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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1873


007057-73 Philander Smith ALFORD, 24, Yeoman, Bastard Twp, Bastard Twp, s/o Amherst Ely & Mahala ALFORD; married Martha TACKABERRY, 18, Bastard Twp, Bastard Twp, d/o Charles & Filena TACKABERRY; witn James Philips DUNHAM & Hester Ann TACKABERRY, both Bastard, 10 May 1873, Bastard #007084-73 (Leeds Co): Francis AUBIN, 23, laborer, Canada, Brockville, s/o Joseph AUBIN & Casilda PROVOST, married Rose FOURNIER, 17, Quebec, Brockville, d/o Peter FOURNIER & Margaret DUBEL, witn: Francis MALETTE & his wife, of Brockville, 26 Nov 1873 at Brockville (Rom Cath)
007052-73 John BAKER, 21, Yeoman, Bastard Twp, Bastard Twp, s/o John & Margaret BAKER; married Elizabeth BISSELL, 18, Ontario, Bastard Twp, d/o Philomon & Sarah BISSELL; witn Henry COLE & Anis? NICHOLS, both Bastard, 18 Jan 1873, Bastard Twp

007229-73 Alexander BAMFORD, 21, Machinist, Clarks Mills, Gananoque, s/o Thomas & Sarah BAMFORD; married Margaret Jane BATES, 20, Battersea, Gananoque, d/o Timothy & Sarah BATES; witn James BATES & Margaret LATIMER, both Gananoque, 5 Aug 1873, Gananoque

#005418-74 Benjamin BARKER, 24, mechanic, North Crosby, South Crosby, s/o Benjamin & Ann BARKER, married Agnes HALLADAY, 19, South Crosy, same, d/o Anson & Ann HALLADAY, witn: James BARKER, North Crosby & William HALLADAY, South Crosby, 24 Dec 1973 at Newboro

007265-73 James Lewis BEACH, 24, Farmer, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Samuel BEACH & Lucinda BANKS; married Isabella GAMBLE, 28, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Robert GAMBLE & Isabella STEWART; witn James GUEST & Jamina CANNING, both Oxford, 25 Nov 1873, Oxford

007023-73 Thomas BEGGS, 32, Carpenter, Oxford, South Gower, s/o Robert & Janet BEGGS; married Sarah Maria BROWN, 28, Mountain, Mountain, d/o Robert & Sarah BROWN; witn H. HUGHES, South Gower & Emily E. SANDERS?, South Gower, 20 Feb 1873, South Gower #007144-73 (Leeds Co.) Thomas BEGLEY 27, farmer, Wolford twp., same, s/o Robert & Sarah BEGLEY, married Margaret WILSON 19, Wolford twp., same, d/o Hugh & Elizabeth WILSON, wit: Alexander BEGLEY & Ellen WILSON both of Wolford twp., 16 Sep 1873, at Merrickville
#005417-74 Abraham BELL, 34, mechanic, Ireland South Crosby, s/o George & Elizabeth BELL, married Annie JOHNSTON, 24, Canada, South Crosby, d/o John JOHNSTON & Rebecca BORWN, witn: John & Benjamin JOHNSTON, both of South Crosby, 1 Nov 1873 at South Crosby #005440-74 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Daniel BIRNEY, 43, Widower, harnessmaker, Ireland, Yonge, s/o James BIRNEY & Ellen HART; married Eliza PATTESON, 33, Widow, Ireland, Bastard, d/o James WALKER & Elizabeth HANNA; witn – Arthur JOYNT, burgess & James BIRNEY, Yonges, 18 December 1873, Burgess

007261-73 Joshua BISHOP, 24, Saw Mill Hand, Oxford, Oso, s/o Urius (Urias?) BISHOP & Margaret WEIR; married Isabella GUY, 22, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Thomas GUY & Ellen HANNAH; witn Alexander McCLELLAN & Mary MORRISON, both Oxford, 18 Jul 1873, Oxford

007211-73 Hugh BOLTON, 26, miller, Elizabethtown, Winchester, s/o Hugh F BOLTON & Mary FREE, married Catherine Luthalie MUNROE, 21, Williamsburgh, Winchester, d/o John L MUNROE & Maria BEDSTEAD, wtn: Alva MUNROE & Abigail? HELMER? both of Winchester, on June 18, 1873, at Prescott 007012-73 James BOTSFORD, 22, Employee of G.T.R.R., Farmersville, Belleville, s/o Oris & Sarah BOTSFORD; married Jennie GAMMELL, 20, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o John & Jane GAMMEL; witn Robert BROWNLEY & Agnes McNEIL, both Lansdowne, 18 Feb 1873, Lansdowne
#007100-73 (Leeds Co.) Moise BRABANT 20, labourer, Canada, Brockville, s/o Moise BRABANT & Sophia TRAQUIER (TROQUIER), married Judith LEGENAIS 25, Canada, Brockville, d/o Jas. LEGENAIS & Angelique CHARTRAND, wit: Moise BRABANT & Charles PROULX of Brockville, 2 Jun 1873, at Brockville. (RC) 005295-1874 Esau H. BRADLEY, 23, Shoemaker, Lansdowne, Mallorytown, John BRADLEY & Eliza Jane BRADLEY, married Christy McLAUGHLIN, 23, Cornwall, Gananoque, d/o William McLAUGHLIN & Caroline McLAUGHLIN, witn: Abraham MEGGS, Addie McLAUGHLIN, both of Gananoque, 26 Dec 1873 at Gananoque
vol 30 pg 380 - Malcolm BROWN, 20, farmer, Canada, Elizabethtown, s/o James W. & Christina, married Sarah BOOTH, 24, Canada, Yonge, d/o Horace & Sally, witnesses were Sheldon BROWN of Elizabethtown & Mary DAVIS of Yonge, 16 Sept 1873 at Yonge twp (also #007095-73) vol 30 pg 369 - Agustus BULGER, 36, widower, yeoman, Ireland, Bastard twp., s/o Patrick BULGER & Mary LYNDSAY, married Ellen MARS, 22, South Elmsly, Bastard twp., d/o Louis MARS & Mary Ann SMITH, witn: Daniel MORGAN of Newboro & Catherine MARS of S. Crosby, 8 Jan 1873 at Westport (Rom Cath) (also #007119-73)) [bride's last name may be MARA - see also MURPHY - MARA marriage]
007220-73 Samuel Eyre BURKE, 36, wholesale merchant, Wexford Co Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas BURKE & Alice BURKE, married Augusta Amelia Gertrude HENDERSON, 22, Almonte, Toronto, d/o Robert S HENDERSON & Margaret A HENDERSON, wtn: Charles J JONES of Prescott & Annie HENDERSON of Brockville, on Feb 5, 1873, at Prescott 007014-73 Samuel BURMAN (Beerman?), 24, Miller, Leeds, Gananoque, s/o Richard & Lucy BURMAN; married Margarette KILBORN, 22, South Crosby, Leeds, d/o Louis & Mary KILBORN; witn William KILBORN & William WELWOOD, both Gananoque, 3 May 1873, Leeds
007090-73 John CALDWELL, 26, Mason, Canada, Brockville, s/o John & Ellen CALDWELL; married Mary CAMPBELL, 24, Canada, Brockville, d/o James & Margaret CAMPBELL; witn Robert A. BUSH, Brockville & Henry CALDWELL, Elizabethtown, 10 Apr 1873, Brockville

007200-73 William CALLADIN, 22, Cooper, Montreal, Brockville, s/o William & Frances BRIGGS; married Lydia SKINNER, 19, Newborough, Brockville, d/o William SKINNER & Aligrue BRASSOR; witn Robert BELLMONT & Jessie BARR, both Prescott, 9 Apr 1873, Prescott

007015-73 Alexander CAMPBELL, 28, Farmer, Bastard, Bastard, s/o John & Mary CAMPBELL; married Annie McMILLIN, 23 Lisburn - Antrim Co Ireland, Leeds, d/o James & Annie McMILLIN; witn John BROWN, Harlam & Mary Jane ARGUE, Seeleys Bay, 26 Jan 1873, Leeds 007088-73 Melvin CARMAN, 25, Farmer, Canada, Matilda, s/o George & Margaret CARMAN; married Mary McCARGAR, 22, Canada, Matilda, d/o John & Sarah Ann McCARGAR; witn Lulu VOLNEY & Christy Ann CAMBELL, both Brockville, 10 Mar 1873, Brockville
#007120-73 (Leeds Co.) William CARTY 23, yeoman, South Crosby twp., same, s/o Patrick CARTY & Elizabeth ROOTH? (BOOTH?), married Jane MOONEY 26, Kingston, North Crosby twp., d/o Michael MOONEY & Jane O. CAIN, wit: Michael MOONEY & Mary CARTY both of North Crosby twp., 13 Jan 1873, at Westport. (RC)  
007131-73 Elisha CHAMBERLIN, 28, Farmer, Canada, North Crosby, s/o Peter CHAMBERLIN & Charity MATTICE; married Sarah Elizabeth WHITMARSH, 20, Canada, North Crosby, d/o John WHITMARSH & Rachel WAFFLE; witn J.B. LEGGETT, South Crosby & Anna CHAMBERLIN, North Crosby, 5 Jun 1873, North Crosby #007112-73 (Leeds Co.) Boses? CHAMPAGNE 21, cabinet maker, Kemptville Ont., Brockville, s/o Charles CHAMPAGNE & Julia A. AMERAND, married Sarah INGRAM 20, Canada, Brockville, d/o Alexander INGRAM & Margaret DUNCAN, wit: Nelson CHAMPAGNE & Margaret INGRAM both of Brockville, 7 Jan 1873, at Brockville. (RC)
07205-73 John CHAPMAN, 60, widower, stone cutter, Ellisburgh - Jefferson Co NY, Montague - Carleton Co., s/o Comfort H. & Hannah CHAPMAN, married Eliza EDWARDS, 37, Nepean, Burritt's Rapids, d/o George EDWARDS & mother's name unknown, witn: William MOWATT, James CAIRNS & Katie CAMP all of Prescott, 21 Aug 1873 at St. John's Church in Prescott 007237-73 George C CHAPMAN, 29, farmer, Leeds, same, s/o Gregory CHAPMAN & Polly CHAPMAN, married Julia Ann GAINFORD, 27, Leeds, same, d/o Joseph GAINFORD & Eliza GAINFORD, wtn: William SOMERVILLE & Margaret McKEE both of Leeds, on Nov 4, 1873, at Leeds
007254-1873 Lester A. CHESTER, 21, Labourer, Marlboro, Oxford, s/o Michael CHESTER & Racheal CHESTER, married Emily PERKINS, 25, Ottawa, Oxford, d/o John PERKINS & Rosanna PERKINS, witn: Richard WOOD, Elizabeth McFARREN, both of Oxford, 2 Apr 1873 at Oxford 007253-1873 John CLARE, 28, Carpenter, Oxford, same, s/o John CLARE & Ann J. GILLESPIE, married Eliza I. LOGAN, 25, South Gower, same, d/o John LOGAN & Sarah WORKMAN, witn: John KINGSTON, Augusta, Robert CAPSTON, Oxford, 15 Jan 1873 at Oxford
#007106-73 (Leeds Co.) Henry CLENDENNING 24, engine driver, Ireland, Brockville, s/o John CLENDENNING & Sarah MEARS, married Janettte McCRADY 23, Brockville, same, d/o Jonathan McCRADY & Mary Sarah WELSH, wit: William John McCRADY & George CLENDENNING both of Brockville, 22 Jan 1873, at Brockville vol 30 pg 405 - Joseph COAD, 28, merchant, Kitley twp., Toledo Ont., s/o George COAD & Jane JOHNSTON, married Margaret CONNOR, 27, Kitley twp., Framerville, d/o Thomas CONNOR & Mary DONALEY, witn: Daniel COYLE of Toledo & E.A. HASTIE of Prescott, 19 Nov 1873 at Prescott (also 7216-73)
#007143-73 (Leeds Co.) Gaun COCHRAN 31, wid., farmer, City of Quebec, Oxford twp., s/o Gaun & Elizabeth COCHRAN, married Caroline ROBINSON 28, Oxford twp., same, d/o George & Buleah ROBINSON, wit: William ROBINSON & Mary A. COCHRAN both of Oxford twp., 4 Aug 1873, at Merrickville 007059-73 Archibald COLE, 38, Yeoman, Ontario, Kitley, s/o Titus & Annie COLE; married Elizabeth DREMORE, 25, Delta, Brockville, d/o Thomas & William DREMORE; witn James WRIGHT & Cammilla GANEY, Brockville, 5 Jun 1873, Brockville
#007099-73 (Leeds Co.) Michael COLLINS 26, moulder, Canada, Brockville, s/o Michael & Mary COLLINS, married Rose Ann HUNTER, 22, Canada, Brockville, d/o Michael HUNTER & Mary TONER, wit: Henry BEST & Mary LUCEY (LACEY) both of Brockville, 20 May 1873, at Brockville. (RC) [last name of bride from her brother's marriage] 007163-1873 George COMMINGS, 26, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o Solomon & Catherine COMMINGS, married Ellen GRAY, 23, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Jeremiah & Mary GRAY, witn: Mary IMRIE, Margaret IMRIE, both of Spencerville, 11 Feb 1873 at Spencerville
#005439-74 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Levi COMSTOCK, 34, hotel keeper, Ontario, Delta, s/o Levi & Jane COMSTOCK; married Annie S. DOYLE, 21, Ontario, Delta, d/o Thomas & Sarah DOYLE; witn – James B. ACKLAND, Delta & William BARTON, Bastard, 25 December 1873, Delta Vol 24 Pg 73 - William Wallace CONNELL, 37, farmer, Canada, Westport, s/o Robert CONNEL (sic), & Julia COON, married Rahael (Rachael?) PEARSON, 36, Canada, Westport, d/o Samuel PEARSON & Elizabeth HARKINS. Witn: Ezra O'BRIAN & Julia CONNEL, both of N.Crosby. 18 Jan 1873 Newboro
007236-73 George CONNER, 36, trader, Kitley, Smith Falls, s/o Thomas CONNER & Ann CONNER, married Mary FERGUSON, 29, Wolford, same, s/o Joseph FERGUSON & Mary FERGUSON, wtn: Rachel FRANCIS & Joseph FERGUSON Jr both of Wolford, on Oct 30, 1873, at Wolford 007123-73 (Leeds Co.) Michael CONNORS 26, yeoman, Bedford twp., same, s/o James CONNORS & Mary FRAWLEY, married Jane MURRAY 22, Portland Ont., Bedford twp., d/o James MURRAY & Mary SPRATT, wit: James MURRAY & Bridget FRAWLEY both of Bedford twp., 21 Apr 1873, at Westport. (RC)
5542-74 George L. COOK, 42, farmer, widower, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o Constant & Martha, married Sarah Ann PHILLIPS, 30, widow, Wolford, Augusta, d/o Joseph A. THROOP & Jane, witn: Anna E. & Eleanor GRAHAM of Augusta, 25 Sept 1873 at Augusta vol 30 pg 405 - William John COONS, 24, cabinet maker, Prescott, same, s/o Samuel M. COONS & Susan MORROW, married Josephine BLACKLOCK, 21, Scotland, Prescott, d/o Alexander BLACKLOCK & Phellas UNDERWOOD, witn: Thomas FORD & Mary COONS, both of Prescott, 29 April 1873 at Prescott (also 7214-73)
#007153-73 (Leeds Co.) George S. COWAN 26, spring maker, Leeds twp., Gananoque, s/o John Jr. & Rachel COWAN, married Christina MEDLEY 19, Barriefield Frontenac co. Ont., same, d/o John & Agnes MEDLEY, wit: George PENN & William COWAN both of Gananoque, 19 Mar 1873, at Barriefield, #007154-73 (Leeds Co.) William J. COWAN 26, machinist, Gananoque, same, s/o James & Laura COWAN, married Lizzie WALKER 20, Napanee, Gananoque, d/o Walter & Isabella WALKER, wit: Frank GODDARD & Jane ROGERS both of Gananoque, 27 Mar 1873, at Gananoque

