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9910-27 Arthur ABRAHAMS, 32, accountant, Russia, Toronto, s/o Sal ABRAHAMS, b. Russia & Malde ARONSON, married Esther KUSHNER, 24, Detroit, same, d/o Frank KUSHNER, b. Russia & Rebecca LEFKOVITZ, witn: Joseph OPPEN & David W. SHORE (Shoes?), 26 Aug 1927 at Windsor 009911-27 Frederick ADAMS, 21, car clerk E. T. Railway, London England, Sandwich, s/o Henry George ADAMS (b. England) & Eliza SHEPHARD married Elizabeth Louise PARENT, 20, Tecumseh, Tecumseh, d/o Alex PARENT (b. Ontario) & Rose RENAUD, witn: George & Catherine SMITH both of Ford City, 5 July 1927 in Windsor.
10781-27 Ewen Howard AGNEW, 23, clerk, Lucknow Ont., Windsor, s/o Joseph AGNEW, b. Canada & Edith McLELLAND, married Margaret Helen McCULLOUGH, 22, clerk, Kincardine twp., Windsor, d/o William McCULLOUGH, b. Canada & Margaret HAWLEY, witn: S. & Adele AGNEW of 751 Gladstone Ave., 22 Jan 1927 at Walkerville 10780-27 Stanislas Joseph ALEXANDER, 25, welder, Wallaceburg, Ford, s/o Francis ALEXANDER & Marie Louise DEROCHES, married Adele DUFRESNE, 22, Northbridge Mass. US, Ford, d/o Wilfrid DUFRESNE & Delina MARCHAUD, witn: Calixte MARCHAUD of Detroit & Aurore GRENNON of Ford, 28 June 1927 at Ford
10779-27 Earl Leon ALLEN, 20, Ontario, Essex, s/o Albert ALLEN, b. Scotland & Ann WALLS, married Minnie MUNROE, 18, Scotland, Essex, d/o J. MUNROE & Bella LE--?, witn: A.E. & Ruth ALLEN of Windsor, 29 Sept 1927 at Essex 10782-27 Raymond AMLIN, 21, clerk, Amherstburg, same, s/o Frank AMLIN & Rose HUNT, married Geneva BEAUDOIN, 20, Anderdon twp., same, d/o Napoleon BEAUDOIN & Eugenie REAUME, witn: Resford BONDY & Bernadette BEAUDOIN, both of Amherstburg, 22 Nov 1927 at Amherstburg
10783-27 Francis AMMENITE, 37, widower, farmer, Pelee Island, Colchester North twp., s/o Latuard AMMENITE & Amelia AMMENITE, married Margaret ELFORD, 43, seamstress, Colchester North, Essex, d/o Shepley LISS (Liso?), b. Rodney Ont. & Appaline JOHNSON, witn: John ELSLEY & Mrs. J.W. HEDLEY, both of Essex, 10 March 1927 at Essex 10784-27 Sedor ANDRECSKI, 48, divorced, laborer, Austria, Ford, s/o Dimitri ANRECSKI, b. Austria & Mary PYLAT, married Annie PASHNIAK, 36, divorced, Austria, Ford, d/o George LAYAZ, b. Austria & Domna MEQERA, witn: John & Mrs. Mary SOPKA of Ford, 13 Aug 1927 at Ford
10785-27 Joseph ANTAYA, 33, gardener, Loiselleville, same, s/o Albert ANTAYA & Marie BEZAIRE, married Clara ROCHELEAU, 31, Loiselleville, La Salle, d/o Patrice ROCHELEAU & Helene ANTAYA, witn: Rosemond ROCHELEAU & Cecelie ANTAYA, both of Loiselleville, 13 Feb 1927 at La Salle 10786-27 Leonard Wilson ARNESON, 26, instructor, England, Windsor, s/o Joseph ARNESON, b. England & Mary Jane SMITH, married Nora Kathleen HARMAN, 21, England, Windsor, d/o Albert HARMAN, b. England & Jane SPRAY, witn: Leonard W. WAKEFIELD & Marie BATTERSBY, both of Windsor, 31 March 1927 at Sandwich
10787-27 Charles Percy ATKINSON, 21, farmer, Tilbury East twp., same, so John Bettman ATKINSON, b. Wentworth Co & Fannie Anita CARLEAU?, married Vita Pearl DAVIS, 20, Tilbury East twp., same, d/o Joseph Wesley DAVIS, farmer, b. Ont & Sophia PARKER, witn: Nannie L. WHEELER & Mrs. George KERSEY, both of Walkerville, 29 March 1927 at Walkerville 10788-27 Harold Chestley AXFORD, 25, salesman, Kent Co Ont., Windsor, s/o John AXFORD, b. Ont & Matilda HAWGOOD, married Addie Bella MURPHY, 26, Kent Co Ont., Windsor, d/o Joseph MURPHY, b. Ont & Addie FIELDS, win: Douglas ATKINSON of Windsor & Annie GLADSTONE of Highgate, 5 Sept 1927 at Walkerville
10789-27 Clarence Allen BAILEY, 26, mechanic, St. Thomas, Leamington, s/o Francis A. BAILEY, b. Essex Co Ont & Ida May REID, married Eunice Hazel HUTCHINGS, 29, South Gosfield twp., Leamington, d/o Leon Maywood HUTCHINGS, b. Essex Co Ont & Almira COWELL, witn: Louise & Morice TURNER of Leamington, 16 June 1927 at Leamington 10790-27 James BAILLIE, 26, chauffeur, Dalmillington Scotland, Walkerville, s/o William BAILLIE, b. Scotland & Mary SCOTT, married Jemima Gage COWAN, 23, domestic, Airdrie Scotland, Riverside, d/o James COWAN, b. Scotland & Margaret GAGE, witn: James JOHNSON of Walkerville & Catherine FERGUSON of Windsor, 26 Aug 1927 at Walkerville
10791-27 Peter BAIRD, 26, clerk, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Alexander BAIRD, b. Scotland & Henriette MONROE, married Marjory McIntyre HUNT, 25, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o John HUNT, b. Scotland & Jessie TAYLOR, witn: William D'ARCY of Windsor & Eva DUORI? of Walkerville, 21 March 1927 at Walkerville 10792-27 Arthur BAKER, 35, clerk, Baltimore Maryland, Detroit, s/o William BAKER, b. Atlanta Georgia & Fannie GREEN, married Lillian MORRIS, 35, nurse, Merlin Ont., same, d/o James MORRIS, b. Barrie Ont & Barbara HATTER, witn: George ELLIOTT & Mae MATTSTAL, both of Sandwich, 20 April 1927 at Sandwich
10793-27 Philip Richard BALKWELL, 20, farmer, South Gosfield, same, s/o Albert BALKWELL, b. Ont & Lucinda WIGLE, married Lena May ROGERS, 19, South Gosfield, same, d/o Russell ROGERS, b. Ont & Bertha BRENNER, witn: Garnet BALKWELL & Mina ROGERS, both of Kingsville, 1 Jan 1927 at South Gosfield 10794-27 Bozo BARACH, 33, laborer, Jugoslavia, Ford, s/o Mile BARACH, b. Jugoslavia & Stana ZORIZA, married Milena SAMARDICH, 37, widow, Jugoslavia, Ford, d/o Paul KAVACTOVICH, b. Jugoslavia & Gavanka? MARZETICK, witn: Tony NIKSICK & Nick DOTTICK, b Ford, 9 Feb 1927 at Ford
10795-27 George Newly BARR, 26, operator, England, Windsor, s/o Hartley Simpson BARR, b. England & Eleanor RIGG, married Jane GREEN, 21, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o James GREEN, b. Scotland & Margaret CRAIG, witn: Reginald CARTER of Windsor & Mary GREEN of Walkerville, 29 Aug 1927 at Walkerville 10796-27 Allan BARRIE, 26, farmer, Dundee Scotland, South Gosfield, s/o David BARRIE, b. Dundee Scotland & Helen Barnet YOUNG, married Christena McGARRY, 24, Dundee Scotland, North Gosfield twp., d/o John McGARRY, b. Dundee Scotland & Catherine MORRIS, witn: Alva Douglas HILL & Margaret WATSON, both of RR2 Ruthven
10797-27 Raymond BASTIEN, 24, clerk, McGregor, Sandwich, s/o Ferdinand BASTIEN & Emilie BENETEAU, married Eva M. DUCHENE, 23, Sandwich, same, d/o Henry DUCHENE & Alice TOUSIGNANT, witn: Emile DUCHENE & Anna BASTIEN, both of Sandwich, 3 Oct. 1927 at Sandwich 10798-27 Edmund B. BAXTER, 38, insurance agent, Grand Rapids Mich., Windsor, s/o Edward J. BAXTER, b. Ont & Nancy McCOLLUM, married Jean Margaret LEISHMAN, 25, Toronto, Windsor, d/o William H. LEISHMAN, b. Ont & Emily McGREGOR, witn: Gladys CAMPBELL of Walkerville & W. James BAXTER of Toronto, 9 Dec 1927 at Walkerville
10799-27 George Burns BEACOM, 23, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Albert T. BEACOM, b. Mersea twp & Jessie May PLANT, married Bessie Agatha SLOAN, 25, Mersea twp., same, d/o Lemuel SLOAN, b. Mersea twp & Annie Elizabeth SIMPSON, witn: Donald SIMPSON & Mildred SLOAN, both of RR2 Leamington, 9 Nov 1927 at church, Mt. Carmel, Mersea twp 10800-27 William Harold BEATTIE, 26, printer, Comber Ont., Detroit, s/o Thomas BEATTIE, b. Ormiston Que & Rebecca AINSLIE, married Florence Maria WILLAN, 21, teacher, Mersea twp., Leamington, d/o Thomas James WILLAN, b. Mersea twp & Jane HOOKER, witn: Forty Degree GEDDES of Essex & Odessa McINTOSH of Leamington, 10 Sept 1927 at Leamington
10802-27 Leo BEAUDOIN, 23, farmer, Loiselleville, same, s/o Seraphin BEAUDOIN & Annie DESLIPPE, married Olive GROUDIN, 21, Loiselleville, same, d/o Israel GROUDIN & Cerienne BINSETTE, witn: Freddie GIRARD of McGregor & Lucille GROUDIN of Windsor, 22 Feb 1927 at Loiselleville 10801-27 Daniel Clyde BEAUDOIN, 21, fireman, Malden twp., Windsor, s/o Daniel BEAUDOIN, married Meuretta Alberta GIBSON, 18, Barrie Ont., Windsor, d/o Henry GIBSON, b. Barrie & Matilda HILLARD, witn: Emerson HILLARD & Josephine ROBIDEAU, both of Windsor, 1 Sept 1927 at Amherstburg
10803-27 Joseph Louis Arthur BEAULE, 31, carpenter, St. Adolphe de Duderell? & Wolfe Que., Detroit, s/o Honore BEAULE & Euphemie PATSY, married Mary Elizabeth CORMIER, 17, Bathurst NB, Ford, d/o Seraphin CORMIER & Catherine SCULLY, witn: Joseph BIL of Detroit & Sophie CORMIER of Ford, 19 June 1927 at Ford 10804-27 Raoul BEAULIEU, 29, butcher, Sandwich, Sandwich West, s/o Colombie BEAULIEU & Adele MONFORTON, married Isabelle MONFORTON, 19, Loiselleville, same, d/o Etienne MONFORTON & Emma LEVESQUE, witn: Fred DESLIPPE of Amherstburg & Lorette MONFORTON of Loiselleville, 1 March 1927 at Loiselleville
10805-27 Leo Victor BEAUNE, 24, laborer, St. Jerome Ont., Sandwich, s/o Joseph BEAUNE, b. Stoney Point Ont & Virginia TROTTER, married Lena Florence MARCHAND, 18, Detroit, Sandwich, d/o Vital MARCHAND, b. Tilbury & Alexandrina BEAUNE, witn: D. HAMMOND & L?. McKERRACHER, both of Comber, 11 Sept 1927 at Comber 10806-27 Eugene James BEAUREGARD, 28, painter, St. Henri of Messcouche? Que., Kingsville, s/o Louis BEAUREGARD, b. St. Henri Que. & Clerinda CROZE, married Winnifred Florence MARTIN, 17, London, same, d/o George Henry MARTIN, b. Kitching England & Florence FITZWALTER, witn: Florence G.A. MARTIN & Ivy C. McKECHNIE, both of Leamington, 21 May 1927 at Leamington
10807-27 Alphonse BEAUSOLEIL, 26, pattern maker, Sandwich, Ford, s/o Adolphe BEAUSOLEIL & Adele LANGLOIS, married Marie Laurianna LEBERT, 21, St. Joachim, Windsor, d/o Remi LEBERT & Elizabeth GUILBEAULT, witn: Thomas LEBERT of Windsor & Marguerite BEAUSOLEIL of Ford, 19 June 1927 at Ford 10808-27 Amede BELAIR, 23, farmer, Tecumseh, same, s/o Alexis BELAIR & Eulalie DESROSIERS, married Clara LESPERANCE, 19, Windsor, Tecumseh, d/o Auguste LESPERANCE & Denise LACHANCE, witn: Joseph LESPERANCE & Seraphine BELAIR, both of Tecumseh, 25 Jan 1927 at Tecumseh
10809-27 Jonathan BENJAMIN, 26, printer, Persia, Chicago, s/o Isaac BENJAMIN, b. Persia & Sadie LILES (PETES?), married Alice MOSES, 19, domestic, Persia, Ford, d/o John MOSES, b. Persia & Sanna ABRAHAM, witn: John YONA of Ford & Isaac PETISHOS of Yonkers NJ, 19 July 1927 at St. Marys church, Walkerville 10810-27 Ralph Emerson BENNETT, 28, machinist, Huron Co Ont., Windsor, s/o John William BENNETT, b. USA & Emma LICKMAN, married Etta Jean COLLINS, 26, Sandwich, Roseland, d/o George Burton COLLINS, b. Ont & Effie Jean BANWELL, witn: William Howard BENNETT of Windsor & Sara? Alice COLLINS of Roseland, 22 June 1927 at St. Stephens Church, Sandwich
10811-27 Joseph Ernest BENOIT, 20, laborer, Verner Ont., Ford, s/o Joseph BENOIT & Zoe BISSONNETTE, married Marie Reine Blanche PARENT, 17, Verner, Ford, d/o Bernard PARENT & Lea VENNA, witn: Hector BENOIT & Albina DENOMME, both of Ford, 18 May 1927 at Ford  
10812-27 Joseph Absalom Ernest BERARD, 26, fireman, St. Raphael, Ford, s/o Joseph BERARD & Genevieve LAFLAMME, married Marguerite Marie TESSIER, 19, North Adams Mass., Ford, d/o Henri TESSIER & Rosa RIENDEAU, witn: Alfred Joseph & Cecile BERARD of Ford, 22 June 1927 at Ford 10813-27 Armand Percy BIGGURAS, 19, laborer, Detroit, Belle River, s/o Albert BIGGURAS & Dora POWERS, married Malvina GIRARD, 19, Maidstone twp., Belle River, d/o Henry GIRARD & Melinda PLANTE, witn: Freddie PAPINEAU of Maidstone twp & Corinne GIRARD of Belle River, 14 June 1927 at Belle River
10814-27 Nakola BILOKURY, 21, steel worker, Saskatchewan, Detroit, s/o Anton BILOKURY, b. Europe & Catherine SARIK, married Mary BERZOWSKY, 21, Saskatchewan, Ford, d/o Basil BERZOWSKY, b. Europe & Mary GRIDIY, witn: S. STRATACHEK & Mary BIOLOKURY, both of Detroit, 23 Feb 1927 at Ford 10815-27 Lewis Wilmer BIRCH, 22, farmer, Gosfield North, same, s/o Wilmot BIRCH, b. Tecumseh & Mary Jane TRIMBLE, married Neva May JARETT, 22, Rochester, same, d/o William JARETT, b. Essex Co & Catherine HINES, witn: Percy BIRCH of South Woodslee & Mrs. J.W. HEALY of Essex, 3 Oct. 1927 at Essex
10816-27 George Walter BISHOP, 25, musician, Ballster Spa NY, Detroit, s/o George BISHOP, b. England & Ada BECK, married Martha TAYLOR, 18, singer, Lancashire England, Walkerville, d/o John Thomas TAYLOR, b. England & Euphemia CHAN, witn: Amy NANTAIS of Windsor & Norman BISHOP of Detroit, 29 Sept 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 10817-27 William BISHOP, 29, farmer, Sparkbrook England, South Gosfield, s/o Charles BISHOP, b. England & not known, married Annie Myrtle WALTERS, 29, Eagle Ont., South Gosfield, d/o William WALTERS, b. Ont & Susie SCHRADER, witn: Eva WALTERS & Earnest CASCADDEN, both of Ruthven, 30 April 1927 at Leamington
  10818-27 Laurent BISSONNETTE, 24, farmer, Staples, Ruscomb, s/o Pierre BISSONNETTE & Linda TROTTIER, married Bernadette TREMBLAY, 23, Staples, same, d/o Eusebe TREMBLAY & Maria DESCHAMPS, witn: Albert TREMBLAY of Staples & Amelia BISSONNETTE of Ruscomb, 6 June 1927 at Staples
10820-27 Stewart Hunter BLAIR, 26, fireman, Scotland, Wyandotte Mich., s/o Wishart BLAIR, b. Scotland & Christena SMELLIE, married Mary Josephine McBRIDE, 26, Malden twp., Wyandotte, d/o James McBRIDE, b. Ont & Martha OUELLETTE, witn: Wishart BLAIR of Detroit & Pearl McBRIDE of Amherstburg, 22 Feb 1927 at Amherstburg 10819-27 Alex BLAIR, 42, laborer, Ireland, Walkerville, so Edward BLAIR, b. Ireland & Eliza Jane McILWAIN, married Isabella MARSHALL, 30, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o William MARSHALL, b. Scotland & Jane Cook BROWN, witn: David MUIR & Jean MUIR, both of Detroit, 27 Oct. 1927 at Walkerville
10821-27 Bernard Alexander BLONDE, 31, brick layer, Thamesville, Walkerville, s/o Alexander BLONDE & Josephine LACHINE, married Genevieve C. ZETTEL, 27, teacher, Zurich, Walkerville, d/o Albert ZETTEL & Mary RANDALL, witn: Earl ZETTEL of Windsor & Mary ZETTEL of Detroit, 16 July 1927 at Sandwich 10822-27 Fred Allen BONDY, 34, farmer, Ontario, Harrow, s/o Joseph BONDY, b. Canada & Amelia BRUSH, married Grace Elizabeth LANGLOIS, 23, Ontario, Harrow, d/o Henry LANGLOIS, b. Canada & Mandina FOX, witn: Edith GILBERT & Albert TOFFLEMIRE, both of Harrow, 28 Feb 1927 at Christ Church, Colchester South
10823-27 Reginald John BONNETT, 23, farmer, Kingslynn Norfolk England, Pelee Island, s/o Robert BONNETT, b. Leakenheath Suffolk England & Mary WHITE, married Lilian HUTTON, 27, Isle of Wight, Pelee Island, d/o Thomas H. HUTTON, b. Isle of Wight & Alice WARRINER, witn: Nellie McCORMICK & Arthur GOODBURN, both of Pelee Island, 19 Nov 1927 at Pelee Island 10824-27 Noe Joseph BURTINT?, 25, machinist, Ford, same, s/o Marc BURTINET? & Stephanie MAILLOUX, married Helen VAILENCOUR, 24, St. Joachim, Ford, d/o Charles Edward VAILENCOUR & Melina PAQUIN (Pequin?), witn: Raymond VAILENCOUR & Lena BURTOUT?, both of Ford, 7 Sept 1927 at Ford
