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Lambton Co., 1927

birth place is given before residence


13701-27 William Cameron ABEL, 21, carpenter, London, Sarnia Twp., s/o William ABEL & Louise CLARK, married Anna Violet PEARCE, 16, Lennon Michigan, Sarnia Twp., d/o William PEARCE & Georgina MILLS, witn: Mrs. PEARCE & A. JOHNSTON, both of Sarnia, 28 Feb 1927 at Sarnia 13699-27 Wesley Earl ABELL, 28 farmer, Canada, Plympton Twp., s/o Joseph ABELL, b. Canada & Dina MCKAY, married Ada Emily SHIPLEY, 24, Canada, Plympton Twp., d/o John SHIPLEY, b. Canada & Ruth HETHERINGTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H.K. WENSHENDON, both of Forest, 1 Jan 1927 at Forest
13697-27 Alvin Asa ABELL, 24, farmer, Canada, Plympton, s/o Joseph ABELL, b. Canada & Dianah MCKAY, married Ella May CALLAN, 21, Canada, Plympton Twp., d/o John CALLAN, b. Canada & Hannah I. FRASER. witn: Mrs. J.N. LANSING & Ella FRASER, both of Forest, 26 May 1927 at Forest 13698-27 Gordon Joseph ABELL, 35, barber, Uttoxeter, Forest, s/o Joseph ABELL, b. Ontario & Dinah MCKAY, married Mary Eva Mildred CAIRNS, 29, school teacher, Ravenswood, Forest, d/o James CAIRNS, b. Ontario & Eva MOT, witn: Jean CAIRNS & Isabelle HILES, both of Forest, 26 Dec 1927 at Forest
13693-27 James Randolph Latimer ACTON, 19, railway clerk, Enniskillen Twp., Sarnia, s/o Thomas ACTON, b. Ontario & Anna HALL, married Gladys Velda CROWE, 17, Wallaceburg, Sarnia, d/o L.L. CROWE, b. Ontario & illegible DARE, witn: Marjorie ARMSTRONG of Mimico & William SMITH of Sarnia, 6 Aug 1927 at Sarnia 13700-27 Clayton James ACTON, 27, farmer, Warwick Twp., same, s/o John ACTON, b. Warwick Twp. & M. WESTGATE, married Velma Greta GRIFFITH, 21, Brooke Twp., same, d/o Arthur Wellington GRIFFITH, b. Warwick Twp. & Martha Jane SAUNDERS, witn: Edna GRIFFITH of Alvinston & Vance KERSEY of Watford, 4 Jun 1927 at Inwood
13694-27 William Franklin ADAMS, 21, farmer, Warwick Twp., same, s/o Richard ADAMS, b. Warwick Twp. & Laura LONG, married Jeanette MCEWAN, 22, Plympton twp., same, d/o John MCEWAN, b. Beckwith Twp. & Margaret WILLIAMSON, witn: Gordon ADAMS & Katie WILLIAMSON, both of Watford, 29 Jun 1927 at Plympton Twp 13695-27 Wallace Edwin AIKEN, 27, clerk timekeeper, Newhall California, Flint Michigan, s/o George I. AIKEN, b. Canada & Clara A. BARNES, married Mary Ann Catherine GRANT, 27, bookkeeper, Glasgow Scotland, Sarnia, d/o David GRANT, b. Scotland & Margaret A. MCGLASHAN, witn: James McGlashan GRANT & Mary ROSE, both of Sarnia, 4 Jun 1927 at Sarnia
13696-27 Percy Franklin ANDERSON, 21, farmer, Petrolia, Harrow, s/o Leslie ANDERSON, b. Canada & Minnie NEAL, married Mary Margueritta BARRETT, 19, Alvinston, Harrow, d/o James BARRETT, b. Canada & Sarah JAQUES, witn: Ada BARRETT of Alvinston & Mrs. B.I. NORRIS of Sarnia, 29 Jun 1927 at Sarnia 13688-27 John Reynolds ANNING, 21, farmer, Lambeth - London England, Brooke Twp., s/o Charles ANNING, b. England & Emma SQUIRE, married Flossie Jane WATT, 18, Brooke Twp., same, d/o Robert H. WATT, b. Metcalfe & Anna ROSS, witn: C. ANNING of Brooke & Mrs. L.S. STEADMAN of Alvinston, 5 Mar 1927 at Alvinston
13689-27 Frederick John ARCHER, 29, sailor, London, Sarnia Twp., s/o James Thomas ARCHER, b. Isle of Man & Martha COX, married Lillian May WEBB, 18, Mandaumin, Sarnia Twp., d/o William Alfred WEBB, b. Buckinghamshire & Louisa WHEELER, witn: Florence SHORTT & William Alfred WEBB, both of Mandaumin, 7 Feb 1927 at Sarnia Twp. 13690-27 Joseph ASHTON, 48, widower, farm labourer, Wigan - Lancs. England, Brooke Twp., s/o Joseph Brian ASHTON, b. England & Helen BASSNETTE, married Ethel Violet ZAVITZ, 49, Brooke Twp., same, d/o Jonas ZAVITZ, b. Middlesex & Euphemia DUNLOP, witn: Omar H. ZAVITZ and Winnifred ZAVITZ, both of Brooke Twp., 1 Oct 1927 at Alvinston
13691-27 Walter Stanley ATKIN, 26, clerk, Brooke Twp., same, s/o Herman ATKIN, b. Middlesex Co. & Grace FOSTER, married Evelyn May FREER, 18, Enniskillen Twp., same, d/o Thomas Henry FREER, b. Metcalfe Twp. & Clara RICHARDSON, witn: Ernest FREER & Mabel DOBBIN, both of Petrolia, 1 Jun 1927 at Inwood 13692-27 Charles Allan AYRHEART, 19, oil man, Oil Springs, same, s/o Elijah AYRHEART, b. Grey Co. & Marion HAMBLY, married Buleah Elisa CHURCHILL, 18, Petrolia, same, d/o Omar CHURCHILL, b. Petrolia & Laura BARNETT (BENNETT?), witn: Glen HARTLEY of Oil Springs & Edna BENNETT of Petrolia, 19 Jul 1927 at Petrolia
13710-27 Alex Sinclair BARBER, 28, draftsman, Sarnia, same, s/o William James BARBER, b. Exeter & Mary SINCLAIR, married Emma Violet JACKSON, 27, clerk, Sombra Twp., Sarnia, d/o Charles JACKSON, b. St. Anne Parish - Quebec & Emma Ann VICKERMAN, witn: Ada JACKSON of Sarnia & Lloyd W. GARDINER of Detroit, 19 Jul 1927 at Sarnia 13711-27 Percy Arthur BARBER, 27, clerk, Normanby twp., Inwood, s/o Richard BARBER, b. Grey Co. & Georgina HAY, married Edith Violetta WORTS, 20, Enniskillen twp., Inwood, d/o Alfred WORTS, b. England & Susannah BEATTY, witn: Erma WORTS of Petrolia & Bert BARBER of Durham, 7 Sep 1927 at Inwood
13712-27 Edward Richards BAXTER, 29, farmer, England, Warwick twp., s/o Samuel BAXTER, b. Devonshire England & Florence Maud A. RICHARDS, married Adah Catherine DOTZART, 34, Ontario, Arkona, d/o Samuel DOTZART, b. near Stratford & Susan AUGUSTINE, witn: Lila E. EASTMAN & A. Grace CRAWFORD, both of Arkona 3 Sep 1927 at Arkona 13708-27 John Wesley BEANSHAW, 24, widower, labourer, Thedford, Sarnia, s/o Nathaniel Henry BEANSHAW, b. Ontario & Mary Ann SERVICE, married Florence May BURDETTE, 19, England, Point Edward, d/o William J. BURDETTE, b. England & Sarah MARRIATT, witn: Ernest BELL of Thedford & Sadie MCCARTY of Sarnia, 19 Jul 1927 at Sarnia
13713-27 Percy Charles BEAUCHAMP, 23, oil co. employee, England, Sarnia, s/o Arthur Henry BEAUCHAMP, b. England & Alice Mary SMITH, married Eva JACKSON, 21, stenographer, Petrolia, Sarnia, d/o William JACKSON, b. Canada & Luella WEAVER, witn: Hilda CASPER of Detroit & Walter BEAUCHAMP of Pontiac USA, 2 Dec 1927 at Sarnia 13709-27 Robert Dempster BELL, 23, automobile manufacturer, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Samuel James BELL, b. Ireland & Sarah BRYONS, married Freda Matilda BROWN, 24, dressmaker, Kent Co., Sarnia, d/o John BROWN, b. England & Matilda MILLS, witn: Hugh BROWN of Highland Point Michigan & Robert L. BROWN of Detroit, 14 Apr 1927 at Sarnia
13704-27 Leslie Robert BENTLEY, 19, butcher, Collingwood, Sarnia, s/o Fred BENTLEY, b. England & Ida PICKERING, married Lola Blanche RUSSELL, 19, Leamington, Sarnia, d/o Harry RUSSELL, b. Leamington & Clara RESSINER, witn: Catherine CARRINGTON & Jack CARRINGTON, both of Sarnia, 29 Dec 1927 at Sarnia 13705-27 Walter Grant BERNARD, 30, physician, Iowa USA, Detroit, s/o W.G. BERNARD, b. Washington USA & Alice SCHAFFER, married Jessie Alexandra PAUL, 25, Sarnia, Detroit, s/o John D. PAUL, b. Ontario & Jessie EWART, witn: A.A. PAUL & Mrs. Marce M.L. PAUL, both of Lansing Michigan, 29 Jun 1927 at Sarnia
13706-27 Edwin BERRY, 34, sectionman, Devonshire England, Camlachie, s/o George BERRY, b. England & Sarah NICHOL, married Charlotte Maria MCCONNELL, 38, housework, Plympton Twp., Camlachie, d/o John MCCONNELL, b. Ireland & Bridget Marie JACKSON, witn: James Thomas MCCONNELL & Mary BERRY, both of Camlachie, 15 Oct 1927 at Camlachie 13707-27 Wilfred Hopkins BEST, 22, railway station clerk, Mimico, Sarnia, s/o Alfred BEST & Ethel HOPKINS, married Thelma Margaret NOEL, 23, Sarnia, same, d/o Francis NOEL & Maud BEAUDOIN, witn: Louis BEST of Marine City Michigan & Rita NOEL of Sarnia, 20 Sep 1927 at Sarnia (RC)
13722-27 Frederick Henry BIRCH, 40, labourer, England, Watford, s/o James BIRCH, b. England & Mary Ann SCOTT, married Elizabeth Sophia MAYNARD, 41, wire works employee, England, Watford, d/o Isaiah MAYNARD, b. England & Elizabeth WATERMAN, witn: Thomas SHEPHERD of Alvinston & Emily Sophia MacNALLY of Wallaceburg, 30 Apr 1927 at Alvinston 13702-27 William BIRKINSHAW, 41, widower, labourer, Nottingham England, Sarnia, s/o Thomas BIRKINSHAW, b. Nottingham England & Lucy WILLIAMS, married Marion PHILP, 43, widow, Peebleshire Scotland, Sarnia, d/o James ROSS, b. Leith Scotland & Isabella GUNN, witn: William J. COOKE & Elizabeth R. COOKE, both of Point Edward, 14 Jul 1927 at Point Edward
13703-27 Herbert George BISHOP, 34, farmer, Acton - Middlesex England, Metcalfe Twp., s/o Matthew BISHOP, b. England & Annie LANGHAM, married Flossie Nellie Jane ZAVITZ, 43, Brooke Twp., same, d/o Samuel N. ZAVITZ, b. Lobo Twp. & Mary ORCHARD, witn: Edith ZAVITZ of Alvinston & George ARNOLD of London, 9 Apr 1927 at Brooke Twp. 13720-27 John Raymond BISHOPP, 24, metal worker, Strathroy, Detroit, s/o Alexander Edward BISHOPP, b. Canada & Muretta EVANS, married Winnifred Jean Love EASTMAN, 23, Arkona, same, d/o Willard EASTMAN, b. Canada & Annie LOVE, witn: LaVerne RAE of Detroit & Anna RAYCROFT of Chatham, 10 Sep 1927 at Warwick twp.
13721-27 Elmer Nelson BISSELL, 30, carman, Sarnia, same, s/o Thomas BISSELL, b. Canada & Sarah NELSON, married Ellen Beatrice ELLIOTT, 25, Plympton twp,. Sarnia, d/o John ELLIOTT, b. Canada & Emily BURNETT, witn: Malcolm ELLIOTT & Edna N. WILSON, both of Sarnia, 18 Jun 1927 at Sarnia 13719-29 Hertuf Knud BOCK, 19, baker, Denmark, Sarnia, s/o Gerhard BOCK, b. Denmark & Dina SORENSEN, married Emma CHRISTENSEN, 20, housemaid, Denmark, Sarnia, d/o Peter CHRISTENSEN, b. Denmark & Christina MORTENSEN, witn: Andrew CHRISTENSEN & Alice CHRISTENSEN, both of Sarnia, 19 May 1927 at Sarnia
13717-27 James BOND, 37, boiler maker, North Molton - Devon England, Sarnia, s/o James BOND & Ellen BOND, married Bessie TIMPERLEY, 22, domestic servant, London England, Sarnia, d/o Ernest TIMPERLEY & Betsie JOYCE, witn: Jessie TIMPERLEY & George BRITTON, both of Sarnia, 11 Jul 1927 at Sarnia 13718-27 Norman Wesley BONN, 25, clerk, Canada, Oil Springs, s/o John BONN, b. Germany & Eva HEBERLE, married Otto [sic] Fern KNIGHT, 26, domestic, Canada, Oil Springs, d/o Charles James KNIGHT, b. Canada & Isabella GADSBY, witn: Mrs. T.W. HAZLEWOOD & Mrs. W.H. RANDALL, both of Courtright, 15 Dec 1927 at Courtright
13731-27 Alfred Ernest BOWD, 29, machinist, Birmingham Alabama, Detroit, s/o Albert BOWD, b. USA & Edith WILLCHEM (Willchon?), married Elsie Jean FORBES, 20, office clerk, Sarnia, same, d/o Alex FORBES, b. Scotland & Elizabeth DUNCAN, witn: Harry STEEL & Elizabeth STEEL, both of Sarnia, 24 Nov 1927 at Sarnia 13714-27 Gordon John George BOWIE, 27, farmer, Brooke twp., same, s/o George BOWIE, b. Brooke twp. & W. SCOTT, married Myrtle Alberta BRYCE, 25, Warwick twp., same, d/o James BRYCE, b. Warwick twp. & Maud CHAMBERS, witn: Lucy BRYCE & Robert CLARK, both of Watford, 4 Jun 1927 at Watford
13715-27 Henry Rae BRAIN, 20, blacksmith, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o Norman Leonard BRAIN, b. Ontario & Alice May IRONSIDE, married Frances Helen RAWSON, 18 yrs., 9 mo., Invernay Sask., Petrolia, d/o William Joel RAWSON, b. Ontario & Edna Ann CURRAH, witn: Ivadell GILLATLY of Wyoming & Wilmont BRAIN of Petrolia, 17 Nov 1927 at Petrolia 13716-27 Fred BRAITHWAITE, 29, farmer, Brooke twp., same, s/o Robert BRAITHWAITE, b. Yorkshire England & May HAINES, married Sarah Margaret OKE, 17, Brooke twp., same, d/o Leslie Warner OKE, b. Alvinston & Sarah McPHEDRAN, witn: T.R?. OKE & Gordon BRAITHWAITE, both of Alvinston, 5 Feb 1927 at Alvinston
13729-27 George William BRITTON, 21, farmer, England, Sarnia, s/o Charles BRITTON & Mary SARGENT, married Jessie TIMPERLEY, 21, cook, England, Sarnia, d/o Ernest TIMPERLEY & Betsie JOYCE, witn: Katherine LYNN & Charles LYNN, both of Sarnia, 1 Oct 1927 at Sarnia 13730-27 George Bowen BRODIE, 38, farmer, Warwick twp., same, s/o David BRODIE, b. Scotland & Jane MCELROY, married Vera Jeanette MCKENZIE, 19, Strathroy, Warwick twp., d/o William MCKENZIE, b. Canada & Annie GABLE, witn: Miss E.E. AUGUSTINE & A.J. CHAPMAN, both of Arkona, 12 May 1927 at Bosanquet twp.
