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008677-23  George Samuel ABBOTT, 36, business, Ottawa, same, s/o Francis ABBOTT & Mary Ann RALPH married Alice Harriet BRAY, 29, Ottawa, same, d/o Samuel BRAY & Elizabeth L--? Wit: O. BRAY and Gladys HUMPHRY, both of Ottawa. June 16, 1923 at Ottawa 8505-23  Carl George ADAMS, 26, Engineer (Loco), Cumberland, Ottawa, s/o George Henry ADAMS (b. Cumberland Ont) & Mary W. ADAMS married Clara Gertrude DOWLER, 25, stenographer, Gloucester, Gloucester, d/o Gabriel DOWLER (b. Ont) & Wilhelmine EVANS, witn: Herman ADAMS of Cumberland & Ella DOWLER of Ottawa, 23 June 1923, Ottawa
008652-23  Ernest Noah ADAMS, 25, farmer, Ottawa, Jackville Ontario, s/o Richard ADAMS, born Canada & Margaret HAMMEL married Goldie Emily EVOY, 23, stenographer, Ottawa, same, d/o Norman EVOY, born Canada & Effie Euridice GIBBONS. Wit: Emily M. LUDWIG and Walter B. GORWIN, both of Ottawa. December 5, 1923 at Ottawa 008660-23  Walter Joseph ADAMS, 22, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William Henry ADAMS, born Ontario & Catherine DONNELLY married Ida Mabel CLARKE, 24, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Robert CLARKE, born Ontario & Elizabeth THOMPSON. Wit: William J. V. NOONAN and J. V. NOONAN, both of Ottawa. September 4, 1923 at Ottawa
008656-23  William McKay AGNEW, 21, manager, Ayrshire Scotland, Ottawa, s/o William AGNEW, born Scotland & Catherine ROSS married Ethel Mary MULLIGAN, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Robert MULLIGAN, born Canada & Catherine BLACK. Wit: _? BLACK and W. HODGINS, both of U.S.. November 3, 1923 at Ottawa 008663-23  William AIRD, 22, soda dispenser, Ottawa, same, s/o Mathew AIRD, born Ottawa & Florence LANGSTAFF married Mary Ethel DESARMEAUX, 20, clerk, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Dolphus DESARMEAUX, born Carleton Place Ontario & Catherine GUILFOYLE. Wit: Allicia SPENCER and Evelyn SPENCER, both of Ottawa. July 26, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008666-23  Eugene ALBERT, 19, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Henry ALBERT, born Ottawa & Margaret POTVIN married Evelyn McDONELL, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Michael John McDONELL, born Ottawa & Mary Ann HALL. Wit: John McDONELL and Mrs John McDONELL, both of Ottawa. April 11, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008673-23  Octave ALLARD, 58, widower, laborer, Berthier PQ, Dollard St. Abello PQ, s/o Michel ALLARD, born St. Teniene de Berthier & Pauline GUERARD married Jennie BEDARD, 40, dressmaker, Chicago Illinois, Ottawa, d/o Pierre BEDARD, born Chicago & Placidie CLOUTIER. Wit: Pierre BEDARD and Joseph BEDARD, both of Ottawa. January 10, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008667-23  Harold McClellan ALLEN, 27, physician, Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Norman ALLEN, born Ontario & Louisa MARTIN married Olive Elaine BRIDGES, 23, New Brunswick, Ottawa, d/o James Whitside BRIDGES, born New Brunswick & Mabel Gertrude METCALFE. Wit: Murial BLACKLOCK of Montreal and Glyndon O. PERRY of Toronto. April 3, 1923 at Ottawa 008653-23  Cecil Charles ALLEN, 24, commercial traveller, Chelsea PQ, Ottawa, s/o Christopher Columbus ALLEN, born Chelsea PQ & Harriet Olive Jane RICHARDS married Lillian OWRID, 28, stenographer, Almonte Ontario, same, d/o Henry OWRID, born Manchester England & Mary Harriet RIVETT. Wit: Winifred OWRID of Almonte Ontario and R. D. ALLEN of Ottawa. October 2, 1923 at Ottawa
008661-23  George Edward AMO, 22, engineer, Cornwall Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Louis AMO, born Caledonia Mines & Kate WHITFORD married Eva Maria SWITZER, 20, Carleton Place, Ottawa, d/o William Richard SWITZER, born Napanee Ontario & Emma WEIR. Wit: Mrs. Emma SWITZER and Miss MOORHEAD, both of Ottawa. July 30, 1923 at Ottawa 008675-23  Henry AMYOT, 25, farmer, St. George of Burk N.Y., Embrun, s/o Amable AMYOT & Delia BINOR married Emma RENAUD, 34, Ottawa, same, d/o Andre RENAUD & Rose de Luna LALONDE. Wit: Benoin TESSIER and Andre LALONDE, both of Ottawa. May 15, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008671-23  Jean Baptiste ANCTIL, 47, machinist, St. Rock - Co L'Ilet? PQ, Matane PQ, s/o Andre ANCTIL, born St. Roch d'Auluaies? & Olymphe CHOUINARD married Laurentine JUNEAU, 37, Ottawa, same, d/o Pierre Andrew JUNEAU, born Quebec, & Marie Justine MOREAU. Wit: Oscar JUNEAU and Pierre Andrew JUNEAU, both of Ottawa. February 5, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008670-23  Harold Horsey ANDERSON, 23, motor mechanic, Ottawa, same, s/o Samuel ANDERSON, born Ireland & Mary MUNROE? married Violet Agnes DAY, 18, factory employee, West Tottenham England, Ottawa, d/o Frederick William HAY, born England & Emily TAYLOR. Wit: W. W. THIBAULT and Flora J. McFARLANE, both of Ottawa. February 21, 1923 at Ottawa
008672-23  Theodore Frederick ANTON, 19, employee of dairy co., Ottawa, same, s/o Ronald J. ANTON & Mary SULLIVAN married Emma WRIGHT, 19, telephone operator, Ottawa, Nepean, d/o Frank WRIGHT & Gertrude POOLEY. Wit: H. H. GOODFELLOW and R. W. ANTON, both of Ottawa. January 3, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008657-23  James ARBUCKLE, 44, widower, carpenter, Richmond Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Andrew ARBUCKLE, born Scotland & Christine ARTHUR married Mary Elizabeth GALE, 35, Ottawa, same, d/o Frederick George GALE, born England & Mary BEARDWOOD. Wit: George GALE and Ethel Kate GALE, both of Ottawa. October 24, 1923 at Ottawa
008654-23  William John ARDIES, 60, widower, harness maker, Chelsea PQ, River Desert PQ, s/o James ARDIES, born Ireland and Elizabeth SAUL married Elizabeth ROSS, 40, widow, London England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas SEALES, born England and Caroline GREEN. Wit: Bridget NIVEN and Gladys McCLENOGHAN, both of Ottawa. October 1, 1923 at Ottawa 008659-23  W. W. Taylor ARKLEY, 25, merchant tailor, Ottawa, same , s/o James ARKLEY, born Canada & Blanch Ethel JOHNSTON married Isabel Elizabeth FRASER, 25, Pembroke Ontario, Ottawa, d/o David FRASER, born Canada & Elizabeth DELAHAYE (sic). Wit: Neil A. DELAHAY of Toronto and Dorothy E. ELLIOTT of Ottawa. September 13, 1923 at Ottawa
  8504-23  Walter ARMOUR, 28, carpenter, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, s/o Robert ARMOUR (b. Co. Antrim Ireland) & Jessie MCNEILLY married Winnifred A. CUMMINGS, 22, Richmond, Carleton Place, d/o Wesley CUMMINGS (b. Carleton Co) & Sarah Anne MULLIGAN, witn: Miss Myrtle CUMMINGS of Richmond & Honor Elizabeth MCNEILLY of Carleton Place, 29 Aug 1923, Richmond
008668-23  Henry Paul ARMSTRONG, 21, patent attorney, Ottawa, same, s/o James Symon ARMSTRONG, born Smith's Falls & Louise PERKINS married Viola Eveyln PETTAPIECE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o William Alvy PETTAPIECE, born Ramsayville, & May HICKS. Wit: Janet W. FROST and Mary WILSON, both of Ottawa. April 7, 1923 at Ottawa 008664-23 (Carleton Place): William J. ARMSTRONG, 25, farmer, Grand View Manitoba, Louisville Ontario, s/o John ARMSTRONG, both Maberly Ontario & Annie HUDSON married Annie GARDINER, 29, Scotch Corners Ontario, Lowesville Ontario, d/o George GARDINER, born Scotch Corners & Ida Susan STANLEY. Wit: Herbert ARMSTRONG and Frances McINTYRE, both of Carleton Place. July 18, 1923 at Ottawa
8650-23 Charles Orville ARMSTRONG, 25, motor service station, Hull Que., Windsor Apts. in Ottawa, s/o J. ARMSTRONG (b. Ontario) & Alice OWENS, married Ada Beryl BOUCHER, 20, South March, same, d/o Nicholas BOUCHER (b. Ontario) & Lila BURK, witn: Robert ARMSTRONG of Marlborough & Zeta BOURKE of 146-4th Ave in Ottawa, 15 Aug 1923 at St. Johns Church, South March 008651-23  Kenneth Lindsay Eades ARMSTRONG, 22, mechanic, Cobden Ontario, Shawville PQ, s/o Herbert ARMSTRONG & Not given PENDERGAST married Annie Mary Doris CONDIE, 21, Beachburg Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Richard CONDEY(sic) & Annie Rose GRAHAM. Wit: David McELROY and Beatrice CONDY (sic), both of Ottawa. December 18, 1923 at Ottawa
8502-23  Henry Kennedy ARMSTRONG, 28, farmer, March, South March, s/o George ARMSTRONG & Maud FOSTER married Reta Merel BOUCHER, 25, Nepean, Nepean, d/o Nicholas BOUCHER & Lila BURK, witn: Charles ARMSTRONG of Westboro & Ada B. BOUCHER of South March, 18 June 1923, Westboro 8503-23  James Herbert ARMSTRONG, 29, civil servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o James Lyman ARMSTRONG & Adeline M. C. PERKINS married Marion Merrill TOWNSEND, 30, Ottawa, Ottawa, d/o Stephen TOWNSEND & Augusta MERRILL, witn: M.L. BROWN & James BROWN of Ottawa, 5 Dec 1923, Richmond
008669-23  Charles ASH, widower, cattle dealer, Isle of Wight England, North Gloucester Carleton Co, s/o George ASH, born Isle of Wight England & Louisa FUCH married Doris Annie Iverson HARDY, 43, widow, Prov. of Quebec, Bowesville Ontario, d/o James Lawrence IVERSON, born Denmark & Mary Jane DICKS. Wit: Mary Jane GRANFILL and Janet MOSS, both of Ottawa. March 31, 1823 at Ottawa 008674-23  Robert Orron ASKIN, 28, civil servant, Bruce Co Ontario, Ottawa, s/o John Lynhurst Burleigh ASKIN, born Amherst Canada & Anna Louise THOMPSON married Gladys Rose JOHNSON, 28, stenographer, Ottawa, same, d/o Isaac JOHNSON, born Belfast Ireland & Rose ANGEL. Wit: Ella Marguerite JOHNSON and Lorne Isaac JOHNSON, both of Ottawa. February 10, 1923 at Ottawa
008680-23  Alessandro ASQUINI, 29, marble man, Varmo Italy, Ottawa, s/o Guiseppi ASQUINI & Isalia NATALINI married Maria DENARDO, 15, Ottawa, same, d/o Donato DENARDO & Lucia CANATO. Wit: Francesco SARO and Lena DENARDO, both of Ottawa. November 26, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008679-23  Adalbert ASSELIN, 27, not given, Vars Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Thadie ASSELIN & Julia McDONALD married Marie DUFORD, 24, Cleveland Ohio, Ottawa, d/o Jean Baptiste DUFORD & Angelie BRUYERE. Wit: Thadie ASSELIN and Jean Bte. DUFORD, both of Ottawa. December 1, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008676-23  Legouri? ASSELIN, 23, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Napoleon ASSELIN & Eva BELAND married Dora SIGOUIN, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Wilfrid SIGOUIN & Maria Ann GUILBAULT. Wit: Adelard ASSELIN and Adelard LADERONTE, both of Ottawa. June 20, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008655-23  Joseph Emile ASSELIN, 69, widower, retired civil servant, Quebec City, Ottawa, s/o Joseph ASSELIN, born Quebec & Emilie BEAUDREY married Eudoxie MALETTE, 59, widow, Prov of Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Basile FARMER, born Quebec & Theodiste LASELLE. Wit: Albinie MALETTE and Napoleon ASSELIN, both of Ottawa. September 26, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008658-23  Christopher James ATKINSON, 31, civil servant, Renfrew Ontario, Ottawa, s/o James ATKINSON, born Renfrew Ontario & Elizabeth CROZIER married Marion Violet May SMYTH, 27, Smith's Falls Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Walter SMYTH, born Bowesville Ontario & Ella Margaret CARROLL. Wit: Flossie J. VAN DUSEN and A. E. MICK, both of Ottawa. September 19, 1923 at Ottawa 008665-23  Frederick James ATTRIDGE, 23, steam fitter, Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Edward ATTRIDGE, born England & Etta FEGG married Jessie Heffle MOULDS, 22, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o James Henry MOULDS, born England & Nancy SAUL. Wit: T.R. MARTIN and Elizabeth MOULDS, both of Ottawa. May 19, 1923 at Ottawa