10825-27 Harold Orval BORROWMAN, 27, farmer, Anderdon twp., Malden twp., s/o Thomas BORROWMAN, b. Anderdon twp & Margaret FEATHERSTONE, married Louise Irene DOWNING, 20, domestic, Lambton Co., Malden twp., d/o John DOWNING, b. Brownville Ont. & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: Pearl McGEE & Earl HONOR, both of Amherstburg, 3 Sept 1927 at Sandwich 10826-27 Ernest Edward BOUSSEY, 23, farmer, Anderdon twp., same, s/o Albert R. BOUSSEY & Geneva AMLIN, married Gertrude LANGIS, 19, Staples, Malden twp., d/o George LANGIS & Susane MARENTETTE, witn: Vernal BONDY of McGregor & Marie AMLIN of Malden twp., 3 May 1927 at Amherstburg
10827-27 George Alfred BOYLAN, 22, electrical worker, Michigan, Sandwich, s/o James BOYLAN, b. Ont & Ada ALISON, married Edna FOWLER, 20, Belle River, Windsor, d/o Frank PFAHLER (sic), b. Ont & Minnie BURLING, witn: Minnie Blanch & Ernest H. FIELDING of Puce, 17 Nov 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 10828-27 Richard BOYLE, 23, mechanic, Scotland, Detroit, s/o William BOYLE, b. Scotland & Mary CAMPBELL, married Margaret RANKIN, 19, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Robert RANKIN, b. Scotland & Bridget CAVANAUGH, witn: David WALLACE of Erie PA & Maude HOPPER of Windsor, 28 June 1927 at Walkerville
10829-27 Bruce Burton BRADSHAW, 22, clerk, Windsor, Walkerville, s/o Vincent BRADHSAW, b. Canada & Edith HODGINS, married Elizabeth Scott King ELLISON (Allison?), Greenock Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Robert Ethelbert ELLISON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth KING, witn: Gordon RIDLEY of Ford & Jean ELLISON, 1 June 1927 at Walkerville 10830-27 Orval Thomas BRATT, 22, clerk, Malden twp., Windsor s/o Thomas BRATT, b. Ont & Susan BAILEY, married Elizabeth E. McMAHON, 22, Belle River, Ford, d/o Charles McMAHON, b. Ont & Mary BYRNE, witn: Lorenzo & Mrs. L. BROWN of Ford, 29 Jan 1927 at Ford
10831-27 William BRENNAN, 27, stenographer, London Ont., Port Huron Mich., s/o William BRENNAN & Ella UPTON, married Olive LAPPAN, 26, Goderich, Ford, d/o Joseph LAPPAN & Marie LAPINE, witn: E.J. BRENNAN of London & Dorothy LAPPAN of Ford, 20 June 1927 at Ford 10832-27 Gascoyne Roy BRINACOMBE, 38, widower, farmer, Gosfield North twp., same, s/o William H. BRINACOMBE, b. England & Martha MARTIN, married Mary Hilda CUNNINGHAM, 23, Lindsay Ont., Essex, d/o Patrick J. CUNNINGHAM, b. Lindsay & Catherine A. POWERS, witn: Mrs. L. A. WILLOUGHBY of Leamington & Mrs. W. H. LOGAN of Ottawa, 10 Aug 1927 at Leamington
10833-27 Morris E. BROOKS, 45, widower, chauffeur, Windsor, same, s/o Lindon BROOKS, b. Ont & Mary WEEKS, married Lottie KENNEDY, 29, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Lenwood KENNEDY, b. Ont & Annie MARSHALL, witn: Ona & John RICHARDSON of 1040 Marine? St., 5 March 1927 at Sandwich 10834-27 Robert Nelson BROWN, 30, osteopath, Orford twp., Leamington, s/o Daniel E. BROWN, b. Kent Co Ont & Anna CURRIE, married Jean CORLETT, 25, Leamington, same, d/o John Franklin CORLETT, b. Essex Co Ont & Naomi HISLOP, witn: Anna & Daniel BROWN of Chatham, 19 May 1927 at Leamington
  10835-27 Edmond Edward BRULE, 22, laborer, Pointe aux Roches, Walkerville, s/o Joseph BRULE & Angelique GIRARD, married Eugenie GARANT, 19, Staples, Comber, d/o Napoleon GARANT, & Louisianna LAPORTE, witn: Wilfrid BRULE of Walkerville & Mary GARANT of Comber, 18 Jan 1927 at Staples
10837-27 Laurent BRUNER, 21, farmer, Loiselleville, same, s/o Albert BRUNET & Hilda GIGNAC, married Mabel BESSETTE, 18, Loiselleville, same, d/o Louis BESSETTE, & Liza GAGNON, witn: Adelbert BRUNET & Martha BESSETTE, both of Loiselleville, 17 Oct. 1927 at Loiselleville 10836-27 Garnet Reid BRUNER, 24, farmer, South Gosfield twp., same, s/o Anson (Aaron?) BRUNER, b. South Gosfield twp & Phoebe Ann REID, married Almina Eveline LEE, 24, Gosfield North twp., South Gosfield twp., d/o Leonard LEE, b. Essex Co & Mary Jane CHAMBERS, witn: Mrs. S.J. BRIDGETTE of Ruthven & Mrs. Agnes FENNELL of Toronto, 31 Aug 1927 at Ruthven
10838-27 Joseph Lyell Robert BRUSH, 28, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o George BRUSH & Jessie ANDERSON, married Hilda BELLAIRE, 26, widow, McGregor, Amherstburg, d/o Edmund BASTIEN & Mary BASTIEN, witn: Herbert J. RENAUD & Violet RENAUD, both of Windsor, 2 May 1927 at Amherstburg 10839-27 Robert Charles BRYAN, 19, Burks Falls Ont., Leamington, s/o Charles BRYAN & Elizabeth BUDREAU, married Evelyn Louise CHAMBERS, 18, Leamington, same, d/o William CHAMBERS & Sabina THATCHER, witn: Nina IVES & Edward STEVENSON, both of Leamington, 18 June 1927 at Leamington
10840-27 Alex Miller BRYCE, 27, machinist, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Alex BRYCE, b. Scotland & Jean MILLER, married Catherine Winny INGLIS, 26, stenographer, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William INGLIS, b. Scotland & Janet Wilson ROBERTSON (Riberkin?), witn: Robert BRYAN of 809 Pierre Ave & Barbara STARR (Steer?) of Walkerville, 17 June 1927 at Walkerville 10841-27 Arnold Ray BUCHANAN, 24, schoffer, Edgar Mills - Essex Co Ont., Wyandotte Mich., s/o William BUCHANAN, b. Essex Co Ont & Maggie OVERHOLT, married Georgia Lucille WIGLE, 22, Kingsville, same, d/o Orland A. WIGLE, b. Essex Co Ont & Teresa WILSON, witn: William HAMILTON of RR1 Kingsville & Marjorie WIGLE of Kingsville, 15 Sept 1927 at Kingsville
10842-27 Albert Frederick BULMER, 27, accountant, Windsor, same, s/o William BULMER, b. Ont & Annie BOYLE, married Evelyn Mary SIMMERS, 23, Winnipeg, Kingsville, d/o Alexander SIMMERS, b. Scotland & Evelyn May HAGGARD, witn: Marjorie SIMMERS of Kingsville & Woodleigh TURNER of Walkerville, 18 Aug 1927 at Kingsville 10843-27 William Henry BULMER, 28, locomotive engineer, Birmingham England, Leamington, s/o William H. BULMER, b. Birmingham England & Annie HOLDER, married Leona Anna DENT, 19, Tilbury East twp., Comber, d/o Levi DENT, b. Essex Co Ont & Winnifred SHAEFER, witn: J. Fred MUTRIE & Louise M. TURNER, both of Leamington, 29 Sept 1927 at Leamington
10844-27 George Redvers BURGOYNE, 26, draughtsman, Belvedere - Kent Co England, Walkerville, s/o George William BURGOYNE, b. Kent Co England & Alice LUCK, married Edna May FORD, 21, Leamington, same, d/o Harry Scott FORD, b. Leamington & Edith LA RUE, witn: R.G. ANDERSON of Walkerville & Jean WEBSTER of Riverside, 24 Sept 1927 at Leamington 10845-27 Charles Maurice BURKE, 23, auto worker, Alvinston Ont., Windsor, s/o Thomas BURKE, b. Alvinston & Margaret RICKARD, married Mary Lucille BENSETTE, 23, Windsor, same, d/o Michael BENSETTE, b. Windsor & Joan KEARNEY, witn: W. BEAMAN & Grace L. HEALEY, both of Essex, 10 Aug 1927 at Essex
10846-27 Ernie Lloyd BURLING, 28, Gosfield North, same, s/o Robert BURLING, b. Essex Ont & Minnie McPHERSON, married Robina Josephine WRIGHT, 26, Colchester North, same, d/o William WRIGHT, b. Ont & Ella McMURREN, win: A.?L. MILLAR & Mildred JENKINS, both of Essex, 30 April 1927 at Essex 10847-27 Frederick BURLOW, 23, farmer, London England, Leamington, s/o William BURLOW, b. London England & Rose WILLIAMS, married Evelyn Annie DONNER, 25, Grimsby Lincolnshire England, Leamington, d/o George DONNER, b. Grimsby England & Edith A. ELLEBY, witn: Esther A. WHIITAKER & Harry DONNER, both of Leamington, 8 Oct. 1927 at Leamington
10848-27 Colin Hamlin BURNELL, 46, farmer, widower, Manitoba, Winnipeg, s/o Harry BURNELL, b. England & Jessie ARKELL, married Fannie McDonald STOREY, 23, Manitoba, 79 St. George St. in Toronto, d/o William Thompson STOREY, b. Ont & Mary Ann McDONALD, witn: May CRYDERMAN of Niagara Falls & Margaret STOREY of Riverside, 22 June 1927 at Walkerville 10849-27 Elwin BURNHAM, 25, mechanic, Alpena Co. Mich., Sandwich, s/o Charles BURNHAM & Flora SHUNK, married Evelin Viola SHUNK, 16, Hubbard Lake Mich., Sandwich, d/o August SHUNK & Laura GERARD, witn: Fred & Mrs. J.E. HOLMES of Sandwich, 8 Dec 1927 at Sandwich
10850-27 Donald Frederick BURNIE, 21, painter, Detroit, Sandwich, s/o Fred BURNIE, b. Canada & Josephine LAGARNE, married Margaret Robena MOORE, 18, Sandwich West twp., same, d/o Ernest MOORE, b. USA & Katherine EDWARDS, witn: Mrs. F.L. SIMPSON & Mrs. J.E. HOLMES, both of Sandwich, 5 Feb 1927 at Sandwich 10851-27 John Blanchard BURNS, 20, tin? builder, Berge? Ont., Windsor, s/o Tom Joseph BURNS, b. Ont & Georgina BLANCHARD, married Edith Kathleen HINTON, 20, London England, Windsor, d/o Charles HINTON, b. England & Julia Willmath HARVEY, wit: Dora Winifred COOK of Hamilton & Charles G.D. HINTON of Windsor, 5 Nov 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
10852-27 Joseph Alfred CADARETTE, 23, welder, McGregor, Sandwich East, s/o Jules CADARETTE & Annie DUPUIS, married Rita Stella GARANT, 18, Wallaceburg, Sandwich East, d/o Joseph GARANT & Elzerine CHENE, witn: Alex GARANT of Sandwich East twp & Bella SCHILLER of Riverside, 10 Jan 1927 at Ford 10853-27 Wallace CADERETTE, 22, machinist, McGregor, Ford, s/o Jules CADARETTTE & Annie DUPUIS, married May LAUZON, 20, Wallaceburg, Sandwich East, d/o Jacob LAUZON & Mary GARANT, witn: Arthur CADERETTE of RR4 Essex & Beatrice LAUZON of Sandwich East, 21 Nov 1927 at Ford
10874-27 Walter CALLAM, 31, sailor, Amherstburg, same, s/o Alexander CALLAM & Eva GIRARDIN, married Mary Eileen KELLY, 31, Sandwich, Amherstburg, d/o W. KELLY & Margaret DAUGHTRY, witn: Charles Doherty KELLY & Elizabeth Belle CALLAM, both of Amherstburg, 12 Jan 1927 at Amherstburg 10854-27 Albert Alexander CAMPBELL, 36, contractor, Mersea twp., same, s/o William CAMPBELL, b. Hamilton Ont & Catherine HARRIS, married Ruby Irene HEWARD, 26, Tilbury East twp., Leamington, d/o Robert HEWARD, b. Tilbury East twp & Florence BEGGS, witn: Ray ADAMS of RR1 Leamington & Lottie DERBYSHIRE of Detroit, 12 March 1926 at Leamington
10855-27 Harold Ernest CAMPNEY, 28, canner, Hallowell twp., Picton, s/o Thomas CAMPNEY, b. Picton & Elizabeth GILBERT, married Gladys Loraine PHILLIPS, 20, Bloomfield, Harrow, d/o Urban PHILLIPS, b. Jericho - Prince Edward CO. & Clara COLE, witn: J.D. ROBERTSON & Agnes PARK, both of Windsor, 28 Dec 1927 at Harrow 10856-27 Sylvan CARDINALD, 26, life guard, Connecticut USA, Ford, s/o Alderick CARDINALD, b. Connecticut USA & Alphonsine BREAULT, married Julia EMERY, 15, Big Point, Ford, d/o Theodore EMERY, b. Big Point & Delia MAYAIR, witn: Leo PARENT of Windsor & Eva CARDINALD of 763? Hickery, 8 July 1927 at Ford
10857-27 Adam Robertson CARSON, 23, clerk, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o John CARSON, b. Scotland & Jennie (Jemima?) ROBERTSON, married Annie GURR, 30, England, Walkerville, d/o Thomas GURR, b. England & Sarah Jane MILLINGTON, witn: A. ROBERTSON of Walkerville & Mrs. J. CHAPMAN of Detroit, 7 Oct 1927 at Walkerville 10858-27 Francis Marcon CARGRAIN, 24, accountant, Windsor, same, s/o Joseph CARGRAIN & Alice Ann MARCON, married Bernadette Marie MAILLOUX, 21, Stoney Point, Ford, d/o Gedeon MAILLOUX & Olive GAGNON, witn: Leo W. OUELLETTE of Windsor & Helen WASHBURN of 117 Glengarry Ave., 18 Aug 1927 at Ford
10859-27 Fred Barrett CASTLE, 26, electrician, Liverpool England, Walkerville, s/o James Barrett CASTLE & Hannah HULME?, married Ellen DOUGLAS, 20, Burnley England, Walkerville, d/o Robert DOUGLAS & Elizabeth Ellen PATE, witn: Lily DOUGLAS of Walkerville & William Arthur THOMAS of St. Clair Beach Ont., 23 Dec 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 10860-27 James CATALINA, 25, mechanic, Dayton Ohio, Detroit, s/o Joseph CATALINA & Mary GENTILE, married Evelyn SEGUIN, 20, stenographer, Sandwich, same, d/o Calixte SEGUIN & Marie PICHE, witn: Leo CATALINA of Detroit & Margaret SEGUIN of Sandwich, 20 Sept 1927 at Sandwich
10861-27 William Wilson CHAPMAN, 23, inspector, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o William CHAPMAN, b. Scotland & Agnes THOMPSON, married Mary Janette BROOKS, 20, Wingham Ont., same, d/o John James BROOKS, b. Ont & Mary BRANDON, witn: Jack Walker CHAPMAN of 350 Lincoln Rd & Clara GRAF of Waterloo, 24 June 1927 at Walkerville 10862-27 Wallace CHARETTE, 21, mechanic, McGregor, Sandwich, s/o Noe CHARETTE & Emelie MELOCHE, married Lily BASTIEN, 20, McGregor, Sandwich, d/o Alfred BASTIEN & Emelie BENETEAU, witn: Eddie & Vida BENETEAU of McGregor, 24 Oct 1927 at Sandwich
10863-27 David CHAVIS, 23, laborer, Colchester North, Amherstburg, s/o John CHAVIS, b. Ohio & Menlia HARRIS, married Beatrice SCOTT, 19, Colchester North, Amherstburg, d/o Walter SCOTT, b. New Canaan Ont & Lena HARRIS, witn: Gerald & Carrie JONES of 929 McDougall St., ? Nov 1927 at Amherstburg 10864-27 Joseph Lewis CHEVALIER, 27, police officer, Windsor, Riverside, s/o Joseph CHEVALIER, b. Quebec & Anna BISSON, married Josephine GALBRAITH, 22, Tilbury, same, d/o Colin GALBRAITH, b. Ont & Lena VINCOLLATTE, witn: Joseph CHEVALIER of Riverside & Colin GALBRAITH of Tilbury, 27 Aug 1927 at Walkerville
10865-27 Oscar CHEVALIER, 21, truck driver, Windsor, Ford, s/o John Baptiste CHEVALIER & Eudoxie GALIPEAU, married Marie Blanche RAINVILLE, 18, Verner Ont., Ford, d/o Victor RAINVILLE & Emma GAGNON, witn: Russell BANGLE of Windsor & Flora RAINVILLE of Ford, 20 April 1927 at Ford 10866-27 Patrice CHEVALIER, 28, trucker, McGregor, Ford, s/o Jean Baptiste CHEVALIER & Eudoxie GALIPEAU, married Rose Marie MAILLOUX, 25, Stoney Point, Ford, d/o Ernest MAILLOUX & Elizabeth LESPERANCE, witn: Oscar CHEVALIER & Blanche RAINVILLE, both of Ford, 31 Jan. 1927 at Ford
10867-27 Peter N. CHISTOFF, 29, baker, Russia, Ford, s/o Nicholas CHISTOFF, b. Russia & Eudokia KOZLOVA, married Anna E. VAITOVICH, 22, domestic, Russia, Ford, d/o John VAITOVICH, b. Russia & Anna PONAGAIBO, witn: Nicholas DRESHINE of Detroit & John KARKO of Ford, 29 Jan 1927 at Ford 10868-27 Roy CHRISTIAN, 19, laborer, Michigan, Ford, s/o Joseph CHRISTIA, b. Ont & Mary HODGE, married Edna TRATICHUCK, 17, Ontario, Ford, d/o Orner TRATICHUCK, b. Ont & Delia LABADIE, witn: Amelie & Laura TRATICHUCK of Detroit, 21 Nov 1927 at Church of Lady of Lourdes
10870-27 Joseph William CLARY (Clory?), 24, milk man, Halifax NS, Ford, s/o Henry CLARY & Marie Jeanne FOREST, married Florence BERTHIAUME, 19, Sandwich East twp., same, d/o Henri BERTHIAUME & Parmelie GUINDON, win: Ernest DUFAULT of RR2 Tecumseh & Lillian BERTHIAUME of Windsor, 20 Sept 1927 at Ford 10869-27 Herbert CLIFFORD, 34, operator & motorman, England, Windsor, s/o Joseph CLIFFORD, b. England & Mary Ann SLINGSBY, married Sarah Anna TAYLOR, 28, Texas, Windsor, d/o Cole BENNETT, b. USA & Martha HOLMES, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles WENHAM of Windsor, 11 May 1927 at Ford
