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15134-27 Murray Hugh ABBOTT, 21, farmer, Biddulph, Lot 13 Con 4 of Biddulph, s/o Alonzo ABBOTT, b. Canada & Echo SPACKMAN, married Verna Myrta DAVIS, 20, Biddulph, res not given, d/o William J. DAVIS, b. Canada & Matilda Bernice HODGINS, witn: Annie Eileen HODGINS & Clayton ABBOTT of Lucan, 1 June 1927 at Saintsberg 15135-27 Ernie ADAIR, 25, farmer, East Williams, same, s/o Thomas ADAIR, b. Strathroy & Robina McKENZIE, married Margaret Jessie HAYDEN, 19, Detroit, West Williams twp., d/o Patrick HAYDEN, b. Newtonburgh Ireland & Sarah McKENZIE, witn: Ella THOMSON & Myrtle A. HEMPHILL, both of Strathroy, 16 April 1927 at Strathroy

15396-27 John Collins AITKEN, 44?, widower, signal dept. CNR, London, same, s/o John AITKEN, b. Ireland & Georgia COLLINS, married Mary Lola McLEISH, 35, saleslady, East Williams, London, d/o Archibald (no surname given, deceased), b. East Williams & Susanna NETTLETON, witn: Walter HAY & Isabel McLEISH, both of London, 29 Oct 1927 at London

15395-27 Donald McLean AITKEN, 21, mechanic, Delaware Ont., London, s/o George AITKEN, b. Scotland & Mary CHIVAS, married Mary Elizabeth ELLWOOD, 21, packer, England, London, d/o John ELLWOOD, b. England & Mary WALKER, witn: Joseph SLAUGHTER & Myrtle AITKEN, both of London, 10 Sept 1927 at London

15137-27 Joseph Ernest ALDERSON, 39, farmer, RR2 Thamesford, same, s/o Joseph ALDERSON, b. Ont & Elizabeth MOUNTEER, married Sarah Evelyn WRIGHT, 30, general store keeper, Muskoka Dist., RR2 Thamesford, d/o William WRIGHT, b. Ont & Mary Elizabeth RINST (Ruist?), witn: Mrs. Margaret SHARP & Mrs. Arminda CONWAY, both of Lambeth, 22 Feb 1927 at Lambeth 15136-27 James Lesley Graham ALDERSON, 27, farmer, Adelaide twp., same, s/o Prosper ALDERSON, b. Adelaide & Ellen McNEICE, married Annie HARPER, 24, domestic, Belfast Ireland, Strathroy, d/o John HARPER, b. Belfast Ireland & Elizabeth McCULLY, witn: Earl & Betha ALDERSON, both of RR5 Strathroy, 29 June 1927 at Strathroy

15397-27 William ALLAN, 45, laborer, Edinburgh Scotland, London, s/o Alex ALLAN, b. Kinross Fife Scotland & Elizabeth CADDEN, married Lillian GAGE, 38, widow, box maker, Dundas Ont., London, d/o James SHAW, b. London Ont & Elizabeth SULLIVAN, witn: Annie McLURG & Jean MacKAY, both of London, 28 May 1927 at London

15393-27 Harold Reginald ALLEN, 23, attendant, London England, London Ont., s/o not known, grandson of Ann Bethia ALLEN, married Edith May PALMER, 25, London England, London Ont., d/o Harry PALMER & Elizabeth Ann DUNN, witn: William Ogilvie SOUTAR & Lillian BORMAN, both of London, 4 June 1927 at London

15394-27 Ronald Alexr ALLEN, 27, teacher, Carleton Place, London, s/o Thomas A. ALLEN, b. Quebec & Margaret Louise REID, married Eleanor Vining GRANT, 23, teacher, London, same, d/o William R. GRANT, b. Ireland & Edith VINING, witn: Marion GRANT & Eleanor DOHERTY, both of London, 30 July 1927 at London

15391-27 Harold Wesley AMEY, 19, machinist, Parkhead Ont., London, s/o James Wesley AMEY, b. Ont & Margaret SKINNER, married Pearl Irene RICE, 19, Ontario, London, d/o Merritt RICE, b. Ont & Minnie CRONKWRIGHT, witn: Mrs. Etta & Walter POLLARD of London, 6 Aug 1927 at London

15392-27 Gordon Mathew AMIES, 23, barber, Forest, London, s/o George AMIES, b. England & Agnes SMITH, married Bessie CURRAH, 24, Plympton twp., Sarnia, d/o Sidney CURRAH, b. Canada & Esther BRIGHT, witn: Margaret FINCH of Sarnia & Elmer CURRAH of Camlachie, 12 Nov 1927 at London

15387-27 Thomas ANDERSON, 24, railway gateman, Scotland, London, s/o Alexr ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Margaret RICHARDSON, married Mary Aimet PATERSON, 24, sample maker, Scotland, London, d/o James PATERSON, b. Scotland & Margaret MERCER, witn: Alexr PATERSON & Anna M. PARKER, both of London, 18 Aug 1927 at London

15138-27 George Frederick ANDREWS, 34, mechanic, Dorchester Ont., Detroit, s/o Joshua ANDREWS, b. Ont & Mary Jane SCOTT, married Olive Leota REID, 28, Delaware twp., Southwold, d/o Frederick REID, b. Ont & Agnes JONES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Frank MUMA of London, 31 Dec 1927 at Byron

15388-27 George William ANSELL, 65, widower, gardener, England, Dorchester, s/o George ANSELL, b. England & Sarah STRATFORD, married Sarah WINSLADE, 60, widow, Woodstock Ont., Dorchester, d/o James THANCE, b. Canada & Rachel MONKMAN, witn: Minnie CHANTZ of London & Margaret CLARK? of Dorchester, 13 Aug 1927 at London

15389-27 Edwin Harrison ANSTIE, 32, customs officer, London, same, s/o Francis Lawton ANSTIE, b. South Africa, & Mary Ann NORTH, married Dorothy Thelma Katherine SCHMIDT, 26, London, same, d/o Edwin A. SCHMIDT, b. Perth Co & Emma GLASSER, witn: Edin SCHMIDT & F.K. ANSTIE, both of London, 29 Jan 1927 at London

15381-27 Samuel Charles ARGYLE, 26, mechanic, England, London, s/o Samuel ARGYLE, b. England & Sarah Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Victoria Maud KISLER, 20, clerk, England, London, d/o James KISLER, b. at sea on a British ship, & Elizabeth WOAKES, witn: Clarence S. & Mabel McKNIGHT of London, 30 July 1927 at London

15139-27 Elmer ARMES, 21, farmer, Dorchester twp., Putnam, s/o Fred ARMES, b. Ont & Louisa LOGAN, married Leola BRAWN, 18, Dorchester twp., Wilton Grove, d/o William BRAWN, b. Ont & Martha PEACH, witn: Elwood & Mrs. Elwood ARMES of RR1 Princeton, 26 Feb 1927 at Belmont

15382-27 Lorne Wilson ARMSTRONG, 32, farmer, Stanley twp., same, s/o George ARMSTRONG & Jean WEST, married Ada DEITZ, 27, Zurich?, Ontario, d/o John DEITZ & Anna KOEHLER, witn: Annie HAZEN & Phoebe WEIR, both of London, 10 Aug 1927 at London

15383-27 Arnti Torleif ARNISON, 27, farmer, Burge Norway, London, s/o Anton ARNISON, b. Norway, & Thea BOGER, married Helene SIMONSEN, 27, Fredrichsted Norway, London, d/o Karl SIMONSEN, b. Norway & Olga SALBERG, witn: Mrs. Agnes GOWIE & Margaret LAINE, both of London, 8 Dec 1927 at London

15390-27 Walter Joseph ARNSBY, 24, press operator, England, London, s/o Robert Henry ARNSBY & Delia CONNORS, married Elizabeth Simpson MACKEY, 20, Scotland, London, d/o Alex Lane MACKEY & Mary McCLEARY, witn: Edmond ARNSBY & Christena ARNSBY, both of London, 12 Oct 1927 at London

15384-27 John Thomas ASHLEY, 23, supervisor of telephone co., Manitoba, Toronto, s/o Lewis John ASHLEY, b. England & Hattie Maud VAN TASSEL, married Edythe Alice BELMONT, 22, pianist, New Jersey, London, d/o George BELMONT, b. USA & Nellie RUSSELL, witn: Charles WILLIAMS of Toronto & Anne D. MARSH of London, 15 Oct 1927 at London

15385-27 Charles ASTLES, 57, widower, mechanic, England, London, s/o Joseph ASTLES, b. England & Ann ALDERSON, married Ellen Beatrice STURDEN, 45, widow, England, London, d/o George HOWARD, b. England & Janetta TREELIVING, witn: Elizabeth HOWARD & John TRIPP, both of London, 31 March 1927

15386-27 George Frederick ATKINS, 21, farmer, England, Glanworth, s/o George ATKINS, b. England & unknown, married Lillian Mable TOMLINSON, 23, electric lamp worker, England, London, d/o George TOMLINSON, b. England & unknown, witn: Margaret ANDERSON & Gertrude SCHADE, both of London, 26 March 1927 at London

15140-27 Joseph AULD, 22, laborer, Taypoint Scotland,. Adelaide twp., s/o George AULD, b. Scotland & Bridget McKAY, married Maggie WESTWATER, 24, Taypoint Scotland, Strathroy, d/o John WESTWATER, b. Scotland & Mary CONNELY, witn: Ada WILKINS? & Myrtle HEMPHILL, both of Strathroy, 16 Sept 1927 at Strathroy

15379-27 Daniel Clifford AUSTIN, 19, Carlyle, Hibbert twp., s/o Thomas AUSTIN, b. Middlesex Co & Eldrada FAULDES, married Greta Irene BLOOMFIELD, 17, Exeter, same, d/o Fred D. BLOOMFIELD, b. McGillivray twp & Mary Martha KYDD, witn: Mrs. Mary BLOOMFIELD of Exeter & George MORRISEY of London, 1 Jan 1927 at London

15141-27 Clarence Hambley AVERY, 33, dentist, Ontario, 29 Springrove Ave in Toronto, s/o Richard John AVERY, b. Ont & Martha HAMBLEY, married Mildred MIHELL, 33, Ontario, Strathroy, d/o Herbert MIHELL, b. Ont & Effie BLACK, witn: Gordon MIHELL of Strathroy & Laura M. AVERY of 29 Springrove Ave in Toronto, 8 Sept 1927 at Strathroy

15380-27 Harold Clifford AWCOCK, 26, plasterer, London, same, s/o Henry AWCOCK, b. Brantford & Frances WESTON, married Isabella FOTHERBY, 34, Yorkshire England, London, d/o William FOTHERBY, b. Derbyshire England & Miriam SCAIFE,witn: Leonard FICKLING & Greta AWCOCK, both of London, 26 Nov 1927 at London

15142-27 Chester Gordon AXFORD, 35, farmer, Southwold twp., Lambeth, s/o Robert AXFORD, b. Ont & Jane WALDEN, married Gladys Evelyn SMITH, 29 (b. 11 Nov 1897), Westminster twp., RR4 London, d/o Horace SMITH, b. England & Bertha ELWOOD, witn: J. Mary SMITH of RR4 London & George AXFORD of Lambeth, 18 June 1927 at Westminster twp

15398-27 William BAKER, 22, Belfast Ireland, London, s/o William BAKER, b. Belfast Ireland & Grace BRADY, married Mary McMillan FRASER, 24, domestic, Glasgow Scotland, London, d/o John Wilson FRASER, b. Inverness Scotland & Sarah MOORE, witn: James ANDREW & Catherine GILMOUR, both of London, 18 March 1927 at London

15399-27 Leonard BALL, 24, laborer, England, London, s/o Frederick BALL, b. England & Sarah Ann MASON, married Lillian Violet FISHER, 18, clerk, London, same, d/o Claude Victor FISHER, b. England & Lillian May GORRINGE, witn: Joseph Henry OWEN & Lillian May FISHER, both of London, 25 Aug 1927 at London

15143-27 Earl W. BALL, 22, merchant, Bruce twp., Embro, s/o Henry BALL, b. East Nissouri & Ida MITCHELL, married Mary M. MEADE, 22, East Nissouri, same, d/o Israel MEADE, b. East Nissouri & Robena SUTHERLAND, witn: Jessie A. LILE of Thorndale & Gertrude BANDSHAW of Belton, 1 Jan 1927 at West Nissouri twp 15144-27 Hiram William BALL, 27 (b. 6 June 1899), salesman, Brantford, London, s/o F.A. (Frederick) BALL, b. London Ont & Ardelia THOMPSON, married Ella Jane McGUGAN, 27, Melbourne, same, d/o Malcolm McGUGAN, b. Melbourne Ont & Anny McBRIDE, witn: G.M. RUSH of London & Anna McGUGAN of Melbourne, 26 March 1927 at Melbourne

15400-27 Louis Ladislas BALOGH, 32, organist, Hungary, London, s/o Calonsa BALOGH, b. Hungary & Velma MOYER, married Josephine CATALANO, 26, London Ont., same, d/o Cosine CATALANO, b. Italy & Rose SANSONE, witn: S.J. BALOGH of Windsor & Rose CATALONE of London, 4 Aug 1927 at London

15145-27 Charles Aubrey BANNISTER, 23, farmer, Birmingham England, East Williams twp., s/o Charles John BANNISTER, b. Birmingham England & Annie PREADY, married Isabel ROSE, 27, East Williams, same, d/o Kenneth ROSE, b. Canada & Isabel LEVI, witn: James William BANNISTER of Strathroy & Mary Griffith TODD of Ailsa Craig, 11 Oct 1927 at West Middlesex

15401-27 Arthur BARBER, 25, clinical technician, Sheffield England, London, s/o Arthur BARBER, b. Sheffield England & Martha SMITH (Saith?), married Romaine Louise St. Jean HUGHES, Liverpool England, res not given, d/o William H. HUGHES, b. England & Mary AGNEW, witn: Fred LE LACHEUR & Martha MAXWELL, both of London, 27 Dec 1927 at London

15417-27 William Earl BARBER, 26, farmer, Lobo twp., RR2 Komoka, s/o William BARBER, b. Ont., & Margaret Jane McINTYRE, married Marion Rachel DOUGLAS, nurse, 26, Michigan US, Hyde Park, d/o Joseph Alexr DOUGLAS, b. Ont & Rachel CARNIE, witn: Marguerite & Allan DOUGLAS of Hyde Park, 3 Sept 1927 at London

15418-27 Roger C. BARKER, 31, supervisor CNR telegraph, Delhi Ont., Belvedere Hotel in London, s/o Roger BARKER, b. Ont & Marie WALKER, married Helene Marie ROY, 23, operator, St. Jean Baptiste Manitoba, Winnipeg, d/o Gideon ROY, b. Quebec & Adele St. GODARD, witn: C. D. & Margaret MILLYARD of St. Thomas, 13 Aug 1927 at London

15419-27 Thomas Ivison BARNBY, 29, physician, Wallace twp., Rodney, s/o Robert BARNBY, b. Ashfield twp & Fanny IVISON, married Effie WILSON, 27, nurse, St. Thomas, London, d/o James WILSON, b. Scotland & Janet MARSHALL, witn: Mrs. J. WILSON of London & Rev. Dr. BARNBY of Blyth, 4 June 1927 at London

15420-27 John Franklin BARNES, 28, operator, England, London, s/o John BARNES, b. England & Mary KENDALL, married Alice Emily TOMPKINS,, 30, house keeper, England, London, d/o Henry TOMPKINS, b. England & Ann TRESSLER, witn: Frederick BARNES & his wife, Mrs. F. BARNES of London, 25 June 1927 at London

