Lambton 1923, part 2

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Lambton Co, 1923, part 2

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14185-23 William Donald RANKIN, 29, garage, Ontario, Forest, s/o David RANKIN (b. Glengary) & Catherine BLYTHE, married Annie Matilda WELLS, 18, book keeper, Ontario, Forest, d/o William Burton WELLS (b. Bosanquet twp) & Florence Elizabeth SPEARMAN, witn: David RANKIN & William Burton WELLS, both of Forest, 27 Nov 1923 at Forest  
14184-23 Russell Gage RILETT, 21, farmer, Euphemia twp., Con 2 Lot 24 of Enniskillen twp., s/o David RILETT (b. Metcalfe twp) & Eugenie GAGE, married Annie BROWN, 19, Caradoc twp., Inwood, d/o Lionel BROWN (b. Caradoc twp) & Annie PULLMAN, witn: Norman CAMERON of RR3 Oil City & Ethel BROWN of Inwood, 19 Dec 1923 at Brooke & Enniskillen twp 14186-23 James George RITCHIE, 28, carpenter, Michigan US, Windsor, s/o James Dutton RITCHIE (b. Canada) & Anna WEBB, married Lillian JOYNT, 29, Ontario, Camlachie, d/o Dudley JOYNT (b. Canada) & Mary Ann REID, witn: Charles Justus JOYNT of Camlachie & Mary Corita Maud McCORDIC? of Toronto, 10 Nov 1923 at St. Johns Church, Wyoming
14201-23 Ethelbert SAUNDERS, 26, brakeman CNR, Watford Ont., 149 1/2 N. Front St. in Sarnia, s/o William J. SAUNDERS (b. Brooke twp) & Elizabeth BAIRD, married Gladys Lottie GREY, 20, operator, England, 270 Queen St. in Sarnia, d/o William GREY (b. Deptford England) & Florence Mary BEAUCHAMP, witn: William T. MILLIGAN of 149 N. Front St. & Doris BEAUCHAMP of Plank Road, 15 June 1923 at res of W. Grey, Queen St. S. in Sarnia 14202-23 Thomas Alexander SCHARF, 22, agent, Wyoming, same, s/o Alexander SCARF (b. Ottawa) & Minnie McKINNON, married Agnes Ila NEELEY, 20, Inwood, Petrolia, d/o Edmund James NEELY (b. ?--ford) & Eliza Jane CARNES, witn: Vera Merle NEELY of Petrolia & Frederick Harold KELLY of Sarnia, 2 June 1923 at Petrolia
14197-23 Stewart SCOTT, 23, machinist, Teeswater, same, s/o Peter SCOTT & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Gertrude Evelyn STUTT, 20, Hepworth, Teeswater, d/o Andrew STUTT & Ida HAWKES, witn: Janet Ellen SCOTT of Teeswater & Bertha MILLYARD of Sarnia, 24 Aug 1923 at Sarnia 14196-23 Blois Earl SCOTT, 29, Petrolia, same, s/o James Benjamin SCOTT (b. Enniskillen twp) & Mary Kilburne WOODWARD, married Pearl MANN, 25, Enniskillen twp., Petrolia, d/o Charles John ANDERSON (sic) (b. Enniskillen twp) & Charlotte Amelia ANDERSON, witn: Margaret McCALL & G. H. LONGREN?, both of Petrolia, 30 July 1923 at Petrolia
14203-23 Walter Alexander SCOTT, 30, farmer, Moore twp, Lot 2 Con 4 of Moore twp, s/o Andrew SCOTT (b. Guelph) & Ann WELSH?, married Ethel Mary MILLS, 25, Enniskillen twp., Town Line in Enniskillen twp, d/o Alfred MILLS (b. Oxford Co) & Martha MURRAY, witn: Edith & George MILLS of Oil Springs, 5 May 1923 at res of Mr. A. Mills, Lot 2 Con 1 of Enniskillen twp 14194-23 Alvin SCOTT, 23, farmer, McGillivray, Bosanquet, s/o James SCOTT (b. Lambton Co) & Emily MARTIN, married Bertha THOMPSON, 19, Bosanquet, same, d/o George THOMPSON (b. Lambton Co) & Gertie THOMPSON, witn: Eliza A. WEAVER of 135 Charlotte St. & Mrs. H. KENNY of 139 Charlotte St., 18 Aug 1923 at Sarnia
