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8398-27 Clifford Henry ACKLAND, 25, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Harry ACKLAND, b. Halifax NS & Bertha HYDE, married Dorothy Phyllis WESTON, 27, teacher, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o Henry Turner WESTON & Emma WATCHORN, witn: Muriel LITTLE of Hull & W.E. ACKLAND of Ottawa, 6 Aug 1927 at Ottawa  
8399-27 Albert Oliver ADAMS, 28, Royal Cdn Air Force, London England, Ottawa, s/o Albert ADAMS, b. England & Helen GODFREY, married Estelle Priscilla VESSOT, 24, teacher, Edmundston NB, Ottawa, d/o Charles Henri VESSOT, b. Joliette Que. & Corine B.C. LOISSELLE, witn: Albert ADAMS of Bowesville Ont & George WALLINGFORD of Ottawa, 21 June 1927 at Ottawa 8400-27 Basil Donnen ADAMS, 30, salesman, Edwardsburg twp., Ottawa, s/o Joel Donnen ADAMS, b. Edwardsburg twp & Margaret GRANT, married Mary Magdalen MANKA, 31, milliner, Admaston twp., Ottawa, d/o Ferdinand MANKA, b. Germany & Gussie KANT, witn: Clara MANKA of Renfrew & William A. GRANT of Bronx NY, 5 Aug 1927 at Ottawa
8401-27 Howard Nelson ADAMS, 29, chemist, Cumberland twp., Temiscaming Que., s/o John ADAMS, b. Cumberland Ont & Marion SCHARF, married Jennie Myrtle Grace McCLENNAN, 32, civil servant, Peterboro Ont., Ottawa, d/o James McCLENNAN, b. Lakefield Ont & Jennie WALLACE, witn: Mrs. James & Edith Mary McCLENNAN, 7 Jan 1927 at Ottawa 8402-27 Albert Oliver ADAMSON, 36, accountant, England, Toronto, s/o Robert Taylor ADAMSON & Edith ATKINSON, married Florence Frances WILSON, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Arthur WILSON & Eliza A. MITCHELL, witn: J.A. & Esther WILSON of Ottawa, 16 April 1927 at Ottawa
8403-27 Wendell Osmond Earl ADDY, 20, civil servant, Deschene Que., Westboro Ont., s/o Joseph ADDY, b. Canada & Beatrice SCOTT, married Evelyn Violet SMALLDRIDGE, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o William SMALLDRIDGE, b. England & Minnie SMITH, witn: Florence Martha Catherine ADDY of Westboro & William Edward BRAZEAU of Laurentian View, 18 April 1927 at Ottawa 8404-27 Fredk Michael Clayton ALBERT, 24, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Alfred Edward ALBERT & Lucy MURPHY, married Margaret Wilhelmina Irongard SPRINGER, 24, governess, Eganville Ont., Ottawa, d/o Herman SPRINGER & Emma FICK, witn: John ALBERT & Gertrude GAUVIN, b Ottawa, 28 Sept 1927 at Ottawa
8405-27 Fredk James ALCOCK, 38, geologist, Griersville Ont., Ottawa, s/o Wellington ALCOCK, b. Uxbridge Ont & Charlotte IDLE, married Marion Ethel McBain FREEMAN, 27, stenographer, Bowesville, same, d/o Richard Albert FREEMAN, b. Bowesville & Alice DOWLER, witn: David Andrew NICHOLS of Ottawa & Evelyn FREEMAN of Bowesville, 5 Nov 1927 at Ottawa 8406-27 William ALEXANDER, 40, retired farmer, Gloucester twp., same, s/o Thomas ALEXANDER, b. Ireland & Rebecca JOHNSON, married Isabella McEWEN, 35, Russell twp., Gloucester twp., d/o Joseph McEWEN, b. Meadeville & Rachel HERRINGTON, witn: C.L. ANDERSON & Jean CURRIE, b Ottawa, 9 Nov 1927 at Ottawa
8407-27 Stewart Mason ALLAN, 30, clerk, Gore of Lochaber twp - Labelle Co. Que., Westboro, s/o James ALLAN, b. Chelsea Que & Nettie Isabella McKENZIE, married Dora Elizabeth BEARMAN, 25, civil servant, Chesley Ont., Ottawa, d/o Robert BEARMAN & Clara McGAW, witn: D. THOMPSON of Westboro & Miss Marjorie FENTON of Ottawa, 3 Sept 1927 at Ottawa 8408-27 Alexander ALLEN, 35, manager, Ottawa, same, s/o John ALLEN, b. Canada & Mary McMILLAN, married Victoria Mary MELLISH, 23, cook, Moncton NB, Ottawa, d/o John MELLISH, b. Canada & Nettie MacDONALD, witn: Allen GIBSON & Margaret STONE, both of Ottawa, 27 Aug 1927 at Ottawa
8409-27 Thomas Harl ALLEN, 22, civil servant, Carp, Ottawa, s/o William John ALLEN, b. Canada & Ina HENRY, married Annie Edna FARMER, 18 2/12, Ramsayville, Ottawa, d/o Wesley FARMER, b. Canada & Sarah Annie CASSIDY, witn: Bramwell B. DODD of Westboro & Naida Hilda WILSON of Ottawa, 2 June 1927 at Ottawa 8410-27 Joseph Neave AMYOT, 26, official of Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Toronto, Ottawa, s/o John Andrew AMYOT & Mary Josephine KELLER, married Marie Madeleine BOURGEAULT, 22, St. Hyacinthe Que., Ottawa, d/o Alphonse BOURGEAULT & Marie Rosa CARVETTE (Carenette?), both of Ottawa, 9 May 1927 at Ottawa
8411-27 Robert ANDREW, 27, teacher, Salford England, Ottawa, s/o James ANDREW, b. England & Margaret EVANS, married Gladys Lydia BARNES, 24, stenographer, Ottawa, same, d/o Horace E. BARNES, b. Quebec & Lydia BOTTOMLEY, witn: William A. ANDREW of South Porcupine & Evelyn BARNES of Ottawa, 28 Dec 1927 at Ottawa 8412-27 Adam ANDREWS, 44, tinsmith, Pakenham twp., Arnprior, s/o Adam ANDREWS, b. Pakenham Ont. & Rebecca THOMPSON, married Edith Sarah FREEMAN, 36, house keeper, Haddock Hills England, Arnprior, d/o George FREEMAN, b. Sussex England & Mary Frances WHITBOURNE, witn: Alfred & Jennie HORNE of Ottawa, 13 June 1927 at Ottawa
8413-27 Ray Orson ANGEL, 22, mail clerk, Ottawa, Westboro, s/o Thomas William ANGEL, b. Ottawa & Jennie WELLS, married Margaret Annie NICHOL, 18 + 9 mon, Alexandria - Glengarry, Ottawa West, d/o Morris William NICHOL, b. Port Henry NY & Anna HANSEN, witn: Ethel M. DOBSON & Charles N. ANGEL, both of Ottawa, 26 Feb 1927 at Ottawa 8414-27 Harry ANGERT, 50, widower, merchant, Russia, Ottawa, s/o Aaron ANGERT, b. Russia & Minnie VINER, married Bala LEMSTER, 48, widow, Russia, Ottawa, d/o Elchanon KOTSUK, b. Russia & Kranie LEMSTER, witn: M. GOLDSMITH of 275 King Edward & M. PEARLMAN of 166 Rideau St., 15 Dec 1927 at Ottawa
8415-27 George ANNETTE, 18, laborer, Hull Que., Billings Bridge, s/o George ANNETTE, b. Gaspe Co. & Regina PREVOST, married Nellie Rosa PROUTON, 17, maid, Warfield Bracknell England, Ottawa, d/o Gerald Ernest Stephen PROUTON, b. England & Mary BALL, witn: Mary PROUTON of Ottawa & Louis PREVOST of Hull, 30 July 1927 at Ottawa 8416-27 Norman ANTON, 21, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Bernard John ANTON, & Mary Jane SULLIVAN, married Margaret GIRLING, 18 3/12, Ottawa, same, d/o Arthur GIRLING & Margaret Annie ORMSBY, witn: S.J. BOORNE & O.M. PITTAWAY, both of Ottawa, 1 Oct 1927 at Ottawa
8417-27 Leo ARCHAMBAULT, 31, painter, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph ARCHAMBAULT & Julienne LAYEU, married Aimie VALLIERE, 27, clerk, Gracefield Que., Ottawa, d/o Regis VALLIERE & Anna ETHIER, witn: Odile ARCHAMBAULT of 47 Casheart & Regis VALLIERE of Detroit, 27 Sept 1927 at Ottawa 8418-27 John Edward ARMAND, 20, civil servant, Pakenham Ont., Ottawa, s/o Michael J. ARMAND, b. Pakenham & Isabel Dora SMITH, married Bertha Alice MARSHALL, 22, stenographer, Ottawa, same, d/o Henry Edward SMITH (sic), b. Ottawa & Matilda SMITH, witn: Michael Joseph ARMAND of Cowansville Que & Dorothy MARSHALL of Ottawa, 24 Sept 1927 at Ottawa
8419-27 Arnold Wesley ARMSTRONG, 33, farmer, March twp., Bells Corners, s/o Samuel ARMSTRONG, b. Canada & Catherine ALDERSON, married Beatrice Millicent READ, 29, March twp., same, d/o Henry Arthur READ, b. Canada & Alamina May BOUCHER, witn: Edith Florence READ of Dunrobin & Norman ARMSTRONG of City View, 23 July 9127 at Ottawa 8420-27 John Garnet Austin ARMSTRONG, 26, clerk, Burritts Rapids, Ottawa, s/o James ARMSTRONG, b. Canada & Rebecca McCORDICK, married Annie Alma BAILLIE, 25, saleslady, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas J. BAILLIE, b. Canada & Nellie BROWN, witn: Maude & Ernest HAGGINS of Woodroffe, 14 Jan 1927 at Ottawa
8421-27 Samuel ARMSTRONG, 23, welder, Dublin Ireland, 372 Laurier Ave., s/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Margaret GREGORY, married Dorothy Beatrice Smith MALLETT, 19, nurse, England, 103 Nelson St., d/o William Henry MALLET & Lilian Jane SMITH, witn: Elma SHARP & William Henry MALLET, both of Ottawa and J. MOCKETT of Billings Bridge, 24 Nov 1927 at All Saints church, Ottawa 8422-27 James ARNHARDT, 30, laborer, London England, Ottawa, s/o Maxmillan ARNHARDT & Elizabeth PETRIE, married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 28, parlor maid, Belfast Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James GRAHAM & Jane MILLER, witn: Mrs. Lionel MARQUIS & Lionel MARQUIS, both of Ottawa, 12 Jan 1927 at Ottawa
8423-27 Henry Fredk ARNOLD, 23, baker, Ottawa, Montreal, s/o Joseph ARNOLD, b. Ottawa Ont & Ellen ORANGE, married Isabella Grace BROWN, 19, laundress, Van Kleek Hill, Ottawa, d/o John James BROWN, b. West Hawkesbury & Mary Ann CONWAY, witn: John Arthur & Mary Margaret BROWN of Ottawa, 30 April 1927 at Ottawa 8424-27 James Thomson ARNOT, 25, pattern maker, Kirkcaldy Scotland, Windsor, s/o Alexander ARNOT, b. Kirkcaldy Scotland & blank, married Flora Kennedy DEWAR, 23, Kirkcaldy Scotland, Ottawa, d/o William W. DEWAR, b. Kirkcaldy Scotland & Elizabeth GERRARD, witn: F. & Janet Whegle STOCKLEY of Ottawa, 3 June 1927 at Ottawa
8425-27 Eusebe ASSELIN, 25, laborer, Maniwaki Que., Ottawa, s/o Antoine ASSELIN, b. Maniwaki Que & Anna DANIEL, married Rose Alma CRONIER, 22, Maniwaki Que., Ottawa, d/o Ambroise CRONIER, b. Pouget Que & Mathilda BEAUREGARD, witn: Adelard CRONIER & Blanche LEROUX, both of Ottawa, 26 March 1927 at Ottawa 8426-27 George AUMOND, 42, iron worker, Ottawa, same, s/o George AUMOND, b. Canada & Sarah DE GRACE, married Martha MILES, 40, maid, Erith Kent England, Ottawa, d/o Charles MILES, b. England & Jennie REYNOLDS, witn: Rene HURTUBISE & Lillian HUSTER, both of Ottawa, 26 May 1927 at Ottawa
8427-27 Henry Aldous AYLEN, 29, lawyer, Ottawa, same, s/o Henry AYLEN & Daisy BOURINOT (Bourmot?), married Phyllis Beatrice MATTHEWMAN, 29, Ottawa, same, d/o Ernest Houghton MATTHEWMAN & Louise May FARRELL, witn: H.R. Dale HARRIS & Ottelie Elizabeth MATTHEWMAN, both of Ottawa, 24 Sept 1927 at Ottawa 008432-27 Eugene Fullerton BAIRD, 28, barber, Fitzroy twp, Galetta s/o Richard G. BAIRD (b. Fitzroy twp) & May Angeline MAYBERRY married Mary Violet McGEE, 27, telephone operator, Huntley twp, Carp d/o Wellington McGEE (b. Huntley twp) & Eliza Janet MANCHESTER wtn: John B. TAYLOR of Galetta & Alice M. McGEE of Huntley twp, 14 December 1927 at Ottawa
088652-27 Joseph Mazerman Roland DINELLE, 18, jeweller, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o Zephirin DINELLE (b. Ottawa) & Flora GRAVEL married Marie Yvette M. POIRIER, 18, Plantagenet, Ottawa d/o Philias POIRIER (b. Plantagenet) & Rose Alma LAUZON wtn: Zephirin DINELLE of 440 Preston in Ottawa & Philias POIRIER of 60 Parmalia St in Ottawa, 5 March 1927 at Ottawa 008653-27 Bramwell Booth DODD, 23, dairyman, Bournemouth England, Westboro s/o Douglas DODD (b. England) & Mary Ann HODGIN married Vaida Nelda WILSON, 19, stenographer, Ottawa, 390 Cooper St in Ottawa d/o Frank WILSON (b. Canada) & Mary JOHNSTON wtn: Thomas Hail ALLEN of 11 Norfolk St in Ottawa & Annie Edna FARMER of 285 Bell St in Ottawa, 2 June 1927 at Ottawa
008654-27 Andre DONIS, 24, meconicien, Maniwaki Que., Hull Que. s/o Moise DONIS & Mary RIEL married Yvonne CROTTIER, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Felix CROTTIER & Rose Anna MALBOEUF wtn: Antoine LEFRENIERE of Gracefield Que. & William CROTTIER of Ottawa, 17 May 1927 at Ottawa 008655-27 Daniel William DONOVAN, 31, mounted policeman, Eastview, Eastview s/o Patrick DONOVAN & Susan NICOLS married Marjorie Lola NOLAN, 22, press operator, Montreal Que., Ottawa d/o Michael NOLAN & Lola HAMMOND wtn: Dennis DONOVAN of Eastview & Mamie NOLAN of Ottawa, 16 June 1927 at Ottawa
008656-27 Edgar Napoleon DORION, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o George DORION (b. Chicoutimi Que.) & Albomia LACHANCE married Marie Helene GROULX, 26, widow, seamstress, Hull Que., Ottawa d/o Dilfred BANVILLE (b. Ottawa) & Helene ANTILLE wtn: George DORION of Ottawa & Delphis BANVILLE of North Wakefield Que., 16 April 1927 at Ottawa 008657-27 Walter Horace DORMAND, 36, marine engineer, Hartlepool Durham England, steamship Mabay in New York s/o George Hedley DORMAND (b. England) & Elizabeth MOORE, married Doris Ethelwyn MARSHALL, 21, clerk, Hartlepool Durham England, Hartlepool in Durham England d/o Robinson John MARSHALL (b. England) & Margaret SUGGITT wtn: Edith SHELTON of 398 Arlington Ave in Ottawa & Margaret WILKINSON of 760 Lawrence St in Ottawa, 22 August 1927 at Ottawa
008658-27 Albert DOUGLAS, 29, printer, London England, 560 McLeod St in Ottawa s/o Frederick DOUGLAS & Florence RADFORD married Violet Maud PULLENS (Pullen?), 19, clerk, Carleton Place Ont., 860 McLeod St in Ottawa d/o John PULLENS & Hester WILLOUGHBY wtn: Robert Willoughby PULLENS of 86 McLeod St in Ottawa & Emily R. LEDUC of 393 Cooper St in Ottawa, 20 January 1927 at Ottawa 008659-27 John Francis DOYLE, 31, civil servant, Lloydtown Ont., Ottawa s/o Bernard J. DOYLE & Maria L. CASSERLY married Rose Mary McKELL, 38, civil servant, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Robert McKELL & Ann MURPHY wtn: Thomas DOYLE & Dorothy McKELL both of Ottawa, 17 August 1927 at Ottawa
  008660-27 Louis James DRISCOLL, 21, electrical mechanic, Ottawa, 140 Stewart St in Ottawa s/o Charles Ernest DRISCOLL & Violet Marie POULIN married Lillian Catherine RICHARDS, 20, Mattawa Ont., 25 Russell Ave in Ottawa d/o Henry Maitland Salt RICHARDS & Mary Margaret LEVIS wtn: Thomas MCLOY & Catherine RICHARDS both of Ottawa, 2 June 1927 at Ottawa
008661-27 Joseph Theophile Simon DUBE, 23, clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o Martial DUBE & Euphrasie PHILIBERT married Berthe BORDELEAU, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Honore BORDELEAU & Anne MICHEAU wtn: Martial DUBE & Philippe MICHAUD both of Ottawa, 19 July 1927 at Ottawa 008662-27 Lionel DUBE, 27, printer, Ottawa, 86 King Edward in Ottawa s/o Alphonse DUBE & Anne GRENIER married Jeanne MAUVIEL, 23, clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Napoleon MAUVIEL & Melanie MORIN wtn: Alphonse DUBE of 86 King Edward in Ottawa & Philippe MAUVIEL of 275 Dalhousie in Ottawa, 23 November 1927 at Ottawa
008663-27 Arthur DUBOIS, 23, barber, Oldfield Que., Ottawa s/o Jean Baptiste DUBOIS & Marie LAFLEUR married Mathilda JOLICOEUR, 22, servant, Oldfield Que., Ottawa d/o Joseph JOLICOEUR & Josephine MOYER wtn: Jean Baptiste DUBOIS of Cyrville & Raoul MOREAU of Ottawa, 11 January 1927 at Ottawa 008664-27 John Hector DUDLEY, 27, motorman, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o John DUDLEY (b. Gatineau District Que.) & Agnes BROWN married Zera May COTREL, 28, clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Donald COTREL (b. Glengarry Ont.) & Margaret Movarmin MORGAN wtn: John SMITH of 1170½ Wellington St in Ottawa & Katie COTREL of 102 Caroline St in Ottawa, 29 June 1927 at Ottawa
008665-27 Francis Thomas DUFFY, 27, clerk, Renfrew Ont., Rochester in NY USA s/o Edward DUFFY & Ellen O'CONNOR married Lillian Elizabeth DOUCET, 32, clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o John DOUCET & Elizabeth CONDIE wtn: Francis LANTHEIR & Mary DOUCET both of Ottawa, 13 July 1927 at Ottawa 008666-27 Sylvis DUFORT, 29, way master, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o Joseph Clement DUFORT & Elmire BOZANA married Marie Agine illegible Laliotte BRUNELLE, 26, teacher, Hull Que., Ottawa d/o Arthur BRUNELLE & Glorionia PRUDHOMME wtn: Radolphe DUFORT of 56 Water & Hercule MENARD of Buckingham Que., 18 June 1927 at Ottawa
008667-27 Gordon James DUNCAN, 28, farmer, Gloucester twp, Gloucester twp s/o Samuel DUNCAN & Mathilda MANSFIELD married Inez Boyd SHOULDICE, 31, civil servant, Gatineau District Que., Ottawa d/o Sam SHOULDICE & Jennie O'HARA wtn: D.M. HOPE & Wilfred SHOULDICE, 5 October 1927 at Ottawa 008668-27 Sidney Robert DUNKERLY, 24, houseman, Manchester England, 372 Laurier Ave W in Ottawa s/o Frederick DUNKERLY & Lucy SEAL married Mary CONLEY, 26, cook, Newcastle-on-Tyne England, 131 Laurier Ave W in Ottawa d/o John CONLEY & Minnie McVEIGH wtn: Luke BROWN & Elizabeth Mary RIENDEAU both of Ottawa, 19 September 1927 at Ottawa
