Belleville, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Martha A. BRANSCOMBE, 19, Hallowell, same, d/o William & Matilda, witn: William BRANSCOMBE of Hallowell & George MILLS of Bloomfield on Sept. 6, 1873 at Hallowell.
11349-73 Duncan MITCHELL, 25, cloth finisher, Williamstown Glengarry Tp., Bloomfield, s/o John & Janet, married Clarinda LUCAS, 24, Napanee, Bloomfield, d/o Miles & Olive, witn: Augusta & Mary McMULLEN both of Picton on July 23, 1873 at residence of the officiating Minister in Picton 11292-73 Lafayette MORRISON, 26, Grand Trunk employee, Brighton, same, s/o Gilbert H. HARRIS (sic) & Elenor T. HARRIS, married Hester TURNER, 23, Bloomfield, same, d/o John & Rachel, witn: W. E. & Eliza A. JICKELS of Bloomfield, 30 Sept 1873 at Bloomfield
11332-73 Alexander MORTON, 36, farmer, Belleville, Huntingdon, s/o William & Mary, married Elizabeth MORTON, 23, Pittsburgh Frontenac Co., Hillier, d/o George & Isabella, witn: David MORTON of Hillier & Sarah Jane MORTON of Huntingdon on Sept. 23, 1873 at Hillier. 11358-73 James Cotter MUNROE, 24, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Martha Ann BISHOP, 26, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o James & Rebecca, witn: Daniel Y. & Mary McMULLEN both of Picton on Oct. 8, 1873 at residence of the clergyman at Picton.
11293-73 Samuel NEWMAN, 21, yeoman, Ontario, Hallowell, s/o George & Sarah, married Mary Jane BOVAY, 18, Ontario, Hallowell, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Marshall W. BOVAY of Ameliasburg & Alice L. McGUINNESS of Sophiasburgh, 11 Oct. 1873 at Hallowell 11283-73 Allen NOXON M.D., 34, physician, widower, Bloomfield, Almont, s/o Samuel & Rhoda, married Maria Victoria WILSON, 29, widow, Hallowell, Bloomfield, d/o William & Julia A. FRALIEGH, witn: Merrett & Mary BARKER both of Bloomfield on Aug. 11, 1873 at Bloomfield
11348-73 Robert ORR, 24, bartender, Kingston Tp., Napanee, s/o Daniel & Eleanor, married Rose Ann KELLEY, 19, Kingston Tp., Picton, d/o Benjamin & Eliza, witn: Napoleon DEMARCHES & Christina DIXON no residences given on July 9, 1873 at St. Victoria Hotel in Picton. 11403-73 Randolph B. ORSER, 21, yeoman, Ontario, Ameliasburgh, s/o Henry & Asenath, married Mary BONTER, 20, Ontario, Ameliasburgh, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: John H. PARLIAMENT & Etta HUMPHREY of Ameliasburgh at May 28, 1873 at Blanchard’s Hotel Picton
11338-73 Alvie PARRENT (Parent?), 21, laborer, Quebec City, Trenton, s/o Bolinas & Rosallie, married Louisa ANDERSON, 18, Hillier, Trenton, d/o Paul & Hannah, witn: Ada A. DINGMAN & Susan BOWERMAN no residences given on July 1, 1873 at Wellington.  
11402-73 John PATTERSON, 21, builder, Ontario, North Marysburgh s/o Charles & Catherine L., married Almeda PETER, 16, Ontario, North Marysburgh, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: Mary A. & William H. Pope CLEMENT both of Picton on May 26, 1873 Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage Picton. 11400-73 Samuel R. PAYNE, 26, farmer, Hastings Co., Hallowell, s/o David & Eleanor, married Caroline E. MILLER, 23, Athol, same, d/o Edward & Ellen, witn: Archibald McMECHAN of Picton on April 10, 1873 at The Manse in Picton.
