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Kent Co., 1887

birth place is given before residence


5810-88 (Kent Co): John S. AINSLIE, 30, lumber merchant, Canada, Comber, s/o George AINSLIE & Mary STEWART, married Annie WANDS, 25, Detroit USA, Tilbury East, d/o Alexander WANDS & Annie COCHRANE, witn: George AINSLIE of Comber & Charles CLARK of Tilbury Centre, 28 Dec 1887 at Tilbury East


005415-87 Abraham ALEXANDER, 53, farmer, widower, Montreal, Dover East, s/o Pierre & Josephine ALEXANDER, married Marie BROWNELL, 55, widow, Montreal, Thamesville, d/o Arthur & Fusa BROWNELL, witn: Agnes ALEXANDER, Dover, Louise DALONEY, Thamesville, 15 March 1887 at Bothwell 005547-87 (Kent Co.) Alphonso ALLEN, 23, mechanic, England, Mull, s/o James & Ann, maried Elizabeth ALLEN, 22, Canada, Mull, d/o Nelson & Mary, witn Edard ARNOLD & George ARNOLD, on 18 May (no year listed), at Guilds
005610-87 (Kent Co.) Harrison H. ANDERSON, 21, laborer, Petrolia, Dresden, s/o Ralph & Christina, married Lucie Jane DESMOND, 21, Camden, same, d/o Mathias & Rebecka, witn Ralph ANDERSON & Mary DESMOND of Dresden, on 18 October 1887, at Wallaceburg 5394-87 (Kent Co): Joseph ANDERSON, 24, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Arthur & Christie Ann, married Alice LOYD, 22, Camden, same, d/o Francis & Mary Ann, witn: R. WILSON & Ellen LOYD, both of Camden, 4 May 1887 at Thamesville
005540-87 (Kent Co.) Perry ARNOLD, 23, farmer, Chatham, same, s/o Adolphus & Margret, married Annie PEARSON, 25, Oxford, Chatham, d/o John & Clarinda, witn Harry A. ALGER & Ada ALGER of Harwich, on 25 November 1887, at Harwich #005403-87 (Kent Co): James ASBET, 24, laborer, Palmyra, Bothwell, s/o Abraham & Candace, married Sarah Jane CLINKERSMITH, 19, Orford, same, d/o David & Mary Ann, witn: Lizzie & William MARCUS of Orford, 15 Aug 1887 at Bothwell
005427-1887 (Kent Co.) Joseph Whitney ASKEW, 26, farmer, East Tilbury, same, s/o Thomas & Alice, married Ann BARR, 27, North Dorchester, East Tilbury, d/o Seth & Christine, witn: William BARR & Harriett Ann ASKEW, both of East Tilbury, 9 Feb 1887 at East Tilbury 5374-87 (Kent Co): Jacob BABCOCK, 21, farmer, Canada, Sombra twp., s/o Ariel & Ann, married Drucilla HAMILTON, 23, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o Jacob & Margaret, witn: Mrs. S. J. KELLY & Emma SLAGHT, both of Dresden, 26 Oct 1887 at Dresden

005722-87 (Kent Co) John McKay BALLANTYNE, 22, tailor, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William & Agnes BALLANTYNE, married Annie Jane MOORE, 25, Ontario, Chatham, d/o James & Martha MOORE, witn: none entered, 16 August 1887 at Chatham

5400-87 (Kent Co): Henry L. BARBER, 30, clerk, Ohio, Detroit, s/o John G. & Katie, married Christena McDERMID, 22, Mosa twp., Florence, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Jennie & William PRATTER of Florence, 18 July 1887 at Bothwell

005476-87 Joseph BARRETTE, 23, farmer, Pain Court, Pain Court, s/o Medard BARRETTE & Celeste FREDETTE, married Heleine ST. PIERRE, 22, Big Point, Big Point, d/o Joseph ST. PIERRE & Victoire LAUZON, witn: Joseph ST. PIERRE, Narcisse BARRETTE, both of Big Point, 14 February 1887 at Big Point

005793-87 (Kent Co) Albert A. BARTLETT, 32, yeoman, Sansboro (Gainsborough?) Lincoln Co., same., s/o Benjamin & Catherine BARTLETT, married Mary A. CULLEN, 27, Niagara, Barrie, d/o Joseph & Beasmond? (Rosmond?) CULLEN, witn: Mary F. WHITING, Jas. WHITING Jun., both of Chatham, 28 March 1887 at Chatham 005783-87 (Kent Co) William Alfred BARTON, 26, blacksmith, London England, Chatham, s/o David & Maria, married Charlotte Ann STEPHENS, 19, London England, Chatham, d/o James & Sabrina, witn: Frederick BARTON, Merlin, Allice STEPHENS, Chatham, 24 May 1887 at Chatham

005418-87 David W. BAXTER, 26, yeoman, Euphemia twp., Wardsville, s/o William. & Clara BAXTER, married Amelia Maria FRY, 18, Welland Co., Wardsville, d/o John & Caroline FRY, witn: H. CRANDELL, Wardsville, R.M. RUSSELL, Wardsville, 13 April 1887 at Bothwell

005570-87 (Kent Co.) George L. BEADLE, 24, merchant, Howard, Blenheim, s/o Andrew & Alice, married Phoebe C. BROCK, 19, Springwater Minn., Blenheim, d/o C.L. & Magaret, witn Arthur PICKERING & Lydia STEWART, both of Blenheim, on 6 July 1887, at Blenheim
5808-87 (Kent Co): A.G. BEDFORD, 21, merchant, Harwich, Chatham, s/o John & L.S., married Clara R. MERRITT, 18, Chatham twp., same, d/o John & C.E., witn: E.S. BEDFORD of Chatham & A.J. BEDFORD of Harwich, 12 Jan 1887 at Louisville 005470-88 (Kent Co) Walter L. BEDFORD, 26, telegraph operator, Harwich, Humbolt Mich., s/o Ebenezer & Nadine BEDFORD, married Rose Emily EMERSON, 22, Raleigh Kent, Chatham, d/o William & Deborah EMERSON, witn: Gilbert McINTYRE, London, Annie L. BEDFORD, Chatham, 28 December 1887 at Chatham
  005597-87 (Kent Co.) John BELL, 28, sailor, Marine City Mich, same, s/o John & Harriett, married Susie CROTHERS, 24, Newtonville, Wallaceburg, d/o Samuel & Martha, witn Samuel CROTHERS & Maude CROTHERS of Wallaceburg, on 28 December 1887, at Wallaceburg
005576-87 (Kent Co.) Henry James BENTLEY, 24, farmer, Howard, Raleigh, s/o Ira & Eliza, married Sophiona HUGHSON, 23, Raleigh, same, d/o Hezekiah & Mary, witn James SIMPSON & Celeste ASKEN, both of Raleigh, on 3 November 1887, at Blenheim 5586-87 Eugene BIGGER, 22, butcher, Blenheim, same, s/o Richard & Sarah Ann, married Wilmina WILLSHER, 20, Blenheim, same, d/o James Henry & Mary, witn: Mrs. P. R. CAREY & Hettie SCANLON, both of Blenheim, 23 May 1887 at Blenheim
005744-87 (Kent Co.) Samuel BIGHORN, 28, farmer, Ireland, Raleigh, s/o Samuel & Dorithea, married Mary Jane CAUGHY, 19, Ireland, Raleigh, d/o John & Susan, witn Thomas EAVES & Mrs. T. EAVES, both of Raleigh, on 10 February 1887, at Chatham 005498-87 (Kent Co.) William BIRD, 22, mechanic, Prescott, Ridgetown, s/o John & Jemima, married Bella DALTON, 23, Bright, Rigetown, d/o Charles & Margaret, witn Charles BIRD of Detroit & Nellie SUTHERLAND of Ridgetown, on 28 December 1887, at Ridgetown
005742-87 Anthony BLAKELY, 28, labourer, Hastings Co., Dresden Ont., s/o William & Catherine BLAKELY, married Lydia DESMOND, 27, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o Mathias & Rebecca DESMOND, witn: Mrs. J.R. BATTISBY, Louisa McLEAN, both of Chatham, 14 February 1887 at Chatham  
005489-87 (Kent Co.) William Taylor BOGART, tinsmith, Dawn Mills, Murrey? Jacks?  Dakota, s/o John & Sarah Ann, married Hannah MITTEN, 27, Harwich, Ridgetown, d/o John & Jane, witn Samuel BOGART & Alice MITTEN of Ridgetown, on 7 September 1887, at Ridgetown 5377-87 (Kent Co): Duncan BOLTON, 28, farmer, Croton, Euphemia twp., s/o Duncan & Sarah, married Catherine LEATCH, 21, Aldborough twp., Euphemia twp., d/o George & Mary, witn: Rosina SNARY of Dawn & George BOLTON of Euphemia, 4 Sept 1887 at Thamesville

005444-87 Francis BOWEN, 27, farmer, Ireland, Oldfield Ontario, s/o Peter & Jane BOWEN, married Elizabeth HARPER, 28, Canada, Dover, d/o William & Jane HARPER, witn: Thomas BOWEN, Margaret HARPER, both of Oldfield Ontario, 21 September 1887 at Oldfield

015528-87 Charles S. BOWERS, 23, labourer, Canada, Dresden, s/o Jacob BOWERS & Sarah VOLLICK, married Elizabeth TUCKER, 24, Canada, Dresden, d/o John TUCKER & Jemima PHILIPS, witn: Julia TALLOCH, W. McVEAN, both of Dresden, 13 August 1887 at Dresden
  5812-88 (Kent Co): David A. BOWMAN, 23, farmer, Glanford, Quinn, s/o Robert BOWMAN & Marilla FINCH, married Martha A. MEGGISON, 19, Scott twp., Tilbury East, d/o George MEGGISON & Martha MOSINE, witn: R.J. BOWMAN & M.J. MEGGISON, both of Tilbury East, 16 Feb 1887 at Tilbury East
005794-1888 (Kent) Walter Clinton BOYINGTON, 24, farmer, Hallowell Ont, Camden, s/o Mathew Lang BOYINGTON & Louisa ARNOLD, married Ellen SNAREY, 25, Camden, same, d/o Bilton SNAREY & Eliza YOUNG; wit: Edgar BOYINGTON, Annie SNAREY, Camden. 21 Dec 1887 at Thamesville. 005558-87 Albert BOYINTON, 24, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o James & Sarah, married Mary Ann FALARDIN, 23, Canada, Camden, d/o Peter & Nancy, witn: William Paul FALARDAN (sic), Addie BOYINTON, both of Camden, 16 December 1887 at Camden
#005404-87 (Kent Co): Henry A. BOYLE, 32, farmer, Camden, same, s/o John & Rebecca, married Alice Ann BROCK, 24, Middlesex, Camden, d/o David & Margaret, witn: William BROCK & Mary E. HART, both of Camden, 1 Sept 1887 at Bothwell 5384-87 (Kent Co): Charles BOYLEN, 28, farmer, Camden, same, s/o John R. & Mary, married Maggie RIGGS, 19, West Williams, Camden, d/o James & Mary Jane, witn: Grafton BOYLEN of Camden & Alice SIMS of Lambton, 7 Dec 1887 at Thamesville
#005773-87 (Kent Co): James BRENNAN, 28, farmer, Euphemia, same, s/o Patrick & Elizabeth, married Harriet MIGHT, 21, Euphemia, same, d/o John & Jane, witnesses were Hugh D. & Kate McCOLL of Chatham, April 21, 1887 at Chatham 005737-87 Henry BRESETT, 25, carpenter, Hamilton Ont., Dresden Ont., s/o William & Margaret BRESETT, married Alice ROUBLE, 24, Dawn Mills Ont., Dawn Mills Ont., d/o David & Fannie ROUBLE, witn: Jane SCOTT, Jennie HUXLEY, both of Chatham, 4 January 1887 at Chatham
  005708-88 (Kent Co) David BRISTO, 32, farmer, England, Mosa, s/o William & Eliza BRISTO, married Mary M. LITTLE, 23, Newbury, Bothwell Ont., d/o James & Margaret LITTLE, witn: Charles BRISTO, Mosa, Emma LITTLE, Bothwell, 14 December 1887 at Bothwell

005792-87 (Kent Co) John Wilkes BROADBENT, 21, yeoman, Raleigh, Harwich, s/o James & Mary Ann BROADBENT, married Martha WRIGHT, 22, Clark twp., not entered, d/o Robert & Mary Ann WRIGHT, witn: Accus WRIGHT, Ellen WRIGHT, both of Raleigh, 23 March 1887 at Chatham

5392-87 (Kent Co): Thomas BROWN, 23, farmer, Camden, Gore of Camden, s/o Henry & Mary, married Catherine BEDFORD, 19, Howard, Camden, d/o Ira & Louise, witn: W. & Mary Ann HOWELL of Camden, 13 April 1887 at Camden
005488-87 (Kent Co.) Charles BROWN, 28, carpenter, York Co., Thedford, s/o Charles & Annie?, married Sarah McDOUGALL, 22, Aldborough, Ridgetown, d/o William & Sarah, witn A.D.G. McROBBIE & K. McROBBIE of Ridgetown, on 23 April 1887, at Ridgetown 005495-87 (Kent Co.) Thomas L. BULLER, 30, farmer, Howard, same, s/o James Allen, married Nora SCANE, 23, Ridgetown, same, d/o Charles E. & Amanda, witn Isabella BULLER & James W? SCANE of Ridgetown, on 16 November 1887, at Ridgetown
5388-87 (Kent Co): Walter BURGESS, 23, blacksmith, Zone, Camden, s/o John & Christena, married Margery McPHERSON, 18, Fingal, Camden, d/o David & Sarah, witn: James McPHERSON of Camden & Ida HUGHES of Chatham, 9 March 1887 at Thamesville 5378-87 (Kent Co): George BURLEY, 28, farmer, Romney, Howard twp., s/o Paul & Margaret, married Mary McLARTY, 25, Zone, Howard, d/o William & Annabel, witn: Mrs. W. FANSHER & James STEWART, both of Thamesville, 21 Sept 1887 at Thamesville
005366-87 Willis BURNETT, 28, mechanic, Canada, Dresden, s/o John & Jane BURNETT, married Elizabeth TIFFIN, 22, Canada, Dresden, d/o William & Maria TIFFIN, witn: Oscar FRENCH, Mary FRENCH, both of Dresden, 22 June 1887 at Dresden