008678-23  Rene AUGER, 44, conductor, Ottawa, same, s/o Henri AUGER & Melanie LEGARE married Nellie SEGUIN, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Etienne SEGUIN & Emma BERTHIAUME. Wit: Adrien CHARRON and Reiny CHOUINARD, both of Ottawa. October 11, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008662-23  Ernest AYOTTE, 33, elevator operator, Deschams Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph AYOTTE, born Quebec & Delphine RENAUD married Mary Frances McHALE, 23, civil servant, Eganville Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Michael McHALE, born Fitzroy Ontario & Margaret COYLE. Wit: Michael McHALE and Alice SHEEDY, both of Ottawa. July 28, 1923 at Ottawa
008753-23  George Alexander BAIRD, 35, merchant, Fitzroy Carleton Co, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, s/o William BAIRD & Mary Ann STEVENSON married Mary Flossie McKEOWN, 24, Russell, Russell Co, Ottawa, d/o William McKEOWN and Amanda RENAN? , witn: Ida E. BAIRD & D.P. McKEOWN, both of Ottawa, January 31, 1923 at Ottawa  
8514-23  Ford Cecil BAKER, 31, farmer, Winchester, Mountain, s/o Samuel BAKER (b. Winchester) & Claressa WAEGER married Mary Ida ALLEN, 21, farming, South Rynes, Mountain, d/o Thomas ALLEN (b. Carp) & Alice MACDONALD, witn: Miss Rachel JOHNSTON of Carp & Clifford SUMMERS of Winchester, 20 June 1923, Carp 008740-23  Frank August BAKER, 26, railroader, Ottawa, same, s/o Henry BAKER, born Germany & Caroline OBERWINE married Emma Jane SOUCEY, 23, maid, Blanche PQ, Protestant Orphan Home Ottawa, d/o Levi SOUCEY, born not given & Sarah FRENCH. Wit: Mrs. STOLZMAN of Ottawa and Walter R. SOUCEY of Buckingham PQ. May 3, 1923 at Ottawa
008700-23  John Henry BALDWIN, 42, widower, insurance agent, Ottawa, same, s/o John Nicholas BALDWIN, born Ottawa & Elizabeth Catherine SOZER? married Loretta May MORRIS, 24, Metcalfe Ontario, Ottawa, d/o George MORRIS, born Metcalfe & Jane COWAN. Wit: Isabelle M. MILLER and Janet W. FROST, both of Ottawa. October 3, 1923 at Ottawa 008701-23  James Charles BAMFORD, 29, widower, salesman, Montreal PQ, Ottawa, s/o James Philip BAMFORD, born Montreal & Mary Ann CORCORAN married Geraldine LEDUC, 24, Montreal PQ, Ottawa, d/o Clovis LEDUC, born Montreal & Angelina BEAUDET. Wit: Georgette LEDUC and T. H. LEDUC, both of Ottawa. October 6, 1925 at Ottawa (RC)
008771-23  Thomas Edwin BANWICK, 21, clerk, St Mary Cray England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas Henry BANWICK & Clara Emma BONIFACE married Rose FARRIS, 22, St Mary Cray England, Ottawa, d/o George Albert FARRIS & Lucy Elizabeth PARKMAN. Wit: E. H. WEATHERDON of Ottawa and Rose FARRIS of Owen Sound. July 16, 1923 at Ottawa 008687-23  Baptiste BARBE, 22, window cleaner, Ottawa, same, s/o Francois BARBE, born St. Andre L'Argenteuil & Elisabeth BARBE married Gracia MARLETTE, 17, Ottawa, same, d/o Alexandre MALETTE, born Ottawa & Josefine CHARRON. Wit: Eugene BARBE and Alexandre MALETTE, both of Ottawa. December 14, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008682-23  Harold Davison BARCLAY, 27, machinist, Huntley Twp, Syracuse N.Y., s/o Thomas BARCLAY & Mary Ellen DAVISON married Mary Stella WILKIE, 22, saleslady, Tinasta? PQ, Ottawa, d/o James WILKIE , born Canada & Elizabeth LOVELLE. Wit: A. S. BENNETT and Sadie LEWIS, both of Ottawa. December 25, 1923 at Ottawa 008788-23 James Robert BARKLEY, 28, salesman, Winchester, Ottawa s/o George BARKLEY & Nellie BICCAM married Ethel Evelyn KEAYS, 24, Stittsville Ont., Ottawa d/o John KEAYS & Emma BLACK wtn: Mrs Fred FERGUSON of 137 Greenfield Ave in Ottawa & Mrs Noble HODGES of Aylmer Ave in Ottawa, 14 November 1923 at Ottawa
008767-23  Clarence BARNABE, 24, laborer, Eastview, same, s/o Octave BARNABE & Cora SCOTT married Agnes DESROSIERS, 21, maid, Pembroke, Ottawa, d/o Edward DESROSIERS & Catherine COSTELLO. Wit: Edmond BARNABE of Ottawa and Lawrence BARNABE of Eastview. June 6, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 8508-23  Albert Lawrence BARNABY, 22, Driver, Carlsbad Springs, Eastview, s/o Octave BARNABY (b. Wakefield Que) & Cora SCOTT married Albertine ALLEN, 17, maid, Eardley, Eastview, d/o Regis ALLEN (h. Heardley Que) & Eugenie DOZAIS, witn: Clarence BARNABY of Ottawa & Donat BOIVIN of Eastview, 12 Oct 1923, Eastview
008789-23 Percy William BARNES, 27, sheet metal worker, London England, Watertown USA s/o William BARNES & Emma MORGAN married Ida Cyrilla PULLEN, 23, civil servant, Brockville Ont., 560 McLeod St in Ottawa d/o John Henry PULLEN & Hester Ann WILLOUGHBY wtn: John Larne PULLEN of 560 McLeod St in Ottawa & Elsie ARMITAGE of 67 LeBretain in Ottawa, 6 November 1923 at Ottawa 8509-23  Joseph Norris BARNES, 24, bank clerk, Haliburton, Ottawa, s/o Joseph BARNES (b. Canada) & Charlotte Eliz LOUSLEY married Mary Thelma LAWSON, 21, civil servant, Frome, Ottawa, d/o Richard LAWSON (b. Canada) & Florence M. PRIOR, witn: Florence M. LAWSON & S. CLARK of Ottawa, 29 Sept 1923, Richmond
008744-23  James Alexander BARRETT, 51, photographer, Montreal PQ, Ottawa, s/o James BARRETT & Sarah FRASER married Alvira LOBACK, 30, housekeeper, Loxley Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Martin LOBACK & Louise URBAN. Wit: Thomas J. PALMER and Leonard M. GAGE, both of Ottawa. March 24, 1923 at Ottawa 008718-23  Harold Russ Stanley BARRS, 22, wireless engineer, England, Ottawa, s/o Isaac BANNS, born England & Julia GEORGE married Flora Alberta PERRIER, 17, Ottawa, same, d/o William Henri PERRIER born Canada & Harriet MELDRUM. Wit: George W. PERRIER and Teresa PERRIER, both of Ottawa. August 3, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008706-23  Charles Sydney BASSAM, 22, clerk, London England, Ottawa, s/o Harry A. BASSAM, born England & Sarah TAYLOR married Viola Janet Pearl GAULT, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Howard GAULT, born Canada & Adeline LEE. Wit: H. W. BASSAM and Lilian E. ROBERTSON, both of Ottawa. September 5, 1923 at Ottawa 008779-23  Henry William BASSAM, 23, Signal Co, London England, Ottawa, s/o Henry Albert BASSAM & Sarah Elizabeth TAYLOR married Helen Mary DAVIS, 20, England, Ottawa, d/o Frederick James DAVIS & unknown. Wit: Hazel BASSAM and Charles BASSAM, both of Ottawa. September 17, 1923 at Ottawa
008720-23  Maxime BASTIEN, 63, widower, shoemaker, Orleans Ontario, same, s/o Philbert BASTIEN born St. Martin PQ & Emerence BACHAND married Fabiola PAQUETTE dit MALOUIN, 53, widow, Ottawa, same, d/o Fabien PAQUETTE born St. Jerome PQ & Edesse SAURIOL. Wit: Fabien PAQUETTE and not given BASTIEN, both of Ottawa. June 26, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008698-23  Donald Cameron BATE, 20, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas BATE, both Ottawa & Mary STEWART married Marie Antoinette PARENT, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Ruffus PARENT, born Windsor Ontario & Mary BENSON. Wit: Thomas BATE and Rufus (sic) BATE, both of Ottawa. October 3, 1923 at Ottawa
008783-23 Nicholas BAWLF, 38, instructor, Winnipeg Manitoba, Ottawa s/o John BAWLF & Johanna FAHEY married Laura Sarah Gertrude O'REILLY, 31, at home, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o James Henry O'REILLY & Ann Jane HAMILTON wtn: William O'REILLY of 283 Nelson St & Mrs Alma Bernice COBY? of Britannia Heights Ont., 18 September 1923 at Ottawa 008705-23  Robert BAXTER, 49, widower, civil servant, Liverpool England, Ottawa, s/o Edward BAXTER, born Ireland & Annie EASTHAM married Lena Maude SMIRLE, 40, Norwood Ontario, Ottawa, d/o George M. SMIRLE, born Canada & Katherine McMILLAN. Wit: George M. SMIRLE and Landon C. SMIRLE, both of Ottawa. September 26, 1923 at Ottawa
008695-23  Wilfred Lindsay BEATON, 26, merchant, Almonte Ontario, Ottawa, s/o John BEATON, born August Twp Ontario & Amelia THURLOW married Martha Elva McKIM, 24, Maitland Ontario, Ottawa, d/o E. A. McKIM, born Patlock PQ Lanark Co Ontario & Gertrude E. SNIDER. Wit: Annie May VIRTUE and Helen G. McKIM, both of Carleton Place. October 10, 1923 at Ottawa 008711-23  James Clifford BEATON, 24, druggist, Whitechurch Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Alex. BEATON, born Canada & Elizabeth HOLMES married Mary Eileen McCONNELL, 21, Aylmer PQ, same, d/o Robert Conroy McCONNELL, born Canada & Sarah HILL. Wit: Mrs. R. C. McCONNELL of Aylmer PQ and Mrs. Mary SMITH of Ottawa. October 16, 1923 at Ottawa
008732-23  Cecil Osborne BEATTY, 24, carpenter, South March, Ottawa, s/o Daniel BEATTY, born Canada & Luniera RICHARDSON married Elizabeth Mary JOHNSTON, 24, civil servant, Iroquois Ontario, Ottawa, d/o William D. JOHNSTON, born Canada & Elizabeth McKNIGHT. Wit: N. B. MacROSTIE and R. C. BENNETT, both of Ottawa. May 12, 1923 at Ottawa 8510-23  Thomas Gardiner BEATTY, 21, merchant, March, Westboro, s/o Daniel BEATTY (b. March twp) & Louisa E. RICHARDSON married Doris Eileen LAWRENCE, 21, press feeder, Ottawa, Westboro, d/o George Allan LAWRENCE (b. New York) & Mary Jane AIKINSON, witn: Carl Alexander GRAHAM & Beatrice MOULE of Westboro, 27 Sept 1923, Westboro
  008708-23  Athanese BEAUCHAMP, 18, tailor, Clarence Creek Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Theodore BEAUCHAMP, born not given & Marie VAILLANCOURT married Melina GODIN, 19, woolen mill hand, Maniwaki PQ, Hull PQ, d/o Jules GODIN, born Montreal & Louise CARRIERE. Wit: Not given PAYETTE and Auguste GUERIN, both of Ottawa. October 15, 1923 at Ottawa
