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Charles OVERY married, on 2 Jan 1804, Mary BOURNER of St. Leonards (but born in Warbleton, E.Sussex). They were married at Hollington, E.Sussex. Charles was 20 years older than Mary, (he was age 55 in the 1841 census). In 1841, they lived at Grove Farm, St. Leonards. Charles & Mary had at least 8 children:

1. THOMAS, b.1804 in St. Leonards; d.28 Dec1874, buried at Whatlington

2. MARY, b.1806 in St. Leonards

3. HARRIET, b.1808 in St. Leonards, married William Apps

4. BETSY, b.1809 in St. Leonards

5. JAMES, b.27Oct1816 in St. Leonards, d.1903

6. CHARLES, b.1817 in Westfield

7. HENRY, b.1821 in St. Leonards, d.10Ju11902, buried at Whatlington

8. ALFRED, nothing known about him * - in the 1881 census there is an Alfred OVERY, born 1814 in St. Leonards. He is a clothier living in Shrewsbury, Shropshire; married with 3 daughters Fanny, Kate & Martha. His wife's name is Fanny and she was born in Honiton Devon about 1817


The Next Generation


Thomas married Hannah (born in Pett, E. Sussex) who died 28 Ju1y 1886. They had no children. In 1851 they lived at Leaford Cottage, Whatlington. Both are buried at Whatlington. A summary of Thomas's will is given below.


MARY OVERY's family:

Mary married Robert ELDRIDGE who was born in Sedlescombe, E. Sussex. In 1851 they lived at Grove Farm, St. Leonards where they farmed 600 acres and employed 44 people. Later they moved to Stour House in Hollington. They had at least 5 children;

1. Mary, b.1834 in Battle, E. Sussex

2. Charles, b.1840; d. 25 Feb 1909, m. Ettie (d.Mar 1902, age 61), Wesleyan minister

3. Harriett Elizabeth, b.23 Apr 1841 in Battle; d.30 Mar1 917, her tombstone says that she is the third daughter, buried at Sedlescombe Reform Church, unmarried.

4. Esther Ann, b.22 Mar1848 in St. Leonards; d.30Mar1934, unmarried, buried at Sedlescombe Reform Church.

5. Henry Thomas, b.1851 in St. Leonards


BETSY OVERY's family:

Sometime between the census of 1851 when she lived with her mother at Leaford Cottage, Whatlington, and the writing of Thomas Overy's will in May of 1874, Betsy married John Peter HARWOOD of Hastings. In 1881 Betsy was a widow.


JAMES OVERY's family:

James married Esther nee OVERY, (b.1821 in Westfield; d. 21 Oct 1903, buried at Whatlington). In 1851 they lived in Peasmarsh, E.Sussex at Old House Farm. In 1871 they lived at Stockwood Farm which is/was directly south of the village of Ewhurst. They owned 400 acres and employed 17 men and 5 boys. At this time a niece, Clara E. BRISSENDEN (b. in Freehurst, E.Sussex), lived with them. In 1903 James's address at time of his death: "Fernleigh", St. Matthews Dr., St. Leonards, Sussex [he left 5,702 pounds to Henry James Overy (son) and Walter Cozens (builder)] James & Esther were married in Etchingham on June 22, 1843, and they had several children:

Charles, b.29 Nov 1845 in Battle, married his cousin Elizabeth Maria Julia OVERY on 21 Nov 1872 at "the church in the parish of Bexhill". Charles was a farmer & resident of Northiam at the time of his marriage. Witnesses at the marriage were Henry OVERY, Henry OVERY & Frances Sarah OVERY.

In the 1881 census Charles & Elizabeth are living with Elizabeth's parents in Hastings, along with their daughter Lilly M., age 1, born Northiam. Charles was a farmer of 110 Acres Employing 7 Men & 3 Boys (his father-in-law was a retired farmer in 1881)

Birth registration: Charles OVERY, born 29 Nov 1845, s/o James OVERY, farmer, & Esther OVERY formerly OVERY, Battle, East Sussex

Alfred Thomas, b.1849 in Battle

Esther Louisa, b. in Peasmarsh, E. Sussex

Eliza Jane, b.1844 in Netherfield, E.Sussex. In the 1851 census she was a pupil at Walnut Tree, Northiam. She was living at Nothiam, E.Sussex before her death in 1875. Unmarried. She left 90 pounds to Henry James Overy, farmer, in her will.

Jolly, b.Mar 1854; d.Feb 1866, buried at Whatlington

There may have been a yongerer daughter of James & Esther's who appears in the 1871 census as LM or FM, age 18, born in Battle

Henry James (called Harry), b.1845 in Netherfield (or Tonbridge). In 1851 he too was a pupil at Walnut Tree, Nothiam. He died in 1907. He married Sarah MANNINGTON.

Children of Harry & Sarah:

Harry b. 1870; d. 1950; m. Mary BECKETT.

Ernest Isaac, b. 1876; d. 1939; m. (1) Muriel CLIBBONE; m. (2) Emma MABLEDORF.

Donald James , b. 1877; d. 1963; m. Dora MERRIMAN.

Francis Mannington, b. 1878; m. Molly FLETCHER.

Sarah Minnie, b. 1879; d. 1968; m. Charles MARSTERS.

Jack (John A.), b. 1881; d. 1906.

Frances May, b. 1882; d. 1964.

Ellice, b. 1884; d. 1964.

Edwin, b. 1887; d. 1964; m. Daisy MANNINGTON.