14216-23 Fred SELBY, 23, plumber, Orford twp., Courtright, s/o Frank SELBY (b. England) & Mary JOHNSON, married Mabel Anna SCHNEIDER, 18, St. Clair Co. Mich., same, d/o Henry SCHNEIDER (b. St. Clair Mich) & Anna FITTON, witn: Mina KELLY & Margaret McKAY, both of Sarnia, 8 Dec 1923 at Sarnia 14193-23 Earl Eugene SELMAN, 19, mechanic, Pt. Huron Mich., Brigden, s/o William SELMAN (b. Canada) & Jane POLAND, married Eveline HOLT, 17, Sarnia, 116 College St. N. in Sarnia, d/o William HOLT (b. Canada) & Mary Ann GARRETT, witn: Cecil & Eleanor WALDECK of Sarnia, 10 Sept 1923 at Sarnia
14195-23 Frederick John SERCOMBE, 40, widower, farmer, Parkhill Ont., Bosanquet, s/o John SERCOMBE (b. England) & Jane PITTS, married Lucy Selina WATERMAN, 37, Warwick twp., Arkona, d/o Showler WATERMAN (b. England) & Sophia STEPHENSON, witn: N. P. & Mrs. N. P. SERCOMBE of Arkona, 5 Sept 1923 at Arkona 14214-23 William SETH, 30, laborer, Munsey Reserve - Middlesex Co., Sarnia Reserve, s/o Walter SETH (b. Grand River) & Lucy SIMON, married Agnes JOHNSTON, 16, Stoney Point Reserve, Sarnia Reserve, d/o Lucy SIMON (b. Stoney Point) & Mary Ann MANESS, witn: Thomas & Mrs. Thomas MAVILLE of Sarnia, 19 Dec 1923 at Sarnia Reserve
14190-23 John SHARPE, 30, boiler maker, Russia, 256 Maxwell St. in Sarnia, s/o John SHARPE (b. Russia) & Marie HORUMM?, married Bertha COCHRANE, 20, Whitby Ont., 205 Maxwell St. in Sarnia, d/o William COCHRANE (b. Canada) & Teresa McDONALD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Bloss ANDERSON of Sarnia, 6 Sept 1923 at Sarnia 14188-23 Edwin Arnold SHAUNESSY, 26, barrister, Petrolia, same, s/o Albert SHAUNESSY (b. Mt. Forest) & Evalyn ORCHARD, married Annie Nora SAUVEY, 23, teacher, Oil Springs, same, d/o John SAUVEY (b. Guelph) & Katherine McKEOWN? (McKever?), witn: Charles SAUVEY of Wallaceburg & Geraldine CAMERON of Oil Springs, 10 Oct 1923 at Oil Springs
14219-23 Howard Lyman SHEPARD, 29, Goodell Mich., Nipissing St. in Lapier Mich., s/o Alex SHEPARD (b. Burnside Mich) & Ada TAINTER, married Allie Vernon ATKIN, 25, nurse, Inwood, same, d/o Clarence ATKIN (b. Poplar Hill Ont) & Ann SMALE, witn: Mrs. H. W. OKE of 7237 Sheehan Ave in Detroit & Walter W. THOMPSON of 9 Pape St. in Lapeer, 28 Nov 1923 at Brooke twp 14191-23 Joseph SHEPPARD, 27, farmer, Mosa twp., Enniskillen twp., s/o John SHEPPARD (b. Mosa twp) & Mary McLEAN, married Agnes ANDERSON, 27, Enniskillen twp., same, d/o William ANDERSON (b. Dunwich twp) & Nellie KERR, witn: Alfred ANDERSON & Marie SHEPPARD, both of Brigden, 19 Sept 1923 at Enniskillen twp
14208-23 Arthur Herbert SHERWOOD, 54, widower, cement finisher, London England, Homes? Apts. - Christena St. in Sarnia, s/o John SHERWOOD (b. Lincolnshire England) & Martha McWILLIAMS, married Helen WILSON, 46, widow, Wantage - Berkshire England, Sarnia twp., d/o Alfred MORRIS (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth CHIVERS, witn: George & Etta KERNSLEY of Point Edward, 28 March 1923 at Point Edward 14187-23 Leslie Graham SHILLINGLAW, 31, electrician, Sarnia, same, s/o Robert Watson SHILLINGLAW (b. Campbellford) & Mary Jane COLE, married Henrietta Isabel BEATTY, 27, Oil Springs, Sarnia, d/o William John BEATTY (b. Sarnia twp) & Elizabeth Ann GALLEY, witn: Helen WATSON of Brigden & James McQUEEN of Detroit, 20 Oct. 1923 at Sarnia
