St. James, Toronto, 1872 - 1884

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Marriages at St. James Anglican, Toronto,

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Marriages at St. James, Toronto, 1872 - 1884

From Landmarks of Toronto, volume 3, p.395 ff, by John Ross Robertson, submitted by Marcie Lawrence


Marriage Performed by R. SHANKLIN

2 January, 1872, Charles Henry GRANTHAM, bachelor, and Sarah Eveleen MYLES, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James

2 January, 1872, William BROWN, bachelor, and Rachel WEBB, spinster, Markham.

3 January, 1872, Tobias SWITZER, bachelor, and Rose QUINN, spinster, Toronto.

9 January, 1872, Josephus STOVER, bachelor, and Annie JENNINGS, spinster, Markham.

22 January, 1872, Francis KENNEDY, widower, and Catharine SMITH, widow, Toronto.

27 January, 1872, John JONES, bachelor, and Margaret McALLISTER, spinster, Toronto.

31 January, 1872, James Thomas RUSSELL, bachelor, and Ann Jane GRANT, spinster, Etobicoke.

5 February, 1872, Hugh MORRISON, bachelor, and Anne WEBB, spinster, Toronto Gore.

6 February, 1872, William DOWLING, bachelor, and Mary MORGAN, spinster, Toronto.

7 February, 1872, John HOWARD, bachelor, and Mary BLOSS, spinster, Toronto.

12 February, 1872, John THOMPSON, widower, and Margaret Anne SMYTHE, spinster, Toronto.

15 February, 1872, William Thomas BUTTERY, bachelor, and Fanny MARKLEY, spinster, Toronto.

24 February, 1872, William MARTIN, bachelor, and Phoebe NIXON, spinster, Toronto.

29 February, 1872, Robert HULL, widower, and Sarah Jane QUINN, spinster, Toronto.

6 March, 1872, Arthur LLOYD, bachelor, and Lucinda Jane SAUNDERS, spinster, Toronto.

11 March, 1872, William Thomas COOKE, Toronto, bachelor, and Agnes Arnott NICOL, Woodstock, spinster.

14 March, 1872, Robert PINKNEY, bachelor, and Elizabeth JACKSON, spinster, Toronto township.

19 March, 1872, Robert DAVIDSON, Osprey, bachelor, and Martha MILLS, Essa, spinster.

20 March, 1872, John BOOTH, bachelor, and Jane LUKE, spinster, Scarborough.

27 March, 1872, William WRIGHT, bachelor, and Cecilia MOORE, spinster, Toronto.

8 April, 1872, Charles Thomas GRAY, bachelor, and Lena Elizabeth CAUFMAN, spinster, Toronto.

16 April, 1872, William Silver OLIVER, Staff Surgeon to H. M. Forces, bachelor, and Elizabeth Alice GALT, spinster, Toronto.

22 April, 1872, George WILLARD, bachelor, and Catherine HANLON, spinster, Toronto.

25 April, 1872, Edwin ROBINSON, bachelor, and Mary CHRISTY, spinster, Toronto.

25 April, 1872, Benjamin CUPPLER, bachelor, and Elizabeth PETERS, spinster, Toronto.

23 May, 1872, James Luck CURRY, bachelor, and Mary Jane PURDOM, spinster, Toronto.

27 May, 1872, Albert THRALL, bachelor, and Emily PARCHMENT, widow, Toronto.

1 June, 1872, John CHAMBERS, bachelor, and Elizabeth ROBINSON, spinster, Toronto.

19 June, 1872, Charles MEREDITH, bachelor, and Florence SYMONS, spinster, Toronto.

20 June, 1872, John CLIFFORD, widower, and Mary SMEDLEY, spinster, Toronto

27 June, 1872, Frederick THOMLINSON, bachelor, and Mary PRIESTLEY, spinster, Toronto.

27 June, 1872, John Fryer STOKES, bachelor, and Jane BURKE, widow, Toronto.

29 June, 1872, John ROOK, bachelor, and Mary CARR, spinster, Scarboro'

1 July, 1872, William Frederick FORD, widower, and Eliza STEVENSON, spinster, Toronto.

6 July, 1872, Edwin James HURST, bachelor, and Mary Jane MORTON, spinster, Toronto.

9 July, 1872, Nathaniel Allen GAMBLE, Newmarket, bachelor, and Matilda SPROULE, Toronto, spinster.

10 July, 1872, William James KENNEDY, bachelor, and Rebecca SLEETH, spinster, Toronto.

16 July, 1872, Charles PETERS, bachelor, and Agnes Jane CLEMENTS, spinster, Toronto.

18 July, 1872, Samuel COX, bachelor, and Emma WILKS, spinster, Toronto.

20 July, 1872, William WOODGATE, bachelor, and Marie CERES DE BALZAC, spinster, Toronto.

29 July, 1872, William BOYNE, bachelor, and Margaret Louisa DEVERELL, widow, Toronto.

31 July, 1872, Richard MALTBY, widower, and Mary KEW, spinster, Toronto.

1 August, 1872, William McWILLIAMS, bachelor, and Emily Isabella McDONELL, spinster, Toronto.

15 August, 1872, Harry Ernest THOMPSON, bachelor, and Louisa LEE, spinster, Toronto

24 August, 1872, Samuel McNAB, bachelor, and Elizabeth HENRY, spinster, Toronto.

24 August, 1872, James PACE, bachelor, and Mary Ann FOWLER, spinster, Toronto.

26 August, 1872, Thomas WORRELL, bachelor, and Elizabeth PEARDON, spinster, Toronto.

16 September, 1872, Allen RAYNOR, bachelor, and Mary Ann HODGINS, spinster, Toronto.

17 September, 1872, William HILLER, Aurora, bachelor, and Charlotte ELLIS, York, spinster.

23 September, 1872, Edward THWAITES, bachelor, and Ellen TAYLOR, spinster, Toronto.

25 September, 1872, Daniel ARMOUR, bachelor, and Susan HOLLINGSHEAD, spinster, King.

26 September, 1872, Charles MARTIN, bachelor, and Sarah MATHEWS, spinster, Toronto.

26 September, 1872, Edward Thomas CARTER, bachelor, and Louisa Carr HALL, spinster, Toronto.  

26 September, 1872, Charles ROBERTSON, bachelor, and Lizzie BLUMHART, spinster, Toronto.

1 October, 1872, Edward BASS, Watford, bachelor, and Bridget CONNORS, Toronto, spinster.

3 October, 1872, William John MATHERS, bachelor, and Maggie GIBSON, spinster, Toronto.

7 October, 1872, Robert JOHNSON, Caledon, bachelor, and Jane DALBY, Toronto, spinster.

7 October, 1872, Adam BENSON, bachelor, and Rebecca BALL, widow, Toronto.

7 October, 1872, Henry BLUFF, Toronto, bachelor, and Elizabeth SMITHSON, Niagara, spinster.

19 October, 1872, Thomas KENDALL, widower, and Harriet GREEN, widow, Toronto.

24 October, 1872, Donald McDONALD, widower, and Mary CHARTERS, widow, Toronto.

25 October, 1872, John Sobey PEARCE, bachelor, and Augusta Wilhelmina STUHLMANN, spinster, Toronto.

28 October, 1872, Moses HILL, bachelor, and Annie LAWSON, spinster, Toronto.

30 October, 1872, James William INGHAM, widower, and Isabella Jane SIBLEY, spinster, Toronto.

31 October, 1872, Ralph COOK, widower, and Annie BLUFF, spinster, Toronto.

4 November, 1872, John FREETH, widower, and Ellen CUMMINS, spinster, Toronto.

4 November, 1872, James JUPP, bachelor, and Harriet KING, spinster, Toronto.

12 November, 1872, John Joseph FANNING, Thornbury, bachelor, and Mary Ann MADILL, Toronto, spinster.

23 November, 1872, Sidney WILLIAMS, bachelor, and Sarah KIRWEN, spinster, Toronto.

26 November, 1872, Henry BALLARD, widower, and Rebecca BROWN, spinster, Pickering.

2 December, 1872, George DEATH, bachelor, and Emily Maud PATTISON, spinster, Toronto.

3 December, 1872, Francis William GRIFFITH, bachelor, and Mary Anne RITCHIE, spinster, York.

7 December, 1872, Charles RUSSELL, widower, and Mary Jane ELLIOTSON, spinster, Toronto.

9 December, 1872, John ATKINSON, bachelor, and Ellen CUNNINGHAM, spinster, Toronto.

21 December, 1872, Alfred COLLIER, bachelor, and Mary Anne FERGUSON, spinster, Toronto

24 December, 1872, William Barclay SNOW, widower, and Elizabeth IRVING, spinster, Toronto.

24 December, 1872, Richard AVIS, bachelor, and Susan Dixon LOOSE, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Edmund BALDWIN, Assistant Minister

17 April, 1872, William SIMPSON, bachelor, and Catherine HODGINS, spinster, Toronto.

29 June, 1872, Alexander ELLIOTT, bachelor, and Mary Jane WOODS, spinster, Toronto

6 August, 1872, William HETHERINGTON, bachelor, and Hannah Sophia PENHALL, spinster, Pickering.

20 August, 1872, Francis John PHILLIPS, bachelor, and Annie BACON, spinster, Toronto.

30 September, 1872, John TAYLOR, Toledo, Ohio, bachelor, and  Matilda MONTGOMERY, Toronto, spinster

Marriage Performed by Arundel O. Hill, M.A.

29 April, 1872, Francis William Charles STRATHAM, bachelor, and Augusta Rose CHIDDY, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Arthur PALMER, M.A.

