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005187-06 (Bruce Co) Robert Joseph ACKROYD, 36, farmer, Peel Co, same, s/o Mathew Allan ACKROYD and Margaret SMITH, married Alma COLLINS, 34, Bruce Co, same, d/o Henry COLLINS and Agnes ARMSTRONG, wtn: John H. COLLINS of Purple Grove and Sara E. ACKROYD of Stanley Hills, on Mar 28, 1906 at Purple Grove  

005301/06 (Bruce Co) Robert Theron ADAMS, 28, merchant, Lindsay Ont., Millwood, s/o William ADAMS & Jane S. VANDUSEN, married Lottie Anne McDANIEL, 24, Teeswater, Teeswater, d/o Richard McDANIEL & Mary BALLAGH, witn: William BALLAGH of Teeswater & Stephen McGUIRE of Wingham, 17 January 1906, Teeswater

005873-07 (Bruce) George Albert AITCHESON, 27, wood turner, Plainville, Lucknow, s/o Francis AITCHESON & Alice Victoria BLAKE, to Alberta Edna MALCOLM, 20, Lucknow, same, d/o Finlay MALCOLM & Kate McDONALD, wit: John N. MALCOLM & Finlay MALCOLM both of Lucknow, 27 June 1906, Lucknow

005198/06 (Bruce Co) Richard John ALLAN, 30, farmer, Grey Co., Varney, s/o Thomas ALLAN & Margaret McAUBELTY, married Lovina Elizabeth AVERY, 30, tailoress, Bruce Co., Bruce Co., d/o Samuel AVERY & Ester SHEWFELT, witn: Thomas ALLAN of Varney Ont. & Gertrude Avery of Armow Ont., 27 March 1906, Armow

005165-06 (Bruce Co) William AMSTETT, 27, Greenock, same, farmer; s/o Joseph AMSTETT and Catherine SPERTZIG, married  Elizabeth BESTIR, 23, Greenock, same, d/o Henry BESTIR and Mary MATHIES,  Wtn: Joseph AMSTETT and Maggie BESTIR; on May 1, 1906 at Chepstow.
5340-06 John H. APPEL, 46, merchant, Baden Ont., Walkerton, s/o Peter APPEL & Juliana KAISER, married Mary J?. HARRISON, 21, Stratford Ont., Walkerton, d/o Richard HARRISON & Rachel WALKER, witn: Alice A. McINTYRE of St. Marys & Mark FISHER of Walkerton, 18 April 1906 at Walkerton 5361-06 William ASKIN, 22, farmer, Allenford, same, s/o Thomas ASKIN & Eleanor McKINNON, married Mary Euphemia KNOX, 17, domestic, Allenford, Wiarton, d/o John Thomas KNOX & Esther Ann PROCTOR, witn: Henry DORNAN of Manitoba & Elizabeth J. KNOX of Wiarton, 3 Jan 1906 at Wiarton
5343-06 Herbert BADGEROW, 25, farmer, Flesherton, Artemesia, s/o Samuel BADGEROW & Sarah FOWLER, married Sarah A. LUMLEY, 25, Flesherton, Toronto, d/o Thomas LUMLEY & Emma PITT, witn: Mrs. C. GILLESPIE of Toronto & John LUMLEY of Walkerton, 20 June 1906 at Walkerton 5372-06 John William BAILEY, 24, wood worker, Seymour twp., Ottawa, s/o John BAILEY & Rebecca DERRAH, married Nellie Gordon THOMSON, 24, type-setter, Kincardine, Wiarton, d/o Peter THOMSON & Margaret GORDON, wtn: Mrs. C. MEIHN? & Jessie TROUT, both of Wiarton, 13 June 1906 at Wiarton
5379-06 Samuel BAIRD, 26, farmer, Canada, Albermarle, s/o William BAIRD & Elizabeth PURVES, married Minnie PRUDER, 21, Canada, Albermarle, d/o John PRUDER & Eliza CRAWFORD, witn: Edwin & Lena KALBFLEISCH of Colpoys Bay, 17 Oct. 1906 at Wiarton 005069-06 John BAKER, 32, farmer, Saugeen Tp., same, s/o Daniel BAKER & Rachel ZANT, married Rachael WARDROP, 22, Bruce Tp., same, d/o Robert WARDROP & Mary McLEOD, witn: Mr & Mrs Neil McDONALD both of Bruce Tp. on Apr. 11, 1906 at Bruce Tp.
005075-06 William John BARRETT, 22, painter, Jersey City USA, Saugeen Tp., s/o W. F. BARRETT & Mary WALKER, married Phoebe Melinda BOTTRILL, 21, Saugeen Tp., Bruce Tp., d/o John BOTTRILL & Elizabeth HINDS, witn: Walter BOTTRILL of North Bruce & Lillian HINDS of Ellsinore on Aug. 1, 1906, at Bruce Tp.

005032/06 (Bruce Co) Robert John BEATTY, 25, mechanic & farmer, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., s/o Thomas BEATTY & Elizabeth WHITE, married Elizabeth Ann CORDICK, 21, farmer's daughter, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., d/o Francis CORDICK & Margaret HACKETT, witn: John A. CORDICK & Lizzie CORDICK both of Arkwright, 27 June 1906, Lot 19 Conc. 8 Arran

005877-07 (Bruce) Charles Horace BEDFORD, 21, farmer, Hartfordshire England, Wingham, s/o Frank BEDFORD & Flora NORMAN, to Mary Ann WINNIE, 24, Saugeen, Wingham, d/o John Eli WINNIE & Mary Ann CURRIE, wit: Harry BOGUES & Margaret WINNIE both of Lucknow, 26 November 1906, Lucknow

005186/06 (Bruce Co) John BELL, 30, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o William BELL & Catherine McPHAIL, married Mary Sarah McLEAN, 18, farmer's daughter, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., d/o Murdoch McLEAN & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Kenneth BELL & Kate McLEAN both of Huron Twp., 23 May 1906, Huron Twp

005199/06 (Bruce Co) Robert Irvine BERE, 26, farmer, London Canada, London Canada, s/o George BERE & Elizabeth IRVINE, married Margaret Bell WORTHY, 25, farmers daughter, Bruce Co., Bruce Co., d/o William WORTHY & Jane MILLS, witn: George BERE of Bervie Ont. & Gertrude WORTHY of Bruce Co., 6 June 1906, Bruce Co.

005167-06 (Bruce Co) John BESTER, 30, Formosa, Cargill, teamster, s/o Henry BESTER and Mary MATHIAS, married Helen FRITZ, 23, Greenock, same, d/o Joseph FRITZ and Helen STAPLETON, Wtn: Simon FRITZ and Maggie BESTER of Greenock, on May 29, 1906 at Chepstow
005157-06 (Bruce Co) Joseph BLACK, 45, Proton, same,  Widower,  Farmer,  s/o Robert BLACK and  Mary FINDLEY, married Jemima HALLIDAY, 32,  Greenock, same, Assisting in Father's home d/o James HALLIDAY and Jennie HARDY, Wtn: John HALLIDAY and Jennie HERDE (Hende?) of Greenock; on Jan. 3, 1906 at Greenock. 5348-06 David Daniel BLUNDELL, 27, salesman, Tiverton, Paisley, s/o Charles BLUNDELL & Emma FOISIE, witn: Sarah Currie McDONALD, 26, Paisley, same, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Jessie CURRIE, witn: Priscilla JENKINS & Edith M. BROWNLEE, both of Walkerton, 1 Oct 1906 at Walkerton
5382-06 John Sidney BOWDEN, 23, lumberman, Canada, Eastnor, s/o Charles BOWDEN & Ann COOK, married Eliza Ann BRAY, 26, Canada, Eastnor, d/o William BRAY & Mary Ann McCUTCHEON, witn: Ellen Ann BROWN & Roxana E. SMYTHE, both of Wiarton, 14 Nov 1906 at Wiarton 5363-06 Joseph Almer BRAY, 22, farmer, Eastnor, Wiarton, s/o William BRAY & Mary McCUTCHEON, married Agnes Elizabeth JENKS, 19, Canada, Eastnor, d/o George JENKS & Ellen COONEY, witn: R. E. & Eleanor SMYTHE of Wiarton, 19 Feb 1906 at Wiarton

005009/06 (Bruce Co) William Henry BRIGHAM, 34, harness maker, Ont., Allenford, s/o Stewart BRIGHAM & Mary Martha ELKERTON, married Harriett Maria EVANS, 35, farmer's daughter, Ont., Amabel, d/o Richard EVANS & Mary BOYD, witn: Charlotte HUNT & William HUNT both of Southampton, 13 June 1906, Lot 9 Conc. A. Amabel

5342-06 Arthur BRITTON, 36, policeman, Cambridge England, Toronto, s/o George C. BRITTON & Mary TRIDDGET, married Agnes BOYD, 30, Bruce Co., Walkerton, d/o William BOYD & Margaret SMITH, witn: W. D. BOYD of Chesley & Edith Mary BRITTON of Toronto, 1 June 1906 at Walkerton
005193-06 (Bruce Co) William BROWN, 28, farmer, Huron Twp, same, s/o James BROWN and Margaret RAY, married Edith Mary HUMPHREY, 25, Huron Twp, same, d/o George Henry HUMPHREY and Emily Susan? JOHNSTON, wtn: Robert GEDDES and Estelle CAMPBELL of Twp of Huron, on Dec 26, 1906 at Twp of Huron 5378-06 Bert BROWN, 21, engineer?, England, Shallow Lake, s/o Archibald & Kate, married Emmaline MASTERSON, 16, Canada, Clavering, d/o William & Susannah, witn: William & Susannah MASTERSON of Clavering, 12 Sept 1906 at Wiarton

005027/06 (Bruce Co) John William BURGESS, 33, merchant, Medora Twp., Medora Muskoka, s/o Thomas BURGESS & Margaret McTAGGART, married Katherine McTaggart ESPLEN, 28, teacher, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., d/o Robert ESPLEN & Catherine CURRIE, witn: Angus SHANKS of Saugeen Twp. & Marion ESPLEN of Brantford, 13 June 1906, Lot 7 Conc. 6 Arran

5359-06 Nathaniel Judson BURLEY, 36, widower, farmer, Thedford - Lambton, Lindsay, s/o William & Sarah, married Sarah Elizabeth HAYES, 26, servant, Wiarton, Lindsay, d/o Isaac HAYES & Christena WILSON, witn: Sarah G--E? & William HANDS, both of Wiarton, 15 Jan 1906 at Wiarton

005016/06 (Bruce Co) Henry BUSHFIELD, 32, cabinet maker, Mitchell Ont., Stratford Ont., s/o Harry BUSHFIELD & Annie CAMPBELL, married Florence SIMMONS, 20, Collingwood Ont., Amabel, d/o Thomas SIMMONS & S.J. ELLIOT, witn: F. BUSHFIELD of Toronto & I. SIMMONS of Wiarton, 19 September 1906, Amabel

