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British Columbia Marriages, 1920, part 1

involving brides and/or grooms born in Ontario + a few other marriages

Transcribed from LDS microfilm 2032873 (partial transcription only). 

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Although all of the following marriages were registered in 1920, some occurred prior to that.

birth place is given before residence


20-09-208031 Frank ABDULLAH, 23, millman, Calucutta India, Courtney, s/o Sheikh RAMZAN, farmer & Saleria, married Margaret Irene McARTHUR, 21, widow, Santiago Col USA (Col or Cal?), Vancouver, d/o John E. STANZA, engineer & Caylen STANZA, witn: R.M. HYDE & [illegible signature], 24 Jan 1920 at Courtney

20-09-210265 John George Alexander ABERSON, 45, salesman, Bristol England, Vancouver, s/o Frederick Alexander ABERSON, general agent & Dutch Consul for the Netherlands, & Emma UNDERWOOD, married Jean Augusta McDONNELL, 34, stenographer, Hamilton Ont., Vancouver, d/o John Sands McDONNELL, merchant, & Ellen CRAIG, witn: Robert Craig McDONNELL & Sydney Bellingham BARRON, 26 April 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210276 Robert ADLAM, 60, widower, machinist, Durham Ont., Bellingham Wash., s/o George ADLAM, farmer, & Martha BRITTON?, married Henrietta ADLAM, 47, widow, St. Charles Minnesota, Bellingham, d/o James TIERNAY, deceased & Mary RADIGAN, witn: A.H. & H.C. PARKER, 17 June 1920 at Christ Church, Vancouver

20-09-208032 Luther ALEXANDER, 43, teamster, Illinois US, Courtney, s/o Charles ALEXANDER, farmer, & Martha JONES, married Sarah E. MORRIS, 43, widow, Kentucky US, same, d/o George MORRIS, farmer, & Elizabeth FISHER, witn: Thomas CAIRNS & Samuel WATSON, 21 April 1920 at res of the groom, Courtney

20-09-210279 William Gibson ALLAN, 24, plasterer, Coatbridge Scotland, Vancouver, s/o John ALLAN, farmer, & Agnes POLLOCK, married Lillian BOULTON, 20, Winnipeg, St. James Manitoba, d/o William Arthur BOULTON, dray business, & Celia FOWLES (Fowler?), witn: Rose Milne BENNEY & Minnie Allan DAVIDSON, 22 May 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210254 John ALLAN, 40, journalist, Montreal, Vancouver, s/o John B. ALLAN, soldier & Margaret SINCLAIR, married Cybele ECKLORD, 27, widow, Woodstock Ont., Suite 20 - Stadnora? Apartments, d/o Horace BURGESS, gentleman & Margaret J. HUBBELL, witn: J.R. BURGESS & Laura GREIG, 12 Feb 19020 at Victoria Court, Vancouver

20-09-218377 William James ALLEN, 26, store keeper, Vancouver, Kingcome Inlet, s/o William Henry ALLEN b. Portland Dorset England & Mary ANDERSON b. Aberdeen Scotland, married Ethel May HALLIDAY, 21, clerk, Toronto, Alert Bay, d/o William May HALLIDAY b. Drayton Ontario & Jane RICHMOND b. Perth Ontario., witn: Oscar SMITH of Kingcome Inlet & Alice M. YORK of Alert Bay, 22 Dec 1920 at Christ Church. Alert Bay

20-09-209221 James ALLISON, 24, store keeper, Rutherglen Scotland, Port Hammond, s/o George Wilson ALLISON, store keeper & Maggie ALLISON, married Jean WISHART, 27, milliner, Rutherglen Scotland, Port Hammond, d/o David WISHART, iron worker & Margaret WISHART, witn: James ATCHISON & Annie ALLISON, 26 Feb 1920 at Port Hammond

20-09-210272 Frank AMY, 29, city fireman, Jersey - Channel Islands, 3346 Union St., s/o Frank AMY, farmer, & Rose BILES, married Nellie THORPE, 29, Sand Hill - Bucks. England, 3346 Union St., d/o Jabez THORPE, foreman & Elizabeth BULL, witn: Arthur WILKINS & Harry BILES, 25 May 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210266 William Dewar ANDERSON, 32, Perth Scotland, Vancouver, s/o William ANDERSON, coach upholsterer, & Margaret LENNOX, married Agnes Thompson FULLERTON, 29, nurse, Scotland, Vancouver, d/o Robert FULLERTON, farmer, & Jemima SHEWAN, witn: Lizzie BANKS & William ANDERSON, 3 April 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210262 Lawrence Patrick ANDERSON, 22, chauffeur, Halifax NS, Bodega Hotel in Vancouver, s/o Edward ANDERSON, engineer & Joanna, married Rosie Marie DENDA, 21, waitress, Toronto, Vancouver, d/o Louis DENDA, contractor & Sophia (dead), witn: F.L. & Mrs. F.L. BOYD, 20 March 1920 at Vancouver [marriage dissolved at Vancouver on 28 Feb 1939?]

20-09-210251 John Murdock ANDERSON, 25, clerk, Larbert? Scotland, Hotel Alcazar Vancouver, s/o David ANDERSON, moulder & Margaret MURDOCK, married Lillie KINDLEYSIDES, 22, Liverpool England, Vancouver, d/o Thomas KINDLEYSIDES, traveller, & Sarah HOLMES, witn: John MURDOCK & Winifred KINDLEYSIDES, 7 Jan 1920 at Mt. Pleasant Hall, Vancouver

20-09-210263 Wilbert Earle ARCHIBALD, 22, clerk, Musquodoboit NS, Rosedale BC, s/o Edgar ARCHIBALD, merchant, & Marion REID, married Clara Jennie PETERSEN, 17, Bellingham Wash.., Rosedale, d/o Lars PETERSEN, lumberman & Millie, witn: Marion & Edna ARCHIBALD, 6 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210253 Harry Warren ARCHIBALD, 26, waiter, British Columbia, Vancouver, s/o Chester ARCHIBALD, contractor & Ella Jane CAMPBELL, married Edith Emma PARKER, 26, Ontario, Vancouver, d/o Charles PARKER, stone mason & Victoria ADAMS, witn: John HARRIS? & Victoria S. MARCELL, 21 Jan 21 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-209061 Henry Johnston ARCHIBALD, 32, divorced, clerk, Brisbane Australia, New Westminster BC, s/o David Johnston ARCHIBALD, engineer & Margaret DIXON, married Sarah Fields HANDLEY, 22, divorced, Broxham Scotland, Vancouver, d/o Henry HANDLEY, baker & Margaret FIELDS, witn: Melville FORD & Mrs. David ARCHIBALD, 8 Jan 1920 at New Westminster [marriage dissolved on 19 Oct 1946]

20-09-210284 Albert George BADGLEY, 28, auto dealer, Shetland Ont., Melford Sask., s/o Alonzo BADGLEY, retired & Edith Emily WARD, married Eva Livingston WALKER, 21, Fairdale North Dakota, Vancouver, d/o James E. WALKER, retired & Elizabeth LIVINGSTON, witn: Verna May STROME & Donald Livingston WALKER, 21 Jan 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210323 Augustine BAECHLER, 42, widower, saw filer, New Hamburg Ont., Vancouver, s/o Francis X. BAECHLER, dead & Catherine ECKERSVILLE, married Mrs. Sarah COURTNEY, 42, widow, Belfast Ireland, Vancouver, d/o George DICKSON, dead & Rachel ENGLAND, witn: John & Agnes AINSWORTH, 5 April 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210308 Henry BAKER, 59, widower, farmer, Ontario, Milverton Sask., s/o John BAKER, farmer & Julia Ann McDONALD, married Edith Jessie Margaret RICHES, 36, Quebec, Gladstone Manitoba, d/o Charie RICHES, farmer, & Eleanor HARRISON, witn: Dorothy Millicent GRANT & B.O. GRANT, 3 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210309 Irvin Stukey BALL, 35, divorced, clerk, Huntington Oregon, Bellingham Wash., s/o Irvin Robert BALL, engineer & Millie M. STUKEY, married Etta Pearl MOBLEY, 27, divorced, Colorado Springs, Col., Great Falls Montana, d/o Louis MOBLEY, secret service man & Elizabeth BORDEN, witn: John A. KENT & Vila B. FAZEN, 2 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-02-210287 Thomas BARKER, 36, widower, brick work contractor, Midland Ont., Seattle Wash., s/o William BARKER, brick layer & contractor, & Eliza WOOD, married Bertha HARTLEY, 27, cotton weaver, Manchester England, Barnoldwick Yorkshire, d/o John HARTLEY, weaver & Jane Ann RILEY, witn: William BARKER & Ethel ALLEN, 3 Jan 1920 at Vancouver (Salvation Army)

20-09-210288 Arnold Charles Virnal BARKWELL, 24, farmer, Goderich Ont., Yellow Grass Sask., s/o William BARKWELL, farmer, & Elizabeth WALTERS, married Eunice Isabel HANNA, 24, Rosemont Ont., Yellow Grass Sask., d/o Thomas E. HANNA, post master & Elizabeth MOFFATT, witn: Elizabeth GRAHAM & Margaret OWEN, 1 Jan 1920 at Christ Church, Vancouver

20-09-210324 Frank BARLOW, 30, stager of shipyards, Manchester England, Vancouver, s/o James Mills BARLOW, warehouse man & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Elizabeth EDWARDS, 27, stenographer, Manchester England, Vancouver, d/o Martin SMITH, wheelwright & Eliza KELSO, witn: H.J. & Lavinia FIDDEMAN, 7 April 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210325 Otho Larkin BARNES, 55, merchant, Concord Missouri, Angeles Hotel in Vancouver, s/o John G. BARNES, rancher & Nannie CRAIG, married Gwendolyn Gertrude WADHAM, 31, Oshawa Ont., Vancouver, d/o William Thomas WADHAM, baker & Annie Maria CURTIS, witn: Katherine GLASS & McLean SANFORD, 4 April 1920 at Grandview parsonage, Vancouver

20-09-210326 Harold Elgin BARR, 19, laborer, Wilkesport Ont., Vancouver, s/o Ran BARR, laborer, & May BOWLES, married Mina McGREGOR, 18, Victoria, Vancouver, d/o William McGREGOR, laborer, & Lillian WILSON, witn: James & Mrs. C. B. JACOB, 19 April 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210301 Alfred Benjamin Thomas BASEY, 22, electrician, England, Vancouver, s/o Alfred James BASEY, engineer, & Emily Alice RICHARDS, married Doris Elma FAWCETT, 21, St. Thomas Ont., Vancouver, d/o William FAWCETT, track foreman, & Clara MOORE, witn: Mrs. Annie BURTON & Mrs. Emily BASEY, 31 Jan 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210356 William Charles BASSLEY, 32, mechanic, Aston England, Vancouver, s/o George BASSLEY, engineer & Mary MALONEY, married Violet Sarah COATS, 31, domestic, England, Vancouver, d/o Joseph COATS, farmer & Sarah Ann BLOOMFIELD, witn: James M. BLAIR & Walter NUNN, 28 June 1920 at St. Andrews Church, Vancouver

20-09-210289 Fritz William BAUER, 64, accountant & real estate, Gedong Victoria Australia, 1043 Bonard St., s/o Frederick BAUER, merchant & Anne Rebecca PEARSON, married Lydia Mabel MANNINGS, 21, Richmari C.P. India, Capilano - North Vancouver, d/o Ernest MANNINGS, accountant & Sarah Roberts PIKE, witn: Louise & G.B. WARREN, and Gertrude EDWARDS, 29 Jan 1920 at First Baptist Church, Vancouver

20-09-210311 Charles John BAYLEY, 22, salesman, of Vancouver, s/o Thomas BAYLEY, contractor & Margaret McINTYRE, married Florence Jeaney COPELAND, 20, Newcastle NB, 1117 Nelson, d/o James COPELAND, musician & Ella CARSON, witn: Joe SNELGROVE & Ethel PLANTA, 20 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210357 Frederick Ernest BEAN, 36, letter carrier, London England, North Vancouver, s/o Horace William George BEAN, engineer & Frances ALCOCK, married Isabella FROST, 40, widow, Ayr Scotland, Vancouver, d/o Thomas CRAIG, ship's steward & Flora NIVEN, witn: Leonard HOLLAND & Margaret Craig McKISSOCK, 8 June 1920 at The Mission to Seamen Chapel, Vancouver

20-09-210313 John BEATTY, 32, smith, Galt Ont., Marpole BC, s/o Harry BEATTY, teamster, & Barbara McCAUL, married Dorothy MOREY, 19, Shepton-Mallet England, Marpole, d/o Ernest Samuel MOREY, butcher, & Harriet GILLING, witn: Leben NYLANDER & Gladys MOREY, 17 March 1920

20-09-210329 Silas Alexander BEAUDRO, 28, surveyor, Port Arthur Ont., Kenora Ont., s/o Joseph BEAUDRO, retired & Sarah LEGER, married Mina. Madeline MELLISH, 21, Victoria, Vancouver, d/o Henry Palmer MELLISH, farmer, & Jean HILL, witn: Mrs. Edith SULLY & Frank SULLY, 112 April 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210358 Frank McKay BEGG, 32, salesman, Innerkip Ont., Vancouver, s/o Jack Alexander BEGG, business man & Jean ADAM, married Stephanie Evelyn Isabelle PIKE, 24, Vancouver, same, d/o Joseph William PIKE, contractor & Carrie MacDONNELL, witn: W.S. WATSON & Helen BADENOCH, 30 June 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-213579 Donald Kellie BELL, 25, accountant, Monkton NB, Vernon, s/o William Glover BELL, merchant & Susan Hunter KELLIE, married Pearl Minnie WHITE, 23, telephone operator, Brantford Ont., Kelowna, d/o William WHITE, butcher, & Minnie JOHNSTONE, witn: Grace WHITE & James HARVEY, 9 June 1920 at res of William White, Kelowna

20-09-209167 William Henry BENNETT, 35, farmer, Fermoy Ont., East Sask., s/o John BENNETT, farmer, & Louisa ROBINSON, married Ethel May McCABE, 28, housemaid, Toronto, Broadview - Burnaby, d/o Robert McCABE, farmer, & Sarah ROBINSON, witn: Jessie BATEMAN & W.S. FERGUSON, 11 Feb 1920 at Broadview, Burnaby

20-09-209057 John BEST, 27, motor mechanic, Belfast Ireland, Vancouver, s/o Robert BEST, stove maker, & Mary Ann PATERSON (Robinson?), married May Amelia NOAKES, 22, London England, YWCA Vancouver, d/o George Thomas NOAKES, teacher & Amelia HAND, witn: Percy HARDY of White Rock & Ethel POPE of New Westminster, 12 May 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-210293 John Roger BILLINGS, 20, miner, Billings Bridge Ont., Edmunds Station - Burnaby, s/o Hugh Braddich BILLINGS, retired & Eliza Jane MUTCHMORE, married Ivy Catherine DEAN, 18, Liverpool England, Edmunds Station, d/o Samuel DEAN, retired & Ada PHILLIPS, witn: Ada DEAN & Frances Jean SMITH, 6 Jan 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-208981 Ernest Herbert BIRD, 53, widower, bank manager, Hong Kong China, Nanaimo, s/o Shearman Godfrey BIRD, architect & Amy Laura BIRD, married Annie Blanche BURT, 36, Paris Ont., Nanaimo, d/o William BURT, doctor & Janet McHoul BALLINGAL, witn: John? RUDD & Virginia BIRD, 26 June 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Nanaimo

20-09-210364 Melville Thompson BLACK, 34, automobile mfg., Orillia Ont., Vancouver, s/o William O. BLACK, retired & Alison BOYNTON, married Jessie Donald KING, 28, stenographer, Kirkfield Ont., Vancouver, d/o James Alexander KING, railroad supt. & Mary CAMERON, witn: R.E. & Mrs. Alison BLACK, 24 June 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210294 William Romine BLACKBURN, 45, widower, broker, Danville Illinois, Seattle Wash., s/o Hiram Powell BLACKBURN & Mary Frances ROMINE, married Martha Jane ELLIOTT, 24, widow, Hartly Iowa, Seattle, d/o Benjamin Franklin OLIVER & Virginia CUNNINGHAM, witn: A.B. LECUY? & R. BICKLEY, 27 Jan 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210333 Frank Archibald BLANEY, 37, plasterer, Maple Ridge NB, Vancouver, s/o Robert BLANEY, farmer, & Barbara Ann CLARK, married Louisa NIXON, 27, divorced, waitress, Brampton Ont., Vancouver, d/o David SCOTT, merchant & Margaret McILWAINE, witn: Mrs. Margaret BRADNER & William HUGHES, 16 April 1920 at First Presbyterian Church, Vancouver

20-09-210366 Charles Hoel BODWELL, 55, widower, laborer, Stanstead Que., Huntingdon BC, s/o E.F. BODWELL, auctioneer & Adelia PEARSALL, married Eliza BENOIT, 40, Broom Co. Que., Huntingdon BC, d/o Joseph BENOIT, rancher & Macine SLENIOP, witn: Ada & Kate McINTYRE, 10 June 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210317 Charles BOE, 22, chauffeur, Ontario, Vancouver, s/o John BOE, laborer, & Charlotte TURNER, married Gertrude Valine FIELD, 21, Revelstoke BC, Vancouver, d/o Charles FIELD, insurance, & Ann PALMER, witn: Richard CLARK & Olive FOLEY, 6 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-208035 Angelo BONO, 31, miner, Castello Monte - Torino Italy, Cumberland BC, s/o Antonio BONO, farmer, & Catherina CRATETTO (Ciatetto?), married Eugenia LEONOTTI, 22, domestic, Castello Monte - Torino Italy, Cumberland, d/o Iacomo LEONOTTI, farmer, & Cristillo MARIANA, witn: D?.A. MARELLA & Victoria BONO, no date given, at St. John the Baptist church, Comox

20-09-209069 William James BOOKEY, 26, merchant, Ireland, Vancouver, s/o James Charters BOOKEY, farmer, & Harriet Sophia BROWNRICK, married Evelyn LANCASTER, 18, England, Fern Ridge BC, d/o Charles LANCASTER, farmer, & Sophia RUSSELL, witn: Sophia LANCASTER & Kathleen MacNAUGHTON, 12 June 1920 at parsonage, New Westminster

20-09-210369 Guy William BOSWELL, 36, widower, barber, Glidden Iowa, Seattle Wash., s/o Frank BOSWELL, laborer, & Alice FORD, married Agnes SALMON, 22, stenographer, Rocky Point Wash., Seattle Wash., /do Joseph SALMON, laborer, & Margarite DOLAN, witn: F.M. GOODMAN & Mrs. Alice BOSWELL, 31 May 1920 at Wesley Church, Vancouver

20-09-213575 Alfred James BOUVILLE, 26, carpenter, Kelowna, same, s/o William Frank BOUVILLE, farmer, & Rose SMITHSON, married Blanch FORD, 22, Sarnia Ont., Rutland, d/o Henry FORD, farmer, & Sarah Ann HARTLEY, witn: Sandy CARNOZZI & Mildred FORD, 3 Feb 1920

20-09-210320 Joe BRAY, 54, steam engineer, Liverpool England, Knox Bay BC, s/o Charles BRAY, butcher, & Alice BEEVERS?, married Elizabeth NIXON, 63, Dungannon - Huron Co Ont., Vancouver, d/o John ROBINSON, farmer, & Mary Ann DONNELLY, witn: Mrs. Alta & Clarence BURNETT, 5 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-213580 John BRIDGE, 63, widower, rancher, Codnor Derby England, Vernon, s/o James BRIDGE, miner & Ann HODSON, married Jeannie Grant DOW, 56, widow, Tarves Aberdeen Scotland, Moose Jaw Sask., d/o John M. SCROGGIE, evangelist & Mary Ann CRAIG, witn: Adeline & Vernon JOSLYN, 24 June 1920 at manse, Vernon

20-09-210346 Ralph Brud BRIGHTMAN, 30, divorced, police officer, Bethney Illinois, Seattle Wash., s/o Isaac BRIGHTMAN, hotel man, & Bell JONES, married Mamie BAIOCCHI, 27, divorced, Minneapolis, Seattle Wash., d/o Frank BAIOCCHI & Catherine BAIOCCHI, witn: A.G. FORD & Vera ROCKMAN, 7 May 1920 at Wesley Methodist Church, Vancouver

20-09-213564 William J. BROMLEY, 22, farmer, Keremess?, same, s/o Peter BROMLEY, farmer, & Sarah BROWNLEE, married Beatrice Louisa TAYLOR, 21, widow, Rock Creek, Kerewess?, d/o Charles PITTENDRIGH, police force & Theodore KRUGER, witn: E. & Mrs. E. BROMLEY, 23 June 1920 at Princeton

20-09-210347 John BRONGER, 35, contractor, Rotterdam Holland, Prince George, s/o Peter Herman BRONGER, deceased lumberman & Cornelia KOENS, married Elsie TURPIE, 21, stenographer, Frodingham Yorkshire England, Vancouver, d/o David TURPIE, merchant & Esther ALDERSON (deceased), witn: B. Bronger KOENS & J.P. FLYNN, 22 May 1920 at Christ Church, Vancouver

