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Brant Co.,  1926

birth place is given before residence


32094-26 Charles William ABREY, 21, farmer, Burford twp., RR1 Burford, s/o Charles ABREY, b. Princeton Ont & Selina BRATON, married Muriel Gladys PEARSON, 26, Brantford, same, d/o Emmanuel PEARSON, b. Paris Ont, & Hettie DRAKE, witn: Mrs. W.H. LANGTON & Mrs. A.E. REEDER, both of Brantford, 17 April 1926 at Brantford  
32095-26 Laurence Guy ALEXANDER, 28, physician, Fredericton Junction NB, Arrowwood Alberta, s/o Samuel ALEXANDER, b. Fredericton Junction & Alena (Alma?) YEREXA (Yerex?), married Muriel Enid FREEMAN, 28, teacher, Edmonton Alberta, St. George Ont., d/o Charles B. FREEMAN, b. Canning Nova Scotia & Angie Alelca? EATON, witn: Ellen M. TROTTER of 95 St. George St. in Toronto & O.E. FREEMAN of St. George, 22 Oct. 1926 at St. George 32096-26 Sidney ALEXANDER, 30, farmer, England, Brantford, s/o Wm ALEXANDER, b. London England & Annie LODGE, married Amy Winifred LOWE, 26 (b. 16 June 1899), machine operator, Chigwell Row - Essex England, Vittoria, d/o William LOWE, b. Leicestershire & Emma ARGENTA, witn: Mabel Florence LOWE of Brantford & George ALEXANDER of Vittoria, 3 April 1926 at Brantford
32097-26 John ALLISTON, 40, farmer, Parry Sound, Lot 7 Con 3 of Burford twp., s/o James ALLISTON, b. Co. Armagh Ireland & Isabella FARRIS, married Rutha Olive McINTYRE, 21, Burford, Lot 13 Con 3 of Burford twp., witn: Mrs. Albert CATHCART of Cathcart & Blackwell McINTYRE of RR1 Burford, 16 Feb 1926 at Trinity Rectory, Burford 32098-26 John Percy ANDERSON, 29, physician, Townsend twp., Cleveland Ohio, s/o W. ANDERSON, b. Townsend twp & Druscilla HYDE, married Marion Gertrude McEWEN, 29, Mt. Pleasant Ont., Brantford, d/o John B. McEWEN, b. Mount Pleasant & Ada Gertrude COOK, witn: Gladys June WHEELER of Union City Tennessee & Ralph JOHNSON of Cleveland Ohio, 15 Sept 1926 at Mount Pleasant
32099-26 Rubin Courtland ANDERSON, 22, moulder, Woodstock Ont., Paris, s/o Andrew ANDERSON, b. Canada & Evelyn M. LEIGH, married Clara Emma SNELL, 18 (b. 30 July 1907), mill hand, Payenberg - Devonshire England, Paris, d/o Emanuel SNELL, b. England & Louisa M. FOWLER, wtn: Charles & Evelyn MALLINSON of Paris, 22 May 1926 at Paris 32100-26 Thomas John ANDERSON, 28, farmer, South Dumfries twp., same, s/o John ANDERSON, b. Brant Co. & Margaret FLOUNIGAN, married Cornelia EISS, 18, Buffalo NY, South Dumfries twp., d/o Daniel EISS, b. Buffalo NY & Bertha PLUMSTEAD, witn: Daniel EISS & Vera AMES, both of RR2 Paris, 30 Oct 1926 at Paris
32101-26 L. Roy ANGUISH, 36, merchant, Haldimand Co., Paris, s/o Lewis ANGUISH, b. Haldimand Co & Susannah COVERDALE, married Henrietta Helen WENTWORTH, 29, clerk, Brantford, Paris, d/o John George WENTWORTH, b. York England & Sarah BOWERS, witn: Orme COVERDALE of Hamilton & Marion WENTWORTH of Paris, 17 Nov 1926 at Paris 32093-26 Nicholas ANDRIETTI, 58, widower, fruiterer, Rome Italy, 4 Charlotte St. in Brantford, s/o Blonzo ANDRIETTI, b. Rome Italy & Lucy, married Marea Carmell PINGHERO, 40, widow, Edinburgh Scotland, 4 Charlotte St., d/o Gaitano ANTONELLI, b. Rome Italy, & Benedicta PARCELLI, witn: Francis & Mrs. F. MERRILL of Brantford, 11 Feb 1926 at Brantford
32103-26 William B. APPLEBY, 30, merchant, Paris, same, s/o Samuel APPLEBY, b. Ireland & Jane PATTON, married Anice Edith WILSON, 28, Stoco - Hastings Co., Tavistock, d/o William James WILSON, b. Beeton Ont & Jane KNOWLES, witn: Leaman & Violet Florella McMICHAEL of Waterford, 21 July 1926 at Brantford 32090-26 Charles William APPS, 63, widower, traveller, Brantford twp., Mt. Pleasant, s/o Charles Overy APPS, b. Sussex England & Charlotte Susan GURNEY, married Bertha BREARLEY, 36, widow, lady, Liverpool England, Ottawa, d/o Nathaniel GILL, b. Manchester England & Mary Elizabeth BARKER, witn: D.W. APPS of Ann Arbor Mich & Olivine Apps REYNOLDS of Detroit, 25 Dec 1926 at Paris
32091-26 Wilfred Robert ARNOLD, 19, mechanic, Chatham twp., RR1 Thamesville, s/o William J. ARNOLD, b. Thamesville & Mary MacPHAUL, married Adria Mary CLARK, 20, Chatham, Brantford, d/o Alva CLARK, b. Chatham Ont & Julia GARTON?, witn: Robert A. ANDERSON of 11 West Mill St. & Margaret B. COWHERD of 197 Murray St., 19 Feb 1926 at 197 Murray St., Brantford 32092-26 Thomas Wilfred ATTLEBERY, 27, clerk, Windham twp., Brantford, s/o Maurice Wilby ATTLEBERY, b. Vanessa Ont & Kate Ellen AUTHORSON, married Alice Eleanor HUNTER, 27, Paris, Brantford, d/o Robert Grant HUNTER, b. Brant Co & Harriet SANDERSON, witn: Marjorie SYKES & James Patrick WELSH, both of Brantford, 28 Oct 1926 Alexandra church manse, Brantford
32102-26 James Arthur AUSLEYBROOK, 20, meat cutter, Burford twp., Brantford, s/o John AUSLEYBROOK, b. Canada & Christena CAMPBELL, married Cora May FLAHERTY, 21, printer, Brantford, same, d/o Alanson FLAHERTY, b. Canada & Elizabeth CLAYTON, witn: Clarence FLAHERTY of 41 Buffalo St. & Dorothy AUSLEYBROOK of 33 Marlboro St., both Brantford, 17 March 1926 at Brantford 32104-26 Almon Wilson BABCOCK, 25, office manager, Brantford, same, s/o Andrew BABCOCK, b. Ont & Clara WILSON, married Margaret Helen BOLES, 23, stenographer, Aurora Ont., Brantford, d/o T. George BOLES, b. Clinton Ont & Gertrude OUGH, witn: G.E. HILL & Connie BABCOCK, both of Brantford, 27 April 1926 at Brantford
32105-26 William Ernest BAKER, 20, mechanic, Carlton Colville England, Brantford twp., s/o William James BAKER, b. England & Ethel Emma THURSTON, married Florence Ruth LUCK, 20 (b. 17 Dec 1906), Brantford twp., same, d/o Frederick LUCK, b. Brantford twp & Sarah G. SCRIMGER, witn: Frederick & Frederick A. LUCK of Brantford, 5 June 1926 at Brantford 32106-26 George BALLINGER, 24, machinist, England, Brantford, s/o Albert BALLINGER, b. Worcestershire England & Agnes Amelia LUFFMAN, married Eileen Sheila JACOBSON, 20, England, Brantford, d/o Eric Albert JACOBSON, b. Stockholm Sweden & Jeanie MILLS, witn: James HORNING of Alberton & Hilda M. JACOBSON of 246 Brant Ave., 1 April 1926 at Brantford
32107-26 George Elwin Elias BARBER, 24, furnace helper, Brantford, same, s/o Wilkie Collins BARBER, b. Boston & Ada ION?, married Flora MacDONALD, 23, Brantford, same, d/o Angus McDONALD, b. Scotland & Maggie McKIE, witn: Georgina McMULLEN & Harold BARBER, both of Brantford, 25 Sept 1926 at Brantford 32108-26 Alexander BARNES, 25, farmer, Tuscarora twp., Burlington, s/o Lewis BARNES, b. Tuscarora & Phoebe CLAUS, married Ethel May GREEN, 18, Tuscarora twp., Oshweken, d/o Thomas A. GREEN, b. Tuscarora & Susan BENNETT, witn: Thomas & Ruth MULLER of Newport, 3 Aug 1926 at Grand River parsonage
32110-26 Thomas Gerald BAUSLAUGH, 24, Norwich twp., Simcoe, s/o Isaac BAUSLAUGH, b. Simcoe & Mayr ?--PRE, married Hazel Beatrice FIDLIN, 24, Townsend twp., Brantford, d/o Alton FIDLIN, b. Ont & Maud SILVERTHORNE, witn: Evelyn RICHARDSON of Brantford & Karl JACOBSON of Simcoe, 4 Sept 1926 at Brantford 32111-26 Joseph Millington BAYLIS, 32, signal man, Upton Park - London England, Milton, s/o Joseph J. BAYLIS, b. England & Louisa BARBER, married Gladys Jean LACKEY, 26, book keeper, Paris, Milton, d/o William T. LASKEY, b. Ont & Janet BROWN, witn: William Thomas LASKEY of Oakville & Louisa BAYLIS of Milton, 1 Jan 1926 at Brantford
32112-26 Arol Edmond BEAL, 25, printer, Brantford, same, s/o Edmond BEAL, b. Bealton & Pearl KEMP, married Irene Marjorie BROWN, 25, Brantford, same, d/o Albert E. BROWN, b. Whitby Ont & Grace Helena EPPLETTE, witn: Harvey BEAL of Detroit & Grace Helena BROWN of Rawdon St. in Brantford, 20 April 1926 at Brantford 32113-26 Frederick Herbert BLAKE, 21, jeweller, Toronto, 562 Lansdowne Ave. in Toronto, s/o George Herbert BLAKE, b. Ont & Florence Maud WEEKES, married Edith Lily ATKINSON, 21, packer, Toronto, 219 Perth Ave in Toronto, d/o Thomas Alfred ATKINSON, b. England & Kate LANDALE, witn: Mrs. M. RICHMOND of Brantford & Robert ATKINSON of La Salle NY, 9 June 1926 at Brantford
32114-26 Harvey George BLUNDELL, 24, bookkeeper, Brantford, Guelph, s/o George Richard BLUNDELL, b. Wentworth Co & Mary Sydney LAMPKIN, married Evelyn Blanche SMITH, 18, Preston, same, d/o William M. B. SMITH, b. Preston Canada & Rose Joy BURKHOLDER, witn: Lovina Mary & Mrs. George Richard BLUNDELL of Echo Place in Brantford, 7 Aug 1926 at Brantford 32115-26 Neshon BOGOIAN, 37, widower, moulder, Arzroom Armenia, 20 Marlboro St. in Brantford, s/o Bogos BOGOIAN, b. Armenia & Harno ISADORIAN, married Zaneg HASOIAN, 38, widow, Arzoom Armenia, 20 Marlboro St. in Brantford, d/o Aratel HOSOIAN, b. Armenia & Annie TOTOIAN, witn: M. APSGIAN Of 25 Marlboro St. in Brantford & M. ASADOORIAN of Wellington St. in Galt, 1 July 1926 at Brantford
32116-26 Henry Richard BOLTON, 32, laborer, England, Brantford, s/o Reuben BOLTON, b. London England & Mary Ann HOBBS, married Rosie ZEDO, 19, Hungary, Brantford, d/o Joe ZEDO, b. Hungary & Elizabeth GHORE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. WILSON of 207 Bruce St. in Brantford, 21 Aug 1926 at St. Pauls Church, Brantford 32117-26 Stanley J. BOND, 28, garage, Chepstow Ont., Brantford, s/o Thomas BOND & Mary Jane FISHER, married Clara CLANCEY, 28, Brantford, same, d/o Patrick CLANCEY & Veronica BOWMAN, witn: Thomas J. BRUNTON & Mary McHUGH, both of Brantford, 14 Sept 1926 at Brantford
32118-26 Cecil Absolom BOOK, 24, presser, Brantford, same, s/o James N. BOOK, b. England & Sarah E. SHEPHERD, married Elsie May COURT, 25, laundress, England, Brantford, d/o James COURT, b. England & Florence STEWART, witn: M. ROBINSON & F. COURT, both of Brantford, 24 Dec 1926 at Brantford 32119-26 Albert George BOWLER, 26, laborer, Paris, Brantford twp., s/o Albert John BOWLER, b. England & Isabella BAKER, married Irene CAPLING, 21, lady, Wilsonville, Brantford twp., d/o Wilbert CAPLING, b. Milverton Ont & Lillian Vivian DUNNETT, witn: Eva Hope McMAHON & Lillie B. CARTER, both of Mount Pleasant, 19 June 1926 at Mount Pleasant
32120-26 George Charles BROOKS, 26, mechanic, Aylmer Ont. Brantford, s/o Emerson BROOKS, b. Aylmer Ont & Mary MUTH, married Isabella BISSET, 22, inspector, Essex England, Brantford twp., d/o George BISSET, b. Tillyforce Aberdeen Scotland & Mary Ann PACKMAN, witn: Gladys BROOKS of 119 Nelson St. & Robert M. WALLACE of 291 Brant Ave., both Brantford, 16 July 1926 at Brantford 32121-26 Charles Edwin BUCKHURST, 22, book keeper, Toronto, Paris, s/o Charles Albert BUCKHURST, b. England & Mary Jane KING, married Martha THOMPSON, 29, widow, Brantford, Toronto, d/o George WALKER, b. Norfolk Co & Lavina Jane AXFORD, witn: Isobell SCOTT of Atwood & U.A. WILLSON of Paris, 25 Aug 1926 at Brantford
32122-26 Norman Charles Edward BUOTT, 19, waiter, Peterborough, Brantford Golf Club, s/o Frederick BUOTT, b. England & Frances, married Winnifred Teresa O'DONAGHUE, 18, maid, Hastings, Brantford, d/o John DONAGHUE (sic) & Florea Teresa LYNCH, witn: Florence HENRY of the Belmont Hotel in Brantford & Gordon BECUDDLE? of the Brantford Country Club, 10 July 1926 at Brantford 32123-26 Howard Stanley BURKE, 26, salesman, Ancaster twp., Brantford, s/o Arthur L. BURKE, b. Hartford Ont & Olive M. GREENWOOD, married Mildred Evangeline BROWN, 27, cashier, Clinton, Brantford, d/o Fred BROWN, b. Clinton Ont & Ida BEZZO, witn: Fred BROWN of Ontario St. in Brantford & Fedler? BURKE of 52 Usher St., 1 Sept 1926 at Wesley Church, Brantford
32124-26 James Harriston BUTLER, 21, blacksmith, Brantford, 18 Webling St. in Brantford, s/o Walter Frederick BUTLER, b. USA & Mary EARP, married Pearl Irene ACLAND, 23, machine hand, Brantford, 18 Bishop St. in Brantford, d/o William Thomas ACLAND, b. London England & Effie Luella BURTCH, witn: William & Eva E. ACLAND of 18 Bishop St., 6 Nov 1926 at Brantford 32125-26 Archibald Brown CAMPBELL, 28, machinist, Scotland, Brantford, s/o Donald CAMPBELL, b. Scotland & Jean More Marr BROWN, married Alice May VAUGHAN, 18, Brantford twp., Brantford, d/o James VAUGHAN, b. Brantford & Mary POPE, witn: Mrs. Janet Grace KELMER of 105 East Ave & Elva M, BARR of 107 East Ave., 11 March 1926 at 107 East Ave., Brantford
32126-26 Rocco CARRETTA, 30, moulder, Italy, Preston, s/o Joseph CARRETTA, b. Italy & Mary VIOLA, married Mary Elizabeth BINDER, 47, boarding house proprietor, Maryborough twp., Preston, d/o Walter BOYD, b. Italy & Susan BILTON, witn: W.J. BOYLE of Preston & Marie BICKNELL of Brantford, 3 April 1926 at Brantford  
32128-26 John Charles CARTER, 21, laborer, Clinton Ont., Brantford, s/o Charles CARTER, b. England & Jane ADAMS, married Gertrude BULFIELD, 18, England, Brantford, d/o Richard James BULFIELD, b. England & Gertrude CRAIG, witn: Mahlon & Jane HARDY of Brantford, 20 Feb 1926 at Brantford 32127-26 James Thomas Herbert CARTER, 27, agent, Walkerton Ont., Greenock twp., s/o Joseph CARTER, b. Ont & Mary RICHARDSON, married Dorothy BROWN, 20, Greenock twp., same, d/o Charles BROWN, b. Ont & Helen CAMPBELL, witn: Mrs. J.G. FOOTE of Brantford & Elsie GALLOWAY of New York NY, 31 July 1926 at Brantford
32129-26 Roy Edward CASE, 28, farmer, South Norwich twp., North Norwich, s/o Frank CASE, b. Canada & Emily HOLLARD?, married Janie DE MONTMORENCY, 24, spinner, North Norwich twp., Brantford, d/o George DE MONTMORENCY, b. Ireland & Frances COLOUGH, witn: Raymond & Eland DE MONTMORENCY of 21 Grant St. in Brantford, 22 Dec 1926 at Brantford 32130-26 Edwin Albert CHANDLER, 19, fireman, London England, Brantford, s/o Joseph HANDLER, b. England & Jennie CRIGGE, married Dora Ellen CAPLING, 18, domestic, Townsend twp., Brantford, d/o Wilbert CAPLING, b. England & Lillian Vivian DUNNETT, witn: Edna GIBBONS & Cecil ROBBINS, both of Brantford, 31 July 1926 at Brantford
32131-26 Joseph Ira CHARLTON, 29, salesman, Onondaga twp., Smithville, s/o Ralph CARLTON, b. Ont & Rhoda DAY, married Nora Gertrude STATHAM, 25, book keeper, Stratford, Brantford, d/o Ernest STATHAM, b. Ont & Mary OSBURN, witn: Beatrice Ruth STEVENSON of 186 Drummond St. & Eileen W. MacKINNON of 117 Darling St., both Brantford, 5 Jan 1926 at 113 Darling St., Brantford 32132-26 George Earle CHURCH, 24, manager, Ontario, 107 Willow Ave., s/o George E. CHURCH, b. Ont & Estella (Ehtel?) CHURCH, married Helen Irene MATHERS, 25, Ontario, RR2 Brantford, d/o Albert G. MATHERS, b. Ont & Martha A. MATHERS, witn: Olive M. MATHERS of RR2 Brantford & illegible JONES of 17 High Park Ave in Toronto, 1 May 1926 at Brantford
32133-26 Walter H. CLARK, 31, farmer, Ontario, Caledonia, s/o Joseph William CLARK, b. Canada & Emma J. UPTON, married Elizabeth Victoria BROWN, 26, teacher, Ontario, RR2 Caledonia, d/o William BROWN, b. Canada & Evelina HUILL, witn: Mabel CLARK & Fred BROWN, both of Caledonia, 18 Nov 1926 at Onondaga twp 32134-26 Sidney George CONNELL, 21, welder, Walthamstow England, Windsor Ont., s/o George CONNELL & Bertha CONNELL, married Lavinia Amy May BENNING, 18, Farnborough Hants. England, Brantford, d/o Ivon Gilson BENNING & Amy MEADS, witn: Gwennine ANDERSON of Simcoe & Ivon BENNING of 131 Bruce St. in Brantford, 29 Aug 1926 at Brantford
