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Northern Districts, 1925, part 3 

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6691-25 Jinne ABRAHAM, 24, trapper, Albany, Pagwa, s/o John ABRAHAM b. Kenogami & Mary ENGLISH married Mary BIRD, 22, Albany, Pagwa, d/o Xavier BIRD, b. Finisk & Sophie SCOTT, witn: John ABRAHAM & Peter BIRD of Pagwa, 22 April 1925, Pagwa

6687-25 Frank ADAMS, 21, motor mechanic, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Peter ADAMS, b. Italy & Marie COSCO married Irene VESALA, 19, Finland, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Charles VESALA b. Finland & Lydia LINDROOS, witn: Helm PETERS, & Niels PETERS of Sault Ste. Marie, 14 November 1925, Sault Ste. Marie

6692-25 James McKinley ADAMS, 27, telegraph operator, Michigan US, Duluth, s/o Edward ADAMS, b. England & Elizabeth WALTON married Margaret Isabel KENNEDY, 25, Stenographer, Thessalon, Duluth (or Thessalon - both given), d/o James KENNEDY b. Quebec & Margaret CHISHOLM, witn: Violet Regina RABILLY of Sault Ste Marie & Margaret KENNEDY (Mrs) of Thessalon, 19 March 1925, Thessalon

19232-25 George ALLAN, 22, constable, Scotland, Copper Cliff, s/o John Noble ALLAN, b. Scotland & Margaret WHITSON, married Agnes Hay McKenzie LAWSON, 19, Scotland, Copper Cliff, d/o James LAWSON, b. Scotland & Agnes M. McKENZIE, witn: Dolly LAWSON & William ALLAN, both of Copper Cliff, 6 Nov 1925 at United Church, Copper Cliff 6689-25 Robert ALLEN, 40, widower, paper maker, Iron Bridge, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William ALLEN, b. Ontario & Jennie CARLYLE married Jean HILL, 45, widow, Perth, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William MOODY b. Ontario & Elizabeth PALMER, witn: Mabel PARISH & J. M. DUNCAN of Sault Ste. Marie, 7 September 1925, Sault Ste. Marie
6693-25 Sam ALLOLINA, 28, laborer, Austria, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Henry ALLOLINA & Sophia ALLOLINA married Amy MOSKEL, 18, Austria, Goulais Bay, d/o Andrew & Martha MOSKEL, witn: Fred POCOP & Mary POLIFOHUT of Sault Ste. Marie, 17 June 1925, Sault Ste Marie

12934-25 Angelo AMADORI, 29, painter, Italy, Espanola, s/o Primo AMADORI, b. Italy & Theresa ZACARILLI, married Catherine McMILLAN, 24, bank clerk, Webbwood, Espanola, d/o John C. McMILLAN, b. Canada & Rose McCAULEY, witn: Larry TALIN & Quinton AMADORI, both of Espanola, 28 Sept 1925 at Espanola

17938-25 Alex K. ANDERSON, 50, cook, Sweden, Rainy Lake (Boder Lumber Co.), s/o Karl ANDERSON & no mother's name given, married Elsie BUCKMAN, 38, England, Fort Frances, d/o George BUCKMAN (b. England) & Mary TUMMEY (Tuminey?), witn: Fred & S. J. TUMMEY both of Emo Ont. on Aug. 26, 1925 at Fort Frances

19235-25 Johan August ANDERSON, 49, blacksmith, Sweden, Saulton, s/o Gustaf ANDERSON, b. Sweden & Anna FREDRIKSDOTER, married Hanna BACKMAN, 34, waitress, Finland, Saulton, d/o Michel BACKMAN, b. Finland & Greta FORSBROM, witn: Edmond THEORET & Annie NORDLUND, both of Sudbury, 1 Sept 1925 at St. Andrews Church, Sudbury

17937-25 Alfred ARCHAMBAULT, 66, cheese maker, widower, Quebec Prov., St. Amelie Manitoba, s/o Isaac ARCHAMBAULT (b. St. Denis Quebec) & Marion BRODEUR, married Melanie LEBLANC, 66, widow, St. Anisette Quebec, Fort Frances, d/o Augustin DUBREUIL (b. St. Anisette Quebec) & Esther DUPUIS, witn: William & Anna LAVIGNE both of International Falls Minnesota on Sept. 10, 1925 at Fort Frances. 6688-25 David Henry ARCHIBALD, 24, laborer, St. Joe Island, Sault Ste Marie Michigan, s/o Robert ARCHIBALD b. Canada & Edith ADCOCK married Mary Elizabeth MATHESON, 19, waitress, St. Joe Island, Sault Ste Marie Michigan, d/o Hugh MATHESON b. Canada & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Nelson FREBES? & Alice Maud MATHESON of Richards Landing, 29 September 1925
19236-25 Alfred George ARMSTRONG, 21, chauffeur, Copper Cliff, Garson, s/o Edward ARMSTRONG & Ellen Maria DISTE?, married Gertrude KUNLA, 21, Finland, Garson, d/o Oscar KUNLA & Ida Evali KUNLA, witn: Edward ARMSTRONG of Garson & Ada NICHOL of Coniston, 28 Nov 1925 at Garson

17939-25 George Lionel ARMSTRONG, 21, farmer, Pinewood, Sleeman, s/o Arthur ARMSTRONG & Harriet JACQUES, married Violet Hazel LOWES, 19, Rainy River, same, d/o Christopher LOWES & Annabella FULBROOK, witn: Bernice LOWES of Rainy River & V. HARWATH of Sleeman on June 6, 1925 at Rainy River.

6690-25 Carl Lewis ARONSON, 38, quarryman, Sweden, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Eron Johanson ARONSON b. Ostersond Sweden & Rachel OLSON married Brohild LARSEN, 31, Norway, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Carl LARSEN & Gene LARSEN, witn: Kenneth ERICKSON & Donald ARONSON of Sault Ste. Marie, 11 August 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 19233-25 Joseph Benjamin AUBREY, 32, merchant, Pointe au Chene Que., Espanola, s/o Stanislas AUBREY, b. Grenville Que & Lydia PROULX, married Lucienne SABOURIN, 21, Niminiqie Que., Espanola, d/o Odilon SABOURIN, b. St. Hermas & Eudoxia FARMER, witn: Louis GROU--? & C?. SABOURIN, both of Chelmsford, 23 Nov 1925 at Chelmsford
6727-25 Anton BABLUCK, 32, Bukarnia Europe, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Mafter BABLUCK & Madelene HASKA married Lerranika TRUSH, 20, Galicia Europe, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Wazil TRUSH & Hapka KOWALSKI, witn: Victor HUPKA & T. GROSHALSKA of Sault Ste. Marie, 19 November 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 19238-25 Peter James McGiffin BAILEY, 23, Sudbury, Garson, s/o Frank BAILEY, b. Ont & Adeline TWIGGER, married Mona Albina PERRY, 18 + 11 mon, widow, Whitney, Garson, d/o James BURTON, b. Ont & Rachel HAGGART, witn: Hugh & Mrs. Myrtle WILSON of Garson Mine, 15 Dec 1925 at 121 Larch St., Sudbury [divorced 18 May 1934 at Sudbury]
6707-25 James Bradshaw BAKER, 49, stone sharpener, Liverpool England, Sault Ste Marie, s/o James BAKER, b. Liverpool England & not known married Ida Maud MCKELVIE, 49, widow, Barrie, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Henry SMITH b. New York State & Emma MOORE, witn: Robert HOPE & Mrs. A. G. JONES of Sault Ste. Marie, 20 June 1925, Sault Ste Marie 6705-25 Auston BARBER, 21, farmer, Desbarets, Desbarets, s/o William J. BARBER, b. London Ontario & Mary Elizabeth CARTER married Valentine HATTEN, 16, Desbarets, Laird, d/o William HATTEN b. Ontario & Louisa FERGUSON, witn: Fred HATTEN & Myrtle HATTEN of Desbarets, 8 July 1925, MacLennon
6717-25 Philip BARKLEY, 22, farmer, Echo Bay, Echo Bay, s/o William BARKLEY b. Ontario & Adeline REED married Alice Edna HAWKINS, 23, Canada, Echo Bay, d/o William HAWKINS b. Ontario & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: William HAWKINS & Mary BARKLEY of Echo Bay, 7 January 1925, Garden River 6720-25 Enrico BARSAUTE, 26, laborer, Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Giovanni & Assenta nee MOTRONI married Argentina PORTINELLI (Partinelli?), 19, Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Rizzieri & Maria nee TOMEI, witn: Leonardo FERA & Marietta FERA of Sault Ste. Marie, 13 April 1925, Sault Ste. Marie
19260-25 Michael BARTIS (Barbe?), 34, laborer, Ukraine, Coniston, s/o Hozek BARTIS & Justena LINCYK, married Paraska ONNSKI, 24, Galicia, Coniston, d/o Mateo ONNSKI & Anna OCHOWSKA, witn: John RUSKINLOCK & Katarine VERETA, both of Coniston, 4 Aug 1925 at Coniston 6712-25 George BATEMAN, 63, moulder, widower, England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Joseph BATEMAN b. England & Jane BURN married Mary Ann FISHER, 68, widow, Ingersoll, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John BUGHNER b. Canada & Margaret STEEL, witn: Mrs. A. J. MCLEAN & Mrs. L. T. DANCER of Sault Ste. Marie, 6 April 1925, Sault Ste Marie
6721-25 Frederick John BAUER? (Baum?), 25, operator, Lorain Ohio, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John F. BAUER & Catherine SMITH married Mary MALONE, 21, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Ed MALONE & Eliz KITTS, witn: Mary MALONE & Alex TURPIN of Sault Ste. Marie, 16 April 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 6723-25 Albino BAUHIN, 35, laborer, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Gerardo & Fosea nee ANTONELLO married Amalia GAZ, 25, Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Giovanni & Maria nee LENO, witn: Guiseppe ANTONELLO & Teresa ANTONELLO of Sault Ste. Marie, 5 July 1925, Sault Ste. Marie
6722-25 Joseph Alfred Oscar BAYER, 24, trapper and guide, St. Felix de Valois Quebec, Pariges, s/o Isidore BAYER & Georgiene LAVOIE married Mary Rose MARION, 17, housekeeper, Pembroke, unreadable, d/o Norbert MARION & Rose Ann VAILLANCOURT, witn: Bernhart NELSON & Isidore BAYER & Isidore PAQUETTE of Pariges, 5 May 1925, Pariges 19259-25 Milton Shreer BEAL, 33, Bucyrus Ohio, Dearborn Mich., s/o Simon George BEAL & Katherine SHREER, married Eileen SHANNON, 24, Pembroke Ont., Sudbury, d/o John Angus SHANNON & Agnes Josephine COTE, witn: Alexander FOURNIER & Constance SHANNON, both of Sudbury, 1 Sept 1925 at Sudbury
6719-25 Ernest BEAUCHAMP, 27, laborer, Montreal, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Alfred BEAUCHAMP & Rosanna CORBEIL married May Ursula VILLENEUVE, 20, Miniwaki Quebec, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Jeremie VILLENEUVE & Amanda COLLIN (Callin?), witn: Alexander COLLIN & Catherine GROSJEAN of Sault Ste. Marie, 26 January 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 19261-25 Arthur BEAUDRY, 28, farmer, Azilda, same, s/o Philias BEAUDRY & Liza LAVALLEE, married Marie Rose VACHON, 26, Ste. Anne Prescott, Azilda, d/o Napoleon VACHON & Donalda ASSELIN, witn: Philias BEAUDRY & Napoleon VACHON, both of Azilda, 11 Aug 1925 at Chelmsford
19262-25 Telesphore BEAUDRY, 24, farmer, Chelmsford, same, s/o Philias BEAUDRY & Liza LAVALLEE, married Angelina CHARBONNEAU, 16, Blezard Valley, Chelmsford, d/o Alderic CHARBONNEAU & Marie Louise GRATTON, witn: Philias BEAUDRY of Azilda & Eugene St.AMOUR of Sudbury, 26 Oct 1925 at Chelmsford 19252-25 Palma BEAUDRY, 21, CPR laborer, Rayside, same, s/o Philias BEAUDRY & Elisa LAVALLEE, married Therese ROULEAU, 20, Rayside, same, d/o Joseph ROULEAU (deceased) & Mathilde LALONDE, witn: Philias BEAUDRY & Adelard BRABANT?, both of Azilda, 5 Jan 1925 at Blezard Valley
19243-25 Erik Vilhelm BECK, 24, miner , Finland, Sudbury, s/o Hermon BECK, b. Finland & Venla BUCKMAN, married Edla Amalia VAHAMAA, 23, Finland, Sudbury, d/o Herman VAHAMAA, b. Finland & Amilia NIEMI, witn: Walter & Martha WAHAMMA (sic) of Sudbury, 30 June 1925 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury 17940-25 Hosea D. BECKER, 32, lumberman, Elma - Dundas Co., Fort Frances, s/o Anson G. BECKER & Frances E. BECKSTED, married Lillian Sarah CARTER, 22, Yarrow - South Shields England, McIrvine Tp., d/o William G. CARTER (b. England) & Sarah Ann SCOTT, witn: M. FLEMING & Lydia C. CARTER both of Fort Frances on Dec. 10, 1925 at Fort Frances.

