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Hastings Co., 1904

birth place is given before residence


#010015-05 (Hastings Co): William Morley ADAMS, 37, farmer, Huntingdon, Rawdon, s/o John G. ADAMS & Ellen SEXSMITH, married Eliza (Edna?) Alberta BLAKELY, 27, Hungerford, same, d/o William BLAKELY & Eliza ADAMS, witn: Henry BLAKELY of Huntingdon & Isa ADAMS of Hungerford, 13 Jan 1904 at Hungerford (also 9408-03) #009387-04 (Hastings Co): Hugh ALLEN, 51, widower, Madoc, Chatham twp., s/o James ALLEN & Rachel BROWN, married Alice BLAIR nee ROLLINS, no age given, widow, d/o William John ALLEN (sic) & Agnes DAVSION, witn: John ROLLINS of Allen Settlement & Annie ALLEN of Madoc, 25 Feb 1904 at Madoc
9199-04 (Hastings Co): William Kenneth ANDREWS, 36, widower, farmer, Grattan, Bangor, s/o W.J. ANDREWS & Elizabeth McINOL, married Dora REID, 24, Bangor, same, d/o Hewston REID & Mary WITSON, witn: Lizzie REID of Bangor, 13 March 1904 at Bangor #009205-04, (Hastings), Eugene Miller BADGLEY, 26, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga, s/o Phillip BADGLEY & Sarah ROBINSON, marr: Jennie H. MELBOURNE, 19, Plainfield, Belleville, d/o William H. MELBOURNE & Jane STOVER, witn: Charles R. OSTROM of Melrose & Mildred MELBOURNE of Belleville, 6 Jan 1904, Belleville
#009407-03 (Hastings Co): George Anderson BAILEY, 21, farmer, Rawden, same, s/o Samuel BAILEY & Eliza Jane PECK, married Mary Maude KIRK, 22, Hungerford, Huntingdon, d/o Andrew KIRK & Isabella BLAKELY, witn: Bert POTTS of Rawden & Effie KIRK of Hungerford, 1 Jan 1904 at Hungerford 009549-04 John BAKER, 24, England, Trenton, Baker, s/o John BAKER & Alice BAKER married Alzina Jennie HUNT, 18, Wooler, Trenton, d/o George HUNT & Mary HUNT. Wtn: Frank BRUNELL of Trenton and Mrs. F. BRUNELL of Trenton on July 23, 1904 at Trenton
9348-04 James Henry BLAKELY, 32, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o William BLAKELY & Eliza ADAMS, married Florence Isa ADAMS, 23, Rawdon, Hungerford, d/o James ADAMS & Annie DAFOE, witn: R. Chester BLAKELY of Hungerford & Alice ADAMS of Huntingdon, 2 March 1904 at Hungerford #010135/05, (Hastings), Marshall A. BRAUND, 25, minister, Muskoka, Daley Mich., s/o John BRAUND & Susanna STAR, m. Maud R. ADAMS, 24, Belleville, Belleville, d/o William H. ADAMS & Maria DAVERN, w: W.O.ADAMS of Thurlow & N.B.McKNIGHT single, 28 Dec 1904, Thurlow
#009304/04, (Hastings), Herbert Lewis BRAUT (Brant?), 23, laborer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga, s/o Johnston & Ellen BRAUT, m. Minnie SERO, 19, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga, d/o John & Sarah Anne SERO, w: Fred & Susan SERO of Tyendinaga, 26 Mar 1904, Deseronto #009216-04, (Hastings), Thomas Albert BRIGHT, 30, farmer, Haldimand, Brighton Tp., widower, s/o Charles BRIGHT & Mary SHERWIN, marr: Olive Pearl McMASTER, 20, Brighton Tp., Brighton Tp., d/o Elijah McMASTERS (sic) & Margaret NOONAN, witn: E. R. & Alma DOXSEE of Belleville, 24 Feb 1904, Belleville,
009545-04 Orval James BROWN, 21, Ontario, Trenton, Laborer, s/o Jackson BROWN & Jain Ann CROUCH married Margarit SHONIKER, 22, Trenton, same, d/o Joseph SHINIKER (sic) & Rose EPOCH. Wtn: Charles ELLIS of Trenton and Agnes SHONIKER of Trenton on Jan 11, 1904 at Trenton 9478-04 (Hastings Co): John Henry BURKITT, 30, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Francis BURKITT & Ann WEBB, married Effie BARLOW, 26, Rawdon, same, d/o John BARLOW & Sarah SPRY, witn: Frank BATEMAN & May BARLOW, both of Rawdon, 18 Oct 1904 at Rawdon
9480-04 (Hastings Co): Charles BUTTERWORTH, 26, farmer, Victoria, same, s/o Ed BUTTERWORTH & Sophia GARDNER, married Blanche EMMONS, 19, Rawdon, same, d/o William EMMONS & Jane THOMPSON, witn: Jetty THOMPSON of Stirling & Otto STUART of Rawdon, 21 Dec 1904 at Rawdon #009215-04, (Hastings), Daniel CALLAGHAN, 31, labourer, Ontario, Belleville, s/o Michael CALLAGHAN & Catherine McCARTHY, married Annie E. VANWHART, 21, England, Belleville, adopted d/o John VANWHART & Winnifred CUMMINGS, witn: Thomas & Mrs. Thomas CALLAGHAN of Belleville, 15 Feb 1904
009832- 05 William CARSWELL, 23, Farmer, Maynooth, same, s/o Thomas CARSWELL & Mary CREIGHTON, married Annie GANNON, 21, Maynooth, same, d/o John GANNON & Mary BROWN. Witn: John CARSWELL, Maynooth & Saddie VANALLEN, Egan Creek. Nov. 21, 1904, Maynooth. (R. C.) (also 9202-04) #010138/05, (Hastings), Charles Edgar CASSIDY, 26, farmer, Madoc, Cooper,s/o James CASSIDY & Victoria BLAIR, m: Hester OSTROM, 18, Halloway, Halloway, d/o George OSTROM & Mary BIRD, w: Sandy BLAIR of Cooper & Hester OSTROM of Holloway, 28 Dec 1904, Holloway
