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Marriages in Brock District, part 1

From Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 2

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transcribed & submitted by Alison Causton

Samuel KIRKPATRICK of Woodstock, married Emelin COOK of East Oxford, witn: Daniel CARROLL, Jane KIRKPATRICK, 17 Nov 1842, at Woodstock.
James DAVIS of Burford, carpenter, married Jane LAMPORT of East Oxford, witn: Joseph SHIPFORD, Gabriel GURNETT, 12 Nov 1844, at West Oxford.
William WILSON of Woodstock, married Eleanor LAMPORT of Woodstock, witn: Rev. J.E. RYERSON, William RINTREE?, 15 Sept 1845, at Woodstock.
Richard TALBOT of London a.D.?, yeoman, married Emily KILPATRICK of Norwich, spinster, witn: Wm BRADSHAW of London, Chas B. Allen blacksmith of Norwich, 8 May 1847, at Otterville, Norwich B.D.

transcribed & submitted by Kathie McCutcheon-Gawne

Rev. Brinton P. Brown Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 21, 1842

April 27 Joseph PERSON, Bayham, to Jane CRANE, Bayham. Wit: Samuel & William Crane.

Aug. 10 Dudley WAID, Southwold, to Mary MCQUE, Southwold. Wit: Jacob Merah, Jacob Gilbert.

Sept. 1 Jacob GILBERT, Southwold, to Chestina KNITE, Southwold. Wit: Charles Moore, Charles Knite.

Oct. 10 Samuel CRANE, Bayham, to Elizabeth PERSON, Bayham. Wit: Ferry Burgner, Joseph Person.

Oct. 15 Benjamin SHIPY, Bayham, to Margaret DENTON, Bayham. Wit: Thomas Shipy, John Lambert.

Oct. 25 James CARPENTER, Malahide, to Urana GOLF, Malahide. Wit: Jabes Carpenter, William Golf.


Page 22, 1842

Dec. 27 George CLARKE, Bayham, to Catherine NICHOLS, Bayham. Wit: Benjamin Clarke, John Loncks.

Dec. 29 William COOK, Southwold, to (First name not recorded) CHAINY, Southwold. Wit: Isaac Bolsby, Isaac Smith.


Page 22, 1843

Feb. 2 Michael DIPEAL, Bayham, to Calistor COOK, Bayham. Wit: William Barry, Robert Cook.

March 8 Lester WESTOVER, Malahide, to Esther CRONK, Malahide. Wit: George Teeple, John Cronk.

April 12 Thomas WILTON, Dorchester, to Hannah PLANT, Dorchester. Wit: John Tickle, William Plant.

April 2 Isaac BOLSBY, Malahide, to Martha DENIS, Malahide. Wit: Mathias & John Millard.


Page 34, 1843

May 10 Samuel HARPER, Malahide, to Lecty/Leety SPENCER, Malahide. Wit: John Harper, John Kipp.

May 12 Moses TRUMAN, Bayham, to Phebe Jane GROVER, Bayham. Wit: William Pritchit, W. F. Pritchit.

June 1 Hiram TRUMAN, Bayham, to Beckey FRANKLIN, Bayham. Wit: George Best, William Putnam.


Page 35, 1843

June 7 David MERRIL, Malahide, to Gemima CASCADEN, Malahide. Wit: William & John Cascaden.

Sept. 11 Elisha ANGER, Malahide, to Deborah K (rest of name not recorded), Malahide. Wit: Abraham La, John Moore.

Oct. 10 James TRIBE, Malahide, to Jane WRITE, Malahide. Wit: Warren Davis, John Write.

Oct. 12 John MACK, Bayham, to Elizabeth GARRET, Bayham. Wit: W.J. & William Garret.

Oct. 20 Abraham SAWRE, Malahide, to Sarah ANGER, Malahide. Wit: Peter & George Sawre.


Page 35, 1844

April 4 Thomas SMITH, Yarmouth, to Sarah M. OSSER, Yarmouth. Wit: W. & W. Osser.


Page 46, 1844

Aug. 14 Hirham STYNUFF, Dereham, to Frances HOPKINS, Dereham. Wit: Edward F. Brown, Benjamin Hopkins.

Dec. 1 Benjamin FOX, Yarmouth, to Sarah BROOKS, Yarmouth. Wit: Tread & Leyman Leland.


Page 46, 1845

April 11 John SMITH, Norwich, to Sarah WRIGHT, Norwich. Wit: James Oatman, Joseph Bunce.

April 14 James CHIVERS, Norwich, to Laura ATHELEY, Norwich. Wit: Lockwood Prindel, Luther Oatman.

April 24 Joseph NORTON, Bayham, to Sarah YOUNGLOVE, Bayham. Wit: Joseph & John Younglove.


Page 47, 1845

May 7 Alexander SHELL, Dorchester, to Catherine DEGROAT, Dorchester. Wit: James & Peter De Groat.

May 14 Elias RALEIGH, Bayham, to Angelina COLE, Bayham. Wit: Reb Andrews, Granson Cole.

July 30 Hugh CASCADDEN, Bayham, to Laurah ANGES, Bayham. Wit: James Cascadden, Benjamin Angus.

Aug. 5 Benjamin SHELL, Dorchester, to Jane BARKER, Dorchester. Wit: James De Groat, Robert Barker.


Page 61, 1845

Sept. 15 Nicholas DEPEAL, Bayham, to Bridget PATERSON, Bayham. Wit: Lamber Depeal, Jacob Asre.


Page 61, 1846

Feb. 17 John VANWAGNER, Malahide, to Sarah LAWRENCE, Malahide. Wit: James VanWagner, Jonathon Thompson.

April 21 John HOLMES, Bayham, to Laury SMITH, Bayham. Wit: John & Joshua Malcolm.

May 9 James OSROAETH, Bayham, to Mary Ann STROBORDGE, Bayham. Wit: George Osroaeth, John Shilton.

May 22 Peter DEGROAT, Dorchester, to Elizabeth SHELL, Dorchester. Wit: Peter DeGroat, Alexander Shell.


Page 73, 1847

Feb. 7 William GLOVER, Malahide, to Loiza SUMMERS, Malahide. Wit: John Summars, Samuel Harper.

April 9 Mathias STARFORD, Bayham, to Sarah FINCH, Bayham. Wit: Finley Malcolm, Charles Nightingale.

Oct. 9 Christopher PEARSON, Bayham, to Rachel CRANE, Bayham. Wit: Zorra Bughner, Samuel Crane.

Nov. 11 William BUTTERFIELD, Bayham, to Hannah JONES, Bayham. Wit: William & John Jones.



Rev. A. Tolmie Presbyterian Church

Pg 232, 1854

Jan 17 John Watson LEWIS, Blanford, to Margaret MCEWEN, Blanford. Wit: John Pettigrew, James Burn.

Feb. 17 William SMITH, Woodstock, to Charlotte GILLESPIE, Blandford. Wit: Thomas Smith, James Bell.

Feb. 17 Thomas CRAIG, Waterloo, to Agnes MCCOMB, Zorra. Wit: James Cameron, John Rich.

April 15 Owen SMITH, Blanford, to Betsey SPRING, Blanford. Wit: A. B. Guares, Christopher Teephine.

April 18 William BOND, Blenheim, to Ann MURDOCH, Blenheim. Wit: William Stay, George Murdoch.

April 28 William DAVIDSON, Blanford, to Susan BLACK, Blanford. Wit: John Davidson, John Binner.

Sept. 15 William OLIVER, Zorra, to Ann ADAMS, Zorra. Wit: William & Jessie Rae.


Pg 232, 1855

Jan. 31 Thompson WALTON, Zorra, to Margaret SMITH, Zorra. Wit: Peter Campbell, J. Smith.

March 1 John CAMERON, Blanford, to Elizabeth MCCOMB, Zorra. Wit: John Barre, John Risk.

July 16 James GILLESPIE, Blanford, to Sarah COUNEY, Zorra. Wit: A. S. Gillespie, William Smith.

Sept. 21 Angus MCDONALD, Blanford, to Margaret MONTGOMERY, Dumfries. Wit: C.E. Foster, John Spruce.

Nov. 15 Richard BICKLE, Zorra, to Margaret ELLIOTT, Zorra. Wit: James Lockart, John Hislop.


Pg 233, 1855

Dec. 4 Thomas LOCKIE, Blanford, to Jane SELLARS, Blenheim. Wit: Ajohn Lockie, John Patton.


Pg 261, 1857

Dec. 24 Donald MCDONALD, Blenheim, to Jane HALLOWAY, Blenheim. Wit: William Story.


Rev. Archibald Cross, Presbyterian Church

Pg 244, 1856

Feb. 23 James CRAIGIE, Embro, to Margaret WALKER, Ingersoll. Wit: Louis Craigie, John Walker.

May 22 James KEITH, New Aberdeen, to Ann BRUCE, Ingersoll. Wit: James Hay, James Guy.

Aug. 7 Edwin CASSWELL/CAPWELL, Ingersoll, to Charlotte BARKER, Ingersoll. Wit: Joseph Browitt, William Barker.

Sept. 14 Alexander James KIDD, Bayham, to Melvina E. LUNDAY, Bayham. Wit: John Patterson, J.P. Burr.

Oct. 24 Murdoch MCKENSIE, Zorra, to Georgina MCDONALD, Zorra. Wit: James Barclay, William Sutherland.


Rev. Barnabas Brown, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 158, 1850

Dec. 30 Clarendon SMITH, Norwich, to Margaret BROWN, Norwich. Wit: Seneca Smith, William Sherwood.

Feb. 2 Jacob JOHNSON, Norwich., to Jane KELLY, Norwich. Wit: Ira B. Blodgett, Daniel Barber.

No date Eli REYNOLDS, Norwich, to Katherine HORNING, Norwich. Wit: Rev. Lewis P. Smith, William Horning.


Rev. Barney Markle, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 17, 1842

April 26 John CHASE to Susan CROFFORD. Wit: Peter Burgar, B. N. Fluding.


Page 24, 1843

Jan. 2 Egbort MCLEES to Ann RONY. Wit: Abraham Pike, Eli Woodrow.


Rev. Benson Smith, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 23, 1842

Nov. 23 John ODELL, Norwich, to Margaret BARTLES, Norwich. Wit: Charles Odell, John Haggadon.


Rev. David Griffin, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 37, 1843

Dec. 23 William GRAY, Norwich, to Mary MOOR, Norwich. Wit: ?? Webster, ?? Soper.


