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Elgin Co., 1918

birth place is given before residence


008106/1918 (Elgin Co) Ward Alvin ACKFORD, 26, farmer, Talbotville Ont, same, s/o William ACKFORD & Ella BRANTON, married Margaret Belle GRAVES, 27, Kingsville, Aylmer Ont, d/o Henry GRAVES & Lydia COURT, witn: Lydia GRAVES & Mrs R MITCHELL, both of Aylmer Ont, 5 Jun 1918 at Aylmer 008105/1918 (Elgin Co) Thomas Neil ALLIN jr, 20, fireman, St.. Thomas, same, s/o Thomas Neil ALLIN & Alvetine HARVEY, married Daisy Evelyn WESTBROOK, 20, England, St. Thomas, d/o Charles WESTBROOK & don't know, witn: Alex McCURDY of Detroit Mich & James Arthur Gray of St. Thomas, 6 Sep 1918 at St. Thomas
008110/1918 (Elgin Co) Eli ANTONE, 35, railroad man, Oneida, St. Thomas, s/o Moses ANTONE & Rachel CORNELIUS, married Jane BREAD, 32, domestic, widow, Oneida, same, d/o George DOXTADER & not known, witn: Mr.. & Mrs Jacob ANTONE of Oneida Ont, 13 Feb 1918 at St. Thomas. 008109/1918 (Elgin Co) George ANTONE, 25, farmer, Middlesex Co, Oneida, s/o Smith ANTONE & Eliza SICKLES, married Lavina SICKLES, 22, Middlesex Co, Oneida, d/o Noah SICKLES & Minnie NINHAM, witn: Emma S HARVEY & Olive NACHBURN both of St. Thomas, 13 Feb 1918 at St. Thomas
008108/1918 (Elgin Co) Clarence Thomas ARMSTRONG, 18, clerk, London Ont, same, s/o William James ARMSTRONG & Annie LEID, married Luella Susannah SHARPE, 18, Niagara Falls Ont, London Ont, d/o James Henry SHARPE & Jennie COLE. witn: M A TOLL & G G CROSS both of St. Thomas, 28 Jan 1918 at St. Thomas. 008107/1918 (Elgin Co) Thomas ATHA , 51, laborer, Yorkshire England, London, s/o Joseph ATHA & Eliza PARKER married Elizabeth SMITHIES, 59, housekeeper, widow, Yorkshire England, London, d/o Joseph GOODALL & Ann CUMMINS, witn: Clara GOODALL of London & Annie CODD of St. Thomas, 18 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas.
008118/1918 (Elgin Co) Edward William BAKER, 25, dom. constable, Co Kerry Ireland, St. Thomas, s/o Ed BAKER & Mollie O'BRIEN, married Olive BOYD, 19, Elgin Co, St. Thomas, d/o Addison BOYD & Cora Ella LEARN, witn: Mr. & Mrs Roy C KNIGHT of St. Thomas, 11 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas. Divorce granted 14 Nov 1931 008133/1918 (Elgin Co) Elijah Edward BAKER, 25, machinist, St. Thomas, same, s/o Elijah BAKER & Edith FAIRBROTHER, married Bertha May WHALLS, 23, saleslady, Yarmouth Twp, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas WHALLS & Sarah HALL, witn: Truman H WHALLS & Hattie S HERRON both of St. Thomas, 5 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas.
008126/1918 (Elgin Co) Albert Victor BALDWIN, 20, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Ethlen BALDWIN & Mary Elizabeth NEFF, married Nellie May SHEPHERD, 19, housemaid, Malahide, same, d/o James SHEPHERD & Elizabeth PORTER, witn: Stewart HAMILTON & Zelma BALDWIN both of Springfield, 13 Mar 1918 at Malahide Twp. 008116/1918 (Elgin Co) Norman Duff McFarling BALLANTINE, 22, machinist, St. Thomas, same, s/o James D BALLANTINE & Elizabeth Munroe, married Gladys Margarite GLOIN, 21, Yarmouth Centre, same, d/o Emera GLOIN & Annie HARRIS, witn: Robert William HEARN of Tilsonburg & Edna M DURDLE of St. Thomas, 25 Dec 1918 at Yarmouth Centre
008125/1918 (Elgin Co) Albert BAWDEN, 30, farmer, Elgin Co, Southwold Twp, s/o John BAWDEN & Elizabeth STODDEN, married Eva Pearl DAWN (Down?), 26, Elgin Co, Southwold Twp, d/o Emmanuel DAWN & Sarah STYLES, witn: Edgar S DAWN of Shedden & Edith CRANSTON of Tempo, 24 Apr 1918 at Lambeth 008119/1918 (Elgin Co) George Earnest BEARD, 19, farmer, England, Bayham Twp, s/o William BEARD & Sarah COOK, married Violet GOWERS, I9, house work, England, Bayham Twp, d/o Charles GOWERS & Emma CARPE, witn: John Henry HOWE & Francis GOWERS both of Corinth, 5 Aug 1918 at Tillsonburg
008111/1918 (Elgin Co) Cecil Edward BEAUL, 25, basket maker, Euphemia, Rodney, s/o Eli BEAUL & Margaret KELLY, married Annie AVEY, 23, store clerk, Aldboro, same, d/o William G AVEY & Charlotte Ann HEAD, witn: Arthur & Sadie AVEY both of Rodney, 21 Dec 1918 at Rodney. 008130/1918 (Elgin Co) Ezra BEDFORD, 44, farmer, England, Dunwich Twp, s/o John BEDFORD & Liza CHAPMAN, married Annie Pearl TROTHEN, 29, faded, Dunwich Twp, d/o Joshua TROTHEN & Margaret McKILLOP, witn: A KENNEDY & Mrs H T KENNEDY of Dutton, Jan 1918 at Dutton.
008129/1918 (Elgin Co) Willard BENNER, 44, contractor, Bayham, Aylmer, s/o Leander BENNER & Julie ANGER, married Capitola BRADLEY, 34, dining room waitress, Aylmer, same, d/o Henry BRADLEY & Georgina MITCHELL, witn: Stanley B HILL & Fern LIGHT both of Aylmer, 1 Jan 1918 at Aylmer 008113/1918 (Elgin Co) Herbert S BENTLEY, 26, farmer, Aylmer, Dutton, s/o James A BENTLEY & Kate HODGES, married Anne R HODDER, 25, milliner, Dutton, same, d/o John J HODDER & Annie E BALKWELL, witn: Fred J HODDER & Mrs James D GRAHAM both of Dutton, 16 Nov 1918 at Dutton
008127/1918 (Elgin Co) James Edward BERDAN, 26, laborer, Elgin Co, Malahide, s/o Alphonso BERDAN & Mary WALL, married Mary Etta PROPPER (Proper?), 23, house servant, Simcoe, Malahide, d/o Samuel PROPPER & Mary Elizabeth PROPPER, witn: Mr. & Mrs Samuel B PROPPER of Jaffa, 14 Mar 1918 at Malahide Twp. 008112/1918 (Elgin Co) Vernas A BERDAN, 22, stone mason, Springfield Ont, London, s/o Albert BERDAN & Adaline POUND, married Edith D STRINGER, 22, shoe maker, London England, Kitchener, d/o Fred STRINGER & Lottie CARD, witn: Kenneth HARRIS & E J WOOD both of Springfield, 25 Dec 1918 at Springfield.
008121/1918 (Elgin Co) Clifton C BERDAN, 18, farmer, Elgin Co, Southwold Twp, s/o Albert BERDEN & Drusilla ARCHER, married Arlena SCHRAM, 18, Norfolk Co, St. Thomas, d/o Jarvis SCHRAM & Maud HALLIDAY, witn: Mrs W B WALKER of New Sarum & Charlotte GOODWIN of Hamilton, 16 Jul 1918 at New Sarum 008128/1918 (Elgin Co) John Wesley BLANCHFILL, 54, laborer, Bayham, Corinth, s/o James BLANCHFILL & Selenia PHILLMORE, married Annie FIRBY, 61, house maid, widow, Belville, Corinth, d/o John MITTS & Fanny DAVEY, witn: Mrs E & Ernest FIRBY of Corinth, 6 Mar 1918 at Corinth
008134/1918 (Elgin Co) Alfred William BLAZE, 34, brass moulder, St. Thomas, same, s/o John W BLAZE & Alice BAWDEN, married Pearl LACEY, 27, sales lady, Dunwich Twp, St. Thomas, d/o John LACEY & blank FORD, witn: George GALL & Gertrude LACEY both of St. Thomas, 5 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas 008135/1918 (Elgin Co) Charles BOTWRIGHT, 50, brass moulder, London Eng, St. Thomas, s/o George BOTWRIGHT & Annie WAKEN, married Elizabeth VALENTINE, 50, housekeeper, widow, London Eng, St. Thomas, d/o John R BOWHEY & Eliza NORTON, witn: C F VALENTINE of Bridgeburg & B O VALENTINE of Toronto, 24 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas.
008136/1918 (Elgin Co) William BRAGG, age illegible, soldier, England, of illegible, s/o Henry BRAGG & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, married Winnie E LOUCKS, 21, [rest faded], d/o Edward & Ida LOUCKS, witn: William SMITH of London Ont & Mabel McPHAIL of St. Thomas, 3 Jan 1918 at St. Thomas 008138/1918 (Elgin Co) Joseph Austin BRENNEN, 42, boiler maker, ?, London Ont, s/o Dominick BRENNEN & Rose SCAHILL, married Catherine Ellen SULLIVAN, 36, St. Thomas, same, d/o John SULLIVAN & Margaret O'BRIEN, witn: James O'BRIEN & Eva COOK both of St. Thomas, 17 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas.
008122/1918 (Elgin Co) Dalton H BROOKE, 24, mechanic, Canada, London, s/o Anne MOORE, married Tennice Mae GILLETT, 21, Malahide, same, d/o John GILLETT & Cora BEARSS, witn: Annie CRAUS of Aylmer & Benjamin H BEARSS of St. Thomas, 29 Jun 1918 at the bride's home Malahide. 008131/1918 (Elgin Co) Allan BROWN, 27, engineer, Scotland, Aylmer, s/o Edward BROWN & Madaline PASHLEY, married Pearl Irene MITCHELL, 19, Aylmer, same, d/o William MITCHELL & Mary Jane SCOTT, witn: Mrs James HOPPER & Minnie M. HAGER both of Aylmer, Feb 1918 at Aylmer. License date is 2 Feb 1918.
008117/1918 (Elgin Co) William Arthur BRYANTON, 45, farmer, widower, Strathroy, Port Stanley, s/o William James BRYANTON & Eliza Ann VEITCH, married Maggie or Mrs A J PAYNE, 43, Stratsburg Germany, St. Thomas, widow, d/o John LESS and unknown, witn: Annie Y KING & Flora A MEIKLEJOHN both of St. Thomas, 24 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas.

008114/1918 (Elgin Co) John Clayton BUCK, 23, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o James H BUCK & Lucinda NAHRGANG, married Vera Leone SHACKELTON, 19, Malahide, same, d/o Clarence Benjamin SHACKELTON & Silvain BEARSS, witn: Carl CARTWRIGHT of RR1 Vienna & Mary BUCK of RR1 Aylmer, 20 Nov 1918 at Aylmer.

008123/1918 (Elgin Co) Lee Roy BURGAR, 28, farmer, Elgin Co, Fingal, s/o Charles BURGAR & Amelia HUNTER, married Mary Belle FERGUSON, 20, Elgin Co, Southwold Twp, d/o Dan FERGUSON & Mary MUNRO, witn: Charles BURGAR of Leamington & Charles MUNRO of Port Stanley, 5 Jun 1918 at Southwold 008115/1918 (Elgin Co) John James Beatty BURNETT, 27, auditor, Dumfries Scot, Dorchester Twp, s/o John James BURNETT & Marion BEATTY, married Elizabeth Mary McLeod LAWRANCE, 25, Wingham, Dorchester Twp, d/o William Hall LAWRANCE & Annie CHALFORT witn: Alexander McLeod LAWRANCE & Ethel LAWRANCE both of RR4 Aylmer, 6 Nov 1918 at Dorchester.
008132/1918 (Elgin Co) Frank Ethelton BURWELL, 26, soldier, Winnipeg Man, St. Thomas, s/o William BURWELL and unknown, married Violet LESSARD, 24, forewoman, Hamilton, St. Thomas, d/o Joseph B LESSARD & Annie DOWDELL, witn: Mr. & Mrs Percy E TAYLOR of St. Thomas, 22 Jan 1918 at St. Thomas. 008120/1918 (Elgin Co) Franklin Harold BUTCHER, 23, commercial traveler, Brandon Manitoba, London, s/o Thomas Frederick BUTCHER & Ellen J BARTLETT, married Ada Maie GIBSON, 24, banker, Ingersoll, Aylmer, d/o Edwin F GIBSON & Ada SILK, witn: Hazel GIBSON of Chicago Ill & Frank S GIBSON of Toronto, 3 Aug 1918 at Aylmer
008124/1918 (Elgin Co) Clarence Lehman BUTLER, 33, farmer, Malahide, Yarmouth, s/o George E BUTLER & Margaret E BACHUS, married Mamie TURRILL, 25, Malahide, Aylmer, d/o Addison TURRILL & Rachel WISE, witn: Addison TURRILL of Aylmer W & Mrs Gordon GILLETT of RR2 Aylmer, 11 Jun 1918 at Aylmer 8137-18 Joseph Jerermiah BYRNE, 37, locomotive engineer, Woodslee Ont., London, s/o Anthony BYRNE & Ellen KEEGAN, married Vera Alzina MacPHERSON, 27, Yarmouth twp., St. Thomas, d/o Archibald MacPHERSON & Hannah BUCK, witn: James E. & Margaret BYRNE of Windsor, 13 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas
  008152/1918 (Elgin Co) George Curtis CAMERON, 44, cheese maker, Norwich, Tillsonburg, s/o James CAMERON & Eliza CAMPBELL married Agnes Amelia BATES, 39, Norwich, Pt Burwell, d/o Charles BATES & Nancy SMITH, witn: Mae FORBES & Myrtle BATES both of Port Burwell, 9 Jan 1918 at Port Burwell.