11286-73 Firman) PEARSALL, 24, yeoman, Hallowell, same, s/o Oliver & Lucretia, married Elizabeth ECKERT, 24, Hallowell, same, d/o William & Nancy, witn: Sarah & Sarah Melissa PEARSALL both of Hallowell on Sept. 22, 1873 at Hallowell #008389-74 (Price Edward Co): Samuel PHILIPS, 62, widower, minister, England, Prince Albert Ont., s/o Nicholas & Catharine, married Phila A. CLAPP, 50, widow, Hillier, same, d/o Joseph & Lydia GARRATT, witneses were Joseph PETINGALL and Susan GERMAN, Nov 11, 1873 at Hillier (also 11335-73)
11344-73 John B. PLATT, 32, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Henry & Emily, married Miriam MILLS, 26, Hallowell, same, d/o Alfred & Eliza, witn: Hiram TUBBS & S Lewis MASTIN, both of Hallowell on July 23, 1873 at the ‘Railroad House’ in Picton 008336-74 Charles Wesley POST, 23, yeoman, Thurlow, same, s/o Peter & Amelia, married Ann Eliza POST, 20, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Abraham & Catharine, witn: B. POST & Sarah VANCOTT both of Ameliasburgh on Dec. 9, 1873 at Ameliasburgh
  11388-73 John H. PRINGLE, not given, farmer, widower, Prince Edw. Co., North Marysburgh, s/o no parents names given, married Almira SHEPPARD, not given, Prince Edw. Co., North Marysburgh, d/o no parents names given, witn: E. M. STORMS of Marysburgh & Thomas WALMSLEY of Picton on Nov. 19, 1872 at Picton
11364-73 Hugh REID, 28, carpenter, Monegreagh Ireland, Athol, s/o Thomas & Nancy, married Alzina WALKER, 17, Athol, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Eliza & William J. REID both of Athol on June 17, 1873 at the Manse Picton 11404-73 Sylvanus ROGERS, 17, yeoman, Ontario, Madoc, s/o Thomas & Emeline, married Phebe Elizabeth WOOLMAN, 19, Ontario, Marmora, d/o Philip & Susan, witn: Elizabeth LOW of Ameliasburgh & Margaret LAMBERT of Hallowell on June 14, 1873 at Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage Picton
11342-73 James Hunter RORKE, 23, yeoman, Ontario, Picton, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Margaret FRAIR, 21, Ontario, Picton, d/o Isaac & Sophia, witn: James PHILLIPS & William H. P. CLEMENT both of Picton on July 12, l873 at Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage at Picton.

11356-73 William D. RUTTAN, 24, merchant, Ontario, Sophiasburgh, s/o David W. & Nancy, married Phoebe E. NORMAN, 22, Ontario, Picton, d/o Robert A. & Phoebe E., witn: Byron M. CANNIFF of Belleville & Annie E. NORMAN of Picton on Oct. 16, 1873 at residence of the bride’s parents Picton

11347-73 John Henry RUTTAN, 31, Wesleyan Minister, Picton, Shannonville, s/o Jacob & Ann C., married Ellen Maria BEDDOME, 20, England, Marmora, d/o Benjamin & Sarah, witn: Rev. James HENDERSON of Shannonville & Rev. A. B. HARNES of Demorestville on July 30, 1873 at Wesleyan Methodist Church in Picton 11301-73 Thomas Dixon RUTTAN, 22, agriculturist, Northport, same, s/o David & Nancy, married Martha Ann DEWITTY, 20, South Marysburgh, same, d/o John & Mary, witn; Stanley DAVIS of Northport, & Sarah DEWITTY of South Marysburgh on July 14, 1873 at Milford
