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Kent Co., 1927, part 1

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013193-27 Carl Walter ABRAHAMSON, 28, mining engineer, Michigan USA, Levack Ontario, s/o Charles G. ABRAHAMSON b. Sweden & Emma Christene LARSON, married Freda Muriel Cooper WRIGHT, 27, school teacher, Ontario, Levack Ontario, d/o William WRIGHT b. Ontario & Abigail COOPER, witn: William L. PROSSER, Dorothy COLE, both of Ridgetown, 31 December 1927 at Ridgetown

013194-27 Louis ADAMS, 23, farmer's son, Holland, Tilbury, s/o Joseph ADAMS & Rosalie WAGENAER, married Madeleine BAERT, 23, Belgium, Tilbury, d/o Louis BAERT & Marie LAMMENS, witn: George ADAMS, Anna BAERT, both of Tilbury, 31 December 1927 at Tilbury

013195-27 Albert Edward ALEXANDER, 46, farm laborer, widower, Strathroy Ont., Blenheim Ont., s/o Edward ALEXANDER b. Ontario & Elizabeth no surname, married Edith Pearl ELLIOTT, 29, Anderdon Essex Co., Blenheim Ont., d/o Henry John ELLIOTT b. Ontario & Christie Alice COLLARD, witn: George B. LANE, Isabella DURRANT, both of Blenheim, 14 May 1927 at Blenheim

013196-27 Hilaire ALEXANDRE, 23, laborer, Dover, Dover, s/o Abraham ALEXANDRE & Cecelia MATTE, married Bernadette LOZON, 17, dau. of farmer, Dover, Dover, d/o Ambroise LOZON & Francoise DUCEDRE, witn: Henry LOZON, Bernadette LOZON, both of Dover Centre Ont., 12 October 1927 at Big Point

013197-27 Earl ANDERSON, 24, farmer, Sombra twp., Sombra twp., s/o Alex ANDERSON b. Ontario & Anna KEHOE, married Marjorie TURNER, 18, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg town, d/o Albert TURNER b. Ontario & Marie RAYMOND, witn: Eva G. AIKINS, W.W. HAGER, both of Dresden, 18 April 1927 at Dresden

013198-27 Evan Harrison ANDERSON, 21, accountant, Camden twp. Kent Co., 814 Bethune West Detroit Mich., s/o Harrison Hammond ANDERSON b. Lambton Co. & L. Jane DESMOND, married Catherine Buchanan WATSON, 36, accountant, Dysart Scotland, 59 Park Ave. West Chatham, d/o John WATSON b. Scotland & Helen KILGOUR, witn: Harry P. HOLDEN, Helen HOLDEN, both of Chatham, 15 July 1927 at Chatham

013199-27 Frederick Russell ANDERSON, 23, farmer, Mersea twp., Mersea twp., s/o John ANDERSON b. Ont. & Ida WASHBURN, married Iva COULTER, 22, farmer's daughter, Mersea twp., Mersea twp., d/o Robert COULTER b. Ont. & Julia HYATT, witn: William CHADWICK, RR1 Blytheswood, Edith COULTER, Blytheswood, 23 November 1927 at Wheatley

013200-27 William St. Claire ANDERSON, 27, dentist, Lambton Co., Oil Springs Ont., s/o John H. ANDERSON b. Ontario & Catherine SINCLAIR, married Ethel Maria BROWN, 23, Lambton, Edys Mills, d/o John BROWN b. Ontario & Ethel STEPHENSON, witn: Gray ANDERSON, Detroit, Mrs. Ron DOUGALL, Howard, 6 August 1927 at Edys Mills

013201-27 Walter ARCHIBALD, 27, truck driver, Woodstock Ont., 187 Wellington St. Chatham, s/o Albert E. ARCHIBALD b. Ontario & Elizabeth DUNN, married Evelyn DURFEY, 18 on Oct. 3/27, Ingersoll Ont., 9 Miller Street St. Thomas Ont., d/o David J. DURFEY b. Ontario & Elizabeth BOWERMAN, witn: Georgina DURFEY, 181 Wellington St. Chatham, Carrie L. JONES, 141 Grand Ave. E, Chatham, 15 November 1827 at Chatham

013202-27 Clarence Powell ARNOLD, 25, solicitor, Chatham Ont., Grand Ave. E. Chatham Ont., s/o Saxon Bismarck ARNOLD b. Canada & Jane GREEN, married Elda Frances Ann STEEN, 23, Dover twp., Bear Line RR1 Dover twp., d/o Richard STEEN b. Canada & Mae McNALLY, witn: Mrs. Dorothy MOORE, 91 Victoria Ave. S. Hamilton, Miss Margaret WINEGARDEN, 188 Adelaide St. S. Chatham, 7 September 1927 at Dover twp

013203-27 James Patterson ASHTON, 24, farmer, Orford twp., Zone, s/o William ASHTON b. Ont. & Kate PATTERSON, married Lydia Pearl McDONALD, 22, machine operator, Zone twp., Chatham Ont., d/o George McDONALD b. Ont. & Harriett Isabel PHILLIPS, witn: Jean McDONALD, Bothwell Ont., Arthur McDONALD, Chatham, 28 May 1927 at Chatham


013204-27 Arthur Edward Amos BADDILEY, 25, machinist, Edenbridge Kent England, Wallaceburg, s/o John William BADDILEY b. England & Elizabeth Hannah TAYLOR, married Elizabeth Lucretia MURPHY, 21, housekeeper, Chatham twp., Chatham twp. Kent Co., d/o Ai MURPHY b. Kent Co. Ont. & Eliza May RICH, witn: Alfred H. BARNES, Anna C. BASSETT, both of Wallaceburg, 22 November 1927 at Chatham twp.

013205-27 Edward BAILEY, 20, farmer, Mersea twp. Essex Co., same, s/o William BAILEY b. Mersea twp. & Mary HODSON, married Doris Ada HACKER, 20, at home, London England, Sandwich, d/o Thomas Richard HACKER b. London England & Lily Harriet LOCKE, witn: Russell M. PERKINS, Laura M. PERKINS, both of Chatham, 15 June 1927 at Chatham

013206-27 Frederick Joseph BAILEY, 37, salesman, London England, 108 Forest St. Chatham Ont., s/o Joseph BAILEY b. Yorkshire England & Charlotte BURGESS, married Emma Katherine Mae HALL, 22, bookkeeper, Tupperville Ont., 29 Selkirk St. Chatham Ont., d/o William HALL b. Ont. & Margaret McARTHUR, witn: C.E. HIGLEY, Muriel HIGLEY, both of Chatham, 3 September 1927 at Chatham

013207-27 Lawrence Wilfred BAILEY, 34, carpenter, widower, Mersea twp. Essex Co., Leamington Ont., s/o George W. BAILEY b. Mersea twp. & Emeline LOWDEN, married Reta Elva WEMP, 28, at home, Dover twp. Kent Co., Wheatley Ont., d/o William J. WEMP b. Amherst Island & Eva M. STOVER, witn: Burton C. WEMP, Mrs Burton C. WEMP, both of Dover Centre, 14 September 1927 at Wheatley

013208-27 Milton Melvin BAIN, 42, electrician, St. Mary's Ont., Thamesville, s/o James BAIN & Mary Ann BAYNES, married Jocelyn Ruth SAUNDERS, 24, office work, Vancouver B.C., Hamilton Ont., d/o David SAUNDERS & Esther Jane BAYNES, witn: Sarah J. BARTLETT, Ann PHILLIPS, both of Thamesville, 4 April 1927 at Thamesville

013209-27 Alfred Lloyd BALTZER, 21, electrician, Kingsville, Kingsville, s/o Alfred BALTZER & Jennie MANLEY, married Mary Lucille WAGGETT, 19, at home, Kingsville, Kingsville, d/o Worthington WAGGETT & Selina Mary HAWKINS, witn: Mrs. A.C. TIFFIN, Miss Emma COSENS, both of Wheatley, 27 January 1927 at Wheatley

013210-27 Michael BARABAN, 22, farmer, Russia, Raleigh twp., s/o Stephen BARABAN & Sophia PUDLOCK, married Lena BYKILO, 18 May 1926, home duties, Poland, 64 Palmerston Ave. Toronto, d/o Stephen BYKILO & Mary TKACHRYEZYW, witn: Joe BARABAN, Windsor, Annie ANDRUCHOW, Mull, 22 January 1927 at Chatham

013211-27 Le Roy BARNES, 22, farmer, Dawn twp., Dawn twp., s/o Darius BARNES & Ethel WARWICK, married Permilla Grose LAMPMAN, 19, Dawn twp., Dawn twp., d/o Norris LAMPMAN & Mary GROSE, witn: Ralph LAMPMAN, Vera JONES, both of Florence, 19 March 1927 at Thamesville

013212-27 Lixie Thompson BARR, 31, well driller, widower, St. Marys, Dresden, s/o James BARR b. Canada & Mary STEVENSON, married Helen Mabel HOOPER, 22, housewife, widow, Dresden, Dresden, d/o William Arthur HAZZARD b. Canada & Emma Josephine MICKEL, witn: Thomas A. LYMAN, Mary N. LYMAN, both of Dresden, 8 October 1927 at town of Dresden

013213-27 Robert Reginald BARR, 20, farmer, Cochrane Ont., Bear Line Dover twp., s/o David BARR b. Cochrane Ont. & Marguerite GRANT, married Marguerite Lila GILLETT, 18 on March 8 1927, Chatham twp., Conc. 2 Dover twp., d/o John R. GILLETT b. Kent Co. Ont. & Almeda SIDDAL, witn: Katherine C. MARSHALL, Nellie B. LITTLE, both of Chatham, 10 December 1927 at Chatham

013214-27 Osmond Eugene BARRON, 22, farmer, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Michael BARRON & Margaret DILLON, married Florence Lavina THIBEAULT, 18, Buffalo, Chatham, d/o Archibald THIBEAULT & Isabelle AUSTIN, witn: Arthur THIBEAULT, Viva BARRON, both of Chatham, 30 May 1927 at St. Joseph's Church Chatham

013215-27 Oscar BAUVENS, 42, farmer, Igteghem West Flanders Belgium, Blenheim Ont. Harwich twp., s/o Ambrose BAUVENS b. Flanders & Rosalie BAUVIN, married Sophia Frances WEBB, 29, factory hand, England, Blenheim Ont., d/o Walter William WEBB b. England & Bessie Sophia DEVEREAUX, witn: John D. CLEVELAND, Mrs. J.H. MARRIOT, both of Cedar Springs, 7 June 1927 at village of Cedar Springs

013216-27 Harvey Theodore BAVERSTOCK, 25, farmer, Zone, Zone, s/o Herman BAVERSTOCK b. United Stated & Elizabeth LITTLE, married Edna Gertrude STOKES (known as Edna Gertrude ROLSTON), 18, Brantford city, Euphemia, d/o Horace J. STOKES b. England & Gertrude WOROK, witn: Sarah J. BARTLETT, Mary BARTLETT, both of Thamesville, 25 May 1927 at Thamesville

013217-27 William James BAXTER, 28, truck driver, Camden twp., Thamesville, s/o Amos BAXTER b. Canada & Margaret STEELE, married Mabel ELLIS, 23, farmer's daughter, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o Miles ELLIS b. Canada & Ellen Matilda ELLIS, witn: Earl BROWN, Eileen ELLIS, both of Dresden, 19 June 1927 at Camden twp.

013218-27 Hector BECHARD, 20, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o Medard BECHARD b. Pain Court & Emma BENOIT, married Orvela STERLING, 17, home duties, Dover twp., Pain Court Dover twp., d/o Joseph STERLING b. Pain Court & Bella CAMPBELL, witn: Medard BECHARD, Joseph STERLING, both of Pain Court, 30 October 1927 at parish of Pain Court

013219-27 Napoleon BECHARD, 18 yrs 5 mo., mechanic, Pain Court, Canal St. Tilbury, s/o Dorcas BECHARD b. Paincourt Ont. & Rose McNORTON, married Beatrice Evelyn HAMILTON, 15 yrs 5 mos, house keeping, Tilbury Ont, Tilbury Ont., d/o William HAMILTON b. Hamilton Ont. & Sophie THIBODEAU, witn: Peter CEOCLE?, Isabella BECHARD, both of Ford, 21 December 1927 at Tilbury

013220-27 James Henry BEDELL, 46, blacksmith, widower, Dresden, Dresden, s/o William BEDELL b. Belleville & Mary CRAIG, married Alice Maud McDONALD, 45, housewife, widow, Camden twp., Detroit, d/o James STAGGS b. England & Fanny WILLIAMS, witn: Bert LEADBETTER, Mrs. Bert LEADBETTER, both of Berry St., Chatham, 8 January 1927 at Chatham

013221-27 Humbert Glenn BEDFORD, 23, factory worker, Thamesville Ont., 312 Gladstone Ave. Windsor, s/o George BEDFORD b. Highgate Ont & Fanny HAUBER, married Estella HETHERINGTON, 23, clerk, Highgate Ont., 48 Riveria Ave. Windsor, d/o Richard HETHERINGTON b. Haldimand Co. Ont. & Jessie McLEAN, witn: A.J. HETHERINGTON, Gladys HASTINGS, both of Chatham, 3 September 1927 at Chatham

013222-27 Albert Edward BEESTON, 24, clerk, Chatham Ont., 16 Stanley Ave Chatham Ont., s/o William Henry BEESTON b. Canada & Alberta Florence HIGLEY, married Hilda May REISSNER, 23, Leamington Ont., 15 Elm Ave. Chatham Ont., d/o Arthur Gillman REISSNER b. Canada & Annie Elizabeth BAKER, witn: Charles E. BEESTON, Chatham Ont., Mrs Alberta BEESTON, Blenheim Ont., 1 January 1927 at Chatham

013223-27 Leo BELANGER, 29, mechanic, Chatham twp., Wallaceburg, s/o Jacob BELANGER & Elizabeth St. PIERRE, married Delvina BECHARD, 26, Pain Court, Chatham twp., d/o Peter BECHARD & Rosalie LA PRIESE, witn: Dona BELANGER, Wallaceburg, Edna FOSTER, Chatham Twp., 14 November 1927 at Wallaceburg

013224-27 William BELL, 22, carpenter, Raleigh twp., 228 Queen St. Chatham, s/o William BELL b. Toronto & Lousie (KEEP) BELL, married Emily Esther BABCOCK, 19, operator, Petrolia Ont., 189 Park Ave. E. Chatham, d/o Harvey BABCOCK b. Grey Co. & Emily A. JACKSON, witn: R.J. GREEN, Cora GREEN, both of Chatham Ont., 5 March 1927 at Chatham

013225-27 Joseph BENN, 35, farmer, Lucan Ont., Lucan Ont., s/o Thomas BENN & Catherine SCOTT, married Mary FARRELL, 30, school teacher, Thamesville Ont., Thamesville Ont., d/o Michael FARRELL & Caroline BROADBENT, witn: Edward FARRELL, Annie FARRELL, both of Thamesville Ont., 26 January 1927 at Thamesville

013226-27 Norman Douglas BENNETT, 23, farmer, Raleigh twp., Conc 12 lot 13 Raleigh twp., s/o Fred BENNETT b. Ontario & Mary BEMBRIDGE, married Vera Mabel CRACKEL, 23, Harwich twp. Blenheim Ont., d/o Richard CRACKEL b. Ontario & Eliza JENNER, witn: Myrtle JENNER, Keith MURRAY, both of RR2 Merlin Ont., 6 April 1927 at Raleigh twp

013227-27 Norman Whitelaw BERRY, 24, bank manager, Brantford twp., Woodward Ave & Seven Mile Rd. Detroit Mich., s/o Hartley BERRY b. Yorkshire England & Alice Elizabeth GREY, married Beatrice Norine CONIBEAR, 23, book keeper, Chatham Ont., 43 Amelia St. Chatham Ont., d/o George H. CONIBEAR b. Devonshire England & Annie BLACK, witn: R.J. FENTON, Chatham, Vera C. BLACK, St. Thomas Ont., 9 November 1927 at Chatham

013228-27 Orval BERTRAND, 19, farmer, Goodrich Illinois, Tilbury East twp., s/o Homer BERTRAND & Alexine CARON, married Eva AUTHIER, 19, housekeeper, Ashton R.I. U.S.A., Tilbury East, d/o Camille AUTHIER & Marie MORIN, witn: Ernest AUTHIER, Ruth SCHMENK, both of RR No. 4 Merlin, 27 April 1927 at Tilbury

013229-27 Hendrik BINK, 27, insurance agent, Holland, Chatham, s/o Idsard BINK b. Holland & Elizabeth C. KELLER, married Lydia Viola PIERCE, 30, domestic, Bothwell, Bothwell, d/o William H. PIERCE b. Ontario & Margaret McGREGOR, witn: Edgar PIERCE, Detroit , Alex McGREGOR, Bothwell, 4 May 1927 at Zone twp

013231-27 Wilfred Carl BISHOP, 30, barber, Camden twp. Kent Co., Wallaceburg, s/o Edward Joseph BISHOP b. Dover twp. Ont. & Alma KERR, married Elsie Eugenie KILBRIDE, 27, housekeeper, Chatham twp., Wallaceburg, d/o Thomas KILBRIDE b. Ireland & Agnes YOUNG, witn: Amos A. FISHER, Wallaceburg, Mary Ann CALDER, Chatham Ont., 5 September 1927 at Chatham

013232-27 James Alexander BLACKBURN, 25, farmer, Camden twp., lot 6 Conc 6 Camden twp., s/o Myron Sirel BLACKBURN b. Camden twp. & Catherine Blanche HUFF, married Bessie Margaret HARDEY, 29, teacher, Chatham twp., Victoria Ave. Chatham, d/o Elliott William HARDEY b. Chatham twp. & Hattie WRIGHT., witn: Margaret E. PUNCHARD, Chatham Ont., Jack M. MADDEN, Dresden Ont., 26 February 1927 at Chatham

013233-27 John Alexander BLACKHALL, 31, oil operator, near Toronto, Newbury Ont., s/o James BLACKHALL b. Old Comlie? Scotland & Martha McCONNELL, married Alice Mildred MORGAN, 23, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o Peter George MORGAN b. Blenheim Harwich twp. & Emma Alice THOMPSON, witn: William BENSON, Newbury Ont., Lily LYMAN, Riverside Ont., 5 September 1927 at Camden twp.