10871-27 Emil CLYBOUW, 29, farmer, Waendemme Belgium, Cottam, s/o Jules CLYBOUW & Marie DE CUNNICK, married Flavie DEVALDER, 26, Waerdemme Belgium, Cottam, d/o Victor DEVOLDER & Eugenie DENAEGEL, witn: Henry ROXAL & Gabriella DE WILDE, both of Cottam, 21 July 1927 at Leamington 10872-27 Henry COHEN, 40, widower , blacksmith, Russia, Ford, s/o Abraham COHEN, b. Russia & Rebecca RABINOVICH, married Bertha CANTER, 26, Russia, Ford, d/o Ben CANTER, b. Russia & Rose SOLDENBERG, win: Sam KATZMAN of Ford & Max KOULES? of illegible, 12 April 1927 at Ford
10873-27 Herbert Lemuel COLDRIDGE, 24, farmer, Bampton Devonshire England, Leamington, s/o Walter COLDRIDGE & Alice SETTER, married Eva Annie LOWE, 21, Totton Hampshire England, Leamington, d/o Charles LOWE & Hannah ARNEY, witn: Frederick DRAPER & Mrs. Florence HARRIS, both of Leamington, 15 Oct. 1927 at Leamington 10875-27 Waldie COMARTIN, 27, Bottineau North Dakota, Windsor, s/o Francois COMARTIN & Henriette CHRETIEN, married Irene Edna LANGLOIS, 26, Ford, Tecumseh, d/o Joseph LANGLOIS & Cecile LAPAMIE?, witn: Ernest COMARTIN of Pointe aux Roches & Bertha LANGLOIS of Tecumseh, 30 May 1927 at Tecumseh
10876-27 Roy CONLIFFE, 30, sailor, Wallaceburg, Windsor, s/o Edward CONLIFFE, b. Canada & Hulda BADGLEY, married Gwenn CARTER, 23, Clinton Ont., Windsor, d/o John CARTER, b. Canada & Mabel FORD, witn: Minnie & Anson C. MOORHOUSE of Ford, 5 July 1927 at Ford 10882-27 Ray William CONLIFFE (Cunliffe?), 32, sailor, Wallaceburg, Windsor, s/o Edward CONLIFFE, b. Ont & Hulda BADGLEY, married Mary E. SIMMONS, 23, England, Riverside, d/o Thomas SIMMONS, b. England & Esther Ann PRICE, witn: Reta BADGLEY & Minnie MOORHOUSE, both of Ford, 6 July 1927 at Ford
10877-27 Edward Goodwyn CONN, 24, printer, Stathes England, Walkerville, s/o Edward CONN, b. Latona? England & Grace GOODWYN, married Helen Wittam ELSEY, 25, stenographer, Windsor Ont., Walkerville, d/o William ELSEY, b. Ont & Louisa Sabrina INNES? witn: Helen & Mrs. H. ELSEY of Cleveland Ohio, 30 June 1927 at Walkerville 10878-27 Hugh McLachlan COWAN, 24, bookkeeper, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o James COWAN, b. Scotland & Margaret GAGE, married Catherine Toner? FERGUSON, 23, domestic, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Archibald FERGUSON, b. Scotland & Margaret LINDSAY, witn: James & Jemima BAILLIE of Walkerville, 11 Nov 1927 at Walkerville
10879-27 Arthur Ernest COX, 17, laborer, Kingsville, same, s/o Ernest W. COX, b. England & Ethel Beatrice GREEN, married Helen Madill LOTT, 15, Colchester South, same, d/o Lewis Gordon LOTT, b. Colchester South & Chloe Ann LOTT, witn: Lewis Gordon LOTT of Arner & Ernest Walter COX of Kingsville, 17 Feb 1927 at Colchester South 10880-27 Charles Garnet COX, 36, widower, garage owner, Hodston England, Kingsville, s/o Thomas COX, b. England & Rose LEE, married Margaret PENMAN, 45, widow, Scotland, Kingsville, d/o James FERGUSON, b. Ireland & Margaret BROWN, witn: James FERGUSON of Leamington & Gladys BURGESS of Kingsville, 10 Oct 1927 at Kingsville
  10881-27 Thomas CRAWFORD, 24, laborer, Ireland, Walkerville, s/o William CRAWFORD, b. Ireland & Agnes PATTERSON, married Josie May BLACK, 20, book keeper, Windsor, same, d/o Walter BLACK, b. Canada & Maud MATTHEWS, witn: Russell & Loretta BLACK of Walkerville, 24 Aug 1927 at Walkerville
10883-27 Melford CUNNINGHAM, 19, machinist, Essex, same, s/o Arthur CUNNINGHAM & Martha MAY, married Dolores BEDAL, 16, Rochenville Sask., Essex, d/o Leonard BEDAL & Valerie OUELLETTE, witn: Leonard BEDAL Jr. of Essex & Mary LA BUTTE of Tecumseh, 14 Feb 1927 at Essex 10884-27 Orville Francis CUNNINGHAM, 24, laborer, Peterborough, illegible - Essex Co, s/o Edward CUNNINGHAM, b. Lindsay Ont & Jennie ALEXANDER, married Grace Madeline LONSBURY, 18, Mersea twp., res not given, d/o Clarence LONSBURY, b. Essex Ont & Sarah Edna MOORE, witn: Gerald CUNNINGHAM & Maxime CAIN, both of Essex, 18 Dec 1927 at Leamington
10885-27 John CUNAN, 31, pattern maker, Hamilton Lanarkshire Scotland, Walkerville, s/o Denis CUNAN & Mary WILSON, married Mary RAFFERTY, 29, Greenock Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Peter RAFFERTY & Mary McGERVAN (McSwean?), witn: Charles BOYLE & Catherine GALLAGHER, both of Walkerville, 11 Oct. 1927 at Walkerville 10886-27 Francis Joachim CURTIN, 29, auto body builder, Lindsay Ont., Detroit, s/o Peter CURTIN, b. Ont & Margaret CORKERY (Coskery?), married Josephine Anna SIMMS, 27, Lindsay Ont., Walkerville, d/o James SIMMS, b. Ont & Mary Evelyn DIAMENT, witn: Vincent CURTIN of Detroit & Agnes ZINK of Walkerville, 25 Oct. 1927 at Walkerville
10887-27 Nikolay CZERWINSKI, 33, merchant, Austria, Ford, s/o John CZERWINSKI, b. Austria & Elenor SIRKO, married Rose SIRKO, 28, Austria, Ford, d/o Roman SIRKO, b. Austria & Paraskaza SIRKO, witn: Kierite? BARASTIN & Mike PISKWA, both of Ford, 30 June 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville  
10888-27 Lonnie William DAMM, 18, baker, Essex, same, s/o William DAMM, b. Pike Creek - Essex Co & May BACHMAN, married Henrietta MEYERS, 18, Hamburg Germany, Essex, d/o Henry MEYERS, b. Mohnaen Germany & Eda WALTER, witn: Clayton Leslie DAMM of Essex & Olive Hazel QUICK of Leamington, 1 Jan 1927 at Essex 10889-27 Antoine Francois DANDURAND, 68, widower, merchant, Detroit, same, s/o Antoine DANDURAND, b. Detroit & Marie Anne DROUILLARD, married Sophie LAFORET, widow of Henry CHAMPAGNE, 63, widow, Tecumseh, Riverside, d/o Leon LAFORET, b. Tecumseh & Rose DROUILLARD, witn: Rodolphe DROUILLARD & Lucy JACOB, both of Riverside, 26 Feb 1927 at Riverside
10890-27 William Henry DANIELS, 44, clerk, Detroit, same, s/o Louis DANIELS, b. USA & Grace DANIELS, married Philomene LARAMIE, 53, widow, Tecumseh, same, d/o Basil SOUILLIERE, b. Ont & Francoise SOULLIERE, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles POOLE of Tecumseh, 11 Oct 1927 at Tecumseh 10891-27 Herman DAVID, 23, farmer, Coolscamp Belgium, Pelee Island, s/o Benoni DAVID, b. Belgium & Marie Louise VISCHEURE, married Marie Louise BUTAYE, 27, Memen Belgium, Pelee Island, d/o Joseph Emile BUTAYE, b. Belgium & Julie Henry DENTMYT, witn: Cyriel PLERMEZ & Mildred MAHONEY, both of Pelee Island, 25 June 1927 at Pelee Island
10892-27 George DAVIS, 25, carpenter, Warrington England, Maidstone, s/o Christopher DAVIS & Elizabeth SMART, married Kathleen Emily Maud NORTON, 31, London England, Maidstone, d/o Samuel NORTON & Emily Mary CHANDLER, witn: James DONLAN (Doulan?) & Margaret SYKES, both of Sandwich, 28 April 1927 at Sandwich 10893-27 Mark Everton DANSON, 20, farmer, South Gosfield twp., Ruthven, s/o Thomas DAWSON, b. South Gosfield & Mary MALOTT, married Edith Ann HUTCHINSON, 17, Halturlville? Northumberland England, Ruthven, d/o William HUTCHINSON, b. Holbahgate? Northumberland England & Jessie McGUIRE, witn: Olive HUTCHINSON & Arnold NEVILLE, both of Ruthven, 5 Nov 1927 at Leamington
10894-27 John Charles DE APPELS, 71, widower, painter, France, Windsor, s/o August DE APPELS, b. France & Charlotte J. DOTHER?, married Mary Jane FORTIN, 62, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Richard FORTIN, b. Canada & Annie LUCIEN, witn: William POWELL & Dora W. VINCENT, both of Walkerville, 8 April 1927 at Walkerville 10895-27 Dwight A. DECKER, 22, steam fitter, Ohio US, Amherstburg, s/o Marion A. DECKER, b. USA & Catherine BURNS, married Gladys JUBENVILLE, 19, Amherstburg, same, d/o Fred JUBENVILLE, b. Canada & Maud BERTRAND, witn: Ralph & Theresa JUBENVILLE of Amherstburg, 19 Nov 1927 at Amherstburg
10896-27 Desire Albert DE DABBOLAER, 20, farmer, Belgium, Amherstburg, s/o Stanislas DE DABBELAER & Elodia BUYL, married Marie OZAIS (Ozaer?), 18, Belgium, Malden twp., d/o Augustine OZAIS & Irma MARTONY, wtn: Frank OSNER of Amherstburg & Germain DE BREYN, 31 Oct. 1927 at Amherstburg 10897-27 Camiel DE COLVENAERE, 27, farmer, Moerluke Waes Belgium, Leamington, s/o Alois DE COLVENAERE & Leoni VAN DE VOORDE, married Romaine DE KLERK, 28, Stekere Belgium, Leamington, d/o Alois DE KLERK & Louisa DE WILDE, witn: Rene DE BLOCK & Delima DRAYON, both of Leamington, 22 Feb 1927 at Leamington
10898-27 John McInally DE COU, 39, widower, painter, Norfolk Co Ont., Windsor, s/o James DE COU, b. Norfolk Co Ont & Dora McINALLY, married Edwidge MAITRE, 43, widow, Essex Co Ont., Sandwich, d/o John B. LAMFRAMBOISE, b. Essex Co & Celimond COUSINEAU, witn: Oscar & Laura DAHNER of Windsor, 18 June 1927 at Sandwich 10899-27 Peter DEGUIRE, 24, cement block worker, Quebec, Detroit, s/o Clovis DEGUIRE, b. Ont & Vitaline LALONDE, married Rose MARCHAUD, 17, Ontario, Tecumseh, d/o George Charles MARCHAUD, b. Canada & Marie Louise MARCHAUD, witn: George Charles MARCHAUD Sr. & George MARCHAUD, both of Tecumseh, 17 Dec 1927 at Tecumseh
10900-27 Alfred DEMERS, 23, Staples, Ruscomb, s/o Herminigilde DEMERS & Rose Anna JERMIE? (Fernia?), married Marie Madeline CAZA, 16 1/2, St. Joachim, Comber, d/o Henry Jean Baptiste CAZA & Marie Ida BONNEAU, witn: Edouard OUELLETTE of Pointe aux Roches & Marie Philomene CAZA of Comber, 1 March 1927 at Staples 10901-27 Albert DE NIL, 25, farmer, Belgium, Harrow, s/o Francis DE NIL & Emily VANSNACK, married Mary VERKEST, 15, Belgium, Harrow, d/o Henry VERKEST & Leona DECLERCQ, witn: Raymond & Alice HUYGHE of Harrow, 8 Oct. 1927 at Amherstburg
10902-27 William Edward DENT, 22, farmer, Troy NY, Leamington, s/o Louis William DENT, b. Essex Co & Katherine Anna DENT, married Ann Louise SQUIRE, 29, Malden twp., Leamington, d/o William SQUIRE, b. Essex Co & Edith Florence DUKE, witn: William Dent SOULAR? & Louisa Katherine DENT, both of Detroit, 9 March 1927 at Malden twp 10903-27 Daniel DEMUNZIA, 39, widower, laborer, Italy, Amherstburg, s/o Severia DEMUNZIA & Anna VANDURA, married Mary Joseppa SAURO, 23, Italy, Amherstburg, d/o Aniello SAURO & Angela Maria CHARLES, witn: John & Laura GIBB of Amherstburg, 19 Sept 1927 at Amherstburg
10904-27 James Grenville DERBYSHIRE, 22, machinist, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Henry DERBYSHIRE, b. Canada & Emmeretta DEAN, married Pearl UNDERWOOD, 18, Ontario, Sandwich, d/o Bruce? UNDERWOOD, b. Canada & Elizabeth KARN, witn: Alvin SIMMS? of Detroit & Mrs. McBRIDE of Windsor, 18 June 1927 at Walkerville 10905-27 Frederick DEROCHES, 28, metal worker, Sandwich, Ford, s/o John DEROCHES & Artemise LUSSELINE?, married Mary Mable MARLOW, 23, Sandwich, Ford, d/o Frederick MARLOW & Rose PARENT, witn: Raymond MAROE of Ford & Emma DEZIEL of St. Joachim, 29 Nov 1927 at Ford
10906-27 Ernest DESROSIERS, 20, laborer, Sandwich, Tecumseh, s/o Eugene DESROSIERS & Lucia BROUCHETTE, married Gladys LESPERANCE, 17, Tecumseh, same, d/o Adolphe LESPERANCE & Sarah BELAIR, witn: Edouard LESPERANCE & Dorothy DESROSIERS, both of Tecumseh, 14 Feb 1927 at Tecumseh 10907-27 Hector DESCHENES, 23, iron worker, Aylmer Que., Sandwich, s/o Arsene DESCHENES & Matilda St.LOUIS, married Alida DECAIRE, 21, Aylmer Que., Sandwich, d/o Eugene DECAIRE & Delina DONAIS, witn: Theophile St.ONGE & Jean DECAIRE, both of Sandwich, 14 July 1927 at Sandwich
10908-27 Donat DESJARDINS, 21, laborer, Tecumseh, Sandwich East twp., s/o Christophe DESJARDINS & Adelaide RENAUD, married Bertha LANGLOIS, 22, Sandwich East twp., same, d/o Joseph LANGLOIS & Cecile LAPENNE, witn: Walter LANGLOIS & Bella DUFAUX, both of Tecumseh, 22 Nov 1927 at Tecumseh 10909-27 Gordon George DEWAR, 26, auditor, Cedar Springs Mich., Walkerville, s/o John Buchanan DEWAR, b. Canada & Annie Elizabeth McCOLL, married Dorothy Edna COATSWORTH, 22, Walkerville, same, d/o Joseph Wilson COATSWORTH, b. Canada & Lucy Maude BUNDIGE, witn: Elizabeth COATSWORTH of Walkerville & Murray M. DEWAR of Grand Rapids Mich., 7 June 1927 at Walkerville
10910-27 Francis DIONNE, 28, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o Leigman DIONNE & Teresa MARK?, married Mary DUNN, 21, Rochester twp., same, d/o John DUNN & Julia BYRNE, wit: Charles DIONNE of Rochester twp & Winnifred DUNN of Rochester, 20 Sept 1927 at Woodslee 10911-27 Clarence Theodore DIETRICH, 22, farmer, Michigan, Tilbury West twp., s/o Jacob DIETRICH, b. Germany & Bella May CURRENT, married Eva Irene HILLMAN, 19, Comber, Tilbury West twp., d/o Edward HILLMAN, b. Essex Co & Sophia Helen MAY, witn: Myrtle A. HALL & Edith BARTLETT, both of Comber, 8 Jan 1927 at Comber
10912-27 Jules DINELLE, 24, laborer, Windover Que., Detroit, s/o Francois Xavier DINELLE & Rose FAUTEUX, married Lucie CARDINALE, 18, Tilbury, Ford, d/o Alderic CARDINALE & Alphonsine BREAULT, witn: Albert CARDINALE & Albina DENOMME, both of Ford, 18 April 1927 at Ford 10913-27 Aurele DIOTTE, 27, laborer, St. Hughes de Sarsfield Que., Windsor, s/o Hormisdas DIOTTE & Camilda LACROIX, married Helene HALFREISCH, 23, McGregor, same, d/o Maurice HALFREISCH & Marguerite PARE, witn: Firman DIOTTE of Windsor & Emma RENAUD of McGregor, 2 Aug. 1927 at McGregor
10914-27 Marienus DOGGEN, 24, farmer, Bergen Holland, Kingsville, s/o Adrian DOGGEN & Julina KOPMELS, married Marie Irena ROTTIER, 25, St. Janstun Holland, Kingsville, d/o Goennes ROTTIER & Dolphine VENDORNELEER, witn: Achil PATTYN & Maria SIMANS, both of Kingsville, 8 Jan 1927 at Leamington 10915-27 Alfred DOUCET, 20, auto worker, Bathurst NS, Walkerville, s/o John DOUCET & Catherine LAVIGNE, married Mary Irene LEVESQUE, 20, Campbellton NS, Walkerville, d/o Narcisse LEVESQUE & Esther BIJOLD, witn: Louis PELTIER of Sandwich & Evelyn Jean DOUCET of Walkerville, 3 Oct. 1927 at Walkerville
010117-27 Morris George ELSLEY, 25, clerk, Mount Forest, Leamington, s/o John ELSLEY (b. Mount Forest) & Margaret WILLIS married Jessie Edith HARTFORD, 20, Leamington, Leamington, d/o Gordon HARTFORD (b. Leamington) & Edith BAILEY, witn: Margaret SMITH & Jessie S. THOMAS both of Windsor, 19 March 1927 in Windsor. 10949-27 Jacob FAHLMAN, 26, decorator, Russia, Sandwich, s/o Mike FAHLMAN, b. Russia & Anna FAHLMAN, married Mary Ann KIENER, 23, domestic, Ohio, Dearborn, d/o Frederick KIENER, b. Switzerland & Elizabeth ANESTUK, witn: Enos KIENER of Dearborn Mich & Mrs. J.E. HOLMES of Sandwich, 10 Dec 1927 at Sandwich
10950-27 James Garfield FAIRBANKS, 69, widower, farmer, Troy Ohio, Pelee Island, s/o Orrin FAIRBANKS, b. NY state & Lyla WILSON, married Elizabeth CHEATHAM, 68, Middleport Ohio, Pelee Island, d/o Leonidas CHEATHAM, b. Ohio US & Ann Eliza VAN DUYN, witn: George HUDSON & Fanny HUDSON, both of Pelee Island, 30 April 1927 at Pelee twp 10951-27 Thomas FARRIMOND, 22, plumber, England, Detroit, s/o Thomas FARRIMOND, b. England & Margaret TAGER?, married Emily BRADFORD, 22, England, Walkerville, d/o Miles BRADFORD, b. England & Elizabeth BROOK, witn: Munro BRADFORD of Walkerville & Henry FARRIMOND of Detroit, 8 Oct 1927 at Walkerville