008143/1918 (Elgin Co) Daniel Scott CAMPELL, 30, farmer, Aldboro, same, s/o Daniel F CAMPBELL & Flora SCOTT, married Learna Agnes LAYMAN, 20, farmer, Mich, blank, d/o John P LAYMAN & Harriett JAMES, witn: Mr. & Mrs W F CAMPBELL of Rodney, 30 Dec 1918 at Rodney. 008146/1918 (Elgin Co) Neil Alexander CAMPBELL, 28, farmer, Southwold Twp, same, s/o J D CAMPBELL & Bernice SWISHER, married Annie Laura FULTON, 28, Southwold Twp, same, d/o James FULTON & Annie McPHERSON, witn: Lilian M THORNELOE & Mrs F. MILLER both of St. Thomas, 16 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas
008158/1918 (Elgin Co) Thomas Henry CARROLL, 26, farmer, Highgate, Southwold Twp, s/o Thomas CARROLL & Margaret REID, married Gene McMURRAY, 19, S Dorchester Twp, Yarmouth Twp, d/o Ed McMURRAY & Lilly BINGHAM, witn: George CARROLL of RR1 St. Thomas & Fay McMURRAY of St. Thomas, 1 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas.  
008154/1918 (Elgin Co) Donald CATTANACH, 24, switchman, St. Thomas, Bridgeburg, s/o Albert John CATTANACH & Hannah McCALLAM, married Ada Anna Victoria WHITE, 24, Toronto, Bridgeburg, d/o Richard WHITE & Annie BUSBY, witn: Mrs J A DALE & Mary R McGILLIVRAY both of St. Thomas, 11 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas 008160/1918 (Elgin Co) Sydney Lawrence CHAMBERLAIN, 25, pipe setter, London Eng, St. Thomas, s/o Robert CHAMBERLAIN & Mary STACEY, married Mrs Emily BROWN, 25, dressmaker, widow, London Eng, St. Thomas, d/o J H BARNES & Elizabeth BULL, witn: Ernest BARNES & Ada ELLIS both of St. Thomas, 23 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas.
008150/1918 (Elgin Co) Ezra CHUTE, 40, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o John H CHUTE & Catharine WALL, married Nora LOOP, 38, Malahide, same, d/o Erastus LOOP & Anna Maretta LOOP, witn: G K LOOP & A L CAVERLY both of Aylmer Ont, 25 Mar 1918 at Aylmer 008140/1918 (Elgin Co) Wilfred Hiram CHUTE, 26, farmer, Port Burwell, same, s/o Thomas Ensley CHUTE & Louisa MULHOLLAND, married Thressa Maude HERRIES, 24, Port Burwell, same, d/o Alexander Murray HERRIES & Alice PRESSEY, witn: Mrs Gordon HERRIES & Mrs Morley CHUTE both of Port Burwell, 30 Oct 1918 at Bayham Twp.
  008156/1918 (Elgin Co) Harman Alfred CLARK, 18, section man, St. Thomas, same, s/o Benjamin CLARK & Mary Alice OKE, married Ada Vera Pearl Elizabeth BRUNNING, 16, Ont, St. Thomas, d/o Daniel BRUNNING & Janet Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: Henry R BRUNNING & Carrie Elizabeth JOHNSTON both of St. Thomas, 11 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas.
008148/1918 (Elgin Co) Charles Lawson Milard COLE, 28, laborer, Essex Co, Port Stanley, s/o Joseph Alonzo COLE & Delphine blank, married Delilah Violet GOW, 21, bookkeeper, St.. Joseph Island, Port Stanley, d/o David GOW & Mary GOW, witn: Rev S A EASTMAN & Edna GIFFORD both of Port Stanley, 22 Jun 1918 at Port Stanley 008153/1918 (Elgin Co) Gordon COLE, 19, farmer, Bayham Twp, same, s/o Samuel COLE & Ida COLE, married Cora ROLOSON, 17, Bayham Twp, same, d/o William ROLOSON & Almira PORTER, witn: Harry C & Stella WHITCROFT of Tillsonburg, 1 Jan 1918 at Tillsonburg.
8162-18 James Osborne COLLINS, 40, widower, Delaware - Middlesex Co., St. Thomas, s/o Thomas COLLINS & Hannah SWEENEY, married Mary Ann BRIODY, 37, Port Stanley, St. Thomas, d/o Byran BRIODY & Mary DOWLING, witn: Michael & Mrs. Michael BRIODY of Fingal, 11? Aug 1918 at St. Thomas  
008161/1918 (Elgin Co) James COLLINSON, 21, pipe setter, Essex Co, St. Thomas, s/o William COLLINSON & Erta MOODY, married Doras BAKER, 22, saleslady, St. Thomas, same, d/o Elijah BAKER & Edith FAIRBROTHER, witn: Mrs A MATTHEWS of St. Thomas & Elsie LAWSON of Stratford, 2 Mar 1918 at St. Thomas 008141/1918 (Elgin Co) William Mervin COLWILL 39, driver, Middlesex Co, St. Thomas, s/o Elijah COLWILL & Mary Ann REDMOND, married Gladys Willomina LACEY, 31, Elgin Co, Dutton, d/o John LACEY & Mary FORD, witn: illegible McLEAN of St. Thomas & Gertrude L LACEY of Dutton, 11 Sep 1918 at Dutton
008144/1918 (Elgin Co) Panos CONSTANCE, 36, confectioner, Pyrgos Greece, Brantford, s/o Nick CONSTANCE & Penic? VARVAS, married Lilian May LAKE, 34, Brantford, same, d/o John LAKE & Catherine THOMPSON, witn: Edna ANDREWS & Mrs F MILLER both of St. Thomas, 2 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas 008155/1918 (Elgin Co) John COOK, 27, farmer, Devonshire Eng, Southwold Twp, s/o Henry COOK & Elizabeth BALMAN, married Mabel HUTCHINGS, 25, Devonshire Eng, Southwold Twp, d/o James HUTCHINGS & Martha HUTCHINGS, witn: M A TOLL & G G CROSS both of St. Thomas, 15 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas.
008151/1918 (Elgin Co) Harley Arron COPELAND, 27, farmer, North Dakota, Yarmouth Twp, s/o George COPELAND & Anna HORNE, married Irene Grace HEPBURN, 22, Yarmouth Twp, St. Thomas, d/o W F HEPBURN & Margaret FULTON, witn; Mitchell F. HEPBURN & Gladys COPELAND both of St. Thomas, 16 Mar 1918 at St. Thomas 008145/1918 (Elgin Co) Fred Carmine COSAN, 27, tool maker, St. Thomas, Brantford, s/o Charles COSAN & Myrtle SMITH, married Myrtle Holly GRAVES, 25, widow, St. Thomas, same, d/o Ira KINSMAN & Sarah SKELDING, witn: Lew Charles COSAN of Windsor & Madeline Cecelia KINSMAN of St. Thomas, 17 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas
008149/1918 (Elgin Co) Robert George COVILLE, 70, laborer, England, St. Thomas, s/o John Neil COVILLE & Mary Ann CORK, married Bertha CLARK, 50, widow, Bayham Ont, St. Thomas, d/o Ransom WILLSON & Elizabeth POWELL, witn: Mrs Justus ELLIOTT & Mrs W B WALKER both of New Sarum, 2 Apr 1918 at New Sarum 008157/1918 (Elgin Co) Russel CRABE (Crabbe?) 23, laborer, Elgin Co, St. Thomas, s/o George CRABE & Eusebea MOIR, married Mary LAZENBY, 19, England, St. Thomas, d/o John LAZENBY & Caroline TONKIN, witn: M TOLL & G G CROSS both of St. Thomas, 1 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas.
008139/1918 (Elgin Co) James Herbert CROSSETT, 29, farming, Bayham Twp, Tillsonburg, s/o Charles H CROSSETT & Eunice Emma FOSTER, married Illa BROOKS, 19, S Dorchester Twp, same, d/o Wentworth H BROOKS & Drusilla JACKSON, witn: Kate BROWN & Merritt MOORE both of Springfield, 11 Dec 1918 at Springfield. 008142/1918 (Elgin Co) Robert Roy CROSSETT, 22, soldier, Bayham, Kingsmill, s/o Ambrose Henry CROSSETT & Nora SMITH, married Lulu SIMPSON, 19, New Sarum, same, d/o Herbert SIMPSON & Bertha OKE, witn: Mrs C DODDS & Mae MUTTILL? both of Aylmer Ont, 21 Aug 1918 at Aylmer West
008147/1918 (Elgin Co) Hugh CUNNINGHAM, 50, gentleman, widower, St.. Marys, Brussels Ont, s/o Hugh CUNNINGHAM & Margaret SCOTT, married Alice Irene DOXEY, 27, clerk, Stratford, Brussels Ont, d/o Cornelius DOXEY & Sarah CLARKE, witn: Emma E WHITBY & L DOXEY both of Stratford, 14 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas 008159/1918 (Elgin Co) Nathaniel CUSHMAN, 36, laborer, widower, Ekfrid Twp, same, s/o James CUSHMAN & Rachel McFEE, married Lourimea EARNES, 32, Ekfrid Twp, same, d/o Thomas EARNES & Mary MURRAY, witn: M A TOLL & G G CROSS both of St. Thomas, 31 May 1918 at St. Thomas.
008172/1918 (Elgin Co) George Clair DALBY, 24, farmer, Windham Twp, Dorchester Twp, s/o Robert George DALBY & Fidella STEWART, married Rosina BRAZIER, 18, maid, England, Dorchester Twp, d/o George BRAZIER & Rose blank, witn: Mr. & Mrs William JENSON of Brownsville, 3 Jul 1918 at Springfield 008175/1918 (Elgin Co) Cecil DALEY, 28, shoe maker, Hagersville, St. Thomas, s/o Frank DALEY & Cassie BRETT, married Mae A SEDGE, 27, Fargo Ont, St. Thomas, d/o Walter SEDGE & Emily McINTYRE, witn: Emily SEDGE & Cassie DALEY both of St. Thomas, 5 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas.
008169/1918 (Elgin Co) Frank Mason DARLINGTON, 24, brakeman, Stone Staffordshire Eng, St. Thomas, s/o Edward DARLINGTON & Jennie SWANN, married Hazel Blanche YEO, 24, St. Thomas, same, d/o Thomas YEO & Susan E JENNY, witn: B R YEO & Florence VERRELL both of St. Thomas, 10 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas 008171/1918 (Elgin Co) George Burton DAUGHERTY, 48, contractor, widower, Delaware Twp, Southwold Twp, s/o Henry DAUGHERTY & Alexa HORTON, married Mary Ethel DAVIES, 30, school teacher, Yarmouth Twp, same, d/o Edward DAVIES & Nancy McLELLAN, witn: Charles Edward McLEAN & Blanche R WALKER both of RR3 Shedden, 24 Jul 1918 at Frome
008163/1918 (Elgin Co) Percy Allen DEAMUDE, 21, cook, Ingersoll, Hamilton, s/o William DEAMUDE & Jenett EDGAR, married Ettie Marie TIMPANY, 22, Calton, Dunboyne, d/o John TIMPANY & Eliza BAKER, witn: Esther BAKER of St. Thomas & Vera E CLARK of Aylmer, 18 Dec 1918 at Aylmer 008168/1918 (Elgin Co) Joseph Henry DeFRAIN, 35, soldier, Wallaceburg Ont, St. Thomas, s/o Frank DeFRAIN & Mary or Emma Jane DECON, married Annie May SHARP, 34, England, St. Thomas, d/o Joseph SHARP & May GARDINER or GARDNER, witn: H McCARTY & ? HARRALL both of St. Thomas, 17 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas.
008174/1918 (Elgin Co) Glenn Anderson DeLONG, 25, farmer, Michigan, Iona Station Ont, s/o Martin DeLONG & Jennie ANDERSON, married Mabel E McRAE, 19, Lorein Ohio, Iona Station, d/o Alexander McRAE & Annie IBBITSON, witn: Mrs Annie McRAE of Iona Station & Annie Watson KING of St. Thomas, 20 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas 008165/1918 (Elgin Co) William Johnston DEMARY, 49, farmer, widower, s/o Aaron DEMARY & Amanda JOHNSON, married Edith CAMPBELL, 45, widow, Dorchester Twp, Belmont, s/o Lewis COOPER & blank ALLAN, witn: Sarah Ann & Gladys Marion THOMAS both of Toronto, 28 Aug 1918 at Aylmer
008173/1918 (Elgin Co) David Stanley DOBIE, 32, farmer, Ekfrid Twp, same, s/o Christopher DOBIE & Christina MURRAY, married Isabella Henrietta McPHERSON, 28 Aldborough Twp, same, d/o Duncan McPHERSON & Sarah Jane McGREGOR, witn: James McPHERSON of Crinan Ont & Stacia DOBIE of Taits' Corners Ont, 27 Mar 1918 at Aldborough Twp. 008164/1918 (Elgin Co) Thomas Fredrick DOOLITTLE, 22, farmer, Mt Salem, same, s/o Frederick DOOLITTLE & Mary WISEMAN, married Alice IRWIN, 25, Carlyle, St. Thomas, d/o James IRWIN & Annie FOSTER, witn: Mr. & Mrs James VAIL of RR1 Dunboyne, 18 Nov 1918 at Malahide Twp
008170/1918 (Elgin Co) Claude Elias DUNN, 24, fireman, Southwold Twp, same, s/o Elias DUNN & Edith COWLES, married Florence Beatrice WILSON, 22, Stratford, St. Thomas, d/o James WILSON & Elizabeth KNOWLES, witn: Ernest A DUNN & Edith A DUNN both of St. Thomas, 25 Sep 1918 at St. Thomas 008166/1918 (Elgin Co) Harry Douglas DUNNETT, 27, soldier, Simcoe Ont, Aylmer, s/o John DUNNETT & Elizabeth J HUGHES, married Myrtle JAMES, 34, housekeeper, St. Thomas, same, d/o William JAMES & Mary SMALL, witn: Mary JAMES & Dorothy WATTS both of St. Thomas, 26 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas
008167/1918 (Elgin Co) Robert W DYSON, 22, shell inspector, London Ont, same, s/o William DYSON & Elizabeth OSBORNE, married Jean REID, 19, Scotland, London Ont, d/o James REID & Fanny FERGUSON, witn: Dorothy WATTS of St. Thomas & Rev R B STEVENSON of Stratford, 18 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas. 008178/1918 (Elgin Co) John David EMERSON, 22, farmer, Attercliffe Ont, same, s/o John W EMERSON & Effie May OVERHOLT, married Alma Leona MISTELE, 24, Aldboro Twp, same, d/o Jacob J MISTELE & Catharine ZOLLER, witn: Norman MISTELE of Rodney & Kittie EMERSON of Attercliffe, 6 Mar 1918 at Aldboro Twp
08179/1918 (Elgin Co) Owen Livingstone EMMETT, 28, fisherman, Port Rowan, Sparta, s/o George Albert EMMETT, & Lucy LIVINGSTONE, married Mary Thorold MABEE, 29, Port Rowan, same, d/o James P MABEE & Mary Solby THOROLD, witn: Lionel S MABEE of Port Rowan & George A EMMETT of Sparta, 9 Jan 1918 at Yarmouth Twp. 008177/1918 (Elgin Co) Willard H EMPEY, 54, farmer, widower, Oxford Co, Malahide Twp, s/o Gordon EMPEY & Emma LAW, married Maggie McCANN, 37, cigar maker, Philadelphia PA, London Ont, d/o Robert McCANN & Mary Ann WILSON, witn: A S CODD & A L ANDREW both of St. Thomas, 19 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas.
