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Prescott & Russell Co., 1873


011456-73 (Prescott & Russell Co) Maxine AMIOTTE, 21, Farmer, St. Augustin, Clarence, s/o Benjamin AMIOTTE & Domathilde BOUCHARD; married Pamela YEUDON (Yendon?, 19, St. Marthe, Clarence, d/o Nicholas YEUDON & Elmire DIOTTE; witn Nicholas YEUDON & Benjamin AMIOTTE. both Clarence Creek, 12 May 1873, Clarence Creek

011441-73 Odile AMIOTTE, 26, Farmer, St. Augustine, Clarence, s/o Benjamin AMIOTTE & Domathilde BOUCHARD; married Delina PILON, 18, Thurso, Clarence, d/o Joseph PILON & Marceline YOU; wit Benjamin AMIOTTE, Clarence & Xavier PILON, North Plantagenet, 7 Jul 1873, Clarence Creek

11437-73 Alexander ANDERSON, 45, yeoman, Scotland, Clarence, s/o George & Ann, married Mary Ann ROE, 36, Clarence, same, d/o George B. ROE & Mary Ann AGER, witn: James N. EDWARDS & John ROE, both farmers of Clarence, 12 Dec 1873 at res of John Roe, Clarence

011445-73 (Prescott & Russell Co) Ferdinand AUBERTIN, 32, Farmer, Varennes, South Plantagenet, s/o Pierre AUBERTIN & Joseph LACOSTE; married Delima LEFEBVRE, 30, St. Martin, Clarence, d/o Joseph LEFEBVRE & Felicite GAGNE; wit Antoine KENNVILLE, Plantagenet & Toussaint LEFEBVRE, Clarence, 9 Aug 1873, Clarence Creek

11487-73 Xavier BAUDOIN (Beaudoin?), 31, farmer, St. Lin, Russell, s/o Richard & Josephine, married Olive HERBERT, 24, St. John Chrysostom, Russell, d/o Olivier & Olive, witn: Joseph DUFORD & Narcisse LEMEUX, both of Russell, 22 Sept 1873 at Russell

011462-73 Ferdinand BENOIT, 19, Farmer, St. Benoit, Cambridge, s/o Peter BENOIT (late) & Sophia CHARBONNEAU; married Zoe BRUNET, 19, St. Scholastique, Cambridge, d/o Louis BRUNET & Henriette DEMERS; wit Moise BRUNET, Cambridge, France CHAMPAGNE, Finch & Jules BRANCHAUD, Cambridge, 30 Jun 1873, Russell

  11495-73 Arthur BISSON, 20, farmer, St. Remi, Russell, s/o Joseph & Florence, married Salome DIGNARD, 26, St. Martine, Russell, d/o Augustus & Olive, witn: Stanislas DIGNARD of Russell & Cyprian TAGAN?, 9 June 1873 at Russell
11479-73 Everiste BISSONETTE, 28, farmer, St. Polycarp, Alfred, s/o Peter BISSONETTE & Josephte DAOUST, married Meletine BRISBOIS, 23, Alfred, same, d/o Hubert BRISBOIS & Eugene St.JEAN, witn: Peter BISSONETTE & Julian BRISBOIS, both of Alfred, 27 Jan 1873 at Alfred 11490-73 David BOYER, 22, farmer, Beauharnois, Russell, s/o John Baptiste & Flennas?, married Mary VINCENT, 20, St. Martine, Russell, d/o Xavier & Olive, witn: Onizime BOYER & Xavier VINCENT, both of Russell, 17 Feb 1873 at Russell
11435-73 Jean Bte. BRAZEAU, 27, farmer, St. Hermas, Clarence, s/o Pierre BRAZEAU & Josephte LEROUX, married Alphonsine TOUCHETTE, 18, St. Augustin, Clarence, d/o Felix TOUCHETTE & Louise DESJARDIN, witn: Damase BRAZEAU & Felix TOUCHETTE, both farmers of Clarence, 21 Oct. 1873 at Ste. Felicite Church, Clarence Creek

011455-73 Fabien BRUNET, 20, Farmer, St. Scholastique, Clarence, s/o Jean Bte BRUNET & Delphine LABELLE; married Delphine LALONDE, 21, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Paul LALONDE & Delphine POUDRETTE; wit Paul LALONDE & Jean Bte BRUNET, both Clarence, 9 May 1873, Clarence Creek

011443-73 Adolphe BUSSIERE, 32, Farmer, Wid, Chateauguay, Clarence, s/o Jean Bte BUSSIERE & Sophie FANCHER; married Hermeline SCHENOPPE, 18, St. Martin, Clarence, d/o Pierre SCHENOPPE & Vitaline SIMON; witn Pierre SCHENOPPE & Jean Bte. BUSSIERE, both Clarence, 13 Jul 1873, Clarence Creek 11569-73 Nelson BURWASH, 22, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Nelson BURWASH & Margaret ALLBRIGHT, married Mary Jane STEELE, 20, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o James STEELE & Elizabeth ORTON, witn: Henry ALLBRIGHT & Annie STEELE, both of E. Hawkesbury, 19 June 1873 at East Hawkesbury
11561-73 Joseph CADIEUX, 23, yeoman, St. Eugene, same, s/o Joseph CADIEUX & Celiste SAUVE, married Adeline DUPUISE (Dupuis?), 19, Rigaud, St. Eugene, d/o Alexander DUPUISE & Rachel SEGUIN, witn: Honore LAROCQUE & Joseph CADIEUX, both of E. Hawkesbury, 19 Oct. 1873 at St. Eugene

011467-73 Xavier CADIEUX, 24, Farmer, L’Orignal, Alfred, s/o Francois CADIEUX & Eloise ROULEAU; married Zepherine LANGLOIS, 18, Alfred, Alfred, d/o Michael LANGLOIS & Felicite LAJEA; wit Michael LANGLOIS & Francois CADIEUX, both Alfred, 11 Aug 1873, Alfred