007243-73 William COWARD, 34, Tinsmith, England, Lyn, s/o William & Zelphia COWARD; married Isabella BAILY, 23, Pike Falls, Lyn, d/o Hugh & Mary BAILY; witn George McDONALD, Elizabethtown & Chartam WILSON, Camden, 18 Nov 1873, Lyn

007246-1873 William CROSIER, 21, Farmer, Cartwright, Lansdowne, s/o William CROSIER & Elizabeth CROSIER, married Margaret DENNY, 19, Schugog (Scugog?), Lansdowne, d/o Frances DENNY & Caroline DENNY, witn: Edward DONOVAN, Ann MOONEY, Yonge, 6 Mar 1873 at Farmersville 007029-73 William CROSKERY, 23, Farmer, Ireland, North Crosby, s/o Thomas & Sara CROSKERY; married Jane TOLE, 21, Ontario, North Crosby, d/o William & Issabella TOLE; witn James LAIDLOW & James STAFFLER, both South Crosby, 1 Jan 1873, South Crosby
007159-73 George CROSS, 26, Carpenter, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o John & Sarah CROSS; married Abigail WRIGHT, 20, Lansdowne Twp, Lansdowne Twp, d/o John & Uranniah WRIGHT; witn B.S. HULRIE? & P.J. COLLARD, both Gananoque, 12 Mar 1873, Gananoque 007041-73 Lyman J. CROSS, 21, Butcher, Wolford, Merrickville, d/o William & Phoebe CROSS; married Hester Ann BEAMISH, 20, Oxford, Merrickville, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth BEAMISH; witn Walter WICKWIRE, Merrickville & Charles SPRY, Wolford, 2 Apr 1873, Merrickville
007230-73 Alfred DAVIS, 29, Gentleman, England, Point Fortune Quebec, s/o William & Lydia DAVIS; married Isabella BEAUMONT, 19, England, Gananoque, d/o George & Sarah BEAUMONT; witn Archibald PETRIE & Ella BROUGH, both Gananoque, 21 Aug 1873, Gananoque

007190-1873 John DAVISON, 28, Farmer, Oxford, same, Francis DAVISON & Nancy DAVISON, married Harriet FERGUSON, 17, Augusta, same, d/o Thomas FERGUSON & Eliza FERGUSON, witn: George FERGUSON & Thomas FERGUSON, both of Oxford, 22 Apr 1873 at Augusta

007135-73 Peter DEEGAN, 35, Labourer, Ireland, Saginaw Mich, s/o Patrick DEEGAN & Margaret DEMPSEY; married Catharine MORAN, 37, Ireland, Bastard, d/o Michael MORAN & Catharine GAUGHIN; witn Michael MORAN & Margaret MORAN, both Bastard, 3 Jul 1873, Westport #005443-74 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Mathus DERBYSHIRE, 23, school teacher, Bastard, Bastard, s/o Harvey & Eliza DERBYSHIRE; married Hanna Maria GALLAGHER, 19, Bastard, Bastard, d/o William & Eliza Jane GALLAGHER; witn - Daniel DERBYSHIRE, Bastard & James GALLAGHER, Newboro, 18 October 1873, Bastard
007051-73 Richard DIXIE, 22, Farmer, Yonge Twp, Yonge Twp, s/o Richard DIXIE & Ann CHINIQUE; married Sarah DOBBS, 23, Yonge Twp, Yonge Twp, d/o William DOBBS & Eliza JACOBS; witn William HUGHS & Elizabeth DOBBS, both Yonge, 19 Feb 1873, Bastard Twp 007020-73 Patrick DOOHEN, 23, Yeoman, Elmsley, Elmsley, s/o John & Rebecca DOOHEN; married Ann HOURIGAN, 32, Elmsley, Elmsley, d/o James & Ellen HOURIGAN; witn Jeremiah WARD & Hannah LACY, both Smith Falls, 24 May 1873, Smith Falls

007226-73 George DONALDSON, 46, Hotel Keeper, Wid, Ireland, Matilda, s/o James & Ellen DONALDSON; married Mary LEWIS, 19, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth LEWIS; witn May V. SCHOFIELD & Edward COATES, both Prescott, 29 Apr 1873, Prescott

007227-73 Miles H. DORAN, 27, Commercial Traveller, Morrisburgh, Morrisburgh, s/o Sydney & Alte DORAN; married Louisa TAYLOR, 26, Kent England, Toronto, d/o Josiah & Sarah TAYLOR; witn Mary McMILLAN & Edward COATES, both Prescott, 27 May 1873, Prescott

vol 30 pg 368 - James DOYLE, 40, laborer, Ireland, Brockville, s/o George DOYLE & Ellen BYRNE, married Mary Ellen SMITH, 25, Canada, Brockville, d/o Michael SMITH & Bridget LOFTUS, witn: Patrick SMITH & Margaret CORCORAN, both of Wolford, 22 April 1873 at Brockville (Rom Cath) (also #007114-73 ) 007167-1873 Murry DUFF, 20, Farmer, Spencerville, same, s/o William & Rachel DUFF, married Selena Brook WEIR, 20, Spencerville, same, d/o George & Jane WEIR, witn: Eva A. SHORTS, Elizabeth VANCAMP, both of Edwardsburgh, 9 May 1873 at Edwardsburgh
007066-73 Samuel EDGAR, 22, Yeoman, Ireland, Escott, d/o William EDGAR & Mary Jane FINLEY; married Mary Elizabeth NALTY, 23, Canada, Escott, d/o Edward NALTY & Elizabeth JOHNSTON; witn Richard COOK & Maggie COOK both Lansdowne, 7 Oct 1873, Brockville #007110-73 (Leeds Co.) William A. EDGERS 28, farmer, Yonge twp., same, s/o Alexander & Jane EDGERS, married Kate BAKER 23, Elizabethtown twp., same, d/o James & Ann BAKER, wit: James BAKER of Elizabethtown twp. & Wesley EDGERS of Yonge twp., 18 Jun 1873, at Brockville
05403-74 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Thomas EDWARD, 30, no occupation given, Augusta - Co. Grenville, same, s/o Robert EDWARD & Betsey MAY, married Mary Jane DUDLOW, 28, Augusta - Co. Grenville, same, d/o Thomas DUDLOW & Charlotte MULLEN, witn: James SMITH & Mary Jane RANKIN both of Augusta, 25 Dec 1873 at Brockville 07258-73 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Cornelius Wesley EDWARDS, 24, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Joseph EDWARDS & Ann SANDERS, married Elizabeth McCRUM, 23, Oxford, same, d/o Edward McCRUM & Eliza FLETCHER, witn: John & Samuel McCRUM of Oxford, 2 Apr 1872 at Oxford
007197-1873 George EGLETON, 29, Gentleman, England, Renfrew, s/o William EGLETON & Sarah TABBY, married Agnes PATTERSON, 30, Packingham (sic, Pakenham?), same, d/o Hugh PATTERSON & Mary Ann McCLELAN, witn: James DRISDALL, Brockville, Charlotte BRIDGES, Renfrew, 24 Jan 1873 at Prescott 007031-73 Wesley ELLIOTT, 24, Blacksmith, Elizabethtown, St. Lawrence Co NY, s/o William H & Emily ELLIOTT; married Fidella JONES, 22, Bastard, South Crosby, d/o John & Caroline JONES; witn Milton JONES & Phoebe JONES, both South Crosby, 5 Feb 1873, South Crosby

007240-73 Henry Ernest EMPEY, 26, Tin Smith, Leeds Co, Brockville, s/o Thomas & Helen EMPEY; married Annie POWELL, 26, Brockville, Elizabethtown, s/o James B & Anna POWELL; witn James M.cCREADY, Brockville & Walter MERRICK, Merrickville, 3 Sept 1873, Elizabethtown

07047-73 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Thomas EWARDS, 30, sailor, Augusta, same, s/o Robert & Betsey May EWARDS, married Mary Jane CUDLOW (Ludlow?), 28, Augusta, same, d/o Thomas & Charlotte M. CUDLOW, witn: James SMITH & Mary Jane RANKIN both of Augusta, 25 Dec 1873 at Brockville
vol 30 pg 403 - William FAIRBAIRN, 24, farmer, Edwardsburgh, Spencerville, s/o George FAIRBAIRN & Electa CROWDER, married Sarah PITT, 18, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o William PITT & Jane WASTON, witnesses were Robert FAIRBAIRN of Spencerville & Mary PITT of Edwardsburgh, 4 June 1873 at Prescott (also 7209-73)