9356-04 Gilbert Dorland CLAPP, 25, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o David Rupert CLAPP & Minnie KETCHEPAW, married Bertha Alice SIMMONS, 27, Hungerford, same, d/o James SIMMONS & Susan LUCAS, witn: J. H. BRENTON Jr. of Corbyville & Jennie M. FLUKE of Chapman, 14 Dec 1904 at Hungerford twp 9351-04 Frank Knight CLAPSADDLE, 21, trainer, Thurlow, same, s/o Stephen CLAPSADDLE & Mary CARR, married Annie BURLEIGH, 22, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Nelson BURLEIGH & Elizabeth ALLEN, witn: Emma KETCHESON & Eva McCULLOCH, both of Hungerford, 9 June 1904 at Hungerford
010096-05 Edward Gay CLARKE, 30 Thurlow Tp., Peterboro, Electrician, s/o Samuel James CLARKE & Mary Arty REED married Nina B. CLARKE, 19, Rawdon, same, d/o George CLARKE & Hannah EGGLETON. Wtn: Frank J. CLARKE of Arden and Amelia CLARKE of Foxboro on September 20, 1904 at Rawdon 9347-04 John CLARKE, 34, farmer, Rawdon, Killarney Manitoba, s/o Nathan CLARKE & Susan SPRY, married Elizabeth KERR, 36, seamstress, Hungerford, same, d/o Robert KERR & Jane ELLIOTT, witn: Elliott T. KERR of Montreal & Adelaide KERR of Hungerford, 26 Jan 190 at Hungerford
  #009217-04, (Hastings), John S. CONNOR, 38, farmer, Sidney, Sidney, s/o William CONNOR & Matilda SARLES, married Nettie GARDINER, 32, Sidney, Sidney, d/o S.A. GARDNER (sic) & Susan SARLES, witn: S. A. & Mabel GARDNER of Belleville, 20 Feb 1904, Belleville
009836 – 05 Robert CORKELL, 30, Electric Railway, Ottawa, same, s/o Robert CORKELL & (no first name given) NICKELL, married Annie Elizabeth HOARE, 29, Arnprior, Bangor Tp., d/o George HOARE, mother’s name not given,. Witn: John CLEMON, Bangor & May J. O'BRIEN, Combermore. May 17, 1904, Bangor. 009550-04 Franklin Jerome CRYDERMAN, 43, Percy Tp., same, Agent, s/o Joseph CRYDERMAN & Sarah CRYDERMAN married Etta Ruth BAILY (sic), 25, Percy Tp., same, d/o John BAILEY & Agnes BAILEY. Wtn: Miss H. MAY of Trenton and Mrs. Js. McMULLEN of Trenton on July 24, 1904 at Trenton
#010154, (Hastings), C. L. CUMMINGS, 25, farmer, Thurlow, Thurlow, s/o Henry CUMMINGS & Margaret GARRISON, m. Edna PARKS, 22, Plainfield, Plainfield, d/o James PARKS & Nancy COLLINS, witn: A COMYS? & Carrie L. PARKS of Thurlow, 31 Mar 1904, Plainfield #009307/04, (Hastings), Melville DAFOE, 27, farmer, Richmond, Richmond, s/o Daniel DAFOE & Mary YOUNGS, m. Alice TYNER, 27, Richmond, Richmond, d/o Richard TYNER & Zebina YOUNG, w: Thomas & Maggie BURLEY of Deseronto, 4 May 1904, Deseronto
9604-04 (Hastings Co): Joseph DEJENISS, 23, farmer, Ont, Hungerford, s/o Joseph DEJENISS & Victoria MOULIN?, married Josephine LAFARNIER, 19, Ont, Hungerford, d/o Charles LAFARNIER & Clemence LONGEVIN, witn: Joseph LAFARNIER & Victoria COURNOYER, both of Hungerford, 6 June 1904 at Tweed (Rom Cath) 009212-04, (Hastings), William Andrew DOLAN, 27, plasterer, Belleville, Belleville, B, R.C., s/o Frank DOLAN & Catherine BURKE, married Bertha J. BAWDEN, 24, Belleville, Belleville, S, R.C., d/o William BAWDEN & Catherine SIDLEY, witn: Frank J. DOLAN & May BAWDEN of Belleville, 9 Feb 1904, Belleville
#009214-04, (Hastings), Ferdinand DUMNISEL, 70, gentleman, Quebec, Belleville, W, R.C., s/o Francois DUMNISEL & Marie LAFAVRE, married Eliza TRAYNOR, 40, Ontario, Belleville, S, R. C., d/o Patrick TRAYNOR & Mary CALLAGHAN, witn: Edw. McGINTY & B. SULLIVAN of Belleville, 14 Feb 1904, Belleville, 9597-04 (Hastings Co): Arnold Johnston EAGER, 20, laborer, Ont., Eliziver, s/o Andrew EAGER & Nettie KELLER, married Mary Elizabeth DELINE, 17, Ont, Hungerford,, d/o Jacob DELINE & Charlotte BOWEN, witn: William GRAHAM & Helen L. FRENCH, both of Tweed, 14 March 1904 at Tweed
9598-04 (Hastings Co): George ERLEY, 29, teacher, Ont., Napanee, s/o Walter ERLEY & Helen URQUHART, married Matilda Maria LANE, 26, Ont., Denbigh, d/o William LANE & Jennett WEIR, witn: Addie YOUMAN of Denbigh, 19 March 1904 at Tweed #009209-04, (Hastings), Latham M. FAIR, 39, sign painter, Picton, Deseronto, widower, s/oDavid N. FAIR & Sarah DAYNARD, married Essie ISTUD, 37, Thurlow, Belleville, widow, d/o Hiram SPOONER & Josephine BEDFORD, witn: William E. & Annie A. MAYBEE of Belleville, 17 Jan 1904, Belleville
#009390-04 (Hastings Co): John Allen FLEMING, 23, farmer, Elziver, same, s/o James FLEMING & Eliza GROVES, married Lucy SAGER, 18, Elziver, Queensboro, d/o Robert SAGER & Elvina BOWAN, witn: Robert FLEMING & Lizzie BADGLEY, both of Queensboro, 13 April 1904 at Madoc 009546-04 Enos FITZGERALD, 38, Murray, Trenton, Laborer, Widower, s/o Pat FITZGERALD & Sarah WESSELS married Victoria SPRUNG, 41, Hillier, same, Widow, d/o G. TRIPP & B. TRIPP. Wtn: Annie BAMFORD of Rederville (Rednersville?) and Annie WELLBANKS of Glen Miller on Jan. 20, 1904 at Trenton