005177-06 (Bruce Co) James CAMPBELL, 30, Greenock, Brant Twp, farmer, s/o Colin CAMPBELL and Susan McINTYRE, married Margaret YOUNG, 29, Greenock, same, d/o Henry YOUNG and Margaret HALL, Wtn: Edward CAMPBELL of Brant and Lizzie YOUNG of Chepstow, on Oct 31, 1906 at Greenock 005175-06 (Bruce Co) James D. CAMPBELL, 44, Widower, Greenock, same, farmer, s/o Duncan CAMPBELL and Elizabeth FOREST,  married Elizabeth HETSLER, 35, Zorra Twp,Greenock, d/o Jas. H. HETSLER and Mary PARKER, Wtn: Charles HETSLER of Greenock and Maud MURRAY of Brant, on Oct 10, 1906 at Greenock

005205/06 (Bruce Co) John A. C. CAMPBELL, 29, farmer, Halton Co., Kincardine twp., s/o R.B. CAMPBELL & Emma Jane KITCHING, married Emsley NEEDHAM, 26, farmer's daughter, Bruce Co., Kincardine Twp., d/o Samuel NEEDHAM & Mary STRINGER, witn: Anna IRWIN of Kinloss & Nixon NEEDHAM of Kingarf, 19 December 1906, Lot 30 Con. 5 Kincardine Twp

005256/06 (Bruce Co) John Alexander CAMPBELL, 36, restaurant keeper, Canada, Arcola Sask., s/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Margaret LEITCH, married Emmeretta KING, 30, United States of America, Paisley Ont., d/o Robert W. KING & Jeanetta McLEAN, witn: Jas. M. HARGREAVES & Agnes DIEHL both of Paisley Ont., 11 April 1906, Paisley

005053/06 (Bruce Co) Henry CANNON, 33, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o Benjamin CANNON & Ellen CLEMENTS, married Mary K. ROBERTSON, 29, farmer's daughter, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Thomas ROBERTSON & Janet ROBERTSON, witn: Alex ROBERTSON of Brant & Oscar CANNON of Walkerton, 28 March 1906, Brant Twp.

005260/06 (Bruce Co) Abram Finchan CARNEGIE, 28, speculator, Canada, Port Perry Ont., s/o James CARNEGIE & Louisa FINCHAN, married Anita FLOOD, 23, Canada, Paisley, d/o William FLOOD & Jane STRONG, witn: William FLOOD & K. FLOOD both of Paisley, 11 July 1906, Paisley

005012/06 (Bruce Co) George CHADWICK, 60, widower, farmer, Ont., Amabel, s/o John CHADWICK & Elizabeth CHANDERLING, married Mary SMITH, 70, widow, Ont., Amabel, d/o Philip HALL & Mary STORE, witn: Wilson SMITH of Keppel & Phebe SCHURER of Amabel, 20 October 1906, Oliphant

005170-06 (Bruce Co) Richard CHRISTIE, 32, Canada, Bruce Twp, farmer, s/o Samuel CHRISTIE and Fanny BERRY, married Susan ANDERSON, 25, Canada, Greenock, d/o William ANDERSON and Hanna McNEILL, Wtn: Leonard CHRISTIE of Brant and Maude MURRAY of Cargill, on June 20, 1906 at Greenock
5374-06 - M. W. P. CLARK, 31, laborer, Flint Mich., Wiarton, s/o James CLARK & Margaret POOLE, married Mrs. Enoch E. GREEN, 35, widow, Luther twp., Wiarton, d/o Robert GRAHAM & Rachel BURGESS, witn: Samuel & Mrs. S. FINDLAY of Lions Head, 12 July 1906 at Wiarton 005184-06 (Bruce Co) William Thomas COBEAN, 26, carver, Paisley, Kincardine, s/o Robert COBEAN and Ann PATTERSON, married Emma McDONALD, 22, Ripley, Twp of Huron, d/o John McDONALD and Maggie MURRAY, wtn: M.E. BLATCHFORD and Mrs. Thomas Jr BRIEN, of Ripley, on Apr 23, 1906 at Ripley
005070-06 George COLLINS, 28, farmer, Kincardine Tp., same, s/o William COLLINS & Mary Ann LEWIS, married Minnie MAAS, 20, Saugeen Tp., Bruce Tp., d/o Charles MAAS & Agnes BENNETT, witn: Arthur MAAS of Saugeen Tp. & Jennie MAAS of Bruce Tp. on Apr. 18, 1906 at Bruce Tp. 5354-06 George H. C. CORAM, 29, dentist, Wellington Co., Walkerton, s/o J. G. CORAM & L. VILLE, married Jennie S. FARQUHARSON, 27, Teeswater, Walkerton, d/o William FARQUHARSON & Catherine MORRISON, witn: J?. E, ATTWOOD & Jessie FARQUHARSON, both of Walkerton, 31 Oct 1906 at Walkerton

005258/06 (Bruce Co) George McMehen COTTERILL, 38, farmer, Canada, Bruce twp., s/o Valentine COTTERILL & Margaret Ann McMEHEN, married Sarah Elizabeth ROBINSON, 35, Canada, Bruce twp., d/o Peter ROBINSON & Eliza FOSTER, witn: Charles COTTERILL & Bessie A. JOHNSTON both of Paisley, 9 July 1906, Paisley

5367-06 Dougal McLeod COUCH, 40, farmer, Colpoys Bays, Adamsville, s/o William COUCH & Margaret McLEOD, married Elizabeth Alice TROUT, 30, music teacher, Oxenden, Wiarton, d/o James TROUT & Jessie FINCH, witn: Henry COUCH of Adamsville & Emma M. TROUT of Wiarton, 12 June 1906 at Wiarton
005189-06 (Bruce Co) Edgar Simkin COULTES, 33, dentist, Bluewater, Philadelphia Penn., s/o Thomas COULTES and Hanna DIMENT, married Lillian Margaret Jane McCRIMMON, 26, Lucknow, Ripley, d/o Donald A. McCRIMMON and Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, wtn: John Freeman COULTES of Philadelphia Penn. and Kate Helena McCRIMMON of Ripley, on Aug 14, 1906 at Ripley 005251-06 (Bruce) Isaac James CRANSTON, 30, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o Isaac CRANSTON & Agnes ALTON, to Margaret LASENBY, 23, Ashfield, same, d/o John LASENBY & Agnes LAMONT, wit: John CALLAUGH, Goderich, Nellie WHIK, Wawansoh, 19 December 1906, Lucknow
#005805-07 (Bruce Co.) Francis Harrison CUMMINGS, 23, b. Huron Twp, of same, Farmer, s/o Francis CUMMINGS & Charlotte HARRISON, married Florence DOUPE, 22, b. Huron Twp, of same, d/o Joseph DOUPE & Elizabeth EMMERSON, witnesses: P.F. DOUPE & Lottie DOUPE, both of Huron Twp, on 6 June 1906 at Huron Twp

005001/06 (Bruce Co) August CUPSKEY, 20, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o Julius CUPSKEY & Minnie LIPSKEY, married Elizabeth SHANNON, 24, farmer's daughter, Ontario, Amabel, d/o Frederick SHANNON & Sarah NICKISON, witn: Thomas SHANNON & Annie SHANNON both of Amabel, 3 January 1906, Lot 3 Conc. C Amabel

005014/06 (Bruce Co) Philip CUTTING, 45, widower, farmer, England, Keppel Twp, s/o William CUTTING & Rebecca BURBER (Barber?), married Mary Jane DINNWELL, 39, farmer's daughter, Ont., Amabel, d/o Robert DINNWELL & Mary McCOLLOCH, witn: David OTTIWELL & Mrs. David OTTIWELL both of Amabel, 16 December 1906, Amabel Twp

005300/06 (Bruce Co) William Andrew DALGARNO, 26, farmer, Arran Twp. Bruce Co., Derby Twp. Grey Co., s/o Alexander DALGARNO & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Jane Ethel GLOVER, 20, housemaid, Tara Ont., Tara Ont., d/o George William GLOVER & Kezia WILSON, witn: John A. DALGARNO of Arran Twp. & Linda Ella DALGARNO of Derby, 19 December 1906, Tara

005013/06 (Bruce Co) William B. DANARD, 72, widow, clergyman, Ont., Amabel, s/o Joseph B. DANARD & Amelia WERDEN, married Mary Elizabeth EYRE, 33, farmer's daughter, Ont., Amabel, d/o William EYRE & Catherine E. COOK, witn: Jas. R. EYRE & Mrs. Jas. EYRE both of Amabel, 14 November 1906, Amabel Twp

5388-06 James Stanley DAVIDSON, 29, barber, Norfolk CO., Lions Head, s/o William Edward DAVIDSON & Annabel LORIMER, married Josephine Rosetta BOVAIR, 21, Meaford, Wiarton, d/o Mitchell R. BOVAIR & Angelina J. WINTERS, witn: Harry A. DAVIDSON & Sadie A. WILSON, both of Lions Head, 25 Dec 1906 at Wiarton
#005820-07 (Bruce Co): William John DAWSON, 26, farmer, Kinloss twp., same, s/o John DAWSON & Frances HAMILTON, married Myrtle PURDON, 20, West Wawanosh, Kinloss, d/o Robert PURDON & Jane THOM, witn: John C. PURDON of W. Wawanosh & Robert HENDERSON of Whitechurch, 10 Oct 1906 at Kinloss twp

005084/06 (Bruce Co) Alphonse DITNER, 24, farmer, Huron Co., Waterloo Co., s/o Ignatius DITNER & Caroline DIETRICH, married Catherine SCHMUCK, 21, Culross Twp.., Carrick, d/o Ferdinand SCHMUCK & Catherine BUTTER, witn: Linus DITNER of  Wilmot Twp. & Mary A. KEOUGH of Berlin, 22 May 1906, Carrick

