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British Columbia Marriages, 1875-1915 

involving brides and/or grooms born in Ontario + a few other marriages

Transcribed from LDS microfilm 1984108 (partial transcription only). 

birth place is given before residence



84-09-172858 William ADAMS, 34, farmer, Ontario, Alexandria BC, s/o Thomas ADAMS & Sarah, married Charlotte McDONALD, 40, widow, Manchester England, Alexandria, d/o James McDONALD & Isabella Harriet, witn: P.C. & Jennie DUNLEVY of Soda Creek, 27 July 1884

06-09-168073 Samuel Vrooman Stanley ADDISON, 21, locomotive fireman, Stoney Mountain Manitoba, Grand Forks, s/o George & Margaret, married Mabel Luteria RUSSELL, 15, Dorest Ont., Grand Forks, d/o Joseph Albert & Adelaide, Witn: Edward C. MEDILL of Greenwood & Minnie MEDILL of Phoenix, 3 July 1906

13-09-170680 Frank Edward AIKEN, 30, Provincial Constable, Toronto, Lillooet, s/o Robert AIKEN & Margaret, married Ada BROUGHTON, 30, widow, Sheffield England, Alexandria Caribou, d/o George Frederick LITTLEWOOD & Sarah Ann, witn: Nita RITAGLIATI & A. GRUNDY, 16 June 1913 at Mission Chapel, Ashcroft

05-09-172860 Merrill Vincent ALLEN, 30, merchant, Brantford Ont., Lumly, s/o William Robert ALLEN & Sarah PALMER, married Eva JOHNSON, 20, Quesnel, same, d/o William Albert JOHNSON & Rox Lena CADWELL, witn: L. F. CHAMPION of Quesnel & Ethel M. WOODWARD of Lower Nicola, 14 June 1905 at Quesnel

09-09-172861 William John ALLEN, 34, Presbyterian minister, Carnew - Garraghy Co. Down Ireland, Quesnel, s/o Hugh ALLEN & Mary Ann, married Jennie Gertrude KNAPP, 25, Newboro Ont., Riverside Ranch - Quesnel, d/o Martin KNAPP & Anna, witn: Gladys EWING of Riverside Ranch & William BUNTING of Quesnel, 14 July 1909 at Presbyterian Church, Quesnel

06-09-169580 A.E. ALLISON, 24, rancher, Allison BC, Princeton, s/o John Fall ALLISON & Susan Louisa MOIR, married Isabel Jane GOULD, 30, widow, Arthur Ontario., Princeton, d/o William MARTIN & Sarah CORBETT, witn: Charles B. HARRIS & Angela ALLISON, both of Princeton, 19 Aug 1906 at res of William Martin

12-09-174177 Thomas Hamilton ARNEIL, 28, accountant, Glasgow Scotland, Prince Rupert, s/o James ARNEIL & Ann Buchanan ARNEIL, married Mary Belle KEENE, 23, Ferndale Washington US, Prince Rupert, d/o William KEENE & Rose Robinson KEENE, witn: Miles HENDERSON & Margaret McPHAIL, both of Prince Rupert, 28 Nov 1912 at res of Rev. F.W. Kerr, 309 7th Ave., Prince Rupert

07-09-168074 Charles Albert ARNOTT, 28, railway station agent, Dufferin Co Ont., Phoenix, s/o Thomas ARNOTT & Margaret Jane WHITE, married Jean Forster CAMERON, 22, Perth Ont, Spokane Washington, d/o ?, witn: P.R. & Vera MacLED of Grand Forks, 25 Sept 1907 at Presbyterian Manse, Grand Forks

00-09-168070 Charles Searle ASKEW, 31, Victoria, Grand Forks, s/o Thomas George & Isabel Julia, married Sarah SMITH, 28, Orillia Ont., same, d/o Henry William & Mary Jane, witn: William Henry ITTES & Mary WALKER, both of Grand Forks, 20 June 1900 at Holy Trinity Church,

97-09-175396 Harry Jay ATWOOD, 27, miner, Brooklyn NY, Lillooet, s/o Daniel H. ATWOOD & Lucy, married Eunice POTTER, 27, Los Angeles California, Lillooet, d/o Wilson POTTER & Sarah, witn: E.S. PETERS & John Jordon HILL, both of Lillooet, 30 Nov 1897

93-09-172804 John AUSTIN, 32, widower, miner, Cornwall England, Cariboo, s/o John AUSTIN & Martha, married Catherine PARKER, 32, widow, Meath Ireland, Cariboo, d/o Michael DUNN & Elizabeth, witn: John GLASSON & William ROBERTS, both of Cariboo, 23 Aug 1893

10-09-169466 George Nelson BAILEY, 41, merchant, Yale, Ashcroft, s/o Benjamin BAILEY & Sarah Margaret PATERSON, married Elsie Annie KEMBLEY, 22, Toronto, Ashcroft, d/o George KEMBLEY & Mary McROBERTS, witn: Johanna HENDERSON & Catherine GLASSFORD, both of Ashcroft, 15 Nov 1910 at res of George Nelson Bailey

04-09-169455 Marcus BAILEY, 26, clerk, Yale BC, Ashcroft, s/o Benjamin BAILEY & Sarah, married Mary Agnes Millicent SANSOM, 21, Ottawa, Ashcroft, d/o Charles SANSOM & Clara, witn: Robert COOKE & Gladys BAILEY, both of Ashcroft, 3 Feb 1904 at res of Mrs. James, Ashcroft

07-09-169457 James Gibson BAIN, 42, miner, widower, Haldimand Co. Ont., Ashcroft, s/o Alexander BAIN & Mary, married Mary WALKER, 33, 18 Mile House - Cariboo, same, d/o William WALKER & Hannah, witn: S. EWART & F. ROSENBERG, both of Ashcroft, 6 Nov 1897 at Ashcroft Presbyterian Church

09-09-168100 Nelson BAKER, b. 28 Sept 1884, groceries dealer, Riceville Ont., Grand Forks, s/o John BACKER & Stephani GAUTHIER, married Mary Helen COURTLAND, b. 5 Aug 1889, Cornwall Ont., same, d/o Joseph COURTLAND & Anna FITZGIBBON, witn: Wilfred BACKER & Theresa BARRETT, both of Grand Forks, 1 June 1909 at Sacred Heart Church, Grand Forks

00-09-168082 William Taylor BAKER, 30, gentleman, St. Marys Ont., Eholt, s/o W.H. BAKER & blank, married Emma J. BAIWARD, 30, widow, of Eholt, d/o not given, witn: Jay SWAILES & Ethel BAIWARD, both of Eholt, 13 June 1900 at Greenwood

09-09-176719 Thomas Edgar BARRY, 29, hotel manager, Dunville Ont., Athalmer, s/o James BARRY & Caroline, married Susan Iris LYNAS, 19, Cardiff Wales, Athalmer, d/o William LYNAS & Kathleen of Belfast, witn: Allan S. MOORE & Wilhelmina GRIFFITH, both of Athalmer, 28 Dec 190 at Columbus House, Athalmer

09-09-168103 Alexander Wallace BEATTY, 23, theatrical, Toronto, Phoenix, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Florence LUNDGREN, 18, St. Paul Minnesota, Phoenix, d/o Charles E. & Hannah, witn: Eddie & Myrtle DELOY of Oklahoma City, 5 Oct. 190 at Opera House

06-09-168090 Charles BICKERTON, 26, farmer, Navan Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Richard A. BICKERTON & Catherine, married Ida Elizabeth DONNAN, 21, Winnipeg, Grand Forks, d/o Hugh DONNAN & Mary Jane CASWELL, witn: Thomas WALL of Greenwood & Emma Christena DONNAN of Grand Forks, 7 Nov 1906 at res of the bride's father, Grand Forks

11-09-174174 Roy BIDSDALE, 26, farmer, Barry Ont., Hazelton, s/o Arthur Henry BIDSDALE & Margaret SANFORD, married Margaret McKENZIE, 23, Hazelton, same, d/o David McKENZIE & Sarah (Indian), witn: Gerard GORE & Lucy HAVERNOR, both of Hazelton, 20 Dec 1911 at Hagwilget

02-09-168083 Walter Branson BISHOP, 25, chemist, Winnipeg, Grand Forks, s/o Joseph Charles BISHOP & Mary Adelaide, married Alice Maud GRIFFITH, 24, Flesherton Ont., Owen Sound, d/o John Charles & Mary Matilda, witn: John HERON & Mary WALKER, both of Grand Forks, 22 Jan 1902 at Winnipeg Ave., Grand Forks

09-09-169461 George Franklin BLAIR, 20, painter, Tatamagouche NS, Kamloops, s/o Richard BLAIR & Jean McDONALD, married Carrie McGREEVY, 19, Toronto, Kamloops, d/o Thomas McGREEVY & Margarite ELLIOT, witn: Joanna HENDERSON & Ferguson MILLER, both of Ashcroft, 3 May 1909 at Presbyterian manse, Ashcroft

01-09-172871 William BLAIR, 34, miner, Westport Ont., Slough Creek, s/o John BLAIR & Mary, married Fanny SNOOK, 27, Sydenham Ont., Quesnel, d/o Oliver SNOOK & Susan, witn: William & Charlotte EWING of Quesnel, 21 Sept 1901 at Quesnel

11-09-173060 Frederick William BOHLER, 38, rancher, Germany, Kitsumkalum, s/o Frederick William BOHLER & Mary, married Jean LEVER, 39, widow, Inverkip - Renfrewshire Scotland, Washago Ont., d/o Thomas CARRICK & Annie, witn: Peter BLACK of Prince Rupert & Samuel WEEKS of Kitsumkalum, 12 Oct 19111 at Central Hotel, Prince Rupert

03-09-168088 Frank D. BONGARD, 25, miner, Petrolia Ont., Greenwood, s/o Daniel M. & Ellen, married Mabel H. HACKETT, 20, Stratford Ont., Greenwood, d/o Andrew & Della, witn: Oliver N. GALER & Maud DE SPAIN, both of Phoenix, 2 Sept 1903 at Greenwood

98-09-172869 Robert BORLAND, 57, trader, Bowmanville Ont., 150 Mile House, s/o Ivan? (Jean?) & Nancy, married Chyrissie GLASSEY, 21, Kamloops, 150 Mile House, d/o John & Chyrissie, witn: James CUMMINGS of 150 Mile House & Pearl McCARTHY of 137 Mile House, 23 Feb. 1898

91-09-172866 John Edwards BOWRON, 20, telegraph operator, Barkerville, Quesnelle, s/o John BOWRON & Emily, married Alice Maude Mary NORTHCOTT, 25, Ontario, Quesnelle, d/o William Walter NORTHCOTT & Olive, witn: William PARKER & S.A. McLEAN, both of Quesnelle, 26 Feb 1891 at Quesnelle

86-09-175256 William BOYD, 38, stockman, Stratford Ont., Seventy Mile House, s/o James BOYD & Nancy, married Mary NICHOLSON, 29, Flat River PEI, Clinton BC, d/o John NICHOLSON & Catherine, witn: C. BELL & Annie McLELLAN, both of Clinton, 20 Nov 1886

09-09-169460 Samuel Stanley BOYD, 35, widower, driver, Stratford Ont., Clinton, s/o James BOYD & Mary Jane MORROW, married Emma FRENCH, 22, Harriston Ont., Clinton, d/o Thomas FRENCH & Anna WARD, witn: Edith L. & Fred PETERS of Ashcroft, 20 May 1909 at res of Mr. F. Peters, Ashcroft

15-09-171746 Harold Manuel BOYD, 34, meat cutter, Rochelle Illinois, South Fort George, s/o Harvey Robert BOYD & Sarah MANUEL, married Annie BARBER, 38, widow, domestic, Fenelon Ont., Calgary, d/o Charles McGREGOR & Sarah OAKLEY, witn: William Arthur GOLDER & Agnes Osborne WRIGHT, 2 June 1915 at Manse, Fort George

97-09-169452 Robert Henry BRETT, 26, miner, Adjala Ont., Lytton, s/o James BRETT & Ann, married Florence Susan MOORE, 21, Napanee Ont., Lytton, d/o William MOORE & Jennie, witn: William FERGUSON of Vancouver and Ella TRODDEN & H.B. TURNER, both of Lytton, 24 Feb 1897

05-09-169456 William Edward BRETT, 39, miner, Shelburne - Simcoe Co. Ont., Lillooet, s/o Richard BRETT & Sarah, married Mabel CLARKE, 29, Dresden Ont., Lillooet, d/o Silore? CLARKE & Isabella, witn: E.J. CRICKMAY & J.D. CURTIS, both of Lytton, 14 June 1905 at Mission Chapel, Lytton

09-09-168101 Edwin John BROWN, 33, rancher, Orangeville Ont., Gilpin BC, s/o John BROWN & Lucy McKAY, married Ida M. HARRIS, 33, Soda Springs Idaho, Gilpin, d/o Lars HANSEN & Mary CHRISTOPESON, witn: Ernest & Mrs. Ernest CRAWFORD of Grand Forks, 16 June 1909 at Baptist parsonage, Grand Forks

96-09-168078 William James BROWN, 30, farmer, Wellington Ont., Grand Forks, s/o David Palmer & Mary Jane, married Sarah Emily BULLOCK, 25, Victoria, Grand Forks, d/o William & Sarah Ann, witn: Andrew Hamilton THOMPSON & Esther Browning THOMPSON & Sarah A. SOUTHAM, all of Grand Forks, 1 Sept 1896

03-09-168121 Hubert Irvin CALL, 34, machinist, Magog Que., Spokane Washington, s/o Thadeus & Edith, married Clarissa Vianna SOUTHWORTH, 18, Thetford Ont., Spokane Washington, d/o Philander E. & Annie, witn: William Johnson COOK of Grand Forks & Julia SOUTHWORTH of Spokane, 1 Oct. 1903 at Grand Forks

77-09-175265 John Alexander CAMERON, 31, farmer, Glengarry Canada, Pavillion Mountain, s/o John CAMERON & Margaret McARTHUR, married Mary Louisa CROZIER, 17, Oakville Canada, Pavillion Mountain, d/o James CROZIER & Lucinda GILLILAND, witn: E. BELL & Carrie BELL, both of Clinton, 3 Aug 1977

09-09-176723 Collin CAMERON, 47, deputy sheriff, Bruce twp. Ont, Windermere, s/o Neil CAMERON & Mary, married Ellen GRAY, 26, Donaghmore Ireland, Windermere, d/o William GRAY & Ann Jane, witn: R. Randolph BRUCE of Wilmer & Elena May JONES of Windermere, 14 Sept 190 at res of R. Randolph Bruce, Wilmer

91-09-176720 Malcolm CAMERON, 28, rancher, Grey Co. Ont., Windermere, s/o Donald CAMERON & Jenny, married Rosilla May FREEMAN, 16, Sanilac Michigan, Windermere, d/o Joseph FREEMAN & Mary, witn: Emma KIMPTON of Windermere & Mrs. PITTS of Donald, 18 Aug 1891

06-09-168125 Duncan Stewart CAMPBELL, 40, cook, Blair Athol - Perthshire Scotland, Trail, s/o Alexander & Susan Stewart CAMPBELL, married Henrietta Jane SWEETMAN, 31, divorced (former husband guilty of adultery & divorced on statutory grounds) Cloyne Ont., Spokane Washington, d/o Perry HOOLY & Elizabeth Fox HOOLY, witn: C. BROGDEN & Josephine CARLAND, both of Grand Forks, 30 July 1906 at Yale Hotel, Grand Forks

13-09-170684 Ernest John Albert CARKNER, 27, machinist, Orillia Ont., Ashcroft, s/o John CARKNER & Ethel HIY, married Elsie DICKENSON, 19, England, Ashcroft, d/o James William DICKENSON & Agnes SALLISS, witn: F.A. BURR & Gladys DICKENSON, 24 Dec 1913 at Presbyterian manse, Ashcroft

07-09-175275 Rev William McLeod CHALMERS, 32, Presbyterian minister, Geary Waternesh - Port Ree - Skye Scotland, Clinton, s/o William CHALMERS & Euphemia McLEOD, married Edith May ANDERSON, 18, Co. Nofolk Wallpole Ont (sic), Lac La Hache, d/o George ANDERSON & Mary BRENNAN, witn: Miss KELLY & Bruce ANDERSON, both of Lac La Hache, 4 June 1907 at res of G. Anderson, Meadow Bank Ranch, Lac La Hache

07-09-168128 Thomas Henry CHAPMAN, 27, clerk, Brockville Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Thomas CHAPMAN & Mary WATSON, married Maud KIMBALL, 30, Omaha Nebraska, Grand Forks, d/o David Elisha KIMBALL & Kate DAVIS, witn: Harry A. SHEADS & Kate DAVIS, both of Grand Forks, 10 April 1907 at res of bride's mother

06-09-168127 Vivian McKenzie CHARBONNEAU, 29, book keeper, Kingston Ont., Phoenix, s/o Justice CHARBONNEAU & Ellen, married Lena LABELLE, 21, Michigan, Phoenix, d/o Joseph LABELLE & Georgina MARTIN, witn: Joseph LABELLE of Phoenix & Edith JEWELL of Grand Forks, 26 Dec 1906 at Cottage Hotel, Phoenix

08-09-168131 Charles Arnold CLARK, 24, mining, Petrolia Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Robert & Ellen, married Clara HARRINGTON, 23, Tacoma Washington, Kamloops, d/o Mark HARRINGTON & Ann, witn: Tillie CLARK & Edward R. SHANNON, both of Grand Forks, 2 July 1908 at Holy Trinity Church, Grand Forks

02-09-168117 Arthur B. CLARK, 24, brakeman, Berlin Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Thomas & Martha Elizabeth, married Eva RAMSAY, 21, Orangeville Ont., Nelson BC, d/o James & Eva, witn: Percy & Mrs. P. IRVING of Grand Forks, 15 Jan 1902 at Winnipeg Hotel, Grand Forks

00-09-169470 William Samuel CLARK, 26, railway agent, Acton Ont., Machies? Washington, s/o Thomas CLARK & Martha Elizabeth, married Henrietta EDWARDS, 25, Buenos Aires - South America, Toronto, d/o Edward EDWARDS & Grace, witn: Thomas & George C. CLARK and J.S. Archibald BASTIN, all of Lytton, 19 Dec 1900 at Lytton

97-09-172822 George Benjamin CLARKE, 45, lumber man, Ottawa Canada, Barkerville BC, s/o George CLARKE & Aseneth, married Lorania Adelia FLYNN, 41, L'Orignal Ont., Mosquito Creek BC, d/o Timothy FLYNN & Adelia, witn: John STEVENSON of Barkerville & Aota MASON of Cariboo, 29 Sept 1897

95-09-175270 William Frederick CLARKE, 31, farmer, Bingen Germany, Lac La Hache, s/o Henry CLARKE & Catherine, married Eva Marion GILLESPIE, 29, widow, Halton Ontario., Lac La Hache, d/o James STANCOMBE & Elizabeth, witn: Robert CALVIN of Big Bar & John Grier SHORT of Lac La Hache, 18 Sept 1895

