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17682-23 Thomas Carroll ABRAHAM, 28, farmer, Norwich, same, s/o Frederick ABRAHAM (b. Canada) & Alicia SNELL, married Irene Frances ARMSTRONG, 16, London, Norwich, d/o David A. ARMSTRONG (b. Canada) & Elizabeth CRONK, witn: Guy SNELL & Edna ARMSTRONG, both of RR1 Norwich, 21 March 1923 at Burgessville  
17679-23 Stanley Walter ALDWORTH, 22, machinist, London England, 137 Oak Ave in Windsor, s/o William ALDWORTH (b. England) & Julia GROVE, married Myrtle Edna LEWIN, 21, Woodstock, same, d/o Jacob LEWIN (b. Woodstock Ont) & Florence BUTTERFIELD, witn: Wesley BROWN of Broadway St. in Woodstock & Olive MOLYNEAUX of 17 Givens St. in Woodstock, 23 June 1923 at 285 Dundas St. in Woodstock 17680-23 James Earl ALLIN, 28, widower, shipper, Dereham twp., Woodstock, s/o James Edward ALLIN (b. Dereham twp) & Theresa BOOK, married Christena Elizabeth MACDONALD, 26, candy maker, East Zorra, Woodstock, d/o Benjamin MACDONALD (b. East Zorra) & Minnie LOCK, witn: Hazel J. MACDONALD of 322 Lakeshore Ave - Centre Island Toronto, & Robert A. PIERCE of 20 Fyfe Ave in Woodstock, 2 June 1923 at Woodstock
17678-23 Thomas ALLISON, 25, machinist, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Thomas ALLISON (b. Scotland) & Agnes DICKSON, married Marjory HINGE, 21, England, res not given, d/o Henry E. HINGE (b. England) & Maud BARNETT, witn: Phylllis HINGE of RR2 Ingersoll & John ALLISON of 180 Riddel St. in Woodstock, 27 Dec 1923 at Thamesford 17684-23 Otto Roy ANDERSON, 40, farmer, Blandford, same, s/o Henry ANDERSON (b. Ont) & Emma EDEN, married Jenny BAILEY, 35, nurse, Burgessville, Blandford, d/o Garbutt BAILEY (b. England) & Elizabeth FLETCHER, witn: James A. BAILEY of Woodstock & Mrs. Olive BAKER of RR! Burford, 14 Feb 1923 at Blandford twp
17683-23 Roy Elmor APPEL, 24, jeweller, Zurich Ont., Tavistock, s/o Edward APPEL (b. Ont) & Ida ZELLER, married Rise Seville WOLF, 17, Dublin Ont., Tavistock, d/o Lois WOLFF (sic) (b. Germany) & Elizabeth ROSE, wtn: Mr. & Mrs. Louis WOLFF of Tavistock, 14 March 1923 at Tavistock 17681-23 Joseph Samuel ARTHUR, 21, farmer, South Norwich twp., same, s/o William ARTHUR (b. Norwich twp) & Isabel CROZIER, married Reta May HENRY, 18 yrs on Oct 1922, Kelvin - Norfolk Co, Norwich town, d/o Harley Field HENRY & Clara BIRDSELL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James Henry ARTHUR of Hawtrey, 28 March 1923 at Norwich
17685-23 Lloyd Stanley AUSCOMBE, 31, farmer, Ontario, Dereham twp., s/o Thomas AUSCOMBE (b. Canada) & Mary BRACKENBURY, married Mary Jane WARREN, 24, at home, Ontario, Dereham twp., d/o William WARREN (b. Canada) & Frosdie SHAREN, witn: Stella & O. W. WRIGHT of Salford, 11 Jan 1923 at Salford 17677-23 Walter Theodore AXT, 24, machinist, Peel twp., 23 Pequegnat Ave in Kitchener, s/o David AXT (b. Woolwich Ont) & Martha LASH (Tesh?), married Margaret Emma BERG, 27, West Zorra twp., RR7 Woodstock, d/o John BERG (b. South Easthope) & Christena SCHNEIDER, witn: Allen BERG of Tavistock & Hilda BERG of Woodstock (East Zorra town), 17 Nov 1923 at East Zorra town
17709-23 Norman BAECHLER, 23, mail carrier, Tavistock, same, s/o Andrew BAECHLER & Susanna SOMMER, married Sarah Ann ERB, 19, Tavistock, same, d/o Chr. L. ERB & Lea MAYER, witn: Peter Z. BENDER & Clarence ERB, both of Tavistock, 4 July 1923 at Tavistock 17704-23 James Mortimer BAILEY, 21, wood worker, Ontario, Woodstock, s/o Garbutt BAILEY (b. Yorkshire England) & Elizabeth FLETCHER, married Lenora Victoria FLETCHER, 18, Ontario, Woodstock, d/o William Jackson FLETCHER (b. Yorkshire England) & Mary Rebecca CRONK, witn: E. W. GRANT of 698 Canterbury St. in Woodstock & Jenny PATRICK of 771 Dundas St. in Woodstock, 6 March 1923 at Old St. Pauls Rectory, Woodstock
17705-23 Frederick Neil BARKER, 28, motor man, West Oxford, Woodstock, s/o Neil BARKER (b. Oxford Co) & Annie MAJOR, married Hilda Mary ATKINSON, 18, nurse, Yorkshire England, Woodstock, d/o Harry ATKINSON (b. Yorkshire England) & Annie JENNINGS, witn: Ben & Mrs. Ben O’LEARY of 93 Perry St. in Woodstock, 21 Feb 1923 at Woodstock 17691-23 George Henry BASKETT, 20, cheese maker, Ontario, Dereham twp., s/o Noble BASKETT (b. Bothwell Ont) & Lyla ANGER, married Beatrice Anna ALLSOP, 22, England, Woodstock, d/o George ALLSOP (b. England) & Annie STEEL, witn: Mrs. Lily DEADMAN & Mrs. J. W. STEWART, both of Hickson, 6 Oct 1923 at Hickson
17707-23 Ervine Earl BATES, 26, farmer, Simcoe, Tilsonburg, s/o Levi BATES (b. Canada) & Maude E. TISDALE, married Anybell (or Anabell) BUNDY, 18, Tilsonburg, same, d/o Charles BUNDY (b. Canada) & Eva MILLER, witn: Mrs. James FRENCH & Lorne BATES, both of Norwich, 17 Jan 1923 at Norwich 17697-23 John McIntyre BAXTER, 30, bank clerk, Drumbo Ont., Toronto, s/o Charles P. BAXTER (b. Drumbo) & Jessie TAYLOR, married Louisa Victoria Milne McCAFFREY, 32, sales lady, Richmond Hill, Woodstock, d/o Robert McCAFFREY (b. Richmond Hill) & Jennie KINNEE, witn: Ellery E. McCAFFREY of Woodstock & Ida M. McCAFFREY of Galt , 2 June 1923 at Woodstock
17698-23 Hector George BAYLISS, 22, pressman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Walter George BAYLISS (b. England) & Adelya Estella MALTBEE, married Florence May BROWN, 31, packer, Canada, Woodstock, d/o William BROWN (b. Canada) & Sarah Ann DOWLING, witn: Miss Mabel BROWN of 197 Park Row, Woodstock & Mr. Fred BROWN of RR6 Woodstock, 23 May 1923 at Woodstock 17708-23 Charles Frederick BEAM, 21, stock clerk, Hickson Ont., Detroit, s/o George Frederick BEAM & Anna WELCH, married Madge May CROWTHER, 19, Toronto, Woodstock, d/o Ernest CROWTHER & Margaret OLDHAM, witn: Mabel Alice BLACKBURN of Toronto & Gordon Jos. TRIPP of 30 Dover St. in Woodstock, 15 Jan 1923 at Woodstock
17699-23 William Henry BEARSS, 31, gardener, Ingersoll, same, s/o Peter BEARSS & Elsie L. SERVICE, married Josephine Grace BROWN, 25, teacher, Ontario, Woodstock, d/o Joseph William BROWN & Lydia E. ILLIFFE, witn: Joseph W. BROWN of Woodstock & W.J. HENDERSON of Ingersoll, 11 April 1923 at Woodstock 17711-23 Fred BELOVELETS, 28, laborer, Russian Poland, Brantford, s/o Fred BELOVELETS & Annie PETSZ, married Dora CHANDERS, 17, Austria, Beachville, d/o Fred CHANDERS & Mary GELNTNA, witn: Nick BELOVELETS of Brantford & Miss MILLER of Buffalo USA, 20 Oct 1923 at Ingersoll
17696-23 Howard William BICKELL, 29, farmer, East Zorra, East Oxford, s/o James BICKELL & Martha DIAMOND, married Mary REASON, 20, clerk, England, East Zorra, d/o Robert REASON & Elizabeth WEST, witn: May REASON of YMCA Woodstock & Harold R. BICKELL of Hickson, 14 June 1923 at Woodstock 17689-23 Frank BIRTCH, 21, farmer, Blandford twp., same, s/o John BIRTCH (b. Ont) & Ethel J. CAUFIELD, married Gladys Cozy? HOLTBY, 19, Pickering, Blandford twp., d/o Walter HOLTBY (b. Ont) & Rachel BARKER, witn: Gladys PUCKREN of Pickering & Charles BIRTCH of Woodstock, 17 Oct 1923 at Woodstock
17688-23 George BLAKER, 48, engineer, England, West Oxford, s/o John BLAKER (b. England) & Mary WILSON, married Celena LAQUILLE, 45, widow, Toronto, Tilbury, d/o Edward PROBO (b. Canada) & Marion, witn: William B. WILSON & Anna Maude APPLEYARD, both of Woodstock, 17 Oct 1923 at Woodstock 17694-23 Norman Allan BOWLBY, 19, farmer, South Norwich, Tilsonburg, s/o James BOWLBY (b. South Norwich) & Elizabeth BUTLER, married Marjorie Shaw DRYDEN, widow, 21, Wentworth Co., Tilsonburg, d/o Darius SHAW (b. Grimsby twp) & Hattie SWEET, witn: Clarence & Mrs. Evelyn STOVER of RR3 Tilsonburg, 20 June 1923 at Springford
17686-23 Percy Allan BOWMAN, 27, farmer, West Flamboro, same, s/o Jonathan BOWMAN (b. West Flamboro) & Mary HILLS, married Vera Estella TUNIS, 27, West Flamboro, same, d/o Jacob TUNIS (b. West Flamboro) & Theresa CAREY, witn: Mrs. James IRVINE & Cora TUNIS, both of Dundas, 7 Nov 1923 at Otterville 17695-23 James Wilfred BOYD, 28, widower, London, same, s/o Gowan BOYD (b. Cumberland England) & Johanna LOWTHER, married May Rosa SAGER, 25, St. Marys, Wilburn, d/o John SAGER (b. Cherry Grove - Perth Co) & Rosabell LANGFORD, witn: Mary DUNBAR & Clara L. WALLER, both of Tilsonburg, 9 June 1923 at Tilsonburg
