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St. James, Toronto, 1885-1896

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Marriages at St. James Anglican, Toronto,

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Marriages at St. James Cathedral, Toronto, 1885 - 1896

From Landmarks of Toronto, volume 3, p.395 ff, by John Ross Robertson, submitted by Marcie Lawrence


Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN, in 1885

5 January, 1885, David Campbell BURK, Toronto, widower, and Ada WILLOUGHBY, Detroit, spinster.

15 January, 1885, Frederick Henry SHAW, bachelor, and Katie Josephine Frances FOLEY, spinster, Toronto.

13 February, 1885, James DRYSDALE-YOUNGER, bachelor, and Elizabeth Marion ELLIOTT, spinster, Ottawa

18 February, 1885, William John CONLEY, bachelor, and Sarah Letitia CRAVEN, spinster, Toronto.

24 February, 1885, James Alexander DOUGLAS, bachelor, and  Eliza Jane LIPSETT, spinster, Toronto

1 April, 1885, George PEARCE, bachelor, and Anna O'ROURKE, spinster, Toronto

16 April, 1885, Ernest Bernard JOLIFFE, bachelor, and Lotta May BROWN, spinster, Toronto.

20 May, 1885, James Henry EDWARDS, bachelor, and Annie Maria BOWIN, spinster, Peel.

26 May, 1885, Edwin John KIRBY, bachelor, and Annie RITCHIE, spinster, Toronto.

3 June, 1885, Francis Herman GISBORNE, bachelor, and Edith Douglas HEINSWORTH, Toronto, spinster.

4 June, 1885, Curtis A. JOHNSTON, bachelor, and Margaret J. WATTS, spinster, Ontario.

10 June, 1885, Richard BACKUS, bachelor, and Harriett DRAKE, spinster, Caledon.

12 June, 1885, William JONES, widower, and Margaret BELL, widow, Toronto.

13 July, 1885, William Harry HAWKINS, widower, and Susan EDWARDS, spinster, Dixie

9 September, 1885, Robert Urichels YOUNG, Detroit, bachelor, and Melissa Jane STACEY, Hamilton, widow.

10 September, 1885, Asa Albert BIGGAR, bachelor, and Emily LeBARRE, spinster, Toronto.

15 September, 1885, Edward PEACHEY, and Mary Ann LANNAN, Cobourg.

16 September, 1885, George Geddes LE MESEURIER, bachelor, and Wilhelmina Elizabeth TODD, spinster, Toronto.

16 September,1885, Donald MacDONALD, Albany, N.Y., bachelor, and Florence Bleeker NICHOLS, Toronto, spinster.

18 September, 1885, Alfred PRETTY, bachelor, and Annie Catherine COOOPER, spinster, Toronto.

24 September, 1885, Harry WALLISS, bachelor, and Marianne LAWRENCE, spinster, Baysville

1 October, 1885, Grant HELLIWELL, bachelor, and Annie Maria FITZSIMMONS, spinster, Toronto.

7 October, 1885, William WYLIE, bachelor, and Margaret MADDIGAN, spinster, Toronto.

8 October, 1885, John MacLEAN, bachelor, and Sarah BRETHERTON, widow, Toronto.

8 October, 1885, Byron FUERST, bachelor, and Eliza TAYLOR, spinster, Toronto

29 October, 1885, Hugh David LUMSDEN, bachelor, and Mary Frederica WHITNEY, spinster, Toronto

11 November, 1885, Robert Thomas SAUNDERS, bachelor, and Jane IRVINE, spinster, Toronto

17 December, 1885, William James NELSON, bachelor, and Mary Logan CLARKSON, widow, Toronto.

23 December, 1885, James G. DEAN, bachelor, and Grace MILLER, spinster, Toronto.

24 December, 1885, John Richard STANWAY, Minneapolis, bachelor, and Esther ROBSON, Toronto, spinster.

24 December, 1885, J. William BERNARD, bachelor, and Mary Louisa VAN KEMPEN, spinster, Toronto.

24 December, 1885, William Herbert WILLIAMSON, Toronto, bachelor, and Marguerite Georgina HUTCHISON, St. Clair, New York, spinster.

