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Niagara District

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also: St. Vincent RC parish records


Niagara District


Rev. J. Gamble Geddes


May 2 Edmund MUINCY/MAINCY, barrister, Belleville, to Maria Margaret BREAKENRIDGE, Niagara. Wit: Thomas Creen, J. Carness?


Marriage Register of R. W. Tunney, Chaplain to the Forces Fort George 1821-1824

Note: Not all residences recorded in register.


Oct. 9 John ADAMS, private in 68th Regt., to Mary BRIGHT, Ft. George. Wit: James & Catherine Wyle.

Dec. 7 Francis MOORE, private in 68th Regt., to Sarah OAKES. Wit: John Morrison, Thomas Oakes, F. W. Layer.



Nov. 3 Thomas SLATER, private in 76 Regt. to Elizabeth BURGESS. Wit: ? Paulson, Sgt. 76th Regt., Martha Burgess.

Dec. 3 John MORRIS, sergeant 76th Regt., to Ann HARDEN, Fort George. Wit: William Usher, Sergeant 76th Regt., Sarah Usher.

Dec. 27 Thomas SERGEANT, Niagara, to Sarah FILKER, Niagara. Wit: Stephen Morris, Sarah Griffith.



Jan. 14 George CAIN, Niagara, to Lecty ADAMS, Niagara. Wit: John Cain, William & Mary Adams.

Jan. 16 Robert GRAY, Fort George, to Mary M. EMERY, Ft. George. Wit: C. Radcliffe,

Jan. 26 William SMITH, widower, Grantham, to Catherine OWENS, widow, Grantham. Wit: Henry & Elsey Smith.

March 4 Samuel ROOKE, Sergeant 76th Regt., to Mary POTTER, Ft. George. Wit: Frederick Neil, Ann Potter.

March 6 Donald CHISHOLM to Harriet MCDOUGALL, widow. Wit: john & Mary Wilson, John Woodruff.

April 10 Samuel M. CARTER, Ft. George, to Sarah EASTMAN, widow, Ft. George. Wit: William & Fanny Riley.

June 20 John BEACH to Sarah DALY. Wit: Jamy Cryler? (Crysler?), Mary Stirling.

July 22 John BROWN to Mary STEEN. Wit: Nancy & William Steen.

Sept. 21 James R. EAGLESON to Eliza CASSADAY. Wit: Mary Bell, William Cassaday.

Nov. 11 John REDDING, Sergeant 76th Regt., to Barbara EDEN, widow. Wit: W. Paulson, Sergeant 76th Regt., Catherine Paulson.

Nov. 25 Samuel STEVENS to Ann THOMPSON. Wit: Alexander Gardner, Sarah Newkin.



Jan. 26 James H. SAMPSON, Ft. George, to Elizabeth ROGERS, Ft. George. Wit: John Tannahill, Charles Mouny.

April 21 John CALCUT, Niagara, to Margaret BLAKENY, Niagara. Wit: Robert Lefevre, Sarah Griffith.

May 17 John Butler MUIRHEAD to Ann DOCSTADER. Wit: James Muirhead Jr., Ann Tannahill.

Aug. 30 John BENADOCK, sergeant 76th Regt., widower, to Catherine WARREN. Wit: Margaret & J. Urwin?

Sept. 16 John P. SLOCUM, Niagara, to Maria Bridget SLINGALAND (Slingerland?), Niagara. Wit: Alanson? Ferguson, Kitty Slingaland.

Sept. 27 Charles BEISON?, private 76th Regt., Niagara, to Ann MICKIA?, Niagara. Wit: John Eden, 76th Regt., William Thomas sergeant 76th Regt.

Oct. 16 Thomas MCNAMARA, widower, Niagara, to Ann HENRY, Niagara. Wit: Patrick Fagan, Eliza Henry.




Marriage Register of Ft. George Niagara 1824-1828

Archives of Ontario MS 7584

Rev. R. W. Tunney Chaplain to the Forces


1825 -

June 13 John EDEN, private in 76th Regt. to Sarah BURWOOD. Wit: William W. Mier?, Sgt. 76th Regt., Sarah Usher.



