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Dufferin Co.,  1926

birth place is given before residence


33783-26 William John AGNEW, 46, farmer, Simcoe Co., Adjala twp., s/o Robert AGNEW, b. Ontario & Martha ALLEN, married Gertrude May PEACOCK, 37, teacher, Adjala twp., same, d/o Robert PEACOCK, b. Adjala twp. & Sarah IRWIN, witn: Marjorie I. THOMPSON & Elinor PEACOCK, both of Rosemont, 9 Jan 1926 at Rosemont 33784-26 Herbert Richard ALLEN, 23, farmer, Mulmur twp., same, s/o William ALLEN, b. Mono twp. & Charlotte COCKERIL, married Lilian May Victoria TURNER, 18 yrs., 11 mo., London England, Mulmur, d/o Arthur TURNER, b. England & Alice SMART, witn: E.H. BESLEY & Vivian LEECE, both of Shelburne, 7 May 1926 at Shelburne
33785-26 William Ernest ARMSTRONG, 29, mill hand, London England, Orangeville, s/o unknown ARMSTRONG, b. England & Jane unknown, married Jane Ann HEWSON, 27, mill hand, South Shields England, Orangeville, d/o John HEWSON, b. England & Christina SHAW, witn: Grace STINSON of Mono & Alvin HOLMES of Orangeville, 1 Sep 1926 at Mono 33786-26 Curtis Willie ASSELSTINE, 28, dentist, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Henry ASSELSTINE, b. Ontario & Jane HUFF, married Kathleen Jessie Melissa SIMPSON, 28, nurse, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Albert SIMPSON, b. Ontario & Elizabeth REID, witn: Edythe HAMILTON of Edmonton & Alice B. SIMPSON of Toronto, 7 Aug 1926 at Orangeville
33787-26 Harry LeRoy BABCOCK, 29, sales manager, Yarker, Napanee, s/o Simon D. BABCOCK, b. Odessa & Elizabeth Jane SCHULTZ, married Ruth Kerr WRIGHT, 20, school teacher, Conway, same, d/o Edward WRIGHT, b. Conway & Helen KERR, witn: F.E. BABCOCK of Milton & H.R. CAMERON of Alton, 5 Aug 1926 at Orangeville 33788-26 Gordon Truman BABE, 22, farmer, Mono twp., East Garafraxa twp., s/o James Henry BABE, b. Mono twp. & Ellen NEIL, married Edith May JACKSON, 24, Mono twp., same, d/o Thomas JACKSON, b. Mono twp. & Mary J. MATHERS, witn: Thomas DUKE & Ella M. DUKE, both of Orangeville, 20 May 1926 at Camilla
33789-26 William Lorence BARBOUR, 25, fireman, Hillsburg, same, s/o Humphrey BARBOUR, b. Ontario & Sarah W. HURD, married Mary C.J. SIRR, 25, mill worker, Huckley Ont, Orangeville, d/o Thomas SIRR, b. Adjala & Catherine COLE, witn: George R. HOGBIN & Martha HOGBIN, both of Orangeville, 4 Feb 1926 at Orangeville 33790-26 Alexander BROCKLEBANK, 26, funeral director, England, Toronto, s/o William BROCKLEBANK, b. England & Alexandra CUTHBERT, married Lottie Elva REILLY, 29, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Albert REILLY, b. Ontario & Mary A. LASTER (Larter?), witn: E.S. GOLDEN of Toronto & Stella REILLY of Grand Valley, 25 Sep 1926 at Tarbert
33791-26 Edward BROWN, 31, gardener, Ontario, York twp., s/o Edward BROWN, b. Ontario & Annie REDFERN, married Kathleen Dockerill SCOTT, 31, black borderer, England, Toronto, d/o John SCOTT, b. England & not known, witn: Violet BROWN & Harold BROOMER, both of York twp., 9 Jun 1926 at "The Maples", East Garafraxa twp. 33792-26 James BROWN, 44, farmer, Melancton twp., same, s/o James BROWN, b. Belfast - Ireland & Susanne PARSONS, married Emma GILLARD, 23, clerk, Kingswood England, Toronto, d/o David GILLARD, b. Bridgewater England & Charlotte LANCASTER, witn: Charlotte GILLARD of Toronto & Allen HUBAND of Corbetton, 23 Jun 1926 at Corbetton
33793-26 Frederick BRUNDLE, 31, farmer, Norfolk England, East Garafraxa twp., s/o William BRUNDLE, b. Norfolk England & Jule Laria RULE, married Marion Daisy BURTON, 33, clerk, Edmonton England, East Garafraxa twp., d/o Thomas William BURTON, b. Norfolk England & Elizabeth STANTON, witn: Louisa BRUNDLE & Robert BRUNDLE, both of Grand Valley, 27 Nov 1926 at Garafraxa twp.  