005020/06 (Bruce Co) Samuel Glassy DOUGAN, 24, master mariner, Hamilton Ont., Owen Sound, s/o Arthur DOUGAN & Martha GLASSY, married Annie Margaret SCOTT, 24, tailoress, Prequeish? Ontario, Owen Sound, d/o John SCOTT & Hellen CLARK, witn: Mrs. Eliza C. HALL & Etta A. HALL both of Allenford, 20 March 1906, Allenford 005250-06 (Bruce) David Armstrong DOWNEY, 35, carpenter, Howick Tp., Stirton, s/o Reuben DOWNEY & Jane ARMSTRONG, to Ethel Jane WHEELER, 27, Beeton, Lucknow, d/o Alex J. WHEELER & Selena A. TRELEAVEN, wit: Ella DOWNEY, Stirton & S. M. TRELEAVEN, Lucknow, 29 August 1906, Lucknow
005160-06 (Bruce Co) Patrick DOWNS , 37,  Culross, same, Farmer; s/o William DOWNS and Ellen GLASKY, married  Wilhemina  ZISTIVES? 34, Greenock; same, assisting in father's home, d/o Leander ZISTIVES and Charlotte PSEIBER? Wtn: Frank CRONIN of Culross and Elizabeth HUNZIGER of Greenock; on Jan 23, 1906 at Chepstow 005248-06 (Bruce)  John DURNIN, 43, Stone mason, West Wawansoh Tp., Dungannon?, s/o William DURNIN & Maria STEWART, to Margaret Victoria WEBSTER, 27, Widow, Goderich Tp., Ashfield Tp., d/o John DEMPSEY & Elizabeth STIRLING, wit: Mrs. J. T. Anderson, Lucknow & T? SMITH, Lucknow, 14 February 1906, Lucknow.
5364-06 Charles M. DUBRICK, 21, laborer, Elmira, Wiarton, s/o Charles DUBRICK & Mary MELITZER, married Ethel E. CROSS, 21, tailoress, Chesley, Wiarton, d/o Thomas CROSS & Elizabeth IRWIN, witn: Harcey T. CROSS of Wiarton & Maggie WALKER of Tara, 21 March at Wiarton

005206/06 (Bruce Co) James EATON, 33, butcher, London, Port Elgin, s/o James EATON & Sophia BALDROW, married Ida MERRITT, 29, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine twp., d/o George MERRITT & not given, witn: Margaret WILSON of Tiverton & Charles MERRITT of Kincardine, 26 December 1906, Kincardine

005028/06 (Bruce Co) Ira EBY, 25, merchant, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., s/o Levi EBY & Catherine VOLLMAR, married Mary Ann NELSON, 24, housework, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., d/o James NELSON & Ann Jane SIMMONS, witn: Robert NELSON & Louise EBY both of Elsinore, 20 June 1906, Lot 18 Conc. 13 Arran  
005194-06 (Bruce Co) William George EMMERTON, 23, farmer, Twp of Huron, same, s/o George EMMESTON and Ellen WALSH, married Matilda Jane LOWRY, 22, Twp of Huron, same, d/o Robert LOWRY and Elizabeth Jane ORR, wtn: John James EMMERTON and Della LOWRY of Twp of Huron, on Dec 26, 1906 at Twp of Huron 005666/07 (Bruce Co) William James ENGLISH, 25, farmer, Elderslie Twp, Brant, s/o James ENGLISH & Eleanor CARR, married Matilda TAYLOR, 28, Don. Twp, Brant, d/o Joseph C. TAYLOR & Elizabeth HORTON, witn: Joseph B. TAYLOR of Brant & Elizabeth A. ENGLISH of Elderslie Twp, 26 December 1906, Brant

005031/06 (Bruce Co) George Ephraim EVANS, 34, farmer, Arran Twp., Amabel Twp., s/o Richard EVANS & May BOYD, married Flora BLUE, 26, farmer's daughter, Elderslie Twp., Arran Twp., d/o Hugh BLUE & Ann McGAUGEN, witn: W.H. BRIGHAM of Allenford, 7 July 1906, Arran Twp.

5387-06 Cornelius EVERS, 22, lumberman, Williamsford, Lindsay twp., s/o Frederick EVERS & Bertha KRAUSE, married Susan Evangeline CAESAR, 19, Lindsay, same, d/o John CAESAR & Ellen LYONS, witn: Howard O. & Evalena ROGERS, both of Wiarton, 31 Dec 1906 at Wiarton
5345-06 Richard Melbourne FAHEY, 35, widower, accountant, Toronto, same, s/o William FAHEY & Agnes METCALF, married Mary Isabel TODD, 27, Walkerton, same, d/o Peter TODD & Isabel ALLAN, witn: J. M. FAHEY of Toronto & Jean TODD of Walkerton, 30 June 1906 at Walkerton

005026/06 (Bruce Co) Andrew FAUST, 30, engineer, Germany, Calumet Michigan, s/o Henry FAUST & Barbara ADOLPH, married Mary Christina MEUSER, 27, housework, Saugeen Twp., Arran Twp., d/o August MEUSER & Catherine KRAUS, witn: Albert MEUSER of Arran Twp. & John FAUST of Toronto, 16 May 1906, Lot 20 Conc. B Arran

005019/06 (Bruce Co) Albert George FENWICK, 22, farmer, Artemesia Twp. , Greenock Twp., s/o John FENWICK & Mary PARSONS, married Margaret FINDLAY, 22, farmer's daughter, Belfast Co. Antrim Ireland, Lot 23 Conc. 5 Arran, d/o James FINDLAY & Sarah CARR, witn: William John FINDLAY of Lot 23 Conc. 5 Arran & Ethel May PARR of Port Elgin, 14 March 1906, Lot 23 Conc. 5 Arran

5386-06 William A. FERGUSON, 24, farmer, Dufferin twp., Keppel, s/o James D. FERGUSON & Mary LLOYD, married Mary R. STUBBS, 19, Wiarton, Keppel, d/o Thomas E. STUBBS & Phoebe J. McCRAE, witn: A. R. & Mrs. A. R. DAVIS of Wiarton, 24 Dec 1906 at Wiarton
5288-06 John Thomas FLOOD, 49, widower, blacksmith, Wellington Co., Toronto, s/o Francis FLOOD & Vina JACKSON, married Jane C. MITCHELL, 39, Saugeen, same, d/o James MITCHELL & Jane C. FORRESTER, witn: John MITCHELL of Saugeen & Annie M. FORRESTER of Port Elgin, 26 Sept 1906 at Saugeen 5375-06 Selby E. FOSTER, 35, dentist, Canada, Wiarton, s/o James FOSTER & Lydia EVANS, married Florence E. PICHE, 30, music teacher, Canada, Wiarton, d/o Joseph PICHE & Lorenza WARREN, witn: John C. MOORE of Toronto & Ethel J. PICHE of Wiarton, 4 July 1906 at Wiarton
5380-06 Charles Frederick FOX, 33, farmer, Canada, Keppel, s/o Benjamin FOX & Ann DORE, married Sarah Jane PINCH, 21, Canada, Keppel, d/o Thomas W. PINCH & Alice LOESBY, witn: John E. PINCH of Keppel & Alice J. BROOKER of Toronto, 31 Oct. 1906 at Wiarton 5349-06 James Johnston FRASER, 31, physician, Peel Co., Walkerton, s/o John FRASER & Jane McGILL, married Annie Dewar ROBERTSON, 23, Walkerton, same, d/o David ROBERTSON & Jemima A. COLLINS, witn: A. E. DAY & Florence A. ROBERTSON, both of Walkerton, 26 Sept 1906 at Walkerton
005159-06 (Bruce Co) Peter FRITZ, 23, Greenock, same,  Carpenter; s/o Peter FRITZ and Mary SCHMID married Kate KLEIN, 22,  New Germany, Chepstow; Housekeeper,  d/o Andrew KLEIN and Mary SHEFTIN?, Wtn: Henry FRITZ of Dakota and Lena KLEIN of Chepstow,   on Jan 23, 1906 at Chepstow 005163-06 (Bruce Co) Thomas FRITZ, 27, Greenock, Langdon N. Dakota, farmer, s/o Joseph FRITZ and Ellen STAPLETON, married Catherine FOLMER, 22, Greenock, Chepstow, d/o William FOLMER and Margaret SCHNURR,  Wtn: Simon FRI TZ of Greenock and Mary FOLMER ofWalkerton, on Feb 21, 1906 at Chepstow

005294/06 (Bruce Co) William John GARTSHORE, 43, lumberman, Trenton Ont., Parry Sound Ont., s/o Robert GARTSHORE & Jane RODGERS, married Theresa Lillias WILLIAMSON, 35, professional nurse, Owen Sound Ont., Tara Ont., d/o Zenas WILLIAMSON & Jane MILLER, witn: Charles E. START of Tara Ont. & Sadie LLOYD of Owen Sound, 20 February 1906, Tara

005071-06 William GOAR, 44, stage driver, widower, Canada, Port Elgin, s/o John GOAR & Janet DEARNESS, married Margaret McINTYRE, 36, Canada, Bruce Tp., d/o Angus McINTYRE & Jane McGILLIVRAY, witn: David JEFFREY of Port Elgin & Janet McINTYRE of Paisley on Apr. 25, 1906 at Bruce Tp. 005704-07 (Bruce Co) Marinus GOEMAN, 24, fireman, Holland, Buffalo, s/o Peter GOEMAN & Johanna STEKETEE (?) married Minnie LERCH, 26, Carrick, Carrick, d/o Henry LERCH & Wilhelmina POLFUSS, witn: Jacob REMUS & Elizabeth LERCH both of Carrick, 26 December 1906 in Carrick
005185-06 (Bruce Co) John E. GOSSEL, 23, farmer, Twp of Kincardine, same, s/o Gotta GOSSEL and Francis HAMILTON, married Jennie STEWART 18, Twp of Kincardine, same, d/o James STEWART and Eliza NEIL, wtn: David STEWART and Alex D. STEWART of Twp of Kincardine, on May 3, 1906 at Ripley 5362-06 Thomas J. GWYTHER, 29, farm laborer, Wales - Great Britain, Manitoba, s/o Thomas GWYTHER & Anna Maria JAMES, married Rachel KEEP, 16, servant, Keppel, same, d/o George KEEP & Alice HAYES, witn: Mary McEWAN of Wiarton & George HAYES of Mar, 2 Jan 1906 at Wiarton
005171-06 (Bruce Co) John HALLIDAY, 22, Greenock, same, farmer, s/o James HALLIDAY and Isabella HARDY, married Jennie HERD, 21, Greenock, same, d/o Hector HERD and Miss ORR, Wtn: John HALLIDAY and Margaret HERD of Greenock, on June 20, 1906 at Greenock 5365-06 William Cameron HAMBLY, 22, farmer, Canada, Albermarle, s/o William Henry HAMBLY & Martha CAMERON, married Mary Ellen CRAWFORD, 23, domestic, Canada, Albermarle, d/o Josiah CRAWFORD & Matilda TURNER, witn: William COVENEY & Ida M. HAMBLY, both of Albermarle, 4 April 1906 at Wiarton
005988-07 (Bruce Co) Henry HAYES, 28, farmer, Canada, Albemarle, s/o Wilson HAYES & Margaret TINDALL, married Emma WATCHORN, 18, Canada, Albemarle, d/o William WATCHORN & Annie HULLEN, witn: William H. WATCHORN of Albemarle & Lizzie PINDER? both of Albemarle, 26 December 1906, Wiarton