008180/1918 (Elgin Co) Robert Burns ENGLISH, 21, farmer, Harwich Twp, same, s/o Robert ENGLISH & Minnie VANCE, married Elma GAGE, 22, Howard Twp, same, d/o Oscar GAGE & Mary BULLER, witn: Belle MADDOCK of Alvinston & Nettie M SLAUSON of St. Thomas, 15 Jan 1918 at St. Thomas. 008176/1918 (Elgin Co) Charles ESSELTINE, 24, foundryman, Fairground Ont, St. Thomas, s/o William ESSELTINE & Effie ELLWOOD, married Florence KEW, 23, Fingal Ont, St. Thomas, d/o William KEW & Agnes H GALBRAITH, witn: Jean ALEXANDER & W H KEW both of St. Thomas, 28 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas.
008184/1918 (Elgin Co) James F FERGUSON, 28, loco. fireman, St. Thomas, same, s/o John C FERGUSON & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Marguerite MacBANE, 24, Glanworth Middlesex, St. Thomas, d/o Duncan MacBANE & Katherine McINTYRE, witn: Duncan & Florence MacBANE both of St. Thomas, 28 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas. 008181/1918 (Elgin Co) Ray Dewitt FERGUSON, 26, farmer, N Dorchester Twp, S Dorchester Twp, s/o John FERGUSON & Margaret McLENNAN, married Elsie Florence HOWE, 25, N Dorchester Twp, S Dorchester Twp, d/o John Franklin HOWE & Lily FURNEY, witn: Laurier HOWE of RR1 Belmont & Margaret FERGUSON of RR3 Belmont, 30 Oct 1918 at Aylmer
008183/1918 (Elgin Co) Edgar FERNS, 21, machinist, Elgin Co, Yarmouth Twp, s/o Edgar FERNS & Addie TISDALE, married Thelma A DENNISS, 22, Elgin Co, Yarmouth Twp, d/o Henry Wilson DENNISS & Maria Elizabeth MILLMAN, witn: Ethel M DENNISS of RR5 St. Thomas & George E DENNISS of RR2 St. Thomas, 9 Oct 1918 at Sparta. 008190/1918 (Elgin Co) James McKeen FINDLAY, 21, minister, Toronto, Fullarton, s/o John FINDLAY & Margaret TRACEY, married Aleta Merle ARTHURS, 21, St. Thomas, same, d/o William ARTHURS, & Mary ELGIE, witn: S F CHANT & Florence ARTHURS both of St. Thomas, 25 Feb 1918 at St. Thomas.
008191/1918 (Elgin Co) Murray Dennis FIRBY, 30, farmer, Aylmer, same, s/o John W FIRBY & Sarah DENNIS, married Louisa Kathleen LALE, 22, Lyons, Springfield, d/o Albert LALE & Jennie GRAWBURG, witn: Mary R McGILLIVRAY & Frances BURKBY both of St. Thomas, 1918 at St. Thomas. 8189-18 Cartley H. FISHBANK, 59, widower, farmer, Norfolk Co., Southwold twp., s/o Henry FISHBANK & Caroline FISHER, married Edith DUNN, 53, widow, Bayham, Southwold, d/o Daniel CAWEL? & Constance GOBDY, witn: Mrs. J. ASFORD & Mrs. E. KENNEDY, both of Talbotville, 1 Jan 1918 at Talbotville
008188/1918 (Elgin Co) Francis John FLEMING, 28, farmer, Aldboro Twp, same, s/o John FLEMING & Amelia CLARK, married Sarah Jane McDOUGALL, 27, Aldboro, same, d/o Neil McDOUGALL & Christina McDONALD, witn: Jane C FLEMING & Clarence McDOUGALL both of Rodney, 23 Jan 1918 at Aldboro Twp.

008187/1918 (Elgin Co) Clarence William FLEMMING, 22, farmer, Malahide Twp, Yarmouth Twp, s/o William FLEMMING & Lettie WHITE, married Anita Cora BAILEY, 22, Yarmouth Twp, same, s/o Charles A BAILEY & Florence EKLEY, witn: E J WHITE of Corinth & Mrs W J LONG of St. Thomas, 25 Sep 1918 at St. Thomas

008185/1918 (Elgin Co) James Arthur FLEWELLING, 25, salesman, Detroit Mich, St. Thomas, s/o James Edward FLEWELLING & Isabel BARNES, married Elsie E BATE, 19, Lindsay Ont, St. Thomas, d/o Robert Taylor Bate & Orillia Jane BATE, witn: Sylvia A & Arthur BATE both of St. Thomas, 4 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas 008182/1918 (Elgin Co) Edwin Roland FOSTER, 24, soldier CAMC, Pt Rowan, London Ont, s/o Elgin S FOSTER & Anna Maria BROWN, married Olive Louise CHAPMAN, 24, book keeper, Union Ont, same, d/o Edmund CHAPMAN & Francis BROCK, witn: Katie Irene CHAPMAN of Union & Elgin L FOSTER of Port Rowan, 18 Sep 1918 at Union.
008186/1918 (Elgin Co) Samuel Allan FULTON, 34, farmer, Southwold Twp, same, s/o James FULTON & Anna MacPHERSON, married Mary Clarina WISMER, 24, Mapleton Ont, same, d/o Andrew WISMER & Nancy PLANT, witn: Mrs Edna ANDREWS & Mrs H THORNELOE both of St. Thomas, 2 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas. 008200/1918 (Elgin Co) William Frank GAETZ, 45, barber, Waterloo Co, Tillsonburg, s/o John GAETZ & Sarah LINDERFIELD, married Grace TROTT, 36, house maid, Seaforth Huron Co, Tillsonburg, d/o George TROTT & Mary CARPENTER, witn; Violet TAYLOR & Robert William HEARN both of Tillsonburg, 18 Jun 1918 at Springfield.
008203/1918 (Elgin Co) Frank GAGEN, 19, hardware clerk, Vienna Ont, St. Thomas, s/o Charles GAGEN & Agnes ARMSTRONG, married MARY Margaret CRAVEN, 22, Thorold Ont, St. Thomas, d/o Sarsfield CRAVEN & Clara Bell FOSTER, witn: Mrs Agnes & H A GAGEN both of St. Thomas, 22 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas. 008198/1918 (Elgin Co) Gordon Edward GARTON, 18, livery, Orwell, Aylmer, s/o Edward GARTON & Margaret CRANDALL, married Vera FRIZELL, 20, Aylmer, same, d/o George FRIZELL & Cassie MATHEWS, witn: Winford Roy GIFFORD & Lillian Maud WEST both of Aylmer, 1 Aug 1918 at Aylmer (West).
008195/1918 (Elgin Co) Winford Roy GIFFORD, 24, printer, Athens Ont, Aylmer Ont, s/o William Henry GIFFORD & Annie McQUIGGAN, married Lillian Maude WEST, 18, England, Aylmer Ont, d/o William WEST & Rosina BOND, witn: Rose WEST of Aylmer & Annie Y KING of St. Thomas, 14 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas. 008197/1918 (Elgin Co) Carl or Karl GLOIN, 28, track man, Yarmouth Twp, same, s/o Emery GLOIN & Annie HARRIS, married Elsie Cora Grace GOODHUE, 18, Port Stanley, same, d/o Benjamin GOODHUE & Phoebe TAYLOR, witn: Norman D BALLANTINE of St. Thomas & Gladys GLOIN of Yarmouth Centre, 14 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas
008201/1918 (Elgin Co) Guy GODBY, 24, farmer, Bayham, Vienna, s/o George GODBY & Elva G WILSON, married Mildred SOPER, 18, housemaid, Bayham, same, d/o Owen SOPER & Nellie GRIFFIN, witn: Arby SOPER & Leta GODBY both of Vienna, 3 Apr 1918 at Vienna. 008201/1918 (Elgin Co) William Grenville Sewall GOODE, 18, railway employee, Middlesex Co, St. Thomas, s/o William John GOODE & Virginia Louise Caroline BRECON, married Mary Elizabeth Bertha ANDREWS, 20, England, St. Thomas, d/o William Charles ANDREWS & Isabella SMITH, witn: Mrs T G GIDLEY & Lilian BRAMLEE of St. Thomas, 30 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas
008196/1918 (Elgin Co) John Barker GOODHAND, 34, farmer, Corinth Ont, same, s/o James H GOODHAND & Mary Frances BARKER, married Mary Edna STONER, 33, Vienna Ont, Corinth, d/o Jonas STONER & Sophia BALL, witn; Leona Cora GOODHAND of Tillsonburg & Ada L STONER of 54 ½ Mitchell St. in St. Thomas, 9 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas 008199/1918 (Elgin Co) Malcolm GRAHAM, 34, fisherman, Goderich Ont, Port Stanley, s/o Donald GRAHAM & Catharine MURRAY, married Hannah Catherine LEONARD, 20, Goderich Ont, Pt Stanley, d/o James LEONARD & Jessie McLAY, witn: Donald KENNEDY of Port Stanley & Mary McLEOD of Toronto, 30 Jul 1918 at Port Stanley.
008194/1918 (Elgin Co) George GRANGER, 18, ? hand R R, London, Dutton, s/o Charles GRANGER & Kate WELLS, married Mary HEFFORD, 21, widow, West Lorne, Dutton, d/o Claud HANES & Mary Jane DOOLITTLE, witn: Katie GRANGER & Ethel WELCH both of Dutton, 23 Oct 1918 at West Lorne. 008193/1918 (Elgin Co) Allen Lynn GRAWBURG, 21, laborer, Dorchester Twp, Tillsonburg, s/o William Henry GRAWBURG & Amelia ROBERTS, married Ella Louise WRIGHT, 22, Dereham Twp, Aylmer, d/o Robert WRIGHT & Sarah Jane WESTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs Wilfred ROBERTS of RR2 Aylmer, 12 Dec 1918 at Malahide Twp.
008192/1918 (Elgin Co) William GREGORY, 25, fisherman, Norfolk Co, Port Stanley, s/o Arthur GREGORY & Elizabeth BALDWIN, married Loveday TRUAN, 21, Port Stanley, same, d/o Robert TRUAN & Charlotte GOODHUE, witn: Earl STACEY & Elsie OKE both of Port Stanley, 25 Dec 1918 at Port Stanley. 008205/1918 (Elgin Co) Edward Thompson HALPIN, 28, farmer, Ingersoll, Lawrence Station, s/o James HALPIN & Jennie VOKES, married Mrs Mary WHITE, 21, widow, Lawrence Station, same, d/o John MANCHON & Margaret ROSS: witn: George M KEW of Shedden & Mrs Walter WILCOX of Frome, 5 Dec 1018 at Frome
008230/1918 (Elgin Co) George HAMBLETON, 36, journalist, Leek Co Stafford England, Ottawa Ont, s/o George HAMBLETON & Jane LOTON, married Bessie Josephine McKENNA, 28, Aylmer Ont, St. Thomas, d/o James McKENNA & Annie MIDDLETON, witn: James S McKENNA & Annie McKENNA both of St. Thomas, 16 Feb 1918 at St. Thomas 8222-18 Glen S. HAMILTON, 22, farmer, RR1 St. Thomas, same, s/o Allan HAMILTON & Bertha SPITTLER, married Jean BURTON, 22, RR2 Port Stanley, same, d/o John BURTON & Christena HARRIS, witn: Albert V. SPITTLER of 214 Blaine Ave in Detroit, & Eva BURTON of Port Stanley, 30 Jan 1918 at Union Road, Fingal
008220/1918 (Elgin Co) Stewart Leonidus HAMILTON, 21, farmer, Vienna, S Dorchester, s/o George HAMILTON & Catherine CLUNES, married Zelma Catherine BALDWIN, 19, Bayham, same, d/o Ethelwyn BALDWIN & Mary NEFF, witn: Mrs G A COYNE & Mrs W A KITCHEY of Dunboyne, 14 May 1918 at Dunboyne. 008212/1918 (Elgin Co) Charlie HAMILTON, 25, farmer, Elgin Co, Shedden Ont, s/o James HAMILTON & Annie SMITH, married Iva Pearl SMALL, 21, Elgin Co, Shedden, d/o William SMALL & Mary HUGHES, witn: Audrey B BATZOLD & Norman W SMITH both of St. Thomas, 2 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas.
008213/1918 (Elgin Co) William L HANEY, 41, machinist, Elgin Co, St. Thomas, s/o Sewell HANEY & Geneva FOSTER, married Stella ROBBINS, 32, widow, Aylmer, St. Thomas, d/o Marshall BAKER & Amanda CRANE, witn: Neil R MUNRO of Alvinston & Mary BAIN of St. Thomas, 11 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas. 008211/1918 (Elgin Co) John Richard HARRIS, 19, laborer, St. Thomas, same, s/o Thomas HARRIS & Louisa REID, married Ethel Marion NEWMAN, 17?, Pt Stanley, St. Thomas, d/o John NEWMAN & Susan STEPHENS, witn: Edith BROWNLEE & Daphne WESTOVER both of St. Thomas, 21 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas.