33794-26 Clarence Hector BRYAN, 26, mechanic, Amaranth twp., Orangeville, s/o James BRYAN, b. Adjala twp. & Sarah DYNES, married Mary Elizabeth Pearl TATE, 22, Amaranth twp., Orangeville, d/o William J. TATE, Waldemar & Mary MCDOWELL, witn: W.C. BRYAN & Elva BRYAN, both of Laurel, 16 Jun 1926 at Laurel 33795-26 Hugh BRYAN, 42, widower, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o Thomas BRYAN, b. Ireland & Elizabeth WEBB, married Ida Mae WOLFE, 32, Amaranth twp., same, d/o John WOLFE, b. Canada & Sarah TOMBE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Russell WOLFE, both of Laurel, 2 Jun 1926 at Amaranth
33796-26 Robert James BRYCE, 21, labourer, Co. Down - Ireland, Nemo twp., s/o Robert BRYCE, b. Ireland & Agnes ALLAN, married Maggie DORAN, 23, Ayrshire Scotland, Amaranth twp., d/o Henry DORAN, b. Ireland & Ellen FLANIGAN, witn: Margaret Jane PRESTLY & Harry DORAN, both of Wallaceburg, 31 Mar 1926 at Orangeville 33797-26 John Leslie CARTER, 24, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o Henry CARTER, b. London England & Margaret J. CARTER, married Mary Elizabeth BRYAN, 24, Amaranth twp., same, d/o William BRYAN, b. Toronto & Elizabeth DENNISON, witn: Myrtle L. BRYAN & Percy H. BRYAN, both of Laurel, 15 Dec 1925 at Amaranth twp
33799-26 John Thomas COOK, 37, farmer, Amaranth twp., Mono twp., s/o Charles G. COOKE & Melissa FRENCH, married Sophia Gertrude TRUMBLE, 32, Mono, same, d/o John TRUMBLE & Martha L. ANTHONY, witn: Winnie TRUMBLE of Amaranth twp. & Harold HAMILTON of Laurel, 16 Jun 1926 at Mono twp. 33798-26 Cleaver Wesley COOKE, 24, farmer, Mono twp., same, s/o John COOKE, b. England & Elizabeth SNELL, married Edith May PROCTOR, 18, Mono twp., same, d/o James PROCTOR, b. Canada & Edith BOYCE, witn: John ROBINSON & Margaret ROBINSON, both of Rosemont, 10 Mar 1926 at Rosemont
  33800-26 George Ward COPELAND, 46, farmer, Proton twp., Dundalk, s/o Thomas COPELAND, b. Ireland & Jane COULTER, married Ruth GRAHAM, 28, domestic, Mono twp., Caledon, d/o John S. GRAHAM, b. Whitby twp. & Letitia LUNDY, witn: Adeline COPELAND of Dundalk & Cresal GRAHAM of Caledon, 17 Nov 1926 at Orangeville
33801-26 George Mulford COURTNEY, 18, spinner?, Amaranth twp., Orangeville, s/o Samuel COURTNEY & Jane HAMBLY, married Mary Julia EDWARDS, 18, Renfrew Co., Orangeville, d/o William EDWARDS & Tillie MORROW, witn: Herbert S. TUCK & R. MIDDLETON, both of Orangeville, 5 Jun 1926 at Orangeville 33802-26 Samuel Earl COURTNEY, 27, widower, farmer, West Garafraxa twp., same, s/o William COURTNEY, b. Co. Armagh Ireland & Margaret Eliza ALLAN, married Vida Eola Jane BANKS, 24, mill hand, Amaranth twp., Orangeville, d/o Richard Henry BANKS, b. Amaranth twp. & Mary HERIOTT, witn: Mrs. Robert PATTERSON of Camilla & James K. COURTNEY of Marsville, 9 Jun 1926 at Camilla
33803-26 Robert Edwin COWLING, 29, farmer, Melancthon, Melancthon twp., s/o George COWLING, b. King twp. & Alice DOBSON, married Sophia Alzina BOYLE, 31, Mulmur twp., same, d/o George BOYLE, b. Mulmur twp. & Sarah Anne DORSEY, witn: Garfield COWLING of Honeywood & Goldie Madeline BOYLE of Shelburne, 20 Mar 1926 at Mulmur twp 33804-26 Henry Gold CROOK, 20, farmer, England, Mono twp., s/o John CROOK, b. England & Edith, married Jane Elizabeth MILES, 22, England, Mono twp., d/o John MILES, b. Ireland & Norah QUINLAN, witn: Margaret HOLMES of Orangeville & George P. WEST of Alton, 31 Mar 1926 at Mono twp.
33805-26 William Thomas DAVEY, 27, shipper, Ipswich England, Toronto, s/o William Thomas DAVEY, b. England & Annie MCDONALD, married Nora HUNTER, 24, Mono twp., Toronto, d/o Robert HUNTER, b. Mulmur & Emma MCDOWELL, witn: Florence M. BEATTY & E.W. BEATTY, both of Orangeville, 10 Apr 1926 at Orangeville 33806-26 James A.N. DAVISON, 27, farmer, Jessopville, Grand Valley, s/o John DAVISON, b. Orangeville & Mary PHILLIPS, married Lottie May WATT, 21, teacher, Grand Valley, same, d/o W.J. WATT, b. East Luther twp. & Tilly MCARTHUR, witn: Gladys WATT & Thomas DAVISON, both of Grand Valley, 22 Sep 1926 at Grand Valley