Page 37, 1844

Jan. 28 William CLARK, Norwich, to Deborah TITUS, Norwich. Wit: Henry Burger, Henry Titus.

Feb. 11 Charles WOOD, Norwich, to Mary Ann APLES, Norwich. Wit: Henry Burger, Henry Titus.

June 6 Chancy YERRINGTON, Norwich, to Mary Jane WILCOX, Norwich. Wit: Sidney Wright, Chancy Wilcox.


Page 23, 1843

Aug. 23 John ARMSTRONG, Oxford, to Rosanah GALLOWAY, Oxford. Wit: Robert Shell, Ann M. Smith.


Rev. C. W. M. Gilbert, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 166, 1850

March 12 John PANNABAKER, Blenheim, to Mary KENYON, Blenheim. Wit: Anthony Marshall, Lewis Beesley.

Oct. 22 John MELICK, Blenheim, to Mary LOUNSBERRY, Blenheim. Wit: Robert Kennedy, Mary Harp.

Oct. 22 William DAVIDSON, Blenheim, to Mary SMITH, Waterloo. Wit: Richard Springer, Sarah Davidson.


Pg 166, 1851

July 7 James HOLBORNE, Bayham, to Permelia LOVE, Oxford. Wit: Samuel Smith, Hester Ann R. Gilbert.

Sept. 9 Whiting CLOTHIER, S.E. Hope, to Laura Ann FLEMING, Oxford. Wit: Jarvis Dotaz, John Johnston.

Oct. 8 Henry MCCLOUD, Nissouri, to Harriet SANDERSON, Nissouri. Wit: Jacob McLoud, Mary H. Ludworth.


Pg 166, 1852

March 17 Charles WALKER, Zorra, to Alexina ROSE, Zorra. Wit: Abram D. Walker, Hugh Rose.

June 15 Joseph DODGE, Zorra, to Sarah THORNTON, Zorra. Wit: Catherine Eastwood, Elizabeth D. Cuthbert.


Pg 185, 1852

July 14 Hezekiah TURNER, Dereham, to Matilda Jane TURNER, Dereham. Wit: William Turner, William Harris.

Aug. 29 George WESTON, Nissouri, to Eliza Elenor MCDONALD, Nissouri. Wit: Anthony & Christine Turner.

Nov. 8 John COOK, Ingersoll, to Tamson Tillson BLAKELY, Ingersoll. Wit: Catherine Eastwood, Mary H. Sudworth.

Dec. 25 John PEARSON, Oxford, to Clarinda WEAR, Oxford. Wit: Wentworth Harris, Hannah C. Hillman.


Pg 185, 1853

Jan. 27 Thomas MCFADDEN, Oxford, to Jane CONNER, Oxford. Wit: Robert Irvine, Mary Ann Spearman.

Jan. 31 John PROCTOR, Oxford, to Mary HERIN, Oxford. Wit: James Farley, Samuel Whiting.

March 21 Isaac CODY, Zorra, to Elizabeth MENTEITH, Dereham. Wit: Harrison S. Cody, Roxey Thornton.

April 1 Robert WILSON, Dereham, to Elizabeth Ann NANCKIVELL, Woodstock. Wit: Abram B. Hillock, William Nanckivell.

May 8 David WILLSON, London, to Clarra BERRY, Ingersoll. Wit: Robert & Angus McDonald.


Rev. C. W. Keplan (Kaplan?) Free Church

Note: Residence & witnesses not recorded


Pg. 227, 1855

March 6 William HAGHTE to Barbara MINER.

March 15 James FERGUSON to Rebecca JONES.

Nov. 7 Joseph R. BASTEDO to Elizabeth AITKINS.

Dec. 27 James LAW, to Isabella MCKAY.


Rev. Caleb Taylor, Methodist Episcopal Church

Page 23, 1843

Oct. 1 Larry H. HUNT, Windham, to Hannah LOPING/SOPING, Norwich. Wit: Albert & William A. Loping/Soping.



Rev. Daniel Berney, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 260, 1856

June 28 William WARD, Dorchester, to Hannah MCDONALD, Dorchester. Wit: Thomas & Agnes Grant.

July 10 Joseph DARLING, Nissouri, to Eliza SNELL, Nissouri. Wit: George Darling, Alexander Wilson.

Aug. 14 William TAYLOR, Nissouri, to Margaret ARMSTRONG, Nissouri. Wit: John Taylor, Joel Hoyt.

Dec. 8 William WARNES, Dorchester, to Sarah NIGHT, Dorchester. Wit: W. J. McKenzie, A. G. Berney.


Pg. 260, 1857

Jan. 7 William GREELEY, Nissouri, to Elizabeth LUNAS/LEENAS, Nissouri. Wit: John Land, Peter Pelton.

Feb. 8 James FLEMING, Zorra, to Elizabeth FLEMING, Zorra. Wit: John Henry, Mary Smith.


Rev. Darius Cross, Baptist Church

Page 9, 1841

Jan. 10 Samuel TREE, Zorra, to Jane BROWN, Zorra. Wit: William & Rachel Rowell.

June 9 Jacob BROWN, Blenheim, to Eliza SMITH, Blenheim. Wit: Jacob & David Ennest.

Sept. 5 Daniel B. HIGBE, Zorra, to Eliza GORDON, Zorra. Wit: Asa Hallock, Betsey Crop (Cross?).

Sept. 8 Thomas H. POOL, Zorra, to Mary PHELPS, Zorra. Wit: Amos McNames, Levi Johnson.

Oct. 10 James H. MORGAN, Oxford, to Eliza DALON, Oxford. Wit: Cyrus & Phebe Dibble.

Dec. 28 Henry SMITH, Nissouri, to Eliza Jane JOHNSON, Nissouri. Wit: James Smith, William McDormut.(McDermott?)


Rev. Edward Lounsberry, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 192, 1852

Dec. 1 Edward MALCOMB (Malcolm?), Norwich, to Martha CHRISLER (Chrysler?), Norwich. Wit: Elisha Lefler, Susannah Chrisler.

Dec. 1 Elisha LEFLER, Norwich, to Susannah CHRISLER, Norwich. Wit: Edward & Martha Malcomb.


Pg 192, 1853

Jan. 22 Charles WICKHAM, Norwich, to Mary WILSON, Norwich. Wit: Daniel Wilson.

Feb. 15 Joseph B.D. PRINGLE, Burford, to Elizabeth MCINTOSH, Burford. Wit: Ellin Wright, Peter McIntosh.

March 15 Isaac DENNIS, Norwich, to Lucy FLEWELLING, Norwich. Wit: Ellen & George D. Killmer.

April 6 John ERWIN, Norwich, to Malinda PIPER, Norwich. Wit: George Craford, Mary Ann Herner.

June 8 Hugh KNEAL, Oxford, to Mary Ann WALLACE, Oxford. Wit: Isabella Kneal, David Kelley.

July 6 William C. GRIFFIN, Norwich, to Catherine HUNTER, Norwich. Wit: James Underwood, Eliza Ann Snider.

July 28 Peter SNELL, Norwich, to Elenor CIPHER, Norwich. Wit: Jackson Siple, Olie Emeigh.

Sept. 14 Willis HALTON, Norwich, to Mary DAVIS, Norwich. Wit: Sinecca Pitcher, Mary Merril.

Oct. 13 Daniel HOUSE, Norwich, to Catherine SNELL, Norwich. Wit: Leander Forbes, Margaret Lewis.


Pg 193. 1853

Aug. 25 George CRAWFORD, Norwich, to Mary Ann LOUNER, Norwich. Wit: William Crawford, Elizabeth Piper.

Aug. 26 James ABERCROMBIE, Norwich, to Elizabeth CORNWELL, Norwich. Wit: Ebenezer Wilson, Margaret Munro.

Sept. 7 George SWARTOUT, Norwich, to Hellen GILBERT, Norwich. Wit: Catherine Swartout, William Bradley.

Oct. 13 John Cary DICKINS, Norwich, to Mary GRAY, Norwich. Wit: Isaac B. Hollinbeck, Sarah Ann Joiner.


Rev. David Hardie, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 43, 1844

March 30 Abraham SCOTT, Norwich, to Maria STEVENS, Norwich. Wit: Samuel Searlse, Ann Stevens.

June 22 John S. SCOTT, Tilsonburgh, to Lydia HAWKINS, Tilsonburgh. Wit: James Scott, Charles Hawkins.


Page 57. 1845

June 23 Charles C. WALKER, Norwich, to Mary FREW, Norwich. Wit: Chester S. Johnson, George W. McDonald.


Rev. Donald McKenzie. Scotch Presbyterian Church

Page 25, 1840

Feb. 5 Peter MURRAY, Zorra, to Effy MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: William & Robert Murray.

Feb. 6 Colin MATHESON, Zorra, to Barbara MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Donald Matheson, Hugh McKay.

April 10 William WILSON, Blanford, to Lily REID, Zorra. Wit: Benjamin Sutherland, Duncan Reid.

April 10 Robert MCINTOSH, Zorra, to Catherine MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: John McIntosh, William McKay.

Aug. 18 Alexander NASMYTH, Zorra, to Ann MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: Donald Gordon, Alexander McKenzie.

Feb. 28 James MUNRO, Zorra, to Ann MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Charles Munro, Alexander McKay.

Oct. 28 Sydney JOHNSON, Oxford, to Elizabeth LAWRENCE, Blanford. Wit: not recorded.

Oct. 29 Paul MURRAY, Zorra, to Lucy BRUCE, Zorra. Wit: Alexander Murray, Alexander McKay.

Dec. 10 Kenneth MURRAY, Zorra, to Elizabeth MCDONALD, Zorra. Wit: George Murray, James McDonald.

Dec. 25 Donald (Last name not recorded), Zorra, to Christy MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Campbell, Peter Murray.

Dec. 25 John MCKAY, Zorra, to Catherine MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Donald & William McKay.

Dec. 4 Robert GRAY, Nissouri, to Mary Ann MATHESON, Zorra. Wit: Kenneth Gray, John Forks.


Page 26, 1841

Jan. 1 Alexander MCKAY, Zorra, to Dorothy MCDONALD, Oxford. Wit: Robert Munro, George McDonald.

April 9 Peter SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Mary Ann MATHESON, Zorra. Wit: John Sutherland, George Matheson.

June 9 Alexander MCKAY, Zorra, to Grace GUNN, Blanford. Wit: Alexander Gordon, Joseph Bruce.

