Lanark 1862

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Lanark County, 1862

transcribed from microfilm MS248, reel 9, vol 25: Lanark Co. 1858 - 1869

Format: Groom, his age, his birth place, his residence, his parents, bride, her age, her birth place, her residence, her parents, witnesses, date


Page 80, return by Ebenezer Morris, United Church of England & Ireland

John JACKSON, 27, Ireland, Wilberforce, s/o William & Phoebe, married Henrietta HAWKINS, 25, Beckwith, same, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: H. & Eliza HAWKINS of Beckwith, 14 Feb 1862

George NESBITT, no age given, Beckwith, Alma, s/o John & Jane, married Joanna MORRIS, no age given, Wales, Franktown, d/o Ebenezer & Frances, witn: George W.G. GRANT of North Gower, E.B. BERFORD of Perth & Edward NESBITT of Almonte, 28 May 1862

James FERGUSON, 25, Montague, same, s/o John & Ann, married Eliza JONES, no age given, Montague, same, d/o Peter & Sarah, witn: J.W. McVEAN of Montague & M.F. WALLACE of Smith Falls, 1 July 1862

Alexander SHANNON, no age given, Ireland, Drummond, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Jane CONBOY, no age given, Beckwith, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: A. DOWDALL & Elizabeth CONBOY, both of Beckwith, 22 Sept 1862

James PERCIVAL, 27, Canada, Almonte, s/o Robert & Mary, married Mary O'NEIL, no age given, Canada, Almonte, d/o William & Catherine, witn: John JELLY of Brockville & Nancy KIPEY of Almonte, 12 Oct 1862

John PANE (Payne?), 62, Ireland, Beckwith, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Jane HENDERSON, 45, Canada, Beckwith, d/o John & Ellen HENDERSON, witn: Thomas & Jane NESBITT of Beckwith, 18 Nov 1862

William JAMES, 25, Canada, Montague, s/o Henry & blank, married Hester ROE, no age given, Canada, Montague, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: blank JAMES & blank WILSON, both of Montague, 18 Dec 1862


transcribed from microfilm MS248, reel 9, vol 26: Lanark Co. 1859 - 1868


Page 12, return by William McKenzie, Canada Presbyterian Church,

John Fairbairn GREIG, 28, Ramsay, same, s/o James GREIG & Frances MANSEL, married Sarah THOMPSON, 19, Ramsay, same, d/o Robert THOMPSON & Mary SEYMOUR, witn: Thomas GREIG of Ramsay, 2 Jan 1862

Thomas HAMILTON, 25, Scotland, Huntley, s/o THOMAS HAMILTON & Helen McPHERSON, married Janet AITKEN, 20, Huntley, same, d/o James AITKEN & Jane MILLER, witn: Francis HALL of Ramsay, 6 Jan 1862

Walter LAWSON, 22, Elmsley, Ramsay, s/o Andrew LAWSON & Mary ROBERTSON, married Susannah DUNCAN, 20, Ramsay, same, d/o John DUNCAN & Mary GEMMELL, win: Paul RUSSELL of Ramsay, 18 Jan 1862

Ozias BANNING, 24, Lachute, Ramsay, s/o Ozias BANNING & Alice KEIR (Kerr?), married Catherine SUTHERLAND, 28, Ramsay, same, d/o James COULTER & Elizabeth WAUGH, witn: James ARMSTRONG of Eganvillle, 13 Feb 1862

James GEMMELL, 21, Ramsay, same, s/o James GEMMELL & Janet BRIDGET, married Isabella LANFORD, 18, Beckwith, same, d/o Thomas LANFORD (Lawford?) & Margaret CAMERON, witn: William LANFORD of Beckwith, 21 March 1862

Gilbert FORGIE, 34, Lanark, Ramsay, s/o Graham FORGIE & Ann GEMMELL, married Jane DUNFIELD, 30, Montreal, Ramsay, d/o James DUNFIELD & Agnes ARTHUR?, witn: David FORGIE of Ramsay, 29 April 1862

