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Bruce Co., 1927

birth place is given before residence


008094/27 William Charles ALBRECHT, 25, farmer, South Hemsworth Ont., Carrick twp., s/o Peter ALBRECHT (b. Waterloo C. Ont.) & Mary Jane WEISS, married Mary Ann Elizabeth ALBRECHT, 20, Carrick twp., Carrick twp. ., d/o Joseph ALBRECHT (b. Waterloo Co. Ont.) & Teresa KUNKEL, witn: John ALBRECHT & Magdalen ALBRECHT both of Walkerton R.R. # 3, 21 March 1927, Formosa


008095/27 Peter J. ALTMAN, 42, farmer, Carrick twp., Carrick twp., s/o Frederick ALTMAN (b. Ontario) & Mary ALBRECHT, married Florence Francis KUPPERSCHMIDT, 16, Deemerton Ont., Carrick twp., d/o Julius KUPPERSCHMIDT (b. Ontario) & Mary BRAEHLER, witn: Joseph KUPPERSCHMIDT of Teeswater Ont. & Mary SETLEY of Walkerton Ont., 19 April 1927, Walkerton

008096/27 Simon ANAQUOT, 36, widower, laborer, Saugeen Indian Reserve, Saugeen Reserve, s/o Elijah ANAQUOT & Sarah LAVALLEE, married Bella THOMPSON, 35, widow, Saugeen Indian Reserve, Saugeen Reserve, d/o Fred WAUBEZEE & Maria NAWASH, witn: Albert THOMPSON & Mrs. Matthew DAVIS both of Chippewa Hill, 13 April 1927, Amabel twp

008097/27 Lyle Lancelot ANDERSON, 27, clerk, Listowel, Windsor Ont., s/o Thomas George ANDERSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah Elizabeth WOODS, married Isabella Edna GRAHAM, 20, living at home, Kincardine Ont., Kincardine, d/o Angus GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Catherine MacLEOD, witn: John Allister GRAHAM of Kincardine & Winnifred Ellen ANDERSON of Listowel, 6 August 1927, Kincardine

008098/27 Elwin Sylvester ARBUCKLE, 25, machinist, Peel twp., Elora, s/o William James ARBUCKLE (b. Wellington Co) & Maud FRENCH, married Anna Jeannette CONVAY, 25, school teacher, Kincardine twp., RR1 Lorne, d/o James Baird CONVAY (b. Kincardine twp.) & Ann Watson CAMPBELL, witn: Martha CONVAY of. RR1 Lorne & Roy ARBUCKLE of Elora Ont., 25 May 1927, home of bride

008099/27 John Wilfred Alvin ARTHUR, 24, mechanic, Sarnia Ont., Wingham Ont., s/o John Joseph ARTHUR (b. Ontario) & Annie SCOTT, married Mary Harriet HINGSTON, 18, housekeeper, Wingham Ont., Wingham Ont., d/o Addison HINGSTON (b. Ontario) & Annie LLOYD, witn: Annie L. MacKENZIE of Ripley Ont. & Laura WILSON of Earl Grey Sask., 27 September 1927, Ripley

008100/27 Ruben ASHKEWE, 23, laborer, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, s/o Frank ASHKEWE & Julian ELLIOTT, married Margaret CHEGAHNO, 29, domestic, Cape Croker, Cape Croker d/o Charles CHEGAHNO & Sarah WILLIAMS, witn: Adam CHEGAHNO & Jane STRAPPE both of Cape Croker, 14 January 1927, manse Cape Croker

008101/27 Robert Roy BALL, 22, upholsterer, Cartwright Manitoba, Kincardine, s/o James BALL (b. England) & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Vida Prudence McNAIR, 24, housekeeper, Huron twp., Kincardine, d/o Alexander McNAIR (b. Canada) & Lucy HOUSTON, witn: Louise McNAIR of Kincardine & Mrs. Edwin HARRISON of R.R. 7 Kincardine, 26 October 1927, Kincardine

008102/27 Walter Cornelius BALLS, 22, farmer, Albemarle twp., Albemarle twp., d/o Frederick BALLS (b. Ontario) & Caroline SCOTT, married Mary Margaret WHITE, 22, teacher, Albemarle twp., Albemarle twp., d/o John WHITE (b. Ontario) & Nina NORTON, witn: Violet BALLS & Gordon WHITE both of R.R. 4 Wiarton, 10 August 1927, Wiarton

008103/27 Harry Elgie BARCLAY, 22, farmer, Arran twp., Arran twp., s/o George Elgie BARCLAY (b. Arran twp.) & Ida Rae SHERIFF, married Barbara Louise TRELFORD, 20, at home, Arran twp., Arran twp., d/o William Henry TRELFORD (b. Arran twp.) & Florence Gertrude MORRIS, witn: William H. TRELFORD & Ida Rae BARCLAY both of Tara Ont., 24 December 1927, Arran twp.

008104/27 Robert Earl BARCLAY, 30, farmer, Arran twp. Arran twp., s/o William BARCLAY (b. Arran twp. Bruce Co.) & Elizabeth MORROW, married Elvira Grace CRAWFORD, 27, at home, Arran twp., Arran twp., d/o George CRAWFORD (b. Ireland) & Eliza THOMPSON, witn: Emerson CRAWFORD of Dobbinton Ont. & Nora MOLLET of Tara, 21 June 1927, Tara

008105/27 Arthur Wright BARKER, 55, widower, clergyman, Lobo Twp. Ont., Brussels., s/o George BARKER (b. England) & Fanny WRIGHT, married Gladys Alda POLLOCK, 28, at home, Kincardine Twp. Ont., Kincardine, d/o Thomas Edward POLLOCK (b. Canada) & Elizabeth DAWSON, witn: C. W. BARKER of 27 Hume St. London & Leona M. McCARTY of Kincardine, 29 March 1927, Kincardine

008106/27 Thomas Alfred BARNES, 21, brush maker, England, Port Elgin, s/o Frederick William BARNES (b. England) & Emma CLARK, married Maud Maria WALKER, 17, England, Port Elgin, d/o George Arthur WALKER (b. England) & Maria BRITTON, witn: Frederick William BARNES & Norma Lexy GOWANLOCK both of Port Elgin, 4 June 1927, Church of St. Paul's, Southampton

008107/27 Roderick John BARR, 31, farmer, Kinloss Twp., Kinloss Twp., s/o William BARR (b. Perth Co. Ont.) & Margaret FRAZER, married Cora May PERCY, 25, Kinloss Twp., Kinloss Twp., d/o William PERCY (b. Bruce Co. Ont.) & Marion McDONALD, witn: Harry JANIETT of Stratford R.R. #1 & Hazel PERCY of R.R. #1 Holyrood, 5 November 1927, Village Kinlough

008108/27 Evan BEACHMAN, 26, clergyman, Belfast Ireland, Albemarle Twp., s/o Patrick Evan BEACHMAN (b. Ireland) & Mary ROWE, married Elva Susanna KERR, 20, Albemarle Twp., Albemarle Twp., d/o Joseph KERR (b. near Clavering? Ont.) & Olive MARSHALL, witn: Richard ROWE of Chesley Ont. & Charlotte MOOREHEAD of Wiarton, 25 June 1927, Wiarton

008109/27 Francis Morell BELL, 24, bank teller, Desboro Ont., Mimico, s/o John BELL (b. Ireland) & Frances McDONALD, married Myrtle Irene HANNA, 24, milliner, Ontario, Holyrood, d/o Joseph HANNA (b. Ontario) & Helen TURNER, witn: A.S. BELL of Desboro Ont. & Ernie HANNA of Holyrood, 23 August 1927, Twp. Kinloss

008110/27 Robert BELL, 58, widower, carpenter, Proton Twp., Wingham, s/o William John BELL (b. England) & Christina MOODY, married Margaret HARRISON, 58, widow, Kinloss twp., Wingham., d/o George McCLENAGHAN (b. Ontario) & Susanna MITCHELL, witn: Alex HARVEY & Jean HARVEY both of Wingham, 6 October 1927, Whitechurch

008111/27 Thomas Alexander BELL, 39, labourer, Huron Twp., Detroit Michigan, s/o William BELL (b. Ireland) & Catherine McPHAIL, married Margaret Rosa NESBITT, 31, housekeeping, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o John NESBITT (b. Ontario) & Anna Bell McKENZIE, witn: Catherine Allison NESBITT of Ripley & William Lloyd BELL of Kincardine R. R. #1, 17 August 1927, Huron Twp

008112/27 Albert Victor BENNETT, 28, baker, Croydon Eng., Wiarton, s/o William Webb BENNETT (b. England) & Mary Ann DAWE, married Netta Elizabeth ARNOLD, 18, Albemarle Twp., Amabel Twp., d/o George Thomas ARNOLD (b. Walkerton Ont.) & Esther Elizabeth HODGINS, witn: Frances HOWE & Olive HOWE both of R.R. #4 Wiarton, 28 June 1927, Wiarton

008113/27 Archibald BONNETT, 27, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o James BONNETT (b. Kincardine Twp.) & Catherine SHEWFELT, married Annie Georgette STANLEY, 20, farmer's daughter, Kinloss Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Joseph STANLEY (b. Kincardine Twp.) & Annie HANNAH, witn: Falis BONNETT & Irene BONNETT both of Glamis, 15 March 1927, Tiverton

008114/27 Thomas A. BOWLBY, 27, tool maker, Detroit, Detroit, s/o John BOWLBY (b. Orion Mich.) & Margaret DAVIS, married Joanna Adeline GRUNDER, 27, Kincardine Twp., Tiverton Ont., d/o Jacob GRUNDER (b. Ontario) & Catherine McARTHUR, witn: Mac McDOUGALL of Tiverton & Jas. RUBBLE of Tupperville, 7 September 1927, Kincardine Twp.

008115/27 Herbert BRIDGE, 31, farmer, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., s/o Albert Clark BRIDGE (b. St. Jean Chrysostome Quebec) & Mary HAYES, married Emily Belle WARDROPE, 21, domestic, Dyers Bay, Colpoys Bay, d/o Andrew WARDROP (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Emily GARROW, witn: Velma BRIDGE & Mrs. Leslie GROVE both of Lion's Head, 3 March 1927, Ferndale

008116/27 Albert Wallace BRIGHT, 32, druggist, Canada, Guelph Ont., s/o Albert Grove BRIGHT (b. Manchester Eng.) & Emma HAWKINS, married Marion Grace SPAFFORD, 29, secretary, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George Smith SPAFFORD (b. Prince Edward) & Georgina S., witn: W. G. BRIGHT & R. W. SUTHERLAND of Toronto, 31 August 1927, Twp. Arran

008117/27 John Peter Andrew BUCHAN, 29, postal clerk, Ontario, 6 Langemark Ave. Toronto, s/o Alexander BUCHAN (b. Scotland) & Fannie, married Ariel Maude McKEE, 24, Ontario, Glammis Ontario, d/o Alexander McKEE (b. Ontario) & Flora MacKINNON, witn: Alexander BUCHAN of Chicago U.S.A. & J. Marie PINKERTON of Toronto, 7 July 1927, Glamis

008118/27 James Barnard William BULL, 37, farmer, Wiarton, Albemarle Twp., s/o James Bernard BULL (b. Canada) & Margaret Ann BEST, married Beatrice May COLTRILL, 37, music teacher, Bruce Twp., Albemarle Twp., d/o John COTTRILL (b. Canada) & Adeline ORFORD (dead), witn: James MOOREHEAD of R.R. #4 Wiarton Ont. & Stella WHICKER of Colpoys Bay, 30 November 1927, Twp. Albemarle

008119/27 William Hector BUTCHART, 20, fisherman, Tobermory, Tobermory, s/o Douglas BUTCHART (b. Tobermory) & Maud ADAMS, married Venette SMITH, 18, fisherman's daughter, Tobermory, Tobermory, d/o Adelbert Hueson SMITH (b. Beamsville) & Julia May SPEARS, witn: Martin YOUNG & Mrs. Martin YOUNG both of Tobermory, 10 February 1927, Tobermory

008120/27 John Hugh CAMERON, 48, widower, Investment Broker, Campbellville Ont., Saskatoon Sask., s/o John CAMERON (b. Port Ellen Scotland) & Mary DONALDSON, married Winnie MacLaren EWING, 41, teacher, Sydenham, Wiarton Ont., d/o James EWING (b. Lanark Ont.) & Sarah McLAREN, witn: Margaret EWING & Alfred McVANNELL both of Wiarton, 17 August 1927, Wiarton

008121/27 James Alexander CAMPBELL, 25, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Alexander CAMPBELL (b. Canada) & Abigail GODFREY, married Verna HEWITT, 22, at home, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o John C. HEWITT (b. Bruce Co. Ont.) & Elizabeth BEATTY, witn: Roland HEWITT & Isabel MacKENZIE both of Kincardine, 2 July 1927, Twp. Kincardine

008122/27 Percy John CASLICK, 24, farmer, Culross Twp., same, s/o John CASLICK (b. Culross Twp. Ont.) & Jane HARKNESS, married Violet Amelia SIMMONS, 19, Wingham, Culross Twp., d/o George SIMMONS (b. Howick Twp. Ont.) & Bella MERKLEY, witn: Robert SIMMONS R.R. #2 Teeswater & Clara C. PATON of Teeswater, 5 March 1927, Teeswater

008123/27 Harry CASS, 27, bookkeeper, Chesley, Walkerville, s/o James E. CASS (b. Quebec) & Jessie VEITCH, married Elizabeth Dollar STEVENS, 25, Toronto, Chesley Ont., d/o Harry STEVENS (b. Ontario) & Mary WELLS, witn: Reid CASS & Alyse STEVENS both of Chesley Ont., 8 June 1927, Chesley

008124/27 Harold George CASSIDY, 17, farmer, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o William CASSIDY (b. Saugeen Twp. Bruce Co.) & Minnie GEORGE, married Catherine Beatrice THOMAS, 18, housekeeper, Saugeen Twp., Saugeen Twp., d/o Joseph James THOMAS (b. Wales) & Janet HADDOW, witn: William CASSIDY of Tiverton & William J. THOMAS of Port Elgin, 17 October 1927, Southampton

008125/27 George CHALMERS, 21, mechanic, Village of Elmwood, Hanover, s/o William CHALMERS (b. Ontario) & May CAMPBELL, married Lizzie SCHUKNECHT, 19, housework, Village of Elmwood, Chesley, d/o Fred SCHUKNECHT (b. Ontario) & Frieda SHOEMAKER, witn: Henry SCHUKNECHT & Miss Phyllis FRETSLER both of Chesley Ont., 16 June 1927, Chesley

008126/25 Robert CHAPLIN, 52, widower, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o George CHAPLIN (b. Scotland) & Jessie SHIELLS, married Mary MONTGOMERY, 45, seamstress, Huron Twp., Ripley Ontario, d/o Gordon MONTGOMERY (b. Ireland) & Ann GORDON, witn: Mrs. Manda STEEN & Mrs. Mary M. REID both of Kincardine, 2 February 1927, Kincardine

008127/25 Harry Oscar CHILDS, 35, motorman D.S.R., Walkerton Ont., Detroit Mich., s/o George CHILDS (b. Brant Twp. Bruce Co) & Francis ROBINSON, married Luella Alvina ERNEST, 27, Brant Twp. Bruce Co., Brant Twp. Bruce Co., d/o J.H. ERNEST (b. Brant Twp. Bruce Co) & Caroline M.D. NAVERMAN, witn: Florence CHILDS & Walter ERNEST both of Walkerton Ont., 15 June 1927, Walkerton

008129/27 William Cecil Gordon CLARK, 24, farmer, Hope Bay, Hope Bay., s/o William Nelson Harmon CLARK (b. Hope Bay Ont.) & Catherine FRIES, married Vina Mary WAUGH, 22, farmer's daughter, Hope Bay, Hope Bay, d/o Isaiah WAUGH (b. Hope Bay Ont.) & Annie Eliza MORTON, witn: Clarence Rufus WAUGH of R.R. 6 Wiarton & Etta Veldora CLARK of Barrow Bay Ont., 28 September 1927, home of Isaiah WAUGH

008130/27 William Griffin CLARK, 22, farmer, Greenock Twp., Greenock Twp., s/o Harvey Griffin CLARK (b. Greenock Twp.) & Flora MacDONALD, married Marjorie Alice HOPPER, 22, housekeeper, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o William Thomas HOPPER (b. Brant Twp.) & Alice Maud LLOYD, witn: Edith HOPPER of Paisley Ont. & Donald C. CLARK of Detroit Michigan, 24 September 1927, Brant Twp.