14215-23 John Henry SHORTT, 22, farmer, Brooke twp., same, s/o Abner R. SHORTT (b. Brooke twp) & Mary McKEWEN, married Mildred BOLTON, 19, Euphemia twp., Brooke twp., d/o William Henry BOLTON (b. Euphemia twp) & Emma HARRIS, witn: Ila BOLTON of Florence & Fred SHORTT of Alvinston, 12 Dec 1923 at Shetland 14192-23 Henry Stanley SIDDELL, 32, travelling salesman, East Williams twp., 214 Fern Ave in Toronto, s/o Thomas Henry SIDDELL (b. Canada) & Elore GORDON, married Edna Gertrude WALLACE, 25, stenographer, Buffalo NY, 270 Metta St. in Sarnia, d/o Daniel WALLACE (b. Ireland) & Bertha M. DOCTOR, witn: Cameron WATCHER & Albertha WALLACE, both of Sarnia, 11 Sept 1923 at Sarnia
14204-23 John E. SINCLAIR, 19, core maker, Woodham Ont., 175 S. Christena St. in Sarnia, s/o William John SINCLAIR (b. Canada) & Mary Margaret WRIGHT, married Maude ATKINS, 22, house keeper, London England, 350 N. Christena, d/o Frederick James ATKINS (b. England) & Lucy Ann DART, witn: Annie KAY & [illegible signature], both of Sarnia, 5 May 1923 at St. Andrews Manse, Sarnia 14200-23 Andrew Thompson SLATER, 26, welder, Sarnia, 337 George St. in Sarnia, s/o Levi Benjamin SLATER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth COYNE, married Pauline Ora CURRAH, 22, dress maker, Enniskillen twp., RR2 Petrolia, d/o Joseph CURRAH (b. Canada) & Maud NAPPER, witn: Stephen? SLATER of Sarnia & Ila CURRAH of Enniskillen twp, 18 June 1923 at Sarnia
14198-23 Thomas Topliffe SMITH, 23, farmer, Sombra twp., same, s/o Fraser SMITH (b. Kingston) & Rebecca TOPLIFFE, married Winnifred BASTOW, 20, house keeper, Sombra twp., same, d/o James BASTOW (b. England) & Mary SHEPHERD, witn: Shepherd E. BASTOW of RR3 Sombra & Nina McGUIGGEN of RR1 Becker, 11 June 1923 at Becker, Sombra twp 14205-23 Eric William SMITH, 22, farmer, Canada, Warwick twp., s/o George A. SMITH (b. Canada) & Mary STEWART, married Laura MUNROE, 18, Canada, Warwick twp., d/o William MUNROE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth PULLEN, witn: Russel SMITH & Mabel CABLE, both of RR4 Forest, 1 May 1923 at Arkona
14206-23 Ralph SMITH, 22, farmer, Moore twp, Enniskillen twp., s/o Joseph SMITH (b. Moore twp ) & Emma COURTNEY, married Beatrice Margaret McKAY, 18, Dawn twp., same, d/o Isaac McKAY (b. Plympton twp) & Margaret MINIELLY, witn: Edith RICHARDSON & Eliza GORDON, both of Petrolia, 18 April 1923 at Petrolia 14217-23 Austin Seymour SMITH, 40, boiler maker, Richmond Mich., 296 Devine St. in Sarnia, s/o Joseph SMITH (b. Perth Ont) & Loretta BOUTCHER, married Jessie Powrie MAITLAND, 38, Sarnia twp., RR2 Sarnia, d/o David MAITLAND (b. N. of Ireland) & Susan POWRIE, witn: Mrs. J. McLAREY? of 229 Queen St. & An Elizabeth ELMSLIE of 244 Devine St., 3 Dec 1923 at 229 Queen St., Sarnia
14220-23 Myles Albert SOMERVILLE, 24, carpenter, Essex Co. Ont., 265 Essex St. in Sarnia, s/o John T. SOMERVILLE (b. Forest) & Rebecca Eleanor DODGE, married Stella MARRIOT, 23, Plympton, 6th Line in Plympton twp., d/o Isaac MARRIOT (b. England) & Gila? STEPHENS, witn: Alma Whitney JOHNSTON of Warwick & Archie? McMILLAN of Wanstead, 17 Nov 1923 at Warwick village 14218-23 John Edward SPARLING, 24, farmer, Canada, Plympton twp., s/o Alfred G. SPARLING (b. Warwick Canada) & Ellen TAYLOR, married Mary Margaret Jean SMITH, 22, Canada, Plympton twp., d/o John F. SMITH (b. Warwick Canada) & Mary Catherine LACHLAN?, witn: M. TAYLOR of Camlachie & Friend SMITH of RR4 Forest, 28 Nov 1923 at Warwick