17700-23 Philip Thomas BRANTON, 26, farmer, Burford twp., same, s/o Thomas BRANTON (b. Devonshire England) & Miss THOMAS, married Myrtle Mae POTTER, 18, Mount Elgin, East Oxford, d/o Mr. Moulton POTTER (b. Ont) & Cornelia, witn: Rhoda & Fred BRIGHT of RR5 Woodstock, 20 March 1923 at East Oxford 17710-23 John BRENNEMAN, 24, farmer, North Easthope, South Easthope, s/o Daniel BRENNEMAN & Elizabeth BRUNK, married Lavina BRENNEMAN, 19, East Zorra, Tavistock, d/o David L. BRENNEMAN & Elizabeth ZEHR, witn: Ezra ZEHR of Shakespeare & Moses BRENNEMAN of Tavistock, 18 Sept 1923 at res of the bride
  17706-23 Alva BRINN, 26, farmer, Houghton, Bayham, s/o David BRINN (b. Houghton twp) & Amelie STRATTON, married Vera CARNHAM, 21, Houghton, same, d/o Henry CARNHAM (b. Houghton twp) & Jennie HAZEN, witn: Gertrude & A. Edward SWINN of RR1 Tilsonburg, 7 Feb 1923 at Tilsonburg
17693-23 John Tracy BROWN, 24, dentist, Woodstock, YMCA St. Thomas, s/o J. James BROWN (b. Brant Co) & Bena J. LUDINGTON, married Marza Victoria LUNNESS, 21, Toronto, 405 Roxton Rd in Toronto, d/o William J. LUNNESS (b. Toronto) & Mary May LANKIN, witn: M. T. ANDERSON of Caledonia & Will H. PIERCE of Woodstock, 28 March 1923 at Woodstock [divorced 15/6/55] 17701-23 Wilfred LeRoy BROWN, 33, farmer, Pembroke Ont., East Zorra, s/o George F. BROWN (b. Crediton Ont) & Matilda KRUSPE, married Lydia PAFF, 29, widow, South Easthope, Tavistock, d/o Adam LEINWEBER (b. Germany) & Dorothy WILHELM, witn: Norman E. LEINWEBER of Stratford & Matilda BROWN of Tavistock, 28 March 1923 at Tavistock
17692-23 Orval Laird BRUYER, 25, sailor, Tay twp., same, s/o James BRUYER (b. Waubaushene) & Catheleen MARTIN, married Eva PELAN, 18 on 2 April 1923, Glasgow Scotland, Middleton twp., d/o William John PELAN (b. Scotland) & Mary GEDDES, witn: Mrs. R. T. COLLINS of Hamilton & Mrs. A. E . MARSHALL of Tilsonburg, 21 Aug 1923 at Tilsonburg 17687-23 Robert Howe BUCHANAN, 23, farmer, West Oxford, East Oxford, s/o George A. BUCHANAN (b. North Oxford) & Addie STARR, married Elizabeth Isabell BASS, 20, East Oxford, same, d/o Robert E. BASS & Ella May TRAVERS, witn: Robert BASS of 7th Con of East Oxford twp & Addie BUCHANAN of RR1 Woodstock, 27 Oct 1823 at res, 7th con of East Oxford twp
17702-23 Roy Wilfred BULL, 24, mail carrier, Hepworth, Woodstock, s/o William Albert BULL (b. Wiarton) & Marion Jean MacKAY, married Hilda Edna MERRILL, 18, Bell telephone operator, Ingersoll, same, d/o Herbert MERRIL (b. England) & Jean NEWLOVE, witn: Leona DRENSHOOD? of William St. in Ingersoll & Norman HARPER of Dundas St. in Woodstock, 2 April 1923 at Woodstock  
17703-23 William Henry BURTON, 50, widower, farmer, Brant Co., Tp 21 W2 Sask., s/o William (b. England) & Elizabeth, married Edith Sarah ELLIS, 50, retired, Oxford Co., Ingersoll, d/o Francis TAYLOR (b. Beachville Ont) & Susan KARN, witn: Agnes & Frank TAYLOR of Ingersoll, 7 March 1923 at Woodstock 17690-23 William Henry BURTON, 34, widower, painter, England, East Oxford, s/o William BURTON (b. England) & Rebecca BROADHURST, married Alice TILFORD, 21, England, East Oxford, d/o James William TILFORD (b. England) & Mary BUTCHER, witn: Mrs. F. E. TILFORD of 112 Wilson St. in Woodstock & W. MEEK of RR4 Woodstock, 18 Aug 1923 at East Oxford
17747-23 Ross Milton CASE, 18, clerk, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Erwin CASE (b. Beaconsfield Ont) & Dollina ROSS, married Leila SHOWERS, 19, Ontario, Woodstock, d/o Harry SHOWERS (b. North Norwich) & Eva A. BROWN, witn: Norma SHOWERS of 98 Frickle St. in Woodstock & Norman PEMBLETON of 505 Henry St. in Woodstock, 17 Jan 1923 at Woodstock 17746-23 Emerson Earl CHANT, 29, farmer, Cathcart - Brant Co., North Norwich, s/o Thomas H. CHANT (b. Burford twp) & Mary Ann ORSER, married Harriette De MONTMORENCY, 26 + 6 mon, North Norwich, same, d/o Robert DE MONTMORENCY (b. Kilkenny Ireland) & Jane HENDERSON, witn: Muriel ORTH of Burgessville & William DE MONTMORENCY of Galt, 28 Nov 1923 at East Oxford
17732-23 Thomas Albert COSFORD, 34, manager, Woodstock, Toronto, s/o Thomas Henry COSFORD & Sarah SMITH, married Marjory Lena PATEMAN, 27, Woodstock, same, d/o Robert PATEMAN & Helen MARSHALL, witn: Fred LESLIE of Sir--? Ont. & Lyla Edith EDMONDSON of Brantford, 16 April 1923 at Woodstock 17734-23 Forrest Leslie CUTHBERT, 23, grocer, Michigan US, Woodstock, s/o George A. CUTHBERT (b. Ont) & Eunice Ellen BARNETT, married Constance Christena CLIFTON, 18 + 4 mon, Ohio USA, Woodstock, d/o Henry CLIFTON (b. Warwickshire England) & Cora Mary MORGAN, win: Phyliss J. & Harry CLIFTON of 76 Fricke St. in Woodstock, 31 March 1923 at Woodstock
17752-23 Daniel Andrew DAGER, 22, moulder, Norwich Ontario., Woodstock, s/o Herbert DAGER (b. Norwich Ont) & Nellie McKENZIE, married Elsie Lowe McLEAN, 23, presser, Scotland, Woodstock, d/o Charles McLEAN (b. Keith Scotland) & Elsie LOW, witn: Frank R. McLEAN & Barbara W. CHRISTIE, both of Woodstock, 21 Sept 1923 at Woodstock 17760-23 Richard Henry DEPEW, 24, machinist, Lowbanks, same, s/o Lincoln DEPEW (b. Lowbanks) & Ada MINOR, married Reta HEARN, 21, Tilsonburg, same, d/o John HEARN (b. England) & Emily TROTT, witn: Vera Amelia HEARN of Tilsonburg & Kenneth L. WALSH of Straffordville, 22 May 1923 at Parsonage, Tilsonburg
17759-23 George DORLAND, 23, farmer, North Oxford twp., same, s/o George DORLAND (b. Ont) & Miranda McLEES, married Irene Victoria McDONALD, 21, West Zorra, North Oxford, d/o William McDONALD (b. Embro Ont) & Isabel INNIS, witn: Mrs. J. D. HAMPTON of Toronto & E. A. MacKENZIE of Ingersoll, 6 June 1923 at Embro 17762-23 David DUNN, 29, machinist, Ingersoll, same, s/o John DUNN & Anna O'GRADY, married Grace SUMNER, 22, office clerk, Toronto, Ingersoll, d/o Herbert SUMNER & Mary HILL, witn: Thomas MORRISON & Catherine DUNN, both of Ingersoll, 31 Dec 1923 at Ingersoll
17766-23 Stewart Emery ELVIDGE, 25, mechanic, Houghton, Aylmer, s/o George ELVIDGE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth McGREGOR, married Irene DURSTON, 20, Oxford, Aylmer, d/o Thomas DURSTON & Rose ROCKETT, witn: Harold TUFF of Aylmer & Mildred DURSTON of RR1 Burgessville, 24 Jan 1923 at North Norwich 17765-23 Arthur ELVIDGE, 22, tinsmith, Blenheim twp., Woodstock, s/o Charles ELVIDGE (b. Inverness Que) & Sarah KINSELLA, married Leona Gladys Murillo BIDWELL, 19, Woodstock, same, d/o William BIDWELL (b. Derbyshire England) & Cora May TREE, witn: Myrtle M. O'BORNE of 298 Simcoe St. in Woodstock & Albert E. OVERHOLT of 20 Superior St. in Brantford, 10 March 1923 at Woodstock
17781-23 Ernest Ellwood FEAIRS, 20, farmer, East Oxford, same, s/o Grimmer FEAIRS (b. England) & Emma Frances DAVIS, married Ella Regina AVERY (Avey?), 18, East Oxford, same, d/o Harry AVERY (b. Burford twp) & Mary Ellen TREE, witn: Mrs. Lila Irene & Russell CHAMBERS of Elm St. in Woodstock, 1 March 1923 at Woodstock 17776-23 Henry FINLAYSON, 25, laborer, Edinburgh Scotland, Woodstock, s/o Henry FINLAYSON (b. Lanarkshire Scotland) & Helen KENNEDY, married Nellie Avis CRAIG, 23, knitter, Hastings England, Woodstock, d/o George CRAIG (b. Hastings England) & Elizabeth EDMONDS, witn: William BEVIS & Marion WILKINSON, both of Woodstock, 1 Aug 1923 at Woodstock
17782-23 James Edward FORREST, 21, farmer, East Oxford, same, s/o William FORREST (b. Scotland) & Martha OVERHOLT, married Gladys Ella MACKAY, 21, East Zorra, Embro, d/o Graham McKAY (sic) (b. West Zorra) & Ella PARKER, witn: Miss Margaret K. MUMA of Ayr & Robert C. MacKAY of Embro, 10 Feb 1923 at Embro 17783-23 Ira Sedman FOX, 37, carpenter, Springford, same, s/o John FOX (b. Canada) & Jane HALL, married Ida GREER, 29, widow, Salford, same, d/o William NAGLE (b. Canada) & Martha SWAYZE, witn: Nora NAGLE of Salford & Glen GREER of Mt. Elgin, 10 Jan 1923 at Salford
