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Muskoka & Parry Sound Districts, 1927

birth place is given before residence


016063-27 Alfred Sidney ACKERMAN, 30, clerk, England, 4 Leuty Ave in Toronto, s/o Alfred ACKERMAN (b. England) & May Marion CARRICK married Vera Ruth BICKMORE, 23, Ontario, Pleasant View at Mortimer Point - Lake Muskoka d/o Alfred Henry BICKMORE (b. Ontario) & Fanny MORTIMER wtn: Robert ANDERSON of Rossclair & Amy BICKMORE of Mortimer Point, 14 September 1927 at Medora twp 016064-27 William Albert ADAMS, 21, rubber, Sebright, Oshawa s/o Charles A. ADAMS (b. Ontario) & Sarah J. SOUTHERN married Marion Pearl McKENNEY, 22, domestic, Muskoka District, Melissa d/o George McKENNEY (b. Canada) & Mary Ann PELLS wtn: A Verner OKE of Melissa & Ethel M. CUNNINGHAM of Buffalo, 30 July 1927 at Chaffey twp

017727/27 Albert ALKINS, 37, merchant, Watt twp., Callander Ont., s/o Thomas ALKINS (b. Bruce Co. Ont.) & Sophia L. KINGSHUTT, married Hazel Evelyn DOBSON, 26, clerk, North Himsworth twp, Callander Ont., d/o William DOBSON (b. Cobden - Renfrew Co. Ont.) & Mary IRVINE, witn: Norman DOBSON & Ethel KIRK both of Callander, 3 January 1927, Callender

017728/27 Charles Scholfield APPELBE, 29, doctor of medicine, Parry Sound Ont., Parry Sound Ont., s/o James APPELBE & Minnie LUND, married Edith Sarah DITCHBURN, 29, teacher, Rosseau Ont., Rosseau Ont., d/o William DITCHBURN & Sarah Jane STONEMAN, witn: Jack M. APPELBE of Parry Sound Ont. & Eileen S. DITCHBURN of Gravenhurst Ont., 29 November 1927, Rosseau

016065-27 James Henry ARBIC, 20, labourer, Bracebridge, Bracebridge s/o Edmund ARBIC & Mary McGUIGAN, married Verna GOLTZ, 20, Bracebridge, Bracebridge d/o Fred GOLTZ & Alice PERRY wtn: Charles FLEURY & Marie ARBIC both of Bracebridge, 16 May 1927 at Bracebridge

017729/27 Stephen Francis AULBROOK, 23, laborer, Midland Ont., Ardbey Ont., s/o John Wesley AULBROOK (b. Canada) & Harriet TARBUSH, married Margaret Ellen JACKSON, 18, McKellar Ont., d/o Robert Alexander JACKSON (b. McKellar) & Elizabeth Jane MOFFAT (deceased), witn: Margaret LAFLAMME of Ardbeg & Lorne JACKSON of McKellar, 21 September 1927, McKellar twp

016066-27 William AVERY, 22, farmer, McLean twp, Brown's Brea in Lake of Bays s/o John AVERY (b. Ontario) & Marion THOMPSON married Isabella McADAM, 26, housemaid, Scotland, Brown's Brea in Lake of Bays d/o David McADAM (b. Ireland) & Isabella McDOUGAL wtn: James AVERY & Myra BOOTHBY both of Brown's Brea, 24 December 1927 at Ridout twp

017730/27 Thomas Edward Orland BAILEY, 21, laborer, Utterson Ont., Orrville Ont., s/o Norman BAILEY (b. Utterson Ont.) & Ellen EMERSON, married Nellie May PETERKIN, 18, Parry Sound Ont., Orrville Ont., d/o William PETERKIN (b. Raymond Ont.) & Elizabeth RUSSEL, witn: Myrtle IRWIN of Orrville Ont. & Thomas PETERKIN of Parry Sound Ont., 15 September 1927, Parry Sound

  017731/27 John Alexander BAIN, 24, farmer, Loring Ont., Loring Ont., s/o James Robert BAIN (b. Keiss Caithness Scotland) & Josephine FAISTEL, married Mary Rea WELLERMAN, 23, England, Trout Creek Ont., d/o Cuthbert Charles WELLERMAN (b. England) & Harriet HARBIN, witn: Edward Norman BAIN of Loring Ont. & Harriet Agnes WELLERMAN of Trout Creek Ont., 6 July 1927, Trout Creek

016072-27 Ernest BANWELL, 24, farmer, England, Raymond in Watt twp s/o John BANWELL (b. England) & Mary SMITH married Jean LUCKEY, 18, Bardsville in Monck twp, Raymond in Watt twp d/o Reginald LUCKEY (b. Canada) & Betres (Beatrice?) FRAZER wtn: Ninta? SMITH & Mrs WARDELL both of Bracebridge, 30 May 1927 at Bracebridge

016067-27 John Gordon BARAGER, 27, farmer, Huntsville, Grossmere s/o John BARAGER (b. Winchester) & Eva M. BAKER married Jessie Louise MORGAN, 21, Grossmere, Grossmere d/o James MORGAN (b. Portsmouth England) & Elsie WARD wtn: Clarence BARAGER of Grossmere & Eva FIELDS of Huntsville, 22 December 1927 at Chaffey twp
016068-27 Frederick Earl BARBER, 22, postal clerk, Rome NY, Rome NY s/o Fred BARBER (b. New York State) & Emma J. POPLETON married Blanche Anna KING, 23, residing at home, Penetanguishene, Port Severn d/o Constant KING (b. Penetanguishene) & Sarah BONNEAU, wtn: Margaret KING & Fred KING both of Port Severn, 8 August 1927 at Baxter twp

017732/27 William John BARBER, 32, fire ranger, Nipissing twp., Nipissing twp., s/o John BARBER (b. Ont.) & Julia Margaret STILLAR, married Ella SIMPSON, 22, Nipissing twp., Nipissing twp., d/o Robert Henry SIMPSON (b. Vankleek Hill Ont.) & Effie Maud STEELE, witn: Albert Andrew Wellington BARBER & Emma SIMPSON both of Nipissing, 12 October 1927, Nipissing twp

016069-27 George Enoch BARNES, 29, labourer, Gravenhurst, Gravenhurst s/o W.H. BARNES (b. Bury Lancs. England) & Annie ADDIE married Jean Marlina SCOTT, 19, Gravenhurst, Gravenhurst d/o James SCOTT (b. Barrie Ont.) & Jessie BIRNIE wtn: Alfred BARNES of Gravenhurst & Marie JOBBITT of Barrie, 24 September 1927 at Gravenhurst 016070-27 Melvin Egbert BARNHART, 26, labourer, Novar, Chaffey twp s/o William Egbert BARNHART (b. Canada) & Emma CURTIS married Vera Bernadine WILSTON, 18, farmer's daughter, Scotia Junction, Scotia Junction d/o Frank WILSTON (b. Canada) & Charlotte MURPHY wtn: Mr S. WATT & Mrs L.C. WATT both of Novar, 28 April 1927 at Huntsville

017733/27 Nelson Philip BARRIE, 24, clerk, Ottawa Canada, Midland Ont., s/o Peter BARRIE (b. Ottawa) & Philemine BELANGER, married Sarah Barbara Etta WHITE, 23, nurse, Parry Sound Ont., Midland Ont., d/o Harry WHITE (b. Ireland) & Lavina WELLETTE, witn: Mrs. BARRIE & Lloyd JOHNSON of Nobel Ont., 22 September 1927, Parry Sound

017734/27 Joseph Leo BASKEY, 22, deliveryman, Flinton Ont., Parry Sound Ont., s/o Joseph Louis BASKEY (b. Canada) & Victoria Mary GAGNON, married Laura KNOWLES, 18, domestic, Manchester England, Parry Sound Ont., d/o John A. KNOWLES (b. England) & Mabel CAYNE, witn: Francis McCANN & Lenore McCANN both of Parry Sound Ont., 14 February 1927, Parry Sound

017735/27 Louis BASTIEN, 30, farmer, Essex Co. Ont., Commanda Ont., s/o Patrick BASTIEN (b. Malden Ont.) & Elizabeth EMMELINE, married Silphia YERKIE, 15, Pringle twp., Commanda Ont., d/o Charles YERKIE (b. Aggenville Ont.) & Rose Marie YERKIE, witn: Philip BASTIEN & Bella BASTIEN both of Nipissing Ont., 9 November 1927, Powassan

017736/27 Honore BELAND, 21, labourer, French River, Bying Inlet Ont., s/o Jean Baptiste BELAND & Rose BELANGER, married Rosalie GARON, 19, Bying Inlet Ont., Bying Inlet Ont., d/o Joseph GARON & Rosalie OUELLET, witn: Joseph BELAND & Elizabeth GARON both of Bying Inlet Ont., 3 May 1927, Parry Sound

017737/27 Milton Edward BELL, 35, laborer, McKellar twp., same, s/o Thomas George BELL (b. Canada) & Mary Emma CRISP, married Ida Loretta BALL, 32, lives at home, McKellar twp., same, d/o Joseph Hilton BALL (b. Canada) & Sarah Ellen JACKSON, witn: Lila MacLENNAN & Clifford MacLENNAN both of Dunchurch Ont., 14 April 1927, McKellar twp

016071-27 Almer Groves BENNETT, 28, labourer, Muskoka District, Huntsville s/o Thomas BENNETT (b. Brighton England) & Emeline GOODMAN married Ethel May HARVEY, 18, Stratford Ont., Huntsville d/o Thomas HARVEY (b. Ontario) & Ida MORRISON wtn: L. Doris Orr SMITH of Huntsville & Lillie M. ORR of 123 Carter St in Ottawa, 16 August 1927 at Huntsville

017738/27 Mario BIASUCCI, 24, labourer, Volpago Italy, Bying Inlet Ont., s/o Giuseppe BIASUCCI & Maria RIGATO, married Palmira CATTELAN, 21, Italy, Bying Inlet Ont., d/o Giovanni CATTELAN & Maria ANTONIO, witn: Celeste MILANI & Mrs. Anste HUENI? both of Bying Inlet Ont., 10 October 1927, Bying Inlet

016073-27 George Clifford BERRIDGE, 27, phone tester, Ontario, 188 Delaware Ave in Toronto, s/o Richard BERRIDGE (b. England) & Helen TAYLOR married Vera Agnes NEILSON, 23, operator, Ontario, 253 Evelyn Ave d/o Lawrence NEILSON (b. Sweden) & Agnes McEACHERN wtn: Agnes LIDGOLD & Mrs J.A. McCONNELL both of Bracebridge, 19 May 1927 at Bracebridge [divorced 25 August 1954]
016074-27 William Gordon BILLINGSLEY, 35, farmer, Stephenson twp, Stephenson twp s/o Richard BILLINGSLEY (b. Canada) & Nellie BARGAR married Dolly Belle SHAY, 18, Ontario, Chaffey twp d/o Alfred SHAY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth FLEMING wtn: Mildred B. WRIGHT & Ruth PURCHASE both of Huntsville, 24 May 1927 at Huntsville

017739/27 Reginald Earnest BLACK, 21, carpenter, Orillia, Sundridge, s/o Howard Wesley BLACK (b. Alliston Ont.) & Millie WALTONBURY, married Lila HALLETT, 17, housemaid, Ryerson twp., Ryerson twp., d/o William HALLETT (b. England) & Esther BOADWAY, witn: Mrs. George REID of Sprucedale & Ruth BLACK of Huntsville, 3 November 1927, Dist Parry Sound [divorced 3/3/53]

017740/27 Joseph BOUCHER, 40, laborer, Bying Inlet Ont., Bying Inlet Ont., s/o Leonard BOUCHER (b. Penetanguishene Ont.) & Elizabeth RICHARDSON, married Lena BRIERLEY, 27, England, d/o James William BRIERLEY (b. Oldham England) & Sarah HOLMS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. C. E. BEGIN of Bying Inlet Ont., 6 September 1927, Bying Inlet

016075-27 Joseph BOUDREAU, 24, cook, Halifax, Toronto & Gravenhurst s/o Walter BOUDREAU (b. Halifax) & Clare ANDRE married Bertha WOODCOCK, 19, housemaid, Huntsville, Gravenhurst d/o Harry WOODCOCK (b. Kinmount) & Mable BUTTS wtn: Mrs R. SHEETH & Mrs W.A. BEECROFT, both of Gravenhurst, 28 September 1927 at Gravenhurst

017741/27 Harry Alexander BOWDEN, 33, stationary engineer, Belleville Ont., Depot Harbor, s/o Henry BOWDEN (b. England) & Agnes LOFT, married Jennie Jean GIGNAC, 22, Depot Harbor Ont., d/o Joseph Alexander GIGNAC (b. Sillery Quebec) & Elzier St. JACQUES, witn: Owen GIGNAC & Louise GIGNAC both of Depot Harbor Ont., 23 June 1927, Parry Sound

017742/27 Frank Philip BOWMAN, 25, laborer, New York, Nipissing, s/o Frank Frederick BOWMAN (b. Germany) & Emma YERKEL, married Hilda Hattie LAWRENCE, 17, Arnstein, Arnstein, d/o Frederick William LORENZ (b. Germany) & Mary Frederick WELLER, witn: Arnold Edmond LORENZ of Arnstein & Anna Elizabeth BOWMAN of Nipissing, 13 July 1927, Dist. Parry Sound

016076-27 Edward James BRADLEY, 25, telephone lineman, Huntsville, North Bay s/o John BRADLEY (b. Huntsville) & Susan WOODCOCK married Emma Mary SCHMELSKI, 23, domestic, Powasson Ont., North Bay d/o August SCHMELSKI (b. Guelph Ont.) & Victoria GRABUSKI wtn: Murray FISHER MB of Gravenhurst & Clement E. SMITH of Orillia, 19 February 1927 at Gravenhurst  

017745/27 Thomas W. BRADY, 32, camp cook, Liverpool England, Kearney, s/o Thomas BRADY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BALL, married Illa Bell CIPHERY, 18, home maid, Essex Ont, Kearney, d/o George CIPHERY (b. Canada) & Ada LESTER, witn: Nellie BECK & George CIPHERY both of Kearney, 8 August 1927, home of bride Kearney

017744/27 Isaac BRADY, 30, millwright, Gooderham Ont., Pontiac Michigan, s/o Isaac BRADY (b. Canada) & Margaret INGLES, married Alice Gertrude WISEMAN, 28, lives at home, Barrie Ont., Pontiac Michigan, d/o Alfred WISEMAN (b. Canada) & Florence PERRY, witn: William A. H. HAMILL of Pakesley Ont. & Frances M. BEAUMONT of Parry Sound Ont., 5 April 1927, Parry Sound

017746/27 Earl BRAZIER, 25, laborer, Sundridge, Spence twp., s/o George BRAZIER (b. Brantford Ont.) & Mary WOOD, married Gladys MURPHY, 18, house maid, twp. Spence, twp. Spence, d/o George MURPHY (b. Ottawa Ont.) & Martha GLASS, witn: Ruby MURPHY of Spence Ont. & William BRAZIER of Magnetawan, 28 September 1927, Burks Falls

017743/27 Percy BREAR, 29, farmer, Ferrie twp., Ryerson twp., s/o John BREAR (b. North of Montreal) & Annie WARD, married Pearl Frances BLACKMORE, 19, house maid, Ryerson twp., Ryerson twp., d/o William BLACKMORE (b. Yorkshire England) & Mary SELLERS, witn: Lester HEWETT & Annie BLACKMORE both of Burks Falls, 18 May 1927, Burks Falls

016077-27 William George BRENN, 33, labourer, Reading Berkshire England, Dwight s/o Samuel BRENN (b. Hamburg in Germany) & Sarah, married Dorothy Violet CRIPPS, 20, domestic, Bethune twp, Kearney, d/o John CRIPPS (b. Canada) & Elica STEVENS wtn: Mr & Mrs J.H. BRENN of Bracebridge, 29 December 1927 at Bracebridge

017747/27 Karl George BRIERLEY, 30, superintendent, LeRoy N.Y., Bridgeburg, s/o Thomas William BRIERLEY (b. U.S.A.) & Elizabeth HOWE, married Margaret Alexander DALY, 27, stenographer, Glasgow Scotland, Bridgeburg, d/o John McLean DALY (b. Scotland) & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, witn: Alfred Walter SCOTT of Sudbury & Euphemia Q. DALY of Parry Sound, 10 August 1927, Parry Sound