32135-26 Donald Frederick CONNER, 18, machinist, Brantford twp., same, s/o Isaac CONNER, b. Brantford & Eddie May RICHARDSON, married Rachel FARRINGTON, 19, Brantford, Brantford twp., d/o William FARRINGTON, b. Northumberland England & Dora PRICE, witn: Beryl DYER & Sally FARRINGTON, both of Brantford, 24 May 1926 at Brantford 32136-25 Carl Jacob CONRAD, 26, bank manager, Waterloo, Kitchener, s/o Charles CONRAD, b. Waterloo Ont & Louise SEYLER, married Kathleen Louise PEQUEGNAT, 24, Brantford, same, d/o Albert Nicholas PEQUEGNAT, b. Switzerland & Kate DE BUS, witn: Edgar BEGER of 81 Pandora Ave & Katherine Louise PEQUEGNAT of Samuel St., both Kitchener, 10 June 1926 at Brantford
32137-25 George Minto COOK, 27, customs officer, Ottawa, Brantford, s/o Andrew T. A. COOK, b. Ottawa Co. Canada & Hanna C. ALLEN, married Margaret Audrey HANNON, 20, Brantford twp., Brantford, d/o Alfred HANNON, b. Jersey England & Margaret VASSELIN, witn: John A. M. COOK of 24 Cove Rd in London Ont & Jean McNICOLL of 242 Dalhousie in Brantford, 7 April 1926 at Brantford 32138-26 James Adolphus COOK, 29 (39?), engineer, Caledonia, Courtwright, s/o James R. COOK, b. Caledonia & Mary CHAPMAN, married Mary Alice Amanda WANNAMAKER, 20 (30?), Belville Ont., Brantford, d/o William WANNAMAKER, b. Picton (Proton?), & Jessie COOK, witn: Mrs. J. FERNHOUGH & Mrs .J. A. BLOODSWORTH, both of Brantford, 25 Oct 1926 at Brantford
32139-26 John Vernon COOK, 29, mail clerk, Brantford, same, s/o John COOK & Emily GILMARTIN, married Rowena Mary KARSTED, 25, Brantford, same, d/o Otto KARSTED & Caroline MOHEEN, witn: Frank COOK & Elizabeth KARSTED, both of Brantford, 29 June 1926 at Brantford 32140-26 Richard Burwell COONES, 19, wood worker, Harvey twp., Brantford, s/o William COONES, b. England & Sarah DAVIS, married Annie Mae GOODWIN, 19, Pilkington twp., Brantford, d/o Graves Richard GOODWIN, b. England & Katherine STRANGWAYS, witn: William COONES of 12 Wilkes St. & Beatrice HILL of 189 Rawdon St., both Brantford, 13 March 1926 at Brantford
32141-26 Clifford COOPER, 24, machinist, Brant Co., Norwich, s/o Russell COOPER, b. Brant Co & Ethel WOOD, married Louise Victoria WALDECK, 18, Norwich, Niagara Falls, d/o Charles WALDECK, b. Oxford Co & Mable BRADLEY, witn: Clarence & Ilean MINSHALL of 274 Marlboro St. in Brantford, 6 Jan 1926 at Brantford 32142-26 Herbert Musk COOPER, 25, machine operator, England, Brantford, s/o Thomas COOPER, b. England & Mary POOL, married Rosetta CRANDALL, 22, telephone operator, Brantford, same, d/o Andrew CRANDALL, b. Brantford & Sarah HOLLERT?, witn: Lottie Diana & Stanley PERRIN of 83 Rawdon St., 28 Aug 1926 at Brantford
32143-26 George Edgar CORMAN, 25, time keeper, Hamilton, 130 Terrace Hill St. in Brantford, s/o Andrew CORMAN, b. Canada & Elizabeth RANSON, married Janet Thomson RAMSAY, 22, stenographer, Kirkcaldy Scotland, 14 Bedford St. in Brantford, d/o Alexander RAMSAY, b. Scotland & Janet ANDERSON, witn: William CORMAN of 130 Terrace Hill & Margaret Miler RAMSAY of 14 Bedford St., 21 Aug 1926 at Brantford 32144-26 Ora Sherwood CORNELL, 21, contractor, St. George, same, s/o Thomas CORNELL, b. Ont & Lilian May ROSEBOUGH, married Olive May ELLIS, 22, stenographer, South Dumfries twp., St. George, d/o Frank Leslie ELLIS & Clara L. KITCHEN, witn: Helen E. CLEMONS of Brantford & Joseph J. SNODGRASS of Bridgeburg, 20 Oct 1926 at St. George
32145-26 James CORRIGAN, 19, laborer, Brantford, Windsor, s/o Samuel CORRIGAN & Fanny KAITING, married Vera WATSON, 23, Brantford, same, d/o Albert WATSON & Lillie SMMONS, witn: Daniel & Florence CORRIGAN of Brantford, 1 Mat 1926 at Brantford 32146-26 George Edward COX, 22, oiler, England, Brantford, s/o George Lowell COX, b. England & Florence Kate SMITH, married Ethel Mildred HEDDEN, 20, machine operator, Ancaster twp., Brantford, d/o George Theodore HEDDEN, b. Canada & Susan Alice TACKETT, witn: Frank STERSE? & Ethel A. EDWARDS, both of Brantford, 13 March 1926 at Brantford
32147-26 Robert J. CREEDON, 54, carder, Paris, same, s/o James CREEDON, b. England & Mary LEE, married Jane SUGDEN, 51, Paris, same, d/o David SUGDEN, b. Scotland & Maria PIERCE, witn: James M. MILLER o& Mrs. George A. HUNT, both of Stratford, 3 Feb 1926 at Paris 32148-26 Norman Willard CRONK, 19, shipper, Brantford, same, s/o Joseph CRONK, b. Walsingham Ont & Anabella HEWSON, married Rose Margaret Lillian BROOKS, 22, seamstress, Brantford, same, d/o John BROOKS, b. England & Lucinda BARKER, witn: Annie BROOKS & Walter N. CRONK, both of Brantford, 19 May 1926 at Brantford
32149-26 Arthur DAIKEN, 27, blacksmith's help, Scotland Ont., Brantford, s/o William DAIKEN & Alice BECKHAM, married Alice HUGHES, 27, Wigan - Lancs. England, Brantford, d/o William Thomas HUGHES & Elizabeth CUBBY, witn: Minnie ANDERS of 506 Colborne St. & William AIRY of 16 Drummond St., both Brantford, 7 Aug 1926 at Brantford 32150-26 William Thomas DAVIDSON, 38, foreman, widower, Scharon PA., 97 Arthur St. in Brantford, s/o Thomas DAVIDSON, b. Dunn Ont & Annie BETZLER, married Olla Mildred PIERCE, 30, widow, Caledonia Ont., 22 Webling St. in Brantford, d/o Richard DRAPER, b. Caledonia & Caroline SMITH, witn: Nina WOODCOCK & Hazel FROMAN, both of Brantford, 4 Sept 1926 at Brantford
32151-26 Norman Levy DAVIS, 21, shipper, Stouffville, Brantford, s/o Jesse DAVIS, b. Stouffville & Susannah HOOVER, married Thelma Jane KENNEDY, 21, stenographer, Brantford twp., St. Catharines, d/o William Robert KENNEDY, b. Richwood Ont & Lillian SCHARTZBERG, witn: Jennie CREATH of 258 Darling St. & Orvil WINEGARDNER of 86 Port St., both Brantford, 23 Jan 1926 at Brantford 32152-26 Shirley Clayton Thomas DAVIS, 33, farmer, Pittsburg twp - Frontenac Co., RR4 Brantford, s/o John DAVIS, b. Canada & Minnie SUMNER, married Margaret Elizabeth GOULD, 19, Thornton - Simcoe Co., RR2 Burford, d/o Thomas GOULD, b. Canada & Alice BALLANTYNE, witn: Arthur H. MARTIN of Arthur & Irene L. ROSS of Burford, 25 Aug 1926 at Burford twp
32154-26 Keith Victor DEAN, 27, accountant, Burford twp., Toronto, s/o Valentine DEAN, b. Canada & Dela CURTIS, married Ethel Eva Blanche BAWTENHEIMER, 27, Burford twp., Brantford, d/o Howard BAWTENHEIMER, b. Canada & Ida LAKE, witn: Alberta EXELBY of 171 William St. & Florence CROSS of 8 Bidford, 19 June 1926 at Brantford 32153-26 Charles DEAN, 28, loom fitter, England, Brantford, s/o William Edward DEAN, b. England & Annie DRACUP, married Rhoda HOLMES, 30, hosiery mender, England, Hamilton, d/o William HOLMES, b. England & Elizabeth WATSON, witn: Annie DEAN of Hamilton & A.M. HARRISON of Mary St. in Brantford, 2 Jan 1926 at 107 East Ave., Brantford
32155-26 Harold George Nelson DELLER, 22, barber, Norwich, North Norwich, s/o Arthur DELLER, b. England & Annie MASON, married Mabel Edna Rose SACKRIDER, 20, book keeper, North Norwich twp., Burgessville, d/o Albert SACKRIDER, b. Canada & Rose FORBES, witn: Eva & Kenneth DELLER of Mount Pleasant, 7 Nov 1926 at Brantford twp 32156-26 George DIAMOND, 32, merchant, Greece, Munroe Mich., s/o Peter DIAMOND, b. St. Peter? Greece & Mary PIPPAS, married Evelyn CHRISTIAN, 20, sales lady, Greece, Brantford, d/o George CHRISTIAN, b. Sparta? Greece, & Dimitra DINTRAKOS?, witn: T. LIMPERT of Syracuse NY & illegible of Brantford, 27? June 1926 at Brantford [faded reg'n]
32157-26 Joseph DINNISKI?, 25, moulder, Hamilton, same, s/o John DINNISKI & Rose SMISTASKI, married Anna KEMPA, 21, Brantford, same, d/o Anthony KEMPA & Mary JUSKA, witn: Joseph MIGLUKA of Wallaceburg & Mary KEMPA of Brantford, 29 Sept 1926 at Brantford 32158-26 Cecil Edwy DISHER, 31, assistant treasurer, Deloraine Manitoba, 20 Richmond St. in Brantford, s/o William DISHER, b. Ont & Sarah Jane SMITH, married Iris Marie THORNTON, 22, stenographer, Sandusky Ohio, 88 Huron St. in Brantford, d/o Edgar Roy THORNTON, b. Ont & Mary MEILKE, witn: Margaret VIRTUE of Brantford & James R. SMITH of Woodstock, 16 June 1926 at Brantford
32159-26 Robert William DOCKERAY, 60, widower, gentleman, Ireland, 46 Rosemount Ave in Toronto, s/o Robert DOCKERAY, b. Ireland & Susan BOARDMAN, married Anna RICKERTT, 44, widow, book keeper, Ontario, 102 Marchmont Rd in Toronto, d/o Joseph WARRINGTON, b. Ont & Mary McILLVANA (McIllvaine?) witn: Janet B. SCOTT of St. George & Mary Jane McKENZIE of Sarnia, 20 Oct 1926 at St. George 32160-26 Harold Victor DOIDGE, 27, contractor, London, same, s/o John Charles DOIDGE, b. London Ont & Edith Ann WALKER, married Euphemia CARPENTER, 26, nurse, Brantford, same, d/o Rev. William CARPENTER, b. England & Janet Ferguson McHATCHER, witn: Gordon MARR of London & Winning BROOKS? of Brantford, 2 June 1926 at 150 Brock St. in Brantford
32161-26 Martin DONOHUE, 48, laborer, Brantford, same, s/o Daniel DONOHUE, b. Ireland & Mary MULINGHILL, married Ida Florence COOLEY, 54, widow, Beverley twp., Brantford, d/o George BLASDELL, b. England & Rebecca MURRAY, witn: W.G. HAWKINS & Christena McDONALD, both of Brantford, 2 Aug 1926 at Brantford 32162-26 Eric Em Sargeant DOWNES, 27, printer, London England, Brantford, s/o William Thomas DOWNES, b. London England & Lillian Florence SARGEANT, married Lillian Mabel UNGER, 22, Brantford, same, d/o Fred Jacob UNGER, b. USA & Mary Elizabeth CREATH, witn: Archie S. MILLER & Morton Wesley CREATH, both of Brantford, 1 June 1926 at Brantford
32163-26 Donald D. DUNCAN, 22, spinner, Paris, same, s/o John DUNCAN, b. Scotland & Harriet GOVIER, married Evelyn PEARSON, 25, mender, England, Paris, d/o Abraham PEARSON, b. England & Marion THOMPSON, witn: Jessie DUNCAN & Herbert HERRIMAN, both of Paris, 18 Sept 1926 at Paris 32164-26 Leslie DURHAM, 20, farmer, Scotland Ont., Brantford, s/o Seth DURHAM, b. Vanessa - Windham twp & May WILSON, married Frances SOWERS, 18, textile worker, Vanessa, Brantford, d/o Abraham SOWERS, b. Boston Ont & Linnie MATTHEWS, witn: Norma PICKERING & John SOWERS, both of Brantford, 28 Jan 1926 at Brantford
  32165-26 Robert EAGLE, 46, laborer, Sheernest England, Paris, s/o Robert EAGLE & Annie GRATTON, married Mary Jane GLASS, 46, widow, South Dumfries, Paris, d/o Samuel ROBERTSON, & Mary RICHTER, witn: Walter M. & Mrs. Walter CONN of Paris, 25 May 1926 at Paris
32166-25 William John EAGLETON, 55, widower, tailor, Toronto, 151 Sydenham St. in Brantford, s/o Henry EAGLETON, b. England & Sarah Ann HURD, married Ruth Harriett LACEY, 37, Brantford, 252 Murray St. in Brantford, d/o John Albert LACEY, b. Brant Co & Hulda Ann SCAMAN, witn: Mabel & T.H. FIELD of 11 House Ave in Brantford, 6 Nov 1926 at Brantford 32167-25 Erwin Earl ECKENSWILLER, 30, widower, car mechanic, Waterloo twp., Brantford twp., s/o Joseph ECKENSWILLER & Mary SHARROW, married Beatrice Elizabeth BUTLER, 17, Brantford, same, d/o Arthur BUTLER, b. Kelvin & Mabel GILLARD, witn: Harry SCHRAM & Mrs. Sarah LEDER, both of Brantford, 8 July 1926 at Brantford
32169-26 Edward Percy EDDY, 26, farmer, Wilsonville - Norfolk Co., Burford, s/o Alfred EDDY, b. Ont & Mable ROBERTS, married Dell Wilson MURRAY, 29, teacher, Hickson, Burford, d/o Arthur MURRAY, b. Ont & Anna WILSON, witn: Winnifred EDDY & Nettie F. RAYMER, both of Burford, 7 July 1926 at Burford 32168-26 Earl Bronson EDDY, 23, student, Oakland twp., Brantford twp., s/o John Adbeel EDDY, b. Brant Co & Alma MESSECAR, married Ethel Helen HUFFMAN, 22, stenographer, Windham twp., Brantford, d/o Albert Edward HUFFMAN, b. Norfolk Centre, & Adele Ann? BROWN, witn: Marjorie TELFER of Paris & Reginald SMITH of Montreal, 17 April 1926 at Brantford
32170-26 Reginald Vallack ELLIOT, 33, manufacturer, Toronto, Grantwood NJ, s/o Reginald ELLIOT, b. Elgin Ont & Jessie CARLING, married Florence Evelyn VERITY, 23, Brantford, 63 Charlton St. in Brantford, d/o Percival Egerton VERITY, b. Exeter Ont & Emma Gertrude TERRYBERRY, witn: Marion Cash HUTCHISON & Beverley Vallack ELLIOT, both of Toronto, 2 Sept 1926 at Brantford 32171-26 James ELLIOTT, 25, millhand, England, Paris, s/o William ELLIOTT, b. Surrey England & Rose ELSON, married Pearl HERRIMAN, 18, Lynden Ont., Brantford, d/o Abraham HERRIMAN, b. Ont & Bessie HOWES, witn: Mrs. W.H. CRAMPTON & Miss P. ROBINSON, both of Brantford, 2 Oct 1926 at Brantford
32172-26 Webster Daniel EMIGH, 23, clerk, Canada, Toledo Ohio, s/o George Henry EMIGH & Florence SHERWOOD, married Elizabeth Marjorie Viola HUNTER, 18, Canada, Brantford twp., d/o Arthur Nivett? HUNTER & Florence SHACKLETON, witn: Clifford S. BRANNIGAN of Detroit & Gladys E. SMITHSON of Brantford, 21 July 1926 at Brantford 32173-26 Lawrence Adney Melvin EMPEY, 29, farmer, Tilsonburg, Brantford, s/o Gordon EMPEY, b. Clouden? Ont & Jessie RUTHERFORD, married Ena Ida Selina McKNIGHT, 38, widow, Oshawa, Brantford, d/o "dead" & "dead", witn: Mary MUNN & Eileen W. MacKINNON, both of 113 Darling, 13 Dec 1926 at Brantford
32174-26 Percy Straiton FALCONER, 36, telephone inspector, Ottawa, 50 MacLaren St. in Ottawa, s/o Charles G. FALCONER, b. Scotland & Henrietta THOMPSON, married Pearl Melissa DONNEN, 37, nurse, Shanly Ont., Brantford, d/o Andrew DONNEN, b. Ont & Charlotte WALLACE, witn: C.E. DONNEN & M.M. A. REYCROFT, both of Brantford, 30 Aug 1926 at Brantford 32175-26 Percy Edward FERRELL, 27, machine operator, Hepworth Ont., Brantford, s/o Andrew FERRELL, b. Canada & C? TREAT, married Ellen Elizabeth LONGFIELD, 18, domestic, Muskoka Dist., Brantford, d/o Valentine LONGFIELD & blank, witn: Jack FERRELL & M. GRIEVE, both of Brantford, 3 April 1926 at Brantford
32176-26 Hugh Gladstone FLETCHER, 28 , physician & surgeon, East Williams, London twp., s/o Alexander FLETCHER, b. Canada & Isabel COWIE, married Margaret Fallis FEELY, 29, Brantford, same, d/o Richard H. FEELY, b. Canada & Charlotte ASH, witn: Alice FEELY of Brantford & Sayles FLETCHER of Ailsa Craig, 16 June 1926 at Brantford 32177-26 Carlton Philip FLICKINGER, 33, druggist, Erie Pennsylvania, same, s/o William B. FLICKINGER, b. USA & Katharine KRAFT, married Reba Kathleen GARRETT, 24, Brantford, same, d/o Arthur D. GARRETT, b. Hamilton & Reba HOSSIE, witn: J. Dorothy GARRETT of 253 Brant Ave in Brantford & J.L. JAMES of 506 East 6th St. in Erie PA, 7 Aug 1926 at Brantford
32178-26 Henry Stanley FLOOD, 22, grocery clerk, Paisley Ont., Windsor, s/o George Harris FLOOD, b. Paisley Ont & Alice McKELBEY (McKelvey?), married Eunice Ellen BROOKS, 21, Chesterfield England, Brantford, d/o Albert Edward BROOKS, b. Chesterfield England & Lucy Ellen BROWN, witn: Florence BROOKS & William A. FLOOD, both of Brantford, 11 Aug 1926 at Brantford 32179-26 Reid Robson FORBES, 35, foreman in bumper factory, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William FORBES, b. Glenmorris Ont & Jessie FRASER, married Annie Caroline BOND, 29, Ontario, Brantford, d/o James BOND, b. Brant Co & Mary Caroline FISHER, witn: Albert HINCKS & Leta May BOND, both of Brantford, 16 Feb 1926 at Brantford