29 December, 1885, John Hodges PIPON, Winnipeg, bachelor, and Emily Louisa RUTHERFORD, Toronto, spinster.

Marriages Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE

31 January, 1885, John Davenport KERRISON, Toronto, widower, and Alice Mary CARSWELL, Oshawa, spinster.

11 February, 1885, George Edward WILKINSON, Markham, bachelor, and Emily Caroline RUTTER, Toronto, spinster.

16 February, 1885, Henry John Hugh BROWNE, bachelor, and Emma NICHOLS, spinster, Toronto.

4 March, 1885, Thomas Henry JARVIS, bachelor, and Edith Kate JOHNSON, spinster, Toronto.

4 March, 1885, Roland Edward BELL, bachelor, and Isabella Jane HOWE, spinster, Toronto.

11 March, 1885, Thomas James Smith McLAREN, Mitchell, bachelor, and Emily Louisa FOWLER, Toronto, spinster.

__ March, 1885, Thomas BANKS, bachelor, and Eliza Jane BEAUMONT, spinster, Toronto.

23 March, 1885, Charles Henry HAGUE, bachelor, and Edith Juliet WYATT, spinster, Toronto.

14 April, 1885, William James LEE, bachelor, and Deborah Margaret FOY, spinster, Toronto.

15 April, 1885, Alexander Stewart SIMPSON, bachelor, and Martha Jane McCLOSKEY, spinster, Toronto.

18 June, 1885, Frederick William MORRISON, bachelor, and Mary Augusta RYDER, spinster, Toronto.

24 June, 1885, Gideon DELAHAYE, bachelor, Pembroke, and Margaret Louisa WRIGHT, spinster, Toronto.

10 August, 1885, David CLARK, widower, Thornhill, and Martha KEEFER, widow, Vaughan.

31 August, 1885, Andrew Maxwell IRVING, bachelor, and Marie Louisa SKELTON, spinster, Toronto

Marriage Performed by Arthur TORONTO

27 June, 1885, Albert Aaron STAUNTON, widower, and Charlotte HAMILTON, widow, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Dyson HAGUE

29 June, 1885, Richard PRESNAIL, bachelor, and Annie HYNES, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Arthur H. BALDWIN

1 July, 1885, Samuel WATSON, widower, Toronto, and Matilda McGUIRE, spinster, Orangeville.

Marriage Performed by H.. P. HOBSON

30 September, 1885, Peter ENDRESS, bachelor, and Annie CARTER, spinster, Toronto.

27 October, 1885, William NEIL, bachelor, and Annie BAWDEN, widow, Toronto.

4 November, 1885, Alexander BEATTY, bachelor, and Mary Elizabeth WALLACE, spinster, Toronto.

28 November, 1885, James BEST, bachelor, and Caroline DROWLEY, spinster, Weston.

16 December, 1885, John Alexander EWAN, bachelor, and Elizabeth Ann O'NEIL, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN, in 1886

13 January, 1886, James WORFOLK, bachelor, and Jennie LESLIE, spinster, Whitby.

17 February, 1886, William James KENT, bachelor, and Edith Maud SMITH, spinster, Toronto.

22 February, 1886, Daniel SNELL, bachelor, and Agnes HALFORD, spinster, Toronto.

24 February, 1886, William ARMSTRONG, widower, and Jane McCREIGHT, spinster, Markham.

14 April, 1886, Thomas GAMBLE, bachelor, and Esther PERO, spinster, Toronto.

20 July, 1886, Alexander McPHEE, of St. Paul, U.S., bachelor, and Louisa MURRAY, Montreal, spinster.

23 July, 1886, Joseph NORRIS, bachelor, and Ruth STOTHERS, spinster, Toronto.

14 August, 1886, James Belmont SWEENEY, Toronto, bachelor, and Minnie HANSES, Buffalo, U.S., spinster.

18 August, 1886, George Hodgson MIDDLETON, Farnham, bachelor, and Nannie Esther HAZELWOOD [or HAZLEWOOD ?], Toronto, spinster.

