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Carleton Co., 1887

Birth place is given before residence


2179-87 James William AGRET, 58, widower, contractor, New York City, Ottawa, s/o Mathias & Catherine, married Sarah Ann ROBERTS, 33, Toronto, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: John ACKERS & Amelia WEIR, 12 July 1887 at Ottawa 2481-87 (Carleton Co) Andrew ARBUCKLE, 27, miller, Nepean, Pembroke, s/o Andrew ARBUCKLE & Christina ARTHUR married Sarah Elizabeth CHAMBERS, 27, North Gower, North Gower, d/o John A. CHAMBERS & Rebecca JOHNSTON, witn: George PETTAPIECE & Catherine A. CHAMBERS of Manotick, 9 Feb 1887, North Gower

002266-87 (Carleton Co) Thomas John BAILLIE, 28, carpenter, Co Down Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Thomas BAILLIE & Catherine McGOVERN married Helen BROWN, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o James & Annie BROWN. Wit Hugh McGILLIVRAY and Sophie BINKS, both of Ottawa. October 12, 1887 at Ottawa.

2325-87 John Frederick BARNETT, 40, Connecticut, same, s/o William BARNETT & Mary PRITCHARD, married Mary Elizabeth KEELEY, 29, Kingston, Ottawa, d/o William KEELEY & Julia GILLARD, witn: David KEELEY of Ottawa & Emma WADDINGHAM of Connecticut, 5 Jan 1887 at Ottawa

2143-87 (Carleton Co) Exelius BEAUCHAMP, 23, laborer, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Isidore BEAUCHAMP & Mathilde LEBLANC married Marie Louise BOUCHER, 22, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Isidore BEAUCHAMP & Julian BOUCHER, witn: 31 Jan 1887, Ottawa

2275-88 Hormidas BEAUCHAMP, 35, widower, farmer, East Templeton Quebec, same, s/o not given, married Alexina CLEMENT, 23, East Templeton, Ottawa, d/o Francois Xavier CLEMENT & Catherine WILLIAMS, witn: Louis d'AURAY & Esdras BRELON, both of Ottawa, 5 Oct 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
2175-87 Adelard BEDARD, 24, laborer, St. Roumald?, Ottawa, s/o Francis BEDARD & Henriette LEPAGE, married Perquire? BOUGIE, 21, St. Bernard, Ottawa, d/o Francis BOUGIE & Adelaide MORISSETTE, witn: Samuel LEPINE & Pierre ALLAIN, both of Ottawa, 27 June 1887 at St.Josephs Church, Ottawa (Rom Cath) 002242-87 (Carleton Co) Frederick BEDARD, 30, painter, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Antoin BEDARD & Rosalie COOPER married Emma GIROUX, 24, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Pierre GIROUX & Marianne MAGLOIRE. Wit CharlesBETAND?(blurred) and Victor CORBEILLE. November 21, 1887 at Ottawa. (RC)
  002217-87 (Carleton Co) John BIRNIE, 22, laborer, Liverpool, Ottawa, s/o John BIRMS & Kate McCRANNS married Annie POURS (Powes?), 24, East Templeton, Ottawa, d/o Nicholas POURS & Eliza DAVIS. Wit James KERR and Minnie DAVIS, both of Ottawa. September 22, 1887 at Ottawa.
002259-87 (Carleton Co) Thomas BISHOP, 36, coachman, England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Jane BISHOP married Elizabeth GREEN, 25, Huntley Carleton Co, Ottawa, d/o John GREEN & Catherine ECCLES. Wit Caroline SCANLON and Esabella WOODLAND, both of Ottawa. September 5, 1887 at Ottawa. 2270-88 Prudent BLANCHET, 24, laborer, Gaspe Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Francois BLANCHET & Celina GRASSON (Giasson?), married Amelia ROQUEBRUNE, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Jean Baptiste ROQUEBRUNE & Onesime LADOUCEUR, witn: Jean Baptiste ROQUEBRUNE & Albert SAVAGE, both of Ottawa, 2 Oct 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)

2145-87 (Carleton Co) George Robert BOLDUC, 37, clerk, St. Henri Du Lewis, Ottawa, s/o Michael BOLDUC & Rose DUBILE married Alena LEFEBVRE, 20, Rigaud Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Emelien LEFEBVRE & Marguerite ROBINS, witn: William O. MCKAY & J. Stewart CHARLEBOIS, 17 jan 1887, Ottawa

2271-88 Michel BOURGUIGNON, 19, St. Philippe Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Michel BOURGUIGNON & Marguerite BELLEFEUILLE, married Mary ALEXANDER, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o John ALEXANDER & Marie PATRY, witn: Charles SOUMIER? (Sunnier?) & David PROVOST, both of Ottawa, 18 Dec 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)

2140-87 (Carleton Co) Thomas James BOYLE, 24, C. S. Clerk, Portage Du Fort, Ottawa, s/o John BOYLE & Christine MCKAY married Mary Ann SMITH, 21, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Reuben SMITH & Sarah CLAISER, witn: Joseph MCBRIDE & Gustave LAMOTHE, 31 Jan 1887, Ottawa

2490-87 (Carleton Co) Joshua BRADLEY, 45, farmer, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, s/o Joshua & Lucinda BRADLEY married Annie MORRIS, 19, Franktown, Osgoode, d/o John & Barbara MORRIS, witn: James A. CLARK of March & Charlotte BRADLEY, 2 Feb 1887, Osgoode

2183-87 Robert Walker BREADNER, 22, C. S. clerk, Athelstan? Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joshua BREADNER & Beatrice D. WALKER, married Nellie FRASER, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Andrew FRASER & Esther AYLESWORTH, witn: Andrew D. FRASER & William A. LEGGE, both of Ottawa, 8 Sept 1887 at Ottawa

