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 Windsor branch of the RLDS 

(Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)

transcribed from from OGS Families magazine of Aug 1987

Format: Groom, age, occupation, birthplace, residence, parents, bride, age, birthplace, residence, parents, witnesses and location, date and location of marriage


George A. HOOPER, 25, electrician, Painswick Ont, 161 Tecumseh Rd. Walkerville Ont, s/o William HOOPER and Elizabeth HANDY, mar Jessie McAllister DELACOURT, 19, Glasgow Scotland, 161 Tecumseh Rd. Walkerville, d/o William DELACOURT and Mary McINNIS, witn John F. NIGHTINGALE 161 Tecumseh Rd. and Isabella Paxtan DELACOURT 1494 Mercer St.Windsor, 04 Nov 1926 at 161 Tecumseh Rd, Walkerville.

Herbert FRIES, 38, shipper, Eastnor Twp Bruce Cty, Windsor, s/o Jacob FRIES and Elizabeth COOPER, mar Nellie GILCHRIST, 38, widow, Arran Twp Bruce Cty, 179 Wellington St.Windsor, d/o Robert STRING and Elizabeth CROOME, witn Nellie ANDREW and Mrs. Margaret ANDREW of 37 Hall Windsor, 23 Dec 1925 at 37 Hall Ave Windsor

Thomas David SNOBELON, machinist, Blenheim Ont, 754 Lansing Ave Detroit Mich, s/o George A. and Laura SNOBLEN (sic), mar Mary Catherine CONNOR, 19, Chatham, 121 Gladstone Ave Windsor, d/o Ernest and Maria CONNORS, witn R. JONES 84 Poplar St. Chatham and Lillie ANDREW 37 Hall Ave Windsor, 12 Mar 1926 at 121 Gladstone Ave Windsor

Harry HENDERSON, 27, automobile painter, Thamesville, 1493 Howard Ave.Windsor, s/o Robert John HENDERSON and Mary Ann McEACHERAN, mar Grace GORDON, 24, Thamesville, 409 Logan Ave Windsor, d/o William Albert GORDON and Eliza Ann TAYLOR, witn Archie Henderson of Detroit and Mabel ANDREW of 37 Hall Ave Windsor, 23 Jun 1926 at 37 Hall Ave Windsor.

Stanley Shelding MOORE, 30, garage proprietor, St.Thomas Ont, London Ont, s/o William Edward MOORE and Annie SHELDING, mar Marion (Mary Ann on birth certificate) Fanny SAYLOR, Fonthill Ont, 57 Lincoln Rd Walkerville, d/o Samuel SAYLOR and Annie Mae KETTLEWELL, witn Dorothy MOORE of London and Elgin E. SAYLOR of Walkerville, 27 Oct 1926 RLDS Church Pierie Ave Windsor

William McCartney RICHMOND, 23, farmer, Danville Quebec, Auld Anderson Twp Essex Cty, s/o Alexander RICHMOND and Margaret RUSSEL, mar Orma Joyce JONES, 18, Anderson Twp Essex Cty, Auld Anderson Twp Essex Cty, d/o Henry JONES and Alice FODD, witn Irving and Edna M. JONES of Anderson Twp Essex Cty, 05 Mar 1928 RLDS Church, Windsor

William BEACOM, 39, labourer, Windsor, Windsor, s/o William BEACOM and Agnes CAMPBELL, mar Ray Winnifred REDNER, 34, Chatham, Windsor, d/o John REDNER and Ella Maria SCHULLER, witn William and Yolah GARNIER, 1601 York St. Windsor, 24 Oct 1928 at 724 Marentetti Ave Windsor

Joseph Loraine MIFFLIN, 24, machinist, Kent Cty, 628 Victoria Rd. Walkerville, s/o Minnis MIFFLIN and Annie Elizabeth BRYDEN, mar Dorothy Pearl BENNETT, 21, 268 Monmouth Rd.Walkerville, same, d/o Richard Ethelbert BENNETT and Rachel Leah LARABEE, witn P.C. BRENT of 628 Victoria Rd.Walkerville and Fannie Bennett THOMAS of 418 Campbell Ave Windsor, 24 Jul 1930 RLDS Church Windsor

John TAYLOR, 52, R.R. engineer, Woodstock, St.Thomas, s/o George TAYLOR and Elizabeth MITCHELL, mar Charlotte ELSE, widow, Ireland, St.Thomas, d/o John ELSE and Ellen McGRATH, witn S. Gordon and Myrtle Mae BROWN of 1506 Bruce Ave Windsor, 20 Apr 1929 at 37 Hall Ave Windsor

James Burton GARROD, 17, labourer, Walkerville, 837 Langlois Ave.Windsor, s/o Ernie GARROD and Mildrid CROUCHMAN, mar Anna LABADIE, 18, Tilbury, 45 Sandwich St. East in Windsor, d/o Lambert LABADIE and Margaret SOLVEY, witn Wesley GARROD of 837 Langlois Ave and P. LABADIE of 45 Sandwich St, 02 Oct 1930 at 837 Langlois Ave.Windsor

Stanley Thomas TAYLOR, 28, carpenter, Wiarton Ont, Ecorse Michigan, s/o Frederick TAYLOR and Margaret ARNOLD, mar Clara Marguerite CLIFFORD, 18, Hepworth, Windsor, d/o Joseph CLIFFORD and Mary CURRIE, witn Annie M. SAYLOR of 57 Lincoln Rd.Walkerville and Mrs. Isaac ANDREW of 37 Hall Ave.Windsor, 11 Apr 1931 at 37 Hall Ave.Windsor.

