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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1892

birth place is given before residence


8290-92 William Henry ALDFIELD (Oldfield?), 23, fisherman, London England, Parry Sound, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Henrietta VAIL, 18, Balaclava - Grey Co., same, d/o Morgan? & Lydia, witn: David VAIL of Balaclava & Elizabeth illegible of Parry Sound, 11 July 1892 at Parry Sound 8099-92 James ANTCLIFF, 22, laborer, London? twp., Perry, s/o John & Sarah, married Harriet Mabel WATSON, 16, Kendal, Perry, d/o Franklin & Electrice, witn: M. E. REEVE & Annie HANSON, both of Huntsville, 13 April 1892 at Huntsville
8314-92 Charles AUTCLIFF, 32, farmer, London Ont, Novar, s/o John AUTCLIFF & Sarah, married Mary Ann COPELAND, 18, Huntsville, Novar, d/o James COPELAND & Ester, witn: A. DELONG & L. J. COPELAND, both of Novar, 12 July 1892 at Novar 8096-92 Robert Joseph ATKINSON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Utterson, s/o Robert & Catherine, married Ellen BRUCE, 18, Ontario, Utterson, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Richard BALLENPLAY? of Raymond & Amanda HOWES (Homes?) of Utterson, 7 March 1892 at Huntsville
8238-92 (Muskoka Dist): James BAILEY, 24, farmer, England, Chaffey, s/o James & Ann, married Mary Smith LEVITT, 25, Ontario, Chaffey, d/o John & Barbara, witn: James LEVITT & Eliza BAILEY, both of Chaffey, 8 Sept 1892 at Chaffey 8319-92 Richard BAILEY, 21, farmer, Stephenson Tp., same, s/o Nelson & Margaret, married Carrie BARRIGER, 18, Stephenson Tp., same, d/o Amos & Mary Jane, witn: Martin BAILEY & Samantha PATTERSON both of Stephenson on March 9, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8343-92 John James BAILEY, 20, labourer, Macaulay Tp., Bracebridge, s/o John & Ann, married Elizabeth GILBERT, 19, Draper, same, d/o George & Catharine, witn: George BARNES of Bracebridge & Kate GILBERT of Draper on Nov. 16, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8251-92 (Parry Sound Dist): John BARBER, 33, farmer, Lanark Co., Holtrane?, s/o John & Marion A., married Julia Margaret SLITTER, 17, Renfrew Co., Holtrane, d/o George & Julia Ann, witn: Thomas BARBER & Mary Eliza SLITTER, both of Holtrane, 11 Feb 1892 at res of bride's father, Holtrane

8311-92 Benjamin Wesley BARNHART, 23, shingle packer, Oro, Novar, s/o Benjamin BARNHART & Elizabeth, married Mary Emma SCHAMERHORN, 18, Perry twp., Novar, d/o Jacob SCHAMERHORN & Harriette, witn: William CHAFFY & Lovina GEACH, both of Novar, 24 May 1892 at Novar #008236-92 Nelson BARRAGAR, 32, labourer, Simcoe Co, same, s/o Amos & Mary BARRAGAR, married Charlotte WALLACE, 17, Muskoka, Chaffey, d/o Norman & Lucy BARRAGAR, witn: Milton & Maria MARKLE, both of Chaffey, 24 Nov 1892 at Chaffey
8225-92 (Parry Sound Dist): William H. BECKET, 29, farmer, Renfrew Ont., Detroit, s/o not given, married Annie WHITMILL, 21, Caledon, Fairholme, d/o not given, witn: J.H. WHITMILL & Beatrice MOORE, both of Fairholme, 24 Oct 1892 at Fairholme #007989-93 Charles BECKETT, 23, fireman, England, Stephenson Twp, s/o William & Phoebe BECKETT, married Bella BILLINGSLY, 21, Ontario, Stephenson Twp, d/o Richard & Nelly BILLINGSLY, witn: Thomas BRUCE & Lettice BILLINGSLY, both of Stephenson Twp, 3 May 1893 at Stephenson Twp
  8278-92 Robert BEIRNES, 21, farmer, Huron twp., Cardwell twp., s/o Thomas BEIRNES & Elizabeth, married Mary Elizabeth CROWDER, 19, Georgina twp., Cardwell twp., d/o Douglas CROWDER & Minnie, witn: George Henry & Sarah Malinda CROWDER of Cardwell twp., 18 July 1892 at English Church, Rosseau
8201-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Oliver BENARD, 25, mill laborer, St. Ballistrus Quebec, French River, s/o Charles BENARD & Caroline MARSAU, married Mary Josephine [blank], 20, of French River, d/o John Babtist (sic) ARNO & Virginie LESPERANCE, witn: Lewis BIENVENUE & Angelina COTE, both of French River, 29 Feb 1892 at French River (Rom Cath) 8273-92 (Muskoka) David Brodie BEST, 28, operator, Mt Pleastant, Magnetawan, Samuel G & Mary, married Estella Margaret PIPER, 23, Lucan, Magnetawan, d/o William & Sarah, witn T N JAMIESON of Mt Pleasant, Miss S PIPER of Gravenhurst, 21 Dec 1892, Gravenhurst
8196-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Jesse? BEWADJIWONG, 18, fisherman, Jawanaga Garden, same, s/o Peter & Mary NIBIVCANAKENT, married Mary [no surname given], 20, of Jawanaga Garden, d/o Peter EBITANG & Lisa, witn: Francis GIWEKOTO & Mary BEWADJIWONG, both of Jawanaga Garden, 14 Feb 1892 at Jawanaga Garden (Rom Cath) 008112-93 Lyman Franklin BICE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Perry Tp., s/o William & Julia, married Annie Elizabeth BLACKSTOCK, 23, Yorkshire England, Perry Tp., d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: Arthur FISHER & Jennet SMITH both of Perry Tp., on Dec. 1, 1892 at Novar, Perry Tp
8203-92 (Parry Sound Dist): John Thomas BOTHAM, 31, widower, farmer, Albion twp., Spence twp., s/o Moses & Mary, married Maggie BLACK, 22, London twp., Spence twp., d/o William John & Ann, witn: Harry & Annie BLACK of Spence, 30 March 1892 at res of William BLACK, Spence twp 8101-92 James Samuel BOYCE, 29, sawyer, Quebec, Barrie, s/o Thomas & Marion, married Matilda WALLINGTON, 23, Ontario, Chaffey, d/o James & Ann, witn: Mary WALLINGTON of Chaffey & Jams BASKERFIELD of Huntsville, 17 may 1892 at Huntsville
8206-92 (Parry Sound Dist): John BRIGGS, 22, London England, Shawanaga, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Mary KISHKEBUS, 35, widow, Nashkodayong, Shawanaga, d/o Pawitigowenene & Mary Jane KISHKEBUS, witn: Joseph PARTRIDGE & Clara MARTIN, both of Parry Island, 14 May 1892 at Parry Island 8312-92 John Alexander BROOKS, 26, GTR station agent, of Emsdale, s/o John BROOKS & Charity Ann, married Ruth E. PETTIT, 25, Westminster, Perry, d/o William PETTIT & Caroline, witn: Fred BROOKS & Katie BATES, both of Emsdale, 22 June 1892 at Perry
8195-92 (Parry Sound Dist): James BROOKS, 24, farmer, England, Wilson twp., s/o Robert & Nancy, married Mary ROGERSON, 20, England, Wilson twp., d/o Robert & Mary Jane, witn: Louis & Ernestine DE BON of Arnstein, 3 Jan 1892 at Arnstein, Mills twp 8090-92 Frederick John BROOKS, 25, farmer, England, Chaffey twp., s/o John & Mary Ann, married Jane POWEL (Powell?), 29, widow, Innisfil Ont., Huntsville, d/o John WILSON & Almira, witn: John RICKERT & Martha? BROOKS, both of Chaffey twp., 5 Oct. 1892 at Chaffey twp
8084-92 James BROWN, 42, road master, Isle of Wight England, Huntsville, s/o Barnabas & Hannah, married Clara Jane SCHOLEY, 26, Munich, Huntsville, d/o George & Harriett, witn: Florence SCHOLEY & David WILKINSON, both of Huntsville, 19 May 1892 at Huntsville 8179-92 (Parry Sound Dist): James BROWN, 23, farmer, Westneath, Nipissing twp., s/o Donald & Jane, married Charlotte GEROW, 16, Pembroke, Nipissing twp., d/o Benjamin & Euphemia, witn: Alfred GEROW & Ellen BROWN, both of Nipissing twp., 15 Sept 1892 at Nipissing twp
#007983-93 Joseph A. BROWN, 24, lumberman, Burford Twp, Baysville, s/o William H. & Elizabeth BROWN, married Lelia Eliza Jane(so surname), 22, Ontario, Baysville, d/o John & Eliza LANGMAID, witn: F. BROWN & Mary LANGMAID, both of Baysville, 8 Aug 1893 at St Ambrose Church, Baysville #008167-92 William CARR, 34, hotel keeper, Oxford Co, Trout Creek, widower, s/o Thomas & Adeline CARR, married Rachel SCOTT, 28, Bruce Co, Trout Creek, widow, d/o Robert & Alice HAYES, witn: Thomas PARKINSON & Sarah HAYES, both of Trout Creek, 9 Nov 1892 at Trout Creek
#008188-92 Philmon CHANETTE, 28, tavern keeper, Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Joseph CHANETTE & Sephronia MOUSSEAU, married Rose TANGUAY, 21, Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Joseph CHANETTE & Pierre TANGUAY, witn: Joseph CHANETTE & Pierre TANGUAY, both of Sturgeon Falls, 18 Sept 1892 at Sturgeon Falls #008190-92 Stanislaw CHRETIEN, 26, labourer, St Anicot Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Louis CHRETIEN & Lucie DUROCHER, married Virginia GENIER, 21, Cambridge, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Gilbert GENIER & Philomina LEBLANC, witn: Etienne GENIER & J. Baptiste LEBLANC, both of Sturgeon Falls, 24 Dec 1892 at Sturgeon Falls
8342-92 James CLAYTON, 23, farmer, Portadown Ireland, McClintock Ont., s/o Jeremiah & Mary, married Eliza Jane SAWYER, 20, Haliburton, Ridout, d/o Christopher & Matilda, witn: M. C. ROWE & Annie HANSON both of Bracebridge on Oct. 26, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8158-92 John Wesley CLIPSHAM, 27, farmer, Toronto twp., Morrison twp., s/o Michael & Charlotte, married Aclerie? Martha WIANCKO, 21, Morrison twp., same, d/o Adolphus & Meta, witn: Martha Ann CLIPSHAM & Alfred WIANCKO, 14 Sept 1892 at Morrison