005200/06 (Bruce Co) Albert Edwin HEADLEY, 22, farmer, Kinloss, Greenock Twp., s/o John Henry HEADLY (sic) & Margaret JOHNSTON, married Harriet Agnes CHADBURN, 20, farmer's daughter, Kincardine twp., Kincardine twp., d/o Dennis CHADBURN & Susannah LANO, witn: Richard CHADBURN & Mary Emma CHADBURN both of Kincardine twp., 30 May 1906, St. Matthews Church, Kingarf

5360-06 Joseph Alexander HOATH, 28, farmer, Eastnor, Wiarton, s/o Thomas HOATH & Ellen CASE, married Bertha Julia WAUGH, 23, Canada, Lions Head, d/o Thomas WAUGH & Sarah SCHANECHUNE?, witn: R. E. SMYTHE & Maggie JOHNSTONE, both of Wiarton, 1 Feb 1906 at Wiarton

005169-06 (Bruce Co) George B. HODGINS, 26, Kinloss, same, farmer, s/o John HODGINS and Jean NEIL, married Beatrice R. CHARTMAN, 23, Riversdale, same, d/o Joseph CHARTMAN and Margaret NEAR, Wtn: Artumus HODGINS of Kinglough and Etta L. HUNTER of Teeswater, June 6, 1906 at Riversdale

005034/06 (Bruce Co) William George B. HOFFMAN, 25, clerk, Bentinck Twp., Hanover Ont., s/o Christian HOFFMAN & Elizabeth HOSBACH, married Hanna M.L. MONTO, blank, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Mono MONTO & Anne HERMAN, witn: John HUMMORDER (Heimmorder?) of Hanover Ont. & William MONTO of Brant Twp., 15 May 1906, Brant Twp

005025/06 (Bruce Co) Adam HOGG, 28, laborer, Burgoyne, Tara, s/o Adam HOGG & Margaret McINTYRE, married Annie Elizabeth KENNEDY, 23, housework, Tara, Tara, d/o John KENNEDY & Catherine QUIGLEY, witn: Albert Nelson KENNEDY of Owen Sound & Sarah MORRAN of Tara, 9 May 1906, Invermay, Christ Church
005183-06 (Bruce Co) Alfred William HOLLANDS, 58(28?), farmer, England, Twp of Kincardine, s/o James and Martha HOLLAND(sic), married Mabel HUNTER, 26, Canada, Twp of Huron, d/o James HUNTER and Eliza BEATTY, wtn: James and Annie  HUNTER of Twp of Huron, on Mar 6, 1906 at Twp of Huron 5347-06 David HOPKINS, 36, farmer, Canada, Bentinck, s/o Samuel HOPKINS & Maria CONNORS, married Ellen REAY, 38, Canada, Bentinck, d/o Henry REAY & Sarah RICHARDSON, witn: Christopher REAY & M. J. ASHBURY, both of Bentinck, 19 Sept 1906 at Walkerton
5292-06 George James HOPKINS, 26, farmer, Perth Co., Pipestone Man., s/o Samuel HOPKINS & Hattie PATTIE, married Margaret J. KELLY, 24, Bruce Co., Saugeen, d/o Theophilus KELLY & Mary McPHEE, witn: San CAMPBELL of Port Elgin & Isabell KELLY of Saugeen, 27 Dec 1907 at Saugeen [s/b 1906, regd 31 Dec 1906]

005033/06 (Bruce Co) William Ernest HUMPHRIES, 25, merchant, Yorkshire England, Winnipeg, s/o Samuel HUMPHRIES & Louisa KIRBY, married Helen Agnes CRAIG, 23, stenographer, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., d/o James CRAIG & Margaret COLEMAN, witn: V.J. CRAIG & Jean B. CRAIG both of Arran, 5 September 1906, Lot 5 Conc. A. Arran

  005007/06 (Bruce Co) William HYATT, 22, mariner, Ont., Wiarton, s/o Clemens HYATT & Adeline SIDWELL, married Agnes Jane LOUCKS, 22, domestic, Ont., Amabel, d/o William LOUCKS & Jane STEWART, witn: Charles TREMAINE of Wiarton & Pearl LOUCKS of Amabel, 4 April 1906, Lot 19 Conc. 6 Amabel

005004/06 (Bruce Co) Albert JACKSON, 31, farmer, Ontario, Amabel, s/o John JACKSON & Annie JAMES, married Annie Isabella TEMPLE, 30, farmer's daughter, Ontario, Amabel, d/o James TEMPLE & Jane MURRAY, witn: R.E. JACKSON & John TEMPLE both of Amabel, 20 February 1906, Lot 18 Con 3 Amabel

005074-06 John James JACQUES, 45, implement agent, widower, Canada, Paisley, s/o Thomas JACQUES & Susan GRAHAM, married Ruth THORNBURN, 39, Canada, Bruce Tp., d/o John THORNBURN & Lillias BONNAR, witn: J.L. SWINBURN of Fort William & John THORNBURN of Bruce Tp. on Aug. 1, 1906 at Bruce Tp.

005201/06 (Bruce Co) James Albert JONES, 26, farmer, Huron Twp., Huron Twp., s/o Edward JONES & Margaret DAWSON, married Tilly MANNERS, 19, farmer's daughter, Kincardine twp., Kincardine twp., d/o Adam MANNERS & Mary ROBINSON, witn: Archie MANNERS of Millarton Ont. & Lovina LOWERY of Lisburn Ont., 18 April 1906, Kincardine Twp

005179-06 (Bruce Co) Valentine KAUFMANN, 49, Oxford Co, Dunkeld, laborer, s/o Conrad KAUFMANN and Ann WETTLAUFER, married Barbara MILLER, 48, Widow, Philadelphia, Dunkeld, d/o John MILLER and Barbara GRANT, Wtn: John FLACH? of Formosa and Lena KLEIN of Chepstow, on Nov 28, 1906 at Chepstow

005299/06 (Bruce Co) Harry Gavin KENNEDY, 29, miller, Saugeen Twp. Bruce Co., Tara Ont., s/o William KENNEDY & Agnes LAWRENCE, married Marian BLACK, 22, housemaid, Arran Twp. Bruce Co., Tara Ont., d/o John BLACK & Margaret KERR, witn: David ROBINSON & Bessie BLACK both of Tara Ont., 28 November 1906, Tara

5282-06 Emory Gibson KENNEDY, 26, draughtsman, Jersey City NJ, same, s/o Mathew KENNEDY & Lavina PATTERSON, married Adella Delina GEORGE, 29, London Ont., same, d/o Richard GEORGE & Elizabeth J. CHINICK, witn: R. C. & Ethel GEORGE of Port Elgin, 25 April 1906 at Port Elgin
5355-06 Andrew KIRSTINE, 28, farmer, Brant twp., same, s/o Andrew KIRSTINE & Susan HOAR, married Mary L. TANNER, 20, Brant twp., Walkerton, d/o Richard TANNER & Ann WORDEN, witn: Sabastian KIRSTINE of Brant twp. & Mary Jane McPHAIL of Carrick twp., 5 Dec 1906 at Walkerton 5350-06 Samuel LEAKE, 23, farm laborer, England, Brant twp., s/o "groom does not know", married Margaret CHESNEY, 22, Brant twp., same, d/o Robert CHESNEY & Susannah SMITH, witn: W. J. ROSWELL of Walkerton & Elderina CHESNEY of Brant twp., 10 Oct 1906 at Walkerton [with note: ".. he has no recollections of his father & mother and never knew their names"]

005018/06 (Bruce Co) George Herbert LEHMAN, 22, laborer, blank, Toronto, s/o Joseph LEHMAN & Fanny STICKLEY, married Kattie BOWMAN, 22, dressmaker, blank, Elmwood, d/o Amos BOWMAN & Barbara BOWMAN, witn: Josephus BOWMAN of 402 Parliament St. Toronto & Maggie DENNITT of 40 Hasper Rd. Toronto, 25 December 1906, Elmwood

005080/06 (Bruce Co) Arthur Wilfred LEWIS, 26, farmer, Carrick, Carrick, s/o Joseph LEWIS & Margaret YOUNG, married Isabella COUTTS, 24, farmer’s daughter, Carrick, Carrick, d/o John COUTTS & Sarah HUGILL, witn: Albert P. LEWIS & Lavinia C. VOLLICK both of Carrick, 11 April 1906, Carrick

5351-06 George Herbert LINDSAY, 31, CPR agent, Milton W. Ont., Red Deer Alta., s/o James LINDSAY & Percis Jane CHURCH, married Florence Jane HARRISON, 27, milliner, Teeswater, Walkerton, d/o Richard HARRISON & Rachel WALKER, witn: John & Mrs. John APPEL of Walkerton, 17 Oct 1906 at Walkerton 005196-06 (Bruce Co) Mathew LINSLEY, 30, Widower, wood turner, Strathroy, Southampton, s/o George LINSLEY and Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Lena POLLOCK, 38, Widow, Goderich, Ripley, d/o Donald McAULAY and Marion McIVER, wtn: Murdoch and Mary MARTIN of Ripley, on Dec 24, 1906 at Village of Ripley
005197-06 (Bruce Co) Thomas William LOWRY, 26, farmer, (not given), Huron, s/o (not given), married Margaret SMITH, 24, not given, Huron, d/o Robert SMITH and Mary MONTGOMERY, wtn: James and Tillie? SMITH, on Mar 14, 1906 at Huron Twp no number, 1907 (Bruce Co): Thomas William LOWRY, 26, farmer, Huron twp, same, s/o Robert LOWRY & Lizzie J. ORR, married Margaret SMITH, 27, Huron twp, same, d/o Robert SMITH & Rebecca MONTGOMERY, witn: Robert SMITH Jr. & Tillie LOWRY, both of Huron twp, 14 March 1906 at Huron twp
005182-06 (Bruce Co) John MATHESON, 32, Twp of Huron, Kenora, fisherman, s/o Donald MATHESON and Catherine McKAY, married Annie SMITH, 32, Twp of Huron, same, d/o Donald SMITH and Catherine McAULEY, wtn: Murdoch MATHESON and Katherine SMITH of Twp of Huron, on Feb 14, 1906 at Twp of Huron

005257/06 (Bruce Co) Edmund Fletcher McALPINE, 37, painter, Canada, Alvinston., s/o Duncan McALPINE & Esther JEFFERSON, married Kathleen McDONALD, 31, Canada, Paisley, d/o Alex B. McDONALD & Jessie CURRIE, witn: Dan McLEAN of Underwood & Mary ESPLEN of Paisley., 11 April 1906, Paisley

5283-06 Frank A. McCLURE, 24, merchant, Elderslie, Paisley, s/o Isaac McCLURE & Mary Ann MAY, married Mary L.N. CHAPMAN, 24, Port Elgin, same, d/o James A. CHAPMAN & Elizabeth TRELFORD, witn: Albert W. & Kate H. CHAPMAN of Port Elgin, 12 June 1906 at Port Elgin 005060-06 Isaac McCOY, 24, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o John McCOY & Esther BLAIR, married Mary M. ROBINSON, 27, Bruce Tp., same, d/o John ROBINSON & Elizabeth ALLEN, witn: Robert S & Margaret L. ROBINSON both of Bruce Tp. on Jan. 3, 1906 at Bruce Tp.