  008214/1918 (Elgin Co) James Henry HAWKINS, 35, wheel pressman, St. Thomas, same, s/o John B HAWKINS & Elizabeth TEW, married Josephine Eleanor DENTON, 28, England, St. Thomas, d/o Herbert DENTON & Josephine HOMER, witn: Frances & Arthur BROWNLEE both o St. Thomas, 28 Sep 1918 at St. Thomas.
008210/1918 (Elgin Co) Bruce HAWLEY, 22, farmer, Mount Salem, Dunboyne, s/o John HAWLEY & Bertha BOYD, married Hazel Winnifred MARR, 19, Yarmouth, Port Burwell, d/o Edward Daniel MARR & Grace ELLSWORTH, witn: Blake HAWLEY of Dunboyne Ont & Edna PRONG, of RR1 Aylmer, 18 Sep 1918 at Malahide Twp. 008221/1918 (Elgin Co) Victor Cecil HAWLEY, 19, farmer, Malahide Twp, same, s/o James Benson HAWLEY & Helena DAVIDSON, married Jessie Elizabeth SHAW, 19, Malahide Twp, Aylmer Ont, d/o Thomas SHAW & Jean RITCHIE, witn: Charles WRIGHT RR2 Aylmer & Jean SHAW of Aylmer, 8 May 1918 at Malahide Twp.
008229/1918 (Elgin Co) John Robert HAYES, 22, R R fireman, Essex England, St. Thomas, s/o John HAYES & Elizabeth HASTINGS, married Mary Ellen SWISHER, 19, chocolate dipper, St. Thomas, same, d/o Mark SWISHER & Margaret BURCH, witn: Frances & Kathleen BROWNLEE both of St. Thomas, 23 Mar 1918 at St. Thomas 008219/1918 (Elgin Co) Ira Wray HAYWARD, 18, farmer, S Norwich, Bayham, s/o George HAYWARD & Caroline SMITH, married Lois Marguerite ROGERS, 19, clerk, S Norwich, same, d/o Frank ROGERS & Mary SWANCE, witn: Mrs George HAYWARD & Mrs L C McROBERTS both of Corinth. 15 May 1918 at Corinth
008223/1918 (Elgin Co) Norman Ross HENDERSHOTT, 22, bank acct, Fingal, St. Thomas, s/o A D HENDERSHOTT & Ellen GUNN, married Eulah Ada HUFFMAN, 25, St. Thomas, same, d/o John HUFFMAN & Annie MARTIN, witn: John HUFFMAN of 9 East Ave St. Thomas & Alice M WOODRUFF of 12 West Ave St. Thomas, 19 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas. 008215/1918 (Elgin Co) Mitchell Frederick HEPBURN, 22, farmer, Yarmouth Twp, same, s/o William F HEPBURN & Marjorie Jane FULTON, married Eva Maxine BURTON, 18, Southwold Twp, same, d/o John BURTON & Christina HARRIS, witn: S R DALE & Mary R McGILLIVRAY both of St. Thomas, 11 Sep 1918 at St. Thomas
008228/1918 (Elgin Co) Albert Harold HERR, 30, brakeman, Clachan Ont, St. Thomas, s/o Ephraim HERR & Annie TEAR, married Adelaide WAKEFIELD, 20, Scarborough England, St. Thomas, d/o Frederick WAKEFIELD & Edith CLARKSON, witn: Amy K & G H ETHERIDGE both of St. Thomas, 8 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas 008209/1918 (Elgin Co) Archibald W HILL, 20, farmer, St. Thomas, Yarmouth Twp, s/o Benona HILL & Jane McALPINE, married Catherine E JACOBI, 21, Southampton Ont, St. Thomas Ont, d/o Conrad JACOBIE & Elizabeth DOERR, witn: Edna ANDREWS & Lilian M THORNELOE both of St. Thomas, 25 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas.
008204/1918 (Elgin Co) William James HILLMAN, 24, farmer, Aldborough Twp, Dawn Twp, s/o Nathaniel HILLMAN & Martha JOHNSTON, married Eliza MORRISON, 17, domestic, Aldboro Twp, same, d/o Robert MORRISON & Naomi GARLICK, witn: Marjorie HAIG of West Lorne & Georgina HAIG of Toronto, 24 Dec 1918 at West Lorne. 008231/1918 (Elgin Co) Edwin Earl HOPPER, 25, military service, Copleston Lambton Co, London, s/o Edward HOPPER & Margaret BROWNLEE married Albert Josephine GLOYN, 25, stenographer, St. Thomas, same, d/o Henry GLOYN & Eleanor BURT, witn: W E HOPPER of Petrolia & Nellie MacTAGGART of St. Thomas, 6 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas.
008206/1918 (Elgin Co) Albert Carman HOOVER, 21, soldier, Kingsmill Ont, same, s/o Albert S HOOVER & Dressa WOOD, married Vera Mabel NORTON, 20, New Sarum Ont, Kingsmill, d/o Henry NORTON & Amy BAKER, witn: Eliza J WOOD & J E HOWICK both of Springfield, 13 Nov 1918 at Springfield  
008225/1918 (Elgin Co) Wyatt HOWICK, 21, soldier, Vittoria Ont, London Ont, s/o William HOWICK & Mary SHAW, married Bertha OAKES, 20, Vittoria Ont, same, d/o Andrew OAKES & Mary Jane ANDREWS, witn: Winnifred West DENNISON & Elsie RICHMAN both of St. Thomas, 16 May 1918 at St. Thomas 008217/1918 (Elgin Co) Arthur Thomas HOWSE, 21, public school teacher, Malahide Twp, same, s/o Frank HOUSE & Francis ARTHURS, married Elva E NEWTON, 24, S Dorchester Twp, same, d/o David NEWTON & Jeanetta MORTIN, witn: Mr. & Mrs W H BUCK of St. Thomas, 19 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas.
008207/1918 (Elgin Co) Russel Charles HUMPHREY, 27, farmer Aldboro, same, s/o Charles HUMPHREY & Mary WING, married Jessie M McLENNAN, 22, farmer, Aldboro, same, d/o Roderick MacLENNAN & Euphemia MACKENZIE, witn: Kenneth McKENZIE of Detroit Mich & John M WING of Rodney, 16 Oct 1918 at Con 5 Aldboro. 008224/1918 (Elgin Co) William James HUMPHREY, 28, farming, Aldborough Twp, same, s/o Charles Ross HUMPHREY & Mary WING, married Ethel ZOLLER, 25, domestic, Aldborough Twp, same, d/o Jacob ZOLLER & Lydia SHOEMAKER, witn: William A ZOLLER of Crinan Ont & Flossie V HUMPHREY of Rodney, 19 Jun 1918 at Aldborough Twp.
008218/1918 (Elgin Co) Frank H HULL, 33, auditor, Bridgeport Conn, Detroit, s/o Fred W HULL & Margaret DUNDAS, married Euphemia G GALLOWAY, 38, disiner?, Dundee Scot, St. Thomas, d/o Robert GALLOWAY & Harriet ALEXANDER, witn: Mr. & Mrs Robert GALLOWAY OF St. Thomas Ont, 10 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas 008227/1918 (Elgin Co) James Edwards HULSE, 29, car inspector, England, St. Thomas, s/o Augustine HULSE & Louise EDWARDS, married Lottie MEDLYN, 23, England, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas MEDLYN & Eliza THOMAS, witn: James E GIBSON of Kitchener & Elsie G BONNICK of St. Thomas, 14 May 1918 at St. Thomas.
008226/1918 (Elgin Co) Albert E HUNT, 46, furniture dealer, widower, London Ont, same, s/o James F HUNT & Elizabeth DOWNING, married Caroline P DOREY, 39, London Eng, London Ont, d/o William DOREY & Harriet HOMEYARD, witn: E S HARVEY & Alma S WASHBURN both of St. Thomas, 5 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas. 008208/1918 (Elgin Co) Henry HUSTON, 27, farmer, Yarmouth Twp, Aldboro Twp, s/o Henry HUSTON & Mary McAULEY, married Lettie DINGMAN, 20, Aldboro Twp, same, d/o Lawrence DINGMAN & Alice HAINES, witn: Mrs. Alice DINGMAN & Mrs J C MORLOCK both of Rodney, 21 Sep 1918 at Rodney

008216/1918 (Elgin Co) Wyndham B HUTTON, 25, electrician, widower, Brantford, same, s/o Cremer HUTTON & Isabel TURNBULL, married Clara BAIRD, 26, St. Thomas, same, d/o William BAIRD & Elizabeth ROWE, witn: Grace BAIRD & G STEWART both of St. Thomas, 28 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas

008233/1918 (Elgin Co) Fortunato IMPALA, 21, machinist, Italy, St. Thomas, s/o Antonino IMPALA & Antonia CALDERONE, married Augustina RUBINO, 18, Binghampton NY, St. Thomas, d/o Salvador RUBINO & Rose LONELY, witn: Eva RUBINO & Nolili ORATERI both of St. Thomas, 2 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas
008232/1918 (Elgin Co) Harry IRVINE, 28, RR emp, Ireland, Bridgeburg, s/o Herbert IRVINE & Nellie GALLAGHER, married Evelyn Margaret TAYLOR, 21, nurse, St. Thomas, same, d/o George TAYLOR & Daisy TRIMMER, witn: Gladys RAYNER of St. Thomas & Wilfred W WALLACE of Merritton Ont, 4 Sep 1918 at St. Thomas 008237/1918 (Elgin Co) William JACK jr, 24, watch? maker, England, St. Thomas, s/o William JACK & Mary ANGUS, married Maggie Cameron COLQUHOUN, 22, Scotland St. Thomas, d/o William COLQUHOUN & Mary PATTISON, witn: Edith E McMANUS of Goderich Ont & Edna ANDREWS, St.. Thomas, 20 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas.
008236/1918 (Elgin Co) Lawrence Maitland JACKSON , 26, messenger GTR, Port Burwell, St. Thomas, s/o George JACKSON & Serena SHAW, married Maggie a PORTER, 26, St. Thomas, same, d/o James PORTER & Mary BURNIE, witn: Lena Catherine PORTER & John Gordon McMahon PORTER both of 61 Moore Street St. Thomas, 25 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas. 008240/1918 (Elgin Co) Robert C JACKSON, 22, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Ambrose JACKSON & Emma WISMER, married Alice Isabella SAXTON, 22, school teacher, Bayham, same, d/o Frederick SAXTON & Bertha FOSTER, witn: Margaret EASTON of Lakeview Ont & Eltson H JACKSON of Straffordville, 27 Feb 1918 at Lakeview
008234/1918 (Elgin Co) Edwin Philip JACOBS, 19, farmer, Stadhampton Wallenford - Bucks (Barks?) England, Port Burwell, s/o John JACOBS & Annie WILSON, married Margaret ROBERTS, 18, Dublin Ireland, Port Burwell, d/o William ROBERTS & Annie WILLIAMS, witn: John JACOBS & Mrs H T McCONNEL both of Port Burwell, 10 Sep 1918 at Port Burwell. 008247/1918 (Elgin Co) John Louis JAGOE, 21, loc fireman, St. Thomas, same, s/o John A JAGOE & Bertha Anne McCALLUM married Elizabeth Maude MERRITT, 21, St. Thomas, same, d/o Alexander MERRITT & Sarah McTAGGART, witn: Frances E NOSEWORTHY & Mary R McGILLIVRAY both of St. Thomas, 6 Feb 1918 at St. Thomas.
008241/1918 (Elgin Co) Charles JOHNSON, 69, gardener, widower, London England, Tillsonburg, s/o James JOHNSON & Ann BINGHAM, married Sarah Jane CARSON, 68, widow, Yarmouth Centre, Port Burwell, d/o Francis CUTTEN & Mary Catherine COONROOD, witn: Mrs R.J RYAN & Mrs Jane LAWRENCE both of Port Burwell, 24 Jan 1918 at Port Burwell 008248/1918 (Elgin Co) Francis Roy JOHNSTON, 23, serving overseas, Chatham Ont, same, s/o David JOHNSTON & Louise JACQUES, married Veronica MARTIN, 20, St. Thomas Ont, same, d/o John C MARTIN & Catherine TOWNSEND, witn: Marguerite McNABB of St. Thomas & John Elson BEDARD of Ridgetown, 23 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas
008239/1918 (Elgin Co) John Thomas JOHNSTON, 29, soldier, Cavan Ont, Dutton Ont, so James JOHNSTON & Elizabeth McCULLOUGH, married Mary CAMPBELL, 24, Dutton Ont, same, d/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Alice McMILLAN, witn: Jessie McKILLOP & Charles W BUCHANAN both of Dutton, 11 June 1918 at Dutton. 008235/1918 (Elgin Co) John Wesley JOHNSTON, 23, vice pres of Elect. Equip. Co, LaMoure N Dakota, same, s/o John Wesley JOHNSTON & Ella H SHARP, married Georgean LEVENTINE, 22, Adrian Mich, Kingsville, d/o George LEVENTINE & Laura TALMAN, witn: Mae L WOLFER of Jamestown ND & Jonathan MOOR of Kingsville, 2 Sep 1918 at Kingsmill
008238/1918 (Elgin Co) Clarence Clifford JOLLEY, 25, moulder, St. Thomas, same, s/o John JOLLEY & Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON, married Eva Minnie Irene BEATTY, 21, Sarnia Ont, St. Thomas, d/o James BEATTY & Jennie HURD (or HIND), witn: Francis R BISSETT M Marguerite RICHARDSON both of St. Thomas, 18 Sep 1918 at St. Thomas.  