  11535-73 James A. CAMERON, 25, book keeper, Lochiel, Alexandria, s/o George CAMERON & Frances BALDWIN, married Hannah McDOUGAL, 19, Alexandria, same, d/o Lauchlan McDOUGAL & Flora GRANT, witn: Archibald McGILLIVRAY of Alexandria & Mrs. GRANT of Van Kleek Hill, 19 Feb 1873 at Van Kleek Hill
11552-73 John A. CAMPBELL, 44, widower, farmer, PEI, East Hawkesbury, s/o Alex CAMPBELL & Catherine McLAURIN, married Ann McGILL, 21, Canada, East Hawkesbury, d/o John McGILL & Mary GLASS, witn: D. McINTOSH & D. McCALLUM, both of E. Hawkesbury, 14 April 1873 at East Hawkesbury 11531-73 Duncan CAMPBELL, 33, farmer, Inverness Scotland, Kenyon, s/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Ann McLEOD, married Ann McPHEE, 23, Inverness Scotland, Caledonia, d/o John McPHEE & Mary McDONALD, witn: Malcolm McLEOD & Finlay GRAY, both of Kenyon, 1 Sept 1873 at Van Kleek Hill
8534-74 John CARSCADDEN, 24, merchant, Russell twp., Duncansville, s/o Arthur & Ann, married Susanna MORROW, 25, Ireland, Russell, d/o Andrew & Elizabeth, witn: Andrew CARSCADDEN & Margaret MORROW, both of Russell, 18 Dec 1873 at Bear Brook 11555-73 Basile CLAIRMONT, 28, widower, yeoman, Rigaud, East Hawkesbury, s/o Andre CLAIRMONT & Esther PROUL, married Olympe SEGUIN, 23, widow, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Antoine SEGUIN & Adeline QUESNEL, witn: Antoine & Alphonsine QUESNEL of E. Hawkesbury, 9 Sept 1873 at St. Eugene
11540-73 James CLARK, 25, farmer, Longeuil, same, s/o Justin CLARK & Elizabeth DUNNING, married Mary J. CHENEY, 21, East Hawkesbury, West Hawkesbury, d/o Nelson CHENEY & Emily McNALLY, witn: Thomas DICK of Longeuil & Hannah CHENEY of West Hawkesbury, 12 May 1873 at West Hawkesbury 11544-73 William COOK, 31, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Isaac & Ellen, married Margaret Jane HUGHES, 36, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Humphrey HUGHES & Margaret, witn: Reuben & Melissa HUGHES of N. Plantagenet, 19 June 1873 at Hawkesbury village
11505-73 John COURTNEY, 28, scribe, Belleville, North Plantagenet, s/o William & Hester, married Annie Maria EASTMAN, 25, Van Kleek Hill, North Plantagenet, d/o Robert & Adeline, witn: William EASTMAN of N. Plantagenet & Bella STERLING of Van Kleek Hill, 2 Sept 1873 at Plantagenet Mills  
11496-73 Henry COUSINEAU, 28, widower, laborer, Lachine, Russell, s/o John Baptiste & Margaret, married Mary LEFEBVRE, 26, St. Martine, Russell, d/o Peter LEFEBVRE & Angelique DUQUET (Duguet?), witn: Pierre HEBERT & John Baptiste LEFEBVRE, both of Russell, 16 June 1873 at Russell 11478-73 Israel COUSINEAU, 20, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Isadore COUSINEAU & Eugene LABROSSE, married Emma VALIN, 17, Montreal, Alfred, d/o Olivier VALIN & Louse ROBERT, witn: Michael VALIN & Joseph COUSINEAU, both of Alfred, 20 Oct. 1873 at Alfred

011452-73 (Prescott & Russell Co) Edward DAOUST, 28, Farmer, Beauharnois, Clarence, s/o Francois DAOUST & Angelique LEFEBVRE; married Leocadie SAUVE, 18, Beauharnois, Clarence, d/o Felix SAUVE & Henriette DESLILE; wit Francois DAOUST & Felix SAUVE, both Clarence, 13 Jan 1873, Clarence Creek

011470-73 Jean Baptiste DAOUST, 22, Farmer, St. Angelique, Alfred, s/o Jean Baptiste DAOUST & Angelique LAPORTE; married Delina SEGUIN, 21, Alfred, Alfred, d/o William SEGUIN & Rose LAJEA; wit William SEGUIN & Jean B. DAOUST, both Alfred, 1 Sept 1873, Alfred

  11532-73 John DASHNEY, 40, widower, farmer, Lochiel, East Hawkesbury, s/o Lewis DASHNEY & Margaret McDONALD, married Catherine CLARK, 37, Lochiel, same, d/o Duncan CLARK & Margaret McPHERSON, witn: Neil DASHNEY of Lochiel & William CLARK of Kenyon, 9 Sept 1873 at Van Kleek Hill

011451-73 (Prescott & Russell Co) Toussaint DENEAULT, 38, Farmer, St. Philippe, Clarence, d/o Toussaint DENEAULT & Josephte GIROUARD; married Melina PRIMEAUX, 23, St. Louis de Gouzaque, Clarence, d/o Antoine PRIMEAUX & Claire FOUBERT; wit Damase PILON & Cleophas BOILEAU, both Clarence, 7 Jan 1873, Clarence Creek

011446-73 (Prescott & Russell Co) George DESCHAMPS, 22, Farmer, United States, Clarence, s/o Jean Bte DESCHAMPS & May LAGOTHERIRE; married Adele MONTPETIT, 24, Beauharnois, Clarence, d/o Jean Bte. MONTPETIT & Catherine BASINET; wit Jean Bte MONTPETIT & Jean Bte DESCHAMPS, both Clarence, 10 Aug 1873, Clarence Creek

011463-73 John DOWNING, 28, Merchant, Caledonia Flats, Fournier, s/o Richard Dodge or Lodge & Maria DOWNING; married Ellen Hannah BRADLEY, 20, Caledonia, Caledonia, d/o William & Ellen BRADLEY; wit D.A. BARRETT & Hannah DOWNING, both Caledonia, 22 Jul 1873, Caledonia

