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Essex Co., 1887


#003063-87 (Essex Co): Joseph AFFLECK, 26, farmer, Colchester, same, s/o Archibald & Sarah, married Mary STOCKFORD, 24, Drumbo, Colchester, d/o Joseph & Ellen, witn: Mary McMANERY? & Melvina HOWEY, both of Oxley, 3 Jan 1887 at Oxley 3072-87 (Essex co): William A.P. ALDRICH, 33, Colchester South, same, Farmer, s/o Schuyler & Mary ALDRICH to Annie E. RUSSELL, 28, Mersea, Oxley, single, d/o Hugh & Louisa RUSSELL, wit: John MINNIE? & Phie? PHILLIPS on 19 Oct 1887 in Oxley
#003087-87 (Essex Co): John ARNER, 23, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Henry & Susan, married Rosa TOWNSEND, 16, Gosfield, same, d/o James & Rachel, witness was Selina MALOTT of Kingsville, Feb. 23, 1887 at Kingsville 3075-87 (Essex Co): Joseph ARNOT, 32, Cartwright twp, Twp of Mersea, widower, s/o Richard & Elizabeth ARNOT to Edith Velma DANIELS, 24, Twp of Gosfield, Leamington Ont, single, d/o Spencer & Sarah DANIELS, wit: Spencer & Eva May DANIELS on 29 Mar 1887 in Leamington
3092-87 (Essex Co): Charles BARNETT, 25, Gosfield, same, farmer, s/o Charles & Harriett BARNETT, married to Alice CORNELL (or Corwell), 23, Twp of Dunn, Cottam (Gosfield), d/o Ezekial & Ann CORNELL witn: William CORNELL & Martha BARNETT of Gosfield, 21 May 1887 in Kingsfield 3300-87 James BARNETT, 37, farmer, England, Gosfield, s/o Edward & Martha, married Sarah Ann AIKENS, 25, Ontario, Gosfield, d/o William & Sophia, witn: Alfred GOWEN & Mary COUCH, both of Gosfield, 16 June 1887 at Gosfield
  #003045-87 (Essex Co): John BEATTIE, 19, farmer, Essex Co., Mersea, s/o William & Emily, married Cora MARCOTT, 17, Leamington, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witnesses were Harry BELL & Eva W. WILKINSON, both of Mersea, April 21, 1887 at Leamington
3160-87 (Essex Co): Charles BENSETTE, 25, Walkerville, farmer; s/o Ambroise & Osette married Marie CHARRON, 21, Belle River, Walkerville, d/o Not named CHARRON, witn; Charles MALKOLICE? & Ambroise BENSETTE of Walkerville, 2-1-1887 in Walkerville, RC 3110-87 (Essex Co): Joseph BEZAIRE, 24, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Thomas BEZAIRE & Julienne FILLION, married Josephine CHARETTE, 22, Anderdon, same, d/o Epheram CHARETTE & Susanne OUELLETTE, witn: Thomas BEZAIRE of Sandwich West & Epheram CHARETTE of Anderdon, 4 Oct 1887 at RC Church, Canard River
3098-87 (Essex Co): Aaron C. BLACK, 55, Ballinrobe Ireland, Kingsville, carpenter; s/o John & Winnifred BLACK, married to Lavinia McDONALD, 55, Gosfield, same, d/o John & Mary McDONALD; witn: Edward PETITT of Norwich & Charles BASBAUGH of Kingsville, 10-5-1887 in Kingsville #003240-87 (Essex Co): Aldolphe BLANCHEAULT, 24, laborer, Quebec, Rochester, s/o Louis BRANDEAULT & Domilde LAGRON, married Rosalie DESJARDIN, 24, Tilbury West, same, d/o Alex DESJARDINS & Suzanne MAILLOUX, witn: Xavier DESJARDINS, 25 April 1887 at & Salome LADUC, both of Tilbury West
3112-87 (Essex Co): Samuel BONDY, 27, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Israel BONDY & Emilie RECHAUD, married Josephine LANGLOIS, 22, Sandwich West, same, d/o Dominique LANGLOIS & Helene BEZAIRE, witn: Dominique LANGLOIS & Israel BONDY, both of Sandwich West, 27 Sept? 1887 at RC Church, Canard River 3307-87 Thomas BRADLEY, 30, bar tender, Amherstburg, Windsor, s/o Thomas BRADLEY & Mary DARROW, married Mary VESTER, 29, London, same, d/o Terrance VESTER & Margaret TERRANCE, witn: Edward & Della BRADLEY of Windsor, 21 Feb at Windsor
2917-86 William G. BRAY, 26, travelling agent, Maine state, Detroit, s/o William & Hannah, married Mary M. WIGLE, 25, Gosfield, same, d/o Windle J. & Susan, witn: James McCALLUM of Detroit & Huldah MILLAN? of Leamington, 25 Nov 1885 at Gosfield #003066-87 (Essex Co): Frederick BROWN, 23, farmer, Malden, same, s/o Charles & Susan, married Annie Laurie MICKLE, 23, Malden, same, d/o William Charles & Mary, 23 March 1887 at Oxley
3331-87 Floyd CALHOUN, 26, barber, Atlanta Georgia, Detroit, s/o Moses CALHOUN & Annette ARNOLD, married Ida FERRELL, 26, widow, Logansport Indiana, Detroit, d/o David TERRELL (sic) & Mary CLINE, witn: Nelson STRANG of Windsor & Ida LOCKMAN, 20 March, at Windsor 3321-87 Hugh C. CAMPBELL, 21, salesman, Columbus Mich., Detroit, s/o Robert CAMPBELL & Agnes McPHERSON, married Emma RYCKER, 25, widow, Buffalo NY, Detroit, d/o Ansel RYCKER & Lucinda DEANE, witn: R. T. SUTHERLAND & Gertrude S. GRAY, both of Windsor, 19 Feb, at Windsor
3338-87 John CARSE, 24, blacksmith, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John CARSE & Catherine DALEY, married Mary Emma GODFREY, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Edward GODFREY & Stirr STEIRRALL?, witn: W.M. BROWN of Windsor & Lillie GROSBECK of Detroit, 20 Sept at Windsor  
3104-87 (Essex Co): Romain CHARRETIER, 24, laborer, St. Anne – Sandwich East, St. Joachim, s/o Narcisse CHARRETIER & Celina LANDREVILLE, married Sophie BAUNE, 16, St. Joachim, same, d/o Isaie BAUNE & Christine SANCHEREAU, witn: Narcisse CHARRETIER of Sandwich East & Isaie BAUNE of St. Joachim, 11 Jan 1887 at St. Joachim, Rochester (Rom Cath) 3082-87 (Essex co): William CLEMENT, 35, Wentworth Co, Traverse City US Mich, bachelor, lumberman, s/o William CLEMENT & Cynthia ELLIOT?, married Conilla (or Cornilla) Ann THOMPSON, 25, Mersea, same, d/o John & Mary Ann THOMPSON, wit: Olive GREEN & John THOMPSON on 11-23-1887 in Mersea
