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Bruce Co., 1888, part 2

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001785/88 (Bruce Co) John ARCHER, 26, labourer, Buckinghamshire England, Wiarton, s/o George ARCHER & Ann ARCHER, married Sarah SYMONDS, 26, widow, Yorkshire England, Wiarton, d/o James LINDSALL & Betsy LINDSALL, witn: George OVERHOLT & Mataciah VANSICKLE of Wiarton, 27 November 1888, Wiarton


001673/88 (Bruce Co) Ephraim ARMSTRONG, 29, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o John ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Annie MITCHELL, 23, Huron Twp., St. Mary Ont., d/o Thomas MITCHELL & Nancy MITCHELL, witn: Mary Ann BEATTIE & Sarah Jane BEATTIE both of Huron Twp., 11 September 1888, Huron

001761/89 (Bruce Co) Martin ARMSTRONG, 27, yeoman, Kincardine Ont., Kinloss, s/o John & Maria ARMSTRONG, married Elizabeth RICHARDS, 24, Kinloss, Kinloss, d/o James & Jane RICHARDS, witn: Leslie ARMSTRONG & Sarah RICHARDS both of Kinloss, 5 December 1888, Kinloss

001859/88 (Bruce Co) Herbert ASSELTINE, 24, farmer, Fredersburg (Fredericksburg?) Ont., same, s/o George & Ann, married Wilhelmina KEYNORTH (Keyworth?), 27, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Richard & Lucretia, witn: Richard & Lucretia KEYNORTH both of Town Kincardine, 7 March 1888, Town of Kincardine

001558/88 (Bruce Co) George BAKER, 28, mechanic, Twp. Bruce, Amabel, s/o Michael BAKER & Elizabeth WRIGHTSON, married Sarah Ann MONTGOMERY, 22, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., d/o George MONTGOMERY & Flora McLEOD, witn: James. ARNETT & Jane BAKER of Amabel, 12 September 1888, Amabel


001556/88 (Bruce Co) Andrew BANNISTER, 24, farmer, Bentick Twp. Ont., Amabel, s/o William BANNISTER & Elizabeth TELFORD, married Heneratta? BLADES, 18, Williamsford Co. Grey, Amabel, d/o Frances BLADES & Elizabeth BLADES, witn: William LONGMIRE & Hettie SRUNT of Amabel, 8 August 1888, Amabel

001753/88 (Bruce Co) John L. BEITH, 22, theatrical, Sarnia, blank, s/o Charles BEITH & blank, married Eleanor H. SMART, 21, Hamilton, Hamilton, d/o William L. SMART & blank, witn: J.H. ROWLAND & Katie ROWLAND of Travelling? Co., 11 June 1888, Lucknow

001829/88 (Bruce Co) Ambros BEITZ, 25, tailor, Carrick Twp., Waterloo Bruce Co., s/o late Anton BEITZ & late Martina SCHIEB, married Maria MESSNER, 17, Formosa Bruce Co., Formosa Bruce Co., d/o Puis MESSNER & late Maria KONIG, witn: John SCHWARTZ, Maggie MESSNER, Theresia WIEGERS of Formosa & Joseph BATTE of Carrick, 15 October 1888, Formosa

001827/88 (Bruce Co) Joseph BENNINGER, 25 years 4 months, farmer, Culross Bruce Co, Culross Bruce Co., s/o Janatz BENNINGER & Elisabeth MOYER, married Monica FISCHER, 25, Carrick Bruce Co, Carrick Bruce Co., d/o Michael FISCHER & Catherine HISHADEL, witn: Henry FISCHER, Susana FISCHER of Carrick, Mary BENINGER & Albert BENINGER, 23 October 1888, Formosa

001553/88 (Bruce Co) John BERRISFORD, 22, f., London Eng., Southampton Ont., s/o John BERRISFORD & Mary Ann AMBROSE, married Mary FALLEN, 20, Toronto, Southampton, d/o Martin FALLEN & Alice NOLAN, witn: Edward BERRISFORD of Southampton & Mrs. John MOORE, 15 June 1888, Allenford

001546/88 (Bruce Co) James BERRY, 27, yeoman, Ont., Hepworth Amabel Twp., s/o David BERRY & Mary Ann MILNE, married Rebecca WALKER, 19, Hepworth, Hepworth Amabel, d/o John WALKER & Fanny WALKER, witn: Jane WALKER & David BERRY both of Amabel, 4 January 1888, Amabel

001808-88 (Bruce Co) Charles BIHLSTEIN (BILSTEIN), 27, farmer, Bruce Co., Mildmay, s/o Jacob BIHLSTEIN & Genava ZINGER married Otillia LEHMANN, 19, Waterloo Co., Mildmay, d/o Michael LEHMAN (sic) & Magdalena FAHRER, witn: Frank SCHEFTER, Magdalena FLACH, Martin LEHMAN & Agnes BITSCHIE, 7 February 1888 in Mildmay

001832/88 (Bruce Co) Albert BITSCHI, 26, potter, Carrick, Wingham, s/o Ignatz BITSCHI & Helena HOLM, married Wilhelmina SEEBER, 18, Bruce Co., Carlsruhe, d/o Ernest SEEBER & Josephina CASCAGNETTE, witn: George BITSCHI of Mildmay, Mary MESSNER of Formosa, Bernard GOETZ & Josephina BITSCHI of Mildmay, 31 July, Carlsruhe

001869/88 (Bruce Co) Edward T. BLAKE, 26, tailor, Appleby England, London Ont., s/o William BLAKE & Mary WHARTON, married Martha HOGARTH, 21, London Ont., Kincardine Ont., d/o William HOGARTH & Margaret BROWN, witn: Charles BEATTIE of Fergus & Lillie MacPHERSON of Kincardine Ont., 26 September 1888, Kincardine

001784/88 (Bruce Co) John BLATCHFORD, 25, musician, Williamsford Grey Co., Wiarton, s/o Walter BLATCHFORD & Sarah BLATCHFORD, married Elizabeth McCONDRA, 20, Sarnia Twp., Wiarton, d/o Thomas McCONDRA & Elizabeth McCONDRA, witn: Roderick VANWICKE & Annie VANWICKE both of Wiarton, 12 December 1888, Wiarton

001560/88 (Bruce Co) George BLYTHE, 23, Twp. Bentick, Amabel, s/o John BLYTHE & Mary CALVERT, married Harriet WALKER, 25, Mount Forest Ont., Amabel, d/o William WALKER & Fanny PATTERSON, witn: William BLYTHE & Rennie VANCE both of Amabel, 15 October 1888, Amabel

001621/88 (Bruce Co) Leslie A. BROUGH, 21, farmer, Scotland, Lindsay, s/o James BROUGH & Jane BROUGH, married Mary MARTIN, 20, Huron, Eastnor, d/o John MARTIN & Mary MARTIN, witn: Donald MARTIN & Eliza BROUGH of Lindsay, 12 December 1888, Lindsay 001552/88 (Bruce Co) Thomas BROWN, 41, farmer, Peterboro, Wawanosh Huron Co., s/o John BROWN & Elizabeth COULTER, married Margaret Ann McINTOSH, 30, Southampton Ont., Amabel, d/o Angus McINTOSH & Isabella McDONALD, witn: Augustus SMITH of Port Elgin & Ella McINTOSH of Amabel, 13 June 1888, Amabel Twp

001673/89 (Bruce Co) John McDowell BURGESS, 28, farmer, Peel Co., Glenelg, s/o James BURGESS & Jane Murray BURGESS, married Emily Jane ROBINSON, 22, England, Greenock, d/o Anthony ROBINSON & Esther ROBINSON, witn: Thomas Hall ROBINSON of Greenock & Martha Ann STANSEL of Brant, 25 December 1888, Edengrove

001794-88 (Bruce Co) Edward Neil BUTCHARD, 25, mechanic, Carrick Twp, Mildmay, s/o John & Isabella married Maria MOYER, 22, New Dundee, Mildmay, d/o Aaron & Veronica, witn: Alexander BUTCHARD & Sylvia MOYER of Mildmay, 27 June 1888 in Mildmay

001540/88 (Bruce Co) Angus CAMPBELL, 27, farmer, Scotland, Inverhuron, s/o Norman CAMPBELL & Mary MORRISON, married Eliza VAUGHAN, 18, England, Bruce Twp., d/o Charles Thomas VAUGHAN & Susanna SIMPSON, witn: Donald MATHESON of Bruce Twp. & Emily NISE of Tiverton, 4 July 1888, Bruce Twp.