005203/06 (Bruce Co) Hugh Stewart McCREATH, 30, farmer, Hamilton, British Columbia, s/o David McCREATH & Jessie PROCTOR, married Davidina MURRAY, 27, Kincardine twp. Bruce Co., Kincardine twp., d/o Alex MURRAY & Christina GRAY, witn: Alex MURRAY & Elizabeth McCREATH both of Kincardine Twp., 30 January 1906, Twp. Kincardine

005191-06 (Bruce Co) John McCROSTIE, 31, druggist, St. Helen, Buffalo N.Y., s/o John McCROSTIE and Margaret STEWART, married Laura Alberta JACKSON, 27, Hensall, Ripley, d/o Samuel T. JACKSON and Jane CRAWFORD, wtn: Fred MORPHY(sic) of Niagara Falls and Edna B. JACKSON of Ripley, on Sept 19, 1906 at Ripley

005006/06 (Bruce Co) John Angus McDONALD, 29, carpenter, Ont., Owen Sound, s/o Robert McDONALD & Catherine Julia FRASER, married Mabel Jane McCLELLAND, 22, farmer's daughter, Ont., Amabel, d/o Jas. McCLELLAND & Matilda COLLINS, witn: Minnie J. McCLELLAND of Amabel & William S. McDONALD of Keppel, 14 March 1906, Lot 5 Conc. 2 Amabel

005008/06 (Bruce Co) Malcolm McDONALD, 52, widower, farmer, Scotland, Amabel, s/o Donald McDONALD & Isabella CAMPBELL, married Helen WALKER, 45, farmers daughter, Scotland, Amabel, d/o Jas. WALKER & Jane BRUER, witn: Jas. WALKER & Isabella WALKER both of Amabel, 11 April 1906, Lot 17 Conc. 10 Amabel


005036/06 (Bruce Co) Patrick James McGARITY, 22, farmer, blank, Brant Twp., s/o Peter McGARITY & Catherine DAYLE (Doyle?), married Julia Margaret REILLY, 24, blank, Brant Twp., d/o Thomas REILLY & Margaret BURKE, witn: Patrick HANMORE & Mary RYAN both of Vesta P.O., 1 August 1906, Brant Twp

005202/06 (Bruce Co) John McINTYRE, 36, farmer, Tiverton, Ripestone Man., s/o John McINTYRE & Sarah McEACHERN, married Annie McDOUGALL, 35, farmer's daughter, Tiverton, Tiverton, d/o John McDOUGALL & Julia LAMONT, witn: Barbara BATHGATE of York Mill & L. McINTYRE of East Toronto, 28 February 1906, Tiverton

005208/06 (Bruce Co) Hugh Lennox McKAY, 26, painter, Kincardine Twp., Kincardine twp., s/o George McKAY & Lizzie Lennox KAY, married Jessie McCONNELL, 22, Bruce Twp., Kincardine twp., d/o John McCONNELL & Mary Ann SHIPLEY, witn: Alexander McKAY of Kincardine & Maud McCONNELL of Kincardine twp., 8 August 1906, Kincardine twp.

005010/06 (Bruce Co) Murdock Henry McKENZIE, 25, implement agent, Ont., Amabel, s/o Alex. McKENZIE & Frederica AHERNS, married Mary Ann LOUCKS, 22, domestic, Ont., Amabel, d/o James LOUCKS & Sarah Ann GRAHAM, witn: Jas. A. WHITE & Florence ATKINSON both of Hepworth, 12 September 1906, Hepworth Twp. Amabel

005209/06 (Bruce Co) Donald McKENZIE, 26, motorman, Huron Twp., Detroit Michigan, s/o Alexander McKENZIE & Flora McKENZIE, married Elizabeth TAYLOR, 25, farmer's daughter, Kincardine twp., Kincardine twp., d/o William TAYLOR & Agnes GARDENIER (Gordenier?), witn: Duncan McKENZIE of Lochalsh & Isabella TAYLOR of Kincardine, 14 November 1906, Kincardine twp

5381-006 - J. Milton McKIBBON, 21, butcher, Canada, Wiarton, s/o Joseph McKIBBON & Ida WATSON, married Ethel May SCHELL, 18, Canada, Wiarton, d/o Benjamin SCHELL & Mary PYKE, wtn: James COUHERN? & Hannah SCHELL, both of Wiarton, 7 Nov 1906 at Wiarton  

005017/06 (Bruce Co) Alexander Carson McKINNEY, 24, harness maker, blank, Waskada Manitoba, s/o James McKINNEY & Katherine CARSON, married Caroline MICHLHAUSEN, 28, blank, Elmwood, d/o Elias MICHLHAUSEN & Mary FROELK, witn: L.M. DONALDSON and his wife Emiline both of Waskada Manitoba, 26 December 1906, Elmwood

005180-06 (Bruce Co) Donald Hugh McKINNON, 35, farmer, Underwood Ont, Margaret (Marquette?) Manitoba, s/o Hugh McKINNON and Annie McDONALD, married Annie FRANCEY, 26, Twp of Bruce, Twp of Huron, d/o George Henry FRANCEY and Jane TAIT, wtn: Hugh McKINNON of Twp of Kincardine and Mary T McKINNON of Minto Manitoba, on Jan 10, 1906 at Twp of Huron

005216/06 (Bruce Co) Frederick Neil McLAURIN, 26, blacksmith, Tiverton Ont., Tiverton Ont., s/o Neil McLAURIN & Mary R. MURRAY, married Lena MONTGOMERY, 21, Tiverton Ont., Tiverton Ont., d/o James MONTGOMERY & Anna McDONALD, witn: Mary R. MURRAY & Vina MURRAY both of Kincardine, 14 February 1906, Kincardine

005065-06 Hugh McLEAN, 40, hotel keeper, widower, Bruce Tp., same, s/o Allan McLEAN & Flora McKINNON, married Lavinia TENNYSON, 26, Caven Village, Underwood, d/o Phillip TENNYSON & Margaret JAMIESON, witn: Thomas BROWN of Bruce Tp. & Sadie TENNYSON of Underwood on Mar. 21, 1906 at Underwood
005210/06 (Bruce Co) John McLEOD, 27, farmer, Kincardine twp., Kincardine twp., s/o Donald McLEOD & Henrietta BUCHANNAN, married Mary Wilson NORMAN, 24, farmer's daughter, Kincardine twp., Kincardine twp., d/o Robert NORMAN & Jane ROSS, witn: Angus McIVER of Armow & Anna MUNRO of Kincardine Twp., 19 December 1906, Kincardine twp

5353-06 Herman McMATH, 21, mill man, Kingston, Cargill Ont., s/o James McMATH & Mary SPEERS, married May ANDERSON, 19, Edys Mills Ont., Cargill, d/o John ANDERSON & Mary ROZEL, witn: Eleanor H. DOUGALL & Edna A. WISSER, both of Walkerton, 1 Nov 1906 at Walkerton

005302/06 (Bruce Co) Hugh H. McNAUGHTON, 28, farmer, Culross Twp., Culross Twp., s/o Peter McNAUGHTON & Eliza McCALLISTER, married Agnes LITTLE, 29, Glasgow Scotland, Teeswater, d/o Robert E. LITTLE & Ellen HYSLOP, witn: H.H. LITTLE of Teeswater & D.E. HALLERS of Holyrood Ont., 22 February 1906, Teeswater

005168-06 (Bruce Co) Heimy (Henry?) MICHAEL, 27, Stratford, Chepson, farmer, s/o Frank MICHAEL and Helen TROUTMAN, married Kate KRAMER, 23, Greenock, Chepstow, d/o John KRAMER and Elizabeth BESTER, Wtn: Joseph MICHAEL of Formosa and Catherine TROUTMAN of Ambleside, on May 7, 1906 at Chepstow
005172-06 (Bruce Co) Ambrose MILLER, 32, Formosa, Duluth U.S., laborer, s/o Joseph MILLER AND Regina BATTE, married Anne FRIEDMAN, 24, Greenock, same, d/o Joseph FRIEDMAN and Margaret HAAG, Wtn: Alois FRIEDMAN of Greenock and Theresa SOKANS of Canton Ohio, on June 26, 1906 at Chepstow

005005/06 (Bruce Co) James Earnest MILLER, 27, farmer, Ont., Amabel, s/o Richard MILLER & Catherine McLEAN, married Mary DORNAN, 23, farmer's daughter, Ont., Amabel, d/o Charles DORNAN & Agnes MacKINNON, witn: Robert MILLER & Sadie DORNAN both of Amabel, 28 February 1906, Lot 9 Conc. 2 Amabel

005161-06 (Bruce Co) Jakst (Jacob?) MOGK , 24, Ellice Twp, same, farmer, s/o Heinrich MOGK and Elizabeth HEINBRICH, married Eleanor FISK, (no age), Greenock, same, d/o George FISK and Minnie KROMP,  Wtn: Werner HEINBRICH and Katie FISK of Greenock Twp on Jan 2, 1906 at Greenock Twp

005024/06 (Bruce Co) Wilfred MOLLET, 26, farmer, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., s/o Philip C. MOLLET & Ellen LOSEE (Loree?), married Margaret MATCHETT, 19, housework, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., d/o James MATCHETT & Isabella FAULKNER, witn: John FREEBORN & Melina MATCHETT both of Arran Twp., 9 May 1906, Lot 11 Conc. 6 Arran

005638/07 (Bruce Co) William John MONTGOMERY, 24, Electrical Engineer, of Niagara Falls, s/o Theo MONTGOMERY an operator & Mary FENNEY, married Ida Ellen LOGAN, 21, of Niagara Falls, d/o Henry LOGAN a farmer & Hetty MAHONEY, witn: Mason LOGAN & Edith MacDONALD both of Niagara Falls, 2 January 1906, Chippewa [reg’d in Bruce Co] 005252-06 (Bruce) Wesley E. MOON, 26, no occupation, no birthplace, Wingham, s/o Isiah MOON & Jane Stuart LEGGIR, to Lizzie GILLIES, 20, no birthplace, Lucknow, d/o George GILLIES & Janet McDONALD, wit: Robert GILLIES & Arabella GILLIES, 9 May 1906, Lucknow

005303/06 (Bruce Co) George MOORE, 33, farmer, Riversdale Ont., Kincardine, s/o John MOORE & Amelia SCHURTRAND, married Louise CASKANETTES, 19, Riversdale Ont., Riversdale Ont., d/o Louis CASKANETTES & Marcellia VELAD, witn: Raphel CASKANETTES & Mary MOORE both of Riversdale, 7 February 1906, Teeswater