008669-27 Stuart Peter DUNN, 21, chauffeur, Westboro, Westboro s/o William DUNN (b. Ottawa) & Sarah PAYSANT, married Gladys Elizabeth BAKER, 20, Haileybury Ont., 704 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa d/o George Frances BAKER (b. England) & Maria Elizabeth LEY wtn: Violet BURTON of 231 Gilmour St & Goldie DUNN of Westboro, 17 March 1927 at Ottawa 008670-27 Thomas Harold DUNN, 21, lineman, Sudbury Ont., 339 Bell St in Ottawa s/o William DUNN (b. Canada) & Jane JENKINS married May WEST, 23, housekeeper, Aylesbury England, 522 Kent St in Ottawa d/o Frederick WEST (b. England) & Mary NICHOLS wtn: Walter B. YARWOOD & Margaret WILKINSON both of Ottawa, 21 September 1927 at Ottawa
008671-27 Alfred DURAND, 42, widower, salesman, Manchang Mass. USA, 93 Slater St in Ottawa s/o Joseph DURAND (b. Canada) & Clarice SIMARD married Mary Florence PAQUIN, 31, housekeeper, Ottawa, 352 Laurier Ave in Ottawa d/o Joseph PAQUIN (b. Canada) & Mary McMILLAN wtn: George CODY & Kenneth CODY both of Ottawa, 18 August 1927 at Ottawa 008672-27 Leonard Gilbert DURANT, 21, auditing clerk, Danbury Conn. USA, Ottawa s/o George DURANT & Mattie LINSTER married Norma Margaret CASSIDY, 20, cashier, Smith's Falls Ont., Ottawa d/o Andrew CASSIDY & Annie STAPLETON wtn: Kenneth CHISOLM of Montreal Que. & Dorothy MEEHAN of Ottawa, 9 September 1927 at St Patrick's
008673-27 Romuald DUROCHER, 44, commercial traveller, Ottawa, 38 Water St in Ottawa s/o Olivier DUROCHER (b. Longueil Que.) & Virginie Noel married Malvina POIRIER, 47, widow, civil servant, Vankleek Hill Ont., 254 Rideau St in Ottawa d/o Jean-Marie DUPUIS (b. Vankleek Hill) & Eugenie LANONETTE wtn: Zephirin DUROCHER & Joseph DUPUIS both of Ottawa, 30 November 1927 at Ottawa 008674-27 Albert Newton EDEY, 30, machinist, Aylmer Que., Aylmer Que. s/o Arthur D. EDEY (b. Aylmer Que.) & Margaret ADONIS married Lauretta Mildred BRADLEY, 23, clerk, Ottawa, 144 Charles St in Ottawa d/o William W. BRADLEY (b. Huntley Ont.) & Ida A. BRADLEY wtn: S.W. CHAMBERS & Beatrice CHAMBERS both of Ottawa, 26 January 1927 at Ottawa
008675-27 Alfred George EDGECOMBE, 28, musician, Waterville Que., 56 Chamberlain Ave in Ottawa s/o Robert L. EDGECOMBE (b. Waterville Que.) & Eliza LETOURNEAU married Ethel Arnold HOPSON, 17, telephone operator, Ottawa, 14 Dorothy Ave in Ottawa d/o Thomas E. HOPSON (b. Australia) & Edith LAZENBY, wtn: Edith A. HOPSON & C. George VENTURA both of Ottawa, 12 April 1927 at Ottawa 008676-27 Howard Wilton EILERTS, 23, claim adjuster, Waterbury Conn. USA, 34 Fairbairn Ave in Ottawa s/o Christian EILERTS (b. Denmark) & Myrtle MARGUARD (Marquard?), married Mary Evelyn WHITESIDE, 20, saleslady, Osgoode twp, 34 Fairbairn Ave in Ottawa d/o James E. WHITESIDE (b. Carleton Co) & Lillian L. EADY wtn: John D. McKINNEY & Miss Evelyn HOBBS both of Ottawa, 11 August 1927 at Ottawa
008677-27 Cecil Charles ELBOURNE, 21, porter, London England, Rideau Club in Ottawa s/o (unknown) married Albina Rosalie SABOURIN, 20, clerk, Hull Que., 126 Nelson St in Ottawa d/o Napoleon SABOURIN (b. Canada) & Marceline SABOURIN wtn: Hector SABOURIN & Emilienne BELLEMARE both of Ottawa, 18 April 1927 at Ottawa 008678-27 William Edmund Cyril ELIOT, 27, British army, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o Charles A. ELIOT (b. Inverness in Scotland) & Frances HAMILTON married Anne Catherine Gertrude McDOUGALL, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o J. Lorne McDOUGALL (b. Ottawa) & Gertrude KENNEDY wtn: Miss Karen McDOUGALL & G.A. BATE both of Ottawa, 6 January 1927 at Ottawa
008679-27 Harold EMERICK, 24, dentist, Fremont Indiana, Buffalo NY, s/o Clyde EMERICK (b. USA) & Grace BARRET married Irene Esther BUCK, 22, maid, Torbolton twp, Torbolton twp d/o Frank James BUCK (b. England) & Emily MADOCKS wtn: Ellen A. BUCK of Woodlawn & Walter Ernest POOLE of 73 Willow, 21 November 1927 at Ottawa 008680-27 Martial ETHIER, 22, labourer, Eastview, Eastview s/o Joseph ETHIER & Rose LABELLE married Mary Loretta FERGUSON, 24, working girl, Fallowfield in Nepean twp, Ottawa d/o Thomas FERGUSON & Mary Ann KITTE wtn: Ernest ETHIER of illegible Que. & Irene FERGUSON of 256 Rochester St in Ottawa, 24 August 1927 at Ottawa
008681-27 William Henry EVANS, 24, salesman, Wales, 24 Rossland Ave in Ottawa s/o Harry EVANS (b. Wales) & Annie HUGHES married Hazel Clarissa PARMETER, 21, housemaid, Lacelle Que., 132 Broadway Ave in Ottawa d/o Wilbur PARMETER (b. Clinton Co NY) & Zenobia MURPHY wtn: Mr & Mrs R. MAHARRY of 329 Powell Ave, 27 August 1927 at Ottawa 008682-27 Vincent Leonard FAHEY, 28, wood dealer, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o James FAHEY & Mary KELLY married Bridget O'CONNELL, 30, working girl, Almonte Ont., Ottawa d/o John O'CONNELL & Mary PHILIPPE wtn: Ambrose CAHILL of Manotick Station & Margaret O'CONNELL of 55 St Francis St in Ottawa, 20 September 1927 at Ottawa
008683-27 Andrew Henderson FALLS, 34, farmer, Methil Buckhaven England, Nepean twp s/o James FALLS (b. Scotland) & Mary WILLIAMS married Constance Julia Violet GIFFORD, 24, maid, Little London - Frampton England, Queen St in Ottawa d/o James GIFFORD (b. England) & Louisa HUNT wtn: Mr & Mrs Bert BLACK of Ottawa, 14 November 1927 at Ottawa 008684-27 Leopold FARLETTE, 19, factory hand, North Timiskaming Que., 172 King St in Ottawa s/o Nicolas FARLETTE (b. St Adelaide's Co Gaspe) & Albertine PRUDHOMME married Marie Marguerite Rose Alma CHARBONNEAU, 18, saleslady, Hull Que., 517 St Patrick St in Ottawa d/o John CHARBONNEAU (b. Buckingham) & Rose Alma BAZINET wtn: Nicolas FARLETTE & Augustine TAGUE (Tagne?) both of Ottawa, 16 July 1927 at Ottawa
008685-27 Thomas FARNINGTON, 26, civil servant, Edinburgh Scotland, 289 Lisgar St in Ottawa s/o William FARNINGTON (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Ann FOLEY married Stella Loretta MURRAY, 23, Ottawa, 33 Bolton St in Ottawa d/o Francis MURRAY (b. Ottawa) & Ida EVANS wtn: Rev J.L. LESAGE & Ida MURRAY both of Ottawa, 25 November 1927 at Ottawa 008686-27 Hector FEATHERSTON, 29, surgeon, Ottawa, 588 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa s/o J.W. FEATHERSTON (b. Canada) & Pharaltha SMITH married Pearl Morrison CALDWELL, 29, clerk, Hull Que., 182 Booth St in Ottawa d/o Henry P. CALDWELL (b. Canada) & Sarah MORRISON wtn: L.M. GRIMES & R.F. CALDWELL both of Ottawa, 20 September 1927 at Ottawa
  008687-27 James Albert FELTHAM, 18, watchmaker, Ottawa, 365 Booth St in Ottawa s/o James F. FELTHAM (b. England) & Margaret A. BURNS married Maria Celina Alexandra FINDLAY, 19, cook, Ottawa, 515 O'Connor St in Ottawa d/o Alexander FINDLAY (b. Canada) & Mary KINGSTON wtn: Thomas FINDLAY & Florence AUSTIN both of Ottawa, 22 July 1927 at Ottawa [divorced 24 September 1953]
008688-27 George Hendry FERGUSON, 44, engineer, Toronto, Ottawa s/o John FERGUSON & Helen Elizabeth HENDRY married Ethel Gertrude BUTTERWORTH, 39, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Arthur George BUTTERWORTH & Elizabeth Jane SHAW wtn: H.E. FERGUSON of Toronto & Marjory BIRCH of Ottawa, 25 June 1927 at Ottawa 008689-27 James Abner FERGUSON, 28, medical doctor, Cumberland Ont., Lancaster NH USA s/o John D. FERGUSON (b. Cumberland) & Nettie HELMER married Beatrice Eileen LANG, 28, registered nurse, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o George W. LANG (b. Ottawa) & Eva BAXTER wtn: Marjorie COBURN of 63 Russell Ave in Ottawa & George Willard DUNNING of 750 Somerset St in Ottawa, 15 June 1927 at Ottawa
008691-27 William FERGUSON, 35, clerk, Ireland, Ottawa s/o John FERGUSON (b. Ireland) & Jenny MOORE married Charlotte Ida Mae ALEXANDER, 21, Ramsayville Ont., Nepean twp d/o Henry ALEXANDER (b. Ramsayville) & Margaret GOODING wtn: John A. FERGUSON of 143 Blackburn Ave in Ottawa & Ruth ACKROYD of 420 Bank St in Ottawa, 20 July 1927 at Ottawa 008690-27 Leslie FERGUSON, 22, farm hand, Renfrew Ont., Renfrew s/o Hector FERGUSON (b. Canada) & Pearl PRICE married Sarah FULTON, 21, Renfrew, Renfrew d/o Alex FULTON (b. Canada) & Alice COCHRANE wtn: A. JONES & Aline JONES both of Ottawa, 26 April 1927 at Ottawa
008692-27 James Beattie FISHER, 22, butcher, Ottawa, Winchester s/o N.J. FISHER (b. Iroquois) & F.A. BEATTIE married Iona Alberta ANDERSON, 22, telephone operator, Winchester, Winchester d/o James ANDERSON (b. Mountain) & Anne JONES wtn: Jerald KERMER? & Bessie BLACKBURN both of Winchester, 21 May 1927 at Ottawa 008693-27 Thomas Alfred FISHER, 43, receiving clerk, Ashburn - Ontario Co, Saskatoon Sask s/o Thomas Allan FISHER (b. Canada) & Eliza Ann REID married Nora Alberta EDWARDS, 43, widow, music teacher, Reach twp Ont., Lindsay Ont., d/o Sylvester BALFOUR & Mary Ann BRAUND wtn: R.C. BALFOUR & Florence BALFOUR both of Ottawa, 26 July 1927 at Ottawa
008694-27 George Edward FITZPATRICK, 19, musician, Ottawa, 387 King Edward Ave in Ottawa s/o Edward FITZPATRICK (b. Ottawa) & Mathilda KEPHT (Kight?) married Marie Theodora Donalda Gabriel LUSSIER, 18, Ottawa, 91 Stewart St in Ottawa d/o Edward LUSSIER (b. Ottawa) & Marielda CHARRON wtn: Martin E. KENNEY of 541 Rideau St & Lorenzo LUSSIER of 91 Stewart St, 28 February 1927 at Ottawa 008695-27 William FLATT, 26, labourer, London England, 693½ Somerset St in Ottawa s/o Harry Henry FLATT (b. England) & Beatrice WRIGHT married Lillian Rosina PYEFINCH, 23, London England, Westboro d/o Ernest PYEFINCH (b. England) & Rosina STEVENS wtn: Sarah Ellen PYEFINCH & Reginald PYEFINCH both of 690 Cooper St in Ottawa, 16 July 1927 at Ottawa
008696-27 Harry Raymond FLEMING, 32, physician, Amherst Island Ont., Humboldt Sask s/o William James FLEMING (b. Canada) & Lena GIBSON married Claire Winnifred KYTE, 26, teacher, St Peters in NS, St Peters in NS d/o George W. KYTE (b. Canada) & Teresa CHISHOLM wtn: J.J. O'REILLY of Lonsdale Ont. & Muriel KYTE of 205 Charlotte St, 1 September 1927 at Ottawa  
008697-27 John FLOWER, 56, public school inspector, Dunnville Ont., Welland Ont. s/o Richard FLOWER (b. England) & Mary Ann STEVENSON married Mary Wilhelmina JAMIESON, 46, music teacher, Richmond Ont., 119 Powell Ave in Ottawa d/o William Smyth JAMIESON (b. illegible) & Mary Jane CAIRNS wtn: A.E. CAIRNS of 119 Powell Ave in Ottawa & N.E. ZIMMERMAN of Renfrew Ont., 17 August 1927 at Ottawa 008698-27 Simon Peter FOGERTY, 42, labourer, Fallowfield, Fallowfield s/o Daniel FOGERTY & Margaret O'GRADY married Mary Margaret BERGIN, 30, housemaid, Fallowfield, Fallowfield d/o John BERGIN & Ann BURNS wtn: Mr & Mrs John McMORROW of 428 Rideau St in Ottawa, 26 January 1927 at Ottawa
008699-27 Albert Edmund FOLEY, 21, iron worker, Ottawa, 201 Carruthers Ave in Ottawa s/o Edward FOLEY (b. Canada) & Sarah SHAW married Emily MAGUIRE, 21, Glasgow Scotland, Gloucester St in Ottawa d/o Frank MAGUIRE (b. Scotland) & Bessie SCOTT wtn: P. McGINNIS of 89 Sherbrook Ave & Hazel B. FOLEY of 201 Carruthers Ave, 24 June 1927 at Ottawa 008700-27 John Patrick FOLEY, 39, street RR operator, Quinnsville Que., Ottawa s/o John Thomas FOLEY & Margaret MURPHY married Elizabeth Loretta CASEY, 34, chief operator Bell Telephone, Corkery Ont., Ottawa d/o James CASEY & Margaret McGRATH wtn: Daniel FOLEY & John CASEY both of Ottawa, 8 June 1927 at Ottawa
008701-27 William Andrew FORREST, 40, widower, railway employee, Almonte Ont., 448 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa s/o William FORREST (b. St Laurent - near Montreal) & Anne MAHONEY married Marie Hermeline DUFRESNE, 41, Ottawa, 118 Florence St in Ottawa d/o Jean B. DUFRESNE (b. Huntley Ont.) & Rosalie POIRIER wtn: John Baptiste DUFRESNE of 118 Florence in Ottawa & Joseph PROULX of Hull Que., 3 January 1927 at Ottawa 008702-27 Jacques FORTIER, 24, barrister, Hull Que., Ottawa s/o Adelard FORTIER & Ann Marie MAJOR married Loretta ROBITAILLE, 24, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Emile ROBITAILLE (deceased) & Amanda LAFONTAINE (deceased) wtn: Lug Albert FORTIER of 207 Laurier Ave in Hull & (illegible), 22 June 1927 at Ottawa
008703-27 William FOWLER, 27, motor mechanic, Cairnbee parish - Scotland, 308 Cumberland St in Ottawa s/o Robert FOWLER (b. Cairnbee Parish Scotland) & Betty MELDRUM married Evelyn GARDNER, 35, widow, charwoman, Ottawa, 308 Cumberland St in Ottawa d/o John TURNBULL (b. Ottawa) & Annie CRAIG wtn: Mrs Adele DENAULT & Wilhelmina JOY both of 64 Fairmount Ave, 9 February 1927 at Ottawa 008704-27 John FOX, 21, stenographer, Glasgow Scotland, 197 Armstrong St in Ottawa s/o Robert FOX (b. Ireland) & Agnes SINCLAIR married Alma Edith MALBOEUF, 20, binder in printing office, Nepean twp, 84 Holland Ave in Ottawa d/o David MALBOEUF (b. Canada) & Charlotte PERRIGO wtn: Muriel McGEE of Carp & Michael E. NIDD of 198 Armstrong St, 11 June 1927 at Ottawa
008705-27 Frank Benjamin FRIED, 26, merchant, Brooklyn USA, North Bay Ont. s/o Herman FRIED (b. Hungary) & Esther FRIED married Lillian Freda COHEN, 21, stenographer, Russia, 392 Chapel St in Ottawa d/o Samuel COHEN (b. Russia) & Ada COHEN wtn: L. WOLFE of 118 O'Connor St & A. BAKER of 468 Rideau St, 27 February 1927 at Ottawa 008706-27 Richard James FRIEL, 31, inspector, Ottawa, Timiskaming Que. s/o Henry Joseph FRIEL (b. Ottawa) & Agnes Elizabeth HUGH married Marie Helene Victoria ROCHBURNE, 20, Ottawa, 5 Ella St in Ottawa d/o Alfred ROCHBURNE (b. illegible) & Exilda VALADE, wtn: H.J. FRIEL & A. ROCHBURNE both of Ottawa, 9 July 1927 at Ottawa
008707-27 David FRIENDLY, 35, collector, Austria, 264 Clarence St in Ottawa s/o Abraham FRIENDLY (b. Austria) & Yettie MOSES married Edith GAZEVITCH, 27, dressmaker, Poland, 65 Nelson St in Ottawa d/o Harry GAZEVITCH (b. Poland) & Netta SHOOSTER wtn: Meyer GLATT of 67 Nelson St & Nathan DRAZIM of 113 Daly Ave, 19 June 1927 at Ottawa 008708-27 Otto FROBEL, 32, machinist, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o Ernest FROBEL (b. Germany) & Dorothea BURKE married Laura GRAHAM, 19, Bristol Que, Ottawa d/o Arthur GRAHAM (b. Canada) & Mary, wtn: Paul KRITSILY? of 300 Blackburn in Ottawa & Eva BURKE of 9 Ivy Ave in Ottawa, 11 August 1927 at Ottawa
008709-27 Evelyn Cornelius FURNESS, 36, inspector, England, Ottawa s/o George FURNESS (b. England) & Helen YEOMAN married Annie Robertson LAUGHLIN, 37, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Robert Corrigal LAUGHLIN (b. Scotland) & Mary SMITH wtn: J.E. BANNING of 46 Elgin St in Ottawa & Anne MAHONEY of 418 Slater St in Ottawa, 19 October 1927 at Ottawa 008710-27 James Allen GAIN, 21, Weaver, Lakefield Quebec, Lachute Quebec, s/o Robert John GAIN (b. Canada) & Rachel BEATTIE; married Caroline Emma MORFORD, 24, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William Thomas MORFORD (b. Canada) & Caroline LESTER; wit Leonard GAIN, Demany Quebec & Gertrude GAIN, Lakefield Quebec, 5 Oct 1927, Ottawa
008715-27 Leopold GALLIEN (Gallieu?), 30, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Louis Napoleon GALLIEN & Marie Rose LABERGE; married Liliane MULLIGAN, 26, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Alexander MULLIGAN & Mathilda BLONDIN; wit Louis Napoleon GALLIEN, Ottawa & Alexander MULLIGAN, 821 Gladstone, 18 Oct 1927, Ottawa 008724-27 Henry Harvey GIROUARD, 19, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Eugene GIROUARD & Margaret ROQUEBRUNE; married Dorothy JOHNSON, 26, Kednal? England, Ottawa, d/o unknown & unknown, wit Joseph ST. LOUIS & Joseph BORELLIN, both Ottawa, 30 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008756-27 Angus Joseph GRANT, 24, Steel Worker, Alexandria, Ottawa, s/o James A. GRANT (b. Canada) & Rosanna BRUNET; married Mary Eileen MCDERMOTT, 18, Employee of Inst. & Surgical Co, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Thomas MCDERMOTT (b. Canada) & Lena SCISSONS; wit Daniel MOONEY & Annie MOONEY, both Ottawa, 27 Apr 1927, Ottawa