Oct. 6 Alexander MORRISON, Oxford, to Margaret MCKAY, Oxford. Wit: David Gibb, George McDonald.

Nov. 26 William MCKAY, Zorra, to Christy GRAHAM, Zorra. Wit: Charles McKay, Thomas Oliver.

Dec. 31 Charles ROSS, Zorra, to Elizabeth MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Kenneth & George Murray.

Dec. 31 David MURRAY, Zorra, to Ann MCDONALD, Zorra. Wit: James Murray, Alexander McIntosh.

Dec. 24 Donald MCKAY, Zorra, to Grace MCKAY, Nissouri. Wit: John & Hugh McKay.


Page 26, 1842

Jan. 7 John MCKAY, Zorra, to Mary Ann MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Alexander Rose, George Murray.

Jan. 7 Angus MCKAY, Zorra, to Sarah Duff STEWART, Zorra. Wit: alexander McKay, Alexander Gordon.

Jan. 7 Donald MURRAY, Zorra, to Elspet MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: John Murray, Alexander McKay.


Page 27, 1842

Jan. 19 James KAISTER, Zorra, to Lucy HARRINGTON, Zorra. Wit: Adam Karn, William Harrington.

Jan. 29 William MCINTOSH, Oxford, to Johanna MORRISON, Zorra. Wit: Donald & Marshall McKay.

Feb. 4 John MCKAY, Zorra, to Margaret ROSS, Zorra. Wit: John McKay, Donald Sutherland.

Feb. 4 Charles MUNRO, Zorra, to Ann ROSS, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Campbell, John McKay.

Feb. 9 Hugh MCDONALD, Nissouri, to Catherine MCDONALD, Brock. Wit: William & Finlay McDonald.

Feb. 11 Alexander FRASER, Nissouri, to Lily SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: Robert Gordon, Alexander McKay.

Feb. 14 (First name not recorded) MCLEOD, Oxford, to (First name not recorded) MORRISON, Zorra. Wit: Donald & Marshall McKay.

April 27 William SUTHERLAND, Blanford, to Mary PEARSON, Zorra. Wit: james Sutherland, George McIntosh.

May 9 Grafton SMITH, Zorra, to Catherine MCTAGGART, Beachville. Wit: Malcolm & Neil McTaggart.

May 23 Alexander HOSSACK, Zorra, to Hectorina FORBES, Zorra. Wit: Donald McKay, George Morrison.

May 8 Thomas BELCHER, Zorra, to Ann MCLEOD, Zorra. Wit: John McKenzie, Alexander Gordon.

May 8 William MURRAY, Beachville, to Mary MCTAGGART, Beachville. Wit: Angus & Alexander McKay.

Aug. 4 Donald MCCALL, Nissouri, to Margaret CAMPBELL, Zorra. Wit: Archibald & Duncan McCall.

Oct. 18 Robert MURRAY, Zorra, to Esther GILCHRIST, Zorra. Wit: Alexander Murray, John Matheson.

Nov. 3 Daniel SIMPSON, London, to Jessie MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Neil McTaggart, John McDonald.

Nov. 10 Aelxander GREEN, Woodstock, to Ann MCLEOD, Woodstock. Wit: John Grieg, John Fraser.

Dec. 15 Barclay MUNRO, Zorra, to Ann MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Robert Matheson, Alexander Murray.


Page 51, 1843

March 24 Ebeneezer SUTHERLAND, Nissouri, to Christina ORR, Zorra. Wit: Alexander Sutherland, Donald McKay.

March 23 Andrew MCPHERSON, Zorra, to Mary Ann MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: William McPherson, Hugh Murray.

April 21 Donald MCKAY, Zorra, to Mary MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: John Ross, John McKay.

June 16 William BURKE, N.E. Hope, to Christina ROSS, N.E. Hope. Wit: John Bayne, Alexander Murray.

June 16 (First name not recorded) KIPPEN, Zorra, to Mary MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Donald & James McKay.

Aug. 16 Henry PEERS, Oxford, to Mary VEITCH, Oxford. Wit: David Whyte, John Veitch.

Nov. 7 John MORRISON, Ingersoll, to Hughina MUNRO, Ingersoll. Wit: William Gordon, Robert Whyte.

Nov. 9 George HENDERSON, Woodstock, to Christina MCKAY, Woodstock. Wit: Alexander Gordon, William Campbell.

Nov. 16 David STUART, Zorra, to Mary MCLEAN, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Reid, William McDonald.

Nov. 16 William ANDERSON, Zorra, to Catherine MCDONALD, Nissouri. Wit: Alexander McCorcadale, William McDonald.

Dec. 15 Hugh ROSS, Beachville, to Christy MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Robert & John Ross.

Dec. 22 Joseph FRASER, Ross, to Catherine DUNCAN, Zorra. Wit: John Ross, Robert Duncan.

Dec. 29 Donald MCARTHUR, Nissouri, to Janet MCDONALD, Nissouri. Wit: Jas. & Alexander McCorcadale (McCorquadale?).


Page 52, 1844

Jan. 17 John Munro ROSS, Zorra, to Jessie GORDON, Zorra. Wit: William & Alexander Gordon.

Jan. 18 Alexander SHAW, Nissouri, to Ann MCDONALD, Nissouri. Wit: Donald Gordon, William McDonald.

Feb. 2 George MURRAY, Zorra, to Mary FRASER, Zorra. Wit: Simon McKenzie, James Fraser.

Feb. 13 John ROSS, Zorra, to Mary MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Angus Ross, Donald Leslie.

Feb. 13 John MCKAY, Zorra, to Johanna MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Jas. Johnston, Hugh Ross.

March 1 James MCKAY, Zorra, to Jane MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Donald & John McKay.

March 8 John MCKAY, Nissouri, to Merran MUNRO, Zorra. Wit: Alexander Murray, John McDonald.

March 15 John VEITCH, Zorra, to Sarah Jane BURDICK, Zorra. Wit: Albert & Isaac Burdick.

March 21 William WILSON, Nissouir, to Elizabeth GREY, Nissouri. Wit: Thomas Bryne, Andrew Grey.

March 22 James SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Peggy MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Robert Sutherland, Alexander McKay.

May 17 Archibald MUNRO, Southwold, to Euphemia WAKER, Adelaide. Wit: Archibald Paul, Neil McAlpine.

May 25 George MATHESON, Zorra, to Ann BAILIE, Zorra. Wit: James Reid, George Bailie.

July 24 Sylvester ROUNDS, Nissouri, to Blanche VEITCH, Woodstock. Wit: Daniel Burdick, Henry Nasmyth.

Oct. 18 John MCFARLANE, Downie, to Isabella SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: John Murray, William Meeks.

Dec. 27 Andrew FRASER, Downie, to Betsey MUNRO, Zorra. Wit: paul Gordan, Charles Munro.


Page 53, 1845

Jan. 10 Walter RAYMOND, Zorra, to Catherine GILCHRIST. Wit: Gillies & Hector Gilchrist.

Jan. 17 James WATSON, Gore District, to Catherine MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: James & Robert Murray.

Jan. 23 William Charles MCLEOD, Woodstock, to Dorothy MURRAY, Woodstock. Wit: Aelxander McIntosh, John Douglas.

Feb. 6 William SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Margaret WHITE, Zorra. Wit: George Sutherland, Robert White.

Feb. 21 Angus MCINTOSH, Zorra, to Isabella MCDONALD, Zorra. Wit: David Murray, James McDonald.

Feb. 13 Duncan MCINTYRE, Aldborough, to Nancy LIVINGSTON, Aldborough. WIT: Dugald Grey, Alexander Livingston.

Feb. 27 William BEATTIE, Nissouri, to Catherine MCDONELL, Nissouri. Wit: John Paterson, Donald McDonell.

March 7 James MCKAY, Zorra, to Kate MATHESON, Zorra. Wit: Alexander Wood, William Sutherland.

June 24 William SMILEY, Burford, to Margaret HOOK, Beachville. Wit: John Casrall, William Hook.

June 24 William PARK, Oxford, to Esther WATT, Oxford. Wit: Angus McKay, (First name not recorded) Watt.

Aug. 7 Hector MCDONALD, Owen Sound, to Christina MCKAY, Woodstock. Wit: William McDonald, John Clark.

Aug. 18 James HEYSON, Downie, to Margaret MCCOY, Downie. Wit: Daniel Demsey, Duncan McWilliam.

Sept. 12 Duncan MCDONALD, Goderich, to Margaret ROSS, Zorra. Wit: John Bayne, William Stuart.

Oct. 21 James HENDERSON, Woodstock, to Isabella MCCULLOCH, Woodstock. Wit: Alexander Munro, George Gunn.

Dec. 2 James GEORGE, Zorra, to Barbara ROSS, Zorra. Wit: William Stuart, Joseph Bruce.

Dec. 19 John WOOD, Zorra, to Catherine DUNCAN, Zorra. Wit: Alexander Wood, John Hyde.


Page 77, 1846

Jan. 1 William FRASER, Zorra, to Jane JOHNSTONE, Zorra. Wit: James & John Traser/Fraser.

Jan. 2 Robert WHITE, Zorra, to Christina MANSON, Zorra. Wit: Donald McKay, Robert Murray.

Feb. 25 Hiram HARRINGTON, Zorra, to Matilda HALLOCK, Zorra. Wit: William Harrington, John Caister.

March 10 William OLIVER, Zorra, to Janet HENDERSON, Zorra. Wit: Henry & Donald Anderson.

April 17 Martial MCKAY, Zorra, to Jane MATHESON, Zorra. Wit: John McKay, John Matheson.

April 17 Alexander MCKAY, Zorra, to Kate SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: John McKay, Hugh Sutherland.

June 19 Colin MCINTOSH, Zorra, to Jane MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: William R. McCaulay, Kenneth Kerr.


Page 78, 1846

June 24 Alexander GORDON, Zorra, to Christina MATHESON, Zorra. Wit: Anderson Murray, James McKenzie.

July 1 Duncan SMITH, Oxford, to Charlotte BERTH, Oxford. Wit: Robert H. Campbell, Niel M. Taggart.

Aug. 4 John C. ROSS, Zorra, to Margaret Howie CALDER, Zorra. Wit: John Bayne, James Grant.

Aug. 7 John MCLEAN, Zorra, to Ann ROSS, Zorra. Wit: Kenneth Kerr, Hugh Ross.

Sept. 11 Robert NICHOL, Zorra, to Margaret COWING, Zorra. Wit: James Nichol, Thomas Cowing.