17784-23 Thomas GAMMON, 26, grocer, Sarnia, 221 Cobden St., s/o Arthur H. GAMMON (b. Canada) & Alice GOVENLOCK, married Laura Hannah CHANDLER, 25, Lakeside Ont., 185 Brock St. North in Sarnia, d/o Burleigh CHANDLER (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: Florence M. CHANDLER of Lakeside & W. McCULLOUGH of Chatham, 22 Aug 1923 at Lakeside 17791-23 John B. GARLAND, 30, farmer, Wilmot twp., same, s/o John GARLAND (b. Scotland) & Eliza POGSON, married Kathleen WENZEL, 22, Kitchener Ont., New Hamburg, d/o Thomas WENZEL (b. Canada) & Rose WALMSLEY, witn: Mrs. W. H. JOHNSTON of Bright & George JOHNSTON of London, 22 May 1923 at Chesterfield
17798-23 Aaron GERBER, 23, farmer, Wellesley twp., Wilmot twp., s/o Michael GERBER & Fannie JANTZIE, married Mary Ann RUBY, 19, East Zorra, same, d/o John RUBY & Barbara BAECHLER, wtn: Amos Willie RUBY of RR1 Tavistock & Elmer GERBER of Petersburg, 17 May 1923 at East Zorra Church (Mennonite) 17795-23 Clarence Levern GILLETT, 20, laborer, Norfolk Co., Vanessa, s/o Flaviss (Flavus?) GILLETT (b. Canada) & Hattie SOVEREIGN, married Mary Viletta HENDERSHOTT, 21, North Norwich twp., same, d/o Wilbert HENDERSHOTT (b. Canada) & Mary Jane ANDREW, witn: Mary J. & Clarence HENDERSHOTT of RR2 Norwich, 14 Feb 1923 at Norwich
17808-23 Orvel Edward HALL, 21, hospital attendant, 21, Norfolk Co., East Zorra, s/o Herbert HALL (b. Norfolk Co) & Leona WHITING, married Ruth Etta ZINN, 21, hospital attendant, Ontario, East Zorra, d/o John ZINN (b. Oxford Co) & Lydia STRICKLER, witn: Anna Maude APPLEYARD & Dora Blanch MacLEAN, both of Woodstock, 28 Aug 1923 at Woodstock 17800-23 William James Gillespie HALL, 25, fruit farmer, Innerkip, same, s/o Benjamin HALL (b. Brampton Ont) & Margaret Jane GILLESPIE, married Pearl Amelia ISBISTER, 23, Blandford, same, d/o James ISBISTER (b. Blandford twp) & Ann Amelia HARWOOD, witn: Malcolm James & Clifton ISBISTER of Innerkip, 21 Nov 1923 at Innerkip
017829-23 ( Oxford Co) Russell Gordon HALL , 30 , agent , Plattsville , same , s/o Stephen HALL & Clara CUMMING , married Belle BRISTOW , 29 , Bright , same , d/o Robert BRISTOW & Jessie FERGUSSON , witn: Perry HALL of Plattsville & Jessie BRISTOW of Bright , 4 April 1923 at Bright 017821-23 ( Oxford Co) Edward HAMACKER , 34 , switchman , Plattsville , same , s/o Allen HAMACKER & Ellen DUNCAN , married Evelyn KIESEL , 23 , Buffalo , Plattsville , d/o George KIESEL & Minnie WAGNER , witn: Fred & Matilda RANK of Plattsville , 2 June 1923 at Plattsville.
017825-23( Oxford Co) James Archibald HAMILTON , 23 , butcher , Bright , Detroit , s/o William HAMILTON & Jessie MILBURN , married Florence Agnes BUCHAN , 18 , Blandford Twp., same , d/o John BUCHAN & Pauline FELL , witn: Mrs. W.H. JOHNSTON of Bright & George JOHNSTON of London , 27 April 1923 at Chesterfield 17816-23 Clarence Hilton HANSEL, 27, stock keeper, Otterville, Oshawa, s/o George William HANSEL (b. Welland twp) & Margaret A. McCRIMMON, married Edna May BOWERMAN, 18, Oxford Co., Oshawa, d/o Amos Dexter BOWERMAN (b. South Norwich) & Annie May CARROL, witn: Fred Leroy HANSEL & Beulah Leota BOWERMAN, both of Otterville, 21 July 1923 at Springford
17831-23 (Oxford Co) William Alexander HANSON, 25, farmer, Otterville, same, s/o William HANSON (b. Canada) & Sarah HANSON, married Florence Pearl POOLE, 24, Norwich, same, d/o Chancey POOLE (b. Canada) & Fannie HAGERMAN, witn: W.R. BEECROFT of Toronto & Mary OTIS of Springford, 14 Mar 1923 at Norwich 17818-23 Frederick James HARRINGTON, 20, moulder, Woodstock, same, s/o William HARRINGTON (b. Ont) & Elizabeth HUNTER, married Dora Bell SCHRUMM, 18 + 4 mon, bookkeeper, Dereham twp., Woodstock, d/o George SCHRUMM (b. Ont) & Annie HARDAHA?, witn: Frank & Olga HARRINGTON of Woodstock, 27 June 1923 at Woodstock
17828-23 Morris Edward HARTREY, 29, Ontario, 400 Quebec Ave. in Toronto, s/o Morris Edward HARTREY (b. Ont) & Salome GLAVES, married Kathleen Mary CLYNICK, 28, grad. nurse, Ontario, 70 Oxford St. in Woodstock, d/o George Albert CLYNICK (b. Ont) & Mary HOOPER, witn: George A. CLYNICK of Woodstock & Wilford Henry HARTREY of 400 Quebec Ave in Toronto, 27 March 1923 at Woodstock 017833-23 ( Oxford Co) William HAWKESWOOD , 23 , laborer , England , Embro , s/o Lorne HAWKESWOOD & Sarah Jane WALL , married 22 , England , Embro , d/o Fred DEAN & Rose JAKINS , witn: Leonard & Alice SMITH of Embro , 20 January 1923 at Embro
17819-23 Leonard George HEARN, 23, cooper, Tilsonburg, Windsor, s/o George Leonard HEARN (b. England) & Agnes ANDERSON, married Grace E. SANDHAM, 19, Courtland, Tilsonburg, d/o William John SANDHAM (b. Courtland) & Laura STOVER, witn: Gertrude HEARN & Norman HEARN, both of Tilsonburg, 27 June 1923 at Tilsonburg 17817-23 Stanley Robert HENRY, 29, farmer, Ellice twp., same, s/o Robert HENRY (b. Canada) & Lucy A. KRUSPE, married Lottie Matilda QUIPP, 20, Ellice twp., res not given, d/o Charles QUIPP (b. Canada) & Matilda SMITH, wtn: Mrs. Henry MOHR & Mrs. G. F. BROWN, both of Tavistock, 4 July 1923 at Tavistock
17832-23 (Oxford Co) Frank HERD, 40, laborer, Beachville, same, s/o Thomas HERD (b. England) & Minnie APPLETON, married Emily Julia THOMAS, 30, England, Ingersoll, d/o Joseph THOMAS (b. England) & Sarah LEES, witn: Lily McGIBBON & B. McGIBBON both of Ingersoll, 3 Mar 1923 at Ingersoll 17827-23 William Frederick HERSEE, 30, merchant, Norwich, Woodstock, s/o William M. HERSEE (b. Blenheim twp) & Ellen S. CLARK, married Anna Alma FORBES, 26, West Zorra, Woodstock, d/o William FORBES (b. West Zorra) & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Ellen S. HERSEE of 522 Adelaide & William FORBES of 510 King St., 2 April 1923 at Woodstock
17836-23 Charles William HILL, 25, farmer, England, West Oxford, s/o John HILL (b. Bourton Dorest England) & Matilda Jane JUKES, married Alberta May ALMAS, 19, Ontario, West Oxford, d/o Charles Wesley ALMAS (b. Oxford Co Ont) & Emily Jane BARNETT, witn: Matilda Jane & Harold John HILL of RR1 Beachville, 16 Jan 1923 at Ingersoll 17814-23 Wilfred George HILL, 18, farmer, England, West Oxford, s/o John HILL (b. England) & Matilda Jane JUKES, married Grace Mary WILLIAMS, 20, domestic, Ontario, Dereham twp., d/o James WILLIAMS (b. Vienna Ont) & Mary WEST, witn: Alfred & Mrs. Alfred WARREN of RR1 Salford, 8 Aug 1923 at Ingersoll
17820-23 Ralph Louis HOLDEN, 21, mechanic, East Nissouri twp., 350 Parent Ave in Windsor, s/o John HOLDEN (b. Ont) & Mary BURTON, married Annie Isabel STAINTON, 22, Oxford Co., same, d/o William STAINTON (b. Ont) & Annie Elizabeth BOXALL, witn: Gladys STAINTON & Wilfred MONKS, both of London, 6 June 1923 at Lot 17, Con 8 of East Nissouri 17807-23 Ernest HOOVER, 34, farmer, Ontario, Gormley Ont., s/o David HOOVER (b. Ont) & Selina STECKLEY, married Mabel ROSENBERGER, 27, Ontario, Plattsville, d/o Eli ROSENBERGER & Clara SNYDER, witn: Lloyd ROSENBERGER of Plattsville & Ella HOOVER of Gormley, 12 Sept 1923 at Plattsville (Mennonite)
17823-23 Harold E. HOSACK, 21, merchant, Michigan, Woodstock, s/o James L. HOSACK (b. Ont) & Jessie LILLY, married Norma Adair HOSKIN, 20, Woodstock, same, d/o George HOSKIN (b. Ont) & Caroline PAREY, witn: Vilma R. & Elmer J. HOSACK of Woodstock, 16 May 1923 at Ingersoll 17806-23 James Donald HOSSACK, 21, farmer, East Nissouri, same, s/o Wilbert HOSSACK (b. East Nissouri) & Christie ROSS, married Helen Martha ROSE, 21, West Zorra, East Nissouri, d/o David Innes ROSE (b. West Zorra) & Lena (Tena?) FEATHERSTONE, witn: Rev. E. S. WARREN of Danville Que & Burns CAMPBELL of Embro, 19 Sept 1923 at Embro
17815-23 Martin Edward HUGHAM, 23, horse operator, Thamesville Ont. Beachville, s/o Joseph HUGHAM (b. Canada) & Margaret WEST, married Olive Lenore CRAWFORD, 19, Beachville, same, d/o George CRAWFORD (b. Canada) & Almeda GERMAN, witn: Mrs. M. CRAWFORD & N. L. RAYMER, both of Beachville, 18 July 1923 at Beachville 17822-23 John Ernest HUNTER, 52, farmer, widower, Dereham twp., same, s/o James HUNTER (b. Ont) & Helen LACKIE (both deceased), married Rose Ethel BOYSE, 39, widow, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o John Robert NEWELL (deceased) (b. Ont), & Sarah Jane PIKE, witn: Mrs. George W. WOOD & Miss Edna WILSON, both of Ingersoll, 21 April 1923 at Ingersoll