14212-23 John STEVENS, 23, farmer, Dawn twp., same, s/o Charles H. STEVENS (b. Canada) & Sarah VANSICKLE, married Lima Muriel WILLS, 21, Dawn twp., same, d/o Albert E. WILLS (farmer, b. Canada) & Ines CAMPBELL, witn: Russel WILLS of RR3 Dresden & Delia STEVENS of RR2 Tupperville, 10 Jan. 1923 at Dawn twp 14210-23 Charles J. STEWART, 58, widower, laborer, Montague Ont., Petrolia, s/o George STEWART (b. Canada) & Clarissa WILSON, married Sarah BOURNE, 56, widow, Enniskillen twp., Sarnia, d/o John HUTCHINSON (b. England) & Mary Ann CARTER, witn: Rose Hannah FISHER of Petrolia & Mary Ann WILSON of Sarnia twp., 19 Feb 1923 at Christ Church, Petrolia
14209-23 George Clare STONEHOUSE, 26, Canada, Bosanquet twp., s/o George STONEHOUSE & Annie Louisa BOYLE, married Margaret Mary SPARLING, 27, clerk, Canada, Bosanquet twp., d/o William SPARLING & Annie POLLOCK, witn: John A. POLLOCK of Wanstead & Pearl STONEHOUSE of Forest, 4 April 1923 at Sarnia 14199-23 Cecil Kerr STONEHOUSE, 23, Imperial Oil employee, Enniskillen twp., Sarnia, s/o Angus Austin STONEHOUSE (b. Lambton Co) & Annie KERR, married Cora Leila O'NEIL, 22, Enniskillen twp., Sarnia, d/o Robert O'NEIL (b. Lambton Co) & Annie GAULT, witn: Mrs. Alma Mary ARMSTRONG of 301 S. Brock & Mrs Lottie WEBB of 136 Crawford St. in Toronto, 20 June 1923 at 229 Queen St. in Sarnia
14189-23 William George STOREY, 36, merchant, Sarnia, 401 Wellington St. in Sarnia, s/o George William STOREY (b. Sarnia) & Mary Ann PALMER, married Agnes Isabel CHRISTIE, 23, GWR clerk, Pt. Edward, Alexander Ave in Pt. Edward, d/o John CHRISTIE (b. Scotland) & Agnes KYLE, witn: Edwin & Edythe V. STOREY of 401 Wellington St., 6 Sept 1923 at Sarnia 14213-23 Eric Harvey SUTCLIFFE, 32, mechanic, Croydon England, 137 Stuart St. in Sarnia, s/o Robert SUTCLIFFE (b. Camberwell - London England) & Ann Elizabeth LASENCTREY?, married Lila Grace BURNHAM, 33, graduate nurse, Sombra twp., same, d/o John BURNHAM (b. Sombra) & Harriet CORNWALL, witn: Eliza Belle BURNHAM of Sombra & Wilfred John BURNHAM of 1206 Pallister Ave in Detroit, 26 Dec 1923 at Sombra
14211-23 Edward George SWANSON, 30, widower, Imperial Oil employee, Thedford, 582 S. Christena St. in Sarnia, s/o Daniel Edward SWANSON (b. Thedford Ont) & Martha ZAVITZ, married Froney Angeline McDONALD, 24, Rodney Ont., 582 St. Christena St., d/o Peter (b. Bothwell) & Rosanna, witn: David McDONALD & Desie Maude DODDS, both of 574 S. Christena, 12 Feb 1923 at Sarnia (LDS) 14207-23 Glen SWARTZ, 21, farmer, Plympton twp., Enniskillen twp., s/o David SWARTZ (b. Elgin Co) & Emma Jane JOYCE, married Lulua May ADAMS, 17, Euphemia twp., Enniskillen twp., d/o Henry ADAMS (b. Darlington twp) & Sarah PARSONS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John D. McCALLUM of Alvinston, 4 April 1923 at Alvinston
  14227-23 George Frederick TAUTON, 22, farmer, Warwick twp., same, s/o William TAUTON (b. USA) & Addie KENNINGS, married Ethel PATTERSON, 22, Bosanquet twp., same, d/o John PATTERSON (b. Canada) & Mary Ann NEAR, witn: Mary E. PATERSON (sic) & Mrs. Leonard LEWIS, both of Sarnia, 21 March 1923 at Sarnia