May 6 James JACKMAN private 70th Regt. to Margaret WICKINS. Wit: Ephraim Wheeler, Peter Wheeler, Alicia McNeal.



Feb. 15 John SCOTT, St. Catherines, to Ellen SWAYER, Niagara. This is a copy of the marriage license that was issued. There is no record of the actual marriage in the register. Marriage licenses were issued prior to the actual marriage ceremony.


Marriage Register for Niagara & Queenston 1826-1829, 1831-9

Archives of Ontario MS 7584

Note: Not all dates, residence or witnesses recorded.


Rev. Thomas Creen (Green?)


March 26 Alexander MILLER, Lewiston, U. S., to Mary CHEW, Lewiston, U.S. Wit: Ann Cowan, Robert Hay?

Aug. 21 Philo SANDFORD, Rochester, U.S. to Martha BURGESS, Niagara. Wit: William L. Daley, Elizabeth Slater?

Oct. 8 Patrick GORMAN, Niagara, to Rose Ann DAVISON, Niagara. Wit: Elora J. Henry, ??

Oct. 19 Isaac LACEY, Grantham, to Maria LARROWAY, Grantham. Wit: George Tunney, Maria Cassaday.

Nov. 25 John MCCLINDA?, St. Catharines, to Mary HAWSMAN?, St. Catharines.

Nov. 27 John MCCLELLAND, Grantham, to Mary FLUELLAN, Grantham. Wit: Thomas Newman, Mary Ann Hammond.

Dec. 27 Nathan GREEN, Niagara, to Mary MILLER, Niagara, both persons of color. Wit: George Tarker, Molinda Green.


April 10 Donald CAMPBELL, Niagara, to Rebecca MOTHERWILL, Niagara. Wit: Thomas Wilson, Catherine Ball.

May 16 James WILSON, Niagara, to Janet ELLIOTT, Niagara. Wit: Margaret Wilson, Clarrissa Haun?


Jan. 8 Benjamin ULMAN, Niagara, to Eliza FIELDS, Niagara. Wit: Simon Themp? (Kemp? Thorp?) Jane Baivers?

Feb. 15 Hugh SHAW, Niagara, to Mary RAFFERTY, Niagara.

March 3 John Russel SHUTE, Niagara, to Mary HAUN, Niagara. Wit: Jacob Haun, Elizabeth Facette?

March 24 Thomas HONEY, Grantham, to Ann MCDERMOTT, widow, Grantham. Wit: James Scott, Margaret Collins.

April 13 John CORNALS, Niagara, to Sarah RYNE, Niagara. Wit: C. Ball, Joseph ??

April 19 Thomas LENOX, Niagara, to Elizabeth RAFFERTY, Niagara.

Oct. 28 Archibald CRAIG, Thorold, to Mary MCCELLAN, Thorold. Wit: Richard Bradley, James? Anderson.



March 8 Courtland SECORD, Niagara, to Sarah WINTERBOTTOM, Niagara. Wit: Catherine Smith, James Gedds, W. Winterbottom, Jane Winterbottom.

April 11 Joseph DELUSANTY?, Niagara, to Eliza JACKSON, Niagara. Wit: John & Agnes McEwen.

May 5 Thomas DORITY, Niagara, to Ann MUNDY, widow, Niagara. Wit: Ellen McBriar, Timothy Cook.

May 21 Edgar Mills LACY Lt. 5th Reg. U. S. Army, to Cornelia A. BOARDMAN. Wit: J. F. Izard?, Rodman Starhunter, M. F. Lacy Jr., Elisha Whistler, Charlotte Fitch.

June 9 William EVANS, Niagara, to Lucy FAGAN, widow, Niagara. Wit: William Harris, Ann McNamara, Ann McArdle.

Sept. 20 William MCLAUGHLIN, Queenston, to Biddy FIELDING, Niagara. Wit: Frances Danrle?, James Connelly, Margaret McKinny.