15458-27 John Allan BARNETT, 43, merchant, widower, Elma twp., Stratford, s/o William BARNETT, b. Ont & Mary PIRIE, married Myrtle Euretta WILLIAMS, 33, Granton Ont., Ilderton, d/o John WILLIAMS, b. Ireland & Janet McKAY, witn: Bertha & Thelma MILLYARD of London, 18 June 1927 at London

15410-27 John Hamilton BARR, 62, widower, insurance agent, North Dorchester, Dorchester, s/o Samuel BARR, b. Ont & Margaret BALLAH, married Anna Sarah McKEE, 52, nurse, North Dorchester, Galt, d/o William McKEE, b. Ireland & Mary Ann PYATT, witn: Florence BRADSHAW & Georgina HAHN, both of London, 25 Oct 1927 at London

15146-27 Gordon BARR, 27, trainman, Woodlawn Ont., Capreol, s/o David J. BARR, b. Douglas Ont & Jennie GORDON, married Marie SCOTT, 24, lady, Strathroy, same, d/o George SCOTT, b. Streetsville Ont & Josephine LONG, witn: David H. BARR of Renfrew Ont & Hazel E.L. SCOTT of Strathroy, 14 June 1927 at Adelaide twp

15411-27 Edwin Earl BARRETT, 31, farmer, Parkhill, same, s/o Charles BARRETT, b. Parkhill & Agnes Mary DOBBIE, married Edna Mandy EAGAN, 27, teacher, Westminster twp., London, d/o Joseph EAGAN, b. Dorchester twp & Mandy O'NEILL, witn: J. SAGE of London & C.H. DUFF of Toronto, 1 Jan 1927 at London

15147-27 Herbert Ernest BATES, 34, widower, shoe maker, England, Tilsonburg, s/o Herbert James BATES, b. England & Roes Ellen MEADOWS, married Anna Marjorie MONCK, 25, widow, Gladstone Ont., Belmont, d/o John Alexander MONCK, b. Canada & Bernice ROUSE, witn: Carolyn & Alfred MACK of Belmont, 30 June 1927 at Dorchester twp

15413-27 Elzar Alfred BATES, 23, traveller, London, same, s/o William Alfred BATES, b. England & Emily JUDD, married Mary Helen DEVENY, 24, nurse, Scotland, Byron, d/o William DEVENY & Minnie LAWSON, witn: Vincent BRYSON & Rose CONNOLLY, both of London, 2 Dec 1927 at London

15412-27 Edward George BATES, 20, tractor operator, England, London, s/o Edward BATES, b. England & Rosina SHERLOCK, married Elizabeth McLaren Halliday MORGAN, 22, domestic, Scotland, London, d/o James MORGAN, b. Scotland & Elizabeth McLaren HALLIDAY, witn: John MORGAN & Violet MALLARD, both of London, 30 Dec 1927 at London

15414-27 Ralph BATTEN, 34?, Usborne twp., RR1 Woodham, d/o John BATTEN, b. England & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Elizabeth Scott WHALEY, 23, teacher, Granton, St. Marys, d/o David WHALEY, b. Perth Ont & Laurinda PEARN, witn: Mary BEST & Lily HOFFMAN, both of London, 24 Aug 1927 at London

15148-27 Carl BAXTER, 32, bridge man, Mt. Brydges, same, s/o Thomas BAXTER, b. Mt. Brydges & Mary Elizabeth ARNOLD, married Olive Margaret BANCROFT, 26, Mt. Brydges, same, d/o William George BANCROFT, b. Mt. Brydges & Eliza Jane ROBINSON, witn: John & Dorothy MANN of Strathroy, 19 March 1927 at Strathroy

15415-27 Arthur BEARCHILL, 38, widower, CNR helper, England, London, s/o blank & Mary Allen BROADBEND, married Elizabeth BURGESS, 43, widow, d/o blank & Mary TOMLINSON, witn: T.B. BEARCHILL & Harriet WILSON, both of London, 15 Dec 1927 at London

15416-27 Frank Herbert BEATTIE, 29, conductor, Stratford Ont., Detroit, s/o John W. BEATTIE, b. Stratford Ont & Mary JOHNSTON, married Ila Pearl DOW, 19, saleslady, Perth Co Ont., London, d/o William DOW, b. Fullarton, & Rose DAVIS, witn: Mary TORRENS & Jean MACKAY, both of London, 7 Sept 1927 at London

11404-27 Frederick John BEATTIE, 26, sales manager, London Ont., Hamilton, s/o John Henry Alfred BEATTIE, b. London Ont & Delia FIELDER, married Dorothy Margaret JORDAN, 25, Brantford, London, d/o Albert David JORDAN, b. Seaforth Ont & Effie Mary HOUGHTON, witn: Marion BEATTIE & S.D. JORDAN, both of London, 24 Sept 1927 at London

15150-27 Patten BEATTIE, 61, farmer, widower, Caradoc twp., same, s/o James BEATTIE, b. Ireland & Sarah FORSYTH, married Hermona Marietta Alice DOWN, 46, nurse, Adelaide twp. Strathroy, d/o James DOWN, b. Canada & Jane Alice JEWETT, witn: Jonathan BARTLETT & Lillian McKILLOP, both of Mt. Brydges, 10 Oct 1927 at Mt. Brydges 15149-27 Lorne BEATTIE, 30, farmer, Caradoc twp., same, s/o Robert BEATTIE, b. Bridgeburg Ont & Margaret McCRACKEN, married Mary Helen MILLS, 28, lady, Caradoc twp., same, d/o Edward MILLS, b. Caradoc twp & Eliza ROBERTS, witn: Gladys CARRUTHERS of Melbourne & Bert J. BEATTIE of Mt. Brydges, 24 Sept 1927 at Caradoc twp
15151-27 John BECK, 26, police officer, Indiana, Detroit, s/o George BECK, b. Indiana & Lovie SHOULTZ, married Ada RODWELL, 24, England, Stratford, d/o William RODWELL, b. England & Mary SHORT, witn: H.R. FINLAY & Mrs. G. HENDERSON, both of Wardsville, 16 Feb 1927 at Wardsville

11405-27 Harold Joseph BEECROFT, 22, laborer, Liverpool England, London, s/o Joseph Harold BEECROFT, b. England & Catherine CLUGSTON, married Dorothy Reed WALKER, 23, domestic, Glasgow Scotland, London, d/o George James WALKER, b. Scotland & Dorothy DRUMMOND, witn: Emily WALKER & Thomas BEECROFT, both of London, 28 May 1927 at London

11406-27 John Alexr BEEMER, 22, salesman, London, same, s/o John Charlton BEEMER, b. Ont & Adora COCKBURN, married Mildred Kathleen CHANTLER, 25, music teacher, London, same, d/o Harry Walter CHANTLER, b. England & Susan Ann DENNING?, witn: Jack HYATT & Freeda CHANTLER, both of London, 27 July 1927 at London

11408-27 Thomas BELL, 29, printer, Glasgow Scotland, Detroit, s/o George BELL, b. Scotland & Matilda McGEACHY, married Agnes Elizabeth AIKENHEAD, 27, clerk, London, same, d/o Albert AIKENHEAD, b. Canada & Elizabeth DAGG, witn: Albert & Elizabeth AIKENHEAD of London, 5 Oct 1927 at London

11407-27 Edward James BELL, 27, farmer, Bosanquet twp., same, s/o E. BELL, b. Bosanquet twp & Margaret McDONALD, married Mabel Fern SLOAN, 18, Bosanquet twp., res not given, d/o Clark SLOAN, b. Bosanquet twp & Sarah POPPER, witn: Mrs. Sarah SLOAN & Mrs. M.J. DONOHUE, both of London, 25 June 1927 at London

11407-27 Edward James BELL, 27, farmer, Bosanquet twp., same, s/o E. BELL, b. Bosanquet twp & Margaret McDONALD, married Mabel Fern SLOAN, 18, Bosanquet twp., res not given, d/o Clark SLOAN, b. Bosanquet twp & Sarah POPPER, witn: Mrs. Sarah SLOAN & Mrs. M.J. DONOHUE, both of London, 25 June 1927 at London

15152-27 Franklyn Ernest BENNETT, 20, gardener, St. Thomas, same, s/o Frank E. BENNETT, b. St. Thomas & Annie E. BARRACLOUGH, married Thelma Beatrice OSBORNE, 16, St. Thomas, same, d/o Frederick George OSBORNE, b. England & Ethel Augusta COOK, witn: F. Barraclough BENNETT of St. Thomas & Mrs. Hilda M. PETERS of RR2 London, 5 Sept 1927 at London twp

11409-27 Sidney BERNSTEIN, 21, advertising, New York City, Detroit, s/o A. BERNSTEIN, b. Poland & Sophie BERNSTEIN, married Betty RUBENS, 19, typist, Poland, London, d/o Max RUBEN, b. Poland & Ida RUBEN, witn: Jack WILNER of 1613 Euclid & D?. GOLDBERG of 495 Talbot St., 25 Dec 1927 at London

15436-27 Ernest Harold BESTARD, 23, farmer, Huron Co., West Nissouri twp., s/o Robert BESTARD, b. Canada & Louisa HAYTER, married Mabel MILLS, 23, saleslady, Middlesex Co., Stratford, d/o Andrew MILLS, b. Canada & Mara FAIRCLOTH, witn: Clarence BESTARD of Thorndale & Mrs. M.L. TAYLOR of Detroit, 25 April 1927 at London

15437-27 John Barrie BEXTON, 20 machinist, London England, London Ont., s/o Samuel BEXTON, b. Nottingham England & Mabel ELLIS, married Margaret McMILLAN, 17, clerk, London, same, d/o John McMILLAN, b. Scotland & Mina WADDELL, witn: Rey BEXTON & Madeline PIERCEY, both of London, 21 June 1927 at London [divorced 24 Nov 1969]
15438-27 Robert BIEHLER, 37, heat leader, Alsace Lorraine France, Jackson Mich., s/o Joseph BIEHLER, b. Alsace Lorraine & Josephine BIEHLER, married Marion Louise GRAHAM, 18, stenographer, Coldwater Michigan, London, d/o Fay GRAHAM & Jennie LETTS, witn: Francis TAYLOR & John ORFORD, both of 528 Talbot St., 17 May 1927

15402-27 William Noel BILLINGTON, 23, driver, England, London, s/o Samuel BILLINGTON, b. eng& Hannah WITTER, married Marguerite Gretta CONNER, 22, Dorchester, London, d/o James CONNER, b. eng& Sarah CRANDALL, witn: Stanley FOLLICK of Aylmer Ont & Richard SCHRIBER of London, 3 Sept 1927 at London

15403-27 Thomas Henry BINDNER, 30, clerk, Alvinston, same, s/o Henry L. BINDNER, b. Delaware Ont & Anna STANAGAR, married Muriel Arley PARROTT, 21, stenographer, Glencoe, Alvinston, d/o George A. PARROTT, b. Glencoe & Selina BOYD, witn: Audrey HARDING & Rose CONNELLY, both of London, 19 Feb 1927 at London

15434-27 William BIRSE, 28, machinist, Scotland, St. Catharines, s/o Robert BIRSE, b. Scotland & Annie BARRIE, married Mary McKenzie WOOD, 24, clerk, Scotland, London, d/o John WOOD, b. Scotland & Saphire McKENZIE, witn: Alex MILLER of St. Catharines & Jean WOOD of Windsor, 27 Aug 1927 at London

15432-27 Alfred BISHOP, 21, plumber, Birmingham England, London, s/o William BISHOP, b. England & Sarah ADELTON, married Grace Eva BURRIDGE, 19, stenographer, London, same, d/o Joseph BURRIDGE, b. England & Mary SNOWDEN, witn: Mona Eugene WEBB of 57 Oak St. London & Norman William GREENSLADE of 173 Stirling St., 3 Sept 1927 at London

15435-27 Gordon Leslie BISBEE, 21, book keeper, Wingham Ont., Thamesville, s/o George Lawson BISBEE, b. Ont & Minnie GUEST, married Blanche Irene SNELGROVE, 22, Mount Brydges, same, d/o George Albet SNELGROVE, b. Ont & May WILTSE, witn: Minnie HIBBERT& Edna HUNTER, both of London, 1 Oct 1927 at London

15431-27 Herbert Robert BLACK, 22, laborer, London, same, s/o John Ernest BLACK, b. London Ont & Clara PATTON, married Viola McKONE, 25, operator, Thorndale Ont., London, d/o James McKONE, b. Ireland, & Charlotte HART, witn: Sarah JOHNSON & S.L. BELCHER, both of London, 26 March 1927 at London

15430-27 George Howard BLACK, 22, sheet metal worker, Woodham, same, s/o Wilson BLACK, b. Ont & Edith HAINES, married Gladys Marryline SHAMBLAW, 23, domestic work, Petrolia Ont., Kerwood, d/o William SHAMBLAW, b. Ont & Alice WATSON, witn: Elsie LEWIS of 237 Horton St. & A.J. HUDDLESTON of 445 Charlotte St., 16 July 1927

15433-27 Duncan BLACK, 41, farmer, Brooke twp., same, s/o John BLACK, b. Canada & Mary PATTERSON, married Margaret Ann WALKER, 30, Mosa twp., Brooke twp., d/o Colin WALKER, b. Canada & Annie MacBRIDE, witn: Jean MacKAY of London & Mary MAY of Hyde Park, 12 Oct 1927 at London

15428-27 Howard Painter BLACKFORD, 42, divorced, oil merchant, St. Paul Minnesota, same, s/o Herbert BLACKFORD, b. USA & Ella PAINTER, married Dorothy Blackford DAVIS, 26, Erie Co. Pennsylvania, Broughdale – London twp., d/o George DAVIS, b. USA & Edna BLACKFORD, witn: Ruth Helen & Marion Edna DAVIS of 50 Broughdale Ave., 1 Oct 1927 at London

15429-27 George Duncan BLAIR, 60, widower, farmer, Caradoc twp., London, s/o Andrew BLAIR, b. Scotland & Elizabeth DUNCAN, married Hattie Mildred ROBINSON, 51, widow, Harwich twp., Longwood, d/o Walter W. WATSON, b. England & Ellen OAKS, witn: George ROBINSON of London & Frieda LEMON of Strathroy, 16 April 1927 at London

15424-27 George Rutherford BLAIR, 36, inspector, Orillia, Toronto, s/o James Wilson BLAIR, b. Ireland & Catherine McLEOD, married Lillian May RICHARDSON, 36, clerk, London, same, d/o Harry RICHARDSON, b. Australia & Mary Ann DAW, witn: Mrs. E. SHADEBAUER & Maud WILDE, both of London, 24 Sept 1927 at London

15451-27 Reginald David BLASDALE, 33, conductor, Delaware twp., London, s/o Franklin BLASDALE, b. Ont & Catherine LEUTE, married Alice Irene WHITTLE, 29, clerk, England, London, d/o William WHITTLE, b. England & Florence RATHBORN, witn: Percy COCKETT of 812 Princess Ave & Marion WHITTLE of 428 Pall Mall, 7 Nov 1927 at London

15425-27 Herman George BLATCHFORD, 29, piano installer, Elora, London, s/o George BLATCHFORD, b. England & Mary GRAHAM, married Elizabeth JACKSON, 19, operator, England, Ingersoll, d/o Albert JACKSON, b. England & Elizabeth BACON, witn: John C. READ of London & Edith ASHWORTH of Ingersol, 10 Aug 1927 at London

15426-27 James Adam BLAY, 22, salesman, London, same, s/o Adam BLAY, b. England & Annie M. MOTT, married Dorothy Helen KEENE, 21, London, same, d/o Oliver KEENE, b. Ont & Emily M. SIDDLE, witn: Alfred Hance PAGE & Helena JOHNSTON, both of London, 23 June 1927 at London