20 June, 1872, Robert Dean PARKER, bachelor, and Alice Mary MURTON, spinster, Guelph.

Marriage Performed by A. N. TORONTO

25 June, 1872, Frank Osborne CROSS, bachelor, and Katherine CAPREOL, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James, in 1873

2 January, 1873, John FEDDERY, widower, and Ann HARRIS, widow, Toronto.

8 January, 1873, James BRONNERT, Barrie, bachelor, and Caroline SPRULES, London, Eng., spinster.

15 January, 1873, Henry HINGSTON, bachelor, and Mary SQUIRES, spinster, Hamilton.

15 January, 1873, __________ CODMAN, and Abigail WHITTIER, spinster, Consecon.

18 January, 1873, Hermann JACOBSON, New York, bachelor, and Hattie Lucille McKINNE, Toronto, spinster.

29 January, 1873, George WEBB, Watford, bachelor, and Bridget DOYLE, Norway, spinster.

29 January, 1873, William SEAGER, Toronto, bachelor, and Jane FRALICK, Uxbridge, spinster.

30 January, 1873, John RAWLINGS, bachelor, and Mary THOMPSON, spinster, Toronto.

12 February, 1873, Gustav THEINERT, bachelor, and Annie MOORE, spinster, Toronto.

19 February, 1873, William FOX, York, bachelor, and Sarah Ann TOMLINSON, Etobicoke, spinster. 

3 March, 1873, John BROOKS, bachelor, and Annie GRAHAM, spinster, Toronto.

12 March, 1873, Thomas WOOD, widower, and Margaret THOMPSON, widow, Scarboro'.

21 March, 1873, William George PICKBURN, bachelor, and Mary Ann HOUSTON, spinster, Toronto.

24 March, 1873, James DANIEL, bachelor, and Christina ROWE, spinster, Toronto.

27 March, 1873, John ROBINSON, bachelor, and Elizabeth SMITH, spinster.

17 April, 1873, Henry WOODROW, bachelor, and Louisa MOORE, spinster, Toronto.

17 April, 1873, William Walker KEIGHLEY, widower, and Fannie Maude WORTHINGTON, spinster, Toronto.

22 April, 1873, Charles Edward BOWKER, Douro, bachelor, and Elizabeth Sophia GAMBLE, Toronto, spinster.

15 May, 1873, Robert DRING, St. Thomas, bachelor, and Eliza MERRINGTON, Toronto, spinster.

17 May, 1873, James Isaac MILLAR, bachelor, and Emma WILLIAMS, spinster, Toronto.

22 May, 1873, Joseph Henry HUTCHINSON, bachelor, and Emma McCAULAY, spinster, Toronto.

22 May, 1873, John TROWBRIDGE, bachelor, and Jane IRWIN, spinster, Toronto.

26 May, 1873, William PELL, widower, and Anne PAISLEY, spinster, Eglinton.

9 June, 1873, Thomas CROKER, bachelor, and Rachel BOWES, spinster, Toronto.

9 June, 1873, Edward SUTHERLAND, bachelor, and Elizabeth DONAHOE, spinster, Toronto.

21 June, 1873, Walter Charles FITCH, bachelor, and Hannah TURNER, spinster, Toronto.

12 July, 1873, William GILLESPIE, bachelor, and Annie NICHOLS, spinster, Toronto.

17 July, 1873, John HOGAN, bachelor, and Emma WALKER, spinster, Toronto.

19 July, 1873, Vincent Joseph WALLIS, bachelor, and Eliza Fanny WHITE, spinster, Toronto

21 August, 1873, Charles EMERSON, bachelor, and Maggie BLAKE, spinster, Toronto.

27 August, 1873, Henry BOSTON, bachelor, and Margaret Ann TAYLOR, spinster, Toronto.

1 September, 1873, John ROBINSON, bachelor, and Elizabeth WATSON, spinster, Toronto.

3 September, 1873, John Beverley ROBINSON, bachelor, and Margaret Jane McDONNELL, spinster, Toronto.

5 September, 1873, Adam COMLIN, bachelor, and Jerusha SLOAT, widow, Toronto

23 September, 1873, James MITCHELL, widower, and Catharine FINN, widow, Toronto.

1 October, 1873, William CAVE, Thorold, bachelor, and Hannah DOLBY, Gore, spinster.

7 October, 1873, John GROSS, New York, and Martha Jane FISHER, Orono, spinster.

7 October, 1873, William HAUKAMMER, bachelor, and Annis RELF, spinster, Toronto.

7 October, 1873, Thomas HILL, bachelor, and Sarah WEBSTER, spinster, Toronto.

8 October, 1873, William Joyce STANDISH, Georgetown, bachelor, and Martha Lina HAFFIE, Toronto, spinster.

10 October, 1873, Francis McDONALD, bachelor, and Ann Eliza ROBINSON, spinster, Toronto.

30 October, 1873, Samuel PATTERSON, Newmarket, bachelor, and Sarah DOAN, Sharon, spinster.

31 October, 1873, Paul SWIDERSKI, bachelor, and Elizabeth JANNISON, widow, Toronto.

1 November, 1873, David WARING, bachelor, and Mary Anne FRIZELLE, widow, Toronto.

7 November, 1873, Henry BRANTON, bachelor, and Anne Jane JEMISON, spinster, Yorkville.

17 November, 1873, Alexander McQUARRIE, Vaughan, bachelor, and Christina McGILLIVRAY, King, spinster.

24 November, 1873, William Thomas PACE, bachelor, and Elizabeth BRENAN, spinster, Toronto.

3 December, 1873, Benjamin Read CLARKSON, bachelor, and Margaret Isabella Maude JARVIS, spinster, Toronto.

9 December, 1873, William LANDON, bachelor, and Matilda HUNTER, spinster, Toronto.

11 December, 1873, Lowei RENGSTAD, bachelor, and Cecila ARMSTRONG, spinster, Toronto.

24 December, 1873, William BEASLEY, bachelor, and Helen Jane KNIGHT, spinster.

Marriage Performed by H. P. WALUS

22 April, 1873, Charles Thomas BELL, bachelor, and Frances ROSS, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by A. N. TORONTO

.14 August, 1873, Granville Carlyle CUNNINGHAM, London, Ont., bachelor, and Frances Bethune CROOKS, Toronto, spinster

Marriages Performed by H. H. WATERS

9 September, 1873, William EDDINGTON and Martha WALKER, spinster, Toronto.

16 September, 1873, James OAKLEY, bachelor, and Mary Anne BARTLETT, spinster, Toronto.

18 September, 1873, Henry Cole BLODGETT, Seneca Falls, N. Y., widower, and Elizabeth Jane NEWTON, New York, spinster.

24 September, 1873, John HALL, bachelor, and Mary Jane STARKS, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Edmund BALDWIN, Assistant Minister

14 October, 1873, William HAWKER, bachelor, and Maggie NAGLE, spinster, Dundas.

20 October, 1873, George Henry BATH, Vaughan, bachelor, and Mary Elizabeth HOOPER, Thornhill, spinster.

23 December, 1873, George WRIGHT, bachelor, and Sarah MILLIGAN, spinster, Toronto.

25 December, 1873, William HIGGINSON, bachelor, and Susan BELL, widow, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James, in 1874

13 January, 1874, Thomas TIMMINS, St. Thomas, bachelor, and Mary Louisa WASDELL, Orillia, spinster.

15 January, 1874, William BAULDRY, and Margaret BERTRAM, spinster, Toronto.

21 January, 1874, James CAIRNS, bachelor, and Charlotte GRAYLING, spinster, Toronto.

21 January, 1874, Henry MORRISON, bachelor, and Martha HATRICK, spinster, Toronto.

2 February, 1874, Richard Charles NICHOLS, bachelor, and Hannah DARLINGTON, spinster, Toronto.

3 February, 1874, James BROWN, bachelor, and Susan HALE, spinster, Toronto.

11 February, 1874, Robert CLOUSTON, bachelor, and Caroline Anne HALDON, spinster, Toronto.

11 February, 1874, Thomas DEAN, bachelor, and Minnie MARYGOLD, spinster, Orangeville.

17 February, 1874, Richard Meade SHEPPARD, bachelor, and Charlotte Amelia INNES, spinster, Haldimand.

17 February, 1874, James LANE, widower, and Maria BOWERS, spinster, Toronto.

24 February, 1874, Archibald CROZIER, bachelor, and Isabella RUTLEDGE, spinster, Toronto.

24 February, 1874, John HAYNES, York, widower, and Ruth Emily DUNN, Toronto, spinster.

11 March, 1874, Thomas WILLIAMS, bachelor, and Clara O'NEILL, spinster, Toronto.

17 March, 1874, Thomas WOODS, bachelor, and Emma Louisa JESSOP, spinster, Toronto.

21 March, 1874, William Mosgrove ELLIOTT, bachelor, and Alice FERGUSON, spinster, Toronto.

25 March, 1874, Francis William CONSLER, bachelor, and Fannie Alice ABELL, spinster, Toronto.

2 April, 1874, Frederick NOTT, bachelor, and Ann Jane BEATTY, spinster, Toronto.

16 April, 1874, Thomas SMART, bachelor, and Charlotte Jeanette McDONALD, spinster, Toronto

25 April, 1874, William MOOR, bachelor, and Margaret BARSDALE, spinster, Toronto.

6 May, 1874, Henry WOODHOUSE, widower, and Elizabeth Jane PALMER, spinster, Toronto.

6 May,1874, Henry HAYES, bachelor, and Hannah RUSHTON, widow, Toronto.

7 May, 1874, Edward BINYON, bachelor, and Eliza Ellen WALTERS, spinster, Toronto.

11 May, 1874, David BERTRAM, bachelor, and Mary LEMON, spinster, Toronto.

16 May, 1874, John DARWIN, bachelor, and Mary GLOCKLING, spinster, Toronto.

23 May, 1874, William KINGDOM, bachelor, and Mary Ann TOOMES, spinster, Toronto.

23 May, 1874, Frederick Francis LEECH, bachelor, and Elizabeth GAMBLE, spinster, Toronto.

26 May, 1874, James BROWN, bachelor, and Eliza DIXON, widow, Toronto.

26 May, 1874, Alexander Chewett GRANT, Kingston, bachelor, and Ellen Jane CARDINELL, Toronto, spinster.

1 June, 1874, Edmund Henry PARKER, bachelor, an Maria CRAIG, spinster, Toronto.

June, 1874, James WILLIAMS, bachelor, and Elizabeth SHINE, spinster, Toronto.