Robes KIRK, 27, Ramsay, same, s/o Robert KIRK & Martha RAE, married Catherine HEDRICK, 18, McNab, Ramsay, d/o James HEDRICK & Frances WATSON, witn: Andrew KIRK of Ramsay, 16 may 1862

Peter CRAIN, 22, Beckwith, same, s/o Peter CRAIN & Helen LOSHACH, married Elizabeth HILLBURN, 23, England, Ramsay, d/o John HILLBURN & Sarah PITHARD?, witn: Joseph CRAIN of Beckwith, 15 July 1862

Alexander YOUNG, 27, Ramsay, same, s/o Peter YOUNG & Jane ERSKINE, married Christena LOSHACH, 23, Ramsay, same, d/o Andrew LOSHACH & Christena ANDERSON, witn: Peter YOUNG of Ramsay, 1 Aug 1862

Duncan MILLER, 31, Ramsay, same, s/o Hugh MILLER & Janet GEMMELL, married Mary STRUTHERS, 27, Ramsay, same, d/o Robert STRUTHERS & Mary WILSON, witn: William NEILSON of Ramsay, 19 Sept 1862

George McPHERSON, 23, Whitby, Beckwith, s/o George McPHERSON & Jane MAIR, married Jane NOLAN, 19, Beckwith, same, d/o Martin NOLAN & Rachel BOLTON, witn: Willard HURD of Beckwith, 29 Sept 1862

William DUFF, 50? (30?), Scotland, Beckwith, s/o William DUFF & Margaret ANDERSON, married Eliza Ann DOUGLAS, 25, Ireland, Beckwith, d/o THOMAS DOUGLAS & Mary BOLTON, witn: Alexander DUFF of Beckwith, 26 Dec 1862


Page 13, return by George Beynon, Wesleyan Methodist, Carleton Place Circuit

James LOWE, 24, Pakenham, Beckwith, s/o John LOWE & Jennet McNEELY, married Mary WILSON, 24, Ramsay, same, d/o John WILSON & Sarah WALLACE, witn: Richard ADAMS & Charles WALLACE, both of Ramsay, 22 Jan

Robert McGINNIS, 28, Fitzroy, Ramsay, s/o William McGINNIS & Sarah CLARKE, married Jane HUGHES, 18, Drummond, same, d/o Robert HUGHES & Isabella TOMLINSON, witn: W. & J. HUGHES of Drummond, 10 Feb

John W. ALCOCK, 21, Beckwith, same, s/o Thomas ALCOCK & Ann WILSON, married Lydia SHELLINGTON, 18, Goulbourn, same, d/o James SHELLINGTON & Eliza KERFOOT, witn: Thomas POTTER & A. BAGNOTTE?, both of Beckwith, 28 Feb

Archibald SINCLAIR, 27, Beckwith, same, s/o John SINCLAIR & Sarah BLACK, married Barbara McEWEN, 2-?, Beckwith, same, d/o Ewen McEWEN & Marion McNEIL, witn: P?. SINCLAIR of Beckwith & M. SINCLAIR of Lanark, 17 March

Richard HALPENNY, 26, Lanark, Elma, s/o Richard HALPENNY & Ann McGILL, married Elizabeth BOYD, 23, Lanark, same, d/o John BOYD & Jane GOODFELLOW, witn: R. HALPENNY of Lanark & J. A--? of Drummond, 19 Aug

Robert HICKS, 35, Co. Fermanagh? Ireland, Fergusons Falls, s/o Robert HICKS & Marg GRAHAM, married Maryan McNEICE, 25, Drummond, same, d/o James McNEICE & MARGARET COULTER, witn: George COAD & M. ARMSTRONG, both of Drummond, 27 Nov

