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009912-27 Edward Harold ADDYMAN, 34, clerk, Plumstead England, 100 Lawrence Road Ford, s/o Ernest Harold ADDYMAN (b. England) & Florence ALLAN married Edith Sibborn SCOTT, 27, stenographer, Cockermouth England, 1844 Pierre Ave. Windsor, d/o David Sibborn SCOTT (b. England) & Ethel SEURR, witn: William ADDYMAN of 1706 Dougall Ave. & Mrs. C. D. FARQUHARSON of Windsor, 14 May 1927 in Windsor.  
009913-27 George Baran AFFLECK, 32, painter, Scotland, 195 Albert Rd. Ford, s/o David AFFLECK (b. Scotland) & Isabella GIVEN, married Sarah Ann Douglas BRUCE, 36, domestic, Arncroach Scotland, 156 Monmouth Rd. Walkerville, spinster, d/o William BRUCE (b. Scotland) & Jane BROWN, witn: Harold MILLS & Annie PATERSON both of Walkerville, 14 July 1927 in Windsor 009914-27 Emanuel AGIUS (Agins?), 28, carpenter, Malta, Detroit, s/o Joseph AGIUS (b. Malta) & Mary BONNICI married Jennie VASSALS, 17 (18 next January), Malta, Windsor, d/o Charles VASSALS (b. Malta) & Mary SAMMUT, witn: Charles SCHORNBAS of Detroit & Vincent CASSAR of Detroit, 5 November 1927 in Windsor
009915-27 Egan Fabian AHLBERG, 29, machine repairman, Sweden , Windsor, s/o Axel AHLBERG (b. Sweden) & Maria JOHNSON married Grace Linnea SODERQUIST, 22, U.S.A., Bay City Michigan, d/o Theodore SODERQUIST (b. Sweden) & Thilda BENSON, witn: Mrs. Thilda SODERQUIST of Bay City Michigan & Mrs. H. FEHNER of Windsor, 1 February 1927 in Windsor 009916-27 Glendon Veloras AIKINS, 19, shipping clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Samuel Walter AIKINS (b. Ontario) & Mary Alice WILKINSON married Violet DANBY, 19, clerk, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Robert DANBY (b. Ontario) & Isabelle LAWRENCE, witn: Annie & Percy LAWRENCE both of 657 Windsor Ave., 28 July 1927 in Windsor
009917-27 James Conger ALLISON, 19, druggist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James W. ALLISON (b. Picton) & Mabel L. CONGER married Winifred Nellie MOUNCE, 18, home duties, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles L. MOUNCE (b. Newport Monmouthshire) & Clara MORRIS, witn: Claude BROWN & Clara MOUNCE both of Windsor, 24 October 1927 in Windsor 009918-27 Axel M. ANDERSON, 32, mechanic, Norway, Dryden, s/o Ernst (Eckert?) ANDERSON (b. Norway) & Marie OLSEN married Gladys Evelyn STREET, 21, Toronto, Dryden, d/o William J. STREET (b. Ontario) & Isabella CAMPBELL, witn: Ellen STANLEY of Ripley & Elizabeth HARDING of Windsor, 7 April 1927 in Windsor
009920-27 William ANDREWS, 21, truck driver, London, Windsor, s/o Herbert ANDREWS (b. England) & Alice MUDGE, married Lillian WILSON, 17 (consent of father), Saskatchewan, Windsor, d/o Thomas WILSON (b. Canada) & Bernadette BLEAN, witn: Capt. Stanley GENNESY & Eliza M. BRISTOW both of 429 Grove Ave. Windsor at The Salvation Army, 1 March 1927 in Windsor 009919-27 Percy Joseph Ernest ANDREWS, 27, accountant, England, Windsor, s/o Joseph ANDREWS (b. Scotland) & Lydia Ann THORN married Mary ASHCROFT, 25, saleslady, Scotland, Windsor, d/o James ASHCROFT (b. England) & Mary KNIGHT, witn: Lynall Walter HOLT of Dearborn Michigan & Elsie M. CHAPMAN of Windsor, 25 November 1927 in Windsor.
009921-27 John ANDRIKS, 46, mechanic, Hungary, Detroit, s/o John ANDRIKS (b. Hungary) & Julia BUDYI married Julia GYORI, 28, Hungary, Windsor, d/o Alex GYORI (b. Hungary) & Julia ZAKOOR, witn: Nick HOROKY of Windsor & Steve JURICISIN of Ford City, 14 May 1927 in Windsor. 009922-27 Joseph ANTOSHCHUK, 28, machinist, Poland, Windsor, s/o John ANTOSHCHUK (b. Poland) & Justyna KUDELSKI married Lena SHYAMANSKI, 19, Poland, Windsor, d/o Stanislaus SHYAMANSKI (b. Poland) & Catharine KIVASNA, witn: Steve HOZO of 1140 Lauglin (Langlin ?) Ave. & Helen KENDRA of 1121 Lauglin Ave., 19 November 1927 in Windsor.
009923-27 Robert James APPLIN, 24, telephone employee, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Edward APPLIN (b. Detroit) & Mabel BEATTIE married Violet PARENT, 23, Windsor, Windsor, d/o Dolphus PARENT (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth RIVARD, witn: John & Anna McCLOSKEY both of Windsor, 3 September 1927 in Windsor. 009924-27 Herbert Forrester ARBUCKLE, 23, salesman, London, Windsor, s/o W. C. ARBUCKLE (b. Scotland) & Annie SOLOMON married Helen Hester WRIGHT, 22, Howell Michigan, Howell Michigan, d/o Frank M. WRIGHT (b. Howell Michigan) & Abbie Mary SORG, witn: Ila & Thomas PRENTICE both of 422 Giles Blvd. Windsor, 1 May 1927 in Windsor
009925-27 Robert Gordon ARMSTRONG, 21, plasterer, Hastings Co., Windsor, s/o Robert P. ARMSTRONG (b. Ontario) & Mary E. NOLAN, married Mary Ann RYAN, 21, Ottawa, Windsor, d/o Martin RYAN (b. Canada) & Margaret OAKLEY, witn: Ann & Elizabeth HARDING both of Windsor, 25 March 1927 in Windsor 009926-27 Clarence Edwin ARTHURS, 34, civil servant, Ottawa, Windsor, widower, s/o Samuel ARTHURS (b. Ireland) & Sadie GARLAND married Elizabeth May LIVINGSTON, 30, civil servant, Durham, Windsor, spinster, d/o John LIVINGSTON (b. Ontario) & Mary N. MITCHELL, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH both of Windsor, 10 February 1927 in Windsor
009927-27 Eric Graham ATCHERLEY, 30, metal worker, (faint) England, Tilbury, s/o William H. ATCHERLEY (b. England) & Charlotte SHAKESHOFT married Esther Louisa COWLEY, 30, manicurist, Tilbury, Windsor, spinster, d/o John COWLEY (b. England) & Sarah Ellen BOND, witn: Mrs. Nellie GRUNNICEK?, & Mabel PAULIN both of Windsor, 19 February 1927 in Windsor 009928-27 Armando AVIAN, 24, molder, Italy Windsor, s/o Armadora AVIAN (b. Italy) & Annabella VALANTINA married Mary CRIPPS, 24, England, Windsor, d/o Charles CRIPPS (b. England) & Anna BENNETT, witn: Harvey & Mrs. Harvey DISHMAN (DICKMAN ?) both of 23 Glendale Ave. Sandwich, 15 March 1927 in Windsor
009929-27 Morris AXELROD, 28, fruit pedlar, Poland, 966 Langlois Ave. Windsor, s/o Airey (Berey?) AXELROD (b. Poland) & Rebbekah SVENSKY, married Anna GINSBURG, 23, Poland, 966 Langlois Ave. Windsor, d/o Jacob GINSBURG (b. Poland) & Rachel YAFFE, witn: J. A. GLANG of 823 Windsor Ave. & M. H. CHAFATS of 302 Randolph St. Sandwich, 20 October 1927 in Windsor. [divorced 31/1/55] 009930-27 Alfred Lewis BAILEY, 22, farmer, Amherstburg Essex Co., Amherstburg, s/o Edwin BAILEY (b. Ontario) & Susan MALOTT married Frieda Jean STIRLING, 21, Bayfield Ontario, Amherstburg, d/o James STIRLING (b. Ontario) & Margaret L. TORRANCE, witn: Mrs. William MOORE of 38 Campbell Ave. Windsor & F. E. BROWN of 64 Campbell Ave. Windsor, 8 January 1927 in Windsor.
009931-27 Charles Curtis BAKER, 22, merchant, Crawford Co. Ohio, Marion Ohio, s/o Curtis J. BAKER (b. U.S.A.) & Ada GROGG married Valera May WALTON, 21, Colchester Twp Essex Co., Walkerville, d/o Joseph WALTON (b. Essex Co) & Sabina ROSS, witn: Elgin WALTON of 1088 Frances St. & Pellis FRANCIS of 428 Rectory St. London, 11 June 1927 in Windsor 009932-27 Elston BAMBRICK, 29, grocer, Tilsonburg, Windsor, widower, s/o Frederick BAMBRICK (b. England) & Addie CURTIS married Mary Ellen MILLER, 25, Dutton Ontario, Windsor, d/o Martin MILLER (b. Ontario) & Ada MARCHAMAN, witn: Gladys MILLER of Windsor & Arthur BAMBRICK of St. Thomas, 1 August 1927 in Windsor
009933-27 Godfrey BAMERT, 24, garage worker, Switzerland, Windsor, s/o Gottfried BAMERT (b. Switzerland) & Marie KASTER married Martha Elsie FISCHER, 27, Switzerland, Windsor, d/o Johann FISCHER (b. Switzerland) & Elise MEIER, witn: Otto GLINZ of 1068 Tuscarora Windsor & Lena SEGRIST of Windsor, 8 October 1927 in Windsor. 009934-27 Karl Hamilton BAMFORD, 26, meat cutter, Listowel, Windsor, s/o Arthur Alphonse BAMFORD (b. Kurtsville Ontario) & Maud HOWE married Katherine Evelyn CORD, 27, Own Sound, Windsor, d/o John CORD (b. Ontario) & Mary SCHULTZ, witn: Marjorie & Elton BAMFORD both of 2940 Alter Rd. Detroit, 30 September 1927 in Windsor.
009935-27 Carl BANKS, 31, laborer, Colchester South, Amherstburg, s/o Thomas BANKS (b. Amherstburg) & Mary JONES (JONAS ?) married Phebe CHAVIS, 20, domestic, Colchester South, Amherstburg, d/o Thomas CHAVIS (b. South Colchester) & Malinda HARRIS, witn: Charley & Mrs. Grace CHING both of 524 Mercer St., 7 February 1927 in Windsor. 009936-27 Fred BANTISH, 48, laborer, Russia, Windsor, s/o Harampin BANTISH (b. Russia) & Linomiza ADAMSKI married Elena URPANOWITS, 45, Poland, Windsor, widow, d/o Yeton URBANOWICI (b. Poland) & Anna WELIM, witn: Inalk BERNOT & W. SHANIEUSTH both of Windsor, 6 January 1927 in Windsor.
009937-27 Gordon Herman BARNETT, 21, occupation blurry, Ottawa, 46 Crawford St. Windsor, s/o Joseph BARNETT (b. Ontario) & Louisa SCHULTZ married Mary Verna FERRIER (FERNIER ?), 20, Ottawa, 46 Crawford Windsor, d/o Charles FERRIER (b. Ontario) & Mary BONNER (BONNAR ?), witn: Elizabeth LANE & Mabel PAULIN both of Windsor, 12 November 1927 in Windsor 009938-27 Raymond Earl BARRIE, 25, mechanic, Ontario, Detroit, s/o George Alex BARRIE (b. Ontario) & Sarah Agnes LONGMAN married Annie Lyola TIGHE, 21, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Patrick H. TIGHE (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane KEON , witn: Mrs. Henry & Henry SCOTT both of Detroit, 19 June 1927 in Windsor
009939-27 Walter BARTLETT, 21, machinist, Wisconsin U.S.A.,. Windsor, s/o Walter BARTLETT & Elizabeth MAYER married Clara HOFFMAN, 21, Gravenhurst, Windsor, d/o Albert HOFFMAN & Rose HOLLIER (Holher?), witn: James BARTLETT of 111 Wellington Ave. Windsor & Carmella McDONALD of 7645 Kipling Ave. Detroit, 5 May 1927 in Windsor. 009940-27 Charles W. BATCHELDER, 23, insurance agent, Wheatley Essex Co., Wheatley, s/o William BATCHELDER (b. Michigan) & Elsie MALLOTT married Vera Hulda HOLMES, 18, St. Louis Mo., Detroit, d/o Robert HOLMES (b. St. Louis Mo.) & Emma SITTNER, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Marion (surname illeg) both of Windsor, 15 January 1927 in Windsor.
009941-27 Clarence BATEMAN, 34, locomotive engineer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Thomas BATEMAN (b. England) & Sarah Jane PAYNE married Isabella McDONALD, 22, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Alexander McDONALD, (b. Scotland) & Isabella SMITH, witn: Jean M. & Walter BROWN both of Windsor, 28 September 1927 in Windsor. 009942-27 Harold Lionel Stanford BATEMAN, 20, reed worker, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Thomas A. BATEMAN (b. Canada) & Emma HILL married Violet Elizabeth ALDRIDGE, 27, England, Stratford, d/o George F. ALDRIDGE (b. England) & Emma HARPER, witn: M. L. PAULIN of Windsor, 17 April 1927 in Windsor.
  009943-27 Abdin Joseph BAXTER, 41, clerk, Ontario, Windsor, widower, s/o Patrick BAXTER (b. Canada) & Margaret BAXTER married Marguerite E. C. BRIAND, 28, Island of St. Pierre, Windsor, d/o Joseph BRIAND (b. Island of St. Pierre) & Marie COUCHARD, witn: John & Mrs. John MURRAY of 419 Goyeau St. Windsor, 17 June 1927 in Windsor
009944-27 Edwin Harold BEAUMONT, 29, taxi driver, London, Sandwich, s/o David John BEAUMONT (b. Ontario) & Annie SHORT married May DEAN, 27, England, Windsor, d/o George William DEAN (b. England) & Rebecca GUNTON, witn: William A. & Helen BEAUMONT both of Sandwich, 10 November 1927 in Windsor 009945-27 John Robert BEGBIE, 39, carpenter, Scotland, Windsor, widower, s/o James T. BEGBIE (b. Scotland) & Margaret TAIT married Elizabeth D. WILKIE, 40, Scotland, Windsor, spinster, d/o Duncan WILKIE (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann DUNCAN, witn: Dorothy PAZUK of 144 Goyeau St. Windsor & Domitri PAZUK of Windsor, 14 June 1927 in Windsor
009946-27 Clarence Earl BELL, 29, chauffeur, Harrisville Michigan, 769 Hall Ave. Windsor, s/o Mitchell BELL (b. Ontario) & Margaret HASTINGS married Rosena LITTLE, 24, Thamesville, Sandwich, d/o Robert LITTLE (b. Ontario) & Mary E. BOLTON, witn: July M. LITTLE of Sandwich & Clifford J. DARLING of Detroit, 15 June 1927 in Windsor 009947-27 Elliott Ross BELL, 25, farmer, Huron Co., Hensall, s/o James Alexander BELL (b. Ontario) & Margaret FAIRBURN married Helen Irene GRIGG, 23, Huron Co., Clinton, d/o Albert Joseph GRIGG (b. Ontario) & Amy Jane SMELLIE, witn: Horace & Catherine NEUMAN both of Windsor, 5 July 1927 in Windsor
009948-27 Peter BELL, 30, police constable, Scotland, 1063 Davenport Rd. Toronto, s/o Henry BELL (b. Scotland) & Helen CORMACK married Winnifred Almeda RUTLEDGE, 18, Ontario, 60 Grenadier Rd. Toronto, d/o George RUTLEDGE (b. Ontario) & Eva ATKINSON, witn: Frank GARDNER & Elspeth Janette GARDNER both of Windsor, 7 November 1927 in Windsor 009949-27 Thomas BELL, 27, car checker, Ireland, Windsor, s/o Joseph BELL (b. Ireland) & Bessie RUSSELL married Margaret FORSYTH, 26, Scotland, Sandwich, d/o William FORSYTH (b. Scotland) & Margaret Jane ALLEN, witn: Elizabeth RUSSELL of Detroit & Joseph SMYTH of Pembroke, 11 February 1927 in Windsor
009950-27 William David Ross BENTON, 24, foreman trimmer , England, Windsor, s/o George Ross BENTON (b. England) & Alice CADDICK married Rosina Alice JACKSON, 22, England, Walkerville, d/o Thomas JACKSON (b. England) & Emma LEWIS, witn: Frederick Paul & Evelyn Sarah ROUNDING both of Windsor, 21 July 1927 in Windsor 009951-27 Herman BERNSTEIN, 41, electrician, Russia, Detroit, s/o Morris BERNSTEIN (b. Russia) & Leah BREN married Dora KRIWOSHAY , 29, Russia, Windsor, d/o Joshua KRIWOSHAY (b. Russia) & Sarah DEKIN, witn: Eli LIGHTSTONE of 2522 Taylor Ave. Detroit & I. GLUCKIN of 327 Aylmer Ave., 11 September 1927 in Windsor.
009952-27 Lyle BERTRAND, 27, cashier, Walkerville, Windsor, s/o Vincent BERTRAND & Elizabeth McGARVEY married Dora Irene THORN, 24, stenographer, Windsor, Windsor, d/o Thomas THORN & Margaret BRIAN, witn: Raymond BERTRAND & Thelma M. THORN both of Windsor, 18 January 1927 in Windsor. 009953-27 Lawrence John Henry BEST, 23, clerk, Essex Co., Windsor, s/o John H. BEST (b. Ontario) & Minnie M. EDSALL married Gladys Edith ROGERS, 21, England, Windsor, d/o A. J. ROGERS (b. England) & Edith GAZE, witn: Bessie BEST of 719 Dougall Ave. Windsor & William CLINTON of 219 Windermere Rd. Walkerville, 21 May 1927 in Windsor
009954-27 Charles D. BETTS, 22, steam fitter, Essex Co., Windsor, s/o David BETTS (b. Ontario) & Margaret FOLKES married Kathleen Elizabeth JOHNSON, 20, England, Ford, d/o James JOHNSON (b. England) & Lucy PRICE, witn: Evelyn BURLING of 1043 Gladstone Ave. Windsor & J. JAMESON of 466 Dougal Ave. Windsor, 10 July 1927 in Windsor 009955-27 Alvin BEZEAU, 21, metal finisher, Windsor, Windsor, s/o Mitchell BEZEAU (b. Ontario) & Mary BILLEDOUX married Catherine MORRISON, 18 (accompanied by her mother), Scotland, Sandwich, d/o Alex MORRISON (b. Scotland) & Catherine SINCLAIR, witn: Doris Mildred STARK (Stiers?) of Sandwich & Frederick George DOUGHTY of Windsor, 13 June 1927 in Windsor
009956-27 Stanley BIGNELL, 24, cable splicer, London England, Windsor, s/o George S. BIGNELL (b. England) & Elsie ARMOUR married Ethel E. NICHOLLS, 21, England, Windsor, d/o George W. NICHOLLS (b. England) & Lucy BONIFACE, witn: Margaret SMITH & Jessie S. THOMAS both of Windsor, 1 January 1927 in Windsor. 009957-27 Arnold F. BIMM, 27, laborer, Whitney, Pontiac Michigan, s/o Frank BIMM (b. Canada) & Bertha NEUMAN married Mona Ellen THOMAS, 25, Killaloe Ontario, Pembroke, d/o Alexander THOMAS (b. Ontario) & Ellen PEARCE (c/b PIERCE), witn: George HOOLE & Horace NEUMAN both of Windsor, 5 July 1927 in Windsor.
009958-27 Antoine BISSONNEAULT, 24, pressman, Bonfield Ontario, Windsor, s/o Cyrice BISSONNEAULT & Philomene LACROIX married Lillian Pearl DESMARAIS, 18, Stoney Point, Windsor, d/o Agile DESMARAIS & Delphine CLOUTIER, witn: Rene? MARTIN of 953 Parent Ave. Windsor & Anita BISSONNEAULT of Windsor, 15 (16?) September 1927 in Windsor 009959-27 Orville BITTIKOFER, 22, machine operator, U.S.A., Detroit, s/o Joseph BITTIKOFER (b. U.S.A.) & Anna SCHALE (Schele?) married Florence GAUTHIER, 16, Windsor, Windsor, d/o Frank GAUTHIER (b. Ontario) & Sarah Ellen TRACEY, witn: Clifford PORTT & Dorothy GAUTHIER both of Windsor, 29 October 1927 in Windsor.
009960-27 Arthur Hugh BLACK, 26, accountant, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Hugh John BLACK (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth EASTMAN married Madeline Edna SECORD, 22, Thamesville, Thamesville, d/o George SECORD (b. Ontario) & Jetta Bridget TUITE, witn: Margaret F. & M. Irene STEWART both of Windsor, 7 July 1927 in Windsor 009961-27 Walter Norman BLACK, 26, druggist, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Robert BLACK (b. Ontario) & Phoebe GALBRAITH married Olive Lucille KINGSTON, 17, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Fred D. KINGSTON (b. Ontario) & Lillian Dezell ELLWOOD, witn: Clara THOMAS & Lillian Dezell KINGSTON both of Windsor, 14 June 1927 in Windsor.
009962 Frederick BLACKLER, 23, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o John William BLACKLER (b. England) & Minnie VIVIAN married Margaret HOSKING, 18 (accompanied by mother), England, Windsor, d/o James HOSKING (b. England) & Agnes HALL, witn: Cora E. & Reg. L. BECKETT both of 319 McKay Ave. Windsor, 18 June 1927 in Windsor. 009963-27 Sidney Martin BLAIR, 29, research engineer, Ontario, Prince Edward Hotel Windsor formerly Edmonton Alberta, s/o Robert F. BLAIR (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann ATKINS married Nettie Russel GENTLEMAN, 31, Scotland, Edmonton Alberta, spinster, d/o William R. GENTLEMAN (b. Scotland) & Annie C. McNAUGHTON, witn: M. L. PAULIN & Marion ANDERSON both of Windsor, 26 March 1927 in Windsor
009964-27 Nova BLAIS, 31, mechanic, Quebec Province, Cobalt, s/o Oliver BLAIS (b. Quebec) & Alvina CHAMPAGNE married Mary Esther MURPHY, 20, Cobalt, Cobalt, d/o Patrick J. MURPHY (b. Canada) & Ida PERSIAN, witn: Mrs. P. J. MURPHY of Cobalt & Mrs Adelard PERSIAN of 415 Louis Ave. Windsor, 27 September 1927 in Windsor. 009965-27 William Charles BLAKE, 23, clerk, London, 114½ Victoria Rd. Walkerville, s/o William Charles BLAKE (b. Ontario) & Violet Gertrude PERKINS married Alice Emily SMITH, 18, nurse maid, Allandale Ontario, 162 Monmouth Rd. Walkerville, d/o John Miller SMITH (b. England) & Alice May WILLIE (WILLIS ?), witn: Arthur O. & Lily M. SWEET, both of Windsor, 6 October 1927 in Windsor.
009966-27 Albert Edward BLAKEMORE, 18, mechanic, Toronto, Windsor, s/o George BLAKEMORE (b. England) & Florence Goodall Louise married Peggie CUTHBERT, 19, housekeeper, Lanarkshire Scotland, Windsor, d/o John CUTHBERT (b. Scotland) & Agnes YOUNG, witn: Mrs. Victoria Alberta & Jack Young CUTHBERT both of 292 Grove Ave. Detroit, 22 September 1927 in Windsor. 009967-27 Pinkus BLEIER, 31, builder, Hungary, Detroit, s/o (parents names not given) (father b. Hungary) married Gestia (Gesha?) RUBIN, 21, Poland, Sandwich, d/o (parents names not given) (father b. Poland), witn: H. KROBL & G. GELBER of 1050 Louis Ave. Windsor, 12 June 1927 in Windsor.
009968-27 Leon BLYTHE, 25, auto worker, South Carolina, Detroit, s/o Joseph W. BLYTHE (b. U.S.A) & Jennie M. HAMILTON married Grace REYNOLDS, 22, Blenheim, Windsor, d/o Marvin REYNOLDS (b. Canada) & Jennie DOOL, witn: Alta REYNOLDS of 220 McEwen Ave. Windsor & Tom M?ARES of Detroit, 23 July 1927 in Windsor. 009969-27 Paul F. BODINE, 25, garage owener, Illinois, Detroit, divorced, s/o William BODINE (b. Illinois) & Darcy HELT, married Nellie O'SHEA, 21, Ireland, Windsor, d/o Patrick O'SHEA (b. Ireland) & Rosie O'BRIEN, witn: Ira CANNON & Angeline WINTERS both of Windsor, 10 July 1927 in Windsor.