32180-26 Hugh Drynan FORGIE, 53, widower, shipper, Colmonell Scotland, Brantford, s/o John FORGIE, b. Co. Down Ireland & Margaret KENNEDY, married Ann Hutchison GIBB, 35, Burnt Island Scotland, Brantford, d/o John GIBB, b. Burnt Island Scotland & Elizabeth KELTIE, witn: David GIBB of 68 Awde St. & Catherine GIBB of 165 St. George St., both Toronto, 27 Jan 1926 at Brantford 32181-26 Francis FORKOS, 26, farmer, Hungary, Brantford twp., s/o Francis FORKOS & Rose BALLACH, married Helen LINDMAY, 21, Hungary, Hamilton, d/o John LINDMAY & Rose DEBRONE, witn: John HOBERTLER & Mary BALAYS, both of Brantford, 26 June 1926 at Brantford
32183-26 Joslin Llewelyn FRASER, 37, farmer, Tuscarora twp., Ohsweken, s/o David H. FRASER, b. Six Nations Reserve & Nancy JOHNSON, married Grace Ruth MARTIN, 33, teacher, Tuscarora twp., Newport, d/o Job MARTIN, b. Six Nations Reserve & Isabel JOHNSON, witn: Jesse M. MOSES & Mrs. Lorna SAULT, both of Hagersville, 16 Dec 1926 at Tuscarora twp 32182-26 David Isaac FRASER, 69, widower, farmer, Glanford twp., Windham twp., s/o Isaac FRASER, b. Glanford twp & Emily PRETTY, married Mary Agnes McQUEEN, 62, widow, Oneida twp., Glanford twp., d/o David NELLES, b. Oneida twp & Eleanor YOUNG, witn: Winnie MACLCOLM? (Malcolm?) & Esther WHEELER, both of Scotland, 17 Nov 1926 at village of Scotland
32184-26 Walter Allen FRAY, 26, plater, Toronto, Lindsay, s/o Henry FRAY, b. England & Lucy SASKEL, married Hazel McDONALD, 20, clerk, St. George, same, d/o Orton McDONALD, b. Markdale Ont & Susan BONHAM, witn: Miss B. McDONALD of St. George & Hugh MOORE of Paris, 2 Jan 1926 at St. George 32185-26 Gordon Roy FRAZEE, 30, riveter, Canada, Brantford, s/o Ezra FRAZEE & Margaret SHELLARD, married Lucy Mary BARRY, 27, England, Brantford, d/o Arthur BARRY & Annie BEDDING, witn: Nellie & Arthur BARRY of Brantford, 30 June 1926 at Brantford
32186-26 Edgar William GARD, 23, packer, Somerset England, 77 Richardson St. in Brantford, s/o William GARD, b. Devon England & Aveline STONE, married Marion EDGE, 19, Barrow in Furness England, 89 Mintern Ave in Brantford, d/o William EDGE, b. Lancashire & Margaret LOCKLEY, witn: Edith GARD of 77 Richardson St. & Gordon McCONNELL of 5 Drummond, 12 June 1926 at Immanuel Baptist Church 32187-26 Frederick Choate GARNETT, 44, fruit farmer, Middlesex Co., St. George, s/o Henry Cope GARNETT, b. Canada & Elizabeth GERRARD, married Kathleen Louise FREEMAN, 43, widow, house keeper (owner), Brantford, St. George, d/o Joseph DURMAN, b. Canada & Jennie COWHERD, witn: G.E. & Mary MAIN of Dundas, 11 Dec 1926 at Paris
32188-26 Earl Dean GATT, 24, salesman, Brantford, Toronto, s/o Fred GOTT, b. Brantford & Eliza Ann DEAN, married Jean Delphine WRIGHT, 19, Brantford, same, d/o James WRIGHT, b. Brantford & Mary Ann CAHILL, witn: Mabel WRIGHT & Christena McDONALD, both of Brantford, 15 June 1926 at Brantford 32189-26 David GEDDES, 29, salesman, Scotland, Brantford, s/o David GEDDES, b. Scotland & Jane MacKENZIE, married Edith HUMPHREY, 26, waitress, England, Brantford, d/o Arthur HUMPHREY, b. England & "dead", witn: Hulda Florence EVANS & Thomas E. McCUEN?, both of Brantford, 10 July 1926 at Zion United Church, Brantford
32190-26 Douglas Norman GHENT, 21, mill hand, England, Paris, s/o William GHENT, b. Derbyshire England & blank SMITH, married Winnifred HERMAN, 22 (b. 6 Nov 1903), winder, Curtis St. - Nottingham England, Paris, d/o George Henry HERMAN, b. Bristol England & Annie SMELLIE, witn: Edith A. WILSON & Alice DANIEL, both of Paris, 30 Oct 1926 at Paris 32191-26 Gordon Reginald GILL, 23, racket stringer, Brantford, 55 Eagle Ave in Brantford, s/o Reginald J. GILL, b. Ont & Dorothy H. BARLOW, married Emma Gertrude GARDHAM, 20, Brantford, 185 Clarence St., d/o Smith B. GARDHAM, b. England & Zilpha C. McAFEE, witn: James P. McARTHUR & Ruby GARDHAM, both of Brantford, 20 Ma y 1926 at Brantford
32192-26 William GLASS, 28, laborer, Paris, same, s/o William GLASS, b. Belfast Ireland & Mary Jane ROBINSON, married Alice Isabel WAGNER, 16, Brantford, same, d/o John WAGNER, b. Hungary & Isabel BULLOCK, witn: Edith A. WILSON & Jean D. LOGIE, both of Paris, 2 Nov 1926 at Paris 32193-26 John Carter GRANTHAM, 21, lumber merchant, Brantford twp., Brantford, s/o John T. GRANTHAM, b. Exeter Ont & Mary Elizabeth CARTER, married Kathleen Rosina FREUNT, 23, stenographer, Strathroy, Brantford, d/o Harry FREUNT, b. Baden Germany & Mary Catherine CAMERON, witn: Dorothy S. BROAD & Carl W. HEDDEN, both of Brantford, 25 Nov 1926 at Brantford
32194-26 Thomas GREGORY, 24, mechanic, Barrow on Furness England, Brantford, s/o William GREGORY & Fannie JEWKES, married Kitty PARKER, 20, machine operator, Hartlepool England, Brantford, d/o George PARKER & Katherine Ann HYLAND, witn: Leonard H. & Nellie HARPER of 17 Forster St. in Brantford, 26 June 1926 at Trinity Church, Brantford 32195-26 John GRIEVE, 33, mechanic, Scotland, Paris, s/o Robert GRIEVE, b. Scotland & Barbara SKENE, married Bessie ENGLISH, 27, mill hand, Paris, same, d/o Thomas ENGLISH, b. England & Jane Eleanor PEARSON, witn: W.O. & Daisy GRIFFITHS of Paris, 8 Oct 1926 at Paris
32196-26 Edward William GRIFFITHS, 20, laborer, England, Brantford, s/o Edward GRIFFITHS, b. England & Eleanor THOMSON, married Nina May Isabella WALTON, 19, seamstress, Brantford, same, d/o William Henry WALTON, b. England & Catherine CONKLIN, witn: Elizabeth STEAD of 58 St. George St. & Leonard HARPER of 15 Foster St., both Brantford, 27 Feb 1926 at St. Pauls, Brantford 32197-26 Antiochus GRIMSHAW, 32, grinder, England, Brantford, s/o Antiochus GRIMSHAW, b. Scarborough England & Harriet CARTER, married Minnie STOCKDALE, 30, England, Brantford, d/o William Willis STOCKDALE, b. Scarborough England & Elizabeth TATE, witn: Thomas TATE of Walnut St. in Bogota US & John PETCH of 1187 Willmott St., 22 May 1926 at 42 Eagle St., Brantford
32198-26 David GRUNDY, 25, laborer, England, Brantford, s/o James GRUNDY, b. England & M. NICHOLSON, married Lily CATLOW, 24, England, Brantford, d/o Thomas CATLOW, b. England & Mary EVANS, witn: F.E. HARRIS & R.E. WILLIAMS, both of Brantford, 16 Oct 1926 at Brantford 32199-26 Mike GUBERNEY, 21, laborer, Buffalo NY, 14 Charlotte St. in Brantford, s/o Toni GUBERNEY, b. Austria & Rosey, married Viola HURD, 19, twine baller, Ingersoll, 62 Walnut St. in Brantford, d/o Wesley HURD, b. Beachville & Annie SMITH, witn: Esther A. SMITH of Brantford & Isabella AUSTIN of RR5 Simcoe, 20 Feb 1926 at Brantford
32200-26 Lemuel Kenneth GURNETT, 27, merchant, Canada, Ancaster, s/o James Collin GURNETT, b. Ancaster Ont & Virginia Gladys SILVERTHORNE, married Mary Alice Sophia CHILCOTT, 29, Canada, Burford, d/o Rev. Thomas E. CHILCOTT, b. Winchester England & Jennie DUTHIE, witn: Alice & Lilian CHILCOTT of Burford, 7 Oct 1926 at Trinity Church, Burford 32201-26 Wilfred Gladstone GURNEY, 28, electrical engineer, Brantford twp., Chicago, s/o Charles W. GURNEY, b. Ont & Mary HAMNER, married Edith Verna MARTIN, 25, Brantford twp., same, d/o Joseph MARTIN, b. England & Charlotte JARVIS, witn: Mary Ellen POTTRUFF of Paris & Arthur H. MARTIN of Renfrew Ont., 20 Oct 1926 at Brantford twp
32202-26 John Alfred HALES, 22, plasterer, Wolverhampton England, 124 Erie Ave in Brantford, s/o William HALES, b. Wolverhampton England & Mary Ann, married Dorothy Ada GREEN, 21, Lye - Worcestershire England, RR1 Scotland, d/o Thomas Holloway GREEN, b. Lye England & Ada Jane, witn: George Ernest GREEN of 151 Dundas St. & Florence Mae COCHRANE of 27 Murray St., both Brantford, 18 Aug 1926 at Scotland 32203-26 Thomas Sydney HAMILL, 19, carpenter, Galt Ont., 151 Brock St. in Brantford, s/o Henry A. P. HAMILL, b. West Garafraxa & Elodia Letitia DYKEMAN, married Alice Muriel POWELL, 20, factory hand, Brantford, 48 Grant St. in Brantford, d/o Thomas Julius POWELL, b. North Wales England & Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS, witn: Ethel Irene & Evelyn POWELL of 48 Grant St., 27 Feb 1926 at Brantford
32204-26 Charles Edward HAMMOND, 41, farmer, Burford twp., RR2 Harley, s/o Robert HAMMOND, b. Canada & Arzelia PRITCHARD, married Emily DE MONTMORENCY, 29, spinner, Ireland, Brantford, d/o George DE MONTMORENCY, b. Ireland & Frances COLCLOUGH, witn: Reginald & Eland? DE MONTMORENCY of 21 Grant St. in Brantford, 22 Dec 1926 at Brantford 32205-26 George HARDING, 37, laborer, London England, Brantford, s/o Leonard HARDING, b. England & Francis ALDRIDGE, married Mary McINTOSH, 35, maid, Glasgow Scotland, Brantford, d/o John McINTOSH, b. Scotland & Ellen BELL, witn: Alexander BARBOUR & Janet McMAHON, both of 123 Dundas St. in Brantford, 11 Dec 1926 at Brantford
32206-26 George William HARRISON, 25, carpenter, Norwich Ont. ,26 Cushing Place in Buffalo NY, s/o William Edward HARRISON, b. Woodstock Ont & Sarah Eleanor BOWMAN, married Ivy Kate RICHES, 25, Belvedere - Kent England, 11 Mintern Ave in Brantford, d/o Alfred William RICHES, b. Kings Lynn England & Kate Lea DUNCALF, witn: Lillian HOBBS & Alfred W. RICHES, both of Brantford, 11 Aug 1926 at Brantford 32207-26 Emmanuel John HASS, 23, salesman, Elmira, Kitchener, s/o Herman HASS, b. Canada & Regina MILLER, married Wilhelmina Jane Elizabeth Marion PINKERTON, 18, Brantford, same, d/o William H.H. PINKERTON, b. Canada & Audrey K. TUTTLE, witn: Fred SHAW & Helen ROBBINS, both of Brantford, 15 Feb 1926 at Brantford
32208-26 William Arthur HAYDEN, 25, mechanic, Brantford, same, s/o William Thomas HAYDEN, b. Paris Ont & Amy WAITE, married Hazel Olive NOSEWORTHY, 21?, St. Johns Nfld, Brantford, d/o William NOSEWORTHY, b. Pinch? Cove Nfld, & Emily BURTON, witn: Annie Mae NOSEWORTHY of 41 Brighton Ave in Brantford & Walter Wesley LEARNING of 325 7th St. in Niagara Falls NY, 30 June 1926 at Wrilly? United Church, Brantford [divorced 4/1/ 56] 32209-26 Frank HAYNES, 25, book keeper, Derby England, Brantford, s/o Richard George HAYNES, b. Derby England & Mary Ann BOYCE, married Grace CRAWFORD, 23, machine operator, Glasgow Scotland, Brantford, d/o James CRAWFORD, b. Glasgow & Barbara Roberts HUNTER, witn: H.M. WOOLLEY of Toronto & Catherine Hunter CRAWFORD of Brantford, 21 Aug 1926 at Brantford
32210-26 Albert Edward HERBERT, 25, pattern maker, Brantford, same, s/o Charles William HERBERT, b. London England & Catherine SPARLING, married Gladys May SPEECHLY, 26, England, Brantford, d/o Albert SPEECHLY, b. Grantham England & Lucy WAKELIN, witn: Laura HERBERT of Brantford & Charles W. HERBERT of Sarnia, 6 Feb 1926 at Brantford 32211-26 Charles HERBERT, 25, telegraph operator, Drumbo Ont., Detroit, s/o Charles HERBERT , b. Moscow Ont & Margaret BASTENDORFF, married Amelia C. ARNOLD, 41, clerk, Paris, same, d/o George ARNOLD, b. Paris & Annie MARTIN, wtn: Barbara May GOSNELL & J.H. FOSTER, both of Paris, 13 March 1926 at Paris
32213-26 Henry Jackett HILL, 25, Ohsweken, Brantford, s/o Elijah HILL, b. Brantford & Sophia JACKETT, married Gertrude Louise CORMIER, 22, chamber maid, Midland Ont., Brantford, d/o Charles CORMIER, b. Penetanguishene & Mary COURNEYEA, witn: Bert & Annie CORMIER of Brantford, 12 June 1926 at Brantford 32212-26 Daniel Franklin HILL, 21, carpenter, Tuscarora twp., RR6 Hagersville, s/o Daniel E. HILL, b. Reservation Tuscarora & Julia GREEN, married Hazel Erma MARACLE, 18, Tuscarora twp., RR6 Hagersville, d/o Peter J. MARACLE, b. Reservation Tuscarora & Mary Ann HILL, witn: Leonard A. HILL of RR6 Hagersville & Alfira WILLIAMS of Hagersville, 29 July 1926 at RR6 Hagersville, Tuscarora twp
32214-26 Harold Cecil HILLS, 18, laborer, England, Brantford, s/o Frederick HILLS, b. England & Esther HARRINGTON, married Hazel Kathleen SMITH, 22, spinner, Blenheim, Brantford, d/o John W. SMITH, b. Ont & Biana ENTICKNAP, witn: E. McGILLIVRAY & Mrs. Esther GROFF, both of Brantford, 6 Feb 1926 at Brantford 32215-26 Roy William HOCKIN, 32, shipper, London Ont., 53 Colborne St. West in Brantford, s/o Herbert HOCKIN, b. London Canada & Agnes EAGLES, married Frances BIRD, 20, mail clerk, Toledo Ohio, 3186 Glenwood Ave in Toledo, d/o Willard BIRD, b. USA & Lean CREAMER, witn: Harold & Mrs. Harold HOCKIN of Brantford, 9 Sept 1926 at Brantford
32216-26 Arthur Edwin HODSON, 20, farmer, England, RR1 St. George, s/o Arthur George HODSON, b. Wolverhampton England & Ella STOWE, married Saberann BOOTH, 18, domestic, England, RR1 St. George., d/o Edmund BOOTH, b. Hastings England & Saberann BLACKMAN, witn: Edmund BOOTH & Ina Markle SAGER, both of St. George, 23 Sept 1926 at St. George 32217-26 Charles HOMANN, 29, weaver, Germany, Simcoe, s/o William HOMANN, b. Germany & Mary KILMER, married Agnes SANDILANDS, 25, weaver, Scotland, Brantford, d/o Charles SANDILANDS, b. Galashiels Scotland & Jennette SKINNER, witn: Betty SANDILANDS & Thomas FAIRCLOUGH, both of 266 West Mill St. in Brantford, 24 Dec 1926 at Brantford
32218-26 George Arthur HOOD, 23, farmer, East Flamboro, same, s/o George HOOD, b. Puslinch & Robina LEES, married Alice Mildred BERRY, 18, South Walsingham, Mary St. in Hamilton, d/o Willis BERRY, b. South Walsingham & Annie Maude LAMPKIN, witn: Winnifred GOSLING & Ada E. FOSTER, both of Scotland, 31 March 1926 at Scotland 32219-26 Samuel G. W. HORSLEY, 21, machinist, England, Paris, s/o Richard HORSLEY, b. England & Phoebe WHEATLY, married Lula ROSS, 19, mill hand, Paris, same, d/o James ROSS, b. Scotland & Jemima FINLAY, witn: Lexie MacKENZIE & Ella McLEOD, both of Paris, 17 Sept 1926 at Paris
32220-26 William Henry HOUGH, 36, farmer, Blenheim twp., same, s/o John Henry HOUGH & Elizabeth FOULDS, married Isabella Helen McKINNON, 35, South Dumfries twp., Brantford twp., d/o John McKINNON & Sarah McKINNON, witn: John McKINNON of Burford & Ella BLAKE of Paris, 15 June 1926 at Paris 32221-26 William Laurier HOULDING, 30, farmer, Mt. Pleasant, RR1 Mt. Pleasant, s/o George HOULDING, b. Newport Ont & Sarah Elizabeth ATKINSON, married Isobel BAKER, 22, teacher, Baltimore USA, Ridgetown, d/o Albert Edwin BAKER, b. Burtch Ont & Margaret MORRISON, witn: Judson BAKER of 20 Port St. & C.D. HOULDING of 53 Park Ave., both Brantford, 14 Sept 1926 at Brantford
32222-26 Alexander Daniel HUFFMAN, 54, widower, farmer, Townsend twp., RR4 Waterford, s/o John HUFFMAN, b. Townsend twp & Eliza Jane LAMORY, married Phoebe Ann GREENFIELD, 35, widow, Wainfleet twp., Brantford, d/o John BROWN, b. Ont & Eliza Ann ROUSE, witn: Agnes E. HUFFMAN of 37 Charlotte St. & Lemuel DANSON of 140 Dundas St., both Brantford, 6 Feb 1926 at Brantford 32223-26 James Albert HUNKS, 28, mechanic, Caledonia Ont., Brantford, s/o Remedius HUNKS & Rosanna HALEY, married Irene Tina ERB, 28, Woodham Ont., Brantford, d/0 William ERB & Mary BENNETT, witn: Mark HUNKS & Mary HUNKS, both of Brantford, 29 June 1926