28 September, 1886, Walter James MILLER, Toronto, bachelor, and Catharine BANFORD, Cobourg, spinster.

4 October, 1886, John SCHOFIELD, bachelor, and Mary McPHERSON, spinster, Toronto Junction.

6 October, 1886, Hugh Vernon PAYNE, bachelor, and Frances Letitia TODD, spinster, Toronto

16 November, 1886, Charles Henry DUGGAN, bachelor, and Alice Maude DUGGAN, spinster, Toronto.

24 December, 1886, Archibald Marquis MAINS, bachelor, and Isabella ANDRONS, spinster, Toronto.

29 December, 1886, Charles Hiram WEEKS, bachelor, and Alice Elizabeth BILLS, spinster, Toronto

Marriages Performed by H. P. HOBSON

11 May, 1886, John GILMOR, bachelor, and Eliza LEIGHTBODY, spinster, Toronto.

26 May, 1886, Louis HALBHANS, bachelor, and Sophia H. BUSH, spinster, Toronto.

1 July, 1886, James JACKSON, Chinguacousy, bachelor, and Sarah Ann REEVES, Toronto, spinster.

Marriage Performed by Richard W. E. GREENE

14 September, 1886, George McKinnon, WRONG, bachelor, and Sophia Hume BLAKE, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by William GRANT

8 October, 1886, Ezra Hurlburt STAFFORD, bachelor, and Ellen Rachel WITHROW, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN, in 1887