20-09-208976 George Dunn BROWN, 29, miner, Linlithgowshire Scotland, Cumberland BC, s/o George BROWN, miner & Sarah COATES, married Winnifred Robson EDEY, 22, North Bay Ont., Peterborough Ont., d/o Edmund Bruce EDEY, railway conductor & Wilhelmina ROBERTSON, witn: Jane Bryce HENDERSON & Robert HENDERSON, 23 Jan 1920 at Methodist parsonage, Nanaimo

20-09-209191 John Lewis BROWN, 65, widower, farmer, Elgin Co Ont., Chilliwack, s/o Isaac BROWN, farmer, & Esther KIPP, married Elizabeth Jane COULTER, 61, widow, Perth Co Ont., Chilliwack, d/o Charles Riley COULTER, farmer & Susanna NIXON, witn: Margaret E. COULTER & Emma DIMMICK, 28 April 1920 at Chilliwack

20-09-210348 Walter BROYLS (Brayls?), 32, barber, Fulton Missouri, Vancouver, s/o Walter BROYLS, carpenter & Mary CARTER, married Helen AGEE, 30, Grand Junction Colorado, Vancouver, d/o Alonzo AGEE, barber & Mattie CROUCH, witn: Ethel SUGGS & Rudolph JONES (Jonco?), 17 May 1920 at First Presbyterian Church, Vancouver

20-09-209063 Kennerley BRYAN, 29, engineer, Titusburg? NY, Vancouver, s/o Kennerley BRYAN, engineer & Cecilia RUTTICK, married Jean Christine MacEWEN, 29, teacher, Paisley Ont., New Westminster, d/o Peter McEWEN, clergyman & Christine McEWEN, witn: Mrs. P.H. MacEWEN & Cecilia R. BRYAN, 19 Jan 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-209170 Walter Leonard BUCKOLL, 23, carpenter & mechanic, Vancouver, 1828 Commercial Dr., s/o William H. BUCKOLL, gardener & Julia SANKIS, married Pearl Pansy BARBER, 21, Guelph Ont., Marlborough & Kingsway, d/o Frank H. BARBER, Restmore Malted? Co., & Jane MILLARD, witn: Harold John WATTS & Dora LOBLEY, 230 March 1920 at home, corner of Kingsway & Marlborough in Burnaby

20-09-210378 Harry Curtis BUELL, 40, logger, Rochester NY, Lynn Valley BC, s/o Bela Joseph BUELL, farmer, & Frances CURTIS, married Ena May YULE, 35, book keeper, Goderich Ont., Lynn Valley, d/o John Findlay YULE, electrician & Isabel MORRIS, witn: Ada & Mrs. K. McINTYRE, 17 June 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210308 Francis Henry BURDEN, 32, commercial traveller, London Ont., Vancouver, s/o Henry BURDEN, millwright & Alice MADGE, married Mary MORRISON, 20, Hazelman BC, Vancouver, d/o John MORRISON, laborer, & Mary HIGGINS, witn: Peter & Susie PAULSON, 4 Feb 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210321 David J. BURK, 60, widower, lumberman, Prescott Ont., Everett Wash., s/o Walter BURK, rancher & Charlotte COLEMAN, married Lillian Eva Maria LYON, 40, widow, nurse, Storey Co. Iowa, Everett Wash., d/o George STAVES, brick maker, & Sarah F. PROUTY, witn: Oneida H. SACKER & Mrs. Grace LYNCH, 10 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210322 Charles Noble BURT, 24, salesman, Ridgetown Ont., Vancouver, s/o Arthur George BURT, gentleman & Elizabeth GRACEFIELD?, married Eva Annie WILLIAMSON, 19, Vancouver, Ladner, d/o John Andrew WILLIAMSON, manager of fish cannery, & Mary HENDERSON, witn: Louis WILLIAMSON & Mildred ELLIS, 16 March 1920 at St. Andrews Church, Vancouver

20-09-210341 Arthur Ralph BURTON, 28, plane man, Minnedosa Manitoba, White Rock BC, s/o Ashton BURTON, hardware merchant & Hannah HUGHES, married Myrtle Stella McMILLAN, 30, Listowel Ont., Vancouver, d/o Joe McMILLAN, farmer, & Elmira MARKS, witn: Sarah McALPINE & Margaret MATHER, 11 April 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210351 George Hewitt BURTON, 31, railway mail clerk, Berlin Ont., Vancouver, s/o John BURTON & Janet HEWITT, married Olive Margaret McINTYRE, 27, stenographer, Peterborough Ont., Vancouver, d/o James McINTYRE, contractor & Margaret REYNOLDS, witn: Stella Emma HALL & Herbert Fenwick HALL, 18 May 1920 at St. Johns Presbyterian Church, Vancouver

20-09-209197 Duncan CALDER, 47, logger, Mara Ont., Van Anda BC, s/o Donald CALDER, farmer, & Catherine McNABB, married Melissa Jane GOOD, 39, Chilliwack, same, d/o George GOOD, farmer & Catherine GIBSON, witn: Henry STADE & George GOOD, 23 June 1920 at res of the bride's father, Chilliwack (LDS)

20-09-210393 Roy Thomas CALER, 32, divorced, accountant, Palmyra Miss., 407 Sylvia Court, s/o Charles Henry CALER, drayman & Australia MEADE, married Helen Keeney ANDERSON, 23, divorced, Petulina California, 407 Sylvia Court, d/o Sime Bolivar KEENEY, mechanical engineer & Angeline MILLS, witn: Blanche SCHNEIDER, 14 Feb 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210401 William Henry CAMLIN, 45, blacksmith, Co. Down Ireland, Myrtle Point BC, s/o James CAMLIN, laborer, & Anna DICKSON, married Annie CARSON, 35, Co. Down Ireland, just out from Co Down Ireland, d/o Andrew CARSON, farmer & Anna MAWHINNEY, witn: James & Agnes SPIERS, 22 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-20898? Archibald Burton CAMPBELL, 40, contractor, Collingwood Ont., Vancouver, s/o Duncan Alexander CAMPBELL, contractor & Isabella Jane JACKSON, married Evelyn Theresa HIRST, 25, stenographer, Nanaimo, same, d/o Robert HIRST, miner & Mary Ann LEA, witn: Sadie HIRST & Rhoderick illegible, 21 April 1920 at St. Andrews Church, Nanaimo

20-09-210402 Henry Vincent CAREW, 23, steel worker, Peterborough Ont., Vancouver, s/o Jeremiah CAREW & Maria DONOGHUE, married Myrtle Hazeltine SLATER, 21, Vancouver, same, d/o Harvey SLATER, filer & Sarah BAILEY, witn: A.H. PARKER & Muriel HENLEY, 22 March 1920 at Christ Church, Vancouver

20-09-210429 Alfred Blake CAREY, 39, widower, civil engineer, Ontario, Vancouver, s/o Alfred CAREY, doctor & Phoebe BROWN, married Irma Suzanne Hortense CAUWENBERGHS, 40, widow, Antwerp Belgium, Vancouver, d/o Francois CAUWENBERGHS, railway superintendent & Elizabeth Hortense PETERS, witn: A--? GRAY & Kathleen GRAY, 12 May 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210430 Albert Carson CARLTON, 35, bread salesman, Petrolia Ont., Vancouver, s/o Edward CARLTON, dead & Matilda TOMLINSON, married Edith Maud NORTH, 22, Redding England, Vancouver, d/o Charles Henry NORTH, dispatcher in Eatons [illegible word], & Emma MITCHELL, witn: Dorothy Edith HUMPHREY & Frank Robert NORTH, 12 May 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-209224 Frederick Murray CARMICHAEL, 30, butcher, Kenora Ont., Abbotsford, s/o Alexander Frederick CARMICHAEL, farmer, & Alice Phoebe WETMORE, married Nora McGILLIVRAY, 23, Columbian Valley Wash. US, Huntingdon, d/o Malcolm Donald McGILLIVRAY, farmer, & Margaret McGILLIVRAY, witn: Hugh McGILLIVRAY & Hazel CARMICHAEL, 28 Jan 1920 at Huntingdon

20-09-210415 Herbert Erksine CARR, 37, farmer, Ontario, Coghlan BC, s/o George CARR, lumberman & Caroline MOORE, married Hannah Dorothy LEES, 20, England, North Vancouver, d/o Harold LEES, accountant & Lillian ANDREWS, witn: Harold & Lilian LEES, 6 April 1920 at St. Andrews Church, Vancouver

20-09-209229 Allan Gow CARRUTHERS, 27, salesman, Cayuga Ont., Vancouver, s/o James Gow CARRUTHERS, teacher, & Ellen WHARTON, married Grace Emily ALLEN, 24, London England, same, d/o Sidney Herbert ALLEN, banker & Emily HOLLINGTON, witn: Laura CARRUTHERS & Edwin John JARDINE, 1 June 1920 at St. Margarets Church, Parad--?

20-09-210416 Glenn Otto CARSON, 21, automobile salesman, Georgetown Colorado, Vancouver, s/o Otto William CARSON, mine foreman & Hilda Christena YOUNGSTROM, married Blanche Muriel HARVEY, 22, stenographer, Brigus Newfoundland, Vancouver, d/o James HARVEY, wholesale dry goods, & Louise Cumming BUTLER, witn: B. HARVEY & P. PEARSON, 28 April 1920 at St. Marks Church, Vancouver

20-09-210384 Arnold CARTER, 32, oxyacetylene welder, Englewood New Zealand, Kamloops, s/o William CARTER, contractor & Ann BROADMORE, married Lillian DAVIS, 30, North Augusta Ont., Vancouver, d/o John DAVIS, farmer (deceased) & Mary Sophia JELLY, witn: Luca SPONENBURGH & William Adams MILLHOUSE, 9:30 a.m. on 21 Jan 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Vancouver

20-09-210432 Harry Lee CASSELMAN, 29, tinsmith, Vancouver, same, s/o Rance CASSELMAN, harness maker & Mary Ann FETTERLY, married Annie SAMUELSON, 21, North Dakota US, St. Denis Ave Dist. of Notre Dame, d/o Henry SAMUELSON, brick layer, & Kate OLLILA, witn: Arthur CURRY & Mrs. Thelma ROWCLIFFE, 18 May 1920 at Vancouver

19-09-210385 Ward Elmer CATCHING, 25, auto salesman, Riddels Oregon, North Bend Wash., s/o Clarence Elmer CATCHINGS (sic), retired & Sylva Ruth JONES, married Minnie HAWKES, 21, Whitewood Sask., Vancouver, d/o John Aylesford HAWKES, accountant & Edith BIGGINS, witn: John Aylesford HAWKES & Frederick BIGGINS, 29 Dec 1919 at Holy Trinity Church, Vancouver

19-09-210386 Percy Reid CAVANAGH, 25, chauffeur, Frankville? Ont., Vancouver, s/o George CAVANAGH, teamster & Maria CLARKE, married Minerva Jessie McCLELLAND, 24, Walkerton Ont., Vancouver, d/o Joseph McCLELLAND, contractor & Margaret McNAUGHTON, witn: J. McCLELLAND & M. WAGGETT, 31 Dec 1919 at Vancouver

20-09-213587 George Leicester CHALLENOR, 45, rancher, Barbados BWI, Kelowna, s/o Robert CHALLENOR, gentleman & Mary Daniel WHITEHALL, married Muriel Hilary EDGCOMBE (Edgcumbe?), 33, Newton Abbot Devon England, same, d/o Price? EDGCOMBE, officer in HM Army, & Ann Hamilton TROTMAN, witn: B.F. BOYCE, 2 June 1920 at St. Michael & All Angels, Kelowna

20-09-210387 James CHAMBERS, 27, salesman, Belmont Manitoba, Victoria, s/o George CHAMBERS, farmer & Rachel CRAIG, married Grace Torrence ARMSTRONG, 24, stenographer, Glenboro Manitoba, Vancouver, d/o William ARMSTRONG, farmer, & Grace TORRENCE, witn: George CHAMBERS Jr. & Ann Ferrell ARMSTRONG, 1 Jan 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-20978 David Alexander CLARK, 39, physician & surgeon, Toronto, New Westminster, s/o Alexander Muirhead CLARK, cartage agent, & Catherine JONES, married Jessie Evelyn DREW, 32, Nova Scotia, New Westminster, d/o Dr. George E. DREW & Ada Elizabeth DREW, witn: C.D. DREW & Kathleen DREW, both of New Westminster, 10 June 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-213584 Charles De Witt CLARKE, 24, Minister of religion, Millbrook Ont., Peachland, s/o Richard Watson CLARKE, agent & Margaret Ann ORR, married Olive Beatrice GUMMOW, 24, teacher, Winnipeg, Peachland, d/o John Northey GUMMOW, deceased & Minnie Gertrude WALDBROOK, witn: R.W. & Luella CLARKE, 3 March 1920 at parsonage, Vernon

20-09-210447 Waldo Brock CLARKE, 42, widower, physician, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Henry CLARKE, farmer, & Sarah Ann CLARK, married Beatrice Virginia GORDON-MILLER, 27, England, Toronto, d/o James GORDON-MILLER, army captain & Frances TAYLOR, witn: Janie M. BLAIR & Sarah YUILL, 26 June 1920 at St. Andrews church, Vancouver

20-09-210408 Lawrence Stafford COATES, 23, accountant, Manchester England, Vancouver, s/o Albert William COATES, accountant & Alice Maude BOSS?, married Edna Lilias WATERS, 22, Ottawa Ont., Vancouver, d/o Bidwell WATERS & Dorothy HIGGINSON, witn: Thomas Harold Worthington WATERS & Dorothy WAITES, 21 March 1920

20-09-210422 Harry Blizard COBHAM, 34, railroad man, St. John NB, Vancouver, s/o George COBHAM, government employee & Ada BLIZARD, married Anna McDonald WILLIAMSON, 33, nurse, Aberdeen Scotland, Vancouver, d/o Benjamin WILLIAMSON, hotel keeper, & Bessie Bowman McDONALD, witn: Kate & Ada McINTYRE, 12 April 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-209195 Douglas Bray COHEN, 28, agriculturist, Oakland Calif., Chilliwack, s/o Alfred Henry COHEN, attorney, & Emma BRAY, married Marjorie Louise BURTON, 22, Vancouver, Chilliwack, d/o Joseph BURTON, merchant & Maud Ross DENMARK, witn: N.C. CRUIKSHANK & Heather Denmark BURTON, 28 April 1920 at St. Thomas Church, Chilliwack

20-09-210394 Edward Stanley COLLINS, 36, bookkeeper, Lydd Kent England, Vancouver, s/o David Edward COLLINS, major in British Army, & Mary Elizabeth BROWN, married Lily Ellen MILDRED, 42, Durham England, Holly Lodge in Vancouver, d/o unknown, (father's occupation given as marine engineer), witn: Mildred Allie PROUT & Flora May PROUT, 6 p.m. on 31 Jan 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Vancouver

20-09-213416 Earl Hugh CONNOR, 38, tinsmith, Minneapolis Minn., Tonasit? Wash., s/o Hugh CONNOR & Ellen EARLY, married Nadine Catherine KENDELL, 37, widow, nurse, Tennessee US, Riverside Wash., d/o James CUNNINGHAM, farmer, & Lucinda STEWAPHER?, witn: Mrs. S.A. & Edmond BOOKER, 30 June 1920 at Methodist parsonage, Penticton

20-09-218311 Carlyle Edward COOK, 25, dentist, Nanaimo, New Westminster, s/o Ezra Stevens COOK b. Nova Scotia & Mary Louise McCUTCHEON b. Ontario., married Elizabeth Hall GARDNER, 25, teacher, Scotland, Nanaimo, d/o Jeremiah GARDNER b. Ireland & Grace GRAHAM b. Scotland, witn: Melville Stuart COOK & Margaret BRAWATER?, both of Nanaimo, 11 Oct 1920 at Nanaimo

20-09-213461 Thomas COOK, 26, mechanic, Sunderland England, Kamloops, s/o Isaac COOK & Theresa COLLINS, married Esther Mary CORNISH, 19, Golden BC, Kamloops, d/o George CORNISH & Anna FOSTER, witn: A.H. STURROCK & Christopher REED, 31 Jan 1920 at Rectory, St. Pauls, Kamloops

20-09-210410 John William COONEY, 39, widower, barber, Tranquille BC, Chilliwack, s/o Charles Thomas COONEY, farmer, & Elizabeth ALLOR, married Thelma Beatrice NORTHCOTT, 25, stenographer, Mount Brydges Ont., London Ont, d/o Edward Henry NORTHCOTT, commercial agent, & Helen LIPSIT, 10 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210448 George St.John COOPER, 20, auto mechanic, Beren? South Africa, North Vancouver, s/o George Cousins COOPER, cashier & Florence St.John nee VINCENT, married Madeline Adele CLARK, 19, Montreal, Vancouver, d/o John Edwin CLARKE, cabinet maker, & Charlotte Maria COURT, witn: Charlotte Maria CLARKE & Noel William FRASER, 26 May 1920 at St. James Church, Vancouver

20-09-210436 Raymond Wesley CORNER, 26, rancher, St. Lambert Que., Kelowna, s/o Alfred James CORNER, retired & Annie C. BROWN, married Edna Caroline Annie BATEMAN, 31, stenographer, Portage La Prairie Manitoba, Vancouver, d/o Edwin W. BATEMAN, CPR agent & Catherine DALE, witn: E. BATEMAN & A. CORNER, 1 May 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210391 Oliver Henry COULTER, 47, widower, farmer, Islington Ont., Loverna Saskatchewan (now Vancouver BC), s/o John COULTER, farmer, & Martha Jane DAVIS, married Mary Fowler HOWDEN, 36, widow, Lakeville - Carleton Co NB, Dewar Lake Sask (now Vancouver BC), d/o James Rudolson FOWLER, blacksmith & Annie Matilda DE FOREST, witn: Albert & H. FOWLER, 1 Jan 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-213464 Fred COX, 47, farmer, Lidurk? Beds. England, Salmon Arm, s/o David COX & Elizabeth SWALES, married Florence Edna JONES, 38, deaconess, Fingal Ontario., Port Stanley Ontario., d/o Robert JONES & Amelia TAYLOR, witn: Effie SCALES, 2 June 1920 at res of R.K.. Scales, Salmon Arm

20-09-210423 Alexander Benjamin COX, 28, salesman, Allenford Ont., Vancouver, s/o James H. COX, farmer & Mary CRAIG, married Agnes Jean WILKIE, 21, Manitoba, Vancouver, d/o John WILKIE, farmer & Mary DARAUGH, witn: Harry SULLIVAN & Blanche Isabel KELLY, 14 April 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210453 Walter Edward CRAIG, 26, printer, Nanaimo, Seattle Wash., s/o William Gordon CRAIG, miner & Julia Catherine QUENNELL, married Edith POWELL, 26, Walsall England, Toronto, d/o William Henry POWELL, harness maker & Selina Jane SLY, witn: Ada POWELL & W.E. CRAIG, 31 May 1920 at Christ Church, Vancouver

20-09-210395 Gordon CRAIG, 25, merchant, Belfast Ireland, Vancouver, s/o Robert CRAIG, tailor & Sarah McSPADDEN, married Vera Maude GILBERSON, 24, nurse, Bristol NB, Vancouver, d/o Silas GIBERSON, contractor & Armenia BRIGGS, witn: L.W. GRANT & F.C. BOYERS, 14 Feb 1920 at First Baptist Church, Vancouver

20-09-209076 Arthur L. CRANDELL, 25, mill laborer, Cloverdale BC, New Westminster, s/o Oscar Arthur CRANDELL, teacher & Jessie BAIRD, married Alice L. TODD, 22, hospital helper, Surrey England, New Westminster, d/o Frederick John TODD, laborer, & Alice GERLE, witn: M. E. TATE & Mattie F. VERT, 3 May 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-21424 Frederick Oliver CRAPP, 33, engineer, England, Spokane Wash., s/o Henry CRAPP, deceased & Ada LUCAS, married Anna Jane DURBROW, 25, Renfrew Ont., Vancouver, d/o William DURBROW, deceased & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Lile S. DURBROW & W.D. MAIN, 14 April 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210455 John Alexander CRAWFORD, 26, wireless operator, Lanark Co Ont., Vancouver, s/o Thomas CRAWFORD, retired & Mary MacDONELL, married Wanda Marguerite Felkes HOOPER, 23, Calgary Alberta, Vancouver, s/o John E. HOOPER, deceased & Edith C. WRIGHT, witn: Alice E. MITCHELL & S.D. NEALON, 23 June 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-209079 James Quinton CRAWFORD, 21, farmer, Ontario, East Delta BC, s/o Edward Albert CRAWFORD, farmer, & Eliza FOX, married Nellie Elizabeth CALLANDER, 21, clerk, Glasgow Scotland, New Westminster, d/o William W. CALLANDER, store keeper & Nellie TAYLOR, witn: Alvan EMBREE & Margaret CALLANDER, 8 June 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-210398 Henry Jeremiah CROOK, 27, ship caulker, Vancouver, same, s/o Charles CROOK, real estate & Christena, married Jane Gourlay COUNTRYMAN, 23, widow, waitress, Winnipeg, Vancouver, d/o Robert GOURLAY, laborer, & Jessie GUTHRIE, witn: Robina PILKEY & Stan? PATTERSON, 9 Feb 1920 at First Presbyterian Church, Vancouver