11275-27 Charles DE RUIJSSEHER, 24, laborer, Belgium, Colchester South, s/o Joseph DE RUIJSSEHER, b. Belgium & Julia VAN HAVERMAN, married Marie Leonie DE WAELE, 36, widow, Belgium, Colchester South, d/o Edward DE WAELE, b. Belgium & Francisa WAUTER, wtn: August SRIELAELS? (Sriebaele?) & Marie DE RUIJSSEHER, both of Colchester South, 3 Sept 1927 at Amherstburg 010108-27 John Everett EAGLE, 28, bookkeeper, Windsor, 145 Cameron Ave. Windsor, s/o Robert N. EAGLE (b. Ontario) & Minnie MacFARLANE married Helen Mae SEGUIN, 27, divorced, beauty operator, Detroit Michigan U.S.A., 413 Victoria Ave. Windsor, d/o Frank SEGUIN (b. Michigan) & Rose May CLARKE, witn: Dorothy E. FULLER of 851 Bruce Ave. & N. E. EAGLE of 145 Cameron Ave., 15 September 1927 in Windsor.
010109-27 Lloyd Ernest Carvel Thomas EANSOR, 26, manufacturer, Detroit Michigan, 519 Church St. Windsor, s/o Thomas J. EANSOR & Marie DUHEAUME married Ethel Marie McGUIRE, 20, Detroit Michigan, 112? Howard Ave. Windsor, d/o Leo McGUIRE & Bertha THIBERT, witn: Omer ROBERTS of Detroit & Leona RYAN of Windsor, 11 July 1927 in Windsor 010110-27 Sidney Mark H. EARL, 30, electrician, England, Windsor, s/o Mark EARL (b. England) & Phoebe Jane WILLIAMS married Janet Isabell CHISHOLM, 30, Glencoe Ontario, Windsor, spinster, d/o Hugh CHISHOLM (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth McFARLANE, witn: Mabel & Wallace McINTYRE of Detroit, 12 August 1927 in Windsor
010111-27 Leo Aubrey ECKERT, 34, carpenter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Frederick ECKERT (b. Michigan) & Nancy BLISS married Elizabeth Rosamond HARRIS, 34, England, Windsor, spinster, d/o Alfred HARRIS (b. England) & Rosamond ELLIOTT, witn: Robert IMRIE & Mrs. Jennie McBRIEN both of Windsor, 3 December 1927 in Windsor 010112-27 Gustaf Bernard EDLUND, 24, salesman, New York State, Windsor, s/o John EDLUND (b. Sweden) & Jada BORGESON married Ethel Margaret McALLISTER, 26, Chicago Ill., Windsor, widow, d/o William F. CLARK (b. Ontario) & Jennie GALLAGHER, witn: Thomas E. & Rosemary CARLSON both of Windsor, 21 January 1927 in Windsor.
010113-27 Dean EDMISTON, 26, timekeeper, Illinois, Windsor, s/o Walter F. EDMISTON (b. Ontario) & Helena WILKINSON married Aleta Elizabeth STEWART, 25, Carnoustie Saskatchewan, Windsor, d/o James STEWART (b. Ontario) & M. (blank), witn: Robert EDMISTON of Brantford & Clara MILLER of Windsor, 5 September 1927 in Windsor. 010114-27 Frank ELIAS, 23, woodworker, Belacrkva Juco Slovia Germany, s/o John ELIAS & Barbara HOUDECK married Elizabeth TURBS, 30, Belacrkva Juco Slovia Germany, widow, d/o Hans TURBS & Christian ZIER, witn: Vick & Anna FROVENCHUTS of Kingsville, 9 July 1927 in Windsor.
010115-27 George ELLIOTT, 32, electrical engineer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o George W. ELLIOTT (b. Scotland) & Bessie HAYES married Mary McGONIGLE, 32, Ireland, Windsor, spinster, d/o Robert McGONIGLE (b. Ireland) & Rose DUFFY, witn: Margaret & Alexander BEATON both of Windsor, 16 April 1927 in Windsor 010116-27 Alexander John ELRICK, 26, stone cutter, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Alexander Gardner ELRICK (b. Scotland) & Jane MILNER married Louise SPACKMAN, 25, England, Windsor, d/o George Henry SPACKMAN (b. England) & Sarah Elizabeth WOOLDRIDGE, witn: Cordelia Ann ELRICK of 1165 Merrick St. Detroit & Albert SPACKMAN of 334 Ellis Ave. Windsor, 27 August 1927 in Windsor
010118-27 George Norman ELWIN, 39, druggist, Owen Sound, Windsor, widower, s/o Louis K. ELWIN (b. Ontario) & Helen Miller BILLINGS married Lorraine NEVILLE, 27, Mapleton, Windsor, d/o Thomas James NEVILLE (b. Ontario) & Charlotte SCANLAN, witn: Helen ELLIOTT of 431 Church St. Windsor & Colin B. McDERMID of 50 Cameron Windsor, 22 June 1927 in Windsor. 010119-27 Edward O. EMOREY, 49, shipping clerk, Kingsville, Royal Oak Detroit Michigan, widower, s/o James EMOREY (b. U.S.A.) & Testimah MALLOTTE married Grace L. CRESSMAN, 30, Detroit, Royal Oak Michigan, spinster, d/o Charles O. CRESSMAN (b. Michigan) & Jennie PRESTON, witn: Mrs. W. A. WALDEN & Mrs. S. E. FAIRBAIRN both of Windsor, 2 January 1927 in Windsor
010120-27 Robert ENGLAND, 26, machinist, Ireland, Sandwich, s/o Joseph ENGLAND (b. Ireland) & Hannah HUMPHRIES married Annie WEIR, 24, Ireland, Sandwich, d/o Robert WEIR (b. Ireland) & Rachel BLAIR, witn: Christopher ENGLAND & Minnie PARISIEN, both of Sandwich, 29 March 1927 in Windsor 010121-27 Abraham EPSTEIN, 26, peddler, Jerusalem, Windsor, s/o Harry EPSTEIN (b. Jerusalem) & Fenia COHEN married Bessie GOLDBERG, 22, Jerusalem, Windsor, d/o Baruch GOLDBERG (b. Jerusalem) & Sarah JANKELEVICH, witn: Oscar LERMAN of 824 Albert St. & A?. LIPENSHATZ? of 20 Hall Ave., 2 January 1927 in Windsor. [Hebrew]
010122-27 Charles ERDELYI, 27, works in bowling alley, Budafok Hungary, Windsor, s/o Joseph ERDELYI & Anna BROSKO married Gizella SCHILLINGER, 23, Budafok Hungary, Cleveland Ohio, d/o John SCHILLINGER & Mary HOFFLINGER, witn: Joseph HAVRON of 1132 Benjamin Ave. & Margaret KONDOR of 932 Church St., 28 February 1927 in Windsor. 010123-27 Laurean ESIAN, 25, milkman, Roumania, Cleveland, s/o Dan ESIAN (b. Roumania) & Verana ACHIM married Anna SANDRU, 20, Roumania, Windsor, d/o Charley SANDRU (b. Roumania) & Chirvacia SPIRIRDON, witn: Marie STACHITE of 1200 Harwich & Alvin G. ALLAN of 1125 Elsmere Ave. Windsor, 19 February 1927 in Windsor.
010125-27 Carl Brackett EVANS, 23, motion picture operator, Halifax N.S., Detroit, s/o Nathaniel EVANS (b. Halifax N.S.) & Elizabeth BRACKETT married Muriel Loraine WALKER, 19, Toronto, Detroit, d/o William George WALKER (b. Ontario) & Florence E. ROGERS, witn: Victor GARDNER & Edith T. MILES both of Detroit, 3 March 1927 in Windsor 010124-27 Secord Ian EVANS, 26, clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John EVANS (b. Ontario) & Harriet BURNS married Elizabeth Veronica GAVIN (GREIN?), 21, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Phillip GAVIN (b. Scotland) & Catherine McGOUGH, witn: Elizabeth Isabella F. PETERS of Windsor & Robert Leslie BARR of Detroit, 20 July 1927 in Windsor.
10484-27 Jay Clem ORR, 32, carpenter, Brown Co. Kansas, Chicago, s/o John ORR, b. Missouri & Alice CLEM, married Catherine GILLARD, 29, England, Toronto, d/o John GILLARD, b. Ireland & Elizabeth DUNLEVY, witn: Elsie M. CHAPMAN & Hazel ADSEPH, both of Windsor, 26 May 1927 at Windsor 10487-27 Douglas OTTAWAY, 25, photographer, London England, Windsor, s/o Bethal? Kingsley OTTAWAY, b. England & Caroline BRAY, married Mona Irene WENDOVER, 27, stenographer, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Thomas Duncan? WENDOVER, b. Ont & Ava Louisa LLOYD, witn: Leslie OTTAWAY off Windsor & Ethel LEAK of Toronto, 6 Oct. 1927 at Windsor
10488-27 Kenneth George PACKHAM, 24, die maker, Stratford Ont., Flint Mich., s/o Robert PACKHAM, b. Downie twp & Sarah HUMPHREY, married Myrtle Caroline McCABE, 23, Cassel Ont., Windsor, d/o George McCABE, b. Stratford Ont & Marion KAUFMAN, witn: E. Rae MURDIE & J. SMITH, both of Detroit, 8 Oct. 1927 at Windsor 10489-27 Blaz PADGEN, 33, carpenter, Austria, Windsor, s/o Blaz PADGEN, b. Austria & Ena ENFERKOWH?, married Grace Evelyn BAHER, 21, London England, Windsor, d/o Herbert Arthur James BAHER, b. England & Sarah Ann MUNALLY, witn: Cecil MYERS & Grace KINGSTON, both of Windsor, 30 June 1927 at Windsor
11209-27 Walter Frank PADWICK, 27, shoe maker, England, Windsor, s/o Frank PADWICK, b. England & not known, married Agnes Hutton Park SINCLAIR, 18, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Dugal SINCLAIR , b. Scotland & Grace GILMOUR, witn: John MILNE & Bridget DINNING, both of Windsor, 4 April 1927 at Walkerville 10490-27 Colin Ellward PAE, 27, HEP of Ontario operator, Windsor, Walkerville, s/o William PAE, b. Barrie Ont & Agnes WILSON, married Maud Byrnice VAIR, 27, Ontario, Barrie, d/o George VAIR, b. Simcoe Co & Cora ENGLISH, witn: Walter? WILSON & Russell ATCHISON, both of Windsor, 1 June 1927 at Windsor
11210-27 Edward PAGE, 21, nickel plater, Ecosee Mich., Detroit, s/o Edward PAGE & Minnie GRONDIN, married Angeline BLAIS, 18, London Ont., Ford, d/o Joseph BLAIS & Nathalie BOUCHER, witn: Russell PAGE of Detroit & Hilda BONDY of Walkerville, 14 Sept 1927 at Ford 10491-27 David Kenneth PAISLEY, 23, tool maker, London Ont., Windsor, s/o David Crozier PAISLEY, b. Ont & Mary MOSSOP, married Mariam Agnes HUGHES, 21, England, Sandwich, d/o John HUGHES, b. Wales & Elizabeth HEATLEY, witn: Velva PAISLEY of Windsor & Charles M. HAYDEN of Highland Park Mich., 26 Dec 1927 at Windsor
10492-27 Joseph PAOLATTO, 23, cement finisher, Italy, Windsor, s/o Ferdnando PAOLATTO, b. Italy & Seneta NICODEMA, married Mary NADALIN, 16, Italy, Windsor, d/o Louis NADALIN, b. Italy & Theresa MATTUCCI, witn: Antony PAOLATTO & Elda PERIOZZO, both of Windsor, 10 Sept 1927 at Windsor 10493-27 Fred John PAPPIN, 44, salesman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John PAPPIN, b. Ont & Margaret McLEAN, married Charlotte M. GEORGE, 42, widow, Ontario, Pembroke, d/o George MacDONALD, b. Ont & Mary DAVIS, witn: Mary BALLYN (Dallyn?) & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 25 April 1927 at Windsor
11213-27 Albert Winthorp PARDY, 24, steam fitter, Bonavista Newfoundland, Detroit, s/o George PARDY, b. Nfld & Hannah HANCOCK, marred Ethel Mary STRUDWICK, 21, Mitcham Surrey - London England, Sandwich, d/o Thomas STUDWICK, b. b. Ackbridge England & Ethel Mary DAVIS, witn: Thomas & Minnie STRUDWICK of Sandwich & Albert RYAN of Detroit, 30 July 1927 at town of Sandwich 11214-27 Stephen PARE, 23, filer, Windsor, Ford, s/o Cyril PARE & Mary Ann EMERY, married Emily MOISAU, 27, Rochester twp., same, d/o Denis MOISAU & Victoria CAMPEAU, witn: Albert MOISAU of Belle River & Lorraine PARE of Ford, 20 June 1927 at Belle River
10495-27 Ivan James PARK, 25, tester, Bruce Co Ont., Windsor, s/o James PARK, b. Ont & Annie Mae FAUL (Annie McFaul?), married Eunice Margaret ATHERTON, 21, England, Windsor, d/o Peter ATHERTON, b. England & Ada SCOTT, witn: Melville PARK of Ouellette Ave & Emma ATHERTON of 277 Bridge Ave., 20 Aug 1927 at Windsor 10496-27 Pierre Leroy PARK, 32, druggist, Norfolk Co., Simcoe, s/o William A. PARK, b. Norfolk Co & Mary STIGAKER, married Margaret A. G. TISDALE, 23, Detroit, Simcoe, d/o Edgett TISDALE, b. Simcoe Ont & Mary WILSON, witn: Mary TISDALE of Simcoe & Margaret S. WILSON of Detroit, 15 Feb 1927 at Windsor
10497-27 Robert William PARK, 21, plasterer, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Robert PARK, b. England & Alice JOHNSON, married Mary Ann Wilkie SMART, 19, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Alexander SMART, b. Scotland & Mary Anderson BIGG, witn: Robert PARK of 356 Wellington Ave & Robert RICE of Ottawa, 11 Sept 1927 at Windsor 10498-27 Brock Henry Muir PARKER, 23, manager, Woodstock Ont., London, s/o Henry PARKER, b. Oxford Co Ont & Nellie MUIR, married Lucille Webber GINGERICH, 20, stenographer, Woodstock, London, d/o Aaron GINGERICH, b. New Hamburg Ont & Ethel WEBBER, witn: Russell HODGSON & Jessie GINGERICH, both of Windsor, 25 Jan 1927 at Windsor
10499-27 John PARNIE, 33, body finisher, Scotland, Riverside, s/o Robert PARNIE, b. Scotland & Margaret CARMICHAEL, married Catherine Sinclair MORRISON, 42, widow, Scotland, Riverside, d/o Andrew SINCLAIR, b. Scotland & Margaret CROSS, witn: Margaret DAVIES of Sandwich & Andrew MORRISON of Riverside, 27 Aug. 1927 at Windsor 11218-27 William Aubrey PARSONS, 27, millwright, Cheshire England, Leamington, s/o Edwin PARSONS, b. en & Elizabeth COOPER, married Hannah LAING, 23, Newfield England, Leamington, d/o John LAING, b. England & Mary BROMLEY, witn: Bert SMITH of Leamington & Jamesina LAING of Windsor, 12 Nov 1927 at Leamington
10501-27 George PATON, 40, machinist, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John PATON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth MALCOLM, married Minnie Ellen LEIGH, 38, England, Windsor, d/o Arthur LEIGH, b. England & Margaret RIDGLEY, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Mrs. Florent COMMERFORD, both of Windsor, 22 Oct. 1927 at Windsor 11223-27 Mat PAUCLICH (or POLLICH), 25, laborer, Servia, Ford, s/o Frank PAUCLICH (sic) & Martha TUMLJENOVICH?, married Kate NOVACICH (or NORVICACH), 24, Servia, Ford, d/o George NOVACICH, b. Croatia & Ida RUKENIA, witn: Matthew ABRAMOVISH & John SERDAR, both of Ford, 15 Jan 1927 at Ford
10503-27 George PAUTIA, 32, mechanic, Michalye Austria, Roseland Essex, s/o Michel PAUTIA & Eufrossina WRONOWSKI, married Mary Laura BART, 29, Zurich Ont., Windsor, d/o John BART & Rose Anna MOUSSEAU, witn: John SHERSHENIUK of Ford & Irene BART of Windsor, 26 July 1927 at Windsor 10504-27 Hugh PAXTON, 22, barber shop owner, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Hugh PAXTON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth Jean DAVIDSON, married Marguerite WARREN, 18, Windsor, same, d/o Thomas WARREN, b. Ont & France HAVELOCK, witn: George & Charlotte ELWOOD of Windsor, 20 May 1927 at Windsor
11224-27 Leslie Arnold PAY, 24, salesman, St. Catharines Ont., Sandwich, s/o Albert PAY & Ella SHERRINGTON, married Irene DUFOUR, 24, Sandwich, same, d/o Barnabas DUFOUR & Anna ANTAYA, witn: Ray & Eva DUFOUR of Sandwich, 7 June 1927 at Sandwich 10505-27 Sam PAZNER (Pozner?), 25, butcher, Russia, Windsor, s/o Ben PAZNER, b. Russia & Rebecca CROLL, married Anna GREENBERG, 22, Roumania, Windsor, d/o Abraham GREENBERG, b. Roumania & Bettie SAPIRO, witn: W. BARNETT & J. ZIMMER, 19 Aug 1927 at Windsor
11225-27 Thomas Marson PEARCE, 33, laborer, Cornwall England, Walkerville, s/o Thomas Mason PEARCE, b. England & Lillian FERGUSON, married Emily Kate TREGRIDGE (Tregidge?), 23, domestic, Cornwall England, Walkerville, d/o Ernest TREGIDGE, b. England & Emily BORLAN, witn: Harry PEARCE & Laura TREGRIDGE, both of Walkerville, 30 July 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 11226-27 Thomas PEARSON, 28, marine engineer, Paisley Scotland, Sandwich, s/o Henry PEARSON, b. Scotland & Mary KELSO, married Mary Louise PERRY, 18, River Rouge, Sandwich, d/o Arson PERRY, b. Ont & Laura LAMONT, witn: George A. BEER & Elizabeth MULLENDER, both of Sandwich, 5 March 1927 at Sandwich
10506-27 Elisius M. PEDERSEN, 22, mechanic, Denmark, Windsor, s/o Peter PEDERSEN, b. Denmark & Charlotte GHOAT, mrried Christina Ingram SMITH, 21, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o John SMITH, b. Scotland & Elizabeth INGRAM, witn: George Roxburgh SMITH of Detroit & Lillian St.DENIS of Riverside, 11 June 1927 at Windsor 10507-27 Thomas Henry PEGLER, 23, foreman, London England, Windsor, s/o Thomas Henry PEGLER, b. England & Alice JOHNSON, married Jean WEEPERS, 21, inspector, Edinburgh Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Robert WEEPERS, b. Scotland & Jean FATHER, witn: William SIMPSON & Alice PEGLER, both of Windsor, 10 June 1927 at Windsor
10509-27 Alan PENDLEBURY, 34, auto worker, England, Windsor, s/o Charles PENDLEBURY, b. England & Florence HOWLETT, married Mary Constance HART, 39, England, Windsor, d/o Frank Brooks HART, b. England & Mary BOZANNECK, witn: Amelia & Albert COLEBOURNE of Riverside, 25 June 1927 at Windsor 10510-27 Lyndon PERCIVAL, 24, decorator, Sarnia, Detroit, s/o George PERCIVAL, b. Ont & Elizabeth LANE, married Lerina McDERMID, 22, Collingwood Ont., Windsor, d/o Duncan McDERMID, b. Ont & Jane CURRIE, witn: Jessie McDERMID of Detroit & A. BERNARD? of Windsor, 31 May 1927 at Windsor
11228-27 Banner PERKINS, 45, widower, grain dealer, Gibson - Putnam Co. Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o Joseph PERKINS, b. Ludlow England & Mary Madgalene WARD, married Mary Audrey Leslie WILTON, 26, book keeper, Isleworth - London England, Hamilton Ont., d/o John WILTON, b. England & Mary Ann Elizabeth PAYNE, witn: Russell DOUGLAS & Hendryetta GEDDES, both of Sandwich, 29 Jan 1927 at Sandwich 10511-27 Louis PERLMAN, 29, dentist, Toronto, Windsor, s/o Joseph PERLMAN, b. Russia & Rachel MESSINGER, married Reisa LECHTZIER, 22, Winnipeg, Windsor, d/o Abraham LECHTZIER, b. Russia & Dobra ROSENSTREICH, witn: S. & J.B. MERETSKY of Windsor, 19 July 1927 at Windsor
10512-17 Alex PERRAULT, 30, stock clerk, Windsor, same, s/o Peter PERRAULT & Celina CARRIERE, married Marie illegible RENAUD?, 27, Whitsboro NY, Windsor, d/o Michel RENAUD? & Olivia PARISE, witn: illegible PRATT & Malvina PERRAULT, both of Windsor, 24 Nov 1927 at Windsor 10513-27 John PERROTT, 24, salesman, Wales, Windsor, s/o Remuss PERROTT, b. England & Agnes BATTS, married Hilda MILLER, 20, England, Windsor, d/o Elijah MILLER, b. England & Ada HAZELDEN, witn: Ada & Elijah MILLER of Windsor, 7 May 1927 at Windsor
10515-27 Albert Edward PETERSON, 21, farmer, Gosfield South twp., same, s/o Raymer PETERSON, b. Gosfield South & Lila PULFORD, married Madeline May Louise BROWN, 18, Mersea twp., same, d/o Everet BROWN, b. Mersea twp & Grace QUICK, witn: Margaret SMITH & Lenora OBEAY, both of Windsor, 8 Aug 1927 at Windsor 10516-27 Stephen PETROFF, 27, pipe fitter, Greece, Windsor, s/o Petro PETROFF, b. Greece & Manoosa CHRISTOVA, married Christena Nola MARKOU, 22, Greece, Windsor, d/o Nols MARKOU, b. Greece & Geratza NOMOVA, witn: Alexander OSGAN of Detroit & Elizabeth HARDING of Windsor, 27 Jan 1927 at Windsor
11230-27 Wesley Stone PHELPS, 22, musician, Chatham, Sandwich, s/o Frank PHELPS, b. England & Mabel STONE, married Augustina ROBINET, 24, Sandwich, same, d/o August ROBINET, b. Ont & Marie FOURNIER, witn: Adolphe ROBINET of Windsor & Louise DUBOIS of Sandwich, 5 July 1927 at Sandwich 11231-27 Wilfred PHELPS, 24, milk man, South Woodslee, Windsor, s/o Moses PHELPS, b. Ont & Margaret HUNTER, married Irene McDONALD, 18, Winnipeg, Windsor, d/o Michael McDONALD, b. Ont & Pauline BENDALL, witn: D. Jeanne & D.W. VINCENT of Walkerville, 23 July 1927 at Walkerville
10517-27 Noe Ovilla Donat PICHE, 25, steel worker, Hull Que., Windsor, s/o Ovila Victor PICHE, b. NY state & Rosanna NORMAND, married Jeannette HEBERT, 18, Blind River, Windsor, d/o Antoine HEBERT, b. Massachusetts & Marie Jeanne WILFORD, witn: Dieudonne BOURDEAU & Anne HEBERT, both of Windsor, 25 June 1927 at Windsor 10518-27 Leonard PIESCHKE, 29, laborer, Welland Ont., Belle River, s/o Charles PIESCHKE & Rosa GEIS, married Frances VICKERD, 21, Woodlsee, Windsor, d/o John VICKERD & Pauline MILLER, witn: Clifford VICKERD of Woodslee & Lucille PIESCHKE of Windsor, 22 June 1927 at Windsor
11232-27 Arthur Leonard PIKE, 24, laborer, Norwich England, Kingsville, s/o Ewan PIKE, b. England & Ellen COLLINS, married Alice Grace TOALE, 19, Kingsville, same, d/o Harry TOALE, b. England & Eugenie PEARCE, witn: Mary A. IRWIN & Margaret IRWIN, both of Kingsville, 22 Jan 1927 at Kingsville 11233-27 Ernest William PINCH, 24, farmer, Tilbury West, Leamington, s/o Henry PINCH, b. Canada & Jane HEALY, married Erma Ruth ABBOTT, 17, Gosfield South, Leamington, d/o Michael ABBOTT, b. Ont & Mable BUTLER, wit: Frances FERGUSON & Bessie KLIPPERT, both of Leamington, 23 April 1927 at Leamington