17824-23 James Daniel HUSSEY, 24, laborer, Surrey England, Woodstock, s/o Daniel HUMPHREY (b. Surrey England) & Mary HOWICK, married Edith Marie HANEY, 22, Claremont Ont., Woodstock, d/o Thomas HANEY (b. Humberstone) & Edith BURTON, witn: Barbara CHRISTIE of Woodstock & Clarence HANEY of 335 Marie St. in Woodstock, 30 April 1923 at Woodstock 17826-23 William Foster HUSSEY, 21, shoe maker, Detroit, Otterville, s/o Lucis HUSSEY (b. Summerville Ont) & Elizabeth LEFLER, married Kathleen Gwendolen SNELL, 18, Toronto, Otterville, d/o Charles Graham SNELL (b. South Norwich) & Ellen Jane JONES, witn: Charles Graham & Ellen Jane SNELL of Otterville, 9 April 1923 at Otterville
17809-23 Arthur John HUTCHINSON, 32, fireman, Ontario, Woodstock, s/o Joseph HUTCHINSON (b. Hamilton Ont) & Clara May BEERS, married Cora Montalena (Matalena?) REID, 36, widow, Ontario, Woodstock, d/o E. J. CHAMBERS (b. Blandford twp) & Mary Ethel PARKING?, win: Ellen Muriel & Douglas Raymond CHAMBERS of Cardigan St. in Woodstock, 22 Aug 1923 at 172 Waterloo St. in Woodstock  17838-23 Cecil Arthur INGLE, 25, piano maker, England, Woodstock, s/o Robert INGLE (b. London England) & Annie GUPPY, married Esther Olivia JOYCE, 24, Oakville Ont., Norwich, d/o Samuel JOYCE (b. Ont) & Minnie FORD, witn: William Frederick JOYCE of Trafalgar & Annie INGLE of 774 Rathbourne Rd in Woodstock, 14 Feb 1923 at Old St. Pauls Rectory, Woodstock
017839-23 ( Oxford Co) Allister W. INNES , 26 , farmer , West Zorra , South Easthope , s/o John James INNES & Jennie VANDECAR , married Constance COOPER , 23 , Burford , same , d/o Arthur Henry COOPER & Louise COSTEN , witn: Mr. & Mrs. G.F. BURGESS of Drumbo , 31 January 1923 at Woodstock. 17840-23 David Wilfred INNES, 26, farmer, West Zorra, East Zorra, s/o Alexander INNES (b. West Zorra) & Elsie MURRAY, married Jessie Thelma SHARP, 20, East Zorra, West Zorra, d/o James SHARP (b. Dunno? Scotland) & Janet GREY, witn: Mrs. Hugh ROSS of Embro & James Laurell SHARP of Braemar, 17 Jan 1923 at Embro
  017837-23 ( Oxford Co) Clifton Douglas ISBISTER , 25 yrs 10 months , electrician , East Zorra , Blandford Twp., s/o James ISBISTER & Ann HARWOOD , married Estella Jane RICHARDSON , 23 , East Zorra , same , d/o William RICHARDSON & Rosa HILL , witn: Mrs. E. & Miss Jessie GIBSON of Woodstock , 13 October 1923 at Woodstock
17844-23 Wilbert Earl JACKSON, 26, garage man, Amabel twp., Teeswater, s/o Edward James JACKSON (b. Wawanosh twp) & Elizabeth BARBOUR, married Pearl Maude MURRAY, 21, Minto twp., RR2 Harriston, d/o Thomas MURRAY (b. Culross twp) & Theresa Maude ECKENSWILLER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Leslie L. MALCOLM of Innerkip, 20 Dec 1923 at Woodstock 17843-23 Harold Percival JAMES, 32, millwright, Montreal, Peterbrough, s/o Walter JAMES (b. Ont) & Mary M. GRAHAM, married Ida May BILLINGS, 32, milliner, St. Marys, Duneden? St. East in East Oxford, d/o Richard BILLINGS (b. Quebec) & Annie E. COLEMAN, witn: Myrtle JAMES of Paris & Robert C. BILLINGS of Ingersoll, 30 June 1923 at Woodstock
17842-23 Vincent JOHNSON, 22, railroad agent, Teeterville, Norwich, s/o Daniel L. JOHNSON (b. Ont) & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Vida Earica FLEMING, 22, Springford, same, d/o Thomas B. FLEMING (b. Ont) & Mary Ann SMART, witn: Mrs. & E.L. TUTTLE of Curries Crossing, 25 Sept 1923 at Woodstock 17841-23 Iradell Kellaby JOHNSTON, 35, bank manager, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Gabriel JOHNSTON (b. USA) & Alice Kate KELLERBY, married Helen Clarissa RICHARDSON, 27, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Harry RICHARDSON (b. Canada) & Austin Ellen GUILLIFORD, witn: R. H. Gertrude Austin FERRIS of Toronto, 28 Sept 1923 at Ingersoll
17874-23 (Oxford Co) Francis MALONEY, 35, farmer, East Zorra, Woodstock, s/o Patrick MALONEY & Sophia ROSE, married Annie McKAY, 25, West Zorra, same, d/o John Robert McKAY & Esther COLEMAN, witn: John McKAY of West Zorra & Agnes I. McKAY of Toronto, 10 Jan 1923 at St. Mary’s Church Woodstock 17875-23 (Oxford Co) John Oscar MANARY, 25, truck transportation, Norfolk Co, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Samuel Albert MANARY & Ellen MOORE, married Dorothy Marie McELHONE, 21, Dereham twp, South Norwich, d/o Joseph McELHONE & Catherine OLMSTEAD, witn: George McELHONE of Otterville & Theresa BURKE of Tillsonburg, 16 Oct 1923 at Tillsonburg RC
17891-23 (Oxford Co) Alexander George McCORQUODALE, 31, farming, West Zorra, same, s/o Hugh McCORQUODALE (b. West Zorra) & Henrietta McCAUL, married Bessie Ann CAMPBELL, 29, housework, West Zorra, same, d/o Angus CAMPBELL (West Zorra) & Sarah McLEOD, witn: Miss Josie MARTIN & Mrs. Burns McCORQUODALE both of Embro, 23 June 1923 at West Zorra 17889-23 (Oxford Co) Alexander Donald McCORQUODALE, 32, farmer, East Nissouri twp, same, s/o Donald McCORQUODALE (b. West Zorra twp) & Bessie HOWES, married Etta Viola SKINNER, 22, school teacher, Westminister twp, East Nissouri twp, d/o Sidney George SKINNER (b. England) & Mary BEATTIE, witn: Frances McCORQUODALE & M.A. McCORQUODALE both of Thamesford, 26 Dec 1923 at Kintore
17881-23 (Oxford Co) John Gordon McDONALD, 27, laborer, East Zorra, Woodstock, s/o Hugh McDONALD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth NIMOCK, married Effie Marie KRUG, 27, home duties, East Zorra, Tavistock RR #6, d/o Henry S. KRUG (b. Ontario) & Caroline DALGLEISH, witn: Harry J. KRUG of Tavistock & Minnie McDONALD of Woodstock, 29 Sept 1023 at Tavistock 17893-23 (Oxford Co) William Leonard MacDONALD, 34, insurance broker, New Jersey USA, 156 Delaware Ave Toronto, s/o Walter George MacDONALD (b. New York USA) & Frances SIEVERIGHT, married Miriam Grace DAVIS, 27, Ontario, Tillsonburg, d/o Edwin Fishley DAVIS (b. Ontario) & Mary DAVIDSON, witn: W.F. MacDONALD of Toronto & R.N. DAVIS of Tillsonburg, 26 Apr 1923 at Tillsonburg
17896-23 Hiram Herbert McINTEE, 36, laborer, Welland, Tilsonburg, s/o Alexander McINTEE (b. Welland) & Martha D. LAMBERT, married Elizabeth CRAVEN, 40, Eden, Tilsonburg, d/o Lazenby CRAVEN (b. England) & Ann LEECE, witn: William A. E. MARSHALL of Tilsonburg & Howard GORDON of London, 19 Feb 1923 at Tilsonburg 17883-23 (Oxford Co) Alexander Stewart McINTOSH, 38, engineer, Edinburgh Scotland, Woodstock, s/o Keith McINTOSH (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Emma WILSON, married Janet McCrindle PATERSON, 37, widow, home duties, Glasgow Scotland, Woodstock, d/o John McCRINDLE (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Sarah SHIELDS, witn: Arthur GEPP & Mrs. Arthur GEPP both of Woodstock, 25 Aug 1923 at Woodstock
17892-23 (Oxford Co) Gayphen William McINTYRE, 37, farmer, Brant Co, East Zorra, s/o Wallace McINTYRE (b. Ontario) & Lovica Jane STRONG, married Susanna Maud HILDERLY, 23, home duties, East Oxford, same, d/o Thomas HILDERLY (b. Ontario) & Sarah MOORE, witn: Mildred HILDERLY of Innerkip & J.L. McINTYRE of Woodstock, 14 Apr 1923 at Woodstock 17890-23 (Oxford Co) Duncan C. McINTYRE, 24, mechanic, Glencoe, London, s/o James C. McINTYRE (b. Glencoe Ontario) & Susanna GATES, married Rose Aileen RICE, 25, Oxford, same, d/o Alfred J. RICE (b. East Oxford) & Lillian PULLEN, witn: Malcolm John McINTYRE of London & Annie E. BARROW of Woodstock, 26 June 1923 at Currie’s Crossing, East Oxford twp
17895-23 (Oxford Co) John Douglas McKAY, 24, beekeeper, East Zorra, same, s/o James McKAY (b. Oxford Co) & Annie D. BRUCE, married Ida Evangeline POTTER, 19, Oxford Co, East Zorra, d/o John G. POTTER (b. Ontario) & Ida May RINCH, witn: D. BRUCE & Mary BRUCE both of Tavistock, 17 Mar 1923 at East Zorra 17882-23 (Oxford Co) Ernest McKAY, 31, farmer, West Zorra, Lot 23 8th Line West Zorra twp, s/o William B. McKAY (b. Ontario) & Harriet SPECK, married Jessie McKAY, 27, East Zorra, East Zorra twp, d/o Alex R. McKAY (b. Ontario) & Bessie McKAY, witn: Albert ROSS & Bella McKay ROSS both of Woodstock, 1 Sept 1923 at Tavistock