017748/27 Andrew BROOKS, 25, farmer, Loring, Loring, s/o Alfred BROOKS (b. Toronto Ont.) & Priscilla HUDSON, married Olive Hazel BOWERS, 19, Loring, Loring, d/o Nelson BOWERS (b. Tweed Ont.) & Nancy SMITH, witn: James Foster STRICKLAND & Mabel Ruth STRICKLAND both of Loring Ont., 26 April 1927, Powassan

017749/27 Aubrey Augustus BROOKS, 30, farmer, Perry twp., Perry twp., s/o Marshall BROOKS (b. Markham Ont.) & Dinah CUNNINGHAM, married Isabel ALEXANDER, 24, chemist, Pickering twp., Perry twp., d/o Robert ALEXANDER (b. Ireland) & Hannah BOURROUGHS, witn: Mrs. T. J. JEWITT of Burks Falls & Alison BURGESS of Bala Ont., 30 July 1927, Burks Falls

017750/27 George Albert BROOKS, 25, farmer, Boulder, Eauclaire, s/o James BROOKS (b. City London England) & Louisa BESKET, married Matilda RAAFLAUB, 21, at home, Magnetawan, South River, d/o Charles Julius RAAFLAUB (b. Chapman twp. Parry Sound Ont.) & Martha SALZMANN, witn: Lorne Stanley RAAFLAUB & Elanora KOESSEL both of Magnetawan, 6 November 1927, Magnetawan

017751/27 George William BROOKS, 37, labourer, Loring, Port Loring, s/o Alfred BROOKS (b. Chinguacousy twp.) & Priscilla HUDSON, married Rose Bertha PILGER, 18, Commanda, Port Loring, d/o Philip PILGER (b. Morrison twp.) & Clara SIMMS, witn: Elva BROOKS & Harry BROOKS both of Port Loring, 22 June 1927, Port Loring

016078-27 William Wesley BROOKS, 48, widower, carpenter, Listowel Ont., Bracebridge s/o John Henry BROOKS (b. Peel Co) & Sarah BROOKS married Alice Maria BAILEY, 37, widow, housekeeper, Macauley twp, Bracebridge d/o Charles PARKER & Caroline ADAMS wtn: Mrs E.A. PYBURN of 28 Vespra St in Barrie & Miss B.H. COOPER of Bracebridge, 9 February 1927 at Bracebridge

017752/27 James Wesley BULGER, 43, widower, farmer, Huron Co., Chinguacousy, s/o Joseph BULGER (b. Huron Co. Ont.) & Martha BULGER, married Sarah Jane MORRIS, 33, farmer's daughter, Parry Sound Dist., Chinguacousy, d/o Matthew MORRIS (b. Kent England) & Ellen FRANKLIN, witn: Edwin WRIGHTSON of Magnetawan & Jessie MOORE of Ahmic Lake, 14 May 1927, Magnetawan

016079-27 Frederick Alfred BURBRIDGE, 29, labourer, Monck twp, Bracebridge s/o John BURBRIDGE (b. Ottawa) & Martha TIBBET married Urda Elizabeth PRENTISS, 18, Monck twp, Monck twp d/o Thomas C. PRENTISS (b. Hamilton) & Elizabeth HOGART wtn: Mr & Mrs James G. PTOLEMY of Bracebridge, 25 February 1927 at Bracebridge

017753/27 John Thomas BURNS, 29, lumberman, twp. Christie, twp. Christie, s/o David Burns (b. near Meaford) & Annie GUNN, married Mary FARROW, 17, twp. Spence, twp. Christie, d/o John Alexander FARROW (b. Owen Sound) & Olive COOPER, witn: Chester FARROW of North Seguin & Violet STAMP of McKellar , 22 December 1927, McKellar


017754/27 John CAIN, 55, laborer, Barrie, Trout Creek, s/o Hugh CAIN & Mary Ann CALLAHAN, married Elizabeth KELLY, 37, domestic, Gurd twp. Parry Sound Dist., Trout Creek, d/o John KELLY & Bridget PIELY (Kelly?), witn: John A. KELLY & Mrs. John A. KELLY both of Trout Creek, 4 October 1927, Sacred Heart Church, Trout Creek

016080-27 Angus Robert CAMERON, 24, mechanic, Port Carling, Port Carling s/o Alex CAMERON (b. Scotland) & Sarah CAMERON married Florence Marie SAWYER, 20, Milford Bay, Milford Bay d/o Thomas George SAWYER (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth NICHOLS wtn: Duncan CAMERON & Mrs Pat CROUCH both of Port Carling, 5 November 1927 at Bracebridge 016081-27 Charles Alexander CAMERON, 25, labourer, Whitby Ont., Huntsville s/o Alex CAMERON (b. Brantford Ont.) & Armilda DENNARD married Mabel Elizabeth Edna MATTICE, 18, Novar, Novar d/o William MATTICE (b. Chaffey twp) & Kathleen GRAY wtn: James N. MATTICE & William E. SNYDER both of Novar, 24 March 1927 at Perry twp

017755/27 Charles CARGILL, 35, farmer, Otter Lake Ont., Ca--? Bay Jct. - Foley twp., s/o Hugh CARGILL (b. Minto Ont.) & Catherine VANKOUGHNETT, married Olive Victoria VANKOUGHNETT, 24, domestic, Foley twp., Dunchurch Ont., d/o John VANKOUGHNETT (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane COCHRANE, witn: Sherman CARGILL of Foley twp. & Edna VANKOUGHNETT of Dunchurch, 20 August 1927, Dist. Parry Sound

016082-27 Robert William CARR, 39, driver, Bardon Mill in Northumberland England, Huntsville s/o William Bell CARR (b. Hischen in Northumberland England) & Elizabeth Jane SHARPE married Eliza Violet Cadolia RAWN, 19, Collingwood Ont., Huntsville d/o Darcy RAWN (b. Egremont twp) & Mary Sophia DRAPER wtn: Elva Mary RAWN & Emberson Landell CRYDERMAN both of Huntsville, 23 November 1927 at Huntsville

017756/27 Leonina CARRERA, 25, laborer, Italy, Emsdale, s/o Joseph CARRERA (b. Italy) & Raphaeli SAIPODIR?, married Pasqualina FERRANTE, 16, daughter at home, Lindsay Ont., Emsdale, d/o Paul FERRANTI (b. Italy) & Italiana MAREANTANA, witn: Joseph FERRANTE & Pansy FERRANTE both of Emsdale Ont., 16 May 1927, Kearney

017757/27 James Austin CARRUTHERS, 26, machinist, Parry Sound Ont., Parry Sound, s/o James CARRUTHERS (b. Scotland) & Mary HAMMOND, married Frances Margaret BEAUMONT, 23, telephone operator, Lindsay Ont., Parry Sound Ont., d/o Ernest BEAUMONT (b. England) & Mary BARKER, witn: Amos D. GARRETT & Ellen BEAUMONT both of Parry Sound, 3 May 1927, Parry Sound

016083-27 John David CARTER, 20, labourer, Ontario, Mt Dennis s/o A.J. CARTER (b. Ontario) & Lottie ERGO (Eago?) married Fern Magdalene STRADER, 19, domestic, Ontario, Irene St in Huntsville d/o Casey STRADER (b. Germany) & Elmira MARKEL wtn: Wilfred J. NICHOLS of Gravenhurst & Gertrude STRAY of Huntsville, 3 December 1927 at Huntsville

017758/27 John George CARTWRIGHT, 63, widower, farmer, twp. McNab Ont., Nipissing Junction, s/o Thomas CARTWRIGHT (b. Belfast Ireland) & Jane BURROWS, married Lavinia Harrison ACKERMAN, 61, widow, home duties, Somerset England, North Bay, d/o William HARRISON (b. Somerset England) & Mary HARRISON, witn: [illegible], 23 November 1927, at Callander

016084-27 Leland Otais CASLER, 28, labourer, Oxford Co, Burks Falls s/o Joshua CASLER (b. Ontario) & Phebe ROBERTS married Irene Edith GRAY, 22, Ryerson twp, Toronto d/o Thomas GRAY (b. Barrie Ont.) & Marie C. GRESSLER wtn: Mrs Naomi BARRETT of 45 Mountview Ave in Toronto & Mrs Annabell BRACKIN of Huntsville, 16 April 1927 at Huntsville 016085-27 Herbert CASQUINETTE, 25, labourer, Baxter, Baxter s/o Jerry CASQUINETTE & Louise LEDUC married Annie Leon LEDUC, 17, Baxter, Baxter d/o Albert LEDUC & Marie KING wtn: Samuel GENDRON & Florence CASQUINETTE both of Port Severn, 27 June 1927 at Port Severn

017759/27 Thomas Medous CHAPMAN, 21, mechanic, Rosseau Ont., Rosseau Ont., s/o William P. CHAPMAN (b. England) & Margaret R. WEBSTER, married Mary Jane LASHBROOK, 18, twp. Humphrey, Rosseau Ont., d/o William LASHBROOK (b. Canada) & Jane CARGILL, witn: Harold CHAPMAN & Stella LASHBROOK both of Rosseau Ont., 20 July 1927, Rosseau

017760/27 Ross Edwin CLEMMENS, 27, book keeper, South River, Longford Mills, s/o John Edwin CLEMMENS (b. Canada) & Annie E. PLASKETT, married Katherine Emily BRADY, 24, school teacher, twp. Humphrey, Nobel, d/o Frederick J. BRADY (b. England) & Elizabeth L. WILSON, witn: Ivan E. CLEMMENS of Allandale Ont. & Sadie BRADY of Parry Sound, 1 September 1927, Nobel

016086-27 John William COLE, 25, labourer, England, 829 King St W s/o John W. COLE (b. England) & Mary Ann COLE married Lillian CONNOR, 22, domestic, Ireland, 72 Wilson Ave d/o James CONNOR (b. Ireland) & Mary S. JEFFRIES wtn: Edith COLE & Thomas W.J. CONNOR both of Toronto, 1 October 1927 at Gravenhurst 016087-27 Norman Holland COLE, 30, lumberman, Brunel twp, Bracebridge s/o George Albert COLE (b. Kincardine Ont) & Susan YORKE married Emma Rachel Mary TAYLOR, 23, housemaid, Macauley twp, Macauley twp d/o William TAYLOR (b. England) & Nettie SHOPLAND wtn: Alex TAYLOR & Mrs Gordon COLE both of Bracebridge, 22 November 1927 at Bracebridge
016088-27 Ernest Joseph CONWAY, 30, farmer, Clear Lake, Clear Lake in Oakley twp s/o Henry CONWAY (b. Canada) & Mary Ann SHAW married Hazel Florella AVERY, 21, teacher, Athens Ont., Clear Lake in Oakley twp d/o Yates AVERY (b. Canada) & Dennie COWAN wtn: Lawrence E. FLAHERTY of Vankoughnrt & Verna M. CONWAY of Ronville, 6 July 1927 at Huntsville 016089-27 John COOKE, 25, carpenter, Illinois USA, Uffington s/o John COOKE (b. Scotland) & Mary JOHNSON married Velma Letitia PATTERSON, 18, waitress, Uffington, Uffington d/o John PATTERSON (b. Ireland) & May MYERS wtn: Thelma PATTERSON of Lewisham & Alvin PATTERSON of Uffington, 6 September 1927 at Gravenhurst

017761/27 Walter Edward CORNISH, 33, clerk, Rosseau Ont., Pine Grove Ont., s/o John CORNISH (b. England) & Lena CORNISH, married Pearl Margaret MICHAELIS, 21, Parry Sound Ont., d/o Dan MICHAELIS (b. Algoma) & Susie MICHAELIS, witn: Garnet MICHAELIS & Clara SMITH both of Parry Sound, 7 September 1927, Parry Sound

016090-27 William COUSINEAU, 32, widower, guide, Baxter twp, Baxter twp s/o Peter COUSINEAU (b. Quebec) & Annie TOBY married Marie Adelaide LAMOUREUX, 19, Baxter twp d/o Paul LAMOUREUX & Lucy JOLI wtn: Fred TOBY & Julia LONGLADE both of Honey Harbour, 20 April 1927 at Baxter twp
016091-27 Henry Thomas CROKER, 23, farmer, England, Brunel twp s/o John CROKER (b. England) & Helen HISKINS married Olive HOLINSHEAD, 24, farmer's daughter, Canada, Brunel twp d/o Frank HOLINSHEAD (B. England) & Isabella SEELEY wtn: George BROWN & Lena HOLINSHEAD both of Brunel twp, 27 September 1927 at Huntsville 016092-27 William Lawrence CROMPTON, 35, farmer, Philadelphia PA, Aspdin Ont. s/o George CROMPTON (b. England) & Mary Jane TAYLOR married Dorothy Frances HALL, 38, bookkeeper, England, 94 Fairlawn Ave in Toronto d/o Arthur Frederick HALL (b. England) & Harriet Laura HAZELDINE wtn: F. LAKEMAN & Edith F. CROMPTON both of Aspdin, 21 December 1927 at Aspdin
016093-27 Robert Wilson CROUCHER, 26, labourer, Mortimers Point, Milford Bay in Monck twp s/o John CROUCHER (b. England) & Margaret CROUCHER married Vera Kathleen SAWYER, 26, Milford Bay, Milford Bay d/o Thomas George SAWYER (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth Sarah NICHOLS wtn: Angus CAMERON of Port Carling & Florence SAWYER of Milford Bay, 19 October 1927 at Monck twp 016094-27 Henry Wales CUMMER, 30, widower, mechanic, Oakland California, Detroit s/o H. CUMMER (b. Canada) & Mildred SWARTZ married Grace McKenzie MORRISON, 25, stenographer, Muskoka twp, Muskoka twp d/o Donald MORRISON (b. Canada) & Agnes McHATTIE wtn: Donnlea MORRISON & Roy MORRISON both of Reay, 22 June 1927 at Gravenhurst

017762/27 Robert John CURRIE, 26, farmer, Spring Creek Ont., Spring Creek Loring., s/o Robert CURRIE (b. Hanover Ont.) & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Hannah Percilla BROOKS, 22, Spring Creek, Spring Creek, d/o John Alex BROOKS (b. Palmerston Ont.) & Christina BROOKS, witn: William CURRIE & Mae D. BROOKS both of Loring., 13 July 1927, Spring Creek, Loring

017763/27 Neven Thomas CURRY, 22, farmer, Christie twp., Parry Sound., s/o James CURRIE (deceased) (b. Canada) & Mary McCONNELL, married Luella Rosena HIGGINS, 20, domestic, McKellar twp., Christie twp., d/o Simon HIGGINS (deceased) (b. Canada) & Mina WELLER, witn: Mrs. Athol G. GRAY & Mrs. Robert BRYDON both of Parry Sound Ont., 11 April 1927, Parry Sound

017772/27 Henry DABBS (Dobbs?), 34, mechanic, Dunnville, twp. Machar, s/o Henry DABBS (b. England) & Emma E. JENKS, married Gertie Elizabeth JOY, 25, housemaid, twp. Machar, twp. Machar, d/o Charles JOY (b. England) & Edith May WALDRIFF, witn: Elma WALKER & Mrs. Elma WALKER both of Toronto, 19 August 1927, Sundridge

016095-27 Neil Alexander DAVIDSON, 27, teamster, Port Perry, Bracebridge s/o John H. DAVIDSON (b. Blackstock Ont.) & Jennie McEACHERN married Lorna Mae GOHEEN, 19, clerk, Kilworthy, Bracebridge d/o Daniel GOHEEN (b. Scott twp) & Lillian May CLEMENT wtn: Daniel Warren GOHEEN & Dorothy JOHNSON both of Bracebridge, 19 September 1927 at Bracebridge

017768/27 William Francis DAVIS, 51, labourer, twp. Hagerman Ont., Dunchurch Ont., s/o William John DAVIS (b. Ontario) & Ann MANSON, married Margaret Jane SMITH, 46, daughter at home, twp. Lount Ont., Dunchurch Ont., d/o Lewis V. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Margaret ROLSTON, witn: Mrs. Sophia KING of Burks Falls Ont. & Charles KENNEDY of Magnetawan Ont., 13 April 1927, Magnetawan

016096-27 Stuart DAVIS, 25, farmer, Burks Falls, Katrine s/o Frederick DAVIS & Jennie DUNN married Marjory TUCKER, 17, Tilsonburg Ont., Katrine d/o George TUCKER & Lydia CASLER wtn: Mrs James McKEE & Mrs Amelia BRACKEN both of Huntsville, 30 March 1927 at Huntsville