6710-25 John Laurs BEHARRIELL, 23, clerk, Dean Lake, Dean Lake, s/o William BEHARRIELL b. Brussels Ont. & Rebecka BELL married Emily MERRITT, 24, Kilmartin, Blind River, d/o Joseph MERRITT b. Euphemia twp & Mary MITCHELL, witn: Peter MERRITT of Blind River & Ida BEHARRIELL of Dean Lake, 13 May 1925, Blind River

19254-25 John BEHUM, 34, laborer, Galicia, Coniston, s/o Rynko BEHUM & Clinka BILOWCZ, married Anna CHORNY, 25, Poland, Coniston, d/o Lesko CHORNY & Johannah BROSZWZEK, witn: Nicholas PAEZZENYK & Peter BARDNEK, both of Coniston, 14 May 1925 at Coniston
6708-25 Alfred BEILHARTZ, 28, concrete foreman, Mulgrave Quebec, North Bay, s/o William BEILHARTZ b. Europe & Bertha ZENKIN married Katie Lee MCPHEE, 23, printer, Thessalon, North Bay, d/o John MCPHEE b. Canada & Mary WILSON, witn: Kathleen HARVEY of Thessalon & Arnold BEILHARTZ of Bruce Station, 3 June 1925, Thessalon 19246-25 Marcel Xavier BELANGER, 22, paper maker, Griffith Ont., Espanola, s/o Marcel BELANGER, b. Griffith & Mary DODGE, married Mary Leona CARRIERE, 20, domestic, Espanola, same, d/o Alfred CARRIERE & Philomene LALONDE, witn: Amedas BELANGER & Sophia BLAIS, both of Espanola, 16 June 1925 at Espanola
19247-25 Joseph Cammille BELANGER, 22, paper maker, Matawatchan, Espanola, s/o Joseph BELANGER, b. Griffith & Ursul BELANGER, married Marie Anne Cleride SAUVE, 18, Matawatchan, Espanola, d/o Samuel SAUVE, b. St. Redemption Co. Que., & Norbannie SAUVE, witn: Joseph BELANGER & Samuel SAUVE, both of Espanola, 18 June 1925 at Espanola 19248-25 Josephat BELANGER, 20, hardware clerk, Chelmsford, same, s/o Onesime BELANGER, b. St. Raphael Que & Rosalba St.ONGE, married Bertha PERRAS, 19, Sudbury, Chelmsford, d/o Ferdinand PERRAS, b. St. Clement Que & Virginie MATTE, witn: Onesime BELANGER & Ferdinand PERRAS, both of Chelmsford, 11 May 1925 at Chelmsford
17945-25 Robert Henry BELDEN, 29, logman, Oakland California, Fort Frances, s/o Dan Falls BELDEN (b. Nevada USA) & Charlotte LAWS, married Iva Florence WARNER, 29, nurse, Hamilton North Dakota, Fort Frances, d/o Dan Devoss (b. Minnesota USA) & Frances May, witn: Chester BEVERIDGE of Fort Francis & Myrtle SHERRITT of Rainy River on Aug. 22, 1925 at Rainy River

19242-25 Robert BELL, 32, CNR electrician, Northumberland England, Montreal, s/o Thomas Bell, b. H--ph? England, & Margaret JENKINS, married Ida Marie LALONDE, 21, clerk, Chelmsford, Montreal, d/o Onesime LALONDE, b. Corrance? Ont., & Rose Anna CHARRON, witn: Onesime LALONDE & Rose Anna LALONDE, both of O'Donnell, 24 Oct 1925 at Copper Cliff

19245-25 Fred BELLAIR (or Belair), 21, farmer, McFarlane Lake, same, s/o Xavier BELLAIR, b. St. Mary? Lake Que. & Rose POTVIN, married Florence LAFOREST, 18 + 2 mon, McFarlane Lake, same, d/o Peter LAFOREST, b. St. Albert & Emilie BELLAIR, witn: John & Sophy KENNEDY of Sudbury, 11 June 1925 at Copper Cliff 6713-25 Benjamin BELLEAU, 23, laborer, Batchewana, Garden River, s/o Joseph BELLEAU b. Batchewana & Angelique RIEL married Adeline SYRETTE, 14, Sault Ste Marie, Garden River, d/o James SYRETTE b. Garden River & Mary MAILLEUR, witn: Peter BELLEAU & Charlotte BELLEAU of Garden River. 5 march 1925, Garden River
6701-25 Paul BELYK, 33, Austria, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William BELYK, b. Austria & Mary BELYK married Annie DOWBENKI, 20, Austria, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Nick DOWBENKI, b. Austria & Frances ZODNUORSKI, witn: Mike HYRSKY & Annie KOHURT of Sault Ste. Marie, 11 August 1925, Sault Ste Marie

17943-25 Wasyl BENKOSKI, 25, section man, Ukraine, Rainy River, s/o Nicolas BENKOSKI (b. Ukraine) & Anastasia HARAPTIUK, married Kaska BAKALEK, 16, Rainy River, same, d/o John BAKALEK (b. Ukraine) & Annie RINKIEVE, witn: John BAKALEK & Eugene KARAIM both of Rainy River on Sept. 5, 1925 at Rainy River

6696-25 Leo BENNETT, 24, tel. Employer, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Mike BENNETT b. Canada & Louis PLAUNT married Mary KING, 27, divorced, Thessalon, Thessalon, d/o Abraham KING b. Canada & Ellen LEMERY, witn: Miss Evelyn BAKER & Agnes M. NICHOLS of Sault Ste. Marie, 24 October 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 19241-25 Federico BERNARDI, 28, laborer, Italy, Copper Cliff, s/o Vittorio BERNARDI, b. Italy & Maria CARRER, married Maria BOMBER (Bomben?), 30, dress maker, Italy, Copper Cliff, d/o Pietro BOMBER, b. Italy & Catherine BARTOLINI, witn: Angelo CARRER & Louisa CACHETTO, both of Copper Cliff, 13 Dec 1925 at Creighton Mine
19251-25 Sam BERNYK, 30, section foreman, Roumania, Thor Lake, s/o Wasyl BERNYK, b. Clewoolen Austria & Nastaria SKNOPNEK, married Zaita MICHAILUK, 18, Roumania, Thor Lake, d/o Wasyl MICHAILUK, b. Clewoolen Austria & Domna DERKOCH, witn: Alex NEGRET? & E.H. NIEBEL, both of Capreol, 9 Feb 1925 at St. Albans Church 6698-25 Alvar Martin BERTELSON, 33, Rigger, Rotterdam Holland, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Bertel George BERTELSON, b. Bergen Norway & Karen Marie ASALKSON married Viola Maude CAMPBELL, 28, Windsor Nova Scotia, Sault Ste Marie, d/o George Henry CAMPBELL b. Walton Nova Scotia, & Catharine DAVIS, witn: Catherine CAMPBELL & Mrs. W. M. MALBY of Sault Ste. Marie, 26 September 1925, Sault Ste Marie
6709-25 Ralph BICE, 25, trappers guide, Haliburton, Toronto, s/o Samuel Frederick BICE b. Stanhope & Amelia Mary SCRIVER married Edna Helen MERRIFIELD, 18 y 9 m, Port Arthur, Toronto, d/o George Astlie MERRIFIELD b. Eardley Ont & Nellie Edna FLEMMING, witn: M.? RUPERT & Ruby R. LEW of Fire River, 8 April 1925, Fire River 19265-25 Alexandre BIDOLI, 24, carpenter, St. Daniele Italy, Coniston, s/o Sante BIDOLI & Isolina DE PAULI, married Guissippina SIVILOTTI, 20, St. Daniele Italy, Copper Cliff, d/o Joseph SIVILOTTI & Melania PERSELLO, witn: Angelo ZUMELLO of Coniston & Antonisca POLANO of Copper Cliff, 20 Dec 1925 at Copper Cliff
6715-25 Vernon Wilfred BIGGINGS, 27, postal dispatcher, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, s/o Julius Charles BIGGINGS, b. Sault Ste. Marie & Minnie DELAYER married Claribel TAYLOR, 22, Sudbury, Sudbury, d/o Charles Henry TAYLOR b. London England & Margaret SINCLAIR, witn: George B. MCGILIVRAY & Edna M. BIGGINGS of Sault Ste. Marie, 2 January 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 19263-25 Joseph Arthur BILODEAU, 34, laborer, St. Valrie Que., Nestorville, s/o Raymond BILODEAU & Marceline RICHARD, married Adelia DUGUAY, 30, Grande Riviere, Espanola, d/o Gedes DUGUAY & Rachel SMITH, witn: Albert DUGUAY & Samuel OWENS, both of Espanola, 27 Oct 1925 at Espanola

17946-25 Augustus Alexander BINNING, 36, clerk, Galt, 313 Armet Ave. Fort Frances, s/o Augustus BINNING (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth WARING, married Gladys TIERNEY, 33, ledger keeper, Fort Frances, 313 Armet Ave. same, d/o James A . TIERNEY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth MULHERN, witn: Horace W. HOLLANDS & E. D .TIERNEY both of Fort Frances on May 11, 1925 at Fort Frances

17941-25 John BIRO, 21, time checker, Yorkton Sask., 215 Church St. Fort Frances, s/o John BIRO Jr. (b. Hungary) & Lillie BALIND, married Anna May GRANT, 18, Estevan Sask., 237 Church St. Fort Frances, d/o Alexander GRANT (b. Eastern Ontario) & Marguerite SILMAN, witn: Jean & Ford CARSCADDEN both of Fort Frances on Dec. 25, 1925 at Fort Frances

19253-25 Antony BISSKY, 32, laborer, Ukraine, Ford City Ont., s/o Kalenik BISSKY & Natalia PELAK, married Justyna PRYJEMSKY, 16, Copper Cliff, Sudbury, d/o Ivan PRYJEMSKY & Anna OSADCZUK, witn: Justina BOLUK of Sudbury & Stefani MARKOWSKY of Ford City, 27 Jan 1925 at Sudbury 6694-25 Joseph S. BLANCHARD, 25, laborer, Renfrew, Thessalon, s/o Gustave BLANCHARD & Belinda ELLIOT married Eva Marrella WADDLE, 19, England, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Hogson WADDLE, deceased & Alice FITTON, deceased, witn: William S. WADDLE & Miss Thelma PHILIPS of Sault Ste Marie, 24 December 1925, Sault Ste. Marie

19237-25 George BOGAN, 27, miner, Roumania, Creighton, s/o Bill BOGAN, b. Roumania & Flora NORAME, married Martha MAKINEN, 21, Finland, Creighton, d/o Frank MAKINEN, b. Finland & Alma YOKALA, witn: J.M. & Mrs. Aino PHILLIPOW of Creighton Mine, 15 Dec 1925 at Sudbury

6724-25 Arthur BOIS, 26, laborer, L'Anse du Griffon Quebec, Blind River, s/o Arthur BOIS & Rose Anna LEMIEUX married Rhea N. ROY, 20, Blind River, blind River, d/o Damase ROY & Angilina DUVAL, witn: Damase ROY & A. BOIS, 24 August 1925, Blind River
19249-25 Dimitro BOLON (Balon?) , 35, miner, Roumania, Timmins, s/o William BOLON, b. Austria & Marie, married Nastario BOZKROWNO, 22, Roumania, Timmins, d/o George BOZKROWNO, b. Austria & Pearl, witn: D.M. SLOBODIAN of Copper Cliff & Toni BOBOURKY, of Sudbury, 17 Feb 1925 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury 6706-25 Damain BONDAR, 32, laborer, Russia, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Gabriel BONDAR, b. Russia & Anna BONDAR married Lillian WILLETTE, 20, Cheboggan Michigan, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Alfred WILLETTE b. USA & Edith DOCTOUR, witn: Anton BEBLICK & Lydia STEFONEY of Sault Ste Marie, 20 August 1925, Sault Ste Marie
19257-25 Joseph BONHOMME, 20, laborer, Wahnipitae Lake, Bowlands Bay, s/o Louis BONHOMME & Mary CHIMONIE, married Marie Vitaline Diana GATIEN, 17 + 9 mon, Copper Cliff, Bowlands Bay, d/o Theodore GATIEN & Vitaline McDONALD, wtn: Peter GAGNON of Bowlands Bay & Henry GATIEN of Ford City, 30 June 1925 at Capreol 6699-25 Arthur Thomas BOOTH, 22, clerk, Detroit Michigan, Detroit Michigan, s/o Thomas BOOTH b. Canada & Isabel DIETT married Lilly MAITLAND, 20, Gordon Lake, Gordon Lake, d/o Adam MAITLAND, b. Canada & Flora DYETT, witn: Marie SHEEN & Lillian MCFARLANE of Sault Ste Marie, 2 September 1925, Sault Ste. Marie

17942-25 John BORESWIK, 25, paper maker, Bukowina Romania, International Falls Minnesota USA, s/o George BORESWIK (b. Austria/Romania) & Domka BOROUK, married Anna JAKUBOWICK, 19, Bukowina, Fort Frances, d/o Mike JAKUBOWICK (b. Austria/Romania) & Nattie LAGODICE, witn: Nick HUSTIUK & Mrs. Marry SAWCHUK both of International Falls Minnesota on Sept. 24, 1925 at Knox Church Fort Frances.

17944-25 Mike BORSK, 22, mill man, Ukraine, Rainy River, s/o Samuel BORSK (b. Austria) & Frances SKIVRISKY, married Elena ZURKOVSKY, 17, Manitoba, Rainy River, d/o Samuel ZURKOVSKY (b. Austria) & Efroinza KARAPWRY, witn: Mary BORSCH (sic) of Lockport Manitoba & Tom PODSKATNY of Rainy River on Nov. 26, 1925 at Rainy River.

19258-25 Wasyl BORTOWYJ, 20 (30?), laborer, Ukraine, Creighton Mines, s/o Vergoy BORTOWYJ & Ahafia MOSZROUKA, married Anasthasia ABOCHANOW, 16, Eastern Galicia, Sudbury, d/o Theodore ABOCHANOW & Kateryna KUSBIAK, witn: Teodore DEMEZYTZYN & Petro BUDRAK, both of Creighton Mines, 13 Sept 1925 at Sudbury 6700-25 Andrew Ferguson BOSTON, 22, clerk, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Fergus BOSTON, b. USA & Bella PRINGLE married Mary Geraldine MCCOURT, 19, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John MCCOURT, b. Ottawa & Mary SCOTT, witn: M. McATOMNEY & Mrs. J. McATOMNEY of Soo, 23 August 1925, Soo
6726-25 William BOSWA, 28, laborer, Sagamok, Spanish Mills, s/o Joseph BOSWA & Theresa MITAGOMISH married Liza SAGADJIOSSE, 20, Wikwemikong, Spanish Mills, d/o Marie Anne HAGADJIOSSE, witn: Steve BOSWA & Helene SIMON of Spanish Mills, 26 October 1925, Spanish Mills 19256-25 Louis BOURDON, 26, joiner, Fournierville, Sudbury, s/o Firmies? BOURDON & Alexina SAUVE, married Cecile MEUNIER, 22 (23?), St. Paul d'Aylmer, Sudbury, d/o Tharise MEUNIER & Victoria SHRUB, witn: Firmies BOURDON & Hilaire DESROSIERS, both of Sudbury, 8 June 1925 at Sudbury

6695-25 Harvey Clifford BOYD, 24, sailor, Kagawong, Kagawong, s/o William BOYD, Kagawong & Annie ROSALAGA (Pozeslage?), married Edith GEORGE, 21, Blind River, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Robert GEORGE b. Scotland & Margaret MCCLENAGHAN, witn: Hugh W. MORTON of Sudbury & Gertrude GEORGE of Sault Ste. Marie, 23 December 1925, Sault Ste. Marie

6718-25 George Russell BOYD, 22, clerk, Kagawong, Kagawong, s/o William M. BOYD & Annie PRESTAGE married Florence May MCDONELL, 20, stenographer, Nairn, Cutler, d/o Alexander John MCDONELL b. Saginaw Michigan & Jennie TAYLOR, witn: Alexander John MCDONELL & Clara Alice GIGNAC of Cutler, 10 January 1925, Cutler
6714-25 John BOZZO, 26, boilermaker, Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Pasquale BOZZO b. Italy & Angela DELMARSI married Annie COOK, 16, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Ed COOKE b. Soo & Mary BEDARD, witn: Saudie & Youlando TONELLI of Sault Ste. Marie, 2 Jan 1925, Sault Ste. Marie

6725-25 Solor BRASSEUR, 17, laborer, Michigan, Afton Michigan, s/o Joseph BRASSEUR & Lida VEZINA married Florence CHARBONNEAU, 18, Michigan, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Noah CHARBONNEAU & Minnie VEZINA, witn: John J. O'BRIEN of Peterborough & John J. GARVEY of Lakefield, 19 August 1925, Sault Ste. Marie