14233-23 Albert Edward TAYLOR, 25, CNR employee, Moore twp, 417 Wellington St. in Sarnia, s/o Reuben TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Harriet Stewart DENISON?, married Marguerite Lillian CAMPBELL, 23, stenographer, Sarnia, 321 Russell St. S. in Sarnia, d/o Daniel CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Fanny McFARLANE, witn: Mary F. & Archibald GUTHRIE of Sarnia, 17 Nov 1923 at Sarnia 14224-23 Herbert Robert Kemp TAYLOR, 28, accountant, Norfolk Co., England, Pontiac Mich., s/o William James Kemp TAYLOR (b. Norwich England) & Harriet HAYWARD, married Clara Bell MacPHERSON, 25, Forest, same, d/o William MacPHERSON (b. Forest) & Clara BELL, witn: D.M. MacPHERSON of 568 Brentwood St. in Detroit & Clara MacPHERSON of Forest, 22 Sept 1923 at Forest
14234-23 Frederick Charles TEASELL, 21, laborer, London England, Sarnia, s/o George Alfred TEASELL & Phoebe Elizabeth WATSON, married Gladys May AGER, 21, Little Billing - Northampton England, Sarnia, d/o John Thomas AGER & Frances MILLS, witn: John TEASELL of Samuel St. in Sarnia & Elsie MERRITT of Proctor St. S. in Sarnia, 20 June 1923 at St. Johns church, Sarnia 14232-23 Philip Milton TEN EYCK, 23, sailor, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., Huron Ohio, s/o Philip TEN EYCK (b. Canada) & Margaret E. McDONALD, married Norina Cleopatra SANDERS, 22, Manitoulin Island, 125 N. Vidal St. in Sarnia, d/o Robert SANDERS (b. Canada) & Mabel Jane MISNER, witn: A. J. GLASS & Inez MISNER, both of Sarnia, 22 Dec 1923 at Sarnia
  14231-23 George Daniel THOMAS, 38, workman, Strathroy Mich., Wyandotte Mich., s/o William THOMAS (b. Strathroy) & Ruby WARD, married Nellie PARKER, 28, Alvinston, Wyandotte Mich., d/o Charles PARKER (b. London England) & Charity BOWLBY, witn: Anna MONTEITH & Charity PARKER, both of Alvinston, 27 Dec 1923 at Alvinston
14229-23 George Arthur THOMAS, 52, widower, supervising immigration insp., Port Robinson Ont., 26 Benson St. in Niagara Falls, s/o Robert J. THOMAS (b. Port Robinson) & Sarah NELSON, married Cecilia DUNCAN, 37, widow, Petrolia, 236 S. Birch St. in Sarnia, d/o William A. THOMAS (b. Niagara Falls Ont) & Beatrice BARNES, witn: Illa & L. NELSON of Sarnia, 29 Jan. 1923 at Sarnia 14230-23 William Henry THOMAS, 27, brakeman, Petrolia, Durand Block in Sarnia, s/o Richard THOMAS (b. Kitchener) & Minerva BRYDGES, married Neatha Gordon HYATT, 30, USA, Canfield Ave in Detroit, d/o John HYATT (b. Indiana US) & Mamie STRACK, witn: Cameron & Lilian LOGAN of Durand Block, 18 Dec 1923 at Sarnia
14221-23 Samuel Elliott THOMPSON, 63, baker, Brantford, Watford, s/o Thomas THOMPSON (b. Ireland) & Mary illegible [ink blot], married Henrietta Kate Jemima ROSS, 53, Warwick twp., Watford, d/o David ROSS (b. Scotland) & Rebecca LIDDY, witn: P. & Susanna GRAHAM of Arkona, 29 Sept 1923 at Arkona 14223-23 David Downey THOMPSON, 50, widower, farmer, Bosanquet twp., Dawn twp., s/o David THOMPSON (b. Ireland) & Mary KERRIGHAN, married Lizzie May ARMSTRONG, 42, Dawn twp., same, d/o John G. ARMSTRONG (b. Ont) & Emma LANGFORD, witn: E. M. ARMSTRONG of Florence & J. E. HASKET of Denfield, 1 Sept 1923 at Florence
