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Lennox & Ad 1862

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Lennox & Addington County, 1862

from Ontario Archives microfilm M.S. 248 - Reel 10, vol 32

transcribed by Lenore Wright

FORMAT: his name, age, birth place, residence, parents; her name, age, birth place, residence, parents; witnesses, date of marriage


Page 1, return 3535, by Stephen Miles

James L. HICKS, 30, Ernestown, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary ROBERTSON, 19, Ernestown, same, d/o Ira & Hannah.  Witn: J. S. & E. SHURTLIFF, both of Ernestown, on 15 May, 1862.   

William J. DEWITT, 28, Leeds Eng., Woodstock, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Mary Eleanor O'FLYNN, 29, Macoc Can. W., same, d/o John & Nancy.  Witn: E. D. Jill? O'FLYNN, of Madoc, on 09 June, 1862.  

Harry KEACH, 23, Camden, same, s/o John & July? (Julie?), married Mary McMULLEN, 21, Camden, same, d/o Hugh & Harriet.  Witn: William CAISON & Harriet McMULLEN, both of Camden, on 12 Feb., 1862.   


Page 1, return 3536, by Christopher Thompson

David HOWELL, 27, Tp. Fredericksburgh, Newburgh, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Almeda POESTLER? (Poestter?), 23, Newburgh, Camden, d/o Aarin & Eleanor.  Witn: Thomas POESTLER of Camden & Laura HOWELL of Newburgh, on 07 Feb., 1862.   

William GILAMIN? (Gilamir?), 26, New York, Kennebec, s/o Joseph & Eleanor, married Mary J. CLARK, 22, Sheffield, Kennebec, d/o A. & Hannah.  Witn: George CLARKE (sic) & C. PARKS, both of Kennebec, on 12 June, 1862.    O

rin? SWITZER, 31, Camden same, s/o Samuel & Abagail, married Frateena? CARD, 22, Camden, same, d/o Amos & Jane.  Witn: Henry CARD & Joseph SWITZER, both of Camden, on 18 May, 1862.   

George REIDE, 21, Camden, same, s/o Michael & Mary, married Hannah THOMPSON, 17, Sheffield, Kennebec, d/o William & Catharine.  Witn: David & Magdalen WOOD, both of Kennebec, on 14 July, 1862.   [Reid?]

Nelson DAY, 45, U.S., Camden, s/o (Don't Know), married Hester LARABY, 50, Camden, Kennebec, d/o Andr'w & E. LOYST.  Witn: Lany FILE & Joseph BROWN? (Bunn?), both of Sheffield, on 27 Sept., 1862.   

Thomas FILE, 21, Camden, Sheffield, s/o Joseph & Deborah, married Bridget WHITE, 19, Ireland, Sheffield, d/o Pat & A.  Witn: John BALZEN? & Letson? DAY, both of Sheffield, on 09 Oct., 1862.  

Charles THOMPSON, 22, Sheffield, same, s/o Imiel? (Issriel?) & Catharine, married Mary J. PITMIN?, 19, Camden, Sheffield, d/o Joseph & Eve.  Witn: Jacob & Jane STEELE, both of Kennebec, on 21? Nov., 1862.  

Joseph LLOYDE, 21, Madoc, same, s/o Benjamin & Laney, married Catharine DAVY, 17, Richmond, Kennebec, d/o Benjamin & Eunice.  Witn: Edlilla? & M. DAVY, both of Kennebec, on 17 Nov., 1862.     


Page 1, return 3543, by John Scott

James PEARSON, 20, Sussex G.B., Napanee, s/o Levi & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann SECORD, 22, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o John & Mary S.  Witn: Rev. John McINTOSH & Mrs. John SCOTT, both of Napanee, on 28 June, 1862.   

Charles LOWRY, 23, Ernestown, N. Fredericksburgh, s/o Rob't & Jane, married Elsie Ann FILE, 25, Camden, N. Fredericksburgh, d/o Geo & Catherine.  Witn: George FILE & Rob't MADDEN, both of North Fredericksburgh, on 28 Aug., 1862.   