17897-23 Neil McKEAGUE, 37, business, Thorold Ont., Ingersoll, s/o Archibald McKEAGUE & Catherine GIBBS, married Elizabeth Sarah WEBSTER, 24, widow, factory hand, England, Ingersoll, d/o Walter GIBBS & Annie STEPHENS, witn: Robert BATTLE of Detroit & Kathlene McKEAGUE of Thorold, 29 Oct 1923 at Ingersoll 17894-23 Harold de Forest MacKEEN, 24, bond broker, Nova Scotia, 159 Ellsworth Ave Toronto, s/o George K. MacKEEN (b. Nova Scotia) & Florence F. ARMSTRONG, married Margaret McGhie WATSON, 21, Ontario, 104 Riddell St Woodstock, d/o Thomas WATSON (b. Scotland) & Caroline SMITH, witn: Thomas L.E. KIE ?& J.M. WATSON both of Toronto, 3 Apr 1923 at Woodstock
17877-23 (Oxford Co) Archie McKINLAY, 42, carpenter, Lobo twp, Woodstock, s/o Donald McKINLAY (b. Lobo twp Middlesex Co) & Mary SINCLAIR, married Pearl WOODALL, 35, milliner, Woodstock, same, d/o John WOODALL (Oxford Co) & Catharine BROOM witn: Mrs. Christina WOODALL & Eva MAYNARD both of Woodstock, 6 Dec 1923 at Dundas St Methodist Church Woodstock 17888-23 (Oxford Co) Norman Alexander McLEOD, 26, lineman, Woodstock, same, s/o Roderick McLEOD (b. Woodstock) & Mary BONNIE, married Nora Levena BRAGG, 30, post office clerk, Woodstock, same, d/o Henry BRAGG (b. Truro England) & Margaret WILKINS, witn: William Allan LEANEY of Woodstock & Marshie M. BRAGG of Windsor, 29 Dec 1923 at the Dundas Street Parsonage, Woodstock
17884-23 (Oxford Co) Nathan McMULLEN, 22, woodworker, Otterville, same, s/o William McMULLEN & Emily CLIFFORD, married Olive Winnifred YOUNG, 21, Tillsonburg, Otterville, d/o Wilson YOUNG (b. Fingal Ontario) & Catherine KENWAL, witn: Myrtle YOUNG & Nean McMULLEN both of Otterville, 12 Sept 1923 at Tillsonburg 17878-23 (Oxford Co) John McNAB, 34, cabinet maker, Crieff Scotland, Woodstock, s/o (late) Finlay McNAB (b. Crieff Scotland) & Catherine DRUMMOND, married Margaret Wyman Muir WALLACE, 24, Leith Scotland, Woodstock, d/o John WALLACE (b. Leith Scotland) & Margaret DICK, witn: William STEPHEN & Miss Helen MURRAY both of Woodstock, 9 Nov 1923 at Woodstock
17885-23 (Oxford Co) John Joseph McNEILL, 47, widower, baker, Scotland, Ingersoll, s/o Roderick McNEILL & Mary McCLOUD, married Pearl N. DELANO, 48, widow, New York State, Mottville N.Y, d/o Arthur Palmer & Effie TITUS, witn: Fred Murray & Phoebe MURRAY both of Ingersoll, 18 Aug 1923 at Ingersoll 17886-23 (Oxford Co) David Gray MacNEILL, 28, designer, RR#2 London, same, s/o David Galloway MacNEILL (b. Mitchell) & Janet FAIRBAIRN, married Ethel May PERRIN, 29, nurse, Poplar Hill, 455 Piccadilly St London, d/o John PERRIN (b. Peterborough) & Matilda DAWSON, witn: Mrs. William WILSON & Mrs. Mary A. WOOD both of Ingersoll, 7 June 1923 at Ingersoll
17872-23 (Oxford Co) Edward Montague MEDLEN, 31, geodetic engineer, Halifax N.S, Ottawa, s/o Montague MEDLEN (b. Dover England) & Florence May LORDLY, married Helen Marion DOUGLAS, 25, Woodstock, same, d/o Malcolm DOUGLAS (b. Woodstock) & Christina HAY, witn: Clare D. McPHERSON & Jean Christina DOUGLAS both of Woodstock, 7 Feb 1923 at Woodstock 17873-23 (Oxford Co) Harry Edgar MINERS, 19, machinist, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg, s/o R.F. MINERS (b. Dereham twp) & Annie HERRICK, married Blanche Leone PRATT, 20, Brownsville, same, d/o C.H. PRATT (b. North Dorchester) & Sarah E. KIPP, witn: Arthur D. PRATT of Brownsville & J. Marshall of Tillsonburg, 24 Jan 1923 at Tillsonburg
17876-23 (Oxford Co) Thomas MORRISON, 24, business, New York USA, Ingersoll, s/o Michael MORRISON & Mary SHERLOCK, married Marie M. HENNESSEY, 23, nurse, North Oxford, same, d/o James HENNESSEY & Mary JOHNSON, witn: Harry F. MORAN of Ingersoll & Madeline HENNESSEY of Woodstock, 23 Oct 1923 at Ingersoll 17871-23 (Oxford Co) John Rattary MUIR, 24, shipper, Ingersoll, same, s/o John Basil MUIR (b. Ingersoll) & Janet RATTARY, married Ella Gertrude WINLAW, 23, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Robert WINLAW (b. Hornby) & Jane ALLAN, witn: R.W. MUIR & Helen WATTERWORTH both of Ingersoll, 21 Mar 1923 at Ingersoll
017898-23 ( Oxford Co) Isaac Alexander NAHRGANG , 21 ,teamster , New Hamburg , same , s/o Abram NAHRGANG & Katie BRENNAMAN , married Gertrude GOW , 21 , Plattsville , Bright , d/o William GOW & Emma WEDGE ? , witn: Abram NAHRGANG of New Hamburg & Kathleen of Bright , 28 November 1923 at Ratho. 17899-23 Percy NEWTON, 26, painter, Norwich, same, s/o Sylvester NEWTON (b. Harriston Ont) & Hannah STRONG, married Olive GLOVER, 18 + 10 mon, Wiarton Ont., Norwich, d/o Albert GLOVER (b. Sweaburg Ont) & Elizabeth HASTINGS, witn: Vivian & Mary RACHER of Norwich, 28 Nov 1923 at Norwich
17900-23 (Oxford Co) Frederick A. OATMAN, 22, farmer, South Norwich, Tillsonburg, s/o Angus OATMAN (b. Oxford Co) & Elfretta CARLE, married Rachael KETCHABAW, 21, Eden, same, d/o Neil KETCHABAW (b. Elgin Co) & Lillian McDOWELL, witn: Norman J. HELSDON & Mary DUNBAR both of Tillsonburg, 10 July 1923 at St. John's Rectory Tillsonburg 17901-23 (Oxford Co) James Angus OROURKE, 26, automobile mechanic, Woodstock, same, s/o James OROURKE (b. Dublin) & Mary McGASHAN, married Eva Claire BIGHAM, 21, stenographer, Dereham twp, Woodstock, d/o Herbert BIGHAM (b. Dereham twp) & Estelle HEWER, witn: Thomas OROURKE & Mary Agnes CASE both of Woodstock, 16 June 1923 at Woodstock
017917-23 ( Oxford Co) Philip PAYE , 30 , farmer , Russia , Innerkip , s/o Alexander PAYE & Annie KONSINSKI , married Emelia Etta HARTH , 32 , Southampton , Woodstock , s/o John HARTH & Mary SCHAEFTER , witn: George BRUDER & Marguerite SCHAEFTER both of Woodstock , 16 July 1923 at Woodstock 017911-23 ( Oxford Co) Arthur Gunn PEARSON , 23 , East Zorra , same , s/o Edgar PEARSON & Merilla COWING , married Marjorie Elizabeth REISBERRY , 21 , Blenheim Twp., same , d/o William REISBERRY & Margaret Ann SMITH , witn: Dorothy A HARRIS of Chesterfield & Wesley MURRAY of Innerkip , 19 November 1923 at Bright
017904-23 ( Oxford Co) Norman Edward PEMBLETON , 23 ,chauffeur , Blandford Twp., Woodstock , s/o William PEMBLETON & Mary HEWITT , married Norma Belle SHOWERS , 21 , Norwich , Woodstock , d/o Harry SHOWERS & Eva A. BROWN , witn: Caroline Irene PEMBLETON & John Angus SHOWERS both of Woodstock , 21 November 1923 at Woodstock 17908-23 (Oxford Co) George William PHILLIPS, 42, widower, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George Ed PHILLIPS (Bayfield) & Elena TURNER, married Florence Elizabeth HENDERSON, 34, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Chester L. Henderson (b. Ingersoll) & Ada EDWARDS, witn: Leola A.E. KINE & John DANSON both of Woodstock, 28 June 1923 at Woodstock
17906-23 (Oxford Co) Leslie Willoughby PORTER, 31, machinist, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o George Davis PORTER & Carrie TAYLOR, married Marguerite Alice BURNS, 27, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Peter BURNS & Sarah Elizabeth BARNUM, witn: G.F. MARSHALL of St Thomas & Lenore BURNS of Ingersoll, 10 Oct 1923 at Ingersoll 17909-23 (Oxford Co) Norman Smith PULLEN, 26, farmer, West Oxford, same, s/o John S. PULLEN (b. England) & Elizabeth SMITH, married Flossie Faye McKAY, 26, school teacher, Brant Co, East Zorra, d/o Angus J. McKAY (b. East Zorra) & Clara GREEN, witn: Blanche H. McKAY of Woodstock & Walter J. PULLEN of Beachwood, 26 June 1923 at Woodstock
017920-23 ( Oxford Co) Harold Chester RACKNOR , 23 , farmer , Burford Twp., Blenheim Twp., s/o Joseph RACKNOR & Elizabeth BURKHART , married Stella May TELFER , 24 , Blenheim Twp., same , d/o Thomas TELFER & Lydia FOX , witn: Jean TELFER & Stanley WOODS both of Princeton , 5 September 1923 at East Oxford. 017919-23 ( Oxford Co) David Richard RADFORD , 18 , assistant agent CNR , Burford Twp., Beachville , s/o James RADFORD & Ellen SLEMMONS , married Luella Mae HOBSON , 18 , Michigan USA , Burford Twp., d/o Joseph HOBSON & Eva KIPP , witn: Mrs. MARX & Miss MARX both of Woodstock , 21 October 1923 at Woodstock
017932-23 ( Oxford Co) Peyton MacPherson RANNEY , 23 , farmer , Salford , same , s/o Sullivan RANNEY & Bertha E. WALKER , married Mabel Alice WILFORD , 20 , Salford , same , d/o William WILFORD & Martha STOCKDALE , witn: Roswell & Madeline THORNTON of London , 12 December 1923 at Salford. 17926-23 Henry Arthur RAPER, 28, carpenter, West Zorra, Woodstock, s/o George Henry RAPER (b. York Co) & Susan Elizabeth COULTER, married Greeta Maria HALLOCK, 22, East Zorra, same, d/o Isaac Louden HALLOCK (b. Oxford Co) & Elizabeth Mae MOSCROP, witn: Howard HALLOCK of RR6 Woodstock & Sarah Agnes RAPER of 805 Rathburne Ave in Woodstock, 27 June 1923 at Innerkip