19239-25 Thomas William BREGG, 25, CPR employee, Oak Lake Manitoba, Sudbury, s/o Thomas H. BREGG, b. Ont & Frances SMITH, married Violet Louise BIGGS, 21 + 10 mon, North Bay, Sudbury, d/o Frederick Alexander BIGGS, b. Ont & Emma TAYLOR, witn: Arthur & Mrs. Cora COUSINS of 390 Eva St. in Sudbury, 16 Nov 1925 at 390 Eva St., Sudbury 19244-25 Denis BRENNAN, 38, constable, Ireland, Sudbury, s/o Patrick BRENNAN, b. Sneeny? - Co. Kerry Ireland & Ellen FITZPATRICK, married Sydonie LARIN, 21, Blezard Valley, Sudbury, d/o F. Xavier LARIN, b. St. Andre Avelllin Que., & Josephine BAZINET, witn: James DERGAN & F. Xavier LARIN, both of Sudbury, 10 June 1925 at Sudbury
19255-25 Victor BRISSON, 20, storeman, Crysler Ont., St. Charles, s/o Victor BRISSON & Exilina ROBERT, married Lydia GOSSELIN, 26, St. Germain Que., St. Charles, d/o Louis GOSSELIN & Belzinise FOURNIER, witn: Victor BRISSON & Joseph LEMIEUX, both of St. Charles, 18 may 1925 at St. Charles 6703-25 George Harvey BRODIE, 23, teacher, Bar River, Bar River, s/o George BRODIE b. Canada & Louisa ANTICKNAP, married Mary Ellen WALMSLEY, 22, teacher, Echo Bay, Echo Bay, d/o William WALMSLEY b. Canada & Jane PHILLIPS, witn: W. WALMSLEY of Echo Bay & George BRODIE of Bar River, 12 August 1925, Sault Ste Marie
19250-25 Sydney Alfred Dixon BROOKER, 23, teamster, London England, Nicholson Siding, s/o Sidney R. BROOKER, b. England & Mabel STRICKLAND, married Jessie Irene McMILLAN, 19, Hamilton., res not given, d/o William McMILLAN, b. Ont & Martha WHEELER, witn: Irvin POUNTNEY of Nicholson Siding & Margaret FITZGERALD of Chapleau, 18 Feb 1925 at Chapleau 6697-25 Bernard BROPHY, 26, mechanic, Rosseau, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o James BROPHY b. Canada & Maria EMLAW married Florence BENNETT, 25, tailoress, Bruce Mines, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Caleb BENNETT, b. Canada & Hannah GREENFIELD, witn: Russell KENNEDY & Maud KENNEDY of Bruce Mines, 9 October 1925, Bruce Mines
19240-25 David BROUGH, 56, stationary engineer, Lochlee Scotland, Markstay, s/o David BROUGH, b. Scotland & Lilias YOUNG, married Margaret McDermid BERNARD, 33, widow, Glasgow Scotland, Markstay, d/o Robert McDERMID, b. Scotland & Isobel HEWITT, witn: Peter A. COUTTS & Mrs. Susan HEWITT, both of Markstay, 4 Nov 1925 at Sudbury  
6702-25 Thomas BROWN, 35, motorman, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Thomas BROWN, b. Ireland & Sarah WILLIAMS married Nellie LIGHTFOOT, 27, England, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John LIGHTFOOT b. England & Cathlene WARD, witn: Michael V. LAURENCE of Sault Ste. Marie & Hattie A. SCOTT of Inglewood, 17 September 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 6704-25 Duncan BROWN, 27, farmer, St. Joseph's Landing, Richards Landing, s/o Alexander BROWN, b. Scotland & Isabell WOODS married Blanche Emily COOPER, 28, St. Joseph's Landing, Richards Landing, d/o Charles COOPER b. London Ontario & Annie M. BROWN, witn: A. M. COOPER of Harmony & Harriett BROWN of Kentville, 7 July 1925, Bride's Lane Harmony
19264-25 Christopher BRUNET, 25, millhand, Waitinville - W. Sundridge Ont., Foleyet, s/o Rudolphe BRUNET & Elizabeth SCIERES?, married Stella May SAWYER, 16, Dorset Ont., Foleyet, d/o Henry SAWYER & Nancy Matilda RUSSELL, witn: Wallace & Annie Hazel DRINKWATER of Foleyet, 27 Sept 1925 at Foleyet

6711-25 Maurice BURNSIDE, 27, farmer, Richards Landing, Richards Landing, s/o James BURNSIDE, b. Hastings Co & Frances [illegible], married Barbara Helen MARTIN, 23, Toronto, Richards Landing, d/o William F. MARTIN b. Monaghan Ireland & Barbara MAGUIRE, witn: J. C. MARTIN & Mrs. James BURNSIDE of Richards Landing, 6 May 1925, St. Joseph's Township

17947-25 Murdoch George BURTON, 25, telegraph operator, Carman Manitoba, Rainy River, s/o Henry James BURTON (b. Bruce Co.) & Mary Allen McDONALD, married Vera Maud CAMPBELL, 20, telephone operator, Rainy River, same, d/o Thomas CAMPBELL (b. Brentwood) & Margaret Emily HORRICKS, witn: James Marshall & Mary Moffat CAMPBELL both of Rainy River on Jan. 5, 1925 at Rainy River.

6716-25 Christian Ernest BYERS, 47, foreman, widower, Meaford, Gladstone twp, s/o John BYERS, b. Dumfries Scotland & Lily Jane HAMILTON married Annie Elizabeth WYBORN, 32, Bruce Co, Invermay Sask, d/o Samuel Thomas WYBORN b. Mitchell & Amelia HAY, witn: Mrs. William GRAHAM & Bertha E. HIENEY of Blind River, 10 January 1925, Blind River

17948-25 Patrick Gerald BYRNS, 22, farmer, Lorette Manitoba, Rainy River, s/o Garrett BYRNS & Olive DESORCY, married Mary Olive THIVIERGE, 19, Thief River Falls Minnesota USA, Rainy River, d/o Joseph THIVIERGE & Georgina GALIPEAU, witn: Joseph THIVIERGE & Garrett BYRNS both of Rainy River on Aug. 25, 1925 at Rainy River. 19285-25 Joseph Adelard CADIEUX, 23, laborer, Co. Labelle, Espanola, s/o George CADIEUX & Angeline GIROUARD, married Lea Marie ACQUIN, 20, St. Joseph Island, Espanola, d/o John ACQUIN & Mary AMBAULT, witn: Napoleon CADIEUX & John AMBAULT, both of Espanola, 23 Nov 1925 at Espanola
6744-25 Damenico CAICO, 27, laborer, Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Luigi & Guiseppa nee MENDICINI married Rosa ORLANDO, 20, Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Rosario & Agata nee UBRIACO, witn: Eugenio MARRELLI & Giulia MARRELLI of Sault Ste. Marie, 21 June 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 6728-25 William CAMERON, 34, dairyman, Scotland, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William Gilmore CAMERON b. Scotland & Jessie ROBB married Marvel MCMILLAN, 22, Michipicoten, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Edward MCMILLAN b. Renfrew & Ellen MCMILLAN, witn: Alex MURRAY & Evelyn RADFORD of Sault Ste. Marie, 15 September 1925, Sault Ste. Marie
19283-25 Leon CAMPEAU, 23, laborer, Blezard Valley, Sudbury, s/o Avila CAMPEAU & Marie Louise MIRON, married Annie LACOSTE, 19, Blezard Valley, Sudbury, d/o Orphila LACOSTE & Lea PAQUETTE, witn: Joseph CAMPEAU & Orphila LACOSTE, both of Sudbury, 10 Aug 1925 at Sudbury 19279-25 Dorema CAMPEAU, 26, policeman, St. Isidore de Prescott, Sudbury, s/o Avila CAMPEAU & Marie Louise MIRON, married Anita RAICHE, 22, St. Anns parish - Fall River Ont., Sudbury, d/o Jean Baptiste RAICHE & Lydia LAINE, witn: Jean Baptiste RAICHE of Sudbury & William FOX of Copper Cliff, 4 Aug 1925 at Sudbury
6741-25 Henry CAMPBELL, 23, chauffeur, Sault Ste. Marie, Wesbraush Michigan, s/o Henry CAMPBELL b. USA & Alexina GORETTE married Thelma GARLAND, 17, Saskatchewan, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Howard GARLAND b. Saskatchewan & Doris WILSON, witn: Les CAMPBELL & Bertha THEORET of Sault Ste. Marie, 5 January 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 6739-25 Frederick Joseph CARDINELL, 25, farmer, Darling, Sowerby, s/o Frederick CARDINAL b. Darling & Sophie MAJOR married Olive Christina MCGONEGAL, 17, domestic, Powassan, Sowerby, d/o Joseph MCGONEGAL b. Levant & Margaret PAUL, witn: Paul ASAM & Mrs. Joseph ASAM of Thessalon, 31 March 1925, Thessalon
19286-25 Alcide CARRIERE, 29, farmer, Cheneville, Chelmsford, s/o Joseph CARRIERE & Hermiline VADEBONCOEUR, married Aurore PROULX, 16, Cheneville, Chelmsford, d/o Telesphore PROULX & Bella CHAMPAGNE, witn: Joseph CARRIERE of Azilda & Albert DINEL of Chelmsford, 29 Dec 1925 at Chelmsford 19284-25 Ludger CARRIERE, 23, farmer, Azilda, same, s/o Joseph CARRIERE & Marie Louise PHARAND, married Anna LAVIGNE, 18, Tupper Lake NY, Chelmsford, d/o Joseph LAVIGNE & Eva LALIBERTE, witn: Joseph CARRIERE of Azilda & Joseph LAVIGNE of Chelmsford, 21 Sept 1925 at Chelmsford
6729-25 George Edward CASE, 28, physician, Dungannon, Richards Landing, s/o Thomas Edward CASE b. Canada & Jennie Gordon DISHER married Margaret Golding SUMMERBY, 27, school teacher, Nairn, Nairn, d/o Frederick SUMMERBY b. Canada & Margaret FORSYTHE, witn: Violet I. JONES & Laura F. SUMMERBY of Massey Station, 21 November 1925, Massey

17952-25 Robert Thomas CAVE, 27, farmer, London Ont., Spohn Tp., s/o Thomas CAVE (b. Essex Co.) & Maria ARNOLD, married Annie McLENNAN, 22, Crozier Tp., same, d/o William McLENNAN (b. Garafraxa Tp.) & Jean TAYLOR, witn: Pearl WILSON of Roddick Tp. & Florence McLENNAN of Crozier Tp. on Jan. 22, 1925 at Fort Frances.

19281-25 Wasyl CAVELOCK, 30, laborer, Galicia, Coniston, s/o Teodor CAVELOCK & Maria KOSACHENKO, married Stephanie ACKES, 21, Galicia, Coniston, d/o Josef ACKES & Katarina STAVANOWSKA, witn: John WARSTUK & Mary GOREM, both of Coniston, 7 June 1925 at Coniston  
19270-25 Mason Hector CHAMBERLAIN, 29, farmer, Danford Lake Que., Markstay, s/o Ephraim Henry CHAMBERLAIN, b. Aylmer Que & Jane JAMIESON, married Helen Elizabeth MOULTON, 21, Perth Ont., Markstay, d/o Thomas George MOULTON, b. Perth Ont & Eva Emmaline HALLIDAY, witn: Mae CHAPMAN of Sudbury & George E. MOULTON of Markstay, 25 June 1925 at Sudbury 19267-25 John CHAMBERLAIN, 27, CPR section man, Bissetts Ont., Sault Ste, Marie, s/o Frank CHAMBERLAIN, b. New Brunswick & Marie McISAAC, married Alice PURCELL, 23, Weir Que., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Michael PURCELL, b. Quebec & Frances McCALLUM, witn: Margaret MILL of Sudbury & Mrs. George H. HILLS of Ratter? Station, 14 Nov 1925 at Sudbury
19277-25 J. Darius CHARTRAND, 24, CPR operator, Copper Cliff, Sudbury, s/o Michel CHARTRAND & Leda LACASSE, married Marie Louise DEAULT, 23, Sudbury, Chelmsford, d/o Paul DEAULT & Emma PAQUETTE, witn: Michel CHARTRAND & Paul DEAULT, both of Sudbury, 17 Feb 1925 at Sudbury 19278-25 Jean Baptiste CHARTRAND, 26, painter, Ripon Que., Sudbury, s/o Michel CHARTRAND & Leda LACASSE, married Aurelie SEGUIN, 22, Warren, Sudbury, d/o Telesphore SEQUIN & Corinne PAQUETTE, witn: Michel CHARTRAND & Telesphore SEGUIN, both of Sudbury, 23 Feb 1925 at Sudbury
19282-25 Raoul CHENARD (Chinard?), 27, painter, Van Kleek Hill, Sudbury, s/o Louis CHENARD & Marie Louise DUHAMEL, married Marie Alice MAROIS, 22, Chelmsford, Sudbury, d/o Elie MAROIS & Marguerite BELANGER, witn: Louis CHENARD of Sudbury & Elie MAROIS of Creighton Mine, 3 Aug 1925 at Sudbury 19266-25 Wilfred Arnold CHESNELL, 23, lumber grader, Radford Que., Dalton Ont., s/o William George CHESNELL, b. Liverpool England & Eliza Ann BARBER, married Zella Mary GANTON, 19, Parry Sound Ont., res not given, d/o Stephen Benjamin GANTON, b. Thompsonville Ont & Mary Elizabeth DEDMAN, witn: S.B. & Mrs. S. B. GANTON of Dalton Mills, 28 Dec 1925 at Chapleau
19287-25 Arcade CHEVRIER, 24, laborer, Chelmsford, same, s/o Joseph CHEVRIER & Marie PROULX, married Germaine BROSSEAU, 21, Rigaud Que., Chelmsford, d/o Joseph BROSSEAU & Donald PILON, witn: Joseph CHEVRIER & Joseph BROSSEAU, both of Chelmsford, 29 Dec 1925 at Chelmsford 19280-25 Thomas CHITKA (Chilka?), 33, laborer, Galicia, Coniston, s/o Joseph CHITKA & Thagialena OCHOVASKA, married Polmeka SINLA, 19, Galicia, Coniston, d/o Timko SINLA & Anna PRELCHATZ, witn: John TRACH (Traeh?) & Anne HORICK, both of Coniston, 27 May 1925 at Coniston

17950-25 Tom CHORNEY, 37, farm labourer, Zelenow Bukowinia, International Falls Minnesota USA, s/o Theodore CHORNEY & Maria CHANYNA, married Mary MEHEDEN, 34, widow, Zelenow Bukowinia, 909 Victoria Fort Frances, d/o Nicholas WOKARUK & Katherine DANYLAK, witn: Harry BODNER & Mike DUCHNICKI both of Fort Frances on June 6, 1925 at Fort Frances.