Edward ROSS, 28, Drummond, Westmeath, s/o William ROSS & Teresa MARTIN, married Mary J. CASWELL, 24, Drummond, same, d/o Andrew CASWELL & Martha BURROWS, witn: N. CASWELL & M. McLEAN, both of Drummond, 19 Dec

William HALPENNY, 26, Ramsay, same, s/o William HALPENNY & Eleanor LEWIS, married Eliza J. COAD, 26, Lanark, same, d/o Thomas COAD & Mary JMAES, witn: B. HALPENNY of Ramsay & L. COAD of Lanark, 23 Dec


Page 13, return by Philip Shanks, Lanark Village Congregational Church

Joseph PARK, 24, Dalhousie, same, s/o Joseph PARK & Agnes DUNCAN, married Mary McINTOSH, 25, Barshead? Scotland, Dalhousie, d/o Duncan McINTOSH & Ann WHITE, witn: John McNICHOL of Dalhousie, 31 Jan 1862

James MURDOCH, 33, Lanark, Bathurst, s/o John Alexander MURDOCH & Jane HALL, married Elizabeth MOFFATT, 29, Ramsay, same, d/o Robert MOFFATT & MARGARET A. CRAIN (Cram?), witn: Francis MURDOCH of Bathurst, 18 march 1862

THOMAS FORDE, 30, Drummond, Dalhousie, s/o James FORDE & Parmelia LITTLE (Tuttle?), married Isabell PARK, 21, Dalhousie, same, d/o Alexander PARK & Jane ESDAIL, witn: James Murdoch FORDE of Elmsley, 18 July 1862

Jeremiah WILLIAM, no age given, Dagenham, res not given, s/o blank, [no other info]

Henry Beven BROWN, 31, Essex England, Lanark, s/o THOMAS BROWN & Sarah Beven SMITH, married illegible McCALLUM, 2-?, Lanark, same, d/o Alexander McCALLUM & Mary LYLE, witn: John ROBERTSON of Lanark, 22 July 1862

Augustin CARDINAL, 19, St. Benoit, Levant, s/o not given, married Lucie RANGER, 20?, Perth, Darling, d/o not given, witn: Adorateur B--TE? of Lanark, 26 July 1862

Alexander PURDON, 21?, Dalhousie, same, s/o William PURDON & Isabella CHALMERS, married Rose Ann KELSO, 20, Lanark, same, d/o Thomas KELSO & Margaret LAWSON, witn: John PURDON of Dalhousie, 28 Nov 1862


Page 13, return by Rev. Samuel Leeson, Wesleyan Methodist, Lanark

Samuel O'BRIEN, 22, Darling, Lanark, s/o Hugh & Laura, married Mary BAURCAN?, 15, Cornwall, Darling, d/o Lewis & Mary, witn: William McALLUM of Darling, 24 Oct. 1862


Page 14, return by Rev. John McMorine, Presbyterian Church of Canada, in connection with the Church of Scotland

John AINSWORTH, 19, England, Ramsay, s/o Abinotect? AINSWORTH & Letitia SUTCLIFF, married Elizabeth HOWIE, 18, Canada, Ramsay, d/o Samuel HOWIE & Elizabeth TOMLINSON, witn: Frederick DUNSFIELD (Drainfield?) of Ramsay, 14 Feb

William ARTHUR, 30, Ireland, Ramsay, s/o James ARTHUR & Leitita RILEY, married Isabella CROW, 26, Ireland, Ramsay, d/o John CROW & Margaret DORNE, witn: Duncan MILLER of Ramsay, 3 April

David THORN, 23, Canada, Ramsay, s/o John THORN & Margaret MILLER?, married Amelia LANG, 21, Canada, Huntley, d/o William LANG & Agnes NEILSON, witn: Edward NICHOLSON of Ramsay, 16 April

William DICKSON, 22, Canada, Pakenham, s/o James DICKSON & Sarah CARDIFF, married Margaret McDONALD, 22, Canada, Ramsay, d/o Neil McDONALD & Flora McLEAN, witn: John McDONALD of Ramsay, 18 May