33807-26 Robert William DAWE, 33, clerk, Newfoundland, Niagara Falls, s/o John Gushue DAWE, b. Newfoundland & Joanna ATKINS, married Gladys Jane Irene SIME, 27, Grand Valley, Brampton, d/o George SIME, b. Canada & Mary Jane SMALL, witn: Mary E. SIME & T.J. SIME, both of Grand Valley, 17 Jul 1926 at Grand Valley 33808-26 Garfield David ELGIE, 28, farmer, East Luther twp., Amaranth twp., s/o James ELGIE, b. Eramosa twp. & Margaret KODICK (Rodick?), married Adeline May SMITH, 29, housekeeper, Hawkstone, Amaranth twp., d/o Archibald SMITH, b. Oro twp. & Mary Jean Eliza DEACON, witn: Luella G. JAY of Monticello & Albert ELGIE of Grand Valley, 5 May 1926 at Monticello
33809-26 Wilber Earl ERSKINE, 29, farmer, Caledon twp., East Luther twp., s/o Jacob ERSKINE, b. Caledon twp. & Ella MCLELLAND, married Rebecca Edith GREENWOOD, 29, East Luther, same, d/o Robert GREENWOOD, b. Co. Armagh Ireland & Mary Ann IRVINE, witn: Alfred Guy ATKINSON & Mary Ann Myelle ATKINSON, both of East Luther, 27 Oct 1926 at Grand Valley 33810-26 Robert Elgin EVERSON, 30, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o Urias EVERSON, b. Peel Co. & Letitia R. NODWELL, married Gladys Viola MCGOWAN, 26, East Garafraxa twp., East Garafraxa, d/o James E.D. MCGOWAN, b. Dufferin Co. & Annie REDMOND, witn: Mrs. Urias EVERSON of Hillsburg & Mrs. James E.D. MCGOWAN of Orton, 29 Sep 1926 at East Garafraxa
33811-26 Donald Hugh FAULKNER, 24, farmer, Caledon twp., same, s/o Archibald FAULKNER, b. Caledon twp. & Eliza Jane MERCER, married Verna Olivea SMITH, 21, Thompson twp., Caledon twp., d/o Joseph SMITH, b. Mono twp. & Margaret STRINGER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. S.J. LOVELL, both of Orangeville, 10 Feb 1926 at Orangeville  
33812-26 William Albert Ross FERRIER, 24, farmer, Melancthon, Amaranth twp., s/o William Alfred FERRIER, b. Canada & Elizabeth HUTCHINS, married Eileen May TRIBBLE, 20, Toronto, Amaranth twp., d/o William James TRIBBLE, b. Canada & Ida May S. RITCHIE, witn: Millicent A. GRAY of Shelburne & Berta H. HEALEY of Windsor, 7 Apr 1926 at Amaranth twp. 33813-26 Anson Lawrence FEWSTER, 21, farmer, Melancthon twp., Melancthon, s/o Richard William FEWSTER, b. Melancthon twp. & Mary Jane HARDY, married Stella Jane RUTLEDGE, 23, Melancthon twp., Melancthon, d/o Christopher James RUTLEDGE, b. Artemesia twp. & Isabella Esther MCGHEE, witn: Emily M. RUTLEDGE of Toronto & Cecil H. FEWSTER of Shelburne, 13 Feb 1926 at Melancthon twp.
33814-26 Gordon Edward FISHER, 19, farmer, South River, Amaranth twp., s/o George FISHER, b. Maryborough twp. & Catherine HOLBORN, married Mary HOWES, 23, West Luther, East Luther, d/o Alfred HOWES, b. Garafraxa & Edith May ROBERTSON, witn: Harvey HOWES of Colbeck & Ena Bell MCKEE of Laurel, 28 Apr 1926 at Colbeck 33815-26 Arthur Woodward FLINT, 25, traveller, Toronto, same, s/o Ralph FLINT & Annie WOODWARD, married Mildred Isabel HAMILTON, 26, teacher, Grand Valley, same, d/o Thomas N. HAMILTON & Hannah PATERSON, witn: Ethel HAMILTON of Weston & Bert CONLON, Toronto, 26 July 1926 at Grand Valley
33816-26 George William FLUDDER, 20, moving picture operator, England, Orangeville, s/o George Herbert FLUDDER, b. England & Helen ANDERSON, married Irene Olive Victoria THOMPSON, 22, clerk, Ontario, Orangeville, d/o Henry THOMPSON, b. Ont & Alice KELLOUGH, witn: George H. FLUDDER of Orangeville & Henry THOMPSON of Rocklyn, 27 Oct. 1926 at Orangeville 33817-26 George Thomas FRASER, 24, carpenter, Melancthon twp, Mulmur twp, s/o George FRASER, b. Canada & Margaret SHAW, married Anna Ethel JOHNSTON, 20, Melancthon, same, d/o George JOHNSTON, b. Canada & Margaret CLARKE, witn: Roselina FRAZER (sic) of Hornings Mills & William JOHNSTON of Shelburne, 30 June 1926 at Melancthon twp
33818-26 Summerville Bonnar GALLAUGHER, 20, Mulmur twp., Melancthon twp., s/o Joseph GALLAUGHER, b. Canada & Lilias LLOYD, married Evelyn CARLAW, 26, Melancthon, Hornings Mills, d/o Alexander CARLAW, b. Canada & Mary FERGUSON, witn: Edna CARLAW of Hornings Mills & H. GALLAUGHER of Terra Nova, 14 July 1926 at Hornings Mills 33819-26 Harry Admiral GLOVER, 27, merchant, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o Adam Diken GLOVER, b. Canada & Emma NOBLE, married Mary Elizabeth Florence MILLS, 25, stenographer, Ontario, Orangeville, d/o Stephen MILLS, b. Canada & Elizabeth ARNOLD, witn: Leila DAVIS of Thornton & Bert L. GLOVER of Orangeville, 16 Aug 1926 at St. Marks Church, Orangeville