20-09-209227 Hamilton Chalmers CRUIKSHANK, 31, doctor, Hamilton Ont., Toronto, s/o A. Scott CRUICKSHANK, retired & Annie Smith CHALMERS, married Lilian Elizabeth CRUICKSHANK, 31, barrister, Weston Ont., Clayburn BC, d/o Alexander CRUICKSHANK, farmer & Grace CONNER, witn: Wallace James & Grace Conner CRUICKSHANK, 18 May 1920 at res of the bride's parents, Clayburn

20-09-210456 Rowley CRUIT, 30, mining engineer, Liverpool England, Vancouver, s/o William CRUIT, cattle importer & Annie CUMMINGS, married Irene Simmons PHELAN, 23, Ottawa Ont., Vancouver, d/o John Theodore PHELAN & Ola Marguerite MIX, witn: Robert LEES, 11 a.m. on 9 June 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Vancouver

20-09-213586 Robert CUMMING, 48, farmer, Flos Ont., Quesnel, s/o John CUMMING, deceased & Mary ROWATT, married Esther Victoria WIGGLESWORTH, 38, widow, Whitting Ridge NB, Rutland BC, d/o Joel Bonney CRAIG, deceased & Sarah Jane JAMESON, witn: B. McAra JOHNSTON & Kate BRYCE, 21 April 1920 at Vernon

20-09-210399 Albert Ernest CUNNINGHAM, 35, druggist, Mitchell Ont., Vancouver, s/o Andrew CUNNINGHAM, clergyman & Elizabeth RICE, married Meta Adele PERRY, 26, Wiarton Ont., Vancouver, d/o Samuel A. PERRY, undertaker & Stella WILKIE, witn: G.E. PERRY, 27 Jan 1920 at Christ Church, Vancouver

20-09-210475 Leslie Price Burton DALY, 32, tradesman, Napanee Ont., Vancouver, s/o William Wilberforce DALY, deceased & Sophia Elizabeth BURTON, married Mary FONTAINE, 32, Wisconsin US, Vancouver, d/o Edward FONTAINE, deceased & Delia LE CLAIRE, witn: A.H. PARKER & Fanny LOUGHBOROUGH, 8 March 1920 at Christ Church, Vancouver

20-09-209200 William John DAROUGH, 52, carpenter, York Co Ont., Chilliwack, s/o Charles DAROUGH, farmer, & Agnes McDONALD, married Agnes B. LOCKERBIE, 45, Edinburgh Scotland, Chilliwack, d/o James LOCKERBIE, chemist & Marion BLACKLEY, witn: Annie M. CRAIG & Neil DAROUGH, 12 June 1920 at res of Neil Darough, Chilliwack

20-09-209230 Harold Melbourne DAVENPORT, 22, farmer, Millwood Manitoba, Whannock BC, s/o George Augustus DAVENPORT, farmer, & Mary May SLOANE, married Jessie Lamb Stewart SMITH, 26, clerk, Scotland, Okatoks Alberta, d/o James SMITH, sea captain & Minnie Anna STEWART, witn: Frederick J. & Alice J. DAVENPORT, 18 March 1920 at Port Hammond

20-09-210487 Charles DAVIDSON, 40, fitter, Liverpool England, Vancouver, s/o Alexander DAVIDSON, cutter, & Emma Jane FINNEY, married Charlotte LOMAX, 43, Patercroft? Manchester, 280 Lower Broughton Road in Manchester, d/o Henry LOMAX, railway servant & Mary YONET?, witn: A. & H.C. PARKER, 29 May 1920 at Christ Church, Vancouver

20-09-209087 Samuel Ernest DAVIES, 24, paper making, Coatbridge Scotland, Ocean Falls BC, s/o Edward DAVIES, plasterer & Jane CANDLISH, married Sarah Iola LEE, 24, office Clerk, Parry Sound Ont., New Westminster, d/o Robert LEE, electrician & Vesta Ann CLAPP, witn: Samuel & Edith McCORMACK, 1 June 1920 at New Westminster (Salvation army)

20-09-209080 Logan Wall Lee DAVIS, 39, carpenter, Ontario, Rosedale BC, s/o Logan Wall DAVIS, farmer & Lizzie LEE, married Mary MUNRO, 21, Rosedale BC, same, d/o James MUNRO, farmer, & Elizabeth Sarah FLUX, witn: George Henry & Mrs. Louisa Ruth FLUX, 29 Jan 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-213593 Frank DAVIS, 38, harness & saddler, Sutton Surry England, Kamloops, s/o Henry DAVIS, decorator & Sarah DAVIS, married Nellie Rutherford HORNE, 28, Orillia Ont., Kamloops, d/o Donald HORNE, farmer, & Agnes RUTHERFORD, witn: Mae MARTIN & J. HUTCHINGS, 19 June 1920 at Enderby

20-09-208992 Abraham DEAN, 29, salesman, Nanaimo, same, s/o William DEAN, miner, & Annie Elizabeth DICKENSON, married Katherine Jean DUDLEY, 26, Wales, Nanaimo, d/o James DUDLEY, miner, & blank, wtn: Laura E. HATHWAY & J.T. DUDLEY, 31 March 1920 at Wallace Street Church, Nanaimo

20-09-214672 Frank Lain DE LONG, 40, mining, Alpena Michigan, Cotton Wood Canyon BC, s/o Oscar DE LONG, farmer, & Mamie BARKER, married Margaret Pearl HICKS, 16, Pedro South Dakota, Cotton Wood Canyon, d/o James HICKS, farmer, & Mary THOMAS, witn: Mr. William GRAHAM, 3 April 1920 at Prince George

20-09-210478 Joseph DERBYSHIRE, 37, widower, miner, Govan Glasgow Scotland, South Wellington BC, s/o Joseph DERBYSHIRE, miner & Sarah ASH, married Mary Bennie WALKER, 30, Scotland, Cumberland BC, d/o David WALKER, miner & Jane McCULLOCH, witn: Mrs. Frank SLAUGHTER & Hugh McLean DAVIDSON, 9 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210492 Joseph DE SULER, 29, iron worker, San Francisco Calif., West Hotel in Vancouver, s/o Thomas DE SULER, peddler & Mary DE SULER, married Eva Jane JORY, 22, Brandon Manitoba, Surrey Centre BC, d/o Samuel JORY, farmer, & Grace NOBLE, witn: Otto & Evelyn CHOKKE, 29 May 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-218382 Narcisse DEUFAULT, 49, saw filer, St. Eapee? Montcalm Quebec, Courtenay, s/o Narcisse DEUFAULT b. Quebec & Philomene BERTRAND b. Montcalm Que., married Mary FOX, 33, Thessalon Ontario., Courtenay, d/o Henry FOX b. Owen Sound & Sarah Ann NORTON b. Grey Co Ontario., witn: Jean & Caro MENZIES of Sandwick BC, 17 Sept 1920 at Manse, Sandwick

20-09-210493 Augustus John DEVEREUX, 39, teacher, London England, Vancouver, s/o Jonah DEVEREUX & Rhoda KNOTT, married Essie Viola BORGAL, 27, stenographer, Halifax NS, Vancouver, d/o George Andrew BORGAL, sea captain & Mary SHAWSON? (Thawson?), witn: W.E. BISHOP & M.E. BORGAL, 30 June 1920 at St. Georges Church, Vancouver

20-09-209198 Sylvester Covill DICKER, 34, farmer, Guelph Ont., Huntingdon BC, s/o Daniel DICKER, farmer, & Euphemia LANG, married Evelyn Grace MOORE, 30, Cushing Quebec, Huntingdon BC, d/o Michael MOORE, lock maker, & Catherine HARVEY, witn: Ella Gladys CAMERON & Alice Marguerite ROGERS, 22 March 1920 at manse, Chilliwack

20-09-210466 William Bryan DISHMAN, 22, clerk, Oletha Kansas, Bellingham Wash., s/o David DISHMAN, merchant & Letta COLLINS, married Marion SCOTT, 20, Bellingham Wash., same, d/o William SCOTT, carpenter, & Nellie SHERIDAN, witn: Helen & Edward LAPIDUS, 20 Jan 1920 at Christ Church, Vancouver

19-09-213592 Philip George DODWELL, 30, orchardist, Hong Kong China, Summerland, s/o Frederick DODWELL, merchant & Laura Annie WADE, married Phyllis Mary HIGGIN, 34, Worsley Lancs. England, Summerland, d/o Charles Napier HIGGIN, orchardist & Edith Margaret CROOK, witn: Ada M.H. DODWELL, 24 Dec 1919 at St. Stephens Church, Summerland

20-09-210482 Alexander Melville DOLLAR, 41, widower, steamship manager, Bracebridge Ont., Point Grey, s/o Robert DOLLAR, steamship owner & Margaret Snedden PROUDFOOT, married Alice May ALLEN, 26, Vancouver, 1065 Pacific Ave., d/o James Albert ALLEN, ship builder & Emma McLAREN, witn: Erma Campbell CASSFORD & William Stanley ALLEN, 10 March 1920 at 1065 Pacific Ave., Vancouver

20-09-210489 James Thomas DOUGLAS, 29, clerk, Ottawa Ont., Vancouver, s/o James Thomas DOUGLAS, hardware manager, & Ruth Ann ROLPH, married Ethel May DUFFIELD, 26, Rockland Ont., Vancouver, d/o George L. DUFFIELD, miner & Emeline CHAPMAN, witn: George SWEET & Jean D. MacBETH, 10 May 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-209085 Richard Norwood DOUGLAS, 25, electrician, Indian Ocean, Bellingham Wash., s/o Alexander Putnam DOUGLAS, sea captain & Jessie Munro HIGGINS, married Mildred Annie BUCKLEY, 29, Santa Cruz California, same, d/o Mark Arthur BUCKLEY, merchant & Minnie Beatrice HIGGINS, witn: Minnie BUCKLEY & Jessie LUSK, 14 April 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-209172 Frederick Ferris DOWLING, 35, engineer, Harriston Ont., Vancouver, s/o Richard DOWLING, furniture maker, & Annie ROBERTSON, married Ethel Pearl MORRISON, 33, nurse, Scotch Ridge NB, Vancouver, d/o Hugh MORRISON, teacher & Clara GETCHELL, witn: George West DOWLING & Abbie B. DELONG, 25 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210497 Sherman Carl DRAPER, 34, divorced, grain merchant, Jeffersonville Ohio, Portland Oregon, s/o Charles E. DRAPER, deceased & Molly Bell VICTOR, married Hattie Maria SEABOLD, 33, divorced, Winona Minnesota, Portland Oregon, d/o Herman SEABOLD, mechanic & Catherine CLARKE, witn: Ada L. & Olive Grace McINTYRE, 14 June 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-218320 Benjamin Ernest DREW, 53, farmer, widower, England, East Wellington BC, s/o Benjamin DREW & Mary Catherine VAUGHAN, both b. England, married Martha Jean WESTAWAY, 43, widow, Iowa US, Nanaimo, d/o Aaron MARSH b. England & Mary Ann GARRISON b. Ottumma Iowa, witn: Agnes RYALL & Mary FREEMAN, both of Nanaimo, 14 Sept 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Nanaimo

20-09-210471 George Andrew DUNCAN, 29 + 5 mon, logger, Charlottetown PEI, West Hotel, Vancouver, s/o Andrew DUNCAN, farmer, & Annie FRASER, married Helena Annie PAYNE, 29 + 9 mon, Belfast Ireland, Vancouver, d/o Geoffrey Nolan PAYNE, hotel owner & Helena Nora BRENNAN, witn: Fred STOREY & Ethel? RO--?, 1 Jan 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-209233 Felix Gordon DUNHAM, 21, farmer, Picton Ont., Matsqui BC, s/o Richard DUNHAM, farmer, & Lillie May BRANSCOMBE, married Annie Effie BEATON, 18, Charlottetown PEI, Mission City BC, d/o Lachlan BEATON, bridge operator, & Jessie McKINNON, witn: Mrs. Jessie BEATON & Mrs. T. BRADWELL, Sat., 22 May 1920 at Presbyterian manse, Mission City

20-09-209232 John DUNLOP, 29, farmer, Givan? Ayrshire Scotland, Abbotsford, s/o John DUNLOP, retired & Helen KENNEDY, married Edith Mildred HILL-TROUT, 21 (on 25 Jan 1920), Abbotsford, same, d/o Charles HILL-TROUT, scientist, & Edith Mary STOTHART, witn: James E. HILL-TROUT & Louise M. BOWMAN, 27 March 1920 at "The Pines" Abbotsford,

19-09-210500 Hurrell Henry EASTLAND, 29, ice maker, Apsley Ont., Vancouver, s/o Thomas George EASTLAND, merchant & Emma WEBSTER, married Ella LOUDEN, 21, Marshland Nebraska, Vancouver, d/o Henry John LOUDEN, farmer, & Alvina HOFFMAN, witn: Harry Ernest & Julia Elizabeth KENT, 31 Dec 1919 at St. Pauls Church, Vancouver

20-09-213596 Oliver EATON, 28, farmer, Bolton Lancashire England, Kelowna, s/o Oliver EATON, doctor & Mary FELL, married Margaret Alice Mylne WEATHERELL, 34, Wyckam Mayet Suffolk England, Kelowna BC & Cleverdon England (both given), d/o Edmund Percy WEATHERELL, Church of England priest, & Helena Joan MYLNE, witn: M.E. & illegible CAMERON, 13 Jan 1920 at St. Michael & All Angels, Kelowna

20-09-210511 John EDDIE, 29, checker, Aberdeen Scotland, Vancouver, s/o James EDDIE, retired & Jane MATHIESON, married Mary Mabel KERR, 27, cashier, Souris Manitoba, Vancouver, d/o George KERR, carpenter & Mary WEIR, witn: Ruth A. & Alice MITCHELL, 30 June 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210507 William ELLIOTT, 35, merchant, Ireland, Vancouver, s/o James ELLIOTT & Mary GASTON, married Lilly Iolane? MACFARLANE, 23, Ireland, Vancouver, d/o Armour John MACFARLANE, merchant & Margaret McCULLEY, witn: James L. & Ruby ARMSTRONG, 12 April 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-208994 John ELLIOTT, 29, rancher, Ladysmith BC, same, s/o George ELLIOTT, deceased & Mary Ann OKENHAM, married Emily MITCHELL, 22, Ladysmith BC, same, d/o George MITCHELL, rancher, & Mary MITCHELL, witn: Edward ELLIOTT & Margaret ELLIOTT, Sat. 20 March 1920 at res of Mrs. George Elliott, Ladysmith

20-09-218325 John Charles Miller ELLIOTT, 26, carpenter, Nanaimo, Gabriola Island, s/o David Henry ELLIOTT b. Collingwood Ontario & Agnes MEAKIN b. Nanaimo, married Mary Ellen WOOLLARD, 24, office girl, Burnaby Vancouver, Nanaimo, d/o John WOOLLARD & Alice Ada GRIMSBY, both b. England, witn: Elizabeth WOOLLARD of Nanaimo & Arthur Henry ELLIOTT, 10 Nov 1920 at St. Andrews Church, Nanaimo

20-09-210512 Charles Stephen ELLIS, 32, chauffeur, Sussex England, Vancouver, s/o Charles ELLIS, dead & Jane KNIGHT, married Blanche TENNANT, 29, widow, Kingston Ont., Vancouver, d/o Marshall CHAPMAN, dead & Jane RYCKMAN, witn: W.R. WILLGRESS & Gladys LUND, 1 June 1920 at Mt. Pleasant Church, Vancouver

20-09-210514 Herbert Reginald EVANS, 28, civil servant, Van Kleek Hill Ont., Vancouver, s/o William Edwin EVANS, teacher in Britannia High School in Vancouver, & Frances Alberta TAYLOR, married Anna Emily WINTER, 28, high school teacher, Preston Ont., Verdun Manitoba, d/o Charles Andrew WINTER, insurance & Mary Phidelia COOPER, witn: Gerald EVANS & Adele May WINTER, 24 June 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210504 Anderson Andrew EWART, 43, lumberman, Thorold, Price Rupert, s/o James Tully EWART, merchant & Susan IRVINE, married Ethel Charlotte LOCK, 27, stenographer, McDonalds Corners Manitoba, Vancouver, d/o Thomas H. LOCK, hotel keeper & Margaret VERDEN, witn: E.R. DEENS & Edith M. LOCK, 18 Feb 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210535 Dellar Lytle FARIS, 23, farmer, Kansas US, Southwick Idaho, s/o Robert George FARIS, farmer, & Flora Ellen BLACK, married Evelin May WEBSTER, 22, stenographer, Vancouver BC, Honolulu, d/o Frank Lester WEBSTER, contractor & Elizabeth Jane RUDD, witn: Emma LAMBERT & Leontine WEBSTER, 1 June 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210521 Albert Hutchinson FARMER, 39, widower, mechanical engineer, Syracuse NY, Los Angeles Calif., s/o Howard Wallace FARMER, engineer & Ida C. REED, married Alice BUCHANAN, 30, widow, artist, Stayton Oregon, Los Angeles Calif., d/o Archibald N. McARTHUR, contractor & Alice CHURCH, witn: Ada L. McINTYRE & Maggie BOTFIELD, 23 Feb 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210531 Gordon FARRELL, 29, merchant, Huddersfield Yorks. England, Vancouver, s/o William FARRELL, President of BC Telephone Co., & Jessie Maud RIGBY, married Kathleen Jessie WALTERS, 33, widow, Sarnia Ont., Vancouver, d/o Thomas Robert DAVIS, clerk in Priests orders - Church of England, & Jane WILLIAMS, witn: Homer C. ADAMS & Kathleen FARRELL, 15 May 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Vancouver

20-09-210516 Hugh FERGUSON, 58, widower, retired, Argyle Scotland, Victoria, s/o John FERGUSON, dead & Christena McCALLUM, married Adele WINTER, 40, widow, Ingersoll Ont., Victoria, d/o William TOULLE?, retired & Josephine ELLIOTT, witn: S.J. & Stewart DICKIE, 15 Jan 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210528 Victor George FIELD, 33, bank manager, Wellington England, Sidney BC, s/o George Willoughby FIELD, civil servant & Elizabeth Jane CHAPMAN, married Janet Phyllis SHAW, 26, Cobden Ont, Edmonton Alberta, d/o John SHAW, stock broker & Janet THOMSON, witn: Effie Mary FIELD & John A. SHAW, 8 April 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Vancouver

20-09-210522 Harold James FINLEY, 30, structural iron worker, Madoc Ont., Vancouver, s/o James FINLEY, retired & Sarah KINCAID, married Gertrude Margaret FORDSHAM, 31, widow, musician, Philadelphia PA, Vancouver, d/o Thomas H.B. WOOD, retired & Margaret SPENCER, witn: Gertrude ROGERS & W.J. MacDONALD, 7 Feb 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-209092 Harry Cameron FISHER, 30, drug clerk, Lakefield Ont., New Westminster, s/o James FISHER, farmer & Mayne KEMP, married Alma Victoria McLEAN, 29, widow, New Westminster, same, d/o George CUNNINGHAM, blacksmith & Eliza GLENN, witn: Margaret HENDRY & Hazel HIBBERT, 19 April 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-210537 Thomas Francis Guy FITCH, 22, post office clerk, London England, Vancouver, s/o Thomas Joseph FITCH, tax collector, & Frances MITCHELL, married Adaline Ruth FEATHERSTONE, 21, stenographer, Deseronto Ont., Vancouver, d/o Frederick William FEATHERSTONE, architect, & Maud ALLAN, witn: Rachel INIVER? & Fraser Alexander CAMPBELL, 17 June 1920 at Mission to Seamen Chapel, Vancouver

20-09-208996 William Ramsay FLEMING, 29, telephone engineer, Toronto, Vancouver, s/o James Orr FLEMING, clerk & Nellie RAMSAY, married Edith Olive THOMAS, 25, Nanaimo, same, d/o John THOMAS & Ann, witn: Gwendolyn A. & George THOMAS, 9 April 1920 at Cedar, Nanaimo

20-09-209091 William Ross FLUMERFELT, 30, supervisor of Forestry, Brandon Manitoba, Powell River, s/o William FLUMERFELT, soldier & Phoebe FLINT, married Eunice Dorothy BRICE, 23, teacher, Onalaska Wisconsin, New Westminster, d/o Harcy C. BRICE, civil engineer & Anna RENNER, witn: Florence A. BRICE & H. Thomas illegible, 21 Feb 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-210523 James Stewart Watt Irvine Linklater FOLSTER, 28, clerk, Orillia Ont., Vancouver, s/o John Fraser FOLSTER, railway track foreman & Margaret LINKLATER, married Ruth B. CORNELL, 23, London Ont., Vancouver, d/o John CORNELL, grain dealer & Jennie WEBB, witn: Effie & William McINNIS, 18 Feb 1920 at Vancouver [with note: "In name of bride "B" is simply a letter standing for no full name"]

20-09-218331 Joseph John FONTANA, 24, blacksmith, Nanaimo, same, s/o Joseph FONTANA & Assunita GALLESO, both b. Italy, married Myrtle Victoria COSIER, 21, Extension BC, same, d/o William COSIER b. Westport Ontario & Caroline MUMFORD b. Devonshire England, witn: Vera AKENHEAD of Nanaimo & Peter MAFFIE?, 2 Nov 1920 at St. Andrews manse, Nanaimo

