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Marriages in Ontario, 1800 - 1924

Format for Submissions Thank-you for volunteering!
First time? PLEASE email me before typing!! [email protected] I am no longer accepting "singles" except for marriages from 1911 onwards.



I suspect that you are familiar with the format used on the website, but just in case, here are a few quick notes of the kind that I have started sending to anyone who has volunteered to submit marriage transcriptions. These instructions apply to marriages registered between 1869 and 1925.

I have found that if every thing is clear in the beginning, then there are fewer problems later (i.e. I hate to have to correct people once they have done a lot of typing).

I will use as the example:

7273-82 (Middlesex Co) James Augustus CRAWFORD, 24, carriage maker, Ontario, Springfield, s/o James Augustus & Sarah Jane, married Bella McINTOSH, 21, Ontario, Springfield, d/o William & Harriet, witn: C. & Nervin? McARTHUR of Springfield, 1 Aug 1882 at 462 Talbot St., London


1. registration number - this number is the same whether you use Ontario/Canadian Archive films or LDS films

2. registration year - either as -1882 or -82 (and this is not necessarily the year in which the marriage took place)

3. county, in parentheses (you can leave this out if you are sending marriages that are all from the same county)

4. capitalize all surnames (& only surnames)

5. occupation after age

6. birth place before residence (essential). If the birth place or residence is long, such as Leeds, Yorkshire, England - please do NOT use a comma between the words. Write as Leeds Yorkshire England, or use a hyphen if you think it is needed, i.e. Leeds - Yorkshire England.

7. DO use commas between the elements in the format. If all of the words run together then deciphering the transcription becomes time consuming and difficult.

8. use the "small words" like s/o, d/o, witnesses/wit/witn as they help make the entries easier to read at a glance

9. DO NOT include marital status unless they were widows or widowers.... or if the bride is listed as a spinster but her surname is different than her parents' surnames (then I will note that she was spinster on the registration). If you use the words 'bachelor' or 'spinster' I will remove them. I will also remove all b B s or S notations.

10. there are some entries where the surname of the bride or groom seems to be written differently than their father's surname. Write them as written and then use something like 'sic' or 'as written' to note that that is the way is was on the registration and that it is not a typo on your part.

11. I omit the religion unless both bride and groom were RC, Lutheran, or Mennonite or something else unusual, and then only at the end of the transcription. If you type out the religion for both the bride and groom in every marriage I will delete it before putting it online.

12. Don't be afraid to use words like 'illegible' or to use '?' if there is a problem. Also, you can use another possible interpretation of a name, such as "John BROWN (Bowen?)" if you are uncertain of the handwriting.

13. There are many times when little a's look like little u's or that capital N and capital H look very similar. If you have any questions about deciphering the writing feel free to shout. Also, 'n' and 'u' often look identical. These are only two of the many potential problems, so if you have problems, feel free to contact me

14. First names - there is now a page of first names commonly encountered on Ontario marriage registrations - click here

Many, many thanks