17 June, 1874, John MARTIN, London, Ontario, bachelor, and Sopphia [sic] SCADDING, Toronto, spinster.

17 June, 1874, Stuart BURROWS, bachelor, and Johanna BROWN, spinster, Toronto.

27 June, 1874, William Henry WILLIAMS, widower, and Annie BROWN, spinster, Toronto.

30 June, 1874, Robert MACARTNEY, widower, and Annie MORRIS, widow, West Gwillimbury.

1 July, 1874, Joseph BOWSKILL, widower, and Sarah BRANNIGAN, spinster, Toronto.

1 July, 1874, William Edward MEREDITH, bachelor, and Maria REID, spinster, Toronto.

3 July, 1874, Alfred BAKER, bachelor, and Harriett HUGHES, spinster, Toronto.

4 July, 1874, Thomas LAIRD, widower, and Martha WOOD, spinster, Toronto.

7 July, 1874, John Woodburn LANGMUIR, widower, and Elizabeth Harriet RIDOUT, spinster, Toronto.

8 July, 1874, Allen STEVENSON, bachelor, and Hannah PHILLIPS, spinster, Vaughan.

8 July, 1874, William DICKS, bachelor, and Isabella HOLDEN, spinster, Toronto.

14 July, 1874, Charles Henry PEACEY, bachelor, and Mary Ann NASH, spinster, Toronto.

14 July, 1874, Robert ELLISON, bachelor, and Margaret MANN, spinster, Toronto.

15 July, 1874, George Nicholas DOWSON, bachelor, and Margaret Louisa CASSIDY, spinster, Toronto.

16 July, 1874, Charles Henry STEVENS, bachelor, and Eliza CUTHBERTSON, spinster, Toronto

24 July, 1874, John STAUNTON, bachelor, and Susan McDONALD, spinster, Toronto.

29 July, 1874, Richard KLEIN, bachelor, and Adelaide PETERS, spinster, Toronto.

8 August, 1874, William Sylvester KENNEDY, Toronto, bachelor, and Mary Jane SCULLY, St. Catharines, widow.

10 August, 1874, William Henry SAMME, bachelor, and Sarah Ann HILL, spinster, Toronto.

19 August, 1874, Francis FOGELMAN, bachelor, and Mary Jane BEAMISH, spinster, Toronto.

19 August, 1874, John Francis GALL, bachelor, and Sarah DAVIS, spinster, Toronto

2 September, 1874, Mathew ELLISON, bachelor, and Mary COX, spinster.

5 September, 1874, Thomas ELLIS, bachelor, and Sarah Ellen HAMBLEY, spinster, Toronto.

8 September, 1874, Henry HUMMEL, bachelor, and Mary Ann IRWIN, spinster, Toronto.

16 September, 1874, William Alexander BROWN, bachelor, and Margaret LENNOX, spinster, Toronto

19 September, 1874, Daniel Peirce [sic] LEAMAN, bachelor, and Elizabeth BRAITHWAITE, spinster, Toronto.

23 September, 1874, Samuel COUPE, Markham, widower, and Catharine Lyne CODD, Scarborough, widow.

23 September, 1874, Moses BAGSHAW, widower, and Susannah WILSON, widow, Georgina township.

25 September, 1874, Thomas GULLY, Guelph, bachelor, and Annie HIRST, Toronto, spinster.

1 October, 1874, William CONROY, bachelor, and Annie CORKREN, spinster, Melancthon.

3 October, 1874, Richard GREEN, bachelor, and Charlotte Elizabeth STOCK, spinster, Toronto

14 October, 1874, Robert James HOLLEY, bachelor, and Ellen THOMPSON, spinster, York.

14 October, 1874, Samuel Wilson ABBOTT, bachelor, and Kate KIRKPATRICK, spinster, Wolf Island.

15 October, 1874, John LUMBERS, bachelor, and Matilda Ann COOPER, spinster, Toronto.

20 October, 1874, John BURTON, Hamilton, bachelor, and Sarah Ellen THOMPSON, Toronto, spinster.

22 October, 1874, Thomas Clarke MITCHINSON, bachelor, and Agnes Mary RICHARDSON, spinster, Toronto.

30 October, 1874, Henry Thomas WRIGHT, bachelor, and Maria BRENNAN, spinster, Toronto.

31 October, 1874, Thomas FITZGERALD, bachelor, and Emma COOPER, spinster, Toronto.

4 November, 1874, Crosby FAULKNER, bachelor, and Jennie STEWART, spinster, Toronto.

11 November, 1874, John RATHWELL, bachelor, and Mary Jane STURGEON, spinster, Toronto.

26 November, 1874, Thomas William WILSON, bachelor, and Mary Jane SMITH, spinster, Toronto.

10 December, 1874, George BURLEY, bachelor, and Emily Louisa CULLEN, spinster, Toronto.

29 December, 1874, Arthur KILLEN, bachelor, and Armenia GERRARD, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Richard W. E. GREEN, Assistant

18 February, 1874, John Isaac BEER, bachelor, and Annie FITZPATRICK, spinster, Toronto.

18 June, 1874, Joseph BENNYWORTH, bachelor, and Frances RHODES, widow, Toronto

10 October, 1874, Albert BUCHANAN, bachelor, and Mary Jane JOHNSTON, spinster, Toronto

15 October, 1874, Charles Samuel Churchill TOPLIS, bachelor, and Eliza Ann MATTHEWS, spinster, Toronto.

4 November, 1874, George STEELE, bachelor, and Keziah Sally LOVEYS, spinster, Toronto

Marriages Performed by H. H. WATERS

16 April, 1874, Alfred Frederick BRYDGES, bachelor, and Isabella BREAKENREID, spinster, Toronto.

23 April, 1874, Henry SOFTLEY, Toronto, bachelor, and Sarah WISEMAN, Galt, spinster.

30 June, 1874, William LAVERTY, bachelor, and Christina WEBSTER, spinster, Toronto.

30 June, 1874, Richard FEWSTER, bachelor, and Elizabeth BARNES, widow, Toronto.

18 July, 1874, Edmund McRitchie SCOTT, bachelor, and Charlotte Augusta WATSON, spinster.

2 September, 1874, George BELLAMY, bachelor, and Sarah Jane MULDREW, spinster, Clarke township, Durham county.

7 September, 1874, John O'BRIEN, bachelor, and Margaret SPOLLAN, widow, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Thomas W. MAGAHY

30 September, 1874, George Charles HURST, bachelor, and Essy MAGALEY [MAGAHY ?], spinster, Toronto.

3 November, 1874, Edward ANDERSON, Wallace, widower, and Elizabeth MAGAHY, Toronto, spinster.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James, in 1875

2 January, 1875, George Roberts DYER, bachelor, and Louisa HARDEN, spinster, Detroit.

19 January, 1875, Patrick LEONARD, Toronto, bachelor, and Catherine WICKES, Hamilton, spinster.

1 February, 1875, Edward William WHITEHOUSE, widower, and Isabella McLEOD, spinster, Toronto.

3 February, 1875, William GEE, bachelor, and Ellen Mary HURLEY, spinster, Toronto.

23 February, 1875, Thomas NIGHTINGALE, Belleville, bachelor, and Annie BOWMAN, Toronto, spinster.

24 February, 1875, William WARD, Toronto, bachelor, and Charlotte FORD, Village of Holland Landing, spinster.

1 March, 1875, Charles COLEMAN, bachelor, and Selina Ann CRAVEN, spinster, Toronto.

2 March, 1875, George MERRIFIELD, bachelor, and Mary Ann BROCK, spinster, Toronto.

6 March, 1875, David Edwin DAVIDGE, bachelor, and Mary Ann MORGAN, spinster, Toronto.

8 March, 1875, Thomas HERON, bachelor, and Mary Ann WRIGHT, spinster, Toronto

10 May [March ?], 1875, John ALEXANDER, bachelor, and Harriet CROSS, spinster, Toronto

17 March, 1875, Ebenezer LEAVER, Toronto, bachelor, and Eleanor Annie CAVANAGH, Ingersoll, spinster.

24 March, 1875, James HYMES, Scarboro', bachelor, and Annie CALLANDER, Toronto, spinster.

28 March, 1875, James HAMILTON, bachelor, and Sarah Rosetta HUNT, spinster, Toronto.

10 April, 1875, Henry BOLTON, bachelor, and Susannah BARTLETT, spinster, Toronto.

13 April, 1875, Charles Orlande STRANGE, bachelor, and Catherine JOSEPH, spinster, Toronto.

17 April, 1875, John Edward William ARMSTRONG, bachelor, and Ann Jane MILNE, spinster, York.

27 April, 1875, John GUNSALL, widower, and Cecily CONWAY, widow.

28 April, 1875, George James PINKNEY, bachelor, and Isabella RUTLEDGE, spinster, Streetsville.

5 May, 1875, William George WOODHOUSE, bachelor, and Mary McFADDEN, spinster, Toronto.

24 May, 1875, Alfred TAYLOR, bachelor, and Margaret HOLMES, spinster, Toronto.

28 May, 1875, Ralph HULME, widower, and Bridget CUSSON, spinster, Toronto.

29 May, 1875, Thomas PARKER, bachelor, and Mary Jane NICHOLSON, widow, Toronto.

2 June, 1875, Jonathan ALCOCK, bachelor, and Caroline McLEAN, spinster, Toronto.

8 June, 1875, Turner Waner BURT, Middle River, bachelor, and Eliza Nicholson MacKENZIE, Toronto, spinster.

8 June, 1875, Robert JEFFREY, bachelor, and Agnes SHIELDS, spinster.

10 June, 1875, Charles TURNER, bachelor, and Amelia Adleadie [Adelaide ?] BARBEAN, spinster, Toronto.

14 June, 1875, Thomas CLAYTON, bachelor, and Mary Jane CORINE, widow, Toronto.

18 June, 1875, Frederick THOMLINSON, bachelor, an Mary Lorinda KEYS, Toronto, spinster

28 June, 1875, James PATTERSON, widower, and Frances LEACH, spinster, Toronto.

1 July, 1875, David STOCKS, bachelor, and Mary SPAULDING, spinster.

5 July, 1875, Eli Edwin TEDMAN, bachelor, and Matilda THOMPSON, spinster, Toronto.

7 July, 1875, Frederick HILLS, bachelor, and Annie Isabella Elizabeth GREEY [sic], spinster, Toronto.

7 July, 1875, Bart O'HARA, bachelor, and Martha BISHOP, spinster, Vaughan.

24 July, 1875, William ROSE, bachelor, and Mary MECHAN, spinster.

29 July, 1875, William John HINTON, bachelor, and Hannah BISHOP, spinster.

10 August, 1875, Robert Wilson PARKINSON, bachelor, and Elizabeth Jane RINCHEY, widow, Toronto.

14 August, 1875, Henry CHICK, bachelor, and Alice Agnes SIMS, spinster, Toronto.

19 August, 1875, Hiram NOYES, bachelor, and Margaret LEA, widow, York.

24 August, 1875, Richard Clark STEELE, bachelor, and Kate Frances DICKSON, spinster, Toronto.

24 August, 1875, John OVENS, bachelor, and Eliza MORRISON, spinster, Toronto.

28 August, 1875, John ANDERSON, bachelor, and Ellen JOHNSTON, spinster, Toronto.

22 September, 1875, John PRATIS, bachelor, and Clara SCOTT, spinster, Toronto.

29 September, 1875, James ANTHONEY, bachelor, and Henrietta TONE, spinster, Markham.

30 September, 1875, Archibald CAMPBELL, bachelor, Colborne, and Hannah Maria DE GRASSI, spinster, Toronto.

2 October, 1875, Richard PATTERSON, bachelor, and Lydia DRENNAN, spinster, Toronto.

7 October, 1875, John GRUBER, bachelor, and Maria JEFFERIES, spinster, Toronto.

7 October, 1875, Daniel CUNNINGHAM, widower, and Margaret Campbell, spinster, Toronto.

13 October, 1875, James Edmond HILL, bachelor, and Emily JOHNSON, spinster, Toronto.

21 October, 1875, John James PECK, bachelor, and Emily BULL, spinster, Toronto.

4 November, 1875, John FOSTER, bachelor, and Annie GILLEN, spinster, Toronto.

8 November, 1875, Abraham GRAHAM, bachelor, and Catherine CRAWFORD, spinster, Whitchurch.

15 November, 1875, Alexander McKENZIE, bachelor, and Mary HEELEHAN, spinster, Toronto.

18 November, 1875, Edward LOWES, bachelor, Agnes Ann BLYTHE, spinster, Toronto.

25 November, 1875, Charles FISCHER, bachelor, and Anna SMITH, spinster, Toronto.

7 December, 1875, John ROBSON, bachelor, and Mary Ann HAZARD, spinster, Toronto.

13 December, 1875, Charles BROWN, widower, and Louisa CARSON, widow, Toronto.

24 December, 1875, John MOORE, bachelor, and Margaret Jane PETERS, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Edmund BALDWIN, Assistant Minister

