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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist, 1891

birth place is given before residence


007969-91 Joseph ALTON, 28, farmer, Huron Co., Strong Twp s/o Joseph and Margaret ALTON married Mary McMURCHY, 25, Dufferin Co., Strong Twp d/o Malcolm and Catherine McMURCHY witn: Sara McMURCHY of Sundridge and Thomas ALTON of Burks Falls, May 13, 1891, Bloomfield #008306-92 John William ANDERSON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Ridout Twp, s/o John & Urane ANDERSON, married Sarah Ethel MORROW, 20, Ontario, Ridout, d/o Arthur & Jane MORROW, witn: Edwin GRAY, McLean Twp & Margaret ANDERSON, Ridout, 29 Dec 1891 at Ridout Twp
007937-91 (Muskoka) John A ARMSTRONG, 27, farmer, Lincoln Co, McKellar Twp, s/o John & Matilda, married Sarah Jane McGEE, 22, Collingwood Twp, McKellar Twp, d/o Johnstone & Mary Jane, witn David McGEE & Annie FLESSING both of McKellar Twp, 26 Oct 1891 at Chrsite Twp, Parry Sound #007921-91 William J. ASHDOWN, 23, farmer, England, Draper, s/o William & Ellen ASHDOWN, married Elizabeth SCOTT, 23, Draper, same, d/o Aaron & Jessie SCOTT, witn: Geo SCOTT & Madge P. SINCLAIR, both of Draper, 12 Aug 1891 at Draper
  007959-91 George BAILEY, 27, baker, Georgetown, French River s/o Thomas and Margaret BAILEY married Lillie PARK, 17, Orillia, French River d/o Charles and Annie PARK witn: Sarah CHAPMAN and Mark CHAPMAN both of Parry Sound, July 20, 1891, Parry Sound
#007820-91 Mathew BAINBRIDGE, 23, farmer, England, Illfracombe(as written), s/o Robert & Tamar BAINBRIDGE, married Emily WARRINER, 24, Laxton Twp Vic, Illfracombe, d/o Moses & Sarah WARRENER, witn: Moses & Harriette WARRENER, McMurrich Twp, 30 July 1891 at McMurrich Twp #007901-91 William Jordan BANYON, 22, labourer, Georgiania(as written), Watt, s/o Amos & Mary Jane BANYON, married Louisa WALLACE, 21, Watt, same, d/o Naman & Lucy WALLACE, witn: Rodney & Athelnida MACKLE, both of Huntsville, 25 Dec 1891 at Chaffey
#007827-91 - Hargreaves BARNES, 20, laborer, Lancashire England, Muskoka twp., s/o John & Elizabeth, married Jane PRENTICE, 17, Orangeville, Muskoka Dist., d/o David & Margaret, witn: James & Mary Ann PRENTICE of Muskoka twp., 27 July 1891 at Gravenhurst

7836-91 James Thomas BAYLEY, 52, culler, widower, Oldfleet England, Gravenhurst, s/o James & Isabella, married Sarah Jane YORK, 36, Richmond Carleton Co., Gravenhurst, d/o Thomas John & Sylvia P., witn: Henry YORK of Toronto & Elizabeth HENRY of Mono Centre on March 11, 1891 at Gravenhurst

007939-91 (Muskoka) George BELL, 40, farmer, West Gwillimbury, illegible, s/o Isaac & Jane, married Lena SAGNE, 21, Berne Switzerland, Spruce Twp, d/o Joseph & Julian, witn George & Margaret NELSON of Spruce, 31 Mar 1891 at Isaac BELL's house Spruce Twp, Parry Sound 7788-91 Andrew BENNETT, 28, farmer, Renfrew, Nipissing, s/o Levi & Sarah, married Clara ORTON, 15, Cumberland Ont., Nipissing, d/o John & Mary, witn: A. S. CAMPBELL & Anastatia ALBERTA, both of Nipissing, 25 April 1891 at Nipissing
#007900-91 Albert B. BETTES, 28, carpenter, Northumberland Ont, Huntsville, s/o John & Esther BETTES, married Isabella M. CHAFFEY, Grey Co Ont, Novar, d/o Samuel B. & Mary E. CHAFFEY, witn: William & Elizabeth CHAFFEY, both of Novar, 2 Dec 1891 at Novar Ont 8177-92 - John R. BOISART, 22, smelter, Westneath, Sudbury, s/o Peter BOISART & Ann ROSS, married Nellie MAHON, 19, Bissets Creek, Powassan, d/o Michael MAHON & Catherine KILLGANON, witn: Owen GOUGH & Mary FINDLAY, both of Nipissing twp., 6 July 1891 at Nipissing twp (Rom Cath)
7919-91 Adolphus BOOTH, 30, farmer, Ontario, Draper twp., s/o James & Margaret Adelaide, married Abigail Honey STONEHOUSE, 24, Ontario, McLean twp., d/o John & Charlotte, witn: Daniel STONEHOUSE of McLean & Samantha Adelaide BOOTH of Draper twp., 18 March 1891 at McLean twp 007934-91 (Muskoka) Rudolph BOWMAN, 40, farmer, Canton Berne Switzerland, McKellar Twp, s/o Benedict & Maria, married Josephine DOMBROSE, 46, Gabel Bo--?, Mills Twp, widow, d/o Bernhard & Josephine FAISDEL, witn George LOUGHEED & Anna STITT of Loring, 23 Jun 1891 at Mills Twp, Parry Sound
7916-91 Charles BOXALL, 30, widower, laborer, England, Stephenson, s/o John & Sarah, married Melissa HERRINGTON, 20, Ontario, Watt twp., d/o Charles & Mary Ann, witn: Charles HERRINGTON of Watt & Margaret MAHON of Medora, 14 May 1891 at Watt #007893-91 Hugh BOYD, 22, lumberman, Morrison Twp, Gravenhurst, s/o John & Ann BOYD, married Elizabeth Violet BROWN, 20, Watt Twp, Beatrice Ont, d/o Elijah & Lois BROWN, witn: A.R. & Emma LLOYD, both of Huntsville
007957-91 William John BRADEY, 60, farmer, England, Humphrey Twp s/o William BRADEY and Catharine CATON married Rachel ROBERTSON, 50, Scotland, Humphrey Twp d/o James MORRISON and Elsie REID, witn: N?. B. DUNCAN and William Thomas LAWSON, September 5, 1891, Parry Sound  
007849-91 George BRADLEY, 30, farmer, Ontario Canada, Stephenson Twp, s/o George & Eliza BRADLEY, married Alma Jane TULLY, 25, Ontario Canada, Stephenson Twp, d/o Philip & Catherine TULLY, witn: Thomas & Mary Elizabeth SHANNON, both of Bracebridge, 30 June 1891 at Bracebridge 007802-91 Godfed BRANT, 22, farmer, Switzerland, Ryerson Twp s/o Gotleb and Louise BRANT married Eliza Jane PHILLIPS, 18, Wellington Co, Armour Twp d/o Hector and Mary Ann PHILLIPS witn: Mary BRANT and Robert John PHILLIPS both of Burks Falls, September 19, 1891, Armour Twp
7902-91 John BRAY, 27, farmer, England, Chaffey, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Edith Hannah SHARP, 23, England, Chaffey, d/o William & Hannah, witn: Eliza & Alice CHAMP and Harry & William BRAY, all of Chaffey, 14 Jan 1891 at St. John the Baptist Church, Rowancliffe, Chaffey twp 007807-91 James BRENNAN, 52, farmer, Ireland, Laurier Twp s/o Christopher and Rose BRENNAN married Margaret SHIELDS, 51, Ireland, Joly Twp d/o John and Margaret BARBER witn: John FLUKER and Martha FLUKER both of Sioux River, April 8, 1891, Burks Falls
007811-91 William John BROCK, 25, farmer, Gravenhurst, same s/o Joseph and Annie BROCK married Clarissa Ann BEARDEN, 25, Laxton Twp, Emsdale d/o William and Jane BEARDEN witn: Marshall GREEN of Orono and Annie BEARDEN of Emsdale, July 13, 1891, Burks Falls #007856-91 Michael BUCHLACHER, 25, labourer, Germany, Morrison Twp, s/o George & Marguerite BUCHLACHER, married Ida Minnie VINCENT, 21, Hamilton Ontario, Bracebridge, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth H. VINCENT, witn: Thomas VINCENT, Bracebridge & Sarah GIBSON, Macaulay, 16 Nov 1891 at Bracebridge
#007863-91 George Edward BUEL, 21, millhand, Ontario Canada, Bracebridge, s/o Jonas & Adelaide BUEL, married Phebe Caroline MCEOWN, 18, Ontario Canada, Bracebridge, d/o Robert & Ann Jane MCEOWN, witn: Joseph Benjamin & Jane ELLIS, both of Bracebridge, 18 Nov 1891 at Bracebridge