20-09-214673 Joseph Antoine FOREST, 25, workman, St. Bonaventure Que., Penny, s/o Napoles FOREST & Mary CAVANAGH, married Mary RAY, 21, Edmonton Alberta, Penny, d/o Joseph RAY & Pauline NIXON, witn: Mrs. J. LAMBERT & M.J.C. DORESON?, 6 April 1920 at Prince George

20-09-210538 Norman Percival Garfield FORSTER, 29, electric operator, Fergus Ont., Lake Buntzen BC, s/o Moffatt Percival FORSTER, telegraph operator, & Alice Beatrice WILSON, married Marjorie FREEMAN, 24, London England, Vancouver, d/o Charles Henry FREEMAN, builder & Decorator, & Magdalene Louisa DAINES, witn: Joseph Robert BUNTING & Jeanne Reed HARDWICK, 30 June 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Vancouver

20-09-210520 James Ross FOWLER, 28, farmer, Headingly Manitoba, Armstrong, s/o Alfred FOWLER, farmer, & Mary COLDWELL, married Edna May FRANCIS, 23, teacher, Poplar Point Manitoba, Seattle Wash., d/o Byron FRANCIS, auctioneer & Elizabeth FRANCIS (the same), witn: Stella FRANCIS & Thomas Braidwood DUCK, 28 Jan 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-213598 Henry FRANCIS, 39, widower, farmer, Halhoughton Norfolk England, Rutland, s/o Thomas William FRANCIS, farmer, & Susannah Emily BUTCHER, married Mary Ethel DYKES, 42, Bath England, Kelowna, d/o Robert Armstrong DYKES, railway manager & Mary DUFFETT, witn: Harriet DUFFETT & R?. DYKES, 20 Jan 1920 at St. Michael & All Angels Church, Kelowna

20-09-217088 Hans Christian FREDERICKSEN, 35, widower, machinist, Copenhagen Denmark, Tukevilla (Tukwilla?) Washington, s/o Shorvath FREDERICKSEN, piano tuner, & Therese FORCHER, married Georgia Marie CLEMANS, 29, widow, book keeper, Chicago, Tukevilla, d/o John A. KERRY, time keeper, & Helen J. MARX, witn: Louisa & Margaret GLADSTONE, 11 Dec 1920 at Victoria

20-09-210534 Clay FRENCH, 37, mechanic, Dresden Ont., Milner BC, s/o John FRENCH, postmaster & Emma SHUSTER, married Mamie Georgina NADON, 23, Montreal, Milner, d/o George NADON, merchant & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Alice E. & Ruth MITCHELL, 15 May 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210530 Carlos Eugene FROST, 51, widower, lumberman, Frost village Que., Vancouver, s/o Daniel FROST, merchant & Lepha J. SHEPHERD, married May McINTYRE, 38, widow, Owen Sound Ont., Edmonton Alberta, d/o Robert HARKLEY, captain & Anna STEPHENS, witn: P. WARNER, 7 April 1920 at St. Andrews Church, Vancouver

20-09-210526 Aubrey Cummings FULLERTON, 34, chartered accountant, Pictou NS, San Francisco, s/o George W. FULLERTON, lumber dealer & Elizabeth MUNRO, married Ada Mildred YORSTON, 32, Pictou NS, same, d/o James YORSTON, marine railway & Mary Jane MacDONALD, witn: Alvin J. CRAIG & Bertha CAMPBELL, 10 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-210525 John Allan FYFE, 22, insurance cashier, Toronto, Vancouver, s/o John FYFE, prosecutor for Ont Medical Council, & Elizabeth ALLAN, married Margaret Louise FINLAY, 22, Toronto, Vancouver, d/o Armand LeRoy FINLAY, jeweller, & Margaret Louise BATHER (both deceased), witn: Maurice Oscar CONKILL & Marjorie FLEETHAM, 18 Feb 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Vancouver

20-09-209096 Frederick GALLAND, 35, railroad man, Trenton NJ, Victoria, s/o Domitrean GALLAND, carpenter & Catherine MURPHY, married Olive SHANDON, 22, Toronto, Abbotsford, d/o William SHANDON, painter & Myrtle MARSH, witn: Louisa D. SWITZER & M. Lean ABERCROMBIE, both of New Westminster, 12 Jan 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-210547 Roscoe Francis GERNSEY, 31, widower, assistant purchasing agent for CNR, Merlin Ont., Vancouver, s/o William Joseph GERNSEY, tailor & Mary Ann COYNE, married Gurrilda Elizabeth DICKSON, 25, stenographer, Victoria, Vancouver, d/o William Stuart DICKSON, government agent & Anna CAMERON, witn: Coyne GERNSEY & Katherine Louise ELMER, 7 Jan 1920 at St. Augustines Church, Vancouver

20-09-210548 Coyne Leonard GERNSEY, 26, salesman, Merlin Ont., Vancouver, s/o William Joseph GERNSEY, tailor & Mollie Ann COYNE, married Katherine Louise ELMER, 28, Gein Idaho US, Vancouver, d/o David John ELMER, sales manager & Louise Gertrude SCHEUER, witn: Lawrence Michael GERNSEY & Mildred Irene ELMER, 5 Feb 1920 at St. Patricks Church, Vancouver

20-09-210544 Leo Norman GERRY, 30, advertising man, Mitchell Ont., Edmonton Alberta, s/o Humphrey GERRY & Mary Ann ABBEY, married Muriel Joy GILPIN, 19, Chicago, Vancouver, d/o John GILPIN, farmer, & Annie URQUHART, witn: Peter WHYTE & Ada McINTYRE, 1 Jan 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-217100 Stanley William GIDLEY, 39, jeweller, Ontario, Chemans? BC, s/o William GIDLEY b. England & Mary CHALMERS b. Scotland, married Laura Ethel HUGHES, 34, lady, Hamilton Ont., Victoria, d/o Harry HUGHES & Jessie CLARK, b. England, witn: S?. C. BURLTON & Thelma HUGHES, both of Victoria, 27 Sept 1920 at Victoria

20-09-210554 George Ernest GILLIES, 36, physician, Teeswater Ont., Vancouver, s/o John GILLIES, physician & Fannie MIDFORD, married Edith Agnes BLAIR, 31, nurse, Merritt BC, Vancouver, d/o Gilbert BLAIR, merchant & Annie MacKay SMITH, witn: James MacDonald TUPPER & Muriel BLAIR, 14 Feb 1920 at St. Johns Church, Vancouver

20-09-217084 Joseph Alexander GILLILAND, 32, farmer, Lambton Co Ont., Victoria, s/o David? GILLILAND b. Canada & Mary, b. Ireland, married Lena Dell SEXSMITH, 36, dress maker, Lambton Co Ont., Victoria, d/o Edward M. SEXSMITH b. Peterborough Co Ont & Lydia [s/b Lydia Clemens], b. Guelph, witn: Maude Marjorie GILLILAND & Harvey Clare SEXSMITH, both of Victoria, 14 Aug 1920 at Victoria

20-09-210557 Edward Isaac GOLDBERG, 27, pharmacist, Orla Russia, Vancouver, s/o Morris GOLDBERG, minister & Frida WEBMAN, married Sarah Rebecca GOLDBERG, 18, stenographer, Antopola Russia, Vancouver, d/o Jacob GOLDBERG, merchant & Etta POSTOL, witn: J.L. FELDMAN & M. GOLDBERG, 21 March 1920 at Vancouver (Hebrew)

20-09-207795 Johnson James GRAHAM, 22, clerk, Oshawa Ont., Victoria, s/o Johnson GRAHAM, retired & Mary WILSON, married Daphne Mary DERMODY, 18, clerk, Marysville Washington, St. Francis Hotel in Victoria, d/o James Albert DERMODY, deceased, & Belle Julia PHILLIPS, witn: Raymond Bryce WEBB & Laura Catherine LAWLER, 29 May 1920 at St. Andrews Cathedral, Victoria

20-09-217101 Francis Thomas GRAHAM, 29, laborer, Helena Montana, Port Angeles Washington, s/o William GRAHAM, b. Donegal Ireland & Margaret E. DOYLE, b. Minneapolis Minn., married Jennie Therese MARLATTE, no age given, Port Angeles Wash., same, d/o Paul C. MARLATTE farmer, b. Italy & Mary DOYLE b. Minneapolis Minn., witn: Mary A. & James GRANADE of Port Angeles, 9 Oct 1920 at 916 Johnson St., Victoria

20-09-217105 Thomas Huntley GRANT, 24, chemist, Dundee Scotland, Port Alice BC, s/o George Chalmers GRANT b. Banff Scotland & Margaret Ann COOPERWAITE b. Sunderland England, married Wilma JACKSON, 24, teacher, Regina Canada, Victoria, d/o George A. JACKSON b. London Ont & Lucy Anna SIMONDS b. Hatlepool England, witn: Norma JACKSON of 1472 Forte St. & W.R. HUGHES of Vancouver, 27 Dec 1920 at Fairfield Methodist Church, Victoria

20-09-217093 Herbert Sandham GRAVES, 26, journalist, Kingstoun - Dublin Ireland, Victoria, s/o William Robert GRAVES & Charlotte Emily KEOGH, both b. Ireland, married Jessie Elizabeth KENNEDY, 26, Port Arthur Ont., Victoria, d/o Thomas A. KENNEDY b. Port Arthur & Catherine Jane McLEOD, b. Owen Sound Ont., witn: J?. SMITH & W. BROWN, both of Victoria, 14 Aug 1926 at Victoria

20-09-207799 Max GREENBAUGH (Greenbough?), 40, manufacturer, Roumania, Honolulu, s/o John GREENBAUGH, deceased & Carla Katrine MARONG, married Norma Rhodes DAM (Daur?), 27, divorced, Denver Colorado, San Francisco, d/o Samuel RHODES & Emma MILBURN, witn: J. Percival WATTS & J. R. SIPPERALL, 16 June 1920 at Victoria

23-09-208039 Arnold Roy GRIEVE, 23, railroader, Sandwick? BC, same, s/o John GRIEVE, farmer, & Annie PARKIN, married Belle BERKELEY, 26, civil service, Courtney, Sandwick, d/o John BERKELEY, road superintendent, & Agnes PIERCY, witn: W.D. & Stella BERKELEY, 23 Jan 1920 at res of William Grieve, Sandwick

20-09-213418 Charles GRIMALDI, 31, fruit grower, Sussex England, Naramata BC, s/o Charles GRIMALDI & Flora LONGLEY, married Clara Agnes PALMER, 19, Hamiota Manitoba, Naramata, d/o Seneca PALMER, plasterer & Hannah RICHARDSON, wtn: Mrs. Hannah McKAY & Ena M. MILLAR, 8 Jan 1920 at manse, Penticton

20-09-213599 Benjamin Franklin GUMMOW, 29, rancher, Denver Colorado, Peachland, s/o John GUMMOW, deceased & Minnie WALDBROOK, married Stella Evangeline DYNES, 21, teacher, Mono Ont., Victoria, d/o Valentine DYNES, farmer, & Victoria RYALL, witn: Valentine & Victoria DYNES, 1 Jan 1920 at res of V. Dynes, Browndell?, Yale Dist.

20-09-209099 Benjamin Kenneth GUNN, 27, clerk, New Westminster, same, s/o Hugh GUNN , reservoir inspector & Margaret McLEAN, married Helen BUCHOLTZ, 23, stenographer, Petawawa Ont., New Westminster, d/o Albert BUCHOLTZ, deceased & Matilda NEWMAN, witn: Mrs. M. BUCHOLTZ & Hugh GUNN, 9 June 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-210551 Alexander Donald GUNN, 34, manager of wholesale confectionery business, Underwood Ont., Vancouver, s/o Alexander Hugh GUNN, retired farmer, & Bertha Margaret STRUTHERS, married Annie Emily WHITTAKER, 29, book keeper, New Westminster BC, Vancouver, d/o Henry John WHITTAKER, lumber inspector & Georgina SCALLER, witn: J. Grant GUNN & Charlotte WHITTAKER, 21 Feb 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-209106 Edwin HALL, 41, farmer, London England, New Westminster, s/o Thomas HALL, merchant & Emily HALL, married Mary Ann FOWLER, 41, Birmingham England, New Westminster, d/o Josiah FOWLER & Elizabeth LANE, witn: Grace & Harry WILKINSON, 28 April 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-217123 Earl Billings HALL, 47 (42?), hotel man, divorced, Lawrence Mass. US, Los Angeles Calif., s/o Billings HALL b. Showhegan Maine & Mary Sophia MALKSON b. Topsfield Maine, married Audrey Thompson BUELL, 31, divorced, Toledo Ohio, Detroit, d/o George THOMPSON b. Buffalo NY & Emily Sarah MALKSON b. Maine, witn: Ellen LAST? & Blanche de MAREDO, both of Victoria, 22 Oct 1926 at Sherriffs Office, Victoria

20-09-209205 Percy Wesley HALL, 28, book keeper, Sandhill Ont., Vancouver, s/o James William HALL, manufacturer, & Margaret Esther DIXON, married Carolina Cora PARTHO, 25, Ingersol Ont., Chilliwack, d/o Sidney Cartwright PARTHO, business man, & Louise Ellen DARKER (Parker?), witn: B.W. HALL & George CATHREN, 15 June 1920 at res of the bride, Chilliwack

20-09-214663 Hubert Archibald HAMILTON, 24, clerk, Vancouver, Williams Lake, s/o Joseph Bartholomew HAMILTON, teamster & Martha DICKINSON, married Irene Violet SILCOX, 18, Vancouver, same, d/o Charles Henry SILCOX, freight clerk & Alice KEEN, witn: Edith & Charles SILCOX, 12 June 1920 at St. Albans Church, Ashcroft

20-09-217110 Richard Washington HARDWICK, 39, farmer, Huddersfield England, RR1 Sydney BC, s/o Henry HARDWICK, hosier & Ellen TOWNSEND, married Annie Edith Frances LUMSDEN, 59, Brookland Ont., Sydney, d/o Thomas LUMSDEN & Sabina FRANCIS, witn: Hina BURNETT & M.E. LUMSDEN, 3 July 1920 at St. Barnabas Church, Victoria

20-09-208028 Daniel Bernardt HARRINGTON, 55, widower, bridge builder, Middlesbrough Yorkshire England, Alert Bay NC, s/o Andrew HARRINGTON, machinist & Annie BERNHARDT, married Ethel Victoria Alberta MARSHALL, 40, widow, Brandon Manitoba, Alert Bay, d/o Albert MARSHALL, farmer, & Marion MacKAY, witn: J.R. SHARP & Janet COLWELL, 30 May 1920 at res of Mr. E. Robinson JP, Alert Bay

20-09-207823 William Wellington HARRIS, 42, grocer, Campbellville Ont., Victoria, s/o Thomas S. HARRIS, road supervisor, & Jennie Elliot KERR, married Charlotte MILLINGTON, 42, Claycross Devonshire England, Victoria, d/o Alfred MILLINGTON, builder & contractor & Anne JONES, witn: Mrs. J.E. & Freddie HARRIS, 9 June 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207804 William Thomas HARRIS, 22, mounted police, Chatham England, Toronto, s/o William John HARRIS, doctor & Rose Ann BIRE, married Alain SCHAFER, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o John SCHAFER, army officer, & Jane SCHWEFAGER, witn: A.A. OLIVER & E. Jean PATTERSON, 21 Feb 1920 at St. Johns, Victoria

20-09-207803 Jacob Thompson HARRISON, 53, widower, laborer, West Virginia, Everet Washington, s/o Calvin HARRISON, lumberman & Lyrah CRABTREE, married Catherine MORRISE, 46, widow, Iowa US, Everet Washington, d/o John PATTERSON, farmer, & Caroline JONES, witn: J. Leslie McCOY & D. DIMENT, 17 Feb 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207809 William Henry HARRISON, 42, lighthouse keeper, Victoria, Esquimalt, s/o William HARRISON, painter, & Georgina SINCENIK, married Amy McHUGH, 23, Saanich, Esquimalt, d/o William McHUGH, farmer, & Jane FAIRALL, witn: Laura CAMERON & Robert BURNETT, 12 April 1920 at Bishop's residence, Victoria

20-09-213608 Charles Douglas HARRISON, 29, mechanic, Teignmouth Devonshire England, Armstrong, s/o Arthur HARRISON, doctor & unknown, married Helen WEBB, 23, Reading England, Enderby, d/o John James WEBB, retired & Helen MILLS, witn: Helen M. KEYWORTH & Stella BLAIR, 3 May 120 at Methodist parsonage, Vernon

20-09-213605 Albert Edgar HARWOOD, 22, chauffeur, Vernon, same, s/o Joseph Valentine HARWOOD, transfer agent, & Marion BIOLLETTE, married Margaret LEA, 19, Chiddingfold Surrey England, Vernon, d/o Edwin Samuel LEA, plumber & Elizabeth GOODEY, witn: C. HARWOOD & Edwin LEA, 18 March 1920 at Methodist Church, Vernon

20-09-207810 Ted HAWKES, 22, mechanic, England, Victoria, s/o Edward HAWKES, gentleman, & Clara HAWKES, married Irene Martha SMITHURST (Smethurst?), 19, Victoria, same, d/o Joshua SMITHURST, gentleman & Lavinia SMITHURST, witn: May GRAHAM & Harry HAWKES, 17 April 1920 at Victoria

20-09-217117 Olin Barnett HAWKINS, 29, fireman, Missouri US, Seattle Wash., s/o Reuben HAWKINS b. Idaho & Mary, b. Tennessee, married Cora Louisa ROBERTSON, 28, widow, Denver Colorado, Seattle, d/o Herman LENIMAR?, b. Denver & Constance, b. Chicago, witn: George ROBINSON & Vera PUTNAM, both of Seattle, 3 Aug 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207806 Clyde William HAYS, 23, farmer, Kansas US, Seattle, s/o William Edward HAYS, farmer, & Anna BRYAN, married Anna FOOTE, 22, Louisiana US, Seattle US, d/o William Richard FOOTE, farmer, & Siverini SPEL, witn: Minnie & A. Marguerite WILKINSON, 8 March 1920 at Victoria

20-09-213607 Franklin Henry HAYWARD, 30, clerk, MacGregor Manitoba, Vancouver, s/o James HAYWARD & Alice RICHARDS, both b. Toronto, married Mary Madeline ELSY, 24, teacher, Pettit Mount Manitoba, Summerland, d/o Harry H. ELSY b. Bowmanville Ont & Edith Vinetta CURRY b. Ont., witn: Gertrude E. ELSEY of West Summerland & C. McWILLIAMS of Vernon, 23 June 1920 at Lakeside Baptist Church, Summerland

20-09-213603 Hugh Alexander HEGGIE, 43, solicitor & barrister, Co. Antrim Ireland, Vernon, s/o Andrew HEGGIE, factor & Christena GORRIE, married Irene Margaret Scott ALLEN, 26, Rangon Burma, Vernon, d/o Walter Scott ALLEN, fruit rancher & Edith Lilian DASKEN, 3 Feb 1920 at All Saints Church

20-09-217116 William Burton HELIKER, 21, post office clerk, Minneapolis Minn., Seattle Wash., s/o Clifford Burton HELIKER, post office carrier & Margaret Lucy?, married Reggie Mildred FULMER (Filmer?), 18, saleslady, Dodge Creek Minn., Seattle, d/o George R. FULMER, jeweller, & Minnie HITCHCOCK, witn: Mrs. GWILLIAM & G. COOK, 4 Aug 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207812 Edward Francis HENDRICKS, 23, shipping clerk, Evanston Illinois, Chicago, s/o Thomas Andrew HENDRICKS, contractor & Margaret THOMPSON, married Marie Kathryn PHELAN, 21, Greenwood BC, Seattle, d/o Michael Joseph PHELAN, real estate business, & Annie VOIGT, witn: Michael Joseph PHELAN & Mrs. Joseph McCOY, 16 April 1920 at Victoria

20-09-209100 Albert HERAPER, 39, widower, master painter, England, Seattle, s/o Richard James HERAPER, warehouse man & Kate BROWN, married Caroline M. CONNOR, 39, Van Kleek Hill Ont., Ottawa Ont., d/o James H. CONNOR, manufacturer, & Anna McNAUGHTON, witn: Catherine McGREGOR & Mary A. MACDONELL, 4 Jan 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-207802 Thomas HERN, 56, farmer, Port Perry Ont., Drummond BC, s/o Arscott HERN, farmer, & Mary ALLAN, married Margaret Gordon JOHNSON, 39, Hamilton Ont, Grand Forks BC, d/o William JOHNSON, clergyman, & Margaret KIRKPATRICK, witn: Margaret M. LEITCH & Helen CLAY, 12 June 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207825 Frederick William HITCHCOX, 32, draughtsman, Walsall England, Victoria, s/o Charles Walter HITCHCOX, retired & Mary Ann HADLEY, married Constance APPLEBY, 24, Nuffield Surrey England, 963 Cloverdale Ave., d/o Henry APPLEBY, carpenter & Emma Jane GIBBS, witn: Elizabeth APPLEBY & Charles Walter HITCHCOX, 23 June 1920 at Victoria

20-09-236 Herbert HOPWOOD, 28, rancher, Cheshire England, Dewdney, s/o Edwin HOPWOOD, printer & Hannah HOPWOOD, married Annie Evelyn MORRISON, 28, North Dakota, Vancouver, d/o Tom MORRISON, farmer, & Katie FINK, witn: M.J. ALANSON & Muriel NEALE, 21 Feb 1920 at All Saints, Mission City