Sept. 30 William CAMPBELL, Grantham, to Mary MCBEATH, Grantham. Wit: Mary Campbell, William McBeath.

Oct. 5 Walter SPARKSMAN, Stamford, to Jane HOTCHKISS, Stamford. Wit: Jane & Iwan? Howey.

Nov. 10 John COWAN, Trafalgar, to Martha HILL, Stamford. Wit: C. Ball, A. D. Creen.



Feb. 11 William CASSADEY, Niagara, to Catherine ANDERSON, Niagara. Wit: Hannah Finnimore, John Anderson.



Dec. 1 Robert ROBERTSON, Niagara, to Helen PONCETT, Niagara. Wit: W. Butter, Samuel M. Ceartor?

Dec. 15 John MILLAR, Niagara, to Margaret ARMSTRONG, Niagara. Wit: Joseph Archer, ? Collins.



Feb. 10 John PRENON, Niagara, to Margaret PATTERSON, widow, Niagara. Wit: James Jay, Ann D. Creen.

March 1 Asa MOULTON, Thorold, to Mary MISENER, Crowland. Wit: William Baryar?, John A. Nellis.

March 29 Elijah SECORD Jr., Niagara, to Catherine Elizabeth SMITH, Niagara. Wit: Walter Biggar, Jane Winterbottom, Susan M. Secord, Cortland Secord.

Nov. 7 George BARBER, Niagara, to Sarah AYRE, Niagara. Wit: John Graham, Henry Boowin.

Nov. 10 Richard DOCKSTADDER, York, to Mary Ann CORNER, Niagara. Wit: Jacob Dockstadder, John F.R. Corner, Leah P. Corner, Elizabeth Miller.

Sept. 22 Walter Hamilton DIRKSON (Dickson?), Niagara, to Augusta Maria GEALE, Niagara. Wit: William Dirkson, Jane Bailey.

Nov. 29 James TYRE, Niagara, to Janet CLARKE, Niagara. Wit: John Lyons, Archibald Gilkison, Maria Breckenridge.

Dec. 4 Amasa C. WINSLOW, Lockport, N.Y., to Sarah R. CASSADY, Niagara. Wit: Elizabeth Fletcher, Robert Cassady.



Feb. 26 Robert COLE, widower, Niagara, to Mary NETTLES, Niagara. Wit: Samuel C. Keir, Thomas Sevill, Marjare Ransom.

March 14 Walter BIGGARS, Niagara, to Leach CORNER, Niagara. Wit: Elizabeth & George Miller, John F. R. Corner.

April 2 William Bowers WINTERBOTTOM, Niagara, to Susan Maria SECORD, Niagara. Wit: Jane Winterbottom, Agnes Miskin, Mary Secord, R. M. Clement?

April 18 John Francis Roper CORNER, Niagara, to Elizabeth Barbara MILLER, Niagara. Wit: Thomas Bell, Richard Dockstader, Walter Biggars, Thomas Anderson.

June 13 John FRANKLIN, Niagara, to Mary LYNCHE, Niagara. Richard Waight, Margaret Oconnor.

June 15 John LYONS, Niagara, to Catherine GEALE, widow, Niagara. Wit: M. Claus, Ike Geale.

July 2 David GATES, Wainfleet, to Elizabeth SIMPSON, Wainfleet. Wit: James Lennox, Elizabeth Lennox, John Simpson.

July 30 Cornelius OBRIEN, Prescott, to Agnes GRAVESON, Niagara. Wit: Illegible.

Sept. 3 Thomas COMPSTON, Niagara, to Phoebe ARMSTRONG, Niagara. Wit: John Miller, Margie Miller, Thomas Courtney.



Jan. 23 Thomas READ, Grantham, to Rosanna HAMILTON, Niagara. Wit: Mary Talbot, Robert Hamilton.

Feb. 11 Robert RIST, widower, Niagara, to Sarah WILKINSON, Niagara. Wit: Thomas D. McDermid, Mary Read.

Feb. 26 Frances FOSTER, widower, Niagara, to Ann ROUSE, Niagara. Wit: Ephraim & Elizabeth Wheeler.