017769/27 Frederick Salter DAVISON, 38, mechanic, New Market, Toronto, s/o Robert DAVISON (b. York Co.) & Mary WRIGHT, married Colina Belle GUNN, 42, sales lady, Gravenhurst, Toronto, d/o Alexander GUNN (b. Simcoe Co.) & Sarah Jane SHELON, witn: Elizabeth MARSHALL of Cannington Ont. & Fred Z. B. GUNN of Sundridge Ont., 1 June 1927, Sundridge

016097-27 Frederick DAWE, 26, labourer, Massahuxelles? illegible, Huntsville s/o James DAWE & Gelin LESOND married Alberta Margaret WHITEHOUSE, 36, Georgina twp, Huntsville d/o Lewis A. WHITEHOUSE & Alberta C. CRANE wtn: Frederick C. TAYLOR & Ruby Muriel TAYLOR both of Huntsville, 27 January 1927 at Huntsville
016098-27 Frederick Edward DAWSON, 28, carpenter, Bracebridge, Bracebridge s/o (not known) & Nellie DAWSON married Bertha Margaret LEEDER, 22, clerk, Macauley twp, Macauley twp d/o Arthur LEEDER (b. Macauley twp) & Ellena BAILEY wtn: Stella LEEDER & Alvin LEEDER both of Bracebridge, 20 October 1927 at Bracebridge

017770/27 Joseph Arthur Alphonse DELORME, 20, labourer, Bying Inlet, Parry Sound, s/o Philias DELORME & Marie BECHAUR, married Delia Lorraine LAMOUREA, 21, Penetanguishene, Parry Sound, d/o Joseph LAMOUREA & Agnes NEWBURY, witn: Joseph LAMOUREA & Mrs. George BOSELY both of Parry Sound, 14 November 1927, Parry Sound

017771/27 Ovila DEMERS, 25, miner, Astorville Ont., Callender Ont., s/o Francis DEMERS & Clementine LALONDE, married Laurette LEROUX, 18, domestic, Callender Ont., Callander Ont., d/o George LEROUX & Fidelia Eckinberge CHRETIEN, witn: Pierre DESERMAULT of Elk Lake Ont. & Bertha LEROUX of North Bay Ont., 3 January 1926, Callender

016099-27 Edgar Verne DENNISS, 26, clerk, Winnipeg, Bracebridge s/o George E. DENNISS (b. Bracebridge) & Alice CADE married Violet Mae KEMP, 19, Sudbury, Gravenhurst d/o Charles KEMP (b. Barrie) & Lillian W. BEECH wtn: Roxaline GARDINER & Neil F. CHRISTERSON, both of Bracebridge, 7 November 1927 at Gravenhurst
016100-27 Milo Henry DEYETTE, 26, clerk, Falding Ont., Falding s/o Milo DEYETTE (b. Quebec) & Eliza ARMSTRONG married Alice Edith LOVATT, 24, Ziska Ont. d/o Thomas W. LOVATT (b. Staffordshire England) & Alice KELLETT wtn: George Robert LOVATT & Mildred LOVATT both of Falding, 31 August 1927 at the bride's house in Ziska 016101-27 Laverne DOUGLAS, 37, manufacturer, Ontario, Meaford Ont. s/o John DOUGLAS (b. Ontario) & Margaret LEGATE married Jessie McRAE, 29, school teacher, Ontario, Gravenhurst d/o Donald McRAE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth LOGAN wtn: Vivian McLEAN of Owen Sound & Harold M. DOUGLAS of Meaford, 30 August 1927 at Gravenhurst

017773/27 Joseph DUBIE, 39, barber, Penetanguishene Ont., Ardbeg Ont., s/o Gerald DUBIE (b. Quebec) & blank, married Hilda Harriet LEWIS, 18, Annie Harbor, Ardbeg Ont., d/o Robert LEWIS (b. Parry Sound) & Minnie HOLLARD, witn: Norman LEWIS & Christina BROOKS both of Ardbeg Ont., 14 September 1927, Parry Sound

016102-27 Alphonse DUJANY, 28, waiter, St Pierre Italy, Toronto s/o Amabile DUJANY (b. St Pierre) & Christella ANSALMEN married Maria Guiseppina ENRICO, 19, saleswoman, Meirna in Italy, Toronto d/o Ernest ENRICO (b. Meirna Italy) & Eugene BERNARDI wtn: John ENRICO & Lena ENRICO both of Stoneleigh, 20 September 1927 at Bracebridge

017775/27 Albert Ertless DUNCAN, 30, widower, farmer, Toronto Ont., Emsdale, s/o Albert DUNCAN (b. Toronto Ont.) & Hannah CRAIG, married Florence May PHIPPEN, 21, widow, Ilfracombe Muskoka, Emsdale, d/o Leonard BAINBRIDGE (b. Lindsay Ont.) & Florence COPPER, witn: Albert DUNCAN of Emsdale Ont. & Edward S. BENNETT of Waterford Ont., 25 August 1927, Emsdale

017774/27 Donat DUPUIS, 19, farmer & saw mill laborer, Corbeil Ont., Corbeil Ont., s/o Oliver DUPUIS & Marie Anne THIBAULT, married Marie Cerilda OUELLETTE, 19, domestic, Astorville Ont., Callander Ont., d/o Joseph OUELLETTE & Alphonsine BELIC, witn: Ovila DUPUIS of Corbeil & Irene BELIC of Astorville Ont., 25 April 1927, Callander

16103-27 Lloyd Arthur DUNN, 22, shipper, Ontario, 640 Windermere Ave Toronto, s/o Arthur DUNN (b. Ontario) & Margaret Duncan? ROY, married Georgina Agnes SAYEWELL, 19, nurse, England, 635 Windermere Ave Toronto, d/o Stephen SAYEWELL (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth VIDGEON, witn: Lilian E. PEPPER & D. GUINEY both of Bracebridge on Sept. 3, 1927 at St. Thomas's Church Bracebridge

017776/27 Osborne Patrick DUNN, 23, store manager, Parry Sound Ont., Wyandotte Mich., s/o Thomas DUNN (b. Barrie Ont.) & Mary HAMILTON, married Norma Beryl FLETCHER, 22, clerk, Parry Sound Ont., Wyandotte Mich., d/o Nicol FLETCHER (b. Scotland) & Ida May WILCOX, witn: Gladys DUNN & Clifford DUNN both of Parry Sound, 3 October 1927, Parry Sound 

16104-27 James EDGAR, 27, book keeper, Scotland, 80 Browning Ave Toronto, s/o James EDGAR (b. Scotland) & Mary NORRIE, married Mary Beatrice MORLEY, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 109 Donlands Ave Toronto, d/o Frank William MORLEY (b. Ontario) & Florence May SELKIRK, witn: William SLOAN of 262 St. Clair Ave Toronto & Elizabeth MORLEY of Huntsville on Aug. 1, 1927 at Huntsville. [divorced 12/3/52]

017764/27 Edward EGLI, 30, draftsman & gardener, Lucerne City Switzerland, Muskoka, s/o Edward EGLI (b. Egolzwil Lucerne Switzerland) & Anna SCHMID, married Annie BOYD, 25, housemaid, Cambuslang Scotland, Muskoka, d/o Andrew BOYD (b. Uddingston Scotland) & Mary AIRD, witn: James R. DOUGLAS & Mary WRAY both of Royal Muskoka Hotel, 28 May 1927, Rosseau

017765/27 Harold Alfred ELDRIDGE, 22, laborer, Depot Harbor, Depot Harbor, s/o George ELDRIDGE (deceased) (b. England) & Rachel CORADINE, married Ruby HANNA, 17, Parry Sound, d/o John HANNA (b. Canada) & Jennie McEWEN, witn: Mrs. R. M. ELDRIDGE of Depot Harbor Ont. & John HANNA of Parry Sound Ont., 29 August 1927, Parry Sound

017766/27 Charles ELLIOTT, 56, widower, retired merchant, twp. Wawanosh Ont., Dungannon Ont., s/o Thomas ELLIOTT (b. Wingham Ont.) & Rebecca BLACK, married Clara Lucretia RATZ, 23, home duties, twp. Pringle Ont., Dungannon Ont., d/o William Henry RATZ (b. Waterloo) & Mary Ann APPER (Opper?), witn: Clarence Clinton RATZ of Golden Valley Ont. & Clara Emma RATZ of Powassan, 20 September 1927, Parry Sound

017767/27 Joseph Stewart EMERY, 25, carpenter, Peterborough Ont., Pointe au Baril, s/o Robert EMERY (b. Peterborough Ont.) & Minnie MATHEW, married Gladys Hollingshead RUSTIN, 21, Newmarket Ont., Pointe au Baril, d/o not known & M. HOLLINGSHEAD, witn: Bedford COCHLIN & Marie FRAZER both of Parry Sound, 21 November 1927, Parry Sound

017777/27 Gaston William ENEVER, 38, lumber manufacturer, Kent Co. England, Powassan, s/o Frederick Percival ENEVER (b. Oxford England) & Annie YOUNG, married Margaret May MITCHELL, 38, Powassan, Powassan, d/o Alfred MITCHELL & Christina McRAE, witn: Alfred Ross MITCHELL & Walter Herbert JESSUP both of Powassan Ont., 27 January 1927, Powassan

017778/27 William Thomas ENNIS, 32, government employee – meat inspector, Orillia, Toronto Ont., s/o Thomas ENNIS & Mary THOMSON, married Aurelia Cecilia STEPHENS, 22, nurse, Wilson twp., Loring, d/o Matthew STEPHENS & Mary BENNINGER, witn: Sylvester G. STEPHENS & Anna STEPHENS both of Loring, 6 June 1927, Loring

017779/27 Alvin Ernest EWIN, 26, farmer, twp. McKenzie Dist. Parry Sound, Whitestone Ont., s/o Thomas EWIN (b. Canada) & Margaret WALKER, married Mary Lizzie ELLIS, 17, lives at home, twp. Burton Dist. Parry Sound, d/o Joseph Henry ELLIS (b. Canada) & Maggie Jane McLEAN, witn: H. ELLIS of Ardbeg & Maggie Janie WELLINGTON of McKenzie twp., 28 March 1927, twp. McKenzie

017780/27 Stanley Roy FERGUSON, 23, farmer, Armour twp., Armour twp., s/o D. FERGUSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret HUSTON, married Leah Roseanna LANE, 18, house maid, twp. Strong, Armour twp., d/o Milward LANE (b. Ontario) & Jane NORRINGTON, witn: Agnes LANE & William H. LANE both of Burks Falls, 18 July 1927, Burks Falls

16105-27 Walter FINCH, 26, labourer, Parkersville, Bracebridge, s/o Jacob FINCH (b. Canada) & Elizabeth TURNBULL, married Iola BROOKS, 18, Bracebridge, Parkersville, d/o Wesley BROOKS (b. Canada) & Margaret HARPER, witn: Mildred HUNTER of Burks Falls & Florence BERNER of Huntsville on Sept. 19, 1927 at Huntsville

16106-27 Lawrence Edward FLAHERTY, 22, farmer, Vankoughnet Oakley Tp., Vankoughnet, s/o Daniel FLAHERTY (b. Kinmount) & Elizabeth TOLL, married Verna May CONWAY, 23, Clear Lake Oakley Tp., Vankoughnet, d/o Henry CONWAY (b. Bellrock) & Mary A. THOMPSON, witn: Jean HENDERSON of Vankoughnet & Lloyd CONWAY of Clear Lake on Sept. 24, 1927 at Bracebridge

16107-27 Louis Francis Frederick FOWLER, 27, carpenter, Ross Clair, Port Carling, s/o Louis Jesse FOWLER (b. Toronto) & Maud BERRY married Margaret Marion POOLER, 28, student, Watt Tp., Port Carling, d/o William Arthur POOLER (b. Shropshire England) & Amelia Ann JOHNSON, witn: Amelia Anne & Ruby A. POOLER both of Hutton House Muskoka on May 4, 1927 at Church of St Thomas, Bracebridge

017781/27 Fitzgerald FRAZER, 41, farmer, Foley twp., Foley twp., s/o Fitzgerald FRAZER (b. Ireland) & Susan Eliza McFELLAN, married Margaret Annabella WATTS, 18, Foley twp., Foley twp., d/o Murdock WATTS (b. Ontario Canada) & Jessie WILSON, witn: Mrs. M. A. FENTON & William B. MARSH both of Parry Sound, 24 June 1927, Parry Sound

16108-27 Alfred James FULLER, 29, labourer, Dorset Muskoka, Falkenburg, s/o Charles FULLER (b. Canada) & Sabrina BAKER, married Elizabeth Anne TAYLOR, 24, Falkenburg, same, d/o John TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Ann TOLMIE, witn: Mrs. A. BAVERSTOCK & Mrs J. SERVIS? both of Huntsville on July 15, 1927 at Huntsville

16109-27 James Richard GALLAGHER, 49, teamster, Toronto, Gravenhurst, s/o Robert GALLAGHER & Mary Catherine WALSH, married Catherine Florence BRENNAN, 43, librarian, Peterboro, Gravenhurst, d/o Richard BRENNAN & Catherine BURKE, witn: Mrs. Winifred FORNSBY of Gravenhurst & Harold PATTERSON of Welland on Nov. 14, 1927 at Gravenhurst

16110-27 Allan Bennett GARDINER, 24, mechanic, Monk Tp., Bracebridge, s/o Henery GARDINER (b. London Ontario) & Elizabeth illegiblex, married Roxaline Mina DENNIS, 18, Bracebridge, same, d/o George DENNIS (b. Muskoka) & Alice CADE, witn: George E. DENNIS of Bracebridge & Louis E. DENNIS 10940 120th St Edmonton Alberta on Jan. 8, 1927 at Bracebridge

16111-27 James Aubrey Hamilton GARNER, 28, agricultural representative, Hanover, Emo, s/o James Camplin GARNER (b. Ontario) & Agnes STEWART, married Doris Adelaide FLAXMAN, 23, Huntsville, same, d/o Edwin H. FLAXMAN (b. London England) & Rose Agnes FRANCIS, witn: Edwin H. & Ada L. FLAXMAN both of Huntsville on Jan. 22, 1927 at Muskoka.

017782/27 Clinton Alexander GILPIN, 22, clerk, Parry Sound, Cochrane Ont., s/o William George GILPIN & Catherine DOWNEY, married Jessie Harriet Divinia Davies TODD, 24, domestic, Annan Scotland, Rosseau Ont., d/o John Robert TODD & Sarah Martin MacFARLANE, witn: C. Oliver BILEY & Annie TODD both of Rosseau Ont., 28 October 1927, Rosseau

017783/27 Floyd Edward GODFREY, 21, laborer, Deseronto Ont., Nobel Ont., s/o Wesley GODFREY (b. Canada) & Mary COLE, married Violet Marion JOHNSON, 23, lives at home, Carling twp., Nobel Ont., d/o Gilmore JOHNSON (b. Norway) & Rhoda Ann WILLIS, witn: Martin A. JOHNSON Marie A. JOHNSON of Pointe Au Baril, 1 February 1927, at not given

16112-27 William Radmore GODFREY, 24, labourer, Brantford, Canal Ontario, s/o William George GODFREY (b. Canada) & Emily OXLEY, married Jean FORBES, 26, Aberdeen Scotland, Canal Ontario, d/o Alexander FORBES (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth FULTON, witn: William G. GODFREY of Canal Ont. & Nellie GAUSDEN of 42 Pembroke St Toronto on May 6, 1927 at Huntsville

16113-27 Arthur Frederick GOLDSMITH, 22, baker, Lowestoft England, 86 Baxter St Chatham Ontario, s/o David GOLDSMITH (b. Lowestoft England) & Elizabeth Alice RUSHMORE, married Edith Maude McCAULEY, 23, nurse, Toronto, 86 Baxter St Chatham, witn: Wallace McCAULEY (b. Oxford Co.) & Annie Louise STICKLER, witn: Evelyn Pearl McCAULEY of Gravenhurst & Herbert D. GOLDSMITH of Chatham on April 5, 1927 at Gravenhurst

 017784/27 Walter GOODMAN, 25, laborer, Bracebridge, Rosseau, s/o August GOODMAN (b. Akureyri Iceland) & Emily CROWDER, married Stella May LASHBROOK, 19, Conger twp., Rosseau, d/o William John LASHBROOK (b. Conger twp. Parry Sound) & Janie CARGILL, witn: Edith May GOODMAN & Elgin STONEMAN both of Rosseau, 24 August 1927, Humphrey twp.