11-09-169477 Edward Arthur COLLETT, 22, rancher, Allan Park Ont., Lower Nicola, s/o Alfred George COLLETT & Jane SMITH, married Jessie Ann Laura SMITH, 26, Spence Bridge, same, d/o John SMITH & Jessie Ann SMITH, witn: Margaret Craig SMITH of Spence Bridge & Frederick William CAMPBELL of Kamloops, 15 March 1911 at res of Mrs. Jessie Ann SMITH, Spence Bridge

10-09-173057 Jesse COLLIER, 31, engineer, Ottawa Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o Alfred COLLIER & Alice, married Maggie BLAKELEY, 28, Braidwood Illinois, Prince Rupert, d/o Thomas BLAKELEY & Margaret, witn: R.C. BEAN & H.T. TITUS, both of Prince Rupert, 24 Dec 1910 at Presbyterian manse

06-09-168126 Tuxford Elisha COLLINS, 29, barber, Ripley Ont., Phoenix, s/o Richard & Kate, married Bessie Marie BROWN, 18, Elmira NY, Phoenix, d/o William & Mary, witn: V.M. SHERBINO & Lena LA BELLE, both of Phoenix, 31 Oct. 1906

15-09-171730 John COLVIN, 42, blacksmith, London Ont., Spence Bridge, s/o Andrew COLVIN & Mary McEWEN, married Lizzie KIRKPATRICK, 23, Barnes Lake - Ashcroft, same, d/o James KIRKPATRICK & Katie JIM, witn: Philip & Mrs. Phil OPPENHEIM, 23 Feb 1915 at Barnes Lake, Ashcroft

91-09-175269 Frederick Cooper COPELAND, 29, farmer, Wellington Ont., Chilcoten, s/o William COPELAND & Mary Ann, married Eunice MELDRUM, 18, Chilcoten, same, d/o Thomas MELDRUM & Elizabeth (or Betsy), witn: E.S. WOOD & D.H. CAMPBELL, both of Kamloops, 24 May 1891

05-09-168123 Christopher A. COUGHLAN, 23, butcher, Sault Ste Marie Ont., Greenwood, s/o Richard & Nellie, married Eva HENDERSON, 24, Yale BC, Grand Forks, d/o John & Mary, witn: John HENDERSON & Jeffrey HAMMER, both of Grand Forks, 8 Nov 1905 at res of Mayor Hammer, Grand Forks

08-09-173027 Joseph Leopold COYLE, 37, publisher, Bruce Co Ont., Hazelton, s/o James COYLE & Ellen HEFFERNAN, married Augusta Winifred BRADLEY, 28, Acton - Middlesex England, Hazelton, d/o Henry George BRADLEY & Frances RATCLIFFE, wtn: Louis LE DE VOIN of Hazelton, 2 Nov 1908 at St. Peters Church, Hazelton

05-09-175403 James John H. CROZIER, 41, blacksmith, Oakville Ont., Bullion - Cariboo, s/o James CROZIER & Lucinda Jemima GILLILAND, married Mabel Letitia WRIGHT, 28, 127 Mile House, same, d/o John WRIGHT & Alice Dun ROWBOTTOM, witn: Elizabeth E. & J.C. WRIGHT of 127 Mile House, 2 Jan 1905 at 127 Mile House

98-09-172876 William CULROSS, 30, miner, Lanark Ont., Quesnelle, s/o James CULROSS & Mary Ann NICOL, married Moda MAYANT, 16, Granby Que., Quesnelle, d/o Peter MAYANT & Valerie DEPITAE, witn: William ULANSON & Charles McMASTER, both of Quesnelle, 23 April 1898

98-09-175402 Robert Dalziel CUMMING, 27, merchant & postmaster, Glasgow Scotland, Pavillion, s/o William CUMMING & Eliza LEE, married Marguerite C. MORRISON, 20, Guelph Ont., New Westminster, d/o Abraham MORRISON & Eliza CALDER, witn: Cordelia O'HALORAN & Isaac HUNT, both of Pavillion, 28 Dec 1898

01-09-176724 Jefferson Rankin Bransgood DAVIS, 38, mariner, Wichita Kansas, Peterborough BC, s/o Carol DAVIS & Nancy Ann BUTT, married Emilie BUTT, 36, Rankin - Renfrew Co. Ont., Athalmer, d/o Ludwig BUTT & Wilhelm Minie BUTT, witn: Harry O'DONAGHY of Windermere & Minnie BUTT of Athalmer, 4 Nov 1901 at Registrars Office, Peterborough

10-09-169597 Aaron Herbert DAVISON, 29, hair dresser, Garafraxa Ont., Princeton, s/o Charles DAVISON & Sarah, married Olive MARTIN, 26, Arthur Ont., Princeton, d/o William MARTIN & Sarah, witn: E.J. & H.H. Jr. AVERY of Princeton, 24 March 1910 at Presbyterian manse, Princeton

06-09-168143 James DAVY, 24, fireman, Bellingbrofene Ireland, Midway BC, s/o Patrick & Margaret, married Emma McGRADE, 26, Glenelg Ont., Phoenix, d/o Thomas McGRADE & Rosa Ann EGAN, witn: John COSGROVE & Agnes McGRADE, both of Phoenix, 18 Sept 1906 at RC Church, Phoenix

10-09-168148 Roy DELL, 23, laborer, Strathroy Ont., Curlew Washington, s/o Alexander DELL & Martha GILL, married Rachel HISSON, 25, widow, East Gwillimbury Ont., Curlew Washington, d/o Henry HISSON & Sarah Jane HISTING, witn: Thomas & Amelia WISEMAN of Grand Forks, 26 Jan 1910 at res of Thomas Wiseman, Grand Forks

02-09-168141 Christian DOBERER, 34, salesman, Hanover Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Andrew DOBERER & Elizabeth, married Evelyn Edith CAMERON, 30, Antigonish NS, Grand Forks, d/o John & Margaret, witn: M.C. DAVIDSON & Aretta KENNEDY, both of Grand Forks, 12 Feb 1902 at Knox Presbyterian Church, Grand Forks

13-09-170708 Andrew DUFF, 38, Ontario, Port Alberni, s/o Robert Alexander DUFF & Margaret GRANT, married Maud LEMOINE, 25, Ontario, Port Alberni, d/o Joseph LEMOINE & Mary PLUNKETT, witn: Jeannie D. & Thomas OSWALD, 5 Dec 1913 at Port Alberni

15-09-171731 Charles Ross DURANT, 28, chauffeur, Mount Forest Ont., Soda Creek, s/o James DURANT & Mary WALLACE, married Emily HOPILIARD, 32, dress maker, Paris France, Vancouver BC, d/o Emil HOPILIARD & Mary ANGER, witn: A. BEUMMINGS & John JOHNSON, 13 March 1915 at Presbyterian manse, Ashcroft

02-09-169482 James Jordan DURRELL, 28, laborer, Pembroke Ont., Chilcotin BC, s/o William DURRELL & Amelia, married Maude LAMBERT, 17, NW Territory Canada, Ashcroft, d/o Robert Henry LAMBERT & Harriet WAINES (Wands?), witn: Albert LEHMAN & Rebecca M.A. WINSLOW, both of Ashcroft, 29 Sept 1902 at Methodist Church, Ashcroft

11-09-173073 Archie Arthur DUVAL, 30, baker, Peterborough Ont., Queen Charlotte City, s/o John DUVAL & Mary, married Charlotte Matilda McCALLUM, 30, Listowel Ont., Queen Charlotte City, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Norman & Mrs. N. FRASER of Queen Charlotte City, 17 April 1911

95-09-175287 Mark Robert EAGLESON, 32, hotel keeper, Ontario, Clinton, s/o Robert EAGLESON & Jane, married Mary Elizabeth DOUGHERTY, 22, Prospect Farm - Clinton, same, d/o Edward DOUGHERTY & Elizabeth, witn: Edward & Jane B. DOUGHERTY of Prospect farm, 27 Feb 1895

09-09-169599 Richard John EDMOND, 34, butcher, Stratford Ont., Headley BC, s/o John EDMOND & Margaret, married Eliza Ann BROMLEY, 20, Princeton, same, d/o John H. BROMLEY & Mary C., witn: Myrtle SCHISLER of Princeton & George CAWSTON of Kerensoe?, 27 Jan 1909 at res of the bride

79-09-175409 Louis EHOLT, 39, farmer, Alsace Europe, Pavillion Mt., s/o George EHOLT & Madelaine MURRAY, married Emily E. CROZIER, 18, Oakville Ont., Pavillion Mt., d/o James CROZIER & Lucinda J., witn: James WYE? of Pavillion & M.L. CAMERON of 17 Mile House, 24 Aug 1879

09-09-169486 Thomas Ingram ELLIOTT, 46, widower, blacksmith, Ontario, Ashcroft, s/o Thomas ELLIOTT & Eliza, married Mary Ann STEPHENS, 24, Scotland, Kamloops, d/o Alexander STEPHENS & Jennie SCHADER, witn: Elsie KEMBLEY & Joanna HENDERSON, both of Ashcroft, 13 March 1909 at Presbyterian manse, Ashcroft

08-04-168158 Maurice Wallace ELLIOTT, 27, farmer, Bookton - Norfolk Co Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Major Wallace ELLIOTT & Elizabeth Ann HAGERMAN, married Clara Anne MURRAY, 19, Charlottetown PEI, Grand Forks, d/o James MURRAY & Jemima McGILVERY, witn: Archie MURRAY & Christena McCALLUM, both of Grand Forks, 9 Dec 1908 at Knox Presbyterian Church

13-09-170687 Benjamin Franklin ENGLISH, 18, rancher, Cache Creek, Ashcroft, s/o Benjamin Franklin ENGLISH & Nellie, married Ruby Pearl PHILLIPS, 17, Grants Pass Oregon, Ashcroft, d/o Arthur St.Clair PHILLIPS & Mary Alice DRUMON, witn: Milo Henry ELLIOTT & Mary Alice PHILLIPS, 11 May [no year given] at res of the bride, Ashcroft

83-09-172814 Benjamin Franklin ENGLISH, 41, trader, Oregon, Deer Park Ranch - Chilcoten Cariboo, s/o B. Franklin ENGLISH & Paulina DERBIN, married Annie FONTAINE, 20, Deer Park Ranch, same, d/o Oliver FONTAINE & Clemente CHILCOTEN, witn: Samuel WITHROW of Hungry Hollow & John BOSWELL of Alcali Lake, 28 Jan 1883

04-09-172619 Edwin Delos FARGO, 46, accountant, Busti NY, Barkerville, s/o Corydon A. FARGO & Lucy B., married Ada Jane HOUSER, 20, Barkerville, same, d/o John HOUSER & Janetta, witn: M. BAILEY & Mrs. L.F. CHAMPION, both of Barkerville, 24 Feb 1904

10-09-173077 George FARRAN, 38, farmer, Devonshire England, Porcher Island - Refuge Bay, s/o George FARRAN & blank, married Laura Esther FLEMING, 34, Kilsyth Ont., Victoria BC, d/o Donald FLEMING & blank, witn: Coral BARKER of Prince Rupert & John MURDOCK of Queen Charlotte City, 10 Nov 1910

10-09-172891 George Henry FELKER, 57, rancher, St. Louis, 144 Mile House, s/o Henry FELKER & Mary, married Mary KIRKPATRICK, 22, Ashcroft, 144 Mile House, d/o Thomas G. KIRKPATRICK & Annie BURR, witn: Henry FELKER & Lizzie KIRKPATRICK, both of 144 Mile House, 31 Jan 1910 at 144 Mile House

00-09-168162 Donald D. FERGUSON, 43, store keeper, Erin Ont., Cascade City BC, s/o Malcolm & Ann, married Elizabeth Sophia HALDENBY, 38, Teeswater Ont., Cascade City, d/o Henry HALDENBY & Eliza, witn: J.R. ROBERTSON & Louisa STEELE, both of Grand Forks, 3 Oct. 1900

03-09-172618 Leonard FORD, 29, miner, Ontario, Barkerville, s/o Leonard C. FORD & Isabel RYDE, married Fanny DOW, 45, widow, England, Barkerville, d/o Thomas SHILLING & Sophie STALLARD, witn: Alice PEEBLE of Beaver Pass & James JOULE of Barkerville, 17 Jan 1903

98-09-175410 John Preston FORDE, 25, mining recorder, Belfast Ireland, Lillooet, s/o Joseph FORDE & Elizabeth Ann, married Marion Caroline BURNET, 24, Orillia Ont., Lillooet, d/o Peter BURNET & Caroline Eloyne, witn: Caspar PHAIR & J. Briscoe CHERRY, both of Lillooet, 20 June 1898 at Church of St. Mary, Lillooet

98-09-172890 Arthur Charles FOSTER, 23, saddler, Thornbury Ont., Williams Lake - Cariboo, s/o Benjamin Franklin FOSTER & Basilla TAYLOR, married Florence McDonald HALL, 22, Halifax NS, 150 Mile House, d/o Stephen T. HALL & Elizabeth Elliot McDONALD, witn: Stephen & Blanch HALL of 150 Mile House, 9 June 1898

99-09-168161 Moses Thomas FOULSTON, 30, stone mason, Ontario, Grand Forks, s/o George William & blank, married Martha McKNIGHT, 32, Quebec, Grand Forks, d/o John & blank, witn: Rachel SILVERSON and Mary & John Wesley WILSON, all of Grand Forks, 27 March 1899 at Grand Forks Hotel

03-09-168165 Louis George FOWLER, 31, clerk, Seymour Conn. US, Grand Forks, s/o George FOWLER & De Ette MERRICK, married Florence SHEPARD, 35, farmer, Grand Forks, d/o Joseph SHEPARD & Mary J. ARMSTRONG, witn: Margaret Louis EYRE & F.E. RISING, both of Grand Forks, 28 Oct. 1903 at res of Dr. E.R. NORTHROP, Winnipeg Ave., Grand Forks

06-09-168168 John Williamson FRANK, 24, veterinary, Midland Ont., Nelson, s/o John & blank, married Nellie BOSWORTH, 26, St. Paul, Grand Forks, d/o Edward & blank, witn: Jeannie W. BELL & Harry BOSWORTH, both of Grand Forks, 23 Oct. 1906 at Grand Forks

94-09-172888 John Anderson FRASER, 28, clerk, Shakespeare Ont., Quesnelle, s/o John A. FRASER & Jessie, married Ursula Cross Chalmers SMITH, 25, Caithness? Wisham Scotland, Cottonwood BC, d/o John SMITH & Ursula C.C., witn: S.H. REID of Bouranga? & Alice J. BOYD of Cottonwood, 19 Dec 1894

07-09-176726 John McNab FRAZER, 27, farmer, Sutton Ont., Galena, s/o James FRAZER & Maggie, married Linnie Isabel HAYWOOD, 34, PEI, Wilmer, d/o William HAYWOOD & Isabel, witn: Jennie E. BRECHAT & Pearl MacNEILL, both of Wilmer, 19 June 1907 at res of Mrs. Brechat of Wilmer

15-09-171767 John Robert FRENCH, 35, laborer, Brampton Ont., Dog Creek, s/o Thomas FRENCH, laborer, & Annie Thomas FRENCH, married Mathilda Gertrude WRIGHT, 27, Dog Creek, same, d/o William WRIGHT & Placida Florence WRIGHT, witn: Pil COLIN & Bertha Mary WRIGHT, both of Dog Creek, 6 May 1915 at Dog Creek

02-09-173157 George John FRIZZELL, 32, widower, butcher, Toronto, Port Essington, s/o Thomas FRIZZELL & Isabella, married Sadie ROOD, 28, widow, Victoria, Port Essington, d/o M.C. IRELAND & Lucy IRELAND, witn: A.G. HARRIS & B. CUNNINGHAM, both of Port Essington, 27 Aug 1902 at St. John Baptist Church

79-09-175292 William FULLER, 38, shoe maker, Middlesex Co Canada, Clinton, s/o William FULLER & Matilda BLACK, married Annie Catherine GRAETZIER, 17, Sumas? BC, Clinton, d/o Francis GRAETZIER & Annie, witn: S.K. MARK & J. KAILLING, both of Clinton, 22 Sept 1879

04-09-173973 Andrew Louis GALARNO, 41, widower, hotel keeper, Courtwright Ont., Discovery BC, s/o Joseph GALARNO & Agnes PILKIE, married Edith WARREN, 39, widow, London England, Discovery, d/o John CARTWRIGHT & Hannah COOPER, witn: Paul EGGERT of Discovery, 7 Feb 1904 at bridegroom's residence, Discovery

10-09-169492 Alan Stuart GALBRAITH, 24, clerk, Toronto, Ashcroft, s/o William GALBRAITH & Ella Cummings OLIPHANT, married Grace Mary WALKER, 19, Clinton BC, Cache Creek, d/o James WALKER & Ada Jane BOTTERILL, witn: Georgina Josephine STEPHENSON of Cache Creek & John Dickson MOORE of Ashcroft, 17 Aug 1910 at res of the bride, Cache Creek

94-09-169605 David GALBRAITH, 33, farmer, Kirkwall Ont., Agassiz, s/o John GALBRAITH & Janet, married Lawrie GREER, 26, Bletchingley - Surrey England, Agassiz, d/o Charles GREER & Mary, witn: George VANCE & Emeline GRAYELL, both of Agassiz, 16 Dec 1894

04-09-168173 Howard Nyles GALER, 38, general manager of mining company, widower, Durham Que., Coleman Alberta, s/o Jacob & Sarah, married Isabella Birdina McLAREN, 24, Balaclava Ont., Carson BC, d/o John & Alberta, 21 Sept 1904 at res of the bride

08-09-173078 Alfred Joseph GALLAND, 28, carpenter, Melbourne Australia, Prince Rupert, s/o John GALLAND & Emily FLINTOFF, married Elizabeth Allan TAIT, 26, Edinburgh, Hazelmere, witn: James TAIT & Christena ROBERTSON, witn: Beulah A. KIDD & Alex M. MANSON, both of Prince Rupert, 18 Oct, no year given [reg'd in Oct 1908]

09-09-168181 Mattie GARDNER, 28, laborer, Ottawa, Wadner BC, s/o Matti & Agnes, married Clara BARNABY, 21, Wisconsin US, Curlew Washington, d/o Nelson BARNABY & Zena FRENCH, witn: Bertha BARNABY of Malo Washington & Ada Jane BROUILETTE of Grand Forks, 28 Aug 1909 at Baptist parsonage, Grand Forks

95-09-169488 Charles GEORGE, 37, teamster, Ottawa, Ashcroft, s/o John GEORGE & Catherine MAHONEY, married Sarah Jessie LEHMAN, 21, Markham Ont., Ashcroft, d/o Isaac LEHMAN & Margaret VAN ZANT, witn: Mary A. LEHMAN of Ashcroft & Andrew PATTERSON of Spence Bridge, 20 March 1895 at res of the bride's father, Ashcroft

97-09-169489 Charles Henry GIBSON, 30, butcher, Goderich Ontario., Ashcroft, s/o John GIBSON & Ann, married Margaret Sarah WEBB, 19, England, Ashcroft, d/o Frank WEBB & Mary, witn: George MURPHY & Abbie THOMPSON, both of Ashcroft, 16 June 1897