Archibald URQUART, 40, Ross Shire G.B., Kingston, s/o Donald & Ann, married Julia Jloan? (Sloan?) CRONTES?, 25, S. Fredericksburgh, same, d/o William John & Julia S.  Witn: Dr? R. KENNEDY of Bath C.W., & William J. SLOAN of (blank), on 24 Sept., 1862.  

Walter Ross McRAE, 29, Ross Shire G.B., Kingston, s/o Thomas & Janet? R., married Annie CARR, 20, Aberdeen G.B., Tp. Kingston, d/o John & Hannah J.?.  Witn: Daniel McRAE & Donald D. McKAY, both of Kingston, on 14 Oct., 1862.    

Daniel Walden JACKSON, 24?, Pittsburgh, same, s/o Henry & Lucinda, married Ann VOORMAN (s/b Vrooman?), 20, Ernestown, same, d/o Sam. & Margaret.  Witn: John L. JACKSON of Pittsburgh, & Sam. J. McGROGAN of Sydenham, on 24 Dec., 1862.    


Page 1, return 3573 Darius Coonter?

Matthew SWITZER, 28, Camden, N. Fredericksburgh, s/o Daniel & Sarah, married Catharine Jane LLOYD, 24, N. Fredericksburgh, same, d/o James & Jane.  Witn: Jane & Catharine COUNTER?, both of Ernestown, on 24 Aug., 1862.   

Reuben RAYMOND, 26, Kingston, same, s/o William & Loise? (Louise?), married Sarah RAYMIND (sic), 16, Kingston, same, d/o Hudson & Polly.  Witn: Billings RAYMOND of Kingston & Martha CILVES? (Silver?) of Ernestown, on 04 Oct., 1862.   

Wilfred BABCOCK, 22, Kingston, Ernestown, s/o David & Julia Ann, married Mary HARRIS, 21, Chatham C.W., Ernestown, d/o Abram & Phoebe Ann.  Witn: Illegible & Lucinda QUINN?, both of Ernestown, on 04? Oct., 1862.   



Page 1, return 3574, by J. C. Burnelle 

George M. BROOKS, 24, Fredericksburgh, Tyendinaga, s/o George & Nancy, married Matilda SAGAR, 22, Richmond, same, d/o Stanly? J. & Sarah.  Witn: Levi SAGAR of Richmond & Charity HICKS of Tyendinaga, on 01 Jan., 1862.   

Abel G. SCOTT, 27, Richmond, same, s/o William & Amarilla, married Elizabeth MILLIGAN, 17, Camden, same, d/o Robert & Mary.  Witn: Alex & Adaline SILLS, both of Richmond, on 26 Jan., 1862.   

Bennett THOMPSON, 27, Adolphustown, same, s/o William & Julia, married L. S. CLAPP, 18, Adolphustown, same, d/o Reuben & Sarah.  Witn: L. BROWN & S. A. CLAPP, both of Adolphustown, on 27 Jan., 1862.   

John J. PARKS, 25, Fredericksburgh, same, s/o Milo? & Bacheheba?, married Amelia J. OUTWATER, 22, Fredericksburgh, same, d/o (blank).  Witn: M. J. SCOTT & (blank) JECKS, both of Richmond, on 27 Jan., 1862.  

John VANALSTINE, 24, Richmond, same, s/o (blank), married Margaret JOINGS? (Jonigs?), 24, Richmond, same, d/o John & Hannah.  Witn: Anich? SILLS & S. A. McKNIGHT, both of Richmond, on 10 Feb., 1862.   

Urik? SILLS, 19, Fredericksburgh, same, s/o William R. & Lucy, married S. A. McKNIGHT, 18, Tyendinaga, same, d/o William & (blank).  Witn: John VANALSTINE of Richmond & Margaret JOINGS? (Jonigs?), of Tyendinaga, on 10 Feb., 1862.   