#009306/04, (Hastings), George Alfred FOSTER, 34, farmer, Hastings Co., Prince Edward Co., widower, s/o Theodore FOSTER & Mary J. KETCHESON, m. Frances Catherine MORDEAU, 29, Hastings Co., Deseronto, d/o Henry MORDEAU & Catherine HUBBLE, w: James Noxon & Lottie MORDEAU of Deseronto, 27 Apr 1904, Deseronto 9357-04 Alfred Benjamin FOSTER, 23, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o Joseph Edwin FOSTER & Margaret NEWTON, married Ethel Lauretta LOVELESS, 22, Hungerford, same, d/o Robert McCamon LOVELESS & Mary J. SILLS, witn: Murray & Jennie BADGLY of Stoco, 21 Dec 1904 at Thomasburg
  #009409-04 (Hastings Co): Robert James GARRETT, 26, merchant, Brockville, Campbellford, s/o James GARRETT & Sarah De RINZEY?, married Helen Blanche O’FLYNN, 26, Colborne, Madoc, d/o Thomas D. O’FLYNN & Margaret E. PALMER?, witn: William A. GARRETT of Toronto & Susie O’FLYNN of Belleville, 14 Sept 1904 at Madoc
#009401-04 (Hastings Co): Joseph GENEREUX, 23, farmer, Queensboro, same, s/o Joseph GENEREUX & Ellen DONET, married Catherine LATON, 23, Queensboro, same, d/o Nicholas LATON & Alvina PAUL, witn: J. LATON & Lizzie GENEREUX, both of Queensboro, 25 July 1904 at Madoc (Rom Cath) 9602-04 (Hastings Co): Francis GOULIN, 28, farmer, Ont, Hungerford, s/o Francis GOULIN & Harriet LABAYE, married Catherine Mary KINLAN, 20, Ont, Hungerford, d/o Stephen KINLAN & Ann WHALEN, witn: John GOULIN & Margaret KINLAN, both of Hungerford, 26 April 1904 at Tweed (Rom Cath)
#009305/04, (Hastings), William GRAHAM, 26, farmer, Richmond, Richmond, s/o Henry GRAHAM & Nancy DAVIS, m. Lillie May MARTIN, 20, Foxboro, Tyendinaga, d/o Thomas MARTIN & Jane GRAHAM, w: Mrs. YEOUMANS & Kellie GAMMON of Deseronto, 29 Mar 1904, Deseronto 009556-04 Robert S. GUNTER, 35, Hastings Co., Murray Tp., Farmer, s/o Peter GUNTER & Nancy CURRY married Mabel Ann FLINDALL, 20, Trenton, same, d/o Bryon FLINDALL & Francis WATT. Wtn: Austin GUNTER of Wooler and Ada H. FLINDALL of Trenton on June 15, 1904 at Trenton
9354-04 James Robert HALLETT, 25, yeoman, Huntingdon, same, s/o Simeon HALLETT & Margaret J. HOLLINGER, married Jennie Laura SIMPKINS, 23, Hungerford, same, d/o Samuel SIMPKINS & Delia CANNIFF, witn: Conger McCONNELL of Rawdon & Dora V. PARKS of Picton, 7 Sept 1904 at Lot 10, Con 4 of Hungerford twp  
#010147, (Hastings), James W. HAMILTON, 25, school teacher, Plainfield, Plainfield, s/o James L. HAMILTON & Adelia CARTER, m. Jennie Elizabeth LATTA, 24, Plainfield, Plainfield, d/o Gilbert LATTA & Elizabeth LLOYD, witn: German HORTON & Minnie LATTA of Plainfield, 28 Dec 1904, Plainfield 009554-04 Richard Jr (possibly John) HANNAH, 19, Mayo, Bancroft, Lumber clk blk, s/o John W. HANNAH & Julia Ann LOTT married Annie STAYNER, 18, Bancroft, Trenton, d/o Thomas STAYNER & Mary GREENFOLD. Wtn: Louis YORK of Bancroft and Mary STAYNER of Bancroft on May 25, 1904 at Trenton
9603-04 (Hastings Co): Daniel HEALY, 25, farmer, Ont, Sheffield, s/o James HEALY & Catherine HENNESSY, married Sophia LACROIX, 22, Ont, Hungerford, d/o Joseph LACROIX & Amelia LASOYE?, witn: William HEALY & Catherine LABUYE, both of Hungerford, 30 May 1904 at Tweed (Rom Cath) #009298/04, (Hastings), Leonard HICKS, 24, iron smelter employee, Ontario, Deseronto, s/o Caleb & Sarah Anne HICKS, m. Sarah Ann DOXTATER, 18, Ontario, Deseronto, d/o John & Dida DOXTATER, w: Fred & Grace DOXTATER of Deseronto, 13 Jan 1904, Deseronto
009548-04 M. Earnest HOLSEY, 26,  Athol PEC, Glen Miller, Miller, s/o John HOLSEY & Bessie PATRICK married Alice HAGERMAN, 26, Murray Tp., Trenton, d/o Charles HAGERMAN & (not given) CONIGALL. Wtn: Orby ALYEA of Murray Tp. and Ed HAGERMAN of Trenton on 17 July 1904 at Trenton 009547-04 S.W. Arthur HOLSEY, 27, Athol PEC, Trenton, Baker, s/o John HOLSEY & Elizabeth PATRICK married Minnie JOHNSON, 28, not given, Trenton, Clerk, d/o Adam JOHNSON & Mary FOSTER. Wtn: Earnest HOLSEY of Glen Miller and Anne JOHNSON of Trenton on Feb. 3, (1904) at Trenton
9481-04 (Hastings Co): Charles B. HORTON, 25, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Ben HORTON & Mary WRIGHT, married Cora M. HAGERMAN, 20, Rawdon, same, d/o William HAGERMAN & Mary SILLS, witn: Joseph HAGERMAN of Rawdon & Maggie BROWN of Stirling, 21 Sept 1904 at Rawdon #009213-04, (Hastings), Ruben Morrison HOWARD, 37, farmer, Huntingdon, Huntingdon, widower, s/o Jonas HOWARD & Amanda SARGENT, marr: Sarah Eliz'th ELLIOTT, 27, Earnestmore (sic), Thurlow, d/o Frank ELLIOTT & Sarah Ann McCONNELL, witn: Frank & Augusta ELLIOTT of Thurlow, 10 Feb 1904, Belleville
#009395-04 (Hastings Co): Charles IMBACH, 26, farmer, Millbridge, same, s/o Casper IMBACH & Susan DUESHINE (or Durshine), married Ida TROTTER, 19, Cooper, same, d/o James TROTTER & Jane SMITH, witn: Mrs. H.L. PHELPS & Lena McCONNELL, both of Madoc, 21 June 1904 at Madoc 009587-04 James JACKSON, 31, Madoc Tp., same, Carpenter, s/o James JACKSON & Sarah CONLIN married Johanna HOGAN, 33, Tudor Tp., same, d/o Dennis HOGAN & Margret BREENE. Wtn: Edward HOGAN of Tudor Tp., and Agnes HOGAN of Tudor Tp. on July 8, 1904 at Tudor Tp.
