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Lincoln Co., 1873

birth place is given before residence


7576-73 Charles BARRETT, 23, farmer, Seneca, same, s/o Edward & Martha, married Mary Jane PARKER, 22, Cumberland England, Seneca, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Joshua & Sarah PARKER of Seneca, 21 Feb 1873 at Caistorville 1037-73 (Lincoln Co) John M. BEAMER, 22, farmer, Ontario, Pelham, s/o Simon & Eleanor BEAMER, married Julia H. HIGH, 25, Ontario, Louth, d/o Jacob & Jane HIGH, witn: John HIGH & J. A. BARBER?, Louth, 22 Jan 1873 Louth
4835-74 (Lincoln Co) George BENNETT, 22, gentleman, Ontario, Port Colborne, s/o George & Mary BENNETT, married Hannah KINGMAN, 19, New York, Buffalo, d/o Edward & Martha BENNETT , (sic), witn: James WOOD & Henry FARRELL?, 10 Mar 1873 St Catharines #007663-73 (Lincoln Co): John BETTS, 24, farmer, Grimsby, Saltfleet twp., s/o John & Annie, married Susana J. CLENDENNAHAN, 21, Grantham, same, d/o Nelson & Desdemia, witn: Charlotte BETTS & James P. PEGG of Grantham, 17 Jan 1873 at Christ Church, St. Catharines
1077-73 (Lincoln Co) W. C. BINGHAM, 25, merchant, Canada, Aylmer, s/o W. E. & B. Jane BINGHAM, married Emma Kate GREGORY, 21, Louth twp, Port Dalhousie, d/o Philip & Sarah Ann GREGORY, witn: Roland GREGORY & Frank HILL, Louth, 2 Jan 1873 St John's, Port Dalhousie  
#001004-73 (Lincoln Co): Charles BORROWMAN, 26, merchant, Scotland, St. Catharines, s/o James & Margaret, married Maria C. BOLES, 21, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o William & Ann, witn: A. BORROWMAN & Mary L. McLEAN, both of St. Catharines, 15 Oct 1873 at St. Catharines 7607-73 Charles BRADLEY, 21, laborer, Niagara twp., same, s/o Charles & Sarah A, married Sarah A. SHEPPARD, 21, Niagara twp., same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: William SHEPPARD of Niagara twp & William HAMIL? of Grantham twp., 6 Feb 1873 at Niagara twp
1060-73 (Lincoln Co) George BRANIGAN, 24, laborer, Ontario, W. Flamboro, s/o Edward & Jane BRANIGAN, married Mary Ann JACKSON, 24 Ontario, W. Flamboro, d/o Joseph & Mary Ann JACKSON, witn: Clark VANEVERY & Martha JACKSON, W. Flamboro, 20 Feb 1873 Grimsby 4849-74 Henry BROOKS, 26, laborer, Port Dalhousie, same, s/o George & Catherine, married Margaret WILLIAMS, 21, Port Dalhousie, same, d/o James & Isabella, witn: Mrs. T. McCARTHY & illegible, both of St. Catharines, 22 Aug 1873 at St. Catharines
#007611-73 (Lincoln Co): James BROWN, 21, "edge tool maker"?, Ayrshire Scotland, St. Catherines, s/o David & Agnes, married Susan CONARY, 20, St. Davids, St. Catherines, d/o Samuel & Susan, witnesses were W. SHAW & Mary BROWN, both of St. Catherines, 27 Nov 1873 at St. Catherines #001015-73 (Lincoln Co): David BROWN, 25, laborer, Germany, Clinton twp., s/o Matthew & Catherine, married Elizabeth ECKHARDT, 19, Clinton twp., same, d/o Frederick & Magdaline, witn: Christian ECKHARDT & Anna WILLS, both of Clinton twp., 24 May 1873 at Clinton twp
#004830-73 (Lincoln Co): James C?. BRADLEY, 2-, laborer, Merritton, same, s/o L. & Ellen, married Martha Emma NORTHROPE, 20, Ontario, Merritton, d/o Benjamin & Alice, witn: William NORTHROPE & Elizabeth BRADLEY, both of Merritton, 23 May 1873 at St. Catharines #004829-73 (Lincoln Co): Percy BRODEY, 20, laborer, England, St. Catharines, s/o William & Sarah, married Elizabeth BOWYER, 21, England, St. Catharines, d/o William & Mary, witn: Louisa DEANIS? & John OAKES, both of St. Catharines, 6 April 1873 at St. Catharines
#004831-73 (Lincoln Co): William BROWDEN, 24, laborer, Devonshire England, St. Catharines, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann BARNETT (or Bennett), 20, London England, St. Catharines, d/o James & Ayetta, witn: George THURO & Emma LANTZER, both of St. Catharines, 9 April 1873 at St. Catharines 4844-74 Dempster BRYANT, 21, butcher, St. Catharines, same, s/o Mark & Sarah, married Susan CANARY (Cannary?), no age given, St. Davids, St. Catharines, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Joseph GRAHAM & Sarah STEVENS, both of St. Catharines, 8 Sept 1873 at St. Catharines
#007662-73 (Lincoln Co): James CALL, 22, sailor, Hamilton, St. Catharines, s/o James & Rosanna, married Sarah Jane CONWAY, 23, Dundas, St. Catharines, d/o Robert & Ann, witn: George REID & Henny HUTCHINSON, both of St. Catharines, 21 April 1873 at res of William BUNTIN, St. Catharines #001013-73 (Lincoln Co): John COLLINS, 24, sailor, Canada, Port Dalhousie, s/o Patrick & Ann, married Celia McAVORY, 22, Canada, Port Dalhousie, d/o James & Helen, witn: Robert DENTON & Jessie CRAWFORD, both of Port Dalhousie, 30 Dec 1873 at St. Catharines
#007664-73 (Lincoln Co): Patrick C. CONLEY, 43, widower, gentleman, Boston Mass., Mobile Alabama, s/o Morgan CONLEY & unknown, married Mary E. CARNES, 26, Parish of Assumption - Lower Canada, Memphis Tenn., d/o James & Elizabeth M., witn: James or Jane TAH? of Memphis & W.K. OVERALL of Mobile, 11 Sept 1873 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines (also 1001-73) vol 31 pg 3 (Lincoln Co) : Edmond F. COWAN, 36, farmer, Princeton, same, s/o Jeremia & Desior?, married Isabella HILL, 28, England, St. Catharines, d/o Charles Popland & Mary HILL, witn: C.W. COWAN of Woodstock & H.M. HILL of St. Catharines, 19 Nov 1873 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines (also 7671-73)