Robert PATTERSON, 24, Ireland, Portland, s/o James & Rose, married Ann WALLACE, 24, Portland, same, d/o James & Jane.  Witn: David WALLACE & Mary Ann PATTERSON, both of Portland, on 05 Mar., 1862.   

Benjamin HAIGH?, 31, (Illegible), Tyendinaga, s/o Rob't & Ann, married Rebecca (Illegible) FRASER, 23, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Forman & Christina.  Witn: Maira? (Maria?) GIBBARD of Richmond, & Lucy M? WILLIAM of Napanee, on 13 Mar., 1862.   

William L. FOOTE, 26, Richmond, same, s/o David & Eliza, married Sarah McRAY, 19, Richmond, same, d/o Alex & Catherine.  Witn: Peter GOULD of Tyendinaga & Lucy M? WILLIAMS of Napanee, on 24 Mar., 1862.   

Garrett GARRISON, 29, Marysburgh, Richmond, s/o Jas. & Christina, married Christa? (Christie?) Ann RANOUS, 20, Marysburgh, Wolfe Island, d/o Isaac & Paulina.  Witn: Perus? LYONS of Sophiaville & James DANNAR of Napanee, on 05 Mar., 1862.   

Alpheus CAINATIAD? (Carnatiter?), 26, Camden, Fredericksburgh, s/o Aaron & Marg't., married Hannah FIELD, 22, Camden, same, d/o Amos & Clarissa.  Witn: John BAKER & Phoebe VANALSTINE, both of Camden, on 01 Apr., 1862.   

Milo BRICE, 27, Richmond, same, s/o Hugh & (blank), married E. C. LEWIS, 19, Richmond, Tyendinaga, d/o John & Eliza.  Witn: M. R. & L. M. WILLIAMS, of Napanee, on 05 Apr., 1862.   

John CASSADY, 55, W. Habs?, same, s/o Lucas & Mag't, married Ann JORDANS, 26, Ireland, same?, d/o Dan'l & Cath.  Witn: William HAZZRED & Caroline HAZZRED, both of Richmond, on 05 July, 1862.   

A. F.? DECUBNE, 26, (blank), Ernestown, s/o Andren? & Sarah, married Eliz. C. ROMBOGH, 23, (blank),Fredericksburgh, d/o William N. & Mary.  Witn: Chas. & M. J. KELLAR, both of Ernestown, on 22 July, 1862.     

Andrew KIMMERLY?, 38, Richmond, same, s/o David & Fanny, married Cath. TROY? (Levy?), 28, Ireland, Richmond, d/o Owen & Mary.  Witn: John & Ann CASSADY, both of Richmond, on 14 Sept., 1862. 


Page 2, return 3574, by J. C. Burnelle  (continued)

Samuel FERGUSON, 27, Hallowell, same, s/o Isaac & Ann, married Lilly LUCAS, 21, Fredericksburgh, Hallowell, d/o Elgin? & Philendi.  Witn: E. B. & C. E. BURNETTE, both of Napanee, on 23 Sept., 1862.   

William M. SPENCER, 26, Fredericksburgh N., same, s/o John W. & Cath., married Elizabeth J? KEETCH, 22, Adolphustown, Fredericksburgh N., d/o Albert & Mary.  Witn: Eli McCABE & A. A. KEETCH, both of Fredericksburgh, on 22 Oct., 1862.  

William D. GILBERT, 26, London C.W., same, s/o William D. & Sylvian, married Amarilla WAYNE (s/b Wagar), 20, Napanee, same, d/o Elias & Ann.  Witn: J. A. BURTON, of Camden & E. E. WAYNE (s/b Wagar), of Napanee, on 04 Nov., 1862.   