#009392-04 (Hastings Co): James JARVIS, 72, widower, farmer, England, Madoc, s/o Christopher JARVIS & Margaret KINNALL, married Martha ROOK, 70, widow, England, Madoc, d/o R. JOHNSON & Mary ROBINSON, witn: Roy & Jean JARVIS of Madoc, 6 June 1904 at Madoc #009308/04, (Hastings), Henry Victor Franklin JONES, 32, banker, St. Mays Ont., London Eng., s/o Charles L. JONES & Helen A. McDOUGAL, m. Brunella RATHBUN, 23, Deseronto, Deseronto, d/o Edward W. RATHBUN & Brunella McMURRICH, w: Thomas Ray JONES of Toronto & H McM RATHBUN of Deseronto, 4 Jun 1904, Deseronto
009553-04 Alvin JONES, 23, Trenton, Campbellford, Factory Hand, s/o H.K.? JONES & Mary Jane STINURS? married Gertrude KIMMERLY, 23, Deseronto, Picton, d/o G. KIMMERLY & Sarah SNIDER. Wtn: Albert H. WALDRON of Trenton and Mrs. A.H. WALDRON of Trenton on April 5, 1904 at Trenton 09295-04(Hastings Co): G Alfred JORDISON, 36, teacher, Wellmans Corners, Maynooth, s/o C A JORDISON & Susan Frith PASHLEY, married Frances M CHATTERTON, 37, Rockingham, Ft. Stewart, d/o Wm E CHATTERTON & Matilda MARSHAL, witn: F E JORDISON of Bancroft & H J CHATTERTON of Ft. Stewart, 21 Dec 1904 Fort Stewart
9332-04 William Lorne KEECH, 28, farmer, Fredericksburgh, Prince Edward Co., s/o Shirley KEECH & Ruth SPENCER, married Katie Elizabeth SAGER, 18, Dungannon, same, d/o George SAGAR & Alice SMITH, witn: Robert CRAWFORD of Shannonvillle & Mary SMITH of Egan Creek, 30 March 1904 at Bancroft  
#009301/04, (Hastings), William KLOCK, 61, laborer, New York US, Deseronto, widower, s/o Conrad KLOCK & Maria FRAINGTON, m. Sarah WALTON, 29, England, Deseronto, d/o not given, w: James J. & Charlotte E. HAGADORN, 3 Feb 1904, Deseronto #009393-04 (Hastings Co): George KNOX, 28, merchant, Blairton, Madoc, s/o William KNOX & Mary ASSELTINE, married Ella WEESE, 23, Norwood, Madoc, d/o George WEESE & Jane CONLEY, witn: Mrs. C. CONLEY of Huntingdon & Wesley SINE of Thurlow, 1 June 1904 at Madoc
9333-04 - J.W.E. LAMB, 27, farmer, Cardiff, same, s/o Richard LAMB & Ann MORRISON, married Pinky KELLY, 27, widow, Arden, Faraday, d/o W. H. CARD & Unice BOOMHOUR, witn: James W. BOOMHOUR & Maud HAWLEY, both of Faraday, 23 March 1904 at Faraday 009589-04 John LANDERS (Landen?), 19, Trenton - Hastings, Tudor Tp., Farmer, s/o William LANDEN & May YARROW married Emily M. KELLER, 16, Madoc Tp., Tudor Tp., d/o Charles BRANT & Sarah M. KELLER. Wtn: William LANDEN of Tudor Tp. and Sarah Jane KELLER of Tudor Tp. on Dec 4? 1904 at Tudor Tp.
9339-04 Xavier LAVALLEE, 29, laborer, Baptiste Lake, Bancroft, s/o Louis LAVALLEE & Madaline DAFOE, married Mary BAPTISTE, 26, Baptiste Lake, Bancroft, d/o John BAPTISTE & Madaline BENOIT, witn: Emery PETRIE of Highland Grove & Susan BAPTISTE of Baptiste Lake, 15 June 1904 at Bancroft #010155, (Hastings), Charles A.LIDDELL, 46, farmer, Thurlow, Thurlow, s/o Andre LIDDELL & Eliza CLAPP, m. Frankie M.CARNRIKE, 31, Thurlow, Ameliasburg, d/o George CARNRIKE & Anna EDMUNDS, w. A.R. WILSON & Minnie WILSON of Canifton, incomplete 1904
#009309/04, (Hastings), George LINDSEY, 23, laborer, Belleville, Deseronto, B, Church of England, s/o George LINDSEY & Caroline JOHNSTON, m. Amelia FORDHAM, 20, Rawdon, Deseronto, S, Church of England, d/o Abraham H & Alice M. FORDHAM, w: Elmore & Ioca WAGAR of Deseronto, 11 May 1904, Deseronto 009590-04 Ezra LOCKWOOD, 21, US, Cashel Tp., Labourer, s/o Dumond LOCKWOOD & Orkea? VANESICKLE married Bertha TRUMBLE, 21, Cashel Tp., same, d/o Levi TRUMBLE & Phobe MAYBEE. Wtn: Dentin MAINPRIZE? of Cashel Tp. and Iola TRUMBLE of Cashel Tp. on Dec. 26, 1904 at Cashel Tp.