001775/88 (Bruce Co) James CAMPBELL, 29, mill worker, Campbeltown Scotland, St. Edmunds Twp., s/o Malcolm CAMPBELL & Elizabeth STEWART, married Marion BUTCHARD, 23, Beddore? Bruce Co., St. Edmunds Twp., d/o Alexander BUTCHART (sic) & Marion McFADYEN, witn: Alexander BUTCHARD Jr. of St. Edmunds Twp. & Mary McDONALD of Wiarton, 18 August 1888, Wiarton

001757/88 (Bruce Co) William CHANDLER, 26, farmer, Oxford, Ashfield, s/o John CHANDLER & Sarah VANSICKLE, married Matilda STEEN, 19, Wawanosh, Wingham, d/o Robert STEEN & Nancy BLACK, witn: W.J. WANLESS of Parkdale & M.E. GALL of Toronto, 30 July 1888, Lucknow

001767/88 (Bruce Co) John B. CHARLTON, 26, farmer, Derby Twp., same,  s/o John B. CHARLTON & Elizabeth FYKE, married Margaret Jane KERR, 17, Sullivan Twp., Keppel Twp., d/o William KERR & Elizabeth MOLE, witn: James FULLERTON & Maggie CRANDON of Keppel Twp., 7 March 1888, Wiarton

001831/88 (Bruce Co) Alex CHRISTIE, 35, farmer, Grenville Co., Bruce Co., s/o John CHRISTIE & Mary Ann CHRISTIE, married Elizabeth HAY, 26, Carrick Twp., Bruce Co., d/o George HAY & Mary HAY, witn: Samuel CHRISTIE & Mary HAY, 25 December 1888, Carrick

001745/88 (Bruce Co) Rodger CLANCY, 25, farmer, Brant, Brant, s/o Michael CLANCY & Lucy GILLEN, married Johannah DESMAND (Desmond?), 19, Greenock, Greenock, d/o Patrick DESMAND & Martha WALL, witn: Joseph CLANCY & Ellen DESMAND, 25 September 1888, Chepstow

001836/88 (Bruce Co) Benjamin CLEMENTS, 20, tailor, Elderslie Twp. Bruce Co., Tara Ont., s/o David CLEMENTS & Ann CLEMENTS, married Minnie ELMHURST (Elmhirst?), 21, Hastings Ont., Tara Ont., d/o Robert ELMHURST & Annie ELMHURST, witn: Robert ELMHURST & Maggie CLEMENTS both of Tara, 28 February 1888, Tara

001562/88 (Bruce Co) Wesley Lewis CLENDENING, 24, tailor, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o Samuel CLENDENING & Eliza Jane CLENDENING, married Mary Jane RUSK, 26, Ontario, Amabel, d/o James RUSK & Eliza RUSK, witn: Adam BERRY & Eliza RUSK, 27 November 1888, Allenford

  001754/88 (Bruce Co) Joseph M. CLIFFE, 27, cabinet maker, London, Lucknow, s/o Joseph CLIFFE & mother dead, married Minnie FORSTER, 22, near Lucknow, near Lucknow, d/o Joseph FORSTER & Jennet FORSTER, witn: William PINCOMBE of Lucknow & Aggie FORSTER of Wawanosh, 6 June 1888, house of bride, Wawanosh
001790-88 (Bruce Co) John CLYNE, 30, yeoman, Kitley Twp, Carrick, s/o Michael & Ann married Emma LUCAS, 18, Carrick Twp, Carrick, d/o William & Elisa, witn: R.J. BURTON of Turnberry Twp & Elisa GILMAR of Wilmot Twp, 6 June 1888 in Carrick Twp. 001756/88 (Bruce Co) Joseph COLLING, 26, farmer, Huron, 4th Conc. Huron Twp., s/o Jane COLLING, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 20, 4th Conc. Huron Twp., 4th Conc. Huron Twp., d/o Richard MARTIN & Lucy MARTIN, witn: I.C. STINSON & M. COLLING, 12 December 1888, residence of bride

001547/89 (Bruce Co) James COLWELL, 26, farmer, Usborne Ont., Bruce Ont., s/o James COLWELL & Mary COLWELL, married Mary Jane KAY, 26, Waterloo Ont., Bruce Ont., d/o John KAY & Mary KAY, witn: Joseph KAY & Eliza Jane COLWELL both of Bruce Twp., 26 December 1888, Bruce Twp.

001852/88 (Bruce Co) Robert COLWELL, 25, tailor, Ont., Tara, s/o James & Ann COLWELL, married Elizabeth KENNEDY, 21, Ont., Arran, d/o John & Elizabeth KENNEDY, witn: Solomon KENNEDY & Louisa COOPER both of Arran, 14 November 1888, Arran

001759/88 (Bruce Co) Arthur B. CONGRAM (Congraves?), 23, druggist, Kinloss, Lucknow, s/o Richard CONGRAM & Ann PHILIPS, married Mary Ann CAMERON, 22, Lucknow, Lucknow, d/o Kenneth CAMERON & Annie McKAY, witn: Hugh MORRISON & Murdena CAMERON both of Lucknow, 12 September 1888, Lucknow

001787/88 (Bruce Co) William David CRANDON, 23, laborer, St. Mary's Perth Co., Wiarton, s/o Joseph CRANDON & Mary PARKER, married Ellen ROBERTSON, 19, Alma Centre Grey Co., Wiarton, d/o John ROBERTSON & Mary McTAGGART, witn: Daniel McDONALD & Margaret Shaver both of Wiarton, 5 December 1888, Wiarton

001837/88 (Bruce Co) James A. CRAWFORD, 25, merchant, Arran Twp, Tara, s/o William & Isabella CRAWFORD, married Lillian COCHRANE, 21, Whitby Ont., Tara Ont., d/o Abram & Margaret COCHRANE, witn: Maurice CRAWFORD of Arran Twp. & Robert JOHNSTON of Allenford Village, 10 October 1888, Tara 001849/88 (Bruce Co) William CRIBBIS, 23, farmer, Ont., Amabel Ont., s/o Jas. & Mary CRIBBIS, married Jane CARSON, 18, Ont., Amabel, d/o John & Catherine CARSON, witn: George HORNER & Betsy Ann HORNER both of Amabel, 22 November 1888, Allenford Arran

001853/88 (Bruce Co) Richard CROOME, 20, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth CROOME, married Susannah ATCHINSON, 20, Ont., Arran, d/o Thomas & Ellen ATCHISON, witn: Walter MILES & R.N. THOMPSON both of Arran, 3 October 1888, Christ Church Invermay

001804-88 (Bruce Co) Adam DARLING, 32, farmer, Flamborough, Carrick, s/o Adam DARLING & Ellen NICKEL, married Mary JOHNSTON, 26, York Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o James JOHNSTON & Jane DOUGLASS, witn: James CONNEL & Jennie MILLIGAN, 19 October 1888 in Mildmay

001620/88 (Bruce Co) Henry DAVIS, 34, farmer, Long Island, Tobermory, s/o Abraham DAVIS & Ann BRADLY, married Mary Ann HOPKINS, 33, Normanby, Tobermory, d/o Robert HOPKINS & Margaret HOPKINS, witn: Margaret A. SPEARS & Sarah SYMONS of Wiarton, 15 October 1888, Wiarton

001779/88 (Bruce Co) Henry DAVIS, 35, farmer, Long Island Ont., St. Edmunds Twp., s/o Abraham DAVIS & Ann BRADLEY, married Mary Ann HOPKINS, 33, Normanby Twp., St. Edmunds Twp., d/o Robert HOPKINS & Margaret HOPKINS, witn: Sarah SYMONDS & Margaret N. SYM both of Wiarton, 15 October 1888, Wiarton
001801-88 (Bruce Co) Charles J. DICKISON, 23, farmer, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, s/o William & Jane married Mary Jane JASPER, 21, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Thomas JASPER & Rebecca DICKISON of Carrick, 14 February 1888 in Carrick

001544/88 (Bruce Co) Peter DOBSON, 31, farmer, Ontario, Bruce Twp., s/o Matthew DOBSON & Elizabeth VENNARD, married Mary Jane GOAR, 25, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o John GOAR & Janet DEARNESS, witn: William DOBSON of Bruce & Janet GOAR of Paisley, 12 December 1888, Bruce Twp.