14222-23 Reginald THORNE, 29, farmer, Norfolk England, Brooke twp., s/o James THORNE (b. Norfolk Co England) & Mary A. MARGETSON, married Mary Letha SAUNDERS, 24, Brooke twp., same, d/o Daniel SAUNDERS (b. Brooke twp) & Ellen BUTLER, witn: Daniel SAUNDERS of RR3 Watford & Thomas THORNE of Glencoe, 5 Sept 1923 at Brooke twp 14228-23 Gordon A. TIDBALL, 28, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o William H. TIDBALL (b. Devonshire England) & Ruth ASH, married Edith HAMPTON, 25, farmer, Bosanquet, same, d/o Daniel HAMPTON (b. Bosanquet twp) & Edith FRAYN, witn: William A. & Lizzie Olive TIDBALL of RR1 Forest, 21 March 1923 at Bosanquet twp
14225-23 William Galloway TITE, 37, machinist, London England, 59 Mt. Pleasant Ave in London Ont., s/o William TITE (b. London England) & Ann Louise CONNELLY, married Florence Scilena McCABE, 26, nurse, Brooke twp., Alvinston, d/o George McCABE (b. St. Thomas Ont) & Elizabeth An BOURNE, witn: Orval? & Elizabeth McNALLY of Alvinston, 27 June 1923 at Watford 14226-23 James Derbyshire TURNER, 62, widower, locomotive engineer, Limehouse - London England, 25 Eleventh St. East in Prince Albert Sask., s/o Samuel TURNER (b. London England) & Charlotte COLLIER, married Bessie MITCHELSON, 48, widow, Plympton twp., Forest, d/o David GILLATLY (b. Plympton twp) & Margaret LUNHAM, witn: Carrie Elizabeth CAMERON of Forest & Jennie LONG of Forest, 9 April 1923 at Forest
14236-23 Frank Johnson VANCE, 30, farmer, Forest, Plympton twp., s/o Hugh VANCE (b. near Peterboro Ont) & Ellen JOHNSON, married Augusta Victoria MUNRO, 37, Bosanquet twp., Forest, d/o George MUNRO (Monro?) (b. Scotland) & Margaret JOHNSON, witn: Marion M. & Frank MILLHAM of Forest, 24 Nov 1923 at Wyoming 14235-23 Henry Vernard VYE, 27, farmer, Sombra twp., Lot 10 Con 2 of Moore twp, s/o Robert VYE (b. Hastings Co Ont) & Ellen BRANTON, married Alice Evelyn McKEEGAN, 24, Sombra twp., Lot 15 Con 14 of Sombra, d/o James McKEEGAN (b. Ireland) & Isabella Hanna NICHOLSON, witn: Vera McKEEGAN of Bickford & John VYE of Brigden, 12 May 1923 at Guthrie Manse, Moore twp
14241-23 James WAKEFIELD, 70, gardener, widower, England, Forest, s/o John (b. Banbre [Banbury?] Oxfordshire England) & Mary, married Betsy McLACHLAN, 73, widow, Canada, Forest, d/o George BEEDHAM (b. Nottinghamshire England) & Mary DERRY, witn: Caroline HARTCHORN of Pt. Huron & Alfred McLACHLAN of Pt. Edward, 6 Sept 1923 at Forest 14254-23 Bloss Henry WALLER, 26, widower, barber, Petrolia, 443 S. Vidal St. in Sarnia, s/o Christopher WALLER (b. Canada) & Melissa RILEY, married Rachel Mary SANDHAM, 18, Cumberland Co. England, 121 Penrose St. in Sarnia, d/o Alfred SANDHAM (b. England) & Mary Frances CLARK, witn: Mary PATERSON & William John BAILEY, both of Sarnia, 8 Aug 1923 at Sarnia
14253-23 Adam WALSKY, 36, laborer, Poland, 584 Devine St. in Sarnia, s/o Speral WALSKY (b. Poland) & Anna YANKAOWSKY, married Eladyslava JOHNS, 36, Poland, 301 Christena St. in Sarnia, d/o Wosich JOHNS (b. Poland) & Lucya KOWALSKA, witn: Amelia GOROST of Sarnia & James SKEOCH of Corunna, 8 March 1923 at Sarnia 14252-23 Jacob Orville WARREN, 23, farmer, Canada, Plympton twp., s/o Jacob WARREN (b. Lambton Co) & Mary Ellen FRASER, married Ida Rose COULTER, 24, Canada, Plympton twp., d/o Thomas COULTER (b. Lambton Co) & Jennie JEFF, witn: Mary WARREN of Camlachie & Dell Thomas COULTER of RR5 Forest, 28 march 1923 at Christ Church Rectory [Forest?]