  10267-05 Edmund LOFT, 24, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Edmund LOFT & Mary BLANCHARD, married Melissa PENN, 21, Tyendinaga, same, d/o John PENN & Mary MARACLE, witn: George BRANT & Ida GREEN both of Tyendinaga on Sept. 8, 1904 at Tyendinaga
#009406-04 (Hastings Co): Alex MacGREGOR, 28, merchant, Scotland, Madoc, s/o John MacGREGOR & Margaret MacINTOSH, married Charlotte WHYTOCK, 27, Madoc, same, d/o James WHYTOCK & Jane MILLER, witn: Walter & Martha WHYTOCK of Madoc, 12 Oct 1904 at Madoc 009552-04 H. Adam MARVIN, 42, Hillier, same, Farmer, s/o Joseph MARVIN & O. NEIR married Nora FOXTON, 25, Thurlow, Belleville, d/o William FOXTON & Mary J. YOUNG?. Wtn: Annie BAMFORD of Trenton and L.S. VANDUSEN of Trenton on March 9, 1904 at Trenton
9346-04 Sanford Henry MASTERS, 27, farmer, Crammy - Hastings, same, s/o Samuel MASTERS & Elizabeth WAIT, married Emma BEGGS, 21, Chandos, same, d/o William BEGGS & Sarah Ann BIRKLEY, witn: James McALPINE of Bancroft & Edith MASTERS of Rose Island, 28 Nov 1904 at Bancroft #009396-04 (Hastings Co): Frank McCAFRAY, 26, railroad, Centreville, Belleville, s/o William & blank, married Mary KILLAR, 18, Arden, Marlbank, d/o George KILLAR & Annie BARKER, witn: John FREDERICK & Martha McCAFRAY, both of Belleville, 22 June 1904 at Madoc
9591-04 (Hastings Co): Alexander M. McCHARLES, 21, farmer, Ontario, Maberly, s/o Alexander McCHARLES & Margaret McVEY, married Mabel Gertrude WHITECAR, 20, Ontario, Maberly, d/o Charles WHITECAR & Mahala SEWELL, witn: Helen F. FRENCH & Letitia WILSON, both of Tweed, 6 Jan 1904 at Tweed 9200-04 (Hastings Co): Alex McDOUGALL, 30, merchant, Dalhousie Mills, Victoria Mine, s/o Alex McDOUGALL & Ellen McDONNELL, married Margaret DONOGHUE, 28, Bartonville, Maynooth, d/o Jeremiah DONOGHUE & Margaret HORGAN, witn: Thomas CONSFORD? Of Raglan & Ellen FLYNN of Maynooth, 4 May 1904 at Maynooth (Rom Cath)
  10266-05 John Ferguson Pagan McFARLANE, 33, tax agent, Tyendinaga, Shannonville, s/o Donald McFARLANE & Hellen PAGAN, married Lena Rivers EARLE, 28, Shannonville, same, d/o George Randall EARLE & Susan Jane MARSON, witn: Lizzie McFARLANE & William McLAREN both of Melrose on Jan. 6, 1904 at Shannonville
9345-04 Israel McKENZIE, 23, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o John McKENZIE & Elizabeth ROBESON, married Elizabeth Helen GREENFIELD, 19, Bancroft, same, d/o Thomas GREENFIELD & Annie LINDSAY, witn: Thomas CROSSEN of Ryleston & Ethyl JACKSON of Bancroft, 26 Oct. 1904 at Bancroft 9601-04 (Hastings Co): Arthur Hugh McNICOL, 22, tinsmith, Ont., Tweed, s/o John McNICOL & Mary NAIRN, married Ida May WILSON, 21, Ont, Tweed, d/o Andrew WILSON & Sarah McCAMIN (or McCANON), witn: Andrew WILSON & Jessie C. BINNIE, both of Tweed, 27 April 1904 at Tweed
#009407-04 (Hastings Co): Stephen McQUIGGE, 35, farmer, Peterboro, Belmont, s/o J. McQUIGGE (father) & blank, married Jane SANDFORD, 22, Madoc, Belmont, d/o James SANDFORD & blank, witn: T.J. SANDFORD of Madoc & A. McQUIGGE of Blairton, 12 Oct 1904 at Madoc #009410-04 (Hastings Co): Herbert Stanley MILLER, 43, widower, agent, Prince Edward, Picton, s/o E. MILLER & Ellen WARDEN, married Georgia ELDRIDGE, 29, Prince Edward, Madoc, d/o George ELDRIDGE & Jane HULIN?, witn: Harry HULIN of Stirling & Luella ELDRIDGE of Madoc, 18 Oct 1904 at Madoc
#009389-04 (Hastings Co): Frederick Burton MITTS, 26, cheese maker, Sterling, Lochiel twp., s/o Alex MITTS & Emily WELLER?, married Addie YOUNG, 21, Kaladar, Roslin, d/o William YOUNG & Emma EMBURY, witn: W.R. & Ida MITTS of Ivanhoe, 21 March 1904 at Madoc  
9337-04 Henry MOORE, 31, farmer, Faraday, Bancroft, s/o Josiah MOORE & Mary RAY, married Malvina EVANS, 21, Wicklow, same, d/o Richard EVANS & Elizabeth THOMBLESON, witn: Lottie MOORE of Bancroft & Julius MOORE of Birds Creek, 19 July 1904 at Bancroft 009551-04 F.W. MOSER, 25, Blyth, Trenton, Tinsmith, s/o J. G. MOSER & Argusta SARKEL married L. Louisa JAMIESON, 32, Lynden, Trenton, d/o R.E. JAMIESON & C. C. EAKINS. Wtn: Herbert ASHBURY of Oakville and Edith SANDERS of Exeter on March 2, 1904 at Trenton
#009399-04 (Hastings Co): John MULRONEY, 23, farmer, Stoco, same, s/o Thomas MULRONEY & Jane WHELAN, married Justina O'CONNELL, 21, Madoc, same, d/o John O'CONNELL & Catherine NEVILLE, witn: John O'CONNELL of Madoc & Teresa MULRONEY of Stoco, 11 April 1904 at Madoc (Rom Cath) #009403-04 (Hastings Co): Edward NOLAN, 30, farmer, Queensboro, same, s/o John NOLAN & Ann KENNEDY, married Neta PLUE, 25, Queensboro, same, d/o Joseph PLUE & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Frank PLUE of Queensboro & Helen KORNER? of Tweed, 18 April 1904 at Madoc (Rom Cath)