17935-23 Gordon Louis RATZ, 27, artist, Ontario, 84 Wardell Ave in Toronto, s/o Adam E. RATZ (b. Ont) & Margaret WETTLAUFER, married Katherine Charlotte KALBFLEISCH, 24, teacher, Ontario, Tavistock, d/o William KALBFLEISCH (b. Ont) & Margaret HAMILTON, witn: Latonia KALBFLEISCH & Adam E. RATZ, both of Tavistock, 31 March 1923 at Tavistock 17934-23 Irving Lewin REYNOLDS, 21, machine hand, Fall River Mass. USA, Woodstock, s/o Ross L. REYNOLDS (b. Massachusetts) & Elizabeth DEPLITCH, married Vera Elizabeth HARRINGTON, 21, knitter, Calgary Alberta, Woodstock, d/o William H. HARRINGTON (b. Ont) & Elizabeth HUNTER, witn: Mrs. R. & R. HARRINGTON of Woodstock, 28 March 1923 at Woodstock
17925-23 James ROBERTS, 31, cabinet maker, Lancashire England, Windsor Ont., s/o George ROBERTS (b. England) & Martha Eliza TATTERSALL, married Lillian Pearl FIRTH, 31, clerk, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Charles FIRTH (deceased, b. England) & Ida Alberta NOKES, witn: Mrs. Cephas FRISE of Little Britain & Mrs. Harvey BOYCE of Galt, 11 July 1923 at Ingersoll 17922-23 (Oxford Co) Edward Glendenning ROBINSON, 22, clerk, Ontario, Fifth St New Toronto, s/o George W. ROBINSON (b. Ontario) & Edith BRYDON, married Ida Mae CURTIS, 23, stenographer, Ontario, 24 Lake Shore Rd New Toronto, d/o James CURTIS (b. England) & Mary Caroline HILL, witn: John Franklynn ROGERS of Toronto & Sara M. CLARK of Tillsonburg, 31 Aug 1923 at Ingersoll
17929-23 Alfred Stanley ROBINSON, 23, laborer, England, East Oxford, s/o Alfred ROBINSON (b. England) & not known, married Geraldine SCOTT, 18, factory operator, Fenelon Falls, East Oxford, d/o Herbert SCOTT (b. Canada) & Mabel CLARK, witn: Amelia CLARK & Isaac YOUNG, both of Woodstock, 23 May 1923 at East Oxford twp 17927-23 Arlington David ROBINSON, 26, farmer, Ontario, West Oxford, s/o David ROBINSON & Fanny NANCEKIVELL, married Mildred May BELL, 24, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Michael BELL & Mary MAYBERRY, witn: R. Lloyd BELL of 205 Robert St. in Toronto & Ruby D. BOYER of Harrietsville, 23 June 1923 at Ingersoll
17918-23 (Oxford Co) Raymond ROCKETT, 26, cheese maker, South Oxford, Woodstock, s/o Charles ROCKETT (b. England) & Sarah GRISWOLD, married Hannah Mary Elizabeth BUTLER, 26, housekeeper, England, Woodstock, d/o John BUTLER (b. England) & Mary DENNY, witn: G.A. ROCKETT & Jane Elizabeth BUTLER both of Toronto, 21 Nov 1923 at Dundas St Methodist Church, Woodstock 17928-23 Robert Alexander ROLFE, 25, wood worker, Woodstock, same, s/o John ROLFE (b. Beaconsfield England) & Sophia KAUNDER, married Marcia Maud CASTOR, 21, Sault Ste. Marie, Woodstock, d/o Albert CASTOR (b. Collingwood Ont) & Anna COLBORNE, witn: Robert JONES of 18 Chapel St. & Bertha ROLFE of 612 Ingersoll Ave., 21 May 1923 at 693 George St., Woodstock
17933-23 William Albert ROLOSON, 25, farmer, Langton, Tilsonburg, s/o William N. ROLOSON (b. Ont) & Margaret HILL, married Dorcas May STEINHOFF, 16, Ostrander, Verschoyle, d/o Thomas STEINHOFF (b. Ont) & Lily SIMMONS, witn: Mrs. O. Stabley DAVIS of Straffordville & Offa Stanley DAVIS of Eden, 1 May 1923 at Verschoyle 17923-23 William James ROOKE, 24, farmer, Dereham Centre, same, s/o George ROOKE (b. England) & Annie Jane BUTLER, married Margaret LAZENBY, 26, England, Mt. Elgin, d/o John Henry LAZENBY (b. England) & Caroline TONKIN, witn: Daisy R. & Carl H. JEFFREY, both of RR1 Mt. Elgin, 4 Aug 1923 at Dereham Centre
017936-23 ( Oxford Co) Albert ROSS , 30 , truck driver , Embro , Woodstock , s/o Andrew ROSS & Margaret McKAY , married Bella McKAY , 24 , Hickson , same , d/o Alexander & Bessie , witn: Ernie & Jessie McKAY of Hickson , 24 January 1923 at Woodstock. 17824-23 Alexander ROSS, 68, widower, grocer, East Nissouri, Woodstock, s/o Alexander (b. Scotland) & Margaret, married Williamena McKAY, 60, East Nissouri, Woodstock, d/o Hugh McKAY (b. Scotland) & Margaret McKENZIE, witn: Elizabeth LITTLE & Lewis E. TOMLINSON, both of Woodstock, 28 June 1923 at Woodstock
17937-23 Charles Delmer ROSSITER, 25, farmer, Ontario, Crampton, s/o Anson? (Aaron?) ROSSITER (b. Crampton) & Edith CLEMENTS, married Elizabeth Olive SCOTT, 22, Ontario, Tilsonburg, d/o Stephen SCOTT (b. England) & Jennie BAXTER, witn: Grace ROSSITER of Mossley & Grace SCOTT of Tilsonburg, 10 Jan 1923 at Tilsonburg 17930-23 Herbert Joseph ROWLAND, 20, machinist, England, Chatham, s/o William John ROWLAND (b. Essex England) & Jennet COOK, married Annie MALTBY, 21, England, Woodstock, d/o Richard MALTBY (b. Yorkshire England) & Henrietta ATKINSON, witn: Clara MALTBY of Woodstock & Ernest ROWLAND of Ingersoll, 25 Oct 1923 at Woodstock
17931-23 Gordon Victor RYAN, 21, salesman, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Enos W. RYAN (b. Courtland Ont) & Mary M. HANSLER, married Zada Rebecca ROSZELL, 18, domestic, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o John Smith ROSZELL (b. Chatham Ont) & Isa AXFORD, witn: Pearl Alma & George Arthur SITTER of Ingersoll, 21 Dec 1923 at Ingersoll 017961-23 ( Oxford Co) James Asa SANDERS , 40 , widower , engineer , Embro , same , s/o James SANDERS & Annie GRANT , married Annie Jeanette WILLIAMS , 28 , widow , Embro , Woodstock , d/o Thomas MASTERS & Elizabeth Ann ELLIOTT , witn: Kathleen M. ARGENT & A.J. WATT of Woodstock , 7 March 1923 at Woodstock.
17944-23 Ernest SCANLAN, 36, widower, farmer, Dereham, Tilsonburg, s/o W. P. SCANLAN (b. Ont) & Sarah NEVILLE, married Mary Edna HARRISON, 27, Dereham, Salford, d/o George HARRISON (b. Yorkshire England) & Anna ELLERY, witn: Dora HARRISON of Salford & Matt SCANLAN of RR4 Tilsonburg, 19 Sept 1923 at Salford 17939-23 (Oxford Co) Max Carl SCHLUETER, 43, merchant, Preston, same, s/o William SCHLUETER (b. Germany) & Catherine FORELL, married Annie Isabel MURRAY, 31, teacher, Tavistock, same, d/o Robert MURRAY (b. Canada) & Janet G. MURRAY, witn: Fred MURRAY & Janet G. MURRAY both of Tavistock, 1 Nov 1923 at Tavistock
17945-23 William Henry SEMPLE, 26, factory superintendent, 26, Quebec City, same, s/o William S. SEMPLE (b. Quebec Que) & Elizabeth L. STOBO, married Thurid Elizabeth McINNIS, 23, Woodstock, same, d/o Angus MacINNIS (sic) (b. Portreo Scotland) & Jessie McMullen STUART, witn: E. L. SEMPLE of Murboye? Oklahoma, & Sarah Joanne FANENSTEIN? of 10 Mayley Ave - Yorkton NY, 26 Sept 1923 at Woodstock 17951-23 Benjamin Orran SHARPE, 24, farmer, Dorchester twp., Mossley, s/o Benjamin Franklin SHARPE (b. Dorchester twp) & Mary Jane CARGILL, married Alma Ruth BRANDOW, 19, Norfolk Co., Mossley, d/o William Oliver BRANDOW (b. Norfolk Co) & Lucinda ROBINSON, witn: Murton? R. & Irene L. SMITH of RR2 Belmont, 12 Dec 1923 at Salford
17960-23 Samuel SHELTON, 24, farmer, Ingersoll, West Oxford, s/o John SHELTON & Lena GILL, married Myrtle CROSLEY, 28, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o William CROSLEY & Mary STONE, witn: Mary McGILL & S. SEXSMITH, both of Ingersoll, 7 March 1923 at Ingersoll 017958-23 ( Oxford Co) Leonard Christian SHIREMAN , 32 , farmer , Blenheim Twp., same , s/o Jacob & Mary , married Rachel Maggie STRICKLER , 29 , widow , Blenheim Twp., Blandford , d/o William GOW & Emma WAGGE , witn: Barbara CHRISTIE of Woodstock & R.B. CHRISTIE of Woodstock , 14 March 1923 at Woodstock
17953-23 Orrin George SIMMONS, 26, laborer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Edward SIMMONS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth DOUGHERTY, married Phoebe STOAKLEY, 24, Ontario, Mt. Elgin, d/o James W. STOAKLEY (b. Canada) & Mary WESTON, witn: Carl Henry & Daisy JEFFREY of RR1 Mt. Elgin, 14 June 1923 at Dereham Centre 017949-23 ( Oxford Co) Murray SIMMONS , 19 , farmer , Oxford Co., Burford Twp., s/o Charles & Florence , married Ida BROOKS , 20 , Brant County , Burford Twp., d/o Thomas BROOKS & Alice EATON , witn: Hazel & Clarence BROOKS of Cathcart , 28 July 1923 at Woodstock.
