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Miscellaneous - Marriages, Births, Deaths, Notices, all Without a Home Yet


The following marriage record was obtained at Anglican Archives some years ago: as follows
October 18th 1867
by Licence
William THOMPSON of the Township of King, Bachelor to
Sarah Ann HOGAN, of the same Township, Spinster
by me Septimus Ramsay M.A. Incumbent of St Pauls' Newmarket
Witness: John Dairson

Parish records,

Year of Marriage - 1903

(District of Manitoulin) SMYTH, Seryal Melroy, 27, Farmer of Robinson Township, b. Haldimand Twp., s/o Henry & Mary (SHERK) SMYTH, married Winnifred KENT, 22, of Robinson Township, b. Haldimand Twp., d/o Charles and Clarissa (SHERK) KENT. Witnesses: B. Joseph SMYTH, Robinson Twp., Mabel HARTLEY, Campbell Twp. Married at Gore Bay, Ontario, 24 March 1903.
(Unable to read the name of the minister-cut off)

Year of Marriage - 1905

(District of Manitoulin) MC KEEN, William Harvey, 23, Farmer of Robinson Twp., b. Haldimand Twp. s/o John McKeen & Elys ??(Eliza) Jane Kenner, married SMYTH, Beatrice Ethel, 24, of Silver Water, Fernlee, b. Fernlee, d/o Henry and Mary (SHERK) SMYTH. Witnesses: J.D.? MC ARTHUR, Fernlee, Dollie SMYTH, Fernlee. Married at Gore Bay Manse, 15 August 1905, by J. D. BYRNES

Year of Marriage - 1906

(District of Manitoulin) SMYTH, Joseph, 28, Farmer of Campbell Twp. Manitoulin Island. b. Walpole Twp. Ont. s/o Henry & Mary (SHERK) SMYTH, married DEARING, Mary E., 19, of Allan Twp, Manitoulin Is. Ont., b. Allan Twp. d/o Edward & Esther Jane (LAUNDRY- should read LONDRY) DEARING. Witnesses: Mr. William DEARING, Ice Lake, Lauretta SMYTH, Fernlee.
Married at Allan Twp., District of Manitoulin 24 October 1906 by J.A. -? looks like Morrow.

Transcription of original wedding invitation/announcement pasted
in the photo album / memory book of Anna Elizabeth Coleman Mullinnex;
album donated 2004 to Heritage Room, Library, Union College,
3800 S. 48th St., Lincoln, NE 68405.

[Katie Coleman was Anna Elizabeth Coleman's sister]

The pleasure of your presence is requested at
the marriage of
Miss Katie Coleman
Mr. W.E. Hancock
to take place at the residence of Elder and Mrs.
A.O. Burrill, Galt, Ontario, on New
Year's day, January the first,
nineteen hundred and seven at
eight o'clock p. m.

Lorne Park, Ont.

WHITE Mabel-Ruth married McCOMBS Thomas on April 1st 1915 at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Cornwall, Stormont County, Ontario, Canada.

WOOD, Randall, 26, Havelock, same, s/o Thomas WOOD & Mae HUBBLE, married Della Mae HADDEN, 27, Georgina Twp., Havelock, d/o William HADDEN & Merretta [Laura Maretta] ARNOLD, wit: Edna RYE, Angus HADDEN, 1 Sept. 1936, Georgina Twp.

These are from the original register of St. Stephen's Anglican Church in Maple, Home District, Ontario. The minister was Rev. V.F. Mayerhoffer.

(York Co.) AD. 1848 Nov. 7 by Licence through the Rev. V. P. Mayerhoffer
married Thomas Wreghitt of the Township of Vaughan, bachelor with
Elizabeth Wedgewood of the same place in the presence of witnesses Henry Witmor and Anna Baxter,

(York Co.) AD. 1847 Nov. 30 by Licence through the Rev. V. Prosper (?) Mayerhoffer, married Thomas Cook of the Township of Vaughan, Home District, Canada: Thomas Cook, bachelor to Mary Cooper, widow of William Cooper of the same place place in the presence of witnesses William Snowdon and Margareth Cook,

(York Co.) AD. 1848 Oct. 11 by Licence through the Rev. V. P. Mayerhoffer married William Solomon of Thornhill, bachelor, to Mary Lee of the same place, spinster in the presence of witnesses Fannie Lee, Norah Lee and Richard Lee,

Other Mayerhoff marriages [source?]:

A.D. 1841 August 17, after three publications of banns by the Rev. V. Philip Mayerhoffer, married James Schmidt [should read Smyth] to Margareth Breuls, both of the township of Markham in the presence of James Baxter and Hana his wife. Signed : James Baxter Hana his wife

A.D. 1841 July 26 after the usual publication of Banns by the Rev. V. Philip Mayerhoffer, married Nathanial Wood and Elizabeth Jameson both from Whitchurch township in the presence of Thomas Schmidt (Smyth) and Margareth Breuls & Abraham Breuls.



Diocese of Niagara 13 August 1910

William Handcock of the City of Guelph and Louisa Smith of the City of Guelph at St Georges Church.

Notices from The Canadian News, London England

not all of these are from Ontario

Canadaian News can be accessed through Paper of Record at:


The Canadian News, London England, Wed., Jan 6, 1858

On 7th Dec, at Montreal, Mr. W. POWELL, professor of Music, to Elizabeth Ann, only d/o Mr. John ROBB

On the 1st of Dec, at Chatham, Mr. John BENNETT to Miss Christiana McARTHUR [Chatham L.C.?]


The Canadian News, London England, Wed., Mar. 31, 1858

On the 1st of March, at Parrsborough, Mr. Jacob McLELLAN to Henrietta Charlotte, eldest d/o William N. THEAL, Esq. M.D.

Died – on the 19th Feb, at Salisbury, the Rev Joseph CRANDALL, age 87 years


The Canadian News, London England, Wed., April 27, 1859

On the 29th of March, Newmarket, Robert SIMPSON, Esq., late of Elgin Scotland to Miss Mary Ann BOTSFORD.

25th Feb at Orillia, Mr. Hector LAW, late of Edinburgh Scotland to Margaret Augusta, 3rd d/o Mr. McMULLINS.

On the 8th of March, at Rockwood, near Kingston, Dunbar BROWNE B.A. B.C.L. of Montreal, to Marie Louisa, d/o J.P. LITCHFIELD Esq. M.D.

On 16th March at Toronto, Mr, James WORTHINGTON to Caroline Frances, 2nd d/o John HITCHCOCK, Esq. of Bollington Suffolk England

On the 22nd of Feb, at Kingston, Mr. Charles CAMERON to Miss Sophia BARRON, both of Lossimouth Morayshire Scotland

On the 6th of April at Toronto, Mr. Alexander MARLING of the Education Office to Julia Sarah, eldest d/o Henry HEWLETT, Esq.


The Canadian News, London England, Wed., Oct 26, 1859

Sept 26th of Flamboro East, Mr. Henry MARSHALL to Miss Liza COMPLES

Sept 26 that the Manse, Mt. Albion, Mr. Robert MULHOLLAND & Miss Julia HICKEY, both of Saltfleet.

Sept 23rd at Hamilton, Mr. Thomas MARSHALL to Miss Olivia REID

Died – Sept 28th at Hamilton, Katherine Forbes, widow of the late W. J. HICKES, Esq. & eldest d/o the late Major General Adam HOGG of the Bombay Army.

Died – Sept 25th of Hamilton, Jane, infant d/o Mr. J. FAULKNOR

Died – Sept 26th, at Hamilton, Thomas, infant s/o Mr. Donald NICHOLSON, aged 3 yrs + 10 months


The Canadian News, London England, Wed., Dec 9, 1859

Nov 4th at Toronto, Mr. James HOLLINRAKE of London England, to Susan Emily, eldest d/o Mr. Thomas MARA

Nov 1st at Toronto, James Scott HOWARD, Esq. to Jane Waddell, eldest d/o the Rev. Dr. LILLIE

Nov 9th, at Yorkville, Mr. William BAILEY to Jane, widow of the late Mr. David MAITLAND

Nov 12th at Toronto, Mr. Donald FRASER of Picton to Annie, 4th d/o Norman GALLARD, Esq

At Toronto, John E. J. eldest s/o John HARRIS, late of the Royal Navy, to Elizabeth, youngest d/o the late Lieutenant Colonel LORING of Her Majestys Service.

Nov 10th at Toronto, Mr. Prince Edward DRAKE of Oswego NY to Sarah Catherine, 2nd d/o Alfred WILSON, Esq. of Bell Ewart C.W.