7 January, 1887, William BAILEY, bachelor, and Mary Ann SAUNDERS, spinster.

26 January, 1887, William Campbell MACDONALD, bachelor, and Caroline Emilie WYLD, spinster, Toronto.

13 April, 1887, Richard DAVIES, bachelor, and Margaret Gertrude McCARTHY, spinster, Toronto.

19 April, 1887, Albert BIOLETTE, bachelor, and Ellen PEMBROKE, spinster, Halton.

28 April, 1887, David THOMPSON, bachelor, to Mary GARDINER, spinster, Toronto

1 June, 1887, Francis AXSON, bachelor, and Harriett FAULKLAND, spinster, Toronto.

16 June, 1887, Edmund CARR, bachelor, and Maria CROMARTY, spinster, Galt.

16 June, 1887, James GRANDFIELD, bachelor, and Louisa Mary ROWLETT, spinster, Toronto

26 July, 1887, William George BRECKELS, bachelor, and Rose RAINER, spinster, Toronto.

26 July, 1887, Richard ALLT, bachelor, and Elizabeth KINGDON, spinster, Toronto

7 September, 1887, John Brown BRODIE, bachelor, and Lena MONTGOMERY, spinster, Toronto.

16 September, 1887, Donald CAMPBELL, bachelor, and Annie COWIE, spinster, Cambridge.

17 September, 1887, Charles PAYNE, Goderich, widower, and Matilda Annie LANE, Tamworth, widow.

19 September, 1887, Stephen Daniel HUDSON, widower, and Elizabeth McCORMACK, spinster, Toronto.

21 September, 1887, Henry SEWALL, Ann Arbor, U.S., bachelor, and Isabel Josephine VICKERS, Toronto, spinster.

29 September, 1887, William GATES, bachelor, and Mary Ann CLARKE, spinster, Toronto.

22 October, 1887, James McCLEMENT, bachelor, and Christina Elizabeth SHETHER, spinster, King.

26 October, 1887, Platt Rogers SPENCER, Detroit, U.S., widower, and Louisa KING, Cleveland, U.S., spinster.

29 October, 1887, Charles Albert FRENCH, bachelor, Algoma, and Helen Louisa TOOKE, spinster, Cobourg.

14 November, 1887, Edgar Havelrett CROFT, bachelor, and Jane SANDERSON, spinster, Guelph.

16 November, 1887, William Elliot MACARA, bachelor, Winnipeg, and Mary Alicia MacDERMOTT, spinster, Toronto.

19 November, 1887, Chas. Evelyn FALKNER, bachelor, Acton, and Annie MOORE, spinster, Brampton.

23 November, 1887, Samuel PENNY, bachelor, Kleinburg, and Eliza LONG, spinster, Reddellville.

23 November, 1887, Archibald TAYLOR, York, bachelor, and Elizabeth Ellen NORTON, Scarboro', spinster.

22 December, 1887, George CRANDALL, widower, and Isabella HOAG, spinster, Scarboro'.

28 December, 1887, Richard C. COMMON, Carleton Place, bachelor, and Maggie DOUGHERTY, Guelph, spinster

Marriages Performed by H. P. HOBSON

3 January, 1887, George WARIN, bachelor, and Sarah Ann WARIN, widow, Toronto.

25 February, 1887, Jas. McCRACKEN, bachelor, and Margaret GREY, spinster, Toronto.

18 March, 1887, William James MARTIN, bachelor, and Annie Selena LESTER, spinster, Toronto.

24 May, 1887, Hugh O'BRIEN, bachelor, Detroit, U.S.A., and Janet Mary HANCOCK, spinster, Toronto.

24 May, 1887, Thomas MELROSS, bachelor, and Ada Josephine COUCH, spinster, Toronto

30 June, 1887, Joshua John BOLTON, bachelor, Toronto, and Ellen YEAMAN, spinster, Gateshed, England.

6 July, 1887, William WILSON, bachelor, and Agnes O'DONOVAN, spinster, Toronto.

6 July, 1887, William FURSE, bachelor, and Catharine CONNORS, spinster, Toronto

10 August, 1887, John SMITH, bachelor, and Charlotte Louisa MARKS, spinster, Toronto.

11 August, 1887, James HOOPER, bachelor, and Catherine MURPHY, widow, Toronto.

29 August, 1887, Thomas Arthur MILNE, bachelor, and Florence Angelina SMITH, spinster, Toronto

20 October, 1887, Patrick NORTON, widower, and Jane FELSTEAD, spinster, Toronto.

9 November, 1887, Thomas ALLEN, bachelor, and Fannie SCOTT, spinster, Toronto

28 December, 1887, John Alexander FORSYTH, bachelor, and Bertha WADSWORTH, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Francis M. BALDWIN

30 April, 1887, William John CARR, bachelor, and Norah SHEA, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Robert N. MERRITT, D. D.

28 June, 1887, Henry Keble MERRITT, bachelor, and Florence Matilda HOWLAND, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by H. P. HOBSON, in 1888

25 January, 1888, Samuel BEACOCK, Cartwright, bachelor, and Bella Ann JOHNSTON, Toronto, spinster.

26 April, 1888, Frank Henry DOTY, widower, and Amanda Jane PEARCE, spinster, Toronto

19 May, 1888, Thomas LEPPINGTON, bachelor, and Mary ETHELL, spinster, Toronto.

23 May, 1888, William WOODHOUSE, widower, and Mary Jane COUCH, spinster, Toronto.

16 August, 1888, William HUMPHREY, widower, and Ada WELMAN, spinster, Toronto.

22 August, 1888, Francis William CARPENTER, Toronto, bachelor, and Alice MEYER, Capetown, South Africa, spinster.

22 December, 1888, Edwin BOND, Toronto, bachelor, and Minnie Buchanan PATTON, North Bay, spinster.

25 December, 1888, Charles Bodman WILLIAMS, bachelor, and Marie O'KEEFE, spinster, Toronto.

27 December, 1888, John SNIDER, bachelor, and Rose HALLOWAY, spinster, Stoufville [sic].

Marriage Performed by Anthony HART

27 June, 1888, Henry WELLSTEED, bachelor, and Emma IRESON, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by J. K. POWELL

25 July, 1888, Francis Charles ARNOLD, bachelor, and Ellen TREEN, spinster, Toronto.

10 August, 1888, Allan Rudy SHANTZ, bachelor, and Louisa DETURIER, spinster, Berlin, Ont.

13 August, 1888, Henry BROWN, bachelor, and Susan Amelia HALL, spinster, Markham.

Marriage Performed by J. K. MITCHELL

18 December, 1888, Henry MITCHELL, bachelor, and Mary WILLS, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN, in 1889