008761-23  Joseph BEAUDRY, 30, widower, laborman, Hull PQ, Ottawa, s/o Oscar BEAUDRY & Emma LEBLANC married Jeanne LEGAULT, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Olarie LEGAULT & Sephora MOREL. Wit: Ernest LATELLIER and Olarie LEGAULT. April 23, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008777-23  Ephrem BEAULIEU, 25, laborer, Ripon Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph BEAULIEU & Anaise LEGAULT married Florida BRAZEAU, 25, dressmaker, Masham's Hills, Ottawa, d/o Jean Baptiste BRAZEAU & Josephine DORE. Wit: Joseph BEAULIEU and Gustave COUSINEAU, both of Ottawa. September 11, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008749-23  Edward BECKETT, 63, widower, farmer, Renfrew Ontario, same, s/o James BECKETT & Ellen OWENS married Sarah McLAUGHLIN, 57, widow, Drummond Perth Co Ontario, Ottawa, d/o James CADE & M. C. FLATT. Wit: Fred R. SALE and Jessie C. SALE, both of Ottawa. January 23, 1923 at Ottawa 008690-23  Thomas BEE, 25, military staff clerk, Scarborough Yorkshire England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas BEE, born England & Sophia LEANNY married Mae Lucille SCHWERDFAGER, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o James E. SCHWERDFAGER & Sophia INGRAM. Wit: Dr. A. N. KENNAWASSER? of Ottawa and Jean INGRAM of Pembroke Ontario. November 10, 1923 at Ottawa
008725-23  Joseph Emmett BELANGER, 21, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Jules BELANGER, born Ottawa & Lucy LAPORTE married Wilhemina Ann FREIDY, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Charles FREIDY, born Dundee Scotland & Annie PERCHEAU. Wit: George KELLY and August FREIDY, both of Ottawa. June 18, 1923 at Ottawa 008723-23  Eugene BELANGER, 26, painter, Ottawa, same, s/o Jules BELANGER, born Hull PQ & Malvina KEPLISS, married Marie Laura SEGUIN, 28, civil servant, St. Benoit PQ, Ottawa, d/o J. B. SEGUIN, born Rigaud & Hortense VERNIETTE. Wit: Edgar SEGUIN and Hubert SEGUIN, both of Ottawa. June 23, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008730-23  Rodolph BELANGER, 36, mechanic, Ottawa, same, s/o Andre BELANGER, born Quebec & Clara LAUZON married Margaret PAGE, 36, seamstress, Ottawa, same, d/o Honore PAGE, born Ottawa & Josephine DELANEY. Wit: Joseph BELIVEAU and M. Raymond PERLAND, both of Ottawa. June 4, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008758-23  Henri BELANGER, 24, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o Edward BELANGER & Malvina FAUBERT married Laurencia ROY, 24, Riviere Joseph PQ, Ottawa, d/o Napoleon ROY & Juliana DORE. Wit: Edouard BELANGER and Joseph PAQUETTE, both of Ottawa. February 5, 1923 at Ottawa
008768-23  Honore BELANGER, 29, traveller, Ottawa, same, s/o Andre BELANGER & Clara LAUZON married Eugenie CHOUINARD, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Guillaume CHOUINARD & Albina PHILION. Wit: Aurelia BELANGER and Guillaume CHOUINARD, both of Ottawa. June 11, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008764-23  Edmond BELISLE, 23, druggist, Sarsfield, Ottawa, s/o Hector BELISLE & Helene DELANEY married Doralice JULIEN, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Alphonse JULIEN & Lea LEVESQUE. Wit: Hector BELISLE and Alonzo JULIEN, both of Ottawa. May 15, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008684-23  Clarence Bruce BELL, 29, school teacher, Beaverton Ontario, Ottawa, s/o William Stanley BELL & Harriet Ann DUCKWORTH married Katie Isabella McGILLIVRAY, 29, school teacher, Ottawa, same, d/o Hugh McGILLIVRAY & Isabella P. BAINE. Wit: I. Jean BELL and Stanley D. BELL, both of Beaverton. December 22, 1923 at Ottawa 008696-23  Rene BELLEC, 22, printer, St Joseph d'Orleans, Ottawa, s/o Louis BELLEC, born St Joseph d'Orleans & Chotilde VEZINA married Marie Rosa Luna PROULX, 23, clerk, Ottawa, same, d/o Oliva PROULX, born Ottawa, & Malvina FORTIN. Wit: Ovila PROULX and David PROULX, both of Ottawa. November 23, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008713-23  Henry Robertson BELOT, 22, mechanic, Billing's Bridge, same, s/o Alfred Albert BELOT, born Channel Islands & Emma Alport CHARLES married Elva Gladys RAMSAY, 21, stenographer, Arnprior, Ottawa, d/o Robert Alexander RAMSAY, born Canada & Catherine COUGHLAN. Wit: R. E. Gordon McMANAN of Ottawa and Daisy Gertrude BELOT of Billing's Bridge. September 12, 1923 at Ottawa 008694-23  Albert BENNETT, 34, agent, Montreal PQ, Ottawa, s/o Alexis BRUNET, born St. Helen Bagot Co & Milena FOURNIER married Rosanna BEAULIEU, 29, Ripon PQ, Ottawa, d/o Joseph BEAULIEU, born Montpelier Co Labelle & Aloise LEGAULT. Wit: Frederic GAGNON and Orman LANETOT, both of Ottawa. November 12, 1823 at Ottawa
008746-23  Leo Paul BENOIT, 21, rug weaver, Montreal PQ, Ottawa, s/o Jean BENOIT & Rosina GROULX married Rubina DUBIEN, 20, rug weaver, Ottawa, same, d/o Alphonse DUBIEN & Annie MAHONEY. Wit: Emile BETTY and Jas. PROULX, both of Ottawa. February 12, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008735-23  Morris BENOWAY, 21, cab operator, Russia, Ottawa, s/o Isaac BENOWAY, born Russia & Sarah FUVISKIN married Mary SIRKIN, 20, stenographer, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Nathan SIRKIN, born Russia & Ettie PASCAL. Wit: H. HALPERN and W. BODOVSKY, both of Ottawa. June 3, 1923 at Ottawa
008743-23  Ferdinand BERGERON, 24, boiler maker, Hull PQ, same, s/o J. B. BERGERON & Julie LALONDE married Anna GAGNON, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o J.B. GAGNON & Virginie BRUNET. Wit: J. B. GAGNON of Lac St Anais PQ and Calix BERGERON of Hull PQ. April 9, 1923 at Ottawa 008770-23  Gerald Henry BERGIN, 22, clerk, Ottawa, Detroit Michigan, s/o James BERGIN & Dorothy HOWELL married Ida Mary LACHANCE, 24, civil servant, Hull PQ, Ottawa, d/o Rosario LACHANCE & Carolina HOUSER. Wit: John PADDEN and James BERGIN, both of Ottawa. June 30, 1923 at Ottawa
008760-23  Harry BERNARD, 24, journalist, England, Ottawa, s/o Horace BERNARD & Alexandra BOURDEAU married Luella TOBIN, 23, Bramptville Quebec, Ottawa, d/o John TOBIN & Marie HOUDE? Wit: Henri LEMIEUX of Ottawa and Leonard TOBIN of Montreal. April 16, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008762-23  Joseph Aime BERNIER, 35, journalist, Ste Clair Dorchester Co PQ, Ottawa, s/o Alphonse BERNIER & Hermine RICHARD married Eva Delvina RENAUD, 35, Mountenagey PQ, Ottawa, d/o Adolph RENAUD & Idile ROUSSEAU. Wit: Gaudiere MATTE and Jean Baptiste MARION. May 3, 1923 at Ottawa (Rc)
008757-23  Charles Anthony Warner BESSERER, 23, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o Louis Papineau BESSERER & Elizabeth PALMER married Florence Lydia BOON, 21, stenographer, Brockville Ontario, Ottawa, d/o William H. BOON & Emma BECKINGHAM. Wit: Claude WATSON and Margaret WATSON, both of Ottawa. January 20, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008715-23  George Spencer BEST, 48, farmer, Perth Ontario, same, s/o Henry BEST, born Canada & Margaret SPENCER married Catherine JAMIESON, 42, music teacher, Carleton Place, Ottawa, d/o Rev. William S. JAMIESON, born Canada & Mary Jane CAIRNS. Wit: Mary Wilhemina JAMIESON and Eva A. JAMIESON, both of Ottawa. September 1, 1923 at Ottawa
008722-23  William Clarke BETHUNE, 26, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o Duncan BETHUNE & Asenath JOHNSTON married Annie Laurie MacDONALD, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o David Jonathan MacDONALD & Ruth GIBSON. Wit: E. Edna CREGAN? and Chas. E. DAVIS, both of Ottawa. July 4, 1923 at Ottawa 25968-23 Henry James BETTS, 24, plasterer, England, Detroit, s/o Henry James BETTS (b. England) & Alice McCOWAN, married Esther BORLAND, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Samuel BORLAND (b. Canada) & Adeline CREIGHTON, witn: James DRISCOLL & James DAVIDSON, both of Ottawa, 28 May 1923 at Ottawa
008738-23  Charles BIRD, 30, printer, England, Ottawa, s/o Chas. BIRD, born Devonshire England & Anne ALLCORN married Annie GARLAND, 31, factory hand, Montreal PQ, Ottawa, d/o George OLESON, born Tromso Norway & Margaret KELLER. Wit: Hazel OLESON and Eli LEGER, both of Ottawa. March 31, 1923 at Ottawa 008714-23  Verner James BIRMINGHAM, 35, painter, Kingston Ontario, Ottawa, s/o John M. BIRMINGHAM, born Ireland & Jemima HELFARDY married Phyllis Baker HERMISTON, 23, Kingston Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Charles HERMISTON, born Kingston & Jessie BOYCE. Wit: William C. MURDOCH and Jean MURDOCH, both of Ottawa. September 9, 1923 at Ottawa
008685-23  Frank John BISHOP, 32, widower, cook, Rimouski PQ, Ottawa, s/o Benjamin BISHOP, born Quebec Canada, & Mary SNEYERS?? married Mary Ellen WOLFREYS, 28, London England, Kingston Ontario, d/o Albert WOLFREYS , born Channel Islands & Lovina Sabina ENDERWICH. Wit: Omer St. LOUIS and Michel LEMIUSE, both of Ottawa. December 19, 1923 at Ottawa 008784-23 Louis BISSON, 28, chauffeur, Ottawa, 12 Anderson St in Ottawa s/o Louis BISSON & Georgianna LAGACE married Eva CAYER, 24, at home, Ottawa, 93 Willow St in Ottawa d/o Damase CAYER & Rose de Lucia BLAIS wtn: Louis BISSON of 12 Anderson & Eva CAYER of 93 Rue Willow, 24 September 1923 at Ottawa
008681-23  James Brown BLAIR, 26, architect, Pittsburgh PA, same, s/o William Whitman BLAIR, born Pittsburgh & Margaret Kennedy BROWN married Margaret Ann MacLAREN, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Arthur Francis MacLAREN , born Hastings Co & Ethel FITZGIBBONS. Wit: George C. GRAVES and Doris PERLEY, both of Ottawa. December 29, 1923 at Ottawa 008710-23  Hugh Mathew Joseph BLAIR, 27, laborer, Chelsea PQ, Ottawa, s/o William BLAIR, born Quebec & Christina PRESLEY married Winifred Maria BURTON, 20, Hawkesbury Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Joseph BURTON, born Ontario & Eliza WOOLHEAD. Wit: M. M. CALLAGHAN and Hilda JOHNSON, both of Ottawa. October 23, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008697-23  William John BLAIR, 20, teamster, Almonte Ontario, Ottawa, s/o David John BLAIR, born Almonte Ontario & Matilda POTVIN married Pearl SILMSER, 19, domestic servant, Cornwall Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Stanley SILMSER, born Cornwall Ontario & Sophia KYER. Wit: Mrs. E. WHITFIELD and Ernest WHITFIELD, both of Ottawa. October 11, 1923 at Ottawa 008754-23  Daniel BLANCHARD, 22, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Patrice BLANCHARD & Rosalie VERDON married Yvonne REGIMBAL, 18, maid, Eastman's Springs Ontario, Eastview Ontario, d/o Hormidas REGIMBAL & Melina PILON. Wit: Walter GAUTHIER of Eastview and Gozalne? GALEPEAU of Montreal. January 25, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
8515-23  Robert Norman BLENKARN, 33, clerk, Chelsea, Ottawa, s/o William BLENKARN (b. England) & Elizabeth LOUCKS married Kathleen Mildred AUSTIN, 22, stenographer, Massey, McKellar, d/o Joseph AUSTIN (b. England) & Miriam Rosmond COLE, witn: Ernst Ormsby GIRLING of Ottawa & Betty AUSTIN of Westboro, 17 Jan 1923, Westboro 008727-23  James Austin BLOUNT, 25, merchant, Ottawa, same, s/o Austin E. BLOUNT, born Canada & Alice DOLPE married Lillian Jane DAVEY, 23, Toronto, Ottawa, d/o James DAVEY, born England & Caroline G. GERRONS (Gerrow?). Wit: W. G. DOLPE of Montreal Quebec and Caroline Dolpe McINTYRE of Brooklyn N.Y. June 12, 1923 at Ottawa