Died – Nov 16th at Toronto, John HAYES, age 35 yrs

Died – Nov 3rd at Port Hope, Mr. William BARRETT, late of North Hill, Cornwall England

Died – Nov 18th at Perth, Edward Langley HAYDEN, Esq., of Sorel C. E., age 72

Died – Nov 10th at Yorkville, 2nd s/o William BROMELL, Esq.


The Canadian News, London England, Dec 19, 1860

On Nov 11th at St. Stephen, Mr. James P. BIXBY to Charlotte E. W., eldest d/o the late George E. FRINK, Esq. of St. John

Nov 14th at St. John, Mr. William P. PAINE of Eastport Maine, to Fanny Hayden, eldest d/o John ANSLEY, Esq

Nov 17 at St. John, F. W. WHITNEY, Esq of Demerara to Emma Eloise, 4th d/o George W. CLEARY, Esq.


The Canadian News, London England, Thurs., Feb 27, 1862

Jan 22nd at St. Catharines, Mr. John T. McCOMES to Mary M., 2nd d/o Mr. John McDONALD

Jan 2nd, Mr, William FOWLER Jr. to Jessie, 2nd d/o Mr. Archibald LILLICO

Jan 24th at Woodstock, Mr. George MITCHELL of Paris to Miss Ann STEWART of Woodstock

Jan 10th at London, Mr. John CLIFFORD to Miss Elizabeth KERMED


The Canadian News, London England, Thurs., June 26, 1862

May 27th at Toronto, William Winslow OGDEN, M.B., to Miss Elizabeth Price McKOWN

May 27th at London, Mr. James FORTUNE to Miss Olive J. BRUYCE

May 23rd, at Hamilton, David McKINNON, Esq., to Maria, d/o Mr. James KIRKPATRICK

May 29th, at Toronto, Mr. Robert P. THOMAS to Mary Elizabeth, d/o Mr. Henry LEWIS

June 3rd, at Ancaster, Eyne THURESSON, Esq., to Catherine Maria, d/o Jacob GABLE

June 3rd at Galt, Mr. Angus POLSON, to Jane, d/o the late Dr. ROSS of Lockbroom Scotland

June 3rd at Toronto, J. Wedgewood BOULBY Esq. LLB, to Marion Christena, d/o Joseph ROGERS, Esq

Died – May 23rd, Brockville, Eliza Jessop, w/o Mr. Ormon JONES, age 47

Died – May 27th at Sandwich, Mr. Thomas HEMMINGS, age 74

Died – May 27th at Guelph, Mr. James HOUGH, Sr., formerly of Beeston, Nottinghamshire England, age 87

Died – May 28th at Toronto, Frances Sophia, only d/o Mr. Dalyrymple CRAWFORD, age 20

Died – May 29th at Port Dalhousie, Miss Jane WILSON, age 64


Notices from The Chatham Weekly Planet, 24 July 1895


Blenheim - Mr. E. G. THOMPSON was taken ill yesterday and was unable to accompany the lacrosse boys to Windsor today, His absence will greatly weaken the Kents but we expect a victory just the same

Dresden - Miss Blanche HUFF is in Chatham spending a month with her aunt

Dresden - Messers H. M. CARSCALLEN and H. LEE drove to Oil Springs yesterday on binder business

Dresden - N. LOUCKS has the contract of painting the Presbyterian church

Dresden - Ernest JOHNSON left yesterday for Marine City to look for work

Wallaceburg - Miss Jeanie ANDERSON who has been employed in a well known New York hospital is home on her vacation

Tilbury - July 18 - Miss Hattie KELLY left yesterday on a visit to her former home in Peterboro

Tilbury - Richard HUDON leaves for St. Thomas to act as advance agent for Coming & Burke's Uncle Tom's Cabin Co. The former agent is reported to have skipped after billing Tilbury

Tilbury - Detective CAMPAU of Windsor is investigating the cattle poisoning case in this district

Tilbury - Worked is being pushed rapidly forward on the new residence of George McLAUGHLIN

Tilbury - Miss BROPHY of London is visiting her sister here, Mrs. J. W. LAIRD

Duart - Miss May ALLEN left Saturday for a two months visit with relatives in Bowmanville

Duart - Mrs. P. N. DAVEY and children and Mr. R. S. LENGE are visiting friends in Alviston

Duart - Dugald SINCLAIR is improving rapidly

Duart - Mrs. W. M. KAY and children have returned from a short visit with Detroit friends

Duart - Mr. Herbert McKELLAR, Chatham, was the guest of Mr. Duncan WALKER

Duart - All are sorry to hear of the illness of Miss Sarah McLAREN

Duart - Information has been laid before Mr. H. WATSON, Clearville, against Mr. H. KOEHLER, hotel keeper, Duart, for selling liquor after hours Saturday night

Duart - Mrs. J. COATES has been spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. T. NEWCOMB

Duart - Miss Jennie FORD still continues low

Duart - The Misses SERSON, Guilds, are the guests of Miss Laura DAVIDSON

Duart - Mr. and Mrs. C. W. PRAY and Miss Alma PRAY of Linston are the guests of Mrs. A. R. McDONALD this week

Duart - Mrs. KENNY arrived Tuesday on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. W. KAY. Miss Mamie KAY who has been with Mrs. BENNY for some time past, came with her

Wheatley - Mr. Fred JONES' new residence is nearly completed

Wheatley - D. GILLEN is having a residence built for himself

Wheatley - Mrs. BARNHARDT and grandson have returned from their trip

Wheatley - Much sympathy is felt for the bereaved MAXWELL family, who mourn the loss of the youngest brother. While on a trip to Michigan with his mother he was stricken with intermittent fever. His remains arrived here on the 15th inst. Rev. Mrs. PROSSER of Ridgetown preached the funeral sermon yesterday

Wheatley - The reception in honour of Rev. Mr. MORRISON and wife was held on Dr. WRIGHT's lawn last evening. It was voted a success. The band played "Black Hills" and "Frankie"

Bethel - Last Sunday a runaway accident which might have been more serious, occurred in front of Mr. Arthur PATTERSON's residence. Mr. Peter CAMPBELL's horse broke loose from the tie-post and ran down the second concession. Mr. CAMPBELL, in missing the horse, immediately started on a hunt for it, going to Mr. PURSER's; but not finding it at its familiar place, he returned home where he found it at his barn. Considerable damage was done to the rig

Thamesville - Mr. Barney FEATHERSON raised a new barn on Wednesday

Thamesville - Mr. William BUCHANAN has returned home from a trip to the Old Country

Thamesville - Mrs. George STOREY is here from Muskoka visiting friends

Mr. ALLIN, a hardware merchant at Essex, while on his wheel about six miles from home ran into the wheel of a milk wagon, breaking his collar bone and cutting his head badly. He is now doing well.

At the Brantford GTR shops on Monday morning, Edwin GILLETT had his hand caught in the [illegible word] wheels of a powerful press machine. His right arm was completely rushed and the left severely injured. He is otherwise badly bruised, but will recover

The claim of Captain LAMOTHE of Alton Illinois, to the site of the City of London Ont., which he says was leased in 1798 by an ancestor, only excites ridicule there. There is no such lease as he speaks of in the local archives. The first one on record dates back only to 1820.

At London Ont., ex-policeman John WOODWAY was awakened early Sunday morning by someone prowling around his house. He got up and went softly downstairs and captured a burglar in the act of ransacking his premises. The burglar who gave his name as John POWERS, was lodged in jail

North Chatham News - Miss Edie & Master James PRITCHARD, Bedford St, have gone on a visit to their grandmother, Mrs. MARSHALL, Flint Michigan

North Chatham News - Mrs. G. McINTYRE of Dear[?] St. is spending a week for the benefit of her health with her grandmother, Mrs. John DICKSON, Selkirk St.

North Chatham News - Mr. Robert BROWN, who a week ago injured his hand at the Wagon Works by running a piece of steel into one of his fingers, is doing very nicely

North Chatham News - W. E. SPASHETT, Harry, Claud and Will YOUNG and Bert SMITH are camping at Erieau, the people's favorite summer resort

Toronto Telegram, Wed. Sept 4, 1963, pg 37 (death notices)


BUCKINGHAM, Ernest - At South Peel Memorial Hospital Cooksville on Mon Sept 2, 1963, Ernest Buckingham, late of 92 22nd St. New Toronto, early beloved husband of the late Jessie Newington and loving father of Fred & Harry of Cooksville, George of Oshawa, Muriel (Mrs. G. Van Der Ekin) of Hanover, James and Mark of Long Branch, Frank of Port Credit and Robert of Toronto. Resting at the Ridley Funeral Home Ltd., 3080 Lake shore Blvd West New Toronto. Service in the chapel, Thursday at 3 p.m. Interment Sanctuary park cemetery.