John Robert GOODCHILD, 17, Marine, Amherstburg, same, s/o Louis David GOODCHILD and Florence LESTER, mar Gladys Flossie MAYVILLE, 17, Anderson Twp Essex Cty, Amherstburg, d/o Gordon MAYVILLE and Pearl JONES, witn Mr. and Mrs. RENAUD of Amherstburg, 17 Oct 1931 at 37 Hall Ave.Windsor

William Joseph DROUILLARD, 19, truck driver, Sandwich, Sandwich, s/o Joseph DROUILLARD and Rose ROBERTS, mar Ruby THORN, 18, Walkerville, Aylmer Ave.Windsor, d/o Joseph THORN and Blanch CROUCHMAN, witn Mrs. Helen VETOR of Cabana South Windsor and Nellie ANDREW of 37 Hall Ave.Windsor, 21 Nov 1931 at 37 Hall Ave.Windsor.

William John SIDDAL, 32, farmer, Aldborough Twp Elgin Cty, same, s/o Lorenzo D. SIDDAL and Mary Ellen DeBOISE, mar Hazel Mae HASKELL, 19, East Tilbury Kent Cty, Bothwell, d/o Benjamin Serby HASKELL and Colly HYATT, witn Mrs. Gertrude DYMOCK and James D. McLEAN both of 116 Curry Ave. Windsor, 25 Nov 1931 at 37 Hall Ave.Windsor

Ernest GARROD, 20, truck driver, Walkerville, Windsor, s/o Ernest GARROD and Mildred CROUCHMAN, mar Josephine SABLE, 18, Hamilton, 301 Cadillac East Windsor, d/o Thomas SABLE, "maiden name of mother not known", witn Guy REID of 416 Pierie Ave and Mary Sineuritz of 303 Cadillac St, 30 Jan 1932 RLDS Church Windsor

Elihu Douglas SWATMAN, 26, salesman Walkerside Dairy, Windsor, 916 Marentette Windsor,s/o William Judson SWATMAN and Susan Alice ULCH, mar Ethel May WESTLAKE, 20, Elmstead Ont, 1116 Elsmere Ave.Windsor, d/o Walter WESTLAKE and Emily Marguerite PRICE, witn Mamie Pearl ALDERTON of 210 Gladstone Ave and Alex PRICE of 1210 Marentette Ave, 03 May 1932 at the home of the bride's parents at 1116 Elsmere Ave.Windsor.

Clarence Albert WHITE, 26, miller, Yarmouth, Yarmouth Twp Elgin Cty, s/o Edward Reesor WHITE and Kate Rose BARBER, mar Leona Ruth HILL, 27, Boyne City Michigan, 843 Dufferin Place Windsor, d/o Oliver Bert HILL and Sarah Jane BLASHILL, witn Hazel HILL of 1153 Elsmere Ave.Windsor and Earl V. HILL of 843 Dufferin Place Windsor, 31 Dec 1932 RLDS Church Windsor.

Lloyd A. ARNOLD, 25, Canadian Customs Officer, Manitowing Ont, 65 Lincoln Rd.Walkerville, s/o Adam ARNOLD and Margaret GALBRAITH, mar Viola Estella SAYLOR, 21, Fonthill Ont, 57 Lincoln Rd.Walkerville, d/o Samuel SAYLOR (deceased) and Annie May Saylor CLARK, witn Verilyn I. SAYLOR of 57 Lincoln Rd.Walkerville and Albert P. FORD of Gramington Ont, 21 Jan 1933 RLDS Church Windsor.

Donald William GREENAWAY, 29, farmer, Sandwith, Maidstone Twp, s/o William Thomas GREENAWAY and Cathrine SCHRAM, mar Elsie Mae LESLIE, 21, widow, Hamilton, Essex, d/o Russel BARLOW and Laura PETTIT, witn Roger Leroy GREENAWAY of RR#2 South Woodslee Ont and Flossie Marie GREENAWAY of 279 Moy Ave.Windsor.

Alfred Eli LUCIER, 25, plasterer, River Rouge Michigan, 1014 Assumption St, s/o Peter LUCIER and Mary PAQUENOT, mar Annie Louise CROUCHMAN, 19, Windsor, 410 Parent, d/o John James CROUCHMAN and Mary Susan PIPER, witn Josephine LEONARD of 438 Goyeau St. and Ernest CROUCHMAN of 410 Parent Ave, no date RLDS Church Windsor.

Arthur Gifford CURRIE, 25, labourer, Preston England, 184 Monmouth Rd.Walkerville, s/o Harry CURRIE and Mary MADDEN, mar Annie Elizabeth CAMERON, 25, Clark City Quebec, 945 Gladstone Ave.Windsor, d/o John CUMMINGS and Bella CAMERON, witn John and Helen MEIKLE no location, 27 Jul 1935 Windsor Saints Church cor. of Pierie and Assumption Streets Windsor