#007654-73 (Lincoln Co): Robert Brown CRAWFORD, 20, railway conductor, Larkhall Scotland, Petrolia, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth married Margaret LAWRIE, 18, Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, d/o William & Elizabeth Dick LAWRIE, witn: Robert LAWRIE, 8 Oct 1873 at St. Catharines 1049-73 (Lincoln Co) Revell Sherlock CROOKER, 20, mechanic, Waterdown, Merritton, s/o John Cumming & Mary CROOKER, married Sarah Elizabeth WILSON, 27, Gainsborough, same, d/o John & Margaret WILSON witn: John W. WILSON, Gainsborough & Margaret E. BEAMER, Grimsby, 17 Dec 1873 Grimsby
1069-73 (Lincoln Co) David CROSBY, 25, farmer, Ontario, Caistor, s/o John & Mary Ann CROSBY, married Dorothy Elizabeth PUTMAN, 20, Ontario, Caistor, d/o Henry & Hannah Malinda PUTMAN, witn: Martha & Mary E. SAVAGE, Grimsby, 28 May 1873 Smithville 007613-73 (Lincoln Co.) Bernard CURRAN, 22, occupation not given, Cobourg, Titusville PA, s/o Patrick & Catherine, married Annie MCGUINESS, 20, Ireland, St. Catharines, d/o James & Mary, witn - James & Mary MCGUINESS of St. Catharines, 24 January 1873 at St. Catharines
4941-74 Henry CUSTER, 28, mechanic, Rainham, Niagara twp., s/o Henry & Catherine, married Mary Jane WARNER, 21, Niagara twp., same, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: Clarinda TENBROECK of Niagara twp & James CUSTER of Rainham, 24 Dec 1873 at Niagara twp #007657-73 (Lincoln Co): James DAGGER, 21, engineer, Boston England, St. Catharines, s/o Robert & Jane, married Henrietta MYERS, 19, London England, St. Catharines, d/o Henry & Hannah, witn: Robert WIDDICOMB & Benjamin SANDERSON, both of St. Catharines, 6 Nov 1873 at St. Catharines
#004920-74 (Lincoln Co): George L. DAMON, 25, mechanic, St. Catharines, Grimsby village, s/o Orin & Emily, married Georgianna SMITH, 19, Brantford, Grimsby village, d/o Jeremiah & Mary, witnesses were Robert & Minnie SMITH, both of Cayuga town, 24 Dec 1873 at the house of Rev J.G. MURRAY in Grimsby village 1074-73 (Lincoln Co) Albert DISHER, 28, farmer, Ontario, Louth, s/o Peter & Sarah Ann DISHER, married Sarah STAFF, 26, Ontario, Louth, d/o Robert & Hanna STAFF, witn: Elisha STAFF, Louth, 17 Jun 1873 Port Dalhousie
1026-73 (Lincoln Co) J. G. DOAN, 33, wid, farmer, Ontario, Crowland, s/o Elias & Amy DOAN, married Mary A. CORNWELL, 22, Ontario, Beamsville, d/o James W. & Elizabeth CORNWELL, witn: William HOLDER, Crowland & Minnie CORNWALL, Beamsville, 14 May 1873 Beamsville 007615-73 (Lincoln Co.) Michael DONAHOE, 26, occupation not given, Kingston, St. Catharines, s/o John & Ellen, married Johanna MORRISON, 21, St. Catharines, same, d/o John & Mary, witn - G.H. DUFF & Ellen MORRISON, both of St. Catharines, 12 August 1873 at St. Catharines
  #007660-73 (Lincoln Co): Thomas? Charles DONNINGTON, 32, widower, laborer, Ireland, Port Robinson, married Margaret Jane Hannah FOLEY, 27, widow, Welland, same, d/o Richard & Ann Jane HANNA, witn: P.H. MORRIS of Port Robinson & Emeline HANNA of Hermiston, 30 July, 1873 at St. George's Church, St. Catharines
#007649-73 (Lincoln Co): William DOUGAN, 28, physician, St. Catharines, same, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Ann Helena CARLYLE, 24, Niagara, St. Catharines, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: George CARLYLE & Alex McLAREN, both of St. Catharines, 7 Aug 1873 at St. Catharines 7608-73 S. E. EARL, 23, carriage trimmer, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o George W. & Malissa J., married S. A. ABELL, 18, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o John S. & Ann, witn: Ernest SHELDRICK & Alice ABELL, both of St. Catharines, 27 May 1873 at res of John Abell, St. Catharines
#007600-73 (Lincoln Co): William Nelson FACER, 30, farmer, Grantham twp., same, s/o Lewis & Ann, married Lucinda Magdalene DEFROTTEY?, 32, Grantham twp., same, d/o Joseph & Margaret Permilia, witnesses were Edward HISCOTT & James H. BESSEY, both of Grantham twp., April 30, 1873 at Grantham twp 1065-73 (Lincoln Co) John FICHNER, 50, wid, farmer, Ontario, Grimsby, s/o Godfrey & Eleanor FICHNER, married Matilda CAUGHILL, 34, Ontario, Gainsborough, d/o Peter & Mary CAUGHILL, witn: Susan CAUGHILL & Susan KENNEDY, Grimsby, 3 Apr 1873 Grimsby
1025-73 (Lincoln Co) Horace FIELD, 23, baggage master, Ontario, Grimsby, s/o Jacob M. & Mary FIELD, married Margaret Jane RODGERS, 19, Ontario, Clinton, d/o Bernard & Mary RODGERS, witn: William Henry COSER?, Smithville & Alou FIELD, Grimsby, 13 May 1873 Beamsville #001014-73 (Lincoln Co): Ezra FISHER, 33, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o John & Sophia, married Sarah Jane MARTIN, 24, Clinton twp., same, d/o Sylvester & Sarah, witn: Sarah & Benjamin MARTIN of Clinton twp., 29 April 1873 at Clinton twp
4848-74 John William FROST, 33, merchant, Ottawa, Owen Sound, s/o John & Mary, married Adelaide Josephine McDONALD, 35, St. Catharines, same, d/o John F. & Caroline MITTLEBERGER, witn: Mrs. S. H. McCALLUM & Agnes HOWELL, both of St. Catharines, 6 June 1873 at St. Catharines #007666-73 (Lincoln Co): Frederick FRY, 56, widower, signal man on GWWR, Woolwich England, Merritton, s/o Henry & Charlotte, married Hannah H. McDONALD, 41, widow, Kilpatrick Scotland, Merritton, d/o John & Ann NORRY, witn: Emily EDWARDS & William A. SHORTTS of St. Catharines, 22 June 1873 at res of Rev. William SHORTTS, St. Catharines
4841-74 George GAMBLE, 29, blacksmith, Welland, same, s/o John & Mary, married Jessie RAMSAY, 21, Welland, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Mrs. McCARTHY & Mr. JENKINS, both of St. Catharines, 28 Aug 1873 at St. Catharines

4882-74 Leslie V. GARNER, 27, blacksmith, Thorold, Welland, s/o Robert & Louisa married Jane PAGE, 29, Thorold, same, d/o Alexander & Edith, witn: E.E. & Ina GARNER both of Welland, 25 Nov 1873 St. Catharines.