3 January, 1889, Norman Alexander SECOR, Michigan, U.S., bachelor, and Mary Jane KEELER, Melancthon, spinster.

12 February, 1889, John Moore MANNING, Detroit, widower, and Mary WILSON, Whitby, spinster.

24 April, 1889, Joseph FULTON, Streetsville, bachelor, and Mary STEGGALL, Toronto, spinster.

29 April, 1889, Albert WILLIAMSON, Orillia, bachelor, and Mary Ann LONG, Carleton, spinster

4 September, 1889, William JUNES, bachelor, and Eliza Anne KELLY, spinster, Toronto.

10 September, 1889, John BLACKMAN, bachelor, and Annie COLES, spinster, Toronto.

2 October, 1889, Thomas, BRENNAND, bachelor, and Elizabeth CLARK, spinster, Toronto.

22 October, 1889, James Charles MacDOUGALL, bachelor, and Hannah Josephine HAWKE, spinster, Toronto.

29 October, 1889, Hugh Bruce WILLIAMS, Aldershott, Eng., bachelor, and Mabel Augusta HEWARD, Toronto, spinster.

30 October, 1889, Joshua Wallace COLLINS, Montreal, bachelor, and Eliza Fleming CHRISTIE, Winnipeg, widow.

4 November, 1889, John ENNIS, Point Edward, bachelor, and Margaret SARGENT, Brampton, spinster.

19 December, 1889, Albert Ernest Stafford SMYTHE, Toronto, bachelor, and Mary Adelaide CONSTANTINE, Manitoba, spinster.

Marriages Performed by J. K. POWELL

27 March, 1889, Mathias Whitney COLLINS, bachelor, and Ada Emily BRYAN, spinster, Whitby.

10 April, 1889, William SIMMONDS, bachelor, and Annie PARKINS, spinster, Toronto.

15 May, 1889, Richard MASON, bachelor, and Caroline SIMMINGTON, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by George M. WRONG

31 December, 1889, Hume BLAKE, Barrister, bachelor, to Georgie Edna MANNING, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN, IN 1890

1 January, 1890, Harry KING, bachelor, and Mary KELLY, spinster, Toronto.

14 January, 1890, Alfred MAW, bachelor, Calgary, and Maria SARGENT, spinster, Brampton.

10 February, 1890, Samuel Edmund ROBERTS, widower, and Francis TOZER, widow, Toronto.

19 February, 1890, John ROBINSON, bachelor, and Essie LAWRENCE, spinster, Whitby.

24 February, 1890, John White CAMPBELL, bachelor, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Nena NEWTON, spinster, Toronto.

3 March, 1890, George John LOVELL, bachelor, and Mary Bethel ADAMS, spinster, Toronto.

11 March, 1890, Joseph Long MACARTNEY, bachelor, Niagara Falls, and Carrie Eveline EYNON, spinster, Thorold.

22 May, 1890, John CROWE, bachelor, and Martha BENNETT, spinster, Toronto.

26 May, 1890, Cecil Samuel Ellis HORROCKS, bachelor, and Mary Crooks HAMILTON, spinster, Toronto.

4 June, 1890, William GILLESPIE, widower, and Elizabeth HERSON, widow, Toronto.

7 June, 1890, Albert James BULLOCK, bachelor, and Mary A. RYAN, spinster, Toronto.

21 June, 1890, William George SELLFONT, bachelor, and Elizabeth Jane TREMILLING, spinster.

24 June, 1890, Samuel Switzer COWAN, Halton, bachelor, and Sarah Jane CROZIER, Peel, spinster.

1 September, 1890, William IRWIN, bachelor, and Eliza WALKER, widow, Toronto.

2 September, 1890, James McGREGOR, bachelor, and Ellen LEGIER, spinster, Toronto.

16 September, 1890, Harry Edgar MILLS, England, bachelor, and Lillian Mabel HUBBARD, Detroit, U.S., spinster.

19 September, 1890, James BREWSTER, widower, and Fannie WEBB, spinster.

8 October, 1890, Ingram Osprey SPOFFORD, bachelor, and Mary Emily MONTGOMERY, spinster, Toronto

24 December, 1890, Edmund McIlwaine CARLETON, bachelor, and Frances HESLOP, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by H. J. WINTERBOURNE