17956-23 Hughston C. SINCLAIR, 35, machinist, Springfield Ont., 4416 14th St. in Detroit, s/o John SINCLAIR (b. Ont) & Emmeretta HOOVER, married Mae Lillian OATMAN, 35, Cornell Ont., Tilsonburg, d/o Albert OATMAN (b. Ont) & Mary F. HICKS, witn: A. Irene OATMAN of Tilsonburg & Mack R. SINCLAIR of 4416 14 th St. Detroit, 2 April 1923 at Tilsonburg  
17954-23 Edward Henry SMITH, 21, painter, Winnipeg, 16 Centre St. in St. Thomas Ont., s/o William Henry SMITH (b. England) & Blanch Isabella BROWN, married Marguerite Jane PALMER, 20, Tilsonburg, same, d/o Albert PALMER (b. Courtland) & Jennie KNOX, witn: Henry PALMER & William Berry CONKLING, both of Tilsonburg, 24 May 1923 at Tilsonburg 17955-23 Frank Arthur SMITH, 40, CNR baggage agent, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o John C. SMITH & Sarah Jane HICKS, married Minnie McKENZIE, 41, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Daniel McKENZIE & Annie NIXON, witn: George MITCHELL & Mary McGILL, both of Ingersoll, 8 May 1923 at Ingersoll
17947-23 Frederick Markham SMITH, 25, machinist, Ingersoll, same, s/o Henry SMITH (b. London England) & Mary Thirza MARKHAM, married Blanche Irene WILLS, 23, book keeper, Ingersoll, same, d/o William Henry WILLS (b. Devonshire England) & Ada Helen ROBINSON, witn: Thirza M. COMFORT of Ingersoll & Ethel Maud CORY of West Lorne, 5 Sept 1923 at Ingersoll 17942-23 Reuben Rice SMITH, 62, widower, farmer, S. Middleton, Tilsonburg, s/o James Henry SMITH (b. Townsend Centre) & Isabella KLINE, married Lavina HODGSON, 56, widow, Guelph, Saginaw Mich., d/o James McLEISH & Margaret RICHARDSON, witn: Arden & Annie C. SMITH of Tilsonburg, 2 Oct 1923 at Tilsonburg
17962-23 Daniel Ernest SMITH, 24, baker, Ingersoll, Waterford, s/o David S. SMITH & Mary RYMAN, married Vera Luella WATERHOUSE, 22, Ingersoll, same, d/o Thomas WATERHOUSE & Jennie CHRISTIE, witn: James Aubray WATERHOUSE & Mary McGILL, both of Ingersoll, 5 Jan 1923 at Ingersoll 17957-23 Guy SNELL, 19, farmer, North Norwich twp., same, s/o Herman SNELL (b. Canada) & Annie Ethel ROCKETT, married Edna ARMSTRONG, 18, London Ont., North Norwich twp., d/o David A. ARMSTRONG (b. Canada) & Elizabeth CRONK, witn: T.C. ABRAHAM & Irene F. ARMSTRONG, both of RR1 Norwich, 21 March 1923 at Burgessville [divorced 13/11/50]
17948-23 Edgar Adophus SNYDER, 27, mechanic, North Norwich, Norwich, s/o William M. SNYDER (b. N. Norwich Ont) & Mary Ellen GOODHAND, married Orpha Elizabeth ROOT, 21, postal clerk, Ontario, Norwich, d/o Isaac Harry? ROOT (b. Erin twp - Welland Co (sic)) & Mary Ethel BURT, witn: William M. SNYDER of Norwich & Robert ROOT of Guelph, 29 Aug 1923 at Norwich 17946-23 Manuel SPRAGUE, 65, widower, gentleman, Oxford Co., Ingersoll, s/o Manuel SPRAGUE (b. England) & Mary CRONK, married Hanneh Melina GRAHAM, 60, widow, house keeper, Ekfrid twp., Ingersoll, d/o George LAUGHTON (b. London Ont) & Mary Jane MORDEN, witn: Mrs. Daniel SMITH of 178 Oxford St. & Mrs. Elizabeth LITTLE of Woodstock, 26 Sept 1923 at Woodstock
17950-23 Gordon Ross STEWART, 21, clerk, Mount Vernon, Tilsonburg, s/o William STEWART (b. Brant Co) & Alice LAUGHLIN, married Edna Gertrude WEEKS, 18, Tilsonburg, same, d/o Joseph William WEEKS (b. Norfolk) & Anna Bell JEFFREY, witn: A. R. WEEKS & Mrs. Mary A. BROOKS, both of Tilsonburg, 24 Dec 1923 at Tilsonburg 17963-23 David STREICHER, 24, farmer, North Easthope twp., same, s/o John STREICHER & Leah LEBOLD, married Annie BENDER, 21, East Zorra twp., South Easthope twp., d/o John BENDER & David ZEHR, w witn: Sam LEBOLD of Wellesley & David ZEHR of Woodstock, 4 Jan 1923 at East Zorra (Mennonite)
017952-23 ( Oxford Co) Charles Henry STRICKLAND , 32 , clerk , Cannington , Paris , s/o John H. STRICKLAND & Clara FLANAGAN , married Laura Pearl ALEXANDER , 32 , Drumbo , Paris , d/o Ralph ALEXANDER & Margaret McLEAN , witn: Fraser HILBORN of Paris & Eva LILLEY of Drumbo , 14 July 1923 at Drumbo 17959-23 Lloyd Bruce STROUD, 22, farmer, Springford, same, s/o Thomas William STROUD (b. Dereham Ont) & Elizabeth WARDLE, married Lillian Eliza CURRAN, 27, Adams NY, Springford, d/o William George CURRAN (b. Kingston) & Jennie Ann ALLPORT, witn: Myra T. G. & Charles BARNUM of Springford, 14 March 1923 at Springford
17943-23 Joseph Archer SWALWELL, 32, bank clerk, Ontario, 4 Armandale Rd in Toronto, s/o George C. SWALWELL (b. England) & Margaret GARLICK, married Marion Grace WESTLAKE, 28, Ontario, 64 Oxford St. in Woodstock, d/o Henry E. WESTLAKE (b. England) & Martha Elizabeth BOYS, witn: Fannie Westlake KEELER of Ingersoll & George G. SWALWELL of London, 6 Oct 1923 at 64 Oxford St. in Woodstock 17977-23 Carl Rudel TABOR, 22 + 10 mon, farmer, West Oxford, same, s/o Isaac T. TABOR (b. Canada) & Helen DAVIS, married Henrietta SPICER, 18 + 7 mon, farm work, West Oxford, same, d/o Albert SPICER (b. England) & Mary VOLID, witn: Norman TABOR of RR5 Ingersoll & Kate SPICER of RR1 Beachville, 14 March 1923 at Beachville
017973-23 ( Oxford Co) Harvey Lincoln THALER , 28 , farmer , Wilmot Twp., Blenheim Twp., s/o Moses THALER & Mary STEINACKER , married Freda Florence KLOSS , 26 , South Dumfries Twp., Blenheim Twp., d/o Henry KLOSS & Susan ATKINS , witn: Mr. & Burwell HARRISON of Bright , 12 June 1923 at Richwood. 17978-23 Sidney Anderson THOMPSON, 35, farmer, England, Dereham twp., s/o John THOMPSON & Rachel ANDERSON, married Violet KADING, 22, Ontario, Exeter, d/o Charles KADING & Emma PENHALL, witn: Mary McGILL & S. SEXSMITH, both of Ingersoll, 10 Jan 1923 at Ingersoll
17975-23 Henry Joseph THUR, 22, farmer, Golden Lake Ont., Elora, s/o Adolph THUR (b. Golden Lake) & Mary SCHULTZ, married Luella Frances BRICKER, 28, rubber worker, Elmira, same, d/o John C. BRICKER (b. Waterloo Co) & Rebecca SNYDER, witn: Mrs. Henry MOHR & Mrs. G. F. BROWN, both of Tavistock, 23 May 1923 at Tavistock 17974-23 Ralph Richard Owen THURSTON, 31, laborer, England, Woodstock, s/o Wightwick Oxenden THURSTON (b. England) & Jane Caroline Mary BRETT, married Hilda Monelhade GRAY, 25, England, Woodstock, d/o John GRAY (b. England) & Elizabeth Jane SINGLETON, witn: H. J. PALMER of 30 Vansittart Ave & Elizabeth CHAMPION of 76 Wilson St., 6 June 1923 at Old St. Pauls Church, Woodstock
17969-23 Albert Byron TOLHURST, 22, farmer, Tilsonburg, same, s/o John Byron TOLHURST (b. Ont) & Clarinda SPONENBURG, married Bessie Helena ANDERSON, 18, Simcoe, Tilsonburg, d/o George V. ANDERSON (b. Norfolk Co) & Laura S. PEAKE, witn: Mrs. Florence McLACHLAN of Tilsonburg & John McLACHLAN of Hamilton, 30 July 1923 at Tilsonburg  
017968-23 ( Oxford Co) Arthur Charles TOWNSEND , 28 , fireman , England , Dalhousie St. Brantford , s/o Arthur TOWNSEND , married Verna Mae LEONARD , 21 , Bright , same , d/o William Thomas LEONARD & Clara Malinda MELLICK , witn: Mrs. William Thomas LEONARD of Bright & James Clarence LEONARD of New York , 24 September 1923 at Ratho. 17971-23 Harry James TRACEY, 28, miller, Knowlton Que., Woodstock, s/o Philander TRACEY (b. Knowlton Que) & Lillian SPENCER, married Margaret Suter BEAT (Best?), 30, folder, Scotland, Woodstock, d/o Thomas BEAT (b. Dundee Scotland) & Mary SOUTAR, witn: Mary McKAY of 1240 Shaw St. in Toronto & Barbara CHRISTIE of 42 Delatre? West in Woodstock, 20 June 1923 at Woodstock
17972-23 Jacob Andrew TRILLER, 24, advertising solicitor, Waterloo Co., Woodstock, s/o Otto TRILLER (b. Germany) & Anna BAETZ, married Hazel Edna EDWARDS, 28, Woodstock, same, d/o William Jerome EDWARDS (b. Woodstock Ont) & Mary WILSON, witn: Emma Lora? TRILLER of Box 458? Preston & Clarence Leslie EDWARDS of 379 Main St. in Woodstock 17970-23 Clarence Earle TRIPP, 24, machinist, Woodstock, same, s/o Joseph Clark TRIPP (b. Ingersoll Ont) & Alice EARLE, married Elsie HARTLAND, 32, domestic, Taunton Somerset England, Woodstock, d/o Robert HARTLAND (b. England) & Rhoda PIPE, witn: Gordon Joseph TRIPP of 30 Dover St. & Ellen TRIBBLE of 47 Vansittart Ave., 21 July 1923 at Old St. Pauls Church, Woodstock
17976-23 William Henry TURNER, 22, farmer, East Zorra, same, s/o Henry TURNER (b. Bradenwell - Essex England) & Alice SIBLEY, married Ethel Eva PALLISTER, 18, household duties, East Zorra, same, d/o Daniel C. PALLISTER (b. East Zorra) & Sarah WORKMAN, witn: Elizabeth TURNER of RR3 Woodstock & William PALLISTER of 5543 Lincoln Ave in Detroit, 18 April 1923 at Christ Church, Huntingford, East Zorra, 17966-23 (Oxford Co) William Walter TURNER, 74, widower, currier, London, Woodstock, s/o Henry William TURNER (b. England) & Sybella GRAHAM, married Isabella Fredrica HESLIP, 65, widow, housework, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Edward MAINES (b. Ireland) & Margaret FRAZER, witn: Howard Edward TURNER of Woodstock & Ida WOODER of Toronto, 27 Sept 1923 at 771 Dundas St Woodstock
17980-23 James Albert UTLEY, 49, widower, teamster, Dereham twp., East Zorra, s/o Isaiah UTLEY (b. Ont) & Annie Margaret RAYMOND, married Elsie Florence BEAUCHAMP, 24, England, East Zorra, d/o Arthur BEAUCHAMP (b. Somerset England) & Edith DURBAN, witn: Charles & Nellie HOLMES of RR7 Woodstock, 16 Jan 1923 at 771 Dundas St., Woodstock 017979-23 ( Oxford Co) Ernest Arthur UTTING , 35 , widower , Woodstock , same , s/o Charles UTTING & Frances EVERETT , married Marianne Thomson JOHNSTON , 35 , Woodstock , same , d/o W.H. JOHNSTON & Marianne SHANNON , witn: Mrs. J.A. WOODS of Galt & R.S. UNDERHILL of Woodstock , 28 April 1923 at Chesterfield.