013234-27 George Harold BLACKMORE, 24, painter, Waterford, Ekfrid twp., s/o Joseph Arthur BLACKMORE b. Blenheim Ont. & Ida A.M. KETTLEWELL, married Alice Marie MORGAN, 17, not entered, Columbus Ohio, Ekfrid twp., d/o Frank N. MORGAN b. Columbus Ohio & Alice VANTERINE?, witn: Ivan B. JAMES, Alice M. JAMES, both of Chatham Ont., 24 October 1927 at Chatham

013235-27 Randolph Andrews BLACKWELL, 29, office manager, London Ont., Chatham, s/o W.? G. BLACKWELL b. Canada & Esther Wignal YATES, married Jennie McLARTY, 23, school teacher, Dawn twp., Dresden, d/o Donald McLARTY b. Canada & Laura LOGAN, witn: Laura McLARTY, John A.E. BLACKWELL, both of Dresden Ont., 20 June 1927 at Dresden

013236-27 James BLANDFORD, 37, machinist, Whithorn Scotland, 217 Inches Ave. Chatham Ont., s/o Robert BLANDFORD b. Scotland & Sarah HALL, married Grace Bell MOORE, 31, operator, Chatham Ont., 46 St. George St. Chatham, d/o William Henry MOORE b. England & Emma Jane SMITH, witn: M.E. MOORE, Mrs. Edna MOORE, both of 1129 Victoria Ave. Windsor, 10 December 1927 at Chatham

013237-27 Benjamin BLONDE, 69, general contractor, widower, Welland Co., Chatham, s/o George BLONDE b. France & Catherine SNEIDER, married Margaret MAYHEW, 53, widow, Ontario, Chatham, d/o Maurice FITZGERALD & Mary KENNA, witn: George QUIGLEY, Mrs. George QUIGLEY, both of 191 Mill St. London, 5 September 1927 at Chatham

013238-27 William Henry BOLEY, 27, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Conc. 1 Lot 13 Raleigh twp., s/o Henry BOLEY b. Canada & Mary THOMAS, married Velma Grace PEEL, 23 yrs 6 mos., Dover twp., Conc. 1 Lot 14 Raleigh twp., d/o Harry PEEL b. Canada & Beatrice COOK, witn: Herbert THOMAS, Prairie Siding, John BOLEY, Northwood Ont., 23 June 1927 at not given

013239-27 Fred James BOND, 23, trucking, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o Alfred E. BOND b. Kent Co. & Elizabeth EDWARDS, married Jennie Hamilton REID, 18, domestic, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o James REID b. H--? Co.? & Edith WALKER, witn: Mary E. SMITH, Earl VAN HORNE, both of RR 4, 18 November 1927 at Louisville

013240-27 Edward Angus BONNER, 24, farmer, Harwich, Harwich twp., s/o James BONNER b. York Co. Toronto & Margaret McINTYRE, married Frances Elizabeth WILLIMOT, 27, housework, Buckinghamshire England, Raleigh twp., d/o John WILLIMOT b. Cambridgeshire England & Margaret Percival COPE, witn: Bertha May MARLATT, Merlin Ont., George W. WILLIMOT, Cedar Springs, 3 December 1927 at village of Cedar Springs

013241-27 Eltjo BOTJES, 29, labourer, Zuidbrock Holland, 75 ½ King St Chatham, s/o Farako BOTJES b. Holland & Talka JUTTENG, married Geertje NOORDHOFF, 22, domestic help, Grypkerk Holland, d/o W.J. TAYLOR Murray St. Chatham, d/o Thomas NOORDHOFF b. Holland & Reuke FRESSER, witn: Douw? VAN LUIDEN, Klaaske NOORDHOFF, both of Chatham, 13 April 1927 at Chatham

013242-27 Philippe BOURDEAU, 22, farmer, Pain Court, Pain Court, s/o Alf BOURDEAU & Emma NORMANDIN, married Elennie LAUZON, 20, farmer, Pain Court, Pain Court. d/o Isadore LAUZON & Bridget BELISLE, witn: Leopold LAUZON, Pain Court, Madeline LAREAU, Detroit, 10 October 1927 at Pain Court

013243-27 James Marcellus BOWDEN, 28, farmer, Howard twp., Howard twp., s/o Joseph BOWDEN b. England & Annie WHITEHALL, married Violet Agnes GILLESPIE, 26, teacher, Howard twp., Howard twp., d/o Angus GILLESPIE b. Canada & Edith NEWELL, witn: Charles BOWDEN, Thamesville Ont., Vera FERGUSON, Ridgetown Ont., 8 October 1927 at Howard twp.

013244-27 Thomas BOWES, 61, chef, Wicklow Co. Ulster Ireland, London, s/o John BOWES b. Wicklow Ireland & Ann McDONALD, married Emma Mary WELTON nee WILLIAMS, 61, house keeper, widow, Oakfield Kent Co. Michigan USA, London, d/o Silas WILLIAMS b. Oakfield Kent Co. Mich. & Ellen CLIFFORD, witn: Arthur H. PRENDORF?, Mrs. Arthur H. PRENDORF, both of Ridgetown, 22 August 1927 at Ridgetown

013245-27 Harvey Joseph BOYER, 27, trimmer, Pain Court Ont., Taylor Ave. Chatham twp., s/o William BOYER b. Quebec & Josephine LAPRISE, married Nettie Pearl EVERITT, 27, book binder, Chatham Ont., 64 King St. E. Chatham, d/o Walter EVERITT b. Kent Co. & Louisa BALSOM, witn: Gertrude EVERITT, Toronto, Leo BOYER, Chatham, 1 July 1927 at Chatham

013246-27 Cesaire BREAULT, 36, farmer, Tilbury, Tilbury, s/o Hormidas BREAULT & Ida MARCHAND, married Juliette REGNIER, 20, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Aldesa REGNIER & Pacifique BROSSEAU, witn: Henrie REGNIER, Ivonne MARCHAND, Tilbury, 10 October 1927 at Tilbury

013247-27 Elzear BREAULT, 25, farmer, Tilbury, Tilbury, s/o Francois BREAULT & Emma MORIN, married Florence MAILLOUX, 18, clerk, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Arsene MAILLOUX & Louise CHAUVIN, witn: Alphonse BREAULT, Detroit, Lillie MAILLOUX, Tilbury Ont., 16 May 1927 at Tilbury

013248-27 Leo BREAULT, 21, farmer's son, Tilbury North, Tilbury East, s/o Hormisdas BREAULT & Ida MARCHAND, married Germaine REGNIER, 22, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Aldie REGNIER & Pacifique BROSSEAU, witn: Cesaire BREAULT, Juliette REGNIER, both of Tilbury, 15 February 1927 at Tilbury

013249-27 Clarence Henry BROOM, 23, farmer, Tilbury East twp. Kent Co., Tilbury East twp. Kent Co., s/o Thomas BROOM b. Wales England & Bertha PAYNE, married Gladys Grace VINCE, 23, farmer's daughter, Tilbury East twp. Kent Co., Tilbury East twp. Kent Co., d/o Fred VINCE b. Ontario & Ada BARTLETT, witn: Louis VINCE, Tilbury East, Verla M. BROOM, Tilbury, 1 June 1927 at Tilbury

013250-27 Euldege BROSSEAU, 23, farmer, Tilbury, Tilbury, s/o Alphonse BROSSEAU & Fridoline LAVOIE, married Marguerite SOULLIERE, 19, Ridgetown Ont., Tilbury Ont., d/o Alfred SOULLIERE & Delia DUPLESSIS, witn: Octavius BROSSEAU, McGregor, Celine DAUDELIN, Jeanette's Creek, 28 February 1927 at Tilbury

013251-27 Michel BROUCKAERT, 27, labourer, Belgium, Wallaceburg, s/o Amiel BROUCKAERT b. Belgium & Maria KLOOS, married Bertha VERBEKE, 21, house keeper, Belgium, Wallaceburg, d/o Henry VERBEKE b. Belgium & Margaret VAERSTRALT, witn: Hector VANDERBURGH, A. O'DONNELL, both of Wallaceburg, 1 April 1927 at Wallaceburg

013252-27 Douglas Walter BROWN, 21, farmer, Mersea twp., Mersea twp., s/o Douglas BROWN b. Mersea twp. & Julia Eva RATHBURN, married Enna Mae DENT, 19, at home, Romney twp., Mersea twp., d/o Charles DENT b. Ontario & Margaret Helen MILLS, witn: Isabella S. DURRANT, Edna D. DURRANT, both of Blenheim Ont., 25 June 1927 at Blenheim

013254-27 Hiram Joseph BROWN, 20, labourer, Windsor Ont., 120 Murray St. Chatham, s/o Hiram Joseph BROWN b. Chatham & Esther DESPONTE, married Mary Ann DAVIES, 20, home duties, Wales, 159 Wellington St. West Chatham, d/o Thomas Francis DAVIES b. Wales & Anna HAINER, witn: Frank W. FARMER, RR5 Chatham, Maude METCALF, Chatham, 25 June 1927 at Chatham

013253-27 Hilary BROWN, 28, clerk, Big Point Ont., Chatham, s/o Napoleon BROWN & Leah FAUBERT, married Cecelia BARNIER, 20, Big Point Ont., Chatham twp., d/o David BARNIER & Mary LUCIER, witn: Orly CADOTTE, Big Point Ont., Marie BARNIER, Chatham, 25 July 1927 at Chatham

013255-27 Rodger Moir BROWN, 22, farmer, Scotland, Tilbury East twp., s/o John BROWN b. Scotland & Agnes EMERY, married Edith BUCHAN, 19, domestic, Scotland, Tilbury East twp., d/o Andrew BUCHAN b. Scotland & Isabelle DAVIDSON, witn: Andrew BUCHAN Jr., Annie BUCHAN, both of RR4 Tilbury, 11 October 1927 at Chatham

013256-27 William Orville BROWN, 25, farmer, Chatham twp., 11th Conc. Chatham twp., s/o William Brown b. Chatham twp. & Agnes VANDUSEN, married Eva Pearl BROWN, 17, home duties, Chatham, 7th Conc. Raleigh twp., d/o Henry Tyson BROWN b. Raleigh twp. & Elnora DUCKET, witn: Serene SIMONS, Annie Mae DUDLEY, both of RR5 Dresden Ont., 24 April 1927 at Chatham twp

013257-27 Albert BRUNDRITT, 30, Raleigh twp. Kent Co., Blenheim Ont., s/o Frederick BRUNDRITT b. England & Annie B. GARDINER, married Mary Florence CAMERON, 22, housekeeper, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o John Austin CAMERON b. Canada and Mary McCORKELL, witn: John D. EDWARDS, 210 Pilgrim Ave. Highland Park Mich., Grace CAMERON, Harwich, 16 April 1927 at Harwich twp.

013258-27 Charles Albert BRUSH, 25, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Isaiah BRUSH b. Kent Co. & Kate RUMBLE, married Janie Bell COOPER, 25, housekeeper, Harwich, Harwich, d/o James COOPER b. Kent Co. & Ada Jane BARTON, witn: Ada WALLACE, Robie WEIR, both of Ridgetown, 16 July 1927 at Ridgetown

013259-27 John Raymond BUCKLAND, 28, tire builder, Gosfield North Essex, 279 Argyle Road Walkerville, s/o Norman BUCKLAND b. Quebec & Louise ASH, married Grace Elizabeth MASON, 29, teacher, Merlin Ont., Merlin Ont., d/o Albert MASON b. Ont. & Isabelle HOPE, witn: Florence MASON, Merlin Ont., Pulford GREAVES, Walkerville Ont., 27 August 1927 at Merlin

013260-27 James William BUDGE, 22, sugar co. employee, Boston England, Wallaceburg, s/o James Thomas BUDGE b. England & Emma GREENSMITH, married Ivy Agnes Lillian SCOTT, 17, housekeeper, Ilford England, Wallaceburg, d/o Norman Lidstone SCOTT b. England & Annie PHILLIPS, witn: Mary Agnes CALDER, Lena Viola PHERRILL, both of Chatham, 6 December 1927 at Chatham

013261-27 Ray Thomas BULLER, 21, driver, Howard twp. Ont., Detroit, s/o Thomas James BULLER b. Howard twp. Ont. & Margaret JOHNSON, married Marguerite Jean KNIGHTS, 18 on 27 Aug 1926, Harwich twp., Mull Ont., d/o William Henry KNIGHTS b. Howard twp. & Amy WEST, witn: Elda NICHOLSON, Blenheim Ont., Gordon KNIGHTS, Mull Ont., 17 June 1927 at Harwich twp

013262-27 Gelling Lincoln BURDON, 31, stock clerk, Ontario, Windsor Ont., s/o B.L. BURDON b. Canada & Rachel CAMPBELL, married Valetta Irene PEARSON, 31, Ontario, Thamesville, d/o Thomas PEARSON b. Canada & Frances Irene COOK, witn: William HUGHSON, Mrs. William HUGHSON, both of Dresden, 2 September 1927 at Thamesville

013263-27 Ross Wilkie BURKE, 23, farmer, Harwich twp., Conc. 3 Harwich twp., s/o Henry BURKE  & Cassie WILKIE, married Dorothy Hope CLARK, 17 yrs 10 ms., Welland Ont., River Road Harwich twp., d/o James H. CLARK  & Alma Victoria LINCOLN, witn: Victoria CLARK, Ruth CLARK, both of Chatham, 6 January 1927 at Ridgetown

013264-27 Andrew Orval BURNFIELD, 25, farmer, Moonstone Ont., RR4 Merlin Tilbury East twp., s/o William BURNFIELD b. Canada & Annie WATSON, married Dorothy Edna MIFFLIN, 19, home duties, Tilbury East twp., RR4 Merlin Tilbury East twp., d/o W.J. Leslie MIFFLIN b. Canada & Flossie Kathleen WATSON, witn: Gladys Mae MORSE, Harold Clifford WILKINSON, both of Leamington, 21 December 1927 at Tilbury East twp

013265-27 William Louis BUSCHEMEYER, 24, farmer, Homer Illinois, RR2 Merlin Raleigh twp., s/o William BUSCHEMEYER b. Illinois & Emma WAIDELITH, married Anna Barbara SCHMIDT, 24, teacher, Chatham, 247 Park St. Chatham, d/o Henry SCHMIDT b. Ontario & Edith HUGHSON, witn: Neta B. SCHMIDT, 247 Park St. Chatham, Floyd HENSON, 651 W. Hancock Detroit Mich., 20 August 1927 at Chatham

013266-27 Albert BUTCHER, 27, farmer, Sussex England, RR6 Conc. 8 Raleigh twp., s/o William BUTCHER b. England & Harriett MEPHAM, married Catherine YAPP, 34, domestic service, Bedford England, Conc. 8 Raleigh twp., d/o Richard YAPP b. England & Helen KINTIG, witn: Thomas William EASTWOOD, W. JORDAN, both of RR6 Chatham, 7 April 1927 at Raleigh twp

013267-27 Alphy CADOTTE, 23, farmer, Pain Court, Pain Court, s/o Henry CADOTTE & Corine LEFEBRE, married Gertrude ST. PIERRE, 20, Pain Court, Pain Court, d/o Gilbert ST. PIERRE & Sophie BERNIER, witn: Althea CADOTTE, Henrey ST. PIERRE, both of Pain Court, 31 January 1927 at Pain Court

013268-27 Alexander Love CAMPBELL, 42, farmer, Elgin Co., Shedden Ont., s/o Angus CAMPBELL b. Elgin Co. & Margaret LOVE, married Lila Irene CAMPBELL, 30, teacher, Kent Co. Ont., Blenheim Ont., d/o Farquhar CAMPBELL b. Ontario & Agnes McGUGAN, witn: Angus CAMPBELL, Shedden, Alma Edna CAMPBELL, Blenheim, 30 November 1927 at Blenheim

013269-27 Garnet CAMPBELL, 17, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o William CAMPBELL & Nora BATCHLOR, married Anna CHARRON, 18, farmer's daughter, Dover, Dover, d/o David O. CHARRON & Emma COUTURE, witn: Zephir CHARRON, Belsimie MYERS, both of RR2 Bear Line, 12 July 1927 at Big Point

013270-27 John CAMPBELL, 25, barber, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John CAMPBELL b. Scotland & Elizabeth ANDERSON, married Violette TINLINE, 20, Ontario, Thamesville Ont., d/o William D. TINLINE b. Ontario & Margery Elizabeth McLEAN, witn: Melville L. TINLINE, Thamesville, Elizabeth A. CAMPBELL, 1061 Hall Ave. Windsor, 30 June 1927 at Orford twp

013271-27 John Raymond CARNIE, 22, farmer, Howard twp., Howard twp., s/o William CARNIE b. Aberdeen Scotland & Elizabeth MURRAY, married Margaret HALL, 18, housewife, Howard twp., Howard twp., d/o Delbert HALL b. Morpeth Kent Ont. & Maude ELLIS, witn: Irene GLADSTONE, Helen BARNETT, both of Ridgetown, 8 September 1927 at Ridgetown

013272-27 Alfred CARPENTIER, 25, laborer, Montreal, Wallaceburg, s/o Oscar CARPENTIER & Athela BLAIS, married Emeliene LALONDE, 19, Montreal, Wallaceburg, d/o Mose LALONDE & Rosanna PAYETTE, witn: Gererd LIZOTTE, Simone LALONDE, both of Wallaceburg, 9 July 1927 at Wallaceburg

013273-27 Clarence Roy CARR, 29, thresher, Dawn twp., Detroit, s/o Samuel CARR b. Canada & Della LAW, married Mary Belle McLACHLIN, 25, farmer's daughter, Dawn twp., Dawn twp., d/o John McLACHLIN b. United States & Sarah SUTHERLAND, witn: Earl CARR, Detroit, Naomi McLACHLIN, Dresden, 25 June 1927 at Dawn twp.