33820-26 Frederick Isaac James GORDON, 29, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o John Wesley GORDON, b. Ireland & Eliza LANGTRY, married Luvila Jane COCKERILL, 21, Mono twp., Amaranth twp., d/o William COCKERILL, b. Canada & Martha Ann KENEY (Roney?), witn: Bessie PATTEN of Waldemar & W.H. COCKERILL of Laurel, 1 Sept 1926 at Orangeville 33821-26 Oliver Earl Murray GRAHAM, 25, salesman, West Hawkesbury, Sarnia, s/o Oliver J. GRAHAM, b. West Hawkesbury & Grace Blakeley BARTON, married Gladys Mildred Beatrice MacKENZIE, 19, domestic, Haileybury, Orangeville, d/o Joseph MacKENZIE & Nina Noreen GUPPY, witn: Amy L. McDONALD & Herbert TUCK, both of Orangeville, 30 April 1926 at Orangeville
33822-26 William Melvin GRANT, 34, farmer, Guelph twp., Lot 29 Con 7 of Eramosa twp., s/o James GRANT, b. Aberdeenshire Scotland & Euphemia REA, married Dorothy ADSETT, 22, Eramosa twp., Belwood, d/o Thomas Scott ADSETT, b. Guelph & Margaret LANGDON, witn: Hugh ADSETT & Emma OAKES, both of Rockwood, 30 June 1926 at Orton 33823-26 William Wesley GRAY, 25, driver, Eramosa twp., Guelph, s/o William GRAY, b. Erin twp & Agnes GRASLEY, married Mary Isabel MATTHEWS, 19, Erin twp., Guelph, d/o David MATTHEWS, b. Erin twp & Rebecca CAWTHRA, witn: David A. GRAY of Guelph & Marianne W. NICHOL of Orton, 12 June 1926 at Orton
33824-26 Robert GREASON, 52, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o John GREASON, b. Oakville Ont & Eliza HANNAH, married Eliza Jane RENNICK, 31, Amaranth twp., same, d/o George RENNICK, b. Amaranth Ont & Jane FERNE (Ferns?), witn: Minnie M. MAHAFFEY & Mrs. Deborah CAMERON, both of Orangeville, 13 Jan 1926 at Orangeville  
33825-26 Emerson Harold GREY, 24, farmer, Osprey twp., same, s/o Richard GREY, b. Canada & Catherine COPEMAN, married Emily Pearl GRUMMETT, 25, Osprey twp., same, d/o Robert GRUMMETT, b. Ont & Margaret BAXTER, witn: Mr. J. & Hazel GREY of Corbetton, 23 June 1926 at St. Pauls Church, Melancthon 33826-26 John Richard GREY, 26, farmer, Osprey twp., same, s/o Richard GREY, b. Dundalk & Catherine COPEMAN, married hazel Everilda RICHARDSON, 23, Melancthon twp., same, d/o Albert RICHARDSON, b. Amaranth & Martha Catherine KEYES, witn: Wilmer TRIMBLE of Laurel & Mary J. MacKINNON of McIntyre, 7 April 1926 at Corbetton
33827-26 John Anthony GORSKURTH, 25, bank clerk, Amaranth twp., Windsor, s/o John Henry GROSKURTH, b. Kleinburg Ont & Bertha HUGHES, married Christena Alice GAMBLE, 27, Amaranth twp., same, d/o George Alfred GAMBLE, b. East Garafraxa, & Elizabeth TATE, witn: E. GAMBLE of Fergus & Aileen GROSKURTH of Waldemar, 27 Dec 1926 at Amaranth twp 33828-26 Earl Davison HAMILTON, 22, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o Wesley HAMILTON, b. Canada & Lilian DAVISON, married Margaret McLANAGHAN, 22, East Garafraxa, same, d/o William J. McCLANAGHAN (sic), b. Canada & Lily SEMPLE, witn: Bert HAMILTON of Fergus & James SEMPLE of Belwood, 3 Nov 1926 at East Garafraxa twp
33829-26 Thomas Wilson HENRY, 23, farmer, Caledon twp., East Garafraxa twp., s/o Thomas James HENRY, b. Canada & Elizabeth HUNTER, married Ina Frances HOLMES, 26, Mono twp., same, d/o Richard HOLMES, b. Canada & Rebecca STINSON, witn: William TAYLOR & Florence HOLMES, both of Orangeville, 9 June 1926 at St. Matthews church, Mono 33830-26 John HEWITT, 26, truck driver, Waldemar, Merritton, s/o Robert HEWITT, b. Garafraxa twp & Katherine WARDEN, married Helen STUART, 21 (b. 4 Aug 1905), Connecticut US, Merritton, d/o Charles STUART, b. Buffalo & Eva MACKEY, witn: Mrs. K. & Robert HEWITT of Waldemar, 9 Aug 1926 at Orangeville
33831-26 Edward Addison HICKS, 25, farmer, Amaranth twp., Melancthon twp., s/o John H. HICKS, b. Mulmur twp & Margaret C. SLACK, married Annie Elizabeth REED, 22 (b. 7 Feb 1904), London England, Mulmur, d/o John SPROULE, b. Melancthon twp & Eliza CLARKE (guardians), witn: Arthur H. HICKS of Shelburne & Rosetta E. REED of Strathroy, 17 March 1926 at Mulmur twp 33832-26 Emerson HOLMES, 28, farmer, Mono twp., same, s/o Richard HOLMES, b. Mono twp & Rebecca STINSON, married Lillian Velva CHRISTIAN, 24, Mono twp., same, d/o Herbert CHRISTIAN, b. Mono twp & Jennie NEIL, witn: Clifford CHRISTIAN of Mono & Bertha McGILLIVRAY of Buffalo NY, 8 Nov 1926 at Mono twp