14 January, 1875, Samuel TREES, bachelor, and Jane Frances DIXON, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James

Marriage Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE

26 January, 1875, William EDWARDS, bachelor, and Henrietta KELLY, spinster, Toronto.

7 September, 1875, Samuel COWLEY, bachelor, and Alice Elizabeth TENNY, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Charles R. MATTHEW

2 September, 1875, Charles HILL, bachelor, Stratford, and Ellen O'SULLIVAN, spinster, Toronto.

5 September, 1875, Samuel LEARY, bachelor, and Alice Ada ARMSTRONG, spinster.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James, in 1876

?? January, 1876, James PAUL, bachelor, and Emily MUSSELL, spinster, Toronto.

6 January,1876, William BAILEY, bachelor, and West Whitby, and Mary TWAMLEY, spinster, Pickering.

19 January, 1876, Charles HARVEY, widower, and Louisa CARSON, widow.

21 January, 1876, Edwin HUGHES, bachelor, Oakville, and Mary Jane MANN, spinster, Toronto.

3 February, 1876, John ENDEAN, bachelor, and Rachel PURVIS, widow.

17 February, 1876, Henry JACKSON, bachelor, and Margaret MOFFATT, spinster, Toronto.

22 February, 1876, Robert VANSICKLER, bachelor, and Agnes JAMESON, spinster, Port Perry.

23 February, 1876, Ralph THOMSON, bachelor, and Barbara MARTIN, spinster, Whitchurch.

1 April, 1876, Alphonse Frederick JONES, bachelor, and Alice Barbara CONNON, spinster, Toronto.

1 April, 1876, Charles John WOOD, bachelor, and Johanna HUGHES, spinster, Toronto.

5 April, 1876, John Matthew TAYLES, bachelor, and Hattie PHILLIPS, widow, Toronto.

20 April, 1876, John LUCAS, bachelor, and Susan MACAULAY, widow, Toronto.

20 April, 1876, John SHARP, widower, and Mary Anne LOVETT, spinster, Vaughan.

1 May, 1876, Samuel O'LAUGHLAN, bachelor, and Charlotte LUNDY, spinster, Toronto.

4 May, 1876, John Craven CHADWICK, Guelph, widower, and Elizabeth BEATTY, Toronto, spinster.

13 June, 1876, Edward Sylvester DAVIDSON, bachelor, and Sarah Ann DAVIS, spinster, Toronto

14 June, 1876, Thomas LATER, bachelor, and Mary SHIELDS, spinster, Toronto.

24 June, 1876, Henry CONNOLLY, bachelor, and Julia BYRNE, spinster, Youngstown, U.S

3 July, 1876, George Thomas BEALES, bachelor, and Eliza LANE, spinster, Toronto.

4 July, 1876, John McLENNAN, bachelor, and Mary Ann McDONALD, spinster, Toronto.

5 July, 1876, Trayton BLABER, bachelor, and Angelina Mary Eliza ABRAHAM, spinster, Toronto.

12 July, 1876, John BRYANS, bachelor, and Mary Ann MOORE, spinster, Cartwright.

12 July, 1876, Thomas LACEY, bachelor, and Margaret PICKINGS, spinster, Pickering.

17, July, 1876, Thomas Watkins JONES, bachelor, and Agnes RIDDELL, spinster, Toronto.

18 July, 1876, Henry Phillip Plantagenet Arthy DASHWOOD, widower, and Anna Bella STUBBS, spinster, Toronto.

27 July, 1876, James LYNDE, bachelor, and Mary O'TOOLE, spinster, Toronto

14 August, 1876, William FLAY, bachelor, and Mary CANE, spinster, Toronto.

16 August, 1876, Thomas Timothy FARRELL, bachelor, and Jane HOBSON, spinster, Toronto.

18 August, 1876, Charles TEET, widower, and Mary Ann HUDSON, widow, Garafraxa.

5 September, 1876, Henry Frederick HODGES, bachelor, and Emma SEGSWORTH, spinster, Toronto.

6 September, 1876, Aaron WHITMORE, bachelor, and Elmira DEVINS, spinster, Vaughan.

6 September, 1876, Jeffrey Hall BROCK, bachelor, and Louisa Adelaide Clara GILLESPIE, spinster, Toronto

16 September, 1876, Peter Alexander PETERSON, bachelor, and Mary Isabella LANGLOIS, spinster, Toronto.

16 September, 1876, Fowler ELTON, widower, and Jane Newton BARRICK, spinster, Toronto.

21 September, 1876, William Henry LENDON, bachelor, and Mary Ann NEIL, spinster, Toronto.

14 October, 1876, William Woolstencroft GADD, bachelor, and Ada Kezia Brazer TREVARTON, spinster.

19 October, 1876, Andrew FORSYTH, bachelor, and Adelian GORMAN, spinster, Scarboro.

21 October, 1876, Francis Joseph SCUDDER, bachelor, and Eden CLANCY, spinster, Toronto.

1 November, 1876, Alexander TRUMBULL, widower, Hamilton, and Mary Ann HOODLESS, widow, Toronto.

2 November, 1876, William McSPADDEN, bachelor, Bowmanville, and Minnie HANCOCK, spinster, Toronto.

8 November, 1876, Charles RICE, bachelor, and Mary SUTHERLAND, spinster.

14 November, 1876, William WINN, Captain H. M. 1st Foot, bachelor, and Helen Maria GORDON, spinster, Toronto.

18 November, 1876, John Thomas TOWNSLEY, bachelor, and Mary LANCASTER, spinster, Toronto.

24 November, 1876, Charles ELLIS, bachelor, and Rebecca LAVERTY, spinster, Toronto.

6 December, 1876, Stewart Grafton PLUMMER, Goderich, widower, and Jane WALLACE, Charlestown, widow.

6 December, 1876, Joseph WALTON, bachelor, and Mary TIFFIN, spinster, Toronto.

27 December, 1876, Irving Howard CAMERON, bachelor, and Elizabeth Amelia Maria WRIGHT, spinster.

Marriage Performed by Charles R. MATTHEWS

15 May, 1876, Edwin Frederick Thomas BROKOOSKI, widower, and Helen Cameron SCOTT, spinster.

Marriage Performed by William Buchanan RALLY

14 June, 1876, William Augustus RALLY, New York, bachelor, and Jeanette OWEN, Toronto, spinster.

Marriages Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE

9 August, 1876, Thomas COUCH, and Eliza KISZER, widow, Thornhill.

13 September, 1876, William Robert SMALLPEICE [sic], bachelor, and Amelia MARRIOTT, spinster, Toronto.

30 September, 1876, Edwin JENNINGS, bachelor, and Emily TOWNSLEY, spinster, Toronto.

2 October, 1876, Samuel WAINWRIGHT, bachelor, and Jane SHIRLOCK, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by T. B. NIAGARA

26 September, 1876, Sutherland MACKLEM, Niagara, bachelor, and Charlotte Elizabeth MACKLEM, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James, in 1877

1 January, 1877, Richard HUGHILL, bachelor, and Ellen MULHOLLAND, spinster, Toronto.

6 January, 1877, David Henry DOUST, bachelor, and Emma FORTZER, spinster, Toronto.

15 January, 1877, John MURDY, bachelor, and Ellen WILLIS, spinster, York.

1 February, 1877, John CARRUTHERS, bachelor, and Matilda BRINES, spinster, Toronto.

10 February, 1877, Samuel BELL, bachelor, and Mary Madeline FORD, spinster, Toronto.

14 February, 1877, George ELLIS, widower, and Minerva BOYCE, widow, Markham.

22 February, 1877, Joseph LONGHEED, bachelor, and Martha WILSON, spinster, Chinguacousy.

26 February, 1877, John Henry GOLDRING, bachelor, and Helen MONTGOMERY, spinster, Toronto.

27 February, 1877, William PETHYBRIDGE, bachelor, and Joanna HIRLEHEY, spinster, Toronto.

3 March, 1877, Joseph TALES, bachelor, and Euphemia CAMERON, spinster.

24 September, 1877, Harry HOUSE, bachelor, Yorkville, and Elizabeth Ann BANKS, spinster, Toronto.

2 October, 1877, John GRAVES, widower, and Fredericka CLYNE, widow, Toronto.

8 October, 1877, Horner DEERING, bachelor, Cobourg, and Elizabeth FLEMING, spinster, Toronto.

10 October, 1877, Harold LAMBE, Hamilton, bachelor, and Alice Elizabeth CLARKSON, Toronto, spinster.

31 October, 1877, Jacob QUANCE, bachelor, and Catherine BROWN, spinster, Vaughan.

5 November, 1877, John Whitmore ASTON, bachelor, and Maria CONNOR, spinster, Toronto.

22 November, 1877, Benjamin CAMPIN, bachelor, and Catherine ROSSITER, spinster, Toronto.

13 December, 1877, Westley Phelps CHARLTON, London, bachelor, and Adelina CLARKE, Toronto, spinster.

24 December, 1877, William HASTING, bachelor, and Jane HAZZARD, spinster, Toronto.

26 December, 1877, Robert McAFEE, King, bachelor, and Margaret Eliza BAKER, Bolton, spinster.

Marriages Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE, Assistant St. James