13726-27 John James BROOKS, 43, engineer, Plympton twp., Wyoming, s/o John C. BROOKS, b. Scotland & Mary DONALD, married Margaret Listella PAUL, 41, nurse, Plympton twp., Wyoming, d/o John D. PAUL, b. Canada & Jessie Turnbull EWART, witn: Walter Grant BARNARD & Mrs. Walter I. BARNARD, both of Grosse Pointe Michigan, 3 Sep 1927 at Sarnia 13727-27 Edward Antwine BRYAN, 20, labourer, Courtright, same, s/o Charles BRYAN, b. Courtright & Cora GALLINEAU, married Hazel Evelyn GOULD, 18, Oil Springs, Courtright, d/o Robert GOULD, b. Petrolia & Frances WADE, witn: Maurice BRYAN & Kathleen GOULD, both of Courtright, 21 Mar 1927 at Moore twp
13728-27 Leslie BRYSON, 32, farmer, Plympton twp., same, s/o Joseph BRYSON, b. Canada & Isabel WILLIAMSON, married Erene LAMPMAN, 26, Plympton, same, d/o Frederick LAMPMAN, b. Canada & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, witn: Peter LAMPMAN & Ada RICHARDSON, both of Wyoming, 27 Oct 1927 at Wyoming 13723-27 Arthur Kirby BULLOCK, 38, widower, foreman bricklayer, Sarnia, Sarnia twp., s/o Robert BULLOCK, b. England & Annie KIRBY, married Hazel Jean PARK, 27, widow, Sarnia twp., Sarnia, d/o Samuel ELLENOR, b. Sarnia & Annie BARKER, witn: Robert Richard PARK of Sarnia twp. & Emma RHIND of Sarnia, 1 Feb 1927 at Sarnia
13724-27 Gordon James BULMAN, 26, cooper, Sarnia, same, s/o Thomas J. BULMAN, b. Lambton Co. & Margaret PURVIS, married Abigail RICHARDSON, 22, stenographer, Devil's Lake - North Dakota, Sarnia, d/o William J. RICHARDSON, b. Lambton Co. & M. Lillian G. GRAHAM, witn: Mae RICHARDSON of Sarnia & Joe JOHNSON of Detroit, 1 Oct 1927 at Sarnia 13725-27 James Leigh BURGESS, 26, electrician, Euphemia twp., same, s/o James H. BURGESS, b. Euphemia twp. & Libbie MARTIN, married Jean TUNKS, 24, clerk, Mosa twp., same, d/o Charles TUNKS, b. Mosa twp. & Ellen CADOGAN, witn: Gordon WOOLNER of Wardsville & Norma BAYNTON of Bothwell, 15 Dec 1927 at Euphemia twp
13733-27 Harold Wilfred BURLEY, 22, machinist, Toronto, Point Edward, s/o Judson BURLEY, b. Forest & Sarah HAYES, married Susie Marie HAWKE, 18, Stokes Bay, Point Edward, d/o Seymour HAWKE, b. Stokes Bay & Ada DOWKER, witn: Frances Eva RHODES & Sarah M. WATSON, both of Point Edward, 6 Sep 1927 at Point Edward 13732-27 Clarke Ellis BURNEY, 27, butcher, Canada, Forest, s/o J. Emerson BURNEY, b. Lambton & Ellen WILLER, married Dorothy Grace HOWARD, 23, teacher, England, Forest d/o William H. HOWARD, b. Bristol England & E. Louisa NEWMAN, witn: Alma BURNEY & Clara HOWARD, both of Forest, 19 Jul 1927 at Forest
13734-27 Wesley Percival CALLUM, 36, farmer, Moore twp., Sarnia twp., s/o John CALLUM, b. Moore twp. & Christine MCLAREN, married Edith Marion FORBES, 31, Sarnia twp., same, d/o Alexander FORBES, b. Scotland & Catherine GORDON, witn: Kathleen CALLUM & Gordon FORBES, both of Sarnia, 5 Jan 1927 at Sarnia twp 13752-27 Walter Malcolm CAMPBELL, 32, farmer, Canada, Plympton twp., s/o Malcolm CAMPBELL, b. Canada & Flora GRAHAM, married Jean Viola LAMPMAN, 23, Plympton twp., same, d/o Fred LAMPMAN, b. Canada & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, witn: Angus CAMPBELL & Elsie LAMPMAN, both of Wyoming, 29 Jun 1927 at Wyoming
13753-27 Anthony CARTIER, 26, mechanic, Big Point, Detroit, s/o Noali CARTIER & Priscille LUCIER, married Alta MEYERS, 23, stenographer, Port Lambton, same, d/o Fred MEYERS & Alice BRAY, witn: Doward MEYERS of Port Lambton & Delvina CARTIER of Electric, 28 May 1927 at Port Lambton (RC) 13748-27 Hector James CHAMBERS, 24, railway section man, Palmerston, Sarnia, s/o W.D. CHAMBERS, b. Jackson Co. Michigan & Willema MORRISON, married Ilene St.Clair TRIPP, 18, Sarnia, same, d/o James A. TRIPP, b. Courtright & Bertie F. RYAN, witn: Arthur DINEL? & Ruby YOUNG, both of Sarnia, 31 Aug 1927 at Sarnia
13749-27 Paul Kenneth CHISSUS, 21, bricklayer, Windsor, Sarnia twp., s/o Sinclair CHISSUS, b. Windsor & Pearl BADDOW, married Beatrice EDWARDS, 21, Detroit, Sarnia, d/o Herman EDWARDS, b. Sarnia & Nellie HOLBROOK, witn: Mrs. H. DURNFORD of Sarnia & Stanley EDWARDS of Detroit, 19 Dec 1927 at Sarnia  
13751-27 John Emerson CHRYSLER, 40, farmer, Sombra twp., same, s/o John CHRYSLER, b. Canada & Patricia BEEMER, married Bertha Beatrice Isabell YOUNG, 18, Sombra twp., same, d/o Joseph E. YOUNG, b. Canada & Beatrice CANTELON, witn: Mrs. W.H. RANDALL & Mrs. T.W. HAZLEWOOD, both of Courtright, 30 Nov 1927 at Courtright 13750-27 Allen James CHRYSLER, 30, farmer, Bickford, Sombra twp., s/o John CHRYSLER, b. Canada & Patricia BEEMER, married Doris Marion ARNOLD, 24, Euphemia twp., Moore twp., d/o Charles H. ARNOLD, b. England & Lucy CLIFFORD, witn: Charles H. ARNOLD of Courtright & Mrs. John CHRYSLER of Bickford, 21 Dec 1927 at Moore twp.
13747-27 Remi Raymond CLEMENT, 34, sawyer, Montebello Quebec, Sarnia, s/o Amadee CLEMENT, b. Quebec & Victoria SEGUIN, married Louise BRAZEAU, 27, tailoress, Wendover, Sarnia, d/o Joseph BRAZEAU, b. Quebec & Alzire PIGEON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Charles WIGGINS, both of Sarnia, 8 Oct 1927 at Sarnia (RC) 13742-27 Charles Cyril COLLINS, 28, accountant, Petrolia, Detroit, s/o Charles James COLLINS, b. Ontario & Elizabeth Eleanor COLLINS, married Velma May SHORT, 25, Sarnia, same, d/o Alfred SHORT, b. Ontario & Rachael BROWN, witn: Ursula SHORTT of Sarnia & Harold COLLINS of Toronto, 28 May 1927 at Sarnia
13743-27 John Hugh COLLUM, 37, telephone inspector, Enniskillen Ireland, Sarnia, s/o John J. COLLUM, b. Ireland & Sarah PALMER, married Gladys Mae LAMBERT, 32, stenographer, Sarnia, same, d/o George A. LAMBERT, b. Canada & Charlotte YOUNG, witn: George P. COLLUM & Edna O. LAMBERT, both of Sarnia, 8 Oct 1927 at Sarnia 13744-27 Robert William COOPER, 25, school teacher, Two Harbors Minnesota, Jackson Michigan, s/o Charles COOPER, b. Canada & Elvira CROOK, married Nellie SIMMONDS, 24, stenographer, Southwark - London England, Sarnia, d/o Charles SIMMONDS, b. England & Eleanor illegible, witn: Charles COOPER of Ann Arbor Michigan & Kathleen NICHOL of Sarnia, 27 Aug 1927 at Point Edward
13745-27 Solomon Tremayne CORDINGLEY, 52, farmer, Hornby, same, s/o John CORDINGLEY, b. Canada & Margaret DOUGLAS, married Elizabeth Ellen Josephine HUSTLER, 40, dressmaker, Alvinston, Petrolia, d/o David Richard HUSTLER, b. Canada & Mary Ann BROWARD, witn: E.F. HUSTLER & Mary HUSTLER, both of Alvinston, 4 Jun 1927 at Petrolia 13746-27 Walter Archibald CORE, 23, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o Walter B. CORE, b. Liverpool England & Cathcart MCLAUGHLIN, married Margarita Pearl MCCALLUM, 21, Euphemia twp., same, d/o John C. MCCALLUM, b. Euphemia & Alma LUKE, witn: Jean CORE of Petrolia & Duncan GRAY of Alvinston, 3 Sep 1927 at Euphemia twp.
13736-27 William COULTHARD, 28, electrician, Carlisle England, Moore twp., s/o William COULTHARD, b. England & Alice Elizabeth KAY, married Catherine Elizabeth JOPLING, 30, waitress, Sunderland England, same, d/o Thomas JOPLING & Elizabeth Ann TURNBULL, witn: Ethel WATSON & Albert NICHOLSON, both of Brigden, 12 Nov 1927 at Courtright 13737-27 Grover Stanley CROSBIE, 34, driller, Langeais Austria, Petrolia, s/o Gilbert Samuel CROSBIE, b. Sarnia & Martha WALLEN, married Frances Louise BARRETT, 27, Petrolia, same, d/o Charles H. BARRETT, b. Petrolia & Helena MCVICAR, witn: Frank PERKINS of Chatham & Mrs. James H. PARK of Ashtabula Ohio, 19 Nov 1927 at Petrolia
13738-27 John Roy CROW, 34, electrical engineer, Tilbury, Sarnia, s/o George CROW & Margaret BROSNAHAM, married Margaret Emma DIONNE, 22, clerk, Napanee, Sarnia, d/o Michael Henry DIONNE & Rose Ann MCAVOY, witn: Gordon CROW & Elizabeth MACKEY, both of Detroit, 15 Aug 1927 at Sarnia (RC) 13739-27 David Joseph Gordon CUMMINGS, 22, trainer?, California, Sarnia twp., s/o William Alexander CUMMINGS, b. Canada & Jessie GORDON, married Edith Cora GIFFEL, 20, Sarnia twp., same, d/o Stephen GIFFEL, b. USA & Alice SITTER, witn: Mrs. R. GIFFEL & Robert K. GIFFEL, both of Sarnia, 20 Oct 1927 at Sarnia
13741-27 Michael Cyril CUNNINGHAM, 25, railroad fireman, Wiarton, Guelph, s/o James CUNNINGHAM & Margaret MORAN, married Doris Rosa WIGGINS, 33, England, Sarnia, d/o Charles WIGGINS & Mary Ann HONEY, witn: Alphonse GLEASON & Patricia WALSH, both of Sarnia, 2 Feb 1927 at Sarnia (RC) 13740-27 James CUNNINGHAM, 24, truck driver, Scotland, Sarnia, s/o James CUNNINGHAM, b. Scotland & Isobel WORK, married Ella Ruby CLAYPOLE, 23, Warwick twp., Watford, d/o W.T. CLAYPOLE, b. London & Annie GARSIDE, witn: Pearl E. BALDWIN & Herbert L. BALDWIN, both of Sarnia, 28 Jun 1927 at Sarnia
13735-27 Elton Roy CURTS, 30, farmer, McGillivray twp. same, s/o Charles CURTS, b. Canada & Susannah SCHRODER, married Shirley May PRESSEY, 31, teacher, Bayham twp., Arkona, d/o Thomas PRESSEY, b. Canada & Susie GAMBLE, witn: Samuel KERR of Sarnia & Will CURTS of London, 1 Jun 1927 at Arkona 13754-27 Howard Vanderburgh DALTON, 24, moulder helper, Ingersoll, Sarnia, s/o Thomas Lewis DALTON, b. Delhi & Clara Belle VANDERBURGH, married Georgina Viola Sarah SHERRILL, 18, Sarnia, same, d/o William John SHERRILL, b. Brooke twp. & Sarah Georgina HICKS, witn: Albert J. DE KELVER & Olive M. SHERRILL, both of Sarnia, 20 Oct 1927 at Sarnia
13756-27 Herman Frederick DALY, 24, farmer, Chatham twp., same, s/o Nelson DALY, b. Canada & Olive BURRIS, married Christina PEGG, 21, Chatham twp., same, d/o Marshall PEGG, b. Canada & Emily WAUGH, witn: Carman PETERS of Tupperville & Kathleen PEGG of Wallaceburg, 17 Aug 1927 at Dawn twp. 13757-27 James Edward DARBYSHIRE, 29, wireless telegraph operator, Ashton under Lyme - Lancs. England, Point Edward, s/o William DARBYSHIRE, b. Ashton under Lyme - Lancs. England & Rhoda HOWARTH, married Jean Black MARSHALL, 23, Port Arthur, same, d/o J. MARSHALL, b. Glasgow Scotland & Annie Mary MARTIN, witn: J. MARSHALL of Port Arthur & William DARBYSHIRE of Point Edward, 23 Jul 1927 at Point Edward
13758-27 George Edwin DAY, 23, tinsmith, Sarnia, Point Edward, s/o Edwin DAY, b. England & Frances Louise STILL, married Elsie SMITH, 21, laundry employee, Manchester England, Point Edward, d/o James Thomas SMITH, b. England & Blanche WILD, witn: Gladys M. REDDING & James E. KETTLE, both of Sarnia, 17 Dec 1927 at Sarnia 13773-27 Melvin Carl DEANS, 22, farmer, Brooke Twp., same, s/o John F. DEANS, b. Nissouri & Jennie SIMPSON, married Mary Christina JOHNSTON, 19, Enniskillen Twp., same, d/o William John JOHNSTON, b. Enniskillen & Mattie PARK, witn: John LIHIBAN? & Denyea DEANS, both of Inwood, 20 Jan 1927 at Brooke Twp
13755-27 Albert Joseph DE KELVER, 28, machinist, Brussels Manitoba, Sarnia, s/o Albert DE KELVER, b. Belgium & Josephine DERBROOCH, married Eleanor Galdys DALTON, 17, Ingersoll, Sarnia, d/o Thomas L. DALTON, b. Delhi & Clara Belle VANDERBURGH, witn: Howard V. DALTON & Doris L. DALTON, both of Sarnia, 11 Jun 1927 at Sarnia 13770-27 William George DICKENSON, 35, Imperial Oil employee, Gloucestershire England, Sarnia Twp., s/o Edwin DICKENSON & Elizabeth GREEN, married Jennie Bell RAWSON, 34, Enniskillen Twp., same, d/o Andrew RAWSON & Emma HISCOTT, witn: David MCRITCHIE & Lauretta Viola MCRITCHIE, both of Sarnia, 1 Jan 1927 at Sarnia
13771-27 John Joseph DILLON, 24, farmer, Caradoc Twp., Enniskillen Twp., s/o Thomas DILLON & Georgiana LEPAGE, married Agnes Amelia CALLAGHAN, 26, clerk, Adelaide Twp., Enniskillen Twp., d/o William CALLAGHAN & Annie WELSH, witn: Thomas DILLON, Jr. of Petrolia & Mary DONAHUE of Detroit, 23 Nov 1927 at Petrolia (RC) 13772-27 John Joseph DINEL, 20, bridge works employee, Montebello Quebec, Sarnia, s/o Israel DINEL, b. Quebec & Elizabeth MCAULEY, married Ruby Ann YOUNG, 17, Jamestown NY, Sarnia, d/o Robert Wilfred YOUNG, b. Ontario & Emma Ida WILLIAMS, witn: Glenn C. JACKSON & Agnes JACKSON, both of Sarnia, 10 Dec 1927 at Sarnia (RC)
13767-27 John Charles DONALD, 22, labourer, Oil Springs, Petrolia, s/o James DONALD, b. Oil Springs & Adeline JOHNSON, married Gladys Pearl JOHNSON, 22, Plympton Twp., Petrolia, d/o John Edwin JOHNSON, b. East Zorra & Minnie DOZECK, witn: Marjorie Jean TOSTON & Ernest E. JOHNSON, both of Petrolia, 18 Jun 1927 at Petrolia 13768-27 Roswell Percival Ingram DOUGALL, 31, doctor of medicine, Hay Twp., Hensall, s/o William DOUGALL, b. Ontario & Isabella MACLAREN, married Ann Marion BROWN, 22, doctor of medicine, Lambton Co., Edys Mills, d/o John BROWN, b. Ontario & Ethel STEPHENSON, witn: M.C. FLETCHER of Exeter & Mona BROWN of Edys Mills, 14 Jun 1927 at Edy Mills
13769-27 Russell Oliver DOUGLAS, 20, oil refining, Petrolia, same, s/o Oliver DOUGLAS, b. Petrolia & Ida KIMMERLY, married Rose Mae LOVEGROVE, 20, St. Thomas, Petrolia, d/o Thomas LOVEGROVE, b. London England & Mary DRYDEN, witn: Walter R. DOUGLAS & Anna D. HARE, both of Petrolia, 6 Jul 1927 at Petrolia 13764-27 Harry Reuben DOWDING, 34, blacksmith, Watford, Arkona, s/o Reuben T. DOWDING, b. Sylvan & Marguerite SCHLEMM, married Annie CARSON, 38, widow, music teacher, England, Arkona, d/o Martin WATERS, b. Kent England & Annie GREEN, witn: Fred C. EASTMAN & Lila E. EASTMAN, both of Arkona, 20 Apr 1927 at Arkona
13765-27 William James DOYLE, 42, inspector, Elgin Co., Detroit, s/o Patrick DOYLE, b. Ireland & Margaret HARMON, married Mary Ann MCDONALD, 38, Ridgetown, Alvinston, d/o Patrick MCDONALD, b. Ontario & Ellen CURTIS, witn: Patrick MCDONALD & Ellen MCDONALD, both of Alvinston, 12 Sep 1927 at Alvinston (RC) 13766-27 Clarence Roy DRUIETT, 24, farmer, Moore Twp., same, s/o John DRUIETT, b. Moore Twp. & R. Ella ALEXANDER, married Viola Irene STEVENSON, 21, Bridgen, Enniskillen Twp., d/o William J. STEVENSON, b. Inniskillen Twp. & Margaret SCOTT, witn: Kathleen GALE & Mrs. Andrew HOSSIE, both of Corunna, 15 Jun 1927 at Sarnia Twp.
13759-27 George Franklin DUNCAN, 20, farmer, Moore Twp., same, s/o David Alexander DUNCAN, b. Moore Twp. & Caroline BRUTON, married Gladys May CHURCHILL, 16, Sault Ste. Marie, Petrolia, d/o James CHURCHILL, b. Enniskillen Twp. & Mary Edith COPELAND, witn: William COLUMBUS & Aileen DUNCAN, both of Sarnia, 14 Jul 1927 at Petrolia 13760-27 Robert Henry DUNN, 38, merchant, Mandaumin, same, s/o William DUNN, b. Scotland & Marion NISBET, married Jean STRANGWAY, 29, housekeeper, Inniskillen Twp., same, d/o Fred J. STRANGWAY, b. Ontario & Margaret Elizabeth BIRD, witn: David NISBET of Travesville? Ont & K. STRANGWAY of Petrolia, 24 Aug 1927 at Enniskillen Twp.