2128-87 (Carleton Co) Lawrence BRENNAN, 23, laborer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Michael BRENNAN & Annie KILBY married Margaret Mary MOORE, 40, Gloucester, Ottawa, d/o William MOORE & Ann CROWN, witn: Theophile NORMANDIN, 11 April 1887, Ottawa
2176-87 Charles BROOK, 24, fireman, Dundee Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Charles James & Agnes, married Jenny WHITE, 19, Aylmer Quebec, same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: A. L. BAYNHAM of Ottawa & Charlotte WHITE of Aylmer, 30 June 1887 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa 002239-87 (Carleton Co) Hugh Edwin BROOKS, 23, carpenter, Ottawa, same, s/o John BROOKS & Catherine DALY married Ann SULLIVAN, 24, Osgoode, Ottawa, d/o Nicholas SULLIVAN & Mary McCU--?. Wit William McEVOY and Margaret SULLIVAN, both of Ottawa. September 22, 1887 at Ottawa. (RC)
  2221-87 William BROWN, 23, laborer, Goulbourn twp., Ottawa, s/o William & Ellen Purdy BROWN, married Margaret HAYES, 18, Killann Co. Wexford Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Mary Pierce HAYES, witn: James FIELDS of Bristol Quebec & Mary HAYES of Ottawa, 25 Oct 1887 at Ottawa
2192-87 John BROWN, 21, farmer, Hull Quebec, Wakefield Quebec, s/o David BROWN & Ann CLARKE, married Annie HALL, 19, Wakefield, same, d/o George HALL & Margaret GOOD, witn: Thomas L. SPROULE & Thomas BROWN, both of Ottawa, 3 Aug 1887 at Ottawa 2193-87 Thomas BROWN, 22, farmer, Wakefield Quebec, same, s/o Thomas BROWN & Rachel McKITTRICK, married Margaret BROWN, 22, Hull Quebec, Wakefield Quebec, d/o David BROWN & Ann CLARK, witn: Mrs. L. SPROULE of Ottawa & D. H. BROWN of Wakefield, 2 Aug 1887 at Ottawa
002262-87 (Carleton Co) Josiah Mark BROWN, 25, carpenter, Prescott Co, Ottawa, s/o John BROWN & Elizabeth YOUNG married Mary Ann BROWN, 28, Soull (Hull?) Twp, Grey Twp Ottawa Co, d/o Watson BROWN & Mary MURPHY. Wit Charles COLES and Lizzie WRIGHT, both of Ottawa. September 28, 1887 at Ottawa. 002238-87 (Carleton Co) Wilfred Etienne BRUNET, 32, druggist, Quebec, same, s/o John Oliver BRUNET & Adele LAPORTE married Flora Delphine NORMAN, 32, widow, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Francis X. NORMAND & Emitie BELANGER. Wit Jean Amable BELANGER and Joseph Arthur ROY, both of Ottawa. October 25, 1887 at Ottawa.

2484-87 (Carleton Co) William Henry BURGESS, 27, merchant, Quebec City, North Bay, s/o James & Fanny BURGESS married Letitia TORRANCE, 21, Ashton, Munster, d/o Robert & Margaret TORRANCE, witn: Adam TORRANCE of North Gower & Lizzie TORRANCE of Ashton & Ellie BLAEMER of Ogdensburgh New York, 10 March 1887, Ashton

2478-87 (Carleton Co) William Henry BURKE, 24, farmer, Malborough, Cottam - Essex Co, s/o Henry BURKE & Jane JOHNSTON married Caroline H. MCTAVISH, 23, North Gower, North Gower, d/o John MCTAVISH & Helen GARLAND, witn: Angus JOHNSTON of Malakoff & Elizabeth MCTAVISH of Coventy, 17 March 1887, North Gower

2218-87 John BURNETT, 25, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o John BURNETT & Susan GRAY, married Matilda THOMSON, 23, Kemptville, Ottawa, d/o William THOMPSON & Elizabeth PHILIPS, witn: Mary HAMILTON & Matilda MAHONEY, both of Ottawa, 21 Sept 1887 at Ottawa

2480-87 (Carleton Co) Theodore BUSH, 22, laborer, North Gower, North Gower, s/o Joseph BUSH & Malisse SIMONS married Emma ROBINSON, 15, Marlborough, Marlborough, d/o William ROBINSON & Mary Ann WAIT, witn: James BRENNAN of North Gower & William ROBINSON of Marlborough, 11 Oct 1887, North Gower

2156-87 (Carleton Co) Alfred Celestin BUTLER, 23, butcher, England, Ottawa, s/o Edwin BUTLER & Elizabeth MANSEL married Mary PRICE, 23, Wales, Ottawa, d/o John PRICE & Lydia DAVIS, witn: Abraham BROWN & Catherine BROWN of Ottawa, 7 June 1887, Christ Church, Ottawa

2201-86 Walter John CAMERON, 27, farmer, St. Andrews Quebec, Ironside Hull Quebec, s/o Hugh & Jessie Graham CAMERON, married Annie CAVES, 24, Hull twp., Ironsides Hull, d/o Joseph & Jane Reid CAVES, witn: William STEELE of Ironsides & Jennie CAVES of Wakefield Quebec, 4 Jan 1887 at Ottawa
2224-87 John CARON, 25, shanty man, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o John Baptiste CARON & Jane LAFRANCE, married Mary Rose DELERNE, 22, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Simion DELERNE & Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT, witn: George FRANCOEUR & George MARTEL, both of Ottawa, 9 Oct 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 002248-87 (Carleton Co) William Henry CHAPMAN, 34, plumber, New York U.S., Ottawa, s/o William & Mary Bella CHAPMAN married Frances Agnes Elizabeth GUILFOYLE, 24, Dublin Ireland, Ottawa,d/o Daniel & Margaret GUILFOYLE. Wit J.M. BRADY and K.D. BRADY, both of Ottawa. Month and day not given, 1887 at Janeville.
2274-88 Denis CHARLEBOIS, 22, laborer, Lake of Two Mountains, Ottawa, s/o Dominique CHARLEBOIS & Sophie JOUBERT, married Marie Corine? Laura LA--?(off page), 17, Ottawa, same, d/o Napoleon LAR--?(off page) & Adelaide LAPENSE, witn: Napoleon LAR--? & Godfroi MARS--?(off page), both of Ottawa, 4 Oct 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 2219-87 Alexander CHRISTIE, 35, farmer, Dundas Co., Gloucester, s/o Louis CHRISTIE & Mary MITCHELL, married Isabella USHER, 25, Co. Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John USHER & Elizabeth JOHNSTONE, witn: Henry MERRITT & Mary USHER, both of Ottawa, 6 Oct. 1887 at Ottawa
2234-87 James CLARKE, 26, butcher, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas CLARKE & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, married Katharine CALVIN, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph CALVIN & Jenet BROWN, witn: William COCHRANE & Annie DONALDSON, both of Ottawa, 2 Nov 1887 at Ottawa 002263-87 (Carleton Co) Robert CLIFFORD, 20, farmer, Westworth, Arundel Argenteuil Co, s/o John CLIFFORD & Eliza Jane MORRISON married Sarah Louisa MORRISON, 22, Hope Twp, Cavan twp., d/o John MORRISON & Catherine DORGAN. Wit James H. MORRISON of Cavan and Caroline SCANLON of Ottawa. September 15, 1887 at Ottawa.
2186-87 John CORCORAN, 35, clerk, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Cornelius CORCORAN & Julia O'MALEY, married Sarah McCANN, 34, Chateaugay NY, Ottawa, d/o Bernard & blank, witn: Edward O'CONNOR & Mary Ann SHEA, both of Ottawa, 3 Sept 1887 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa (Rom Cath)

2148-87 (Carleton Co) Alphonse COTE, 29, laborer, Beaumont Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Thomas COTE & Frasile SCHINK married Malvina BELAIRE, 25, Almonte, Ottawa, d/o Magloire BELAIRE & Marie TAILLEPRE, witn: Thomas COTE & Joseph FAVREAU, 10 Jan 1887, Ottawa

002236-87 (Carleton Co) Jean Leon Anatole COURCHOT?, 40, engineer, Baligoivlles? Paris France, Ottawa, s/o F.B. FOURCHOT (sic) & Sophie GUITTARD married Marie Adeline DION, 24, Escoumins, PQ., Ottawa, d/o Pierre DION & P.L. BOISSONAULT. Wit Joselsh MACERCIAN and Hilairi SAVARD, both of Ottawa. No date entered. At Ottawa. (RC) 002244-87 (Carleton Co) George CREIGHTON, 29, Dominion Police, Coburgh, Ottawa, s/o John CREIGHTON & Eliza SIMPSON married Annie Maria OGILVIE, 24, Gloucester, same, d/o Robert OGILVIE & Rebecca J. CUMMINGS. Wit James PARKINSON of Ottawa and Emmelina OGILVIE of Gloucester. August 17, 1887 at Ottawa.