8307-92 Richard COLE, 27, farmer, Ontario, Dorset, s/o Zachariah & Sarah Ann, married Annie LANGMAID, 19, Burford Ont., Bayside, d/o John & Eliza Jane, witn: John James COLE of Dorset & Mary LANGMAID of Bayside, 17 Aug 1892 at St. Ambrose Church, Bayside

8328-92 George Henry COLE, 28, farmer, Sherbourne Tp., Ridout Tp., s/o Zachariah & Sarah Ann, married Mary Ann TYRRELL, 21, Reach Tp., Ridout Tp., d/o Joseph & Mary Ann, witn: F. E. & Hannah TYRRELL both of Huntsville on July 26, 1892 at Bracebridge.

008092-93 Daniel CONNOLLY, 38, lumberman, widower, Canada, Gravenhurst, s/o Patrick & Annie, married Margaret A. BIBBY, 22, Canada, Gravenhurst, d/o William & Mary, witn: Francis GREEN & Bella DUMAS both of Gravenhurst on Oct. 18, 1892 at Bracebridge. (RC)

8334-92 William Morton CORRIGAN, 25, farmer, Que., Draper, s/o Robert Thomas & Christina, married Lillie Rose NEWLOVE, 22, Kilworthy, Draper, d/o John George & Sarah Elizabeth, witn: Robert James CORRIGAN & Kessie Caroline NEWLOVE both of Draper on Sept. 15, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8085-92 Frederick COULLARD, 29, barber, Quebec, Huntsville, s/o Brerand & May, married Alice THURSTON, 20, Ontario, Bracebridge, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Samuel SMAIL & Isabel SIEVERIGHT, both of Huntsville, 18 July 1892 at Huntsville 8214-92 (Muskoka Dist): Hugh COX, 25, farmer, Morrison twp., Ryde, s/o Hugh & Susannah, married Mary M. LONG, 17, Bedford twp., Ryde, d/o Dennis & Zelphi, witn: Mary E. PAUL & John FOSTER, both of Draper, 16 may 1892 at Uffington
8288-92 Ernest E.G. CROCKFORD, 27, carpenter, Birmingham England, Parry Sound, s/o George CROCKFORD & Elizabeth, married mercy VOWELLS, 23, Markham Ont., Ferguson twp., d/o Edon & Elizabeth, witn: Henry VOWELLS & Lilly CROCKFORD, 13 July 1892 at Parry Sound

8336-92 Daniel CRONEN (Cronin?, 26, labourer, Canada, Bracebridge, s/o Patrick & Bridget, married Margaret GERMAN, 24, Ireland, Draper Tp., d/o John & Julia, witn: John & Anne GERMAN both of Draper on Sept. 5, 1892 at Bracebridge

8198-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Alfred CROSWELL, 25, farmer, Ontario, McConkey twp., s/o William & Dora, married Mary SAMMICAL, 17, Italy, Mills twp., d/o John & Loisa, witn: Henry CROSWELL & Loisa SAMMICAL, both of Mills twp., 15 March 1892 at Mills twp 8256-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Charles CUNNINGHAM, 29, farmer, Simcoe Co., Strong twp., s/o William & Caroline, married Matilda COOK, 24, Perth Co., Linch Lake - Joly twp., d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: James COOK & Amah Jane JARVIS, both of Lynch (sic) Lake, 30 Nov 1892 at Grace Church, South River, Machar twp
#007994-93 John D'AMBROSE, 20, farmer, Tyrol, Mills Twp, s/o Simon & Johanna D'AMBROSE, married Anna Emilie Augusta VOLRATH, 17, Saxony Germany, Mills Twp, d/o Charles & Ann VOLRATH, witn: Robert WEDER, Mills Twp & Otto DEGAN, Ferrie Twp, 20 Mar 1982 at Arnstein, Mills Twp 8245-92 Henry DEMAINE, 55?, widower, builder, England, Stisted, s/o Robert & Isabella, married Annie Elizabeth BROOK, 23, England, Stisted, d/o William & Mary, witn: Joseph BROOK & Clara GOLDTHORP, both of Stisted, 20 Jan 1892 at Stisted
8173-92 Herbert John DENNIS, 21, carpenter, Draper twp., Bracebridge, s/o William Charles & Mary Ann, married Emma WEBBER, 23, England, Watt twp., d/o Joshua WEBBER & Mary RIPPON, witn: William Charles DENNIS Jr. & Sarah WEBBER, 31 Aug 1892 at Watt twp 8262-92 (Muskoka Dist): James DODD, 24, laborer, of Gravenhurst, s/o James & Hester, married Margaret ROBERTS, 22, Penetanguishene, Gravenhurst, d/o William & Bridget, witn: D. McKAY & Maggie McCOY, both of West Gravenhurst, 13 Jan 1892 at Gravenhurst
#007974-93 William Robert DONALLY, 35, farmer, Minto Ont, Monck Twp, s/o William & Fanny DONALLY, married Agnes DONALLY, 24, Kelso Scotland, Monck Twp, widow, d/o James & Jane GLASS, witn: William DONALLY & Jane GLASS, both of Monck Twp, 21 Feb 1893 at the Bride's house in Monck Twp 8263-92 (Muskoka Dist): Jacob DRAPER, 24, laborer, Georgina twp., Gravenhurst, s/o Jacob & Sarah, married Florence HOPKINSON, 20, Nassagaweya twp., Gravenhurst, d/o George & Matilda, witn: Annie V. BOWLES of Gravenhurst & Manley BOWLES of Mono Road, 2 March 1892 at Gravenhurst
#007992-93 James Nelson DUFFY, 23, farmer, Garafraxa Dufferin Co, same, s/o Thomas & Jane DUFFY, married Elizabeth BUNN, 20, Watt Twp, same, d/o George & Margaret BUNN, witn: William YOUNG & Sarah BUNN, both of Watt Twp, 22 Mar 1893 at Utterson Ont #008157-92 James Steeling DUKE, 31, farmer, Kerrismuir? Scotland, Joly, s/o John & Mary DUKE, married Martha Jane WESTOVER, 24, Garafraxa, Joly, d/o William & Mary Ann WESTOVER, witn: Abbie WESTOVER, Joly & John B. DUKE, Hartfeld, 4 May 1892 at Joly
#008234-92 Samuel DUNLOP, 26, labourer, Oro, Perry, s/o James & Agnes DUNLOP, married Bertha KITCHEN, 17, Chaffey, same, d/o John & Sarah KITCHEN, witn: Henry BRAY & Maggie SILVERWOOD, both of Chaffey, 16 Mar 1892 at Chaffey 8200-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Frank DUPUIS, 18, mill laborer, Saginaw?, Collins Inlet, s/o Eisie DUPUIS & Selina JARDY, married Mary [no surname given], 14, Bigue Rimouski, Collins Inlet, d/o Leander MAILLOUX & Victoria ARSENEAU, witn: Andrew CHARLEBOIS of French River & Rosalie BEAUDRY of Wikwemikong, 7 March 1892 at Collins Inlet (Rom Cath)
#007963-93 Sidney EAGLE, 22, farmer, England, Chaffey, s/o William & Jane EAGLE, married Lucy BECKSTEAD, 17, Ontario, Chaffey, d/o Alexander & Prunnilla BECKSTEAD, witn: Eunice RHYNDRESS & Prunnilla BECKSTEAD, both of Chaffey, 20 Nov 1893 at Chaffey Twp 008091-93 John EAGLESON, 26, labourer, Canada, McLean Tp., s/o Francis & Catherine, married Maud NICHOLS, 16, Canada, McLean Tp., d/o John & Martha, witn: John BEATTY & Mary Ann WALKER both of Bracebridge on Nov. 16, 1892 at Bracebridge. (RC)
8269-92 (Muskoka) George EDWARDS, 24, laborer, Ryde Twp, same, s/o Robert & Jane, married Catherine LOWSHAW, 20, Collingwood, Ryde Twp, d/o Isaac & Chloe, witn Annie V BOWLES of Gravenhurst & Jane LOWSHAW, 29 Sept 1892, Gravenhurst #007962-93 Owen E. ENGLAND, 24, farmer, Birmingham England, Chaffey, s/o David & Elizabeth ENGLAND, married Amy CURTIS, 18, Plymouth England, Chaffey, d/o Nicholas & Matilda ENGLAND, witn: William G. GERHART, Novan & Minnie ENGLAND, both of Chaffey, 23 Aug 1893 at Residence of David England Chaffey 
#008164-92 Frederick FAWCETT, 21, farmer, Grey, Powassan, s/o James & Jane FAWCETT, married Alice LIVERMORE, 20, Cambridge England, Dundalk, d/o Joseph & Martha LIVERMORE, witn: Thomas FAWCETT & Minnie HARMER, both of Powassan, 8 June 1892 at Trout Creek 8254-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Thomas FAWCETT, 24, hotel keeper, Bruce Co., Powassan, s/o James & Jane, witn: Minnie HANRAHAN, 29, Renfrew Co., Powassan, d/o Patrick & Kate, witn: Arthur LIVERMORE & Emma STOREY, 17 Aug 1892 at Grace Church, South River, Machar twp
#008189-92 Ditt FERRY, 30, labourer, Ontario, Nelson, s/o Diles FERRY & F.N. SAUVE, married Helen STRAIN, 22, Ontario, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Eugene STRAIN & Catherine GRANAY?, witn: John M. KELLEY, & Ena EYRE, both of Sturgeon Falls, 18 Sept 1892 at Sturgeon Falls  
8092-92 Peter Benjamin FETTERLY, 26, farmer, Ontario, Chaffey twp., s/o Peter & Eliza Jane, married Mary TILLEY, 25, England, Huntsville, d/o Henry & Sarah Ann, witn: William SELKIRK of Huntsville & Emma FETTERLY of Chaffey twp., 21 Dec 1892 at Huntsville