20-09-209102 Robert HOUGHTON, 49, widower, water line inspector, Lancaster England, 473 Wilson St., s/o Isaac HOUGHTON, engineer & Hannah FERTLOW, married Kathleen PELHAM, 45, widow, Virginia Water England, 413 Wilson St., d/o John ROGERS, indigo merchant & Nancy PICKETT, witn: R. Sutton ATKINS, 21 Feb 1920 at St. Mary the Virgin, Sapperton

20-09-207824 William Albert HOY, 24, millwright, Birmingham England, Victoria, s/o Henry Alexander HOY, gun viewer, & Mary Ann HARRISON, married Daisy Dorothy PITTS, 24, Edenbridge England, Victoria, d/o Frederick Stephen PITTS, farmer, & Frances ROBB, witn: Arthur B. HOY & Millie RICHARDSON, 23 June 1920 at Victoria

20-09-209104 Thomas HUBBARD, 19, farmer, Australia, Chilliwack, s/o Joseph HUBBARD Sr, farmer, & Jane WOOD, married Ethel Matilda Bell HAMILTON, 18, Chilliwack, same, d/o Archibald HAMILTON, farmer, & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: J.K. HUBBARD & Etta HUBBARD, both of East Burnaby, 15 May 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-208058 Vernon HUGHES, 26, accountant, Vancouver, Stillwater, s/o William Booth HUGHES, printer & Clara Emily HAYDEN, married Helen Ross MALCOLM, 24, stenographer, Chilliwack, Powell River, d/o Alexander George MALCOLM, farmer, & Mary ROSS, witn: Herbert M. & B.M. ROSS, 12 June 1920 at Powell River

20-09-213604 James HUGHES, 29, engineer, Waldron England, Boston Bar BC, s/o Harry HUGHES, farmer, & Annie FARNES, married Gladys Jane FLANN, 21, Yale BC, Boston Bar BC, d/o Thomas FLANN, stone cutter, & Jennie GILLARD, witn: Vera McMARTIN & Edward FLANN, 16 Feb 1920 at Enderby

20-09-207814 John HUGHES, 30, general work, England, Victoria, s/o Thomas HUGHES, gentleman & Mary ROGERS, married Margaret Elizabeth CHESTER, 27, England, Victoria, d/o Edward CHESTER, gentleman & Margaret HUGHES, witn: William & E. CHESTER, 30 April 1920 at Victoria

20-09-217120 Robert John Manley HYDE, 25, clerk, Warsaw Ont., Regina Sask., s/o Rev. Richard HYDE b. Glasgow Scotland & Barbara KERR b. Quebec, married Myrtle Marjorie McCLATCHIE, 22, Gowanville Que., Victoria, d/o Alexander McCLATCHIE b. Massachusetts & Bertha STROKER b. Quebec, witn: Helen Elizabeth & Bertha McCLATCHIE of Victoria, 24 Aug 1920 at Victoria

20-09-217129 Robert INGHAM, 35, farmer, England, Regina Sask., s/o Richard INGHAM & Elizabeth SHEARER, both b. England, married Grace Nairn MacKIE, 35, England, Victoria, d/o Frank MacKIE & Maud HAWES, both b .England, witn: May & Thomas COOPER of Victoria, 18 Nov 1920 at St. Johns Church, Victoria

20-09-209239 William James INNES, 38, clerk, Port Dover Ont., Ladner BC, s/o Andrew INNES, butcher & Nellie ANDERSON, married Bessie McKean FENTON, 25, Ladner BC, same, d/o Alexander FENTON & Ellen McDONALD, witn: Wallace Victor FENTON & Sarah Jane BENSON, 27 April 1920 at Ladner, Delta

20-09-217128 Archibald McCully IRVINE, 33, electrician, St. Marys Ont., Esquimalt, s/o John IRVINE b. St. Marys Ont & Elizabeth RAWN b. Cornwall England, married Alice WRIGLEY, 30, domestic, Manchester England, Esquimalt, d/o James WRIGLEY & Mary BRIDGEHOUSE, both b. Salford England, witn: Clara ORR & J.W. JONES, both of 58 Sims Ave in Victoria, 24 Nov 1920 at Manse, Burleith, Victoria

20-09-826 Joseph Nettles IVEY, 42, widower, lawyer, Alabama, Seattle Wash., s/o William IVEY, planter & Martha NETTLES, married Margaret ARMSTRONG, 23, widow, Seattle Wash. same, d/o James ARMSTRONG, contractor & Minnie McMULLEN, witn: De Hillis & Susan OSBORNE, 2 Jan 1920 at Victoria

20-09-213610 Thomas George JACKSON, 23, laborer, Wyoming Ont., Medicine Hat Manitoba, s/o William JACKSON, superintendent of public works & May HARTLEY, married Winnie HILLIER, 26, Dorking England, Vernon, d/o Stephen HILLIER, rancher & Mary RIGGS, witn: Mary HILLIER & Maude FRASER, 1 March 1920 at manse, Vernon

20-09-207833 Knut JACOBSEN, 32, fisherman, Norway, Seattle, s/o Jacob JACOBSEN, fisherman & Bertha JOHNSON, married Maud LANGDON, 29, widow, California US, Seattle Wash., d/o John LANGDON, musician, & Dagmar SCHROEDER, witn: Margaret CLAY, 11 May 1920 at Victoria

20-09-209241 Oscar Theodore JACOBSON, 23, farmer, Manister? Michigan, s/o John August JACOBSON, farmer, & Hannah Charlotte JOHNSSON, married Rosalina PHILCOX, 23, Missouri US, Mission City, d/o William PHILCOX, farmer, & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Clarence NELSON & Violet PHILCOX, 30 June 1920 at St. Andrews Church, Matsqui

20-09-218396 John Morgan JENKINS, 23, rancher, Bolnman? South Wales, Coleman Alberta, s/o William Herbert JENKINS & Margaret MORGAN both b. Wales, married Violet Lottie EACOTT, 19, Philen? South Wales, Coleman Alberta, d/o Edward EACOTT & Elizabeth DAVIS both b. Wales, witn: Muriel E. LEAKEY & W. BERSHIRE?, both of Ladysmith, 26 Nov 1920 at St. Johns Church, Ladysmith

20-09-213437 Julius JENSEN, 42, widower, miner, Denmark, Wallace Idaho, s/o Jegge Larsen JENSEN, store keeper & Maren Christensen JENSEN, married Olive PELTON, 30, Megantic Que., Spokane Wash., d/o Benjamin Case PELTON, hotel keeper, & Annie Lucy CHESTNUT, witn: James GORDON & Rachel URQUHART, 17 May 1920 at Presbyterian manse, Grand Forks

20-09-218342 Percival JOHN, 32, carpenter, Merlhyrtydal Wales, Nanaimo, s/o Francis JOHN & Mary EVANS, both b. Wales, married Mary Symon BUCHANAN, 26, waitress, Boney Endes Scotland, Five Acres - Nanaimo, d/o Daniel BUCHANAN b. Bestafrane? Scotland & Mary SYMON b. Denny Scotland, witn: John JOHN & Maggie BUCHANAN, both of Five Acres, 25 Sept 1920 at St. Andrews manse, Nanaimo

15-09-213492 James Walter JOHNSON, 24, rancher, Grey Co Ontario., Salmon Arm, s/o James C. JOHNSON, rancher & Caroline NICHOLS, married Nellie M. MAUGLEMAN, 20, NY state, Salmon Arm, d/o Henry W. MAUGLEMAN, farmer, & Louise J. ROGERS, witn: Agnes BEAMISH & Effie SCALES, 28 June 1915 at Methodist parsonage, Salmon Arm

20-09-209109 Charles Otto JOHNSON, 33, merchant, Illinois, Tacoma Wash., s/o blank JOHNSON & (adoptive mother) Caroline BLADE (parents unknown), married Marion QUAMME, 29, hotel keeper, widow (divorced), Wisconsin, Tacoma Wash., d/o Hans Mats QUAMME , fisherman & Louise Catherine LARSEN, witn: J.A. MARTIN & H.P. MARTIN, 6 March 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-217137 Henry William JOHNSTON, 21, salesman, Victoria, same, s/o Edwin Albert JOHNSON b. London England & Grace Janet WALKER b. Killin Scotland, married Mabel Elizabeth SMALL, 19, telephone operator, Nelson BC, Victoria, d/o Philip Henry SMALL b. Portsmouth England & Mary Kathryn URGAN? b. Wolfe Island Ont., witn: Mary SULLIVAN & Charles WRIGLESWORTH, 4 Oct 1920 at Bishops Palace, Victoria

20-09-209108 Harland Page JORDAN, 22, shingler, Duluth Minnesota, Vancouver, s/o Philip Elmer JORDAN, lumberman & Annie Elizabeth SPARKS, married Gertrude Anna PAYETTE, 21, Brudnell Island Ont., Notch Hill BC, d/o William Joseph PAYETTE, farmer & Margaret JONES, witn: Mrs. Catherine JENKINS & F.G. DONAL, 29 Dec 1919 at New Westminster

20-09-213612 James KEAN, 22, orchardist, Glasgow Scotland, West Summerland, s/o David KEAN, fruit grower & Beatrice SAMSON, married Helen Cockburn KIEL, 26, stenographer, Lennoxtown Scotland, West Summerland, d/o John McLay KIEL, station agent, & Helen SAMSON, witn: David LISTER & Elizabeth RITCHIE, 3 March 1920 at West Summerland

20-09-209206 John Emmett KEEN, 29, mechanical engineer, Athena Oregon, Seattle Wash., s/o John W. KEEN, farmer, & Emily EASTERWOOD, married Cora Louise ENNIS, 28, stenographer, Ruthven Iowa, Seattle Wash., d/o Albert R. ENNIS, farmer, & Katherine TERRY, witn: Mrs. H. & Herbert BRUSH, 4 Jan 1920 at Rosedale

20-09-214664 Moses KERKIN, 39, rancher, Gorran Cornwall, Ashcroft, s/o Edmond KERKEN, farmer, & Rosa KERKEN, married Nellie COX, 36, Parr Cornwall, London England, d/o Thomas COX, master mariner & Ellen HENNAH, witn: Lila R. STEWART & K.C. GIBSON, 18 May 1820 at St. Albans Church, Ashcroft

19-09-209242 Leonard Franklin KIRKLAND, 23, farmer, Ladner, same, s/o William A. KIRKLAND, farmer, & Edna CASMAN, married Verda Rachel [no surname given], 21, Chesley Ont., Ladner, d/o James W. ATKIN, merchant & Harriet Ellen BUGG, witn: Earl Rudolph DAVIS & Eva Hattie ATKIN, 3 Dec 1919 at res of the bride's parents, Ladner

20-09-217151 Edward Lamport KIRKLAND, 57, widower, farmer, Guelph Ont., RR1 Ladner, s/o John KIRKLAND b. Nottingham England & Letitia CLARKE b. Guelph, married Annie Marie WILKINSON, 58, widow, Victoria, same, d/o John STEVENS & Frances WILLIAMS, both b. England, witn: Georgina STEVENS & Helen HOLMES, both of Victoria, 17 Nov 1920 at Victoria

20-09-213509 Wilfred LAFONTAINE, 32, engineer, Red Lake Falls Minnesota, Pincher Creek, s/o Filias LAFONTAINE & Olive PATENAUDE, married Susanna Louise SULLIVAN, 35, Glenora Alaska, Calgary, d/o Benjamin SULLIVAN & Ann SAM, witn: Mrs. Annie & William LOFTUS, 30 Jan 1920 at Sacred Heart Rectory, Kamloops

20-09-208003 Walter Ross LANE, 26, physician & surgeon, Belmore Ont., Nanaimo, s/o Robert LANE, contractor & Elizabeth Ann HUTCHISON, married Alice Marguerite THOMAS, 23, Chillwack BC, Nanaimo, d/o Edwin William THOMAS, jeweller & Josephine NEILSON, witn: Vera THOMAS & R. LANE, & E.W. THOMAS, 5 April 1920 at St. Pauls church, Nanaimo

20-09-207843 Sidney James LANE, 24, mechanic, London England, Victoria, s/o Michael LANE, gentleman & Mary CALLAN, married Martha Alvera COCKER, 24, Brampton Ont., Victoria, d/o Thomas COCKER, gentleman & Mary COCKER, witn: Myrtle Mae MacDONALD & Agnes CAMPBELL, 23 Jan 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207844 William Thomas LAURIE, 26, mechanic, London England, Victoria, s/o Edward Thomas LAURIE, gentleman & Emma Harriet ARMSTRONG, married Alice RIPLEY, 24, Scarborough England, Victoria, d/o Harry RIPLEY, gentleman & Mary Ann RIPLEY, witn: Jack BISHOP & Bertha HALL, 9 Feb 1920 at Victoria

20-09-209117 Isaac Robert LAWRENCE, 36, customs officer, New Westminster, same, s/o Isaac LAWRENCE, civil servant & Emelia SERVISS (Service?), married Vera Evelyn SHARPE, 23, New Westminster, same, d/o James SHARPE, accountant & Margaret GRAY, witn: Olga Mabel CAVALSKY & F.A. COURTNEY?, 31 March 1920 at St. Barnabas Church, New Westminster

20-09-209118 Peter John LEA, 34, machinist, Santiago Chile, Vancouver, s/o Alexander John LEA, sea captain & Marie ALVAREZ, married Emma Jan FEE, 45, widow, Dover England, Vancouver, d/o Edward CHITTENDEN, art glass worker & Mary SHARP, witn: Albert WALLER & N.H. PRYOR, 19 June 1920 at St. Mary the Virgin, Sapperton

20-09-207852 Frank John LEACH, 37, driver, Leamington Essex England, Victoria, s/o John LEACH, undertaker & Helen BARRICOLE, married Florence Matilda McNEIL, 24, Stratford Ont., Victoria, d/o William McNEIL, machinist, & Susan MORRISON, witn: Susan McNEIL & Martha Ruby MACTENS? (Martens?), 28 June 1920 at Centennial Methodist Church, Victoria

20-09-214683 Leon Pierre LE BOURDAIS, 27, telegraph operator, Clinton, same, s/o Adelbert LE BOURDAIS , telegraph operator & Eleanor CONIC, married Keziah POLLARD, 24, Clinton, same, d/o John POLLARD, rancher & Keziah Tresidder ROBERTS, witn: C.A. DOUGHERTY & C.E. RINTOUL?, 3 April 1920 at Clinton Ranch, Clinton

20-09-213615 Augustus Schubert LE DUC, 31, rancher, Armstrong, same, s/o Thomas James LE DUC, rancher & Rosanna SCHUBERT, married Myrtle CRAWFORD, 21, Armstrong, same, d/o Alex CRAWFORD, rancher & Eliza RAWLINSON, witn: Ernest & Isabella SKYEME? (Skyrme?), 10 March 1920 at Grindrod

20-09-214665 Charles Patrick LEE, 23, mechanic, Harrisons Corners Ont., North Bend, s/o Francis LEE, deceased & Elizabeth ALLEN, married Kathleen DALEY, 22, stenographer, Farrans Point Ont., North Bend, d/o Arthur DALEY, farmer, & Margaret McMAHON, witn: Mrs. Kathleen LEWTHWAITE & Anthony SCHILLER, 3 Feb 1920 at North Bend Catholic Church

20-09-209209 James Alexander LEHRMAN, 21, farmer, Red Deer Alberta, Chilliwack, s/o Charles LEHRMAN, farmer, & Louise BATTY, married Viola Emily HEWARD, 18, telephone operator, Chilliwack, same, d/o William A. HEWARD, butcher, & Emily SCOTT, witn: R. McCAFFREY & Acton PELLY, 10 April 1920 at Hospital, Chilliwack

20-09-218399 Leopold Filienne LEPAS, 24, merchant, Mission BC, Ladysmith, s/o Leopold LEPAS & Adele DAYE both b. Belgium, married Louise Mary MICHEAUX, 24, domestic, Northfield BC, Ladysmith, d/o Louis MICHEAUX & Ena MUILART both b. Belgium, witn: Augustin MICHEAUX of Victoria & Rosina MICHEAUX of Ladysmith, 4 Sept 1920 at St. Marys Church, Ladysmith

20-09-213566 Lawrence LEVALLEY, 27, mechanic, Wardner Idaho, Princeton, s/o Eli LEVALLEY, carpenter, & Agnes COTE, married Christena J. McKINNON, 21, Cascade BC, Copper Mountain, d/o Donald McKINNON, miner & Catherine CUMMINGS, witn: Felix & Margaret DARRAGH, 8 May 1920 at Princeton

20-09-208002 William LEWIS, 25, miner, Pennsylvania, Nanaimo, s/o Daniel LEWIS, miner, & Rebecca LLOYD, married Mary Craig CARSON, 17, Saltcoats Ayrshire, Far Acres, d/o John CARSON, miner, & Elizabeth CRAIG, witn: Jean Craig C. CARSON & Henry METZER, 12 Feb 1920 at St. Andrews manse, Nanaimo

20-09-207842 Frank LEWIS, 30, carpenter, Devonshire England, Victoria, s/o Fred LEWIS, farmer, & Elizabeth KINGDON, married Alice Annie TRUMP, 30, Taunton Somerset England, Victoria, d/o Charles TRUMP, gardener & Laura LEWIS, witn: Edward CHAMPION & Charles Russell PAUL, 24 Jan 1920 at Congregational Church, Victoria

20-09-207847 Charles Russell LINDNER, 32, book keeper, Toronto, Jordan River BC, s/o Edward LINDNER, contractor & Mary UPTON, married Helen LYALL, 26, divorced, Hillier Ont., Jordan River, d/o Robert GORDON, miner & Lena STAPLETON, witn: Florence CATHELS, 6 April 1920 at manse, Victoria

20-09-207848 Albert Colin LINDSAY, 29, salesman, widower, Cumberland BC, Victoria, s/o Alexander LINDSAY, accountant & Emma PARKER, married Marion Evelyn MAXAM, 25, Lumsden Sask., Duncan BC, d/o Charles Albert MAXAM, retired & Margaret JAMIESON, witn: John DUNCAN, 28 April 1920 at Bishop's Palace View, Victoria

20-09-213439 Philip Henry LIPPY, 49, widower, potter, Illinois US, Medicine Hat Alberta, s/o John Henry LIPPY, merchant & Huldah Abigail LUPER, married Rosalie Ellen VAUGHAN, 34, widow, North Newton Bristol England, Medicine Hat Alberta, d/o Samuel TREASURE & Annie DAY, witn: Stanley & Mina DAVIS, 6 Jan 1920 at Holy Trinity Church, Grand Forks

20-09-207846 Edward Russell LISTER, 28, machinist's helper, Marcombe Lancs. England, Victoria, s/o William John LISTER, plasterer, & Sarah Jane DURRANS, married Anzonette Mary MATTHEWS, 40, Wiarton Ont., Victoria, d/o James MATTHEWS, painter & Mary A. WYNN, win: Margaret MATTHEWS & George FERGUSON, 30 March 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207849 Alexander LOGIE, 35, auto driver, Scotland, Victoria, s/o William LOGIE, farmer, & Elizabeth McIVOR, married Lydia INKSTER, 30, Scotland, Victoria, d/o David INKSTER, farmer, & Isabella SINCLAIR, witn: John TAYLOR & Elizabeth GRANT, 4 May 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207853 Francis John MAGUIRE, 28, lumberman, Wisconsin, Seattle, s/o Francis J. MAGUIRE, deceased & Margaret F. McGUIRE, married Maude JACOBS, 25, Missouri, Tacoma Wash., d/o Perry JACOBS, carpenter & Alma PETERSON, witn: A.S. & Alice BURKLUND, 10 Feb 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207862 Robert James MATTHEWS, 54, widower, hairdresser, Wiarton Ont., Victoria, s/o James MATTHEWS, farmer, & Mary Ann WINN, married Louise SCAMMELL, 45, widow, Moretons Harbour Nfld, Victoria, d/o Justinian DOWELL, teacher & Mary KNOWLTON, witn: John William JELLAND & Elizabeth Mary RICHARDS, 25 March 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207880 John Duncan McBEATH, 36, mechanic, Victoria, same, s/o Duncan McBEATH, gentleman & Ursula MODELAND, married Dorothy Adelia FISHER, 22, Victoria, same, d/o Ira FISHER, gentleman & Louise FISHER, witn: Leslie McBEATH & Ira FISHER, 1 June 1920 at Victoria

19-09-213514 Neil Warren McCANNELL, 29, private in HM Air Force, Vancouver BC, Kamloops, s/o John McCANNELL, livery man & Annie Elizabeth COULTER, married Elizabeth Ada DEARING, 21, Ontario, Taffen BC. d/o Edward DEARING, rancher & Emma LOOMES, witn: Aura L. CURRIE & Mrs. R.A. EMMONS, 1 Feb 1919 at St. Johns Church, Salmon Arm

20-09-207874 Frederick William Barnes McDONALD, 55, widower, machinist, Newboro - Leeds Co Ont.., Vancouver, s/o Daniel McDONALD, merchant, & Elizabeth ADDISON, married Lena McNEILL, 50, dress maker, Sterlingshire Scotland, Vancouver, d/o William McNEILL, farmer, & Jessie DONALDSON, witn: M.E. KING & Hettie McCOY, 31 Jan 1920 at Victoria