10519-27 John Ignatius PINEAU, 26, accountant, Malden, Windsor, s/o Joseph PINEAU, b. Ont & Annie BOUFFORD, married Marian Jean COPELAND, 22, stenographer, Glencoe Ont., Walkerville, d/o Francis COPELAND, b. Ont & Annie McCAW, witn: Raymond & Dorothy PINEAU of Windsor, 22 Oct. 1927 at Windsor 11234-27 Aurele PINSONNEAULT, 25, druggist, St. Joachim, Detroit, s/o Stanislas PINSONNEAULT & Marie SYLVESTRE, married Ernestine MAITRE, 22, teacher, Tecumseh, same, d/o Jean MAITRE & Delphine TORINE? (dead), witn: Edmond GUILBAULT of Belle River & Emile MAITRE of Tecumseh, 2 Aug 1927 at Tecumseh
11235-27 Ralph PIPER, 58, farmer, widower, Huron twp., Amherstburg, s/o Thomas PIPER, b. England & Agatha THOMAS, married Lillian FLEMING, 48, widow, Pelee Island, Gosfield South, d/o John SCHULTHIES, b. Ohio US & Mabel PIERCE?, witn: Jennie COUCH & J.M. FRENCH, both of Amherstburg, 17 May 1927 at Amherstburg 10520-27 Arthur PITCHER, 25, painter, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Henry James PITCHER, b. England & Caroline WITHERS, married Muriel A. ROBSON, 20, Toronto, Winnipeg, d/o Reuben ROBSON, b. England & Jennie ORR, witn: Jennie & R. ROBSON of Winnipeg, 13 March 1927 at Windsor
11236-27 Daniel POISSON, 34, farmer, Maidstone twp., same, s/o Edmund POISSON & Josephine GIRARD, married Edna PAPINEAU, 22, domestic, Maidstone twp., same, d/o John PAPINEAU & Olive GIRARD, witn: Moses GIRARD of Belle River & Eva POISSON of Maidstone twp., 5 July 927 at Belle River 10521-27 Adelard Louis POISSON, 37, physician, Belle River, Tecumseh, s/o Damas POISSON & Helen DISBURG, married Agnes Mary McNABB, 28, Windsor, St. Thomas, d/o Napoleon McNABB & Mary Louis SYLVESTRE, witn: Paul POISSON of Tecumseh & Claire McNABB of Windsor, 9 Aug 1927 at Windsor
11237-27 Michael POLNER, 37, laborer, Poland, Windsor, s/o William POLNER, b. Poland & Frances MOSTOWY, married Emily PALONEIKE, 22, Poland, Windsor, d/o William PALONEIKE, b. Poland & Rosie CHYNAL, witn: Fred? KARMAZYN of 1418 Purvie? St. & L. MAGWOOD of Walkerville, 23 June 1927 at Walkerville 10522-27 Victor POSTENEA, 34, laborer, Roumania, Windsor, s/o Anton POSTENEA, b. Roumania & Eugenia POSTENEA, married Rosie FORMAJIN, 15, Roumania, Ford, d/o Michael FORMAJIN, b. Roumania & Marie FORMAJIN, witn: George & Victoria BOLSHAN of Windsor, 26 Feb 1927 at Windsor
11239-27 Joseph Henry POSTLETHWAITE, 29, machinist, England, Walkerville, s/o John POSTLETHWAITE & Margaret ATKINSON, married Martha McVEIGH, 25, domestic, England, Walkerville, d/o John McVEIGH & Martha BOYDE, witn: Frank POLKINGTON & Mrs. J. POSTLETHWAITE, both of Walkerville, 27 Aug 1927 at Walkerville 10524-27 Lloyd POWELL, 23, painter, Peterborough Ont., Toronto, s/o James POWELL, b. Ont & Ethel WARNER, married Edith MANOCK, 22, Toronto, same, d/o James MANOCK, b. England & Mary TURNER, witn: Leroy & Dahlia MASON of Detroit, 10 Aug 1927 at Windsor
10525-27 Calvin PRADY, 23, real estate, Russia, Detroit, s/o Joseph PRADY, b. Russia & Julia JACOBSEN, married Mildred PRADY, 23, New York, de, d/o Reuben PRADY, b. Russia & Julia SAMUELS, witn: Walter BAGNALL & Elizabeth HARDING, both of Windsor, 8 June 1927 at Windsor 11241-27 Edgar George PRETTIE, 30, salesman, Gravenhurst, Ford, s/o George PRETTIE, b. Ont & Elizabeth SHAUGHNESSY, married Evelina MALOTT, 34, Kingsville, same, d/o Desmond MALOTT, b. Ont & Della SANFORD, witn: Minnie MOORHOUSE & Lettie J. POWELL, both of Ford, 10 March 1927 at Ford
10527-27 Elmer Leurs PREVIL, 21, truck driver, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Albert PREVIL, b. Guernsey & Mary Jane SNIVELY, married Iris Florence MEENS, 18, England, Windsor, d/o Charles Seniore MEENS, b. England & Flrence TURNER, witn: Walter TAYLOR of St. Thomas & Ferrol HARLEIB of Windsor, 18 June 1927 at Windsor 10528-27 Clifford PRIEUR, 20, laborer, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Alfred PRIEUR & Delima DAULT, married Marie DROUILLARD, 21, Windsor, same, d/o Hector DROUILLARD & Rose LANGLOIS, witn: Edward PRIEUR & Eva DROUILLARD, both of Windsor, 1 June 1927 at Windsor
10529-27 John PRINGLE, 27, lumber sealer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Robert PRINGLE, b. Scotland & Barbara CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth A. DIXON, 25, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John DIXON, b. Scotland & Mary WISHART, witn: Mary W. PRINGLE & George MacKAY, both of Walkerville, 22 Oct 1927 at Windsor 11242-27 Joso PRPICH, 26, machinist, Jugoslavia, Ford, s/o George PRPICH, b. Jugoslavia & Martha SRADON, married Ana MAZURAN, 19, Jugoslavia, Ford, d/o George MAZURAN, b. Jugoslavia & Aminda DAVICH, witn: Andrew SEIPER & Matt PRPICH, both of Ford, 21 May 1927 at Ford
10530-27 Paul PSIK, 26, Czecho Slovak, Windsor, s/o Jun? PSIK, b. Czecho Slovak & Arura WORKOWA, married Mary TRINICTAI, 28, domestic servant, Czecho Slovak, Windsor, d/o Mikalois TRINICTAI, b. Czecho Slovak & Aijoilevisi PAVKOE, witn: John SALAYKA & Joseph RAJSIGL, both of Windsor, 3 Oct. 1927 at Windsor 11243-27 George Edwin PURKISS, 28, machinist, London England, Windsor, s/o Henry PURKISS, b. Portsmouth England & Louise MOLYNEAUX, married Vera Elizabeth RUNNINGS, 24, teacher, Tupperville Ont., Comber, d/o George RUNNINGS, b. Peterborough Ont & Anna Bell AGNEW, witn: Percy LORDS of St. Thomas & Elizabeth GARDINER of Cayuga Ont., 8 July 1927 at Comber
10533-27 Russell RAAB, 27, nickle plater, Dayton Ohio, Detroit, s/o George RAAB, b. USA & Minnie WERNER, married Lilian MALCO, 19, London Ont., same, d/o Stanley MALCO, b. England & Minnie JANKOWSKI, witn: A. Patrick MAHONEY & Marion WELLS, both of Windsor, 2 April 1927 at Windsor 10534-27 Edwin Percy Fayers RACE, 19, taxi driver, East London - Cape Colony South Africa, Elgin Mills, s/o Frank Fayers RACE, b. England & Inez Julia RENTON, married Ivy May BELL, 20, England, Windsor, d/o Oswald BELL, b. England & Edith May CADLY, witn: E.B. & Oswald BELL of Windsor, 26 Dec 1927 at Windsor
10535-27 Thomas RAINEY, 31, wiper, Ireland, Windsor, s/o George RAINEY, b. Ireland & Isabella IRVINE, married Amelia Jane McCONNELL, 29, Ireland, Windsor, d/o William McCONNELL, b. Ireland & Matilda KIDD, witn: Stella & William STAFFORD of Windsor, 25 July 1927 at Windsor 10536-27 David RALPH, 24, die maker, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John RALPH, b. Scotland & Eliza CAMERON, married Sarah Elizabeth GROSSETT, 23, England, Windsor, d/o William GROSSETT, b. England & Elizabeth A. HORNSBY, witn: George GROSSETT & Mary HORNSBY, both of Windsor, 17 June 1927 at Windsor
10538-27 Arthur RAWLINGS, 22, truck driver, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John RAWLINGS, b. Canada & Margaret MARSHALL, married Helen Marion LANSING, 22, Michigan, Sandwich East twp.., d/o Everett LANSING, b. Ireland & Luella FITCH, witn: Alfred & Aurra St.AMOUR of Windsor, 26 June 1927 at Windsor 10539-27 Harold Thompson RAYNER, 21, mechanic, Peterborough Ont., Windsor, s/o George RAYNER, b. England & Emma GODFREY, married Florence Anna BELL, 19, Maidstone, same, d/o Albert BELL, b. Pike Creek & Selina CLESHAW, witn: Ross MINER? & Norma Ethel ROBINSON, both of Windsor, 19 May 1927 at Windsor
10540-27 Alex Eddie REAUME, 48, gardener, Essex Co Ont., Lasalle, s/o Laurent REAUME, b. Ont & Ellen FIELDS, married Mary Rosina REAUME, 47, Windsor, same, d/o Clovis REAUME, b. Ont & Elizabeth DUPUIS, witn: Achille & Alzina REAUME of Windsor, 22 Oct. 1927 at Windsor 10541-27 Edward James REDDAM, 28, brakeman, Maidstone, Windsor, s/o Denis REDDAM & Catherine DERBY, married Irene Mary PARENT, 21, Sandwich, Windsor, d/o Dolphis PARENT & Rosana CHARETTE, witn: Guy SINASAC & Alice PARENT, both of Windsor, 28 June 1927 at Windsor
10543-27 Clifford Clernole? REEVES, 28, brakeman, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Samuel REEVES, b. Canada & Daisy COURTMANCHE, married Mary Vivian MORRISSEY, 28, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Louis MORRISSEY, b. Ont & Margaret MEAKES?, witn: Merle TRIPP of Detroit & Mary CLIFFE of Windsor, 29 Jan 1927 at Windsor 11246-27 Elmer B. REH, 28, farmer, Pelee Island, same, s/o Peter REH, b. Pelee Island & Annie ARCHIBALD, married Daisy Henrietta Freda QUICK, 28 (23?), Pelee Island, same, d/o Milton QUICK, b. Pelee Island & Margaret ROHM (Rahm?), witn: George & Mrs. Phoebe REH of Wheatley, 10 May 1927 at Leamington
11247-27 Lawrence Robert REID, 27, farmer, Blytheswood, same, s/o Chris REID, b. Blytheswood & Annie MOORE, married Vera Mildred QUICK, 24, Olinda Ont., Blytheswood, d/o Solomon QUICK, b. Leamington & Phoebe HARRIS, witn: Russel QUICK of Leamington & Tena REID of Blytheswood, 14 Dec 1927 at Leamington 10544-27 Robert REID, 32, glass setter, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Robert REID, b. Scotland & M.S. MACKIE, married Florence HOLLY, 37, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Edward KELLY, b. England & Emily GARLAND, witn: Donald & Mrs. Donald SCOTT of Detroit, 28 May 1927 at Windsor
11248-27 Lorne REID, 23, machinist, Cockburn Island Ont., Detroit, s/o Thomas REID & Sarah JOHNSON, married Leona Ursula BURNS, 25, nurse, Massey Ont., Windsor, d/o Alexander BURNS & Ursula GODIN, witn: George A. BURNS of Detroit & Mrs. Leo KERWIN of Callander, 9 May 1927 at Walkerville 10545-27 John REILLY, 23, laborer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Patrick REILLY & Catherine MORRISON, married Agnes McCLARNEY, 19, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Thomas McCLEARNEY (sic) & Margaret McDERMOTT, witn: Joseph WARD of Detroit & Jemima SHERLOCK of Ford, 18 June 1927 at Windsor
10546-27 Forest Gerald REISNER, 25, draughtsman, Leamington Ont., Windsor, s/o Philip REISNER, b. Ont & Mary Jane DAVIDSON, married Alice HUMPHRIES, 21, clerk, Windsor, same, d/o William HUMPHRIES, b. Ireland & Martha DORRICOTT, witn: John REISNER & Amy Dorricott HUMPHRIES, both of Windsor, 3 Sept 1927 at Windsor 11249-27 Lester Lloyd REIVE, 29 (27?), Tilbury West twp., Gosfield South, s/o Sylvester REIVE, b. Essex Co & Elizabeth GOSLIN, married Emma M.C. WEYER, Livingstone Co Illinois, Tilbury West, d/o Elmer WEYER, b. Huntington Pennsylvania & Clara HASEK, witn: Edna WEYER of Comber & Gerald BRUNER of Ruthven, 16 April 1927 at Tilbury West
10547-27 Patrick Joseph RENAUD, 19, mechanic, Windsor, same, s/o William RENAUD & Delia CARON, married Violet Theresa MIZON, 18, England, Walkerville, d/o William MIZON & Gertrude STEENBERGER, witn: Birt RENAUD & Bertha St.ONGE, both of Windsor, 23 April 1927 at Windsor 11250-27 Alvin RENAUD, 20, laborer, Amherstburg, same, s/o Joseph RENAUD & Anna TOURANGEAU, married Risa MALENFONT, 19, McGregor, same, d/o Alfred MALENFONT & Vitaline RENAUD, witn: Belle? BONDY of Amherstburg & Celine MALENFONT of Detroit, 28 Feb 1926 at McGregor [divorced 3/18/49]
11251-27 Edmond Joseph RENAUD, 30, carpenter, Amherstburg, same, s/o Israel RENAUD & Annie MAILLOUX, married Mildred Marie TOULOUSE, 20, Amherstburg, same, d/o Frederick TOULOUSE & Evelin AMLIN, witn: Ledson P. DARRAH & Beatrice TOULOUSE, both of Amherstburg, 22 June 1927 at Amherstburg 11252-27 Felix RENAUD, 19, farmer, McGregor, Amherstburg, s/o Delphis RENAUD & Elmire KELFRISCH, married Mary May VIGNEAUX, 19, Amherstburg, same, d/o Alfred RENAUD (Sic) & Mary GIGNAC, witn: Ulysse GIGNAC of Amherstburg & Emma RENAUD of McGregor, 18 Jan 1927 at Amherstburg
11253-27 Herbert RENAUD, 21, laborer, McGregor, same, s/o Thomas RENAUD & Mathilde DESLIPPE, married Violette BASTIEN, 19, McGregor, same, d/o Edmond BASTIEN & Marie BASTIEN, witn: Ernest TOURANGEAU & Rose MALENFONT, both of McGregor, 19 Feb 1927 at McGregor 11254-27 John RENAUD, 27, farmer, Maidstone twp., same, s/o Timothy RENAUD & Mary CASEY (Essey?), married Mary McCANN, 26, Maidstone twp., same, d/o Andrew McCANN & Margaret KANE, witn: Charles McCANN & Antoinette RENAUD, both of Maidstone, 26 April 1927 at St. Marys Church, Maidstone
11255-27 Joseph Gilbert RENAUD, 25 (b. 10 Jan 1902), electrician, Tecumseh, same, s/o William RENAUD & Celina LANGLOIS, married Marie Emilie Lottie LAFORET, 20 (b. 14 Oct. 1906), Tecumseh, Riverside, d/o Ernest LAFORET & Elianne BERTHIAUME, witn: Albert BERTHIAUME of Windsor & Lucille BEAUSOLEIL of Ford, 12 July 1927 at Ste. Rose, Riverside 11256-27 Wilfred RENAUD, 21, laborer, Belle River, Ford, s/o John RENAUD & Marie LAMBERT, married Maria CHAMPAGNE, 18, Tecumseh, same, d/o Elia CHAMPAGNE & Alexandrina CAMPEAU, witn: Edward CHAMPAGNE & Erziline CAMPEAU, both of Tecumseh, 3 May 1927 at Tecumseh
10548-27 William Henry RENEAU, 23, mason, Colchester South, Amherstburg, s/o Thomas RENEAU, b. Ont & Carrie Maud JONES, married Dorothy Alice Maud PAYNE, 23, domestic, London England, Sandwich West, d/o Charles PAYNE, b. England & Alice JONES, witn: Celia MARKS & Thomas ROBINSON, both of Ojibway Ont., 6 Oct. 1927 at Windsor 10549-27 Harry Edward REYNOLDS, 19, electrician, London Ont., Sandwich, s/o Clayton REYNOLDS, b. Ont & Ruby STEEP, married Margaret BONTELLE (Boutette?), 18, Windsor, same, d/o Ernest BOUTELLE, b. Ont & Rose MARENTETTE, witn: Edwin DAWSON of Sandwich & Madely NANTAIS of 817 Brant St., 5 March 1927 at Windsor
10552-27 Frank A. RICH, 21, student, NY state, Windsor, s/o Dominic A. RICH, b. Italy & Grace Mary, married Frances PETTINATO, 18, NY state, Windsor, d/o Patay PETTINATO, b. Italy & Kathleen, wit: Gracia ROMAGNENI of Detroit & Rocco IANNICELLO of Windsor, 23 Jan 1927 at Windsor 11261-27 Fortunat RICHARD, 64, widower, laborer, Quebec, Ford, s/o Antoine RICHARD, b. Lacelle Que & Louise DUQUETTE, married Rose CHEVRIER, 64, widow, Quebec, Staples, d/o Charles CHEVALIER, b. Quebec & Angelique LEFEVRE, witn: Ovila & Mrs. Ovila St.DENIS of Ford, 3 Dec 1927 at Ford
11262-27 Fred RICHARDS, 28, truck mechanic, Quebec, Essex, s/o Benjamin RICHARDS, b. Quebec & Mamie? LESORS, married Margaret CROUCHMAN, 18, Ontario, Essex, d/o Charles CROUCHMAN, b. Ont & Leah STANNELL, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles CROUCHMAN of Essex, 17 Dec 1927 at Essex 10553-27 Walter Crane RICHARDS, 22, CPR trainman, London Ont., 191 Lauder Ave in Toronto, s/o Walter RICHARDS, b. London Ont & Henrietta RODGER, married Elizabeth Ruth McCULLOUGH, 19, assembler, Windsor, London, d/o Harold McCULLOUGH, b. Toronto & Jennie McDONALD, witn: Alfred Sydney PAYNE of Walkerville & Grace McCULLOUGH of London, 28 May 1927 at Windsor
11263-27 Walter Garnet RICHARDS, 36, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o Thomas RICHARDS, b. England & Margaret MITCHELL, married Jane PENNY, 37, England, Windsor, d/o Roger PENNY, b. England & Bessie DAVEY, witn: Mary BARTON of Chicago & John Bruce PRYDE? of Windsor, 29 June 1927 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 10554-27 Charles RICHARDSON, 21, truck driver, Rocky River? Ohio, Windsor, s/o Adelbert RICHARDSON, b. Ohio & Mary MARTIN, married Ruth COUGHLIN, 19, stenographer, Cleveland Ohio, Windsor, d/o James COUGHLIN, b. Ohio & Lucy DU BERT, witn: Horace NEWMAN of Windsor & James R. ALLEN of New York City, 30 Aug 1927 at Windsor
11264-27 Harvey RICHER, 22, shop work, Pain Court, Windsor, s/o Jean Baptiste RICHER & Emelie LAPRISE, married Anna Beatrice PAUGET, 19, Malden twp., same, d/o Eugene PAUGET (Pouget?) & Adele MELOCHE, witn: Antoine RENAUD of Windsor & Olive PAUGET of Malden, 3 May 1927 at Amherstburg 10555-27 Joseph Charles RICKARD, 28, laborer, England, Windsor, s/o Joseph RICKARD, b. England & Ellen BUTTON, married Jennie MacDONALD, 26, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Donald MacDONALD, b. Scotland & Ann MacDONALD, witn: Joseph VENNER & Georgina THOMSON, both of Windsor, 16 June 1927 at Windsor
10556-27 George RIDDELL, 32, carpenter, Singhampton, Rockwood Mich., s/o George RIDDELL, b. Ireland & Catherine BELL, married Catherine LA PRETTE, 31, music teacher, Paris France, Toronto, d/o Louis LA PRETTE, b. France & Evelyn BOLYNE, witn: Ann & Elizabeth HARDING of Windsor, 1 Dec 1927 at Windsor 10550-27 Richard John RIDLEY, 31, salesman, Canada, Windsor, s/o Stephen RIDLEY, b. England & Kate HARRINGTON, married Hazel May PICKARD, 31, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Lawrence PICKARD, b. Ont & Florence WILSON, witn: Herbert RICHARD of Windsor & Gladys MIERS of Walkerville, 19 Oct 1927 at Windsor
11265-27 John Leonard RIGGS, 52, widower, merchant, Kent Bridge - Kent Co., Windsor, s/o David RIGGS, b. Ont & Margaret LANGFORD, married Albertha Alma IRWIN, 49, Mersea twp., Leamington, d/o George W. IRWIN, b. Ont & Mary HAWKES, wit: Gerald & Mrs. Gerald WILKINSON of Wheatley, 15 June 1927 at Leamington 10551-27 Thomas RILEY, 40, widower, clerk, Peterborough Ont., Windsor, s/o Michael RILEY & Elizabeth AHERN, married Maria Zoe LADOUCEUR, 34, Stoney Point, Windsor, d/o Philppe LADOUCEUR & Clemence MAILLOUX, witn: Norman LADOUCEUR & James Stephen CUIREY (Ouirey?), both of Windsor, 29 Aug 1927 at Windsor
10557-27 Theodore Arlington RING, 35, widower, auto mechanic, Paris Illinois, Detroit, s/o Harry W. RING, b. USA & Martha J. BOYER, married Georgina MULLIGAN, 25, widow, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William BOYD, b. Scotland & Margaret FERGUS, witn: Alicia MASON & Mabel PAULIN, both of Windsor, 12 March 1927 at Windsor 10560-27 Elmer J. RINN, 24, mechanic, Honeywood Ont., Windsor, s/o James RINN, b. Ont & Anna DERMOTT, married Celina H. TREMBLAY, 32, Anderdon twp., Windsor, d/o Albert TREMBLAY, b. Ont & Delina GRAVELINE, witn: L.E. RAYNER & Marie TREMBLAY, both of Windsor, 3 Sept 1927 at Windsor
10561-27 Homer RIVARD, 25, laborer, St. Joachim, Windsor, s/o August RIVARD, b. Ont & Julian DEMARSE, married Myrtle FILL, 18 (on 6 April 1927), Chatham Ont., Windsor, d/o George HILL, b. Ont & Rachel POHE (Poke?), witn: J.H. BASTION of Windsor & Mabel BARR of 339 Goyeau, 7 May 1927 at Windsor 11268-27 Edward Joseph RIVEST, 22, coal merchant, Michigan, Riverside, s/o Onesime RIVEST & Anna PAQUETTE, married Leona Cecilia LACASSE, 21, Michigan, Riverside, d/o Napoleon LACASSE & Victorine GALIPEAULT, witn: Pierre RIVEST of Riverside & Lucille LACASSE of Detroit, 18 Aug 1927 at Ste. Rose, Riverside
10562-27 Douglas J. ROBBINS, 21, copper etcher, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Henry ROBBINS, b. Canada & Alice THOMPSON, married Oliva HART, 20, Ontario, Sandwich, d/o Frederick HART, b. Canada & Alwilda BADGELY, witn: Arnold S. & Mrs. K. HARTTER of Detroit, 26 Feb 1927 at Windsor 11270-27 Noah ROBIDOUX, 56, widower, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o Laurent ROBIDOUX & Marie DESLIPPE, married Catherine COLLISON, 56, widow, Malden twp., same, d/o David MANGEAU & Marie BOUFFORD, witn: Jean & Celina LACEY of Amherstburg, 31 Oct. 1927 at Amherstburg
10564-27 Reginald ROBINS, 27, sheet metal worker, England, Detroit, s/o Richard ROBINS, b. England & Marie WATERS, married Ethel CLARKE, 21, South Wales, Detroit, d/o John CLARKE, b. South Wales & Edith WATERS, witn: Olive May & John CLARKE of Detroit, 11 Oct 1927 at Windsor 11272-27 William Harrison ROSS, 39, farmer, widower, Gosfield North, Mersea twp., s/o James ROSS, b. Carleton Co Ont & Ann Jane JOHNSON, married Violet Blanche JOHNSON, 36, Mersea twp., Leamington, d/o Fred JOHNSON, b. Lincolnshire England & Annie LOOP, witn: L. FARMER of Leamington & W.B. MOORE of Toronto, 1 Jan 1927 at Leamington