2147-87 (Carleton Co) John CUNNINGHAM, 28, farmer, Nepean, South March, s/o Denis CUNNINGHAM & Elizabeth FITZGERALD married Catherine KIRWAN, 28, South March, South March, d/o Timothy KIRWAN & not given, witn: Michael CUNNINGHAM & Margaret Jane KIRWAN, 10 Jan 1887, Ottawa

2130-87 (Carleton Co) Michael CUNNINGHAM, 29, farmer, Fallowfield, Fallowfield, s/o Dines CUNNINGHAM & Eliza FITZGERALD married Margaret Jane KIRWAN, not given, March, March, d/o Timothy KIRWAN & Mary MARVIN, witn: Patrick D. CUNNINGHAM of March & Mary KIRWAN of Ottawa, 22 Feb 1887, Ottawa

2178-87 John DARRAGH, 25, coachman, Co. Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Daniel & Ellen Jane, married Annie PROCTOR, 23, Co. Armagh Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John & Sarah, witn: James DARRAGH & Annie MOORE, both of Ottawa, 6 July 1887 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa 002250-87 (Carleton Co) James DAVIDSON, 42, widower, clerk, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Peter DAVIDSON & Jessie DAKERS married Sarah JOHNSTON, 41, widow, Leicester Eng, Ottawa, d/o James WAYNE & Mary WATTS. Wit Arthur M. WATTS and Olive JOHNSTON, both of Ottawa. November 30, 1887 at Ottawa.

2155-87 (Carleton Co) Frederick Augustus DIXON, 44, civil service, England, Ottawa, s/o Henry Augustus & Elizabeth DIXON married Amelia Louisa PATRICK, 34, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o Alfred & Tirzah PATRICK, witn: Horatio WICKSTEED & Fraser LEWIS of Ottawa, 16 Aug 1887, St. Allan’s Church, Ottawa

002240-87 (Carleton Co) Edward DORAN, 28, laborer, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o William DORAN & Sarah CROW married Helen CHAMBERLAIN, 23, Gatineau, Ottawa, d/o John CHAMBERLAIN & Jane HOLMES? NOLAN?. Wit John DORAN and Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, both of Ottawa. October 18, 1887 at Ottawa. (RC)
002246-87 (Carleton Co) Arthur DUBREC, 23, Ottawa, same, s/o Louis DUBREC & Marie Leocadie DUCHINEAU married Philomene PAQUETTE, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Fabien PAQUETTE & Odisse SAURIOL? Wit Octavin PAQUETTEand Louis DUBREC, both of Ottawa. October 10, 1887 at Ottawa. 2326-87 William DUDLEY, 21, Ottawa, same, s/o William DUDLEY & Martha DUDLEY, married Jennie REID, 21, Faham Kings Co Ireland, Ottawa, d/o William REID & Sarah, witn: Ernest MONK & Annie DUDLEY, both of Ottawa, 17 Jan 1887 at Ottawa
  2225-87 Crandel Skinner EPPS, 24, clerk, St. George NB, Hull Quebec, s/o Phile & Irene, married Mary DONALDSON, 19, Hull Quebec, same, d/o Robert & Amelia, witn: Robert DONALDSON of Hull & Julia PRATT of Ottawa, 31 Oct 1887 at Ottawa
2207-86 Robinson Russell FARROW, 23, civil service, Huron Co., Ottawa, s/o Thomas FARROW & Mary M. DONALD, married Rebecca Jane BRADLEY, 23, Carleton Co., Ottawa, d/o Samuel BRADLEY & Margaret ALEXANDER, witn: Thomas J. CODE & Sabina FARROW, both of Ottawa, 5 Jan 1887 at Ottawa 2222-87 James FIELDS, 23, laborer, Long Island - Carleton, Bristol, s/o John & Rebecca Davis FIELDS, married Mary HAYES, 19, Killann - Co. Wexford Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Mary Pierce HAYES, witn: William & Mrs. Margaret BROWN, 27 Oct 1887 at Ottawa

2129-87 (Carleton Co) J. Bte FILIATRAULT dit LOUIS, 46, laborer, Terrebonne, Ottawa, s/o Francis FILIATRAULT & Martine DESJARDIN married Rose Ann GARDNER, 36, Warington, Ottawa, d/o Louis GARNER & Francois PROULX, witn: Lewis ST. LOUIS & Joseph LAROCQUE, 11 April 1887, Ottawa

2152-87 (Carleton Co) Arthur GIRLING, 23, coachman, Burhall England, Ottawa, s/o Brydges GIRLING & Esther PELLANT married Margaret Annie ORMSLY, 22, Sligo Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John ORMSLY & Mary KAVANAGH, witn: Mary GIRLING & Esther GIRLING of Ottawa, 11 Aug 1887, Ottawa

2133-87 (Carleton Co) Gabriel GONACHE, 23, laborer, L'Islet Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Nazaire GONACHE & Virginie FORTIN married Elmira DUMAS, 16, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph DUMAS & Delphine CARDINAL, witn: Pierre MARTIN & Joseph DURMOIS of Ottawa, 21 Feb 1887, Ottawa

2189-87 Archie Theophilus GRANT, 31, lumberer, Masham Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Donald GRANT & Martha STOCKDALE, married Ella Sophia JOHNSTON, 20, Rockland, same, d/o William JOHNSTON & Mary Ann DONOVAN, witn: William H. JOHNSTON of Rockland & Hattie RAMAGE of Clarence, 10 Sept 1887 at Ottawa

2485-87 (Carleton Co) John Wesley GRANT, 24, farmer, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, Robert & Eliza GRANT married Mary Elizabeth YOUNG, 20, Hazledean, Hazeldean, d/o John & Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: Adam ABBOTT of Hazeldean & Levi BRADLEY of Fallowfield Quebec, 5 May 1887, Hazeldean