10952-27 Harlson Thomas FAWDRY, 33, farmer, South Colchester, same, s/o Charles FAWDRY, b. South Colchester & Agnes GIBBS, married Mabel CORLETT, 29, teacher, Gosfield, South Gosfield, d/o Daniel CORLETT, b. Ont & Susan ROSS, witn: Norman CORLETT of Ruthven & Mrs. Sarah PASTOREOUS of Harrow, 29 June 1927 at Leamington 10954-27 Alfred Grave FELL, 30, civil engineer, West Seaton - Cumberland England, Windsor, s/o Thomas Grave FELL & Rachel IVISON, married Alice May POTTER, 25, Walmer Kent England, Windsor, d/o Herbert Cecil Webb POTTER & Alison GREGORY, witn: Rhea Mae FRANCIS of Walkerville & William PATON of Detroit, 20 Aug 1927 at Walkerville
10956-27 John Donald FERGUSON, 23, clerk, Leamington, same, s/o John FERGUSON, b. Ont & Gertrude CARDER, married Lulu May GRAHAM, 19, Port Stanley, Leamington, d/o Andrew GRAHAM, b. Ont & Priscilla SPEIRN, witn: Francis FERGUSON & Bessie RUPPERT, both of Leamington, 18 May 1927 at Leamington 10955-27 James FERGUSON, 19, laborer, Glasgow Scotland, Leamington, s/o James FERGUSON, b. Limordy? Ireland & Margaret BROWN, married Pearl Lillian FREELAND, 19, factory worker, Leamington, same, d/o Herbert FREELAND, b. Leamington & Jessie ROWE, witn: Andrew & Lillias FERGUSON of Leamington, 3 Dec 1927 at Leamington
10957-27 Ernest Norman FIELDING, 20, plumber, Windsor, Walkerville, s/o Wade Norman FIELDING, b. Ont & Catherine MONJOET, married Minnie Blanche PFAHLER, 15, Belle River, same, d/o Frank PFAHLER , b. Ont & Minnie BURLING, witn: Fred Edmond DOBSON of Woodslee & Doris Louisa PFAHLER of Belle River, 27 Sept 1927 at Walkerville 10958-27 Ernest Joseph FIELDS, 26, cartage, McGregor, Windsor, s/o Charles Henry FIELDS & Phoebe MARTIN, married Hazel Mary McCARTHY, 21, Walkerville, Maidstone, d/o John McCARTHY & Margaret O'KEEFE, witn: N. BRADD of Windsor & Mabel McCARTHY of Maidstone
10953-27 Kirel A. FILINOV (Felinov?), 25, assembler, Russia, Ford, s/o Alya Nadymus FILINOV, b. Russia & Anna KAZNOVA, married Caroline MARARCHEVSHYN, 22, servant, Russia, Ford, d/o Joseph MARENCHEVCHYN, b. Poland & Caroline JANA, witn: Sam & Frances GLOWZKA of Ford, 28 May 1927 at Walkerville 10959-27 Jim FILIP, 26, farmer, Roumania, Leamington, s/o Vasilsie FILIP, b. Roumania & Marie BARAN, married Margaret KAVA, 23, stenographer, Hungary, Leamington, d/o Anton KAVA, b. Hungary & Sadie LUSTIG, witn: Anton & Sadie KAVA of Cleveland, 4 Feb 1927 at Leamington
10960-27 Myrle Elias FITCH, 28, decorator, Maidstone twp., Essex, s/o William Arthur FITCH, b. Maidstone & Sarah WESTLAKE, married Addie Brien HUMBER, 29, Gosfield North, Essex, d/o John Henry HUMBER, b. Isle of Wight & Esther THORNTON, witn: Donald MURRAY & Velma HAWKES, both of Essex, 15 June 1927 at town of Essex 10961-27 Chris George FLORINOFF, 26, tailor, Greece, 1316 Queen St. West in Toronto, s/o George FLORINOFF, b. Greece & Velika ANDONOFF, married Paraskeva SCORDOVA, 19, Bulgaria, 1316 Queen St. West, d/o Thomas SCORDOVA, b. Bulgaria & Redelka TOMOVA, witn: Mary & Staves ANDONOFF of Windsor, 1 May 1927 at Russian Orthodox Church, Ford
10962-27 William James FORD, 29, farmer, Comber, Staples, s/o William FORD, b. Lachute Que. & Catherine BURNS?, married Nettie May KEITH, 33, Bay City Mich., Staples, d/o James KEITH, b. Bellevile - Hastings Co & Annie RODGERS, witn: Roy & Mrs. Roy KEITH of Comber, 12 Oct. 1927 at Essex 10963-27 Roy Thomas FOREMAN, 19, farmer, Payne Ohio, Harrow, s/o Clement Edwin FOREMAN, b. Ohio & Alida JOHNSON, married Harriet Elenor LA MARSH, 16, Kingsville, same, d/o Leroy Abner LA MARSH, b. Kingsville & Marceline McDONALD, witn: Madeline LA MARSH of Kingsville & Miss Annie MASON of Harrow, 5 Feb. 1927 at Harrow
10964-27 Michael FORIS, 36, dye maker, Vilng Poland, 12357 Dublin St. in city of Huntrannuck, s/o Sam FORIS, b. Poland & Anastasia KORYLA, married Erfimia COZAC, 23, Botin Roumania, Ford, d/o Dimitri KOZAK (sic), b. Roumania & Erfrosina BADIUK, witn: Jakob & Stif KOZAK of Ford, 25? May 1927 at Russian Orthodox Church, Ford 10965-27 Joseph Russell FOX, 25, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o W.J. FOX, b. Essex Co & Cora Bell JEFFERY, married Doris Iola WARNER, 20, Mersea twp., Leamington, d/o H. B. WARNER, b. Essex Co & Annie CRAIG, witn: Blanch M. JONES & Ruby POUKENRIDGE, both of Leamington, 19 Nov 1927 at Leamington
10966-27 Edwin Harry FRANCE, 25, motorman, Kingsville, same, s/o Harry FRANCE, b. England & Olive LONGLAND, married Myrel JOHNSON, 18, Essex, same, d/o Garnet JOHNSON, b. Essex Co Canada & Hazel ROBINSON, witn: Mary BALTZER & Carter? WAGGOTT, both of Kingsville, 16 Aug 1927 at Kingsville 10967-27 Sidney FRANCOTTIE, 37, widower, trucking, England, Essex, s/o [Dr. Bernardos home, England], married Minnie Irene BROWN, 37, widow, Essex Co., Essex, d/o Moses DAMM (Dannon?) & Rillia FITCH, witn: S. & Mrs. S. DAMM of Essex, 14 May 1927 at Essex
10968-27 George FRASER, 23, plumber, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o John FRASER, b. Scotland & Mary MARSHALL, married Jessie GRAHAM, 19 (b. 22 Jan 1909), Glasgow Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Andrew GRAHAM, b. Scotland & Agnes SMYLIE, win: Clara RYLET? of Detroit & F.M. FRASER of Walkerville, 3 May 1927 at Walkerville 10969-27 Frederick William FURTON, 38, gardener, New Baltimore Mich., Detroit, s/o Paul M. FURTON, b. Michigan US & Amelia PETERS, married Isabella MacFARLANE, 43, Glasgow Scotland, Windsor, d/o Hugh MacFARLANE, b. Scotland & Euphemie GRAHAM, witn: Jeanie MacFARLANE & C--? MacLEAN, both of Windsor, 14 Sept 1927 at Walkerville
10970-27 Albert GAGNON, 22, truck driver, St. Justin Que., Sandwich, s/o Alfred GAGNON & Virginia LAMBERT, married Beatrice CLEMENTS, 20, St. Justin Que., Sandwich, d/o Andrew CLEMENTS & Rose DUMOCHAL, witn: J.E. CLEMENTS & Della MARSON, both of Sandwich, 22 June 1927 at Sandwich 10971-27 John GAGNON, 25, painter, Fort Coulonge, Detroit, s/o Joseph GAGNON & Marguerite BOISVERT, married Marie Beatrice L'AMOREUX, 22, Tilbury, Ford, d/o Francis L'AMOREUX & Oliva GODREAU, witn: Wilfrid L'AMOREUX & Cecile ROBERT, both of Ford, 6 June 1927 at Ford
10972-27 Philippe GAGNON, 23, widower, farmer, McGregor, same, s/o Joseph GAGNON & Angele Eva LUCIER, married Clara GIRARDOT, 17, Sandwich, McGregor, d/o Henri GIRARDOT & Marie HENNIN, witn: Wilfrid BENNEY (Prenney?) of Sandwich & Louise GAGNON of McGregor, 22 Feb 1927 at McGregor 10973-27 Wilfred GALIPEAU, 27, laborer, McGregor, same, s/o Aegille GALIPEAU & Angele DROUILLARD, married Marie Irene FERRIER, 19, St. Joachim Ont., Mersea twp., d/o Willie FERRIER & Emma BENOIT, witn: Joel GALIPEAU of McGregor & Melina FERRIER of Ford, 20 Sept 1927 at Staples
10974-27 Stanley GALLOWAY, 28, farmer, Woodslee, South Gosfield, s/o William GALLOWAY, b. Kingston Ont & Eliza WALTZ, married Pearl Blanche VARDON, 26, Harbor Beach Mich., South Colchester, d/o Sydney VARDON, b. Whitevale Ont & Martha BISBEE, witn: Frances FERGUSON & Bessie KLIPPERT, both of Leamington, 4 April 1927 at Leamington 10975-27 George Thomas GAMMON, 70? widower, Stoney Creek, Essex, s/o John GAMMON, b. England & Charlotte LEARST, married Ada Katherine HURST, 47, widow, London England, Essex, d/o Francis NELLER, b. England & Sarah OBORN, witn: N. & Edythe SHUTTLEWORTH of Maidstone, 6 Dec 1927 at Essex
10976-27 Odie J. GARAND, 27, tool maker, Ruscomb - Essex Co., Windsor, s/o Michel GARAND, b. Ont & Rosalie KELLAIRE, married Clara GOOCH, 23, England, Riverside, d/o Harry GOOCH, b. England & Mary Ann DAWSON, witn: Ethel LEGGE of Windsor & G. BAKER of Walkerville, 11? Sept 1927 at Riverside 10977-27 Joseph Camille GARANT, 27, laborer, Pointe aux Roches, Windsor, s/o Francis GARANT & Marie CHENE, married Marie Victoria THIBERT, 20, Ford, same, d/o Octave THIBERT & Josephine TRUDELLE, witn: Leo THIBERT & Laura CHENE, both of Ford, 27 Sept 1927 at Ford
10978-27 Romeo GARANT, 20, lather, Windsor, Ford, s/o Hormidas GARANT & Lucie KILLAIRE, married Eva CHAUVIN, 19, Stoney Point, Ford, d/o Noe CHAUVIN & Lennie (Lucie?) MAILLEUX, witn: Clement RENAUD & Laura GARANT, both of Ford, 20 June 1927 at Ford 10979-27 Samuel GARSEAU, 31, farmer, Verner Ont., Maidstone twp., s/o Anton GARSEAU & Caroline LORS?, married Blanche MORAND, 20, Windsor, Maidstone twp., d/o Francis MORAND & Delima SIMON, witn: M.E. MORAND of Maidstone twp & Romeo LESSARD of Ford, 27 Dec 1927 at Woodslee
10980-27 William Henry GARTON, 22, farmer, Bruce Co., Blythwood, s/o George GARTON, b. Canada & Jennie RINTON, married Mary Veronica GAMBLE, 19, Bruce Co., Blythwood, d/o Joseph GAMBLE, b. Canada & Sarah WHITE, witn: Elmer & Ruby HILLIER of Blythwood, 30 May 1927 at not given 10981-27 Francis Fred GAUTHIER, 27, mechanic, Windsor, same, s/o Fred GAUTHIER & Delphine PARENT, married Daisy Marie BEAUSOLEIL, 23, Maidstone, Ford, d/o Gilbert BEAUSOLEIL & Alice VANDERBINDER, witn: Andrew GAUTHIER of Windsor & Mary BEAUSOLEIL of Ford, 12 July 1927 at Ford
10982-27 Albert GENEST, 41, real estate, Sandwich, same, s/o Francis X. GENEST & Zoe OUELLETTE, married Florence GENNO (Gluns?), 40, Sandwich, same, d/o Reinold GENNO & Elizabeth STUTZ, witn: G. PARENT of Windsor & Rose GENEST of Sandwich, 16 Feb 1927 at Sandwich 10983-27 Stefan GENYK, 39, inspector, Austria, Detroit, s/o George GENYK, b. Austria & Anna BODIN, married Anna GENYK, 20, Austria, Ford, d/o William GENYK, b. Austria & Sofia FLAYCK (Hayck?), witn: Katherine GEINRICK & Norman LEDLIOWSKY, both of Detroit, 16 July 1927 at Walkerville
10984-27 Stanley Wellington GERARD, 22, farmer, Maidstone twp., same, s/o Thomas GERARD, b. England & Eliza Jane FARROUGH, married Hazel Fern CLINE, 18, Maidstone twp., same, d/o Angus CLINE (deceased), b. England & Clara SKINNER, witn: Raymond Theodore CLINE of Maidstone & Florence Constance GERARD of Sandwich South, 20 Dec 1927 at Church of St. Stephen, Sandwich South 10985-27 Charles GETTY, 63, widower, Romney, Kingsville, s/o Charles GETTY & Rhode? (Phoebe?) HEALY, married Eliza HYATT, 58, widow, Mersea, Wheatley, d/o Charles FUREY? & Frances SMITH, witn: Pearl AGNEW & Jean AGNEW, both of Kingsville, 8 Oct. 1927 at Kingsville
10986-27 James GIBSON, 28, iron worker, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James GIBSON, b. Scotland & Janet SMITH, married Cecilia Addie MARSHALL, 20, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James MARSHALL, b. Scotland & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Andrew McINNES & Marguerite McKENDRY, both of Detroit, 13 Sept 1927 at Walkerville 10987-27 Joseph Ulysse GIGNAC, 26, laborer, Loiselleville, Amherstburg, s/o Thomas GIGNAC & Zoe MELOCHE, married Mary Elizabeth Mabel CHARRETTE, 18, Amherstburg, same, d/o Edward CHARRETTE & Mabel RENAUD, witn: Laurence VIGNEAUX & Myrtle CHARRETTE, both of Amherstburg, 27 Sept 1927 at Amherstburg
10988-27 Dennis GIRARD, 24, farmer, New Canaan, same, s/o Jacques GIRARD & Sophie DESLIPPE, married Bernadette GALIPEAU, 22, McGregor, same, d/o Ezilde GALIPEAU & Angele DROUILARD, witn: Alfred GIRARD of New Canaan & Hedwidge GALIPEAU of McGregor, 14 June 1927 at McGregor 10989-27 Moses GIRARD, 27, laborer, Maidstone twp., Belle River, s/o William GIRARD & Emily DRIEBOURG (Deisbourg?), married Eva POISSON, 23, Maidstone twp., same, d/o Edmund POISSON & Josephine GIRARD, witn: Gilbert & Beatrice POISSON of Belle River, 25 July 1927 at Belle River
10990-27 George Frederick GLEDWIN, 25, machinist, England, Walkerville, s/o George Frederick GLEDHILL & Ellen MORLEY, married Lillian WHITEHOUSE, 24, England, Walkerville, d/o George WHITEHOUSE & Sarah TONGUE, witn: Raymond N. GLEDHILL & Florence ENGDE?, both of Walkerville, 19 Nov 1927 at Walkerville 10991-27 Jefferson William GORDON, 20, banker, Toronto, Walkerville, s/o William GORDON & Emma AVERY, married Dorothy FAIRHURST, 19, stenographer, Liverpool England, Windsor, d/o George FAIRHURST & Grace FAIRHURST, witn: Fred & Pearl SANELT (Sauelt?) of Windsor, 7 Dec 1927 at Sandwich
10992-27 Clarence Deurte GOSLIN, 21, farmer, Gosfield North, same, s/o Fred GOSLIN, b. Gosfield North & Clara GRIFFIN, married Mary Elizabeth BROWN, 19, Ireland, Gosfield North, d/o William BROWN, b. Ireland & Sarah ROBINSON, witn: Harold WILKINSON of Leamington & Eva BOWERMAN of Wheatley, 7 Jan 1927 at Gosfield North 10993-27 Philip Wriley GOUGH, 21, brick layer, Kingston Ont., Windsor, s/o Henry GOUGH, b. Ont & Edith SMITH, married Edith Rose Mary CORBETT, 18, England, Ford, d/o John CORBETT, b. England & Helen GRANHURST, witn: George CORBETT of Ford & Muriel ALEXANDER of Windsor, 3 Sept 1927 at Walkerville
10994-27 William Walter Henry GOULD, 21, chauffeur, London England, Windsor, s/o Walter GOULD, b. England & Annie MURRAY, married Stella Maude LONG, 22, Wardsville Ont., Melbourne Ont., d/o Charles LONG, b. Melbourne Ont & Maude MALCOLM, witn: Avis McCAFFERTY of Detroit & Franklin SILETT? of Sandwich West, 1 Oct. 1927 at Walkerville 10995-27 Douglas M. GOWDY, 27, salesman, Guelph, Limehouse, s/o William N.D. GOWDY & Mary Ellen HOLMES, married Beatrice Irene BROWN, 28, teacher, Kingsville, same, d/o Ernest A. BROWN & Carrie WRIGHT, witn: J. McCULLEY of Victoria College in Toronto & Melinda BROWN of Kingsville, 30 June 1927 at Kingsville
10996-27 Wilfred Joseph GRANDMAISON, 22, roofer, Maidstone, Detroit, s/o Emil GRANDMAISON & Desiree NANTAIS, married Marie Celina LANGOIS, 21, Sandwich, same, d/o Gilbert LANGOIS & Eugenia BERTHIAUME, witn: Arthur J. GRANDMAISON of Windsor & Margaret St. ANTOINE of Tecumseh, 24 May 1927 at Sandwich 10997-27 George MacDonald GRANT, 24, barrister, Windsor, same, s/o Allan Douglas GRANT, b. Ont & Anna MAcDONALD, married Madge BROWN, 28, Tilbury Ont., Amherstburg, d/o Andrew Gilbert BROWN, b. Ont & Margaret Mary BARNARD, witn: Helen WILSON of Amherstburg & Raymond O'BRIEN of Sandwich, 12 Feb 1927 at Amherstburg
10998-27 Andrew D. GRAVEL, 27, metal finisher, Ontario, Ford, s/o Hormisdas GRAVEL, b. Ont & Julienne St.AMAND, married Marie Valerie Oliva MILLETTE, 20, Quebec, Ford, d/o Joseph MILLETTE, b. Quebec & Gratia BISSON, witn: Leo GRAVEL & Joseph MILLETTE, both of Ford, 1 Dec 1927 at Ford 10999-27 William Nelson GRIEVE, 41, paving contractor, Preston Ont., Windsor, s/o Charles GRIEVE, b. Germany & Christina MYERS, married Margaret Eleanor Blanche FISHER, 33, London Ont., Walkerville, d/o Augustus FISHER, b. Ont & Mary CROMWELL, witn: Hiram & Mae GERMAN of Walkerville, 22 Dec 1927 at Walkerville
11001-27 Edward Henry GRIMMETT, 28, baker, London England, Sandwich, s/o Edward GRIMMETT & Kathleen GRIMMETT, married Eva Mary LUCIER, 25, Sandwich, same, d/o Ferdinand LUCIER & Matilda FARRAND, witn: Amos Joseph LESPERANCE of Windsor & Irene LUCIER of Sandwich, 23 Feb 1927 at Sandwich 11002-27 Romeo GUILBAULT, 24, farmer, North Tilbury, Rochester twp., s/o Samuel GUILBAULT & Suzan TREPANIER, married Leda DESCHAMPS, 22, Rochester twp., same, d/o John DESCHAMPS & Delphine SCHILLER, witn: Arsene GUILBAULT & Marguerite GUILBAULT, both of St. Joachim, 28 Feb 1927 at St. Joachim