10568-27 George Alexander ROSS, 47, widower, tailor, St. Marys Canada, Walkerville, s/o George Alexander ROSS, b. Ont & Mary Ann McLEAN, married Elizabeth FLUETTE, 37, domestic, Alpina Mich., Windsor, d/o Levi FLUETTE, b. Ont & Theresa LANGLOIS, witn: Norton HARMON & Mrs. G. HORSBURGH, 30 April 1927 at Windsor 10569-27 Herter ROSS, 30, mechanic, Montgomery Alabama, Windsor, s/o Warren ROSS, b. Montgomery Alabama, & Annie HENDERSON, married Frankie BOYKINS, 28, Mississippi US, Windsor, d/o Frank STEWART, b. Mississippi & Rosie Ann, witn: Mrs. Lillie DOBSON of 10995 Dyer St. & M.E. CEAY of 404 Mercer St., 6 Dec 1927 at Windsor
10570-27 Walter ROUNDING, 28, carpenter, Colchester North, Essex, s/o Henry ROUNDING, b. Ont & Emmaretta TAYLOR, married Alice Ethel TOFFLEMIRE, 34, clerk, Anderdon twp., Essex, d/o Roswell TOFFLEMIRE, b. Michigan & Mara SPENCLER, witn: Mrs. Mary ANDERSON & Mrs. Eleanor C. MOORE, both of Windsor, 18 June 1927 at Windsor 11273-27 Morley Gordon ROURKE, 29, engineer, St. Thomas, same, s/o George ROURKE, b. Ont & Margaret COAKEY, married Edith Elma HYLAND, 32, teacher, Carleton Co., Essex, d/o Lewis HYLAND, b. Ont & Ellen BENNETT, witn: L. ROURKE of St. Thomas & Louise HYLAND of Essex, 14 Nov 1927 at town of Essex
10571-27 Stanley ROWE, 28, salesman, Nottingham England, Brantford, s/o Walter ROWE & Elizabeth ALDGOOD, married Queenie Joyce SHELTON, 21, Sheffield England, Windsor, d/o George harry SHELTON & Agnes MILLER, witn: John A. WILLIS & Phyllis E. SHELTON, both of Windsor, 15 Sept 1927 at Windsor 10572-27 Gerald Edgar ROWLEY, 24, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o Thomas ROWLEY, b. Wales Great Britain & Estella COWELL, married Grace Josephine MORRILL, 21, Windsor, Walkerville, d/o Adolph MORRILL, b. Montreal & Lyana WOOD, witn: Sadie McDOWELL of Walkerville & Alfred WATERMAN of London, 6 Oct. 1927 at Windsor
11276-27 Lyle Clayton RUMBLE, 21, mason, Kingsville, same, s/o Urland RUMBLE, b. Kingsville & Myrtle CORLETT, married Catherine HARE, 24, Newcastle England, Kingsville, d/o Andrew HARE, b. Newcastle England & Annie EARLY, witn: Jean Bernice RUMBLE & Harry RUMBLE, both of Kingsville, 9 Oct. 1927 at Kingsville 11277-27 Ernest Stanley RUNDELL, 22, farmer, Cornwall England, Essex, s/o Ernest RUNDELL, b. England & Elizabeth ROACH, married Nitha Belle CAMPBELL, 17, Essex Ont, same, d/o Charles Roland CAMPBELL, b. Kingsville & Lillie Maud RILEY, witn: Charles & Mrs. CAMPBELL of Essex, 15 July 1927 at Essex
11278-27 Paul A. RUSAK, 27, clerk, Russia, Detroit, s/o Andrew RUSAK, b. Russia & Parasaeva GOLETA, married Elizabeth UCHIMETZ, 22, Russia, Ford, d/o Nicholas UCHIMETZ, b. Russia & Lakerya FORASIUK, witn: Ignatz PAVEDELNIK & Alix KIMCOFF, both of Detroit, 13 Aug 1927 at Ford 10574-27 William RUSHLOW, 32, engineering, Ontario, Sandwich, s/o Frank RUSHLOW, b. Ont & Alice CADER, married Ina MAKIE, 23, Minnesota, Sandwich, d/o John MAKIE, b. Finland & Sophie HIIVAN, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Marion ANDERSON, both of Windsor, 23 April 1927 at Windsor
10575-27 Robert Bruce RUSSELL, 30, delivery man, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William RUSSELL, b. Scotland & Jean SPITTAL, married Christena SMITH, 25, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Peter SMITH, b. Scotland & Christena BARR, witn: Alexandra RUSSELL of Windsor & James POLLOCK of Chicago, 30 April 1927 at Windsor  
11281-27 Cyril St.PIERRE, 36, widower, laborer, Big Point, Windsor, s/o Joseph St.PIERRE & Helen LAUZON, married Beatrice SHARRON, 24, Windsor, Ford, d/o Samuel SHARRON & Emma MALLOW, witn: Russell & Marguerite PARENT, both of Ford, 4 May 1927 at Ford 10580-27 Demetris SABBADIN, 31, chef, Riese Italy, Windsor, s/o Louis SABBADIN & Candida STROIOTO, married Winnifred MAZZALI, 20, Potsdam NY, Windsor, d/o Antonio MAZZALI & Mary QUENOLO, witn: Anthony TANON (Lanon?) of Detroit & Rose MAZZALI of Windsor, 16 July 1927 at Windsor
11282-27 Frank SACHACKI, 23, painter, Detroit, same, s/o Frank SACHACKI, b. Warsaw Poland & Kate GARACH, married Anna CEVAST, 19, Brack Poland, Sandwich, d/o Joseph CEVAST, b. Tropie Poland & Mary RYSKI, witn: Mike MEMICE of Detroit & Mae MATTSTALL of Sandwich, 28 March 1927 at Sandwich 10581-27 Herbert Jackson SAGAR, 29, landscape gardener, England, Windsor, s/o William Henry SAGAR, b. England & Sarah JACKSON, married Thomasina MURPHY, 31, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John MURPHY, b. Scotland & Marjory NIVEN, witn: Maud RUSSELL & John McCUAIG, both of Windsor, 11 April 1927 at Windsor
11283-27 Park SAMPLE, 22, painter, Poplar Bluff Missouri, Detroit, s/o Eugene SAMPLE, b. Indiana US & Mary COLLINS, married Mary SIDORCHUK, 16, domestic, Manchester New Hampshire, Ford, d/o Jack SIDORCHUK, b. Russia? & Anna ZACHASKA, witn: Minnie SETZNICK of Ford & Chesley COUNT of Detroit, 8 Jan 1927 at Walkerville 10582-27 Robert Edward SAMPSON, 24, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o George SAMPSON, b. England & Charlotte HUNT, married Hildegarde Elfrieda GERISCH, 18, Germany, Windsor, d/o Max GERISCH, b. Germany & Ida Mina, witn: Mary Annie FOX & Thomas MOORE, both of Windsor, 2 July 1927 at Windsor
10583-27 Marion W. SANDERSON, 54, widower, farmer, Michigan, Quincy Mich., s/o George W. SANDERSON, b. Ohio & Calista RICE, married Lillian J. PARHAM, 50, Michigan, Windsor, d/o Aaron PARHAM, b. Indiana & Eveline SANDERSON, witn: Mrs. Mary & Frederica WHITNEY of Ferndale Mich., 17 April 1927 at Windsor 11284-27 William SARANCHUK, 35, moulder, Austria, Ford, s/o Todor SARANCHUK, b. Austria & Vasilina RODISH, married Anna GLOWA, 34, Austria, Ford, d/o Peter GLOWA, b. Austria & Xenia PITKO, witn: William BISCHINSKY & Clara SMOLENSKA, both of Ford, 3 Sept 1927 at Ford
10584-27 Leevan SAROUHARION, 44, widower, core maker, Armenian Turkey, Detroit, s/o Hashadoor SAROUHARION, b. Armenian Turkey & Artaran AREDIAN, married Louise PERINGIAN, 32, widow, Armenian Turkey, Windsor, d/o Nahool PARENJIAN, b. Armenian Turkey & Marion TOOMASIAN, witn: Reuben Der STEPANIAN of Detroit & Dick SAHOGIA of Windsor, 11 Sept 1927 at Windsor 11285-27 John SASIN, 45, farmer, Stronia? Morava, Mersea twp., s/o James SASIN, b. Czechoslovakia & Caterina FOK, married Marie WALCIKOVA, 29, Belonci Morava, Mersea, d/o George WALCIKOVA, b. Czechoslovakia & Theresa JALINKOVA, witn: William & Rachel HOPE of Leamington, 3 May 1927 at Leamington
11585-27 Philorura SAUMUR, 23, truck driver, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Cleophas SAUMUR & Matilda BRISBOIS, married Armante BIGRAS, 16, Cobalt Ont., Windsor, d/o Joseph BISGRAS & Louise PAQUETTE, witn: J.E. BIGRAS of Windsor & Ernest ALLARD of Roseland, 10 Sept 1927 at Windsor 10588-27 Alex SAVAGE, 27, motor bus conductor, Nova Scotia, Detroit, s/o Albert SAVAGE & Cecilia PATAFRAX, married Theresa DUNN, 33, Blonfield, Windsor, d/o James DUNN & Lucy St.LOUIS, witn: O. GOUDREAULT & Douglas CONLEF, both of Windsor, 24 Jan 1927 at Windsor
10592-27 Joseph SCHLAFMAN, 23, parking attendant, Nova Scotia, Windsor, s/o Benny SCHLAFMAN, b. Russia & Blume PRESTON, married Ida SHEPHERD, 20, New Brunswick, Windsor, d/o Sam SHEPHERD, b. Russia & Rachel LISEGARSKY, witn: M.L. GERSHON of 1007 Howard Ave & D. LIRE? of 1414 Helen Blvd., 18 June 1927 at Windsor (Hebrew) 11288-27 Telesphore SCHRYER, 36, widower, plasterer, Ontario, Ford, s/o Joseph SCHRYER, b. Ont & Lea LAROCQUE, married Frederina CANIL, 21, Quebec, Walkerville, d/o Fred CANIL, b. Quebec & Mary LIARD, witn: Richard FARROW of Walkerville & Clarice LAVEREAU of Sandwich East, 1 June 1927 at Walkerville
10593-27 George SCHUCHARD, 21, plumber, Windsor, same, s/o George William SCHUCHARD, b. Ont & Bertha PARSONS, married Elina ARMSTRONG, 20, Glenross - Hastings Co., Windsor, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG, b. Ont & Mary NOLAN, witn: Roy & Ethel WESTLAKE of 1005 Niagara St., 16 March 1927 at Windsor 10594-27 George William SCHUCHARD, 43, widower, marine engineer, Michigan, Windsor, s/o George SCHUCHARD, b. Detroit & Amalia GABRIEL, married Winnifred Gertrude VALENTINE, 37, widow, England, Windsor, d/o William MEAGHAN, b. England & Margaret NEILAN, witn: Dorothy & Clyde RYCKMAN of Windsor, 12 Aug 1927 at Windsor
10595-27 Louis John SCHWALLER, 23, steam shovel engineer, Detroit, same, s/o Edward SCHWALLER, b. France & Mary HELGENDORF, married Kathleen BROWN, 18, Windsor, same, d/o Henry BROWN, b. England & Elizabeth LEWIS, witn: Charles & Mrs. Amelia? SCHWALLER of Detroit, 6 April 1927 at All Saints Church, Windsor 10596-27 Israel SCHWARTZMAN, 23, artist, Russia, Detroit, s/o Gedalia SCHWARTZMAN, b. Russia & Zipa SHAPIRO, married Rosalie SCHWARTZMAN, 22, Russia, Windsor, d/o Bryory SCHWARTZMAN, b. Russia & Sarah SAKOLOVSKY, witn: A. NEY--? & illegible COHEN, 12 June 1927 at Windsor (Hebrew)
10597-27 Yitris Alberto SCORDAMAGLIA, 24, metal finisher, Canada, Windsor, s/o Antonio SCORDAMAGLIA, b. Italy & Bessie PAUL, married Ivy Maud FEW, 28, widow, England, Windsor, d/o William WILSON, b. England & Sarah WILSON, witn: Kate BECKETT & Jessie ASHBY, both of Windsor, 20 Sept 1927 at Windsor 10600-27 Frederick George SCRIVER, 18, superintendent, Tilsonburg Ont., Windsor, s/o Frank SCRIVER, b. Ont & Mable SMITH, mrried Fernand COTE, 18, Montreal, Windsor, d/o John COTE, b. Montreal & Flora PASHEL, witn: Walter J. ROBERTSON of Battleboro Mich & Laura PARHAM of Windsor, 29 Jan 1927 at Windsor
10601-27 Louis SCURK, 30, laborer, Jugoslavia, Windsor, s/o Jerenej SCURK, b. Jugoslavia & Franciska ALISIN, married Angela GALE, 22, Jugoslavia, Windsor, d/o Francita GALE, b. Jugoslavia & Jere MERICIN, witn: Leopold SCURK of illegible & Mrs. Bernadette PAUL of 813 Lanepeary Ave., 19 July 1927 at Windsor 10589-27 Paul E. SEARS, 31, divorced, foreman at water dept., Elgin Co., Windsor, s/o John SEARS, b. England & Amelia CRANDALL, married Melvina BEZEAU, 27, widow, Essex Co., Loiselleville, d/o Louis BASSETT, b. Ont & Liza GAGNON, witn: Dina? & Victor SCOTT of Windsor, 7 May 1927 at Windsor
10602-27 Dancy Lefavre SEAVER, 28, mechanic, NY state, Detroit, s/o Bert SEAVER, b. New York & Elizabeth LEFAVRE, married Evelyn Winfred SYKES, 21, saleslady, Quebec, Windsor, d/o William SYKES, b. England & Emily FERRIS, witn: Louis GILBERT & Harriet Emily McWILLIAMS, both of Windsor, 24 Nov 1927 at Windsor 11289-27 Elie SEGUIN, 26, iron worker, Plaisance Que, Sandwich East, s/o Alphonse SEGUIN & Agnes LAFLAMME, married Roslie GIRARD, 16, Brownsburg Que., Sandwich East twp., d/o Edmond GIRARD & Marguerite LENVILLE?, witn: Alphonse SEGUIN & Edmond SEGUIN, both of Sandwich East twp, 27 (29?) Oct 1927 at Ford
10603-27 Stephen Abraham SELIAN, 42, carpenter, Armenia, Coruna NY, s/o Abraham SELIAN, b. Armenia & Lima YESAYON, married Aznew SHAHINIAN, 27, Armenia, Windsor, d/o Gabriel SHAHINIAN, b. Armenia & Sulton TETEZIAN, witn: Maketor & Mrs. Agnes SHAHISIAN of Detroit, 15 Feb 1927 at Windsor 11290-27 William Blaky SENEDACK, 26, barber, Galinka Austria, Windsor, s/o George Blaky SENEDACK, b. Austria & Eva VOLOSHENOUSKA, married Effie TIMKOVICH, 19, book keeper, Valosec Austria, Windsor, d/o John TIMKOVICH, b. Austria & Mary DEONYAN, witn: George HOLCHUK & Mrs. Alma MEDOFF, both of Windsor, 21 Feb 1927 at Sandwich
11291-27 Fred SENIUCK, 32, laborer, Roumania, Ford, s/o William SENIUCK, b. Roumania & Lena SCHUCH, married Elizabeth SPENCER, 36, widow, janitor, England, Ford, d/o Isaac J. EBBS, b. England & Mary Ann WATT (Wait?), witn: Steve & Mary HOMENICK of 1057 Alexis Road, 30 April 1927 at Walkerville 10604-27 Herman William SENKEL, 25, purchasing agent, Germany, Detroit, s/o Albert SENKEL, b. Germany & Caroline KETALHUT, married Jessie Florence KING, 20, England, Hamilton, d/o Arthur KING, b. England & Emily STILL, witn: Elain SENKEL of Detroit, 14 May 1927 at Windsor
10605-27 Salvatore SERRA, 21, garage worker, Detroit, same, s/o Graziano SERRA, b. Italy & Maria Assunta CARRAMENO?, married Maria Anna SERRA, 18 (on 3 March 1927), Detroit, same, d/o Nicholas SERRA, b. Italy & Josephina VENTIMIGLIA, witn: Philip ZERITTI of Detroit & Ninta UMETTA of Warren Mich., 23 April 1927 at Windsor 10606-27 Arthur SEVIGNY, 23, laborer, Ste. Victoire d'Arthabaska Que., Detroit, s/o Joseph SEVIGNY & Odile GIRARD, married Beatrice BOUTETTE, 23, Windsor, same, d/o Ernest BOUTETTE & Marie Rose MARENTETTE, witn: Henry SAMSON of Detroit & Ernest BOUTETTE of 617 Brant St., 2 July 1927 at Windsor
11294-27 Thomas Christopher SHANNON, 32, clerk, Ontario, Winnipeg, s/o Patrick SHANNON, b. Ont & Sarah GALLAGHER, married Virginia Gertrude RUSSELL, 27, Ontario, Sandwich, d/o James RUSSELL, b. Ont & Theresa GATES, witn: James RUSSELL & Edith REYNOLDS, both of Sandwich, 24 June 1927 at Sandwich 11295-27 Ernest Alfred SHAW, 42, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o Richard SHAW, b. Ont & Vitaline GOULET, married Eva DENEAU, 42, widow, Malden twp., same, d/o John DUFOUR, b. Ont & Alice FIE, witn: Thomas & Maggie ALLEN of Malden twp., 10 Jan 1927 at Amherstburg
10607-27 Edward William J. SHAW, 55, widower, farmer, Essex Co., Harrow, s/o Edward SHAW, b. Scotland & Mary AFFLECK, married Grace Lillian KENYON, 25, Essex, Sandwich, d/o Alex KENYON, b. Ont & Mary WILLIAMS, witn: M. Jane & George LYON of Sandwich, 10 Nov 1927 at Windsor 10608-27 Russell SHAW, 20, truck driver, Kingsville, Windsor, s/o Isaac SHAW, b. Ont & Lucy GOSLIN, married Gertrude Jean BODDY, 17, Owen Sound, Windsor, d/o Robert Ernest BODDY, b. Ont & Sarah Jane CLARK, witn: A.F. & Mrs. A.F. TAYLOR of Windsor, 26 April 1927 at Windsor
10609-27 John Chapman SHEARDOWN, 54, widower, blacksmith, London England, Windsor, s/o Henry SHEARDOWN, b. England & Maria EDWARDS, married Jessie COXHILL, 36, dress maker, Clarke twp Ont., Walkerville, d/o John James COXHILL, b. England & Sarah Ann DARBY, witn: F.J. & Mrs. F.J. HOLMES of Detroit, 21 May 1927 at Windsor 10610-27 Harold James SHELDRAKE, 30, carpenter, England, Windsor, s/o Frederick SHELDRAKE, b. England & Emma BAILEY, married Freda Irene Ada WALKER, 29, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Albert CURTIS, b. England & Annie Elizabeth KIMBER, witn: George WARD & F. WILLIAMSON, both of Windsor, 21 Dec 1927 at Windsor
10611-27 Sydney Edgar SHEPHERD, 26, steam fitter, England, Windsor, s/o William Claude SHEPHERD, b. England & Edith PEACOCK, married Ella SEYMOUR, 35, Newfoundland, Windsor, d/o James SEYMOUR, b. Nfld & Mary Ann WILLIAMS, witn: Albert SHEPHERD of Walkerville & Olive M. FOY of Peterborough, 28 April 1927 at Windsor 10613-27 John Karl SHMIDT, 27, cook, Germany, Windsor, s/o Wilhelm SHMIDT, b. Germany & Kathleen LINDENBAUM, married Mina BLACK, 19, Ireland, Windsor, d/o William Coleman BLACK, b. Ireland & Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: Elizabeth LANE & Mabel PAULIN, both of Windsor, 1 Nov 1927 at Windsor
10614-27 Max SHORE, 23, shipping clerk, Russia, Windsor, s/o Harry SHORE, b. Russia & Sarah BICOWSKI, married Gertrude ARBUS, 21, Poland, Chatham, d/o Waghtalli ARBUS, b. Poland & Rebecca GOFFMAN, witn: S. STEINBERG & H. SOBASKY, both of Ford, 26 June 1927 at Ford (Jewish) 11297-27 Raymond SHOUP, 25, stationary engineer, Bradford Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o William SHOUP, b. USA & Carrie NILAS, married Dorothy FERGUSON, 23, music teacher, Peterborough Ont., same, d/o William FERGUSON, b. Canada & Dora NILAS, witn: George SIMPSON & Mrs. J.S. HOLMES, both of Sandwich, 21 Jan 1927 at Sandwich
11298-27 Matthew SHNERPUNAS, 33, machine hand, Lithuania, Detroit, s/o Simon SHNERPUNAS, b. Lithuania & Mary RICKIEVICIUTE, married Elizabeth UZIESINAYTA, 21, Lithuania, Windsor, d/o Zasimer UZIESENAYTA, b. Lithuania & Elizabeth KARVICHITA, witn: John & Mae LAZDAUSKSE of Detroit, 15 Oct. 1927 at Ford 10615-27 Ben SHUSTERMAN, 21, fur cutter, Russia, 128 Euclid Ave in Toronto, s/o Sam SHUSTERMAN, b. Russia & Tillie SHUSTERMAN, married Helen GERSTON, 19, milliner, Toronto, 1038 illegible St., d/o Nathan GERSTON, b. Poland & Stella GLASGOW?, witn: Hyman SHORE of 408 Marentette Ave & H. BONDERSKY of 405 Marentette Ave., 11 Sept 1927 at Windsor (Hebrew)
10616-27 Routledge Samuel SHUTTLEWORTH, 31, fireman, Sandwich South twp., same, s/o John Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH & Margaret HURST, married Olivia McMULLEN, 22, Havelock Ont., Windsor, d/o Robert Edgar McMULLEN & Lily Maud ANDERSON, witn: Annie GARRISON of Birmingham Mich & David K. PAISLEY of Windsor, 22 June 1927 at Windsor 10617-27 William Isaac SIDDALL, 53, divorced, Wallaceburg Ont., Detroit, s/o Isaac SIDDALL, b. Ont & Agnes PEETS, married Florence RAYMOND, 47, widow, Wallaceburg Ont., Windsor, d/o Frank BASSETT, b. USA & Mary CHURCOTT, witn: Eleanor C. MOORE & M. ANDERSON, both of Windsor, 23 Aug 1927 at Windsor
11299-27 Nicholas SIDUN, 37, electrician, Russian Poland, Ford, s/o Jerentyi SIDUN, b. Russia & Kania KAZELINOVA, married Krenia MEDVEDEFF, 30, Russia, Ford, d/o Stefan MEDVEDEFF, b. Russia & Olga EVSIGNIEFF, witn: Nicholas KABEL of Detroit & Marianna RYMER of Ford, 18 Aug 1927 at Ford 10618-27 William SIEVEWRIGHT (Sievwright?), 49, widower, engineer, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o George SIEVEWRIGHT, b. Scotland & Margaret SINCLAIR, married Kathleen Bernadine QUIGG, 33, New Brunswick, Windsor, d/o Henry QUIGG, b. Canada & Mary O'BRIEN, witn: William & Elizabeth RIDDEL of Windsor, 29 Oct. 1927 at Windsor
10619-27 Aloysius Louis SIKORA, 25, book keeper, Detroit, same, s/o Authern SIKORA, b. Germany & Zuzanna KOSS (Kose?), married Calra NERVICKI, 23, Detroit, same, d/o Frank NERVICKI, b. Germany & Martha KOSS, witn: Albert RUSNICK & Antomine MARTYNIUS?, both of Windsor, 6 Aug 1927 at Windsor 10620-27 Sidney Thomas SILLS, 24, painter, England, Windsor, s/o Thomas Henry SILLS, b. England & Louise NASH, married Elsie PLASTOW, 18, factory worker, England, Windsor, d/o Henry William PLASTOW, b. England & Margaret Annie GORMLEY, witn: Harry & Florence READ of Windsor, 4 June 1927 at Windsor
10621-27 Joseph William SIM, 58, widower, real estate & insurance, England, Windsor, s/o Joseph SIM, b. England & not known (died when groom was an infant), married Mary Ann CRAWFORD, 55, widow, England, Windsor, d/o George CRAWFORD, b. England & Jane PARKIN, witn: James & Elizabeth COLE of Windsor, 20 Aug 1927 at Windsor 10622-27 Hector SIMARD, 24, machinist, Big Point, Windsor, s/o Henri SIMARD & Florestine SEGUIN, married Edna GANGNIER, 19, Stoney Point, Windsor, d/o Noel GANGNIER & Stephanie MAILLOUX, witn: Tanerid RENAUD of 212 Gladstone Ave & Beatrice SIMARD of Tilbury, 17 May 1927 at Windsor
10623-27 John Henry Peter SIMETZ, 23, lineman, Ohio, Birmingham Mich., s/o John Peter SIMETZ, b. Ohio & Emma WENDLING, married Viola Fern RIDLEY, 21, Windsor, same, d/o Thomas W. RIDLEY, b. England & Ella WEBB, witn: Roy E. WEBB of Birmingham Mich & Maude E.M. RIDLEY of Windsor, 12 Sept 1927 at Windsor 11300-27 Russell Thomas SIMPSON, 23, electrician, Walkerville, same, s/o Thomas SIMPSON, b. Sheffield England & Mary JOHNSTON, married Eleanor Frances O'NEIL, 22, dietitian, Walkerville, same, d/o Earlan O'NEIL, b. Ont & Eleanor Irene FORREST, witn: Lillian Sills ARMSTRONG & Pearl Eva WHITE, both of Detroit, 20 July 1927 at St. Stephens Church, Sandwich South