11509-73 John DUGGAN, 24, lumberer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Catherine (sic) DUGGAN & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Harriet HILL, 20, Alfred, same, d/o John HILL & Margaret BURTIE, witn: John HILL of Alfred & Mary SCOTT of Plantagenet, 24 June 1873 at North Plantagenet
11431-73 Albert DUNNING, 24, merchant's clerk, Canada, Cumberland, s/o William White & Georgiana DUNNING, married Arminella Elizabeth KENAN, 21, Canada, Cumberland, d/o William James & Mary, witn: William Walter DUNNING & Carrie KENAN, both of Cumberland, 23 Sept 1873 at Cumberland 11551-73 Alexandre DUPUIS, 24, laborer, Rigaud, St. Eugene, s/o Alexandre DUPUIS & Rachel SEGUIN, married Clephire VILLENEUVE, 19, Rigaud, East Hawkesbury, d/o Xavier VILLENEUVE & Rachel RANGER, witn: Joseph VILLENEUVE & Odile DUPUIS, both of E. Hawkesbury, 24 Nov 1873 at St. Eugene
11506-73 John C. EASTMAN, 26, lumberer & farmer, Alfred twp., same, s/o John EASTMAN & Bridget GARLAND, married Jennet McKERCHER, 19, Alfred twp., same, d/o Peter McKERCHER & Margaret DICKSON, witn: Duncan McKERCHER of Alfred & M. SCOTT of Plantagenet, 25 Aug 1873 at North Plantagenet 11450-73 (Prescott & Russell Co) James S. EDWARDS, 37, widower, yeoman, Clarence, same, s/o John S. EDWARDS & Ellen LAMB, married Margaret JOHNSON, 32, South Plantaganet, Clarence, d/o Archibald JOHNSON & Margaret GORDON, witn: John EDWARDS & Margaret MATTHEWS both of Clarence, 25 Aug 1872 at the house of Archibald JOHNSON of Clarence
11548-73 William FERGUSON, 42, widower, general agent, Scotland, Van Kleek Hill, s/o William FERGUSON & Jane McCANDLISH, married Isabella RAMSAY, 39, Longueil, same, d/o John RAMSAY & Jane MITCHELL, witn: James McLAURIN of Van Kleek Hill & Kate FRASER of Hawkesbury, 8 May 1873 at Hawkesbury village 11507-73 Timothy Neil FLYNN, 22, farmer, L'Orignal, North Plantagenet, s/o Charles & Cynthia, married Melissa Mina HUGHES, 21, North Plantagenet, same, d/o James & Hulda, witn: Roland & Reuben HUGHES of N. Plantagenet, 15 Oct. 1873 at Plantagenet

011447-73 Ferdinand GROULX, 21, Farmer, St. Scholastique, Clarence, s/o Toussaint GROULX & Domithilde SABLIERE; married Estracile SABLIERE, 20, St. Andre, Clarence, d/o Pierre SABLIERE & Anastasie ROCHON; wit Toussaint GROULX & Charles LAMOUREUX, both Clarence, 17 Aug 1873, Clarence Creek

011458-73 Louis GAGNE, 27, farmer, St. Martin, Clarence, s/o Vital GAGNE & Catherine PRIMEAUX; married Axilda LABROSSE, 18, St. Hermas, Clarence, d/o Leon LABROSSE & Sophia MONTREUIL; wit Leon LABROSSE & Paul GAGNE, both Clarence, 8 Jun 1873, Clarence Creek

11489-73 Philbert GAGNON, 28, cooper, Osgoode, Finch, s/o Francis & Mary Louise, married Rosalie BRISSON, 17, Russell, same, d/o Joseph & Eloize, witn: Joseph CLEMENT & Israih? DIGNARD, both of Russell, 17 Feb 1873 at Russell 11553-73 Joseph GALINEAU, 24, blacksmith, Rigaud, East Hawkesbury, s/o Pierre GALINEAU & Caroline SCHNIEDER, married Alzire LAFLAMME, 18, St. Eugene, same, d/o Simon LAFLAMME & Martine St.DINES (St.Denis?), witn: Victor GELINEAU (sic) of Rigaud & Delime LAFLAMME of St. Eugene, 22 July 1873 at St. Eugene
11476-73 Joseph GANGNON (Gaugnon?), 21, carpenter, Alfred, same, s/o Charles GANGNON & Anastasie RANIER?, married Philomene REGINBAL, 23, Rigaud, Alfred, d/o Benjamin REGINBAL & Rose BROZOS, witn: Procul REGINBAL & Charles GANGNON, both of Alfred, 19 Oct. 1873 at Alfred

011464-73 Chauncey GATES, 49, Farmer, L’Orignal, Caledonia, s/o James & Mary GATES; married Hannah NICHOLSON, 28, Caledonia, Caledonia, d/o George & Betsy NICHOLSON; wit Albert GATES & Sarah NICHOLSON, both Caledonia, 2 Oct 1873, Caledonia