Sept. 18 John SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Catherine GUNN, Zorra. Wit: Alexander Sutherland, Alexander Gunn.

Sept. 25 John MCKENZIE, Zorra, to Mary Ann MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: William McKenzie, John McKay.

Oct. 1 Donald MATHESON, Zorra, to Alice DUNCAN, Zorra. Wit: George Logan, Robert Duncan.

Oct. 7 Alexander FRASER, Zorra, to Jessie MUNRO, Zorra. Wit: Angus Trosser, John Munro.

Oct. 20 Dugold MCDONALD, Zorra, to Alice SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: John McKay, John Sutherland.

Oct. 20 William TELFER, Oxford, to Elizabeth TELFER, Oxford. Wit: George & Andrew Telfer.

Oct. 27 James SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Williamina ROSS, Zorra. Wit: Alexander & Donald Sutherland.

Dec. 17 Alexander GRANT, Zorra, to Elizabeth GUNN, Zorra. Wit: Peter McKay, Angus McCall.

Dec. 25 George MCKAY, Zorra, to Isabella MCDONALD. Zorra. Wit: Donald Gordon, George McDonald.


Page 79, 1847

Jan. 22 Andrew FORESTER, Zorra, to Catherine CHISHOLM, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Ross, William Chisholm.

Jan. 26 James MCKENZIE, Zorra, to Margaret MATHESON, Zorra. Wit: David McKenzie, Hugh Rose.

Jan. 26 Robert Stuart CAMPBELL, Zorra, to Margaret BAIN, Zorra. Wit: Donald Smith, Alexander Bain.

Feb. 7 Donald MCCULLOCH, Zorra, to Matilda PASCAL, Zorra. Wit: William Grant, Hugh Rose.

Feb. 11 Gillies GILCHRIST, Zorra, to Catherine BERTH, Zorra. Wit: Archibald McAllister, Duncan Berth.

Feb. 26 Alexander CLARK, Zorra, to Alexandrina MATHESON, Zorra. Wit: George McIntosh, Alexander Gordon.

March 4 William GRANT, Zorra, to (first name not recorded) MCCULLOCK, Zorra. Wit: not recorded.

March 6 David BLACK, Zorra, to Margaret ORR, Zorra. Wit: Robert Young, Robert Orr.

March 12 Donald ROSS, Zorra, to Janet ROSS, Zorra. Wit: David Ross, Alexander Gordon.

March 12 Alexander ROSE, Zorra, to Mary SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Ross, Andrew Sutherland.

March 30 Alexander MCCORQUADALE, Zorra, to Isabella MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: William & Alexander Ross.

April 2 William MCDONALD, Zorra, to Ann SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: Alexander Ross, Hugh Sutherland.

April 16 John MCKAY, Zorra, to Isabella ROSS, Zorra. Wit: Alexander & George Gordon.

May 13 James FALCONER, Zorra, to Elizabeth NICOL, Zorra. Wit: Robert & John Falconer.

May 13 Nelson Riley BULLER, Zorra, to Delight MAYNARD, Zorra. Wit: George Duncan, David Wooley.

May 20 Alexander MURRAY, Zorra, to Betsy SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: George McKay, Donald Sutherland.


Page 80, 1847

June 9 James MCCORCADALE, Zorra, to Camella WILLSON, Zorra. Wit: Donald McCorcadale, Donald Gordon.

July 20 David MCKENZIE, Zorra, to Hannah BODDINGTON, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Rose, Edmond Boddington.

Aug. 13 John MCKAY, Zorra, to Mary ROSS, Zorra. Wit: Hector & Donald McKay.

Sept. 2 Peter CUTHBERT, Zorra, to Mary Jane CHAMBERS, Zorra. Wit: Charles Cuthbert, John Allardyed.

Oct. 1 John ROSS, Zorra, to Marion MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Alexander Ross, Donald Munro.

Oct. 4 William HALLIDAY, Zorra, to Caroline FLYNN, Zorra. Wit: ?? Welsh, William Stuart.

Nov. 3 William Ross MCAULEY, Zorra, to Christine Bogg FRASER, Zorra. Wit: John Troser, Robert Mann.

Nov. 6 William S. SWORTS, Woodstock, to Ann CLAYTON, Woodstock. Wit: Lachlan McPherson, John Clayton.

Nov. 9 Walter CLARK, Zorra, to Ann MCDONALD, Zorra. Wit: Lachlan McPherson, Hugh Ross.

Nov. 23 John Innis MCKENZIE, Ingersoll, to Margaret PHELAN, Ingersoll. Wit: Daniel James McKenzie, ?? Phelan.

Dec. 24 Alexander DOUGLAS, Zorra, to Ann MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: George McKay, William Ross.


Page 116, 1848

Jan. 6 John MCKAY, yeoman, Zorra, to Johanna MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: James Adam, Alexander Bain.

Jan. 27 John ROBERTSON, yeoman, Zorra, to Ann MORRISON, Zorra. Wit: William McKay, George Morrison.

Feb. 8 Colin SUTHERLAND, yeoman, Zorra, to Elizabeth CAMPBELL, Zorra. Wit: Hugh & Alexander Campbell.

Feb. 8 William MORTON, yeoman, Mova, to Ann SHAW, Mova. Wit: Benjamin Frank, Thomas McNabb.

March 8 Thomas INGERSOLL, yeoman, Zorra, to Isabella JOHNSTON, Zorra. Wit: Henry Carroll, James Fowler.

March 14 Allan SHAW, yeoman, Zorra, to Mary WARNOCK, Zorra. Wit: Alexander & William Shaw.

June 1 William NEWMAN, yeoman, Zorra, to Janet MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: john Shaw, John McKenzie.

July 20 James SMALL, yeoman, Zorra, to Janet MCLEOD, Zorra. Wit: John Bernet, Alexander McKay.

July 24 James William CURRY, yeoman, Zorra, to Mary Ann HOSKIN, Zorra. Wit: H. F. Smith, Albert Osborne.

Aug. 2 James WILKES, yeoman, Beachville, to Agnes HOOK, Beachville. Wit: William Smiley, William Hook.

Oct. 11 Donald CAMERON, yeoman, Williams, to Elizabeth MCQUILKEN, Williams. Wit: Donald Fraser, Allan McQuilken.

Oct. 25 Donald LESLIE, yeoman, Zorra, to Johanna ROBINSON, Zorra. Wit: William Murray, Kenneth McLeod.

Nov. 24 Peter MCKAY, yeoman, Zorra, to Margaret KERR, Zorra. Wit: Donald Leslie, David Murray.

Nov. 28 Donald MCKENZIE, yeoman, Zorra, to Georgina GUNN, Zorra. Wit: Hugh McLeod, Kenneth McCaskhill.

Nov. 28 William GORDON, yeoman, Zorra, to Flora ROSS, Zorra. Wit: John Gordon, John McKay.

Dec. 15 James MATHESON, yeoman, Zorra, to Margaret MUNRO, Zorra. Wit: William Sutherland, Jane Munro.


Page 117, 1849

Jan. 5 Alexander MCKAY, yeoman, Zorra, to Mary MCLEOD, Zorra. Wit: John Mcfee, Donald Gunn.

Jan. 26 Alexander MCKENZIE, yeoman, Zorra, to Dolly MORRISON, Zorra. Wit: James Bayne, William Morrison.

March 15 James MATHESON, yeoman, Zorra, to Caroline Sophia MCCORQUADALE, Zorra. Wit: George Matheson, Alexander McCorquadale.

March 20 Samuel CLEMENS, yeoman, Nissouri, to Euphemia AITCHESON, Nissouri. Wit: Robert Young, Andrew Aitcheson.

June 30 Hugh ROSS, Nissouri, to Caroline SHAW, Nissouri. Wit: Alexander & John Shaw.

July 13 Alexander SUTHERLAND, yeoman, Zorra, to Catherine MCDONALD, Zorra. Wit: Donald Gordon, George McDonald.

July 14 Duncan MCGILLVRAY, yeoman, Zorra, to Mary BAIN, Zorra. Wit: Simon Clark, Alexander Bain.

July 27 Thomas MCKAY, yeoman, Zorra, to Janet SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: Donald Gordon, Jos. Reid.

Aug. 2 Benjamin CHESNUT, yeoman, Zorra, to Willina MCLEOD, Zorra. Wit: Levi Chesnut, Donald Ross.

Aug. 31 David MCDONALD, yeoman, Zorra, to Ann NICHOLSON, Zorra. Wit: James Barclay, ?? McDonald.

Sept. 27 James REID, yeoman, Zorra, to Ann FRASER, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Sutherland, Alexander Fraser.

Oct. 25 Eldad Dewey HALL, yeoman, Zorra, to Margaret LOUNSBURY, Zorra. Wit: Henry Van Valkenburgh.

Nov. 16 John MCLEOD, yeoman, Zorra, to Christy MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Neil McLeod, George McKay.

Nov. 16 George MORRISON, yeoman, Zorra, to Ann MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Donald Morrison, John McKay.

Nov. 16 George MCLEOD, yeoman, Zorra, to Mary MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: John & Robert Murray.

Nov. 20 Donald MORRISON, yeoman, Zorra, to Catherine MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Neil McLeod, George McKay.


Page 118, 1849

Nov. 22 Fraser SUTHERLAND, yeoman, Zorra, to Margaret CORMACK, Zorra. Wit: George & William Sutherland.

Nov. 22 Robert S. MASON, yeoman, Zorra, to Kennetha S. FRASER, Zorra. Wit: William R. McKay, John Fraser.

Dec. 7 Angus MCKAY, yeoman, Zorra, to Isabella MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Donald & Angus McKay.

Dec. 26 Duncan MCTAGGERT, yeoman, Zorra, to Christina BERTH, Zorra. Wit: Neil McTaggert, Duncan Smith.


Pg. 137, 1850

Jan. 2 John SUTHERLAND, Oxford, to Cirsty MCKENZIE, Oxford. Wit: John Morrison, Donald McKenzie.

Jan. 8 John ROSS, Oxford, to Mary MCLENNAN, Oxford. Wit: Robert Ross, William Gordon.

Jan. 17 Charles HALLOCK, Oxford, to Charlotte DAY, Oxford. Wit: John Morrison, Simon McKenzie.

Jan. 31 Benjamin VANATTER, Oxford, to Flora MCQUEEN, Oxford. Wit: John & Simon Venatter.