001581/88 (Bruce Co) John DOUGLAS, 26, carpenter, Brant Twp., Sault Ste Marie, s/o David DOUGLAS & Isabella DOUGLAS, married Sarah Elizabeth LANCASTER, 18, Brant, Brant Twp., d/o Jonathan LANCASTER & Ann LANCASTER, witn: Edward DOUGLAS & Jane LANCASTER both of Brant, 6 June 1888, Brant

001872/88 (Bruce Co) James DRANNON, 28, laborer, Ashfield Twp., Ashfield Twp., s/o James DRANNON & Ellen GUTTERY, married Jennie BRADLEY, 35, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Edward BRADLEY & Jennie BRADLEY, witn: John BRADLEY & Annie HENNY both of Huron Twp., 20 November 1888, Kincardine

001847/88 (Bruce Co) William Hilton DRINKWATER, 26, farmer, Ont., Arran, s/o Isaac & Margaret DRINKWATER, married Janet McRAE, 23, Arran, Arran, d/o Archibald & Janet McRAE, witn: William McRAE of Arran & Maggie McNAUGHT of Hespeler, 31 October 1888, Arran

001866/88 (Bruce Co) Thomas G. DUFF, 29, Vet. Surgeon, Clover Hill Ont., Kincardine, s/o John DUFF & Eliza Jane DUFF, married Elizabeth CRAWFORD, 28, Monaghan Ireland, Kincardine, d/o Joseph CRAWFORD & Eliza Jane FARLEY, witn: Phoebe WILLIAMSON of Kincardine & John A. DUFF of Clover Hill, 5 April 1888, Kincardine 001792-88 (Bruce Co) Arnold DURRER, 27, yeoman, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Nicholas DURRER & Mary BATTE married Maria REINHART, 18, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Joseph REINHART & Margareth WALSCH, witn: Werner DURRER, Mary RICH, Joseph REINHART & Caroline DURRER of Carrick, 3 July 1888 in Formosa.
001814-88 (Bruce Co) George ECKEL, 35, carpenter, Schmidtsville, Dakota U.S., widower, s/o Abraham & Catharine married Carolina HAHN, 33, Woolwich, Walkerton, spinster, d/o George & Catharine, witn: Samuel HAHN & Clara GUGISBERG of Walkerton, 1 March 1888 in Carrick 001838/88 (Bruce Co) Ernest ELDRED, 24, laborer, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth ELDRED, married Clara HORNER, 20, England, Tara Ont., d/o John & Mary HORNER, witn: Mrs. M.A. GIBBON & Miss Ada HORNER of Tara Ont., 1 December 1888, Tara

001856/88 (Bruce Co) Robert T. ELLIOTT, 23, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o John ELLIOTT & Sarah ELLIOTT, married Ellen V. MARTIN, 22, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Richard MARTIN & Julia MARTIN, witn: Jacob WRIGHT & Mary MARTIN both of Huron Twp., 11 January 1888, Kincardine

001864/88 (Bruce Co) John EVANS, 30, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o John EVANS & Sarah McCULLOUGH, married Sarah GARDNER, 22, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Hugh GARDNER & Cathie DAVIE, witn: James EVANS & Mary GARDNER both of Kincardine Twp., 3 April 1888, Kincardine

001873/88 (Bruce Co) Richard EVANS, 24, blacksmith, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o John EVANS & Sarah McCULLOUGH, married Mary E. McCLURE, 22, Kincardine Town, Kincardine Town, d/o Samuel McCLURE & Eliza McCLELLAN, witn: James EVANS & Jessie INNIS both of Kincardine, 19 December 1888, Kincardine

001839/88 (Bruce Co) William Philip EVANS, 26, farmer, North Gore Twp. Quebec, Amabel Twp. Bruce Co., s/o William & Mary EVANS, married Elizabeth HEARST, 32, Arran Twp. Bruce Co., Tara Ont., d/o William & Margaret HEARST, witn: Richard T. EVANS of Amabel & Mary HEARST of Tara, 25 December 1888, Tara

001781/88 (Bruce Co) James FARROW, 24, traveler, Wiarton, Owen Sound, s/o Frederick FARROW & Sarah FARROW, married Martha HOLMES, 21, Kincardine Twp., Amabel Twp., d/o John HOLMES & Ann HOLMES, witn: John FARROW of Wiarton & Flora HOLMES of Owen Sound, 5 November 1888, Wiarton

001799-88 (Bruce Co) Jacob FINK, 26, farmer, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, s/o Henry & Philimina married Anna FAUBEL, 18, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Conrad & Carolina, witn: M.M. & Rosa M. SCHWARTZ both of Carrick, 29 March 1888 in Carrick.

001798-88 (Bruce Co) Charles FINKBEINER, 28, clergyman, Stephen Twp, New Hamburg, s/o Jacob & Rosina married Martha BECHTEL, 24, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Jacob & Margaret, witn: Jacob BECHTEL of Carrick & Catharine KRAUSE of Williamsford, 8 May 1888 in Carrick Twp 001809-88 (Bruce Co) Joseph FISCHER, 26, farmer, Waterloo Co., Dakota U.S., s/o Casper FISCHER & Anna Maria MOYER married Amelia SCHEFTER, 21, Waterloo Co., Carrick, d/o Philip SCHEFTER & Magdalena Von HOTTEN, witn: Philip SCHEFTER, Magdalena FISCHER, Peter SAUER & Louisa SCHEFTER (no residence given), 13 February 1888 in Mildmay
001822-88 (Bruce Co) Simon FLACH, 22, farmer, Carrick, Mildmay, s/o Simon FLACH & Catharine SCHELL married Catharine GREEN, 21, Carrick, Mildmay, d/o Franz GREEN & Theresia SAUER, witn: George GREEN, Magdalena FLACH, Henry BRUDER & Elizabeth GREEN, 27 November 1888 in Mildmay

001675/88 (Bruce Co) James FLETCHER, 34, farmer, Ont., Dunwich, s/o Hugh FLETCHER & Elizabeth FLETCHER, married Ann ROSS, 33, Prince Edward Island, Kinloss, d/o Alexander ROSS & Ann ROSS, witn: John ROSS & Mary ROSS both of Kinloss, 17 October 1888, Kinloss

  001559/88 (Bruce Co) John FOOTE, 25, machinist, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Henry FOOTE & Annie CORBET, married Eliza MUNRO, 22, Oxford Co., Amabel, d/o Adam MUNRO & Christina McLEIGH, witn: Alex McKENZIE & Agnes LAIDLOW of Owen Sound, 3 October 1888, Amabel
001812-88 (Bruce Co) Edward FORLER, 28, laborer, Normanby, Listowel, s/o Jacob & Kate married Sophia CURRIE, 20, Minto, Harriston, d/o Neil & Christina, witn: Isabella FAIRBURN & James MOORE of Mildmay, 14 February 1888 in Mildmay.

001797/89 (Bruce Co) John C. FREDERICK, 22, tailor, Wilberforce Ont., Powassan Muskoka, s/o Charles FREDERICK & Louisa FREDERICK, married Martha M. SMITH, 18, Mount Forest Ont., Keppel, d/o George SMITH & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: George SMITH & Elizabeth SMITH both of Keppel, 26 December 1888, Wiarton

001843/88 (Bruce Co) James S. FREEBORN, 28, Doctor , Arran, Markdale Ont., s/o Andrew & Emily FREEBORN, married Marrietta GARDNER, 27, Arran Ont., Arran, d/o Luke & Sarah GARDNER, witn: R.E. START of Tara, 21 February 1888, Arran 001846/88 (Bruce Co) George FREEBORN, 56, widower, farmer, Ireland, Michigan U.S., s/o George & Mary FREEBORN, married Jane STRONG, 37, Ont., Arran, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann STRONG, witn: John & Elizabeth STRONG of Arran, 11 September 1888, Arran

001744/88 (Bruce Co) Samuel GARLAND, 30, farmer, Pinkerton, Pinkerton, s/o Richard & Mary GARLAND, married Fanny Elizabeth TAYLOR, 23, Vaughan, Greenock, d/o Joseph & Martha TAYLOR, witn: Thomas W. GARLAND of Pinkerton & Rebecca TAYLOR of Greenock, 3 April 1888, Greenock


001780/88 (Bruce Co) William Henry GILLIS, 50, painter, St. Catharines Ont., Wiarton, s/o Jessie GILLIS & Sarah GILLIS, married Ann Jane FRAME, 28, Colpoys Bay Ont., Wiarton, d/o John FRAME & Betsy FRAME, witn: Mary SHAVER & James MOORE both of Wiarton, 20 October 1888, Wiarton

001895/89 (Bruce Co) John GILMORE, 41, widower, laborer, Quebec, Kincardine Town, s/o William GILMORE & Jane GILMORE, married Charlotte Ann CAMPBELL, 28, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Town, d/o Henry CAMPBELL & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, witn: William CAMPBELL & Susan CAMPBELL both of Kincardine Bruce Co., 14 November 1888, Kincardine (also 1903-89)

001826/88 (Bruce Co) Thomas GODFRED, 23, wagon maker, Grey County, Mildmay, s/o Edmund GODFRED & Rachel McLELLAN, married Agatha SCHUETT, 19, Mildmay, Mildmay, d/o Joseph SCHUETT & Maria DIEMERT, witn: Andrew ZETTLE, Regina GOETZ, Daniel GODFRED & Maria SCHUETT, 30 October 1888, Mildmay

001703/89 (Bruce Co) William GRAHAM, 52, widow, farmer, Ireland, Amabel Twp., s/o Francis & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Mary Ann BABBINGTON, 52, widow, Ont., Arran, d/o Simon HOGG & Priscilla, witn: John & Margaret JAMESON of Tara, 26 December 1888, Arran

  01708/89 (Bruce Co) Walter GRAINGER, 25, tinsmith, New York State, Paisley, s/o Chauncey & Clara Roselfer? GRAINGER, married Jane FARMER, 23, Scotland, Owen Sound, d/o William & Mary FARMER, witn: William FREEBORN & Mrs. Luisa J. COOPER both of Invermay, 31 December 1888, Invermay
001748/88 (Bruce Co) Francis James GREAR, 33, livery keeper, Albion Peel Co. Ont., Lucknow, s/o Thomas GREAR & Ellen M. McDONALD, married Nina Maud ROSS, 18, Lucknow, Lucknow, d/o Alexander ROSS & Mary Ann SHELTON, witn: Donald GEDDES & Louisa SHELTON, 15 February 1888, Lucknow

001819-88 (Bruce Co) Philip GRUB, 22, farmer, Canada, Carrick, s/o Philip GRUB & Anna STETSCHER married Elizabeth HOFFARTH, 21, Canada, Carlsruhe, d/o John HOFFARTH & Francisca ZETTLER, witn: Peter DIEMERT of Carrick & Katharine HOFFARTH of Carlsruhe, 20 (25?) November 1888 in Carlsruhe.