8517-23  Joseph BLUNDELL, 41, carpenter, England, Westboro, s/o Joshua BLUNDELL (b. London Eng) & Maria DENNISON married Lena Lavina FLEGEL, 19, Carleton Co, Westboro, d/o Herman FLEGEL (b. Canada) & J. CARKNER, witn: G. E. CUMMINGS & Adeline ARMSTRONG of Westboro, 15 Nov 1923, Westboro 008755-23  George Stewart BLYTH, 29, printer, Ottawa, same, s/o William R. BLYTH & Nellie SHEA married Margaret KEANE, 27, civil servant, Oldham England, Ottawa, d/o Robert Francis KEANE & Margaret KENNAN. Wit: Mrs. Amy G. MacFAUL and Mrs. Edith A. MacFAUL, both of Ottawa. January 4, 1923 at Ottawa
008726-23  Ralph Walter BOARDMAN, 23, secretary, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o Ralph BOARDMAN, born Owen Sound Ontario & Minetta Kate WALKER married Ida Letta HALPENNY, 21, civil servant, Smith's Falls, Ottawa, d/o Joseph HALPENNY, born Twp of Ross Ontario & Alice H. SMITH. Wit: Latetica DUNN? and Lewis MULLIN, both of Ottawa. June 13, 1923 at Ottawa 8511-23  George Edgar BOBIER, 25, farmer, Goulbourn, Ashtin, s/o Gregg BOBIER (b. Goulbourn twp) & Barbara FEATHERSTONE married Mary Elizabeth BARCLAY, 29, school teacher, Huntley, Ashtin, d/o Thomas BARCLAY (b. Ireland) & Ellen DAVIDSON, witn: Nicholas BRADLEY of Ashton & Ida MULLIGAN of Huntley, 17 Sept 1923, Carp
008733-23  Joseph Arthur BOILEY (Baby?), 29, barber, Ottawa, same, s/o Napoleon BOILY, born Quebec & Almedia GAUEREAU married Ida RICARD, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Leandre RICARD, born Quebec & Louise BEAUCHAMP. Wit: Leandre RICARD and Napoleon BOILY, both of Ottawa. May 21, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008791-23 Walter BOISSEAU, 22, clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa /o Walter Albert BOISSEAU & Mary GIBSON married Dolorese RENAUD, 23, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Thomas RENAUD & Octavia CYR wtn: Albert BOISSEAU & Thomas RENAUD both of Ottawa, 5 November 1923 at Ottawa
008769-23  Eugene BONARDELLI, 35, _? emigration official, Saluzzo Italy, Ottawa, s/o Giovanni BONARDELLI & Catherine BONGORIAMI married Simone DESJARDINS, 21, Hull PQ, same, d/o Arthur DESJARDIN (sic) & Marie Louise SINGER. Wit: Count Gueleo BOLOGNE and August SINGER, both of Hull. June 14, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008766-23  Delphis BOND, 25, laborer, Ottawa, Detroit U.S., s/o Octave BOND & Philamine ALBERTE married Marie Louise NADEAU, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Narcisee NADEAU & Marie Louise BOULIANE. Wit: Octave BOND and Narcisee NADEAU, both of Ottawa. Mary 28, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008719-23  George Alexander BONENFANT, 28, widower, railway employee, St. Pacome Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Charles BONENFANT born St. Pacome Quebec & Rosalie AUDETTE married Evan ROCHON, 28, Rockland Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Gilbert ROCHON born Orleans Ontario & Victoria CHARTRAND. Wit: Clement LABRESQUE of Eastview and Gilbert ROCHON of Ottawa. August 4, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008780-23  Enee? (Euse?) Owen BORDELEAU, 20, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Napoleon Alexander BORDELEAU & Angeline MOORE married Laurette JOLY, 23, Cyrville Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Vincent JOLY & Levina LAFLEUR. Wit: Napoleon Alexander BORDELEAU and Vincent JOLY, both of Ottawa. October 9, 1923 at Ottawa
008747-23  Henry Bruce BOREHAM, 31, editor, Winnipeg Manitoba, Ottawa, s/o Alfred John BOREHAM & Lucy Ellen BERRIGE married May Eliza YOUNG, 34, widow, Wales Ontario, same, d/o George Edgar SHAVER & Carrie DIXSON (s/b Dixon?). Wit: A. J. BOREHAM and L. G. BOREHAM, both of Fort William. January 20, 1923 at Ottawa 008748-23  Charles Albrighton BOTT, 26, civil servant, Ottawa, some s/o Charles Joseph BOTT & Margaret FERGUSON married Albertine JOLY, 26, Lake St. Marie Quebec, same, d/o Desire JOLY & Marguerite LIRIER?, Wit: Edward HARRISON and Reginald WRIGHT, both of Ottawa. January 17, 1923 at Ottawa
008731-23  Joseph BOUCHER, 20, painter, Hull PQ, Ottawa, s/o Joseph BOUCHER, born Hull PQ & Christina GRANCHAMP married Yvonne NADON, 20, maid, Hull PQ, Ottawa, d/o Joseph NADON, born Hull PQ & Angelina BRANSEAU. May 27, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008778-23  Joseph Alphonse BOUDREAULT, 37, widower, merchant, Maria Quebec, Campbellton N.B., s/o Joseph BOUDREAULT & Marie CYR married Rama BERGERON, 25, Clarence Creek Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Elie BERGERON & Melina PILON. Wit: Joseph BOUDREAULT of Campbellton W.B. and Arthur BERGERON of Montreal. September 4, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008772-23  Lionel BOUGIE, 26, laborer, Valleyfield Quebec?, Ottawa, s/o Francois BOUGIE & Agnes BUPRE married Imelda CYR, 22, Hull PQ, Ottawa, d/o Joseph CYR & Rose Anna LABRECQUE. Wit: Romeo CYR and Joseph CYR, both of Ottawa. June 26, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008729-23  Alfred Joseph Edward BOULIANNE, 23, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o Edward BOULIANNE, born Three Rivers Quebec & Evangeline COUSINEAU married Mary Edna REDMOND, 21, Gloucester Twp, Manotick Station Gloucester Twp, d/o Robert REDMOND, born Gloucester Ontario & Agnes BOLGER. Wit: Steward MEADE and Edward COUSINEAU, both of Ottawa. June 6, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008775-23  Paul Blagdon BOURGET, 28, engineer, Regina, Ottawa, s/o Octave BOURGET & Alide BLAGDON married Gladys Elizabeth CHALONER, 24, Sorel PQ, Ottawa, d/o Charles Francis X. CHALONER & Robina MORTIMER. Wit: Frank ELLIOTT of Ottawa and Katie Frances CHALONER. July 19, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008742-23  Leon BOURGON, 27, steam fitter, Rockland Ontario, Hull PQ, s/o Samuel BOURGON & Melina LEPAGE married Mary Jane PROT, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Desire PROT & Emma BELANGER. Wit: Samuel BOURGON of Hull PQ and Cleophas PROT of Ottawa. April 21, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008703-23  Oscar BOURGUIGNON, 26, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Etienne BOURGUIGNON, born Montreal & Sylvie MALEU married Georgine BERGERON, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Elzear BERGERON, born Buckingham PQ & Clara ALBERT. Wit: Antoine BOURGUIGNON and Daniel LABRAY, both of Ottawa. October 3, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008759-23  Mathias? BOURGUIGNON, 23, laborer, Hull PQ, Ottawa, s/o Etienne BOURGUIGNON & Sophie MALOIN (Malven?) married Marie Albertine MORRISSETTE, 17 1/2, Ormstown PQ, Ottawa, d/o William MORRISSETTE & Josephine JOHNSON. Wit: A. BOURGUIGNON and William MORRISSETTE, res not given. January 2, 1923 at Ottawa
8513-23  George Barling BOURNE, 40, merchant, widower, England, Eastview, s/o James Briggs BOURNE (b. Ashford England) & H. Louisa AVONE married Martha Elizabeth RAPBY (Raphy?), 27, widow, England, Rockliffe, d/o Frederick T. SLATER (b. Westham Eng) & Martha SIEF (Siep?), witn: Margaret E. WEEKS of Eastview & William EZONGE of Laurentian Views, 16 June 1923, Eastview 008689-23  Bruce Hamilton BOWEN, 22, painter, Ottawa, same, s/o William Martin BOWEN, born Canada & Lena DUCHEMIN married Etta GLOAD (sic), 22, domestic, Campbell's Bay Quebec, same, d/o William born Canada & Ella LOKEN. Wit: S. M. BOWEN and N. BOWEN, both of Ottawa. October 11, 1923 at Ottawa
008717-23  Edgar Paterson BOWMAN, 39, C.S. and Dominion Land Surveyor, West Montrose Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Clemens Dersteine BOWMAN, born West Montrose Ontario & Charlotte PETERSON married Christina Adelaide McARTHUR, 34, Athol Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Hugh McARTHUR, born Athol Ontario & Jane McNAUGHTON. Wit: Ida TAVERNER of Ottawa and Howard BOWMAN of West Montrose Ontario. August 28, 1923 at Ottawa 008736-23  Clayton Wilfred BOWMAN, 26, civil servant, Preston Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Christian BOWMAN, born Ontario & Lea SNIDER married Gladys Irene PARKER, 22, clerk, Tunbridge Wells England, Ottawa, d/o Albert PARKER, born England & Bessie WOODMAN. Wit: Christina MacDONALD and Harold W. NICHOL, both of Ottawa. May 15, 1923 at Ottawa
  8516-23  William Henry BOWRIN, 25, farmer, Marlborough, Marlborough, s/o William W. BOWRIN (b. Richmond Ont) & Margaret Isabella HILL married Ethel Lina MOORE (b. Maitland twp) , 26, Marlborough, Marlborough, d/o Robert John MOORE & Matilda CLARKE, witn: Violet JOHNSTON & Ethel MATHER of North Gower, 25 April 1923, North Gower
008716-23  Frank Thomas BRADFIELD, 22, printer, Brighton Sussex England, Ottawa, s/o Frank John BRADFIELD, born Brighton Sussex England & Elizabeth CHURCH married Beulah Mary ANDERSON, 20, Lyon Mountain U.S.A, Ottawa, d/o Thomas Verden ANDERSON, born Herdman Quebec & Hattie ROBINSON. Wit: W. E. J. HOLDING and Gladys J. HOLDING, both of Ottawa. September 5,. 1923 at Ottawa 008745-23  Carl BRADFORD, 24, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o Frank BRADFORD & Dorothy KEAYS married Alice Maud BOWIE, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o George BOWIE & Catherine COLE. Wit: George BOWIE and R. W. BOARDMAN, both of Ottawa. January 25, 1923 at Ottawa
008709-23  Colin A. BRADLEY, 32, farmer, Casselman Ontario, Pendleton Ontario, s/o Thomas BRADLEY, born Pendleton & Matilda KEMP married Kathleen J. HALL, 25, Edward Ontario, Pendleton Ontario, d/o William J. HALL, born Osgoode Ontario & Zella SCHARF. Wit: Mrs. Ross McDONALD and Ross McDONALD, both of Maxville Ontario. October 24, 1923 at Ottawa 008751-23  Martin Joseph BRADY, 21, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o John Patrick BRADY & Ellen Mary O'BRIEN married Myrtle Edith Susan McMILLAN, 22, stenographer, Aylmer PQ, Ottawa, d/o William John McMILLAN & Esther Ann RANSOM. Wit: Romeo LEPAIN and Rene BOUDREAU, both of Ottawa. January 29, 1923 at Ottawa
008763-23  Edouard BRAZEAU, 24, boucher?, Ottawa, same, s/o Ernest BRAZEAU & Eliza DUBOIS married Rhea JULIEN, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Alphonse JULIEN & Lea LEVESQUE. Wit: Ernest BRAZEAU and Alphonse JULIEN, both of Ottawa. May 15, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008765-23  Omer BRAZEAU, 23, laborer, Cyrville Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Adelard BRAZEAU & Valerie RENAUD married Cecile DUBOIS 24, Wakefield PQ, Ottawa, d/o Joseph DUBOIS & Marguerite CLEARY. Wit: Lorenze MARTIN and Joseph PARMALEE, both of Ottawa. May 16, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008786-23 Joseph BRAZEAU, 25, labourer, Ottawa, 181 Hinchey in Ottawa s/o Antoine BRAZEAU & Justine GIBEAU married Nellie McGUIRE, 20, Lasalette Que., 28 York St in Ottawa d/o Henry McGUIRE & Jane WINTERS wtn: Antoine BRAZEAU of 181 Hinchey in Ottawa & Edouard BRAZEAU of 124 Forward in Ottawa, 2 October 1923 at Ottawa 8518-23  Rene BRINDAMOUR, 21, farmer, Cyrville, Cyrville, s/o Jean Baptiste BRINDAMOUR & Lumina GUILBRAULT married Irine LABELLE, 19, Cyrville, Cyrville, d/o Nebron LABELLE & Eugina PARISIEN, witn; J. B. BRINDAMOUR & N. LABELLE? of Cyrville, 25 Sept 1923, Cyrville