20-09-213626 Thomas James MacDONALD, 29, farmer, Petit Codiac NB, West Summerland, s/o John Patrick MacDONALD, farmer, & Annie McLELLAN, married Jennie Murena Soffiah BREWER, 23, South Knowlesville? NB, West Summerland, d/o David Fisher BREWER, farmer, & Lucy Amelia DONNELLY, witn: Mrs. Janet? LAMBIE & James SHEPHERD, 9 June 1920 at West Summerland

20-09-214675 Alexander Rommall MacDONNEL, 34, merchant, St. Andrew West Ont., Dunster, s/o William MacDONNEL, farmer, & Johanna DRAGER, married Anabella Rose MacMILLAN, 22, St. Andrew Ont., same, d/o Alexander MacMILLAN & Janet MacDONALD, witn: Frank GAGNE & Kathleen BROWN, 6 April 1920 at Prince George

20-09-213624 William McGIBBON, 21, electrician, Saltcoats Sask., Kelowna, s/o Alexander McGIBBON, farmer, & Mary Jane GRAY, married Anna Margaret McMILLAN, 21, nurse, Vernon, Kelowna, d/o Daniel McMILLAN, farmer, & Christena McIVOR, witn: Allan McKAY & Jessie McMILLAN, 1 June 1920 at Knox Church Kelowna

20-09-207881 Robert McILVRIDE, 25, student, Brandon Manitoba, Victoria, s/o Alexander McILVRIDE, farmer, & Sarah PETER, married Lenna Jean MACKAY, 25, stenographer, Vancouver, Victoria, d/o Hugh MACKAY, carpenter, & Margaret McLENNON, witn: D. MACKAY & Harold McILVRIDE, 22 May 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207877 Neil Donald McINTYRE, 42, widower, machinist, Orillia Ont., Seattle Wash., s/o Donald McINTYRE, shoe maker & Margaret THOMPSON, married Mary SPARLING, 35, Ontario, Seattle Wash., d/o Robert SPARLING, farmer, & Isabell BURCHILL, witn: Ada GARBUTT & Susie OSBORNE, 17 April 1920 at Victoria

20-09-213625 Donald McKAY, 46, laborer, Rosshire Scotland, Okanagan Landing, s/o John McKAY, laborer, & Maggie McLEOD, married Mary Ann MORRISON, 33, widow, Rosshire Scotland, Okanagan Landing, d/o Norman McIVER, laborer, & Mary McLEOD, witn: Margaret GREGORY & Colin McMILLAN, 3 June 1920 at manse, Vernon

20-09-209127 Charles Wallace Crawford McKECHNIE, 23, farmer, Toronto, Crescent BC, s/o Charles William McKECHNIE, manager of factory & Caroline HAGUE, married Florence Maud VROOMAN, 21, teacher of nurse, Fergus Ont., same, d/o Nelson VROOMAN, machinist & Ida MILNE, witn: Jennie S. HENLEY & J. HENLEY, 15 March 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-213441 Henry Lascelles MACKENZIE, 39, barrister, Torquay England, Grand Forks, s/o Henry Perchman MACKENZIE & Emily Mary NUTHALL, married Joyce Margaret BARLEE, 30, bank clerk, Lakefield Ontario., Grand Forks, d/o Frederick Ross Strickland BARLEE & Emma Margaret STRICKLAND, witn: James Parr Clinton STROUD? & Marjorie Grace BARLEE, 17 March 1920 at Holy Trinity Church, Grand Forks

20-09-212368 Colin MacKERACHER, 34, farmer, Glengarry Ontario., Plato Sask., s/o Dan MacKERACHER, farmer, & Elizabeth Jane RUSSELL, married Rose Lillie SADLER, 22, store assistant, Fulham London England, Vancouver, d/o Harry SADLER, electrician & Rose Minnie CLARK, witn: Frederick CLARKE & Anna CLARKE, 25 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-212373 Thomas Herbert McKIM, 41, druggist, Lennox & Addington Ontario., Semans Sask., s/o James McKIM, farmer, & Elizabeth TAIT, married Ethel Margaret STEFFINS, 29, milliner, Viden Manitoba, South Vancouver, d/o George Nicolas STEFFINS, farmer, & Minnie Annetta JACKSON, witn: Minnie STEFFINS & Alex ROBERTSON, 12 May 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-213516 Angus McKINNON, 28, rancher, Owen Sound Ontario., Tapper BC, s/o Neil McKINNON, farmer, & Martha TROUGHTON, married Martha McERVEL, 30, widow, Nottingham England, Tapper, d/o Robert BETHEL, rancher & Susan WRIGHT, witn: Robert & Susan BETHEL, 10 Feb 1920 at parents' home, Tapper

20-09-214668 Malcolm McKINNON, 44, miner, Kincardine twp Ont., Barkerville, s/o John McKINNON, farmer, & Christena McLEAN, married Lottie Mabel KELLY, 36, widow, merchant, Richfield Que., Barkerville, d/o Nicholas Henry BROWN, miner & Catherine MICKELS, witn: Herbert & Pansy BROWN, 7 Jan 1920 at res of the bride, Barkerville

20-09-208009 Allen Alexander MacNAB, 40, lumber, Kenmore Ont., Ladysmith, s/o Catherine MacNAB & William McROSTIE [parents as written], married Georgina WOOD, 41, Edinburgh, Leith Scotland, d/o Alexander WOOD, engineer & Abergal WATSON, witn: J.C. McINTOSH & T? WATSON, 6 April 1920 at Nanaimo

20-09-209126 Walter Charles McVICAR, 26, paymaster, Port Elgin Ont., Ioco, s/o William McVICAR, millman & Charlotte LEGGE, married Laura Stedham HAILEY, 23, nurse, Ramsgate England, New Westminster, d/o Ernest HAILEY, watchman & Sarah YOXALL, witn: Maxwell Dickson RUNNELS & Florence HAILEY, 25 Feb 1920 at St. Mary the Virgin, Sapperton

20-09-207854 Robert Lawrence MEE, 31, customs officer, Schreiber Ont., Victoria, s/o William Henry MEE, gentleman & Mary Jane DONNELLY, married Mary Caroline SMITH, 38, widow, Simcoe Co Ont., Victoria, d/o William Farley CRAIG, gentleman & Laura CRAIG, witn: J.F. CRAIG Jr. & Agnes CAMPBELL, 12 Jan 1920 at Victoria

20-09-208007 Edward MILBURN, 20, miner, England, Nanaimo, s/o John William MILBURN, miner & Frances Ann TINNION? (Timmin?), married Jessie Simpson CALDWELL, 18, Vancouver, Nanaimo, d/o James CALDWELL & blank, witn: Mrs. M. & W. SARPANUCK?, 8 May 1920 at Wallace Street parsonage, Nanaimo

20-09-207870 Alexander William MILLAR, 29, lumberman, Pembroke Ont., Wellington BC, s/o Daniel MILLAR, lumberman & Mary Ellen CARNAGIE, married Evelyn Jane BELL, 20, Enderby, Victoria, d/o George BELL, retired merchant & Florence Ann ALLEN, witn: George B. WHITE & Edith RICHARDSON, 29 May 1920 at Metropolitan Church, Victoria

20-09-213618 Joseph Alexander MILLER, 29, widower, Fairfield Kentucky, Armstrong, s/o John Thomas MILLER, farmer, & Sarah Jane McCOWN, married Victoria Sarah BARBER, 28, Deseronto Ont., Armstrong, d/o Charles Arnold BARBER, architect, & Sarah Cecilia ALLISON, witn: N?.G. BARBER & James STEVEN, 23 Feb 1920 at res of the bride, Armstrong

20-09-207860 Henry George MINTY, 25, electrician, Victoria, same, s/o William MINTY, carpenter, & Jane BARRACK, married Wynette STEELE, 22, Cassburn Ont., Victoria, d/o Asa Bancroft STEEL, real estate agent & Sarah Prescida DAVIDSON, witn: Lillian P. KEELE & William Thomas LAWRIE, 29 March 1920 at Victoria

20-09-209180 William Dunston MISENER, 57, widower, farmer, Toronto, Haney M., s/o Walter MISENER, deceased & Deborah Jane SAGER, married Pattie GORRUM?, 31, New Westminster, Vancouver, d/o George GORRUM, retired & Fannie HART, witn: G. & F. GORRUM, 2 June 1920 at Burnaby

19-09-213616 Edward Ernest MITCHELL, 36, log peeler, McIntyre - Grey Co. Ont., Merritt, s/o Joseph MITCHELL, retired & Charlotte SCOTT, married Rosie PORTEOUS, 17, Larkin BC, same, d/o Alexander PORTEOUS, farmer, & Mary WILLIAMS, witn: Alex PORTEOUS & Laura SAUNDERS, 19 Dec 1919 at parsonage, Vernon

20-09-214689 Kinnon Beverly MOORE, 28, rancher, Boston Mass. US, Chilacoten, s/o Beverly Kinnon MOORE, lawyer & Annie Maria HOOPER, married Dora Isabel CHURCH, 22, Calgary Alberta, Big Creek - Chilcoten, d/o Herbert Edmond CHURCH, farmer, & Gertrude RIXON (Nixon?), wtn: Herbert CHURCH & Gertrude CHURCH, 7 June 1920 at Presbyterian Church, Quesnel

20-09-209122 Davis Charles MOORE, 26, sales manager, Regina Sask., Vancouver, s/o Arthur MOORE, merchant & Edith MILLER, married Mary Frances HAWES, 29, Albernie BC, Victoria, d/o Robert M. HAWES, farmer, & Mary FRANCIS, witn: Marie DOUGLAS & Gladys SPROULL, 15 May 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-211830 Etna Maxwell MORGAN, 44, widower, barber, Humberstone Ont., South Vancouver, s/o George MORGAN, undertaker & Matilda SCHOOLEY, married Daisy Olive WHIPPLE, 39 (29?), widow, dress maker, Port Sidney Ont., Vancouver, d/o Charles James GALE, carpenter, & Emma EALES (Ecles?), witn: Walter & Emma HAMM, 30 June 1920 at 1526 Victoria Dr in Vancouver

20-09-211774 Gibson Mathie MORRISON, 29, farmer, Unitella Co. Oregon, Hatzic BC, s/o John Reid MORRISON, farmer, & Ellen Mary FINN (Ginn?), married Geraldine Lillian SLACK, 27, clerk, Hagersville Ont., Hatzic, d/o William Alphonso SLACK, farmer, & Mary Ann CATHERWOOD, witn: J.H. CAMPBELL & G. McCOLL, 23 Jan 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-211833 John Lindsay MORRISON, 29, electrician, Sydney NSW Australia, Vancouver, s/o John MORRISON, carpenter & contractor, & Edith BUCKLEY, married Jennie WALLWORK, 27, Oldham Lancs. England, 756 Bidwell St., d/o Henry WALLWORK, grocer & Mary Ellen TAYLOR, witn: Stuart MORRISON & Annie WALLWORK, 30 June 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-207871 Donald Alexander MORRISON, 31, farmer, Stornaway Que., Peace River Alberta, s/o Roderick MORRISON, farmer, & Annabella SMITH, married Vera Ruth PICKARD, 23, Soda Creek, same, d/o George PICKARD, farmer, & Carrie ELMORE, witn: George PICKARD Jr. & Kathleen CLAY, 17 may 1920 at Victoria

20-09-208006 George MUIR, 23 (b. 8 Nov 1896), miner, parish of Linlithgow Scotland, Nanaimo, s/o Ebenezer Weir MUIR, miner & Agnes Watson Wilson MUIR, married Joan Nicholson Kerr HARKINS, 24 (b. 19 Aug 1895), music hall artist, Linlithgow Scotland, Nanaimo, d/o Daniel HARKINS, paper maker & Cecilia McAlpine HARKINS, witn: Arthur MORTON & Lizzie MUIR, no date given, at Haliburton Street Methodist Church, Nanaimo [reg'd on 23 April 1920]

09-09-213511 Wilfred MULLINS, 23, farmer, Toronto, Salmon Arm, s/o James Robert MULLINS & blank, married Adeline Elizabeth Temple BARTON, 18, Calne Wiltshire England, Salmon Arm, d/o Millidge & Mary E. BARTON, witn: Millidge & Mary Ellen BARTON of Salmon Arm, 23 Aug 1909 at St. Johns Church, Salmon Arm

20-09-207856 John MUNRO, 32, marine engineer, Argyleshire Scotland, Victoria, s/o John MUNRO, master mariner & Flora McARTHUR, married Maud Ethel OWENS, 30, Toronto, Victoria, d/o James Kennedy OWENS, builder & Ann LIGHTBODY, witn: George Charles ETHRIDGE & Edith PARSELL, 24 Feb 1920 at Victoria

20-09-209213 William Alexander MUNRO, 27, shingle weaver?, widower, Chilliwack, Rosedale, s/o Alexander MUNRO, farmer, & Sarah BRANCHFLOWER, married Hazel Ellen FRASER, 18, Indian Head Sask., Rosedale, d/o John A. FRASER, teamster, & Aline THOMPSON, witn: Jessie May Sim FRASER & John August FRASER, 21 April 1920 at manse, Chilliwack

19-09-213622 James F. MURPHY, 39, hotel owner, Norway Mich., Enderby, s/o Michael MURPHY, miner & Bridget SHEEHY, married Cecilia WATSON, 26, Enderby, Armstrong, d/o Ernest WATSON, machinist & Maria MILLENERS, witn: John David McMAHON & Mrs. WATSON, 12 Nov 1919 at Vernon

20-09-209181 John W. MURRAY, 27, laborer, Calgary, McKay BC, s/o John MURRAY, merchant & Helen PATTIE, married Mabel BURCHILL, 24, Vancouver, Jubilee BC, d/o Charles BURCHILL, gardener & Martha BISHOP, witn: E.A. BURCHILL & N.M. MURRAY, 1 June 1920

19-09-211778 Robert MURRAY, 36, contractor, Hawick Scotland, Vancouver, s/o John MURRAY, contractor & Janet ELLIOTT, married Mildred Estelle RUTTAN, 29, Bracebridge Ont., Enderby BC, d/o Joseph RUTTAN, lumber merchant & Matilda Jane MILLER, witn: J.G. & Flora? ELLIOTT, 9 Dec 1919 at Vancouver

20-09-209132 John Ord NEAVE, 32, druggist, Cable Illinois, Vancouver, s/o William NEAVE, miner & Margaret Ann ORD, married Beryl Estelle SMITH, 25, New Westminster, same, d/o Wilber Stanley SMITH, merchant & Minnie Minerva SMITH, witn: Hazel Mildred SMITH & Edward Albert NEAVE, 19 May 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-207886 Charles Holmes NEWLANDS, 25, clerk, Seattle Wash., Medina Wash., s/o George NEWLANDS, physician & surgeon, & Elizabeth BURDICK, married Helen Allbright JOHNSTON, 17, Nome Alaska, Medina Wash., d/o Elias JOHNSTON, retired & Maude E. PIDGEON, witn: Mrs. NEWLANDS, 10 Jan 1920 at St. Johns Church, Victoria

20-09-207890 David Blair NICKERSON, 32, train dispatcher, Moncton NB, Victoria, s/o James Henry NICKERSON, watch man & Frances Sarah BOTSFORD, married Catherine Margaret MICHELL, 23, stenographer, Vancouver, Victoria, d/o George Thomas MICHELL, merchant & Eliza Pennington McGRAW, witn: Hilda B. STEMLER & G.H. NICKERSON, 3 June 1920 at St. Saviours, Victoria

20-09-207888 Henry T. NIXON, 62, widower, building construction, Perth - Lanark Co Ont., Victoria, s/o Charles NIXON, carpenter, & Ann TOMBLINSON, married Hellen BOUETT (Bonett?), 41, teacher, Winnipeg, Victoria, d/o Amable BOUETT, Hudson Bay carrier & Louise KIRKNESS, witn: Mary MacNAMARA & Grace CURTIS, 11 Feb 1920 at St. Josephs Hospital, Victoria

20-09-213518 George Herbert NOBLE, 37, saw mill man, Sarawak Ontario., Louis Creek, s/o John NOBLE, farmer, & Sarah Jane REID, married Winnifred Mary MUSKETT, 19, Rochester Kent England, Louis Creek, d/o Frederick James MUSKETT & Mary THOMAS, witn: Philip & Margaret MUSKETT, 14 April 1920 at Kamloops

20-09-213443 Peter Jack O'BRIEN, 43, salesman, Dublin Ireland, Portland Oregon, s/o Patrick O'BRIEN, civil engineer, & Mary O'CONNOR, married Ruth HOLMES, 40, widow, Ontario, Chesaw, d/o Mathew HARTSELL, farmer, & Phoebe WOOD, witn: Wilhelmina FALLON?, 24 April 1920 at Province Hotel, Grand Forks

10-09-207891 Victor Allan OBURG, 28, farmer, Washington, Port Angeles Wash., s/o Carl OBURG, farmer, & Adeline POQUETT (Paquette?), married Mabel WILLIAMS, 27, widow, Wisconsin, Port Angeles Wash., d/o Frank TALMAGE, farmer, & Mary MOTZ, witn: Susie OSBORNE & Geneva BROWN, 31 Dec 1919 at Victoria

20-09-209135 Harry Alban OLLIVER, 35, clerk, Hamilton Ont., New Westminster, s/o Cyrus Ponsonby OLLIVER, tailor & Sarah Ann CLEGG, married Ethel May Sylvia FRANKLIN, 26, nurse, Aberaron - South Wales, New Westminster, d/o William Thomas FRANKLIN, engineer & Jean CORBAN, witn: Clara JOHNSON & W.E. JOHN?, 9 June 1920 at St. Mary the Virgin, Sapperton

20-09-208010 Arthur Brook OSBORN, 59, widower, dry goods buyer, England, Vancouver, s/o John Ezekiel OSBORN & Sarah Ann BROOK, married Blanch Gertrude Marie LANGRILL, 25, Grand Valley Ont., Saskatchewan, d/o William John LANGRILL, farmer & Blanch Gertrude Gray TOTTEN, witn: Nellie ALLEN & Mrs. William VANCE, 4 June 1920 at Wallace Street parsonage, Nanaimo

20-09-207894 Spencer William OSBORNE, 28, auto business, Toronto, Vancouver, s/o Arthur OSBORNE, dry goods merchant & Mary Clarissa OSBORNE, married Marion McLEOD, 36, widow, Dereham Ont., Vancouver, d/o John McGILLIVRAY, deceased & Jane YOUNG, witn: J.S. CAMERON & J. R. SIPPRELL, 22 June 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207893 Elmer Harry OTTO, 28, butcher, divorced, Tacoma Wash., same, s/o Lawrence OTTO, butcher & Elizabeth SCHIENZ?, married Alpha Minnie WOLD, 20, Minnesota, Tacoma Wash., d/o Ambic WOLD, laborer, & Margaret JOHNSON, witn: T.A. & Ethel CATHERS, 31 May 1920 at St. Andrews Church, Victoria

20-09-209244 Donat PARE, 35, laborer, Sherbrooke East Que., Maillardville, s/o Hilaire PARE, deceased & Sophie GERARD, married Genevieve Marie ALLARD, 18, Saginaw Mich., Maillardville, d/o Armede ALLARD, deceased & Elmire PAQUET, witn: William ALLARD & Emeri PARE, 16 Feb 1920 at Catholic Church, Maillardville

20-09-208011 Archie Rivers PARKHURST, 23, lumber checker, Miller South Dakota, Vancouver, s/o Frederick Albert PARKHURST & Alice Maria HARDWICK, married Grace Ethel COBURN, 21, teacher, Nanaimo, same, d/o Stephen Robinson COBURN, teamster, & Frances Emma WENBORN, witn: Grace WALKER & Roy WATSON, 21 Jan 1912 at Mr. Coburns residence, Nanaimo [s/b 1920? reg'd 28 Jan 1920]

20-09-213424 Charles Ernest PARSONS, 29, travelling salesman, Toronto, Buffalo NY, s/o William PARSONS, travelling auditor & Ella M. GAY, married Nettie Eleanor STIRRUP, 26, Swansea Wales, Summerland BC, d/o William STIRRUP & Annie Jean PAYNE, witn: E. A. STUART & Clara CARR, 15 Jan 1920 at St. Simons Church, Penticton

20-09-218406 Isaac PAUL, 23 (28?), widower, Church House, same, s/o Caplin (Captain?) PAUL & Mary CHARK, married Christina HENRY, 15, Sclamin, same, d/o George HENRY & Theresa TIMOTHY, witn: Joseph GALLEGOY? & Antoinette JULIEN, 16 Aug 1920 at St. Josephs RC Church, Powell River,

20-09-207902 Albert Sherwood PEARSON, 27, mechanical dentist, Seattle Wash., same, s/o John William PEARSON, marine engineer, & Emma Alice BREWSTER, married Mabel Edith DIDRICKSON, 28, Kearney Nebraska, Tacoma Wash., d/o Charles DIDRICKSON, stationary engineer, & Dora HAMILTON, witn: Harry N. & Sadie CROLEY?, 15 March 1920 at Victoria

20-09-213638 James David PETTIGREW, 34, jeweller, Winnipeg, Kelowna, s/o James PETTIGREW, iron worker & Hannah SWINNERTON, married Ethel Violet Mary KERR, 28, Sherbrooke Que., Glenore, d/o George Henry KERR, rancher & Margaret CAMERON, witn: G.L.C. KERR & Edith M. GLENN, 23 June 1920 at Knox Church, Kelowna

20-09-212377 Russell Frederick PHILLIPS, 32, lumber grader, Kenora Ontario., Vancouver, s/o James PHILLIPS, builder, & Marceline BOURASSA, married Annie Pearl THOMPSON, 31, clerk, Glenboro Manitoba, South Vancouver, d/o James THOMPSON, farmer, & Annie KIRK, witn: W. WALTERS & Ruby THOMPSON, 6 Jan 1920 at Knox Church, Collingwood East (Vancouver?)