15 January, 1890, Francis SILVERTHORNE, widower, and Sarah A. WILSON, widow, Dixie.

4 December, 1890, Alfred ALDRIDGE, bachelor, and Hamilton Dey BELCHER, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Arthur TORONTO

10 December, 1890, Thomas James TAIT, bachelor, and Emily St. Aubert COCKBURN, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN, in1891

13 January, 1891, William GRAY, Peel County, bachelor, and Ann Jane SARGENT, Brampton, spinster

10 February, 1891, William Samuel ARMSTRONG, Peterboro', bachelor, and Sarah Jane BARRY, Lindsay, spinster.

18 February, 1891, Archelans Southard TERRILL, Chicago, bachelor, and Helen Maud Cole JOHNSTON, Picton, Ont., widow.

.9 May, 1891, Charles Ernest HERRMAN, bachelor, and Bella McFARLANE, spinster, Toronto.

18 May, 1891, Stephen FISHER, bachelor, and Sarah Ann FOX, spinster, Toronto.

27 May, 1891, Harold DISNEY, New Westminster, bachelor, and Mary BURROUGH, London, Eng., spinster.

16 June, 1891, Henry Thompson BROCK, bachelor, and Anna Maud CAWTHRA, spinster, Toronto.

25 June, 1891, William PARCELS, bachelor, and Susan PAYNE, spinster, Hope.

4 September, 1891, Alexander SUNTER, bachelor, and Annie O'CONNOR, spinster, Toronto.

10 September, 1891, George BOWLES, bachelor, and Frances Mary SMALL, spinster, Toronto.

11 September, 1891, James Edward WALLACE, bachelor, and Margaret Emeline THOMPSON, spinster, Toronto.

16 September, 1891, George Alfred BIGGS, bachelor, and Margaret WELSH, spinster, Brockville.

7 November, 1891, James HALL, bachelor, and Elizabeth QUICK, spinster, Oakville,

11 November, 1891, Samuel William EWING, Montreal, bachelor, an Ethel Rosina VICKERS, Toronto, spinster

30 December, 1891, George GILBERT, bachelor, and Maggie SULLIVAN, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by James G. LEWIS

15 January, 1891, William Everett RAMSAY, bachelor, and Asenath FOWLER, spinster, Toronto.

15 January, 1891, Charles Alfred SCADDING, bachelor, and Maggie WALTON, spinster, Toronto.

8 April, 1891, George Godfrey GRAY, Chinguacousy, and Jemima LACKEY, Toronto.

10 June, 1891, William BACH, bachelor, and Hattie GIBSON, spinster.

6 October, 1891, Arthur EVERIST, bachelor, and Clara WHYTE, spinster, Toronto.

16 December, 1891, Stephen Clifford OXTON, Montreal, bachelor, and Eliza NICHOLSON, Toronto, spinster.

23 December, 1891, Harry WINTER, Buffalo, widower, and Christina LAMB, Montreal, spinster

Marriages Performed by H. J. WINTERBOURNE

8 July, 1891, Adison Eujene [sic] FHOURET, bachelor, and Annie Mary SHOARD, spinster, Toronto.

22 July, 1891, Joseph Henry TAYLOR, and Mary Ann BAKER, spinster, Toronto.

30 July, 1891, Henry Nehemiah DANCY, bachelor, and Eva WELCH, spinster, Toronto.

28 October, 1891, Robert Barclay KELLY, bachelor, and Florence Anne HOWARD, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN in 1892
13 January, 1892, Albert MIDDLETON, bachelor, and Margaret Ann BRITTON, spinster, Toronto.