David MILLER, 32, Canada, Ramsay, s/o Hugh MILLER & Janet GEMMELL, married Arabella McLEOD, 21, Scotland, Huntley, d/o Kenneth McLEOD & Emily LIVINGSTONE, witn: Duncan MILLER of Ramsay, 23 June

Buchanan PATTERSON, 39, Canada, Ramsay, s/o James PATTERSON & M.D. MORRISON, married Isabella STEWART, 30, Canada, Ramsay, d/o James STEWART & Helen BROWN, witn: J.H. WYLIE of Ramsay, 8 July

James FUMMERTON, 27, Canada, Ramsay, s/o John FUMMERTON & Mary FREW, married Jane CAVERS, 21, Canada, Beckwith, d/o THOMAS CAVERS & Margaret LOCKHART, witn: John CAVERS of Beckwith, 10 Sept

Jasper HOLLAND, 28, England, Ramsay, s/o John HOLLAND & Sarah CARTER, married Susan McGINNIS, 18, Canada, Ramsay, d/o William McGINNIS & Sarah CLARKE, witn: William MEEHEY? of Pakenham, 20 Oct

William MACKEY, 22, Canada, Pakenham, s/o William MACKEY & Mary FISHER, married Sarah McGINNIS, 16, Canada, Ramsay, d/o William McGINNIS & Sarah CLARKE, witn: Isaac NANTELL of Ramsay, 28 Oct.

Alexander BAIN, 23, Canada, Pakenham, s/o Alexander BAIN & Helen GREGG?, married Isabella McDONALD, 27, Canada, Ramsay, d/o Neil McDONALD & Flora McLEAN, witn: John McDONALD of Ramsay, 28 Oct


Page 14, return by George Case, Wesleyan Methodist of Canada, in connection with the English Church

Aron? BENOIT, 23, Almonte, same, s/o Moses BENOIT & Jane TULLY, married Rebecca McMANN, 26, Pakenham, same, d/o John McMANN & Ann WALKER, witn: Jacob? BOND of Pakenham & Joseph BOND of Almonte, 9 Jan 1862

William HODGINS, 30, Ireland, Admaston, s/o Mathew HODGINS & Sarah GREEN, married Mary Ann GROVES, 27, Prescott, Fitzroy, d/o Richard GROVES & Ann HODGINS, witn: Richard & John St. GROVES of Fitzroy, 1 April 1862

Thomas? (Hains?) LEDGERWOOD, 23, Ireland, Pakenham, s/o William LEDGERWOOD & Margaret NORMAN, married Nancy GREEN, 24, Pakenham, Fitzroy, d/o John GREEN & Catherine MILKIN, witn: George & Elizabeth GREEN of Fitzroy, 17 April 1862

George CLARK, 27, Pakenham, same, s/o William CLARK & Catherine CLARK, married Susanna SCOTT, 28, Pakenham, same, d/o James SCOTT & Agnes FORSYTHE, witn: Robert CLARK & William illegible, both of Pakenham, 30 April 1862

William MORETON, 25, Fitzroy, Pakenham, s/o George MORETON & Susan LATIMER, married Elizabeth MOORHOUSE, 24, Fitzroy, same, d/o Henry MOORHOUSE & Eliza COPELAND, witn: James MORETON of Fitzroy & Richard GROGAN? of Pakenham, 8 May 1862

George RIDDLE, 23, Fitzroy, Pakenham, s/o Archibald RIDDLE & Eliza Jane McADAM, married Isabella RUSSELL, 20, Pakenham, same, d/o Peter RUSSELL & Margaret McVICAR, witn: Archibald RIDDLE & John WATSON, both of Fitzroy, 29 May 1862

George PARKER, 19, Ireland, Pakenham, s/o Michael PARKER & Jane SCOTT, married Crysilda CUNNINGHAM, 17, Drummond, Pakenham, d/o Bolton CUNNINGHAM & Margaret McLAUGHLIN, witn: George PARKER Sr. & James ELLIS, both of Pakenham, 19 June 1862