CHARLTON, Eliza Jane (Lila) - Suddenly at the Toronto East General Hospital on Sat. Aug 31, 1963. Eliza Jane Whiteside, late of 159 Hampton Ave., beloved wife of the late Albert Joseph Charlton; dear mother of Eleanor (Mrs. N. H. Richardson), Norman D., William A., and Roy Charlton. Sister of Margaret (Mrs. E. Clark) Resting at the Ralph Day Funeral Home, 180 Danforth Ave. Private service in the chapel Wednesday morning 1 o'clock. Interment Pine Hills cemetery.

CLIFF, Walter - At the Toronto East General Hospital., Tues Sept 3, 1963, Walter Cliff, of South Porcupine Ont., beloved husband of Jennie R. Fownes, dear father of Marilyn, brother of Mrs. J. Sharp (Hilda) England. Resting at the "St. Clair Chapel" of McDougall & Brown Ltd., 646 St. Clair Ave. West. Service in the chapel 11 a.m. Friday. Interment Prospect cemetery

CROWTHER, Amy - on Thursday Sept 3., 1963 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Amy McCallum (formerly of Cobourg), beloved wife of James A. Crowther, 2655 Bloor St. West. Resting at the York Chapel of Turner & Porter 2357 Bloor St. West. Funeral service 11 o'clock Thursday morning. Interment Park Lawn cemetery

DENTON, Arthur A. - On Tuesday Sept 3, 1963 at Toronto Western Hospital, Arthur A. Denton of 29 Highgate Rd., beloved husband of Margaret Denton, loved father of Douglas, Donald, Maureen, Marcia and Brenda Denton and the late Mrs. Della Roy. Resting at the York Chapel of Turner & Porter, 2357 Bloor St. West. Funeral service 1 o'clock Friday afternoon. Interment Prospect cemetery.

DICKINSON, Mary Jane - At her home, 3167 Centre Rd. North, Cooksville, on Tuesday Sept. 3, 1963, Mary J. Delve, beloved wife of the late John Dickinson, and dear mother of Marjorie (Mrs. Fred Watterhouse) of Caledon, Edward of Cooksville and the late Jack. Mrs. Dickinson is resting at the funeral home of Skinner & Middlebrook Ltd. 128 Lake Shore Rd. East, Port Credit. Service in chapel Friday at 1:30 [rest not on photocopy]

HOLMAN, Annie Sewell - At her home, 53 Lawler Ave., on Tuesday Sept 3 1963, Annie Sewell Sutton, beloved wife of Thomas Holman, loving mother of Mrs. P. Ramsay, Mrs. G. Wilson, Mr. G. W. Holman, Mr. J. H. Holman, Mr. G.A. Holman, of Toronto. Sister of Mr. John Sutton of Hamilton, Mrs. Effie Leonard of Detroit Mr. Gerald and Mr. Howard Sutton of Toronto. Resting at the Sherrin Funeral Home, 873 Kingston Rd. (at Beech Ave). Service in the chapel on Thursday at 2 p.m. Interment Pine Hills cemetery

HUNT, Fergus - Suddenly on Monday Sept 2, 1963 at his residence, 294 Westmoreland Ave., Fergus Hunt, beloved husband of Ann, in his 87th year, dear father of Fergus of Gamebridge, and Fred and Henry of Toronto; also survived by seven grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Resting at the Earle Elliott Funeral Home 715 Dovercourt Rd., just south of Bloor. Service in the chapel Thursday 10 a.m. Interment Prospect cemetery

HUNTON, Thomas Frederick - At his home in Huntsville on Tuesday Sept 3, 1963, Thomas Frederick Hunton, beloved husband of Jean McNish, in his 65th year. Mr. Hunton is resting at the Addison Funeral Home in Huntsville. Service in Trinity United Church on Thursday Sept 5 at 2 p.m. Interment Huntsville under the auspices of the Cdn Legion. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Canadian Cancer Society would be appreciated.


Notices in the Canadian Baptist newspaper, 10 Feb 1876

Ontaro Archives, container 19-1 (not on microfilm)


At the residence of the bride's father, on 2nd inst. by Rev Thomas HENDERSON, Mr. Edgar MUMA & Rosetta Maria, d/o C. H. WILBER, all of South Dumfries

At the residence of H. H. Stovel, Esq., Jan 24 1876, by Pastor S. Cunningham, Mrs. John HARRIS of Hamilton & Miss Mary Ann MARSHALL of Arthur twp.

On 3rd Feb at the residence of the bride's father, Toronto, by Rev. J. H. Castle D.D., George H. SMITH of Toronto to Henrietta C., eldest d/o J. L. SKIRROW.

by Rev. W. HAVILAND, at the residence of the Bride's father, in the village of Drumbo, on the 27th ult., Mr. Osbert HICKS to Miss Ann Eliza CRANDALL, both of Drumbo

On the 2nd inst., at residence of the bride's father, by Rev. R. ROSS of Glammis, Abraham ATKINSON of Glammis to Miss Mary McFADYEN, eldest daughter of Hugh McFADYEN of Kincardine twp

On the 19th ult, at the parsonage, New Sarum, by Rev. C. HAYCOCK, Mr. William DEO of Yarmouth to Miss Sarah CHARLTON of South Dorchester.

DIED - On Feb 2, Jessie Alice, infant daughter of Edmund BELL, age 6 months + 22 days. Funeral took place from the father's residence, 420 Sherbourne St. [Toronto?]


Toronto Star, Tuesday January 7, 1930, page 2

A charge of reckless driving against Alfred Beattie of Alliston was withdrawn. Benjamin Axler, the complainant, alleged that Beattie has smashed into his parked car despite the warning of a flashlight to warn him away.

John D. Sanders and J. Wade, jointly charged with reckless driving were remanded until January 23... the charge is the sequel to an accident on Yonge St. near Langstaff last night, which resulted in the death of Joseph H. Heebner. Wade's car is alleged to have knocked Heebner into the path of Sanders' machine. ...

John Fotherby, 20, alleged to have struck down Billy Hawker, aged eight [with truck]... charges withdrawn

Hamilton Denyes, 24, pleaded guilty to entering a Swansea home and stealing a camera, a small sum of money, a toy cash register and several other articles. "I was intoxicated at the time" declared Denyes... [paraphrasing: Denyes had three prior convictions for which he had done 25 months]...

Hamilton Jan.7 - A thief stole from the store of Arthur Greland, 303 Ottawa St., a cash register containing only $2.60, two large knives, a cleaver, and a half box of kippered herrings.

Hamilton Jan. 7 - While working at the Steel Company of Canada plant to-day James Freeland, 42, dropped dead

Magistrate Browne asked Sam Hoag why he begged for money when he had money in his possession, but when his worship learned that Hoag was a floor polisher and needed cash to buy polish, he let him get on with the great work of brightening up the dull places in the world

Several scrap batteries, stored in a garage by S. Goodman, Palmerston Ave. were stolen by three youths, Frank Denins, Joseph De Frederico and James Marco, and sold to secondhand dealers....

Employed by the Rogers Radio Corporation, four well-dressed young men, Edward Smith, Ruben Cook, Robert Davies and Robert Findlay forgot their obligations and stole radio parts... probation for two years

In a friend's car, Albert Cunningham "hit the high spots" on College St. He had no license to drive and was doing so well that the police caught him on the rebound, after colliding with another car. Subsequently Cunningham was arrested on charges of stealing the car which belonged to Charles Sutcliffe, and reckless driving. The charge of theft was withdrawn. Now Cunningham must spend seven days in jail and pay a fine of $20 and costs.

Charged with stealing $117 belonging to the Parisian Laundry Company Ltd., Gordon Ellerby was remanded on bail of $500 until the 10th

...John Elliott... and Robert Mirey broke into the premises of the National Carbon Company, Davenport Rd., and stole radio parts, cabinet etc..... The fates were not so kind to Barney O'Byrne, the second hand dealer who purchased stolen radio parts, from Mirrey, giving him but a fragment of their value. In one instance, he paid Mirrey $15 for goods valued at $142.. O'Byrne was sent down for three months

.. a colored lady who accused Zeke Johnston, also colored, of doing malicious injury to her property on Simcoe St. .....

Toronto police have been asked to try to locate Robert Guest who was in Toronto in 1927 in hospital. His brother, Daniel Guest, St. John NB has written to detective headquarters.


Death Notices from the Berlin Chronicle

taken from The Ontario Register, vol 2 no. 2, 1969

edited & published by Thomas B. Wilson, Madison NJ

(partial listing only)


Wed., Jan. 30 - On Friday last, Mt. Peter BRICKER of Woolwich, farmer, age 63

March 19 - On the 14th inst., James, infant s/o David CHALMERS, merchant, St. Jacobs

March 26 - At Woolwich, on the 21st inst., Mr. Joseph C. MARTIN, about 44 years

April 2 - At Berlin on the 29th ult., Christian ENSLIN, Treasurer of Waterloo Co., age 56, He was a native of Wuertemberg Germany, and came to Canada about 1834. He was for ten years the editor of the German Canadian.