June 5 James MONROE, Niagara, to Mary WEBSTER, Niagara. Wit: John Davidson, Isabella Sanderson?

June 6 Henry SLOAN, Crowland, to Mary BANNON, widow, Crowland. Wit: Thomas Dority, Charlotte Braley.



Feb. 2 William MASON, Niagara, to Mary OROURK, Niagara. Wit: John Douglas, Jane Carmichael.

April 14 James WAGSTAFF, Niagara, to Elizabeth Cummings HARVEY, Niagara. Wit: Elizabeth Wagstaff, J. W. H. Wright, Jake? Harvey, Chester Culver.

May 9 John GRAHAM, widower, Niagara, to Ann WOOD, Niagara. Wit: Arthur Jalin?, Jane Wood.

June 7 Carleton Henry LEONARD, Toronto, to Charlotte Fitzgerald EARLE, Niagara. M. Lussanir?, P. Stewart.

June 15 Benjamin DANICK, Niagara, to Mary FIGGINS, Niagara. Wit: William & Eliza Stoneman.

July 15 Luther CROSS, surgeon, St. Catharines, to Margaret WILSON, Niagara. Wit: Clara Haun, Walter Wilson.

Aug. 27 James Rhodes BOYD, Niagara, to Annabella Gore NICHOLS, Niagara. Wit: D. M. Boyd, Eliza Boyd, P. Hall, Jasper Gilkison, Maria Theresa Nichols.

Sept. 22 John Godfrey SPRAGGE, Toronto, to Catherine R. THOM, Niagara. Wit: William Boulton, H. McCormick, William Spragge.

Sept. 5 Verner SUMNER, Niagara, to Mary C. CROOKS, Niagara. Wit: C. L. Hall, Jane Stocking.



Sept. 3 Thomas DAVIS, Niagara, to Amelia HANAY, Niagara. Wit: Thomas Sewell, Agnes McLement.

Nov. 10 Robert Jarvis HAMILTON, Hamilton, to Catherine ROBERTSON, Stamford. Wit: H. R. O’Rielley, W. Askin.

Sept. 10 Reuban PARKINSON, widower, Toronto, to Emily VENDINNON?, Toronto. Wit: Samuel Porter, John McBride, Ana? Proctor.

Sept. 30 Archibald GILKISON, Niagara, to Hannah MCCORMICK, Niagara. Wit: Alexander Hamilton, Catherine Maria Hamilton, William & Mary Augusta McCormick.

Sept. 29 Ralph Morden CLEMENT, Niagara, to Charlotte Amanda METZLER?, Niagara. Wit: James C. Clement, Jane Wilkins.

Oct. 3 Joshua PAYNE, Niagara, to Jane WILKINS, Niagara. Wit: Richard Hiscott.

Dec. 28 William BARNES, Niagara, to Eliza FATHERS, Niagara. Wit: Richard & Sarah Ann Howard, Charlotte Fathers.



Jan. 3 William BUTLER, Dunnville Haldimand Co., to Mary Jane CAMPBELL, Dunnville Haldimand Co. Wit: Henry Langdon, Bitsey Trant.

Jan. 4 George Augustus CLEMENT, Niagara, to Hannah BALL, Niagara. Wit: C. A. Clement, Thomas & Margaret Ball.

Jan. 14 Alexander Chetwood HAMILTON, Niagara to Jane STOCKING, Niagara. Wit: Margaret McCormick, L. M. Hamilton, Sophia Lefevre?, Yrulevir? Yinch? mother.

Jan. 28 John HARVEY, Niagara, to Harriet HEARLE, Niagara. Wit: James Wagstaff, Ellen Hearle.

Feb. 8 Robert Maitland ROY, Niagara, to Jane MATTHEWS, Niagara. Wit: Jed. Nark, William Bass, W. & Ann Matthews.

March 30 John BOYLES, Grantham, to Jane BOOTHE, Grantham. Wit: Stephen & Sarah Boyes, James Boothe, Thomas Bradly.