  2276-88 Octave GRAVEL, 22, laborer, Saguenay Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Emery GRAVEL & Aimee CHARLAM?, married Mary FARRELL, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Daniel FARRELL & Lena THIBAULT, witn: Lumina FARRELL & John LENAHAN, both of Ottawa, 24 Oct 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
002245-87 (Carleton Co) John GRAY, 38, farmer, Gloucester, same, s/o George GRAY & Isabella HALLIDAY married Agnes Rebecca OGILVIE, 27, Gloucester, same, d/o Robert OGILVIE & Rebecca Jane CUMMINGS. Wit Robert NORTON and Evalgeline OGILVIE, res. not stated. October 5, 1887, at Gloucester. 2180-87 David GRIFFITH, 32, shantyman, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o John & Mary, married Azilda CHEVRIFFELS, 22, St. Martin, Ottawa, d/o Zephre & Victoria, witn: James LACKEY, 19 July 1887 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa
2235-87 Arthur GRISEN?, 21, printer, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o Louis Armaud GRISEN & Filimoice St.JEAN, married Andie? GINGRAS, 21, Quebec, Archerville, d/o Fabien GRINGRAS & Philomene DE MONTEGUY?, witn: Louis Armaud GRISEN & Louis Joseph COURSOLLES, both of Ottawa, 26 Sept 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 02268-87 (Carleton Co) Harold Herbert HALL, 29, decorator, Waterford N.Y, Ottawa, s/o Nathan G. HALL & Mary Elizabeth WATSON married Mary RAFTER, 19, Hull, Ottawa, d/o Caleb RAFTER & Hannah Maria BLOOM. Wit Robert PARSON and Kate BEATON, both of Ottawa. July 13, 1887 at Ottawa.
  2184-87 John HAWLEY, 28, shantyman, Point Alexander, Ottawa, s/o James & Johanna, married Lucinda Florence BLAKELY, 23, Aylmer Quebec, same, d/o James & Lucinda, witn: John BEYON & Kate HALEY, both of Ottawa, 31 Aug 1887 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa

2157-87 (Carleton Co) Francis HEALEY, 22, farmer, Goulbourne, Goulbourne, s/o Thomas HEALEY & Eliza MCCAFFREY married Mary Anne SEABROOK, 21, Goulbourne, Goulbourne, d/o Anthony SEABROOK & Catherine CATHCART, witn: William HEALEY of Goulbourne & John SWEETMAN of Ottawa, 7 June 1887, Christ Church, Ottawa

2214-87 Frank Kahn HIND, 25, billiard maker, London England, Ottawa, s/o John Bruce & Caroline Julia, married Katherine MULLIGAN, 21, Aylmer Que., same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: S. W. MILLS of Ottawa & J. M. McMULLEN of Aylmer, 7 Sept 1887 at Ottawa

2131-87 (Carleton Co) John HOGAN, 28, laborer, South Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o John HOGAN & Ellen BROOKS married Mary COLE, 23, Pembroke, Ottawa, d/o William COLE & Mary Jane BRENNAN, witn: Gustave LAMONTHE & Mary BRENNAN, 21 Feb 1887, Ottawa

2135-87 (Carleton Co) Elie HUDON, 20, carpenter, St. Anne Lapocature, Ottawa, s/o Clement HURDIN (sic) & Marie EMOND married Marie Emma DIONNE, 19, St. Denis, Ottawa, d/o Joseph DIONNE & Eiliatte PARADIS, witn: Jean HUDON & Joseph DIONNE of Ottawa, 21 Feb 1887, Ottawa

2181-87 Daniel JOLICOEUR, 21, shantyman, Wakefield, Ottawa, s/o Ysau & Rosalie, married Sophie LACROIX, 22, Victory?, Desert Quebec, d/o Joseph & Nellie, witn: Joseph MAEYE?, 3 Aug 1887 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa 002270-87 (Carleton Co) Otto KAUFMANN, 29, widower, mason, Grandenz Germany, Ottawa, s/o John & Catherine KAUFMANN married Anna LINWER, 22, Detroit Mich, Ottawa, d/o Paul & Mary LINWER. Wit Carl JUCH and Emilie PLUFF, both of Ottawa. November 2, 1887 at Ottawa.
2231-87 John J. KENNEDY, 28, farmer, Maxville, same, s/o John KENNEDY & Betsy KIPPEN, married Donalda McQUEEN?, 23, Dunvegan, same, d/o John & Maggie, witn: Kennedy & Joan McQUEEN of Dunvegan, 15 Nov 1887 at Ottawa 002260-87 (Carleton Co) Richard KIDDER, 20, farmer, Eardley PQ, Hull, s/o Albert KIDDER & Annie CARRIE married Sarah Ann McALISTER, 21, Eardley PQ, Hull PQ, d/o James McALISTER & Jennie BENEDICT. Wit Samuel MULLEN and Helen Lucinda MULLIN, both of Hull PQ. November 9, 1887 at Ottawa.

2132-87 (Carleton Co) John George KILT, 24, printer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John KILT & Isabella HUNEY married Esther CARROLL, 21, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Martin CARROLL & Mary KING, witn: Martin CARROLL & William KILT of Ottawa, 21 Feb 1887, Ottawa

002275-87 (Carleton Co) Franz KROPP, 20, laborer, Roggatz Germany, Ottawa, s/o Friedrich & Caroline KROPP married Bertha BETER, 19, Klein Garde Germany, Ottawa, d/o Martin & Christhibe BETER. Wit Henry SONDER and Otto FABRICIUS, both of Ottawa. 002283-87 (Carleton Co) Jean Baptiste LABELLE, 27, carpenter, Ste. Rose PQ, Ottawa, s/o Felix LABELL & Theophile FORTE married Georgina TRUDEL, 18, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Toussaint TRUDEL & Merance LEBEL. Wit Ferdinand BATTIE of Hull PQ and Mrs. Charles AMI of Rochesterville. August 20, 1887 at Ottawa.
2268-88 Joseph LABRIE, 22, laborer, St. Charles Quebec, Rochesterville - Ottawa, s/o Thomas LABRIE & Adelaide BETIT--?(off page), married Virginie CAILLE, 23, Rochesterville, same, d/o Fabien CAILLE & Reine FAUVELLE dit BIGRAS, witn: Thomas LABRIE & Fabien CAILLE, both of Ottawa, 1 Sept 1887 (could be 1888) at Ottawa, (Rom Cath) 2273-88 Joseph LAFRANCE, 24, laborer, St. Joseph Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Louis LAFRANCE & Domathilde JEANNETTE, married Whilhelmine DUBE, 23, of Ottawa, d/o Abraham DUBE & Henriette CARON, witn: Francois LAFRANCE & Virgile DUBE, both of Ottawa, 5 Sept 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
2185-87 Archibald LAMPMAN, 25, C. S. Clerk, Morpeth - Kent, Ottawa, s/o Archibald & Susannah, married Maud Emma PLAYTER, 20, Schomberg - York, Ottawa, d/o Edward & Charlotte, witn: D. C. SCOTT & Kate PLAYTER, both of Ottawa, 3 Sept. 1887 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa 2265-88 Ernest LANDRY, 27, laborer, St. Modeste, Ottawa, s/o Pierre LANDRY & Flora BERNIER, married Rose Ann PRUDHOMME, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Alexander PRUDHOMME & Louise BRAZEAU, witn: Alex PRUDHOMME & Francois Xavier HAMEL, both of Ottawa, 21 Nov 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
2272-88 Leandre LAVIGNE, 28, laborer, St. Hermas, same, s/o Augustin LAVIGNE & Sophie CHARBONNEAU, married Julia CHARLEBOIS, 35, widow, St. Hermas, Ottawa, d/o not given, witn: Rene LEGENDRE & Bartheleni BOIVIN, both of Ottawa, 27 Aug 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 2266-88 Albert LEMIEUX, 22, laborer, Levis Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Amable LEMIEUX & Helene FOURNIER, married Catherine MORIN, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Antoine MORIN & Domathilde BLAIS, witn: Antoine MORIN & Cyrille GOULET, both of Ottawa, 15 Aug 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
002255-87 (Carleton Co) James LESLIE, 28, merchant, Ottawa, same, s/o John & Elizabeth LESLIE married Margaret J. MacDONALD, 25, widow, Cornwall, Ottawa, d/o George & Sarah MacDONALD. Wit Janie LESLIE and F.E. DENRY, both of Ottawa. November 30, 1887 at Ottawa. 2228-87 Francis C. H. B. LINDON, 25, accountant, London England, Ottawa, s/o Francis Charles LINDEN (sic) & Elizabeth Beverly READ, married Ida May BRISTOW, 20, Shepling? - Perth Co., res not given, d/o Walter BRISTOW & Margaret HARRIS, witn: Fannie BRISTOW & G. J. HAWKINS, both of Ottawa, 2 Nov 1887 at Ottawa
2232-87 Isaac LITTLE, 22, telegraph operator, Ottawa, Stewartown - Carleton, s/o Isaiah LITTLE & Margaret BARTLEY, married Margaret MATHEWSON, 20, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Norman MATHEWSON & Helen McDONALD, witn: John HARVEY & Catherine PLATT, both of Ottawa, 8 Nov 1887 at Ottawa 002282-87 (Carleton Co) Albert Jean LODS, 25, student in Divinity, Courtevoic (Dept Seine) France, Ottawa, s/o Christopher Medard LODS and Eliza FILAND married Melinda POIRIER, 24, Roxton Pond (Shefford Co) PQ, Ottawa, d/o Isidore POIRIER and Olive LASONDE. Wit Joseph E. COTE of Montreal and Adele BUNEL of Ottawa. December 27, 1887 at Ottawa.