005741-87 John BURNS, 29, farmer, Haldimand Co., Raleigh twp., s/o Samuel & Sarah BURNS, married Jane LEE, 20, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o Purser & Caroline LEE, witn: Edward MERNEY, Elizabeth HEYWORTH, both of Chatham, 9 February 1887 at Chatham

005528-87 John CAMERON, 39, contractor, Scotland, Acton, s/o Agnes (sic) CAMERON & Janette EIDIE, married Elizabeth McMACKON, 27, Ontario, Highgate, d/o Thomas & Sarah Jane McMACKON, witn: William McMACKON, Orford, Susan McGREGOR, Highgate, 22 or 23 March 1887 at Highgate 005509-87 (Kent Co.) John H. CAMERON, 26, mechanic, Oshawa, Ridgetown, s/o Malcolm & Barbara, married Sarah L. WILLSON, 26, Ridgetown, Howard, d/o John C. & Grace L., witn William WILLSON of Howard & Era CAMERON of Ridgetown, on 5 January 1887, at Ridgetown

005432-87 Duncan A. CAMPBELL, 31, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o Neil & Janet CAMPBELL, married Mary McKINLAY, 23, Howard, Howard, d/o Peter & Jane McKINLAY, witn: Walter SPENCE, Howard, Margaret McKINLAY, Thamesville, 26 October 1887 at Howard

5376-87 (Kent Co): David CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Canada, Romney twp., s/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Sarah MITCHELL, married Elizabeth SHAFER, 24, Canada, Romney twp., d/o Abraham & Sarah, witn: Richard CARLESS & John AKINSON, both of Tilbury East, 20 Dec 1887 at Tilbury Centre
005574-87 (Kent Co.) Malcolm CAMPBELL, 36, farmer, of Howard, s/o Dugald & Mary, married Robina MUNRO, 31, Scotland, Blenheim, d/o John & Mary, witn John MUNRO of Toronto & Enos CAMPBELL of Blenheim, on 21 December 1887, at Blenheim 005613-87 (Kent Co.) John CAMPBELL, 27, yeoman, North Dorchester, same, s/o David & Barbara, married Victoria McDONALD, 26, East Tilbury, same, d/o John & Rachel, witn Judson RUSSELL & Jenny MOOREHOUSE of Tilbury East, on 4 May 1887, at Romney
005520-87 Lachlin CAMPBELL, 32, farmer, Ontario, Orford, s/o John CAMPBELL & Margaret NAUHTON (Naughton?), married Alphretta M. DELONG, 27. Ontario, Orford, d/o Gilbert DELONG & Elvira FORD, witn: Donald CAMPBELL, Chester DELONG, both of Orford, 9 October 1887 at Orford 005501-87 (Kent Co.) Jules CARON, 26, baker, Peier Gaspe Co. Que., Highgate, s/o Jules & Elizabeth, married Mary MITTON, 25, Southwold, Orford, d/o James MITTON & Jane BAXTER, witn John MITTON & Mattie McTAVISH, both of Orford, on 8 February 1887, at Ridgetown
005560-87 Samuel CARR, 32, farmer, Canada, Dawn, s/o William & Jane CARR, married Della LAW, 22, Canada, Dawn, d/o William & Elizabeth LAW, witn: James BARTLETT, Frances NORTHCOTT, both of Camden, 13 December 1887 at Camden 005428-1887 (Kent Co.) William CARSON, 33, miller, New Brunswick, Manitoba, s/o James & Annie, married Marion T. COUTTS, no age given, East Tilbury, same, d/o John & Rachel, witn: William C. FLETCHER & Rachel J. COUTTS, both of East Tilbury, 18 May 1887 at East Tilbury.
5382-87 (Kent Co): John CARTHER, 21, laborer, Goderich, Howard, s/o Peter & Jane, married Scyntha J. BRENTON, 19, Michigan, Howard, d/o Joshua & Emily, witn: John MINSHELL & Sarah MILLER, both of Howard, 16 [no month given] 1887 at Thamesville 5354-87 Richard Henry CHRISTNER, 21, laborer, Canada, Dawn twp., s/o Hiram CHRISTNER & Elizabeth, married Emmeline CROWDER, 18, Canada, Gore of Camden, d/o Charles CROWDER & Elizabeth, witn: Jonas CHRISTNER of Dawn twp & John TULLOCK of Dresden, 3 Jan 1887 at Dresden
005434-87 John Sidney CLARK, 32, farmer, Ridgetown, Howard twp., s/o Henry & James Clark, married Malvina GAGE, 25, Howard, Howard twp., d/o Marvel & Julia GAGE, witn: Edith GAGE, Marvell (Maxwell?) GAGE, both of Howard, 7 September 1887 at Howard

005409-87 Christopher COLEMAN, 50, farmer, widower, England, Florence, s/o William & Ruth, married Eliza KYLE, 42, widow, Ireland, Florence, d/o David & Eliza [no surname given], witn: none entered, 9 November 1887 at Bothwell

005530-87 Edmund COLLARD, 21, farmer, Ontario, Aldborough, s/o John COLLARD & Matilda DHAN?, married Nancy PATTERSON, 19, Ontario, Aldborough, d/o Archibald PATTERSON & Christy SINCLAIR, witn: Caminda McLARTY, Isabella McLARTY, both of Aldborough, 12 April 1887 at Aldborough

015533-87 Henry Albert COLVILLE, 22, printer, Canada, Kingston, s/o James & Margaret COLVILLE, married Clara WESTON, 20, Canada, Dresden, d/o Henry & Martha WESTON, witn: Thomas WESTON, Lily HAZLETT, both of Dresden, 28 September 1887 at Dresden 005499-87 (Kent Co.) George G. COULTHARD, 23, painter, Canada, Ridgetown, s/o Charles & Elizebeth, married Elizebeth M. BROWN, 20, Canada, Ridgetown, d/o Thomas W. & Catherine, witn Arch. W. GIBSON of Wyoming & Thomas W. BROWN of Ridgetown, on 26 January 1887, at Ridgetown
005553-87 (Kent Co.)  Robert James CRAGG, 29, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o Edward & Mary Elizabeth, married Catherine A. YOUNG, 21, Canada, Gore, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: John CRAGG & Bertha YOUNG of Gore, on 9 October 1887, at Gore 005517-87 Edward Atkinson CRAGG, 24, farmer, Euphemia Ont., Camden twp. Ont., s/o Edward Atkinson CRAGG & Mary E. GIBSON, married Jessie Douglas HEEPS, 24, Stone House Scotland, Orford twp., Ont., d/o William HEEPS & Isabella DOUGLAS, witn: John CRAGG, Camden, Mary HEEPS, Orford, 26 October 1887 at Orford
005572-87 (Kent Co.) Cyrus CRAIG, 30, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Jason CRAIG & Jane SCOTT, married Francis BUCHANAN, 22, London Ont., Harwich, d/o James BUCHANAN & Elizabeth FERGUSON, witn William CRAIG of Fairfield & Bella BUCHANAN of Rondeau, on 23 November 1887, at Blenheim 005552-87 (Kent Co.)  Samuel CRAIG, 60, farmer, Ireland, Brook, widowed, s/o William & Mary, married Lucy Ann McDERMAND, 49, Canada, Gore, widowed, d/o William & Sarah HAGGERTY, (no witnesses listed), on 12 September 1887, at Gore
  005748-87 (Kent Co.) Alexander W. CROW, 52, farmer, Dover, Chatham, widowed, s/o Thomas & Rachel, married Ann Marshall HUBBLE, 48, Montreal, Thamesville, widowed, d/o John & Ann WINCHELL, witn Jane HUXLEY & Rebecca MOORE? of Chatham, on 9 March 1887
005538-87 (Kent Co.) Owen Nathaniel CROW, 22, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o Daniel W. & Laura A., married Elizabeth McCORKLE, 18, Osgoode, Raleigh, d/o William M. & Barbara E., witn George T. CROW of Raleigh & Josephine COOPER of Harwich, on 26 September 1887, at Harwich 5380-87 (Kent Co): John CULLEN, 60, widower, North of Ireland, Mt. Brydges, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Ann STEPHENS, 57, widow, Florence, Howard, d/o John & Ann LANGFORD, witn: Alva & Eliza EVERETT of Howard, 11 Oct 1887 at Howard
005822-87 (Kent Co.) David CUMMONS?, 56, machine age(cut off), London, Wallaceburg, widowed, s/o William S(cut off) & Hannah (cut off), married Charlotte E. BRO(cut off), 41, Calendon, Chatham, widowed, d/o David & Rebecca (cut off), witn Thomas BROWN & Saveria BROWN, both of Raleigh, on 6 April 18(cut off), at Chatham 005524-87 John Thomas CURRIE, 29, farmer, Ontario, Mosa, s/o John CURRIE & Elizabeth FRESTAINE, married Jane GILLIES, 25, Ontario, Orford, d/o Dugald GILLIES & Christena GILLIES, witn: George CURRIE, Mosa, Mary BLUE, Orford, 24 November 1887 at Orford

5397-87 (Kent Co): George Andrew DABOLD, 24, tin pedlar, Port Robinson, Thorold, s/o Jacob & Mary Ann, married Jennie DUNN, 24, Bosanquet, Camden, d/o John & Sarah Jane, witn: William HAIR of St. Catharines & Letitia DUNN of Camden, 18 July 1887 at Thamesville

005357-87 John DANFORD, 40, farmer, widower, Canada, Blenheim, s/o Isaac & Mary Ann DANFORD, married Sarah SNYDER, 46, widow, Canada, Wardsville, d/o Charles & Caroline DOUGHERTY, witn: William DANFORD, Elizabeth DANFORD, both of Chatham twp., 27 January 1887 at Dresden
5587-87 John Henry DAVIS, 27, farmer, Ohio USA, Harwich Kent, s/o John DAVIS & Mary NEWLAND, married Lillie Lucretia ROWE, 20, Frankland Quebec, Harwich, d/o Henry & Nancy, witn: Alfred Conrad ROWE & Rubena CONNER, both of Fairfield, 13 June 1887 at Blenheim

005412-87 Albert DAVIS, 24, laborer, London, Bothwell, s/o Francis & Mary DAVIS, married Eleza HICKS, 23, Bothwell, Bothwell, d/o Nicholas & Mary HICKS, witn: James DILLON, Catherine SNYDER, both of Bothwell, 1 January 1887 at Bothwell

005720-87 (Kent Co) Albert DE CEW, 23, telegraph operator, not entered, Iona, s/o John L. & Minerva DE CEW, married Ethel Annie BESWICK, 25, England, Toronto, d/o John & Annie BESWICK, witn: Angus DARRAH, Martha L. SMYTHE, both of Chatham, 18 July 1887 at Chatham


005525-87 Orville DELONG, 29, farmer, Clark Durham Co., Orford twp. Kent Co., s/o Peleg DELONG & Elvira FORD, married Celinda MILTON, 22, Southwold Elgin Co., Orford twp. Kent Co., d/o James MILTON & Jane BAXTER, witn: Henry WATSON, Clearville, Jules CARON, Highgate, 21 December 1887 at Orford 005422-87 George H. DENT, 20, mechanic, Zone twp., Tilbury East, s/o John DENT & Eliza DENT, married Margaret Ellen MIFFLIN, 23, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o Solomon MIFFLIN & Margaret MIFFLIN, witn: Darius MIFFLIN, Cassie HARDY, both of Tilbury East, 25 April 1887 at Tilbury East
5809-87 (Kent Co): Gilbert Warren DICKSON, 21, printer, Louisville Ont., Detroit, s/o Joseph K. & Cynthia, married Anny Grace GIBSON, 20, London England, Chatham, d/o Elizabeth Arabella & Louis Martin GIBSON, witn: Elsworth WESCOTT & Florence KOGESHATZ, both of Chatham, 9 Feb 1887 at res of Jos. DICKSON, Chatham 005500-87 (Kent Co.) Joseph Sebastan DILLCOTTE?, 23, farmer, Howard, Howard--Ridgetown, s/o Sebastan & Anna, married Letitia Maria TOMPKINS, 21, Buffalo, Ridgetown, d/o John & Letitia Maria, witn Albt. SCHINDLER of Harwich & Elizabeth TOMPKINS of Ridgetown, on 25 January 1887, at Ridgetown
  005535-87 (Kent Co.) Thomas Edward DOEY, 24, laborer, Raleigh, same, s/o Thomas DOEY & Martha EDMONDS, married Ida Alberta SANFORD, 21, Croton, Raleigh, d/o John SANFORD & Rebecca SMITH, witn Ellen WADDELL of Blenheim, on 28 September 1887, at Blenheim
005485-87 (Kent Co.) Alexander DOLAN, 21, day laborer, US, Chatham, s/o Jesse DOLAN & M. DOLAN, married Eliza FOSTER, 25, Big Point, same, d/o Alexander FOSTER & Nancy CYR, witn Alexander FOSTER & Joseph FOSTER of Big Point, on 17 November 1887, at Big Point

005788-87 (Kent Co) August Henry DRAMM, 28, clergyman, Stanley twp. Huron Co., Severn Bridge Simcoe Co., s/o Henry DRAMM & Augusta BALTZ, married Catherine Jane McNAUGHTON, 26, Chatham?, Chatham, d/o Dougall McNAUGHTON & Margaret McCARROLL, witn: George McNAUGHTON, Jennie HUXLEY, both of Chatham, 8 June 1887 at Chatham

005532-87 Richard Austin DRIVER, 24, farmer, Ireland, Orford, John & Sarah DRIVER, married Rebecca Ann ORR, 22, Middlesex, Orford, d/o Robert & Ruth ORR, witn: James SHIPP, Howard, Emma J. ORE, Orford, 2 March 1887 at Palmyra 005482-87 John Baptiste DUBIE, 59, farmer, widower, Lower Canada, St. Peter, s/o parents not entered, married Marie BOUCHER, 39, widow, Big Point, Big Point, d/o Francis BOUCHER & Archange MAILLET, witn: Noe BOUCHER, Edward ANTAYA, residences not entered, 7 August 1887 at Big Point

005730-87 (Kent Co) Henry F. DUCK, 25, architect, Ontario, Ridgetown, s/o John & Mary DUCK, married Helena LE ROY, 21, Ontario, Morpeth, d/o Frank & Mary LE ROY, witn: Henry R. SMITH, Ella L. SMITH, both of Chatham, 6 August 1887 at not entered [minister is from Chatham]