7781-91 Herbert CALDWELL, 25, farmer, Ontario, Watt twp, s/o John H. & Ursula, married Elizabeth JOHNSON, 20, Ontario, Stephenson twp., d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: John H. CALDWELL & Henry JOHNSON both of Stephenson on Sept. 16, 1891 at Stephenson Tp

07945-91 (Muskoka) Samuel CALVERT, 23, blacksmith, Caledon Twp, Dunchurch, s/o Robert Henry & Ann Jane, married Matilda CROSWELL, 19, Peel Twp, Dunchurch, d/o Cornulis & Catharine, witn Alfred HAZELHURST & Annie WHITNELL of McKellar, 13 Jul 1891 at McKellar, Parry Sound 007940-91 (Muskoka) James CHARLTON, 26, sailor, England, Franklin, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Mary Jane QUIN, 20, Cartwright, Franklin, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn Thomas & Elizabeth QUIN of Franklin, 2 Apr 1891 at Franklin, Parry Sound
007943-91 (Muskoka) Albert CHISHOLM, 24, farmer, Marlborough, McKellar Twp, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Margaret A DOWNEY, 18, West Essa, Christie Twp, d/o Henry & Eliza, witn Samuel ARMSTRONG & Minnie SHERIDAN, 6 Jul 1891 at McKellar, Parry Sound  
#008107-92 John W. CLEARWATER, 21, labourer, Whitby, Scotia, s/o Edgar Boviere & Mary , married Catharine Irene ATKINSON, 21, Watt, Novar, d/o Robert & Catharine, witn: William B. & Elizabeth Jane CLEARWATER, both of Scotia 31 Dec 1891 at Huntsville 8102-92 William B. CLEARWATER, 24, widower, laborer, Whitby, Scotia, s/o Edgar Boviere & Mary, married Elizabeth Jane BIRTCH, 16, St. Marys, Perry twp., d/o George & Jane, witn: John Wesley CLEARWATER of Scotia & Catherine Jane ATKINSON of Novar, 31 Dec 1891 at Huntsville
  #007911-91 Frederick COMBS, 25, farmer, Simcoe Co Ont, South River Machar, s/o Joseph COMBS & not given, married Margaret Agnes NORRINGTON, 25, Wellington Co, Machar Twp, d/o William & Mary Jane NORRINGTON, witn: James S. COLE & Jane ELLIS, both of Machar Twp, 16 July 1891 at Machar Twp *Remarks...mother died when he was very young, did not recollect her name*

7784-91 Guy COMPTON, 27, farmer, Revesly Leeds England, Cardwell twp., s/o George & Mary Ann, married Jane Anne MARSHALL, 22, Bearley Wharfedale England, Cardwell, d/o William & Emily, witn: William & Emily MARSHALL no residences given on March 25, 1891 at Cardwell Tp.

7879-91 Henry CONWAY, 19, farmer, Bellbrook, Oakley, s/o James & Esther Ann, married Mary Ann THOMPSON, 17, Sunnydale, Oakley, d/o Joseph & Phoebe Jane, witn: John R. & Alice Mary MEYERS both of Oakley on April 14, 1891 at Oakley

#007890-91 Frederick COOPER, 27, farmer, England, Huntsville, s/o John & Harriet COOPER, married Hattie STAR, 19, United States, Huntsville, d/o Hiram & Mary STAR, witn: Louis STAR & Hannah COOPER, both of Huntsville, 30 Sept 1891 at Huntsville #007861-91 Samuel COUTURE, 25, lumberman, Quebec, Bracebridge, s/o John & Bismiere COUTURE, married Josephine O'BRIEN, 21, Ontario Canada, Bracebridge, d/o John & Mary Ellen O'BRIEN, witn: Samuel & Mary Ellen NICHOL, both of Bracebridge, 24 Oct 1891 at Bracebridge
007942-91 (Muskoka) William H. CRAWFORD, 30, farmer, Lansdowne Twp, Hurdville, s/o Jane & Sarah, married Ida M MOYER, 18, Hurdville, same, d/o Amos & Ann, witn John G MOYER & Florence M CRAWFORD, 1 Jul 1891 at Hurdville, Parry Sound 007956-91 (Muskoka) Oliver CROCKFORD, 24, farmer, Birmingham England, Parry Sound, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane GRIFFITH, 24, Liverpool England, Parry Sound, d/o Edward & Anna, witn Ernest & Florence CROCKFORD, 12 Aug 1891, Parry Sound
#007924-91 William S. CROZIER, 28, farmer, Humfries Twp, Oakley, s/o Adam & Margaret CROZIER, married Mary Ellen BREWSTER, 26, Innisfil Twp, Draper, d/o George & Jane BREWSTER, witn: Frank BREWSTER & Mary SCOTT, both of Draper, 23 Sept 1891 at Draper 007955-91 (Muskoka) Jas DALEY, 28, lumberman, Nork York, Parry Sound, s/o Jas & Mary Jane, married Charlotte Ann LUMSDELL, 23, Parry Sound, same, d/o Jas & Elizabeth, witn Jos HESLOP & Susan GOULD, 2 Jul 1891, Parry Sound
#007854-91 David DICKSON, 25, labourer, Belleville Ontario, Bracebridge, s/o David & Sarah DICKSON, married Jennie ADAIR, 23, Victoria Co Ont, Bracebridge, d/o George & Theresa ADAIR, witn: Archibald MCKENNGH, Orillia & Annie ADAIR, Bracebridge, 14 Oct 1891 at Bracebridge 7907-91 Balthsar DITZ, 26, laborer, Ontario, Draper twp., s/o Adam & Hannah, married Mary WHITE, 19, Medora twp., res not given, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: George WHITE of Medora & Caroline DITZ of Draper, 4 Feb 1891 at Glen Orchard, Medora
007810-91 Leander DOWNS, 24, lumberman, McMurrich Twp, Sprucedale s/o George and Elizabeth DOWNS married Catherine MORRISON, 17, Gravenhurst, Sprucedale d/o Robert and Hectorena MORRISON witn: Mary Louisa DOWNS and James MORRISON both of Sprucedale, August 18, 1891, Burks Falls #007830-87 - Robert DUNCAN, 23, car repairer, Kincardineshire Scotland, Gravenhurst, s/o "not known", married Mary ORR, 21, Egremont, Gravenhurst, d/o Neil & Kate, witn: Annie ORR of Collingwood & Thomas MAGEE of Gravenhurst, 7 Oct 1891 at Gravenhurst
007961-91 Thomas EDGINGTON, 28, labourer, England, Parry Sound s/o John EDGINGTON and Mary Jane ATKINS married Florence Elizabeth CROCKFORD, 23, England, Parry Sound d/o George L. CROCKFORD and Elizabeth EDGINGTON witn: Ernest E. CROCKFORD and Mercie VOWELS, October 21, 1891, Parry Sound  
#007821-91 Albert Edward ELLIOT, 26, farmer, Mariposa Canada, Perry Twp, s/o William & Grace ELLIOT, married Clara WHITE, 18, Bidwith England, Perry, d/o Henry & Anne WHITE, witn: Wesley ELLIOT & Frances ADAMSON, both of Perry Twp, 12 Nov 1891 at Perry Twp 7780-91 Edward Hannah FEARON, 30, carpenter, Liverpool England, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Anna Maria FEARON, married Elizabeth CALDWELL, 20, Morris twp., Stephenson, d/o John HOLDSWORTH (sic) & Ursula Sarah COLDWELL, witn: Charles D. FEARON of Stephenson, George BUTCHER of Port Sydney, Herbert COLDWELL of Watt & John H. COLDWELL of Stephenson on July 9, 1891 at St. Michael's Church, Stephenson Tp.