Winifred, b. 1888; d. 1967.

Theodore, b. 1890; d. 1968; m. Lilas CATTENADA.

David, b. 1892; d. 1960; m. Elsie BAKER.

Thomas Stuart (Sir) OVERY, b. June 13, 1893; d. July 18, 1973; m. Hilda RICHARDSON.


CHARLES OVERY _jr.'s family:

Charles married Harriet RAND who was born in Southend, Essex, and they had at least 5 children, all born in Etchingham, E.Sussex (where in 1851 they lived on Kitchingham Farm, 250 acres, 6 employees).

Elizabeth Rand, b.1843. Elizabeth married her cousin Alfred APPS (1839-1913) and they had a daughter Harriett Elizabeth who was born on 24 Dec 1866. Elizabeth died March 07, 1868 at Whatlington and little Harriet died 10 June 1871, also in Whatlington

from The Gentleman’s Magazine of 1865, page 107, Marriages: "At St. Andrews, Paddock Wood, Alfred Apps, esq of London, to Elizabeth Rand, only child of Charles Overy, esq, of Mascalls Court, Brenchley Kent"......... if it is true that Elizabeth Rand Overy was an only child, then we have her in the wrong family.

Charlotte, b.1845 at Etchingham. Married to Mr. COZENS. Charlotte died 20 Nov 1943.

Charles, b.1846 in Etchingham. - he married his cousin, Elizabeth Mary Jane OVERY, d/o Henry & Elizabeth

Harriett F ., b.1848 at Etchingham

Thomas A., b.1850 at Etchingham

Charles had a second wife, Marianne JULE. Both wives are buried with him at Whatlington.


HENRY OVERY's family;

Henry married Elizabeth Mary who was born in 1824 in Hawkhurst, Kent and who died 20 Nov 1904 (buried at Whatlington).

Henry John Ditch, b.1847 in Wadhurst, E.Sussex; d.3 Mar1903, buried at Whatlington; m.Esther Louisa ( d.4 Nov 1918, age 87, buried at Whatlington)

Susan Maria b.1848; d.1851 (age 2), buried with parents

Elizabeth Mary Julia , b.1849 in Buxted (or Bexhill) - married to her cousin Charles OVERY, s/o James - see above

Frances Sarah, b.1851 in Ticehurst, unmarried in 1872 when she a witness at her sister's wedding, and in the 1881 census when she is living with her parents.

Harriett Emma, b.1854; d.1874, buried with parents

Felecia E., born about 1856 in Bexhill

Florence E., born about 1859 in Bexhill

Lilla M., born about 1861 in Bexhill



The Last Will & Testament of THOMAS OVERY

A Very Brief Summary;

His wife HANNAH inherits 100 pounds plus all his furniture, utensils, etc; She also gets use of the house at 2 Calverley Park Villas, Tunbridge Wells. After her death, the house passes to Thomas's brother JAMES.

Woods Place Farm, Whatlington, is bequeathed to his nephew, ALBERT APPS, as is Royal Oak Cottage, Whatlington, on the condition that they are not mortgaged or sold. This condition seems to apply to all property (real estate) that Thomas Overy leaves.

His nephew, JOHN HENRY DITCH OVERY, inherits Seaford Farm, Whatlington (then occupied by WILLIAM APPS, the elder) as well as Mount Pleasant House, Whatlington (once occupied by a Mrs. Wm Henry Bates, but at the time of the will it was unoccupied).

Another nephew, ALFRED THOMAS OVERY of Peasmarsh, appears to inherit the Manor of Battle; tenements in Mount Street, Battle; and property in Sandhurst Kent with shops, garden & building.

Thomas Overy left many shares in, amongst others, the Gas Works of Battle and the Alliance Bank of London. These he left to his brother CHARLES and his cousin, JOHN TURNER of Langton, Kent .

He bequeathed money to the Wesleyan ---Missionary Society, the Foreign Missionary Society of the Wesleyan Methodists, and the British & Foreign Bible Society. Relatives who received money were his brother ALFRED, his sister MARY ELDRIDGE, his sister HARRIET APPS, his brother HENRY, his sister BETSY HARWOOD and his cousin CHARLOTTE CRISFORD. Also mentioned is a Ann or Charlotte Ann Crisford.



London (UK) Times of 24 May 1845

WHATLINGTON, SUSSEX, Thursday May 22 - The inquest on the body of the child who was found drowned in the stream leading to the Sedlescomb Powder-Mills, was returned today before Mr. H.P. Hall, at the house of the girl's grandmother.  The mother of the child, who is still confined to her bed, was examined in the bed-room, when, in answer to questions put to her by the coroner, she said, "I don't know how the child came in, or how I went in"  The father of the child, George Overy, only 18 years of age, was summoned at her request, when, on being confronted with her, he stoutly denied that he was the father, in such a course and brutal manner as to draw forth the disgust of his uncle (Mr. Stephen Overy) and the whole of the jury, who felt that the poor creature's statement was perfectly correct.  She being somewhat excited in consequence of his behaviour, Mr. Watts, surgeon, said that such recrimination was very injurious to his patient; the jury, therefore, retired to the Royal Oak (where the first inquest was held) , when the jury considered their verdict.  .....[omitted words]... returned the following verdict: "That the child was secretly born from the body of Harriet Fuller, but whether the said child was fully born alive or not no sufficient evidence does appear to the jurors, and that said child was found dead in a certain stream"