3 February, 1892, Henry J. BETHUNE, bachelor, and Laura May MOSS, spinster, Toronto.

17 February, 1892, Joseph Orlando ORR, bachelor, and Georgina PLATT, spinster, Toronto.

14 April, 1892, Albert Edward COATES, bachelor, and Clara Jane HARVEY, spinster, Toronto

7 June, 1892, Charles James Gerry HILL, Toronto, bachelor, and Jessie Ada TOWERSEY, Hamilton, spinster.

8 June, 1892, Edward Campion ACHESON, Middleton, U.S., bachelor, and Eleanor Gertrude GOODERHAM, Toronto, spinster.

25 June, 1892, Alexander GLADSTONE, bachelor, and Mary YIELDING, spinster, Toronto

1 November, 1892, Robert James LENNOX, bachelor, and Lillian Lucetta COLTSON, spinster, Toronto

13 November, 1892, Aubrey Walyn WILLIAMS, St. Lambert, bachelor, and Annie Emma KETCHUM, spinster.

3 December, 1892, John Alexander FEGAN, bachelor, and Annie Maria SPROUL, spinster, Barrie.

10 December 1892, Frederick BINNING, widower, and Margaret LANG, spinster, Toronto

Marriages Performed by H. J. WINTERBOURNE

12 April, 1892, William WHITTAKER, Pinconning, and Mary Ann WINTERBOURNE, parish of St. James' Cathedral.

Marriage Performed by James G. LEWIS

26 April, 1892, Ernest Ford CROSSLAND, bachelor, and Margaret BELCHER, spinster.

Marriages Performed by Arthur H. MANNING

15 July, 1892, Herbert Edmund BOWERS, Qu'Apelle, and Emilie Bl_ndel_ BLAKE, Toronto.

20 July, 1892, Johnston MURPHY, and Rose DOWNEY, Omemee.

25 July, 1892, Thomas BAMFORD, Collingwood, bachelor, and Alice PECK, Toronto, spinster.

30 August, 1892, Benjamin WILSON, bachelor, and Margaret WHYTE, spinster, Toronto.

1 September, 1892, Thwaites John MUIR, widower, and Annie Fitzpatrick BRUNSKILL, spinster, Orillia.

20 September, 1892, Frederick Thomas QUIRK, bachelor, and Minnie Clark CASTLE, spinster, Toronto.

20 September, 1892, Henry MOTT, Ajburgh, Vt., widower, and Martha Cole GORDON, Toronto, spinster.

9 November, 1892, Archie FRAZER, bachelor, and Hannah Cowen MacGIVEN, spinster, Toronto

24 November, 1892, David Henry BEE, bachelor, and Catherine Jane CLARK, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Arthur TORONTO

18 October, 1892, John Beverley ROBINSON, and Eleanor Biggar COOKE, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN inn 1893

8 February, 1893, Milton Arthur MULDREW, bachelor, and Annie HASKETT, spinster, Toronto

20 June, 1893 [or 1898 ?], Walter HUTCHINSON, bachelor, and Elizabeth SIMMONS, spinster, Toronto.

29 June, 1893, John Richard Shields BOYD, and Catherine Maria BALDWIN, Toronto

6 September, 1893, William DORAN, widower, and Annie BOOK, widow, Niagara Falls.

9 September, 1893, Frank Wyndham McKENZIE, bachelor, and Harriett YOUATT, spinster, Toronto.

28 September, 1893, John PLATT, bachelor, and Rose PRATT, spinster, Toronto.

31 October, 1893, Thomas Alder Dickson BLISS, Ottawa, widower, and Kate Fleury DuMOULIN, Toronto, spinster

Marriages Performed by Arthur H. MANNING

5 January, 1893, John Howard McGAW, bachelor, and Kate PALEN, spinster, Toronto.

17 January, 1893, William VANCE, Guelph, bachelor, and Sarah O'NEIL, Toronto, spinster.

24 February, 1893, Alfred MARK, bachelor, and Edith Maud ROBINSON, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Arthur TORONTO

25 March, 1893, Charles Edward NORTON, Captain R. E., bachelor, and Beatrice Louise BICKFORD, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by Septimus JONES

19 July, 1893, William LOUNT, barrister-at-law, widower, and Isabella H.G.S. HORNIBROOK, spinster, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN in 1894

6 January, 1894, Henry Julius FISK, Montreal, widower, and Adelaide Augusta BEARDMORE, Toronto, spinster.

24 January, 1894, William Duncan BAXTER, Goderich, bachelor, and Annie Jane SHIELDS, Toronto, spinster.

1 March, 1894, John DUNBAR, Victoria, bachelor, and Nancy Elizabeth HUNTER, Manitoba, spinster

29, 1894, James CHITTY, widower, and Eliza Jane TINKLER, widow, Toronto.