8346-92 Samuel FIESCH, 21, farmer, Stephenson, same, s/o Jacob & Lydia, married Elizabeth CRICHARD, 21, Stephenson, same, d/o William & Agnes, witn: M. E. ROWE & Annie HANSON both of Bracebridge on Dec. 20, 1892 at Bracebridge.

  8281-92 George FISHER, 33, farmer, Ontario, McKellar, s/o John FISHER & Mary, married Ann Helene FLEMING, 20, Ontario, McKellar, d/o Charles FLEMING & Caroline, witn: Antoff FLEMING of McKellar & Carrie NIXON of Parry Sound, 28 Sept 1892 at McKellar
8274-92 (Muskoka) Edward FITZGERALD, 20, bush ranger, Ireland, Gravenhurst, s/o Timothy & Mary, married Ettie BREFFIT (sic), 21, Birmingham Eng., Gravenhurst, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn Edith MENSH of Gravenhurst, 24 Dec 1892, Gravenhurst 8291-92 William FORRAN, 22, farmer, Ontario, McDougall twp., s/o William FORRAN & Margaret LITTLE, married Sarah Hannah TAYLOR, 21, Ontario, McKellar twp., d/o John H. TAYLOR & Hannah PRESTON, witn: David M. DUNCAN of Parry Sound, 27 Aug 1892 at Parry Sound

8329-82 Arthur Frederick FRASER, 29, not given, Sherbrooke Que., same, s/o John Dupont FRASER & Ellen STOTT, married Henrietta Agnes BOYDALL, 21, Bourg Louie Que., Sherbrooke Que., d/o James & Louisa Ada, witn: H. R. FRASER of Sherbrooke & Violet Ada BOYDALL of Bracebridge on Aug. 12, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8267-92 (Muskoka) Dan FRASER, 25, laborer, Sutherlandshire Scotland, Draper Twp, s/o Dan & Georgina, married Emma HEFFREN, 19, Collingwood, Ryde Twp, d/o James & Mary, witn Robert HEFFREN of Ryde Twp & Maggie FRASER of Fraser Twp, 22 June 1892, Gravenhurst

#008193-92 Ernest FRASER, 24, sawmill labourer, Near Three Rivers Que., Byng Inlet, s/o Joseph FRASER & Priscilla GARNEAU, married Elizabeth ALLEN, 20, Penetanguishene, Byng Inlet, d/o Thomas ALLEN & Philomena PELON, witn: Ludovic FRASER & Helen GODIN, both of Byng Inlet, 4 Jan 1892 at Byng Inlet North

8340-92 Joseph FULLER, 57, farmer, widower, Richmond Ont., Minden, s/o Samuel & Lucinda, married Rosey TAYLOR, 37, London Ont., Minden, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: M. E. ROWE of Bracebridge & E. M. LAWLOR of Whitby on Sept. 16, 1892 at Bracebridge.
8005-93 Johann GERBER, 57, widower, farmer, Switzerland, Alsace - Nipissing twp., s/o not given, married Rosina KERNEN, 43, widow, Switzerland, Alsace, d/o Henry THIEL & Johanna THIEL of Commanda [parents or witnesses?], 18 Dec 1892 at Alsace #007961-93 William G. GERHART, 27, blacksmith, Wentworth Co, Novar, s/o Henry N. & Annie C. GERHART, married Minnie Laura ENGLAND, 21, Birmingham England, Chaffey, d/o David & Elizabeth ENGLAND, witn: Owen E. ENGLAND & Amy CURTIS, both of Chaffey, 23 Aug 1893 at Residence of David England Chaffey
8205-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Alphonsus GERMAIN, 21, mill laborer, Portneuf, French River, s/o Desire GERMAIN & Lucianne BERNIER, married Blanche NEWTON, 16, St. Felicite, French River, d/o William NEWTON & Philomene GAGNE, witn: Ernest NEWTON & Angeline COTE, both of French River, 28 March 1892 at French River (Rom Cath)

8325-92 Lemuel GODFREY, 25, lawyer (sawyer?), Ontario, Muskoka Tp., s/o Manley & Alice, married Isabella Gertrude WALKER, 16, Ontario, Muskoka Tp., d/o John & Annie, witn: Mary L. & Margaret E. BROWN both of Bracebridge on May 12, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8258-92 (Muskoka Dist): William GRAHAM, 50, laborer, Streetsville, Wood twp., s/o Robert & Mary, married Matilda SMITH, 55, widow, Finch twp., Wood, d/o Francis & Mary [no surname given], witn: Herbert & Mrs. H. WOODS of Morrison, 21 March 1892 at Gravenhurst 8218-92 John M. GRAY, 26, farmer, of Pembroke, married Ellen J. ROBERTSON, 17, of Germania, witn: Mr. & Mrs. THOMPSON of Draper, 13 July 1892 at Uffington [no other info given]

8339-92 James GREEN, 29, farmer, Wellington Co., Macaulay Tp., s/o Alexander & Ellen, married Emma JONES, 22, Ontario, Macaulay, d/o Peter & Elizabeth, witn: Robert & Elizabeth GREEN both of Macaulay on Oct. 31, 1892 at Bracebridge.

#007971-93 George H. HAMILTON, 36, carpenter, Verulam, Sundridge, s/o William & Martha HAMILTON, married Henrietta RENEY, 16, West Gwillimbury Ont, Strong Twp, d/o John & Elizabeth RENEY, witn: Robert W. COWAN & Maggie HUGHES, not given, 16 Aug 1893 at Strong Twp 8098-92 Richard HAMILTON, 26, farmer, Pelham Ont., Riant?, s/o William John & Melissa, married Ella BENT, 20, Wainfleet, Franklin, d/o George & Adelia, witn: A. J. SHIPLEY of Sherborne & Elizabeth MILNE of Huntsville, 5 April 1892 at Huntsville

8318-92 William Henry HARPER, 26, farmer, Markham Tp., Monck Tp., s/o Robert & Maria, married Alma Adena RHODES, 19, Tilsonburg, McLean Tp., d/o Robert William & Rachel, witn: Frederic Melvin RHODES of McLean & Mary Matilda HARPER of Monck on March 7, 1892 at Bracebridge.