33833-26 Gordon Douglas HOOPER, 22, farmer, Toronto, Caledon twp., s/o Isaac HOOPER, b. Rockey Saugeen Ont & Janie LESUEUR, married Jessie Mary COOPER, 26, domestic, East Garafraxa, Caledon twp., d/o Robert COOPER, b. East Garafraxa twp & Mary Ellen REID, witn: Martin & Mrs. Florence RINTOUL of Laurel, 4 Aug 1926 at Laurel 33834-26 Raymond Lees HUGHES, 34, barrister, Ontario, 88 Bedford Rd in Toronto, s/o William Alfred HUGHES, b. Ont & Susanna McKEE, married Mildred Bernice YOUMANS, 22, Ontario, Orangeville, d/o John Spencer YOUMANS, deceased, b. Ont & Selena Ernestine JORDAN, witn: Selena E. YOUMANS of Orangeville & Susanna HUGHES of Toronto, 16 Sept 1926 at St. Marks Church, Orangeville
33835-26 Robert Allan HUSKINSON, 24, farmer, Orangeville, Mono, s/o John HUSKINSON, b. Brantford & Mary PETERS, married Mary Violet McLAINE, 22, farm work, Mono, same, d/o John McLAINE, b. Amaranth twp & Margaret WILSON, witn: Jean Katherine McLAINE of Mono Centre & Arthur HUSKINSON of Glencross, 22 Feb 1926 at Camilla 33836-26 George Nelson IRWIN, 32, builder, Ontario, 1055 College St. in Toronto, s/o Thomas IRWIN, b. Ont & Mary Ann NIXON, married Florence Gertrude RUTLEDGE, 23, stenographer, Ontario, 247 Delaware Ave in Toronto, d/o Joseph RUTLEDGE, b. Ont & Matilda BEST, witn: Herbert MITCHELL & Kathleen Mable RUTLEDGE, both of Mansfield, 29 Dec 1926 at Mansfield
33837-26 William Lloyd JACKSON, 24, spinner, Melancthon twp., Orangeville, s/o William James JACKSON, b. Dufferin Co & Susan P. MIDDLETON, married Myrtle Elizabeth ADAMS, 19, domestic, Caledon twp., Orangeville, d/o Austin James ADAMS & Phoebe HAMBLY, witn: Edith JACKSON & Harold BOBLY?, both of Orangeville, 5 June 1926 at Orangeville 33838-26 Clifford JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o George Woods JOHNSTON, b. Don? twp & Zina JOLLY, married Eva Mae FERRIER, 19, East Luther twp., Grand Valley, d/o Elias FERRIER, b. East Garafraxa twp & Mary Ann JOHNSTON, witn: Wallace CLARKE of Grand Valley & Vera JOHNSTON of Laurel, 20 Oct 1926 at East Luther twp
33839-26 Wilfred Laurier KAUFMAN, 30, lumberman, East Zorra, Orangeville, s/o Louis KAUFMAN, b. Canada & Caroline EDE, married Ethel Helen ADAMS, 22, Caledon - Peel Co, Orangeville, d/o Daniel ADAMS, b. Canada & Annie St.CROIX, witn: Arthur ADAMS & Kate ORR, both of Orangeville, 15 Nov 1926 at Orangeville 33840-26 Henry KITSON, 30, merchant, Sunnidale twp., Dundalk, s/o Richard KITSON & Sarah A. SHELL, married Velma Irene NEITHERCUTT, 24, Melancthon, same, d/o Richard NEITHERCUTT & Catherine FERRIS, witn: Harold OLDFIELD of Corbetton & Myrtle KITSON of Stayner, 6 July 1926 at Melancthon twp
33841-26 Godfred KRISTENSEN, 25, farmer, Denmark, RR1 Alton, s/o Kristen KRISTENSEN, b. Denmark & Neta PETERSEN, married Dagmar Marie JENSEN, 26 (b. 6 July 1899), Guldbak Jylland Denmark, Toronto (or RR1 Alton, both given), d/o Jens JENSEN, b. Denmark & Karolina VINTA, witn: Minnie M. MAHAFFEY of Orangeville & B.A. MADILL of Alton, 10 May 1926 at Orangeville 33842-26 Milton Nathaniel LUSTY, 45, farmer, widower, Melancthon, same, s/o Theodore LUSTY, b. Newberry Ont & Harriet HUGHES, married Margaret Catherine DOWLING, 50 (b. 16 Aug 1875), domestic, North Gwillimbury, Melancthon, d/o Hugh DOWLING, b. Markham Ont & Eliza Ann LOEW, witn: Howard & Mrs. Winifred PROCTOR of RR1 Melancthon, 21 July 1926 at Shrigley [sister of bride was Mrs. S. P. Phoenix, of Zephyr in 1926]
33843-26 John Edgar LYNESS, 25, farmer, Albion twp., Adjala twp., s/o John LYNESS, b. Albion twp & Mary Elizabeth PATTERSON, married Mary Hildred LYONS, 21, Adjala twp., same, d/o Robert Addison LYONS, farmer, b. Adjala twp & Sarah Ann IRWIN, witn: Wynn CHAPMAN of Athlone & Lila CUNNINGHAM of Cookstown, 21 April 1926 at Manse, Mono Mills 33844-26 Samuel Albert LYON, 40, farmer, Illinois US, Melancthon, s/o Sam LYONS (sic) & Mary Helen McKINNON, married Maggie Edna SIME, 44, Garafraxa twp., Melancthon, d/o Peter M. SIME, b. Montreal & Martha Jane RICHARDSON, witn: Ross A. LYON of Riverview Ont & C. Pearl McCONNELL of Toronto, 7 April 1926 at Corbetton
33847-26 David McCAULEY, 34, barber, Ontario, 48 1/2 Davenport Rd in Toronto, s/o James McCAULEY, b. Ont & Lidia SHOAFF, married Olive LANDSBOROUGH, 30, Ontario, Shelburne, d/o Alexander LANDSBOROUGH, b. Scotland & Charlotte LAVERY, witn: Florence BENNETT & Thomas WHALLEY, both of Shelburne, 26 Jan 1926 at Shelburne 33848-26 George Cable McGHEE, 21, garage man, Melancthon twp., same, s/o James McGHEE, b. Melancthon & Susan FOOTE, married Norah May Dorothy REDICK, 23, Hornings Mills, same, d/o William REDICK, b. Melancthon & Katherine REID, witn: Christena & James Addison REDICK of Hornings Mills, 25 Aug 1925 at Hornings Mills