19273-25 Corado CICCARELLI, 26, jitney driver, Italy, Copper Cliff, s/o Augustino CICCARELLI, b. Italy & Lesa BERNARDI, married Gioseppiina TAUS (Laus?), 19, Italy, Copper Cliff, d/o Nazzareno TAUS, b. Italy & Adele FOLCIONI, witn: Ida VOLPINI & Bess ROVINELLI, both of Copper Cliff, 1 Feb 1925 at Copper Cliff
19275-25 Anton CIEKA (Ceka?), 41, widower, laborer, Eastern Galicia, Creighton Mine, s/o Joseph CIEKA & Anna PETRYNA, married Barbara CIEKA, 33, widow, Eastern Galicia, Creighton Mine, d/o Adam CHORNY & Kateryna SHOLDRA, witn: Bartko GARINK & Ivan ROMANOWICH, both of Creighton Mine, 25 Jan 1925 at Creighton Mine 6740-25 David CLARKE, 60, engineer, widower, Port Hope, Hamilton, s/o Joseph CLARKE & Elizabeth BURNS? (Briens?) married Sarah MATHIE, 55, widow, Whitby, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o James THOMAS & Louise CARL, witn: Irene MATHIE & Vera MATHIE of Sault Ste. Marie, 30 May 1925, Sault Ste. Marie
6734-25 Charles CLAYTON, 21, bridge operator, England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John CLAYTON b. England & Kate CLAYTON married Annie Bell HILL, 21, West Kowh, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John HILL b. Canada & Jennie MOODY, witn: Violet LE BELLE & Arthur B. LOWE of Sault Ste. Marie, 15 July 1925, Sault Ste. Marie [divorced 29/2/56] 19269-25 George William CLELAND, 23, fireman, Kenora, Sudbury, s/o John CLELAND, b. Ont & Matilda CRAIG, married Elizabeth Simpson SCOTT, 21, book keeper, Scotland, Sudbury, d/o Robert SCOTT, b. Scotland & Mary Ann DALZIEL, witn: Ezra H. LAMBE & Sarah D. SCOTT, both of Sudbury, 18 Aug 1925 at Sudbury
6735-25 Rylie John COLEMAN, 38, farmer, Codrington Ont, Johnson, s/o John Woolley COLEMAN b. Castledown Ont & Mary Elizabeth SPRUNG married Lucy Margaret WARAM, 23, Hallam twp, Johnson, d/o Fred WARAM b. Lakefield - Smith twp & Kate ROWLAND, witn: Mrs. LITTLEWOOD of Webbwood & Mrs. William BELL of Lee Valley, 19 August 1925, Webbwood

17953-25 Myrle COOK, 36, labourer, Webster South Dakota USA, International Falls Minnesota USA, s/o John William COOK (b. Buffalo New York USA) & Margaret STAYTON, married Jenny SWEENY, 26, divorcee, Crookston Minnesota USA, International Falls Minnesota, d/o Ira NICHOLSON (b. Minnesota ?) & Delia CARPENTER, witn: Mrs. Wilbur PARKIN of International Falls Minn. USA & Frank G. PRICE of Fort Frances on May 20, 1925 at Fort Frances.

6733-25 Peter Henry COPPS, 28, carpenter, Chalk River, unreadable, s/o Peter COPPS & Gertrude ROTTMANN married Clara CHOUINARD, 28, Cornwall, Hornepayne, d/o Alphonse CHOIUNARD & Dorilda MARQUIS, witn: Cecile CHOIUNARD & Jack J. COPPS of Hornepayne, 15 August 1925, Hornepayne 19276-25 Philippe CORMIER, 24, day work, St. Godefroi Bonaventure Que., Dunrakin Ont., s/o Alexandre CORMIER & Julienne ROUSSAY, married Louise ESTIAMBRE, 17, St. Godefroi Bonaventure Que., Agate Ont., d/o Joseph ESTIAMBRE & Marcelline CORMIER, witn: Rev. E. MARLEAU of Foleyette & Yvonne ESTIAMBRE of Agate, 28 Jan 1925 at Foleyette
6738-25 Ludgia COTA, 21, paper maker, St. Jerome Quebec, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Joseph COTE (sic) & Marie FLAMMAND married Lucy TESSIER, 21, Parry Sound, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Ovide TESSIER & Celina LALONDE, witn: Rev. J. A. CHAPDELAINE & Hermel BRASSARD of Sault Ste. Marie, 24 May 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 19272-25 Douglas Charles William COUPLAND, 23, dentist, St. Marys Ont., 142 Laurier Ave in Ottawa, s/o Charles William COUPLAND, b. St. Marys & Catherine SMITH, married Jean Elizabeth YOUNG, 22, Cobden Ont, Sudbury, d/o Thomas Craig YOUNG, b. Bristol Que & Mary Ann WOODS, witn: E?.L. COUPLAND of St. Marys & Kathleen YOUNG of Sudbury, 11 May 1925 at Sudbury
6742-25 Joseph COUTURE, 19, laborer, Blind River, s/o Joseph Camille COUTURE & Delia LUGER married Rachel BOURGEOIS, 19, Hull Quebec, Blind River, d/o Oscar BOURGEOIS & Maria DUVAL, witn: Joseph C. COUTURE & Oscar BOURGEOIS of Blind River, 14 April 1925, Blind River 6732-25 Herbert COVE, 59, widower, accountant, England 434 Hudson St. in Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John E.N. COVE, b. England & Rebecca BAGG, married Anne Dorothy GRATTON, 36, England, Learchmont, d/o John GRATTON, b. England & Gertrude SPORLIE?, witn: Gertrude GRATTON of Learchmont & Anny Gladys SINCLAIR of Sault Ste. Marie, 18 Aug 1925 at Sault Ste. Marie
19274-25 Edward James COYNE, 29, engineer, Azilda Ont.. Capreol, s/o Chinorus? COYNE, b. Arnprior & Ann McANTEE, married Jeanne Claire Henriette GREGOIRE, 21, La Passe Ont., Capreol, d/o Antoine GREGOIRE, b. Fort Coulonge Que & Henriette GERVAIS, witn: Harold ADAMS of Capreol & Gervais GREGOIRE of Pakerly, 7 Jan 1925 at Sudbury 6736-25 James Lawrence CREIGHTON, 27, asst manager, Toronto, 337 Dovercourt Rd in Toronto, s/o Thomas CREIGHTON, b. Ontario & Caroline HIGGINS married Eliza Mildred MCGONEGAL, 33, stenographer, Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William MCGONEGAL b. Ontario & Matilda LAIDLEY, witn: H.G. BARRETT of Toronto & Annie M. MCGONEGAL of Detroit Michigan, 24 June 1925, Sault Ste Marie
6737-25 Carleton Robert CROCKFORD, 24, farmer, Oakley twp., Thessalon, s/o John CROCKFORD b. Oneida & Sarah GAVIN married Ada Pearl ALLEN, 24, teacher, Gladstone, Thessalon, d/o Samuel ALLEN b. Arthur - Wellington Co., & Annie NICHOLSON, witn: Eileen GAVIN & Horace ALLEN of Thessalon, 17 June 1925, Thessalon 17949-25 Willet Ross CROUCH, 34, battery man, Napanee, Port Arthur, s/o William Tyler CROUCH & Henriette VANALSTINE, married Gladys Wilma WEIR, 24, Rat Portage, Fort Frances, d/o William H. WEIR & Nellie SCOTT, witn: Wilfred Nelson & Myrtle McNaughton WEIR both of 122 3rd St. West Fort Frances on Sept. 30, 1925 at Fort Frances

6731-25 William James CROWE, 35, fireman, Michigan, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Joseph CROWE b. Michigan & Amelia FITZGERALD married Lillian ALLEN, 24, England, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Frederick Joseph ALLEN b. England & May WHEELER, witn: Mina JORDAN & Sydney ALLEN of Sault Ste. Marie, 16 September 1925, Sault Ste. Marie

19268-25 Chaffey Roi CULLEN, 25, miner, Somerset England, Creighton Mine, s/o Sidney CULLEN, b. Somersetshire England & Annie WITCOMBE, married Margaret Evelyn LECK, 28, Copper Cliff, Creighton Mine, d/o George LECK, b. Whitehaven Cumberland England, & Lena GRIFFIN, witn: S.G. TREASURE & Edna LECK, both of Creighton Mine, 7 Oct 1925 at Creighton Mine
6730-25 Gerald Bolton CUNNINGHAM, 23, salesman, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o Bolton CUNNINGHAM b. Canada & Margaret FAIRBAIRN married Jeanne WIGHT, 22, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John WIGHT b. Scotland & Isabella PRATT, witn: Margaret WIGHT of Sault Ste. Marie & D. FANNING of Peterborough, 3 September 1925, Sault Ste. Marie

17951-25 Walter CURTIS, 28, clerk, Bedfordshire England, Fort Frances, s/o John CURTIS & Sarah DENT, married Ruth SCHAFER, 20, chambermaid, Frazee Minnesota USA, Fort Francis, d/o August SCHAFER & Freda JOACHIM, witn: Josephine SCHAFER of Frazee Minnesota USA & Sidney CURTIS of Fort Frances on June 2, 1925 at Fort Frances

6743-25 James CYR, 24, laborer, Ottawa, Blind River, s/o James CYR & Pomila PILON married Diana ARCHAMBAULT, 20, Blind River, Blind River, d/o Moise ARCHAMBAULT & Zoe BERNIER, witn: James CYR & Moise ARCHAMBAULT of Blind River, 18 May 1925, Blind River 19271-25 Alvary CYR, 23, diamond driller, Newport Que., Sudbury, s/o Remi CYR, b. St. Adelaide Pabos, & Marie Louise DAGAS, married Louisa GAUTHIER, 21, Copper Cliff, Sudbury, d/o Jean Baptiste GAUTHIER, b. Papineauville Que., & Amanda HENRI, witn: Joseph CYR & Alexander GAUTHIER, both of Sudbury, 27 May 1925 at Sudbury
19308-25 Adrien DAIGLE, 27, merchant, Lowell Mass., Rancare? Ont., s/o Alfred DAIGLE & Alexandrine ROBERGE, married Marie Anne LAROCQUE, 24, North Bay, Warren, d/o Joseph LAROCQUE & Antoinette PINSONNEAULT, witn: Alfred DAIGLE & Joseph LAROCQUE, both of Warren, 9 Sept 1925 at Warren 19306-25 Joseph Alfred DALLAIS, 29, laborer, St. Urbain Que., Gogama, s/o Alfred DALLAIS & Marie DANURE, married Alice BRUNET, 19, Varner, res not given, d/o Daniel BRUNET & Elmyre DENOMMIE, witn: Ernest DALLAIS & Daniel BRUNET, both of Gogama, 24 Aug 1925 at Gogama
19294-25 Leonard DAOUST, 33, oiler, widower, Buckingham, Espanola, s/o Leinard DAOUST & Cleride CHARBONNEAU, married Excilda HAYES, 18, Espanola, same, d/o Joseph HAYES & Catherine BOUCHER, witn: Olivier CARDINAL & Joseph HAYES, both of Espanola, 18 July 1925 at Espanola 6750-25 Elzear DAOUST, 52, mech repairer, widower, Ogdensburg New York, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Maurille DAOUST & Marceline QUENNEVILLE married Rose BRADY, 40, Ireland, St. John NB, d/o Thomas BRADY & Mary GIBBONS, witn: Jack CAUDERE & Jeanine LAW of Sault Ste Marie, 12 August 1925, Sault Ste. Marie
19309-25 Joseph Honore Ormand D'ARNOLD, 21, laborer, Blind River, Gogama, s/o J.B. D'AMOUR & Exilda MASCIL, married Marie Anne Alexandrine PETERSON, 19, Hull, Gogama, d/o Telesphore PETERSON & Lucie Anne BERTRAND, witn: J.B. D'AMOUR & Harry PAQUIN, both of Gogama, 23 Oct 1925 at Gogama 19288-25 Charles Alexander DEACON, 49, widower, foreman, Huron Co. Ont, Espanola, s/o John DEACON, b. Ont & Charlotte ORTON, married Rose Matilda MURPHY, 42, widow, Virginia Ont., Espanola, d/o Stephen ARTHURS, b. Ont & Caroline CARPENTER, witn: Edward & Margaret ARTHURS of Espanola, 28 Nov 1925 at Espanola
6749-25 Charles David DEDMAN, 20, engineer, Little Current, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William Amos DEDMAN b. Ontario & Flora McGILLIVRAY married Magdalena Myrtle SNEADER, 18, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Alfred Ulysses SNEADER b. Port Austin Michigan, & Mary JANSEN, witn: Peter SNEADER & Unice DEDMAN of Sault Ste. Marie, 10 August 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 6754-25 Frederick M. DENNENY, 43, oculist, Cornwall, Ottawa, s/o Patrick DENNENY & Margaret LALLY married Annete QUESNEL, 20, registered nurse, North Bay, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Joseph QUESNEL & Emma PAQUETTE, 28 May 1925, Sault Ste. Marie
6751-25 James DEPEW, 32, train dispatcher, widower, White River, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Joseph Easson DEPEW b. Ontario & Sarah Jane DRAKE married Pearl Maude DALLEY, 25, Montreal, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George DALLEY b. England & Mariah WALDEN, witn: Lucy BRADBURY & Joseph DEPEW of Sault Ste. Marie, 24 August 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 6758-25 John DESCHENES, 27, laborer, Blind River, Blind River, s/o Joseph DESCHENES & Julia DOLLAR married Rose Anna NADON, 28, Blind River, Blind River, d/o Edmond NADON & Josephine COUTURE, witn: John DESCHENES & Edmond NADON of Blind River, 21 November 1925, Blind River
6746-25 John DESJARDINS, 21, laborer, St. Joseph Island, Hiltonbeach, s/o John DESJARDINS b. Ontario & Louise LATOUR married Marie MYERS, 19, Nesterville, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Fred MYERS b. USA & Catherine SIGLER, witn: Mrs. D. BETTIS of Hilton Beach & Richard BUCKLEY of Thorice Michigan, 17 November 1925, Richards Landing 19299-25 Wilfrid DESJARDINS, 19, laborer, Eseanata? Mich., Garson Mine, s/o Wilfrid DESJARDINS & Anna HENRI, married Maria Martha CIRORNA?, 20, clerk, Copper Cliff, Garson Mine, d/o Alfred CIRORNA? & Gustava PORTONIC, witn: Wilfrid DESJARDINS & Evilta DAINTH?, both of Garson Mine, 28 Dec 1925 at Coniston
6759-25 Archie Frank DIMMELL, 29, millman, Arnprior, Benny, s/o Charles DIMMELL & Mary SHIELD married Margaret Valina CECILE, 20, LaPasse, Benny, d/o Maxine CECILE & Vezina VASINAS, witn: Tom CALLAGHAN & M. CECILE of Benny, 11 November 1925, Benny 19290-25 Joseph DIOTTE, 26, cook, Hull Que., Dalton, s/o Magloire DIOTTE, b. Hull Que & Philomene CHARRON, married Annie DOOLEY, 19, Arnprior, Dalton, d/o William DOOLEY, b. England & Marie St.JEAN, witn: Remi PELLOW & William DOOLEY, both of Dalton Mill, 12 Oct 1925 at Dalton Mill
19295-25 Arnold Edmond DIXON, 23, street railway man, Rosseau - Muskoka, Sudbury, s/o Joseph Gibson DIXON, b. Arthur twp & Elizabeth WILSON, married Eleanor Catherine WAINMAN, 21, Turbine Ont., Sudbury, d/o William WAINMAN, b. Orillia & Ethel Grace HARLEY, witn: Douglas CRONKHITE of Toronto & Rose COOPER of Sudbury, 3 June 1925 at High Falls, Turbine 19307-25 Hryn DMYTRYSZYN, 27, labourer & miner, Eastern Galicia, Creighton Mine, s/o Ivan DMYTRYSZYN & Marta HOLOTA, married Maria LAPEZYNSKA, 17, British Columbia, Creighton Mine, d/o Nicolas LAPEZYNSKY & Anna OKS (Oko?), witn: Petro YAUNY & Ivan CZORNENKY, both of Creighton Mine, 30 Aug 1925 at Creighton Mine

6753-25 James Joseph DONNELLY, 29, agent, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o James Joseph DONNELLY b. Alliston & Jessie ADAMS married Queen Victoria WIGGINS, 22, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George Edward WIGGINS b. Ottawa & Ellen Jane STILLER, witn: Roy BLANEY & Anna Florence WIGGINS of Sault Ste. Marie, 27 April 1925, Sault Ste. Marie