10-09-168184 Rowland Pollycarp GIBSON, 23, railway clerk, Listowel Ont., Grand Forks, s/o James GIBSON & Martha CHAPMAN, married Lillian STACEY, 20, Farnham - Sussex England, Grand Forks, d/o Henry STACEY & Elizabeth, witn: Catherine J. McKEE of Grand Forks & June ELLIOTT, 22 Dec 1910 at Grand Forks

07-09-168176 William Bedford GLANVILLE, 25, rancher, Aylmer Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Ranulph Ed GLANVILLE & Mary SWANSON, married Carrie UTAS, 19, Wetaskiwin Alberta, Grand Forks, d/o Henry & Beatrice, witn: William BUNTING & Hannah NELSON, both of Grand Forks, 19 Sept 1907

87-09-175297 George Robertson GORDON, 26, merchant, Goderich Ontario., Vancouver BC, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Susan Elizabeth McINTYRE, 24, Goderich Ont., Clinton, d/o John & Annie, witn: Arch McINTYRE & Annie McLELLAN, 18 Oct. 1887

11-09-168186 William M. GOWANS, 29, railway conductor, Toronto, Eholt, s/o John & Mary Jane, married Mrs. Lavina McASTOCKER, 23, widow, Winnipeg, Eholt, d/o Norman LEESE & Mary FILLERTY, witn: Ida & Charles BICKERTON of Grand Forks, 12 Dec 1911 at res of Charles Bickerton, Grand Forks

09-09-168183 Duncan GRANT, 24, teacher, Kintore Ont., Phoenix, s/o John & Sarah, married Cora Elenor GRAHAM, 19, Rankin Ont., Phoenix, d/o Joseph Henry & Mary Elizabeth, witn: J.L. GRAHAM of Vancouver & Lucy GRAHAM of Phoenix, 25 Dec 1909 at res of the bride's mother

06-09-168175 Ernest GRANT, 27, tinsmith, Toronto, Vancouver, s/o Andrew GRANT & Emma SCADDING, married Mrs. Maud BURGESS, 28, Portland Oregon, Phoenix, d/o Michael HOWARD & Elizabeth, witn: F.E. RISING & E. AURACHE, both of Grand Forks, 25 June 1906 at Grand Forks

10-09-173078 William GRANT, 30, plumber, Ottawa Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o Francis GRANT & blank, married Martha PARKES, 29, England, Prince Rupert, d/o James PARKES & blank, witn: Horace DUVERNET of Toronto & Stella DUVERNET of Prince Rupert, 11 Jan 1910 at St. Andrews Church, Prince Rupert

10-09-173080 Loring Arlington GREEN, 41, widower, laborer, Charlotte Co NB, Prince Rupert, s/o William Burke GREEN & Elizabeth DAGGETT, married Hazel Gertrude SCHERK, 19, Victoria Harbour Ont., Prince Rupert, d/o William John SCHERK & Harriet Elizabeth HENRY, witn: Harry DAGGETT & Mrs. Lillie Smith McLEOD, both of Prince Rupert, 25 Dec 1910 at 8th Ave., Prince Rupert

09-09-173159 Charles Frederick Arthur GREEN, 41, rancher, Victoria BC, Kitsumkalum - Skeena River, s/o Charles F. GREEN & Elizabeth, married Agnes Esther CHICHESTER, 40, widow, Ramsdenheath Essex England, Streetsville Ont., d/o James SMITH & Esther Jane, witn: H.L. FRANK & J.A. MARSH, both of Kitsumkalum, 26 Oct. 190 at Church Hall, Kitsumkalum

09-09-168213 William Andrew HACKETT, 25, miner, Stratford Ont., Phoenix, s/o Andrew HACKETT & Della, married Lula May EVERS, 16, La Grande Oregon, Phoenix, d/o John & Maria, witn: Seraphina VARALL & Maria PRICE, both of Phoenix, 9 Oct. 190 at Butte Hotel, Phoenix

01-09-168192 Herbert HACKING, 30, lumberman, Darwen Lancs. England, Grand Forks, s/o James & Catherine, married Margaret CLARK, 18, Petrolia Ont., Grand Forks, d/o Robert & Ellen, witn: George JONES & William THAYER, both of Grand Forks, 4 July 1901

04-09-172898 William John HADDOCK, 28, wholesale merchant, Drayton Ont., Vancouver, s/o Thomas HADDOCK & Mary Jane MANNELL, married Gertrude Lucilla HALL, 22, Milgrave NB, 150 Mile House, d/o Stephen T. HALL & Elizabeth Elliot McDONALD, witn: J.S. BAISS & Hazel Thorne HALL, both of 150 Mile House, 14 Sept 1904 at res of the bride's father

09-09-173976 William Edward HADDON, 31, postmaster, Priceville Ont., Discovery, s/o Rev. Thomas HADDON & Isabella GARDNER, married Violet Grace MOLYNEAUX, 21, Ottawa Ont., Atlin BC, d/o Hugh MOLYNEAUX & Marjorie Anna CARRUTHERS, witn: M.B. CARMICHAEL of Atlin & Raymond S. WEST of Discovery, 15 Sept 190 at St. Martins Church, Atlin

10-09-173087 William Samuel HALL, 37, dentist, Mount Forest Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o William Thomas HALL & Mary Ann, married Grace Georgina DUDGEON, 28, Victoria BC, Prince Rupert, d/o James & Anah Harding DUDGEON, witn: F.D. KEELE (Keely?) of Prince Rupert & Mary DAVIS of Anderson Inda, 11 June 1910

96-09-175312 William Parkes HALL, 44, rancher, Tennessee US, Horse Fly BC, s/o J.C. HALL & Louisa, married Rebecca COURTNEY, 38, Missouri USA, Horse Fly, d/o Daniel COURTNEY & Eliza, witn: John McMULLEN & Eliza MARSHALL, both of Clinton, 16 Dec 1896 [with note: "they look rather old for their years"]

06-09-168206 Richard Simonds HALL, 32, miner, London Ont., Phoenix, s/o George Alway & Alwilda Gale HALL, married Katherine Frances MARLIN, 28, Sherbrooke Que. Phoenix, d/o James & Rebecca, witn: Maggie A. MARLIN & Maxwell Clayton WADE, both of Grand Forks, 14 Feb 1906 at Methodist Church, Phoenix

08-09-168211 Robert HALPENNY, 32, railway conductor, Ottawa, Wainwright, s/o Robert & blank, married Louisa McEWEN, 27, Winnipeg, Grand Forks, d/o Hugh & blank, witn: James HENDERSON of Wainwright Alberta & Helen McEWEN of Grand Forks, 30 Dec 1908 at res of the bride, Grand Forks

11-09-174200 James Charles HALSEY, 28, real estate agent, Ontario, Prince Rupert, s/o John Edward HALSEY & Margaret BEATON, married Hester May KERGIN, 22, Ontario, Prince Rupert, d/o William KERGIN & Margaret EMMETT, witn: J.H. THOMPSON & Lucy McMASTER, both of Prince Rupert, 14 Oct 1911 at res of W. Kergin MD, Prince Rupert

11-09-173038 Francis Walter HAMANN, 29, book keeper, Chicago, Hazelton, s/o Julius August HAMANN & Edith CHIVERS, married Blanche HORTEIE, 23, Ottawa, Hazelton, d/o Isaac HORTEIE & Minnie WILSON, witn: Frank O'BRIEN & Georgie DORSEY, both of Hazelton, 14 June 1911 at St. Peters Church, Hazelton

07-09-173975 Philip HAMPTON, 33, hotel keeper, Forest Ont., Discovery, s/o Charles HAMPTON & Mary, married Blanche Eleanor NAFTZGER, 31, Indiana USA, Discovery, d/o Charles NAFTZGER & Effie, witn: Mrs. A.M. ROSS & Mrs. WOLLERS, both of Atlin, 25 July 1907 at Atlin

97-09-169493 Stewart HANNAH, 25, telegraphist, Westmeath Ontario., Lytton, s/o John HANNAH & Eleanor, married Mary Johanna WHITE, 20, South Durham Que., Lytton, d/o William WHITE & Mary, witn: J.B. SILVERTHORN & J.C. FRANCIS & E. TRODDEN, all of Lytton, 1 Oct. 1897

04-09-168202 Arch E. HARDY (Handy?), 28, laborer, Cannington Ont., Grand Forks, s/o John & blank, married Marie Helen REY, 19, Bonneville France, Grand Forks, d/o Louis & blank, witn: B.M. SWEEZEY & Emily MANUEL, both of Grand Forks, 20 Sept 1904 at parsonage, Grand Forks

05-09-175471 Francis William HARDY, 29, minister, Oakwood Ontario., Skidegate - Queen Charlotte Islands, s/o Mr. & Mrs. William HARDY of Oakwood Ont, married Ella Callista KERGIN, 22, St. Catharines Ont., Port Simpson, d/o Mr. & Mrs. William H. KERGIN, witn: H.F. KERGIN & Minnie BURPEE, both of Port Simpson, 6 Oct. 1905 at Grace Church, Port Simpson

10-09-168217 Fred Wellington HARRINGTON, 36, miner, Northumberland Co. Ont., Phoenix, s/o Enoch & Flora, married Margaret HERDMAN, 32, Ireland, Phoenix, d/o Francis & Prudence, witn: Catherine Jane & John MILLER of Phoenix, 5 Oct. 1910 at res of John Miller

15-09-171754 Norman Joseph HEAVENOR, 25, painter, Morrison twp Ont., Prince George, s/o James Harvey HEAVENOR & Matilda Janet McPHEE, married Elizabeth Ann ALLEN, 18, Aubrey Que., Prince George, d/o Andrew G. ALLEN & May Mo LENTHEN?, witn: Thomas A. GRIFFITH & Isabella McLeod ALLEN, 15 Oct. 1915 at Knox Church manse, South Fort George

07-09-173162 Frederick Walter HICKLENTON, 32, fishery, London England, Skeena River, s/o John Knight & Emma Martha HICKLENTON, married Agnes McGUIGAN, 35, Stratford Ont., Vancouver BC, d/o Michael & Bridget McGUIGAN, witn: Henry FOOTE & Emile CARLSON, both of Vancouver, 14 Feb 1907 at residence, Carlile Cannery, Sheena River

96-09-172896 Stephen Lundy HILBORN, 29, carpenter, Arkona Ont., Quesnelle, s/o Ebenezer L. HILBORN & Melinda, married Josephine Elizabeth M. St.LAURENT, 19, Barkerville, Quesnelle, d/o Joseph St.LAURENT & Georgina, witn: Eddie T. OWEN of Quesnelle & Jeannie McLEESE of Soda Creek, 26 Feb 1895

75-09-172820 William HITCHCOCK, 50, widower, assayer, London England, Barkerville, s/o John HITCHCOCK & Susan, married Eliza Eunice HYDE, 28?, Plympton Ont., Beaver Pass, d/o George HYDE & Alicia, witn: Alex LINDSAY & J. Spencer THOMPSON, 1 Sept 1875

08-09-168210 William Francis HOFFMAN, 28, clerk, Petrolia Ont., Grand Forks, s/o John Edward & Lucy, married Louisa CHALMERS, 33, West Shefford Que., Grand Forks, d/o James & Isabella, witn: W. C. CHALMERS & A.W. FRASER, both of Grand Forks, 28 July 1908 at Holy Trinity Church, Grand Forks

86-09-169613 Alexander HOGG, 22, railway employee, Tullamore Ont., Yale, s/o George HOGG & Isabella, married Maria WHEATLEY, 22, Islington - London England, Yale, d/o William WHEATLEY & Mary Ann, witn: William & Mary Ann WHEATLEY of Yale, 3 Oct. 1886

11-09-168220 Arthur Henry HOOK, 30, assayer, Bowmanville Ont., Napoleon Washington, s/o Arthur J. HOOK & Elizabeth, married Maggie Ellen SCOTT, 26, Brownley Ont., Napoleon, d/o James SCOTT & Ann, witn: Jane ELLIOTT & Catherine J. McKEE, both of Grand Forks, 2 Nov 1911 at Presbyterian Manse, Grand Forks

09-09-173085 Edward Noyes HORSEY, 25, engineer, Utica NY, Prince Rupert, s/o George F. HORSEY & Harriet TUTTLE, married Flora McDONALD, 21, Alliston Ont., Inverness, d/o George M. McDONALD & Eliza SIPPRELL, witn: M.S. BURBANK of Inverness & F.S. CLEMENTS of Prince Rupert, 1 March 1909 at Presbyterian manse, Prince Rupert

10-09-168218 William HOWARTH, 32, printer, Perth Ont., Anaconda Montana, s/o James H. HOWARTH & Mrs. married Rebecca DEMUTH, 26, Gossenbach Germany, Grand Forks, d/o John Frederick DEMUTH & Mrs., witn: Walter & Lillian DEMUTH of Grand Forks, 11 Oct. 1910 at res of J.F. Demuth Esq., Grand Forks

86-09-169612 Leonard HOWSON, 30, roadman, Clinton Ontario., Suspension Bridge - Spuzzum, s/o Robert HOWSON & Elizabeth, married Katherine [no surname given], Hope BC, Spuzzum, d/o Hugh GILMORE & blank, witn: G. MILLS & Nukah (an Indian), 17 may 1906

08-09-169495 Oliver Thomas HUBBARD, 23, bridge Carpenter, Cartwright Ont., Agassiz, s/o Albert T. HUBBARD & Rose A. BARKER, married Mary Elizabeth LYNE, 18, Ashcroft, same, d/o William LYNE & Mary COLLINGSWORTH, witn: Ernest William & Clara LYNE of Ashcroft, 20 Aug 1908 at Ashcroft

12-09-174201 Lorne HUDSON, 22, fisherman, Metlakatta Alaska, same, s/o James HUDSON & Martha MILTON, married Sarah FAUCETT, 19, Metlakatta Alaska, same, d/o Arthur FAUCETT & Ellen (Indian), witn: Peter LEIGHTON & Jessie ATKINSON, both of Metlakatta Alaska, 11 Sept 1012 at Methodist Church, Prince Rupert

09-09-169616 Thomas Sidney HUGHES, 32, printer, Carleton Place Ont., Princeton, s/o William HUGHES & Frances, married Ada Josephine RUTHERFORD, 32, widow, Redwing Minn., Princeton, d/o Patrick TURNEY & Matthew (sic), witn: L. Gertrude & Neil McFADDEN of Princeton, 14 Jan 1909 at Princeton Presbyterian manse

11-09-168221 Edward J. HUGHES, 23, farmer, St. Peter Minnesota, Grand Forks, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Eleanor KIRKPATRICK, 21, Bowmanville Ont., d/o Thomas KIRKPATRICK & Alsina, witn: J.B. McNEVIN of Grand Forks, 6 Nov 1911 at Presbyterian manse, Grand Forks

03-09-168197 William Reible HULL, 29, mining promoter, Pittsburg Penn., Chicago, s/o William Newell & Mary Osborne HULL, married Elsie McLAREN, 25, Meaford Ont., Carson BC, d/o John & Alberta, witn: Fred CLARK & Margaret EYRE, both of Grand Forks, 30 June 1903 at Carson

09-09-176727 Frank HUME, 27, engineer, Galt Ont., Wilmer, s/o Alexander HUME & Medora, married Ada Winnifred GRIFFITHS, 27, Victoria BC, Wilmer, d/o Jeremiah GRIFFITHS & Eleanor Eliza, witn: Alfred James PASSMORE of Wilmer & Hattie Winnifred BROWN of Revelstoke, 24 March 1909 at "The Cottage", Wilmer

04-09-175316 Isaac HUNT, 37, farmer, Bruce Co. Ont., Ashcroft, s/o William HUNT & Maria, married Mary Serena FRENCH, 25, Ontario, Ashcroft, d/o Thomas FRENCH & Naomi, witn: Isaac KERR & Jennie KERR, both of Clinton, 22 Nov 1904 at Dominion Hotel, Clinton

98-09-175313 Mareous Wayne HUSTON, 31, stage driver, Albany Oregon, Clinton, s/o Sydney HUSTON & Sarah FRUM, married Annie McINNES, 25, Unionville Ont., Alexandria, d/o Alexander McINNES & Annie RODDY, witn: George & Mrs. George MITCHELL, 25 Aug 1898

85-09-175306 Thomas HUTCHINSON, 47, farmer, Kent Co. Ont., Dog Creek, s/o Alexander HUTCHINSON & Eliza, married Minnie HANES, 15, Alkali Lake BC, Chilcoten, d/o John HANES & Indian woman, witn: Nelson HANES of Dog Creek & F. SONES? of Clinton, 4 March 1885

09-09-169497 Daniel W HUTCHISON, 39, traveller, Middlesex Co. Ont., Calgary, s/o Joseph HUTCHISON & Elizabeth EVANS, married Edith A. CASH, 36, Seaforth Ont., same, d/o Edward CASH & Margaret SMITH, witn: Joanna HENDERSON of Ashcroft & Margaret FRANK of Victoria, 19 Nov 1909 at Zion Presbyterian manse, Ashcroft

96-09-176617 Albert Edward ILIFF, 33, fireman, Kempville Ont., Donald BC, s/o Thomas ILIFF & Eliza, married Eliza Jane LAURENCE, 29, Ireland, Donald BC, d/o Samuel LAURENCE & Ann, witn: E.H. MacLEAN & H.J. McSORLEY, both of Donald, 10 March 1896

02-09-168224 George Henry INKSTER, 28, farmer, Illinois US, Davenport Washington, s/o St. Clair INKSTER & Margaret ANDERSON, married Olga W. A. FREDELL (Indell?), 25, Ontario Canada, Davenport Washington, d/o William FREDELL & Emma A. EVERS, witn: William P. INKSTER of Davenport Washington & Anne L. WALTERS of Phoenix, 24 Dec 1902

98-09-169621 William Andrew JAMIESON, 47, widower, Ottawa Ont., North Bend BC, s/o William JAMIESON & Isabella, married Annie Laura SHIEVERT, 21, Arnprior Ont., North Bend, d/o Edward SHIEVERT & Ernestine, witn: William DODD & N.S. FRASER, both of Yale, 17 may 1898

04-09-173977 Robert J. JOHNSTON, 27, baker, Sharbot Lake, Atlin, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Lizzie LINTON, married Mabel WILLIAMS, 24, Minneapolis Minn., Atlin, d/o Alphonso WILLIAMS & Alice CLARK, witn: Ethel L. PILLMAN & William HADDON, both of Atlin, 22 Aug 1904

08-09-168233 John Stephen JOHNSTON, 28, laborer, Simcoe Co. Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Robert JOHNSTON & Louisa Harriet FERTH, married Lillian Susan CLARK, 17, North Fork of Kettle River - Grand Forks, Grand Forks, d/o Robert CLARK & Ella BARNES, witn: Robert CLARK of Raw Hide Nevada & Mrs. H. HACKING of Grand Forks, 25 Aug 1908 at res of the bride's father, Grand Forks

86-09-169478 William Arthur Dashwood JONES, 27, express agent, Kinson Dorestshire England, CPR Spence Bridge, s/o Dashwood JONES & Annie Selena, married Jennie Ann CLEMIS, 25, Port Hope Ont., Spence Bridge, d/o William CLEMIS & Jane, witn: Arthur & Esther CLEMIS of Spence Bridge, 15 Feb 1886