11567-13 Emeric GIROUND, 19, carriage maker, St. Benoit, East Hawkesbury, s/o Emeric GIROUND & Pracille LEGAULT, married Philomene CUVIER (Crevier?), 27, Vaudreuil, East Hawkesbury, d/o Francois CUVIER & Marguerite SELERS? (Lele--?), witn: Xavier CUVIER of St. Eugene & Exaviste GIROU of St. Benoit, 26 May 1873 at St. Eugene 11433-73 Joseph GIROUX, 22, carpenter, Lochaber, Clarence, s/o Henry GIROUX & Sophia LAVIOLETTE, married Marguerite MORIN, 21, Clarence, Cumberland, d/o Antoine MORIN & Melie LARIVIERE, witn: Henry GIROUX carpenter of Clarence & Antoine MORIN inn keeper of Cumberland, 15 Sept 1873 at Ste. Felicite Church, Clarence Creek
8533-74 John GORBY, 25, blacksmith, Renfrew Ont., Renfrew Co., s/o William & Allice, married Mary Ann MOFFATT, 28, Cumberland twp., same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: George W. WALSH & Eliza MOFFATT, both of Cumberland, 4 Dec 1873 at Bear Brook 8539-74 Allan GRAYSON, 32, lumberer, Hawkesbury Mills, Hawkesbury village, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Jennie CASSIDY, 23, widow, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Samuel & Cinanthia SIMPSON, witn: Robert SIMPSON & Isabella GRAHAM, both of W. Hawkesbury, 22 Dec 1873 at Hawkesbury village
11527-73 James HAY, 25, farmer, Lochiel, same, s/o William HAY & Harriet McPHERSON, married Isabella HAY, 24, Lochiel, same, d/o John HAY & Ann CAMERON, witn: John & Eve HAY of Lochiel, 5 June 1873 at West Hawkesbury 11546-73 John William HENDRY, 33, surveyor, Liverpool England, Hawkesbury, s/o James & Catherine, married Mary Ann GWYNNE, 18, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: David & Sarah Jane FICHTNER, 28 Oct. 1873 at Trinity Church, Hawkesbury
11549-73 Thomas HIGGINSON, 62, widower, gentleman, Co. Antrim Ireland, Hawkesbury village, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Lucy HAYES, 44, Hawkesbury village, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Calvin & William HAYES of Hawkesbury, 28 May 1873 at Hawkesbury village 11504-73 Stanley Haughton HOLT, 27, government employee, Quebec, same, s/o Charles A. & Esther, married Louisa Adelaide OUIMETTE, 22, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Charles & Christena, witn: James & Helen Maria VAN BRIDGER of Plantagenet, 9 July 1873 at Plantagenet
11538-73 James Henry HUGHS, 29, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o James HUGHS & Huldah ROBERTSON, married Mary Jane FLYNN, 18, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Charles FLYNN & Catherine FORREST, witn: Timothy FLYNN of N. Plantagenet & John FRASER of Caledonia, 26 March 1873 at Van Kleek Hill 11430-73 Antony JAMES, 24, farmer, Ireland, Cumberland, s/o not given, married Sarah Ann JAMES, 28, Canada, Cumberland, d/o George & Elizabeth Ann , witn: Thomas THORPE & Elizabeth JAMES, both of Cumberland, 6 Aug 1873 at Cumberland
11481-73 Daniel JOHNSON, 26, farmer, Gatineau River, same, s/o John & Mary, married Helena McCUSKER, 22, Alfred, same, d/o James McCUSKER & Catherine COLLIGAN, witn: Daniel McCUSKER & Charles GARON, both of Alfred, 16 Feb 1873 at Alfred 11528-73 William John JOYCE, 26, widower, contractor, Kingston, Ottawa, s/o Robert & Ann, married Rosa EVANS, 22, Quebec City, Van Kleek Hill, d/o John & Hannah, witn: John FRASER of Caledonia & Louisa CARTNER of Van Kleek Hill, 18 Aug 1873 at Van Kleek Hill
11560-73 Gidion LAFRANCE, 23, yeoman, St. Scholastique, Cambridge, s/o Odile LAFRANCE & Margaret THURET, married Antoinette CLAIRMONT, 19, St. Joseph, East Hawkesbury, d/o Michael CLARIMONT & Lucie HANTEUX, witn: Odile LAFRANCE of Cambridge & Olivier RICHER of E. Hawkesbury, 13 Oct. 1873 at St. Eugene

011457-73 (Prescott & Russell Co) Paul LALONDE, 26, Farmer, Cedars, Clarence, s/o Paul LALONDE & Delphine POUDRETTE; married Elantine SEGUIN, 20, Rigaud, Clarence, d/o Hyacinthe SEGUIN & Sophie SAUVE; wit Hyacinthe SEGUIN & Paul LALONDE, both Clarence, 25 May 1873, Clarence Creek

11482-73 Emeric LALONDE, 26, farmer, Vaudrieul, Alfred, s/o Jean Baptiste LALONDE & Julie RANGER, married Clephis CLEMENT, 19, Alfred, same, d/o Charles CLEMENT & Adeline DROUIN, witn: Charles CLEMENT & J. Bte. LALONDE, both of Alfred, 24 Feb 1873 at Alfred 11500-73 Augustus LALONDE, 23, merchant, Beauharnois, Russell, s/o Benjamin LALONDE & Felicite POIRIER, married Maria MOONEY, 22, Aylmer, Russell, d/o Denis MOONEY & Anna BRENNAN, witn: Stephen DESMARAIS & Joseph LALONDE & Luke DUCHARME, all of Russell, 30 Jan 1873 at Russell

011475-73 Harmisdas LALONDE, 22, Farmer, St. Placide, Alfred, s/o Isadore LALONDE & Domatilde LAROUX; married Eleanore CADIEUX, 13, L’Orignal, Alfred, d/o Francois CADIEUX & Eloise ROULEAU; wit Francois CADIEUX & Isadore LALONDE, both Alfred, 29 Sept 1873, Alfred

011468-73 Alphonse LAMARCH, 33, Blacksmith, St. Placide, Alfred, s/o Xavier LAMARCH & Catherine LABROSSE; married Marie CADIEUX, 19, L’Orignal, Alfred, d/o Francoise CADIEUX & Eloise ROULEAU; wit Francois CADIEUX & Xavier LAMARCH, both Alfred, 11 Aug 1873, Alfred
11488-73 Francis LAMOUREAUX, 21, farmer, Russell, same, s/o Francis & Angele, married Matilda PILON, 17, Clarence, Russell, d/o John Baptiste & Lucy, witn: Cyprian PAYAN & Leandry LAMOUREAUX, both of Russell, 13 Oct. 1873 at Russell 11483-73 Clement LANGLOIS, 23, farmer, Longeuil, Alfred, s/o Michael LANGLOIS & Felicite LAJEA, married Emma LABROSSE, 19, St. Placide, Alfred, d/o John Baptiste LABROSSE & Esther BERTHEAUME, witn: J. Bte. LABROSSE & Michael LANGLOIS, both of Alfred, 24 Feb 1873 at Alfred

011459-73 (Prescott & Russell Co) Magloire LAUNDRY, 24, Farmer, St. Scholastique, Clarence, s/o Magloire LAUNDRY & Dalphine VIAU; married Octave BUSSIERE, 25, Beauharnois, Clarence, d/o Jean Bte BUSSIERE & Sophia FANCHER; wit Felix VIAU, St. Angelique & Adolphe BUSSIERE, Clarence, 15 Jun 1873, Clarence Creek