7588-73 John GAYMAN, 21, farmer, Canada, Pickering, s/o Christian & Annie, married Sarah M. MOYER, 19, Canada, Clinton twp., d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Jacob GAYMAN of Dunn & Catherine McDOWD of Clinton twp., 21 Oct 1873 at Clinton twp 007626-73 (Lincoln Co.) John GOODLIFFE, 27, carpenter, England, Byron NY, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Margaret CLAMBERT, 18, Niagara, St. Catharines, d/o William & Mary, witn - S. HOOKS, Florence KNIGHT & Hannah CHATFIELD, all of St. Catharines, 11 February 1873 at St. Catharines
4842-74 Samuel GORDON, 20, gentleman, St. Catharines, same, s/o John & Hannah, married Maria TRIST, 17, St. Catharines, same, d/o John & Charlotte, wtn: James & Sadie BROWN of St. Catharines, 14 Oct 1873 at St. Catharines 1076-73 (Lincoln Co) Thomas GRANT, 38, farmer, Scotland, Illinois, s/o James & Elizabeth GRANT, married Ellen GRANT, 35, wid, Port Dalhousie, same, d/o Jonathan & Ellen WOODALL, witn: Jonathan & Margaret WOODALL, Port Dalhousie, 11 Jul 1873 Port Dalhousie
1071-73 (Lincoln Co) Rolland W. GREGORY, 24, farmer, Ontario, Louth, s/o Eli & Cornelia GREGORY, married Caroline PAWLAY, 22, Ontario, Louth, d/o Nathan & Matilda PAWLAY, witn: Johnson GREGORY, Louth, 20 Oct 1873 St John's, Port Dalhousie #007596-73 (Lincoln Co): Thomas J.J.W. HAMMILL, 23, bookkeeper, Beverly, Merritton, s/o Robert HAMMILL & Jane S. STRATFORD, married Florence PHELPS, 20, Merritton, same, d/o Noah PHELPS & Adeline LOVELAND, witnesses were Samuel C. PHELPS of Merritton & Jane S. HAMMILL of Beverly, Sept. 17, 1873 at Merritton
1031-73 (Lincoln Co) Ephraim HANHAM, 26, farmer, Ontario, Grimsby, s/o Robert & Elizabeth HAWHAM, married, Jane PHILLIPS, 24, Ontario, Gainsborough, d/o Joseph & Ann PHILLIPS, witn: Hiram HAWKAINS, Trafalger & Maggie PHILLIPS, Gainsborough, 12 Mar 1873 Gainsborough #007651-73 (Lincoln Co): Robert HARDY, 21, plasterer, Surrey England, St. Catharines, s/o Robert & Caroline, married Emma BRYANT, 16, St. Catharines, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: William & Sarah BRYANT, 12 July 1873 at St. Catharines
#007650-73 (Lincoln Co): Benjamin HARROMAN, 24, carpenter, Manchester England, Chippawa, s/o William & Sarah, married Ann Jane GIBSON, 25, Chippawa, same, d/o Alexander & Maria, witn: John E. WALLEY of Clifton & Jeremiah GIBSON of Chippawa, 14 Aug 1873 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines 7573-73 Thomas Irvine HAVENS, 21, farmer, Clinton twp., Caistor, s/o William & Nancy, married Mary Jane BEASON, 18, England, Grimsby, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: William BARTLETT & Phineas RIPENBURGH, 11 Dec 1873 at Caistor
7578-73 Robert C. HENDERSON, 20, farmer, Beverly, Stamford, s/o Peter & Janet, married Sarah ROBINSON, 23, England, Niagara twp., d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Archibald THOMPSON & Frances ROBINSON, both of Stamford, 6 Oct. 1873 at Niagara twp #007612-73 (Lincoln Co): Albert Ross HENRY, 23, moulder, Grimsby, same, s/o James & Mary, married Lydia A. DRAKE, 23, Grimsby, Clinton twp., d/o Francis & Janet, witnesses were James DURHAM of Clinton & Adelinda DRAKE of Grimsby, Nov. 12, 1873 at St. Catherines
#007643-73 (Lincoln Co): Anoran HIGH, 26, farmer, Bayham twp., Louth twp., s/o Amos & Mary Ann, married Mary Catherine MOYER, 18, Clinton twp., same, d/o Abraham & Barbara, witn: John & Elizabeth FOWKES of Louth twp., 11 May 1873 at Louth twp 1053-73 (Lincoln Co) William Leander HIMMON, 21, farmer, Ontario, Glanford, s/o John Y. & Henrietta HIMMON, married Eliza Jane REID, 20, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o William & Helen REID, witn: David & Catherine GARRISON?, Caistor, 17 Aug 1873 Smithville

4871-74 George Smith HOLMESTED [sic], 32, Barrister at Law, London England, Toronto, s/o Arthur & Elizabeth Sarah HOLMSTED married Edith Maria ATKINSON, 24, St. Catharines, same, d/o Abraham FULLER & Annie ATKINSON, witn: Dorothy JONES of Toronto & Harriet Isabella ATKINSON of St. Catharines, 30 Dec 1873 at St. Catharines.