008250/1918 (Elgin Co) Robert Gordon KELLY, 29, farmer, born Aldboro, s/o Alexander Kelly & Letitia GOBLE, married Mary Isabell McLEAN, 25, school teacher, born Aldboro, d/o Donald McLEAN & Effie McLENNAN, witn: Margaret KELLY & Olivia FAIRCHILD both of Rodney, 21 Aug 1918 at Aldboro 008249/1918 (Elgin Co) Thomas Walter KENT, 28, processor, Springvale Ont, Aylmer, s/o Charles KENT & Clarissa SHIRK married Margaret Elizabeth KINEE, 23, Aylmer, same, d/o John KINEE & Elizabeth LAUR, witn: D G McGREGOR & M MUTTILL both of Aylmer, 30 Sep 1918 Aylmer
008252/1918 (Elgin Co) William KERR, 25, bank manager, Scotland, Southwold Twp, s/o William KERR & Jenet McLEAN, married Francis LONEY, 25, Chatham, Pt Stanley, d/o Mathew LONEY & Elizabeth EVANS, witn: George B DAUGHERTY & W. S. SCHONER?, both of Shedden, 11 Feb 1918 Frome 008251/1918 (Elgin Co) William Charles KING, 37, bank clerk, St. Thomas, Aylmer, s/o William Hooper KING & Sarah Ann BARRETT, married Esther Hammond WATTS, 34, widow, Aylmer, same, d/o David H. PRICE & Anna LAND, witn: illegible KING of St. Thomas & Carlotta P LOW, of Aylmer, 6 Mar 1918 at Aylmer
008253/1918 (Elgin Co) Stanislaus KLICK, 39, widower, laborer, Poland, St. Thomas, s/o Michael KLICK & Annie DRAGGORE, married Caroline LASALAKA, 38, widow, Poland, London Ont, d/o Sebastian LASALAKA & Mary KULFURNA, wit: Moses SAVOI & Alice GRAMRACY, both of London, 10 Feb 1918 at St. Thomas. 008260/1918 (Elgin Co) Elgin Andrew LAIDLAW, 28, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Edwin Walker Head LAIDLAW & Nancy Jane KINSEY, married Ada Nora NESBITT, 23, Bayham, Aylmer, d/o William J NESBITT & Mary Ann WILL, witn: Cecil BOWEN & Ethel LAIDLAW, both of Aylmer, 27 Feb 1918 at Aylmer.
008264/1918 (Elgin Co) William Henry LAND, 66, shoe maker, widower, Stoney Creek, St. Thomas, s/o Smith William Land & Phoebe COOMBS, married Amy GRIFFITHS, 42, helper in shoe factory, widow, Leicester Eng, St. Thomas, d/o William BILSON, witn: Edwin & Mabel LLOYD, 5 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas. 008254/1918 (Elgin Co) Percy Levi LAND, 35, fireman, widower, Winterbourne Ont, St. Thomas, s/o William Henry LAND & Margaret BURNETT, married Zella Pearl ANGER, 25, Corinth Ont, same, d/o Nelson ANGER and Edney Ann SILVERTHORN, witn: Myrtle O BEATTIE & J. D. STEWART, both of Corinth, 11 Sep 1918 at Corinth

008259/1918 (Elgin Co) Archie LEACH, 28, farmer, Bayham Twp., Lyons Dorchester Twp, s/o Hiram LEACH & Catharine DICK, married Margaret SCOTT, 26, Bayham Twp, same, d/o William SCOTT & Mary CLARKE, witn: Lorene J SCOTT of RR 5 Tillsonburg & Ray LEACH of RR 6 Springfield, 22 Feb 1918 at Bayham Twp.

008257/1918 (Elgin Co) Thurman Clark LEGG, 18, farmer, South Dorchester, same, s/o Charles LEGG & Bessie CLARK, married Rosebelle MARKELL, 17, Southwold, Mapleton, d/o Edward MARKELL & Sarah DOAN, witn: Robert Dow RANKIN & Thirza Etta GARTON both of RR 8 St. Thomas, 29 May 1918 at Yarmouth Centre.
  008255/1918 (Elgin Co) Oscar LITTLE, 45, foreman hydro electric, Middlesex Co, St. Thomas, s/o David LITTLE & Catherine TUNKS, married Beulah M AXFORD, 34, Yarmouth Twp, same, d/o James AXFORD & Margaret MAYNARD, witn: Verna and G. C. WHITLOCK both of St. Thomas. 20 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas
008255/1918 (Elgin Co) Aley Wellington LOUCH, 18, operator, Coltus, Corinth, s/o Richard LOUCH and Alice FARR, married Berdie Carlesta WHITE, 22, Jaffa, Corinth, d/o Edward WHITE & Velzora DEXTER, witn: J. GORDON and Mrs TURNBULL, both of Corinth, 15 Jun 1918 at Corinth 008261/1918 (Elgin Co) John LOUCH, 35, farmer, Houghton Twp, Dereham Twp, s/o Richard LOCH & Alice FARR, married Margaret Elenora WILLIAMS, 20, Dorchester Twp Elgin Co, Dereham Twp., d/o George WILLIAMS & Mary KILGOUR, witn: Edward A & Katie BROWN both of Springfield, 2 Feb 1918 at Springfield.
008262/1918 (Elgin Co) Clarence David LOWE, 24, machinist, St. Thomas, same, s/o David LOWE & Elizabeth MCNERNIE, married Grace Leona FYLE, 21, tailoress, Waterford, St. Thomas, d/o John Franklyn FYLE & Jessie HARRIS, witn: G. FYLE & Mary LOWE both of St. Thomas, 26 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas 008258/1918 (Elgin Co) William Henry LUNN, 29, farmer, Wallacetown, same, s/o William LUNN & Annie WOODEN, married Sarah CAMERON, 22, RR 3 Iona Station, same, d/o James CAMERON & Mary CLARKE, witn: Archie LUNN of RR 2 Wallacetown & Edith Cameron of RR 3 Iona Station, 1 May 1918 at the Manse, Wallacetown
008263/1918 (Elgin Co) William LYLE, 34, farmer, Southwold Twp, same, s/o David LYLE & Agnes HAY, married Rhea May GOODING, 29, musician, Yarmouth Twp, Southwold Twp, d/o D H GOODING & Jennie MILLS, witn: Hazel Gooding MUNRO of Cleveland Ohio & Alex LYLE of Southwold Twp, 12 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas. 008272/1918 (Elgin Co) William James MADDOCKS, 23, farmer, Liverpool Eng, Kingsmill Ont, s/o William James MADDOCKS & Elizabeth [no last name] married Pearl Levina DOAN, 16, Mapleton, Kingsmill, d/o Maurice L DOAN & Sarah Jane POTTS, witn: Sarah Jane DOAN of Kingsmill & Annie CODD of St. Thomas, 19 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas
008282/1918 (Elgin Co) James Henry MANNELL, 44, supt Mich (Milk?) Products, widower, Ontario, Belmont, s/o William H MANNELL & Eliza C ARMSTRONG, married Florence C PINK, 30, widow, England, St. Thomas, d/o Stephen HOOKER & Susannah CRUMP, witn: Elmer & F C FLINT both of St. Thomas, 10 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas 008271/1918 (Elgin Co) Harry Edward MARKLE, 20, soldier, Tillsonburg, same, s/o Albert MARKLE & Lena FUHR, married Essie KRUEGER, 22, Walkerton, same, d/o Charles KRUEGER & Elizabeth KUHL, witn: Mrs D DODDS & Mrs L A MULLETT, both of Aylmer, 20 Aug 1918 at Aylmer W.
008278/1918 (Elgin Co) Glenn Clayton MARR, 24, farmer, Bayham, Dunboyne, s/o George Clinton MARR & Clara COOK, married Mildred May SHACKELTON, 18, Malahide, same, d/o Clarence Benjamin SHACKELTON & Silvia Ann BEARSS, witn: Andy PRESSEY of Eden & Zelpha MARR of Dunboyne, 20 Mar 1918 at Aylmer. 008266/1918 (Elgin Co) Charles Oscar MATTHEWS, 21, farmer, Houghton Twp, same, s/o Frank MATTHEWS & Emily LUCAS, married Rose HANEY, 21, Houghton, same, d/o Frederick or Frank HANEY & Miletha CAMPBELL, witn: Mrs Rev W G FAGAN & J G PAULING, both of Straffordville, 25 Dec 1918 at Straffordville
  008299/1918 (Elgin Co) Fred George McALISTER, 26, statistician, Brantford, Ottawa, s/o W George H McALISTER & Lottie PLEWES, married Beulah Estella CONNOR, 23, bank clerk, Watertown Dakota, Aylmer, d/o Aleck CONNOR & Estella McKENNEY, witn: D H CONNOR of Pittsburgh PA & Beatrice J CORRIGAN of Toronto, 27 Jun 1918 at Aylmer.
008301/1918 (Elgin Co) John W McALPINE, 42, farmer, Ekfrid Twp, same, s/o Hugh H McALPINE & Annie McPHAIL, married Carrie Ellen ANDREWS, 32, housekeeper, Ekfrid Twp, same, d/o Garrick ANDREWS & Annie SLATER, witn: Fraser & M F STEWART both of Dutton, 5 Jun 1918 at Dutton 008290/1918 (Elgin Co) William Bruce McALPINE, 25, farming, Ekfrid, same, s/o Alex McALPINE & Betsy McCALLUM, married Helen Bernice JAMIESON, 22, Aldborough, same, d/o James JAMIESON & Martha PATTERSON, witn: H J JAMIESON of Glencoe & Margaret M McNEIL of Dutton, 18 Sep 1918 at Aldborough Twp.
008313/1918 (Elgin Co) James Francis McATEER, 30, brakeman Wabash Ry, London Ont, St. Thomas, s/o Bernard McATEER & Christina SMITH, married Violet Maud SWIFT, 25, St. Thomas, same, d/o William Henry SWIFT, & Mary WHALING, witn: John a McATEER & Marietta SWIFT, both of St. Thomas, 20 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas. 008293/1918 (Elgin Co) Ardah McCALLUM, 47, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o J R McCALLUM & Margaret KERR, married Flora E SHAW, 47, dressmaker, Dunwich Twp, Dutton, d/o Daniel SHAW & Flora McCOLL, witn: Christy A BLACK & Nettie M SLAUSON both of St. Thomas, 4 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas
008292/1918 (Elgin Co) Mahlon McCALLUM, 26, farmer, Dunwich Twp, same, s/o Alex G McCALLUM & Nancy Jane TURNER, married Eva STACEY, 21, Dunwich Twp, same, d/o James STACEY & Jessie WIGHT, witn: Edwin WIGHT of Dutton & Elida K MUNRO of Iona Station, 21 Aug 1918 at Dunwich Twp. 008312/1918 (Elgin Co) William John McCALLUM 25, brakeman PMR, West Lorne, Chatham, s/o Obediah McCALLUM & Margaret O'NEILL, married Agnes Agatha CLOWRY, 26, telephone operator, St. Thomas, same, d/o Edward CLOWRY & Maria TOWNSEND, witn: Catherine & Edward CLOWRY both of St. Thomas, 4 Sep 1918 at St. Thomas
008306/1918 (Elgin Co) Alexander McCAW, 26, loc fireman, Co Derry Ireland, St. Thomas, s/o Robert McCAW & Mary Ann CALDERWOOD, married Margaret Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 20, Fermanagh Ireland, St. Thomas, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG & Ann COWAN, witn: Julia & R MILLSON of St. Thomas, 26 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas 008296/1918 (Elgin Co) Cuthbert McCORMICK, 27, air brake fitter, England, St. Thomas, d/o Andrew McCORMICK & Mary Ann McCORMICK [note maiden name is same as after marriage], married Janet S RITCHIE, 22, Scotland, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas RITCHIE & Joan R. GRAHAM, witn: Margaret RITCHIE of St. Thomas & Fred GILBERT of Port Stanley, 23 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas
008291/1918 (Elgin Co) William Vernon McDONALD, 29 or 39, farmer, widower, Middleton Twp, same, s/o James McDONALD & Eleanor Jane RONSON, married Mary Lillian ASPDEN, 29, teacher, Houghton Twp, Tillsonburg, d/o Samuel ASPDEN & Mary Ann SIMINGTON, witn: Ruth TRAVIS & Kathleen HOWEY, both of Eden, 24 Sep 1918 at Eden 008300/1918 (Elgin Co) Frederick Hamilton McGILL, 24, farmer, Ekfrid Twp, same, s/o George McGILL & Mary McPHEE, married Thursa Winnifred EDDIE, 32, school teacher, Ekfrid Twp, same, d/o Alex EDDIE & Laura QUICK, witn: George McGILL & James McDONALD, both of Appin, 8 Jun 1918 at Fingal
008298/1918 (Elgin Co) James McINTYRE, 45, farmer, Elgin Co, Fingal Co Elgin, s/o John McINTYRE & Lilly CAMPBELL married Martha Melissa SELLS, 42, Elgin Co, Shedden Co Elgin, d/o Abram SELLS & Martha Ann WATSON, witn: Annie E BROWN of Shedden & B J SCOTT of Fingal, 32 Jul 1918. 008294/1918 (Elgin Co) John C McINTYRE, 50, farmer, Southwold Station, same, s/o John McINTYRE & Mary CAMPBELL, married Edna PARKER, 38, St. Thomas, same, d/o John PARKER & Elizabeth JEWELL, witn: Malcolm McINTYRE of Southwold Station & Mary R McGILLIVRAY of St. Thomas, 28 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas.
008305/1918 (Elgin Co) Russell Clark McKIBBIN, 21, farmer, Langton, Port Burwell, s/o Albert MCKIBBIN & Catherine SMITH, married Bessie Adell KENNEDY, 23, farmer, Eden, Malahide Twp, d/o John KENNEDY & Minnie WILSON, witn: Burton McCORD of Port Burwell & Eula KENNEDY of Calton 20 Mar 1918 at Calton. 008304/1918 (Elgin Co) William Allen McKIBBIN, 25, farmer, Langton, Port Burwell, s/o Albert McKIBBIN & Catherine SMITH, married Ina Clare KENNEDY, 21, farmer, Eden, Malahide Twp, d/o John KENNEDY & Minnie WILSON, witn: Burton McCORD of Port Burwell & Eula KENNEDY of Calton, 20 Mar 1918 at Calton.