013274-27 Roland Ayres CARSCALLEN, 23, barrister at law, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, s/o Andrew B. b Kent Co. Ont. & Mabel AYRES, married Elsie Evangeline SHAW, 25, music teacher, Detroit Mich., Wallaceburg, d/o Ernest b. Kent Co. Ont. & Elvale BROWN, witn: Ella B. SHAW, Charlton G. SHAW, both of Wallaceburg, 30 May 1927 at Wallaceburg


013275-27 Carl Hunter CASEMORE, 23, plumber, Wingham Ont., Blenheim Ont., s/o Jeremiah CASEMORE b. Wingham Ont. & Margaret Matilda HUNTER, married Florence Beatrice McINTYRE, 17, saleslady, Blenheim Ont., Blenheim Ont., d/o Harvey McINTYRE b. Blenheim Ont. & Beatrice TYE, witn: Harvey McINTYRE, Beatrice McINTYRE, both of Blenheim, 22 September 1927 at Ridgetown

013276-27 Alberny Peter CECILE, 46, driver, widower, Tecumseh Ont., 701 Sandwich St. W. Windsor Ont., s/o Remi CECILE b. Canada & Corrine HEBERT, married Dorothy Eva DUFFY, 23, saleslady, Ottawa Ont., 351 Sandwich St. E. Windsor, witn: Lilian l. GAETZ, Elizabeth GAETZ, both of Chatham, 3 February 1927 at Chatham

013277-27 Stanley CHAPMAN, 36, teacher, Elgin Co., Zone twp., s/o Edmund CHAPMAN b. England & Frances BROCK, married Ellen CAMERON, 35, teacher, Howard twp., Howard twp., d/o John CAMERON b. Kent Co. & Rachel STEEN, witn: Katherine C. MARSHALL, Nellie B. LITTLE, both of Chatham, 15 September 1927 at Chatham

013278-27 Wilfred CHARRON, 27, laborer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o Joseph CHARRON & Edesse MOOR, married Sylvia ANTAYA, 22, daughter, Tilbury North twp., Raleigh twp., d/o Theodore ANTAYA & Helene LABUTE, witn: Arthur ANTAYA, Prairie Siding Ont., Edna CHARRON, Pain Court Ont., 15 November 1927 at St. Peter's Church Tilbury East twp.

013279-27 Alphonse CHAUVIN, 21, farmer, Pointe-aux- Roches, Pointe-aux-Roches, s/o Alexandre CHAUVIN & Athalie DESCHAMPS, married Clorida BROUILLETTE, 23, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Auguste BROUILLETTE & Sophie LESPERANCE, witn: Albert TREMBLAY, Staples, Cecilia BROUILLETTE, Tilbury, 18 October 1927 at Tilbury

013285-27 Theophile CLAES (Clois?), 21, farmer, Belgium, Charing Cross, s/o Camille CLAES & Edith PILLE, married Girarda DE COSTER, 20, farmer, Belgium, Charing Cross, d/o Louis DE COSTER & Hortense ELLEBUYCK, witn: Cyrelle RAMBOER, Mary RAMBOER, both of Charing Cross, 30 April 1927 at Chatham  

013281-27 Linton Webster CLARK, 20, clerk, Sombra twp., Dresden, s/o Linton Webster CLARK b. Canada & Margaret W. MITCHELL, married Madge McCALLUM, 21, domestic, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Donald McCALLUM b. Canada & Margaret WATSON, witn: Fred McKERRALL, Eberts, Olive McCALLUM, Tupperville, 17 December 1927 at Dresden

013280-27 Ivan Leroy CLARK, 20, trimmer, Florence Ont., 16 Emma St. Chatham, s/o William Franklin CLARK b. Hastings Co. & Estella Edna SCARLETT, married Margaret GARMENT, 16 yrs 7 mos., bookkeeper, Harwich twp., 46 Gray St. Chatham, d/o Horace Herbert GARMENT b. Kent Co. England & Elizabeth MITCHELL, witn: William G. BURROWS, Elizabeth GARMENT, both of Chatham, 21 May 1927 at Chatham

013283-27 William Murray CLARK, 19, operator, Chatham, 120 St. George St. Chatham, s/o Murray CLARK b. Wentworth Co. & Maud B. CAMERON, married Gladys May JONES, 19, telephone operator, Chatham, 80 Poplar St. Chatham, d/o Thomas J. JONES b. Raleigh twp. & Erma P. EWING, witn: Carl McINTOSH, 27 Stone Ave. Chatham, Mildred Clark, Chatham, 29 October 1927 at Chatham

013282-27 Stanley Wilfred CLARK, 23, farmer, Raleigh twp., Conc 6 Lot 17 Raleigh twp., s/o Herbert CLARK b. Raleigh twp. & Charlotte PATTERSON, married Pansy Evelyn LEGUE, 23, Raleigh twp., Conc 5? Lot 20 Raleigh twp., d/o David LEGUE b. United States & Mary BOLEY, witn: Clara GRIFFIN, Blanche SLOAT, both of Chatham, 7? June 1927 at Chatham

013284-27 Allan Reginald CLAUS, 30, purchasing agent, Cedar Springs Ont., Victoria Rd. Walkerville, s/o James CLAUS b. Ont. & Nettie FRENCH, married Cleda Fern SIMON, 21, teacher, Ruscomb Essex, Joseph St. Chatham, d/o Adam SIMON b. Ont. & Ella HILL, witn: Mrs. Ella MILNER, James CLAUS, both of Chatham, 5 February 1927 at Chatham

013286-27 Philias CLOUTIER, 41, laborer, widower, Tilbury North twp., Tilbury, s/o Jules CLOUTIER b. Canada & Caroline LEPAINE, married Marie Olive LEFEVRE, 53, factory hand, widow, Tilbury West twp., Tilbury, d/o Thomas LABONTE b. Canada & Solome DUQUETTE, witn: Francois LABONTE, Thomas LABONTE, both of Tilbury, 10 September 1927 at Tilbury

013287-27 Charles Tupper COATSWORTH, 37, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Arthur COATSWORTH b. Romney twp. Kent Co. & Ora BALDWIN, married Annie Greenham LISTER, 22, spinster, Lincolnshire England, Raleigh twp., d/o John Henry LISTER b. Lincolnshire England & Annie Greenham LISTER, witn: Mary Agnes CALDEN, Helen SLAGG, both of Chatham, 4 January 1927 at Chatham

013288-27 Frederick Ivan COLLINS, 32, merchant, Chatham, 27 Grant St. Chatham, s/o Fred COLLINS b. England & Henrietta TRIMBY, married Helen May HANDYSIDES, 23, home duties, Chatham, Victoria Ave. Extension Chatham twp., d/o Joseph W. HANDYSIDES b. Chatham twp. & Mary Ellen WILMORE, witn: Marian June WILLMORE, Chatham, W.H. COLLINS, Miami Cal. USA., 24 August 1927 at Chatham twp.


013289-27 Robert Terry CONLIN, 20, farmer, Blenheim, Blenheim, s/o Herb CONLIN b. Canada & Maud MISNER, married Florence Gertrude MEDLICOTT, 20, clerk, Harwich twp., Ridgetown, d/o Thomas MEDLICOTT b. Canada & Mary BRIELEY?, witn: Percy BOND, Blenheim, Laura MEDLICOTT, Ridgetown, 24 September 1927 at Ridgetown

013290-27 Thomas COOPER, 29, laborer, Ireland, Wallaceburg, s/o James COOPER & Elizabeth MILDERTON, married Catherine O'DONNELL, 29, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Mich. & Mary O'DONNELL, witn: James DOYLE, Julia BERNIER, both of Wallaceburg, 30 July 1927 at Wallaceburg

013291-27 John Ainlay COPLAND, 21, salesman, Harriston Ont., Grand Central Hotel - St. Thomas, s/o Malcolm Stewart COPLAND b. England & Ethel AINLAY, married Mary Gladys FIELD, 18, bookkeeper, Chatham, 45 Hillyard St. Chatham, d/o Francis Israel FIELD b. Harwich twp. & Agnes May DRURY, 1 September 1927 at Chatham

013292-27 Francis Craignish CORNISH, 24, telegraph operator, Chatham, 173 Russell St. N. Sarnia Ont., s/o William Francis CORNISH b. Brockville & Helena Agnes MORRIS, married Anna Roena GRAHAM, 18, Middlemiss Ont., 173 Russell St. N. Sarnia, d/o George GRAHAM b. Flint Mich. & Rebecca LUCAS, witn: Rebecca GRAHAM, Sarnia Ont., Helena A. CORNISH, Erieau Ont., 17 December 1927 at Chatham

013293-27 Edward Clayton COSBY, 26, farmer, Blenheim Ont., Harwich twp., s/o William James COSBY b. Canada & Annie Louisa HEBBLEWAITE, married Beatrice Marie ST. PETER, 19, spinster, Raleigh twp., Tilbury East twp., d/o Alfred ST. PETER b. Canada & Fannie STERLING, witn: S.A. ROBARTS, E. ROBARTS, both of Blenheim, 30 April 1927 at Blenheim

013294-27 George Thomas COULTER, 20, farmer, Chatham twp., RR1 Eberts Chatham twp., s/o John E. COULTER  & Gladys LANE, married Bessie Ann McKERRACHER, 30, home duties, Chatham twp., RR2 Tupperville Chatham twp., d/o David McKERRACHER  & Amelia GOODBERRY, witn: Violet R. NOLTIE, RR1 Eberts Ont., Mrs. Effie Lane, 27 Lansdowne Ave., 15 October 1927 at Chatham

013295-27 Thomas Allan COULTER, 20, farmer, Tilbury North twp., Tilbury West twp., s/o Andrew L. COULTER b. Ontario & Eliza Elizabeth ATKINSON, married Amy May BREEN, 21, Tilbury West twp., Tilbury West twp., d/o Thomas George BREEN b. Ontario & Mary Emma MORRIS, witn: Mrs. Anna A. DOBSON, Jean DOBSON, both of Tilbury, 9 July 1927 at Tilbury

013296-27 Edward COVENY, 31, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o Daniel COVENY & Elizabeth RANKIN, married Sarah FILES, 20, Dover twp., Dover twp., d/o Charles FILES & Stella O'NEIL, witn: Hugh COVENY, Laura O'NEIL, both of Dover twp., 21 November 1927 at Wallaceburg

013297-27 George Darrell COWAN, 23, auto trimmer, Tilbury East twp., Chatham, s/o Isaac COWAN b. Canada & Louise COWLEY, married Annie DAY, 19, machine operator, England, Chatham, d/o Robert Henry DAY b. England & Rose WESTWOOD, witn: Howard MORRIS, Mr. Irene MORRIS, both of Tilbury, 27 October 1927 at Tilbury

13298-27 Cecil COX, grocer, 30, Sombra twp. Wallaceburg, s/o Arthur Edward COX, b. Ont & Margaret GIBBONS, married Isabel Harriet PYE, 27?, stenographer, Oshawa, Wallaceburg, d/o Joseph Richard PYE, b. England & Mary CHAPLIN, witn: Minnie & Mrs. May PARR of Wallaceburg, 7 Feb 1927 at Wallaceburg

013299-27 Charles Aubrey COX, 26, salesman, Stratford, 111 Wellington St. W. Chatham, s/o [written in ‘to be forwarded later'] b. Ontario & , married Beatrice Eva FLEMING, 24, teacher, Chatham, 111 Wellington St. W. Chatham, d/o Wilfred FLEMING b. Ontario & Eva ANSTEY, witn: E.C. ROHFRITCH, 472 Queens Ave. London Ont., R.E. WHITE, 23 Lorne Ave. Chatham, 14 September 1927 at Chatham

013300-27 Stanley R. CRACKEL, 29, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich, s/o Richard CRACKEL & Eliza JENNER, married Jean STENTON, 23, housekeeper, Dover twp., Raleigh, d/o Henry STENTON & Margaret GLOVER, witn: Freda STENTON, Carl STENTON, both of Charing Cross, 11 June 1927 at Raleigh twp.

013301-27 Charles Arthur CRAIG, 36, farmer, widower, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o William H. CRAIG b. Howard twp Kent Co. & Isabella BUCHANAN, married Vida Younge WALL, 29, music teacher, Alvinston, Alvinston, d/o George WALL b. Euphemia twp. & Abigail MYERS, witn: Mrs. Fred STRIDE, Isabelle WATSON, both of Mull Ont., 3 September 1927 at Harwich twp

013302-27 Harry Clifford CRAIG, 25, window trimmer, Petrolia Ont., Windsor, s/o Robert CRAIG b. Ireland & Ida May BROWN, married Irene L. CAMPBELL, 25, Ridgetown, Windsor, d/o John CAMPBELL b. Ontario & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Annie J. CAMPBELL, A.F. SMITH, both of Ridgetown, 20 June 1927 at not given

013303-27 James Widmer CRAIG, 27, druggist, Dresden, Dresden, s/o James CRAIG b. Canada & Mary THOMPSON, married Mary Fennell WELLS, 25, clerk, Dresden, Dresden, d/o Frank WELLS b. Canada & Nina WAFFLE, witn: G.H. MERRILL, Windsor, Hetty McVEAN, Dresden, 13 June 1927 at Dresden

013304-27 Francis Henry CREIGHTON, 62, retired farmer, bachelor, Farmagh Ireland, Leamington, s/o David CREIGHTON b. Rose Harbour - Fermanagh Ireland & Jane DUNDAS, married Christina Annie MacAULEY, 56, spinster, Port Morien Nova Scotia, Leamington, d/o Angus MacAULEY b. Nova Scotia & Joanna MacPHERSON, witn: Edward KEELEY, Nellie B. LITTLE, both of Chatham, 5 November 1927 at Chatham

013305-27 Arthur James CROWE, 28, bookkeeper, Lackham England, 72 Lansdowne Ave. Chatham, s/o Frederick William CROWE b. England & Emily Charlotte CREWE, married Ivy Henrietta Violet ATKINSON, 31, saleslady, widow, Folkeston England, 72 Lansdowne Ave. Chatham, d/o Edwin WEBB b. England & Mary Jane COOMBES, witn: F.W. CROWE, 1045 Perrin Ave. Windsor, Daisy I. BELLINGER, 142 Harvey St. Chatham, 6 October 1927 at Chatham

013306-27 Daniel John CULNAN, 35, farmer, widower, Orford, Orford twp., s/o John CULNAN b. Ontario & Jennie DONNELLY, married Marie SAILER, 25, Germany, Orford twp., d/o Michael SAILER b. Germany & Anna ROGER, witn: Joseph SAILER, Margaret GOULD, both of Thamesville, 4 January 1927 at Thamesville

013307-27 Thomas P. CURTIN, 29, dentist, Victor Colorado, Detroit Mich., s/o Edward CURTIN & Elizabeth DOOLEY, married Anna M. GLEESON, 29, nurse, Raleigh, Chatham, d/o Michael GLEESON & Julie DILLON, witn: E.F. MUSKOWSKI, 4869 Mich. Ave. Detroit, Kathlyn GLEESON, 14786 Dexter Blvd. Detroit, 30 June 1927 at Chatham