008757-27 James Harold GRANT, 22, Mill Hand, Montreal Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Thomas GRANT (b. Montreal Quebec) & Ida Mary BROWN; married Georgina Mary MATHER, 27, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o George Maurice MATHER (b. Ottawa) & Sarah Ann KANE; wit Francis Murray CASEY & Kathleen Francis FOURNIER, both Ottawa, 18 Apr 1927, Ottawa

008758-27 John GRANT, 52, Landscape Gardener, Wid, Gloucester Twp, Ottawa, s/o John GRANT (b. Canada) & Isabella MCCOY; married Rosalinda KENNEDY, 60, Housekeeper, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John O'BOYLE (b. Canada) & Christina MCKAY; wit Donald DEAR & Catherine MORGAN, both Ottawa, 28 Apr 1927, Ottawa

008759-27 Roderick William GRANT, 24, Salesman, Moose Creek, Detroit , s/o Duncan GRANT (b. Canada) & Orphina GREY; married Mary Ellen MCELLIGOTT, 26, Civil Servant, Eganville, Ottawa, d/o James MCELLIGOTT (b. Canada) & Ella URNESS; wit Cornelius MCELLIGOTT & Myrtle MCELLIGOTT, both Ottawa, 21 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008760-27 Joseph Palma GRATTON, 37, Watchmaker, Buckingham Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Maxime GRATTON (b. Ottawa) & Lucide DROUIN; married Marie Attala Antonia BOURGEAULT, 22, Cook, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Leopold BOURGEAULT (b. Ottawa) & Albina MATHIEU; wit Arthur Michael GRATTON & Joseph MATHIEU, both Ottawa, 28 Feb 1927, Ottawa

008761-27 Lawrence GRATTON, 20, Salesman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Napoleon GRATTON (b. Ste. Monique Quebec) & Rose-Alma JULIEN; married Juliette DE KERVYN, 21, Saleslady, Montreal Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Moise KERVYN (b. Gand? Belgium) & Alphonsine HURTEBISE; wit Napoleon GRATTON of 205 Wilbrod & Joseph Elzear HURTEBISE, Ottawa, 18 Apr 1927, Ottawa