8284-92 William John HEWITT, 53, widower, clergyman, England, Essa twp., s/o William HEWITT & Rebecca DAVIS, married Margaret McINTYRE, 36, Ontario, Parry Sound, d/o Archibald McINTYRE & Marion PRINGLE, witn: Solomon PURVIS & J?.B. DUNCAN, both of Parry Sound, 15 June 1892 at Parry Sound 8337-92 Mathias HOGAN, 28, labourer, Canada, Huntsville, s/o James & Mary, married Cecilia BASSET, 18, Canada, Huntsville, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: William FORSIDER & Mary Ann BASSET both of Huntsville on June 29, 1892 at Bracebridge.
#007973-93 Thomas HOLT, 46, farmer, Vaughan Ont, Strong Twp, widower, s/o Zachanah & Elizabeth HOLT, married Mary GANTON, 47, Glengarry Co, Wyebridge Simcoe Co, d/o John & Catherine MCDONALD, witn: George & Kate HILL, both of Strong Twp, 28 Nov 1893 at Strong Twp 8259-92 (Muskoka Dist): George HOPKINSON, 23, laborer, Nassagaweya, Gravenhurst, s/o George & Matilda, married Lydia FETTERLEY, 17, Cornwall, Gravenhurst, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Annie V. & Manley BOWLES of Gravenhurst, 23 May 1892 at Gravenhurst
8169-92 Joseph IRWIN, 28, farmer, Mulmur twp., McKellar, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Annie LONG, 21, Orillia, Ryde twp., d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Robert & Anna IRWIN of Ryde twp., 15 March 1892 at Ryde twp 8241-92 (Muskoka Dist): George ISAAC, 29, farmer, Ontario, Souris Manitoba, s/o John & Mary, married Rosa LOVATT, 24, England, Monck twp., d/o William & Martha, witn: David O'BRIEN of Monck twp & Emily DOWLER of Ashdown, 25 Jan 1892 at Monck twp
8246-92 David JACK, 24, farmer, Dundee Scotland, McMurrich, s/o George & Mary, married Martha Mailda CHRIEST, 18, St. Catharines, McMurrich, d/o Martin & Annie, witn: Herman CHRIEST & Isabella JACK, both of McMurrich, 13 April 1892 at Christ Church, Stisted 8289-92 William James JACKSON, 22, laborer, Canada, Parry Sound, s/o Thomas & Anne?, married Margaret Charlotte BROWNLEE, 15, Canada, Parry Sound, d/o Alexander & Annie, witn: James & Mary N. BATEMAN of Parry Sound, 2 Aug 1892 at Parry Sound
8279-92 William George May JACKSON, 28, farmer, Spencers Wood Que., Humphrey twp., s/o Hugh JACKSON & Elizabeth, married Isabella Farquharson RUXTON, 26, Milton - Co. Hertford (sic) Ont), Cardwell twp., d/o James RUXTON & Jane, witn: James RUXTON of Cardwell & Mary Isabella JACKSON of Humphrey, 22 June 1892 at res of J. Ruxton 8089-92 Charles Edward JACKSON, 27, sailor, England, Gravenhurst, s/o John & Agnes, married Dora QUINN, 26, Ontario, Sinclair twp., d/o William & Susan, witn: William & Lizzie QUINN of Sinclair twp., 28 Dec 1892 at Huntsville

8316-92 Philip JAMES, 59, gardener, widower, of Port Sandfield Muskoka, s/o James & Martha, married Dora FINLAYSON, 29, Scotland, Port Sandfield Muskoka, d/o Donald & Christina, witn: Miss M. JAMES of Port Sandfield on Oct. 1, 1892 at Port Carling.

#008235-92 Isaac JENKINS, 23, farmer, Ont, Croft, s/o Edward & Jane JENKINS, married Eliza Jane MAWHINNEY, 19, Ont, Chaffey, d/o William & Catherine MAWHINNEY, witn: George MAWHINNEY, Chaffey & Emily COWLER, Bracebridge, 6 July 1892 at Chaffey #007972-93 Joseph JENKINS, 32, farmer, Grenville County Ont, Chapman Twp, s/o Edward & Jane JENKINS, married Christiana HENDERSON, 18, Seaforth Ont, Chapman Twp, d/o William & Rachel HENDERSON, witn: Peter HENDERSON & Maria JENKINS, both of Chapman Twp, 19 Sept 1893 at Strong Twp
8265-92 (Muskoka) Robert Kimber JOHNS, 32, painter, London Eng, Gravenhurst, s/o Robert Kimber & Mary, married Alice Maud KIMPTON, 25, London Eng, Gravenhurst, d/o William & Frances, witn Edgar George & Rose Ellen JOHNS of Gravenhurst, 4 Jul 1892, Gravenhurst 8079-92 Robert James JOHNSTON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Brunel twp., s/o Samuel & Eliza, married Sophia Elizabeth McCOMB, 21, widow, Ontario, Brunel twp., d/o Daniel STAHLS & Helena, witn: Wellington JOHNSTON & Eliza STAHLS, both of Brunel twp., 24 Aug 1892 at Huntsville

8320-92 Andrew JONES, 32, farmer, Ontario, Macaulay Tp., s/o Oliver & Eliza, married Margaret Hughena JACK, 18, Ontario, Watt Tp., d/o William & Mary, witn: George M. L. & Margaret E. BROWN both of Bracebridge on Jan. 7, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8266-92 (Muskoka) Rufus JONES, 21, farmers son, Ryde Twp, same, s/o David & mother dead, married Annie GOHEEN, 17, Ryde Twp, same, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn Joseph LOCKHART of Morrison Twp & Charlotte FRENCH of Gravenhurst, 3 Aug 1892, Gravenhurst
8286-92 William John JONES, 26, teacher, Ontario, McKellar, s/o Isaac JONES & Levana OLMSTEAD, married Elizabeth HARRIS, 18, Parry Sound, same, d/o Abraham HARRIS & Harriet HEALY, witn: Marin? illegible & Hannah illegible, both of Parry Sound, 5 May 1892 at Parry Sound

8331-92 Samuel KENNEDY, 25, labourer, Georgetown, Bracebridge, s/o William & Maggie, married Sarah Jane BUEL, 18, Dawn, Bracebridge, d/o Jonas & Adaline, witn: George & Adaline BUEL both of Bracebridge on Aug. 15, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8215-92 (Muskoka Dist): Thomas KIRKPATRICK, 27, farmer, Canada, Uffington, s/o William & Ann Jane, married Emily FAWCETT, 26, Canada, Uffington, d/o Adam & Ann, witn: John KIRKPATRICK of Uffington & Jane FAWCETT of Toronto, 17 May 1892 at Uffington 8210-92 John LADD, 24, farmer, Uxbridge, Whitestone, s/o not given, married Annie JAMES, 16, Oxfordshire England, Ahmic Lake, d/o not given, witn: Robert A. TRUAX & Nellie O'CONNOR, both of Whitestone, 31 Aug 1892 at Whitestone
#007993-93 Arthur Henry LADELL, 37, storekeeper, Holt Norfolk England, Port Sydney Stephenson Twp, widower, s/o Henry George & Mary Ann LADELL, married Ada Emily THOMS, 26, London England, Stephenson Twp, d/o William Henry & Emily THOMS, witn: Frank P. CROMPTON, Appden? & Louisa Annie THOMS, Port Sydney, 3 Apr 1893 at Port Sydney 8209-92 John LALONDE, 22, mill laborer, Penetang., Byng Inlet, s/o Regis LALONDE & Christine PRISQUE, married Mynas LEMAY, 20, Penetang., Byng Inlet, d/o John LEMAY & Mynas HASICOTTE, witn: Mary LALONDE & David NORMANDIN, both of Byng Inlet, 22 Aug 1892 at Byng Inlet
#007996-93 James LANGLADE, 27, mill labourer, Penetanguishene, Byng Inlet, s/o Lewis LANGLADE & Madeline CONN (one of the parents was deceased..not sure which one), married Mary Adelia CHARETTE, 20, St Etienne PQ, Byne Inlet, d/o Benjamin CHARETTE & Caroline BELEMARE, witn: Joe LANGLADE & Mary Jane CHARETTE, both of Byne Inlet, 6 July 1893 at Byng Inlet, RC