1 March, 1877, Robert BUNKALL, bachelor, and Margaret CANNELL, spinster, Toronto.

5 May, 1877, George WELSH, bachelor, and Catherine RYDER, spinster, Toronto.

7 May, 1877, James LANE, bachelor, and Eliza BOWERS, spinster, Toronto.

24 May, 1877, Charles COUGHTREY, bachelor, and Martha SAUNDERS, spinster, Toronto.

29 May, 1877, Edward DAWES, widower, and Hannah MAGER, spinster, Toronto.

10 March, 1877, Adolphus GOLD, widower, and Harriet ORR, spinster, Toronto.

20 March, 1877, William RIDLEY, bachelor, and Nellie KANE, spinster, Toronto.

28 March, 1877, William Henry WINN, bachelor, and Serena ARMSTRONG, spinster, Toronto.

5 June, 1877, Frederick Walter WINN, bachelor, and Mary Anne PYE, spinster, Toronto.

26 June, 1877, Samuel RITCHEY, bachelor, and Sarah MULRANE, spinster, Dixie.

15 November, 1877, William John LIGHTFOOT, bachelor, and Minnie Amelia FISHER, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by A. H. TORONTO

12 April,1877, Robert George DICKSON, Canterbury, bachelor, and Mary Catherine MORRISON, Toronto, spinster.

Marriage Performed by W. S. RAINSFORD, in charge of Cathedral

31 May, 1877, Robert BALDWIN, widower, and Elizabeth Mary WALKER, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Joseph WILLIAMS, Assistant Minister

28 June, 1877, Herbert HERBERT, Oakville, widower, and Joanna MAUGHFAIN, Belle Ewart, widow.

15 August, 1877, Joseph Alonzo CAMPBELL, bachelor, and Mary Ann CLARKE, spinster, Toronto

Marriages Performed by W. Harrison TILLEY

25 July, 1877, John William Frederick HARRISON, bachelor, Montreal, and Susan Frances RILEY, spinster, Toronto.

31 July, 1877, George HASKINS, bachelor, and Mary PARKES, spinster, Toronto.

9 August, 1877, George Edgar STEGGALL, widower, and Martha PETTIT, spinster, Toronto.

22 August, 1877, John WILSON, widower, and Ellen ADAMSON, spinster, Toronto.

8 September, 1877, Edward DEAN, bachelor, and Mary McCARROLL, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James, in 1878

21 January, 1878, George HOULT, bachelor, and Martha LANE, spinster, Toronto.

27 February, 1878, Forbes WHITNEY, Toronto, bachelor, and Agnes SYMES, Meaford, spinster.

28 February, 1878, Harrison CHESTER, bachelor, and Mary Anne DAVIS, spinster, Toronto.

14 March, 1878, Thomas BLUFF, bachelor, and Jennie REID, spinster, Toronto.

18 March, 1878, Edmund Dante FLANAGAN, bachelor, and Ida May FITZMAURICE, spinster, Toronto.

15 April,1878, David William James GRANT, Georgetown, bachelor, and Edith Annie FULLER, Orillia, spinster.

17 April, 1878, Hillyard Cameron DIXON, bachelor, and Hannah JOSEPH, spinster, Toronto.

18 April, 1878, George ASCOTT, bachelor, and Grace BEVAN, spinster, Cobourg.

24 April,1878, John PODMORE, bachelor, and Martha Ann PATTERSON, spinster, Toronto.

24 April, 1878, Robert WATSON, bachelor, and Margaret PARKS, spinster, Toronto.

15 May, 1878, William Thomas BOYD, bachelor, and Harriett MORTIMER, spinster, Toronto.

23 May, 1878, Frederick James DENNING, bachelor, and Charlotte BUCHAN, spinster, Toronto.

24 May, 1878, Thomas McBRIDE, widower, and Hannah THOMPSON, widow, Toronto

29 May, 1878, William James HAMMELL, bachelor, and Ellen KEARNS, spinster, Tecumseth

4 June, 1878, William BEDLEY, York, bachelor, and Ruth BARBER, Toronto, spinster.

5 June, 1878, James GRAHAM, Malton, bachelor, and Sarah YEOMANS, Scarboro', spinster.

10 June, 1878, John Wesley Wouch LA FRAUGH, bachelor, Scott, and Ellen KNIBBS, spinster, Uxbridge.

19 June, 1878, William Henry DAVIDSON, bachelor, and Sarah MONTGOMERY, spinster, Streetsville.

25 June, 1878, George Flint WEDD, bachelor, and Martha BARNES, spinster, Toronto

12 July, 1878, Joseph AUSCOMBE, bachelor, and Frances Elizabeth BLAKEY, spinster, Toronto.

15 July, 1878, William Thomas HULME, bachelor, and Maggie BURNS, spinster, Toronto.

8 July,1878, Thomas RYDER, bachelor, and Emily MULLIN, spinster, Toronto.

30 July, 1878, Allan WALSH, bachelor, and Catherine HURLEY, spinster, Toronto.

8 August, 1878, Joseph Charles DOBIN, bachelor, and Mary WILSON, spinster, Toronto.

15 August, 1878, Peter CAREY, bachelor, and Maria NICHOLS, spinster, Allanburgh.

21 August, 1878, David Ross McCORD, Montreal, bachelor, and Letitia Caroline CHAMBERS, Toronto, spinster.

22 August, 1878, John LAWRENCE, bachelor, and Rachel WILSON, spinster, Toronto.

28 August, 1878, Alphonso MONCKTON, Montreal, bachelor, and Caroline Elizabeth COX, Toronto, spinster.

29 August, 1878, Joseph MARRIOTT, bachelor, and Caroline HOLLAND, widow, Toronto.

11 September, 1878, John Nickenson COLLINS, bachelor, and Mary Ann NOTT, spinster, Toronto.

16 September, 1878, Edward DUKE, bachelor, and Elizabeth Ann CAMPBELL, spinster, Scarboro'

19 September, 1878, William McGINNIS, bachelor, and Annie TAYLOR, widow, Toronto

26 September, 1878, George Washington CRANDALL, bachelor, and Elizabeth MORRIS, spinster, Scarboro

7 October, 1878, James TOLMNEY, bachelor, and Johannah WELSH, spinster, Toronto.

15 October, 1878, John WEAR, bachelor, and Ann Jane Elizabeth DUNN, spinster, York.

16 October, 1878, Ernest CROMBIE, bachelor, and Elizabeth GWYNNE, spinster, Toronto.

22 October, 1878, Samuel Ramsay HEASLIP, bachelor, and Margaret MEARA, spinster, Toronto.

5 November, 1878, Alexander HAMILTON, bachelor, Stratford, and Tillie Maus TELLER, spinster, Simcoe.

9 November, 1878, William HUSSEY, bachelor, and Elizabeth MOONEY, spinster, Toronto.

28 November, 1878, John Francis CLARK, bachelor, and Nettie HODGMON, spinster, Toronto.

11 December, 1878, John GILLESPIE, widower, and Julia HOWLAND, spinster, Toronto.

17 December, 1878, William BAKER, bachelor, and Annie RYAN, spinster.

31 December, 1878, Emil EGH, bachelor, and Elisa AVENENGO, widow, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by John LANGTRY, incumbent St. Luke's church, Toronto

29 March, 1878, David DAVIS, bachelor, and Annie Florence KERRY, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE, Assistant St. James

8 January, 1878, Henry SULIVAN, bachelor, and Catherine MARSHALL, widow, Toronto.

23 May, 1878, Robert James GRAHAM, widower, and Sarah Louisa HIBBIT, spinster, Toronto.

28 May, 1878, John BOWEN, bachelor, and Charlotte GRANGE, spinster, Toronto.

29 May 1878, George MOORE, bachelor, and Mary Edna LITTLE, spinster, Toronto.

30 May, 1878, George Ham COOPER, bachelor, and Annie HAYNES, spinster, Toronto.

11 June, 1878, John WHISTLE, bachelor, and Ann Jane MOORE, spinster, Toronto.

22 June, 1878, Richard Bannington NEVITT, bachelor, and Eleanor BEATY, spinster, Toronto.

27 June, 1878, Thomas SELLERS, bachelor, and Elizabeth LOVELL, spinster.

25 July, 1878, William Holmes BATT, widower, and Margaret DONNELLY, spinster, Toronto.

29 July, 1878, Angus CAMERON, bachelor, and Charlotte Alie KIRBY, spinster, Toronto.

4 September, 1878, James Edward BESWICK, bachelor, and Emily Blanche Sarah MILLETT, spinster, Toronto.

4 September, 1878, William Henry MOORE, bachelor, and Mary Elizabeth BROWNE, spinster, Toronto.

18 September, 1878, Daniel McKENZIE, bachelor, and Alice Maud Mary DAVIS, widow, Toronto.

23 September, 1878, James MONTGOMERY, bachelor, and Eliza McBRIEN, spinster, Markham.

3 October, 1878, William CAMPBELL, bachelor, and Annie BRIGGS, widow, Toronto.

30 October, 1878, David BAIN, bachelor, and Sarah HAWTHORN, spinster, Toronto

11 November, 1878, Joseph SAUNDERS, bachelor, and Mary Ann KING, spinster, Toronto

11 December, 1878, Richard GOODISON, Kerhamthorpe [?], bachelor, and Susanna UMPLEBY, Lambton Mills, spinster.

19 December, 1878, Henry Albert Grave PENNINGTON, bachelor, and Margaret SYLVESTER, spinster, Markham.

19 December, 1878, James Thomas SEYMOUR, bachelor, and Emily FRY, spinster, Toronto.

26 December, 1878, Eugene Thomas BANNERTON, New York, bachelor, and Eliza Hudson HUNTON, Chicago, spinster.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James, in 1879