16114-27 Donald GRAHAM, 46, farmer, England, Sparrow Lake, s/o John GRAHAM (b. Longtown England) & Frances YEATES, married Mary Elizabeth YOUNG, 41, Orillia, Sparrow Lake, d/o James YOUNG (b. New York USA) & Mary Ann O'CONNOR, witn: Edward FENN of Bracebridge & Christina McCORMACK of Kelwalby? on Oct. 31, 1927 at Bracebridge

017785/27 James Leonard GRAWBARGER, 24, farmer, Restoule, Restoule, s/o William GRAWBARGER (b. Chalk River Ont.) & Mary Anne CLARKE, married Hilda May ODD, 20, twp. Himsworth, Nipissing twp., d/o Harry Odd (b. Carshalton Surrey England) & Jessie NESBITT, witn: James Henry ODD of Nipissing Ont. & Geralda Victoria ODD, 22 June 1927, Nipissing twp.

16115-27 Howard Clinton GRAY, 22, farmer, Huntsville, Novar, s/o Henry Elden GRAY (Canada) & Carrie BROWN, married Verna Jean MAYNARD, 16, Novar, same, d/o Henry MAYNARD (b. Canada) & Emma BRANCH, witn: Joseph H. MAYNARD & Mrs. William McKENNEY both of Novar on March 25, 1927 at Huntsville

16116-27 Frank John GREEN, 21, labourer, Bracebridge, same, s/o James GREEN (b. Wellington Co.) & Emma JAMES, married Elizabeth May SLATER, 20, Ufford Watt Tp., Bracebridge, d/o James W. SLATER (b. Port Carling) & Frances L. QUINTON, witn: Mrs. Cora & Wellington GREEN both of Bracebridge on March 11, 1927 at Bracebridge

016117-27 William Donald GREGG, 29, invoice clerk, Ontario, 33 Hillsboro Ave in Toronto, s/o William R. GREGG (b. Ontario) & Grace W. ANGUS married Mabel Beatrice Emma GOLTZ, 25, stenographer, Ontario, 120 Kendal Ave d/o Albert J. GOLTZ (b. Ontario) & Nettie GOLTZ wtn: Gertrude GOLTZ of Bardsville & Angus H. GREGG of RR#2 Oakville, 25 June 1927 at Bardsville twp

017786/27 Arnold Wilfred GRENKIE, 27, sawmill man, twp. Cardwell, Rosseau, s/o Gustave GRENKIE (b. Germany) & Alvina SHUAMAN, married Reta Pauline ARISS, 21, domestic, Rosseau, Rosseau, d/o Thomas ARISS (b. Warwick England) & Maud MEAD, witn: Rudolph A. GRENKIE & Florence ARISS both of Rosseau Ont., 7 June 1927, twp. Humphrey

016118-27 Joseph Haywood GROVE, 35, physician, Toronto, Paisley, s/o Fred E. GROVE (b. England) & Dorothy FAIRCHILD married Florence COOKE, 25, Bardsville, Bracebridge d/o A.C. COOKE (b. Lanark) & Ella HAUSEY wtn: Bryan? SHIELDS of Toronto & Lena G. COOKE of Bracebridge, 4 January 1927 at Bracebridge 016119-27 Francis Howard HACKETT, 45, widower, gentleman, Amherstburg, Amherstburg s/o Francis Bond Head HACKETT (b. Canada) & Jean LONDON married Carolyn Westcott WHITTINGTON, 37, widow, Solomon Kansas, Hot Springs Arkansas d/o Charles GRANT (b. USA) & Emma Bell HUGHES wtn: Ruth PURCHASE & Louise FLEMING both of Huntsville, 17 September 1927 at Huntsville
016121-27 John HAMMOND, 22, farmer, Baysville, Baysville, s/o John HAMMOND (b. Dufferin Co) & May WETHERUP married Agnes HOUSTON, 22, Scotland, Baysville d/o Thomas HOUSTON (b. Scotland) & Sarah STINSON wtn: Charles Edward GAISFORD & Mrs Effie TYRRELL both of Baysville, 13 May 1927 at McLean twp 016120-27 Harold Roy HAMMOND, 24, truck driver, Purbreck in Draper twp, Fraserburg in Draper twp s/o Alfred HAMMOND (b. England) & Margaret GASKIN married Marjory Viola PEACOCK, 18, McCauley twp, Bracebridge d/o George Nelson PEACOCK (b. Falkenburg Ont.) & Jessie FORSYTHE wtn: William C. KENNEDY & Gertrude KENNEDY both of Bracebridge, 9 March 1927 at Bracebridge
016122-27 Peter Frederick HANSEN, 28, druggist, Gravenhurst, Gravenhurst s/o Louis Peter HANSEN (b. Gravenhurst) & Katie JOHNSON married Bessie Bernice BOWES, 28, Gravenhurst, Gravenhurst d/o John BOWES (b. Gravenhurst) & Annie LONG wtn: Lawrence WHITEHEAD & Laura JOHNSON both of Gravenhurst, 22 June 1927 at Gravenhurst 016123-27 John Francis HAYES, 22, accounting writer, Ontario, 367 Davisville Ave in Toronto s/o John George HAYES (b. Ontario) & Alma Janette HOUCK married Helen Eleen CASSELMAN, 24, school teacher, Ontario, Huntsville d/o Asa L. CASSELMAN (b. Ontario) & Florence FORFAR wtn: Carl F. CASSELMAN of Akron Ohio & Stella THOMPSON of Huntsville, 20 July 1927 at Huntsville

017788/27 Gordon Edward HAYSTEAD, 24, section foreman, Falding Ont., Boakview Ont., s/o William HAYSTEAD (b. Ont. Canada) & Adeline PIATTI, married Muriel Adeline DURANT, 17, Meaford Ont., d/o Herbert E. DURANT (b. Ont. Canada) & Susie McDEVITT, witn: Susie DURANT of Boakview Ont. & Adeline HAYSTEAD of Falding Ont., 22 June 1927, Parry Sound

017787/27 George Henry HAZELHURST, 23, laborer, McKellar Ont., McKellar Ont., s/o Alfred HAZELHURST (b. Canada) & Catherine ROBINSON, married Annie Maria SMITH, 18, McKellar, McKellar Ont., d/o Thomas SMITH (b. Canada) & Mary MACLARIN, witn: Thomas Alfred HAZELHURST & Charlotte B. HASLIM both of McKellar, 22 December 1927, Parry Sound

016124-27 Clarence Arthur HENDERSON, 29, labourer, Midland, Midland s/o John HENDERSON (b. Quebec) & Annie MAHER married Violet Ona TOBY, 19, living at home, Honey Harbour, Honey Harbour d/o William TOBY (b. Honey Harbour) & Marcelina MOREAU wtn: Jack HENDERSON of Midland & Jane MOREAU of Honey Harbour, 30 May 1927 at Baxter twp 016125-27 William HENRY, 26, farmer, Port Sidney, Port Sidney s/o David HENRY & Sarah MARTIN, married Grace GREEN, 19, Newholme, Port Sidney d/o William GREEN & Louisa HAGGART wtn: Mr & Mrs John KEILLY of Utterson, 17 October 1927 at Bracebridge
016126-27 Thomas HICKS, 20, labourer, Jersey City, Gravenhurst s/o Thomas Edmund HICKS & Mary ORANGE married Laura Adelia LAUZON, 19 on 13 July, St George in Quebec, Gravenhurst d/o Hugh LAUZON & Alice MURPHY wtn: Albert LEMOYRE & Agnes HICKS both of Gravenhurst, 31 May 1927 at Bracebridge

017789/27 Henry Burton Rayfield HICKS, 23, labourer, Ahmic Harbor, Ahmic Harbor, s/o Robert Charles HICKS (b. Canada) & Melissa Elizabeth FRENCH, married Janet MILLAR, 25, housemaid, Ryerson twp., Ahmic Harbor, d/o Andrew MILLAR (b. Scotland) & Minnie Estella COMERFORD, witn: Eli JENKINS & Mrs. Eli JENKINS both of Burks Falls, 5 October 1927, Burks Falls

016127-27 Percy Hulme HICKSON, 32, stock keeper, England, 120 Winchester St s/o Alfred HICKSON (b. England) & Sarah Ellen HULME married Elizabeth Adeline ORCHARD, 18, recorder, Ontario, 120 Winchester St d/o John Wesley ORCHARD (b. Ontario) & Sarah WELDON wtn: George B. CLEMENTS, C. RALPH & B. GUY all of Bala, 26 November 1927 at Bala 016128-27 Thomas George HILL, 47, radio assembly, Toronto, 157 Garden Ave in Toronto s/o Thomas HILL (b. England) & Amelia PERRY married Una MANARDUS, 39, telephone operator, Ontario, Gravenhurst d/o William MANARDUS (b. Germany) & Dorathea CORSON wtn: B.T. McBRIDE & Lena MANARDUS both of Gravenhurst, 30 December 1927 at Gravenhurst
016129-27 Albert Elwood HINTON, 22, labourer, Huntsville, Huntsville s/o Samuel T. HINTON (b. Canada) & Emma FETTERLEY married Aileen CONROY, 26, Douro, Canal Ont. d/o John CONROY (b. Canada) & Annie Matilda MORGAN wtn: Dorothy WINTER & Bertha HANNAFORD both of Huntsville, 6 September 1927 at Huntsville

017790/27 Sidney William HUFFMAN, 21, section man, Aspden Muskoka Ont., Kearney Ont., s/o Sidney William HUFFMAN (b. Canada) & Anne Jane PREST, married Eva Lucinda PELLING, 18, housemaid, Kearney Ont., Kearney, d/o Harry PELLING (b. England) & Alice Ann PHOENIX, witn: Gordon HUFFMAN of Ottawa & Nelle HURD of Kearney, 15 April 1927, home of bride in Kearney

017791/27 Robert George HUMMELL, 26, farmer, Himsworth twp., Himsworth twp. Trout Creek Ont., s/o Ignatius HUMMELL & Rosanna RICH, married Isabella ECKENSVILLER, 23, cook, Trout Creek, Trout Creek, d/o Jacob ECKENSVILLER & Caroline WEILER, witn: Leonard HUMMELL & Henrietta ECKENSVILLER both of Trout Creek, 16 August 1927, Sacred Heart Church, Trout Creek

016130-27 James Allan HUTCHISON, 25, merchant, Bracebridge, Bracebridge s/o Peter HUTCHISON (b. Govan Scotland) & Margaret Killam WILSON married Lila Alice ECCLESTONE, 25, Bracebridge, Bracebridge d/o George Wallis ECCLESTONE (b. Don Mills Ont.) & Alice JACOBS wtn: Edward S. ROMBOUGH & Edith Annie ROMBOUGH both of Bracebridge, 7 September 1927 at St Thomas Church in Bracebridge

017792/27 Gordon Wesley JENNINGS, 21, farmer, Parry Sound, Gordon Bay, s/o Henry Irwin JENNINGS (b. Muskoka Dist.) & Edith Maud WOLMAN, married Bernice Isabel LAWSON, 17, Gordon Bay, Blackstone Lake, d/o David LAWSON (b. Ontario) & Olive WHALEN, witn: Oscar J. LAWSON of Gordon Bay Ont. & Irene K. JENNINGS of Blackstone Lake, 1 June 1927, at not given

017793/27 Matthew John KAGAGINI, 30, laborer, Beaverstone Ont., Bying Inlet Ont., s/o John KAGAGINI (b. Killarney Ont.) & Nancy ASHAWASIJA, married Sophia Jane McGRAWTH, 19, Sucker Creek Ont., Bying Inlet Ont., d/o Thomas McGRAWTH (b. Sucker Creek) & Maggie ABOTOSSAWAY, witn: Wellington JACOBS & Eliza JACOBS both of Bekanon Ont., 19 November 1927, United Church Canada

017794/27 Crossley Charles KENNEDY, 27, accountant, Alice twp., Pembroke, s/o Andrew KENNEDY (b. Canada) & Alice MITCHELL, married Edna Emily PERKS, 23, household duties, Walsall England, Pointe au Baril Ont., d/o John PERKS (b. England) & Emily LOVE, witn: John PERKS of Pointe au Baril Ont. & Christine DAVIDSON of 2583 Yonge St. Toronto, 28 September 1927, Parry Sound

016131-27 Cecil Howard Fletcher KING, 25, labourer, Cooper Falls in Rama twp, Orillia twp s/o John F. KING (b. Canada) & Lillian FLETCHER married Hilda Irene PRETTIE, 25, housewife, Gravenhurst, Gravenhurst d/o George PRETTIE (b. Port Rowan Ont.) & Elizabeth SHAUGHNESSY wtn: Eugene Hope SMITH of Washago & Hazel E. PRETTIE of Gravenhurst, 13 August 1027 at Gravenhurst 016132-27 William KIRKPATRICK, 23, lumberman, Uffington, Uffington s/o George KIRKPATRICK (b. Uffington) & Margaret KETCHING married Miriam Ella BOOTH, 18, Monsell in McCauley twp, Uffington d/o Byron BOOTH (b. Streetsville) & Adelaide STONEHOUSE wtn: Walter M. TRULL & May KIRKPATRICK both of Uffington, 20 July 1927 at Bracebridge

017795/27 Henry Everett KIRTON, 33, clerk, Loring, Loring, s/o William KIRTON (b. Scarboro Jct. Ont.) & Minnie GORHAM, married Elma Christina WARD, 26, Maple Island Ont., Loring, d/o Joseph WARD (b. Ontario) & Pauline PAROLIN, witn: Earle KIRTON & Agnes SIMMS both of Loring, 5 October 1927, Loring

017796/27 Napoleon Anthony LABROSSE, 21, laborer, Rockland, Field Ont., s/o Joseph LABROSSE & Ida LAVIGNE, married Irene MATTHEW, 18, at home, Hull Quebec, Powassan, d/o Ovila MATTHEW & Melina MICHON, witn: Romeo MATTHEW & Rose MATTHEW both of Powassan, 15 August 1927, Powassan

017797/27 Bert LADD, 20, farmer, Maple Island, Maple Island, s/o John LADD (b. Ontario) & Annie JAMES, married Anna Mae MOORE, 16, daughter at home, Maple Island, Maple Island, d/o Samuel MOORE (b. Dunchurch Ont.) & Laura McAMMOND, witn: Lila MacLENNAN of Dunchurch Ont. & Sarah MOORE of Maple Island Ont., 7 March 1927, Dist. Parry Sound

016133-27 Archibald LAHAY, 25, labourer, Orillia, Orillia twp s/o Joseph LAHAY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BALL married Ella CANNING, 17, housewife, Orillia twp, Orillia twp d/o Arthur CANNING (b. Ontario) & Ella CARR wtn: Hazel Pearl BOYNTON of Washago & Henry Job CANNING of Severn Bridge, 18 November 1927 at District of Muskoka

017798/27 Ema LAKSINEN, 27, laborer, Finland, Falding Ont., s/o Albert LAKSINEN (b. Finland) & Seraphina MAKINEN, married Lucy Mary MICKEY, 18, Finland, d/o Evert MICKEY (b. Finland) & Sandra (unknown), witn: Isalks RANDALLA & Ida MICKEY both of Falding Ont., 16 September 1927, Parry Sound

016134-27 Stanley Harrison Eves LAMB, 25, railway employee, Beaverton in Thorah twp, Huntsville s/o David LAMB (b. Canada) & Eva Maude SCOTT married Hilda LEE, 23, Eton England, Udney Ont. d/o Ernest William LEE (b. England) & Emma HARRIS wtn: Mary GEBHARDT & Ruth PURCHASE both of Huntsville, 16 April 1927 at Huntsville

017799/27 Wilfred LANGLOIS, 21, painter, Depot Harbor, same, s/o Wilfred LANGLOIS (b. Quebec City Quebec) & Victoria GAGNON, married Lillian COOK, 22, Toronto, Depot Harbor, d/o William Norman COOK (b. Clinton Ont.) & Florence Heath SCOTT, witn: Charles SCHNOB & Mrs. Emma SCHNOB both of Depot Harbor, 10 January 1927, Parry Sound

016135-27 Vincent Bertram LANKIN, 27, manufacturer, Toronto, Huntsville s/o Richard Henry LANKIN (b. Queensville) & Marie Louise WILSON married Thelma Mynetta MacINNIS, 23, clerk, Boyne City Michigan, Huntsville d/o William F. MacINNIS (b. Glasgow) & Alice M. SNOWDY wtn: [illegible signature] & Marie E. MacINNIS both of Huntsville, 12 February 1927 at Huntsville