32224-26 Albert Joseph HUNTER, 23, East Flamboro twp., Brantford, s/o Arthur Nevit HUNTER, b. England & Florence May SHACKLETON, married Annie Mabel Marion BECKON, 24, machine operator, Townsend twp., Brantford, d/o Alfred BECKON, b. Simcoe Ont & Susan Stella CLARK, witn: Kathleen PETTIT of 20 Edwin St. & Annie GRAVENOR of 24 Edwin St., both Brantford, 24 Nov 1926 at Brantford 32225-26 Joseph Henry HUTTY, 42, farmer, Barton twp., RR2 Paris, s/o John H. HUTTY, b. England & Sarah CROCKETT, married Eliza Jane NICHOLLS, 44, cook, Binbrook twp., Hamilton, d/o John NICHOLLS, b. England & Katherine HEWETT, witn: Arthur & Mrs. A. GOODALE of Hamilton, 1 May 1926 at Brantford
  32226-26 Christopher James IGGULDEN, 22, painter, Kent England, 277 Chatham St. in Brantford, s/o Richard James IGGULDEN, b. Canterbury Kent England & Annie Elizabeth HOWARD, married Isabell McDOWELL, 22, Glasgow Scotland, 170 Campbell St., d/o William McDOWELL, b. Edinburgh Scotland & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Georgina McMULLEN of Brantford & James WICKSON of Detroit, 21 Aug 1926 at Brantford
32227-26 Alfred Ernest Winnington INGRAM, 35, clergyman, Ontario, Hespeler, s/o Francis Winnington INGRAM & Jane HANKINSON, married Elizabeth Florence HILL, 29, Ontario, Brantford, d/o Edward William Roberts HILL & Frances Ellie O'KELLAHER, witn: R.F. SLAKE of Hespeler & Downa CAVEN of Aylmer, 28 Aug 1926 at Brantford 32228-26 Richard ISAAC, 24, farmer, Canada, Tuscarora twp., s/o Robert ISAAC, b. Ohsweken & Sarah MILLER, married Georgina MILLER, 24, Canada, Tuscarora twp., d/o Frank MILLER, b. Ohsweken & Alice ARMSTRONG, witn: John CLAUSE & Essie BOINBERRY, both of Caledonia, 13 May 1926 at Ohsweken
32229-26 Edward Gale JAMES, 20, office manager, England, Brantford, s/o Frederick S.M. JAMES, b. England & Louise A. CAREY, married Doris Joy EDWARDS, 19, England, Brantford, d/o Francis EDWARDS, b. England & Elizabeth HANDEL, witn: Thomas ADEN (Iden?) of Brantford & Vera GRAHAM of Cainsville, 31 March 1926 at Brantford 32230-26 Thomas James JAMIESON, 29, physician, Ohsweken, Tuscarora twp., s/o Augustus JAMIESON & Emmeline HILL, married Delina Catherine MILLER, 26, Cleveland, Tuscarora twp., d/o Thomas A. MILLER & Mary K. MAXWELL, witn: Nora E. JAMIESON of Ohsweken & Harley A. BEARSS of Welland, 10 Oct 1926 at Kanyengah
32232-26 Harry JOHNSON, 34, slater, England, Brantford, s/o William JOHNSON, b. Bradford & Emily HARDCASTLE, married Lena May McINTYRE, 25, biscuit baker, Brantford, same, d/o John McINTYRE, b. Brantford & Marion ALDONS? (Aldous?), witn: Amanda & Joseph Robinson WRIGHT of Brantford, 24 April 1926 at 113 Darling St., Brantford 32233-26 Herbert Elias JOHNSON, 24, real estate broker, Erie Pa., 343 N.E. 2nd Ave in Miami Florida, s/o Philip JOHNSON, b. Niagara Falls NY & Minnie MILLER, married Charlotte Ruby SMITH, 20, teacher, Hagersville, RR6 Hagersville, d/o William SMITH, b. Tuscarora twp & Sarah RUSSELL, witn: Mary Sophia STYCO? of RR6 Hagersville & Hilton HILL and Elliott MOSES, both of Ohsweken, 18 Sept 1926 at Karyanthre?
82234-26 John Wesley JOHNSTON, 34, farmer, Westwood NJ, Brandon Manitoba, s/o John JOHNSTON, b. Horan? Ohio & Charlotte BRANTON, married Doris HORNSBY, 27, Northampton England, 20 Albermarle St. in Hamilton, d/o Willis HORNSBY, b. Luton England & Sarah WYNN, witn: Anna BICKNELL of 102 Wellington & Frances SIMPSON of 104 Wellington, both Brantford, 18 Aug 1926 at Brantford  
32235-26 Earl Spencer JONES, 23, farmer, Canada, Seneca twp., s/o William JONES, b. Caledonia & S. BATESON? (Bakerson?), married Irene Alberta OLMSTEAD, 23, Canada, Ancaster twp., d/o Frank OLMSTEAD, b. Sault Fleet (Saltfleet?) & Emma SMITH, witn: Mrs. Harry MOORE of 186 California St. & Harry MOORE, both of Brantford, 22 May 1926 at Brantford 32236-26 Mark JONES, 29, salesman, Carnarvon Wales, 25 McClure Ave in Brantford, s/o William JONES, b. Carnarvon Wales & Katherine GRIFFITHS, married Jane Elizabeth STAIRCK, 29 , cigar maker, London England, Fulton Ave in Brantford, d/o Albert STAIRCK, b. London England & Hannah M. PITTS (Pith?), witn: Verner & Mrs. V. RASHLEIGH of Fulton St., 29 April 1926 at Brantford
32237-26 Albert Richard Moul JOSLIN, 20, inspector, England, Brantford, s/o Charles JOSLIN, b. England & Mabel MOUL, married Euphemia Findlay FOTHERINGHAM, 22, seamstress, Scotland, Brantford, d/o Andrew FOTHERINGHAM, b. Scotland & Euphemia DONALD, witn: Andrew GRANT of 82 Gordon St. in Brantford & Olive JOSLIN of 45 Allenby Ave., 26 June 1926 at Knox Church, Brantford 32238-26 Peter JUHAS, 33, farmer, Hungary, Brantford twp., s/o Peter, b. Vasmagyar Hungary & Jolan nee DANKO (Wauko?), married Erzsebet BALOGH, 24, Hungary, Brantford twp., d/o Stephen, b. Nyirsemyo Hungary & Zlona nee PASZLOR, witn: Albert NAGY & William Thomas HARE, both of Bow Park Farm, Brantford, 2 Dec 1926 at Brantford twp
32239-26 Sydney KELLS, 31, inspector, London England, Brantford, s/o Richard KELLS, b. England & Ada Ruth DODGE, married Mary Mildred FERRELL, 20, Brantford, Burford, d/o John Henry FERRELL, b. Canada & Ellen DENBY, witn: Isabella BONNEY of 99 Bay St. & Morley LANE of 44 Main St., both Hamilton, 24 Nov 1926 at Burford 32240-26 Elmer Stuart KELLY, 22, truck driver, Brantford, same, s/o William KELLY, b. Canada & Charlotte MYERS, married Ada Marguerite HOLMES, 17, Blenheim twp., Brantford, d/o George Ross HOLMES, b. Canada & Ethel Bertha MILLER, witn: George Ross & Ethel Bertha HOLMES of Brantford, 29 May 1926 at Brantford
32241-26 Wilfred Ezra KENDRICK, 23, shipper, Brantford, same, s/o Warren B. KENDRICK & Bertha LEWIS, married Mary Elizabeth WILD, 20, packer, England, Brantford, d/o Frederick WILD & Mabel DRUMMOND, witn: Oscar L. KENDRICK & Edith WILD, b Brantford, 26 June 1926 at Brantford 32242-26 Walter KENNEDY, 22, laborer, Southwold Ont., 168 Darling St. in Brantford, s/o Anderson KENNEDY, b. Ont & Lucretia CHRISTIAN, married Jemima Jean HILL, 22, Southwold Ont., 168 Darling St., d/o Elijah HILL, b. Ont & Eunice HILL, witn: Peter HILL & Flora SMITH, both of Brantford, 3 Dec 1926 at Brantford
32243-26 Jack KENYON, 27, welder, England, Toronto, s/o Richard KENYON, b. Lanyshire? England & Susanna McKINLEY, married Hilda WEBB, 25, domestic, England, Brantford, d/o John WEBB, b. Langshire? England & Elizabeth MASSEY, witn: Mr. R. C. BULRING of 125 Sydenham St. & Mrs. John MILLS of 71 Dundas St., both Brantford, 3 June 1926 at 71 Dundas St., Brantford 32244-26 Robert Bruce KERR, 24, salesman, Brantford, same, s/o Robert KERR, b. Montreal & Margaret HOLLENDALE?, married Amy Leone LYLE, 23, Brantford, same, d/o Thomas L. LYLE, b. Brantford & Geneva KNOWLTON, witn: George ADAMS of 162 Chatham & Isabel DUNCAN of Dufferin Ave., both Brantford, 16 Jan 1926 at Brantford
32245-26 Joseph KIRKMAN, 38, clerk, Farnsworth England, 83 Grand St. in Brantford, s/o James KIRKMAN, b. England & Alice WALTON, married Laura OLLEVANT, 42, nurse, Bootle Liverpool England, 28 St. George St., d/o Allan OLLEVANT, b. Rotherham - Yorkshire England (& Jane NETHERTON, witn: Frank & Fanny ALDERSON of 28 St. George St., 23 June 1926 at 28 St. George St., Brantford 32246-26 Russell William KNIGHT, 29, doctor, Paris Ont., Brantford, s/o Jacob KNIGHT, b. Ont & Susan WHITE, married May Jean BALDWIN, 26, Oakland twp., Brantford, d/o Carman B. BALDWIN, b. Ont & Elvira MESSECAR, witn: F.C. & Mrs. F. C. KOHLER of Brantford, 31 July 1926 at Brantford
32247-26 Lewis Milbourn LAFORME, 23, farmer, Brant Co., Tuscarora twp., s/o Amos? BOWMAN (sic), b. Vanessa Ont & Amnise LAFORME, married Marion Winnifred CURLEY, 23, Tuscarora twp., Walpole twp., d/o Robert CURLEY, b. Six Nations Reserve & Lillian WOOD, witn: Samuel & Catherine LAFORME of RR6 Hagersville, 30 May 1926 at New Credit 32248-26 William Joseph LASKY, 23, waiter, Sydney NS, Whitby Ont., s/o Michael LASKY, b. France & Julia KAFUSINE?, married Emily Gertrude BURNS, 19, Stratford, Brantford, d/o Henry Joseph BURNS, b. Toronto & Mary Ellen DELANEY, witn: James BURNS of Brantford & Mildred HEIMLER of Kitchener, 15 Feb 1926 at Brantford [divorced 17-1-51]
32249-26 Gordon Norman LAVIN, 25, machinist, Woodstock, same, s/o Patrick LAVIN, b. Ireland & Margaret KERR (Keir?), married Elizabeth SPENCER, 26, London England, Paris, d/o Edwin John SPENCER, b. England & Elizabeth Jane GARRETT, witn: Edwin John SPENCER of Paris & Merle Nellie LAVIN of Woodstock, 19 June 1926 at Paris 32250-26 David William LAWSON, 47, farmer, Onondaga twp., Blenheim twp., s/o Richard LAWSON, b. Canada & Mary STEWART, married Alberta Matilda BOND, 32, South Dumfries twp., same, d/o John H. BOND, b. Canada & Eliza WALL, witn: Annie Jean HAWLEY of Cainsville & Orville John BOND of Paris, 16 March 1926 at South Dumfries twp
32251-26 Harold Bertrand LAZENBY, 27, telegraph operator, East Oxford twp., Burlington, s/o Norman LAZENBY, b. Ont & Susan BERTRAND, married Violet May LYMBURN, 24, Brantford, same, d/o George LYMBURN, b. Scotland & Rebecca WHITFIELD, witn: Dr. F.S. LAZENBY of Toronto & Miss B.M. EMMETT of Brantford, 12 June 1926 at Brantford 32109-26 Derrel LE BARRE, 32, wholesale butcher, Haldimand CO., Hamilton, s/o Charles LE BARRE, b. Ont & Alba LEEMING, married Martha Gertrude RYMAN (Rymani?), 28, widow, Wentworth Co., Jerseyville, d/o James MILLS, b. Ont & Susan VANDERLIP, witn: Mrs. J.G. FOOTE & Mrs. H. S. ROBERTS, both of Brantford, 16 June 1926 at Brantford
32252-26 Ladislaus LESNICK, 26, mechanic, Detroit, same, s/o Joseph LESNICK & Mary PIETA, married Mary DOSTAL, 19, Brantford, same, d/o Frank DOSTAL & Mary HONAZIN, witn: Joseph SELAYK & Emma DOSTAL, both of Brantford, 28 Aug 1926 at Brantford 32253-26 Elmer Albert LISKERS, 27, farmer, Six Nations Reserve, Newport, s/o George LISKERS, b. Tuscarora & Minnie E. PATERSON, married Lily Alma JONATHAN, 26, Six Nations Reserve, Hagersville, d/o Levi JONATHAN, b. Tuscarora & Ida JAMIESON, witn: A.G. & Mrs. A. G. SMITH of Newport, 1 June 1926 at Grand River parsonage
32254-26 Clarence Bernard LINDQUIST, 29, foreman, Emmett Kansas, Detroit, s/o John B. LINDQUIST, b. Sweden & Ella JOHNSTON, married Mildred Clara GRAYDON, 21, Norwich, Brantford, d/o Thomas GRAYDON, b. Norfolk Co Ont & Margaret A. STEWART, witn: Stewart & Thelma Margaret GRAYDON of Brantford, 22 Dec 1926 at Brantford 32255-26 Lewis S. LINT, 24, farmer, North Cayuga, same, s/o Lewis LINT, b. Canada & Barbara OTTO, married Mary H. WISHART, 23, teacher, Paris, North Cayuga, d/o John WISHART, b. Canada & Susan SEWELL, witn: George LINT of Cayuga & Ellen WISHART of Paris, 2 Oct 1926 at Brantford twp
32256-26 John Hill LIVESLEY, 26, stasher, England, Brantford, s/o John Thomas LIVESLEY, b. England & Mary Ann HILL, married Grace POWELL, 29, seamstress, England, Brantford, d/o William POWELL, b. England & Mary HEATH, witn: R. PENDERGAST & Helen TUCKER, both of Brantford, 18 Dec 1926 at Brantford 32257-26 Harry Timothy LOE, 47, widower, core maker, Hamilton, 34 South St. in Brantford, s/o Henry LOE, b. England & Charlotte WATSON, married Ruth Susanna CUTHBERT, 52, widow, Yorkshire England, 34 South St., d/o William MULLINS, b. England & Mary HOLT, witn: W.J. & Mrs. Lila DICK of 26 Glanville Ave., 27 Nov 1926 at Brantford
32258-26 Peter LOSLO, 29, moulder, Hungary, Brantford, s/o Alex LOSLO & Ann HOMATH, married Mary MEHES, 21, Hungary, Brantford, d/o Joseph MEHES & Magdalene DAVID, witn: Steven TOTH & Susan KAYORI, both of Brantford, 1 May 1926 at Brantford 32259-26 Michael LOZICKI, 45, widower, laborer, Poland, Brantford, s/o Ludwick LOZICKI, b. Poland & Krystyna SALAMON, married Anna NYSZCZUK, 28, Poland, Brantford, d/o Teodor NYSZCZUK, b. Poland & Teodosia POLOWA, witn: John & Nellie SROKA of 36 McMurray St., 9 Dec 1926 at Brantford
32260-26 James LUNDIE, 27, salesman, Scotland, Brantford, s/o Robert LUNDIE, b. Scotland & Mary McCONKEY, married Jean MILLER, 22, widow, domestic, Scotland, Brantford, d/o William MARTINDALE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth CRAWFORD, witn: Christena CANBROUGH of 242 Sheridan St. & John LIVESLEY of 103 Chestnut Ave., 9 Jan 1926 at 107 East Ave., Brantford 32261-26 Hugh McArthur LYLE, 24, electric plater, Brantford, 76 Spring St., s/o David LYLE, b. Brantford & Lily GRIMSTEAD, married Anne COWPERTHWAITE, 22, cutter, Lancashire England, 99 Eagle Ave., d/o Richard Henry COWPERTHWAITE, b. Barrowfurness England & Fanny HINGLEY, witn: Phyllis COWPERTHWAITE of 99 Eagle Ave & Jack TUNNICLIFF of 81 port St. in Brantford, 6 Nov 1926 at Brantford
32262-26 Hilton Wilmot Earl MACE, 22, farmer, Waterford, same, s/o William MACE, b. Waterford Ont & Eva CUNLIFFE, married Edith SMITH, 18, machine operator, Brantford, same, d/o Aaron CUNLIFFE, b. England & Jane PRICE, witn: Aaron & George Aaron SMITH of 340 Nelson St. in Brantford, 16 Jan 1926 at Marlboro St. United Church, Brantford 32263-26 Francis George MARLATT, 23, teamster, Brantford, 176 Dalhousie St. in Brantford, s/o Claude MARLATT, b. Ont & Levina TAPLEY, married Ella Rhea WEIR, 25, maid, Beverley twp., 70 Arthur St. in Brantford, d/o David WEIR, b. Ont & Elizabeth PATTON, witn: Margaret & M. Maud RYCROFT of Brantford, 17 March 1926 at Brantford
32265-26 Leo Alexander Patrick Henry MARTIN, 21, mechanic, Brantford, same, s/o Lewis MARTIN, b. England & Mabel BUTLER, married Kathleen Dorothy STRADWICK, 16, Hamilton, Brantford, d/o Samuel GRANT (sic) & Mary Margaret LESLIE, witn: Hattie R. MILLER & Reginald CLARK, both of Brantford, 14 June 1926 at Brantford 32264-26 James Craig MARTIN, 59, widower, carpenter, Scotland, 13 Dingwall Ave in Toronto, s/o Andrew MARTIN, b. Ireland & Martha CRAIG, married Margaret Ann PENDERGAST, 54, widow, Scotland, 19 Granville Ave in Brantford, d/o John BARR, b. Scotland & Catherine LIVINGSTONE, witn: John & Mary McGREGOR of 216 Wellington St., in Brantford, 15 Oct. 1926 at Brantford
32266-26 Arthur Wlfred MASON, 29, farmer, New Durham, RR1 Cainsville, s/o Daniel Wilson MASON, b. Oxford Co Ont & Rachel Ann BUCKBOROUGH, married Gladys May ROBINSON, 28, Burford twp., Brantford, d/o George Ernest ROBINSON, b. Burford twp & Mary BROWN, witn: Walter & Sarah BROWN of Cainsville, 18 March 1926 at 217 Brant Ave., Brantford  
32268-26 John Harvey MATTHEWS, 28, architect, Nichol twp., Fergus, s/o Humphrey, b. Canada & Mary nee RUTHERFORD, married Bessie Isabel ROSS, 25, Brantford, same, d/o Thomas A. ROSS, dead, b. Ayr Ont & Mary SAUNDERS, witn: Margaret W. MacARTHUR of Fergus & W.F. MATTHEWS of London, 21 June 1926 at 219 Sheridan St., Brantford 32267-26 Howard Sands MATTHEWS, 24, meat packing business, Ontario, Ford Hotel in Buffalo NY, s/o George Sands MATTHEWS, b. Ont & Frances RATCLIFFE, married Muriel Isabel HENDRY, 24, Ontario, 14 Nelson St. in Brantford, d/o Thomas HENDRY, dead, b. Ont & Ida MALCOLMSON, witn: George S. MATTHEWS & Mrs. Thomas HENDRY, both of Brantford, 2 June 1926 at Zion United Church