15427-27 Herbert William BLISSETT (Blessett?), 19, clerk, England, London, s/o William BLISSETT, b. England & Rose RICHARDSON, married Rosa Margaret MURTAGH, 17, London, same, d/o Ernest Everard MURTAGH, b. Ont & Margaret LANGFORD, witn: Ina SMITH & George PAGE, both of London, 26? July 1927 at London

15421-27 Carl Leonard BLOOMDALE, 23, sign painter, USA, London, s/o Carl Herman BLOOMDALE, b. Sweden, & Bela Elizabeth BISON, married Thelma WARREN, 22, London, same, d/o Charles Frederick WARREN, b. Ont & Harriet PECKHAM (Parkhouse?), witn: A. C. & Louise WOODDEN of 124? Madison St., 19 Nov 1927 at London

15423-27 Whitney Andrew BLOOMFIELD, 24, lineman, Waterford Ont., London, s/o George E. BLOOMFIELD, b. Waterford & Ethel BOWMAN, married Eleanor May MONK, 25, packer, Hertford England, London, d/o Henry MONK, b. Hertford eng& Annie M. SCRIVENS, witn: Wesley & Mrs. Wesley KNOTT of RR1 Dorchester, 26 Feb 1927 at London

15153-27 John Sanford BLOOMFIELD, 18, farmer, Canada, McGillivray, s/o Walter BLOOMFIELD, b. Greenway Ont & Maude NELSON, married Helen Ruth McPHERSON, 16, Canada, West Williams, d/o Rufus McPHERSON, b. Corbett Ont & Mabel SMITH, witn: H.D. & Mrs. H.D. JOHNSON of Strathroy, 17 Aug 1927 at Adelaide twp 15422-27 George BLOOMFIELD, 23, book keeper, Brindley Ont., London, s/o William BLOOMFIELD, b. Mooresville Ont & Elsie M. WELLS, married Nellie Eva WARNER, 24, clerk, Tonbridge England, London, d/o John WARNER, b. Tonbridge England & Ellen H. CHALKIN?, witn: F.L. WALSH & Mabel DELLAWELL?, both of London, 17 Aug 1927 at London
15154-27 John William BLYTH, 32, farmer, widower, England, Euphemia twp., s/o John William BLYTH, b. England & Sarah Ann DAVIS, married Dolly Grace GRIBBONS, 38, domestic, USA, Euphemia, d/o Alvah GRIBBONS, b. USA & Charlotte BLAKE, witn: Ernest William BLYTH of Euphemia & Maud Flora BALL of 755 Yonge St. in Toronto, 10 Dec 1927 at Euphemia twp

15452-27 Andrew Dennis BOA, 31, clergyman, Huron Co Ont., Bayham, s/o Paul BOA, b. Dundee Scotland & Helen BRITNELL, married Ila Jean PHINN, 29, Lucan Ont., London, d/o George E. PHINN, b. Brighton Ont & Amelia McCOMB, witn: George E. & Amelia PHINN of London, 15 Sept 1927 at London

15453-27 William Robert Alex BOAL, 27, collector clerk, Frontenac Co., Detroit, s/o Robert James BOAL, b. Ireland & Elizabeth MORROW, married Kathleen Agnew EDGAR, 26, Frontenac Co., Kingston, d/o William Thomas EDGAR, b. Canada & Emily AGNEW, witn: H. EDGAR of Kingston & E.S. EDWARDS of London, 14 April 1927 at London

15155-27 Howard Percy BOGART, 27, farmer, Ufford Muskoka, Southwold twp., s/o Webster BOGART, b. Ufford - Watt twp & Leah CLARKE, married Helen Gertrude CAMERON, 21, stenographer, Lobo twp., Poplar Hill, d/o Laughlin CAMERON, b. Stirling Scotland & Mary SIMMONS, witn: Frank LODELL of RR2 Ilderton & Maria ROBSON of Denfield, 8 June 1927 at Poplar Hill, Lobo twp
15447-27 Charles BOND, 28, pipe fitter, England, London, s/o Edwin BOND, b. England & Bessie BUTT, married Blanche Winnifred GREGORY, 23, operator, Caradoc twp., London, d/o Thomas Hartwell GREGORY, b. Ont & Margaret BURDON, witn; Bryce McLEOD & Mary FRASER, both of London, 3 Aug 1927 at London 15156-27 James Joseph Hulbert BOOTH, 22, agent, Sombra twp., Watford, s/o William BOOTH, b. Wilkesport & Rebecca THOMPSON, married Mary Pearl POWELL, 18 on 25 June 1927, Brooke twp., same, d/o Ernest POWELL, b. Brooke & Annie HAY (May?), witn: Hattie & Fred SHAW of London, 25 June 1927 at Byron
15448-27 Thomas Pattinson BORTHWICK, 28, attendant at Ontario Hospital, Carlisle Cumberland England, London, s/o John Norman BORTHWICK, b. England & Jane Anne PATTINSON, married Anna Dorothy KEAYS, 26, London twp., same, d/o Robert KEAYS, b. Canada & Ida L. WARD, witn: George McCLENAGHAN of Ont Hosp. & Mary KEAYS of Hyde Park, 10 Sept 1927 at London twp 15449-27 William Thomas BOTTRILL, 21, butcher, London, same, s/o Harry BOTTRILL, b. England & Beatrice TROTT, married Hazel Irene DANIEL, 19, Durham twp., London, d/o Arzina DANIEL, b. Ont & Lucy SMITH, witn: Margaret TROTT of West London & John H. DANIEL of 150 Grey St. in London, 1 June 1927 at London
15450-27 Lloyd Edward BOWRON, 23, truck driver, Westminster twp., same, s/o William A. BOWRON, b. Westminster twp & Ethel Augusta PATRICK, married Margaret Josephine WHITE, 19, Aylmer Ont., London, d/o Joseph Charles WHITE, b. Ont & Margaret Ester BEAUFORT, witn: Alice & Minnie HIBBERT of London, 2 June 1927 at London  
15444-27 Hector Clifford BOYCE, 34, salesman, London, same, s/o Charles BOYCE, b. London Ont & Bella BROWN, married Madeline SCHWEITZER, 27, Rodney Ont., London, d/o Henry SCHWEITZER, b. Ont & Henrietta PATTERSON, witn: Eleanor BOYCE of 183? Tecumseh Ave & Walter S. SWITZER of 250 Oxford St., 14 June 1927 at London 15443-27 Donald James BOYCE, 34, farmer, Canada, West Williams twp., s/o William James BOYCE & Margaret McLELLAN, married Alice Kathleen Winona BARRETT, 31, sales woman, Canada, Parkhill, d/o John BARRETT & Jessie McCALLUM, witn: Fred BARRETT & Ellen HELLYER, both of Parkhill, 2 Nov 1927 at London
15445-27 John Robert BOYDE, 50, architect, widower, USA, Windsor, s/o Alexr BOYDE, b. USA & Mary TRACY, married Julia Bernadette GLEESON, 31, teacher, London, same, d/o Patrick GLEESON, b. Ireland & Mary GRACE, witn: J.C. KELLY of London & J.P. GLEESON of Leamington, 29 Dec 1927 at London 15446-27 Henry F. BOYSE, 74, widower, collector, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Spenetus BOYSE, b. USA & Jane LAWSON, married Hannah HILLS, 63, milliner, Ontario, London, d/o Robert HILLS, b. England & Sarah TAYLOR, witn: Blanche JENKIN & Minnie GORMAN, both of London, 24 Feb 1927 at London
15440-27 Jesse Edwin BRAND, 56, widower, engineer, England, London, s/o William BRAND, b. England & Harriet WILLIS, married Caroline Salome WATT, 59, widow, Wellington Co., London, d/o Marcel STOEHN, b. Alsace Lorraine France & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: P & Vera WARREN of 150 Kent St., 20 Oct 1927 at London 15441-27 Chester William BRANSTON, 22, teacher, Lambeth, same, s/o Frederick BRANSTON, b. Ont & Amelia COMFORT, married Ruby Katherine BROOKS, 20, teacher, Strathroy, Wilton Grove, d/o Arthur BROOKS, b. Ont & Harriet MacLEAN, witn: Clifford BRANSTON of Lambeth & illegible Vivian BROOKS of London, 16 July 1927 at London
15442-27 John George BREWSTER, 43, widower, farmer, England, Bracken Sask., s/o George BREWSTER, b. England & Mary DALTON, married Catherine Rowena CHRYSLER, 44, nurse, London Ont., Bracken Sask., d/o Thomas Josephus CHRYSLER, b. Niagara Falls & Charlotte READ, witn: Charles K. ANDERSON of Detroit & Dorothy M. ANDERSON of London, 26 Dec 1927 at London

15469-27 Leonard Gordon BRIDGMAN, 39, architect, London, same, s/o William BRIDGMAN, b. Devonshire England & Elizabeth SAUNDERS, married Anna MacARTHUR, 38, Hensall, London, d/o John MacARTHUR, b. Ailsa Craig & Ada ARNOLD, witn: F.G. BRIDGMAN of Winnipeg & Mrs. Ada MacARTHUR of London, 14 Oct 1927 at London

15470-27 Francis Frank BRIGLIA, 38 (18?), book keeper, London, same, s/o Anthony BRIGLIA, b. Italy & Anna BIANCULI, married Dena LEWIS, 23, St. Thomas Ont., London, d/o Barey LEWIS, b. Russia & Mary BERG, witn: Mary McINTYRE & Rose CONNOLLY, both of London, 24 Nov 1927 at London

15471-27 William Lewis BRITTON, 55, widower, trainman, Halton Co., London, s/o John BRITTON, b. Ireland & Nancy TEETER, married Mary Jane WILLS (Wells?), 45, Montreal, same, d/o Peter BOLTON, b. Quebec & Charlotte Jane O'BRIEN, witn: Mrs. W. R. McINTOSH & Marie McATEER, both of London, 12 July 1927 at London

15439-27 Walter Victor BROOKS, 23, railroad fireman, Aylmer Ont., London, s/o Grenville BROOKS, b. Ont & Sarah DICKER, married Lilian Annie TURNER, 18, Stratford, same, d/o Harry TURNER, b. England & Kate BROOKS, witn: A. TURNER & Mrs. Jennie BROOKS, 19 Nov 1927 at London 15157-27 William Harold BROPHEY, 25, farmer, Ontario, Stephen twp., s/o Jeremiah BROPHEY, b. Canada & Ada MOLLARD, married Elsie Edith YOUNG, 19, Ontario, McGillivray twp., d/o Wilbur YOUNG, b. Canada & E.E. HORNEY (Horning?), witn: Nellie BROPHEY & Orland MOLLARD, both of Parkhill, 17 Sept 1927 at McGillivray twp

15468-27 Edward BROWN, 26, farmer, Strathroy, Alvinston, s/o William BROWN & Margaret DUDLEY, married Lillian SMITH, 21, London, same, d/o Thomas SMITH & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Charles W. BIRDNER of Alvinston & Jean McGHEE of London, 25 Oct 1927 at London

15467-27 Alfred BROWN, 39, London, same, s/o Arthur BROWN, b. Ireland & Sarah, married Hattie NIGUE, widow, Nora--? Ont., London, d/o Allen CASE, b. England & Mary PROCTOR, witn: J. DERISSEY & Nilla GARRETT, both of London, 20 Aug 1927 at London

15159-27 William James BROWN, 30, farmer, Mosa twp., same, s/o James BROWN, b. Strathavon Scotland & Malinda CLARK, married Jessie Barbara MITCHELL, 22, Mosa twp., same, d/o Duncan J. MITCHELL, b. Mosa twp & Barbara McVICAR, witn: Catherine Margaret MITCHELL of Glencoe & James Lyle PARSONS of Windsor, 31 Aug 1927 at Mosa twp 15158-27 Clarence William BROWN, 25, farmer, Strathroy, same, s/o George W. BROWN, b. Ont & Clara KILBOURNE, married Avis Myrtle LIPSIT, 26, stenographer, Mt. Brydges, same, d/o Lewis LIPSIT, b. Ont & Emma BROWN, witn: Clifford HUTTON & Arley LIPSIT, both of Mt. Brydges, 22 Oct 1927 at Mt. Brydges

15464-27 Stuart Purdy BROWN, 29, instructor, Strathroy, London, s/o Thomas E. BROWN, b. Ont & May PURDY, married Mildred Doris WERNER, 26, music teacher, Rodney, London, d/o Ephraim WERNER, b. Ont & Laura MILLS, witn: W. Karl PURDY of Augusta Mich & Jean BROWN of London, 30 June 1927 at London

15463-27 Frank BROWN, 44, laborer, Metcalfe twp., Strathroy, s/o James BROWN, b. Ont & Margaret RILEY, married Florence Maud LANE, 40, cook, England, London, d/o George LANE, b. England & Janet RUMBALL, witn: Mary McGUIRE & L.E. UREN, both of London, 25 Oct 1927 at London

15466-27 Alexr BRYANS, 45, drover, Ireland, Belgrave, s/o Alexr BRYANS, b. Ireland & Ellen FAWCETT, married Lena PLATZER , 37, druggist, Blyth, same, d/o John PLATZER, b. Ont & Annie PLATZER, witn: Mrs. FRANCIS & Ida BROWN?, both of London, 16 Nov 1927 at London

15459-27 Stanley BRYANT, 23, mechanic, Strathroy, same, s/o William A. BRYANT, b. Strathroy & Annie BROWN, married Viola SMITH, 18, Warwick - Lambton Co., Strathroy, d/o Harold E. SMITH, b. Arkona Ont & Sophia SITTER, witn: Eva READ & Annie HAZEN, both of London, 23 March 1927 at London

15460-27 Horace BRYCE, 27, driver, England, London, s/o Charles BRYCE, b. England & Emma BURMAN, married Jane DYER, 23, Scotland, London, d/o Archibald DYER, b. Scotland & Elizabeth STERLING, witn: Christena BENNETT of 25 Gunn St. & illegible (faded), 8 June 1927 at London

15461-27 Frederick Hooker BURDON, 32, inspector for Ont Loan & Debt Co., New Baltimore Michigan, London, s/o Dr. Frederick L. BURDON, b. Ont & Mary HOOKER, married Grace Elizabeth MacGREGOR, 31, London, Broughdale London, d/o David MacGREGOR, b. Ont & Elizabeth HUNT, witn: Harold WINDRUM & Ann MacGREGOR, both of London, 27 Sept 1927 at London

15462-27 Kenneth BURGESS, 21, salesman, Galt Ont., London, s/o John BURGESS, b. Drumbo Ont & Jane LEMON, married Ethel ADAMS, 18, sales lady, Brantford, London, d/o Thomas ADAMS, b. England & Hannah LUKE, witn: E. BURRELL of 769 Little Simoce St. & D. CHARD of 6 Pearl St., 10 Sept 1927 at London

15456-27 William Francis BURGESS, 35, merchant, Ontario, 115 Danforth Ave in Toronto, s/o William BURGESS, b. Ont & Fanny CHARD, married Cecilia Victoria FRANCIS, 40, dress maker, Ontario, London, d/o John FRANCIS, b. Ont & Ellen FRASER, witn: John FRANCIS & Clara ROWLAND, both of London, 27 Sept 1927 at London

15457-27 James BURGIN, 45, orderly, Leeds England, Westminster twp., s/o James BURGIN, b. England & not known, married Alice Florence GREENING, 39, domestic, Buckinghamshire England, London, d/o William GREENING, b. England & Annie CHERRY, witn: Mrs. HIGGS & Emma Caroline HIGGS, both of RR7 London, 1 June 1927 at London