May 5 Henry MCSHAW, Stamford, to Mary FIELD, Stamford. Wit: Fanny Ellen Evans, Ann D. Creen.

June 8 James FRASER Jr., Niagara, to Margaret Augusta MCCORMICK. Wit: John Fraser, Jasper Gilkison.

July 27 James Augustus WILKINSON, Niagara, to Theresa RIST, Niagara. Wit: Jasper Gilkison, Maria Nichol, Jane Rist.

July 29 Capt. David BOYD, widower, Niagara, to Theresa NICHOL, widow, Niagara. Wit: James Rhodes Boyd, Maria Theresa Nichol.

Sept. 4 James TAYLOR, St. Catharines, to Elizabeth BURNS, St. Catharines. Wit: Thomas & Robert E. Burns, Frances Taylor, Arabella Burns.

Sept. 11 Charles RICHARDSON, widower, Niagara, to Jane CLARKE, Niagara. Wit: Ellen Moore, Louisa Fisher, William Clarke.

Nov. 11 William FELL, Toronto, to Sarah FINCH, Queenston. Wit: Elizabeth Burgess, John Finch, John Finch Jr.

Sept. 20 William HAUN, Niagara, to Elizabeth BIGBY, Niagara. Wit: Edward Dixon, Elizabeth Archibald.

Oct. 25 Henry WASHINGTON, Niagara, to Betsey LEONARD, Niagara, both persons of color. Wit: Jacob Harper, John Bullet, Harriet Buckner?



Jan. 4 Charles KLINGENDER, Niagara, to Charlotte MADDEN, Niagara. Wit: Thomas Thompson, Edward Dixon, John Burgess, Eliza Thompson.

Feb. 1 Robert MCKEE, Niagara, to Agnes PHILIPS, Niagara. Wit: James Kennedy, Amelia Philips.

Feb. 12 Henry HODGES, widower, Gainsborough, to Alexandra HARRINGTON, Caistor. Wit: David & Catherine Angle, Margaret Hodges.

April 22 Robert JEX, Niagara, to Margaret GRAY, Niagara. Wit: William Jex, Mary Stewart.

April 30 Joseph MACKEY, Niagara, to Mary BOWMAN, Niagara. Wit: Alexander Hall, Catherine Campbell.

June 16 Henry HAYLOCK, Niagara, to Ann KEENAN, Niagara. Wit: Henry Long, Elizabeth Archibald.



July 1 Jacob HAUN, Niagara, to Caroline HAYWOOD, Niagara. Wit: George & Sophia Thurston.

July 9 John SUDWICK, widower, Stamford, to Elizabeth MARTIN, Stamford. Wit: John Howey, Jane Kitzon.

July 12 James KENNEDY, Niagara, to Amelia Ann PHILLIPS, Niagara. Wit: Edward Dixon, Elizabeth Hay.

July 16 George ALWOOD to Mary BENDELL. Wit: Richard Williams, Mary McLellan.

July 24 James WAGSTAFF, widower, Niagara, to Ellen HEARLE, Niagara. Wit: M. Hearle, M. A. Crysler, W. W. Wagstaff.

Aug. 7 John WATERS, Niagara, to Sarah ASQUITH, Niagara. Wit: George Warruff?, Ann Asquith, Eliza Stevenson.

Aug. 20 William JOHNSON, Treasury Clerk, Ft. George, to Frances Matilda MOORE, Niagara. Wit: T. Sampson, Mary Stephanson, Hellen Hamilton.

Oct. 29 David TRIMMER, Niagara, to Mary DEVAND, Niagara. Wit: James Martin, Sharlet Cathas.



Feb. 21 Peter WHITEMORE, Niagara, to Rebecca SHAW, Niagara. Wit: William B. Servos, Caroline Shaw.

June 3 Robert MILLIGAN, Niagara, to Ellen MELVILLE, Niagara. Wit: James Martin, Elizabeth Jackson.

Oct. 19 George REDDING, Niagara, to Eliza THOM, Niagara. Wit: George Goss, Martha Brosk?