008128/27 Raymond CLARKE, 19, factory hand, Greenock Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o James CLARKE (b. Canada) & Margaret DOUPLER, married Annabelle MacKINNON, 17, at home, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o John MacKINNON (b. Canada) & Isabelle SCOTT, witn: Jean MacKINNON of Kincardine & Isabelle MacKINNON of Bruce Twp., 12 May 1927, Kincardine

008131/27 Thomas COLWELL, 34, farmer, Bervie Ont., Kincardine Twp., s/o Samuel George COLWELL (b. Canada) & Annie McARTHUR, married Clarissa ARNOLD, 32, housekeeper, Armow Ont., Kincardine Twp., d/o Henry ARNOLD (b. Canada) & Mary Jane GEDDES, witn: Sam COLWELL of Lloydminster Alberta & Rae ARNOLD of Lorne Ont., 28 December 1927, home of bride

008132/27 Johnston CONN, 30, farmer, Kinloss Twp., Kinloss Twp., s/o William CONN (b. Alliston Ont.) & Liza JOHNSTON, married Emma Ann ARMSTRONG, 23, housekeeper, Greenock Twp., Kinloss Twp., d/o John A. ARMSTRONG (b. Paisley) & Mary Ann WEBB, witn: Arthur Hardie SIMPSON of Tiverton & Effie REID of Paris, 3? June 1927, Whitechurch

008133/27 William Francis CORDICK, 39, farmer, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., s/o Francis CORDICK (b. Ontario) & Margaret HACKETT, married Martha Elizabeth BARCLAY, 28, clerk, Arran Twp., Tara, d/o William BARCLAY (b. Arran Twp. Bruce Co.) & Elizabeth MORROW, witn: Allan BARCLAY of Tara & Sara J. CORDICK of Kitchener Ont., 15 June 1927, Tara

008134/27 William Henry COTTRILL, 52, widower, farmer, Ontario, Bruce Twp., s/o John COTTRILL (b. England) & Mary RUSTLING, married Dorothy Isabelle COTTRILL, 36, widow, Manitoba, Bruce Twp., d/o William DYER? (b. England) & Elizabeth RANDALL, witn: Mrs. Catherine COTTRILL & Charles W. COTTRILL both of Paisley Ont., 7 November 1927, Twp. Bruce

008135/27 Angus Huston CRAWFORD, 27, oiler at paper mill, Albemarle Twp., Port Huron Mich., s/o Robert Porter CRAWFORD (b. West Gwillimbury Co. Simcoe) & Jane CRAWFORD, married Wilda Pearl HAMBLY, 20, Albemarle Twp., Albemarle Twp., d/o William C. HAMBLY (b. Albemarle Twp. Bruce Co.) & Mary Ellen CRAWFORD, witn: George R. CRAWFORD & Miss Gene KAY both of Wiarton R.R. #4, 4 October 1927, Wiarton

008136/27 John Edmund CRAWFORD, 39, farmer, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., s/o George CRAWFORD (b. Ireland) & Eliza THOMPSON, married Mable Lucinda COFFEY, 34, at home, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., d/o William COFFEY (b. Ireland) & Margaret MORROW, witn: Emerson CRAWFORD & Miss Bessie McCURDY both of Dobbinton Ont., 22 June 1927, Twp. Elderslie

008137/27 William John CRAWFORD, 33, merchant, Brant Twp. Bruce Co., Walkerton Ont., s/o James T. CRAWFORD (b. East Zorra Oxford Co.) & Katherine McCONNEL, married Arnetta MILHAUSEN, 33, Carrick Twp., Walkerton, d/o John MILHOUSEN (b. Arran Twp. Bruce Co.) & Julia SMITH, witn: Mrs. Magdalena HUNSTEIN & Pearl RIFE both of Walkerton, 3 September 1927, Walkerton

008138/27 Francis George CROW, 32, farmer, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., s/o Archibald CROW (b. Arran Twp.) & Margaret DONALDSON, married Agnes Jean ROWAN, 25, at home, Derby Twp., Arran Twp., d/o Archibald ROWAN (b. Derby Twp.) & Margaret SINCLAIR, witn: Margaret MOON & S.M. RUTH both of Tara Ont., 19 October 1927, Tara

008139/27 Earl Robert CUNNINGHAM, 31, farmer, Brant Twp., Arran Twp., s/o Robert CUNNINGHAM (b. Brant Twp.) & Mary EGAN, married Olive Irene FERGUSON, 32, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., d/o James FERGUSON (b. Ontario) & Louisa CHEESEMAN, witn: James CHEESEMAN & Mrs. James CHEESEMAN both of R. Port Elgin, 5 October 1927, Port Elgin

008140/27 Reginald Meredith DALY, 29, salesman, London Ont., 89 Ridout St. S. London Ont., s/o Frederick William DALY (b. Napanee Ont.) & Bertha Madeline DICKSON, married Agnes Joan SUTHERLAND, 29, Saugeen Twp. Ont., Southampton Ont., d/o Donald McLeod SUTHERLAND (b. Ontario) & Johanna FLUKE, witn: Donald John SUTHERLAND & Mabel C. FORD both of Southampton Ont., 18 May 1927, Southampton

008141/27 Leonard Bland DAVEY, 23, electrician, Kincardine, Kincardine, s/o R. B. DAVEY (b. Ontario) & Jemima SOUTHCOTT, married Florence Julia BROWN, 23, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Donald BROWN (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann McDOUGALL, witn: J. A. MILLER of London & Ella BROWN of N. Bruce, 19 October 1927, Twp. Bruce

008142/27 William Arthur DAWE, 21, farmer, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., s/o Charles DAWE (b. Belleville Ont.) & Mary Jane CRIBBIS, married Alice Ruth McDOUGALL, 19, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., d/o John Wellington McDOUGALL (b. Ontario) & Sarah Eliza SHELL, witn: Gordon DAWE of R.R. #1 Wiarton & Clara BUMSTEAD of R.R. #2 Shallow Lake Ont., 16 February 1927, Wiarton

008143/27 Edward DAY, 45, farmer, England, Saugeen Twp., s/o Frederick John DAY (b. England) & Caroline McPHAIL, married Mabel Ann HEARN, 24, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Lambert HEARN (b. Grey Co) & Elizabeth COCHRANE, witn: M. F. TOLMIE & Hiram FERGUSON both of Southampton, 24 August 1927, Southampton

008144/27 Wilfred A. DIETRICH, 30, farmer, Carrick, Culross Twp., s/o Louis DIETRICH & Catherine WAGNER, married Amilia REINHART, 31, farmer's daughter, Culross Twp., Culross Twp., d/o Charles REINHART & Mary ADELMAN, witn: Harry SCHIESTEL of Belmore & Rose DURRER of Formosa, 15 November 1927, Formosa

008145/27 Edward Elmer DIRSTEIN, 26, produce dealer, Twp. Bentinck, Chesley, s/o Josiah DIRSTEIN (b. Brant Twp.) & Christina LANG, married Marie Louise BLUHM, 20, housework, Elderslie Twp., Sullivan Twp., d/o John BLUHM (b. Sullivan Twp.) & Anna TESCHLE, witn: Earl RODY of Elmwood & Florence BLUHM of Chesley, 10 November 1927, Chesley

008146/27 Alois A. DITNER, 30, carpenter, Carrick Twp., Detroit Mich., s/o Ignatz DITNER & Christina WAECHTER, married Hedwig BENINGER, 22, farmer's daughter, Culross Twp., Culross Twp. Bruce Co., d/o Frank X. BENINGER & Mary SCHWARTZ, witn: Albert ERNEST of Chepstow Ont. & Laura BENINGER of Formosa, 27 September 1927, Formosa

008147/27 Joseph DIXON, 28, laborer, Ontario, Rosseau Ont., s/o John DIXON (b. Ontario) & Permilla HICKS, married Verna Theresa BOLDEN, 22, Walkerton, Walkerton Ont., d/o George BOLDEN (b. Ontario) & Perl JOHAN, witn: Arthur W. BOLDEN & William Bazel ELEY (Eby?) both of Walkerton., 25 December 1927, Walkerton

008148/27 Archie DODD, 33, farmer, England, Ontario Hospital London Ontario, s/o John DODD (b. England) & Annie SHADY, married Mary Ellen McCRINDLE, 28, nurse, Ontario, Kincardine Ont., d/o David McCRINDLE (b. Ontario) & Mary Anne SMITH, witn: Annie McCRINDLE of Kincardine & James L. WATSON of Ripley, 21 September 1927, Kincardine

008149/27 Elmer Harold DONALDSON, 28, farmer, Bruce Co. Ont., Amabel Twp., s/o William DONALDSON (b. Ontario) & Ida WALKER, married Laura CARSON, 23, Amabel Twp. Ont., Amabel Twp., s/o Andrew CARSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret McFADDEN, witn: Lila E. KENNEDY & Harry KENNEDY both of Allenford, 24 February 1927, Twp. Arran

008331/27 Edward Francis DUNN, 28, mechanic, Hamilton Ont., Hamilton Ont., s/o Lawrence DUNN & Teresa McPHILLIPS, married Cristella Marguerite SCHNURR, 24, Walkerton Ont., Walkerton Ont., d/o Francis SCHNURR & Mary KRAEMER, witn: Harold SCHNURR of Walkerton Ont. & Helen Marie POTTER of Hamilton Ont., 22 February 1927, Walkerton

008150/27 Louis ECKENSWILLER, 51, widower, retired farmer, Bruce Co., Walkerton Ont., s/o Nicholas ECKENSWILLER & Mary AMENT, married Mary WILHELM, 28, Bruce Co., Walkerton Ont., s/o Joseph WILHELM & Wilhemena STEINHAGEN, witn: Joseph WILHELM & Helen WILHELM both of Walkerton Ont., 11 July 1927, Walkerton

008151/27 Edward ECHERT, 36, ironer, Waterloo Co., Kitchener, s/o Edward ECHERT & Julia FRIEDMANN, married Matilda GUTSCHER, 23, Carrick Twp., Mildmay, d/o Alois GUTSCHER & Mary MILLEN, witn: John ECHERT of Kitchener & Gertrude GUTSCHER of Mildmay, 17 May 1927, Mildmay

008152/27 Albert Henry ENGEL, 29, farmer, Twp. Sullivan, Twp. Sullivan, s/o Christian ENGEL (b. Germany) & Louisa MALINOFSKI, married Helen ROBERTSON, 23, housework, Twp. Sullivan, Twp. Elderslie, d/o George ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Jessie Ann ANDERSON, witn: Miss Alison ROBERTSON of 310 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto & Edward ENGEL of Desboro Ont., 18 February 1927, Dobbinton

008153/27 William Henry ENGEL, 24, farming, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o Christ ENGEL & Caroline AHRENS, married Emaline Edith AHRENS, 23, Greenock Twp., Brant Twp., d/o William AHRENS & Williamine PORETER, witn: Laura MUSEHL & Herman ENGEL both of Elmwood Ont., 16 February 1927, Elmwood

008154/27 Norman John ERNEST, 40, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o H. J. ERNEST (b. Bruce Twp.) & Caroline NEVERUM, married Charlotte AUSTIN, 23, Greenock Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Thomas AUSTIN (b. England) & Mary CODD, witn: Walter ERNEST & Myrtle AUSTIN both of Walkerton Ont., 9 March 1927, Walkerton

008155/27 Samuel L. FENTON, 24, agent, Twp. Sullivan, Chesley, s/o Samuel D. FENTON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth S. HETHERINGTON, married Mabel Isabel HATTEN, 19, clerk, Twp. Sullivan, Chesley, d/o Kingston K. HATTEN (b. Canada) & Emma AGNEW, witn: J. G. BIEHN of Chesley Ont. & Annie HATTEN of Chesley R.R. 4, 24 August 1927, Twp. Elderslie

008156/27 Edward A. FILSINGER, 24, mechanic, Carrick Bruce Co., Detroit, s/o Joseph FILSINGER (b. Germany) & Marion WARNER, married Florence F. GARNER, 28, telephone operator, Walkerton, Walkerton Ont., d/o Eleazear W. GARNER (b. Ontario) & Lucinda W. BROWN, witn: Alton George GRESS of Detroit Mich. & Gertrude Garner GRESS of Walkerton Ont., 18 June 1927, Town Walkerton

008157/27 Orville Trenton FINLAYSON, 23, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o Kenneth FINLAYSON (b. Bruce Co) & Lucy HARRIS, married Verna HOOEY, 22, farmer's daughter, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o William HOOEY (b. Bruce Co) & Susy RUTHERFORD, witn: Warner FINLAYSON of Lucknow & Evelyn HOOEY of Ripley, 8 June 1927, 4th Conc. Huron

008158/27 James Arthur FISK, 26, farmer, Greenock Twp., same, s/o James FISK (b. Greenock Twp. Bruce Co) & Sarah McCONKEY, married Gladys Mabel BELL, 21, Culross Twp., same, d/o Edwin BELL (b. Culross Twp.) & Elizabeth BRINDLEY, witn: David BELL & Winnifred FISK both of Greenock R.R. 1, 15 June 1927, Twp. Culross

008159/27 Louis Joseph FLACH, 42, farmer, Bruce Co. Ont., Sask., s/o John FLASH & Geneveve REINHART, married Appolonia Teresa ERNEWEIN, 37, Bruce Co. Ont., Walkerton Ont., d/o George ERNEWEIN & Anna MASSEL, witn: Ralph Lawrence KUNTZ of Brant Twp. & Helen Anna MASSEL of Walkerton Ont., 1 August 1927, Walkerton

008160/27 Harold Taylor FLEMING, 26, brush maker, Brockville, Port Elgin, s/o William FLEMING (b. Ontario) & Anne TAYLOR, married Lily HARRISON, 17, England, Port Elgin, d/o John HARRISON (b. England) & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Frank FLEMING & Eva SCHRANK both of Port Elgin Ont., 19 December 1927, Port Elgin

008161/27 Walter James FLEMING, 26, accountant, Derby Twp., Village Hepworth, s/o William FLEMING (b. Grey Co. Ont.) & Nellie ROBERTSON, married Caroline Mae WHITE, 18, house keeping, Hepworth, same, d/o James Alex WHITE (b. Durham Co. Ont.) & Florence Mae ATCHISON, witn: James ATCHISON J. P. & Mrs. Sarah ATCHISON both of Hepworth Ont., 22 August 1927, Hepworth

008162/27 Samuel Lloyd FORBES, 19, clerk, Listowel, Listowel, s/o Samuel FORBES (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth LENNAN, married May Anne Lillian CONGRAM, 18, living at home, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Samuel CONGRAM (b. Ontario) & Lillian WEBSTER, witn: Emily MAYBERRY of Elma Twp. Perth Co. & Elliott CONGRAM of Huron Twp., 5 October 1927, Lucknow


008163/27 Charles Stanley FOSTER, 38, widower, farmer, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., s/o Benjamin FOSTER (b. Ont. Canada) & Mary McCULLOCH, married Ellen CLIFFORD, 31, widow, nurse, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., d/o Alexander GORDON (b. Ont. Canada) & Bessie MOWATT, witn: Jessie CURRIE & Lenora HULL both of Wiarton, 23 February 1927, Wiarton

008164/27 Ambrose Henry FRITZ, 39, farmer, Chepstow Ont., Chepstow Ont., s/o Joseph FRITZ & Mary BESTER, married Margaret Christina GRAF, 18, Chepstow Ont., Chepstow Ont., d/o John GRAF & Christina KRAEMER, witn: Peter GRAF of Chepstow & Edna BESTER of Cargill Ont., 20 September 1927, Chepstow

008165/27 Frank William FRUIN, 55, widower, wood turner, Co. Oxford England, Walkerton, s/o John FRUIN (b. England) & Katherine SURMAN, married Emma SCHULER, 35, music teacher, Town Harriston, Walkerton, d/o Frank SCHULER (b. Germany) & Caroline KAUFMAN, witn: Mrs. John SYMONDS & Mr. Frank RENNIE?, both of Walkerton Ont., 18 April 1927, Walkerton

008166/27 Richard FRUIN, 21, woodworker, England, Walkerton, s/o Frank W. FRUIN (b. England) & Ethel nee TURNER, married Angelina Minnie Hannah LEIFSO, 18, hairdresser, Brant Twp., Walkerton, d/o William LEIFSO (b. Brant Twp.) & Angelina nee KAIN, witn: John FRUIN of Walkerton Ont. & Regis PREIR of Guelph Ont., 5 September 1927, Walkerton


008167/27 William Alfred FRY, 36, widower, barber, Isle of Wight, Kincardine, s/o William Henry FRY (b. Isle of Wright) & Caroline HARLEY, married Annie Jackson NESBITT, 41, widow, house keeper, Holland Centre Ont., Kincardine, d/o William J. JACKSON (b. Canada) & Annie BOYLE, witn: William H. FRY of Kincardine & Mrs. Alice WANSBROUGH of Toronto, 2 August 1927, Kincardine

008168/27 Thomas William GANNETT, 34, machinist, Ontario, 637 Brock Ave., s/o J. H. GANNETT (b. Ontario) & Emma S. SMITH, married Alma Beatrice SCHNEIDER, 22, nurse, Ontario, Chesley Ont., d/o Emanuel SCHNEIDER (b. Ontario) & Lavina BUSCH, witn: Viola SCHNEIDER of Chesley & J.H. SMITH of 178 Poulton Ave. Toronto, 7 September 1927, Chesley

008169/27 William Calvin GARLAND, 37, widower, farmer, Greenock Twp., Greenock Twp., s/o Samuel GARLAND (b. Greenock Twp.) & Fannie TAYLOR, married Hattie Hardcastle HOARE, 34, Percy Twp., Bruce Co., d/o William HOARE (b. Asphodel Twp.) & Emma FIFE, witn: Maude FARRELL of Ripley & Winnifred BUCKLEY of Chesley, 27 September 1927, Chesley