007204-73 Walter FARLINGER, 23, Yeoman, Osgoode, Osgoode, s/o John FARLINGER & Sophia YORK; married Hester Ann SULLIVAN, 25, Prescott, Prescott, d/o John & Margaret SULLIVAN; witn John YORK, Osgoode & Sophia SULLIVAN, Prescott, 29 Sept 1873, Prescott

#007087-73 (Leeds Co): John FINNCAN, 23, steam engineer, USA, Augusta twp., s/o William & Mary, married Susan BANFIELD, 22, Canada, Brockville, d/o Benjamin & Rose, witn: Benjamin & Rose BANFIELD of Brockville, 8 Feb 1873 at Brockville 007089-73 Robert FITZSIMMONS, 59, Wid, Merchant, Ireland, Brockville, s/o Robert & Hesian? FITZSIMMONS; married Elina Adaline ELLERBECK, 39, Wid, Brockville, Brockville, d/o John C. POTTER & Mary HOOKER; witn H.T. FITZSIMMONS & Emma ELLERBECK, both Brockville, 30 Mar 1873, Brockville
  007063-73 John W. FOLEY, 33, Yeoman, Canada, Brockville, s/o Thomas FOLEY & Catherine WARREN, married Sarah WARREN , 28, Wid, Canada, Rockville, d/o George WHITE & Mary Ann TAYLOR; witn W.J. FOLEY, Brockville & Mary Jane DAVIS, Escott, 3 Sept 1873, Brockville
vol 30 pg 380 - John FORSYTHE, 55, widower, saddler, Canada, Kitley, s/o James & Orilla, married Nancy PEAR, 19, Canada, Kitley, d/o Oliver & Sarah Jane, witnesses were John Albert PEAR of Perth & Latitia RILEY of Kitley, 12 Aug 1873 at Kitley (also #007094-73) #007142-73 (Leeds Co.) John FOSTER 20, artist, Montague twp., Merrickville, s/o William & Sarah FOSTER, married Susan SOMMERVILLE 18, Penetanguishene, Merrickville, d/o Richard & Ellen SOMMERVILLE, wit: A. D. LANE & W. A. BOTTOM both of Merrickville, 19 Jun 1873, at Merrickville.
#007098-73 (Leeds Co.) Joseph FOUSNIE 50, wid., labourer, Lower Canada, Brockville, s/o Francois FOUSNIE & Francoise GILBERT, married Mary MIRAND 43, Canada, Brockville, d/o Antoine MIRAND & Francoise VERSAILLE, wit: Denis BALF & Elizabeth WESTON both of Brockville, 20 May 1873, at Brockville. (RC) 007093-73 James L. GALLAGHER, 22, Farmer, Bastard Twp, Bastard, s/o James & Margaret GALLAGHER; married Ellen PARKER, 21, Bastard, Kitley, d/o Robert & Jane PARKER; witn John S. GALLAGHER, Bastard & John LEGGETT, South Crosby, 31 Dec 1873, Kitley
#007103-73 (Leeds Co.) William GARRET 19, painter, Leeds, Brockville, s/o William GARRET & Cath. BOLTON, married Bridget MARTIN 20, Montreal, Brockville, d/o Jas. MARTIN & Mary McDONALD, wit: Thomas BURNS & Mary RYAN of Brockville, 23 Jun 1873, at Brockville. (RC) 007250-1873 Eleazor GILROY, 42, Widower, Carriage Maker, Elizabethtown, Farmersville, s/o Edward GILROY & Elizabeth GILROY, married Adaline DOROWAY, 20, Smiths Falls, Farmersville, d/o John DORAWAY (sic) & Maria THOMAS, witn: Mrs. James DUGGAN, Mrs. McGREGOR, both of Farmersville, 6 May 1873 at Farmersville
007065-73 John GRAHAM, 24, Yeoman, Ireland, Brockville, s/o Thomas GRAHAM & Margaret FLAVELL; married Naomi PYKE, 26, Canada, Brockville, d/o Samuel PYKE & Mary GREEN; witn John BALLERTON & Mary E. PYKE, both Brockville, 17 Sept 1873, Brockville  
7337-73 Charles GRANT, 25, farmer, Canada, Marlborough twp., s/o John & Frances, married Margaret CRAWFORD, 20, Canada, Marlborough twp., d/o William & Margaret, witn: Joseph GRANT & Jane TEMPLETON, both of Kemptville, 14 May 1873 at Kemptville 007157-73 Hugh GRAY, 23, Farmer, Scotland, Lansdowne Twp, s/o Charles & Margaret GRAY; married Ella WALKER, 19, On the Seas, Lansdowne Twp, d/o Thomas & Jane WALKER; witn B.S. HULIN & Annie GALLAGHER, both Gananoque, 24 May 1873, Gananoque
007252-1873 John GREER, 32, Farmer, Canada, Oxford, s/o Henry GREER & Elizabeth ACTON, married Sarah Jane McLEAN, 23, Canada, Oxford, d/o Kenneth McLEAN & Margaret JOHNSTON, witn: Abraham ACTON, Sarah Ann PETTIPIECE, both of Oxford, 8 Jan 1873 at Oxford

007176-73 Andrew GREER, 26, Farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Thomas & Mary GREER; married Caroline KEATING, 20, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Valentine R & Emma KEATING; witn William CLOUGHLEY & Rhoda C. BROWN, both Yonge Twp, 20 Feb 1873, Mallorytown

007231-73 Thomas GREIG, 32, Barrister at Law, Ramsay, Carleton Place, s/o James & Frances GREIG; married Sarah LAUGHTON, 21, Gananoque, Gananoque, d/o James & Charlotte LAUGHTON; witn John DOUGLASS, Perth & Sarah NALTIE, Gananoque, 17 Sept 1873, Gananoque

vol 30 pg 406 - Robert GREY, 34, tailor, Ayrshire Scotland, Ottawa, s/o William GREY & Margaret GARDINER, married Mary C. DUNBAR, 21, Spencerville, Prescott, d/o George DUNBAR & Mary PATTERSON, witn: David & Agnes DUNBAR of Spencerville, 31 Dec 1873 at Prescott
#007115-73 (Leeds Co.) John GUNNING 26, engine driver, Ireland, Brockville, s/o John GUNNING & Ellen SORMEY? (SONNEY?), married Bridget BURNS 26, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Patrick & Ellen BURNS, wit: Michael O'BRIEN & Bridget BOLGER both of Brockville, 29 Apr 1873, at Brockville. (RC) (also vol 30 pg 368) #007108-73 (Leeds Co.) William GUTHRIE 25, domestic servant, Scotland, Elizabethtown twp., s/o James & Genet GUTHRIE, married Mary HARDING 28, Ashton-under-Lyne England, Brockville (arrived this day from Ashton-under-Tyne England), d/o George & Adna HARDING, wit: Jane & Hattie A. MULHERN (MULLIAN?) both of Brockville, 13 May 1873, at Brockville.
007219-73 Robert GUY, 34, sailor, Ayrshire Scotland, Ottawa, s/o William GUY & Margaret GARDINER, married Mary C DUNBAR, 21, Spencerville, Prescott, d/o George DUNBAR & Mary PATTERSON, wtn: David & Agnes DUNBAR both of Spencerville, on Dec 31, 1873, at Prescott

007177-73 John HAFFIE, 23, Farmer, Yonge, Yonge, s/o Thomas & Jane HOFFIE; married Letitia VANDUSEN, 23, Yonge, Yonge, d/o Jacob & Margaret VANDUSEN; witn Albert HAFFIE & Sarah HAFFIE, both Yonge, 20 May 1873, Front of Yonge Twp

  #007104-73 (Leeds Co.) Michael HAGERTY 24, moulder, Montreal, Brockville, s/o Lawrence HAGERTY & Esther CREGAN, married Susanna FOX 24, Leeds, Brockville, d/o Robert FOX & Margaret DIAMOND, wit: Samuel RICHARD & Mary A. FOX of Brockville, 23 Jun 1873, at Brockville. (RC)
#007076 (Leeds Co): Joseph HALL, 24, farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o James HALL & Jane FOSTER, married Emma GOFF, 20, Elizabethtown, same, d/o William GOFF & Elislin PERCIVAL, witn: Joseph SEYMOUR of Kitley & David HALL of Elizabethtown, 18 Nov 1873 at Brockville 007248-1873 Silas HAMBLIN, 39, Widower, Farmer, Lansdowne, Yonge, s/o William HAMBLIN, Lydia HAMBLIN, married Maria SEXTON, 36, Widow, Bastard, same, d/o William STRONG & Margaret, witn: William TAPLIN, Susan FERGUSON, Yonge, 9 Mar 1873 at Farmersville
007179-1873 T. E. HARDEY, 20, Station Master, Richmond Ont, Maitland, s/o John HARDEY & Catharine HARDEY, married Ada RICE, 18, Hammond U.S., Maitland, d/o Henry RICE & Lydian RICE, witn: J.S. EDWARDS, Maitland, Rufus THROOP of Augusta, 18 Jan 1873 at Maitland 007046-73 Alfred Osman HARDING, 28, Druggist, Montreal, Prescott, s/o George & Louisa HARDING; married Charlotte Ann KENNEDY, 24, Maitland, Maitland, d/o David & Catharine KENNEDY; witn J.S. HARDING, Brockville & John DUNEBRILLE?, Maitland, 18 Nov 1873, Augusta
007156-73 James HARE, 21, Mechanic, Ireland, Gananoque, s/o James & Margaret HARE; married Elizabeth CLENDENNING, 20, Lansdowne Twp, Lansdowne Twp, d/o Joshua & Christine CLENDENNING; witn William CLENDENNING, Leeds Twp & Johanna HARE, Gananoque, 10 Mar 1873, Leeds Twp vol 30 pg 402 - James Francis HARPER, 32, widower, agent - Mercantile Bank, Kingston, Prescott, s/o William & Eliza, married Annabelle REBURN, 22, Bristol England, Prescott, d/o Thomas & Isabella Theresa, witnesses were Agnes YIELDING of "near Ottawa" & F.J. FRENCH of Prescott, 14 Oct 1873 at St. Johns Church, Prescott (also 7206-73)
007040-73 Simon Peter HARRIS, 27, Farmer, Oxford, Oxford Twp, s/o Robert & Clarissa HARRIS; married Elizabeth DAVIS, 19, North Gower, North Gower, d/o Simon & Matilda DAVIS; witn James KINERTY & Jane HARRIS, both Oxford, 24 Feb 1873, Merrickville 007027-73 William Henry HARRISON, 23, Farmer, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o William HARRISON & Louisa WATTS; married Charlotte Frances SINGLETON, 19, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o John SINGLETON & Sarah DONAHOE; witn Fidelia HARRISON & John H. SINGLETON, both South Crosby, 25 Feb 1873, South Crosby
#005435-74 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Richard HAUTON (Hanton?), 28, farmer, Kitley, Kitley, s/o William & Joanna HAUTON; married Mary CRAIG, 24, North Gove?, Kitley, d/o William CRAIG & Jane CRAIG; witn – Thomas E. CONNOR & Jemima HAUTON, both Kitley, 17 December 1873, Kitley 007067-73 Hugh HAYES, 42, Wid, Yeoman, Ireland, Elizabethtown, s/o James HAYES & Mary WILSON; married Janet McKAY, 25, Scotland, Brockville, d/o Hugh McKAY & Mary COPELAND; witn William McKAY & Mary HAYES, both Brockville, 8 Oct 1873, Brockville

007178-73 William John HAZLEWOOD, 22, Farmer, Front of Yonge, Front of Yonge, s/o William & Elizabeth HAZLEWOOD; married Charlotte ELIGH, 24, Osnabruck, Front of Yonge, d/o Charles & Mary Ann ELIGH; witn James W. HAZLEWOOD & Alice ELIGH, both Yonge, 19 Jun 1873, Front of Yonge