5376-06 John Carlyle MOORE, 35, lawyer, Canada, Toronto, s/o John T. MOORE & Annie ADDISON, married Ethel J. PICHE, 25, nurse, Canada, Wiarton, d/o Joseph PICHE & Lorenza WARREN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. S. E. FOSTER of Wiarton, 4 July 1906 at Wiarton

005003/06 (Bruce Co) Abia NASHKAWA, 20, farmer, Ont., Indian Reserve Amabel, s/o John NASHKAWA & Eliza YAHBA, married Mary JOHNS, 15, Ont., Indian Reserve, d/o Joseph JOHNS & Annie SHOBIDEES, witn: Walter SHANBEDEES of Saugeen & Maggie THOMPSON of Sauble Falls, 22 January 1906, Indian Reserve Amabel

005207/06 (Bruce Co) Thomas NORMAN, 24, farmer, Kincardine twp., Kincardine twp., s/o William NORMAN & Mary JARRELL, married Mary Ann LEWIS, 20, farmer's daughter, Kincardine twp., Kincardine twp., d/o John LEWIS & Jane HODGINS, witn: Laura M. RUSSEL of Kincardine Twp. & Charles E. LEWIS of Kincardine twp., 11 October 1906, St. John's Rectory Bervie

005023/06 (Bruce Co) William PALMER, 30, farmer, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., s/o John PALMER & Jane GRANGE, married Keziah CROWE, 25, dressmaker, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., d/o James CROWE & Elizabeth TALBOT, witn: John PALMER of Arran Twp. & Ruth CROWE of Abernethy Sask., 28 February 1906, Lot 10 Conc. 2 Arran

005022/06 (Bruce Co) Joseph E. PALMER, 28, farmer, Arran Twp., Arran Twp., s/o John PALMER & Jane GRANGE, married Mary Jane TEMPLE, 25, housework, Arran Twp., Lot 10 Conc. 1 Arran, d/o William TEMPLE & Keziah MONKMAN, witn: William PALMER & Keziah CROWE both of Arran Twp., 14 February 1906, Lot 10 Conc. 1 Arran

5286-06 James Frederick PARR, 26, farmer, Dorchester Middlesex, Deloraine Manitoba, s/o George S. PARR & Jane WEIR, married Sarah Ann COLLARD, 23, Arkwright - Bruce CO., Saugeen, d/o Joseph COLLARD & Margaret TRELFORD, witn: George W. COLLARD of Saugeen & Frances CHAPMAN of Port Elgin, 28 Feb 1906 at Saugeen 005174-06 (Bruce Co) Melville Ernest? PEACOCK, 24, Fennell, Toronto, R.R. mail clerk, s/o George PEACKOCK and Emily HUGHES married Isabella Christina McFARLANE, 22, Manitoba, Glamis, d/o Neil McFARLANE and Agnes HANSON, Wtn: John ROWAN of Toronto and Jennie I. PICKARD of Toronto, on Sept 12, 1906 at Glamis
005015/06 (Bruce Co) E.H. Jas. PELTMAN (Pettman?), 28, farmer, Ont., Albemarle, s/o Jas. PELTMAN & Gevina HAMILTON, married Mary WILSON, 29, farmer's daughter, Ont., Amabel, d/o Samuel WILSON & Ann WILSON, witn: George H. PELTMAN of Albemarle & Elizabeth WILSON of Amabel, 26 December 1906, Amabel Twp

5346-06 Lionel Henry PETT, 25, baker, Niagara Falls Ont., Hamilton, s/o Henry Foster George PETT & Selina Louisa NEWSON, married Sadie Bradley SAUNDERS, 25, Greenock twp., Walkerton, d/o Samuel SAUNDERS & Elizabeth BRADLEY, witn: Lily E. & Sid E. SAUNDERS of Hespeler, 20 June 1906 at Walkerton

005297/06 (Bruce Co) Hilton PORTER, 21, farmer, blank, Elmira?, s/o Hugh PORTER & Julia CHELOK (Chelott?), married Georgina CRAIG, 22, blank, Allenford, d/o William CRAIG & Margaret NEWMAN, witn: Ethel VANDERSEN (Vandusen?) & Ella DOLPHIN both of Tara, 21 February 1906, Tara

5356-06 John PRIES, 22, farmer, Brant twp., same, s/o Fred PRIES & Maria HARNACK, married Johanna WEDOW, 24, Brant twp., Carrick twp., d/o Wilhelm WEDOW & Sophia STADE, witn: Fred PRIES & Minnie STADE, both of Brant twp., 5 Dec 1906 at Walkerton

005000/06 (Bruce Co) Thomas A. RANDLE, 25, fireman, Meaford, Toronto, s/o Thomas RANDLE & Mary McMORRIS, married Ruth GILBERT, 22, housekeeper, Wiarton, Colpoy’s Bay, d/o Thomas GILBERT & Esther HAINSWORTH, witn: Charlie GERHARDT & Georgie CARNAHON both of Owen Sound, 19 December 1906, Colpoy’s Bay


005211/06 (Bruce Co) George REID, 24, farmer, Kincardine twp., Huron Twp., s/o George REID & Melissa BROWN, married Beatrice Jennett AVERY, 23, farmer's daughter, Kincardine twp., Kincardine twp., d/o Samuel AVERY & Catherine SHEWFELT, witn: Joseph AVERY & Gertrude AVERY both of Armow, 14 November 1906, Kincardine Twp

005190-06 (Bruce Co) Alfred Ainsley REID, 24, farmer, Twp of Huron, Twp of Kincardine, s/o Peter REID and Elizabeth HILL, married Anna McDONALD, 24, Twp of Huron, same, d/o Norman and Margaret McDONALD, wtn: Roderick McDONALD and Isabella McLAY of Huron Twp, on Sept 5, 1906 at Twp of Huron
5291-06 Peter McMillan RENNIE, 23, farmer, Huron Co., Rouleau Sask, s/o David RENNIE & Margaret McMILLAN, married Mary Maud BRYCE, 23, Saugeen, same, d/o Archibald BRYCE & Agnes McKECHNIE, witn: Ernie & Jessie BRYCE of Saugeen, 25 Dec 1906 at Saugeen 5358-06 - E. RENZIES, 37, farmer, of Carrick twp., s/o J.D. RENZIE & Veronica WEBER, married Lydia MYLLHOUSEN, 28, of Brant twp., domestic, d/o William MYLLHOUSEN & Barbara KEATH, witn: Aaron & C. MILLHOUSEN (sic), 10 Jan 1906 at Walkerton
5385-06 Jack RICHARDS, 25, Indian farmer, Cape Croker, same, s/o George & Sarah, married Sarah NEGUS, 22, Cape Croker, same, d/o Charles & A., witn: R. E. & Eleanor SMYTHE of Wiarton, 24 Dec 1906 at Wiarton

005298/06 (Bruce Co) Francis Edgar RICHARDS, 28, farmer, Pickering Twp. Ontario Co., Arran Twp. Bruce Co., s/o Samuel Thomas RICHARDS & Mary Jane MATHEWS, married Margaret Elizabeth NELSON, 21, housemaid, Amabel Twp. Bruce Co., Arran Twp. Bruce Co., d/o James NELSON & Margaret OVERAND, witn: Henry MIDDLETON & Mrs. Rev. D.A. McLEAN, 23 September 1906, Tara

5377-06 William Bertram RIFE, 26, telegraph operator, Hespeler, same, s/o David RIFE & Mary PANABAKER, married Lizzie SADLER, 24, Ilderton, Hespeler, d/o Jonathan SADLER & Catherine TENNANT, witn: George & William SADLER of Wiarton, 1 Aug 1906 at Wiarton

005029/06 (Bruce Co) John Wesley ROBB, 23, farmer, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., s/o William ROBB & Mary CORDICK, married Margaret BARSS, 21, farmer's daughter, Sullivan Twp., Lot 6 Conc. 4 Arran, d/o Richard BARSS & Catherine H. STURGEON, witn: George L. BARSS of Arran Twp. & Mary P. ROBB of Elderslie, 12 September 1906, Lot 6 Conc. 4 Arran

005188-06 (Bruce Co) John William ROBERTSON, 28, contractor, Huron twp, same, s/o William ROBERTSON and Christine McLENNAN, married Mary McDONALD, 23, Huron Twp, same, d/o John McDONALD and Margaret MURRAY, wtn: Duncan McLOUTY , Lot 14, Con 9 and Annie McDONALD of Lot 23, Con 8, on Jul 25, 1906 at Lot 23, Con 8 Twp of Huron 5284-06 John ROBINSON, 65, widower, farmer, Scotland, Bruce twp., s/o Thomas ROBINSON & Eliza KERR, married Adeline McCOULREY?, 47, Walkerton, Bruce twp., d/o Alex McCOUBREY? & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Jean MAHAFFY & Margaret YOUNG, both of Port Elgin, 27 June 1906 at Port Elgin
005062-06 George ROPPEL, 26, farmer, Bruce Tp., same, s/o George ROPPEL & Clara HARGANY, married Louise THEDE, 22, Bruce Tp., same, d/o Noah THEDE & Mary M. WAHL, witn: Fred THEDE & Lizzie ROPPEL both of Bruce Tp. on Feb. 28, 1906 at Bruce Tp. 005035/06 (Bruce Co) Joseph Walter George ROTHE (Rathe?), 27, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o Frederick ROTHE & Wilhelmina BARTIN, married Katherine HOFFMAN, 27, Bentinck Twp., Brant Twp., d/o Christian HOFFMAN & Elizabeth HASBACH, witn: Herman HOFFMAN of Brant Twp. & Anna HERMANN of Bentinck Twp., 26 June 1906, Brant Twp

005217/06 (Bruce Co) Murdock ROWAN, 53, Lake Captain, Kincardine, Kincardine, s/o Robert ROWAN & Isabella MORRISON, married Marie CAMPBELL, 34, Clinton, Kincardine, d/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Jane BAUD, witn: Maggie CAMPBELL of Kincardine & Donald CAMPBELL of Fort William Ont., 21 February 1906, Kincardine

005052/06 (Bruce Co) John RUHL, 26, farmer, Neustadt, Sullivan Twp., s/o Henry RUHL & Elizabeth KLAGES, married Edith ADLOFF, 19, Holland Twp., Sullivan Twp., d/o William ADLOFF & Marie SMALENSKY, witn: Martin RUHL & Lena STRUCH both of Sullivan, 20 November 1906, Elmwood