2154-87 (Carleton Co) John LOURY, 42, fireman, widower, Londonderry Ireland, Ottawa, s/o John LOURY & Mary Ann PATTON married Jessie MCLEAN, 38, Glengarry, Rochesterville, d/o Donald MCLEAN & Katy MCLEOD, witn: William Joseph WHITE & John L. WHITE of Ottawa, 4 Aug 1887, Ottawa

002265-87 (Carleton Co) Edward LUDDENHAM, 28, salesman, Kent England, Mattawa, s/o Robert LUDDENHAM & Mary BELLINGTON married Annie MURPHY, 24, Rockingham Renfrew, Ottawa, d/o John MURPHY & Eliza LARWELL. Wit Henry MURPHY of Mt. Sherwood and Grace BUSBY of Rockingham. September 27, 1887 at Ottawa.

2136-87 (Carleton Co) William John MALONEY, 25, laborer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William MALONEY & Margaret MCPARLAN married Annie MCGEE, 25, Clayton, Ottawa, d/o Thomas MCGEE & Norah MCCARTHY, witn: Pierre ROBERT & Amanda VILLENEUVE of Ottawa, 20 Feb 1887, Ottawa

2160-87 (Carleton Co) David MATHESON, 46, Civil Service, widower, Caithness Scotland, Ottawa, s/o David MATHESON & Charlotte NICHOLSON married Mary Ann JOLLY, 36, Wellington Prince Edward Island, Ottawa, d/o David JOLLY & Margaret WILSON, witn: Fred W. WHITE & Katherine WADDEL of Ottawa, 20 Aug 1887, Ottawa

2487-87 (Carleton Co) John R. McAMMOND, 22, railway employee, Nepean, Nipissing Junction, s/o John & Barbara McAMMOND married Catherine E. O'BRYAN, 20, Stittsville, Stittsville, d/o William & Susanna O'BRYAN, witn: Thomas MCKERCHER & Alice O'BYRAN of Stittsville, 29 June 1887, Stittsville

002216-87 (Carlton Co) Malcolm McDIARMID, 29, farmer, Glengarry, same, s/o Angus McDIARMID AND Bella McPHEE married Hattie Maria COOPER, 23, Quebec, Glengarry, d/o James B. COOPER & Mary MILLER. Wit S.A. FARRIS and Nellie FARRIS, both of Ottawa. September 22, 1887 at Ottawa.
002264-87 (Carleton Co) John Wesley McDONALD, 33, machinist, Ottawa, same, s/o John McDONALD & Eliza CHARLES married Edith BOONE, 20, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o Francis BOONE & Elizabeth MITCHELL. Wit George ROY and Florence BOONE, both of Ottawa. December 19, 1887 at Ottawa. 002253-87 (Carleton Co) David MacFARLANE, 26, bookkeeper, Bryson Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Robert MacFARLANE & Matilda WORRELL married Bella PARKER, 23, Ottawa, same,d/o John PARKER & Esther BOWIE? Wit H.H. CARNEST and Lizzie PORTER, both of Ottawa. November 12, 1887 at Ottawa.
2182-87 William McGOUN, 28, butcher, Ottawa, same, s/o William McGOUN & Margaret BROWN, married Mary GALLAGHER, 26, Van Kleek Hill, Ottawa, d/o Patrick GALLAGHER & Bridget McNULTY, witn: William LACTOT & Sarah McCANN, both of Ottawa, 22 Aug 1887 at Ottawa College, Ottawa 2227-87 William McINTYRE, 39, widower, spinner, Merrickvile Ont., Thurso Quebec, s/o John McINTYRE & Elizabeth GILLESPIE, married Priscilla Elizabeth MAYHUGH, 24, widow, Kemptville, same, d/o James HINTON & Rachel CHESTER, witn: S. J. WOOD of Ottawa & C. W. DEMPSTER of Chelsea Quebec, 19 Oct 1887 at Ottawa
2174-87 Henry Barton MACKINTOSH, 30, clerk, Kingston, Ottawa, s/o William & Leonard (sic), married Charlotte Clementine GRABURN, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Marmaduke & Florence, witn: St. LARGE of Ottawa, 22 June 1887 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa

2149-87 (Carleton Co) John T. MCMASTER, 25, painter, Perth, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Margaret MCMASTER married Margaret A. WOODS, 27, Wolford, Ottawa, d/o John & Sarah WOODS, witn: John WOODS & Lizzie STEVENSON, 12 Aug 1887, Ottawa

2482-87 (Carleton Co) William R. MCMULLEN, 25, laborer, Marlborough, North Gower, John MCMULLEN & Eliza J. CONNEL married Elizabeth A. BEGGS, 28, County Antrim Ireland, North Gower, d/o Thomas BEGGS & Anna Jane GARDENER, witn: R. H. ANDREWS & Mrs. R.H. ANDREWS of North Gower, 23 Nov 1887, North Gower

2191-87 John Silas McNABB, 27, sailor, Troy NY, same, s/o Richard McNABB & Ann E. LAW, married Leona O'CONNELL, 21, England, Ottawa, d/o Denis O'CONNELL & Kate SULLIVAN, witn: Clara SINCLAIR & Arthur W. CARSON, both of Ottawa, 15 June 1887 at Ottawa
002249-87 (Carleton Co) James McPHERSON, 53, widower, merchant, Ontario Canada, Montreal, s/o John & Catherine McPHERSON married Helena Alberta Guelph AUSTIN, 22, Ontario Canada, Ottawa, d/o William Augustus & Mary Justice AUSTIN. Wit A.D. CAMERON, M.D. and Maud E.S. AUSTIN, both of Ontario. No date given, at Russell Co.