15160-27 Benjamin Burwell BURKHOLDER, 61, widower, cabinet maker, Beverley twp., Strathroy, s/o Henry Mathias, b. Canada & Mary nee GUNNUS (Gunnies?), married Mary Jane HARTON (Horton?), 60, widow, Brooke twp., Strathroy, d/o James MORROW, b. Canada & Elizabeth MAXWELL, witn: Margaret Belle & John McINTOSH of Strathroy, 14 Jan 1927 at Strathroy

15454-27 Arthur Garfield BURRELL, 30, London, same, s/o William A. BURRELL, b. Ont & Ida SAMPSON, married Esther ZOMERPLANZ, 18, England, London, d/o Abraham ZOMERPLANZ, b. England & Sarah HARRING, witn: E. RUSSELL & Rachel ZOMERPLANZ, both of London, 20 Aug 1927 at London

15161-27 David Omer BURNETT, 24 (b. 29 June 1903), farmer, London twp., same, s/o David BURNETT & Annie RIGNEY, married Norma Victoria EEDY, 24, London twp., same, d/o Charles EEDY & Martha HUDSON, 14 Dec 1927 at London twp

15455-27 Thomas William BURT, 27, baker, England, London, s/o William A. BURT, b. England & Alice HARRINGTON, married Velma DOUGLAS, 19, packer, London, same, d/o unknown, witn: Grace PAYNE & Bertie BOX, both of London, 30 July 1927 at London

15162-27 George Wilbur BUSH, 35, banker, Stirling Ont., Detroit, s/o William BUSH, b. Sidney twp & Annie MILLER, married Ina Belle CARRUTHERS, 27, Melbourne Ont., same, d/o James D. CARRUTHERS, b. Ont & Elizabeth McCRACKEN, witn: Thomas CARRUTHERS of Melbourne & Marjorie CARRUTHERS of Palmerston, 30 April 1927 at Melbourne
  15163-27 Frederick Charles CADDY, 20, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o Charles CADDY, b. England & Annie DAY, married Ruby LONSDALE, 21, domestic, England, North Dorchester, d/o unknown, witn: William JOHNSON & Nettie Fenwick BALL, both of Springfield, 16 Feb 1927 at North Dorchester twp
015497-27 Gordon Wellington CAMPBELL, 23, box maker, London, 881 Dundas St in London s/o Wesley CAMPBELL (b. Huron Co) & Louisa Maud TAYLOR married Gertrude Maud BROWN, 23, sorter, Norwich England, 609 Little Grey St in London d/o Albert George BROWN (b. England) & Helen FROST wtn: S, BROWN & Lavor CAMPBELL both of London, 16 April 1927 at London 015498-27 John Patrick CAMPBELL, 38, widower, janitor, England, 850 Windsor Ave in London s/o Patrick CAMPBELL (b. England) & Mary KENNEDY married Mary YOULE, 22, waitress, Scotland, London, d/o Robert YOULE (b. Scotland) & Annie COLLINS wtn: J. RAWLINGS & Gertrude RAWLINGS both of London, 31 August 1927 at London
15164-27 Alexander CAMPBELL, 48, farmer, Lobo twp., Komoka, s/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Sarah CAMPBELL (both deceased), married Sadie GREEN, 35, Caradoc twp., Mt. Brydges, d/o Thomas GREEN (deceased), b. London Ont & Sarah HOWE, witn: Gertrude & Thomas GREEN of Mt. Brydges, 18 June 1927 at Caradoc twp 15165-27 Allen C. CAMPBELL, 23, North Dorchester, Mt. Clemens Mich., s/o Colin CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Edith May COOPER, married Amy Rosella DUNDAS, 18, North Dorchester, Mt. Clemens Mich (or North Dorchester - both given), witn: Raymond DUNDAS & W.J. DEMARY, 1 Aug 1927 at Dorchester twp
15166-27 Michael David CAMPBELL, 28, merchant, Dawn twp., Camclachie village, s/o Hugh CAMPBELL, b. Dawn twp & Sarah CAROTHERS, married Rosita Martha DODGE, 24, Caradoc twp., same, d/o John DODGE, b. Caradoc twp & Caroline LAMON, witn: Bertha BICK & W.M.E. LIVINGSTONE, both of Strathroy, 1 Dec 1927 at Strathroy 15167-27 Robert Alexander CAMPBELL, 43, Hydro superintendent, Ekfrid twp., Delaware Ont., s/o John D. CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Elizabeth MARKLE, married Alice May TROTT, 43, Caradoc twp., RR4 Mt. Brydges, d/o William TROTT, b. England & Sarah M. MOORE, witn: Em H. TROTT of Mt. Brydges & Jane CAMPBELL of Melbourne, 7 Nov 1927 at Mt. Brydges
015493-27 Alfred Ernest CAPENER, 30, widower, painter, England, London s/o Alfred CAPENER (b. England) & Nellie ARNOLD, married Reta Mae McPHAIL, 23, stenographer, Alvinston Ont., London d/o Douglas McPHAIL (b. Alvinston) & Flora THOMPSON wtn: Clara MOYSTON & Frank C. MOYSTON both of 6 Ralhmine St, 1 June 1927 at London 015494-27 Raymond Merriam CARFRAE, 27, salesman, Topeka Kansas, London s/o Hugh CARFRAE (b. Ontario) & Anna SCHOTT married Mary Estella NORTHEY, 24, cashier, London, London d/o Frederick NORTHEY (b. England) & Fanny BAILEY wtn: Bertha MILLYARD & Ruth MILLYARD both of London, 7 September 1927 at London
015495-27 Leo Darcy CARPENTIER, 36, musician, Milwaukee Wisc, West View Apts in London s/o Sherman CARPENTIER (b. New York) & Healthy MILLARD married Mary Adeline KUMPF, 19, telephone operator, London, 364 Grey St in London d/o John KUMPF (b. Ontario) & Keenunatta BLIGHT wtn: John KUMPF of 364 Grey St & Mrs S.W. CARPENTER of 548½ Richmond St, 11 June 1927 at London 015496-27 Ernest Clifford CARR, 20, inspector, St Thomas, Flint Mich., s/o Ernest CARR (b. Ontario) & Helen BALSDEN married Laura BOWCOTT, 19, operator, Tilsonburg, 640 York St in London d/o George BOWCOTT (b. England) & Ellen BROWN wtn: Mr & Mrs George FLOOD of 130 Oak St, 10 November 1927 at London
015503-27 William John CARRIE, 33, widower, electrician, London twp, London twp, s/o George CARRIE (b. Ontario) & Rebecca WHITE married Mabel VAINES, 35, widow, Colnbrook Kent England, 550 Ontario St in London, d/o Earl ANNETTS (b. England) & Kate WINFRANE wtn: John SINKER & Sarah Jane SINKER both of RR#1 Ettrick, 3 September 1927 at London 015491-27 Norman Jackson CARROTHERS, 28, grocer, Middlesex Co, London s/o Charles CARROTHERS (b. Middlesex Co) & Minnie ABREY married Alice Myrtle SESSIONS, 28, waitress, London, London d/o Fred SESSIONS (b. England) & Sophia CHIVAS wtn: C. Bertha MILLYARD & Ruth L. MILLYARD both of London, 18 July 1927 at London
015492-27 Duncan CARSWELL, 46, widower, cutter, Ridgetown Ont., St Thomas, s/o Duncan CARSWELL (b. Canada) & Maggie McKELLER married Myrtle Jane BARBER, 41, milliner, Listowel Ont., St Thomas, d/o George BARBER (b. Canada) & Sarah RENTON wtn: Fred SARGENT of 796 Dufferin Ave & Mabel STINSON of 798 Dufferin Ave, 6 August 1927 at London 015488-27 Harry CARTER, 19, truck driver, Petrolia, 36 Dundas St in London s/o Jonathan CARTER (b. Ontario) & Ethel HANNA married Edith MIORANA, 19, housekeeper, London, 21 Ardanen Pl in London d/o Joseph MIORANA (b. Italy) & Sarah Margaret PUTLAND wtn: Emma E. WEIR of Dunville Ont. & Phoebe WEIR of 417 Ontario St in London, 18 August 1927 at London
015489-27 John A. CARTY, 35, salesman, Acton Ont., London s/o David CARTY & Mary READY married Anne SUTHERLAND, 26, clerk, Ingersoll Ont., London d/o Roderick SUTHERLAND & Emma PELLON wtn: A.P. MAGUIRE & Mrs Mary MAGUIRE both of London, 24 October 1927 at London 015490-27 William CASEY, 65, widower, engineer, Osborne twp, 156 Tecumseh Ave in London s/o William CASEY (b. Ireland) & Rachel RYDER married Louisa Margaret FITZPATRICK, 51, widow, housekeeper, Toronto, 26 Garfield Ave in London d/o William PACE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BRENNAN wtn: Emma FITZPATRICK & Zita FITZPATRICK both of 26 Garfield in London, 3 November 1927 at London
015486-27 John CAULFIELD, 36, divorced, construction foreman, Ontario, 127 Sterling St in London s/o William James CAULFIELD (b. Ontario) & Jessie URQUHART married Anna McCRYSTAL, 24, domestic, Paisley Scotland, 47 Gerrard St in London d/o Thomas McCRYSTAL (b. Scotland) & Isabell RENFREW wtn: Muriel RIDLEY of 110 Adelaide St & Lily WINEGARDEN of 656 Dundas St, 10 February 1927 at London 015487-27 Alfred CHADWICK, 28, machinist, England, London s/o Walter CHADWICK (b. England) & Annie MOFFATT married Minnie Alexandria BLUMSON, 25, operator, England, London d/o George BLUMSON (b. England) & Minnie Jane SPOOLE (Spoade?), wtn: Annie HOOD of London & Marjorie WHITE of London twp, 21 October 1927 at London
015480-27 Lee Edgar Wallace CHALCROFT, 23, stock clerk, London, Detroit s/o Edgar CHALCROFT (b. Ontario) & Lily Victoria PAYNE married Eleanor Mary FERGUSON, 26, stenographer, London, 23, 23 Thornton Ave in London d/o William FERGUSON (b. Ontario) & Annie JOHNSTON wtn: Margaret Jean FERGUSON & Agnes Boston FERGUSON both of 23 Thornton Ave in London, 27 August 1927 at London 15168-27 Samuel Giles CHAMBERS, 26, garage & salesman, Stephen twp., Exeter, s/o Francis Charles CHAMBERS, b. Huron Co & Alma HILL, married Marguerite MAGUIRE, 23, domestic, McGillivray twp., same, d/o Westonroe MAGUIRE, b. Middlesex Co Ont & Betsy DIXON, witn: Mary Elizabeth MAGUIRE of RR1 Clandeboye & Calvert Francis Hillard CHAMBERS of Exeter, 24 Oct. 1927 at Ailsa Craig
015481-27 Alfred Virgil CHAPMAN, 21, chemist, Galetta Ont., 55 Beaufort St in London s/o George W. CHAPMAN (b. London Ont.) & Edith K. BLOXAM married Etta Alice Gertrude HAWTHORNE, 19, shoe worker, London, 321 Wharncliffe Rd N in London d/o Charles HAWTHORNE (b. Ketring England) & Esther Ann WALL wtn: George G. CHAPMAN & Elsie HAWTHORNE, both of London, 4 June 1927 at London 015482-27 Edward Isaac CHAPMAN, 38, widower, carpenter, Kelvin Ont, 214 Elgin St in London s/o Ames CHAPMAN (b. Kelvin) & Melissa RICE married Catherine MacKNOTT, 37, widow, maid, Ireland, St Joseph's Hospital in London d/o Thomas O'ROURKE (b. Ireland) & Ellen McCARTHY wtn: Mrs Bridgid BROWN & Margaret TOOHEY both of London, 1 September 1927 at London
015483-27 George CHAPMAN, 23, accountant, Brooke twp Ont., London s/o William Henry CHAPMAN (b. Kent Co) & Sarah Jane BURGESS married Fern Lila SINCLAIR, 18, operator, Norwich Ont., London d/o Melvin Durkee SINCLAIR (b. Norwich Ont.) & Ada Bell TAYLOR wtn: Ada B. SINCLAIR of Detroit & William CHAPMAN of London, 14 June 1927 at London [divorced 6 March 1955] 015484-27 Arthur Edward CHARLTON, 18, baker, London, London s/o Robert L. CHARLTON (b. Ireland) & Alice PARTRIDGE married Bertha Elizabeth Terry HAWS, 20, operator, London, London d/o Thomas HAWS (b. England) & Julia TURNER wtn: R.L. CHARLTON & Lillian BURDETTE both of London, 2 June 1927 at London
015485-27 George Alfred CHINNERY, 36, labourer, Leeds England, Chicago s/o Alfred CHINNERY (b. England) & Sarah Catherine MACKIE married Margaret DUNN, 28, widow, domestic, Glasgow Scotland, Ontario Hospital in London d/o John TODD (b. Scotland) & Mary WALLACE wtn: Annie CAMPBELL & Thomas TATTERSALL both of Ontario Hospital in London, 28 May 1927 at London 15169-27 Walter Clifford CHISHOLM, 26, laborer, Ekfrid twp., same, s/o William CHISHOLM, b. Ont & Annie RAMEY, married Mabel Elizabeth DARCH, 28, Ekfrid twp., same, d/o William HILLS (Step-father) & Elizabeth DARCH, witn: Mrs. John BELL & Vera MURRAY, both of Newbury, 4 May 1927 at Newbury
15170-27 John CLARK, 23, farmer, Westminster twp., same, s/o John CLARK, b. England & Nellie HISCOCK, married Susie BOWRON, 18, Westminster twp., same, d/o Milton BOWRON, b. Ont & Annie CRATT, witn: Edith & Ford STEADMAN of Byron, 30 Nov 1927 at Byron 15171-27 Neil CLARK, 30, dentist, Port Elgin - Saugeen twp., Detroit, s/o James CLARK, b. Ont & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Eva Alice MAXWELL, 24, London twp., Birr, d/o John MAXWELL, b. Ont & Delia PETHERAM?, witn: Mrs. Chester McCOMB of RR2 London & William CLARK of Elmira, 12 Nov 1927 at London twp