14245-23 Norman Frederick WATSON, 27, railway employee, Sarnia, 2336 Military St. in Port Huron Mich., s/o Frederick WATSON & Kate PASHLEY, married Christena CARR, 27, teacher, Sarnia twp., RR1 Sarnia, d/o James CARR & Amelia RAMAGE, witn: K. P. WATSON of 282 Brock St. in Sarnia & Amelia CARR of Sarnia, 21 July 1923 at Sarnia 14248-23 Leslie Verne WATSON, 28, farmer, Toronto, Forest, s/o Arthur WATSON (b. Canada) & Minerva COULTER, married Mabel Alfretta CHAMBERLAIN, 20, Alexander Ont., Forest, d/o John CHAMBERLAIN (b. Canada) & Mary DUNHAM, witn: Elmer H. DUNHAM Lela Gladys WATSON, both of Forest, 28 May 1923 at Forest
14243-23 Robert Boyd WATSON, 34, engineer, Dunbarton Scotland, 228 Milton St. S. in Sarnia, s/o Robert WATSON (b. Scotland) & Margaret Gilchrist BOYD, married Meta Mae KENNEDY, 25, stenographer, Sarnia, 417 Wellington St. in Sarnia, d/o Marshall KENNEDY (b. Petrolia Ont) & Minnie McSHERRY, witn: Lela MILLER of Sarnia & Edgar McKENZIE of Collingwood, 4 Sept 1923 at Sarnia 14237-23 Henry Grady WEAVER, 33, mechanical engineer, Eatonton? Georgia, Detroit, s/o James David WEAVER (b. USA) & Leonnie? CARRUTH, married Claribel FRASER, 31, nurse, Petrolia, same, d/o John FRASER (b. Scotland) & Ellen A. McGILL, witn: J.L. FRASER of Detroit & Victoria FRASER of Petrolia, 27 Feb 1923 at Petrolia
14257-23 William Frederick WEESE, 25, machinist, Port Huron Mich., Detroit, s/o Frederick WEESE & Augusta SASS, married Barbara Viola Ann LAPIERRE, 26, Corunna, Sarnia, d/o Frank LAPIERRE & Mary GANEY, witn: Louis A. MILLER of Detroit & Marie LAPIERRE of Sarnia, 11 June 1923 at Sarnia 14238-23 Lyle Glendon WEESE, 23, farmer, Sombra twp., Lot 6 Con 13 of Sombra, s/o George Arthur WEESE & Edith WINTERS, married Myrtle Jane STUBBS, 19, St. Clair Mich., Lot 19 Con 15 of Sombra twp., d/o Joseph A. STUBBS & Harriet A. LESTER, witn: Joseph A. STUBBS & Mrs. Joseph STUBBS, both of Bidford, 24 Oct. 1923 at Sarnia
14246-23 Thomas Harold WELLINGTON, 26, Plympton twp., Front Con - Lots 5 & 6 Plympton twp., s/o David T. WELLINGTON (b. Plympton twp) & Isabel FERRIS, married Reka Jane Mildred CAIRNS, 27, Plympton twp., Camlachie, d/o John A. CAIRNS (b. Plympton twp) & Margaret PURSELL, witn: Elizabeth CAIRNS & Lorne WELLINGTON, both of Camlachie, 27 June 1923 at Camlachie 14249-23 John Richard WHITE, 36, engineer, Forest, Strathroy, s/o George H. WHITE (b. Ont) & Mary Ann SMITH?, married Anna Pearl COOPER, 25, clerk, Strathroy, same, d/o Nathan TIFF? & Annie COOPER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Herbert LEVITT of Forest, 25 April 1923 at Forest [with note: "baptized as grandfather's child, Charles Cooper"]
14240-23 Floyd Leon Orval WIGHT, 22, farmer, Warwick twp., Bosanquet twp., s/o Albert G. WIGHT (b. Canada) & Ella WHITE, married Minnie Constance FULLER, 19, Warwick twp., Bosanquet twp., d/o Joseph FULLER (b. Canada) & Annie DOAN, witn: Edythe COUZENS of Bothwell & Wilfred FULLER of Flint Mich., 1 Sept 1923 at Bosanquet 14258-23 John Roland WILBER, 27, draftsman, Cambridge Springs Penn., Detroit, s/o Henry B. WILBER & Mary MAY, married Lela M. MILLER, 21, Enniskillen twp., Petrolia, d/o Ignatius MILLER & Matilda ANDERSON, witn: Cliff C. CRYSLER of 433 Horton Ave in Detroit & Ferrol L. MILLER of Petrolia, 25 June 1923 at Petrolia