008762-27 Paul GRATTON, 28, Foreman (factory), Montreal, Detroit, s/o Arthur GRATTON & Marie HEBERT; married Rosalie GUINDON, 30, Clarence Creek, Ottawa, d/o Delphis GRATTON (sic) & Rosalie CHEVALIER; wit Francois GRATTON, Ottawa & Delphis GRATTON, Clarence Creek, 22 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008763-27 Lucien Cyprien GRAVEL, 22, Barber, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Oscar GRAVEL (b. Ottawa) & Marie FOURNIER; married Emma PREVOST, 20, Saleslady, Ripond Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Joseph PREVOST (b. Ottawa) & Justine DE CHATELEIN; wit Zotique PREVOST & Oscar GRAVEL, both Ottawa, 9 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008764-27 Andrew William GRAY, 24, Caretaker, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o William GRAY & Mary SOULIS; married Lilian May TREWHITT, 24, Dover England, Hurdman's Bridge, d/o Martin TREWHITT & Florence NIGHTINGALE; wit John William TREWHITT, Hurdman's Bridge & Agnes KRITSCH, Ottawa, 2 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008765-27 William Russell GRAY, 25, Civil Servant, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, s/o James N. GRAY & Jane BEATTIE; married Estella HOBBS, 24, Housekeeper, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John Shore HOBBS & Maud BISHOP; wit W.R. GRAY, Smiths Falls & Evelyn HOBBS of 143 Holland Ave, 18 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008766-27 Michael Paul GRAZIADEI, 28, Letter Carrier, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Rocco GRAZIADEI (b. Italy) & Carmela NICALINO; married Doris Celina JOANNIS, 23, Saleslady, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William JOANNISS (b. Ottawa) & Lise PERIER; wit Mare LEBEL & Antoine McLURE, both of 1062 Wellington, 20 Apr 1927, Ottawa

008767-27 William Harold GREASLEY (known as GRESLEY), 40, Civil Servant, Sale Cheshire England, Ottawa, s/o Frank GREASLEY (b. England) & Ada Sophia DEACON: married Catherine Emma Mosyer LANE, 32, Teacher, St. Mary Cray Kent England, Ottawa, d/o William Richard LANE (b. Kent England) & Eliza Jeannette PALMER; wit George & Walter Fenton HANRAHAT of Ottawa, 8 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008768-27 Otto Paul Theodore GRICKEN, 21, Milk Driver, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o August GRICKEN (b. Germany) & Ida STOLZMAN; married Isabelle Elizabeth FOLEY, 17, Waitress, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Ernest FOLEY (b. Canada) & Christina MCLAIN; wit Esther GRICKEN of 43 Chapel St. & George NOFFKE of 339 McKay St., 23 May 1927, Ottawa

008769-27 Francis Laughlin GRIMES, 22, Police Officer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John Patrick GRIMES & Annie MACDONALD; married Alice Osilda KAUFFMAN, 24, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John Henry KAUFFMAN & Osilda ROBILLARD; wit John Patrick GRIMES & John Henry KAUFFMAN, both Ottawa, 18 Oct 1927, Ottawa

008770-27 Ralph Anthony GUIDO, 26, Machine Operator, Celico Manneto Cosenza Italy, Ottawa, s/o Francis GUIDO & Teresa VALENTINE; married Mary Marjorie CULLEN, 22, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William Patrick CULLEN & Lila HUNTER; wit Francis MANN & Margaret MORGAN, both Ottawa, 26 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008771-27 Joseph Arthur Eugene GUILBAULT, 28, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Arthur GUILBAULT & Albina DAIGNAULT; married Laurienta BERRY, 23, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Alfred BERRY & Angelina CARRIERE; wit Arthur GUILBAULT & Alfred BERRY, both Ottawa, 14 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008772-27 Joseph Albert GUAY, 25, Baker, Cornwall, North Augusta, s/o Joseph Albert GUAY (b. Quebec City Quebec) & Frances PIGEON; married Agatha DORY, 20, Jersey City USA, North Augusta, d/o Lester David DORY (b. Brooklyn NY) & Ida May BROCKWAY; wit Archibald G. CAMERON & Elizabeth McL. CAMERON, both Ottawa, 8 Oct 1927, Ottawa

008773-27 Phillippe GUY, 55, Labourer, Wid, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph GUAY (b. Quebec) & Harriette LALIBERTE; married Lea BERTRAND, 45, Wid, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Jacques LEONARD (b. Hull) & Celina LAURIN; wit Paul GUAY & Honore LEONARD, both Ottawa, 2 Oct 1927, Ottawa

008776-27 William George Taylor HALL, 37, Civil Servant, Wid, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William Taylor HALL (b. Banbury Oxfordshire) & Jennie LANG; married Lorena MILLER, 35, Hamilton, Ottawa, d/o John Frederick MILLER (b. PictonOnt) & Harriet FARTHING; wit Austin BELL & Gertrude NULLARD (Neillard?), both Ottawa, 28 Dec 1927, Ottawa

008774-27 Grenville Douglas HALL, 24, Provincial Police Officer, Toronto, Patricia Dist Ont., s/o John Nichol HALL (b. Scotland) & Eliza (Electa?) BEATTIE; married Mary Elizabeth Morrison WALKER, 22, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Thomas Montgomery WALKER (b. Ontario) & Mary MORRISON; wit Caryl WALKER & Robert C. WALKER, both Ottawa, 18 Aug 1927, Ottawa

008777-27 George HAMEL, 28, Merchant, Quebec, St. Jerome Quebec, s/o George Edouard HAMEL & Josephine LEDOUX; married Lucienne MORIN, 20, Nurse, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph MORIN & Mathilda LAUREAULT; wit George Edouard HAMEL, St. Jerome Quebec & Evariste MORIN, Mount Laurier Quebec, 25 Oct 1927, Ottawa


008779-27 Thomas David Clark HAMILTON, 40, Civil Servant, Iroquois, Ottawa, s/o James Greg HAMILTON & Susan MARCELLUS; married Mary STEWART, 33, Civil Servant, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o John Knox STEWART & Jessie CRAIG (Crisp?); wit Alfred D. STEWART & Jessie ROSS, both Ottawa, 14 Dec 1927, Ottawa

008778-27 Robert HAMILTON, 26, Butter Maker, Scotland, Prescott, s/o James HAMILTON & M.S. MCGREGOR; married Ivy Elizabeth CLYNICK, 26, England, Ottawa, d/o John H. CLYNICK & Annie E. MULLEY; wit John ALEXANDER, no place given & A.M. CLYNICK, Ottawa, 8 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008780-27 Harry HANDLEY, 48, Civil Servant, Wid, England, Ottawa, s/o William HANDLEY (b. England) & Elizabeth CLAY; married Helen FRASER, 44, Housekeeper, Wid, England, Ottawa, d/o Alfred BELL (b. Ireland) & Jane HARVEY; wit Bert VYE & Marion VYE, both Ottawa, 15 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008781-27 Joseph Orville HANLAN, 31, Labourer, Wid, Huntley Twp, Ottawa, s/o Michael HANLAN (b. Canada) & Catherine KILLEEN; married Mary Bridget O'BRIEN, 22, Maid, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Michael O'BRIEN (b. Canada) & Margaret MURRAY; wit George MAHONEY, Ottawa & Evelyn O'BRIEN, Martindale Quebec, 12 Aug 1927, Ottawa

008782-27 Angus Emmett HANRAHAN, 21, Stock Keeper, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Patrick HANRAHAN & Mary E. MCMILLAN; married Mary Eileen MAJOR, 20, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Edward J. MAJOR & Catherine CORBETT; wit E. HANRAHAN & L. HANRAHAN, both Ottawa, 11 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008783-27 Carl Albert HANSEN, 35, Architect, Denmark, Montreal Quebec, s/o Carl HANSEN (b. Denmark) & Kristina KNUDSON; married Lillian Harrison LYON, 22, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Albert H--? LYON (b. Richmond) & Agnes LAING; wit Eileen CRAIG & James H. CRAIG, both Ottawa, 2 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008784-27 Edgar HARKINS, 18, Plumber, Hull, Hull, s/o Thomas HARKINS & Caroline GADBOIS; married Aurore ROLLAND, 28, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Henri ROLLAND & Zila PAQUETTE; wit Henri ROLLAND & Leon GUERIN, both Ottawa, 19 May 1927, Ottawa

008785-27 Andrew Edward HARKNESS, 34, Actuary, Iroquois, Toronto, s/o Adam HARKNESS (b. Ontario) & Harriet Elizabeth SIPPS, married Ella Grace ROLSTON, 36, Clerk, Metcalfe, Ottawa, d/o James, C. ROLSTON (b. Ontario) & Ellen Jane HARDMAN; wit J.G. HARKNESS, Cornwall & G.E. ROLSTON, Ottawa, 29 Oct 1927, Ottawa

008786-27 James HARRIS, 34, Civil Servant, Wid, Hungerford Berkshire England, 117 McDonald St., s/o George & Helen HARRIS; married Evlyn DARROW, 28, Domestic, Wid, London England, Ottawa, d/o William STONES (Staves?) & Emma HARVEY; wit Fred HARBOUR, Bertha HARBOUR, both Ottawa, 1 Feb 1927, Ottawa

008787-27 Harry Gordon HARRISON, 24, Bookbinder, Manchester England, Ottawa, s/o Henry HARRISON (b. England) & Esther Beatrice BUCKLEY; married Marjorie Elizabeth JOYNT, 18, Checker, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John JOYNT (b. Masham Twp Quebec) & Isabel Cruickshank FARQUHARSON; wit Jessie I. JOYNT & Wallace Harvey HARRISON, both Ottawa, 21 Dec 1927, Ottawa

008775-27 William Edward HAUGHTON, 24, Barrister, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Joseph HAUGHTON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth CHAPMAN; married Lillian Emma HALL, 21, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Victor B. HALL (b. England) & Elizabeth ROSITTER; wit Pearl FITZPATRICK, Westboro & J.W. HAUGHTON, 26 Lewis St., 21 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008788-27 Arthur Harold HAWKINS, 24, Baker, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John Frank HAWKINS & Clara HARRIS; married Mary Joan O'DONNELL, 25, Stenographer, Kearney, Ottawa, d/o Cornelius O'DONNELL & Anne COLLINS; wit J.A. JONES & J. McC. CODY, both Ottawa, 16 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008789-27 Francis HEARD, 27, Electrician, Ratho Scotland, Buckingham Quebec, s/o John HEARD (b. Scotland) & Euphemia WILKIE; married Margaret McDonald PRESS, 25, Domestic Servant, Glasgow Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Thomas PRESS (b. Scotland) & Jane WALLACE; wit Archie HOWETT & Elizabeth Walker PRESS, both Ottawa, 23 Dec 1927, Ottawa

008790-27 William Lampman HEATH, 37, Merchant, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, s/o William Henry HEATH (b. Louisville) & Anna Mary LAMPMAN; married Maude Gertrude DUNNING, 41, Teacher, Cumberland, Cumberland, d/o William Nelson DUNNING (b. Cumberland) & Maria Rice MCLAREN; wit Helen Maria DUNNING & Maria Rice DUNNING, both Cumberland, 12 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008791-27 Arthur HEENEY, 27, Architect, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Arthur HEENEY & Euphemia Jane MCLAUGHLIN; married May Eileen RICHARDSON, 26, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John Ledger RICHARDSON (deceased) & Etta SMYTH; wit Fred HEASLIP & Mrs. Ella RICHARDSON, both Ottawa, 29 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008792-27 William Rufus HELMER, 24, Teamster, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John HELMER (b. Canada) & Avis STEELE; married Alice Muriel LEDGER, 18, Stittsville, Stittsville, d/o George LEDGER (b. Canada) & Emma KINCH; wit Percy E. NEWTON & Muriel E. NEWTON, both 57 Grange Ave., 25 Apr 1927, Ottawa

008793-27 Roy Allan HERBERT, 35, Painter, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Jesse HERBERT (b. England) & Annie LEMIN; married Louisa Rachel MOORE, 23, Maid, Clogher Co Tyrone Ireland, Orphan's Home Ottawa, d/o Samuel MOORE (b. Tyrone Co Ireland) & Rachel DONALDSON; wit Mrs. Anna E. BINKS & Mary Jane MOORE, 270 Second Ave, 14 May 1927, Ottawa

008794-27 Harry HERTZ, 24, Manager, Quebec Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Sholem HERTZ (b. Russia) & Faza KAHAN; married Muriel HORWITZ, 23, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Max HORWITZ (b. Sulney Poland) & Rebecca RUDKIN; wit Philip HORWITZ, Ottawa & S.H. LEPKOVITZ, Outremont Quebec, 12 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008795-27 Norman HESLOP, 25, Automotive Engineer, Leeds Yorkshire England, Windsor, s/o Walter HESLOP (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth LEMAN; married Dorothy HARVEY, 25, Leeds Yorkshire England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas Neave? HARVEY (b. England) & Sarah Ann PECK; wit Walter HESLOP, Leeds England & Percy HARVEY, Ottawa, 16 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008796-27 James Gull HEUGHAN, 34, Accountant, Lochnmarch? Scotland, Montreal Quebec, s/o William HEUGHAN (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann GALL; married Jessie Esther DUNLOP, 25, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Andrew DUNLOP (b. Scotland) & Anne IRVING; wit Annie S. DUNLOP & Thomas H. BLAIN?, both Ottawa, 13 Jun 1927, Ottawa

008797-27 Edgar Allan HICKS, 21, Farmer, Bangor Twp, Bangor Twp, s/o John HICKS (b. Ontario) & no first name HARE; married Celia DUPUIS, 22, Domestic, Bangor Twp, Bangor Twp, d/o Peter DUPUIS (b. Ontario) & blank COFFEY; wit Caroline G. DAVEY & Nellie EARDLEY, both Ottawa, 24 Mar 1927, Ottawa

008798-27 Percy Atchison HIGGINSON, 57, C.P.R. Conductor, Wid, Ontario, Smiths Falls, s/o William HIGGINSON (b. Ireland) & Candace ATCHISON; married Anna Mary MCBRIDE, 38, School Teacher, Ontario, Fitzroy, d/o William John MCBRIDE (b. Ireland) & Agnes DONALDSON; wit Mrs. Emily M. OWENS, Kinburn & Mary M. MAXWELL, Sarnia, 16 Jul 1927, Ottawa

008799-27 Edward Wilkinson HILL, 21, Mechanic, Vars, Ottawa, s/o Edward Wilkinson HILL (b. Canada) & Adeline BELL; married Ruby Bertha LATIMER, 22, Edwards, Ottawa, d/o George LATIMER (b. Canada) & Harriet Alberta PHAIR; wit Edna M. THOMPSON & Erica THOMPSON, both Ottawa, 10 Aug 1927, Ottawa

008800-27 Raymond Irving HILL, 46, Optometrist, Wid, Lorain Ohio USA, Steubenville Ohio USA, s/o George HILL (b. Ohio USA) & Evelyn TERRELL; married Alice Maude BURNETT, 38, Forelady, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Robert BURNETT (b. Ontario) & Rachel KEHOE; wit R. BURNETT & Mrs. R. BURNETT, both Ottawa, 5 Sept 1927, Ottawa