3141 -87 (Essex Co): Alexandre COCHOIS, 27, Sandwich East, same, farmer, s/o Louis & Genevieve COCHOIS to Milina? BAILLARGERE? (or Baillargene?) , 19, Sandwich East, same, d/o Aime & Anealeily? BAILLARGERE, wit: Romulus LESSAR (or Tessar) & Louise COCHOIS on 18 Jan 1887 at St Anne's Church in Sandwich East, RC 3117 -87 (Essex Co): James Walter CONGDON, 25, Cornwall England, Essex Centre, bachelor, farmer, s/o Walter CONGDON & Elizabeth PERKINS, to Isabella HALL, 24, Haldimand? Co, Ontario, single, d/o Robert HALL & Sarah DICKSON, wit: Richard PERKINS & Kate RAWLINS on 3-16-1887 in Essex Centre
#003052-87 (Essex Co): William N. COOPER, 28, harness maker, Welland Co., Leamington, s/o David & Sarah, married Delia C. BERTRAM, 23, Kingsville, Gosfield, d/o Thomas & Mary, witnesses were Jane CAMPBELL of Wallaceburg & Mrs. C.J. DOUGHERTY of Leamington, Sept. 28, 1887 at Leamington 3330-87 William E. CROUCH, 28, pork & beef packer, Kentucky, Kansas City, s/o Noah CROUCH & Eva HOWARD, married Nettie GRANTHAM, 20, Cainsville Ont., Detroit, d/o Charles & Nettie, witn: Alex BARTLET & Jennie WHITTAKER, both of Windsor, 27 July, at Windsor
3103-87 (Essex Co): David DAGENAULT, 21, laborer, Paincourt – Kent Co, same, s/o Hubert DAGENAULT & Adele FAUBERT, married Belle RAY, 17, Belle River, St. Joachim Rochester, d/o Moise RAY & Louise BELANGER, witn: Henri DAGENAULT of Chatham & Louis DEMERS of Belle River, 10 Jan 1887 at St. Joachim, Rochester (Rom Cath) 3136 -87 (Essex Co): Edgar DOAN, 26, Welland Co, Colchester, bachelor, laborer, s/o Joel C. & Anne DOAN to Rosa VAUGHAN, 16, Welland Co, Colchester, single, d/o James & Cinderella VAUGHAN, wit: Louis & Mary E. DOAN on 28 Jun 1887 in Essex Centre
3323-87 William DOYLE, 22, sailor, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Peter DOYLE & Mary HANLEY, married Carrie SADER, 23, NY state, Detroit, d/o John SADER & Margaret RHINES, 29 March, at Windsor 3073-87 (Essex co): Nelson DRESSER, 25, Ontario, Mersea, bachelor, farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary Jane DRESSER to Isabella BLACK, 21, Ontario, Mersea, single, d/o James & Maria BLACK, wit: Lewis DRESSER & M. A. AINSLIE on 3-22-1887 in Mersea
3109-87 (Essex Co): Marcellin DROUILLAND, 20, laborer, Riviere aux Canards? – Sandwich West, McGregor Anderdon, s/o Jean Bte. DROUILLAND & Delaiel? AUTIN (Aubin?), married Philomene LEVEQUE, 22, Belle River, Anderdon, d/o Moyse LEVEQUE & Philomine GIRARD, witn: Fabien LEVEQUE & Marguerite POISSON, both of McGregor, 25 Jan 1887 at McGregor, (Rom Cath) 3339-87 Joseph John DUBY, 23, salesman, West Bay City, Bay City, s/o Antoine DUBY & Angeline TURCOTTE, married Maggie SAFFERY (Laffery?), 18, Belleville Ont., Windsor, d/o William Norris SAFFERY & Mary McCARTHY, witn: George TRACEY of Detroit & Stella CLARK of Windsor, 5 Sept at Windsor
  3167-87 (Essex Co): Pierre DUCHARME?, 24 Huron, Sandwich East, farmer, s/o Joseph & Marie, married Eliza LAUZON, 19, Sandwich East, same, d/o Baptiste & Patroinse? LAUZON, witn; Francois DUCHAMSE? Of Sandwich East & Ann PRATT of Sandwich West, 4-15-1887 in Tecumseh, RC
3148-87 (Essex Co.): Joseph DUCHESNE, 29, Sandwich East, Sandwich East, farmer, s/o Richard & Marie DUCHESNE; married Sophie BRAULT, 24 Berthier Quebec, Sandwich East, d/o Medediak? & Henriette BRAULT; witn: Alfred LESPERANCE & Christine DUCHESNE of Sandwich East; 2-21-1887 at St Ann's Church in Sandwich East, RC 3146-87 (Essex Co): Placide DUGAL, 26, Quebec, Walkerville, bachelor, clerk, s/o Pierre & Francoise DUGAL to Catherine CHRISTE, 20, Sandwich East, Sandwich East, single, d/o Joseph & Monique CHRISTE, wit: Antoine CHRISTE & Valerie SEQUINE on 14 Feb 1887 at St Ann's Church in Sandwich East
3143-87 (Essex Co): Stephen DUNN, 37, Twp of Camden, Sandwich East, bachelor, carpenter, s/o Jon & Mary DUNN to Elizabeth SCULLY, 33, Maidstone, same, d/o Patrick & Margaret SCULLY, wit; Patrick BURKE & Ellen GAGAN on 12 Jan 1887 at St Mary's Church in Maidstone Cross 3308-87 James DUNN, 37, laborer, Chichester Que., same, s/o James DUNN & Susan CAHILL, married Florence PAYNE, 37, Allumette Island Que., Windsor, d/o James PAYNE & Jane SUTHERLAND, witn: Rev. Mich McGRATH & Lizzie BYRON, 19 April at Windsor
#003238-87 (Essex Co): Joseph DUPUIS, 25, farmer, Quebec, Stoney Point, s/o George DUPUIS & Flavie BONNESVILLE, married Elysabeth CHRETIEN, 22, Quebec, Stoney Point, d/o J.B. CHRETIEN & ? MOONOOCE, witn: Alphonse CAZA & Celina DESCHAMPS, both of Stoney Point, 21 Feb 1887 at Stoney Point (Rom Cath)  
#003051-87 (Essex Co): Henry EEDE, 34, gentleman, Gosfield, Leamington, s/o George EEDE & Elizabeth ASNER?, married Nettie Bell ASKEW, 24, Ruthven, Leamington, d/o John ASKEW & Mary Ann RUSSELL, witnesses were Newton ASKEW of Leamington & Mary FRANCIS of Port Rowan, 21 Sept., 1887at Leamington #003055-87 (Essex Co): William ELFORD, 26, farmer, Canada, Colchester, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Ann A. MUSTARD, 19, Canada, Colchester, d/o George & Mileyann, witnesses were Adelbert & Asmada MUSTARD, Oct. 6, 1887 at Leamington
#003044-87 (Essex Co): George ELLIOTT, 22, laborer, Kingsville, same, s/o David & Mary, married Mary ALDERTON, 20, Mersea, Leamington, d/o Jacob & Clarissa, witnesses were Lincoln BLACK of Kingsville & Josephine LEWES? of Leamington, March 29, 1887 at Leamington 3309-87 Joseph Henry ELLIOTT, 21, carriage painter, Windsor, same, s/o James ELLIOTT & Mary LABADIE, married Susan CALDWELL, 18, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Samuel CALDWELL & Mary McMAHON, witn: James & Mrs. James ELLIOTT of Windsor, 16 march at Windsor