6745-25 George Henry DORAN, 25, Acetylene burner, England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o George DORAN b. Marypat - Cumberland England & Helen Mary GARTLAND married Selena HARKER, 26, England, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Jonathan HARKER b. Broughton Moor - Naryport? Cumberland England & Annie HOLMES, witn: George Henry HARKER & John MURTAN of Sault Ste. Marie, 5 December 1925, Sault Ste. Marie
6748-25 Adolphus DOUSSEPT (or Doucette - both given), 22, laborer, Penetanguishene, Spragge, s/o Jean DOUCETTE b. Penetanguishene & Delia DESCHAMBAULT married Mary Jane DUPONT, 19, Hull Quebec, Spragge, d/o Herminigild DUPONT & Clara GAGNE, witn: Onesine BOUGIE & Theophile POLIQUIN of Spragge, 4 September 1925, Spragge 6752-25 Gabriel DOUVILLE, 22, paper maker, Black Lake Quebec, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Henry DOUVILLE b. Quebec & E. LAROQUE married Edith STAFFORD, 20, Thessalon, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Irwin STAFFORD b. Canada & Mary COPELAND, witn: Emily STAFFORD & Joseph ROBERTS of Sault Ste. Marie, 15 July 1925, Sault Ste. Marie

17954-25 Harry DRENNAN, 24, truck driver, Rainy River, 241 Third St. East same, s/o John DRENNAN (b. Belfast Ireland) & Mary McGINNIS, married Marjorie McLEOD, 18, Stratton,, Crozier Tp., d/o Peter McLEOD (b. Bruce Co.) & Luella May CLEMENT, witn: Gladys McLEOD of Crozier Tp. & Ed GRAY of Fort Frances on Dec. 25, 1925 at Fort Frances

19297-25 Pierre DROUIN, 29, laborer, Lyslei Que., Espanola, s/o Henry DROUIN & Mary BOUCHER, married Emma? LECLAIR, 21, Black Donald, Espanola, d/o Thomas LECLAIR & Virginie AUBREY, witn: Moise GIRARD & Thomas LECLAIR, both of Espanola, 28 April 1925 at Espanola
6757-25 Edward DUBEAU, 24, paper maker, Warren, Espanola, s/o George DUBEAU & Laura HAMEL married Kathleen DORION, 19, Massey, Massey, d/o Nelson DORION & Anne MORISEY, witn: George DUBEAU of Espanola & Nelson DORION of Massey, 9 November 1925, Massey 6747-25 Johnny DUBREUIL, 28, son miller, Rockland, Whitney, s/o Ernest DUBREUIL, b. Rockland & Edith ALARIE married Eva CONSTANTINE, 28, housework, Whitney, Whitney, d/o Edmond CONSTANTINEAU (sic) b. La Porita a Gatineau Quebec, & preside LAFRAMBOISE, witn: Edmond CONSTANTINEAU & James REASBECK of Spanish Mills, 28 September 1925, Spanish Mills
19304-25 Nelson Edouard DUBREUIL, 20, laborer, Sudbury, same, s/o Edouard DUBREUIL & Exilda BECHAMP, married Marie CORVEE, 20, Bourg de Bolz France, Sudbury, d/o Jean Vincent CORVEE & Mentine BERNARD, witn: Edouard DUBREUIL & Jean Vincent CORVEE, both of Sudbury, 5 Aug 1925 at Sudbury 19305-25 Eugene DUBREUIL, 22, millhand, Whitney Ont., Milnet, s/o Arthur DUBREUIL & Annie ALARE, married Albina NADEAU, 19, Point Alexander, Milnet, d/o Evariste NADEAU & Marie ARBOUR, witn: Murray FOURNIER & Arthur DUBREUIL, both of Milnet, 29 June 1925 at Capreol
6756-25 Alexander DUGUAY, 25, lumberman, Paspebiac Quebec, Missanabie, s/o Oswald DUGUAY & Mathilda LOISELLE married Calliste TREMBLAY, 16, Bare de Mills Nache Quebec, Missanabie, d/o Paul TREMBLAY & Olive BOUCHARD, witn: Arthur COTE & Paul TREMBLAY of Missanabie, 1 June 1925, Missanabe 6755-25 Robert DUPEYRE, 20, gentleman, France, Grenoble France, s/o Charles August DEPEYRE & Anne Marie Alice ODON, married Harriet NICHOLS, 23, Massachusetts, Desbarats, d/o Frederick NICHOLS & Harriet REW, witn: Edgar STANTON & Mrs. Harriet STANTON of Chicago Illinois, 24 August 1925, Sault Ste. Marie
19303-25 Edouard DUPUIS, 22, clerk, Warren Sudbury, s/o Francois DUPUIS & Justine BLANCHARD, married Edna BRADLEY, 18, Chelmsford, same, d/o John BRADLEY & Melina PREVOST, witn: Albert DUPUIS of St. Charles & John BRADLEY of Chelmsford, 23 June 1925 at Chelmsford

17955-25 Julien DUPUIS, 30, teamster, St. Joseph d'Orleans, Fort Frances, s/o Antoine DUPUIS & Domitille LEBLOND, married Lucie Ruth LEE, 20, teacher, Fort Frances, same, d/o George LEE & Josephine LAGIMODIERE, witn: Eddie BRUYERE & Arthur LEE both of Fort Frances at Aug. 10, 1925 at Fort Frances Indian School.

6763-25 Ross EAKETT, 31, farmer, Portlock, Portlock, s/o Robert EAKETT b. Guelph & Ellen GROOM married Retta May ALLARD, 20, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Albert Edward ALLARD b. near Michipicotten & Alexandra MCKINNON, witn: John C. HATTEN Florence HATTEN of Desbarats, 30 August 1925, Desbarats 19312-25 Thomas Dawson EDWARDS, 31, manufacturer's agent, Petrolia, Sudbury, s/o Alex C. EDWARD, b. Canada & Jennie G. DAWSON, married Mary Phyllis PRESTON, 23, book keeper, Midland, Sudbury, d/o John W. PRESTON, b. Canada & Mary J. BARRY, witn: Robert L. BONHAM & Marjorie McLEOD, both of Sudbury, 25 Nov 1925 at Sudbury
6765-25 John Henry EGGLESFIELD, 28, steelworker, Tarentorous twp, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Charles William EGGLESFIELD b. London England & Francis Ann FRASER married Gladys Annie WILLOUGHBY, 17, Tarentorous twp., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William John WILLOUGHBY b. Co Leeds & Margaret LAVALLE, witn: Lorne C. PALMER & Miss Violet HILDERLEY of Sault Ste. Marie, 15 April 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 6762-25 Clarence Herbert ELGIE, 22, dairyman, Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William James ELGIE b. Ontario & Jane DALES married Madge Madeline LOGAN, 21, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Alexander William LOGAN, b. Ontario & Marella MEADOWS, witn: Elene May GIBSON, & William Charles ELGIE of Sault Ste. Marie, 19 August 1925, Sault Ste. Marie
19314-25 James Orme ELLIOTT, 25, laborer, Fesserton, Sudbury, s/o George H. ELLIOTT, b. Ont & Frances A. FOUNTAIN, married Beatrice DUHAMEL, 22, Chelmsford, Sudbury, d/o Charles DUHAMEL, b. Quebec & Josephine SECORD, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles BOES of Sudbury, 10 Sept 1925 at Sudbury 6760-25 Ray ELLIS, 27, engineer, Walsingham Quebec, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William G. ELLIS b. Ontario & Louisa CRIDLAND married Dora NAULT, 21, Blind River, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George NAULT b. Quebec & Rosanna WOOLFORD, witn: Adelard PROULX & Matthew NAULT of Sault Ste. Marie, 16 November 1925, Sault Ste. Marie

17956-25 Eric ELOFSON, 24, labourer, Ekeby Sweden, Station of Elizabeth - Atikokan, s/o Elof NEILSON (b. South Sweden) & Elna PIERSON, married Ebba HOLMQUIST, 22, Luleo Sweden, Fort Frances, d/o Eric HOLMQUIST (b. North Sweden) & Marie OHRVALL, witn: Anna & Adolph CARLSON both of 1100 First St. Fort Frances on July 11, 1925 at Fort Frances

17957-25 Per Axel ERICKSON, 33, millhand, Kopparberg Lene Sweden, 34 Third (East of Minnie Ave.) McIrvine Tp., s/o Eric ERICKSON (b. Sweden) & Christena DANIELSON , married Anna Matilda STENBERG, 23, chambermaid, Finland, Fort Frances, d/o John STENBERG (b. Finland) & Anna JUSSAVAS, witn: Rev. R. O. EVANS of International Falls Minnesota USA & Louise JUSTICE of Fort Frances on May 22, 1925 at Fort Frances

19316-25 Amedee ESTIAMBRE, 26, day work, Saint Godefroi, Elsas, s/o Joseph ESTIAMBRE & Marcelline CORMIER, married Stephanie CORMIER, 20, Saint Godefroi, Elsas, d/o Alexandre CORMIER & Julienne ROUSSY, witn: Joseph & Alexandre CORMIER, 15 April 1925 at Foleyette 19317-25 Arthur ETHIER, 28, workman, Warren, Ansonville, s/o Pierre ETHIER & Elizabeth LAPLAME, married Odina FORTIN, 20, St. Joseph d'Orleans Que., Warren, d/o Pierre FORTIN & Georgiana ETHIER, witn: Hormidas ROY & Pierre FORTIN, both of Warren, 25 May 1925 at Warren
6764-25 Walter Francis EVANS, 22, paper maker, Algoma Dist, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William H. L. EVANS b. Canada & May Isabel LOUNDRY married Ruby Irene MILLER, 21, Sault Ste. Marie, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William E. MILLER b. Canada & Mary D. HAMPSHIRE, witn: Fred W. MILLER & M. Isabel EVANS of Sault Ste. Marie, 16 June 1925, Sault Ste. Marie 6761-25 Thomas EWEN, 25, trainman, Toronto, Toronto, s/o John EWEN, b. Scotland & Hellen CHILD married Mary SHAUGHNESSY, 21, Montreal Quebec, Toronto, d/o Richard SHAUGHNESSY b. England & Mary HUSSEY, witn: R. D. SHAUGHNESSY & Margaret SHAUGHNESSY of Desbarats, 29 September 1925, Kensington Point
6767-25 Gordon FAIRBAIRN, 38, mail driver, Waskosh Ont, Webbwood, s/o Nicholas FAIRBAIRN, b. Peterborough & Fanny BRAGLEY, married Nancy INNIS (Imrie?) 29, widow, Ottawa, Webbwood, d/o Thomas COAD b. Buckingham twp. Ont & Isabell MCMILLAN, witn: Charlie WITTY of Massey & Ada FAIRBAIRN of Webbwood, 14 October 1925, Webbwood

17959-25 Nels FALK, 29, piler, Mattmor Yamntland Sweden, 407 Butler Ave. Fort Frances, s/o Olaf FALK (b. Sweden) & Christina NEUFELDT, married Velma DAHLIN, 20, Sundsvall Sweden, 407 Butler Ave. Fort Frances, d/o Eric DAHLIN (b. Sweden) & Hilda ERICKSON, witn: John EKLUND & Elfe DAHLIN both of Fort Frances on Aug. 22, 1925 at Fort Frances.

17960-25 Harold Stanley FARMER, 23, farmer, Lawrence Station, Burriss Tp., s/o George FARMER (b. England) & Mary HATCH, married Jennie ROULSTON, 21, clerk, Hamiota Manitoba, Burriss Tp., d/o John ROULSTON (b. near Kincardine) & Mabel COUKE, witn: Nina & Ella FARMER both of BURRISS on March 17, 1925 at Fort Frances

6766-25 George Henry FARMER, 63, farmer, widower, Stanley, Tarentorous, s/o Henry FARMER, b. England & Magdalene PORTER married Mary Jemina BEEMER, 53, widow, Wellington Co, Iron Bridge, d/o William ALLEN b. Ireland & Rebekah ROTHWELL, witn: Margaret Ellen ALLEN & Nelson Edwin ALLEN of Iron Bridge, 29 December 1925, Gladstone
6768-25 Alfred Eugene FIGURES, 25, gun shipper, Stratford, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Cornelius FIGURES b. London England & Mary YOUNGBLUT, married Lorna Louisa JAMES, 19, Sault Ste. Marie, Goulais Bay, d/o R. B. JAMES b. Canada & H. ROBINSON, witn: S. H. ROBINSON & Ada O. FIGURES of Sault Ste. Marie, 9 September 1925, Goulais Bay

17962-25 Maxime Joseph FLAMAND, 24, labourer, Sudbury, Rainy River, s/o Flavien FLAMAND & Claudia GIRARD, married Melina THIVIERGE, 17, Thief River Falls Minnesota USA, Rainy River, d/o Joseph THIVIERGE & Georgina GALIPEAU, witn: J. THIVIERGE & W. GALIPEAU both of Rainy River on Nov. 18, 1925 at Rainy River

17958-25 Waldemas Hugo FRENZEL, 24, labourer, Nausletz Germany, Fort Frances, s/o Richard Emil FRENZEL (b. Saxony Germany) & unknown mother, married Alice Mary SHERRETT, 37, widow, Arundel Sussex England, Fort Frances, d/o William John RATTIGAN (b. Arundel Sussex England) & Alice Mary BONIFACE, witn: Matilda GALBRAITH & Louise JUSTICE both of Fort Frances on Aug. 31, 1925 at Knox Church Manse, Fort Frances

19323-25 Arthur John FULFORD , 36, lumber inspector, Ottawa, Pickerel, s/o Frederick FULFORD, b. Alyne Rd - Ottawa, & Mary BYRNES, married Marie Powell LANGLOIS, 19, Neazenad? Que., Pickerel, d/o Leo Paul LANGLOIS, b. Beauce Que & Ida DENIS, witn: Alex McKINNON & Maud MORE (Mort?), both of Sudbury, 23 May 1925 at Sudbury

17961-25 Bert Vesard FULK, 25, farmer, Wallhall North Dakota USA, Miscampbell Tp., s/o father deceased & Lucie J. BROWN, married Mabel Rose MOORE, 19, Park Rapids Minnesota USA, Miscampbell Tp., d/o Francis MOORE & Lena PLANT, witn: William A. & Ethel SCOTT both of Crozier Tp. on Aug. 4, 1925 at Enid

17967-25 Edgar GADD, 33, labourer, Maidstone Kent, Emo, s/o Charles H. GADD (b. Worcestershire England) & E. C. FULLER, married Lily Ann Blanche SANDERSON, 38, school teacher, Gorrie Huron Co., Emo, d/o David SANDERSON (b. Wellington Co.) & Elizabeth A. KAINE, witn: M. GADD of Fort Frances & Mrs. R. V. KAINE of Sault Ste Marie On July 18, 1925 at Emo.