1038-73 (Lincoln Co) William A. HONSBERRY, 23, farmer, Ontario, Louth, s/o Michael & Agnes HONSBERRY, married Maggie MARTIN, 21 Ontario, Louth, d/o Isaac & Magdelina MARTIN, witn: Aaron WISMER & Mary M. MARTIN, Louth, 19 Mar 1873 Louth
1030-73 (Lincoln Co) James HOUSE, 38, wid, farmer, Ontario, Canborough, s/o Isaac & Sarah HOUSE, married Maria CROSBY, 23, Ontario, Canborough, d/o Samuel & Earnice CROSBY, witn: Peter & Ann Catherine KINTLE, Gainsborough, 26 Feb 1873 Gainsborough 7593-73 David F. HOUSSER, 23, farmer, Clinton twp., same, s/o John & Magdalene, married Annie S. NASH, 22, South Cayuga, Clinton twp., d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: L. A. MOYER & Mary M. ALBRIGHT, both of Campton, 11 Sept 1873 at Clinton twp
#007655-73 (Lincoln Co): Henry Charles HOWARD, 26, gent, Montreal, St. Catharines, s/o Francis Hams & Eliza HOWARD, married Annie Elizabeth HOWARD, 18, spinster, St. Catharines, same, d/o James SAUNDERS & not given, witn: Thomas H. McCOMB of Port Robinson & Martha PHIPPS of St. Catharines, no date, probably 1873, at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines 7577-73 Peter HUMPHREY, 26, farmer, Beverly twp., same, s/o John & Annie, married Melvina HOOVER, 20, Caistor, same, d/o Josiah & Mary M., witn: Lafayette JOHNSON & Rachel HOOVER, both of Caistor, 2 April 1873 at Caistor
1072-73 (Lincoln Co) John IRVIN, 28, captain of tug, Ontario, Port Dalhousie, s/o Robert & Eliza IRVIN, married Eliza COOK, 24, Ontario, Port Dalhousie, d/o Thomas & Sarah COOK, witn: Darcy WOOD & James MCQUIRE, Port Dalhousie, 27 Dec 1873 Port Dalhousie 007627-73 (Lincoln Co.) William R. JAMES, 26, printer, Ireland, St. Catharines, s/o Job & Francis, married Mary PRESTON, 24, Thorold, St. Catharines, d/o Sylvester & Lucinda, witn - James FITZGERALD of St. Catharines & May POLWEK? of Thorold, 19 March 1873 at St. Catharines
1059-73 (Lincoln Co) John JOHNSON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Grimsby, s/o Richard & Maria JOHNSON, married Prudence BETTS, 23, Ontario, Grimsby, d/o Thomas & Jemima BETTS, witn: John & Elizabeth TWEEDLE, Saltfleet, 15 Jan 1873 Grimsby 1029-73 (Lincoln Co) John W. JOHNSTON, 28, shoemaker, Ontario, Wellandport, s/o Richard & Mary (nee HENDERSON), married Susan E. McKEAGUE, 21, Ontario, Wellandport, d/o Alexander & Ann Jane, witn: Aggie J. McKEAGUE? & William J WILSON, Wellandport, 22 Jan 1873 Wellandport
7582-73 Andrew JOYCE, 29, purser, England, Niagara, s/o Thomas JOYCE & Elizabeth CRUDDIE?, married Margaret Elizabeth JOLLY, 25, Canada, Niagara, d/o David JOLLY & Margaret WILSON, witn: David & Benjamin C. JOLLY, 14 Jan 1873 at Niagara 1042-73 (Lincoln Co) David Stow KEDDIE, 28, banker, Scotland, Thorold, s/o William & Jessie KEDDIE, married Jessie J. MCMASTER, 26, Canada, Thorold, d/o John & Annie MCMASTER, witn: Peter B. NELLES & John H. GRANT, Grimsby, 15 Jun 1873 Grimsby
1035-73 (Lincoln Co) John Bruce KENNEDY, 24, farmer, Ontario, Drummondville, s/o William & Sarah Jane (nee TRUPART), married Margaret Ann WOODRIFF, 21, Ontario, Niagara, d/o John & Mary (nee COLLAND), witn: Theodore W. WOODRIFF & George KENNEDY, Drummondville, 1 Jul 1873 St David’s 1036-73 (Lincoln Co) Albert KENNEDY, 28, farmer, Ontario, Gainsborough, s/o Michael & Mary KENNEDY, married Georgina DUNN, 20, Ontario, St David’s, d/o Luther & Mary DUNN, witn: James KENNEDY, Ridgeway & Michael BENSON, Jordan, 2 Dec 1873 St David’s
  4836-74 (Lincoln Co) John F. KLOCK, 26, machinist, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o John & Elizabeth KLOCK, married Annie MARTINDALE, 23, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o John & Ann MARTINDALE, witn: John GILBERT? & Camilia WATSON, St Catharines, 24 Apr 1873 St Catharines
vol 31 pg 3 (Lincoln Co) : James B. LAMB, 32, mill wright, Canada, Ottawa City, s/o John & Mary D., married Magdalene B. BLACK, 21, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o John & Hellen, witn: James DEANAN? of Ottawa & Jenet E. LAWRIE of St. Catharines, 13 Nov 1873 at St. Catharines (also #007670-73) 1034-73 (Lincoln Co) Frederick LAMPMAN, 38, barrister at law, Ontario, Niagara, s/o Peter & Ann LAMPMAN, married Amelia Jane MOORE, 25, Ontario, Thorold, d/o Jonas & Caroline MOORE, witn: Joseph LAMPMAN & M. M. MCNEELY, Niagara?, 11 Jun 1873 Niagara
7603-73 Leonard LANE, 24, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o John & Mary, married Alice Jane COMFORT, 24, Gainsborough, same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: George W. & Nathan COMFORT of Gainsborough, 4 June 1873 at Gainsborough #007648-73 (Lincoln Co): William LEITCH, 21, sailor, Scotland, St. Catharines, s/o James & Isabella, married Margaret LINDSAY, 20, Scotland, St. Catharines, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Henry JAMES (surname?) & Margaret COTTIE, both of St. Catharines, 3 July 1873 at St. Catharines
#007653-73 (Lincoln Co): Joseph LINDABERRY, 67, widower, farmer, Clinton twp., same, s/o Christopher & blank, married Huldah FREAS, 63, widow, Clinton twp., d/o William & Elizabeth FREAS, witn: Ephraim & Helen FREAS, 4 Oct 1873 at St. Catharines #007658-73 (Lincoln Co): John M. LIVINGSTON, 25, farmer, Middleton twp., Pelham twp., s/o William & Phoebe, married Emily KELSEY, 19, Pelham twp., same, d/o Joseph & Hannah, witn: J.T. MENDENHALL & Mrs. H. BAILY, both of St. Catharines, 19 Nov 1873 at Cairns Hotel, St. Catharines
4945-74 Isaac MacMANN, 25, laborer, Thorold, same, s/o Benjamin & Mary Ann, married Jane GRIFFIN, 23, Rathkelle? Ireland, Thorold, d/o Patrick & Elizabeth, witn: John MacMANN & Mary GRIFFIN, both of Thorold, 25 Dec 1873 at Merritton 7590-73 John Lewis MARLATT, 21, farmer, Clinton twp., same, s/o Paul & Eliza, married Rhoda FISHER, 21, Canada, St. Anns, d/o Peter & Lydia, witn: C. L. SNYDER & Augusta FISHER, both of St. Anns, 31 Oct. 1873 at Beamsville