017800/27 Earl Joseph LEBERT, 21, barber, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, s/o Joseph LEBERT (b. Montreal Quebec) & Rose Anne WALES, married Phyllis Margery WALKER, 19, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, d/o Leonard WALKER (b. Wollaston England) & Alice WOODHAMS, witn: Daniel LEBERT & Millicent WALKER both of Parry Sound Ont., 1 December 1927, Parry Sound

016136-27 Aubrey Joseph LEE, 23, farmer, Draper twp, Draper twp s/o Arthur LEE (b. Canada) & Lucy FENNEL married Elsie Margaret SHIRE, 19, Draper twp, Draper twp d/o Herbert SHIRE (b. Canada) & Mary GAVIN wtn: William Albert SHEA & Bernice Hilda SHEA both of Bracebridge, 20 June 1927 at Bracebridge

017801/27 Robert James LEGGETT, 36, farmer, twp. Armour, twp. Armour, s/o Robert LEGGETT (b. Ireland) & Sarah Jane RAMFORD, married Verna Irene JORDAN, 26, house work, Dufferin Co., twp. Armour, d/o Samuel JORDAN (b. Ontario) & Margaret Ann WALKER, witn: Gordon LEGGETT & illegible C. WATT both of Burks Falls, 26 April 1927, Burks Falls

016137-27 Joseph George LESLIE, 23, electric engineer, London England, Huntsville s/o William LESLIE (b. Blackthorn England) & Elizabeth Ruth FRY married Mary Margaret WHITE, 18, domestic, New Brunswick, Huntsville d/o Joseph Felix WHITE (b. Gaspe Canada) & Irene Loretta, wtn: Lloyd MURR & Ivy FRASER both of Huntsville, 23 March 1028 at Huntsville 016138-27 Leonard Albert LEWIS, 24, mate on steamboat, Long Bay on Manitoulin Island, Huntsville s/o Thomas H. LEWIS (b. Canada) & Jessie THORNTON married May Ethel SMITH, 19, Huntsville, Huntsville d/o John Thomas SMITH (b. Canada) & Clara C. McELVEY wtn: William John SMITH & Annie Viola SMITH both of Huntsville, 26 December 1927 at Huntsville
016139-27 Henry LISSETT, 31, labourer, Providence in USA, Honey Harbour s/o Joseph LISSETT & Mary DESMARAIS married Adelaide MESSIER, 19, Honey Harbour, Honey Harbour d/o Louis MESSIER & Margaret LAMOUREUX wtn: Irene LISSETT & Oliver MESSIER both of Honey Harbour, 9 August 1927 at Honey Harbour 016140-27 Norman LISSETT, 23, Honey Harbour, Honey Harbour s/o Joseph LISSETT & Mary DESMARAIS married Lilly DESMARAIS, 20, Honey Harbour, Honey Harbour d/o Edward DESMARAIS & Margaret PRISQUE wtn: Walter LISSETT & Violet DESMARAIS both of Honey Harbour, 19 September 1927 at Honey Harbour

017802/27 David Joseph LITTLE, 36, fitters helper, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, s/o Nathaniel LITTLE (b. Ottawa) & Essie MacCANNON, married Ellen KNOWLES, 20, England, d/o John Alfred KNOWLES (b. Manchester England) & Mable COYNE, witn: Katie KNOWLES of Rosseau Ont. & David MORRISH of Parry Sound Ont., 6 July 1927, Parry Sound

017803/27 William Nathaniel LITTLE, 28, locomotive fireman, Parry Sound Ont., Parry Sound Ont., s/o Nathaniel David LITTLE (b. Ottawa Ont.) & Esther McAMMOND, married Margaret Helen CURRIE, 20, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, d/o Charles Henry CURRIE (b. Stayner Ont.) & Annie McMullen HULL, witn: Archie CURRIE of Belleville & Mae CURRIE of Parry Sound, 25 October 1927, Parry Sound

017804/27 Peter Francis LOFTUS, 41, laborer, Walkerton Ont., Twp. Strong, s/o John LOFTUS (b. Cooksville Ont.) & Elizabeth DURKIN, married Mrs. Lucy McPHAIL, 34, widow, McLean Twp., Twp. Strong, d/o Henry VANCLEIF (b. Haliburton Co. Ont.) & May MORROW, witn: Irene VANCLEIF & Mrs. A. McLEOD both of South River Ont., 16 March 1927, South River

016141-27 George Frederick LUPTON, 24, farmer, Brunel twp, Brunel twp s/o Arthur LUPTON (b. England) & Mary JENNINGS married Rose Helen Ada BROADBENT, 25, farmer's daughter, Brunel twp, Brunel twp d/o John BROADBENT (b. England) & Tilda LEWIS wtn: Samuel BROADBENT & Letitia A. LUPTON both of Brunel twp, 12 October 1927 at Huntsville
016142-27 William Clark MAGEE, 27, salesman. Ontario, 89 Raglan Ave s/o Stephen MAGEE (b. Ontario) & Eileen McBRIDE married Harriet Louise SEFTON, 26, Muskoka d/o William SEFTON (b. Ontario) & Harriet SPREADBOROUGH, wtn: Lawrence MAGEE of 330 Montreal St in Toronto & Ida SUTHERLAND of Gravenhurst, 19 October 1927 at Bracebridge

017805/27 George Wesley MAKINS, 18, laborer, Dist. Parry Sound, Parry Sound Ont., s/o John Wesley MAKINS (deceased) (b. Seaforth Ont.) & Susan LAWRENCE, married Jennie Eleanor JACKLIN, 21, Falding Ont., Falding Ont., d/o Charles F. JACKLIN (b. Canada) & Sarah Jane HOFFMAN, witn: Annie Aldora MAKINS of Parry Sound & Frank S. LAWRENCE of North Bay Ont., 29 June 1927, Parry Sound

016143-27 Will MARK, 21, railway section man, Scotia Junction, Scotia Junction s/o Isaac MARK (b. Canada) & Mandy BOYCE married Iva Pearl BAINBRIDGE, 17, farmer's daughter, McMurrich twp, McMurrich twp d/o Warrick BAINBRIDGE & Florence COOPER wtn: Thomas ENNIS & Mrs Walter SCHAMEHORN both of Scotia, 30 April 1927 at Muskoka Dist. 016144-27 Gilbert Henry MASON, 32, farmer, Sand Lake, Sand Lake s/o Robert Henry MASON (b. England) & Elizabeth KERNICK married Mary ROBERTSON, 31, teacher, Brown's Brae, Sand Lake d/o Anthony ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann BROWN wtn: Jessie ROBERTSON & Mary Ann ROBERTSON both of Brown's Brae, 26 April 1927 at Baysville

017806/27 John Earl MASSALES, 30, sailor, Parry Sound Ont., Parry Sound Ont., s/o Thomas MASSALES (b. Acton Ont.) & Mary Ann MOLYNEAUX, married Gladys Alberta RICHMOND, 23, Parry Harbour Ont., Parry Sound Ont., d/o Silvester RICHMOND (b. Parry Sound Ont.) & Margaret WHITESIDE, witn: Alvin ?illegible & Gertrude E. RICHMOND both of Parry Sound, 2 January 1927, Parry Sound

017807/27 Victor MASSIER, 23, garage man, Penetanguishene Ont., Pointe au Baril, s/o Victor MASSIER (b. Penetanguishene Ont.) & Engilene LECROIX, married Celina GIROUX, 18, Victoria Harbor Ont., d/o Paul GIROUX (b. Penetanguishene Ont.) & Philomena VALLEY, witn: Albert E. SALTISH of Parry Sound & Ralph R. CORLETT of Point au Baril, 11 June 1927, Parry Sound

017808/27 James Nicholas MATTICE, 85, widower, gentleman, Twp. Winchester, Novar Ont., s/o Nicholas MATTICE & Mary GARRETT, married Minnie ROBSON, 76, widow, housekeeper, Twp. Emily, Novar Ont., d/o Andrew DEANARD & Liza BALL, witn: Samuel EDGERTON & Mrs. S. EDGERTON both of Novar, 26 February 1927, Twp. Perry

017809/27 John William MAYNARD, 33, farmer, Twp. Yarmouth, R.R.2 Yarmouth, s/o J. W. MAYNARD (b. Canada) & Martha E. HATHAWAY, married Edna Pearl CAWTHRA, 23, Post Office clerk, Twp. Ryerson, Twp. Ryerson - Burks Falls Ont., d/o Frank CAWTHRA (b. Canada) & Mary E. GOLDING, witn: Myrtle CAWTHRA & George CAWTHRA both of Burks Falls, 12 March 1927, Twp. Ryerson

  016157-27 David McBRIEN, 70, farmer, Durham Co, Huntsville s/o Richard McBRIEN (b. Ireland) & Ezalla McBRIEN married Phoebe Jane McBRIEN, 69, widow, USA, Haliburton d/o Henry HOLBROOK (b. Ireland) & Catharine WILLIAMS wtn: Mrs Florence E. BERNER & Mrs Elizabeth MAY both of Huntsville, 8 December 1927 at Huntsville

017816/27 Ephraim John McCONNELL, 23, laborer, Twp. Nipissing, Commanda, s/o Robert McCONNELL (b. Perth) & Clara THEIMS, married Dora PILGER, 23 yrs. 10 months, Commanda, Commanda, d/o Philip PILGER (b. Morristown) & Catherine MULLIN, witn: Frank PILGER & Irene PILGER both of Commanda, 25 July 1927, Trout Creek

017817/27 William John McCONNELL, 32, farmer, Nipissing Ont., Commanda, s/o Robert McCONNELL (b. Perth) & Catherine MULLEN, married Louise Ann PILGER, 21, Commanda, d/o Philip Albert PILGER & Clara SIMMS, witn: Ernest McCONNELL & Eliza McCONNELL both of R. R. #2 Powassan Ont., 18 July 1927, Twp. Gurd

017818/27 Arnold Joseph McGEE, 27, decorator, Parry Sound Ont., Parry Sound Ont., s/o William McGEE (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Mary McKINLEY, married Ethel Matilda ARMSTRONG, 21, Falding Ont., Parry Sound Ont., d/o John ARMSTRONG (b. Ont. Can.) & Mary CARGILL, witn: Mr. Ray SCOTT of Nobel Ont. & Mrs. P. HICKEY of Parry Sound, 15 December 1927, Parry Sound

017819/27 Norman John McGIRR, 25, farmer, Strong Twp., Strong Twp., s/o Samuel E. McGIRR (b. Grey Co. Ont.) & Margaret MINORGAN, married Bertha Mary SINCLAIR, 22, housemaid, Strong Twp., Strong Twp., d/o Daniel SINCLAIR (b. Alliston Ont.) & Mary C. McCABE, witn: David BOYCE & Amy SINCLAIR of Sundridge, 22 June 1927, Sundridge

016158-27 Victor William Edward McINDOO, 23, garage mechanic, Burks Falls, Burks Falls s/o James McINDOO (b. Ontario) & Bessie BISHOP married Elsie Jennie SOLLMAN, 18, Burks Falls, Burks Falls d/o Michael SOLLMAN (b. Ontario) & Lucy BRANT wtn: Robert William CARR & Violet RAWN both of Huntsville, 24 October 1927 at Huntsville 016159-27 Harry Finlay MACKAY, 27, real estate salesman, Ontario, 25 Farnham Ave in Toronto, s/o George Lachlin MACKAY (b. Ontario) & Eleanor WILKINS married Elaine Letitia ECCLESTONE, 28, secretary, Ontario, 62 Avenue Rd., d/o Edwin John ECCLESTONE (b. Ontario) & Emma Martha Plummer LLOYD wtn: Edwin John ECCLESTONE of Fairy Port in Huntsville & Marion MACKAY of 25 Farnham Ave in Toronto, 11 May 1927 at Huntsville
016160-27 William Scott McKAY, 28, student-at-law, St Thomas Ont., St Thomas s/o Kenneth Weir McKAY (b. Canada) & Alma SCOTT married Alberta Emily MAYHEW, 24, Huntsville, Huntsville d/o William MAYHEW (b. Renforth in Ancaster twp) & Minerva HAINES wtn: Margaret STEPHENSON of Mt Vernon NY & Cecil Logan SNYDER of St Thomas, 17 September 1927 at Huntsville 017820/27 Hugh Alexander McLEAN, 56, widower, laborer, Scotland (Isla), Parry Sound Ont., s/o Archie McLEAN (b. Scotland) & Maggie McDOUGALL, married Minnie WALTERS, 59, widow, England (Bramley), Parry Sound, d/o Thomas Hester WALTERS (b. England) & Sarah HILL, witn: Agnes MURRAY & James B. WALTERS both of Parry Sound, 8 December 1927, Parry Sound
016146-27 Edward Pennington MEADE, 23, auditor, USA, Dwight s/o Pike MEADE (b. Chapel Hill North Carolina) & Caroline PENNINGTON married Betty Jeanette FULLER, 20, USA, Dwight d/o Louis FULLER (b. Syracuse NY) & Jeanette CURRSEY wtn: C.K. NEWTON of Dwight & A. COULTER of Allandale Ont., 27 August 1927 at Huntsville 016145-27 Bradley Monte MEADE, 25, interior decorator, Rochester NY, Utica NY, s/o Henry MEAD (b. Oswego NY) & Grace E. MEADE married Lois Olive QUINBY, 23, Rochester NY, Rochester NY d/o (see note) wtn: John Gardner? QUINBY of Annapolis Maryland & Elizabeth Greenburg QUINLEY of St Louis Missouri, 11 July 1927 at Dwight [re bride: "was taken from children's home when 11 months old and foster adopted by William? STEWART & Ruth Quinby STEWART]
016147-27 Harold Thomas MEARS, 20, farmer, Beaumaris, same, s/o Thomas MEARS (b. England) & Nellie BARD married Emily Helen Eyre MAYES, 26, clerk, Bracebridge, Bracebridge d/o William MAYES (b. England) & Harriet EYRE wtn: R. MEARS of Toronto & Miss Clara EYRE of Huntsville, 6 April 1927 at Bracebridge 016148-27 Norman Alexander MEEKS, 19, labourer, Bracebridge, Ziska in Monck twp s/o Herbert MEEKS (b. Canada) & Jennie BELL married Louise ENGLISH, 18, Rosseau in Parry Sound District, Rosseau d/o James ENGLISH (b. England) & Edith PHILIPS wtn: James E. MEEKS & Ruth COLSON both of Bracebridge, 31 August 1927 at Bracebridge

017810/27 Edward MELOY, 49, laborer, Belleville, village of South River, s/o Edward MELOY (b. Belfast Ireland) & Sarah (unknown), married Mrs. Edith COOPER, 22, widow, house keeper, Russell, village of South River, d/o William Charles SIMS (b. England) & Ethel HEWLETT, witn: Arthur VOUT & Mary VOUT both of South River, 24 March 1927, South River

017811/27 Michael MICHAUD, 19, guide, Penetanguishene Ont., Point au Baril, s/o Alex MICHAUD & Agnes SYLVESTER, married Helen Clerey LeCLAIRE, 21, Perkinsfield Ont., d/o Napoleon LECLAIRE & Frances PARENT, witn: Irene McCANN & Joseph DUNN both of Parry Sound, 4 August 1927, Point au Baril

016150-27 James MacBeath MILLER, 27, clergyman, Ontario, King Ont. s/o James M. MILLER (b. Scotland) & Annie MORRISON married Lena ROBERTSON, 34, housekeeper, Ontario, Brown's Brae d/o Anthony ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann BROWN wtn: Mrs William C. CANNING of Port Carling & Gilbert H. MASON of Brown's Brae, 2 November 1927 at Ridout twp 016149-27 George MILLER, 37, labourer, Oakley twp, Bracebridge s/o James MILLER & Millie CONWAY married Elizabeth ZEHNDER, 29, Draper twp, Bracebridge d/o Rudolph ZEHNDER & Mary GOLDNER wtn: Alma RAINEY of Bedford & Gordon THOMPSON of Uffington, 30 May 1927 at Bracebridge
016151-27 Charles William Stirling MITCHELL, 20, labourer, Huntsville, Huntsville s/o Robert MITCHELL (b. Huntsville) & Annie BROWN married Helen THOMPSON, 19, Bracebridge, Huntsville d/o Frank THOMPSON (b. Madoc) & Mary REID wtn: Mr & Mrs James REID of Bracebridge, 24 September 1927 at Bracebridge