3105-87 (Essex Co): Charles H. ELLSWORTH, 23, blacksmith, Rainham, Grimsby, s/o Leander ELLSWORTH & Ann ZIMMERMAN, married Minnie C. BROWN, 21, Bayham, Rochester Ont., d/o Alfred BROWN & Catherine BATES, witn: Mr. ELLSWORTH of Buffalo NY & Hattie BROWN of Rochester Ont., 26 Jan 1887 at Rochester 3035-87 (Essex Co): William D. ELMSTROM, 26, book keeper, Buffalo, Chicago, s/o John & Celora, married Agnes WHITESIDE, 19, Whitby, Sandwich East, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: John WHITESIDE & William O'NEIL, both of Sandwich East, 3 Oct 1887 at Sandwich
3335-87 Hector William FINNIE, 25, railway employee, London Ont., Windsor, s/o Hector FINNIE & Eleanor CRODEN, married Mary Theresa SEPNER, 18, Windsor, same, d/o John SEPNER & Maggie SMITH, witn: Henry G. ELSEY & Mary FINNIE, both of Windsor, 7 Sept, at Windsor 3090-87 (Essex Co): William FLEMING, 39, Smith Twp - Peterborough Co, Pelee Island, Widower, farmer, s/o Robert & Eliza FLEMING, married Mary Jane HENDERSON, 26, Ireland, Pelee Island, d/o John & Mary Ann HENDERSON; witn: Eliza CARR of Kingsville & Samuel RIPEN of Pelee Island, 15 Apr 1887, Kingsville
3156-87 (Essex Co): Charles FORTON, Charles, 25; L'Anse breise, Michigan, laborer, s/o Isadore & Susanne , married Celina DROUILLARD, 17, Walkerville, Walkerville, d/o Hubert & Zoe, witn; Juliene FORTON of L'Ansa briese & Hubert DROUILLARD of Walkerville, 25 Jan 1887 in Walkerville, RC 3301-87 David FOSTER, 27, farmer, Malden, same, s/o Henry & Annie, married Lavina Ellen HARRIS, 23, Colchester, Windsor, d/o Francis & Nancy, witn: Eliza MUNRO & John F. WELLS, both of Windsor, 1 March 1887 at Windsor
3295-87 Edwin J. FOX, 21, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o G.J. & Sarah Jane, married Eliza Catherine BUTLER, 21, Windham twp., Gosfield, d/o Daniel & Henrietta, witn: Oscar QUICK of Leamington & Clara CLARK of Mersea, 23 Feb 1887 at Gosfield #003059-87 (Essex Co): Daniel FRASER, 27, farmer, Canada, Gosfield, s/o Kenneth & Rachel, married Eliza GRANT, 22, Canada, Gosfield, d/o John & Mary I., witnesses were John TRIMBLE & Jane McCLUSKEY, Oct. 18, 1887 at Leamington
#003177-87 (Essex Co.): John Lewis, FULMER, 21, of Windsor, born Mersea, druggist, parents Francis & Phoebe FULMER to Ora Grace JOHNSON, 19, of Walkerville, b. Suspension Bridge, parents James & Martha, w: Nicholas VANDERBILT of Detroit & Arbetta I FULMER of Windsor on 11-2-1887 at Bride's residence in Walkerville 3337-87 William GANNON, 21, speculator, Canada, Windsor, s/o Martin GANNON & Bridget O'CONNELL, married Mary SHANESEY (Shaughnessy?), 20, Ireland, Windsor, d/o John SHANESEY & Ellen MULVILLE, witn: David CREMENS & Mary GANNON, both of Windsor, 3 Aug, at Windsor
3158-87 (Essex Co): Thomas GINAS (or Giras?) 25, Walkerville, same, laborer; s/o F. Xavier & Marceline, married Edividge OUELETTE, 17, Walkerville, same, d/o Norbert & Leocadie OUELETTE, witn; Antoine LEDUC & Antoine OUELETTE of Walkerville, 1-31-1887 in Walkerville., RC 3317-87 Philip J. C. GLASSFORD, 21, machinist, Chatham, same, s/o John GLASSFORD & Elizabeth KNIGHT, married Margaret May HORRIGAN, 21, Uxbridge, Chatham, d/o Bartholomew HORRIGAN & Mary Ann CANNING, witn: William GOODMAN of Walkerville & Hiram W. BETTS of Detroit, 11 July at Windsor
3078-87 (Essex co): Gordon GORMAN, 24, Canada, Leamington, bachelor, clerk, s/o Daniel J & Lydia GORMAN to Amelia A FRANBELL?, 25, Canada, Mersea, single, d/o Gustavo & Phoebe FRANBELL, wit: Elmer GORMAN & Josephine WILKINSON on 28 Sep 1887 in Mersea 3318-87 Barney W. GREENPORT, 25, farmer, England, Texas, s/o Jacob & Annie, married Rebecca MERCER, 19, Detroit, same, d/o Barney MERCER & Paulina LEVI, witn: Jacob MERCER of Detroit & G.L. PHILLIPS of Windsor, 7 Feb, at Windsor
3164-87 (Essex Co): McDowell GROOES (Groves?), 19, Detroit, Detroit, laborer; s/o John & Susan, married Hattie SMITH, 18 Detroit, Detroit, single; d/o John & Bellinda SMITH, witn; John & Bellinda SMITH of Detroit, 3-9-1887 in Walkerville  
3071-87 (Essex co): W. B. GRUBB, 27, Po Keepsia NY, Colchester, bachelor, farmer, s/o John & Sarah GRUBB to Lavinia GRUBB, 25, Colchester, Colchester, single, d/o Walter & Nancy GRUBB, wit: Edward E GRUBB & Ardell HUGHAM on 19 Oct 1887 in Colchester South 3102-87 (Essex Co): John GUSTIN, 28, widower, laborer, Gosfield, Essex Centre, s/o John & Eliz., married Harriet Elizabeth BAUGHMAN, 17, Gainsboro twp., Essex Centre, d/o David & Elnora, witn: Noah QUICK & Berta WELSH, both of Kingsville, 25 Dec 1887 at Kingsville
3080-87 (Essex co): Alfred HAIRSINO, 33, Twp of Mersea, same, farmer, s/o Thomas HAIRSINO & Maria ROBINSON to Jennie COULTER, 23, Ireland, Twp of Mersea, single, d/o William COULTER & Martha THOMPSON, wit: Ciras MALOTO & Elizabeth NASH on 9 Nov 1887 in Mersea Township 3336-87 Albert HAMLIN, 21, clerk, Petite Core - Essex, Windsor, s/o Joseph HAMLIN & Julia GUENHERSVILLE?, married Florence FARWELL, 18, St. Louis M., Windsor, d/o Thomas FARWELL & Marietta CRONK, witn: James SCANLAN & Virginia OUELLETTE, both of Windsor, 15 May, at Windsor
3145-87 (Essex Co): John C. HAMMETT, 43, Ireland, Grand Rapids US, widower, cabinet maker, s/o Edward & Elizabeth HAMMETT to Mary TIERMAN, 43, Maidstone, same, d/o James & Mary TIERMAN, wit: Joseph TIERMAN & Mary KENNY on 22 Feb 1887 at St Mary's Church in Maidstone Cross 3142 -87 (Essex Co): James H. HATHAWAY, 26, Canada, St Clair Michigan, bachelor, engineer, s/o Daniel & Muiriewi? HATHAWAY to Ina PATCH, 18, Oakland Michigan, Troy Michigan, single, d/o Arthur & Eddie PATCH, wit: Oscar & Lydia CROSS on 21 Jan 1887 in Walkerville