13761-27 Robert DUNSMORE, 32, metal finisher, Scotland, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Robert DUNSMORE, b. Scotland & Jessie MCARTHUR, married Evelyn Virginia ANNETT, 23, Euphemia Twp., same, d/o George A. ANNETT, b. Euphemia Twp. & Emma J. MCKOWEN, witn: E.R. ANNETT of Cairo & Catharine ANNETT of Cleveland USA, 15 Oct 1927 at Euphemia Twp. 13762-27 Oscar Melvin DURST, 28, elevator worker, Point Edward, Kitchener, s/o Fred DURST, b. Waterloo & Lena BRENNER, married Marian Isabel KELLY, 18, clerk, St. Ignace Michigan, Sarnia, d/o Edward M. KELLY, b. Oil Springs & Sara E. CLOST?, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Albert DE BELL, both of Sarnia, 21 Feb 1927 at Sarnia
13763-27 Clifford Elmer DYER, 22, toolmaker, Mooretown, Detroit, s/o William DYER, b. Mooretown & Adda NESBITT, married Aritta DENOCOUR, 22, nurse, Detroit, Port Huron Michigan, d/o J. Walter DENOCOUR, b. London & Sarah FREELE, witn: H.M. TALLY & Gladys MERRITT, both of Detroit, 21 Aug 1927 at Mooretown 13776-27 John Douglas ECKFORD, 29, insurance agent, Calgary Alberta, Detroit, s/o William D. ECKFORD, b. Scotland & Margaret J. MCLAURIN, married Laura Kathleen HUNTER, 32, widow, nurse, Petrolia, Oil Springs, d/o John SAUVEY, b. Ontario & Katherine Isabel MCKOWEN, witn: A.N. JOHNSTON of Detroit & Geraldine CAMERON of Petrolia, 30 Nov 1927 at Petrolia
13777-27 Garfield ELLERKER, 25, accountant, Forest, Detroit, s/o George ELLERKER, b. Ontario & Emma BYRNS, married Beatrice ROBBINS, 21, Buxton, Detroit, d/o George ROBBINS, b. Ontario & Nella MATTHEWS, witn: Emma ELLERKER of Forest & Nella ROBBINS of Hagersville, 29 Oct 1927 at Forest 13774-27 William Anderson ELLIOTT, 28, farmer, Bosanquet Twp., same, s/o Moses ELLIOTT, b. Canada & Janet ANDERSON, married Lillian Ruth BROOKS, 21, bookkeeper, Thedford, Lambton Co., d/o Eli BROOKS, b. Canada & Nellie LEE, witn: M.E. BROOKS of Kerwood & Margaret ELLIOTT of Thedford, 16 Feb 1927 at Thedford
13775-27 David Selby EVANS, no age shown, farmer, Canada, Plympton Twp., s/o William EVANS, b. Ontario & Hannah SMITH, married Janet WATSON, 40, Canada, Plympton Twp., d/o Daniel WATSON, b. Canada & Jane MCFARLANE, witn: Evans WATSON of Forest & Irene Jennie illegible of Camlachie, 26 Oct 1927 at Plympton Twp 13778-27 Ulderico Nazarino FAVA, 29, labourer, Civitanova - Marchi - Italy, Point Edward, s/o Pasquale FAVA & Laura FORESI (FORCAI?), married Rosina FURNO, 26, Altimar? - Bari - Italy, Point Edward, d/o Carlo FURNO & Francesca VOLTATURNI, witn: Aldo COCO & Natalie MOLINARO, both of Port Huron Michigan, 3 Sep 1927 at Sarnia (RC)
13784-27 Ernest David FENN, 35, lather, England, London, s/o David FENN, b. England & Elizabeth LIDELL, married Hattie May Pauline JOHNSTON, 26, clerk, Dunnville, London, d/o George JOHNSTON, b. Canada & Sarah Elizabeth CALHOUN, witn: Leonard? Ernest FENN of London & Rosella CAMPBELL of Ilderton, 19 Nov 1927 at Alvinston 13785-27 Earle Chapin FINGERLE, 22, sales manager, Woodsworth Louisiana, Ann Arbor Michigan, s/o Jay E. FINGERLE, b. USA & Katherine CHAPIN, married Phyllis Alice TURNBULL, 22, school teacher, Sarnia, Orvoss Michigan, d/o Herbert TURNBULL, b. USA & Letitia Jane SETTINGTON, witn: C. BARKER of Detroit & Mrs. L.A. PACKARD of Port Huron Michigan, 25 Jun 1927 at Sarnia
13786-27 George Marshall FISHER, 26, farmer, Canada, Plympton Twp., s/o George Henry FISHER, b. Canada & Louise MARSHALL, married Ethel Lorena DUNHAM, 22, Canada, Plympton Twp., d/o Colonel DUNHAM, b. Canada & Lorena MCCHEANEY, witn: Cecil Hazel DUNHAM of Arkona & Fred Keith FISHER of Forest, 22 Jun 1927 at Warwick Twp. 13782-27 Charles Merry FITZGERALD, 29, radio manufacturer, Watford, same, s/o William Edward FITZGERALD, b. Canada & Jane YOUNG, married Rheta Estella HUGHSON, 32, clerk, Camden Twp., Dresden, d/o Richard HUGHSON, b. Canada & Frances Elizabeth NORTHCOTE, witn: Walter Stanley HUGHSON of Dresden & William Young FITZGERALD of Watford, 29 Jun 1927 at Forest
13783-27 Curtis William FLEMING, 32, farmer, Canada, Bosanquet Twp., s/o William FLEMING, b. Canada & Mary MILLMAN, married Helen RICHARDS, 22, teacher, Canada, Bosanquet Twp., d/o John Wesley RICHARDS, b. Canada & Jennie CAMPBELL, witn: William C. RICHARDS of Melbourne Ontario & Fern M. FLEMING of Thedford, 27 Jul 1927 at Bosanquet Twp 13779-27 Earl David FOLEY, 23, butcher, Sarnia, same, s/o David FOLEY, b. Canada & Frances LAUGHLIN, married Beatrice SAMS, 21, stenographer, Athens Ohio, same, d/o Clarence SAMS, b. USA & Lena SPRAGUE, witn: James K. PALMER & Mabel I. MILLER, both of Sarnia, 4 Apr 1927 at Sarnia
13780-27 James Ingersoll FOSTER, 32, railway yard foreman, Sarnia, same, s/o George T. FOSTER, b. London & Mary BURNS, married Velma Belle ALLAN, 27, stenographer, Sarnia, same, d/o James A. Allan, b. Paisley & Flora MACARTHUR, witn: William A. ALLAN of Sarnia & Mrs. W.J. TODD of Windsor, 31 Oct 1927 at Sarnia 13781-27 Reuben Charles FREE, 19, driver, Sarnia, Point Edward, s/o Henry FREE, b. Gananoque & Mary BURCH, married Ida May GORDON, 18, Owen Sound, Point Edward, d/o Donald GORDON, b. Owen Sound & Margaret PHILLIPS, witn: Samuel James PHILLIPS & Shirley St. Clair PHILLIPS, both of Sarnia, 1 Oct 1927 at Point Edward
13797-27 John William GARVIN, 22, boilermaker's helper, Toronto, Sarnia, s/o John Andrew GARVIN, b. Sarnia & Maude SUTHERLAND, married Laura BURLEY, 18, candle works employee, Sarnia, same, d/o Edward BURLEY, b. Windsor & Mae TURNER, witn: William MANDEVILLE & Pearl MANDEVILLE, both of Sarnia, 10 Aug 1927 at Sarnia 13798-27 Russell Lowe GILBERT, 28, draftsman, Redding Connecticut, Lorraine Ohio, s/o Beupin H. GILBERT, b. Conn. USA & Sarah L. RENOUD, married Clara Edith SMITH, 19, machine operator, Belmont, Sarnia, d/o Arthur SMITH, b. London & Agnes DOAN, witn: Annie M. MCKAY & Gwen MCKAY, both of Sarnia, 24 Sep 1927 at Sarnia (Divorced 3 Aug 1955)
13790-27 Frederick Cecil GILLILAND, 27, farmer, Brooke Twp., same, s/o John A. GILLILAND, Brooke Twp. & Rebecca J. SALISBURY, married Daisy WHITEHOUSE, 28, St. Giles - Reading England, Brooke Twp., d/o Thomas B. WHITEHOUSE, b. Reading England & Sarah WHITMORE, witn: Estella HUGHSON of Dresden & E.O. HOSFORD of Watford, 15 Jun 1927 at Watford 13791-27 Allan James GLENDENNING, 20, labourer, Point Edward, Sarnia, s/o Allan GLENDENNING, b. Ontario & Sadie BUCHANAN, married Lillian Helen Valentina WHITE, 16, Sarnia, same, d/o David WHITE, b. Ontario & Rose Ella EGAN, witn: Charles WIGGINS of Sarnia & Rose WHITE of Petrolia, 27 Feb 1927 at Sarnia (RC)
13792-27 Lee Carl GORDON, 28, banker, Sanilac Co. Michigan, Flint Michigan, s/o Donald A. GORDON, b. Ontario & Jennie DAY, married Gertrude Fay BABCOCK, 27, stenographer, Sarnia Twp., Sarnia, d/o Thomas BABCOCK, b. Ontario & Rose ALLEN, witn: Flora GORDON of Ubly Michigan & Frank RYCKMAN of Sarnia, 17 Sep 1927 at Sarnia  
13794-27 Simon Kenneth GRANT, 21, farmer, Sombra Twp., same, s/o Donald GRANT, b. Ontario & Annie POLAND, married Ina Florence Patterson HARKNESS, 18, Moore Twp., same, d/o James HARKNESS, b. Ontario & Florence GRAY, witn: Reta HARKNESS of Mooretown & Ross ARNOLD of Bickford, 13 Aug 1927 at Sarnia 13793-27 Frank GRANT, 38, widower, boiler maker, Bradford, Sarnia, s/o Hector GRANT, b. Ontario & Catherine BEST, married Lucy Elizabeth FISHER, 35, divorced, domestic, Kincardine, Sarnia, d/o John BABCOCK, b. England & Maria TILLY, witn: Laura Annie SMITH & W.J. BIRMINGHAM, both of Sarnia, 5 Feb 1927 at Sarnia
13795-27 Joseph Edward GRANVILLE, 46, celery grower, Goderich, Bosanquet Twp., s/o Alexander GRANVILLE & Philomena DESROSIERS, married Helen Marion WILLIAMS, 20, Bosanquet Twp., not shown, d/o Fred WILLIAMS & Margaret, witn: Leo DEVINE & Madeline DEVINE, both of Parkhill, 7 Sep 1927 at Forest (RC) 13796-27 Alexander GRAY, 69, widow, farmer, Moore Twp., same, s/o George GRAY, b. Scotland & Barbara MANN, married Elsie Ripley BLACKMAN, 49, widow, Crosby Twp., Kenora, d/o Noah RIPLEY, b. Ontario & Minerva KNAPP, witn: Mrs. Rev. BANNATYNE of Bridgen & Mrs. Rev. TAYLOR of Courtright, 7 Feb 1927 at Moore Twp.
13787-27 Clarence Frederick GREENAWAY, 34, widower, railway fireman, Woodstock, Sarnia, s/o Joseph GREENAWAY, b. Canada & Susanna HICKSON, married Dorothy Amy YATES, 23, clerk, Nottingham England, Woodstock, d/o Herbert S. YATES, b. England & Georgina MITCHELL, witn: James HAWKE of Sarnia & Georgina YATES of Woodstock, 11 Feb 1927 at Sarnia 13788-27 William Kenneth GUNN, 20, labourer, Sarnia, Sarnia Twp., s/o John GUNN, b. Canada & Sarah PERRY, married Dorothy Matilda CROMLISH, 20, clerk, Carp, Sarnia, d/o Daniel CROMLISH, b. Scotland & Mary Elizabeth HARPER, witn: David R. WATSON & Eva SMITH, both of Sarnia, 3 Sep 1927 at Sarnia
13789-27 Franklin Charles E. GUSTIN, 36, widower, farmer, Canada, Bosanquet Twp., s/o E.S.D. GUSTIN, b. Ontario & C.A. TIMBROCK, married Margaret Hilda TROTTER, 22, Canada, Bosanquet Twp., d/o N.N. TROTTER, b. Ontario & Annie CHAMBERS, witn: Mrs. S. ANDERSON of Sarnia, 23 Feb 1927 at Sarnia Twp. (see ** at bottom of this page) 13809-27 Joseph Alexander HACKNEY, 23, machinist Corunna, same, s/o Joseph HACKNEY, b. Hamilton & Nina WHITE, married Margaret Roberta BOULTON, 24, stenographer, Moore twp., same, d/o Robert BOULTON, b. Moore twp. & Isabella LOCKHART, witn: Charles H. WHITE of Sarnia & Annie BOULTON of Mooretown, 28 Sept 1927 at not given
13810-27 George Walter HAGGARTY, 36, widower, carpenter, Fort Wayne Indiana, Sarnia, s/o Thomas HAGGARTY, b. Ont & Mary GRAVES, married Helena Marie GRAVES, 18, domestic, Windsor Ont., Sarnia, d/o Edward GRAVES, b. Michigan & Sylvia May SMITH, witn: Jennie & George Leslie McINTYRE of Sarnia, 23 Sept 1927 at Sarnia 13811-27 George HAMBLIN, 19, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o William James HAMBLIN, b. England & Alice HAYWOOD, married Myrtle KNAPP, 19, Enniskillen twp., same, d/o John Franklin KNAPP, b. Port Huron Mich. & Mary SMITH, witn: Mrs. Frank KNAPP & J.F. KNAPP, both of Petrolia, 25 Oct. 1927 at Petrolia
13812-27 Alfred HAMMOND, 26, auto mechanic, England, Detroit, s/o John HAMMOND, b. England & Edith May CHENDLE, married Kathryn Wilhelmina MOFFATT, 23, clerk, Ontario, Detroit, d/o William Andrew MOFFATT, b. Ont & Hanna ASTALL?, witn: John HAMMOND of Windsor & Bessie McVICAR of Detroit, 26 Dec 1927 at Alvinston 13813-27 James Clement HANLAN, 28, laborer, Corkeny Ont., Sarnia, s/o Michael HANLAN & Elizabeth WATTERSON, married Mary Elizabeth FLANAGAN, 24, stenographer, Ireland, stenographer, d/o Joseph FLANAGAN & Alice RODGERS, witn: James FLANAGAN & Cassie McMONAGLE, both of Sarnia, 7 Nov 1927 at Sarnia
13807-27 Norman Willard HARRIS, 24, carpenter, Sarnia, same, s/o William HARRIS, b. Canada & Rosy WILLIAMS, married Norma Neone McWATTERS, 21, book keeper, Watford, Sarnia, d/o Thomas McWATTERS, b. Canada & Violet NORTH, witn: Roy HYATT & Lola McWATTERS, both of Sarnia, 8 Oct. 1927 at Sarnia 13806-27 James Kinniston HARRIS, 26, office clerk, Sarnia, Detroit, s/o David V. HARRIS, b. Canada & Hannah KINNISTON, married Alice Isabelle CALLUM, 23, school teacher, Sarnia, same, d/o D. Bruce CALLUM, b. Canada & Mary PARK, witn: Roger HARRIS & Wallis CALLUM, both of Sarnia, 27 Aug 1927 at Sarnia
13808-27 Edward HARTWICK, 58, widower, farmer, Zone twp., Dawn twp.., s/o Isaac HARTWICK, b. Canada & Isabel FLINT, married Mary Selina TULLY, 60, widow, Dereham twp., Dawn twp., d/o William ALLEN, b. Canada & Rodey MORRIS, witn: Mrs. C. RICHARDSON & Mrs. W. JERRETT?, both of Sarnia, 17 Sept 1927 at Sarnia 13804-27 Allen Chisholm HASKETT, 27, farmer, West Williams Twp., same, s/o Richard HASKETT & Christina CHISHOLM, married Uldene Elliott ROWCLIFFE, 25, school teacher, Bosanquet Twp., same, d/o William W. ROWCLIFFE & Jane ELLIOTT, witn: Alex William PETERKIN & Isobel May HASKETT, both of Parkhill, 24 Sep 1927 at Thedford
13805-27 Bert Charles HATHAWAY, 29, cook, West Ham England, Sarnia, s/o William Thomas HATHAWAY, b. England & Florence C. FOSTER, married Hilda Helen SMITH, 29, school teacher, Merrickville, Sarnia, d/o Richard B. SMITH, b. Canada & Phoebe CUMMINGS, witn: Merrill SMITH of Merrickville & H. SAULT of Sarnia, 30 Jul 1927 at Sarnia 13819-27 Alexander Albert HAVELOCK, 26, laborer, London England, Sarnia, s/o Edward Albert HAVELOCK, b. London England & Mary Ann ROGERS, married Jessie Violet BANCROFT, 19, Sarnia, same, d/o Arthur BANCROFT, b. Yorkshire England & Florence Ruth WYMOUTH, witn: John INGRAM & Violet Ledora WINOVER, both of Sarnia, 22 Sept 1927 at Point Edward
13800-27 Percy HAYES, 40, widower, butcher, Dorchester Station, Wyoming, s/o R.E. HAYES, b. Dorchester & Bessie DUCKWORTH, married Fern Edith WARDROP, 20, stenographer, Moore Twp., Sarnia, d/o Andrew WARDROP, b. Moore Twp. & Olive BAXTER, witn: Regie Lyle SHEPPARD of Mooretown & Jessie E. WARDROP of Sarnia, 5 Nov 1927 at Sarnia 13801-27 Benjamin Franklin HEALEY, 30, labourer, Warwick Twp. Watford, s/o Richard James HEALEY, b. Lambton Co. & Janet Isabella WILLIAMSON, married Hilda Jane MORRIS, 23, Warwick Twp., same, d/o Stephen MORRIS, b. Warwick Twp. & Jane MORGAN, witn: Clarence J. HEALEY of Armley Sask. & Gladys LAMB of Watford, 3 Sep 1927 at Warwick Twp.