008686-23  William BRISBOIS, 23, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o William BRISBOIS, born Ottawa & Elmire LALONDE married Mabel McEVOY, 23, civil servant, Pointe au Chene PQ, Ottawa, d/o Michael McEVOY, born Ottawa & Agnes McANDREW. Wit: Alphonse BRISBOIS and John McEVOY, both of Ottawa. December 17, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008790-23 John Arthur BROWN, 19, labourer, Vankleek Hill Ont., Ottawa s/o John James BROWN & Mary Ann CONNOLLY married Mary Kathleen GIBLIN, 24, working girl, Westport Ireland, Ottawa d/o Philip GIBLIN & Mary McGING wtn: Michael GIBLIN of 190 Arthur St in Ottawa & Isabel BROWN of 746 Albert St in Ottawa, 6 November 1923 at Ottawa
008699-23  Joseph Miller BROWN, 55, widower, civil servant, Richmond Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Thomas BROWN, born North of Ireland & Eliza Jane PRATT married Laura Marian WOODBURN, 38, Ottawa, same, d/o George H. WOODBURN, born Canada & Christine McPHEE. Wit: Caroline McPHEE? and [illegible signature], both of Ottawa. September 29, 1923 at Ottawa 008683-23  Carman BROWN, 21, fireman, Cardinal Ontario, same, s/o James BROWN, born Canada & Nettie PITT married Isabella Sarah WOODLAND, 18, Cardinal Ontario, same, d/o William WOODLAND, born Ottawa, & Anna NEWMAN. Wit: William F. ROACH and Jennie SMITH, both of Ottawa. December 21, 1923 at Ottawa
008707-23  William Herbert Beaumont BROWN, 23, salesman, Brockton Massachusetts U.S., Ottawa, s/o Alfred William BROWN, born Canada & Sarah SMITH married Enid Isobel SMITH, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Frederick SMITH, born Canada & Annie BELL. Wit: Ellis THOMAS of Chelsea PQ and Gladys BLAIR of Ottawa. September 1, 1923 at Ottawa 008782-23 George Lawrence BROWN, 23, clerk, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o George BROWN & Mary SULLIVAN married Vera Catherine MOONEY, 21, civil servant, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o John MOONEY & Mary GALLAGHER wtn: Thomas GREEN & Margaret MOONEY both of Ottawa, 19 October 1923 at St Patrick's Church in Ottawa
008756-23  John BROWNLEE, 56, widower, farmer, Marlborough, Osgoode, s/o James BROWNLEE & Mary McCULLA married Florence LEWIS, 38, widow, housekeeper, North Gower, same, d/o Samuel CURESTON & Mary JAMIESON. Wit: S. G. DEACON of Pembroke Ontario and M. E. DENISON, both of Ottawa. January 10, 1923 at Ottawa 008704-23  Harry Ivan BROWNLEE, 26, salesman, Renfrew, Ottawa, s/o Thomas R. BROWNLEE & Ann AGNEW married Mary Loretta DORAN, 25, stenographer, Ottawa, same, d/o William DORAN, born Ottawa & Elizabeth McCULLOUGH. Wit: Isabella DORAN and G. Bertram RAINBOTH, both of Ottawa. September 29, 1923 at Ottawa
008702-23  Ernest BRUGEON, 24, laborer, Ottawa, Eastview Ontario, s/o Peter BRUGEON & Rose LANCTOT married Florence CHAPMAN, 17, Ottawa, same, d/o Alex. CHAPMAN & Wilhemina BEAUCAGE. Wit: Archie COOK and Emma COOK, both of Ottawa. October 3, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008741-23  Jean Baptiste BRULE, 28, mechanic, Billing's Bridge Ontario, same, s/o Edward BRULE & Leah SABOURIN married Agnes Gwendolyn WARNOCK, 23, civil servant, Ottawa, same, d/o James G. WARNOCK & Agnes WILSON. Wit: Joseph O'CALLAGHAN and Margaret O'CALLAGHAN, both of Ottawa. May 1, 1923 at Ottawa
8506-23  Theodore BRUNET, 30, farmer, widower, Rigaud, St. Joseph d'Orlean, s/o Baptiste BRUNET (b. Torrance River, Vermont) & Angile LAFRAMBOISE married Anna LACLOCKE, 46, housekeeper, Gatineau Point, St. Joseph d'Orlean, d/o Francois LACLOCKE (b. Ottawa) & Rose Selina BRABANT, witn: Henri W. RUSSELL & Cleophor LACLOCKE of Orleans, 11 Dec 1923, St. Joseph d'Orleans 8519-23  Joseph Henri BRUNET, 30, truck driver, Ottawa, Eastview, s/o Louis Joseph BRUNET & Rose Anna DESROCHES married Marie Reona BEAULNE, 25, Clarence Creek, Eastview Centre, d/o Alfred BEAULNE & Hunegeilde CHARBORNEAU, witn: Louis Joseph BRUNET & Honore BEAULNE, 22 Oct 1923, Eastview Centre
008774-23  Ferdinand BRUNET, 25, manager, Moose Creek, Ottawa, s/o D'Assise BRUNET & Marie Louise RENAUD married Edmee DAVIS, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas DAVIS & Eva BRULE. Wit: D'Assise BRUNET and Thomas BRULE, both of Ottawa. July 30, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008692-23  William BRUNKE, 27, railway employee, Gloucester Twp, same, s/o Frank BRUNKE, born Germany & Amelia KRUPP married Mary MILLIGAN, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Richard MILLIGAN, born Ottawa & Catherine YOUNG. Wit: Francis CASHMAN and Agnes PLUNCKETT, both of Ottawa. November 14, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008752-23  John Henry BULL, 23, musician, Sheffield England, Westboro Ontario, s/o John BULL & Elizabeth EDGE married Mary GARDINER, 20, England, Ottawa, d/o William GARDINER & Mary THOMPSON. Wit: Maurice Joseph MURPHY of Ottawa and Gladys BULL of Westboro. January 27, 1923 at Ottawa 008724-23  William George BULLOCK, 37, laborer, London England, Westboro Ontario, s/o William George, born England & Elizabeth RANDOLPH married Susanna MAY, 46, widower, Cambridgeshire England, Ottawa, d/o Richard RULE, born England & Susanna TODD. Wit: Jenny SMITH of Merrickville and Eileen MEGAW of Ottawa. June 21, 1923 at Ottawa
008691-23  Edward J. BURCHAT, 22, clerk, Sherwood Twp, Wilno Ontario, s/o Joseph BURCHAT, born Poland & Paulina CZAFRENEUSKA married Annie COULAS, 20, Hagarty Twp, Ottawa, d/o Joseph COULAS, born Poland & Mary HEDROUSKA. Wit: Camille GUSSER and Gustave ROY, both of Ottawa. November 20, 1923 at Ottawa 8507-23  William Thomas Francis BURKE, 23, civil servant, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Wilhelm Mathew BURKE (b. Chelsea Que) & Margaret BARRETT married Pearl Jeanette ARDISS, 24, River Divert, River Divert, d/o William ARDISS (b. Wakefield Que) & Rebecca CHART, witn: Joseph A. GIGNON of Ottawa & Jessie ARDISS of Maniwaki Quebec, 16 Oct 1923, Ottawa
008750-23  Albert Edward BURKE, 28, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o Hugh BURKE & Annie Elisabeth BECKER married Mabel Laura PAQUETTE, 19, Sarsfield Ontario, Ottawa, d/o Francois Xavier PAQUETTE & Rose Anna MORSAU. Wit: Orsine HEBERT and Lucien VILLENEUVE, both of Ottawa. February 7, 1923 at Ottawa 008712-23  Thomas Sloane BURKE, 35, veterinary surgeon, South March Ontario, Westboro Ontario, s/o Michael BURK (sic), born South March & Mary HOWAN married Sarah FRASER, 30, milliner, Arnprior Ontario, same, d/o John FRASER, born Arnprior & Sarah SPENCE. Wit: Mrs. Irene BURK and Mrs. John ROWLEY, both of Bell's Corners and Kenneth FRASER of Arnprior Ontario. September 12, 1923 at Ottawa
008734-23  James Joseph BURKE, 25, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o Charles BURKE, born Italy & Melvina ROY married Marie Delarose OUELLETTE, 18, Thurso Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Peter OUELLETTE, born Canada & Amanda GAUTHIER. Wit: Peter OUELLETE and Mrs. Amanda OUELLETTE, both of Ottawa. May 17, 1923 at Ottawa (RC) 008737-23  Joseph Sebastian BURKE, 32, farmer, Gatineau PQ, same, s/o John BURKE, born Canada & Margaret CULLEN married Edna May FOLEY, 29, nurse, Gatineau PQ, Ottawa, d/o Patrick FOLEY, born Canada & Mary HOLMES. Wit: William Patrick FOLEY and Stella FOLEY, both of Ottawa. May 15, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008721-23  William James BURNS, 22, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Timothy BURNS born Gloucester & Annie KENNEDY married Margaret GALLAGHER, 22, Londonderry Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Patrick GALLAGHER born Londonderry Ireland & Anna McELWAIN. Wit: Rhoda GALLAGHER and Thomas BURNS, both of Ottawa. July 4, 1923 at Ottawa 008739-23  Harry BURNSIDE, 21, mechanic, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas BURNSIDE, born Canada & Mary MATTHEWS married Margaret HARTLEY, 21, maid, Liverpool England, Ottawa, d/o James HARTLEY, born England & Mary SMITH. Wit: Maria DALEY and Mary BURNSIDE, both of Ottawa. May 8, 1932 at Ottawa
008776-23  Robert Stewart BURTON, 27, accountant, Cobden, Ottawa, s/o Robert BURTON & Margaret Sophia RATH married Greta Eliza Jessie SMYTH, 24, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o George Duncan SMYTH & Katherine Patient GRAHAM. Wit: Lawrence S. BURTON of Renfrew and Pearl E. O'NEIL of Ottawa West. August 29, 1923 at Ottawa 008688-23  Daniel BUSHELL, 20, agent CNR, Langley Buckinghamshire England, Hornepayne Ont.), s/o Herbert BUSHELL, born England & Edith STAPPS married Katie Dorothy ROWE, 20, Staines England, England, d/o David ROWE, born England & Ethel WORLEY. Wit: William STRATTON and P. GLEAD, both of Ottawa. November 20, 1923 at Ottawa
8512-23  Frank William BUSSE, 45, hardware merchant, widower, Minnesota, Gull Lake Saskatchewan, s/o Charles Frederick BUSSE (b. Germany) & Christina FISHER married Jane Catherine DOCKSTEADER, 32, Winchester, Winchester, d/o Nelson DOCKSTEADER (b. Hawkesbury) & Jenina MCCONNELL, witn: Roy S. DOCKSTEADER & M. Alice SUMMER of Winchester, 22 Aug 1923, Westboro 007728-23  Michael Edward BUTLER, 29, employee of the Ottawa Electric Co, Quinnville PQ, Ottawa, s/o Michael BUTLER & Ellen COX married Margaret CASEY, 30, cook, Perkin's Mills PQ, Ottawa, d/o Patrick CASEY & Margaret McCUAIG. Wit: Samuel CASEY of East Templeton PQ and Mabel BUTLER of Ottawa. June 12, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)
008773-23  Patrick John BYRNE, 26, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o William BYRNE & Mary KEHOE married Mary LYNCH, 24, civil servant, Soulanges Quebec, Ottawa, d/o John LYNCH & Susan LEAKEY. Wit: Neil LYNCH and Grace MARTIN, both of Ottawa. July 18, 1923 at Ottawa (RC)  
8867-23 Michael James CAMPBELL, 28, lumberman, Canada, Ottawa, s/o William CAMPBELL & Mary NOONAN, married Mary Eva LACHANCE, 30, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Wilfred LACHANCE & Ellen MEEHAN, witn: William E. CAMPBELL & Rene J. LACHANCE, both of Ottawa, 12 June 1923 at Ottawa 8842-23 Hugh Arthur CAMPBELL, 32, civil servant, Consecon Ont., Ottawa, s/o John CAMPBELL (b. Woodville Ont) & Anna M. ARTHURS, married Helen Fisher DRAKE, 30, civil servant, Ottawa, same, d/o Edward Fisher DRAKE (b. Troy Ohio) & Rose MacPHERSON, witn: Edward John MORGAN & Mrs. Muriel OSMOND, both of Ottawa, 19 May 1923 at Ottawa