33849-26 Alexander McKEE, 65, widower, gentleman, Grey Co., Newmarket, s/o Thomas McKEE, b. Ireland & Mary Ann WILSON, married Margaret Jane GRANT, 48, widow, Tecumseth twp - Simcoe Co., East Gwillimbury, d/o Eli WRAY, b. Peel Co & Dinah DALEY, witn: Miss Bertha WATSON of Shelburne & George COPELAND of Dundalk, 31 March 1926 at Shelburne 33850-26 William Arthur McKEE, 24, farmer, Sydenham twp., Amaranth twp., s/o Robert McKEE, b. Sydenham twp & May KEETING (Keating?), married Eva Bella FISHER, 18, South River, East Luther, d/o George FISHER, b. Maryborough twp & Katherine HOLBORN, witn: Gordon FISHER & Mary HOWES, both of Colbeck, 29 March 1926 at Colbeck
33851-26 John Elwood McKIBBON, 32, laborer, Amaranth twp. Mono twp., s/o Edward McKIBBON, b. Canada & Martha CARSON, married Bertha Olive SMITH, 20, Mono twp., same, d/o Thomas SMITH, b. Canada & Emma WILLERTON, witn: Milford & Mrs. Milford COLE of RR1 Glencross, 1 Dec 1926 at Orangeville 33845-26 Albert MEWS, 32, farmer, mil twp., Terra Nova, s/o Robert MEWS, b. Brampton & Jane EXELBY, married Alma Jane FLEMMING, 27, Mulmur twp., Lisle, d/o Samuel FLEMMING, b. Mono & Mary Ann BATES, witn: Thelma Madge SAWYER of Creemore & Wellington MEWS of Honey Wood, 22 Sept 1926 at Hornings Mills
33846-26 Harry Cecil MONTGOMERY, 26, farmer, East Luther, same, s/o Joshua H. MONTGOMERY, b. Mono & Beatrice THOMPSON, married Edith Janet BLACK, Amaranth, Orangeville, d/o Samuel F. BLACK, b. Kansas & Mary L. MIDDLETON, witn: Della V. MONTGOMERY of Grand Valley & David H. BLACK of Orangeville, 17 Nov 1926 at Orangeville 33852-26 Austin Vernon NEITHERCUTT, 24, farmer, Dundalk, Melancthon twp., s/o William Thomas NEITHERCUTT, b. Otonobee twp & Mary THOMPSON, married Annie Gertrude FEWSTER, 26, teacher, Melancthon twp., same, d/o Richard William FEWSTER, b. Melancthon twp & Mary Jane HARDY, witn: Anson Lawrence FEWSTER of RR3 Shelburne & Velma Irene NEITHERCUTT of Dundalk, 27 Jan. 1926 at Melancthon twp
33854-26 Lawrence Henry NIXON, 18, farmer, Melancthon twp., same, s/o James NIXON & Lottie MIDDAUGH, married Mary Eunice FERGUSON, 20, Mulmur twp., same, d/o Thomas A. FERGUSON b. Hornings Mills & Eliza May MURPHY, witn: Eva MARSHALL of Melancthon & Donald FERGUSON of Shelburne, 9 June 1926 at Hornings Mills 33853-26 John William NIXON, 17, truck driver, Englehart Ont., Detroit, s/o W. NIXON, b. Michigan & Nettie LOWREY (Bowery?), married Viola Beatrice ROBINSON, 18, Mono twp., same, d/o T.J. ROBINSON, b. Mulmur twp & Beatrice MONTGOMERY, witn: Mrs. Ida MARSHALL & Mrs. J.W. KAINE, both of Orangeville, 7 Sept 1926 at Orangeville
33855-26 Gordon ORVIS, 27, garage man, Melancthon twp., Shelburne, s/o Silas E. ORVIS, b. Yorkshire England & Elizabeth FRAZER, married Esther Winnetta WAUDBY, 25, Amaranth twp., same, d/o Alfred WAUDBY, b. Pickering Ont & Elizabeth V. MILLER, witn: Sadie ORVIS of Shelburne & Miller WAUDBY of RR5 Shelburne, 29 Dec 1926 at Amaranth twp  
33856-26 Norman Theodore PARKER, 22, farmer, Mono twp., same, s/o James PARKER, b. Ont & Mary STINSON, married Elizabeth Ann SUMMERVILLE, 19, Mono twp., same, d/o Robert SUMMERVILLE, b. Ont & Elizabeth PARTRIDGE, witn: Lyla COOPER of Orangeville & Stanley PARKER of Mono Mills, 8 Nov 1926 at Mono Mills 33857-25 William Stanley PARKER, 27, farmer, Mono twp., same, s/o James PARKER, b. Ont & Mary F. STINSON, married Jane Brewster ELLIS, 27, teacher, Caledon twp., Orangeville, d/o Edward ELLIS, b. Ont & Annie McGUIRE, witn: Bessie ELLIS of Orangeville & Theodore PARKER of Mono Mills, 30 Oct. 1926 at Orangeville
33858-26 Theodore Dalton PATTERSON, 31, farmer, Caledon twp., Albion twp., s/o David PATTERSON, b. Albion twp & Henrietta ROBINSON, married Hazel Olive MAPES, 24, stenographer, West Gwillimbury, Caledon twp., d/o George A. MAPES, b. King twp & Elizabeth RUSTIN, witn: H.M. ARNOTT & G.A. DICKSON, both of Monticello, 30 June 1926 at Monticello 33859-26 Alexander PETCH, 43, farmer, Bruce Co., Amaranth twp., s/o Alexander D. PETCH, b. York Co & Ann M. RODGERS, married Alice MANNING, 53, widow, New Jersey US, Shelburne, d/o Charles DIXON & Ellen NOONAN, witn: Lorne & Mrs. Flossie DAIS of RR1 Shelburne, 2 March 1926 at Shelburne