11003-27 Frank GUILLENAIT, 24, shipper, Ford, Walkerville, s/o Louis GUILLENAIT & Martha CESAIRE, married Mary Violet ARENNETTE, 27, Windsor, Ford, d/o Israel ARENNETTE & Zoville PARENT, witn: Fred DESROCHE of 152 Drouillard Rd & Mable MARLOW of 303 Hickery Rd in Ford, 17 Oct. 1927 at Ford 11004-27 Giuseppe GUNERATO (Gemerato?), 38, laborer, Italy, Windsor, s/o John GUNERATO, b. Italy & Maria OGARATTO, married Amabila PONTINI, 33, Italy, Windsor, d/o Timothee PONTINI, b. Italy & Fortunata GATTO, witn: Vincenzo BRUZZOLOTTO & Angela BRESSLIN (Bresolin?), both of Amherstburg, 20 April 1927 at Amherstburg
11005-27 George G. HAINER, 32, store manager, Toronto, Windsor, s/o John HAINER, b. Ont & Jean Hope RENELSON, married Amy Vera SIDEBOTHAM, 22, England, Windsor, d/o Arthur SIDEBOTHAM, b. England & Amelia BENNETT, witn: Annie Elizabeth WILSON & Robert HEASLIP, both of Windsor, 25 Dec 1927 at Walkerville 11006-27 Stanley HAMES (Haines?), 22, laborer, London England, Ford, s/o Frank William HAMES, b. England & Violet Evelyn BROADMAN (Boardman?), married Lena PROCTOR, 17, Essex Co., Ford, d/o Joshua Herbert PROCTOR, b. Ont & Maria RATZ?, witn: Rosaline Maud HAMES of Sandwich & Orvillle Joseph RENAUD of Ford, 26 May 1927 at Walkerville
11007-27 Frank HANCERUIK, 46, widower, machine shop worker, Zarogany Russia, Ford, s/o Stepan HANCERUIK, b. Russia & Theodosia ZAPLITA, married Mary BULLECHUK, 36, widow, domestic, Wellauchi Russia, Ford, d/o John NIKIFORIUK, b. Austria & Ellen INETRA, witn: Derofi & Praska MELNIK of Ford, 5 Feb 1927 at Russian Orthodox Church, Ford 11008-27 William Earl HANNAN, 38, plumber, Essex, Detroit, s/o Charles HANNAN, b. USA & Adeline BROWN, married Lillian Ann Maria BRETT, 25, Essex, same, d/o Richard Ruddy BRETT, b. Canada & Frances ROBERTS, witn: Marwood BRETT & Elaine BRETT, both of Essex, 14 June 1927 at Essex
11010-27 William HARRIS, 32, mechanic, England, Windsor, s/o Robert HARRIS, b. England & Bessie WHITE, married Lamae Katherine McDONALD, 23, Harrow, same, d/o Jesse McDONALD, b. Ont & Frances Emily QUICK (Quirk?), witn: Burnham & Flora McDONALD of Harrow, 17 Sept 1927 at South Colchester twp 11009-27 George Earl Prideau Ginty HARRIS, 21, laborer, Kingsville, same, s/o Thomas E. HARRIS & Mable MEDLEY, married Margaret Helen CHARLTON, 19, Detroit, same, d/o William J. CHARLTON & Maggie MUDGE, witn: Albert William FONGER of Kingsville & Colin? H. PARKER of Detroit, 30 July 1927 at Kingsville
11011-27 John HART, 30, sign writer, Eastbourne England, Walkerville, s/o Harry Joseph HART, b. England & Hannah HUNISETT, married Phyllis Ellen DINGLE, 21, inspectress, Plymouth England, Walkerville, d/o Ernest DINGLE, b. England & Flossie Emily ROSE (Ross?), witn: Charles Leonard NORTHCOTT & Ivy Ethel SARGENT, both of Windsor, 22 Dec 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 11012-27 Francis Charles HARVEY, 63, widower, postmaster, Charing Cross Ont., Brere? (Rivere?) California, s/o Silas James HARVEY, b. Charing Cross Ont & Sarah Ann JENNER, married Ella May SHEPLEY, 51, widow, near Chatham Ont., Amherstburg, d/o Joseph M. SHEPLEY, b. Charing Cross Ont & Jane McLAUGHLIN, witn: John & Mrs. John PARKS of Amherstburg, 19 March 1927 at Amherstburg
  11013-27 Mercin Bryce HASKELL, 24, farmer, Tilbury East twp., same, s/o Benjamin HASKELL, b. Raleigh twp & Ellen HYATT, married Margaret Emeline HODGKINS, 21, Tilbury East twp., Leamington, d/o Albert HODGKINS, b. Kent Co Ont & Eveline KETT, witn: Ernest KERSEY of Watts Alberta & Mary? KERSEY of Walkerville, 24 Dec 1927 at Walkerville
11014-27 John Alexander HASTINGS, 40, dairy man, Chesterfield - Oxford Co., Kingsville, s/o Alexander HASTINGS, b. Canada & Gennet LITTLE, married Lillian Sophia BARNETT, 27, South Gosfield, Kingsville, d/o James BARNETT, b. England & Sarah A. AIKINS, witn: Howard R. ULCH? of Ferndale Mich. & Hazel SWEET of Windsor, 4 June 1927 at Kingsville 11015-27 William Thomas HASTINGS, 26, chauffur, Wetschwin Alberta, Riverside, s/o James HASTINGS, b. Kingston Ont & Maud HEECHAN?, married Helen Lois DAWSON, 19, clerk, Vancouver BC, Riverside, d/o Roy McIntyre DAWSON, b. Wheatley Ont & Kate B. MacDONALD, witn: Clementine HEED & Elizabeth MOLLOY, both of Riverside, 2 Sept 1927 at Riverside
11016-27 Arba W. HAWLEY, 20, student, Superior Wisconsin, Sandwich, s/o Arba Blair HAWLEY, b. Wisconsin & Marion RETTIE, married Irene Veronica KEARNS, 19, stenographer, Montreal, Detroit, d/o Humphrey Thomas KEARNS, b. Dublin Ireland & Mary MADIGAN, witn: Mrs. Mae MAGILL & Mrs. Minnie WESTGATE, both of Sandwich, 31 May 1927 at Sandwich 11017-27 Alexander Steven HAZAEL, 19, farmer, Kent Co England, South Gosfield, s/o Frank HAZAEL, b. England & Elizabeth CHAPMAN, married Bessie Eleanor VARNDELL, 18, London England, Kingsville, d/o Harry VARNDELL, b. England & Eleanor BULGEN, witn: Freda COOPER & Garet? HAZAEL, both of Kingsville, 10 March 1927 at South Gosfield twp
11018-27 Clifford Ross HEATH, 27, factory worker, Saskatchewan, Windsor, s/o Nathaniel Alfred HEATH, b. Ont & Inez Sarah BARTON, married Mauda TURNER, 28, Ottawa, Detroit, d/o Arthur Franklin TURNER, b. Ont & Minnie TUCK?, witn: Lois Turner MORAN & Claude TURNER, both of Detroit, 3 Sept 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 11019-27 John Percival HEATH, 20, laborer, Arner - South Gosfield, Essex, s/o William HEATH, b. Rodney Ont & Elizabeth O'CONNOR, married Florence Irene GREEN, 16, Essex, same, d/o Eaton POSTOREUS, b. Harrow Ont & Bertha GREEN, witn: Delbert & Caroline COWELL of Cottam, 25 June 1927 at Essex
11020-27 John Jeffery HEDGE, 28, farmer, North Gosfield twp., same, s/o Charles HEDGE, b. Ont & Esther ROBINSON, married Madeline NOBLE, 20, North Gosfield twp, same, d/o Arthur NOBLE, b. Gosfield Ont & Rosella VANSTONE, witn: Mrs. J. & Grace HEDLEY of Essex, 23 April 1927 at Essex 11021-27 William Russell HELMER, 25, salesman, Cornwall Ont., Windsor, s/o Philip HELMER, b. Ont & Annie CAMERON (Canovan?), married Elizabeth PICKERSGILL, 23, Leeds England, Windsor, d/o Jack PICKERSGILL, b. England & Annie SIMPSON, witn: Clarence GRANT of Windsor & Helen IRWIN of Kingsville, 10 Sept 1927 at Kingsville
11022-27 Charles Joseph HEMMOND, 30, doctor, Tecumseh, Windsor, s/o George & Claire nee REAUME, married Dorothea Aldena MARENTETTE, 25, Sandwich, Windsor, d/o John & Mary nee PETSEINOULX?, witn: Sylvan MARENTETTE of Sandwich & Alice HEMMOND of Windsor, 23 Aug 1927 at Sandwich  
11023-27 Vernal Lewis HICKMOTT, 20, farmer, South Gosfield, same, s/o Edward HICKMOTT, b. Kingsville & Druzila BAILEY, married Loraine Vickie MALOTT, 18, South Gosfield, same, d/o Frank MALOTT, b. Kingsville & Elena HOOPER, witn: William James SIDDALL of Wheatley & Ada Loraine HICKMOTT of Kingsville, 30 March 1927 at Kingsville 11024-27 Wilfred Cecil HICKMOTT, 24, farmer, Ontario, Kingsville, s/o Edwin HICKMOTT, b. Ont & blank BAILEY, married Gladys Elizabeth THOMPSON, 24, Ontario, Ruthven, d/o Herbert THOMPSON, b. England & Edith PRIDE, witn: Mrs. J. J. BRIDGETTE & Mrs. Mary THORNTON, both of Ruthven, 31 Jan. 1927 at Ruthven
11025-27 Addison Leslie HICKS, 31, shoe salesman, Glencoe Ont., Detroit, s/o Richard HICKS, b. Ont & Bertha WILLIS, married Della Gertrude WALTERS, 27, Mersea twp., Leamington, d/o Reuben WALTERS, b. Ont & Jessie Victoria BAILEY, witn: Frances FERGUSON & Bessie KLIPPERT, both of Leamington, 4 July 1927 at Leamington 11026-27 Sidney Wilfred HICKS, 20, farmer, Maidstone twp., North Gosfield twp., s/o Henry HICKS, b. Ont & Carrie CRONMILLER, married Marjorie LITTLE, 15, of Essex, d/o George? LITTLE, b. Ont & Clara BALES, witn: Everett HICKS & Helen LAYSON, both of Essex, 25 March 1927 at Essex
11027-27 John Inglis HIGHAM, 31, auto mechanic, England, Detroit, s/o Albert HIGHAM, b. England & Marion INGLIS, married Nellie SHADE, 22, England, Ford, d/o John SHADE, b. England & Martha RICHARDS, witn: Charles & Violet THOMPSON of Ford, 27 Dec 1927 at Walkerville 11028-27 John Edward HILLS, 22, laborer, Coatsworth, Leamington, s/o Henry HILLS, b. Glencoe Ont & Susan ROSS, married Nellie Mary Florence FORD, 18, Leamington, same, d/o Ernest FORD, b. Leamington & Grace WILKINSON, witn: Ernest GOSLIN & Orah FORD, both of Leamington, 10 Aug 1927 at Ruthven
  11029-27 Leslie Leon HINSHAW, 21, farmer, Indiana, North Colchester, s/o Stephen A. HINSHAW, b. Winchester Indiana & Clara Jane MOFFET, married Ruth EDE, 20, Colchester South, same, d/o Leonard EDE, b. Essex Co Ont & Mable ATKIN, witn: Esther E. EDE & Blake McLEAN, both of Harrow, 9 Nov 1927 at Harrow
11031-27 Thomas Orley HODGSON, 21, farmer, Romney twp., same, s/o James Watson HODGSON, b. Romney twp & Melissa Ann DALES, married Alice Jean SETTERINGTON, 18, Mersea twp., same, d/o William Ross SETTERINGTON, b. Mersea twp & Mable Gertrude TOMLINSON, witn: Lilly & Forrest SELLARS of North Malden, 10 Dec 1927 at Malden twp 11030-27 Miles Getty HODGSON, 24, farmer, Romney twp., RR2 Wheatley - Romney twp, s/o Henry HODGSON, b. Romney twp & Maria GETTY, married Doris Mildred SETTERINGTON, 22, Mersea twp., RR3 Wheatley - Mersea twp, d/o Solomon F. SETTERINGTON, b. Mersea twp & Flora ROACH, witn: Christine & Gladys PINCH of Wheatley, 10 Dec 1927 at Leamington
11032-27 Maurice Walter Wilson HONEYMAN, 31, automobile worker, Tarbone Scotland, Windsor, s/o John Sharp HONEYMAN & Lillian WILSON, married Rebecca Tiche? Waugh WALKER, 31, stenographer, Marypool England, Windsor, d/o William Nicholson WALKER & Rebecca Tiche WAUGH, witn: Joseph William & Jane HAUGHIN of Windsor, 25 Feb. 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 11033-27 Raymond Sherwood HOPE, 20, farmer, Cottam, same, s/o Lawrence HOPE, b. Blytheswood, & Ethel May SIMOND (Simons?), married Phyllis Allice BURLING, 17, Cottam, same, d/o Robert BURLING, b. Essex Co & Minnie McPHERSON, witn: Mrs. R.A. & Margaret E. MILLER of Cottam, 9 Dec 1927 at Cottam
11034-27 Arthur HORNE, 30, farmer, Burnley England, Kingsville, s/o John Henry HORNE, b. Burnley England & Ellen HOLSTEAD, married Susanna Fay BICKFORD, 21, Wheatley Ontario., Kingsville, d/o George BICKFORD, b. Billapoint? Kent Ont & Margaret BROWN, witn: Alice METCALF & Margaret HEALEY, both of Essex, 20 Aug 1927 at Essex 11035-27 Ernest HORNE, 32, tool maker, Manchester England, Walkerville, s/o Frank North HORNE, b. England & Emma BRUCE, married Mary Beveridge EADIE, 26, cook, Glasgow Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Henry EADIE, b. Scotland & Nicholas BEVERIDGE, witn: Thomas CULBERTSON of Ford & Jessie HORNE? of Walkerville, 15 Oct 1927 at Walkerville
11036-27 John Lovegrove HORTON, 23, electrician, Windsor, Amherstburg, s/o Allan Stanley HORTON, b. Canada & Anne E. LOVEGROVE, married Nina Fay SINASAC, 23, telephone operator, Harrow, Amherstburg, d/o Frank SINASAC, b. Canada & Linnie TOFFLEMIRE, witn: F. Marie WILLSON of Leamington & Alfred FRANKLIN o Amherstburg, 14 May 1927 at Harrow 11037-27 Edward Vanten HOUCHEN, 33, milk salesman, Suffolk England, Windsor, s/o Frederick G. HOUCHEN, b. England & Fannie Elizabeth BURRELL, married Doris Freda DURDEN, 23, England, Leamington, d/o Arthur DURDEN, b. England & Alice INGLEY, witn: Arthur DURDEN & Dorothy DURDEN, both of Leamington, 24 Nov 1927 at Leamington
11038-27 George Gilbert Maurice HOWARD, 24, manager, Toronto, Kingsville, s/o Frank Edwin, b. Ont & Inez Catherine nee ERLY, married Helen May GIRTY, 21, Kingsville, same, d/o Charles Edward, b. Ont & Etta Mabel nee SMITH, witn: Leonard COGHILL of Kingsville & Esther GREY? of Windsor, 14 Aug 1927 at Kingsville 11039-27 Leonard Ray HUDSON, 22, druggist, Huron Co Ont., Walkerville, s/o Isaac HUDSON & Mabel MELLICK, married Eva Gwendolyn ROSE, 16, Bath Ont., Walkerville, d/o Stanley ROSE & Maria FELLOWS, witn: Harold BRADY? of Windsor & Marjory ROSE of Walkerville, 12 Oct. 1927 at Walkerville
11040-27 William A. HUFF, 80, widower, gentleman & retired farmer, s/o Peter HUFF, b. Ont & Julia LANGDON, married Hannah HILLAM, 72, widow, England, Ruthven, d/o Joseph SWANSON, b. England & Hannah ELLIOTT, witn: A.E. EDGAR & Victoria R. EDGAR, both of Windsor, 26 (25?) April 1927 at Walkerville 11041-27 Randolph George HUFFMAN, 52, farmer, South Colchester, same, s/o Albert HUFFMAN, b. South Colchester & Agnes FISHER, married Gertrude Stella BRUNER, 34, Kingsville, South Colchester, d/o Albert BRUNER, b. South Gosfield & Carry BAILEY, win: Mabel JOHNSON & J.H. MADILL, both of Harrow, 28 Feb 1927 at Colchester twp
11042-27 John HUMENUK, 39, farmer, Austria, Harrow, s/o Nick HUMENUK, b. Austria & Ann JUSCHUK, married Anna MOSEWKA, 27, domestic, Poland, Harrow, d/o Wazlenus? MOSEWKA, b. Poland & Katerina MOSEWKA, witn: Sallie CARDS & Fred TYLYENUK, both of Ford, 19 No 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 11043-27 Emmett Winston IMESON, 26, mechanic, Mersea twp., Tilbury, s/o David IMESON, b. Ont & Margaret BROWN, married Elsie Euphemia FAUBERT, 20, teacher, Tilbury, same, d/o William FAUBERT, b. Ont & Maria LE TOURNEAU, witn: Mrs. Bynia STENTON & Mrs. M. KINDER, both of Leamington, 4 July 1927 at Leamington
11044-27 Arthur Delanrois IRWIN, 41, Ottawa, Windsor, s/o Delanrois? Thomas IRWIN, b. Ireland & Isabella HAMILTON, married Kathleen WADDINGTON, 37, Isle of Jersey, Riverside, d/o Stephen Egerton? WADDINGTON, b. England & Harriet May MATZANS?, witn: John LEWIS of Walkerville & W.C. ATKINSON of Riverside, 1 June 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 11045-27 Lewis Currie IRWIN, 24, painter, Wiarton Ont., Leamington, s/o Charles IRWIN, b. Otterville Ont & Edith Harriet MATTHEWS, married Pearl Evelyn KENNA, 18, Homer Illinois, Leamington, d/o Charles Joseph KENNA, b. Homer Illinois & Grace Evelyn POWELL, witn: Donald McDONALD of Detroit & Ruth Vera KENNA of Leamington, 10 Dec 1927 at Leamington
11046-27 Percy Alexander IRWIN, 27, farmer, Sandwich South, South Gosfield, s/o Everton IRWIN & Sarah M. TOTTEN, married Helen Jessie RAE, 24, Aberdeen Scotland, Kingsville, d/o Joseph RAE, b. Scotland & Helen Ann HAY, witn: Alex McKENZIE of Windsor & Barbara AE of Harrow, 28 Feb 1927 at South Gosfield twp  