1067-73 (Lincoln Co) Allen MARLATT, 26, farmer, Onrario, Clinton, s/o Ezekiel & Margaret MARLATT, married Mary Alma TUFFORD, 22, Ontario, Clinton, d/o Henry & Charlotte TUFFORD, witn: Isaac A. COON, Grimsby & Eliza A. MARTIN, Clinton, 2 Apr 1873 Grimsby  
007597-73 (Lincoln Co): Thomas MARSDEN, 29, weaver, Lincolnshire England, Merritton, s/o John & Ann, married Susannah TOBAIN, 21, Lincolnshire England, Merritton, d/o James & Mary, witnesses were William TATMUS? & Eliza SUTTON, both of Merritton, Aug. 24, 1873 at Merritton 1022-73 (Lincoln Co) Allen W. MARTIN, 29, farmer, Clinton twp., same, s/o Joseph & Charity MARTIN, married Mary HIPPLE, 24, Clinton twp., same, , d/o Lawrence & Catherine HIPPLE, witn: Ephraim HIPPLE & John RUSS, Clinton, 19 Feb 1873 Clinton
4936-74 (Lincoln Co): James MASTERSON, 29, farmer, widower, Louth twp., Pelham twp., s/o Patrick & Ann, married Elizabeth WILEY, 20, Louth twp., Pelham twp., d/o George & Mary, witn: James & Janett MUIR of Louth, 4 Dec 1873 at M.N.C. Parsonage, Louth 7585-73 Alexander MAXWELL, 30, merchant, Scotland, St. Catharines, s/o Andrew MAXWELL & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, married Jessie WOOD, 28, Scotland, Niagara twp., d/o Robert WOOD & Agnes TOD, witn: James George WOOD of Niagara, 4 Nov 1873 at Niagara
  4839-74 Angus McDONALD, 22, gentleman, Scotland, Welland, s/o James & Mary, married Elizabeth DOTERAGE, 18, England, Wainfleet twp., d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: James McDONALD of Welland & Margaret STUART of St. Catharines, 3 Jan 1873 at St. Catharines
1040-73 (Lincoln Co) John C. MCFERRIN, 24, businessman, Ontario, Walpole, s/o John & Caroline MCFERRIN, married Anna M. ALMAS, 21, Ontario, Walpole, d/o Adam & Elora ALMAS, witn: Alexander COOK & Emma BOOK, Grimsby, 9 Jun 1873 Grimsby 1064-73 (Lincoln Co) Thomas C. MCFERRAN, 24, farmer, Canada, Walpole, s/o John & Caroline MCFERRAN, married Anna M. ALMAS, 21, Canada, Grimsby, d/o Adam & Eliza ALMAS, witn: Alexander COON & Emma BOOK, Grimsby, 9 Feb 1873 Grimsby
Vol 24 Pg 84 - Thomas McMAHON, 27, carpenter, Cookstown, Avening, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Eliza Ann PHILLIMORE, 17, Thorold, Port Dalhousie, d/o Charles & Ellen. Witn: Charles H. PHILLIMORE & Annie ROBINSON, both of Dalhousie. 28 Feb 1873 Port Dalhousie 1058-73 (Lincoln Co) Ezra MCPHERSON, 21, yeoman, Ontario, Gainsborough, s/o William Henry & Phebe MCPHERSON, married Amanda Catherine CROW, 19, Ontario, Gainsborough, d/o John & Margaret CROW, witn: Martha & Mary SAVAGE, Smithville, 22 Jan 1873 Smithville
7601-73 George W. McPHERSON, 24, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Achsah C. ROSZEL, 21, Caistor, Gainsborough, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: George & Julie ROSZEL of Caistor, 24 June 1873 at res of bride's mother, Caistor 7604-73 John Emery MERRITT, 21, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o Henry & Sarah, married Mary Ann ROSZEL, 19, Gainsborough, same, d/o Isaac & Mart, witn: Abraham & Elizabeth ROSZEL of Gainsborough, 24 Dec 1873 at Gainsborough
7579-73 James L. MILLER, 25, merchant, Canada, Niagara, s/o Robert & Deborah, married Anna ROUSSEAU, 25, Canada, Niagara, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Charles V. JOAL of Indiana state & Kate ROUSSEAU of Niagara, 28 May 1873 at St. Marks church, Niagara 7602-73 Matthias MISENER, 21, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o Philip & Eliza, married Amanda Jane McPHERSON, 18, Gainsborough, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Adam McPHERSON of Gainsborough & Angeline LYMBURNER of Caistor, 29 Oct 1873 at Gainsborough
1033-73 (Lincoln Co) Veloris MOOT, 20, farmer, Ontario, Clinton twp., s/o John & Elizabeth MOOT, married Theda BEAMER, 22, Ontario, Gainsborough, d/o Henry & Phebe BEAMER, witn: Lyman BROWN, Gainsborough & William Henry ZINS, Clinton, 11 Jun 1873 Gainsborough vol 31 pg 4 (Lincoln Co) : John Charles MORGAN, 21, sailor, Plymouth England, St. Catharines, s/o John & Sophia, married Emma PRICE, 21, St. Catharines, same, d/o Nelson & Fanny, witn: George PRICE & Martha MILLWARD, both of St. Catharines, 23 Dec 1873 at St. Catharines (also 7673-73)
1044-73 (Lincoln Co) Judson MORRIS, 23, mechanic, Clinton twp., same, s/o George & Huldah MORRIS, married Nancy Jane HOUSE, 17, Clinton twp., same, d/o Jacob & Mary HOUSE, witn: Martha SAVAGE & David W. CAMP, Smithville, 12 Aug 1873 Smithville 1027-73 (Lincoln Co) Solomon A. NASH, 24, carriage maker, Ontario, S. Cayuga, s/o Jacob & Annie NASH, married Amelia AMYS (Amiss?), 25, Ontario, Beamsville, d/o Jeremiah & Sarah AMYS?, witn: Solomon MICHNER, Clinton & Mary AMYS?, Beamsville, 9 Jul 1873 Beamsville
1023-73 (Lincoln Co) William H. NASH, 26, school teacher, Clinton twp., same, , s/o Jacob & Annie NASH, married Susan ALBRIGHT, 24, Clinton twp., same, d/o Abraham & Frances ALBRIGHT, witn: Frank & Catherine ALBRIGHT, Clinton, 17 Feb 1873 Campden 1048-73 (Lincoln Co) Walter H. NELLES, 29, manufacturer, Grimsby village, Grimsby, s/o Peter B. & Mary NELLES, married Sarah Jane FORBES, 19, Niagara town, Grimsby, d/o Duncan & Mary FORBES, witn: Robert Sumner NELLES, Toronto & Sarah CARNAHAN, Drummondville, 31 Jul 1873 Grimsby
1045-73 (Lincoln Co) John NICHOLSON, 21, yeoman, Binbrook, same, s/o George & Catherine NICHOLSON, married Sarah EDMONDS, 21, Wales, Binbrook, d/o Edmond & Rebecca EDMONDS, witn: James NICHOLSON, Smithville & Eliza ROBERTS, Binbrook, 15 Aug 1873 Smithville #004921-74 (Lincoln Co): William R. OLMSTED, 22, farmer, Saltfleet, same, s/o Russel & Eliza Jane, married Elizabeth MUIR, 22, Grimsby twp., same, d/o Douglass & Eunice, witnesses were Henry MUIR of Grimsby twp & Sarah OLMSTED of Saltfleet twp., 31 Dec 1873 at the house of Douglass Muir, Grimsby twp.