8317-92 William Edward LEADER (Leeder?), 22, labourer, Toronto, Macauley Tp., s/o Philip & Susan, married Ellen RUSSELL, 20, England, Chaffey, d/o Charles & Maria, witn: Philip LEADER & Elizabeth RYCKMAN both of Macaulay on Feb. 29, 1892 at Bracebridge

8108-92 Philip LEEDER, 21, laborer, Macaulay twp., same, s/o Philip & Susan, married Elizabeth T. RYCKMAN, 20, Ontario, Macaulay twp., d/o Albert & Martha, witn: George KIRK & Isabella MITCHELL, both of Macaulay twp., 27 April 1892 at Macaulay twp 8216-92 (Muskoka Dist): Albert Frederick LEEDER, 23, sailor, Ontario, Macaulay twp., s/o Frederick & Mary, married Lillie Jane ANDREWS, 22, Ontario, Draper, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William James ANDREWS of Draper & Maggie NICHOLSON of Bracebridge, 23 March 1892 at Draper twp
#008223-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Frank LEFLER, 50, merchant, St. Andrews Quebec, Parry Sound, s/o Andrew & Jeanette, married Elizabeth FLETCHER, 40, widow, England, Parry Sound, d/o Joseph & A. FLETCHER, witn: William & Martha WYLIE of Dunchurch, 8 July 1892 at Dunchurch #008171-92 Joseph LEVER, 23, farmer, Quebec Province, McDougall Twp, s/o Frank & Elizabeth LEVER, married Rose WHALEN, 18, Essex Co, McDougall, d/o Daniel & Esther WHALEN, witn: Charles PHILIP & Susan WHALEN both of McDougall, 29 Mar 1892 at McDougall Twp
#008174-92 John LOUCKS 27, labourer, Canada, Parry Sound, s/o John & Margaret LOUCKS married Sarah H. PENDER, 23, Canada, Foley, d/o James & Bridget PENDER, witn: Francis PENDER & Mary A. GRAHAM, both of Foley, 24 Oct 1892 at Foley ( corrected from Loukes) by Mrs H. LOUCKS, Sept 28, 1923 at Foley Twp) 008076-92 Mark LOVEGROVE, 25, Farmer, England, Twp. of Chaffey, s/o William LOVEGROVE & Eliza LOVEGROVE, Married Gertrude A. BALIS, 18, England, Twp. of Chaffey, d/o Charles BALIS & Mary Anne STEWARD, witn: Fred SLATER, Mary RICHARDS, both of Huntsville, October 7, 1892, Village of Huntsville.
#008186-92 Joseph LOYER, 53, farmer, Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Hyacinthe LOYER & Thomas GIROUX, married Emelie SABOURIN, 21, Cambridge, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Luc SABOURIN & Rose PHILION, witn: Cyprien MARTIN & J. Baptiste LEBLANC, both of Sturgeon Falls, 29 Aug 1892 at Sturgeon Falls  
8287-92 William LUTZ, 33, laborer, Canada, Parry Sound, s/o Charles LUTZ & Elizabeth, married Margaret Jane SUITAR?, 23, Canada, Waubaushene Junction, d/o Louis & Margaret, witn: John Mc--? of Parry Sound & Alice illegible of Waubaushene Junction, 13 July 1892 at Parry Sound #007981-93 Robert LYNETT, 24, labourer, Normandy Twp, Trout Creek, s/o John & Winifred LYNETT, married Margaret BARRETT, 24, not given, Barrett Settlement, d/o James & Catherine BARRETT, witn: Jas Jr. & Anne BARRETT, both of Trout Creek, 4 July 1892 at Barrett Settlement, RC
8280-92 William MAGEE, 27, farmer, Ontario, McKellar, s/o Johnston MAGEE & Mary Jane, married Ella Eugenia LEE, 25, Ontario, McKellar, d/o George B. LEE & Annie, witn: David MAGEE & Catherine PETERS, both of McKellar, 16 March 1892 at Parry Sound 8285-92 Daniel MAKEDY (McKedy?), 24, farmer, Ontario, Parry Sound Dist., s/o Daniel MAKEDY & Sarah Jane WOODS, married Hannah McGUIRE, 16, Parry Sound Dist., same, d/o Richard McGUIRE & Mary Ann TOMLINSON, witn: James WEDELL? of Foley twp & Thomas W. GEORGE of Parry Sound, 25 May 1892 at Foley twp
  8091-92 Murdock MATHESON, 31, clerk, Scotland, Huntsville, s/o Dougald & Mary, married Millie SHAY, 21, Huntsville, same, d/o Allan SHAY & Mary Elizabeth, witn: James George MARTIN & Hilda HUNT, both of Huntsville, 8 Nov 1892 at Huntsville
8239-92 (Muskoka Dist): William MAYHEW, 26, merchant, Wentworth Co., Huntsville, s/o Robert & Cecilia, married Minerva HANES, 23, Chaffey, same, d/o Allen J. & Ellen, witn: Asa CANDMAN? of Huntsville & Maggie HANES of Chaffey, 13 Sept 1892 at Chaffey

8344-92 Kenneth McCASKELL, 39, farmer, Glengarry, Watt Tp., s/o Finlay & Mary, married Catherine CROWDER, 35, widow, Georgina Ont., Watt Tp., d/o Joshua & Elizabeth RHINDULL, witn: Donald BEATON & Sarah CODA both of Watt Tp. on Nov. 18, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8277-92 (Parry Sound) John McCLELLAN, 28, merchant, Leicester England, Stanley House, s/o James & Margaret, married Mary Jane MacLEAN, 20, Nottingham England, Stanley House, d/o William & Mary, witn Charles BROWN & Janel Ethel MacLEAN of Stanley House, 7 Apr 1892, Stanley House - Lake Joseph, Humphrey

8333-92 John McDONALD, 23, farmer, Edinburgh Scotland, Oakley Tp., s/o John & Christina, married Margaret Jane DENNISON, 21, Belfast Ireland, Oakley Tp., d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas McDONALD & Mary Ann DENNISON both of Oakley on Aug. 23, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8242-92 John McFADDEN, 21, farmer, Essa Ont., Bracebridge, s/o John & Eliza, married Mary Ann HARVEY, 23, Vespra Ont., Monck, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Isaac BRIDGEMAN of Bracebridge & Rebecca McFADDEN of Monck, 27 Sept 1892 at Monck twp

8324-92 James McFADDEN, 25, lawyer (sawyer?), Simcoe Co., Bracebridge, s/o John & Eliza, married Sarah Jane BOVAIR, 16, Toronto, Bracebridge, d/o Philip Samuel & Susanna, witn: George McFADDEN & Margaret Ann HARVEY both of Bracebridge on May 11, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8104-92 Peter Joseph McFARLANE, 21, tailor, Ireland, Huntsville, s/o Francis & Mary, married Alice JOHNSTON, 26, widow, Tenby Wales, Huntsville, d/o John & Susan THOMAS, witn: George MONTGOMERY & Annie GAREAU, both of Huntsville, 3 March 1892 at Huntsville

8335-92 John McKAY, 24, lumberman, Draper Tp., same, s/o Alexander & Catherine, married Alice EVERETT, 24, Gloucestershire England, Draper Tp., d/o John Frederick & Jane, witn: William McDONALD & Maggie SCOTT both of Draper on Oct. 5, 1892 at Draper.