James A. BURTON, 23, Camden, Napanee, s/o Jas. & Charlotte, married Eunice E. WAGAR, 18, Camden, same, d/o Eliza (s/b Elias) & Ann.  Witn: A. J. McKAY & J.? A. HARRISON, both of Napanee, on 25 Dec., 1862.   


Page 2, return by Rev. J. Ferguson

Aenitt? CLARK, 23, Dwyo? N.Y.,  Barrie Tp., s/o Eli & Christiana, married Eliza DOUGLASS, 23, Napanee, Sheffield, d/o John & Mary.  Witn: Andrew DOUGLAS (sic), & Rhoda McKIM, both of Sheffield, on 14 Mar., 1862.   

George RICHARDSON, 26, Sheffield, same, s/o Robert & Rachael, married Jemima AKERLINE, 18 Seffield, same, d/o George & Eliza J.  Witn: C. A. FERGUSON & Minerva BOUGNER, both of Sheffield, on 30 May, 1862

Charles KINNERLY, 22, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Peter & Lavina, married Jane GARETT, 22, Ireland, Tyendinaga, d/o John & Eliza.  Witn: James F. WAGAR of Camden, & James GARRATT (sic), of Tyendinaga, on 26 Dec., 1862.   

Joseph BABCOCK, 19, Richmond, same, s/o William & Sarah, married Sarah Ann HERST, 22, Sheffield, Richmond, d/o William & Sarah Ann.  Witn: Jesse & Mrs. BABCOCK, both of Richmond, on 18 Dec., 1862.   

William McCAMBER, 21, Richmond, same, s/o Royal & Margaret, married Rachael Ann YORK, 17, Sheffield, same, d/o Richard & May.  Witn: Asa McCAMBER & E. J. ASSELSTINE, both of Richmond, on 11 Aug., 1862.   

William George SMITH, 22, Kingston, N. Fredericksburgh, s/o Robert & Ann, married Nancy McCABE, 37, N. Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Henry & Nancy.  Witn: C. A. FERGUSON of Richmond, on 09 Nov., 1862.   


Page 2, return 3576, by A. H. Waite

Rev. Gilman S. WHITE, 29, New York, Portland, s/o John & Sophronia?, married Tabitha A. BENNET, 22, Sidney, Portland, d/o Daniel & Sarah A.  Witn: Susan POMROY & C. C. DUNLOP, both of Portland, on 29 July, 1862.   

Decatur SIMMONS, 21, Camden, same, s/o John & May, married Lydia YORK, 20, Sheffield, same, d/o Richard & Mary.  Witn: D. D. & H. M.? BANAGER, both of Sheffield, & Gordon YORK of Camden, on 28 Sept., 1862.   

James BALDWIN, 40, Richmond, Camden, s/o Samuel & Polly, married Hester W. LUCAS, 21, Tyendinaga, Camden, d/o George & Saly.  Witn: A. W. LAUGHLIN, of Sheffield, on 13 Nov., 1862.   


Page 2, return 3582 - Henry Lauton or Lanton

Robert LOCKHEAD, 44, Scotland, Camden, s/o John & Jennett, married Emily ALLEN, 37, Canada, Centreville, d/o William & Sarah.  Witn: C. S. McKIM of Centreville, on 04 Mar., 1862.   

William George BAWDER (Bawden?), 21, Kingston, Camden, s/o William & Eliza, married Sarah Jane McKEOWN, 20, Camden, same, d/o Samuel & Jane.  Witn: Jane McKEOWN of Croydon, on 20 Apr., 1862.   

Frederick SHELTER? (Shetler?), 28, Camden, same, s/o Conrad & Margaret, married Elizabeth BAKER, 26, Camden, same, d/o Thomas & Clarissa.  Witn: Rob't WEESE of Centreville, on 30 Apr., 1862.   