32287-26 William Alexander McBRIDE, 26, mill hand, Ireland, Paris, s/o James McBRIDE, b. Ireland & Jane McCORMICK, married Margaret Maud HANLON, 19, folder, Ireland, Paris, d/o Thomas HANLON, b. Ireland & Annie SMITH, witn: David Henry McBRIDE & Marjorie BRADLEY, both of Paris, 7 Jan 1926 at Paris 32288-26 Richard Robert Earl McCLELLAND, 44, farmer, Goderich twp., same, s/o John McCLELLAND, b. Ont & Mary A. WESTON, married Stella Viola MORRISH, 31, Colborne twp., Goderich, d/o William MORRISH, b. England & Margaret LAING, witn: John & Hellen CHISHOLM of Brantford, 5 Jan 1926 at Brantford
32289-26 Frank McCOMBS, 16, farmer, Scotland Ont., South Dumfries twp., s/o Wilbert McCOMBS, b. Scotland & Alfrida LEWIS, married Doris Kathleen ATTRIDGE, 18, lady, Brantford, St. George, d/o Wesley ATTRIDGE, b. Brantford & Georgina Rachel, witn: Evander ATTRIDGE of St. George & Violet? ELLIOTT of Brantford, 17 March 1926 at St. George 32290-26 Carson Edward McCORMICK, 20, laborer, Brantford, RR4 Brantford, s/o William Richard McCORMICK, b. Brant Co. & Margaret Helen NICOL, married Nellie Esther TURNBULL, 19, Burford twp., 204 West Colborne St. in Brantford, d/o Robert TURNBULL, b. Brant Co & Lillie May RICHIE, witn: Eva & Reg COX of 143 West Colborne St., 4 Sept 1926 at Brantford
32291-26 Samuel McCREARY, 24, machine operator, London England, Brantford, s/o Arthur McCREARY, b. London England & Jane J. EVERINGTON, married Dorothy Isabell FLETT, 17, box maker, Brantford, same, d/o Francis FLETT, b. Brantford & Nellie BRAGG, witn: Hellen F. FLETT & James OSMAN, both of Brantford, 1 Jan 1926 at Brantford 32292-26 Duncan Fletcher McCUAIG, 36, solicitor, Oro twp., Barrie, s/o William McCUAIG, b. Scotland & Mary GUTHRIE, married Laura Isabel WILSON, 32, Guelph, Barrie, d/o William F. WILSON, b. England & Fanny E. SIMPSON, witn: Sydney J. & Gertrude UNDERWOOD of Guelph, 10 July 1926 at Brantford
32294-26 Peter McDONALD, 27, iron welder, Glasgow Scotland, Brantford, s/o John McDONALD & Jean BLACK, married Elizabeth GARRITY, 32, Glasgow Scotland, Brantford, d/o John GARRITY & Cecilia ROGERS, witn: James & Catherine GARRITY of 88 Larch St. in Brantford, 19 June 1926 at Brantford 32293-26 John Daniel McDONALD, 22, laborer, Port Hood NS, Brantford, s/o "don’t know" & Katherine McDONALD, married Florence Laura HILL, 19, spinner, Stratford Ont., Brantford, d/o John Edward HILL, b. Birmingham England & Ethel COWLING, witn: Horace Edward HILL of 25 George St. & Sarah Davison McCLELLAND of Gilkeson St., 27 March 1926 at Brantford [divorced 6/6/51]
32295-26 Roland Gill McDONALD, 33, insurance inspector, Ontario, 46 King St. West in Toronto, s/o Hugh McDONALD, b. Ont & Ellen GILL, married Leone Alvaretta HARTLEY, 31, Ontario, 78 Brant Ave in Brantford, d/o Frederick HARTLEY, b. Ont & Mary Ellen WOLFE, witn: Mrs. Grace BELL of Chatham & Harold K. COX of Toronto, 20 March 1926 at Brantford 32296-26 John McGUIRE, 30, laborer, Glasgow Scotland, Walkerville, s/o James McGUIRE & Margaret MULDOON, married Elizabeth ELLIS, 28, Glasgow, Brantford, d/o William ELLIS & Elizabeth GEARY, witn: Anthony & Margaret McGUIRE of Brantford, 8 April 1926 at Brantford
32297-26 John Leslie McINTYRE, 40, widower, taxi man, East Zorra, Woodstock, s/o William WALLACE (sic), b. Brantford & Levina Jane STRAIG (Strong?), married Gladys Irene LOCKWOOD, 19, knitter, Burford, Woodstock, d/o Arthur LOCKWOOD, b. England & Leda PEARSON, witn: Mrs. John PEARSON of Burford & Mrs. Chris BLANCHER of Ayr, 27 Nov 1926 at Burford 32298-26 Norman L. McINTYRE, 31, farmer, Norwich Ont., Lot 21 Con 8 of Burford twp., s/o Laughlin McINTYRE, b. Canada & Mary McLEOD, married Ada Victoria FARRELL, 19, Burford twp., Lot 20 Con 7 of Burford twp., d/o Andrew FARRELL, b. Canada & Liza FREE (Tree?), witn: Matilda C. JOHNSON & Norman McINTYRE, both of Burford, 22 Dec 1926 at Burford
32299-26 Claude Augustus McKNIGHT, 25, Lot 17 Con 5 of Windham twp., same, s/o Augustus McKNIGHT, b. Canada & Alice GLYNN, married Grace Myrle STEPHENSON, 20, Cathcart, same, d/o John Emerson STEPHENSON, b. Canada & Annie Maud OVERHOLT, witn: W. J. & Edith STEPHENSON of Cathcart, 15 Dec 1926 at Brantford 32300-26 Kenneth McLACHLAN, 39, decorator, Scotland, Brantford, s/o John McLACHLAN, b. Scotland & Sarah McDONALD, married Algee Maude LEFLER, 32, saleslady, Burford twp., Brantford, d/o Marshall LEFLER, b. Canada Alice JOHNSTON, witn: Mrs. John LAWRENCE of Otterville & R.M. WALLACE of 291 Brant Ave., 2 Oct 1926 at Brantford
32301-26 William McLAREN, 29, wood machinist, Dundee Scotland, 185 Marlboro St. in Brantford, s/o William McLAREN, b. Scotland & Margaret CLARK, married Dorothy MEARS, 30, envelope maker, Kent England, 270 Wellington St. in Brantford, d/o George MEARS, b. England & Jane HAGLE, witn: Agnes MEARS of 27 Wellington St. & Reg J. STUART of 259 Murray St., 16 Oct 1926 at Brantford 32302-26 Thomas McLELLAN, 29 (b. 9 Oct 1896), salesman, 117 John Knox St. in Glasgow Scotland, 227 Jarvis St. in Toronto, s/o George McLELLAN, b. Scotland & Christena MUIRHEAD (m. 27 Nov 1890 at Glasgow), married Wilma WALKER, 22, saleslady, Ontario, 266 Sherbourne St. in Toronto, d/o David WALKER, b. Ont & Maud HARRISON, witn: Roy WALKER & Maud DEACON, both of Onondaga, 4 Sept 1926 at Brantford
32303-26 Hugh Charles McPHERSON, 19, farmer, South Dumfries twp., RR1 St. George, s/o Duncan McPHERSON, b. Canada & Mary FOULDS, married Leta Marie RYCROFT, 20, Dunwich twp., RR1 St. George, d/o Joseph RYCROFT, b. Canada & Annie STEWART, witn: Beatrice Vera RYCROFT & Alex C. McPHERSON, both of South Dumfries, 17 Nov 1926 at South Dumfries twp 32269-26 Victor Charles MEALING, 29, laborer, Birmingham England, 121 Elgin St. in Brantford, s/o William Robert MEALING, b. East Indies & Annie Creen? FELL, married Ursula Bertha Olive BROWN, 17, Galt, 18 Cayuga St. in Brantford, d/o Hugh BROWN, b. Moulton? twp & Edith Lena HOLMES, witn: Louise HEWITT of Echo Place & Ruth MEALING of 121 Elgin St., 29 Sept 1926 at 18 Cayuga St., Brantford [divorced 13 March 1935 at Brantford ]
32270-26 Curtis Mantillian MELLICK, 55, clerk, Paris, 79 Erie Ave in Brantford, s/o Edwin MELLICK, b. Ont & Rachel WILSON, married Martha Bella STRONG, 50, widow, Chicago, 107 Queen St. in Brantford, d/o Samuel TRASE, b. Chicago & Mary E. SHARPE, witn: Thomas & John STRONG of Brantford, 1 Jan 1926 at Brantford 32271-26 Elgin Gordon MILLER, 23, farmer, Wiarton Ont., Petersburg, s/o Charles George MILLER, b. Grey Co & Elizabeth BEALS, married Ellen May HENDERSON, 21, knitter, Paris, same, d/o Thomas Walter HENDERSON, b. Waterloo Co & Alice Maud McLEOD, witn: Thomas & Alice Maud HENDERSON of Paris, 27 Dec 1926 at Paris
32272-26 Charles MILLMAN, 49, widower, stationary engineer, near Owen Sound, 73 Arthur St., s/o Thomas MILLMAN, b. Devonshire England & not known, married Mabel May FOREMAN, 27, Bright Ont., 23 Arthur St. in Brantford, d/o William FOREMAN, b. Brantford & Agnes SMITH, witn; Mrs. A.V. BROWN & Miss Alma RUDELL, both of 43 Peel St. in Brantford, 2 Nov 1926 at Brantford 32273-26 Albert John MILNE, 25, dental mechanic, Aberdeen Scotland, 129 West St. in Brantford, s/o John MILNE, b. Scotland & Margaret SUMMERS, married Vera Leone PEDDIE, 21, machine operator, Brantford, Birketts Lane in Brantford, d/o Roy PEDDIE, b. Brantford & Olive BLAKELEY, witn: Elva M. BARR of 22 Nelson St. & John YOUNGER of 143 Market St., both Brantford, 25 June 1926 at Brantford
32274-26 Ernest Stanley MINSHALL, 37, farmer, widower, Brantford twp., RR2 Brantford, s/o William M. MINSHALL, b. Brantford twp & Janet CAMPBELL, married Nettie Maria SHEPPARD, 38, Brantford twp., RR2 Brantford, d/o Jonas SHEPPARD, b. Ont & Margaret Ann MILLER, witn: Lillie B. CARTER of Mt. Pleasant & C.H. KELLAM of RR2 Brantford, 27 Jan 1926 at Mt. Pleasant 32275-26 Arthur Claire MITCHELL, 24, farmer, Brantford twp., Richwood, s/o not givren, married Anna Eliza SIMPSON, 28, Onondaga twp., Cainsville, d/o Samuel SIMPSON, b. Canada & blank, witn: Robert MITCHELL of Richwood & Mildred SIMPSON of Onondaga twp., 9 June 1926 at res of the bride, Onondaga twp
32276-26 Frank MOFFAT, 23, musician, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Joseph MOFFATT, b. Scotland & Jeanette LAW, married Georgina SCOTT, 22, Scotland, Brantford, d/o George SCOTT, b. Scotland & Margaret McCARLES, witn: Grace SCOTT of 86 St. George St. in Brantford & William BORTHWICK of St. Andrews St. in Paris, 17 April 1926 at Central Presbyterian Church, Brantford 32277-26 Thomas Henry MONEY, 27, carpenter, Swindon England, 39 Aberdeen Ave in Brantford, s/o John MONEY, b. Oxford Co England & Edith SHEPHARD, married Winifred STANFORD, 27, machine operator, London England, 6 Webling St. in Brantford, d/o Percy E. STANFORD, b. London England & Jane W. ROBERTS, witn: Alex HUTCHSON & Melissa M. DONER, both of Brantford, 1 Sept 1926 at Brantford
32278-26 Alexander MONTGOMERY, 26, stock keeper, Glasgow Scotland, Brantford, s/o Malcolm MONTGOMERY, b. Scotland & Alexandrina McLEOD, married Davida Isabella McKenzie CLARK, 20, machine operator, Marin Scotland, Brantford, d/o David CLARK, b. Scotland & Nellie McCulloch McKENZIE, witn: Frank LIDBETTER of 77 Colborne St. & Mildred BRITTON of 143 Nelson St., both Brantford, 31 July 1926 at Brantford 32279-26 William Lorne MONTOUR, 25, auto mechanic, Brantford, same, s/o Michael MONTOUR, b. Brantford & Elizabeth STANDON, married Ruth BOWMAN, 24, domestic, Waterloo , Brantford, d/o Philo BOWMAN, b. Kitchener & Eva GINGRICH, witn: Mildred BOWMAN of Ingersoll & Frank KEIGHLY of Brantford, 8 Dec 1926 at Brantford
32280-26 Francis Wilbur MOORE, 20, laborer, Brantford twp., Brantford, s/o Frederick W. MOORE, b. Burtch & Nellie ALMAS, married Evelyn Edna SCHRAM, 18, glove maker, Charlotteville twp., Brantford, d/o Delbert A. SCHRAM, b. USA & Eliza WINEGARDNER, witn: Mrs. Delbert SCHRAM & William? MOORE, both of Brantford, 20 March 1926 at Brantford 32281-26 Harry Ivan MOORE, 23, moulder, Brantford twp., Brantford, s/o William MOORE, b. Mt. Pleasant & Nellie May ALMAS, married Annie Alberta PEART, 24, candy packer, Brantford twp., Brantford, d/o Titus PEART, b. Durham England & Alberta OLMSTEAD, witn: Miss Irene OLMSTEAD of RR2 Ancaster & Earl JONES of Caledonia, 22 May 1926 at Brantford
32282-26 John Edward MORRISON, 19, knitter, Nottingham England, Paris, s/o John Henry MORRISON, b. England & Elizabeth DEAR, married Dorothy FARMER, 20, mill hand, England, Paris, d/o William FARMER, b. England & Alice CARTER, witn: William Richard PARKER & Helen FARMER, both of Paris, 23 Jan 1926 at Paris 32283-26 Donald Forbes MORTIMER, 33, insurance broker , Toronto, same, s/o James MORTIMER, b. Scotland & Mary HARRIS, married Mary Verna WOODS, 27, nurse, Brantford, same, d/o Benjamin A. WOODS, b. Ont & Ellen Elizabeth BEALL, witn: William Ross BOYD & Margaret FITZPATRICK, both of Toronto, 4 Sept 1926 at Brantford
32284-26 Herbert Maw MULLIGAN, 24, farmer, Onondaga twp., RR3 Cainsville, s/o Thomas MULLIGAN, b. Onondaga & Mary Ann ROBINSON, married Caroline Ruth KENDRICK, 22, Brantford twp., RR3 Cainsville, d/o Uziel KENDRICK, b. Brantford & uncertain, witn: Iva MULLIGAN of Brantford & Harley KENDRICK of Cainsville, 27 Jan 1926 at Brantford 32285-26 Peter Torrance MURRAY, 22, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alex MURRAY, b. Ont & Anna C. REID, married Lillian Madeline Mary DOUGLAS, 21, telephone operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William DOUGLAS, b. Ont & Madeline GILLIS, witn: May CORNELL & Peter LE BARGE, both of Hamilton, 19 Aug 1926 at Brantford
32286-26 Horace MUSSON, 26, radiator solderer, England, Lockport NY, s/o Joseph MUSSON, b. England & Mary LEE, married Ruth C. HAGGETT, 23, mill hand, Cleveland Ohio, Paris, d/o William HAGGETT, b. England & Rosina TUCKER, witn: Claude A. MUSSON & Florence TUCKER, both of Paris, 29 Sept 1926 at Paris  
32304-26 Jim NAGY, 27, laborer, Alsovados Hungary, 284 Nelson St. in Brantford, s/o Charles NAGY, b. Hungary & Elizabeth KOVAS, married Elizabeth SABO, 18, machinist, Hungary, 194 Grey St. in Brantford, d/o Venele SABO, b. Hungary & Catherine MEYER, witn: Joseph SIMON & Mary MOLNER?, both of Brantford, 2 Oct 1926 at Brantford 32305-26 William James NEATE, 24, moulder, Bristol England, 106 Erie Ave in Brantford, s/o William NEATE, dead, b. Gloucestershire England & Annie WILLIAMS, married Jessie FRASER, 31, Combies Scotland, 82 Cayuga St. in Brantford, d/o Robert FRASER, dead, b. Combies Scotland & Johanna McLENNAN, witn: Stanley & Mrs. Stanley BRAUND of 82 Cayuga St., 5 June 1926 at 82 Cayuga St., Brantford
32306-26 Lawrence Henry NEIL, 29, textile worker, Mariposa twp., Brantford, s/o Charles Henry NEIL, b. Cambray Ont & Mary GRILLS, married Grace BUTLER, 26, textile worker, Norwich Ont., Brantford, d/o Gordon BUTLER, b. Norwich Ont & Ida May STOVER, witn: Ada BUTLER of 25 Leonard St & Charlie WAGAR of 241 Erie Ave., 14 July 1926 at Brantford 32307-26 Charles Gowan NIBLOCK, 20, banker, Brantford, same, s/o John NIBLOCK, b. Ireland & Janet JOHNSTONE, married Irene ROBINSON, 19, stenographer, Tilsonburg, Brantford, d/o Ethelbert ROBINSON & Margaret SMITH, witn: Evelyn HARTLEY & William H. McKAY, both of Brantford, 20 March 1926 at Brantford
32308-26 Charles Adrian NORRIS, 21, farmer, Burford twp., RR2 Scotland, s/o John NORRIS, b. Kent England & Emma THORN, married Dorothy May HODGE, 19, England, RR1 Hatchley, d/o Henry John HODGE, b. Somersetshire England & Mabel STONE, witn: Lloyd NORRIS of RR2 Scotland & Mabel HODGE of RR1 Hatchley, 3 April 1926 at bride’s home, 32309-26 Roy NORTON, 32, agent, Dundas Ont., Brampton, s/o Edward NORTON, b. Ont & Ida May SMITH, married Muriel RUTHERFORD, 26, Mount Pleasant, same, d/o Walter RUTHERFORD, b. Ont & Eliza RYAN, witn: Margaret & Dorothy RYCROFT of Brantford, 16 Jan 1926 at Brantford
32310-26 Atanas OHANASTIAN, 32, core maker, Turkey, Detroit, s/o Ohannes OHANASTRIAN, b. Armenia & Anna MARKARIAN, married Hayokoosh KABOOSTIAN, 17, clerk, Brantford, same, d/o Garabed KABOOSTIAN, b. Armenia & Agave JAVELEGIAN, witn: George MOORADIAN & Nahabed SPRANIAN, both of Brantford, 2 Feb 1926 at Brantford 32311-26 Charles Samuel John OKE, 43, clergyman, Ontario, Brandon Manitoba, s/o John OKE, b. England & Susan LETTS, married Alice Christena PATTERSON, 31, Ontario, Echo Place, d/o Alexander PATTERSON, b. Ont & Janet ELLIOTT, witn: Janet PATTERSON of Echo Place & J. B. PAULIN of Toronto, 19 June 1926 at Brantford
32312-26 Herbert Vagn OLSEN, 26, teacher, Omaha Nebraska, Newark Del., s/o Ole OLSEN, b. Denmark & Karen ANDERSON, married Elspeth Morton DUNCAN, 25, Pottstown PA, 41 Dufferin Ave in Brantford, d/o Robert Kenney DUNCAN, dead, b. Brantford & Charlotte FOSTER, witn: Mrs. Charlotte DUNCAN of Brantford & Mr. T. REEDY of Dufferin Ave., 3 April 1926 at Zion United Church, Brantford