20-09-212380 Louis PILKINGTON, 28, printer, Preston England, Penticton, s/o William PILKINGTON, cabinet maker, & Annie BROWN, married Ethel Claire SLADE, 24, Niagara Falls Ontario., Vancouver, d/o George William SLADE, special agent, & Annie GOOD, witn: J. & Freda SLADE, 6 April 1920 at 1833 Marine Dr., Vancouver

20-09-218358 Harry Richard PIPER, 35, miner, of Nanaimo, s/o Thomas Pope PIPER & Ann BAKER both b. England, married Janet BENNETT, 25, England, Nanaimo, d/o William BENNETT & Catherine AINSCOUGH both b. England, witn: Cuthbert BENNETT & Evelyn PIPER, both of Nanaimo, 25 Dec 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Nanaimo

20-09-207903 Albert PRATT, 61, farmer, Iowa, Aurora Oregon, s/o Jonathan PRATT, farmer, & Betsy TOWNE, married Mary R. FRANCE, 52, widow, Iowa, Aurora Oregon, d/o Ezra BEVENS, carpenter, & Louisa TOWNE, witn: Hartley SARGENT & Susie E. OSBORNE, 12 April 1920 at 916 Johnson St., Victoria

23-09-208015 William Jack RANGER, 21, shoe repair, London England, Nanaimo, s/o Ernest RANGER, shoe maker, & Ellen GATRILL, married Dorothy Cicely PARKER, 22, Ockfield Sussex England, Nanaimo, d/o Alfred PARKER, farmer, & Cicely Catherine PAGE, witn: E.A. MOORE & Dorothy McKENZIE, 21 May 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Nanaimo

20-09-209139 Charles Hilman RENNIE, 25, pipe fitter, New Westminster, same, s/o George Hadda RENNIE, saw filer & Mary SULLIVAN, married Alice Fife GRAY, 25, New Westminster, same, d/o James GRAY, transfer & Bethia Orman MOORE, witn: A.E. JOHNSTON of Sapperton & Lulu M. PEARN of New Westminster, 21 April 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-207916 Harold Alexander RENWICK, 26, salesman, Manitoba, Vernon BC, s/o Thomas RENWICK, retired, & Mary Elizabeth LAWSON, married Dorothy GILLINGHAM, 26, New York NY, Seattle Wash., d/o Alfred GILLINGHAM, farmer & Theodora TUCKER, witn: Frank Hepworth BUCK & Mrs. F.H. BUCK, 18 May 1920 at St. Johns Church, Victoria

20-09-207909 Charles Herbert RICHARDS, 34, widow, Seaman, Missouri, Edmunds Washington, s/o George C. RICHARDS, farmer, & Susan E. HOPKINS, married Flora WOOLFERT, 25, widow, California, Seattle Wash., d/o Peter HAGERMAN, farmer, & Julia YOUNG, witn: D.R. & Mrs. S. E. RICHARDS, 8 March 1920 at 916 Johnson St., Victoria

20-09-207911 Arthur Stanley RILEY, 23, Vernon BC, Victoria, s/o Capt. Thomas J. RILEY, master mariner & Bertha MANDELSTOH, married Jean ADAMS, 22, Montreal, Victoria, d/o Sidney E. ADAMS, retired, & Alice STEPHENSON, witn: Thomas PATTERSON & Mary RILEY, 9 March 1920 at Metropolitan Church, Victoria

20-09-207912 George William ROBERTS, 37 (b. 18 July 1882), Montreal, Vancouver, s/o Henry ROBERTS, retired & Jane BIVENS, married Alice Grace BARKER, 33 (b. 18 April 1887), Winnipeg, Victoria, d/o Adolphus BARKER, tinsmith & Hannah Chapman LEADER, witn: James E. FREER & Mrs. Margaret WILLE, 21 April 1920 at 1502 Gladstone Ave., Victoria

20-09-212382 John ROBERTS, 49, widower, moulder, Port Perry Ontario., Vancouver, s/o Lewis ROBERTS, farmer, & Eliza Jane DAVISON, married Josephine MURPHY, 48, widow, Hudson Mass., 4548 Fraser, d/o Alphonse CABANA, shoemaker & Nora FRANCIS, witn: William Owen JONES & Mrs. Elizabeth Ann KIRBY, 4 March 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-217222 James ROBERTS, 61, estate agent, Worchester England, Victoria (via Melbourne Australia), s/o James ROBERTS, boot maker, & Jane WALL, married Nellie BROWN, 43, house keeper, England, Victoria (via Melbourne Australia), d/o Edward BROWN, farmer, & Matilda GREENWOOD, witn: Lizbeth SPENCE & Thomas DAVIES, 28 May 1920 at Victoria [with note: "These parties were married according to Quaker fashion in Melbourne in 1902 (15 Sept)..."]

20-09-207913 Stuart ROBERTSON, 22, motor mechanic, Kenora Ont., Victoria, s/o William ROBERTSON, lumber commissioner, & Bertha Louisa THOMSPN, married Eva Grace AITKEN, 19, stenographer, Victoria, same, d/o Archibald Morgan AITKEN, engineer & Maud Grace STOCKS, witn: G.A. KENNING & Winnifred LAWRIE, 1 March 1920 at St. Andrews Church, Victoria

20-09-209214 James Patterson ROBERTSON, 32, merchant, Cougar Angus Scotland, Chilliwack, s/o James Crerar ROBERTSON, farmer, & Catherine PATTERSON, married Mary Agnes McDONALD, 35, teacher, Brookdale Ont., Sardis, d/o John McDONALD, farmer, & Helena McLAUGHLIN, witn: Mrs. A. S. MacLEOD & T. ROBERTSON, 29 June 1920 at Cookes Church, Chilliwack

20-09-209183 Stanley Guy RODGERSON, 30, plumber, England, Vancouver Heights, s/o William RODGERSON, coal miner & Ann ATKINSON, married Lyllian WADSWORTH, 26, widow, Denver Colorado, Vancouver, d/o Harry DODDRIDGE, electrician & Alice HOCKERSMITH, witn: Matthew HARRIS & Margaret E. BALUSS, 12 March 1920 at Vancouver Heights

20-09-208013 Arthur ROSE, 35, miner, Barrow in Furness Lancs., Nanaimo, s/o Thomas ROSE, steel worker & Emily EDGE, married Bertha LAWRENCE, 32, Yarnfield Staff. England, Nanaimo, d/o John LAWRENCE, farmer, & Bertha PITCHFORD, witn: Mrs. Agnes JOHN & Dart? JOHN, 13 March 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Nanaimo

20-09-209247 Joseph Ulric St. LAURENT, 31, laborer, Fall River Mass US, Maillardville, s/o Ulric St. LAURENT, laborer, & Leontine FOURNIER, married Marie Vitaline Emilienne PARE, 18 + 6 mon, Sherbrooke Que,. Maillardville, d/o Joseph Pierre Esdras PARE, blacksmith at Fraser Mills Lumberyard, & Sophronie DUBOIS, witn: J.P.E. PARE & Delphine PAYER, 14 June 1920 at Catholic Church, Maillardville [marriage dissolved at Vancouver on 27 Oct 1944?]

20-09-214679 Enoch Marshall SALES, 27, clerk, Port Alma Ont., Prince George, s/o Enoch Samuel SALES, merchant & Louise HALLIDAY, married Charlotte Law DALZIEL, 27, stenographer, Kenora Ont., Prince George., d/o John Law DALZIEL, carpenter & Mary Agnes KNISTER, witn: Martha PARROTT & F?.L. PARROTT, 4 March 1920

20-09-209145 Herbert Stuart SAMPSON, 26, mechanic, Ireland, Vancouver, s/o Frederick SAMPSON, commercial agent, & Margaret DUDLEY, married Alice DUNN, 20, Manitoba, New Westminster, d/o Thomas DUNN, rancher, & Christena IRWIN, witn: Sydney Delia McCAUSLAND & Fred E. SAMPSON, 1 March 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-207933 Alfred Thomas SARGENT, 44, engineer, England, Port Alice BC, s/o John SARGENT, farmer, & Hagar FROST, married Edith Florence CLAPP, 46, India, Port Alice, d/o William Henry CLAPP, army doctor & Rebecca Matilda PENMAN, witn: Colin? Russell CHADWICK & Muriel WILSON, 8 April 1920 at St. Johns Church, Victoria

20-09-207920 Harry SCOTT, 44, widower, engineer, Oregon, Seattle Wash., s/o Alex SCOTT, captain & blank ELLIOTT, married Ida May LAVAR, 42, widow, Ohio, Centralia Wash. d/o Edward CROCKER, deceased & Melissa TARTAN, witn: Susie E. & D. Hillis OSBORNE, 3 Jan 1920 at 916 Johnson St., Victoria

20-09-213648 James SCOTT, 22, logger, Bagot Manitoba, Glenemma, s/o Sidney SCOTT, logger & Ida MACHAN, married Marjory G.M. CARSON, 23, Edinburgh Scotland, Glenemma, d/o George CARSON, engineer & Elizabeth Ann LAURENSON, witn: Mrs. A. WARD & H. M. KEYWORTH, 24 Jan 1920 at parsonage, Vernon

20-09-212393 Clifford Amos SCOTT, 25, clerk, Emerson Manitoba, Vancouver, s/o Walter Amos SCOTT, rancher & Margaret GOODHEW, married Blanche TOZER, 26, bookkeeper, Thomas Titton England, Vancouver, d/o Lewis Davies TOZER, boat builder, & Ellen HARRIS, witn: Robert Stephen MacKAY & Martha SCOTT, 1 May 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-214667 Roy Beverley SEELY, 30, clerk, Havelock NB, Quesnel, s/o James Delbert SEELY, hotel keeper & Victoria CRIPPS, married Margaret Euphemia Lundin BROWN, 26, stenographer, Fonthill Ont., North Vancouver, d/o William Clephane Lundin BROWN, civil engineer, & Elizabeth Margaret PROUT, witn: Lilia R. STEWART & Iva BENNIE, 27 May 1920 at St. Albans Church, Ashcroft

19-09-209246 Earl Milford SELKIRK, 31, book keeper, Blythwood Ont., Port Haney, s/o James SELKIRK, fire ranger & Wilhelmina E. ARMSTRONG, married Isabella Ellen FERGUSON, 24, nurse, Port Haney, same, d/o Hector FERGUSON, farmer, & Mary Lavinia STEPHENS, witn: Thomas Robert SELKIRK & Edith MORRISON?, 24 Dec 1919 at St. Andrews Church, Port Haney

20-09-207942 Joseph William SHAKESPEARE, 23, commercial traveller, St. Paul Minnesota, Victoria, s/o Percy SHAKESPEARE, city employee, & Elizabeth CONWAY, married Philippine Irene WAGNER, 21, Ontario, Victoria, d/o James WAGNER, real estate & Philippine McINTOSH, witn: Philippine WAGNER & Ruby WAGNER, 31 May 1920 at Metropolitan Church, Victoria

20-09-207921 John Alexander SHERIFF, 27, chauffeur, Almonte Ont., Victoria, s/o John SHERIFF, book binder, & Isabella DEMPSTER, married Alice May BARDSLEY, 20, Winnipeg, Victoria, d/o Samuel BARDSLEY, gardener, & Lucy Kate PILCHER, witn: S. & Frances BARDSLEY, 25 Dec 1919 at St. Pauls, Victoria

15-09-213532 Andrew SHORTREED, 34, farmer, Scotland, Deep Creek, s/o Andrew SHORTREED & Elizabeth IRVING, married Edith ELDRIDGE, 25, England, Salmon Arm, d/o H.M. ELDRIDGE, cabinet maker, & C.J. POTTER?, witn: H.W. HARBELL & Florence McGREGOR, 12 May 1915 at res of H.M. McGregor [reg'd 1920 in Kamloops]

20-09-209153 Andrew Scott SIBBALD, 32, barrister, Owen Sound Ont., Saskatoon, s/o John SIBBALD, farmer, & Stewardina FYFE, married Katherine Eleanor SWORD, 27, teacher, Bognor Ont., Saskatoon, d/o John SWORD, farmer, & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Edward & Lizzie SEABROOK, 19 May 1920 at St. Stephens Church, New Westminster

20-09-208019 Charles SIMISTER, 43, widower, miner, Horsley England, Wellington BC, s/o James Henry SIMISTER, florist & Elizabeth MIDDLETON, married Emma Jennie WILLSON, 34, widow, Burton on Trent England, Wellington BC, d/o William CHANDLER, brewer, & Sarah Ann ALLSOPP, witn: E.A. & William ALLSOPP, 5 June 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Nanaimo

20-09-217260 Edward Earl SIMMONS, 36, widower, police officer, Vinton Iowa, Seattle, s/o Abijah SIMMONS, b. Ohio & Maria Helen EVANS, b. Indiana, married Helen Marie BOTTGER, 33, widow, nurse, Chicago, Seattle, d/o William A. WEEK & Grace HAGGART, both b. Chicago, witn: Mrs. Joseph & Hettie McCOY of Victoria, 3 Dec 1920 at Victoria

19-09-213647 Frederick William SIMMONS, 36, theatre manager, London England, Kelowna, s/o Charles William SIMMONS, mercantile marine & Esther HOARE, married Caroline Sarah MILLIE, 38, widow, St. Catharines Ont., Kelowna, d/o Daniel W. MILLS, butcher, & Emma E. BURTON, witn: J. R. McGUINTY & E. MILLIE, 30 Dec 1919 at Kelowna

20-09-209147 Robert Jonathan SKELTON, 34, professional agriculturist, Hickson - Oxford Co Ont., Vancouver, s/o Joseph SKELTON, farmer, & Mary THACKER, married Ellen Cecil MORRISON, 27, teacher, Dorchester Ont., Owen Sound Ont., d/o William MORRISON, farmer, & France BELL, witn: Kezia & Mary? COATSWORTH, 17 April 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-209158 Wilfred Douglas SLOCOMB, 24, telegrapher, Wivelescombe Somerset England, Vancouver, s/o Philip SLOCOMB, merchant tailor & Louisa Mary BUTTERWORTH, married Wilhelmina CAMERON, 27, nurse, Grenville Que., New Westminster, d/o John Douglas CAMERON, farmer, & Annie McCASKELL, witn: Alex CAMERON of Ladysmith BC & Fannie REID of New Westminster, 16 June 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-208018 Andrew Leon SMITH, 23, butcher, Nanaimo, same, s/o Andrew James SMITH, butcher & Mary Elizabeth QUENNELL, married Janet Winnifred WILLIAMS, 20, Nanaimo, South Cedar BC, d/o David WILLIAMS, miner & Mary Ann LEWIS, witn: J. WILLIAMS & Alice Myrtle SMITH, 28 April 1920 at St. Philips, Cedar

20-09-208046 Harry Westwood SMITH, 26, clerk, Comox, same, s/o Horace SMITH, farmer, & Emily Maud BEADNELL, married Della GROVER, 26, Kansas City Missouri, Sandwick, d/o Lucius Halen GROVER, farmer, & Mary HARPER, witn: Percy BOOTH & Marjorie SMITH, 11 Feb 1920 at St. Johns Church, Courtney

20-09-209154 Herbert Thomas William SMITH, 59, widower, light keeper, Wiltshire England, Quathiaski Cove, s/o Jacob SMITH, wheelwright & Elizabeth HOLLOWAY, married Rose COLEMAN, 45, Wiltshire England, Quathiaski Cove, d/o Robert COLEMAN, farmer, & Mary Elizabeth COLEMAN, witn: Olive WALKER & George Leslie SMITH, 16 June 1920 at Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster

20-09-213529 William Samuel SNIDER, 32, farmer, South Cayuga Ontario., Big Bar, s/o Henry SNIDER, farmer, & Barbara HENSBERGER, married Matilda Agnes KOSTERING, 17, Big Bar, same, d/o Charles KOSTERING, farmer, & Annie HALLER, witn: Annie & Emily KOSTERING, 7 Jan 1920 at Kamloops

20-09-218363 Everett Earl SNIDER, 29, teacher, Picton Ontario., Ladysmith, s/o Albert Burton SNIDER & Minnie WILLIAMS both b. Picton, married Lavina MORTON, 28, Nanaimo, same, d/o William H. MORTON b. Scotland & Lavina Caroline WEBB b. England, witn: Ethel MORTON & Harold SNIDER, both of Nanaimo, 7 July 1920 at res of the bride, Nanaimo

20-09-207926 Arthur Cecil SPEIRS, 34, widower, accountant, Toronto, Vancouver, s/o Thomas Scott SPEIRS, accountant & Sarah ROADHOUSE, married Sarah Elizabeth MacLEOD, 26, Port Arthur Ont., Victoria, d/o Thomas Ronald MacLEOD, railway supt. & Annie MacDONALD, witn: J.R. MacLEOD & R. WHITESIDE, 4 Feb 1920 at Victoria

20-09-209140 (or 19-09-0209140) Albert STABLER, 52, widower, commercial traveller, London England, Vancouver, s/o Matthew STABLER, school inspector & Thurza Elizabeth BURFIELD, married Sarah Bertha JONES, 50, Uxbridge Ont., Vancouver, d/o Benjamin Kester JONES, contractor & Jemima WHITNEY, witn: Lydia DAVIS & Lillias SANFORD, Monday 29 Dec 1919 at New Westminster

20-09-209142 (or 19-09-209142) Frank W. STACEY, 36, aeroplane mechanic, widower, Ogdensburg NY, Seattle Wash., s/o William K. STACEY, doctor & Louisa EDWARDS, married Avis R. BRIGGS, 26, divorced, Eureka California, Vancouver, d/o Lark BRIGGS, lumberman & Mattie SOULE, witn: Lila SWITZER & Ina? CANFIELD, both of New Westminster, 26 Dec 1919 at New Westminster

20-09-213650 Edward Orton STAUFFER, 23, farmer, Petrolia Ont., Kelowna, s/o Noah STAUFFER, carpenter, & Mary STOKES, married Victoria JOHNSTON, 18, Belfast Ireland, Kelowna, d/o David JOHNSTON, wood turner, & Mary CURRIE, witn: F.W. HERB? & Agnes M. STERLING, 9 June 1920 at Knox Church, Kelowna

20-09-208016 George Cowley STERLING, 29, baker, Edinburgh Scotland, Victoria, s/o George STERLING, hewer & Laura COWLEY, married Annie Ross GILLIES, 27, clerk, Nanaimo, same, d/o Duncan GILLIES, miner, & Agnes ADAIR (Adam?), witn: Bertha CAVALSKY & George W. GREEN, 2 March 1920 at res of the bride's father, Nanaimo

20-09-212396 Roland Avison STORY, 30, telephone engineer, Wawanesa Manitoba, Vancouver, s/o John James STORY, general merchant, & Hannah AVISON, married Mary Gladys WALLACE, 29, clerk, Toronto, Vancouver, d/o John H. WALLACE, tailor & Mary Jane THOMPSON, witn: A. MOORE & Mary STORY, 9 June 1920 at Vancouver

20-09-208017 William STOREY, 23, salesman, Nanaimo, same, s/o William STOREY & Eva Jane PUDNEY, married Lillian WATSON, 24, Nanaimo, same, d/o James WATSON & Rosamond BELL (now Mrs. HODGSON), witn: Mrs. SELBY & W.H. PEARSON, 19 April 1920 at St. Andrews manse, Nanaimo

20-09-207946 George Gordon STUART, 50, merchant, Dufftown - Banff Scotland, Vancouver, s/o Robert William STUART, farmer, & Margaret Catherine SMITH, married Janet THOMPSON, 43, Barrie Ont., Vancouver, d/o Robert THOMPSON, merchant & Mary BEATON, witn: William Stuart DICK & Isabella DICK, 3 June 1920 at St. Andrews Church, Victoria

20-09-209141 (or 19-09-209141) Walter John SULLIVAN, 34, salesman, Rochester NY, Hotel Canada in Vancouver, s/o John J. SULLIVAN, railroader & Nellie MURPHY, married Ethel Irene DRINKWATER, 26, Dauphin Manitoba, Hotel Canada in Vancouver, d/o William John DRINKWATER, merchant & Esther RAWSON, witn: Iva DAMACKE of New Westminster & L. JONES of Barron Hotel in Vancouver, 29 Dec 1919 at New Westminster

20-09-207928 John SUTHERLAND, 38, steam engineer, Portsay Scotland, Victoria, s/o William SUTHERLAND, grocer & Annie RAFFIN, married Mabel Sophia HUGHES, 33, Strood England, Victoria, d/o George HUGHES, stone mason & Mary Ann PARSONS, witn: J.J. BOWMAN & Leah TONKS, 18 Feb 1920 at Vestry, First Church, Victoria