008170/27 Royal Victor GEDNEY, 24, farmer, Fairfield Brant Co., Brantford Twp., s/o Charles Edward GEDNEY (b. Canada) & Ethel LOCKMAN, married Gertrude McGRAW, 29, Paisley, Paisley, d/o Wallace McGraw (b. Canada) & Christina BROWN, witn: Wallace McGRAW & Mrs. Wallace McGRAW both of Paisley Ont., 17 August 1927, Paisley

008171/27 Clarence GIBBONS, 23, factory employee, Southampton, Southampton, s/o Henry GIBBONS (b. Southampton) & Susie ROHER, married Elizabeth Stella LONGMIRE, 21, Southampton, Southampton, d/o William LONGMIRE (b. Southampton) & Elizabeth GIBBONS, witn: Mr. T. LONGMIRE & Miss A. BERESFORD both of Southampton Ont., 28 May 1927, Allenford

008172/27 Francis Albert GIBSON, 35, farmer, Twp. Kincardine, Twp. Elderslie, s/o George Adam GIBSON (b. Brock Twp. Ont.) & Eliza Jane STANLEY, married Mary Ethel ROBERTS, 30, Twp. Elderslie, Paisley, d/o James ROBERTS (b. Lincolnshire Eng.) & Janet BARNHART, witn: J. LEONARD of Harriston & H.G. McCULLUM of 48 Albert Toronto, 26 October 1927, Paisley

008173/27 Carl Frederick GILDNER, 27, merchant, Palmerston, Wiarton, s/o Jacob GILDNER (b. Wellesley Twp. Waterloo Co.) & Anna THIRLE, married Mabel CRANDON, 24, clerk, Amabel Twp., Wiarton, d/o John CRANDON (b. Derby Twp. Grey Co.) & Jemima HENDRY, witn: Mrs. J.M. CRANDON & Earl CRANDON both of Wiarton, 7 June 1927, Wiarton

008174/27 Reuben GINGRICH, 23, laborer, Ontario, Port Elgin, s/o Norman GINGRICH (b. Ontario) & Minnie ANDREWS, married Ethel Marie WALKER, 25, England, Bruce Twp., d/o Charles WALKER (b. England) & Harriet MILLER, witn: Ella GALLAGHER of Port Elgin & Edward WALKER of Southampton, 28 September 1927, Port Elgin

008175/27 Charles Dewar GIVEN, 21, farmer, Albemarle Twp., Albemarle Twp., s/o Robert GIVEN (b. U.S.A.) & Elizabeth ESLER, married Myrtle Emily HARDMAN, 21, Albemarle Twp., Albemarle Twp., d/o George HARDMAN (b. Canada) & Margaret REID, witn: Bert HARDMAN & Amy M. ADAMS both of Mar. Ont., 12 January 1927

008176/27 James Henry GLAHN, 30, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Peter GLAHN (b. Kincardine Twp.) & Martha Melvina ANDERSON, married Estella HUNTER, 26, at home, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o David HUNTER (b. Lot 23 Con. 6 Kincardine Twp.) & Margaret Ann TROWSE, witn: Nellie HUNTER & Mabel GLAHN both of Kincardine Twp., 6 April 1927, Kincardine Twp

008177/27 John Frizzell GOODFELLOW, 25, farmer, Sarawak Twp., Con. 1 Lot 32 Sarawak Twp., s/o John GOODFELLOW (b. Canada) & Martha NEITHERCUT, married Christina May WALPOLE, 19 1/2 , Elderslie Twp., Lot 12 Elderslie Twp., d/o Herbert WALPOLE (b. Canada) & Katherine REID, witn: Margaret WALPOLE & Bert G. WALPOLE both of Paisley, 27 September 1927, Twp. Elderslie

008178/27 Huntley Herman GORDON, 33, engineer, Lucknow Ont., Detroit, s/o Duncan M. GORDON (b. Ontario) & Ida HARRISON, married Ella Marie SCHWINDT, 23, Hanover Ont., Walkerton Ont., d/o George S. SCHWINDT (b. Ontario) & Matilda MUTER, witn: Miss Rene GORDON & Frank O'BRIAN both of Detroit, 9 August 1927, Walkerton

008179/27 William Duncan GORDON, 35, farmer, Greenock Twp., Twp. Kincardine, s/o John Alexander GORDON (b. Greenock Twp.) & Islay CAMPBELL, married Agnes ELLIOTT, 30, Greenock Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o James ELLIOTT (b. Greenock Twp.) & Annie ROSS, witn: Donald Cameron GORDON of R.R. #2 Kincardine & Mary McLEOD of R.R. #1 Tiverton Ont., 30 November 1927, Bruce Co.

008180/27 Christal Ellis GOSSEL, 27, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o Christal GOSSEL (b. Waterloo Ont.) & Margaret MacAVOY, married Donalda MacLEOD, 22, teacher, Ripley, Ripley Ont., d/o Donald B. MacLEOD (b. Huron Twp. Bruce Co) & Margaret Ellen MacKINNON, witn: Mrs. Annie MacGREGOR of Southampton & Miss Anna Mary MacLENNAN of Ripley Ont., 11 May 1927, Ripley

008182/27 Joseph Jacob GRAF, 26, butcher, Chepstow Ont., 32 Cameron St. Galt Ont., s/o Ferdinand GRAF & Veronica KLEIN, married Margaret Marie BRUDER, 24, New Germany Ont., Brant Twp. Ont., d/o Noah BRUDER & Madeline WILHELM, witn: George John GRAF of Chepstow Ont. & Nellie MAYER of Waterloo Ont., 20 September 1927, Walkerton
008181/27 Albert GRAFF, 28, farmer, Bruce Co., Bruce Co., s/o Ferdinand GRAFF & Veronica KLEIN, married Leona WEACHTER, 20, Bruce Co., Bruce Co., d/o Andrew WEACHTER & Elizabeth MONTAG, witn: Joseph GRAFF of Chepstow & Dara WEACHTER of Bruce Co., 21 June 1927, Walkerton

008183/27 Walter S. GRAY, 53, widower, merchant, Twp. Sullivan, Chesley, s/o William GRAY (b. England) & Elizabeth STODDART, married Isabella McBride HOOEY, 39, widow, housework, Twp. Brant, Chesley, d/o James CHISHOLM (b. Scotland) & Isabella BELL, witn: Sarah G. SMITH of Geneva Manse Chesley & Annie Mary ALLAN of 1 Sheridan Ave. Toronto, 6 April 1927, Chesley

008184/27 Alton George GRESS, 24, mechanic, Carrick Twp. Bruce, Detroit, s/o Philip GRESS (b. Ont.) & Anna MILLER, married Gertrude Beatrice GARNER, 26, telephone operator, Walkerton, Walkerton, d/o Elezier GARNER (b. Ont.) & Lucinda Jane BROWN, witn: Edward A. FILSINGER & Florence Lerner FILSINGER both of Detroit., 18 June 1927, Walkerton

008185/27 Clifton George Henry GRESS, 24, mechanic, Carrick Twp. Bruce Co., Detroit Michigan, s/o David GRESS (b. Carrick) & Caroline PFOHL, married Catherine Violet HORSFELD, 20, Carrick Twp. Ont., Carrick Twp. Ont., d/o Conrad HORSFELD (b. Carrick) & Anna FROD (Fiss?), witn: Evelyn HORSFELD of Walkerton & Nelson H. GRESS of Mildmay, 18 June 1927, Walkerton

008186/27 Norman Elias HAGEDORN, 26, farmer, Twp. Elderslie, Twp. Elderslie, s/o William D. HAGEDORN (b. Canada) & Catherine BIEMANN, married Ina Pamela MacKINNON, 19, Twp. Elderslie, Twp. Elderslie, d/o Archie L. MacKINNON (b. Canada) & Etta MacLAREN, witn: Edith MacKINNON & Fred HAGEDORN both of Paisley Ont., 2 July 1927, Twp. Elderslie

008187/27 Frederick HALL, 22, miner, Parry Sound, Chesley, s/o Frederick HALL (b. Goderich Ont.) & Kathleen McDONALD, married Adela GEORGE, 23, widow, housework, Twp. Sullivan, Chesley, d/o William HEMSTOCK (b. Sullivan Twp.) & Ellen HORNMELL, witn: Wesley HEMSTOCK of Dobbinton & Ella HEMSTOCK of Chesley, 27 September 1927, Chesley


008188/27 James HALLIDAY, 26, farmer, Twp. Sullivan, Twp. Sullivan, s/o Thomas HALLIDAY (b. Sullivan Twp.) & Sephire nee MONROE, married Clara Sophia MOEHNKE, 25, housework, Twp. Sullivan, Chesley, d/o William MOEHNKE (b. Waterloo Twp.) & Augusta MARGUARDT, witn: Harvey MINKE & Elsie MINKE both of Chesley., 22 June 1927, Chesley

008189/27 Alexander Alden HARRIS, 25, sausage maker, Twp. Amabel., Owen Sound, s/o John W. HARRIS (b. Arran Twp. Bruce Co.) & Susanna McBRIDE, married Thelma Pearl BARBOUR, 24, dress maker, Culross Twp. Bruce Co., Village Hepworth, d/o David BARBOUR (b. Culross Twp.) & Mary BUTCHER, witn: Mrs. Cecil BARNES of Hepworth Ont. & Frank L. BARBOUR of Hepworth R.R. 2, 3 September 1927, Village Hepworth

008190/27 Francis Howard HARRIS, 21, farmer, Kinloss Twp. Kinloss Twp., s/o Thomas H. HARRIS (b. Kinloss Twp.) & Agnes Emie PALMER, married Gladys Marion JAMIESON, 19, Ashfield Twp., Ashfield Twp., d/o John JAMIESON (b. Ashfield Twp.) & Ida C. FINLAY, witn: Blanche Irene JAMIESON of Lucknow Ont. & Earl HARRIS of Holyrood Ont., 1 June 1927, Lucknow

008191/27 John Fraser HARVIE, 25, farmer, Bentinck Twp., Brant Twp., s/o George HARVIE (b. Beverley Twp.) & Catherine McINTOSH, married Ida May MANLEY, 24, teacher, Twp. Elderslie, Chesley, d/o William MANLEY (b. Elderslie Twp.) & Darinda FORTUNE, witn: Russell HARVIE & Edna MANLEY both of Chesley, 20 April 1927, Chesley

008192/27 Garnet HAWKE, 24, fisherman, Pike Bay, Stokes Bay, s/o Seymour HAWKE (b. Ont.) & Ada POTTER, married Bella Maude McLAY, 18, farmer's daughter, Lindsay Twp., Cape Chin, d/o Allan McLAY (b. Huron Twp. Bruce Co.) & Rachel KELLEY, witn: Duncan SHEARER & Mrs. Duncan SHEARER both of Cape Chin - Lindsey Twp. Ont., 22 November 1927, Lions Head

008193/27 Frank Albert HAWKINS, 22, farmer, Ashfield Twp. Huron Co., Ashfield Twp. Huron Co., s/o W. G. HAWKINS (b. Colborne Twp.) & Sarah BOGIE, married Mabel Milvina GLAHN, 21, Kincardine Twp. Bruce Co., Kincardine Twp. Bruce Co., d/o Peter GLAHN (b. Kincardine Twp.) & Martha ANDERSON, witn: James GLAHN of Kincardine R.R. 2 & Mrs. Agnes LOSTER (Carter?) of Sheppardton Ont., 25 May 1927, Kincardine Twp.


008194/27 Mark Mekins HEATHERS, 23, farmer, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., s/o William HEATHERS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth FINCH, married Hilda Lenora BARFOOT, 17, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., d/o James BARFOOT (b. Canada) & Charlotte HASTINGS, witn: William HEATHERS Jr. of Wiarton R.R. 1 Ont. & Mary FINCH of Wiarton, 5 December 1927, Wiarton

008195/27 Daniel A. HEFFERNAN, 41, clerk, Eramosa Twp., Guelph, s/o Denis HEFFERNAN & Mary Ann BLANCHFIELD, married Gertrude O'REILLEY, 34, nurse, Brant, Brant, d/o Pat. O'REILLY & Elisabeth O'CONNOR, witn: Frederick M. MURPHY of Guelph & Winnifred O'REILLY of New York, 28 September 1927, Cargill

008196/27 Charles Henry HEFT, 24, mechanic, Twp. Sullivan, Chesley, s/o Edward HEFT (b. Desboro) & Agusta TREANOFSKI, married Alma May SCHULTZ, 21, housework, Chesley, Chesley, d/o Charles SCHULTZ (b. Desboro) & Mary Louisa LIPSKIE, witn: Russell HEFT & Mrs. Russell HEFT both of Chatsworth, 15 June 1927, Chesley

008197/27 Isadore Ambrose HEHN, 27, farmer, Chepstow, Formosa, s/o Leopold HEHN & Annie SCHUTOSKI, married Florentine Catherine SCHNURR, 21, Carrick Twp., Carrick Twp., d/o Amand SCHNURR & Rosina ARNOLD, witn: Herbert SCHNURR & Johanna HEHN both of Mildmay, 9 August 1927, Mildmay

008198/27 Wilfred Chambers HELM, 29, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Thomas HELM (b. Canada) & Adelaide KERR, married Sarah Verna COLLINS, 29, housekeeper, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Henry COLLINS (b. Canada) & Sarah Anne GRIFFITH, witn: James Herbert HELM of Glamis #9 & Lyla Adelia COLLINS of Armow Ont., 23 November 1927, Kincardine Twp.

008199/27 William Alexander HELM, 35, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Thomas HELM (b. Ashfield Twp. Huron Co.) & Adelaide KERR, married Myrtle SHEWFELT, 25, at home, Tiverton Ont., Tiverton Ont., d/o Reuben SHEWFELT (b. Kincardine Twp. Bruce Co.) & Mary WHITE, witn: Chambers HELM of Glamis R.R. & Clara SHEWFELT of Tiverton, 4 June 1927, Tiverton

008200/27 John Wesley Smith HEMSTOCK, 26, farmer, Sullivan Twp., Arran Twp., s/o William S. HEMSTOCK (b. Sullivan) & Ellen HAMMEL, married Grace Ellen MOLLETT, 16, at home, Arran Twp. Bruce Co., Arran Twp., d/o Fred. MOLLETT (b. Arran) & Margaret MATCHETT, witn: Ella HEMSTOCK of Chesley & Maurice MOLLETT of R.R. #3 Tara, 7 December 1927, Arran Twp.

008201/27 John Thomas HENDERSON, 21, laborer, Underwood, Port Elgin, s/o Thomas HENDERSON (b. Ontario) & Rebecca BOTTRELL, married Kathleen Elizabeth COLE, 16, Southampton, Southampton, d/o Ross Cole (b. Southampton) & Kathleen SHIELDS, witn: Mr. Ross COLE of Southampton & Mrs. Alex SHEPHERD of Burgoyne, 8 February 1927, Twp. Arran

008202/27 Eric HENNING, 23, moulder, Altendorf Germany, Kitchener Ont., s/o Albert HENNING & Margaret GREBENSTEIN, married Thiela (Thecla?) MONTAG, 20, Carlsruhe Ont., Carlsruhe Ont., d/o Joseph MONTAG & Wilhelmina SCHELHAS, witn: Randolph HENNING & Tulita MONTAG both of Kitchener, 19 April 1927, Carlsruhe

008203/27 Charles Victor HENRY, 38, decorator, Jarrow Durham Co. Eng., Kincardine, s/o Walter Robert HENRY (b. England) & Sarah WILKINSON, married Elsie Heatley HENRY, 31, widow, Birmingham Eng., Kincardine, d/o Henry HEATLEY (b. England) & Catherine ATKINS, witn: Roy George MILLER & Isabella JOHNSON both of Kincardine, 8 August 1927, Kincardine

008204/27 Dan HENRY, 28, labourer, Michigan, Chippewa Hill, s/o John HENRY (b. Michigan) & don't know, married Effie KEWOQUOM, 20, Chippewa Hill, Chippewa Hill, d/o Christopher KEWOQUOM (b. Saugeen Reserve) & Eliza Jane RITCHIE, witn: Chris KEWOQUOM of Chippewa Hill & Laura I. WHITEBEAN of Southampton, 15 June 1927, Twp. Amabel

008205/27 Victor HENRY, 28, Indian, Saugeen Reserve, Saugeen Reserve, s/o Silas HENRY (b. Chippewa Hill) & Rebecca WAHBEZZE, married Lillian SOLOMON, 18, Saugeen Reserve, Saugeen Reserve, d/o Robert SOLOMON (b. Chippewa Hill) & Grace WAHBEZZE, witn: Saul PUTNAM & Robert SOLOMON both of Chippewa Hill, 20 June 1927, Anglican Church, Walkerton


008206/27 Frederick Gordon HEPBURN, 23, farming, Hope Bay, Hope Bay, s/o Alexander HEPBURN (b. Bruce Co.) & Caroline BELSON, married Olive Elizabeth RICHARDSON, 19, farmer's daughter, Hope Bay, Hope Bay, d/o Wesley RICHARDSON (b. Bruce Co) & Mary WILSON, witn: Raymond HEPBURN & Clara I. DICKIE both of Hope Bay Ont., 8 June 1927, Twp. Eastnor

008207/27 Edwin HERGOTT, 23, laborer, Mildmay Ont., Mildmay Ont., s/o Henry HERGOTT & Catherine DIETRICH, married Alice SCHIESTEL, 20, domestic, Mildmay Ont., Teeswater Ont., d/o Nicholas SCHIESTEL & M. WILLIE, witn: Mathew SCHIESTEL of Glenanan Ont. & Loretta ESBOUGH of Waterloo Ont., 15 November 1927, Teeswater

008208/27 Herbert HERGOTT, 31, widower, foreman in factory, Culross, Walkerton, s/o Jacob HERGOTT & Margaret DIETRICH, married Josephine SCHNURR, 28, maid, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Henry SCHNURR & Caroline KUNTZ, witn: Lorne HERGOTT of Walkerton & Agnes SCHNURR of Mildmay R.R. 1, 30 May 1927, Formosa

008209/27 Russell HEWITT, 28, farmer, Greenock Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Alexander HEWITT (b. Toronto Ont.) & Catherine McDONALD, married Mabel Margaret SHEANE, 24, housekeeper, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Wallace SHEANE (b. Twp. Kincardine) & Annie TAYLOR, witn: Mrs. George W. CONNERS & Grace CONNERS both of Ripley Ont., 16 November 1927, Ripley

008210/27 Walter Leslie HIBBERT, 34, asst. sales manager, Ontario, 35 Lessard Ave., s/o Joseph G. HIBBERT (b. Ontario) & Emma ELLIS, married Lucy Luella WETTLAUFER, 32, Ont., Walkerton Ont., d/o Henry D. WETTLAUFER (b. Ontario) & Rosina HEISERMAN, witn: Cora May WETTLAUFER of Walkerton Ont. & Norman P. HIBBERT of Petrolia Ont., 22 November 1927, Walkerton

008211/27 Harry Frank HITCHINGS, 24, factory hand, England, London Ont., s/o blank & Alice HITCHINGS, married Ivy Kate FRY, 22, knitting mill operator, England, Kincardine, d/o W. H. FRY (b. Portsmouth England) & Caroline FRY, witn: W. H. FRY & Caroline FRY both of Kincardine Ont., 5 September 1927, Bruce Co.