013308-27 Stewart Allan CURTIS, 19, fishing, Port Alma Ont., RR3 Blenheim Raleigh twp., s/o John CURTIS b. Ontario & Ada MOODY, married Catherine Carline DE CLUTE, 18 Sept 1927, home duties, Clearville Ont. Orford twp., Clearville Ont. Orford twp., d/o Archie DE CLUTE b. Ontario & Alvria STERLING, witn: Hazel COLLISON, St. Thomas Ont., William TIHROSEL?, Blenheim Ont., 19 November 1927 at Blenheim

013309-27 Charles Ashley DALE, 21, truck driver, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Richard DALE b. Ontario & Sarah ASHLEY, married Grace Eleanor MILNER, 22 (or 23), telephone operator, Tilbury East twp., Chatham, d/o John MILNER b. England & Catherine STEWART, witn: Olive JENNER, Mildred JENNER, both of Charing Cross, 9 April 1927 at Raleigh twp


013310-27 Nelson DALPEE, 50, machinist, widower, St. Alexander Quebec, Chatham Ont., s/o Andrew DALPE & Melvita TETRAULT, married Carine (BEAUDIN) MARTIN, 49, practical nurse, widow, Big Pointe Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Peter BEAUDIN & Malina BELOIN, witn: P. CUNNINGHAM, A. CUNNINGHAM, both of Chatham, 28 November 1927 at Chatham

013311-27 Elwood DANIEL, 52, manager, widower, Culleoka Tenn., Windsor Ont., s/o Franklin O. DANIEL b. Tenn. USA & Harriet HOLLAND, married Doris Edna WEBB, 25, Buxton England, Windsor Ont., d/o Harry WEBB b. London England & Minnie HOOKHAM, witn: Harry WEBB, Mrs. Harry WEBB, both of Windsor, 22 December 1927 at Chatham

013312-27 William Forest DAUGHERTY, 26, labourer, Wabash Ont., 62 Harvey St. Chatham, s/o John DAUGHERTY b. Wabash Ont. & Mary WILDS, married Dorris Hope PALMER, 23, clerk, St. Johns Mich. USA, 110 Richmond St. Chatham, d/o Gilbert PALMER b. Lannee Mich. & Alma DOUGLAS, witn: Clara SAINSBURY, Blanche E. SLOAT, both of Chatham, 11 June 1927 at Chatham

013314-27 John Neil DAVIDSON, 25, painter, Peterborough Ont., 140 Park Ave. E. Chatham Ont., s/o William DAVIDSON b. Peterborough Ont., & Mary WILLIAMSON, married Hattie Pearl GOSNELL, 21, seamstress, Dawn Centre Ont., 22 Adelaide St. N. Chatham Ont., d/o Alonzo GOSNELL b. Orford twp. Kent Co. & Kate ENRIGHT, witn: Peter GOSNELL, 14 Park Ave. E. Chatham, Thomas CARR, 22 Adelaide St. N. Chatham, 27 December 1927 at Chatham

013313-27 Archibald Glen DAVIDSON, 25, farmer, Tilbury Ont., Tilbury Ont., s/o Joseph DAVIDSON b. Tilbury twp. & Minnie KNISTER, married Beulah Elsie HARTLEY, 16 & 5 mos, domestic, Romney twp., Young St. Tilbury Ont., d/o Melvin HARTLEY b. Romney twp. & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Helen A. MacPHERSON, Margaret B. DOUGLAS, both of Tilbury, 28 November 1927 at Tilbury

013315-27 John Samuel DAWSON, 20, farmer, Romney twp., same, s/o Salem S. DAWSON b. Romney twp. Kent Co. & Annie BARRICK, married Helena Gertrude DRUMMOND, 19, at home, Mersea twp., same, d/o Robert DRUMMOND b. Mersea twp. Essex Co. & Amanda GETTY, witn: Prosper R. HUTCHINS, Leamington Ont., Carmin A. DAWSON, Wheatley Ont., 23 February 1927 at Wheatley

013317-27 Walter Lee DE COW, 25, wire worker, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Daniel A. DECOW b. Ontario & Gertrude RADICK, married Gladys Pearl May BELLAMY, 21, Lanark Co., Windsor, d/o James BELLAMY b. Ontario & Rhoda JACKSON, witn: Malcolm LANE, 167 Wellington St. E. Chatham, Miss Ruby DE CAW, RR6 Thamesville Ont., 11 August 1927 at Louisville

013318-27 Camille DEFREYNE, 25, laborer, Thourant Belgium, Dover, s/o Francis DEFREYNE & Leonie ASSEL, married Marie Louise VANDEMMELE, 17, dau. of laborer, Lille France, Dover, d/o Julien VANDEMMELE & Irma LODEWYK, witn: Felix ASSEL, Charlotte ASSEL, both of Dover Centre Ont., 2 July 1927 at Big Pointe

013319-27 Victor DEFREYNE, 28, laborer, Ichteghem Belgium, Ridgetown Ont., s/o Constant DEFREYNE & Marie BODDEZ, married Paula MOYAERT, 25, domestic, Ruddevoorde Belgium, d/o Camille MOYAERT & Sylvia VANDEDRIECHE, witn: Remi DEFREYNE, Ridgetown Ont., Maria MEYFROIDT, Chatham Ont., 1 March 1927

013320-27 Peter DELAMEILLEURE, 54, farmer, Lieleveede? Belgium, RR1 Conc 1 Chatham twp., s/o Charles DELLAMEILLEURE b. Belgium & Mathilda VAN ESSAGAN, married Valerie VAN HAECKE, 37, domestic help, Wyngen Belgium, RR1 Conc 1 Chatham twp., d/o Disne? VAN HAECKE b. Belgium & Julie VAN ALLET, witn: Julien DELAMEILLEURE, John CRYDERMAN, both of Chatham, 28 May 1927

013321-27 Henry Joseph Lloyd DELINE, 20, labourer, Chatham twp., 23 Kirk St. Chatham, s/o John DELINE b. Canada & Sylvia EMORY, married Myrtle Adeline JENKERSON, 18, operator, Wallaceburg Ont., 109 Harvey St. Chatham, d/o R.S. JENKERSON b. Canada & Eva HUSTON, witn: Lillian COMME, 109 Harvey St., N. ILES 72½ Wellington, 10 October 1927 at Chatham

013322-27 Allan Barnett DELL, 31, farmer, Sombra twp., Sombra twp., s/o Arthur DELL b. Middlesex Co. & Jane MOCKLES, married Ada Louise HUNTER, 24, house keeper, Sombra twp., Sombra twp., d/o William HUNTER b. Lambton Co. & Isabelle HETHERINGTON, witn: Helen HUNTER, Grant DELL, both of Becher Ont., 25 June 1927 at Dawn twp.

013323-27 Ross Ingram DELMAGE, 22, agent, Ridgetown Ont., Ridgetown Ont., s/o Arthur DELMAGE b. Ridgetown Kent Co. & Louisa SMITH, married Joanna Grace McCULLY, 20, Harwich twp., RR3 Chatham, d/o Duncan McCULLY b. Creek Rd. Harwich twp. & Annie FERGUSON, witn: Mrs. Constance McCULLY, Creek Rd. RR3 Harwich, Arthur B. DELMAGE, Detroit, 28 September 1927 at Harwich twp

013324-27 Adolph DE MEESTER, 35, farmer, Zulte Belgium, RR3 Blenheim, s/o Emiel DE MEESTER b. Belgium & Julia AMERLINCK, married Maria Antonia CHRIST, 22, home duties, Brasschat Belgium, RR5 Tilbury North, d/o Louis CHRIST b. Belgium & Catherine AXSTERMAN?, witn: August DE MEESTER, Sidonia DE MEESTER, both of Jeanettes Creek, 22 November 1927 at Tilbury

013325-27 Alfred DE MEESTER, 31, farmer, Belgium, Conc. 18 Chatham twp., s/o Emile DE MEESTER b. Olane? Belgium & Julie AMERLINCK, married Helena ROETS, 30, domestic help, Belgium, Conc. 17 Chatham twp., d/o Henry ROETS b. Rumbeke & Emerance ECKMAN, witn: Adolph DE MEESTER, Leopold DE MEESTER, both of Wallaceburg, 19 January 1927 at Wallaceburg

013327-27 Wilfred DEMARS, 19, farmer, Pain Court, Pain Court, s/o Joseph DEMARS b. Dover twp. & Delia ROY, married Delina TETRAULT, 17 on Oct 7/27, Big Point Ont., Big Point, d/o Ovila TETRAULT b. Dover twp., & Velarie MAILLET, witn: Donat LUCIER, Arvella TETRAULT, both of RR2 Bear Line, 9 December 1927 at Dover twp.

013326-27 George DEMERS, 42, laborer, widower, Dover twp., Detroit, s/o J.B. DEMERS & Mary RAYMOND, married Regina TETREAULT, 33, daughter of farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., d/o Levi TETRAULT & Catherine HOULE, witn: A.J. BECHARD, Detroit, Delina TETRAULT, RR2 Bear Line Ont., 26 July 1927 at Big Point

013328-27 Achiel DEMEYERE, 21, farmer, Moorseele Belgium, Romney twp., s/o Theophil DEMEYERE & Liza WERMENS, married Delsie PHILLIPS, 18, Coatsworth, Romney twp., d/o Daniel PHILLIPS & Henrietta COPEMAN, witn: James PHILLIPS, Zenobe DEMEYERE, both of Coatsworth, 3 May 1927 at Tilbury

013329-27 Sylvester DUNCAN, 26, laborer, Amherstburg Ont., Chatham, s/o Nelson b. Amherstburg & Amelia REAUME, married Mary Elizabeth PICK, 16, home duties, Chatham, Chatham, d/o William H. b. Mull Ont. & Mary COLLINS, witn: Mrs. W.H. PICK, Chatham, J.A. THOMAS, 160½ King W. Chatham, 5 March 1927 at Wallaceburg

013330-27 Marten DE PUTTER, 28, farmer, Holland, 375 Park Ave. Chatham, s/o Cornelius DE PUTTER b. Holland & Johanna DE RICHT, married Maria DE POOTER, 18 on Oct. 1/27, domestic, Holland, 375 Park Ave. Chatham, d/o Christiane DE POOTER b. Holland & Pieternelia DIELEMAN, witn: Katherine C. MARSHALL, Nellie B. LITTLE, both of Chatham, 18 November 1927 at Chatham

013331-27 Milo Eldy DERBYSHIRE, 35, farmer, widower, Mersea twp., Wheatley Ont., s/o James Bowman DERBYSHIRE b. Mersea twp. & Alice SETTERINGTON, married Mrs. Florence Irena COULTER, 34, at home, widow, Romney twp., Wheatley, d/o Isaac Gaines HODGSON b. Romney twp. & Phoebe GETTY, witn: Charles HODGSON, Mrs. Charles HODGSON, both of Wheatley 29 January 1927 at Wheatley

013332-27 Cyril DEVRIESE, 29, farmer, Belgium, Chatham twp., s/o Richard DEVRIESE & Mary PLANK, married Irma COGGHE, 19, Belgium, Chatham twp., d/o Camille COGGHE & Mary BLOEME, witn: Jules COGGHE, Susanna DEVRIES, both of Detroit, 2 July 1927 at Wallaceburg

013333-27 Gabriel D'LOKER, 25, farmer, Belgium, Tupperville, s/o Victor D'LOKER & Amanda SCHOOPE, married Mary DE PAUW, 23, Belgium, Tupperville, d/o Peter DE PAUW & Sedania COLBERT, witn: Laozovir BRYNAERT, Detroit, Josephine DE PAUW, Tupperville, 26 November 1927 at Wallaceburg

013334-27 Cecil DICKENSON, 27, labourer, Chester England, Chatham, s/o Henry DICKENSON & Elizabeth MORRIS, married Olive Rose PECK, 25, Gt. Addington Northants England, Chatham, d/o Samuel PECK & Kate FEARY, witn: Jarvis OWEN, Chatham twp., Albert PECK, Dover twp., 25 June 1927 at Chatham

013335-27 Reginald Blake DOBSON, 27, teacher, Tilbury, Sandwich, s/o Thomas DOBSON b. Ontario & Anna Georgina HEMSWORTH, married Ada Isabel SHAW, 22, farmer's daughter, Jeanettes Creek, Jeanettes Creek, d/o Wellington Howard SHAW b. Ontario & Frances FORBES, witn: Frederic Maurice DOBSON, Tilbury, Winnifred G. SHAW, Jeanettes Creek, 28 December 1927 at Tilbury

013336-27 Clarence Bertram DODDRIDGE, 21, labourer, Plymouth Devonshire England, 167 Delaware Ave. Chatham, s/o Frederic DODDRIDGE b. England & Louise WESTON, married Elsie Alice WOODING, 18, operator, Chatham, 18 Gray St. Chatham, d/o Joseph WOODING b. Ont. & Eliza REID, witn: Agnes MILNER, HOWARD MILNER, both of 210½ Queen St. Chatham, 5 October 1927 at Chatham

013337-27 Alfred DONAIS, 25, farmer, Ashton R.I. USA, Tilbury East twp., s/o Napoleon DONAIS & Melanise GAMACHE, married Helene GODREAU, 18, housekeeper, Tilbury, Romney twp., d/o Alfred GODREAU & Catherine ROBERT, witn: Amourie DONAIS, Wheatley Ont., Laura GODREAU, Tilbury Ont., 29 August 1927 at Tilbury

013338-27 John Thomas DOWNEY, 24, farmer, Ontario, Euphemia twp., s/o John DOWNEY b. Ont. & Mary Ann WOTTON, married Olive Jean JOHNSTON, 19, domestic, Ontario, Euphemia twp., d/o William Henry JOHNSTON b. Ont. & Maria TUNKS, witn: Harold JOHNSTON, RR5 Bothwell, Gladys DOWNEY, RR3 Bothwell, 4 June 1927 at Thamesville

013339-27 Lloyd Evans DREWERY, 25, insurance inspector, Harwich twp., Detroit, s/o Frank DREWERY b. Ont. & Harriet McDOWELL, married Margaret H. SHAW, 21, Detroit auto club, Kent Co., Detroit, d/o Milton SHAW b. Ont. & Grace FIELD, witn: William G. CAMERON, Windsor Ont., G. KENNEDY, Detroit, 13 August 1927 at Chatham

013340-27 George Franklin DRYDEN, 28, railway agent, Galt Ontario, Howard twp., s/o Robert DRYDEN b. Galt Ont. & Minerva Jane CALKINS, married Mona Elizabeth CORLETT, 22, home duties, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o William James CORLETT b. Chatham Ont. & Annie Elizabeth WILSON, witn: T.E. CORLETT, Mrs. T.E. CORLETT, both of Harwich, 25 June 1927 at Harwich

013341-27 John Gregory DUNLOP, 21, salesman, Chatham, Chatham, s/o John Frederick DUNLOP & Elizabeth FITZGERALD, married Mary Veronica ROCH, 21, house keeper, Dundee Scotland, Chatham, d/o Robert ROCH & Annie FINNEGAN, witn: Philip BONDING, Alda GRIFFON, both of Chatham, 17 May 1927 at Chatham

013342-27 Aubery Orlo DURFY, 20, clerk in general store, Chatham, Blenheim Ont., s/o Abraham DURFY b. Blenheim Ont. & Isadore KENZIE, married Emma May ROGERS, 17, clerk in store, Mersea twp., Blenheim Ont., d/o Daniel Henry ROGERS b. Essex Ont. & Mabel Jane WILCOX, witn: Marguerite STEEL, Burwell M. STEEL, both of Blenheim Ont., 21 July 1927 at Harwich twp.