015522-27 John McLaren CLARK, 21, moulder's improver, Scotland, 687 Queens Ave in London, s/o David CLARK (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McLAREN married Frances Marie HODGES, 18, telephone operator, Brantford Ont., 146 Maitland St in London, d/o Garfield HODGES (b. Ontario) & Florence STEWART wtn: Daniel CLARK of 697 Queens Ave in London & Dorothea STYLES of 783 York St in London, 28 June 1927 at London 015523-27 Ralph Gladstone CLARK, 22, serviceman, Detroit, Woodstock, s/o Alfred CLARK (b. Woodstock) & Mary CLARKE married Vera Ruth HUFFMAN, 23, cutter, Woodstock, Woodstock, d/o Edward HUFFMAN (b. Georgetown Ont.) & Annie McARTHUR wtn: Michael MORTIN of 171 St George Ave in London & Mrs G.A. PEARSON of 484 Dundas St in London, 9 July 1927 at London
15172-27 Robert Henry CLITHEROE, 25, farmer, Wisbeach England, Ilderton, s/o James Henry CLITHEROE, b. Wisbeach England, & Harriet DUFF, married Ivy Maud SIMPSON, 21, domestic, Guyburn England, Ilderton, d/o James SIMPSON, b. Guyburn England & Emma CORNWELL, witn: James William & Mary Elizabeth STANTON of Ilderton, 7 May 1927 at Ilderton 015518-27 Ernest King CODLING, 30, divorced, salesman, Forest Ont., Detroit, s/o John CODLING (b. Ontario) & Amelia KING married Flossie Dorothy COLEMAN, 28, Forest, Windsor, d/o Louis COLEMAN (b. Ontario) & Lucinda DICKENSON wtn: Herbert CRESSEY & Minnie CRESSY both of Barrie Ont., 7 November 1927 at London
015519-27 Harry Row COLBERT, 24, farmer, Thorndale Ont., Thorndale, s/o George COLBERT (b. London twp) & Hattie ROW married Eva Ellen PIPER, 25, school teacher, Crumlin Ont., 583 Rosedale Ave in London, d/o Thomas PIPER (b. Nissouri twp) & Charlotte L. JOHNSON wtn: Jack COLBERT of Thorndale & Irene PIPER of 583 Rosedale Ave in London, 27 August 1927 at London 015520-27 David Henry COLGAN, 22, weaver, Flesherton Ont., Strathroy Ont., s/o John James COLGAN & Indian BAGEROW married Florence MITCHELL, 17, domestic, Strathroy, Strathroy, d/o Henry MITCHELL & Elva TIMMINS wtn: Mark R. MITCHELL of 186 Tecumseh Ave in London & Stewart P. WINGATE of 464 Emery St in London, 8 November 1927 at London
015521-27 Leonard COLLINGS, 21, labourer, England, London, s/o Ambrose COLLINGS (b. England) & Jessie WHITE married Louisa Golden STILWELL, 18, candy maker, Vienna, London, d/o Selkirk STILWELL (b. Ontario) & Irene KEILLOR wtn: Ernest COLLINGS & Audrey KEILLOR both of London, 21 May 1927 at London 015516-27 David Alfred COLLISTER, 35, widower, labourer, Kirkpatrick on the Isle of Man, London, s/o Aaron COLLISTER (b. Isle of Man) & Jane LEECE married Mary Margaret FORDE, 23, housekeeper, Kildear Ireland, London, d/o William FORDE (b . Ireland) & Bridget CONNELLY wtn: Alexander WATSON & Eliza E. WATSON both of London, 20 September 1927 at London
15173-27 Daniel COLVIN, 30, laborer, Caradoc twp., Mt. Brydges, s/o Andrew COLVIN, b. Paris Ont & Ann EDISON, married Cora May HUMPHREY, 23, Caradoc twp., Mt. Brydges, d/o Alfred HUMPHREY, b. Middlesex Co Ont & Minnie ORR, witn: Nellie L. CROLY & Marion LYNCH, both of Delaware Ont., 2 Dec 1927 at village of Delaware 015517-27 John Cook COMER, 23, farmer, England, RR#2 Glanworth, s/o William Cook COMER (b. England) & Ella COOK married Pearl ASKEY, 18, domestic, Lambeth, Lambeth, d/o Joseph ASKEY (b. Buffalo) & Clara MATHERS wtn: J.S. MACK & Catherine A. MACK both of London, 17 May 1927 at London
15174-27 Harold Norman CONKEY, 32, merchant, Adelaide twp., Kerwood, s/o Walter D. CONKEY, b. Adelaide twp & Lilian C. CONKEY, married Ella Catherine QUICK, 21, clerk, Harrow Ont., Strathroy, d/o Elmer J. QUICK, b. Colchester twp & Elva E. HARRIS, witn: Winlow? CONKEY of Strathroy & Mrs. Harold FIELD of Alvinston, 23 Nov 1927 at Strathroy 015509-27 Harry Burton COOK, 25, barber, Watford Ont., London, s/o Walter H. COOK (b. Watford Ont.) & Keziah PHAIR married Bertie Ann CAMPBELL, 26, widow, hairdresser, Sombra twp, London, d/o Albert BOOTH (b. Wilkesport Ont.) & Rebekah THOMPSON wtn: Beatrice VINEN & Josephine BOOTH both of London, 4 June 1927 at London
015510-27 Charles COONEY, 26, postal clerk, Norwich NY, Detroit Mich., s/o Arthur COONEY & Elsie VENNARD married Dorothy McCARTNEY, 23, clerk, London, London, d/o George McCARTNEY & Maud STANFIELD wtn: Edward COONEY & Marion McCARTNEY both of London, 25 October 1927 at St Peter's Cathedral in London 015175-27 John Earle COOPER, 21, commercial traveller, London, 243 High Street London, s/o William James COOPER, b. London and Matilda EARLE, married Mabel Irene CORNISH, 21, telephone operator, Putnam - Middlesex Co., Belmont, d/o William CORNISH b. Putnam and Hattie ALLISON, witn Eva PAGE and Clara EWIN both of Belmont, 24 Dec 1927 Dorchester Twp.
015511-27 Cecil Henry COOPER, 18, labourer, Clinton, Stanley, s/o Cecil Herbert COOPER (b. Clinton Ont.) & Jessie ALLISON married Rosa A. STONE, 18, Hensall, Hensall, d/o Charles W. STONE (b. England) & Eleanor Rose KEMP wtn: Mrs James STAPLETON of 572 Egerton St & William J. STONE of Detroit Mich., 31 June 1927 at London 015176-27 Rob Roy COOPER, 34, farmer, Plympton Twp, same, s/o Robert COOPER b. Canada and Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, married Maria Charlotte LONG, 24, domestic, Belfast Ireland, Adelaide Twp, d/o Alexander LONG b. Ireland and Eliza Anne CARROTHERS, witn Dave COOPER of Plympton and Barbara FRANK of Strathroy, 08 Sep 1927 Strathroy.
015177-27 Lawrence E. COPELAND, 25, farmer, Blanshard Twp, same, s/o Gilford COPELAND b. Usborn Co Ont and Dorcas SHUPE (DRUPE?), married Marion B. DARLING, 26, East Nissouri, same, d/o Adam DARLING b. East Nissouri and Ida ROBESON, witn Jean GREIG of Belton and Clarence DARLING of St. Marys, 12 Dec 1927 Nissouri Twp. 015512-27 Robert COPELAND, 27, teamster. Scotland, 230 Waterloo St in London, s/o James COPELAND (b. Scotland) & Jeanie HUNTER married Isa Victoria CALDWELL, 21, housekeeper, Scotland, 328 Harton St in London, d/o Angus CALDWELL (b. Scotland) & Martha SHISNER wtn: James H. COPELAND & Annie COPELAND both of 230 Waterloo St in London, 22 October 1927 at London
015513-27 Leslie James CORBIN, 28, porter, London, Beach Grove Country Club in Windsor, s/o Herbert A. CORBIN (b. England) & Ada FORD married Annie May MARTIN, 17, chocolate dipper, England, 90 Price St in London, d/o Sidney MARTIN (b. England) & Mabel F. NAG wtn: Sidney MARTIN & Mabel F. MARTIN both of 90 Price St in London, 2 April 1927 at London 015514-27 McQueen James COSGROVE, 32, moulder, Galt Ont., 357 Pall Mall St in London, s/o William COSGROVE (b. Ontario) & Mary GALBRAITH married Mary Agnes TOWNSEND, 29, domestic, England, 804 Richmond St in London, d/o Arthur TOWNSEND (b. England) & Bridget McDONALD wtn: Louis FARRELL & Ethel BREAME both of London, 20 December 1927 at London
015515-27 John Orville COURTIS, 33, farmer, London, Lambeth Ont., s/o John COURTIS (b. Westminster twp Ont.) & Emily HECK married Georgina Edwina RAPLEY, 39, bookkeeper, Adelaide twp, London, d/o Charles RAPLEY (b. Ontario) & Annie Mary PARKER wtn: Blake P. RAPLEY & Lena M. RAPLEY both of 27 Victoria St in London, 6 September 1927 at London 015505-27 Gus COVILLE, 22, brakeman, West Lorne Ont., St Thomas, s/o Robert COVILLE (b. Hamilton Ont.) & Lucy DARCH married Isabella McDOUGALL, 18, housekeeper, Johnson twp Ont, St. Thomas, d/o George McDOUGALL (b. Kincardine Ont.) & Christina LESLIE wtn: Matilda CLARKE & Emily CLARKE both of 205 Wortley Rd in London, 1 January 1927 at London
015506-27 John David COX, 23, farmer, Rainy River Ont., R.R.#1 Dorchester, s/o Albert COX (b. England) & Louise TAZZMANN married Annabella REDFERN, 20, factory worker, Ireland, 378 Ridout St in London, d/o Thomas REDFERN (b. Ireland) & Isabelle COURTIS wtn: Mrs J.N. CLARRY of 233 Hale St in London & Jane FARLEY of 218 Hale St in London, 24 March 1927 at London 015507-27 Ivan Burns CRAIG, 27, barrister, Ridgetown Ont., 33 West St in Chatham Ont., s/o W.D. CRAIG (b. Ontario) & C.C. WEIR married Rita Marion COLBY, 20, Ontario, 42 Robertson Ave in Chatham, d/o C.H. COLBY (b. Ontario) & Edith OLDERSHAW wtn: G. JOHNSTON & Marjorie COLBY both of Chatham, 29 September 1927 at London
015508-27 Kenelin James CRANDALL, 26, RR brakeman, South Walsingham Ont., St Thomas, s/o Daniel E. CRANDALL (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GORTON married Bella Ronaldson WILSON, 31, St Thomas Ont., St Thomas, d/o John WILSON (b. Scotland) & Agnes WATSON wtn: Gertrude E. WATSON & John WATSON both of St Thomas, 14 April 1927 at London 015524-27 Bertie Dale CREIGHTON, 21, electrician, Monmouth Ont., Detroit Mich., s/o Thomas CREIGHTON (b. Ontario) & Minnie CLARK married Louise Sarah HOPE, 25, supervisor, Longfield England, 457 Dundas St in London, d/o Edward HOPE (b. England) & Frances Mabel KEATTCH wtn: Edward HOPE of 455 Dundas St in London & Aladice CARTER of 385 William St in London, 2 April 1927 at London
015499-27 Robert CROMPTON, 26, roofer, Ireland, London, s/o James CROMPTON (b. Ireland) & Mary ROBB married Marguerite WOOD, 16, housekeeper, Canada, London, d/o John WOOD (b. Canada) & Mary McKINNON wtn: William McLEOD of 198 York St in London & Frederick PITT of 440 Pall Mall St in London, 9 July 1927 at London 015500-27 William Clifford CRYDERMAN, 31, traveler, Thamesville Ont., London, s/o William Valentine CRYDERMAN (b. Ontario) & Sarah Ellen BAXTER married Vera Laurene MacINTYRE, 31, teacher, Elgin Co, London, d/o John H. MacINTYRE (b. Ontario) & Annie E. DELONG wtn: J.E. PLASTOW of Detroit & H.M. CRYDERMAN of London, 19 February 1927 at London
015186-27 Arthur Wilfred CUNNINGHAM, 38, farmer, McGillivray Twp, Ontario, s/o George CUNNINGHAM b. Middlesex Co. and Mary MORGAN, married Audene Marie RITCHIE, 30, McGillivray, Ontario, d/o James William RITCHIE b. York Twp and Mary Ellen CARTER, witn Lloyd LYNN of Clandeboye and Gladys RITCHIE of Parkhill, 15 Oct 1927 McGillivray Twp. 015187-27 Wallis Borden CUNNINGHAM, 23, clergyman, London, Yarmouth Twp, s/o Walter CUNNINGHAM b. McGillivray Twp and Jemima HODGINS, married Bertha May RUSSELL, 21, Exeter, Detroit Michigan, d/o David RUSSELL b. Hay Twp and Annie QUANCE, witn H. POWER and Winnifred May POOLE both of St. Thomas, 08 Oct 1927 Westminster Twp.
015501-27 Cecil John CUNNINGHAM, 23, electrician, Toronto, London, s/o Francis John CUNNINGHAM (b. Toronto) & Annie Louise CARD married Evelyn BERMAN, 20, labeler, London, London, d/o David BERMAN (b. Russia) & Bella BERG wtn: Mr & Mrs Gordon LAND of 3 Oxford St in London, 19 September 1927 at London 015502-27 Robert CURRIE, 20, mechanic, Scotland, London, s/o Peter CURRIE (b. Scotland) & (none given) married Dorothy Louise Rita DARLISON, 17, box maker, Rochester NY, London, d/o Albert DARLISON (b. England) & Theresa WEINHILL wtn: C.J. COLLINS & Tillie DARLISON both of London, 6 October 1927 at London