005805-87 (Kent Co.) Thomas W.H. DUNCAN, 22, laborer, Chatham, same, s/o William DUNCAN & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Lydia Ann STEEL, 16, Buxton, Chatham, d/o Alexander & Anna, witn Julia FERGUSON & Fannie HARDIN of Chatham, on 18 June 1887, at Chatham
005492-87 (Kent Co.) Charles M. DUNN, 35, mechanic, London Eng, Kalamazo Mich, s/o Milo & Mary, married Lizzie CAMPBELL, 20, Mosa, Orford, d/o Donald & Flora, witn A.F. CLEMENT of Ridgetown & Jannette CAMPBELL of Orford, on 12 October 1887, at Ridgetown

005564-87 William DUNN, 31, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o John & Sarah DUNN, married Ellen VANCE, 27, Canada, Camden, d/o James & Elizabeth VANCE, witn: Robert VANCE, Letitia DUNN, both of Camden, 18 January 1887 at Gore of Camden

005529-87 Elijah EASTMAN, 27, cooper, Ottawa, Highgate, s/o Benjamin & Harriett EASTMAN, married Catherine REYNOLDS, 19, Bothwell, Highgate, d/o Thomas & Annie REYNOLDS, witn: Westly CHAUST (Charest?), Highgate, Amelia WAUGENHEIM, Chatham, 6 April 1887 at Highgate 005439-87 John R. EASTMAN, 22, farmer, Canada, Orford, s/o William & Grace EASTMAN, married Allice Maud LOUCKS, 22, Canada, Orford, d/o Benjamin & Elinor LOUCKS, witn: George EASTMAN, John F. LOUCKS, both of Orford, 22 March 1887 at Morpeth (also 5533-87)
005502-87 (Kent Co.) George EBERLIE, 26, farmer, Morpeth, Duart, s/o George & Madaeline, married Kate Era KENNEY, 23, Toronto, Turin, d/o John & Ella, witn John KENNEY of Toronto & Elizebeth EBERLIE of Duart, on 18 April 1887, at Ridgetown 005607-87 (Kent Co.) Thomas R. EGERTON, 25, clergyman, England, Michigan, s/o Thomas & Emma, married Minnie J. McCLINTON, 21, Ontario, Wallaceburg, d/o John & Eliza, witn John McCLINTON & Ida E. McCLINTON of Wallaceburg, on 22 September 1887, at Wallaceburg

005440-87 John ELGIE, 23, farmer, Canada, Howard, s/o Ralph & Elizabeth ELGIE, married Mary GALBRAITH, 26, Canada, Howard, d/o Walter & Matilda GALBRAITH, witn: H.T. JACKSON, Eliza JACKSON, residences not entered, 5 January 1887 at Morpeth

005818-87 (Kent Co.) Ralph ELGIE, 23, farmer, Canada, Chatham, s/o Ralph & E., married Agnes CROWDER, 16, Canada, Sombra, d/o J. & S., witn R.E. PEGLEY & M.J. BAKER, both of Baldoon, on 20 December 1887, at Baldoon
005466-88 (Kent Co) John Franklin ELLIS, 27. labourer, Scarborough, Dover, s/o Frederick & Isabella ELLIS, married Isabella JORDAN, 17, Tyrone Ireland, Scarborough  - York Co, d/o Moses & Eliza JORDAN, witn: James F. ELLIS, Dover, Melissa LEIZART, Chatham, 26 November 1887 at Chatham 5373-87 (Kent Co): Nathan ELLSWORTH, 46, clergyman (Methodist), USA, Chatham, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Martha Ellen G. HARRIS, 21, Canada, Dresden, d/o James & Emma E., witn: S.P. PEAKES, L. MYERS & J. HARRIS, all of Dresden, 12 Oct 1887 at Dresden

005413-87 Arthur EMERSON, 25, merchant, Drambo (Drumbo?), Bothwell, s/o Alex & Marian EMERSON, married Jessie L. GURD, 21, Buckhorn (now Cedar Springs), Bothwell, d/o Thomas & Mary GURD, witn: Thomas GURD, Bothwell, Mrs. D.M. McLEAN, Dakota U.S., 16 January 1887 at Bothwell

005477-87 Charles EMERY, 21, farmer, Big Point, Big Point, s/o Charles EMERY & Henriette DUCEDRE, married Marie CHARRON, 20, Big Point, Big Point, d/o Oliver CHARRON & Victorine CHEVALIER, witn: Cyrille EMERY, Agnes EMERY, both of Big Point, 21 February 1887 at Big Point 005549-87 (Kent Co.)  John Alfred EMERY, 26, farmer, Canada, Gore, s/o James & Mary Jane, married Sarah Edith BLACKBURN, 27, Canada, Gore, d/o Robert & Nancy, witn:  Fred H. EMERY & Annie BLACKBURN of Dresden, on 8 June 1887, at Gore
005470-87 Francis EMERY, 23, farmer, Big Point, Big Point, s/o Alexander EMERY & Catherine RHIAMME, married Mary SIMARD, 20, Big Point, Big Point, d/o Moise SIMARD & Anastasie SIMARD, witn: Julian LAGUILLE, Julien TETREAULT, both of Big Point, 22 November 1887 at Big Point 005468-87 Cyrille EMERY, 22, farmer, Big Point, Big Point, s/o Francis EMERY & Julie THIBODEAU, married Eudalie GIROUX, 19, Big Point, Big Point, d/o Pierre GIROUX & Marie Anne DULINE, witn: Francis EMERY, Pierre GIROUX, both of Big Point, 21 November 1887 at Big Point
5372-87 (Kent Co): Thomas ENNETT, 45, lumberman, Canada, Dresden, s/o Henry ENNETT & Margaret FITZPATRICK, married Margaret COLEMAN, 25, Canada, Dresden, d/o Michael COLEMAN & Mary KANE, witn: Peter ENNETT of Chatham twp & John COLEMAN of Euphemia twp., 3 Oct 1887 at Dresden (Rom Cath)  
5391-87 (Kent Co): Alva Stephens EVERETT, 25, farmer, Howard, same, s/o William & Matilda, married Eliza Ann PICKARD, 23, Camden, Howard, d/o Amos & Susan, witn: William BOURDEN & Lettie PICKARD, 13 April 1887 at Howard 005594-87 (Kent Co.) John Colborne EVERETT, 34, mechanic, Harwich, Wallaceburg, s/o Joseph & Jane, married Elizabeth POLLOCK, 32, Haldimond, Chatham, d/o James & Anna, witn James POLLOCK & Dollie COFFEY of Wallaceburg, on 29 November 1887, at Wallaceburg

005716-87 (Kent Co) Henry EVES, 23, farmer, not entered, Sombra, s/o Thomas & Rosana? EVES, married Cynthia MILBURN, 17, Sombra, Sombra, d/o Robert & Annie MILBURN, witn: John SCHNEIDER, Chatham, Eva EVES, Raleigh, 12 July 1887 at Chatham

005559-87 Paul FALARDAN, 27, mill owner, U.S., Camden, s/o Peter & Mary, married Addie BOYINTON, 24, Canada, Camden, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Albert BOYINTON, Elizabeth BOYINTON, both of Camden, 16 December 1887 at Camden
  005429-1887 (Kent Co.) William FARQUHARSON, 33, Presbyterian minister, Scotland, Dover Twp., married Ann McDonald COUTTS, 30, East Tilbury, same, d/o John & Rachel, witn: William C. FLETCHER & Rachel J. COUTTS, both of East Tilbury, 18 May 1887 at East Tilbury.
5770-87 John FERGUSON, 26, farmer, Elgin Co., Harwich, s/o Hugh FERGUSON & Ella McMANUS, married Katie HAGAN, 23, Harwich, same, d/o James HAGAN & Mary Ann CURTIS, witn: William & Eliza HAGAN of Harwich, 14 Feb 1887 at Chatham (Rom Cath) 5585-87 William Henry FERRIS, 20, laborer, Highgate, Blenheim, s/o Jesse & Maria, married Ellen Elizabeth DOOL, 17, Hamilton, Blenheim, d/o David & Margaret, witn: Robert CASWELL & Jennie BRADT, both of Highgate, 27 April 1887 at Blenheim
005487-87 (Kent Co.) Ford FINNISDORF, 23, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Ford & Heneretta, married Lydia WOOD, 21, Howard, Ridgetown, d/o Nathan & Mary, witn J.W.G. HAY & Mr(s) Robert WOOD, both of Ridgetown, on 13 April 1887, at Ridgetown 005562-87 John FLINN, 30, farmer, Canada, Dover, s/o John & Eliza FLINN, married Luca Ann BIRD, 25, Canada, Dover, d/o Joseph BIRD & Luca Ann BIRD, witn: John STERN, Jane YOUNG, both of Dover, 14 May 1887 at Gore of Camden
#005770-87 (Kent Co): David FLUKE, 32, farmer, Harwich, Raleigh, s/o David & Catherine, maried Jane ORTON, 20, Holland Landing - York Co., Raleigh, d/o William & Mary, witnesses were John McCOMBIE & Victoria May HIND, both of Chatham, 4 May, 1887 at Chatham  

005781-87 (Kent Co) Hiram Bush FORD, 50, millwright, Berkshire Co. Mass., Detroit, widower, s/o Aron & Mary, married Bella NEWKIRK, 27, Pt. Rowan Ont., Chatham, d/o John C. & Carrie, witn: Arthur A. FORD, Wyandotte Mich., Annie M. NEWKIRK, Chatham, 4 May 1887 at Chatham

005567-87 William John FORD, 20, farmer, Dunwich Elgin, Camden, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth FORD, married Charlotte Heron WEALCH, 19, Thamesville, Zone twp., d/o James & Sarah Ann WEALCH, witn: Austin WEALCH, Zone, Ellen WINTER, Howard, 14 December 1887 at Zone twp

005718-87 (Kent Co) John Henry FOX, 30. laborer, Ireland, Chatham, s/o Benjamin & Sarah Jane FOX, married Maggie JONES, 38, not entered, Chatham, widow, d/o Martin & Hannah SCHNEIDER, witn: Fannie Maria STOVER, John STOVER, both of Chatham, 16 July 1887 at Chatham 005556-87 William FROGGATT, 55, farmer, widower, England, Camden, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Maria HILL, 44, widow, Canada, Camden, d/o George. & Mary HILL, witn: Patrick BODKIN, Prisdel BODKIN, residences not entered, 30 November 1887 at Camden
005512-87 (Kent Co.) William GAGE, 26, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Marvel & Julia, married Emily SPENCER, 20, Howard, Ridgetown, d/o Samuel & Melissa J., witn S.H. SPENCER & Elizebeth SPENCER, both of Ridgetown, on 9 February, 1887, at Ridgetown 005745-87 (Kent Co.) Oscar GAGE, 23, farmer, Ridgetown, same, s/o (illegible) & Julian, married Mary BULLER, 23, Ridgetown, same, d/o Thomas & Nancy?, witn Sidney CLARK & Viney GAGE of Ridgetown, on 16 February 1887, at Chatham
005478-87 Dieudonne GAGNIER, 23, farmer, Tilbury, Tilbury, s/o Medard GAGNIER & Julienne FABIEN, married Marie Olivine LUSSIER, 20, Big Point, Big Point, d/o Louis LUCIER (sic) & Eloise MARTIN, witn: Noe REMILLARD, Eva CHEFF, both of Big Point, 21 February 1887 at Big Point 5393-87 (Kent Co): Lachlan GALBRAITH, 27, merchant, Howard, same, s/o Pangburn & Mary, married Susan CLARK, 18, Howard, same, d/o Dugald CLARKE (sic) & Sarah MAN, witn: Samuel HOLMES of Harwich & Annie MOORE of Howard, 20 April 1887 at Thamesville

005522-87 John GARTON, 25, farmer, Aldborough, Aldborough, s/o William. & Catherine GARTON, married Lucinda MAIN, 24, Orford, Orford, d/o William MAIN & Elizabeth MAIN, witn: W.E. LEE, Aldborough, Margaret BUCHANAN, residence not entered, 16 November 1887 at Orford

005787-87 (Kent Co) William GEROW, 35, laborer, Canada, Chatham, s/o William & Sarah, married Isabella DUNCAN, 70, Scotland, Chatham, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth, DUNCAN, witn: Alexander BARNETT, Richard MOORE, both of Chatham, 9 June 1887 at Chatham
005793-1888 (Kent) Levi GIBBONS, 29, farmer, Dorsetshire England, Gore of Camden, s/o Charles GIBBONS & Eliza SOXEY? married Annie STINSON, 24, Sheffield Ont, Dawn, d/o Wm STINSON & Elizabeth CUMMINGS; wit: John STINSON, Dawn, Hannah GIBBONS, Camden. 27 Dec 1887 at Thamesville 005604-87 (Kent Co.) John GIBSON, 23, farmer, Ireland, Chatham, s/o William & Jane, married Martha HART, 19, Ontario, Chatham, d/o Myler & Lavina, witn Mrs. Elizabeth W. HAYHURST of Wallaceburg, on 10 September 1887, at Wallaceburg
005521-87 Peter GILLESPIE, 26, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o Malcolm GILLESPIE & Christena CURRIE, married Margaret REAVIE, 22, Dorchester Ont., Orford, d/o Archibald REAVIE & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Daniel REAVIE, Orford, Janet CAMPBELL, Dorchester, 16 November 1887 at Orford  
#005406-87 (Kent Co): James E. GILLIAN, 30, laborer, Grand River Mich., Wallaceburg, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Susan McDONALD, 24, Orford, same, d/o Philip & Julia Ann, witn: Mary CLINKERSMITH of Bothwell & John McDONALD of Orford, 18 Oct 1887 at Bothwell

005441-87 Alexander GOFF, 21, farmer, widower, Howard, Howard, s/o Alexander & Harriett GOFF, married Jane HALL, 35, widow, Harwich, Blenheim, d/o David & Catherine HAMILL, witn: Lily Jane CAMERON? & Josephine Irene GAWN, both of Morpeth, 9 February 1887 at Morpeth