11485-73 Amedie LAVOLETTE, 34, farmer, St. Polycarpe, Alfred, s/o Pierre LAVOLETTE & Sophia ROY, married Floavie CADIEUX, 19, Rigaud, Alfred, d/o Francois CADIEUX & Eloise ROULEAU, witn: Francois CADIEUX of Alfred & Clement LAVOLETTE of L'Orignal, 30 June 1873 at Alfred 11554-73 Baptiste LAWRIN, 27, shanty man, St. Polycarpe, Rigaud, s/o Baptiste LAWRIN & Tharcile RICHER, married Angelique PAUDRETTE, 33, widow, St. Scholastique, East Hawkesbury, d/o Basile PAUDRETTE & blank, witn: Benjamin & Aureche LERINGE of E. Hawkesbury, 4 Aug 1873 at St. Eugene
11568-73 Peter LEFEVRE, 29, yeoman, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Oliver LEFEVRE & Charlotte SARGEANT, married Catherine McCORMICK, 21, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Michael McCORMICK & Mary WALLACE, witn: Levi STEPHENS & Mary Ann? ALLISON, both of E. Hawkesbury, 17 June 1873 at St. Eugene 11497-73 Eliz LEGO, 21, farmer, St. Andrews, Russell, s/o Joseph & Eugenie, married Alphonsine LENTUARE, 19, St. Jerome, Russell, d/o Isidore & Esther, witn: John Baptiste LENTUARE & Gilbert LEGO, both of Russell, 7 July 1873 at Russell

011471-73 James LIVELY, 30, Farmer, Plantagenet, Plantagenet, s/o William LIVELY & Mary FOREST; married Suzanna McGUIRE, 23, South Plantagenet, Alfred, d/o Patrick & Catherine McGUIRE; wit David LIVELY & Helen McGUIRE, both Plantagenet, 6 Sept 1873, Alfred

11439-73 Dominatern? LONGTAIN, 20, farmer, Beauharnois, Clarence, s/o Francois LONGTAIN & Esther GERVAIS, married Elise ROY, 22, St. Timothe, Clarence, d/o Basile ROY & Melie SAUVE, witn: Telesphore LONGTAIN & Basile ROY, both farmers of Clarence, 30 June 1873 at Clarence Creek 11534-73 William LOUGH, 26, farmer, Van Kleek Hill, Petrolia, s/o William LOUGH & Mary HUGHS, married Christena McLAURIN, 24, Lochiel, same, d/o John McLAURIN & Christena McEWEN, witn: Archibald McLAURIN & Christena McKENZIE, both of Lochiel, 16 Jan 1873 at Van Kleek Hill

011453-73 Michael MADDEN, 26, Farmer, Clarence, Cumberland, s/o Dennis MADDEN & Mary CHAFFEY; married Mary RYAN, 20, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Michael RYAN & Mary RANKIN; wit John MAHONEY & Mary RYAN, both Clarence, 17 Feb 1873, Clarence Creek

011465-73 Francois MAINVILLE, 21, Farmer, Rigaud, Alfred, s/o Francois MAINVILLE & Hermine ST. JEAN; married Emilie LEFEBVRE, 22, St. Polycarpe, Alfred, d/o Hycinthe LEFEBVRE & Emelie RICHARD; wit Francois MAINVILLE & Hycinthe LAFEBVRE, both Alfred, 27 Oct 1873, Alfred


011454-73 Alphonse MAISSONNEUVE, 29, Farmer, Ste Augustine, Clarence, s/o Eugene MAISONNEUVE (sic) & Melie CHARBONNEAU; married Marie Louise MAISONNEUVE, 20, Ste Scholastique, Clarence, d/o Pierre MAISONNEUVE & Melie LALONDE; wit Jean Bte BENECHE? & Joseph BRISBEAU, both Clarence, 28 Apr 1873, Clarence Creek

11477-73 Isadore MALOUIN, 23, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Toussant MALOUIN & Therese PELON, married Emelia THIBAULT, 26, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Olivier THIBAULT & Emelia GIGNETTE, witn: Olivier THIBAULT & Isadore LEGAULT, both of N. Plantagenet, 19 Oct. 1873 at Alfred 11480-73 David MARTEL, 21, laborer, Montreal, Alfred, s/o David MARTEL & Virginie DELORME, married Delena BRILLAND, 22, St. Polycarp, Alfred, d/o Louis BRILLAND & Marie DEGUIRE, witn: Charles GAGNON & Andre CADIEUX, both of Alfred, 27 Jan 1873 at Alfred
11510-73 Joseph MARTIN, 27, agriculturist, Lower Canada, North Plantagenet, s/o Baptiste & Margaret, married Emily PORTELANCE, 18, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Charles & Justine, witn: Olivia SHEA of Clarence & Annie SMYTH of S. Plantagenet, 4 April 1873 at North Plantagenet 11562-73 Moise MAYER, 26, yeoman, Hamilton, Cambridge, s/o Moise MAYER & Louie MAINER, married Ade PROULX, 21, St. Benoit, East Hawkesbury, d/o Jean Baptiste PROULX & Zephine St.AMAND, witn: Jean Baptiste PROULX & Alexander LAROCQUE, both of E. Hawkesbury, 19 Oct. 1873 at St. Eugene
11533-73 Samuel McCANN, 24, farmer, Caledonia, West Hawkesbury, s/o Samuel McCANN & Christena McKELLICAN, married Maria NEWTON, 19, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o James NEWTON & Betsy MODE, witn: George NEWTON & Samuel McCANN, both of W. Hawkesbury, 14 Jan 1873 at West Hawkesbury 11522-73 James McCORMICK, 26, farmer, Hawkesbury, North Plantagenet, s/o Robert McCORMICK & Mary Ann SKEAD, married Frances M. ARANN (Avaun?), 18, Albany NY, North Plantagenet, d/o James W. ARANN & Caroline McDOLE, witn: Thomas WILEY of Glenburn & Hepzepha ARANN of N. Plantagenet, 8 April 1873 at North Plantagenet
11571-73 Daniel McCOY, 28, yeoman, Chatham Que., East Hawkesbury, s/o Henry McCOY & Mary FITZSIMMONS, married Jane McGILL, 19, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o John McGILL & Mary GLASS, witn: John MULLIN & Elizabeth McCOY, both of E. Hawkesbury, 8 July 1873 at St. Eugene 11547-73 Matthew McDOWALL, 35, farmer, Co. Antrim Ireland, Hawkesbury village, s/o Samuel McDOWALL & Jane KYLE, married Maria McLEOD, 35, widow, East Hawkesbury, Hawkesbury village, d/o Thomas BURWASH & Eliza GRANT, witn: Thomas DICK of Longueil & Robert McADAM of Hawkesbury village, 16 April 1873 at Hawkesbury village
#011523-73 (Prescott Co): Archiblad McGILLIVRAY, 28, rail road clerk, Lochiel, Alexandria, s/o Duncan McGILLIVRAY & Margaret M. CRAIG, maried Charlotte Ann CHISHOLM, 21, Kenyon, same, d/o Ronald CHISHOLM & Catherine McPHEE, witnesses were Alexander McLEOD & Jane A. CAMERON, both of Alexandria, Sept 18, 1873 at Van Kleek Hill 11529-73 John McLARTY, 38, farmer, St. Andrews, same, s/o Donald & Mary, married Sarah Susannah OGDEN, 29, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Joseph & Susannah, witn: George OGDEN & Elizabeth MOONEY, both of East Hawkesbury, 21 Aug 1873 at Van Kleek Hill
#011524-73 (Prescott Co): John McLEOD, 30, farmer, Caledonia, same, s/o John McLEOD & Mary McRAE (or Mary M. Rae), married Catherine NIXON, 20, Caledonia, same, d/o Robert NIXON & Catherine ANDERSON, witnesses were William McCASKILL & Donald William illegible, both of West Hawkesbury, Oct 1, 1873 at Van Kleek Hill 11541-73 Neil McRAE, 27, farmer, Harrington Que., same, s/o Murdock McRAE & Ann CAMPBELL, married Ann SHAW, 21, Harrington Que., L'Orignal, d/o John SHAW & Sarah McPHAIL, witn: Donald CAMPBELL & Elizabeth CAMERON, both of Harrington, 4 April 1873 at Van Kleek Hill