007189-1873 William HENNING, 34, Trader, Augusta Prescott, s/o John HENNING & Catherine HENNING, married Amanda SHERWOOD, 36, Augusta, same, d/o Lorenzo SHERWOOD & Louisa SHERWOOD, witn: Hiram LOCKWOOD, Joseph SCOTT, both of Augusta, 2 May 1873 at Augusta
vol 30 pg 376 - George Washington HICOCK, 29, farmer, Landsdown, Leeds twp, s/o Ruben & Harriet, married Lydia HALLADAY, 29, South Crosby, same, d/o Ebenezer & Parthena, witn: William COCKRALLE & Almida HICOCK, both of Leeds, 22 Oct 1873 at S. Crosby (also 7140-73) #005416-74 George W. HICOCK, 29, farmer, Lansdowne, Leeds, s/o Reuben & Harrett HICOCK, married Lydia HALLADAY, 29, Elgin, Elgin South Crosby, d/o Ebenezer & Parthina HALLADAY, witn: William COCKERALL & Almanda P. HICOCK, Leeds Twp, 22 Oct 1873 at South Crosby
007058-73 Charles HIGGINS, 28, Hotel Keeper, Ireland, Montreal, s/o James HIGGINS & Ellen DONLEVY; married Bridget O’CONNOR, 19, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Morris O’CONNOR & Catherine MOORE; witn David O’CONNOR, Brockville & William John LAVERTY, Montreal, 24 Jul 1873, Brockville

007241-73 Daniel HOLLINGSWORTH, 24, Labourer, Escott, Mallorytown, s/o Samuel & Ellen HOLLINGSWORTH; married Cora HOUSE, 24, Mallorytown, Mallorytown, d/o John & Eliza HOUSES; witn Fanny ROSS & Eliza WIDDIS, both Elizabethtown, 6 Oct 1873, Lyn

vol 30 pg 406 - George Thompson HOPKINS, 25, joiner, Brockville, same, s/o Robert HOPKINS & Sophia THOMPSON, married Louisa MUNROE, 25, Albion NY, Brockville, d/o Philip MUNROE & Larden? JUDSON, witn: Margaret SWARTS of Prescott, 9 Dec 1873 at Prescott (also 7217-73)

007037-73 Robert HOULISTON, 24, Farmer, Wolford, Wolford Twp, s/o James & Mary HOULISTON; married Eliza Jane KIRKLAND, 23, Wolford, Merrickville, d/o Thomas & Jane KIRKLAND; witn John BOYLE & Elizabeth KIRKLAND, both Wolford, 25 Mar 1873, Merrickville

007244-73 John HUDSON, 24, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o Henry & Ann HUDSON; married Emeline COLE, 25, Morristown NY, Elizabethtown, d/o Sidney & Maria COLE; witn Henry COLE & Rachel COLE, both Elizabethtown, 30 Jul 1873, Lyn

007173-73 George HUDSON, 21, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o Henry & Ann HUDSON; married Sarah McCORD, 23, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o James & Jane McCORD; witn Daniel ROSS & Bella ROSS, both Elizabethtown, 13 Nov 1873, Lyn
#007075-73 (Leeds Co): Thomas HUMBLE, 24, yeoman, Canada, Maitland - Grenville Co., s/o William HUMBLE & Maria DUFFY, married Mary NELSON, 22, Canada, Pembroke village, d/o James NELSON & Abigail WILSON, witn: James TENIER & Annie WINTERS, both of Maitland, 8 Dec 1873 at Brockville #005516-74 - James HUNT 21, carriage maker, Canada, Kitley, s/o Absalom & Marra HUNT, married Margaret Amelia JOHNSTON 21, Canada, Elizabethtown, d/o Richard & Frances JOHNSTON, wit: Thomas CONNER of Kitley & Eliza Ann JOHNSTON of Elizabethtown, 5 Feb 1873, at Elizabethtown
007102-73 (Leeds Co.) Patrick HUNTER 20, butcher, Brockville, same, s/o Michael HUNTER & Mary TONER, married Sarah LENNON 18, Brockville, same, d/o Hugh LENNON & Cath. O'NEIL, wit: Michael COLLINS & Mary Jane HUNTER both of Brockville, 16 Jun 1873, at Brockville. (RC) 007165-1873 John Arthur HUTCHCROFT, 27, Yeoman, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o Thornton & Mary HUTCHCROFT, married Sarah Jane WALLACE, 27, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Richard & Elizabeth WALLACE, witn: George HOLMES, Esther A. HUTCHCROFT, both of Edwardsburgh, 2 Apr 1873 at Edwardsburgh
007019-73 John A. HUTTON, 24, Captain of Steam Boat, Canada, Ottawa City, s/o Robert & Margaret HUTTON; married Amelia E. McCREA, 21, United States, Elmsley, d/o Ruphus & Henrietta McCREA; witn Daniel S. HUTTON & Sarah RIDDAL, both Elmsley, 4 Mar 1873, Elmsley 007121-73 (Leeds Co.) James IVY 27, yeoman, Lyn Ont., Lansdowne, s/o John IVY & Hannah DONOGHOE, married Jesey Ann MYERS 20, Bastard twp., same, d/o Ceasar MYERS & Catherine RALPH?, wit: Patrick O'GRADY of Lansdowne & Catherine KENNEDY of Bastard twp., 18 Feb 1873, at Westport. (RC)
007168-1873 Simon JACKSON, 28, Widower, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o William & Mary JACKSON, married Estella CLIFFORD, 23, Osgoode, Edwardsburgh, d/o Andrew & Margaret CLIFFORD, witn: James JACKSON & Elizabeth CLIFFORD, both of Edwardsburgh, 27 May 1873 at Spencerville 5541-74 Newton JACKSON, 21, carriage maker, Augusta, Edwardsburgh, s/o Alexander & Orillia, married Aggie DODGE, 17, Edwardsburgh, Augusta, d/o Nathan & Jane, witn: Jane & Anna E. GRAHAM of Augusta, 6 Aug 1873 at Augusta
  007247-1873 John JACQUES, 21, Farmer, Prescott, Yonge, s/o Richard JACQUES & Mary JACQUES, married Malissa GIBSON, 25, Crosby, Yonge, d/o John GIBSON & Maria GIBSON, witn: Edward MOLES, Thomas R. MOLES, Yonge, 8 Mar 1873 at Re Yonge
#007111-73 (Leeds Co.) M. H. W. JAMESON 23, clerk, London England, Brockville, s/o S. R. JAMESON & Sarah N. WARD, married Sarah BLANE 23, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Francis BLANE & Bridget JENNINGS, wit: William & Mary Ann BLAIN both of Brockville, 7 Jan 1873, at Brockville. (RC) #007124-73 (Leeds Co.) Francis JESSUP, 63, wid., farmer, England, North Crosby, s/o Benjamin JESSUP & Mary WAKER, married Sarah FOSTER 53, wid., Canada, North Crosby twp., d/o Edward COLLINGS & Elizabeth BALL, wit: William & Mary L. GREEN both of North Crosby twp., 24 Apr 1873, at Newboro

Vol 30, Pg 383 William JOHNSTON, 37, Farmer, Wid, Ireland, Kitley Twp, s/o Richard & Jane JOHNSTON; married Caroline STEACY, 35, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o George & Ann STEACY; witn Samuel STEACY, Elizabethtown & Jane MATHEWS, Kitley, 5 May 1873, Elizabethtown

007034-73 Matthew Henry JOHNSTON, 30, Lockmaster, Merrickville, Merrickville Village, s/o John & Margaret JOHNSTON; married Henriette BISSELL, 21, Montague, Montague Twp, d/o Alphons & Phoebe BISSELL; witn O. BISSELL, Montague & Caroline JOHNSTON, Merrickville, 15 Feb 1873, Merrickville

007203-73 William JOHNSTON, 26, Yeoman, Mountain Twp, South Gower, s/o Charles JOHNSTON & Nancy ALLBRANT; married Susanah KIRKWOOD, 18, South Gore, South Gore, d/o Robert KIRKWOOD & Margaret BARNHART; witn Laura A. GORDON & Esther MILLEN, both Prescott, 18 Sept 1873, Prescott

007174-73 William JOHNSTON, 29, Farmer, Wid, Ireland, Kitley Twp, s/o Richard & Jane JOHNSTON; married Caroline STEACY, 35, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o George & Ann STEACY; witn Samuel STEACY, Elizabethtown & Jane MATHEWS, Kitley, 5 May 1873, Elizabethtown

#007072-73 (Leeds Co): William Augustus JOHNSTON, 26, produce dealer, Brockville, same, s/o William JOHNSTON & Janet McDOUGALL, married Eliza Jane PARR, 27, Brockville, same, d/o James PARR & Emeline McLEAN, witn: George A. McMULLEN & N. HAGERMAN, both of Brockville, 21 May 1873 at Brockville

007266-73 James JOHNSTON, 31, Shoe Maker, Wid, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Rose McCAMMON; married Jane GORDON, 22, Oxford, Oxford, d/o William GORDON & Jane LAMRICK?, witn William JOHNSTON & Robert GORDON, both Oxford, 22 Dec 1873, Oxford

vol 30 pg 369 - Eppenetus JONES, 25, farmer, Canada, Bedford twp., s/o Stephen JONES & Zattie DELONG, married Elizabeth McCANN, 21, Canada, Hinchenbrook twp., d/o Adam McCANN & Margaret GALBRAITH, witn: Emma PARISH & Sarah KILBORN, both of Newboro, 8 Jan 1873 at Newboro (also 7117-73) #007126-73 (Leeds Co.) Stephen JONES 24, farmer, Canada, Oso twp., s/o John JONES & Sarah MILLIKEN, married Susan Almira KNAPP 24, Canada, Oso twp., d/o John KNAPP & Parmelia ROOT, wit: Thomas JONES & Mildred A. KNAPP both of Oso twp., 2 Apr 1873, at Newboro.
#007081-73 (Leeds Co): Thomas KAVANAGH, 27, farmer, Canada, Mallorytown, s/o Ganet KAVANAGH & Mary MULDOON, married Mary Elizabeth DOLLINGER, 19, NY state, Rockwood, d/o Lewis DOLLINGER & Jane DALY, witn: M. DEER & Mary CURTIN, both of Escott, 20 Nov 1873 at Brockville (Rom Cath)

007267-73 Ephraim KELSEY, 19, Farmer, Leeds, Leeds, s/o Benedict & Mary KELSEY; married Elizabeth KILLINGBECK, 18, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o William & Hannah KILLINGBECK; witn E. WILTSE & A. GORDON, both Lyndhurst, 12 Aug 1873, Lyndhurst