17965-25 Thomas Gordon GILLIES, 25, salesman, Emo, Fort Frances, John W. GILLIES (b. Shelburne) & Jane ALLEN, married Margaret Louise LOCKING, 19, Glaston North Dakota USA, Fort Frances, d/o William LOCKING & Louise O'KEEFE, witn: Leo W. DOUGHERTY of Fort Frances & Marjorie LOCKING of Emo on Oct. 18, 1925 at Emo

17968-25 Sherman George GILLIES, 26, merchant, Calumet Michigan USA, Barwick, s/o Malcolm GILLIES (b. Bruce Co.) & Elizabeth FLETCHER, married Marie Caroline MALLORY, 28, Blenheim, Barwick, d/o William O. MALLORY (b. Kent Co.) & Harriet WARNER, witn: Nancer & Josephine HASBY both of Barwick on June 12, 1925 at Barwick

17970-25 George GRINSELL, 50, merchant, Coulonge - Co. Polycarpe Que., 814 Scott St. Fort Frances, s/o Stephen GRINSELL (b. Polycarpe Que.) & Marguerite GERARD, married Eva Moore ROY, 54, widow, St. Claire Dorchester Que., 816 Scott St. Fort Frances, d/o Laurent MOORE (b. Quebec Que.) & Celanise GAGNON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William COUSINEAU both of Fort Frances on May 16, 1925 at Fort Frances

17971-25 Lesire GROUETTE, 30, labourer, St Anne Manitoba, Fort Frances, s/o Theophile GROUETTE & Mathilde DUCHARME, married Corona ADAM, 22, waitress, Maskinonge Que., Fort Frances, d/o Norbert ADAM & Delima DUPUIS, witn: Edouard COMEAU & Nalie Marie GAUDETTE both of Fort Frances on Oct. 1, 1925 at Fort Frances.

19334-25 Oscar GROULX, 23, farmer, Hull Que., Warren, s/o John GROULX & Delima BROUSSEAU, married Annette POULIN, 18, Chelmsford, Warren, d/o Delphis POULIN & Oxilia JOUBERT, witn: John GROULX & Willie CHARTRAND, both of Warren, 4 Nov 1925 at Warren

17966-25 John GULKA, 30, cook, Austria, Fort Frances, s/o Pauko GULKA (b. Galacia Austria) & Sophia TROUT, married Mary STINKA (Chorney ?), 14, Buchanan Sask., Fort Frances, d/o George STINKA (b. Bukowinia Austria) & Oxana OSACHUK, witn: Peter OWZYK & Bill OSACHUK both of Fort Frances on Sept. 13, 1925 at Knox Church Fort Frances

17963-25 Ferdinand GUSTAFSON, 32, farmer, Sweden, Rainy River, s/o C. Gustaf LEDSEN? (b. Sweden) & Anna CARLSON, married Myrtle M. CARLSON, 22, Minnesota USA, Rainy River, d/o G. P. CARLSON (b. Sweden) & Ann OLSEN, witn: W. J.& Etta MASON both of Graceton Minnesota on Nov. 30, 1925 at Rainy River.

17964-25 Guss GUSTAFSON, 23, labourer, Jasfren Sweden, Mather Tp., s/o Emmanuel GUSTAFSON (b. Sweden) & Christina KJERINAN, married Maria BONSTROM, 23, Ostmasks Sweden, Fort Frances, d/o Eric BONSTROM (b. Sweden) & Christina RUBERG, witn: Anna REDERN? & Oscar OLSON both of Fort Frances on Nov. 17, 1925 at Fort Frances

17969-25 Steve GUTEK, 29, clerk, Poland, Mine Centre, s/o John (b. Poland) & Sophia, married Katrine DANIELAK, 21, Poland, Mine Centre, d/o Paul DANIELAK (b. Poland) & Uzepha CHEKUCK, witn: Mike DANIELAK & Mrs. J. ZOOCHKAN both of Mine Centre on April 14, 1925 at Fort Frances.

17972-25 Alfred Ernest HALL, 45, farmer, widower, Canterbury England, Mather Tp., s/o John Edward HALL (b. Canterbury England) & Annie LAKER, married Lila Maria HURDLE, 28, Glencoe Ont., Mather Tp., d/o Edgar HURDLE (b. Ontario) & Cecilia ROBERTSON, witn: Laura & Eileen HANLEY both of Emo on Nov. 7, 1925 at Emo

17975-25 Lawrence Vincent HEBERT, 23, clerk, Crookston Minnesota USA, Fort Frances, s/o Noel HEBERT (deceased) (b. St. George Que.) & Olive GERVAIS, married Lenora J. JOHNSON, 23, stenographer, Fort Frances, same, d/o William G. JOHNSON (b. Nova Scotia) & Alice LAND (deceased), witn: Walter GAGNE & Bessie A. JONES both of Fort Frances on Feb. 24, 1925 at Fort Frances

17973-25 William Walter HICKERSON, 26, teamster, Fort Frances, same, s/o Thomas Melvin HICKERSON (b. Stillwater Minnesota USA) & Jessie CALDER, married Helen Eliza THEKER, 21, school teacher, Morley Tp., Fort Frances, d/o Horace Edwin THEKER (b. Nottingham England) & Mercy JAMES, witn: Oliver James POTTS of Shenston & Florence Isabel THEKER of Fort Frances on Sept. 9, 1925 at the residence of the bride at Fort Frances

17974-25 Herbert James HODGE, 23, teamster, McTaggart Sask., Emo, s/o Alexander HODGE & Marion Anne WHITEHEAD, married Margaret Louise WILSON, 18, Emo, same, d/o John WILSON & Harriet HOARD, witn: James Ralph WILSON & Hilda Lauriene HODGE both of Emo on Aug. 19, 1925 at Emo

6810-25 Michael HUKOWICH, 31, paper maker, Ukraine, 418 Queen St. West Sault Ste Marie, s/o Nicoli HUKOWICH (b. Ukraine) & Anna ZELISKA, married Ester JARVI, 21, Finland, 592 Parliament St. Sault Ste Marie, d/o Yakob Vainiouyosa JARVI (b. Finland) & Hilda ROUDALA, witn: A. ROUSE of 128 Schreiber St. & M. POLIFSHUK of 106 Letches St. both of Sault Ste Marie on Feb. 10. 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

17976-24 Albert HUPE, 22, labourer, ST. Boniface Manitoba, Fort Frances, s/o Basil & Caroline, married Alberta JOLICOEUR, 16, Pinewood, Fort Frances, d/o Thomas JOLICOEUR & Marie ASSELIN, witn: Joe MORRIS & Rose GOSELIN both of Fort Frances on July 29, 1925 at Fort Frances

6791-25 Edward James HURFORD, 27, farmer, Whipcot Devonshire England, Parkinson, s/o Robert HURFORD (b. Devonshire England) & Ann PERCIVAL, married Florence Ann GILLIES, 20, Goldenberg, Parkinson, d/o father's name unknown (sic) & Jane Elizabeth GILLIES, witn: John BIRD & Emma McDONALD both of Thessalon on Dec. 22, 1925 at Thessalon.

6801-25 George HURTUBISE, 55, carpenter, Montreal, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Prosper HURTUBISE (b. Montreal Que) & Armeline LAMOTHE, married Josephine MIRON, 50, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Joseph MIRON (b. Sault Ste Marie) & Marie Hia--? CANTINI?, witn: Nichol (Michel?) CLOUTIER & Rene St. JULES both of Sault Ste Marie on Aug. 8, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6823-25 Alexandre JAWANINODEN, 19, day worker, Sagamok, same, s/o Joseph JAWANINODEN & Marie SOLOMON, married Therese SAGADJIN, 22, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Francois SAGADJIN & Isabelle MAIANGWE, witn: Louis SALOMON & Joseph JAWANINODEN of Sagamok on Nov. 16, 1925 at Sagamok

6818-25 John Borden JEFFREY, 21, paper maker, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o William James JEFFEREY (b. Ontario) & Annie PURDY, married Irene Marion TONNLEY, 22, France, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Emil TONNLEY (b. Switzerland) & Carmila PERCELL, witn: T. HENDERSON of 357 Albert St. East & Mildred O. LAWRENCE of 516 Albert St. both of Sault Ste Marie on Nov., 26, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

19355-25 Peter John JEFFREY, 25, barber, Owen Sound, Sudbury, s/o Peter JEFFREY & Catherine HIGGINS, married Alexandria MOISE, 19, Blind River, Sudbury, d/o Asa MOISE & Mary FEX, witn: Donald FOURNIER & Mary Ethel AUSTIN, both of Sudbury, 11 May 1925 at Sudbury

19356-25 John Patrick JENNINGS, 25, motorman, Chelmsford, Copper Cliff, s/o Arthur Patrick JENNINGS & Mary MARCOTTE, married Mary Isabel MacDONELL, 26, Alexandria Ont., Sudbury, d/o James McDONELL & Mary CARR, witn: Lawrence JENNINGS of Copper Cliff & Christena MacDONELL of Sudbury, 12 June 1925 at Copper Cliff 6849-25 Archibald Leland JOHNS, 23, mechanic, Victor City Colorado USA, Iron Mountain Michigan USA, s/o David JOHNS (b. England) & Eva M. SAUNDERS, married Margarette Thelma GILMAN, 22, Korah twp., same, d/o Robert Thomas GILMAN (b. Canada) & M. E. RENNER, witn: L. ERRINGTON & M. HAYS both of Sault Ste Marie on Nov. 4, 1925 at Korah

6855-25 Francois LACROIX, 21, labourer, Bourget, Missanabie, s/o Moise LACROIX & Celina MICHAUD, married Juliette TREMBLAY, 16, Mille Vaches Que, Missanabie, d/o Elliot TREMBLAY & Leonie MOREAU, witn: D. DESBIEN & Elliotte (sic) TREMBLAY no residences given on Sept. 16, 1925 at Missanabie.

6836-25 Gordon Fleming LANGDON, 23, carpenter, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o Luke LANGDON (b. Canada) & Margaret McLEOD, married Isobel McMEEKIN, 21, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o David McMEEKIN (b. Canada) & Margaret MILLER, witn: Chester LANGDON & Ena McMEEKIN both of Sault Ste Marie on Sept. 1, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie.

6849-25 Martin LANIGAN , 25, labourer, Bouchette Que., Sault Ste Marie, s/o William LANIGAN & Dora CARROLL, married Mary CARROLL, 17, Sault Ste. Marie, Northland, d/o William CARROLL & Jessie COLBORNE, witn: Mrs William CARROL of Northland & John P. LYONS of Sault Ste Marie on Jan 5, 1925 at Sault Ste. Marie 6846-25 Hermas LARABIE, 30, labourer, St. Rose Delina Quebec, Blind River, s/o Jean Baptiste LARABIE (b. ST. Rose de Lima Que) & Delia PHILLIPPE, married Marguerite DUPUIS, 15, Malbaie Que., Blind River, d/o Jules DUPUIS (b. Malbaie Que) & Emmiline Arienne DALLAIRE, witn: S. R. KNIGHT & Fabien LALONDE both of Blind River on March 2, 1925 at Blind River
6841-25 Edward LAROCQUE, 54, car repairer, widower, Ireland, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Charles Edward LAROCQUE (b. Ireland) & Emma FLANAGAN, married Eleanor McGOWAN, 51, widow, England, same, d/o Alexander McLEAN (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann WATSON, witn: Thomas MASON & Eva McGOWAN both of 240 Byrne Ave. Sault Ste Marie on June 25, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

19383-25 Ernest LAROCQUE, 18, farmer, St. Charles, same, s/o Napoleon LAROCQUE & Georgiana ROCHON, married Cecile DUHAMEL, 17, St. Charles, same, d/o Hermas DUHAMEL & Celina DUHAIME, witn: Napoleon LAROCQUE & Leon DUHAMEL, both of St. Charles, 2 Feb 1925 at St. Charles

6838-25 William James LAUMORIE, 25, labourer, Sault Ste Marie, Blind River, s/o Alexander LAMORIE (sic) (b. Canada) & Emma GAGNON, married Kathleen Lillian Emily GODSON, 20, Meldrum Bay, Blind River, d/o Henry GODSON (b. Canada) & Nevada BISSETTE, witn: Stella & Harold GODSON both of Blind River on Aug. 12, 1925 at Blind River. 6848-25 Joseph Calixte Oscar LAURIN, 26, settler, Ironside, Jogues, s/o Antoine LAURIN & Delina DESJARDINS, married Bertha COMPEAU, 24, La Chute D. Argenteuil, Jogues, s/o Joseph COMPEAU & Hermina BELAIR, witn: Antoine LAURIN & Jean Baptiste ROY no residences given on Jan. 12, 1925 at Jogues

19402-25 Herve LECLAIR, 23, laborer, Hawkesbury, Larchwood, s/o Valerie LECLAIR & Albina PAQUETTE, married Cecile HUNEAULT, 18, L'Orignal, Chelmsford, d/o Florian HUNEAULT & Aline CHARBONNEAU, married Delphe LECLAIR of Larchwood & Florian HUNEAULT of Chelmsford, 12 Oct 1925 at Chelmsford

6840-25 Dieudonne Joseph LE CLAIR, 24, banker, Hull Que., Blind River, s/o Joseph LE CLAIR (b. Riviere de Loup Que) & Matilda POULIOT, married Kathleen Jennie McKAY, 21, stenographer, Laburn Algoma, Blind River, d/o Daniel McKAY (b. Kincardine) & Mary WHITE, witn: William & Margaret A. FAWCETT both of 267 Cathcart St. Sault Ste Marie on June 30, 1925 at Blessed Sacrament Church Sault Ste Marie

19403-25 Josaphat LECLAIR, 21, laborer, Sudbury, same, s/o Theodore LECLAIR & Valentine LAUZON, married Imelda COURVILLE, 19, Warren, Sudbury, d/o James COURVILLE & Liza COMEAU, witn: Fema LECLAIR & Manesippe LAUZON, both of Sudbury, 9 Nov 1925 at Sudbury 19377-25 Alfred Napoleon LECOMTE, 35, laborer, Billings Bridge, Capreol, s/o Alfred LECOMTE, b. Ottawa Ont & Sophia LACOSTE, married Alice Mary GELINEAU, 18, Pigeon Hill Que., Capreol, d/o Arthur GELINEAU, b. Henryville Que. & Mary Louise GIROUARD, witn: Charles LEMARE? & Arthur GELINEAU, both of Capreol, 2 July 1925 at Capreol

6835-25 Gordon Andrew Wenchope LEES, 25, marine fireman, Walford, Blind River, s/o Francis LEES (b. Bruce Co) & Minnie BOYTER, married Elizabeth Alexandrina GRAHAM, 23, unknown, Blind River, d/o Archie GRAHAM (b. illegible Co.) & Mary NOBBS, witn: David LEES of Walford & Letitia GRAHAM of Blind River on Dec. 23, 1925 at Blind River.

6854-25 Edward LEFEBVRE, 24, labourer, Escanaba Michigan, Flat Rock Michigan, s/o Peter LEFEBVRE & Delia DESJARDINS, married Aurore GARDNER, 18, Gladstone Michigan, Flat Rock Michigan, d/o Joseph GARDENER & Anna BENOIT, witn: Anna LEFEBVRE & Herve DESJARDINS both of Flat Rock Michigan on Aug. 3, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6847-25 Polydore LEGEAULT, 23, band saw filer, Hull Que., Nesterville, s/o Polydore LEGEAULT (b. Alexandria) & Clementine LEVESQUE, married Albertina THIFFEAULT, 15, Cutler, Nesterville, d/o Oliver THIFFEAULT (b. Ste. Adelle) & Dora BELLMONT, witn: Oliver THIFFEAULT & C. McINOMEY, both of Thessalon on March 3, 1925 at St. Francis Xavier Church Thessalon

6856-25 Andrew LEGAULT, 24, labourer, Penetanguishene, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Louis LEGAULT & Clementine HAMELIN, married Angeline BRUNEAU, 22, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Amable BRUNEAU & Angeline PATREAU, witn: Adelard PROULX & Napoleon WOLFORD both of Sault Ste Marie on April 21, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie.