011460-73 Antoine MELOCHE, 21, Farmer, St. Scholastique, Clarence, s/o Antoine MELOCHE & Rosie BRISBOIS; married Emma SABOURIN, 22, St. Marthe, Clarence, d/o Pierre SABOURIN & Julie BEAULNE; wit Antoine MELOCHE & Pierre SABOURIN, both Clarence, 23 Jun 1873, Clarence Creek

011448-73 Napoleon MESNARD, 19, Farmer, Clarence, Clarence, s/o Moise MESNARD & Lucie LACOSSE; married Josephine GATIEU (Gatien?) 19, St. Scholastique, Clarence, d/o Leandre GATIEU & Zoe MACHABEE; wit Leandre GATIEU & Moise MESNARD, both Clarence, 25 Aug 1873, Clarence Creek

011466-73 Antonia MEUNIER, 27, Farmer, St. Polycarpe, Alfred, s/o Joseph MEUNIER & Adelaid JEAN LOUIS; married Eliza MAINVILLE, 18, Alfred, Alfred, d/o Francois MAINVILLE & Hermine ST. JEAN; wit Francois MAINVILLE & Joseph MEUNIER, both Alfred, 27 Oct 1873, Alfred

11498-73 Alexander MILLIARE, 27, farmer, St. Martin, Russell, s/o John MILLIARE & Louise GAGNON, married Hedinge GAGNON, 19, St. Levi, Cambridge, d/o Toussant GAGNON & Marguerite BAUDIN, witn: Maxime MILLIARE & Octave BLAIS, both of Russell, 13 Jan 1873 at Russell
11486-73 Louis MOISE, 22, farmer, Baie de Febrve?, Russell, s/o Francis & Adelaird, married Adelaird VINCENT, 28, St. Martine, Russell, d/o Xavier & Olive, witn: Telesphore MOISE & Cyprian TASAN, both of Russell, 26 Aug 1873 at Russell 11530-73 William A. MOONEY, 33, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Zebra Pamelia LEROY, 24, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o William LEROY & Abigail GRANT (Grout?), wit: George MOONEY of E. Hawkesbury & Christiana McNAUGHTON of Fort Coulonge Que., 4 Sept 1873 at Van Kleek Hill
11543-73 Samuel MOONEY, 25, farmer, East Hawkesbury, West Hawkesbury, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann HAYES, 19, East Hawkesbury, West Hawkesbury, d/o Francis & Jane, witn: George MOONEY & Sarah Ann HAYES, both of E. Hawkesbury, 22 July 1873 at Hawkesbury village 11526-73 William S. MOONEY, 30, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Samuel MOONEY & Mary LOCK, married Maria McNEE, 23, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o James McNEE & Olive POOLE, witn: John MODE & Margaret GRANT, both of Van Kleek Hill, 4 Nov 1873 at Van Kleek Hill
#011539-73 (Prescott & Russell): James MUIR, 22, farmer, Longueil (L'Orignal?), South. Plantagenet, s/o William MUIR & Elizabeth BEARD, married Ellen NICHOLSON, 17, S. Plantagenet, same, d/o Henry NICHOLSON & Mary HUNTER, witnesses were William STEPHENS and John MUIR, both of S. Plantangenet, May 6, 1873 at Van Kleek Hill 11544-73 David MULVEENA, 24, carpenter, Co. Antrim Ireland, Alpina Mich., s/o James & Margaret, married Martha Agnes MOONEY, 24, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o John & Martha, witn: Frank F. LEROY of Alpina Mich & M. A. MOONEY of E. Hawkesbury, 21 Aug 1873 at Hawkesbury village

011449-73 Robert NIXON, 23, Farmer, Hawkesbury, Caledonia, s/o Robert NIXON & Catherine ANDERSON; married Elizabeth ATKINSON, 19, Clarence, Hawkesbury, d/o Robert ATKINSON & Louisa HOWES; wit John ATKINSON, Hawkesbury & Susan ROSS, Caledonia, 2 Sept 1873, Clarence