Peleg RICHMOND, 50, Scotland, Pakenham, s/o John RICHMOND & MARGARET McVEAN, married Elizabeth CLARK, 37, Kingston, Pakenham, d/o Henry CLARK & Delina CARTER, witn: Samuel CLARK & James ELLIS, both of Pakenham, 24 Aug 1862

Alexander McLAUGHLIN, 33, Scotland, McNab, s/o Donald McLAUGHLIN & Isabella FORBES (Foster?), married Isabella McLAUGHLIN, 25, McNab, same, d/o Thomas McLAUGHLIN & Margaret FERGUSON, witn: John McLAUGHLIN of McNab & Agnes INGLES of Pakenham, 1 Oct. 1862

Cornelius COMBS (Comba?), 27, Pakenham, same, s/o Thomas COMBA & Mary Ann BULLER (Miller?), married Eliza DUNFIELD, 20, Pakenham, same, d/o John DUNFIELD & Eliza LOWE, witn: Richard COMBA & Margaret DUNFIELD, both of Pakenham, 8 Oct. 1862

David LYONS, 40, Ireland, Ross, s/o not given, married Ann MOORHEAD, 32, Ireland, Huntley, d/o William SHIELDS & Agnes JEFFREY, witn: John HUNTER? Sr. of Fitzroy & David SHIELDS of Huntley, 21 Nov 1862

Andrew MOORE, 26, Huntley, same, s/o William MOORE & Sarah DOWNIE, married Maria NEEDHAM, 30, Ireland, Pakenham, d/o Robert NEEDHAM & Catherine THOMPSON, witn: Joseph MATTINGLY of Huntley & Jane ELLIS of Pakenham, 27 Nov 1862

Rufus S. McCREA, 26, Oxford, Pakenham, s/o Samuel McCREA & Martha WOODS, married Jean STOBO, 40, Scotland, Pakenham, d/o Robert STOBO & Jean GLASFORD, witn: Peter McARTHUR & Catherine DICKSON, both of Pakenham, 26 Dec 1862


Page 15, return by Joseph Hill, Wesleyan Methodist,

Charles TOOLEY, 21, NY state, Darling, s/o Samuel & Letitia, married Sarah BOLGER, 17, Ramsay, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel DRUMMOND & Richard BRAIDEN, both of Lanark, 7 Jan 1862

Henry BREDIN, 24, Lanark, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Zelicia BOLDEN, 21, Smith Falls, Bagot twp., d/o Elias (Charles?) HOLDEN (sic) & Lucinda BISSELL, witn: Ephraim HUNTER? of Bagot & Wilson BRAIDEN of Lanark, 26 Feb 1862

Silas LANDON, 24, Fitzroy, Bagot, s/o John LANDON & Betsy PHILIPS, married Lucinda Jane HOLDEN, 19, Smith Falls, Bagot, d/o Elias (Charles) HOLDEN & Lucinda BISSELL, witn: Elias HOLDEN of Bagot, 26 Feb 1862

James IRWIN, 36, Bathurst, same, s/o James IRWIN & Mary HASE, married Isabella FOSTER, 25, Bathurst, same, d/o James FOSTER & Isabella ELLIOTT, witn: Thomas QUINN of Lanark village, 28 May 1862

Alexander McFARLAND, 30, Co. Down Ireland, Bathurst, s/o John McFARLAND & Mary McFARLAND, married Catherine HUGHES, 30, Dalhousie, same, d/o Owen HUGHES & Rosana FLOOD, witn: Richard BRAIDEN of Lanark, 14 June 1862


Page 15, return by Robert Garry, Methodist New Connexion

Robert HEMPTON (Hampton?), 32, Ireland, Camden, s/o William HEMPTON & Sarah HEMPTON, married Margaret SCOTT, 24, Ireland, Ramsay, d/o William SCOTT & Jane SCOTT, witn: Joseph HEMPTON of Camden & Robert SCOTT of Ramsay, 25 Jan 1862