3343-87 Charles H. HARDING, 23, salesman, Pennsylvania US, Reynoldsville Penn., s/o G. W. HARDING & Orillia GORDON, married Louella GARRISON, 21, Sandwich Ont., same, d/o Benjamin F. GARRISON & Victoria LAZARUS, witn: James GRAHAM of Sandwich & Nellie WILSON of Detroit, 26 Sept at Windsor  
3310-87 Cassius M. Clay HAWKINS, 35, widower, laborer, Amherstburg, Windsor, s/o Washington & Eva, married Elizabeth COLLINS, 44, widow, Indiana, Windsor, d/o Benjamin JAMES & Ann, witn: Jacob M. JAMES of Detroit & Emma J. WASHINGTON of Windsor, 24 May at Windsor 3297-87 William HELKIE, 50, widower, farmer, Markham Ont., Gosfield, s/o Frederick & Dorothy, married Mary REID, 40, Binbrook twp., Gosfield, d/o William E. & Emily, witn: Mary H. TURNER of Gosfield & Amelia RENWICK of Romney, 22 March 1887 at Gosfield
3091-87 (Essex Co): David HESS, 23, Lennox Co, Gosfield, laborer, s/o Jacob & Sarah HESS, married Ida BROOKS, 24, Gosfield (Cottam), Gosfield, d/o Stephen & Annie BROOKS; witn: Kenneth & Doreathea (no last name) of Gosfield; 27 Apr 1887 3311-87 Chronshaw C. HOLDEN, 36, mechanic, England, Windsor, s/o John HOLDEN & Betsy COOK, married Edna CURTIS, 33, widow, England, Windsor, d/o William INGLESBY & Rachel BAILEY, witn: Ira INGLESBY & Sarah INGLESBY, both of Windsor, 14 June at Windsor
  3327-87 Royal A. IDE, 55, widower, sheriff, Canada East, Coldwater Mich., s/o Daniel IDE & Almina HURLBURT, married Carrie IDE, 22, Batavia Branch Mich., same, d/o Patnude IDE & blank, witn: Joseph W. & Bessie BARRINGER of Windsor, 9 May, at Windsor
3147-87 (Essex Co.): Eustave JACQUES, 24, Montreal, Sandwich East, bachelor, farmer, s/o Elias & Marceline JACQUES; married Celina SYLVESTRE, 21, Pro of Quebec, Sandwich East, d/o George & Victoria SYLVESTRE; witn: JACQUES, Urgel? Virgel? & Mathilde SYLVESTRE, 21 Feb 1887, St. Ann's Church, Sandwich East, RC #003047-87 (Essex Co): William JAMES, 28, laborer, Middlesex, Leamington, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Frankie BROWN, 21, Essex Co., Leamington, d/o Joshua & Elizabeth, witnesses were Sophrona JULIAN & Eliza BURTCH, both of Leamington, May 18, 1887 at Leamington
3038-87 (Essex Co): John JAPP, 30, farmer, Ontario, Pelee Island, s/o John & Mary, married Maggie M.L. WILSON, 19, Ontario, Pelee Island, d/o John & Martha, witn: W. WILSON & Sarah FLEMING, both of Pelee Island, 13 Jan 1887 at Pelee Island 3168-87 (Essex Co): William T. JONES, 40, Tennessee US, bachelor, mechanic, s/o Thomas & Eliza Jones, married Widow LYNCH, 27 Sandwich East, Essex Centre, widow, d/o Thomas & Ellen FERRY (or Fercy?), witn: Thomas MOONEY & Annie McDONALD of Sandwich East, 16 May 1887 at St. Mary's Church at Maidstone Cross, RC
3081-87 (Essex Co): George D. JONES, 28, Twp of Mersea, same, farmer, s/o Absalom JONES & Nancy WHITE, to Julia LOOP, 25, Twp of Mersea, same, d/o William LOOP & Sarah DRUYOR?, wit: Frederick WHITE & Mary LOOP on 9 Nov 1887 in Leamington 3322087 Isaac JONES, 60, widower, farmer, Wales, Lambton Co., s/o John & Maria, married Rosetta T. McLEOD, 44, widow, Brantford, Detroit, d/o Edward LAMPKIN & Sidney B. LANG, witn: George G. BURNETT & E.P. HAY, both of Windsor, 2 March, at Windsor
3069-87 (Essex co): James M. KENTLEY, 24, Colchester South, same, widower, farmer, s/o Henry & Hester KENTLEY to Jenny? PETTIFOOT, 20, Colchester South, same, d/o Charles & Sarah PETTIFOOT, wit: George W. & Minnie McMANNING? on 18 Sep 1887 in Oxley  
3070-87 (Essex co): John B. KNAPP, 28, Colchester South, same, carpenter, s/o Peter & Ann KNAPP to Victoria CLARK, 17, Toronto, Colchester South, single, d/o Thomas & Eliza CLARK, wit: Louisa FLER & George CLARK on 19 Oct 1887 in Oxley #003178-87 (Essex Co): Alex LAFFRAY, 26, living & b in Sandwich East, farmer, parents Joseph & Adelie LAFFRAY to Marie HALLORAN, 28, living in Sandwich East, b London Ontario, parents John & Catherine HALLORAN, witnesses Joseph HALLORAN & Marcella LAFFRAY of Sandwich East on 6-14-1887 at St. Mary's Church at Maidstone Cross, RC
3138-87 (Essex Co): Alsace LAFORET, 25, Sandwich East, same, fisherman, s/o Jean Baptiste & Therese LAFORET to Marie Louise BEAUSOLEIL, 21, Sandwich East, same, d/o Dowes (or Donnes) & Therese BEAUSOLEIL, wit: Frank LAFORET & Elizabeth BEAUSOLEIL on 10 Jan 1887 in St Anne's Parish in Sandwich East, RC 3157-87 (Essex Co): Dumas LAFORET, 27, Walkerville, same, laborer; s/o Charles & Rose LAFORET, married Elizabeth LAFORET, 26, Walkerville, same, d/o Louis & Felicete LAFORET; witn: Esdras & Charles LAFORET of Walkerville; 27 Jan 1887 in Walkerville, RC
3314-87 Patrick LAHIFF, 45, widower, laborer, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Lawrence LAHIFF & Mary CASEY, married Eliza REPPARD, 47, widow, England, London Ont., d/o Henry WATKINSON & Ann WOOD, witn: T. H. & Mary BRADLEY of Windsor, 22 June at Windsor 3111-87 (Essex Co): Alfred LANGLOIS, 27, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Dominique LANGLOIS & Helene BEZAIRE, married Judith REAUME, 33, Anderdon, same, d/o Oliver REAUME & Josephine DUMONT, witn: Albert LANGLOIS of Sandwich West & Euphrosine REAUME of Anderson, 4 Oct 1887 at RC Church, Canard River
3166-87 (Essex Co): Jacques LAUZON, 32, Sandwich East, same, fisherman; s/o Jacques & Josephine, married Therese J. BEAUSOLEIL, 22, Sandwich East, same, d/o Donus/Domus & Therese, witn; Victor HEBERT & Victoire LESPERANCE of Sandwich East; 26 Apr 1887, Tecumseh, RC 3316-87 Clarence Percy LEE, 28, laborer, Greenfield Miss., Detroit, s/o William Henry LEE & Emma K. KNIGHT, married Lottie May JONES, 20, London England, Detroit, d/o Isaac JONES & Emma WILTSHIRE, witn: William HALL of Detroit & Eva B. BROWN of Windsor, 5 July at Windsor