17981-23 William Ross VICKERS, 19, laborer, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o William VICKERS (b. Lancashire? England) & Ellen STROWBRIDGE, married Ethel May CANNOM, 18, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o John Wesley CANNOM (b. Ingersoll Ont) & Cora May GRIGGS, witn: Susan Erelya? CANNOM & Ernest Frank ROWLAND, both of Ingersoll, 29 Sept 1923 at Ingersoll 17982-23 William Ernest Allen VIGAR, 26, electrician, North Norwich twp., Norwich, s/o Henry Thomas VIGAR (b. Hastings England) & Catherine TREFFRY, married Gladys Faith BARTLETT, 23, St. Marys Ont., Norwich, d/o John Charles BARTLETT (b. St. Marys) & Elizabeth DYMOND, witn: John Wesley BARTLETT of Norwich & Jessie P. BENNETT of Galt, 6 June 1923 at Norwich
18006-23 David WAGLER, 25, farmer, South Easthope, same, s/o Moses WAGLER & Katie BRENNEMAN, married Ida KIPFER, 19, Shakespeare, New Hamburg, d/o Jacob KIPFER & Mary ALBRECHT, witn: John WAGLER of Shakespeare & Enos ZEHR of Woodstock, 28 Nov 1923 at East Zorra Church 18005-23 Joseph WAGLER, 23, farmer, East Zorra, same, s/o Christian L. WAGLER & Mary ZEHR, married Druscilla May RUBY, 17, East Zorra, South Easthope, d/o Jacob RUBY & Laura GINGERICH, witn: Elmer RUBY of Shakespeare & Isaac ZEHR of Tavistock, 14 June 1923 at East Zorra Church
017994-23 ( Oxford Co) Reginald WALLACE , 22 , produce merchant , Richwood , Princeton , s/o Joseph WALLACE & Eliza M.. GOODWIN , married Vera BAKER , 18 , Lakeport New York , St. Catherines , d/o Burton BAKER & Minnie RIGERMAN , witn: Effie & Merrill NEILL of Princeton , 26 June 1923 at Princeton 17985-23 (Oxford Co) Kenneth Lyle WALSH, 21, clerk, Bayham, same, s/o Charles Allen WALSH (b. Malahide) & May ELLIS, married Vera A. HEARN, 23, Bell operator, Tillsonburg, same, d/o Robert HEARN (b. Tillsonburg) & Amelia TROTT, witn: Violet TAYLOR of Tillsonburg & R.W. HEARN of Toronto, 26 Sept 1923 at Tillsonburg
18003-23 Charles Albert WARDLE, 24, farmer, Woodstock, Courtland, s/o Francis Carle John WARDLE (b. Ont) & Jane Martha BRIDGES, married Mary GRANGER, 19, Brandy Creek, Courtland, d/o Charles GRANGER (b. Ont) & Kate WELLS, witn: Kate GRANGER of Courtland & N. HENSON of Tilsonburg, 5 Feb 1923 at Tilsonburg 17986-23 (Oxford Co) Harold Everett WARDLE, 28, electrician, Dereham, Tillsonburg, s/o L. Everett [WARDLE] (b. Dereham) & Lida OATMAN, married Cora Leona GOODHAND, 38, Dereham, Tillsonburg, d/o James H. GOODHAND ( b. Dereham) & Mary BARKER, witn: Winnifred G. GOODHAND & C. Stuart WILLIAMS both of Tillsonburg, 26 Sept 1923 at Tillsonburg
17989-23 (Oxford Co) Charles Vincent WATSON, 28, candy maker, England, Ingersoll, s/o Charles Vincent WATSON (b. England) & Emily MORSE, married Elsie Louise CHAMBERS, 27, waitress, England, Ingersoll, d/o Thomas William CHAMBERS (b. England) & Selina DAVIS, witn: D.E. DEAMUDE & Kathleen WATSON both of Ingersoll, 4 Aug 1923 at Ingersoll 17991-23 Edward Victor Maxwell WEBSTER, 20, machinist, England, Ingersoll, s/o John Maxwell WEBSTER (b. Scotland ) & Edna Louise WRIGHT, married Leta Muriel MARKHAM, 20, Ingersoll, same, d/o Walter Frederick MARKHAM (b. Ont) & Sarah DALE, witn: Mr. Leslie PRIMEGAR? & Miss Ivy WEBSTER, both of Ingersoll, 7 July 1923 at Ingersoll
17983-23 Charlie Edward WEEKS, 19, shoe maker, Tilsonburg, same, s/o Andrew WEEKS (b. Middleton twp) & Mary Jane ANSCOM (Auscom?), married Martha Louise BUNDY, 19, Tilsonburg, same, d/o Charles BUNDY (b. Tilsonburg Ont) & Eva MILLER, witn: Aletta Bessie & Cecil Lewis SHERMAN of Courtland, 7 Nov 1923 at Tilsonburg 17995-23 Harold Edgar WESTON, 19, laborer, England, Ingersoll, s/o Clarence WESTON (b. England) & Minnie BONIFACE, married Florence Mary HOWLETT, 18, Ingersoll, Woodstock, d/o Frederick William HOWLETT (b. England) & Mary SMITH, witn: Frederick M. Mrs. Mary HOWLETT of Woodstock, 20 June 1923 at Ingersoll
17996-23 Gordon Roy WILHELM, 28, farmer, North Easthope, same, s/o Moses WILHELM (b. Canada) & Adeline RIEHL, married Ettie Ruth HOHNER, 26, East Zorra, North Easthope, d/o Christ. HOHNER (b. Canada) & Anna HOFFMEIER, witn: Clifford A. WILHELM of RR1 Stratford & Emily ROBERTSON of 539 Barton St. East in Hamilton, 2 June 1923 at East Zorra twp 17990-23 Hursel Leander WILKINSON, 25, telegraph operator, Canfield Ont., Tilsonburg, s/o Henry WILKINSON (b. Ont) & Cecelia Ellen MacDONALD, married Goldie Eileen MARKLE, 18, Tilsonburg, same, d/o Bert MARKLE (b. Ont) & Lena FUHR, witn: Mary A. WOOD of Ingersoll & Margaret E. TRUEMAN of Toronto, 28 July 1923 at Ingersoll
17992-23 Nelson Wilmot WILSON, 24, laborer, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Charles WILSON (b. Ont) & Margaret Louisa CASE, married Helen Jean McKAY, 22, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o William Bain McKAY (b. Ont) & Alice McDONALD, witn: Fred WILSON of RR4 Ingersoll & Jeanette E. McKAY of Ingersoll, 27 June 1923 at Ingersoll 17993-23 William Lloyd Jordan WOOD, 64, widower, manufacturer, Omemee Ont., Lindsay, s/o William WOOD & Sarah JORDAN, married Ida Gertrude SANDERSON, 38 organist, Peterborough Co., Peterborough, d/o Edward SANDERSON & Hannah Eliza KELLY, witn: Mary McGILL & Sarah SEXSMITH, both of Ingersoll, 5 June 1923 at Ingersoll
18009-23 Oscar YANSE (Yause?), 32, farmer, South Easthope, same, s/o Daniel YANSE (b. Canada) & Mary DIETRICH, married Stella ROTH, 19, East Zorra, same, d/o Samuel ROTH (b. Canada) & Barbara PISCH (Piech?), witn: Charles YANSE & RR1 Townsend & Mariann ROTH of RR6 Woodstock, 10 Sept 1893 at Woodstock 18008-23 Howard Walter YOUNG, 29, book keeper, Simcoe, Port Colborne, s/o Charles K. YOUNG (b. Townsend twp) & Mary L .HENDERSON, married Reta Mabel HEY, 29, bank teller, Ailsa Craig, Ingersoll, d/o John William HEY (b. Ailsa Craig) & Emma Irene OWEN, witn: Theodore R. GRAY of Imperial Bank Bldg. in London & Adah B. HENDERSON of 243 East Main St. in Galt, 24 July 1923 at Ingersoll
18007-23 William YOUNG, 30, blacksmith Ontario, Mount Elgin, s/o B. S. YOUNG (b. Cayuga) & Mary Jane, married Maud Rozella CASE, 20, Ontario, Zenila?, d/o Franklin CASE (b. North Norwich) & Emma Rozella POLLARD, witn: Harrie & Earle SHERK of 374 Simcoe St. in Woodstock, 31 March 1923 at 285 Dundas St. in Woodstock 18010-23 Lorne ZAVITZ, 26, barber, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Clinton ZAVITZ (b. Aylmer Ont) & Clara FLEMMNG, married Bessie Lister BRUN, 20, Ontario, Tilsonburg, d/o William C. BURN (b. Tilsonburg Ont) & Annie Craigan KELMAN, witn: Marion BURN of Tilsonburg & Frank JACKSON of Ingersoll, 21 Nov 1923 at Tilsonburg