005067-06 A. Robert G. RUSSELL, 25, farmer, Greenock Tp., same, s/o Robert RUSSELL & Ellen WESTON, married Dorothy Elizabeth HASKE, 22, Kinloss Tp., Bruce Tp., d/o Lyman HASKE & Sarah J. BURGESS, witn: Charles E. LEWIS of Kingarf Greenock Tp., & Dora J. HASKE of Bruce Tp. on Apr. 4, 1906 at Bruce Tp 005192-06 (Bruce Co) George RUTLEY, 68, Widower, gardener, Devonshire England, Kincardine, s/o George RUTLEY and Maria SAUNDERS, married Agnes SMALL, 64, Widow, Port Hope, Kincardine, d/o Charles SOAPER and Margaret ATCHISON, wtn: R. McCHARLES of Lochalsh and Alexander FRASER of Huron Bruce Co, on Oct 27, 1906 at Manse, Pine River
005162-06 (Bruce Co) Thomas SAWYER , 33, West Gwillimbury, Greenock, farmer; s/o George SAWYER and Mary J. McLEAN married  Mary E. KEYES, 33, Greenock, same, d/o John KEYES and Elizabeth SAUNDERS,  Wtn: Henry J. MOONEY and Mrs. D. CAMPBELL of Greenock, on Jan 17, 1906 at Greenock Twp. 005066-06 William SCHELL, 22, farmer, Bruce Tp., same, s/o Charles SCHELL & Fanny STEPHENSON, married Lucindy SCHULER, 18, Saugeen Tp., Bruce Tp., d/o Casper SCHULER & Caroline MAAS, witn: Edward SCHALUR & Emma SCHELL both of Bruce Tp. on Mar. 26, 1906 at Bruce Tp.
5289-06 John H. SCHWASS, 23, farmer, Saugeen, same, s/o Charles SCHWASS & Sophia KASTER, married Elizabeth KRAUTH (Kranth?), 28, Germany, Saugeen, d/o Daniel KRANTH & Katherine STINGBACH, witn: Samuel SCHWASS of Saugeen & Mina KRANTH of Berlin, 18 Oct 1906 at Saugeen 5285-06 Joseph SCOTT, 23, farmer, North Bruce, same, s/o Joseph SCOTT & Sarah J. RUSSEL, married Matilda MAAS, 19, Saugeen, North Bruce, d/o Adam MAAS & Matilda WANKEL, witn: James SCOTT & Mary Elizabeth MAAS, both of North Bruce, 17 Jan 1906 at Saugeen twp
5373-06 Charles SHAW, 33, sawyer, Lindenwood, same, s/o Gavin SHAW & Jane AGAR, married Ella JOHNSTON, 27, Wiarton, same, d/o George JOHNSTON & Mary HOGG, witn: Jennie SHAW of Lindsay & Jean JOHNSTON of Wiarton, 19 June 1906 at Wiarton 005195-06 (Bruce Co) Richard SHELTON, 61, Widower, machinist, Haldimand, Kincardine, s/o William SHELTON and Mary SHOPMAN, married Rachel WRIGHT, 45, Twp of Huron, same, d/o John WRIGHT and Catherine DOUPE, wtn: John M. ANDERSON of Kincardine and Minnie M. HUSTON of Huron Twp, on Dec 26, 1906 at Twp of Huron
005072-06 Lionel E. SHIPLEY, 28, farmer, London Tp., Bruce Tp., s/o Edward SHIPLEY & Hannah LAMBOURN, married Mary Moffat HUNTER, 22, Bruce Tp., Port Elgin, d/o William HUNTER & Mary JAMIESON, witn; William HUNTER of Port Elgin & Barbara THYNNE of Underwood on June 6, 1906 at the Manse at Underwood 005629-07 (Bruce Co) John James SHORTEND, 29, accountant, Barrie Ontario, Stratford Ontario, s/o George SHORTEND & Eliza DAWSON, married Elizabeth ROUKE, 26, Amabel, Park Head Amabel, d/o Samuel ROUKE & Emma AMEY witn: D. Norman JAMESON of Toronto & Margaret SHORTEND of Guelph, 19 Dec 1906, Park Head Amabel
5352-06 John SIEGEL, 30, farmer, Waterloo Co., Chepstow, s/o August SIEGEL & Margaret BEINGESSNER, married Caroline DRUMM, 27, Walkerton, same, d/o Martin DRUMM & Mary EILING, witn: Joseph Henry DRUMM of 42 Shaftesbury St. in Toronto & Mary Ann MEYER of Ambleside, 9 Oct 1906 at Walkerton  

005295/06 (Bruce Co) Alexander SINCLAIR, 38, farmer, Province Ontario, Hepworth Ont., s/o Alexander SINCLAIR & Jane DUKE, married Sarah Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 24, housemaid, Ontario, Paisley Ont., d/o Isaac JOHNSTON & Isabella Jane WOLFE, witn: Wesley SINCLAIR of Hepworth Ont. & Miller LEGGE of Arran Twp. Bruce Co. Ont., 2 May 1906, Methodist Parsonage Tara

5344-06 Thomas James SINGER, 30, widower, chair framer, Brantford, Walkerton, s/o William SINGER & Margaret BLACK, married Emma Rebecca WETTLAUFER, 23, Walkerton, same, d/o Henry WETTLAUFER & Rose HISERMAN, witn: Nelson & Daisy WETTLAUFER of Walkerton, 26 June 1906 at Walkerton

005011/06 (Bruce Co) William Francis SITHES, 65, widower, merchant, Ireland, Arran Twp Bruce Co., s/o Theophents SITHES & Hannah RYAN, married Evelyn BURGEON, 37, widow, Ont., Picton Ont., d/o Sidney DANARD & Catherine WILLIAMS, witn: Elizabeth EYRE & Tilly EYRE both of Oliphant, 19 September 1906, Oliphant

005293/06 (Bruce Co) Adelbert H. SMITH, 24, laborer, Beamsville, Tobermory, s/o John H. SMITH & Mary Catherine KONKLE, married Julia May SPEARS, 19, servant, Tobermory, Tobermory, d/o William Lyth SPEARS & Isabella BOWLES, witn: Fred J. SMITH & Laura HOPKINS both of Tobermory, 24 October 1906, Tobermory

005876-07 (Bruce) John James SMITH, 26, farmer, Kinloss, Culross, s/o Alex SMITH & Elizabeth FAULKNER, to Edna Gertrude BARTON, 23, Culross, same, d/o William John BARTON & Charlotte HOWELLE, wit: Lizzie E. SMITH of Lucknow & Mary L. BARTON of Toronto, 11 July 1906, Lucknow 005181-06 (Bruce Co) John D. SMITH, 40, Twp of Huron, Redvers Sask, farmer, s/o Donald SMITH and Catherine McAULEY, married Christine McKAY, 38, Ripley, same, d/o Norman McKAY and Kate McRITCHIE, wtn: Donald SMITH and Kate McKAY of Twp of Huron, on Jan 24, 1906 at Twp of Huron
5290-06 William J. SOLLORS, 36, farmer, England, Saugeen, s/o Isaac SOLLORS & blank, married Harrieta BURROWS, 26, Southampton, same, d/o John BURROWS & Lucy GIBBONS, witn: John BURROWS of Southampton & Malcolm McNEIL of Saugeen , 14 Nov 1906 at Saugeen

005307/06 (Bruce Co) Denzil Edwin STALLERS, 31, farmer, Middlesex Co., Kinloss Twp., s/o Edwin STALLERS & Jane FACEY, married Mary Ellen GORDON, 28, Kinloss Twp., Teeswater, d/o John GORDON & Matilda BELLS, witn: Agnes LITTLE of Teeswater & Charles A. SALMON of Holyrood, 18 January 1906, Teeswater

005002/06 (Bruce Co) Frederick STEPHENS, 28, laborer, Ont., Keppel Twp., s/o Richard STEPHENS & Emily SPENCER, married Ethel May LONEY, 20, farmer's daughter, Ont., Keppel Twp., d/o George LONEY & Margaret BEACOCK, witn: Eva M. GLAZIER & Mary E. GLAZIER both of Wiarton, 21 January 1906, Amabel Twp

005296/06 (Bruce Co) Ernest Bruce STEWART, 24, clerk, Millbank Ont., Lions Head Ont., s/o Alexander STEWART & Helen SCOTT, married Mamie L. McLEOD, 22, housemaid, Kincardine Twp., Tara Ont., d/o John McLEOD & Rachael McKIM, witn: Bert McLEOD of Tara Ont. & Ida BROWN of Lions Head Ont., 5 June 1906, Tara

005218/06 (Bruce Co) George STEWART, 22, farmer, Kincardine, Kincardine, s/o James STEWART & Eliza NEIL, married Mary Agnes FLUKER, 18, Morris Twp. Huron Twp., Kincardine, d/o Samuel FLUKER & Agnes MURRER (Munn?), witn: Robertson McKAY & Terra McKAY both of Kincardine, 29 January 1906, Kincardine

5383-06 George Albert STEWART, 21, plumber, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o Robert STEWART & Ann SMITH, married Rachel McCOY, 18, Canada, Derby, d/o John McCOY & Rachel McCARROL, witn: Ethel ELDRIDGE & Roxana E. SMYTHE, both of Wiarton, 19 Nov 1906 at Wiarton
005173-06 (Bruce Co) Elmer Gordon STONEMAN, 31, Shelbourne, Toronto Junction, moulder, s/o Henry STONEMAN and Caroline COX, married Mary Ann LEMONT, 23, Elderslie, Toronto Junction, d/o Henry LEMONT and Mary Ann BEATTY, Wtn: Peter BARRIE  and Eliza J. LEMONT of Greenock, on June 27, 1906 at Greenock 005158-06 (Bruce Co) George STREETER, 28, Sussex England, Brant, laborer; s/o Hugh STREETER and Sarah CARPENTER married  Sara Mabel JEWELL, 21, Harriston, Walkerton; d/o William JEWELL and Emma J. HOLLINSHEAD, Wtn: J.B. CAMPBELL and Gertrude McKINNON of  Greenock,   on Jan 11, 1906 at Pinkerton
005831-07 (Bruce) Charles STRATHDER, 27, farmer, Bedford Ohio, Huron, s/o David STRATHDER & Harriet McGREGOR, to Eliza Ann COX, 27, Kinloss, same, d/o James COX & Eliza A. McMILLAN, wit: David COX of Kinloss & Anna STRATHDER of Huron, 26 December 1906, Kinloss

005085/06 (Bruce Co) Alexander STROEDER, 23, farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp. Bruce Co., s/o Ernest STROEDER & Catherine EGGENSWILLER, married Ottilia BRUDER, 18, Carrick, Brant Twp., d/o Jacob BRUDER & Catherine SCHNURR, witn: Linus BRUDER of Greenock Twp. & Elisabeth SCHNURR of Carrick, 5 June 1906, Carrick

005214/06 (Bruce Co) John Alex SUTHERLAND, 28, merchant, Seaforth, Detroit, s/o Alex SUTHERLAND & Marian CAMPBELL, married Christina McDOUGALL, 28, seamstress, Tiverton, Tiverton, d/o Charles McDOUGALL & Mary McLEAN, witn: William MURDIE of Lucknow & Sarah McDOUGALL of Tiverton, 25 December 1906, Conc. 10 Kincardine twp.