013343-27 Albert EARLE, 22, machinist, England, Tilbury, s/o Frederic EARLE & Kathleen PHILIPS, married Aileen SEGUIN, 17, Comber Ont. Tilbury Ont., d/o Edward SEGUIN & Florie ROBERT, witn: Alfred SEGUIN, Marie CRIRE, both of Tilbury, 31 January 1927 at Tilbury

013344-27 Homer Stanley EARLEY, 23, farmer, Blenheim, Morpeth, s/o Peter EARLY b. Kent Co. & Margaret CONNEL, married Mary DOWNING, 18, housewife, Ridgetown, Morpeth, d/o Albert DOWNING b. Kent Co. & Pearl McDONALD, witn: William DOWNING, Morpeth, Blanche E. SLOAT, Chatham, 2 July 1927 at Chatham

013345-27 William Louis EBERLE, 19, electrician, Dresden Ont., 56 Poplar St. Chatham, s/o Charles EBERLE b. Ontario & Fanny HUFF, married Gladys May LOGAN, 22, operator, Chatham, 30 West St. Chatham, d/o William John LOGAN b. Wallaceburg & Sarah Jane ROBINSON, witn: Grace HUSON, Chatham, Harley EBERLE, Sarnia Ont. 1 June 1927 at Chatham

013346-27 George Foster EDWARDS, 32, dentist, Raleigh twp., Rochester New York, s/o Ernest EDWARDS b. Ontario & Alice KELLY, married Mary Ethel IRWIN, 31, school teacher, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o William IRWIN b. Ontario & Sarah FLEMING, witn: Jean C. EDWARDS, Charles C. IRWIN, both of Chatham, 5 July 1927 at Raleigh twp

013347-27 Wilfred Earl EMERSON, 21, fisherman, Wheatley Ont., Cedar Springs Ont., s/o Edwin EMERSON b. Wheatley Ont. & Ella Luella MORLY, married Norma Pear LA MARSH, 17 on May 1926, domestic, Romney Ont., Erie Beach Ont., d/o Norman LA MARSH b. Leamington Ont. & Ada Pearl ROACH, witn: Edwin LA MARSH, Ida LA MARSH, both of Blenheim Ont., 7 September 1927 at Blenheim

013348-27 Gilbert Edward EVES, 25, farmer, Raleigh twp., Dawn twp., s/o James. H. EVES b. Canada & Emma HAWLEY, married Mary Elizabeth FOX, 23, teacher, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o James. FOX, b. Canada & Marion A. ELLIS, witn: Mr. Glen MARTIN, RR2 Tupperville Ont., Mrs. Helen FOX, Dresden, 16 April 1927 at Dresden

013349-27 William James FARQUHARSON, 21, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., s/o Alex. FARQUHARSON b. Scotland & Jane WILLIAMS, married Minnie Muriel GARDINER, 23, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., d/o J.L. Brodie GARDINER b. Canada & Mary SLOAN, witn: Alfred Fletcher WILLIAMS, Fletcher Ont., Pearl Marie BALDWIN, Merlin Ont., 5 October 1927 at Tilbury twp

013350-27 Telesphore FAUBERT, 22, sofa? builder, Tilbury, Tilbury, s/o William FAUBERT & Marie LETOURNEAU, married Ivonne GIROUX, 21, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Solomon GIROUX & Elizabeth TREMBLAY, witn: Silvie O. GIROUX, Windsor, Marguerite TREMBLAY, Tilbury, 26 December 1927 at Tilbury

013351-27 Donald William Ernest FEATHERSTONE, 24, telegraph operator, Rainham Ontario, Harwich twp., s/o Jonathan Wellington FEATHERSTONE b. Ont. & Susan Rebecca GIFFORD, married Lodena Mae WETHERALD, 24, house keeper, Harwich twp, same, d/o Joseph John WETHERALD b. Ont. & Ida LANG, witn: Earl WETHERALD, Helen G. WETHERALD, both of Blenheim, 18 June 1927 at Harwich twp.

013352-27 Dougal FERGUSON, 41, farmer, Harwich twp., Conc. 3 Harwich twp., s/o William. A. FERGUSON b. Ontario & Jennie McNAUGHTON, married Martha Susannah McKELLAR, 39, Harwich twp., 218 Lacroix St. Chatham, d/o Archibald Turner McKELLAR b. Scotland & Lucinda SLOAN, witn: J.S. FERGUSON MD, A.T. McKELLAR, both of Chatham, 3 December 1927 at Chatham

013353-27 Ernest James FITZGERALD, 23, farmer, Chatham twp., RR2 Wallaceburg, s/o William FITZGERALD b. Ontario & Mildred HERBERT, married Margaret Jean CARR, 18 on Feb 1927, home duties, Dawn twp., RR3 Dresden, d/o George CARR b. Ontario & Jemimah ROSS, witn: Sarah H. SHAW, Carrie L. JONES, both of 141 Grand Ave. E. Chatham, 24 December 1927 at Chatham

013354-27 Harrison Blaine FITZPATRICK, 35, labourer, widower, Wheatley Ont., Leamington, s/o Jerome FITZPATRICK b. Michigan USA & Dolly McLEAN, married Jennie S. RYMAL, 49, housewife, widow, Hamilton Ont., Leamington, d/o Cyrus GAGE b. Ancaster Ont. & Elizabeth DEGEAR, witn: Mrs. E.L. SMITH, Mrs. A.C. GIFFIN, both of Wheatley, 14 December 1927 at Wheatley

013355-27 Dirk Hendrik FLACH, 27, laborer, Holland, Chatham, s/o Tennis FLACH b. Holland & Jungerius TEUNJTE, married Lena WARNAAR, 27, home duties, Holland, Chatham, d/o Aria WARNAAR b. Holland & Geertruide VAN DER HOEVEN, witn: John WIERENGA, J.R. FLACH, both of Chatham, 16 April 1927 at Chatham

013356-27 Malcolm Campbell Gilbert FLETCHER, 30, physician, Poplar Hill Ont., Exeter, s/o Malcolm FLETCHER b. Ontario & Jessie CAMPBELL, married Emma Lillian NIGHTINGALE, 26, nurse, Wallaceburg Ont., Wallaceburg, d/o Charles Edward Nightingale b. Ontario & Emma Danielle MacDOUGALL, witn: M.D. FLETCHER, Strathroy Ont., Ella I. MURPHY, London Ont., 15 August 1927 at Wallaceburg

013357-27 Francis FOSTER, 26, farmer, Milton England, Gosfield twp., s/o Robert FOSTER b. England & Clara ADLAMIN, married Phyllis Mary FROGGATT, 18 on Oct. 7 1926, waitress, England, 19 Joseph St. Chatham, d/o Arthur FROGGATT b. England & Elizabeth KNIGHTON, witn: Kenneth KELLY, 73 Melrose Ave. Hamilton, Ruby CAREY, 147 Emma St. Chatham, 29 May 1927 at Chatham

013358-27 Charles Carman FREDERICK, 19 Oct 22/26, laborer, Aldborough twp., 6 Taylor Ave. Chatham, s/o Edward FREDERICK b. Canada & Alice CONWAY, married Ethel Geraldine SALES, 18 Oct. 19/26, Tilbury East twp., 158 Park Ave. W. Chatham, d/o Samuel SALES b. Canada & Mary Frances COOK, witn: Eugene M. REYNOLDS, L.M. HOLLAND, both of 6 Taylor Ave. Chatham, 13 June 1927 at Chatham

013359-27 Harold FROST, 26, clerk, Normanton England, Wallaceburg, s/o Henry FROST b. England & Annie Elizabeth TILSON, married Jean ZAVITZ, 36, house keeper, Lobo twp., Wallaceburg, d/o Ephriam ZAVITZ b. Ontario & Kate MUNRO, witn: Mrs. J.W. MURPHY, 22 Park Place Sandwich, Gertrude L??, 556 Nelson St. Wallaceburg, 5 November 1927 at Wallaceburg

013360-27 John FRUIJTIER, 23, sugar factory laborer, Holland, Wallaceburg Ont., s/o Cornelius FRUIJTIER b. Holland & Marie VAN STEENE, married Margaret MADELEINE, 25, factory employee, Tilbury town Kent Co., Chatham, d/o John Marten MADELEINE b. Tilbury & Minnie FOBERT, witn: Joseph Walker LAMARSH, Mrs. Charles BABBITT, both of Wallaceburg, 19 December 1927 at Wallaceburg

013361-27 John Henry FULLING, 28, farmer, Stepney London England, Conc 5 Lot 19 Harwich twp., s/o John FULLING b. England & Florence PARKHURST, married Orpha Cecelia MOORE, 26, teacher, Orford twp., Thamesville, d/o Edgar Lawrence MOORE b. Canada & Barbara ALBRIGHT, witn: Fraser MOORE, Lawrence F. MOORE, both of Thamesville, 30 June 1927 at Camden twp.

013362-27 Donald GALBRAITH Sr., 46, farmer, Harwich twp., RR2 Northwood, s/o Duncan GALBRAITH b. Harwich & Elizabeth GALBRAITH, married Adah HOLMES, 34, school teacher, Harwich twp., RR2 Northwood, d/o Samuel HOLMES b. Harwich & Mary Elizabeth CLARK, witn: Irene WEST, Angus GALBRAITH, both of Northwood, 3 September 1927 at Harwich twp

013363-27 William Glenn GALLAWAY, 29, farmer, Dover twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Thomas GALLAWAY b. Ontario & Mattie PLONKEY, married Hazel Velda LITTLE, 18, housekeeper, Raleigh Twp., same, d/o Duncan LITTLE b. Ontario & Trilphene HUGHSON, witn: Beatrice BENTLEY, Charing Cross, Hattie SHANKS, Chatham, 29 June 1927 at Chatham

013364-27 Lucien GARAUD (Garand?), 27, farmer, Point-aux-Roches, Point-aux-Roches, s/o Francis X. GARAUD & Marie Louise ORIET, married Stella REGNIER, 20, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Arthur REGNIER & Mathilde TREMBLAY, witn: Leonard REGNIER, Tilbury, Leona GARAUD, Pointe-aux-Roche, 27 September 1927 at Tilbury

013365-27 John Joseph GARBARINO, 25, haberdasher, Detroit, Detroit, s/o John GARBARINO b. New York & Louisa CALEATERRA, married Doris Carolyn GREENE, 24, rec. clerk, Portsmouth England, Windsor Ont., d/o George GREENE b. England & Lucia CUNNINGHAM, witn: Rodolphe CARON, Tilbury, Mrs. James RICE, Detroit, 28 November 1927 at Tilbury

013366-27 Clarence Leslie GARRELL, 28, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o Edward GARRELL b. Canada & Annie JOHNSON, married Elsie May SIMMONS, 15, domestic, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Charles SIMMONS b. Canada & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Charles SIMMONS, Edna SIMMONS, both of RR5 Dresden, 13 October 1927 at Chatham

013367-27 Roy Alfred GARROD, 31, mechanic, Blenheim Ont., 95 King St. E. Chatham Ont., s/o George GARROD b. England & Maretta MASON, married Margaret Kirkpatrick DUNDAS, 25, domestic, Stroud? (Stroan?) Scotland, 165 Adelaide St. S. Chatham Ont., d/o Matthew DUNDAS b. Scotland & Ann KIRKPATRICK, witn: Stanley GARROD, 95 King St. E. Chatham, Mrs Edith BOYES, 84 King St. E. Chatham, 18? December 1927 at Chatham

013368-27 Albert GENYN, 26, farmer, Belgium, Dover twp., s/o Frank GENYN & Marie DE WACHTER, married Matilda VAN DORSSELEAR, 24, Belgium, Dover twp., d/o Gustav VAN DORSSELEAR & Marie WAGNERS (WAGENAERS), witn: Louis VAN DORSSELER, Marie GENYN, both of Dover twp., 29 (21?) February 1927 at Wallaceburg

013369-27 David GIBSON, 30, railway section laborer, Scotland, Orford twp., s/o David GIBSON b. Scotland & Anne KIRKPATRICK, married Laura Jean McDONALD, 20, housewife, Orford twp., Orford twp., d/o Alexander G. McDONALD b. Kent Ont. & Mary Eva DAVIDSON, witn: Ross Alexander McDONALD, Allie Isabella McDONALD, both of Muirkirk, 2 March 1927 at Orford twp.

013370-27 Ernest Edgar GILBERT, 21, mechanic, Rodney Ont., Ford City, s/o Charles Albert GILBERT b. West Lorne Ont. & S Charlotte PAYNE, married Helen Winifred HEWITT, 17 yrs 2 mos., clerk, Tilbury Ont., Fort St. Tilbury Ont., d/o William Robert HEWITT b. Ireland & Elizabeth COPEMAN, witn: Mrs. Roy WILTON, Ernest HEWITT, both of Tilbury, 13 April 1927 at Tilbury

013371-27 Hugh Thomas GILL, 22, gardener, Raleigh twp., Blenheim Ont., s/o James GILL b. Raleigh twp. & Barbara McPHERSON, married Ruby May FLOOD, 16, housekeeper, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Thomas FLOOD b. Harwich twp. & Mildred ELFORD, witn: Milton HOUGH, Evelyn HOUGH, both of Blenheim, 21 December 1927 at Blenheim

013372-27 Edwin Lorne GILLETT, 20, laborer, Chatham twp., 28 Lowe Street Chatham Ont., s/o John R. GILLETT b. Kent Co. & Almeda SIDDAL, married Eva Maggie THORPE, 22, clerk, Chatham twp., Dover Centre Ont., d/o Joseph THORPE b. England & Maggie AITKEN, witn: Robert BARR, Marguerite GILLETT, both of RR7 Chatham, 9 July 1927 at Chatham

013373-27 Newton Alexander GOOD, 24, wireless operator, Kitchener Ont., Kingston Ont., s/o Nelson Moses GOOD b. Ontario & Margaret SHERRISS, married Gladys Viola SUCEE, 22, stenographer, Peterboro Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Cecil DAWSON SUCEE b. Ontario & May Georgina DUNFORD, witn: Margaret RIDLEY, Stuart A. GOOD, both of Chatham Ont., 29 June 1927 at Chatham

013374-27 Sidney GOODWIN, 23, farmer, Bristol England, Howard twp. Kent Co., s/o blank HOWARD b. England & Kathleen ROGERS, married Alma Amelia BUCKLER, 21, spinster, Orford twp. Kent Co., Howard twp. Kent Co., d/o Albert John BUCKLER b. Ontario & Alice Jane EVANS, witn: Mrs. A.C. TIFFIN, Miss Emma A. COSENS, both of Wheatley, 10 January 1927 at Wheatley

013375-27 Floyd Beverly GRAHAM, 21, farmer, Romney twp., Mersea twp., s/o James GRAHAM b. Romney twp. & May COTTINGHAM, married Effie Oradell WATSON, 18, Romney twp., Romney twp., d/o Burns WATSON b. Mersea twp. & Edna COULTER, witn: Isabel GRAHAM, Stanley COULTER, both of Mersea, 20 April 1927 at Romney twp.

013376-27 Roy Clayton GRAINGER, 23, dye maker, Zone twp., 231 Sunset Avenue Sandwich Ont., s/o Joseph W. GRAINGER b. Kent Co. & Olive BONHAM, married Velma Grace McGUIRE, 22, school teacher, Chatham Ont., 231 Sunset Avenue Sandwich Ont., d/o Samuel N. McGUIRE b. Kent Co. & Harriet Elizabeth HASTINGS, witn: Harriet E. McGUIRE, J.W. GRAINGER, both of Chatham, 3 September 1927 at Chatham

013377-27 Peter GRANT, 25, gasoline station operator, Ireland, 20 Second St. Chatham Ont., s/o Bernard GRANT b. Ireland & Catherine CUNNINGHAM, married Alice RICE, 20, domestic, England, 325 Wellington St. W. Chatham Ont., d/o Peter RICE b. Ireland & Bridget BRANNIGAN, witn: Pat McCOY, Mary McCOY, both of Chatham, 15 June 1927 at Chatham

013378-27 Arthur James GREEN, 26, Chatham, same, s/o Harry GREEN, b. England & Leah Ann SLY, married Cora Kathleen MARTIN, 19, operator, Chatham, same, d/o William James MARTIN, b. England & Harriet Amelia SELLERS, witn: William BELL & Emily BABCOCK?, both of Chatham, 1 Jan 1927 at Chatham

013379-27 Percy Everette GREENE, 37, carpenter, Bothwell Ont., 14 Hilliard St. Chatham, s/o Arthur GREENE b. Ireland & Sarah IRWIN, married Myrtle Luell GREENE, 36, widow, domestic, Florence Ont., 14 Hilliard St. Chatham, d/o James LOGAN b. Canada & Mary IRWIN, witn: Manning T. MORGAN, Velma MORGAN, both of 110 Richmond St. Chatham, 29 December 1927 at Chatham

013380-27 Charles Norman GRIEVE, 28, farm laborer, Tilbury East twp. Kent Co., Coatsworth Ont., s/o Charles GRIEVE & Lucinda EDWARDS, married Gladys Marie KING, 18, domestic, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Chrysogonus KING & Elizabeth MARSHALL, witn: Wilfred KING, Wallaceburg Ont., Elizabeth THIBAULT, Ford (City) Ont., 29 August 1927 at Chatham [divorced 8/6/49]

013381-27 Harry Lewis GUBBINS, 25, clerk, Michigan USA, Windsor Ont., s/o Mark GUBBINS b. Canada & Margaret Rose BEAULIEU, married Gladys Ellen MOIR, 23, England, Windsor Ont., d/o Arthur Henry MOIR b. England & Alice Rebecca HENLEY, witn: Stanley MOIR, Elgin Illinois USA, Alice R. MOIR, Chatham Ont., 15 October 1927 at Chatham

013382-27 George James HACKETT, 35, warehouse manager, widower, Yorkshire England, 92 Barthe St. Chatham Ont., s/o George James HACKETT b. England & Lileais MASON, married Rose Alma RAINVILLE, 29, house work, widow, London England, 92 Barthe St. Chatham Ont., d/o Frederick SMITH b. England & Rose BENNETT, witn: Katherine C. MARSHALL, Nellie B. LITTLE, both of Chatham, 8 December 1927 at Chatham