7920-91 Andrew Pierson FLEGER, 25, farmer, Eden Co NY., Ryde, s/o John & Ann, married Catherine Elizabeth BENNETT, 19, Uffington, same, d/o William & Hannah, witn: Henry REDMAN of Rye & Jane BENNETT of Uffington, 3 June 1891 at Uffington

007944-91 (Muskoka) Robert FORD, 36, farmer, Osgoode Twp, McKellar Twp, s/o James & Catharine, married Rachel REID, 18, Beckwith, McKellar Twp, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane, witn Robert & Catharine REID, 15 Apr 1891 at McKellar, Parry Sound
#007909-91 Frank FOREMAN, 25, farmer, Kent England, Medora Twp, s/o William & Emma Jane FOREMAN, married C. Annie HANNA, 20, Bracebridge, Port Carling, d/o William & Sarah Ann HANNA, witn: Jennie MCDONALD, Toronto & W.F. HANNA, Port Carling, 1 Sept 1891 at Port Carliing 007932-91 John Wesley FOREMAN, 28, farmer, of Bracebridge s/o David FOREMAN married Bessie GALE (GAELL also shown), 19, of Port Sydney d/o Charles James GALE witn: William Charles GALE and Ethel Mary JOHNSON, March 31, 1891, Christ Church, Port Sydney
  #007855-91 Walter FOWLER, 23, farmer, London England, Medora Twp, s/o Francis & Eliza FOWLER, married Josephine SCRIVEN, 19, England, Medora Twp, d/o Joseph & Mary SCRIVEN, witn: George NASH, Medora & Violet BOYDELL, Bracebridge, 26 Oct 1891 at Bracebridge

7834-91 Charles GALE, 21, carpenter, Hampshire England, Gravenhurst, s/o Thomas Amelia, married Catherine SCOTT, 24, widow, Seymour North, Gravenhurst, d/o Cornelius & Lydia SCRIVER, witn: Henry & Florence GALE both of Gravenhurst on Feb. 3, 1891 at Gravenhurst

#007850-91 Nelson GALLOWAY, 34, engineer, Ontario Canada, Huntsville Ontario, s/o James & Angelina GOLLOWAY, married Annie ASHER, 24, Ontario Canada, Huntsville Ontario, d/o John & Ellen ASHER, witn: William G. BOWERMAN & Laura ROBINSON, both of Bracebridge, 17 July 1891 at Bracebridge
007936-91 (Muskoka) Joseph GAUDET, 23, labourer, Midland, Byng Inlet, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Mary FLETCHER, 16, Penetanguishene, Byng Inlet, d/o John & Pauline (?), witn Joseph ADAMSON, Peter GRANT & Lily ST ARMAND all of Byng Inlet, 18 Oct 1891 at Byng Inlet, Parry Sound #007885-91 Hugh Allan GILCHRIST, 25, assistant postmaster, Ontario, Huntsville, s/o Robert & Elizabeth GILCHRIST, married Milly FORD, 24, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o William & Isobel FORD, witn: David GILCHRIST & Minnie HANES, both of Huntsville, 17 June 1891 at Huntsville
#007826-91 - Thomas illegible GILES, 29, farmer, Egremont twp., Medara? twp - Muskoka Dist., s/o Robert & Mary, married Frances Ann MASSEY, 27, Nissouri twp., Medara? twp., d/o George & Ellen, witn: Thomas A-- & Susan TUDOR?, both of Medara, 13 July 1891 at Gravenhurst  
007963-91 Henry GOOD, 28, farmer, Ireland, Sequin Falls s/o Henry and Ann GOOD married Martha FAIRBURN, 18, Sequin Falls, same d/o Thomas and Mary A. FAIRBURN witn: Luke GOOD and Mary J. KERR both of Sequin Falls, November 14, 1891, Parry Sound 8249-92 - Richard GRAWBERGER, 29, farmer, of Patterson twp - Peterborough, s/o Andrew & Sarah Jane, married Sarah DAWSON, 19, England, Mecunoma, d/o Isaac & Sarah, witn: John D. TENNANT of illegible & Lucy FOWKE of Mecunoma, 24 Dec 1891 at res of bride's father, Mecunoma
8213-92 - William Charles GRAY, 27, widower, farmer, Hamilton, Draper, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Rosetta PAIN, 22, England, Draper, d/o John & Rosetta, witn: William PAIN & Elizabeth GRAY, both of Draper, 23 Dec 1891 at Uffington #007925-91 Thomas GRAY, 23, farmer, Scotland, Draper, s/o David & Ellen GRAY, married Ellen CAIRNS, 22, Kentucky U.S., Draper, d/o David & Sarah CAIRNS, witn: David CAIRNS & Sarah PATTERSON, both of Draper, 24 Dec 1891 at not given
#007888-91 George Bridgman GREEN, 26, farmer, Ontario, Chaffey Twp, s/o Wellington & Martha GREEN, married Esther Hannah WARD, 22, Ontario, Chaffey Twp, d/o Alfred & Maria Jane WARD, witn: Frances MACDONALD, Trenton U.S. & Alice SMITH, Guelph, 26 Aug 1891 at Huntsville 007813-91 Noble GREENAWAY, 24, labourer, Meaford, Singhampton s/o William and Mary GREENAWAY married Emily ROBINSON, 22, Metz, Sprucedale d/o Thomas and Emily ROBINSON witn: Fannie ROBINSON of Sprucedale and John LANGUIN of Emsdale, July 13, 1891, Burks Falls
#007866-91 George GRIST, 26, lumberman, England, McLean Twp, s/o Henry & Ann GRIST, married Alice Alvina BIGELOW, 18, Ontario Canada, McLean Twp, d/o Joseph & Catherine BIGELOW, witn: Martin ANDERSON, Ridout Twp & Almina BIGELOW, McLean Twp, 24 Dec 1891 at Bracebridge 007800-91 Jonathan GROH, 30, farmer, Waterloo, same s/o Isaac and Mary GROH married Maria NUTCHENBACKER, 29, Waterloo Co, Rosseau Falls Muskoka d/o Peter and Theresa NUTCHENBACKER witn: Asa NUTCHENBACKER of Rosseau Falls and Albertal BARBER of Windermere, March 25, 1891, Rosseau Falls
#007929-91 John HANSON, 24, boathand, Walkerton Bruce Co Ont, Nippising, s/o Nicholas & Lena HANSON, married Emma THEDOFF, 22, Hanover Ont, Magnetawan, d/o Christopher John & Sophia THEDOFF, witn: Donald BROWN & Eliza STEWART, both of Magnetawan, 31 Mar 1891 at St Georges Ch Magnetawan 007814-91 William Henry HARMER, 21, farmer Canada, Strong Twp s/o William Henry and Jane HARMER married Alice DOBBS, 23, England, Strong Twp d/o Edward and Sarah DOBBS witn: Samuel HODGE and Mrs. S. HODGE both of Strong Twp, September 16, 1891, Burks Falls
  #007816-91 John H. HARNETT, 26, farmer, England, Ryerson, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth HARNETT, married Catherine Jane DOUPE, 16, Canada, McMurrich, d/o Seducy & Susan DOUPE, witn: Thomas & Sarah FELTHOUSE, Ryerson, 9 Dec 1891 at Burk's Falls
#007867-91 Henry Russell HARRINGTON, 22, farmer, Ontario Canada, Watt Twp, s/o Charles & Mary Ann HARRINGTON, married Caroline DUNCAN, 20, Ontario Canada, Bracebridge, d/o Thomas & Susanna DUNCAN, witn: John & Lillian Violet HAYE, both of Monck Twp, 24 Dec 1891 at Bracebridge #007908-91 Robert Henry HARRIS, 21, farmer, Ireland, Port Carling, d/o Dick & Olivia HARRIS, married Elsie MCKAY, 23, Toronto, Port Cockburn, d/o not given, witn: William & Mrs HARRIS, Port Sandfield, 2 Sept 1891 at Port Carling
007860-91 Benjamin George Franklin HAYE, 21, farmer, Ontario Canada, Monck Twp, s/o James & Sarah Ann HAYE, married Annie BILLINGSLEY, 19, Ontario Canada, Watt Twp, d/o John Albert & Mary Jane BILLINGSLEY, witn: Mary L. & Margaret E. BROWN, both of Bracebridge, 14 Oct 1891 at Bracebridge #008168-92 Bernard HENRY, 34, farmer, Canada, Brunel Twp, s/o Bernard & Mary HENRY, married Mary E. LYNCH, 21, Canada, Brunel Twp, d/o Joseph & Mary LYNCH, witn: Joseph BELL, Bracebridge & Helena BRENNAN, Brunel Twp, 7 Jan 1891 at Bracebridge
007951-91 (Muskoka) Edward HICKS, 26, farmer, Millet (Miller?) Twp, Humphrey Twp, s/o Edward & Anne, married Emma LEONARD, 19, Ohio USA, Humphrey Twp, d/o James LEONARD & Elizabeth ASHLEY, witn A B DUNCAN & A McCLELLAND, 10 Jul 1891, Parry Sound #007928-91 William John HICKS, 23, farmer, Egremont Twp Ont, Magnetawan, s/o James & Eliza HICKS, married Susan KENNEDY, 23, Bentick Twp Ont, Magnetawan, d/o Robert & Ann KENNEDY, witn: Robert KENNEDY & Rhoda HICKS, Magnetawan P.O. Chapman Twp, 1 Jan 1891 at Mr Thomas Hicks house Lot 24 Con 6 Chapman Twp
007954-91 (Muskoka) Simon HIGGINS, 35, cooper, Bruce Cty, Parry Sound, s/o Bartholomew & Mary, married Wilhelmina WELLER, 21, Buffalo NY, Parry Sound, d/o Peter & Elizabeth, witn George EWING & Hannah SANDS, 13 Aug 1891, Parry Sound 7785-91 James HITCHMAN, 32, farmer, Prescott, Powassan, s/o John & Eliza, married Eliza WHELAN, 37, Clarendon Que., Powassan, d/o James & Sophia, witn: William & Mary A. WHELAN of Powassan, 17 Feb 1891 at Powassan
007935-91 (Muskoka) John HOGAN, 57, farmer, Wicklow Ireland, Gurd Twp, s/o George HOGAN & Mary DUNN, married Elisabeth BOUTAN (BRITAN?), 50, Cty Armagh Ireland, Gurd Twp, d/o Thomas BOUTAN & Arbatia DOBSON, witn John & Bridget KELLY of Gurd, 7 Jun 1891 at Gurd, Parry Sound