32313-26 Charles Orrin ORMSBEE, 21, carpenter, Ellenburgh Centre NY, Brantford, s/o Charles Herbert ORMSBEE, b. Ellensburgh Centre NY & Ellen Louise POPE, married Aleta Grace HENDERSHOTT, 20, Wilsonville - Townsend Twp., Brantford, d/o Dennis L. HENDERSHOTT, b. Delhi & Annie Cora GLOVER, witn: Mrs. H. ORMSBEE & Mr. M. ORMSBEE, both of Waterford, 3 Jul 1926 at Oakland

32314-26 Thomas Ronald OSBORNE, 26, machine operator, England, Brantford, s/o George William OSBORNE, b. England & Minnie STUBBINS, married Alice Mary CARPENTER, 23, Brantford, Scotland, d/o Alfred CARPENTER, b. Canada & Josephine MAKLER, witn: Lillian MATTHEWS of Brantford & LaZelle MATTHEWS of Hagersville, 24 Dec 1926 at Brantford.

32315-26 George Edgar OVERN, 31, widower, salesman, Gravenhurst, Brantford, s/o Thomas J. OVERN, b. Ontario & Margaret V. SMITH, married Mary Evelyn Ruth COLE, 26 teacher, Orillia, Brantford, d/o George A. COLE, b. Ontario & Mary A. HUNTLEY, witn: W.J. WYLLIS & Joan HARRIS, both of Brantford, 9 Aug 1926 at Brantford.

32316-26 John Wilfred PALMER, 20, farmer, Sarnia, North Norwich Twp., s/o William PALMER, b. Tillsonburg & Eva WILKINSON, married Frances Marie DE MONTMORENCY, 22, shop girl, North Norwich Twp., Brantford, d/o George DE MONTMORENCY, b. Ireland & Frances COLCLOUGH, witn: Emily DE MONTMORENCY of Brantford & Sadie? HAMMOND of Harley, 5 Jun 1926 at Brantford.

32317-26 Horace Everard PAMPLIN, 30 salesman, Cornwall England, Detroit, s/o James Esau PAMPLIN, b. England & Bessie WILLIAMS, married Eva Gertrude PHILLIPSON, 22, factory hand, Sidgefield Comforth England, Brantford, d/o John PHILLIPSON, b. England & Beatrice ENGLISH, witn: Leslie ANDERSON & Louise HAZEL, both of Brantford, 12 Aug 1926 at Brantford

32318-26 William PARKER, 30, organ builder, England, Woodstock, s/o John Allan PARKER, b. England & Mary E.A. FAWCETT, married Ethel Caroline CLYNICK, 31, Woodstock, same, d/o Alfred Henry CLYNICK, b. England & Mary Ann C. BRADLEY, witn: Thomas Fawcett PARKER & Alice May CLYNICK, both of Woodstock, 22 May 1926 at Paris

32319-26 Harold James PATIS, 20, machinist, London England, Brantford, s/o Alfred Hardy PATIS & Elizabeth Ellen ADKINS, married Gladys Ileen DUNSTON, 22, Reading England, Brantford, d/o Henry James DUNSTON & Ellen Caroline DOWSETT, witn: Leonard HARPER & Mary T. SULLIVAN, both of Brantford, 18 Sep 1926 at Brantford.

32320-26 Frederick George PAYNE, 37, spinner, England, Brantford, s/o George PAYNE, b. England & Harriett WHITHICOM (Whittiker?), married Florence LACEY, 37 ( b.27-11-1888,) packer, Tipton - Staffordshire England, Brantford, d/o Frank LACEY, b. England & Mary SMITH, witn: Mrs. William J. FOSTER & Esther A. SMITH, both of Brantford, 3 Sep 1026 at Brantford

32321-26 Seymore Lorn PEPPLER, 27, banker, Hanover, Hensall, s/o Alexander PEPPLER, b. Hanover & Clara Bell RODGERS, married Jennie Shields WALTERS, 28, bookkeeper, Brantford, same, d/o William Thomas WALTERS, b. Elora & Minnie Ada FARROW, witn: Isobel C. WALTERS & Harold V. HOPKINS, both of Brantford, 10 Jun 1926 at Brantford.

32322-26 Nelson Leonard PFEIFFER, 32, shoe cutter, Preston, same, s/o Fred PFEIFFER, b. Preston & Barbara SCHADT, married Eva Elizabeth COUSINS, 34, operator, Walkerton, Paris, d/o Alex John COUSINS, b. Perth Co. & Annie Elizabeth HICKLING, witn: Carl DAHLSTROM of Highland Park - Mich. & Gladys COUSINS of Detroit, 4 Dec 1926 at Paris

32323-26 Lloyd LeVerne PHILLIPS, 24, farmer, Waterford, Princeton, s/o Henry PHILLIPS, b. England & Nettie GALLAWAY, married Annie Lauretta PEART, 23 Brantford, same, d/o Ralph PEART, b. England & Ettie FLEMING, witn: O. PETTIGREW of Paris & Ellie PEART of Brantford, 2 Jun 1926 at Brantford Twp.

32324-26 Clarence Joseph PICKERING, 22, taxi man, Paris, Brantford, s/o Justus PICKERING, b. Durham & Janet SWISTER, married Florence Matilda ARCHER, 22, machine hand, Essex England, Brantford, d/o Joseph J. ARCHER b. Essex England & Rose ELLIS, witn: Jay J.J. PICKERING & Frances ELLIS, both of Brantford, 16 Nov 1926 at Brantford

32325-26 Arthur William PIGOTT, 23, labour, England, Brantford, s/o Arthur William PIGOTT, b. England & Louise Amelia HARRIS, married Violet May BUTLER, 19, Mt. Elgin, Brantford, d/o Edward BUTLER, b. England & Sarah Mary CANNON, witn: Gladys S. FOTHERINGHAM & M.E. HATELY, both of Brantford, 25 Aug 1926 at Brantford.

32326-26 Kachadoor Del PELIBOSIAN, 37, laborer, Armenia, Brantford, s/o Pely PELIBOASIAN, b. Armenia & Avaj KACHMASIAN, married Mvart MELKONIAN, 27, Armenia, Brantford, d/o Ohannas MELKONIAN, b. Armenia & Amy MOOGOLIAN, witn: M. ARMEN & Mishan DERDARIAN, both of Brantford, 7 Jun 1926 at Brantford

32327-26 Frederick Henry Arthur PINNELL, 29, postman, Teeswater, Brantford, s/o Joseph PINNELL, b. Teeswater & Annie Alice Finley BEALL, b. Montreal, married Rena Ellen POTTER, 26, operator, d/o Robert POTTER, b. Bowmanville & Grace Ida CHAMPION, b. Buffalo, witn: Jack PINNELL of Detroit. & May DEGIVCHY of Brantford, 22 Sep 1926 at Brantford

32328-26 Frank POOLE, 27, carpenter, England, Brantford, s/o Arthur I. POOLE, b. Hockley England & Eliza COURSE, married Violet May POOLE, 25, machine operator, England, Brantford, d/o Ernest WILLIAM, b. Hockley England & Anna CORBYN, witn: Charles WILES of Brantford & Ivy WHITFIELD of Grandview, 25 Jun 1926 at Brantford.

32329-26 Wilfred Gordon POTTRUFF, 29, farmer, Brantford Twp., Paris, s/o Robert Wesley POTTRUFF, b. Canada & Hannah Ellen PLANT (PLAIT?), married Edna Amy HEMINGWAY, 30, Burford, Scotland, d/o Rufus HEMINGWAY, b. Canada & Amy HUFFMAN, witn: Florence M. SPARKES of Toronto & David JACK of Paris, 8 Sep 1926 at Burford Twp.

32330-26 Robert Victor PRICE, 38, mechanic, London England, St. Thomas, s/o Edwin George PRICE & Mary Anne ISSETT, married Agnes Sophia BROOKS, 30, London England, Brantford, d/o George BROOKS & Sarah HALL, witn: E.G. PRICE of Brantford & Florence HALL, no residence, 4 Sep 1926 at Brantford

32331-26 Stanley George PRICE, 28, farmer, England, Brantford Twp., s/o Charles PRICE, b. England & Minnie LEIGHTON, married Alma Muriel DAVIS, 27, mechanic, England, Brantford, d/o Joseph DAVIS, b. Kent England & Alice SHILLING, witn: Edith DAVIS of Brantford & Walter James BURRAGE of Oakland, 29 May 1926 at Brantford.

32332-26 Walter Bertram PURDY, 21, truck driver, Ancaster Twp., Brantford, s/o Pemberton PURDY, b. Brant Twp. & Minnie Alice WILSON, married Candace Mary COOK, 21, Brantford, same, d/o Alfred COOK, b. Brantford & Margaret Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Reta R. CUDMORE & S.B. CUDMORE, both of Brantford, 27 Sep 1926 at Brantford.

32333-26 Norman Lemuel PURSEL, 45, salesman, Thamesville, Brantford, s/o Nelson PURSEL, b. Simcoe & Mary ANDERSON, married Bertha Mary Theresa SIMON, 47, Brantford, same, d/o James SIMON, b. Ireland & Rose MCLAUGHLIN, witn: W. M. BERFALL & Catherine ONION? (Tricon?) both of Brantford, 9 Oct 1926 at Brant Co

32334-26 John William RAINE, 57, widower, representater's agent, England, Mr. Pleasant, s/o William RAINE, b. England & Margaret illegible, married Margaret Cecelia HERRINGTON, Brighton Twp., Montreal, d/o Allen HERRINGTON, b. Canada & Maggie S. HODGE, witn: C.F. SAUNDERS & C.E. HERRINGTON, both of Brantford, 23 December 1926 at Brantford

32335-26 Arthur Morgan RAMSDEN, 43, farmer, Port Elizabeth - South Africa, Burford Twp., s/o Joseph RAMSDEN, b. Bradford - Yorkshire England & Sabina MORGAN, married May HANRAHAN, 44, Salem NY, Burford Twp., d/o John HANRAHAN, b. Ireland & Marinda PICKLE, witn: Mabel V. WHITE of Scotland & Alvira CURRIE of Mechanicsville NY, 16 Apr 1926 at Burford Twp.

32336-26 Frederick William RAYFIELD, 38, school teacher, Amaranth Twp., Orangeville, s/o George Willmore RAYFIELD, b. Kent Twp. & Mary Jane JOWL, married Helen Estelle CRANDALL, 22, stenographer, Brantford, same, d/o Theodore Vernon CRANDALL, b. Brantford & Hazel Helen HUKE, witn: Dorothy CRANDALL [sic] of Brantford & Vernon Stanley STEVENS of Toronto, 26 Jul 1926 at Brantford.

32337-26 William Emery RAYMOND, 40, widower, carpenter, Houghton Twp., Brantford, s/o Edward RAYMOND, b. England & Josephine RUSLING, married Ethel Elizabeth GILES, 23, spinner, England, Brantford, d/o John GILES, b. England & Fanny WILSON, witn: Jane GILES & Jack WRATTEN, both of Brantford, 6 Oct 1926 at Brantford.


32338-26 Robert Cruthers RICHARDSON, 19, gardener, Glasgow Scotland, Brantford, s/o Alex Kirkpatrick RICHARDSON, b. Lockerbie Scotland & Jane CRUTHERS, married Mary Willis DEARY, 19, Brantford, same, d/o Tom DEARY, b. Sheffield & Bertha HAZZARD, witn: Charlie Everton DEARY & Jean Carruthers Kirkpatrick RICHARDSON both of Brantford, 21 Aug 1926 at Brantford. [Divorced 2 Sep 1952]

32339-26 Howard Leslie ROBERTS, 43, widower, minister, Fullerton - Perth, Brantford, s/o Richard ROBERTS, b. Ontario & Emma WALTER, married Muriel Irene Maude FOOTE, 33, Brantford Twp., Brantford, d/o James Gordon FOOTE, b. Ontario & Nancy J. GALLOWAY, witn: J.W. FOOTE of Kincardine & Pearl JOHNSTON of Jarvis, 8 Apr 1926 at Brantford

32340-26 O.K. Adrian ROBERTS, 21, farmer, Windham Twp., Vanessa, s/o William ROBERTS, b. Ontario & Cora GRAVES, married Ida May GARD, 18, forelady, England, Brantford, d/o William GARD, b. England & Evelyn STONE, witn: Hannah FAWCETT & Isobel SHEPPARD, both of Brantford, 27 Feb 1926 at Brantford.

32341-26 Richard ROSS, 23, woodworker, England, Brantford, s/o John R. ROSS, b. England & Elizabeth BARKER, married Sarah Jane HOOPER, 28, machine operator, Brantford Twp., Brantford, d/o Frederick HOOPER, b. England & Melinda FORCE, witn: Mrs. A. FINCH & C. ROSS, both of Brantford, 1 Sep 1926 at Brantford.

32342-26 Wilfred Layfayette SAGE, 54, widower, builder, Glanford Twp., Brantford, s/o James SAGE, b. Ontario & Mariah Jane BRADT, married Caroline SMITH, 54, widow, Cheapside, Brantford, d/o Obediah LOCKE, b. London England & Hannah HALL, witn: Jessie E. MCGREGOR of Brantford & Mary HEARNS of Puslinch, 9 Jun 1926 at Brantford.

32343-26 Gordon SAGER, 36, farmer, Ancaster Twp., Brantford, s/o John SAGER, b. Ontario & Emma MASSEN, married Amy HUGHES, 19, England, Brantford, d/o James HUGHES, b. England & Agnes BEST, witn: Mrs. George E. HONEY & Isabel HONEY, both of Cainsville, 16 Jun 1926 at Cainsville.