008307/1918 (Elgin Co) Morrison G McLAWS, 27, farmer, St. Thomas, Yarmouth Twp, s/o David McLAWS & Mary BARR, married Susan E HEPBURN, 29, Yarmouth Twp, same, d/o Malcolm HEPBURN & Maria MILLMAN, witn: Robert HEPBURN & Mamie McLAWS both of St. Thomas, 19 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas 008309/1918 (Elgin Co) George Thomas McLEAN, 33, soldier, London Ont, St. Thomas, s/o James McLEAN & Ellen MURPHY, married Hazel Winona FLEMING, 20, Michigan, Clinton, d/o Thomas FLEMING & Margaret PERDUE, witn: James McLEAN & Ada LONGBREY both of London, a 6 Mar 1918 at St. Thomas
008295/1918 (Elgin Co) John Nelson McLENNAN, 23, farmer, Dawn Twp, same, s/o Norman McLENNAN & Mary TYLER, married Viola Winnifred HAUKINSON, 22, born Malahide Twp., d/o Louis HAUKINSON & Olivia McCONNELL, witn: Harry McLENNAN of Florence & Kathleen HAUKINSON of St. Thomas, 25 Sep 1918 at St. Thomas 008310/1918 (Elgin Co) Otto David McLUNG, 23, accountant, Thamesville, Windsor, s/o David McCLUNG & Mary CHAPMAN, married Velma HALL, 23, Highgate Ont, same, d/o Henry HALL, & Hannah JACQUES, witn: Frances & Kathleen BROWNLEE both of St. Thomas, 9 Feb 1918 at St. Thomas
008289/1918 (Elgin Co) Garrett McMASTER, 22, farmer, Euphemia, Aldboro, s/o William McMASTER & Phoebe MILLER, married Mary Bell KELLEY, 22, Aldboro, same, d/o William KELLEY & Ella WOODS, witn: Lily Kelly & Mark S McMASTER both of Aldboro, 13 Nov 1918 at Aldboro 008308/1918 (Elgin Co) James Stanley McNABB, 22, railway brakeman, Tillsonburg, St. Thomas, s/o Albert McNABB & Ella BALL, married Margaret Florence SHIPMAN, 21, St. Thomas, same, d/o Joseph SHIPMAN & Katherine McDONALD, witn: Rufus LOUCKS & Mae Julia TREADWELL both of St. Thomas, 10 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas
008297/1918 (Elgin Co) John D. McPHAIL 26, farmer, Dunwich Twp, same, s/o Duncan J McPHAIL & Lizzie B ANDERSON, married Emma Jane BROWN, 28, Dunwich Twp, St. Thomas, d/o Dell BROWN & Mary PERO, witn: Mrs E & Edgar ROWE, both of St.. Thomas. 13 Aug 1918. 008303/1918 (Elgin Co) Angus McPHEDRAIN, 33, farmer, Dunwich Twp, same, s/o Duncan McPHEDRAIN & Margaret MURRAY, married Jennie A McMILLAN, 28, Dunwich Twp, same, d/o Alexander D McMILLAN & Margaret McNIVEN, witn: D McKINLAY of Camlachie & Bertha McMILLAN of London, 16 Apr 1918 at Dunwich Twp.
  008302/1918 (Elgin Co) Robert Hugh McPHEE, 23, farmer, Enniskillen, same, s/o George R McPHEE & Sarah McILLWAIN, married Anna Beatrice CORLESS, 23, school teacher, Southwold, same, d/o Thomas CERLESS & Jane COULTER, witn: William TAYLOR of RR 8 St. Thomas & Blanche R Walker of RR 3 Shedden, 23 May 1918 at Yarmouth Twp.
008288/1918 (Elgin Co) James McPHERSON, 34, farmer, Westminster Middlesex Co, West Lorne, s/o Duncan McPHERSON & Sarah Jane McGREGOR, married Maribel CAMPBELL, 35, Crinan RR 1, same, d/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Flora STALKER, witn: Bruce McPHERSON & Kate CAMPBELL both Crinan P O, 11 Dec 1918 at Dunwich Twp. 008311/1918 (Elgin Co) William Henry McPHERSON, 19, boot maker, Grand Rapids Mich, Detroit, s/o George McPHERSON & Sarah McCARTHY, married Gladis Irene HUNCHBERGER, 19, domestic, Taylor Ont, West Lorne, d/o John HUNCHBERGER & Annie McCOLL, witn: Ronald GEE of Walkerville, & Margarite HUNCHBERGER of West Lorne, 6 Jul 1918, at West Lorne
008265/1918 (Elgin Co) Samuel H MEEK, 27, farmer, Yarmouth Twp, Southwold Twp, s/o Robert MEEK & Clara Bell SMITH, married Lou M CAMERON, 25, Southwold Twp, same, d/o Donald CAMERON & Christina MILLIGAN, witn: Emma M ANTHONY & Mabel A CAMERON both of Fingal, 28 Dec 1918 at Fingal 008276/1918 (Elgin Co) Harry Dickson MENZIES, 27, soldier, Lindsay Ont, Niagara on the Lake, s/o Robert James MENZIES & Margaret Ann Mills, married Emma Louisa La COURTOIS, 19, St. Thomas, same, d/o Henry Phillip La COURTOIS and Emma PAUL, witn: Edith WALKER of Dexter & Walter Charles La COURTOIS of St. Thomas, 31 May 1918 at Yarmouth Heights.
008281/1918 (Elgin Co) Harold Hathaway MICKLEBOROUGH, 23, bank clerk, St. Thomas same, s/o James G MICKLEBOROUGH & Ida Bell HATHAWAY, married Claudine May HONSINGER, 24, St. Thomas, same, d/o Benjamin F HONSINGER & Nellie WELIN, witn: Ida B MICKLEBOROUGH & Viola HONSINGER both of St. Thomas, 29 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas. 008280/1918 (Elgin Co) Walter Harry MILES, 18, candy master, Brucefield, London, s/o William MILES & Emma BRITTON, married Agnes Teresa YOUNG, 23, London, same, d/o George YOUNG & Mary SHRIMPTON, witn: Alice L McILROY & Annie Y KING both of St. Thomas, 14 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas.
008267/1918 (Elgin Co) John MILLARD, 29, farmer, Tillsonburg, Aylmer, s/o Squire MILLARD & Louise ROBINSON, married Helena Madleine CARTER, 26, maid, England, Aylmer, d/o William Henry CARTER & Julia BUTCHER, witn: Nelson MILLARD & Rose HOCKLEY both of Aylmer W, 14 Dec 1918 at Aylmer. 008286/1918 (Elgin Co) Earl MILLER, 19, soldier, Montreal, St. Thomas, s/o John C MILLER & Clara ROBBINS, married Myrtle Georgina YOUNG, 18, Dunnville, St. Thomas, d/o George Calvin YOUNG & Anna CHADBOURNE, witn: Mrs C E WILLIAMS & Mary R McGILLIVRAY both of St. Thomas, 23 Feb 1918 at St. Thomas.
008274/1918 (Elgin Co) Atlee Talmage MINNIS, 24, bank clerk, Leamington, St. Thomas, s/o Alex MINNIS & Wilhelmina SCRATCH, married Georgina Fern O'MULVENNY, 24, Hagersville, St. Thomas, d/o W O'MULVENNY & Margaret SMELZER, witn: Mr. & Mrs R C COOPER of Detroit Mich, 17 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas 008273/1918 (Elgin Co) William George MISNER, 23, farmer, Oxford, Zone Twp, s/o Joseph Bartholomew MISNER & Esther Matilda GREENWOOD, married Mercy Irene BRADDON, 19, Bothwell, Aldborough Twp., d/o William Thomas BRADDON & Sadie McMASTER, witn: Mrs & William BRADDON of Wardsville, 18 Sep 1918 at St. Thomas
008268/1918 (Elgin Co) Godfrey Jacob MISTELE, 30, farmer, Aldboro, St. Thomas, s/o Jacob G MISTELE & Catherine ZOLLER, married Mary E FOWLER, 29, dressmaker, East Elgin, St. Thomas, d/o William FOWLER & Jessie THOMSON (or THOMASON), witn: Sadie CLINTON of St. Thomas & Edna E DOOLITTLE of Chatham, 27 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas 008270/1918 (Elgin Co) Milford J MITCHELL, 26, tool & die maker, Denver Col, Detroit Mich, s/o John MITCHELL & Elizabeth A ADAMS, married Ethel A McCOLL, 27, dressmaker, West Lorne, same, d/o Archie B McCOLL & Delia MURPHY, witn: Charles MITCHELL of Detroit Mich & Jeannette McCOLL of West Lorne, 14 Sep 1918 at West Lorne
008283/1918 (Elgin Co) Harold Clayton MITTS, 20, drug clerk, Corinth, Aylmer, s/o George MITTS & Elizabeth HURST, married Violet Ann PECKHAM, 20, Aylmer, same, d/o James PECKHAM & Elvaretta SMITH, witn: Frank S FORD of Toronto & Joyce HILL of Petrolia. 15 May 1918 at St. Thomas 008284/1918 (Elgin Co) Clarence Lealen MOORE, 23, carpenter, Bayham Twp, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas MOORE & Margaret BAYLEY, married Elizabeth LLOYD, 23, dressmaker, London England, St. Thomas, d/o William LLOYD and not known, witn: W A & Mrs CRANDELL both of St. Thomas, 2 May 1918 at St. Thomas
008285/1918 (Elgin Co) Thomas MORGAN, 43, confectioner, London Ont, same, s/o William MORGAN & Sarah JAMES, married Clara BORSEKOWSKI, 42, Detroit, London, d/o Justine BORSEKOWSKI & Justie LAWRENCE, witn: Leigh Ross KEARNS & Elizabeth HAMMOND both of St. Thomas, 27 Feb 1918 at St. Thomas

008279/1918 (Elgin Co) Charles Wesley MORRISON, 45, farmer, Pulman Ont, same, s/o William MORRISON & Eliza ARMS, married Margaret JONES, 48, Bayham Twp, Pulman, d/o Michael JONES & Phoebe SMITH, witn: William & Nina M CLARK, both of Talbotville, 14 Feb 1918 at Talbotville

008277/1918 (Elgin Co) Henry Garett MULDER, 27, farmer, Michigan, Dunwich Twp., s/o Garett MULDER & Martha CUSTER, married Velma Gertrude SUTTON, 18, Dunwich Twp, same, d/o Emery A SUTTON & Matilda BROWN, witn: John G MULDER & Ethel I SUTTON both of Dutton, 17 Apr 1918 at Dunwich 008269/1918 (Elgin Co) John MULDER, 30, farmer, Kalamazoo MI, Dunwich Twp, s/o Garett MULDER & Martha CUSTER, married Ethel Irene SUTTON, 25, Dunwich Twp, same, d/o Emery SUTTON & Matilda BROWN, witn: William HICKS & Mrs H F KENNEDY both of Dutton, 18 Sep 1918 at Dutton
008287/1918 (Elgin Co) Peter MURRAY, 52, farmer, widower, Middlesex Co, Strome Alberta, s/o Dougald MURRAY & Catherine SINCLAIR, married Annie McLACHLIN, 39, Middlesex Co, St. Thomas, d/o Archibald McLACHLIN & Sarah MITCHELL, witn: Bessie C & Donald McLACHLIN both of St. Thomas, 7 Jan 1918 at St. Thomas 008275/1918 (Elgin Co) Roderick John MURRAY, 25, fisherman, Goderich, Port Stanley, s/o Neil MURRAY & Rose WELSH, married Charlotte Evelyn BROWN, 17, Port Stanley, same, d/o James BROWN & Emma STACEY, witn: Marshall BROWN of Port Burwell & George POPE of Port Stanley, 6 Jun 1918 at Port Stanley.
008314/1918 (Elgin Co) Dan T NEWCOMB, 30, farmer, Rodney, same, s/o Henry NEWCOMB & Euphemia McLEAN, married Margaret McVICAR, 21, stenographer, Aldboro, Rodney, d/o Hugh McVICAR & Jean or Jane COLTHART, witn: Elizabeth TICHNER & Elizabeth GRAY both of Rodney, 10 Apr 1918 at Rodney. 008315/1918 (Elgin Co) Edward NEWHOUSE, 27, locomotive fireman, Lancashire Eng, St. Thomas, s/o Edward NEWHOUSE & Margaret TAYLOR, married Nettie Mildred JACQUES, 19, Blenheim, Rodney, d/o William JACQUES & Anza Nettie PALMER, witn: James A McLEAN & L BROWNLEE both of St. Thomas, 10 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas.
008317/1918 (Elgin Co) Frank OATMAN, 23, soldier, Tillsonburg, London, s/o Angus Oren OATMAN & Alfretta CARLE, married Edna BENNER, 21, Aylmer, Dunboyne, d/o Wesley BENNER & Ella PRESSEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs Earl BENNER of Dunboyne, 18 May 1918 at Dunboyne 008316/1918 (Elgin Co) William Edward OSMUN, 30, brakeman, Ottawa, Montreal, s/o Nelson OSMUN & Mary McPHEE, married Margaret Elizabeth JONES, 22, Cheshire Eng, St. Thomas, d/o Edward JONES & Sarah HUGHES, witn: Janet JONES & Bessie TUCKER both of St. Thomas, 31 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas
008326/1918 (Elgin Co) Leonard PALMER, 20, auto salesman, London, same, s/o David PALMER & Nancy DUNLOP, married Florence Alma DAYTON, 18, book keeper, Trout Lake Mich, London, d/o George Edgar DAYTON & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: J H JONES & Annie CODD both of St. Thomas, 6 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas 008327/1918 (Elgin Co) Stanley Clay PARKINS, 23, soldier, St. Thomas, same, s/o William L PARKINS & Minnie Catherine ROBINS, married Myrtle Jean BOLLIGER, 21, St. Thomas, same, d/o Fred BOLLIGER & Jennie WESTOVER, witn : Freeman & Illa SMITH both of St. Thomas, 20 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas.
008328/1918 (Elgin Co) Herbert PARSON, 21, farmer, Otterville Co Oxford, same, s/o George PARSON & Sophia KELLETT, married Pearl HALL, 25, Cannington Ont, Port Stanley, d/o David HALL & Catharine WILSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs Melbourne R Wilson, both of Norwich Village, 24 May 1918 at St. Thomas. 008323/1918 (Elgin Co) William Foster PEGG, 44, laborer, India, Strathroy, s/o James PEGG & Ellen E McFOSTER, married Pearl REDWIG OR REDWING, 18, housework, Liverpool Eng, Port Stanley, parents died when she was an infant, witn: John Edward ROLFE of St. Thomas & Ledda COATES of Port Stanley 8 Jul 1918 at Port Stanley.