013383-27 Cecil HAGEN, 21, gas fitter, Sombra twp. Lambton Co., Wallaceburg, s/o Jas. HAGEN b. Sombra twp. & Della TULLOCH, married Nellie HOUSTON, 18, saleswoman, Dawn twp. Lambton Co., Dresden, d/o Ross HOUSTON b. Dawn twp. & Bella ROSS, witn: Mary LAMONT, Olive MILNER, both of Chatham Ont., 26 October 1927 at Chatham [stamped Divorced- date of decree absolute 2 Sept. 1953]

013384-27 Floyd Wesley HAIGHT, 22, mechanic, Yarmouth twp. Elgin Co., Detroit, s/o William HAIGHT b. Ontario & Vela MONTGOMERY, married Vera Irene BARTLETT, 20, Woodham Ont., Thamesville, d/o Leonard BARTLETT b. Ontario & Sarah J. PHILLIPS, witn: Wallace H. BARTLETT, Irene M. MOORE, both of Thamesville, 21 April 1927 at Thamesville

013385-27 George Russell HALL, 33, farmer, Merlin Ont., Merlin Ont., s/o David HALL b. Ont. & Elsie GUTTRIDGE, married Rebecca Laura GRAY, 26, Merlin Ont., Merlin Ont., d/o Charles GRAY b. Ont. & Anne MIFFLIN, witn: Isabella DURRANT, Edna D. DURRANT, both of Blenheim, 3 September 1927 at Blenheim

013386-27 Frederick Warren HALSTEAD, 23, hotel manager, Harrow Ont., Blenheim Ont., s/o Gordon HALSTEAD b. Ont. & Elizabeth BAILEY, married Bella Chevalier HERTER, 24, divorced, McGregor Essex Co., 145 Ottawa St. Ford Ont., d/o John CHEVALIER b. Ont. & Uduxie GALIPEAU, witn: Nellie BENTLEY, Beatrice BENTLEY, Charing Cross, 10 January 1927 at Charing Cross

013387-27 Clarence Vincent HAMIL, 28, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o William John HAMIL b. Canada & Jennie BAIRD, married Estella Gertrude HATCH, 32, clerk, Bayham Ont., 178 Park Ave. E. Chatham Ont., d/o Edwin Allen HATCH b. Canada & Ethel Carolyn SPENCER, witn: William GUTTRIDGE, 176 Park Ave. E. Chatham, Frances? MOORE, Thamesville, 24 September 1927 at Chatham

013388-27 Henry HANAK, 21, farm laborer, Zarozice Czechoslovakia, Chatham Ont., s/o Martin HANAK & Mary BUCHTA, married Rosina VSETULA, 20, farm domestic, Zarozice Czechoslovakia, Chatham Ont., d/o Thomas VSETULA & Mary RICTCA, witn: Frank VSETULA, Francisca STANOVA, both of Chatham, 22 November 1927 at Chatham

013389-27 James Bernard HANLEY, 39, physician, Ontario, 65 St. George St. (Toronto), s/o John HANLEY b. Ontario & Mary SIMPSON, married Ruth BOWDEN, 31, Ontario, Ridgetown Ontario, d/o John BOWDEN b. Ontario & Lilian SCHLENKER, witn: Peter BOWDEN, Katherine BOWDEN, both of Ridgetown Ont., 26 November 1927 at Ridgetown

013390-27 Samuel Wilford HARDING, 24, painter, North Buxton Ont., North Buxton Ont., s/o Robert HARDING b. North Buxton Ont. & Caroline MOORE, married Dolly SCOTT, 18 on Sep. 1/26, North Buxton Ont., RR1 Fletcher Ont., d/o William SCOTT deceased b. North Buxton & Margarette McCARTHY, witn: Samuel BROWN, Ila TRAVIS, both of North Buxton Ont., 25 May 1927 at North Buxton

013391-27 George HARMON, 24½, policeman, Michigan USA, Detroit Mich., s/o George HARMON b. Michigan USA & Chloe WILDER, married Alma Irene CAMPBELL, 22½, nurse, Blenheim Ont., RR3 Wallaceburg Ont., d/o Archie CAMPBELL b. Ontario & blank BENEDICT, witn: C.H. BENEDICT, Mrs. C.H. BENEDICT, both of Wallaceburg, 1 January 1927 at Chatham twp.

013392-27 William Floyd HARRINGTON, 28, salesman, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, s/o William HARRINGTON b. Wallaceburg & Hattie Bell McPHERSON, married Anna Rheita SEED, 19, student, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, d/o Herbert SEED b. Adelaide twp. Middlesex Co. & Edith TINLINE, witn: Mary Ethel PURSER, Robert Gordon SUTHERLAND, both of Wallaceburg, 17 October 1927 at Chatham 013393-27 Firman HARRIS, 33, service station prop., Ontario, Windsor, s/o James HARRIS b. Ontario & Sarah CHAMBERLAIN, married Nancy Sylvia CAMERON, 25, Ontario, Walkerville Ont., d/o Hugh CAMERON b. Ontario & Caroline JOHNSON, witn: Wilfred CUMMING, Gloria CAMERON, both of Turnerville Ont., 1 January 1927 at Turnerville
013394-27 Harry Lawrence HARVEY, 25, book keeper, Ekfrid twp., Aylmer, s/o Lawrence HARVEY b. England & Elizabeth WEEKS, married Ethel Irene GRAHAM, 21, Aldborough twp., Aldborough twp., d/o Alex Alexander GRAHAM b. Canada & Annie GUINDY, witn: Mark G. McMASTER, RR1 Wardsville Ont., Alice E. HARVEY, RR2 Wardsville, 30 August 1927 at Thamesville 013395-27 James Henry HEARNS, 23, laborer, Melbourne, Ridgetown, s/o Thomas HEARNS b. Melbourne Ont. & Mary Jane MURRAY, married Ellen BULLER, 20, housewife, England, Ridgetown, d/o Henry BULLER b. England & Martha RAINFORD, witn: Mr. Mack DODMAN, Mrs. Maud DODMAN, both of Ridgetown, 7 April 1927 at Ridgetown
013396-27 Elmer Ernest HEATH, 33, merchant, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, s/o William Henry HEATH b. Ontario & Anna Mary LAMPMAN, married Maud CRAWFORD, 34, school teacher, Chatham, Dover twp., d/o Peter CRAWFORD b. Scotland & Mabel Ellen Todd BUCK, witn: Mrs. J.P, REID, Dover Centre, Tena McCULLOCH, Essex Ont., 25 July 1927 at Dover twp. 013397-27 George Elmer HEBBLETHWAITE, 22, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o George HEBBLETHWAITE b. Harwich & Nettie HEBBLETHWAITE, married Margaret Elizabeth PELS, 16, spinster, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o Anthony PELS b. Austria & Alice BLACK, witn: Catherine M. PELS, Mull Ont., William John CRAWFORD, Cedar Springs, 23 August 1927 at Cedar Springs
013398-27 Hughie James HENDERSON, 24, school teacher, Ontario, Bothwell, s/o William. HENDERSON b. Ontario & Sarah McMILLAN, married Bella May McGAFFEY, 28, domestic, Ontario, Bothwell, d/o Richard McGAFFEY b. USA & Sarah RANDALL, witn: William. A. HENDERSON, Thorndale, Eva P. McGAFFEY, Bothwell, 1 September 1927 at Thamesville 013399-27 Albert Henry HESSEL, 24, assistant storekeeper, London Ont., London Ont., s/o Rudolph HESSEL b. Warren Penn. USA & Amy F. PALMER, married Eva Ada McNAIRNIE, 22, housekeeper, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, d/o James McNAIRNIE b. Ontario & Mabel BEAUBIEN, witn: Margaret E. MERRITT, Wallaceburg Ont., Frank HESSEL, London Ont., 19 October 1927 at Wallaceburg
013400-27 Charles Herbert HILL, 30, farmer, Tilbury North twp., Tilbury North twp., s/o Charles HILL b. Ontario & Annie NUSSEY, married Hannah Lauretta HORNICK, 30, school teacher, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., d/o Thomas HORNICK b. Ontario & Jane KELLY, witn: John F. HOLMES, Mrs. John F. HOLMES, both of Chatham, 18 May 1927 at Tilbury 013401-27 Harvey William HINGST, 30, dentist, Mitchell Ont., Thamesville Ont., s/o Henry HINGST & Henrietta RUDOLPH, married Margaret Louisa CRYDERMAN, 24, school teacher, Thamesville Ont., Thamesville Ont., d/o Walter J. CRYDERMAN b. Canada & Louisa Jean ARNOLD, witn: Fred RUCKLE, Detroit Mich., Irene M. McDOWELL, Thamesville, 6 August 1927 at Thamesville
013402-27 Alvin HODGES, 21, carpenter, Tecumseh Ont., Tecumseh Ont., s/o Izaac HODGES & Emma GALIPEAU, married Florence PHANEUF, 19, school teacher, Tilbury Ont., Tilbury Ont., d/o Noel PHANEUF & Sophie GARIEPY, witn: Eugene HODGES, Tecumseh, Mabel PHANEUF, Tilbury, 27 June 1927 at Tilbury 013403-27 Howard HOLDAWAY, 21, farmer, Harwich twp., Conc. 1 Harwich twp., s/o Ernest Burton HOLDAWAY b. Kent Co. Ont. & Minnie STORY, married Edna Eileen REYNOLDS, 18, Harwich twp., Conc. 1 Harwich twp., d/o Burton REYNOLDS b. Kent Co. Ont. & Beatrice JACOBS, witn: Mrs. J.A. ROSS, Miss Evangeline ROSS, both of Chatham, 10 May 1927 at Chatham
013404-27 Harry Alexander HORNICK, 23, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., s/o Alexander HORNICK & Alice HEATH, married Emma Wilhelmine BAKER, 25, school teacher, Dresden Ont., Raleigh twp., d/o George BAKER & Emma KEIL, witn: Charles BAKER, Rose BAKER, both of RR6 Chatham, 17 August 1927 at Raleigh twp. 013405-27 Orlo H. HORTON, 19, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o Nate HORTON b. Harwich twp. & Mary BURKE, married Aleda Marie PICKERING, 16, spinster, Harwich twp., Blenheim Ont., d/o Thomas PICKERING b. Harwich twp. & Minnie J. HILDROUGH?, witn: Lloyd MOSEY, Mary HORTON, both of RR5 Chatham, 25 October 1927 at Harwich twp.
013406-27 Ernest James HOULE, 24, moulder, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o Joseph J. HOULE & Catherine REAUME, married Stella JEFFREY, 18, domestic, Drysdale Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Frank JEFFREY & PAPINEAU, witn: Charles HOULE, Josephine WOOD, both of Chatham Ont., 5 September 1927 at Chatham 013407-27 John HOWITT, 28, lumberman, Danville Que., Hoyle Ont., s/o William HOWITT b. Guelph Ont. & Carrie DAGLEISH, married Donalda Edith MARTIN, 21, teacher, Toronto Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o John George MARTIN b. Wellington Co. & Maggie Edith DUNN, witn: Minnie SLATER, 40 Centre St. Chatham Ont., William BRUCE, Puslinch Ont., 31 December 1927 at Chatham
013408-27 Frank Albert HUCKLE, 22, farmer, Harwich twp., Conc. 1 lot 7 Camden twp., s/o William HUCKLE b. England & Ada GREEN, married Olive Marion McEACHREN, 22, Raleigh twp., Charing Cross Ont., d/o James R. McEACHREN b. Canada & Sarah HUGHES, witn: James McEACHREN, Charing Cross Ont., Neta May HUCKLE, Thamesville Ont., 1 June 1927 at Charing Cross 013409-27 Lloyd Stanley HUFF, 32, farmer, Raleigh twp., Lot 17 River Rd. Raleigh twp., s/o Robert Huff b. Canada & Betsy WATT, married Emily DEWAR, 22, Dover twp., Conc. 14 Dover twp., d/o Robert George DEWAR b. Canada & Rebekah PETERKIN, witn: Helen DEWAR, RR1 Electric, R.W. HUFF, Chatham, 15 June 1927 at Chatham
013410-27 Frederick George HULL, 21, laborer, Dutton Ont., Dutton Ont., s/o Ernest HULL b. England & Ada SEALE, married Ella LILLEY, 18 yrs 3 mo., Dunwich, Dunwich (twp.), d/o Henry LILLEY b. Kent Co. & Martha HOOPER, witn: Lorne LILLEY, Bessie HULL, both of Dutton Ont., 3 June 1927 at Ridgetown 012411-27 Norman Frederick ILES, 22, mechanic, Chatham Ont., 27 Hilliard St. Chatham Ont., s/o William. J. ILES b. England & Fanny Baker, married Marie Claire COMEAU, 21, Big Pointe Ont., 85 Poplar St. Chatham Ont., d/o Romuald COMO b. Big Point & Philomene LUCIER, witn: Alfred HARRISON, Homer PINSONNEAULT, both of Chatham Ont., 31 January 1927 at Chatham
013412-27 Emmett Winston IMESON, 26, auto body builder, Leamington, Tilbury, s/o David Henry IMESON & Mary Jane BROWN, married Euphemie FAUBERT, 20, school teacher, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o William FAUBERT & Marie Celina LETOURNEAU, witn: Francis FAUBERT, Marguerite FAUBERT, both of Tilbury, 12 September 1927 at St. Francis Church Tilbury 013413-27 Harry Lee Bentley JACKSON, 22, clerk, Wallaceburg Ont., Wallaceburg Ont., s/o Charles Bertram JACKSON b. Chatham Ont. & Louisa Ann LEE, married Hazel Catherine TAYLOR, 21, clerk, Wallaceburg Ont., Detroit Mich., d/o William. Alexander TAYLOR b. Wallaceburg & Maude Belle EBERTS, witn: A.P. EVISON, Lily EVISON, both of Bothwell, 30 March 1927 at Bothwell
013414-27 Isaac E. JACKSON, 45, farmer, widower, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o Robert JACKSON b. England & Charlotte DRURY, married Alice DAWSON, 45, spinster, London England, Ridgetown Ont., d/o Joseph DAWSON b. England & Kathleen SHEPHERD, witn: Kathleen BAWTHEN, Ida WALLACE, both of Ridgetown, 3 September 1927 at Ridgetown 013415-27 William Wilson JACKSON, 24, driver, Carleton Place, Windsor, s/o William JACKSON b. England & Georgina JOHNSON, married Dora FLETCHER, 21, England, Windsor, d/o William. P. FLETCHER b. England & Louisa BROUGH, witn: James LIDDELL, Alice Louise LIDDELL, both of Windsor, 21 February 1927 at Chatham
013416-27 Carl Clifford JACQUES, 23, barber, Port Huron, Simcoe - Norfolk Co., s/o John JACQUES b. Haldimand Ont. & Lena M. LAWRENCE, married Reba Violet JEFFREY, 21, Kent Co., Thamesville, d/o Alex JEFFREY b. Saginaw Mich? & Della BURK, witn: J.C. JACQUES, Brantford, G.L. KNIGHT, Blenheim, 1 January 1927 at Thamesville 013417-27 Robert Roy JARDINE, 36, merchant, widower, Plympton twp., Chatham twp., s/o Robert JARDINE b. Canada & Isabella SYMINGTON, married Edith Alma SHAW, 32, stenographer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o John Ritchie SHAW b. Canada & Bertha Estella CLAPP, witn: Mabel C. JARDINE, Camlachie, Garnet C. SHAW, Turnerville, 27 August 1927 at Turnerville
013418-27 Carl JEFFREY, 23, farmer, Blenheim Ont., Thamesville Ont., s/o Alex JEFFREY b. Scotland & Della BURK. married Margaret Belle PEARSON, 19, Chatham Ont., Kent Centre Ont., d/o Charles Henry PEARSON b. Brantford Annie Rebekah McDOUGAL, witn: William McNEILL, Ellen S.B. McNEILL, both of Chatham, 16 March 1927 at Harwich twp. 013419-27 Harvey JEFFREY, 23, labourer, St. Joseph - Huron Co., 29 Richmond St. Chatham Ont., s/o Frank JEFFREY b. Canada & Emily PAPINEAU, married Hazel FRANKLYN, 18, telephone operator, Port Bruce Elgin Co., Chatham Ont., d/o Roy FRANKLYN b. Canada & Laura McGUIGAN, witn: Dennis DENOMY, 29 Richmond St., Lorraine CATTON, 136 Grand Ave. W., 24 January 1927 at Chatham
013420-27 Roy JENKINS, 22, laborer, Chatham Ont., 90 Sandys Street Chatham Ont., s/o Robert JENKINS b. Chatham Ont. & Jennie Waddell JENKINS, married Edna ISAAC, 20 domestic, Walpole Island Ont., Walpole Island Ont., d/o Isaac ISAAC b. Walpole Island & Alice Johnson ISAAC, witn: [illegible signature] & Tillie JACOBS, both of 119 King St. E., 1 October 1927 at Chatham  
013421-27 Lorne JENNER, 31, farmer, Raleigh twp., RR3 Chatham Ont., s/o Harvey JENNER b. Ontario & Martha BENNETT, married Beatrice LEGARY, 24, Chatham Ont., 155 Park Ave. E. Chatham Ont., d/o John LEGARY b. Ontario & Ellen LABUTE, witn: R.C. SHEPHERD, Margaret LEGARY, both of Chatham Ont., 23 March 1927 at Chatham 013422-27 Roy JENNER, 22, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Harvey JENNER b. Harwich & Martha BENNETT, married Margaret JACKSON, 19, farmer's daughter, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Isaac JACKSON b. Harwich & Elizabeth INNES, witn: Blanche DEWEY, Gordon HOUSTON, both of Chatham, 24 September 1927 at Harwich twp
013423-27 Arthur Pickett JEROME, 22, printer, Bothwell Ont., Bothwell Ont., s/o Henry JEROME b. England & Emily Harriett PICKETT, married Bessie Victoria CARD, 18, domestic, Chatham, Zone twp., d/o Alvin CARD b. Ontario & Ida Amelia CLARK, witn: Sherman CARD, Lenore JEROME, both of Bothwell, 11 March 1927 at Bothwell 013424-27 George Edwin JOHNSON, 42, inspector, Glasgow Scotland, Brock St. Chatham Ont., s/o Thomas JOHNSON b. Scotland & Martha TURVEY, married Alice Blanche LAMPMAN, 42, domestic, widow, Chatham twp., 77 King St. E. Chatham, d/o William T. SIMPSON b. Kent Co. & Eleanor Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Nellie B. LITTLE, Douglas MARSHALL, both of Chatham, 2 September 1927 at Chatham
013425-27 Archibald Joseph JOHNSTON, 23, knitting mills, Cleland Scotland, Chatham Ont., s/o John JOHNSTON & Jennie GRAHAM, married Marguerite Delina LABOMBARBE, 21, knitting mills, Kent Co. Ont, Chatham Ont., d/o Jacob LABOMBARBE & Josephine LEGUE, witn: Alfred LAMBOMBARBE, Pearl HASTINGS, both of Chatham, 14 June 1927 at Chatham 013426-27 John McConnell JOHNSTON, 25, salesman, Creemore Ont., 115 Adelaide St. N. Chatham, s/o John William JOHNSTON b. Canada & Annie Julia WILLIAM, married Nettie Ila ‘B' GRIFFIN, 28, bank clerk, Houghton twp. Norfolk Co., 66 Murray St. Chatham, d/o Emerson GRIFFIN b. Canada & Clara SPRAGUE, witn: Miss Mabel E. HEATHER, 218 Inshes Ave. Chatham, Mr. Geo. D. EMERSON, 55 Water St. Chatham Ont., 31 December 1927 at Chatham
013427-27 Lorne Augustus JOHNSTON, 37, grain buyer, Harwich twp., Northwood - Howard twp., s/o Robert L. JOHNSTON b. York Co. & Emma RIPLEY, married Alice Maud LE GALLAIS, 31, home duties, Chatham Ont., Northwood, d/o Alfred William. LE GALLAIS b. Wales & Hortense STRINGER, witn: Mrs. James WILKINS, Mary Jean WILKINS, both of Northwood Ont., 25 June 1927 at Louisville 013428-27 Clifford JONES, 28, plane man, Chatham twp., Detroit Mich., s/o Thomas JONES b. Chatham twp. & Mildred CARTER, married Edna HIGHGATE, 25, home duties, Dover twp., RR1 Turnerville Ont. Chatham twp., d/o John HIGHGATE b. Dover twp. & Celia LUCAS, witn: Flora HANDSOR, Claude CARTER, both of Dresden Ont., 22 October 1927 at Chatham
013431-27 William Clarence JONES, 27, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Merlin Ont., s/o Thomas MILLS b. Ontario & Mary MILLS, married Mary Ann BROWN, 29, clerk, Mersea twp., Wheatley Ont., d/o Charles BROWN b. Devonshire Eng. & Jane MILLS, witn: Ethel JONES, Merlin, Florence BROWN, Wheatley, 19 November 1927 at Wheatley 013430-27 John Howard JONES, 24, farmer, [divorced by act of Dom Parliament 1927], Sombra twp., Sombra twp., s/o Alfred JONES b. London England & Elizabeth BUCKINGHAM, married Verna Elizabeth HUNTER, 31?, Sombra twp., Sombra twp., d/o William HUNTER b. Lambton Co. & Isabel HETHERINGTON, witn: Eva McGEE, Wallaceburg, Orval OWEN, Becher, 16 April 1927 at Wallaceburg
013429-27 Herman Leslie JONES, 22, farmer, North Buxton, RR2 Fletcher, s/o Albert JONES b. Kent Co. & Elizabeth CROSBY, married Alpha Theodora PRINCE, 18 - Aug 7 1927, home duties, Raleigh twp., RR2 Fletcher, d/o Theodore PRINCE b. Tilbury twp. Kent Co. & Rebecca DUCKET, witn: Lloyd E. JONES, RR2 Fletcher, Della WARD, Detroit Mich., 12 October 1927 at home of bride's parents, RR2 Fletcher, Raleigh twp. 012432-27 Max Sylvester JOY, 27, filer, Ottawa, 99 Edgar St. Chatham, s/o Frederick JOY b. Kingston Ont. & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Rose Alma PELLETIER, 28, stenographer, Papineauville Quebec, 99 Edgar St. Chatham, d/o Finnian? PELLETIER b. Thurso Quebec & Mary ROY, witn: James TAFT, Gladys HOWARD, both of Chatham, 29 October 1927 at Chatham
013433-27 Frank JUBENVILLE, 45, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o Joseph JUBENVILLE & Therese DUPHETTE, married Louise SULLIVAN, 44, labourer, Raleigh twp., Detroit, d/o Thomas SULLIVAN & Margaret McCARTHEY, witn: Thomas SULLIVAN, Prairie Siding Ont., Margaret LABADIE, Jeanette's Creek, 28 June 1927 at St. Peter's Church, Tilbury East twp 013434-27 Ernest Wallace KEATS, 62, carpenter, Barrie Ont., 52 Raleigh St. Chatham Ont., s/o James L. KEATS b. Canada & Martha HURD, married Bertha BEZNER, 53, house-keeper, Detroit Mich., Bloomfield Ont., d/o Jacob BEZNER b. United States & Wilhemina STICKLE, witn: Sam D. KEATS, Hannah KEATS, both of Chatham Ont., 26 October 1927 at Chatham
013435-27 Reginald Lyle KELLER, 34, insurance agent, Chatham, William St. N. Chatham, s/o Charles KELLER b. Hamilton Ont. & Annie GREEN, married Irene Elizabeth PAXTON, 29, clerk, Dover twp., Town Line Dover twp., d/o William James PAXTON b. Kent Co. & Mary Jane SMITH, witn: Norman D. KELLER, B. PAXTON, both of Chatham, 15 October 1927 at Dover twp. 013436-27 Robert James KELLEY, 25, farmer, Camden twp., Camden twp., s/o John KELLEY b. Kent Co. & Laura DELINE, married Nellie Marie WRAY, 21, Zone twp., Zone twp., d/o Robert WRAY b. Kent Co. & Ina WELSH, witn: Katherine C. MARSHALL, Nellie B. LITTLE, both of Chatham, 12 April 1927 at Chatham
013437-27 Floyd John KIDDER, 25, farmer, Manitoba, Auld, s/o Andrew J. KIDDER b. Ontario & Catherine HUTSON, married Cora Emily VANDERDASSON, 21, Oxford Co., Ojibway, d/o John VANDERDASSON b. Ontario & Sarah Ann AIKINS, witn: Madge BLACKBURN, James McKINLAY, both of 645 Queen St. Chatham, 20 September 1927 at Chatham  
013438-27 Cecil Henry KING, 27, machinist, Portland England, Chatham Ontario, s/o Walter William KING & Mary Beatrice ANSLEY, married Ivy May HALL, 21, Stoke Kent England, Chatham Ontario, d/o Arthur HALL & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: John T. FRANKS, Ivy KING, both of 82 West St. Chatham, 5 November 1927 at Chatham 013439-27 Edgar KING, 20, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o John KING & Liza MARSHALL, married Rose DEQUETTE, 21, housekeeper, Tilbury, Chatham, d/o Henry DEQUETTE & Rose DEQUETTE, witn: Nelson RONDEAU, Wallaceburg, Betty TEBO, Ford City, 23 May 1927 at Chatham
013440-27 George Asquith KING, 25, farmer, England, Tilbury East twp., s/o Percy Charles KING b. England & Emma Lilas ASQUITH, married Frances Jean SHAW, 23, farmer's daughter, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., d/o Wellington Howard SHAW b. Ontario & Francis FORBES, witn: Percy KING, Isabel SHAW, both of Jeanette's Creek, 2 July 1927 at Chatham 013441-27 William Henry KING, 59, farmer, widower, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o James KING b. Scotland & Alice FRASER, married Margaret Michael NICHOLSON, 39, home duties, Edinburgh Scotland, Regina Saskatchewan, d/o William TURNBULL b. England & Christina McCALLUM, witn: Olive JENNER, Beatrice BENTLEY, both of Charing Cross, 15 January 1927 at Raleigh twp.
013442-27 Albert Edward KNIGHT, 26, cook, London England, Chatham Ontario, s/o David KNIGHT b. England & Ellen O'CONNOR, married Belle Eleanor GOUDREAU, 20, packer, Dover twp., Chatham Ont., d/o Frank GOUDREAU & Adelaide SCHEFF, witn: Hector HOULE, Mrs. Hector HOULE, both of Wood St. (Chatham), 5 March 1927 at Chatham 013443-27 George KUCUHMY, 28, farmer, Moscow Russia, Ridgetown, s/o Michael KUCUHMY b. Russia & Catherine HOLDYS, married Paranka SYDORYK, 29, domestic help, Zylibory Poland, Charing Cross Ont., d/o Nickolas SYDORYK b. Poland & Antonia BANDURA, witn: Aden KUCUHMY, Ridgetown, Annie SYICK, Chatham, 7 May 1927 at Chatham
013444-27 Israel LABONTE, 28, labourer, Tilbury, Tilbury, s/o Thomas LABONTE & Mary Anne THIBEAU, married Melida CHEVALIER, 16, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Emile CHEVALIER & Desilda BEAUSEJOUR, witn: Dolphis LABONTE, Elizabeth CHEVALIER, both of Tilbury, 24 October 1927 at Tilbury 013445-27 Peter LABUTE, 24, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Peter LABUTE farmer & Margaret BOULEY, married Madeleine STEVEN, 19, Dover twp., Raleigh twp., d/o Charles STEVEN laborer & Lina BERNIER, witn: Alex LABUTE, Beatrice LABUTE, both of Chatham Ontario, 24 January 1927 at St. Peter's Church,Tilbury East twp
013446-27 Murray Alva LASCELLES (or Lacelles), 21, farmer, Moraviantown, Moraviantown, s/o Frank LESCELLES b. Moraviantown & Mary SNAKE, married Ester Lillian Easter COX, 19, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o William Alexander COX b. Oklahoma USA & Margaret HISTEAD, witn: Emerson K. SNAKE, Bothwell Ont., Mrs. Murray LESCELLES, Thamesville Ont., 4 January 1927 at Moraviantown Indian Reserve