001823-88 (Bruce Co) Joseph GUITTARD, 28, farmer, Carrick, Mildmay, s/o Jacob GUITTARD & Catharine PALI--?(off page) married Theresia SCHNEIDER, 23, Waterloo Co., Carrick, d/o Nicolas SCHNEIDER & Catharine BEHRE--?, witn: Jacob GUITTARD, Catharine GUITTARD, Aloysius WEILER & Maria GUITTARD all of Carrick, 30 October 1888 in Formosa.

001810-88 (Bruce Co) George HAHN, 27, farmer, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, s/o George & Elizabeth married Wilhelmine REUBER, 21, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Henry REUBER & Louisa ZINN both of Carrick, 15 February 1888 in Carrick.

001798/89 (Bruce Co) George HAMBLY, 27, farmer, Canada West, Albemarle, s/o Thomas HAMBLY & Christina HAMBLY, married Margaret Ann KENNEDY, 25, Ireland, Albemarle, d/o William KENNEDY & Martha KENNEDY, witn: Rich HAMBLY & Minnie KENNEDY both of Albemarle, 26 December 1888, Wiarton

001543/88 (Bruce Co) Matthew HAMILTON, 58, farmer, Scotland, Bruce Twp., s/o Robert HAMILTON & Janet ARNILL, married Flora McDOUGALL, 44, Scotland, Bruce Twp., d/o Neil McDOUGALL & Amy McLEAN, witn: William STRUTHERS & Jemima GOAR both of Bruce Twp., 13 December 1888, Bruce Twp

001567/88 (Bruce Co) John HAMPSON, 31, mechanic, Co. Oxford Ont., Co. Bruce, s/o Joseph HAMPSON & Caroline GLENDENNING, married Martha HOWLETT, 21, Co. Peel Ont., Co. Bruce, d/o George HOWLETT & Elizabeth THOMAS, witn: George SEIPP & Fred HAMPSON both of Twp. Brant, 11 January 1888, Brant Twp

001770/88 (Bruce Co) Alexander Thompson HANES, 22, merchant, Lynden, Lynden, s/o Alexander HANES & Margaret HANES, married Elizabeth HAGEY, 20, Port Elgin, Wiarton, d/o Peter HAGEY & Elizabeth HAGEY, witn: A.M. ROBINSON of Lynden & Rosella SPRINGSTEAD of Wiarton, 5 June 1888, Wiarton 001796-88 (Bruce Co) Joseph HEINZMANN, 25, carpenter, Waterloo Co., Waterloo Co., s/o late James HEINTZMANN (sic) & Eva WILHELM married Francisca KNOEPFLER, 20, Culross, Culross, d/o Joseph KNOEPFLER & Magdalena VOIGT, witn: Charles KNOEPFLER of Culross, Michael & Lena HEINZMANN both of Waterloo Co. & Mary KNOEPFLER of Culross, 18 June 1888 in Formosa

001776/88 (Bruce Co) Christopher W. HEMSWORTH, 25, railway station agent, Wallace Twp. Ont., Hespeler Village Ont., s/o Christopher M. HEMSWORTH & Elenor M. HEMSWORTH, married Rosella Denie (Dewie?) SPRINGSTEAD, 21, Lambton Co. Ont., Wiarton Village, d/o Oliver SPRINGSTEAD & Isabella SPRINGSTEAD, witn: J.H. BOBIER & Henrietta SHOW both of Wiarton, 17 September 1888, Wiarton

001868/88 (Bruce Co) Robert T. HEWITT, 23, merchant, Kincardine Ont., Selkirk Manitoba, s/o John HEWITT & Jane WALSH, married Margaret SCOTT, 23, Kincardine Ont., Kincardine Ont., d/o William SCOTT & Margaret SUTHERLAND, witn: William HAY & Barbara SCOTT of Kincardine Ont., 26 June 1888, Kincardine

001898/89 (Bruce Co) George H. HOGARTH, 25, teacher, Solina   L--? Co., Kincardine, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Sadie S. BOWERS, 23, Kinloss Twp., Kincardine, d/o William BOWERS & Mary Ann BOWERS, witn: E.S. HOFARTH of Exeter & Annie BOWERS of Kincardine, 25 December 1888, Kincardine

001702/89 (Bruce Co) Thomas HOLMES, 26, book keeper, Arran Ont., Tara, s/o William & Janet HOLMES, married Mary Hay KELLOW, 23, Ont., Arran, d/o Moses L. KELLOW & Ann KELLOW, witn: Walter James HOLMES of Arran & Lizzie PLUNKETT of Meaford, 17 October 1888, Arran

001850/88 (Bruce Co) George HORNER, 21, farmer, Ont., Amabel, s/o Henry & Mary HORNER, married Betsy Ann LONGMIRE, 17, Ont., Amabel, d/o John & Ann LONGMIRE, witn: William CRIBBIS & Jane CRIBBIS of Amabel, 21 November 1888, Allenford Arran

001554/88 (Bruce Co) John M. IMLAH, 32, stone mason, Fergus Ont., Fergus Ont., s/o James IMLAH & Ann McKEE, married Mary Ann RICHARDSON, 21, West Garafraxa, Fergus Ont., d/o Thomas RICHARDSON & Ann BUCKLAND, witn: M. E. NOBLE & Lucy A. RICHARDSON, 30 June 1888, Hepworth

001713/89 (Bruce Co) Thomas Frederick JAMESON, 28, blacksmith, Arran Twp., Owen Sound, s/o James & Mary J. JAMESON, married Catherine Ann WOLFE, 28, Arran, Arran, d/o Andrew & Isabella WOLFE, witn: William JAMESON & Charlotte McFADDEN of Arran, 24 December 1888, Arran

001763/88 (Bruce Co) Thomas JASPER, 28, farmer, Canada, Brandon Manitoba, s/o William JASPER & Mary JASPER, married Mary McKINNON, 23, Canada, Park Head Ont., d/o Hugh McKINNON & Grace McKINNON, witn: R.F. KENT & M.E. PHILLIPS both of Wiarton, 2 February 1888, Wiarton

001704/89 (Bruce Co) Robert John JOHNSTON, 28, merchant, Ont., Manvers Twp., s/o James Alex JOHNSTON & Jane., married Ella M. TAYLOR, 27, Arran, Arran, d/o James TAYLOR M.D. & Eliza TAYLOR, witn: R.J. McLAUGHLIN of Lindsay & Emily FREEBORN of Arran, 10 October 1888, Arran

001863/88 (Bruce Co) John JOHNSTON, 38, carpenter, Ireland, Kincardine, s/o Henry JOHNSTON & Margaret MOORE, married Jane EVANS, 26, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine, d/o John EVANS & Sarah McCULLOUGH, witn: Mary MURRAY & Alister MURRAY both of Kincardine, 29 March 1888, Kincardine Town

001706/89 (Bruce Co) David L. KENNEDY, 26, farmer, Saugeen Twp., Saugeen Twp., s/o William & Margaret KENNEDY, married Mary LAMONT, 21, Arran, Arran, d/o John & Margaret LAMONT, witn: Alex L. KENNEDY of Saugeen & Flora LAMONT of Arran, 25 September 1888, Arran

001551/88 (Bruce Co) Thomas A. KENNEDY, 29, contractor, Brampton Ont., Port Arthur Ont., s/o William KENNEDY & Eliza WHITE, married Catherine J. McLEOD, 24, Sydenham Co. Grey, Sydenham Co. Grey, d/o Peter McLEOD & Margaret McLEAN, witn: George J. CRUIKSHANKS of Arran & Flora Jessie McLEOD of Derby, 21 February 1888, Derby

001705/89 (Bruce Co) George Albert KERR, 21, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o Andrew & Martha KERR , married Charlotte Matilda NICHOLSON, 20, Arran, Arran, d/o Thomas & Matilda NICHOLSON, witn: Richard L. TRELFORD & Mercy NICHOLSON both of Arran, 5 December 1888, Arran 001747/88 (Bruce Co) Robert KING, 34, mechanic, Lanark Co. Ontario, Teeswater Ont., s/o William KING & Hannah KING, married Margaret McKAY, 28, Culross Twp., Culross Twp., d/o Donald McKAY & Mary McKAY, witn: Robert HAWTHORNE of Greenock & Agnes RITCHIE of Walkerton, 23 October 1888, Enniskillane, Twp. Greenock

001583/88 (Bruce Co) John KOENIG, 24, blacksmith, Germany, Hanover, s/o John KOENIG & Annie KOENIG, married Sophia WINTER, 18, Germany, Brant, d/o Christian WINTER & Dorothea WINTER, witn: Rudolf MISCH of Hanover, Anna AHRENS, Ernest PRIES & Anna STADE all of Brant, 17 May 1888, Brant

001803-88 (Bruce Co) Peter KOLOFNER, 32, laborer, Europe Elsace Suflheim?, Missouri U.S., s/o Louis KOLOFNER & Maria GOETZ married Catharine MESSNER, 25, Europe Elsace Suflheim, Formosa, d/o Wendel MESSNER & Barbara HELMER, witn: Joseph & Magdalena ERNEWINE of Greenock Twp, 24 January 1888 in Formosa.