13802-27 Alexander James HENDERSON, 36, labourer, Falkirk Scotland, Sarnia, s/o Donald HENDERSON, b. Scotland & Mary I. MCKAY, married Agnes Aitken ADAMS, 36, cook, Falkirk Scotland, Sarnia, d/o Andrew ADAMS, b. Scotland & Agnes AITKEN, witn: Helen SMITH & William HENDERSON, both of Sarnia, 18 Nov 1927 at Sarnia 13803-27 William James HENRY, 45, widower, sailor, Sombra Twp., same, s/o Aaron HENRY, b. Ontario & Sarah HULBERT, married Addie Prudence HENRY, 18, Sombra Twp., same, d/o Obadiah HENRY, b. Ontario & Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: Mrs. G.L. PATTERSON & Mrs. J.C. FORSTER, both of Sombra, 14 Mar 1927 at Sombra
13816-27 Leslie Clark HILLIS, 21, laborer, Petrolia, same, s/o Angus HILLIS, b. Ont & Clara HILLIS, married Edith Annie CRACKNELL, 17, Surrey England, Thamesville, d/o John CRACKNELL, b. England & Lily CRACKNELL, witn: Mrs. Lily CRACKNELL of Thamesville & Mrs. J. M. BUTTON of Florence, 15 Feb 1927 at Euphemia twp 13817-27 James F. HILLIS, 33, teacher, Coldstream Ont., Sarnia, s/o James HILLIS, b. Michigan US & Catherine ARMSTRONG, married Annie Mary WRAY, 25, Moore twp., same, d/o Joseph WRAY, b. Canada & Penelope SHAW, witn: Effie WRAY of Corunna & Fred BURTON of Courtright, 3 Nov 1927 at Sarnia
13814-27 Albert Uriah HODGINS, 21, laborer, Middlesex Co Ont., Sarnia, s/o James Uri HODGINS, b. Middlesex Co Ont & Catherine Lavina STANLEY, married Gertrude ELLIOTT, 18, domestic, Strathroy, Sarnia, d/o James Anson ELLIOTT, b. Middlesex Co Ont & Laura Elizabeth TARLING, witn: Thomas DUNDAS & Lucy POUSETLE, both of Sarnia, 22 Jan 1927 at Sarnia 13815-27 Charles Christopher Whitford HOSKINS, 29, Canada, Forest, s/o Henry HOSKINS, b. England & Susannah INGRAM, married Sarah Jane WOODROOF, 23, Ontario, Forest, d/o William WOODROOF, b. England & Martha DUNN, witn: Mrs. Mary FLAGG & Mrs. Mary VAN KIRK, both of Forest, 21 Sept 1927 at Forest
13799-27 George HOUGHTON, 56, farmer, Lambton Co., Plympton Twp., s/o Maxwell HOUGHTON, b. Scotland & Margaret ELLIOTT, married Annie SCOTT, 52, widow, housekeeper, Leeds Co., Plympton Twp., d/o Jacob WILLOUGHBY, b. Ireland & Annie NESBET, witn: Frederick MICK of Detroit & James HOUGHTON of Camlachie, 24 May 1927 at Sarnia 13818-27 Roy Stirling HUNTER, 24, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o Peter HUNTER, b. Scotland & Jessie CAMERON, married Eva Araminta BAILEY, 19, Enniskillen twp., same, d/o Richard BAILEY, b. Canada & Maud DOBBIN, witn: Elmer & Verna BAILEY of Oil Springs, 7 Dec 1927 at Petrolia
13820-27 Wesley Roy HYATT, 22, brick mason, Petrolia, Detroit, s/o Rupert HYATT, b. Canada & Lottie SHEPHERD, married Lola Hester McWATTERS, 24, Watford, Sarnia, d/o Thomas J. McWATTERS, b. Canada & Violet NORTH, witn: H. LINK & Willard A. JONES, both of Sarnia, 17 Dec 1927 at Sarnia 13821-27 William Robert IDEN, 28, carpenter, Ridgetown Ont., Sarnia, s/o William IDEN, b. Chatham twp & Irena ARNOLD, married Beatrice STEINBORN, 29, divorced, Port Huron Mich., same, d/o Albert SCHATZLINA, b. Port Huron Mich. & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Florence K. CRANE (Craw?) of Petrolia & Nellie JORDAN of Port Huron Mich., 20 Aug 1927 at Petrolia
13822-27 Thomas IRVINE, 23, contractor, Sarnia, same, s/o Alex IRVINE, b. Scotland & Mary Taggart MAITLAND, married Gladys Martin BROWN, 23, book keeper, Moore twp., Sarnia, d/o David W. BROWN, b. Lambton & Catherine HURST, witn: Delphine McMILLAN of Toronto & H.J. IRVINE of Brigden, 26 Sept 1927 at Sarnia 13825-27 Alonzo Currie JACKSON, 26, assistant foreman, Arkona, Flint Mich., s/o Fred JACKSON, b. Arkona & Margaret CURRIE, married Victoria Marjorie GOODE, 23, Ontario, Arkona, d/o William GOODE, b. Warwickshire England & Edith JOHNSON, witn: J.C. CRAWFORD of Forest & Winnifred GOODE of Arkona, 5 Oct. 1927 at Thedford
13826-27 Archibald Gordon JAMIESON, 41, telegraph operator, Canada, Forest, s/o Thomas JAMIESON, b. Warwick twp & Phoebe LUSKEY, married Elizabeth Maud FROME, 38, Canada, Forest, d/o George FROME, b. Avonton Ont & Annie MURRAY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Albert Ernest JAMIESON of Forest, 11 June 1927 at Forest 13823-27 Warren JARDINE, 20, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o James JARDINE, b. Plympton twp & Minnie McLEAN, married Hazel GRIFFITH, 18, Brooke twp., same, d/o A.W. GRIFFITH, b. Harwich? twp Ont & Martha SANDERS, witn: James SOPHER of RR1 Petrolia & Edna GRIFFITH of RR1 Alvinston, 2 April 1927 at Inwood
13824-27 Leslie Ephraim JAY, 22, Chevrolet Motor Co., St. Andrew Que., Flint Mich., s/o James JAY, b. Suffolk England & Catherine WHALEN, married Mildred Irene ROBERTS, 21, clerk, Sarnia, same, d/o Andrew ROBERTS, b. Walsingham Ont & Zara CHAPLIN, witn: Harold MANOR of River Rouge Mich. & Frances ROBERTS of Sarnia, 30 April 1927 at Sarnia 13827-27 Richard Charles JOHNSON, 21, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o Richard JOHNSON, b. Petrolia & Maria EVANS, married Martha Jeanette DOBBIN, 19, Enniskillen twp., same, d/o Robert L. DOBBIN, b. Enniskillen twp & Mary JARDINE, witn: Mrs. Herbert ANDERSON & Mrs. James WARD, both of Oil Springs, 1 June 1927 at Oil Springs
13828-27 William JOHNSON, 29, farmer, Walpole Island, same, s/o William P. JOHNSON & Mary MOSES, married Josie NAHDEE, 25, Walpole Island, same, d/o Charlie NAHDEE & Mary SANDS, witn: James KAKOWASWAY and Thomas ISAAC, both of Wallaceburg, 22 Feb 1927 at Walpole Island 13829-27 Murray Edwin JOHNSTON, 35, shreder?, Moore twp., Brigden, s/o Richard JOHNSTON & Annie MURRAY, married Edith Louise ALLAN, 20, Sombra twp., Brigden, d/o Benjamin ALLAN & Helen JACQUE, witn: James ALLAN & Edna WRIGHT, both of Flint Mich., 5 Feb 1927 at Sarnia
13836-27 Lloyd Emerson KELLS, 22, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o William H. KELLS, b. Enniskillen twp & Hilda Ida ELLENOR, married Gladys Jane JAMES, 21, Enniskillen twp., same, d/o Darius W. JAMES, b. Sarnia twp & Janet Ann JAMIESON, witn: J.E. & Dorothea STAFFORD of Wyoming, 10 Sept 1927 at Wyoming 13837-27 Douglas Garner KERR, 26, solicitor, Chatham, same, s/o John Garner KERR, b. Canada & Georgia Louise McLEAN, married Marion Anderson PATTON, 26, nurse, Kemptville Ont., Stratford, d/o John T. PATTON, b. Canada & Esther Elizabeth ANDERSON, witn: Harland RANKIN & Margaret Louise KERR, both of Chatham, 2 May 1927 at Sarnia
13838-27 Thomas Hadley KERR, 27, machinist, Sarnia twp., Sarnia, s/o Samuel KERR, b. Canada & Hannah MEDLEY, married Ilah Benita LAW, 24, Dawn twp., Sarnia, d/o James LAW, b. Canada & Lavinia DONEY, witn: James LAW & Howard KERR, both of Sarnia, 28 June 1927 at Sarnia 13839-27 James KERR, 23, truck driver, Clydebank Scotland, Sarnia, s/o John KERR, b. Scotland & Jean NESBIT, married Alice BELL, 23, Daley Scotland, Sarnia, d/o John BELL, b. Scotland & Bridget FALLEN, witn: Stanley SMITH & Mrs. Sam? FLEMING, both of Sarnia, 26 Jan 1927 at Sarnia
13830-27 Hugh Wellington KILLWATH, 26, gas clerk, Wilkesport Ont., Sarnia, s/o Francis Calvin KILLWATH, b. USA & Isabel MARTIN, married Hazel Evangeline WILES, 22, book keeper, Strathroy, Sarnia, d/o George WILES, b. Ont & Harriet POLE, witn: Verne & Mrs. Verne THORNER of Sarnia, 7 Oct. 1927 at Sarnia 13831-27 Adrian KING, 36, farmer, Plympton twp., same, s/o Thomas KING, b. Canada & Mary GIBBS, married Myrtle Adelaide WARK, 29, Wyoming, same, d/o Donald WARK, b. & Elizabeth LAMPMAN, witn: Bruce WARK of Wyoming & Gladys WARK of Camlachie, 9 June 1927 at Wyoming
13832-27 John Edward KINGDON, 24, laborer, Lancashire? England, Thedford, s/o Henry KINGDON, b. England & Elizabeth SPERD?, married Catherine CLARK, 17, Bosanquet, res not given, d/o Charles CLARK, b. Canada & Agnes CAMPBELL, witn: Mrs. Jennie BURCH & Lawrence CLARKE, both of Thedford, 19 Feb. 1927 at Bosanquet twp 13833-27 Willem KLEEGMAN, 25, farmer, Syp--? Holland, Sarnia twp., s/o Korneila KLEEGMAN, b. Holland & Janna WOLDYK, married Frenhje Eika KLEEGMAN, 23, Appinadon? Holland, Sarnia twp., d/o Lambert KLEEGMAN, b. Holland & Geertje FEERNKAMP, witn: Murray & Mrs. Murray SMITH of RR1 Sarnia, 20 April 1927 at Sarnia twp
13834-27 Burt Frederick KNIGHT, 25, ledger keeper, Earls Barton - Northampton England, Sarnia, s/o John Frederick KNIGHT, b. Earls Barton England & Eliza Ellen ABBOTT?, married Florence COOKE, 21, book keeper, Leicester England, Point Edward, d/o William Edward COOKE, b. Barrow? England & Susannah JEFFCOTE, witn: Albert CURRY of Sarnia & Eva GRACY of Point Edward, 18 April 1927 at Point Edward 13835-27 Earl A. KODYEN, 30, driller, Sandwich Ont., Dawn twp., s/o Alfred KODYEN, b. Canada & Frances WICKES, married Lottie Margaret DRENNAN, 22?, Dawn twp., same, d/o Thomas DRENNAN, b. Ireland & Jennie PARR, witn: Mrs. William RANDALL & Mrs. L. HAZELWOOD, both of Courtright, 30 April 1927 at Courtright village
13855-27 Donald Archibald LAMONT, 26, farmer, Sarnia Twp., Camlachie, s/o Angus LAMONT, b. Scotland & Annie MCDONALD, married Emma Wilhelmina WEAVER, 25, clerk, Moore Twp., Sarnia, d/o William WEAVER, b. Canada & Susan RUDD, witn: Alyse Myrtle WEAVER & John Angus LAMONT of Camlachie, 21 May 1927 at Sarnia 13856-27 John Angus LAMONT, 30, farmer, Sarnia Twp., same, s/o Angus LAMONT, b. Scotland & Annie MCDONALD, married Carrie Jane PARK, 32, Plympton Twp., same, d/o Robert PARK, b. Plympton Twp. & Jessie MCMURPHY, witn: Nettie PARK of Wyoming & Archie LAMONT of Camlachie, 1 Oct 1927 at Plympton Twp
  13850-27 William LANGDON, 25, fireman, Somerset England, Sarnia, s/o William Barge LANGDON, b. Wiltshire England & Lucy Annie GOODFIELD, married Irene Margaret STINSON, 21, stenographer, Sarnia, same, d/o William STINSON, b. Hamilton Ont. & Mary BAXTER, witn: Gordon M. CREASEY of Detroit, 16 Nov 1927 at Sarnia
13851-27 Osbert LA RUSH, 24, oiler, Penetang Ont., Owen Sound, s/o George LA RUSH, b. Penetanguishene & Lara LONGLADE, married Eva CAMSELL, 21, Owen Sound, Sarawak twp, d/o Wesley CAMSELL, b. Oshawa & Annie THEAKER, witn: Amelia LONGLEY & George W. LONGLEY, both of Sarnia, 31 Dec 1927 at Sarnia 13852-27 Harry Victor John LATHAM, 19, sailor, Sarnia, same, s/o Jackson E. LATHAM, b. USA & Minnie BUNDY, married Ruby Irene WILLIAMSON, 21, Warwick twp., same, d/o John WILLIAMSON, b. Canada & Margaret COX, witn: Robert LUGHAM & Mary PATERSON, both of Sarnia, 12 Jan 1927 at Sarnia
13847-27 Irwin Lorenzo LAWRENCE, 21, butcher, Sarnia, Jordan Michigan, s/o William LAWRENCE, b. Canada & Isabella HOGEL, married Edith Elizabeth KETCH, 16, Port Huron Mich., Sarnia, d/o George KETCH, b. USA & Ada GIBBS, witn: R. HERRON & N. KETCH, both of Sarnia, 16 June 1927 at Sarnia 13848-27 George Wellesley LAWRENCE, 32, electrical engineer, Ontario, 253 Lauder Ave in Toronto, s/o Charles M.B. LAWRENCE, b. Ont & Anna M. JULIAN, married Ann May TANNER, 33, teacher, Ontario, Watford, d/o James TANNER, b. Ont & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Alice M. TANNER of Watford & C.A. LAWRENCE of St. Catharines, 20 Jan 1927 at Watford village
13854-27 Henry Herbert LAWRENCE, 25, street car conductor, Warwick village, Sarnia, s/o Charles LAWRENCE, b. England & Ellen RORKE, married Eva Viola LECKIE, 19, clerk, Sarnia, same, d/o Harold Neil LECKIE, b. Sarnia twp & Eva Elizabeth CHESTER, witn: Bertha DURSTON of Watford & Earl LECKIE of Sarnia, 24 Dec 1927 at Sarnia 13853-27 Francis Oscar LAWRENCE, 22, fitter, Lawrence Station - Elgin Co., Sarnia, s/o unknown & Ettie, married Marjorie Ella HORNBLOWER, 21, Longwood - Middlesex Co., Sarnia twp., d/o George HORNBLOWER, b. Sussex England & Christena May CUSHMAN, witn: Lawrence E. LEE & Mrs. Lila LEE, both of Sarnia, 30 June 1927 at Sarnia
13849-27 Herbert Russel LEA, 19, Northern Navigation Co. employee, Point Edward, same, s/o John Edward LEA, b. London England & Elizabeth CHRISTIE, married Alice Christena BURLEY, 19, Stokes Bay Ont, Sarnia, d/o Judson BURLEY, b. Thedford & Sarah HAYES, witn: Wyatt Campbell JOHNSON of Toronto & Mrs. Elsie CULLEY of Point Edward, 18 Nov 1927 at Sarnia 13844-27 George Edward LEE, 25, motor repairer at Willys Knight, Wyoming Ont., Pontiac Mich., s/o John Edward LEE, b. Wyoming & Hannah CADWELL, married Emma May McINTYRE, 25, telephone operator, Plympton twp., Sarnia, d/o Duncan McINTYRE, b. Michigan US & Anna DODGE, witn: Mrs. Beulah THORNER of 318 Stewart St. & Mrs. Hannah LEE Of Wyoming, 9 April 1927 at Sarnia
13845-27 John Franz LEHEBARS, 29, farmer, Brooke twp., same, s/o Franz LEHEBARS, b. Germany & Jennie ELLIOTT, married Mary Jane OSBORNE, 26, teacher, Enniskillen twp., same, d/o Robert OSBORNE, b. Lambton Co & Agnes LE MOINE, witn: Grant KINGSFORD of Inwood & Merele E. WINGER of Charing Cross, 27 Aug 1927 at Enniskillen twp 13846-27 Norman Edwin Hadder LESLIE, 18, CNR checker, Sarnia, same, s/o Thomas Edwin LESLIE, b. Camlachie Ont & Annie HADDER, married Nellie SMITH, 22, polisher, Belmont (Belwood?) Ont., Sarnia, d/o Arthur SMITH, b. England & Agnes DOAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J.W. PEACOCK of Sarnia, 19 May 1927 at Sarnia
13841-27 Norman Edgar LEWIS, 27, truck driver, Enniskillen twp., Petrolia, s/o Frederick LEWIS, b. Petrolia & Annie INGRAM, married May Elvira MATTHEWS, 21, Enniskillen twp., Petrolia, d/o Joseph James MATTHEWS, b. Hastings Co & Annie O'DELL, witn: Viola LEWIS & W.A. WINDER, both of Petrolia, 1 June 1927 at Petrolia 13840-27 John David LEWIS, 28, farmer, Oil Springs, same, s/o John LEWIS, b. Ont & Laura STEINHOFF, married Olive Mae JACKSON, 18, dress maker, Oil Springs, same, d/o William JACKSON, b. Ont & Annie CREASEY, witn: Herbert M. MORNINGSTAR of Oil Springs & Helen MITCHELL of Petrolia, 26 Nov 1927 at Petrolia
13842-27 Lawrence Elroy LOCKSEY, 20, machinist, Cheboygen Co Mich., Petrolia, s/o William LOCKSEY, b. Ont & Ida MOIR?, married Emma Marie PASSINGHAM, 16, Essex Co., Sarnia, d/o Daniel (David?) PASSINGHAM, b. Canada & Elizabeth HAMILTON, witn: Elizabeth Sarah PASSINGHAM & Frederick TAYLOR, both of Sarnia, 5 march 1927 at Sarnia 13843-27 Richardson Robert LOGAN, 27, laborer, Moravian Reserve, Sarnia, s/o William LOGAN, b. Moravian Reserve & Elsie LACELLES, married Florence PHEASANT, 20, Moravian Reserve, same, d/o Munro PHEASANT, b. Moravian Reserve, & Eliza JACOBS, witn: V.R. BRIGHT & Carrie CABLE, both of Sarnia, 10 Dec 1927 at Sarnia
13857-27 George James LONG, 21, farmer, Southampton England, Bosanquet Twp., s/o William LONG, b. Southampton England & Ethel Eunice ABBOTT, married Lana JAMIESON, 19, London, not given, d/o William JAMIESON, b. Warwick Twp. & Annie FAUST, witn: William JAMIESON & Annie JAMIESON, both of Thedford, 2 Sep 1927 at Thedford 13858-27 Forest James Douglas LOOSEMORE, 30, farmer, Brooke Twp., Dawn Twp., s/0 William John LOOSEMORE, b. England & Bertha DOUGLAS, married Iva Ray STONEHOUSE, 33, school teacher, Dawn Twp., same, d/o Oliver Miles STONEHOUSE, b. Canada & Theresa Caroline HEALEY, witn: Jonathan KERSEY of Dresden & A.J. LOOSEMORE of Edys Mills, 19 Jul 1927 at Dawn Twp
13859-27 Jack McPherson MADDEN, 25, grocer, Dresden, same, s/o Edward B. MADDEN, b. Canada & Janet CASCALLEN, married Edith Gertrude SMITH, 23, stenographer, Walkerville, Chatham, d/o William Harvey SMITH, b. Canada & Mary Jane MCKENZIE, witn: Jack FERGUSON & Margaret B. FERGUSON, both of Forest, 23 May 1927 at Forest 13876-27 Percy Wells MANICOM, 27, farmer, Cobourg, Warwick Twp., s/o William Henry MANICOM, b. England & Elizabeth WELLS, married Georgena Isabel OLIVER, 19, lady, Adelaide, Warwick Twp., d/o William OLIVER, b. Delaware Twp. & Mary ARRAND, witn: Marguerite THOMPSON & Annie K. THOMPSON, both of Watford, 1 Oct 1927 at Watford