99-09-175326 William John Doulinage? KEELY, 28, saddler, Russell Ont., Clinton, s/o John KEELY & Ann PYPER, married Isabella D. CUNNINGHAM, 24, Saline Fifeshire Scotland, Clinton, d/o John CUNNINGHAM & Jessie GORDON, witn: Benjamin NEWNHAM & Beatrice MacDONALD, 9 Aug 1899

08-09-176730 Montford Allen KELLY, 29, accountant, Burford Ont., Wilmer, s/o Horatio Nelson KELLY & Sarah, married Pearl Hope MacNEILL, 23, Souris PEI, Wilmer, d/o William H. MacNEILL & Jennie, witn: Leroy V. KELLY of Calgary & Annie BUTTERFIELD of Haverhill Massachusetts, 15 Jan 1908 at Wilmer

11-09-172855 William Daniel KENNEDY, 32, merchant, Chippewa Falls Wisconsin, South Fort George, s/o Daniel KENNEDY & blank, married Nellie BOYES, 27, Brooklin On., South Fort George, d/o James BOYES & blank, witn: D.F. M. & Mary PERKINS of Fort George, 2 Jan 1911

10-09-173097 Herbert Frederick KIRGIN, 25, electrician, St. Catharines Ont., Stewart, s/o William Henry KIRGIN & blank, married Achsah Frances McCOSKERIE, 23, Kenora Ont., Prince Rupert, d/o Edward McCOSKERIE & blank, witn: Capt. Edward McCOSKERIE & Margaret Emmett KIRGIN, both of Prince Rupert, 25 Oct. 1910 at Prince Rupert

04-09-172905 Archibald Campbell KNIGHTS, 23, book keeper, Renfrew Ont., 150 Mile House, s/o Thomas KNIGHTS & Mary, married Mary Frances COMER, 23, St. Paul Minn., 150 Mile House, d/o James COMER & Ellen, witn: James BAISS of 150 Mile House & Samuel SMITH of Dewdney, 1 June 1904

10-09-173102 Harry F. LANE, 36, bar tender, Newhaven Conn., Knox Hotel in Prince Rupert, s/o William LANE & blank, married Marion Ellinor KLYN, 29, Madison Wisconsin, Knox Hotel in Prince Rupert, d/o Richard KLYN & blank, witn: W.B. WALLACE & Mrs. C. ELINE?, both of Prince Rupert, 22 Nov 1910 at St. Andrews Church Hall, Prince Rupert

10-09-173100 William Franklin LANGDON, 29, railroading, Lawton Michigan, Winnipeg, s/o John Henry LANGDON & blank, married Mabel Emily LARGE, 22, Shelburne Ont., Prince Rupert, d/o Thomas Henry LARGE & blank, witn: M.H. LARGE of Prince Rupert & Lena ISAACSON of Winnipeg, 7 Jan 1910 at res of bride's parents, Prince Rupert

02-09-168350 Francis LATHAM, 31, smelter, Mold - Flintshire Wales, s/o John & Mary, married Edith Annie COWLEY, 22, Newport Pagnell - Bucks. England, Grand Forks, d/o Frederick & Sarah Edith, witn: J.R. McDONELL & Hilda ADDISON, both of Grand Forks, 9 Dec 1902 at Holy Trinity Church, Grand Forks

93-09-167638 Jacob LAUR, 52, farmer, Aylmer Ont., Armstrong, s/o Benjamin LAUR & Jane, married Honor Maria BROWNING, 54, widow, Llangua England, Lansdowne, d/o Thomas WALLACE & Ann, witn: G.J. & Ann WALLACE of Lansdowne, 4 May 1893

10-09-167666 Edgar Everett LAW, 36, printer, Richmond Hill Ont., Penticton, s/o Robert E. LAW & Mary E. ROSE, married Sarah Willamina HOGG, 33, Baltimore Ont., same, d/o George M. HOGG & Mary BROWN, witn: Irene & M.D. ROBSON of Vernon, 15 Oct 1910 at Vernon

06-09-167654 Arthur Basil LAWRENCE, 26, rancher, Blackheath England, Penticton, s/o John Philip LAWRENCE & Evelyn, married Jennie Christena Winnaretta GILLESPIE, 19, Merlin Ont., Penticton, d/o Dougal GILLESPIE & Jane Elizabeth, witn: Montague C. KENDALL & Belva Ethel GILLESPIE, both of Penticton, 15 June 1906

94-09-167639 Walter Henry LAWRENCE, 37, livery stable keeper, West Flamboro Ont., Vernon, s/o Frederick LAWRENCE & Eliza, married Elizabeth May MITCHELL, 35, widow, Huron Co. Ont, Vernon, d/o Henry SHEFFER & Sarah, witn: Catherine PARERITTE of Vernon, 30 Nov 1894

81-09-172908 John LEBRUN, 24, laborer, Stuarts Lake BC, Quesnelmouth, s/o Joseph LEBRUN & Louise CHENAKA, married Marguerite HEMPASS? (Fliempass?), 24, Quesnelmouth, same, d/o Joseph HEMPASS & Mary BETLOW, witn: Francois LEBRUN & Charles LEBRUN, both of Quesnelmouth, 4 Jan 1881

79-09-169540 Thomas LEDUC, 43, teacher, Dundas Ont., Cache Creek, s/o Antoine LEDUC & Ellen Heloise, married Rosanna SCHUBERT, 17, Kamloops, Cache Creek, d/o Augustus SCHUBERT & Catherine O'HARE, witn: James ORR & Annie PERRY, both of Cache Creek, 11 Aug 1879

07-09-172884 Henry LE DUKE (Leduc?), 34, farmer, St. Eugene Ont., Fraser Lake, s/o Archie LE DUKE & Ellen HOYSTED, married Louisa RYAN, 28, Montreal, same, d/o John RYAN & Catherine BENNETT, witn: Father D. CHIAPPINI & Brother J. SMITH, both of St. Josephs Mission, 27 June 1904 at St. Josephs Mission

05-09-167642 William Thomas LESLIE, 34, waiter on board S.S. Aberdeen, Wallace twp Ont., Okanagan Landing, s/o Moses LESLIE & Sarah Ann WILSON, witn: Mary Harriet Ethelinda MUNN, 29, Woodville PEI, Okanagan Landing, d/o Roderick MUNN & blank, witn: Duncan M. LAYTON of Arrowhead & Esther Rachel LESLIE of Kelowna, 26 Sept 1905 at Enderby

89-09-167634 Moses LEVAR (Laur?), 39, St. Stephens NB, Lansdowne, s/o Benjamin & Margaret, married Mrs. Hulsey DENNY, 25, widow, Walkerton Ontario, Lansdowne, d/o Isaac BACON & Margaret, witn: Jacob LAUR of Lansdowne and John William & Mary BACON of Enderby, 6 May 1889

04-09-167648 George Lawrence LEVINS, 33, farmer, Peterborough Ont., Armstrong, s/o William Lawrence LEVINS & Susane McLAUGHLIN, married Agnes DEVLIN, 30, Almonte Ont., Armstrong, d/o James DEVLIN & Ellen McLAUGHLIN, witn: J. MARTIN & L. O'KEEFE, both of Vernon, 29 June 1904

08-07-167658 Thomas Russell LEWERS, 22, tinsmith, Kingston Ont., Kelowna, s/o David LEWERS & Agnes KENNEDY, married Mary Louise McCURDY, 19, Kelowna, same, d/o George McCURDY & Harriet Amelia MARENCY, witn: Walter & Edythe WITT of Kelowna, 28 Nov 1908 at Kelowna

09-09-167660 John Stephen LINTON, 29, lumberman, Newcastle NB, Spallurncheen - Enderby, s/o James LINTON & Mary Jane SYPHER, married Margaret DAYKIN, 20, London Ont., Armstrong, d/o Calvert Thomas DAYKIN & Annie NORMAN, witn: James R. LINTON of Enderby & Constance DAYKIN of Armstrong, 1 Jan 1909 at Armstrong

82-09-175329 William LIVINGSTONE, 30, collector, Renfrew Ont., Clinton, s/o Neil LIVINGSTONE & Annie CAMPBELL, Marie Ellen Varcoe UREN, 18, Clinton, Savona Ferry, d/o James UREN & Melvina GEORGE, witn: James & Emma WREN of Savona Ferry, 30 May 1882

92-09-167636 David LLOYD-JONES, 30, contractor, Bradford Ont., Trout Creek - Okanagan Valley, s/o John LLOYD-JONES & Elizabeth, married Edith GARTRELL, 18, Stratford Ont., Trout Creek - Okanagan Valley, d/o James GARTRELL & Mary, witn: Samuel GIBBS & E. Clark LAWRENCE, both of Enderby, 17 Nov 1892

93-09-172825 James Alex LOCKE, 36, stage driver, Ontario, Quimette BC, s/o not given, married Jeannie Ingles KELLY, 19, Barkerville, same, d/o Andrew KELLY & Elizabeth HUSTES, witn: William NORMALD & Alice M. BROWN, both of Barkerville, 15 Sept 1893

06-09-168254 John P. LOFTUS, smelter man, b. 27 Sept 1866, Phelpston Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Patrick LOFTUS & Mary HUSSEY, married Mary KENNEDY, b. 25 April 1874, Antigonish NS, Grand Forks, d/o James KENNEDY & Elizabeth GARVEY, witn: Francis Joseph LOFTUS & Agnes COSGROVE, both of Grand Forks, 23 Oct. 1906 at Sacred Heart Church, Grand Forks

15-09-171765 Freeman Pearson? LONSDALE, 21, liveryman, Arnprior Ont., McBride, s/o Wesley LONSDALE, fireman, & Mary CAMPBELL, married Helen Mary RENSHAW, 16, Usk Washington US, McBride, d/o Robert Holdam RENSHAW, merchant, & Laura Helen THACKER, witn: Fred Leonard WALLER & Winnifred RENSHAW, 26 Oct. 1915 at Mr. Renshaw's house, McBride

07-09-167657 John LOREE, 41, widower, laborer, Brant Co Ont., Armstrong, s/o Abram LOREE & Susan, married Mabel BOSS, 24, Nova Scotia, Armstrong, d/o John BOSS & Alice, witn: Leonard & Yada OSTERHOUT of Vernon, 23 Dec 1907

10-09-267665 John Campbell LUCAS, 34, farmer, Guildford Surrey England, Enderby, s/o Alexander LUCAS & Mary CRANSTON, married Florence Mildred NICHOL, 18, Hanover Ont., Enderby, d/o James NICHOL & Sarah DERBY, witn: Edith JOHNSON & Samuel LEECE, both of Enderby, 21 July 1910

99-09-168247 Morley Wesley LUDLOW, 30, telegraph operator, Brantford Ont., Cascade, s/o Thomas George LUDLOW & Elizabeth SHARP, married Allie Victor McHARGUE, 22, Princeton MO US, Cascade, d/o Joseph H. McHARGUE & L.E. COX, witn: G. FREDERICK of Cascade ^ Mrs. Jennie CARTER of Columbia, 16 Sept 1899 at Commercial Hotel, Cascade

06-09-169253 Morley Wesley LUDLOW, 36, hotel keeper, Brantford Ont., Denoro, s/o Thomas George LUDLOW & Elizabeth SHARP, married Mannie CLARK, 23, St. Paul, Denoro, d/o Frederick & Matilda, 2 April 1909 at res of Charles Hagelberg

09-09-168255 Morley Wesley LUDLOW, 38, hotel keeper, Brantford Ont., Denoro, s/o Thomas George LUDLOW & Elizabeth SHARP, married Helen SHEA, 25, widow, Los Angeles California, Denoro, d/o James GOULAY & Maria, witn: William & Mercy PHILLIPS of Denoro, 24 March 1909

06-09-167656 William LUPTON, 28, gentleman, Birkenhead Cheshire England, Peachland, s/o Henry LUPTON & Emma, married Mary Helen Baird AITKENS, 17, Stoney Creek Ont., Peachland, d/o Clement & Mary Bloxam AITKENS, witn: Leonard HAYMAN of Wetbank Kelowna & Florence Mary AITKENS of Peachland, 21 Nov 1906 at Presbyterian Church, Peachland

04-09-167649 Alfred Edwin LYE, 23, rancher, Trenton Ont., Okanagan Mission, s/o Henry LYE & Sarah Frances, married Margaret Lillian ETLINGER, 25, London England, Kelowna, d/o John Ernest ETLINGER & Florence, witn: B.F. BOYCE of Kelowna & E.A. BARNSLEY of Okanagan Mission, 17 Sept 1904 at St. Michaels Church, Kelowna

03-09-168251 Thomas Francis LYONS, 26, engineer, Ottawa, Phoenix, s/o John & Margaret, married Annie Louisa WALTERS, 20, England, Phoenix, d/o William & Annie, witn: William & Mae Young LAIRD of Phoenix, 19 Feb 1903 at Church Hall, Greenwood

08-09-167714 Walter MACK, 38, farmer, St. Marys Ont., Enderby, s/o James MACK & Janet, married Isabel Emeline POUND, 18, Liverpool England, Enderby, d/o Thomas POUND & Alice GRUNDY, witn: William POUND & Edna LAING, both of Enderby, 23 Dec 1908

09-09-167717 William Archibald MACK, 29, farmer, Forest Ont., Enderby, s/o James MACK & Janet LOCKIE, married Flossie Jean WHEELER, 21, Austin Manitoba, Enderby, d/o William WHEELER & Margaret DUNCAN, witn: Roy WHEELER & Mrs. R. BLACKBURN, both of Enderby, 5 June 1909

08-09-168303 Thomas A. F. MACKINTOSH, 30, accountant, London Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Thomas & blank, married Catherine McDONALD, 34, Pembroke Ont., Grand Forks, d/o George & blank, witn: Jeff & Margaret DAVIS of Grand Forks, 1 Feb. 1908 at Grand Forks

05-09-167698 Reginald W. MAIN, 25, rancher, Elora Ont., Armstrong, d/o William MAIN & Hannah BOYS, married G. Maud M. PURDY, 25, Newberry Ont., Enderby, d/o David A. PURDY & Georgiana MOOREHOUSE, witn: Leslie & Sarah MAIN of Armstrong, 24 May 1905 at Enderby

03-09-167691 Leslie MAIN, 27, rancher, Elora Ont., Armstrong, s/o William MAIN & Hannah BOYS, married Sarah Grills BOWES, 27, Elora Ont., same, d/o John BOWES & Elizabeth GRILLS, witn: Reginald W. MAIN of Armstrong & G. Maud PURDY of Enderby, 13 May 1903 at Enderby

10-09-167721 Frederick William MAN, 21, farmer, Saxony Germany, Antiock Illinois, s/o William MAN & blank, married Jane FEAR, 21, Owen Sound Ont., Armstrong, d/o Albert FEAR & blank, witn: Albert Edward FEAR & Mary Ward FEAR, both of Armstrong, 10 March 1910 at St. Andrews Manse, Vernon

11-09-167729 George Henry MANNDRELL, 35, widower, butcher, Niagara Falls Ont., Armstrong, s/o George Henry MANNDRELL & Priscilla SIDSWORTH, married Edna Pearl FERGUSON, 21, Grande Prairie BC, Armstrong, d/o Alexander FERGUSON & Teresa McCANN, witn: William CLOW of Oaklake Manitoba or Armstrong (both given) & Dora GAMBLE of Armstrong, 4 July 1911 at Armstrong

05-09-172916 William Francis MANSON, 41, telegraphist, Lanark Ont., Stoney Creek BC, s/o Archibald MANSON & Beatrice PENMAN, married Margaret McNAUGHTON, 45, widow, Balmagee Scotland, Quesnel, d/o Thomas PEEBLES & Jane MURIE, witn: Alice STOTT & D.H. ANDERSON, both of Quesnel, 27 June 1905 at Quesnel Church

11-09-173110 Joseph E. MARCHILDON, 30, farmer, Lafontaine - Simcoe Co Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o Joseph MARCHILDON & Henrietta, married Miss Emily Grace BOWEN, 20, Eureka California, Prince Rupert, d/o Joseph BOWEN & Emily, witn: Miss Anita BOWEN & Mrs. Lillie McLEOD, both of Prince Rupert, 29 May 1911 at residence of the Minister, 8th Ave. in Prince Rupert

11-09-169637 Louis MARCOTTE, 25, hotel keeper, Perkinsfield Ont., Coal Mont BC, s/o Louis Napoleon MARCOTTE & Elizabeth BOURIE, married Myrtle Edith SCHISLER, 18, Princeton, same, d/o James J. SCHISLER & Emma Laura MATTHEWS, witn: George LYALL & Mrs. Jack BROMELEY (Bromley?), both of Princeton, 6 Sept 1911 at res of Mr. J. Schisler, Princeton

03-09-167695 Percy MARK, 31, livery stable keeper, Maidstone, Vernon, s/o L.F. MARK & Henrietta, married Maud Mary HILL, 18, Cornwall Ont., Vernon, d/o Henry HILL & Janet, 12 Nov 1903 at Vernon

73-09-175331 Thomas Garland MARSHALL, 50, carpenter, Boharm Scotland, Lillooet, s/o William MARSHALL & Elizabeth, married Eliza SMITH, 45, widow, Naas Ireland, Clinton, d/o John ANDERSON & Jane, witn: Frederick SONES of Clinton & Richard HOEY of Lillooet, 7 April 1873

09-09-167718 Donald Alexander MARTIN, 32, farmer, Guelph, Hullcar BC, s/o Duncan MARTIN & Mary SMITH, married Clara Maud PLATTEN, 28, Rumsford Essex England, Hullcar, d/o Thomas William PLATTEN & Clara DOUBLAT, witn: Donald CLARK of Vernon & Christena MATHESON of Hullcar, 16 June 1909

02-09-168265 Donald J. MATHESON, 29, postmaster, Boulardere NS, Phoenix, s/o Donald MATHESON & Margaret McRAE, married Sarah A. NOBLE, 26, Barrie Ont., Phoenix, d/o William NOBLE & Sarah HOLMES, witn: James E. THOMPSON of Phoenix & Katie NOBLE of Victoria, 7 Oct. 1902

95-09-167736 John Edward MATHISON, 30, merchant tailor, North Shore - Victoria Co. NS, Vernon, s/o Angus MATHISON & Sarah, married Agnes McDougall WRIGHT, 24, Muskoka Falls Ont., Lansdowne, d/o Rev. Walter WRIGHT & Mary, witn: John McKELVIE & Kate GUNTER?, both of Vernon, 10 April 1895

09-09-173112 Logan Edward Pickard McADAM, 30, prospector, New Zealand, Skidegate, s/o William Edward McADAM & blank, married Laura McDOUGALL, 24, Manitoba, Queen Charlotte City, d/o Donald John McDOUGALL & blank, witn: George E. STRACHAN of Queen Charlotte City & H.G. KOBET of Skidegate, 6 Nov 1909 at Methodist parsonage, Prince Rupert