3048-87 (Essex Co): Edwin LEES, 23, clerk, England, Leamington, s/o John & Hannah, married Betsy BEECH, 22, England, Leamington, d/o Enveh & Elizabeth, witn: Enveh Jr & Alice BEECH of Leamington, 9 June 1887 at Leamington  
3340-87 Dougall Gibson LEITCH, 25, telegraph operator, Duart, Ridgetown, s/o Dougall LEITCH & Bessie GIBSON, married Bessie WIGHTMAN, 22, Kent Co. Ont., Ridgetown, d/o Jacob WIGHTMAN & Jane HARTWICK, witn: J. W. BARRINGER & J. PARRY, both of Windsor, 19 Sept at Windsor #003042-87 (Essex Co): Sidney LESLIE, 26, farmer, Canada, Mersea, s/o Thomas & Rhoda, married Amelia WILKINSON, 20, Canada, Mersea, d/o John J. & Jane, witnesses were Morley & Ella J. BRYERS of Leamington, Jan. 3, 1887 at Leamington
3161-87 (Essex Co): Pierre E. LESPERANCE, 20, Tecumseh, same, farmer; s/o Jean H. & Zoe, married Marie DROUILLARD, 19, Walkerville, same, d/o Francoise & Elenore, witn; Francoise DROUILLARD & Jean Olivier LESPERANCE of Tecumseh; 2 Feb 1887 in Walkerville., RC 3139 -87 (Essex Co): Alexandre LESPERANCE, 20 Maidstone Twp, same, farmer, s/o Alexandre & Adelaide LESPERANCE to Mathilde BELAIR, 21, Huron Co., Maidstone, single, d/o Joseph & Roseline BELAIR, wit: Thomas BELAIR & Mathilde LESPERANCE in St Anne's Parish in Sandwich East, RC
#003065-87 (Essex Co): Henry LEWIS, 26, laborer, Colchester, same, s/o Peter & Mary, married Frances BROOKS, 19, Colchester, same, d/o Jonathan & Harriet, witn: Marian BANKS & Groscel? POWELL, both of Colchester, 2 Mar 1887 at Colchester 3094-87 (Essex Co): George LIVINGSTONE, 24, Ancaster Twp, Gosfield Twp, fisherman, s/o Robert & Abegilla LIVINGSTONE, married Mary ZERO, 16, Colchester, same, d/o Peter & Julia ZERO; witn: Nicholas & Minnie SCRATCH of Kingsville; 14 Aug 1887 in Kingsville
3315-87 Charles Wesley LOWES, 21, farmer, Harwich - Kent, same, s/o Caleb LOWES & Sarah HUGHSON, married Sarah Louise RANSOM, 22, Harwich - Kent, same, d/o Edgar RANSOM & Adeline STOREY, 2 July at Windsor 3298-77 Marshall LOYST, 30, widower, farm laborer, Addington Co., Gosfield, s/o George & Susannah, married Alice WHITE, 20, Gosfield, same, d/o Deville & Hannah, witn: Arthur SCOTT & Jennie WHITE, both of Gosfield, 19 April 1887 at Gosfield
3041-87 (Essex Co): Daniel Rossengrave LUCKHAM, 23, teacher, Lambton Co., Amherstburg, s/o William LUCKHAM & Margaret ROSS, married Frances Matilda PATTON, 21, Colchester, Malden, d/o Judson S. PATTON & Delilah WRIGHT, witn: Ella MICKLE & Edward A. PATTON, both of Malden, 5 Oct 1887 at Malden #003084-87 (Essex Co): Alanson F. MALOTT, 21, farmer, Grosfield, same, s/o William & Mary, married Ora BROWN, 19, Mersea, same, d/o Jesse & Mary, Jan. 18, 1887 at Kingsville
3097-87 (Essex Co): Albert MALOTT, 24, Essex Co., Kingsville, farmer; s/o William & Mary MALOTT, married Hannah A. HERRINGTON, 19, Essex Co, Kingsville, d/o John & Sarah HERRINGTON; witn: E. ROGERS of Gosfield & D. E .MALOTT of Leamington, 25 Oct 1887 in Kingsville 3095-87 (Essex Co): William Gordon MALOTT, 22, Gosfield Twp, same, farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary MALOTT, married Eliza AUSTIN, 20, Gosfield, same, d/o John & Eliza AUSTIN; witn: Elenora M. & RIGSBY of Hamilton & Maud RIGSBY of Kingsville; 17 Aug 1887 in Kingsville, Methodist
#003239-87 (Essex Co): John D. MATHERS, 34, merchant, Chatham, Woodslee, s/o Joseph MATHERS & Ellen HENRY, married Bridget O'HEARN, 23, Ireland, Stoney Point, d/o Daniel O'HEARN & Mary DUNNE, witn: William J. MATHERS of Woodslee & Louis DUNNE of Stoney Point, 2 May 1887 at Stoney Point (Rom Cath) 3329-87 Francis McAULAY, 27, corker, New Brunswick, Detroit, s/o Norman McAULAY & Mary HERRINGTON, married Lou KING, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Joseph KING & Adeline CHEVALIER, witn: Mary KING of Detroit & Bessie S. GRAY of Windsor, 30 July, at Windsor
3319-87 Henry Bruce McDONALD, 20, steam fitter, Wyandotte Mich., Detroit, s/o Robert McDONALD & Sarah A. KNAPP, married Gertrude M. SMITH, 19, Springwells Mich., Detroit, d/o Samuel SMITH & Julia BURBANKS, witn: Jane SUTHERLAND & Gertrude S. GRAY, both of Windsor, 10 Feb, at Windsor 3137 -87 (Essex Co): John McINTEER, 25, Durham Co, Maidstone, bachelor, farmer, s/o John McINTEER & Suzan? STEWART, to Emma McCAULAY, 18, Rochester N, same, d/o Simon McCAULAY & Rachael TAYLOR, wit: A. M. McINTEER & M. McCAULAY on 11-22-1887 in Essex Centre
#003085-87 (Essex Co): John McINTYRE, 25, Union village - Gosfield, Leamington, s/o Archibald & Elizabeth, married Nora SHAY, 18, Colchester, same, d/o Timothy & Elizabeth, witness was James TOWNSEND, Feb. 9, 1887 at Kingsville #003088-87 (Essex Co): James McKAY, 38, London, Kingsville, no occupation given, "unknown" parents, married Harriet THOMAS, 26, London England, Kinsville, d/o James William & Caroline, witnesses were Oscar & Wilhemma GREINER of Kingsville, April 5, 1887 at Kingsville
3342-87 Donald Alex McKENZIE, 27, clothier, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John McKENZIE & Betsy McDONALD, married Maggie BELL, 24, Canada, Windsor, d/o John BELL & Isabella, witn: John McGREGOR of Toronto & Bella BELL of Windsor, 21 Sept at Windsor 3313-87 John MILLER, 58, farmer, Germany, Greenfield Mich., s/o Henry & blank, married Elizabeth COOK, 44, Germany, Greenfield Mich., d/o Henry COOK & blank DENSER?, witn: Thomas HOUGHTON of Greenfield & F. Georgina HINCKS of Windsor, 6 June at Windsor