008212/27 Thomas HODGINS, 20, farmer, Kinloss Twp., Kincardine, s/o James HODGINS (b. Kinloss Twp. Bruce Co.) & Myrtle ARMSTRONG, married Agnes Elizabeth McCUE, 18, at home, Kincardine, Kincardine, d/o Thomas McCUE (b. Kincardine) & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Samuel G. CALVERT & Margaret McCUE both of Kincardine Ont., 12 October 1927, Kincardine

008213/27 David Michael HOFFARTH, 34, farmer, Carrick Twp., Carrick Twp., s/o Joseph HOFFARTH & Mary GRUB, married Pauline Marie KROETCH, 27, Culross Twp., Culross Twp., d/o Peter KROETCH & Louise BOCEHMAN, witn: Alfred KROETCH & Olive KROETCH both of Carlsruhe Ont., 1 September 1927, Carlsruhe

008214/27 George HOH, 24, farmer, Wertheim Germany, Carrick Twp., s/o George HOH Sr. & Margaret KRANK, married Anna SPENGLER, 27, domestic servant, Kulsheim Germany, Carrick, d/o Charles SPENGLER & Eva WOLPERT, witn: Nicklaus RIECH & Victoria SIDLE, 24 October 1927, Walkerton

008215/27 Richard St. Lawrence HORLEY, 27, farmer, Sombra Twp., same, s/o Joseph HORLEY (b. Vienna) & Jeannie HORLEY, married Mabel Caroline HENDERSON, 23, school teacher, Twp. Huron, same, d/o David HENDERSON (b. Bruce Co) & Annie HENDERSON, witn: Idella HENDERSON & Arthur HORLEY, 15 October 1927, Twp. Huron

008216/27 Wesley Nelson HOWE, 27, farmer, Saugeen Twp. Ont., Bruce Twp., s/o William HOWE (b. Bruce Twp.) & Mary J. GOODMAN, married Catherine Isobell McKINNON, 23, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Allen McKINNON (b. Bruce Twp.) & Annie LEITCH, witn: A. Roy HOWE of North Bruce Ont. & Archetta McKINNON of R.R. 3 Tiverton Ont., 29 June 1927, Twp. Bruce

008217/27 Alfred Charles HUBER, 28, clerk, Hamilton, Southampton, s/o Alton HUBER (b. Canada) & Lillian WILKINSON, married Mabel Irene SHEWFELT, 30, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine, d/o Peter SHEWFELT (b. Canada) & Elizabeth KERR, witn: H. K. RIGGIN & Mrs. Sadie E. RIGGIN both of Kincardine, 5 September 1927, Kincardine


008218/27 Essa John Henry HUENEMOERDER, 25, farmer, Brant Twp. Ont., Brant Twp. Ont., s/o William HUENEMOERDER & Sophie MANTO, married Wilhelmina Katherine HACKMANN, 21, Hanover Germany, Brant Twp. Ont., d/o Ernest H. HACKMANN & Minna Ch. FITTER, witn: Otto HACKMAN & Emma AHRENS both of Elmwood Ont. R.R. 1, 30 September 1927, Brant Twp

008219/27 Ralph Austin HUMPHREYS, 23, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o Fred Albert HUMPHREYS (b. Huron Twp.) & Esther STAFFORD, married Norman Jean GORDON, 24, house keeper, Greenock Twp., Kincardine Town, d/o Finley GORDON (b. Greenock Twp.) & Ida Mary RUSSELL, witn: L. Maud CALVERT of Kincardine Ont. & John W. RUSSELL of R.R. 2 Lorne Ont., 1 June 1927, Twp. Kincardine

008220/27 Oscar Immanuel HUSK, 24, farmer, Huron Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Immanuel HUSK (b. Kincardine Twp.) & Ida Mary LYGETT, married Mary Emma BONNETT, 17, housewife, Kinloss Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o Thomas BONNETT (b. Kincardine Twp.) & Jennie Mabel JACKSON, witn: Immanuel J. HUSK of Glamis & Mrs. C. BONNETT of R.R. 4 Kincardine, 30 August 1927, Twp. Kincardine

008221/27 Herbert ILLEBRUN, 31, farmer, Culross, Culross, s/o Charles ILLEBRUN & Matilda SCHAFBUCK, married Anna KUENZIG, 24, farmer's daughter, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Charles KUENZIG & Ernestine DILL, witn: Henry ILLEBRUN & Cecilia KUENZIG both of Formosa, 15 February 1927, Formosa

008222/27 Hilton George INDOE, 20, painter, Southampton, Southampton, s/o Levi INDOE (b. Huron Co.) & Frances NICHOL, married Wilda May LONGE, 17, Southampton, Southampton, d/o Frederick LONGE (b. Southampton) & Ida LOUCKS, witn: William E. LONGE & Mrs. Florence LONGE both of Southampton, 10 March 1927, Southampton

008223/27 Karl Webster IRWIN, 27, civil engineer, Ontario, 23 Alexander St., s/o A. Mansell IRWIN (b. Ontario) & Lillian WEBSTER, married Jean Elizabeth MAXWELL, 30, school teacher, Ontario, 22 Selby St., d/o Robert MAXWELL (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth SMELLIE, witn: James SMELLIE of Hammondsport N.Y. & Beulah HOLTSMAN of Chesley, 16 July 1927, Chesley

008224/27 William J. JOHNSTON, 20, farmer, Amabel Twp., Amabel Twp., s/o William JOHNSTON (b. Canada) & Ellen MORROW, married Olive FOREMAN, 20, Amabel Twp., Amabel Twp., d/o John FOREMAN (b. Canada) & Hannah BURT, witn: Joseph JOHNSTON of Allenford R.R.2 & Elizabeth DAVIDSON of Allenford R.R.3, 29 June 1927, Amabel Twp

008225/27 Edgar Lionel JONES, 38, widower, fisherman, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, s/o Chief C.K. JONES (b. Ontario) & Amelia CHEECHUCK, married Lucy NAWASH, 41, widow, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, d/o Louie NADJIWON (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane SNAKE, witn: J.W. KEESHIG & Frances NAWASH both of Cape Croker, 14 May 1927, Wiarton

008226/27 Victor Leo KAIN, 27, mechanic, Walkerton, Walkerton, s/o John KAIN & Margaret GOODBY, married Kathleen Grace JAMES, 23, Aylesbury England, Walkerton, d/o F.B. JAMES & Annie C. SMITH, witn: Annie JAMES, F.B. JAMES, Melville KAIN & Noah JAMES all of Walkerton, 7 September 1927, St. Thomas Church

008227/27 Albert KAIN, 34, farmer, Twp. Sullivan, Twp., Sullivan, s/o Edward KAIN (b. Kitchener Waterloo Co.) & Pauline FAHNKE, married Minnie LIPSKE, 26, housework, Twp. Sullivan, Twp. Sullivan, d/o Robert LIPKE (b. Sullivan Twp.) & Pauline MODMAN, witn: Otto MULASKIE of Sullivan Twp. Grey Co. & Winnie FISCHER of Elderslie Twp. Bruce Co., 8 September 1927, Chesley

008228/27 John KAUFMANN, 58, farmer, Carrick Twp., Sullivan Twp., s/o Conrad KAUFMANN (b. Germany) & Katharine HEBERLING, married Mary HOEHMUTH, 41, housework, Germany, Twp. Sullivan, d/o Richard HOEHMUTH (b. Germany) & Emma HOEHMUTH, witn: Mrs. Barbara MILLER of Elmira Waterloo Co. & Mrs. Caroline WEPPLER of Sullivan Twp. Grey Co., 12 November 1927, Chesley

008229/27 John Alvin KERR, 19, farm laborer, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., s/o William John KERR (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Jane KERR, married Reta Eloyd SHEFFIELD, 22, Georgina Twp. Simcoe Co., Amabel Twp., d/o John Washington SHEFFIELD (b. Canada) & Mary Ann KILBREATH, witn: James FRANCE? & Florence LAW both of Wiarton, 21 September 1927, Twp. Amabel

008230/27 John Henry KING, 33, widower, chemist, England, Chicago, s/o John Israel KING (b. England) & Alice Elizabeth COUSENS, married Florence Roberta OSBORNE, 27, stenographer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Samuel Edward OSBORNE (b. Huron Twp. Ont.) & Charlotte Agnes FARRELL, witn: Clara V. CAMPBELL of Pinkerton Ont. & William P. MILLS of Ripley Ont., 30 July 1927, Twp. Huron

008231/27 Charles Walter KNOX, 26, farmer, Amabel Twp., Amabel Twp., s/o George KNOX (b. Canada) & Cassie KISSICK, married Beatrice Irene WILEY, 20, at home, Amabel Twp., Amabel Twp., d/o Sylvester WILEY (b. Canada) & Sarah KNOX, witn: Novemma McCULLOUGH & Gordon SCARROW both of Amabel Twp. Bruce Co., 10 August 1927, Village Allenford

008232/27 Albert A. KUENZIG, 29, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Charles KUENZIG & Ernestine DILL, married Clara KUNKEL, 27, farmer's daughter, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Peter KUNKEL & Elizabeth EUPER, witn: Alfred KUENZIG of Mildmay & Florentine KUNKEL of Mildmay R.R. #1, 13 Sept. 1927, Formosa

008233/27 Roy Andrew LAMB, 39, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o John LAMB (b. Ont.) & Elizabeth ROWAND, married Jessie Elizabeth McNALLY, 22, Brant Twp., Walkerton Ont., d/o William McNALLY (b. Ont.) & Helen FLATT, witn: Malcolm McINTYRE & Mrs. Malcolm McINTYRE both of Elmwood Ont., 12 February 1927, Walkerton

008234/27 Andrew J. LANG, 36, farmer, Chepstow, Chepstow, s/o Nicholas LANG & Mary WILHELM, married Hilda M. McNAB, 21, lady, Chepstow, Chepstow, d/o Albert McNAB & Julia KRAEMER, witn: Frank LANG & Mary McNAB both of Chepstow, 27 July 1927, Chepstow

008235/27 James Benson LANGRIDGE, 25, dredge man, Goderich, Kincardine, s/o Stephen LANGRIDGE (b. England) & Katherine McPHAIL, married Jessie Murray SHIELLS, 25, stenographer, Kincardine, Kincardine, d/o Peter SHIELLS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth KIRK, witn: Donald LANGRIDGE of Goderich & Grace Elizabeth SHIELLS of Kincardine, 31 December 1927, Town Kincardine

008237/27 John Trousel LAWRENCE, 25, mill man, Albemarle Twp., Albemarle Twp., s/o Jessie LAWRENCE (b. Newcastle on Tyne England) & Fredrica STREIKE, married Ethel LANCASTER, 18, Wiarton, Wiarton, d/o George LANCASTER (b. Chesley Ont.) & Ellen JOHNSTON, witn: Roy ASHCROFT & Ruth LAWRENCE both of Mar Ont., 3 August 1927, Rectory at Lions Head

008236/27 George Frederick LAWRENCE, 30, farmer, Amabel Twp., Amabel Twp., s/o Robert LAWRENCE (b. Wentworth Co.) & Agnes PERDY, married Isabel McINTOSH, 23, teacher, Southampton, Amabel Twp., d/o William McINTOSH (b. Amabel Twp.) & Martha GINGRICH, witn: Jesse Lawrence McINTOSH of Allenford & Mary McINTOSH of Southampton, 5 January 1927, Hepworth

008239/27 John Gordon Rudolph LONEY, 28, farmer, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., s/o Charles A. LONEY (b. Can.) & Jane McKEAG, married Ettie Luella MALLARD, 21, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., d/o George O. MALLARD (b. Can.) & Sophia REEVE, witn: Louis O. MALLARD & Martin Belva HARITZ both of Oxenden, 27 December 1927, Wiarton

008240/27 George C. LONGMIRE, 29, finisher, Longmire, Southampton, s/o William LONGMIRE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GIBBONS, married Alice W. BERESFORD, 18, Toronto, Southampton, d/o John Thomas BERESFORD (b. England) & Alice W. GIBBS, witn: John & Ruth BERESFORD of Southampton, 30 July 1927, Port Elgin

008241/27 James Percival MAAS, 29, farmer, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o Charles MAAS (b. Ontario) & Agnes BENNETT, married Hannah Jane CLULEY, 28, Bruce Twp., Port Elgin, d/o Thomas CLULEY (b. England) & Marie Ann ROBINSON, witn: George CLULEY of Port Elgin & Mabel HERNER of Kitchener, 7 September 1927, Port Elgin

008242/27 Sidney Adam MANSZ, 22, shoe repairer, Tavistock Ont., Stratford Ont., s/o Adam MANSZ (b. Canada) & Mary SCHLOTZHAM, married Mary Rushton LAMONT, 19, school teacher, Port Elgin Ont., d/o Godfrey LAMONT (b. Canada) & Elizabeth RUSHTON, witn: E. M. GALLAGHER & W. WAUKEL both of Port Elgin, 27 December 1927, Port Elgin

008243/27 William MARKLEVITZ, 20, factory employee, Chesley Ont., Southampton, s/o Fred MARKLEVITZ (b. Grey Co.) & Annie GRANTHAM, married Ruth YEO, 22, Hepworth, Southampton, d/o Henry YEO (b. Keppel Grey Co.) & Elizabeth HAMBLEY, witn: Mr. S. E. YEO & Mrs. Stanley YEO both of Hepworth Ont., 21 June 1927, Hepworth

008244/27 David MARTINDALE, 21, labourer, Saugeen Twp., Southampton, s/o John MARTINDALE (b. Bracebridge) & Jennie MILLER, married Eva GUTHRIE, 20, Saugeen Twp., Saugeen Twp., d/o William GUTHERIE (b. Port Elgin) & Phinie PHILLIPS, witn: William BLUNDELL & Adeline FOOTE both of Southampton Ont., 30 May 1927, Bruce Co.

008245/27 Theodore Elmer MASSING, 22, salesman, Buffalo N.Y., Buffalo N.Y., s/o Peter MASSING (b. Buffalo N.Y.) & Caroline THEDE, married Rhoda WELLS, 29, Port Elgin Ont., Port Elgin Ont., d/o Frank H. WELLS (b. Aurora Ont.) & Anna McLEOD, witn: Winifred M. DOWNING of Port Elgin & J. Leonard RUSHTON of Buffalo N. Y., 24 December 1927, Port Elgin

008246/27 Murdock MATHESON, 29, sailor, Briton Cove N.S., Briton Cove N.S., s/o Angus MATHESON (b. Canada) & Mary Ann McLEOD, married Bertha Isabel McLEAN, 29, housekeeper, Tiverton Ont., Kincardine, d/o Charles McLEAN (b. Canada) & Bertha SPARKS, witn: Angus URQUHART of Briton Cove N.S. & Mary McLEAN of Kincardine, 24 November 1927, Town Kincardine

008247/27 John Harvey MAXWELL, 33, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., s/o Joseph MAXWELL (b. England) & Catherine OSWALD, married Ora Marjorie McCANNEL, 29, teacher, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o Archie McCANNEL (b. Peel Co. Ont.) & Christina MILNE, witn: Stanley MAXWELL & Vera McCANNEL both of Chesley, 29 June 1927, Elderslie Twp.