2488-87 (Carleton Co) John Conly MCRAE, 27, chief of police, Goulbourn, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o Alexander MCRAE & Jane Conly MCRAE married Janet Ann FRIZELLE, 22, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, d/o Richard FRIZELLE, witn: Alexander MCRAE of Gananoque & Alice FRIZELLE of Goulbourn, 25 July 1887, Goulbourn

2150-87 (Carleton Co) Frank MILLER, 43, laborer, widower, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Francis & Harriet MILLER married Sarah SCHULTZ, 26, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Frank SCHULTZ & Evange BERTRAND, witn: Mrs. GARRETT, 16 June 1887, Ottawa

2170-87 Henry MILLER, 55, widower, laborer, Cathness Scotland, Ottawa, s/o John & Catherine, married Margaret Jane DENISON, 22, Elora Ont., Ottawa, d/o George Brock DENISON & Margaret CALDWELL, witn: Nelson MOORE & Margaret Ann MILLER, both of Ottawa, 29 Aug 1887 at Ottawa

2489-87 (Carleton Co) William James MOORE, 24, farmer, Torbolton, Torbolton, s/o William & Ruth MOORE married Sarah Jane JENKINSON, 23, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, d/o George & Eliza JENKINSON, witn: Thomas JENKINSON & Sarah E. MOORE of Goulbourn, 21 Dec 1887, Goulbourn

002241-87 (Carleton Co) James MORAN, 34, laborer, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Martin MORAN & Bridget McEVOY married Bridget CONNELLY, 22, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Michael & Margaret CONNELLY. Wit Jas. LOGAN and Margaret LOGAN, both of Ottawa. October 29, 1887 at Ottawa. (RC) 2264-88 Olivier MOREL, 38, widower, laborer, Lake of Two Mountains, Osgoode, s/o not given, married Angele LORRAIN, 40, widow, of Ottawa, d/o not given, witn: Hilaire LADOUCEUR & Louis Napoleon MOREL, both of Ottawa, 12 Sept 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
2171-87 Francois MOYNEUR, 23, shoe maker, Ripon, Ottawa, s/o Michel MOYNEUR & Marceline SERY, married Claire? GIGNIERE, 23, Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Pierre GIGNIERE & Desauges LATOURNEAU, witn: Edouard LETELLIER & Guillaume DUMOULIN, both of Ottawa, 17 Sept 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 2226-87 James Thomas NIDD, 25, CPR contractor, Prescott, North Bay, s/o John & Bridget, married Fannie WHITEHEAD, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: John NIDD of North Bay & Bessie WHITEHEAD of Ottawa, 26 Oct 1887 at Ottawa
002269-87 (Carleton Co) Louis NITSCHKE, 26, blacksmith, Silesia Germany, Bowman Twp - Ottawa Co PQ, s/o Friedrich & Losine NITSCHKE married Olga PAESSLER, 17, West Prussia Germany, Bowman Twp - Ottawa Co PQ, d/o Ferdinand & Henriette PAESSLER. Wit Hugo PAESSLER and Henry NITSCHKE, both of Bowman Twp, PQ. December 28, 1887 at Ottawa. 002237-87 (Carleton Co) Edward O'CONNOR, 28, clerk, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o James O'CONNOR & Sarah GRAHAM married Bridget PERRAULT, 30, Gloucester, Ottawa, d/o Louis PERRAULT & Elizabeth COSGROVE. Wit John COSGROVE and Ann PERRAULT, both of Ottawa. September 27, 1887 at Ottawa.
2172-87 Louis OUELETTE, 25, laborer, Iberville - Chicoutimi Co., Ottawa, s/o Achile OUELETTE & Marguerite LAPIERRE, married Mary OUELETTE, 21, Iberville, Ottawa, d/o Octave OUELETTE & Delima TREMBLAY, witn: Louis LABONTE & M. TREMBLAY, both of Ottawa, 17 Sept 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)  

2491-87 (Carleton Co) Robert ORR, 28, locomotive engineer, Beckwith, Ottawa, s/o William ORR & Ann MCDONALD married Margaret MCEWEN, 29, Wisconsin, Osgoode, d/o Alex MCEWEN & Catherine MCARTHUR, witn: Ida MCEWEN of Vernon & Christina MCNAUGHTON of Vernon, 20 Feb 1887, Osgoode

002261-87 (Carleton Co) George ORR, 25, watchmaker, Londonderry Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Mathew ORR & Susan DAVIS married Nelly FITZPATRICK, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Hugh FITZPATRICK & Elvira WILLIAMS. Wit Robert McCALLUM and Lizzie WRIGHT, both of Ottawa. August 18, 1887 at Ottawa.
2220-87 Curtis Andrew PERKINS, 22, plumber, Ottawa, same, s/o Edward PERKINS & Margaret JOHNSON, married Kate GRANT, 19, Guelph, Ottawa, d/o Edward GRANT & Charlotte J. WYATT, witn: Albert PERKINS & C. J. GRAND (sic), both of Ottawa, 7 Oct. 1887 at Ottawa 2269-88 Albert PERRIER, 24, carter, Ottawa, same, s/o Leon PERRIER & Domathilde BERTRAND, married Delia MICHAUD, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o F.X. MICHAUD & Eusebie (Emilie?) BOIVIN, witn: Leon PERRIER & F. X. MICHAUD, both of Ottawa, 1 Sept 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
2233-87 Thomas PETRY, 32, baker, London England, Montreal, s/o Thomas PETRY & Elizabeth BLES--S?, married Mary MAXWELL, 24, Ormaston Quebec?, Montreal, d/o George MAXWELL & Margaret BARR, witn: Anna F. BOGARD & Florence TAYLOR, both of Ottawa, 5 Nov 1887 at Ottawa 2190-87 William PHILLIPS, 24, watch maker, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Edwin & Jane, married Sarah Ann HENRY, 23, Masham Quebec, Ottawa, d/o John & Sarah Ann, witn: George E. St.GEORGE & Lillian HENRY, both of Ottawa, 11 Sept 1887 at St. Bartholomew's, Ottawa
2229-87 Arthur Tristian PHILLIPS, 23, civil engineer, Hardiebad Sa--? India, Ottawa, s/o Frederick PHILLIPS & Mary RICHARDSON, married Lilian Mary STEWART, 25, Bushbyheath? England, Ottawa, d/o Robert Charles W. STEWART & Madeline FITSIMONS, witn: William F. BOARDMAN & Dora J. STEWART, both of Ottawa, 9 Nov 1887 at Ottawa 002267-87 (Carleton Co) James PICKEN, 25, widower, bookkeeper, Co. Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Paul PICKEN & Jane BAILEY married Mary Francis STEEN, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o James STEEN & Mary EDWARDS. Wit William BROOKS of Ottawa and Mary DAVIS of Rochesterville. October 18, 1887 at Ottawa.
002274-87 (Carleton Co) Herman POLLEX, 21, laborer, Stohenlin Germany, Ottawa, s/o Henry & Ernstine POLLEX married Adeline OLL, 23, Neu Wollshin Germany, d/o Wilhelm & Henriette OLL. Wit Albert BOEHMER and Willhelm SCHMEKE. August 5, 1887 at Ottawa. 2230-87 Robert POOLE, 22, carpenter, Ottawa Co. Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Elijah POOLE & Euphemia MURDOCK, married Sarah BIRCH, 20, Cumberland, same, d/o Whitford BIRCH & Elizabeth KINSELLA, witn: William NICHOL of Ottawa & Isabella MORPHY of Templeton Quebec, 10 Nov 1887 at Ottawa
2187-87 Pierre PROULX, 23, laborer, East Templeton, same, s/o Pierre & Philomene, married Eliza AMELL (Arnell?), 18, E. Templeton, same, d/o Frank & Margaret, witn: George McLAURIN of Ottawa & Minnie McLAREN of E. Templeton, 5 Sept 1887 at Baptist Church, Ottawa 002215-87 (Carleton Co) Baptiste PROULX, 29, lumberman, St. Jean Quebec, same, d/o E. PROULX & Maria CLEMENT married Angelina DETURGE (Detarge?), 18, Grenville, same, d/o E. DETERGE (sic) and Angelina LIGE. Wit Sarah A. FARRIS and Minnie ROSS, both of Ottawa. September 24, 1887 at Ottawa.
2213-87 Thomas RAMSAY, 31, manufacturer, Glasgow Scotland, Montreal, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth Cairns RAMSAY, married Catherine Jane McFARLANE, 24, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Charles RAMSAY of Montreal & Margaret MacFARLANE of Ottawa, 6 Sept 1887 at Ottawa