017812/27 Milton MOFFATT, 39, managing salesman, Stratford Ont., Windsor, s/o William MOFFATT (b. Ireland) & Catherine HENDERSON, married Leila Martha AUSTIN, 18, Nipissing Ont., Windsor, d/o Isaac AUSTIN (b. Simcoe Co.) & Martha MAYS, witn: George AUSTIN of Nipissing & Iris Ethel WATSON of Niagara Falls N.Y., 7 September 1927, Powassan

016152-27 Warren Bishop MOORE, 54, divorced, hotel keeper, Markham Ont., Bracebridge s/o Daniel Hezekiel MOORE & Elizabeth BISHOP married Eliza Gertrude SIBBETT, 59, widow, hotel keeper, Montreal, Bracebridge d/o Adolphus Charles HOPKINS & Ann Frances BILLINGS wtn: Elizabeth M. ZUBER & F. BILLINGS both of Bracebridge, 7 November 1927 at Bracebridge

017813/27 Anthime Wilfred MOREAU, 22, saw mill hand, Fort Coulonge, Alsace, s/o Pierre MOREAU & Marie VILLENEUVE, married Julia Agnes LAFERRIERE, 20, domestic, Corbeil, Corbeil, d/o Philias LAFERRIERE & Anna DUMOCHEL, witn: Patrick PAULIN of Callander & Philias LAFERRIERE of Corbeil Ont., 15 June 1927, Callander

016153-27 Francis Milton MORRIS, 22, farmer, Bracebridge, Port Hope Ont. s/o Francis Jesse MORRIS (b. Canada) & Pauline VEITCH married Florence Elva BROWN, 14, Hutton House in Monck twp, Hutton House in Monck twp d/o John BROWN (b. Canada) & Fanny DONELLY wtn: Fanny Violet BROWN of Hutton House & Neita SMITH of Bracebridge, 29 December 1927 at Bracebridge

017814/27 David Albert MORRISH, 24, watchman, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, s/o James Elder MORRISH (b. Coldwater Ont.) & Mary Bland WRIGHT, married Katie KNOWLES, 19, England, d/o John Albert KNOWLES (b. England) & Mabel COINE, witn: J. Robert MORRISH of Parry Sound & Mrs. A. M. JOHNSON of 14612 Prairie Ave. Detroit, 30 July 1927, Town Parry Sound

016154-27 Harold Wesley MORROW, 23, mechanic, Draper twp, Draper twp s/o Richard W. MORROW (b. District of Muskoka) & Mary Jane MORTON married Mary Augusta WRIGHT, 20, Medora & Wood twp, Medora & Wood twp d/o Thomas H. WRIGHT (b. District of Muskoka) & Esther BRADBURY wtn: Gordon M. MORROW of Muskoka Falls & Elsie E. WRIGHT of Glen Orchard, 7 June 1927 at Medora & Wood twp 016155-27 Percy MULVENEY, 26, chauffeur, Utterson, Allensville - Stephenson twp s/o Charles MULVENEY (b. Muskoka) & Mina BILDSON married Margaret PORTER, 20, Brunel twp, Utterson - Stephenson twp d/o George PORTER (b. Devonshire England) & Ada JONES wtn: Wilhelmina LAWSON of Toronto & Sadie McCONNELL of Bracebridge, 26 July 1927 at Bracebridge
016156-27 Lloyd Frederick MURR, 22, labourer, Bradford Ont., Huntsville s/o Fred MURR (b. England) & Lizzie DENSTEAD married Ivy May HOUSER, 18, London England, Huntsville d/o Norman HOUSER (b. England) & Mabel Emily HOLT wtn: Dorothy MURR & Harvey? LEMAY?, both of Huntsville, 19 October 1927 at Huntsville

017821/27 Thomas NANIBUSH, 25, laborer, Parry Island Reserve Parry Sound Dist., Byng Inlet, s/o Ernie NANIBUSH (b. Canada) & Lucy NANIBUSH, married Vera GAKAGESHCONGAI, 21, lives at home, Sheguiandah Reserve Ont., d/o Thomas GAKAGESHCONGAI (b. Canada) & Charlotte AAHZUHSEGAIA, witn: Thomas GAKAGESHCONGAI & Mrs. Charlotte GAKESHUNGA both of Bekanon Ont., 6 February 1927, Byng Inlet

017822/27 Arthur NEWTON, 21, lumberman, Byng Inlet Ont., Pickerel Ont., s/o Peter NEWTON & Claudia ATIS, married Mary NAODEGIJIG, 19, Wikwemikong Manitoulin Island Ont., Pickerel Ont., d/o Basile NAODIGIJIG & Lea MISHIGAKWAN, witn: Louis JODOIN & Claudia JODOIN both of Pickerel Ont., 7 March 1927, Pickerel

16161-27 Edward NICHOLLS, 26, labourer, Monck Tp., Bracebridge, s/o Edward NICHOLLS (b. Markham) & Mary BADGEROW, married Hazel KAYE, 18, Monk Tp., same, d/o Shadrack KAYE (b. Muskoka) & Ethel HANNINGTON, witn: Ruth GARDENER & Walter COLSON Jr., both of Bracebridge on Sept. 12, 1927 at Bracebridge

017815/27 William Charles NUNN, 60, widower, merchant, Devonshire England, Novar Ont., s/o David NUNN (b. England) & Elizabeth EADES, married Esther Elizabeth MERRICK, 61, widow, St. Mary's Ont., Novar Ont., d/o William DOBBS (b. England) & Maria HORTON, witn: Mrs. Nina BOYCE & George WHITNEY both of Novar, 20 October 1927, Perry Twp.

16162-27 Ernest OLIVER, 29, farmer, Matchedash Tp., same, s/o William OLIVER (b. Cheshire England) & Lavina PICKFORD, married Adeline Cecilia ST. AMAND, 19, Toy Tp., not given, d/o William ST. AMAND (b. Midland) & Lena BONNEVILLE, witn: Emily ST. AMAND of Port Severn & Stanley OLIVER of Lovering on Dec. 5, 1927 at Baxter Tp.

017823/27 John ONLOCK, 33, laborer, Roumania Europe, Village South River, s/o unknown groom from Romania ( b. Roumania Europe), married Letitia Pearl BRINEN, 25, housemaid, Co. Victoria, Twp. Laurier, d/o Peter BRINEN (b. Victoria Co. Ont.) & Martha SHIELDS, witn: James BRINEN & May BRINEN both of South River, 14 December 1927, Twp. Laurier

017824/27 Grant O'ROURKE, 24, laborer, Penetanguishene Ont., Parry Sound, s/o Edward O'ROURKE (b. Penetanguishene) & Mary EMERY, married Annie Catherine OLSEN, 17, Oslo Norway, d/o Carl O. OLSEN (b. Oslo Norway) & Anna Marie JOHNSON, witn: Frederick GREGAIRE & Margaret GREGAIRE both of Parry Sound, 2 June 1927, Parry Sound [divorced 28 Aug 1957]

017826/27 William OSBORNE, 23, laborer, Trout Creek, Burks Falls, s/o Jarvis OSBORNE & Mary McKINNON, married Francis McAVOY, 39, domestic, Burks Falls, Burks Falls, d/o Michael McAVOY & Catherine MOORE, witn: Lawrence DWYER & Florence McAVOY both of Burks Falls, 26 October 1927, Kearney

017825/27 Clifford Maxwell OSBOURNE, 20, mechanic, Halifax Nova Scotia, Parry Sound Ont., s/o Howard Joseph OSBOURNE (b. Halifax Can.) & Rebecca CURRIE, married Maude Baker TAYLOR, 22, stenographer, Parry Sound Ont., Parry Sound Ont., d/o William TAYLOR (b. Canada) & deceased, witn: Miss Mildred BAKER & T. L. CALDER both of Parry Sound Ont., 17 December 1927, Parry Sound

017827/27 William James PARTON, 53, widower, patrolman, McKellar Parry Sound, Parry Sound, s/o Joseph PARTON (deceased) (b. England) & Martha WALLACE, married Elizabeth WISEMAN, 48, dressmaker, London England, Parry Sound, d/o John WISEMAN (deceased) (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McDONALD (deceased), witn: Charles BUSHEY & Mrs. Charles BUSHEY both of Parry Sound, 6 April 1927, Parry Sound

017828/27 Joseph PAWLECH, 32, explosives worker, Russia, Nobel Ont., s/o William PAWLECH (deceased) (b. Russia) & Mary (unknown), married Emma Lavina HURD, 21, Hurdville Ont., Nobel Ont., d/o William HURD (b. Ont. Can.) & Myrtle JANES, witn: William HURD & Elsie JANES both of Parry Sound, 30 November 1827, Town Parry Sound

16163-27 Richard Sterling PAWSON, 27, fire ranger, Bracebridge, same, s/o Richard PAWSON (b. England) & Jennie GREIG, married Ethel Irene GOHEEN, 20, Bracebridge, same, d/o Daniel GOHEEN (b. Housie Rapids) & Mary Clement, witn: J. B. LAWSON & Mrs. Harry BOYER Junior both of Bracebridge on Jan. 24, 1927 at Bracebridge

017829/27 Milton Newton PEGG, 32, farmer, Pembina North Dakota, Twp. Pickering Ont., s/o Andrew PEGG (b. Ontario) & Essie Lewella HILL, married Elizabeth JENKINS, 21, farmer's daughter, Sundridge Parry Sound Ont., Sundridge Dist. Parry Sound, d/o Joseph JENKINS (b. Ontario) & Margaret MILLER, witn: Andrew JENKINS & Susan JENKINS both of Pearceley Ont., 16 November 1927, Twp. Chapman

017830/27 Albert PELLING, 22, section man, Kearney Ont., Kearney Ont., s/o Harry PELLING (b. England) & Alice Anne PHENIX, married Irene LEFLAR, 19, house maid, Kearney Ont., Kearney Ont., d/o Wesley LEFLAR (b. Canada) & Elizabeth COOPER, witn: Sidney HUFFMAN & Eva PEELING both of Kearney, 9 March 1927, house of bride in Kearney

16164-27 Harry Sidney PENNEY, 24, farmer, Port Carling, same, s/o Harry PENNEY (b. England) & Emmeline RILEY, married Mable Annie GRIMES, 24, Allensville, same, d/o Charles GRIMES (b. USA) & Bessie HENNING, witn: Dudley B. PENNY of Port Carling & Alice Eva GRIMES of Allensville on June 3, 1927 at Allensville

16165-27 Owen PERRETT, 39, carpenter, Paignton Devonshire England, Walker's Point, s/o William PERRETT (b. Paignton Devonshire England) & Maria Pomeroy MILLMAN, married Lelia May McKINNON, 27, Toronto, Walker's Point, d/o Donald McKINNON (b. Ontario) & Susan Frances BEARD, witn: H. C. WILMOT of Bedford Park & Miss Lois R. BEARD of 2256 Queen St East both of Toronto on Sept. 8, 1927 at Wood Tp.

 017831/27 Hiram PHILLIPS, 26, laborer, Hurdville Ont., Hurdville Ont., s/o Charles PHILLIPS (b. Ontario) & Susan WALES, married Viola Alice Mary FISHER, 18, Hurdville Ont., Hurdville Ont., d/o James FISHER (b. Hurdville Ont.) & Alice IRWIN, witn: Elizabeth BUCHNER & James TENEYCKE both of Hurdville Ont., 29 September 1927, Town Parry Sound

017832/27 David Franklin PLEWES, 25, physician, Toronto, Brantford, s/o David PLEWES (b. Brantford Ont.), & Mary S. WILMOT, married Annie Ross BISHOP, 26 (b. 20 April 1901), registered nurse, Glasgow Scotland, Callander Ont., d/o David BISHOP (b. Tayport Scotland) & Margaret BLAIR, witn: C--? WRACE of 55 Isabella St. Toronto & Lena Plewes? WRACE? of 193 Schrader? St. Toronto, 31 October 1927, Callender

017833/27 Joseph POULTENEY, 42, fireman, Nottingham England, Depot Harbor Ont., s/o Charles POULTENEY (b. England) & blank MOORE, married Elizabeth Jane BAKER, 46, widow, domestic, Perth Ont., Depot Harbor Ont., d/o Aaron SMITH (b. Canada) & blank CONROY, witn: Cyril SCOTT & Lillian SCOTT both of Depot Harbor, 6 April 1927, Parry Sound

017834/27 Jessie Woodman PRATT, 25, engineer, Walkers Point, Walkers Point, s/o William Emmett PRATT (b. St. Catharines) & Elizabeth Ann BARRY, married Mabel Lauren BRINEN, 23, South River, South River, d/o Peter BRINEN (b. Victoria Co.) & Martha SHIELDS, witn: John Walter PRATT of Walker's Point & Letitia Pearl BRINEN of South River, 9 January 1927, Twp. Laurier

017835/27 David McArthur Hodges PROUDFOOT, 33, railway mail clerk, Fort Coulonge Que., same, s/o John PROUDFOOT & May C. McLEESE, married Ray Florence SHIELDS, 38, nurse, Nosbonsing Nipissing, Callander Ont., d/o Jeremiah SHIELDS & Elizabeth THOMAS, witn: James PROUDFOOT of Edmonton Albert. & Celina Tresea SHARPE of 11 Greyhurst Ave. Toronto, 3 September 1927, Callander

16166-27 Samuel George QUINTON, 24, farmer, Raymond - Watt Tp., Beatrice, s/o John QUINTON (b. Ontario) & Marsha Hannah SLATER, married Minnie Katherine HAMILTON, 25, Parry Sound, Bardsville, d/o Thomas HAMILTON (b. Ontario) & May STEVENSON, witn: Jean McGILLIVRAY of Meaford & Sheldon PATTERSON of Beatrice on June 125, 1927 at Monck Tp

017836/27 Lorne Stanley RAAFLAUB, 30, motor mechanic, Sprucedale Ont., Magnetawan, s/o Robert RAAFLAUB (b. Berne Switzerland) & Jennett Amelia nee BOOTH, married Mabel Ellen DAUNCEY, 21, daughter at home, Port Anson, Magnetawan, d/o Alfred Ernest DAUNCEY (b. London England) & Sylvia Ann nee TILSON, witn: Gordon Edwin RAAFLAUB of Magnetawan Ont. & Teenie Gertrude DAUNCEY of Port Anson Ont., 16 November 1927, Twp. Spence

017837/27 Thomas Levi RICHIE, 28, laborer, Shawanaga Ont., Shawanaga Ont., s/o Oliver RICHIE (b. Quebec) & Viola HANNIGAN, married Mary Elmira BOURGAN, 31, housemaid, Lachute Que., Shawanaga Ont., d/o Napoleon BOURGAN (b. Quebec) & Annie DOXTATOR, witn: Michael MADIGAN of Shawanaga Ont. & Mrs. Annie LAWLOR of Sudbury Ont., 15 October 1927, Parry Sound

017838/27 William Oliver RITCHIE, 21, laborer, Shawanaga Ont., Bracebridge Ont., s/o Oliver RITCHIE (deceased) (b. Peterborough Ont.) & unknown (deceased), married Violet Mildred Elizabeth FISHER, 16, Parry Sound Ont., d/o William FISHER (deceased) (b. Canada) & Mary BAXTER, witn: S. G. SMITH & Miss B. G. SMITH both of Nobel Ont., 8 July 1927, Parry Sound

16167-27 Leslie ROBINSON, 21, labourer, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, s/o Charles ROBINSON & Della CLEMENT, married Iris FLEMING, 20, Chaffey Tp., Fenelon Tp., d/o Hugh FLEMING (b. Haliburton Tp.) & Christina H. COCKRAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Val THOMPSON both of Hillside on Feb. 16, 1927 at Sinclair Tp.

16168-27 Charles Emerson Roy ROGERS, 24, clerk, Huntsville, same, s/o Charles Morris ROGERS & Margaret Rebecca Ann SEDGWICK, married Estelle Mackenzie FERGUSON, 25, Newholm, Huntsville, d/o Thomas Hamilton FERGUSON & Caroline Louise IRWIN, witn: Annie K. FERGUSON of Newholm & Ernest ROGERS of Huntsville on June 6, 1927 at Huntsville

017839/27 Frank Alfred ROGGIE, 26, laborer, Twp. Alice, North Bay, s/o Camile? ROGGIE (b. Germany) & Matilda ROGGIE, married Henrietta LECLAIR, 22, housemaid, Twp. North Himsworth Ont., North Bay, d/o Cyra? LECLAIR (b. Quebec) & Jessie WERBRICH (Warbrick?), witn: Percy ROGGIE of Pembroke Ont. & Alice LECLAIR of Callander, 8 June 1927, Village Callander

16169-27 Stanley Clement ROTHERY, 26, clerk, Bovey Tracey Devonshire England, Gravenhurst, s/o John ROTHERY (Devonshire England) & Amelia OLDING, married Myrtle Elspeth CUDMORE, 21, Gravenhurst, same, d/o William CUDMORE (b. Creemore Ontario) & Annie FRASER, witn: Mabel CUDMORE of Gravenhurst & Vernon MacCOLEMAN of Midland on Sept. 18, 1927 at Gravenhurst.