008801-27 Shuldhorn Hope HILL, 48, Officer in Canadian Militia, Wid, Co. Donegal Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Shuldhorn Stratford HILL (b. Co. Derry Ireland) & Mary Ann REES; married Emma Doris WHITLEY, 27, Clerk, Divorced, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Charles Frederick WHITLEY (b. Enfield England) & Jessie Elizabeth HUNTER; wit Miss Annabelle? LEEKE & S.H. WHITLEY, both Ottawa, 3 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009032-27 John Leslie MCBRIDE, 21, Carpenter, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John Thomas MCBRIDE (b. Canada) & Jennie SPROULE; married Jeanne Blanche ROBILLARD, 19, Maid, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, d/o James Alexander ROBILLARD (b. Canada) & Emilia LAVERGNE; wit Jean I. MCLEAN, Ottawa & Lionel MARQUIS, Hull, 8 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009033-27 William Cornelius MCCAGG, 22, Barber, Shawville Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Cornelius MCCAGG (b. Clarendon Quebec) & Elizabeth THANE; married Mary Adeline HALL, 18, Waitress, Vars, Ottawa, d/o John HALL (b. Osgoode) & Ann Eliza COOK; wit Mrs. MCCAGG & Mrs. HALL, both Ottawa, 1 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009034-27 Earl Godfrey Leslie MCCALLUM, 26, Dairyman, Magdalene Islands, Carlington, s/o John Edward MCCALLUM (b. Magdalene Island) & Margaret Ann BARKER; married Rose GRIFFITHS, 21, Sheffield Co. England, Carlington, d/o Albert Edward GRIFFITH (b. Wales) & Elizabeth Ann TURNER; wit Ella JAYNES & Edith RUSSELL, both of 1140 Wellington St., 21 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009035-27 John James MCCARTHY, 25, Salesman, Richmond, Ottawa, s/o James MCCARTHY (b. Richmond) & Kate KILROE; married Flore Ange Emilie THIBAULT, 23, Cashier, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Louis THIBAULT (b. Hull) & Alexina DUBE; wit Gordon O'MARA, Ottawa & Helen MCCARTHY of 47 Melrose, 8 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009036-27 Ernest Hugh MCCAULEY, 46, Barber, Clarence twp. Russell Co, Chesterville, s/o Hugh MCCAULEY & Elizabeth HALL; married Ethel BLUNT, 42, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Charles BLUNT & Sarah JONES; wit Ellen STATA, Ottawa & G.A. DIXON, Winchester, 22 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009037-27 Ray England MACCAULL, 33, Labourer, Coleman PEI, Ottawa, s/o Henry MACCAULL (b. Canada) & Sarah Jane ENGLAND; married Marie Emilia TAILLEFER, 40, Boarding Home Keeper, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph Honore TAILLEFER (b. Canada) & Marcelline ARCHAMBAULT; wit Anthony CODY & Harold VILLENEUVE, both Ottawa, 23 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009038-27 Robert Murvin MCCLELLAND, 20, Railway Employee, Cantley Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Alexander MCCLELLAND (b. Cantley Quebec) & Edith Alex RICHARDS; married Winifred Emily HOPKINS, 21, Maid, Lewisham London England, Ottawa, d/o Albert Edward HOPKINS (b. West England) & Edla? Elizabeth MORGAN; wit Rosina May HOPKINS of 184 Isabella St. & John Lawrence MCCLELLAND of 196 Isabella St., 31 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009039-27 William Thomas MCCLURE, 35, Farmer, Fitzroy twp, Fitzroy twp, s/o Samuel MCCLURE (b. Ontario) & Jessie Dixon LITTLE; married Marion Emily CALDWELL, 22, Teacher, Fitzroy twp, Fitzroy twp, d/o Anthony CALDWELL (b. Quebec) & Marion Galbraith FRASER; wit Donald CALDWELL, Fitzroy & Margaret LITTLE, Kinburn, 19 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009040-27 Carleton MCCONNELL, 21, Labourer, Glasgow Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Alexander MCCONNELL (b. Ireland) & Sarah MCGARVEY?; married Lulu WHITTAKER, 28, Dundas Co, Ottawa, d/o Christopher A. WHITTAKER (b. Dundas Co) & Edith MERKLEY; wit Mrs. Harry BOYCE of 570 Wellington & Mrs. E.R. KELLY of 547 Wellington, 17 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009041-27 David John MCCORMICK, 33, Civil Servant, Amherst Island, Ottawa, s/o Thomas MCCORMICK & Ellen O'ROURKE; married Mary Elizabeth BELL, 28, Clerk, Merrickville, Ottawa, d/o Howard BELL & Florence CULBERT; wit Michael MCCORMICK, Kingston & Jessie BELL, Merrickville, 21 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009042-27 John Cranson MCCRADY, 52, Merchant, Wid, Lyn Leeds Co, Lyn, s/o John Washburn MCCRADY (b. Canada) & Sarah SMITH; married Sarah Francis PHILLIPS, 45, Nurse, Wid, Iroquois, Lyn, d/o Paul GRANT (b. Canada) & Agnes ROBERTSON; wit Clarence Albert LARRY & Mrs. Edith LARRY, both Ottawa, 4 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009043-27 Malcolm Stewart MCCURLEY, 26, Machinist, East Templeton Quebec, Ottawa, s/o James Armstrong MCCURLEY (b. Ireland) & Christina STANYARD; married Ethel COPP, 22, Manchester England, Ottawa, d/o Alfred COPP (b. England) & Amelia TURNBULL; wit Alfred COPP & Alfred COPP (Jr.), both Ottawa, 7 Jul 1927, Ottawa (NOTE: Divorced 1953)

009044-27 Thomas Francis MCDERMOTT, 32, Mill Hand, Cantley Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Patrick MCDERMOTT & Premella MCGOEY; married Mary Bella SHANE, 33, Saleslady, Plantagenet, Ottawa, d/o John SHANE & Mary KENNEDY; wit John MCDERMOTT & Mildred KAVANAGH, both Ottawa, 31 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009045-27 Gordon Duncan MCDIARMID, 25, Engraver, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Collas Arthur MCDIARMID (b. Ottawa) & Lane MCKENZIE; married Laura Louisa MOUSSEAU, 20, Saleslady, Saint Rose de Lima Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Thomas MOUSSEAU (b. Hull Quebec) & Louise ROBILLARD; wit Arthur MCDIARMID, Britannia Bay & Antrice MOUSSEAU, Calabogie, 20 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009046-27 Donald Alexander MCDONALD, 20, Ledger Keeper, Roxborough twp., Ottawa, s/o Donald John MCDONALD (b. Canada) & Emma MCBAIN; married Dorothy May YORK, 18, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Gordon Wilfred YORK (b. Canada) & Mary Catherine MOONEY; wit Gordon W. YORK Mary C YORK, both Ottawa, 23 Feb 1927, Ottawa

009047-27 James Howitt MCDONALD, 32, Forester, Morriston, Pembroke, s/o James MCDONALD (b. Huron? Co) & Janet MCCARDY; married Roberta Alexandria MCCLELLAND, 28, Renfrew, Pembroke, d/o Robert MCCLELLAND (b. Petawawa) & Mary RYAN; wit W.R. HADDEN, Oba & H.E. COUCH, Ottawa, 27 Jan 1927, Ottawa

009048-27 Wallace Kenneth MACDONALD, 27, Soldier, Montreal Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Baker? (Makee?) MACDONALD (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Ruth Marie COOMB; married Doris May HEMMING, 27, Stenographer, Oxford England, Ottawa, d/o Robert HEMMING (b. Oxford England) & Jane NASH; wit Walter R. HEMMING & Katherine L. LOWING, both Ottawa, 1 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009049-27 John Allan MACDONELL, 36, Salesman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Duncan King MACDONELL & Agnes Emma DUNN; married Louisa Mary STEVENS, 31, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William STEVENS & Mary KENNELLY; wit James Lyman MACDONELL & Christina KING, both Ottawa, 3 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009050-27 Edgar William MCDOUGALL, 33, Tester Bell Telephone Co, Calabogie, Ottawa, s/o John MCDOUGALL (b. Canada) & Sarah Ann BARRIE; married Elsie May BARKER, 27, Stenographer, Stittsville, Ottawa, d/o James BARKER (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann KEYES; wit Melville MCDOUGALL, Ottawa & Edna LE BRETON, Billings Bridge, 28 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009051-27 William Delmer MCELROY, 21, Motor Mechanic, West Templeton Quebec, Ottawa, s/o John MCELROY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth MILLER (Nelles?); married Annie Amelia WOODBURN (WOODHOUSE?), 22, Maid, Hull twp. Wright Quebec, Wakefield Quebec, d/o William Arthur WOODBURN (b. Canada) & Isabel DUGENS?; wit Aldon MILLER, Ottawa & Mildred MCELROY, Gatineau Pointe Quebec, 17 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009052-27 Joseph Hill MCFARLANE, 51, Railway Employee, Munster, Ottawa, s/o John MCFARLANE (b. Scotland) & Semae? COYLES; married Maude Augusta DRYBURGH, 36, Civil Servant, Bright, Ottawa, s/o John DRYBURGH (b. Scotland) & Jessie GARDINER; wit K. Louise MCFARLANE & Fred DRYBURGH, both Ottawa, 4 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009053-27 Patrick Philip MCGARVEY, 34, Mechanic, Ammith (s/b Amaranth) Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Philip MCGARVEY & Mary DICKSON; married Margaret Lillian BROPHY, 21, Cobalt, Ottawa, d/o Michael BROPHY & Mary MCEWAN; wit Francis MCGARVEY & Mrs. Frances GREEN, both Ottawa, 3 May 1927, Ottawa

009054-27 Francis Michael Patrick MCGOVERN, 27, Labourer (unemployed at present), West Templeton Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Michael MCGOVERN & Annie BURKE: married Mary Olive Rae ANDERSON, 22, Waitress, Metcalfe, Ottawa, d/o James ANDERSON & Mary Jane HEALER; wit John MCGOVERN, Quinnville Quebec & Mabel BELLERBY, Ottawa, 31 Jan 1927, Ottawa

009055-27 Walter Neville MCGRATH, 35, Civil Servant, Lower Stewiacke NS, Ottawa, s/o Thomas L. MCGRATH (b. New Brunswick) & Maud COMEAUX; married Margaret Aneita RIDDELL, 31, Civil Servant, Galetta Ont, Ottawa, d/o James RIDDELL (b. Fitzroy) & Alison Mary Ann DAVID; wit Mary A. RIDDELL & A.O. MCGREGOR, both Ottawa, 21 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009056-27 Neil Francis MCGREGOR, 43, Garage Owner, Ramsay twp, Carleton Place, s/o Patrick Nagle MCGREGOR (b. Huntley twp) & Mary Jane FORD; married Emma Dell HUNSBURGER, 33, Accountant, Princeton, Carleton Place, d/o James HUNSBURGER (b. Beamsville) & Emeline CHURCH; wit Mrs. I.W. BRUNDIGE & Ivan W. BRUNDIGE, both Ottawa, 28 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009057-27 Alfred Herbert MCGUIRE, 24, Labourer, England, Carlsbad Springs, s/o John MCGUIRE (b. England) & Florence ARMSTRONG; married Margaret Theresa CULLETT, 22, Carlsbad Springs, Carlsbad Springs, d/o Sidney CULLETT (b. Canada) & Catherine Bell MACDONALD; wit Donald MACDONALD & Helen ELLISON, both Ottawa, 24 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009058-27 Percy Joseph MCGUIRE, 21, operator, Thurso Quebec, Melrose Ave in Ottawa, s/o Christopher John MCGUIRE (b. Ont) & Selina LAVIOLETTE?: married Charlotte DUCHARMIN, 22, Telephone Operator, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph DUCHARMIN (b. Ottawa) & Catherine PADDEN; wit Anthony DUBREY & Pearl Margaret DUBREY, both Ottawa, 16 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009059-27 Russell Lorne MCILWAIN, 21, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William James MCILWAIN (b. Canada) & Margaret EDMONDSON; married Dorothy Ellen (Helen) WARD, 22, London, Ottawa, d/o Charles James WARD (b. Canada) & Mary JOHNSTON; wit Allen MARTIN & Kathleen COOK, both Ottawa, 27 May 1927, Ottawa

009060-27 Cecil Kenneth MCINNES, 22, Salesman, Glasgow Station, Ottawa, s/o Angus Hamilton MCINNES & Mary Jane COLDWELL (Caldwell?); married Alana Josephine HAWTHORNE, 23, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o George HAWTHORNE & Mary HOUGH; wit Arthur WARD & Ena TANNOCK, both Ottawa, 25 Aug 1927, Ottawa


009061-27 Gordon John MCINTOSH, 28, Mechanic, Ottawa, Fordson Mich USA, s/o William MCINTOSH (b. Ontario) & Muriel PECK; married Veronica FOUBERT, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John FOUBERT (b. Ontario) & Louisa COLLEY; wit Louisa FOUBERT & Muriel FLOYD, both Ottawa, 11 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009063-27 John Patrick MCINTYRE, 31, Accountant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Patrick MCINTYRE (b. Ottawa) & Catherine MCKRINK; married Janet Margaret JENKINS, 27, Saleslady, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William JENKINS (b. Ottawa) & Laurina Ann POOLE; wit Joseph MCINTYRE & William George JENKINS, both Ottawa, 15 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009062-27 John Hunter MACINTYRE, 25, Machinist, Bishopbridge Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Donald MACINTYRE (b. Scotland) & Jeanette HUNTER; married Frances Lillian PERKINS, 18, Factory Employee, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Henry PERKINS (b. Canada) & Frances Alberta BARTON; wit Jessie S. MACINTYRE & Leonard PERKINS, both Ottawa, 24 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009064-27 Donald MACKEIGAN, 27, Salesman, Sydney NS, Ottawa, s/o Christopher MCKEIGAN (b. Troutbrook Mira NS) & Alexis MACLEAN; married Amy Myrtle ALEXANDER, 35, Chief Opr. B.T. Co, Carleton Place, Ottawa, d/o John Silas ALEXANDER (b. Stittsville) & Annie Mary KEMP; wit Alyse ALEXANDER, Ottawa & Melain CAMERON of 678 Gilmour St., 28 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009065-27 Raphael Redding MCKINDERY, 30, Druggist, Forest, Ottawa, s/o Lindsay Patrick MCKINDERY & Effie REDDING; married Helen Hamilton GOOD, 26, Fredericton NB, Ottawa, d/o John James GOOD & Alice MITCHELL; wit Beric Gordon GOOD of 410 Riverdale Ave & Kathleen H. BREWER of 27 Harvard Ave, 5 Feb 1927, Ottawa