001830/88 (Bruce Co) John KROETSCH, 25, carpenter, Waterloo Co., Formosa Culross Twp., s/o late Frederick KROETSCH & Mary BRICK, married Agatha WEILER, 23 years 9 months, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Joseph WEILER & Joanna WEILER, witn: Peter KROETSCH, Maria KROETSCH, Nicholas WEILER & Maria WEILER, 9 October 1888, Formosa

001825/88 (Bruce Co) Michael LEHMANN, 27, farmer, Waterloo Co., Mildmay, s/o Michael LEHMANN & Magdalena FAHRER, married Regina BITSCHI, 17, Carrick, Mildmay, d/o Anton BITSCHI & Sophia SCHWARTZ, witn: Simon FLACH, Catherine GREEN, Andrew SAUER & Agnes BITSCHI of Mildmay, 9 October 1888, Mildmay

  001815-88 (Bruce Co) George LITT, 29, mason, Fullerton, Fullerton Perth Co., s/o John & Margaret married Catharine ZINN, 27, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Ernst & Margaretha, witn: Julia & Susanna ZINN both of Carrick, 13 (15) March 1888 in Carrick

001834/88 (Bruce Co) John LOBSINGER, 24, farmer, Bruce Co., Carlsruhe, s/o Louis LOBSINGER & Catherine GEHL, married Brigitta TSCHIRHARDT, 22, Canada, Carlsruhe, d/o Peter TSCHIRHART & Regina AUSTEDT, witn: Louis LOBSINGER of Carlsruhe, Halena TSCHIRHARDT of Mildmay, Joseph WEILER of Hanover & Solomon SCHNITZLER of Carlsruhe, 18 September 1888, Carlsruhe

001840/88 (Bruce Co) John LONG, 26, farmer, Ont., Saugeen Ont., s/o Cunningham & Margaret LONG, married Lucinda McFAUL, 24, Ont., Arran, d/o Alexander & Mary McFAUL, witn: Allen McFADYEN & Esther A. LONG both of Saugeen, 28 March 1888, Arran

001755/89 (Bruce Co) Leonard Herbert MacARTNEY, 23, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Lions Head, s/o John & Sarah MacARTNEY, married Catherine HELLYER, 18, Mornington Twp., Lions Head, d/o Valentine & Christine HELLYER, witn: Duncan McINTYRE of Lions Head & Sarah HELLYER of Eastnor, 16 November 1888, Lions Head

001707/89 (Bruce Co) John McANDREW, 29, farmer, Scotland, Arran, s/o Norman & Flora McANDREW, married Ellen MENZIE, 27, Ont., Arran, d/o Peter & Margaret MENZIE, witn: Alex McCANNEL of Saugeen & Catherine MENZIE of Arran, 11 July 1888, Arran

001541/88 (Bruce Co) Alexander McDONALD, 24, farmer, Canada, Bruce, s/o Neil & Margaret McDONALD, married Ann THOMPSON, 19, Canada, Bruce, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Alexander THOMPSON & Mary Ann BRYCE both of Paisley, 26 September 1888, Bruce Twp

001545/88 (Bruce Co) Ewen Hugh McDONALD, 26, yeoman, Greenock twp., Hamilton Dakota U.S., s/o Donald Lamont McDONALD & Mary Ann McQUEEN, married Mary Agnes MILLAR, 22, Kincardine, Allenford, d/o John MILLAR & Margaret MELLVILLE, witn: Andrew MILLER of Allenford & Christina McDONALD of Greenock, 18 June 1888, Allenford

001860/88 (Bruce Co) Archibald McDONALD, 28, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Manitoba, s/o Kenneth McDONALD & Cath. McLEOD, married Carthie Anne McKENZIE, 19, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Alexander McKENZIE & Henrietta KERR, witn: John McDONALD & Mrs. McLENNAN both of Kincardine Twp., 20 March 1888, Kincardine Town

001766/88 (Bruce Co) Angus McDONALD, 25, farmer, Isle of Lewis Scotland, Lindsay Twp. Bruce Co., s/o John McDONALD & Annie McLAY, married Catherine McLEOD, 26, Isle of Lewis Scotland, Lindsay Twp. Bruce Co., d/o John McLEOD & Maggie McIVER, witn: John McLEOD Jr. & & Annie McKINNON both of Eastnor, 28 March 1888, Wiarton

001861/88 (Bruce Co) John McFARLAN, 28, farmer, Huron Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Ivor? McFARLAN & Christy McLEOD, married Isabella McCORMACK, 26, Ireland, Kincardine Twp., d/o Joseph McCORMACK & Mary SLOAN, witn: Dan McAULEY & Mary ANDERSON of Kincardine Twp., 21 March 1888, Kincardine Town


001549/88 (Bruce Co) Dugald McKENZIE, 29, fisherman, Forest Lambton Co., Amabel, s/o Hugh McKENZIE & Mary McLELLAND, married Margaret McPHEE, 24, Russell Dundas Co., Amabel, d/o Malcolm McPHEE & Christina PURVIS, witn: William McPHEE & Alice PEARCE both of Amabel, 4 April 1888, Amabel

001758/88 (Bruce Co) Donald McKENZIE, 31, commercial traveler, St. Helens, London, s/o John McKENZIE & Isabella McKENZIE, married Lizzie Johnston McINTYRE, 20, Clifford, Lucknow, d/o Alex McINTYRE & Isabella HENRY, witn: John KIRKPATRICK of London & Josephine CHAMBERS of Trenton N.J., 5 September 1888, Lucknow

001858/88 (Bruce Co) John McKINNON, 25, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Malcolm McKINNON & Mary McEACHERN, married Christie McLEAN, 22, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Donald McLEAN & Eliza McLEAN, witn: Dougal McKINNON of Tiverton Ont. & Mary McLEAN of Town of Kincardine, 7 March 1888, Town of Kincardine

001765/88 (Bruce Co) Neil McKINNON, 28, teamster, Greenock Twp. Bruce Co., Owen Sound, s/o Hugh McKINNON & Mary McKECHNIE, married Jane LONEY, 34, Kingston Twp. Frontenac Co., Keppel Twp. Grey Co., d/o Henry LONEY & Maria WALPOLE, witn: Charles A. LONEY & Mary LONEY both of Keppel, 21 March 1888, Wiarton

001845/88 (Bruce Co) David McLEAN, 23, builder, Arran, Port Elgin, s/o James & Marion McLEAN, married Maggie SWINTON, 27, Arran, Arran, d/o Alexander & Jane SWINTON, witn: Andrew SWINTON & Maggie McLEAN both of Arran, 30 May 1888, Arran

001686/89 (Bruce Co) Duncan Ewen McLEAN, 32, vet. surgeon, Puslinch, Walkerton, s/o John McLEAN & Annie McPHERSON, married Minnie Jane COCHRANE, 16, Walkerton, Walkerton, d/o Andrew COCHRANE & Matilda McNEIL, witn: Minnie MYERS of Hanover, 14 November 1888, Hanover

001857/88 (Bruce Co) Malcolm McLEOD, 23, carpenter, Huron Twp., Grand Rapids U.S., s/o Duncan McLEOD & Anne McDONALD, married Mary SMITH, 22, Kincardine, Kincardine, d/o John SMITH & Maggie McLEOD, witn: Dan McTAVISH & Anne McLEOD of Huron Twp., 25 January 1888, Kincardine

001676/88 (Bruce Co) Kenneth McLEOD, 27, farmer, Ashfield, Ashfield, s/o Archibald McLEOD & Jessie McLEOD, married Catherine McKENZIE, 22, Ashfield, Ashfield, d/o John McKENZIE & Betsy McKENZIE, witn: Margaret McKENZIE & Charles McLEAN both of Ashfield, 17 October 1888, Ashfield