Feb. 7 George MCPHERSON, Oxford, to Janet ROSS, Oxford. Wit: William McPherson, John Morrison.

Feb. 21 James MCDONALD, Oxford, to Catherine MORRISON, Oxford. Wit: Vernan German, Murdock Morrison.

Feb. 21 Duncan ANDERSON, Dumfries, to Mary MORRISON, Nissouri. Wit: Hugh Sutherland, Donald Morrison.

March 7 George ADAM, Oxford, to Verona GLENDENNING, Oxford. Wit: James Adam, George Brennen.

March 14 Sutherland MUNRO, Oxford, to Catherine SUTHERLAND, Oxford. Wit: Angus McKay, John Young.

March 22 George GUTHRIE, Oxford, to Mary SUTHERLAND, Oxford. Wit: Alexander Gordon, Donald Sutherland.

April 5 Alexander GUNN, Oxford, to Ann MURRAY, Oxford. Wit: Hugh McKay, Hugh Murray.


Pg 138, 1850

April 11 Hugh FRASER, Oxford, to Christy MCKENZIE, Oxford. Wit: Roderick Fraser, James Adam.

May 7 Alexander MCALPIN, Dereham, to Christy MCARTHUR, Zorra. Wit: William McKay, John Ross.

July 18 John MURRAY, Oxford, to Christy MCLEOD, Oxford. Wit: John Morrison, Anus Ross.

July 19 William MCBERTH, Oxford, to Christy SUTHERLAND, Oxford. Wit: William McDonald, Donald Murray.

Aug. 6 Donald CAMPBELL, London, to Barbara MCKAY, Nissouri. Wit: William Tuart, John McKay.

Oct. 11 Duncan STEWART, Woodstock, to Mary MCLEAN, Woodstock. Wit: Andrew Murray, John McLean.

Nov. 20 Andrew GREY, Nissouri, to Georgina GREY, Nissouri. Wit: Andrew Grey, John Shaw.

Dec. 6 William MCKAY, Oxford, to Ann MCLEOD, Oxford. Wit: Alexander McKay, George McDonald.

Dec. 12 Rev. John ROSS, Oxford, to Eliza MCKAY, Oxford. Wit: Alexander Murray, Alexander Gordon.

Nov. 13 William MCKINZIE, Nissouri, to Dolina MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: Alexander McCorquadale, Alexander McKay.

Dec. 13 Donald MCGILLVRAY, Oxford, to Rebecca BAIN, Oxford. Wit: Duncan McGillvray, Alexander Bain.

Dec. 17 Cyreneus RAYMOND, Norwich, to Mary MORRISON, Zorra. Wit: William & Hugh Morrison.

Dec. 27 William BELSHAN, Zorra, to Dolina MCLEOD, Zorra. Wit: David & George McKenzie.


Pg 155, 1852

Jan. 2 William SMITH, Embro, to Janet MCKENZIE, Embro. Wit: Charles Munro, Alexander Grant.

Jan. 23 John CAMPBELL, Zorra, to Jane MUNRO, Zorra. Wit: Robert & Adam McDonald.

Jan. 29 Donald MURRAY, Zorra, to Williamina MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: Robert McDonald, James McKenzie.

Jan. 30 Murdock MCLEOD, Zorra, to Catherine MCLEOD, Zorra. Wit: Andrew Murray, Gilbert Matheson.

March 4 Norman MCINTYRE, Burford, to Margaret MCINTYRE, Woodstock. Wit: Donald Campbell, John McRay.

March 17 John MCLEOD, Zorra, to Mary MCLEOD, Zorra. Wit: Alexander McRay, Norman McLeod.

March 20 Witham ROSS, Zorra, to Janet MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Donald Ross, Robert Murray.

April 13 Hugh ROSS, Oxford, to Elizabeth MCCULOCH, Woodstock. Wit: Peter McLeod, James Clarke.

May 27 Ephraim HALLOCK, Zorra, to Janet SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: Asa Hallock, Angus McKay.

Dec. 3 Daniel HOLAHAN, Embro, to Johanna GREEN, Zorra. Wit: Lyman Lyons, Donald Gunn.


Pg 158, 1851

Jan. 1 Matthew CLARKE, Nissouri, to Christina GREY, Nissouri. Wit: Angus McKay, John Morrison.

Jan. 3 Robert FORBES, Zorra, to Janet MCKAY, Woodstock. Wit: William Gunn, John Gordon.

Jan. 16 Murdoch MCLENNAN, Zorra, to Mary Ann MCDONALD, Zorra. Wit: Duncan Matheson, Robert McDonald.

Jan. 22 William REID, Zorra, to Louisa ROSS, Zorra. Wit: Duncan Reid, Donald Calder.

Jan 23 Timothy MOORE, Blanchard, to Janet BAKER, Nissouri. Wit: Andrew Shaw, Hugh Baker.


Pg 159, 1851

Feb. 1 Hugh MATHESON, Zorra, to Catherine CAMPBELL, Zorra. Wit: Alexander Murray, Alexander Campbell.

Feb. 5 Neil MUNRO, Zorra, to Janet MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Murray, John Morrison.

Feb. 4 William MCDONALD, Zorra, to Margaret MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Murray, George Morrison.

Feb. 7 James MCKAY, Zorra, to Barbara ROSS, Zorra. Wit: Donald & Alexander Murray.

Feb. 7 John GORDON, Zorra, to Ann MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Donald Gordon, David Murray.

Feb. 26 Roderick MCKENZIE, Puslinch, to Dolina MCLEOD, Nissouri. Wit: Hugh Gunn, Neil McLeod.

March 11 Kenneth MCKENZIE, Ashfield, to Peggy MCRAE, Zorra. Wit: Alexander McRay, George McDonald.

March 13 James MCKENZIE, Zorra, to Janet MCDONALD, Oxford. Wit: Alexander McRay, John McRay.

March 25 Lewis ROSS, Nissouri, to Margaret MUNRO, Nissouri. Wit: Alexander McKay, William Gordon.

March 27 John MUNRO, Zorra, to Elizabeth MUNRO, Zorra. Wit: Charles Munro, George Leslie.

July 1 John MCKAY, Zorra, to Catherine KERR, Zorra. Wit: Geroge McKay, George Barrett.

July 17 George ROSS, Zorra, to Ann STEWART, Zorra. Wit: Rev. J. Ross, William Stewart.


Pg 160, 1851

Oct. 10 William BETHUNE, Zorra, to Margaret MORRISON, Zorra. Wit: Donald McCaul, Hugh Morrison.

Oct. 17 William MCKAY, Zorra, to Wilhiamina MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Duncan Matheson, Alexander McKay.

Nov. 4 Witham BARNETT, Zorra, to Ann MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: John Matheson, Rev. James Cameron.

Nov. 28 Alexander SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Christina MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Angus McLeod, Donald McKay.

Dec. 5 Robert MCIVER, Embro, to Isabella FRASER, Embro. Wit: James Adams, Jacob Hodgkinson.

Dec. 26 John R. ROSS, Zorra, to Agnes MCDONALD, Zorra. Wit: Joseph Ross, William McDonald.

Dec. 30 William MCMILLAN, Zorra, to Johanna CAMPBELL, Zorra. Wit: Hazel Green, Hugh Campbell.


Pg 197, 1853

Jan. 4 Alexander MCKENZIE, Zorra, to Ann MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: William Sutherland, William McDonald.

Jan.14 Robert DUNCAN, Zorra, to Janet CAMPBELL, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Matheson, Donald Campbell.

Feb. 4 Donald MCKAY, Zorra, to Mary Ann CAMPBELL, Zorra. Wit: George & William McKay.

Feb. 10 John PANKER, Stratford, to Ann SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: Alexander & Thomas McKay.

Feb. 25 William R. MURRAY, Zorra, to Christina MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: James Young, Adam McDonald.

March 11 Peter IMLAY, Zorra, to Johanna GORDON, Zorra. Wit: Joseph Laycock, William Nott.

April 19 John GILLESPIE, Blandford, to Catherine MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: Hugh Fraser, Peter McKay.

June 29 James MITCHELL, Zorra, to Catherine GORDON, Zorra. Wit: J.M. Ross, Alexander Gordon.

July 14 Norman KERR, Zorra, to Catherine MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: Kenneth Kerr, James Fraser.

Sept. 28 John MCKAY, Dereham, to Mary MATHESON, Zorra. Wit: Robert Sanderson, Angus Matheson.

Nov. 1 James WALL, E. Nunen, to Johanna MCKENZIE, E. Nunen. Wit: Alexander Sutherland, John McDonald.


Pg 198, 1853

Dec. 23 Donald ROSS, Zorra, to Margaret KERR, Zorra. Wit: Hector Ross, John Kerr.

Dec. 28 James SUTHERLAND, Woodstock, to Betsy Ann FOQUETT, Woodstock. Wit: Alexander & Donald Sutherland.


Pg 209, 1854

Jan. 7 Alexander MCDONALD, Zorra, to Ann MCLENNAN, Zorra. Wit: Alexander McDonald, Duncan Neil.

Jan. 17 George MCKENZIE, Zorra, to Hannah MCLEOD, Zorra. Wit: David Campbell, James McKay.

Sept. 20 Alexander KERR, Zorra, to Catherine MCLEOD, Zorra. Wit: Colin Sutherland, Hugh McLeod.

Jan. 27 Hugh MCLEOD, Zorra, to Isabella ROSS, Zorra. Wit: John & Jully Ross.


Pg 210, 1854

Feb. 23 Duncan BAIN, Zorra, to Sybla NESS, Zorra. Wit: Donald Ross, George Matheson.

Sept. 22 Thomas MCINTOSH, Zorra, to Johanna MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: William Reid, Neil Munro.

Sept. 22 Angus STEELE, Zorra, to Mary MCPHAIL, Zorra. Wit: John Fraser, John McAuley.

Oct. 20 Robert MURRAY, Zorra, to Ann MATHESON, Zorra. Wit: Peter Murray, Gilbert Matheson.

Nov. 24 Alexander MCKAY, Zorra, to (first name not recorded) MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: John Forbes, Thomas Murray.

Dec. 15 Donald KERR, Zorra, to Margaret MCKENZIE, Zorra. Wit: Neil Munro, William Reid.


Pg 228, 1855

Jan. 29 Alexander MCKAY, Chatham, to Barbara MCKAY, Zorra. Wit: William Morrison, William Hennesey.

Feb. 9 George MCKAY, Zorra, to Janet BRUCE, Zorra. Wit: William McLeod, John Campbell.