7589-73 Moses H. OVERHOLT, 25, cooper, Canada, Louth, s/o Moses & Susan, married Barbara MOYER, 23, Canada, Clinton twp., d/o Samuel & Magdalena, witn: Simon HOUSSER & Magdalina MOYER, both of Clinton twp., 28 Oct 1873 at Clinton twp 4811-74 William Edwin PARK, 24, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o James & Jane, married Sarah Jane SLOAN, 20, West Gwillimbury, Caistor, d/o George & Isabel, witn: Orin MELICK of Canboro & Elizabeth PARK of Caistor, 31 Dec 1873 at Caistor
#007652-73 (Lincoln Co): John POTTER, 31, widower, laborer, England, St. Catharines, s/o Wilmer & Mary, married Angelina WHEELER, 43, widow, Island of Jersey, St. Catharines, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth HUBBARD, witn: C.E. NEWMAN & R. PENFOLD, both of Toronto, 18 Aug 1873 at St. Catharines 1020-73 (Lincoln Co) Solomon PRICE, 21, farmer, Ontario, Louth, s/o Henry & Mary M. PRICE, married Flora WALRATH, 18, Ontario, Jordan, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth WALRATH, witn: Ra;ph E. CARLE & Anna E. WISMER, Louth, 15 Jan 1873 Beamsville
#007644-73 (Lincoln Co): William RAY, 28, sailor, Canada, Kingston, s/o William & Ruth, married Caroline BLAKELY, 29, widow, USA, Cleveland USA, d/o Samuel & Phebe A. BLAKELY, witn: Robert MORRIS & S.J. BELDON, both of St. Catharines, 9 Aug 1873 at St. Catharines 7594-73 James W. REECE, 21, farmer, Clinton twp., same, s/o Davis & Hannah, married Sarah M. MOYER, 20, Clinton twp., same, d/o Samuel M. & Barbara, witn: L. A. MOYER & Mary M. ALBRIGHT, both of Campton, 25 Dec 1873 at Clinton twp.
007533-73 (Lincoln Co.) James RENO, 34, mariner, Montreal, Port Dalhousie, s/o Francis & Christena married Ester SLEVEN, 19, Gainsborough, Port Dalhousie, d/o Owen & Elizabeth, witn - Alice SLEVEN & Henry MCNALLY, residences not given, 9 January 1873 at Port Dalhousie 7580-73 William Oate (Oak?) RHINDS, 26, farmer, England, Niagara, s/o Charles & Sophia H., married Hannah HARDWICKE, 20, England, Niagara, d/o William & Jane, witn: Charles & Henry M. RHINDS and Geraldine ALLOWAY, all of Niagara, 5 June 1873 at St. Marks Church, Niagara
vol 31 pg 4 (Lincoln Co) : John ROBERTSON, 34, farmer, Grantham twp., same, s/o James & Zilphia, married Allice BUSH, 25, Grantham, Lymtham?, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Robert & Ann S. PARKER of St. Catharines, 30 Dec 1873 at St. Catharines (also 7675-73) 7574-73 Harvey ROSZELL, 28, carpenter, Grimsby, Gainsborough, s/o Isaac & Mary, married Mary Jane NELSON, 19, Caistor, same, d/o Isaac & Jane, witn: Isaac & Margaret NELSON of Caistor, 8 Jan 1873 at Caistor
7592-73 Robert C. RUGG, 23, mechanic, England, Detroit, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth A. RODGERS, 23, Clinton twp., Beamsville, d/o Bernard & Mary, witn: Joseph PETTIE of Detroit & Bertha RODGERS of Clinton, 18 Nov 1873 at Beamsville 1043-73 (Lincoln Co) Walter Kerr SECORD, 39, farmer, Canada, Saltfleet, s/o Elijah & Mary R. SECORD, married Mary A. RIDELL, 38, wid, Canada, Saltfleet, d/o John WILLIAMS, witn: John TOWNS? & Gertrude SECORD, Hamilton, 10 Sep 1873 Grimsby
#007656-73 (Lincoln Co): Charles D. SECORD, 25, farmer, Grantham, same, s/o Samuel R. & Elizabeth, married Maria T. REYNOLDS, 19, Grantham, same, d/o Benjamin F. & Maria M., witn: A.T. & W.F. SECORD of Port Colburn, 30 Oct 1873 at St. Catharines 7583-73 Jacob Dase SERVOS, 23, farmer, Grantham twp., same, s/o William B. SERVOS & Elizabeth HOSTETLER, married Catherine Elizabeth HOSTETLER, 23, Niagara twp., same, d/o Herman HOSTETLER & Rebecca CLEMENT, witn: John SERVOS of Niagara & Jacob HOSTETLER of Grantham, 9 April 1873 at Grantham
7584-73 Daniel SERVOS, 34, merchant, Canada, Niagara, s/o John D. SERVOS & Elizabeth BALL, married Mary Olivia TORRANCE, 23, Canada, Niagara, d/o Thomas TORRANCE & Ann BARKER, witn: Robert CURRIE of Niagara, 15 Oct. 1873 at Clifton 7591-73 Joseph S. SIMMONDS, 35, widower, tailor, Birmingham England, Walkerton, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Charity A. ZIMMERMAN, 18, Clinton twp., Beamsville, d/o James B. & Prudence, witn: J. R. TEEFY? of Hamilton & L? C. ZIMMERMAN of Clinton twp., 22 Oct. 1873 at Clinton twp
#007610-73 (Lincoln Co): Sidney SIMONS, 23, farmer, East Zorra, St. Catherines, s/o Solomon & Maria S., married Mary Ann PRICE, 16, Bourgalois? Quebec, same, d/o Charles & Ann J. Smith PRICE, witnesses were Hamilton SECORD & Miss Mary COLD--?, both of St. Catherines, Jan. 21, 1873 at St. Catherines #007661-73 (Lincoln Co): William Samuel SMITH, 24, miller, Merritton, same, s/o John Bradley & Eliza, married Eliza MIDDLETON, 20, England, Merritton, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John B. SMITH of Merritton & James Richard BOYLE of Port Dalhousie, 30 Dec 1873 at St. Catharines