005531-87 Smith GOODMAN, 26, sailor, Norway Europe, Port Stanley, s/o GOODMAN & Imogina, married Gertrude A. AMES, 16, Michigan, Orford, d/o Isaac AMES & Nancy AMES, witn: Philip HENRY, Clearville, Mary CURTIS, Duart, 9 March 1887 at Duart 005426-87 George B. GOUGH, 36, engineer, Port Stanley Ont., Tilbury Centre, s/o William & Eliza, married Elizabeth BAKER, 23, England, Tilbury Centre, d/o John & Mary A., witn: Maurice DAVIS, Alfred BAKER, residences not entered, 19 January 1887 at Tilbury Centre
005555-87 John GOULD, 24, farmer, Canada, Dawn, s/o George. & Ann GOULD, married Anna L. KENNEDY, 23, Canada, Camden, d/o James & Catherine KENNEDY, witn: John KENNEDY, Sarah J. BASS, residences not entered, 16 November 1887 at Camden 005791-87 (Kent Co) Gilbert GRAHAM, 30, hotel keeper, Pickering Prince Edward Co., Dresden, s/o James & Mary GRAHAM, married Rachel NEVILLS, 30, Westminster Ont., Dresden, d/o Isaac & Sarah NEVILLS, Augustus C. PACE, Eliza PACE, both of Chatham, 22 March 1887 at Chatham
005469-88 (Kent Co) Robert GRAY, 25, carriage builder, Chatham, Chatham, s/o William & Helen GRAY, married Margaret H. McLAREN, 25, Milbourne, Chatham, d/o Robert J. (or I.) McLAREN, witn: James GRAY, James TAYLOR, Julia DOUGLASS, all of Chatham, 28 December 1887 at Chatham 005804-87 (Kent Co.) Charles GREGORY, 37, laborer, Chatham, same, s/o Richard & Rebecca, married Anne WESTMORE, 27, Harwich, Chatham, d/o Philip & Elizabeth, witn Clara S. (illegible) & Rebecca MAIR? of Chatham, on 18 June 1887, at Chatham
5581-87 George Sylvester HALL, 24, farmer, Michigan state, Blenheim, s/o Silas HALL & Sarah BESLEY, married Maggie McGREGOR, 24, Blenheim, same, d/o John McGREGOR & Agnes LAURIE, witn: Ed. T. COBURN & Kate McGREGOR, both of Blenheim, 30 March 1887 at Blenheim 5807-87 (Kent Co): Henry Arthur HALL, 27, merchant, Chatham, same, s/o Joel T. & Eliza H., married Fannie JAHAKE, 23, Chatham, same, d/o Albert & Sarah, witn: William & Annie HILLMAN of Chatham, 30 June 1887 at Chatham

005443-87 Edward HALL (HALE?), 25, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o Titus & Hannah HALL, married Ella CABLE, 16, Canada, Howard, d/o John W. & Mary CABLE, witn: Titus HALL, Flora MYERS, both of Howard, 13 April 1887 at Howard


005782-87 (Kent Co) Jessie HAMEL, 21, laborer, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Charles & Susy, married Kate McINTYRE, 18, Petrolia Ont., Chatham, d/o Daniel & Catherine, witn: John HUXLEY, Mary McBRIDE, both of Chatham, 17 May 1887 at Chatham

005367-87 Arthur HAMILTON, 28, street car conductor, United States, Detroit Mich., s/o William & Roena HAMILTON, married Annie HUNTER, 21, Canada, Dresden, d/o James & Mary HUNTER, witn: Ettie CARSCALLEN, Emily RUSH, both of Dresden, 11 July 1887 at Dresden

  5763-87 Neils John HANSEN, 30, farmer, Denmark, Detroit, s/o Robertson & Mary, married Sarah CLARK, 26, Chatham twp., same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: William & George E. CLARK of Chatham, 29 March 1887 at Chatham
5584-87 Walter H. HARRIS, 34, miller, Grimsby, Essex Centre, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Annie C. EVERLEE, 37, widow, Morpeth, same, d/o William EVERLEE & Corletta PALMER, witn: John & Minnie SHELDON of Blenheim, 2 May 1887 at Blenheim

005726-87 (Kent Co) Frederick HARRIS, 22, laborer, not entered, Chatham twp., s/o not entered, married Maggie SUDDS, 20, not entered, Chatham twp., d/o not entered, witn: Walter HARRIS, Wallaceburg, Caroline RATCLIFF, Essex Centre, 17 October 1887 at Chatham

#005405-87 (Kent Co): Epram HERR, 23, farmer, Waterloo, Orford, s/o Albert & Margaret, married Ann M. PEAR, 23 (or 25), London, Orford, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: M. PICKARD of Harwick, 7 Sept 1887 at Bothwell

005437-87 Hiram Sidney HILL, 26, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o Arastus & Lucy HILL, married Emma Amelia LIEBNER, 23, Morpeth, Morpeth, d/o Augustine & Caroline LIEBNER, witn: Albert and Pauline LIEBNER, 22 February 1887 at Morpeth

005609-87 (Kent Co.) John Thomas HOLMES, 30, farmer, Chatham, same, s/o Byron & Alice, married Isabella McKEAN, 32, Chatham, same, d/o Thomas & Agnes, witn W.J. HOLMES & Ellen ANGUS, on 12 October 1887, at Chatham 5399-87 (Kent Co): Francis HOLYNAGLE, 25, florist, Long Island City, Detroit, s/o Henry & Matilda, married Emily GAMBLE, 26, England, Bothwell, d/o William & Sharlott, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W.C. GAMBLE of Bothwell, 25 May 1887 at Bothwell
005598-87 (Kent Co.) John L. HOLWILL? (HOLWELL?), 28, farmer, Exeter, Chatham, s/o John & Ann, married Isabell C. McKERRALL, 22, Chatham, same, d/o Hugh & Mary, witn William ROBERTSON & Sarah M. McKERRALL of Chatham, on 28 December 1887, at Chatham 005507-87 (Kent Co.) Charles HORLOD (sic), 25, clerk, St.Williams, Ridgetown, s/o William & Eliza THOROLD (sic), married Mary McPHERSON, 23, Howard, Ridgetown, d/o Joshua & Charity, witn Milbary? SCANE & Ada SCARLETT of Ridgetown, on 13 June 1887, at Ridgetown
005479-87 John Baptiste HOULE, 30, farmer, widower, Big Point, Big Point, s/o Pierre HOULE & Monique PRIMEAU, married Cesarine EMERY, 20, Big Point, Big Point, d/o Joseph EMERY & Julie L. EMERY, witn: Pierre HOULE, David HOULE, both of Big Point, 18 April 1887 at Big Point  
005612-87 (Kent Co.) James HUTCHINS, 22, farmer, Ontario, Colchester, s/o John & Patience, married Alice MENARY, 17, Ontario, Mersea, d/o Robert & Isabella, witn Reuben FOX & Annie MENARY of Mersea, on 16 March 1887, at Romney 005777-1888 (Kent) William HYDE, 25, cooper, Ireland, Dresden, s/o John & Mary HYDE, married Jeanie WILSON, 23, Canada, Dresden, d/o David & Christina WILSON; wit: Stephen WINDSOR, Sophrona WILSON, Dresden. 28 Dec 1887 at town of Dresden.
005797-87 (Kent Co.) Thomas D. IRVING, 23, yeoman, Bosanquet, Raleigh, s/o George C. & May, married Elizabeth WALLACE, 18, Raleigh, same, d/o William? & Catherine, witn James R. IRVING of Chatham & Kate WALLACE of Raleigh, on 16 March 1887, at Chatham 5761-87 William JACKSON, 30, widower, laborer, of Chatham, s/o Herman & Sarah, married Bertha DESOTELL, 17, of Chatham, d/o George & Annie, 26 Feb 1887 at Chatham
005534-87 (Kent Co.) Thomas JACQUES, 43, farmer, Port Hope, Howard, widowed, s/o John JACQUES & Grace BELLAMY, married Mary McCORVIE, 35, Harwich, same, d/o Donald & Catharine, witn Miss. E.M. WADDELL of Blenheim, on 20 July 1887, at Blenheim

005786-87 (Kent Co) John JAMES, 47, farmer, Perth, Wallaceburg, widower, s/o William & Susan JAMES, married Susan L. ARNOLD, 43, Howard, Howard, d/o David & Susan ARNOLD, witn: James William McCOLL, Hugh D. McCOLL, both of Chatham, 8 June 1887 at Chatham

005785-87 (Kent Co) John Earle JENNER, 30, doctor of medicine, Canada, Picton, s/o John & Hannah JENNER, married Ella Eugenia TAYLOR, 28, Canada, Chatham, d/o Thomas H. & Maria TAYLOR, witn: John TAYLOR, Dr. HOLMES, both of Chatham, 1 June 1887 at Chatham

5766-87 John Alex JERMY, 37, widower, sawyer, Lobo twp., Chatham, s/o Wilkinson & Catherine, married Elizabeth LOTT (Tott?), 25, Kingston, Chatham, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: Jane HUXLEY & Rebecca MAIR, both of Chatham, 5 April 1887 at Chatham
005466-87 Medart JETTE, 23, farmer, St. Gregoire Bas-Canada, Dover South, s/o Toussaint JETTE & Onesime TETRAULT, married Philomine MOUSE, 20, Dover, Dover South, d/o Andre MOUSE & Sophie HEBERT, witn: Julien BENOIT, Philippe BLAIS, both of Dover, 21 February 1887 at Dover 005471-88 (Kent Co) Charles JOHNSON, 34, farmer, York State U.S., Chatham twp., s/o George & Maria JOHNSON, married Sarah Francis THOMPSON, 38, widow, Indiana U.S., Chatham twp., d/o James & Eliza BACKETT, witn: William A. WHITING, Chatham, Martha J. WALLACE, Chatham twp., 29 December 1887 at Chatham
5375-87 (Kent Co): George JOHNSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Sombra twp., s/o George & Elizabeth, married Georgiana STEPHENS, 21, Canada, Dawn twp., d/o James & Jane, witn: H.W. SUSSEX of Bothwell & Emma SLAGHT of Dresden, 16 Nov 1887 at Dresden 005593-87 (Kent Co.) William JOHNSON, 53, farmer, Chatham, same, widowed, s/o Lionel & Elizabeth, married Catharine WILLIE, 46, Peterborough, Ridgetown, widowed, d/o William & Ellen WILLIE, witn James CAMERON & Nettie CAMERON of Wallaceburg, on 29 November 1887, at Wallaceburg
005803-87 (Kent Co.) Richard JONES, 28, farmer, Howard, same, s/o David & Kitty, married Jennie BURDINE, 20, US, Howard, d/o (father unknown) & Betsy Ann, witn Rebecca MAIR? & May McBRIDE of Chatham, on 17 June 1887, at Chatham

005721-87 (Kent Co) Michael JONES, 45, laborer, Ireland, Chatham, s/o Denis & Catherine JONES, married Emily CORBIN, 35, England, Chatham, widow, d/o James & Mary DOWNS, witn: John LYNCH, Mary LYNCH, both of Chatham, 6 August 1887 at Chatham

005605-87 (Kent Co.) Herbert Douglas JUDSON, 25, laborer, Wallaceburg, same, s/o William & Matilda, married Lizzie HOWSON, 24, Haldimond, Wallaceburg, d/o Neil & Phebe, witn J.H. McMATH & Annie LAWSON of Wallaceburg, on 14 September 1887, at Wallaceburg

005729-87 (Kent Co) John KEELY, 21, laborer, Ontario, Chatham, s/o John & Sarah KEELY, married May CRITTENDEN, 18, not entered, Chatham, d/o Samuel & Catherine CRITTENDEN, witn: James KEELY, Mary BROWN, both of Chatham, 16 December 1887 at Chatham

005817-87 (Kent Co.) Archuless P. KELLAM, 27, school teacher, of Sombra, s/o John & Nancy Jane, married Melinda Jane AIKENS, 26, Chatham, same, d/o Samuel & Corentha?, witn Alex AIKENS & Mary J. HOWE, both of Chatham, on 7 December 1887, at Chatham 005493-87 (Kent Co.) Edward KELLY, 28, mechanic, Michigan, Thamesville, s/o Patrick & Betsey, married Annie RICHARDS, 23, Thamesville, same, d/o Peter & Elizebeth, witn A.F. CLEMENT & Bessie CLEMENT of Ridgetown, on 9 October 1887, at Ridgetown
005736-87 Thomas KENNEDY, 27, lumberman, New York State, Dawn twp. Lambton Co., s/o Matthew & Ellen KENNEDY, married Emma MACKY, 17, Dawn twp., Dawn twp., d/o Thomas & Cordelia MACKY, witn: John MACKY, Dawn twp., Eliza SEED, Dresden, 26 January 1887 at Chatham  

005361-87 Richard KERBY, 24, sailor, Canada, Dresden, s/o Nathan & Sarah Jane KERBY, married Martha Victoria TURNER, 21, Canada, Dresden, d/o William & Mary TURNER, witn: William Van Allen WINDOVER, Julia TULLOCH, both of Dresden, 21 March 1887 at Dresden