Wed. April 16 - At Berlin, on Wed morning, Agness, eldest d/o Mr. James BUTCHART, of the Queens Arms Hotel, aged 12 years & 8 months

Wed. April 16 - At West Woolwich on the 7th inst., the w/o George HAHN, age 24

April 23 - On April 15th, at the res of Mr. J. F. METZGER, Elmira, Mrs. Charles CILIAX age 28 years

May 7 - On April 29th, at Waterloo village, William REBSCHER, about 38 years

May 21 - At Mount Albion on the 16th inst., Mr. William ROBB, late merchant at New Aberdeen

July 23 - At West Woolwich on the 21st inst., the w/o Mr. Isaac MUSSELMAN, age about 22 years

Aug 27 - In Blenheim on the 24th inst., Isaac SHOEMAKER, s/o Jacob S. SHOEMAKER, age 21 years & 7 months

Sept 3 - At Mosa Station, Great Western Railway, on the 30th ult., Jane PAXTON, s/o Alexander MACKIE, station master, in the 36th year of her life

Oct 1 - At Berlin on 26th Sept., Miss Henrietta HARBIN, s/o the late Rev. John HARBIN, age 22 years & 5 months

Wed., Nov 12 - Mr. Colin FERRIE of Hamilton at his residence on Sunday. Head of C.J. Ferrie & Son, President Gore Bank, first mayor of Hamilton. He was the eldest s/o Hon. Adam FERRIE and brother or Robert FERRIE M.P.P.

Nov. 19 - On the 9th inst., near Berlin, Mr. Christian SHANTZ, about 77 years


Jan 7 - At Berlin on 27 Dec last, the w/o Mr. James BUTCHART of the Queens Arms Hotel

Jan 7 - In Waterloo on 27 Dec last, Mary Elizabeth, d/o Mr. Adam RUBY, age 20 years, 3 months & 27 days

Jan 7 - At Berlin on 1st inst., Mary Ruth, d/o Elder BAMFORD, age 23 years & 7 months

Jan 21 - At Waterloo village on 18th inst., Mr. John L. NAHRGANG, tavern keeper, about 29 years

Feb 4 - On the 2nd, the infant s/o Mr. William YOUNG, grocer of Berlin

March 4 - At Hamilton on the 28th ult., Rachel CAMPBELL, w/o Dr. BOWN of Brantford and youngest d/o Hon. Adam FERRIE, age 33 yrs

March 11 - At the res of his father in Preston on 9th inst., Urias KAUFFMAN of the firm Moses Springer & Co. of Waterloo village, about 20 years

April 8 - on the 30th ult., George SUNLEY, Mayor of Guelph, age 42 years. His father, a native of the North Riding of Yorkshire, brought his family to Canada in 1831, and he died in Eramosa. George, the third son, was born in 1815. He leaves a widow and six children, the eldest of which is 17 years of age

April 15 - At Stratford on the 10th inst., Mrs. Mary Ann Chapma CAMPBELL, relict of the late Daniel CAMPBELL of Dundas, age 45 years

April 22 - In Galt on the 18th inst., Mrs. Ann MULHERON, relict of Thomas MULHERON of Glasgow Scotland, age 63

April 29 - On the 9th inst., at her residence, Elizabeth, w/o Rev. John DAVIDSON, Presbyterian minister of Richmond New Brunswick, and sister of A.D. MOODIE, agent of the G.T.R. Berlin

July 1 - At Waterloo village on the 28th inst., Joseph LATSCHAR, about 23 years

Wed. July 22 - On Monday morning at the Queens Arms Hotel, Galt, Henry BUNCOMBE, native of England

July 29 - On the 23rd inst., at "The Poplars" near Guelph, John HARLAND, Secretary of the Wellington Co. Agricultural Society.

Aug 12 - At Berlin on the 5th inst., Mary Ann, d/o G.M. DEBUS, age 10 months & 25 days

Aug 19 - At Berlin on the 18th inst., Mary Victoria, 2nd d/o John A. MACKIE, merchant, age 2 yrs & 3 months

Aug 26 - At Berlin on the 21st inst., John, s/o William DAVIDSON, age 11 months

Aug 26 - At Berlin on 22nd inst., William, s/o the late Dr. SCOTT, about 1 year

Sept 2 - At Berlin on 27th ult, Clara, d/o Abram TYSON, age 1 year, 9 months & 25 days

Sept 9 - On the 2nd inst., Albert, youngest s/o Henry BOEDECKER of Berlin

Sept 9 - Ont the 7th inst., Henry, s/o Henry BOEDECKER of Berlin, age 4 years & 8 months

Sept 23 - At Berlin on the 19th inst., George Avey, s/o Dr. WHITING, age 15 months

Sept 23 - At Berlin on the 19th inst., Elizabeth, d/o Henry NAHRGANG, age 1 year, 6 months & 26 days

Sept 23 - At Berlin on the 21st inst., Magdalena, s/o Jacob HOFFMAN, about 4 years

Sept 23 - At Berlin on the 23rd inst., Charles DETMAN, about 30 years

Sept 30 - In Waterloo twp., on the 26th inst., Henry KRAFT, about 70 years

Sept 30 - At Waterloo village, on the 26th inst., Caroline, w/o John HOFFMAN, about 45 years

Nov 19 - At St. Jacobs on the 7th inst., Mr. Tobias YOST, merchant, about 50 years

Nov 19 - At Berlin, on the 9th inst., Samuel, s/o Mr. Leopold HOFFMAN, about 2 years

Nov 26 - At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Menno SNYDER, Waterloo village, on the 23rd inst., Mrs. KALBFLEISCH age 66 years

Nov 26 - At Guelph on Nov 15th, Mr. George HORWOOD of Horwood's Hotel, late of Toronto



Toronto Herald, April 4, 1844

Ontario Archives microfilm NS51, reel 1

proprietor: G.A. Barber, corner of New & Newgate Streets


Monument to the Memory of the late Robert Weir, editor and proprietor of the "Montreal Herald"

advert. for Hare & Co’s patent floor cloth

The subscriber, Agent for Hare & Co., Bristol England, will take orders for any size without seam, to come out by Spring ships, A great variety of patterns on hand, Thomas D. Harris, Ironmonger, 4 St. James Buildings, Toronto

advert for H. & W. Rowsell, stationers, booksellers and printers, 163 King Street

advert for Mr. Beaumont, Professor of surgery in University of Kings College, fellow of the Royal Medical and Chirsurgical Society of London.... has removed to Bay St., near Front St.

Notice - the subscriber continues to transact business as a General Agent and Commission Merchant and will act as a broker in the purchase and sale of Colonial and Foreign produce, of every description and Exchange. Office, St. Helens Street, F.H. Heward, Montreal

Notice - the Deed of Assignment from John Hargrave to Thomas Brunskill, for the benefit of the creditors (who shall become parties thereto within forty days from the date of this advertisement) of the said John Hargrave....

advert for auction of household furniture, by F. C. Capreol, auctioneer, Toronto

advert for auction of groceries & wines, by William Wakefield, auctioneer, Toronto

advert for auction of leather, harnesses, etc, by R. McClure, auctioneer with Miller & Brothers, Picton

advert for auction of sugars, teas, tobacco, by Thomas Clarkson & Co., Toronto


On the 2nd instant, at Beaulieu Toronto twp., the w/o Rev. C. Dade, M.A., of a son

On the 4th instant, in this city, Mrs. R. C. Gwatkin, of a son

On the 23rd ultimo, at Gananoque, the lady of the Hon. John McDonald, of a daughter


On the 18th ultimo, at Woodstock C.W., James Corbett Esq. R.E.D., to Catherine, only d/o the Rev. Newton Bosworth F.R.S.A.

On the 28th ultimo, by the Rev J.C. Taylor, Rector of Peterborough, Charles Portlock Rubidge Esq., eldest s/o Capt. Charles Rubidge R.N., Registrar of the Colborne District, to Sarah Maria Russell, both of Otonabee, in the said District

On the 20th March, at Gosfield, Mr. Samuel Henry Harris, late of St. Thomas C.W., to Sabina Catherine, eldest d/o Predeaux Girty, of the former place


On the 16th Jan last, at Funchal, Madeira, Peter Hera Howard Esq., in the 28th year of his age, after a protracted and severe illness....