11570-73 Charles ORTON, 30, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Samuel ORTON & Clara POOLE, married Rachel MEECH, 28, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Asa MEECH & Hannah LEROY, witn: Roswell STEPHENS & Mary CAMPBELL, both of E. Hawkesbury, 30 June 1873 at East Hawkesbury 11542-73 Levi ORTON, 30, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Samuel ORTON & Clarissa POOLE, married Catherine MURRAY, 24, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Adam MURRAY & Sarah MORROW, witn: Arthur WHITESIDE & C. J. WILSON, both of Van Kleek Hill, 3 Feb 1873 at Van Kleek Hill
  11557-73 Emeric PAQUETTE, 24, shanty man, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Francis PAQUETTE & Emirine LALONDE, married Agnes LAROQUE, 29, St. Marthe, East Hawkesbury, d/o Jean Hubert LAROCQUE & Marie PORTELANCE, witn: Norman GAULETTE of St. Justine & Flavin LAROCQUE of St. Marthe, 29 Sept 1873 at St. Eugene
11499-73 Eli PATNEAUDE, 28, farmer, St. Aubin, Russell, s/o Jacques PATNEAUDE & Elmine LADOUCEUR, married Octavie DIGNARD, 22, St. Aubin, Russell, d/o Antoine DIGNARD & Josette VARIN, witn: Leon PATNEAUDE & Joseph DIGNARD, both of Russell, 27 Jan 1873 at Russell 11491-73 Vital PAYAN, 23, slater, St. Stanislas, Russell, s/o Vital & Ranie, married Exilda BOILEAU, 19, St. Martine, Russell, d/o Vital & Lucie, witn: Olivier & Felix EMARD of Russell, 20 March 1873 at Russell
11564-73 Alphonse PILON, 30, yeoman, widower, Rigaud, East Hawkesbury, s/o Luc PILON & Antoinette SEGUIN, married Prescille St.DENNIS, 31, Rigaud, East Hawkesbury, d/o Xavier St.DENNIS & Josephte CHAVETTE, witn: Xavier St.DENNIS of E. Hawkesbury & Alexandre QUESNEL of Roxborough, 7 Jan 1873 at St. Eugene 11440-73 Joseph PILON, 27, farmer, North Plantagenet, Clarence, s/o not given, married Louise LATOUR, 19, Vaudreuil, Clarence, d/o Joseph LATOUR & Rose GOULET, witn: Jean Bte. LAFOUNTAINE & Joseph LATOUR, both farmers of Clarence, 7 July 1873 at Clarence Creek
11434-73 Jean Bte. POIRIER, 19, farmer, St. Polycarpe, Clarence, s/o F. Xavier POIRIER & Marguerite MARTIN, married Angelique SAUVE, 20, Vaudreuil, Clarence, d/o Pierre SAUVE & Marguerite PLOUFF, witn: Hercule HOULE & Henry SMITH, both of farmers of Clarence, 12 Oct. 1873 at Ste. Felicite Church, Clarence Creek 11493-73 Alphonse POITRAS, 19, teacher, Isidore Que. Russell, s/o Benjamin & Eloise, married Helene EMARD, 22, Beauharnois, Russell, d/o Vital & Olive, wit: Joseph BOURGEOIS & Narcisse BEAUDIN, both of Russell, 21 April 1873 at Russell

011474-73 Procul REGINBAL, 22, Farmer, Rigaud, Alfred, s/o Benjamin REGINBAL & Rose BRAZOS; married Marie GANGNON, 24, Rigaud, Alfred, d/o Charles GANGNON & Anastasia RANGER; wit Charles GANGNON & Benjamin REGINBAL, Alfred, 29 Sept 1873, Alfred

11538-73 Robert RENNICK, 30, farmer, West Hawkesbury, same, s/o Loderick RENNICK & Jane CROSS, married Mary M. BLAYNEY, 21, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o George BLAYNEY & Margaret HUNTER, witn: Thomas DICKS of Longeuil & Jonathan CROSS of Caledonia, 29 April 1873 at Van Kleek Hill
11565-73 Henry RITCHIE, 38, merchant, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o John RITCHIE & Maria DOCHSTADER, married Abigail LEROY, 27, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o William LEROY & Abigail GRANT?, witn: John RITCHIE & Pamila LEROY, both of E. Hawkesbury, 29 Jan. 1873 at East Hawkesbury 11566-73 John RITCHIE, 27, miner, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o John RITCHIE & Maria DOCHSTADER, married Cecilia BURWASH, 28, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Nelson BURWASH & Margaret ALLBRIGHT, witn: Nelson BURWASH & Nathaniel RITCHIE, both of E. Hawkesbury, 26 Feb 1873 at Van Kleek Hill

011444-73 Ferdinand ROCHON, 20, Farmer, St. Augustin, Clarence, s/o Moise ROCHON & Artemise BRUNET; married Philomene GUAY, 20, St. Scholastique, Clarence, d/o Jean Bet GUAY & Scholastique VERDON; wit Jean Bte GUAY & Marcel ROLLAND, both Clarence, 22 Jul 1873, Clarence Creek

11563-73 Alphons SARRISIN, 27 (21?), yeoman, St. Bridget, East Hawkesbury, s/o Charles SARRISIN & Elmire LEROULX, married Flora LAMARE, 23, St. Henrys, East Hawkesbury, d/o Isadore LAMARE & Harriet COUSINEAU, witn: Isadore LEMARE & Charles SARRISIN, both of E. Hawkesbury, 27 Oct. 1873 at St. Eugene
11559-73 Joseph SEGUIN, 22, yeoman, St. Andre, Ripon, s/o Louis Fredric SEGUIN & Emilie BERE, married Ellenor CADIEUX, 19, Rigaud, East Hawkesbury, d/o Joseph CADIEUX & Margaret St.DINES (s/b St.Denis?), witn: Basile CADIEUX of E. Hawkesbury & Louis SEGUIN of Ripon, 6 Oct. 1873 at St. Eugene 11556-73 Alphonse SEGUIN, 19, yeoman, Woodroy, Rigaud, s/o Amabel SEGUIN & Madeline MALETTE, married Cerinda RANGER, 19, Rigaud, East Hawkesbury, d/o Alexis RANGER & Malina SEGUIN, witn: Alexander SEGUIN & Auxilda RANGER, both of Rigaud, 15 Sept 1873 at St. Eugene
11484-73 Francois SERRE, 21, farmer, North Plantagenet, same, s/o Francis SERRE & Adele SEGUIN, married Marie Louisa ROULEAU, 16, Alfred, same, d/o John Baptiste ROULEAU & Angelique BRASSEUR, witn: J. Bte. ROULEAU of Alfred & Francois SERRE of N. Plantagenet, 26 May 1873 at Alfred