Robert McKNIGHT, 25, or 28, Ireland, Sheffield, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Mary Jane UMPHREY? (Humphrey?), 24, Canada, Sheffield, d/o John & Sarah.  Witn: Charles McGUIRE of Sheffield, on 14 Aug., 1862.    General No:  3581 - N. Richardson    

Jobins? (Tobias?) CARR, 22, Canada, Adolphustown, s/o John & Eve, married Mary Elizabeth ROBLIN, 19, Canada, Adolphustown, d/o Stephen & Amey?.  Witn: S. P. ROBLIN & Melissa CARR, both of Adolphustown, on 04 Feb., 1862.   

Peter LOYST, 19, Canada, Fredericksburgh, s/o Peter & Rosanna, married Elizabeth PARKS, 19, Canada, Fredericksburgh, d/o Peter & Mary.  Witn: John & Margaret RIKELY, both of Fredericksburgh, on 11 Feb., 1862.   

John W. BRISTOL, 69, Canada, same, s/o John & Alice, married Ann GUMAN? (German?), 60, Canada, Rawden, d/o John & Gaznay?.  Witn: George I. & Mary Ann SMITH, both of Rawden, on 29 Apr., 1862  

William H? LOYST, 24, Canada, same, s/o John & Ellenor, married Elizabeth A. ALLEN, 19, Canada, Adolphustown, d/o William & Mary.  Witn: Henry LOYST & Susan EDGAR?, both of Adolphustown, on 10 Nov., 1862.   


Page 2, return 3586 - Daniel Wager

James AIRHART, 28, Frederickburgh, Tyendinaga, s/o Henry & Catharine, married Harriet Mona? OLIVER, 28, Fredericksburgh, Tyendinaga, d/o Jacob & Caroline.  Witn: Lucy & W. R. WILLIAMS, both of Napanee, on 11 June, 1862.   


Page 2, return  3598 - J. H. Rombough    

Samuel H. FANTY? (Fundy?), 27, Ernestown, same, s/o Samuel & Eliza Jane, married Rhoda A. DAY, 24, Kingston, same, d/o Calvin & Elizabeth.  Witn: Samuel D. CLARK of Ernestown, on 29 Oct., 1862.   General No:  3588 - J.  W. German    

Calvin SWITZER, 22, Clarendon, Whitby, s/o Matthew & Mary, married Tamar VANCOUGHNETT, 19, Clarendon, Sheffield, d/o Ezekiel & Elizabeth.  Witn: Alvin A. MALLORY of Algoma, on 14 Sept., 1862.   



Page 2, return 3599 - N. B. Sander  

William WALLACE, 25, Canada, Hungerford, s/o William & Mary, married Isabella McFARLANE, 18, Canada, Hungerford, d/o James & Mary.  Witn: Joseph HALL & M. HENDERSON, both of Hungerford, on 01 Jan., 1862.   

Jeffie? (Jeffre?), COBB, 26, England, Madawaska, s/o William & Jane, married Rebecca DEIVY, 20, Ireland, Madawaska, d/o John & Asnice.  Witn: William DIGG of Madawaska & May LIGHT of Napanee, on 26 Jan., 1862.   

Robert THISTLETHWAIT, 22, England, F. Bugh ? (Fredericksburgh?), s/o Stephen & Mary, married Jane McWAIN, 20, Ireland, Fredericksburgh, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth.  Witn: David G. LANDER, of Napanee, on 16 Mar., 1862.   

Daniel EMPEY, 24, Canada, Richmond, s/o James? & Rose, married Susan HANNAH, 16, Canada, Richmond, d/o William & Mary A.  Witn: Samson HANNAH & Mary J. Andrews, both of Richmond, on 06 Apr., 1862.  

Thomas GIBBNEY, 26, Ireland, Camden, s/o Jezus? & Anne, married Anne MOORE, 26, Canada, Camden, d/o Mat. & Mary.  Witn: David G. SANDER of Napanee, on 06 Apr., 1862.    


Page 3, return 3599 by J.J. Bogart (Baznet?)