#005517-74 - John KENDRICK 39, blacksmith, wid., Elizabethtown, same, s/o Samuel Oughton & Ann KENDRICK, married Caroline WEBSTER, 21, Canada, Elizabethtown, d/o Richard & Martha WEBSTER, wit: Albert KENDRICK & Martha Ann ROWSOM, both of Elizabethtown, 7 Jul 1873, at English Church village of Lyn Ont 007028-73 Thomas Robert KENNEY, 24, Farmer, Leeds Twp, Leeds Twp, s/o Thomas & Eliza KENNEY; married Alice PATTERSON, 19, Gananoque, Leeds Twp, d/o Ira & Marinda PATTERSON; witn John E. KENNEY, Leeds & Eleanor FOSKRILL? South Crosby, 6 Mar 1873, South Crosby
007145-73 (Leeds Co.) William KERNAHAN 28, farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o Robert & Jane KERNAHAN, married Elizabeth ROGERS 25, Oxford twp., same, d/o Alexander & Ann ROGERS, wit: William & Mary A. EDWARDS both of Merrickville, 22 Sep 1873, at Merrickville. 5544-74 John KERR, 26, farmer, Greenbush, same, s/o George & Eleanor, married Adeline E. LOVE, 23, Augusta, same, d/o James & Harriet, witn: Thomas KERR of Greenbush & Martha McCULLY of Augusta, 31 Dec 1873 at North Augusta
007193-1873 Charles KILBORN, 57, Widower, Farmer, Bastard, same, s/o Samuel KILBORN & Abigail KILBORN, married Abigail HUNTER, 44, Widow, South Crosby twp., Bastard twp., d/o Calvin MARVIN & Claricy MARVIN, witn: William Henry MONTGOMERY, Margaret KINCH, both of Kitley twp., 12 Mar 1873 at Kitley 007053-73 John KILLINBECK, 20, Farmer, Lansdowne Twp, Lansdowne Twp, s/o William & Hannah KILLINBECK; married Adline KELSEY, 18, Leeds Twp, Leeds Twp, d/o Benedick & Mary KELSEY; witn William J. SPEER, Lyndhurst & Jane KILLINGBECK, Lansdowne, 18 Feb 1873, Bastard
007036-73 Samuel KING, 22, Blacksmith, North Augusta, Bishops Mills, s/o Robert & Anna KING; married Selina GIBSON, 22, Augusta, Wolford, d/o William & Agnes GIBSON; witn John KING, Augusta & Rachel GIBSON, Wolford, 18 Jun 1873, Merrickville (also 7141-73) vol 30 pg 402 - William KING, 39, farmer, North Augusta, Spencertown Minn USA, s/o Robert KING & Margaret WELLINGTON, married Ellen MILLER, 28, North Augusta, same, d/o Hugh & Rebecca, witnesses were Edward KING & Alice STACY both of Augusta, 5 March 1873 at Prescott (also 7225-73 and 7207-73)
007166-1873 Francis KINGSTON, 23, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o Francis & Ann KINGSTON, married Winnifred WHITE, 28, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o John & Margaret WHITE, witn: Joseph STITT, Bridget WHITE, both of Spencerville, 9 Apr 1873 at Spencerville 007133-73 John LAKINS, 23, Labourer, Portland Twp, Portland Twp, s/o William LAKINS & Ellen GOUGH; married Annie LEVECK, 23, Hinchenbrooke Twp, Portland Twp, d/o John LEVECK & Mary KELLY; witn F.L. STEPHENSON & L.B. STEPHENSON, both Newboro, 25 Dec 1873, Newboro (also vol 30 pg 375)
007232-73 Erastus C LANDON 21, photographer, Lansdowne, Gananoque, s/o Erastus LANDON & Elizabeth LANDON, married Anne Jane SLUTTE?, 20, Kingston, Gananoque, d/o Samuel SLUTTE & Mary SLUTTE, wtn: John FERGUSON & Martha HEASLIP both of Gananoque, on Oct 1, 1873, at Gananoque 007042-73 William LANE, 23, Farmer, Augusta, Augusta, s/o George & Julia LANE; married Anna HOUGH, 22, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Erastus & Lucy HOUGH; witn Ezra NEMANS & Amelia HOUGH, both Augusta, 7 May 1873, Augusta
007062-73 Robert Johnston LATIMER, 25, Clerk, Canada, Brockville, s/o Robert LATIMER & Mary Ann JOHNSTON; married Hannah FLEMING, 25, Ireland, Lansdowne, d/o Richard FLEMING & Hannah PEROULS?; witn H.J. YOUNG & Marian YOUNG, both Lansdowne, 28 Aug 1873, Brockville 007223-73 William LAWRENCE, 21, fitter, Carnarvon S Wales, Brockville, s/o Robert LAWRENCE & Rachel DAVIS, married Eva A WILSON, 17, Brockville, same, d/o James R WILSON & Catherine BURNS, wtn: Alexander Stewart & Mary Ann WILSON both of Brockville, on Jan 4, 1873, at Prescott

007268-73 Levi LEE, 45, Labourer, Rutland Co England, Brockville, s/o John & Judith LEE; married Hester REID, 44, Wid, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Richard & Asenath JOHNSTON; witn Henry P. WASHBURN & Sexton WASHBURN, both Lansdowne, 19 Oct 1873, Lansdowne

vol 30 pg 368 - James LEWIS, 24, farmer, Canada, Brockville, s/o Richard LEWIS & Catherine DEACON, married Catherine WIGMAN, 27, Canada, Brockville, d/o Bartholemew WIGMAN & Mary McNAMARA, witn: John COTTON of Brockville, 3 May 1873 at Brockville (also 7116-73)

007245-73 Alexander LOCK, 47, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o John & Nancy LOCK; married Annie CLOW, 31, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o James & Mary CLOW; witn Seymour BELL & Lucinda CLOW, both Elizabethtown, 17 Dec 1873, Lyn

#007083-73 (Leeds Co): William LOOBY, 22, butcher, Canada, Brockville, s/o Michael LOOBY & Catherine HAYES, married Mary Catherine McMULLEN, 19, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Owen McMULLEN & Ellen McMAHON, witn: Edward MORTIMER & Maria DUFFY, both of Brockville, 26 Nov 1873 at Brockville (Rom Cath)
#007113-73 (Leeds Co.) James LOURY 23, labourer, Toronto Ont., Brockville, s/o John. LOURY & Elizabeth HUTTON, married Bridget McDERMIT 20, Canada, Brockville, d/o Michael McDERMIT & Mary WALSH, wit: Nelson CHAMPAGNE & Margaret INGRAM both of Brockville, 21 Apr 1873, at Brockville. (RC) [witnesses are the same as adjacent record for Champagne & Ingram]  
5469-1874 William LUDLOW, 28, Farmer, Augusta, Same, s/o Thomas & Charlotte LUDLOW, married Hester BARTON, 27, Montague, Same, d/o Thomas & Mary A. BARTON Wtn. Joseph BARTON, Catherine BARTON, both Merrickville, on Dec. 23, 1873 at Merrickville 7335-73 Thomas LYONS, 23, farmer, Canada, Goulbourn twp., s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth ACTON, 19, Canada, Oxford twp., d/o Abraham & Margaret, witn: John SIMPSON of Goulbourn & Catherine Elista NUTT? of Oxford twp., 11 June 1873 at Kemptville
007221-73 James LYRIE, 22, baker, Prescott, same, s/o John LYRIE & Mary Ann MULLEN, married Jane HUTTON, 22, Augusta, Spencerville, d/o William HUTTON & Margaret GATES, wtn: E A HASTIE & Jane YULE both of Prescott, on Jan 1, 1873, at Prescott vol 30 pg 403 - Robert MAGEE, 29, carpenter, Oxford twp., same, s/o Samuel MAGEE & Margaret KERR, married Jerusha FAIRBAIRN, 21, Spencerville, same, d/o George FAIRBAIRN & Electa COWDRAY, witnesses were E.A. HASTIE & Mary COUNTRYMAN both of Prescott, 19 March 1873 at Prescott (also 7208-73)
7336-73 John MAHER, 24, farmer, Canada, Marlborough twp., s/o Roger & Jane, married Sarah FRANCIS, 24, Ireland, Edwardsburgh twp., d/o George & Mary, witn: Richard CHAMBERS of Kemptville & Julia FRANCIS of Edwardsburgh twp., 26 June 1873 at Kemptville vol 30 pg 403 - John MAISON, 30, farmer, Ireland, Edwardsburgh, s/o John MAISON & Sarah HOUSTON, married Mary A. LENON, 23, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Andrew LENON & Catherine HUNTER, witnesses were E.A. HASTIE & Catherine CAMPBELL, both of Presoctt, 9 June 1873 at Prescott (also 7210-73)
007091-73 Francis Stewart MALLOCH, 33, Gentleman, Brockville, Brockville, s/o George & Eliza MALLOCH; married Eliza Chaffey CHISLETT, 33, Pittsburgh Penn, Brockville, d/o John & Sarah CHISLETT; witn Albert Norton RICHARDS & Ellen Chaffey RICHARDS, both Brockville, 31 Jul 1873, Brockville

007242-73 Wilbert Isaac MALLORY, 24, Labourer, Mallorytown, Mallorytown, s/o Israel & Julia MALLORY; married Maggie I. BUELL, 20, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o George D & Adaline BUELL; witn E.D. MALLORY, Mallorytown & Irena AVERY, Yonge, 1 Oct 1873, Elizabethtown

007044-73 Robert Boyd MANHARD, 26, Blacksmith, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o Daniel & Sarah MANHARD; married Julia Mareen THROOP, 23, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Joseph A & Jane Eliza THROOP; witn Daniel MANHARD, Elizabethtown & Joseph A. THROOP, Augusta, 17 Sept 1873, Augusta 007022-73 Hugh MARQUETTE, 27, Farmer, Canada, Mountain Twp, s/o Benjamin & Caroline MARQUETTE; married Mary Jane BOWERS, 23, Canada, South Gower, d/o Robert Samuel & Elizabeth BOWER; witn George MARQUETTE, Mountain & Melissa SHIACH?, South Gower, 12 Feb 1873, South Gower

007171-73 Enoch MARSHALL, 26, Carriage Maker, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o Benjamin & Jane MARSHALL; married Mary Diantha CONNELL, 17, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o Robert & Rebecca CONNELL; witn William BOW, Winchester & Mrs Joseph YOUNG, Elizabethtown, 1 Jan 1873, Elizabethtown

007196-1873 William H. MASON, 32, Gentleman, Chataugay N.Y., Prescott, s/o Philip B. MASON & Mary WOODWARD, married Margaret MORROW, 24, Prescott, same, d/o John MORROW & Ann CARROLL, witn: John MORROW, Marie COONS, both of Prescott, 22 Jan 1873 at Prescott
vol 24 pg 77 (Leeds & Grenville): Robert MATHEWS, 27, shoemaker, Co Longford Ireland, Perth, s/o Robert MATHEWS & Margaret CALDWELL, married Ann Jane SHELLINGTON, 23, Hinchenbrook, Bedford twp., d/o Joseph SHELLINGTON & Charlotte BELL, witn: Robert CALDWELL of Bathurst & Hannah FORSYTH of Hinchinbrook, 3 Jan 1873 at Newboro vol 30 pg 375 - Patrick McARDLE, 30, yeoman, Ireland, North Crosby, s/o James McARDLE & Margaret McCOY, married Maria McCANN, 27, Ireland, North Crosby, d/o Terence McCANN & Allice HAGAN, witn: Michael McCANN & Bridget McARDLE, both of N. Crosby, 2 Oct 1873 at Westport (Rom Cath) (also 007132-73)

007199-73 Richard McCASLIN, 24, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o James McCASLIN & Maria MARKLEY; married Elizabeth MILLER, 21, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o Robert MILLER & Catherine DAVIS?; witn Henry McCASLIN & John SAVER?, both Matilda, 21 Mar 1873, Prescott

#007152-73 (Leeds Co.) Donald McDONALD 32, joiner, Wolfe Is. Ont., same, s/o Hugh & Ann McDONALD, married Margaret McCREA 23, Wolfe Island Ont., Grindstone Is. NY USA, d/o Farquhar & Isabella McCREA, wit: Alex ROBINSON & Flora McCREA both of Grindstone Is. NY USA, 10 or 15 Feb 1873, at Gananoque. 5471-1874 Matthew McDOUGALL, 24, Tinsmith, Brockville, Oxford Twp., s/o George & Almira McDOUGALL, married Samantha KNIGHT, 19, Mountain Twp., Same, d/o Edward & Susanna KNIGHT, Wtn. George BELL, Robert COLEMAN, on Oct. 24, 1873, at Merrickville

007201-73 Ruben McEWEN, 29, Farmer, Wid, Napean Co, Napean, s/o David McEWEN & Mary TRAVELLER; married Maggie HENERY (Henry?), 21, Napean, Napean, d/o Harmon HENERY & Hannah SHARP; witn William HENERY & Ruth HOBS, both Napean, 22 Apr 1873, Prescott

007180-1873 Thomas McEWEN, 22, Cabinet Maker, Carlton Place, Brockville, s/o John McEWEN & Susan McEWEN, married Rachael Ann BELL, 18, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o Walter BELL & Margaret BELL, witn: Gore BELL, Elizabethtown, Eliza Ann CHECKLEY, North Augusta, 4 Feb 1873 at North Augusta
007069-73 John Byron McINTOSH, 27, Wid, Moulder, Scotland, Smith Falls, s/o Thomas McINTOSH & Catherine BRYSON; married Maggie Jane DULMAGE, 26, Canada, Brockville, d/o John DULMAGE & Frances BOOLE; witn Leonard A. THOMSON, Gananoque & Maggie BURNETT, Maitland, 3 Nov 1873, Brockville #005513-74 - Edward Jessop McINTOSH, 23, store keeper, Canada, McIntosh Mills Yonge twp., s/o Joseph & Jane Ann McINTOSH, married Margarete Jane MOULTON 18, Canada, Farmersville, d/o Joseph & Emily MOULTON, wit: John BERRY of Elizabethtown & Elizabeth McINTOSH of McIntosh Mills Yonge twp., 17 Dec 1873, at English Ch. in village of Lyn, Ont
#007125-73 (Leeds Co.) Cephas McKIM 24, harness maker, Canada, Westport Ont., s/o Hiram McKIM & Sarah SWITZER, married Magdalene FREDENBURGH 23, Canada, Westport Ont., d/o William Hartwell FREDENBURGH & Catherine T. BILTON, wit: Hiram Albert McKIM & Annie Sohofield (Schofield?) FREDENBURGH both of Westport, 8 May 1873, Westport.