Feb. 15 William MURRAY, Zorra, to Margaret MORRISON, Nissouri. Wit: Angus McKay, William Morrison.

Feb. 23 Angus MCKAY, Zorra, to Mary Ann LESSEN/SESSEIE, Zorra. Wit: John & Hugh McKay.

March 16 Hector MCDONALD, Kincardine, to Christina MCDONALD, Nissouri. Wit: James Fraser, Ebenezer Sutherland.

March 23 Kenneth KERR, Zorra, to Lexy MUNRO, Zorra. Wit: John Kerr, John Campbell.

April 5 John FORRES, Zorra, to Isabella SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: Angus Campbell, John Sutherland.

April 6 James WHYTE, Zorra, to Ann ROSS, Zorra. Wit: William Sutherland, Hugh McLeod.

June 11 Finlay MCLEOD, London, to Mary CORMACK, Zorra. Wit: William McLeod, George Cormack.

Nov. 16 William MURRAY, Zorra, to Catherine MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Robert & David Murray.


Pg 257, 1856

Jan. 7 Andrew SUTHERLAND, Nissouri, to Christina SUTHERLAND, Nissouri. Wit: Alexander Ross, Robert Gordon.

Feb. 1 William MUNRO, Zorra, to Margaret REID, Zorra. Wit: Neil Munro, James Calder.

Feb. 1 Francis LAMB, Zorra, to Elizabeth MUNRO, Zorra. Wit: George Gordon, Alexander McKay.

Feb. 7 Alexander McKay ROSS, Zorra, to Catherine SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: Angus Ross, Ebenezer Sutherland.

Feb. 8 Levi GERMAN, Oxford, to Georgina MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: John & William Murray.

March 21 Alexander MURRAY, Zorra, to Jessee CAMPBELL, Zorra. Wit: George & John Campbell.

March 30 William INNES, Zorra, to Mary LEES, Zorra. Wit: James & George Adam.

July 22 John KENNEDY, Nissouri, to Nancy SWEETZENGER, Nissouri. Wit: George Montgomery, Alexander Sweetzenger.

July 24 Adam DARLING, Zorra, to Margaret MCRAE, Zorra. Wit: James McKay, Joseph Ross.

Aug. 15 William THOMPSON, Zorra, to Margaret HAIRE, Zorra. Wit: Robert Whyte, Alexander Haire.

Aug. 29 Robert GORDON, Oxford, to Helen GREY, Dorchester. Wit: Adam Gordon, James Sutherland.


Pg 258, 1856

Sept. 5 James INNES, Zorra, to Isabella CARR, Zorra. Wit: James Innes, William Anderson.

Sept. 18 Alexander WALKER, Woodstock, to Janet SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: Donald Murray, James Sutherland.

Oct. 3 George ROSS, Embro, to Margaret MCDONALD, Zorra. Wit: William Murray, James Sutherland.

Oct. 16 Frederick COOKE, Zorra, to Margaret MCLEOD, Zorra. Wit: William Sutherland, John Campbell.

Oct. 16 Alexander FRASER, London, to Elizabeth MCLEAN, London. Wit: William Clark, Hector McLean.

Nov. 7 Donald REID, Zorra, to Jane MCMILLEN, Zorra. Wit: William Reid, Sullivan Ross.

Nov. 14 Thomas S. MCKENZIE, Woodstock, to Alison WHYTE, Woodstock. Wit: Alexander Bayne, James Gunn.

Dec. 19 Donald MURRAY, Zorra, to Margaret MURRAY, Zorra. Wit: Alexander & John Murray.

Dec. 25 Alexander MUTCH, Zorra, to Margaret THOMPSON, Zorra. Wit: Daniel Lucinson, Angus McKay.



Rev. Duncan McDermid

Pg 175 Note: Marriages performed between Jan. 1, 1853 & Jan. 1, 1854. Actual dates not recorded.

Hugh Lindsay MUNRO, Oxford, to Margaret FORBES, Zorra. Wit: William Sutherland, George Forbes.

John MURRAY, Zorra, to Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: George Murray, M.R. McDermid.

John SUTHERLAND, Woodstock, to Catherine BRUCE, Woodstock. Wit: William Sutherland, Alexander Bruce.

Alexander MELVILLE, Blandford, to Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: Gilbert Matheson, John Ross.

William MCDONALD, Woodstock, to Isabella FRASER, Woodstock. Wit: Alexander Munro, Alexander McBean.

Donald WILSON, Woodstock, to Sarah STEWART, Woodstock. Wit: Rev. A. Tolnie, Hector McKinnon.

Peter BURNS, Woodstock, to Janet MCKENZIE, Beachville. Wit: Thomas Perry, James Fraser.

Andrew WILLIE, Nissouri, to Janet BEATTIE, Nissouri. Wit: James Smith, Walker Oliver.

John BOWLES, Woodstock, to Catherine SUTHERLAND, Woodstock. Wit: William Merrifield, Aelxander McDonald.

Remember MCKAY, Zorra, to Hannah DANBY, Zorra. Wit: Robert Murray, William Fraser.


Pg 176, 1852

June 10 John GUNN, Oxford, to Sarah WILSEY, Burford. Wit: Alexander Davidson, William Wilsey.

June 24 Kenneth MCLENNAN, Toronto, to Janet MOORE, London. Wit: Colin & John Moore.

Oct. 21 John GORDON, Zorra, to Catherine CLARK, Paris. Wit: Alexander Ross, William McKay.

Nov. 2 Peter MCLEAN, Woodstock, to Ann MCDONALD, Woodstock. Wit: Mary R. McDermid, Neil McLean.

Nov. 30 John MURRAY, Zorra, to Catherine SUTHERLAND, Zorra. Wit: Donald Gordon, Donald Sutherland.

Dec. 28 Hugh GUNN, Woodstock, to Mary BRUCE, Zorra. Wit: James Gunn, Angus Ross.


Pg 222 Note: Return labeled Marriages between Jan. 1, 1854 to Jan. 1, 1855. Actual date & witnesses not recorded.


John BERRY, Burford, to Christine MCKAY, Burford.

John GUILD, Oxford, to Christina KERR, Oxford.

James CLARK, Ingersoll, to Isabella MUNRO, Woodstock.

Alexander SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Catherine MUNRO, Zorra.

John ALLEN, Wilmot, to Margaret FINLAYSON, Wilmot.

William MERRIFIELD, Woodstock, to Margaret MILLER, Woodstock.

Robert MURRAY, Zorra, to Isabella ROSS, Zorra.

Alfred DILTON, Woodstock, to Mary MCKAY, Woodstock.

Hector MCKENAN, Woodstock, to Mary MCKIGGAN, Woodstock.

William WATT, Woodstock, to Leah LANAWAY, Woodstock.

Robert BROOKS, Burford, to Agnes REID, Burford.

Battie MCFARLANE, Glandford, to Mary BELL, Oxford.


Pg 223, 1854

Hugh KENNADY, Woodstock, to Mary MCCULLOCH, Woodstock.

Norman MCL(rest not recorded), Williams, to Ann MCLELLAND, Woodstock.

William ORANGE, Woodstock, to Jane MCKAY, Woodstock.


Pg 234 Marriages between Jan. 1, 1855 & ??, 1856. Actual date & witnesses not recorded.


John KARNS, Oxford, to Nancy NANCKVILL, Zorra.

William MCINTOSH, N.E. Hope, to Margaret MCTAVISH, Zorra.

Alexander ROSS, Woodstock, to Hectonna MCKENZIE, Woodstock.

John MARSHALL, Ingersoll, to Cecilia OLIVER, Woodstock.

George SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Janet MCLEOD, Zorra.

John WEBSTER, Oxford, to Elizabeth DOWELL, Oxford.

Donald MCDONALD, Woodstock, to Margaret MCKENZIE, Woodstock.

Robert SUTHERLAND, Zorra, to Elizabeth HUTCHESON, Oxford.

William PURVIS, Downie, to Elizabeth HOLMES, Stratford.

Donald MURRAY, Zorra, to Jane MURRAY, Zorra.

William BELL, Zorra, to Dolina MCKAY, Zorra.

William STUBBS, Woodstock, to Jane KEMP, Woodstock.


Pg 236, 1855

Murdoch MCKAY, Oxford, to Ann Jane COGLIN, Oxford.

Malcolm CAMPBELL, Oxford, to Ann MCKAY, Oxford.

William WOODS, Woodstock, to Martha (last name not recorded), Woodstock.

Lachlan MCKAY, Woodstock, to Catherine MCKAY, Woodstock.

John MCKAY, Zorra, to Isabella ROSS, Zorra.


Pg 253 Note: Marriages between Jan. 1, 1856 to Jan. 1, 1857. Actual dates, residence & witnesses not recorded.


William PATTERSON to Isabella MCLEAN.

Peter MCLEOD to Helen MCLEOD.

Robert MURRAY to Catherine SUTHERLAND.

Daniel WEIR to Ann MCINTOSH.


William P. ROBINSON to Christina MCLENNAN.

John ROSS to Helen BRIMNESS.


Valentine TAYLOR to Barbara T. GRUBB.


Alexander MURRAY to Mary Ann SUTHERLAND.


Pg 254, 1856

William CLARK to Mary OLIVER.

William BLAKE to Margaret STEWART.

Roderick MCLEOD to Isabella ARMSTRONG.

Robert MURRAY to Mary Ann BRUCE.


Rev. Duncan McKecar(?)

Pg 184, 1851

Dec. 31 Adam OLIVER, Blenheim, to Jane SPEIRS, Blenheim. Wit: Thomas McGill, Jessie Speirs.


Pg. 184, 1852

March 11 Alexander MURRAY, Zorra, to Jessie LAIDLAW, Blenheim. Wit: Janet Murray, Alexander Laidlaw.

Oct. 5 John THOMPSON, Blenheim, to Jane BASTEDO, Blenheim. Wit: Sarah E. & David Bastedo.


Pg 214, 1854

Feb. 3 John CLINTON, Blenheim, to Jessie SHEARS, Blenheim. Wit: Hugh & Maria Allen.


Rev. Edwin Clement

Pg 200, 1850

Dec. 5 Charles L. WHITTEMORE, Blenheim, to Margaret MARTIN, Blenheim. Wit: Samuel Simpson, Hannah Stackhouse.

Dec. 17 Francis PICKLE, Dumfries, to Alice SHOWERS, Dumfries. Wit: Jarvis Man, Elizabeth Campbell.