009066-27 Francis Robert MCKORTEL, 24, Dairyman, Masham Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Alexander MCKORTEL (b. Canada) & Alice WIGGINS; married Eleanor DEAN, 27, Domestic, Formby England, Ottawa, d/o John DEAN (b. England) & Ann ROBERTS; wit Edna M. THOMPSON & J. Colin THOMPSON, both Ottawa, 15 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009067-27 Albert Roy MACLAREN, 30, Engineer, Buckingham Quebec, Buckingham and Montreal Quebec, s/o Albert MACLAREN & Lillian MOODY; married Barbara White AVERY, 19, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Frederick Wells AVERY & Ottilee GRAHAM; wit Ottilee AVERY, Ottawa & Albert MACLAREN, Buckingham Quebec, 19 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009068-27 Alexander Edwin MACLAURIN, 40, Civil Servant, Vankleek Hill, Fredericton NB, s/o Archibald MACLAURIN (b. Ontario) & Grace MOWAT; married Gladys Mabel Flegg HILL, 20, Goulburn, Ottawa, d/o Melville H. HILL (b. Ontario) & Bertha FLEGG; wit Orion A. HILL & Muriel MACLAURIN, Vankleek Hill, 24 Nov 1927, Ottawa


009069-27 Edwin Theodore MCLAUGHLIN, 25, Instructor, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William MCLAUGHLIN (b. Ireland) & Isabella THOMPSON; married Myrtle Ruth Elizabeth WARD, 21, Civil Servant, Rossburn Manitoba, Ottawa, d/o Samuel D. WARD (b. Canada) & Grace DELONG; wit Grace WARD & Carroll HUDSON, both Ottawa, 3 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009070-27 Colin Maxwell MCLEAN, 33, Tire Finisher, Scotland, 65 Wroxeter Ave in Toronto, s/o Duncan MCLEAN (b. Scotland) & Sarah LANE; married Elsie C. MACDOUGALL, 33, Housekeeper, Ontario, Echo Banks Farm - Limoges, d/o John MACDOUGALL (b. Ontario) & Janet HENDERSON; wit Ross Wright BRIGHAM, Ottawa & Peter H. MACDOUGALL, Limoges, 14 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009071-27 James Knox MCLEAN, 22, Railway Employee, Johnstone Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Thomas MCLEAN (b. Ireland) & Jeanne KNOX; married Florence Mary Elizabeth HUTCHINS, 20, Maid, Parry Sound, Ottawa, d/o Andrew George HUTCHINS (b. England) & Clementine BARNES; wit Clementine HUTCHINS & Andrew George HUTCHINS, both Ottawa, 4 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009072-27 William Scott MCLEAN, 24, Driver, Glasgow Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Joseph MCLEAN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth SCOTT; married Ellen DOHERTY, 20, Domestic Servant, Meville Ireland, Ottawa, d/o George DOHERTY (b. Ireland) & Catherine MCGONAGLE; wit Arthur GORDON & Jessie SMITH, both Ottawa, 16 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009073-27 Norman John Campbell MACLEOD, 28, Telegraph Operator, Lochiel, Alexandria, s/o Donald C. MacLEOD (b. Canada) & Mary Ann MCDOUGAL; married Harriett Amelia HIGGINS, 23, Bookkeeper, Rockland, Rockland, d/o Dr. George W. MCDOUGALL (b. Canada) & Jessie KENNEDY; wit Dr. George HIGGINSON & Ethel HIGGINSON, both Rockland, 11 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009074-27 Robert Sinclair MCLEOD, 48, Accountant Civil Servant, Edinburgh Scotland, Ottawa, s/o John MCLEOD (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Catherine SINCLAIR; married Bridget Margaret GILHOOLY, 37, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph GILHOOLY (b. Ireland) & Rose MAGUIRE; wit Walter GILHOOLY & Effie GILHOOLY, both Ottawa, 30 Aug 1927, Ottawa


009075-27 Joseph Leonard MCLEWIN, 28, Printer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Ernest MCLEWIN & Annie HOLMES; married Mary Nellie MURPHY, 26, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William MURPHY & Margaret FURRIE? (Furris?); wit Gordon MCLEWIN & Florence MURPHY, both Ottawa, 21 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009076-27 James Stanley Claude MACMILLAN, 26, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Dr. Alexander MCMILLAN (sic) (b. Canada) & Catherine MCRAE; married Lilas Bernadette WHITELAW, 21, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o George Henry WHITELAW (b. Canada) & Jean Elizabeth VAUGHAN; wit Frederick BRYSON & Grace PERRAS, both Ottawa, 28 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009077-27 Percy Robert MCMILLAN, 24, Lumber Shipper, South Indian, Ottawa, s/o William John MCMILLAN (b. Eardley Quebec) & Esther Ann RAWSOM (Ransom?); married Clara Irene MCCLELLAND, 24, Domestic, Cantley Quebec, Ottawa, d/o James Alexander MCLELLAND (sic) (b. Cantley Quebec) & Elleanor Adeline RICHARDS; wit Esther MCMILLAN & Georgina M. MEREDITH, both Ottawa, 4 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009078-27 Lloyd MCMONAGLE, 28, Sales Manager, Berwick, Ottawa, s/o Alexander R. MCMONAGLE (b. Berwick) & Emma EMPEY; married Carol Annetta ALFORD, 27, Teacher, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William ALFORD (b. Chesterville) & Annetta LOUCKS; wit J.H. ALFORD, 299 Somerset Ave & C.E. MCMONAGLE, Westboro, 16 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009079-27 Elmer Joseph MCNALLY, 22, Plumber, Almonte, Ottawa, s/o Joseph Francis MCNALLY (b. PEI) & Mary MCINNES; married Catherine May CURZON, 21, Stenographer, Hintonburg, Ottawa, d/o James CURZON (b. Canada) & Catherine FAY (Foy?); wit Mathew CONLON & Thelma CURZON, both Ottawa, 12 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009080-27 Francis Edward MCNEELY, 34, Butcher, Wid, Beckwith twp, Carleton Place, s/o Bryce MCNEELY (b. Beckwith twp. Lanark Co) & Eliza Jane GILLAN; married Jessie BOALE, 35, Dental Nurse, Ramsay twp, Almonte, d/o Robert BOALE (b. Co. Down Ireland) & Ann Jane MCKIBBON; wit Mrs. W.A. DOBSON & Nesbitt DOBSON, both Ottawa, 5 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009081-27 William Joseph MCNEILLY, 28, Farm Labourer, Co. Down Ireland, Nepean twp, s/o William MCNEILLY (b. Ireland) & Mary WILSON; married Mary Elizabeth BARBOUR, 26, Cook, Co. Down Ireland, Westmount Montreal, d/o Joseph BARBOUR (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth ANNOT; wit Emily BARBOUR, Montreal & Jessie MCCUAIG, 6 Jan 1927, Ottawa

009082-27 Donald Cecil MACPHERSON, 26, Civil Engineer, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Colin MACPHERSON (b. Canada) & Agnes BARWICK; married Alma Harriet SMITH, 22, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Samuel Robert SMITH (b. Canada) & Hattie HATCH; wit C.E. MACPHERSON, Montreal & Violet SMITH, Ottawa, 5 Mar 1927, Ottawa


009025-27 Craig MUNRO, 21, Railway Employee, Aylmer Quebec, Ottawa, s/o George A. MUNRO (b. Lancaster) & Eliza JOHNSON; married Hazel Bella CAPLE, 22, Pittston Grenville, Ottawa, d/o William CAPLE (b. Michigan USA) & Ada Bella CROWDER; wit Catherine M. CAPLE & Cecil B. CAPLE, both Ottawa, 5 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009026-27 Frederick MUNRO, 43, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o John MUNRO (b. Ottawa) & Christina CAMEL?; married Domathilde Alida DOZOIS, 36, Clerk, Aylmer Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Charles DOZOIS (b. Alymer Quebec) & Delphine BEAUPRE; wit Joseph MUNRO & Charles DOZOIS, both Ottawa, 19 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009027-27 Arthur Joseph MURPHY, 35, Farmer, Liverpool England, Farrelton Quebec, s/o Joseph & Mary MURPHY; married Catherine KEARNEY, 36, Maid, Liverpool England, Ottawa, d/o John KEARNEY & Catherine DUNNE; wit Ernest WOOD & Theresa KEOUGH, both Ottawa, 27 Oct 1927, Carleton Co

009028-27 John Robert MURPHY, 22, Plasterer, Ireland, Gloucester twp, s/o John Robert MURPHY (b. Ireland) & Margaret WALSH; married Beatrice Ethel MOCKETT, 21, Gloucester twp, Gloucester twp, d/o William Martin MOCKETT (b. England) & Martha CUTTS; wit Martha MOCKETT, Billings Bridge & Viola WALKER of 496 Metcalfe,15 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009030-27 Howard John William MURRAY, 25, Estimator, Saint Raphaels de Bury Quebec, Detroit Mich USA, s/o John William (b. Canada) & Isabel MURRAY; married Violet Irene MOORE, 28, Civil Servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Alex MOORE (b. Canada) & Jennie R. SUFFRON; wit Verla M. STODDARD & William A. MOORE, both Ottawa, 30 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009029-27 Charles Harry Alexander MURRAY, 23, Labourer, Rockland, Ottawa, s/o Edward William MURRAY (b. Bear River Nova Scotia) & Ory SPOONER; married Mabel Eliza JOHNS, 20, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o James Thomas JOHNS (b. Dublin Ireland) & Clara WILLIAM; wit William Edward MURRAY & James MURRAY, both Ottawa, 28 Mar 1927, Ottawa

009031-27 James MURRAY, 26, Machinist, Wid, Brighton Quebec, Ottawa, s/o James MURRAY & Harriett FINNIGAN; married Mary Julia MAINVILLE, 24, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Louis MAINVILLE & no mother given; wit Louis MAINVILLE of 99 Muir St. & Edouard MAINVILLE of 435 Booth St., 1 Mar 1927, Ottawa

9083-27 Joseph Jean Baptiste Eugene NADEAU, 25, factory hand, Plaisance Que., Detroit, s/o Eugene NADEAU, b. NB & Sarah Jane CHAPMAN, married Bernadette BEAULIEU, 20, Kamomaska? Que., Ottawa, d/o Philippe BEAULIEU, b. Kamomaska & Davidge? LAPOINTE, witn: Philippe BEAULIEU & Romain? illegible, both of Ottawa, 24 May 1927 at Ottawa

009084-27 Andrew NELSON, 24, Labourer, Denmark, Ottawa, s/o William A. NELSON (b. Denmark) & Jane HERBERT; married Mary Catherine OUELLETTE, 27, Pembroke, Pembroke, d/o Joseph OUELLETTE (b. Canada) & Agnes Anne HOLDEN; wit Charles WAGNER & Charlotte TANGUAY, both Ottawa, 1 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009085-27 Hugh Alexander NESBITT, 47, engineer, Wid, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Alexander NESBITT (b. Ireland) & Mary MULLIGAN; married Annie Jane MATTHEWS, 45, Charwoman, Wid, Cornwall England, Ottawa, d/o Richard THOMAS (b. England) & Mary HAWKING; wit Alfred LEPAGE & Carry LEPAGE, both Ottawa, 4 May 1927, Ottawa

009086-27 Kenneth Nelson NIBLOCK, 25, Clerk, Lyndhurst, Ottawa, s/o Nelson NIBLOCK (b. Canada) & Mary DILLON; married Catherine Agnes MACELROY, 24, Clerk, Arnprior, Ottawa, d/o Patrick H. MCELROY (sic) (b. Canada) & Mary BRUNETTE; wit George JOYNT & Florence MCELROY, both Ottawa, 22 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009087-27 Robert NICHOLSON, 30, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Henry NICHOLSON (b. Canada) & Kate MCGINNIS; married Mary GILMARTIN, 19, Maid, Preston England, Ottawa, d/o Michael GILMARTIN (b. Belfast Ireland) & Mary KENNEDY; wit William A. BRISCOE & Lillian BRISCOE, both Ottawa, 3 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009088-27 John Leonard NOLAN, 27, Farmer, Gloucester twp, Gloucester twp, s/o William NOLAN (b. Somewhere in Ireland) & Anny HOGAN; married Kathleen REDMOND, 22, Gloucester twp, Gloucester twp, d/o Robert REDMOND (b. South Gloucester) & Katherine BOLGER; wit W. Robert REDMOND, Manotick Station & Lucien JOUBORNE, Ottawa, 27 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009089-27 Christopher Ashley NORCROSS, 28, Landscape Engineer, Lennoxville Quebec, Cleveland Ohio USA, s/o Atto A. NORCROSS (b. Canada) & May L. ELLIOTT; married Agnes Jean HUTCHISON, 25, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Orrin H. HUTCHISON (b. Canada) & Annie Moore SMITH; wit R.G?. NORCROSS, Halifax NS & Lillian BINGHAM, Ottawa, 15 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009090-27 Simon NORMAN, 28, Railroader, St. Pierre de Martinique, Ottawa, s/o Simon NORMAN (b. St. Pierre de Martinique France) & Eva SAVOIE; married Emilianne SARAZIN, 19, Maid, Montebello Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Augustin (b. Canada) & Marie Louise SARAZIN; wit Noe VIAU & Josephine JENKINS, both Hull Quebec, 12 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009091-27 Lorne James NORTON, 30, Accountant, Billings Bridge, Detroit Mich USA, s/o Robert NORTON (b. Ottawa) & Isabelle GREY; married Mary Elizabeth QUINNEY, 23, Ottawa, Gloucester twp, d/o Henry A. QUINNEY (b. England) & Mary A. POLLOCK; wit Mary S. NORTON, Hawthorne & James MCLAUGHLIN, Ottawa, 28 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009092-27 George Arthur Percival O'BRIEN, 37, Farmer, Osgoode twp, Osgoode twp, s/o John James O'BRIEN (b. Ireland) & Jane SIMMS; married Mamie MURPHY, 38, Osgoode twp, Osgoode twp, d/o Michael MURPHY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth MCGUIRE; wit Patrick Earl MURPHY, Osgoode Station & Annie BRENNAN, Ottawa, 1 Mar 1927, Ottawa