001674/88 (Bruce Co) William James McTAVISH, 22, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o John McTAVISH & Elizabeth Sarah McTAVISH, married Lucy BRADLEY, 19, Ont., Huron Twp., d/o Edward BRADLEY & Jane BRADLEY, witn: Robert Henderson McTAVISH & Caroline BRADLEY both of Huron Twp., 29 November 1888, Pine River

001743/88 (Bruce Co) John McTEER, 27, farmer, Sullivan Twp., Sullivan Twp., s/o Robert HANBERRY (sic) & Agnes HANBERRY, married Monica STURGEON, 21, West Gwillimbury, Greenock Twp., d/o George STURGEON & Mary STURGEON, witn: Alex EADIE of Pinkerton & Sarah Jane STURGEON of Greenock, 21 March 1888, Pinkerton
001854/88 (Bruce Co) Walter MILES, 25, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o John & Ann MILES, married Rachel G. THOMPSON, 20, Ont., Arran, d/o George F. & Mary J. THOMPSON, witn: Richard CROOME & Susannah ATCHISON of Arran, 3 October 1888, Christ Church Invermay Arran  

001622/88 (Bruce Co) John MILLER, 33, carpenter, Ireland, Eastnor, s/o John MILLER & Nancy MILLER, married Elizabeth KELLEY, 19, Euphrasia, Lindsay, d/o John KELLEY & Susannah KELLEY, witn: Archie Charles ARTHUR & Mary J. KELLEY of Lindsay, 18 December 1888, Lindsay

001802-88 (Bruce Co) Marcus MISSERE, 24, laborer, Waterloo, Mildmay, s/o George MISSERE & Caroline FRANK married Margaret DIEMERT, 24, Carrick, Deemerton, d/o Louis DIEMERT & Maria LaFRANCE, witn: Louis DIEMERT, Clara MISSERE, August MISSERE & Susanna SCHULTHEIS, 24 January 1888 in Deemerton.

001783/88 (Bruce Co) Richard Eli MOORE, 25, farmer, Devonshire England, Keppel Twp., s/o Richard MOORE & Elizabeth Susan MOORE, married Harriet Grace PERKINS, 21, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., d/o John PERKINS & Marion PERKINS, witn: Frank Lug MOORE & Catherine PERKINS both of Keppel, 19 November 1888, Wiarton

001824/88 (Bruce Co) Edward MORRIN, 27, yeoman, Canada, Barrie, s/o Thomas MORRIN & Cleophia NOREAU, married Ruth TWIGG (Quigg?), 22, Canada, Hanover, d/o Frederick TWIGG & Lena GROSSER, witn: Frederick TWIGG, Edward TWIGG, Eva TWIGG all of Hanover & Theresa GUETTARD of Mildmay, 23 October 1888, Carlsruhe

001865/88 (Bruce Co) David MORRISON, 28, fisherman, Scotland, Kincardine, s/o Norman MORRISON & Mary MATHEWSON, married Mary CALDER, 21, Bruce Twp., Kincardine, d/o Hugh CALDER & Margaret McIVOR, witn: John MacDONALD & Annie MORRISON both of Kincardine Town, 4 April 1888, Kincardine

001841/88 (Bruce Co) William MUNSON, 28, farmer, Ont., Derby Twp. Ont., s/o William & Maggie MUNSON, married Emmy HAMILTON, 23, Ont., Arran Ont., d/o Christopher & Mary HAMILTON, witn: John MAHON of Derby & Eunice HAMILTON of Arran, 11 April 1888, Arran

001751/88 (Bruce Co) John MURRAY, 29, mechanic, Guelph, Goderich, s/o John MURRAY & Mary MURRAY, married Catherine McGUIRE, 25, Kinloss, St. Helens, d/o John McGUIRE & Catherine McGUIRE, witn: John McGUIRE & Elizabeth HUMPHREY of St. Helens, 21 March 1888, Lucknow

001896/89 (Bruce Co) Joseph NEPHEW, 23, shoemaker, Kincardine Town., Kincardine Town, s/o Andrew NEPHEW & Susan NEPHEW, married Hanna HOCKINS, 24, Flamboro Twp., Kincardine Town, d/o Joseph HOCKINS & Jane HOCKINS, witn: Alex NEPHEW & Eliza HOCKINS both of Kincardine Bruce Co., 25 December 1888, Kincardine

001672/ 88 (Bruce Co) John NEISBIT, 25, farmer, Co. Norfolk Ont., Huron Twp., s/o Samuel NEISBIT & Catherine NEISBIT, married Anabella McKENZIE, 22, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Angus McKENZIE & Catherine McKENZIE, witn: James BLUE & Helen McKENZIE both of Huron Twp., 5 December 1888, Huron

001820-88 (Bruce Co) Frederick NETZKE, 26, laborer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Charles & Lavinia E. married Margareth MAWHINEY, 25, Howick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o John & Francis, witn: Samuel & Anna NETZKE of Carrick, 13 November 1888 in Mildmay.

001749/88 (Bruce Co) Thomas NICHOLL, 28, yeoman, Canada, Virden Manitoba, s/o James NICHOLL & Annie NICHOLL, married Ethel NICHOL, 24, Canada, Kinloss Canada, d/o Jacob NICHOL & Esther NICHOL, witn: Jacob JOHNSON & Jane NICHOL of Kinloss, 29 February 1888, Kinloss

001755/88 (Bruce Co) Murdoch NICHOLSON, 24, farmer, Kinloss, Kinloss, s/o Allan NICHOLSON & Sarah NICHOLSON, married Margaret BURNS, 22, Lucknow, Lucknow, d/o Thomas H. BURNS & Sarah BURNS, witn: Thomas H. BURNS of Lucknow & Christina NICHOLSON of Kinloss, 3 October 1888, Lucknow

001848/88 (Bruce Co) James NICHOLSON, 28, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o Thomas & Matilda NICHOLSON, married Ann Jane GRAHAM, 26, Arran, Arran, d/o David & Jane GRAHAM, witn: Thomas Z. DEALY of Clavering & Martha GRAHAM of Arran, 8 November 1888, Arran

001557/88 (Bruce Co) Daniel NORTON, 22, farmer, Tara, Amabel, s/o Levi NORTON & Harriet Ann WALKENBURGER, married Elizabeth Hanna BUCKTON, 21, Shildon - Co. Durham Eng., Amabel, d/o John BUCKTON & Thomason WALLON, witn: John BUCKTON of Amabel & F.H. LOUGHEED of Hepworth, 20 August 1888, Hepworth


001774/88 (Bruce Co) Joseph OWEN, 46, widower, laborer, Cavan Twp., Wiarton, s/o John OWEN & Mary OWEN, married Harriet KING, 43, widow, Drummond Twp. Que., Meaford, d/o John BAILLEY & Eleanor BAILLEY, witn: William FURLER of Wiarton & Mrs. Lilla HEPPENSTAL of Meaford, 13 August 1888, Wiarton

01768/88 (Bruce Co) Henry PETTIGREW, 23, labourer, Simcoe Co., Eastnor Twp. Bruce Co., s/o John PETTIGREW & Dorthae PETTIGEW, married Annie BOYLE, 22, Bruce Co., Eastnor Twp. Bruce Co., d/o Thomas BOYLE & Elizabeth BOYLE, witn: Thomas PETTIGREW of Eastnor & Stephen POPE of Wiarton, 9 May 1888, Wiarton

001746/88 (Bruce Co) Thomas A. PICKARD, 24, sawyer, Glammis, Hepworth Bruce Co., s/o Thomas PICKARD & Frances PICKARD, married Lilla HOWSON, 22, Esquesing Halton Co., Glammis, d/o Thomas F. HOWSON & Isabella HOWSON, witn: Joseph S. PICKARD of Guelph & Edith N. HOWSON of Glammis, 13 September 1888, Glammis

001561//88 (Bruce Co) Charles PIPER, 48, widower, farmer, on board ship on the Atlantic Ocean, Amabel, s/o James PIPER & Kezia CROP, married Elizabeth MAHEW, 22, Amabel, Amabel, d/o Alfred MAHEW & Sarah LEWIS, witn: L.A. RICHARDSON & M.E. NOBLE of Hepworth, 1? October 1888, Hepworth

001671/88 (Bruce Co) William POLLOCK, 26, farmer, Rawdon Ontario, Rawdon Ont., s/o William POLLOCK & Agnes POLLOCK, married Elizabeth Ann POLLOCK, 21, Huron, Huron, d/o John POLLOCK & Jane POLLOCK, witn: Thomas E. POLLOCK & Margaret THOMPSON both of Huron Twp., 13 June 1888, Huron

001764/88 (Bruce Co) Edward John PORTEOUS, 25, farmer, Derby Twp., Derby Twp., s/o Simon PORTEOUS & Eliza O'HARA, married Mary Louisa DODDS, 23, Amaranth Twp. Dufferin Co., Sydenham Twp., d/o Samuel DODDS & Sarah BRIGGS, witn: Margaret M. SYM & Hubert PRITCHARD both of Wiarton, 19 March 1888, Wiarton
001867/88 (Bruce Co) Robert A. RASTALL, 26, lumberman, Kincardine, Goderich, s/o Richard J. RASTALL & Sarah RASTALL, married Margaret WILLIAMS, 27, Wellington Co., Kincardine, d/o John WILLIAMS & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, witn: Robert ROBERTSON & Mary WILLIAMS both of Kincardine Ont., 28 December 1888, Kincardine

001771/88 (Bruce Co) William REID, 60, widower, groom, Ireland, Wiarton, s/o Thomas REID & Eliza REID, married Sarah McVAY, 47, widow, England, Wiarton, d/o George LITTLE & Mary LITTLE, witn: Calvin BAILEY & Ellen BAILEY both of Wiarton, 5 June 1888, Wiarton

001811-88 (Bruce Co) Henry REUBER, 28, farmer, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, s/o Peter & Mary married Louisa ZINN, 27, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Fred & Carolina, witn: Jacob ZINN & Magdalena REUBER of Carrick, 22 February 1888 in Carrick.  