8872-23 Ernest CAMPEAU, 26, machinist, St. Isidore de Prescott Ont, Detroit, s/o Fabien CAMPEAU & Anna McINTYRE, married Adeline BLAIS, 29, Ottawa, same, d/o Wilfrid BLAIS & Albina ROBILLARD, witn: Fabien CAMPEAU of St. Isidore de Prescott & Wilfrid BLAIS of Ottawa, 14 July 1923 at Ottawa 8533-23  Albert CARDINAL, 23, farmer, Orleans, Orleans, s/o Israel CARDINAL & Edwidge GESSIER married Marie Jeanne GASSE, 18, Clarence Creek, Orleans, d/o Gidion GASSE & Clara DESROCHERS, witn: Israel CARDINAL & Gidion GASSE of Orleans, 24 Sept 1923, Orleans
8873-23 Edward Larose CARON, 29, accountant, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Charles Oliver CARON & Marie Eugene FAUTEUX, married Marion Augusta GLEESON, 28, civil servant, St. John NB, Ottawa, d/o David Joseph GLEESON & Augusta POTTER, witn: Simeon LAROSE & Helen O'MEARA, both of Ottawa, 21 Aug 1923 at St. Patricks Church, Ottawa 8523-23  Wilbert Daniel CARRIER, 22, laborer, East Templeton Quebec, Nepean, s/o Arthur CARRIER (b. Canada) & Valiere LAFRANCE married Daisy Elizabeth BOWERMAN, 18 yrs 9 months, London England, Nepean, d/o William BOWERMAN (b. England) & Elizabeth Agnes JOULS, witn: William BOWERMAN & L. R. CARRIER of Westboro, 2 Aug 1923, Westboro
8844-23 Emile Joseph CARRIERE, 20, salesman, East Templeton Que., Gloucester twp., s/o Joseph Henry CARRIERE (b. East Templeton) & Valaria LAGRAVE, married Frances Ann ELLIS, 18 8/12, Wales England, Ottawa, d/o Charles Henry ELLIS (b. Wales) & Harriet BLOIS, witn: Mrs. Albert & A. E. FITZSIMMONS of 819 Somerset Ave, 9 May 1923 at Ottawa 25969-23 Eugene CARRIERE, 25, laborer, Cyrville, same, s/o Joseph CARRIERE & Josephine COTE, married Mary Agnes McCAULEY, 24, Portage du Fort - Pontiac, Cyrville, d/o James McCAULEY & Louise DUMAS, witn: Joseph CARRIERE & James McCAULEY, both of Cyrville, 26 June 1923 at Our Lady of Lourdes, Cyrville
008882-23 Rolland CARRIERE, 22, clerk, Sherbrooke Que., Ottawa s/o Alexandre CARRIERE & Georgianna MAILLOT married Marie Annette GODBOUT, 21, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Victor GODBOUT & Sarah CLAIROUX, wtn: Alexandre CARRIERE & Victor GODBOUT both of Ottawa, 24 September 1923 at Ottawa 8841-23 Charles Emile CHAPMAN, 24, painter, Ottawa, 487 Arlington Ave in Ottawa, s/o Alexander CHAPMAN (b. Sainte Sixte Que) & Wilhelmine BEAUCAGE, married Alice HUARD, 20, maid, Montreal, 342 Rochester St. in Ottawa, d/o Michel HUARD (b. Quebec) & Delphine RIOPEL, witn: Guillaume CHAPMAN of Wrightville? Que. & Michel HUARD of 341 Rochester St., 30 May 1923 at Ottawa
8847-23 Louis Hector CHARBONNEAU, 44, linotype operator, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o Joseph CHARBONNEAU (b. Montreal) & Delia DESJARDINS, married Marie Lea LENAHAN, 33, Magog Que., Montreal, d/o Joseph Elie LANAHAN (sic) (b. Magog) & Lea FILISTREAULT, witn: Arsene HEBERT & Joseph BLAIS, both of Ottawa, 18 April 1923 at Ottawa 8857-23 Joseph Arthur CHARBONNEAU, 22, city fireman, Ottawa, same, s/o Alexander CHARBONNEAU (b. Ottawa) & Mary RODING (Rading?), married Mary Catherine O'CONNOR, 26, stenographer, Ottawa, same, d/o Patrick O'CONNOR (b. Ireland) & Mary WALSH, witn: Wallace HIBAULT & Louise CHARBONNEAU, both of Ottawa, 17 Jan 1923 at Ottawa
008805-23 Albert CHARBONNEAU, 46, widower, chauffeur, Ottawa, 324 Slater St in Ottawa s/o Louis CHARBONNEAU (b. Canada) & Euphemia ROLLIN married Evone VEDNES, 27, Papineauville Que., Papineauville Que., d/o Magloire VEDNES (b. Canada) & Esther LAURENTIN wtn: Dalmer LAFERRIERE & Dominique MORISSETTE both of 95 Empress Ave in Ottawa, 2 November 1923 at St Jean B. Church in Ottawa  
8869-23 Adelard CHARETTE, 37, Ottawa, same, s/o Arthur CHARETTE & Zephyre? GIRONARD, married Rosa TREPANIER, 27, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph TREPANIER & Philomene LAUZON, witn: Cleophas CHARRON & Joseph TREPANIER, both of Ottawa, 27 June 1923 at Ottawa 8862-23 Joseph Napoleon Wilfrid CHARETTE, 24, organist, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas CHARETTE & Anna GRAVELLE, married M. L. Lillian CHABOT, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Ernest CHABOT & M. Leontina St.DENIS, witn: Oscar CHARETTE & Ernest CHABOT, both of Ottawa, 22 May 1923 at Ottawa
8878-23 Lionel Alfred CHARLEBOIS, 20, Plaisance Que., Hull Que., s/o Ferdinand CHARLEBOIS (late) & Rose Emma LEGAULT, married Emma BEAULIEU, 18, Montpellier Que., Ottawa, d/o Joseph BEAULIEU & Eloise LEGAULT, witn: Joseph Odelon CHEVALIER of 63 Charlebois in Hull & Joseph BEAULIEU of Ottawa, 27 Oct 1923 at Ottawa 8530-23  Wilfred CHARLEBOIS, 57, Supt Separate School, widower, Papineauville Quebec, Eastview, s/o Andre CHARLEBOIS (b. Montibello Que) & Celina VILLENEUVE married Emma GLASER, 47, housekeeper, widow, St. Andre Argenteuil Quebec, Eastview, d/o John Nelson LANE (b. St. Andre d'Argenteuil Que.) & Elmire LADOUCEUR, witn: Ernest A. BEAUCHAMP of Hurdman Bridge & Ephraim CHARLEBOIS of Eastview Centre, 13 Jan 1923, Eastview Centre
8854-23 Edmond CHARRON, 29, cook, Gatineau Point Que., same, s/o Joseph CHARRON (b. Pointe Gatineau Que) & Delia MOREAU, married Blanche LARIVIERE, 24, domestic servant, Ottawa, 35 Anderson St. in Ottawa, d/o Alfred LARIVIERE (b. East Templeton Que) & Agnes PROULX, witn: Blanche CHARRON of Pointe Gatineau Que & Redolphe LARIVIERE of 95 Rue St.Andre in Ottawa, 13 Feb 1923 at Ottawa 8866-23 Joseph Edward CHATEAUVERT, 22, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Hector CHATEAUVERT & Marie Louise FOISY, married Wilhelma BOUCHARD, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Samuel BOUCHARD & Virginie ROBERT, witn: Hector CHATEAUVERT of Ottawa & Samuel BOUCHARD, 5 April 1923 at Ottawa
8851-23 Charles CHENIER, 20, manager, Hull Que., Ottawa, s/o Joseph CHENIER (b. Montreal) & Alexina DESJARDINS, married Albertha LAUTHIER, 17 7/12, waitress, Casselman Ont., Ottawa, d/o Honore LAUTHIER (b. Wakefield Que) & Henriette BOYER, witn: Joseph LAMBERT & Honore LAUTHIER, both of Ottawa, 24 Jan 1923 at Ottawa 8875-23 William Franklin CHERRY, 25, clerk, Russell Ont., Ottawa, s/o Robert Wesley CHERRY & Carrie Jane JACKSON, married Frances Marion LADEROUTE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Francis Xavier LADEROUTE & Lola Louise CORBETT, witn: Francis Xavier & Loa Louise LADEROUTE of Ottawa, 25 Aug 1923 at Ottawa
8839-23 William Thomas CHIPCHASE, 26, stationary engineer, South Shields England, 106 Aylmer Ave in Ottawa, s/o Thomas CHIPCHASE (b. England) & Mary TALBOT, married Dagmar JOHNSON, 26, assistant manager, South Shields England, 106 Aylmer Ave in Ottawa, d/o Cleus JOHNSON (b. Norway) & Olelia ANDERSON, witn: W. T. ODELL of Ottawa & Miss Florence THAYER of 54 Cameron St. in Ottawa, 2 June 1923 at Trinity Church, Ottawa 8849-23 Philias CLAIROUX, 34, undertaker, Ottawa, 16 Chapel St. in Ottawa, s/o Rock CLAIROUX (b. St. Scholastique Que) & Leocadie LANGLOIS, married Margaret Ellen WALSH, 34, house maid, Perth Ont., 521 Bank St. in Ottawa, d/o Ritchet WALSH & Helene RIORDAN, witn: James F. DONOGHUE of East View & Victor GODBOND? of Ottawa, 10 Feb 1923 at Ottawa
8850-23 Hugh CLARK, 27, house painter, Perth Scotland, 223 Rochester Ave in Ottawa, s/o Robert CLARK (b. Perth Scotland) & Mary MUNROE, married Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 27, widow, Dundee Scotland, E. Bronson Ave in Ottawa, d/o Donald IRELAND (b. Dundee Scotland) & Mary MAINE? (Warne?), witn: Peter & Mrs. P. LECKIE (Leakie?) of 3 Bronson Ave in Ottawa, 2 Feb 1923 at 567 Wellington St. in Ottawa 8521-23  Charles Rodger Hamilton CLARK, 27, gardener, City View, City View, s/o Richard CLARK (b. City View) & Fanny RODGERS married Annie Beatrice SPRATT, 24, Gloucester, Gloucester, d/o Thomas A. SPRATT (b. Gloucester twp) & Annie GAMBLE, witn: Effie ROTHWELL of Ottawa & Jas E. SPRATT of Billings Bridge, 17 Nov 1923, Billings Bridge
8853-23 Norman Joseph CLOST, 18 + 5 mon, Carleton Place, Westboro, s/o Joseph CLOST (b. Ottawa Ont) & Lorinda CANNING, married Lula Pearl KINCH, 19 + 5 mon, Souris Manitoba, Westboro, d/o John KINCH (b. North Gower) & Sarah TAYLOR, witn: Lawrence McNULTY & Hazel CLOST, both of Ottawa, 6 Feb 1923 at Ottawa 8861-23 Jean CLOUTIER, 22, laborer, Arnprior, Ottawa, s/o J. Bte. CLOUTIER & Flore FORTIN, married Dorilda LAMBERT, 26, of Ottawa, d/o Moise LAMBERT & Arthemise BERNIER, witn: Auguste FORTIN of Ottawa & Andre PROULX of Braeside, 8 May 1923 at Ottawa
8529-23  Stuart Matthews COCHRANE, 28, trainman, Cobden, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o John COCHRANE (b. Alice) & Christina SMITH married Ruby Jean WALKER, 22, Kinburn, Kinburn, d/o George WALKER (b. Kinburn Ont) & Anne SMITH, witn: Marjorie M. GORDON of Ottawa & George HUDSON of Winnipeg, 25 Jan 1923, Kinburn 008798-23 John Campbell COCHRANE, 23, match maker, Glasgow Scotland, 501 Laurier Ave W in Ottawa s/o Charles McPhie COCHRANE (b. Scotland) & Jessie WELSH married Mary Kirk Alexander McLERIE, 22, Glenbuck in Ayrshire Scotland, Glasgow Scotland, d/o William McLERIE (b. Scotland) & Agnes MOFFAT wtn: A.H. SMITH & H.K. SMITH both of 507 Laurier Ave W in Ottawa, 12 November 1923 at Ottawa
8876-23 Edwin Ryclaire? CODE, 23, salesman, Ottawa, same, s/o Edwin CODE & Eva VIRTUE, married Caroline Ann BOWREY, 22, England, Ottawa, d/o Rowland BOWREY & Edith JONES, witn: Delmer ELLIS of 491 Cooper St. in Ottawa & Carmen CODE of 548 Gilmour St. in Ottawa, 12 Sept 1923 at Ottawa 008796-23 Robert Windsor COE, 24, farmer, Fitzroy twp, Fitzroy twp s/o William COE (b. England) & Catherine SADLER married Elizabeth Stone Johnston SOUTHWELL, 21, Almonte Ont., Pakenham twp d/o John SOUTHWELL (b. England) & Mary STONE wtn: Harvey JOHNSTON of Pakenham & Alberta WALLACE of North Gower, 7 November 1923 at Trinity Church in Ottawa
8840-23 Samuel Charles Wesley COLBERT, 35, shed foreman, Pattimore Que., Hull Que., s/o Samuel COLBERT (b. Ireland) & Eliza Ann SPUNNER, married Annie Amelia WHATES, 24, maid, Essex England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas Edward WHATES (b. England) & Rosa Clara COTTIS, witn: Thomas Edward WHATES of Kemptville & Mary Jane COLBERT of 603 Bronere?, 2 June 1923 at St. Matthias Church, Ottawa 8525-23  Percy COLEMAN, 32, widower, clerk Bank Note Co., Hull Quebec, Ottawa, s/o William COLEMAN (b. Ireland) & Lena JARVIS married Olga FRABICIUS, 21, press feeder, Hurdman Bridge, Hurdman Bridge, d/o Otto FABRICIUS (sic) (b. Germany) & Ida MASTELOCK, witn: Albert COLEMAN of Hull Quebec & Martha FABRICIUS of Hurdman Bridge, 20 June 1923, Hurdman Bridge