Alexander BRUNDAGE, 22, Canada, Napanee, s/o J.J. & Hannah, married Sarah DYON, 20, England, Napanee, d/o George & Harriet, witn: Johnson H. WANER? & Elizabeth BOGART, both of Napanee, 19 July

William ENGLISH, 23, Canada, Richmond, s/o Robert & Ann, married Mary Ann SEXSMITH, 20, of Richmond, d/o William & Mary, witn: John BROWN & M.A. ENGLISH, both of Tyendinaga, 3 Aug

Thomas STANFIELD, 23, Ireland, Kingston, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Maria PAISLEY, 19, Ireland, Kingston, d/o John & Mary, witn: George BOTTING & S. REACH (Roach?), both of Napanee, 30 Sept

Michael DAVISON?, 28, Canada, same, s/o John & Catherine, married Rosetta McNEILL, 26, Canada, Fredericksburg, d/o Archibald & Jane, witn: William MILLS & Agnes LOWRY, both of Napanee, 26 Oct.

John COATES, about 28, England, Napanee, s/o Henry & Ann, married Ann CARSON, 21, Ireland, Fredericksburg, d/o James & Ann, witn: D. KELLAND? of Ernestown & Mary A. STEVENS of Fredericksburg, 29 Nov


Page 3, return 3600, both of Francis Berry

William W. REID, 22, Canada, Sheffield, s/o John & Hester, married Eliza Jane PARKER, 21, Canada, Richmond, d/o John & Mary, witn: David BELL, Jan

George FORSEE, 23, Canada, Fredericksburg, s/o Peter & Lavinia, married Elizabeth BRETT, 21, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o David & Sarah, witn: William E. BOTT (Betts?) of Tyendinaga, 4 Feb

Robert THOMPSON, 31, Canada, Richmond, s/o Alex & Esther, married Amelia BORVED? (Bovaird?), 20, Canada, Richmond, d/o Luke & Sarah, witn: Francis VANDEBOGART of Richmond, 27 Feb

Abraham PENDELL, 24, USA, Norwich NY, s/o Jonathan & Rebecca, married Electa ANDERSON, 19, Canada, Napanee, d/o Owen & Levina, witn: Thomas ANDERSON of Napanee, 31 March

Francis VANDEBOGART, 26, Canada, Richmond, s/o William & Mary, married Nancy PERRY, 23, Canada, Ernestown, d/o Samuel & Eliza, witn: John GRANGE of Napanee, 23 April

Peter HICKS, 36, Canada, Fredericksburg, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Susan RICHARDSON, 31, Canada, Fredericksburg, d/o Asa A. & Maria, witn: Paul HUYCK of Fredericksburg, 6 May

Henry RICHARDS, of Napanee, married Mary WELLS of Napanee, witn: George McARTHUR of Belleville, 3 June [no other info given]

Silvester ASSELSTINE, 27, Canada, Portland, s/o Jacob & Hannah, married Martha DENNISON, 23, Canada, Richmond, d/o Ransallin & Polly, witn: James R. DENISON (sic) of Richmond, 17 July

Paul HUYCKE, 47, Canada, Fredericksburg, s/o John & Jemima, married Jane WAGER, 47, Canada, Fredericksburg, d/o John & Jane HART, witn: Ann BERRY of Napanee, 27 Oct.

Isaac SCHAUSHEIM?, Canada, Richmond, married Deborah Jane KENNEDY, Canada, Tyendinaga, witn: Daniel SCHAUSHEIM of Richmond, 7 Oct. [no other info given]

Jahiel AYLSWORTH, 25, Canada, Napanee, s/o John & Hannah A., married Elizabeth HUME, 19, Canada, Camden, d/o James & Melissa, witn: Samuel WILLIAMS of Camden, 8 Dec


Page 3, return 3601, by Sheldon Young?