007264-73 James McLEES, 20, shoe maker, Oxford, Oxford, s/o William McLEES & Amarilla CARELL; married Mary Ann MORRISON, 19, Oxford, Oxford, d/o William MORRISON & Ann McCRUM; witn John McCARGAR & Thomas DOOL Jr, both Oxford, 19 Nov 1873, Oxford

007039-73 Robert McMARTIN, 22, Farmer, Wolford, Wolford Twp, s/o John & Margaret McMARTIN; married Elizabeth RATHWELL, 22, Wolford, Wolford, d/o Andrew & Mary RATHWELL; witn Alexander CUMMING & Caroline RATHWELL, both Wolford, 11 Feb 1873, Merrickville 5543-74 James McMULLEN, 31, farmer, Elmsley, Augusta, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane HALL, 17, Augusta, same, d/o William & Nancy, witn: George FERGUSON & Mary Ann GREER, both of Augusta, 22 Dec 1873 at Augusta
007061-73 Harvey McNEIL, 22, Merchant, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o James & Letitia McNEIL; married Almira Augusta GARRY, 24, Maitland, Brockville, d/o Robert & Mary GARRY; witn Charles ALDRIDGE & Cammille GARRY, no place given, 5 Aug 1873, Brockville 007045-73 Manuel MILKS, 28, Merchant, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Daniel & Permilla MILKS; married Emily Helen WRIGHT, 23, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Isaiah & Eliza Amelia WRIGHT; witn Alexander GRANT, Augusta & William WRIGHT, Brockville, 15 Oct 1873, Augusta
vol 30 pg 376 - Ira MOOR, 22, laborer, Landsdown, same, s/o Samuel & Lucy Ann, married Myssilla A. BRADY, 22, Leeds twp., same, d/o George & Catherine Matilda, witn: Eleanor & Margaret HALLADAY of S. Crosby, 12 July 1873 at S. Crosby (also 7139-73) #007074-73 (Leeds Co): William MOORE, 24, miller, Ireland, Brockville, s/o William MOORE & Jane BLAIR, married Mary MOORHEAD, 27, Ireland, Brockville, d/o William MOORHEAD & Elizabeth DAVIDSON, witn: William STEWART & J.M. McCLEAN, both of Brockville, 25 June 1873 at Brockville
007013-73 William MOORE, 24, Farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o William & Jane MOORE; witn Charlotte KINCAID, 30, Kincaid, Lansdowne, d/o Robert & Mary KINCAID; witn Harriet KINCAID, Kingston & Leticia WARREN, both Lansdowne, 25 Dec 1873, Lansdowne  
007198-1873 George Alexander MORGAN, 22, Telegraph Operator, Co. of Ottawa - Quebec, United States, s/o George Ira MORGAN & Flora McLEAN, married Henrietta SHERWOOD, 19, Prescott, same, d/o John SHERWOOD & Emeline FELL, witn: Sydney EMPY, Annie FRASER, both of Prescott, 27 Feb 1873 at Prescott vol 30 pg 405 - George MOWATT, 24, moulder, Brockville, same, s/o Thomas MOWATT & Mary GILMOUR?, married Catherine McDERMOTT, 22, Brockville, same, d/o John McDERMOTT & Fanny ELLIOTT, witn: Denis MONAHAN & Hannah CASTLE, both of Brockville, 1 Oct 1873 at Prescott (also 7215-73)
007212-73 Alva MUNROE, 26, carpenter, Williamsburgh, Winchester, s/o John M MUNROE & Maria BEDSTEAD, married Abigail HELMER, 27, Winchester, same, d/o John M HELMER & Catherine BAKER, wtn: Hugh BOLTON & Catherine L MUNROE of Winchester, on June 18, 1873, at Prescott 007233-73 William J MURDOCH, 30, mariner, Cornwall, Kingston, s/o William MURDOCH & Mary BLAKELY, married Janet HUNTER, 28, Scotland, Gananoque, d/o William HUNTER & Margaret McCOREY, wtn: William Little of Pittsburgh? & Jane HUNTER of Gananoque, on Oct 30, 1873, at Gananoque
007128-73 (Leeds Co.) Cornelius MURPHY 26, farmer, South Elmsley twp., same, s/o Cornelius MURPHY & Mary DONOVAN, married Mary Ann MARA 19, Kitley twp., same, d/o Lewis MARA & Mary Ann SMITH, wit: Nancy HUTTON & F.L. STEPHENSON of Newboro, 19 Jun 1873, at Newboro. (RC) 07137-73 Richard MYERS Sr., 70, Wid, Yeoman, England, North Crosby, s/o Richard MYERS & Mary CLOSE; married Ann NOONAN, 35, Ireland, Bedford, d/o Patrick NOONAN & Ann MONAHIN; witn James NOONAN & Mary CONROY, both Bedford, 9 Aug 1873, Westport0
007183-1873 Thomas NEWANS, 24, Farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Ambrose NEWANS & Lucinda NEWANS, married Anna HUGHS, 20, Wolford, Augusta, d/o John HUGHS & Mary HUGHS, witn: Henry BASS, Ambrose NEWANS, both of Augusta, 27 Mar 1873 at Augusta 07330-73 Samuel OAKS, 29, farmer, Ireland, Twp of Russell - County of Russell, s/o William & Catherine OAKS, married Ellen EDWARDS, 26, Ireland, Twp of Oxford - Grenville County, d/o William & Edith EDWARDS, witn: James Albert FIELDING & Catherine FIELDING both of Russell Twp - County of Russell, 18 Sep 1873 at Kemptville
007078-73 (Leeds Co): John O'BRIEN, 24, engine driver, Canada, Brockville, s/o Joseph O'BRIEN & Mary HURLEY, married Mary COLLINS, 23, Canada, Brockville, d/o James COLLINS & Celia MONOHAN, witn: Ellen KENNEDY & William HURLEY, both of Brockville, 29 July 1873 at Brockville (Rom Cath)  

007269-73 Ephraim PAGE, 33, Farmer, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o Richard & Mary PAGE; married Sarah KEARNEY, 24, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o Patrick & Sarah KEARNEY; witn Laughlin MUCHMORE & Mary Ann MUCHMORE, both South Crosby, 28 Oct 1873, Lyndhurst

#005442-74 (Leeds & Grenville Co) John Wesley PARKER, 23, farmer, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o James & Caroline PARKER; married Amelia Elizabeth CARR, 22, Bastard, Bastard, d/o James & Freelove CARR; witn - John & Louisa CRUPP?, both Bastard, 15 September 1873, Bastard
007191-1873 John PATTERSON, 22, Farmer, Canada, South Crosby, s/o Robert PATTERSON & Mary Ann PATTERSON, married Sarah TALLMAN, 18, Kitley, South Crosby, d/o William TALLMAN & Matilda TALLMAN, witn: James K. TALLMAN, Elizabeth OGDEN, Kitley, 30 Jan 1873 at Kitley 007186-1873 William PATTERSON, 36, Farmer, Scotland, New York State U.S., s/o William PATTERSON & Agnes PATTERSON, married Mary Jane PATTERSON, 20, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Henry PATTERSON & Ann PATTERSON, witn: Jane MARSHALL, Charles MARSHALL, Elizabethtown, 8 Feb 1873 at Augusta

007262-73 Elijah PELTON Jr, 38, Farmer, Wid, South Gower, South Gower, s/o Elijah & Peggy PELTON; married Elizabeth McNILAGE, 20, South Gower, Oxford, d/o John & Isabella McNILAGE; witn John McNILAGE & Isabella McNILAGE, both Oxford, 8 Oct 1873, Oxford