05-05-172926 George W. McALLISTER, 31, gold miner, Ontario, Keithley Creek, s/o not given, married Agnes E. LAMONT, 24, Keithley Creek, same, d/o not given, witn: Mr. James L. HUTCH of Keithley Creek & Miss Margaret HAMILTON of Beaver Lake, 24 Aug 1905 at Keithley Creek

09-09-168307 Leo Arthur McASTOCKER, 22, steam engineer, Guelph Ont., Eholt, s/o James McASTOCKER & Bridget HEFFERNAN, married Florence Lavinia JOYCE, 25, Winnipeg, Eholt, d/o James JOYCE & Minnie? FINNERTY, witn: Louis CLERY of Grand Forks & Joseph HARTMANN of Greenwood, 14 May 1909 at Sacred Heart Church, Grand Forks

09-09-168310 James Babbington MacAULAY, 45, miner, Lyons NY, Phoenix, s/o John & Susan, married Mrs. Mary WHITE, 45, widow, Beachburg Ont., Phoenix, d/o Lauchlin MATHESON & Harriet, witn: William & Mrs. MURRAY of Phoenix, 21 Nov 1909

00-09-168289 Michael McBEAN, 29, merchant, Inverness Scotland, Phoenix, s/o John McBEAN & Isabella SMITH, married Frances Mary BEECROFT, 24, Flesherton Ont., same, d/o James BEECROFT & Annie COLLINGS, witn: Alfred L. REEVE of Phoenix & Mrs. James HAGAN of Greenwood, 2 April 1900 at Hotel

08-09-175435 Charles McCAFFREY, 27, miner, Essex Ont., Fosters Bar, s/o Charles McCAFFREY & Huldah, married Caroline WATKINSON, 24, Fosters Bar, same, d/o Joseph WATKINSON & Katherine, witn: William KANE of 20 Mile Post & Emily WATKINSON of Fosters bar, 18 June 1908 at res of the bride's father

98-09-167743 Robert McCALL, 23, locomotive fireman, Ontario, Kamloops, s/o Robert McCALL & Maggie, married Laura Minnie GLOVER, 22, England, Vernon, d/o George GLOVER & Mary Ann, witn: Harvey STEVENS & Gertie GLOVER, both of Vernon, 29 Sept 1898 at Methodist Church, Vernon

07-09-168302 Robert John McCANDLISH, 50, widower, Wingham Ont., Marcus? Washington, s/o Robert McCANDLISH & Susanna HARRISON, married Emma E. REYNOLDS, 40, widow, Nora Spring Iowa, Hillard Washington, d/o E. R. FUNSTON & M. HUCKENS, witn: W.H. ITTER & Fred AUROCHE, both of Grand Forks, 13 Aug 1907 at Baptist parsonage, Grand Forks

12-09-174213 Albert Richard McCLELAN, 25, driver, River Philip NS, s/o Benjamin McCLELAN & Ida McLELLAN, married Lilian Edna COBB, 21, Nipissing Co (sic) Ont, Prince Rupert, d/o George COBB & Annie SMITH, witn: William R. COBB of Prince Rupert, 23 Sept 1912 at res of the bride, Summit Ave., Prince Rupert

98-09-168288 Thomas G. McCORMICK, 29, miner, Gananoque Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Samuel McCORMICK & Agnes, married Theodosia S. MURRAY, 19, Maine US, Grand Forks, d/o Robert J. MURRAY J.C. LALOTTE, witn: Carlie CUSSON & Lizzie DUFOND, both of Upper Grand Forks, 31 May 1898

01-09-167750 George McCURDY, 43, widower, farmer, Bruce Co. Ont., Okanagan Mission, s/o Samuel McCURDY & Ann Jane HAYES, married Annie McCLURE, 42, widow, Indiana, Okanagan Mission, d/o Levi MALONE & Delilah, witn: Robert & Mrs. Robert MUNSON of Okanagan Mission, 17 Oct. 1901 at Vernon

96-09-167738 Angus McDONALD, 27, farmer, East Hawkesbury Ont., Vernon, s/o Donald McDONALD & Ann, married Maggie Meikle THOMAS, 20, Glasgow Scotland, Vernon, d/o John THOMAS & Jessie, witn: W.F. McMAHON & Mary THOMAS, both of Vernon. reg 99-09-167744 is a widowed Maggie Meikle Thomas marrying Angus's brother Alexander McDONALD, age 31, on 19 Dec 1899

04-09-167755 John Angus McDONALD, 33, miner, Sydney - Cape Breton, Olalla BC, s/o Angus McDONALD & Catherine McLEAN, married L.C. BEADLES, 27, Owen Sound Ont., Mt. Lehman BC, d/o Robert COGHLAN (sic) & Helen MORRISON, 29 Aug 1904

00-09-169519 W.A. McDONALD, 28, rancher, Lancaster Ont., Ashcroft, s/o A.M. McDONALD & Bella McLEOD, married Sarah McGILLIS, 24, Glen Robertson Ont., Ashcroft, d/o Hugh D. McGILLIS & Catherine CAMERON, witn: M. McCORMICK & Miss Alice BYRNE, both of Kamloops, 25 Sept 1900 at Sacred Heart Church, Kamloops

14-09-171760 George MacDONALD, 35, laborer, Toronto, South Fort George, s/o Allen MacDONALD & Elizabeth HARRISON, married Sallie (Salile?) ROY (half breed), 18, South Fort George, same, d/o Pierre ROY & Sophie BOUCHER (both half-breeds), witn: Sarah & Eliza BIRD, 30 Nov 1914 at Prince George

03-09-168294 John Ronald McDONELL, 30, engineer, Glengarry Co. Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Ronald John & Catherine, married Katherine Alice GRAHAM, 19, Spokane Washington, Grand Forks, d/o William GRAHAM & Maggie, witn: Fred GRAHAM & Mary Helene REY, both of Grand Forks, Wed 23 Dec 1903 at Holy Trinity Church, Grand Forks

09-09-168309 John MacDOUGALL, b. 26 Oct. 1883, smelterman, Dalkeith Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Dunken McDOUGALL & Anna MacMILLAN, married Mary BARRETT, b. 24 Sept 1889, Kansas Kansas, Grand Forks, d/o Miles BARRETT & Ann CROSBY, witn: Dan McDOUGALL & Teresa BARRETT, both of Grand Forks, 1 Sept 190 at Sacred Heart Church, Grand Forks

92-09-167733 Robert McDOUGALL, 31, postmaster, Eldon Ont., Vernon, s/o Neil McDOUGALL & Ann BOYNTON, married Louise ADAMS, 34, widow, San Francisco California, Vernon, d/o Louis HANTIN & Josephine VANDENBROOK, witn: A.A. JOHNSON & M.J. LANGRILL, both of Vernon, 27 April 1892

82-09-175340 Thomas McDOUGAL, 39, laborer, Ontario, Lac La Hache, s/o William McDOUGAL & Anna HAMILTON, married Catherine Ann McKINLAY, 25, Oregon US, Lac La Hache, d/o Archibald McKINLAY & Julia Ann OGDEN, witn: William ABEL & Emma OGDEN, both of Lac La Hache, 8 March 1882

15-09-171766 Charles MacFADYEN, 26, rancher, Caledon Ont., Gutvance? Alberta, s/o Duncan MacFADYEN, physician, & Carrie HARRIS, married Winnie Juanita RENSHAW, 23, Usk Washington US, McBride, d/o Robert H. RENSHAW, miner & Laura Helen THACKER, witn: R.A. RENSHAW & F. LONSDALE, 10 Dec 1910 at house of Mr. Renshaw, McBride

02-09-175348 John McGILLVRAY, 29, hotel keeper, Bruce Co. Ont., Clinton, s/o Cornelius McGILLVRAY & Christena McRAE, married Caroline Maud McCARTHY, 18, 137 Mile House, same, d/o Michael McCARTHY & Annie FELKER, witn: Pearl & G.E. BELL of Clinton, 1 Jan 1902 at res of Mr. E. Bell

09-09-169522 Albert Edward McGREGOR, 22, rancher, Millbridge Ont., North Bonaparte BC, s/o Duncan McGREGOR & Annie NORMAN, married Ethel PRESSEY, 18, North Yakuma Washington, North Bonaparte, d/o Franklin PRESSEY & Harriet BIRD, witn: Ada F. TINGLEY & Joanna HENDERSON, both of Ashcroft, 3 March 1909 at Zion Presbyterian manse, Ashcroft

08-09-168305 James Edmund McGREGOR, 27, machinist, Owen Sound Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Donald McGREGOR & Isabella, married Helen DALY, 22, St. Paul Minnesota, Grand Forks, d/o Bartholomew DALY & Johanna MAHER, witn: M? CLUTTERBUCK of Grand Forks & H. McGREGOR of Chesaw Washington, 17 July 1908 at Mr. Clutterbuck's Boarding House, Grand Forks

84-09-175342 John Sutcliffe McGUIRE, 43, doctor, Antrim Ireland, Clinton, s/o Francis William McGUIRE & Ann, married Aileen Hannah COULTER, 23, Louth Co. Ireland, Clinton, d/o John COULTER & Aileen, witn: Fred SONES & Ellen ARNOLD, both of Clinton, 4 June 1884

08-09-168304 Norman Malcolm McINTOSH, 28, mechanical engineer, Ayr Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Richard McINTOSH & Isabella DEYBURGH, married Nina Harvetta MAHAN, 24, Butte Montana, Grand Forks, d/o Harvey MAHAN & Ada BATHERTON, witn: Mrs. S. D. KENYON of Bozeman Montana & Sallie BATHERTON of Deer Lodge Montana, 2 April 1908 at Grand Forks

05-09-167756 Daniel John McINTOSH, 34, teamster, Cornwall Ont., Penticton, s/o Peter John McINTOSH & blank, married Josephine LAW, 29, widow, St. John Nfld, Penticton, d/o John SPARKS & blank, witn: P.S. RICE & Alice WRIGHT, both of Vernon, 25 May 1905 at Vernon

13-06-170714 Norman Alexander McINTOSH, 27, driver in livery, New Brunswick, Alberni, s/o Alexander McINTOSH & Catherine JOHNSTON, married Alva Hope GIBSON, 18, Los Angeles California, Alberni, d/o G.W. GIBSON & Mary BELD, witn: Paul GIBSON & Ada BLACKMORE, 26 Nov [no year given] at Alberni

00-09-167747 Donald McINTYRE, 38, miller, Campbells Cross Ont., Vernon, s/o Archibald McINTYRE & Mary RITCHIE, married Ada GOULD, 19, Owen Sound Ont., Vernon, d/o William J. GOULD & Sarah McGREGOR, 1 March 1900

84-09-175341 Charles McINTYRE, 28, mechanic, Goderich Ontario., Clinton, s/o John McINTYRE & Annie, married Minerva McLELLAN, 21, Point de Bute NB, Clinton, d/o Charles McLELLAN & Jane, witn: Henry HARVEY & Annie McLELLAN, both of Clinton, 15 May 1884 [with note: "A very nice little pair both whites"]

95-09-167737 Angus McKAY, 28, farmer, West Zorra Ont., Armstrong, s/o John McKAY & Ellen, married Nellie GRANT - WILLIAMS, 22, widow, Bloomington Kansas, Armstrong, d/o C.C. TILTON & Emma M. PARKER, witn: Elmer TILTON & May BOWELL, both of Armstrong, 28 Nov 1895

02-09-167751 William Cecil McKECHNIE, 27, doctor, Port Hope Ont., Portland Oregon, s/o William McKECHNIE & Mary BELL, married Zella Baright ROBINSON, 27, Ontario, Peachland, d/o William ROBINSON & Maria MOORE, witn: G.C. ELLIOTT & J.M. ROBINSON, both of Peachland, 30 July 1902

06-09-168299 Wallace McKENDRY, 24, carpenter, Kingston Ontario., Anaconda, s/o Mr. & Mrs. James McKENDRY, married Mildred Clare THOMAN, 19, Alpena Michigan, Cascade, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Peter THOMAS, witn: Clara Christena STOEKER & Susan Brown FRY, 26 Sept 1906 at res of George STOEKER

02-09-168291 Alfred Philip MacKENZIE, 27, druggist, Watford Ont., Phoenix, s/o Hugh MacKENZIE & Elizabeth FRASER, married Edith Elizabeth HAWTHORNE, 24, Milton Ont., Phoenix, d/o Robert HAWTHORNE & Sarah Jane TEEPLE, witn: David WHITESIDE & Harriet Jessie OGLE, both of Grand Forks, 30 July 1902 at Grand Forks

09-09-168308 Alfred Stuart McKIM, 33, widower, salesman, Newburgh Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Martin McKIM & Agnes BELL, married Florence MILLER, 22, Brandon Manitoba, Grand Forks, d/o Frank MILLER & Rebecca ROGERS, witn: Mary MILLER & Henry W. SWAIN, both of Grand Forks, 23 June 1909 at Baptist Church, Grand Forks

04-09-167753 Thomas McKINLEY, 32, real estate agent, Toronto, Kelowna, s/o John McKINLEY & Sarah CLARK, married Annie LEFEVRE, 22, Okanagan Mission, Kelowna, d/o Alphonse LEFEVRE & Mary PARKER, witn: Alphonse LEFEVRE & J. CASORO, both of Okanagan Mission, 1 Sept 1904

11-09-168311 Henry Albert McLAREN, 30, machinist, Meaford Ont., Grand Forks, s/o John McLAREN & Alberta KERGAN, married Eugena HERRICK, 21, Anoka Minnesota, Carson, d/o Eugene HERRICK & Rose LEEMAN, witn: Stanley DINSMORE of Grand Forks & Alma HERRICK of Carson, 22 Feb 1911 at Carson

87-09-172830 John McLEESE, 33, teamster, Ross twp Ont., Stanley, s/o William McLEESE & Catherine, married Matilda Jane TROUNCE, 18, Fort Alexander BC, Stanley, d/o Walter TROUNCE & Matilda, witn: John PEEBLES & Andrew FLETCHER, both of Stanley, 25 Nov 1887

88-09-169518 Donald McLEOD, teamster, Kynion Ont (Kenyon?), Cache Creek, s/o Alexander McLEOD & Annie, married Minnie WALKER, 22, Cache Creek, same, d/o William WALKER & blank, witn: Thomas & Mary WALKER of Cache Creek, 3 July 1888

85-09-169517 John McLEOD, 28, farmer, Ottawa, Cache Creek, s/o Alexander McLEOD & Christena, married Josephine SANDFORD, 16, Cache Creek, same, d/o William SANDFORD & Indian woman, witn: John CAMPBELL & Catherine BARNES, both of Cache Creek, 1 Jan 1885

97-09-167741 Bismarck McLEOD, 20, laborer, Londonderry NS, Okanagan Landing, s/o John McLEOD & Mary, married Mabel JONES, 17, Listowel Ont., Okanagan Landing, d/o Robert JONES & Mary, witn: John McLEOD of Okanagan Landing, 4 Aug 1897

02-09-168292 William James McMILLAN, 24, fireman, Streetsville Ont., Phoenix, s/o Archibald McMILLAN & Mary Jane BURNS, married Clara Vinetta HACKETT, 17, St. Paul Minnesota, Phoenix, d/o Andrew HACKETT & Della Florence SUTTON, witn: William James PRENDERGAST & Mabel HACKETT, both of Phoenix, 23 Dec 1902 at res of bride's mother, Phoenix

05-09-167757 Hector Malcolm McNEILL, 24, rancher, Cobourg Ont., Vernon, s/o Malcolm McNEILL & Emma, married Gertrude DAVIES, 32, Wooburn Bucks. England, Vernon, d/o Taliesin DAVIES & Ada, witn: Lucy & Harold LAMBERT of Vernon, 20 Dec 1905

11-09-173117 Neil Munn McNEILL, 33, doctor, Paisley Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o Angus McNEILL & Flora MUNN, married Eva Ernestine RAY, 27, England, Prince Rupert, d/o William James RAY & Alice HUNTER, witn: A.J. MORRIS & C.H. ORME, both of Prince Rupert, 19 Jan 1911 at res of the bride

05-09-172925 Alexander McPHAIL, 38, stage driver, Port Elgin Ont., 134 Mile House, s/o Laughland McPHAIL & Flora McARTHUR, married Etta May DALE, 22, Marion - McDow Co. NC US, Dog Prairie, d/o Joseph Alexander DALE & Eliza HENSON, witn: William DALE of Kersley Creek Ranch & Florence BROWNING of Dog Prairie, 7 June 1905 at Dog Prairie

07-09-173988 Duncan Francis McPHEE, 26, store keeper, Alexandria Ont., Conrad Yukon Territory, s/o James McPHEE & Mary McMILLAN, married Caroline DOELKER, 21, Bushville Indiana, Atlin, d/o Chris DOELKER & Mary GROSCH, witn: Nathaniel WHEELING & Bertha DOELKER, both of Atlin, 1 Oct. 1907 at res of the bride's father

92-09-167734 Osborne McPHERSON, 27, carpenter, Strathroy Ont., Armstrong, s/o John McPHERSON & Melissa, married Sarah McDONALD, 19, Adelaide Ont., Long Lake - Okanagan, d/o Angus McDONALD & Sarah, witn: William HOLTBY of Armstrong & Daisy SUGDEN of Long Lake, 15 June 1892

04-09-168295 John McRAE, 34, merchant, Mooretown Ont., Phoenix, s/o John McRAE & Mary CUNNINGHAM, married Lois A. OXLEY, 19, Rawmarsh Yorks. England, Phoenix, d/o Thomas OXLEY & Mary Ann HILL, witn: James McRAE of Phoenix & Mabel A. LYNCH of Colville Washington, 2 Aug 1904 at Phoenix

11-09-168313 John Archibald McVICAR, 32, travelling a--?, Mull - Kent Co Ont., Nelson, s/o John McVICAR & Catherine, married Alice Meatta JORDAN, 28, Stanley NB, Cascade, d/o Philip & Ann, witn: Arthur E. JOSELIN of Nelson & M.A. ARMSTRONG of Grand Forks, 5 June 191 at Cascade

06-09-168269 William Robert MEDILL, 29, mason, Preston Ont., Anaconda BC, s/o William Edward MEDILL & Emma Matilda, married Minnie RUSSELL, 17, Dorset Ont., Grand Forks, d/o Joseph Albert & Mary Adelaide, witn: William RUSSELL & Florence PHAR, both of Grand Forks, 20 March 1906 at Grand Forks

11-09-167727 William Earl MEGAW, 23, mercantile, Kamloops, Vernon, s/o William Riggs MEGAW & Annie DONOGH, married Jean Beattie FORESTER, 21, Winterbourne Ont., Vernon, d/o William FORESTER & Jean MUTRIE, witn: Howard FORESTER of Vancouver & Miss Katie McDONALD of Vernon, 15 March 1911 at St. Andrews Church, Vernon

02-09-167688 William MERCIER, 26, carpenter, Dakota, Nelson, s/o Frederick MERCIER & Mary RYAN, married Ella FRASER, 27, Ont., Okanagan Valley, d/o James FRASER & Anna McINTOSH, witn: James BALL & T. CUMMESKY, both of Vernon, 4 Nov 1902 at Vernon