001542/88 (Bruce Co) John RIBEY, 27, farmer, Ontario, Bruce Twp., s/o John RIBEY & Frances RIBEY, married Frances NELSON, 22, Ontario, Bruce Twp., d/o William NELSON & Sarah NELSON, witn: George RIBEY & Fanny ARMSTRONG both of Bruce Twp., 19 December 1888, Bruce Twp.

001817-88 (Bruce Co) Frank RICHARDS, 23, laborer, Carrick Twp, Walkerton, s/o John & Mandlin married Maggie McINTYRE, 17, Acton, Walkerton, d/o James & Jane, witn: Alexander & Annie ROSS of Mildmay, 10 November 1888 in Mildmay.

001789/88 (Bruce Co) John ROBERTSON, 50, widower, laborer, Guelph Ont., Wiarton, s/o John ROBERTSON & Ann ROBERTSON, married Mary McCALLUM, about 40 years, widow, Meaford Ireland, Wiarton, d/o Robert MARTIN & Jan. MARTIN, witn: David McDONALD & Mr. N. McMILLEN both of Wiarton, 6 December 1888, Wiarton

001769/88 (Bruce Co) William ROBINS, 22, mill labourer, Campbell - Co. Haldimand, Golden Valley - Co. Bruce, s/o Leonard ROBINS & Susannah PARKER, married Abigail PARKER, 17, Saugeen Bruce Co., Golden Valley Bruce Co., d/o Hiram PARKER & Abigail COOK, witn: Robert NEIL & Laura TROYER both of Bayfield, 23 May 1888, Wiarton

001741/88 (Bruce Co) John ROSS, 48, widower, retired farmer, Rosshire Scotland, Paisley, s/o Alex ROSS & Barbara ROSS, married Janet McGREGOR, 46, widow, Scotland, Bruce Twp., d/o Peter McGREGOR & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Alex ROSS of Bruce Twp. & Janet GORE of Underwood, 11 January 1888, Pinkerton 001821-88 (Bruce Co) George Uriah ROWSWELL, 25, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Uriah ROWSWELL & Jane MYRES married Jane HARPER, 22, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Richard HARPER & Lucy Ann WYNN, witn: David HARPER & Harriet ROWSWELL (no residence given), 17 October 1888 in Carrick.
001813-88 (Bruce Co) Joseph RUHL, 24, farmer, Port Elgin, Port Elgin, s/o late George RUHL & Theresa SIEFERT married Anna M. SCHUETT, 20, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o John SCHUETT & Anna DRUAR, witn: Joseph VOISIN of Culross & Anna SCHNITZLER of Carrick, 12 March 1888 in Formosa 001807-88 (Bruce Co) Jacob SCHMIDT, 25, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o late John SCHMIDT & Rosina BORHO married Blandina KLOEPFER, 18, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Joseph KLOEPFER & Susanna BENNINGER(?), witn: Andrew SCHMIDT, Caty KLOEPFER, Jacob KLOEPFER & Mary SCHMIDT of Carrick, 13 February 1888 in Formosa
001800-88 (Bruce Co) John SCHNEIDER, 24, farmer, Germany, Carrick Twp, s/o George & Liran (?) married Euphemia Grace SCOTT, 22, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o Archibald & Mary, witn: W.H. SCHNEIDER of Mildmay & Isabella SCOTT of Carrick, 20 March 1888 in Carrick  

001582/88 (Bruce Co) William SCHUBEL, 26, farmer, Butler, Butler Brant Co. Mich., s/o Charles SCHUBEL & Dorothea SCHUBEL, married Augusta WENDORF, 21, Meclenburg Germany, Bentinck, d/o Christian WENDORF & Carolina WENDORF, witn: William LEMKE of Bentinck & John SCHUBEL of Butler, 22 April 1888, Brant

001818-88 (Bruce Co) Henry SCHULTHEIS, 23, blacksmith, Mildmay, Mildmay, s/o Joseph SCHULTHEIS & Susana SCHWARTZ married Mathilda PALM, 22, Carrick, Mildmay, d/o Jacob PALM & Magdalena MILLER, witn: Andrew ZETTEL, Anna PALM, John PALM & Susana SCHULTHEIS of Mildmay, 13 November 1888 in Mildmay
001791-88 (Bruce Co) Philip SCHUMACHER, 21 yrs 6 mths, yeoman, Culross Bruce Co., Culross, s/o Anton SCHUMACHER & Maria MARBACHER married Pauline FEDY, 21 yrs 6 mths, Culross Twp, Carrick, d/o Joseph FEDY & Francisca HEITZMANN, witn: Philip HAUK of Berlin, Joseph BRICK of Culross, Ambros FEDY of Carrick & Theresia ERNEWINE of Culross, 3 July 1888 in Formosa 01828/88 (Bruce Co) Louis SCHWARTZ, 25, blacksmith, Waterloo Co. Ont., Formosa, s/o late John SCHWARTZ & Mary DIEMERT, married Maria OHLHEISER, 20 years 3 months, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Henry OHLHEISER & Monica ZETTEL, witn: John SCHWARTZ of Formosa, Wendel BEITZ & Veronica OHLHEISER of Carrick & Mary WACHTER of Mildmay, 23 October 1888, Formosa

001663/89 (Bruce Co) Richard SIDDON, 28, laborer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Roderick McKAY & Anna McKAY, married Kate McLEOD, 24, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Angus & Mary McLEOD, witn: Roderick & Charles McLEOD, 19 December 1888, Kincardine Twp

001855/88 (Bruce Co) Charles H. SMALL, 24, brick maker, Kincardine Ont., Kincardine Ont., s/o David SMALL & Agnes SMALL, married Catherine RUTTLEY, 22, Kincardine Ont., Kincardine Ont., d/o Thomas RUTTLEY & Catherine RUTTLEY, witn: David SMALL & Annie SMALL of Kincardine Ont., 10 January 1888, Church of the Messiah Kincardine


001564/88 (Bruce Co) Augustus SMITH, 32, brick maker, Waterloo Ont., Port Elgin, s/o Barthold SMITH & Margaret HEMIMAL, married Elizabeth Euphemia McINTOSH, 24, Amabel, Amabel, d/o Angus McINTOSH & Isabella MacDONALD, witn: George KENNEDY of Port Elgin & Rollie MURRAY of Allenford, 12 December 1888, Amabel

001778/88 (Bruce Co) John SMITH, 24, laborer, Hull England, Wiarton, s/o Thomas SMITH & Mary SMITH, married Mary HOPSON, 25, Dundee Scotland, Wiarton, d/o James HOPSON & Rosanna HOPSON, witn: Alexander KING & Mary Ann SHANE both of Wiarton, October 1888, Wiarton

001851/88 (Bruce Co) William SMITH, 25, laborer, Arran, Arran, s/o Donald & Ann SMITH, married Anna Maria BYERS, 25, Arran, Arran, d/o Matthew & Judith BYERS, witn: Joseph BYERS & Christina SMITH both of Arran, 15 November 1888, Arran

001788/88 (Bruce Co) James STEWART, 26, mariner, Owen Sound, Albemarle, s/o Ebenezer STEWART & Eliza STEWART, married Jennie REID, 21, Tara Ont., Albemarle, d/o Albert J. REID & Sarah REID, witn: Fred STEWART of Pike Bay & Eliza REID of Albemarle, 5 December 1888, Wiarton

001835/88 (Bruce Co) James B. STRAITH, 26, merchant, Ingersoll, Belmore, s/o John STRAITH & Mary BRUCE, married Agnes Porter BRUCE, 21, Kincardine Twp., Carrick, d/o Alexander BRUCE & Ellen PORTER, witn: Peter HACKNEY & Mary Ann BRUCE of Carrick, 1 August 1888, Carrick
001806-88 (Bruce Co) Jacob STRAUSS, 24, farmer, Bamberg, Bamberg, s/o Michael STRAUSS & Katharine DIETRICH married Susana RITTINGER, 20, Culross, Culross, d/o Valentine RITTINGER & Louisa HAUSS, witn: Henry & Mary DIETRICH of St. Agatha, Frank RITTINGER of Culross & Susana STRAUSS of Carrick, 7 February 1888 in Formosa. 001797-88 (Bruce Co) Henry STUMP, 27, farmer, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, s/o Conrad & Mary married Mary VOIGT, 20, New Germany, Carrick, d/o Adam & Mary, witn: George JOST (YOST) of Hanover & Susanna STUMP of Carrick, 24 April 1888 in Mildmay.