8304-92 Angus D. McLEAN, 28, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Donald McLEAN & Mary, married Martha E. McKAGUE, 27, Mariposa twp., McMurrich twp., d/o Robert McKAGUE & Mary Ann, witn: George MICHAEL of Mariposa twp & Maggie FRANKLIN of McMurrich twp., 1 June 1892 at res of parents, 12th Con of McMurrich twp 8277-92 John MacLELLAN, 28, merchant, Leicester England, Stanley House, s/o James MacLELLAN & Margaret, married Mary Jessie MacLEAN, 20, Nottingham England, Stanley House, d/o William MacLEAN & Mary, witn: Janet Ethel & Charles Brown MacLEAN of Stanley House, 7 April 1892 at Stanley House, Lake Joseph, Humphrey twp
8081-92 Robert Frampton McNAIRNEY, 24, hotel keeper, Bracebridge, Huntsville, s/o John McNAIRNEY & Nancy HARRIS (Hanes?), married Hattie Bell SHAY, 19, NY state, Huntsville, d/o Edsall SHAY & Charlotte WALKER, witn: Edward SHAY & Amanda HANES, both of Huntsville, 23 Aug 1902 at Huntsville #008191-92 William J. MCNEIL, 32, labourer, not given, Sturgeon Falls, s/o William MCNEIL & Elizabeth BROWN, married Annie BAXTER?, 24, Ontario, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Hugh BAXTER & Annie ROCHE, witn: William BANTER & Eliza ARMITAGE, both of Sturgeon Falls, 26 Dec 1892 at Sturgeon Falls
  8252-92 (Parry Sound Dist): William McQUEEN, 25, farmer, Fifeshire Scotland, Strong twp., s/o William & Isabella, married Annie HOLT, 17, Simcoe Co., Strong twp., d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: George & Kate HILL of Sundridge, 31 March 1892 at res of George HILL
8086-92 Joseph MIDDLETON, 22, sawyer, Uxbridge, Huntsville, s/o George & Mary, married Mary McCARTHY, 19, St. Catharines, Bracebridge, d/o John McCARTHY & Fanny DENMAN?, witn: Melanna & May RICHARDS? of Huntsville, 12 July 1892 at Huntsville 8078-92 John Henry MIDWINTER, 35, widower, laborer, England, Huntsville, s/o John & Mary, married Emma May KITCHEN, 30, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o John H. & E.M., witn: Maud WHALEY & Fred STEPHENSON, both of Huntsville, 18 July 1892 at Huntsville
8211-92 Henry MINGO, 25, farmer, Devonshire England, Bethune twp., s/o William & Ellen, married Charlotte SHOTTON, 21, Montreal, Bethune twp., d/o Edwin & Jane, witn: Robert & Mabel SHOTTON of Bethune, 8 Nov 1892 at Bethune 8208-92 Moses MISKWADES, 27, widower, workman, Shawenaga, same, s/o Henry & Mary Ann, married Anna GYIKOKEGOBAN, 17, Kebekamang, same, d/o Moise GYIKOKEGOBAN & Charlotte Philomene KITCHIGANIGWAN, witn: Peter NAGMAS of Byng Inlet & Isabella COOPER of Kebekenang, 14 June 1892 at Byng Inlet
8310-92 Albert Edward MISNER, 26, store keeper, Canada, Emsdale, s/o Dyer J. MISNER & Elizabeth, married Essie E. McGILL, 23, Montreal, Kearney, d/o Hugh McGILL & Anne, witn: John A. FISK of Emsdale & Ellen McGILL of Kearney, 4 Jan 1892 at Kearney  
008075-92 Angus MORRISON, 42, Widower, Farmer, Ontario, Twp. of Muskoka, s/o William MORRISON & Johanna MORRISON, married Caroline Melissa TAYLOR, 27, Ontario, Twp. of Muskoka, d/o Abraham TAYLOR & Caroline TAYLOR, Witn: John & E.B. McKAGUE of Huntsville, November 9, 1892, Village of Huntsville 8939-92 W.S. MORRISON, 32, merchant, Canada, Sprucedale, s/o William MORRISON & Johana, married Mary FOWLER, 26, Canada, Beggsboro, d/o Joseph FOWLER & Jane, witn: William CRAWFORD of Burks Falls & Hattie FOWLER of Beggsboro, 6 July 1892 at Beggsboro
8261-92 (Muskoka Dist): Samuel MURRAY, 27, railroad employee, of Gravenhurst, s/o John & Ellen, married Martha JOHNS, 19, Gravenhurst, same, d/o Mary & Robert Kimber JOHNS, witn: R.J. MURRAY & May JOHNS, 12 Jan 1892 at Gravenhurst 8283-92 George MURRAY, 31, engineer, Ontario, Parry Sound, s/o John MURRAY & Mary SHANNON, married Ruth Ellen BANNON, 24, Ontario, Parry Sound, d/o Timothy BANNON & Ellen SILVERTHORN, witn: Alexander & John BANNON of Parry Sound, 6 June 1892 at Parry Sound
  #008194-92 Peter NEWTON, 22, mill labourer, Mathann (Sageunsy?), French River, s/o William NEWTON & Philemon GAGRIE?, married Claudia ATTIS, 16, Penetang, French River, d/o Michael ATTIS & Lanival MCDONALD, witn: William NEWTON & Peter HAMLOT, both of French River, 6 Jan 1892 at French River
#007988-93 Samuel David NICKERSON, 25, farmer, Ontario, Stephenson Twp, s/o John & Martha NICKERSON, married Charity WEBB, 17, Ontario, Stephenson Twp, d/o Fredrick & Keziah WEBB, witn: Timothy & Kate WEBB, both of Stephenson Twp, 20 Dec 1893 at Stephenson Twp #007986-93 Charles Albert NICKERSON, 20, farmer, Ontario, Stephenson Twp, s/o John & Martha NICKERSON, married Abigail MCINTYRE, 18, Ontario, Stephenson Twp, d/o John & Mahala MCINTYRE, witn: William MCINTYRE & Hannah NICKERSON, both of Stephenson Twp, 18 Sept 1893 at Stephenson Twp
 8275-92 (Muskoka) Abner NOLAN, 24, millhand, Gravenhurst, same, s/o George & Mary, married Margaret STAFFORD, 20, Borsc (sic) Co. Quebec, Gravenhurst, d/o James & Ann, witn Obadiah & Caroline STAFFORD of Gravenhurst, 15 Nov 1892, Gravenhurst #007995-93 David NORMANDIN, 21, mill labourer, Byng Inlet, same, s/o Joe NORMANDIN & Jarorite BERGER, married Mary PARIDIS (s/b Paradis?), 17, Port Severn, Byng Inlet, d/o Maglois PARIDIS & Adelaide LONGLADE, witn: George NORMANDIN & Mary LABATTE, both of Byne Inlet, 10 July 1893 at Byng Inlet, RC
#007990-93 Albert Bachtel OLIMER, 21, farmer, Waterloo, Macaulay Twp, s/o James S. & Hanna OLIMER, married Sephrinia Maria FINCH, 19, Falkenburg, Stephenson Twp, d/o J. & L.B. FINCH, witn: William NIXON & Emily OLIMER, both of Stephenson Twp, 10 May 1893 at residence of Bride's father Parkersville 8315-92 Levi OLIN, 35, widower, lumberman, Clarke twp., Long Lake - Perry, s/o B.F. OLIN & Mary Jane, married Annie WILKINSON, 40, widow, London England, Long Lake, d/o blank TATE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. CONNELLY of Novar, 14 Sept 1892 at Novar
  #008163-92 Frederick Nelson OWEN, 25, saw miller, Sheffield England, Sundridge, s/o Joseph & Florence OWEN, married Margaret BOLTON, 27, Howick Twp - Huron Co, Sundridge, d/o George & Elizabeth BOLTON, witn: John ANDERSON, Sundridge & Eva Agnes BLATHERWICK, Bracebridge, 14 Sept 1892 at Sundridge
8272-92 (Muskoka) Charles George PENSON (Pearson?), 26, painter, London Eng, Buffalo, s/o George Stephen & Maria Jane, married Emily Mary PENSON, 30, London Eng, Port Carling, d/o Rick George & Eliz Mary, witn Esll (sic) PENSON of Port Carling, 30 Nov 1892, Gravenhurst 8268-92 (Muskoka) F N PENSON (Pearson?), 28, builder, London Eng, Port Carling, s/o Richard George & Elizabeth, married Margaret BAILEY, 22, Holland Centre, Port Carling, d/o Robert & Mary Jane, witn Edward BAILEY of Port Carling, 28 Sep 1892, Gravenhurst
8255-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Clemens PINKERTON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Strong twp., s/o George & Melinda, married Isabella RODGERS, 16, Ontario, Strong twp., d/o John & Sarah, witn: William Wilson SNOW & Maggie H. GANDER, 25 Nov 1892 at Parsonage, Machar twp 8309-92 Richard PIPER, 34, widower, Middlesex Ont., Bayside, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Rebecca KING, 21, Lincolnshire England, Bayside, d/o John & Maria, witn: William & Elizabeth JELLY of Bracebridge, 28 Nov 1892 at Bayside
8082-92 George POGUE, 21, laborer, Ontario, Huntsville, s/o Alexander & Sarah, married Mary KELLY, 19, Ontario, Brunel twp., d/o Edward & Eliza, witn: William SELKIRK & F. A. SIEVERIGHT, both of Huntsville, 6 Sept 1892 at Huntsville 8087-92 John POWER, 23, farmer, Ontario, Chaffey twp., s/o Moses & Virginia, married Nelly OKE, 20, Ontario, Chaffey twp., d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William SELKIRK & Lydia C. TILLEY, both of Huntsville, 21 Dec 1892 at Huntsville

8341-92 John PRICE, 26, farmer, Orillia, Stisted Ont., s/o Adam & Ellen, married Nancy Maria CROWDER, 25, Medonte, Watt, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Andrew & Sarah Jane GREER both of Watt on Sept. 30, 1892 at Bracebridge