3135 -87 (Essex Co): Arthur E. MILNE, 23, Markham, Essex Centre, bachelor, merchant, s/o John MILNE & Barbara WISMER, to Celinda J. ROBINSON, 21, New York, Essex Centre, single, d/o Hugh & Jane ROBINSON, wit: Edward & Ida WISMER on 28 Sep 1887 in Essex Centre 3118 -87 (Essex Co): David Graham MONTGOMERY, 20, Maidstone Twp, same, farmer, s/o Stewart MONTGOMERY & Catherine MURPHY, to Ellen LONDON, 17, Wentworth Co, Twp of Maidstone, single, d/o Joseph LONDON & Mary Ann HYSLOP, wit: Joseph MURPHY & Maggie E. LONDON on 29 Jun 1887 in Essex Centre
3169-87 (Essex Co): James MONTGOMERY, 22, Peterborough Ont; Maidstone Cross, laborer; s/o James & Maria MONTGOMERY, married Jannet THASE, 19, Detroit Mich, Sandwich East, d/o Henry & Jane THASE, witn; James McAULIFF & Nellie BARNETTE of Sandwich East; 24 May 1887, St Mary's Church at Maidstone Cross, RC 3076-87 (Essex co): Judson A. MORSE, 27, Mersea, same, farmer, s/o Wesley G & Isabella MORSE to Jessie WIGLE, 19, Mersea, same, d/o John & Jane WIGLE, wit: Walter WIGLE & Colla? MORSE on 7 Sept 1887 in Twp of Mersea
3144 -87 (Essex Co): Maurice MULLINS, 24, Twp Rochester, Rochester, bachelor, farmer, s/o John & Julia Ann MULLINS to Mary HINCHEY, 22, Detroit Michigan, Maidstone, single, d/o Patrick & Bridget HINCHEY, wit: John BUTLER & Kate KENNEDY on 25 Jan 1887 at St Mary's Church in Maidstone Cross, RC 3115 -87 (Essex Co): Amon NOBLE, 24, Essex Co, Essex Centre, bachelor, farmer, s/o Thomas NOBLE & Louisa AUSTIN, to Matilda CRATIS (or Gratis), 24, single, d/o Thomas CRATIS & Rebecca HOWARD, wit: Bella & Barbara FLEMMING on 14 Jan 1887 in Essex Centre
3165-87 (Essex Co): Thomas O'BRIEN, 37, Sandwich East, same, farmer; s/o Lewis? & Catherine, married Frances McCARTHY, 33, Sandwich East, same, d/o Jeremiah & Susan McCARTHY, witn; Joseph DENNISON & Maggie McCARTHY of Sandwich East, 26 Apr 1887 at St Mary's Church, Maidstone, RC #003176-87 (Essex Co): James O'CONNOR, 21, labourer, Detroit MI USA, Sandwich East, s/o Conilla & Mary, married Emilie LESPERANCE, 20, Sandwich East, same, d/o Olivier & Marie, wit: Jerry O'CONNOR and Josephine LESPERANCE of Tecumseh, 30 Aug 1887, at St Anne's Church in Tecumseh, RC
3159-87 (Essex Co): William O'HARA, William, 29, Mass. USA, Walkerville, farmer, s/o Thomas & Ellis O'HARA, married Mary NAUTAIS (or Nantaise), 21, Walkerville, same, d/o Pierre & Francoise NANTAIS, witn; Dennis FLYNN & Pierre NANTAIS of Walkerville, RC 3093-87 (Essex Co): Edward A. OSBORN, 24, Wainfleet, Gosfield, farmer, s/o Rose (Ross?) & Elizabeth OSBORN (sic), married Ina C. JARRETT, 19, Malden, Rochester, d/o George & Jane JARRETT; witn: Charles JARRETT of Rochester & Isabell SMITH of Maidstone; 1 Aug 1887 in Kingsville
3096-87 (Essex Co): Rose (Ross?) OSBORNE, 24, Wainfleet, Gosfield, farmer, s/o Rose & Elizabeth OSBORN (sic) to Mary Elizabeth DUNBAR, 20 Carrick Twp (Bruce), Gosfield Twp, d/o Thomas & Mary DUNBAR; witn: Edward & Ina OSBORN of Gosfield; 28 Sep 1887 of Kingsville 3037-87 (Essex Co): Joseph D. OTTER, 49, widower, blacksmith, Halifax, Pelee Island, s/o Joseph D. & Mary, married Catherine WILLIAMS, 30, England, Pelee Island, d/o not given, witn: John HENNING & Mary KIEFEL, both of Pelee Island, 6 Jan 1887 at Pelee Island
3303-87 William OWEN, 26, mechanic, Wales, Windsor, s/o William OWEN & Mary DAVIES, married Annie MITCHELL, 24, Windsor, same, d/o Henry J. MITCHELL & Ann WETSON, witn: Isabel MITCHEL & Lillian MOLASKY, both of Windsor, 9 March 1887 at Windsor 3113-87 (Essex Co): Elie PARE, 30, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Gregoire PARE & Julie GIRARD, married Cesarine DROUILLARD, 32, Sandwich West, same, d/o Denis DROUILLARD & Esther ROCHLEAU, witn: Gregoire PARE & Denis DROUILLARD, both of Sandwich West, 3 Nov 1887 at RC Church, Canard River
 3334-87 George PEARL, 33, barber, St. Clair Mich., Detroit, s/o James PEARL & Mary Ann RYAN, married Maggie CHICK, 24, Roseville Mich., Detroit, d/o Peter CHICK & Annie PEARL, witn: Rachel REAY of Windsor, 5 Sept, at Windsor 3074-87 (Essex co): James Raymer PEASE, 22, Twp of Mersea, Leamington Ont, bachelor, farmer, s/o John Henry & Sarah PEASE to Mary Mathilda GRAY, 18, Tilbury, same, d/o Robert & Ann GRAY, wit: Robert Gray & John Henry PEASE on 3-28-1887 in Leamington
3100-87 (Essex Co): Philomen PETERSON, 22, Gosfield, same, farmer, s/o John & Jane PETERSON, married Erie SAVE (or Sane), 21, Gosfield, same, d/o Dennis & Mary SAVE, witn; Franklin SLATER & Elizabeth PETERSON of Gosfield; 16 Nov 1887 in Kingsville 2919-86 Urias PHILLIPS, 24, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Uriah PHILLIPS & Margaret IRWIN, married Eliza Jane BURK, 24, Carleton Co., Gosfield, d/o Henry BURK & Jane JOHNSON, witn: Katie JOHNSON & Mr. FAULKNER, both of Gosfield, 29 Dec 1885 at Gosfield
  3039-87 (Essex Co): Edward PHISHNER, 36, farmer, Germany, Pelee Island, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Elizabeth DRAES, 25, USA, Pelee Island, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Albert & Jessie HENNING of Pelee Island, 5 Feb 1887 at Pelee Island
#003057-87 (Essex Co): Philemon PICKLE, 21, farmer, Ontario, Mersea, s/o Henry& Elizabeth, married Ann ROACH, 17, Ontario, Mersea, d/o William & Emeline, witnesses were Mary Ann BELL & Christina JEFFREY, both of Mersea, Oct. 12, 1887 at Leamington 3040-87 (Essex Co): James PIPER, 22, farmer, Canada, Pelee Island, s/o Thomas & Agatha, married Jessie L. DUNBAR, 20, Canada, Pelee Island, d/o George & Lizzie, witn: Henry & Mary Jane HENDERSON, 14 Feb 1887 at Pelee Island