10-09-167723 Garnet METCALFE, 23, druggist, Treherne Manitoba, Vancouver, s/o Thomas METCALFE & Adaline KINDREY, married Helen COOPER, 20, Sault Ste. Marie Ont., Vernon, d/o J.W. COOPER & M. Victoria PETCH, witn: Lloyd McWILLIAMS of Summerland & Ann MILLIGAN of Vernon, 9 Sept 1910

04-09-176735 Peter MICHELSEN, 34, contractor & miner, Denmark, Athalmer, s/o John Henry MICHELSEN & Martha RASONNSSEN, married Mary Louise LETTY, 35, St. Catharines Ont., Athalmer, d/o Alex LETTY & Mary Etta OWENS, witn: J. LAKE & Charles D. FITZSIMMONS, both of Athlamer, 10 Oct 1904 at Athalmer Hotel, Athalmer

99-09-168264 Ernest MILLER, 29, widower, lawyer, New Westminster BC, Grand Forks, s/o Jonathan MILLER & Margaret SPRINGER, married Jean Helene ROSS, 24, Whitby Ont., Grand Forks, d/o Walter Roger ROSS & Elizabeth MILLER, witn: James RALSTON of Grand Forks & Ida GINCHEREAU of Columbia, 31 Dec 1899 at res of Dr. Calder, Bridge St., Grand Forks

07-09-168273 Ernest Eugene Walter MILLS, 27, jeweller, Sunderland Ont., Phoenix, s/o Joseph MILLS & Letta LOWES, married Jessie Maud SMITH, 27, St. Marys Ont., same, d/o Robert SMITH & Elsie GRANT, witn: J.C. & M.H. TAYLOR of Grand Forks, 2 Sept 1907 at res of A.D. Morrison, Grand Forks

10-09-167726 Frederick MILLS, 25, farmer, Salt Lake City Utah, Armstrong, s/o George MILLS & Elizabeth, married Bessie Maud SNEESBY, 27, Belmonte Ont., Armstrong, d/o James & Susan, witn: George MILLS & Hannah SNEESBY, both of Armstrong, 3 Aug 1910

95-09-167680 William Duston MISENER, 32, clergyman, Troy Ont., Enderby, s/o Walter MISENER & Deborah SAGER, married Margaret Warren HYNDMAN, 28, Paisley Ont., Enderby, d/o William Henry HYNDMAN & Susan McFADDEN, witn: George J. HYNDMAN of Enderby & Marie BABCOCK of Pleasant Valley, 28 May 1895

05-09-167701 Frederick Ebenezer MITCHELL, 26, farmer, Warkworth Ont., Penticton, s/o Ebenezer MITCHELL & Martha SWEET, married Blanche Alzady STEARNS, 17, North Platte Nebraska, Penticton, d/o Frederick STEARNS & Grace WOODWORTH, witn: Charles & Maud FISHER of Penticton, 26 Nov 1905

00-09-176733 Alfred Henry MITCHELL, 45, rancher, Somerham Huntingdonshire England, s/o John MITCHELL & Sarah Ann, married Anne TEGART, 35, Singhampton Ont., Emlafad Ranch - Windermere, do Alexander TEGART & Anne, witn: Anne & Alexander Walker TEGART of Windermere, 15 Feb 1900 at Emlafad Ranch, Windermere

09-09-168281 Warren MITCHELL, 21, miner, Exeter Ont., Phoenix, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Zilpha OXLEY, 20, Rawmarsh Yorks. England, Phoenix, d/o William OXLEY & Ann, witn: J.B. & Lizzie BOONE of Phoenix, 25 Dec 1909 at Dominion Hotel Parlors

05-09-172917 Rev Charles A. MITCHELL, 41, Minister of the Gospel, Perthshire Scotland (Monteith), Quesnelle, s/o James MITCHELL & Elizabeth AIKEN, married Rhoda SHARPE, 28, Belingston Ont., Quesnelle, d/o Adam Middleton SHARP & Catherine BELL, witn: Jessie Ursula FRASER of Quesnel & John M. YORSTON of Australia Ranch - Cariboo, 10 Nov 1905 at Quesnelle Church

94-09-175333 George MITCHELL, 27, harness maker, Stanley - Huron Co Ont., Clinton, s/o George MITCHELL & Margaret, married Charlotte Caroline MUNDORF, 18, 124 Mile House - Clinton, Clinton, d/o Jacob MUNDORF & Elizabeth Annie Katherine, witn: George HADLEY & Christine MUNDORF, both of Clinton, 11 Dec 1894

15-09-171782 Roddy Roy MOFFAT, 22, farmer, Alexandria, Alexandria BC, s/o Henry MOFFAT, road superintendent & Jane Teresa RODDY, married Ellen Dorothy WINDT, 25, Toronto, Alexandria, d/o Henry Theodore WINDT & Ellen Jane GLADSTONE, witn: George Clarence WINDT & Eveline MOFFAT, 1 June 1915 at Alexandria

90-09-172913 Henry MOFFAT, 35, farmer, Pembroke Ont., Alexandria, s/o Alexander MOFFAT & Catherine MacLANE, married Jane RODDIE, 21, Maybole - Ayrshire Scotland, Alexandria, d/o Richelle RODDIE & Matilda McVEY, witn: Alexander McINNES & Mary L. McINNES, both of Alexandria, 25 Aug 1890

03-09-167694 Charles Warner MOHR, 21, liveryman, Quyon Que., Vernon, s/o Charles MOHR & Elizabeth, married Minnie McQUEEN, 20, Kirkwall Ont., Vernon, d/o William MULHOLLAND (sic) & Alice, witn: Marguerite JONES & Jennie A. BOWERING, both of Kelowna, 25 Nov 1903 at Kelowna

94-09-167679 George MONFORT, 22, butcher, Grey Co Ont., Kelowna, s/o Charles MONFORD & Jane, married Mary Laurence (Polly) BAILEY, 17, Grey Co Ont., Kelowna, d/o Esihsa BAILEY & Anna, witn: John HUTCHESON of Vernon & Retta BAILEY of Kelowna, 4 Oct 1894

96-09-167682 William MONK, 27, farmer, Chiselhurst Kent England, Enderby, s/o William MONK & Susan, married Emma BLACKBURN, 18, Walliston - Hastings Co Ont., Enderby, d/o William BLACKBURN & Jane, witn: Edwin & Josephine BLACKBURN of Enderby, 4 Dec 1896

04-09-167696 William MONTGOMERY, 45, rancher, Ontario, Round Lake - Armstrong, s/o James MONTGOMERY & Grace THOMPSON, married Ethel HALLAM, 18, Winnipeg, Armstrong, d/o William HALLAM & Cecilia McNAB, witn: Mrs. W. HALLAM of Armstrong & Mrs. E. A. ROBERTS of Enderby, 16 April 1904 at Enderby

10-09-173106 Bruce MOODY, 28, teamster, Nova Scotia, Prince Rupert, s/o John MOODY & Amanda, married Dora ALLEN, 35, widow, Nevada US, same, d/o C.E. SMITH & Sarah, witn: Annie ROWAT & Etta C. CONNOR, both of Prince Rupert, 18 May 1910 at Methodist parsonage, Prince Rupert

10-09-176737 Allan Spencer MOORE, 26, hotel manager, Fredericton NB, Athalmer, s/o Hugh Irvine MOORE & Eliza, married Wilhelmina GRIFFITH, 20, Big Timber Montana, Athalmer, d/o Albert GRIFFITH & Katherine, witn: Harry MUNSON & Emma Violet MUNSON, both of Wilmer, 16 March 1910 at res of Harry Munson, Wilmer

02-09-167687 Thomas Edward MOORE, 29, clerk, Minden Ont., Summerland BC, s/o Thomas MOORE & Jane BOOTH, married Maud Louise DAVISON, 25, Mitchell Ont., Winnipeg, d/o Seth DAVISON & Catherine BIRT, witn: Grace B. WHYTE of Peachland & S.A. MUIR of Vernon, 8 Oct 1902 at Vernon

15-09-171795 James Wesley MOORE, 21, rancher, Alkali Creek, Onward Ranch, s/o John MOORE, rancher & Annie CHARA, married Sarah Rose HAMILTON, 21, 150 Mile House, 149 Mile House, d/o John Rae HAMILTON & Elizabeth, witn: Alfred HAMILTON & Ella BOITANO, 15 May 1915 at 149 Mile House

05-09-167699 George Wentworth MORDEN, 32, carpenter, Innisfil Ont., Kelowna, s/o A.M. MORDEN & Sarah MULHOLLAND, married Laura May FREEMAN, 28, Frontenac Ont., Kelowna, d/o J.K. FREEMAN & Eliza GUTHRIE, witn: Mrs. Bella COWELL & Mrs. Rita CRAIN, both of Vernon, 29 April 1905

12-09-174211 Elbert Monfort MORGAN, 50, widower, miner, Ohio US, Lockport - Moresby Island, s/o Monfort MORGAN & blank, married Sarah FENELON, 40, New York City, same, d/o Andrew Patrick FENELON & blank, witn: Adele EDGREN & W.E. WILLIAMS, both of Prince Rupert, 17 Oct. 1912 at res of Rev. F.W. Kerr

11-09-173109 Edward Lawrence MORGAN, 27, carpenter, Ohio US, Prince Rupert, s/o James Mangum MORGAN & blank, married Alice Pearl SWEET, 24, London Ont., pr, d/o Nathan SWEET & blank, witn: William E. SWEET & Martha McC. BODDIE, both of Prince Rupert, 18 April 1911 at St. Andrews Church, Prince Rupert

07-09-168275 James MORGAN, 28, miner, Renfrew Ont., Phoenix, s/o Edward MORGAN & Catherine FITZMORRIS, married Mary GRIFFIN, 17, Pelousi City Washington, Phoenix, d/o Ellise GRIFFIN & Lula SEKIN, witn: Dan MATHESON & Grace GRIFFIN, both of Phoenix, 8 May 1907 at Phoenix

04-09-168268 John Clark MORRISON, 34, dentist, Guelph Ont., Revelstoke, s/o Abram MORRISON & Eliza CALDER, married Elizabeth VAN SICE, 23, Detroit, Revelstoke, d/o Nicholas VAN SICE & Josephine REID, witn: G.W. & Mrs. G. W. AVERILL of Grand Forks, 21 March 1904

09-09-167719 Robert MORRISON, 28, laborer, Perth Ont., Vernon, s/o John MORRISON & Mary, married Annie BYRNES, 22, Cumberland Ont., Enderby, d/o Henry BYRNES & Jessie, witn: Henry BYRNES of Enderby & S.A. OSTERHOUT of Vernon, 23 Sept 1909

00-09-172914 Thomas Robertson MORTIMER, 30, rancher, Ontario, 141 Mile House, s/o George MORTIMER & blank, married Annie Hellen NASON, 30, Barkerville, 121 Mile House, d/o J.B. NASON & Hellen, witn: Frederick & Amelia NASON of 121 Mile House, 26 Dec 1900 at 121 Mile House

73-09-172826 John MUNRO, 36, miner, Stormont Co. Ont., Cariboo, s/o Thomas MUNRO & Janet, married Mary HASTIE, 32, Ayrshire Scotland, Cariboo, d/o John HASTIE & Jeanie, witn: Alexander MUNRO of Cariboo, 20 March 1873

06-09-168271 Henry Alexander MUNRO, 35, carpenter, Arnprior Ont., Phoenix, s/o Alexander D. & Ann, married Christena McLain DUNLOP, 24, Arnprior Ont., Oro Denoro, d/o Laughlin DUNLOP & Mary Ellen, witn: W. J. Stuart HUDSON of Phoenix & Mary BACKLUND of Oro Denoro, 7 Nov 1906 at res of the bride, Oro Denoro

98-09-168261 Duncan D. MUNRO, 27, clerk, Gravel Hill Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Ewen MUNRO & Bell STEWART, married Allice HAY, 22, Portage la Prairie Manitoba, Upper Grand Forks, d/o Charles & blank, witn: Milton WHITE of Grand Forks & Ethel HAY of Upper Grand Forks, 29 Nov 1898 at res of the bride's father, Upper Grand Forks

08-09-176736 Harry MUNSON, 49, cook, Bowmanville Ont., Wilmer, s/o John MUNSON & Mary, married Emma Violet McCRACKEN, 36, Belfast Ireland, Sinclair BC, d/o Richard McCRACKEN & Violet, witn: George A. & Mrs. George STARKE of Wilmer, 5 Nov 1908 at res of Mr. George A. Starke, Wilmer

03-09-167693 William Samuel MUNSON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Kelowna, s/o Robert MUNSON & Eliza Jane MENARY, married Clara Elizabeth CLARKE, 22, Leeds England, Kelowna, d/o James Francis CLARKE & Elizabeth ATKINSON, witn: Bert & Florence McCLURE of Kelowna, 14 Oct. 1903 at Kelowna

10-09-173121 Francis H. NELSON, 29, mechanic, Parry Sound Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o Hugh NELSON & Ann Jane CARLTON, married Dora TODFIELD, 23, Berlin Germany, Victoria BC, d/o Leon TODFIELD & Fanny SNOW, witn: Vernon D. & Lottie CASLEY of Prince Rupert, 4 Dec 1910 at Empress Hotel, Prince Rupert

80-09-169523 Robert James NESBITT, 29, gentleman, Norwood Ont., Cache Creek, s/o Thomas NESBITT & Margaret MOORE, married Mary Ann BARNES, 16, Cache Creek, same, d/o John Christopher BARNES & Ann GALIVAN, witn: James BOWIE of Cache Creek & Leighton C. BENNETT of Kamloops, 6 Oct. 1880

98-09-168315 Howard Lyons NEWITT, 31, clerk, Belfast Ireland, Grand Forks, s/o Breton John NEWITT & blank, married Mary Ann MORRISON, 33, Ontario, Grand Forks, d/o Norman MORRISON & blank, witn: Sue TRAUMWEISER & Mary FRASER, both of Grand Forks, 12 Nov 1898 at Grand Forks

12-09-174219 George ODELL, 27, teamster, Wichita Kansas, Prince Rupert, s/o N.M. ODELL & C.H. MADDUX (Maddox?), married Marie WEIKERT, 18, Illinois US, Prince Rupert, d/o E.H. WEIKERT & Cora JOHNSON, witn: C.W. & Rachel REID of Prince Rupert, 16 Dec 1912 at Prince Rupert

11-09-168326 Finis Monroe OGLE, 32, miner, widower, Empire City Oregon, Republic Washington, s/o John & Mary Elizabeth, married Elizabeth McWILLAMS, 39, widow, Brantford Ont., Republic Washington, d/o T.G. LUDLOW & Agnes, witn: H. E. WOODLAND & M.J. CALVERT, both of Grand Forks, 5 July 1911 at Grand Forks

11-09-173122 Thomas Bernard Bland O'NEILL, 33, lumberman, Quebec Que., same, s/o Thomas Alexander O'NEILL & Jennie Scott O'NEILL, married Ethel Maie HOLTBY, 23, Ottawa Ont., Prince Rupert, d/o Albert Richard & Mary Grant HOLTBY, witn: Albert Richard HOLTBY & George Douglas ROBINSON, both of Prince Rupert, 6 April 1911 at res of the bride

99-09-168321 Charles OUIMETTE, 35, carpenter, Montreal, Grand Forks, s/o Octave OUIMETTE & Leocadie DESJARDINS, married Elizabeth DOUK, 46, widow, Caledonia Ont., Grand Forks, d/o Carlton CURRY & Mary TIDD, witn: Herman & Laura HILLYER of Grand Forks, 24 April 1899 at res of the bride, Grand Forks

11-09-175444 Herbert Gladstone PAINTER, 22, teamster, Hamilton Ontario., 634 Pine St. in Victoria, s/o James Edward PAINTER & Alice Sarah JONES, married Christina Helen ROBB, 19, Ashcroft, Lillooet, d/o Thomas Matheson ROBB & Christina Jane McDONALD, witn: Arthur W. Armit PHAIR & Myrtle Lilian HUNTER, both of Lillooet, 6 June 1911 at Methodist church, Lillooet

07-09-175442 Jacob Jeremiah PATTERSON, 43, miner, Lambeth Ont., Lillooet, s/o William PATTERSON & Lucinda, married Mary MARSHALL, 23, Lillooet, same, d/o John MARSHALL & Madeline, witn: S.A. GIBBS & D.R. EVANS, both of Lillooet, 9 Sept 1907 at St. Marys Church, Lillooet

96-09-169528 Andrew PATTERSON, 26, brakeman, Wentworth Ont., Kamloops, s/o James PATTERSON & Mary, married Mary A. LEHMAN, 18, BC, Ashcroft, d/o Isaac LEHMAN & Margaret Ann, witn: Thomas SEWELL & Alice LEHMAN, both of Ashcroft, 24 June 1896

15-09-171762 Alfred PETERSON, 28, railroading, Lofoten Norway, Newlands, s/o Lawrence PETERSON & Annie, married Elizabeth Ann Florence EXELBY, 22, Shelburne Ont., Newlands, d/o William Henry EXELBY & Rebecca WRIGGLESWORTH, witn: Edward BROWN & B. NEELANDS, 3 Aug 1915 at Prince George

97-09-175356 George William PHELPS, 34, horse man, St. George Utah, 61 Mile House - Cariboo River?, s/o John PHELPS & Phebe DART, married Mary Jane KENNEDY, 26, Chatham Canada, Clinton, d/o Daniel KENNEDY & Eliza BROWN, witn: James UREN & Mary Ann OSBORNE, both of Clinton, 12 Oct. 1897

10-09-173125 George William PHILLPOTT, 29, gardener, Wiltshire England, Prince Rupert, s/o George William PHILLPOTT & Mary Ann SMITH, married Ella May PEACOCK, 19, Essex Co. Ont, Prince Rupert, d/o Richard PEACOCK & Caroline RADCLIFFE, witn: David & Alice CROCKER of Prince Rupert, 6 Oct. 1910 at res of George Phillpott, 8th Ave., Prince Rupert

09-09-168338 John PIPE, 30, miner, Harlowe Ont., Phoenix, s/o John & Jane, married Blanche PERRY, 23, Norwood London England, Phoenix, d/o Douglas Stewart & Mary Ann, witn: E.E. CAMPBELL & Florence Minnie HART, both of Phoenix, Thurs. 2 Feb 1909

06-09-169532 William H. PRESLEY, 28, railway construction foreman, Clarence Creek Ont., Spence Bridge, s/o Joseph PRESLEY & Jane Conn PRESLEY, married Lota Alice FOSS, 26, St. Paul Minn., Spence Bridge, d/o George Obed FOSS & Josie A., witn: Victoria W.J. CLARKE & Nellie ENGLISH, both of Ashcroft, 21 July 1906 at St. Albans Church, Ashcroft

10-09-175359 Port Andrew PRICE, 28, rancher, South Dakota, North Bonaparte, s/o Lima Eugene PRICE & Linden Isabel TOCKLER, married Cora Pemelia NICHOLS, 18, Iowa, North Bonaparte, witn: Lillian M. EVANS & Alfred J. SMITH, both of Clinton, 10 Oct., no year given, registered Oct 1910, at res of Mr. R. K. Evans, Clinton