001623/88 (Bruce Co) John TACKABURY, 24, merchant, Perth, Lindsay, s/o Nathaniel TACKABURY & Margaret TACKABURY, married Eliza H. TYNDAL, 19, Palmerston, Lindsay, d/o Thomas TYNDAL & Mary TYNDAL, witn: John C. TYNDAL & Mary ASHTROP of Lindsay & Eastnor, 25, December 1888, Lindsay

001782/88 (Bruce Co) Robert TAYLOR, 22, farmer (Indian), Cape Croker, Cape Croker, s/o William TAYLOR & (does not know his other's name), married Sarah WALKER, 23, widow, Cape Croker, French Bay, d/o Joseph WAUBEZIE & Elizabeth WAUBEZIE, witn: Mrs. John DULL & C.E. BALTEN both of Wiarton, 5 November 1888, Wiarton

001674/89 (Bruce Co) Joseph TEASDALE, 38, widower, farmer, England, Bentinck, s/o Ralph & Isabella TEASDALE, married Isabella ROBINSON, 26, England, Greenock, d/o Anthony & Esther ROBINSON, witn: Joseph ROBINSON & Almira Jane WELLS both of Greenock, 25 December 1888, Edengrove

001870/88 (Bruce Co) George TESKEY, 31, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Henry TESKEY & Caroline TESKEY, married Elizabeth BONE, 34, Kincardine Town, Kincardine Town, d/o Francis BONE & Marion BROWN, witn: Robert BROWN of Kincardine Twp. & Marion BONE of Kincardine Town, 14 November 1888, Kincardine

001871/88 (Bruce Co) Charles THOMSON, 32, blacksmith, Chinguacousy, Kincardine, s/o John THOMPSON & Eliza SLAIDGE, married Carvill HARDWICK, 25, Fullerton, Kincardine Twp., d/o Fred HARTWICK (sic) & Mary E. STAFFEN, witn: Thomas BLACKNEL & Mary HARDWICK both of Kincardine Ont., 28 November 1888, Kincardine

001844/88 (Bruce Co) John Henry TRELEAVEN, 35, widow, merchant, Ashfield Twp. Ont., Tara, s/o Richard & Sarah TRELEAVEN, married Annie Linda TAYLOR, 27, Bowmanville Ont., Invermay Arran Ont., d/o James & Eliza TAYLOR, witn: Frank NOBLE of Tara & Ella TAYLOR of Invermay Arran Twp., 22 February 1888, Invermay Arran

001777/88 (Bruce Co) Robert TURNER, 23, blacksmith, Canada, Oxenden, s/o John TURNER & Alice TURNER, married Elizabeth BARNES, 19, Canada, Wiarton, d/o Joseph BARNES & Ann BARNES, witn: William R. BEST & Ellen COSGROVE both of Wiarton, 22 September 1888, Wiarton

001550/88 (Bruce Co) Ransom WADE, 34, farmer, Rodden Twp. Quebec, Amabel, s/o Johnston WADE & Jane Ann SMILEY, married Eliza Ann ROURKE, 22, Rodden Twp. Que., Amabel, d/o Joe ROURKE & Jane MANCHESTER, witn: Joseph D. ROURKE & Isabella CRAIG, 29 March 1888, Amabel

001833/88 (Bruce Co) Ludwig WAECHTER, 22, farmer, Canada, Carrick, s/o Stephan WAECHTER & Anna DORICH, married Carolina WEBER, 26, Canada, Carrick, d/o Gregory WEBER & Elizabeth STEELIE, witn: John WAECHTER, Anthony WEBER, Mary DURRER & Barbara WAECHTER of Carrick, 9 October 1888, Carlsruhe

001563/88 (Bruce Co) Joseph WALKER, 24, farmer, Arran, Arran, s/o Francis WALKER & Sarah ROSS, married Ellie ARMSTRONG, 18, Arran, Tara, d/o James. ARMSTRONG & Agnes SCOTT, witn: Mrs. John MOORE & Maggie DONALDSON of Allenford, 12 December 1888, Allenford

001565/88 (Bruce Co) William WALKER, 30, doctor, Aberdeen Scotland, Amabel, s/o James. WALKER & Jane BRUCE, married Margaret WATT, 20, Glasgow Scotland, Amabel, d/o James WATT & Elizabeth BRUIN, witn: William PHILIP & Ellen WALKER of Amabel, 27 November 1888, Amabel

001786/88 (Bruce Co) Archibald WARD, 23, butcher, Fullerton, Wiarton, s/o Henry WARD & Mary WARD, married Harriet JONES, 25, Stratford, Wiarton, d/o John JONES & Sarah JONES, witn: Alfred KNOWLES & Martha WARD both of Palmerston, 20 November 1888, Wiarton

001726/89 (Bruce Co) Archibald WATSON, 33, farmer, Ontario, Lambton Ont., s/o Archibald WATSON & Margaret McKAY, married Maggie TAYLOR, 23, Ontario, Elderslie Twp., d/o John TAYLOR & Ann MUNN, witn: Malcolm COCHRAN of Plympton Ont. & Flora TAYLOR of Elderslie, 31 October 1888, Elderslie

001793-88 (Bruce Co) Christian WEILER, 25, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Joseph & Johanna married Maria Anna KUNTZ, 18 yrs 6 mths, Culross, Culross, d/o Joseph KUNTZ & Maria DIETRICH, witn: Nicolas WEILER, Maggie MESSNER & Agatha WEILER all of Carrick & John KUNTZ of Culross, 17 January 1888 in Formosa 001816-88 (Bruce Co) Laurence WEISS, 23, farmer, Culross Twp, Culross Twp, s/o Edward WEISS & Catharine HAUK married Mary GEHL, 22, Waterloo Co., Culross Twp, d/o George GEHL & Regina MOYER, witn: Joseph REINHART of Carrick, Margaret MONTAG, Jesembus ROTH & Margaretha GEHL all of Culross, 24 April 1888 in Formosa.
001805-88 (Bruce Co) Jacob C. WELZ, 21, farmer, Normanby, Carrick, s/o Adam & Elisabeth married Anna Z. HAMER, 21, Carrick Twp, Carrick Twp, d/o George E. & Anna C., witn: Conrad HAMER, Elisa LAUMANN, William ALLENDORF & Elise, 31 January 1888 in Neustadt. 001555/88 (Bruce Co) Richard WHITE, 26, farmer, Ingersoll, Kincardine, s/o Edward WHITE & Elizabeth LENS, married Harriet Ann DOUBT, 22, Melancthon Grey Co., Amabel, d/o Thomas DOUBT & Elizabeth BICKLE, witn: Samuel DOUBT of Amabel & Mary Ann WHITE of Kincardine, 1 August 1888, Amabel

001862/88 (Bruce Co) George WOOD, 29, carriage maker, England, Kincardine, s/o John WOOD & Mary HOWARD, married Anne McKENZIE, 26, Wheaton Twp. Que., Kincardine, d/o Alex. McKENZIE & Janet McLEOD, witn: Thomas ALLEN & Margaret McKAY both of Kincardine, 28 March 1888, Kincardine Town

001762/88 (Bruce Co) Frederick WOODS, 30, mill hand, England, Albemarle, s/o John WOODS & Elizah WOODS of Albemarle, married Mary Elizabeth DAVIS, 30, Canada, Wiarton, d/o J.E. DAVIS & Mary E. DAVIS, witn: Robert McMURCHY of Albemarle & Lydia DAVIS of Wiarton, 7 March 1888, Wiarton

001773/88 (Bruce Co) James Thomas WRIGHT, 24, widower, carpenter, Mount Forest, Wiarton, s/o James WRIGHT & Margaret WRIGHT, married Margaret Ann BROCK, 24, Port Dover Ont., Wiarton, d/o Isaac BROCK & Eliza BROCK, witn: Charles SHAW & Maggie WRIGHT both of Wiarton, 6 August 1888, Wiarton 001795-88 (Bruce Co) Peter ZIMMER, 31, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o late Peter ZIMMER & Catharine WEGGERS, married Mary KUNKEL, 22, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John B. KUNKEL & Barbara BERGER, witn: Carl ZIMMER, Theresia KUNKEL, Peter KUNKEL & Anna ZIMMER, 19 June 1888 in Formosa.