015188-27 Donald CURRIE, 55, widower, steel worker, Huron Co. Michigan, Detroit Michigan, s/o Archie CURRIE b. Scotland and Barbara SHIER, married Evangeline O'BRIEN, 46, housekeeper, London Twp, same, d/o Joseph O'BRIEN b. Canada and Sara ARMITAGE, witn O'Brien SPROULE and Mrs. Eva JOHNSTON both of London, 11 Nov 1927 London Twp.

015189-27 Oliver Russell CURRIE, 23, farmer, East Williams, same, s/o William CURRIE b. East Williams and Annie M. STONER, married Olive Louise WARDELL, 26, Adelaide Twp, same, d/o William WARDELL b. East Adelaide and Nellie OLIVER, witn Ruby CURRIE of Denfield and Ethel WARDELL of Wingham, 26 Feb 1927 Strathroy.
015504-27 Elmo Wallace CURTIS, 25, insurance & real estate agent, Tilsonburg, 94 Wharncliffe St in London, s/o James Henry CURTIS (b. Ontario) & Emma L. HARVEY married Vera May Elizabeth MORRISON, Thamesford, 846 Wharncliffe St in London, d/o Arthur Wesley MORRISON (b. Ontario) & Sarah Isobel CHANNINGS, wtn: Dorothy E. MORRISON of Thamesford Ont. & Austin R. CURTIS of St Thomas, 27 July 1927 at London 15544-27 Louis Randolph DAKIN, 25, painter, Digby NS, London, s/o Sidney Walter DAKIN, b. Digby NS & Marion Etta McLEOD, married Laura Mae JOHNSON, 22, skiver, London, same, d/o John JOHNSON, b. London Ont & Margaret POWELL, witn: Dot DAKIN & G. JOHNSON, both of London, 28 May 1927 at London
15532-27 Joseph Ralph DALE, 24, USA, London, s/o Frank DALE, b. Wales & Bertha BROWN, married Elizabeth Mary McCARTHY, 24, Scotland, London, d/o James McCARTHY, b. England & Annie LOWES, witn: Esther MacGREGOR & Grace DONNELLY, both of London, 22 Sept 1927 at London 15539-27 Louis Smith DAMBRA, 26, optician, London, Sherbrooke Que., s/o Joseph DAMBRA, b. Italy & Elizabeth SMITH, married Jeanette Madeline JONES, 22, stenographer, London, same, d/o Frank JONES, b. London Ont & Josephine RUSSELL, witn: A.M. DAMBRA of 67 Beaconsfield Ave & E.K. JONES of 195 Bridport St., 22 Sept 1927 at London
15540-27 Robert William DANIEL, 45, widower, chef, Dorchester Ont., London, s/o John DANIEL, b. Ont & Jane PROCTOR, married Elsie WALKER, 24, Liverpool England, London, d/o Alexander WALKER, b. England & Mary Alice LONGMAN, witn: D.A. RAE & Clara ALBRIGHT, both of London, 6 Dec 1927 at London 15541-27 George Maurice DANN, 40, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Joseph DANN, b. Ont & Margaret McKENZIE, married Zella Yetta COCHRAN, 22, Bayham twp., Westminster twp., d/o John W. COCHRAN, b. Ont & Annie BRYAN, witn: Mrs. Dan ECKARDT & Florence DEWEY, both of London, 8 June 1927 at London
15542-27 William James DAVIDSON, 31, farmer, Usborne twp., Hay twp., s/o William DAVIDSON, b. Bowmanville Ont & Georgina FRENCH, married Catherine Mae STELCK, 19, domestic, Stanley twp., Zurich, d/o Arna Herbert STELCH, b. Stanley twp & Elizabeth Christian REICHART, witn: Thomas Alexander & Margaret DAVIDSON of London, 2 Sept 1927 at London 15543-27 Robert Bell DAVIE, 18, laborer, London, same, s/o Thomas DAVIE, b. Scotland & Mary BELL, married Olive Maggie HUSTON, 20, knitter, Glencoe, London, d/o Robert W. HUSTON, b. Ont & Mary ATKINSON, witn: Mary HUSTON & William DAVIE, both of London, 10 Dec 1927 at London
15535-27 George DAWSON, 29, accountant, Keith Scotland, Brantford, s/o Andrew DAWSON, b. Inverness Scotland & Margaret SKINNER, married Edna Catherine AMENT, 33, stenographer, Brussels Ont., same, d/o Philip AMENT, b. Waterloo Ont & Matilda WILBEE, witn: Jean DAWSON & F.B. FEICK, both of Hickson, 4 June 1927 at London 15536-27 William Stuart DAWSON, 37, ship builder, Glasgow Scotland, Vancouver BC, s/o William DAWSON, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Nellie BRIMS (Briens?), married Bessie Fleming BATY, 32, nurse, Westminster twp., RR4 London, d/o Thomas BATY, b. Westminster twp & Janet BALLANTYNE, witn: C.W. TELFER & Ada DICKS, both of London, 26 April 1927 at London
  15537-27 Richard DAY, 22, commercial traveller, Canada, London, s/o Roland DAY, b. Hamilton & Annie CHADWICK, married Annie S. JOHANSON, 19, student, Canada, London, d/o Wilfred JOHANSON, b. Sweden & Louise SORGERSEN, witn: J.M. Ena SANHAM & Wilfred JOHANSON, both of London, 16 June 1927 at London
15538-27 Charles DEACON, 71, widower, clergyman, London England, London Ont., s/o George DEACON, b. England & Teresa FLOWER, married Louise Estella FITZGERALD, 53, house keeper, London twp., London, d/o Fenton FITZGERALD, b. Ont & Ann FITZGERALD, witn: Sarah LINDSAY & Frances LEWIS, both of London, 5 April 1927 at London 15531-27 Percival Alan DEACON, 30, architect, Ontario, 879 Carlaw Ave in Toronto, s/o Ed John DEACON, b. Quebec & Frances L. WESTON, married Beatrice McElroy REID, 25, Ontario, London, d/o Ed E. REID, b. Ont & Ethel JEFFREY, witn: Robert H. REID of London & Margaret RICHARDSON of Toronto, 1 Sept 1927 at London
15559-27 Joseph DE ACTIS, 40, mechanic, Italy, London, s/o Angelo DE ACTIS & Louisa SCARASANTO, married Agnes McINTYRE, 27, London, same, d/o Peter McINTYRE & Winifred TOOHEY, witn: Frederick CLARK & Margaret BURNS, both of London, 20 April 1927 at London 15533-27 George Frederick DEAN, 27, teacher, London, Windsor, s/o Charles F. DEAN, b. Ont & Celesta PETTIT, married Evelyn May THOMAS, 24, book keeper, East Williams twp., RR3 Denfield, d/o David L. THOMAS, b. Ont & Lulu Grace MAST, witn: H.W. GRIERSON & C.D. DUNN, both of London, 28 Dec 1927 at London
15534-27 George DEANS, 35, custodian, Edinburgh Scotland, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Thomas S. DEANS, b. Scotland & Janet GOW, married Thomasina WILLIAMSON, 26, Buckie Scotland, Putnam Ont., d/o Thomas WILLIAMSON, b. Scotland & Jean WILLIAMSON, witn: Grant & Mrs. Jean McINTOSH of London, 9 March 1927 at London 15528-27 Paul Alexander Louis DE MARKY, 30, pianist, Hungary, London, s/o John DE MARKY, b. Hungary & Agnes TERENY, married Leona Mary MURPHY, 24, London, same, d/o Thomas J. MURPHY, b. Ont & Mary HANLEY, witn: Leo SMALLWOOD of London & Norma MURPHY of Detroit, 15 Oct. 1927 at London
15529-27 William Frank DEMERAY, 38, widower, stereotyper, Adelaide twp., London, s/o Richard DEMERAY, b. Dorchester twp & Lucy JOHNSON, married Mary Cochrane McCAW, 36, pleater, Scotland, London, d/o Charles McCAW, b. Scotland & Mary COCHRANE, witn: Elizabeth & Esther MacGREGOR of London, 8 Oct 1927 at London 15526-27 Moulton Roy DEMPSEY, 45, widower, grocer, London, same, s/o Thomas DEMPSEY, b. London Ont & Emma MORRIS, married Elzena Martha GILPIN, 36, widow, saleslady, London, same, d/o James MECHAM, b. England & Ellen M. ROBERTS, witn: May Rodgwild MECHAM of London & Louise Jane GRIFFITH of Windsor, 5 Nov 1927 at London
15530-27 Frederick Harold DENNETT, 17, bank clerk, England, London, s/o Fred DENNETT, b. England & Caroline Ada BATT, married Mary Bruce Patterson SANGSTER, 16, Scotland, London, d/o William SANGSTER, b. Scotland & Grace WILSON, witn: Fred & Caroline DENNETT and William & Grace SANGSTER, all of London, 8 Dec 1927 at London 15553-27 Albert Victor DENT, 21, builder, Elmira - Perth Co Ont., London, s/o Edward E. DENT, b. England & Mabel DEVIER, married Molly Kathleen May WHITE, 17, factory operator, Faygate - Fairholme Sussex, London, d/o Frederick C. WHITE, b. Ont & Rose Mary SNELLING, witn: J. & Emma DENT of London, 1 June 1927 at London
15525-27 Edwin Hume DE POTIE, 21, salesman, London, same, s/o Joseph Albert DE POTIE, b. London Ont & Martha BESSEY, marred Lillian Violet Olney HODGES, 19, widow, London, same, d/o Edward John OLNEY, b. England & Elizabeth Jane RICHARDSON, witn: Doris May OLNEY & Margaret BRIGGS, both of London, 1 Jan 1927 at London 15527-27 Martin LeRoy DESAND, 26, tailor, Alvinston Ont., London, s/o Christopher DESAND, b. Ont & Harriett EVERINGHAM, married Elizabeth CONNOR, 26, Dundee Scotland, London, d/o James CONNOR, b. Scotland & Mary DELANEY, witn: W.J. & Pearl DESAND of London, 25 Jan 1927 at London
15555-27 Herbert Whitworth DEWS, 22, helper at CNR, England, London, s/o Joseph DEWS, b. England & Mariah HOWDEN, married Dorothy Gwendoline HUDSON, 19, domestic, England, Port Hope, d/o William HUDSON, b. England & Marion DAVIES, witn: Charles THOMPSON & Polly DEWS, both of London, 2 July 1927 at London 15556-27 John DEWS, 37, laborer, England, London, s/o Joseph DEWS, b. England & Maria HOWDEN, married Mabel HOLCOMBE, 26, England, London, d/o Robert HOLCOMBE, b. England & Louisa LEYMAN, witn: John & Gladys BARLOW of London, 6 Aug 1927 at London
15557-27 Ulvinio DI BERNARDO, 22, marble worker, Italy, London, s/o Ulvinio DI BERNARDO & Elisa JACUZZI, married Kathleen BARATTA, 20, France, London, d/o Joseph BARATTA & Rosa SAVINA, witn: Francis BARATTA & Henrietta ALBEMONTE, both of London, 1 June 1927 at London 15551-27 Albert James DIBSDALE, 33, paper box maker, London, same, s/o Albert John DIBSDALE, b. England & Emily Mary ARMSTRONG, married Eva Valentine CROCKER, 25, paper box maker, England, London, d/o Alfred CROCKER, b. England & Laura Ellen FOWLER, witn: Albert CROCKER & Albert John DIBSDALE, both of London, 1 July 1927 at London
15552-27 William George DICKER, 25, truck driver, London, same, s/o Frederick DICKER & Clara ELLIOTT, married Alice Louise ZILLER, 23, Quebec City, London, d/o Paul (Raul?) ZILLER & Margaret Elizabeth MORROW, witn: L.N. ELGIE & F.A. DIXON, both of London, 7 Nov 1927 at London 15553-27 Katrick Peter DIMITROFF, 32, barber, Russia, London, s/o Demitor DIMITROFF, b. Russia & Anastasia SHEWCHUK, married Maria SUTOVICOVA, 22, cook, Czecho Slovakia, London, d/o John SUTOVICOVA, b. Czecho Slovakia & Annie ROMANOV, witn: Bob KROLBASKA & Dous KANTROVICK, both of London, 23 July 1927 at London
15554-27 William Alfred Collard DISHMAN, 21, carpet cutter, Brandon Manitoba, London, s/o William DISHMAN & Katie COLLARD, married Constance Victoria AUSTIN, 18, England, London, d/o John AUSTIN & Minnie OVENDEN, witn: Charles Albert BARCLAY & Kathleen Florence DISHMAN, both of London, 22 Oct 1927 at London 15545-27 Gaspard DONALDSON, 23, Quebec City, London, s/o Gordon DONALDSON, b. Quebec & Maud HAMLYN, married Flavelle HILLIS, 22, Petrolia, London, d/o Joseph HILLIS, b. Ont & Anna McMARTIN, witn: Arthur PAQUETTE & Carrie SUGRUE, both of London, 15 Nov 1927 at London
15546-27 Richard Herbert DONOVAN, 24, soldier, Belfast Ireland, London, s/o Richard Herbert DONOVAN, b. Belfast Ireland & Frances McLAREN, married Jeanie Whyte Ashcroft MASON, 23, domestic, Glasgow Scotland, London, d/o James MASON, b. Glasgow Scotland & Janet ASHCROFT, witn: Robert J. BITTLES of Wolsely Barracks & Jean Monaghan McNAB of Burnside Lodge in Woodstock, 20 Oct 1927 at London 15547-27 William Harry DOXTATOR, 35, widower, teacher, Hamilton twp., North Orillia twp., s/o Alexander DOXTATOR, b. Ont & Phoebe TAYLOR, married Florence Ethel RUTTAN, 38, widow, tailor's finisher, Parkhill, London, d/o John CURTS, b. Ont & Lydia M. WOOD, witn: Fannie ALLEN & Minnie HIBBERT, both of London, 4 July 1927 at London
15548-27 William John DRAKE, 25, hospital attendant, London England, London Ont., s/o John William DRAKE, b. England & Emma DALBY, married Dorothy Rose AKINS, 20, telephone operator, Lester England, London, d/o Edwin AKINS, b. England & Rose Elizabeth BADDER, witn: Edwin AKINS & Edith Mary AKINS, both of London, 8 June 1927 at London 15549-27 Edward M. DUNDASS, 26, physician, Ontario, Bancroft Mich., s/o Edward Alexander DUNDASS, b. Ont & Margaret Ann MORRISON, married Evelyn May LITTLE, 26, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Edwin St.Clair LITTLE, b. Ont & Mary Jane YOUNG, witn: M. SPROAT of Seaforth & Mary Isabel LITTLE of London, 5 Nov 1927 at London
15550-27 Victor Smith DURNIN, 39, widower, mechanic, Wawanosh twp., Lucknow, s/o Charles DURNIN, b. Canada & Eliza Jane SMITH, married Mary Ann Vilenta GAMBLE, 31, widow, Kinloss twp., London, d/o Thomas McCONNELL, b. Canada & Mary Ann HARBOURNE, witn: Myrle GAMBLE & Mary MOORE, both of London, 3 Feb 1927 at London 015199-27 Stanley William Watts DURKEE, 23, merchant, Bayham Twp, Aylmer, s/o Henry Myron DURKEE b. Springfield Ont and Nellie PRATT, married Anna Bella McGUGAN, 23, teacher, Ekfrid Twp, Melbourne, d/o Malcolm McGUGAN b. Melbourne Ont., and Annie McBRIDE, witn Sadie Kathleen McGUGAN of Melbourne and Gordon Russell MacDONALD of Strathroy, 24 Aug 1927 Melbourne

15560-27 Arthur Saunders EADIE, 23, architect, Inwood, Chicago Illinois USA, s/o Allan EADIE (b. (Ontario) & Martha SAUNDERS, married Marjorie May Pauline BROOKS, 25, stenographer, Barrie, London, d/o Alexander BROOKS (b. Ont.) & Marie PACKARD, witn: Kitty BROOKS of 643 Queen St. & Orville EADIE of 14 Carfrae Cresc. both of London on Sept. 7, 1927 at London

15561-27 John Carnegie ELGIE, 22, painter, London, same, s/o John ELGIE (b. Ontario) & Minnie PERDIE, married Olive BOWLING, 19, packer, Toronto, London, d/o John BOWLING (b. Ontario) & Florence May BROWN, witn: Lyman ELGIE of 56 Wellington St & Mildred BOWLING of 30 Childers St both of London on Sept. 7, 1927 at London

15562-27 John E. ELLIOTT, 28, farmer, Wilton Grove, same, s/o Andrew ELLIOTT (b. Wilton Grove) & Rachel Agnes NICHOL, married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 27, Scotland, Wilton Grove, d/o William THOMPSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth FORBES, witn: Jean & Liley? MACKAY both of 332 St. James St London on Nov. 16, 1927 at London

15563-27 Robert John ELLIOTT, 41, chiropractor, widower, Moffatt, Woodstock, s/o James ELLIOTT (b. Ireland) & Sarah Jane WEIR, married Irma Violet ATKINSON, 28, hair dresser, Arapahoe Nebraska USA, St. Thomas, d/o Enoch ATKINSON (b. Ontario) & Adela HORTON, witn: Ruth & Bertha MILLYARD both of London on March 5, 1927 at London

15564-27 Charles Ernest Victor ELLIS, 32, chauffeur, England, 4 Rosewood Ave. London, s/o Charles ELLIS (b. England) & Annie BECKETT, married Gladys Marie HARDING, 26, London, 172 Grey St same, d/o John HARDING (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth SINNETT, witn: James R. & Florence GARRETT both of 1049 Dundas St London on Sept. 28, 1927 at St. Matthew's Church London

15572-27 William ELLWOOD, 28, farmer, Goderich Huron Co., same, s/o Thomas ELLWOOD & Matilda MITCHELL, married Lula Evelyn Elizabeth ELLIOTT, 27, Goderich Tp. Huron Co., same, d/o Thomas ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Mary Emiline KEYES, witn: Martha W. PRINGLE of 512 Wellington St & Laura A. STEPHENS of 516 Wellington St both of London on March 10, 1927 at London

15570-27 George ELLYATT, 43, stock keeper, widower, London England, 177 Garfield Ave London, s/o Jacob ELLYATT (b. England) & Caroline PARKER, married Emma SHIPLEY, 47, instructress, Leicester England, 416 Horton St London, d/o Samuel GELLTIFFE (b. England) & Emma HOPEWELL, witn: Irene ELLIS of Detroit & John GELLTIFFE of 176 Garfield Ave London on May 28, 1927 at London

 15465-27 Nelson Bryan EMIGH, 22, London, Windsor, s/o John EMIGH, b. London & Lulu IRWIN, married Mabel Winnifred HOGG, 21, stenographer, London, same, d/o William HOGG, b. London England & Florence M. HILL, witn: Lorne & Gertrude MILLER of London, 14 April 1927 at London