11345-73 George Louis ST. PETER, 19, laborer, Ontario, North Marysburgh, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Charlotte PATTERSON, 18, Ontario, North Marysburgh, d/o Charles & Catherine, witn: William P. CLEMENT of Picton & Louisa MARTIN of Belleville on July 22, 1873 at the Wesleyan Parsonage in Picton. 11424-73 Adam J. SAUNDERS, 40, yeoman, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Isaac & Phoebe, married Sarah Jane JONES, 27, widow, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o George & Phoebe CUNNINGHAM, witn: John & Henry CUNNINGHAM both of Ameliasburgh on Nov. 23, 1871 at the residence of George Cunningham at 1st Concession Ameliasburgh
11297-73 William SEARS, 21, Hungerford Hastings Co., same, s/o Henry & Mary, married Deborah J. HINEMAN, 20, South Marysburgh, same, d/o James & Lucinda, witn: Sophia G. STRATTON of Milford on July 13, 1873 at Milford 11365-73 George Albert SIMPSON, 30, grain merchant, Hallowell, Belleville, s/o Benjamin & Huldah, married Emma ROSS, 21, Picton, same, d/o Walter & Eliza, witn: John CROZIER of Belleville & Flora ROSS of Picton on June 18, 1873 at the residence of the bride’s father in Picton
11421-73 Cornelius G. SMITH, 21, yeoman, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Isaac & Lorain, married Clarinda A. PARLIAMENT, 20, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o John & Martha, witn: Sheldon BENSON & Mary PARLIAMENT both of Ameliasburgh on Oct. 12, 1873 at Ameliasburgh. 11370-73 George SMITH, 21, Ontario, North Marysburgh, s/o William & Sarah Ann, married Sarah BONGARD, 19, Ontario, North Marysburgh, d/o Conrad & Sarah, witn: Frederick HARRISON of North Marysburgh & Annie CLEMENT of Picton on Dec. 31, 1873 at Picton
11303-73 William Ivan SMITH, 24, yeoman, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Dorland & Nancy, married Mary Elizabeth LOVE, 18, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Thomas & Phoebe Ann, witn: William Thomas HICKS & Cecilia COLE both of Milford on Nov. 6, 1873 at Milford 11353-73 John M. SPAFFORD, 33, merchant, Ontario, Picton, s/o David & Hannah, married Leandra COFFEE, 31, widow, Ontario, Picton, d/o John & Lydia MILLER, witn: Samuel R. WILSON & Martha J. ENGLISH both of Picton on Sept. 22, 1873 at Wesleyan Methodist Church Picton
11331-73 Thomas Franklin SPENCER, 28, saddler & harness maker, England, Consecon, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Jane LONT (Lout?), 22, Hillier, same, d/o Lewis & Mary, witn: M. E. HEWITT of Consecon & Mary CLARK of Hillier, 18 June 1873 at Hillier 11299-73 David William STUFFLES, 22, agriculturist, South Marysburgh, Hallowell, s/o James & Hannah, married May Jane FLAKES, 18, Bath, North Marysburgh, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: H. BRADEN M.D. & Stewart WILSON no residences given on May 3, 1873 at South Marysburgh.
11406-73 Robert TEEL, 19, yeoman, Murray Tp., Northumberland Co., same, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Rachel W. HAGGARD, 20, Murray, same, d/o Josiah HAGGARD & mother’s name unknown (sic), witn: Cabela JOHNSTONE & Sarah YOUNG both of Hillier on Feb. 11, 1873 at Ameliasburgh 11413-73 John TICE, 22, yeoman, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Henry & Olive, married Anna E. GIBSON, 20, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o David & Catharine, witn: Charles HOWE & Christopher WANNAMAKER both of Ameliasburgh on Jan. 1, 1873 at Ameliasburgh.