On the 30th ultimo at Peterboro, after a short illness, James Gardiner Amour, Esq., barrister-at-law, and eldest s/o the Rev. Samuel Armour, Rector of Cavan, age 28 years

On the 23rd March at Amherstburgh, Western District, at the advanced age of 83, Robert Innis Esq., native of Scotland, but a resident of this Province for upwards of half a century.


Toronto Herald, 16 May 1842

Ontario Archives microfilm NS51, reel 1



At Toronto on the 11th May, Mrs. Thomas G. Ridout, of a daughter

In the City, in the 15th inst., Mrs. G.

On the 7th at South Rade Cottage, the lady of John Counter Esq., Mayor of Kingston, of a son

At Kingston, on the 9th inst, Mrs. Philip Durnford, of a daughter

On the 8th inst., the lady of Rev. Robert J. C. Taylor, rector of Peterborough, of a son

On Friday the 6th May, at St. Johns Barracks, Canada East, the lady of Captain H. S. Browne of the 85th Light Infantry, of a son


In Christ Church, Hamilton, on Wed. the 4th inst., by the Rev. J.G. Geddes, Thomas Waters Esq. of the twp of Woodhouse, to Georgiana, eldest d/o the late Rev. Brooke Bridges Stevens, for many years Chaplain to the Forces of Montreal

On the 24th February, in Cadiz Bay, on board of her Majesty's ship ‘Malabar’, Capt. Sir George Sartories [illegible words], by the Rev. Pascoes Grenfell Hill, chaplain of the ship, William Congreve Cutliffe Brackenbury, third s/o J.M. Brackenbury Esq. Her Majesty's consul at Cadiz for the province of ... [parts illegible] Magdalena Julia, youngest d/o the late Hon. William McGillivray, of St. Antoine House, Montreal

In Brantford on the 4th inst., by the Rev. J.C. Usher, Minister of the Episcopal Church, the Rev. James Mockridge of Toronto, to Eliza, youngest d/o Thomas [??], proprietor of the Brantford Courier

In Fredericksburgh on the Thursday 28th ult., by the Rev. W. S. Harper of Bath, Mr. Avery Brown of Amherst Island to Miss Mary, second d/o of Mr. George Coulson of Fredericksburgh


In this city, on the 13th instant, Lawrence Reynolds, printer, s/o the late Mr. James Reynolds, in the 27th year of his age

At Isle aux Nuix, on Saturday, [illegible], eldest d/o Mr. George Gunn [illegible] age 13 years


 Treasurer’s Account Receipt and Expenditure, Home Dist.

appears in Toronto Herald of Monday, 31 Jan 1842, partial transcription [entries with names only]


Thomas Witlam for work at gaol about well

Thomas Foster, hauling water to gaol

Thomas Knowlton, for sweeping chimnies Goal & Court House

John Kidd, Gaoler, quarter’s salary to 1st Oct

Mr. W.B. Smith, returning officer, Fourth Riding York, election expenses

Dr. Rees, attending an inquest

Dr. King for attending two inquests

Mr. Rankin for a map of the Home Dist. for the Treasurer’s Office

R. Hamilton for two days attendance Boundary Line Commission

Dt. Gwynne, attending an inquest

John Ford, blacksmiths work for gaol

Paul Bishop for six iron beds for gaol

W.B. Jarvis, Sherriff, for taking prisoners to Penitentiary

Mr. Richey, builder, for work at Court House

James Fraser for seven barrels of brine? (lime?) for Gaol

John Stuthers for six mattresses for the Gaol

Mr. Grant, deputy clerk

J.B. Robinson repayment of half expenses of planking the foot path in John Street, order of Session 5th Aug 1838

Louis Bright , Cryer general, half year’s salary

Robert Stevenson for fuel furnished Gaol & Court House

Mr. Masson? for tinsmith’s work at Gaol and Court House

High Constable, William Higgins

Paid the following constables, for service - William Ketchum, Joseph Gibson, Paid James Cooper, Richard Murphy, Jesse Doan, John Earls, Calvin Davis, John Bell,

Paid the following coroners - Mr. Osborne, Mr. Fisher, Mr. A. Smalley & Mr. George Duggan, Mr. Scadding, Mr. W.J.B. Crew, Mr. Walton

Paid for printing, stationary, advertising etc - Mr. H. Roswell, William Coates, Mr. Stanton & Mr. Scobie

audited by J.W. Gamble, Chairman Q.S.

sworn before Thomas Fisher, J.P.

signed off by F.T. Billings, Treasurer H.D. on  30th Dec 1841 at Toronto

from The Cornwall Standard of 25 July 1926

Wert - Empey: Miss Marjorie Blanche Empey, d/o Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Empey of Wales Ont. married Conrad Richard Wert, s/o Mrs. Isabella Wert & the late U. Wert of Crysler on 23rd July at St. Peters church in Osnabruck Centre. Bridesmaid was sister of the bride, Miss Hilda Empey. Groomsman was Bruce MacIntosh of Ottawa, a cousin of the groom. Friends present at the wedding: Mrs. Marjorie Vallance; Mrs. I. Wert; Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Casselman and Master Ramon and baby Norma; Mr. & Mrs. I. Eamon; Mr. & Mrs. Wert & daughter Jessie; Mr. & Mrs. C.B. McDonald of Ottawa and daughters Melba & Jean.

Joncas - Dore: 22 July, Church of The Nativity, Miss Emilda Dore, d/o Mr. Joseph Dore & the late Mrs. Dore, married Mr. Henri Joncas, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Meride Joncas. Mrs. Dalton Rouselle sang Ava Maria; duet sung by Rene Menard & Mrs. Rouselle; Mrs. Augustus Ameil played the organ. The ceremony was largely attended by relatives & friends and the following were from out of town: Mr. Albert Tessier & Mlle. Emma Tessier of Lowville NY; Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Sauve of Richford Vt. and their children Lucien, Irene, Marie-Jeanne, Arthur & Cecile; Mr. & Mrs. Hector Dore, Mr. & Mrs. Emery Trudeau, Mr. William Quesnel, Mr. M. Rheal, and Mr. Oscar Dore, all of St. Alberts.

Ronald Stubbs, age 21, of Kemptville, drowned in the Rideau River last Tuesday night when he ventured beyond his depth. He was with his friend Sam Cullen.

Avonmore news:

- Ladies Guild of St. Marks Anglican church - home cooking sale on Sat afternoon at the rooms of Mrs. R. D. Alguire, Main St.

- Mr. & Mrs. C.M. Wiggins and family - Jack, Phyllis & Helen, of Winnipeg, who have spent the past 2 weeks visiting at the homes of Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Wiggins and Mr. & Mrs. Elgin Lang, left for home by motorcar.

Eastern Ontario News Notes

- Mr. I.E. Pedlow, merchant in Renfrew, retired after 40 years

- A barn owned by Wallace Johnston of Oak Leaf was struck by lightning and burned to the ground

- Albert Keeler, a Brockville boy, picked no fewer than 235 boxes of strawberries in 9 hours

- Owing to continued ill health, Rev. P. Gatley Robinson has resigned the incumbency of the Anglican parish of Augusta

- Irene Marjorie Verdon, 6 yrs old, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Verdon, playing with matches - caught fired & burned herself badly. She died the next day

- Mrs. Bedford Sharpell of Cataraqui - left arm caught in a honey extractor, amputated at Kingston General Hospital

- Cecil Klatt, age 16, left hand badly injured on a saw while at work at Pembroke Shook Mills

- contracts for Perth War Memorial Hospital work: R.T. Parkes for excavation & foundation; Boyd Brothers of Osgoode for concrete blocks & walls; Hugh Gamble painting & glazing; Chaplin & Code for plumbing & heating

- Allan Guerney Woodruff, general manager of E.B. Eddy Match Co., Pembroke, died on Wed. last at his summer home in Chatham NY

- William Sharpies, age 15, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Sharpies of Smith Falls, injured while playing baseball, has died at Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. Hit in head with bat - fractured skull.



from the Erin Advocate

Erin Advocate of 10 Dec 1913

Percy McRoberts was found dead in a London rooming house from an overdose of morphia

James Oatt, a prominent Owen Sound citizen, died very suddenly during the night

James Pierce arrested for begging from farmers around Guelph was found to have $900 in his clothes

Alexander Reaume, of Windsor, pressman on a Detroit newspaper died at his home after thirty hours excruciating pain from tetanus, the result of a slight cut on the thumb three weeks ago.

Thomas Gowdy, a prominent citizen of Guelph, a former alderman and mayor for two years died at the age of nearly 83

H.M. Arnold, manager of the Bank of Montreal at Plum Coulee, Manitoba, was shot dead by a bandit at noon who made off with packages of money estimated at $10,000 and has not been captured.