Page 15, return by Rev. Robert K. Black, Congregational Minister, Middleville

John DRYSDALE, 22, Lanark, same, s/o Robert DRYSDALE & Margaret THOMSON, married Ann ROBERTSON, 19, Lanark, same, d/o Robert ROBERTSON & Elizabeth GEMMEL, witn: William CRAIG of Lanark, 1 April 1862

Stephen EASDALE, 40, the Atlantic, Lanark, s/o Charles EASDALE & Mary WALLACE, married Caroline COPINE (Cossins?), 32, Scotland, Lanark, d/o Peter COPINE & Helen JAMIESON, witn: William EASDALE of Lanark, 1 April 1862

Dudley ACKLAND, 23, Bathurst, Lanark, s/o Hugh ACKLAND & Mary BULGER, married Catherine AFFLECT, 24, Lanark, same, d/o John AFFLECT & Ann STEAD, witn: Henry MATHERS? of Lanark, 18 April 1862


Page 16, return by William Clarkson Clarke, Presbyterian Church in Middleville & Dalhousie

Robert FORSYTH, 28, Bathurst, Lanark, s/o Isaac CORRY & Janet RITCHIE, married Isabella McNICOL, 18, Perth, same, d/o James S. illegible M.D. & Isabella MILLER, witn: John KELLOCH of Perth, 1 Jan

John GUNN, 23, Lanark, same, s/o John GUNN & Jessie McPHERSON, married Mary McINTYRE, 23, North Sherbrooke, same, d/o Duncan McINTYRE & Janet FERGUSON, witn: Duncan McINTYRE of N. Sherbrooke, 18 Jan

Alexander MANN, 20, Scotland, Dalhousie, s/o William MANN & Marion McMILLAN, married Rachel SCOTT, 19, Dalhousie, same, d/o John SCOTT & Ellen MAXWELL, witn: William MANN of Dalhousie, 21 Feb

James FORBES, 30, Glasgow, Dalhousie, s/o David FORBES & Margaret WOOD, married Jane C. PENMAN, 25, Dalhousie, same, d/o William PENMAN & Elizabeth GARIN (Gavin?), witn: Robert PENMAN of Dalhousie, 25 March

John CAMPBELL, 30, Drummond, Dalhousie, s/o James CAMPBELL & Susana KERR, married Isabella GUNN, 26, Lanark, same, d/o John GUNN & Jessie McPHERSON, witn: James CAMPBELL of Drummond, 21 March

James FAIR, 26, Dalhousie, same, s/o James FAIR & Janet WATSON, married Elizabeth WATT, 24, Dalhousie, same, d/o Alex WATT & Euphemia GIBSON, witn: John FAIR of Dalhousie, 4 April

James HORNE (Thorne?), 28, Dalhousie, Lanark, s/o Alex HORNE & Spencer ROBERTSON, married Mary Ann ACKLAND, 26, Lanark, same, d/o Hugh ACKLAND & Mary BULGER, witn: Peter RANKIN of Lanark, 13 June

Henry HORNE (Thorne?), 26, England, Lanark, s/o Henry HORNE & Margaret ADGER, married Jane King BAIRD, 27, Lanark, same, d/o Andrew BAIRD & Agnes STEWART, witn: Stewart BAIRD of Lanark, 19 Sept

Robert LOVE, 21, North Sherbrooke, Levant, s/o James LOVE & Marion TWEDLE, married Sharlot S. S. GAVIN, 21, Scotland, Dalhousie, d/o Robert GAVIN & Sarah MILLAR, witn: Robert GAVIN of Dalhousie, 3 Oct.