9599-04 (Hastings Co): Patrick NOLAN, 32, lumberman, Ont., Tweed, s/o Edward NOLAN & Bridget WATERS, married Mary Ann DURKIN, 29, Ont., Tweed, d/o John DURKIN & Ann TYRELL, witn: John DURKIN & Barbara NOLAN, both of Tweed, 11 April 1904 at Tweed (Rom Cath) 8112-04 (Hastings Co): William Patrick NOLAN, 22, carter, Kingston, same, s/o John NOLAN & Ellen DONOGHUE, married Hanna JONES, 25, Henley England, Kingston, d/o Samuel JONES & Mary Ann WILLIAMS, witn: Mark EVES & Irene CASTERTON, both of Kingston, 28 Sept 1904 at Kingston (Rom Cath)
  9343-04 William PARKS, 22, laborer, Faraday, Dungannon, s/o Thomas PARKS & Rose OSBORNE, married Blanche PARKS, 19, of L'Amable, d/o Peter PARKS & Libbie ROBBINS, witn: Felix & Elizabeth VARDY of Bancroft, 2 Oct 1904 at Faraday twp
#009302/04, (Hastings), Charles Sydney PARKS, 32, machinist, North Fredericksburgh, Deseronto, widowed, s/o William & Adelaide PARKS, m. Ella Jane DRUCE, 18, Deseronto, Deseronto, d/o Sidney DRUCE & Sarah Ann BARKER, w: John LLOYD of Prince Edward Co.& Edith DAWE of Deseronto, 2 Mar 1904, Deseronto #009206-04, (Hastings), Nelson Frederick PARKS, 21, plumber, Bath Ont., Belleville, s/o Jacob PARKS & Georgiana SNIDER, married Mary Ethel THOMPSON, 22, Belleville, Belleville, d/o Nelson THOMPSON & Ruth BROUGH, witn: H. G. THOMPSON of Belleville & Miss E. J. CARSON of Napanee, 6 Jan 1904, Belleville
#009303/04, (Hastings), William James PEARSON, 22, laborer, Napanee, Napanee, s/o John PEARSON & Rebecca LUCAS, m. Bertha Frances HARTWICK, 23, Strathcona, Napanee, d/o James HARTWICK & Elizabeth BABCOCK, w: Miles SEDORE & Rosanna HARTWICK, 2 Mar 1904, Deseronto #009402-04 (Hastings Co): William POOL, 27, farmer, Queensboro, same, s/o David POOL & Lea LABARGE, married Catherine HANNAH, 21, Queensboro, same, d/o Robert HANNAH & Margaret REDICK, witn: Patrick KELLY & Mary QUINTON, both of Queensboro, 25 Feb 1904 at Madoc (Rom Cath)
#009300/04, (Hastings), Wilfred POWLES, 21, laborer, Deseronto, Deseronto, s/o Jacob & Nancy POWLES, m. Laura Jane MARACLE, 18, Deseronto, Deseronto, d/o Charles & Sarah MARACLE, w; Miak BRAUT of Tyendinaga & Maggie POWLES of Deseronto, 28 Jan 1904, Deseronto 9341-04 Gilbert REID, 65, widower, farmer, Thurlow, Bancroft, s/o Daniel REID & Kesiah THOMPSON, married Mary Jane BONY, 49, widow, Toronto, Bancroft, d/o James WAIT & Hannah HUSSHER, witn: John WATSON of Birds Creek & Marie WOODCOCK of Bancroft, 29 Aug 1904 at Bancroft
9355-04 Percy REID, 21, mechanic, Tweed, same, s/o Albert REID & Theresa DEAN, married Mary BRENNAN, 19, Tweed, same, d/o William BRENNAN & Kate CASEY, witn: John KELLY of Hungerford, 22 June 1904 at Hungerford twp #009408-04 (Hastings Co): John ROBBINS, 22, laborer, Madoc, same, s/o Joseph ROBBINS & Julia PARK?, married Nora REED, 19, Rawden, same, d/o John & Samantha, witn: W.J. QUINELLY? & C.E. McDIARMID, both of Madoc, 25 July 1904 at Madoc
#009411-04 (Hastings Co): John ROBERTSON, 29, carpenter, Scotland, Madoc, s/o Alex ROBERTSON & Margaret McPHARNEN?, married Martha DENRILL, 25, Madoc, same, d/o Walter DENRILL & Mary HUNT, witn: Alex ROBERTSON of Madoc & Nellie BENSON, 19 Oct 1904 at Madoc 009831- 05 James ROSE, 36, Farmer, Bangor, same, s/o James & Bronese ROSE, married, Margaret Jane MATT, 23, Bangor, same, d/o Antoine & Mayhew MATT. Witn: Fred H & Mrs. F. H. GOULD, both of Bangor, Nov. 2, 1904, Bangor. (R. C.) (also 9201-04)
9358-04 Robert Elliott ROY, 24, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Robert ROY & Mary ELLIOTT, married Mabel FISHER, 20, Huntingdon, Hungerford, d/o John FISHER & Mary S. FINLEY, witn: William O. ROBERTSON of Tyendinaga & Lela FISHER of Hungerford, 7 Dec 1904 at Hungerford 9593-04 (Hastings Co): James RUSH (or Bush), 47, farmer, Ont, Hungerford, s/o James RUSH & Jane HERRNIGAN, married Sarah GUINEA?, 41, Ont, Angelsea, d/o Patrick GUINEA & Joanne KINCADE?, witn: William GUINEA of Angelsea & Mary Jane LAKIN of Hungerford, 11 Jan 1904 at Tweed (Rom Cath)
009555-04 Albert Edwin RUSSELL, 29, Alex Bay NY, same, Grocer, s/o Allen RUSSELL & Martha HOUGHTON married Maud Ethel SMITH, 20, Trenton, same, d/o Ambrose SMITH & Ann FLETCHER. Wtn: Zed BUNNELL of Alex Bay NY and Hattie MINNS of Trenton on June 15, 1904 at Trenton #009297/04, (Hastings), Michael RYAN, 27, bridge worker, Raglan, Pakenham, s/o John RYAN & Marg CULHANE, m. Winnifred Maude JOYCE, 26, Brewer's Mills, Deseronto, d/o John JOYCE & Elizabeth STOREY, w: Thomas RYAN of Pakenham & Alice JOYCE of Deseronto, 20 Jan 1904, Deseronto
  9359-04 John Oscar SAGAR, 25, baker, Sheffield, Madoc, s/o William SAGAR & Catherine WILSON, married Jennie Effie FINLEY, 25, Hungerford, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel F. McGUIRE of Madoc & Ethel M. FINLEY of Hungerford, 27 Dec 1904 at Hungerford