011301-27 John SINCLAIR, 29, Chauffeur, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Dugald SINCLAIR (b. Scotland) & Grace GILMAN (Gilmore?); married Helen Chalmers MARSHALL, 32, Scotland, Cleveland, d/o Alex MARSHALL (b. Scotland) & Julie CHAMBERS; wit illegible, of Weston & Jenny SINCLAIR, Cleveland, 14 Apr 1927, Walkerville


011302-27 Roy Garner SKELDING, 25, Fireman, Muskoka, Windsor, s/o William SKELDING (b. Ontario) & Elenor FERGUSON; married Jean Whyte REDMAN, 23, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Findlay REDMAN (b. Scotland) & Jean MCKELLAR; wit Jean BRADSAHW, Walkerville & Henry JONES, Windsor, 1 Mary 1927, Walkerville

011303-27 William SKILLING, 65, Retired Farmer, Wid, Owen Sound, Leamington, s/o John SKILLING (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Marion COCHRANE; married Christine Alice PRESTON, 61, Housekeeper, Mersea twp, d/o Richard PRESTON (b. Driffield? England) & Alice NARROW; wit Margaret HUXLEY & Ulana GOSLIN, both Essex, 22 Mar 1927, Essex

011304-27 Cecil Edward SLICKENINGER, 25, Auto Worker, Illinois, Detroit, s/o Frank SLICKENINGER (b. Illinois USA) & Rose FESSEL; married Mildred Ann WESTLAKE, 23, Nurse, Essex, Essex Co, d/o Henry William WESTLAKE (b. England) & Clara Rose LAYCROFT; wit Mrs. Clyde VAN CATON & Clyde VAN CATON, both Detroit, 30 Jul 1927, Essex