5760-87 John E. KESTRICK, 31, traveller, England, Chatham, s/o not given, married Mary Ann NOR--?(off page), 28, Ontario, Chatham, d/o not given, witn: Daniel McINTYRE & Jane NORTH, both of Chatham, 23 Feb 1887 at Chatham
5762-87 John KING, 27, farmer, Boston, Dresden, s/o John & unknown, married Matilda Martha TENNYSON, 24, Scotland, Dresden, d/o Martin & Charity, witn: Francis WILLIAMS & Jane HUXLEY, both of Chatham, 22 March 1887 at Chatham 005591-87 (Kent Co.) August KOEING (sic), 26, mechanic, Germany, St.Clair Mich, s/o Adam KEOING (sic) & Catharine LYENT, married Catherine WEST, 21, Grosse Point Mich, Wallaceburg, d/o David WEST & Annie Maria REVARD, witn Edmund WEST & Margaret WEST of Wallaceburg, on 21 November 1887, at Wallaceburg
  005472-87 Antoine LABADIE, 25, laborer, Dover, Dover, s/o Julien LABADIE & Judith LETOURNEAU, married Melena BOURBONNAIS, 27, Dover, Dover, d/o Jean Baptiste BOURBONNAIS & Emelie LEGO, witn: Augustus BOURBONNAIS, Francis BECHARD, residences not entered, 6 November 1887 at Pain Court
005506-87 (Kent Co.) Thomas LAIDLAW, 31, carpenter, US, Ridgetown, s/o William & Harriett, married Mary F. HAWKSWORTH, 28, Canada, Bowmanville, d/o Joshua & Elizebeth, witn C.W. CHASE & Mrs. E. SKIPPER?, both of Ridgetown, on 8 June 1887, at Ridgetown #005777-87 (Kent Co): Thomas E. LAIRD, 28, manufacturer, Florence, Dresden, s/o John & Sarah, married Mary I. WALLACE, 27, Brantford, Dover, d/o William & Anna, witnesses were Dr. William H. BULLIS of Dresden & Ellen D. WALLACE of Dover, March 2, 1887 at Dover
005539-87 (Kent Co.) Stuart LAMONT? (LAMOUNT?), 27, painter, Dunnvile, Chatham, s/o David? & Mary, married 'Abbie or Allie' ENGLISH, 44, Harwich, same, widowed, d/o Thomas & Susanna McINTYRE, witn R.J. McINTYRE & Susan McINTYRE of Harwich, on 10 November 1887, at Harwich 005566-87 Joseph LAW, 26, farmer, Canada, Dawn, s/o William & Elizabeth LAW, married Effie STEWART, 27, Canada, Dawn, d/o Randol & Sarah STEWART, witn: Catherine HILLYARD?, Bowmanville, Christina MARSH, Dawn Mills, 6 April 1887 at Gore of Camden
005514-87 (Kent Co.) John Phylander LAYMAN, 21, farmer, Thedford?, Ridgetown, s/o William C. LAYMAN & Sarah LANDON, married Harriet JAMES, 18, Oneida, Orford, d/o Christopher JAMES & Sarah TEMPLETON, witn John JAMES & Sarah Jane LAYMAN, on 11 Octoaber 1887, at Orford  
005546-87 (Kent Co.) James W. LEE, 29, yeoman, Beverley, Rodney, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Laura COSGRAVE, 23, Harwich, same, d/o William & Elvistie?, witn Daniel McPHERSON of Rodney & Euphemia TAYLOR of Harwich, on 16 February 1887, at Harwich 005599-87 (Kent Co.) Charles E. LEE, 27, Baptist Minister, Blanchard, Albion Mich, s/o John & Mary, married Hattie Bruce CARTER, 26, Rockford Ill US, Wallaceburg, d/o George & Margaret, witn Joshua ROBERTS of Detroit & W.G. DOBIE of Wallaceburg, on 28 December 1887, at Wallaceburg
005590-88 (Kent Co) Joseph LEWIS, 21, indian, Grand River, Orford, s/o Joseph & Mary LEWIS, married Naomi SNAKE, 19, Orford, Orford, d/o George & Eliza SNAKE, witn: Mary HARTMAN, Elizabeth HENDRICK, both of Moraviantown, 30 December 1887 at Moraviantown 005516-87 John C. LEWIS, 24, Indian, Orford, Orford, s/o Solomon & Hannah LEWIS, married Augustine THOMAGO, 21, Orford, Orford, d/o Reuben & Martha THOMAGO, witn: James DOLSEN, Joanna DOLSEN, both of Orford, 25 October 1887 at Moraviantown
005602-87 (Kent Co.) Anthony LIBERTY, 41, sailor, Quebec City, Wallaceburg, widowed, s/o Louis & Elizabeth, married Sophia RAYMER, 30, Howard, Wallaceburg, widowed, d/o Alanson & Eliza PANGBURN, witn William OWENS & Elijah PANGBURN of Wallaceburg, on 22 August 1887, at Wallaceburg  
005543-87 (Kent Co.) George Walton LOWES, 26, farmer, Harwich, Cedar Springsd, s/o Thomas & Fanny, married Agnes HEATHERINGTON, 27, Cedar Springs, same, d/o Joseph & Matilda, witn John ALLISON & Elsie ALLISON, both of Harwich, on 12 January 1887, at Harwich 005481-87 John Baptiste LOZON, 40, day laborer, widower, s/o John Baptiste LAUZON (sic) & Charlotte MAILLET, married Matilda NEWMAN, 35, widow, Big Point, Big Point, d/o John NEWMAN & Marie HAWKINS, witn: John Baptiste LAUZON, Joseph ST. PIERRE, both of Big Point, 12 June 1887 at Big Point
005853-88 Michael LYNCH, 25, laborer, b. place not entered, Raleigh Ont., s/o James & Mary LYNCH, married Celia Orilla PARDO, 18, Canada, Raleigh twp. Ont., d/o Henry & Elizabeth PARDO, witn: Herbert THOMPSON, Elizabeth FLETCHER, both of Blenheim Ont., 29 November 1887 at Blenheim

005423-87 William A. MAKINTOSH (McINTOSH?), 30, station master, Ontario, Tilbury West, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Margaret McALISTER, 22, Ontario, Tilbury West, d/o Duncan & Elizabeth, witn: Mr. WESTLAND, Comber, Mr. RICHARDSON, Valetta, 6 July 1887 at village of Comber [reg’d in Tilbury East]

005523-87 Marcus Tabot MANN, 30, gentleman, Westminster Middlesex Co., London Ont., s/o Hiram & Margaret MANN, married Nancy Maria WHITESELL, 26, Duart Kent Co., Duart Kent Co., d/o Isaac & Isabella WHITESELL, witn: Francis MANN, London, Isabella NEWCOMB, Duart, 16 November 1887 at residence of William. T. NEWCOMB Duart 005592-87 (Kent Co.) Michael MANNION, 27, locomotive engineer, England, Chatham, s/o Thomas & Bridget, married Eliza ABER, 20, Ontario, Wallaceburg, d/o Joseph ABER & Lenora MAHEW, witn Charles SWAINSON & Mary McGANN of Wallaceburg, on 23 November 1887, at Wallaceburg
005469-87 Eugene MARTIN, 23, farmer, Big Point, Big Point, s/o Moise MARTIN & Anastasie PILOTTE, married Anastasie PILOTTE, 20, Big Point, Big Point, d/o Alfred PILOTTE & Laoze LUSSIER, witn: Moise MARTIN, Joseph GIROUX, both of Big Point, 22 November 1887 at Big Point 005563-87 James H. MARTIN, 28, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o Henry & Dorothy MARTIN, married Nellie M. VANSICKLE, 21, Canada, Camden, d/o Isaac VANSICKLE & Christian VANSICKLE, witn: James ARTHUR, Alva FANSHER, both of Camden, 24 May 1887 at Camden
  005544-87 (Kent Co.) Neil D. McCORVIE, 41, farmer, Harwich, same, wodowed, s/o Donald & Catherine, married Lizzie JOHNSON, 35, Scarborough, Harwich, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn Mr. & Mrs. Geroge JOHNSON, on 12 January 1887, at Harwich
5389-87 (Kent Co): Malcolm McDONALD, 26, farmer, Dawn, same, s/o Donald McDONALD & Janet NICHOLSON, married Fanny COOK, 24, Camden East, Camden, d/o William COOK & Ellen STINSON, witn: Hugh McDONALD of Dawn & Christena COOK of Gore of Camden, 16 March 1887 at Thamesville 005468-88 (Kent Co) Robert J. McDONALD, 21, plaster, Kingston, Chatham, s/o James & Mary McDONALD, married Rose FIELDER, 18, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth FIELDER, witn: Clara SOFTY, Frank HENRY, both of Chatham, 21 December 1887 at Chatham
5383-87 (Kent Co): Neil McEWEN, 36, farmer, Argyleshire Scotland, Camden, s/o Donald McEWEN & Catherine MORRISON, married Mary KNIGHT, 22, Howard, Camden, d/o Richard KNIGHT & Mary BUTLER, witn: Archibald McEWEN of Camden & Jane McKINLAY of Howard, 6 Dec 1887 at Thamesville  
005568-87 Alexander McGAFFY, 25, farmer, Canada, Zone twp., s/o John McGAFFY & Nancy McGAFFY, married Matilda BODKIN, 21, Zone, Zone, d/o William BODKIN & Eliza BODKIN, witn: Ambrose WRENCHER, Bothwell, Nellie YOUNG, Florence, 20 September 1887 at Zone 005709-88 (Kent Co) William McGAFFY, 21, mason, Belle River, Bothwell, s/o William & Rebecca McGAFFY, married Helen BRANDY, 20, Bothwell, Bothwell, d/o Alexander & Margaret BRANDY, witn: George JOHNSON, Euphemia, Maggie BRANDY, Bothwell, 21 December 1887 at Bothwell
005606-87 (Kent Co.) John McGREGOR, 22, mechanic, Chatham, Wallaceburg, s/o John McGREGOR & Maggie, married Lucie SMITH, 20, Dunwich, Wallaceburg, d/o Squire SMITH & Liza Jane, witn T.H. McMATH & Annie HOWSON of Wallaceburg, on 15 September 1887, at Wallaceburg

005364-87 Patrick McGUIRE, 29, farmer, Canada, Dawn twp., s/o George McGUIRE & Elizabeth McGUIRE, married Ellen BURNS, 23, Canada, Dawn twp., d/o Symon BURNS & Mary Grace, witn: Francis McGUIRE, Dawn twp., Teresa O'BRIEN, Euphemia twp., 5 May 1887 at Dresden

005505-87 (Kent Co.) Alexander McINTOSH, 21, laborer, Duart, Ridgetown, s/o George & SArah, married Ellen McFARLANE, 21, Eckford, Appin, d/o John & Christina, witn W.H. HOLLAND & T.H. REYNOLDS, both of Ridgetown, on 18 May 1887, at Ridgetown 005794-87 (Kent Co.) John McKAY, 24, yeoman, Harwich, Howard, s/o John & Maria, married Rossella CLARK, 19, Howard, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn Arthur H. (illegible) of Charring Cross & Mary F. WHITING? of Chatham, on 29 March 1887, at Chatham
005536-87 (Kent Co.) John McKAY, 21, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o James & Mary, married Emma E. SMITH, 21, Harwich, same, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn Charles B. SMITH & Maggie McKAY of Harwich, on 21 September 1887, at Harwich 005383-86 (Kent Co.) David McKEON, 20, railroad, St. Mary's, Ridgetown, s/o Joshua & Susan, married Alatin? (Alasin?), ACKER, 19, Howard, Ridgetown, d/o Pete & Mary Ann, witn Nancy ACKER of Ridgetown, on 1 January 1887, at Ridgetown
  005591-88 (Kent Co) Archibald McLAREN, 29, farmer, Ontario, Orford, s/o Donald McLAREN & Janet McKINLEY, married Mary THOMPSON, 22, Scotland, Orford, d/o Stewart THOMPSON & Margaret McQUILKIN, witn: Duncan McKINLEY, Harwich, Irene CRAWFORD, Howard, 28 December 1887 at Orford
005799-87 (Kent Co.) John McLEAN, 30, yeoman, Renfrew Scotland, Chatham, s/o Archibald & Agnes, married Melinda PETERS, 21, Chatham, same, d/o Richard & Jane, witn Mary F. WHITING & Rachel MERRITT of Chatham, on 4 March 1887, at Chatham

005358-87 John McNABB, 28, farmer, Canada, Dawn twp., s/o John & Janet McNABB, married Catherine Jane REID, 28, Canada, Dawn twp., d/o Peter & Catherine REID, witn: George HORNING, Julia TULLOCH, both of Dresden, 16 February 1887 at Dresden

5810-87 (Kent Co): Thomas McNAUGHTON, 31, farmer, Kintyre - Argyleshire Scotland, Minnesota USA, s/o Donald & Margaret, married Sarah Catherine CUMMING, 24, Chatham twp., same, d/o Robert & R., witn: Sarah M. McKERRALL of Chatham & Donald McNAUGHTON Jr. of Chatham twp., 23 Feb 1887 at Chatham twp

005526-87 Neil McPHAIL, 23, farmer, Ontario, Orford, s/o Neil McPHAIL & Hellen KING, married Isabella FORD, 21, Ontario, Orford, d/o Neil FORD & Mary McLARTY, witn: Edward McPHAIL, Orford, Nancy McCALL, Aldborough, 16 February 1887 at Orford

5390-87 (Kent Co): David James McPHERSON, 25, widower, farmer, Orford, same, s/o Daniel McPHERSON & Eliza SHANKIE, married Euphemia HETHERINGTON, 27, Orford, same, d/o Richard HETHERINGTON & Margaret Finlayson FRASER, witn: Robert McPHERSON of Orford, 28 March 1887 at Thamesville 005369-87 William Mattice McVEAN, 22, manufacturer, Canada, Dresden, s/o Alexander & Sarah McVEAN, married Emily Ann RUSH, 24, Canada, Dresden, d/o George B. & Mary Ann RUSH, witn: William Thomas RUSH, Ettie CARSCALLEN, both of Dresden, 4 October 1887 at Dresden
005798-87 (Kent Co.) Arthur MERRITT, 24, yeoman, Bay City Mich, same, s/o Abra? B & Annie, married Magdaline McMULLEN, 24, Harwich, same, d/o James & Almira, witn Nelson BEDFORD of Harwich & Barbara FRENCH of Chatham, on 27 April 1887, at Chatham 005421-87 Darius Collins MIFFLIN, 21, farmer, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, s/o S. MIFFLIN & Margaret MIFFLIN, married Cassie HARDIE, 20, Kingston Ont., Tilbury East, d/o Thomas HARDIE & Julia HARDIE, witn: G.H. DENT, Maggie MIFFLIN, both of Tilbury East, 25 April 1887 at Tilbury East
#005407-87 (Kent Co): Francis MILLS, 22, farmer, Brooke, same, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Henrietta HUSTEN, 20, Orford, Euphemia, d/o William & Mary, witn: George MILLS of Brooke & Asanath HUSTEN of Euphemia, 25 Oct 1887 at Bothwell

005790-87 (Kent Co) Albert MILLS, 24, yeoman, Lincolnshire England, Dover, s/o George & Rebecca MILLS, married Mary Jane QUINTON, Hope twp. Ont., Chatham, widow, d/o James & Nancy ALLELY? (Allez?), witn: Charles R. WOODS, Mary G. QUINTON, both of Chatham, 23 February 1887 at Chatham

005715-87 (Kent Co) George MILLS, 60, farmer, not entered, Chatham, widower, s/o Thomas & Laurie? MILLS, married Sarah Jane SHEFFIELD, 55, not entered, Chatham, widow, d/o parents not entered, witn: Frances RYAN, Florence, John MILLS, Chatham, 12 July 1887 at Chatham