009094-27 John Delmer O'BRIEN, 26, Gardener, Alice twp, Pembroke, s/o John O'BRIEN (b. Westmeath) & Florence ANDERSON; married Gladys Isobel VIGGERS, 19, Westmeath twp, Ottawa, d/o William VIGGERS (b. England) & Elizabeth ANDERSON; wit Clarence S. MORTON, Ashton & Ina B. EBBS, Ottawa, 1 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009096-27 Jeremiah Michael Herbert O'DONNELL, 34, Civil Servant, Pembroke, Ottawa, s/o John O'DONNELL (b. Canada) & Louisa ARMAND; married Minnie Margaret JACKMANN, 39, Table Maid, Wesselburen Germany, Ottawa, d/o Frederick William JACKMANN (b. Germany) & Annie Helen NOOCKMANN; wit Osias E. THIBAULT & Regina THIBAULT, both of 97 College Ave, 18 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009097-27 D'Arcy Cornelius O'DONNELL, 27, Section Foreman Railroad, Warren, Fitzroy Harbour, s/o James O'DONNELL & Catherine O'REILLY; married Elizabeth Gertrude WHITE, 25, Service Maid, Stanleyville, Ottawa, d/o John WHITE & Ellen PARKS; wit Basil STANTON Quyon Quebec & Herbert WHITE, Stanleyville, 22 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009095-27 Robert James OFFORD, 32, Chemist, London England, Ottawa, s/o Robert James OFFORD (b. London England) & Sarah HARRIS; married Maude Elizabeth WEST, 27, Stenographer, Chapleau, Ottawa, d/o Henry A. WEST (b. Charing Cross - Chatham Ont) & Elizabeth E. OGILVIE; wit Bertram A. FAUVEL & Gordon O. WEST, both Ottawa, 22 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009093-27 Clarence Willis OGILVIE, 32, Cashier, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James OGILVIE (b. Galt) & Annie BOA; married Gladys Kathryn LYTLE, 31, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John LYTLE (b. Ottawa) & Annie SCOTT; wit H. KINGSLAND & John OGILVIE, both Ottawa, 6 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009098-27 William Peter O'GORMAN, 34, Farmer, Douglas, Douglas, s/o Thomas O'GORMAN & Ellen KILGORE; married Irene Norman RYAN, 27, Trained Nurse, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Thomas RYAN & Elizabeth MCCOURT; wit John Thomas O'GORMAN, Toronto & Alma RYAN, Ottawa, 20 Sept 1927, Ottawa


009099-27 Percy Alfred OLSON, 21, Machinist, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Christie OLSON & Bridget O'MEARA; married Mildred Beatrice MATTHEW, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William MATTHEW & Annie THOMAS; wit Mrs. Delphine THORN? & Zeba M. COVEYE, 26 Feb 1927, Ottawa

009100-27 Harold Joseph O'MEARA, 26, Teamster, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Joseph O'MEARA (b. Canada) & Mary Ann O'DAY; married Barbara H.E. MCMILLAN, 22, Wakefield Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Hugh MCMILLAN (b. Canada) & Jane MCGLASHAN; wit Andrew BAKER & Veronica BAKER, both Ottawa, 22 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009101-27 Sidney OSTER, 23, Salesman, Poland, Ottawa, s/o David OSTER (b. Poland) & Bella CLAMAN; married Pearl ARONSON, 24, Saleswoman, Russia, Boston Mass, d/o Alter? (b. Russia) & Dora ARONSON; wit Mattel FELDMAN of 155 Colwy? St. & Nathan OSTER, Ottawa, 17 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009102-27 Vincenzo ORTOLAN, 22 Nov 1898, Labourer, Pasiano Si Postenone - Udine, Ottawa, s/o Virginio ORTOLAN & Luiga BORIALON; married Maria Rosa Paslina GIUNTA, 15 Sept 1905, Ronialia Pesaro, Ottawa, d/o Agostino GIUNTA & Ersilia MONALDI; wit Marcello PICCININNI & Anna DRUDI, both Ottawa, 2 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009103-27 Arthur Joseph OUELLETTE, 31, Shipping Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Cyrias OUELLETTE & Clementine LAFONTAINE; married Dora POTTER, 37, Telephone Operator, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William POTTER & Mary Ann SHASFIELD; wit Conrad LADOUCEUR & Br MOISAN, both Ottawa, 12 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009104-27 J.B. Hyrman OUELLETTE, 29, Farmer, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Emile OUELLETTE & Cecile SABOURIN; married Gertrude LABELLE, 27, Nurse, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph LABELLE & Malvina LANDRIAULT; wit Emile OUELLETTE, Alexandria & Wilfred LABELLE, Ottawa, 27 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009105-27 William Peter PACKWOOD, 37, Salesman, Wid, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Peter PACKWOOD & Annie BEACH; married Alma Irene FLOOD, 20, Saleslady, Nepean twp, Ottawa, d/o Benjamin Wesley FLOOD & Maude HODGINS: wit Andrew LITTLE & Ina MACDONALD, both Ottawa, 5 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009106-27 Liberato PALANDRA, 21, Machinist, Croton-on-Hudson, Gatineau Point Quebec, s/o Nicola & Teresa nee VERCILLI; married Angelina LUCIANO, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Antonio & Maria nee CAMANA; wit Marie OLIVER & Jose OLIVER, both Gatineau Point Quebec, 26 Sept 1927, Ottawa


009107-27 Augustin Jean PAPINEAU, 29, Electrician, Coaticook Quebec, Montreal, s/o Joseph Victor PAPINEAU & Marie Zelia ANCTIL; married Marie Corinne Pauline DAOUST, 24, Winnipeg, Ottawa, d/o Joseph Emile DAOUST & Marguerite BRUNET; wit Joseph Victor PAPINEAU, Montreal & Joseph Emile DAOUST, Ottawa, 30 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009108-27 Eugene PAQUETTE, no age given, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Adolphe PAQUETTE & Emilia GAUVREAU; married Rosa SARRAZIN, no age given, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph SARRAZIN & Marlene COUSINEAU; wit Paul GUAY & Paul SARRAZIN, both Ottawa, 18 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009109-27 Joseph Pierre Edouard PAQUETTE, 26, Clerk, Ottawa, Eastview Centre, s/o Pierre PAQUETTE & Albina BARBEAU; married Flora ASSELIN, 18, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Emile ASSELIN & Marie Louise LONGPRE; wit Napoleon PAQUETTE & Emile ASSELIN, both Ottawa, 26 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009110-27 Raoul PAQUETTE, 25, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Jean Baptiste PAQUETTE & Maria DUPUIS; married Juliette LATOUR, 18, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Eugene LATOUR & Lorenza BRAZEAU; wit Jean Baptiste PAQUETTE & Alderic FOUBERT, both Ottawa, 11 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009111-27 Jean PARE, 30, Chemist, Battleford Sask, Timmins, s/o Jean Baptiste PARE & late Emma LEFEBVRE; married Maria Jeanne BARON, 23, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph Henri BARON & Alice FRECHETTE; wit Jean Baptiste PARE, Timmins & Joseph Henri BARON, Ottawa, 28 May 1927, Ottawa

009112-27 Charles Etienne PARENT, 24, Labourer, Three Rivers Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Pauline PARENT & Stella FITZPATRICK; married Anna Kathleen LITTLE, 23, Telephone Operator, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John LITTLE & Anna MCKNIGHT; wit Raymond PARENT & Hilda LITTLE, both Ottawa, 29 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009113-27 Ubald PARENT, 24, Farmer, Clarence Creek, Bourget, s/o Joseph PARENT (b. Clarence Creek) & Leocadie LALONDE; married Marie Jeanne Gilberte Antonia MENARD, 19, Clarence twp, Bourget, d/o Joseph Adelard MENARD (b. Buckingham Quebec) & Clementine LABROSSE; wit H. Erolle CHARRON, Ottawa & Leon LACASSE, Eastman, 28 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009115-27 James PATTERSON, 47, Labourer, Wid, Forfarshire Scotland, Ottawa, s/o James PATTERSON (b. Forfarshire Scotland) & Margaret LOW; married Evelyn GREENE, 56, Wid, Kirk's Ferry Quebec, Ottawa, d/o John KIRK (b. Ireland) Mary Ann BROOKS; married Mrs. W.A. DOBSON & Nesbitt DOBSON, both of 70 Fairmont Ave, 5 Mar 1927, Ottawa

009116-27 Russell Benjamin PATTERSON, 31, Commercial Traveller, Joliette Quebec, Quebec Quebec, s/o James Robert PATTERSON (b. Canada) & Emily WOODS; married Alberta Sophia DUNLOP, 26, Bookkeeper, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o James Russel DUNLOP (b. Canada) & Alberta Sophia MCCALLUM; wit Shirley E. WOODS & Margaret Evelyn DUNLOP, both Ottawa, 19 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009117-27 Harold Armstrong PAYNTER, 21, Stenographer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Samuel PAYNTER (b. Ottawa) & Caroline ARMSTRONG; married Vida Florence HYNDMAN, 18 11/12, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o James HYNDMAN (b. Carleton Co) & Mary TRUEMAN; wit Roger BELANGER & Beulah BELLFOY (Bellfry?), both Ottawa, 8 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009118-27 Edward PEARCE, 19, Mechanic, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Walter PEARCE & Marie DORAY (or DOVAY); wit Bertha LAROCQUE, 16, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Alfred LAROCQUE & Angelina MENARD; wit Eusebe RIOPELLE of 62 Young St. & Joseph RIOPELLE of 54 Norman St., 30 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009119-27 Garnet Ira PEARSON, 26, Train man, Campbell twp. Manitoulin Island, Low Quebec, s/o Ira PEARSON (b. England) & [blank] SENETT, married Myrtle JOHNSON, 18, Domestic, Burpee Manitoulin Island, Little Current Manitoulin Island, d/o George JOHNSON (b. Ontario) & [blank] CAMPBELL; wit Nellie EARDLEY & Kenneth EARDLEY, both Ottawa, 24 Mar 1927, Ottawa

009120-27 Edouard Fortunat PEPIN, 29, Civil Servant, Wid, Hull Quebec, Hull Quebec, s/o Joseph PEPIN (b. Ottawa) & Celina LAFRANCE; married Amelia HURTUBISE, 27, Milliner, Papineauville Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Napoleon HURTUBISE (b. Papineauville Quebec) & Marguerite CHABOT; wit Napoleon HURTUBISE, Ottawa & Isidore LAFRANCE, Hull, 27 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009121-27 Alphonse PERIARD, 26, Bricklayer, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, s/o Napoleon PERIARD (b. Canada) & Alphonsine BRISBOIS married Yvonne GENDRON, 20, Maid, Aylmer Quebec, Aylmer Quebec, d/o Napoleon GENDRON (b. Canada) & Philomena AYOTTE; wit Margaret B. TAIT & Erica THOMPSON, both Ottawa, 3 May 1927, Ottawa

009122-27 Ernest PERRIER, 23, Electrician, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Albert PERRIER (b. Ottawa) & Delia MICHAUD; married Diana ROCKBURN, 18 11/12, Alymer, Alymer, d/o Moise ROQUEBRUNE (b. Alymer Quebec) & Ernestine AYOTTE; wit Joseph FOISY?, Augusta & Gilbert DEMERS, Ottawa, 8 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009123-27 David Rolland PERRIER, 22, Butcher, Casselman, Ottawa, s/o Simeon PERRIER (b. illegible Quebec) & Isobel GRENIER; married Helien Mathilda SCHARF, 20, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John SCHARF (b. Templeton Quebec) & Eleanor LAPLANT; wit Maud LECOMPTE, Ottawa & Frederick E. BU--?, Montreal, 10 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009124-27 Leopold PERRIER, 27, Clerk, Clarence Creek, Calumet Quebec, s/o Napoleon PERRIER & Delia LAROCQUE; married Georgiana CLEMENT, 27, Rockland, Ottawa, d/o Albert CLEMENT & Amanda DUQUETTE; wit Napoleon PERRIER & Telesphore LEMAY, both Rockland, 28 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009125-27 George Frederick PESE, 27, Manufacturer, Marht-Wilhamsdorf Luernberg Germany, Ottawa, s/o Hans PESE (b. Germany) & Betty KLEIN; married Jessie WRIGHT (nee Jessie JOHNSON), 27, Housekeeper, Divorced (papers filed with clerk), Fort William Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Arthur JOHNSON (b. Scotland) & Jessie THOMSON; wit J.D. CRAWFORD, Ottawa & F.D. HOGG of 226 Argyle Ave, 9 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009179-27 William Van Buren RIDDELL, 34, Physical Instructor, Winnipeg Man, Ottawa, s/o William Philip RIDDELL (deceased) (b. Milby Quebec) & Rosetta Marie SPROULE; married Ana KING, 37, Fitter, Knearsborough Yorkshire England, Britannia, d/o John KING (b. Spofforth Yorkshire England) & Martha HUTCHINSON; wit Alice Mary KING & Robert Frank RIDDELL, both Britannia Heights, 14 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009181-27 Sidney James RIDGEWELL, 24, Roofer, England, Ottawa, s/o Richard William RIDGEWELL & Roseanna MAY; married Edith Francesca JOHNSON, 27, Buckingham Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Charles JOHNSON & Martha KITTLE; wit Arthur Richard RIDGEWELL, Linden ELON, Rockcliffe Park & Agnes Blanche RIDGEWELL, Ottawa, 17 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009180-27 Percy Cyril RIDGEWELL, 22, England, Ottawa, s/o Richard William RIDGEWELL & Rosanna MAY; married Lois Mildred DOUGHERTY, 21, Milliner, Wakefield Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Hutton DOUGHERTY & Jessie WELLS; wit William Herbert RIDGEWELL & Edith Elizabeth DOUGHERTY, both Ottawa, 23 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009183-27 Louis Alexander RIOPELLE, 27, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James RIOPELLE (b. Ottawa) & Mary Louise MCDONALD; married Edith Gertrude PURCELL, 24, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Samuel PURCELL (b. Ottawa) & Ellen Beatrice CASSELL; wit James KENNEDY & Mrs. James KENNEDY, both Ottawa, 17 May 1927, Ottawa

009184-27 Walter RIOPELLE, 21, Labourer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Arthur RIOPELLE (b. Ottawa) & Emalie LA FRANCE; married Rachel Emily STROUD, 21, Springtown Renfrew, Springtown Renfrew, d/o George STROUD ( b. Canada) & Mary ANDERSON; wit Mrs. Agnes LA ROCQUE & Mrs. Lydia STOKER, both Ottawa, 5 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009185-27 John Henry RITCHIE, 22, Door Keeper at Civic Hospital, London England, Ottawa Civic Hospital, s/o John RITCHIE (b. England) & Mary MILLER; married Agnes May COLEMAN, 20, Maid, Moose Creek, Ottawa, d/o William COLEMAN (b. Canada) & Janet LEMON; wit William SIMEY & John J. PICARD, both Ottawa, 5 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009186-27 Simon Joseph RITT, 29, Merchant, Korno Russia, Ottawa, s/o Leipzig RITENSKY (sic)(b. Russia) & Dora RUBINOVICH; married Thelma DOVER, 22, Civil Servant, Eganville, Ottawa, d/o Henry DOVER (b. Russia) & Nettie FEINBERG; wit Joseph J. EISENSTADT, New York & Jueve KIZELL, Ottawa, 2 Feb 1927, Ottawa