13877-27 Wellington MARSHALL, 34, carpenter, Victoria Co., Sarnia, s/o John MARSHALL, b. Port Hope & Arilla DEMOREST, married Sylvia LAW, 18, Hathrop England, Sarnia, d/o Joseph LAW, b. Scotland & Louise INNIS, witn: Annie E. ELMALIE & Ruth M. CRAGG, both of Sarnia, 16 Apr 1927 at Sarnia 13878-27 Angus MARTELL, 52, labourer, Canada, Bosanquet Twp., s/o Alexander MARTELL, b. Canada & Isobel MUNROE, married Grace SCHIELDKNECHT, 34, widow, teacher, Canada, Bosanquet Twp., d/o Charles SMITH, b. Canada & Mary CLARK-HARRISON, witn: Effie GREY & Etta C. HALL, both of Sarnia, 2 Apr 1927 at Sarnia
  13873-27 Arthur MATTHEWS, 56, widower, cement finisher, Norfolk Co., Sarnia, s/o William MATTHEWS, b. Norfolk Co. & Mary DEMING, married Mable WARDELL, 36, widow, housekeeper, Norfolk Co., Sarnia, d/o Bert SINCLAIR, b. Oxford Co. & Kate WOOLNOUGHT, witn: Gertrude REEVES of South Bend Indiana & V. Reeta BRIGHT of Sarnia, 28 December 1927 at Sarnia
13874-27 Alvin Edward MAW, 21, railway checker, Copleston, Sarnia, s/o James R. MAW, b. Lambton Co. & Mary BRADLEY, married Florence Phyllis LUMBY, 21, stenographer, Sarnia, same, d/o William LUMBY, b. London & Henrietta BELL, witn: Margaret LUMBY of Sarnia & John F.L. BELL of Petrolia, 5 Sep 1927 at Sarnia 13879-27 John McASLAN, 27, die maker, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Charles McASLAN, b. Scotland & Jane ROBERTS, married Agnes Connell CUNNINGHAM, 28, stenographer, Scotland, Sarnia, d/o James CUNNINGHAM, b. Scotland & Isabella WARK, witn: Robert CUNNINGHAM of Sarnia & Helen MOHR of Detroit. 14 Sep 1927 at Sarnia
13880-27 James Angus MCBEAN, 33, labourer, Alexander, Sarnia, s/o James MCBEAN, b. Scotland & Elizabeth MARK, married Janet Christina LINDSAY, 23, Manitoba, Sarnia, d/o Robert LINDSAY, b. Canada & Mary Ann BAILEY, witn: Russel BAILEY & Annie BAILEY, both of Sarnia, 17 Sep 1927 at Petrolia 13906-27 Nathaniel Reynott MACBRIEN, 37, bookkeeper, Fermanagh Co. Ireland, Grimsby, s/o William Crozier MACBRIEN & Elizabeth REYNOTT, married Dorothy Grace FIELDING, 29, widow, London England, Sarnia, d/o Sydney George LYDEFORD & Grace HARBOUR, witn: Arthur Edward LECKIE of Mandaumin & May Ellen MCINTOSH of Sarnia, 28 Apr 1927 at Sarnia
13881-27 Clarence Homer MCCALLUM, 25, farmer, Brooke Twp., same, s/o Neil MCCALLUM, b. Mosa Twp. & Sabrina HAND, married Annabel VOSBURG, 22, Brooke Twp., same, d/o John VOSBURG, b. Lambton Co. & Sarah MCKINLEY, witn: Donald G. VOSBURG & Margaret A. SINCLAIR, both of Alvinston, 26 Feb 1927 at Alvinston 13907-27 Alexander MCCALLUM, 40, manager, Aldborough Twp., Petrolia, s/o Dougald MCCALLUM, b. Scotland & Catherina MCCALLUM, married Ruth Winnieford STEWART, 32, telephone clerk, Petrolia, same, d/o James STEWART, b. Acton & Minnie M. GIBSON, witn: Minnie M. STEWART of Petrolia & Albert E. STEWART of Windsor, 22 Jan 1927 at Petrolia
13900-27 George Albert McCLEAN, 20, painter, Toronto, Sarnia, s/o George MCCLEAN, b. Toronto & Mary E. ACKERMAN, married Henrietta CULLEY, 20, Sarnia, same, d/o George CULLEY, b. Lambton Co. & Jessie MCCRURY (McCreery?), witn: Rhea Gladys CULLEY & Bertha M. CRAGG, both of Sarnia, 1 Oct 1927 at Sarnia  
13901-27 William Joseph MCCLURG, 33, miller, Inwood, Toronto, s/o Joseph MCCLURG, b. Komoka & Annie HASKELL, married Phyllis Marjorie CARPENTER, 23, Dresden, Toronto, d/o Charles Walter CARPENTER, b. Mooretown & Iva Maude HAVERSTOCK, witn: H.E. HILL of West Lorne & Coral Louise CARPENTER of London, 22 Jun 1927 at Alvinston 13902-27 Kenneth Norman MCCORMICK, 24, farmer, Plympton Twp., same, s/o Joseph MCCORMICK, b. Plympton Twp. & Jeannette M. CARTER, married Margaret Helen ANDERSON, 24, Sarnia Twp., same, d/o Selborne ANDERSON, b. Shedden & Ann CARRICK, witn: Duncan MCCORMICK & Sadie ANDERSON, both of Wyoming, 24 Dec 1927 at Wyoming
13903-27 Hector James Ivan MCDONALD, 27, farmer, Bosanquet, Thedford, s/o James Allen MCDONALD, b. Bosanquet Twp. & Ettie WOOD, married Doris May MORRISON, 23, England, Thedford, d/o Preston MORRISON, b. England & Alice SHILLETE, witn: George MCDONALD & Isabel POULTON, both of Thedford, 25 May 1927 at Thedford 13904-27 William James MCDONALD, 47, widower, farmer, Grand River, Sarnia Twp., s/o Henry MCDONALD, b. not known & Rosina ANCHOR?, married Eliza Hannah Scafe EDWARDS, 74, widow, Harwich Twp., Sarnia Twp., d/o John SCAFE, b. Yorkshire England & Sarah PARROTT, witn: Frank MILLER of Sarnia & Hannah M. MILLER of Ridgetown, 14 Oct 1927 at Sarnia (LDS)
13905-27 John MCFADDEN, 51, farmer, Sarnia Twp., same, s/o John MCFADDEN, b. Scotland & Mary LOCKINGTON, married Nellie Irene BURR, 30, Moore Twp., Sarnia Twp., d/o Thomas BURR, b. Canada & Annie MOFFAT, witn: Mrs. J.R. HENDERSON & Mrs. E.W. JARRETT, both of Sarnia, 4 Aug 1927 at Sarnia 13897-27 James Melbert MCGRATH, 28, clerk, Sarnia, Toronto, s/o Thomas MCGRATH, b. Sarnia & Olive DENIS, married Edna Olive LAMBERT, 28, Port Huron Mich., Sarnia, d/o George MCGRATH, b. Sarnia & Lorette YOUNG, witn: Irving MCGRATH & Helen MCLAREN, both of Sarnia, 12 Nov 1927 at Sarnia
13898-27 Ruthven Colin MCINTYRE, 30, railway carpenter, Mosa Twp., London, s/o Colin G. MCINTYRE, b. Mosa Twp. & Mary MUNROE, married Violet Elizabeth WHEELER, 23, Lambton Co., Courtright, d/o Elijah WHEELER, b. Canada & Elisa MCEWEN, witn: Henry CONN & Alberta ROSS, both of Sarnia, 11 Jun 1927 at Sarnia 13899-27 Colin MACINTYRE, 55, widower, boiler maker, Parkhill, Sarnia, s/o Charles MACINTYRE & Mary MACINTOSH, married Margaret COSLEY, 35, Southampton, Sarnia, d/o Francis COSLEY & Zoe ST. JOHN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. N.A. BARRY, both of Detroit, 8 Nov 1927 at Sarnia (RC)
13892-27 Joseph Wilson MCKAGUE, 21, salt company pressman, Detroit, Sarnia, s/o George Wilson MCKAGUE, b. Canada & Georgina MAHEN, married Pearl RYCKMAN, 19, Caradoc, Sarnia, d/o Charles Edward RYCKMAN, b. Canada & Nancy HENRY, witn: Enoch Arden RYCKMAN & Geraldine RYCKMAN, both of Sarnia, 12 Apr 1927 at Sarnia 13893-27 Duncan MCKELLAR, 41, farmer, Brooke Twp., same, s/o Neil MCKELLAR, b. Lambton Co. & Sarah MCKELLAR, married Margaret Ann MCPHAIL, 33, Brooke Twp., same, d/o John N. MCPHAIL, b. Lambton Co. & Beky MCVICAR, witn: Kathleen MCPHAIL & Peter MCNEIL, both of Alvinston, 30 Jun 1927 at Alvinston
13894-27 Roy Alexander MCKINLEY, 22, farmer, Ontario, Plympton Twp., s/o Daniel MCKINLEY, b. Canada & Margaret HARTLEY, married Christine Helen HARPER, 18, Ontario, Plympton Twp., d/o John HARPER, b. Canada & Catherine SMITH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George MCKINLEY, both of Forest, 26 Nov 1927 at Forest 13895-27 William John MCLAUGHLIN, 54, woodworker, Sarnia, same, s/o John MCLAUGHLIN, b. Glasgow Scotland & Liza BOOTH, married Maggie May BROWN, 44, nurse, Moore Twp., Sarnia, d/o Alexander BROWN, b. Hamilton & Elizabeth JARVIS, witn: Lily BROWN & Wendell BROWN, both of Sarnia, 24 Mar 1927 at Sarnia
13896-27 Donald Currie MACLEAN, 21, sailor, Grey Co., Sarnia, s/o Archibald MACLEAN, b. Scotland & Sarah BROWN, married Annie Sarah ZINKS, 28, Sarnia, same, d/o William ZINKS, b. Detroit & Amelia FRANK, witn: Vaughan MCMANN & R. ZINK, both of Sarnia, 3 Sep 1927 at Sarnia 13889-27 Robert Hector MCLEAN, 27, farmer, Enniskillen Twp., same, s/o Duncan MCLEAN, b. Petrolia & Mary JOHNSTON, married Catherine Elizabeth KAY, 22, Enniskillen Twp., same, d/o Archibald KAY, b. Kincardine & Hannah CUNNINGHAM, witn: Bella MCLEAN of Petrolia & James A. KAY of Guelph, 1 Jun 1927 at Lambton Co.
13890-27 John Earl MCLEOD, 34, driller, Tilbury, same, s/o Peter MCLEOD, b. Canada & Margaret STEVENSON, married Sarah Ellen COX, 21, nurse, Enniskillen, Oil Springs, d/o Thomas COX, b. Canada & Hanna MILLS, witn: Jessie Mitchell LANE of Petrolia & Agnes L. MITCHELL of Toronto, 15 Sep 1927 at Petrolia 13891-27 Bruce Forbes MCMAHON, 22, toolmaker, Moore Twp., Flint Mich., s/o A.A. MCMAHON, b. Kingston & Isabel FORBES, married Agnes Maude CURRAH, 20, Enniskillen Twp., Sarnia, d/o Joseph R. CURRAH, b. Lambton Co. & Maud Isabel NAPPER, witn: E.A. ELLIOTT of Port Huron Mich. & Miss M.I. CURRAH of Petrolia, 4 May 1927 at Sarnia
13884-27 Orville Maxwell MCMILLAN, 22, railway fireman, Burlington, Sarnia, s/o Russel MCMILLAN, b. Burlington & Grace SHARP, married Dora HEAL, 19, clerk, Mitcham England, Sarnia, d/o Charles E. HEAL, b. London England & Edith CHAPMAN, witn: Charles Edward HEAL & Beatrice SADLER, both of Sarnia, 2 Dec 1927 at Sarnia 13885-27 William MCNAIR, 23, car repairer, Falkirk Scotland, Sarnia, s/o James MCNAIR, b. Scotland & Myra FERN, married Lillie Irene CLUBINE, 18, Alexander Manitoba, Sarnia, d/o Robert CLUBINE, b. Canada & Ella May HAMILTON, witn: Wilfrid MOORE & Elizabeth MURPHY, both of Sarnia, 23 Jun 1927 at Sarnia
13886-27 Charles Alexander MCPHADEN, 40, farmer, Mariposa Twp., Mariposa, s/o Malcolm MCPHADEN, b. Ontario & Mary MURCHISON, married Mildred Sophia BATES, 40, nurse, Bosanquet Twp., Toronto, d/o William BATES, b. Ontario & Elizabeth TELFER, witn: W.H. BATES of Toronto & R.W. BATES of Windsor, 15 Jun 1927 at Forest 13882-27 William Vaughn MCPHERSON, 29, farmer, Warwick Twp., same, s/o Gillies Hugh MCPHERSON, b. Warwick Twp. & Harriet SMITH, married Nellie Gertrude MANDERS, 24, Warwick Twp., same, d/o William John MANDERS, b. Warwick Twp. & Flora Anna GILLILAND, witn: Carleton MANDERS & Marguerite ANNETT, both of Watford, 31 Aug 1927 at Warwick Twp
13888-27 William Albert MACPHERSON, 42, farmer, Huron Twp., same, s/o James Thomas MACPHERSON, b. France & Mary Ann HUNTER, married Maud Esther MACDERMID, 49, widow, housekeeper, Petrolia, same, d/o William JOHNSTON, b. Canada & Henrietta HUNTER, witn: Etta GIBSON of Petrolia, (shown twice), 22 Jun 1927 at Petrolia 13887-27 John Wesley MCPHERSON, 47, insurance agent, Dawn Twp., Chatham, s/o Alexander MCPHERSON, b. Canada & Elizabeth RISEBROUGH, married Annie Pearl SMITH, 34, Euphemia Twp., Dawn Twp., d/o Abner SMITH, b. Canada & Rachel MCALPINE, witn: Roy A. SMITH of Croton & Minnie LEESON of Florence, 27 Apr 1927 at Petrolia
13883-27 William Albert MCTAGGART, 34, farmer, Ekfrid Twp, same, s/o Peter MCTAGGART, b. Ontario & Annie EADIE, married Annie Isabella CRAN, 30, lady, Brooke Twp., Watford, d/o Alex CRAN, b. Scotland & Annie CAMPBELL, witn: Sadie M. CRAN of Watford & Nellie M. MCALPINE of Appin, 24 Sep 1927 at Sarnia 13875-27 John Russell MELLON, 30, radio dealer, Point Edward, same, s/o John Russel MELLON, b. Canada & Elizabeth BURGESS, married Nina May GALLAWAY, 26, clerk, Creemore, Sarnia, d/o John GALLAWAY, b. Canada & Fanny WIDEMAN, witn: Marguerite PILKEY & R.J. SHIPPOW, both of Sarnia, 20 Jul 1927 at Sarnia
13870-27 Joseph MERCER, 35, switchman, Lancashire England, Sarnia, s/o Thomas MERCER, b. Preston England & Alice POLLARD, married Gladys Irene HOBBS, 21, stenographer, Brantford, Sarnia, d/o Charles HOBBS, b. Brantford & Matilda GREER, witn: Thomas CLARK & Beatrice HOBBS, both of Sarnia, 1 Mar 1927 at Sarnia 13871-27 Edward Francis METCALFE, 24, farmer, Enniskillen Twp., same, s/o Joseph METCALFE, b. Enniskillen Twp. & Mary REDDISH, married Hazel Delilah SINCLAIR, 21, Sarnia, same, d/o William SINCLAIR, b. Enniskillen Twp. & Jane DOUGHERTY, witn: George METCALFE of Petrolia & Margaret W. SINCLAIR of Mandaumin, 5 Mar 1927 at Sarnia Twp.
13867-27 Le Roy MILLER, 37, labourer, Dresden, Sarnia, s/o Stanley MILLER & Annie PRESLEY, married Olive Hazel GODLEY, 32, clerk, Sarnia, same, d/o Thomas Frank GODLEY & Jennie CLARKE, witn: Grace M. GODLEY & W.F. BROWN, both of Sarnia, 18 Jun 1927 at Sarnia 13872-27 Harry M. MILLER, 37, school teacher, Aldborough Twp., Alvinston, s/o Michael MILLER, b. Rainham Twp. & Lana HITZEL, married Beatrice J. BOURNE, 24, school teacher, Brooke Twp., Alvinston, d/o William J. BOURNE, b. Nissouri Twp. & Jane RICHARDSON, witn: Mary I. BOURNE & Mrs. A.L. SPRACKLIN, both of Alvinston, 26 Feb 1927 at Alvinston
13868-27 Charles MITCHELL, 57, widower, labourer, Sombra Twp., Sarnia, s/o Nesbit Wright MITCHELL, b. Huntington & Mary Jane ANDERSON, married Carrie Laura Pratt MAITLAND, 42, widow, nurse, Moore Twp., Point Edward, d/o Charles PRATT, b. Orangeville & Thirza LINCOLN, witn: James Y. PRATT & Eva Mary PRATT, both of Corunna, 15 Nov 1927 at Point Edward 13869-27 Garnet Earl MOLOY, 30, farmer, Canada, Bosanquet Twp., s/o Joseph MOLOY, b. Bosanquet Twp. & Winnie CATT, married Kathleen McLaren LADELL, 25, stenographer, not shown, Bosanquet Twp., d/o Alfred George LADELL, b. Warwick & Grace MCLAREN, witn: Harry MOLOY of Thedford & Jessie Pearl MCINTYRE of London, 8 Jun 1927 at Forest
13864-27 William Henry MOORE, 21, labourer, Winnipeg, Sarnia Twp., s/o William Randolphus MOORE, b. Canada & Iva Mabel EVANS, married Reta Lillian HASLIP, 16, Point Edward, Sarnia Twp., d/o Frank Fraseer HASLIP, b. Canada & Edith Maude ENGLISH, witn: Ida SPAULDING & Roy HASLIP, both of Sarnia, 1 Dec 1927 at Sarnia Twp 13865-27 Harry Lawton MORRIS, 59, clerk, Warwick, Sarnia, s/o John Henry MORRIS, b. England & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Margaret NELSON, 58, Addington Co., Sarnia, d/o John NELSON, b. Ireland & Mary GRANGE, witn: Miss Mary OXENHAM & Mrs. James NORWOOD, both of Sarnia, 6 Aug 1927 at Sarnia
13866-27 Floyd MOYER, 34, truck driver, Breslau Ont, Elmira, s/o Simon MOYER, b. Canada & Annie MUSSELMAN, married Maggie Lorena FREY, 31, domestic, Waterloo Twp., Sarnia, d/o John D. FREY, b. Germany & Magdalena SNYDER, witn: Clayton FREY & Mary E. PATERSON, both of Sarnia, 26 Oct 1927 at Sarnia 13862-27 William MUIR, 25, locomotive fireman, Ayrshire Scotland, Sarnia, s/o William MUIR, b. Scotland & Jessie MCCUTCHEON, married Hannah Ingram GALLOWAY, 22, Ayrshire Scotland, Sarnia, d/o Alexander GALLOWAY, b. Scotland & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Robert MUIR & Alexerina HUTCHISON, both of Sarnia, 5 Mar 1927 at Sarnia
13863-27 Cecil Chowen MUNDAY, 21, farmer, Moore Twp., same, s/o Steven MUNDAY, b. Canada & Viola CHOWEN, married Laura May HENRY, 22, Wilkesport, same, d/o George HENRY, b. Canada & Sarah Jane ANDERSON, witn: Theresa MUNDAY & Delmer BROWN, both of Courtright, 21 Sep 1927 at Courtright  
13860-27 Richard Herbert MURPHY, 63, widower, agent, Huron Co., Exeter, s/o Henry MURPHY, b. Canada & Margaret THOMPSON, married Josephine W. WHITE, 43, widow, nurse, Huron Co., Sarnia, d/o John WESTLAKE, b. Canada & Louisa HUNKIN, witn: William John WESTLAKE of Wyoming & Alda PARSONS of Sarnia, 26 Feb 1927 at Sarnia 13861-27 Whitney E. MURPHY, 21, assembler, Wallaceburg, Sarnia, s/o Arthur MURPHY, b. Canada & Catherine CORBY, married Helen Beryl FRENCH, 18, clerk, Riley Centre Mich., Pontiac Mich., d/o Richard Albert FRENCH, b. USA & Sarah FELKER, witn: Reuben MURPHY & Elizabeth MURPHY, both of Sarnia, 16 Jul 1927 at Sarnia
13910-27 Michael NACHEJ, 25, labourer, Czechoslovakia, Sarnia, s/o John NACHEJ & Annie ESTMAN, married Beatrice HAURYLUK, 18, Winnipeg Beach Manitoba, Sarnia, d/o Fred HAURYLUK & Mary PASUKA, witn : Joseph HUCLUK & Annie PROCOSSION, 30 Jul 1927 at Sarnia (RC) 13911-27 Alvin Maurice Edwin NEAL, 40, farmer, Moore Twp., same, s/o Walter NEAL, b. Moore Twp. & Jane THORNTON, married Annie Marion WHITE, 35, Moore Twp., same, d/o Robert J. WHITE, b. Moore Twp. & Euphemia MCLEAN, witn: Ruby H. NEAL & Margaret WHITE, both of Mooretown, 21 Jun 1927 at bride's home, Moore Twp.