Robert SCOULAR, 32, Lanark, same, s/o James SCOULAR & Margaret PENMAN, married Mary RINTOUL, 27, Darling, same, d/o John RINTOUL & Margaret McGEE, witn: John RINTOUL of Darling, 2 Dec

William PARK, 24, Dalhousie, same, s/o Andrew PARK & Ellen PARKE, married Marion HORNE, 22, Dalhousie, Lanark, d/o Alex HORNE & Spencer ROBERTSON, witn: Alex PARK of Dalhousie, 23 Dec

James MACHAN, 42, Scotland, Lanark, s/o Andrew MACHAN & MARGARET SMITH, married Janet BOYD, 36, Scotland, Dalhousie, d/o James BOYD & Janet FORBES, witn: David BOYD of Dalhousie, 26 Dec

John RINTOUL, 21, Darling, same, s/o John RINTOUL & MARGARET McGEE, married Isabella BULLOCK, 20, Lanark, same, d/o Thomas BULLOCK & Ellen CRAIG, witn: William RINTOUL of Darling, 17 Dec


Page 16, return by Alexander Mann, Presbyterian Church of Canada, in connection with the Church of Scotland

Robert PEEVER, 25, Ireland, Fitzroy, s/o John PEEVER & Ellen FARMER, married Mary Ann McCONNEL, 32, Ireland, Fitzroy, d/o John McCONNEL & Rebecca MESIN?, witn: Samuel YOUNG of Fitzroy & James MANN of Pakenham, 28 march 1862

Hugh McMILLAN, 21, Glengarry, Fitzroy, s/o Alexander McMILLAN & Isabella McMILLAN, married Flora CAMERON, 21, Buckingham, Ottawa, d/o Archibald CAMERON & Sussa? McMILLAN, witn: John McLEOD of Fitzroy & John McMILLAN of Russell, 16 April 1862

David BAIN, 24, Pakenham, same, s/o Alexander BAIN & Ellen OGLVIE, married Mary DICKSON, 17, Pakenham, same, d/o Robert DICKSON & Ellen BUTLER, witn: William FORSYTH & Robert DICKSON, both of Pakenham, 25 April 1862

William RIDDLE, 22, Fitzroy, Pakenham, s/o Archibald RIDDLE & Eliza Jane McADAM, married Margaret McVICAR, 19, Pakenham, same, d/o William McVICAR & Mary FERGUSON, witn: William McVICAR of Pakenham & Archibald RIDDLE of Fitzroy, 6 May 1862

George McFARLANE, 27, Drummond, same, s/o George McFARLANE & Letitia CUNNINGHAM, married Margaret FEE, 19, Ireland, Fitzroy, d/o James FEE & Mary HARRIS, witn: James ELLIS & Allan CARSWELL, both of Pakenham, 11 June 1862

William KENNEDY, 29, Ayrshire Scotland, Pembroke, s/o William KENNEDY & Elizabeth CARSON, married Celestia ROYCE, 25, New C--? Canada, Pakenham, d/o Charles ROYCE & Ann POSTWICK, witn: Ithief ROYCE & Robert SCOTT, both of pa, 26 June 1862

Richard THOMPSON, 36, Ramsay, same, s/o John THOMPSON & Mary LESTER, married Mary WALLACE, 22, Ramsay, same, d/o James WALLACE & Jane WILSON, witn: William WALLACE of Prescott & Charles WALLACE of Ramsay, 12 Aug 1862

James DRUMMOND, 22, States, Torbolton, s/o James DRUMMOND & Ellen MARSHALL, married Catherine MAJOR, 24, Torbolton, same, d/o John MAJOR & Bridget MAJOR, witn: Malcolm DRUMMOND & William HOSICK, both of Torbolton, 26 Aug 1862

James McVITTIE, 24, Goulbourn, same, s/o James McVITTIE & Alice GRAHAM, married Elizabeth McVITTIE, 22, Fitzroy, same, d/o James McVITTIE & Harriet FLEE (Hee?), witn: Moses GREEN & James McVITTIE, both of Fitzroy, 26 Nov 1862