7774-91 William HOLDEN, 22, farmer, Monck twp., same, s/o William & Susan, married Ellen FITZMAURICE, 23, Canada, Monck twp., d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Thomas & Mary FITZMAURICE both of Monck Tp. on July 23, 1891 at Monck Tp.

7842-91 John Samuel HOLMES, 22, labourer, Newfoundland, Monck twp., s/o John & Mary, married Jennie GRAHAM, 21, Canada, Stephenson twp., d/o William & Mary, witn: Charles & Milly FORTH both of Macaulay Tp. on Aug. 19, 1891 at Macaulay

#007884-91 John HOPCRAFT, 65, yeoman, Worcester England, McMurrich Twp, widower, s/o Benjamin & Mary HOPCRAFT, married Aramina WILLSON, 48, Innisfil Ont, Huntsville, d/o William & Jane MCCULLOUGH, witn: Charles SMITH, Ilfracombe & Esther HALL, Huntsville, 7 Apr 1891 at All Saints Huntsville
#007895-91 James S. HUBBARD, 25, carpenter, Conneticut U.S., Huntsville, s/o Horace & Laura W. HUBBARD, married Martha Jane WINNEY, 18, Campbellville Ont, Chaffey Twp, d/o Hiram & Susan WINNEY, witn: George HUBBARD & Louisa HUTCHINGS, both of Huntsville, 25 November 1891 at Lot 8 Con 4 Chaffey Twp


7914-91 John HUGHES, 25, lumberer, Ontario, South River, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Elizabeth Jane CARSON, 23, Quebec, Brunel twp., d/o James & Margaret, witn: James CARSON of Brunel & Ann BACHFRY? of Bracebridge, 11 Nov 1891 at Brunel 7875-91 David Walter HUGHES, 32, farmer, Ireland, Stephenson twp., s/o James & Barbara, married Elizabeth FLEMING, 22, Ontario, Stephenson, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Henry SLATER of Bracebridge & Mrs. FLEMING of Draper Tp. on May 5, 1891 at Bracebridge
#007869-91 Robert HUNT, 22, engine driver, Ontario Canada, Draper Twp, s/o Peter & Sephrona HUNT, married Sarah Jane WHITE, 19, England, Draper Twp, d/o Jesse & Elizabeth WHITE, witn: Jessie & Elizabeth WHITE, both of Draper Twp, 6 Feb 1891 at Bracebridge 007897-91 Enoch William HUNTER, 25, carpenter, Ontario, Burk's Falls, s/o Hugh & Margaret HUNTER, married Mary Marie MILNE, 23, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o John & Eliza MILNE, witn: Walter Scott MILNE & Alice HANES, both of Huntsville, 23 Dec 1891 at Huntsville
  #008106-92 Henry HURNING, 33, farmer, Montreal Que, Stephenson, widower, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Annie SENALLEY, 33, Gwillimbury, Watt, d/o Henry & Caroline, witn: A.W. HANES & Robert F. MCNAIRNEY, both of Huntsville 30 Dec 1891 at Huntsville
8248-92 - John Wellington IRWIN, 23, carpenter, Simcoe Co., South River, s/o John & Abigal, married Laura Armanda HOLDITCH, 21, Bracebridge, South River, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Robert G. ARD & Lydia Eliza IRWIN, both of South River, 23 Dec 1891 at res of bride's father, South River 007797-91 Jeremiah ISRAEL, 21, farmer, Luther Twp, Burks Falls s/o John and Mary ISRAEL married Cynthia Victoria TUTTLE, 19, Huntingdon Twp, Burks Falls d/o Isaac M. and Hettable GEROW witn: Josiah ISRAEL and Julia Ann GEROW, March 11, 1891, Armour Twp
007796-91 Robert JOHNSON, 28, Edwardsburgh, McMurrich Twp s/o Edward & Emily JOHNSON married Priscilla HALLETT, 22, West Chonwick England, McMurrich Twp d/o George and Elizabeth HALLETT witn: Duncan MUNN of Stisted and Elizabeth MADILL of Ryerson, October 14, 1891, McMurrich Twp 7915-91 Samuel JOHNSTONE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Brunel twp., s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Lillian HUTCHINS, 19, England, Brunel twp., d/o Edmund & Emily, witn: Blanche HUTCHINS & Wellington JOHNSTONE, both of Brunel, 20 May 1891 at Brunel twp
#007887-91 Henry JOINER, 22, farmer, England, Chaffey Twp, s/o Albert & Emma JOINER, married Caroline STABLE, 17, Ontario, Chaffey Twp, d/o Daniel & Adena STABLE, witn: Isobel SEIVERIGHT & Hannah JARVIS, both of Huntsville, 9 July 1891 at Huntsville

007815-91 George Thomas JORDAN, 31, farmer, Mono, Armour s/o George and Mary JORDAN married Sarah Maud WRIGHT, 16, Woodbridge, Armour d/o William and Elizabeth WRIGHT witn: Annie MARSHALL of Armour and Rennie SMILEY of Burks Falls, October 14, 1891, Burks Falls