3163-87 (Essex Co): Albert PRATTE, 33, Sandwich, same, farmer; s/o Eloi & Elenore PRATT, married Caroline GENDRON, 31, Detroit, Mich, Walkerville, single, d/o Louis and Julie GENDRON, witn; Eloi PRATTE of Sandwich & Louis GENDRON of Walkerville; 21 Feb 1887 in Walkerville, RC 3134 -87 (Essex Co): John PRICE, 33, Elgin Ont, Maidstone, bachelor, farmer, s/o William PRICE & Margaret FRIARS, to Mary LANDGRAFF, 22, Welland Ont, Maidstone, single, d/o Michael LANDGRAFF & Sophia GRANT, wit: Michael LANDGRAFF & Lizzie FLEMMING on 15 Nov 1887 in Essex Centre
#003056-87 (Essex Co): Burwell QUICK, 22, blacksmith, Ontario, Leamington, s/o Joseph & Lucinda, married Sarah COLLINSON, 20, England, Leamington, d/o James & Jane, witnesses were Helen ROBINSON & Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, both of Leamngton, Oct. 8, 1887 at Leamington 3312-87 Milton RAE, 30, mechanic, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Oliver C. RAE & Sarah FRAME, married Martha COLLIER, 40, widow, NY state, Detroit, d/o William SUITS & Matinga TICE, witn: A. CALDER & John CALDER, both of Windsor, 8 June at Windsor
3332-87 Julius RAMER, 37, widower, mechanic, Germany, Detroit, s/o Fred RAMER & Amelia SCHWED, married Annie SCHERLIES, 25, widow, Germany, Detroit, d/o Mike SCHERLIES & Mary WITHESCHATZ, witn: Rev. J. S JOHNSON of London & Frances WETHERALL of Detroit, 15 Aug, at Windsor 3036-87 (Essex Co): William RANDOLPH, 35, laborer, Virginia USA, Detroit Mich., s/o P.A. & Sarah, married Elizabeth THORNTON, 23, Michigan, Sandwich, d/o Joshua & Rachel, witn: Cerro COOK of Detroit & Robert JACKSON of Sandwich, 5 Dec 1887 at Sandwich
3345-87 Louis Zavier RENO, 42, shoe merchant, Philadelphia PA, Chicago, s/o Louis RENO & Mary LOGUE, married Sarah Louise GILMORE, 28, Boston Mass., Chicago, d/o John GILMORE & Susan HUGHES, witn: Georgina HINCKS & Emily L. DOUGALL, both of Windsor, 15 Oct at Windsor  
3116 -87 (Essex Co): John A. ROSE, 33, widower, livery stable keeper, Welland Co, Essex Centre, s/o Uriah ROSE & Crulia BRET, to Allie LANE, 23, Essex Co, Essex Ontario, single, d/o Hiram LANE & Caroline KEMBLE, on 3 Jan 1887 in Essex Centre #003043-87 (Essex Co): John Franklin ROSEBRUGH. 29. farmer, Brant Co., Colchester, s/o Hiram & Sarah, married Fanny Jane FOX, 21, Essex Co., Colchester, d/o Adam & Amanda, witnesses were Mrs. C.E. MINNIS & Mrs. C.M. SHANE, both of Leamington, Feb. 2, 1887 at Leamington
3068-87 (Essex co): Josiah RUMBALL, 26, Township of Colburne, Harrow, bachelor, teamster, s/o Josiah & Mary (or May) RUMBALL to Millie MANNING, 27, Romney, Oxley, single, d/o Archibald & Adelia MANNING, wit: Albert & George RUMBALL on 6 Sep 1887 in Oxley 3305-87 Patrick F. RYAN, 29, bar tender, Windsor, same, s/o Daniel RYAN & Ann FAGAN, married Nellie Annie SMITH, 20, of Windsor, d/o Thomas SMITH & Catherine LOWERY, witn: John RYAN of Windsor & Nettie DEAUME of Sandwich East, 22 Feb at Windsor
#003089-87 (Essex Co): Howard RYERSON (surname might be Scratch?), 28, tinsmith, Gosfield, Kingsville, s/o William RYERSON & Elizabeth SCRATCH, married Minnie WOODBRIDGE, 22, spinster, Gosfield, same, d/o Adolphus & Amelia HARTLEY, witnesses were Grey (or Orley?) SCRATCH & Annie ACKMAN, both of Kingsville, April 19, 1887 at Kingsville 3326-87 Alexander SAMUEL, 23, carpenter, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Peter SAMUEL & Mary NAPIER, married Christena AMES, 23, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John AMES & Mary, witn: John SAMUEL & Mary NAPIER, both of Windsor, 29 April, at Windsor
#003053-87 (Essex Co): Joseph B. SAWYER, 32, photographer, USA, Detroit, s/o Ransom & Mary, married Alberta SCRATCH, 18, Canada, Gosfield, d/o John & Sarah, witnesses were William H. SCRATCH & Jennie WILCOX, Oct. 3, 1887 at Leamington 3077-87 (Essex co): James SELKIRK, 24, Quebec, Mersea, bachelor, farmer, s/o Robert & Catherine SELKIRK to Willhelmina ARMSTRONG, 19, Ontario, Mersea, single, d/o Thomas & Jane, wit: M COWAN & Ruby ARMSTRONG on 9 Aug 1887 in Mersea
3162-87 (Essex Co): Co.): Jean Bte. SEQUIN (or Seguin), 22, Tecumseh, same, farmer, s/o Joseph & Marceline, married Marie BENSETTE, 22, Walkerville, same, d/o Ambroise & Marie, witn; Joseph SEQUIN of Tecumseh & Alexandre HEBERT of Walkerville; 8 Feb 1887, Walkerville, RC  
#003054-87 (Essex Co): Philemon SETTERINGDON, 22, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o George & Esther, married Sarah Ann McMULLIN, 23, Mersea, same, d/o James & Catherine, Oct. 5, 1887 at Leamington 3079-87 (Essex co): Wallace Wellington SETERINGTON, 22, Mersea, Mersea, bachelor, farmer, s/o William Henry & Mary SETERINGTON to Martha Maybell RIBBLE, 19, Mersea, Mersea, d/o Charles & Almina RIBBLE, wit: Charles MONK & Mary Almina MONK on 6 Nov 1887 in Leamington
3306-87 Daniel SEXTON, 31, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o John SEXTON & Mary O'NEIL, married Nellie NAGLE, 23, Windsor, same, d/o John NAGLE & Mary CANTWELL, witn: William WIGGS & Ellen SEXTON, both of Detroit, 21 Feb at Windsor 3114 -87 (Essex Co): Nicholas SHAVER, 27, Rochester Essex Co, Twp of North Colchester, laborer, s/o Edward & Catherine BENDER? to Annie CHULTY, 21, Detroit Michigan, Colchester Twp, widow, d/o Henry STEALER & Catherine HIDEA; wit : David & Mary SMALL on 14 Jan 1887 in Essex Centre
  3324-87 Patrick SHEEHEY, 29, saloon keeper, Detroit, same, s/o John SHEEHEY & Lucy SHUCKNER?, married Charity M. THOMSON, 24, Warkworth Ont., Detroit, d/o Sylvester THOMSON & Jennie CUNNINGHAM, 29 March, at Windsor