15571-27 Clarke ESLER, 25, labourer, Ireland, London, s/o Henry ESLER (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth McDOWELL, married Henrietta BONNAR, 24, Ireland, London, d/o Andrew BONNAR (b. Ireland) & Jane McCLINTOCK, witn: William & Mary ESLER both of London on June 8, 1927 at London

15569-27 Clifford J. EYRE, 21, salesman, Denfield, London, s/o John EYRE (b. Ontario) & Mary BRODERICK, married Gertrude May WALKER, 20, operator, Holbeck England, London England, d/o Joseph WALKER (b. England) & Emily G. THOMAS, witn: Ruby MILLS & Ron RODDA both of London on June 4, 1927 at London

15568-27 Gerald FEENEY, 20, butcher, Ireland, Woodstock, s/o Thomas FEENEY (b. Ireland) & Sarah WILSON, married Olga Maude HARRINGTON, 22, Woodstock, same, d/o William HARRINGTON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HUNTER, witn: Jean M. & R. D. GRAHAM both of London on Aug. 29, 1927 at London

15567-27 Henry Richard FERRIS, 34, widower, Ottawa, London, s/o William FERRIS & Josephine FRAZER (Feager?), married Kathleen Agnes JENKINS, 28, London, same, d/o John Henry JENKINS & Anne DUFF, witn: Ellen M. JENKINS & J. B. HYLAND both of Detroit, on Sept. 14, 1927 at London

15566-27 Robert Stanley FEWSTER, 22, farmer, East Nissouri Tp., R. R. 4 St. Mary's, s/o Robert FEWSTER (b. Ontario) & Annie BELSTON, married Lillian Mae HOLDEN, 23, West Nissouri Tp., R. R #3 Thorndale, d/o Michael HOLDEN (b. Ireland) & Jemima NEAR, witn: John & Mary SUNBERT (Limbert?), both of Thorndale on Oct. 18, 1927 at London

15586-27 George Gilbert FIELD, 22, truck driver, Ridgetown, London, s/o David FIELD (b. England) & Annie WRIGHT, married Helen CARPENTER, 19, Delaware Ont., London, d/o Frank CARPENTER (b. Ontario) & Lizzie FARROW, witn: Lee WING & Miss Leah LEE both of 352 Horton St London on June 9, 1927 at London

15587-27 Royal Spencer FISCHER, 22, job pressman, Beachville Ont., Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Augustus FISCHER (b. Beachville) & Mary CROMWELL, married Vera BROWN, 18, operator, London, same, d/o James BROWN (b. Woodstock) & Florence ELTON, witn: William LOW of 44 Forward Ave & C. S. CUMMER of 419 Attaway Ave both of London on Feb. 5, 1927 at London

15588-27 Clayton Wilson FISHER, 24, barber, Norfolk, Tilsonburg, s/o Charles H. FISHER (b. Ontario) & Clara WILSON, married Ethel LAHRING, 19, Durand Michigan USA, Tilsonburg, d/o Henry LAHRING (b. (b. Michigan USA) & Alice FERGUSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. W. FISHER both of Tilsonburg on Aug. 11, 1927 at London

015207-27 Charles Timothy FISHER, 22, farmer, Mosa Twp, same, s/o Harry FISHER b. Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Carrie May KELLY, married Janet WILSON, 19, Drongan Scotland, Mosa Twp, d/o James WILSON b. Scotland and Margaret BUCHANAN, witn Russell DEGRAW of Newbury and Madeline FISHER of Mosa Twp, 24 May 1927 Newbury 015208-27 Duncan Frederick FISHER, 28, farmer, Brooke Twp, same, s/o Duncan FISHER b. Scotland and Catherine McLAUGHLIN, married Edith Joy NEVIN, 19, Maidstone Twp, Metcalfe Twp, d/o Herbert Charles NEVIN b. Clarke Twp., and Mary Ann CLINE, witn Verna Katherine McCALLUM of Walkers and Archie Neil FISHER of Alvinston, 11 Jun 1927 Napier Village.

15581-27 Calvin FLANDERS, 82, merchant, widower, Townsend Tp., Brantford, s/o David FLANDERS & Ruth HAVILAND, married Margaret VAN SICKLE, 53, Beverly Tp., Brantford, d/o James VAN SICKLE & Mary LETSON, witn: John M. SLATER & Harry DICKERSON both of London on Feb. 15, 1927 at London

15582-27 Clarence Osborne FLANNIGAN, 18, butcher, London, 452 Grey St same, s/o Charles A. FLANNIGAN (b. London Tp.) & Minnie J. OSBORNE, married Julia Hannah FLITTON, 18, packer, London, 487 Simcoe St same, d/o Albert FLITTON (b. London) & Juliana ROBERTS, witn: Irene R, WILLIAMS of 462 Simcoe St & William H. NENO of 439 Grey St both of London on Feb. 16, 1927 at London

15583-27 Hugh Alexander FLETCHER, 39, farmer, Huron Co., Adelaide Ont., s/o Daniel FLETCHER & Annie FRASER, married Eva Pearl ROUNTREE, 33, stenographer, Westminster, London, d/o James ROUNTREE (b. York Co) & Annie FARR, witn: Mabel A. WELLS of 516 Nelson St. Ontario & Douglas FLETCHER of Ailsa Craig on Feb. 19, 1927 in London

13384-27 William John FLETCHER, 29, farmer, Walpole Tp., R. R. 3 Dresden, s/o William Edward FLETCHER (b. Woodhouse Tp.) & Ellen DAVIS, married Henrietta Mary CADWALLADER, 27, stenographer, Toronto, 504 Horton St London, d/o John CADWALLADER (b. England) & Henrietta WESTWOOD, witn: J. & M. CADWALLADER both of 504 Horton St London on April 11, 1927 at London

13385-27 Albert Henry FLUSKEY, 29, chauffeur, England, 619 Dundas St London, s/o not known, married Elsie May BELLOWS, 22, London, 384 Oakland Ave same, d/o Albert John DIBSDALE & Emily Mary ARMSTRONG, witn: Albert James DIBSDALE 364 Oakland Ave & Eva Valentine CROCKER, both of London on Feb. 26, 1927 at London

15578-27 Herbert William FORD, 19, mechanic, Hamilton, 519 King St London, s/o Charles J. FORD (b. Hamilton) & Lela CURRAN, married Ruby Susanne COLLVER, 21, Lobo. 519 King St London, d/o Walter James COLLVER (b. Lobo) & Mary Ellen ARRAND, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd HOEY both of 371 Ontario St London on Jan. 17, 1927 at London.

015210-27 Orville Burton FORMAN, 34, farmer, Euphemia Twp, Bothwell, s/o George FORMAN b. Dorchester and Elizabeth MELLIS, married Rosa Belle SMITH, 38, clerk, Euphemia Twp, London, d/o Dugald SMITH b. Euphemia and Leila KUNES, witn M. E. OLDE and Annie A. BEILL both of Melbourne, 16 Dec 1927 Melbourne Village.

15579-27 Gordon Arthur FORTNER, 21, ice salesman, London, 62 Cavendish St same, s/o William FORTNER (b. Ontario) & Mary HAGGARD, married Mabel Josephine Mary CROSBY, 19, factory worker, Salem Mass. USA, 758 York St London, d/o George CROSBY (b. USA) & Mary KILROY, witn: C. FORTNER & M. GERMAIN both of London on July 23, 1927 at London

15565-27 Thomas George FOSTER, 20, sign painter, London, same, s/o Graham W. G. FOSTER (b. Tilsonburg) & Elizabeth McLEOD, married Aileen Anna ELEMENT, 20, London, same, d/o Jack Parkinson ELEMENT (b. London) & Jane Knox ROBINSON, witn: Kenneth Walter SMITH & Pattie ROGERS, both of London on June 6, 1927 at London.

15580-27 James FOSTER, 33, coach painter, widower, England, 124 Egerton St London, s/o John FOSTER (b. England) & Jane MORRIS, married Dorothy May DICKERSON, 49, stenographer, Niagara Falls, 1126 Richmond St London, d/o Fred C. DICKERSON (b. England) & Etta COLE, witn: Etta DICKERSON of 1126 Richmond St & Jane FOSTER & 134 Egerton Ave both of London on June 24, 1927 at London

15573-27 Albert John FOX, 51, stock foreman, widower, England, London, s/o John Robert FOX (b. England) & Mary Ann HERMAN, married Isabella May BISSANT, 34, Milford England, London, d/o Charles BISSANT (b. England) & Emma WITCHER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John FLETCHER both of 994 Oxford St London on Sept. 30, 1927 at London

15574-27 Lawrence Marshall FRAMPTON, 21, farmer, Westminster Tp., same, s/o Charles FRAMPTON (b. England) & Elizabeth MAWSON, married Jesse Christine TAYLOR, 20, Westminster Tp., same, d/o William TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Margaret CRAWFORD, witn: Mrs. W. R. McINTOSH of 826 King St & Marie McATEER of 824 King St both of London on Dec. 9, 1927 at London

15575-27 Victor Clarence FRANKLIN, 36, confectioner, Haldimand Co., Woodstock, s/o Joseph Arthur FRANKLIN (b. Ontario) & Catherine FITZGERALD, married Evelyn Jessie WOOD, 23, Tilsonburg (Thornbury?), 202 Elizabeth St London, d/o Edward John WOOD (b. Ontario) & Alice Maude SWAYZIE, witn: Stanley R. MOORE of Ingersoll & D. N. BAWDEN of London on July 21, 1927 at London

15576-27 James FRASER, 38, carpenter, widower, Scotland, 615 Euclid Ave Toronto, s/o James FRASER (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth HEPBURN, married Violet Annie SINCLAIR, 27, cashier, Scotland, 54 Dewhurst Blvd Toronto, d/o James SINCLAIR (b. Scotland) & Jane HEPBURN, witn: James STARK of 14 Bloomfield Ave Toronto & Christina BENNETT of 28 Gunn St London on May 23, 1927 at London

15577-27 William H. FRISHETTE , 27, carpenter, Norfolk Co., Port Burwell, s/o William FRISHETTE (b. Ontario) & Emma AUDNEY, married Alice K. ALLEN, 22, clerk, England, London, d/o Herbert M. ALLEN (b. England) & Kate HALLIDAY, witn: Minnie HIBBERT of 156 Wellington St & Claire ALLEN of 152 Wellington St both of London on Dec. 3, 1927 at London

15604-27 Robert FRITH, 19, machinist, of 332 Eva Street London, s/o Joseph FRITH & Jennie ROBINSON, married Mary Hazel HAWKINS, 19, factory hand, Hamilton Ont., 332 Eva St London, d/o Francis HAWKINS & Sarah TAYLOR, witn: Mary COLLINS of 35 Blackfriars St & Wilfred ELLIS of 472 Grey St both of London on Sept. 3, 1927 at St. Patrick's Church London. [divorced 11 Jan 1936]

15605-27 Leonard Hamilton GAETZ, 32, superintendent, widower, Red Deer Alberta, London, s/o Halley H. GAETZ (b. Nova Scotia) & Charlotte LANSLEY, married Ethel AYRISS, 25, England, Edmonton Alberta, d/o Frank AYRISS (b. England) & Elizabeth WISEMAN, witn: James Ballantyne RUSSELL & Margaret Scott RUSSELL both of 1100 York St London on March 12, 1927 at London

15606-27 Francis GANNON, 41, banker, St Mary's, Toronto, s/o John GANNON & Mary MOHAN, married Monica M. ETHERINGTON, 40, graduate nurse, Croydon England, London Ont., d/o John ETHERINGTON & Mary A. FORBES, witn: Catherine ETHERINGTON of London & Joseph GANNON of St. Mary's on Oct. 10, 1927 at London

15600-27 Harold Francis GARFIELD, 28, upholsterer, Mass. USA, Bridgeport Conn. USA, s/o Lincoln Baker? GARFIELD (b. USA) & Salome Rogers HAWES married Iva Muriel RIDLEY, 26, book keeper, St Thomas, 110 Adelaide St London, d/o Arthur RIDLEY (b. Ontario) & Ada Violet GRANT, witn: Nelson & Beatrice RIDLEY both of London on July 16, 1927 at London

15601-27 Robert John GARSIDE, 35, farmer, Warwick Tp., same, s/o Robert GARSIDE (b. England) & Mary Ann SARGENT, married Agnes Edna Linton PATERSON, 27, packer, London, same, d/o James G. PATERSON (b. Scotland) & Margaret SHIELD, witn: Mary Lona ADAMS? & Bessie McNAIR both of London on Jan. 4, 1927 at London.

15602-27 William Peter GEORGAS, 26, confectioner, Motai Greece, 32 King St Chatham, s/o Vasillus GEORGAS (b. Aggelona Greece) & Katherine KOVETOSU, married Vasiliky LEAMBOTY, 19, Greece, 200 Wellington St London, d/o Palonyk LEAMBOTY (B. Greece) & Maria KITSES, witn: Stephen MITCKES of 376 Richmond St & C. KARANYKELAS of 174 Dundas St both of London on May 1, 1927 at London

15603-27 Frances Douglas GERALD, 31, inspector, London, Prescott, s/o Walter Henry GERALD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth COOK, married Mary Marintha FLORENCE, 30, White Lake, 645 Waterloo St London, d/o Ephraim FLORENCE (b. England) & Marintha BARTON, witn: Mrs. GEORGESON of 417 Attaway Ave & Mrs. A. C. CUMMER of 419 Attaway Ave both of London on Nov. 9, 1927 at London

15597-27 George Gordon GIBSON, 26, doctor, London, Mt. Brydges, s/o George GIBSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret McMURPHY, married Mary Edith WILKEY, 20, London, 510 Quebec St same, d/o William J. WILKEY (b. England) & Edith SIMMONS, witn: Lorne WILKEY of Milverton & Grace E. WILKEY of 882 Lorne Ave London on Oct. 10, 1927 at London

15598-27 James Arthur GIBSON, 21, florist, London, R. R. #3 London, s/o William S. GIBSON (b. England) & Annie Maria GODDARD, married Bessie BROWN, 29, Inverary Scotland, R. R. 3 London, d/o James W. BROWN (b. Scotland) & Charlotte GIBBROSS, witn: William S. GIBSON of R. R. 3 & Grace GIBSON of 309 Horton St both of London on Jan. 21, 1927 at London

15599-27 Robert West GIESE, 26, mechanic, London, Westminster Tp., s/o Robert Hare GIESE (b. Philadelphia PA USA) & Miriam Olive WEST, married Annie Grace GRAWBURG, 19, laundress, Dorchester, same, d/o William Henry GRAWBURG (b. Canada) & Amelia Grace ROBERTS, witn: James W. HAWORTH & Kate T. MATTHEWS both of London on Jan. 15, 1927 at London

15593-27 James Franklin GIFFEN, 28, dentist, Strathroy, London, s/o John GIFFEN (b. Ontario) & Mary INGLIS, married Wilhelmine Alberta SIMS, 31, London, same, d/o Albert E. SIMS (Ontario) & Sarah BARRY, witn: Sarah SIMS of London & Charles GIFFEN of Strathroy on Aug. 6, 1927 at London

15594-27 Albert William Gillans GILES, 34, railway employee CNR, Liverpool England, 136 Egerton St London, s/o Albert GILES & Marion YOUNG, married May RAYMOND, 28, packer, Manchester England, 136 Egerton St London, d/o Thomas Landon RAYMOND & Mina LUND, witn: Ellen PILKINGTON of 136 Egerton St & William FORD of 124 St Julian St both of London on Sept. 10, 1927 at St. David's Church London

15595-27 Wilfred William GILES, 22, hosiery boarder, Bristol England, 240 East St London, s/o Francis GILES (b. Bedminster England) & Sarah BIRD, married Sarah Jane FARLEY, 21, Ireland, 76 Albert St London, d/o William Alex FARLEY (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann SHIELS, witn: Vincent W. BATES & Sarah J. GOODMAN, both of London on Oct, 1, 1927 at London

15626-27 Colin David GILLAN, 34, appraiser, St. Thomas, Detroit, s/o William A. GILLAN (b. Ontario) & Margaret McINTYRE, married Florence Ethel JACKSON, 32, bookkeeper, London, same, d/o George A. F. JACKSON (b. Ontario) & May Isabella MUNRO, witn: H. R. & Beth SYKES both of London on Aug. 29, 1927 at London.