11048-27 Clarence JACKSON, 25, farmer, North Tilbury twp., Tilbury East twp., s/o Thomas JACKSON, b. Montreal & Elizabeth MUSSER, married Isabel DAVIDSON, 18, domestic, Scotland, Tilbury East twp., d/o James DAVIDSON, b. Scotland & Isabel RITCHIE, witn: Mrs. McGILL of RR2 Harrow & Miss Annie MASON of Harrow, 12 Sept 1927 at Harrow 11047-27 Charles Evener JACKSON, 37, farmer, North Tilbury twp., Gosfield twp., s/o John Lockart JACKSON, b. Montreal & Josephine TOURANGEAU, married Neva Pearl MORRIS, 23, clerk, Tilbury West twp., Gosfield twp., d/o William Henry MORRIS, b. Tilbury West twp & Mary M. VICKERMAN, witn: Elisa M.L. JACKSON of RR1 Cottam & Everett HILLIER of RR1 Staples, 14 Dec 1927 at Tilbury West twp
11049-27 Joseph JACQUES, 62, widower, laborer, Mt. Clemens Mich., Ford, s/o David JACQUES, b. Chatham Ont & Mary NORTH (SCOTT?), married Lucy NANTAIS, 62, widow, Ford, same, d/o Louis LAUZON, b. Essex Co Ont & Mary PARE, witn: Jeremiah NANTAIS of Ford & John L--? of 220 Hickery, 29 Oct 1927 at Ford 11050-27 Harry JEFFERY, 32, railroad man, England, Essex, s/o unknown, married Elsie Margaret BARRETT, 25, Ireland, Essex, d/o Patrick BARRETT, b. Dublin Ireland & Viola Mae STRIDE, witn: Ernest & Margaret WILSON of Essex, 25 Jan 1927 at Essex
11051-27 Everett Albert JOHNSON, 33, carpenter, Kentucky USA, South Colchester, s/o Edward H. JOHNSON, b. USA & Mildred KEE, married Hazel TAYLOR, 17, South Colchester, same, d/o Roy TAYLOR, b. Canada & Inez MOONEY, witn: Isabel WRIGHT? & O.E. DUNDAS, both of Amherstburg, 17 Dec 1927 at Amherstburg 11052-27 Ivan Barkley JOHNSON, 34, farmer, Leamington, same, s/o Charles JOHNSON, b. England & Edith Elizabeth HEATHERINGTON, married Ethel May SETTERINGTON, 33, Mersea twp., same, d/o Alfred Judson SETTERINGTON, b. Essex Co Ont & Celina Ann GOSLIN, witn: Melvin & Jean SETTERINGTON of RR3 Wheatley, 16 Nov 1927 at Leamington
11053-27 Walter Rex JOHNSTON, 21, clerk, Detroit, Oxley Ont., s/o Walter JOHNSTON, b. Canada & Barbara WILSON, married Helen Marguerite PERCIVAL, 20, stenographer, Columbus Ohio, Syracuse NY, d/o William PERCIVAL, b. Canada & Mary MacCLUNG?, witn: Betty MUNZ of Detroit & John EARLE of Hanover NH, 19 Aug 1927 at Walkerville 11054-27 Edgar Barton JONES, 24, tool maker, Galt Ont., Windsor, s/o Edgar Andrew JONES, b. Dundas Ont & Mary Magdalene WEINHEIRN, married Earla Dorothea MITTAG, 18, office work, Montreal, Sandwich, d/o Oscar Carl MITTAG, b. Germany & Ida Marie TOBOLDT, witn: Henry HARRISON of Sandwich & Nellie Tresa JONES of Detroit, 27 June 1927 at Sandwich
11055-27 John James JONES, 21, carpenter, Colchester North twp., Essex, s/o William JONES, b. Colchester North & Emma STEVENSON, married Elsie Viola ALLEN, 16, Hillman Mich., Essex, d/o William ALLEN, b. Colchester & Eva DALES, witn: George WELDON & Alfreda ALLEN, both of Essex, 30 Sept 1927 at Essex 11056-27 Robert JONES, 34, iron worker, Mold - North Wales, Walkerville, s/o Edward JONES, b. Wales & Margaret HUDSON (Hodson?), married Gertrude BROWN, 38, widow, domestic, Ashfield Ont., Walkerville, d/o Charles WAMSLEY, b. Huron twp & Margaret SHEPHERD, witn: Percy SISSON & Mrs. P.J. SISSON, both of Sandwich, 14 April 1927 at Walkerville
  11057-27 Vincent KARPSTYS, 31, soldier, Lithuania, Detroit, s/o Thomas KARPSTYS, b. Lithuania, & Regina SMELGE, married Frances BUDRIKASTE, 28, Lithuania, Ford, d/o Michel BUDRIKASTE, b. Lithuania & Mars VERSULSKARTE, witn: Joseph SUNKUA & Alberta VERSHULSH, both of Detroit, 8 Oct. 1927 at Ford
11058-27 Edward Augustine KEEFE, 25, farm laborer, London England, Leamington, s/o John KEEFE, b. England & Hester COLES, married Alice Margaret MOSEY, 18, Romney twp., Leamington, d/o Robert MOSEY, b. Ont & Ellen WHITTAL, witn: Gwynne & illegible TRUMPER of Leamington, 20 Nov 1927 at Rochester village 11059-27 William James KELLY, 23, moulder, Windsor, Walkerville, s/o William KELLY, b. Ont & Grace LABUTTE, married Margaret WARD, 18, Chatham, Walkerville, d/o Herbert WARD, b. Chatham & Annie COCHRANE, witn: George HEBERT & Evalena KELLY, both of Walkerville, 13 Aug. 1927 at Ford
11060-27 Albert KENDALL, 22, machinist, London England, Walkerville, s/o Elijah KENDALL, b. England & Emma HOARE, married Margaret WHITE, 19, London Ont., Walkerville, d/o Thomas WHITE, b. Ont & Mary DUGGAN, witn: Charles THIBERT of Ford & Marion WHITE of Walkerville, 8 June 1927 at Walkerville 11061-27 John St.Clair KENDALL, 21, merchant, Dunwich, Windsor, s/o Charles F. KENDALL, b. Ont & Lillian WOOLDRIDGE, married Annie Elva Maude SUTTON, 19, stenographer, St. Thomas, Windsor, d/o George W. SUTTON, b. Ont & Cora ANNETT, witn: Thomas KENDALL & Gladys McMASTER, both of Windsor, 26 Oct. 1927 at Windsor
11062-27 John Patrick KENNELLY, 22, on export deck?, Hamilton, Amherstburg, s/o John KENNELLY & Winnifred STONE, married Isabel Mary AMEL (or Hamel), 16, Amherstburg, same, d/o William AMEL (or Hamel) & Olive MARANCI, witn: Alfred BENETEAU & Louise ROBILLARD, both of Amherstburg, 26 April 1927 at Amherstburg 11063-27 Adam KENT, 47, farmer, Ontario, Forest, s/o Francis KENT, b. Ont & Jane DUNCAN, married Lena Elizabeth BAILEY, 34, Anderdon twp., same, d/o Edwin BAILEY, b. Ont & Susan MALOTT, witn: Ray & Kathie LEVERGOOD of Amherstburg, 19 Oct. 1927 at Amherstburg
11064-27 Walter Frederick KENTISH, 43, mechanic, England, Detroit, s/o Herbert KENTISH & Emma Priscilla HAGGER, married Jennie WALKER, 31, domestic, England, Walkerville, d/o James WALKER & Isabella Proudlock BELDON, witn: Albert & Mrs. Violet MARLOW of Walkerville, 8 Aug 1927 at Walkerville 11065-27 Herbert Sydney KING, 23, laborer, Norwich England, Leamington, s/o George KING, b. England & Julia SALANDALOFF, married Iva Mildred BROWN, 19, Leamington, same, d/o Percy BROWN, b. England & Myril QUICK, witn: Eleanor BROWN of Leamington & Edwin TOFFLEMIRE of Arner, 9 Feb 1927 at Leamington
11066-27 Kenneth Joseph KIRK, 21, truck driver, Windsor, Roseland - Essex Co, s/o Thomas KIRK, b. Ont & Mary VANDERLINDER, married Myrtle Irene ALDERTON, 19, Leamington, Windsor, d/o Bryan ALDERTON, b. Essex Co & Mary RUSHLOW, witn: Mamie Pearl ALDERTON & Norman Lee PRATT, both of Windsor, 14 Sept 1927 at Essex  
11067-27 Howard Benjamin KIRKPATRICK, 42, farmer, Quebec, Vermilion Alberta, s/o Alexander KIRKPATRICK, b. Scotland & Elizabeth DOUGLASS, married Elsie Jane McMULLIN, 40, Essex Co Ont., Windsor, d/o George McMULLIN, b. Quebec & Sarah DOUGLAS, witn: Maurice C. DOUGLAS & Erna McMULLIN, both of Blytheswood, 2 March 1927 at Leamington 11068-27 John Wellington KIRKPATRICK, 21, mechanic, Oshawa, Chatham, s/o John KIRKPATRICK, b. Oshawa & Laura FRANKLIN, married Mary LONGHURST, 17, Barrie Ont., Chatham, d/o Thomas LONGHURST, b. Barrie & Florence DENBRIDGE, witn: Sam & Mary WILKINSON of Detroit, 2 April 1927 at Walkerville
11069-27 Henry KISSNER, 30, laborer, Kingsville, Leamington, s/o Benjamin KISSNER, b. Harrow & Mary ULCH, married Addie LAMBIER, 40, widow, Leamington, same, d/o Stephen WAGNER, b. Stoney Creek Ont & Lacrucia KENYON, win: Luanda BALTZER of Kingsville & Wilfred KISSNER of Leamington, 28 Nov 1927 at Kingsville 11070-27 Martin Gerald KLIE, 22, farmer, Colchester North, South Colchester, s/o William George KLIE, b. Colchester North & Mina MARTIN, married Margaret Irene LARAMIE, 18, Malden, same, d/o Louis Arthur LARAMIE, b. Malden Ont & Allie May ATKIN, witn: Hazel KLIE & Martin Richard ATKINSON, both of Arner, 1 Sept 1927 at Malden twp
11071-27 Percy KLINGBYLE, 30, employee of Detroit Stove Works, Sandwich, Windsor, s/o Herman KLINGBYLE, b. Dearborn Mich & Louisa ALLAN, married Rinda WILSON, 21, Sandwich South, same, d/o James E. WILSON, b. Cubbage Kentucky & Sarah Ann COX, witn: Alfred KLINGBYLE & Leonard PARE, both of Windsor, 26 July 1927 at Maidstone twp 11072-27 Philip John KLIPEL, 24, laborer, Austria, Colchester North, s/o Philip KLIPEL, b. Austria & Christina HIRSCHFELD, married Annie PAHL, 18, Canada, Essex Co., d/o William PAHL, b. Russia & Maria MARTIN (Mortin?), witn: Mr. Joseph & Mrs. J. DEE of RR2 Essex, 8 May 1927 at Essex
  11073-27 William Christian KLOEPFER, 49, widower, merchant, Carrick twp., Winnipeg, s/o Joseph KLOEPFER, b. Wellington Co & Susan BENNINGER, married Minnie McGREGOR, 47, domestic, Dawn - Lambton Co., Walkerville, d/o James McGUIRE, b. Ireland & Margaret MULANNEY, witn: Charles & Catherine SAUVEY of Wallaceburg, 18 April 1927 at Walkerville
11075-27 Thomas Clark KNIGHT, 22, printer, Windsor, same, s/o Edmund KNIGHT, b. Ont & Phoebe CLARK, married Luella Gwendolyn CARTER, 22, Pelee Island, Amherstburg, d/o George CARTER, b. Ont & Minnie HART, witn: R.B. MacGREGOR & J.E. CARTER, both of Amherstburg, 23 June 1927 at Malden twp 11074-27 Bert Alfred KNIGHT, 19, farmer, Gosfield North, same, s/o Alfred KNIGHT, b. Mersea twp & Jane Ann STODDARD, married Gladys Irene KETTLE, 18, Gosfield North, same, d/o Fred KETTLE, b. Peterboro Ont & Margaret GALLIGER, witn: Wilfred KNIGHT of South Woodslee & Marie TILDEN of Cottam, 4 May 1927 at Gosfield North twp
11076-27 Rupert Augustus KNOTT, 27, clerk, London England, Windsor, s/o Charles Corbett KNOTT, b. Calcutta India & Elizabeth STANSFIELD, married Marion HOLLAND, 27, waitress, Liverpool England, Windsor, d/o Edward Lewis HOLLAND, b. Liverpool England & Annie HERD, witn: Charles KNOTT & Violet SMITH, both of Windsor, 2 April 1927 at Sandwich 11077-27 Isadore KOLSDUY (Koladuy?), 28, electrician, Poland, Detroit, s/o Gershan KOLSDUY (Kolsdrey?), b. Poland & Rose LIFSITZ, married Edith CARP, 20, Russia, Windsor, d/o Mendel CARP, b. Russia & Sarah WEINBAUM, witn: Oscar SALEN of 954 Howard Ave & Morris FELZER of 600 Louis Ave., 15 March 1927 at Windsor
11078-27 Louis KOREN (Korn?), 33, auto mechanic, Pomeroy Ohio, Staples, s/o George KORN, b. Pomeroy Ohio & Ella JENKINS, married Gladys KEITH, 27, Bay City Mich., Staples, d/o James KEITH, b. Tilbury & Annie RODGERS, witn: Clair & Mrs. Clair THOMPSON of Staples, 15 Oct. 1927 at Essex 11079-27 Miron KOTYK, 45, laborer, Austria, Ford, s/o Basil KOTYK, b. Roumania & Agaphie TASCHUA, married Kertgnic (Katherine) DZORKAN, 44, Austria, Ford, d/o Syneva DZORKAN, b. Poland & Anna, witn: Sidor & Anna ANDROSCHUK of Ford, 11 June 1927 at Ford
11080-27 George Fred KRIEG, 35, widower, cabinet maker, Waterloo Co., Windsor, s/o Theodore KRIEG, b. Canada & Elizabeth RAYMOND, married Marjorie Jane CARTER, 20, England, Windsor, d/o Charles Henry CARTER, b. England & Alice Hannah LEE, witn: John Walter KRIEG & Charles William CARTER, both of Windsor, 26 April 1927 at Amherstburg 11081-27 Arba KULP, 21, farmer, Bayham twp., same, s/o George KULP, b. Elgin Co Ont & Phelina KILMER, married Ella May HILTS, 20, Bayham twp., same, d/o Chauncey HILTS, b. Elgin Co Ont & Lorena WEST, witn: Gordon & Mr. Gordon CRANDALL of Leamington, 10 June 1927 at Leamington
11082-27 Matthew KUUSIKKO, 35, carpenter, Finland, Ford, s/o John KUUSIKKO, b. Finland & Susanna KISKINEN, married Anna KLINGA, 31, Finland, Ford, d/o Wilhelm KLINGA, b. Finland & Wilhelmina ENGENAN, witn: Edward & Thelma NYHOLM of Ford, 24 Jan 1927 at Ford 11083-27 William LABADIE, 24, plumber, Tilbury, Ford, s/o Edward LABADIE, b. Ont & Margaret MacGINNIS, married Clara TESSIER, 17, Black River Mich, Ford, d/o Edward TESSIER, b. Michigan, & Jenny LA CLAIR, witn: Thaddeus MAILLOUX of Riverside & Laura? LABADIE of Ford, 27 June 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
11084-27 Francis John LABELLE, 21, water board, Grosse Point Mich., Detroit, s/o Thomas LABELLE & Mary ORTH, married Laura OUELLETTE, 18, Sandwich, same, d/o Arthur E. OUELLETE & Vandrille LAFRAMBOISE, witn: Romeo OUELLETTE & Mable BANDY, both of Sandwich, 28 June 1927 at Sandwich 11085-27 Donat Joseph LABRANCHE, 28, clerk, Aylmer Que., Sandwich, s/o Alfred LABRANCHE & Rose LEBLANC, married Pearl Ursula SHARON, 16, Windsor, Sandwich, d/o Henry SHARON & Mary MAROY (Moroy?), witn: Edward DUMPIS of Detroit & Gladys SHARON of Sandwich, 16 Feb 1927 at Sandwich
11086-27 Frank LACHANCE, 54, widower, farmer, Sandwich East twp., Tecumseh, s/o F.X. LACHANCE (deceased), b. Tecumseh & Emily BROUILLETTE, married Verina BEAUDOIN, 42, Amherstburg, Tecumseh, d/o Joseph BEAUDOIN, b. Amherstburg & Arthemise BOUFFARD, witn: Walter & Melanie BEAUDOIN of Tecumseh, 1 Oct. 1927 at Tecumseh 11087-27 David LACHAPELLE, 30, widower, Rochester twp., Belle River, s/o Basil LACHAPELLE & Adele LESPERANCE, married Florence ALLARD, 17, domestic, Maidstone twp., Belle River, d/o Stanislaus ALLARD & Louise DESBIENS, witn: Lawrence ALLARD & Eva LACHAPELLE, both of Belle River, 26 July 1927 at Belle River
11088-27 William LACOUNTE, 51, CNR section man, Stoney Point, same, s/o Joseph LACOUNTE & Marguerite RHEAUME, married Antoinette GROLEAU, 32, Chenesville Que., Tecumseh, d/o J. Baptiste GROLEAU & Josephine LAROSE, witn: Damase CUYER & Joseph LACOUNTE, both of Tecumseh, 12 Sept 1927 at Tecumseh 11089-27 Joseph LADOUCEUR, 21, laborer, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Charles LADOUCEUR, b. Quebec & Angeline LACROIX, married Florence SCHOLEY, 21, England, Walkerville, d/o Henry SCHOLEY, b. England & Florence ELSTON, witn: Doris? LADOUCEUR of Windsor & Eileen SCHOLEY of Walkerville, 7 may 1927 at Walkerville
11091-27 Alfred LAFERTY, 30, architect, Detroit, same, s/o Charles & Marie nee CASSE, married Lucinda ROCHELEAU, 22, stenographer, Pointe aux Roches, same, d/o Hercule & Elizabeth nee LACHARITE, witn: Solomon KING of Detroit & Dorotha COZA of Windsor, 19 July 1927 at Pointe aux Roches 11092-27 Joseph Albert LAFRANCE, 23, laborer, Tarenton? Mass. US, Ford, s/o Xavier LAFRANCE & Josephine EMOND, married Florence CHALOUX, 19, Hanmer Ont., Ford, d/o Thomas CHALOUX & Alvina LEGAULT, witn: Joseph CROTION & Nelson SCULLY, both of Windsor, 22 Oct. 1927 at Ford
11090-27 Onesime LALIBERTE, 21, trimmer, Belle River, Ford, s/o Philias LALIBERTE, b. Belle River & Georgina QUENSVILLE, married Salome TROTICHAUD, 18, St. Joachim, Ford, d/o Grede? TROTICHAUD, b. Quebec & Josephine LETOUTNEAU, witn: Elie & Anna LALIBERTE of Ford, 19 March 1927 at Ford 11093-27 Paul Carter LAMB, 29, decorator, Gallatin Tennessee, Detroit, s/o Ben LAMB & Lilly BRAZIER, married Emma Elizabeth HAYWARD, 19, Richmond Virginia, Walkerville, d/o Gilbert HAYWARD & Grace CRABBIN, witn: Harlen MENARD of Windsor & May GRASBERGER (Grosberger?) of Richmond Virginia, 23 June 1927 at Walkerville
11094-27 Albert Edward LAMBIER, 24, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Elias LAMBIER, b. Stoney Creek Ont & Adeline WAGNER, married Hattie Alzora KISSNER, 18, South Gosfield, Leamington, d/o Benjamin KISSNER, b. Harrow Ont & Mary ULCH, witn: Flossie DOANE & Frank MITCHELL, both of Leamington, 19 Nov 1927 at Leamington 11095-27 Francis Wilbur LANE, 53, widower, foreman, Ruthven Ont., Walkerville, s/o George LANE, b. Mersea twp & Jane FOX, married Maud Ethel Irene STOBBS, 42, saleslady, near Wheatley Ontario, Leamington, d/o John Ralph STOBBS, b. Roley twp - Kent (Raleigh? twp), & Margaret Emma Louisa BACHARD?, witn: Frances FERGUSON & Bessie KLIPPERT, both of Leamington, 3 Sept 1927 at Leamington