7871-91 James KAY, 27, labourer, England, Bracebridge, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Catherine KENNEDY, 21, Ontario, Bracebridge, d/o William & Margaret, witn: James & Rachel KENNEDY both of Bracebridge on March 30, 1891 at Bracebridge 007801-91 Thomas James KERWICK, 28, farmer, Middlesex, Armour Twp s/o James and Sarah KERWICK married Elizabeth Grace KERWICK, 23, Huron Co., Armour Twp d/o George and Jane KERWICK witn: Lizzie KERWICK of Burks Falls and Robert Henry MASON of Sand Lake, June 24, 1891, Armour
#007899-91 Alfred Louis KING, lumberman, Wellington Co, Ministey?, s/o Alfred James & Annie KING, married Edith Mary GODBOLD, 20, Brantford, Ministey?, d/o Israel Ezra & Phoebe GODBOLD, witn: William MUNN & Louisa GEACH, near Novan Perry Twp, 15 July 1891 at residence of minister *Remarks...good looking*

7840-91 Robert KING, 26, lumberman, Canada, Gravenhurst, s/o James & Annie, married Annetta DELONG, 23, Canada, Gravenhurst, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Henry & Elizabeth DELONG both of Gravenhurst on June 9, 1891 at Gravenhurst

#008192-92 John KIVEL, 48, farmer, Devonshire England, Spence Twp, widower, s/o Thomas & Mary KIVEL, married Elisabeth BOTHAM, 28, Amaranth Twp, Spence Twp. d/o Moses & Mary BOTHAM, witn: Robert & Ellen BOTHAM, both of Spence, 14 Oct 1891 at Residence of Moses Botham, Spence #007817-91 John LANGRIESS, 26, farmer, England, Perry Twp, s/o William & Ann LANGRIESS, married Fannie ROBINSON, 25, Canada, McMurrich, d/o Thomas & Emma ROBINSON, witn: William SIMPSON, Perry Twp & Annie M. ROBINSON, McMurrich, 23 Dec 1891 at Burk's Falls
7789-91 Theophile LAPARIERES, 31, lumberman, Quebec City, Nipissing, s/o Isaias LAPARIERES & Marceline LAROCHE, married Sophia GAUTHIER, 28, Robertvile, Chisholm twp., d/o Remial GAUTHIER & Delima DEBEAU, witn: Peter BELANGER of Chisholm & Paul BEAUDRY of Nipissing, 7 April 1891 at Powassan 007962-91 John LAWRENCE, 25, butcher, Collingwood Twp – Grey Co, Parry Sound s/o James and Julia LAWRENCE married Eurietta May DEADMAN, 19, Bradford, French River d/o Charles and Mary DEADMAN witn: Mark R. CHAPMAN and Mary Ann PURVIS both of Parry Sound, November 2, 1891, Parry Sound
#007894-91 George LEONARD, 37, gentleman, United States, Huntsville, s/o Joseph & Betsy Ann LEONARD, married Clara Ann KELLEY, 17, Ontario, Brunel Twp, d/o Alexander & Harriet Adelia KELLEY, witn: IsobeL SEIVERIGHT, Huntsville & Charlotte Emma SWILEY, Burk's Falls, 14 Oct 1891 at Huntsville 007960-91 John Hawthorne LINTON, 30, filer & culler, Howick Co, Parry Sound s/o William and Jane LINTON married Alice May GRAHAM, 18, Parry Sound, same d/o Thomas and Elen GRAHAM witn: John CLARKE and Jane Eliza ANSLEY, both of Parry Sound, October 19, 1891, Parry Sound

7835-91 George Benjamin LOSEE, 29, blacksmith, widower, Belleville, Gravenhurst, s/o Angus & Elizabeth, married Alice Ethel WILSON, 18, Barrie, Gravenhurst, d/o William & Alice, witn: Frederick & Isabella PARKER no residences given on Feb. 17, 1891 at Gravenhurst

007809-91 Samuel Richard LUSK, 22, painter, Salisbury England, Toronto s/o Samuel and Amelia Anna LUSK married Catherine Louise HOLBERT, 19, Victoria, Burks Falls d/o James Albert and Amara HOLBERT witn: Henry LUSK and Jane HOLBERT both of Burks Falls, August 11, 1891, Burks Falls
007964-91 Jacob LUTZ, 33, lumberman, Willoughby Twp, Parry Sound s/o Charles and Elizabeth LUTZ married Mary Ann SHIELDS, 18, Ferguson Twp, McDougall Twp d/o Hugh and Mary A. SHIELDS witn: John CAMPBELL of Waubamic and Lavina IRVINE of McKellar, November 3, 1891, Waubamic #007828-91 - Angus MARSTON, 24, laborer, Newmarket, Gravenhurst, s/o William MARSTON & Catherine CURRY, married Lully DODD, 18, Vaughan twp., Gravenhurst, d/o James DODD & Esther KENNEY, witn: Jacob DRAPER & Phebe HOPKINSON, both of Gravenhurst, 4 Aug 1891 at Gravenhurst

7782-91 James Campbell MARTIN, 24, dairyman, Ontario, Sauk Centre Minnesota USA, s/o Ronald MARTIN & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Anna Bella GOODWIN, 21, Ontario, Stephenson twp., d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: John W. MARKLE of Huntsville & Bertha GOODWIN of Stephenson Tp. on Dec. 29, 1891 at Stephenson Tp.

007857-91 Frederick John MARTYN, 24, mason and contractor, Ontario Canada, North Bay, s/o William & Ann MARTYN, married Marian MCKENZIE, 28, Ontario Canada, North Bay, s/o Murdoch & Jane MCKENZIE, witn: Harry GREGORY, North Bay & Sarah MORRISON, Niagara Falls, 17 Sept 1891 at Bracebridge

7841-91 William Ethelbert MASON, 24, appraiser, Toronto, same, s/o William Thomas & Mary, married Helen A. COCKBURN, 22, Orillia, Gravenhurst, d/o John P. & Sarah, witn: Annie M. COCKBURN of Gravenhurst & Thomas D. MASON of Toronto on June 10, 1891 at Gravenhurst

007803-91 Robert Henry MASON, 28, farmer, England, Proudfoot s/o Thomas and Ellen MASON married Elizabeth Ann KERWICK, 26, Canada, Armour d/o James and Sarah KERWICK witn: Alice KERWICK of Burks Falls and George MASON of Proudfoot, December 29, 1891, Bride’s Father’s, Armour
8212-92 - John Bull MATTHEWS, 35, lumber mill assistant, of Draper, s/o Nehemiah & Phoebe, married Alice Bertha KINCAID, 28, of Draper, d/o John & Alice, witn: Henry NEWLOVE & R.T. CORRIGAN, both of Draper, 23 Dec 1891 at St. Pauls Church, Uffington 007913-91 David McARTHUR, 24, lumberman, Grey Co, South River s/o Archibald and Ann McARTHUR married Caroline HOUSTON, 25, Quebec, South River d/o Mary and John HOUSTON witn: Isaac HOUSTON and Carlie HAMILTON both of South River, April 8, 1891, at residence of Bride’s Mother
007965-91 David McCAFFERY, 26, store keeper, Canada, Rosseau s/o John and Mary McCAFFERY married Alice YATES, 20, Parry Sound, same d/o Thomas and Mary YATES witn: John GRIBBON of Toronto and Mary YATES of Parry Sound, October 19, 1891, Parry Sound #007859-91 Samuel MCCANDLESS, 22, lumberman, Ireland, Gravenhurst, s/o John & Ann MCCANDLESS, married Elizabeth Ann DAVIS, 19, Ontario Canada, Gravenhurst, d/o William & Eliza DAVIS, witn: Emily A. BROWN, Toronto & Margaret E. BROWN, Bracebridge, 25 Sept 1891 at Bracebridge
007808-91 Andrew McCARTNEY, 28, farmer, Grey Co, Croft Twp s/o James and Sarah McCARTNEY married Mary Elizabeth ABLESON, 22, Dufferin Twp, Chapman Twp d/o Christopher and Barbara ABLESON witn: Sarah R. ABLESON and John ABLESON both of Maganetawan, April 22, 1891, Burks Falls 7786-91 John McCHARLES, 37, farmer, Nova Scotia, Powassan, s/o Frank & Mary, married Amelia FREDERICK, 21, Pembroke, Powassan, d/o Charles & Louisa, witn: Frank McCHARLES of Powassan & Eliza SMITH of Wiarton, 25 Feb 1891 at Powassan
  #007922-91 Geo Henry MCENTYRE (McIntyre?), 22, saw-miller, Leeds Canada, Brunel Twp, s/o John & Mahala MCENTYRE, married Jane CORRIGAN, 17, Draper, Draper Twp, d/o Robert J. & Christiana CORRIGAN, witn: Mrs. M. CORRIGAN, Draper & Maggie MCENTYRE, Brunel, 12 Aug 1891 at Draper