008259/27 Frank Daniel McCORMICK, 47, farmer, Teeswater Ont., Teeswater Ont., s/o Donald McCORMICK & Catherine CRANE, married E.N. NETHERFIELD, 35, widow, domestic, Wingham Ont., Wingham Ont., d/o Hugh D. McKEAN & Mary E. SUTHERLAND, witn: John McCORMICK & Mrs. J. McCORMICK both of Teeswater Ont., 12 October 1927, Sacred Heart Church Teeswater Ont

008260/27 George Daniel McCULLOUGH, 34, factory employee, Arran Twp., Southampton Ont., s/o Robert McCULLOUGH (b. Scotland) & Hannah CASE, married Lottie Caroline DRAPER, 16, Wiarton Ont., Southampton Ont., d/o James DRAPER (b. Lower Canada) & Belle McCAFFREY, witn: Mrs. Ella GUINN & Eleanore GUINN both of Southampton, 20 August 1927, Town Southampton

008261/27 William John Ivor McCURDY, 26, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., s/o Patrick McCURDY (b. Ireland) & Harriet Ann MAHER, married Jean Audrey FRASER, 23, teacher, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o John FRASER (b. Scotland) & Helen SOMERVILLE, witn: Eva FRASER of R.R. #2 Paisley & George T. C. McCURDY of R.R. #1 Paisley, 22 October 1927, Elderslie Twp.

008263/27 George Russell McDONALD, 31, farmer, Sullivan Twp., Chesley, s/o William McDONALD (b. Canada) & Mary Ann WILSON, married Jean Scott McLAGGAN, 28, Chesley, 18 Conc. Greenock Paisley, d/o Peter McLAGGAN (b. Canada) & Margaret GRAY, witn: Jean ACTON & Peter E. McLAGGAN both of Paisley, 31 August 1927, Twp. Elderslie

008262/27 George McDONALD, 32, laborer, Teeswater Ont., Culross Twp., s/o John McDONALD (b. Tyne Scotland) & Alexandria McCAULEY, married Hannah McDONALD, 26, at home, Culross Twp., Culross Twp., d/o Laughlin McDONALD (b. Culross Twp. Bruce Co.) & Jeannette LAMONT, witn: Sarah McDONALD of Culross Twp. & Donald LAMONT of Holyrood R.R. 2, 5 April 1927, Kincardine Twp.

008264/27 Norman A. McDONALD, 35, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., s/o John McDONALD (b. Caledon Twp.) & Mary DOHERTY, married Amy Louise SCHULTZ, 22, housework, Twp. Sullivan, Twp. Sullivan, d/o Frederick SCHULTZ (b. Sullivan Twp.) & Amelia LIPSKIE, witn: Dave McDONALD & Mrs. H. WARMINGTON both of Chesley, 16 July 1927, Chesley

008265/27 William Alexander McDONALD, 37, farmer, City Owen Sound, Lot 19 Conc. 4 Twp. Keppel, s/o William McDONALD (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Isabel CRUICKSHANK, married Daisy Eleanor FIDDES, 32, housekeeping, Brant Twp. Bruce Co., Conc. 12 Twp. Brant, d/o George FIDDES (b. Brant Twp.) & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Russell FIDDES & Mrs. Edgar BOYCE both of Elmwood, 17 September 1927, Chesley

008266/27 Stewart Arden McELREA, 22, butter maker, Woodlawn Ont., Walkerton Ont., s/o James BURN (b. Ireland) & Josephine BURN, married Eileen Amanda TULLOCK, 19, Dean Lake Algoma, Iron Bridge Algoma, d/o Lawrence TULLOCK (b. Ontario) & Maude COTE, witn: Mrs. Rev. T.H. BOLE & Alma BOLE both of Walkerton, 16 July 1927, Walkerton

008267/27 Andrew McEWING, 28, farmer, Saugeen Twp., Saugeen Twp., s/o James McEWING (b. Glasgow) & Jessie SUTHERLAND, married Elizabeth Agnes BURGESS, 22, Arran Twp., Saugeen Twp., d/o Alfred BURGESS (b. England) & Janet LAIDLAW, witn: Florence BREKOW & Mrs. John KLIPPERT both of Southampton, 28 December 1927, Southampton

008268/27 Alexander Calvin McGILLIVRAY, 31, farmer, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o Alexander McDONALD (b. Unionville Ont.) & Sarah McEWING, married Christina Muir McDONALD, over 18, Twp. Saugeen, Twp. Bruce, d/o Alexander McDONALD (b. Scotland) & Margaret HOLLAND, witn: Murray McGILLIVRAY & Grace M. McDONALD both of Paisley, 12 October 1927, Town Southampton

008269/27 Erie Cameron McGILLIVRAY, 28, merchant, Port Elgin, Port Elgin, s/o Neil McGILLIVRAY (b. Scotland) & Mary Cameron, married Catherine May McKENZIE, 18, housewife, Tiverton, Tiverton, d/o Angus McKENZIE (b. Kincardine) & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: Thelma McKELLAR of Tiverton & C.C. BELYEA of Kitchener Ont., 19 October 1927, Southampton

008270/27 Donald Alexander McGREGOR, 23, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o Donald McGREGOR (b. Huron Twp.) & Annie MacDONALD, married Hilda BROOKS, 20, teacher, England, Huron Twp., d/o Harold BROOKS (b. England) & Mary Hannah HULTZ, witn: Allan T. McDONALD & Miss Edith BROOKS both of Ripley Ont. R.R. #4, 19 October 1927, Ripley

008271/27 Donald Alexander McINNES, 25, farmer, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o John Neil McINNES (b. Bruce Twp.) & Christina Ann PATTERSON, married Edna Jean VANCE, 21, housekeeper, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o John Albert VANCE (b. Paisley Ont.) & Jane WRIGHTSON, witn: Joseph VANCE of Port Elgin R.R. 3 & Hazel J. McINNES of Tiverton R.R.2, 24 September 1927, Twp. Bruce

008272/27 Dougal McINTYRE, 27, farmer, Eastnor Twp., Amabel Twp., s/o Duncan McINTYRE (b. Grey Co.) & Margaret CARMICHAEL, married Elizabeth Jane CURRIE, 15, Amabel Twp., Amabel Twp., d/o James CURRIE (b. Walkerton Bruce Co.) & Maud DEMMAN, witn: Fred CURRIE & Margaret McINTYRE both of Hepworth, 8 February 1927, Hepworth


008273/27 Gerald McIVER, 23, farmer, Detroit, Kincardine Twp., s/o James McIVER (b. Ripley Ont.) & Mary McLEOD, married Matilda Ann HODGKINSON, 24, Town Kincardine, Kinloss Twp., d/o James HODGKINSON (b. Wyton Ont.) & Lizzie HAWKINS, witn: Wilbert HODGKINSON & Greta HODGKINSON both of Kinlough Ont., 27 October 1927, Kinlough

008274/27 John McIVER, 32, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o John McIVER (b. Isle of Lewis Scotland) & Christina McIVER, married Martha Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 28, housekeeper, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Duncan CAMPBELL (b. Huron Twp.) & Catherine MURRAY, witn: R. William CAMPBELL & Miss Kate McIVER both of Ripley R.R. #4 Ont., 5 November 1927, Huron Twp

008275/27 Hugh LeRoy Milne McKENZIE, 28, merchant, Atwood Ont., Southampton, s/o James McKENZIE (b. Kincardine Twp.) & Elizabeth MILNE, married Lyla Mary CHICK, 26, Palmerston Ont., Port Elgin Ont., d/o Luke CHICK (b. Somersetshire England) & Elizabeth McMILLAN, witn: Jean REDDON of Teeswater Ont. & Albert Milne WELLS of Southampton, 29 June 1927, Port Elgin

008276/27 Charles Hamilton McKINNON, 24, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Huron Twp., s/o Donald McKINNON (b. Huron Twp.) & Flora GILCHRIST, married Annie MURRAY, 26, clerk, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Angus MURRAY (b. Huron Twp.) & Annie MARTYN, witn: David William MURRAY & Marie MURRAY both of Ripley, 21 August 1927, Huron Twp

008277/27 Kenneth McKINNON, 23, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Peter McKINNON (b. Canada) & Janet Shaw ROBINSON, married Margaret Ellen REID, 22, at home, Greenock Twp., Greenock Twp., d/o William Thomas REID (b. Canada) & Margaret KEYES, witn: Mary YOUNG of Detroit & Helen McCULLOUGH of Kincardine, 5 July 1927, Town Kincardine

008278/27 Kenneth Campbell MacKINNON, 22, farmer, Arran Twp., Conc. 13 Lot 25 Twp. Arran, s/o Duncan MacKINNON (b. Arthur Ont.) & Isabelle ROWE, married Eleanor ASKIN, 19 2/12, housekeeping, Arcola Manitoba, Village Allenford Ont., d/o William ASKIN (b. Allenford Ont.) & Mary KNOX, witn: Randolph MORROW & Myrtle ASKIN both of Allenford, 30 June 1927, Walkerton

008280/27 Donald Logie MacLEAN, 26, physician, Illinois, 142 St. George St. Toronto, s/o Alexander K. MacLEAN (b. Ontario) & Iloninne? FRASER, married Cathelene BALL, 26, school teacher, Ontario, Harriston Ont., d/o Thomas BALL (b. Ontario) & Isabella BLACKWOOD, witn: Kenneth H. MacLEAN of 142 St. George St. Toronto & Kate M. RUTHERFORD of Leith Ont., 22 August 1927, Hepworth at Sauble Beach

008279/27 Clark Howard McLEAN, 23, upholster, Kinloss Twp., Wingham Town, s/o Arthur McLEAN (b. St. Helens Ont.) & Margaret JOHNSTON, married Mary Ellen DAWSON, 21, Kinloss Twp., Kinloss Twp., d/o Joshua DAWSON (b. Kinloss Twp.) & Mary MIREHOUSE, witn: Grant McLEAN of Wingham & Ruby McQUOID of Lucknow, 5 November 1927, Kinloss Twp.

008281/27 William Donald McLEOD, 33, dentist, Huron Twp., Ripley Ont., s/o John Roderick McLEOD (b. Scotland) & Mary MacRAE, married Catherine MURRAY, 26, teacher, Huron Twp., Ripley Ont., d/o Norman MURRAY (b. Huron Twp.) & Annie MacDONALD, witn: Ross H. MARTYN of Ripley & Margaret Isabell McLEOD of 234 Milverton Blvd. Toronto, 31 December 1927, Ripley

008282/27 Gordon McMASTER, 26, shipper, Albemarle Twp. Bruce Co., 111 Yarmouth Rd. Toronto, s/o David McMASTER (b. Bruce Co) & Maria CRANE, married Gladys Lillian EVANS, 17 2/12, Derby Twp., R.R.1 Dobbinton, d/o Thomas EVANS (b. Albion Twp.) & P. Jane PEACOCK witn: Thomas S. PEACOCK & John J. MAGNER both of Dobbinton Ont., 26 March 1927, Twp. Arran

008284/27 Thomas Earl McNEILL, 29, foundry worker, Bruce Co., Walkerville, s/o Duncan McNEILL (b. Ontario) & Ellen MOORE, married Mary Hannah Madeline RAE, 24, Bruce Co. Ont., Chesley Bruce Co., d/o James RAE (b. Michigan) & Annie SMAIL, witn: Harold McNEIL & Bessie RAE both of Chesley Ont., 4 July 1927, Chesley

008283/27 John McNEILL, 34, farmer, Sault Ste. Marie Michigan , Twp. Elderslie, s/o John McNEILL (b. Canada) & Margaret McDONALD, married Janet Christina CASS, 31, Chesley, Chesley, d/o Jas. CASS (b. Canada) & Jessie VEITCH, witn: Mrs. A. H. WILSON & Mrs. George HALL both of Dobbinton, 5 October 1927, Elderslie Twp.

008285/27 Nicol MacNICOL, 29, civil engineer, Barrie Ont., Islington Ont., s/o Nicol MacNICOL (b. Ontario) & Eva Octavia POUCHER, married Edith Elizabeth MacINTYRE, 27, school teacher, Dungannon Ont., Kincardine Ont., d/o Alexander George MacINTYRE (b. Ontario) & Barbara Ann BAYNE, witn: Victor Stewart WILSON of Toronto & Amabel MacLEOD of Oakville, 2 September 1927, Kincardine

008286/27 Richard Albert McQUILLIN, 20, farmer, Twp. West Wawanosh, Twp. West Wawanosh, s/o Richard McQUILLIN (b. West Wawanosh) & Melissa ALTON, married Emily Isobel THOMSON, 17, Brant Twp., Kinloss Twp., d/o Charles Albert THOMSON (b. England) & Ethel SMITH, witn: Herb McQUILLIN & Myrtle McQUILLIN both of Lucknow Ont., 20 January 1927, Lucknow

008287/27 James Alex McRAE, 30, farmer, Essex Ont., Maidstone Twp., s/o James John McRAE (b. Ontario) & Margaret LANKIN, married Gladys Mary SHIER, 24, Ontario, Kincardine Twp., d/o George W. SHIER (b. Ontario) & Isabella WRIGHT, witn: Lydia A. COLWELL of R.R. #1 Tiverton Ont. & Norman ALEXANDER of Pinkerton Ont., 9 Aug. 1927, Twp. Kincardine

008288/27 John Bruce McTAVISH, 34, farmer, Twp. Sullivan, Twp. Sullivan, s/o Peter McTAVISH (b. Scotland) & Annie BOYD, married Della Jean JACKSON, 26, homework, Brant Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o W. C. JACKSON (b. Wellington Co) & Mary DOBBIN, witn: J.W. JACKSON of Chesley & Mrs. J. S. GARNER of London, 4 June 1927, Elderslie Twp.


008248/27 Thomas Lorne METCALF, 27, farmer, Turnberry Twp., Turnberry Twp., s/o John D. METCALF (b. Canada) & Fannie ROBINSON, married Margaret Myrtle BENNETT, 25, Huron Co., Wingham, d/o Thomas BENNET (b. Canada) & Jane Anne SAVAGE, witn: John Herman METCALF & Ethelda Jane METCALF both of Glenannon, 17 November 1927, Twp. Turnberry

008249/27 William August MEYER, 22, farming, Sullivan Twp., Brant Twp., s/o Henry MEYER & Augusta DRUH, married Emma Sophia MANTO, 22, farming, Bentinck Twp., Brant Twp., d/o late Noah MANTO & Wilhelmine SCHLORFF, witn: Harvey MEYER & Dorothea SCHLORFF both of Elmwood Ont., 21 June 1927, Elmwood

008250/27 Henry Francis MILLER, 26, farmer, West Branch Mich., Twp. Culross, s/o August MILLER & Frances VOISIN, married Nora Mary JOHNSTON, 23, teacher, Kinloss Twp., Kinloss Twp., d/o John J. JOHNSTON & Alice CASEMAR, witn: George MILLER & Anna MILLER both of Teeswater, 3 January 1927, Teeswater

008251/27 Levi George MILLER, 30, lineman, Gray Co., Harriston, s/o Amos MILLER (b. Bentinck Gray Co.) & Dora WIESS, married Edith Maria BAILEY, 31 housemaid, England, Harriston, d/o Walter George BAILEY (b. England) & Maria ANDISON, witn: Norman MILLER & Mrs. Norman MILLER both of Walkerton Ont., 20 April 1927, Walkerton

008252/27 Ralph Frederick MILLER, 20, book keeper, Kincardine Ont., Kincardine Ont., s/o Adam Christopher MILLER & Mary M. GARD, married Dorothy Adeline FARRELL, 18, at home, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o John A. FARRELL & Agnes STUART, witn: Mrs. Jean FARRELL & Walter FARRELL both of Ripley, 24 March 1927, Twp. Huron

008253/27 Andrew Cameron MILNE, 32, farmer, Bentinck Twp., Brant Twp., s/o Andrew Alex MILNE (b. Guelph Ont.) & Catherine McKINNON, married Hilda BIERWORTH, 30, housework, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o William BIERWORTH (b. Brant Twp. Bruce Co.) & Mary AHRENS, witn: William C. BIERWORTH & James A. MILNE both of Elmwood Ont., 18 October 1927, Village Elmwood

008254/27 Elmer Joseph MONK, 22, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o John MONK (b. Hanover Ont.) & Sophia KOESTER, married Sybilla Hannah JANDT, 21, domestic, Bentinck Twp., Bentinck Twp., d/o John JANDT (b. Bentinck Ont.) & Elizabeth JANDT, witn: Mrs. Rev. F. MEYER & Viola Elizabeth JANDT both of Elmwood Ont., 6 April 1927, Village Elmwood

008255/27 Cecil Gordon MULLIN, produce dealer, Ashfield Twp., Lucknow, s/o Henry MULLIN (b. Blanchard Twp.) & Maggie MacMILLAN, married Winnifred Hazel RAYMOND, 19, Huron Twp., Lucknow, d/o Joseph Maxwell RAYNARD (b. Ashfield Twp.) & Mary Ann WELSHER, witn: Barbara Rugella MULLEN of Lucknow Ont. & Nelson RAYNARD of Twp. Ashfield, 20 April 1927, Lucknow

008256/27 Francis J. MULLIN, 26, miller, Chepstow Ont., Chepstow Ont., s/o Thomas MULLIN & Laura DIETRICH, married Agnes M. LANG, 19, Chepstow Ont., Chepstow Ont., d/o John LANG & Anna FISCHER, witn: George LANG & Mary MULLIN both of Chepstow Ont., 28 September 1927, Chepstow

008258/27 Peter Alphonse MURRAY, 31, farmer, Culross Twp., Culross Twp., s/o Peter MURRAY & Anna DONOVAN, married Gertrude Cecilia COLLISON, 21, Culross Twp., Culross Twp., d/o James COLLISON & Mary MANLEY, witn: Frank MURRAY of Chepstow Ont. & Katherine COLLISON of Holyrood Ont., 8 June 1927, Riversdale

008257/27 John MURRAY, 22, farmer, Huron Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Allan MURRAY (b. Huron Twp.) & Anne McDONALD, married Jean Isabella McKINNON, 20, housekeeper, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o John McKINNON (b. Bruce Twp.) & Isabella SCOTT, witn: Archibald McKINNON of Tiverton & Margaret MURRAY of Lorne, 21 September 1927, Bruce Twp.