13 January, 1879, John ELLA, Etobicoke, bachelor, and Alice Louisa WISE, West York., spinster

28 January,1879, Charles HEYS, bachelor, and Mary Ann PARKS, spinster, Toronto.

4 February, 1879, Christopher Henry Irving CHANNER, bachelor, and Henrietta Alicia Charlotte GRASETT, spinster, Simcoe.

5 March, 1879, Jonas SHUNK, bachelor, and Mary SAWDON, spinster, Vaughan

24 March, 1879, William Chalk GOUINLOCK, Seaforth, bachelor, and Margaret Gilchrist STRACHAN, Toronto, spinster.

8 April, 1879, Thomas HUGHES, bachelor, and Annie COOK, spinster, York.

24 April, 1879, James YOUNG, bachelor, and Mary Ann SMITH, spinster, Toronto

1 May, 1879, Robert SHANKLIN, Thornhill, widower, and Alice Ann COOK, Vaughan, spinster.

1 May, 1879, George Samuel DELF, bachelor and Maria Elizabeth FLINT, widow, Toronto.

2 May, 1879, Romel RIML, Hull, bachelor, and Sarah Maria GOLDER, Ottawa, spinster.

3 May, 1879August ALBERTSTADT, bachelor, and Elizabeth HERSCHBRUNER, spinster, Toronto.

31 May, 1879, Henry GIBSON, bachelor, and Charlotte Anne THORNDYKE, spinster, Cavan.

2 June, 1879, James McKean HENDERSON, Montreal, bachelor, and Annie Catherine GRANT, Toronto, spinster.

4 June, 1879, Langley SEWELL, Clifton, bachelor, and Emily Jane DAVIS, Toronto, spinster.

4 June, 1879, Aschel Scott GERALD, Prescott, bachelor, and Margaret ARMSTRONG, Toronto, spinster.

10 June, 1879, James Bertram MANN, bachelor, and Jemima LEMON, spinster, Toronto.

18 June, 1879, David WHISTLE, bachelor, and Annie HAY, spinster, Toronto

30 June, 1879, Joseph LINDLEY, bachelor, and Alicia CARTER, spinster, Toronto.

23 July, 1879, Nicholas Surry GARLAND, Ottawa, bachelor, and Catherine Winnifred Frier BARBER, Toronto, spinster.

29 July, 1879, Waldegrave TANE, bachelor, and Catherine FEENEY, spinster, Markham

2 August, 1879, Thomas TRAINER, bachelor, and Emma McCANN, spinster, Toronto.

5 August 1879, Thomas James DAVIS, Detroit, bachelor, and Mary McINTYRE, Stratford, spinster.

27 August, 1879, William MacPHERSON, bachelor, and Charity Hope MacDONALD, spinster, Toronto.

30 August, 1879, Frederick GRAINGER, bachelor, and Amby SHEADY, spinster, Toronto.

1 September, 1879, George SKENE, bachelor, and Mary BERTRAM, spinster, Toronto.

4 September, 1879, George Lincoln STOCK, bachelor, and Julia RUTLEDGE, spinster, Toronto.

11 September, 1879, Donald Angus MACNABB, bachelor, and Mary LONG, spinster, Toronto.

17 September, 1879, Albert HUNT, bachelor, and Elizabeth Ann DONER, spinster, Markham.

23 September, 1879, James Matthew HILL, bachelor, and Martha Amelia STEELE, spinster, Toronto.

22 October, 1879, Edward Robert HOPKINS, widower, and Mary Amelia LORSCH, spinster, Toronto.

29 October, 1879, William BELL, bachelor, and Emma DIBB, spinster, Bond's Lake.

5 November, 1879, Alfred FIELD, bachelor, and Dinah FAWCETT, spinster, Pickering.

18 December, 1879, John LARKIN, widower, and Annie SYKES, widow, Toronto.

20 December, 1879, Edwin SMITH, bachelor, and Thamar ALLAN, spinster, Etobicoke.

Marriage Performed by T. T. ROBARTS

7 January, 1879, George Brereton ROBARTS, bachelor, and Louisa Jane JOB, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE, Assistant St. James

26 February, 1879, Frank Louis SUTTON, bachelor, and Ellen LAVERTY, spinster, Toronto.

4 March, 1879, James BANCROFT, bachelor, and Eliza CHADWICK, spinster, Toronto.

5 March, 1879, John CAMERON, bachelor, and Elizabeth NOBLE, spinster, Toronto.

22 March, 1879, Albert EARLY, bachelor, and Martha BROWNELL, spinster, Toronto.

20 June, 1879, Morris COSMER, bachelor, and Annie BEATTY, spinster, Toronto.

25 June, 1879, Andrew Archibald BILLINGSLEY, bachelor, and Olivia Jane KIRBY, spinster, Toronto.

30 July, 1879, Charles Henry RUST, Toronto, bachelor, and Alice PRESTON, York, spinster.

15 December, 1879, James HATCHER, bachelor, and Katie TRENCH, spinster, Cumnock

Marriages Performed by W. S. RAINSFORD

30 April, 1879, Henry Leggett THOMPSON, bachelor, and Florence HARCOURT, spinster, Toronto.

28 May, 1879, William Edward ROUTLEDGE, bachelor, and Mary Florence NEWELL, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE, Assistant St. James, in 1880

6 January, 1880, Charles BUCHANAN, bachelor, and Margaret KELLEY, spinster, Toronto.

19 February, 1880, Alexander PATTON, King, widower, and Jane MAKINSON, Toronto, widow.

2 March, 1880, Francis James TAYLOR, widower, and Elizabeth STEEL, spinster, Toronto.

23 April, 1880, Daniel KAVANAGH, bachelor, and Margaret Jane DOUGHERTY, spinster, Toronto

11 May, 1880, John GRANT, bachelor, and Agnes Glen, spinster.

9 June, 1880, Harry Edwin GRIFFITHS, bachelor, and Belinda SMITH, spinster, Toronto.

7 July, 1880, James Robert CAVERS, bachelor, and Jennie WIGGENTON, spinster, Brantford.

9 August, 1880, Louis WALTER, bachelor, and Anna Rosa NEWMAN, spinster

15 September, 1880, James BOURNE, widower, and Frances MURPHY, widow, Peterborough.

15 September, 1880, William McKENZIE, bachelor, and Annie Helen WILSON, spinster, Toronto.

17 September, 1880, William TUCKER, bachelor, and Elizabeth LANG, spinster, Cavan.

6 October, 1880, Israel KONKLE, Toronto, bachelor, and Eliza Jane OAKES, Manvers County, spinster.

2 November, 1880, Charles COOK, widower, and Hannah KING, widow, Toronto

24 November, 1880, Robt. OVENS, widower, and Annie ELLISON, spinster, Toronto.

8 December, 1880, William Jebb WRIGHT, bachelor, and Wilhelmina COX, spinster, Toronto.

15 December, 1880, James HARDWELL, bachelor, and Florence RODDY, spinster, Toronto.

15 December, 1880, Edward Henry ROBERTS, bachelor, and Phoebe Jane WEST, spinster, Toronto

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James

8 January, 1880, Charles MARRIOTT, bachelor, and Sarah HELLIWELL, spinster, Toronto.

17 January, 1880, Albert VERRALL, bachelor, and Mary HUGHES, spinster, Toronto.

20 January, 1880, James TODHUNTER, bachelor, and Jessina McMANUS, widow.

9 February, 1880, Benjamin FAWCETT, bachelor, and Ann LEAMING, spinster, Pickering.

11 March, 1880, Donald Mackenzie ROSS, bachelor, and Catherine HUNTER, spinster, Toronto.

16 March, 1880, James McCANN, Yorkville, bachelor, and Jane BRENNAN, York, spinster.

12 April, 1880, Richard MURPHY, bachelor, and Margaret MORRISON, widow, Toronto.

21 April, 1880, William GRANT, bachelor, and Verene Davis MILLER, spinster, Toronto.

26 April, 1880, John SHAW, bachelor, and Christina BONNER, spinster, Toronto.

5 May, 1880, John WOODS, bachelor, and Mary FLEMING, spinster, Toronto.

10 May, 1880, Daniel LEWIS, Toronto, bachelor, and Cora MILLER, Canton, O. [Ohio], spinster

19 May, 1880, Frederick MARTIN, bachelor, and Margaret FITZGERALD, spinster, Toronto.

1 June, 1880, George Starkey REDFORD, Don Mount, bachelor, and Sarah Ruth ABRAHAM, Toronto, spinster.

2 June, 1880, George William MEYER, bachelor, and Mary Emeline MORPHY, spinster, Toronto.

16 June, 1880, John SILVERTHORNE, Sunnidale, bachelor, and Martha BROWNE, Nottawasaga, spinster.

21 June, 1880, John William WILSON, bachelor, and Emily Sarah HILL, spinster, Toronto.

3 July, 1880, James Warham WHITNEY, widower, and Belle Nott WAREING, widow, Buffalo.

13 July, 1880, Joseph QUARRINGTON, bachelor, and Rachel RYAN, spinster, Toronto.

2 September, 1880, Alexander McGINLEY, bachelor, and Mary Ann KENNEDY, widow, Toronto.

2 September, 1880, James DUFFY, bachelor, and Mary Ann DOHONEY, spinster, Toronto

16 September, 1880, Frederick Arthur PACE, bachelor, and Maggie COPPELL, spinster, Toronto.

16 September, 1880, Joseph RORKE, bachelor, and Bridget BURNS, spinster, Gravenhurst

18 September, 1880, George THOMPSON, Prescott, bachelor, and Eliza SHERIN, Peterborough, spinster.

21 September, 18980, Alfred BAKER, bachelor, and Caroline LYNCH, spinster, Port Credit.

28 September, 1880, Joseph WILLIAMS, bachelor, and Sarah GOLDRING, spinster, Toronto.

28 September, 1880, Edmund GOLDRING, Toronto, bachelor, and Elizabeth Caroline SWAN, Barrie, spinster.

29 September, 1880, Thomas Henry GORDON, bachelor, and Maggie McNABB, spinster, Toronto.

30 September, 1880, Frederick FUERST, bachelor, and Emily TROTTER, spinster, Toronto.

26 October, 1880, David SUTHERLAND, bachelor, and Ellen SPENCE, spinster, Toronto.

27 October, 1880, William Arthur BONDHOLDER, bachelor, and Maggie KINNEE, spinster, Vaughan.

29 October, 1880, William John CONRON, bachelor, and Margaret CALBECK, spinster, Weston.

4 November, 1880, Charles PARKER, bachelor, and Eliza BALGUE, spinster, Toronto.

29 November, 1880, George James CRAVEN, bachelor, and Isabella SMITH, widow, Brampton.

29 December, 1880, Alexander CORBETT, Chicago, bachelor, and Annie BUDGE, Toronto, spinster.

29 December, 1880, Lewis Luke MAY, bachelor, and Eliza Marie LOVETT, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by  F. D. ALGOMA

22 January, 1880, Henry Grasett BALDWIN, bachelor, and Helena Lee GWYNNE, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by W. S. RAINSFORD

22 January, 1880, Charles Vesey Macdonald TEMPLE, widower, and Margaret Jane Adelaide ALEXANDER, spinster, Quebec.

21 July, 1880, Robert STANLEY, bachelor, and Sarah TAYLOR, spinster, St. Catharines.

23 September, 1880, Matthew CLARKE, bachelor, and Mary Margaret FRENCH, widow, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by I. HURON

27 April, 1880, Isidore Frederick HELLMUTH, bachelor, and Harriet Emily GAMBLE, spinster, Toronto..

Marriage Performed by T. B. NIAGARA

29 September, 1880, Frank Egerton HODGINS, bachelor, and Anna Maria MACKLEM, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE, Assistant St. James, in 1881