8240-92 (Muskoka Dist): Horace E. PROWSE, 22, farmer, Birkenhead England, Beaumorris, s/o Edward & Mary Ann Margaret, married Annie E. BROADLEY, 21, Wood twp., same, d/o Enos & Pauline Julia Alice, witn: Hilda PROWSE & Thomas H. RICHARDS, both of Beaumorris, 24 Feb 1892 at Beaumorris, Monck twp 8080-92 Robert QUAIFE, 27, blacksmith, England, Huntsville, s/o Spencer & Sarah, married Minnie DILL, 18, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o George & Melissa, witn: Charles SCARROW & Melissa DILL, both of Huntsville, 15 Aug 1892 at Huntsville
#007982-93 James REID, 24, labourer, not given, Barrett Settlement, s/o not given, married Louisa ALBRECHT, 19, not given, Barrett Settlement, d/o Charles & not given ALBRECHT, witn: Anthony FICKER & Theresa DIETRICH, both of Trout Creek, 4 Jan 1893 at Trout Creek, RC 8308-92 Frederick Meldrum RHODES, 23, working man, Ontario, McLean, s/o Robert W. & Rachel, married Margaret McREYNOLDS, 28, Ontario, Franklin twp., d/o Roland & Elizabeth Ann, witn: Letitia Jane & Charles W. RHODES of McLean twp., 19 Sept 1892 at McLean twp

8345-92 Thomas ROBSON, 21, tanner, Dewitt Ohio USA., Bracebridge, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Sarah Ann WOODHOUSE, 17, Macaulay, Bracebridge, d/o Joseph & Margaret Jane, witn: Thomas & Maggie WOODHOUSE, Susan ROWBOTHAM & R. MILLS all of Bracebridge on Dec. 7, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8103-92 William ROLSTON, 24, shoe maker, Ontario, South River, s/o Alexander & Mary Jane, married Margaret CHAPMAN, 24, Ontario, South River, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: John S. WANNACOTT & Florence GILCHRIST, both of Huntsville, 10 Feb 1892 at Huntsville #007985-93 Ewen ROSS, 35, farmer, Ontario, Humphrey Twp, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth ROSS, married Margaret Elizabeth HAW, 22, Ontario, McLean Twp, d/o William & Jane HAW, witn: John HAW & Elizabeth LANGFORD, both of McLean Twp, 11 Oct 1893 at McLean Twp
8282-92 Albert ROSWELL, 23, day laborer, Leeds Co., Carling twp., s/o Henry ROSWELL & Elizabeth, married Margaret WOOD, 20, York Co., McDougall twp., d/o John WOOD & Ann, witn: W.H. BUNDY & Jennie JACKSON, both of Parry Sound, 21 March 1892 at Parry Sound #008181-92 James ROWLEY, 35, labourer, Greiville (sic), Nipissing, s/o Charles & Betsy ROWLEY, married Margaret Alice ARMSTRONG, 29, Huron Co, Nipissing Village, widow, d/o James & Jane MCVITTIE, witn: Francis SIMMS & Lillian CULHAM, both of Nipissing Village, 20 Aug 1892 at Nipissing Village
8264-92 (Muskoka) James RUTTAN, 26, farmer, Port Hope, Ryde Twp, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Emma Eliza FOX, 15, Ryde Twp, same, d/o John & Mary, witn Thomas & Lena RUTTAN of Ryde, 5 Jan 1892, Gravenhurst  #008187-92 Telesphore SERE, 23, clerk, Ontario, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Eloi SERE & Rosalie GOYETTE, married Cleranda CHARTRAND, 18, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Treffle CHARTRAND & Emelia DONEVILLE, witn: Denie GAUTHIER & Zotique MAGEAU, both of Sturgeon Falls, 29 Aug 1892 at Sturgeon Falls
  8217-92 (Muskoka Dist): Herbert Woodley SLATER, 26, farmer, Ontario, McLean, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Ida Jane GILBERT, 19, Ontario, Draper, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: Charles GILBERT of Draper & Lizzie M. E. SLATER of Bracebridge, 20 April 1892 at Draper twp
8228-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Ralph SMITH, 23, farmer, England, Strong twp., s/o Ralph & Lavina, married Mary Rhoda RYE, 19, Goderich twp., Chapman twp., d/o Frederick & Janet, witn: Catherine RYE & George SMITH, both of Larmond, 16 March 1892 at Burks Falls #007984-93 Walter SMITH, 32, farmer, England, McLean Twp, widower, s/o J.R. SMITH & Elizabeth ROWLES, married Ada Maria ENNIS, 18, Macaulay Twp, McLean Twp, d/o John ENNIS & Jane LANGFORD, witn: Herbert SMITH & S(illegible) ENNIS, both of McLean Twp, 12 Sept 1893 at McLean Twp
#008182-92 William Orr SMITH, 27, farmer, Pembroke, Patterson Twp, s/o Andrew Orr SMITH & Mary SMITH, married Annie SMITH, 19, Alice Twp, Nipissing Twp, d/o Alexander & Jane SMITH, witn: Richard SMITH, Nipissing & Mary SMITH, Patterson Twp, 18 Aug 1892 at Patterson Twp

8207-92 (Parry Sound Dist): John SOHM, 28, farmer, Switzerland, Lount twp., s/o John & Elizabeth, married Loisa DETTE, 22, Germany, Lount twp., d/o Julius & Loisa, witn: Karl DETTE & Frieda SOHM, both of Lount, 18 April 1892, near Deer Lake, Lount

#008172-92 Peter SOLLIVAN (Sullivan?), 33, farmer, Beverley, Armour, s/o John George & Margaret SOLLIVAN, married Lizzie HUSTON, 19, Canada, Burks Falls, d/o Robert & Sarah HUSTON, witn: Patrick SOLLIVAN, Maggie HUSTON & Robert BRADLEY, all of Armour, 30 Mar 1892 at Armour 8321-92 Harry SOPER, 25, carpenter, Ontario, Bracebridge, s/o Samuel & Harriet, married Matilda Catherine ELLIS, 22, Ontario, Bracebridge, d/o Isaac Edward & Mary Ann, witn: Joseph Benjamin & Jane ELLIS both of Bracebridge on Feb. 17, 1892 at Bracebridge.
#007987-93 Charles STAHLS, 40, farmer, Ontairo, Stephenson Twp, widower, s/o Andrew & Sophie STAHLS, married Ann MCMILLAN, 25, Ontario, Stephenson Twp, d/o Malcolm & Christena MCMILLAN, witn: Malcolm MCMILLAN & Eliza BULLEN, both of Stephenson Twp, 13 Dec 1893 at Stephenson Twp

8322-92 Duncan STEPHENSON, 26, farmer, Renfrew Co., Macaulay Tp., s/o John & Maria, married Belinda STEVENS, 23, Stephenson Tp., same, d/o William & Sarah Jane, witn: William CLARKE & Lily SHINDEN both of Bracebridge on April 13, 1892 at Bracebridge