7793-91 Laughlin D. McLEAN, 22, labourer, Severn Bridge, same, s/o Angus & Agnes, married Mary L. SKINNER, 18, Morrison, Orillia, d/o Joseph M. & Phoebe, witn: Angus R. McLEAN & James YOUNG both of Severn Bridge on Jan. 24, 1891 at Severn Bridge

007958-91 Charles McLEAN 20, labourer, Lindsay, Parry Sound s/o John and Mary Jane McLEAN married Margaret ROBINSON, 19, Parry Sound, same d/o William and Margaret ROBINSON witn: Alfred ROBINSON of Parry Sound and Ella LEE of McKellar, June 17, 1891, Parry Sound

8243-90 Matthew McMASTER, 40, farmer, widower, New York State, Sinclair, s/o James & Margaret, married Marjorie O'BRIEN, 41, Cavan, Sinclair, d/o Richard & Isabel, witn: Hugh HAMMILL & Theresa McBRIEN both of Sinclair on Jan. 1, 1891 at Huntsville

7783-91 Robert Michael McMICHAEL, 26, farmer, Huron twp, Lot 21 Conc 2 Stisted, s/o Alexander & Isabella, married Emma Margaret STROUD, 26, Mimico, Lot 1 Conc 2 Cardwell, d/o Mark & Lucy Harriet, witn: Arthur STROUD & Elizabeth TURNER both of Caldwell on May 20, 1891 at the home of Mrs. Stroud at Lot 1 Conc 2 Cardwell
#007829-87 - Thomas Rackham  McMURRAY, 32, joiner, not given, Oakley, s/o John & Charlotte, married Catherine Buxton COX, 27, not given, Gravenhurst, d/o Charles Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Charles Henry COX of Alport, James R. ELLIOTT of Oakley & Sarah J. COX of Gravenhurst, 23 Sept 1891 at St. James Church, Gravenhurst

7874-91 Daniel McPHEE, 23, labourer, Stratford, Bracebridge, s/o Allan & Mary, married Minnie Esther GOLDNER, 22, Germany, Bracebridge, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Peter SHANNON & Mrs. William CLARKE both of Bracebridge on April 15, 1891 at Bracebridge

7837-91 Robert MELVIN, 28, railway man, Puslinch Ont, Gravenhurst, s/o Archibald & Mary, married Florence Elizabeth DAWKINS, 35, Fenelon Falls, Gravenhurst, d/o Harry & Catherine, witn: William DAWKINS & Mary J. SMITH both of Gravenhurst on March 27, 1891 at Gravenhurst

007930-91 James Alexander MILNE, 26, farmer, Huron Co., Ryerson Twp s/o Scott A. and Mary MILNE married Margery Ellen KENNEDY, 18, Fenelon Twp, Chapman Twp d/o William and Jane KENNEDY witn: Robert MILNE of Strong Twp and Minnie KENNEDY of Chapman Twp, November 9, 1891, Chapman Twp

7794-91 Simon MONAHAN, 36, farmer, Prescott, British Columbia, s/o James & Caroline, married Margaret Jane CHARLES, 34, Oxford twp., Morrison twp., d/o James & Ann, witn: Hugh MONAHAN & Elizabeth DOOLITTLE both of Morrison on May 7, 1891 at Morrison Tp  
#007852-91 William Frederick MOORE, 19, coachman, Ireland, Bracebridge Ontario, s/o Richard & Honora MOORE, married Jessie SMITH, 16, Toronto, Bracebridge Ontario, d/o Peter & Annie Frances SMITH, witn: John & Mary Ann MARSLAND, both of Bracebridge, 18 Sept 1891 at Bracebridge #007923-91 Hugh MORROW, 28, farmer, Ireland, Draper, widower, s/o Richard & Rosanna MORROW, married Clara Lillian TAYLOR, 22, England, Draper, d/o Joseph & Emily TAYLOR, witn: Joseph W.H. & Sarah Lavinia MORROW, both of Draper, 13 July 1891 at Draper

7839-91 Ernest Edward MORTON, 29, laborer, England, Gravenhurst, s/o Adelaide Elizabeth, married Fanny Elizabeth THOMAS, 19, England, Gravenhurst, d/o Frederick & Susanna, witn: John Daniel THOMAS of Huntsville & Martha L. THOMAS of Gravenhurst on May 25, 1891 at Gravenhurst

7843-91 David NEWMAN, 21, labourer, England, St. Catherines, s/o Jabez & Elizabeth, married Olive ROWLEY, 21, Ontario, Macaulay twp., d/o Nathaniel & Catherine, witn: Albert ROWLEY & Elizabeth GIBSON both of Macaulay Tp. on Jan. 1, 1891 at Macaulay.

7876-91 David NICHOL, 22, millwright, Monck, Bracebridge, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Ellen STILES, 21, England, Bracebridge, d/o John & Ellen, witn: William FALKER of Bracebridge & Elizabeth NICHOL of Monck Tp. on May 5, 1891 at Bracebridge

7776-91 Daniel NICHOLLS, 29, farmer, York Co., Monck twp, s/o Valentine & Mary, married Euphemia SPEEDIE, 21, Monck twp., same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Henry SPEEDIE & Mary NICHOLLS both of Monck on Sept. 30, 1891 at Monck Tp

7873-91 John NICHOLSON, 25, farmer, England, Macaulay twp., s/o Edward & Elizabeth, married Margaret Armina McCONBRAY, 17, Ontario, Macaulay, d/o Moses & Mary Jane, witn: Richard RYAN & Margaret NICHOLSON both of Bracebridge on April 9, 1891 at Bracebridge

8276-92 (Parry Sound) Edward William NOBLE, 26, farmer, Grey Co, Ullswater Twp of Watt, s/o George & Sarah, married Emma Hedwig BRIESE, 17, Ullswater Muskoka, same, d/o John August & Jane Awinda, witn Albert W BRIESE & Elizabeth BURNS of Ullswater Muskoka, 15 Dec 1891, Rosseau
#008105-92 George OBAN, 22, carpenter, Ontario, Perry Twp, s/o Benjamin and Mary Jane OBAN, married Isabella MATTICE, 16, Ontario, Chaffey Twp, d/o James & Mary Ann MATTICE, witn: Annie & Bertha WARREN, both of Stisted Twp, 25 Dec 1891 at Huntsville

007868-91 Levi PALISTER, 24, labourer, England, McLean Twp, s/o Samuel & Ellen PALISTER, married Melissa Ann SMITH, 20, Ontario, McLean Twp, d/o Charles & Serena SMITH, witn: George FISH & Lizzie SMITH, both of McLean Twp, 29 Jan 1891 at Bracebridge