008325/1918 (Elgin Co) Lemus PHILLIP, 28, labour, Middlesex, Oneida, s/o Thomas PHILLIP & Betsy NICHOLAS, married Ida WILLIAMS, 19, Middlesex, Oneida, d/o Stephen WILLIAMS & Susan ANTONE, witn: H CHANT & Dorothy WATTS both of St. Thomas, 20 May 1918 at St. Thomas. 008318/1918 (Elgin Co) John M PHILLMORE, 37, farmer, widower, Bayham, Malahide Twp, s/o John H PHILLIMORE & Almira LAUR, married Hannah Viola BOYD, 23, farmer, Malahide, Elgin Co., d/o Addison BOYD & Cora LEARN, witn: Mr. & Mrs R HARRETT both of Aylmer RR 1, 25 Dec 1918 at Malahide Twp.
008324/1918 (Elgin Co) Andrew James PLAIN, 31, farmer, Southwold Twp, same, s/o Robert PLAIN & Jane LAUR, married Hazel Irene MERCER, 20, Mitchells Bay Kent Co, Southwold Twp, d/o Stewart MERCER & Ida MARTIN, witn: George NEWTON & Agnes KILPATRICK both of Shedden, 20 Mar 1918 at Shedden. 008321/1918 (Elgin Co) Ernest Day POST, 21, banker, Norwich, St. Thomas, s/o George H POST & Ella Catherine RAYMOND, married Evelyn Marie HOUSEL, 22, bank clerk, St. Thomas, same, d/o William HOUSEL & Laura PARTRIDGE, witn: Hiram CLARK & Ella C POST both of St. Thomas, 25 Sep 1918 at St. Thomas.
008320/1918 (Elgin Co) Gordon Roy POTTS, 20, farmer, Kingsmill, same, s/o Alfred POTTS & Bessie LOCKE, married Mabel May WALTERS, 17, Mapleton, Dunboyne, d/o Thomas WALTERS & Martha VAUGHAN, witn: Thomas & Martha WALTERS both of RR 1 Dunboyne, 2 Oct 1918 at Aylmer 008319/1918 (Elgin Co) Herbert Leland POWERS, 22, farmer, Malahide Twp, New Sarum, s/o George Willard POWERS & Ida VINCENT, married Nina Evelyn COX, 20, Malahide Twp, Kingsmill, d/o Mark L COX & Sarah HOLMES, witn: Edna Gertrude BROOKS of London & Cecil Lorne COX of Kingsmill, 9 Oct 1918 bride’s home Kingsmill.
008322/1918 (Elgin Co) Clarence W PRECOOR, 17, baker, Elgin Co, Aylmer, s/o Frank H PRECOOR & May BURDICK, married Audrey Irene REID, 15, Malahide, St. Thomas, d/o Albert REID & Arthalinda BENTLEY, witn: Lilian M THORNALOE & Mrs F MILLER both of St. Thomas, 19 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas. 008339/1918 (Elgin Co) James E REID, 25, brick & tile ?, Victoria Co, South Dorchester, s/o William REID & Emily McCREADY, married Gladys O GLOVER, 24, Bay City MI, Fingal, d/o William GLOVER & Fanny CAMPBELL, witn: Kenneth W REID of Lyons & Olive CHAPMAN of Union, 20 Feb 1918 at Fingal.
008340/1918 (Elgin Co) John Peter REX, 19, steam fitter, Rochester NY, London s/o Christopher REX & Nancy LAWSON, married Henrietta Gertrude VANDERHEIDEN, 19, Oosterbeck Holland, London, d/o Reinder VANDERHEIDEN & Martha VANDERBOSCH, witn: Wilhelmina GRAHAM & Annie Watson KING both of St. Thomas, 20 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas 008334/1918 (Elgin Co) Jesse William RICE, 46, farmer, Vienna, Malahide, s/o Henry RICE & Mercy DRYER, married Mary WILLIAMS, 45, widow, Vienna, same, father’s last name WEST [dead] no mother listed, witn: Mary CHAMBERS & Nessie R MITCHELL both of Aylmer, 22 Jun 1918 at Aylmer
008329/1918 (Elgin Co) Phillip RICHARDS, 19, cigar maker, North Dorchester, St. Thomas, s/o Philip RICHARDS & Rachel MAWSON, married Louise HARRIS, 17, St. Thomas, same, d/o Thomas HARRIS & Louise REED, witn: Lillian & Edith BROWNLEE both of St. Thomas, 20 Oct 1918 at St. Thomas 008341/1918 (Elgin Co) Henry Charles RICKETTS, 20, electrician, Markdale, West Toronto, s/o William RICKETTS & Ellen LEE, married Clara Matilda SOMMERMASON?, 20, born Richmond VA, d/o Ernest SOMMERMASON? & Emma HERRMANN, witn: George SOMMERMASON? & Mabel ASHBURY both of St. Thomas, 19 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas.
008338/1918 (Elgin Co) Wilfred Frederick ROBERTS, 23, farmer, Copenhagen, Malahide, s/o Frederick E ROBERTS, & Emma JONES, married Grace Mae McCONNELL, 19, Aylmer, same, d/o Henry McCONNELL & Amy WIDERFIELD, witn: Celicia Catherine WARWICK of Mapleton & Gordon Benjamin WHITE of Copenhagen, 20 Mar 1918 at Aylmer. 008335/1918 (Elgin Co) John ROBERTS, 44, gardener, widower, Birmingham Eng, Aylmer, s/o John ROBERTS & Kate PINNER, married Jane Elizabeth PROSSER, 26, widow, Mt Salem, Aylmer, d/o Chauncey HILLICKER & Deborah FERGUSON, witn: Mrs John WOOD of Aylmer & Marion R DUNLOP of Toronto, 3 Apr 1918 at Aylmer
008332/1918 (Elgin Co) Samuel J ROBERTSON, 29, merchant, Leeds Quebec, Three Hills Alberta, s/o George T ROBERTSON & Emma CRAIG, married Jennie C ANDREWS, 29, Kent Co, Aylmer, d/o Rev G W ANDREWS & Mary WILLIAMS, witn: Ethel E ROWE & Ethel B CASE both of Aylmer, 4 Dec 1918 at Aylmer. 008337/1918 (Elgin Co) John William ROBBINS, 22, saw mill laborman, Oxford Co, Houghton Twp, s/o John ROBBINS & Belle RAYMOND, married Thelma Irene SCANLAN, 16, Bayham Twp, same, d/o George SCANLAN & Myrtle CHIVERS, witn: Nellie L CROLY & F. GOM--?, both of Port Burwell, 16 Feb 1918 at Port Burwell.
  008333/1918 (Elgin Co) John Harrison ROHRER, 39, widower, Norfolk, Dunboyne, s/o Jeremiah ROHRER & Hanna P STACKHOUSE, married Carrie May HUBBS, 32, London Can, Dunboyne, d/o John H HUBBS & Elizabeth SPENSER, witn: Charlie ROHRER & Alma LASKER both of Jaffa, 31 Jul 1918 at Malahide Twp.
008330/1918 (Elgin Co) Garfield Edward ROSS, 37, manager factory, Dunwich Twp, Dutton, s/o James ROSS & Nancy GRIFFIN, married Effie Jane GRAHAM, 34, Dunwich Twp, Dutton, d/o Duncan GRAHAM & Mary GILLIS (or GILLIES), witn: Archie D GRAHAM of Dutton & Ruth V ROSS of Iona Station, 11 Dec 1918 at Dutton. 008336/1918 (Elgin Co) Gordon ROZELL, 18, soldier, Attwood, St. Thomas, s/o Sidney ROZELL & Clara DUNN, married Leola S KELLEY, 18, Copenhagen, same, d/o Thomas KELLEY & Isola MINARD, witn: Mrs E J SIMONS of RR 2 Aylmer & Mrs W M KITELEY of Dunboyne, 3 Apr 1918 at Malahide Twp.
008342/1918 (Elgin Co) Herbert Stephen RUSSELL, 25, officer, Chicago Ill, St. Thomas, s/o Herbert F RUSSELL & Ida Lee BROWN, married Isabel Margaret PARK, 20, Chatham, same, d/o John Mungo PARK & Annie J McDONALD, witn: Annie CODD & Allene ANDREW both of St. Thomas, 13 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas. 008331/1918 (Elgin Co) William John RUSSELL, 26, soldier, London Eng, London Ont, s/o Dick RUSSELL & Alice CARTER, married Mabel FORSTER, 24, widow, Rodney, St. Thomas, d/o William KEE & Agnes HARKNESS, witn: Mr. & Mrs Hugh E ROSS both of Port Stanley, 28 Aug 1918.
008343/1918 (Elgin Co) Harold Leslie SAWYER, 23, cheese maker, South Dorchester, Aylmer, s/o George SAWYER & Annie BLAKE, married Verlie May MATTHEWS, 21, clerk, Aylmer, same, d/o Edgerton Clay MATTHEWS & Lottie BURKHOLDER, witn: Wilfred & Grace ROBERTS both of Aylmer, 25 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas. 008366/1918 (Elgin Co) Wendelin SCHNECKINBURGER, 26, farmer, Aldborough Twp, same, s/o Wendelin SCHNECKENBURGER & Annie KAMSTEIN, married Nora McCALLUM, 17, housework, Aldborough Twp, West Lorne, d/o Obidah McCALLUM & Margaret O’NEIL, witn: Mr. & Mrs Robert SCHNECKENBURGER, both of Rodney, 31 Aug 1918 at West Lorne.
008351/1918 (Elgin Co) Merl Leslie SCHULTZ, 26, machinist, St. Thomas, same, s/o David SCHULTZ & Mary SMITH, married Clara A MILLS, 26, forelady, Yarmouth Twp, same, d/o Richard MILLS & Eliza MANSION, witn: Leila Merle FRICK of St. Thomas & J A WILLIAMS of Union, 19 Jul 1918 at bride’s home, Yarmouth Twp. 008348/1918 (Elgin Co) William Arthur SCRATCH, 28, marine engineer, Kingsville Essex Co, same, s/o Albert SCRATCH & Nancy CAVAN, married Elva HOUGH, 20, Port Stanley, St. Thomas, d/o William A HOUGH & Minnie BEASLEY, witn: Lilian M THORNELOE & Bert McMANUS both of St. Thomas, 7 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas.
008356/1918 (Elgin Co) Clarence Benjamin SHACKELTON, 43, widower, Malahide, same, s/o William SHACKELTON & Matilda LAUR, married Alice WINTERS, 23, Bayham, Malahide, d/o Alfred WINTERS & Mary KILMER, witn: John Clayton BUCK & Vera SHACKELTON both of Aylmer RR 1, 30 Jan 1918 at Aylmer 008349/1918 (Elgin Co) Alfred Herman SHINGLER, 38, farmer, Saltfleet, Dunwich Twp, s/o William Harvey SHINGLER & Annie Lucy BURGES, married Constance May HENDERSON, 21, Lincolnshire Eng, Dunwich Twp, d/o Robert Mathew HENDERSON & Harriet HUDSON, witn: Oliver & Charlotte SHINGLER both of Fingal, 4 Feb 1918 at Fingal.
008354/1918 (Elgin Co) Samuel Stephen SHIPP, 23, fisherman, Oxford Co, Port Burwell, s/o Sam SHIPP & Kate SALMON, married Onolee FRISHETTE, 20, Clear Creek Norfolk, same, d/o William FRISHETTE, & Emma CUDNEY, witn: Kate C SHIPP & Emily K JACKSON both of Port BURWELL, 13 Apr 1918 at Port Burwell. 008345/1918 (Elgin Co) Hiram Bruce SIMMONS, 19, farmer, Malahide Twp, Yarmouth Twp, s/o William SIMMONS & Sarah Jane BACKHOUSE, married Ida Alberta STEPHENS, 20, house work, Walsingham Twp, Yarmouth Twp, d/o John H STEPHENS & Bertha CONNOR, witn: Mrs John H STEPHENS & Mrs William SIMMONS, both of Yarmouth Twp, 25 Sep 1918 at New Sarum, Yarmouth Twp.
008344/1918 (Elgin Co) Verney Frank SIMS, 19, farmer, Malahide Twp, Port Bruce, s/o William SIMS & Mary KELSO, married Bessie ADDLEY, 17, Yarmouth Twp, same, d/o Thomas ADDLEY & Elizabeth ALLISON, witn: Ambrose ADDLEY & Alma ESSELTINE both of Aylmer, 28 Oct 1918 at Aylmer. 008364/1918 (Elgin Co) James SINCLAIR, 40, farmer, widower, St. Thomas, same, s/o Donald SINCLAIR & Rachel LAMONT, married Tillie Hunter McMURRAY, 40, widow, Gladstone Ont, St. Thomas, d/o Christopher BINGHAM & Mary Etle LOUCKS, witn Mrs P F LANGILL of Fingal & Mrs N H McGILLIVRAY of St. Thomas, 30 Jan 1918 at St. Thomas
008355/1918 (Elgin Co) Clarence Cecil SMALE, 29, fisherman, Port Bruce, Port Stanley, s/o Emanuel SMALE & Annie THOMAS, married Lillian Hazel BAKE, 25, Rodney, Port Stanley, d/o Harry BAKE & Bessie EDGECOMBE, witn: George & Agnes SMITH BOTH OF Port Stanley, 4 Mar 1918 at Port Stanley 008353/1918 (Elgin Co) Alexander McKenzie SMITH, 42, laborer, Tilsonburg, London, s/o George SMITH & Catharine McNEIL, married Hannah Marguerite ROBERTS, 30, England, London Ont, d/o Harry ROBERTS and mother not remembered, witn: Jane M TURNBULL & Alex MELLOR both of Port STANLEY, 6 Jun 1918 at Port Stanley.
008350/1918 (Elgin Co) Delbert Stanley SMITH, 22, farmer, Union Ont, same, s/o Austin SMITH & Alma PARKER, married Beulah Viola TAPSEL, 18, St. Thomas, Union, d/o Alfred TAPSEL & Ella APPLEFORD, witn: Carlista TRAVERS & Norman BROKENSHIRE both of Talbotville, 16 Jan 1918 at Talbotville. 008362/1918 (Elgin Co) William Franklin SMITH, 22, sheet metal worker, Chicago Ill, London, s/o F B SMITH & Annie SMITH, married Mabel FOSS, 18, London, same, d/o Charles FOSS & Sarah WHITNEY, witn: Mrs E EGLEY & Mrs H CHRISTIE both of St. Thomas, 27 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas.