11096-27 Marshall LANGILL, 18, chauffeur, Amherst NS, Windsor, s/o Clifford LANGILL, b. New Brunswick & Louise GRATTO?, married Ethel Florence GORE (Gorr?), 18, Renfrew Co Ont., Windsor, d/o Henry GORE, b. Ont & Ida SALLIEU, witn: Arthur GORE & Muriel LANGILL, both of Windsor, 2 Nov 1927 at Walkerville 11097-27 Calixte A. LANGLOIS, 27, clerk, Sandwich, same, s/o Alfred LANGLOIS, b. Canada & Melina SEGUIN, married L. Pearl THURSTON, 25, book keeper, South Gosfield, Windsor, d/o John THURSTON, b. Canada & Alice BARNETT, witn: Joseph & Stella BARRON of Detroit, 15 Oct. 1927 at Sandwich
11098-27 Joseph William LAPORTE, 21 (b. 7 Aug 1905), auto trimmer, Staples, Riverside, s/o Arthur LAPORTE & Phanie TOULOUSE, married Marie Grace RIVARD, 19 (b. 16 July 1908), Tecumseh, Riverside, d/o Arthur RIVARD & Marie PARENT, witn: Leo LAPORTE & Blanche RIVARD, both of Riverside, 5 Sept 1927 at Ste. Rose Church, Riverside 11099-27 Emil LATULIPPE, 23, farmer, Iron River Wisconsin, Mersea twp., s/o Ferdinand LATULIPPE, b. Normandy France & Emily HORAIS, married Ella Paulina SANSEN, 16, Marque of Mareul, Mersea twp., d/o Jules SANSEN, b. Trumes? Belgium & Amey BERTRAND, witn: Allan? BACH & Pauline MOORMA, both of Leamington, 15 Nov 1927 at Leamington
11100-27 Auguste LAUZON, 22 (b. 12 March 1905), auto mechanic, St. Joachim, Riverside, s/o Auguste LAUZON & Marie LAUZON, married Annette PARENT, 17 (b. 5 May 1910), store clerk, Bourget Ont., Detroit, d/o Antoine PARENT & Marguerite CHEVRIER, witn: Eugene PARENT & Eva D'AOUST, both of Detroit, 24 Sept 1927 at Ste. Rose Church, Riverside 10485-27 Martin OSGRICH, 36, barber, Armenia, Detroit, s/o George OSGRICH, b. Armenia & Houner DOUMANIAS, married Mariam DER SARKISIAN, 21, Armenia, Windsor, d/o Sarkis DER SARKISIAN, b. Armenia & Tove VAUVA, witn: Sarah & Aaron HARPOOTHIAN of Detroit, 15 Oct. 1927 at Windsor
10486-27 William John OSTRANDER, 64, widower, Michigan, Windsor, s/o Peter OSTRANDER, b. Michigan & Ester MALLORY, married Martha HODGSON, 53, widow, Norfolk Co., Tillsonburg, d/o Wilson CLARK, b. Canada & Sarah CRANDELL, witn: Mrs. K. DUFFY of Chatham & G. ALLEN of Windsor, 24 Dec 1927 at Windsor 11208-27 Leonard Chilvers OWEN, 23, clerk, Williden England, Windsor, s/o Walter Percy OWEN, b. England & Rosetta Anna CHILVERS, married Marjorie GERLACK, 21, clerk, London Ont., Windsor, d/o Frank GERLACK, b. Ont & Ethel BABBINGS, witn: Bernice & Douglas DUTTON of Detroit, 10 Dec 1927 at Walkerville
11211-27 Romeo PAQUETTE, 26, mechanic, St. Joachim, Ford, s/o Henri PAQUETTE & Caroline VERMETTE, married Victoria BECHARD, 17, Paincourt Ont., Ford, d/o Denis BECHARD & Rose McNORTON, witn: Medas PAQUETTE of Tilbury & Emelda BECHARD of Ford, 1 Aug 1927 at Ford 11212-27 Roy PAQUETTE, 23, clerk, McGregor, Windsor, s/o Felix PAQUETTE & Delphine MELOCHE, married Lottie ADAMS (Adain?), 18, Sandwich East, Tecumseh, d/o Gedeon ADAMS & Ida MAY, witn: William MARS? of Detroit & Irene PAQUETTE of Windsor, 22 Feb 1927 at Tecumseh
10494-27 Emanuel Joseph PARENT, 23, auto mechanic, Windsor, same, s/o Albert M. PARENT, b. Ont & Alma JOYAL, married Nellie Evelyn KING, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Edward KING, b. Ont & Nellie FLANIGAN, witn: H.P. STANLEY of Detroit & H.E. READY of Windsor, 14 Feb 1927 at Windsor 11215-27 Lorenzo PARENT, 28, barber, St. Joachim Ruscom, Tecumseh, s/o Delphis PARENT & Elizabeth RENARD, married Alida LESSARD, 23, Tecumseh, same, d/o Romulus LESSARD & Marie Anne BERNIER, witn: Fred LESSARD of Tecumseh & Violet PARENT of Windsor, 3 May 1927 at Tecumseh
11216-27 Zephir PARENT, 25, chauffeur, Ford, same, s/o Joseph PARENT & Delina DUENEVILLE, married Maria Rosalie O'KEEFE, 19, Tecumseh, Ford, d/o John O'KEEFE & Angelique PRUDHOMME, witn: Ernest SIMPSON of Walkerville & Dina? DESJARDINS of Ford, 1 March 1927 at Ford 11217-27 Kosfas Pugzlyo PARGELAS, 25, laborer, Lithuania, Ford, s/o Luderik PUGZLYS, b. Lithuania & Mary LUCOLS?, married Ezenya PLUSKINS, 26, Latvia, Ford, d/o Phelix PLUSKINS, b. Latvia & Bastra DRUZETINS?, witn: Fred BANTIGA & S. LUSTONOSKY, both of Ford, 24 Dec 1927 at Walkerville
11219-27 Mahlon Wilfred PASTORIUS, 26, mail carrier, Harrow, same, s/o Forest J. PASTORIUS & Minnie HALSTEAD, married Marie Agnes Leona GIBB, 21, Amherstburg, same, d/o William GIBB & Ellen DELMORE, witn: Leo MARENTETTE of Harrow & Marvella GIBB of Amherstburg, 1 March 1927 at Amherstburg 11220-27 Walter L. PASTORIUS, 26, mechanic, Kingsville, Walkerville, s/o Thomas PASTORIUS, b. Ont & Mary LOVELACE, married Thelma M. RAYNER, 19, Owen Sound, Windsor, d/o Fred RAYNER, b. Ont & Bertha CARNIN? (Carrier?), witn: John REEVES & Mrs. Mary CONNORS, both of 410 Dougal Ave., 2 March 1927 at Walkerville
10500-27 William PATERSON, 22, truck driver, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William PATERSON, b. Scotland & Catherine McNALLY, married Evelyn Harriet WISSLER, 18, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Franklin WISSLER, b. Ont & Mary Isabel IRVINE, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Elizabeth LANE, both of Windsor, 20 Oct. 1927 at Windsor 11221-27 Cecil Floyd PATTERSON, 28, barber, Codrington Ont., Norwood, s/o Thomas PATTERSON, b. Peterborough Co & Marg FERGUSON, married Anna JANKENS, 30, widow, Detroit, same, d/o Xavier MACK, b. Germany & Rose STEINKE, witn: Allen McMILLAN of Detroit & Frances FERGUSON of Leamington, 8 Sept 1927 at Leamington
11222-27 Donald James PATTERSON, 32, salesman, Michigan, Windsor, s/o Marvin M. PATTERSON, b. Ont & Olive Jennie EASTERLY, married Margaret Julia VIDEAU, 23, Goderich, same, d/o Harry VIDEAU, b. NY state & Kate JOHNSTON, witn: Robert & Mrs. Robert LITTLE of Windsor, 22 Oct. 1927 at Sandwich 11502-27 Clifton C. PATTISON, 24, chemist, Owen Sound, Windsor, s/o George H. PATTISON, b. Ont & Edith TIMPHANY, married Jennie Elsey HORTON, 24, Chicago, Windsor, d/o Edward John HORTON, b. Michigan & Florence CONNOR, witn: Mrs. F. SHADBOLDT & Mrs. E. PATTISON, both of Windsor, 9 May 1927 at Windsor
11227-27 Leo PELLETIER, 31, tool maker, Paincourt, Walkerville, s/o Andrew PELLETIER & Elizabeth CASSIDY, married Irma BEAUSOLEIL, 23, clerk, Windsor, Sandwich, d/o Israel BEAUSOLEIL & Laura PARENT, witn: Israel BEAUSOLEIL of Walkerville & Alice PELLETIER of Ford, 10 May 1927 at Sandwich 10508-27 John B. PELLETIER, 39, shoe merchant, Quebec, Luceville, s/o Joseph PELLETIER, b. Quebec & Eliza De CHAMPLAIN, married Claridell PINE (PRICE?), 37, widow, Sombra, same, d/o William LEURS, b. Ont & Hannah RICHARD, witn: Eugene & Beatrice BESSETTE of Detroit, 8 Jan 1927 at Windsor
11229-27 Charles Jewett PERRY, 41, engineer, Brooklyn NY, Detroit, s/o Frank PERRY, b. USA & Margaret WALKER, married Florence McINDOO, 29, stenographer, Gosfield South, Windsor, d/o Joseph McINDOO, b. Canada & Eliza GORDON, witn: Alma OXLEY & Mrs. M.E. MOORHOUSE, both of Ford, 29 June 1927 at Ford 10514-27 George Harold PERRY, 43, commercial man, Maine USA, Toronto, s/o John PERRY, b. Maine & Emily GRAY, married Daisy Olive BALL, 22, Fort Frances Ont., Windsor, d/o Lorne BALL, b. Cape Breton & Catherine McLEOD, witn: Lucille BOUTELIER & Harvey BALL, both of Windsor, 11 July 1927 at Windsor
11238-27 Cecil Edward POMEROY, 25, plumber, Burford twp. Ont, Detroit, s/o Perry POMEROY, b. Ont & Elizabeth CHAPMAN, married Mary Rosella FARROUGH, 22, Sandwich South twp., Maidstone twp., d/o Linsey FAROUGH, b. Ont & Mable BULLOCK, witn: Louisa WILLIS of Woodslee & Hellen LEITH of Detroit, 1 Sept 1927 at Maidstone village 10523-27 Albert POTVIN, 24, assistant pressman, Ottawa, Windsor, s/o Alphonse POTVIN, b. Quebec & Julienne VANNIRES?, married Rose GRENON, 47, widow, Ottawa, Windsor, d/o David LANDRY, b. Quebec & Julie MAYER, witn: Daniel GRENON of 614 Langlois Ave & Emil LACROIX of 1122 Erie St., 11 June 1927 at Windsor
11240-27 George Harold PRESTON, 25, Chatanooga Tennessee, Windsor, s/o Edward PRESTON & Susan Edna MITCHELL, married Maria Priscilla OUELLETTE, 21, Tilbury East, Windsor, d/o Frederick OUELLETTE & Stephanie LARSH, witn: R. PRESTON & Margaret OUELLETTE, both of Windsor, 13 June 1927 at Ford 10526-27 Isadore PRESTON, 26, auto packer, Nova Scotia, Windsor, s/o Norman PRESTON, b. Russia & Taube SINGHOUSE?, married Esther SHEPHERD, 22, New Brunswick, Windsor, d/o Sam SHEPHERD, b. Russia & Rachel LISEGIERSKI, witn: M.L. GERSHON of 1087 Howard Ave & D. LUE? of 1414 Giles Blvd., 19 June 1927 at Windsor (Hebrew)
10531-27 Foster PULFORD, 55, blacksmith, Essex Co., Kingsville, s/o Edward PULFORD, b. England & Joanna HOOPER, married Minnie DODSON, 46, widow, Germany, Pomona California, d/o Frederick WIGHOFT, b. Germany & Caroline FREELY, witn: Percy FROST & Horace NEUMAN, both of Windsor, 11 July 1927 at Windsor 11244-7 Francis William QUICK, 22, grocer, Colchester North, Walkerville, s/o Walter J. QUICK, b. Cottam & Sarah Almira QUICK, married Olive Isabel WILLIAMS, 21, Cottam, same, d/o Lewis WILLIAMS, b. Colchester North & Isabella LICKMAN, witn: Arthur SEVEST of Windsor & Gladys WIGLE of Cottam, 3 Aug 1927 at Gosfield North twp
11245-27 Henry Joseph Otto QUINN, 27, carpenter, Vinto? Quebec, Ford, s/o John J. QUINN & Susanna MOUSSEAU, married Marie D'Ange Fortuna Ann AUGER, 22, Blind River, Ford, d/o Jean AUGER & Marie POTVIN, witn: Albert RENAUD of Ford & Ann? BAILLAIGEON of Walkerville, 30 Aug 1927 at Ford 10532-27 Thomas William Lorenzo QUINN, 22, carpenter, Quebec, Detroit, s/o John J. QUINN, b. Vinton Que & Margaret MOSSEAU, married Lila Mae AUGUSTINE, 16, Delhi Ont., Windsor, d/o Wilfred AUGUSTINE, b. Michigan & unknown, witn: Violet JORDAN & Jenny COPELAND, both of Windsor, 15 Sept 1927 at Windsor
10537-27 Bloss A. RANDALL, 23, bank clerk, Petrolia, Windsor, s/o Albert E. RANDALL, b. Ont & Maud COLLINS, married Marvell Adele JACKETT, 18 (b. Sept 1908), Sarnia, same, d/o Frank JACKETT, b. Ont & Rhoda PICKARD, witn: Leona PULFORD & Helen LANGFORD, both of Windsor, 12 Jan 1927 at Windsor 10542-27 Robert B. REDDOCK, 29, automobile inspector, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Robert REDDOCK, b. Scotland & Agnes BLACKBURN, married Mildred TAYLOR, 19, Sarnia, Windsor, s/o Gilbert TAYLOR, b. Ont & Sarah B. DEW, witn: Morgan MacKENZIE of Windsor & Velma illegible of Sarnia, 20 April 1927 at Windsor
11258-27 Neil RENNIE, 25, farmer, Scotland, Leamington, s/o James RENNIE, b. Kirkcaldy Scotland & Isabel WATSON, married Helen AITKENHEAD, 17, Scotland, Essex, d/o John AIKENHEAD (sic), b. Blantyre & Mary COURTNEY, witn: James RENNIE of Ruthven & Mrs. Sam AIKENHEAD of Essex, 24 March 1927 at town of Essex 11257-27 James Watson RENNIE, 27, farmer, Kirkcaldy Scotland, Leamington, s/o James RENNIE, b. Kirkcaldy Scotland & Isabel WATSON, married Lizzie HUTCHISON, 25, Kirkcaldy Scotland, Leamington, d/o Henry HUTCHISON, b. Dysert Scotland & Janet MOIR, witn: Neil RENNIE of Leamington & Mrs. Gilbert MOFFAT of Detroit, 18 may 1927 at Essex
11259-27 Ephraim Joseph RIBADY, 23, laborer, Stoney Point, Ford, s/o Wilfred RIBADY & Amelie LEVESQUE, married Marie Delia TOULOUSE, 16, Big Point, Ford, d/o Albert TOULOUSE & Clara TETREAULT, witn: Theodore TOULOUSE of Ford & Marie McNORTON of Tecumseh, 4 July 1927 at Ford 11260-27 Joseph Pierre Zenon RIBERDY, 18, box maker, Tilbury, ford, s/o Wilfrid RIBERDY & Aurelie LEVESQUE, married Rose Alfreda CARTIER, 18, Big Point, Ford, d/o Francis CARTIER & Irene TETREAULT, wtn: Harvey RIBERDY of Ford & Marie McNORTON of Tecumseh, 5 May 1927 at Ford
11266-27 Charles RINGROSE, 21, book keeper, Kingsville, Walkerville, s/o Albert RINGROSE, b. England & Anny PERCIVAL, married Grace GIRARDIN, 17, Point Pelee, Walkerville, d/o Maxim GIRARDIN, b. Point Pelee & Bertha FERMAN, witn: Robert & Mrs. Louise HOWE of Leamington, 31 May 1927 at Leamington 10558-27 Albert Leslie RINGROSE, 25, inspector, England, Walkerville, s/o Albert RINGROSE & Anny PERCIVAL, married Marion GRIFFIN, 23, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William Ernest GRIFFIN, b. England & Margaret Grace McMILLIN, witn: H.J. RINGROSE of Walkerville & Reta GRIFFIN of Windsor, 5 Aug 1927 at Windsor
10559-27 Konstanta RINKANAS, 39, painter, Lithuania, Detroit, s/o Charles RINKANAS, b. Lithuania & Ellen TINEPUTON?, married Elizabeth RUDVALYTE, 29, domestic, Lithuania, Windsor, d/o Joseph RUDVALYTE, b. Lithuania & Amelia ABRAITYIC, witn: George KAUPAS & Amelia LUAS, both of Detroit, 23 Dec 1927 at Windsor 11267-27 Thomas RIPLEY, 22, laborer, West Lorne, same, s/o Walter RIPLEY, b. Nova Scotia & Sarah ROBINSON, married Vera HOLLAND, 21, West Lorne, same, d/o Joseph HOLLAND, b. Ont & Catherine PAGE, witn: Georgia CALVER of Windsor & Mildred FRINK of 49 Iroquois St., 4 March 1927 at Walkerville
11269-27 Henry ROBERTS, 26, lumberman, Sandwich, same, s/o Albert ROBERTS & Louise MARENCIE, married Rose ATKINS, 15, England, Sandwich, d/o Ernest ATKINS & Martha DEIVER, witn: Ernest & Marie ATKINS of Sandwich, 1 Aug 1927 at Sandwich 10563-27 Mantford ROBERTS, 21, trucker, Scotland Ont., Brantford, s/o Frank ROBERTS, b. Ont & Annie HUFFMAN, married Beatrice ROBERTS, 20, South Bend Indiana, Detroit, d/o Charles ROBERTS, b. Ont & Emma FISHBURN, witn: James KENT & Jessie THOMAS, both of Windsor, 11 June 1927 at Windsor
10565-27 Thomas James Harold ROBINSON, 24, machinist, Dufferin Co., Windsor, s/o William Henry ROBINSON, b. Ont & Susan WALLACE, married Margaret WAITSON, 24, England, Windsor, d/o William WAITSON, b. England & Elizabeth WALLER, witn: Julia & Christena WAITSON of Windsor, 17 March 1927 at Windsor 10566-27 William John ROBINSON, 52, florist, England, Windsor, s/o John ROBINSON, b. England & Jane KENDALL, married Elizabeth R. BARNES, 48, England, Windsor, d/o Joseph BARNES, b. England & Alice NICHOLSON, witn: Christopher SPINKELMAN & Carolyn? CARSON, both of Windsor, 26 May 1927 at Windsor
11271-27 Frederick Maxwell ROSE, 20, driver & salesman, Bath Ont., Walkerville, s/o Stanley ROSE, b. Canada & Maria FELLOWS, married Wanda Jane SMITH, 18, typist, Arkona Ont., Walkerville, d/o John SMITH, b. Canada & Lillian CLELAND, witn: Leonard HUDSON & Eva G. ROSE, both of Walkerville, 14 Sept 1927 at Walkerville 10567-27 Horace Paul ROSE, 26, salesman, Windsor, same, s/o George ROSE & Elizabeth POOLE, married Dorothy DESJARDINS, 21, Whitesboro NY, Windsor, d/o David DESJARDINS & Souphranie? SOUCHEREAU, witn: Harlen MENARD & Josephine SOUCHEREAU, both of Windsor, 9 Aug 1927 at Windsor