005802-87 (Kent Co.) Alfred MOORE, 24, laborer, Dover, Harwich, s/o Mark & Elizabeth, married Emma LOVE? (LOWE?), 21, Herfordshire? England, Chatham, d/o Nathaniel & Emily, witn William H. CAPE? & Catherine SCOTT? of Chatham, on 15 June 1887, at Chatham
005801-87 (Kent Co.) Joseph MOORHOUSE, 27, yeoman, Euphemia, Raleigh, s/o Edward & Mary, married Emma SOUNDS?, 22, England, Chatham, d/o parents names unknown was adopted by William & Nancy DOLSEN 1874, witn Mary DOLSEN & Laura MOORHOUSE, both of Raleigh, on 15 June 1887 005542-87 (Kent Co.) John E. MUCKLE, 34, joiner, Howard, Blenheim, s/o James & Ann, married Phoebe E.A. SCARF, 21, Howard, Harwich, d/o Joseph & Sarah Ann, witn Samuel S. STERLING & Mary M. SCARF, both of Harwich, on 20 January 1887, at Harwich
005614-87 (Kent Co.) David MULLIGAN, 25, lumberman, Ontario, Tilbury East, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Maggie McNARLAND, 21, Ontario, Mersea, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn Andrew WILLIALM & Fanny GILBERT, both of Tilbury East, on 8 June 1887, at Romney 5811-88 (Kent Co): George MULLIGAN, 22, yeoman, Mosa, Tilbury East, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Elizabeth HARDY, 18, Tilbury East, same, d/o William & Zabque?, witn: Andrew & Fanny GILBERT of Tilbury East, 27 Dec 1887 at Tilbury East
5356-87 John MURDOCK, 24, blacksmith, Canada, Hespeler, s/o Alexander MURDOCK & Jane, married Alice Maude GRACE, 22, USA, Dresden, d/o John William GRACE & Mary Elizabeth, witn: Edward S. GRACE of Detroit & Oscar FRENCH of Dresden, 24 Jan 1887 at Dresden  
5386-87 (Kent Co): John MURRAY, 38, widower, blacksmith, Westminster, Highgate, s/o Andrew MURRAY & Jane BEATTIE, married Janet TINLINE, 34, Cold Springs, Orford, d/o William TINLINE & Margaret CAIRNS, witn: Maggie D. & Agnes M. BECKET of Thamesville, 30 Dec 1887 at Thamesville

005725-87 (Kent Co) Norman NEIL, 22, beer seller, Ontario, Chatham, s/o William & Margaret NEIL, married Mamie BAXTER, 21, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Thomas & Mary BAXTER, witn: Sarah BONNET, Chatham, 26 August 1887 at Chatham

005370-87 James Richard NEWMAN, 21, butcher, Canada, Dresden, s/o James William & Maria NEWMAN, married Charlotte Ellen STOKES, 19, Canada, Dresden, d/o James & Sarah Ann STOKES, witn: Kemnel SAGER, Clara STOKES, both of Dresden, 12 October 1887 at Dresden

015531-87 Charles Edgar NEWMAN, 27, barber, of Kankanna? Wisc. U.S., s/o William & Sarah NEWMAN, married Annie R.C. HOLLENSWORTH, 22, Canada, Dresden, d/o James B. & Margaret HOLLENSWORTH, witn: Samuel O. SIMMONS, Mildred CARTER, both of Dresden, 31 August 1887 at Dresden
005511-87 (Kent Co.) John NOTT, 27, farmer, Dunwich, Southwold, s/o George & Alice, married Nora WILSON, 22, Southwold, Ridgetown, d/o George & Phoebe, witn Harry NOTT of Southwold & Ellen MITTEN of Ridgetown, on 9 February 1887, at Ridgetown 05371-87 John F. OGDEN, 29, blacksmith, Canada, Marine City Michigan, s/o John R. & Sarah J. OGDEN, married Mary E. CAISTER, 27, Canada, Dresden, d/o Ezra & Anne CAISTER, witn: Caleb CAISTER, Carrie LANE, both of Dresden, 19 October 1887 at Dresden

005430-1887 (Kent Co.) James PAGE, 24, mason, USA, Howard, s/o Royal & Mary, married Alice GRANTHAM, 18, England, Howard, d/o Robert & Rosanna, witn: James & Jane CAMPBELL of not given, 3 Jul 1887 at Howard.

005819-87 (Kent Co.) Thomas Letson PARDO, 31, yeoman, Raleigh, same, s/o William & Sarah, married Martha Rachel ARNOLD, 25, Chatham, same, d/o Adam & Rachel, witn Charles H. PARDO of Cedar Springs & Minnie BEST of Chatham, on 21 December 1887, at Chatham
005738-87 Archibald PARK, 30, manufacturer, England, Chatham Kent Co., s/o David & Julian PARK, married Albertina Amanda THOMPSON, 25, Canada, Chatham Ont., d/o Andrew & Annie THOMPSON, witn: Andrew THOMPSON, John M. PARK, both of Chatham, 9 February 1887 at Chatham 005420-87 Wallace PARK (Pink?), 22, laborer, England, Bothwell, s/o Charles & Elizabeth PARK, married Lorena BEBENSER, 18, Iowa U.S., Zone twp., d/o Frederick & Annie BEBENSER, witn: Joshua PARK, Martha GALLOWAY, both of Bothwell, 30 April 1887 at Zone
005467-88 (Kent Co) William PAXTON, 26, yeoman, Canada, Dover twp., s/o Richard & Helen PAXTON, married Mary Jane SMITH, 22, Canada, Harwich twp., d/o Edward & Eliza SMITH, witn: James Henry DUNCAN & Mrs. MILLER, both of Chatham, 21 December 1887 at Chatham 005471-87 Joseph PELTIER, 22, day laborer, Big Point, Big Point, s/o Etienne PELTIER & Jane MARRAN, married Felice CHARRON, 27, widow, St. Peter, St. Peter, d/o Andre CHARRON & Sophie RAYMOND, witn: Noe TREMBLAY, Jerome PELTIER, both of St. Peter, 24 November 1887 at Big Point [St. Peter is RC parish in Tilbury E. twp.]
5813-87 (Kent Co): Carl L. PERRY, 62, widower, farmer, state of Tennessee, Chatham twp., s/o Lewis & Mariah, married Henrietta BAYNARD, 70, widow, state of Delaware, Chatham twp., d/o Thomas & Dinah TRAVIS, witn: William McCAUGHAN of Chatham twp., 8 Feb 1888 (sic) at Chatham twp 005603-87 (Kent Co.) Elmer PETERS, 25, farmer, Portland, Sombra, s/o Stephen & Rhoda, married Mary WALKER, 23, Bedford, Sombra, d/o Aaron & Martha, witn James BABCOCK & Nancy E. WALKER, on 31 August 1887, at Wallaceburg
005573-87 (Kent Co.) Arthur Samuel PICKERING, 24, tailor, Harwich, Blenheim, s/o John PICKERING & Elizabeth MORRISON, married Mary Isabella MUCKLE, 21, Harwich, Blenheim, d/o Samuel MUCKLE & Mary HAGGART, witn Carrie FENNACY & Eliza HAGGART, both of Blenheim, on 14 December 1887, at Blenheim 005707-88 (Kent Co) Edward E. PINCOMBE, 27, engineer, Delaware, Bothwell Ont., s/o John & Mary PINCOMBE, married Annie ELFORD, 23, England, Bothwell Ont., d/o Uriah & Jane ELFORD, witn: Edward ELFORD, Eliza ELFORD, both of Bothwell Ont., 12 November 1887 at Bothwell
005464-87 Napoleon PINSONNEAULT, age not entered, farmer, widower, s/o Jacob PINSONNEAULT & not entered, married Philomine THIBEAUDEAU, age not entered, Dover, Dover, d/o Ambroise THIBODEAU & Cezarie LAPLANTE, witn: Joseph THIBEAUDEAU, Narcisse THIBEAUDEAU, both of Dover, 20 April 1887 at Dover South 005740-87 William George. POILE, 24, occup. not entered, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o Henry POILE & Mary POILE, married Christina McCOIG, 20, Windsor Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Daniel & Christina McCOIG, witn: C.H. POILE, Sarah MANN, both of Chatham, 18 January 1887 at Chatham
005771-1888 (Kent) Nathen PORTER, 42, driller of artesian wells, United States, St Clair Michigan US, no parents given, married Elizabeth JENNINGS, 21, United States, Dresden, d/o Frederick & Sarah F JENNINGS; wit: JW HARRIS, Isabella JAMESON?, Dresden. 3 Nov 1887 at town of Dresden. 5379-87 (Kent Co): William Nelson PRAY, 32, laborer, Howard, Thamesville, s/o William & Sarah, married Mina Amelia BRUSH, 29, Thamesville, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Franklin FANSHER of Florence & Clara Bell TWIGG of Thamesville, 5 Oct 1887 at Thamesville
015530-87 James F. PRICE, 30, hotel keeper, United States, Ridgetown, s/o Frederick & Mary PRICE, married Nellie STEINHOFF, 21, Canada, Wabash Camden twp., d/o Richard & Phi?? STEINHOFF, witn: William LAYCOCKS, Ridgetown, Sarah DOUGHERTY, Camden Ont., 30 August 1887 at Dresden 005486-87 (Kent Co.) James PULIN, 28, laborer, Detroit Mich, Blenheim, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Mary Ann MILSOM, 46, Kent County England, Ridgetown, widowed, d/o Richard & Elizebeth BOURNE, witn M. McFARLANE & James ROBINSON, both of Ridgetown, on 12 July 1887, at Ridgetown
005561-87 James PURDY, 26, farmer, Canada, Chatham, s/o James & Mary Ann PURDY, married Ruth MORE, 23, Canada, Chatham, d/o Hezakiah MOOR (sic) & Bernice MOOR, witn: Jennie BARTLETT, Fred MARSH, both of Dawn Mills, 11 May 1887 at Gore of Camden 015529-87 Thomas PURDY, 25, farmer, United States, Chatham twp., s/o Robert & Sarah PURDY, married Minnie LEWIS, 16, England, Chatham twp., d/o John & Mary JOSLIN, witn: Julia TALLOCH, Dresden, Mary JOSLIN, Chatham twp., 24 August 1887 at Dresden (Remarks on page - Minnie LEWIS is an adopted daughter of John & Mary JOSLIN. They received her from Miss RYE when about three years of age)
5767-87 Albert Sidney RANDALL, 23, tailor, Port Huron, Thamesville, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Emma DILL, 18, Wardsvile, Thamesville, d/o Mathias & Maggie, witn: Charles & Elizabeth McCRANEY of Florence, 6 April 1887 at Chatham 005792-1888 (Kent) Charles RANDALL, 26, laborer, Canada, Thamesville, s/o Jonathan & Mary, married Etta O'NEAL, 20, Michigan, Thamesville, d/o Hugh & Teana Ann O'NEAL; wit: Warren & Priscilla O'NEAL, Thamesville. 21 Dec 1887 at Thamesville.
015532-87 Orseam REID, 22, yeoman, Canada, Chatham twp., s/o William & Mary REID, married Eliza Martha FERGUSON, 18, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o William & Aurelia FERGUSON, witn: Eva HENDERSON, Hattie HENDERSON, both of Dresden, 24 September 1887 at Dresden 005739-87 Thomas O. REID, 34, farmer, Howard twp., Howard twp., s/o Jonathan & Charlotte REID, married Mary McALISTER, 24, Zone twp., Orford, d/o Charles & Flora McALISTER, witn: W.R. PECK, Bella PECK, both of Chatham, 26 January 1887 at Chatham

005727-87 (Kent Co) Richard RENIER, 38, farmer, Channel Islands, Dover, s/o Richard & Jane RENIER, married Matilda PALMER, 40, not entered, Dover, widow, d/o Clovis & Julie BARNIER, witn: Andrew CHARRON, Big Point, 18 October 1887 at Chatham

005424-87 Benjamin RICHARDSON, 21, farmer, Ontario, Tilbury East, s/o John & Margaret, married Jane LOGIE, 21, Ontario, Tilbury East, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Walter LOGIE, Wisconsin U.S., 12 January 1887 at Valetta Manse, Tilbury East

005601-87 (Kent Co.) Louis RIOPELLE, 24, mechanic, Michigan, Wallaceburg, s/o John RIOPELLE & Emily PETE, married Louise McGANN, 24, Pickering, Wallaceburg, d/o Bartholemew McGANN & Maria CAROLAN?, witn Daniel McGANN of Detroit & Mary McGANN of Wallaceburg, on 6 July 1997, at Wallaceburg

005717-87 (Kent Co) William E. RISPIN, 26, insurance agent, not entered, Chatham, s/o parents not entered, married Hattie COURTNEY, 21, not entered, Chatham, d/o Adam & Clara COURTNEY, witn: R.G. PENNEFATHER, Chatham, Mamie H. BEAL, Detroit, 13 July 1887 at Chatham
5772-87 Thomas W. ROBERT, 26, widower, Dover East, Chatham, s/o Francis ROBERT & Sophia URQUHART, married Jessie May BARKER, 21, Chatham, same, d/o James BARKER & Charlotte ALLISON, witn: Dorothea MARTIN & Sarah MOUNT, 18 April 1887 at Chatham

005724-87 (Kent Co) William H. ROBERTS, 26, laborer, Eng., Chatham, widower, s/o Thomas & Mary ROBERTS, married Johannah BERRY, 25, not entered, Chatham, d/o Patrick & Ellen BERRY, witn: Sarah BONNET, Lily FERGUSON, both of Chatham, 25 August 1887 at Chatham

005551-87 (Kent Co.)  William Henry ROBERTSON, 22, farmer, Canada, Gore, s/o William Henry & Hannah, married Minnia Tresa INNES, 16, Canada, Gore, d/o George & Mary, witn: Thomas INNES & Martha ROBERTSON, of Gore, on 15 September 1887, at Gore 5387-87 (Kent Co): John ROBERTSON, 29, farmer, Howard, Raleigh, s/o John ROBERTSON & Eliza McCOLLUM, married Maggie McMILLAN, 26, Harwich, Howard, d/o Neil McMILLAN & Mary CRAWFORD, 1 Feb 1887 at Thamesville

005780-87 (Kent Co) Moses ROBINSON, 26, yeoman, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Nelson & Elizabeth ROBINSON, married Clarence Francis ANDERSON, 22, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Levi & Mary ANDERSON, witn: George CHANDLER, Isabella SCOTT, not entered, 5 April 1887 (year was not entered) at Chatham

5768-87 Clarence Mortimer ROBINSON, 26, painter, Stuben Co. NY, Alma NY, s/o William & Mary, married Mina F. BROWN, 22, Stuben Co. NY, Pontiac USA, d/o Richard & Maria, witn: Alfred OLD--? & Carrie MARTIN, both of Chatham, 13 April 1887 at Chatham
005611-87 (Kent Co.) Francis William ROBINSON, 31, merchant, Ontario, Wallaceburg, s/o John F. ROBINSON & Elizabeth SEXSMITH, married Margaret McDONALD, 27, Ontario, Wallaceburg, d/o Daniel R. & Margaret, witn William C. DAINTY & Ester A. ROBINSON of Wallaceburg, on 26 October 1887, at Wallaceburg  