5 January, 1881, Thomas NEEDLE, bachelor, and Kate ANDREWS, spinster, Toronto.

13 January, 1881, Richard LORING, bachelor, and Sarah BANKS, spinster, Toronto.

14 January, 1881, William KNAGGS, Village of Summerville, bachelor, and Josephine HICKEY, Village of Dixie, spinster.

26 January, 1881, Thomas POOL, bachelor, and Annie MICHLER, spinster, township of Vaughan, spinster.

5 February, 1881, William Charles WILSON, bachelor, and Alice WILDING, spinster, Toronto

19 January, 1881, George M. BRADING, widower, and Ellen GAGE, widow, Toronto.

16 February, 1881, John Henry BALDWIN, bachelor, and Elizabeth GOODMAN, spinster, Toronto.

25 February, 1881, Waller Thomas HENSON, bachelor, and Eliza THETFORD, spinster, Toronto.

10 March, 1881, Robert THORPE, bachelor, and Annie CORNLEY, spinster, Toronto.

15 March, 1881, Samuel Richard STEWART, bachelor, and Louie [Louise ?] BARNES, spinster, Toronto.

30 March, 1881, James Henry SLEAN, bachelor, and Lilian DUNSFORD, spinster, Toronto

28 April, 1881, Robert Stephen PEARSON, bachelor, and Jessie BARBER, spinster, Toronto.

11 July, 1881, William Thomas HUNT, bachelor, and Mary Ellen HURST, spinster, Toronto.

12 July, 1881, William George SCOTT, bachelor, and Matilda Diana WOOD, spinster, Toronto.

7 September, 1881, John HUGHES, bachelor, and Ann CORKE, widow, Toronto.

14 September, 1881, Arthur Wellesley CROIL, bachelor, and Nettie IRVING, spinster, Toronto

12 October, 1881, John CASLOR, bachelor, and Hannah BLACK, spinster, Streetsville.

24 October, 1881, Henry William MALLY, bachelor, and Deborah BROWN, spinster, Toronto.

28 October, 1881, George Delifield McMEANS, bachelor, Toronto, and Fanny ANDREWS, widow, Brantford.

7 November, 1881, John Ryan HUGHES, bachelor, Tamworth, and Sarah Jane SHAREN, spinster, Putnam.

10 November, 1881, John Henry GUEST, bachelor, and Ellen BARBER, spinster, Toronto.

26 November, 1881, Joseph Wellington SMITH, bachelor, and Jane BURTON, spinster, Toronto.

15 December, 1881, Alfred ADAMS, bachelor, and Elizabeth MOULTON, spinster, Toronto.

17 December, 1881, Jacob HOERR, bachelor, and Bertha SCHADEL, spinster, Toronto.

21 December, 1881, Thomas HARMAN, bachelor, and Sarah DOHERTY, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Rev. H.J. GRASETT, Rector of St. James

20 January, 1881, George Augustus MUTTLEBURY, Winnipeg, bachelor, and Fannie Lucretia Wynne GILLESPIE, Toronto, spinster.

3 February, 1881, Joseph SCOTT, bachelor, and Margaret TAYLOR, widow, Toronto.

3 February, 1881, John FORHAN, bachelor, and Sarah GOODMAN, spinster, Toronto.

14 February, 1881, Henry HUMMEL, widower, and Mary BARCLAY, widow, Toronto.

23 April, 1881, Frederick Stanley SCHOFIELD, Barrie, bachelor, and Edith WILSON, Toronto, spinster.

29 May, 1881, Marcus Henry SMITH, bachelor, and Elizabeth Anne FLYNN, spinster, Weston.

2 June, 1881, Walter Linch RIDOUT, Toronto, bachelor, and Alice BOYER, Colborne, spinster

6 August, 1881, Edward Philip LEACOCK, bachelor, Winnipeg, and Georgina Eliza VICKERS, spinster, Toronto. This was the last time the Very Rev. H. J. GRASETT officiated at a wedding in St. James' Cathedral, and the last time his signature appears..

Marriage Performed by W. S. RAINSFORD

28 July, 1881, William Henry BLACK, bachelor, and Ellen STEPHENSON, widow, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by H. H. WATERS

8 August, 1881, John BOLTON, bachelor, and Rachel DENNY, spinster, York.

18 August, 1881, John Thomas SCHOLES, bachelor, and Mary Ann KERR, spinster, Toronto.

24 August, 1881, James William STANSBURY, bachelor, and Elizabeth Louisa HARRISON, spinster, Toronto.

22 September, 1881, John Alexander STRATHY, Barrie, bachelor, and Agnes Strachan GRASETT, Toronto, spinster.

Marriages Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE, in 1882

10 January, 1882, Robert JOSLION, bachelor, and Martha Jane NOBLE, spinster, Toronto.

19 January, 1882, James HUNTER, bachelor, and Elizabeth Jane HART, spinster, Toronto.

6 February, 1882, Alfred James WILKINSON, bachelor, and Amy Maria CRICK, spinster, Toronto.

28 February, 1882, John MOORE, widower, and Mary DONNELY, widow, Alliston.

11 May, 1882, Jared IRVINE, Toronto, bachelor, and Mary FROGLEY, Yorkville, spinster.

23 may, 1882, Joseph GAUTHIER, widower, and Aleira Lavinia FOUNTAIN, widow, Toronto.

25 May, 1882, William DOBLE, Uxbridge, bachelor, and Elizabeth HOSHEL, Markham, spinster

21 June, 1882, Hugh McFADDEN, bachelor, and Martha McTAGGART, spinster, Caledon.

21 June, 1882, John Thomas LUNN, bachelor, and Jennie DUNN, spinster, Toronto.

28 June, 1882, John BROWN, Toronto, bachelor, and Eliza Elizabeth YOUNG, of Newtown, N. Y., spinster.

14 July, 1882, Francis Leslie BRYANT, bachelor, and Grace Ellen BEVAN, spinster, Toronto.

18 July, 1882, Frederick Murray READE, Turtle Mountain, Man., bachelor, and Marianna Cecilia COLEMAN, Toronto, spinster.

18 July, 1882, Thomas William YIELDING, bachelor, and Maggie LITTLE, spinster, Toronto.

25 July, 1882, Alexander HOEY, bachelor, and Mary SMITH, spinster, Toronto.

26 July, 1882, Lionel JOHNSON, widower, and Catherine RYAN, spinster, Toronto.

30 July, 1882, Preston Thomson RIDSDALE, bachelor, and Kate WRIGHT, widow, Kentucky, U. S.

29 August, 1882, James Frederick KENNEDY, bachelor, and Elizabeth Frances McMULLEN, spinster, Toronto.

29 August, 1882, George Samuel CONOVER, bachelor, and Rosa GOLDNER, spinster, London.

2 October, 1882, John Wilson HOWE, Trenton, bachelor, and Jane Davison BOWMAN, Toronto, spinster.

11 October, 1882, William Henry MILLER, bachelor, and Mary Jane RUSSELL, spinster, Toronto.

14 October, 1882, Levi BRIGHT, widower, and Eliza BROWN, widow, Toronto.

17 October, 1882, Augustus Martin PIPER, bachelor, and Laura Matilda GREENE, spinster, Toronto.

24 October, 1882, Frederick William MOSSOP, bachelor, and Jennie HOLDERNESS, spinster, Toronto.

9 November, 1882, Arthur Wellington BURKE, Bowmanville, bachelor, and Madge Margaret Hamilton MacKAY, Toronto, spinster.

21 November, 1882, Samuel PRICE, bachelor, and Francis Elizabeth McBRIDE, spinster, Toronto.

23 November, 1882, James COWAN, bachelor, and Mary QUIRK, spinster, Toronto.

29 November, 1882, Charles Edmund BROOKE, bachelor, and Alice Maud MACDONALD, spinster, Toronto.

6 December, 1882, Herbert TOLCHARD, bachelor, and Barbara Ann CAMPBELL, spinster, Toronto.

24 December, 1882, John William ERWOOD, bachelor, and Sarah Catherine SALLAWAY, spinster, Toronto.

27 December, 1882, Phillip Edward NOVERRE, bachelor, and Mary Ann PAPPS, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by H. H. WATERS

21 August, 1882, Lawrence Byron McKAY, bachelor, and Annie Bromhall THORPE, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Ralph C. BRYDGES

5 September, 1882, George Simeon MacDONALD, widower, and Almira Alma FROST, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Alfred OSBORNE

13 September, 1882, John Thomas BROWN, bachelor, and Annie Strolger ANDREWS, spinster, Richmond Hill.

14 September, 1882, James Burns BLAIR, widower, and Elizabeth Harriet ROBINSON, spinster, Hamilton.

Marriage Performed by Arthur TORONTO

20 February, 1882, Alexander FORD, bachelor, and Martha Emmelina RUTHERFORD, spinster, Toronto.

19 September, 1882, William KERSTEMAN, bachelor, and Jessie RIDOUT, spinster, Toronto.

19 September, 1882, Edward PORTER, Portage La Prairie, bachelor, and Louie [Louise ?] Abigail RIDOUT, Toronto, spinster.

20 September, 1882, James Playfair McMURRICH, Guelph, bachelor, and Katie Moodie VICKERS, Toronto, spinster.

Marriage Performed by W. S. RAINSFORD

1 June, 1882, James Robert McCAFFREY, widower, and Ida Mary SAME, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE, in 1883

1 January, 1883, George DAVIS, bachelor, and Mary Ann RICKEY, spinster, Peterborough.

25 January, 1883, Richard TESKEY, bachelor, and Jane WILSON, widow, Toronto.

8 February, 1883, Edward BELL, bachelor, and Eliza DUNDAS, spinster.

14 March, 1883, Robert JOHNSTON, Brant, bachelor, and Mary Eliza SOCKETT, Guelph, spinster.

26 March, 1883, Percy George Horke ROBINSON, bachelor, and Charlotte MARSHALL, spinster, Toronto.

28 March, 1883, Christopher Albert STONG, Uxbridge, bachelor, and Ida LAWRENCE, Dunnville, U.S.A., spinster.

4 April, 1883, William Percy ADAMS, Brooklyn, bachelor, and Martha Matilda WILLIAMS, Toronto, spinster.

5 April, 1883, Frederick DENNE, bachelor, and Elvina Louisa WILBEE, spinster, Toronto.

5 April, 1883, William Marshall MORRIS, St. Catharines, bachelor, and Susan BAXTER, Toronto, spinster.

12 April, 1883, John LONG, bachelor, and Mary TELFORD, spinster, Toronto.

29, May, 1883, Thomas Edward EARLS, Woodbridge, bachelor, and Sarah Ann BAKER, Bolton, spinster.