009187-27 Joseph Zenon ROBERGE, 28, Labourer, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o Henri ROBERGE (b. Canada) & Donalda TARPIN; married Victoria Mary MCGOWAN, 24, Maid, Liverpool England, Eastview, d/o James MCGOWAN (b. England) & Theresa Constantine LAWRENCE; wit Belany ROBERGE & Alphonse LAUZON, both Eastview, 5 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009188-27 Francois Xavier ROBERT, 26, Merchant, Masson Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Pierre ROBERT (b. Buckingham Quebec) & Cecile TRAVERSY; married Marie Henriette Cecile JEAN, 24, Clerk, Fernie BC, Ottawa, d/o (late) Joseph JEAN (b. Plessisville Quebec) & Marie Louise LALONDE; wit Pierre ROBERT & Marguerite? JEAN, both Ottawa, 29 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009189-27 Charles Edwin ROBERTSON, 25, Physical Director, Ottawa, Springfield illegible USA, s/o John ROBERTSON & Martha MIDDLETON; married Anne Louise ANDERSON, 25, Clerk, England, Ottawa, d/o William Arthur ANDERSON & Martha Elizabeth LIPSEY; wit Allan R. DEVENNEY & Kathleen MACPHAIL, both Ottawa, 6 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009190-27 Samuel ROBERTSON, 28, Foreman, Ottawa, Belfast Ireland, s/o William (b. Belfast Ireland) & Catherine ROBERTSON; married Florence Isabel ADAMS, 18, Maid, Kinburn, Ottawa, d/o Charles ADAMS (b. London England) & Bernia? ADAMS; wit John M. BROWN & Violet Lorena PATERSON, both Ottawa, 11 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009191-27 William ROBERTSON, 63, Retired Farmer, Wid, Fullerton Twp, Lanark, s/o Thomas ROBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Mary CREIGHTON; married Hannah May CLOSE, 51, Bookkeeper, Lanark Twp, Lanark, d/o John Leroy CLOSE (b. Ontario) & Euphemia BAIRD; wit Wesley Evans ROBERTSON & Louisa ROBERTSON, both Ottawa, 19 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009194-27 George Edward ROBINSON, 28, Druggist, Marvelville, Ottawa, s/o James H. ROBINSON (b. Kenmore) & Phoebe Charlotte CHENEY; married Shirley Alexandria WYLIE, 24, Nurse, Plantagenet, Mountain, d/o Alexander K. WYLIE (b. Plantagenet) & Susan JOHNSTON; wit Stella Alexandria WYLIE, Mountain & Albert Wade ROBINSON, Marvelville, 1 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009196-27 Martin Luton ROBINSON, 20, Teamster, Russell, Ottawa, s/o Alex ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Marguerite ROBINSON; married Martha JULIEN, 19, Laundress, Maxville, Maxville, d/o Benoit JULIEN (b. Canada) & Anna SAUVE; wit Laura ROBINSON & Eddie JULIEN, both Ottawa, 18 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009195-27 Harvey Nelson ROBINSON, 24, Clergyman, Waltham Quebec, Winchester, s/o Alexander ROBINSON (b. Chichester Quebec) & Almira NELSON; married Mary Evangeline SHEA, 21, Winchester, Ottawa, d/o Adam J. SHEA (b. Westmeath) & Maude M. WHITNEY; wit Russell L. LEROY, Waltham Quebec & Pauline B. SHEA, Ottawa, 10 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009198-27 Auguste ROCQUE (Roczue?), 24, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Napoleon ROCQUE & Alice LAPOINTE; married Desneiges LEBLANC, 27, Clerk, Aylmer, Ottawa, d/o Delpis LEBLANC & Josephine ROUSHON, wit Napoleon ROCQUE & Delphis LEBLANC, both Ottawa, 17 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009199-27 Joseph Emile RODRIQUE, 36, Civil Employee, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Charles RODRIQUE & Adele LAPORTE dit ST. GEORGE; married Melida LANDRY, 28, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Edouard LANDRY & Emma BIGRAS; wit Louis J. RODRIQUE & Valmore LANDRY, both Ottawa, 21 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009200-27 Melville Falkner ROGERS, 28, Lawyer, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Amos Frankford ROGERS & Margaret Rebecca FALKNER; married Isobel Hossack BLYTH, 22, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o James Thorp BLYTH & Isabella Evans THOMSON; wit James Thorp BLYTH & Frankford E. ROGERS, both Ottawa, 5 Mar 1927, Ottawa

009201-27 Richard Ernest ROGERS, 44, Wholesale Drug Clerk, Wid, Falmouth England, Ottawa, s/o Richard John ROGERS (b. England) & Harriet JAMES; married Margaret GRAY, 38, Saleslady, Brighton England, Ottawa, d/o Samuel GRAY (b. England) & Margaret PIGGOT; wit John WHALLEY & Viola ROGERS, both Ottawa, 4 Feb 1927, Ottawa

009203-27 Samuel ROODMAN, 29, Merchant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Moses ROODMAN (b. Russia) & Batheva CAMEN; married Bessie COHEN, 27, Clerk, Boston Mass USA, Ottawa, d/o Samuel COHEN (b. Russia) & Maine RAVDIN; wit Abraham ASH & Murray BOSLOW, both Ottawa, 19 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009204-27 Lionel Adam ROSENTHAL, 20, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Martie ROSENTHAL (b. England) & Mae ADAMS; married Martha Frances Jean Cloudsley LOW, 22, Dental Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o James LOW (b. Scotland) & Martha ASHE; wit Florence E. RENNIE & Mildred P. BAKER, both Ottawa, 28 Jul 1927, Ottawa

009205-27 Ivor Neville ROSS, 31, Mechanic, England, Britannia, s/o Neville William ROSS (b. England) & Ida FIELDING; married Elsie Jean MCDIARMID, 20, Ottawa, Britannia, d/o Collas? Arthur MCDIARMID (b. Canada) & Jean MCKENZIE; wit A. MCDIARMID & G.E. SKUCE, both Britannia Bay, 27 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009206-27 Clifford Edward ROTHWELL, 29, Grocer, Carleton Place, Chicago, s/o William ROTHWELL (b. Canada) & Mary TODD; married Gladys Robina PETERKIN, 24, Stenographer, West Templeton Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Alexander PETERKIN (b. Canada) & Margaret PENNEY; wit John CONROY, Hurdman's Bridge & George S. PENNEY, Buckingham Quebec, 5 Mar 1927, Ottawa

009207-27 Joseph Albert ROY, 21, Painter, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Michael Joseph ROY (b. Canada) & Victoria LAMBERT; married Irene Mary ORREY, 18, Housekeeper, Prince Albert Sask, Ottawa, d/o Elias H. ORREY (b. Canada) & Rosanna DENNIE; wit Samuel BRUNETTE & Francis FERMOYLE, both Ottawa, 8 Mar 1927, Ottawa

009208-27 Telesphore ROY, 33, Butcher, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Auguste ROY (b. Finch) & Alexina AUBERGE; married Antoinette LAMOUREAU, 23, Saleslady, Wid, River Joseph Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Eugene CHARLEBOIS (b. L'Orignal) & Helene DESPINS (Dupuis?); wit Auguste ROY & Eugene CHARLEBOIS, both Ottawa, 28 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009209-27 Ernest Richard RYAN, 29, Superintendent, Pembroke, Temiscaming Quebec, s/o Richard RYAN (b. Pembroke) & Ann MCEWAN; married Marie Pearl PERIA, 28, Saleslady, Maynooth, Temiscaming Quebec, d/o Thomas PERIA (b. Maynooth) & Catherine LAVALLEE; wit Arthur KEYES, Mattawa & Margaret NOONAN, Ottawa, 1 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009210-27 Ulric ST. AMOUR, 26, Optometrist, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o David ST. AMOUR & Mathilda BRISSON; married Alice DUMOULIN, 23, St. Joseph de Lac Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Joseph DUMOULIN & Aglae LACROIX; wit David ST. AMOUR, Rupert Quebec & Tiege? I.A.C. ETHIER, Viauville Montreal, 20 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009211-27 Joseph Albert ST. GEORGE, 44, Civil Servant, Wid, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William ST. GEORGE (b. St. Paul Minn USA) & Mathilde JUBENVILLE; married Marie Corinne CYR, 38, Housekeeper, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph CYR (b. La Gatineau Quebec) & Rose Anna LABRECQUE; wit William ST. GEORGE & Joseph CYR, both Ottawa, 11 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009212-27 James Howard ST. GEORGE, 34, Secretary, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James H. ST. GEORGE & Catherine BURNS; married Elizabeth Anthram BELCH, 29, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William BELCH & Elizabeth GIBSON; wit James H. ST. GEORGE (Sr) & Grace LABONTE, both Ottawa, 17 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009213-27 Joseph Oliver ST. JACQUES, 33, Motor Mechanic, Burbridge Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Olivier ST. JACQUES (b. Canada) & Agnes? LECUYER; married Marie Zephyrine LAROCQUE, 24, Maid, Ste Sophie d'Aldfield Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Alexandre LAROCQUE (b. Canada) & Olympe LAROCQUE; wit Lorenzo PICHETTE & David WALSH, both Ottawa, 6 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009214-27 Paul Ovila ST. MARTIN, 21, Labourer, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, s/o Napoleon ST. MARTIN (b. St. Eugene) & Mathilda GUINDON; married Marie Rose LABELLE, 20, Domestic, Valleyfield Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Francois LABELLE (b. Ormstown Quebec) & Clare BEAUPRE; wit Joseph MARIONETTE & Paul LACOMBE, both Ottawa, 13 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009215-27 Sam SACKS, 25, Tailor, Russia, Ottawa, s/o Pinney SACKS (b. Russia) & Rachel SIGLE; married Ida LAMSTER, 20, Dressmaker, Russia, Ottawa, d/o Sholom LAMSTER (b. Russia) & Bella KOSTSIK; wit O.M.? GOLDSMITH & M. PEARLMAN, both Ottawa, 17 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009217-27 Ernest SALE, 33, Machinist, Liverpool England, Carleton Place, s/o Thomas SALE (b. England) & Sarah HISLOP; married Lola STANZEL, 33, Milliner, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o Stephen William STANZEL (b. Canada) & Annie Eliza CONLIN; wit A.M. BEAMISH, Ottawa & Albert JOHNSTON, Carleton Place, 29 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009219-27 John SAVAGE, 26, Cook Bucharest Romania, Ottawa, s/o Alexander SAVAGE & Helen BARKE; married Margaret WOLFGRAM, 19, House Maid, Killaloe, Ottawa, d/o Hermann WOLFGRAM & Polly SARNOSKI; wit William FINLAYSON & Mary MCBRIDE, both Ottawa, 2 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009220-27 Joseph Laureat Emil SAVARD, 24, Mill Hand, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Elzear SAVARD (b. Quebec City) & Marie Louise MICHAUD; married Alice DAVIS, 24, Waitress, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o William DAVIS (b. Aylmer Quebec) & Wilhelmine DUVAL; wit Clovis DAVIS, Ottawa & Edouard BUREAU, 64 Wilbrod, 20 Oct 1927, Ottawa

009221-27 John James Kennedy SCHARF, 26, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James SCHARF & Alice SCANTLEBURY; married Gladys Loretta POIRIER, 18 10/12, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Joseph POIRIER (b. Ottawa) & Jennie HUGHLAND; wit John SCANTLEBURY & L.J. SCANTLEBURY, both Ottawa, 25 Jun 1927, Ottawa

009222-27 Robert Edward SCHARF, 24, Machinist Helper, Ottawa, Gloucester Twp, s/o Robert John SCHARF (b. Hawthorne) & Jennie HAMEL; married Mary Thornton WHITELAW, 20, Domestic, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o William WHITELAW (b. Scotland) & Mary MCKINNON; wit Elsie SCHARF, Cyrville & Alf TURGEON, Hurdman's Bridge, 19 Sept 1927, Ottawa

009223-27 Walter Frank SCHROEDER, 26, Barrister at Law, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Frederick L. SCHROEDER & Mary HOWELL; married Miriam Margaret KNECHTEL, 24, Albany NY USA, Ottawa, d/o Abraham KNECHTEL & Mary Emma C. YOUNG; wit Alan C. FLEMING, Ottawa & Nora M. SCHROEDER, 147 Creighton St., 31 May 1927, Ottawa

009224-27 Herman Reinhold SCHULTZ, 30, Railway Employee, Sebastopol Twp, Ottawa, s/o August SCHULTZ (b. Germany) & Bertha ROSY; married Edna Augusta SNIDER, 21, Maid, Pembroke, Ottawa, d/o John SNIDER (b. Germany) & Adelia Ann NASS; wit Thomas SNIDER, Pembroke & Reinhold SCHULTZ, Arnprior, 19 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009230-27 Richard Melville SEABROOK, 26, Farmer, Goulbourn Twp, Goulbourn Twp, s/o T.H. SEABROOK (b. Stittsville) & Sarah Elizabeth ROE; married Marjorie Edith Anne CRAWFORD, 18 9/12, Richmond, Richmond, d/o William James CRAWFORD (b. North Gower) & Gertrude Edith JAMES; wit Ivy Florence ANDREWS, Richmond & Richard Earl ROWE, 58 Poplar St., 7 Dec 1927, Ottawa

009232-27 Dennis SEGUIN, 22, Bourget, St. Pascal Baylon, s/o Frederic SEGUIN & Orozia LAFLEUR; married Yvonne CHENIER, 19, Bourget, Ottawa, d/o Napoleon CHENIER & Rosanna MONTREIUL; wit Frederic SEGUIN, St. Pascal Baylon & Napoleon CHENIER, Ottawa, 13 Aug 1927, Ottawa

009236-27 Andrew SHAW, 37, YMCA Secretary, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Peter L. SHAW (b. Denmark) & Catherine I. IVERSON; married Olive Ada PATTON, 30, Clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o John PATTON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BALLANTYNE; wit C.V. CRAIG & Elsie MURPHY, both Ottawa, 16 Nov 1927, Ottawa

009237-27 David Christie SHAW, 25, Assistant Estimator, Longueil Quebec, Outremont Quebec, s/o Christie Macpherson SHAW (b. Canada) & Gertrude D. PELL; married Jean Olive CAMERON, 23, Clerk, Michipicten, Ottawa, d/o James O. CAMERON (b. Canada) & Georgia MCGILLIVRAY; wit Roy E. ISBISTER & May HOWES, both Ottawa, 16 Apr 1927, Ottawa

009238-27 Ward Albert SHEPPARD, 20, Salesman & Bookkeeper, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Albert Augustus SHEPPARD (b. Canada) & Emily MCFADDEN; married Lorena May CATHCART, 18 9/12, Stittsville, Ottawa, d/o Thomas Alexander CATHCART (b. Canada) & Esther COWAN; wit Edyth M. SHEPPARD & Cecil E. CATHCART, both Ottawa, 19 Nov 1927, Ottawa