8247-92 Peter STEVENS, 52, widower, mason, Port Hope, Lot 25 Con 9 of Franklin twp., s/o James & Betsy, married Margaret Jane FRANKLIN, 35, widow, Antrim Ireland, Lot 2 Con 7 of Stisted twp., d/o David & Jane RANKIN, witn: David RANKIN of Lot 3 Con 7 of Stisted and James & Fanny RANKIN of Lot 1 Con 7 of Stisted twp., 20 Oct. 1892 at Stisted twp  
8227-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Simeon STOVER, 30, sailor, Uxbridge, Owen Sound, s/o Abraham & Catherine, married Margaret Agnes MACKIE, 23, Pickering twp., Burks Falls, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: Catherine & William REDMAN of Burks Falls, 6 Jan 1892 at Burks Falls 8237-92 (Muskoka Dist): William P. STRICKLAND, 47, widower, gardener, England, Toronto, s/o William & Fanny, married Annie B. NEWBURY, 20, England, Chaffey, d/o James & Annie, witn: James & Annie NEWBURY of Chaffey, 16 Aug 1892 at Chaffey
8253-92 (Parry Sound Dist): William Lee TAYLOR, 27, farmer, Ingersol, 8th con of Machar, s/o John & Sophia, married Mary Euphemia McCAIG, 27, Ontario, Machar, d/o James & Jane, witn: William H. & Naomi CARR of Machar, 14 June 1892 at res of bride's brother, Machar twp 8088-92 George THEOBALD, 28, farmer, England, Stephenson twp., s/o Charles & Sarah Ann, married Mary Ellen OLIVER, 20, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o John & Helen, witn: Sarah Ann OLIVER & William OLIVER, both of Huntsville, 27 Dec 1892 at Huntsville
8260-92 (Muskoka Dist): Thomas THIN, 33, laborer, Toronto, Gravenhurst, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Sarah DEFOREST, 16, Nassagaweya, Ray twp - Muskoka, d/o Nelson & Phoebe, witn: William & Mrs. William CAMERON of Gravenhurst, 20 June 1892 at Gravenhurst 8093-92 James George THURMAN, 32, widower, farmer, England, McMurrich, s/o James Derby? THURMAN & Frances, married Catherine LOW, 30, Ontario, Franklin, d/o James & Mary, witn: George & Sarah PELLS (Pitts?) of Huntsville, 16 Jan 1892 at Huntsville
  8175-92 Frederick TRETHEWAY, 45, widower, engineer, Montreal, Stephenson twp., s/o Samuel & Rebecca, married Jane WINTERS, 40, widow, Fitzroy Canada, Stephenson twp., d/o Robert & Ellen ORR, witn: William SUMMERS of Cardwell twp & Charles MULVENEY of Stephenson twp., 10 March 1892 at Stephenson twp
#008165-92 Albert E. TRUSSLER, 24, lumberman, Waterloo Co, Trout Creek, s/0 George & Sarah TRUSSLER, married Alice Mary CARR, 16, Oxford Co, Trout Creek, d/o Thomas F. & Susan CARR, witn: Gilbert TRUSSLER & Mrs C.H. BUTTER, both of Trout Creek, 22 Aug 1892 at Trout Creek #008166-92 Byron TRUSSLER, 31, Waterloo Co, Trout Creek, widower, s/o George Gilbert & Sarah TRUSSLER, married Mary Ann DORE, 21, Bruce Co, Laurier Twp, d/o Walter & Annie DORE, witn: Matilda DORE & Gilbert TRUSSLER, both of Trout Creek, 16 Oct 1892 at Trout Creek
8204-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Benjamin VANKOUGHNET, 23, farmer, Minto twp., Conger twp., s/o John & Mary, married Frances McROBERTS, 19, of Foley twp., d/o James & Mary, witn: Joshua VANKOUGHNET of Conger twp & Mary McROBERTS of Foley twp., 8 March 1892 at Conger twp #008180-92 Zacariah VONSUBEN, 40, farmer, Sarnen Venteralden Kingdom of Switzerland, Nipissing Twp, s/o Melchiva VONSUBEN & Baarcora FENK, married Theresa KAMBERT, 22, Altona Schlesing Twp Holinstein, Nipissing, d/o Emile Robert KAMBERT & Joan SCHMIDT, witn: none given, 24 Jan 1892 at Alsace

8330-92 Frederick George WALLEY, 21, druggist, Ingersoll, London Ont., s/o George W. & Emma, married Minerva May STEVENS, 22, Dereham Tp., Ingersoll, d/o James & Eliza, witn: William E. CLARKE & Lily SHINDEN both of Bracebridge on Aug. 22, 1892 at Bracebridge

8305-92 Henry WATSON, 23, farmer, Hamilton, Sprucedale, s/o John WATSON & Elizabeth, married Mary Louisa DOWNS, 21, of Sprucedale, d/o George DOWNS & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel JACKSON & Emily GREENAWAY (as Greneway), both of Sprucedale, 20 April 1892 at Sprucedale 8094-92 Richard WATTS, 22, yeoman, Ironm--? England, Chaffey, s/o Richard & Eliza, married Agnes NORTON, 25, London England, Huntsville, d/o Nathan & Sarah, witn: Albert & Florence NORTON of Huntsville, 27 Jan 1892 at Huntsville

8327-92 Fred WEBB, 25, labourer, England, Stephenson Tp., s/o Frederick & Keziah, married Rhoda Jane EMERY, 23, Ontario, Macaulay Tp., d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Jacob William FINCH & Hope WEBB both of Stephenson Tp. on June 22, 1892 at Bracebridge.

8095-92 Mark WEST, 30, widower, yeoman, McGillvray Ont., Emsdale, s/o Mark & Ann, married Nellie VROOMAN, 23, Caradoc Ont., Huntsville, d/o John & Ellen, witn: Gustav HENRY & Martha HUMPHREY, both of Huntsville, 28 Jan 1892 at Huntsville
008077-92 Cecil WESTERN, 29, Farmer, Sawgos India, Village of Dorset, s/o George WESTERN & Margaret WESTERN, Married Louisa Alberta COLE, 20, Colebridge, Dorset, d/o Zachariah COLE & Sarah Ann COLE, witn: Fred. Frank BRIGGS of Dorset, George Henry COLE of Sherborne twp, November 10, 1892, in Huntsville  8270-92 (Muskoka) Robert WHALEY, 27, blacksmith, Co. Monaghan Ireland, Bracebridge, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth SPICHER, 20, Switzerland, Draper Twp, d/o Nicholas & Marklana (sic), witn Godfrey SPICHER of Draper & Rachel A COPELAND of McMurrich Twp, 6 Oct 1892, Gravenhurst
8097-92 William WHELPTON, 30, engineer, Barrow on Sea England, Burks Falls, s/o George & Ann, married Sophia WRIGHT, 34, Egremont Ont., Burks Falls, d/o David & Susannah, witn: William MAYHEW (Mayhin?) & Minerva HARE (Hane?), both of Huntsville, 5 April 1892 at Huntsville 8100-92 Albert WHITE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Annan twp., s/o Robert & Mary, married Susan MILLS, 23, Ireland, Annan (Arnow?) twp, d/o Alexander & Ellen, witn: Christena CURRY of Katrine & Isabel SIEVERIGHT of Huntsville, 16 May 1892 at Huntsville
#008257-92 (Parry Sound Dist): Thomas Andrew WICKETT, 19, laborer, Lambton Co., Sundridge, s/o Barnabas & Jane, married Catherine SLOAN, 19, Grey Co., Sundridge, d/o James & Fanny, witn: Arthur Edward FRENCH & Grace WICKETT, both of Sundridge, 28 Dec 1892 at res of James SLOAN 8224-92 (Parry Sound Dist): William Francis WILKINSON, 26, farmer, Hamilton, Maple Island, s/o William & A., married Sarah Ann ATKINSON, 21, Erin Ont., Maple Island, d/o James & S., witn: Stephen ANDREWS of Fairholme & Jeannie ATKINSON of Maple Island, 15 Sept 1892 at Maple Island

8323-92 William John WILLIAMS, 24, farmer, Stratford Ont., Watt Tp., s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Edith Louisa LANCE, 22, Watt Tp., same, d/o Richard John & Mary, witn: John Jonathan & Mary Elizabeth LANCE both of Stephenson Tp. on April 27, 1892 at Bracebridge

#008197-92 (Parry Sound Dist): William McLean WOOD, 26, farmer, Scotland, Lount, s/o Charles & Keith (sic), married Mary Adelaide SMITH, 20, Garafraxa, Lount, d/o Philip & Elizabeth, witn: Theodore SMITH & Nelly WOOD, both of Lount, 10 March 1892 at Lount
8083-92 Duncan WOODROW, 23, laborer, Oro, Perry twp., s/o Alexander WOODROW & Janet MORRISON, married Emma SOPER, 18, Tay, Perry twp., d/o Thomas SOPER & Mary TODD, witn: J. T. MORRIS of Sundridge & Lewis ALLEN of Emsdale, 7 Sept 1892 at Huntsville #008178-92 Jeffery WOODS, 26, coachman, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WOODS, married Christiana JAMES, 28, Perth, Ottawa, d/o William & Elizabeth JAMES, witn: A.M. & H.E. WEST, both of Powassan, 1 Oct 1892 at Powassan
8313-92 Henry YEO, 70, widower, farmer, England, Novar, s/o John YEO & Jane, married Harriet STRATTON, 65, widow, Clarke twp., Novar, d/o Asel DAVIS & Electa, witn: Elkeny DINGMAN & Mrs. McABBY?, both of Novar, 14 Sept 1892 at Novar  
8271-92 (Muskoka) William YORK, 30, lawyer, Hillsburg(sic), Toronto, s/o Thomas & Sylvia, married Edith Lillian TUDHOPE, 24, Oro, Toronto, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn Henry YORK of Toronto & N.R. TUDHOPE of Gravenhurst, 10 Nov 1892, Gravenhurst #007991-93 William YOUNG, 28, farmer, Essa Twp Ont, Watt Twp, s/o John & Elizabeth YOUNG, married Sarah BUNN, 23, Watt Twp Ont, same, d/o George & Margaret BUNN, witn: James Nelson & Mrs. J.N. DUFFY, both of East Garafraxa, 22 Mar 1893 at Utterson Ont
  #007960-93 Ginge William ZIPPUR (ZIFFUR?), 27, farmer, Kingsley England, Ravenscliffe, s/o John & Maria ZIPPUR, married Emily THOMPSON, 21, Uffington Ont, Ravenscliffe, d/o John & Ann THOMPSON, witn: Dora THOMPSON, Uffington Ont & Earnest GOLDSHNIRE, Hoodstown Ont, 8 July 1893 at St Johns Church Ravenscliffe