10573-27 Charles ROY, 29, painter, Glen Roberts Ont., Windsor, s/o Leandre ROY & Artemise JERCEAU?, married Lucienne LAUCOX?, 24, clerk & sales lady, Quebec Que., Windsor, d/o Germain LAUCOX & Marie BARTRAND, witn: Fred LAFRAMBOISE & Elodia LAUCOX, both of Windsor, 31 Oct 1927 at Windsor 11274-27 Leandre ROY, 28, carpenter, Petit Rochemouth? NB, Detroit, s/o Jerome ROY & Rosanne CORMIER, married Electa SAUVE, 21, Pointe aux Roches, same, d/o Joseph SAUVE & Albina CHOUINARD, witn: Raoul SAUVE of Tilbury & Elmire SAUVE of Pointe aux Roches, 2 Aug 1927 at Pointe aux Roches
11279-27 Aubin St.AMAND, 23, construction engineer, Port Arthur Ont., Windsor, s/o Xavier St.AMAND & Emma DUMAS, married Marie Jeanne MARCOTTE, 18, Ottawa, Walkerville, d/o Frank MARCOTTE & Leah LANDRY, witn: A.E. St.AMAND of Detroit & Solange GOUPIL of Windsor, 5 Sept 1927 at Walkerville 10576-27 Louis St.AUBIN, 20, truck driver, Essex Co Ont., Windsor, s/o Adolphus St.AUBIN, b. Essex Co & Josephine SCHRAM, married Thomasina MINTO, 20, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Thomas MINTO, b. Scotland & Eliza SUTHERLAND, wtn: Eleanor C. MOORE & Henry RAY, both of Windsor, 31 Aug 1927 at Windsor
11280-27 Alberny St.LOUIS, 30, farmer, Ford, Maidstone, s/o Joseph St.LOUIS & Rose MAILLOUX, married Theodora LALONDE, 20, Pointe aux Roches, same, d/o Wilfrid LALONDE & Euphrasie LAROUE, witn: Rene St.LOUIS of Windsor & Marie Ange LALONDE of Pointe aux Roches, 1 Feb 1927 at Pointe aux Roches 10577-27 Henry Raymond St.LOUIS, 25, machinist, Woodlsee Ont., Windsor, s/o John St.LOUIS & Elizabeth L. FEARE, married Ida Marie LAFORET, 24, Sandwich, Windsor, d/o Joseph LAFORET & Malvina LAMBERT, witn: Arthur LAFORET of 712 Marentette Ave & Catherine RANNIE of 727 Lanspeary Ave., 11 July 1927 at Windsor
10578-27 William Benjamin St.LOUIS, 30, enamel worker, Glengarry Co Ont., Detroit, s/o John St.LOUIS, b. Ont & Mary Jane PIDGEON, married Maud ROBINSON, 31, Nova Scotia, Windsor, d/o Henry H. ROBINSON, b. Nova Scotia & Annie May FLYNN, witn: Lillian CAMPBELL & John THOMPSON, both of Windsor, 26 Feb 1927 at Windsor 10579-27 Henry Joseph St.ONGE, 32, mechanic, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Antoine St.ONGE, b. Ont & Georgina LORRAIN, married Jean DE CHAMPLAIN, 29, Quebec, Hull Que., d/o Joseph DE CHAMPLAIN, b. Quebec & Caroline BORDEAU, witn: Henry? & Olive St.ONGE of Detroit, 24 Feb 1927 at Windsor
11586-27 Ernest Whitfield SAUNDERS, 56, widower, district manager, Harford Conn., Cleveland Ohio, s/o Prince H. B. SAUNDERS, b. Connecticut & Lucinda MITCHELL, married Margaret MacDONALD, 42, Bruce Co Ont., Cleveland, d/o Angus MacDONALD, b. Scotland & Margaret MORRISON, witn: Elizabeth LANE of Calgary & Mabel PAULIN of Windsor, 2 June 1927 at Windsor 11587-27 Frederick SAUNDERS, 22, maltster, Vancouver BC, Walkerville, s/o David SAUNDERS, b. Ont & Esther BAYNES, married Lena BRAGG, 19, Toronto, Windsor, d/o Thomas BRAGG, b. England & Annie BROOKS, witn: Mrs. McCAFFERY & James McCAFFERY, both of Windsor, 29 Oct. 1927 at Windsor
11286-27 Jean Adelard SAUVE, 24, factory hand, Hawkesbury Ont., Ford, s/o Joseph SAUVE & Alice MARTEL, married Marie Claire GAUVIN, 20, St. Pomphile Que., Ford, d/o Alfred GAUVIN & Adrianna PELLETIER, witn: Arthur SAUVE Detroit & Bertha GAUVIN of Ford, 16 Aug 1927 at Ford 11287-27 Alfred Hans Justus SCHMITT, 33, instrument maker, Germany, Detroit, s/o Justus SCHMITT & Maria EGGERT, married Helene Murl PILSWORTH, 38, nurse, Leamington, same, d/o Joseph PILSWORTH & Sophia GOYEAU, witn: J.M. PILON & S. LE BLANC, both of Ford, 26 Dec 1927 at Leamington
10590-27 Mike SCHAFFRICK, 39, carpenter, Poland, Windsor, s/o Henry SCHAFFRICK, b. Poland & Wilhelmina KOCOTES?, married Lydia SZAFRICK, 29, domestic, Poland, Windsor, d/o William SCHAFFRICK (sic), b. Poland & Eurilie KACOBER?, witn: Mrs. STOCKMAN & Mr. Alex STOCKMAN, both of Windsor, 10 Dec 1927 at Windsor (Lutheran) 10591-27 Erwin Emil SCHILLER, 27, street ca conductor, Detroit, same, s/o Herman SCHILLER, b. Germany & Mary MUSALL, married Henriette Money RITCHIE, 23, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Alexander RITCHIE, b. Scotland & Margaret DOCK (Bock?), witn: Ina? SCHILLER & Mrs. Louise SCHIELKE, both of Detroit, 29 Dec 1927 at Windsor
10598-27 Frederick Lloyd SCOTT, 29, dairy man, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Willard SCOTT, b. Ont & Eliza FAIRBANKS, married Dorothy M. INGHAM, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Charles INGHAM, b. Ont & Glenna STEWART, witn: Charles HUNTER? & Ivera INGHAM, both of Windsor, 12 April 1927 at Windsor [divorced 3/7/50] 10599-27 Joseph Wolfrey SCOTT, 20, farmer, Elmstead, same, s/o Henry SCOTT, b. Ont & Mary PROCTOR, married Lovedy B. GRAYER, 18, Harrow, same, d/o Wylie GRAYER, b. On & Maud MULDER, witn: Genevieve ALLEN of 789 McDougall St. & Henry SCOTT of Elmstead, 26 Feb 1927 at Windsor
11292-27 Wanis SEPPALO, 29, carpenter, Finland, Walkerville, s/o Mattie SEPPALO, b. Finland & Maria HOYET, married Kaisa LEHTINEN, 31, Finland, Walkerville, d/o Kustaa LEHTINEN, b. Finland & Sandra WORNISTO, witn: Mauna & Sylvi LAAKINEN of Ford, 13 Nov 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 11293-27 John SHANAHAN, 28, auto body inspector, Kingston, Windsor, s/o James SHANAHAN, b. Quebec & Mary O'BRIEN, married Irene OUELLETTE, 28, hair dresser, Sandwich East, Sandwich, d/o Peter OUELLETTE, b. Ont & Marion RAU, witn: Theodore OUELLETTE of Sandwich East twp & Mae HOLLAND (Halland?) of Windsor, 22 Aug 1927 at Ford
10612-27 James Francis SHIELDS, 22, traveller, Collingwood Ont., Guelph, s/o James Joseph SHIELDS, b. Canada & Mary DONNELLY, married Helen Elaine PRICE, 20, Guelph, same, d/o Walter PRICE, b. Wales & Jane HUSBAND, witn: John & Nancy MURRAY of Windsor, 3 Dec 1927 at Windsor 11296-27 Charles William SHIELDS, 24, employee of HJ Heinz, London England, Leamington, s/o Charles Wilber SHIELDS, b. England & Sarah Ellen PRING, married Marion Frances FRANK, 21, employee of HJ Heinz, Brandon Manitoba, Leamington, d/o Mitchell FRANK, b. Brandon Manitoba & Rebecca McPHERSON, witn: Mrs. Charlie LOTT & Violet O. HARRISON, both of Leamington, 23 April 1927 at Leamington
10751-27 Earl Joseph WILLIAMS, 25, student, Latonia Kentucky, Windsor, s/o Charles H. WILLIAMS & Mable STEWART, married Shirley Agnes SMITH, 25, Amherst NS, Windsor, d/o Burton B. SMITH & Annie Jane SMITH, witn: Aubrey AMYOT & Lillian SMITH, both of Windsor, 27 Dec 1927 at Windsor 10752-27 James Paul WILLIAMS, 23, brick layer, West Virginia, Toledo Ohio, s/o Robert M. WILLIAMS, b. Missouri & Cora GABLE, married Mabel Helen PIERCE, 22, Pelee Island, same, d/o Charles PIERCE, b. Pelee Island & Helen BARNES, witn: Margaret SMITH & Gertrude Mary HOOK, both of Windsor, 3 Jan 1927 at Windsor
10753-27 John Sidney WILLIAMS, 22, mechanic, England, Windsor, s/o John WILLIAMS, b. England & Annie FORREST, married Elsie Rose WEST, 24, England, Windsor, d/o William WEST, b. England & Rose McKAY, witn: Ann HARDING of Windsor & Eunice STANLEY of Rikley Ont., 23 April 1927 at Windsor 10754-27 Robert John WILLIAMSON, 62, carpenter, Oxford Co Ont., Walkerville, s/o George WILLIAMSON, b. Scotland & Anna CLARKSON, married Frances Theresa BLACK, 56, domestic, widow, Ottawa, Windsor, d/o Thomas WARREN, b. Ireland & Mary O'CONNOR, witn: Mrs. W. A. DOWNS of Detroit & Helen BLACK of Windsor, 18 June 1927 at Windsor
10755-27 John WILLOUGHBY, 32, master upholsterer, British Columbia, Windsor, s/o John WILLOUGHBY, b. England & Rachel DE BROKE, married Mabel HILEY, 31, does not know birthplace but perhaps Ireland, Windsor, d/o not known, witn: Elizabeth LANE of Calgary Alberta & Mabel PAULIN of Windsor, 9 June 1927 at Windsor 10756-27 Robert WILLOUGHBY, 34, butcher, Scotland, Windsor, so John WILLOUGHBY, b. Scotland & Margaret WARK, married Maggie Baird ADAMS, 29, Scotland, Sandwich, d/o Alex ADAMS, b. Scotland & Robina DOLAR (Dales?), witn: Mary WILLOUGHBY & Andrew COVENTRY, both of Windsor, 3 March 1927 at Windsor
  10757-27 Alfred William WILLS, 28, shipping clerk, England, Windsor, s/o Albert WILLS, b. England & Elizabeth GREEN, married Elise SIEGRIST, 22, Switzerland, Windsor, d/o Emil SIEGRIST, b. Switzerland & Elise SCOCH, witn: Gordon A. JOHNSON & Jacqueline VAN STEEN, both of Windsor, 19 Nov 1927 at Windsor
10758-27 Frank John WILSON, 37, carpenter, Hudson Heights Que., Detroit, s/o James WILSON, b. Quebec & Caroline SIMPSON, married Anna Elizabeth PENNEY, 29, Val Cartier Que., Beamsville, d/o Robert PENNEY, b. Quebec & Caroline PATTON, witn: Margaret SMITH of Windsor & Edna BERRY of Beamsville, 22 Aug 1927 at Windsor 10759-27 Robert Burton WILSON, 33, carpenter, Walpole, Hagersville, s/o James B. WILSON & Jane MacFARLAND, married Doris TITCHMARSH, 18, Peel Co., Hagersville, d/o John TITCHMARSH & Alice GRIFFITH, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Eveline? TITCHMARSH, both of Windsor, 7 Feb 1927 at Windsor
10760-27 Douglas Edward WILTON, 23, cabinet maker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Amos E. WILTON, b. Ont & Mary McPHERSON, married Mary Florence LONG, 30, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James L. LONG, b. Ont & Mary B.V. JESSOP, witn: Margaret SMITH & Jessie THOMAS, both of Windsor, 8 Jan 1927 at Windsor [divorced 26/9/49] 10761-27 Julian WINTERHALTER, 26, attorney, Detroit, same, s/o George WINTERHALTER & Bertha BERTHOT, married Mabel PETERS, 29, stenographer, Windsor, same, d/o John Lyons PETERS & Charlotte COUGHLIN, witn: Charles BERTHOT of Detroit & Marion PETERS of Windsor, 21 July 1927 at Windsor
10762-27 John WOJTUSICK, 35, driver, Poland, Detroit, s/o Sarazin? WOJTUSICK, b. Poland & Caterina? illegible, married Bernice KORISK, 23, Poland, Ford, d/o Ignatius KORISK (Korick?), b. Poland & Josephine KIELINSKI? (Rielinski?), witn: Soruck? KORISK & Mary SHURKOUSKI, both of Detroit, 27 Aug 1927 at Windsor 10763-27 Alfred M. WOLENBURGH, 38, attorney, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Harry WOLENBURGH, b. Poland & Hinda BORMAN, married Esther GINSBERG, 24, Russia, Toronto, d/o Morris GINSBERG, b. Russia & Perl DORFMAN, witn: E. OPPEK & illegible, both of Windsor, 4 Jan 1927 at Windsor
10764-27 John WOLFENDEN, 36, widower, elevator business, England, Windsor, s/o William WOLFENDEN, b. England & Jane FRANKLIN, married Bertha L. COWLEY, 38, divorced, Port Huron Mich., Windsor, d/o Philip HILLS, b. Michigan & Elizabeth BLAIR, witn: M.L. PAULIN & Donald FRASER, both of Windsor, 26 March 1927 at Windsor 10765-27 Colin WOOD, 27, tool & die maker, England, Windsor, s/o Stanley WOOD, b. England & Mary FARADAY, married Ellen ALDERSLEY, 30, England, Windsor, do Bateman ALDERSLEY, b. England & Harriet SUMMERS, witn: Hilborn GALLOWAY & Jessie FORSHAW, both of Windsor, 10 Dec 1927 at Windsor
10766-27 Gordon WOODCROFT, 36, salesman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John James WOODCROFT, b. England & Sarah Ann ROWE, married Dorothea Emma BAILEY, 25, Muskoka, Windsor, d/o James Hendy? BAILEY, b. Ireland & Blanche Amelia COOPER, witn: Cecil & Mrs. Cecil RICKELY of Windsor, 30 June 1927 at Windsor 10767-27 Stanley Aldridge WOODISON, 38, electrician, Windsor, same, s/o James WOODISON, b. England & Susan ALDRICH, married Lilian Annie LAWSON, 29, England, Windsor, d/o Thomas LAWSON, b. England & Ellen Mary CLARKE, witn: Ann & Elizabeth HARDING of Windsor, 22 Feb 1927 at Windsor
10768-27 Gerald Dawson WOODIWISS, 20, stock clerk, Kingsville, Detroit, s/o Ernest Russell WOODIWISS, b. Ont & Mary Irene DAWSON, married Muriel Lillian JESSOP, 19, stenographer, Paquette Ont., Sandwich, d/o John Edward JESSOP, b. Ont & Maud Jane VALLENS, witn: Earl & Mrs. Earl JESSOP of Roseland Ont., 26 Feb 1927 at Windsor 10769-27 William Karl WRIDE, 30, machinist, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John MUNFORD, b. Ont & Barbara HOUSE, married Ada MUNFORD, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William WRIDE, b. Ont & Josephine WRIGHT, witn: Albert Oliver WRIDE of Kingsville & Beatrice MUNFORD of Windsor, 24 Dec 1927 at Windsor
10770-27 Stanley Thomas YAXLEY, 26, electrician, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Thomas YAXLEY, b. England & Katherine MATTHEWS, married Pearl Florence CARR, 25, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Christopher CARR, b. Canada & Lillie Ann EAGLESON, witn: Stala? ARGUE & Ethel CARR, both of Windsor, 17 March 1927 at Windsor 10771-27 Robert George YOUNG, 27, express driver, Ontario, Windsor, s/o George YOUNG, b. Canada & Jane Ann BUCHANAN, marred Mary Elizabeth DEMPSEY, 30, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William DEMPSEY, b. Canada & Ann NEVINS, witn: Claire Marie HANRAHAN & Ann HART, both of Windsor, 3 June 1927 at Windsor
10772-27 George Dewey ZAHNOV, 26, truck driver, USA, Detroit, s/o Charles Albert JAHNOV, b. Germany & Anita MOSER, married Olive Janette KELLY, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Edward KELLY, b. Ont & Margaret McFARLANE, witn: Bertram & Mrs. Bertram FORD of Windsor, 25 June 1927 at Windsor 10773-27 Joseph ZAJAC, 33, tailor, Poland, Detroit, s/o John ZAJAC, b. Poland & Pauline KUZK, married Josephine GOLBA, 21, Poland, Windsor, d/o Franz GOLBA, b. Poland & Pelgra WOZNA, witn: Elizabeth HARDING of Windsor & Eunice STANLEY of Ripley, 5 May 1927 at Windsor
10774-27 Mikolay ZAJKOWSKI, 29, laborer, Poland, Ford, s/o Ludwig ZAJKOWSKI, b. Poland & Stanitana GARLINSKI?, married Matylda POGORZALSKA, 23, Brooklyn NY, Detroit, d/o Felix POGORZELSKI & Natalie SADOWSKA, witn: M. PATOUSKI & A. RUNNEK, both of Windsor, 3 Aug 1927 at Windsor 10775-27 Charles Henry ZEAVIN, 33, street railway conductor, Russia, Detroit, s/o Osher ZEAVIN, b. Russia & Charra Yitel JAPE?, married Esther GURARUA, 25, Russia, Windsor, d/o J. Kerch GERARIA, b. Russia & Sanie Mary RABINSKA, witn: Louis BECKER? & M. CHAPET?, 20 March 1927 at Windsor
10776-27 Paul ZIBELL, 39, die maker, Germany, Detroit, s/o Ferdinand ZIBELL, b. Germany & Maria FRITCH, married Frieda Johanna MUNTER (Muntes?), 25, Germany, Windsor, d/o Alfred MUNTER, b. Germany & Silene KNOTH, witn: Penone? MARSHALL & Mrs. H. FEHNER, both of Windsor, 24 Dec 1927 at Windsor 10777-27 John ZUCHESTO, 44, laborer, Italy, Detroit, s/o Peter ZUCHESTO & Justina CASTELANO, married Agatha BENETTO, 31, Italy, Windsor, d/o Angelo BENETTO & Maria SEVESTRINI, witn: Ruzzero PECCINEN & Adelia VANDRELLI, both of Windsor, 3 Sept 1927 at Windsor
10778-27 Clemens ZUKOWSKI, 22, Motor Products Co., Philadelphia PA, Detroit, s/o Alexander ZUCHOWSKI, b. Poland & Irena FOLSENSKA, married Bernice FOLSENSKA, 19, Philadelphia, Detroit, d/o Ignatius FOLSENSKI, b. Poland & Caterina SZYCZKA, witn: N. SOBOTKIEWICZ & Frank BUREK, 26 March 1927 at Windsor