33860-26 Harry Elgin PLATT, 25, farmer, East Luther twp., East Garafraxa twp., s/o Harry PLATT, b. East Garafraxa & Sarah Jane TAYLOR, married Ina Mae WHALEY, 21, Amaranth twp., same, d/o W.H. WHALEY, farmer, b. Amaranth & Ethel KEIST, witn: Blanche & W.C. WHALEY of Waldemar, 4 Aug 1926 at Bowling Green 33861-26 Thomas PULFORD, 52, widower, farmer, Albion twp., Tossorontio twp., s/o Joseph PULFORD, b. England & Mary Ann CLARK, married Effie May HAWKINS, 45, Paris, Tossorontio twp., d/o Joseph HAWKINS, b. England & Rachel TURNER, witn: Lottie Margaret & W.H. Garfield GILBERT of Mansfield, 15 Sept 1926 at Mansfield
33862-26 Samuel George QUINTON, 31, farmer, Watt twp., same, s/o Daniel QUINTON, b. Woodstock Ont & Rosanna BLOOR (Blair?), married Lillian Alice FINLAY, 26, Amaranth twp., same, d/o William FINLAY, b. Dufferin Co & Margaret REILLY, witn: James FINLAY & Beatrice REILLY, both of Grand Valley, 6 Oct. 1926 at Grand Valley 33863-26 William Clark REA, 27, farmer, East Garafraxa twp., same, s/o Robert REA, b. East Garafraxa & Alice COLLINS, married Sarah Jane BYERS, 26, Amaranth twp., same, d/o William Andrew BYERS, farmer, b. Pickering twp & Susanna WARNOCK, witn: Ernest REA & John BYERS, both of East Garafraxa, 12 June 1926 at res of William Byers, Hornings Mills
33864-26 John RENNICK, 29, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o George RENNICK, b. Amaranth twp & Jane FERNS, married Margaret DYER, 27, East Garafraxa twp., same, d/o Albert DYER, b. East Garafraxa twp & Flora SMITH, witn: Aldrich BOWEN of Orangeville & Laura Mabel RENNICK of Laurel, 1 Sept 1926 at res of the bride's parents, East Garafraxa 33865-26 Frederick Middleborough RICHARDSON, 36, farmer, Orangeville, Caledon twp., s/o James RICHARDSON, b. Ont & Mary Ann MARTIN, married Leila Irene Sabrina SMITH, 27, Mono twp., Orangeville, d/o Alfred Ira SMITH, b. Ont & Elizabeth BARNETT, witn: Myrtle R.M. & Arthur REID of Orangeville, 30 Sept 1926 at Orangeville
33866-26 Wilfred John ROBSON, 21, farmer, West Luther twp., East Luther twp., s/o Robert ROBSON, b. West Garafraxa & Sophia MARK, married Sarah Ellen CUDNEY, 19, West Garafraxa, East Luther, d/o Richard CUDNEY, b. West Garafraxa & Ellen ELLIOTT, witn: Wesley HAMMOND & Mabel ROBSON, both of Monticello, 15 Dec 1926 at Monticello 33867-26 James Turner ROWE, 33, carpenter, Fordsburg - South Africa, Rosemont, s/o James ROWE, b. Cornwall England & Mary Elizabeth O'FLAGHERTY, married Margaret Pearl IRWIN, 31, Mulmur twp., Mansfield, d/o Thomas IRWIN, b. Mulmur twp & Maria SOLOMON, witn: George Robert COLLINS of RR1 Rosemont & Vera Lillian IRWIN of RR3 Mansfield, 20 Oct. 1926 at Mansfield
33868-26 Roy Edgar ROWLEY, 25, farmer, Albion twp., Adjala twp., s/o William ROWLEY, b. Albion twp & Lucinda MOFFETT, married Hazel Elizabeth LEE, 23, Adjala twp., same, d/o William LEE, b. Adjala twp & Mary Jane TORTINGTON, witn: Hugh & Mrs. Hugh LEE of Ballycroy, 10 March 1926 at Mono Mills 33869-26 Joseph Matthew SHEARD, 31, mechanic, Toronto twp., same, s/o Joseph Henry SHEARD, b. Toronto Gore twp & Mary CAMERON, married Emily Martha RUTLEDGE, 26, Melancthon twp., same, d/o Christopher RUTLEDGE, b. Artemesia twp & Isabella Esther McGEE, witn: Isabel RUTLEDGE of RR3 Shelburne & L.C. SHEARD of RR6 Brampton, 1 Sept 1926 at Melancthon twp
33870-26 John Thomas SLED, 53, widower, farmer, Osprey twp., Artemesia twp., s/o John Thomas SLED, b. Ont & Catherine GRAHAM, married Annie Mary McFADDEN, 39, widow, Artemesia twp., same, d/o Robert WALLER, b. Ont & Sarah OSBORNE, witn: Mrs. E.W. McBRIEN & J.D. TORRIE, both of Orangeville, 10 Nov 1926 at Orangeville 33871-26 Herbert Ray SMITH, 19, farmer, Proton twp., same, s/o Garibald SMITH, b. Proton twp & Mary Alice SOPER, married Sarah Ellen CUTTING, 21, Luther twp., same, d/o John CUTTING, b. Erin twp & Margaret Jane RODGERS, witn: Luella G. JAY & Eileen LAWRENCE, both of Monticello, 31 March 1926 at Monticello
  33872-26 Samuel STEPHENSON, 32, railway agent, Portsmouth, Laforest Ont., s/o Samuel STEPHENSON, b. Ireland & Annie EWART, married Emma Louisa TATE, 22, teacher, Grand Valley, same, d/o Stewart TATE, b. Amaranth twp & Anzanatta DUFFY, witn: John STEPHENSON of Kingston & Lilly TATE of Grand Valley, 25 Aug 1926 at Grand Valley