19386-25 Ubald LEGAULT, 21, lumberman, Pointe Gatineau Que., Devon, s/o Alphonse LEGAULT & Mathilde ROCHELEAU, married Joanna ANGLEHART, 16, Ste. Adelaide Bouce Que., Devon, d/o Antoine ANGLEHART & Clara BLACKBURN, witn: Arnold LEGAULT & Antoine ANGLEHART, both of Devon, 12 April 1925 at Devon 6843-25 Joseph Henri LEMIEUX, 35, scaler, Normandin Que., Blind River, s/o George LEMIEUX (b. Quebec) & Mary DUFOUR, married Alice CHARLEBOIS, 32, spinster, Penetanguishene, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Amable CHARLEBOIS (b. Quebec) & Margaret LANGDON, witn: Lester & Mrs. Herb CHARLEBOIS both of Sault Ste Marie on June 16, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

19400-25 Honore LEPAGE, 23, laborer, St. Sixte Que., Chelmsford, s/o Hilaire LEPAGE & Philomene BEDARD, married Eva CASTONGUAY, 24, Chelmsford, same, d/o Pierre CASTONGUAY & Emerance CHEVRIER, witn: Adelaird CHEVRIER? & J.B. CASTONGUAY, both of Chelmsford, 22 Sept 1925 at Chelmsford

6837-25 Luke Elmer LESLIE, 26, fire ranger, Farrelton P.Q., Blind River, s/o Frank LESLIE (b. Cornwall P.Q.) & Annie KNOX married Christina JENSEN, 20, Denmark, Blind River, d/o Hans JENSEN (b. Denmark) & Catherine, witn: Hans & Anna Kathrine JENSEN both of Blind River on Sept. 15, 1925 at Striker Tp. Church.

6845-25 Carman Wesley LETHBRIDGE, 19, farmer, Owen Sound, Sault Ste Marie, s/o William H. LETHBRIDGE (b. Owen Sound) & Annie GUNNIS, married Verna Dorothy QUICK, 18, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Irwin QUICK (b. Nebraska USA) & Enna WILLIAMS, witn: William H. PENNO & Leona A. QUICK both of Sault Ste Marie on May 4, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie.

6844-25 Adam LEWIS, 29, labourer, Garden River, 208 Wallace Terrace Sault Ste Marie, s/o John LEWIS (b. Point du Par Michigan) & Eliza PINE, married Mary SHOEFLY, 23, Batchewana, 208 Wallace St. Sault Ste Marie, d/o Michael SHOEFLY & Mary ROBINSON, witn: Matt MAICH & Sarah LACH both of 497 Sherbourne St. Sault Ste Marie on May 15, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie.

6834-25 Gust LINDEN, 38, labourer, Finland, 278 6th Ave Sault Ste Marie, s/o Matt LINDEN (Finland) & Miina VIMBERG, married Lempi ILOMAKI, 29, Finland, 278 6th Ave Sault Ste Marie, d/o Anton ILMOMAKI (b. Finland) & Henrikka PEITALA, witn: Charles HAYRINEN of 354 Albert St & Mary E. SMITH of 134 Hudson St both of Sault Ste Marie on Dec. 21, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6839-25 John LINDSAY, 20, chauffeur, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o Robert LINDSAY (b. Canada) & Jennie GARNISS, married Lillian Thelma ROBERTSON, 18, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o David ROBERTSON (b. Canada) & Rose SUMMERS, witn: Evelyn HESS of 423 Wellington St. East & Roy McAULEY of 173 March St. both of Sault Ste Marie on Aug. 5, 1924 at 232 Brown St. Sault Ste Marie

6833-25 James Clifford LONG, 30, labourer, Collingwood twp., Blind River, s/o Frank LONG (b. Grey Co) & Maria WILSON, married Vera BAKER, 21, Thompson twp., Mississagi, d/o Arthur Nelson BAKER (b. Fergus) & Mary Jane STRINGER, witn: Lewis S. LOUD of Kirkland Lake & Ruby BAKER of Mississagi on Dec. 2, 1925 at Blind River.

6851-25 Guilio LONGARINI, 32, butcher, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Adamo LONGARINI & Annunziata GORGGI, married Elvira RADI, 21, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Eugenio RADI & Adele TAGLIABRACCI, witn: Zerida & Romeo MEZRALDI of Espanola on May 3, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6850-25 Wolsdymyr LUKASZ, 26, labourer, Saskatchewan, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Eustachian LUKASZ & Anastasia BADORYCZ, married Ahaphia BABZNEC, 18, Easthern Galicia, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Danylo BABZNEC & Matryna MELANYEZ, witn: Sam ALYLUGA & Hryn DUBAS both of Bayview Sault Ste Marie on Feb. 17, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6853-25 Mike LYCHUCK, 28, labourer, Galicia, Sault Ste Marie, s/o William LYCHUCK & Annie KORILUK, married Mary POLIFCHACK, 19, Galicia, Sault Ste Marie, d/o John POLIFCHACK & Frances REFCIO, witn: George MAGEBROTSKI & Joseph REFCIO both of Sault Ste Marie on Aug. 13, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6842-25 Robert LYNCH, 44, mechanic, widower, Renfrew, Blind River, s/o Patrick LYNCH (b. Mount St. Patrick) & Elizabeth BRUCE, married Leonie FALLIN, 26, Campbellton New Brunswick, Blind River, d/o Elie FALLIN (b. Baie des Chaliers) & Marie DUGAS, witn: Elie FALLIN & Joseph S. O'CONNOR both of Blind River on June 15, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6867-25 Thomas Alexander MAJOR, 24, car repairer, Perth, 528 Northland St. Sault Ste Marie, s/o John MAJOR (b. Newfoundland) & Isabelle MOULTON, married Nellie Mary FOULDS, 25, England, 603 Lennox Ave. Sault Ste Marie, d/o William Henry FOULDS (b. Manchester England) & Rhoda HOLLISTER, witn: Mrs A. EDWARDS of 603 Lennox Ave. & Mrs John MAJOR of 528 Northland Road both of Sault Ste Marie on April 20, 1925 at Sault St Marie.

6879-25 John Richard Holden McCARTHY, 27, train man, Mattawa, Echo Bay, s/o John James McCARTHY (b. Ontario) & Rose Dale WATSON, married Helen May HURLEY, 25, Echo Bay, same, d/o William HURLEY & Matilda BATTEN, witn: Ruby McCARTHY of Timmins & Howard HURLEY of Echo Bay on Sept. 15, 1925 at Echo Bay.

6878-25 Wilbert Hamilton McEACHERN, 23, carpenter, Little Current, 115 Grosvenor Ave. Sault Ste Marie, s/o Donald McEACHERN & Sarah SCARLET (deceased), married Florence ALLARD, 22, Sault Ste Marie, Ferris, d/o Albert ALLARD & Alexandra McKINNON, witn: Mamie & Napoleon PERRON both of Sault Ste Marie on Sept 2, 1925 at St. Luke's Cathedral Sault Ste Marie

6874-25 Robert Arthur MacEWAN, 31, butter maker, Clifford, Bruce Station, s/o Alexander MacEWAN (b. Ontario) & Mary DUFF, married Dora Lewdeina MOUNT, 19, Portlock, 8 McDonald Ave. Sault Ste Marie, d/o Charles MOUNT (b. Nova Scotia) & Agnes GAMBLE, witn: Miss HILDERLEY of 424 North St. Sault Ste Marie & Willie GUMBLE of Walford on Nov. 19, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6873-25 John George McGLASHAN, 38, blacksmith, widower, Wright Co. Que., Thessalon, s/o Patrick Small McGLASHAN (b. Perthshire Scotland) & Jane HASTIE, married Hephzibah Frances NOLIN, 25, widow, Rusbridge Gloustershire England, Thessalon, d/o Albert A. NOLIN  b. London England) & Hephzibah DARBY, witn: George & Florence SANDIE both of Thessalon on Nov. 28, 1925 at Thessalon.

6889-25 Clifford McINTOMNEY, 24, labourer, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o Richard McINTOMNEY & Sarah CLARGE, married Edith LABOMBARBE, 23, Gros Cap, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Peter LABOMBARBE & Susan NAVEAU, witn: Mrs Joseph EWEY & Harold McINTOMNEY both of Sault St. Marie on Nov. 18, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie.

6871-25 Harold McINTOMNEY, 25, ironworker, Sault Ste Marie, 681 McAllen St. same, s/o Richard McINTOMNEY (b. Canada) & Sara Jane CLARGES, married Emma AMYOUTT, 19, Sault Ste Marie, 681 McAllen St. same, d/o Edward AMYOUTT (b. Soo Michigan) & Rose McCARCHIE, witn: Clifford McINTOMNEY of 158 Pittsburg & Mable BOMBARD both of Sault Ste Marie on Dec 20, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6888-25 Alexander McKAY, 23, fisherman, Goulais Bay, same, s/o Alexander McKAY & Philomene WABANANANY, married Suzanna KAKABISHI, 25, Batchewana Bay, Goulais Bay, d/o William KAKABISHI & Mary LEWIS, witn: Ida NEVEN & Joseph KOSI both of Goulais Bay on Oct. 20, 1925 at Goulais Bay.

6881-25 Malcolm McKAY, 21, labourer, Thessalon, same, s/o Malcolm McKAY (b. Lucknow) & Frances REID, married Clara FRASER, 19, Owen Sound, Thessalon, d/o John FRASER (b. Grimsby) & Emma PHILLIPS, witn: George J. FRASER & Bessie T. BAILEY both of Thessalon on Aug. 12, 1925 at Thessalon

6876-25 Angus Graham McLEOD, 27, railway man, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o William McLEOD (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Josephine DUNSEATH, 20, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Wesley DUNSEATH (b. Canada) & Clara MAXWELL, witn: Jeanette CAUFIELD & J. A. NEVINS?, both of Sault Ste Marie on Oct. 22, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie.

6872-25 George McLEOD, 33, farmer, Leeburn, Leeburn, s/o John McLEOD (b. Cape Breton) & Margaret Ann MORRISON, married Ellen Irene Gordon McWHINNEY, 27, Leeburn P.O., same, d/o John Thomas McWHINNEY (b. Ashfield Tp. Huron Co.) & Victoria Jane CURRAN, witn: Earl McWHINNEY of Leeburn & Shirley McCLELLAND of Sault Ste Marie on Dec. 23, 1925 at Leeburn.

6870-25 John Clifford MacLEOD, 28, farmer, Aberdeen twp., same, s/o Donald J. (b. Kinloss Tp. Bruce Co.) & Annie, married Marian MacDONALD, 32, teacher, Aberdeen twp., same, d/o John MacDONALD (b. Harris Invernesshire Scotland) & Ellen Ann FERGUSON, witn: Annie & Angus NICHOLSON both of Bruce Mines on Dec. 23, 1925 at Ophir.

17988-25 Addison Edward MCLEOD, 30, engineer, Virginia Minn., Emo, s/o John Alexander MCLEOD, b. Owen Sound & Mary GOLDEN, married Muriel Jemima COOPER, 21, Emo, same, d/o John James COOPER, b. Marsville & Annie Jane REDFORD, witn: Elmor COOPER & Edna TOMPKINS, both of Emo, 2 Jul 1925 at Rainy River.

6884-25 Lawrence Vernard McMILLAN, 22, millwright, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o James Henry McMILLAN (b. Canada) & Dora HURLEY, married Marion Elizabeth CLARKE, 18, clerk, Richard's Landing St. Joseph's Island, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Joseph William CLARKE (b. England) & Alice Emma McGUIRE, witn: Mamie HILL of 337 Morin St. & Andrew BRINYLESON of 193 St. George's Ave West both of Sault Ste Marie on June 15, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

17987-25 Guiseppe MEDVIES, 44, widower, miner, Italy, Chisholm Minn., s/o Guiseppe MEDVIES & Maria DRAKAJ, married Angelina CRAINICH, 30, housekeeper, Italy, Fort Frances, d/o Antonio CRAINICH & Maria TRENKE, witn: Enrico CARLONI & Stefana CARLONI, both of Fort Frances, 11 Jun 1925 at Fort Frances. (RC)

17985-25 John MICHIE, 28, storekeeper, England, Rainy River, s/o David MICHIE, b. Fife Scotland & Mary HIGGINS, married Dorothy May WILSON, 18, Scotland, Rainy River, d/o Frank WILSON, b. London - England & Catherine BENNETT, witn: C.H. DERRIER & Daniel MICHIE, both of Rainy River, 3 Aug 1925 at Rainy River.

6867-25 Lorne Wallace MILLER, 23, coal tar operator, Bruce Mines, Sault Ste Marie, s/o George Thomas MILLER (b. Canada) & Margaret STEWART, married Mildred Evelyn McCORD, 18, Yatesville Michigan USA, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Thomas McCORD (b. Canada) & Ester HUFFMAN, witn: Mrs. A. H. CLARK & T. F. GIBSON both of Sault Ste Marie on June 12, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

17984-25 John Albert MORK, 30, salesman, Albert Lea Minnesota, Port Arthur, s/o John O. MORK, b. Sweden & Christine BJORKLUND, married Millie S. HOFFMAN, 27, divorced, Ocala Ohio, St. Paul Minn., d/o Benjamin CLARK, b. Ohio & Ima DARNE, witn: Luella D. RYDELL & J.E. PELLAND, both of International Falls - Minn., 22 Jul 1925 at Fort Frances

19434-25 Arvit NELSON, 39, miner, Finland, Creighton, s/o Neilo NELSON, b. Finland & Marja, married Anna PUPUTI, 38, widow, Finland, Creighton, d/o Juha JUOMA, b. Finland & Mina, witn: Emilya & Ravi UNERMINEN of Creighton Mine, 20 Sept 1925 at Sudbury

19435-25 Paul Montgomery NEWTON, 26 + 7 mon + 22 days, railway mail clerk, Whitby Ont., North Bay, s/o George Henry NEWTON, b. Lindsay Ont & Frances Jean GORDON, married Quintina Winifred KILLINS, 19 + 4 + 18, teacher, Chapleau, North Bay, d/o William J. KILLINS, b. Perth Ont & Quintina FOLEY, witn: William J. KILLINS of Chapleau & Frances Jean NEWTON of North Bay, 21 July 1926 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury 6895-25 Abram OBEN, 58, farmer, widower, Simcoe Co., McLennan, s/o John OBEN (b. Quebec) & Barbara BAKER, married Hannah McCLELLAND, 48, widow, Manitoulin, Gordon Lake, d/o Benjamin BOYER (b. Toronto) & Annie RODDY?, witn: Hilda E. GEER & Agnes PHILIP both of Sault Ste Marie on Sept. 23, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6898-25 John Henry ODBER, 30, yardman A.C.R., Garden River, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Joseph ODBER & Annie MICK, married Margaret DEVON, 28, Massey, Walford, d/o Hugh DEVON & Annie RYAN, witn: Mary Lillian DEVON & Mitchell ODBER both of R. 1 Sault Ste Marie on July 8, 1925 at Blessed Sacrament Church Sault Ste Marie

6897-25 Peter OLEKSIUK, 30, section man, Kotzmau Bukowina Romania, Summit, s/o Theodore OLEKSIUK & Helen ROMANUCK, married Fedelia LAVALEE, 17, St. Andre d'Avalee Que., Summit, d/o Orphila LAVALEE & Alida CHARLEBOIS, witn: Mrs. ST. GERMAIN, Bill BORGETS & Mike KROZNUIK both of Sault Ste Marie on May 6, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

17992-25 John PARTANEN, 38, labourer, Finland, Fort Frances, s/o Paawa PARTANEN, b. Finland & Anna Louisa ESKELI, married Lydia AHLGREN, 24, Finland, Fort Frances, d/o Jacob AHLGREN, b. Finland & Wilhelmina PENTTI, witn: Emil SODERHOLM & Ivan KATAINER, both of Fort Frances, 26 Apr 1925 at Fort Frances

6901-25 Herbert Frank PAQUETTE, 36, trainman, widower, Pembroke, Sault Ste Marie, s/o John P. PAQUETTE (b. Pembroke) & Josephine LADUCEUR, married Eleanor TESSIER, 26, widow, Canada, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Charles ARCHAMBAULT (b. Sault Ste Marie) & Rose DUQUETTE, witn: Lena & Nelson ARCHAMBAULT both of Sault Ste Marie on Sept. 15, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie.