William NORRIS, 22, Ireland, Ernestown, s/o William & Margaret, married Sarah E. JOHNSTON, 18, Ernestown, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Sarah JOHNSTON of Ernestown, 25 Jan

W. R. EMPY, 21, Ernestown, same, s/o Peter & Ezeba, married Jenette HEINES, 20, Camden, Ernestown, d/o James & Matilda, witn: John VANORMAN of Odessa, 29 Jan

James DUNHAM, 21, Ernestown, Napanee, s/o W. & N., married Cinderella HUFFMAN, 20, Richmond, same, d/o J. & S., witn: George L. SPENCER of Richmond, 17 April

John McCALL, 26, Murray, same, s/o John & Catherine, married Lucinda HUFF, 18, Napanee, same, d/o Joseph & Jerusha, witn: Thomas ANDERSON of S. Fredericksburg, 11 Nov

Thomas WADSWORTH, 32, England, Kingston, s/o Ely & Mary, married Sarah M. ASSELSTINE, 20, Fredericksburg, South Fredericksburg, d/o Nicholas & Mary, witn: Peter NEILSON of Ernestown, 24 Dec


Page 3, return 3602, by James MacIntosh

Henry GARBUTT, 20, England, Amherst Island, s/o William & Betsy, married Frances C. GIBSON, 25, Amherst Island, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: John GIBSON of Amherst Island, 3 Jan

James FLEMING, 29, Ireland, Amherst Island, s/o Samuel & Catherine, married Mary Ann CRANEY?, 20, Amherst Island, same, d/o James & blank, witn: William STEVENSON of Amherst Island, 6 Feb

Arthur McMURRAY, 22, Ireland, Amherst Island, s/o James & Jane, married Jane FLEMING, 17, Amherst Island, same, d/o Samuel & Catherine, witn: John FLEMING of Amherst Island, 28 Feb

Stephen AMEY, 24, Loughborough, Camden, s/o George & Mary, married Mary Ann McGINESS, 24, Amherst Island, same, d/o William & Matilda, witn: Nelson HISTANT? of Amherst Island, 1 March

Samuel SMITH, 73, England, Amherst Island, s/o William & Mrs., married Mary LAMBERT, 45, England, Amherst Island, d/o William & Mrs. LANN?, witn: Hugh CARLTON of Amherst Island, 9 April


Page 3, return 3605, by Peter Wright

Thomas ELLIOTT, 28, Dulhaza?, Ninth Line, s/o Robert & Catherine Hester, married Forlinda MALLOY, 20, Young, Abinger, d/o David & C. H.R., witn: D. CAMPBELL & M. WICKWIRE?, both of Abinger, 25 Feb

William MILLER, 22, Canada, Kennebec, s/o Jacob & Margaret B., married Margaret J. CARLTON? (Caillon?), 16, Canada, Kennebec, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: George & Sarah Ann MILLER of Kennebec, 15 June

Bebins CLARK, 22, Oswego Co., Barrie, s/o Eli & Christena, married Julia Ann WALROTH, 21, Camden, Barrie, d/o Henry & Nancy, witn: John N. & Elizabeth CLARK of Barrie, 15 Sept


Page 4, return by John A. Dowler

William DACK, 26, Wicklow Ireland, Barrie, s/o John & Ann, married Lucy M. STEPHENS, 22, Leeds Canada, Barrie, d/o Hawley & Elizabeth, witn: Harriet CRANIS? of Barrie, 21 April

William CAMPBELL, 34, New York, Abinger, s/o Henry & Ann, married Minnie STEPHENS, 19, Canada, Barrie, d/o Hawley & Elizabeth (sic, same as parents of bride in marriage above), witn: Mrs. MANUEL of Barrie, 22 April

James KELLAR, 27, Canada, Denbigh, s/o Peter & Clarinda, married Eliza STEPHENS, 28, Canada, Barrie, d/o Hawley & Elizabeth (sic, same as parents of bride in marriage above), witn: Jennet MARTIN (Morton?) of Kaladar, 18 June

Jacob HILLER, 23, Canada, Barrie, s/o Imman & Ann, married Catherine WEIGH, 19, Canada, Barrie, d/o James & Margaret, witn: David SNIDER of Barrie, Oct.