9595-04 (Hastings Co): James SALTERN, 23, farmer, Ont., Dummer, s/o William SALTERN & Elizabeth WATSON, married Rachel LINDSAY, 22, Ont, Stoco, d/o Alexander LINDSEY & Delia S. SENSL--?, witn: D.L. LINDSEY of Stoco & E.R. TOTTEN of Tweed, 17 Feb 1904 at Tweed 9336-04 James SCOTT, 29, farmer, Kenneway, Maynooth, s/o Thomas SCOTT & Katie McCORMACK, married Katie POST (Port?), 26, Maynooth, same, d/o Henry POST & Margaret GOLDEN, witn: George SCOTT of Kenneway & Anna GOLDEN of Maynooth, 15 June 1904 at Bancroft
9340-04 George SCOTT, 22, farmer, Kenneway, Maynooth, s/o Thomas SCOTT & Selby Jane TRIPP, married Louisa SHIELDS, 21, Maynooth, same, d/o James SHIELDS & Mary WATT, witn: Clara SHIELDS of Maynooth & Archie SCOTT of Cardiff, 29 Dec 1904 at Bancroft 9477-04 (Hastings Co): Renron R. SEARLES, 28, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o William B. SEARLES & Armina FAULKER, married Mary C. JUBY, 19, Sidney, same, d/o Henry JUBY & Jane CROSBY, witn: Fred SEARLES of Stirling & Annie SMITH of Campbellford, 21 Dec 1904 at Rawdon
#009299/04, (Hastings), Nelson SHANDRAW, 32, mill employee, Deseronto, Deseronto, widower, s/o Peter SHANDRAW & Rachel SERO, m. Maretta May GREEN, 19, Marysville, Deseronto, d/o John & Agnes GREEN, w: Andrew & Ethel SERO of Tyendinaga, 27 Jan 1904, Deseronto 9475-04 (Hastings Co): Charles Wesley SHARP, 26, carpenter, Seymour, same, s/o Robert James SHARP & Harriet Melissa MERRICK, married Clara Bell MILLS, 19, Rawdon, same, d/o W.E. MILLS & Mary M. WHITE, witn: William Harry HEATH of Rawdon & Elma E. SHARP of Seymour, 21 Dec 1904 at Rawdon
  9344-04 Garrett D. SHORTS, 24, farmer, Kennebec, same, s/o Felix SHORTS & Cordelia KELLAR, married Effie May BOOMHOUR, 18, Kennebec, Bancroft, d/o David BOOMHOUR & Rosanna KELLAR, witn: George & Annie S. BOOMHOUR of Bancroft, 9 Oct 1904 at Bancroft
9479-04 (Hastings Co): Wallace D. SIMMONS, 26, farmer, Foxton, Corbyville, s/o Ira SIMMONS & Maria SMITH, married Victoria BROWNSON, 26, Rawdon, same, d/o John Martin BROWNSON & Mary Ann LIBERTY, witn: Warner SIMMONS of Corbyville & Beatrice O. RIORDEN of Madoc, 6 Dec 1904 at Rawdon #009405-04 (Hastings Co): John C. SMITH, 35, farmer, Sweden, Madoc, s/o John SMITH & Iva SWANSON, married Lilly WHITTLE, 27, Queensboro, same, d/o John WHITTLE & Eliz. BARRY, witn: Agnes F. TIMULTY & Mrs. L. PHELPS, both of Madoc, 23 Sept 1904 at Madoc
9476-04 (Hastings Co): William SNEATH, 29, brakeman, Maxwell Ont., Hamilton, s/o William SNEATH & Miss SMITH, married Alice Estella HARRIS, 25, Rawdon, same, d/o Richard HARRIS & Priscilla REYNOLDS, witn: John WEESE & Cora DAFOE, both of Rawdon, 26 Dec 1904 at Rawdon 9349-04 Frederick STAPLES, 20, farmer, England, Tyendinaga, s/o William & Helen, married Laura Edith BRADSHAW, 21, widow, Thurlow, Tyendinaga, d/o James PITMAN & Catherine VANDEWATER, witn: E. McCULLOCH of Thomasburg & Melissa CARNEY of Roslin, 10 March 1904 at Hungerford
#009388-04 (Hastings Co): John Gilbert STEVENS, 21, farmer, Madoc, Springbrook, s/o Samuel STEVENS & Libya GREATRIX, married Ellfie MACANREY, 19, Rawdon, Springbrook, d/o John MACANREY & Jerusha McCABE, witn: Donald MACANREY of Springbrook & Mrs. PHELPS of Madoc, 16 March 1904 at Madoc  
010091-05 William Samuel STILES, 35, Rawdon, same, Farmer, s/o Bartholmew STILES & Margaret McKEOWN married J. Isabel SHORT, 30, Rawdon, same, d/o George M. SHORT & Elizabeth J. MORTON. Wtn: Mark E. SHORT of Rawdon and Myra HEATH of Rawdon on December 14, 1904 at Rawdon 9334-04 George B. SWEET, 27, farmer, Bancroft, Faraday, s/o Haskell B. SWEET & Eliza J. VANCE, married Winnifred J. COLLINS, 19, Brighton, Bancroft, d/o William N. COLLINS & Clara L. SMITH, witn: Frank H. & Alberta COLLINS of Bancroft, 23 March 1904 at Bancroft
#009210-04, (Hastings), Alfred Robert SYMONS, 29, cutter, Belleville, Belleville, s/o Alfred SYMONS & Sarah Ann WOODLEY, marr: Clara Agnes COVERT, 28, Belleville, Belleville, d/o Henry COVERT & Agnes Ann JOSEY, witn: Charles J. SYMONS of Belleville & Ella TWOMLEY of Lindsay, 20 Jan 1904, Belleville #009398-04 (Hastings Co): Ed. Anthony TAYLOR, 24, tailor, Orillia, Toronto, s/o Robert TAYLOR & Susan illegible, married Mary Mabel ELLIOT, 23, Peterboro, Madoc, d/o William Thomas ELLIOT & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: Frank TAYLOR of Tiverton & Gertrude ROSE of Rednerville, 10 Aug 1904 at Madoc
9600-04 (Hastings Co): James Grafton THOMPSON, 24, blacksmith, Ont, Hungerford, s/o William Henry THOMPSON & Eliza SEMPLE, married Anna LOGAN, 26, Ont, Tweed, d/o Robert LOGAN & Margaret VANCE, witn: Albert LOGAN & Ida PHILLIPS, both of Tweed, 20 April 1904 at Tweed 9596-04 (Hastings Co): William Britton THOMPSON, 23, laborer, Ont., Tweed, s/o William C. & Martha, married Frances ABRAMS, 29, widow, Ont., Ernestville, d/o William COOMBS & Elizabeth CRIVSEY?, witn: Stephen CROSS & Honora THOMPSON, both of Tweed, 1 March 1904 at Tweed