013517/27 Malcolm James McDOUGALL, 22, laborer, Thamesville, Dresden, s/o James McDOUGALL (b. Cairo Michigan) & Lillie WEAVER, married Mary Ann Ross MONK, 24, domestic, Scotland, Camden Twp., d/o William MONK (b. England) & Emily THOMPSON, witn: Wayne LITTLE (Lutte?) & Lena MONK both of Dresden, 26 November 1927, Dresden

013518/27 Norman Joseph McFADDEN, 19, farmer, Camden twp., Chatham twp., s/o Joseph McFADDEN (b. Scotland) & Nancy SMITH, married Carla May OLIPHANT, 19, clerk, Dawn twp.,, Dresden, d/o Nate OLIPHANT (b. Canada) & Nellie STEPHENS, witn: William James MEDD & Margueretta C. STINSON both of Dresden Ont., 12 March 1927, Dresden

013519/27 Earl Duncan McILWAIN, 22, garage man, Brooke Twp., Alvinston, s/o William George McILWAIN (b. Brock Twp.) & Flora GRAHAM, married Isabella Irene DICKSON, 20, at home, Zone Twp. Kent Co., Alvinston, d/o William DICKSON (b. Zone Twp.) & Maria CRUICKSHANK, witn: William DICKSON & Maria DICKSON both of Thamesville Ont., 12 March 1927, not given

013520/27 Henry McINTYRE, 31, factory laborer, England, Windsor, s/o William McINTYRE (b. England) & Mary DOHERTY, married Edith SNOWDEN, 23, waitress, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Edward SNOWDEN (b. Scotland) & Mary KANE, witn: William BROMLEY & Jean DOBSON both of Tilbury, 31 December 1927, Tilbury

013521/27 Kenneth William Gore McKENZIE, 31, hotel clerk, Queenstown Dist. - Co. Cork Ireland, Bruce Hotel Chatham, s/o Frederick Hugh McKENZIE (b. Surrey England) & Letitia NORWOOD, married Flora MacDonald NICHOLSON, 32, widow, home duties, Scotland, Central apts. Chatham, d/o John MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & Jane WEMYSS, witn: Emma CRONE & Ian MacDONALD both of Chatham, 28 April 1927, Chatham

013522/27 Harold Edwin McKIM, 21, butcher, Chatham twp., Dresden, s/o Byron McKIM (b. Canada) & Margaret CONGDON, married Gladys Elena BALL, 20, telephone operator, Twp. Chatham Twp., Camden Twp., d/o Thomas BALL (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Gertrude BALL & Willis FOX both of Dresden, 29 October 1927, Dresden

013523/27 Robert Clarence McKINLEY, 20, labourer, Dummer Sask., 23 King St. Chatham, s/o James McKINLEY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth McLEOD, married Marguerite Stricker TEETZEL, 20, Milwaukee U.S.A., Ridgetown Ont., d/o Joseph TEETZEL (b. United States) & Gertrude GELHA (Geller?), witn: Gordon McKINLEY & Madge BLACKBURN both of 23 King St. East Chatham, 16 March 1927, Chatham

013525/27 William John McLAREN, 23 yrs. 8 mos., mechanic, Dover Twp., Detroit, s/o John McLAREN (b. Galt Ont.) & Jane HARDY, married Edna MILLS, 24, Dover twp., 14 Conc. Dover twp., d/o William George MILLS (b. Ohio Michigan) & Caroline Matilda PETERKIN, witn: Sydney CLACKETT & Mrs. Sydney CLACKETT both of R.R. #2 Bear Line Ont., 29 April 1927, Chatham

013524/27 John Phillips McLAREN, 54, widower, tailor, Glasgow Scotland, Wallaceburg, s/o Daniel McLAREN (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary ISDALE, married Bessie HALE, 54, widow, house keeper, England, Wallaceburg, d/o Henry HALE (b. England) & Annie SHALE, witn: Mr. Felix SCHARST & Mrs. F. SCHARST both of Wallaceburg, 14 January 1927, Wallaceburg

013526/27 David McPHEE, 27, electrician, Markdale Ont., Toronto, s/o Archibald McPHEE & Mary McGRATH, married Delina REAUME, 23, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Charles REAUME & Patronne TREMBLAY, witn: Wilfred St.LOUIS of Maidstone & Ida REAUME of Tilbury, 26 October 1927, Tilbury

013527/27 Charles Murray McPHERSON, 25, agent, Dawson City - Yukon, Blenheim Ont., s/o Charles W. McPHERSON (b. Cedar Springs Ont.) & Matilda M. HENDERSON, married Marjorie MERRIFIELD, 23, Ridgetown Ont., Ridgetown Ont., d/o William M. MERRIFIELD (b. Cedar Springs Ont.) & Margaret ROCKEY, witn: Myrl CARSCALLEN of Bowden Alta. & Olive R. ISBELL of Detroit, 18 June 1927, Ridgetown

013528/27 Norman Robert McWHA, 21, farmer, Dresden Ont., Harwich Twp., s/o Joseph McWHA (b. Canada) & Rose JOHNSON, married Mary Jean GOLIGHER, 21, Co. Derry Ireland, Blenheim Ont., d/o Thomas GOLIGHER (b. Ireland) & Annie GOLIGHER, witn: Margaret HOLMAN of Blenheim & Orville McWHA of Dresden, 8 November 1927, Blenheim [divorced 24/8/60]

013529/27 John Garret NAGLE, 23, labourer, Dublin Ireland, 32 Pitt Street Chatham, s/o James NAGLE (b. Ireland) & Sarah McNALLY, married Mary Jane McCARTY, 16 yrs 11 mos., textile operator, Wiarton Ont., 32 Pitt St. Chatham, d/o blank & Mary McCARTY, witn: Mrs. Anglia WOOD of Chatham & Charles ELMARE of Melbourne, 14 May 1927, Chatham

013530/27 Wilfred Earl NASH, 21, gas station operator, Bothwell, Bothwell Ont., s/o James NASH (b. Canada) & Julia LEEPER, married Sarah Merle McMASTER, 17, Zone Twp., Zone Twp., d/o William McMASTER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth NEELY, witn: Archie McMASTER & Beatrice McMASTER both of Bothwell, 1 October 1927, Village Thamesville