017840/27 William Oscar ROUSELLE, 26, locomotive fireman, Quebec, Mac Tier Ont., s/o Elmo ROUSELLE (b. Arnprior Ont.) & Francis LeCLAIR, married Margaret Fullerton COLVILLE, 19, Scotland, d/o David COLVILLE (b. Campbeltown Scotland) & Mary KANE, witn: Kevin A. CORKERY of Peterboro Ont. & Anna COLLINS of Parry Sound, 8 June 1927, Parry Sound

017841/27 Sandy Orville RUSSELL, 22, laborer, Twp. Strong, Twp. Lount, s/o Charles A. RUSSELL (b. Lindsay Ont.) & Mary RUSSELL, married Eva Rose HARMER, 18, housemaid, Twp. Strong, Twp. Strong, d/o William Henry HARMER (b. Port Arthur Ont.) & Alice DOBBS, witn: Irvin SWEET & Mrs. Beatrice SWEET both of Sundridge, 4 January 1927, Sundridge

16170-27 Andrew SALMONSON, 40, prospector, Yanniltand Sweden, Gravenhurst, s/o Christien SALMONSON (b. Sweden) & Anna HYATENS, married Gertrude May JOHNSTON, 32, nurse, Brockville, Gravenhurst, d/o John JOHNSTON (b. Brockville) & Lily PATTERSON, witn: Frank Charles TAYLOR & Edith LINDSELL both of Gravenhurst on June 27, 1927 at Gravenhurst

017843/27 Gordon Sidney SALT, 24, laborer, Depot Harbor, Parry Island, s/o Charles SALT (b. Sarnia Ont.) & Alice FEATHERSTONEHAUGH, married Edna Frances VANCOUGHNETT, 22, Parry Sound Ont., Parry Island, d/o John VANCOUGHNETT (b. Dunchurch), & Mary Jane COCHRANE, witn: [illegible] & Eva SALT, both of Parry Sound, 20 Sept 1927 at Parry Sound

017842/27 Robert Samuel SCARLETT, 30, farmer, Twp. Machar, Twp. Machar, s/o Samuel R. SCARLETT (b. Ireland) & Mary Anne HANSON, married Jean Ruby McGIRR, 26, Twp. Strong, Twp. Strong, d/o Samuel E. McGIRR (b. Ontario) & Margaret MENORGAN, witn: Bertha SINCLAIR & Norman McGIRR both of Sundridge, 12 January 1927, Sundridge

16171-27 Nelson Solomon SCHILKIE, 23, glass fitter, Wilberforce, Pontiac Michigan USA, s/o Herman (b. Canada) & Mary, married Elizabeth Arlean ROBINSON, 21, clerk, Huntsville, same, d/o Samuel ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WARREN, witn: Ernest ROGERS & Ellen COOPER both of Huntsville on Sept. 15, 1927 at Huntsville

16172-27 Allan William SCOTT, 29, farmer, Muskoka District, R. R. 2 Canfield - Canborough twp, s/o Albert Scott (b. Canada) & Alice CHAMP, married Helena FETTERLY, 29, Muskoka Dist., Huntsville, d/o Hiram FETTERLY (b. Canada) & Anna SHAFFER, witn: Mrs. Sam & F. T. HINTON both of Huntsville on June 29, 1927 at Huntsville

16173-27 James Douglas SCOTT, 28, farmer, Eramosa, Huntsville, s/o William (b. Waterloo Tp.) & Isabella, married Gertrude Frances RUMBALL, 26, Brunel Tp., Huntsville, d/o Charles Reginald S. RUMBALL (b. St. Thomas) & Frances Ellen MORGAN, witn: Roy R. RUMBALL of Huntsville & Gertrude H. PATTERSON of Beatrice on June 8, 1927 at Huntsville

017844/27 Henry Martin SHAW, 31, butcher, Scotland, Trout Creek, s/o Thomas Henry SHAW (b. Isle of Man) & Margaret Dykes LONDON, married Violet A. DURRELL, 21, Powassan, Trout Creek, d/o Henry DURRELL (b. Westmeath Ont.) & Johanna DURRELL, witn: Joseph B. LAKE & M. Madeline PEELING both of Powassan Ont., 24 February 1927, Powassan

15174-27 William Albert SHEA, 23, farmer, Watt Tp., Ufford same, s/o John SHEA (b. Canada) & Harriet BEITCH (Birtch?), married Bernice Hilda LEE, 17, Draper Tp., Bracebridge, d/o Arthur LEE (b. England) & Lucy FENNEL, witn: Aubrey Joseph LEE & Elsie Margaret SHIRE both of Bracebridge on June 22, 1927 at Bracebridge

16175-27 James SHIELLS, 28, plumber, Haddington Scotland, Muskoka Tp., s/o James SHIELLS (b. Gullan Scotland) & Elizabeth MOFFAT, married Mary Tatlock ROSS, 28, Lanark Co. Scotland, Muskoka Tp., d/o William ROSS (b. Alness Rosshire Scotland) & Isabella THOMSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. G. W. HURST both of Gravenhurst on Oct. 8, 1927 at Gravenhurst.

16176-27 William John SHIRKS, 27, farmer, Bracebridge, Barkway, s/o Sam SHIRKS (b. Coldwater) & Emma JOHNSON, married Elsie May TRYON, 19, Lewisham, Barkway, d/o Arthur TRYON (b. Lewisham) & Eva CUMMINGS, witn: Margreta Beatrice TRYON & Pearl Evelyn TRYON both of Barkway on Sept. 7, 1927 at Barkway

017845/27 Arthur Herbert SHORTLAND, 51, widower, farmer, England, Golden Valley Ont., s/o Charles SHORTLAND (b. Birmingham Eng.) & Caroline HART, married Emily Margot CUDMORE, Arnstein Ont., Golden Valley, d/o David CUDMORE (b. Sprucedale Ont.) & Elizabeth WELLER, witn: John SMITH & Margaret SMITH both of Loring, 18 March 1927, Loring

16177-27 John Henry SHUBROOK, 19, labourer, Ontario, Barlochan, s/o Harry SHUBROOK (b. England) & Surellia SHELL, married Jessie Margaret MORRISON, 16, Alberta, 191 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, d/o Arthur MORRISON (b. Scotland) & Mary MORTIMER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H. R. MORTIMER both of Rossclair on May 28, 1927 at Bracebridge.

017846/27 Ernest SINGELOIS (Singelais?), 22, labourer, Byng Inlet Ont., Byng Inlet Ont., s/o Joseph SINGELOIS & Lina RECOLLET, married Mrs. Florence SOLOMON, 29, Cape Croker Ont., Byng Inlet Ont., d/o Etienne PRISQUE & Frances LAVALLEE, witn: Ernest PRISQUE & Agnes PRISQUE both of Byng Inlet Ont., 17 January 1927, Byng Inlet

017847/27 George Robert SIMPSON, 25, lumberman, Perry Twp. Parry Sound, Village South River, s/o Charles SIMPSON & Florence SIMPSON, married Clara Violet Evelyn WINDRIM, 21, housemaid, Lindsay, Village South River, d/o George WINDRIM (b. Lindsay) & Ada CONKLIN, witn: Margaret WOOD & Russell WOOD both of South River, 20 October 1927, South River

16178-27 Harvey Ray SKINNER, 21, labourer, Huntsville, same, s/o Michie G. SKINNER (b. Near Orillia) & Lucinda J. EGO, married Wilhelmina BRAY, 21, clerk, Brunel tp., Huntsville, d/o William H. BRAY (b. London England) & Mary E. SPIERS, witn: John & Lillie HOGGARTH both of Huntsville on April 18, 1927 at Brunel Tp

16179-27 Grant Reginald SMITH, 29, farmer, Beatrice, Falkenburg, s/o George SMITH (b. illegible, near Sault Ste Marie) & Ada PERRY, married Bertha Elizabeth TRAVES, 18, Barkway, Fraserburg, d/o George William TRAVES (b. Yorkshire England) & Sophronia Elizabeth POSE, witn: George & Sophronia TRAVES both of Fraserburg on Dec. 25, 1927 at Bracebridge

017848/27 Percy James SMITH, 30, engineer, Ontario, Sprucedale, s/o James Percy SMITH (b. England) & Edith BROWN, married Elizabeth Jane WHITE, 32, school teacher, Ontario, Sprucedale, d/o Thomas WHITE (b. Canada) & Sarah Jane HEWITT, witn: Clifford F. WHITE & Iva Ena WHITE both of Whitehall, 19 April 1927, Whitehall

017849/27 William SMITH, 24, Post Office clerk, Glasgow Scotland, Depot Harbor Ont., s/o John C. SMITH (b. Scotland) & Margaret P. STRUTHERS, married Mary Alice HANNON, 24, lives at home, Bracebridge Ont., Depot Harbor Ont., d/o John J. HANNON (b. Ireland) & Catherine BROWN, witn: Victor HANNON of Depot Harbor Ont. & Elizabeth HANNON of Sequin Falls, 19 January 1927, home of John J. HANNON

017850/27 William Earle SMITH, 39, farmer, Twp. Spence, Twp. Chapman, s/o Charles SMITH (b. Ontario) & Margaret NELSON, married Laura NICHOLSON, 33, widow, housewife, Twp. Croft, Twp. Chapman, d/o John SAUNDERS (b. Twp. McKellar Ont.) & Eliza FLETCHER, witn: James THOMAS & Mrs. James THOMAS both of Magnetawan, 19 January 1927, Magnetawan

16180-27 William Frances SOMERSET, 49, farmer, widower, Wales, Stephenson Tp., s/o Vyse? Francis John SOMERSET (b. Surrey England) & Annette Catherine HILL, married Anne Margaret Violet LAWRENCE, 44, Brunel Tp., same, d/o Charles Treffry LAWRENCE (b. Cornwall England) & Lucy CROMPTON, witn: W. J. C. LAWRENCE of Allensville & Kathleen E. CLARKE of Huntsville on Jan. 5, 1927 at Huntsville

017852/27 Louis SOMMACAL, 24, farmer, Arnstein, Arnstein, s/o Joseph SOMMACAL (b. Italy) & Mary FABINA, married Irene BEAUDRY, 23, Restoule, Restoule, d/o Moses BEAUDRY (b. Pembroke Ont.) & Katie PILGER, witn: John SOMMACAL of Arnstein & Mary Jane BEAUDRY of Restoule, 20 June 1927, Dist. Parry Sound

017851/27 Frederick SOMMACAL, 26, labourer, Arnstein Ont., Arnstein Ont., s/o Joseph SOMMACAL (b. Italy) & Mary FABINA, married Gertrude LORENZ, 20, Arnstein Ont., Arnstein Ont., d/o Frederick LORENZ (b. Germany) & Mary WELLER, witn: Robert F. LORENZ of Arnstein & Marguerite V. LORENZ of Kincardine Ont., 26 August 1927, bride's home

017853/27 William E. SOUTH, 25, farmer, Powassan R.R. 3, North Himsworth Twp., s/o Elkaniah SOUTH & Agnes HADDEN (Haddow?), married Alma L. McDONALD, 19, Callander R.R.1, North Himsworth, d/o Alexander McDONALD (b. Scotland) & Vina RIVERS, witn: Joseph SOUTH of Powassan & Eva McDONALD of Callender, 20 April 1927, Twp. North Himsworth

017854/27 Albert Lesley SPIERS, 22, farmer, Burks Falls, Burks Falls, s/o Thomas Henry SPIERS (b. Huntsville) & Eva Emma SUGDEN, married Margaret Ella Jane MAJURY, 20 (b. 4 July 1906), housekeeper, Burks Falls, Burks Falls, d/o William MAJURY (b. Lanark Co. Ont.) & Augusta BOE, witn: Augusta Agnes Louise MAJURY & Lawrence Henry SPIERS both of Burks Falls, 10 March 1927, Burks Falls

16181-27 Frederick John STAFFORD, 19, labourer, Gravenhurst, same, s/o Charles STAFFORD (b. Gravenhurst) & Rose STRAIN, married Lelia Evelyn STONER, 19, Gravenhurst, same, d/o Thomas STONER (b. Gravenhurst) & Edith SIMPSON, witn: Cora McNABB & Mrs. BEECROFT both of Gravenhurst on Feb. 10, 1927 at Gravenhurst

16182-27 Charles STEVENS, 23, clerk, England, Toronto, s/o Samuel STEVENS (b. London England) & Sarah ROWBOTHEM, married Mary BEATON, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Farquhar BEATON (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Margaret McSWEEN, witn: William & Aletha BLOYE both of Toronto on Aug. 2, 1927 at Bracebridge

017855/27 Archie Gorman STEWART, 23, car checker, Depot Harbor, Depot Harbor, s/o Duncan STEWART (deceased) (b. Canada) & Sarah BEST, married Mary Eileen THOMPSON, 20, McKellar Ont., Depot Harbor, d/o Charles THOMPSON (b. Parry Sound Ont.) & Margaret NOBLE, witn: Mr. Fred. THOMPSON & Mrs. Fred THOMPSON both of Parry Sound, 18 October 1927, Town Parry Sound

16183-27 Percy Charles STEWART, 33, labourer, Harvey Tp. Peterboro Co., Huntsville, s/o John STEWART (b. Trenton) & Ellen HUDSON, married Mary Alice Irene COLE, 31, Dorset Haliburton, Huntsville, d/o Richard S. COLE (b. Dorset) & Annie LANGMAID, witn: Richard S. COLE of Huntsville & Mary HENDERSON of North Bay on Aug. 17, 1927 at Baysville McLean Tp.

017856/27 Gordon Thomas STILLAR, 26, laborer, Nipissing, Twp. Gurd Con. 1 Lot 16, s/o Thomas STILLAR (b. Perth Co. Ont.) & Lena DAHLAUSER, married Evelin Francis LYNETT, 23, Twp. Gurd Con. 1 Lot 16, Twp. Gurd Con. 1 Lot 16, d/o James LYNETT (b. Guelph Ont.) & Eva OCTROWSKI, witn: William LYNETT & Elizabeth McKINNON both of Trout Creek Ont., 1 March 1927, Sacred Heart Church,Trout Creek

017857/27 Charles Henry STONEMAN, 20, laborer, Turtle Lake Ont., Rosseau Ont., s/o Samuel Thomas STONEMAN (b. Ontario) & Louisa Ann DIXON, married Dorothy Francis ATKINSON, 19, Rosseau Ont., Rosseau Ont., d/o William James ATKINSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth RALSTON, witn: Wilton GRIFFITH & Mary DIXON both of Rosseau Ont., 15 November 1927, Parry Sound


017858/27 Richard James TARRANT, 22, farmer, Magnetawan, Burks Falls, s/o George TARRANT (b. Ireland) & Agnes CHILDES, married Ruby Irene BELL, 18, housemaid, Croft Twp., Burks Falls, d/o Joseph BELL (b. Proton Ont.) & Agnes McCARTNEY, witn: Mr. Roy M. BELL & Nellie WHITE both of Burks Falls Ont., 16 November 1927, Burks Falls

16184-27 Joseph TAYLOR, 18, labourer, Toronto, Uffington, s/o Joseph TAYLOR (b. England) & Elisa J. WEBB, married Mary Ellen JENNINGS, 20, England, Uffington, d/o Robert JENNINGS (b. England) & Annie BUTTERFIELD, witn: Eliza Jane & C. MARSHALL both of Uffington on Jan. 14, 1927 at Bracebridge

017859/27 James Evan TAYLOR, 60, widower, stock dealer, Perth Ont., McKellar, s/o John TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Elizabeth GRIFFITH, married Annie Jane Douglas FLETCHER, 42, school teacher, Twp. McKellar, McKellar Ont., d/o John FLETCHER (b. Scotland) & Annie Jane DOUGLAS, witn: Agnes M. GRIFFITH & William T. GRIFFITH both of Capreol Ont., 22 December 1927, McKellar