2144-87 (Carleton Co) Joseph Emery RICHARD, 42, printer, widower, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph RICHARD & Emelie PAQUAIN married Adelina FOISY, 31, widow, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Alexis FOISY & Euphrosine LAROSE, witn: Alexis FOISY & S. D. RICHARD, 24 jan 1887, Ottawa

2146-87 (Carleton Co) Fabien ROBERT, 30, driver, Piche Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Stanislaus ROBERT & Adeline BRUNETTE married Emma SCISSONS, 25, South March, South March, d/o Samuel SCISSONS & Hanorah WOODS, witn: not given, 11 Jan 1887, Ottawa

002247-87 (Carleton Co) Joseph ROCHON, 40, laborer, Ste Therese, Ottawa, s/o Moise ROCHON & Angele PROULX married Melina DESCHAMPS, 30, widow of Jean ALLARD, Papineauville, Ottawa, d/o Moise DESCHAMPS & Sophie GERARD. Wit Moise GERARD and Antoine TESSIER, both of Ottawa. October 16, 1887 at Ottawa. (RC)

2134-87 (Carleton Co) Joseph RUNDIAN (Rundiau?), 22, laborer, St. Remi, Ottawa, s/o Paul RUNDIAN & Salome QUINTAL married Elizabeth LAJOIE, 23, Montebello, Ottawa, d/o Guillaume LAJOIE & Adeline MESNARD, witn: Guillaume LAJOIE & Alfred ST. DENIS, 21 Feb 1887, Ottawa

002273-87 (Carleton Co) Carl RUTHKOWSKY, 25, laborer, Neudenburg Germany, Ottawa, s/o Wilhelm & Maria RUTHOWSKY married Allvine KIRK, 23, Gambin Germany, Ottawa, d/o Wilhelm & Enstine KIRK. Wit August KIRK and Carl KIRK, no res. stated. September 9, 1887 at Ottawa. 2263-88 Simon St. GELAIS, 35, widower, laborer, Saguenay Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Benjamin St.GELAIS & Cornellie SIMARD, married Caroline VILLENEUVE, 24, of Ottawa, d/o Simon VILLENEUVE & Marie Ann MILLOT, witn: Benjamin St.GELAIS & Israel BLAIS, both of Ottawa, 26 Sept 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
2267-88 Cyriaque St.GELAIS, 25, laborer, Saguenay Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Benjamin St.GELAIS & Cornelie SIMARD, married Josephine BLAIS, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Israel BLAIS & Zoe PILON, witn: Benjamin St.GELAIS & Israel BLAIS, both of Ottawa, 26 July 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)  

2492-87 (Carleton Co) Norman SHAVER, 26, farmer, Morewood, Morewood, s/o not given married Delia SIMMONS, 18, Morewood, Morewood, d/o not given, witn: Mrs. J. GIBSON of Metcalfe, 9 March 1887, Metcalfe

2153-87 (Carleton Co) Frank SHAW, 33, tailor, Lachute, Lachute, s/o Thomas SHAW & Elizabeth STORMONT married Maria LANE, 28, Kingston, Lachute, d/o Andrew LANE & Carrie HAWKINS, witn: Charles FRENCH & S. J. WOOD of Ottawa, 8 Aug 1887, Ottawa

2183-87 John Willoughby SHORE, 28, C. S. clerk, Ashton - Carleton, Ottawa, s/o John Willoughby & Frances, married Gertrude Anna STEACY, 24, Buckingham, Ottawa, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Pauline STEACY & B. L. YORK, both of Ottawa, 30 Aug 1887 at St. Georges Church, Ottawa

2142-87 (Carleton Co) Adelard SIMARD, 24, shoemaker, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Narcisse SIMARD & Sophie VETTEAU married Georgina BOUCHER, 23, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Julien BOUCHER & Eugenie CHIGNAC, witn: Hillaire LALONDE & Julien BOUCHER, 31 Jan 1887, Ottawa

2483-87 (Carleton Co) Samuel James Alexander SIMMONS, 25, farmer, Hull, Hull, d/o George & Elizabeth SIMMONS married Lucy Amelia CLARKE, 22, March, March, d/o John & Lydia Ann CLARKE, witn: S. ELLIOTT of Hull & Hannah GRAHAM of Huntley, 5 Jan 1887, Hazledean

2479-87 (Carleton Co) John Henry SKUCE, 23, mechanic, Osgoode, North Gower, s/o Thomas SKUCE & Elizabeth GOSNELL married Mary Annetta PETTAPIECE, 19, North Gower, North Gower, d/o Thomas PETTAPIECE & Margaret BROWNLEE, witn: William SKUCE of Ottawa & Hattie BROWNLEE of North Gower, 14 Sept 1887, North Gower