7609-73 John Piper SMITH, 30, clerk, Shelsburgh Penn., St. Catharines, s/o John & Jas?, married Mary J. LAIDLAW, 30, widow, St. Catharines, same, d/o George & Janet PATTON, witn: W. W. HILLMAN? & Thomas R. SMITH, both of St. Catharines, 4 June 1873 at St. Catharines 1070-73 (Lincoln Co) William K. SMITH, 28, farmer, Ontario, Flamboro, s/o not given, married Catherine MCKINLY, 25, Ontario, Nauford?, d/o John & Catherine MCKINLY, witn: William M. READ & Alice GRANT, Grimsby, 29 May 1873 Grimsby
4972-74 William SPENCER, 22, ship carpenter, Canada, Port Dalhousie, s/o Charles & Mary, married Ann HEARD, 25, Scotland, Port Dalhousie, d/o Peter & Christena, witn: Charles SPENCER & Martha ADAMS, both of Port Dalhousie, 12 Aug 1873 at Port Dalhousie 1073-73 (Lincoln Co) William SPENSER, 22, ship carpenter, Ontario, Port Dalhousie, s/o Charles & Mary SPENSER, married Annie HURD, 25, Ontario, Port Dalhousie, d/o Peter & Clarisa? HURD, witn: Charles SPENSER & Martha ADAMS, Port Dalhousie, 12 Aug 1873 Port Dalhousie
7587-73 Andrew SPIECE, 30, sawyer, East Zorra, Clinton twp., s/o Richard & Caroline, married Lydia Caroline ORTH, 30, Clinton twp., same, d/o John & Mary, witn: James P. PEGG & Andrew DEAN, both of Clinton twp., 2 Oct 1873 at Clinton twp 007625-73 (Lincoln Co.) Philiskey Edward STANLEY, 21, steamboat owner, Blanchard Twp, London ON, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Ellen PETERSON, 19, St. Catharines, same, d/o Robert & Hannah, witn - W.W. FITZGERALD & Maggie STANLEY, both of London, Kate PETERSON of St. Catharines & Alex MUNRO of Montreal, 29 January 1873 at St. Catharines
1039-73 (Lincoln Co) Robert STEPHENSON, 34, farmer, Ontario, White Oak?, s/o Thomas & Ann STEPHENSON, married Augusta HARE, 30, wid, Ontario, Louth, d/o James & Rachael HARE, witn: John KELLY & Mary Jane BELLY?, Thorold, 13 Apr 1873 Louth 007618-73 (Lincoln Co.) John SULLIVAN, 23?, captain of vessel, St. Catharines, same, s/o John & Hannah, married Catherine KEARNS, 21, St. Catharines, same, d/o Charles & Catherine, witn - Capt. G. SULLIVAN & Maggie DUFFY, both of St. Catharines, 26 November 1873 at St. Catharines
  1068-73 (Lincoln Co) James C. SWACKHAMMER, 26, farmer, Ontario, Grimsby, s/o Isaac & Catherine SWACKHAMMER, married Regina TERRYBERRY, 19, Ontario, Grimsby, d/o George & Margarett TERRYBERRY, witn: Norman H. SWACKHAMMER & Henry S. TERRYBERRY, Grimsby, 8 Apr 1873 Grimsby
#007659-73 (Lincoln Co): William Wellington TAYLOR, 21, mason, St. Catharines, same, s/o William & Ann, married Mary MOORS, 20, London England, St. Catharines, d/o Charles & Catherine, witn: William WALKINGSHAW & Lucie A. SMITH, both of St. Catharines, 11 June 1873 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines vol 31 pg 4 (Lincoln Co) : Isaac Albert TEETER, 22, farmer, Clinton twp., same, s/o Isaac & Cornelia, married Clara E. BOOK, 18, Grimsby twp., same, d/o John & Sophia, witn: Jasper BOOK of Grimsby & Charlotte WINTERBERRY of Clinton twp., 23 Dec 1873 at St. Catharines (also 7674-73)
1062-73 (Lincoln Co) Jacob B. TERRYBERRY, 37, farmer, Ontario, Grimsby, s/o Jacob & Margarett TERRYBERRY, married Azuba Catherine WILCOX, 27, Ontario, Grimsby, d/o Isaac & Anna WILCOX, witn: Nathan FIELD & Israel WILCOX, Grimsby, 5 Mar 1873 Grimsby 1054-73 (Lincoln Co) Ephraim TERRYBERRY, 21, farmer, Ontario, Grimsby, s/o Morris & Elizabeth TERRYBERRY, married Margaret HONSBERGER, 21, Ontario, Clinton, d/o Abraham & Mary HONSBERGER, witn: Margaret TERRYBERRY, Grimsby, 14 Aug 1873 Smithville
  4838-74 Albert THOMPSON, 31, farmer, Lincoln Co., same, s/o Benjamin & Eliza, married Margaret STEVENS, 27, Lincoln Ont., same, d/o John KNOX (sic) & Isabella KNOX, witn: John & Isabella KNOX of Lincoln, 19 Feb 1873 at Virgil
4802-74 (Lincoln Co) Daniel THOMSON, 28, wesleyan minister, Ontario, Harmony, s/o William & Elizabeth THOMSON, married Emma C. TEETER, 26, Ontario, Clinton, d/o Isaac & Cornelia TEETER, witn: Coverdale WATSON, Hamilton & Amelia THOMSON, Brantford, 18 July 1873 Clinton 1041-73 (Lincoln Co) James TUFFORD, 26, farmer, Canada, Grimsby twp., s/o John & Christina TUFFORD, married Elizabeth BOOK, 22, Canada, Grimsby twp., d/o William & Sophia BOOK, witn: John C. TUFFORD, Grimsby & Mary C. SPEARS, Bronte, 4 Jun 1873 Grimsby
1066-73 (Lincoln Co) William TWEEDLE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Saltfleet, s/o William & Barbara TWEEDLE, married Maria C. WALKER, 25, Ontario, Grimsby, d/o Robert & Catherine WALKER, witn: James Ross & Hamilton SMITH, Grimsby, 25 Mar 1873 Grimsby vol 31 pg 3 (Lincoln Co) : Nathaniel W. UPPER, 50, widower, carpenter, Thorold twp., Allenburgh, s/o Peter & Nancy Ann, married Mary CROW, 46, widow, Wainfleet twp., same, d/o John & Isabella FOSTER, witn: Samuel HOPKINS & Mary CLUTEBACK?, both of St. Catharines, 4 Dec 1873 at St. Catharines (also 7672-73)