9 June, 1883, James ROBERTS, bachelor, and Bridget HILL, widow, Toronto.

13 September, 1883, Robert DODDS, bachelor, and Ellen GRAHAM, spinster, Toronto.

18 September, 1883, Alexander WYNESS, bachelor, and Annie Elizabeth Furbish NORD, spinster, Toronto.

19 September, 1883, John Tyndall STEPHENSON, King, bachelor, and Margaret Maudie ARCHIBALD, Vaughan, spinster.

19 September, 1883, William DINNER, Hope, bachelor, and Charlotte MUTCH, Clarke, spinster.

30 September, 1883, Charles Joseph RUTLEDGE, Brampton, bachelor, and Louisa Ethel GRACE, Sagineau, U. S. A.

2 October, 1883, Horace BROWN, Hamilton, widower, and Susan MATHAM, Toronto, spinster.

16 October, 1883, Edward BELL, bachelor, and Letitia FALLOON, spinster, Toronto.

23 October, 1883, James BURNS, bachelor, and Hannah Maria BARKER, spinster, Toronto.

25 October, 1883, Thomas VUDD, bachelor, and Mary Jane MEAKIN, spinster, Toronto.

25 October, 1883, Timothy BARBER, bachelor, and Eleanor Hannah KELLS, spinster, Toronto.

__ November, 1883, John MAHON, bachelor, and Bessie BUDDEN, spisnter, Toronto.

17 November, 1883, Frederick John GRIFFITHS, bachelor, and Emelina Augusta TROTMAN, spinster, Toronto.

22 November, 1883, Robert ANDERSON, bachelor, and Alice Maud KILLIMINSTER, widow, Toronto.

22 November, 1883, Thomas John BROOKS, bachelor, and Frances COLE, spinster, Toronto

Marriage Performed by Dyson HAGUE

2 June, 1883, James DEACON, and Emily Matilda BELL, Toronto

9 July, 1883, Frank HOPE, and Annie Wallace GILBERT, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN

5 May, 1883, Frederick FORRESTER, bachelor, and Augusta Helena SCOBELL, spinster, Toronto.

23 May, 1883, William LEESON, Toronto, bachelor, and Ellen COLLINS, Severn.

26 May, 1883, Washington G. WOODRUFF, bachelor, and Nellie READ, spinster, Markham

14 June, 1883, Frederick Le Maitre GRASETT, bachelor, and Jane Stewart TODD, spinster, Toronto.

1 July, 1883, William PHILPOTT, bachelor, and Mary McCULLOUGH, spinster, Toronto.

2 July, 1883, Matthew Henry LIBBY, bachelor, and Louisa Letitia DAVEY, spinster, Toronto.

4 July, 1883, Frederick Henry CLARE, bachelor, and Sarah Jane PLATER, spinster, Toronto.

1 September, 1883, Henry TILLEY, bachelor, and Mary WILKEY, spinster, Garafraxa.

3 September, 1883, William CHAPPELL, bachelor, and Frances BELL, spinster, Toronto.

25 September, 1883, George PRICE, bachelor, and Emma MITCHELL, spinster, Toronto.

29 September, 1883, Philip Henry WALKER, bachelor, and Bridget BYRNE, spinster, Toronto.

2 October, 1883, Alfred Ernest CARTER, widower, and Emiliy PLATER, spisnter, Toronto.

13 October, 1883, William STITT, bachelor, and Myra E. PROTHEROE, spinster, Toronto.

31 October, 1883, William Thomas DIXON, bachelor, and Charlotte HENDERSON, spinster, Toronto.

2 November, 1883, Charles Oscar ARDAGH, bachelor, and Sarah Ellen BIRT, spinster, Toronto.

3 November, 1883, Albert ALLCARD, bachelor, and Clara WILSON, spinster, Toronto.

5 November, 1883, Albert Edward FARMERY, Toronto, bachelor, and Ellen SAMME, Cooksville, spinster.

5 November, 1883, Richard BROWN, bachelor, and Sarah EGGINTON, spinster, Toronto.

22 November, 1883, James Farquhar FARRELL, bachelor, and Minnie O'HALLORAN, spinster, Toronto.

3 December, 1883, James HOLME, widower, and Jane STRANGWARD, spinster, Toronto.

10 December, 1883, James DALBEY, bachelor, and Elizabeth LASCELLES, spinster, Carlton West.

15 December, 1883, Thomas SMITH, bachelor, and Annie Lydia TAYLOR, spinster, Toronto.

18 December, 1883, Thomas RILEY, bachelor, and Margaret MORTON, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Ralph L. BRYDGES

30 January, 1883, Charles Richard WILKS, bachelor, and Ellen TOTTERDALE, widow, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by H. H. WATERS

19 July, 1883, John HARRIS, bachelor, and Margaret DEEGAN, widow, Toronto.

31 July, 1883, Charles William SWAISLAND, Niagara Falls, Bachelor, and Ellen CUMMING, South End, England, spinster.

31 July, 1883, Timothy BILLS, bachelor, and Louisa KING, spinster, Toronto.

31 July, 1883, Robert GIBSON, bachelor, and Elizabeth STUBBS, spinster, Toronto.

[N.B. no marriages listed between January and March 1884]

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN, in 1884

1 April 1884, Edward Cartwright WHITE, bachelor, and Sophia Olive JONES, Toronto, spinster, Toronto.

8 April, 1884, James OGG, bachelor, and Martha THOMSON, spinster, Markham.

10 April, 1884, John BARKER, bachelor, and Emily PARKER, spinster, Toronto.

27 April, 1884, James ARMSTRONG, bachelor, and Mary Anne BROMLEY, spinster, Toronto.

21 May, 1884, Richard NUGENT, bachelor, and Helen STAMFORD, spinster, Toronto.

29 May, 1884, William John YIELDING, bachelor, and Mary WILSON, spinster, Toronto

11 June, 1884, Rufus EMBREE, bachelor, and Margaret FRY, spinster, Brampton.

27 June, 1884, James Watson INGLIS, bachelor, and Phoebe Ann GRIFFIN, spinster, Wingham.

1 July, 1884, Frank CONNOR, bachelor, and Mary KELLY, spinster, Hamilton.

3 July, 1884, John SHEAHAN, bachelor, and Annie Spidgen HODGKIN, spinster, Guelph

4 August,1884, William Henry DANIELS, bachelor, and Elizabeth Mary Ann JONES, spinster, Toronto.

6 August, 1884, Joseph Gardiner OWEN, Streetsville, bachelor, and Mary Amelia BULL, Toronto, widow.

18 August, 1884, William Henry SQUIRES, bachelor, and Alice Jane PADDON, spinster, Toronto.

18 August, 1884, Robert BUCHANAN, widower, and Mary BLAKELEY, spinster, Toronto.

18 August, 1884, Thomas NELSON, bachelor, and Harriet HORNE, spinster, Toronto.

20 August, 1884, James KYLE, bachelor, and Annie CARTON, spinster, Streetsville.

27 August, 1884, Samuel McNEILL, bachelor, and Sarah PARKER, spinster, Wellington County.

16 September, 1884, Jesse HOLLMAN, Hanover, bachelor, and Martha Ann TAYLOR, Toronto, spinster.

17 September, 1884, Frederick DIBB, bachelor, and Fanny Rebecca DIBB, spinster, Vaughan.

17 September, 1884, Robert ASH, bachelor, and Mary Ann SIZE, spinster, York County.

17 September, 1884, Edwin GLEDHILL, widower, to Daisy Alice BRODIE, spinster, Toronto.

18 September, 1884, Gerald Francis BROPHY, Winnipeg, bachelor, and Kate SMITH, Toronto, spinster.

25 September, 1884, George DESROCHES, bachelor, and Mary Frances CULLEN, spinster, Toronto.

25 September, 1884, Stefano AGMOND, bachelor, and Rose BOYD, spinster, Toronto.

2 October, 1884, Andrew McCULLEN, widower, and Josephine O'LEARY, spinster, Toronto.

3 October, 1884, James Francis ISAACS, bachelor, and Martha POLLITT, spinster, Toronto.

7 October, 1884, James HOGG, bachelor, and Ethel TYE, spinster, Toronto.

15 October, 1884, John O'HANLEY, bachelor, and Lizzie CONNELL, widow, Toronto.

4 November, 1884, Thomas ROBERTS, bachelor, and Susan PARR, spinster, Toronto.

8 November, 1884, John Senior NICHOLSON, widower, and Sarah Ann C. CHARLESWORTH, spinster, Weston.

12 November, 1884, Charles ANTHONY, bachelor, and Harriett McMULLEN, spinster, Toronto.

21 November, 1884, Frederick HILTS, Pickering, bachelor, and Mary COOK, Whitchurch, spinster.

3 December, 1884, Charles ROCKERT, bachelor, and Annie Victoria MYERS, spinster, Toronto.

4 December, 1884, Thomas HALLIGAN, bachelor, and Fredriette GROVES, widow, Toronto.

 Marriages Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE

14 April, 1884, Henry PANTRY, bachelor, and Margaret SWITZER, spinster, Toronto.

23 April, 1884, John PAYNE, bachelor, and Frances Emily CREIGHTON, spinster, Toronto.

30 April, 1884, Robert POWELL, bachelor, and Annie PALMER, spinster, Toronto.

3 June, 1884, William George BUCHANAN, bachelor, and Matilda DONOHOE, spinster, Toronto.

4 June, 1884, James KAY, jr., widower, and Jane MARSDEN, spinster, Preston.

5 June, 1884, John CONROY, bachelor, and Tilley DESPARD, spinster, Toronto.

2 July, 1884, William LONG, bachelor, and Mary Ann WILSON, spinster, Toronto.

10 July, 1884, Charles SHEARD, M.D., bachelor, and Virna STANTON, spinster, Toronto.

15 July, 1884, George William FARLEY, Winnipeg, bachelor, and Sarah Sophia BROWN, Toronto, spinster.

24 December, 1884, John GREEN, widower, and Hannah Isabella FORSAYETH, widow, Toronto.

31 December, 1884, Joseph PITTMAN, bachelor, and Margaret BURK, spinster, Toronto.

30, October, 1884, George Edward HILL, bachelor, and Rebecca MATHEWS, spinster, Toronto

Marriage Performed by C. N. CLERK

25 September, 1884, William John GRAHAM, bachelor, and Elizabeth WALKER, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Arthur TORONTO

16 October, 1884, Dyson HAGUE, bachelor, and Jemima BALDWIN, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Dyson HAGUE, Assistant

27 July, 1884, John CRUISE, and Jennie ROBERTS, spinster, Toronto.

30 July, 1884, Richard BRECKON, bachelor, Markham, and Matilda Ann STREET, Cockburn Island, spinster.

24 December, 1884, Robert ROGERS, bachelor, and Jennie ACTON, spinster, Toronto.