vol 30 pg 379 - William Walter PERCIVAL, 29, farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o Andrew & Martha, married Martha Jane NORTON, 26, Ireland, Buffalo NY, d/o Nathaniel & Maria, witnesses were Joseph NORTON of NY state, & Maria PERCIVAL of Oxford, 30 Oct 1873 at Merrickville (also 7147-73) 007129-73 William F. PERKINS, 21, Farmer, North Crosby, North Crosby, s/o Joshua PERKINS & Annie STONE: married Rosanna E. BEADLE, 22, Kitley, Westport, d/o John BEADLE & Catharine LOVERN; witn Edwin BEADLE & Jonathan A. PERKINS, both North Crosby, 21 Jun 1873, Newboro
007213-73 Alexander PERRIN, 32, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Ebinger (Ebenezer?) PERRIN & Catherine McCANN, married Mary L HILL, 27, Bastard Twp, Augusta, d/o Ephraine HILL & Eliza GALLOWAY, wtn: John PALMER & Mrs John PALMER both of Prescott, on June 19, 1873, at Prescott 007195-1873 Wesley PHILIPS, 21, Canada, Wolford Twp., s/o Charles PHILIPS & Elizabeth PHILIPS, married Narsisa EDMONDS, 20, Canada, Wolford, d/o Joseph & Caroline EDMONDS, witn: James KINCH, Margaret KINCH, Kitley Twp., 29 June 1873 at Kitley
007184-1873 Joseph PLACE, 27, Farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Wright PLACE & Elizabeth PLACE, married Melissa VOIGHT, 18, Augusta, same, d/o Robert VOIGHT & Rose VOIGHT, witn: Robert VOIGHT, Rose VOIGHT, both of Augusta, 11 Mar 1873 at Augusta 007043-73 Joseph PLACE, 21, Farmer, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Thomas & Martha PLACE; married Electa Ann LANGLEY, 15, Augusta, Augusta, d/o William & Maria LANGLEY; witn Stephen LANGLEY & Grant LANGLEY, both Augusta, 21 Apr 1873, Augusta
007238-73 John B POWNELL, 28, farmer, Goulbourne Twp Carleton Co, Leeds, s/o Thomas POWNELL & Jane POWNELL, married Mary Jane ARGUE, 23, Bastard, Leeds, d/o Alexander ARGUE & Frances ARGUE, wtn: Arthur ARGUE of Leeds & Frances L POWNELL of Goulbourne Twp Carleton Co, on Nov 13, 1873, at Leeds 007194-1873 Squaire (Squire?) PRATT, 29, Farmer, Kitley, same, s/o Ebenezer PRATT & Nancy PRATT, married Adeline SOPER, 28, Bastard, same, d/o Solomon SOPER & Electa SOPER, witn: James & Margaret KINCH, Kitley, 23 Mar 1873 at Kitley
007077-73 (Leeds Co): Charles PRITCHARD, 24, yeoman, Canada, Elizabethtown, s/o Joseph PRITCHARD & Eliza JOHNSTON, married Martha HAYES, 18, Canada, Elizabethtown, d/o Hugh HAYES & Margaret JEFFRY, witn: Thomas HAYES & Charlotte PRITCHARD, both of Elizabethtown, 22 Dec 1873 at Brockville 007026-73 John P. PURCELL, 40, Engineer, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o John & Jane PURCELL; married Sarah Candace DELONG, 34, Wid, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o John & Martha MERILLE; witn John H. SINGLETON, Bastard & Eleanor PURCELL, South Crosby, 22 Jan 1873, South Crosby
07080-73 (Leeds Co): Thomas QUINN, 27, merchant, Canada, Gananoque, s/o Martin QUINN & Ellen TERRY, married Cecelia FRASER, 24, Brockville, same, d/o John FRASER & Sarah Mc MILER?, witn: Denis SULLIVAN of Gananoque & Bella KEOUGH of Brockville, 11 Nov 1873 at Brockville (Rom Cath) 007082-73 (Leeds Co): Charles Henry REDHEAD, 28, secretary B&O.R., England, Brockville, s/o Henry Lancelot REDHEAD & Elizabeth WHEELER, married Agnes Mary CAVENDISH, 20, Lowell Mass., Brockville, d/o John CAVENDISH & Ann PLUNKETT, witn: John MEAGHER of Montreal & Lilly COOKE of Brockville, 25 Nov 1873 at Brockville
007033-73 Thomas REID, 27, Farmer, Montague, Montague Twp, s/o Thomas & Sarah BENNETT; married Mary Jane SALTER, 25, Beckwith, Beckwith, d/o John & Rachel GRIFFITH; witn Thomas ROTHWELL, Montague & Ann SALTER, Beckwith, 15 Feb 1873, Merrickville 007073-73 (Leeds Co): Henry ROBERTSON, 25, carpenter & joiner, Osgoode Ont., Carleton Place, s/o Henry ROBERTSON & Mary ROY, married Ada PHILIPS, 18, Richmond, Carleton Place, d/o James PHILIPS & Harriet RODGERS, witn: Mrs. J. MOORE of Brockville, 23 May 1873 at Brockville
vol 30 pg 375 - Thomas ROLPH, 35, widower, yeoman, Ireland, Bastard twp., s/o Thomas ROLPH & Mary HOBIN, married Mary KENNEDY, 22, North Crosby, Bastard twp., d/o Thomas KENNEDY & Bridget JORDAN, witn: William & Catherine KENNEDY of Bastard, 22 June 1873 at Westport (also 7134-73) 5472-74 Thomas RUSSELL, 29, blacksmith, Merrickville, Toledo Ohio, s/o James & Margaret, married Mary BOYLE, 27, Wolford twp., same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Alexander WYLIE of Wolford & Jane BOYLE of Merrickville, 26 Nov 1873 at Merrickville
#007122-73 (Leeds Co.) James RYLEY 23, yeoman, Bedford twp., same, s/o Arthur RYLEY & Mary FITZPATRICK, married Isabella HILL 23, Loughboro twp., Bedford twp., d/o William HILL & Sarah Jane HUGHES, wit: Joseph COULTER & Bridget FITZGERALD both of Bedford twp., 21 Apr 1873, at Westport. (RC) 07228-73 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William SALTER, 25, farmer, Montague - Lanark Co., Carleton Place - Lanark Co., s/o James SALTER & Rosanna WALL, married Martha EDWARDS, 24, Wolford, same, d/o Joseph EDWARDS & Ann SANDERS, witn: Theopilas & Maggie EDWARDS of Wolford, 6 May 1873 at Wolford
#005415-74 Andrew SCOTT, 20, farmer, Leeds, same, s/o Andrew SCOTT & Elizabeth HARSLET, married Mary DORAN, 24, Bathurst, Norton South Crosby, d/o Thomas DORAN & Mary BURK, witn: Edward HATCHETT & R.E. DAVIS, both of Morton South Crosby, 10 July 1873 at Morton South Crosby vol 30 pg 376 - Andrew SCOTT, 20, farmer, Leeds twp., same, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth, married Annie DARAN, 24, Bathurst, S. Crosby, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Edward H. HATCHELL & Robert DAVIS, both of S. Crosby, 10 July 1873 at S. Crosby (also 7138-73)
007086-73 (Leeds Co): George SCOTT, 31, carpenter, Canada, Elizabethtown twp., s/o George & Lucy, married Sarah LOVE, 23, Ireland, Elizabethtown twp., d/o Toan? & Dinah, witn: Daniel & Mary SCOTT of Elizabethtown, 9 Jan 1873 at Brockville 007060-73 Chauncy SEELEY, 24, Yeoman, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Philip & Mary SEELEY; married Elizabeth KIRKLAND, 25, Wolford, Wolford, d/o William & Jane KIRKLAND; witn Alexander WYLIE & Jemima KIRKLAND, 17 Jun 1873, Brockville
007068-73 Edward Hull SHEFFIELD, 24, Merchant, Canada, Brockville, s/o Richard SHEFFIELD & Sarah STAFFORD; married Charlotte Louisa ODELL, 25, Canada, Brockville, d/o Amos ODELL & Caroline MURAY?; witn A.W. SCHOFIELD, Toronto & E.J. FORESTER, Brockville, 30 Oct 1873, Brockville 007056-73 Milton Homer SHERWOOD, 26, Wid, Mechanic, Bastard Twp, Bastard Twp, s/o William Homer & Elizabeth SHERWOOD; married Margaret Ann CASERLY, 28, New York City, Bastard Twp, d/o Thomas & Margaret CASERLY; witn John BAKER & Elizabeth BAKER, both Bastard, 6 May 1873, Bastard
#007109-73 (Leeds Co.) William A. SHIPMAN 26, teacher, Elizabethtown twp., same, s/o Daniel H. & Mary SHIPMAN, married Harriet A. SNYDER 22, Lena IL USA, same, d/o Joseph & Polly SNYDER, wit: John H. McFAULL of Brockville & Jas. B. DICKSON of Peterborough, 6 Jul 1873, at Brockville 007032-73 George SINGLETON, 23, Farmer, South Crosby, Sorrington (s/b Storrington?), s/o Richard & Elizabeth SINGLETON; married Ruby Ann ROBINSON, 21, Yonge, South Crosby, d/o John & Clariss ROBINSON; witn Lucy Mary WILLIAMS & Sarah Eliza SEED, both South Crosby, 12 Feb 1873, South Crosby
007085-73 (Leeds Co): Patrick SMITH, 35, widower, farmer, Ireland, Yonge twp., s/o Henry SMITH & Jane GORDON, married Mary BYRNE, 25, widow, Canada, Yonge twp., d/o Bernard BYRNE & Bridget MACLER, witn: Mrs. John FRASER & Mrs. MORAN, both of Brockville, 29 Nov 1873 at Brockville (Rom Cath) #007101-73 (Leeds Co.) Edward W. SMITH 25, watch maker, England, Almonte Ont., s/o George Joseph SMITH & Maria dela CRUZ de NAVARRO, married Elizabeth A. MANNING 21, Wales, Almonte Ont., d/o James W. MANNING & Elizabeth HODGES, wit: Eliza KENNEDY of Brockville, 5 Jun 1873, at Brockville. (RC)
007234-73 Eli SMITH, 30, farmer, New York State, Pittsburgh?, s/o John SMITH & Catherine SMITH, married Eunice GRISE, 22, Waterloo Co, Pittsburgh, d/o William GRISE & Mary GRISE, wtn: Charles GRISE & Matilda GRISE both of Pittsburgh, on Nov 19, 1873, at Gananoque 007017-73 Otis B. SMITH, 32, Cooper, Farmersville, South Crosby, s/o Zebulon & Amelia SMITH; married Susan A. SHOOK, 22, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Uri & Adeline SHOOK; witn William BARNETT, Lyn & Robert E. BRILL, Lyndhurst, 16 Feb 1873, Lyndhurst
007092-73 William P. SMITH, 30, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Smith Falls, s/o Jacob & Mary SMITH; married Ann HOLIDAY, 28, Smith Falls, Smith Falls, d/o John & Mary HOLLIDAY; witn Elizabeth OGDEN & Margaret KINCH, both Kitley, 15 Dec 1873, Frankville 007181-1873 Robert SMITH, 26, Carpenter & Joiner, Lanark, Almonte, s/o James SMITH & Eliza SMITH, married Catherine BERRY, 21, Elizabethtown, same, d/o James BERRY & Ann BERRY, witn: John SMITH, Lanark, Ann BERRY, Elizabethtown, 7 Jan 1873 at Elizabethtown
7187-73 Walter SMITH, 35, farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Trueman SMITH & Margaret, married Louisa EARL, 28, Elizabethtown, same, d/o John M. EARL & Lucinda, witn: John M. & Lucinda EARL of Elizabethtown, 5 March 1873 at Augusta

007202-73 John Hartley SNIDER, 23, Farmer, Maitland, Maitland, s/o P.G. SNIDER & Almina HARTLEY; married Mary S. BURRITT, 21, Maitland, Maitland, d/o Charles BURRITT & Martha DULMAGE; witn Edward SNIDER, Maitland & Hilber F. BURRITT, Mitchell, 28 May 1873, Maitland