7775-91 Alfred James PARRETT, 21, gardener, England, Monck twp., s/o Alfred & Amelia, married Harriet Emma SMITH, 17, Ontario, Monck twp., d/o Peter & Fanny Frances, witn: George Marquis LIDDIARD of Bracebridge & Priscilla SMITH of Monck on Sept. 17, 1891 at Monck Tp. 7778-91 Thomas PENDER, 34, farmer, Canada, same, s/o James & Bridget, married Mary BEAUPRIA (Beaupre?), 21, of Canada, d/o Antoine & Jenit, witn: George SMITH & Hanna PENDER, both of Foley, 22 June 1891 at Foley twp
#007851-91 Harvey Windle PORTER, 31, missionary, Durham Co Ont, Vasey - Simcoe, s/o John & Martha PORTER, married Ellen M. DICKOUT, 27, Dereham Oxford Co, Bracebridge, d/o Daniel & Mary DICKOUT, witn: Daniel & Lucy DICKOUT, both of Baysville, 18 Sept 1891 at Bracebridge #007858-91 Marshal PRESLEY, 25, lumberman, Ontario, Humphrey Twp, s/o John & Victoria PRESLEY, married Margaret Matilda GRAHAM, 25, Ontario Canada, Humphrey Twp, d/o Joseph & Julia GRAHAM, witn: Jesse & Mary GRAHAM, both of Humphrey Twp, 22 Sept 1891 at Bracebridge
#007870-91 Percy PROSSER, 24, farmer, North Gwillimbury, Watt Twp, s/o Nelson & Marand PROSSER, married Mary SMITH, 16, Watt Twp, same, d/o George & Isabella SMITH, with: Addington VEITCH & Lizzie LONGHURST, both of Watt Twp, 24 Mar 1891 at Bracebridge


#008162-92 John REECE, 26, lumberman, Fenelon Falls, Sundridge, s/o John & Sunda (Sindra?) REECE, married Harriett WHALEN, 21, Bruce Co, Sundridge, d/o William & Eliza WHALEN, witn: William & Mary WHALEN, both of Sundridge, 24 Oct 1891 at Sundridge 7878-91 Charles Wesley RHODES, 24, yeoman, Port Burwell, McLean twp., s/o Robert William & Rachel, married Letitia Jane McREYNOLDS, 24, Ontario, McLean twp., d/o Rowland & Elizabeth Ann, witn: William HARPER of Bracebridge & Alma RHODES of Baysville on June 16, 1891 at Bracebridge
#007889-91 George Albert RUSSEL, 21, farmer, Bracebridge, Colebridge, s/o Joseph Albert & Adelaide RUSSEL, married Dorothy SAWYER, 18, Haliburton, McLean Twp, d/o Henry & Lizzie SAWYER, witn: F.L. HOWLAND, Huntsville & Anges L. WOODIE, Stayner, 31 Aug 1891 at Huntsville 007941-91 (Muskoka) John RUSSELL, 28, lumberman & farmer, Bruce Co, Loring, s/o Adam & Martha, married Amy Jane CROSWELL, 17, Bruce Co, Loring, d/o William & Dora, witn Henry CROSWELL of blank & Mattie (?) RICHARDS of Loring, 17 Mar 1891 at Arnstein, Parry Sound
007968-91 Thomas RUSSELL, 25, farmer, Victoria Co, Strong Twp s/o Joseph and Nancy RUSSELL married Henrietta C. LOCKHART, 17, Huron Co, Strong Twp, d/o William Robert and Margaret LOCKHART witn: Irene M. BRIMACOMBE of Brucedale - Strong Twp and Thomas SUTTON of Stirling Falls, May 13, 1891, Denville

7872-91 John Wesley SCOTT, 28, blacksmith, Ontario, Machar twp., s/o John & Ellen, married Annie McBRIDE, 19, Ontario, Draper twp., d/o William T. McBRIDE of Draper & Gertrude ROBINSON of Bracebridge on April 6, 1891 at Bracebridge

#007912-91 William John SHIELDS, 26, farmer, Huron Co, Joly Twp, s/o William & Margaret SHIELDS, married Annie Laura Caroline HAYS, 17, Perth Co Ont, Strong Twp, d/o James & Anna HAYS, witn: Richard E. HAYS, Sundridge & Maggie SHIELDS, South River, 16 July 1891 at Machar Twp #007848-91 Richard SHORTT, 25, lawyer, Ontario Canada, Cardwell Twp, s/o Richard & Elizabeth SHORTT, married Ettie EINARSON, 21, Ireland, Cardwell Twp, d/o Einarson & Mary EINARSON, witn: Gisla & Jacob EINARSON, both of Cardwell, 18 Aug 1891 at Bracebridge
007891-91 Sardis SHWEBER (Shreiber?, Shevelier?), 24, lumberman, s/o Thomas & Catharine BROWN, married Janey STEELE, 16, Ontario, McLean, d/o Edward & Mary STEELE, witn: Emma KITCHEN & Edw WOODAND, both of Huntsville, 30 Sept 1891 at Huntsville 8176-92 - George SIMMS, 25, blacksmith, of Nipissing, s/o George & Ann, married Sarah CHAPMAN, 19, Nipissing, same, d/o James & Phebe, witn: Albert SIMMS & Nellie CHAPMAN, both of Nipissing, 17 June 1891 at Nipissing twp
007805-91 Robert STAFF, 34, barber, St. Mary’s, Burks Falls s/o William and Dedamy STAFF married Mary Jane GEROW, 20, Huntingdon Twp, Burks Falls d/o Isaac M. GEROW and Hettable DALEY witn: Daniel MENZIES of Sundridge and Julia Ann GEROW of Burks Falls, February 25, 1891, Burks Falls 7917-91 Alex M. SUMMERS, 29, laborer, Brock twp., Windermere, s/o Lewis & Margaret, married Mary SLATER, 17, Brackenberry - Watts, d/o George & Julia, witn: G. H. ROBINSON & M. S. AITKINS, both of Windermere, 11 Aug 1891 at Windermere, Watts twp
#007822-91 Richard Ussher TAPP (Lapp?), 25, physician, Ireland, Bracebridge Muskoka, s/o John & Charlotte TAPP, married Mary Eliza BELEY, 19, Humphrey Parry Sound, same, d/o Benjamin Sowden & Emma Lucy BELEY, witn: Charles R. BELEY, Humphrey & Mina N. TAPP, Bracebridge, 3 Jun 1891 at Humphrey Twp Parry Sound #007910-91 John Jardine TENNANT, 31, farmer, Wellington Co, Machar Twp, s/o David & Rachel TENNANT, married Margaret Jane MCGIRR, 22, Osprey Twp, Machar Twp, d/o James & Harriett MCGERR, witn Wiliiam MCGERR & Maggie TENNANT, both of Machar Twp, 25 May 1891 at Machar Twp
8226-92 - John THORN (could be Thom), 25, farmer, Osprey twp., Katrine - Armour twp., s/o Archibald & Sarah, married Isabella MITCHELL, 24, Oro, Katrine, d/o James & Barbara, witn: Alinda ROBINSON of Barrie & Alexander THORN of Katrine, 30 Dec 1891 at Burks Falls #007927-91 Robert James TORRIE, 28, farmer, Wellington Co, Strong Twp, s/o Duncan TORRIE & Elizabeth HALL, married Lucretta MONAGHAN, 24, London Ont, Chapman Twp, d/o Eliakim MONAGHAN & Janet MCINTYRE, witn: John JOHNSTON, Strong Twp & Elizabeth HALL, Sundridge Village, 27 Mar 1891 at Chapman Twp
#007831-91 - William TRUMAN, 41, farmer, England, Wood twp., s/o George & Mary, married Ann TRUMAN, 50, widow, England, London Ont., d/o William & Ann TRUMAN, witn: George GREEN of New Lowell & Elizabeth McRAE of Gravenhurst, 20 Oct 1891 at Gravenhurst 7918-91 William Henry VANCLIEF, 27, farmer, Ontario, McLean twp., s/o Daniel & Catherine, married Agnes May MORROW, 18, Ontario, Ridout, d/o Arthur & Jane, witn: Sarah Ethel MORROW & Wesley BUCE , both of Ridout twp., 10 June 1891 at Ridout
8250-92 - Henry Harrison VANWINKLEN, 39, farmer, Prince Edward, South River, s/o Larrett & Phoebe, married Mary Ann JOY, 32, England, Midford - Eagle Lake, d/o Robert Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Charles W. JOY of Midford & Feradora V. VANWINKLEN of South River, 9 Dec 1891 at res of bride's father 07933-91 (Muskoka) Peter WAKENKARY(?), 30, chief boat builder, Henery (?) Inlet, same, s/o Isaac & Eliza, married Jane PASHENENCE(?), 27, French River, same, d/o given names blank, witn W SALT of Belcour - Turtle Dist & C SALT of Parry Sound, 31 July 1891, Parry Sound
#008233-92 Solomon WALLACE, 27, labourer, Oro, Stephenson, s/o Norman & Lucy WALLACE, married Amelia BARRAGAR, 19, Georgiana, Stephenson, d/o Amos & Mary Ann BARRAGAR, witn: William & Ida BARRAGAR, both of Stephenson, 30 Dec 1891 at Chaffey #007886-91 Thomas John WALLON, 24, lumber sawyer, Ontario, Huntsville, s/o John & Elizabeth WALLON, married Julia Jane MIDDLETON, 21, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o James & Mona MIDDLETON, witn: John & Mary MIDDLETON, not given, 30 June 1891 at Huntsville