017860/27 John Edwin THOMPSON, 20, teamster, Burks Falls, Burks Falls, s/o James THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Emma MOIR, married Mary Florence BUSHEY, 20, house maid, Thessalon, Burks Falls, d/o James BUSHEY (b. P.E.I.) & Laura PRATT, witn: Mrs. Gertrude TAYLOR & J. L. TAYLOR both of Magnetawan Ont., 20 April 1927, Village Burks Falls

017861/27 Joshua THOMPSON, 38, lumberman, Gibson Reserve, Gibson Reserve, s/o Moses THOMPSON & Martha NEWS, married Leah STOCK, 25, domestic servant, Oka Quebec, Gibson Reserve, d/o Peter STOCK & Annie TUPPER, witn: William COYNE & Mrs. William COYNE both of Mactier, 15 July 1927, Village Mactier

16185-27 John Blain TOPPER, 25, teacher, Elgin Mills, Turtleford Sask., s/o Christopher TOPPER (b. Woodbridge) & Zilpah BLAIN, married Rheta Maud ROBINSON, 25, Huntsville, Turtleford Sask., d/o Luke ROBINSON (b. Ontario) & Estella HALL, witn: George TOPPER of Richmond Hill & Gladys ROBINSON of Etwell, on July 27, 1927 at Huntsville 16186-27 Walter Joseph TOTMAN, 24, radiotrician, England, 42 Gloucester St Toronto, s/o Archer TOTMAN (b. England) & Mary BEAUMONT, married Precious Helen MARTIN, 21, waitress, Ontario, 63 Isabella St. Toronto, d/o Thomas MARTIN (b. Ontario) & Victoria ANGUS, witn: Jessie Irene & Whaley Hector AUSTIN both of Huntsville on Dec. 20, 1927 at Huntsville

017862/27 Godfrey Norman TRACY, 30, lineman, Barrie Ont., Parry Sound, s/o Victory E. TRACY (b. Barrie Ont.) & Alice LEWIS, married Emma May PAULLETTE, 30, divorced, housewife, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, d/o Daniel VAN KOUGHNET (b. Mount Forest Ont.) & Caroline CARGILL, witn: Mrs. E. M. ROWLISON & Emma May PAULLETTE both of Parry Sound, 23 May 1927, Parry Sound

16187-27 George TRUESETTER, 67, farmer, widower, Victoria Co., Utterson, s/o James TRUESETTER (b. England) & Hannah Mariah REYNOLD, married Martha BROWN, 59, widow, York Co., Utterson, d/o John MARTIN (b. Yorkshire England) & Jean PANGMAN, witn: Adam MITCHELL of Lancelot & Bernice INSLEY of Utterson on Sept. 10, 1927 at Stephenson Tp

16188-27 William Henry TUCK, 34, clerk, Ontario, 164 Roxton Rd Toronto, s/o Joseph TUCK (b. Ontario) & Linnie GORING, married Dorothea Eleanor DOUGALL, 29, school teacher, Ontario, 52 Simcoe St South Oshawa, d/o Hugh S. DOUGALL (b. Ontario) & Eleanor N. TAYLOR, witn: Marjorie F. DOUGALL of Oshawa & Jackson CHAMBERLAIN of Oakville on Aug. 1, 1927 at Muskoka Assembly

16189-27 Frank William TURBILL, 27, farmer, England, 190 Simcoe St Toronto, s/o Wilbert (b. England) & Lillian, married Effie Mary MacKENZIE, 32, waitress, Nova Scotia, 190 Simcoe St Toronto, d/o Malcolm MacKENZIE (b. Nova Scotia) & Christine McLENNAN, witn: Vivian McLEAN of Owen Sound & Jessie BEECROFT of Gravenhurst on Aug. 30, 1927 at Gravenhurst

017863/27 Thomas Francis William TURNER, 19, mechanic, Village of Sundridge, Village of Sundridge, s/o Thomas TURNER (b. England) & Helen BELL, married Lillian Rose SCHNIEDER, 20, housemaid, Twp. Lount, Twp. Lount, d/o Alexander SCHNIEDER (b. Waterloo Co. Ont.) & Catherine HOFFMAN, witn: Alexander SCHNEIDER & Edna SCHNIEDER both of South River Ont., 20 September 1927, Dist. Parry Sound

017864/27 Gerald Sylvester TURPIN, 25, sailor, Cobourg Ont., Cobourg Ont., s/o Thomas John TURPIN (b. Cobourg) & Alva HOLLIDAY, married Viola Beatrice POMEROY, 21, Port Hope Ont., d/o Charles Emmanuel POMEROY (b. Huron Co.) & Alice Maud JEFFERY, witn: Mrs. E. POIDEVIN & E. F. POIDEVIN both of 31 Jerome St., 19 August 1927, Depot Harbor

16190-27 Albert VASSAIR, 27, labourer, Honey Harbour, same, s/o Angus VASSAIR & Amy MARY (or Meri), married Julia LONGLADE, 23, Honey Harbour, same, d/o Frank LONGLADE & Julia LAMOUREUX, witn: Aurilda BRISSETT & Charles VASSAIR both of Honey Harbour on Oct. 10, 1927 at Honey Harbour

16191-27 Walter VENNER, 42, druggist, Quebec City, Uffington Draper Tp., s/o Peter E. VENNER (b. Quebec City) & Pamela FOURNIER, married Bertha Maud McCRACKEN, 43, widow, Uffington, same, d/o Walter BRYSON (b. Lakefield) & Cordelia SAWYERS, witn: Stanley G. WHITE & F. A. BOULDEN both of Gravenhurst on March 1, 1927 at Gravenhurst

16192-27 Bryson Leslie VINCENT, 40, lumberman, Wyevale, Bracebridge, s/o Thomas R. VINCENT (b. Canada) & Susan EMERICK, married Annie Rose WHITE, 24, Purbrook - Draper Tp., Bracebridge, d/o Charles WHITE (b. England) & Mary Jane BOWERS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. VINCENT both of Bracebridge on Oct. 24, 1927 at Bracebridge

16193-27 Earl Russel VINCENT, 21, carder, Bracebridge, same, s/o Thomas VINCENT (b. Muskoka Dist.) & Susan EMERICK, married Hazel HOUSE, 22, Clear Lake Parry Sound Dist., Huntsville, d/o Percy HOUSE (b. Huntsville) & Lillian BICE, witn: Steve PEDDEE & Mrs. Jack YOUNG both of Huntsville on Feb. 12, 1927 at Huntsville

017865/27 Charles Von MIERLO, 25, laborer, Eindhoven Gishel C.A. Holland, Powassan, s/o John Von MIERLO & Catherine RIETGEN, married Mary Catherine RENETTE, 25, domestic, Nipissing Twp., Nipissing Twp., d/o Matthew RENETTE & Catherine RENETTE, witn: Felix RLEICH & Adelia RENITTO both of Powassan Ont. R.R. #2, 22 September 1927, Alsace

16194-27 William Alfred WALKER, 27, tinsmith, Hamilton, same, s/o William B. WALKER (b. England) & Charlotte J. GOODWICK (Goodwin?), married Edna Nancy BRACKEN, 25, school teacher, Hamilton, Huntsville, d/o James BRACKEN (b. Canada) & Rachel SILCOX, witn: Walter E. WALKER of 3 Clarkson Ave Hamilton & Mrs. Clara B. FINDLAY of Winnipeg on Aug. 17, 1927 at Huntsville Baptist Parsonage.

017866/27 Isaac WALL, 60, widower, tinsmith, Ontario, Trout Creek, s/o Isaac WALL (b. Canada) & Rebekkah WOOD, married Katherine SLOMAN, 40, Trout Creek Ont., Trout Creek Ont., d/o Wallis SLOMAN (b. England) & Mary LINKENFELLER, witn: Loretta EVERS & Harriet WELLERMAN both of Trout Creek, 14 April 1927, Trout Creek

16195-27 Reg. WALLISS, 23, machinist, Bracebridge, Huntsville, s/o Solomon WALLISS (b. Michigan) & Almeda BARRIGER, married Mildred SWAN, 20, widow, Bracebridge, same, d/o Jack BURBRIDGE (b. Michigan) & Sally KELLOGG, witn: Laura McCONNELL & Mrs. Preston ?--ARD (ink blot), both of Bracebridge on Dec. 3, 1927 at Bracebridge

017867/27 Robert George WALTON, 49, widower, railway conductor, Cobourg Ont., Swords Ont., s/o Robert Frances WALTON (b. Baltimore Ont.) & Susan GRAHAM, married Eliza SWORD, 40, widow, merchant, Rosseau Ont., Swords Ont., d/o John Cornish SWORD (b. England) & Lena Augusta LARSEN, witn: Mark LAWSON & Mrs. Ida LAWSON both of Orrville Ont., 10 October 1927, Dist. Parry Sound

017868/27 David WANLAND, 34, acid foreman, Sweden, Nobel Ont., s/o Abraham WANLAND (b. Sweden) & Sophia JOHNSON, married Jessie Elizabeth McFARLAND, 25, stenographer, Carling Ont., Nobel Ont., d/o James McFARLAND (b. Ontario) & Ellen HAILSTONE, witn: Edward HAMMAL of Nobel Ont. & Jay McFARLAND of Carling Ont., 18 June 1927, Carling Twp.

16196-27 Alvin Ethelbert WATKINSON, 20, labourer, Seguin Falls, Orrville, s/o Ebenezer WATKINSON (b. Seguin Falls) & Mary JOYES, married Pauline GRAVES, 23, not given, of Orrville, d/o Joseph GRAVES (b. England) & Harriet WRIGHT, witn: Ebenezer & Mary WATKINSON both of Mactier on Dec. 25, 1926 at Mactier

16197-27 William John WATSON, 29, farmer, North Orillia, same, s/o William WATSON (b. North Orillia Tp.) & Sophie HAWKINS, married Gertrude Doris DeNURE, 20, Penetanguishene, Muskoka Tp., d/o Reginald C. DeNURE (b. Innisfil Tp.) & Margaret ARCHER, witn: Annie S. WATSON of R.R. 1 Severn Bridge & Edwin DeNURE of Gravenhurst on June 4, 1927 at Muskoka Tp.

16198-27 James Edward WHITE, 25, labourer, Chaffey Tp., same, s/o William WHITE (b. London Ont.) & Mary WARD, married Fanny Delphine PRINCE, 15, Sinclair Tp., Chaffey Tp., d/o father's name not given & Annie May PRINCE, witn: John Allan IRVING & Florence E. BERNER both of Huntsville on May 31, 1927 at Huntsville

16199-27 Sidney WHITEHOUSE, 23, clerk, Birmingham England, Muskoka Tp., s/o Frederick WHITEHOUSE (b. Birmingham England) & Annie PARKER, married Florence PARKER, 23, nurse, Cambridge England, Toronto, d/o Robert PARKER (b. Cambridge) & Lydia YEMAN, witn: Lucy PARNELL of 42 Thurston Rd & Frank C. TAYLOR of 42 St. Germain Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 8, 1927 at Gravenhurst

017869/27 David Roy WHYTE, 26, butter maker, Lanark, North Bay, s/o John C. WHYTE (b. Lanark Co. Ont.) & Jane McOUTT, married Agnes Wilhemina SHELLEY, 19, Powassan, Powassan, d/o James SHELLEY (b. Essex Co. England) & Annie Darysdale McCORMICK, witn: Annie Eliza SHELLEY & Ira Dorcas PAUL both of Powassan Ont., 3 August 1927, Dist. Parry Sound

017870/27 Wilbert John Melville WILCOX, 25, mechanic, Douglas Ont., Spanish Ont., s/o John WILCOX (deceased) (b. Renfrew Ont.) & Harriet Page, married Jessie Matilda EVERETT, 21, Guelph Ont., Spanish Ont., d/o William EVERETT (b. Guelph Ont.) & Frances COOK, witn: J. E. WHELAN & Gladys EVERETT both of Parry Sound Ont., 19 December 1927, Town Parry Sound

017871/27 William WILDMAN, 21, laborer, Boswells, Kearney, s/o Joseph WILDMAN (b. U.S.A.) & Electa GLASS, married Elsie BROWN, 26, farmers daughter, Kearney, Emsdale, d/o James BROWN (b. Belfast Ireland) & Alma FERMAN, witn: Agnes M. MOYES & Robert L. ARMSTRONG both of Kearney, 24 January 1927, Kearney [divorced 30/11/50]

017872/27 Thomas Alexander WILLOUGHBY, 44, widower, farmer, Twp. Strong, Twp. Strong, s/o John WILLOUGHBY (b. Canada) & Margaret WEIGHT, married Mary Marion McCARTNEY, 48, housekeeper, Twp. Spence, Dist. Parry Sound, d/o Samuel McCARTNEY (b. Canada) & Marion CORBETT, witn: Ada M. GRAHAM & Ruby I. BELL both of Burks Falls, 15 June 1927, Village Burks Falls

16200-27 Albert Edward WILLS, 25, hotel porter, Worcestershire England, Bracebridge, s/o Llewellyn WILLS (b. Devonshire England) & Elizabeth Harriett POPE, married Marjory Rachel Pearl IRVINE, 21, waitress, Baysville McLean Tp., Bracebridge, d/o John IRVINE (b. Hamilton) & Alice AUSTIN, witn: Alice IRVINE of Baysville & Ethel ROSE of Los Angeles Calif. USA, on July 27, 1927 at St. Thomas Church Bracebridge

16201-27 Edwin WILSON, 29, restaurant keeper, Foxmead Simcoe Co., Orillia, s/o William Henry WILSON (b. England) & Frances Elizabeth NICHOLS, married Margaret Eleanor NICKASON, 14, Port Sydney Stephenson Tp., same, d/o Samuel David NICKASON (b. Ontario) & Charity WEBB, witn: N. D. FORREST of Huntsville & S. David NICKASON of Port Sydney on March 22, 1927 at Bracebridge

16202-27 Thomas Joseph WISE, 33, T.T.C. conductor, widower, England, 45 Imperial Ave Toronto, s/o Thomas WISE (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth CASEY, married Lena EVANS, 29, operator, widow, Ontario, 45 Imperial Ave Toronto, d/o John TRENKIVAN (b. England) & Mary GOLDFINCH, witn: Mr. WELLS of Falkenburg & Mrs. O'KEEFE of 31 Vermont Toronto on July 3, 1927 at Bracebridge.

017873/27 Robert Russell WOOD, 26, clerk, Village of South River, Village of South River, s/o Thomas WOOD (b. Yorkshire England) & Mary WRIGHT married Margaret Olive ROLSTON, 23, housemaid, Twp. of Machar, Village of South River, d/o John P. ROLSTON (b. Arthur Ont.) & Nettie Elizabeth WALDROFF, witn: Muriel N. WATSON & R. Gordon WATSON both of South River Ont., 15 June 1927, South River

16203-27 Daniel Harrison WOOLAMS, 28, motor mechanic, Ontario, 315 Seaton St Toronto, s/o Oscar SIMMONS (sic, s/b George Woolams) (b. Ontario) & Ellen PATTERSON, married Pauline SIMMONS, 24, Ontario, Bracebridge, d/o Oscar SIMMONS (b. Ontario) & Frances ERRINGTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George R. SIMMONS both of Bracebridge on Sept. 27, 1927 at Bracebridge [re groom: born 16 Oct 1898 at Brantford] 16204-27 Albert WRIGHT, 43, labourer, widower, Simcoe Co., Orillia, s/o Charles WRIGHT (b. Canada) & Mary LAWSON, married Edith Mary DARLING, 41, Muskoka Dist., Bracebridge, d/o Adam DARLING (b. Canada) & Anne Baker HENNINGS, witn: John WRIGHT of Orillia & Mabel MAWHINEY of Bracebridge on Sept. 1, 1927 at Bracebridge

16205-27 William David YEO, 21, merchant, Powassan, Bracebridge, s/o Thomas illegiblex YEO (b. Mitchell Ontario) & Margaret GIBBON, married Bessie Teresa ALCOX, 17, Bracebridge, same, d/o George ALCOX (b. Collingwood) & Roxie GILL, witn: Laura DERRICK & Maurice Sydney HEITES both of Bracebridge on March 19, 1927 at Bracebridge

16206-27 Bruce Wolfe YOUNG, 25, purchasing agent, Toronto, 45 Hillholme Rd same, s/o W. E. YOUNG (b. Ontario) & Alice M. WYLIE, married Mary Elizabeth TUGMAN, 20, Toronto, 85 Woodlawn Ave East same, d/o C. F. TUGMAN (b. Ontario) & Mary WILSON, witn: J. H. & Mrs. Doris WHILLANS both of 150 Fermanagh Ave Toronto on Aug. 15, 1927 at Huntsville