005442-87 Nelson ROSE, 26, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o Allan & Mary ROSE, married Nine RICHARDS, 21, Howard, Howard, d/o James & Rachael RICHARDS, witn: John SMITH, Elizabeth BOLTEN, both of Morpeth, 2 February 1887 at Morpeth

005515-87 (Kent Co.) James ROSE, 25, fisherman, Welland, Duart, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Alice CHAMBERS, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o Henry & Allie, witn Hannah ROSE & Edith B. Shaw HELLIER, both of Duart, on 15 October 1887, at Duart
005557-87 Charles ROSS, 23, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o William & Sarah ROSS, married Isabella TRUSDALE, 21, Canada, Camden, d/o Hugh & Sarah TRUSDALE, witn: John James ROSS, Rachel TRUSDALE, both of Camden, 21 December 1887 at Camden 005571-87 (Kent Co.) Alfred Conrad ROWE, 22, farmer, Quebeck, Harwich, s/o Henry & Nancy, married Sara Eliz. JOHNSON, 16, Ohio US, Harwich, d/o Clark A. JOHNSON & Susan SNURR, witn Susan SCHOOLAR & E.M. WADDELL, both of Blenheim, on 17 November 1887, at Blenheim
005595-87 (Kent Co.) Marshall SAGER, 38, carpenter, Ontario, Wallaceburg, widowed, s/o Adam SAGER & Zebier JOHNSON, married Annie NORTON, 33, Ontario, Wallaceburg, widowed, d/o Joseph W. FARSLOW & Nancy O'NEIL, witn Malcolm McDONALD of Wallaceburg, on 21 December 1887, at Wallaceburg

005433-87 Henry SALES, 23, farmer, England, Bothwell, s/o James & Jane SALES, married Edith GRAHAM, 20, Canada, Thamesville, d/o Jonathan & Frances GRAHAM, witn: E.F. JACKSON, Morpeth, May EDMONDS, Detroit, 8 October 1887 at Morpeth

005483-87 (Kent Co.) Joseph SANCARTIER, 35, farmer, Big Point, Wallaceburg, s/o Francis SANCARTIER & Esther AUGER, married Bella METIVIER, 20, Pain Court, Big Point, d/o Edward METIVIER & Justine PAQUET, witn Edward METIVIER & Venance SAMCARTIER of Big Point, on 31 October 1887, at Big Point

005438-87 Joseph W. SAVAGE, 28, farmer, Herman? U.S., Howard, s/o Joseph & Ann SAVAGE, married Clara Jane BROTON, 23, Howard, Howard, d/o Thomas & Maria BROTON, witn: A.L. SAVAGE, Ann MITCHELL, both of Howard, 2 March 1887 at Howard

005510-87 (Kent Co.) Amasa SCAFE, 29, farmer, Howard, Ridgetown, s/o Anthony & Maria, married Lizzie BROWN, 20, London, St. Thomas, d/o John? & Elizebeth, witn Joseph TABER of Ridgetown & Maggie SUDDS of Wallaceburg, on 1 January 1887, at Ridgetown

005431-87 John William SCARLETT, 22, farmer, Orford, Orford, s/o Gilbert & Nancy SCARLETT, married Mary Jane CONOHAN, 22, Howard, Howard, d/o Farrell & Jane CONOHAN, witn: James CONOHAN, Howard, Hannah SCARLETT, Orford, 11 May 1887 at Howard

005497-87 (Kent Co.) Thomas SCHLENKER, 51, gentleman?, Yarmouth, Ridgetown, widowed, (no parents listed), married Nancy WARD, 35, Ireland, Ridgetown, d/o Daniel, witn Charles GAMBLE & Mary GAMBLE, both of Ridgetown, on 6 September 1887, at Ridgetown 005800-87 (Kent Co.) G.C. SCOTT, 33, gardner, Dalhousie N.B., Chatham, widowed, s/o William & Mary, married Elva? HALSTEAD, 27, Spring Arbor, Chatham, d/o James & Jane, witn Martha L. ROBINSON & D.V. HALSTEAD of Chatham, on 7 June 1887, at Chatham
#005774-87 (Kent Co): James SCOTT, 30, tailor, Ath-- Ross- Ireland, Chatham, s/o Peter & Mary Ann, married Eliza EMERY, 22, Big Point - Dover, same, d/o Francis & Rosalie, witnesses were William & Hannah CARLILE of Chatham, April 23, 1887 at Chatham 005795-1888 (Kent) William SCOTT, 24, blacksmith, Edinburgh Scotland, Orford, s/o William & Helen SCOTT, married Janet TINLINE, 26, Orford, same, d/o John TINLINE & Jane BEATTIE; wit: Maggie D & Aggie Mary BECKET, Thamesville. 28 Dec 1887 at Thamesville
5583-87 Robert SHAW, 70, widower, farmer, Lincolnshire England, Blenheim, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth LLOYD, 63, widow, Norfolk England, Chatham, d/o Thomas FIDDAMAN & Anny (Amy?), witn: E. E. & Sarah MORRIS of Blenheim, 24 March 1887 at Blenheim

005655-89 Isaac SHIPLEY, 27, farmer, Ontario, Orford, s/o Michael A. SHIPLEY & Jane McNEIL, married Almira READ, 18, Ont., Orford, d/o William READ & Elizabeth COLLINS, witn: Matilda PORTSMOUTH, Delaware, Sarah STUART, Blenheim, 2 February 1887 at Highgate

  005784-87 (Kent Co) Frank M. SHORT, 28, merchant, London Ont., Sarnia Ont., s/o William & Susan, married Sarah J. MARTIN, 22, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Warren & Eliza, witn: George SINCLAIR, Sarnia, Ella MARTIN, Chatham, 25 May 1887 at Chatham

005789-87 (Kent Co) David SICKLESTEEL, 26, yeoman, Howard, Howard, widower, s/o Julius & Hannah SICKLESTEEL, married Sarah Elizabeth BOOTH, 16, Scarborough, Howard, d/o Mark & Eliza BOOTH, witn: Laura A. CROW, Henry G. CROW, both of Raleigh, 7 February 1887 at Chatham

5771-87 Thomas SINNETT (Linnet?), 36, farmer, Ridgetown, same, s/o James SINNETT & Ellen SANSY (Sansz? Lansz?), married Mary O'NEIL, 27, Raleigh twp, same, d/o James O'NEIL & Mary BLYTH, witn: Peter McNALLY of Thamesville & Maggie O'NEIL of St. Thomas, 15 Feb 1887 at Chatham (Rom Cath)
005494-87 (Kent Co.) Daniel SMITH, 50, farmer, Howard, same, widowed, s/o Angus & Margaret, married Hannah KEOWN, 31, Cavan, Ridgetown, d/o John & Catharine, witn Angus SMITH & Mary SMITH, of Ridgetown, on 20 October 1887, at Ridgetown 5398-87 (Kent Co): Edward SMITH, 30, farmer, Scotland, Harwich, s/o Donald SMITH & Janet McCALLUM, married Mary C. SINCLAIR, 23, Zone, same, d/o John R. SINCLAIR & Mary DICKSON, witn: Andrew DICKSON of Camden & Jane SINCLAIR of Zone, 15 Sept 1887 at Thamesville
5381-87 (Kent Co): George R. SMITH, 23, engineer, Rocky Saugeen, Stratford, s/o Elias SMITH & Ann SELLERS, married Annie MOORE, 34, Howard, same, d/o Patterson MOORE & Mary Ann CROSS, witn: Agnes & Maggie D. BECKETT of Thamesville, 12 Oct 1887 at Thamesville 005537-87 (Kent Co.) David A. SMITH, 23, farmer, Howard, Harwich, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Mary McKAY, 19, Harwich, same, d/o Robert & Matilda, witn Charles B. SMITH & Maggie McKAY of Harwich, on 28 September 1887, at Harwich
005600-87 (Kent Co.) Charles SMITH, 37, clergyman, England, London West, widowed, s/o Charles SMITH & Hannah WRAY, married Lizzie H. JOHNSON, 27, Wallaceburg, same, d/o Lionel N. JOHNSON & Mary BURNHAM, witn H.E. JOHNSON & Charlotte JOHNSON of Wallaceburg, on 6 July 1887, at Wallaceburg 005747-87 (Kent Co.) William SMITH, 29, laborer, Toronto, Chatham, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary CURREY, 37, Ohio, Chatham, widowed, d/o Saumel? & Polly CANADA?, witn Henry STAFFORD of Chatham, on 25 January 1887
005795-87 (Kent Co.) Edward Russell SMITH, 25, harness maker, Detroit, same, s/o John G. & Sarah, married Catherine BROWN, 24, Thamesville, Chatham, d/o Robert & Ann, witn (no first name) BROWN & (no first name) BROWN, both of Chatham, on 25 May 1887, at Chatham 005796-87 (Kent Co.) James SMITH, 22, yeoman, Chatham, same, s/o (illegible) & Eliza Jane, married Elizabeth ANDERSON, 19, Chatham, same, d/o James & Elizabeth?, witn Henry MORGAN & May ANDERSON of Chatham, on 28 May 1887, at Chatham
005821-87 (Kent Co.) William John SMITH, 23, farmer, Canada, Chatham, s/o Anderson & Clara, married Amanda WILMORE, 36, Michigan, Chatham, widowed, d/o Isaac & Saberina SMITH, witn Isaac HARDY & Permilla SIMONS, both of Chatham, on 6 September 1887, at Chatham 5806-87 (Kent Co): Daniel H. SOLOMON, 27, farmer, Chatham twp., same, s/o George & Lilly, married Fannie Jane BISSELL, 17, Chatham twp., same, d/o Edmun & Rennie?, witn: Henry BISSELL of Chatham twp & Elizabeth ROPER of Chatham, 26 June 1887 at Chatham twp
005778-1888 (Kent) James Louttit SPENCE, 33, farmer, Scotland, Dresden, widower, s/o George & Mary SPENCE, married Margaret Calder GUNN, 29, Scotland, Dresden, d/o David & Barbara GUNN; wit: Arthur & Mrs A HENDERSON, Dresden. 31 Dec 1887 at town of Dresden

005419-87 Peter SPENCE, 25, farmer, Brant Co., Orford twp., s/o Peter & Jessie SPENCE, married Catherine McLEOD, 21, Orford twp., Orford twp., d/o David & Martha McLEOD, witn: George. TAYLOR, R.M. RUSSELL, both of Bothwell, 19 April 1887 at Bothwell

  005359-87 Robert STAUFFER, 21, sawyer, Canada, Enniskillen twp., s/o Joseph & Jane STAUFFER, married Annie HILL, 21, Canada, Dawn twp., d/o Thomas & Isabella HILL, witn: Wesley HILL, Elizabeth HILL, both of Dawn, 2 March 1887 at Dresden

005673-88 (Kent Co) Robert M. STEVENSON, 25, farmer, Tilbury East Ont. Tilbury East, s/o Robert & Jessie STEVENSON, married Maggie B. GRIMES, 22, Norwich Ont (Harwich?)., Raleigh, d/o Matthew & Hannah GRIMES, witn: Andrew STEVENSON, Tilbury East, A.G. ROBERTSON, Raleigh, 28 December 1887 at Raleigh

005608-87 (Kent Co.) Thomas Willmore STEPHENSON, 22, farmer, Chatham, Wallaceburg, s/o William & Emma, married Margaret DAVIDSON, 18, Wallaceburg, same, d/o James & Eliza Jane, witn John PURSER & Lillie McLEAN of Wallaceburg, on 27 September 1887, at Wallaceburg
5769-87 James STERLING, 40, widower, manufacturer, Scotland, Chatham, s/o James STERLING & Margaret McKINLEY, married Elizabeth REID, 29, Harwich Ont., Chatham, d/o James REID & Anna NILSON, witn: Edward POLINE & Ann Jane REID of Harwich & Chatham, 1 Feb 1887 at Chatham 005519-87 Sylvester STREET, 23, farmer, Canada, Orford, s/o Joseph L. STREET & Hannah TEEPLE, married Mary WHITE, 21, Canada, Orford, d/o George WHITE & Martha HEWITT, witn: William SHIPP, Hannah RUSSELL, both of Palmyra, 2 November 1887 at Orford
005565-87 Albert SUIP, 45, widower, pedler, Canada, Camden, s/o Samuel & Nancy SUIP, married Ann LEWIS, 21, Canada, Camden, d/o William & Hannah LEWIS, witn: Samuel F. LYNN, Jane LYNN, both of Camden, 27 February 1887 at Gore of Camden  
005856-88 Edward SYKES, 21, farmer, England, Raleigh twp. Ont., s/o Edward & given names not entered SYKES, married Catherine HUCKLE, 20, England, Raleigh twp. Ont., d/o Thomas & Betsy HUCKLE, witn: Bertha PARDO, Raleigh twp. Ont., 26 October 1887 at Blenheim 005518-87 Andrew Vincent TAIT, 26, book keeper, Duart Kent Co., Chatham Kent Co., s/o Andrew & Tirzah TAIT, married Jennie Hannah GORHAM, 22, Duart Kent Co., Ridgetown Kent Co., d/o Samuel & Hannah GORHAM, witn: A.A. TAIT, Mull Kent Co., Carrie LEIBNER, Morpeth Kent Co., 26 October 1887 at Duart
5355-87 William Jonathan TAYLOR, 25, widower, farmer, Canada, Howard twp., s/o Thomas TAYLOR & Martha, married Eliza Ann WILSON, 29, widow, Canada, Howard twp., d/o William & Charlotte [no surname given], witn: Ettie & Jennie CARSCALLEN of Dresden, 17 Jan 1887 at Dresden 005578-87 (Kent Co.) Joseph Guy TAYLOR, 20, farmer, Howard, same, s/o John & Catherine, married Margaret FRENCH, 24, Huron Co., Howard, d/o George & Jane, (no witnesses listed), on 7 December 1887, at Blenheim

005363-87 George A. TAYLOR, 24, yeoman, Canada, Chatham twp., s/o William. C. TAYLOR & Jannette TAYLOR, married Maggie WICKENS, 23, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o William WICKENS & Elizabeth WICKENS, witn: Nellie WRIGHT, Jennie CARSCALLEN, both of Dresden, 13 April 1887 at Dresden