15627-27 John Gordon GILLANDERS, 32, barrister, Highgate Kent Co., 1176 Richmond St Broughdale London Tp., s/o Angus GILLANDERS (b. Canada) & Helen LEARMOUTH, married Kathleen Maude WHITE, 25, Guelph, Richmond Hill London, d/o Charles Hale W. WHITE (b. Canada) & Ellen BISSELL, witn: Charles H. WHITE of London Tp. & A. GILLANDERS of Ridgetown on Sept. 17, 1927 at London Tp

15628-27 George GLOVER, 19, salesman, Fingal, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o William GLOVER (b. Ontario) & Fanny W. CAMPBELL, married Verna Louella UPLEGGER, 22, secretary, Bothwell, Detroit, d/o George UPLEGGER (b. Mt. Clemens Michigan) & Almeda S. CUNNINGHAM, witn: Harold W. GLOVER of Fingal & L. B. UPLEGGER of 187 Hamilton Rd London on Aug. 25, 1927 at London.

15629-27 John Charles GOLD, 26, railway employee, London England, London Ont., s/o George C. GOLD (b. England) & Mary D. ARTHUR, married Amy Christina COOMBER, 22, hosiery worker, England, London Ont., d/o George COOMBER (b. England) & Amy REID, witn: James A. SARGENT of 796 Dufferin Ave & Mabel E. SKINNER of 798 Dufferin both of London on July 30, 1927 at London

15630-27 Nathan GOLDBERG, 26, raincoat maker, Poland, 496 Bathurst St. London, s/o Morris GOLDBERG (b. Poland) & Rebecca PEYSCOFF, married Rae GERE, 28, Poland, 496 Bathurst St. London, d/o Herschel GERE & Yetil LECHTMAN, witn: W. LEPP of 261 William St & P?. CHTORVOK? of 312 Hill St both of London on Dec. 12, 1927 at London

15592-27 William Edward GOODALL, 27, baker, Sarnia, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o William GOODALL (b. Sarnia) & Mary Ann HOWE, married Alberta Shirley Luella SMELTZER, 23, operator, London, same, d/o John SMELTZER (b. Ontario) & Mary Luella STEELE, witn: Viola & John SMELTZER Jr. both of 78 Blackfriars London on Sept. 12, 1927 at London

15620-27 Alfred GORDON, 36, manager, Russia, 181 Stewart St Ottawa, s/o Abraham GORDON (b. Russia) & Sophia BLUMERFELD, married Louise Michelle WOLF, 22, saleslady, London, same, d/o Louis WOLF & Fastie? WOLF, witn: Albert WOLF of Dundas & S. H. GUTTMAN of Chatham on Oct. 25, 1927 at London.

15621-27 Leonard Abraham GORDON, 20, painter, London, same, s/o William John GORDON (b. Stratford) & Lilian HAINES, married Ruth HATCH, 19, Stratford, London, d/o Robert HATCH & Mary E. HATCH, witn: Miss Ruth LEE of 358 Gordon St & Helen CARPENTER of 230 Emery St both of London on June 11, 1927 at London. [divorced 28/9/49]

15622-27 George Frederick GORING, 22, plumber, England, London, s/o Frederick GORING (b. England) & Margaret RIDLEY, married Anice Velma SKUSE, 23, operator, Westminster Tp., same, d/o Eli C. SKUSE (b. Westminster Tp.) & Nettie WYANT, witn: Leo J. & Florence M. WALSH of 1241 Florence St London on Feb. 1, 1927 at London

15623-27 John Perrin GORMAN, 25, clerk, Petrolia, 29 Partridge St London, s/o John GORMAN (b. Ontario) & Mina Elvira STEVENSON, married Florence May HASLETT, 25, bookkeeper, London, 46 Palace St same, d/o James Robert HASLETT (b. Ontario) & Jessie May TURNER, witn: Mary STORY of 9 Prospect Ave & Howard GRAY of 132 Central Ave both of London on Nov. 5, 1927 at London

15624-27 James Gordon GORWILL, 24, minister, London, same, s/o Samuel B. GORWILL (b. Ontario) & Eliza LOGAN, married Mildred Emma GOLDIE, 24, Regina Sask., London, d/o George GOLDIE (b. Scotland) & Alberta BARBER, witn: Fred Victor WINNETT of Oil Springs & Margaret TAYLOR of Toronto on Sept. 15, 1927 at London

15625-27 Frederick GOWLETT, 30, contractor, widower, London, 85 Margaret East Detroit Michigan USA, s/o John GOWLETT (b. England) & Margaret TEEPLE, married Margaret Ellen CLEVE, 19, biscuit maker, London, 290 Cheapside St London, d/o John CLEVE (b. Ontario) & Mary WALKER, witn: Joseph FOSTER & Isobel CLEVE both of London on Aug. 6, 1927 at London

15614-27 Archibald Norman GRAHAM, 23, farmer, Strathroy, R.R. 1 Strathroy, s/o Archibald GRAHAM (b. Strathroy) & Annie HUMPHREY, married Cora Elizabeth EDWARDS, 21, Petrolia, Mt. Brydges, d/o David William EDWARDS (b. Kerwood) & Margaret OVENS, witn: Ernest & Pansy MADELEY both of 530 Hill St London on April 9, 1 927 at London

15615-27 Hector McLean GRAHAM, 23, farmer, Rodney, same, s/o James GRAHAM (b. Scotland) & Dora GILBERT, married Alice Margaret MacCALLUM, 24, teacher, Iona, Dutton, d/o Archibald MacCALLUM (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McINTYRE, witn: Mrs. M. E. CORDNER of 340 Hamilton Rd & Mary M. BEST of 336 Hamilton Rd both of London on July 19, 1927 at London.

15616-27 Kenneth Duncan GRAHAM, 24, barber, Laurence Station, London, s/o George W. (b. Lobo) & Nettie Anne, married Velma Loretta McINTYRE, 24, Lobo, London, d/o James Anson? McINTYRE (b. Lobo) & Louisa Elvira McINTYRE, witn: Fred. W. MANNING of 776 Elias St. & Annie CHATTERLEY of 429 Elizabeth St both of London on Sept. 3, 1927 at London

15617-27 Samuel GRAHAM, 37, labourer, widower, Ireland, 9 Cherry St London, s/o David GRAHAM (b. Ireland) & Sarah Mary FARLEY, married Eva May FOSS, 29, Ontario, 9 Cherry St London, d/o Charles FOSS (b. Ontario) & Sarah Ann WHITNEY, witn: Lloyd LOTT of 15 Pegler St & Jean FOSS of 9 Cherry St both of London on April 18, 1927 at London

15618-27 Walter Herbert GRAND, 20, shipper, Norwich England, London, s/o Walter GRAND (b. England) & Myrtle FORD, married Hilda Mae FISHER, 19, cutter, London, same, d/o Milton Frederick FISHER (b. Canada) & Ethel GOWAN, witn: Annie LUCAS, 140 Woodward Ave. & Emma ANDERSON of 141 Mill St both of London on Oct. 1, 1927 at London

15619-27 Gordon GRAY, 28, farmer, Hyde Park, same, s/o John GRAY (b. Hyde Park) & Grace KENNEDY, married Gladys Lillian COOKE, 22, Lambeth, same, d/o William Henry COOKE (b. England) & Elizabeth WYATT (Hyatt?), witn: Marjorie PERCY & Ernest BROMLEY both of London on June 1, 1927 at London

15611-27 Leslie A. GREEN, 26, cable splicer, Orillia, Windsor, s/o William GREEN (b. Ontario) & Martha PRENTICE, married Mabel J. BOOTH, 27, Lambton Co., Windsor, d/o Hulbert BOOTH (b. Ontario) & Rebecca THOMPSON, witn: Fred & Hattie SHAW both of London on March 7, 1927 at London.

15610-27 William GREGORY, 44, telegrapher, England, 77 Douglass Ave London, s/o William Thomas GREGORY (b. England) & Lucy NELSON, married Annie CHAPPELL, 37, widow, England, 289 Delaware Ave London, d/o Samuel NAYLOR & Elizabeth S. DRISCOLL, witn: Florence NAYLOR of 77 Edward St & Lionel R. GREGORY of 41 Garfield St London on Jan. 29, 1927 at London

15613-27 Gilbert James GRIEVE, 28, manager, McGillivray Tp., Detroit, s/o Gilbert GRIEVE (b. Scotland) & Charlotte WILSON, married Gladys Louise BORDER, 22, telephone operator, North Dorchester, London Ont., d/o William BORDER (b. England) & Susannie COWAN, witn: William Claude BORDER & Bernice Olive BORDER both of London on Aug. 9, 1927 at London

15607-27 William GRIFFIN, 43, mechanic, widower, England, 713 Elias St. London, s/o Frederick GRIFFIN (b. England) & Emma THORNE, married Ella May PARTRIDGE, 40, nurse, Orwell Ont., Victoria Home London, d/o Francis PARTRIDGE (b. Ontario) & Abigail PETTIT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. WATSON both of London on Aug. 17, 1927 at London

15608-27 Frank Edward GRIMMETT, 24, reporter, England, St. Thomas, s/o Joseph GRIMMETT (b. England) & Rose ELLIS, married Ada Blanche SMITH, 25, England, London Ont., d/o Simon SMITH (b. England) & Blanch McKENZIE, witn: Simon SMITH of 6 Carfrae Cresc. London & Joseph GRIMMETT of St. Thomas on March 23, 1927 at London

15609-27 William John GROAT, 49, labourer, Ontario, 662 Trafalgar St London, s/o Michael GROAT (b. Ontario) & Eliza HARRIS married Alice MARSHALL, 44, widow, Strathroy, 1110 Trafalgar St London, d/o Henry PARKER (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann JACKSON, witn: Albert E. BROWN of Simcoe Ont. & Florence LIGHTBURN of 11 Maitland St London on June 15, 1927 at London

15589-27 Arnold Russell GUEST, 22, labourer, Dorchester Ont., 9 Wellington Rd London, s/o Harry GUEST (b. Ontario) & Lottie THOMPSON, married Florence Margaret SABERI, 18, England, 9 Wellington Rd London, d/o Thomas SABERI (b. England) & Florence WILLIAMSON, witn: Walter L. HAYES of 528 Talbot St & Margaret Jane PERKINS of 889 Adelaide St both of London on Jan. 28, 1927 at London

15590-27 John Mackay GUNN, 53, solicitor, Strathroy, 327 King St London, s/o John GUNN (b. Scotland) & Emma CARSON, married Laura GRIFFIN, 45, superintendent, Dunwich Tp., Victoria Home London, d/o Thomas GRIFFIN (b. Canada) & Emily PHILPOTT, witn: C. GRIFFIN of 578 Hill St. & A. C. GUNN of Ottawa on Aug. 1, 1927 at London.

15591-26 Harry Charles GWALCHMAI, 20, chemist, London Tp., 73 Smith St. same, s/o Humphrey D. GWALCHMAI (b. Wales) & Alice AMBROSE, married Mary THURMAN, 20, clerk, England, 1079 Frances St London, d/o Joseph THURMAN (b. England) & Annie HUDDART, witn: Clara Alice GWALCHMAI of 73 Smith St & William THURMAN 1079 Frances St both of London on June 1, 1927 at St. Matthew's Church London

015631-27 Russell HADLEY, 29, Labourer, Orillia, London, s/o Hiram & Bertha HADLEY; married Helene Belinda OGDEN, 30, Shoe Operator, London, London, d/o James OGDEN (b. England) & Mary SMITH; wit John HOCKING, London & Blanche OLIVER, both London, 15 Apr 1927, London

015632-27 Edwin Leslie HAIR, 25, Carpenter, Belmont, London, s/o Archie HAIR (b. Scotland) & Helen GILMORE; married Gladys Frances BRENNAN, London, London, d/o William BRENNAN (b. London) & Etta DENNIS; wit Annie HAZEN & Phoebe WEIR, both London, 17 Feb 1927, London

015646-27 Elmer Hyman HAIR, 22, Carpenter, Derwent Ontario, London, s/o Robert HAIR (b. Ontario) & Martha WITHERS; married Constance Mae RIDLEY-GURR, 23, Forelady, Croydon England, London, d/o Sylvanus RIDLEY-GURR (b. England) & Ada TILDEN; wit Emerson B. HAIR & Beatrice RIDLEY-GURR, both London, 3 Oct 1927, London

015642-27 Frederick John Earle HARDING, 19, Tool Maker, London, London, s/o Charles HARDING (b. Canada) & Mary POOKE; married Kathleen Lucinda GOULDING, 19, Chocolate Dipper, London, London, d/o Edward GOULDING (b. Canada) & Evyln SMITH; wit Alice FOLLET & Herbert SMITH Jr., both London, 30 Apr 1927, London

015634-27 Frank C. HARDING, 24, Manager, Fullarton twp, Windsor, s/o Michael STOSKOFF (b. Ontario) & Annie HERMAN; married Madeline MILLER, 27, London, London, d/o Carling Well MILLER (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WATCHER; wit Myrtle Irene MILLER, London & Andrew Wilfred HARDING, Oshawa, 27 Aug 1927, London

015641-27 Frederick Roger HARRIS, 25, Farmer, Ontario, Durham, s/o Frank HARRIS (b. Oxford Co) & Mary E GREGG; married Ona Adell SETTERINGHAM, 27, Ontario, Leamington, d/o Oliver SETTERINGHAM (b. Leamington) & Cora A ROACH; wit Joseph H. FOSTER & Rae FOSTER, both London, 10 Aug 1927, London

015640-27 Chester HARRIS, 20, Labourer, Thamesville, London, s/o Peter HARRIS (b. Ontario) & Jean STICE; married Constance COGAN, 16, England, London, d/o Alfred COGAN (b. England) & no mother given; wit Nellie COGAN & Alice WHITNEY, both London, 6 Aug 1927, London

015635-27 George Basil HARRIS, 26, Railway Section Labourer, Windsor, Southwold twp Elgin Co, s/o Blake HARRIS & Eva MINORS; married Ida May PARKER, 28, West Lorne, Southwold twp Elgin Co, d/o William N. PARKER & Etta BARBER; wit Mrs. J.B. NEWMAN & J.B. NEWMAN, both St. Thomas, 25 May 1927, London

015636-27 Hubert Grant Maxwell HARRIS, 25, Welder, London England, London, s/o Grant HARRIS (b. London England) & Alice SPREIGHT; married Shirley Doris Pauline KING, 24, Stenographer, Bayfield, London, d/o Thomas KING (b. Ontario) & Ida VANSTONE; wit Frank HARRIS & Hilda HARRIS, both London, 3 Sept 1927, London

015638-27 Snow HARROW, 33, Divorced, Machinist, Ohio, Detroit Mich, s/o John A. HARROW (b. United States) & Mary Elizabeth SNOW; married Joan STUART, 33, Domestic, Dundee Scotland, London, d/o James STUART (b. Scotland) & Jessie DUNCAN?; wit Robert STEVENSON & Bessie MCNAIR, both London, 28 Mar 1927, London