008289/27 Walter NAPIER, 23, paper maker, Hamilton Lanarkshire, Espanola, s/o Walter NAPIER (b. Hamilton Scotland) & Margaret CLARK, married Laney Lavina LOUCKS, 25, stenographer, Amabel Bruce, Espanola, d/o Alexander LOUCKS (b. Canada) & Mary Ann PATER, witn: Abraham LOUCKS & Mrs. Abraham LOUCKS both of Hepworth, 29 June 1927, Tara

008290/27 Martin NASHKEWA, 21, laborer, Saugeen Reserve, Chippewa Hill, s/o William NASHKEWA & Sophia KEWOQUOM, married Stella WESLEY, 18, home, Saugeen Reserve, Chippewa Hill, d/o Levi WESLEY & Bella RITCHIE, witn: Robert JOHN & Mrs. Robert JOHN, 11 July 1927, Chippewa Hill

008291/27 Stewart John NEEDHAM, 25, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o James NEEDHAM (b. Huron Twp.) & Josephine COLLINS, married Janet Stewart WELSH, 25, teacher, Huron Twp., Ripley Twp., d/o Thomas WELSH (b Scotland) & Marion STEWART, witn: Mary A. W. NAY of Gorrie Ont. & Russell NEEDHAM of Ripley Ont., 9 March 1927, Ripley

008292/27 Charles Watson NELSON, 23, farmer, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o John NELSON & Elizabeth E. HOWE, married Hannah Jane LEGGETT, 23, housekeeper, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o George LEGGETT & Hannah SNAZELL, witn: James CURRIE of Port Elgin & Marjorie LEGGETT of North Bruce, 29 October 1927, North Bruce Twp.

008293/27 Wilmer Vernon NICHOLSON, 23, farmer, West Wawanosh Twp., West Wawanosh, s/o James NICHOLSON (b. Hullett Twp.) & Lettia CLUFF, married Ada Gertrude GAUNT, 19, housekeeper, Kinloss Twp., Kinloss Twp., d/o Edwin GAUNT (b. Kinloss Twp.) & Ada Susana GARBUTT, witn: Ruth M. GAUNT & Gretta HUDSON both of Kinloss, 9 March 1927, Kinloss Twp

008294/27 Albert James NICKLE, 20, farmer, Owen Sound, Keppel Twp., s/o Richard NICKLE (b. Ontario) & Hannah GUNSON, married Lottie Roberta NICHOLS, 17, Keppel Twp., Keppel Twp., d/o Robert NICHOLS (b. Ontario) & Margaret LUNDY, witn: John NICHOL of North Keppel & Margaret NICHOLS of Wiarton, 7 July 1927, Wiarton

008295/27 Rennie Edward NIGHTINGALE, 20, machine hand, Twp. Sullivan twp, Chesley, s/o Randolph NIGHTINGALE (b. England) & Emma LETTAN, married Alma Pearl LAWRENCE, 18 3/12, housemaid, Sullivan Twp., Chesley, d/o Jacob LAWRENCE (b. Ont. Canada) & Alice MINNIS, witn: Keith Cron WRIGHT & George JOHNSTON both of Chesley Ont., 27 April 1927, Chesley

008296/27 Arthur Grant NOBLE, 21, farmer, Spry - Twp. Eastnor, Twp. Lindsay, s/o John NOBLE (b. Keppel Twp.) & Helen HATT, married Mary Letitia HOLMES, 19, farmers daughter, Miller Lake Twp. Lindsay, Twp. Lindsay, d/o William John HOLMES (b. Pike Bay Eastnor) & Francis J. HARDING, witn: Angus A. ROUSE & Mrs. Emma ROUSE both of Miller Lake, 11 August 1927, Wiarton

008297/27 Frederick OLIVER, 67, widower, minister, Holton Lincolnshire England, Alma Ont., s/o Thomas OLIVER (b. England) & Martha MARROWS, married Charlotte MUNROE, 65, widow, domestic worker, Woolwich Twp., Alma Ont., d/o John MATHISON (b. Scotland) & Charlotte HARVEY, witn: Helen K. McCULLOUGH & Christina MORRISON both of Kincardine, 15 August 1927, Kincardine

008298/27 Harold Roy OTTOWELL, 20, farmer, Amabel Twp., Amabel Twp., s/o Stephen OTTOWELL (b. Steven Twp. Ont.) & Margaret ARNOLD, married Olga Lenore TAYLOR, 19, Keppel Twp., Wiarton, d/o George W. TAYLOR (b. Amabel Twp.) & Ada LYNE, witn: Ewart M. TAYLOR & Mary E. McCARTNEY both of Wiarton, 24 January 1927, Wiarton

008300/27 William Wesley PARKER, 25, clerk, village Cargill, village Cargill, s/o Sidney PARKER (b. Oxford Co. Ont.) & Lily Pearl WAGNER, married Ruby May GREGG, 26, book keeper, Brant Twp., Village Cargill, d/o James Alexander GREGG (b. Twp. Brant Ont.) & Mary Jane McKEE, witn: Carl H. PARKER of Cargill Ont. & Grace GREGG of Eden Grove Ont., 22 June 1927, Cargill

008299/27 William E. K. PARKER, 24, mechanic, Twp. Sullivan, Chesley, s/o Charles PARKER (b. Toronto) & Margaret BEATTIE, married Vera Mary GEORGE, 22, housework, Hanover, Hanover, d/o William GEORGE (b. Hanover) & Hannah Melinda ISCH, witn: Ron SHAEFRE & Margaret E. PARKER both of Chesley Ont., 26 February 1927, Chesley

008301/27 Charles Edward Beresford PAYNE, 34, Vice Council of the U.S. of America, Marquette Michigan, Lambeth Ontario, s/o Charles A. PAYNE (b. Canada) & Louise ANDREW, married Lotta Irene FISHER, 26, stenographer, Huron Twp., Kincardine, d/o Joseph Fisher (b. Canada) & Isabell THOMPSON, witn: Walter O. PAYNE of St. Thomas Ont. & Mrs. Frieda M. STEPHENS of London Ont., 3 October 1927, Kincardine

008302/27 Harold Vivian PENNINGTON, 24, fisherman, Grey Twp., Kincardine, s/o Walter PENNINGTON (b. England) & Margaret CARDIFF, married Ida Marguerite ANDERSON, 19, at home, Southampton, Bracebridge, d/o Abraham S. ANDERSON (b Ontario) & Sarah Jane BIELBY, witn: Mary M. REID & Mildred F. REID both of Kincardine, 9 July 1927, Kincardine


008303/27 Ernest John PERROTT, 39, widower, furniture trimmer, London England, Kincardine, s/o Frederick John PERROTT (b. England) & Elizabeth QUIRK, married Isabella McVINNIE, 23, knitter, Saugeen, Kincardine, d/o John McVINNIE (b. Canada) & Julia KETTLES, witn: George Roderick MacSWEEN & Lillian SALEMAN, 29 January 1927, Kincardine

008304/27 George Ferman PHILIPS, 52, livery proprietor, Ontario, Port Elgin, s/o Levi PHILIPS (b. Ontario) & Jane PEPPER, married Lella Winifred SMITH, 29, household, Elderslie Twp., Saugeen Twp., d/o Edward SMITH (b. Howick Twp. Ont.) & Sarah NICHOLSON, witn: Georgina SHEPHERD & Florence GEDDES both of Burgoyne, 16 March 1927, Twp. Arran

008305/27 Frank Halladay PICKARD, 20, hardware clerk, Walkerton Ont., Paisley, s/o A.E. PICKARD (b. Canada) & Martha HALLADAY, married Florence Madine GREGG, 17 ½, Eden Grove Bruce Co. Ont., Paisley, d/o Robert GREGG (b. Canada) & Adeline SALTER, witn: Muriel PICKARD of Paisley & Lloyd GREGG of Windsor Ont., 23 April 1927, Paisley Village

008306/27 Noel Leon POLLARD, 23, school teacher, Ontario, 521 Markham St. Toronto, s/o Jacob A. POLLARD (b. Ontario) & Ria POLLARD, married Dorothy Byantha STEPHENS, 23, school teacher, Ontario, Teeswater Ont., d/o William H. STEPHENS (b. Ontario) & Mabel GILLIES, witn: J. H. POLLARD of Toronto Ont. & W. H. STEPHENS of Teeswater Ont., 13 August 1927,  Teeswater

008307/27 Stanley Harold PORTER, 23, salesman, Ontario, West End Y.M.C.A. Toronto, s/o George Edward PORTER (b. England) & Rose MYERS, married Julia Donalda KENNEDY, 22, Ontario, Thessalon Ont., d/o James KENNEDY (b. Ontario) & Margaret CHISHOLM, witn: William CONNELL & Daisy M. CONNELL both of Lucknow Ont., 19 July 1927, Lucknow

008308/27 William PROCKNOW, 28, farmer, Brant twp., Brant twp., s/o William PROCKNOW (b. Carrick Twp.) & Caroline LEIFSO, married Emma FROECK, 23, housework, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o William FROECK (b. Carrick) & Mary GELLMANN, witn: Ewing GOMANN (Gorman?) of Walkerton RR#1, 19 March 1927, Brant twp.

008309/27 Charles Frederick RAE, 24, mechanic, Paisley, Paisley, s/o William RAE (b. Canada) & Mary CLAYTON, married Rachel Madeline WIECK, 18, Chesley, Chesley, d/o Jacob WIECK (b. Canada) & Elizabeth FILSINGER, witn: Mrs. Dan McKENZIE of Paisley Ont. & Mrs. P.L. WADDLE of Schumacher Ont., 29 July 1927, Paisley

008310/27 William Gordon RAE, 26, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o James RAE (b. Canada) & Annie SMART, married Mary Elinor SWEIZER, 33, teacher, Sullivan Twp., Sullivan Twp., d/o Philip CORLETT (b. Canada) & Mary Ann WALKER, witn: Mrs. Wilson & Mrs. George HALL both of Dobbinton R.R. #2, 29 June 1927, Elderslie twp.

008311/27 William Edward RANSBURY, 22, fisherman, St. Edmunds Twp., St. Edmunds Twp., s/o W. W. RANSBURY (b. St. Catharines) & Margaret NAPKINS, married Ruby Iona BELROSE, 18, St. Edmunds Twp., St. Edmunds Twp., d/o Andrew BELROSE (b. Owen Sound) & Mary SPEARS, witn: Laura RANSBURY & Russell W. BELROSE both of Tobermory, 6 June 1927, St. Edmunds Twp

008312/27 William Smith RAWN, 27, farmer, Culross Ont., Simcoe Co., s/o George RAWN (b. Sunnidale Corners - Simcoe Co.) & Charlotte SMITH, married Mary Rena DERBY, 18, Thornton Simcoe Co., Simcoe Co., d/o John Theodore DERBY (b. Silverbrook Ont.) & Susan HILTS, witn: Ethel SMITH of Greenock R.R. 2 & Mrs. J.T. DERBY of Angus Ont., 27 September 1927, Teeswater

008313/27 George Edward RECKIN, 40, manufacturer, Wiarton, Wiarton, s/o Charles RECKIN (b. Germany) & Rosena KABEL, married Kate Hildred MIERS, 41, nurse, Palmerston, Wiarton, d/o Elijah M. MIERS (b. Canada) & Charlotte HAINES, witn: C.S. MIERS & Kate RECKIN both of Wiarton Ont., 1 January 1927,  Wiarton

008314/27 Roy J. REID, 29, dentist, New Hamburg Ont., Chesley, s/o George REID (b. Brook Twp.) & Sontia? BECKER, married Catherine Pearl BUCKLEY, 26, teacher, Chesley, Chesley, d/o William BUCKLEY (b. England) & Faith CRUICKSHANK, witn: T. MILNE of Palmerston & Watie BUCKLEY of Chesley, 7 September 1927,  Chesley

008315/27 Carl John REMUS, 29, finisher, Harriston Ont., Walkerton Ont., s/o Charles REMUS (b. Mildmay Ont.) & Annie SCHEARER, married Violet Ruby KRAMPP, 28, clerk, Woodstock Ont., Walkerton, d/o Daniel KRAMPP (b. Germany) & Charlotte MATTER?, witn: Christina REMUS & Edward KRAMPP both of Walkerton Ont., 28 December 1927,  Walkerton

008316/27 George J. RICH, 26, farmer, Carrick Twp., Carrick Twp., s/o Gregory Rich & Josephine KRAEMER, married Antoinette A. MEYER, 19, farmer's daughter, Hepworth Bruce Co., Carrick Twp., d/o Simon P. MEYER & Ann KUNKEL, witn: Wilfred RICH & Catherine MEYER both of Formosa, 10 May 1927, Formosa

008317/27 Edgar Gordon RICHARDSON, 36, farmer, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., s/o Emanuel RICHARDSON (b. England) & Elizabeth FERRIS, married Jemima Jane HEATH, 36, Elmwood Ont., Eastnor Ont., d/o William Bartell HEATH (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann WAUGH, witn: Stanley GREIG of Banan? Bay & Theresa McELREA of Wiarton Ont., 25 June 1927,  Wiarton

008318/27 Albert Carrick RITCHIE, 41, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine Twp., s/o Walter RITCHIE (b. Canada) & Sarah HARVEY, married Sarah Jane ROBINSON, 33, housekeeper, Huron Twp., Kincardine Twp., d/o James ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Hannah MacLEOD, witn: E.H. RITCHIE of Kincardine & Ena ROBINSON of Lorne, 14 September 1927, Kincardine Twp.

008319/27 Lloyd Richard RITCHIE, 21, fisherman, South Bay Mouth, South Bay Mouth, s/o John Alexander RITCHIE (b. Port Huron) & Susanna BOWERMAN, married Laura Ellen RANSBURY, 25, fisherman's daughter, Tobermory, Tobermory, d/o William Weston RANSBURY (b. St. Catharines) & Susanna BOWERMAN, witn: Idella RITCHIE of South Bay Manitoulin Island & William Edward RANSBURY of Tobermory, 6 October 1927, Tobermory


008320/27 Dennison Delos ROBERTSON, 27, station agent CNR, Blyth, Londesboro, s/o George ROBERTSON (b. Blyth Ont.) & Jesse RADDELL, married Lillian Blanche EMMERTON, 26, Ripley, Ripley, d/o George EMMERTON (b. Kincardine Twp.) & Janet FERGUSON, witn: James G. ROBERTSON of Londesboro & Mildred K. EMMERTON of Ripley, 4 May 1927, Church of the illegible, Kincardine

008321/27 Duncan Alexander ROBINSON, 30, farmer, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., s/o John ROBINSON (b. Lucknow Ont.) & Martha LIGERT (Tigert?), married Christina Viola CAMPBELL, 19, Eastnor Twp., Eastnor Twp., d/o Duncan CAMPBELL (b. Perth Co. Ont.) & Carrie VERT, witn: Lloyd CAMPBELL & Marion BELLMARE both of Pike Bay, 24 May 1927, Wiarton

008322/27 John Frederick ROCK, 38, mariner, Oakland Ont., Wiarton, s/o David ROCK (b. Oakland Ont.) & Martha WOOD, married Ethel Irene BARNETT, 33, teacher, Paisley, Paisley, d/o William R. BARNETT (b. Walkerton Ont.) & Maria NELSON, witn: Mrs. I. C. BELL of 463 Sackville St. Toronto & Miss S. C. JOHNSTON R.N. of RR#3 Lucknow, 16 February 1927, Paisley

008323/27 Francis J. RUETZ, 35, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Francis RUETZ & Caroline LOBSINGER, married Cludulphia STEFFLER, 28, farmer's daughter, Culross, Culross, d/o Louis STEFFLER & Elizabeth LAMBERTUS, witn: Louis RUETZ of Mildmay & Amelia STEFFLER of Teeswater R.R., 5 July 1927, Formosa

008324/27 Victor George. RUNSTEDLER, 33, telephone line man, Owen Sound, Detroit, s/o George RUNSTEDLER & Margaret WEISS, married Johanna FEDY, 22, farmer's daughter, Carrick Twp., Carrick Twp., d/o Ambrose FEDY & Catherine OPPERMAN, witn: Leo WEILER of Mildmay & Loretto OPPERMAN of Formosa, 2 August 1927, Formosa

008325/27 Andrew RUSSWURM, 33, farmer, Carrick Twp., Carrick Twp., s/o George RUSSWURM (deceased) & Dina RITZ, married Anna Margaretha BOETTGER, 25, domestic, Nizdernjesa? Germany, Carrick Twp., d/o Heinrick BOETTGER & Catherine Elisabeth NUHN, witn: Anna DIEBEL & Olenda HELWIG both of Karlsruhe Ont., 22 June 1927, Carrick Twp.