011469-73 Elie SIMARD, 18, Farmer, Alfred, Alfred, s/o Francois SIMARD & Adeline PAQUETTE; married Felicite SEGUIN, 22, Alfred, Alfred, d/o William SEGUIN & Rose LAJEA; wit William SEGUIN & Francois SIMARD, both Alfred, 1 Sept 1873, Alfred

11508-73 James SPRAGG, 21, laborer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o John & Rebecca, married Sarah Jane FRANKLIN, 20, South Plantagenet, same, d/o James & Julia, witn: John NICHOL & John FRANKLIN, both of S. Plantagenet, 20 Oct. 1873 at North Plantagenet 11503-73 John SPRAGG, 27, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o John & Rebecca, married Mary MASSEAU, 21, Lower Canada, South Plantagenet, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: John FRANKLIN of S. Plantagenet & Christa BROWNRICK of N. Plantagenet, 26 Dec 1873 at Riceville
  11492-73 David STAINES, 24, farmer, La Chute, Russell, s/o Hiram & Sarah Ann, married Jane LESTER, 19, London England, Gloucester, d/o Richard & Matilda, witn: James STAINES & Matilda LESTER, both of Russell, 18 March 1873 at Russell
11537-73 Thomas STARR, 52, widower, lumber, Connecticut US, East Hawkesbury, s/o Hiram STARR & Filey WAITE, married Mary McMILLAN, 52, widow, Lancaster - Glengarry, West Hawkesbury, d/o John McKINNON & Margaret McDONALD, witn: Duncan FERGUSON of Lochiel & Hugh CAMERON of Van Kleek Hill, 17 April 1873 at Van Kleek Hill 11494-73 Joseph SURO? dit BLONDIN, 20, farmer, St. Clement, Cambridge, s/o John Baptiste SURO dit BLONDIN & Margaret BLONDIN, married Honora DIGNARD, 20, St. Urbin, Russell, d/o Anthony & Josette, witn: Stanislas DIGNARD & Bernard EMARD, both of Russell, 21 April 1873
11550-73 Joseph TOUSE (Louse?), 19, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, East Hawkesbury, s/o Babtist TOUSE & Virginia CHERRIE (Churie?), married Maria Rose ROBIEN, 19, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Pascale ROBISAW (sic) & Scholastique LABRE, witn: John SEGUIN & Josephte GOURE, both of Van Kleek Hill, 10 Nov 1873 at St. Eugene 11502-73 Joseph TRACEY, 26, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o John & Ann, married Crystina BAKER, 26, South Plantagenet, same, d/o John & Julia, witn: John & Elizabeth BAKER of Riceville, 15 April 1873 at Riceville

011442-73 Emerie TREMBLAY, 28, Day Labourer, Wid, Papineauville, Clarence, s/o Lucien TREMBLAY & Marie BERNARD; married Glautine BRISBOIS, 18, St. Marthe, Clarence, d/o Luc BRISBOIS & Angele BRAZEAU; wit Luc BRISBOIS, Clarence, & Jeremie TREMBLAY, Clarence, 13 Jul 1873, Clarence Creek


011473-73 Harmisdas VACHON, 20, Farmer, St. Marthe, Alfred, s/o Joseph VACHON & Apoleine BERNARD; married Evelina MARTINEAU, 22, Rigaud, Alfred, d/o Andre MARTINEAU & Josephet GOUR; wit Andre MARTINEAU & Joseph VACHON, both Alfred, 22 Sept 1873, Alfred

011472-73 Joseph VACHON, 26, Farmer, St. Marthe, Alfred, s/o Joseph VACHON & Apolline BERNARD; married Sophie LAVIOLETTE, 24, St. Scholastique, Alfred, d/o Pierre LAVIOLETTE & Sophie ROY; wit Clement LAVIOLETTE, L’Orignal & Joseph VACHON, Alfred, 15 Sept 1873, Alfred

#011525-73 (Prescott Co): Edward WATKINS, 23, rail road foreman, Drummondville Quebec, Kenyon Ont., s/o Edward WATKINS & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Flora McDOUGALD, 20, Kenyon, same, d/o Dougald McDOUGALD & Catherine McDONALD, witnesses were Donald McMILLAN of Lochiel & Duncan McMILLAN of Kenyon, Oct 9, 1873 at Van Kleek Hill

011461-73 Daniel WAY, 23, contractor, Clarence, Michigan US, s/o Samuel WAY & Mary McGILL; married Catherine JOHNSON, 32, South Plantagenet, Clarence, d/o Archibald JOHNSON & Margaret GORDON; witn Thomas TAYLOR & Mary TAYLOR, both Clarence, 2 Jun 1873, Clarence

11432-73 Charles WILSON, 25, book keeper, Grenville Que., Cumberland, s/o Robert WILSON & Jane SMART, married Clemintina Lorinda Jane GRIER, 20, Cumberland, same, d/o John GRIER & Olive DENNING, witn: John Thomas WILSON of Grenville & Ann Jane MORDY of Hartly?, 17 June 1873 at Cumberland 11438-73 James WOOD, 37, merchant, L'Assumption, Clarence, s/o James WOOD & Elizabeth ALLEN, married Catherine Ellen McCAUL, 26, Clarence, Thurso, d/o James McCAUL & Ann McDOUGALL, witn: Alexander A. EDWARDS of Clarence & Maggie CAMERON of Thurso, 11 June 1873 at res of John A. Cameron, Esq., Thurso