8868-23 Alfred Christopher COLLINS, 31, clerk, Salisbury England, Ottawa, s/o William COLLINS & Alice HOBBS, married Catherine Kathleen Evelyn BENNETT, 29, Rockliffe Ottawa, Billings Bridge, d/o Walter BENNETT & Ellanora Anne GANE?, witn: Albert E. A. BENNETT of Billings Bridge & Percy J. COLLINS of Hawthorne, 20 June 1923 at Trinity Church, Ottawa 8870-23 Edward Joseph COLLINS, 26, butcher, Grenville Ont., Ottawa, s/o Patrick COLLINS & Kate FERRARO?, married Euphemia SHEEHAN, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Patrick SHEEHAN & Euphemia CRAIG, witn: Alex & Katherine SHEEHAN of Ottawa, 26 June 1923 at Ottawa
8855-23 Charles Frederick COLWELL, 76, widower, financial agent, Darlington twp., 238 Gilmour St. in Ottawa, s/o Jarreus T. COLWELL (b. England) & Olivia PITT, married Sarah Alphea HITCHCOCK, 43, clerk, Leona NY, 555 Rideau St. in Ottawa, d/o Samuel L. HITCHCOCK (b. Canada) & Jenny BANTER, witn: P.H. & L. WALSH of 144 MacLeod St. in Ottawa, 9 Jan 1923 at Stewarton Presbyterian Church, Ottawa 8526-23  James Clifford CONDIE, 32, farmer, Montague, Montague, s/o Robert CONDIE (b. Montague twp) & Ruth PLUNKETT married Bessie Malenia CHAMBERS, 24, North Gower, North Gower, d/o Adam Alexander CHAMBERS (b. North Gower) & Mary Halliday CONDIE, witn; Eva CONDIE of Smith Falls & William Andrew CHAMBERS of Manotick, 20 June 1923, Manotick
8863-23 James Raymond CONLEY, 32, trainman, Rudolf Wisconsin, Ottawa, s/o George CONLEY & Margaret KENNY, married Katherine Mary MARKLE, 33, Hamilton Ont., Ottawa, d/o Hiram MARKLE & Susan KELLY, witn: Edward & Mrs. Edward MCCABE of Osgoode St. in Ottawa, 2 June 1923 at Ottawa 8846-23 Max COOPER, 26, merchant, Roumania, 1079 Wellington St. in Ottawa, s/o Samuel COOPER (b. Roumania) & Sime SHYDER, married Minnie Leah DUBIN, 22, Russia, 1079 Wellington St. in Ottawa, d/o John DUBIN (b. Russia) & Kranze ROOD, witn: H. FINKELSTEIN of 485 Wellington St. & J. ROSENTHAL of 353 Murray St., 4 May 1923 at Ottawa
8871-23 Rene CORNELLIER, 21, driver, Ottawa, same, s/o Jean Baptiste CORNELLIER & Marie Reine DARIAN, married Martha KUFFMAN, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph Xavier BUSSIERES (sic) & Pierre (sic) DARIAN, witn: Jean Baptiste CORNELLIER & Pierre DARIAN, both of Ottawa, 11 July 1923 at Ottawa 008883-23 Joseph Aurele COTE, 34, civil servant, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o Joseph Arthur COTE (deceased) & Julia BOURGEOIS married Anna Agnes NOLAN, 36, civil servant, Manotick Station Ont., Ottawa d/o Michael NOLAN & Anna Theresa CARROLL wtn: Walter Isidore TRAVERSY of Albion Hotel in Ottawa & Margaret Christine McDONALD of 20 Nepean St in Ottawa, 27 November 1923 at Ottawa
8856-23 Armand COTE, 23, baker, Hull Que., same, s/o Pierre COTE (b. Chicoutimi Que) & Clare ROCHEFORT, married Diana DIOTTE, 17, Northern Ontario, Ottawa West, d/o Adornas (Adonias?) DIOTTE (b. Hawkesbury Ont) & Adeline VALLIERES, witn: W. COTE of Ottawa & C. Adornas DIOTTE of Ironside Que., 30 Jan 1923 at Ottawa 8858-23 Edmond COTE, 30, insurance agent, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph COTE (late) & Eliza DUFRESNE?, married Marie Annie BRUNET, 22, Moose Creek Ont., Ottawa, d/o Francois d'Assise BRUNET & Marie Louise RENAUD, witn: Henri COTE & Francois d'Assise BRUNET, both of Ottawa, 12 Feb 1923 at Ottawa
8860-23 George Francis COUGHLIN, 26, bookkeeper, Ottawa, same, s/o George Francis COUGHLIN & Annie MULCAHY, married Rose Anne CUNNINGHAM, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Michael CUNNINGHAM & Annie COWAN, witn: William J. COUGHLIN & Rose Anne REARDON, both of Ottawa, 10 April 1923 at Ottawa 8877-23 William T. J. COUGHLIN, 34, farmer, Eganville, same, s/o Eugene COUGHLIN & Mary CONNAGHAN, married Charlotte Elanor GRAND, 28, saleslady, Brudenell Ont., Ottawa, d/o Hubert GRAND & Mary McNAUGHTON, witn: Alexander & Annie HACHE of Ottawa, 16 Oct 1923 at Ottawa
8531-23  Joseph Candide COURVILLE, 25, municipal employee, Perkins Quebec, Hull Quebec, s/o Louis COURVILLE & Archange COURVILLE married Laura Camilla ST. JACQUES, 16, housemaid, Gracefield Quebec, Eastview, d/o Antoine ST. JACQUES & Julie VALLIERES, witn: Alfred COURVILLE & Aime LABELLE of Hull Quebec, 8 Jan 1923, Eastview 8528-23  Arthur COUSINEAU, 18 yrs 11 mos, railway employee, St. Joseph's village, Cyrville, s/o Arthur COUSINEAU (b. St. Joseph d'Orleans) & Allina LABRIE married Laurette LEBLANC, 19, Blackburn, Cyrville, d/o Athenuse LEBLANC (b. St. Joseph d'Orleans) & Rose Allen BENOIT, witn: Arthur COUSINEAU & Joseph Elie MERLAND of Cyrville, 9 March 1923, Cyrville
8843-23 Philip Russel COWAN, 31, civil servant, Gloucester England, 168 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa, s/o Robert David Russell COWAN (b. Scotland) & Katherine Florence SCROGGS, married Jessie Margaret McGIFFIN, 23, civil servant, Ottawa, 161 James St. in Ottawa, d/o Richard McGIFFIN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth Crosley WHYTE, witn: Jessie Millicent NAISMITH & John Stuart McGIFFIN, both of Ottawa, 21 May 1923 at Ottawa 8522-23  James Benson COWELL, 30, farmer, North Gower, North Gower, s/o William COWELL (b. Marlborough twp) & Agnes MACKEY married Lola Edna PRATT, 28, North Gower, Manotick, d/o John E. PRATT (b. North Gower twp) & Dalish? BELL, witn: Frank Leonard BROWNLEE of North Gower & Lillian BRADLEY of Manotick, 12 Sept 1923, Manotick
008799-23 George Earl COWLTHORPE, 24, RCMP, Grand Forks - North Dakota USA, Lansdowne Park in Ottawa s/o George Henry COWLTHORPE (b. England) & Margaret CHILDS married Florence Methuen HEAD, 21, saleslady, Newcastle on Tweed England, 382 Gilmour St in Ottawa d/o Robert HEAD (b. England) & Janie ARMSTRONG wtn: Deloria BOONE & J.R. BOONE both of 382 Gilmour St in Ottawa, 1 October 1923 at Ottawa 8524-23  Frederick Thomas CRABTREE, 21, butcher, England, Eastview, s/o Fred CRABTREE (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth BLAIR married Mary Christina V. MAVIS, 20, saleslady, Ottawa, Eastview, d/o Ernest MAVIS (b. Germany) & Mary FINNEGAN, witn: Ernest Edward CRABTREE & L. MAVIS of Eastview, 21 June 1923, Eastview
008792-23 Benson CRAIG, 28, labourer, Huntley twp Carp s/o Robert CRAIG (b. Huntley) & Mary WILSON married Louisa WHITE, 24, maid, Ireland, Carp d/o Samuel WHITE (b. Co Tyrone Ireland) & Martha DARRAGH wtn: Richard FEATHERSTONE & Lilian SHUTE both of Carp, 4 December 1923 at Ottawa 8520-23  William Andrew CRAIG, 29, farmer, Nepean, Nepean, s/o Ross CRAIG (b. Merivale) & Martha SWAN married Mabel Elizabeth CRAIG, 23, Nepean, Merivale, d/o James CRAIG (b. Merivale) & Janet STINSON, witn: Gena CRAIG of Hintonburg & James CRAIG of City View, 28 Nov 1923, Nepean
8532-23  Thomas CRAWFORD, 53, real estate, widower, Perth, Ottawa, s/o Samuel CRAWFORD & Bridget RUSSELL married Alice FAGAN, 42, Osgoode, Osgoode, d/o Patrick FAGAN & Susan SMITH, witn: James FAGAN of Manotick Station & Olive CRAWFORD of Ottawa, 1 Aug 1923, South Gloucester 8527-23  Joseph Edward CRAWFORD, 28, farmer, Goulbourne, Goulbourne, s/o Hugh CRAWFORD (b. Goulbourne twp) & Margaret MURDY married Margaret LOWE, 25, Ashton, Goulbourne, d/o Wesley LOWE (b. Beckwith twp) & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: Vera LOWE & Allan LOWE of Ashton, 13 June 1923, Ashton
8845-23 Elmer John CREIGHTON, 28, locomotive engineer, Carleton Place, 125 Bayswater Ave in Ottawa, s/o William CREIGHTON (b. Canada) & Mary REYNOLDS, married Edith Margery GROVES, 26, book keeper, Ottawa, 57 Aylmer Ave in Ottawa, d/o Frederick Samuel GROVES (b. Canada) & Anny HANTON, witn: A. T. & Clara GROVES of Ottawa, 3 May 1923 at Ottawa 8880-23 Leo CREPIN, 22, laborer, Ottawa, 334 Turner St. in Ottawa, s/o Augustin CREPIN & Catherine RIOPELLE, married Leda May MILLAR, 26, Almonte, Experimental Farm in Ottawa, d/o Peter MILLAR & Margaret MILLIONS, witn: Augustin CREPIN of 334 Turner St. in Ottawa & Cyrille RACQUEBRUNA? of 206 Lebreton St. in Ottawa, 5 Nov 1923 at Ottawa
8848-23 Frederick Henry CROSS, 38, widower, manager, Ingoldsthorpe England, 207 Laurier Ave W. in Ottawa, s/o Henry CROSS (b. Ingoldsthorpe England) & Harriet JARVIS, married Della Mildred SCHWERDFAGER (or Swerdfager), 26, Berwick Ont., 34 Nepean St. in Ottawa, d/o Amos SWERDFAGER & Elizabeth BOGART, witn: Arthur & Mrs. A. MAVIS of 34 Nepean St. in Ottawa, 15 March 1923 at Ottawa 8859-23 Jean Louis CROTEAU, 21, laborer, Buckingham Que., 156 Hotel de Ville St. in Hull Que., s/o Joseph CROTEAU & Marie Ann SOULIERE, married Rhea LANGLOIS, 20, St. Marie du Lac Ont., 175 Murray St. in Ottawa, d/o Isidore LANGLOIS & Florence LEVIGNE?, witn: Joseph CROTEAU of 136 Hotel de Ville St. in Hull & Isidore LANGLOIS of 175 Murray St., 12 Feb 1923 at Ottawa
8852-23 Ernest Alexander CRUIKSHANK, 68, widower, gentleman, Bertie twp., 53 Wilson Cres in Ottawa, s/o Alexander CRUIKSHANK (b. Scotland) & Margaret MILNE, married Matilda Jane MURDIE, 43, nurse, McKillop twp., 53 Wilton Cres in Ottawa, d/o Michael MURDIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth Ann GIBSON, witn: Gladys M. & W. C. MURDIE of Ottawa, 8 Jan 1923 at Trinity Church, Ottawa 8879-23 Joseph W. Palma CUILLIERRIER, 24, civil service, Montreal, Ottawa, s/o William CUILLIERRIER & Agnes BOYER, married Marie Jeanne McNICOLL, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas McNICOLL & Melina TROTTIER, witn: William CUILLIERRIER & Armand McNICOLL, both of Ottawa, 15 Oct 1923 at St. Anns, Ottawa
8865-23 Polydore CYR, 26, carpenter, Ottawa, same, s/o William CYR & Emelia LACASSE, married Marguerite RENAUD, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph RENAUD & Alicia LALIBERTE, witn: William CYR of Eastview & Joseph J.B. RENAUD of Montreal, 5 June 1923 at Ottawa 8874-23 Romeo CYR, 26, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph CYR & Rose Anna LABRECQUE, married Ida TREPANIER, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Hormisdas TREPANIER & Elizabeth LAURIAULT, witn: Joseph CYR & Felix LABRECHE, both of Ottawa, 12 Sept 1923 at Ottawa
008898-23 Joseph Charles DARLEY, 32, conductor, Wolverhampton in Staffordshire England, 103 O'Connor St in Ottawa s/o Joseph DARLEY (b. Wolverhampton England) & Elizabeth CLARKE married Margaret Stratton Young FINDLETON, 28, Bank Note Co employee, Dundee Scotland, 101 O'Connor St in Ottawa d/o Isaac FINDLETON (b. Dundee in Scotland) & Alice McKILLIGAN wtn: M.A. WILLIS of 210 Gloucester St in Ottawa & Marjorie JENKINS of Ottawa, 19 September 1923 at Ottawa 8537-23  Donald Duncan DARLING, 23, farmer, Winchester, Winchester, s/o Peter DARLING (b. Madrid NY) & Salome SHAVER married Bessie Donaldson MACLACHLAN, 28, Russell Co, Winchester, d/o Robert MACLACHLAN (b. Osgoode twp) & Mary Ann Jane DONALDSON, witn: G. R. MACLACHLAN of Kenmore & H. D. DARLING of Winchester, 3 July 1923, Kenmore