008326/27 Hugh Roswell RUTHERFORD, 36, promotion manager, Long Island N.Y. U.S.A., 74 Glen Manor Drive Toronto, s/o Charles RUTHERFORD (b. Ontario) & Jessie McPHERSON, married Christine Neilson WELSH, 31, school teacher, Ontario, Kincardine RR#1 Ontario, d/o Martha WELSH (b. Scotland) & Christina MURRAY, witn: Marie WELSH of Kincardine RR1 & B.S. CASE of Victoria Park Toronto, 27 August 1927, Twp. Huron

008327/27 Ernest Wilfred RUTHVEN, 31, farmer, Elderslie twp., Elderslie twp., s/o David RUTHVEN (b. Canada) & Sarah HAVERSON, married Gladys Catherine BRADLEY, 22, housework, Elderslie twp., Elderslie twp., d/o J.J. BRADLEY (b. Canada) & Clara BERTRAND, witn: Vera RUTHVEN of Paisley & W.A. BRADLEY of Chesley, 12 October 1927, Elderslie twp.

008328/27 Alexander RYDALL, 36, widower, farmer, Albermarle twp., Lions Head Twp. of Eastnor, s/o John RYDALL (b. Bruce Co.) & Mary Victoria SPIERS, married Marybell LOBBAN, 17, farmer's daughter, Twp. Amabel, Twp. Lindsay, d/o William LOBBAN (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Levina HYATT, witn: Margarett RIBBEL of Lions Head R.R. #2 & Levina Louisa LOBBIN of Brinkman Corners Ont., 18 July 1927, Bruce Co

008329/27 Austin St. MARIE, 28, farmer, Carrick, Carrick Twp., s/o Alexander St. MARIE & Mary McGLYNN, married Mary HUBER, 24, housemaid, Carrick Twp., Carrick Twp., d/o John HUBER & Mary NIESEN, witn: Ambrose St. MARIE of Clifford Ont. & Monica HUBER of Mildmay Ont., 5 July 1927, Deemerton

008330/27 Charles SCHELL, 23, mechanic, Bruce Twp., Port Elgin, s/o Archibald SCHELL (b. Bruce Twp.) & Jessie KETTLES, married Lillian Seymour SMITH, 19, Southampton Ont., Port Elgin, d/o Robert E. D. SMITH & Edith McLAREN, witn: Ernest SMITH of Port Elgin & Edith SCHELL of North Bruce, 21 September 1927, Port Elgin

008332/27 Herman Fred William SCHULTZ, 30, mechanic, Bentinck Bruce twp. Co., s/o Gus SCHULTZ (b. Mecklenburg Germany) & Sophia LORENZ, married Wilhelmina Adeline DIETZ, 23, Brant Bruce twp. Co., Walkerton Ont., d/o William Henry DIETZ (b. Bentinck Bruce Co) & Ann Eliza CRAIG, witn: Hubert DIETZ & Hilda SCHULTZ both of Walkerton, 21 November 1927, Walkerton

008333/27 Samuel SCHULTZ, 26, farmer, Bentinck Twp., Bentinck Twp., s/o Fred SCHULTZ (b. Germany) & Conanda NUHN, married Alma Louisa Wilhelmina SCHLORFF, 19, domestic, Brant Twp., Bentinck Twp., d/o Christopher SCHLORFF (b. Brant Bruce twp. Co.) & Mary WILKEN, witn: Annie SCHULTZ of Bentinck Twp. Ont. & Grace H. LONEY of Chesley Ont., 31 August 1927, Chesley

008334/27 Thomas Franklin SCOTT, 33, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o John SCOTT (b. Huron Twp.) & Annie SMELTZER, married Anna Mary McLENNAN, 26, housewife, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Alex McLENNAN (b. Huron Twp.) & Isabel McLEOD, witn: Grant McLENNAN of Ripley & Edna SCOTT of Ripley R.R. 1, 15 October 1927, Huron Twp

008335/27 Clifford Hilton SCRIMGEOUR, 21, mechanic, Twp. West Wawanosh, Blyth Ont., s/o Lorne SCRIMGEOUR (b. Huron Co. Ont.) & Emma GARNER, married Violet Isobel FRITZLEY, 20, Saltford Ont., Goderich Ont., d/o Richard FRITZLEY (b. Saltford Huron Co.) & Harriet GOLDTHORPE, witn: Melvin ORR & Mrs. M. ORR both of Lucknow, 29 November 1927, Lucknow


008336/27 Albert Elvin SHAW, 32, farmer, Twp. West Luther, Twp. West Garafraxa s/o John SHAW (b. England) & Ellen DOWLING, married Winnifred GAMBLE, 26, teacher, Twp. Huron, Twp. Huron, d/o John L. GAMBLE (b. Twp. Huron Ont.) & Margaret A. DAWSON, witn: Walter D. SHAW of Arthur Ont. & Mary M. GAMBLE of Kincardine, 14 September 1927,  Kincardine

008337/27 Gernard Lawrence SIMPSON, 21, mechanic, Gravenhurst, Chesley, s/o Charles SIMPSON (b. Gravenhurst) & Annie HOWE, married Lillian Alice PARKER, 25, housework, Twp. Sullivan, Chesley, d/o Charles PARKER (b. Toronto) & Margaret BEATTIE, witn: William SHARPE & Isabel SHARPE both of Chesley Ont., 17 February 1927

008338/27 Robert E. SIMPSON, 24, mechanic, United States, Binghamton N.Y., s/o Charles A. SIMPSON (b. U.S.) & May E. FADDIS, married Madeline A. EWALD, 23, nurse, Ontario, Port Elgin, d/o Harry EWALD (b. Ontario) & Laura DOCK, witn: Harold C. MAYHOOD of Binghamton N. Y. & Mrs. Harriet SMITH of Port Elgin Ont., 3 August 1927, Port Elgin

008339/27 Edward SMITH, 63, widower, farmer, Twp. Howick, Con. 10 Lot 12 Twp. Saugeen, s/o John SMITH (b. Deturnbeth? Twp.) & Martha AUSTEN, married Mary M. WILSON (nee BETSON), 60, widow, housekeeping, Twp. Arran, Twp. Amabel, d/o William BETSON (b. Yorkshire Eng.) & Elizabeth OPPENHEIZER, witn: Walter KNOX & Georgina SHEPHERD both of Burgoyne, 15 March 1927, Twp. Arran

008340/27 Walter Frank SMITH, 31, printer, Walkerton, same, s/o Frank C. SMITH (b. Kalamazoo Michigan) & Alice STEER, married Charlotte Myrtle JENKINS, 35, Walkerton, same, d/o Thomas J. JENKINS (b. Brant Twp.) & Elizabeth MASON, witn: J. C. PATTON & Annie SMITH both of Walkerton Ont., 29 August 1927, Walkerton

008341/27 William Robert SMITH, 23, foreman, Bruce Twp., Kincardine, s/o Charles SMITH (b. Canada) & Rhoda COTTRILL, married Ruby Victoria STANLEY, 29, housekeeper, Austin Man., Tiverton, d/o William Henry STANLEY (b. Canada) & Iva RUSSELL, witn: Clifford SMITH of Tiverton & Violet THOMPSON of Kincardine, 30 November 1927,  Kincardine

008342/27 Harold August SNYDER, 22, farmer, Port Elgin Ont., Saugeen Twp., s/o Nelson SNYDER (b. Ontario) & Florence CHAPPELL, married Jessie Olive CAMPBELL, 18, Saugeen Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o Kenzie CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Violet GIBSON, witn: Howard SMITH of Tiverton Ont. & Iva M. SNYDER of R 3 Port Elgin, 28 September 1927,  Port Elgin

008343/27 Louis SOLOMON, 59, widower, farmer, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, s/o William SOLOMON (b. Owen Sound) & Catherine SMITH, married Rachel CHEGAHNO, 60, widow, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, d/o Abraham SKY (b. Wiarton) & Nancy ESHKEWE, witn: Peter TAYLOR & Catherine EUEN?, both of Cape Croker, 1 February 1927, Cape Croker Reserve

008344/27 William John SPEERS, 21, farmer, Twp. Eastnor, Lions Head, s/o James A. SPEERS (b. Bruce Co.) & Elizabeth Ann BOLTON, married Mary Rosetta MORRISON, 16, farmer's daughter, Albermarle twp., Mar, d/o William John MORRISON (b. Guelph Ont.) & Mary Eliza CRAWFORD, witn: Thomas HEPBURN of Wiarton R.R. #6 & Bessie Annie May SPIERS of Lions Head Ont., 16 February 1927, Eastnor Twp

008345/27 Otto SPILL, 26, labourer, Dombrovken Germany, Hanover, s/o Otto SPILL & Augusta PERSTADT, married Anna KISSMAN, 24, cook, Wohlinchen? Germany, Walkerton, d/o Henry KISSMAN & Anna FRIEDERICH, witn: Erich WILKE & Clara HUEBER both of Walkerton, 19 April 1927, Walkerton


008346/27 William Earl STAFFORD, 30, machinists helper, Bruce Twp., Walkerville - Essex Co., s/o D.B. STAFFORD (b. Canada) & Sarah McKINNON, married Stella Amelia SCOTT, 19, housekeeper, Arran Bruce twp. Co., Bruce Twp., d/o George SCOTT (b. Canada) & Franey EBY, witn: Fred STAFFORD & Ethel SCOTT both of Paisley RR#4, 16 March 1927, Bruce twp.

008347/27 John Douglas STALKER, 43, master mariner, Walkerton Ont., Vancouver B.C., s/o Malcolm STALKER M.D. (b. Clarke Twp. Durham Co.) & Marguerite Anna SMITH, married Eva Rose STOCKER, 40, school teacher, Belleville Ont., Walkerton Ont., d/o Samuel STOCKER (b. Devonshire England) & Emma Jane WICKETT, witn: Marguerite L.G. STALKER & Malcolm STALKER M.D. both of Walkerton Ont., 10 November 1927,  Walkerton

008348/27 William Harold STANLEY, 25, farmer, Kincardine Twp., Kinloss Twp., s/o Albert STANLEY (b. Ont.) & Carrie E. COLLINS, married Hazel Lauretta BANNERMAN, 19 10/12, Greenock Twp., Kinloss Twp., d/o George. E. BANNERMAN (b. Ont.) & Daisy A. THOMPSON, witn: Alex WHYTOCK of Holyrood Ont. & Ethel BANNERMAN of Holyrood RR2, 7 September 1927, Twp. Kinloss

008349/27 Walter Beaton STEELE, 35, battery mechanic, Ontario, 43 Laide St. Toronto, s/o James STEELE (b. Ontario) & Minnie BEATON, married Ruth Marion Agnes NEPHEW, 29, teacher, Ontario, Kincardine Ont., d/o Alex NEPHEW (b. Ontario) & Ellen McDONALD, witn: Mr. W.A. NEPHEW & Miss Vera Morrison MacPHERSON both of Kincardine Ont., 22 October 1927,  Kincardine

008350/27 Edward Paul STEWART, 24, jitney driver, Southampton, Southampton, s/o Thomas STEWART (b. Scotland) & Samantha COE (Cox?), married Josephine Ida McIVER, 21, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine, d/o Malcolm McIVER (b. Huron Twp. Ont.) & Mabel GRAHAM, witn: Robert Roy BALL of Kincardine & Chrysse? GRAY of Southampton, 12 April 1927, Kincardine

008351/27 Frank Emerson STEWART, 27, farmer, Greenock Twp., Greenock Twp., s/o W. T. STEWART (b. Simcoe Co) & A.J. SAWYER, married Clarissa Alexandria McMORRAN, 23, teacher, Greenock Twp., Greenock Twp., d/o M.H. McMORRAN (b. Greenock Ont.) & C.R. POLLOCK, witn: George S. STEWART of Kingston & Grace McMORRAN of Paisley, 3 August 1927, Greenock Twp.

008352/27 Isidor STRAUSS, 31, farmer, Deemerton Ont., Howick Twp., s/o Philip STRAUSS & Josephine EMEL (Einel?), married Loretta KRAMER, 21, housemaid, Formosa Ont., Howick Twp., d/o Frank KRAMER & Mary RUMIG, witn: Joseph KRAMER of Kitchener & Arilla KLEIN of Formosa Ont., 3 November 1927, St. Ignatius Church, Deemerton

008353/27 James Herbert STRETTON, 21, clerk, Calgary Alta., Brussels Ont., s/o James B. STRETTON (b. Ontario) & Effy May FOX, married Thelma Mabel STRASSER, 18, housekeeper, Seaforth Ont., Lucan Ont., d/o George L. STRASSER (b. Ontario) & Aloysius McMANN, witn: Richard F. JONES of 38 Waterloo Ave. & Aloysius STRASSER of Lucan Ont., 28 July 1927, Teeswater [divorced 5 Feb 1934]

008354/27 James Edward SURRIDGE, 27, farmer, Essex England, Kincardine Twp., s/o James SURRIDGE (b. England) & Florence WOOLLUM, married Christina KIMMOND, 24, housewife, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Robert KIMMOND (b. Carrick Twp. Ont.) & Anna Bella MacLEAN, witn: Ivan MacKENZIE & Mary MacKENZIE both of Tiverton R.R., 24 August 1927, Bruce Twp.

008355/27 David Ernest Louis STUEMFFLE, 35 salesman, Bentinck Twp., Elmwood, s/o Fred STUEMFFLE (b. Waterloo Co) & Elizabeth SEHDORFF, married Ida Josephine Elizabeth HARNACK, 30 4/12, housekeeping, Brant Twp., Brant Twp, d/o Fred HARNACK (b. Brant Twp.) & Annie LAHN, witn: Fred STUEMFFLE of Elmwood Ont. & Gertrude HARNACK of Walkerton, 27 September 1927, Walkerton

008356/27 Cyril Smith TAYLOR, 23, clerk, England, Fort William, s/o George H. TAYLOR (b. England) & Annie SMITH, married Inez Beatrice BELL, 24, school teacher, Ontario, Fort William, d/o Joshua BELL (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HOLTON, witn: Alberta ISARD of Kincardine Ont. & Harold CORMACK of Paisley, 23 August 1927, Bruce twp.

008357/27 George Ernest THOMPSON, 40, laborer, Albemarle Twp., Wiarton, s/o Owen E. THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah SHEFFIELD, married Isabella Maude WINCH, 46, widow, Elderslie Twp., Wiarton, d/o John COOPER (b. Ontario) & Tilda CUMMINGS, witn: Thomas D. THOMPSON & Mrs. Thos. D. THOMPSON both of Wiarton, 5 July 1927,  of Wiarton

008358/27 James THOMPSON, 31, manager, Ontario, 145 Eglinton Ave. East in Toronto, s/o James THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Christine Rebecca McSWAIN, married Marie Elma McPHERSON, 21, book keeper, Ontario, Conc. 4 Elderslie Twp., d/o James Brock McPHERSON (b. Ontario) & Annie Eliza GREAVES, witn: Hazel E. CRUIKSHANK of Paisley & James McPHERSON of Hanover Ont., 16 February 1927, Elderslie twp.

008359/27 William Lambert THOMPSON, 33, butter manufacturer, Shawville Quebec, Teeswater, s/o Rob W. THOMPSON (b. Springbrook Ont.) & Grace E. BLERKITT, married Mary Vine CLAYTON, 22, stenography, Bruce Twp., same, d/o Eastwood CLAYTON (b. Arthur Ont.) & E. A. POTTER, witn: J.H. HELM of Glamis R.R.A & C.A. CLAYTON of Tiverton R.R. 2, 17 October 1927, Bruce twp.