Pg. 200, 1851

April 24 Hartley L. LAYCOCK, Paris, to Susannah HATCH/HUTCH, Woodstock. Wit: George Laycock, Miss Piers.


Pg. 200, 1853

March 17 William HARRIS, Blenheim, to Emma HARPER, Blenheim. Wit: Phillip Third, Sarah Ann Marshall.

March 23 Ralph TAYLOR, Blenheim, to Lorinda DARLING, Blenheim. Wit: James Holman.




Rev. Francis Chapman, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Pg 146, 1850

Oct. 19 Ryerson HILLIKER, Norwich, to Sarah Ann L. M. DARKER, Norwich. Wit: Margaret & Asa Darker.

Nov. 5 Robert PALMER, Norwich, to Dorcas SEARLS, Norwich. Wit: Abigail & Daniel Searls.

Dec. 9 James KERR, Norwich, to Margaret IRWIN, Norwich. Wit: William & Sarah Searle.

Dec. 18 John William GUSTIN, Norwich, to Lavinia BARNS, Oxford. Wit: William & Rachel Polden.

Dec. 30 Thomas CARROLL, Norwich, to Jane HERISON, Nowich. Wit: Joseph Harming, Hiram Pain.


Pg. 146, 1851

Jan. 1 James CROWMELL (Cromwell?), Norwich, to Martha RAYLEY, Norwich. Wit: Chester Johnson, John Wood.

Pg 147, 1851

Jan. 21 Jonathon P. CLINE, Saltfleet, to Rachel C. MAXWELL, Burford. Wit: William Thomson, William Marshall.

Jan. 22 Daniel STOVER, Norwich, to Sarah J. MCDAVIN, Norwich. Wit: William Bean, William Burlingame.

Jan. 23 Andrew BUSCARK, Norwich, to Amelia WILTSEE, Norwich. Wit: Harrison & Elizabeth Wiltsee.

Jan. 28 John MASON, Norwich, to Ann LEE, Norwich. Wit: Daniel Lyttle, Catherine Cornell.

March 12 Daniel SYPLE, Norwich, to Eliza WATSON, Norwich. Wit: Mary A. & Francis Chapman.

March 18 John WETHERAL, Norwich, to Mary CAMERON, Norwich. Wit: William & James Cameron.

March 25 Amasa LEWIS, Norwich, to Roxellen VAN NORMAN, Dereham. Wit: Nancy & Benjamin Van Norman.

April 2 August S. DRESSER, Charlotteville, to Nancy T. VAN NORMAN, Dereham. Wit: Bodwick Dresser, Benjamin Van Norman.

April 7 James MCMASTER, Charlotteville, to Eliza ROBINSON, Walsingham. Wit: Jane Stover, Jane Williams.

April 7 William H. LOUKS, Charlotteville, to Agnes GRAY, Charlotteville. Wit: James McMaster, Jane Williams.

April 28 Stephen STEPHENS, Norwich, to Abagail LOPING, Norwich. Wit: Mary & Henry Loping.

April 30 Lindemon SACKRIDER, Norwich, to Mahala BOLAND, Norwich. Wit: Thomas Craig, Charles Bingham.

May 14 Charles RYDER, Burford, to Mary J. CARNES, Burford. Wit: William Williams, James Carnes.


Pg 148, 1851

May 20 Daniel DUFFY, Norwich, to Mary GRAIG, Norwich. Wit: William Williams, Matilda Force.

Aug. 4 Andrew BRADLEY, Norwich, to Unice A. PEASLEY, Norwich. Wit: William Bradley, Sarah A. Peasley.

Aug. 12 John F. YATES, Norwich, to Maria ORR, Norwich. Wit: Elizabeth Yates, John W. Bailey.

Sept. 2 James RUSSELL, Norwich, to Maria A. MOORE. Wit: Elizabeth Hardey, Frederick Moore.


Pg. 164, 1851

Sept. 29 Duncan CAMERON, Norwich, to Clarissa MCCULIEN, Burford. Wit: John & Mary Wetheral.

Sept. 29 James A. MCMASTER, Burford, to Elizabeth MAGEE, Burford. Wit: Jane Williams, Ann Shawman.

Sept. 29 Daniel FULLER, Norwich, to Mary J. MAYER, Norwich. Wit: Jane Williams, Mary A. Chapman.

Oct. 8 Frederick MOORE, Norwich, to Elizabeth HARDY, Norwich. Wit: James & Mary A. Russell.

Oct. 14 Thomas GREEN, Norwich, to Margaret A. SEARLE, Norwich. Wit: Abigail & Andrew Searls.

Oct. 21 George FOLLOWER, Oxford, to Mary ARTHUR, Oxford. Wit: James Follower, Charles Brink.

Nov. 26 Martin SMITH, Norwich, to Mary NEWSTEAD, Norwich. Wit: Cynthia Smith, John Colar.

Dec. 9 William HARRIS, Norwich, to Annis HARRIS, Norwich. Wit: David Harris, Mark Hutchinson.

Dec. 24 John HILL, Burford, to Caroline DETON, Oxford. Wit: Horne Austin, John Deton.

Dec. 31 John PARPER, Norwich, to Rachel A. WILTSIE, Norwich. Wit: Hiram & Elizabeth Wiltsie.


Pg. 164, 1852

Jan. 1 James CAMERON, Norwich, to Emma BERAY, Norwich. Wit: William Cameron, Margaret A. Force.


Pg 165, 1852

Jan. 21 Austin B. SMITH, Norwich, to Anna WOODARD, Norwich. Wit: Reuben & Diana Smith.

Feb. 17 William LINDY, Norwich, to Sarah COHUE, Norwich. Wit: John & Mary Mason.

April 1 Fleming H. FOUNTAN, Burford, to Elizabeth M. MANN, Burford. Wit: Elisha Amery, Sarah J. Rider.



Rev. Edward Topping, Baptist Church

Page 24, 1842

Nov. 30 John STRONG, Zorra, to Rachel ROWEL, Zorra. Wit: John Rexford, William Rowel.


Page 24, 1843

Jan. 23 Francis SIM, Blenheim, to Elizabeth CUSINS, Blenheim. Wit: Collin McLein, William Ball.

Jan. 25 Benjamin HORNOR (Horner?), Blenheim, to Disera CHARLES, Blenheim. Henry C. Hornor, James Akins.

Feb. 21 John CHARLES, Blenheim, to Susan Adelaide TAYLOR, Blenheim. Wit: Henry C. Hornor, Jordan Charles.

Oct. 23 Nathaniel HILL, Woodstock, to Mary LIVINGSTON, Woodstock. Wit: Mary & Ann Eliza Janes.

Oct. 25 Richard J. KIPP, Blenheim, to Elenor CUSINS (Cousins?), Burford. Wit: James Davis, George Beamer.

Oct. 21 David W. ELLIOTT, Oxford, to Sally Ann HADCOCK, Norwich. Wit: Joseph L. Cook, Daniel Hadcock.


Page 40, 1844

Jan. 15 Peter SYPHER, carpenter, Oxford, to Esther SALMON, Oxford. Wit: herkimer & Reuby Dogget.

July 14 Ralph FEATHERSTON, carpenter, Oxford, to Rachel TOPPING, Oxford. Wit: Jacob & James W. Topping.

Aug. 21 Alexander MILMINE, cooper, Oxford, to Elizabeth C. BEAMER, Burford. Wit: Moris L. & Lothrop Green.

Oct. 17 Henry A. CONRAD, yeoman, Blenheim, to Julia P. HULL, Blenheim. Wit: William Sole, Daniel McHill.

Nov. 12 Thomas CLARKE, farmer, Oxford, to Mercy Ann GURNETT, Oxford. Wit: Joseph Shipord, Gabriel Gurnett.


Page 41, 1844

Dec. 17 Michael BAKER, yeoman, Oxford, to Catherine MCAULEY, Oxford. Wit: David Dickson, Matilda H. Topping.


Page 55, 1845

Jan. 17 John CUTHBERT, farmer, Oxford, to Catherine CUNNINGHAM, Oxford. Wit: David Dickson, Peter Cuthbert.

Feb. 3 Richard GILLARD, carpenter, Norwich, to Phidelia M. OTIS, Norwich. Wit: Benjamin Smith Jr., Ransom Woodard.

May 27 Nehemiah BARTLEY, farmer, Zorra, to Euretta DIBBLE, Zorra. Wit: Thomas Blake, Cyrus Dibble.

Dec. 16 Edwin YOUNG, yeoman, Oxford, to Mary Greenseel BARTLEY, Oxford. Wit: Charles Pope, George Bartley.


Page 66, 1846

March 31 David BARR, watchmaker, Woodstock, to Mary WELCH, Oxford. Wit: William Wilson, Shoemaker, James Kintrea, painter.

June 18 Levi BENT, cooper, Beachville, to Charlotte MILLARD, Beachville. Wit: Nelson & Robert Millard, farmers.

June 28 Henry BEAMER, farmer, Burford, to Louisa BRAY, Burford. Wit: Lathrop Green, farmer, Yates Ferguson, carpenter.


Page 66, 1847

March 11 Freeman Burdock SCHOFIELD, carpenter, Beachville, to Faith CARR, Oxford. Wit: Henry B. Schofield, blacksmith, James Carr, farmer.


Page 86, 1848

Feb. 2 Elias COOK, farmer, Oxford, to Elizabeth Betsy SAGE, Dereham. Wit: Mary Cook, John Sage/Lage.


Page 109, 1847

June 21 Sampson HOOD, carpenter, Zorra, to Ann HORTON, Zorra. Wit: Matilda H. Topping, Joseph Wilson.


Page 109, 1848

Feb. 2 Elias COOK, farmer, Oxford, to Betsey Elizabeth LORNE, Oxford. Wit: Elias & Mary Cook.

May 25 John CLARK, laborer, Woodstock, to Mary Ann GREY, Woodstock. Wit: not recorded.


Page 119, 1848

Nov. 12 Adam LICK, yeoman, Oxford, to Mariah CURTIS, Oxford. Wit: John Topping, David Curtis.

Nov. 22 John LICK, farmer, Oxford, to Barby Jane THORNTON, Oxford. Wit: Henrietta Lick, John Topping.

Dec. 13 Levi BENT, painter, Beachville, to Sarah Elenor KIPP, Oxford. Wit: Wellington R. Gould, John Jinley.


Page 119, 1849

March 14 Henry LEWIS, farmer, Burford, to Caroline KIPP, Oxford. Wit: James Lewis, John Nelnis.