005467-87 Narcisse THIBEADEAU, 24, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Ambroise THIBEAUDEAU & Cezaire LAPLANTE, married Marie COMEAU, 22, Dover, Dover, d/o Isaac COMEAU & Rose BOURASSA, witn: Arthur LARREAU, Marie BOURASSA, both of Dover, 26 April 1887 at Dover South
005473-87 Ambroise THIBODEAU, 56, farmer, widower, St. Jacques Que., Dover, s/o parents not entered, married Rose BOURASSA, 48, widow, St. Jacques Que., Dover, d/o parents not entered, witn: Aleriss BECHARD, Emma VILLENEUVE, both of Dover, 28 September 1887 at Pain Court 005480-87 Joseph THIBODEAU, 21, farmer, Pain Court, Pain Court, s/o Henri THIBODEAU & Sophie ROBITAILLE, married Eva CHEFF, 20, Big Point, Big Point, d/o Joseph CHEFF & Marianne MARTIN, witn: Henri THIBODEAU, Joseph CHEFF, both of Dover, 26 April 1887 at Big point
5764-87 Walter Munro THOMAS, 23, carpenter, Harwich twp., Chatham, s/o Joshua & Polly, married Jennie NILSON (Nelson? Wilson?), 21, Napanee, Chatham, d/o William & Agnes, witn: John & Mary A. CONNOR of Chatham, 30 March 1887 at Chatham  
005513-87 (Kent Co.) Richard M. THOMPSON, 21, farmer, Ontario, Orford, s/o George THOMPSON & Mary Ann ONES?, married Ellen COMFORT, 16, Ontario, Orford, d/o Frederick COMFORT & Rachel RICHARDSON, witn Elijah COMFORT & Mary CURRY, both of Orford, on 31 May 1887, at Duart 5759-87 Alex THOMPSON, 23, tailor, of ht, s/o Solomon & Charlotte, married Mary MANN, 19, of Chatham, d/o Albert & Jane, witn: Albert MANN of Stratford & Clara M. BATH of Chatham, 1 Jan 1887 at Chatham
  005454-87 William A. THORNE, 21, farmer, widower, Ontario, Dover twp., s/o Ransom & Sophia THORNE, married Martha TAYLOR, 16, Dover twp., Dover, d/o Francis & Edessie TAYLOR, witn: Joseph RANKIN, Charlotte TAYLOR, both of Dover twp., 22 March 1887 at Baldoon
005779-1888 (Kent) Oswald THURMAN, 26, farmer, Canada, Amherstburg, s/o Hezekiah & Martha THURMAN, married Minnie BRAXTON, 22, Canada, Dresden, d/o Essex & Mary BRAXTON; wit: Alexander MIRES, Adelaide THOMAS, Gore of Camden. 21 Dec 1887 at town of Dresden 005490-87 (Kent Co.) Wesley TICE, 22, farmer, Malahide, Aldborough, s/o Joseph & Ellen, married Margaret Mary HAYNES, 18, Haldimand Co., Aldborough, d/o George & Sarah, witn Annie WILLARD & Ann PROSSER, of Ridgetown, on 24 October 1887, at Ridgetown

005416-87 W.J. TINNEY, 28, farmer, Zone twp., Zone twp., s/o James & Jane TINNEY, married Sarah JANE, 28, England, Zone, d/o John JANE & Elizabeth JANE, witn: Mrs. G.W. ANDREWS, Miss Ethel CHAMBERS, both of Bothwell, 20 March 1887 at Bothwell (also 5569-87)


005408-87 John TRESLIAN, 27, farmer, Ekfrid twp., Ekfrid twp., s/o John & Martha Jane, married Ella CALDERWOOD, 21, Wardsville, Bothwell, d/o Robert & Mary Ellen, witn: Daniel TRESLIAN, Agnes CALDERWOOD, both of Bothwell, 26 October 1887 at Bothwell

005596-87 (Kent Co.) William TUCKER, 24, laborer, Ontario, Dresden, s/o John TUCKER & Jemima PHILLIPS, married Mary BEST, 25, Ontario, Wallaceburg, d/o William BEST & Jane EDWARDS, witn Alonzo WILLIAMS & Nellie HAYHURST of Wallaceburg, on 28 December 1887, at Wallaceburg

005417-87 Charles TUNKS, 27, farmer, Mosa twp., Mosa twp., s/o Robert & Maria TUNKS, married Mary BANKS, 23, Chatham, Bothwell, d/o Robert & Elizabeth BANKS, witn: D. McLEAN, Aldborough, M. TUNKS, Mosa, 30 March 1887 at Bothwell

5765-87 Stephen TURNER, 65, widower, laborer, Virginia USA, Chatham, s/o Cubit & Delphie, married Amelia DUNCAN, 62, widow, Baltimore MD, Chatham, d/o John & Lemen PECK, Witn: Henry JACOBS & Adelaide ANDERSON, both of Chatham, 3 March 1887 at Chatham
5385-87 (Kent Co): Arthur VAN BON, 25, farmer, Waterloo, Camden, s/o Hiram & Cornelia, married Isabella DICKSON, 19, Zone, Thamesville, d/o Alfred & Martha J., witn: Arvilla & George A. DICKSON of Thamesville, 19 Dec 1887 at Thamesville 5582-87 James VICKERY, 21, farmer, England, Blenheim, s/o William & Martha, married Alice NEWCOMB, 18, Dresden Ont., Blenheim, d/o John & Martha, witn: George NEWCOMB & M. (Mrs?) MOSS, both of Blenheim, 12 April 1887 at Blenheim (Salv Army)
005554-87 (Kent Co.)  John VINCEN, 22, farmer, Canada, Chatham, s/o John & Emmie, married Mary PRESLEY, 15, Canada, Gore, d/o Peter & Elizabeth, witn: Elisha PROCTOR & Louisa DONLEY of Gore, on 19 October 1887, at Gore

005446-87 Alexander A. VON GUNTON, 25, jeweller, St. Mary, Town of Chatham, s/o C.L. VON GUNTON & Mary S. VON GUNTON, married Ella J. PAXTON, 22, Dover, Dover, d/o Richard & Helen PAXTON, witn: Charles McLERIE, Mich., Bella PAXTON, Dover, 2 November 1887 at Dover

005577-87 (Kent Co.) William VYE, 24, farmer, Hastings, Sombra, s/o John & Angelina, married Susan WINTERS, 20, Caradoc, Blenheim, d/o James & Lucy, witn Geogre IRWIN & Mary IRWIN, both of Blenheim, on 21 November 1887, at Blenheim

005436-87 Albert WALTERS, 25, farmer, Howard, Howard, s/o William & Jane WALTERS, married Elizabeth BINNS (Burns?), 28, Howard, Howard, d/o Frederick & Esther BINNS, witn: W.E.J. REIDER, Adeline WALTERS, both of Morpeth, 26 October 1887 at Howard

#005402-87 (Kent Co): G.W. WARREN, 22, barber, Clinton, Wallaceburg, s/o George & Ellen, married Emma J. NASH, 20, Bothwell, Zone, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Jane & Julia NASH of Bothwell, 1 Aug 1887 at Bothwell 005820-87 (Kent Co.) James WELLMAN, 26, salesman, Hastings, Erie Pennsylvania, s/o Samuel & Jemima, married Anne Rebecca FLEMING, 23, Chatham, same, d/o Samuel & Harriet, witn Wilfred FLEMING & Alice FLEMING, both of Chatham, on 30 June 1887, at Chatham
5396-87 (Kent Co): John WELLMAN, 19, brick layer, Komoka, Wallaceburg, s/o Hiram & Elizabeth, married Alberta BATZEN, 20, Hastings, Wallaceburg, d/o John & Martha, witn: Wallace & Louise DIMOND of Thamesville, 28 June 1887 at Thamesville 005579-87 Edward WELLS, 24, teacher, Sarnia Ont., Raleigh Ont., s/o William WELLS & Mary WELLS, married Mary RODGERS, 21, Scotland, Raleigh Ont., d/o James RODGERS & Jessie RODGERS, witn: none entered, 17 December 1887 at Blenheim

005779-87 (Kent Co) William WELLWOOD, 22, farmer, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o William & Dibbie WELLWOOD, married Emma SALES, 21, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Tom? (Sam?) & Milla SALES, witn: Mrs. J.N. BATTING, Chatham, Eliza COUTRENANCE?, not entered, 23 February 1887 (year was not entered) at Chatham

#005778-87 (Kent Co): Larman WELSH, 28, farmer, Dunwich, Harwich, s/o Robert & Mary, married Eliza ELLIOTT, 24, Casteville?, Blenheim, d/o George & Almina, witnesses were Emma WELSH of Dover & G.A. FLATER? of Chatham, March 21, 1887 at Chatham
005548-87 (Kent Co.) Benjamin G. WELSH, 26, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o John WELSH & Ruth BECKFORD, married Maggie Jane PERRIN, 26, England, Harwich, d/o Andrew PERRIN & Anne POOR, witn James PETERS of Merlin & Libbie PERRIN of Blenheim, on 24 May 1887, at Harwich 5401-87 (Kent Co): Andrew WESTENHAMMER, 24, teacher, Waterloo Ont., Hawksville, s/o Christopher & Mary, married Clarissa PEPPLER, 20, Waterloo Ont., Hawksville, d/o Jacob & Annie, witn: F. N. ROSBURGH & Lou McLARDY, both of Bothwell, 26 July 1887 at Bothwell
005541-87 (Kent Co.) John Charles WESTERN, 23, farmer, Aurora, Harwich, s/o William & Pamelia, married Elizabeth Smith HOUSTON, 22, Harwich, same, d/o John & Mary, witn Alexander HOUSTON of Harwich & Agnes McALISTER of Euphemia, on 6 December 1887, at Harwich  

005435-87 John WHITE, 25, farmer, England, Howard, s/o James & Mary WHITE, married Flora Eliza CONWAY, 21, Lambton Co., Howard, d/o David & Celestia CONWAY, witn: Charles W. CONWAY, Jane CONWAY, both of Howard, 12 December 1887 at Morpeth

005491-87 (Kent Co.) Arthur WHITE, 31, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o Henry WHITE & Ann, married Ruby MacKAY, 23, Napier, Ridgetown, d/o Thomas MacKAY & Emma, witn Lizzie CODY of Woodville & Thomas MacKAY of Ridgetown, on 3 August 1887, at Ridgetown

005527-87 Enos WHITEYES, 18, Indian, Moraviantown, Moraviantown, s/o Edward & Jane WHITEYES, married Alice ANTHONY, 19, Moraviantown, Moraviantown, d/o Joseph & Nancy ANTHONY, witn: Joseph HUFF, David DOLSEN, both of Orford, 17 February 1887 at Moravian parsonage

005360-87 John WIGLEY, 21, mechanic, Canada, Westminster, s/o Edward & Bathsheba WIGLEY, married Olivia Ann SHAW, 23, Canada, Chatham Gore twp., d/o Matthew & Mary SHAW, witn: Barbara SHAW, Mary SHAW, both of Chatham Gore, 9 February 1887 at Dresden
5395-87 (Kent Co): William WILCOX, 23, farmer, Yarmouth, Camden, s/o George & Jane, married Susan Georgina MEREDITH, 20, Camden, same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Anson? MEREDITH & Annie WILCOX, both of Camden, 4 May 1887 at Camden

005368-87 Robert WILKINS, 21, carpenter, Canada, Florence, s/o William & Henrietta WILKINS, married Annie PIKE, 21, England, Florence, d/o Charles & Mary PIKE, witn: Ettie CARSCALLEN, Eva HENDERSON, both of Dresden, 20 July 1887 at Dresden

005575-87 (Kent Co.) Charles WILSON, 23, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o George & Charlotte, married Marlinda BRUSH, 20, Tilbury East, same, d/o Stephen & Delina, witn J. LIVINGSTONE & M.A. LIVINGSTONE, both of Blenheim, on 25 October 1887, at Blenheim 005496-87 (Kent Co.) Orlin WILSON, 19, gentleman?, Southwold, Ridgetown, s/o George & Phoebe, married Minnie SOURS?, 21, Oakland, Ridgetown, d/o Aaron & Charlotte, witn Phoebe WILSON & Ellen MITTEN of Ridgetown, on 28 December 1887, at Ridgetown

005362-87 Washington N. WINTER, 28, mechanic, Canada, Dresden, s/o Hugh & Sarah WINTER, married Elizabeth AXFORD, 25, Canada, Dresden, d/o George & Elma AXFORD, witn: John ALLISON, Eleanor ALLISON, both of Chatham, 6 April 1887 at Dresden

005365-87 Raymond Joshua WINTER, 25, confectioner, Canada, Dresden, s/o Hugh E. WINTER & Sarah Jane WINTER, married Nettie CUNNINGHAM, 21, Canada, Dresden, d/o Henry A. CUNNINGHAM & Mary Jane CUNNINGHAM, witn: Willie Andrew WINTER, Lelia Emily CUNNINGHAM, both of Dresden, 1 June 1887 at Dresden

  5811-87 (Kent Co): Joseph WINTERBURN, 24, York England, Chatham twp., s/o Samuel & Ann, married Elizabeth MONK, 23, Chatham twp., same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: William FLINT of Chatham twp & Florence FIELDEN of Chatham, 8 June 1887 at Chatham twp

005723-87 (Kent Co) Samuel WOOD, 85, farmer, Ireland, Chatham, widower, s/o William & Margaret WOOD, married Maggie SMITH, 60, not entered, Chatham twp., widow, d/o John & Hannah RYKMAN, witn: Catherine M. WARD? (Wood?) Sarah BONNET, both of Chatham, 24 August 1887 at Chatham

005728-87 (Kent Co) Wyatt S. WOOD, 26, lumberman, Ontario, Norfolk, s/o Robert & Catherine WOOD, married Alida L. COPE, 24, Ontario, St. George, d/o Louis & Jennet COPE, witn: John TILT, Clara TILT, both of Chatham, 30 November 1887 at Chatham

005414-87 Nathan WRIGHT, 23, farmer, Euphemia twp., Euphemia twp., s/o William & Jane WRIGHT, married Ida McOUBRY, 19, Brooke twp., Euphemia twp., d/o John & Jane McOUBRY (McONBRY?), witn: John CLEMENTS, Ellen WRIGHT, both of Euphemia, 22 February 1887 at Bothwell

005445-87 John WRIGHT, 55, farmer, widower, England, Dover twp., s/o Thomas & H. WRIGHT, married Mary BRAGG, 55, widow, England, Dover twp., d/o Thomas & Sarah WHITE, witn: Albert & Amelia BRAGG, both of Dover, 20 October 1887 at Dover