1021-73 (Lincoln Co) David VANHORN, 27, mechanic, Ontario, Brantford, s/o Abraham & Amelia VANHORN, married Hannah LONGMIRE, 27, Ontario, Brantford, d/o James & Margaret LONGMIRE, witn; James LONGMIRE & Alice EDWARDS, Beamsville, 7 Jan 1873 Clinton 4925-74 Robert B. WALKER, 28, farmer, Grimsby twp., same, s/o John & Euphemia, married Hannah D. BURKHOLDER, 28, Canada, Grimsby twp., d/o Isaac & Hannah, witn: Robert & Bella RANDALL of Grimsby, 6 Nov 1873 at Grimsby (also 1051-73)

4872-74 Samuel H. WALLIS, 29, Gentleman, Brighton England, Montreal, s/o Samuel and Martha, married Annie Susan LESLIE, 22, St. Catharines, same, d/o Lewis & Mary Anne, witn: L.V. BENJAMIN of Montreal & John P. LESLIE of Hamilton, 11 Dec 1873 at St. Catharines

1047-73 (Lincoln Co) John WARDELL, 70, wid, farmer, Clinton twp, Gainsborough, s/o Timothy & Mary WARDELL, married Ann PRICE, 65, wid, Grimsby twp, Louth, d/o John & Melinda BUSH, witn: John THOMAS, Ayr & Isabella V. MURRAY, Grimsby, 30 Jul 1873 Grimsby
4942-74 Peter W. WARNER, 23, farmer, Niagara twp., same, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Elma WARNER, 22, Toronto, Niagara twp., d/o Michael & Margaret, witn: Robert J. & Phoebe WARNER of Niagara twp., 24 Dec 1873 at Niagara twp #007646-73 (Lincoln Co): William WARNER, 64, widower, farmer, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o Peter & Mary, married Laura WINTERS, 48, widow, Canada, Princeton?, d/o Henry & Lucinda BEAMER, witn: Andrew JOHNSON & H.J. SMILEY, both of St. Catharines, 16 July 1873 at St. Catharines
#007665-73 (Lincoln Co): Frank WARREN, 23, doctor, Whitby, Brooklin twp., s/o William & Clarysa, married Henrietta Elizabeth BURNS, 23, St. Catharines, same, d/o Thomas & Henrietta, witn: John W. BROWNHAM of Port Perry & Fred H. MEDCALF of St. Catharines, 23 Oct 1873 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines (also 1002-73) #007595-73 (Lincoln Co): Decoliar? WATSON, 24, merchant, Aurora, Hawksville, s/o David & Nancy, married Priscilla PARKES, 22, Grantham, same, d/o Elhanon & Elizabeth, witnesses were Samuel SMITH & Hiram PARKES, both of St. Catherines, June 3, 1873 at Grantham
1046-73 (Lincoln Co) David Leander WILCOX, 21, farmer, Clinton twp, Grimsby twp, s/o Hamilton & Dorothy WILCOX, married Mary Catherine WALTERS, 22, Clinton twp, Grimsby twp, d/o Frederick & Sarah WALTERS, witn: John THOMAS, Ayre & J. H. HOLMWILL? (Holiwell?), Toronto, 16 Jul 1873 Grimsby #001006-73 (Lincoln Co): George WILDELY, 23, servant, England, St. Catharines, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Margaret THOMPSON, 23, Ireland, St. Catharines, d/o John & Margaret, witn: William WALKINSHAW & Annie DAVINGHAM, both of St. Catharines, 18 Sept 1873 at St. Catharines
1075-73 (Lincoln Co) Clarence WILLIAMS, 32, sailor, Ontario, Port Dalhousie, s/o not given, married Anne MCPHIE, 26, Ontario, Port Dalhousie, d/o not given, witn: Frank MCQUELLEN, Port Dalhousie?, 1 Nov 1873 Port Dalhousie 1032-73 (Lincoln Co) George WILLS, 20, pullman, Ontario, Gainsborough, s/o Abraham & Eliza Ann WILLS, married Sarah Catherine DAWDY, 20, Ontario, Gainsborough, d/o Israel & Jane DAWDY, witn: Leonard LANE & Rufus MOORE, Gainsborough, 5 Mar 1873 Gainsborough
7581-73 John Henry WILLSON, 29, druggist, Canada, Brooklyn USA, s/o Walter & Sarah, married Mary Adelia CHITTENDEN, 24, Plattsburgh NY, Niagara, d/o William & Anna, witn: Walter R. WILLSON & Elizabeth CHITTENDEN, both of Niagara, 3 Dec 1873 at St. Marks Church, Niagara #001005-73 (Lincoln Co): John WILSON, 33, merchant, Ireland, St. Catharines, s/o William & Hannah, married Amanda Louise DARCHE, 20, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Peter D. & Mary, witn: George WILSON & H.A. MARTIN, both of St. Catharines, 16 Sept 1873 at St. Catharines
1078-73 (Lincoln Co) Robert L. WILSON, 31, farmer, England, Louth, s/o Robert & Isabella WILSON, married Margaret PAWLING, 23, Louth, same, d/o Nathan H. & Matilda PAWLING, witn: Jesse & Cassie PAWLAY, Louth, 19 Feb 1873 Port Dalhousie 1024-73 (Lincoln Co) Joseph S. WITMER, 36, wid, farmer, Suspension Bridge NY, same, s/o Abraham & Catherine WITMER, married Addie M. COOK, 23, Ontario, Beamsville, d/o William & Nancy COOK, witn: Walter COOK, Chicago & Sarah WITMER, Suspension Bridge, 12 Mar 1873 Beamsville
4924-74 Salon (or Solon) WOOLVERTON, 28, dentist, Grimsby village, same, s/o Jonathan & Emiline, married Jane E. WALKER, 23, Grimsby twp., Grimsby, d/o John & Euphemia, witn: Algernon WOOLVERTON of Hamilton & J. Blanch WALKER of Grimsby, 22 Oct 1873 at Grimsby twp (also 1050-73) 007645-73 (Lincoln Co): John YOMAN, 56, widower, blacksmith, Ireland, Port Dalhousie, s/o Richard & Mary, married Mary BRADLEY, 41, widow, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Margaret BRADLEY, witn: Elizabeth SMITH of St. Catharines, 20 Aug 1873 at St. Catharines