Sept. 16 Timothy TOPPING, Oxford, to Sarah DODGE, Oxford. Wit: Elizabeth & Hermond Dodge.

Sept. 24 James LOVE, Oxford, to Caroline LINDLEY, Oxford. Wit: John & Permelia Lee.

Oct. 19 Charles POPE, Oxford, to Emma BROWN, Oxford. Wit: Matilda Topping, Francis Dilton.


Pg 145, 1849

Dec. 9 James LOUNSBURY, Dorchester, to Harriet ARNOLD, Dorchester. Wit: Henry & Hannah Van Valkenburgh.

Dec. 19 John Rolph TOPPING, Oxford, to Henrietta LICK, Oxford. Wit: Ruby Jane & John Lick.

Dec. 21 Peter HOPKINS, Oxford, to Matilda HALL, Oxford. Wit: Malinda Hopkins, Robert Hall.


Pg 145, 1850

Nov. 4 Lord Wellington FULLER, Woodstock, to Charlotte JOHNSTON, Woodstock. Wit: Obedienes Fuller, James McNally.


Pg 168, 1851

Feb. 16 Charles FLOOD, Oxford, to Adeline RENOLDS, Oxford. Wit: Thomas & Josiah Thompson.

March 16 Curtis RENOLDS, Oxford, to Olive FLOOD, Oxford. Wit: Elizabeth & David Thompson.

April 19 John WILLIAMS, Woodstock, to Name not recorded, Woodstock. Wit: Hannah Gerride, Obedience Fuller.

May 21 Hugh MCAULLEY, Oxford, to Mary FLOOD, Oxford. Wit: Mariah Thompson, Charles Flood.

Oct. 20 Josiah THOMPSON, Zorra, to Rachel BAYERS, Zorra. Wit: Ann Dolson, Thomas Bayers.


Pg 187, 1852

July 17 Thomas BURGESS, Zorra, to Ann DOLSON, Zorra. Wit: Matilda H. Topping, Alexander Free.

Dec. 12 John PRATT, Oxford, to Sarah LINDLEY, Oxford. Wit: John & Caroline Lee.


Pg 187, 1853

March 16 Milton TEEPLE, Oxford, to Anna FRIZELL, Oxford. Wit: Mary Jane Powel, James Paulin.

May 10 Joseph DIGERT, Oxford, to Claracy COOK, Oxford. Wit: Egelpha & Isaac Digert.

May 29 William Henry KENNEDY, Oxford, to Sarah Ann CASE, Norwich. Wit: Marilla Clark, Galetsa Sage.


Pg 206, 1853

Aug. 21 Homer CAMPBELL, Ingersoll, to Ann JAX, Oxford. Wit: Angus McDonald, Sarah Fox.

Sept. 11 Samuel TUTTLE, Oxford, to Lidia L. GENEDD, Oxford. Wit: Peter Doakes, Harriet Bedford.

Oct. 20 John S. ELLIOTT, Dereham, to Samantha HARRIS, Dereham. Wit: Albert Port, Belinda Harris.

Nov. 25 John CAMPBELL, N.E. Hope, to Jane JAESON, Woodstock. Wit: Peter Campbell, Chester M. Parsons.


Pg 206, 1854

March ?? George GARVIN, Blenheim, to Isabella WELTCH, Oxford. Wit: Edward Lamport, Henry Weltch.

April 12 David THOMPSON, Zorra, to Jane MORECROSS, Zorra. Wit: Thomas & Robert Thompson.


Pg 237, 1854

Oct. 18 William JONES, Brant, to Barbara RICHARDSON, Oxford. Wit: James Jones, James Richardson.

Nov. 1 Peter DRAKE, Oxford, to Lucinda FROMAN, Oxford. Wit: Henry Almas, Matilda H. Topping.


Pg 238, 1854

Dec. 12 George STUBBS, Oxford, to Eliza HUGELL, Oxford. Wit: Gabriel & Mary Mabee.

Dec. 15 Charles WEEKS, Woodstock, to Ellen WELTCH, Oxford. Wit: David Ban, Charles Weltch.


Pg 238, 1855

May 24 Robert HALL, Oxford, to Elizabeth HERRIN, Oxford. Wit: John Gleason, Testimony Brown.

Oct. 2 Charles WELTCH, Oxford, to Eliza MATTHEWS, Oxford. Wit: Helen Weltch, Priscilla Webster.



Rev. Edmund Shepherd Wesleyan Methodist Church

Page 46, 1844

June 29 John HATCH, Jr., Woodstock, to Martha Ann LAYCOCK, Woodstock. Wit: Joseph Hatch, Alfred Laycock.


Pg. 169, 1851

Oct. 12 John GARTWAIT, Oxford, to Phebe Ann BRIGGS, Oxford. Wit: Thomas J. Stubbs, Jeremiah Hughes.

Oct. 13 William BERNEY, Zorra, to Louisa J. COMB, Zorra. Wit: John S. & Ann English.

Oct. 13 William WHITE, Zorra, to Margaret WALLACE, Zorra. Wit: Ann & John S. English.

Oct. 22 Abraham S. HARRIS, Woodstock, to Mary TURNER, Woodstock. Wit: Mathias Holtby, William Turner.

Oct. 24 George HOOKS, Oxford, to Elizabeth STUBBS, Oxford. Wit: Ann & Delia Stubbs.

Oct. 27 James COOK, Zorra, to Sarah REED, Zorra. Wit: Odon Fletcher, John Many.

Nov. 5 James RICE, Oxford, to Mary Ann WHITESIDES, Oxford. Wit: Agnes Rice, John C. Teeple.


Pg. 169, 1852

Jan. 1 John WEBBER, Zorra, to Margaret A. COOK, Zorra. Wit: Andrew Archibald, Ann Weber.

Feb. 13 James S. SLOAN, Blenheim, to Charlotte KIPP, Burford. Wit: George & Jennet Nesmith.

April 14 Leman VANDECAR, Oxford, to Sarah Jane FALCONER, Oxford. Wit: Lemuel Vandecar, James Howey.

April 23 Joseph ELLISON, Woodstock, to Mary JONES, Woodstock. Wit: Frederick Welford, John Hay.

April 24 George BRADY, Oxford, to Ann HUGILL, Oxford. Wit: George Stubbs, William Garbutt.


Pg 170, 1852

May 29 David RANKIN, Zorra, to Jane DENNIS, Zorra. Wit: James & Ann Mcleish.

June 16 James M. CRUM, Ingersoll, to Hannah WRIGHTMAN, Ingersoll. Wit: Davis James, Benjamin Ellison.

June 24 Thomas RICHARDSON, Blandford, to Margaret YOUNG, Zorra. Wit: Samuel Richardson, Ann Young.

July 8 John WEEKS, Paris, to Sarah E. LAKEMAN, Woodstock. Wit: James Hatch, George Laycock.


Pg 189, 1852

July 9 William DONALDS, Woodstock, to Bridget MARR, Woodstock. Wit: joseph Burton, Thomas Maddison.

Aug. 5 Daniel PHELAN, Oxford, to Margaret J. BRETRAN, Oxford. Wit: John G. Grey, Peter Bretran.

Aug. 19 Abraham ALLEN, Woodstock, to Lydia BROWN, Woodstock. Wit: james A. Hart, Schuyler D. Brown.

Sept. 13 Richard KNIGHT, Woodstock, to Jane SMITH, Woodstock. Wit: David Paulin, Mary Ann Charlesworth.

Sept. 16 Heman DODGE, Oxford, to Eliza A. DEMONT, Oxford. Wit: John Dodge, John Thornton.

Sept. 19 Aug. CLUMM, Beachville, to Eliza CORBETT, Ingersoll. Wit: Amilla & Christopher Corbett.

Oct. 9 John IRVINE, Zorra, to Christina MCRAY (MCKAY?), Zorra. Wit: Robert Alway, Robert Armstrong.

Dec. 7 James HATCH, Woodstock, to Ann LAZEMAN, Woodstock. Wit: Ralph A. Woodcock, James Lazeman.


Pg 189,1853

Jan. 1 David PAULIN, Woodstock, to Mary A. CHARLESWORTH, Oxford. Wit: James Panlin/Paulin, Jane Powell.

March 3 John W. PARKER, Zorra, to Mary A. GRUBB, Woodstock. Wit: Robert Parker, John Karn.

April 2 Charles DAYTER, Woodstock, to Susan CASLOR, Woodstock. Wit: Mary SHEPHERD, Solomon Calsor.

April 27 Thomas WAGSTAFF, Woodstock, to Ann MCKEMPT, Woodstock. Wit: Charlotte Taylor, Mary A. McKempt.


Pg 190, 1853

May 5 John ANDREWS, Woodstock, to Harriet LEWIS, Burford. Wit: thomas H. Rawlings, John Lewis.

May 9 Thomas SCOTT, Woodstock, to Hellen E. EAKINS, Burford. Wit: William Scott, Ralph A. Woodcock.

June 21 Thomas BURKS, Burford, to Emma PALING, Burford. Wit: James Carter, Samuel Paling.


Pg. 205, 1853

July 7 Thomas CARR, Oxford, to Adaline ALEXANDER, Oxford. Wit: David J. Curtis, Thomas Wilson.

July 10 Thomas BAIGENT, Oxford, to Mary A. EVERETT, Blandford. Wit: James & Michael Overholt.

Aug. 13 John W. HODGSON, Woodstock, to Margaret SHERWOOD, Woodstock. Wit: Joshua Walton, John Young.

Oct. 1 Joel A. BENHAM, Woodstock, to Caroline PELTON, Woodstock. Wit: Walter Oliver, L.M. Pelton.

Dec. 10 James GREENWAY, Woodstock, to Mary Ann KEMPT, Woodstock. Wit: Richard Pascoe, Robert McLeod.


Pg. 205, 1854

Feb. 14 Smith MCDONALD, Dereham, to Mary ELSEWORTH (Elsworth?), Woodstock. Wit: John G. Tisdale, Alexander B. Moore.

Feb. 15 Benjamin COON, Woodstock, to Mary H. WILSON, Oxford. Wit: John Hay, James Wilson.

Feb. 16 Henry SATTLE, Woodstock, to Mary SMITH, Woodstock. Wit: William Icarff, Mary Shepherd.

April 30 James STENABURGH, Ancaster, to Susan SHARP, Dorchester. Wit: John Lounsbury, John Sharp.