33873-26 Milton Fletcher STEWART, 32, post office clerk, Mono twp., Welland, s/o George Fletcher STEWART, b. Mono twp & Ann COLEMAN, married Iva SIMPSON, 22, Amaranth twp., Orangeville, d/o Thomas F. SIMPSON, b. Amaranth twp & Hannah Adeline STILL, witn: Marion CURTIS of Camilla & Ray SIMPSON of Orangeville, 22 June 1926 at Orangeville 33874-26 John Trueman TATE, 29, farmer, East Luther twp., Amaranth twp., s/o John S. THOMPSON & Elizabeth BROWN, married Mary Thelma FISHER, 20, domestic, Parry Sound Dist., East Luther twp., d/o George FISHER, b. Maryborough twp & Catherine FISHER, witn: Robert C. THOMPSON of Amaranth & Ena B. FISHER of Colbeck, 27 Jan 1926 at Colbeck
33876-26 Thomas Milton TORRANCE, 32, teacher, Ontario, 557 Palmerston Ave in Toronto, s/o James TORRANCE, b. Ont & Sarah Jane FERGUSON, married Helen Matilda Jane NOBLE, 29, Ontario, 190 Glebeholme Blvd in Toronto, d/o William NOBLE, b. Ont & Sarah BEST, witn: Miss E. NOBLE of Shelburne & J.C. TORRANCE of Toronto, 3 July 1926 at Centre Road, Mulmur twp 33875-26 Murray Parmalee TORRANCE, 26, banker, Cleveland Ohio, Mono twp., s/o Thomas A. TORRANCE, b. Canada & Nellie PARMALEE, married Norma Allen HENRY, 28, Mono twp., same, d/o William HENRY, b. Mono Centre, & Jessie Neil ANDERSON, witn: Andrew & Jean HENRY of Orangeville, 8 Sept 1926 at Camilla
33877-26 Harvey Daniel Thomas TRUDGEON, 28, Melancthon twp., same, s/o John TRUDGEON, b. Ont & Susanna PRESSICK, married Mary Margaret Jane MYLES, 18, Melancthon twp., same, d/o Robert James MYLES, b. Ont & Mary Jane DAVIE, witn: Neil Elvin TRUDGEON of Corbetton & Annie Victoria SINCLAIR of 125 Kane Ave in Toronto, 6 Oct. 1926 at Melancthon twp 33878-26 William Arthur James WALKER, 28, farmer, Hope twp., same, s/o William Arthur WALKER, b. Hope twp & Annie Mary INCH, married Emily Margaret Pearl TRIMBLE, 27, Amaranth twp., same, d/o Edgar TRIMBLE, b. Amaranth twp & Margaret HEWITT, witn: Lillian May RUTHERFORD of Bolton & Gertie May GRANT of Port Hope, 30 June 1926 at Amaranth twp
33879-26 Harold Elmer WALLACE, 20, auto mechanic, Kimberley, Orangeville, s/o Andrew S. WALLACE, b. Kimberley & Edna THURSTON, married Ethel May LEGATE, 24, clerk, Flesherton, Orangeville, d/o John S. LEGATE, b. East Luther, & Eliza Jane BLACK, witn: Gladys E. WALLACE & Mabel LEGATE, both of Orangeville. 2 Feb 1926 at Orangeville [divorced 27/4/49] 33880-26 William Elmer WANSBOROUGH, 22, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o Robert WANSBOROUG, b. Amaranth & Latitia FERN, married Edna Mae LANG, 23, domestic, Amaranth twp., same, d/o Edward LANG, b. Amaranth & Phoebe Latitia BROWN, witn: Willa TRIMBLE & Letitia WANSBOROUGH, both of Laurel, 30 June 1926 at manse, Laurel
33881-26 John Thomas WARD, 21, laborer, Mono twp., Hillsburg, s/o William WARD, b. Dufferin Co & Ida Mary EAST, married Myrtle Euphemia LAWSON, 27, domestic, Mulmur twp., East Garafraxa twp., d/o Thomas LAWSON, b. Mulmur twp & Annie Louise MORROW, witn: Mrs. Howard BLACK of RR2 Orangeville & Ernest MARTIN of Alton, 7 July 1926 at Orangeville 33882-26 Walter Joseph WATTAM, 23, farmer, Shelburne, Melancthon twp., s/o Joseph WATTAM, b. Weston Ont & Alexina KIRKTON, married Lottie BRODERICK, 19, Melancthon, same, d/o William BRODERICK, b. Melancthon twp & Eliza FLEAR, witn: Lewis James & Mrs. Alexina HAMMOND of Shelburne, 6 Oct. 1926 at Shelburne
33883-26 Wilfred Thomas James WEST, 24, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o Reuben WEST, b. Scarborough & Ida BATES, married Cara Margaret CARTER, 20, Amaranth twp., same, d/o Henry CARTER, b. England & Margaret CARTER, witn: Clarence & Olive CARTER of Waldemar, 29 Sept 1926 at Waldemar 33884-26 James Henry WILCOX, 25, railway employee, Fulham England, Shelburne, s/o George WILCOX, b. England & Mary HUTTON, married Ivy Llora McLELLAN, 19, Melancthon twp., Shelburne, d/o William McLELLAN, b. Melancthon twp & Annie HILL, witn: Jessie WILCOX of Hastings Ont & William H. McLELLAN of Shelburne, 20 Oct. 1926 at Shelburne
33885-26 John Franklin WRIGHT, 26, laborer, Mono twp., Tecumseth twp., s/o Thomas WRIGHT, b. Melancthon twp & Emma STILL, married Edith Neil WHITE, 26, domestic, Mono twp., Camilla, d/o Joseph WHITE, b. Mono twp & Barbara MOORE, witn: Thomas G. McCUTCHEON of Shelburne & Elizabeth MANN of Orangeville, 15 Dec 1926 at Orangeville