Donald McMILLEN, 30, Nova Scotia, Angelsea, s/o John & Margaret, married Olivia S. COLE, 18, Fredericksburg, Barrie, d/o Barnard & Charlotte, witn: Susan WINTERS of Angelsea, 30 July

John STOLKER, 26, Sheffield, Miller, s/o Alex & Catherine, married Lavinia VANCOUGHNETT, 17, Canada, Clarendon, d/o Ezekiel & Elizabeth, witn: Rev. R. PRETTY of Denbigh, 1 Feb


Page 4, return by John Rothwell

Archibald CHRISTIE, no age given, of Kingston, s/o not known, married Margaret GIBSON, 20, of Amherst Island, d/o John & Jane, witn: Alexander GIBSON of Amherst Island, 18 March

Richard ROTHWELL, 56, Ireland, Fredericksburg, s/o Hugh & Sarah, married Margaret Bessie FOWLER, 26, England, Amherst Island, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth, witn: Catherine Jane PERCIVAL of Amherst Island, 19 May

William KELLY, no age given, of Marmora, s/o not known, married Mary Jane MONIN?, 28, of Amherst Island, d/o Samuel & Isabella, witn: John MONON? Jr. of Amherst Island, 12 Nov


Page 4, return by George William White

Thomas HINCHEY, 24, Camden, same, s/o Baptist & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth Ann MILLIGAN, 24, Camden, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: William MILLIGAN & Eliza CLARK, both of Sheffield, 2 Feb

John BAKER, 36, NY state, Richmond, s/o John & Sarah, married Mary Ann McGUIRE, 24, Ireland, Sheffield, d/o William & Lydia, witn: Charles & Jane McGUIRE of Sheffield, 16 Feb

Zena HAM? (Hains?), 21, Fredericksburg, same, s/o John? & Esther, married Mary A. MILLER, 20, Ernestown, same, d/o Samuel & Amanda, witn: Samuel MILLER of Ernestown & Ada ROBLIN of Napanee, 25 Feb

George HOYLE, 21, Ernestown, same, s/o John & Hannah, married Mary Maria STOVER, 19, Ernestown, Camden, d/o John & Charity, witn: Richard DOUGLASS of Camden & illegible (Wright?) McHOOY of Kingston, 27 March

Elias CLARK, 27, Camden, same, s/o George & Esther, married Isabella PORTER, 29, Aberdeen, Portland, d/o William & Ann, witn: James PORTER of Portland & Jane ROBERTSON of Camden, 26 April

Robert LONNY, 22, Ireland, Sheffield, s/o George & Ann, married Margaret TAYLOR, 22, Tick? Ireland, Hungerford, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: Mr. & E. JOHNSTON of Sheffield, 1 May

Peter Richardson BURGESS (Burger?), 23, Canada East, Hungerford, s/o Peter & Celine, married Matilda CAMPBELL, 18, Sheffield, Kaladar, d/o Archibald & Mary, witn: W. & S. C. McDEVERELL of Sheffield, 29 Oct.

Joseph ROCK, 50, of Kaladar, married Margaret HALL, 60, of Sheffield, witn: R. F. & S. C. McDEVERELL of Sheffield, 26 Oct. [no other info given]

John WORTHINGTON, 26, Ireland, Napanee, s/o W & Mary, married Margaret ANDERSON, 20, Ireland, Sheffield, d/o James & Mary, witn: W. B. DICKSON of Ernestown & illegible J. WORTHINGTON of Napanee, 21 Dec

David PHILLIPS, 21, Kingston, Westport, s/o Thomas & Olive, married Rachel WALLACE, 17, Kingston, Napanee, d/o William & Eliza, witn: John HEISEY & Celestine WELLINGTON, both of Camden, 25 Dec