005213/06 (Bruce Co) John James SUTHERLAND, 28, farmer, Kincardine twp., same, s/o Robert SUTHERLAND & Georgina CALDER, married Maria COLLINS, 31, farmer's daughter, Greenock Twp., Kincardine twp., d/o William COLLINS & Mary Ann LEWIS, witn: John NORMAN & Bertie Lee LINDSAY both of Kincardine twp., 14 November 1906, Lot 51. 52. Kincardine Twp.


005212/06 (Bruce Co) Lot SWALWELL, 32, Clergyman, Kincardine twp., Snowflake Manitoba, s/o George SWALWELL & Elizabeth GRICE, married Helen WRIGHT, 25, teacher, Scotland, Kincardine twp., d/o William WRIGHT & Mary FRASER, witn: Thomas SWALWELL of Ripley & Mary WRIGHT of Armow, 29 August 1906, St. Matthews Church Kingarf

5366-06 George W. TAYLOR, 25, farmer, Amabel, Keppel, s/o George E. TAYLOR & Elizabeth ARNELL, married Lucy Ada LYNE, 23, Oxford Co., Wiarton, d/o Thomas LYNE & Margaret KEEDWELL, witn: Clarence LYNE of Hepworth & William J. TAYLOR of Keppel, 16 April 1906 at Wiarton

005305/06 (Bruce Co) Alfred J. TAYLOR, 25, accountant, Brock Twp., Hanover, s/o William TAYLOR & Elizabeth BENNETT, married Helen Jessie CHAPMAN, 23, Teeswater, Teeswater, d/o Robert CHAPMAN & Elizabeth GOODFELLOW, witn: George MITCHELL of Hanover & Effie CHAPMAN of Teeswater, 3 January 1906, Teeswater

005056/06 (Bruce Co) John THEDORFF, 22, farmer, Brant, Brant, s/o Louis THEDORFF & Dorothea LAHN, married Matilda ALLET, 20, Bentinck Twp., Bentinck Twp., d/o Henry ALLET & Margaret DAMM (Damen?) witn: Fred TRASK & Emma THEDORFF both of Brant Twp., 19 December 1906, Elmwood Brant Twp.

005304/06 (Bruce Co) Wallace Jr. THORNTON, 24, carpenter, George Town, Teeswater, s/o Wallace THORNTON & Mary A. HALL, married Edna STUTT, 24, Teeswater, Teeswater, d/o Archibald STUTT & Margaret BROWN, witn: Albert STUTT & Lottie THORNTON both of Teeswater, 6 June 1906, Teeswater
005059-06 John TRUMBLEY (Trambley?), 25, farmer, Bruce Tp., same, s/o Robert TRUMBLEY & Ellen AVIS, married Caroline HEARN, 18, Bruce Tp., same, d/o James HEARN & Mary Jane GINGRICK (Gingrich?), witn: James AVIS & Maggie TRUMBLEY both of Bruce Tp. on Jan. 24, 1906 at Bruce Tp. 005073-06 Joseph VENNARD, 29, farmer, Bruce Tp., same, s/o Joshua VENNARD & Mary Ann WALKER, married Esther McDONALD, 23, Bruce Tp., same, d/o Charles McDONALD & Lizzie BELL, witn: Alex McDONALD of Bruce Tp. & Annie MINTO of Port Elgin on June 27, 1906 at Bruce Tp
005874-07 (Bruce) Thomas WATSON, 28, barber, Colborne, Lucknow, s/o Thomas WATSON & Mary SCOTT, to Margaret CAMPBELL, 30, Lucknow, same, d/o Malcolm CAMPBELL & Margaret ARMSTRONG, wit: Mary C. McKERROL & Mary CAMPBELL both of Lucknow, 25 April 1906, Lucknow 005875-07 (Bruce) John WATSON, 26, mechanic, W. Wawanosh, Lucknow, s/o Peter WATSON & Ann McPHERSON, to Annie McKENZIE, 31, Ashfield, same, d/o John McKENZIE & Ann McDONALD, wit: Gwendoline McLEOD & William L. McKENZIE both of Lucknow, 6 June 1906, Lucknow (also 5249-06)
005164-06 (Bruce Co) Amos WEBB, 31, Greenock, same, farmer; s/o Owen WEBB and Susan RALSTON, married Isabella Jane STEWART, 28, Greenock, same, d/o William Tappen? STEWART and Ann Jane SAWYER, Wtn: William WEBBof Greenock and Jennie METCALFE of Walkerton, on Apr 18, 1906 at Greenock 005176-06 (Bruce Co) Bernard WEBER, 28, Neustadt, Walkerton, laborer, s/o Alois WEBER and Rosma SCHICKL, married Sophie HUNNZIGER, 25, Chepstow, same, d/o Joseph HUNNZIGER and Veronica BACHMANN, Wtn: Anthony SCHWARTZ of Mildmay and Emma HUNNZIGER of Walkerton, on Oct 23, 1906 at Chepstow
005166-06 (Bruce Co) George J. WEBER, 26, Limerick  Huron Co, Chepstow, farmer, s/o George WEBER and Catherine SIELER, married Bella GRAF, 22, Chepstow, same, d/o Joseph GRAFT and Mary HUCK, Wtn: Albert WEBER and Theresa GRAF of Chepstow; on May 15, 1906 at Chepstow 5384-06 William WETHERUP, 21, laborer, Canada, Owen Sound, s/o James WETHERUP & Elizabeth KING, married Florence MILLAR, 21, Canada, Owen Sound, d/o John MILLAR & Harriet Ann COLWEL?, witn: James JACKSON & Margaret NEWTON, both of Owen Sound, 17 Dec 1906 at Wiarton
005061-06 George WHITE, 41, farmer, Zorra Tp. Oxford Co., Kincardine Tp., s/o James WHITE & Ann ROSS, married Emma WILLS, 37, Carrick Tp., Kincardine Tp., d/o Robert WILLS & Elizabeth DICKSON, witn: Donald McKNIGHT of Kincardine & Ella McECHRAN of Bruce Tp., on Jan. 4, 1906 at Bruce Tp

005030/06 (Bruce Co) Fred John WHITE, 32, farmer, Arran Twp., Lot 18 Conc. 7 Arran, s/o Thomas WHITE & Dinah JACQUES, married Isabella Ellenor BLACKBURN, 30, farmer's daughter, Elderslie Twp., Elderslie Twp., d/o John BLACKBURN & Isabella RALSTON, witn: William J. WHITE of Arran & Margaret BLACKBURN of Elderslie, 24 October, Lot 20 Conc. 3 Arran

005306/06 (Bruce Co) Roe S. WILDFANG, 21, merchant, Listowel Ont., Elmwood Ont., s/o Noah WILDFANG & Catherine STAEBLIE, married Sarah A. FILSINGER, 21, milliner, Mildmay, Mildmay, d/o Henry FILSINGER & Catherine MILLER, witn: C.A. EBY & Mabel WILDFANG both of Elmwood, 7 March 1906, Teeswater

005054/06 (Bruce Co) Henry WILLOUGHBY, 34, Public School teacher, Brant Twp., Elmwood Brant, s/o Nicolas WILLOUGHBY & Rachel LONG, married Melvina L. SINKPIEL, Elmwood, Elmwood, d/o Henry SINKPIEL & Catherine LACKNER, witn: Austin SMITH of Malcolm & Everna? SINKPIEL of Elmwood, 17 July 1906, Elmwood

5371-06 Harvey Wilbert WILSON, 24, machinist, Owen Sound, Shallow Lake, s/o William WILSON & Alma HARRISON, married Josephine VOISIN, 22, Culross, Park Head, d/o John VOISIN & Mary KOLLER, witn: Sarah HULL & F. May ACHESON, both of Wiarton, 6 June 1906 at Wiarton

005068-06 William J. WILSON, 25, farmer, Bruce Tp., Saugeen Tp., s/o John WILSON & Mary A. SMITH, married Katherine KRAUTH, 20, Saugeen Tp., same, d/o Daniel KRAUTH & Katherine STORTZBACK, witn: Mr & Mrs Neil McDONALD of Bruce Tp. on Apr. 11, 1906 at Bruce Tp.

004999/06 (Bruce Co) Johnston WINCH, 24, farmer, Elderslie, Elderslie, s/o William Henry WINCH & Margaret Jane BANNERMAN, married Margaret Louisa Ida Victoria BLAKE, 20, housekeeper – farmer's daughter, Mar, Albemarle, d/o John BLAKE & Annie GAWLEY, witn: Solomon BLAKE of Mar & Elizabeth WINCH of Gillies Hill, 21 March 1906, Mar 005178-06 (Bruce Co) Joseph WING, 27, Formosa, Cargill, barber, s/o John WING and Elizabeth KINKEL, married Mary SCHENKL, 22, German, Cargill, d/o John SCHENKL and Mary MILLER, Wtn: Louis SCHENKL of Chepstow and Susan WING of Southampton, on Nov 27, 1906 at Chepstow
5287-06 August F. W. WIPP, 24, mechanic, Germany, Port Elgin, s/o August F.W. WIPP & Bertha BERNDT, married Elizabeth M. GRAY, 20, Arran twp., Saugeen, d/o George GRAY & Annie DYMER, witn: William J. GRAY of Saugeen & Mary A. DYMER of Port Elgin, 6 June 1906 at Saugeen

005215/06 (Bruce Co) Joseph WRAGGE, 24, farmer, London England, Kincardine twp., s/o Joseph WRAGGE & Madelina KAY, married Rebecca McRAE, 24, farmer's daughter, Glengarry, Kincardine twp., d/o Duncan McRAE & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Walter CRAIG & Mary McRAE both of Kincardine twp., 15 August 1906, Kincardine twp.

005064-06 John YULE, 31, farmer, Canada, Paisley, s/o Thomas YULE & Jessie BLACK, married Rose Florence DEAN, 24, England, Bruce Tp., d/o parents names not known, witn: James MITCHELL of Elderslie Tp., & Ida ATKINSON of Bruce Tp. on Mar. 14, 1906 at Bruce Tp 5341-06 Ambrose ZETTEL, 59, widower, farmer, Waterloo twp., Walkerton, s/o Andrew ZETTEL & Magdalena HOLRADT, married Rosina ALT, 45, widow, Formosa, Walkerton, d/o John KIRSCH & Veronica SCHEIBEL, witn: Lucas & Helene ZETTEL of Formosa, 8 May 1906 at Walkerton