013531/27 Mac Farlane Wilfred NEILSON, 29, druggist, Appleton Ont., Windsor Ont., s/o John Nilson NEILSON (b. Ontario) & Agnes SIMPSON, married Margaret Emily SINCLAIR, 27, stenographer, Twp. Tilbury East, Park Lane Chatham, d/o Angus SINCLAIR (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann WALKER, witn: Mrs. L. E. ROSS & Miss E. L. ROSS both of 276 Wellington St. Chatham, 30 June 1927, Chatham

013532/27 Percival James NETHERCOTT, 27, farmer, Twp. Mosa, Twp., Mosa, s/o William A. NETHERCOTT (b. Bowmanville Ont.) & Harriet H. SAMSON, married Mary Louise WARREN, 21, school teacher, Twp. Ekfrid, Twp. Ekfrid, d/o William WARREN (b. Strathroy) & Rose WHITE, witn: Mrs. A. M. CAMPBELL of Chatham Ont. & R. M. NIVEN of Weston Ont., 1 June 1927, Chatham

013533/27 Desire NEVE, 27, farm laborer, Hontenisse Holland, Chatham Twp., s/o Cornelius NEVE & Maria VERHAAGEN, married Maria Rosalia JANSEN, 34, farm laborer, Sint Jansteen Holland, Chatham Twp., d/o Livinus JANSEN & Adolphina BAERT, witn: Mary REEVES of Chatham Ont. & Maria DELAERE of Raleigh Twp., 7 February 1927, Chatham

013534/27 Achilles NEVILLE, 20, laborer, Belgium, Dover, s/o Gustave NEVILLE & Emma ROBELIN, married Marguerite Mary VERMOTE, 20, daughter of laborer, Belgium, Dover, d/o Cyrille VERMOTE & Philomene DECAP, witn: Louise BENOIT & Mrs. Z. CHEFF both of Bear Line Ont., 11 October 1927, Big Point

013535/27 Thomas NEWSHAM, 64, widower, farmer, Westmoreland Eng., Conc. 3 Lot 2 Dover twp., s/o John NEWSHAM (b. Westmoreland Eng.) & Annie PIERSON, married Helena KING, 60, widow, Dover twp., Dover twp., d/o Israel MATTHEW (b. Montreal Que.) & Judith LOUZON, witn: James BISHOP & John TOULOUSE both of Chatham, 1 January 1927, Chatham

013536/27 Melvin Ellis NEWSTED, 24, factory laborer, Onaway Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles Emmet NEWSTED (b. Emmett Co. Michigan) & Maude CURRENT, married Vera Virdella YOUNG, 22, at home, Tilbury West Twp., same, d/o Simon YOUNG (b. Waterloo Co. Ont.) & Sarah Elizabeth PATRICK, witn: R. B. DOBSON & Anna G. DOBSON both of Tilbury, 12 February 1927, Tilbury

013537/27 Thomas Wade NICHOL, 28, farmer, Blenheim Ont., Blenheim Co., s/o John NICHOL (b. Scotland) & Harriet COATSWORTH, married Bertha GIFFIN, 28, nurse, Blenheim Ont., Park View Hotel - Thames St. Chatham, d/o George Gilbert GIFFIN (b. Blenheim) & Elizabeth LUNDY, witn: Robert Bruce NICHOL & Mary GIFFIN both of Blenheim, 14 May 1927, Blenheim

013538/27 Leonard William NICHOLDS, 21, weaver, Woodstock, Woodstock, s/o William Henry NICHOLDS (b. England) & Eva G. SIMPSON, married Evelyn Alvina HOLMES, 19, stenographer, Camden Twp., Camden Twp., d/o Theodore HOLMES (b. Ontario) & Ida May MARSH, witn: Ella McKENZIE & Clara SAINSBURY both of 67 ½ Forth St. Chatham, 12 January 1927, Chatham

013539/27 John NOAH, 38, widower, farmer, Orford Twp., Orford Twp., s/o Thomas NOAH (b. Canada) & Margaret STONEFISH, married Hannah WATSON, 17, housewife, Orford Twp., Orford Twp., d/o Nicholas WATSON (b. Canada) & Maggie JACOBS, witn: Mary I. BARTLETT & Sarah J. BARTLETT both of Thamesville, 12 October 1927, Thamesville

013540/27 George OGLE, 34, mechanic, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Oliver OGLE (b. Canada) & Dorothy REYNOLDS, married Dorothy Almeda BURNS, 23, housekeeper, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Burton BURNS (b. Canada) & Dolly HARTFORD, witn: Chester ASHTON & Evelyn ASHTON both of Chatham, 23 December 1927, Chatham

013541/27 Alexander OREMCHUK, 40, widower, laborer, Russia, Chatham City, s/o Kost OREMCHUK (b. Russia) & Mary DANIEL, married Nettie HAWEYLUK, 46, widow, house keeper, Austria, Wallaceburg, d/o Bill HAWEYLUK (b. Austria) & Mary DOBROWSKI, witn: George PENTELEACHUCK & Marie PENTELEACHUCK both of Chatham, 10 August 1927, Chatham

013542/27 Lloyd ORTON, 19, laborer, Dresden Ont., Chatham, s/o Thomas ORTON (b. Michigan) & May Ellen TURNER, married Ruby Lillian EVE, 18, clerk, Swanage Dorset England, Chatham, d/o Albert EVE (b. England) & Lillian COVE, witn: Madeline JONES & Carrie L. JONES both of 141 Grand Ave. E. Chatham, 24 December 1927, Chatham

013543/27 Lawrence OTTENBASHER, 32, farmer, Lennox Mich., Lennox Mich., s/o George OTTENBASHER & Teresa BRANDEL, married May MAILLOUX, 17 yrs. 9 mos., Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, d/o Fred MAILLOUX & Lena MONGEON, witn: Ernest MAILLOUX of Wallaceburg & Adelaide OTTENBASHER of Lennox Mich., 15 February 1927, Wallaceburg

013544/27 Hilary Marcellan OUELLETTE, 23, farmer, Dover Twp., Dover Twp., s/o Anthony T. OUELLETTE & Alma PINSONNEAULT, married Alice Mary O'ROURKE, 18, clerk, Raleigh Twp., Chatham, d/o Thomas O'ROURKE & Amelia WILDYEN (Wildger?), witn: Francis OUELLETTE of Dover Twp. & Catherine O'ROURKE of Chatham, 20 June 1927, Chatham

013545/27 Cornelius John OVERDULVE, 23, contractor, Axel Holland, 56 Kirk St. Chatham, s/o David OVERDULVE (b. Holland) & Yanneke DOESELAAR, married Florence Marie KING, 20, dressmaker, Chatham, 37 Spencer Ave. Chatham, d/o Fred KING (b. England) & Sarah HACKETT, witn: Hendri NITOLUGT & Christina Catherine NITOLUGT both of Chatham, 5 July 1927, Chatham

013546/27 Robert Howard OWEN, 25, gas producer, Dover Twp., 9 Grant St. Chatham, s/o Robert OWEN (b. Dover Twp.) & Catherine GLASSFORD, married Dorothy Ellen WILLMORE, 22, Dover Twp., River Rd. Dover Twp., d/o Arthur WILLMORE (b. Dover Twp. Ont.) & Emily E. HAYBOW, witn: Marion June WILLMORE of Chatham R.R. 7 & Matthew John DELOGE of Detroit, 22 October 1927, Twp. Dover


013547/27 Peter PAXTON, 22, mechanic, Newcastle England, Riverside Ont., s/o John PAXTON & Margaret A. KENNEDY, married Violet May LAMB, 20, house maid, Hastings England, Ford Ont. (home town Wheatley), d/o William LAMB & Ada BURCHETT, witn: Kenneth WOMACK of Palette Rd. Ford Ont. & Mary LAMB of Leamington Ont., 18 June 1927, Wheatley

013548/27 William Kenneth PEGG, 24, farmer, Camden Twp., Camden Twp., s/o Albert Dean PEGG (b. Ontario) & Louisa Lawson NEILSON, married Daisy Pearl WALLACE, 19, house keeper, Chatham Twp., Chatham twp., d/o Samuel WALLACE (b. Kent Co. Ontario) & Mary A. SQUIRE, witn: Sam WALLACE & Vera May BRESITT both of Dresden, 21 December 1927, Tupperville

013549/27 Wesley PELTIER, 19, laborer, Dover Twp., Dover Twp., s/o Charles PELTIER & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Bernice GLEED, 18, daughter, London, London, d/o Francis GLEED & Anna RICHARDS, witn: Wilfred PELTIER of Pain Court Ont. & Vera GLEED of London Ont., 27 September 1927, St. Peter's Church, Tilbury East

013550/27 Willie PELTIER, 22, farmer, Pain Court, Pain Court, s/o George PELTIER & Lucy BOURASSA, married Edna ROBERT, 20, farmer, Pain Court, Pain Court, d/o Joseph ROBERT & Celina CARON, witn: Herve CARON & Marie Anne PELTIER both of Pain Court, 26 December 1927, Pain Court


013551/27 Frank PENNEWAERT, 27, farmer, Belgium, Wallaceburg, s/o Gustave PENNEWAERT & Maria VAN DYK, married Emily VAN DAMME, 22, Belgium, Chatham Twp., d/o Remi VAN DAMME & Celina ROESELLE, witn: Morris PENNEWAERT of Wallaceburg & Julia Van DAMME of Chatham Twp., 16 May 1927, Wallaceburg

013552/27 Andrew PEPPER, 21, farmer, Raleigh Twp., Conc. 15 Raleigh Twp., s/o John PEPPER (b. Raleigh Twp.) & Catherine BROADBENT, married Virginia Florence LABADIE, 18 yrs. 11 mos., domestic, Twp. Dover Ont., Conc. 14 Raleigh twp., d/o Fred LABADIE (b. Dover Twp.) & Philomena MATTA, witn: Walter PEPPER & Florence PEPPER both of Raleigh Twp., 17 February 1927, Twp. Raleigh

013553/27 Herbert PEPPER, 24, farmer, Raleigh twp., Con. 15 Raleigh twp., s/o John PEPPER (b. England) & Catharine BROADBENT, married Leora Marguerite TYE, 18, domestic help, Raleigh twp., Conc. 13 Raleigh twp., d/o Walter TYE (b. England) & Sarah REID, witn: Dorothy ABBOTT & Arthur SYKES both of Merlin Ont., 13 October 1927, Cedar Springs

013554/27 Alfred Bernard PESHA, 30, merchant, Chatham Twp., Kent Bridge Ont., s/o Alfred James PESHA (b. Shetland Ont.) & Euphemia BURDON, married Velma Kate GREGORY, 22, teacher, Camden Twp., Chatham, d/o Clifford GREGORY (b. Sheffield Eng.) & Clara BONE, witn: S.P. GREGORY of Chatham Ont. & Lilian WILKINS of Louisville, 24 November 1927, Louisville

013555/27 James Lindsay PETERMAN, 25, salesman, Ontario, London Ont., s/o Henry Montague PETERMAN (b. Ontario) & Rachel DRAKE, married Zelma Marie KNIGHT, 24, Ontario, Blenheim Ont., d/o Edwin Wynot KNIGHT (b. Ontario) & Ada BURK, witn: Harold Robert BOLTON & Ella Harriet THORPE both of London Ont., 8 June 1927, Blenheim

013556/27 Charles Elgin PETERS, 27, farmer, Tilbury East Twp., Merlin R.R. 3 - Tilbury East Twp., s/o Richard Elgin PETERS (b. Ontario) & Adel MIFFLIN, married Rea Myrtle PALING, 26, milliner, Sombra Twp., Blenheim R.R. 5 - Harwich Twp., d/o George Clifford PALING (b. Ontario) & Dolly Ann SHAW, witn: Sarah H. SHAW & Carrie L. JONES both of Chatham, 22 November 1927, Chatham

013557/27 James PHAIR, 19, farmer, Dawn Twp., Sombra Twp., s/o William CRAWFORD (b. Ontario) & Annie FOSTER, married Edith PARISH, 17 ½ , housekeeper, London England, Sombra Twp., d/o John W. PARISH (b. England) & (can not recall), witn: Mrs. Robert WRENN of Wallaceburg & Minnie PHAIR of Detroit, 16 May 1927, Wallaceburg

013558/27 Edgar PHANEUF, 24, laborer, Tilbury North, Tilbury North, s/o Noah PHANEUF & Marie RICHARD, married Evelyn SIMARD, 19, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o J. B. C. SIMARD & Marie Louise OUELLETTE, witn: Alcide SIMARD of Tilbury R.1 Ont. & Rosilda PHANEUF of Tilbury Ont., 22 February 1927, St. Peter's Church, Tilbury East

013559/27 Harvey Mitchell PICKERING, 22, farmer, Harwich Twp., same, s/o Thomas PICKERING (b. Cedar Spring? Can.) & Minnie PICKERING married Elizabeth Katherine HEBBLETHWAITE, 17, Harwich Twp. Kent Co., Harwich Twp. Kent Co., d/o George HEBBLETHWAITE (b. Ontario Can.) & Nettie HEBBLETHWAITE, witn: Mildred P. HEBBLETHWAITE & George E. HEBBLETHWAITE both of Cedar Springs, 25 July 1927, Cedar Spring

013560/27 Camille PIETERS, 32, farm laborer, Belgium, Chatham Twp., s/o Charles PIETERS & Emma LEMEY, married Emma DESERANNO, 27, farm worker, Belgium, Chatham Twp., d/o Jules DESERANNO & Cordula ROETKE, witn: Mary POPELIER & Marguerite DAMMAN both of Dover Twp., 3 October 1927, Chatham

013561/27 Harold Christopher Alexander PINCH, 25, farmer, Romney Twp., Romney Twp., s/o Adam PINCH (b. Mersea Twp.) & Liza PINCH, married Anna Catherine HILLS, 24, Romney Twp., Raleigh Twp., d/o Henry HILLS (b. Canada) & Susie HILLS, witn: Nellie FORD & Jack HILLS both of Leamington, 16 April 1927, Raleigh twp.

013562/27 Alphie PINSONNAULT, 17, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Emile PINSONNAULT & Delina NORMANDIN, married Florence L'ECUYER, 19, daughter of farmer, Dover, Dover, d/o Rudolph L'ECUYER & Bella TOULOUSE, witn: Ovide PINSONNAULT of Pain Court Ont. & Mable L'ECUYER of Bear line Ont. R.R. 2, 14 February 1927, Big Point

013563/27 Ovide PINSONNAULT, 26, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Fred PINSONNAULT & Helene DANIEL, married Bertha DESCHENE, 23, daughter of laborer, Parry Sound Ont., Dover, d/o Alfred DESCHENE & Marguerite SMITH, witn: Arthur DANIEL of Bear Line R.R. 2 Ont. & Bernadette LOZON of RR1 Dover Centre, 22 November 1927, Big Point

013564/27 Wilfred PINSONNAULT, 21, farmer, Pain Court, Pain Court, s/o Pierre PINSONNAULT & Anna DANIEL, married Bertha BREAULT, 22, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Joseph BREAULT & Armine MORIN, witn: Alphie BREAULT of Tilbury & Alena PINSONNAULT of Pain Court, 16 February 1927, Tilbury


013565/27 Samuel Ray POOLE, 21, farmer, Chatham Twp., same, s/o John Herbert POOLE (b. Chatham Twp. Kent Co.) & Minnie Alice BROWN, married Jennie Rebecca COOPER, 19, telephone operator, Chatham twp., Wallaceburg, d/o William Henry COOPER (b. Ontario) & Eliza Jane KERR, witn: Currie J. LOGAN of Croton. & Bernedas E. DAVIS of Wallaceburg, 21 August 1927, Chatham

013566/27 Kenneth Harold POORE, 34, manufacturer, Norville Ont., Detroit, s/o T. J. POORE (b. Parkhill Ont.) & Annie Victoria ELLIOTT, married Marian Ruth SHERRITT, 26, nurse, Parkhill Ont., Parkhill Ont., d/o William SHERRITT (b. Huron Co. Ont.) & Jane WHITESIDE, witn: Charles POORE of Leamington Ont. & Mrs. Minnie ROBERTSON of Wheatley Ont., 23 February 1927, Wheatley

013567/27 Arthur Ray POWELL, 32, laborer, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Edward POWELL (b. England) & Louisa WARNER, married Jessie MORRIS, 32, Ontario, West Oxford, d/o Samuel MORRIS (b. Canada) & Mary Ann MORRIS, witn: Nelson P. JONES & Pauline M. JONES both of 112 Park St. Chatham, 2 November 1927, Chatham

013568/27 Harry Wilkinson POWELL, 32, agent, Tilbury, Tilbury, s/o Collins POWELL (b. Ontario) & Ann COATS, married Moyna Bernice GIBB, 28, teacher, Blenheim Ont., Tilbury, d/o George James GIBB (b. Ontario) & Lena ARNOLD, witn: George J. GIBB of Blenheim Ont. & C. A. POWELL of Tilbury Ont., 26 December 1927, Blenheim