17994-25 Joseph PAYETTE, 66, widower, farmer, s/o Francois PAYETTE & Julie JODOIN, married Marie MONFET, 59, widow, St. Fabien Que., Pinewood, d/o Moise MONFET & Laufrisie CHARET, witn: Napoleon TETREAULT & Odeline TETREAULT, both of Pinewood, 6 Oct 1925 at Rainy River. (RC)

6899-25 Karl Yustaf PELANDER, 39, millworker, Finland, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Eric PILANDER (b. Finland) & Wilhelmina JANKMANS (Jankison?), married Sophia PETERSON, 40, seamstress, Sweden, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Adolph (b. Sweden) & Maria, witn: Cyyne JARNA of 1178 Simpson St & Karl METSA of 330 Northland Road both of Sault Ste Marie on Oct. 21, 1925 at All Peoples Mission Sault Ste Marie.

17990-25 Paul PELLAND, 29, divorced, labourer, Pelland Minn., Fort Frances, s/o Frank PELLAND, b. Montreal & Delia DESCHENE, married Alice J. DIBBLE, 28, housekeeper, Eagle Bend Minn., Northolm, d/o Jesse DIBBLE, b. Bowling Green Ohio & Antonia BEAN, witn: Edith G. DIBBLE & William MCLEAN, both of Northome Minn., 11 Jul 1925 at Fort Frances

17995-25 George Philippe PINNEY, 33, labourer, Scarsdale Nova Scotia, Morley, s/o George PINNEY & Lucinda WILES, married Marguerite Mary ARMSTRONG, 20, Stratton, Shenston, d/o James ARMSTRONG & Margaret MCGEE, witn: Danial MCGEE & Sarah ARMSTRONG, both of Stratton, 28 May 1925 at Stratton. (RC)

6903-25 Clifford Franklin PORTER, 23, carpenter, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o William Henry PORTER (b. Canada) & Selina DINSMORE, married Jennie Albina KENSHOL (Kenstol?), 22, Kagawong Manitoulin Island, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Fred KENSHOL (b. USA) & Rachael FARQUHAR, witn: Maria E. BERINGER of 522 illegible ST. & Ranford A. KENSHOL of 217 Wilcox Ave both of Sault Ste Marie on April 28, 1925 at 65 Lansdowne Ave. Sault Ste Marie.

6902-25 James Arthur PRENTISS, 30, labourer, Montreal, 561 Queen St. West in Sault Ste Marie, s/o James BUDNEY (sic) (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Rose de Lina LACHAPELLE, married Mary Jane Eunice CORBETT, 17, Westmeath, 497 Parliament St. Sault Ste Marie, d/o Robert T. CORBETT (b. Pontiac Que.) & Adeline LAUTHIER, witn: Richmond CORBETT of 497 Parliament Sault Ste Marie & Ora Edith May MARSHALL of RR1 -  2nd Line Korah on June 10, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie.

17993-25 Thomas Garvey PRIDEAUX, 64, widower, merchant, Dodgeville Wisc., Mine Centre, s/o Josiah PRIDEAUX, b. USA & Elizabeth DUNSTONE, married Marie MURRAY, 39, nurse, Aberdeen Scotland, Winnipeg, d/o Alexander MURRAY, b. Scotland & Ann FINNEY, witn: J.W. WALKER & Marie MURRAY, both of Fort Frances, 30 Jan 1925 at Fort Frances.

17991-25 Clarence Edwin PROUTY, 33, warehouse manager, Chandos Ont, Port Arthur, s/o Charles S. PROUTY, b. Quebec & Emma Ellen WOODS, married Alice Victoria LIVINGSTONE, 22, teacher, Carnduff - Sask., Sleeman, d/o George B. LIVINGSTONE, b. Denbigh Ont & Elizabeth Etta LIVINGSTONE, witn: Arthur Hadyn LIVINGSTONE & Lillian Mary LIVINGSTONE, both of Sleeman, 30 Jun 1925 at Sleeman.

6912-25 Alexander RAMAN, 24, paper maker, Russia, 128 Schreiber St. Sault Ste Marie, s/o John (b. Russia) & Barbara, married Elizabeth KOBRINCE, 18, Russia, 88 Goulais Ave. Sault Ste Marie, d/o George KOBRINCE (b. Russia) & Eleanor CHERUNCHOE, witn: Anton BABLUK of 85 Hudson St. & Sasha KRWSPUET both of 443 Queen St. Sault Ste Marie on Aug. 27, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6911-25 Michael REILLY, 29, paper maker, Ireland, 172 Cathcart St. Sault Ste Marie, s/o Thomas REILLY (b. Ireland) & Eliza DONAHUE, married Kathleen GRIER, 29, Ireland, 172 Cathcart St. Sault Ste Marie, d/o Harry GRIER (b. Ireland) & Elena LYNCH, witn: Hazel MURPHY & Hector McWILLIAMS both of Sault Ste Marie on Sept. 15, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6909-25 Howard RICHARD, 25, truck driver, Petrolia, 629 Lennox Ave. Sault Ste Marie, s/o Joseph RICHARD (b. Canada) & Margaret A. WILLIAMS, married Bessie BAILEY, 23, Gore Bay, 609 Shafer Ave Sault Ste Marie, d/o James BAILEY (b. Canada) & Maeve KERR, witn: Miss E. YOUNG of 141 Pine St. Sault Ste Marie & Roy McCAULEY of 173 March St. both of Sault Ste Marie on Dec. 30, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie.

6908-25 Robert Edward John RODGER, 32, chemist, Toronto, same, s/o Robert Henry ROGER (sic) (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth LINCOLN, married Cecelia WALLACE, 25, beauty specialist, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o John WALLACE (b. Scotland) & Mary RILEY, witn: Clara Ella JENKIN of 258 Albert St. West & Gertrude W. FLEMING of 124 John St. both of Sault Ste Marie on Dec. 11, 1925 at Sault Ste Marie

6910-25 Edward Ketcheson ROSE, 36, labourer, Bruce Tp. Huron Co., Thessalon twp., s/o Thomas George ROSE (b. Madoc Tp. Hastings Co) & Eliza Jane McGRATH, married Norma Evelyn McCREIGHT, 19, Thessalon, Thessalon twp., d/o John McCREIGHT (b. Floss Tp. Muskoka) & Anna Hazel JOHNSTON, witn: Robert McCREIGHT & Jane SHEARMAN both of Thessalon on Nov. 25, 1925 at Baptist Parsonage Thessalon

17997-25 Joseph William ROSSINGTON, 22, asst. railway agent, Leeds - England, Emo, s/o Joseph ROSSINGTON, b. Scopwick England & Mary Ellen COATES, married Edna Mae ELLIOTT, 20, drug store clerk, Port Perry, Emo, d/o John Taylor ELLIOTT, b. York Co. & Evaline HIRD, witn: C.W. LACKING & Pearl REID, both of Emo, 2 Feb 1925 at Emo

17996-25 Joseph Delphi ROUSSEAU, 34, lumber mill hand, Slatersville, Rhode Island, Fort Frances, s/o Arsene ROUSSEAU, b. Quebec & Marie TESSIER, married Muriel SCHMIKE, 22, Edmonton Alberta, Sand Point Island - Fort Frances, d/o Nathaniel SCHMIKE, b. Canada & Mary RESSON, witn: N.L. CROOME & George W. BAKER, both of Fort Frances, 7 Jul 1925 at Fort Frances. (RC)

17998-25 Lawrence Raymond ROY, 26, baker, Lac du Flambeau Wisc., Fort Frances, s/o Edmond ROY, b. Sinclair - Dorchester Co. Que. & Eva MOORE, married Evelyn DAW, 19, Big Fork, Fort Frances, d/o James DAW, b. Perth & Bertha LENNOX, witn: Edward ROY & Eva ROY, both of Fort Frances, 7 Feb 1925 at Fort Frances

18000-25 Henry SMITH, 23, chemist, Fournier, Fort Frances, s/o John Henry SMITH & Sarah Agnes ALLEN, married Edytha Jessica Emma LEARMOUTH, 19, East Angus Que., Fort Frances, d/o William John LEARMOUTH & Edythe Margaret BEATTIE, witn: Edythe LEARMOUTH of Fort Frances & Albert B. GREGG of International Falls Minn., 23 Sep 1925 at Fort Frances

18001-25 Julius SOCHASKIS, 22, labourer, Melancton Man., Fort Frances, s/o Nickolas SOCHASKIS & Anolde STOJUK, married Mary DOLYNY, 17, waitress, Austria, Fort Frances, d/o Michael DOLYNY & Jessie HNATIUK, witn: John PIDHOYECKI & Mary KLYMKA, both of Fort Frances, 25 Nov 1925 at Fort Frances. (RC)

18007-25 Joseph Louis Alfred TETREAULT, 34, farmer, Worcester Mass., Sutherland, s/o Napoleon Tetreault & Deline MOFFATT, married Marie Antoinette Eliza MEUNIER, 19, Argyle Minn, Rainy River, d/o Louis MEUNIER & Rosa PROTEAU, witn: Louis MEUNIER of Rainy River & Napoleon TETREAULT of Pinewood, 5 Aug 1925 at Rainy River. (RC)

18004-25 Oscar TIISTOLA, 30, lumber sorter, Finland, Fort Frances, s/o David TIISTOLA, b. Finland & Carolina, married Aina LEHTONEN, 22, chambermaid, Finland, Fort Frances, d/o Isaac LEHTONEN, b. Finland & Fannie TOIVNEN, witn: Albert INOMINEN & Lydia TYOMINEN, both of Fort Frances, 21 Jun 1925 at Fort Frances

18002-25 Russell Edward TOMPKINS, 21, clerk, Emo, same, s/o Edward TOMPKINS, b. Ontario & Sarah REDFORD, married Mona Evelyn DRAPER, 19, Keswick, Emo, foster d/o William DRAPER, b. Ontario & Mrs. William DRAPER, witn: Charles F. TAMAN & Nellie LONEY, both of Emo, 30 Dec 1925 at Emo.

18005-25 Wazil TORASTSKI, 30, labourer, Yurkovitz Ukraine, Rainy River, s/o Darofte TORASTSKI & Catharina SCAKOOM, married Eudonia LYSAK, 20, Smiatyn Poland, Rainy River, d/o Demetrius LYSAK & Catharina MICHAJTECKA, witn: H. SAWCHUK & W. POPOURCH?, both of Rainy River, 23 May 1925 at Rainy River. (Greek RC)

18003-25 John Joseph TORSETH (Forseth?), 49, widower, master mechanic, Norway, Fort Frances, s/o Thomas TORSETH, b. Norway & Randie OLSON, married Jane Rebecca DOUCETTE, 52 (b. 20 Dec 1872), widow, housekeeper, Necedah Wisc., Fort Frances, d/o James YOUNG, b. Lancaster & Mary WILLS, witn: Arthur TORSETH of Fort Frances & Leone LYNEL of International Falls - Minn., 23 Sep 1925 at Fort Frances. (RC)

18006-25 Frank TRISKLE, 23, labourer, North Dakota, Spohn, s/o Joseph TRISKLE & Annie SAUNDERS, married Mary O'CONNOR, 23, Kenora, Spohn, d/o Patrick O'CONNOR & Sarah MCPHERSON, witn: Luke O'CONNOR & Patrick O'CONNOR, both of Spohn, 2 Sep 1925 at Spohn. (RC)

18011-25 Lewis WILD, 40, farmer, Sowerby Yorkshire, La Vallee, s/o Greenwood WILD, b. Sowerby England & Elizabeth Ellen CLAGG, married Jeanne Montague EVANS, 42, widow, housekeeper, South Shields England, La Vallee, d/o William THOMPSON, b. Scotland & Jane Montague RAMSAY, witn: Grace P. MALTBY of Fort Frances & Mabelle EVANS of Winnipeg, 2 Mar 1925 at Fort Frances

18010-25 Harvey WILSON, 22, barber, Fort William, Port Arthur, s/o Albert WILSON, b. Mount Albert & Elizabeth YORK, married Ethel Lila WILDERSPIN, 17, Cooper Mich., Quetico, d/o John Edward WILDERSPIN, b. Amherstburg & Pearl GRIFFITHS, witn: Helen LARSEN & Franz LARSEN, both of Ranier Minn., 2 Jun 1925 at Emo. Divorced 1933-03-20

18008-25 Nathan William WOOD, 24, motor mechanic, Plebona Ont (Plevna?), Fort Frances, s/o George Elmer WOOD, b. Rockport & Sarah Eliza SELMAN, married Amy Edith Orlesta BARNEWELL, 17, Montreal, Fort Frances, d/o Percy Fossy BARNEWELL, b. Millbrook & Maria Orletta PITCHER, witn: Louise JUSTICE & Jessie HENRY, both of Fort Frances, 20 Nov 1925 at Fort Frances.

18009-25 Hiram WRIGHT, 32, physician, Cobden, Fort Frances, s/o William WRIGHT & Mary SYKES, married Christena Normanda ROSS, 29, nurse, Ripley, Devlin, d/o Donald ROSS & Catherine MCLEOD, witn: Eric WESTERN & Mrs. E. WESTERN, both of Port Arthur, 14 Oct 1925 at Devlin

18013-25 Mirion YATCHESEN, 30, machinist, Ukrainia Austria, Winnipeg, s/o Wazil YATCHESEN & Maria RAPTIUK, married Epiphania PODSCALNY, 18, Rainy River, same, d/o Demetro PODSCALNY & Michalena HARAPLIUK, witn: M.P. ZUBUCKI & T.A. YACIPHURE, both of Winnipeg, 31 Oct 1925 at Rainy River. (Greek RC) 18012-25 Nick ZAHARA, 20, railroad section hand, Austria, Mine Centre, s/o Harry ZAHARA, b. Austria & Sarah MYCHUNCHUK, married Edna JACYSHYN, 17, maid, Gardenton Man., Mine Centre, d/o Thomas JACYSHYN, b. Austria & Katherine CHEGYNSTRI, witn: John LOW & Gertrude SHUMLY, both of Mine Centre, 4 Feb 1925 at Fort Frances. (Greek RC) Divorced 1949-09-21