007260-1873 William I. SNOWDON, 24, Farmer, Oxford, Wolford, s/o James SNOWDON & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Sarah A. PURDY, 20, Wolford, same, d/o Thomas PURDY & Rossana KIRKLAND, witn: Eccles SNOWDON, Wolford, Mrs. T. W. CANNING, Oxford, 2 July 1873 at Oxford 007011-73 James SOMERS, 38, Yeoman, Escott, Lansdowne, s/o Theophilus & Margaret SOMERS; married Caroline ACTON, 23, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Abraham & Eliza ACTON; witn Robert W. KEATING & Catherine KEATING, both Lansdowne, 8 Jan 1873, Lansdowne
007162-1873 Alanon SPENCER, 34, Farmer, Canada, Spencerville, s/o George & Clarissa SPENCER, married Margaret Ann STITT, 32, Canada, Spencerville, d/o William & Margaret STITT, witn: William STITT, Spencerville, George F. ROBERTSON, Prescott, 14 Jan 1873 at Spencerville 007164-1873 John SPERAW, 24, Sailor, Prescott, Edwardsburgh, s/o John & Sarah SPERAW, married Lucinda LANOW, 19, Quebec, Edwardsburgh, d/o Joseph & Adeline LANOW, witn: Emily T. SHERIDAN, Mary SNYDER, both of Edwardsburgh, 19 Mar 1873 at Spencerville
#005518-74 - Daniel C. STAFFORD 26, farmer, wid., Canada, Bedford twp., s/o Solomon I. STAFFORD & Mary Ann SANFORD, married Lydia SPARKS, 21, Canada, Bedford twp., d/o Ira SPARKS & Martha GIBSON, wit: Richard SPARKS & Sarah SPARKS, both of Bedford, 32 Dec 1873, at Newboro, Ont. 007235-73 - Benjamin STAFFORD, 24, farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Samuel STAFFORD & Letitia STAFFORD, married Eliza BIRMINGHAM, 21, Leeds Twp, same, d/o W BIRMINGHAM & June BIRMINGHAM, wtn: William GORDON of Lansdowne & Sarah BIRMINGHAM of Leeds, on Dec 30, 1873, at Leeds Twp
  007249-1873 Cleavelande P. STAFFORD, 38, Widower, Farmer, Lansdowne, Bastard, s/o Cleaveland STAFFARD & Eunice STAFFORD, married Laura Adelia LEE, 23, Lansdowne, same, d/o Anson & Annie LEE, witn: Rosa LEE, Lyndhurst, Adam ARMSTRONG Plainsville, 1 Apr 1873 at Farmersville
007251-1873 Levi STEVENS, 44, Widower, Bastard, same, s/o William STEVENS & Margaret STEVENS, married Bridget HUNT, 23, Bastard, same, d/o Andrew HUNT & Mary HUNT, witn: Sala BLONCHER, Sarah a. FERGUSON, both of Farmersville, 12 March 1873 at Farmersville 007259-1873 William J. STEWART, 23, Farmer, Mountain, Oxford, s/o James STEWART & Charlotte WORKMAN, married Mary WILLISCRAFT, 21, North Elmsly, Oxford, d/o William WILLISCRAFT & Sarah PESKETT, witn: George WILLISCRAFT, Jemima CANNING, Oxford, 13 May 1873 at Oxford
007136-73 Gilbert STEVENS, 29, Mason, Canada, Bastard Twp, s/o Gilbert H. STEVENS & Mary Ann RONAN; married Jessie Viola MATICE, 20, Canada, Bastard Twp, d/o Elisha MATICE & Nancy STEVENS; witn George W. MATICE & Parmelia GIFFORD, both Bastard, 21 Jul 1873, Newboro vol 30 pg 379 Charles STEWART, 20, farmer, Montague twp., same, s/o Joseph & Catherine, married Ann Jane MOORE, 19, Marlborough twp., Montague twp., d/o Isaac & Mary, witnesses were John SCOTT & Margaret STEWART, both of Montague, 5 Nov 1873 at Merrickville
007222-73 Alexander STEWART, 36, engineer, Antrim Co Ireland, Brockville, s/o John STEWART & Mariah BLAIR, married Mary Ann WILSON, 30, Edwardsburgh, Brockville, d/o James R WILSON & Catherine BURNS, wtn: William LAWRENCE & Eva A WILSON both of Brockville, on Jan 4, 1873, at Prescott 007185-1873 John STEWART, 22, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o William STEWART & Jane STEWART, married Charlotte PENNOCK, 22, Augusta, same, d/o Charles PENNOCK & Ruth Amelia PENNOCK, witn; Howard BISSELL, Augusta, Samuel SIMPSON, Elizabethtown, 29 Apr 1873 at Augusta
007224-73 Joseph Henry STITT, 25, telegraph operator, Edwardsburgh Twp, same, s/o William STITT & Margaret MARSHALL, married Jane WEIR, 18, Edwardsburgh Twp, same, d/o George WEIR & Jane KENNEDY, wtn: John STITT of Prescott & Rachel DUFF of Edwardsburgh, on Feb 26, 1873, at Prescott 005297-1874 James STOLLIKER, 23, Farmer, Leeds, same, s/o Ambrose STOLLIKER & Mary STOLLIKER, married Elizabeth ABRAMS, 19, Leeds, same, d/o Not Known, witn: Josiah ABRAMS, Mary A. ABRAMS, 10 Dec 1873 at Leeds
007049-73 Edward STUNDEN (Sternden?), 24, Blacksmith, Gananoque, Gananoque, s/o George & Sarah STUNDEN; married Margaret GREER, 20, Escott, Escott, d/o James & Susan GREER; witn Walter CRUNSON, Leeds & Elizabeth GREER, Escott, 22 Sept 1873, Escott #007096-73 (Leeds Co.) Nelson TALLMAN 21, farmer, Kitley twp., Toledo Kitley twp., s/o William & Deborah TALLMAN, married Francis GORMAN 18, Bastard twp., Toledo Kitley twp., d/o William & Esther GORMAN, wit: James & Margaret KINCH both of Frankville Kitley twp., 8 Nov 1873, at Kitley twp.
vol 30 pg 380 - Nelson TALLMAN, 21, farmer, Kitley, Kitley Toledo, s/o William & Deborah, married Frances GERMAN, 18, Bastard twp., Kitley Toledo, d/o William & Esther, witnesses were James & Margaret KINCH of Kitley twp., 8 Nov 1873 at Kitley (also 7096-73) #007097-73 (Leeds Co.) Louis TEREAU 25, moulder, Canada, Brockville, s/o Edward TEREAU & Elizabeth MAILLON, married Leonore PEPIN 21, Canada, Brockville, d/o Louis PEPEN & Sophie REVARD, wit: John MAILLON & Charles SAUVE both of Brockville, 20 May 1873, at Brockville. (RC)
007038-73 Terrance THOMAS, 20, Farmer, Montague, South Elmsley, s/o Eli & Irena THOMAS; married Jennetta FOSTER, 27, South Elmsley, South Elmsley, d/o Adam & Isabella FOSTER; witn Almaron WHITNEY & Isabella CRANSTON, both Merrickville, 1 Jan 1873, Merrickville #005444-74 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Joseph S. THOMPSON, 30, mechanic, Hopkinsville N.H., Goffstown N.H., s/o William J. THOMPSON & Susan THOMPSON; married Sarah Maria FARNAM?, 21, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Joseph FARNAM? & Eleanor FARNAM?; witn – Eleanor FASNANO & Edmund FARNAM?, both Bastard, 16 December 1873, Bastard
007071-73 (Leeds Co): John THOMPSON, 21, carpenter & joiner, Caintown - Leeds Co., Brockville, s/o Benjamin THOMPSON & Ann FERGUSON, married Anna Maria FERGUSON, 20, Brockville, same, d/o Robert FERGUSON & Maria SMITH, witn: Edward & Anna HOWISON of Brockville, 20 May 1873 at Brockville  
#007155-73 (Leeds Co.) Thomas TODD 30, farmer, Pittsburgh twp., same, s/o James & Margaret TODD, married Francis Ann NUTTALL 21, Leeds twp., same, d/o George & Francis NUTTALL, wit: Edward HUNTER of Pittsburgh twp. & Maria NUTTALL of Leeds twp., 5 Jun 1873, at Gananoque. vol 30 pg 379 - John TODD, 49, shoemaker, Ireland, Marlborough twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Polly CARTER, 41, Bathurst twp., Montague twp., d/o Robert & Mary Catherine, witnesses were A.W. McCREA & E.J. SHERIDAN, both of Merrickville, 28 Oct 1873 at Merrickville (also 7148-73)
007030-73 Lewis TRYON, 23, Farmer, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o Calab? & Margaret TRYON; married Jane FITZPATRICK, 19, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o Thomas & Lenina? FITZPATRICK; witn James STAFFLER & Noah WHITMARCH, both South Crosby, 10 Jan 1873, South Crosby 007070-73 (Leeds Co): Wilson WADE, 25, carpenter & joiner, Ireland, Brockville, s/o William WADE & Jane DENBIE, married Catherine LYNCH, 23, Kingston, Brockville, d/o Hugh LYNCH & Ann BRADY, witn: Archie GRAHAM & E.J. TAVER, both of Brockville, 12 May 1873 at Brockville
#007127-73 (Leeds Co.) Thomas J. WAFFLE 20, farmer, Canada, North Crosby twp., s/o George WAFFLE & Mary Jane PUFFER, married Catherine CROWLEY 19, Canada, North Crosby twp., d/o James CROWLEY & Ann ROSS, wit: Richard HAMILTON & Sarah Jane WAFFLE of North Crosby twp., 13 Mar 1873, at Newboro

007263-73 Orrin Lewis WAKEFIELD, 35, Mill Wright, Stockholm NY, Salt Point Sienona California, s/o Judson WAKEFIELD & Ruth LEAVENWORTH; married Margaret KERNSHAW, 29, Kemptville, Oxford, d/o Robert KERNSHAW & Jane HOLMES; witn Samuel MARTIN, Kemptville & Archibald GRAHAM, Oxford, 12 Nov 1873, Oxford

007182-1873 Nathan WALKER, 21, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o George WALKER & Adaline WALKER, married Annie BELLAMY, 18, Augusta, same, d/o Archibald W. BELLAMY & Antha BELLAMY, witn: Mary WALKER, Benjamin FRANCIS, both of Elizabethtown, 18 Feb 1873 at North Augusta vol 30 pg 369 -  David WARREN, 31, farmer, Canada, North Crosby twp., s/o David WARREN & Fanny FOWLER, married Margaret PERKINS, 30, widow, Canada, North Crosby twp., d/o Joshua PERKINS & Ann STONE, witn: John BRUSH & Jonathan PERKINS, both of N. Crosby, 3 Feb 1873 at Newboro (also 7118-73)
005296-1874 Sylvester WATSON, 19, Farmer, Lansdowne (Rear), Leeds, s/o Jabez WATSON & Jane WATSON, married Adelaide CARPENTER, 19, Leeds, same, d/o Stephen CARPENTER & Sarah CARPENTER, witn: W. H. STEPHENS, Mary STEPHENS, both of Leeds, 10 Nov 1873 at Marble Rock 007158-73 Ephraim WEBSTER, 20, Mechanic, Gananoque, Gananoque, s/o Asa? & Mary WEBSTER; married Elias COLLARD, 20, Leeds Twp, Gananoque, d/o Henry & Eliza COLLARD; witn Frank WEBSTER & Phebe COLLARD, both Gananoque, 4 Jun 1873, Gananoque
007035-73 Neilson WEIDMARK, 21, Farmer, Montague, Montague Twp, s/o Human & Maria WEIDMARK; married Eliza Jane CONLIN, 23, Montague, Montague Twp, d/o John & Margaret CONLIN; witn Joseph CONLIN, Montague & Susan LEWIS, Montague, 13 Feb 1873, Merrickville 007192-1873 Robert WEIR, 27, Farmer, Bastard Twp., same, s/o Charles WEIR & Elizabeth WEIR, married Elizabeth PRICE, 25, Bastard, Kitley, d/o Thomas PRICE & Margaret PRICE witn: Henry MULVAGH, Mary Ann MULVAGH, both of Kitley twp., 17 Mar 1873 at Kitley
007105-73 (Leeds Co.) Thomas WELSH 20, carpenter, Brockville, same, s/o Thomas WELSH & Elizabeth GUDGE, married Alice CAR 23, Brockville, same, d/o Edward CAR & Martha GOSLIN, wit: Edward HARRISON & James GILLEN both of Brockville, 19 Jan 1873, at Brockville. #007146-73 (Leeds Co.) Reed Clark WETHERELL 33, blacksmith, Bastard twp., same, s/o Septha & Leodice WETHERELL, married Ann SUFFERON 27, Montague twp., same, d/o John & Rebecca SUFFERON, wit: George I. WITHERILL of Bastard twp. & Margaret HARNET of Montague twp., 1 Oct 1873, at Merrickville
007048-73 John WILLIAMS, 32, Labourer, Augusta, Brockville, s/o John & Mary WILLIAMS; married Bella McTAGGART, 27, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Ebenezer & Jannet or Harriet McTAGGART; witn William McTAGGART & Lydia McTAGGART, both Brockville, 27 Dec 1873, Maitland  
007064-73 William WILSON, 45, Wid, Yeoman, Ireland, Elizabethtown, s/o Charles WILSON & Jane MAGEE; married Margaret Ann WILSON, 22, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Samuel WILSON & Eliza LOWE; witn Thomas BELL, Brockville & Mary Jane WILSON, Elizabethtown, 5 Sept 1873, Brockville #007107-73 (Leeds Co.) James WILSON 35, yeoman, Kitley twp., Wolford twp., s/o Hugh WILSON & Elizabeth CARDWELL, married Margaret KENNEDY 24, Kitley twp., same, d/o William KENNEDY & Hester WILSON, wit: W. H. & Ellen CAMPBELL both of Wolford, 25 Mar 1873, at Brockville
007054-73 John R. WILTSIE, 24, Mechanic, Farmersville, Chicago Illinois, s/o Martin & Ester WILTSIE; married Dorothy Ann BIRCH, 18, Westport, Delta, d/o Robert & Elizabeth BIRCH; witn Thomas BIRCH & Amelia JOHNSON, both Delta, 8 Jan 1873, Bastard #005438-74 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William WILTSIE, 27, farmer, Farmersville, Bastart, s/o Eli WILTSIE & Sarah WILTSIE; married Dorothy MORRIS, 27, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Thomas & Mary MORRIS; witn – James BELL & Andrew MORRIS, both Delta, 17 November 1873, Bastard
007130-73 Eli WILTSIE, 21, Mechanic, Canada, Farmersville, s/o Abel WILTSIE & Julia PARISH; married Eliza HOUGHTON, 19, Canada, Newboro, d/o Martin HOUGHTON & Elizabeth MARKLEY; witn George PAUL & Nellie Maria HOUGHTON, Newboro, 1 Jun 1873, Newboro

007188-1873 Albert WOOD, 22, Farmer, Elizabethtown Twp., same, s/o Joseph WOOD & Parmilla WOOD, married Hannah STREET, 22, Kemptville, Brockville, d/o Abraham STREET & Clarissa STREET, witn: Agnes BROWN, Jane BROWNE, both of Maitland, 25 Mar 1873 at Augusta

007239-73 Robert WOODS Jr, 32, Yeoman, Elmsley, Elmsley, s/o Robert & Jennet WOODS; married Agnes TOMLINSON, 26, Oso Twp, Elmsley, d/o Johnathan & Jane, witn Joseph HOOPS & Jane THOMLINSON (sic), both Elmsley, 27 Nov 1873, Smith Falls vol 30 pg 406 - William YOUNG, 29, carpenter, Young twp., Brockville, s/o Samuel YOUNG & Mary HAZLEWOOD, married Jane McCANN, 22, Dayton Ohio, Brockville, d/o Edward McCANN & Ellen CARRUTHERS, witn: James H. ELLIOTT & Adelaide HOLLIDAY, both of Brockville, 22 Dec 1873 at Prescott (also 7218-73)