7832-91 John WALMSLEY, 28, labourer, Tilsonburg, Gravenhurst, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Ida WESTBROOK. 22, Komoka, Gravenhurst, d/o Peter & Matilda, witn: Jane BONERS & Robert WALMSLEY both of Gravenhurst on Dec. 23, 1891 at Gravenhurst

#007818-91 Benjaminn WALTERS, 29, farmer, Grey Co Ont, Machar Twp, s/o John & Catherine Maria WALTERS, married Sarah Charlotte HILTS, 24, Cl(illegible), Machar, d/o Jeremiah & Ellen HILTS, witn: William CALDER, Spencer & Lizzie HEWETON, Burk's Falls, 4 Nov 1891 at Burk's Falls 007953-91 (Muskoka) William Dollar WATSON, 28, carpenter, Scotland, California USA, s/o David WATSON & Janet DOLLAR, married Elizabeth Rae CAMPBELL, 23, Scotland, Parry Sound, d/o John CAMPBELL & Agnes CRANSTONE, witn W BEATTIE & M CAMPBELL of Parry Sound, 6 May 1891, Parry Sound
#007853-91 John Thomas WATSON, 30, farmer, not given, Ashdown Ontario, s/o Thomas & Ann WATSON, married Clara Ada Jane PENSON, 30, not given, Ashdown Rosseau Ontario, d/o Richard George & Mary Elizabeth PENSON, witn: Richard George & Elizabeth PENSON, both of Rosseau, 18 Sept 1891 at Bracebridge #007892-91 James WEIR, 31, farmer, Scotland, Stephenson Twp, s/o Thomas & Catherine WEIR, married Mary Maria HANES, 20, Ontario, Stephenson Twp, d/o Erastus & Jane HANES, witn: Robert MCNAIRNEY, Huntsville & Nancy HANES, Stephenson Twp, 15 Oct 1891 at Huntsville
#007862-91 William WELLS, 40, farmer, England, Medora Twp, s/o Henry & Sarah WELLS, married Ellen BLACK, 47, England, Wood Twp, widow, d/o William & Sarah DANIELS, witn: William & Phillis BERRY, both of Wood Twp, 14 Nov 1891 at Bracebridge 007798-91 John Henry WESTWICK, 29, farmer, England, McMurrich Twp s/o James and Alice WESTWICK married Elizabeth DAVIE (DAVIS?), 24, Scotland, Ryerson Twp d/o John and Isabella DAVIE, witn: Jessie DAVIE and Thomas COTTINGHAM both of Ryerson Twp, April 28, 1891, Doe Lake
#007926-91 John James WHEATLEY, 27, farmer, Derby England, Chapman, s/o Thomas & Fanny WHEATLEY, married Caroline HEIMBACKER, 37, Grarvenan Germany, Chapman, d/o Jacob & Maria HEIMBACKER, witn: William HEINBACKER & Louisa RAAFLAUB, both of Chapman Twp, 10 Feb 1891 at Chapman Twp 7787-91 Edward Hamilton WHELAN, 25, farmer, Clarendon Que., Powassan, s/o James & Sophia, married Gertrude WHELAN, 16, Almonte, Powassan, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Peter MOYLES & Jennie ELLIS, both of Powassan, 21 Jan 1891 at Powassan
007812-91 Robert WHITE, 23, farmer, Grey Co, McMurrich Twp s/o William and Elizabeth WHITE married Elizabeth L. MULLIGAN, 20, Cavan Twp, McMurrich d/o Stewart and Mary MULLIGAN witn: J.D. REID and E.H. REID both of Burks Falls, July 12, 1891, Burks Falls 007799-91 Alexander WIGGINS, 29, farmer, Weston, Armour Twp s/o Samuel and Rebecca WIGGINS married Melissa RUSSEL, 20, Quebec, Armour Twp d/o Abraham and Elinda RUSSEL witn: Lachlan McFAYDEN and Margaret McFAYDEN both of Katrine, April 16, 1891
007823-91 George WILCOX, 36, farmer, Peel Co Ont, Foley Twp, widower, s/o William & Sarah WILCOX, married Mary Caroline WALKINSON, 19, Monteith Twp, same, d/o Ebenezer & Eliza WALKINSON, witn: Willis HAYES, Humphrey & Sarah WILCOX, Foley, 15 July 1891 at Church of the Redeemer, Rosseau #007864-91 Hershaw WILD, 26, engineer, England, Bracebridge, s/o John & Betty WILD, married Margaret Mary YOUNG, 20, Ontario Canada, Bracebridge, d/o John & Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: John E. & Ada Elizabeth YOUNG, both of Bracebridge, 26 Nov 1891 at Bracebridge

7877-91 George WILSON, 30, labourer, Scotland, Muskoka twp., s/o George & Jane, married Charlotte ELLIS, 23, Muskoka, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: William BOWES & Susan ELLIS both of Muskoka Tp. on May 6, 1891 at Bracebridge

#008170-92 George WOOD, 24, labourer, Bentinck Twp Grey Co, McDougall Twp, s/o John & Nancy WOOD, married Margaret LUMSDEN, 19, Parry Sound, McDougall Twp, d/o James & Elizabeth LUMSDEN, witn: Alexander & Sarah WOOD, both of McDougall Twp, 29 Dec 1891 at Lot 5 Con A McDougall Twp #007865-91 Herbert WOOD, 20, lumberman, Durham England, Gravenhurst, s/o William Richard & Anna Maria WOOD, married Matilda GRAHAM, 22, Glencairn Ontario, Gravenhurst, d/o Robert & Mary E. GRAHAM, witn: William & Mrs MCFADDEN both of Bracebridge, 10 Dec 1891 at Bracebridge

7777-91 Henry YEARLY, 27, farmer, Toronto, Macaulay twp., s/o George Samuel & Mary Ann, married Mary Ella MAY, 20, Orillia, Monck twp., d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Robert YEARLY of Macauley & Cora MAY of Monck on Sept. 30, 1891 at Monck Tp.

007952-91 (Muskoka) Edwin WRIGHT, 23, farmer, Elgin Cty, Carling Twp, s/o John WRIGHT & Mirand FOREST, married Janet Agnes ALVES, 28, Westminster Twp, Carling Twp, d/o John ALVES & Ann BRODIE, witn James BEVERIDGE, John ALVES, & Robert Blair all of Parry Sound Dist, 7 Apr 1891 at Carling Twp, Parry Sound

7838-91 William YOUNG, 26, labourer, Uxbridge, Collingwood, s/o John & Susan, married Emma RAKESTRAW, 20, England, Gravenhurst, d/o Edwin & Kate, witn: E. D. & Em C. BROWNE both of Gravenhurst on April 8, 1891 at Gravenhurst