5 June, 1894, Edward Haslam WATERHOUSE, Muskoka, bachelor, and Constance Helen STEWARD, Toronto, spinster.

10 September, 1894, Thomas HANDS, bachelor, and Mary WILLIAMS, widow, Toronto.

6 November, 1894, George THOMPSON, Cookstown, widower, and Isabella BEATTY, Toronto, widow.

15 December, 1894, John THORNBECK, and Katherine Augusta MORGAN, spinster, Scarboro'.

Marriage Performed by Charles John BOULDEN

1 February, 1894, Richard BEER, bachelor, and Jeannie CLAXTON, spinster, Toronto.

21 September, 1894, Cecil Marcelles STONEBURG, Belleville, bachelor, and Eliza Jane WOOLLARD, Toronto, spinster.

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN in 1895

13 February, 1895, Charles Wilmot STRATHY, Winnipeg, bachelor, and Helen Mary RICHEY, Toronto, spinster.

Marriages Performed by Charles John BOULDEN

11 March, 1895, James DOBLE, Sunderland, widower, and Mary Jane RAY, Victoria, spinster.

25 December, 1895, Arthur SLEETH, bachelor, and Catherine COULTER, spinster, Toronto.

26 December, 1895, James HAMILTON, bachelor, and Abba Tena MAYNARD, spinster, Uxbridge

Marriage Performed by E. Champion ACHESON

16 September, 1895, Samuel Squire SPRIGGE, London, Eng., bachelor, and Mary Ada Beatrice MOSS, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by J. Philip DuMOULIN in 1896

11 January, 1896 {1895 ?], Henry Brydges YATES, M.D., Montreal, bachelor, and Alice Mary BUNTING, Toronto, spinster.

22 January, 1896, Robert Charles Campbell RENTON, Berwickstine, Scotland, bachelor, and Charlotte Grace CAWTHRA, Toronto, spinster.

19 March, 1896, Charles Shutteworth ELLIS, widower, and Lizzie Porter FERGUSON, widow, Toronto.

8 April, 1896, Arthur William BARTON, bachelor, and Matilda Saunders COLE, spinster, Toronto.

21 April, 1896, D'Alton Lally McCARTHY, bachelor, and Margaret Mary ROBINSON, spinster, Toronto.

23 April, 1896, Herbert Henry SAUNDERS, bachelor, and Mary Elizabeth GRAHAM, spinster, Toronto.

8 July, 1896, John MORROW, bachelor, and Catherine Lyon CAMERON, widow, Toronto

29 September, 1896, Charles William BEATTY, bachelor, and Lillian May GOODERHAM, spinster, Toronto

Marriages Performed by Charles John BOULDEN

23 April, 1896, Harry Campbell Mybrea STONE, bachelor, and Alice Barton PYKE, spinster, Toronto

20 June, 1896, Herbert Heath DUNNING, bachelor, and Sarah Letitia ALLEN, spinster, Toronto.

12 August, 1896, John LANG, jr., bachelor, and Ethel Marie FAIRBANKS, Toronto.

Marriages Performed by Charles H. MOCKRIDGE

3 September, 1896, William Henry Price HILL, Toronto, bachelor, and Marion FOXWELL, Lambton Mills.

7 September, 1896, William Anthony GREEN, Buffalo, N.Y., widower, and Elizabeth YUND, Buffalo, N.Y., spinster.

18 November, 1896, Charles Wellington PLAXTON, bachelor, and Alice Elizabeth WRIGHT, spinster, Toronto.

28 December, 1896, Andrew MULRAIN, bachelor, and Elizabeth RUNDLE, spinster, Toronto.

Marriage Performed by G. Osborne TROOP

7 October, 1896, Jared G. Carter TROOP, bachelor, and Minnie P. TEMPLE, spinster, Toronto.