10-09-173123 George Ross PRIESTMAN, 26, engineer, Liverpool England, Prince Rupert, s/o George PRIESTMAN & Helen, married Edith Olive JEWITT, 24, Toronto, Vancouver BC, d/o William JEWITT & Martha, witn: C.H. KEARNS of Prince Rupert & Margaret GLEESON of Portland Oregon, 6 Aug 1910

07-09-168335 William J. PRINGLE, 50, fruit grower, Dumfries Ont., Spalleencheen, s/o Robert PRINGLE & Elizabeth SIBBALD, married Jane Garden WILSON, 34, Quyon Que., Knob Hill - near Armstrong, d/o John WILSON & Mary IMLAY, witn: James Burnett WILSON & Elizabeth Prudence PRINGLE, both of Armstrong, 12 June 1907 at Knob Hill

00-09-168344 Thomas Francis RANCE, 31, bar tender, Clinton Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Samuel Hy RANCE & Harriet Frances, married Dora Frances PROCTOR, 24, York Co. Ont., Grand Forks, d/o Simon PROCTOR & Elizabeth, witn: Rube HULL of Grand Forks & Elsie McCLAREN of Carson, 23 May 1900 at res of the bride's parents

03-09-176742 Edward Frederick RANCH, 52, widower, Doehill West Virginia, Wilmer, s/o Anton RANCH & Elizabeth, married Effie May PAYNE, 22, Dayton Ont., Wilmer, d/o Charles PAYNE & Mary Elizabeth, witn: George A. & Delphine STORKE of Wilmer, 24 Aug 1903 at Government office, Wilmer

97-09-168341 John Wesley REED, 23, watch maker, Illinois US, Midway BC, s/o Thomas REED & Margaret, married Alma HOPPER, 16, California, Midway, d/o Arrie HOPPER & L., witn: Mrs. John DONALDSON & Mrs. Thomas PATON, both of Grand Forks, 27 July 1897

03-09-176741 George Allen RICE, 27, teamster, Monticello Iowa, Wilmer, s/o George F. RICE & Olive, married Minnie BUTT, 29, Rankin - Renfrew Co. Ont., Wilmer, d/o Ludwig BUTT & Wilhem Minnie, witn: Jefferson R.B. DAVIS & Emilie DAVIS, both of Wilmer, 24 Feb 1903 at res of Jefferson Davis

04-09-168355 Frank Earle RISING, 25, accountant, Olcott - Niagara Co NY, Grand Forks, s/o Chauncey Walter RISING & Jane Nancy, married Florence Minerva POUND, 22, Ontario, Grand Forks, d/o George POUND & blank, witn: Joseph MANLEY & Emdy MANUEL, both of Grand Forks, 7 Dec 1904 at red of George Pound, Grand Forks

01-09-168346 Robert George RITCHIE, 27, merchant, Wilberforce Ont., Cascade City, s/o Robert RITCHIE & Elizabeth, married Ella Lulu Gertrude HOLMES, 22, Haliburton Ont., Cascade City, d/o Chapman HOLMES & Jemima, witn: Robert Wallace KELMAN & Agnes RUCKLE, both of Cascade City, 25 Sept 1901

02-09-16848 Edward George ROBB, 23, Presbyterian minister, Toronto, Sandon? B.C., s/o George C. ROBB & Jane, married Mary Adeline GRANT, 25, Forresters Falls Ont., Cascade City, d/o John GRANT & Victoria, witn: Ira J. GRANT of Gladstone & Annie GRANT of Cascade City, 30 April 1903 at Presbyterian Church, Cascade City

06-09-168357 Fred ROBERTS, 22, cook, Peterborough Ont, Boundary Falls BC, s/o James ROBERTS & Eleanor CURRIE, married Mary THORNTON, 19, Midway BC, Boundary Falls, d/o John THORNTON & Louise BUCK, witn: J. ROLPH & P.R. MacLEOD, both of Grand Forks, 8 Oct 1906 at Presbyterian Manse, Grand Forks

02-09-172940 William James Forbes ROBERTSON, 35, missionary, Glasgow Scotland, Quesnel, s/o James William ROBERTSON & Emily HANSON, married Elizabeth Parker NORTHCOTT, 26, Belleville Ont., Quesnel, d/o William Walter NORTHCOTT & Olive, witn: Arthur D. MORGAN & Alice WRIGHT, both of Quesnel, 3 Sept 1902 at Quesnel Church

87-09-175360 James A. ROBERTSON, 32, road superintendent, Peterborough Co. Ont., Clinton, s/o John ROBERTSON & Susan, married Susan GILLAN, 21, Lillooet, Clinton, d/o Michael GILLAN & Mary, witn: Charles BELL & Annie McLELLAN, both of Clinton, 7 March 1887

04-09-172841 John Pool RODDICK, 39, miner, Australia, Slough Creek - Cariboo, s/o T.H.T. RODDICK & Nancy POOL, married Ellie May BOSWORTH, 31, Australia, La Fontaine BC, d/o John BOSWORTH & Ellen WARD, witn: Melbourne BAILEY of La Fontaine & B.A. LASELL of Barkerville, 3 March 1904 at res of Melbourne Bailey, La Fontaine

11-09-172942 Robert MacLean RODGERS, 32, cook, Westport Ont., Cariboo Rd - Mile 211, s/o Edward RODGERS & Catherine E. BRASH, married Dora Eunice LOOMIS, 21, Frontier Co. Nebraska, Cariboo Rd - mileage 211, d/o Myron F. LOOMIS & Mary DOYLE, witn: Neils M. HANSEN & Pearl LOOMIS, both of 211 Mileage - Cariboo Road, 1 July 1911

07-09-176743 Arthur RONDPRE, 28, St. Anne de Perade? Que., Athalone, s/o Joseph RONDPRE & Cecile, married Catherine Elizabeth COLTON, 18, Port Perry Ont., Athalone, d/o William Alfred COLTON & Rachel, witn: Eugene COUTURE & P. B. BORNAIS, both of Athalone, 7 March 1907

10-09-168368 John Miller ROSS, 35, druggist, Pickering Ont., Marcus Washington, s/o Walter Rodger ROSS & Elizabeth, married Elsie May LISTER, 23, Lawrence Ohio, Marcus Washington, d/o James LISTER & Margaret, witn: George A. & Katherine MANSON of Grand Forks, 6 May 1911 at res of Mrs. G.A. Manson

12-09-175364 John Henry ROSS, 52, widower, rancher, Chatham Ontario., Lac La Hache, s/o George Wallace ROSS & Mary Deborah SIPPRELL, married Alice Mary GLADWELL, 42, widow, Crewkerne England, Lac La Hache, d/o William DAVIS & Elizabeth DIAMOND, witn: Emily Elizabeth STODDART & Maud Edna CAUTIER?, both of Clinton, 18 Dec 1912 at res of Mrs. D. A. Stoddart, Clinton

02-09-172939 George David ROWED, 33, miner, Collingwood Ont., Alexandria, s/o John ROWED & Marguerite MURRAY, married Mary E. McINNES, 32, Barkerville, Alexandria, d/o Alexander McINNES & Annie E. RODDY, witn: David F.M. PERKINS of Soda Creek & Mary MURPHY of 141 Mile House, 1 Jan 1902 at Alexandria

99-09-168342 Frank ROWELL, 34, rancher, Johnsville Que., Cascade City, s/o Simeon ROWELL & Esther SMITH, married Ida GRAHAM, 18, Pike Bay Ont., Cascade City, d/o William GRAHAM & Margaret McCORMICK, witn: William & Maggie GRAHAM of Cascade City, 4 Jan 1899 at res of the bride's father, Cascade City

11-09-168369 John Xavier RYAN, 32, miner, Markdale Ont., Phoenix, s/o James RYAN & Catherine SWEENEY, married Sarah B. McISAAC, 28, Hallowell Grant - Antigonish NS, Phoenix, d/o Angus McISAAC & Sarah McDONALD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Frank McDONALD of Phoenix, 5 June 1911 at RC Church, Phoenix

11-09-169538 John Alfred RYDER, 29, farmer, Frontenac Ont., Fifty Nine Mile House, s/o James RYDER & Jane WATT, married Ethel Iva RODMAN, 18, US, Fifty Nine Mile House, d/o A.H. RODMAN & Eva SLOCUM, witn: H.J. RYDER of Mt. Lehman & Alice Maud RYDER of Fifty Nine Mile House, 19 July 1911 at Fifty Nine Mile House

05-09-167700 Oliver St.CLAIR MABEE, 21, clerk, Markdale Ont, Vernon, s/o Ernest & Eliza St. CLAIR MABEE, married Bessie Allison SMITH, 16, Hantsport NS, Vernon, d/o Edward Parker SMITH & Annie R., 2 June 1905

03-09-168377 Albert Edward SAVAGE, 27, chief of fire department, Chesley Ont., Grand Forks, s/o George SAVAGE & Elizabeth, married Jane BRINDELL, 28, Petersburg Penn., Grand Forks, d/o Hy BRINDELL & Amanda, witn: John & Mrs. John ROLAND of Grand Forks, 2 Dec 1903 at res of John Roland

10-09-173134 Joseph Wolseley SCOTT, 27, hardware merchant, Toronto, Prince Rupert, s/o Joseph G. SCOTT & blank, married Ina Margaret GLOVER, 27, London England, Toronto, d/o Clarence Sidney GLOVER, deceased & blank, witn: Charlie Johnston COCHRAN & Joseph G. SCOTT, both of Prince Rupert, 7 June 1910 at St. Andrews Church, Prince Rupert

01-09-176744 Skele? Jennings SCOVIL, 24, Shipenday magistrate, St. John NB, Peterborough BC, s/o Edward George SCOVIL & Alice Louise, married Ada Florence DUNNE, 19, Fort Walsh Assa. NWT, Windermere, d/o Timothy Herbert DUNN & Mamie, witn: Margaret Florence HART of Windermere & Hugh Grant GORDON & others of Canterbury, 12 Feb 1901 at St. Stephens Church, Windermere

12-09-174229 Walter Robinson SCRIMGEOUR, 28, clerk, Stratford Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o David SCRIMGEOUR & Sarah ROBINSON, married Lulu CROSSETT, 17, Vancouver Washington, Prince Rupert, d/o Andrew E. CROSSETT & Flora McDONALD, witn: Mrs. Flora McDonald CROSSETT & B.H. CROSSETT, both of Prince Rupert, 1 Aug 1912 at Presbyterian Church

06-09-168384 William SEARLE, 31, mechanic, Holland Centre Ont., Phoenix, s/o John SEARLE & Susan, married Sarah CARR, 32, Blackheath England, Phoenix, d/o John CARR & Hannah, witn: Alex McPHERSON & Sadie SIDDALL, both of Phoenix, 12 Dec 1906 at Phoenix Methodist Church

12-09-174234 Benjamin Franklin SELF, 30, restaurant keeper, Tishorningo Oklahoma, Prince Rupert, s/o Joseph Joshua SELF & Fernitte BEAN, married Miss Viola Evelina (Daisy) LEADBETTER, 21, Kincardine Ont., Bellingham Washington, d/o Joseph Daniel LEADBETTER & Agnes McDONALD, witn: Miss Della GROVE & Mr. Joseph J. RAATZ, both of Prince Rupert, 11 Dec 1912 at Empress Hotel, Prince Rupert

01-09-168372 Harold Elden SHAFER, 42, miner (sampler), Brockville Ont., Phoenix, s/o John G. SHAFER & Ellen TERRY, married Margaret FERGUSON, 29, Inverness Scotland, Phoenix, d/o Roderick FERGUSON & Rachel MARTIN, witn: Bella DONNAN & Mrs. R. W. CRAW, both of Columbia, 8 Oct 1901 at manse, Columbia

06-09-168386 Edwin Reuben SHANNON, 35, miner, Quincey Illinois, Grand Forks, s/o William West & Mary Elizabeth SHANNON, married Ella CLARK, 20, Petrolia Ont., Grand Forks, d/o Robert & Ella, witn: Charlie CLARK & Margaret HACKING, both of Grand Forks, 24 May 1906 at Holy Trinity Church, Grand Forks

13-09-170719 Herbert William SHARP, 48, farmer, Hamilton Ont., Alberni, s/o William SHARP & Hannah MIDWINTER, married Mary BUCHIN, 40, nurse, Negenna Michigan, Alberni, d/o Louis BUCHIN & Emma LA FAVRE, witn: George BANTEY & Cryda V. MIDLER, 6 May 1913 at Methodist parsonage, Port Alberni

02-09-176694 Alfred Edward SHARPE, 27, telegraph operator, India, Golden, s/o C.F. SHARPE & Alice Ann, married Rose Evelyn EVANS, 22, Birmingham England, Golden, d/o William E. EVANS & Julia, witn: J.A. BUCKHAM & J. STAIDER, both of Golden, 6 Nov 1902 at res of Mrs. Swift - the bride's mother

99-09-172946 Joseph William SHAW, 36, hotel keeper, Clinton Ont., Niagara BC, s/o William SHAW & Eliza COPP, married Minnie FOSS, 33, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Niagara BC, d/o William FOSS & Sophia RHODES, witn: J.W. CLARKE & Mrs. R. BAILEY, both of Niagara, 21 March 1899

08-09-168391 Herman Howard SHEEDY, 27, railway agent, Amber Mich., Grand Forks, s/o Robert & blank, married Phila Eliza WELLS, 19, Listowel Ont., Grand Forks, d/o Lloyd WELLS & blank, witn: W.N. DAY of Grand Forks & Alice SHEEDY of Spokane, 23 May 1908 at res of the bride's father, Grand Forks

05-09-176695 Floyd A. SHENENBERGER, 20, salesman, Blairstown Iowa, Bellingham Washington, s/o S.A. SHENENBERGER & N.E., married Lillian KIMBRO, 27, Cedar Rapids Iowa, same, d/o William KIMBRO & A., witn: Carrie MILLER & J. Gordon FRAZER, b Field, 4 Oct. 1905 at Manse, Field

07-09-168389 John Henry SHRAPNEL, 25, locomotive engineer, Orillia Ont., Cascade City, s/o Walter Scrife SHRAPNEL of Vancouver & Maria, married Aneta Catherine TINGLEY, 19, Amherst NS, Shion? Kop - Cascade City, d/o John W. TINGLEY of Edmonton Alberta & Cassie (dead), witn: George Clifford FOWLER & Alberta Louise TINGLEY, both of Cascade City, 25 Sept 1907 at Spion? Kop, res of Ernest Bangs, Cascade City

01-09-168371 Richard SILVERTHORN, 31, miner, Sydenham Ont., Phoenix, s/o Joseph SILVERTHORN & R., married Adella Isabel LATHAM, 22, Magog Que., Phoenix, d/o William LATHAM & Evelyn, witn: Richard SILVERTHORN of Phoenix & Lizzie WILLOWS of Greenwood, 16 Oct. 1901

15-09-171763 Jack SIMPSON, 30, insurance agent, Barkingside - Illford Essex England, Fort George, s/o Solomon SIMPSON, policeman & Lucy EDIE, married Mary TIDYMAN, 30, Kirkbank Yorkshire England, Fort George, d/o Robert Joseph TIDYMAN, farmer, & Margaret Isabella LOFTHOUSE, witn: William PETERS & E. Thomas? FLOWER, 15 Feb 1915 at Prince George

02-09-176693 George Edwin SMITH, 32, clergyman, Hamilton Ont., Kelowna, s/o Isaac SMITH & Gitty MARKLE, married Edyth May AMES, 23, Acton Que., Field, d/o Charles AMES & Sarah Hall CHENEY, witn: David INCHEN & Howard McRAE, both of Field, 1 Jan 1902 at res of Charles Ames, Field

11-09-176699 Allen Ellis SMITH, 23, filer Port Arthur Ont., Golden, s/o William George SMITH & Annie E., married Della J. DANRICHT, 18, Dridessing? Wisconsin, Golden, d/o Albert DANRICHT & Emma, witn: Percy & Sarah SCHOLES of Golden, 9 Dec 1911 at Golden

95-09-169545 John Henry SMITH, 35, widower, CPR watchman, Simcoe Co. Ont., Nicowmin (Thompson siding), s/o John SMITH & Sarah, married Annie [no surname given], 24, Nikcowmin BC, Mission School at Yale, d/o Louis NAWISHALAK (Indian) & Helen WASHITINAK, witn: J.S.A. BASTIN of Lytton & John B. BARRICK & Ada LEWIS, both of Thompson Siding, 24 April 1895

11-09-173998 Sydney SMITH, 29, butcher, Oxford - New Zealand, Atlin, s/o William John SMITH & Annie HOLDEN, married Alma May HANNA, 26, Toronto, Atlin, d/o John HANNA & Clara OUDERKIRK, witn: J. Bruce WATSON & Jennie C. McDONALD, both of Atlin, 5 Nov 1911 at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

04-09-168379 Charles H. SMITH, 34, locomotive engineer, Lowden Iowa, Grand Forks, s/o Charles H. SMITH & Wilhelmina, married Islay W. MOFFATT, 21, Bruce Co. Ont., Grand Forks, d/o John G. MOFFATT & Margaret HUTCHINSON, witn: Samuel CULLETON & Nettie SUTHERLAND, both of Grand Forks, 28 Dec 1904 at Yale Hotel, Grand Forks

09-09-168394 James Edward STEPHENS, 28, traveller, St. Marys Ont., Calgary, s/o Joseph STEPHENS & Eliza St.JOHN, married Mary Louise CLUMIS, 27, Rochester NY, Grand Forks, d/o Alexander CLUMIS & Mary MACDONALD, witn: Milton & Clara Margarite CLUMIS of Grand Forks, 1 June 1909 at Grand Forks

81-09-169541 George Septimus STEPHENSON, 30, blacksmith, Huron Ont., Cache Creek, s/o Ralph STEPHENSON & Margaret NEIL, married Annie REYNOLDS, 17, Lillooet, Cache Creek, d/o W.B. REYNOLDS & Betsy Jane (Indian woman), witn: Stephen TANNER & Minnie BRASSEN?, both of Cache Creek, 17 Aug 1881

87-09-169542 Thomas STEWART, 28, carpenter, Kings Co PEI, Spence Bridge, s/o Peter STEWART & Ann, married Mary CLEMIS, 18, Ontario Co. Ont., Spence Bridge, d/o William CLEMIS & Jane, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Aaron JOHNSON of Spence Bridge, 21 Sept 1887

09-09-168393 James Allan STEWART, 44, customs, Burnstown - Renfrew Co. Ont., Grand Forks, s/o James ALLAN & Elizabeth, married Alice Beatrice FOX, 30, Toronto, Grand Forks, d/o Henry FOX & Eliza, witn: Peter DONALDSON & Louisa BARRON, both of Grand Forks, 16 April 1909 at Holy Trinity Church

03-09-175371 David Alexander STODDART, 42, tinsmith, Owen Sound Ont., Clinton, s/o Robert STODDART & Elizabeth, married Emily Elizabeth CHENHALL, 32, Victoria BC, Clinton, d/o John CHENHALL & Harriet, witn: Isaac Newton KERR of Clinton & Mary WALKER of Bonaparte, 5 Sept, yr not given, registered in 1903?, at res of bride, Clinton