13912-27 Joseph NEEDHAM, 28, electrician, Lancashire England, Sarnia, s/o Joseph NEEDHAM, b. Oldham - Lancs. England & Florence BROADBENT, married Ethel HUGHES, 17, Oldham England, Sarnia, d/o Herbert HUGHES, b. Shropshire England & Margaret Ann SYKES, witn: Herbert HUGHES & Felicia NEEDHAM, both of Sarnia, 15 Jan 1927 at Sarnia 13913-27 Frederick Gustave NEWMAN, 25, railway fireman, Arnprior, Sarnia, s/o Lewis NEWMAN, b. Canada & Annie DORRON, married Esther Viola FOREMAN, 25, proof reader, Sarnia, same, d/o James FOREMAN, b. Canada & Mary KEILLOR, witn: J.H. FOREMAN & Idah MALLIN, both of Sarnia, 8 Jan 1927 at Sarnia
13908-27 George William NICHOLLS, 26, shipper, London, same, s/o George Edward NICHOLLS, b. England & Elizabeth PERRY, married Evelyn Mae COUSINS, 21, London, same, d/o Franklin Crawford COUSINS, b. Ontario & Mae VAUGHAN, witn: Florence M. COLLINS & Frances Patricia COLLINS, 14 Jul 1927 at Sarnia 13909-27 Richard NORWOOD, 28, railroad employee, Brixton England, Sarnia, s/o Robert NORWOOD, b. England & Katherine NORWOOD, married Kathleen Victoria BARNES, 23, Oil Springs, Sarnia, d/o George BARNES, b. Ontario & Annie CAMPBELL, witn: Ruth M. CRAGG & Pearl EMSLIE, 31 Aug 1927 at Sarnia
13914-27 Garnet Merritt OAKES, 21, labourer, Killarney, Sarnia, s/o Theo OAKES, b. Canada & Eliza TUCK, married Elva May PERRY, 17, cashier, Sarnia, same, d/o Charles PERRY, b. Canada & Vera MOLITOR, witn: W.J. SHAW & Vera SHAW, both of Sarnia, 8 Oct 1927 at Sarnia 13915-27 Francis A. ORDOWSKI, 34, meter repairman, Port Huron Mich., same, s/o John ORDOWSKI & Anna LEARANZ, married Winnifred Helen TOBIN, 34, Sarnia, same, d/o John TOBIN & Elizabeth HANLON, witn: Felix ORDOWSKI of Port Huron USA & Elizabeth TOBIN of Sarnia, 12 Sep 1927 at Sarnia (RC)
  13916-27 George William Arthur PAGE, 26, farmer, Canada, Bosanquet Twp., s/o Frederick PAGE, b. Ontario & Adeline MOLLARD, married Lena Ellen RAWLINGS, 19, Canada, Bosanquet Twp., d/o Herbert RAWLINGS, b. Ontario & Julia CLEMENS, witn: Verda PAGE of Grand Bend & Earl RAWLINGS of Ravenswood, 28 Apr 1927 at Forest
13918-27 Thomas Howard PARK, 29, farmer, Oil City, same, son of James N. PARK, b. Lambton Co. & Millie LOWRIE, married Edna Mae ANNETT, 23, school teacher, Oil Springs, same, d/o George N. ANNETT, b. Lambton Co. & Lizzie GUNN, witn: Richard PARK & Jeannette PARK, both of Oil City, 2 Jul 1927 at Oil Springs 13917-27 James Henderson PARK, 29, physician, Finley - North Dakota, Ashtabula Ohio, s/o James PARK, b. Mitchell & Henrietta HENDERSON, married Hazel Heath BARRETT, 28, nurse, Petrolia, same, d/o Charles Henry BARRETT, b. Petrolia & Helena Catherine MCVICAR, witn: Joseph Cameron BARRETT of Petrolia & Jessie PARK of Mitchell, 16 Jul 1927 at Petrolia
13933-27 Harold Edmond PARR, 23, railway employee, Sarnia, same, s/o Burley PARR, b. Ridgetown & Daria EASTLAKE, married Lottie Mae MOORE, 18, Ottawa, Sarnia, d/o William MOORE, b. Quebec & Iva EVANS, witn: Raymond MCDOUGALL & Pearl MCDOUGALL, both of Sarnia, 22 Oct 1927 at Point Edward 13934-27 Otto Leonard PARR, 22, farmer, Bridgen, same, s/o William PARR, b. Middlesex Co. & Sarah HAYWARD, married Clarice Evelyn SHORTT, 21, school teacher, Oil Springs, Bridgen, d/o George SHORTT, b. Middlesex Co. & Maud CRUICKSHANK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Clinton PARR, both of Brigden, 10 Sep 1927 at Bridgen
13923-27 George William PASTIL, 22, railway employee, Moore Twp., Sarnia, s/o George PASTIL, b. Ontario & Isabelle BRERMAN, married Charlotte Isabelle RICHARDS, 19, clerk, Sarnia, same, d/o Robert J. RICHARDS, b. Ontario & Charlotte NOYES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. A.S. DAGG, both of Sarnia, 17 Sep 1927 at Sarnia 13929-27 Robert Ackland PAYNE, 30, farmer, Sombra Twp., same, s/o Robert PAYNE, b. Ireland & Maud STENTON, married Helen May MCPHAIL, 25, Port Lambton, same, d/o Robert MCPHAIL, b. Port Lambton & Minnie WADSWORTH, witn: Glen PAYNE & Mary MCPHAIL, both of Port Lambton, 14 Apr 1927 at Port Lambton
13932-27 Alexander John PENNESI, 29, labourer, St. Elpidio Italy, Point Edward, s/o Raffaele PENNESI & Rosa CAPODARCO, married Lucia Assunta FERARA, 18, Marciana - Alto Italy, Point Edward, d/o John FERRARA [sic] & Antonia TESTA, witn: Uldenio Nozorro FARA & Rosina FARA, both of Point Edward, 1 Oct 1927 at Sarnia (RC) 13930-27 William PEPPER, 60, widower, manufacturer, Middlesex Co., Forest, s/o Alexander PEPPER, b. Rockford Illinois & Catherine MCARTHUR, married Alfreda Gammon MITCHELL, 58, widow, housekeeper, Forest, same, d/o John W. BELL, b. Stoney Creek & Eliza BANNISTER, witn: Clara E. KEMP & W.W. KEMP, both of Forest, 16 Aug 1927 at Forest
13931-27 Leo Frank PERNISKI, 30, engineer, Marysville Mich., same, s/o Anthony PERNISKI, b. USA & Lena LEMARGICH, married Viola Gertrude LANNIN, 23, stenographer, Toronto, Sarnia, d/o W.J. LANNIN, b. Canada & Ethel N. ALLEN, witn: C.L. LANNIN of Sarnia & Myrtle GREEN of Buffalo - USA, 9 Jul 1927 at Sarnia 13927-27 John PETROFF, 25, labourer, Bulgaria, London, s/o Morko PETROFF, b. Bulgaria & Nida CHECOFF, married Winnifred Ruth JACQUES, 26, Sarnia, London, d/o William JACQUES, b. Sarnia & Lily SYPHRES, witn: William Clare OGILVIE & Mary JACQUES, both of Sarnia, 7 Feb 1927 at Petrolia
13922-27 Herman Melchior PETZ, 31, farmer, Jugoslavia, Brooke Twp., s/o Henry M. PETZ, b. Jugoslavia & Freeda ANTANEN, married Jennie Bell WALLIS, 28, Brooke Twp., same, d/o James WALLIS, b. Brooke Twp. & Sarah MCLAUGHLIN, witn: Florence WALLIS & Howard PETZ, both of Alvinston, 17 Dec 1927 at Brooke Twp. 13928-27 Winsor Herriott PHILIP, 27, musician, Thorold, same, s/o William PHILIP, b. Thorold & Elizabeth CHASE, married Janet Adele JOHNSON, 18, Sarnia, same, d/o William JOHNSON, b. Ontario & Mamie CARLYLE, witn: Bertha S. CRAGG & Leal L. FORD, both of Sarnia, 5 May 1927 at Sarnia
13924-27 Louis Andrew PHILLIPS, 19, railway checker, Owen Sound, Sarnia, s/o John A. PHILLIPS, b. Lion's Head & Isabella MCCALLUM, married Esther Mae GROVER, 18, Sarnia, same, d/o James GROVER, b. England & Annie Frances GRIFFITH, witn: Thomas H. TAYLOR & Florence GROVER, both of Sarnia, 18 Nov 1927 at Sarnia 13925-27 Maitland Walter PHILLIPS, 29, machinist, Saugeen Twp., Detroit, s/o James Walter PHILLIPS, b. Port Elgin & Lydia EIDT, married Lulu Geraldine WATSON, 23, bank clerk, Brooke Twp., Sarnia, d/o Alex W. WATSON, b. Lambton & Edith Lavina MCLURE, witn: Etta C. HALL & Margaret C. HALL, both of Sarnia, 30 Jul 1927 at Sarnia
13926-27 William Alva PHILLIPS, 33, widower, farmer, Camden Twp., same, s/o William Andrew PHILLIPS, b. Canada & Margaret KELLY, married Alice Keitha OGLETREE, 18, Camden Twp., same, d/o William Parker OGLETREE, b. Canada & Agnes ENNETT, witn: Mrs. George KIRBY & Mrs. L.W. HAZLEWOOD, both of Courtright, 24 Jun 1927 at Courtright 13921-27 William John PHILLIPS, 20, carpenter, Owen Sound, Sarnia, s/o John A. PHILLIPS, b. Bruce Co. & Isabella MCCALLUM, married Florence Margaret HODGSON, 17, Bradshaw, Mandaumin, d/o John W. HODGSON, b. Strathroy & Rosann FARRELL, witn: Lottie GARROW & Clarence TENNANT, both of Sarnia, 15 Aug 1927 at Sarnia
13919-27 Arlof James PRINCE, 24, farmer, London, Brooke Twp., s/o James PRINCE, b. England & Edith HARPER, married Dorene ROSS, 23, Brooke Twp., same, d/o Truman ROSS, b. Toronto & Annie LAWES, witn: E.H. PRINCE of Detroit & A. ROSS of Alvinston, 15 Oct 1927 at Watford 13920-27 Lewis Martin PRUDOM, 27, carpenter, Pick Mich., Sarnia, s/o Martin PRUDOM, b. USA & Mary Jane MELTON, married Hazel Amanda INMAN, 27, widow, sales lady, Brigden, Sarnia, d/o Phares A. ALLIN, b. Canada & Sarah Katherine ARNOLD, witn: Mrs. C. RICHARDSON & Mrs. E.W. JARRETT, both of Sarnia, 5 Nov 1927 at Sarnia
13935-27 Earl Edward RANDALL, 25, farmer, Enniskillen Twp., same, s/o John Edward RANDALL, b. Plympton Twp. & Mary GORMAN, married Lulu May MCCAW, 23, Enniskillen Twp., same, d/o John MCCAW, b. Metcalfe Twp. & Jane FERGUSON, witn: Mrs. H. COOK of Woodstock & Herman MCCAW of Petrolia, 10 Sep 1927 at Inwood 13936-27 Leo RANNEY, 42, mining engineer, New Hartford Iowa, New York NY, s/o Wallace A. RANNEY, b. Vermont USA & Adelaide CLAYTON, married Clara Sussex FAIRBANK, 48, widow, Vanessa, Petrolia, d/o Alfred SUSSEX, b. Canada & Parthenia O'KELLY, witn: Elizabeth M. SIMPSON & Jean B. WALLACE, both of Petrolia, 2 Jul 1927 at Petrolia
13937-27 Thomas Henry RATTEE, railway brakeman, Sarnia, same, s/o John Thomas RATTEE, b. Stonemarket England & Elizabeth BLOCK, married Edith Pearl STARK, 24, domestic, Petrolia, same, d/o John Thomas STARK, b. London & Louisa GRIFFIN, witn: Harold John RATTEE of Port Huron Mich. & Louisa J. STARK of Petrolia, 26 Mar 1927 at Sarnia 13940-27 Henry Charles RAWLINGS, 21, ferry company employee, Bath England, Point Edward, s/o Henry Robert RAWLINGS, b. England & Gwendoline Irene SHORLAN, married Eva Irene LACEY, 15 (b. 21 Jul 1911), St. Thomas, Point Edward, d/o Harold Lionel Herbert LACEY, b. Dorking - Surrey England & Lillian May FREEMAN, witn: Harry WILDE & Madeline Lillian Pearl STAWYER, both of Point Edward, 2 May 1927 at Point Edward
13939-27 George Percy RAWLINGS, 25, farmer, Canada, Bosanquet Twp., s/o Fred RAWLINGS, b. Ontario & Mary WAY, married Elsie Maud MAY, 20, Canada, Bosanquet, d/o Henry WAY, b. Ontario & Virginia COOK, witn: Kathleen ELLIS of Forest & Annie M. MCKAY of Sarnia, 19 May 1927 at Sarnia 13938-27 Clayton Heber RAWLINGS, 28, machinist, Bosanquet Twp., Detroit, s/o Blake RAWLINGS, b. Canada & Janet DONALDSON, married Vera Jane MILLS, 24, bookkeeper, Sarnia Twp., Sarnia, d/o John MILLS, b. Canada & Sarah ROTHWELL, witn: Robert J. GOODWIN & Mrs. Olena M. GARDINER, both of Port Huron Mich., 2 Nov 1927 at Sarnia
13951-27 John Wesley REYNOLDS, 28, labourer, Sarnia, same, s/o David REYNOLDS, b. USA & May SIPHERS, married Eva Ella May MATHEWS, 23, widow, Sarnia, same, d/o Sid BRADBURN, b. Pontiac Mich. & Frances FOAKES, witn: Mabel REYNOLDS & Wallace REYNOLDS, both of Sarnia, 8 Nov 1927 at Sarnia 13952-27 Clifford Stanley RICHARDSON, 19, electrician, Meaford, same, s/o Albert Henry RICHARDSON, b. Meaford & Emma Jane ROBBINS, married Dora C. LA CHAPPELLE, 20, Creemore, Meaford, d/o Joseph Wilfred LA CHAPPELLE, b. Michigan USA & Florence Olive BEST, witn: Hazel RODEY & J.B. RODEY, both of Sarnia, 8 Apr 1927 at Sarnia
13948-27 Henry Lyman RICKETTS, 33, machinist, Tudor Twp., Oshawa, s/o Thomas RICKETTS, b. Ontario & Ann ELLIS, married Nellie Berthina MCDONALD, 23, Enniskillen Twp., same, d/o Alexander MCDONALD, b. Parkhill & Catherine MCLEAN, witn: Donald MCLEAN of Alvinston & Lada MCDONALD of Petrolia, 31 Dec 1927 at Inwood 13949-27 Russell John ROBBINS, 22, barker, Brooke Twp., Wyoming, s/o John ROBBINS, b. Brooke Twp. & Clementine THOMPSON, married Hazel Nellie LUCAS, 22 (b. 23 Nov 1904), Plympton Twp., same, d/o William LUCAS, b. Plympton Twp. & Esther WILLIAMSON, witn: Jane COURT & Sheelagh COURT, both of Wyoming, 29 Jun 1927 at Wyoming
13950-27 Cecil RODD, 26, steel worker, Sarnia Twp., Sarnia, s/o Leslie RODD, b. Sarnia Twp. & Mary JAMES, married Lillian IRESON, 20, candle maker, Sarnia, same, d/o Robert IRESON, b. England & Eliza HARRIS, witn: Clifford Gordon RODD of Detroit & Florence IRESON of Sarnia, 10 Jun 1927 at Sarnia 13945-27 Thomas Edward RONDEAU, 54, farmer, Wyoming, Courtright, s/o Francis RONDEAU, b. Quebec & Annie ROSS, married Peggie EVANS, 40, widow, Chatham, Moore Twp., d/o Henry HUNT, b. England & Louisa HADLEY, witn: William HAVERS & Mrs. W. HAVERS, both of Courtright, 19 Sep 1927 at Courtright
13946-27 Frank ROSEN, 28, iron & steel broker, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Israel ROSEN, b. Poland & Frimet BLOOM, married Frieda Rose LAMPEL, 22, stenographer, Kalway - Galicia, Sarnia, d/o Samuel LAMPEL, b. Austria & Gittel ZIERLER, witn: Jacob GRIENBAUM & Henseh SUESOWSKI, both of Sarnia, 9 Jan 1927 at Sarnia (Hebrew) 13947-27 Clarence Daniel ROSS, 18, clerk, Ontario, Forest, s/o William ROSS, b. Ontario & Annie HAMPTON, married Gladys Irene FLYNN, 17, dining room girl, Ontario, Forest, d/o Thomas FLYNN, b. Ontario & Eva May SMITH, witn: H.E. ALPAUGH & Dorothy KIMBALL, both of Forest, 13 Dec 1927 at Forest
13943-27 Frederick Gordon ROWE, 37, salesman, Peel Co., Barrie, s/o Osmond S. ROWE, b. Hamilton & Elizabeth JEFFERSON, married Rachel Catherine MCDONALD, 27, Gwillimbury Twp., Barrie, d/o John MCDONALD, b. Belfast Ireland & Maria BARRY, witn: Ethel H. SHOVELL & Minnie F. WALKER, both of Port Huron Mich., 5 Oct 1927 at Sarnia 13944-27 Albert Ivan ROWELL, 20, fireman, Sarnia, same, s/o William E. ROWELL, b. London & Charlotte A. YEATES, married Helen Annie DUNCAN, 22, stenographer, Sarnia Twp., Corunna, d/o James William DUNCAN, b. Sarnia Twp. & Sarah A. MCDOUGALL, witn: Mary I. ROWELL & Harvey J. DUNCAN, both of Sarnia, 15 Jun 1927 at Sarnia Twp.