  2324-87 William SMITHSON, 20, laborer, England, Ottawa, s/o Robert SMITHSON & Annie PARKS, married Elizabeth FLETCHER, 26, England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas FLETCHER & Jane BARNES, witn: Jean Baptiste & Mary LACELLE, both of Ottawa, 4 Jan 1887 at Ottawa
2223-87 John STEWART, 33, rancher, Ottawa, Calgary West, s/o William & Catherine, married Isabel SHEAD, 30, Ottawa, same, d/o James SKEAD (sic) & Rosina MACKY, witn: Frank --BY of Ottawa & D. CROZIER of Belville, 7 Oct. 1887 at Ottawa 002254-87 (Carleton Co) P. G. STEWART, 26, bookkeeper, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o John STEWART & Emily Caroline FARRELL married Jessie RITCHIE, 24, Fitzroy, same, d/o John RITCHIE & Jennie FORBES. Wit Annie McKAY of Ottawa and John RITCHIE of Fitzroy. December 7, 1887 at Ottawa.
002271-87 (Carleton Co) Hermann STOLZ, 27, gardener, Weidenhagen Germany, Ottawa, s/o William & Caroline STOLZ married Auguste GRAF, 25, Dalwighsthal Germany, Ottawa, d/o Louis & Caroline GRAF. Wit Heinrich STOLZ and Aaaugust SCHROEDER, both of Ottawa. August 5, 1887 at Ottawa. 002251-87 (Carleton Co) Robert STUGHEY, 27, widower, farmer, Hastings Co. Ont, Hull PQ, s/o George STUGHEY & Jane SMITH married Emily MULLIN, 20, North Wakefield PQ, same, d/o Samuel Evans MULLIN & Margaret STARTEN. Wit D.A. SINCLAIR of Ottawa and John H. MADIN of North Wakefield. December 14, 1887 at Ottawa.
002258-87 (Carleton Co) Duncan SUTHERLAND, 30, carpenter, Roxborough, Moose Creek, s/o Angus SUTHERLAND & Christina McMILLAN married Mary Elizabeth CAMERON, 29, Cumberland Russell Ont, same, d/o John A. CAMERON & Eleanor McMILLAN. Wit George CAMERON of Cumberland and Lizzie EVANS of Ottawa. December 4, 1887 at Ottawa.

2158-87 (Carleton Co) John SWEETMAN, 68, sexton, widower, Salehurst Sussex, Ottawa, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth SWEETMAN married Charlotte BELES, 58, widow, Norwich England, Ottawa, d/o John & Mary BELES, witn: Jasper WIGMORE & Emily WIGMORE of Ottawa, 10 Aug 1887, Christ Church, Ottawa

002272-87 (Carleton Co) Albert SYLVESTER, 22, laborer, Wutzkow Germany, Ottawa, s/o Freidrich & Johanna SYLVESTER married Ida MAY, 20, Briesen Germany, Ottawa, d/o Stenwich & Auguste MAY. Wit Johann STAAK and Hermann SYLVESTER, no res. stated. August 23, 1887 at Ottawa.

2141-87 (Carleton Co) Felix THERIAULT, 30, not given, St. Helene Quebec, Aylmer, s/o Ignace THERIAULT & Domithilde GILBERT married Marie Louise BOURGEOIS, 32, St. Jacques Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Narcisse BOURGEOIS & Delphine LAFRAGE, witn: Ascagne TRAVERSY & Alexander BOURGEOIS, 31 Jan 1887, Ottawa

2277-88 Joseph THIBEAUDEAU, 42, widower, laborer, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, s/o not given, married Elizabeth BELAIR, 32, widow, Carillon, Ottawa, d/o not given, witn: Lumina DESIRE & Fabien SEGUAY, both of Ottawa, 26 Oct 1887 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)

2477-87 (Carleton Co) Robert THOMSON, 27, farmer, North Gower, North Gower, s/o Robert & Margaret THOMSON married Phoebe Henrietta LEWIS, 26, North Gower, North Gower, d/o Adam LEWIS & Chloe GILBERT, witn: Henry L. MCEWEN & Emma LEWIS of North Gower, 29 Jan 1887, Ottawa City
002280-87 (carleton Co) Phileas TURCOT, 19, laborer, St. Leonard, Ottawa, s/o Paulet TURCOT and Aurelie LAUMIERE married Sophie CAHIER, 19, Papineauville PQ, Ottawa, d/o Stilaire CAHIER & Melina NAULT. Wit Damias PROULX and Henriette BERTRAND. July 14, 1887 at Ottawa. 2173-87 William TURNER, 30, laborer, Pakenham - Carleton, Quin? - Pontiac Co., s/o George & Jane Wilson, married Emma Jane BRYANT, 28, Massachusetts USA, North Onslow - Pontiac Co., d/o John & Jane, witn: Sophie C. McNAB & Chrissie M. PORTER, both of Ottawa, 21 June 18877 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa
2212-87 Thomas WEDGE, 28, livery stable keeper, England, Renfrew, s/o Joseph WEDGE & Ellen MANNING, married Ann McCALLUM, 23, Renfrew, same, d/o John McCALLUM & Sarah SEELEY, witn: John CYR? & A. W. CASNEY, both of Ottawa, 6 June 1887 at Ottawa 002243-87 (Carleton Co) David John WELCH, 32, printer, London Eng, Ottawa, s/o David A. WELCH & Susana SQUIB married Eva Rebecca LESTER, 22, Russell, Ottawa, d/o Richard LESTER & Matilda WALLACE. Wit Arthur WELCH and Annie LESTER, both of Ottawa. December 4, 1887 at Ottawa.

2159-87 (Carleton Co) William WHALLEY, 36, baker, widower, England, Ottawa, s/o Joseph WHALLEY & Catherine COWAN married Fanny Elizabeth CLARK, 31, England, Ottawa, d/o Robert CLARK & Annie POTTER, witn: Alex William MILNE & M. A. MILNE of Ottawa, 13 Aug 1887, Christ Church, Ottawa

002256-87 (Carleton Co) Charles Henry WHITELAW, 25, banker, Carnobie Scotland, Montreal, s/o Thomas WHITELAW & Maria MARTIN married Annie Jane MacDONALD, 23, Breadalbane, Montreal, d/o Alexander MacDONALD & Jessie CAMPBELL. Wit Annie WHITELAW of Montreal and B.T.A. BELL, both of Ottawa. December 26, 1887 at Ottawa.
002257-87 (Carleton Co) Stephen WILKINS, 61, widower, contractor, England, Ottawa, s/o Stephen & Mary WILKINS married Anna Wingate TAYLOR, 37, Perth Scotland, Ottawa, d/o David & Jane TAYLOR. Wit W.H. LLOYD and S. St. CROTHERS, both of Ottawa. November 14, 1887 at Ottawa. 002281-87 (Carleton Co) Thomas WILLIAMSON, 21, clerk, Canonbridge Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Isaac & Margaret WILLIAMSON married Margaret WILSON, 15, Rosshire Scotland, Ottawa, d/o James WILSON & Ann WILLIAMSON. Wit Ann WILLIAMSON and Lizzie EVANS, both of Ottawa. December 7, 1887 at Ottawa.
2177-87 Francis WOODS, 28, laborer, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o William & Jane, married Margaret Ann FITZGERALD, 28, Goulbourn, Ottawa, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Benjamin WOODS of Hull Quebec & Kate HALEY of Chelsea Quebec, 5 July 1887 at St. Johns Church, Ottawa

2151-87 (Carleton Co) John WOODS, 24, laborer, Ottawa, Mount Sherwood, s/o John WOODS & Mary O’BRIEN married Bridget BROCK, 18, Rochesterville, Rochesterville, d/o Joseph BROCK & Mary Ann BOYE, witn: John SMITH & Bella SMITH of Mt. Sherwood, 11 Aug 1887, Ottawa