32344-26 Allan Wesley SAULT, 56, widower, manufacturer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Peter SAULT, b. Ontario & Clara WESLY, married Alice Fanny BARNES, 45, manufacturer, England, Toronto, d/o John BARNES, b. England & Elizabeth WEAVER, witn: Walter M. & Hilda SAULT, both of Hagersville, 2 May 1926 at New Credit.

32345-26 Clarence SAYLES, 22, railroader, Oakland Twp., Bridgeburg, s/o Burton SAYLES & Elizabeth NABB, married Ella Dorothy PAMPLIN, 21, Woodstock, Brantford, d/o Harry Hughes PAMPLIN & Mary RHODES, witn: Thomas OSBORNE of Brantford & Alice CARPENTER of Scotland, 1 Sep 1926 at Brantford

32346-26 Clarence Edwin SAYLES, 19, truck driver, Brantford, same, s/o Roy Edmond SAYLES, b. Brantford & Viola HALLIGAN, married Freda Griselda CROWE, 18, saleslady, Brantford, same, d/o Irwin James CROWE, b. Glanford & Lilian CUNNINGHAM, witn: Inga M. CROWE & Kenneth LEFLER, both of Brantford, 26 Jun 1926 at Brantford.

32347-26 Oscar Muter SCHWINDT, 28, manufacturer, Hanover, Walkerton, s/o George S. SCHWINDT, b. Maryboro Twp. - Perth Co. & Matilda MATER, married Doris Marguerite CHAMBERS, 26, Brantford, same, d/o Wilbert L. CHAMBERS, b. Bloomsburg - Norfolk Co. & Mary Lydia MERRILL, witn: Lena I. CHAMBERS of Brantford & E.R. DIXON of Walkerton, 22 May 1926 at Brantford

32348-26 Harold Nelson SHEERE, 20, truck driver, Brantford, same, s/o Garfield SHEERE, b. Canada & Ada MITCHELL, married Elizabeth Catherine PARTRIDGE, 18, machine operator, England, Brantford, d/o John PARTRIDGE, b. England & Elizabeth LONG, witn: John Bruce SCANLON & E.M. PARTRIDGE, both of Brantford, 31 Jul 1926 at Brantford

32349-26 James D'Arcy SIMMONS, 38, farmer, Burford Twp., Harley, s/o William H. SIMMONS, b. Burford Twp. & Margaret DOUGHERTY, married Ora Hazel COAKLEY, 36, Burford Twp., Harley, d/o William COAKLEY, b. Burford Twp. & Laura BROOKS, witn: Lena May HOWEY of Brantford & William COAKLEY of Burford, 21 Apr 1926 at Burford.

32350-26 King Edward SIMPSON, 21, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Joseph Henry SIMPSON, b. Smiths Falls & Julia LANE, married Isabel Lillian TURNER, 20, looper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas Charles TURNER, b. Hamilton & Isabel Jane MARRIOTT, witn: C.E. & Lydia GRANT, both of Brantford, 1 Oct 1926 at Brantford

32351-26 Archibald Allan SINCLAIR, 37, buyer, Paisley, Toronto, s/o Archibald SINCLAIR, b. Canada & Isobel ELLIS, married Susan Bluett BRIGGS, 24, Mr. Pleasant, same, d/o Albert T. BRIGGS, b. Canada & Evelyn M. CUTCLIFFE, witn: A.T. BRIGGS & Mrs. J. SINCLAIR, both of Mt. Pleasant, 23 June 1926 at Mt. Pleasant


32352-26 William SKINNER, 25, sheet metal worker, Tunbridge Wells - Kent England, Brantford, s/o Edward SKINNER, b. England & Rose PENNIGAR, married Charlotte Ethel PROCTOR, 21, cutter, Winton - Palmcroft England, Brantford, d/o Frank PROCTOR, b. England & Mary Elizabeth HOOLEY, witn: David PROCTOR & Rose SKINNER, both of Brantford, 31 Dec 1926 at Brantford

32353-26 William SKINNER, 35, marine engineer, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Alexander SKINNER, b. Scotland & Janet FRASER, married Helen Alice MCDONALD, 28, Scotland, Brantford, d/o William MCDONALD, b. Scotland & Catherine MacLEAY, witn: John MORRISON of Detroit & Catherine MCDONALD of Brantford, 27 Apr 1926 at Brantford.

32354-26 Thomas Paul SLATTERY, 34, core maker, Brantford, same, s/o Thomas Francis SLATTERY & Margaret COONAN, married Mary Esther MOSS, 34, Hamilton, Brantford, d/o Reuben Richard MOSS & Margaret CURTIN, witn: Edward Joseph SLATTERY of London & Merne? DWYER of Hamilton, 31 Aug 1926 at Brantford. (RC)

32355-26 Adam Nelson Sidney SMITH, 20, cement worker, Brenchley England, Brantford, s/o Charles SMITH, b. England & Ellen DRAKE, married Viola Eva BARBER, 19, weaver, Lincoln, Branford, d/o Albert BARBER, b. Simcoe & Eva HAGGARD, witn: Evelyn Letha BARBER & James R. SPECK, both of Brantford, 21 Dec 1926 at Brantford

32359-26 Raymond Joseph SMITH, 35, mining engineer, USA, Wilmington Delaware s/o Clarence W. SMITH, b. New Albany - Indiana & Sarah E. PENNELL, married Lillian Audrey WEST, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William WEST, b. Cayuga & Lenora WESTBROOK, witn: Mrs. Charles O'NEILL & Mrs. Eileen O'NEILL, both of Hamilton, 28 Jun 1926 at Branford.

32357-26 Harvey Franklin SMITH, 43, widower, truck driver, Eramosa Twp., Brantford, s/o John SMITH, b. Ontario & Mary MITCHELL, married Nellie DAVIS, 36, Marabough Twp. Ont, Brantford, d/o Richard DAVIS, b. England & Charlotte TREATHICK?, witn: Laura B. GENGES of Simcoe & Mary ROBERTS of Brantford, 9 Jun 1926 at Brantford

32360-26 Walter Gideon SMITH, 28, seed merchant, Hagersville - Walpole Twp., Brantford, s/o John SMITH, b. Canada & Isabella HOPKIRK, married Sylvia May DEAGLE, 35, widow, Thorold, Brantford, d/o Courtland DILTS, b. Canada & Josephine MCCOURT, witn: Mrs. Charles S. GARNER & Elva M. BARR, both of Brantford, 28 Jul 1926 at Brantford

32358-26 John Henry SMITH, 32, clergyman, Crawthorne - Berkshire England, Dutton, s/o Samuel SMITH, b. England & Margaret LATHAM, married Sarah McMillan PARKER, 22, teacher, Calgary - Alberta, Vermilion - Alberta, d/o Hugh Robert PARKER, b. Canada & Edith BECK, witn: Herbert Harry CORCORAN & Margaret Wolster SAUNDERS, both of Brantford, 18 Nov 1926 at Brantford.

32356-26 George SMITH, 22, clerk, Horseley Hill England, Brantford, s/o Aaron SMITH, b. England & Jane BRICE, married Anne Bernice CORMIER, 18, machine operator, Midland, Brantford, d/o Charles CORMIER, b. Canada & Elizabeth COURYNEA, witn: James MCARTHUR & J.E. MCARTHUR, both of Brantford, 16 Sep 1926 at Brantford

32361-26 William Frederick SMITH, 29, salesman, England, Brantford, s/o William John SMITH, b. Stratford & Amelia BEDFORD, married Rose Loretta HUNKS, 32, envelope maker, Ancaster Twp., Brantford, d/o Cornelius HUNKS, b. Baden Germany & Rosanne HALEY, witn: John & Mrs. John HUNKS, both of St. Benedict - Sask., 29 Jan 1926 at Brantford

32362-26 Charles Fred Kimpton SMYTH, 44, merchant, Lowville, Brantford, s/o James Fennel SMYTH, b. Woolwich England & Sarah KIMPTON, married Jeanie Ross CREASSER, 26, widow, housekeeper, Glasgow Scotland, Brantford, d/o William MCDOWALL & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Isabelle McDowall IGGULDEN & Raymond HAWKEN, both of Brantford, 15 Sep 1926 at Brantford

32363-25 John James SONES, 21, jeweler, Hamilton, Hamilton Beach, s/o John Walter SONES, b. Hamilton & Ethel HARDY, married Emma Moffatt EDGAR, 20, clerk, Scotland, Hamilton Beach, d/o both parents unknown, witn: Mary HORN & Albert TURNER, both of Hamilton, 27 Jul 1926 at Brantford

32364-26 John Henry SOWERS, 26 farmer, Oakland Twp., Brantford, s/o Henry SOWERS, b. Mt. Pleasant & Laura SLOAT, married Maude Alice WHEELER, 25 (b. 13-05-1900), domestic, Tottenham England, Brantford, d/o John WHEELER "father died when an infant" & Mary Ann KEMP (or Camp), witn: Florence SOWERS & R.J. CALDER, both of Brantford, 3 Jul 1926 at Brantford

32365-26 Charles SPIERS, 25, laborer, Plymouth England, Brantford, s/o George SPIERS & Alice FLYNN, married Delsy Mary HICKS, 20, Walton-on-Thames England, Brantford, d/o Frederick Walter HICKS & Blanche HAMILTON, witn: Annie WILLIAMS & Alfred F. HICKS, both of Brantford, 23 Jan 1926 at Brantford

32366-26 Arthur Peter STENABAUGH, 23, grinder, Beverley Twp., Brantford, s/o Arthur B. STENABAUGH, b. Ontario & Mary Emily POULTON, married Alice Isabel LINCOLN, 25, Dundas, Ancaster Twp., d/o George LINCOLN, b. Onondaga & Alice M.M. MARKS, witn: William C.A. BAKER of Alberton & Jeney? A. KELLY of Jerseyville, 6 Mar 1926 at Mt. Pleasant

32367-26 W.F. Eadson STEVENSON, 23, farmer, Wiarton, Burford Twp., s/o George STEVENSON, b. Dundas & Ella WARD, married Nora Pearl LEE, 18, Burford Twp., same, d/o R. LEE, b. Charlotteville & Annie COLE, witn: Ethel F. EDWARDS & Christina ANDRESS, both of Brantford, 28 Dec 1926 at Brantford

32368-26 David Campbell STEWART, 31, electrician, Scotland, Erie PA., s/o William STEWART, b. Scotland & Annie HENDERSON, married Violet Hilda COLE, 30 (b. 23-09-1894), Marylebone - London England, Hamilton, d/o Edward COLE, b. England & Annie HOLT, witn: Elva M. BAER (Barr?) & Margaret MACKENZIE, both of Brantford, 6 Mar 1926 at Brantford

32369-26 Thomas STREET, 26, laborer, Stockport England, Brantford, s/o William STREET & Sarah NEEDHAM, married Lilian May PRTICHARD, 23, factory worker, Birkenhead England, Brantford, d/o William PRITCHARD & Mary Elizabeth BLACK, witn: Clara J. LOCKYER & W.S. ROSE, both of Brantford. 1 May 1926 at Brantford.

32370-26 Clarence Preston STUDIER, 23, mechanic, Mt. Pleasant, Highland Park - Mich., s/o William STUDIER & Matilda SALES, married Annie Elizabeth ELLIS, 22, bookkeeper, Erith - Kent England, Brantford, d/o Alfred ELLIS & Annie COOK, with: J.W. Wilfred JOHNSON & Jean SUMMERHAYES, both of Brantford, 10 Mar 1926 at Brantford

32371-26 Ernest Charles STUDIER, 32, tester, Syracuse NY, Detroit, s/o William C. STUDIER, b. Syracuse, N.Y. & Matilda SAYLES, married Margaret Elizabeth BEAL, 36, machine operator, Norwich Twp., Brantford, d/o John BEAL, b. Lasalette & Charlotte E. FRANCIS, witn: Mary BEAL & Clemence STUDIER. both of Brantford, 2 Jan 1926 at Brantford

32372-26 George Wilson SUTHERLAND, 23, truck grower, Canada, Grimsby, s/o Norman Robert SUTHERLAND, b. Russell & Emma Luella SNETZINGER, married Stella Margaret BURGOYNE, 19 (b. 10 June 1906), Hamilton, North Grimsby Twp., d/o Ernest William BURGOYNE, b. England & Letitia WOODCOCK, witn: Janet Grace KILMER & Elva M. BARR, both of Brantford, 24 Jun 1926 at Brantford

32373-26 William A. Ross SUTHERLAND, 23, banker, Brantford, Detroit, s/o Christopher R.G. SUTHERLAND, b. Scotland & Edna WARNE, married Mildred BRITTAIN, 23, stenographer, Brantford Twp., same, d/o William BRITTAIN, b. Cheshire England & Catherine E. MORRISON, witn: Alex J. INNIS of Detroit & Margaret J. SUTHERLAND of Brantford, 18 Sep 1926 at Brantford

32374-26 Norman Reginald SUTTON, 24, salesman, Hastings England, Brantford, s/o George SUTTON & Charlotte Jane BRACKPOOL, married Frances Annie LARKIN, 24, Birmingham England, Brantford, d/o Benjamin LARKIN & Nellie Ellen WILLIAMS, witn: Ellen TURNER of Hamilton & Leonard LARKIN of Brantford, 1 July 1926 at Brantford.

32375-26 Frank SWEETT (Sweet?), 25, machinist, England, Brantford, s/o Fred SWEETT & Elizabeth POWELL, married Elizabeth Anne WILLIAMSON, 21, England, Brantford, d/o Richard WILLIAMSON & Mary Alice HALL, witn: Archibald SWEETE [sic] & Winnie KNOWLES, both of Brantford, 16 Jun 1926 at Brantford

32376-26 George Marshall SYKES, 33, electrician, Victoria Co., Brantford, s/o John E. SYKES, b. Ontario & Caroline GRANSTON, married Marjorie Robina Jean KERR, 29, stenographer, Brantford, same, d/o John R. KERR, b. Ontario & Mary MCLEAN, witn: Walter BIDDLE & Ella A. KERR, both of Brantford, 30 Jun 1926 at Brantford

32377-26 Joseph SYKES, 32, laborer, Brantford, same, s/o James SYKES, b. England & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Alice Maud Mary NEWTON, 19, England, Brantford, d/o Charles J. NEWTON, b. England & Florence AVERY, witn: Alfred HICKS & Florence NEWTON, both of Brantford, 5 Oct 1926 at Brantford


32378-26 Earl Theodore TAPLEY, 23, grinder, Woodstock, Brantford, s/o Samuel TAPLEY, b. Brant Co. & Sarah FRYER, married Annie Irene MUIRHEAD, 21, spinner, Brantford, same, d/o William MUIRHEAD, b. Oakland Twp. & Elfie BEEMER, witn: Fay MUIRHEAD & Justis PICKERING, both of Brantford, 18 Aug 1926 at Brantford

32379-26 James Edwin TAYLOR, 30, auto mechanic, England, Detroit, s/o Edwin TAYLOR, b. England & Elizabeth Ann ASPINALL, married Maggie MORTON, 26, ring spinner, England, Brantford, d/o James Anthony MORTON, b. England & Alice PINCHAM, witn: Joseph MARTIN & Dorothy COUELEMAN? (Combermere?), both of Brantford, 8 May 1926 at Brantford

32380-26 Alfred Richard TEAGUE, 23, bolt maker, London England, Brantford, s/o Albert TEAGUE, b. England & Beatrice DAVEY, married Kathleen Florence LANDER, 18, assistant forelady, England, Brantford, d/o Bennet LANDER, b. England & Oliva MARSLAND, witn: Claude Norman SCHROER & Alice Elizabeth LANDER, both of Brantford, 17 Jul 1926 at Brantford

32381-26 Cecil David THOMAS, 21, machinist, Brantford, same, s/o Richard THOMAS, b. Canada & Sarah PILGRIM, married Margaret Sarah TURNBULL, 22, Brantford Twp., same, d/o Frank TURNBULL, b. Canada & Margaret POTTRUFF, witn: Charles POTTRUFF of Brantford & Myrtle CLEMENT of Paris, 15 Sep 1926 at Brantford Twp.

32382-26 John Henry THOMPSON, 26, packer, England, Brantford, s/o Henry THOMPSON, b. England & Emily BAGNALL, married Eliza Ann EDGE, 34, widow, motor builder, England, Brantford, d/o George H. SHERIFF, b. England & Elizabeth BIRCH, witn: Mrs. E.S. SINCLAIR & Mrs. Emma SWALLOW, both of Brantford, 20 Mar 1926 at Brantford

32383-26 Sidney James TIGWELL, 41, labourer, England, Brantford, s/o Henry TIGWELL, b. Reading England & Helen MARLOW, married Margaret Kay Purdie SLOAN, 29, weaver, Scotland, Brantford, d/o Hugh SLOAN, b. Scotland & Agnes HOWAT, witn: Lilian ANDREWS & John LOUKES, both of Brantford, 24 Jul 1926 at Brantford.

32384-26 Orton Nathaniel TOLHURST, 22, laborer, Beverley Twp., Brantford, s/o Alfred TOLHURST, b. Ontario & Hettie VANSICKLE, married Gladys Hazel SMITH, 18, cutter, Brantford, same, d/o James E. SMITH, b. Ontario & Mary E. THOMAS, witn: Ethel FOULGER & Elmer Grant TOLHURST, both of Brantford, 26 Mar 1926 at Brantford

32385-26 Stephen TOTHE, 26, labourer, Austria, Brantford, s/o Steffen TOTHE, b. Austria & Elizabeth KISS, married Suzanna KAYORIE, 22, twine weigher, Austria, Brantford Twp., d/o John KAYORIE, b. Austria & Eva SALAND, witn: Ann PICKRELL & Marie M. PICKRELL, both of Brantford, 14 Sep 1926 at Brantford

32386-26 Percival Charles TRENDELL, 28, merchant - creamery, London England, Paris, s/o Alfred George Phillip TRENDELL, b. London England & Ruth BURGESS, married Myrtle Aletha Claire SIVYER, 23, St. George, same, d/o Henry SIVYER, b. Kenardrington Kent England & Harriet Ann DRAKE, witn: Elma SIVYER of St. Geoerge & Walter TRENDELL of Paris, 28 Apr 1926 at Paris

32387-26 George Edward TRENWITH, 26 accountant, Brantford, Kitchener, s/o John Frederick TRENWITH, b. England & Hannah Maria COX, married Marion Helen MCCANN, 23, bank clerk, Brantford Twp., same, d/o Arthur John MCCANN, b. Ontario & Marion DUNCAN, witn: Herman SCHIERHOLTZ of Kitchener & Sara MCCANN of Cainsville, 23 Jun 1926 at Cainsville

32388-26 Frederick TUCKER, 38, blacksmith, Kent England, Mt. Pleasant, s/o Frederick TUCKER, b. England & Florence LISCOMBE, married Bessie Ellen TOWER, 34, Kent England, Mt. Pleasant, d/o Abel TOWER, b. England & Mary S. BIGG, witn: Mrs. TOWN & L.E. TOWN, both of Mt. Pleasant, 4 Oct 1926 at Brantford

32390-26 Virgil Troy TURNBULL, 24, machinist, Brantford Twp., same, s/o Warren TURNBULL, b. Brant Co. & Grace BENEDICT, married Ada Ivadell WILLIAMS, 22, school teacher, Brantford Twp., same, d/o Edwin WILLIAMS, b. Brant Co. & Isabel HISLOP, witn: Ruby I. WILLIAMS of Brantford & Horace R. LOCKMAN of Paris, 1 Sep 1926 at Brantford.