13941-27 John James RUMMERFIELD, 25, labourer, Burnt River, Sarnia, s/o James RUMMERFIELD, b. Canada & Minnie MCARTHUR, married Ettie MILNE, 32, nurse, Hamilton, Sarnia, d/o Charles? MILNE, b. Canada & Margaret SMITH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J.C. CARRINGTON, both of Sarnia, 20 Apr 1927 at Sarnia 13942-27 Norman RUTTER, 19, electrician, Sarnia, same, s/o John RUTTER, b. England & Bernice HALL, married Frances Evelyn HILLIER, 19, Saskatoon, Sask., Sarnia, d/o Benjamin HILLIER, b. Sarnia Twp. & Frances PHILLIPS, witn: Russell MAIR of Sarnia & Isabelle HILLIER of Sarnia Twp., 19 Jul 1927 at Sarnia (Divorced 14 Feb 1949)
  13954-27 Thomas William SADLER, 51, carpenter, Parkhill, Trenton Mich., s/o George SADLER, b. Ontario & Esther REDMAN, married Nina May VAN ALSTINE, 28, Karkauna Wisconsin, Sarnia, d/o John T. VAN ALSTINE, b. Michigan - USA & Adeline VAN ALSTINE, witn: Nelson B. BENSON & Dorothy M. VAN ALSTINE, both of Sarnia, 7 Nov 1927 at Sarnia
13955-27 George SALISBURY, 31, sailor, Sombra Twp., same, s/o John SALISBURY, b. USA & Sarah Rachel LUMBY, married Amy PHILLIPS, 19, Sault Ste. Marie, Sombra Twp., d/o George PHILLIPS, b. "don't know" & Annie MORRISON, witn: Margaret FORSTER of Sombra & Henrietta MCKAIG of Sombra Twp., 24 June 1927 at Sombra 13953-27 Ross SALISBURY, 21, labourer, Wyoming, Petrolia, s/o William SALISBURY, b. Copleston & Emma LEADER, married Lena May TEMPLE, 27, Alvinston, Watford, d/o Jacob TEMPLE, b. Ontario & Sarah WAUGH, witn: Alice HAMILTON of Petrolia & Stanley FOSTER of Sarnia, 8 Mar 1927 at Petrolia
13970-27 Archibald Maynard SALMONS, 22, railway helper, Orsett District England, Sarnia, s/o Thomas C. SALMONS, b. England & Lucy TAYLOR, married Doris Helen BOSSENBERRY, 20, packer, Sarnia, same, d/o Milton BOSSENBERRY, b. Canada & Phoebe SMITH, witn: Howard BOSSENBERRY of Detroit & Ivy Kathleen SALMONS of Point Edward, 20 Aug 1927 at Sarnia 13971-27 John Lorne SANDERS, 30, farmer, Middlesex Co., Wanstead, s/o Frederick SANDERS, b. Birmingham England & Annie SHARP, married Emily Ellen CLARKE, 22, London England, Wyoming, d/o Edward CLARK, b. London England & Emily SPRY, witn: M.E. GUNNE of Wyoming & B.I. SANDERS of Wanstead, 26 Nov 1927 at Wyoming
13972-27 Wilson SANDS, 46, farmer, Walpole Island, Walpole Island Indian Reserve, s/o John W. SANDS, b. Walpole Island & blank THOMAS, married Iva May WILLIAMS, 31, housekeeper, Walpole Island, same, d/o James WILLIAMS, b. Walpole Island & Edith GREENBERY, witn: Mrs. G.M. CLAYTON of Wallaceburg & Mrs. George FOWLER of Oil Springs, 7 Dec 1927 at Walpole Island Indian Reserve 13973-27 John Clarence SAYERS, 25, farmer, Warwick Twp., same, s/o James SAYERS, b. England & Emma CARR, married Isabella Florence KING, 19, Sunnidale Twp., Brooke Twp., d/o William R. KING, b. Simcoe Co. & Margaret A. BATES, witn: Mrs. J.W. HAWES & Bruce SAYERS, both of Watford, 8 Jun 1927 at Brooke Twp.
13965-27 Norman Elgin SAYLOR, 24, hotel night manager, Sarnia, Detroit, s/o Clayton A. SAYLOR, b. Canada & Gladys HAMILTON, married Jessie Helena VINCE, 24, Sarnia, same, d/o Arthur VINCE, b. Brantford & Jessie CAMPBELL, witn: Dorothy J. VINCE & Gordon C. VINCE, both of Sarnia, 22 Oct 1927 at Sarnia  
13966-27 Norman David SCOTT, 44, widower, plumber, Ontario, Sarnia, s/o David SCOTT, b. Scotland & Sarah Catherine BAKER, married Maggie Elizabeth ROSS, 29, bookkeeper, Ontario, Sarnia, d/o Alexander ROSS, b. Scotland & Marion GRANT, witn: Norman J. PATERSON & Mary E. PATERSON, both of Sarnia, 10 Sep 1927 at Sarnia 13967-27 Wilfred Alex SCOTT, 18, polisher, Dawn Twp., Sarnia, s/o Alexander Scott, b. Canada & Angy BLACKLOCK, married Edith May SOLE, 16, Point Edward, Sarnia Twp., d/o Edward SOLE, b. Canada & Lily JACKSON, witn: Mrs. E.W. JEWITT of Sarnia & Jean HAIR of London, 1 Jul 1927 at Sarnia
13968-27 Orval Ernest SELMAN, 22, merchant, Wilkesport, same, s/o Alfred SELMAN, b. Ontario & Elizabeth BURR, married Jessie Edith PRETTY, 18, Wilkesport, same, d/o Frank PRETTY, b. Ontario & Jessie MILLER, witn: Elmore SELMAN of Sarnia & Mattie PRETTY of Wilkesport, 18 Jun 1927 at Sombra Twp. 13969-27 Robert Clayton SHAW, 31, labourer, Moore Twp., same, s/o Angus SHAW, b. Canada & Jennie MURRAY, married Letitia Pearl ROANE, 32, telephone operator, Dawn Twp., Sarnia, d/o William H. ROANE, b. Canada & Letitia LOGAN, witn: W.H. ROANE & Laura B. SHAW, both of Sarnia, 3 Sep 1927 at Sarnia
13960-27 Wilfred Frederick SHEPPARD, 26, merchant, Forest, Camlachie, s/o Alfred Henry SHEPPARD, b. Forest & Mary Ann SHEPPARD, married Vera Irene MALONEY, 19, Camlachie, same, d/o Frederick Ernest MALONEY, b. Camlachie & Martha HARRISON, witn: Rebecca May SHEPPARD & Margaret Louise JOHNSON, both of Camlachie, 8 Sep 1927 at Wyoming 13961-27 Edward Walden SHIPMAN, 20, farmer, Walpole Island, Walpole Island Reservation, s/o Henderson SHIPMAN & Elizabeth JACOBS, married Mabel TOOSHKENIG, 19, Chatham, Walpole Indian Reservation, d/o Daniel N. TOOSHKENIG & Mary SHESHEEB, witn: Daniel TOOSHKENIG & Mary TOOSHKENIG, both of Algonac Mich., 23 Nov 1927 at Walpole Island
  13962-27 Victor Edward SLACK, 21, driver, Enniskillen Twp., Sarnia, s/o Henry Austin SLACK, b. Ontario & Annie EDE, married Elsie May COPELAND, 17, Enniskillen Twp., same, d/o John COPELAND, b. Ontario & Emma JOHNSTON, witn: Gladys CHURCHILL & Frank DUNCAN, both of Petrolia, 10 May 1927 at Petrolia
13957-27 Harry Albert SMITH, 23, boiler maker, Sarnia, same, s/o James W. SMITH, b. Sarnia Twp. & Sarah Ann HARRISON, married Effie Jean BERKSHIRE, 21, stenographer, Urbana Ohio, Point Edward, d/o William Hutchison BERKSHIRE, b. Addison Ohio & Minerva Mary RANDALL, witn: Harry R. BERKSHIRE & Zellah SMITH, both of Sarnia, 19 Mar 1927 at Point Edward 13956-27 Harold Oliver SMITH, 34, farmer, Plympton Twp., same, s/o Thomas G. SMITH, b. Canada & Mary LAIDLAW, married Winnifred Georgina Alberta WYANT, 30, bookkeeper, Petrolia, same, d/o George Vernon WYANT, b. Canada & Anna MURRAY, witn: Elsie WYANT of Petrolia & Albert M. WYANT of London, 19 Nov 1927 at Petrolia
13963-27 Alvin Henry SMITH, 20, contractor, Sarnia, same, s/o W.H. SMITH, b. Tobermorey & Mary A. SHEPHERD, married Reta CASIER, 22, clerk, Chatham, Sarnia, d/o Edward CASIER, b. Union City Mich. & Christina LEITCH, witn: Tena CASIER & Orville MURRAY, both of Sarnia, 27 Oct 1927 at Sarnia 13964-27 Franklin Sidney SMITH, 28, school teacher, Watford, same, s/o Sidney F. SMITH, b. Brooke Twp. & Catharine Elizabeth DONAR (Donan?), married Ruby Christina LUCAS, 21, school teacher, Brooke Twp., Alvinston, d/o Richard LUCAS, b. Brooke Twp. & Christina THROWBRIDGE, witn: Goldie LUCAS & Hugh LEITCH, both of Alvinston, 20 July 1927 at Watford
13958-27 John SMITH, Jr., 28, assistant foreman, Plympton Twp., Sarnia, s/o John SMITH, b. Scotland & Mary MCPHEDRAN, married Alma Winnifred WATSON, 25, stenographer, Brooke Twp., Sarnia, d/o Alexander WATSON, b. Warwick & Edith MCCLURE, witn: Alice SMITH & David R. WATSON, both of Sarnia, 18 Jun 1927 at Sarnia 13959-27 Lyle Henry SMITH, 19, clerk, Moore Twp., Sarnia, s/o Henry SMITH, b. Ontario & Elizabeth HEAL, married Ruth Isabella MACDONALD, 24, stenographer, Port Huron Mich., Sarnia, d/o John MACDONALD, b. Scotland & Alice COLE, witn: Annie E. ELMSLIE & Bertha M. CRAGG, both of Sarnia, 8 Oct 1927 at Sarnia
13986-27 Percy Thomas SMITH, 32, ice merchant, Enniskillen Twp. Petrolia, s/o William SMITH, b. England & Phoebe ODELL, married Emma Viola MILLS, 26, Enniskillen, same, d/o John MILLS, b. Lambton Co. & Maud E. TYRELL, witn: Arthur SMITH of Petrolia & Lena MILLS of Enniskillen Twp., 19 Oct 1927 at Enniskillen Twp. 13987-27 Russell SMITH, 36, farmer, Enniskillen Twp., same, s/o Archie SMITH, b. Ontario & Eliza BUTLER, married Edna Jessie PRAY, 27, Sombra Twp., Petrolia, d/o Joseph PRAY, b. Ontario & Hannah SMITH, witn: Joseph PRAY & Barbara SMITH, both of Wyoming, 19 Nov 1927 at Petrolia
13984-27 George Edwin Charles SMITH, 27, farmer, Brigden, same, s/o Eli E. SMITH, b. Brigden & Grace E. SOUTH, married Pearl Lilian ANDREW, 20, Kimball, Moore Twp., d/o Henry ANDREW, b. Moore & Oliva CUMMINGS, witn: Stanley PHILLIPS & Mrs. J.W. PHILLIPS, both of Sarnia, 5 Oct 1927 at Sarnia 13988-27 William Alfred SMITH, 32, section man, Enniskillen Twp., Point Edward, s/o Harry Alfred SMITH, b. Niagara Falls & Sarah TAYLOR, married Eveline Esther WILLIAMSON, 44, Brooke Twp., Point Edward, d/o Albert WILLIAMSON, b. Warwick Twp. & Esther MARSH, witn: Harriet M. HOWDEN & Myrtle I. WORKMAN, both of Watford, 23 Sep 1927 at Watford
13985-27 Norman Bernard SPARLING, 27, labourer, Sarnia Twp., same, s/o Christopher SPARLING, b. Ireland & Mary LEWIS, married Daisy Mae GIBBS, 18, Sarnia, Sarnia Twp., d/o William H. GIBBS, b. Lambton Co. & Jessie Emily MCNEIL, witn: W.J. HAMILTON of Camlachie & Mabel GIBBS of Sarnia, 25 Feb 1927 at Sarnia Twp. 13976-27 William Arthur SPEARS, 21, boilermaker's helper, Lunenburg - Cape Breton, Sarnia, s/o Arthur Ralph SPEARS, b. Lunenburg & Sarah LEONARD, married Emma Viola LEONARD, 21, Mueller employee, Parkhill, Sarnia, d/o Henry LEONARD, b. Marmora & Cassie SPEARS, witn: Inez Louise NICKELS of Sarnia & Norman Sanford HORNE of Port Colborne, 7 Jun 1927 at Sarnia
13977-27 Francis Paul STEERS, 36, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o Connell John STEERS, b. Canada & Annie Agnes BARRY, married Isobel St. Clair GOOD, 27, Sarnia, same, d/o Norman S. GOOD, b. Canada & Edna WILKS, witn: Connel G. STEERS & Helen GOOD, both of Sarnia, 6 Nov 1927 at Sarnia 13978-27 William Gordon STEINHOFF, 25, farmer, Petrolia, Brigden, s/o William STEINHOFF, b. Lambton Co. & Annie HICKEY, married Dorothy Kathleen PARKINS, 20, clerk, St. Thomas, same, d/o George PARKINS, b. St. Thomas & Bertha FREEMAN, witn: Mrs. William SHAW & Mrs. J.D. BANNATYNE, both of Brigden, 13 Jul 1927 at Moore Twp.
13979-27 Cyril STEPHENSON, 27, teamster, Yorkshire England, Oil Springs, s/o not known, b. Yorkshire England & not known, married Cynthia Isabella BEVERIDGE, 21, Oil Springs, same, d/o John BEVERIDGE, b. Oil Springs & Elizabeth EDWARDS, witn: Mrs. R.T. KIRKPATRICK & Mrs. Jessie LANE, both of Petrolia, 10 Aug 1927 at Petrolia 13980-27 Cuthbert Lewis STERLING, 18, labourer, Melita Manitoba, Sarnia, s/o Edward STERLING, b. Ontario & Catherine CUTHBERT, married Alice Maria DUNN, 18, St. Thomas, Sarnia, d/o Sylvester DUNN, b. Dawn Twp. & Alice I. LOCKRAY, witn. George DUNN & Susie DUNN, both of Sarnia, 2 Feb 1927 at Sarnia
13981-27 Gordon Elmer STEVENSON, 18 yrs, 3 mo., farmer, Enniskillen, same, s/o William STEVENSON, b. England & Ethel DRUETT, married Lillian Edna GALLAWAY, 18 yrs. & 18 days, Enniskillen, same, d/o Thomas GALLAWAY, b. Canada & Mary Jane LITTLE, witn: Clara E. GALLAWAY of Brigden & Margaret W. CRAW (Crow?) of Petrolia, 26 May 1927 at Petrolia 13982-27 Charles Harrison STONEHOUSE, 30, farmer, Dawn Twp., same, s/o Oliver STONEHOUSE, b. Canada & Theresa HEALY, married Laura Mabel ANDERSON, 27, widow, domestic, Enniskillen Twp., same, d/o John RADFORD, b. England & Mary SHORTT, witn: Mary RADFORD of Brigden & Mrs. Jonathan KERSEY of Oil Springs, 2 Aug 1927 at Moore Twp.
13983-27 George Edward STREET, 21, brakeman, Sarnia, same, s/o George E. STREET, b. Canada & Mary J. NELSON, married Charlotte Louise FREE, 18, Sarnia, same, d/o William H. FREE, b. Canada & Mary A. BURTCH, witn: Henry FREE & Marian FREE, both of Sarnia, 3 Nov 1927 at Sarnia 13975-27 Clifford SYMINGTON, 24, section man, Enniskillen, same, s/o Thomas SYMINGTON, b. Canada & Deborah MCLEAN, married Edna FERGUSON, 19, Enniskillen Twp., same, d/o John FERGUSON, b. Canada & Mary BRIGHAM, witn: D.J. SAWYER of Watford & Annie FERGUSON of Petrolia, 10 Mar 1927 at Wyoming
13989-27 William TAMAN, 54, widower, merchant tailor, Colborne Twp., Exeter, s/o John TAMAN, b. Canada & Janet WILLIAMS, married Lillian Whimster JOHNS, 52, Exeter, same, d/o David JOHNS, b. Canada & Ann WHIMSTER, witn: W.I. GOODISON & Ida Margery GOODISON, both of Sarnia, 25 Oct 1927 at Sarnia 13992-27 William Morrison TAYLOR, 19, railway employee, Sarnia Twp., same, s/o Johnston TAYLOR, b. Sarnia Twp. & Jennie MORRISON, married Velma Lorraine SIMPSON, 19, stenographer, Sarnia Twp., Sarnia, d/o William SIMPSON, b. Sarnia Twp. & Charlotte Ann MCGILLIVRAY, witn: Gertrude TAYLOR & Allen TAYLOR, both of Sarnia, 30 Jun 1927 at Sarnia Twp.