11334-73 Richard TRUMPOUR, 24, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Hannah HOWARD, 20, Percy, Hillier, d/o Gideon & Deborah, witn: N. C. & Nancy O. FLYNN both of Consecon on Oct. 6, 1873 at Consecon. 008331-74 John TWEED, 22, carpenter, Quebec, Brighton, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Eliza CUNNINGHAM, 20, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o George & Phoebe, witn: David WHELMOUTH of Belleville & John CUNNINGHAM of Ameliasburgh on Oct. 16, 1873 at Ameliasburgh
11324-73 Willard VANBLARICUM, 25, farmer, Murray Tp., Sophiasburgh, s/o Abram & Sibbel, married Nancy A. WOOD, 26, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Peter & Mary Ann, witn: David VANBLARICUM & Manly M. WOOD both of Sophiasburgh on June 4, 1873 at Sophiasburgh 11321-73 Isaac Burnham VANMEAR, 27, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Simon & Susan, married Cecilia EATON, 16, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o William & Sally Samantha, witn: Richard EASON (sic) & Sarah CLARKE both of Demorestville on Feb. 1, 1873 at Demorestville
  11369-73 Eliphalet WALTERS, 26, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Moses & Julia, married Mary Eliza WHITE, 21, Hallowell, same, d/o Alfred & Lydia, witn: Amelia McMECHAN & Sophia McGILLIVRAY both of Picton on Dec. 16, 1873 at The Manse Picton.
008309-74 Thomas H. WARRINGTON, 20, telephone operator, Marysburgh, S. Marysburgh, s/o William & Margaret, married Mary Adelaide BONGARD, 18, Marysburgh, N. Marysburgh, d/o Tyler & Susan, witn: Amelia MacMECHAN & Sophia McGILLIVRAY both of Picton on Dec. 24, 1873 at The Manse at Picton. 11329-73 William W. WATSON, 29, baker & confectioner, Belleville, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Woella WOODLEY, 28, widow, Big Island Sophiasburgh, Belleville, d/o William & Nancy THOMPSON, witn: Charles MARTIN of Belleville & Nancy THOMPSON of Big Island on Jan. 15, 1873 at residence of the bride's father at Big Island.
11416-73 Robert WELSH, 23, yeoman, Brockville, Ameliasburgh, s/o Robert & Mary, married Jane DODD, 16, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o John & Catharine, witn: Sarah WELSH & John PARLIAMENT both of Ameliasburgh on Feb. 5, 1873 at Ameliasburgh. 11366-73 Samuel Henry WELSH, 25, brick layer, Picton, same s/o Robert & Elizabeth married Alvida DYER, 17, Hallowell, Picton, d/o Barrett & Mary Ann, witn: William THOMAS & Minetta WELSH no residences given on Sept. 13, 1873 at The Manse Picton.
11394-73 David L. WILLIAMS, 21, farmer, Marysburgh, Hallowell, s/o George & Celia, married Ellen Jane NOBLE, 18, Picton, same, d/o Alexander & Ellen, witn: Andrew GIBSON & Marion NOBLE both of Picton on Jan. 27, 1873 at The Manse Picton. 11396-73 Ezra WILLIAMS, 22, farmer, Marysburgh, North Marysburgh, s/o William & Rebecca, married Mary Jane HARRISON, 17, Marysburgh, North Marysburgh, d/o John & Millicent, witn: Charity WILLIAMS & Archibald HARRISON both of North Marysburgh on March 5, 1873 at The Manse Picton
11341-73 David WILLIAMS, 21, farmer, Athol, same, s/o Charles & Deborah, married Mary Jane SEARS, 22, Hungerford, same, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: John WILLIAMS of Athol on Feb. 16, 1873 at Athol

11392-73 John WRIGHT, 29, farmer, Picton, same, s/o John D. & Martha, married Mary Jane LOGAN, 20, Picton, same, d/o Andrew & Jane, witn: A. M. & G. J. McMECHAN both of Picton on Jan. 7, 1873 at The Manse Picton.

11310-73 John WYLIE, 46, farmer, widower, Scotland, North Marysburgh, s/o Peter & Margaret, married Sophia WRIGHT, 40, widow, Marysburgh, North Marysburgh, d/o Joseph & Mary [no surname given], witn: William & M. PLEWS no residence given on Jan 1, 1873 at South Marysburgh