32389-26 Roy R. TURNBULL, 37, farmer, Brantford Twp., same, s/o Frank TURNBULL, b. Canada & Margaret POTTRUFF, married Lillian MCLELLAN, 25, school teacher, Burford Twp., same, d/o William MCLELLAN, b. Canada & Ruth WILL, witn: Leslie DYMENT of Brantford & Mary MCLELLAN of New Durham, 1 Sep 1926 at New Durham

32391-26 Harold Elliot TURNER, 24, electrical engineer, Bealton, Brantford, s/o Hugh TURNER, b. Ontario & Nellie A. TAYLOR, married Anna Louise Howell COYNE, 24, teacher, Brantford, same, d/o Daniel W. COYNE, b. Ontario & Annette B. HOWELL, witn: J.C. COLTER & Helen TURNER, both of Brantford, 5 Aug 1926 at Brantford.

32392-26 Walter TURTAK, 26, b. moulder, Poland, Brantford, s/o John TURTAK & Regnia SOUINSKI, married Geurmine ZOMLUK, 20, Poland, Buffalo, d/o Stanley ZOMLUK & Mary VIRSIWOUESKI, witn: Joseph MOLSKI of Brantford & Madeleine ZOMLUK of Buffalo, 24 May 1926 at Brantford. (RC)

32393-26 Wilfred Lloyd TYLER, 23, painter, Mt. Forest, Kitchener, s/o Arthur TYLER, b. Arthur & May HISLOP, married Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 22, shoemaker, Bathgate Scotland, Kitchener, d/o Robert ROBERTSON, b. Falkirk Scotland & Maria BRYAN, witn: Christabel MACINTYRE & Eileen W. MACKINNON, both of Brantford, 1 Feb 1926 at Brantford

32394-26 Bernard Patrick UNIACKE, 59, time keeper, Ireland Brantford, s/o Robert UNIACKE, b. Ireland & Ellen MEAGHER, married Alice BATSON, 57, widow, Brantford, same, d/o Thomas COWHERD, b. Kendall England & Ellen BATTY, witn: Matthew ELLIOTT of Echo Place & Harry ROGERS of Brantford, 30 Apr 1926 at Brantford

32395-26 Percy Frederick Frank UNSWORTH, 33, draughtsman, England, Brantford, s/o John UNSWORTH, b. England & Kate Elizabeth MENHAM, married Ruby Agnes MCGOWAN, 25, West Garafraxa Twp., Brantford, d/o D avid John MCGOWAN, b. Canada & Mary Nora MCCLELLAND, witn: Violet J. TOVELL of St. George & L.K. WITMER of Brantford, 31 Jul 1926 at Brantford

32396-26 Percy Fred VAN FLEET, 29, truck driver, Brantford, same, s/o James Cole VAN FLEET, b. Canada & Esther MALCOLM, married Edith FOSTER, 26, envelope machine operator, Essex England, Brantford, d/o Henry Foster, B. England & Ann FOSTER, witn: Maggie FOSTER of Brantford & Willard VAN FLEET of Mt. Pleasant, 21 Jul 1926 at Brantford.

32397-26 Melvin Oscar VINCE, 43, widower, farmer, Brantford Twp., Waterford, s/o Joseph VINCE, b. Brantford Twp. & Mary WOOD, married Elizabeth Florence PIPER, 39, Watford, Grand View, d/o James Piper, b. Middlesex Co. & Ann Jane ROLLINS, witn: Frank PIPER of Brantford & Florence PIPER of Baysville, 15 Dec 1926 at Brantford

32398-26 Harry WADDINGTON, 45, moulder, Brantford, Brantford Twp., s/o Richard WADDINGTON, b. England & Margaret MCADAMS, married Celia Florence LESTER, 46 widow, Rochester NY, Brantford, d/o Nathan S. CARTER, b. Norfolk & Eliza A. HUGHES, witn: Mary FARMER and John W. COLES, both of Brantford, 9 Dec. 1926 at Brantford

32399-26 Harry Ernest WALDREN, 43, widower, moulder, Guelph, Brantford, s/o Charles Wesley WALDREN, b. Brantford & Charlotte Ann PEARSON, married Catherine Ann FLETCHER, 45, widow, Brantford, same, d/o Richard DAWSON, b. England & Catherine Ann BUTLER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William DAVIS, both of Brantford, 19 Jun 1926 at Brantford

32400-26 Russell Chester WALKER, 24, linotype operator, Markdale, Brantford, s/o Andrew L. WALKER, b. Markdale & Margaret DONNELLY, married Emily Florence GARDINER, 18, machine operator, Oakland Twp., Brantford, d/o William GARDINER, b. Brantford & Florence BUTLER, witn: Iva GARDINER of Brantford & Earle W. LYMAN of Ontario, 21 Apr 1926 at Brantford.

32401-26 John Thomas WALLACE, 27, farmer, North Dumfries Twp., same, s/o James WALLACE, b. North Dumfries & Jane WEIR, married Sarah Jane MCCONNELL, 22, stenographer, Ashfield Twp. - Huron Co., same, d/o Robert MCCONNELL, b. Bruce Co. & Jane WOODS, witn: Edythe FITZGERALD of Thorndale & William MORTON of Ayr, 31 Mar 1926 at Brantford

32402-26 Gordon Edward WALLIS, 18, apprentice, England, Echo Place, s/o Alfred J. WALLIS, b. England & Minnie G. TEMPLE, married Irene Millicent GULLEN, 23, stenographer, South Dumfries Twp., Echo Place, d/o James Fred GULLEN, b. Quebec province & Marietta KETTLE, witn: Ernest William WALLIS of Clarenceville - Farmington Mich. & M. Marguerite GULLEN of Echo Place, 9 Oct 1926 at Echo Place

34203-26 Arnold John Rhys WASS, 24, accountant, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Samuel WASS, b. England & Julia Kate WARD, married Florence Evelyn WEBSTER, 24, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Fred WEBSTER, b. England & Tillie WHITE, witn: Philip W. WASS of Winnipeg & Bernice WEBSTER of Brantford, 13 Sep 1926 at Brantford

32404-26 Clifford WATSON, 53, tailor, Claremont, Norwich, s/o William WATSON & Jane BUSTON, married Ruth MALLO, 33, tailoress, Stratford, same, d/o Levi MALLO & Caroline MALLO, witn: Gladys BROWN & Lorne DRAKE, both of Brantford, 3 Jul 1926 at Brantford.

32405-26 William Charles Edward WEBBER, 20, machinist, Portsmouth England, Brantford, s/o Charles WEBBER & Ada Grace BRYANT, married Alice Agnes LONGLEY, 19, dental assistant, Kent England, Winnipeg, d/o Robert John LONGLEY & Alice FOREMAN, witn: G.W. ELLIOTT & K.E. WEBBER, both of Brantford, 31 Jul 1926 at Brantford

32406-26 Roy Edward WEHRSTEIN, 26, barber, South Dumfries Twp., St. George, s/o Edward WEHRSTEIN, b. Preston & Mary MAYBERRY, married Edith May GWILLIAMS, 27, housekeeper, England, Brantford, d/o Edgar GWILLIAMS, b. England & Alice REID, witn: Gordon & Vera WEHRSTEIN, both of St. George, 16 Jun 1926 at St. George

32407-26 Francis Edward WEIR, 40 (b. 9 March 1886), civil engineer, Burford twp Ontario, Mt. Clemens Mich., s/o John Graham WEIR, b. Burford Twp. & Caroline HUFFMAN, married Annie Madeleine SECORD, 35, teacher, Ontario, Toronto, d/o David William SECORD, b. Oxford Twp. & Charlotte Anne HOLDSWORTH, witn: John & Caroline WEIR, both of Burford & David & Charlotte Anne SECORD, both of Burford, 16 Oct 1926 at Cathcart.

32408-26 Wallace Howard WESTBROOK, 21, farmer, Townsend Twp., same, s/o Wallace A. WESTBROOK, b. Brant Co. & Clara Maud MCALLISTER, married Ila Adeline CRUMBACK, 23, Oakland Twp., same, d/o George M. CRUMBACK, b. Blenheim Twp. & Mary Elizabeth YEREX, witn: Margaret SHEASBY of Boston & Sheldon C. CRUMBACK of Oakland, 20 Oct 1926 at Oakland

32409-26 Vernon WHEELOCK, 28, Ford serviceman, Cheboygan Mich, Detroit, s/o Edwin WHEELOCK, b. Michigan & Edith SULLIVAN, married Helen Louise KALER, 21, Waterford, same, d/o John KALER, b. Ontario & Hattie GOODWIN, witn: Fred L. & Gladys M. WILKES, both of Brantford, 11 Nov 1926 at Brantford

32410-26 Percy Robert Stanley WHITE, 30, core maker, Brantford, same, s/o John WHITE, b. Brantford & Ellen Maud WILLIAMS, married Ariel Grace SUMMERHAYES, 23, operator, Brantford, same, d/o Harry SUMMERHAYES, b. Brantford & Lillian Mary Elizabeth KITTRIDGE, witn: Wilfrid WHITE & Irene SUMMERHAYES, both of Brantford, 6 Nov 1926 at Brantford

32411-26 Walter Harold WHITEHEAD, 32, farmer, Charlotteville Twp., same, s/o Walter WHITEHEAD, b. Charlotteville Twp. & Elsie BUTLER, married Kathleen Ada COLLYER, 19, Middleton Twp., Charlotteville Twp., d/o George COLLYER & Maria Elizabeth COLLYER, witn: Mrs. R. BOWEN? & Mrs. S. EDWARDS, both of Brantford, 2 Jul 1926 at Brantford

32412-26 Reginald Vernon WIGHT, 25, Kodak employee, Burford Twp., same, s/o Hugh WIGHT, b. Oakland Twp. & Lizzie Luella BURGESS, married Wilhelmina Elizabeth CLEMENT, 19, Burford, same, d/o William Edward CLEMENT, b. West Flamborough & Isabella GIBSON, witn: Alvin J. MCARTHUR & Hilda SMITH, both of Burford, 20 Nov 1926 at Glen Morris

32413-26 Noah WILFONG, 62, widower, iron melter, South Waterloo Twp., Brantford, s/o Michael WILFONG, b. Germany & Mary CROON, married Catherine NICHOLS, 59, widow, Buffalo, NY, Brantford, d/o John HANS (Haus?), b. Germany & no mother given, witn: John RONIEN? & Mrs. BLANEY, both of Brantford, 29 Sep 1926 at Brantford.

32414-26 Albert WILKINSON, 35, laborer, England, Brantford, s/o John WILKINSON, b. England & Mary HURSEFALL, married Marguerite PAPPA, 27, domestic, Gananoque, Brantford, d/o John PAPPA, b. Canada & Sarah HERMAN, witn: Ann & Marie BICKRELL, both of Brantford, 10 Apr 1926 at Brantford.

32415-26 Albert WILLIAMS, 30, electrician, England, Brantford, s/o William WILLIAMS, b. England & Eliza WALKER, married Hannah LEIGHTON, 24 (b. 18 April 1902), domestic, Brook St. - Coleraine Scotland, Brantford, d/o John LEIGHTON, b. Scotland & Mary MCLAUGHLEY, witn: James MANN & Kathleen LEIGHTON, both of Brantford, 24 Aug 1926 at Brantford

32416-26 Benjamin WILLIAMS, 22, farmer, Stoneridge, same, s/o Dumos WILLIAMS & Mary J. HILL, married Daisy F. GARLOW, 19, Stoneridge, same, d/o Jesse C. GARLOW & May GARLOW, witn: Susan JOHNSON of Six Nations & John H. ELLIOTT of Oshweken, 17 Mar 1926 at Stoneridge

32417-26 Gordon William WILSON, 19, laborer, Canada, Beverley Twp., s/o Thomas WILSON, b. Canada & Mary RONALD, married Hazel Elizabeth VANSICKLE, 18, Canada, Ancaster Twp., d/o Seth VANSICKLE, b. Canada & Florence CORNELL, witn: Mary E. CHURCHILL & Ethel F. EDWARDS, both of Brantford, 15 Oct 1926 at Brantford

32418-26 James WILSON, 27, shipper, Inverlothian Scotland, Brantford, s/o Robert George WILSON, b. Scotland & Margaret SCOTT, married Ivy Emery MEADS, 20, Kent England, Brantford, d/o James MEADS, b. England & Amy SAGE, witn: Harriet USHER & Hugh AIRD, both of Brantford, 26 Jun 1926 at Brantford

32419-26 Walter James WILSON, 21, electric welder, Scotland, Brantford, s/o Walter WILSON, b. Scotland & Mary PATTERSON, married Williamina Morvah MARTINS, 20, Scotland, Brantford, d/o James MARTINS, b. Scotland & Mary Ann MOWAT, witn: Marie BICKNELL & Ann BICKNELL, both of Brantford, 3 Apr 1926 at Brantford.

32420-26 Walter Richard WILSON, 22, truck driver, Ancaster Twp., Hamilton, s/o Geoerge Wesley WILSON, b. Canada & Fannie May WILSON, married Blanche Irene STUART, 20, stenographer, Brantford, same, d/o Alfred Andrews STUART, b. England & Maud Helena HERBERT, witn: Reginald Alfred STUART of Brantford & Theo Alana Pearl WILSON of Hamilton, 5 Jun 1926 at Brantford.

32421-26 James Earl WINEGARDEN, 24, clerk, Brantford, Rochester, NY, s/o Lewis WINEGARDEN, b. Bothwell & Annie FRANCIS, married Leta Bell HOWELL, 26, stenographer, Brantford Twp., Brantford, d/o Elwood HOWELL, b. Ontario & Margaret WESTBROOK, witn: Gordon Alexander BARDLES & May Elizabeth HOWELL, both of Brantford, 6 Sep 1926 at Brantford

32422-26 Raymond WINEGARDEN, 24, erector, Onondaga, Brantford, s/o James Henry WINEGARDEN, b. Brantford Twp, & Jane Elizabeth SHELLARD, married Evelyn Fay BENEY, 28 saleslady, Brantford, same, Frederick James BENEY, b. England & Florence Evelyn TUTTLE, witn: Empey BENEY & Larena FOWLER, both of Brantford, 27 Apr 1926 at Brantford

32423-26 Orvil Henry WINEGARDNER, 22, pattern maker, Brantford, same, s/o Louis WINEGARDNER, b. Bothwell & Annie FRANCIS, married Rheva Cathaleen CREATH, 22, bookkeeper, Brantford, same, d/o William Edward CREATH, b. Windham Centre & Margaret FARRIS, witn: J.I. CREATH & Earl WINEGARDNER, both of Brantford, 2 Jun 1926 at Brantford.


32424-26 David Leslie WINTER, 25, core maker, Brantford, same, s/o David WINTER, b. Ontario & Mary WHITE, married Reva Eunice PHELPS, 21, school teacher, Brantford Twp., Echo Place, d/o Ezra PHELPS, b. Ontario & Lottie MORDUE, witn: Grace SUMMERHAYES of Brantford Twp. & Morley WINTER of Brantford, 11 Aug 1926 at Brantford.

32425-26 Harry Parsons WITHERSPOON, 23, salesman, Brantford, Simcoe, s/o Charles WITHERSPOON, b. Dundurn & Lilian Parsons COOK, married Edith Maude MARTIN, 22 Brantford, same, d/o Thomas T. Martin, b. Port Colborne & Eliza FIFE, witn: Myrtle LAVERY of Brantford & Floyd WALSH of Simcoe, 21 Jul 1926 at Brantford.

32426-26 Frank Bond WOOD, 28, laborer, Dundee Scotland, Brantford, s/o John WOOD, b. Banffshire Scotland & Jessie FRASER, married Marjorie Hazel STROHM, 22, envelope maker, Brantford, Grand View, d/o Charles Truman STROHM, b. Norfolk Co. & Margaret Adelaide SMITH, witn: Bruce Edgar STROHM of Lockport - NY & Ariel L. DAY of Brantford, 14 Apr 1926 at Brantford.

32427-26 Sam WOOD, 20, farmer, Harrisburg, same, s/o H.H. Wood, b. Canada & Maud CURRIE, married May Dorothy LYLE, 19, stenographer, Brantford, same, d/o H.H.M. LYLE, b. England & Christina MURRAY, witn: Harold & Mrs. H SHEERE, both of Brantford, 20 Aug 1926 at Brantford

32428-26 Allison WOODLEY, 19, mechanic, Oakland Twp., Brantford, s/o unknown & Kola WOODLEY, married Alice BRECKIN, 24 seamstress, England, Brantford, d/o Ernest BRECKIN, b. Leeds England & May CHAPMAN, witn: Enid RAND & Ernest BANCROFT, both of Brantford, 29 May 1926 at Brantford.

32429-26 John James YOUNG, 25, labourer, England, Paris, s/o George YOUNG & Catherine CORBET, married Evelyn May HASTINGS, 21, England, Paris, d/o John HASTINGS & Mary Elizabeth COLEMAN, witn: James Eskdale MATTHEWS of Brantford & Agnes COWLEY of Paris, 28 Aug 1926 at Paris.


32430-26 Paulo ZUIREF, 26, laborer, Malta, Brantford, s/o John ZUIREF, b. Malta & Claudina GIORDMDINA, married Carmena BOGEIJA, 23, Malta, Brantford, d/o Laurence BUGEIJA [sic], b. Malta & Fortunatee BORF, witn: Antonio BUGEIJA of Detroit & Pauline CAMILLUS of Brantford, 20 Mar 1926 at Brantford.