011305-27 Charles Heartwell SMITH, 19, Labourer, Arner Ont, Sandwich West twp, s/o Henry SMITH (b. Ontario) & Rose Bella EAGLE; married Nora Cecilia STIERS, 18, Colchester North twp, Colchester North twp, d/o Christopher Joseph (b. Saginaw Michigan USA) & Elizabeth Martha STIERS; wit Everetton Austin QUICK, Detroit Mich, Vera Bell SMITH, Sandwich twp & Charles W GANER, Sandwich, 18 Jul 1927, Sandwich

011306-27 Bruce M. SMITH, 23, Farmer, Essex, Essex, s/o George A. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Dorothe GARROW; married Dora V. LAIRD, 20, Essex, Essex, d/o Thomas LAIRD (b. Ontario) & Fidella CUTTING; wit George LAIRD, Essex & Bessie B. LARSON, St. Thomas, 8 Oct 1927, Essex

011307-27 Frederick SMITH, 31, Switchman, Quebec Province, Detroit, s/o James SMITH (b. Quebec Province) & Eliza Jean TELFORD; married Nellie Imrie ROBERTSON, 29, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o George ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Helen ALLISON; wit Robert Angus STONE & Margaret STONE, both Detroit Mich, 9 Nov 1927, Walkerville

011308-27 Harrison Austin SMITH, 25, Farmer, Ontario, Essex, s/o Wilbert A. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Hannah Amelia BALDWIN; married Edith CORBETT, 27, Ontario, Belle River, d/o Peter CORBETT (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth PATILLO, wit Fred TROTTER, Woodslee & Iva SMITH, Essex, 22 Sept 1927, Maidstone

011309-27 Cameron Wesley SMITHSON, 23, Tire Repairing, Raleigh twp Kent Co, Leamington, s/o Frank SMITHSON (b. England) & Myrtle KLINENSMITH; married Linnie Mildred ROBSON, 26, Essex Co, Essex Co, d/o Gordon ROBSON (b. Essex Co) & Elizabeth OPER; wit Mrs. H.S. Ferguson & Mrs. Clara A. BATCHELOR, both Leamington, 14 Apr 1927, Leamington

011310-27 Lewis Bruce SNIDER, 28, Factory Worker, Leamington, Flint Mich, s/o Lewis M. SNIDER (b. Hamilton) & Sarah HICKS; married Lela Gertrude NEVILLS, 37, Romney twp Kent Co, Leamington, d/o Sydney NEVILLS (b. Welland) & Lucy GIBSON; wit Francis E. FERGUSON, Leamington & H.R. FERGUSON, Walkerville, 2 Jul 1927, Leamington