BLACK - on Monday Dec 9th, at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. J. McGregor, death of R.J. Black, of Belwood, in his 90th year... lifelong resident of Garafraxa, being one of the pioneers of that township... married twice and is survived by his sons John of Fergus and Henry of Galt, and four daughters, Mrs. Hutchinson of Belwood, Mrs. Small of Grand Valley, Mrs. McGregor of Belwood and Miss Young of Toronto.... funeral took place to McKees cemetery in Belwood on Thursday afternoon

auction advertisements by W. Hull auctioneer


Erin Advocate of 1 Nov 1923

Ballinafad news:

service in the Presbyterian church on Sunday conducted by the Rev. Mr. Waddell

The baby of Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Warren of Guelph was buried here Tuesday

Mr. Frank Binnie has bought a nice little driver from Mr. Duncan Scott of the 10th line, Erin

We understand Mr. James Russell of the 5th line Erin has sold his bush to Nicholson & Gett of Burlington for $4000

Alton news:

Mrs. Dick of Brampton, formerly of Alton, and her sister, Mrs. Harper of Toronto, were recent visitors with Mr. & Mrs. E.D. Barber

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Palmer Jr. of Guelph spent the week-end with the former's parents Mr. & Mrs. J. Palmer at the "Palmer House"

Miss Margaret Meek entertained her Sunday School class and their young friends at a Hallowe'en party at her home on Saturday evening, Oct. 27th

Mr. & Mrs. J. Coke and little daughter, and Mrs. Coke's mother, Mrs. Clara Dodds, all of Guelph, spent the week-end with Mrs. E.D. Barber

Mrs. J. Davis and two children, motored from Drayton and spent Saturday with Mrs. Davis' cousins, Mr. & Mrs. E. D. Barber and other friends

Rockside news:

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bernie, Caledon East, were the guests of Mr. & Mrs. T.D. Richmond on Saturday

The Women's Institute will hold their monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. Wigmore on Friday, Nov. 2

Mr. harry Harmsworth was visiting friends here

Mr. & Mrs. Overland of Orangeville visited her sister, Mrs. D. McLaren recently

Mrs. J. C. McArthur and son Bob spent a few days in the city earlier

Mr. Dan McEachern's barn, 6th line west, Caledon, was destroyed by fire midnight, Sunday, Oct 28, with the crop and some implements, two teams of horses, and a cow and calf and most of the fowls. The cause is not known. It was partly covered by insurance.

Mr. and Mrs. Braund and family, Welland County, are spending a short vacation with Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Carpenter

Married Sixty-Three Years: Mr. and Mrs. James Graham, of Inglewood, celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary on October 25th. Prior to her marriage at Woodbridge in 1860, Mrs. graham was Miss Margaret Farley of Toronto. Mr. Graham was born in Ireland and is in his 88th year, and has been in Canada since 1847. Back in the fifties he taught school near Woodbridge. Subsequently he took a farm near Inglewood (then Riverdale Junction) and became the village's first postmaster, when he opened a general store in 1883. In 1890 he became the a general organizer for the Independent Order of Good Templars, and began a lecture tour of several years duration , which took him to many sections of the United States and Canada. He and Mrs. Graham are now living in retirement in Inglewood

born - DOUGLAS - at Mimosa, on Friday, Oct. 19th, to Mr. & Mrs. William Douglas, a daughter, Norman Elizabeth

married - GOLLOP - CAMPBELL: In Toronto, on Wed. Oct 24th, by the Rev. D.T.L. McKerrol BA, Pearl Mervene, d/o Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Campbell, Norval, to Dr. Frederic G. Gollop, s/o Dr. and Mrs. B. Gollop, Georgetown

died - McGREGOR - In Caledon twp., at the home of her son-in-law, Mr. R. B. Houston, Christena Crawford, relict of the late Archibald McGregor, in her 79th year.  

local news items:

Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Leitch have returned from a visit with relatives in Montreal

Miss Rendell of Slough England is visiting with Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Laughlin, Caledon

Prof. Joseph Cook, Mrs. Cook, and daughter Marjory, of Guelph, were Sunday visitors with Mr. John Cook

Mr. J.P. Bush, Mrs. Houghman, and Mr. W.E. Bush, motored and spent a few hours with Mr. J.P. Bush Jr. of Shelburne, on Sunday

Dr. & Mrs. Hutchinson of Brampton were Sunday visitors with Mr. & Mrs. W. Hull

Mrs. J. Stewart of Toronto spent the week with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. John A. Lindsay

Mrs. (Capt) Meikleham, of Toledo Ohio, and Mrs. Rudd, of Spokane Washington, visited with friends in town last week. Mrs. Rudd is a daughter of the late Walter Meikleham and was born in Erin, but left for the US with her parents when 6 years old.

Mr. & Mrs. Wright of Toronto have leased the apartments over Mr. Cooke's store... Mr. Wright is employed at the Erin Planing Mill

Mr. Thomas McQuarry has leased his farm north of the village to Mr. Wesley Leader

Mr. D. L. Mundell has completed the foundation and cellar to a new house he has commenced to build on Main Street....

Mr. D. A. Cameron, accompanied by his nephew, Mr. Lloyd Cameron, had a delightful motor trip....

Mr. Edward Harris, Belfountain, has sold his farm on the 4th line, Caledon West, now occupied by Mr. Donald Black, to Mr. Duncan McLeod. The deal was put through by Mr. W. J. Wilson

Over a month ago, Lois Ellenor, the 17 month old baby d/o Mr. & Mrs. George Hardy, fell down the stairs at her home, and since suffered a concussion of the brain... to Sick Childrens Hospital in Toronto on Oct 17th... but she died there on the following Saturday morning. The funeral was held from the home, lot 9, 5th line, Erin, to Fairview Cemetery, Acton, on Monday afternoon, Oct. 22nd [death notice same paper - gives age as 1 yr, 7 mon & 22 days; she was the only child]


Erin Advocate of 1 Nov 1923

School Report - Report of S.S. No. 16 Erin for the month of October

Sr. IV Margaret Binnie 369, Violet Marshall 343; Jr. IV - Dorothy Hamilton 490, Lillian Marshall 484, David Jackson 118; Sr. III - Cora Warden 363, Fred Jackson 70; II - Mackenzie Cunningham 610, Walter Binnie 599, George Binnie 583, Bert Berry 556, Frank Cunningham 472, Margaret Delaney 140; Pr - Freda Cook 338, Margaret Nurse 202, Willie Delaney 116; by C.A. Shaw, teacher

Caledon East Oct. 27 - Five cattle purchased by John Perdue for Louis Swinton from Mrs. Albert Peacock, and taken to Mr. Swinton's farm in Mono, were claimed by Manuel Gollinger and his son Edgar. The sum of $205 with $5 to bind the bargain was paid. Mrs. Peacock claims that she bought the cattle from a man named Hall, but Peacock will be tried at the December sessions on a charge of cattle stealing.

Facing two charges, one a breach of the O.T.A. and the other an infraction of the Inland Revenue Act, Joseph Kaplian of Guelph was remanded for one week on bail in the Kitchener Police Court on Saturday. The accused, when arrested, the police allege, had a load of empty bottles allegedly labeled for different brands of whiskey. Provincial police paid a visit to farm near New Germany, and report that following the arrest, they found a quantity of false labels, lean, cork tops, cans & glass containers. The police allege that Kaplian has been mixing alcohol and water and pawning it off on the public as good whiskey.

Hamilton, 2nd Nov - Obsessed with religious mania, Mrs. Reuben Farr, Wentworth St., Mount Hamilton, thrust her two feet into the firebox of a kitchen range and kept there until they were almost charred to a crisp. She was removed to the Mount Hamilton Hospital, and cannot live. She is about 45 years old

Born - BLACK - In West Garafraxa, on Friday Oct. 26th, to Mr. & Mrs. Os. Black, a son

died - COKE - In Erin twp., on Monday, Oct 31st, Elizabeth Coke, d/o of the late Joseph & Ellen Coke.