10-09-168396 George Albert STORKHAM, 26, Toronto, Wallow Co. Oregon, Curlew Washington, s/o John Albert STORKHAM & Sarah, married Anna LYONS, 26, widow, Hickory Co. Missouri, Clarkston Washington, d/o Swan N. LINDELL & Augusta, witn: J.A. TODD & Mary F. KRAUS, both of Grand Forks, 16 Nov 1910 at res of Mrs. Mary F. Kraus, Grand Forks

12-09-174235 Donald Leslie SUTHERLAND, 34, clerk, West Zorra Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o Alexander SUTHERLAND & Elizabeth LESLIE, married Jessie McLENNAN, 34, Kincardine Ont., Detroit, d/o Angus McLENNAN & Annie LESLIE, witn: Fred SHULZE & Mrs. F.W. KERR, both of Prince Rupert, 4 Dec 1912 at Prince Rupert

05-09-168381 Arthur Clayton SUTTON, 36, solicitor, Claudeboye Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Dennis SUTTON & Jane EVANS, married Elizabeth HESLEWOOD, 26, Palmerston Ont., Grand Forks, d/o Frederick HESLEWOOD & Elizabeth ARMITAGE, witn: C.M. KINGSTON & Louisa STEELE both of Grand Forks, 29 Nov 1905 at Holy Trinity Church

05-09-168381 James Andrew SWEEZEY, 33, laborer, Pembroke Ont., Grand Forks, s/o Aaron SWEEZEY & blank, married Harriet FRANCK, 30, Sheboygen Wisconsin, Grand Forks, d/o August H. FRANCK & blank, witn: James Benjamin M. SWEEZEY & Jossie KIRK, both of Grand Forks, 11 July 1905 at res of bridegroom

93-09-169659 Andrew M. SYMONS, 29, miner, Collingwood Ont., Boundary Creek, s/o Augustus SYMONS & blank, married Caroline M. BLACK, 29, Yale BC, Boundary Creek, d/o James M. BLACK & blank, witn: C.E. & S.C.E. PITTENDRIGH, 5 June 1893

00-09-176702 Frederick TAPPLETON, 35, widower, laborer, Thamesville Ont, Golden, s/o Frederick TAPPLETON & Maria, married Fleming FAHEY, 30, widow, Essex Centre Ont., Golden, d/o Louis LEGACE & Gullie, witn: J. EAGLESON & Mrs. ANTOYA, both of Golden, 22 Oct 1900 at red of Frederick Tappleton

95-09-176701 James Norman TAYLOR, 25, physician, Ottawa, Golden, s/o A.H. TAYLOR & blank, married Edith ARMSTRONG, 19, Montreal, Golden, d/o J.A. ARMSTRONG & Gertrude Fanny, witn: Jane, Francis & Winnifred ARMSTRONG and Francis BACON, all of Golden, 2 Feb 1895

10-09-176745 Arthur TAYLOR, 30, real estate agent, Burford? Ont., Wilmer, s/o Edward E. TAYLOR & Mary Elizabeth, married Elena May JONES, 24, London England, Windermere, d/o John JONES & Emily, witn: Edgar TUNNECLIFFE of Wilmer & Ethel CHISHOLM of Windermere, 28 Sept 1910 at Jones' Farm, Windermere

11-09-168412 Robert Walker TAYLOR, 49, teacher, Lynn Valley - Norfolk Co. Ont., Bridesville BC, s/o John TAYLOR & Mary Ann, married Grace MILROY, 39, Kirkcudbright Scotland, Mayorcaster? BC, d/o William MILROY & Susan, witn: Miss & Jane ELLIOTT of Grand Forks, 28 Oct. 1911 at Presbyterian Manse, Grand Forks

97-09-172846 Arthur Henry TEGART, 27, miner, Singhampton Ont., Barkerville, s/o Alexander TEGART & Anne, married Mary Louisa BROWN, 17, Barkerville, same, d/o Nicholas Henry BROWN & Catherine, witn: William BURKE of Barkerville & Elizabeth BROWN of Cariboo, 24 Jan 1897

06-09-168404 James Edward TENNANT, 39, stone mason, Northumberland Ont., Grand Forks, s/o William TENNANT & Ann, married Nellie BROOKES, 37, Kidderminster England, Grand Forks, d/o John Hants & Sarah, witn: George W. & Hannah BROOKES of Grand Forks, 19 Dec 1906 at Holy Trinity Church

12-09-174238 George Allan TESSIER, 50, widower, millwright, Ottawa Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o George TESSIER & Elizabeth CHANTAL, married Adelaide BOURNE, 46, Melbourne, Prince Rupert, d/o Frank BOURNE & Whilemina McDONALD, witn: O. & Mrs. F. BESNER of Prince Rupert, 8 March 1912 at St. Andrews Church Hall

11-09-174237 William John TIEGS, 31, cook, Renfrew Co. Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o Theodore TEIGS & Emily GIETZ, married Miss Olga Marie PETERSON, 18, Chicago, Prince Rupert, d/o John PETERSON & Marie, witn: Otto & Mrs. Otto NELSON, 31 Dec 1911 at res of Mr. & Mrs. Otto Nelson of 5th Ave., Prince Rupert

12-09-170721 Frank TYLER, 33, engineer, Toronto, Uchucklesit, s/o James Burles TYLER & Fanny HOLTUM, married Sarah COOK, 24, Arran Buteshire Scotland, Uchicklesit?, d/o Richard COOK & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: James CURRIE & Alice G. MASON, both of Uchucklesit, 2 Oct. 1912 at St. Andrew Manse, Alberni 

09-09-172959 Wallace UDY, 25, carpenter, Sarnia Ont., Quesnel, s/o William UDY & Margaret, married Henrietta WESTMAN, 18, Bellingham Washington, Quesnel, d/o George WESTMAN & Sarah, witn: Irene McCARTHY & J. WILLIAMS, both of Quesnel, 1 Feb 1909 at Annex Occidental Hotel, Cariboo

09-09-169560 Garnet George ULRICH, 21, rancher, Lac La Hache, same, s/o Anthony ULRICH & Louise FALKIRK, married Abbie GRAHAM, 19, Ontario, Ashcroft, d/o Joseph GRAHAM & Alberta SMITH, witn: Frank RILEY & Ethel GRAHAM, both of Ashcroft, 10 Nov 1909 at Ashcroft

03-09-168414 Charles Kenney VAHEY, 27, mechanic, Arkona Ont., Grand Forks, s/o William VAHEY & Catherine CUTLER, married Hilda Muriel ADDISON, 21, Stoney Mountain Manitoba, Grand Forks, d/o George ADDISON & Margaret ATKINSON, witn: P. & Mrs. P. DALLAS of Grand Forks, 28 Jan 1903 at res of the bride's mother, Ruckle addition, Grand Forks

90-09-176704 William Freedom VAN ANTWERP, 34, locomotive engineer, East Groveland NY, Donald, s/o James Paterson VAN ANTWERP & Elizabeth, married Tena FRASER, 23, St. Andrews Ont., Donald, d/o James FRASER & Anna, wit: Eliza LAWRENCE, Thomas EVANS & J.C. PITTS, both of Donald, 2 Sept 1890

86-09-175388 Mark Sweeton WADE, 27, doctor, Sunderland England, Clinton, s/o Samuel John WADE & Mary, married Emma Malvena UREN, 18, Victoria BC, Clinton, d/o James UREN & Malvena Jane, witn: Charles BELL of Clinton & M. HAUTIER? of Lytton, 10 march 1886 [with note: "a good looking pair"]

12-09-174244 Rolf Edwin WALKER, 28, engineer, Kincardine Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o Joseph WALKER & Demaris SMITH, married Grace May CATION, 30, Edmonton (now Snellgrove) Ont., Waterloo Ont., d/o John CATION & Sarah LEARMONT, witn: Lillie E. McLEOD & Ole CRASLEY, both of Prince Rupert, 7 Sept 1912 at res of Pastor McLeod, 8th Ave., Prince Rupert

84-09-169562 Thomas WALKER, 29, farmer, Niagara Ont., Cache Creek, s/o William WALKER & Hannah, married Mary SEMLIN, 17, Cache Creek, same, d/o Charles SEMLIN & Indian woman, witn: John McLEOD & Josie SANFORD, both of Cache Creek, 24 Dec 1884

89-09-169563 James WALKER, 29, farmer, Ontario, Bonaparte, s/o William WALKER & Hannah, married Jennie BOTTERALL, 18, England, Cache Creek, d/o John BOTTERALL & Mercy, witn: Robert A. & Maggie WALKER of Cache Creek, 15 Oct. 1889 [with note "If not handsome, they are both hale and hearty and ought to make a success of married life"]

09-09-169570 John Grieve WALKER, 38, hotel clerk, Seaforth Ont., Ashcroft, s/o John WALKER & Margaret GRIEVE, married Emma Mary KOELKENBECK, 21, Chicago, Ashcroft, d/o Herman KOELKENBECK & Minnie KOERN, witn: George WALKER & Magna KOELKENBECK, both of Ashcroft, 1 Sept 1909 at res of Herman Koelkenbeck, Ashcroft

09-09-167053 William James WALTON, 27, undertaker, Elmvale Ont., Vernon, s/o James Alexander WALTON & Jennie, married Maud Elizabeth SWITZER, 22, Deloraine Manitoba, Vernon, d/o Wilbur F. & Susannah M.., witn: Morley F. SWITZER & Isabella POUND, both of Vernon, 15 Sept 1909 at res of the bride

10-09-169573 George Thomas WARD, 38, hotel man, Embro Ont., Ashcroft, s/o George Thomas WARD & Alenna BARCLAY, married Louise GANNON, 31, widow, Ashcroft, same, d/o John WILSON & Nancy, witn: Mr. & Mrs. M. McABEE of Ashcroft, 28 Dec 1910 at res of Mr. F. Rosenberg

11-09-173163 Laurence Beverley WARNER, 25, printer, Brentwood Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o Alonzo WARNER & Augusta COULSON, married Margaret NYLAND, 21, Dumbarton Scotland, Prince Rupert, d/o James NYLAND & Agnes HOLLORAN, witn: E.J. WATERMAN & Miss J. POLLOCK, both of Prince Rupert, 14 Oct. 1911 at priest's house

06-09-176711 Frank D. WARNER, 23, machinist, Sedilla Missouri, Field BC, s/o Henry WARNER & Mary, married Pearl L. BIERSDORFF, 23, Fergus Falls Minn., Ellensburg (Seattle) Washington, d/o Herman BIERSDORFF & Eliza, witn: Ernest HOLLIN of Field & George E. SANBORN of Golden, 23 May 1906 at St. Andrews Church

99-09-17610 Lyman WARNER, 24, brakeman, Stormont Co. Ont., Revelstoke, s/o Allan Edward WARNER & Mary Margaret, married Louisa May Sinclair EVANS, 24, Liverpool England, Donald, d/o Thomas EVANS & Jessie, witn: William H. ELSON of Kamloops & Ada DUNNE of Revelstoke, 22 June 1899

12-09-174243 Edwin James WATERMAN, 25, printer, Renfrew Ont., Prince Rupert, s/o William WATERMAN & Jane ROBERTS, married Lalia LA VOLLE (La Velle?), 21, Duluth, Prince Rupert, d/o Thomas LA VOLLE & Zilie BEROCHE, witn: Charles & Pearl ROGERS of Prince Rupert, 10 April 1912

10-09-167059 Floyd McColum WELLER, 26, railway conductor, St. Thomas Ont., Grand Forks ND, s/o L.B. WELLER & Nancy ANDERSON, married Jean Bruce COCHRANE, 27, Petrolia Ont., Calgary, d/o James Smith COCHRANE & Jane Bruce REID, witn: Lancelot FARR & Marie COCHRANE, both of Armstrong, 21 Sept 1910

12-09-174245 Marriott Mitchell WELLS, 32, grocer, England, Prince Rupert, s/o Edward WELLS, schoolmaster & Henrietta BOOK (Booth?), married Lillie Christena JOHNSTONE, 24, Ontario, Prince Rupert, d/o George JOHNSTONE, farmer, & Jane TOWLER?, witn: James M. & Mabel CHRISTIE of Prince Rupert, 18 Nov 1912 at 232 4th Ave., Prince Rupert

97-09-176708 Frederick WHALEY, 26, carpenter, Wolfe Island Ont., Donald, s/o John WHALEY & Mary MULLIGAN, married Lena WEIDMAN (Weichman?), 20, Prussia, Edmonton Alberta, d/o Michael WEIDMAN & Louisa STILER, witn: Robert NORRIS & Mary MILLER, both of Donald, 2 March 1897

10-09-167057 Richard Stanley WHITING, 31, store keeper & fruit grower, Credenhill Hereford England, Whonnoch, s/o Richard Milburn & Isabel, married Margaret BENSON, 37, Seaforth Ont., Whonnoch, d/o ?, witn: W. G. BENSON of Kelowna & Isabel WHITING of Whonnoch, 7 Sep 1910 at St. Stephens Church, Summerland

03-09-168421 James Thomas WILLIAMS, 38, clerk & salesman, Woodrow Farm - Amersham Bucks. England, Greenwood, s/o Richard Craft WILLIAMS & Jane FOXWALL, married Hannah Clara WILLIAMS (Atkinson is maiden name), 26, single, Guelph Canada, Greenwood, d/o John ATKINSON & Hannah FLEWELLING, witn: R. & Jessie GAW of Grand Forks, 24 June 1903 at Grand Forks

10-09-167054 Arthur Shewan WILLIAMSON, 33, real estate agent, Lerwick Shetland Scotland, Vancouver, s/o Andrew WILLIAMSON & Elizabeth AITKEN, married Mary Ann WILCOX, 24, Stromness Ont., Kamloops, d/o Michael WILCOX & Anne BELLINGTON, witn: John WILCOX & Marie SPRATT, both of Kamloops, 11 Jan 1910 at RC Church, Kamloops

08-09-168424 Daniel WILSON, 29, laborer, Linden Ont., Columbia, s/o John Francis WILSON & Alty LOYTZ, married Lucy Ellen COOPER, 18, Kentucky US, Columbia, d/o William COOPER & Margaret HARDY, witn: William & Lauretta COOPER of Grand Forks, 11 July 1908 at res of the bride's father, Columbia

11-09-168432 Harry L. WILSON, 28, transferman, Lindsay Ontario., Republic Washington, s/o George WILSON & Jane, married Etta BARRETT, 27, widow, Blackriver Montana, Butte Montana, d/o John J. BRONSON & Christena, witn: Frank LATHE & M.J. CALVERT, both of Grand Forks, 18 Sept 1911 at res of Rev. J. Calvert, Grand Forks

10-09-172963 Henry Gladstone WINDT, 26, farmer, Toronto, Alexandria, s/o Henry WINDT & Jane GLADSTONE, married Nellie Lilian CARTER, 20, Liverpool England, Alexandria, d/o Robert CARTER & Elizabeth PEARSON, witn: William WEBSTER Jr. & Ella WINDT, both of Alexandria, 20 Dec 1910 at Windt's ranch, Alexandria

08-09-167050 Walter William WOLFENDEN, 32, merchant, Victoria, Armstrong, s/o Richard WOLFENDEN & Kate COOLEY, married Violet Clara DICKIE, 19, divorced, Crete Nebraska, Armstrong, d/o Adolph SHAREY & Julia Elizabeth KARTEN, witn: Jessie SYMINGTON & Adolph SHAREY, both of Armstrong, 26 Sept 1908

06-09-168423 Robert G. WOOD, 28, cook, Ontario, Phoenix, s/o James WOOD & Sophia, married Eva R. STRUBLE, 27, widow, Moscow Idaho, Phoenix, d/o Abraham MATHIS & Susan, witn: Edward & Lurna MOSER of Phoenix, 1 Aug 1906 at res of bride & groom

96-09-175390 George Gordon WOOD, 31, rancher, Windsor Ont., Empire Valley BC, s/o Charles B. WOOD & Mary HILL, married Mary Jane BOYLE, 20, Empire Valley, same, d/o Calvin BOYLE & Indian woman, witn: Joseph STIRSKY & A. MILLER, both of Clinton, 31 Jan 1886

98-09-176709 James Thomas Royal WOOD, 30, setter, Seville France, Golden, s/o James WOOD & Mary, married Hattie SUTHERLAND, 29, Headingly Manitoba, Golden, d/o John SUTHERLAND & Margaret TAIT, witn: Rosina SUTHERLAND & William RUTHERFORD, both of Golden, 30 march 189 at Presbyterian Church, Golden

00-09-168417 Edward WOOLRICH, 32, Owen Sound Ont., Greenwood, s/o William S. WOOLRICH & Sarah PERRATT, married Mary FRIZZELL, 30, Bognor Ont., same, d/o Robert FRIZZELL & Katherine HUOEY, witn: Fred J. & Mrs. F. WHITE of Grand Forks, 31 Jan 1900 at Grand Forks

92-09-176705 James WRIGHT, 24, conductor on CPR railway, Brockville Ont., Kamloops, s/o Thomas WRIGHT & Margaret, married Eleanor HARRISON, 27, Oulston Yorkshire England, Glacier BC, d/o Thomas HARRISON & Rachel, witn: William Henry ELSON & James CONNACHER, both of Donald, 11 Oct. 1892

03-09-175393 W.W. WYCOTT, 73, widower, farmer, Picton Ont., St. Marys Creek, s/o James WYCOTT & Mary Ann, married Mathilda or Maggie [no surname given], 55, spinster, Canoe Creek, St. Marys Creek, d/o Hreumchkret (father) & Hrwaumkenemirr (mother), witn: Prosper VERNFUASH of Dog Creek & Calvin BOYLE of Empire Valley, 4 May 1903

10-09-176715 Albert R. YATES, 33, druggist, Cape Traverse PEI, Gleishen Alberta, s/o Charles F. YATES & Louise M., married Mary Elizabeth TINGLEY, 29, Beaver Brooks - Albert Co. NB, Gleichen Alberta, d/o Job TINGLEY & Annie, witn: Colin CAMERON & Edith L. YATES, both of Golden, 7 Sept 1910 at St. Pauls Church, Golden

90-09-167068 Waldon Milton YORK, 29, accountant, Meaford Ont., Sicamons, s/o Henry YORK & Elizabeth, married Lottie Eva WILSON, 23, Thornhill Ont., Sicamons, d/o Robert WILSON & Mary, witn: Horace HUME & Tena WILSON, both of Sicamons, 8 April 1890

04-09-168434 Herbert Walton YOUNG, 29, carpenter, Ottawa Ont., Vancouver, s/o Mitchell YOUNG & Sarah, married Sarah Catherine Ann FEE, 19, Qu Appelle, Grand Forks, d/o George FEE & Margaret, witn: William Wesley FEE of Grand Forks & Dorothy Alice DISNEY, 19 Oct 1904 at res of the bride's mother

04-09-168436 Vibert Gerald YOUNGHUSBAND, 24, builder, South March Ontario., Coleman Alberta, s/o Nicholas YOUNGHUSBAND & Elizabeth RIDDELL, married Christy Ann Lawrie FRASER, 21, Westville NS, Phoenix, d/o William Gregor FRASER & Lizzie WILSON, witn: Abner HILLIER & Helen G. MOFFATT, both of Phoenix, 27 Dec 1904 at res of William Fraser