13991-27 Percy Harvey TAYLOR, 25, electrician, Corunna, Marysville Michigan, s/o Ross TAYLOR, b. Corunna & Edith TAYLOR, married Blanche Irene VIRGO, 25, comptomatic operator, Sarnia, same, d/o W.J. VIRGO, b. Watford & Mary Alice DOON, witn: Charles SMITH of Detroit & Velma VIRGO of Sarnia, 27 Aug 1927 at Sarnia 13990-27 Frederick Charles Alfred TAYLOR, 23, hand cooper, Sussex England, Sarnia, s/o Alfred TAYLOR, b. England & Margaret YOUNG, married Sarah Elizabeth PASSINGHAM, 19, Goderich, Sarnia, d/o Daniel PASSINGHAM, b. Canada & Elizabeth HAMILTON, witn: Harold TAYLOR & Charlotte V. TAYLOR, both of Sarnia, 21 May 1927 at Point Edward
13993-27 John Herbert TEASELL, 29, welder, London England, Sarnia, s/o George Alfred TEASELL & Phoebe Elizabeth WATSON, married Alice May EDLRIDGE, 23, stenographer, London England, Sarnia, d/o Arthur ELDRIDGE & Alice Maude CAVE, witn: Jean KENNEDY, Pearl Isabel BARNES & Edward J.B. MORRISON, all of Sarnia, 5 Sep 1927 at Sarnia 14002-27 Jacob TEMPLE, 64, widower, carpenter, Dorchester Twp., Watford, s/o George TEMPLE, b. England & Elizabeth SMITH, married Frances Louise DAY, 54, widow, housekeeper, Bermondsey England, Point Edward, d/o Thomas William STILL, b. Brighton England & Hannah FARMER, witn: Elsie DAY & George DAY, both of Point Edward, 27 Dec 1927 at Watford
14001-27 Dorces Joseph Elmer THOMAS, 28, farmer, Sombra Twp., same, s/o Henry THOMAS, b. Sombra & Annie SMELCHER, married Evelyn Daisy BARCROFT, 17, Sarnia, same, d/o Arthur BARCROFT, b. London England & Florence WEYMOUTH, witn: Alexander Albert HURLOCK & Violet Jessie HURLOCK, both of Sarnia, 17 Nov 1927 at Point Edward 13999-27 David Nelson THOMAS, 24, labourer, Montebello Quebec, Sarnia, s/o Paul THOMAS, b. Montebello Quebec & Lea DUPONT, married Elva Coral Fern HUMPHRIES, 18, Sarnia, same, d/o Arnold HUMPHRIES, b. Thedford & Pearl NICHOLS, witn: Ernest PEPPER, & Pauline DE GUIRE, both of Sarnia, 4 Jul 1927 at Sarnia (RC)
13996-27 William Edward THOMAS, 35, mechanic, Sombra Twp., same, s/o William Edward THOMAS, b. Lambton Co. & Annie SMELTZER, married Ada Elizabeth DOAN, 17, Ridgeway, Sombra Twp., d/o Arthur DOAN, b. Lambton Co. & Cassie MCGEE, witn: John JENNINGS & Stella A. DEAN, both of Port Lambton, 14 May 1927 at Port Lambton 13997-27 Robert William THORNER, 23, painter, Watford, Sarnia, s/o Norman David THORNER, b. Alvinston & Caroline JARRIOTT, married Gladys WALLER, 18, Harrogate England, Sarnia, d/o William WALLER, b. Darley - Yorkshire England & Gertrude Harriet BACON, witn: Marjorie P. THOMAS & Norman G. STEVENSON, both of Sarnia, 20 Aug 1927 at Sarnia
13998-27 Percy Robert TIDBALL, 24, farming, Bosanquet, Thedford, s/o Robert TIDBALL, b. England & Mary ASH, married Ellen Mary STEWARDSON, 23, Bosanquet, Forest, d/o Robert James STEWARDSON, b. Bosanquet & Agnes ATKINS, witn: Fletcher CLEMENS of Forest & Blanche TIDBALL of Thedford, 8 Jun 1927 at Forest 13994-27 Cecil Alexander TINNEY, 26, farmer, Zone Twp., Bothwell, s/o William A. TINNEY, b. Ontario & Rosilla WILTON, married Agnes Luetta DOBBYN, 26, school teacher, Euphemia Twp., same, d/o James D. DOBBYN, b. Ontario & Agnes POWELL, witn: William A. TINNEY of Bothwell & James D. DOBBYN of Inwood, 28 May 1927 at Euphemia Twp.
13995-27 Lester Hugh TURNBULL, 22, cement contractor, Hay Twp., Grand Bend, s/o Thomas T. TURNBULL, b. Hay Twp. & Mary LOVE, married Ruth ROSS, 24, Brooke Twp., Alvinston, d/o Truman E. ROSS, b. Metcalfe Twp. & Annie LAWES, witn: Fergus TURNBULL & Hilda TURNBULL, both of Dashwood, 10 Dec 1927 at Alvinston 14003-27 William Doyle VANDERBURGH, 43, widower, millright, Delhi, Sarnia, s/o William D. VANDERBURGH, b. Delhi & Mary E. BURGER, married Eliza Jane DEW, 40, widow, West Williams Twp., Forest, d/o Thomas EBERLEY, b. Parkhill & Ellen WRIDE, witn: Ruby DEW of Forest & Annie M. MCKAY of Sarnia, 7 Jan 1927 at Sarnia
  14004-27 Frederick William James WADDELL, 26, rivet heater, Belfast Ireland, Sarnia, s/o Frederick W.J. WADDELL, b. Ireland & Margaret MEARA, married Jane Porteous SCOTT, 22, domestic servant, Blantyre Scotland, Sarnia, d/o James SCOTT, b. Scotland & Martha SMITH, witn: Thomas MCCORD of Point Edward & Mary Ellen WADDELL of Toronto, 1 Jul 1927 at Sarnia
14033-27 James Clifford WALDEN, 24, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o James WALDEN, b. Bosanquet & Betsy DAVIDSON, married Mabelle Marie DAVIDSON, 22, teacher, Thedford, same, d/o George DAVIDSON, b. Thedford & Eliza MONKHOUSE, witn: E.B. Ruth MILLMAN & Fred S. WALDEN, both of Thedford, 20 Aug 1927 at Thedford 14034-27 Harold Everett WALES, 27, bank clerk, Milton, London, s/o Frederick WALES, b. Ontario & Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, married Jean MCLACHLAN, 24, housekeeper, Enniskillen Twp., Petrolia, d/o Dugald MCLACHLAN, b. Ontario & Cleopatra RODDICK, witn: C. Clifton KEEFORD? of St. Catharines & Cleo C. MACLACHLAN, 10 Sep 1927 at Petrolia
14027-27 Elwood WALKER, 19, farmer, Enniskillen Twp., Petrolia, s/o Luke WALKER, b. Lambton Co. & Herriot WEAVER, married Irene SMITH, 18, Brigden, Petrolia, d/o William SMITH, b. Lambton Co. & Ethel SITZES, witn: John WALKER of Petrolia & Susan JACKSON of Flint Michigan, 29 Sep 1927 at Petrolia 14028-27 Frederick WALKER, 39, farmer, Port Hope, Sarnia Twp., s/o Alfred WALKER, b. Yorkshire England & Mary HATIN, married Charlotte Annie TELFER, 23, Sarnia Twp., same, d/o George TELFER, b. Owen Sound & Mary Susannah WILSON, witn: Mrs. James HUSSER & Mrs. George BEASLEY, both of Point Edward, 14 Jun 1927 at Point Edward
14029-27 John Hiram WALKER, 22, farmer, Petrolia, same, s/o Luke WALKER, b. Canada & Harriet WEAVER, married Bessie Geraldine TRAXLER, 22, clerk, Petrolia, same, d/o John TRAXLER, b. Canada & Margaret RILEY, witn: Mack DALMAN & Grace RILEY, both of Sarnia, 22 Oct 1927 at Sarnia 14030-27 Percy Christopher Lancelot WALL, 24, farmer, Euphemia Twp., Brooke Twp., s/o Christopher John WALL, b. Brooke Twp. & Mary Jane PERCY, married Annie Lorenda FIELD, 23, school teacher, Brooke Twp., same, d/o James Wardell FIELD, b. Oxford Twp. & Rachel Ann NEWMAN, witn: Neil Alexander DEANS & Alice Robena DEANS, both of Inwood, 20 Aug 1927 at Watford
14031-27 Francis Bishop WARREN, 25, civil engineer, Toronto, Rochester NY, s/o James Delemore WARREN, b. Pembroke & Anna Maria BINTS, married Corona Wynnifred WALTERS, 25, nurse, Lindsay, Rochester NY, d/o Frederick A. WALTERS, b. Lindsay & Lillian RANKIN, witn: Ruth WALTERS & Helen C--?, both of Forest, 5 Nov 1927 at Forest 14032-27 Albert Lawrence WEBSTER, 21, farmer, Dawn Twp. same, s/o James WEBSTER, b. Canada & Melinda WOOLMAN, married Helen Jean CLEMENTS, 20, Dawn Twp., same, d/o Herbert CLEMENTS, b. Canada & Margaret ROBINSON, witn: Elizabeth M. TOWNEND of Oakdale & Burton METCALFE of Inwood, 3 Sep 1927 at Dawn Twp.
14025-27 James Allan WEDGE, 32, mining engineer, Ontario, New York City, s/o William WEDGE, b. Ontario & Agnes Catharine ROGERS, married Hazel Scott MITCHELL, 32, druggist, Ontario, Toronto, d/o J.A. MITCHELL, b. Ontario & Elizabeth SCOTT, witn: Roger WEDGE of Drumbo & Helen E. MITCHELL of Petrolia, 5 Nov 1927 at Petrolia 14026-27 Melvin Gordon WELSH, 23, oil company employee, Moore Twp., Sarnia, s/o John W. WELSH, b. Moore Twp. & Minnie KROHN, married Marjory Leona MCMURRAY, 18, Sarnia Twp., same, d/o W.E. MCMURRAY, b. USA & Mary Ann HALL, witn: Sadie TREA of Sarnia & Lyle WELSH of Moore Twp., 20 Jan 1927 at Sarnia
14020-27 Walter K. WHITE, 45, farmer, Walpole Island, same, s/o Samuel K. WHITE, b. Walpole Island & Sarah BRIGHAM, married Martha SHOGNOSH, 33, housekeeper, Walpole Island, same, d/o George SHOGNOSH, b. Walpole Island & Sarah AGUASH, witn: Mrs. G.M. CLAYTON & Arthur CLAYTON, both of Wallaceburg, 27 Nov 1927 at Walpole Island Reservation 14019-27 Edward William WHITE, 25, farmer, Dawn Twp., same, s/o William WHITE, b. Dawn Twp. & Emma THOMAS, married Shirley WEBSTER, 20, Dawn Twp., same, d/o Henry WEBSTER, b. Dawn Twp. & Flora MACKIE, witn: Ethel WHITE of Florence & Dinah L. DURRANT of Oil Springs, 2 Nov 1927 at Oil Springs
14021-27 Perry Hamilton WILCOCKS, 22, labourer, Bosanquet, Flint Michigan, s/o Frank WILCOCKS, b. near Arkona & Nancy ZAVITS, married Bessie Rosetta JOHNSON, 22, Plympton Twp., same, d/o George JOHNSON, b. Plympton Twp. & Maud E. BEASLEY, witn: Frances JOHNSON & George WILCOCKS, both of Wyoming, 29 Jun 1927 at Plympton Twp. 14022-27 James Earl WILD, 24, woodworker, Toronto, Moore Twp., s/o James M. WILD, b. Windsor & Cynthia MOYER, married Isabella Katholine GOULD, 21, Oil Springs, Courtright, d/o Robert GOULD, b. Bothwell & Fannie WADE, witn: Alex LA PIERE of Corunna & Lottie DENNIS of Courtright, 15 Oct 1927 at Courtright
14023-27 David Roy WILLIAMS, 22, labourer, Sarnia Reserve, same, s/o James F. WILLIAMS, b. Sarnia Reserve & Louise STONE, married Violet Mary DE GURSE, 22, Sarnia Reserve, same, d/o Peter DE GURSE, b. "do not know - deceased" & Betsy NAHRNABIN, witn: Albert OLIVER & Louise WILLIAMS, both of Sarnia, 20 Oct 1927 at Sarnia Reserve 14024-27 Joseph Lacey WILLIS, 23, teacher, London England, London, s/o Thomas A. WILLIS, b. England & Mary Ridout CHANT, married Helen Marie PARRY, 22, stenographer, Mount Forest, London, d/o Robert Emory PARRY, b. Canada & Annie Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, witn: Mary E. PATERSON & Norman J. PATERSON, both of Sarnia, 7 May 1927 at Sarnia
14016-27 William Lendrum WILLOUGHBY, 21, taxi driver, Enniskillen Twp., Sarnia, s/o William Thomas WILLOUGHBY, b. Ontario & Harriett GASCON, married Sarah Irene FISHER, 20, Brooke Twp., Sarnia, d/o Angus FISHER, b. Scotland & Martha ACTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Roscoe KEARNEY, both of Sarnia, 24 Aug 1927 at Sarnia 14017 Russell WILLS, 28, farmer, Dawn Twp., same, s/o Albert E. WILLS, b. Canada & Inez CAMPBELL, married Beatrice Jane OXLEY, 18, Dawn Twp., same, d/o John Thomas J. OXLEY, b. Canada & Blanche HILL, witn: John STEVENS & Muriel STEVENS, both of Tupperville, 22 Aug 1927 at Dawn Twp.
14011-27 James Melville WILSON, 22, telegraph operator, Omemee, Sarnia, s/o Robert William WILSON, b. Canada & Mary Ann MOORE, married Daisy Loretta FLEMING, 19, Camlachie, Sarnia, d/o William A. FLEMING, b. Canada & Jenny R. IRONSIDE, witn: Horatio Thomas BARLOW of Flint Mich. & Muriel Iola HILLIER of Sarnia, 24 May 1927 at Sarnia 14018-27 Carl Rufus WILSON, 18, farmer, Bosanquet Twp., same, s/o Reuben WILSON, b. McGillivray Twp. & Victoria GILL, married Gladys Pansy Viola HALL, 18, Bosanquet Twp., same, d/o Ezra HALL, b. McGillivray Twp. & Etta FISHNER, witn: Gordon WILSON & Marjorie MUNROE, both of Thedford, 6 Dec 1927 at Thedford
14013-27 Thomas William WILSON, 32, railway checker, Sarnia Twp., Point Edward, s/o James H. WILSON, b. Sarnia Twp. & Annie BRIGHT, married Lillian Marie BODDY, 22, Toronto, Point Edward, d/o Charles Walter BODDY, b. Brantford & Jessie PEEK, witn: Richard P. WEBSTER of Tiverton & Winnifred EMMERTON of Kincardine, 11 June at Point Edward 14012-27 Robert Bayes WILSON, 20, farmer, Camden Twp. same, s/o James A. WILSON, b. Canada & Effie BURKE, married Laurena Mary GARE, 22, Warwick Twp., Camden Twp., d/o John C. GARE, b. Canada & Sarah VANCE, witn: Mrs. J.W. PEACH & Frances PEACH, both of Sarnia, 7 Sep 1927 at Sarnia
14014-27 Charles Milton WINDOVER, 25, roundhouse man, Enniskillen Twp. Sarnia, s/o William Edward WINDOVER, b. Canada & Lauretta MCNEIL, married Marion Henrietta Jean GUNN, 17, housemaid, Brooke Twp., Sarnia, d/o William GUNN, b. Canada & Marion H. WESTWOLD, witn: Marion Henrietta GUNN & Etta C. HALL, both of Sarnia, 14 Dec 1927 at Sarnia 14015-27 William Benjamin WINTER, 24, farming, Enniskillen Twp., Wyoming, s/o Victor Joseph WINTER, b. Napier & Atta LAUGHTON, married Ila Elizabeth CURRAH, 23, Enniskillen Twp., Petrolia, d/o Joseph R. CURRAH, b. Plympton Twp. & Maud NAPPER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Andrew G. SLATER, both of Sarnia, 29 Jan 1927 at Sarnia
  14007-27 William Morden WOOD, 20, salesman, London, Detroit, s/o William G. WOOD, b. London & Lottie Pearl BAKER, married Winnie Grace KARR, 21, clerk, Warwick, Sarnia, d/o Wallace KARR, b. Warwick & Luella STEWART, witn: Mack MCDONNELL of Detroit & Marjorie WOOD of London, 9 Mar 1927 at Sarnia
14009-27 Gordon WOODS, 23, labourer, Euphemia Twp., Alvinston, s/o Chester WOODS, b. Euphemia & Ida WRIGHT, married Mabel Irene ROBINSON, 18, Brooke Twp., Alvinston, d/o James ROBINSON, b. Brooke Twp. & Ada MORLEY, witn: Alma May ROBINSON & Leeland Richard SMITH, both of Inwood, 12 Mar 1927 at Alvinston 14008-27 George WOODS, 56, widower, farmer, St. Catharines, Ekfrid Twp., s/o John WOODS, b. England & Sarah ELLIOTT, married Bessie WRIGHT, 54, widow, Moore Twp., Petrolia, d/o John BAINBRIDGE, b. England & Sarah WHEELER, witn: David YARDLEY & Mrs. D. YARDLEY, both of Detroit, 30 May 1927 at Petrolia
14010-27 Gordon WOOLNER, 23, farmer, Aldborough Twp., same, s/o Martin WOOLNER, b. Ontario & Elizabeth HEIPEL, married Norine Marie BAYNTON, 20, Euphemia Twp., same, d/o Charles BAYNTON, b. Ontario & Sarah MARTIN, witn: James Leyn BURGESS of Bothwell & Jean TUNKS of Newbury, 15 Dec 1927 at Euphemia Twp. 14005-27 Alva Featherstone WRAY, 33, farmer, Moore Twp., same, s/o Fred WRAY, b. Moore Twp. & Jennie LECKIE, married Stella JACKSON, 23, Enniskillen Twp., Plympton Twp., d/o James JACKSON, b. Enniskillen Twp. & Edith A MARRIOTT, witn: Andrew I. SHAW of Brigden & Ruby PAGE of Petrolia, 31 Aug 1927 at Plympton Twp
14006-27 Gustave WYTINCK, 27, labourer, Belgium, Oil Springs, s/o Frank WYTINCK & Louise DOOGE, married Mary HANDSAEME, 36, house work, Belgium, Oil Springs, d/o August HANDSAEME & Emily LIBRECHT, witn: Andrew HANDSAEME of Oil Springs & Mrs. H. DE POORTER of Oil City, 23 Jul 1927 at Petrolia (RC) 14036-27 James Russell YATES, 26, purser, Point Edward, same, s/o James RUSSELL [sic], b. Sarnia Twp. & Annie KOHL, married Helen MCGREGOR, 26, customs clerk, Sarnia, same, d/o Donald MCGREGOR, b. Sarnia Twp. & Ellen MITCHELL, witn: Donald E. MCGREGOR & Maude SMITH, both of Sarnia, 9 Jul 1927 at Sarnia
14035-27 Alfred Harold YOUNG, 30, barrister, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Alfred James YOUNG, b. Ontario & Mary Ellen JESSUP, married Amy Lilian FULLER, 25, Ontario, Sarnia, d/o John T. FULLER, b. Ontario & Annie EACRETT, witn: H.E. YOUNG of Toronto & E. Dorothy WILSON of Seaforth, 16 Apr 1927 at Sarnia 14037-27 Colin John YOUNG, 33, farmer, Harriston, Sarnia, s/o Roderick YOUNG, b. Scotland & Isabella FRASER, married Isabelle May CRUICKSHANK, 26, teacher, Moore Twp., same, d/o Alexander W. CRUICKSHANK, b. Canada & Elizabeth A. WALDON?, witn: Alex H. CRUICKSHANK of Mooretown & Isabella A. YOUNG of Sarnia, 29 Jun 1927 at Sarnia



re 13789-27 Gustin - Trotter

Attached letter:

R.R.1, Sarnia

Mar. 4th, 1927

Mr. J.W.S. McCullough, Toronto

Sir - In reply to the enclosed form I wish to state there was only one witness to the marriage of Frank GUSTIN & Hilda TROTTER.

They came unaccompanied and unannounced, were on their way to spend their honeymoon, and dropped into my home, I being an intimate friend, to be married.

Mrs. Anderson and myself were alone and it was not convenient to call in anyone as we live in the country.

I am sorry if I have been guilty of a breach of duty and if this is illegal kindly inform me what can be done in the matter.

Respectfully yours,

S. Anderson