#009400-04 (Hastings Co): Thomas THOMPSON, 32, widower, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o not given, married Catherine FARRELL, 29, Madoc, Queensboro, d/o Richard FARRELL & Ann GALLAGHER, witn: William FARRELL of Madoc, 8 Jan 1904 at Madoc (Rom Cath) 9342-04 John THOMPSON, 31, farmer, Arden, Faraday, s/o John A. THOMPSON & Betsy KELLAR, married Georgina WALKER, 20, Faraday, same, d/o William WALKER & Mary MAHALA (surname?), witn: George & Annie S. BOOMHOUR of Bancroft, 27 Sept 1904 at Bancroft
#009391-04 (Hastings Co): James E. TROTTER, 45, widower, farmer, Hungerford, Madoc, s/o Alex TROTTER & Mary WEST, married Lavina ROBERTS, 22, England, Colborne, d/o "parents died when young", witn: E.E. & Frank SANDERSON of Madoc, 1 June 1904 at Madoc 9473-04 (Hastings Co): John TUFTS, 45, farmer, London England, Hungerford, s/o Robert TUFTS & Sarah COPPINS, married Sarah Jane STAPLEY, 42, Rawdon, same, d/o Daniel STAPELY & Sarah A. BLEECKER, witn: Frank & Sarah J. STAPELY of Rawdon, 12 Dec 1904 at Rawdon
9338-04 Felix VARDY, 21, farmer, Tweed, not given, s/o Lewis VARDY & Catherine WAY, married Elizabeth PARKS, 18, Steenburg, not given, d/o Thomas PARKS & Rose OSBOURN, witn: E. H. WOOD & Joseph KERR, both of Bancroft, 11 Aug 1904 at Bancroft #009207-04, (Hastings), Adolph WAGNER, 20, farmer & merchant, Germany, County of Parry Sound, s/o Anthony WAGNER & Annie KARMAN, m: Mary PHILLIPS, 18, Germany, County of Parry Sound, d/o Fortunata PHILLIPS & Allwina FRATTELL, witn: Margaret M. L. BEAMISH & Annie IRWIN of Belleville, 4 Jan 1904, Belleville
9471-04 (Hastings Co): John WALLACE, 32, carpenter, Canada, Seymour, s/o David WALLACE & Isabella MASSIE, married Annie Mary THOMPSON, 27, Canada, Rawdon, d/o John E. THOMPSON & Jennie WILSON, witn: Henry LEONARD of Marmora & Bertha THOMPSON of Rylstone, 28 Dec 1904 at Rawdon #010136/05, (Hastings), Francis WANNAMAKER, 28, farmer, Madoc, Stirling, s/o John WANNAMAKER & Margaret WINTERS, m. Clara PLANTER, 30, Sidney, Chatterton, d/o Frederick PLAYTER & Mary RICHARDSON, w. H.W. & S.E. BARRAJO of Foxboro, 27 Oct 1904, Foxboro
010093-05 Elam WESCOTT, 21, Rawdon, same, Farmer, s/o Henry WESCOTT & Mary WHITE married Viola WHITE, 21, Rawdon, same, d/o Henry WHITE & Sarah MACK. Wtn: Rev. W. SPENCER of New Sarum and Mrs. C.E. PINER of Sterling on December 25, 1904 at Rawdon 9594-04 (Hastings Co): Daniel WHALEN, 28, farmer, Ont, Belleville, s/o Michael WHALEN & Ellen MULLENS, married Alice KITLEY (or Kiltey), 27, Ont, Hungerford, d/o Andrew KITLEY & Catherine FENTON, witn: Denis HOLBY & Bridget KITLEY, both of Hungerford, 8 July 1904 at Tweed (Rom Cath)
010094-05 D. Arthur WHITE, 27, Rawdon, Campbellford, Merchant, s/o Henry WHITE & Sarah MACK married Louise H. SPENCER, 25, Bedfordshire England, Woodbridge Ont., Music Teacher, d/o William SPENCER & Eliza LARRIER. Wtn: Mrs. W. SPENCER of New Sarum and George WHITE of Rawdon on December 25, 1904 at Rawdon 9474-04 (Hastings Co): William WICKENS, 29, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o John WICKENS & Annie PREST, married Maggie Beatrice HAGGERTY, 26, Rawdon, same, d/o William HAGGERTY & Sarah Jane BROWN, witn: William BLAKELY of Huntingdon & Emma Stella HAGGERTY of Rawdon, 17 Aug 1904 at Rawdon
009588-04 G. H. WILSON, 23, Tudor Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Robert WILSON & Emma RICKETTS married Esther LOVELESS, 20, Cashel Tp., same, d/o Jonathan LOVELESS & Julia C. FAUL. Wtn: Lorne WILSON of Springbrook - Hastings and Maud POTTER of Cashel Tp. on April 27, 1904 at Tudor Tp. 9335-04 George L. WOODCOCK, 37, farmer, Kennebec, Faraday, s/o Gilbert WOODCOCK & Elizabeth Jane CARY, married Catherine D. TWA, 21, Monteagle, same, d/o Philander TWA & Mary Ann DOBSON, wtn: Fred STANGER (Stanyer?) & Amand V. Pearl JONES, both of Bancroft, 15 March 1904 at Bancroft
9351-04 William Edward WOODHOUSE, 26, wheelwright, Yarker, same, s/o William WOODHOUSE & Mary Jane D'UNIACKE, married Maria TRUDEAU, 26, Hungerford, same, d/o Francis TRUDEAU & Sarah GUINARD, witn: Michael & Sarah TRUDEAU, both of Hungerford, 9 June 1904 at St. Edmonds Church, Stoco 9350-04 William YATES, 22, laborer, Hungerford, same, s/o Truman YATES & Olive DESHANE, married Annie PRINGLE, 18, Hungerford, same, d/o Isaac PRINGLE & Sarah Jane MARSH, witn: George C. GRANT & Laura WILSON, both of Marlbank, 8 March 1904 at Marlbank
9353-04 Thomas Rupert YOUNG, 25, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o George YOUNG & Sarah Ann BLOXOM, married Annie WAYTE, 25, Richmond, Hungerford, d/o Nicholas WAYTE, farmer, & Susanna LASHER, witn: Charles YOUNG of Marlbank & Amy WAYTE of Lime Lake, 19 June 1904 at Lime Lake, Hungerford