008360/1918 (Elgin Co) Frank SNELGROVE, 38, soldier, Port Burwell, St. Thomas, s/o William SNELGROVE & Cecilia HUFFMAN, married Hazel Ida VANSICKLE, 24, Elgin Co, Port Burwell, d/o Nelson VANSICKLE & Luella HAINES, witn: Gordon PHETTEPLACE & Winnifred West DENNISON both of St. Thomas, 25 May 1918 at St. Thomas 008363/1918 (Elgin Co) Wren SPARKS, 50, collector salesman dry goods, Braefoot Scot, 42 Ray St. North in Hamilton, s/o Wren SPARKS & Emma DAWSON, married Dessie Harris FYLE, 48, widow, Rockford Village - Townsend Twp Haldimand Co (sic), 22 Weldon Ave in St. Thomas, d/o William HARRIS & Susan MARS, witn: Grace & George FYLE both of St. Thomas, 21 or 27 Mar 1918 at St. Thomas
008359/1918 (Elgin Co) George Franklin SPENCER, 38, RR employee, United States, St. Thomas, s/o Jon SPENCER & Ella DEAS, married Ethel Sophronia GODFREY, 32, Canada, St. Thomas, d/o William GODFREY & Matilda HOUGH, witn: Miss M A MILLER & Mrs M E FERGUSON both of St. Thomas, 15 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas. 008352/1918 (Elgin Co) Robert Bertie SPOONER, 38, section man, England, Springfield, s/o Arthur Charles SPOONER & Eliza SMITH, married Mrs Ruth Ann COOK, 42, widow, Ontario, Springfield, d/o Frederick BEST & Jane CARSCADDEN, witn: Richard & Catherine SPOONER both of Springfield, 25 Jun 1918 at Springfield.
008361/1918 (Elgin Co) Clifford SQUIRE, 19, machinist, Middlesex Co, St. Thomas, s/o William SQUIRE & Jennie PRICE, married Lizzie WATT, 21, maid, Lambton Co, St. Thomas, d/o Robert WATT & Anna ROSS, witn: Mrs Beatrice L STEINHOFF & Nettie M SLAUSON, both of St. Thomas, 10 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas. 008347/1918 (Elgin Co) George Thain STEWART, 42, merchant, Cleveland Ohio, St. Thomas, s/o James STEWART & Annie MITCHELL, married Grace Marguerite BAIRD, 24, St. Thomas, same, d/o William BAIRD & Lizzie ROWE, witn: Florence BAIRD & W J BAIRD both of St. Thomas, 14 Dec 1918 at St. Thomas
008346/1918 (Elgin Co) Robert William STRATTON, 24, merchant, of Aylmer, s/o Henry L STRATTON & Edith PHILLIPS, married Grace L DAVIDSON, 26, teacher, of Aylmer, d/o Richard DAVIDSON & Harriet GODBY, witn: Susie LEES & J D PHILLIPS both of Aylmer, 12 Sep 1918 at Aylmer. 008365/1918 (Elgin Co) William STUBBS, 52, railway employee, widower, Southwold Twp, St. Thomas, s/o John STUBBS & Mary HOUSE, married Isabella Jane GARROW, 38, St. Thomas, same, d/o James GARROW & Isabella MURISON, witn: Mr. & Mrs William GARROW both of St. Thomas, 30 Jan 1918 at St. Thomas.
008357/1918 (Elgin Co) Arthur Thomas SURBRAY, 33, baker, Shelburne Ont, Windsor, s/o Frederick SURBRAY & blank DODGE, married Marguerite Meta SINCLAIR, 21, Tillsonburg, St. Thomas, d/o John SINCLAIR & blank McQUEEN, witn: Maisie BRICKENDEN & Christina LITTLE, both of St. Thomas, 29 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas 008358/1918 (Elgin Co) Samuel SUTTON, 30, banker, Cheshire Eng, Port Burwell, s/o Samuel SUTTON & Sarah E WITHENSHAW, married Lillian May EVERITT, 22, Palmerston, same, d/o Walter EVERITT & Mary SIMONS, witn: Walter & Mary EVERITT both of Palmerston, 3 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas.
008372 1918 (Elgin Co) Albert Joseph THINEL, 25, locomotive fireman, Clarence Creek Ont, St. Thomas, s/o Joseph THINEL & Egerie WOLFE, married Marie Coronna PATRICE, 24, graduate nurse, Ottawa, same, d/o Napoleon PATRICE & Adiene RANGER, witn: John FOLEY & Mary MAHONEY, both of St. Thomas, 27 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas. 008368/1918 (Elgin Co) Henry Patrick THOMAS, 26, US army service, Rappahannock Co Virginia, New York City, s/o Albert THOMAS & Carrie BEGERE, married Eva L TAYLOR, 28, Port Stanley, same, d/o Harley TAYLOR & Carrie BROWN, witn: Mrs Harley TAYLOR of Port Stanley & Mrs N H McGILLIVRAY of St. Thomas, 22 Jul 1918 at St. Thomas.
008369/1918 (Elgin Co) Leo THORSEL, 20, teamster, Warskegan? US, London, s/o Robert THORSEL & Mary DRINKWINE, married Pearl LEWIS, 20, born London, d/o Isaac LEWIS & Mida HODGINS, witn: Elsie LAWSON of Stratford & Mrs W E MILLSON of St. Thomas, 18 Feb 1918 at St. Thomas 008370/1918 (Elgin Co) Gerald TIGHE, 23, book keeper, Birmingham Eng, Aylmer, s/o John TIGHE & Louisa FORD, married Bernice Isabella EMMETT, 20, cashier store, Aylmer, same, d/o Charles EMMETT & Alphreta MARLOW, witn: Mr. & Mrs J P COYLE both of Aylmer, 13 Dec 1918 at Aylmer
008371/1918 (Elgin Co) Claude TINLIN, 38, pipe fitter, widower, s/o Edgar TINLIN & Elizabeth JONES, married Martha BEGG, 40, widow, St. Thomas, same, d/o Charles SCRASE & Emma NUTLEY, witn: Alfred T & Sarah SCRASE both of St. Thomas, 9 Jan 1918 at St. Thomas. 008367/1918 (Elgin Co) Daniel J TURNER, 47, farmer, Dunwich Twp, same, s/o John TURNER & Nancy McCALLUM, married Agnes Stewart DUNCANSON, 41 Dunwich Twp, same, d/o James DUNCANSON & Jean McWILLIAM, witn: James & Peter DUNCANSON both of Dutton, 11 Sep 1918 at Dutton.
008373/1918 (Elgin Co) Robert Henry USSHER (aka ASSHER), 37, photographer, Lismore Ireland, St. Thomas, s/o Arthur E USSHER & Kate Emily ADAMS, married Annie Mildred WHITE, 23, Beachville, St. Thomas, d/o Orlando WHITE & Charlotte HOPWOOD, witn: Mrs M FORTUNE & Mrs Alice STACEY both of St. Thomas, 18 May 1918 at St. Thomas. Groom signs R H Assher. 008374/1918 (Elgin Co) James Adaman VAUGHAN, 26, laborer, Port Burwell, Springfield, s/o James VAUGHAN & Bertha MYERS, married Grace E J HOPKINS, 15, Deptford Eng, Springfield, d/o William G HOPKINS & Ida Elizabeth QUINTON, witn: Mrs W G HOPKINS & Ada M F HOPKINS both of Springfield, 16 Oct 1918 at Aylmer.
008382/1918 (Elgin Co) Wesley WAGNER, 21, loco fireman, Essex Ont, St. Thomas, s/o Lewis WAGNER & Jessie BROWN, married Elsie Eliza BROWN, 22, England, St. Thomas, d/o Henry BROWN & Mary LOVELL, witn: C B GRASS & Elsie GRIFFITH both of St. Thomas, 20 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas 008383/1918 (Elgin Co) George Nelson WALKER, 18, farmer, Rodney, Southwold Twp, s/o George WALKER & Hattie HEAD, married Dorothy Irene JANCEY, 18, England, Middlemarch Ont, d/o blank JANCEY and not known, witn: Hannah E WOOD of St. Thomas & William BELORE of Middlemarch, 17 Aug. 1918 at St. Thomas.
008385/1918 (Elgin Co) George Basil WARDLE, 24, cheese maker, Springford, Malahide, s/o John A WARDLE & Ella C HILLIKER, married Jessie K O’BRYEN, 20, Malahide, same, d/o Thomas O’BRYEN & Catherine DONALDSON, witn: Arlo J WELTER of RR5 Aylmer & Gretta HARP of Aylmer, 26 Jun 1918 at Dunboyne 008379/1918 (Elgin Co) Norman WARDEN, 25, butcher, Elgin Co, St. Thomas, s/o George WARDEN & Nellie WEBBER, married Nellie BOYD, 22, Elgin Co, Yarmouth Twp, d/o Friend BOYD & Alberta HOWELL, witn: Herman & Tillie McCANDLESS both of RR 4 St. Thomas, 11 Sep 1918 at brides house Yarmouth Twp.
008381/1918 (Elgin Co) Hugh WATSON, 19, assistant machinist, Scotland, Port Stanley, s/o Hugh WATSON & Agnes CHALMERS, married Sarah ACTON, 18, waiter, England, Port Stanley, d/o John ACTON & Elizabeth PENN, witn: A BAWTINHEIMER of Collingwood & Leah STAUTON (Stanton?) of St. Thomas, 8 Aug 1918 at Port Stanley 008376/1918 (Elgin Co) Arlo John WELTER, 27, farmer, Malahide Twp, same, s/o John WELTER & Mary DRYSDALE, married Minnie RYCKMAN, 18, Vienna Ont, same, d/o Isaac RYCKMAN & Olive LIGHT, witn: Nora RYCKMAN & Leta GODBY both of Vienna, 13 Nov 1918 at Vienna
008387/1918 (Elgin Co) Peter WESNOSKE, 22, moulder, of St. Thomas, s/o John WESNOSKE & Mary, married Sarah HOWARTH, 20, cutter in knitting factory, Bolton Eng, St. Thomas, d/o William HOWARTH & Rose H BRIDGE, witn: Sami CHALYK (or S. Michalyk) & Josephine E DENTON both of St. Thomas, 12 Jun 1918 at St. Thomas 008386/1918 (Elgin Co) Amos L WHEELER, 57, painter, widower, Norfolk Co, St. Thomas, s/o J W WHEELER & Nancy BRANDOW, married Malinda WOODWARD, 59, widow, Norfolk Co, St. Thomas, d/o Aaron BERGER & Margaret LAYMAN, witn: Jennie FALCONER & Frank R WOODWARD both of St. Thomas, 6 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas

008380/1918 (Elgin Co) Gordon Benjamin WHITE, 22, farmer, Malahide Twp, Aylmer, s/o John A WHITE & Elizabeth HOUGHTON, married Cecelia Katherine WARWICK, 19, Dorchester Twp, same, d/o James WARWICK & Catharine MARSHALL, witn: Mr. & Mrs Wilfred Frederick ROBERTS both of Aylmer, 4 Sep 1918 at South Dorchester.

008377/1918 (Elgin Co) George Samuel WILLOWS, 62, farmer, widower, Lincolnshire Eng, Westminster Twp, s/o John WILLOWS & Susannah LEARY, married Isabel GARDNER, 63, widow, Reach Twp, Southwold Twp, d/o Charles OLIVER & Elizabeth MITCHELL, witn: Mrs James BARLESS of London & Gordon T WILLOWS of St. Thomas, 6 Nov 1918 at Fingal.
008378/1918 (Elgin Co) George Robert WILLSON, 51, farmer, widower, Elgin Co, Dunwich Twp, s/o Ben WILLSON & Lizzie MITCHELL, married Georgina May CURRIE, 28, Elgin Co, Southwold Twp., d/o Walter CURRIE & Annie GARBUTT, witn: Mr. & Mrs William Jess TEMPLER both of Iona Ont, 23 Oct 1918 at Shedden 008384/1918 (Elgin Co) James WILSON, 64, farmer, widower, Rothshire Scot, Dugald Man, s/o Robert WILSON & Jeanette McEWAN, married Margaret FULTON, 52, nurse, Brownsville, Springfield, d/o John FULTON & Margaret SMITH, witn: Isabella M CARR of RR 3 St. Thomas & Grace BREMNER of Cobourg Ont, 10 Aug 1918 at St. Thomas.
  008375/1918 (Elgin Co) Harry L WOOD, 30, machinist, Brownsville, same, s/o John H WOOD & Annie STEWARDSON, married Bessie D PARTLO, 20, housemaid, Vienna, same, d/o William PARTLO & Ida JOHNSTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs Harvey & Mildred CORNELL both of Tillsonburg, 26 Dec 1918 at Vienna.
008389/1918 (Elgin Co) Charles Goldsmith YORK, 32, school teacher, Verona Frontenac Co, Rodney, s/o Emanuel M YORK & Edith POMEROY, married Jessie Bell McINTYRE, 18, student, Aldboro Twp, Rodney, d/o Duncan W McINTYRE & Rosella VANLOON, witn: Jean McGREGOR & Ella MAINE both of Rodney, 26 Jun 1918 at Rodney. 008388/1918 (Elgin Co) James Frederick YOUNG, 25, Eng, St. Thomas, s/o George F YOUNG, labourer & Elizabeth A THOMAS, married Eva Alice COX, 22, Eng, St. Thomas, d/o William COX, machinist & Alice WOODS, witn: J W POTTS & Nellie COX both of St. Thomas, 13 Nov 1918 at St. Thomas.
008390/1918 (Elgin Co) Tracy Harold DeLaney ZAVITZ, 24, salesman, Ridgeway Welland, same, s/o Andrew ZAVITZ & Nancy SNIDER, married Anna L Moss HEMSTREET, 24, teacher, Aylmer Ont, same, d/o E A HEMSTREET & Minnie MOSS, witn: W E & E Orlan HEMSTREET both of Aylmer, 30 Jul 1918 at Aylmer. 008021/1918 (Elgin Co) Simon Edward ZOLLER, 33, farmer, Aldboro, same, s/o Jacob ZOLLER & Mary HANSEN, married Lottie Blanche FOWLER, 24, Yarmouth Twp, St. Thomas, d/o William FOWLER & Jennet or Jessie THOMPSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs S E CLINTON, 3 Apr 1918 at St. Thomas