14242-23 Thomas Goodall WILKIE, 33, evangelist, Scotland, Grand Bend, s/o Allen WILKIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth STANTON, married Jean VANCE, 26, Plympton twp., same, d/o Hugh VANCE (b. Ont) & Helen JOHNSON, witn: H.W. JOYCE of Toronto & Hilda LITTLEFRIEND (Littleproud?) of London, 21 Sept 1923 at Plympton twp 14255-23 Neil WILKINSON, 28, farmer, Canada, Plympton twp., s/o Finlay WILKINSON (b. Scotland) & Barbara GREENLEES, married Alexa DODGE, 25, Canada, Plympton twp., d/o James DODGE (b. Canada) & Margaret McKELLAR, witn: Marjorie B. DODGE of RR1 Wanstead & Archie WILKINSON of Camlachie, 7 Nov 1923 at Warwick village
14244-23 Thomas WILLIS, 26, Belfast Ireland, 6426 Concord Ave in Detroit, s/o George WILLIS (b. Belfast Ireland) & Kathleen FISHER, married Isabella OSBORNE, 21, Belfast Ireland, 380 Davis St. in Sarnia, d/o Henry OSBORNE (b. Belfast Ireland) & Sarah SHANKS, witn: Charley & Elsie HICK of 448 Davis St. in Sarnia, 20 Aug 1923 at St. Johns Church, Sarnia 14250-23 Delbert Duffie WINDOVER, 20, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o Archie WINDOVER (b. Canada) & Nellie WILKINSON, married Iona Myrtle WATSON, 20, Oshawa, Mosa twp., d/o Andrew WATSON (b. Canada) & Eliz. LENNOX, witn: Ira WINDOVER & Ella GILMOUR, both of Petrolia, 2 March 1923 at Petrolia
14239-23 Chester C. WOOLMAN, 25, farmer, Warwick twp., Enniskillen twp., s/o George WOOLMAN (b. Ont) & Emily LESTELFIELD, married Louise Martha McMAHAN, 25, Plympton twp., same, d/o Albert McMAHAN (b. Ont) & Alice SHEA, witn: Florence NICHOL of Pt. Edward & Howard McMAHAN of RR3 Petrolia, 24 Oct. 1923 at Plympton twp 14247-23 Joseph Harold WORSLEY, 28, widower, Cleveland Sarah. Saw Mill employee, Sarnia, 292 Maxwell St. in Sarnia, s/o Robert WORSLEY (b. Orangeville) & Lizzie SPILLER?, married Myrtle E. WALKER, 18, Detroit, 178 St. Vincent St. in Sarnia, d/o Jarvis Richard WALKER (b. Kingston) & Adella HAZARD, witn: C. H. & Zillah WILLIAMS of Meadowlee - Sarnia, 20 June 1923 at 144 Parker St. in Sarnia
14251-23 George William WRAY, 24, city fireman, Brocket - North Dakota, 246 Bright St. in Sarnia, s/o George WRAY (b. 10th Line of Moore twp ) & Jean WARD, married Dorothy HARRIS, 22, nurse, Sarnia, Sarnia General Hospital, d/o William HARRIS (b. Delaware Ont) & Jeannette PELKIE, witn: Elsie F. JOHNSON & Maud ALLEN, both of Sarnia, 23 March 1923 at St. Johns Rectory, Sarnia 14256-23 Stanley Merritt WRIGHT, 23, asst. supt. George. Works, Port Huron Mich., same, s/o Archibald WRIGHT (b. London Ont) & Rebecca STANLEY, married Oral Evelyn BROWN, 22, book keeper, Sarnia, 462 Christena St. in Sarnia, d/o William A. BROWN (b. Lambton Co) & Orilla TEETER, witn: Walter WRIGHT of Pt. Huron & Myrtle DUES of Detroit, 3 Nov 1923 at 462 Christena St. in Sarnia
14259-23 Harold Lionel YOUNG, 26, Sombra twp., 12th Con of Sombra, s/o Jacob YOUNG (b. England) & Eliza HENRY, married Myrtle Mae VYE, 21, Sombra twp., 2nd Con of Moore twp, d/o Robert VYE (b. Hastings Co Ont) & Ellen BRANDON, witn: Maurice & John VYE of Brigden, 22 Aug 1923 at Courtright 14260-23 Robert Wilfred YOUNG, 50, widower, Imperial Oil employee, Port Severn Ontario., 160 Capel St. in Sarnia, d/o Richard YOUNG (b. Bellville) & Julia Ann PORTER (Potter?), married Jessica NEEDHAM, 30, Lancashire England, 211 Proctor St. in Sarnia, d/o Joseph A. NEEDHAM (b. Lancashire England) & Margaret A. SYCK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James TRIPP of 18 Capel St. in Sarnia, 20 Nov 1923 at Sarnia