011311-27 Albert SOLEMAN, 35, Moulder, Persia, Flint Mich, s/o A. SOLEMAN (b. Persia) & Avernal? KISSER; married Alma GANGER, 34, House Maid, Wid, Persia, Ford City, d/o Essau? GANGER (b. Persia) & Helen AZIZ; wit Bella Fleming MACKENZIE, Toronto & Bertha M. MORDEN, Walkerville, 30 Oct 1927, Ford City

011312-27 William SOVE, 32, Driver, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Frank (b. France) & Annie SOVE; married Mary Evelyn MCMULLIN, 18, Ontario, Comber, d/o William D. McMULLIN (b. Ontario) & Alice M. BROOM; wit Grace MCMULLIN & Blanche LABORD, both Comber, 17 Jan 1927, Comber

011313-27 Edward SOUCIE, 25, Forman, Michigan, Windsor, s/o Napoleon SOUCIE (b. Quebec) & Rose BUCHIE; married Ida DELARGE, 17, Renfrew, Sandwich, d/o Benjamin DELARGE (b. Ontario) & Annie WILSON; wit Lorne DELARGE & Mrs. Della DELARGE, both Sandwich, 16 Jul 1927, Sandwich

011314-27 George David SPRINGGAY, 26, Mechanic, Kingsville, Kingsville, s/o Sydney A. SPRINGGAY & Alice L. TELLIER; married Flossie May BONSFIELD, 28, House Keeper, Wid, Kingsville, Leamington, d/o Hiram HICKMOTT & Ina MELOSH, wit Albert HICKMOTT, Leamington & Elsie LESLIE, Plymouth Mich, 26 Feb 1927, Kingsville

011315-27 James Hugh STANLEY, 28, High School Teacher, Kidderminster Worcestershire England, Guelph, s/o James STANLEY (b. Kidderminster England) & Emily GASTON; married Eunice McCullagh EVANS, 23, Mersea twp, Leamington, d/o George A. EVANS (b. Sandwich Twp) & Mary A. MCCULLAGH; wit Doris M. STANLEY, Guelph & Carl S. FULMER, Detroit, 29 Jun 1927, Leamington

011316-27 George STEEL, 28, Lathe Hand, Coatbridge Scotland, Walkerville, s/o George STEEL (b. Scotland) & Agnes MCLEAN; married Louisa Margaret Johnstone COUTTS, 27, Waitress, Edinburgh Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Joseph COUTTS (b. Scotland) & Margaret JOHNSTONE; wit Peter STEEL & Margaret MCGOWAN, both Walkerville, 26 Sept 1927, Walkerville

011317-27 Mario STEPHANI, 25, Labourer, Italy, Tecumseh Rd., s/o Joseph STEPHANI & Carolo GILLANI; married Vinsincina OLDANI, 18, Domestic, Windsor, Tecumseh Rd, d/o Ernest OLDANI & Maria BRUSATI; wit John BONATA, Detroit Michigan & Maria OLDANI, 668 California Ave, 5 Feb 1927, Sandwich

011318-27 Edward Alexander STEVENSON, 19, Mechanic, Brandon Manitoba, Detroit, s/o Clarence STEVENSON (b. England) & Kate Elizabeth WOOD; married Nina Mae IVES, 20, Leamington, Detroit, d/o William IVES (b. Mersea) & Mary CARON; wit Lila A.B. IVES, Leamington & Percy A. ELLERBECK, Detroit, 5 Sept 1927, Leamington

011319-27 Wilmot Edgerton STEVENSON, 22, Farmer, Mersea twp, Mersea twp, s/o Samuel STEVENSON (b. Mersea Twp) & Tryphena JEFFREY; married Agnes Jane MCDONALD, 21, Mersea twp, Mersea twp, d/o Frank MCDONALD (b. Mersea Twp) & Margaret REID; wit Bessie KLIPPERT & Mrs. Frances FERGUSON, both Leamington, 16 Feb 1927, Leamington

011320-27 Edward Frederick STICKLEY, 21, Truck Driver, Sandwich, Sandwich, s/o Charles STICKLEY (b. London England) & Florence STEVENS; married Hilda Maria LESLIE, 26, Amherstburg, Sandwich, d/o John LESLIE (b. Canada) & Mary PIDGEON; wit Adolph Wilfred PIDGEON, Windsor & Rose E. SMALL, Sandwich West twp, 2 Nov 1927, Sandwich

011321-27 Frank STIMERS, 21, Farmer, Bayham, Bayham, s/o George W. STIMERS (b. Haldimand Co) & Blanche B. MACDONALD; married Gladys M. MORAN, 26, London twp, North Dorchester, d/o James MORAN (b. London) & Julia May LEWIS; wit Mrs. Robert BRADY & Mary Louise WHALEY, both Maidstone, 28 Apr 1927, Maidstone

011322-27 John Wilfred STOCKTON, 24, Brass Finisher, England, Walkerville, s/o Thomas Richard STOCKTON (b. England) & Alice Margaret HERD; married Winifred Eva WILSON, 24, of Windsor, d/o George WILSON (b. England) & Ann (Alice?) WASSEL?; wit Edith SWAIN & Charles SWAIN, both Walkerville, 2 Jun 1927, Walkerville

011323-27 Harold Cornwall STORY, 26, Carpenter, Cottam, Windsor, s/o Francis STORY (b. Ontario) & Emma MANN; married Audrey May FISHER, 23, Windsor, Windsor, d/o John FISHER ( b. England) & Florence COLENETTE; wit William STORY, Cottam & Ivy FISHER, Windsor, 21 Sept 1927, Walkerville

011325-27 Charles Norman STREET, 23, Barber, Kent Co, Detroit, s/o James STREET (b. England) & Clara GILBERT; married Helen Jean BOURNE, 19, Talbotville - Elgin Co, Windsor, d/o John W BOURNE (b. Canada) & Jean SCOYNE; wit Mrs. E.S. WALL & Earnest S WALL, both Detroit, 20 Sept 1927, Walkerville

011326-27 Gordon SYMONS, 24, Salesman, Brant Co, Windsor, s/o William SYMONS (b. Brant Co) & Annie POMEROY; married Stella RIDLEY, 20, St. Thomas Kent Co, Windsor, d/o John RIDLEY (b. Ontario) & Myrtle MCGEE; wit Thelma RIDLEY, Windsor & Millard WARNER Jr, Sandwich, 1 Jun 1927, Walkerville

011327-27 Earl H. TAYLOR, 29, Post Master, Detroit Mich, Belle River, s/o Henry TAYLOR & Sarah DEVLIN; married Zoe A. LALONDE, 25, Stenographer, Belle River, Belle River, d/o William LALONDE & Lenore CHARRON; wit Ernest J. TAYLOR, Belle River & Jeannette LALONDE, Detroit Mich, 14 Sept 1927, Belle River

011328-27 Robert Lloyd TAYLOR, 24, Salesman, Essex Co, Detroit Mich, s/o Joseph E.P. TAYLOR (b. Detroit) & Grace BROWN; married Hazel Kathleen DRAKE, 24, Alberta, Walkerville, d/o Earl C. DRAKE (b. Ontario) & Livonia O'NEIL; wit L. Jean TAYLOR & Laurence RYAN, both Detroit, 22 Jun 1927, Walkerville

010689-27 Montague Lawrence TAYLOR, 37, Car Finisher, Oxford England, Windsor, s/o William TAYLOR (b. England) & Katie Elizabeth ELSTON; married Isabella GEDDES, 27, Aberdeen Scotland, Windsor, d/o Peter GEDDES (b. Scotland) & Joanna HAY; wit Frederick H. ROSS & Kate Elizabeth TAYLOR, both Windsor, 3 Jun 1927, Windsor

010688-27 Lionel A.S. TAYLOR, 27, Stock Clerk, England, Windsor, s/o Arthur TAYLOR (b. England) & Dorcas E. SHEATH; married Viola Annette ORFORD, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Frank C. ORFORD (b. Ontario) & Alice HARTLEY; wit Claude Hartley ORFORD & Jessie S. THOMAS, both Windsor, 22 Oct 1927, Windsor

010690-27 Johnson TELLAM, 26, paint mixer, England, Windsor, s/o Anthony TELLAM (b. England) & Mary PINCH; married Mary SMITH, 22, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Edward SMITH (b. Scotland) & Mary FORSYTH; wit John MURRAY of St. Alphonse Hall & Mary PETTIGREW of 15 Park St., 30 Sept 1927, Windsor

010691-27 James William TERRELL, 21, Duco Sander, Toronto, Windsor, s/o William TERRELL (b. England) & May CARR; married Lily BURLINGTON, 20, England, Mt. Clements, d/o James BURLINGTON (b. England) & Elizabeth AUSTIN; wit William SMITH & Margaret SMITH, both Windsor, 16 Mar 1927, Windsor

011329-27 Norman Frederick TETZLOFF, 24, Mechanic, Colchester South, Detroit, s/o Paul E. TETZLOFF & Minnie SMITH; married Ella Frances BEACOM, 21, Mersea twp, Mersea twp, d/o Albert BEACOM (b. Canada) & Jessie PLANT; wit George B. BEACOM & Leita M. BEACOM, both Wheatley, 10 Sept 1927, Leamington

010692-27 George Herbert THAYER, 21, Electrician, Windsor, Windsor, s/o Herbert W. THAYER (b. Ontario) & Victoria DYWELSKI; married Gertrude A. CLUE, 19, Windsor, Windsor, d/o Lemieux (Lennox?) CLUE (b. Ontario) & Grace SCRATCH; wit C.M. HOLLAND? & illegible FENWICK, both Windsor, 11 Jun 1927, Windsor

010693-27 Clifford THOMAS, 26, Painter, Straffordville, Fordon Mich., s/o Lewis THOMAS (b. Ontario) & Ida BOWES; married Grace BALL, 26, Guysboro, Straffordville near Tilsonburg, d/o Charles BALL (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth STEPHENS; wit Margaret SMITH & Clare THOMAS, both Windsor, 6 Sept 1927, Windsor

010694-27 William THOMAS, 22, Clerk, Cornwall England, St. Thomas, s/o William THOMAS (b. Cornwall England) & Susie PERRY; married Kathleen Penrose ROWE, 22, Clerk, Cornwall England, High Park Detroit Michigan, d/o William John ROWE (b. Cornwall England) & Katherine Ann GILBERT; wit William ROWE & Evelyn WHITE, both Detroit, 23 Jul 1927, Windsor

010695-27 Frank THOMPSON, 22, Woodworker, England, Windsor, s/o Robert THOMPSON & Cecily Jane DEWHURST; married Clara Elizabeth COOKE, 23, England, Windsor, d/o Leonard COOKE & Carrie JEFFRIES; wit Mrs. J. COOKE, Windsor & Gladys AINSWORTH, Regina Sask, 16 Aug 1927, Windsor

010696-27 John THOMSON, 29, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Christina DEAS; married Helen Keltie KEDDIE, 31, Scotland, Windsor (just arrived from Scotland), d/o Alexander KEDDIE (b. Scotland) & Helen KELTIE; wit Mrs. Elizabeth THOMSON & David THOMSON, both Detroit, 19 Sept 1927, Windsor

010697-27 Elmer TIMBERS, 31, Farmer, Dover Twp Kent Co, Sombra Twp, s/o William TIMBERS (b. Ontario) & Maggie SNOOKS; married Clara Bell DAVIS, 20, Housemaid, Chatham Twp Kent Co, Windsor, d/o James DAVIS (b. Ontario) & Minnie BUTTLER; wit Ethel JOHNSON, Windsor & William TIMBER (Jr.), Sombra, 29 Mar 1927, Windsor

010698-27 Ernest Walter TIMMS, 27, Fireman, Barrys Bay, Windsor, s/o August TIMMS (b. Ignaville Ont) & Augusta KUHNKE; married Mary Sophia BEECH, 31, Divorced, Middlesex Co, Windsor, d/o Darius KETTLEWELL (b. Middlesex Co) & Anna CASE; wit Mrs. A.E. JOHNSON, Windsor & Mrs. W.A. WALKER, Windsor, 16 Dec 1927, Windsor

010699-27 Edward A. TOBBE, 24, Accountant, Detroit Mich, s/o Anthony TOBBE & Anne BRINKMAN; married Elsie ROY, 2-?, Windsor, Windsor, d/o Michel ROY & Mary AUBIN; wit Herbert ROY, Windsor & Hildegarde TOBBE, Detroit Mich, 8 Aug 1927, Windsor

010700-27 Sam TOCCO, 21, Grocer, Brooklyn NY, Detroit, s/o Gaetano TOCCO (b. Italy) & Ninta BOMMAVITO; married Elizabeth BOMMAVITO, 18, Saginaw Mich., Detroit, d/o Salvator BOMMAVITO (b. Italy) & Antoinette GIGHO; wit Octave DENTE & Mary DENTE, both Detroit, 1 Jun 1927, Windsor

010701-27 Thomas Gerald TOMLINSON, 22, Yardman for the CPR, Walkerville, Sandwich, s/o Thomas H. TOMLINSON (b. Amherstburg) & Eva VALLANS; married Betty Anne WEBSTER, 21, Rochester NY, Windsor, d/o Walter WEBSTER & unknown; wit Rosalyn WOOD, Windsor & Cecil A. SMITH, Detroit Mich, 4 Aug 1927, Windsor

010702-27 Joseph E.N. TONDREAU, 24, Custom Sealer, Rhode Island, Windsor, s/o Celestin TONDREAU (b. Canada) & Josephine GAGNE; married Ida HART, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Fred HART (b. Ontario) & Almelda BADGLEY; wit Louis LAYFIELD, St. Thomas & Valerie SUTTON, Windsor, 11 Jun 1927, Windsor

010703-27 Herbert TONKIN, 24, Mechanic, Cornwall England, Windsor, s/o Richard TONKIN & Florence STEWARD; married Louisa Lucy PARE, 19, Windsor, Windsor, d/o Luke PARE & Mary MAYVILLE; wit Russel PARE & Loraine PARE, both Windsor, 3 Nov 1927, Windsor

011334-27 Arthur TOULOUSE, 20, Machinist, Bay Point, Ford, s/o Albert TOULOUSE & Clara TETRAULT; married Exilda EMERY, 18, Ford, Ford, d/o Henri EMERY & Josephine DEREIDA; wit Arthur J. DUCHARME of 186 Maisonville Rd., & Lena TOULOUSE of 188 Maisonville Rd., 23 Jun 1927, Ford

010704-27 William TRACY, 25, Baker, Preston Lancs. England, Windsor, s/o William TRACY & Sarah Ellen NOLAN; married Ada Eileen Cecilia WALLACE, 17, Bolton Lancs. England, Sandwich, d/o Herbert Michael WALLACE & Evelyn NEWSOME; wit James JONES & Margaret Mary JONES, both Detroit, 8 Oct 1927, Windsor

011335-27 Thomas William TRACY, 27, Accountant, London, Windsor, s/o Thomas William TRACY & Anna MCAULIFFE; married Madeline Estelle O'SHEA, 28, Toronto, Walkerville, d/o John O'SHEA & Agnes MEMORY; wit Reginald DOE, Detroit Mich & Norma OUELLETTE, Windsor, 3 Nov 1927, Walkerville

010705-27 Blagoy TRANDOFF, 33, Carpenter, Macedonia, Windsor, s/o Tancho TRANDOFF (b. Macedonia) & Stoina TRVETOIVA; married Kata POPOVA, 21, Macedonia, Toronto, d/o George TANASIS (b. Macedonia) & Isota POPOVA; wit Christ TERGEOFF & Dana TERGEOFF, both Detroit, 1 Dec 1927, Windsor

010706-27 Emil Peter TRAVENETTE, 29, Contractor, Italy, Windsor, s/o Joseph TRAVENETTE (b. Italy) & Josephine DELMARINE; married Mary Olive BOUFFARD, 18, Graptotype Operator, Amherstburg, Windsor, d/o Henry BOUFFARD (b. Amherstburg) & Maude VIGNEAU, wit Rev. H.T. FALLEN & H.A. ROBERT, both Windsor, 19 Oct 1927, Windsor

010707-27 Arthur Hugh TRENHOLME, 28, Fitter and Turner, England, Windsor, s/o Arthur TRENHOLME (b. England) & Mary FETHERSTONE; married Elsie CLARK, 24, England, Windsor, d/o Walter CLARK (b. England) & Eleanor ELLIOTT; wit Eleanor CLARK & Charles WATT, both Windsor, 15 Aug 1927, Windsor

010708-27 Leon TROTTIER, 39, Carpenter, Wid, Quebec, Windsor, s/o John B. TROTTIER (b. Quebec) & Isaie ROUTHIER; married Marie Anna Beatrice LASCELLES, 22, Bonfield, Windsor, d/o Hyacinth LASCELLES (b. Ontario) & Catherine GIROUX, wit J.P. TROTTIER & Mrs. J.R. TROTTIER, both Windsor, 11 Oct 1927, Windsor

010709-27 Sydney Cooper TRUSCOTT, 25, Banker, Saskatchewan, Sandwich, s/o Thomas E. TRUSCOTT (b. Ontario) & Emma COOPER; married Hazel Annetta CRAWFORD, 25, Manitoba, Windsor, d/o James W. CRAWFORD (b. Ontario) & Olive S. JOHNSON; wit Elizabeth KING, Windsor, & Emma KLENERS (Rheners?), Detroit, 22 Jan 1927, Windsor