008360/27 Joseph Wesley TIFFIN, 25, farmer, Kinloss, Kinloss, s/o Joseph John TIFFIN (b. Kinloss Bruce twp. Co) & Mary TAYLOR, married Jean Isabella DAWSON, 20, housekeeper, Kinloss Twp., Kinloss Twp., d/o William John DAWSON (b. Kinloss Bruce twp. Co) Myrtle Mary PURDON, witn: George A. TIFFIN of Teeswater R.R. 2 & Mrs. Cecil FALCONER of East Wawanosh, 24 May 1927, Twp. Kinloss

008361/27 Thomas Clayton TOVELL, 29, locomotive fireman, Walkerton Ont., Kincardine., s/o Henry TOVELL (b. Canada) & Emma HALLADAY, married Mary Leona McCARTY, 23, school teacher, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine., d/o George McCARTY (b. Canada) & Eva BLACKWELL, witn: Vernon TOVELL & Loretta McCARTY both of Toronto, 21 September 1927,  Kincardine

008362/27 Charles Roy TRAVIS, 40, divorced, sawyer, Wiarton, Wiarton, s/o Calvin TRAVIS (b. Canada) & Isabelle BARR, married Annie Florence McGINN, 32, widow, Albemarle Twp., Wiarton, d/o Ebenezer SHACKELTON (b. Canada) & Martha Jane HAGUE, witn: S. WOLFE & Frances TRAVIS both of Wiarton, 20 June 1927, Wiarton

008363/27 Royal Andrew TRELFORD, 39, hardware merchant, Newbury Michigan , Southampton, s/o John TRELFORD & Deliah LYLE, married Elizabeth Eleanor TRANTER, 32, housekeeping, Southampton, Southampton, d/o Joseph TRANTER (b. New Brunswick) & Annie TRANTER COOKE, witn: Ivan GRASSIE & Hazel M. TRANTER both of Southampton, 12 April 1927, Church of St. Paul, Southampton

008364/27 Wesley John TRELFORD, 22, farmer, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., s/o William TRELFORD (b. Ontario) & Agnes KENNEDY, married Edna Jean HAMMOND, 21, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o John HAMMOND (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane ARCHER, witn: Hilda HAMMOND of Elderslie Bruce twp. Co. & William Clayton TRELFORD of Arran Twp., 22 November 1927, Paisley

008365/27 Carl E. TUPLING, 20, baker, Southampton, Port Elgin, s/o Albert Charles TUPLING (b. Ontario) & Amelia Rosina SHRANK, married Ora Marjorie MARTIN, 18, Southampton, Port Elgin, d/o George Wallace MARTIN & Jessie McVITTIE, witn: George TUPLING & David L. McVITTIE both of Southampton Ont., 7 September 1927, Port Elgin

008366/27 Stanley Hoffman Sutherland VASS, 27, artist, Guelph, Windsor Ont., s/o Albert VASS (b. England) & Rosa HOFFMAN, married Lewellyn Mary STEVENSON, 26, living at home, Listowel, same, d/o Samuel James STEVENSON (b. Ontario) & Catherine Agnes STEVENSON, witn: Winnie I. H. STEVENSON of Listowel & R. B. STEVENSON of Stratford, 9 April 1927,  of Listowel

008367/27 Harry Stewart VEITCH, 27, tailor, Oxmoor Alabama, Paisley, s/o Harry VEITCH (b. Birmingham Washington) & Kate STEWART, married Gladys Verona BIRD, 18, clerk, Paisley, same, d/o Alex Morrison BIRD (b. Fermanagh Ireland) & Verona PHIPPEN, witn: Mrs. Alex BIRD & Mr. Alex BIRD both of Paisley., 24 December 1927, Paisley [divorced 30/1/57]

008368/27 Alfred WADDELL, 44, accountant, Ireland, 255 Wellesley St. Toronto, s/o Robert WADDELL (b. Ireland) & Jean E. LINDSAY, married Eva Bell McDONAGH, 35, book keeper, Ontario, 125 Eglinton Ave. E. Toronto, d/o James A. McDONAGH (b. Ontario) & Bertha E. BROWN, witn: Jeannette L. WADDELL & Roland E. McDONAGH both of Toronto, 13 August 1927, Twp. Albemarle

008369/27 Henry Orr WADDELL, 34, Civil Engineer, Ontario, 349 Jarvis St. Toronto, s/o Andrew George WADDELL (b. Ontario) & Susan McCLELLAND, married Florence Mary LAMB, 36 (b. 8 January 1891), school teacher, Brant twp, Walkerton, d/o James Andrew LAMB (b. Ontario) & Sarah Florence HETTRICK, witn: Walter J. LAMB of Toronto Ont. & James A. LAMB of Walkerton Ont., 19 February 1927, Brant

008370/27 Russell Melville WAGNER, 30, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Arran Twp., s/o John James WAGNER (b. Albion Twp.) & Elizabeth Ann CLARKE, married Mabel Marie GRANT, 24, at home, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o John Wesley GRANT (b. Elderslie Twp.) & Mary Ann BURNS?, witn: Gladys GRANT & Eph. B. GRANT both of RR1 Paisley, 29 June 1927, Elderslie twp.

008371/27 Madison Melville WALTER, 30, Staff Insp. Royal Bank, Ontario, 119 Constance St. in Toronto, s/o Orma Madison WALTER (b. Ontario) & Maud Beatrice ANNIS, married Margaret Elizabeth McCULLOUGH, 28, clerk, Ontario, 621 Huron St., d/o Thomas Davidson McCULLOUGH (b. Ireland) & Margaret KENNEDY, witn: Denzil R. MONTGOMERY of London Ont. & Dorothy O. WALTER of Toronto, 2 July 1927, Kincardine

008374/27 Dwight George WARDEN, 26, cabinet maker, Corinth Ont., Southampton, s/o George WARDEN (b. Tillsonburg Ont.) & Nelly WEBER, married Reta May CARTY, 20, Southampton, Southampton, d/o Austin Joseph CARTY (b. Penetang Ont.) & Annie JESTIN, witn: John William CARTY of 4431 Turnbull Ave. Detroit & Mrs. William HOTCHKISS of Bayham Ont., 29 June 1927, Southampton

008375/27 Harold Ross WARMINGTON, 21 5/12, farmer, Amabel Twp., Allenford, s/o Robert John WARMINGTON (b. Amabel Twp.) & Margaret Jane WATCHES, married Francis Jane STEVENSON, 17 years less 3 days, housekeeping, Park Head - Bruce Co., same, d/o Joseph STEPHENSON (b. Amabel Twp.) & Alfretta Pearl MAYHEW, witn: Orwell Elgin WEBER of Listowel & Josephine Elizabeth STEVENSON of Park Head, 9 March 1927, Hepworth

008376/27 Erwin Jacob WATKE, 30, farmer, Normanby Twp., Carrick, s/o George WATKE (b. Carrick) & Louise LUDKE, married Hilda W. LARK, 19, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John LARK (b. Carrick) & Margaret LARK, witn: Elmer WATKE of Carlsruhe & Mabel LARK of Walkerton, 20 April 1927, Walkerton

008376/27 Edward Austin WAUGH, 25, sailor, Hope Bay, Alpena Mich., s/o Thomas WAUGH (b. Hope Bay Ont.) & Jane THOMPSON, married Clara Jane HOWE, 18, domestic, Purple Valley, same, d/o William John HOWE (b. Aylmer Ont.) & Ellen Edith WAUGH, witn: Clifford WAUGH & Olive HOWE both of R.R. #4 Wiarton, 9 March 1927, Wiarton

008373/27 Peter Jacob WAUKEY, 24, laborer, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, s/o Jacob WAUKEY & Nancy DESCHENEAUX, married Georgina Elsie ELLIOTT, 22, cook, Cape Croker, Cape Croker, d/o Angus ELLIOTT & Carrie CHEGAHNO, witn: Jane STRAPP & Clive PEDONIQUOTT both of Cape Croker, 18 January 1927, Cape Croker

008372/27 Alvin WAUKEY, 22, laborer, Cape Croker Ont., Cape Croker, s/o Peter WAUKEY (b. Cape Croker) & Mary Jane WALKER, married Susan JOHNSTON, 21, domestic, Cape Croker Ont., Cape Croker, d/o Paul JOHSTON (b. Cape Croker) & Amelia MEGIS, witn: O. JOHNSTON & Oley JOHNSTON both of Cape Croker, 24 April 1927, Cape Croker Reserve

008378/27 Isidor WEBER, 31, laborer, Carrick Twp., Deemerton, s/o Henry WEBER & Margaret ERNEL, married Marie WAGNER, 19, housemaid, Carrick Twp., Carrick Twp., d/o John WAGNER & Catherine BRACHLER (Braehler?), witn: Isidor STRAUSS & Loretta KRAMER both of Clifford Ont., 18 October 1927, St. Ignatius Church, Deemerton

008379/27 Milton Michael WEBER, 24, farmer, Hanover, Carlsruhe, s/o Philip K. WEBER & Pauline TIRCHER, married Ida Eliza VOIGT, 25, housekeeper, Carrick, Walkerton, d/o Fred William VOIGT & Dorothy HORSFIELD, witn: Enoch WEBER of Carlsruhe & Annie VOIGT of Walkerton, 27 April 1927, Walkerton

008380/27 Nicolas C. WEILER, 22, employed in saw mill, Formosa, Formosa, s/o Christian WEILER & Mary KUNTZ, married Gertrude BILDSTEIN, 22, farmer's daughter, Carrick Twp., Formosa, d/o Charles BILDSTEIN & Otillia LEHMAN, witn: Alfred SCHNURR & Marie WEILER both of Formosa Ont., 15 November 1927, Formosa

008381/27 William Andrew WEIR, 27, farmer, Albemarle Twp., Albemarle Twp., s/o John WEIR (b. Ontario) & Phemie McMILLAN, married Violet Kate BALLS, 26, Albemarle Twp., Albemarle Twp., d/o Fred BALLS (b. Ontario) & Caroline SCOTT, witn: George McMILLAN of Mar Ont. & Carrie BALLS of R.R. 4 Wiarton, 7 September 1927, Wiarton

008382/27 George Andrew WHELAN, 34, motor mechanic, Ontario, 358 Euclid Ave. in Toronto, s/o Dennis WHELAN (b. Ireland) & Margaret COWIE, married Fredrika Arnetta SCHROADER, 26, stenographer, Ontario, Wiarton, d/o Frederick SCHROEDER (b. Germany) & Wilhelmina LEMBKE, witn: Herbert KLIE & Elfrieda SCHROEDER both of Wiarton Ont., 20 April 1927, Bruce Co

008383/27 Conrad WIENGART (Weingart?), 23, farmer, Brant Twp., same, s/o Joseph WIENGART (b. Ontario) & Mary WEILER, married Viola HILKER, 23, Walkerton, same, d/o John Robert HILKER (b. Ontario) & Lily BAKER, witn: William A. JUROME (Jerome?) of Walkerton & Marion DEVINE of Southampton Ont., 13 April 1927, Walkerton

008384/27 Leo WILHELM, 26, farmer, Chepstow, Chepstow, s/o Frank WILHELM & Teresa HEHN, married Monica Rosina SCHNURR, 26, Mildmay, Mildmay, d/o Armand SCHNURR & Rosina ARNOLD, witn: Ralph WILHELM of Chepstow & Gertrude SCHNURR of Mildmay, 21 June 1927, Mildmay

008385/27 C. Gerald B. WILKINS, 26, manufacturer, Hespeler Ont., Chesley, s/o C. P. WILKINS (b. Newscastle Ont.) & Melissa NUGER, married Mary Irene HALLIDAY, 21, housework, Sullivan Twp., Chesley, d/o Thomas P. HALLIDAY (b. Holland Twp.) & Sophia W. MANNEROW, witn: William Lorne BUCKLEY & Clara Isabella HALLIDAY both of Chesley, 23 July 1927, Chesley

008386/27 Jesse Earl WILKINS, 26, machinist, Owen Sound, Wiarton, s/o Jesse WILKINS (b. England) & Mary Ellen HILTZ, married Ruth WAUGH, 21, domestic, Pike Bay, Wiarton, d/o John WAUGH (b. Ontario) & Margaret McEACHREN, witn: Norman WILKINS & Evelyn May GRANT both of Wiarton, 22 June 1927,  Wiarton

008387/27 Norman WILKINS, 22, machinist, Owen Sound, Wiarton, s/o Jesse WILKINS (b. Canada) & Mary Ellen HILTZ, married Evelyn May GAUNT, 20, stenographer, Kinloss Twp., Wiarton, d/o Thomas GAUNT (b. Canada) & Elizabeth McKENZIE, witn: B. BYERS & Edith NORMAN both of Wiarton, 24 December 1927, Wiarton

008388/27 John WILLIE, 22, laborer, Culross Twp., Teeswater, s/o William WILLIE & Elizabeth PETERMAN, married Mary SCHIESTEL, 23, domestic, Culross Twp., Teeswater, d/o Michael SCHIESTEL & Mary Ann SCHUMACHER, witn: Paul J. WILLIE of Glenannon & Irene WILLIE of Teeswater, 9 August 1927, Teeswater

008389/27 Otto Joseph WISSLER, 19, mechanic, Bruce Co., Mildmay, s/o Valentine WISSLER & Margaret STEFFELER, married Mary Magdalene SCHNEIDER, 19, Mildmay, Walkerton, d/o George SCHNEIDER & Maria BERGMANN, witn: Isidore STRAUSS & Loretta KRAEMER both of Mildmay Ont., 28 June 1927, Walkerton

008390/27 Albert Chester WOLFE, 25, farmer, Barrie Ont., Tara, s/o William Thomas WOLFE (b. Elderslie Twp.) & Elizabeth LEGGE, married Mary Elizabeth McKELVEY, 21, at home, Arran Twp., same, d/o Robert James McKELVEY (b. Arran Twp.) & Jane KIRKLAND, witn: Irene L. McKELVEY & John W. S. WOLFE both of Dobbinton Ont., 7 September 1927, Arran Twp

008391/27 Stephen William WRIGHT, 31, furniture rubber, London England, Kincardine, s/o Harry WRIGHT (b. England) & Alice MARTIN, married Mary Isabelle McTAGGART, 24, housekeeper, England, Kincardine, d/o Lambton McTAGGART (b. England) & Mary I. DAWSON, witn: Albert WRIGHT & Alice Ruth WRIGHT both of Kincardine, 22 October 1927,  Kincardine

008392/27 Robert WRIGHTSON, 25, farmer, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., s/o Joseph WRIGHTSON (b. England) & Jeminah DENT, married Annie May MUNRO, 24, housekeeper, Bruce Twp., Bruce Twp., d/o Neil MUNRO (b. Bruce Twp.) & Edith BERNDT, witn: Melville MUNRO of Owen Sound & Edith WRIGHTSON of Tiverton, 8 June 1927, Bruce Twp.

008393/27 John Theodore William WYTHE, 37, farmer, London England, Miniota Manitoba, s/o Arthur WYTHE (b. London England) & Emma HUTH, married Martha Alice GEE, 27, teacher, Lenore Manitoba, Kinloss Twp., d/o Henry GEE (b. Canada) & Sarah MARTIN, witn: William D. COX & Martha COX both of Con. 10 Kinloss Twp., 8 January 1927, Con. 10 Kinloss Twp

008394/27 Frederick William YOUNG, 24, bridge man, Caledonia, Caledonia, s/o Frederick YOUNG (b. Canada) & Georgina CARPENTER, married Jane Katherine THOMPSON, 23, housekeeper, Paisley, Allenford, d/o Nicholas THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Anniatia BEATTIE, witn: Hilda Evaline HAMMOND & Louis HAMMOND both of Allenford, 17 January 1927, Tara

008395/27 William Albert YOUNG, 26, farmer, Snow Lake Man., East Wawanosh Twp., s/o James F. YOUNG (b. East Wawanosh) & Isabel McCORMICK, married Mae Irene McDONALD, 28, housekeeper, Culross Twp., Culross Twp., d/o Hugh MacDONALD (b. Culross) & Amelia SMALL, witn: Robena YOUNG of Wingham & Frank MacDONALD of Teeswater, 18 April 1927, Twp. Culross

008396/27 Frank ZETTEL, 29, farmer, Carrick, Greenock, s/o Luke ZETTEL & Helen SCHMUACHER, married Otelia LANG, 23, Greenock, Greenock, d/o Anthony LANG & Sophia WILHELM, witn: William LANG of Chepstow & Daria ZETTEL of Formosa, 14 June 1927, Chepstow

008238/27 Albert ZETTLER, 27, farmer, Greenock Twp., Culross Twp., s/o Paul ZETTLER & Anna HIBA, married Helen FREIBURGER, 20, maid, Trout Creek Ont., Culross Twp., d/o Sigmund FREIBURGER & Caroline WEILER, witn: Philip ZETTLER of Chepstow & Annie FREIBURGER of Holyrood Ont., 27 September 1927, Riversdale

008397/27 Herbert ZISTERER, 26, mechanic, Hanover, Hanover, s/o Andrew Henry ZISTERER & Mary Maria KOESTER, married Cecilia BATTE, 25, Bruce Co., Walkerton Bruce Co., d/o Lawrence BATTE & Annie MEYER, witn: William DENTINGER & Anna WEILER both of Walkerton, 28 June 1927, Walkerton [re groom: change of name to Herbert Wilfred ZISTER]