In Memoriam - GEAR - In proud & loving memory of Seg. Sub. Lieut. J. D. Gear who passed away Nov. 10th, 1918

In Memoriam - FRANK - In fond & loving memory of our dear wife, mother & grandmother, Mary Wilson Frank, who passed from this life Nov 3rd, 1922

Orangeville Oct 31 - Jacob Peart, the third man alleged to be concerned in the burglary of J. D. Torries' clothing store a few weeks ago, was brought to Orangeville and lodged in the jail there. Peart was arrested in Toronto, tried and sentenced to years less a day for the theft of an automobile in that City.... Albert Chadwick, of Sprucedale, alleged to have shared in the theft of $500 worth of furs and clothing from the Norton Fishers Company's store in Shelburne a couple of weeks ago, is also in the jail here.

for sale - a number of choice Yorkshire boars, 6 months old... George D. Fletcher, RR1 Erin

for sale - table carrots, parsnips, beets, onion, cabbage, any quantity, apply to Charles Wilson,

WIGGINS - WOODWARD - A quiet wedding was solemnized on Wed. Oct 24th, at the Methodist parsonage in Norval, when Pauline Merril, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Woodward of Brampton, became the bride of Clifford James Wiggins, youngest s/o Mr. & Mrs. J. Wiggins of Inglewood.... the bride was given away by her father.... wedding dinner was served at the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Myers of Burgessville... honeymoon in Detroit & Chicago... to reside at the groom's farm at Inglewood



from Toronto Globe, 15 Nov 1902

Suicide of Thomas Ranson, a farmer, near Iroquois: Thomas Ranson, a farmer living three miles west of this village, committed suicide last night by shooting himself. It appears he came home last evening somewhat intoxicated. His wife was afraid to let him in the house, and he went to the barn, where ... [end of photocopied copy of page]

Death of Mr. James Mitchell, Local Registrar of the High Court at Cayuga, Cayuga Nov 14 - Mr. James Mitchell, Local Registrar of the High Court of Justice died this evening after an illness lasting over a year. He was born at Falkirk Scotland in 1826. He came with his father to Canada in 1837 and lived thereafter in this country. His father, the late Dr. Mitchell, died at Nelles Corners in 1860 [note - could be 1880]. Mr. James Mitchell had been a Justice of the Peace for over forty years. In 1868 he came to Cayuga to live, was appointed Local Registrar of this county in 1876 and held several minor positions in addition, till his death. He was a man of great.... [end of photocopied copy of page]

Murder near Leduc Manitoba - Charles Buckle Shoots Robert Heddell, a Neighbouring Farmer - Edmonton NWT, Nov 14 - Robert Heddell, a farmer residing near Leduc, was shot and fatally wounded by a neighbour named Charles A. Buckle, Heddell died yesterday of his injuries, and Buckle has become violently insane. The murderer had shown signs of insanity for some time and all firearms had been taken from him. He managed to conceal a revolver, however, and when Heddell entered his residence, shot him in the temple. The murderer also pulled the revolver on another neighbour but it missed fire. The parties are English farmers, Buckle residing alone on his farm.


From the London Times  (UK)

Feb 5, 1836 - On the 9th December, at Toronto, Upper Canada, Charlotte, wife of the Hon. John Henry Dunn, His Majesty's Receiver-General for that Province

April 4, 1836 - On the 16th of February, at Cobourg, Upper Canada, at the residence of James Colcutt Esq., J. Follingsby Evans Esq. of Ontario cottage, to Isabella, third daughter of the late John F. Desanges of London

March 24, 1843 - At Toronto, in Canada West, on the 15th of February, Lady Campbell, widow of the Hon. Sir William Campbell, formerly Chief Justice and President of the Executive and Legislative Council of Upper Canada

Sept 27, 1849 - On the 10th of August at 1 o'clock, on board the Sarah Sands, on his passage home to Quebec, after being at sea only four days, John C. Fisher D.C.L., 26 years Queen's printer, Quebec, to the great grief of his family and friends, in his 55th year

Aug 7, 1852 - On the 17th ult., at the Cathedral, Quebec, Lower Canada, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Quebec, assisted by the Rev. G. Mackie D.D., Horatio Asprey Wicksteed Esq of Kingston Upper Canada, to Caroline Elizabeth, second d/o the late George Condy Esq. of Manchester, barrister-at-law and Bankruptcy Commissioner

Aug 9, 1852 - On the 14th ult., at Quebec Canada East, by the Rev. E. W. Sewell, Thomas Bromhead Butt, Captain in H.M. 79th Cameron Highlanders to Geraldine May, second d/o William Sewell of Quebec

Feb. 5, 1863 - On the 7th of Jan, at St. Stephens Church, Toronto, by the Rev. A. J. Broughall, M.A., William Wise Cobb, Esq. of Bredgar Kent to Sarah Edith, fourth daughter of George Ridout, Esq., barrister, Toronto

Feb 5, 1863 - On the 3rd Jan, at Toronto, Canada West, Edward, fourth son of the late Richard Crawshay Esq., to Marion, only daughter of William Proudfoot, Esq. of Toronto

June 2, 1863 - On the 21st of April at St. Georges Church, Toronto, Canada, by the Rev. the Provost of Trinity College, the Rev. Charles J.S. Bethune, M.A. the son the Ven. the Archdeacon of Toronto, and curate of St. Peters Church, Cobourg, to Harriet Alice Mary, daughter of the late Lieut-Colonol Furlong, K.H. (HM's 43rd Light Infantry), Gore Vale, Toronto

June 20, 1863 - On the 4th inst., at St. Georges Church, Toronto, Canada West, by the Right Rev. John Strachan D.D., Lord Bishop of Toronto, assisted by the Rev. E. Baldwin M.A., Francis Topping Atherley Esq., Major and Brevet Lt.-Col HM's 30th Regt., to Emma Arabella, second daughter of R. Fleetwood Rynd, Esq of Ryndville, Co. Meath Ireland.

April 30, 1864 - On the 9th inst., drowned by the upsetting of a boat on Lake Ontario, Canada, J. Ramsay Akers Esq. H.M's 10th Regiment, in the 22nd year of his age, the beloved and only surviving s/o J.R. Akers late of Tunbridge-Wells

May 5, 1864 - On the 9th April last, drowned by the upsetting of a boat on Lake Ontario, Canada, greatly beloved and deeply lamented, Bernard Ouseley Brownrigg Esq. H.M's 16th Regt, in the 20th [could be 25 or 26?] year of his age, only s/o the late Charles Brownrigg

Dec 26, 1866 - On the 8th Nov, at the Cathedral, Kingston, by the Lord Bishop of Ontario, brother-in-law of the bride, assisted by the Very Rev. the Dean,  Lawrence William, eldest s/o the late Rev. William Herchmer M.A. Oxon, assistant-minister of St. Georges Church, to Mary  Helen, second d/o the late Hon. Henry Stillwood, Attorney General of Upper Canada

Aug 10, 1867 - On the 8th July, at Belleville, Canada West, by the Lord Bishop of Ontario, Frederick Charles Emberson, late scholar of Wadham College Oxon, Head Master of Ontario College,Picton, to Clara Helena Bartlett, only d/o J. Bartlett Esq., of Belleville

Aug 15, 1867 - On the 13th inst., at Yardley-wood Church, by the Rev. Alfred Clifton, incumbent, George Holmes of Haldimand, near Cobourg Ontario, formerly of Moseley near Birmingham, to Georgiana Beatrice, youngest d/o John Simcox Esq., of Hall Green Worcestershire

Feb 14, 1868 - On the 19th Jan, at London Ontario, age 27, James Anthony Hussey, Lieut. HM's 53rd Regiment, eldest s/o James Hussey Edq of The Close, Salisbury (also in nespaper on 18th Feb)

May 24, 1869 - On the 28th of April, at Port Hope Canada, by the Rev. the Rector,  Henry Thomas, third s/o the Rev. T.S. Fosbery, vicar of St. Giles, Reading, to Charlotte Dorothea, d/o the late Judge Hall of Peterborough Ontario

Sept 8, 1869 - On the 17th of Aug at St. Peters Church Quebec, by the Rev. E. Sykes, John Moss Esq of Hamilton Ontario Canada, to Lucy, second d/o Joseph Bowker Esq. Cheetham-hill Manchester

Feb 17, 1870 - On the 27th Jan, at St. Peters Church, Brockville Ontario, by the Rev. F. Lane, John Ireland Dobson Esq. Capt 25th Regt. (The Kings Own Borderers), to Mary Louisa Annie, youngest d/o the late James Morton Millar Esq.

1871 - On Tuesday, the 30th April, at Toronto, Canada, by the Rev. D.J. Macdonnell, B.D., Horace William Fitton, of the Bank of Commerce Toronto, second son of Henry Wollaston Fitton, Esq. Gasworth, Orillia, to Lilias, elder daughter of John Denny, Esq., The Rowans, Toronto

Dec 13, 1873 - On the 19th Nov 1873, at Cobourg, Ont., Canada, by the Rev. W. Stennett, George Edward, only surviving son of the late William John Rundle M.D. of Gosport Hants. to Emma Catherine, second d/o the late William Boswell, barrister-at-law, and granddaughter of the late Hon. Captain Walter Boswell, R.N., of Cobourg Ont.