#003050-87 (Essex Co): Thomas H. SIMPSON, 27, jeweler, Canada, Chicago Ill., s/o Caleb P. & Elizabeth, married Georgia A. MORSE, 22, Canada, Leamington, d/o George A. & Sarah J., witnesses were M.H. SIMPSON & Sarah J. MORSE, Aug. 31, 1887 at Leamington 3101-87 (Essex Co): Franklin SLATER, 20 East Tilbury, Gosfield, farmer, s/o Hiram & Lucinda SLATER, married Elizabeth PETERSON, 18, Gosfield, same, d/o John & Jane PETERSON; witn: Philemon & Cora PETERSON of Kingsville; 11-16-1887 in Kingsville
3325-87 William SLOAN, 24, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o Joseph SLOAN & Mary IRWIN, married Elizabeth REID, 23, Tilbury East, same, d/o Robert REID & Helen ROBERTSON, 31 March, at Windsor #003046-87 (Essex Co): Coni? SMITH, 23, barber, Norfolk Co., Leamington, s/o Andrew & Hannah, married Laura Adell WILKINSON, 19, Leamington, same, d/o John R. (or K. ) & Mary J., witnesses were Sylvanus BATCHELOR & Della JACKSON, both of Leamington, May 11, 1887 at Leamington
3140 -87 (Essex Co): Emilien SOULLIERE, 26, Sandwich East, same, farmer, s/o Etienne & Fabronie SOULLIERE to Odile LESPERANCE, 21, Sandwich East, same, Olivier & Marie LESPERANCE, wit: Stanislas SOULLIERE & Nelly DESJARDINES on 11 Jan 1887 at St Annes' Parish in Sandwich East, RC 3149-87 (Essex Co.): Jean SOULLIERE, 33, Sandwich East, Sandwich, barber, s/o Etienne & Febromie, married Elizabeth PERRAULT, 21 Sandwich East, same, d/o Emery & Caroline PERRAULT of Sandwich East; witn: Celestine SOULLIERE & Elizabeth PERRAULT of Sandwich East; 21 Feb 1887 at St Anns Church, Sandwich East, RC
3299-87 Henry SPEECHLY, 33, widower, farmer, Ontario, Gosfield, s/o William & Charlotte, married Isabella JENS, 36, widow, Ireland, Gosfield, d/o James & Jane WOLF, witn: Isaac & Rebecca HICKS of Gosfield, 23 May 1887 at Gosfield #003086-87 (Essex Co): George Albert STANTON, 28, miller, Chatham, Kingsville, s/o Daniel & Julia,married Emma GREINER, 24, London Ont., Kingsville, d/o Charles & Christina, witnesses were Oscar & Wilhemma GREINER, March 16, 1887 at Kingsville
3328-87 Frank STEWART, 23, quarry man, Ohio, Perrysburgh Ohio, s/o Harry STEWART & Mary O. ANDREWS, married Whinnie THORNTON, 18, Ohio, Perrysburgh, d/o James THORNTON & Matilda KNAPP, witn: John M. HENRY of Ohio & Almina THORNTON of Ohio, 4 July, at Windsor  
3049-87 (Essex Co): William SUTHERLAND, 29, farmer, Canada, Michigan, s/o John & Helen, married Jessie JAMIESON, 22, Canada, Michigan, d/o William & Jane, witn: C.L. COULTIS & D. MATHESON, both of Leamington, 6 July 1887 at Leamington 3083-87 (Essex co): Alfred TILLY, 22, Ontario, Mersea, bachelor, laborer, s/o Alfred & Lushian TILLY to Etta OLDHAM, 17, Detroit Michigan, same, d/o William & Elizabeth OLDHAM, wit: Hattie TILLY & Annie VOY on 3 Dec 1887 in Mersea
#003058-87 (Essex Co): John TRIMBLE, 22, farmer, Canada, Gosfield, s/o R. & Monyam?, married Jane McCLUSKEY, 18, Canada, Gosfield, d/o Charles & Eliza, witnesses were Daniel FRASER & Eliza J. BRANT, Oct. 18, 1887 at Leamington 3099-87 (Essex Co): Ernest ULCH, 20 Kingsville, same, butcher; s/o Randolph & Melissa ULCH, married to Cora SAVE (or Sane?), 19, Ruthven - Gosfield Twp, Kingsville; d/o George & Jane SAVE; witn: Benoni & Jane HEALY of Kingsville, 15 Nov 1887 in Kingsville
3344-87 Herbert John VAN TROMP, 26, railway official, Somersetshire England, Detroit, s/o William VAN TROMP & Jane BIFFIN, married Catherine Agnes DEVINE, 26, Painesville Ohio, Detroit, d/o Martin DEVINE & Eliza FLINN?, witn: Eliza DEVINE of Detroit & Georgina HINCKS of Windsor, 13 Oct at Windsor 3320-87 William J. WARD, 30, blacksmith, Norwich Ont., Palmerston, s/o George N. WARD & Christena ROUTLEDGE, married Rachel ROOT, 28, Tecumseth - Perth (sic), Wallace - Wellington, d/o William ROOT & Hannah WILLIAMS, witn: Bessie S. & Gertrude S. GRAY of Windsor, 16 Feb, at Windsor
2246-87 John WARREN, 35, brakeman, Liverpool, Windsor, s/o Michael WARREN & Anne WHITE, married Mary TYNDELL, 23, Wellington Co. Ont., Windsor, d/o Anthony TYNDELL & Rebecca WATCHHORN, witn: Henry SUGDEN & Lizzie MITMESSER, both of Windsor, 25 Oct. at Windsor  
3341-87 Amos WASHBROOK, 26, farmer, Michigan, Sandwich West, s/o William WASHBROOK & Mary, married Mary McCARTHY, 22, Maidstone, same, d/o Jeremiah McCARTHY & Catherine CAIN, witn: Joseph DENNISON of Sandwich East & Hannah McCARTHY of Maidstone, 20 Sept at Windsor 3302-87 Lorenzo G. WELLS, 35, widower, mechanic, Quebec, Lowell Mass., s/o Alphonso WELLS & Adelia MARCOTTE, married Almerell V. TRIPP, 24, Lowell Mass., same, d/o Wilbur D. TRIPP & Laura SAUL, witn: Thomas & Maggie WELLS of Lowell Mass., 5 March 1887 at Windsor
3333-87 Peter WEST, 40, widower, mechanic, London England, London Ont, s/o Welham WEST & Christena SYLVESTER, married Diana BEAM, 32, Ontario, London, d/o Josiah BEAM & Susana HARTON, witn: John S. & Annie CALDER of Windsor, 16 Aug, at Windsor #003061-87 (Essex Co): Frederick Charles WHEELER, 32, civil service dept., London, same, s/o Barnabas & Mary Ann, married Eliza Beatrice LORD, 25, St. Thomas, Leamington, d/o Spencer & Lucy Ann, witnesses were Richard R. BLAND of London & Mary SINGER of St. Thomas, Dec. 7, 1887 at Leamington
#003060-87 (Essex Co): Solomon WILKINSON, 26, farmer, Canada, Mersea, s/o John B. & Rebecca, married Rosana GETTY, 28, widow, Canada, Mersea, d/o Johnston & Susan SEARS, Nov. 24, 1887 at Leamington 3304-87 John WILSON, 39, laborer, Detroit, Windsor, s/o George WILSON & Anna PERRY, married Elizabeth EDMONS, 27, widow, Sandwich, East, Windsor, d/o John EDMONS & Elizabeth COTRELL, witn: Franklin & Eliza EDMONS, 9 May at Windsor