010710-27 William Henry TUCK, 35, Auto Body Builder, England, Ford, s/o William Arthur TUCK (b. England) & Cecilia PEARSE; married Alice Maud May PURDY, 36, Wid, England, Ford, d/o Thomas Albert MACKLIN (b. England) & Alice Maud HAMMOND; wit W.D. HORSFORD & Mrs. W.D. HORSFORD, both Ford, 8 May 1927, Windsor

010711-27 James Edward TYRER, 30, Mechanic, England, Detroit Mich, s/o Henry TYRER (b. England) & Lucy SYKES; married Madeline D. WEBSTER, 31, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Thomas WEBSTER (b. England) & Sabina LITTLE; wit Arthur HOWELL, Windsor & Ella L. MATHEWS, Riverside, 1 Jan 1927, Windsor

010712-27 Howard Russell ULCH, 25, Salesman, Kingsville, Detroit, s/o Russ ULCH (b. Ontario) & Jane Adeline VALADE; married Hazel Estelle SWEET, 25, Essex Co, Windsor, d/o Benjamin SWEET (b. Ontario) & Eva CREEPER; wit Alfred H. MARTIN, Walkerville & Edna E. SWEET, Windsor, 27 Oct 1927, Windsor

010713-27 Lester Davis UMBENHOWER , 19, Bookkeeper, Anderson Indiana, Sandwich Twp, s/o George UMBENHOWER (b. Indiana) & Martha LOWERY; married Effie Loraine HOWE, 24, Windsor, Windsor, d/o Thomas HOWE (b. England) & Lizina JONES; wit Victor UMBENHOWER & Viola LACROIX, both Windsor, 30 Aug 1927, Windsor

010714-27 Victor Cornelius UMBENHOWER , 21, Gas Station, Indiana, Sandwich Twp, s/o George UMBENHOWER (b. Ontario) & Martha LOWERY; married Viola LA CROIX, 24, Midland, Windsor, d/o James LA CROIX (b. Ontario) & Julia BANNISTER; wit L. UMBENHOWER & Effie L. HOWE, both Windsor, 30 Aug 1927, Windsor

010715-27 Jesse Peter VALLEAU, 25, Waiter, Northumberland Co, Detroit, s/o James S. VALLEAU (b. Ontario) & Anne Elizabeth DYAMOND; married Marie Elsie RIGBY, 28, England, Windsor, d/o John C. RIGBY (b. England) & Florence COULSON; wit Rosetta L.M. CHAPPELL & Mrs. John TURNER, both Windsor, 23 Jun 1927, Windsor

010716-27 Henry Joseph VANDERBROOKS, 23, Plasterer, Detroit Mich, Detroit Mich, s/o Henry VANDERBROOKS (b. Belgium) & Mary DELMONTTE (Delmoutte?); married Florence Jane COTTINGHAM, 25, Domestic, Chatham, Bothwell, d/o William COTTINGHAM (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth PARKER; wit Elsie M. CHAPMAN & Hazel E. ADOLPH, both Windsor, 3 Jun 1927, Windsor

010717-27 Clyde E. VANDERLINDER, 20, Iron Worker, Windsor, Windsor, s/o Enors VANDERLINDER (b. Ontario) & Beatrice KING; married Jessie C. GLENNIE, 19, Scotland, Detroit Mich, d/o Peter GLENNIE (b. Scotland) & Christina WATT; wit Nesbit GORDON & Peter GLENNIE, both Detroit, 4 Jun 1927, Windsor

010718-27 Philip VANDERLINDER, 31, Clerk, Ford City, Windsor, s/o Thomas VANDERLINDER & Mary COUBOIS; married Irene? Mary O'DELL, 25, Maidstone, Windsor, d/o John O'DELL & Ellen HEELEY?; wit M.J. HEELEY?, Maidstone & Vivian VANDERLINDER, Ontario, 2 Aug 1927, Windsor

010719-27 William VAN HORN, 26, Carpenter, Trenton Michigan, RR1 Trenton Michigan, s/o John VAN HORN (b. Michigan) & Susan KOSMITSKI; married Lilian May GRANT, 21, London England, Amherstburg, d/o William GRANT (b. England) & Clara WYATT; wit E.B. DAY, Red Deer Alberta & E.H. LANE, Toronto, 26 Jun 1927, Windsor

010720-27 Dimitri VANOFF (or Vanov), 34, Factory Worker, Greece, Windsor, s/o John GALINOFF (b. Greece) & Masa MICHAKOVA; married Zaika SUSSLOVA (or Sotsouleva) 25, Greece, Windsor, d/o Dine SOTSOULER (b. Greece) & Sultana DIMANDOVA; wit Thomas KONDAS & Dimo ZIRSOFF, both Windsor, 15 Mar 1927, Windsor

010721-27 Yewart VARTABEDIAN, 38, Hotel Keeper, Turkey, Detroit, s/o Aarne? VARTABEDIAN (b. Turkey) & Mary BOIGIAN; married Seramanthe BAHGDEGIAN, 29, Wid, Turkey, Windsor, d/o Lzarius BAHGDEGIAN (b. Turkey) & Martha ELIAZARIAN; wit Nozawich L. MANGANIAN & Labella MANGANIAN, both Detroit, 10 Jul 1927, Windsor

010722-27 Evard VOLENTINE, 36, Salesman, Rockfort Min (Wis?), Detroit, s/o Frank VOLENTINE (b. US) & Emma TREVILLE; married Ruby Alberta Curtis BROWN, 34, Dressmaker, Divorced, Sandwich West, Windsor, d/o George W. CURTIS (b. Ontario) & Sarah M. MOORE; wit Elizabeth LOVE, Calgary & M.L. PAULIN, Windsor, 29 Sept 1927, Windsor

010723-27 Edwin Charles WACHLEY (Wackley?), 24, Machinist, England, Windsor, s/o John Henry WACHLEY (b. England) & Elizabeth HOLLOWAY; married Lena JOHANSON, 32, England, Windsor, d/o Fredrick JOHANSON (b. Sweden) & Marie RASMUSSEN, wit Marian ANDERSON & Isabel PAULIN, both Windsor, 12 May 1927, Windsor

010724-27 Arthur WADE, 29, Toolmaker, Manchester England, Windsor, s/o Samuel WADE (b. England) & Alice LLOYD; married Lillian BROWN, 22, London England, Windsor, d/o Charles Edward BROWN (b. England) & Julia NICHOLLS; wit John SANDERS & Constance SAUNDERS, both Windsor, 25 Aug 1927, Windsor

010725-27 Aaron WALKER, 28, Farmer, Harwich Twp, Harwich Twp, so William WALKER (b. Ontario) & Maryann CAMERON; married Edna Jean HUNTER, 22, Harwich Twp, Harwich Twp, d/o Henry HUNTER (b. Ontario) & Jeanette BURKE; wit Mrs. Margaret WALKER & Alma G. ALLEN, both Windsor, 13 Apr 1927, Windsor

010727-27 John WALKER, 29, Clerk, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William WALKER (b. Scotland) & Isabella SMITH; married Helen Margaret FYFE, 21, Scotland, Windsor, d/o James FYFE (b. Scotland) & Margaret Dixon YOUNG; wit Christina FYFE, Windsor & James Smith LITTENHEAD?, Detroit Mich, 26 Dec 1927, Windsor

010728-27 Russell Richard WALKER, 21, Clerk, Thornhill Man, Wayburn Sask, s/o John WALKER (b. Toronto) & Georgina BELL; married Donalda M. MACPHERSON, 21, Kenora, Kincardine, d/o Donald MACPHERSON (b. Ontario) & Mamie MCKAY; wit Georgina BRISTOW & Melvin HILES, both Windsor, 29 May 1927, Windsor

010726-27 Edward Cleland WALKER, 30, Superintendent, Windsor, Windsor, s/o Harry WALKER (b. Ontario) & Kathleen DENMAN; married Janet Josephine RITZER, 29, Windsor, Windsor, d/o Michael RITZER (b. Ontario) & Margaret Ann SHOEBOTTOM; wit Jessie M. WALKER & Robert T. WALKER, both Dearborn Mich, 2 Jul 1927, Windsor

010729-27 John Aloysius WALMSLEY, 43, Tinsmith, Preston Lancashire England, Detroit Mich, s/o John T. WALMSLEY (b. England) & Elizabeth A. GREEN; married Gwendoleen May ELSOM, 17, Florence, Sandwich, d/o Charles Edmond ELSOM (b. Ontario) & Louise G. PAUL; wit Jeanie CUTHBERT, Sandwich & Maximilian MILLER, Blenheim, 21 Sept 1927, Windsor

010730-27 Albert Edmund WARNER, 22, Machinist, England, Windsor, s/o Thomas William WARNER & Elizabeth BILLINGTON; married Nellie Etoile KIPP, 22, Michigan USA, Windsor, d/o William KIPP & Laura PARMENTER; wit Horace Sidney WARNER & Gertrude SNIDER, both Windsor, 1 Jan 1927, Windsor

010731-27 Clifford Orval WARREN, 24, Steam Shovel Operator, Michigan USA, Pontiac Mich, s/o Roy WARREN (b. USA) & Cora QUICK; married Mary Ann BLAIR, 23 (b. 11 Sept 1903), Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland, Windsor, d/o Arthur BLAIR (b. Scotland) & Janet SCOBBIE; wit Jean KEENAN & Michael KEEMAN, both 1368 Mercer St., 19 Feb 1927, Windsor

010732-27 Archie Kenneth WAUGH, 31, Stove repairman, Tilbury East, Windsor, s/o Christian WAUGH (b. Ontario) & Edna CAUGHILL; married Olive Ethel Mary WILKINSON, 24, England, Windsor, d/o George WILKINSON (b. England) & Amelia HOLLAWAY; wit W.S. GULLEN & Mrs. W.S. GULLEN, both Windsor, 9 Sept 1927, Windsor

010733-27 Jacob WEALTS, 33, Painter, Poland, Detroit, s/o Shalem WEALTS (b. Poland) & Jeva SOKOL; married Louise Frances LEVITON, 27, Philadelphia, Windsor (one year), d/o Jacob LEVITON (b. Russia) & Maria BRONIN; wit Abraham SHAPIRO & B. CAPLAN, both Windsor, 29 Mar 1927, Windsor

010734-27 Charles Lee WEATHERRED, 28, Clerk, Fort Wayne Indiana, Windsor, s/o Charles WEATHERRED (b. Birmingham Ala) & Jessie AIKIN; married Clare Estelle VOEBEL, 21, Stenographer, New Orleans Louisiana, Detroit, d/o Jefferson VOEBEL (b. Houston Texas) & Mary SWAGO; wit Estelle WEATHERRED & C. Eugene KRONT, both Detroit, 25 Aug 1927, Windsor

010735-27 Michael WEISS, 37, Labourer, Austria Hungary, Windsor, s/o Michael WEISS (Sr) (b. Austria Hungary) & Sophia BRECKNER; married Margaretha DARIHERDT (Dairherdt?), 35, Austria Hungary, Windsor, d/o Michael DARIHERDT (b. Austria Hungary) & Sophia ARELT; wit Michael SHLER, Ford City & Michael DIETRICH, Windsor, 18 Jul 1927, Windsor

010736-27 Charles Norris WELSH, 23, Clerk, Windsor, Windsor, s/o Windsor J. WELSH (b. Ontario) & May DIXON; married Ada Mima SHORE, 26, Clerk, Ottawa, Sandwich, d/o John SHORE (b. Ontario) & Martha GILLESPIE; wit Mrs. S.J. WELSH & S.J. WELSH, both Maidstone, 17 Sept 1927, Windsor

010737-27 Arthur Edward WENNER, 28, Milk Driver, London Ont, Windsor, s/o John Joseph WENNER (b. Ontario) & Alice BOYD; married Gertrude ARISS 24, East Rushan - Dufferin Co, Detroit, d/o Benjamin ARISS & Elizabeth TAIT; wit Mrs. Helen COCKBURN & Mrs. William MOORE, both Windsor, 5 Sept 1927, Windsor

010738-27 Roy WESTLAKE, 22, Truck Driver, Windsor, Windsor, s/o Walter WESTLAKE (b. Ontario) & Emily PRICE; married Eythel ARMSTRONG, 23, Glen Ross Hastings Co, Windsor, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG (b. Ontario) & Mary NOLEN; wit George SCHUCHARD & Elma ARMSTRONG, both Windsor, 2 Mar 1927, Windsor

010739-27 Harold WETHERALD, 23, Farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Charles T. WETHERALD (b. Harwich Twp) & Mary DOUGHWAITE; married Christina Isabell TUCK, 19, Housekeeper, Harwich, Howard Twp, d/o James T. TUCK (b. Harwich Twp) & Euphemia MCCORKELL; wit Warren W. BABCOCK (MD) & Edna BABCOCK, both Detroit Mich, 12 Nov 1927, Windsor

010740-27 Moe WEXLER, 23, Merchant, Romania Windsor, s/o Ellsash? WEXLER (b. Romania) & Rebeka KANDEL (Kondel?); married Lillian MENETZKY, 21, Cleveland Ohio, Sandwich, d/o Herman MENETZKY (b. Russia) & Teresha MAJER; wit Reuben DYBER?, Windsor & S. RATANBERG, Detroit Mich, 25 Jan 1927, Windsor

010741-27 Franklin George Cecil WHEELER, 23, Clerk, Windsor, Windsor, s/o William WHEELER (b. Ontario) & Charlotte CUNNINGHAM; married Beatrice Anna KENNEDY, 25, Kent Co, Windsor, d/o Samuel KENNEDY (b. Ontario) & Catherine KOHLER; wit Anna K. YALE, Detroit Mich & L.C. WHEELER, Windsor, 8 Jun 1927, Windsor

010742-27 Louis Allan WHEELER, 21, Civil Engineer, Ridgetown, Thamesville, s/o Robert WHEELER (b. Ontario) & Edna MCGRAW; married Edith DOYON, 19, St. Julie?, Thamesville, d/o Joseph L. DOYON (b. Quebec) & Laura MARON? (Mereu?) wit Jessie S. THOMAS & Clara THOMAS, both Windsor, 18 Jun 1927, Windsor

010743-27 Frank E. WHITAKER, 33, Supt. illegible Hydraulic Co, Dryden Mich, Windsor (5 years), s/o Elsha WHITAKER (b. Dryden Mich) & Bella DICKINSON, married Helen CONWELL, 37, Wid, Detroit, Detroit, d/o Edward W. ANDREWS (b. Michigan) & Louise MCLAUGHLLIN; wit illeigble CONWELL, Detroit Mich & [illegible signature], Windsor, 23 Apr 1927, Windsor

010744-27 Hugh WHITE, 21, Salesman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Maurice WHITE (b. Russia) & Fanny BERG; married Julie Jean DANCY, 24, Ontario, Aylmer, d/o Ernest DANCY (b. Canada) & May HUNT; wit Walter E. BAGNALL & George H. HOOLE, both Windsor, 6 Oct 1927, Windsor

010745-27 Goldie Theodore WHITTY, 27, Physician, Frontenac Co, Windsor, s/o Edward WHITTY (b. Ontario) & Fanny MOORE; married Adeline THOMPSON, 22, Calgary Alberta, Windsor, d/o William James THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Alexandria BAYLOW; wit Mrs. P.C. FRASER & Elmer A. ELNY, both Windsor, 1 Sept 1927, Windsor

010746-27 Raymond P. WICKMAN, 22, Plasterer, Los Angeles US, 651 Ouellette Ave, s/o Oscar WICKMAN & Jessie PHELPS; married Evangeline MELOCHE, 22, Telegraph Operator, Sandwich, 11 Bruce Ave, d/o William MELOCHE & Alma GIGNAC; wit Smith MCADAM, 651 Ouellette Ave & Jeanette MELOCHE, La Salle, 19 Nov 1927, Windsor

010747-27 Ernest John WICKSTROM, 33, Machinist, Estonia, Windsor, s/o Frederick WICKSTROM (b. Sweden) & Anna LOOK; married Xenia Virginia HOLM, 26, Finland, Amherstburg, d/o August HOLM (b. Finland) & Wendla CARLSON; wit Helen MATTSON, Windsor & Mrs. Helen YOMAN, Amherstburg, 18 Nov 1927, Windsor

010748-27 Harry WILD, 50, District Foreman, England, Windsor, s/o Harry WILD (b. England) & Elizabeth WEBB; married Ethel LIGHT, 43, England, Windsor, d/o Henry LIGHT (b. England) & Kate STACEY; wit Horace LIGHT & Mrs. H.J. LIGHT, both Windsor, 1 Aug 1927 Windsor

010749-27 Frederick WILKINSON, 34, Salesman, England, Sandwich, s/o Frederick James WILKINSON (b. England) & Margaret BURTON; married Mary Lucinda GAULT, 25, Ontario, Sandwich, d/o Robert Arthur GAULT (b. Ontario) & Hannah FULLER; wit Florence HILTON & Caleb S. HILTON, both Windsor, 20 Aug 1927, Windsor

010750-27 Edwin Kilburn WILLARD, 24, Foreman, Massachusetts, Detroit Mich, s/o Frank A. WILLARD (b. USA) & Sadie N. KILBURN; married Evelyn KLINGBYLE, 22, Essex, Essex, d/o Herman H. KLINGBYLE (b. USA) & Louise Jane ALLAN; wit James Lorne SCULLAND?, Windsor & Edith KLINGBYLE, Essex, 17 Sept 1927, Windsor