Jan 12, 1874 - On the 23rd Dec last, at St. Marys Chapel, Barrie Ontario, by the Rev. Dean O'Connor, William W. Groom of Halifax Nova Scotia, second s/o Robert Groom of 6 Mansfield Villas in Hampstead N.W. to Mary, eldest d/o Joseph Tobin, of Lake Rousseu Ontaraio

Jan 12, 1876 -  On the 21st Dec 1875 at Christ Church Rectory, Detroit Michigan, by the Rev. J.W. Brown, John Edward, only s/o the late John Welch of London England, to Annie M., eldest d/o Thomas Frawley of Chatham Ontario Canada

Oct 25, 1877 - On the 20th Oct at St Johns Hampstead, Charles Walker Smith of Grovesend Ontario Canada, to Alice Fanny, youngest d/o Edward Allen, Clifton House, Southend, Hampstead

Feb 23, 1883 - On the 4th Feb. at the residence of her brother-in-law, J.H. Dumble Esq., Cobourg, Ontario, MARGARET OLDFIELD, third beloved d/o W.M. Chatterton, of Widcombe Lodge, Watford Herts., in the 37th year of her age

Dec 28,  1906 - GREATBACH On the 24th inst, as the result of an accident, Frederick Daniel Greatbach, of 68 Loudoun Road, St. Johns Wood N.W.

June 14, 1910  - GAMBLE, On Sat. the 4th June 1910, at Sussex Court, Toronto Canada, Martha D'Arcy Gamble, beloved wife of Captain Killaly Gamble (late of Royal Artillery) and d/o the late Hon. Hamilton Hartley Killaly and Martha Jane Handy his wife.  Interred at the Necropolis, Toronto

Dec 31, 1910 - Mr. Thomas Blinks died suddenly at 1 Hill Road N.W. on Thursday morning at the age of 56.  Since 1883, when his first picture, "No Quarter" was hung at the Royal Academy, Mr. Blinks has held a recognized position as a painter of sporting pictures.  His contribution to this year's exhibition at Burlington House was "The Twelfth". "The Hunter's Funeral" (1886), "For'ard on, for'ard on" (1887), and "We are in for a gallop" (1897) were among his hunting pictures; while his shooting studies included "The First of September" (1891) and "On the Moors" (1900),  Mr. Blinks has not been in good health for some months.  The funeral will take place at Hendon Park Cemetery, Mill-hill, at noon today.

Jan 1, 1920 - The engagement has been announced of Lieut. J. Douglas Kelley RFA, s/o Mrs. Charles Kelley Walmer Hill Road, Toronto, and Nell, younger d/o Mrs. Robert Dunlop, Sandrock Lodge, St. Helens Park Lodge, Hastings

Jan 7, 1920 - On the 12th Dec 1919, at Simons Church Toronto, Canada, Sewell Harding Gregory of 120 Coleherne Court, South Kensington, and Florence Edith, youngest d/o the late Charles De Wane of Enniskillen Fermanagh Ireland

Jan 20, 1920 - [birth] On the 15th Jan at 1932 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Jean (nee Craik), the wife of John Fulton Turnbull - a daughter

Jan 27, 1920 - LASH - On the 26th Jan 1920 at Toronto Canada, Zebulon Aiton Lash KC LLD of Blake, Lash, Anglin and Cassels and Vice-President of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, aged 73

Jan 27, 1920 - On the 24th of Jan., at Bromley Parish Church, by the Rev. K.J. Wilson, Vicar of Bromley, Arthur, the eldest s/o Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Beney of Buckenham Kent, to Evelyn Annie, d/o Mr. E.L. Simpson of Toronto Canada and the late Mrs. Simpson, and niece of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Tilling of Highfield Bromley Kent 

Jan 22, 1943 - WILKES - On Jan 21, 1943 after a short illness, at 8 High Street Royston Herts., William R. Wilkes of St. Leonards on Sea (Toronto papers please copy)

Feb 16, 1920 - MOSS - On the 10th Feb at Toronto Canada, John Henry Moss, KC, s/o the late Chief Justice Thomas Moss, and husband of Daisy Patteson, s/o the late T.C. Patteson

Nov 16, 1944 - The engagement is announced between Lieut. David Dick RCNVR, s/o the late Mr. David Campbell Dick and Mrs. Dick of Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, and Barbara, widow of Captain Neill Grant Duff, The Black Watch, and d/o the late Brigadier General O.K. Chance CMG DSO, and of Mrs. Chanve, Field House, Thurston, Bury St. Edmonds

March 15, 1945 - JUKES JOHNSON - On March 12, 1945, peacefully, at "Lyndhurst" Colehill Wimborne, Sophie Maud, widow of Arthur Jukes Johnson, MD MRCS of Toronto

Feb. 13, 1953 - On Feb 7, 1953 at Christ Church Mimico, Toronto, Francis Edward Sparshott of Univeristy College Toronto, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.B. Sparshott of Rochester Kent to Kathleen Elizabeth, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Vaughan, Mimico

Feb 13, 1953 - On Jan 31, 1953, at Islington Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Francis Neville, only son of the late Mr. N.J. Welch and of Mrs Welch of 57 Sherwood Ave Toronto, and Jane Inez, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tunstall of 34 Dartmouth Row, Greenwich

Dec 13, 1863 - CLARKSON, On Suday Dec. 4, 1960, at the Private Patients Pavillion, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Alice Helene, beloved wife of George Elliott Clarkson, dear mother of John, Max, Lillian, William, Austin, Geoffrey and Stephen. Sister of Edith Smeterlin.  Funeral service was held in Trinity College Chapel, Hoskin Ave. Toronto

Jan 22, 1974 - GREATBACH - On January 19th, 1974, Cecil Frederick of 1 Sussex House, Glenilla Road, London.  Beloved husband of Vivien.  Funeral at Golders Green Crematorium on January 25th at 12:20.  Flowers may be sent to G.F. Cook 88 Haverstock Hill, NW3

RC parish records - Registres des Missions [Pontiac Co., Quebec]

from LDS film, 1703968

There were mostly baptisms on the film, but there were a few marriages too. I have transcribed the marriages that might have had some connection to Ontario/Upper Canada. The original records were in French - if there was a word that I could not translate I have left it as it but put it in square brackets


At La Passe, 15 Aug 1837, Cyrille Gervais, farmer, resident of La Passe du Cote, Upper Canada, son [majeure] , of Francois Gervais and of [defuerte?, i.e. deceased?] Charlotte Mongeon of the parish of Saut au Recollet married Veronique Sabourin, daughter [majeure] of Charles Sabourin farmer and of Marie Ann Bedard, who reside in La Passe Haut Canada, ... following RC rites etc, in the presence of Francois Leclerc, Timothe Reaume, Paul Paradis, Benoni Soucice and other....

At La Passe, 15 Aug 1837, Louis Primo, farmer, of La Passe Upper Canada, farmer, son [majeure] of Jean Louis Primo & Angelique Vincent, of parish Chateauguay, married Marguerite Defelle of La Passe, daughter [mineure] of Michel Defelle, farmer & Marie Dyette, resident of St. Hyacinthe.... in the presence of Francois Leclerc, Timothe Reaume, and others,

At La Passe, 16 Aug. 1837, Hyppolitte Filiatro dit St. Louis, resident of La Passe, son [majeur] [des defunts] Joseph Filiatro dit St. Louis and Marguerite Gariepy, married Scholastique Martel, daughter [mineure] of Nicolas Martel, farmer, of parish of L'Assomption, and [de defuerte] Josette Gauthier... in the presence of Timothe Reaume, Francois Leclerc, Benoni Soucice, and others...

At La Passe, 16 Aug 1837, Joseph Bryere, resident of La Passe, journalier, son [majeure] of Francois Bryere and Josette Les May, married Hyppolitte Dabin, daughter [mineure] of Joseph Dabin and Hyppolitte Godin, of La Passe.. in the presence of Francois Leclerc, Benoni Soucice, and others....

At Poste des Allumettes, 26? Aug, 1938, Joseph Mongrain, Catholic, major age, [meunier & menusier], resident of Allumettes Island, married Mary Willson, Protestant, of [la dite] Island, daughter [mineure] of Joell Willson, and Josette Rodgers,

At Poste des Allumettes, 28 Aug, 1938, Toussaint Laronde, farmer, of about 50 years, married Marie Laronde, cousin [germaini], of about 40 years, both resident of I’Ile des Allumettes... [a paragraph in French, I think dealing with consanguinity]. Last paragraph lists the 13 living children of the two parties: Denis 23 yrs, Angelique 25 yrs, Marie 22 yrs, Toussaint 19 yrs, Euphrosine 17 yrs, Anne 15 yrs, Francois 13 yrs, Elizabeth 11 yrs, Charles 91/2 yrs, Eustache 8 yrs, Louis 7 yrs, Paul 9 yrs, Susanne 4 months