008906-23 Eric Keith DAVIDSON, 26, manufacturer, Ottawa, Laurentian Club in Ottawa s/o George DAVIDSON (b. Canada) & Rose GRANT married Louise Anna May BEACH, 21, Ottawa, Waldron Apts in Ottawa d/o William BEACH (b. Canada) & Louise CASSELMAN wtn: Grant DAVIDSON & Gertrude DAVIDSON both of Ottawa, 14 June 1923 at Ottawa 008887-23 Norman William DAVIDSON, 32, lead burner, Scotland, Aylmer Que., s/o Thomas DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Helen CLARKSON married Lottie Jane MOORE, 21, Deschenes Que., 175 Lyon St in Ottawa d/o Harvey MOORE (b. Canada) & Annie ROUTLIFFE wtn: Isabelle M.L. MILLER of 235 McLeod St in Ottawa & Janet W. FROST of 340 McLeod St in Ottawa, 24 November 1923 at Ottawa
008907-23 William DAWSON, 28, railway employee, Ottawa, 125 Glenora Ave in Ottawa s/o Robert DAWSON & Florence RAY married Lola Pearl ROY, 26, nurse, Ottawa, 9 Second Ave in Ottawa d/o Philias ROY & Alice BRAY wtn: Mr & Mrs P. ROY of 9 Second Ave, 14 June 1923 at St Matthew's Church in Ottawa 008904-23 Merritt Knight DAWSON, 31, police, Dickinsons Landing, same, s/o John DAWSON (b. Canada) & Alice BULLOCK married Isabel McCURLEY, 23, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o James McCURLEY (b. Canada) & Christenia STANYAR wtn: E. PRITCHARD & Irene PRITCHARD both of 320 Cooper St, 10 July 1923 at Ottawa
008896-23 Wallace Acheson DELAHEY, 32, forest engineer, Balmoral Manitoba, Sudbury Ont., s/o William DELAHEY (b. Pembroke) & Charlotte McDONALD married Augusta Margaret WILLOUGHBY, 30, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o Samuel WILLOUGHBY (b. Charlston) & Jessie WOODROP wtn: Delvin A. STEWART of Sudbury & Dorothy Y. WILLOUGHBY of 64 Powell Ave in Ottawa, 17 October 1923 at Powell Ave in Ottawa 008892-23 Eugene DELCORDE, 41, widower, machine operator, Belgium, 384 Cumberland St in Ottawa s/o Arthur DELCORDE (b. Louvain Belgium) & Elisa LANHERDRISSE married Angina LALONDE, 37, clerk, Ottawa, Parent Ave in Ottawa d/o Hilaire LALONDE (b. Ottawa) & Malina COURSY wtn: Edmond DELCORDE & Emile LALONDE both of Ottawa, 25 October 1923 at Ottawa
008894-23 William Harold DICKINSON, 23, salesman, Kemptville Ont., Kemptville s/o William John DICKINSON (b. Canada) & Henrietta REYNOLDS married Sara Alba Eileen GAMBLE, 22, at home, Ottawa, Ottawa d/o William GAMBLE (b. Canada) & Sara Agnes SPRATT wtn: Mr R. DICKINSON of Oakville Ont., & W.E. DAVIS of 34 Hopwell Ave in Ottawa, 20 October 1923 at Ottawa 8539-23  Clarence Lemuel DICKINSON, 32, undertaker, Oxford, Kemptville, s/o Charles Lemuel DICKINSON (b. Oxford twp) & Sarah Ann PETTAPIECE married Nora Helen CRAIG, 29, North Gower, North Gower, d/o Robert A. CRAIG (b. North Gower) & Mary BELL, witn: Eldon KIDD of Kemptville & Mary CRYDERMAN of North Gower, 7 Feb 1923, North Gower
008905-23 Frederick Philip DIXON, 31, widower, salesman, Causapscal Que., Ottawa s/o William Joseph DIXON (b. Quebec in Quebec) & Mary McGEE married Elizabeth Ann GERRARD, 21, Chelsea Que., Ottawa d/o James GERRARD (b. Sunderland in England) & Catherine KEEGAN wtn: James GERRARD of 132 Balsam St in Ottawa & illegible Sarah HALL of 123 Poulton St in Ottawa, 18 July 1923 at Ottawa 008899-23 Edward Sterling DIXON, 30, agent, Halifax NS, same s/o John DIXON (b. Ireland) & Susan GAMMON married Flora Elizabeth McDONALD, 25, Almonte Ont., 275 Flora St in Ottawa d/o Robert McDONALD (b. Ireland) & Sara McCOY wtn: Edward NETTLETON of Ottawa & Annie THOMPSON of Almonte, 22 August 1923 at Ottawa
8535-23  Hugh Edward DODDS, 21, clerk, Nesbitt Manitoba, Richmond, s/o George E. DODDS (b. Peterborough) & Augusta BAKER married Isabel Gwendolyn MONTGOMERY, 20, Richmond, Richmond, d/o Gabriel MONTGOMERY (b. Marlborough) & Sarah DOBSON, witn: Sarah M. MONTGOMERY & Gabriel MONTGOMERY of Richmond, 12 Sept 1923, Richmond 8534-23  James E. DONNELLY, 24, sawyer, Beckwith, Ashton, s/o James DONNELLY (b. Ont) & Jane Steward married Irene WATCHORN, 17, Cumberland, Ashton, d/o Richard WATCHORN (b. Ont) & Annie DAVY, witn: Ida Maude DONELLY (sic) of Ottawa & John WATCHORN of Ashton, 19 Dec 1923, Ashton
8536-23  Robert Ernest DOWDALL, 34, farmer, Goulbourne, Goulbourne, s/o James A DOWDALL (b. Bathurst twp) & Mary Ann CASSELL married Lila Pearl CRAWFORD, 23, Goulbourne, Goulbourne, d/o Hugh CRAWFORD (b. Goulbourne twp) & Maggie J. MOORE, witn: Henry HOBS & Lola N. DOWDALL of Ashton, 20 June 1923, Goulbourne 8538-23  William Angus DOUGLAS, 27, farmer, North Gower, North Gower, s/o John DOUGLAS (b. Montague twp) & Sarah DILLON married Ruby Ilena MORRIS, 19, Oxford, North Gower, d/o George MORRIS (b. Perth Ont) & Annie DAVIES, witn: John CALLANDER & E. G. MCKINNON of North Gower, 21 March 1923, North Gower
008903-23 John Alfred DOWNTON, 34, inspector, Essex England, 289 Symington Ave in Toronto s/o Jonathan DOWNTON (b. England) & Lydia COOPER married Emily STANNAGE, 36, widow, housekeeper, Plymouth England, 138 Yorkville Ave in Toronto d/o George Henry KEMP (b. England) & Mary Ann MENBURY wtn: Josephine E. ARMSTRONG & chkks SCRIM, 18 August 1923 at Ottawa 008889-23 Percy Gladstone DRAPER, 27, automotive assembler, Quyon Que., St Louis Missouri USA s/o John DRAPER (b. Canada) & Julia Ann BARBER married Nora Catherine SERVAGE, 27, clerk, Chesterville Ont., 156 Arlington Ave in Ottawa d/o James SERVAGE (b. Canada) & Isabelle BLOCK wtn: Beatrice CARRIERE & Mary E. COSENS both of Ottawa, 6 November 1923 at 65 Herbert St in Ottawa
8540-23  Lucien DUBOIS, 21, painter, Montreal, Montreal, s/o Joseph DUBOIS & Julie COX married Lida LOYER, 18, housekeeper, Ottawa, Orleans, d/o Felix LOYER & Julie HAMELIN, witn: Joseph DUBOIS of Montreal & Felix LOYER of Orleans, 31 Dec 1923, St. Joseph d'Orleans 008900-23 James Henry DUDLEY, 29, civil servant, Hintonburg Ont., 106 Sherbrooke Ave in Ottawa s/o James Henry DUDLEY (b. Isle of Guernsey) & Margaret BROWN married Beryl Blanche Ruth ROBERTS, 23, civil servant, Three Rivers Que., 176 Irving Ave in Ottawa d/o Thomas John ROBERTS (b. Canada) & Uretta Elizabeth SWEEZY, wtn: John A. DUDLEY & Dorothy A. DUDLEY both of 106 Sherbrooke Ave in Ottawa, 8 September 1923 at Ottawa
008886-23 William Harold Ernest Vernon DUFFETT, 35, physician, Ottawa, Adolphustown Ont., s/o William S. DUFFETT (b. Quebec City) & Mary A. WATSON married Marguerite Emily COUCH, 20, Smiths Falls Ont., 129 Glenora Ave in Ottawa d/o Richard COUCH (b. Smiths Falls) & Emily MOOREHOUSE wtn: Dr. GROSKIRTH & Hilda M. COUCH both of Ottawa, 11 December 1923 at Glenora Ave in Ottawa 008884-23 Harold DUXBURY, 23, labourer, Royton in Lancaster England, 41 Rochester St in Ottawa s/o John William DUXBURY (b. England) & Alice LATHAM, married Alice SHUTTLEWORTH, 23, laundress, Oldham in Lancaster England, 41 Rochester St in Ottawa d/o William SHUTTLEWORTH (b. England) & Mary Alice SCHOFIELD wtn: Harold CRABTREE & Florence CRABTREE both of 41 Rochester St in Ottawa, 31 December 1923 at 73 Fairmount Ave in Ottawa
8541-23  Thomas Clifford ERSKINE, 24, farmer, Clayton, Ramsay, s/o John Alexander ERSKINE (b. Clayton Ont) & Marion GEMMILL married Mary B. BLAIR, 27, Pakenham, Ramsay, d/o William Henry BLAIR (b. Fitzroy twp) & Isabella McILQUHAN, witn: Elizabeth BLAIR of Pakenham & John L. ERSKINE of Almonte, 17 Oct 1923, Fitzroy 8543-23  Ernest Simon FAHEY, 21, asst Foreman, Ottawa, Billings Bridge, s/o William FAHEY (b. South March) & Marguerite MORIN married Rosella Pearl KOSTKA, 25, checker, Rapid River Michigan, Ottawa, d/o (late) Edward KOSTKA (b. USA) & Josephine NARION (Navern?), witn: Laurence STANTON & Viola KOSTKA of Ottawa, 22 Nov 1923, Billings Bridge
8545-23  Francis Thomas FAULKNER, 26, farmer, Goulbourne, Goulbourne, s/o Charles Pettit FAULKNER (b. Goulbourne twp) & Anna Mary BRADLEY married Violet Margaret HEALEY, 21, Goulbourne, Goulbourne, d/o William HEALEY (b. Goulbourne twp) & Catherine Mina GRAHAM, witn: Jessie I. FERRIER & Edna M. VOKES of Richmond, 28 March 1923, Richmond 8544-23  Peter James FITZGERALD, 64, clergyman, widower, Murray, Trenton, s/o James FITZGERALD (b. Wooler Ont) & Elizabeth TRIPP married Eliza WRIGHT, 62, household duties, widow, d/o Thomas THURSTON (b. England) & Sarah Ann DANBY, witn: T. H. BRADLEY of Prescott & E. R. RUSSELL of Kingston, 15 May 1923, Stillwill
8546-23  Carrol Richard FLEGEL, 20 yrs 4 mos, laborer, Manotick, Westboro, s/o Herman FLEGEL (b. Renfrew) & Janet CARKNER married May Florence FOY, 21 yrs 10 mos, milliner, England, Westboro, d/o George FOY (b. Kent Eng) & Helen HIGGINS, witn: Joseph BLUNDELL & Lena L. BLUNDELL of Westboro, 17 Jan 1923, Westboro 8548-23  Emile FORGET, 20, laborer, Eastview Centre, Clarkstown, s/o Emeril FORGET & Georgina VEZINA married Liza CLEROUX, 18, Tupper Lake New York, Orleans, d/o Michel CLEROUX & Celina SAUCIER, witn: Emeril FORGET of Clarkstown & Michel CLEROUX of Orleans, 25 June 1923, Orleans
8542-23  Frederick William FORREST, 50, miner, Southampton England, Cobalt, s/o James FORREST (deceased, b. England) & Jane LAMBERT (deceased) married Amy MOORE, 30, domestic servant, Somersetshire England, Ottawa, d/o George MOORE (deceased, B. England) & Lydia OLIVER (deceased), witn: Ms. E. DAVIS & Ms. William CUMMINGS of Bells Corners, 29 Dec 1923, Bells Corners 8547-23  Octave FRECHETTE, 21, farmer, Orleans, Orleans, s/o Alfred FRECHETTE & Alice SCANTLAND married Corona LEFEBVRE, 24, farmer's daughter, Orleans, Orleans, d/o Damase LEFEBVRE & Olivier LEGAULT, witn: Alfred FRECHETTE & Damase LEFEBVRE of Orleans, 12 Feb 1923, Orleans
8550-23  Jud GIBSON, 45, construction foreman, widower, Ontario, Laurentian Views - Nepean twp s/o K. GIBSON (b. Virginia USA) & A. E. MCKEE married Harriette BRUNETTE, 48, widow, Glenholm Quebec, Laurentian Views, d/o S. WILSON (b. Denholm Que) & Mary ORR, witn: Christina .A ANDREWS & Jennie S. CRAMM of Westboro, 27 Dec 1923, Westboro 8864-23 Raymond Myers GORSLINE, 34, medical officer, Bloomfield Ont., Ottawa, s/o Richardson CRONK (sic) & Katherine Helena MYERS, married Beatrice Marjorie SPARKS, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o Nicholas Charles SPARKS & Lillian Fisher WOODBURN, witn: B.M. MUNRO of Halifax NS & George CAMPBELL of Ottawa, 2 June 1923 at Ottawa
8549-23  Wilfred Celestin GUIGUES (Guignes?), 25, laborer, Ottawa, Devonshire Place Nepean, s/o Celestine GUIGUES (b. Geneva Switzerland) & Jeanine CARPENTIER married Adeline Charlotte MONIN, 18 yrs 6 mos, Geneva Switzerland, Devonshire Place Nepean, d/o Francois Seraphin MONIN (b. ?--ppe Issere? France) & Louise JAUBERT, witn: L. Francois MONIN of Laurentian Views & Senarg GUIGUES of Ottawa, 24 Dec 1923, Westboro  
008693-23  Peter VAN BEEK, 23, electrician, Rotterdam Holland, Ottawa, s/o J. H. E. VAN BEEK, born Rotterdam Holland & Agatha DIRKAWAGER married Adriana DEVRIES, 21, domestic, Utrecht Holland, Hurdman's Bridge, d/o Leo DEVRIES, born Utrecht Holland & Adriana STERIKE. Wit: Benjamin FOX and Beatrice D. WOOD, both of Ottawa. November 8, 1923 at Ottawa