20-09-918 Singrald Buggs SVENDSEN, 42, longshoreman, Norway, Victoria, s/o Marcus SVENDSEN, sea captain, & Charlotte Amalia SYVERTSEN, married Estella Rosetta HUNTER, 36, St. Vincent twp Ont., 1377 Pandora Ave in Victoria, d/o James HUNTER, farmer, & Carrie Rosetta WINTER, witn: G.F. & Mrs. G.F. ENGSTROM, 31 Dec 1919 at 1377 Pandora Ave., Victoria

20-09-209150 Michael Leo SWEENEY, 33, barrel maker, London Ont., Victoria, s/o Michael SWEENEY & Helena PUMPHREY, married Mary Margaret GREGORY, 26, stenographer, New Westminster, same, d/o Leo GREGORY, operator & Elizabeth DEVINE, witn: Susan B. GREGORY & Frank SWEENEY, 8 April 1920 at St. Peters, New Westminster

20-09-207293 Charles Walton SWEETSER, 51, farmer, Belfast Maine, Eberts BC, s/o Charles Webb SWEETSER, mariner & Louisa WALTON, married Janey WILSON, 49, widow, Bruce Mines Ont., Eberts, d/o William Edward TREMELLING, farmer, & Jane SEMONS, witn: Frederick WRATH & Irene WHICHER, 8 Jan 1920 at Victoria

12-09-213536 Carl Victor SWENSON, 34, rancher, Sweden, Salmon Arm, s/o Bernard SWENSON & Amanda ANDERSON, married Ethel Marcia CLIFF, 34, widow, Waterford Ontario., same, d/o Edward LUNDY & Marcia MUDGE, witn: Lillian M. & Frank GREEN of Salmon Arm, 23 Oct 1912 at Wesley Church [reg'd in 1920 in Kamloops]

20-09-209158 Camiel TACK, 31, lumberman, Belgium, New Westminster, s/o Cyriel TACK, lumberman & Emelie STRINK, married Augusta VANDENABEELE, 31, divorced, Belgium, New Westminster, d/o Constant WELVAERT, farmer, & Amelie VAN DE WOLSTYNE, witn: August & Martha LAMAYA, 5 June 1920 at New Westminster

23-09-207950 Clarence Walter TAIT-HOLLAND, 26, accountant, Victoria BC, James Island, s/o Joseph HOLLAND, gentleman, & Annie TAIT, married Millicent BLOOR, 26, Victoria, same, d/o Samuel BLOOR, gentleman, & Claudia FREEMAN, witn: Annie S.B. ROBERTSON & Nadine Pardie WALLACE, 7 April 1920 at Victoria

20-09-217269 Frank TALBOT, 23?, plumber, illegible Ont., Seattle, s/o illegible TALBOT, b. Dundalk Ont & Elizabeth BEECROFT, b. illegible Ont., married Phyllis SPARKS, 18, Grimsby England, Victoria, d/o John Charles SPARKS & Emily Jane DRAKE, both b. Grimsby England, witn: John C. SPARKS & Francis Leake HONAN?, both of Victoria, 11 Aug 1920 at Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria

20-09-213545 Leonard Freeman TALBOT, 42, widower, farmer, Minnesota US, Salmon Arm, s/o Benjamin C. TALBOT, farmer, & Emma NOLTON, married Mabel JONES, 40, Sheffield England, Salmon Arm, d/o Samuel N. JONES, boot maker & Rachel DUCKENFIELD, witn: Joshua GRAFTON & Annie GILL, 25 March 1920 at Kamloops

20-09-207948 John Stewart TAYLOR, 24, merchant, Scotland, Los Angeles, s/o John Stewart TAYLOR, gentleman, & Christena SCOTT, married Agnes Nicholson ANDERSON, 20, Victoria, same, d/o William ANDERSON, mechanic & Margaret W. ROBERTSON, witn: Lillian Caroline WHITE & Mary Joan HILL, 5 March 1920 at Victoria

20-09-217266 Joseph TAYLOR, 36, president of Pacific Court Dist. [illegible words], London England, Seattle, s/o John Richard TAYLOR, b. Lisburn Antrim Ireland & Selina DAY b. Warwickshire England, married Winnifred Bertha Louise PROCTOR, 26, clerk, Hanover Ont., Victoria, d/o John PROCTOR, b. Inverness Scotland & Julia JOHNS, b. Hampton Ont., witn: Bessie Alma JOHNS of 931 Hillard Ave & Samuel Clarence JOHNS of 352 Gorge Rd., 4 July 1920 at Victoria

20-09-217268 Richard Thompson TAYLOR, 28, assistant at Royal Bank of Canada, Moncton NB, Victoria, s/o Richard Thompson TAYLOR, b. Moncton NB & Mary Clorilde SMITH, b. Salisbury NB, married Phyllis Chambers REID, 25, Winnipeg, Victoria, d/o James Telford REID b. Strathroy Ont & Frances CHAMBERS b. Blanchard Ont., witn: Ben REIGEL? of Vancouver & Doris Helen REID of Victoria, 28 July 1920 at St. Andrews Church, Victoria

20-09-213653 John Andrew TELFER, 27, fruit grower, Scotland, Summerland, s/o George TELFER, farmer, & Mary Jane ELLIOTT, married Janet KYLE, 32, Scotland, Summerland, d/o Robert KYLE, farmer, & Ellen HERMISTON, witn: D. HERMISTON & M.E. RUTHERFORD, 24 Feb 1920 at Summerland

20-09-207954 Reginald Thomas THOMPSON, 24, printer, Wellington New Zealand, Victoria, s/o Thomas Jaynes THOMPSON, printer & Rose Elizabeth MATTHEWS, married Winifred KEENE, 22, Liverpool England, Cobble Hill - Saanich BC, d/o Trevor KEENE, retired & Elizabeth HAMPSON, witn: A. STEVENSON & R. JENKINS, 9 June 1920 at Emmanuel Baptist manse, Victoria

20-09-209159 Alexander THOMSON, 32, laundryman, Aberdeen Scotland, New Westminster, s/o Alexander THOMSON, tailor & Isabel FORBES, married Florence FRASER, 30, widow, Waterloo Ont., Burnaby, d/o Charles STEPHENS, engineer, & Louise FERDINAND, witn: John K. RAPHAEL & Mrs. Thomas COOPER, 5 June 1920 at New Westminster

10-02-213543 Frederick THOMSON, 25, rancher, Carlisle England, Salmon Arm, s/o Robert THOMSON & Susan GILLESPIE (now Henderson?), married Emily Gertrude May HARRIS, 22, Muskoka Ont., Salmon Arm, d/o Christopher HARRIS & Emily BRAIN?, witn: Ina BARNHAM & Cyril THOMSON, both of Salmon Arm, 22 Oct 1910 at St. Johns Church, Salmon Arm

20-09-209157 Thomas Alexander TODD, 40, car repairer, Strauraer Scotland, New Westminster, s/o John TODD, merchant, & Isabella KENNEDY, married Margaret Jane REID, 29, clerk, Strauraer Scotland, same, d/o James REID, boot maker & Mary Wither SPEIRS, witn: Donald McDONALD & Jean Leslie MacKENZIE, 19 April 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-207949 Murray Shaw TODD, full age, lumberman, Burford Ont., Vancouver, s/o George Justice TODD, farmer, & Sarah BLAIR, married Lois Myrtle FRANKS, full age, Pheasant Forks Sask., Victoria, d/o James FRANKS, merchant & Sarah Jane ARNOLD, witn: M. & Edith FRANKS, 29 March 1920 at Metropolitan Church, Victoria

20-09-214693 Tom TRUEMAN, 24, rancher, Bollington Cheshire England, Dragon Lake, s/o James TRUEMAN, deceased surveyor & Martina TRUEMAN, married Gladys May APPS, 28, Ashford Kent England, Dragon Lake, d/o Frederick APPS, retired engine driver & Jane APPS, witn: James & Martina TRUEMAN, 29 April 1920 at Early's Ranch, Dragon Lake

20-09-208057 Harold Herman TYERMAN, 22, laborer, St. Marys Ont., Ladysmith, s/o David TYERMAN & Licha POLLARD, married Norah Arabella Phoebe POLLARD, 20, Nanaimo, Ladysmith, d/o Henry POLLARD, coal miner & Frances Elizabeth HAYWOOD, witn: Edwin Robert GALL (Fall?) & Ida Eva Roy JOHNSON, 12 April 1920 at First Church, Ladysmith

20-09-207955 Albert Burton UNWIN, 30, mechanic, Cordova Argentina, Victoria, s/o Albert Harry UNWIN, electrical engineer & Florence BEATON, married Lillian DERBYSHIRE, 21, domestic, Leight Lancashire England, Victoria, d/o Richard DERBYSHIRE, farmer, & Mary DRAPER, witn: Constance BISHOP & Arthur Edward BURGESS?, 22 May 1920 at Victoria

20-09-208022 Everett Leslie USHER, 42, widower, Grand Rapids US, Wiarton? Sask., s/o Henry Hiram USHER, farmer, & Hattie MATTHEWS, married Eleanor APPLEBY, 34, widow, stenographer, Ellanboro Cumberland England, Victoria BC, d/o John SHARP, retired & Hannah CUNNINGHAM, witn: May Jeanette McKENZIE & Henry McKENZIE, 25 Dec 1919 at Nanaimo

20-09-209217 John VALLANCE, 38, farmer, Hepworth Ont., Rosedale, s/o James VALLANCE, farmer, & Grace SNIDER, married Marion HOGG, 31, Auckland New Zealand, Agassiz, d/o Ernest HOGG, farmer, & Agnes HAMILTON, witn: Helen & W. McGRATH, 30 Jan 1920 at Union manse, Rosedale

20-09-207956 William Wayne VAN LEUVEN, 23, salesman, Missouri, Seattle Wash., s/o William Michael VAN LEUVEN, retired & Emily CHAMBERS, married Laurene ARMSTRONG, 25, Portland Oregon, Seattle Wash., d/o Francis ARMSTRONG, department manager & Margaret LANCASTER, witn: Margaret ARMSTRONG & E.J. PATTERSON, 1 March 1920 at St. Johns Church, Victoria

20-09-207957 Jan VAN MAANEN, 22, Zeist Holland, Victoria, s/o Gerrit VAN MAANEN, farmer, & Katherine VAN EI?, married Sandinia Wilhelmina VAN MAASTRICHT, 22, Heidelberg South Africa, Victoria, d/o D.F. VAN MAASTRICHT, chauffeur, & Johanna BUSSON, witn: Max KALBURGER & J. F. VAN MAASTRICHT, 28 April 1920 at 821 London Ave., Victoria

20-09-209189 Thomas Henry VAUGHAN, 24, millhand, Wales, New Westminster, s/o Charles William VAUGHAN, brick maker & Emily May WHITELY, married Lillian Sarah MUNCEY, 20, Cambridge England, Burnaby, d/o William MUNCEY, laborer, & Sarah ENDERSBY, witn: William & Sarah MUNCEY, 31 Jan 1920 at Burnaby

10-09-213548 Charles Eustace VERNON, 22, farmer, Bombay India, Notch Hill, s/o Charles J. VERNON & Jessie Ann GARDNER, married Florence Alice ROYCE, 22, Stamford Lincs. England, Notch Hill, d/o John William ROYCE & Ellen BATEMAN, witn: John REEDMAN & Stuart VERNON, both of Notch Hill, 22 Aug 1910 at Blind Bay Hall, Notch Hill

08-09-213547 Frederick William VYE, 26, farmer, Chatham Head NB, Salmon Arm, s/o illegible VYE & Elizabeth JACKSON, married Elizabeth Agnes JOHNSON, 20, Blyth Ont., Carrac? Creek - Salmon Arm, d/o John JOHNSON & Sarah Agnes POTTER, witn: Matthew MAJERISON of Revelstoke & Annie JOHNSON of Salmon Arm, 17 Nov 1908 at Salmon Arm

20-09-213568 Melville Carrington WADDELL, 25, garage owner, Newdale Manitoba, Penticton, s/o John WADDELL, sawmill man & Agnes KINES, married Magna KOELKENBECK, 25, Chicago, Princeton BC, d/o Herman KOELKENBECK, merchant & Minnie KORN, witn: E.A. ANDERSON & Mary HERBISON, 1 April 1920 at manse, Princeton

20-09-207958 Garner Samuel Joseph WALKER, 21, garage work, Toronto, Brenton BC, s/o Samuel WALKER & Jane AYLING, married Florence LISTER, 23, England, Brenton BC, d/o Thomas LISTER, gentleman & Frances LISTER, witn: Dougall CAMPBELL & Harry SEATON, 31 Dec 1919 at Breadalbane, Victoria

20-09-209190 Kenneth James WALKER, 40, chocolate maker, Woodhill Ont., 2325 Horley St., s/o John James WALKER, farmer, & Harriett BULLOCK, married Laura Beatrice McARA, 27, chocolate dipper, Regina, Burnaby, d/o David McARA, baggage checker, & Sarah REYNOLDS, witn: Maria Isabel HACKER & Albert Oliver HACKER, 21 June 1920 at Burnaby

20-09-209162 Percy Lawrence WALKER, 23, telegraph operator, Ferry Hill - Durham Ont., Vancouver, s/o George WALKER, bookkeeper & Mary DAKINS, married Sarah Jane ROSS, 22, stenographer, Toronto, Vancouver, d/o George ROSS, CPR section foreman & Margaret CASSIDY, witn: Mrs. Annie DUNN & Mrs. Frank ZANORS, 27 March 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-207964 Julius WARNEBOLDT, 36, farmer, Hanover Germany, Richdale Alberta, s/o Ludwig WARNEBOLDT, teacher & Louise MOHAS, married Ira Agnes BROTHERSTON, 33, dress maker, Simcoe Co Ont., Saanich, d/o John BROTHERSTON, farmer, & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Jessie & G.W. BROTHERSTON, 14 Feb 1920 at 277 Michigan St., Victoria

20-09-207968 George WATKINS, 49, widower, farmer, England, Victoria, s/o David WATKINS & Ann WILLIAMS, married Helen Agnes CAMPBELL, 35, nurse, New Zealand, Victoria, d/o George CAMPBELL, civil servant & Barbara MORRIS, witn: Barbara & George CAMPBELL, 5 April 1920 at 1262 Kings Rd., Victoria

20-09-209218 David Clark WATSON, 30, widower, merchant, Killarney Manitoba, Chilliwack, s/o James WATSON, farmer, & Mary Ann CLARK, married Mary Bertha MURPHY, 25, waitress, Alagheny Pennsylvania, Chilliwack, d/o Patrick MURPHY, blacksmith & Martha Elizabeth CLARK, witn: Dorothy COGGRIE? & T?. THOMAS, 17 Feb 1920 at St. Marys Catholic Church, Chilliwack

20-09-207962 John McIntosh WEBSTER, 31, clerk, Forfar Scotland, Victoria, s/o David WEBSTER, stone mason & Helen McINTOSH, married Helen Rolland JAMIESON, 31, weaver, Forfar Scotland, Victoria, d/o William JAMIESON & Cecilia FORBES, witn: James Crawford HOWDEN & Marion Ramey McINTOSH, 24 Jan 1920 at 309 Henry St., Victoria

20-09-209163 Alexander MacKenzie WEST, 35, civil engineer, Toronto, North Vancouver Hotel - North Vancouver, s/o Edwin WEST, retired shipper & Evangeline JOHNSON, married Margaret Mary Helen Cecilia NELSON, 24, Vancouver, Los Angeles Calif., d/o Arthur NELSON, lumberman & Margaret MULLEN, witn: Margaret & Stephen TIDY, 13 March 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-214680 Charles Henry WEST, 27, farmer, Argentina - South America, Prince George, s/o Henry WEST, merchant & Elizabeth ATKINSON, married Martha TABERT, 15 + 11 mon, North Dakota, Prince George, d/o William TABERT, farmer, & Anna JANSEN, witn: Benjamin TABERT & Angeline HAGER, 16 Jan 1920 at Prince George

20-09-213552 Roy Edwin WHEELER, 37, merchant, Ontario, Enderby, s/o William WHEELER, harness maker & Margaret DUNCAN, married Mabel Lilian RUTTAN, 35, Ontario, Enderby, d/o John L. RUTTAN, lumberman & Matilda J. MILLAR, witn: Charles DURKS & Joyce RUTTAN, 25 Feb 1920 at res of Charles Durks, Kamloops

20-09-217297 John WHITEMAN, 24, shipyard foreman, Dauphin Manitoba, Vancouver, s/o John WHITEMAN & Mary Magalene WOCKS both b. Ontario., married Opal NAVE, 19, Idaho US, Vancouver, d/o William NAVE b. USA & Mollie PEA b. Kentucky US, witn: George STEWART of Vancouver & Mary CLAY of Victoria, 27 Dec 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207974 George McCabe WHITFIELD, 32, teacher, divorced, Sioux City Iowa, Seattle Wash., s/o Wilmot WHITFIELD, Methodist minister & Isabel GLASS, married Yvonne PARISEAU, 30, teacher, Plantagenet Ont., Seattle, d/o Joseph PARISEAU, carpenter, & Alice LALONDE, witn: Therese ELLIOTT & Lionel H. ELLIOTT, 23 June 1920 at Bishops residence, Victoria

14-09-213555 George F. WILCOX, 26, farmer, Virden Manitoba, Salmon Arm, s/o William J. WILCOX, farmer, & Mary CLINGAN, married Estelle L. GROAT, 21, Silver Creek Nebraska, Salmon Arm, d/o Burton GROAT, mechanic & Valla BABCOCK, witn: William Arthur WILTON & Hilga Violet GROAT, 3 June 1914 at res of W.J. Wilcox

20-09-207973 Albert Harry WILKERSON, 26, lithographer, Victoria, YMCA, s/o Harry James WILKERSON, musician, & Minnie COX, married Katherine Burrill KINNEY, 25, dressmaker, Yarmouth NS, 1722 Bank St., d/o Charles Pinckney KINNEY, master mariner & Annie Alameda KELLEY, witn: Archibald William ERICKSON & Margaret Alameda KINNEY, 28 April 1920 at First Congregational Church, Victoria

20-09-209160 Raymond WILLIAMS, 34, commercial traveller, Spokane Wash., Calgary, s/o John WILLIAMS, farmer, & Mary CONNER, married Laura Beatrice COOPER, 21, nurse, Port Arthur Ont., Vancouver, d/o Alfred COOPER, mill owner & Edith CHARYFE?, witn: Anna Eileen COOPER & Nettie Frances VIRT, 14 Jan 1920 at New Westminster

20-09-213557 John Bernard WILLIAMS, 40, rancher, Jarrow on Tyne England, McMurphy, s/o Benjamin WILLIAMS, contractor & Jane TAYLOR, married Elizabeth EDWARDS, 32, Swansea England, England, d/o William EDWARDS, gardener, & Sarah JENKINS, witn: E.C. SIMMONS & Mary S. REED, 19 June 1920 at St. Pauls Church, Kamloops

20-09-213553 Thomas WILSON, 51, widower, merchant, Whitby Ont., Savona, s/o Thomas, tax collector & Anna nee WARD, married Annie May FISKE, 36, widow, Breckenridge Minnesota, Blackie Alberta, d/o William TAGGART, tinsmith & Janey HACKNEY, witn: Anna & August FREDRIKSON, 23 March 1920 at Kamloops

20-09-209248 Robert Stanley WOOD, 21, fireman, Hounslow England, New Westminster, s/o George WOOD, shoe maker & Rose CALLAND, married Delia SCOTT, 21, Allanson Michigan, New Westminster, d/o William SCOTT, prospector & Delia REID, witn: Joseph S. DEE & Mrs. Joe St. LAWRENCE, 24 April 1920 at Presbyterian manse, Port Moodey

20-09-213556 William Herbert WOODWARD, 36, divorced, farmer, Fare Iowa, Knutsford BC, s/o Henry Miron WOODWARD, lumberman & Susie McGUIRE, married Gladis Violet ALDERSON, 26, widow, Neillsville Wisconsin, Knutsford, d/o Daniel L. DEMMAN, farmer, & Sarah CHURCHILL, witn: Leonard Vaughan SHANNON & Theresa May FURICK, 16 June 1920 at Knutsford

20-09-207959A Basil Harry WOOLSTON, 22, chauffeur, Yarmouth England, Carey Rd in Victoria, s/o Frederick WOOLSTON, seaman & Edith BROWN, married Ethel May WINTERFIELD, 21, grocer's clerk, Toronto, Esquimalt, d/o Charles WINTERFIELD, boiler maker & Mary FOX, witn: C.R. & Mrs. C. R. FURMAN, 3 Jan 1920 at Victoria

20-09-207975 Earnest Edward YEO, 17, druggist, Victoria, same, s/o John Henry YEO, drayman, & Sarah Jane LEWIS, married Jean Elizabeth MARTIN, 16, Three Lakes Wisconsin, Victoria, d/o Samuel Angus MARTIN, minister & Nettie Ann FIELDING, witn: Edith R. TODD, 22 Jan 1920 at 1458 Baptie St., Victoria

20-09-214692 John YOOL (Yuill?), 24, Dundee Scotland, Quesnel, s/o Robert YOOL, engineer, & Mary STEPHAN, married Mary Udine Blanche CURTIS, 20, White Bird Idaho, Quesnel, d/o Abraham Fraser CURTIS, trader & Agnes Elizabeth NASH, witn: H. Teresa McKENNA & Henry MOFFAT, 7 Jan 1920 at Quesnel